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Ocean Sonnet Poems | Sonnet Poems About Ocean

These Ocean Sonnet poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Ocean. These are the best examples of Ocean Sonnet poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Speckled Sea Air Stings Soft Skin

Sea horizon in the distance ...a clean line.... a quiet shore
Every day the ocean washes up something new on its sandy floor...
Today,  the sea formed  haystacks of seaweed piled quiet high
Yesterday   sea sponges and fan-shells lapped the crunchy sands
Gentle humming of  soft ocean sounds humms  by to and fro
Seagulls squawking , flying in unison form a V- like kite formation
Their pale eyes widen  as red feet and beaks hover and flutter
Two yellow labradors swimming and weaving from shore to  ocean
Bounding gracefully into the water , chasing and  jumping in unison
Tirelessly,effortlessly running along their beloved ocean shore.
Young dogs greet each other in an excitedly ,friendly fashion.
Horses hoof prints embedded gracefully in the shoreline sand....
Broken glass edges  made smooth with the sands abrasion
Oh wonderful mobile reflecting the sunlights warm sensations!

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My Perfect Pearl

The life of this pearl, how it grew from the sand
Is a wonderful story to tell
For it bothered the flesh in an oyster's grey shell
And the oyster then coated the sand
It was milky and white, added band after band
'Till it formed a white shell
So a creature can't tell
That it grew from a grain of the sand

This gemstone of mine
From the depths of the sea
Has a glittering shine
That is easy to see
So it's hard to imagine, this treasure so fine
All began as a grain in the sea

Written 3/2/2013

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Seven thousand islands grace the shore where bamboo trees alight , sun -dressed tanned guitars humming a native lore, dainty the womenfolk, caressed by Asian tides’ pristine ridges while garlands spill from their baskets crowning fiestas with beaded wares. And trawlers halt to relish town’s zest the nightfall sailing on lit prayers, when movement of joy whirls, contented along dewed coastlines… ancestry bares a charm rippling on balmy shed, my dawn and night broth, this daily gland where birth mark dwells… sweet homeland!

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A Day at the Beach

Imagine sitting in the sand at the beach,
The sand between your toes and just close 
enough where the water can reach.
The sand is wet and a little cold,
You look out at the clear blue sky you see the 
sun shining like a piece of gold.
You see dolphins jumping in the distance,
Glad that they're apart of existence.
You see a flock of seagulls soar,
You lay back and close your eyes listening to
 the waves crashing onto the shore.
Smelling the salty water and the sun hitting 
your skin,
The warm and comfort you feel within.
You hear kids as they laugh and play,
Smiling because today was a great day.

        May 04, 2014
~ The One and Only~

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I wait the ocean waves to wash my soul

My heart races touching your deep Spirit's kiss,
My tear's curb crumbles greening my shrink cry.
The softness of your voice soothes my abyss.
My soul torn apart wondering to know why.

Wrong thoughts and so cruel wait  my tears and cry
The terrors of love just give them a black yard
And  my loneliness makes my sad soul to dye
When to sink  my reality it's very  hard.

I wait my hope which will never come to guard
This hope hunger squeezes tighter my soul's knee.
 I'm clinging to the past which is like a shard
That part which is still alive inside of me.

Much more confused on how to think or feel,
I talk, I dream and  I am  your balance wheel.

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Home to the Ocean


While dreaming of my childhood ocean ties, mem'ry's chandelier sheds light, somewhat eclipsed. The essence of the salt still stings my eyes; the rusty taste of iron hangs on my lips. The ocean’s fragrant spray not quite so fair as I recall; it makes me think of death. Many a moon has set since I was there; destiny speaks to me - my own last breath. The ocean’s soft waves bring dulcet mem’ries, my mama’s silk scarf brushing ‘gainst my face. Turbulent storms always left me on my knees under safe precipice back of our place. It is there my dreams rest as I stand by; it’s there I shall be buried when I die.
3 inspired by nette onclaud's poem from 6/12/11, Even After Twilight Loves We miss you, nette, and long for inspirations from your pen as you have time and energy. Meanwhile we read your poetry and pray for whatever keeps you away from us to end.

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The Last Vessel

There is a brush of wind sweeping roughshod over the shore
Festering foamy white caps on the crest of the waves
Disembodied voices I think I've heard before
Are rising from the mist of the liquid haze

White-feathered angel wings spreading wide and low
Swoop down below the angry crimson wide
Welcoming  home the trollers, row by weary row
As the beacon skims the waters, and the coming of the tide

The sun is clinging helplessly, on the edges of the earth
As one last vessel, trudges in, looking  worn and spent
Lagging far behind, and longing home and hearth
Yet with sense of work well done, after long day's sweat, 

It burrows in, at end of day, from all those travels, far
The one last vessel, weary worn, cuts a furrow in the stars

For Francine's Contest :"On The Ocean Waves"

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That Morning on the Beach

That morning on the beach, where did we go?
That June, before the current swept away
That thin island between the sea and bay,
Where did we walk, the risen sun still low?

Before the current swept away the land
And me along with it, where did we stride?
Next to the sea, the waxing, waning tide
Whose rhythmic jaws consumed the footprint sand?


We went nowhere that morning on the sand. 
I stood and let the icy waves beat me
And hoped that they would pull me out to sea,
Far from this disappearing island. 

Back then, I thought the sea would set me free,
But all it did was make a memory. 

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A Siren's Serenade

The sun is slowly fading and it’s almost twilight time.
The ocean’s strong vibration beckons me to rise from deep.
The ship announces its approach, its horn an ocean chime. 
Waking me from slumber in the ocean where I sleep.

I move with lightning speed emerging quickly to the top. 
The sailors all come out to hear my haunting siren’s song.
I swim around the vessel as it slows and then it stops. 
From that time, and forever, to me they all belong.

My lovely iridescent tail will sparkle in the night.
I serenade them with my tune while diving in and out.
A potpourri of colors that will dazzle and delight. 
Before too long they will be lost inside my spell, no doubt.

I’ll circle all around the ship and mesmerize each one.
Then slowly hypnotize each man until the morning sun.

Written by:  Samia Ali Arroyo
March 30, 2012
Contest: Debbie and Cyndi's Sonneteers
English Sonnet

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from slopes to brines

She waited on the skyline, bloom and thorn
accordment of their oaths and thoughts at night
annealed recited entity - vows sworn
- the brave ascended to the Halls of light.

War-bullet traveled through the frozen air
companion loved - his stare embraced the ferns
- the laurel and the sage ascribed his fair
the stalwart chose the path of moon and ernes.

Dim lantern's flame her thought - on peaks beseech
ornate the winds surpass the granite plate
denounced the corteges and oaths to breach,
her highness steps, adorned demise, third fate.

And in the mists when winds bemoan in pines
their solemn words will fly from slopes to brines.

© G.V. 06-05-2013