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Sonnet Snow Poems | Sonnet Poems About Snow

These Sonnet Snow poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Snow. These are the best examples of Sonnet Snow poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Joyless Job

At the window, palms under my chin,
such beauty I see, out the frosted pane,
I was mesmerized, it showed in my grin,
so picture perfect, the snow covered lane.

My daydream was dashed, Mom called from the door,
"time to brave the cold and clear the sidewalk,"
grabbed my winter coat and boots from the floor,
I hate this chore, but knew not to back-talk.

"Don't slip on the ice, watch out for the plow,"
I hear, as orange shovel meets concrete,
shouldn't the county have this done by now?,
this takes all day, with snow piled up in feet.

Why freeze for allowance, I'll never know,
yet, I still find myself shoveling snow.

November 18th, 2014

Sara Kendrick's contest - "Jobs"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler

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Winter's Kiss

The bird’s house is capped with a snow drop.
The bird’s bath is a mushroom like form.
The branches all groan, snap, crackle, pop,
with the weight of the night’s snow so borne.

The cat’s on the rug near kitchen vent.
The furnace is pumping out more heat.
The tea kettle’s whistling with intent.
The old gal settles down with a sweet.

The car’s all shrouded, a sheet of white.
The trellis is a grand work of art.
Outdoors the benches all gleam with ice.
The new moon’s a rare, randy, upstart.

Darkness descends will a muffled whisper.
She sips tea and remembers who’s kissed her.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi

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Snow Replay

Not Again! six inches on top of the snow we already had! This started out to be a blank verse sonnet, but it didn't turn out that way.

The snow has smothered life tonight
Our world now gleams in flawless white
Below the earth, the bulbs’ low whine
impatient with delay of time.

Their voice is faint and fainter still
the cry of birds in fluffed-up chill
so hunger thinned in winter snap
with hidden food beneath its wrap.

Yet seed thrown out on top of snow
and cooked with peanut butter, slow
then shaped in cakes with honey glue
has brought to us a checkered queue

As daylight hails, we watch to see
this comic scene of feathered spree.

Copyright © Cona Adams

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Moon is my Muse

Gracing the night as a pale shining sphere
Shedding her beams o'er the land far and near
Gliding along with the curtain of stars
With her companions, bright Venus and Mars

Light all around me reflects on the snow
Bathed in the presence of Luna's fair glow
Moonlight the same over thousands of years
Shines on the earth as a comfort to fears

Moon that is full, or a crescent that wanes
On through the ages, fair Luna remains
Kissing the slumbering earth with her light
Shining in beauty so soft through the night

As the earth does endure, as the ages roll by
May the moon ever shine as a lamp in the sky

~ Written 2/26/13 for the Moon is my Muse Contest. First Place.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst

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First Snowfall

The last of autumn’s leaves begins assault
Of winter gales. The sap within the trees
In hibernating xylems call a halt
To most activity to some degree.
The birds that once resided amongst them
Already left for warmer spots unknown.
A few remain behind but are condemned
To weather winters snow and ice alone.
The snow begins to fall. At first, a flake, 
Then more and more until the trees are white
And weighted. Branches, weak, begin to break
And fall to earth and soon are crowned despite
The slackened storm. The wind subsides and all
Is quiet and calmness follows the squall.

Copyright © Albert Ahearn

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You Again

I look out the window and what do I see
Another five inches staring at me
I'm not getting angry nor am I sad
I am laughing so loudly I think I've gone mad

I am ready to go out for a 5k run
Or I might just lay out in the sun
That old fence out there could use some stain
This weather has caused me to go insane

Please come and slap me
For my mind is absentee
Come knock me to my senses 
Don't want to stain those fences

If this winter doesn't break free
It just might get the best of me

Copyright © Tim Smith

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Big snow little snow

I used to like you I thought we were close
now I wish you would  go away
you brought another storm today
and dumped upon us another dose

Oh great big lady what have we done
to deserve this misery for this long
we wish your winds would be warm and strong
and melt this mess you have spun

No no no what did you bring
The snow is too deep
we are about to weep
please Mother Nature bring on Spring

Copyright © Tim Smith

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Lone Snowflake

Geometric flake comes down from the sky Hexagon center, six lines don’t deny Extended arms going outwards from there Small pieces going beyond without fear I grab this lone snowflake for its safety Though it was so pristine, then I did see This very flake has melted to water Due to the heat of my hand that’s hotter I become saddened that this has happened I loved seeing this masterpiece pattern I weep for the short life of this cool flake I hope to see its brothers, for my sake Just then I looked around, guess what I saw Millions of snowflakes falling, I’m in awe Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey

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Spring Ritual

After months of white covering substance That’s dominated the ground’s existence Powers of the sky peer down upon me And lo and behold there are green blades freed Grass is coming in sight by the sun’s rays The white fluffy snow has seen better days There’s now formed in the middle of the yard Small pond of water just playing its card Seasons change, the melting walk has begun White mass on the Earth melts under the sun Finding green grass, pleasant sight to behold In the sunlight the color looks quite bold Spring has come to save all from the bleak scene This process to turn snow to grass of green Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey

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Covered in Snow

Stuck like glue to the branches are snowflakes Vibrantly white, glowing, gives more than takes The sun comes down into a reflection Bright shining light from its destination Brilliantly the sun tries to melt the snow The freezing temperature makes it slow The sight so bright leaves a lasting image One that will sure bestow on this visage The tree's covered in white from head to toe Holding firm with all its might, that of snow Creating the perfect scene before me Matching joy in my heart by what I see Earth's become a heavenly place of rest Looking like beauty has produced the best
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey

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''I longed for love--love pure like driven snow'' re-revised

I longed for love—love pure like driven snow,
untouched and virgin—in the years to come:
but years did come and go until (O woe!)
it, like the fall, decayed in my autumn.
Heartbroken, never I a princess met
or maiden girl with whom to spend long nights
of ardent love. (Alas! best to forget
my heart's too foolish hopes of its delights.)
Unstained by sin, naïve and innocent;
unspoil'd by life and vice in the very least:
I cast'd aside my youth's prurient bent,
forswore my loins' lusts and was my own priest!
     Now aged and useless, I've denied all love;
     thus life's reproach abides and won't approve.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen

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Snow Wonderland Zeal

In winter, rails of the fence are heavy Snow covers them, just as white as can be Beauty lands in the landscape, on the trees It’s white too, lovely, pretty as you please Snow reflects all colors making it white Leaving light that is courageously bright Each snowflake is different, quite unique Leaving the air brilliant, full of mystique A stream, still moving along, has some ice Very cold and frigid, had to look twice Air has quite a bite to it, a crisp feel The land is all frozen, the cold is real Whole scene brings about natural appeal Snow is like a solid wonderland zeal
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey

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You I Dream Of

A flower grows from beneath a blanket
 Of fine and purest white
 It reaches toward the sun for warmth,
 For heat and for the light

 My love for you grows stronger still,
 Despite the surrounding cold
 My heart is yours, bartered gone
 For yours has it been sold

 Its petals shine from morning dew
 Its stem grows stiff and strong
 It stands strong through the freezing cold
 It stands the winter long

 I long for you, for your soft touch
 I miss the way you smile
 The longer that we stay apart
 The longer every mile

 The flower stretches through the snow
 It reaches toward the sun
 And now without you the color is gone
 The flower's petals, dun

 But as we talk, and as we learn
 The flower comes back to life
 The snow now melts and goes away
 As you take away my strife

 Spring is here and growth abounds
 As you and I are one
 We are together, we are in love
 The snow for now is done

 I see the future, in dreams I have
 Of our life, long and true
 I see the times where all I need
 Are comforting words from you

 I see the times when winter comes
 As winter tends to do
 But we still love, and we still live
 And I do still love you

 And so we live, with children ours
 And a life of much to see
 With love we live, to live we love
 Happy together are we

 I see the flower, older now,
 But still strong with fresh new leaves
 I see it growing, tall and strong
 Reaching to the eaves

 We are now old, as years have passed
 But old together are we
 And strong our love still today
 As strong as it can be

Copyright © Roy Keith

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Whim to Sunshine

                       Snow drops cascading at my window
                       Wintry chill ‘n echo ‘f snow did follow

                       Whirled as I sensed winter wind blow

                       Weighing breeze dim, grim, ‘f sorrow
                       Wondering I dwelled ‘f a sun ray glow 

                       Swaddled ‘n sun beam’s warmth flow

                       Silence stole whispers ‘f some sparrow 
                       Streets stillness slay whims to morrow
                       Winter wrath left spring glee no place
                       Storm set for days ‘n nights to chase

                       Strike ‘f thunder sprang their nuisance 

                       Wrack sun’s chances to glare ‘n grace  

                       Wilderness rules this scary solemn solace
                       Swept nature’s treasured blissful wonders 

Celia Basma 

Contest: Create Your Own Form, Maybe                      

Copyright © Celia Basma

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The biting cold of  early March's  freeze
fell from the Arctic northlands down the main,
and froze to death the larks beneath the trees
then silently it crept the Kansas plain.

It slowed the pace of life to just a walk
for busy Texans on the Rio Grande
and failing citrus was the stuff of talk
until the blowing snow was close at hand;

they slipt and slid on farmways coated twice
unwilling to admit they didn't know
how one should drive a Lexus on this ice
or where-from blizzards come and where they go.

      The rattle snake is burrowed safe and deep
        the only place that's warm enough for sleep.
© ron wilson aka veebdosathe Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa

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Snow White's icy heart -Spenserian Sonnet

You're startin to feel lonely, the guilt is settin in, it's changing,
you're only so strong as you portray, and now it's fading-
into a red bubbling mess, boiling, rearranging
into something new, indestructible and its paying-
for the consequences, this guilt has no sympathy for dating-
whether it's hells best friend, and heaven's clever liar
it's all about the thoughts, the ones that take the time creating-
a poisonous kiss, Snow White's apple, her curious desire-

so sudden yet expected, this obvious satire-
of a mess, a disaster, it's not only killing a fair maiden
but all of the minds involved in this strange iced fire-
one that's about to be put out, and the red apple can trade in-
for the lingering premonition, you've been regretting
cause nothing can be far worse than simply neglecting.

Copyright © Sarah Casey

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Here is he stuck, within an icy skull

Here is he stuck, within an icy skull.
His cooling core yearns for the warmth of sun.
He sits and sees the snowflakes blend and dull
The rocky walls that trap the frozen one.
Does he succumb to numbing apathy,
Or fight winter, a battle for the daft?
December flowers wilt like his decree
To break the walls with fists and stabbing shafts.
His shaking fists make weapons hard to wield.
The beating turns his wrists to rigid casts.
A golden ray leaks through the wall that shields
And gives a glimpse of brighter sunshines past.
Always his arms grow weak, his strength gives way,
But still he tries again another day.

Copyright © Kyle Maples

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Crystallized Snow

Frost, a white edge of mist present on trees
With ice grasping the branches minus leaves
The limbs bend under the gravity scene
Some break due to the frozen water sheen

The beauty compares to none all around
The trees are striking in its glory found
Looking at its heart you see its power
Secure is its love of winter wonder

The trees dance in unison joined as one
Showing off the perfection banded on
Motion enhanced by the grace of the ice
Delivered by the mist which does suffice

Gradual branching of each tree is layered
Crystallized snow, the white coat is captured

Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey

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Naysayers Beyond the Lone Tree

A great tree, pulsated with its branches Fingers grouped, lifting skyward enhances Open-minded intelligence eases Brings cool faceted multi-hued teases Showers of snow, filled with frozen water Leaves trails of white glory, all cold matter Watchful time escapes the wasted form here Torment ignites fiercely in the field choir Solo baritone is the sound of night Where the tree shines so blissfully of might Alone, lying to truth-sayers, it’s blind No element can ever be so kind In the winter skyline, grey in absence It beams of troubled pasts with resistance Now what is left is the music of snow To cover the ground says more than you know The tree spites the trembling Earth below Holding the heavens with its great elbow
Russell Sivey Form Extended Sonnet

Copyright © Russell Sivey

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Snow Moon (Australian sonnet)

She shimmers silver between thickened clouds
in February winter's wind, portent
She tells of snow before the season's end,
whilst Pagan voices sing out loud and proud. 
The circle cast to manifest our rite
O Mother moon in this our sacred space
pray lend your power in your wise embrace
O Cerridwen, the goddess of the night
The moon in fullness shrouded in a mist
as crystal flakes begin to flutter down
and once more Earth will wear her winter's gown
as moonbows form where Lord and Lady kissed.
In winter's silver light, her words are clear 
there is so much work still to be done here.

Copyright © Jemmy Farmer

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Fiery Snow

Love. For that I am here. And for that,
You are here. Beginners in love and life.
Lovers, with heart and faces made off matt.
Lovers, brothers, all roll the same dice. 

Love everywhere, but lovers, go nowhere.
Poets and muses, all half-full-half-empty.
Lovers everywhere, but, love is nowhere.
Time, always slow, became an entity.

A feeling which one can't simply forget, 
Yet we have abandoned it many times.
We all own the mighty cupid a debt,
In between all of these great lover's rhymes.

Yet we don't, we can't do what is not right.
No, we can't, let love adrift in the night.

Copyright © William Nickerson

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SNOW-DEN -Edward Snowden

Heads and Claws all aiming for me,
Gathering and lurking every each moment,
Blocking air ducts and manning every corner,
The Snow is on even the weather takes cover,
Nights with one eye open as the next minute may 
be it,
This may be the last smile and this might just be 
the last breath,
This cold hands might just never stay apart,
This Den might be the last place of little freedom.

But not if the fought fors fights for,
If the risked fors could take a stand then just 
The battle was lost before it even started,
The hope was lost before we even had it,
The truth should set you free,
Right ? 

Copyright © Olumide Tejuoso

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The snow falls outside the window gently to the ground,
Huge white feathery flakes
I listen, but there is no sound
Memories of times past come awake.

As I sit by the warm fire, time passes by
The snow continues to fall.
Concerns of the world are not for my eye
And the importance of the book I am reading becomes quite small.

The cold wind has picked up blowing the snow around.
Red cardinals stand out against the background of white.
Seeking to eat before more snow abounds
But when I open the door, they all take flight.

When the grandeur of nature is so beautiful outside
I still choose to enjoy the warmth of the house inside.

A Sonnet 
By Shelly Fine

Copyright © Shelly Fine

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First Snowfall

The last of autumn’s leaves begins assault
Of winter gales. The sap within the trees
In hibernating xylems call a halt
To most activity to some degree.
The birds that once resided amongst them
Already left for warmer spots unknown.
A few remain behind but are condemned
To weather winters snow and ice alone.
The snow begins to fall. At first, a flake,
Then more and more until the trees are white
And weighted. Branches, weak, begin to break
And fall to earth and soon are crowned despite
The slackened storm. The wind subsides and all
Is quiet and calmness followed the squall.

Copyright © Albert Ahearn

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Topped with auburn-golden hairs,
she wanders through the thicket wood.
Tugs and hassles with the hood,
of the husky coat she wears,
with not the slightest thoughts or cares.
The snow, it falls, and sets the mood,
for evening’s love, oh! Now she’ll brood.
Alas! An answer to her prayers.

Daily through these woods he seeks,
a girl to love, and hug, and hold.
Across the way, their eyes meet and stand still
for what seems like weeks!
Taken; by one another, they grow old,
upon the windowsill.

Copyright © Chris Patton

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A Spring HexSonnetta

How lovely is the spring
when flowers bloom and grow
in fields of green where snow
had lain before thawing
winter is disappearing
it's time for her to glow

With beaming pride she prance
bursting with colors bright
radiant with glowing light
the flowers sway and dance
in warm rays of the sun
it's nature's spring delight

A spring is just a time
when beauty made sublime

For The HexSonetta Contest
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich

Copyright © Nudershada Cabanes