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Sonnet Tree Poems | Sonnet Poems About Tree

These Sonnet Tree poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Sonnet Tree poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Bed of Pink Petals

One April day when spring was in the air,
I stepped outside so I might relish it.
I came upon a cherry tree so fair,
beneath its limbs I was enticed to sit.

I fell to sleep inhaling fragrant bliss -
the vision of the tree still in my brain.
I dreamed one sweet, pink petal, like a kiss,
fell on my cheek, and soon there was a rain. . . 

A rain of lovely silken blossoms! Then
they softly made a pile upon the ground.
Warm wind embraced me; that’s the moment when 
I woke to pink resplendence all around!

Upon a bed of petals I then lay.
Inside a dream I had no need to stay!

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The Solo Dancer - Tanka to Sonnet

Alone atop a hill,
   an ornamental willow
             dances in the breeze.
Long limbs form a lovely gown
    that gracefully sweeps the ground.

Adored by the sun,
    the willow is not weeping.
                        She blooms rosily!
April’s first shower has passed;
       for the sun alone, she shines.

The Solo Dancing Ornamental Tree (new title for the sonnet version)

An ornamental tree with willow leaves
upon a promontory stands alone.
In April’s breeze, each limb, cascading, weaves
with fragrance. She is dancing on her own.

I wonder how she came to be at all.
Her roots lie in a solitary place
where few traverse to spy her - lithe and small -
there moving in rain’s aftermath with glee.

In small degrees, the sun has climbed the sky.
No longer pallid, he is smiling down
upon the swaying willow. By and by,
Her graceful limbs shine like a lacquer gown.

Her lovely blooms have opened to expose
The splendid blush of buds with hue light rose.

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The Old Twisted Tree (English Sonnet 003)

The old twisted tree burrows into dreams,
more frightful here than in waking hours,
a wicked darkness pulses from harsh seams,
displaying its paralyzing powers.

Those gnarled branches are filled with sharp fingers,
clashing loudly in the wind's fervent fray;
over the whole valley this sound lingers-
is the only defense to kneel and pray?

Courage must face this tree with sharpened axe,
cutting through the thick bark, once and for all,
felling this fright, so the town can relax,
relishing in that evil monster's fall.

Please brave 'cutter, unleash those mighty blows,
and make sure that no new offspring there grows!

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Released and slowly drifting to the earth,
the leaf departs her tree in mournful grace;
though both will live to see another birth,
none same will be returning in her place.
We meet as always in the space between
the branch's bud and parting leaf stem's end;
a tearful eye, a tugging force unseen
does will the laws reverse, gravity bend.
Enhanced though was the nearly naked tree
by springtime's bloom, her fallen trembling love - 
released to serve another destiny - 
in turn, will be the better than above.

Leaf falls to rest, and in her fading sigh,
she breathes to tree her final sad goodbye.

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Long To Be


For often through the way I feel
An idea to try and win your heart,
Unspoken action this the deal
Of simple mind no a la carte.

Because life I know soon to fade
Token symbol of you and me,
Somewhere to muse, feel love in shade
Of our moments together free.

Oh I know I could never be
Yet try I must stand in your life,
Sturdy foundations yet still free
Throughout all kinds of weather, rife.

Powerful touch of kindly prune
Such dignity with bloom the key,
When snipped away to nature's tune
Oh how I long to be your tree.


As spring did pass into summer’s full bloom 
To stand with arms outstretched in seasons all 
As the seasons knit like the weaving loom 
Through the cold of winter, strong through to fall 

Its strength and character for eons stand 
The unkindest cut that will ever be 
To not love and support this tree so grand 
And not to kindly prune the fruiting tree. 

The strength of sweeping boughs as arms held wide 
My heart grows secure within those limbs strong 
As arms strong, my dreams to be held inside 
Standing folded in your boughs is not wrong 

As a strong longing to be my fruit tree 
I beg of nature that you fruit with me 

© Mandy Tams 5/09/2013 
© Harry j Horsman 5/09/2013 
For Shadows Contest.  Team Work

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Into the Gloaming

Beneath the weeping willow
A gentle figure swings
Her dress of white a-billow
While soft and sweet she sings

She sang within this bower
What song I cannot tell
Her hair bedecked with flowers
Blue Canterbury bells

And on into the gloaming
Is heard this pleasant sound
When stars begin their roaming
She lets her hair unbound

Then o'er her form the willow weeps
The night is still -- the child sleeps

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Field in Retrospect

There’s a path of flowers I glide across Such a beautiful color made of gloss Orange pieces of delight made to pass Within this meadow that is long to last The blades of grass are surely tall with pride Turning colors from green to brown inside There’s a lone tree in the sight of the field Where orange and red leaves become its build Flowers impact this field in retrospect Looking at it from my past with respect Power of the flower is prominent Secure in my heart which is dominant Orange is the color of the plant’s choice Field is glad of their presence, they rejoice
Russell Sivey

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Swim These Fields

The trees expand right over the water Bringing awe, perfect brightness to the sound The free-flowing brook moves swiftly over Eyes can capture the young feelings abound I enjoy the emotion that’s around Loving of nature is proudly encased Moisture by the emanating fog's sound Towards a peaceful life that’s interlaced I will always go cherish this day here No other time nor place can sure compare And my heart will always exist right here Forever I will swim these fields and lairs Tenderly open your eyes towards me So when I come near, you can surely see Russell Sivey

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Kindest Stars

I look up high, the stars return the stare Of a polite sight, quiet everywhere The largest stars bleed onto the skyscape Rolling black velvet with its light escape Some three trees extend their heights before me Showered by raining stars delicately Light emitted is grand and quite mighty Even smallest ones of delight are free It’s a dartboard that’s a lite-bright behind Exposing the great glowing stars in kind The trees lead me upwards to the heavens Where the universe uniquely begins The sky holds my kindest stars of delight To treasure each night of my life in sight Russell Sivey

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Covered in Snow

Stuck like glue to the branches are snowflakes Vibrantly white, glowing, gives more than takes The sun comes down into a reflection Bright shining light from its destination Brilliantly the sun tries to melt the snow The freezing temperature makes it slow The sight so bright leaves a lasting image One that will sure bestow on this visage The tree's covered in white from head to toe Holding firm with all its might, that of snow Creating the perfect scene before me Matching joy in my heart by what I see Earth's become a heavenly place of rest Looking like beauty has produced the best
Russell Sivey

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A Stone In The Cold - 5 Runner Up

The hunter hunted; the past comes stalking,
breath now visible, I quicken my pace,
dusk has fallen, nature is now talking,
autumn's chill causes my heart to race.

My eyes scan dense forest from left to right,
I stop, gain my footing in the thicket,
only branch and crimson leaves in my sight,
owls call out, and prey upon the cricket.

Voices seem to speak from the babbling brook,
cold stones, worn smooth, waters of countless days,
eyes are everywhere, yet nowhere I look,
something is near, I cannot get away.

Struggling, my arrow kept at the ready,
my once stealthy hand, is now unsteady.

This was my original entry for Debbie Guzzi's contest - "A Crown of Sonnets"

(This is also the first sonnet that I had ever written.)

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Symbolic Sycamore Maple-w

( A Shakespearean Soonet - with 14 syllables- rhyming abab,cdcd,efef,gg)

My balcony was covered by a huge sycamore tree,    
My constant companion during the snowy Maple days, 
Memories come as insects around a flowering tree     
Turning my gloomy days into that of glorious days.     

First candid approach in medicine to initiate,
Hippocrates sat under sycamore tree to explain, 
As Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree to meditate, 
Nirvana or the enlightenment of mind to attain. 

Father Cavanaugh aptly called it ‘The tree of vengeance’, 
Othello’s Desdemona sat sighing by sycamore, 
Flying to Egypt Virgin Mary rested under once, 
Known to be as crann ban “money tree” in Iris folklore. 

To demystify health care and known to personalize, 
My sycamore exists to socialize and poetize. 

Fifth place winner in

Contest: Shakespearean or English Sonnet in honor of John freeman

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Sycamore Memories-win

"To hold as 'twere, the mirror up to nature. " William Shakespeare," Hamlet 1601."

Window covered by a sycamore tree
Constant friend of my snowy Maple days
Memories spring as insects on a tree
Turn my gloomy days in glorious days

Hippocrates got his inspiration
For research in medicine to begin
Buddh sat under it for meditation
The enlightenment of mind to attain.

Desdemona sat sighing under it
In agony to hear willow song treat
Flying to Egypt Mary stopped a bit
Crann ban “Money tree” in Irish spirit

To demystify health, to personalize
To me sycamore is to poetize.

 ** The notion of a "mirror held up to nature" has been taken over for any mimetic theory of art — the idea that art should represent reality and nature as closely as possible**           

Revised and Reposted    May 4, 2014
Form : Shakespearean sonnet in Pentameter
Dr.Ram Mehta
Contest: Shakespeare by Frank H.
Dr. Ram Mehta
Date: 4/19/2011
Fourth Place win in :
Contest:The Tree sponsored by Constance La france-A rambling poet
* I wrote a sonnet Maple Memories in 2000 while living in Windsor-ONT 
and was posted on 6/29/2005 on PS as Maple Memories.
   The present poem is re-written for the contest.
** Maple Days- Maple is the national tree of Canada.
* Buddha is pronounced one syllable


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Broken Wind Chimes

Dangling from the tree I can see,
Broken wind chimes that still sing.
They just hang on by a split string.
Sending a harmony of tunes to thee.
Their tones and vibrations are a bit broken for me.
I listen and I ponder for what tunes they can bring.
From the tree they will sway when they can swing.
Bits and pieces are released through the air and flee.
Caught in the wind is it’s vibrations.
Carrying signals of great magnitude.
Funneling clouds into new creations.
Bringing air into a brand new mood.
Broken wind chimes can still sing a song,
But their messages are scattered all along.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007

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Seasons 2 - A Metamorph

 Trees  in silent strength stand  bare
Yet in their silence dwells  the hope of spring
Though  winter keeps  them in  its  icy glare

Desolate landscapes  bare the scars of winter's sting
 And hardly a creature utters  a sound
 Yet in their silence dwells the hope of spring

Days are  bleak with gray skies all around
While icicles  hang from window sills
 And hardly  a creature utters a sound

As life stands  still in winter's chill
Those sunny days  are hard to find
While  icicles hang from window sills

Cold winds blow with storms that blind
But the hope of spring does not decline
Those sunny days are  hard to find

As weary creatures look for a sign
Trees  in silent strength stand bare
But the hope of spring does not decline
Though winter keeps them in its icy glare

 Trees stand in frozen quietude
Abiding yet in the promise of spring
While  winter plays a frosty interlude
As cold winds sends snowflakes swirling

Animals tucked away in their dens
Silently await springs arrival
But they must endure until then
To assure their survival

Soon spring blossoms will appear
Birds will flit from tree to tree and sing
Butterflies will dance on flowers fair
Abiding in the joy of spring

All those gray skies turn to blue
As springtime  comes with morning dew

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Autumn Spread

Trees all flare some bright orange and yellow Filaments of red spread where wind billows Up in the sky shows the darker grey mass Slightly blue expressed, shows autumn alas A special tree wallows near a calm pond Tree explodes colors like that from a wand And reflects onto the water below An image of itself reversed I know Fall rules this passive, semi-cloudy day Grey dominates the sky, blue comes its way Pond ripples by the bugs on the surface Flying across displaying its own pace Autumn releases some grand dynasty Peace is in the air, sends tranquility
Russell Sivey

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Comparison of the Tree

Thumping with a life, blood flowing through veins Beauty composes the view, weather vanes Brown, red, yellow, orange are all present Dormancy floods tree seeming heaven sent But death nears as time bears its dreary end The limbs are all crooked and surely bend Beds are filled with leaves old and decrepit With rain falling cold, causing me to sit Old, the feeling of the spot before me Ancient is the sure timeless century Seeping the sap oozes from open sores Hitting me deep within my heart and core Life of the tree surely lives just for us Holding strong even through massive digress
Russell Sivey

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Last night I dreamt

Last night I dreamt
Of mountain trees that ail
The needle rusted red
For beetle bark has ate

For global warming so
Causing the trees to dry
Rising in altitude though
There’s little room beyond

So pine beetles devour 
Create their home in trees
While slicing lives for hour 
Thus only stumps appear

Foreshadow mountain after years
All trees are gone and hill side bare

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Owls, Silent Magic In Flight

Owls, Silent Magic In Flight

Owls in flight glide so deadly silent
 prey dies so quickly and violent
Claws just as sharp as a razor knife
 nightime is the owl's hooting life!

Resting in tall trees in the hollow
 the night's moon they have to follow
No shrieks as they swoop down on prey
 owl's eating demands business not play!

A beauty shines with feathers and eyes
 smooth flight in dark forested skies
Owls are held to be old and very wise
 to love and admire if one simply tries!

A treasure to love and attempt to protect
Tragic if we fail due to ignorance and neglect!


Night Owl - Poetry Contest
Sponsor -Kelly Deschler

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Two voices

Two voices

As golden daises there, I see
The morning sun so lazily
Shines down upon some sleepy trees
As they dance upon the breeze

Joni Mitchell on the set
She sings a song I can’t forget
Both sides now I hear her sing
Such joy the morning she does bring

Willy Wagtail sings along
With Joni, as two voices strong
Do reach into the heart of me
Enhancing morning mystery

I sit here, greet the morning in
As the new day does begin.

15 August 2014 @ 0913hrs.

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The Christmas tree

I have a small, small tree,
Covered by golden light.
Everyone is happy to see
My tree in Christmas night,
The star may be unseen,
An angel is in her prow,
The gift boxes are green  
Tied with a red bow,
The bedroom’s light is shut,
But the tree’s lights I keep.
Even so my love will put
Me and my girl to sleep
With a Christmas lullaby
And I will dream like a baby!

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Lilac Colored Butterflies

Flying from the deep blue sky up above Lilac colored butterflies come evolve Encircling me and my delighted trees There's no greater beauty than what you see All have brightened at the sight of nature I don’t think that there’s a better answer Trees alight to the wonderment therein Delightful presence as breeze on the skin The cloudless sky keeps firm its blue color And the grass holds its ground, we all want more The birds take flight into the bright cool air Shadows of them skirt the floor everywhere Nature, a wondrous sight each time you see You just have to get out to find it’s free
Russell Sivey

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The wonder of life

The wonder of life.

Life to me is oh, so wonderful
Though once I never saw this fact at all
Drinking, smoking hooch that’s all I knew
Oh, so glad I am, those days are through

I live right now my life so filled with joy
This kind of happiness naught could destroy
Each breath I take is special now, these days
Life has filled me with a wondrous haze

I watch the trees they dance outside my window
In the mornings how my life gives me a glow
As God she touches me with all her power
And deep within my soul there blooms a flower

Just life it be the only thing I need
My world is free from power, lust, and greed.

! July 2014 @1335hrs.

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Purple Majesty

Purple majesty, the proudest tree here Looking powerful, like one that sure cares Ideally pronounced, the best tree around Expressively warm, a heartwarming sound The other trees in the grove don’t carry The love that is needed for royalty The desire for tenderness so heartfelt Is missing from the others in the belt Together they are united as one Even the purple tree’s beauty beacon It holds the power of the small clearing The heartbeat of the grove is endearing The mighty tree brings a towering soul Aligns all the trees making them all whole
Russell Sivey

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Influence of a Mighty Tree

How many people want to hug a tree Majestic and high, tree loves all you see Trunk of the base is simply way too large Too huge to hold onto, that’s the main charge Looking up we see the sky it clutches Crystal blue with chilling breath it touches Fog enhances the life of the old tree We all desire to be released and free Our emotions flows here and finds real peace We find rows of life within each grand crease Frigid air surrounds our warm beating hearts Tree is the master, one that’s off the charts Reflected in water is the tree’s might What power it has with its awesome height
Russell Sivey Contest: All About Trees (old/new) poem Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 7/6/2013

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Maple memories -WIN

My balcony covered by a huge sycamore tree,
My constant companion of snowy Maple days,
Memories come as insects around flowering tree
Turning my gloomy days into glorious days.

The first candid approach in medicine to initiate,
Hippocrates sat under sycamore tree to explain,
As Budhha sat under the Bodhi tree to meditate,
Nirvana or the enlightenment of mind to attain.

Father Cavanaugh called it ‘The vengeance tree’,
Othello’s Desdemona sat sighing by a sycamore,
Flying to Egypt Virgin Mary rested under the tree,
Known as crann ban “money tree” in Iris folklore.

To demystify health care & known to personalize,
To me sycamore exists to socialize and to poetize.


Ninth Place win in Chris's contest

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Weeping Willow

Was there aside a weeping willow tree
Which graced a field of flowers fraught with dew
Amid the dawn the bitter night now through
A maiden rests where straying eyes can’t see

She wore the blessing of a youthful hue
Her hair was long and brown and flowed so free
Her face aglow in heaven meant to be 
This flower’s beauty was a dream come true

And by her flowed a pool of reddened dread 
From heart that has forgotten how to beat
And eyes which saw this story come to close

So there she sleeps upon her final bed
And what had brought an end to one so sweet
A legend only weeping willow knows

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Crystallized Snow

Frost, a white edge of mist present on trees
With ice grasping the branches minus leaves
The limbs bend under the gravity scene
Some break due to the frozen water sheen

The beauty compares to none all around
The trees are striking in its glory found
Looking at its heart you see its power
Secure is its love of winter wonder

The trees dance in unison joined as one
Showing off the perfection banded on
Motion enhanced by the grace of the ice
Delivered by the mist which does suffice

Gradual branching of each tree is layered
Crystallized snow, the white coat is captured

Russell Sivey

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Hangman's lost rope

Lifeless tree in snowy winters slumber.
Looks compare like veins on a Devils hand.
Reaching up to escape burning amber.
Far beneath the dark and deep earthly sand.

Contrasting white clouds and blue sky.
Feel the now distant souls of passers by.
Earthly choices now leave the soul adrift.
To earn passage to heaven more than myth.

Deadly tree waiting with hangman's lost rope.
Leads a burning end worse than evil dope.
Stepping against the makers truth in words.
Soul burned and fried, gone. like a common bird.

Actions guide you to final resting place.
May it be soft faces with wings of lace.

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Naysayers Beyond the Lone Tree

A great tree, pulsated with its branches Fingers grouped, lifting skyward enhances Open-minded intelligence eases Brings cool faceted multi-hued teases Showers of snow, filled with frozen water Leaves trails of white glory, all cold matter Watchful time escapes the wasted form here Torment ignites fiercely in the field choir Solo baritone is the sound of night Where the tree shines so blissfully of might Alone, lying to truth-sayers, it’s blind No element can ever be so kind In the winter skyline, grey in absence It beams of troubled pasts with resistance Now what is left is the music of snow To cover the ground says more than you know The tree spites the trembling Earth below Holding the heavens with its great elbow
Russell Sivey Form Extended Sonnet

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Ancient Trees, Cast Your Spells

Ancient Trees, Cast Your Spells

O' where are the very ancient trees swaying
 moon beaming with band of coon hounds baying
Crystal nights casting shadows from tree to tree
 earth crying out so for man's spirit to just see

Olden glades that stir the heart's lovin' ardor
 make a man sing out and race on all the harder
Twisting undergrowth so magical in the making
 Nature's harvest sitting there just for the taking

'Call of the wild', leaping about each aging giant
 stirs man's heart to fire up to be brazenly defiant
Mighty woods standing against attacks by evil foes
 cuts and gashes upon ancient trunks everywhere shows

O' when will man's great follies ever dare to cease
Protect such aging beauties by giving ever sweet relief

Robert J. Lindley. 07-25-2014

Decades of Rampant Clearcutting in Our National Forests Is 
Ruining America's Last Wild Forests.
America was once covered with one billion acres of towering 
primeval forests.   These forests were teeming with plants
 and animals, a treasure-trove of evolutionary diversity 
and biological richness. Giant, centuries-old trees had 
trunkside and soared to the height of 30 story skyscrapers.  

In the past 500 years, aggressive logging and development
have destroyed over 95% of these original forests. 
The last remnants of America's virgin and natural forests,
 with their unique and irreplaceable life, reside mostly 
on our national forests. The 155 national forests cover a 
large portion of our country, an area about the size of
 California Oregon and Washington combined, and stretch 
from Alaska to Florida. Most states have at least one 
national forest.

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Trees give us rubber besides honey
So we need them in millions and many

To remove from our lives many an agony
Let's plant several trees of ebony

Since they bring air even to a cony
Thus making all blithe and bonny

We rejoice moments of fully funny
For green colour cures many a puny

Water them in a manner sweet-melony
For it's never termed as a felony

We've to make homes greenish stunny
Plant and pamper them in each balcony

Be it rainy or days of very sunny
Care for them o my dear sweet sonny..!!

.........They are not only our TREE friends,
But also the one and only TRUE friends..!!

**(Hope all become ecofriendly...)**

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colobri sonnet

Colibri (sonnet) 

Beautiful colibri your fluttering wings
so rapid it looks like you are still in air…
drinking with your long sleek beak
forbidden nectar from the honey tree.
You fly from tree to tree care not who 
you hurt with your purr of love.

Humming bird so lovely you are, totally 
amoral, I will catch one day put you in 
a cage, serve you sweet honey from a jar, 
the one in the fridge with a picture of 
a bee on, and you will buzz for me alone 
till I set you free… if I ever do.

For I too need to hear the sound of love
and dream of being totally immoral.   

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Maple memories-II


My balcony covered by a huge sycamore tree,
My constant companion of snowy Maple days,
Memories come as insects around flowering tree
Turning my gloomy days into glorious days.

The first candid approach in medicine to initiate,
Hippocrates sat under sycamore tree to explain,
As Budhha sat under the Bodhi tree to meditate,
Nirvana or the enlightenment of mind to attain.

Father Cavanaugh called it ‘The vengeance tree’,
Othello’s Desdemona sat sighing by a sycamore,
Flying to Egypt Virgin Mary rested under the tree,
Known as crann ban “money tree” in Iris folklore.

To demystify health care & known to personalize,
To me sycamore exists to socialize and to poetize.

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Run From the Sun

“Run run run run
He’s coming-it’s the sun!”
He burns down our houses
And sets fire to our trousers

Run run run smack
I hit a tree and everything’s black
My group went on without me
I’m beginning to see

It wasn’t a tree I hit
It was a deer and now he’s lit
I’m surrounded by plants
But most of them are covered in ants 

I splash water over the deer 
(I had trouble putting out his rear)
I sit down and begin to eat
Surprisingly it was a treat

I realize it is getting late
And set off to tell my tribe what I ate
I managed to find my group
And joined them as they sat for soup

We fell asleep after the last flare
At night we were attacked by a bear
Everything suddenly stilled
As my group watched me get killed

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for all to see

guided by fireflies and the pale moon's light
you carve out our love in a tree with your knife
our initials and a heart left for all to see
deep in the meadow where you made love to me

grass from our bed lays flatten amongst other blades
there in that forest where memories were made
the stars were the blanket in a soft velvet night
and the nightingale was hushed by each uttered sigh

the tree stands there still, a tall leafy oak
shadowing the grasses where love lay with hope
and there carved deeply in the trunk of that tree
is a heart with initials left for all to see 

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Carte Blanche

There were two cardinals separated by a tree branch with fruit.
One was a female and the other was a male.
Her four fruits were ripe and his one was not so he became a brute.
She was to the left and he was to the right and looking pale.

Her purple fruits put off enough to make her some ale.
His green fruit was at his feet and were mute.
She kept her guard up waiting for him to sail.
But he never would follow suite.

She became the fruit of the highest branch on the highest tree.
He just sat there perched and barren not even producing the first seed.
She came to be,
The cardinal in lead!

But he never moved from his tree branch,
He was at her feet forever she’s his carte blanche!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2004