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Sonnet Song Poems | Sonnet Poems About Song

These Sonnet Song poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Song. These are the best examples of Sonnet Song poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Inspired by;  Constance La France’s Native American Portrait 

Nikan is a man who once stood proud and true all across this land
in symbiotic relation with nature endowed by the great creators hand
passed onto him by his ancestors to never take more than his fair share
and always be kind to this land for it’s the Mother to all whom she shall bare

When times are lean we all will grow thin together for together we are one
with one voice to sing in harmony for bountiful harvest to our Father the Sun
and give him thanks and praise for warming and making fertile our Mother
who blessed new life into the birthing seasons for every Sister and Brother

Great spirit hear my song of hope that I sing for my people who will cry
we are mighty on the earth give us protection or your children they will die
and our people’s blood will flow upon our Mother like deep rivers of raging red
O’ Father I can see no solution will you spare us from the white mans dread 

I could never make claim to imagine this great man’s woeful sorry or despair
Nikan's song is a lonely tune played for the spirit of his people upon the air.

Nikan traslation from the Potawatomi "MY Friend"

Baamaapii Nikan.......until we meet again my friend

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A Dawn Duet

Her breathing moves a strand of golden hair
that lays upon her pillow, next to mine, 
yet in this evening birdsongs on the air 
awaken me to listen and recline.

This errant bird, whose song dispatches sleep,
is laughing at a long forgotten jest
or maybe woos a distant mate who, deep
inside her feathered nest, finds better rest.

I watch the window, night begins to fade
and so do I.  As slumber beckons me
I hear a distant answer softly made:
A dawn duet resplendent in our tree.

A single song brings answers in the air
as my beloved sleeps without a care.

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 (Shakespearean Sonnet)

The blue-grass music blares from speaker's face
as guys and gals entwine moon-round the floor,
she sits alone, ignores the dancers' pace
although her ears record the rhythm score.

He begged her love; he painted instant fame.
She nursed her song in dreams alive to wit, 
she trusted him to give the verse her name,
and reasoned out they spun a perfect fit.

With traitor's greed intense, he stepped aside,
and claimed her song as his with no remorse.
He left her raw, his chest out-puffed with pride.
Disgraced, abased, her anger reinforced,

	she writes another song, recounts the tale,
	assured his star will now commence to pale.

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Traversing passed a moonlit glade,
I spied a nook where dreams are made.
A twilight windsong filled my breast
and cleared a notch where I could rest.

My windsong trilled internal hymns,
as moonlight peered through oaken limbs.
A wise old owl cooed in my ear -
"Compose a song for her, my dear."

A soothing psalm that once it’s heard
will soon be sung by hummingbirds.
Melodic notes that swirl and rise -
akin to lilts in lullabies.

Now in this niche where dreams ensue -
A songbird sings my song for you.

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Way We Live

Culture is beautiful when expressed in the right light 
It is the drum we walk to, dance to
Everyday down city corner streets
It is the obstacles we walk through, run through
Everyday common as the passing faces we see

It is the temptation we indulge in, survive in
Everyday it rises 
like the sun 
and sets over horizons
It is the songs we hum to, succumb to
Everyday on the mornin' radio
constantly setting the mood 
givin' that vision to our way of life

Beautiful culture yields to beautiful life

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Tears In The Wind

Tears In The Wind

Left hand deftly fingering strings on frets, 
While my right hand is picking or strumming. 
Composing a sad song about regrets
And searching a melody by humming. 
I easily find a chord progression,
Played in a melancholy minor key,
Then add some dynamics for expression--
Reaching a fugue-like state releases me
Fleeting perfection is my endeavor.
Like tears in the wind, now lost forever.

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Songwriter's Sonnet

Songwriter's Sonnet Come, sit here beside me – it’s where you belong. Hand me my guitar – I’ll sing you a song About roads I have traveled and bridges I've crossed On destiny’s journey from where I was lost. I can tell you of victories in faraway lands Fighting for reasons no one understands. I've written of dangers that no man should face – I have written of things that time can’t erase Wanderlust drove me, for so many years, Through miles of wasteland and rivers of tears. I've been there and done that in so many things - I've written the songs that Destiny sings. My last song will be about that shining star That led me to Paradise – here, where you are. Written by John Posey 11/02/13

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Bird Songs

Listen when you awake at crack of dawn
hear the chorus of all the birds singing
watch them as they scurry and dig the lawn
until a nasty cat sends them fleeing

How very dull and bland without any birds
silence would greet us with it's bleakness
less colour everywhere, half mast halyards
how lucky to have birds to add brightness

So many feathered friends around
delighting us with their wonderful songs
the sound of harmony our souls surround
for the sweet  mellifluous  songs prolongs

Tunes everywhere blending in harmony
sweetly combining sounding like honey

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Tears of a Little girl

Tears of a little girl
that's so young, that's in her childhood, 
make a golden well, make a golden well,
but she doesn't realize
her tears sing a song so beautiful.
They sing a song of treasure,
they sing a song so wonderful,
they sing to worship God,
but she doesn't realize
she has a gift to sing.
She mustn't sing for anything
she must sing for the King,
but she doesn't realize,
she can sing so goldenly, (so as a golden well)

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So here you come, our back's against THE WALL,
and UMMAGUMMA,  you're the worst we've seen,
you'll  MEDDLE in our lives, that says it all,

I'd ride my BIKE, but there is too much rain,
if you SEE EMILY (she'll) PLAY for you,
and RELICS that you leave will be a pain,
if Roger Waters more what will we do???

Your ATOM HEART, MOTHER is stone and cold,
and US AND THEM you might be blowing soon,
like ECHOS of Camille, now dead or old,
you'll blow us to the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

Before you're done, we'll see PIGS ON THE WING,
SMALL FURRY ANIMALS, I'll rhyme this thing.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet
----WOOPS, sorry, there is no song title 
of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON by Pink Floyd, 
it's title is BRAIN DAMAGE, the 9th track on 

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Musical Sounds

Listen now carefully, what do you hear?
sounds abound as you tune in to listen
universe  of noise fills the stratosphere 
birds singing, rustling leaves in transition

Blades of grass crackle sounding like gun fire 
the trickle of the brook harmonious
I settle down by the roaring campfire
drinking in the sounds most melodious

As magically they blend together
creating music so soulful to hear
playing perfectly keeping in meter
in the background reed pipes clamor come here

Music around us abounds all the time
listen to it  play enjoy the downtime

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A Wind-blown Song

A lyric drawn of passion’s longing, lit,
shall flow in spirit to thy avid mind;
faint apparitions swirl and bait thy wit
with drifting light, a joint rapport to find.

Soft silky ribbons braid a chiffon song,
of gloss and gold as bright as twilight star,
that soars on high on winds that sail along,
to carry forth a wish to lands afar.

Anticipation rising with dawn’s glow,
as wait, for now, is all that I can do.
Oh can, of windblown song, a kinship grow? 
and can that song of one now sing for two?

Of windblown song across a world so vast
I bid it sing an aria to last.

Originally for Nikko Palmario's 'Without U and ME' but since edited & now has just one little 'm' ;)

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Sonnet X or The Bluebird Sonnet

O why’d they misconstrue your colour against you?
When the song is swift imagination, so sweet and full
Why’d they whisper of weariness, of idiomatic blue?
When pause is ponderous play not a dark silent lull
It is the bluebird’s song that warm thoughts entice
That unexpected exuberant bout of welcomed joie de vivre
That instant intoxication of all virtue and all vice
Oft’ heard from coffee’d morn till the day’s end receive’
When beguiled by melody left to lilt through wistful air
That beacon of curiosity which so quickly is consume’
Cheery embrace – the listener enraptured is divided ne’er
Till the final bar closes only then may the day resume
Though for tunes of waking night the bluebird composes nigh
Alas, her song is for bright day not for moon’s sleepless sigh

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Rhyming sonnet

Keeping—the Syllable Count
Knowing—How to Rhyme
This – is—What keeps is a—Sonnet
Annoying – Iambic—Line

Constantly – Chiming—and Gushing
Blowing—in Merciless – Gusts
And Yet—Still always reminding
Attend to it—While it lasts

Stemming from – Nature’s Rebellion
Or – Simply—Pressuring Air
Or If it’s Heaven—is Gentle
Just Quietly—Whispering There

Flying and Swimming—in Space
Gliding—with the – Utmost Grace

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Highlands Fore'er

Oh, write tae me of the highlands, 
the crisp air and the damp. 
Write tae me of the heather'd fields 
'ere Bonnie Charlie danced. 

Oh, place yo'r quill upon the page 
and dream a fey song wit me, 
of rock tor's an' crags an' fiords 
which join the raging sea.

Of fair Iona, the Isle of Sky
the Inner Hebrides.
Hike yo'r kilt, strap on the uilleann 
and keen a sweet song for me.

Oh, dinnae tarry beyond the pale,
with the wail of the brash banshee.
*Written in dialect in the style of Robert Burns
**Dedicated to our Jamie our own Highlander

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Victory, Sweet Victory

Bless You, bless You, praise You Lord.
Thank you for Your holy Word.
I thank You that You’ve set me free.
I thank You for the victory.
You beat the devil handily.
And took his keys away.
You’ve given me the victory.
You died to set me free.
Bless You, bless You, praise You Lord.
Thank You for Your holy Word.
I thank You that You’ve set me free.
I thank You for the victory.
Victory, sweet victory
The battle has been won
Victory, sweet victory
With Jesus Christ God’s Son.

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Forever I’ll be with You Lord
Forever I’ll be strong
You’ll always be there for me Lord
You’ll always be my song
In my heart I sing to You
I lift Your name on high
You’ll always be my Savior Lord
Your glory fills the sky
Forever, forever, forever You are mine
In Your love forever, always in Your care
I’ll walk with You; I’ll talk with you 
Forever You are there
Eternity is glorious 
Eternal life with You
Forever I will be with You
Forever I am blessed
Forever I will reign with You
In You I’ll always rest

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All Glory Goes to You

With a joyful chorus angels sing
Jesus, Master let us bring
The glory due Your name
Your name, Your name oh Lord we praise
Evermore our Lord on high
Evermore the same

Oh Lord we praise your name
Jesus, Master let us bring
The glory due Your name
Oh Ancient of Days
We give you all our praise
To You alone our voice we raise

Let our praises fill the sky
Let them rise where angels fly
Where Jesus is adored
Praise Him, exalt Him
Jesus is our Lord
All glory goes to You
Yes, oh Lord to You

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wonder drug

Wonder Drug
Sirtuins, an enzyme I think, has the ability to rejuvenate 
human cells; but it is very expensive to produce. Hence
only the elite can use it and thus live to be 500 years. 
 People shrink after two hundred years the fortunate
will be as tall as five years old and demand door bells 
and light switched placed on the skirting board. 
 We, the mortal, will have to bend down as we always 
have done to the powerful who are related to divinity.

Lottery in the future will not be about money but win
the right to be injected with Sirtuins. But the winners will 
not join the elite, but alone face the horror of watching 
family and friends get old and die out while they continue
to live in a world that is and echo of yesterdays anguish 
devoid of laughter, love and newness.  

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You've changed your song again and sing it through
I hear it in the night it clings to me
just as the song before, the same old you,
yet different are the words and melody.

Though you've re-done your hair, and beautif'ly
and how you walk and talk is all brand new
you've changed the way you whisper things to me
so different, yet it's still the same old you.

In all my life I feel the you in me
and changes you have made in all you do
though different in your way, you'll always be
lifes tragedy and still the same old you.

Though changes that you make seem fresh and new
I see you in your light the same old you.

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I am a song

If I was a song would you play me
Or just let the pages be
Blowing across an empty table
Like some unread worn fable

Would you filter through and read each page
Direct the words as if I was on a stage
Tell me what and where to go
Or whether to come to and fro

If I was a song would you sing me
And find the chords that has to be
Take the time to make it right
Or would you put me out of sight

I wonder as I look up at you
Do you even feel like I do
The pages lie here for you to see
I am your song come and play me

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Yahweh, Yeshua

Yahweh, Yeshua, Jesus the Lord
Salvation, Redeemer, most holy Word
Jesus my Savior, King of all kings
Master, creator all good He brings

Yahweh, Yeshua, Jesus my Lord
I love Him, I praise Him, I live by His Word
He made the heavens, the stars and the light
Comforter, healer and my friend is He
Yaweh, Yeshua, it’s Jesus for me

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I Love to See You

I love to see You
I love to see Your face
I love to see You
I love to hear Your name
Oh Lord, oh Lord, Your matchless grace
Oh Lord, oh Lord, You are evermore the same

Oh Lord, oh Lord
I love to hear You
Oh Lord, oh Lord
You light the world for me
I know You will see me through
With You is where I want to be

You give me joy
You make me strong
You comfort me
When I sing Your song
I reach out to You
You are holy, holy….

I love to see You
I love to see Your face
I love to see You Lord
I want to hold You close
You give me so much grace
You are the precious rose

You are with me now
Precious Jesus, holy Lord
Glorious, living Word
You are my treasure
Love without measure
I sing glory, glory to  You Lord
Glory, glory….to You

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Song without a voice

A saddest song within me idly pursed
Is lodged in lyrical melancholy.
A muted voice attempts to sing a verse
But only soundless words escape from me.
Its somber composition might as well
Be blank without a pleasing melody.
The lyrics are lost as sinners in Hell.
The couplet verses filled with self-pity.
An aria within my doleful soul;
A piece that never will be heard by ears.
A single opus creation, surreal
And limited, saddening with no tears.
A song without a voice to sing it's sad
Refrain-enough to drive me raving mad.

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When bird song rumored dawn, I climbed a hill,
A hill I've climbed before, again, again.
I came to learn a song so glad and still
It only sounds at dawn, just when...Just when.

I climb because He said the shadow lifts
Like mist is burned from silver mirror lakes,
Then new reflection on the surface drifts
As all below the surface breaks.  It breaks.

A breeze strummed grass, and gold announced the dawn.
The common graces seemed to chant the start
Of day;  yet only this day breaks upon
The symphonies inside your heart.  Your heart.

Among the miracles that Easter gives
Are songs of Always.  Listen now.  He lives!

Isaiah 42:10

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Holy Lamb

Holy, holy, is the Lamb
Blessed holy great I AM
Ever more my Savior reigns
Blessed be His holy name

I’m His He’s mine, it’s meant to be
My Savior Jesus died for me
He comes again to take me home
Away to heaven by the throne

Holy, holy, is the Lamb
Blessed holy great I AM
Guiding me each day I live
To Him all my praise I give

He’s the truth, the life, the way
He guides me truly every day
Ever more my Savior reigns
Blessed be His holy name

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Song of Angels

High and lifted up, our God
The glory of all living
Magnificent Creator 
God above all else
Always, all to Him we’re giving
Holy Lord to Him we bow
For Him we live and Him we serve
Forever then and now

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Glory and Honor and Praise to My King

Glory and honor and praise to my King
Glory and honor and praise to my King
He is beautiful, holy and He made everything
I’ll always praise Him and lift Him on high
My King, my Savior, we’ll meet in the sky

Glory and honor and praise to my King
Blessing and glory and praises to Him
Glory and honor and praises I sing
Glory and honor, let my praises ring
Jesus, Jesus, all that’s divine
Jesus, Jesus, I know He is mine

Jesus, Jesus, eternal delight
Master, Savior, holy and bright
Glory and honor and praise to my King
Glory and honor and praise to my King
He is beautiful, holy and He made everything
Always, forever my praise I will sing