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Sonnet Nature Poems | Sonnet Poems About Nature

These Sonnet Nature poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Sonnet Nature poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An Invitation to Dance

When fields gleam aureate and song birds sing and transient stars in clusters scintillate, when sweet perennials are coaxed by spring to blossom forth, he comes with sprightly gait. He wends his way along the mountain trails past opalescent rush of streams and rills, goat-footed, on the paths that ribbon dales and wind around and up and down small hills. Then nymphs appear as, through the woods, he trips to flower-smitten meadows. Fancy-free, he leads them with his reed held to his lips, till blithely they embrace his rhapsody. So hear the music; watch the wood nymphs spin. . . Then captured by sheer merriment, join in! For Nathan A.'s ANY POEM GOES Poetry Contest

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Floating down with grace and ease
Carried off by the Autumn breeze
Rich in hues of orange and red
Landing in the flower bed

What once was buzzing full of life
Now succumbs to the pruning knife
Staring up at the wilted rose
Another season comes to close

Looking for memories of this day
Not forgetting her fun filled stay
Lying amongst the rocks and sticks
I'm the one the little girl picks

Hurries home with the one she took
Placing it in her poetry book


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I feel God's breath in nature

Irish sonnet

I feel Gods breath in nature

The birds are singing. Beautiful it be
The trees are swaying on the morning breeze
Oh how it fills me with such mystery
Oh my, how nature fills me with such ease
I love the flowers; love the birds, and trees
I feel Gods breath in everything that grows
Something it glows within the heart of me
A force of love so deep within me flows
When I’m with nature something in me knows
That God is good, how can this not be true
When birds sing out, I always feel his glow
The perfume of the flowers brings it too
Oh, nature, how she thrills me through, and through
Seems, God is there in everything I do

17 November 2014

Irish Sonnet
Obviously influenced by the English sonnet there ia also still a Celtic influece in making a link from stanza to stanza.. It still follows the three quaterns and a couplet pattern, but each stanza is linked to the next giving a rhyme pattern of;
a. b. a. b. . b. c. b. c. . c. d. c. d. .d.d.
Here is an example. It is written in 10 syllables throughout.

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Fear Not The Wind

Fear not the fierce wind, o gentle heart
Though it may rattle the eaves
And give no ear to its whispers with nothing to impart
But shallow promises that hang, like dried, parched leaves

Listen to its mournful wails on the way to some distant shore
Leaving in its trail, the harsh rawness of a chill
And envy not; give pity instead and be sure to keep no scores
For the warmth of a gentle heart is by far, richer still

For who can fathom the baleful howls invading valleys below;
Billowing across the fragile earth and her boundless seas?
Is it in anguish that it protests; who can really know?
Or is it a mere expression of a mighty power that seethes?

Yet, judge not, o gentle heart, but like a blade of grass amidst a storm
Lay calmly into the wind; rely not upon your strength to stay strong

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Her aqua skirt flows in the sky,
Like curtains of the gods they play;
A Monet brushstroke low to high
- Like life itself they go away.

But for now they dodge and weave
As in a phosphorescent pool;
A flirting dance before they leave,
Behind a veil of colored tulle.

Behind the veil are sapphire eyes,
Behind the skirt, there lies the night.
The curtains are a brief disguise;
Seductive show of pure delight.

Now deeper to the heavens drawn,
Within the night, before it's gone.

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Gentle Summer Rain Art

Featuring:)  Giorgio Veneto

She writes about Fall's beauty in the rain 
The falling raindrops' dance ascribing thence 
Bespoken verse that lightens her refrain 
before the time they met - her steps commence. 

She listens to the soft and rhythmic thrum, 
her love turned to escape and cloudy string 
Where nimbus mistletoe fell, tears to become 
Their kiss of Autumn was symbolic ring. 

The first light cotton mists with summer rays 
While skyward cheerful laughs adorn the land, 
their ceremonial dance diffuses grays, 
affectionate embrace, where dreams expand. 

Upon September's sky the raindrops gleam 
With half of hidden Sun to laugh and beam.



~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

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Whilst walking through the woods

Whilst walking through the woods one day
A crystal brook there, shone so gay
The sun was shining oh' so bright
As brook reflected all it's light

Buzzing insects all around
Oh' they made a delightful sound
Birds flew upwards to the sky
These parrots made a hue and cry

Carpet of flowers with lovely scent
It seemed this morn way heaven sent
The flowers opened to the sun
This walk for me was so much fun

Sheep bleated from far away
Oh it was such a lovely day

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Ode to Autumn

Earth’s sphere of fire bids adieu to me

As dying embers gleam across the sea

In rare hues reflected by autumn trees,

Swirling in motion with October’s breeze.

I feel the joy this season has to share

In golden harvest that the branches bear,

And I am thankful for this blessed year,

For divine abundance I share so dear.

The sun and moon take on a special glow

As thunder clouds move swiftly with the flow.

Yes, autumn coaxes feelings to revive,

Those mem’ries of past seasons still alive.

When autumn spreads her dress of lacey frost

I know, in breathless beauty, I’ll be lost.

© 2013 Connie Marcum Wong

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Serenity's Last Serenade

*A small lake named Serenity am I,
well hidden here among the fragrant pines;
reflecting the **cerulean of sky
till Sun behind the distant peak reclines.

***Now humming bugs crepuscular emerge
to greet the twilight’s creeping.  Next a fawn
has soundlessly appeared upon my verge.
A lapping in the stillness. . . then she’s gone.

*Dawn arrives.  I’m longing to be painted
**once again by sun, the color azure.
Jubilant that I remain untainted, 
***I croon to nature, rippling my rapture.

New creatures on two legs disrupt my peace!
Who comes here? Must my serenade now cease?

(For the Designed by Devise Poetry Contest of Debbie Guzzi)
* Stanza one: Personification & metaphor of the lake
**Alliteration of S in line one
The alliteration continues with the words small/serenity/cerulean/sky/Sun/diStant
*** Stanza two:  Assonance of the sound U as in “cup” with humming and bugs
Also the assonance of the ee sound in greet/creeping/soundlessLY/appeared/shE’s
*  In Stanza three: Dawn is added to the personification. The lake continues to be
Personified in the entire stanza. 
**Also there is Assonance throughout with the U sound
again: Once/ sUn/ cOlor/ jubilAnt as well as the long A sound of line 3’s remain & untainted plus line 4’s nAture.  
***Alliteration of R/P sounds line 4:croon/rippling/rapture.

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Morning Dew Glistens in Anticipation

Morning Dew Glistens in Anticipation

Glistening of gentle morning dew
soft breeze flowing sweetly along
Thoughts again of life and you
melodies that play a mental song

Trees wrapping this beautiful morn
joyful thoughts now so newly born
Sky filters down its sunlit rays
birds chirp all about on such days

My joy lost has now been found
as the natural world spins  around
Life takes on a sheen of the new
Again my happy thoughts turn to you

Our lives joined, paths forever hold
this deep love that makes us both so bold! 

Robert J. Lindley  09-24-2014

note: Took a Nature hike today. Saw God's beauty all around. 
Very soon I found myself thinking ,yes, that my life came around 
when my wife married me. As if a Spring shower had soothed the 
parched ground. Giving nourishment for the seeds of bliss
to sprout on up and grow.
God, Nature's glow, my wife's love and beauty , our son's 
smiles today made this world turn from bleak and cold to
sunshine and a slice Of heaven. Thank God for Nature's 
beauty and its sweet inspirations.
My brother-in-law David was sent home to die tonight. They can do no more , the cancer will end his life, most likely in the next few days...
I couldn't go there tonight. The helpless feeling slays me so!
I hope to have the courage to go tomorrow morn...

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Circles of slumber

The amaryllis yawns in bed of white 
The fall of day paints shadows on the rose 
Each flower is a ward of solemn night 
Their gentle sleep upon which none impose 

Beyond the halls and down the drowsy stair 
Into the hallowed stillness of the lake 
Illuminating every pebble there 
The moon believes that no one is awake 

Yet bittern watches all with eyes of gold 
Alighted new in absence of the light 
And with his lusty call so clear and bold 
He breaks the quietude and then takes flight 

A ripple in the water seeks the shore 
It meets the rocks and ripples there no more 

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The Morning Sun Speaks

The Morning Sun Speaks

Vainly,  I smile at a fine morning sun
ponder today's tasks waiting to be done
Embrace and savor this very sweet morn
enjoy life, that is why we were first born

Sparrow drinking at my lone bird fountain
clouds soaring into another mountain 
I see the carefree bird fly far away
consider the high price I dearly pay

Happily my soul spoke to the red sun
life races onward as I freely run
My toils are but life tokens to be spent
spirit lives with our love paying no rent

The morning sun spoke yet again to me
live, love and grab hold of life yet to be!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-27-2014

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The Planting

The Planting

Seeds of sorrow lay scattered along our path
 so oft intertwined with Nature's wrath
Yet till the fields of dreams we simply must
for soon , so very soon we turn to dust

Green is the color of majestic newborn fields
as man enjoys fruits of earthen harvested yields
The sweat and pain given is the simple cost
thus we survive so ALL humanity is not lost

Life requires our own ground be rightly prepared
ignorance is the calamity so many are ensnared
We eat the dust long before we bake the bread
when we seek ease oft great sorrow we get instead

We plant our own seeds to dream to reap anew
yet we all pay, life is not free, tis so very true!

Robert Lindley, 10-01- 2014

note: Inspired by this morn's reading of Debbie Guzzi's 
super fine poem , a great sonnet -- The Sowing
I give thanks for this inspiration and the joy in reading 
both her sonnets this great morn. Certainly brought me
out of a slump and crazy haze these last few days..
Amazing how sometimes another poet can blow one away and change
 another's  entire attitude.

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Mother's Garden

Mother's Garden ~~ I grew up amongst every kind of plant and flower, Beyond our gate was the garden of dear mother; This Eden was colourful, tangled and so sensational, So erratic, untamed and just totally unmanageable. Mother knew the Latin names of each blooming posy, The iris, lily, rose, aster, dahlia, marigold and peony; I really loved the purple larkspur and pink gardenia, Mother said she loved them all but adored camellia. Brightly painted butterflies danced and glided happily, And the nesting birds all sang their songs so loudly; We had an old swing and we would sit and sip tea, In the shade of the trees, just my mother and me. O to turn back the clock of time, moving and clicking, To be in my mother's garden again, a child dreaming. _________________________________________ July 2, 2014 Sonnet Entered in the contest, Any poem under 15 lines, Poet Destroyer First Place

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Respecting the Universe

A listening sky overhead,
hears whispers of our words, unsaid.
And though, sometimes, we feel alone,
that mere existance matters not,
or that one life will be forgot,
a chain links us to the unknown.
A listening sky overhead,
hears whispers of our words, unsaid.

We are a part of earth and sky,
as one with nature, when we die.
And though, sometimes, we feel alone,
a chain links us to the unknown.
A listening sky overhead,
hears whispers of our words, unsaid.

For Dr. Ram's Contest: Sonnetino Rispetto "Respect"

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Wolf Song

When air is still and dread silence suffocates
death violates esteemed sylvan sanctity—
whose jealous eye in malice deprecates,
absent demur, spurns all that ought to be.

Sussurus raised on gossamer wing;
rebuild the scaffolds of life’s innocence.
Forever defer morbid harbinger’s ring,
proclaim sacred tales and stifle abeyance.

Compile sacred prayers we might ever utter;
inhale the waft of life’s incense redolent.
Disregard uncouth hordes that senselessly mutter;
encircle, condemn all the callously petulant.

Thus ever be heard wolves' melodious song;
endless the days all such harmonies prolong.

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A million crystals made by God
Now float in space like finest lace.
Each one perfection, never flawed -
Unique in six-fold symmetry,
Then fall to earth in cold embrace
Where moonlight dances brilliantly.

Reflecting back prismatic light
Like nature's crystal chandelier,
Embellishing this winter night ,
Then landing on your blushing cheek
And melting there just like a tear.
Still drifting with the night's mystique

A million crystals made by God
Reflecting back prismatic light.

Cornish Sonnet in Iambic Tetrameter
Craig Cornish, written March 10, 2014
For Nette Onclaud's Crystal Contest

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In Dawn's Bright Glow

The sweet notes of a bird drift down to me from one grand oak that shines with day’s first rays. I look up at blue sky and that old tree. What joy, for at a glad lark I now gaze! The lark sings on. Her song fills up my heart. I turn to see a deer whose head is bent to drink at a cool stream; the view is art. . . Sun’s beams, the deer and lark from God were sent to cheer me at this time. My eyes are drawn to fields far off and near them - hills that gleam in that gold stream of light, the blaze of dawn! My thoughts now waft as if they were a dream. This day of bliss I wish to keep - and so - I sit to write of it in dawn’s bright glow. Written 1/13/13 For the One to One contest of David Williams (if only it were really this nice and sunny today!)

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Crimson Sky

There’s scarlet within the warm sky tonight A crimson feel that envelopes alright I love the sight of every form of red Yellow seeps in with orange that bled World moves effortlessly along with this The colors of majestic times you wish I see the sky this dusk with awe and glee Seemingly to make me complete and free A crimson sky beams with peace and delight Sun dips into the ground and out of sight Birds recognize this beauty and dips down Reaches in the heart of the glow around Tranquil with love through the entry parlor The sky is filled with an awesome color
Russell Sivey Contest: CRIMSON SKY old/new peom Sponsor: S. K. A. T. 5/12/2013

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Novella My Love


I've been dreaming of a sonnet in the cradle of the breeze
I've been dreaming in the silence of her feathered nest of dream
perched in peaceful solitude autumn falls with golden leaves
where hymn's flow free within a quest along the winding stream

Has my presence ever crossed your mind in lonely nights of need
of placid love refined in gold where one desires thee
a place where time has come to stall of gifts of love and deed
in lust I wait in colors of spring for her my sweet jubilee

In last breath fare of desperate need my eyes have finally seen
my fair young lady from distant hallow floating near within my dream
I hear her voice in loving song with tales of gifts foreseen
with silken wings she flutters free to rest along pure stream

I've been dreaming of a sonnet in the cradle of the breeze
I've been dreaming in the silence far beyond the graceful trees..


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Oceanic Blues

How grand it is when blue sky meets the sea,
may sky and sand and water ever be,
reflected in this topsy-turvy lea.
Oh, let the stars fall down, and over we.

Will you meet me where the foam froths and roils,
where waves pound upon glistening soil,
and seagull's squawk in mismatched harmony;
oh, let the stars fall down, and over we.

Sea tossed, the dross shines upon the strand. 
Gemstones are born, where the sky meets the land.
meet me down by the rush of lulling sea;
oh, let the stars fall down, and over we.

Here we will lie for all eternity,
with life and death, and our love of the sea.

Scenic Point by Robert Butler

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Moon Is My Muse

The chill of night holds old remorse Like some old song I've heard before And though a half moon knows the chords Such crescent music strays off course Through dark of night all eyes are blinded Such slender light, so small upturned With strains of sadness so aligned Where even stars weep sad nocturnes Please moon, become the whole you are I need your lamp to see me through Although there are one million stars This night is lonely without you So slight your smile that fills the eye Each falling star will search the sky
___________________________________ For Russell's Contest: Moon Is My Muse 3/3/13

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A Sand Dune Says To The Wind

A sand-dune says to the wind that moves Softly, passing him-by: ''Take me with thee, through valleys and groves Whence birds frolick and fly; Deep into a land of rain and snow, Is where I'd rather go, For this place holds no charm and I say, I'm wont to fly away...'' Hearing which, the whirl-wind lifts Herself to swiftly glide, Whilst in fear, the sand-dune shifts, Seeking somewhere to hide: But before another gust, like a child feeling quite lost, Is strewn about the sullen land by the one he did accost....

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Leaves twirl through the chilly air
Leaving naked tree limbs flailing 
Soft sweaters cover me with care
Winds caress with gentle breezing

Crackling and popping beneath my feet
When I walk across the dirt pathway
Colorful leaves even cover the street
Creating oak, poplar and birch bouquet

Squirrels carry nuts into their haunts
While birds begin to fly toward the south
Melancholy feelings start to taunt
Bringing suspicions of winter’s mouth

Autumn is a season of colorful charms
When harvest begins at all the farms 

©2014 by Regina Riddle
Written on July 24, 2014

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The Blood of the Gods

So sweet the scent of gentle rain
That cleanses skin on nature’s breast –
The patter of its soft refrain
Awakens earth that was at rest.
The blood of gods, its fragrance pure,
Feeds the womb of hungry spores
And floating free, their fresh allure;
Bouquets of life that breed and soar,
To quench the memories of we
Who now run carefree in the fields
And drink in all we smell and see,
The redolence of natures yields.
    Again the soft rain gently falls
    The sweet ambrosia we recall.

Craig Cornish, Written Nov. 11, 2013
For Nette Onclaud's Fragrance of Rain Contest

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Two-faced Tempest

Wind, your double essence is well-known.
Whispered summer breezes you exhale;
Then suddenly you turn.  You surge and wail,
Expelling rage, you bluster or you moan.
Your brute relentless nature then is shown
For you become a cyclone, Hound of Hell,
Or show yourself a monsoon, squall, or gale.
Unquelled, a devil’s wrath with dust is sown.

As you intone, we’re stricken by your power.
Whipping wind, who thrashes us below,
You’re merciless until that final hour
Your vehemence ceases.  Gust, I hate you so.
You scour Earth for those who next must cower.
Two-faced tempest, most indeed you BLOW!

I used the theme found in "Wheeze of a Wind" which had been entered 
by Nette in another of Cyndi MacMillan's contests:
Timeless Yet Contemporary, A Sonnet Thang

Note to Nette: My sonnet cannot hold a candle to yours. I think your contemporary one was better than my traditional one; however, I hope you can feel my anger about wind in it!! I just love how you did your modern sonnet for Cyndi!! BTW, I MISS you. Where ARE you anyway???

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Autumn's Wonder

On winter’s breast the bright white snow does fall
and sparkle o’re the fields and rolling hills.
Sweet spring is welcomed with the robin’s call
and colored blossomed trees with all their frills.
In summer’s warmth when deepest greens will grow
and frame the rose’s brilliant crimson hues,
is when the stage is set for autumn’s glow
with all the color nature can infuse.
It’s in this crisp fall air my senses ride,
crescendos in this symphony of sights,
upon an easle backed by azure sky,
where red and orange leaves take frenzied flight,
   and I herein an apple scented breeze
   taste this day that sets my spirit free.

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To Be, Or Not To Be

A lowly blossom, striving to sustain 
her beauty in the early morning mist, 
the crocus, craving moisture to maintain 
her stoic fight 'gainst winter's iron fist. 
A lowly mollusc slithers 'neath his shell, 
he slowly weaves, and leaves a silver trail, 
antennae primed and ready for the knell, 
when sparrows poke and peck his coat of mail. 
Creatures and plants in the midst of the fray, 
searching for sustenance, dying of thirst, 
staving off hunger, say, is there a way 
for them to be blessed, not feeble and cursed? 
predator, prey, both the strongest and weakest, 
who will prevail in the fight to live longest? 

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The Coming of Night

A slow red sun has cut through soft gray sky
To warm my eyes with layered painted light
Birds in shadows glide to say goodnight, fly
A cool wind lifts their fragile wings in flight
Day's end  changes coats as night creatures sing
They bring clear harmonies through out filled night
Soft bright stars appear like uncoiled light strings
As night's darkened cloth envelops twilight
Its black, filters stars like moth eaten wool
and I'm in awe of this slow passing scene
That makes my silent presence minuscule
Only my whispered thanks will intervene

This moon lit cathedral with rising face
Has ended this day, it has been replaced

contest One of your best

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The wind blow carried me away

The wind blow carried me away
To a valley, where silence dwelt,
In sleeplike calm, I waited the day
Love would also be carried astray. 
He will arrange his arrows and bow
Beside the rose tree where I lay
And listening to a melody low
He would replace the sun’s glow.
I would wake up but with my lips 
Dried because he declined me a kiss,
Beneath the hill where night sleeps
To a new dawn, hear the star’s gossips:
Love rather be bounded by a chain
Than keep wandering freely in vain.

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Uplifting morn by the lake

Uplifting morn by the lake

As I sit here beside Lake Joondalup
With silent morn as yet not woken up
Green parrots sing from gnarled old wetland trees
As leaves they dance and whirl on the morning breeze.

A tiger snake he comes, a swimming by
As gulls they screech and fly into the sky
Two kangaroos, so big, and strong, and grey
They seem so happy on this perfect day

The air is filled with so much mystery
I sit and watch filled with serenity
As the sun peeps through the clouds there in the sky
From its orange hue, I hear a raven cry.

As Morning silence Fill’s my very soul
The dawn, arrives and make’s me feel so whole.

30 June 2014 @ 1432hrs.

For Elly's Sonnet contest.

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The cityscape flowed into a winding trail

that took me into the green heart of the park

and I shrugged off a mindset overly stale,

as light teased a creek that stowed waters dark.

Weak, I found a seat, low and ergonomic,

a stump that offered me one hundred rings,

so I sat and listened to sisters reed and willow

touched by the teachings their humility brings.

Others walked by, most plugged into iPods 

They never noticed the blue heron that stood

deep in holy shadows painted by our God

now cast aside for wireless serpents. Woods

shrink as new iDols sow unoriginal sins,

Technology’s church grows just east of Eden.

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A Dawn Duet

Her breathing moves a strand of golden hair
that lays upon her pillow, next to mine, 
yet in this evening birdsongs on the air 
awaken me to listen and recline.

This errant bird, whose song dispatches sleep,
is laughing at a long forgotten jest
or maybe woos a distant mate who, deep
inside her feathered nest, finds better rest.

I watch the window, night begins to fade
and so do I.  As slumber beckons me
I hear a distant answer softly made:
A dawn duet resplendent in our tree.

A single song brings answers in the air
as my beloved sleeps without a care.

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Granny's Expressings

When you read what I wrote hurriedly sped
Did my soothing idea draw you or not
Maybe laughter or deep thought at what I said
Whatever be the outcome that you got

We are tied together forever friend
Somewhere in the future a thought will come
Maybe when you read of Whip-Poor-Will penned
Or see a sunrise that is so awesome

You'll think of somewhere in long ago past
Having remembrance of a poet who wrote
Of early morn and clouds like veils amassed
Either of how smoothing or how remote

It could be a good thought or depressing
Forever influenced by granny's expressings

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Enigma Of Time

Arriving there, open door to floors bare
Moist was air, dwelling effusive with peace
The enigma of time began to cease
Oblivion to all but ocean, just stare

Simplicity for a few days; nowhere
To go, timeless, watch Gulls instead of Geese
Yesterday's ravenous problems release
Now live on sublime seaside oasis' air

Aster, Willow won't sway in zephyr this day
Only kaleidoscope color 'pon water shone
Exquisite view for me, myself, alone
This ecstasy delight not auspice by they

Lilac, Lily doesn't bloom, chrome rust away
Impervious bug repellent glistens in defiant stone

Contest: Secret

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Speckled Sea Air Stings Soft Skin

Sea horizon in the distance ...a clean line.... a quiet shore
Every day the ocean washes up something new on its sandy floor...
Today,  the sea formed  haystacks of seaweed piled quiet high
Yesterday   sea sponges and fan-shells lapped the crunchy sands
Gentle humming of  soft ocean sounds humms  by to and fro
Seagulls squawking , flying in unison form a V- like kite formation
Their pale eyes widen  as red feet and beaks hover and flutter
Two yellow labradors swimming and weaving from shore to  ocean
Bounding gracefully into the water , chasing and  jumping in unison
Tirelessly,effortlessly running along their beloved ocean shore.
Young dogs greet each other in an excitedly ,friendly fashion.
Horses hoof prints embedded gracefully in the shoreline sand....
Broken glass edges  made smooth with the sands abrasion
Oh wonderful mobile reflecting the sunlights warm sensations!

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~~~*~~~ Pearls bloom in a field of adventurine, While trees of jasper make light of the day, Opals float in streams of aquamarine, Each nodding their heads to the might of May. And deep underground, more treasures unfold, Rubies drop their petals, drowsy with bliss, Bouquets of sapphires bed down in gold, Amber gives moonstone a shy good night kiss. The roots of rose quartz weave into rich soil, They rock beryl bulbs and yawning agate, Above garnets burst, emeralds uncoil, While far below, diamonds slumber and wait. All gems wilt or doze, rebuffing true worth, Some jewels grow fast, others sleep in earth. ~~~*~~~
For Charlotte Puddifoot, a REAL gemstone here at the Soup. Thank you, Charlotte, for your words of encouragement and caring enough to complain, in the sweetest of ways! You inspired this. Better? ;-)

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berserker but

Wide twisted grayed white cloud of thunder
O'er ground so hallowed waiting in asunder
A tale untold until the flash of crashing light
Unfolds to show the shattered scene of blight
What is this rack of torment in suspense
To cause this pounding redness of  intense
Can winds of Wodyn thrust valkyrie thus
The tides are wrong this singing song
Will be the end of us
The tunnel forms to take us in it's dance
As axe and sword a swing to madness trance 
Once more to see Valhalla's open door
Or wake to shaking silence on this shore
Bathed in others' blood  still yet unsure

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      Big-Mouth Bass
An April morning, as the climbing sun
tipped up in sight, and lit the coming day
and colored red, after a storm was done,
I cast my plug, a stinger--red and gray--

to where it looked the likely place to me,
where hides the hog--from minnows swimming by;
then feeds upon those minnows, carelessly,
as pops the sun into the morning sky.

Upon the water, mirrored flat and still,
I raise the wake, so slight--then let it lay;
and cranking in, so slowly then until
I hear the chomp--that warns he's set to play!

   And all the minnows cheer me in my quest
   of battle with my most unwilling guest!
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Falling Leaves

I revel in the falling leaves
their fluttering flight to ground
I listen to the falling leaves
hear their pitter-patter sound.

Oh see, the ruby red, the pale gold,
the omnipresent sable brown.
Look, see the shivering birch let loose...
add their colors all around.

What glory's found, as form takes flight
each transformed, re-formed, astounds,
May we detach with such serene grace
when our earthly life's unbound.

Oh, listen to the falling leaves
see them rest, upon the breast of ground.

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Welcome Sun you move in our direction,
the Northern World is waiting for you call,
will you cure this Winter's introspection,
bring light before the darkness starts to pall.

Longer, warmer days anticipated,
for annual gifts we wait with bated breath,
hints of life from those that hibernated
to obviate the threat of icy death.

Feathered friends return from far-off places
their gratitude translated into song.
Resting plants will rise and show new faces,
the weak have gone, this World is for the strong.

A time of change, of hopes on which to cling,
each year, three months, the Season that is Spring.

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The moon doth appear in that dark horizon
And glistens with a beam of drifting light.
Let thy passions stroll with the companion
Of forlorn hovering clouds in moonlit night.
O Nature, sing not thy lonesome songs again
For I doth find a friend in each of thy cells.
I rejoice in thy touch even in wrecked pain
And my life hath mend its stuttering wheels.
Dazed weariness once mocked my forlorn being
Ere it came unto thy shelter, Mother Nature!
Whilst my morale dips in bosom, come and sing
A song of Love that warmeth every creature.
Nature hath a bliss that drenches our dry mind,
Pouring tender showers amidst the roughest wind.

(This is the first time I have tried to write a Sonnet, so, please pardon my shortcomings)

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Lake Louise

Majestic mountains rise like mounted men,
Their faces chiseled from the rugged stone.
The evergreens enveiling all the glen
Ascend in gowns of green, but leave a crown
Of jagged peaks, where shimmering glaciers groan,
And tears they shed glide gently ever down.

Above the jade-like waves of Lake Louise
The sunbeams stream through lightest sapphire skies,
Till sunset bursts in blooms of deep cerise.
When lying still she mirrors the mountain's face,
Or wavelets shine like diamonds in her eyes;
What trickled once as tears is joyous grace.

Majestic mountains rise like mounted men
Above the jade-like waves of Lake Louise.

{Written in Cornish Sonnet form using iambic pentameter.}

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Little bird

Do not stay there for long, little bird, 
can’t you hear? She is coming anytime
and will say: “leave, this place is mine.
you are free to go, I see no iron gird.”

But if you are resolute to stay, be silent,
enough of your melody, not until she
reaches my arms and her gentle touch 
warms me and beautify the moment.
Oh, on her bosom you choose to nest, 
where I can find you, safe in heaven,
the spotless sky, where stars leaven 
with their gleam her silver-light dress. 
Either way, carry swiftly a message:
You are not a love’s single hostage.

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Deep in Nature

The snow lays on mountain edges, scattered
And fog from the valley rises to greet
While here with this view, nothing else mattered
As peace from my soul and I, come to meet
Reflections I see, paint the waters calm
As songbirds echo in slow graceful flight
While I touch nature with an empty palm
And realize I need nothing, only sight
Alone where tall waterfalls pour into streams
And nature beckons with tranquility
To free my spirit, allow for its dreams
As my soul lays down with serenity

I will listen to nature's soothing calls
In nature deep, where bird's fly and water falls

contest It's all about Nature #3

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Natural Love

Our love lasts way beyond the water streams Are more pure than the mighty crystal lakes Heaven cannot hold the love at the seams It bursts for us, the love is what morning makes Sun shines just as bright as what we contain And our hearts for each other, they don’t flee Leaving us wanting to ride each one’s train The mountain, made out of rock, is quite free Beauty of this scene is unlike most views The love that we have covers all of it The substance of life, green grass quite imbues Fills any hole with the sweetest love bit I feel the beauty of this land in me Top to bottom nature’s all I can see Russell Sivey

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Last Wish

Across a flowered field, I gaze.
A daisy weeps through morning haze.
One lone petal departs her side -
a "love-me-not" is softly sighed.

Gazing away from love denied -
one more leaflet from thee is pried.
Another dream towards fate's romance;
a petal plucked lends second chance.

The daisy's hearth has met defeat.
Her children sob beneath her feet.
Deflowered by a lover's act -
one last petal remains in tact.

"Love-me-not or love me so true?"
I leave that answer up to you.

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A Ripple In Time

A whiffle ball flew into the calm air Over and above the peaceful lake there Losing its strength it fell onto the pond And then allowing a ripple to bond The ripples moved on across the calm lake Moving bugs off the surface of its wake The ripple moved the beautiful plant-life Not an object on the pond suffered strife Some lilies were displaced from the motion They were forced onward, a dancing notion The children hadn’t noticed it forming So subtle it moves, never alarming Swiftly the wind moved the ball to the side Kids pick it up, don’t see the waves beside
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "A Ripple In time" contest 4/23/2013

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Destiny's Perch

In the near future, I am going to add it all up into one big sum.
In the meantime, I am going to gather and collect my own space.
I will sift through seeds or weeds and present an enormous case.
But for sure I will hold onto every single yellow chrysanthemum.

In the near future, I am going to roll it all up sealing it by my thumb.
In the meantime, I am going to sit here with every turned about face.
I will drift through time rewinding the hands back to a God of Grace.
But for sure I will give the world a place my heart is triumphing from. 

Quickly, I will come to you,
And instantly I will be gone.
But injustice shall never do.
Nor shall a lie be my spawn.

Or at the least not on my expedient silver polished dime,
And certainly not while sitting on destiny’s perch in time!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Daylight Saved

Dusk, the end of day, the soften bed of moonlight,
brings wild thoughts within its sultry shadows musing.
Belle Lune, fair damsel, bringing love and fright,
release my tongue-tied self, please allow my crooning.

Troubadours have strung the onyx sky with comet
tails glittering white, and bowed each string to unite 
the pensive poet's heart and that of his fair coquette;
see them sway, a dance displayed amour in the moonlight.

Shadows deepen, have they left, thought hard, grown contrite
or has the moon, amused, drawn shadows 'round as gowns?
Will he rise at dawn, curtains drawn, write of the night?
The maid, the moon, the well so deep, the heat profound

calls to him in memory, now cooled by harsh light.
For now, there is, but the empty page of daylight.


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Little doll with curly hair, how did God
Make you so fair? With big eyes color sky
And with skin as rose as a healthy child...
Fall asleep as you hear my sweetest lullaby!
The radiant moon has come into your dreams,
What can she offer you: if not moonbeams? 
And as you breathe, you resemble a cherub
That Rafael imagined to be you in that crib
When happy angels gathered and whispered,
" Little doll, gently lay on your golden head."
This nursery rhyme you will learn in time,
And sing it to yourself when church bells chime.

You'll long for a hand to caress your cheeks...
feeling its warmth while you will float on dreams.    

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'God's Good Earth': a condensed sonnet

The fierce, graceful tiger
(a fearsome, wild beast)
is not meant as dinner
for someone's lavish feast.
The giant, harmless whale
(a great, ocean mammal)
won't survive or prevail
against ruthless people.
All Earth's feral creatures,
of land, the sky, and sea,
are here as our teachers
and life's diversity.
   Save man's endangered worth
   and restore God's good Earth.

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The Last Leaf

Remember the days when life
Was all we thought about ?
It slipped by being alive
Could end when death turnout ?
One more among the crowd
To admire to whole tree
When the green leaves have sprout
There’s not much to see
On a tree that’s almost empty
It’s leaves spread on the ground
In one dead leaf there’s still beauty
That if looked for can be found
The last green leaf that has turned brown
Will still be beautiful after falling down

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Snail's Simple Pace

The caramel leaves seem to fall from sky
In waves, as zephyr sings through chimes and eaves
Its song that whispers a fall lullaby
As a gentle rustling wind through autumn leaves

September a time to slow down, be still
Slowly now we have less light_ more dark
A drawing to home and hearth seems our will
Beckoning to fill with bounty our hearts

Caramel sauce for those crisp apples near
The heat of summer is in distant past
None of that snow of winter yet to fear
Watering chores of summer now are past

All things for coming winter out in place
Now one can slow to a snail's simple pace

In honor of Brian Strand's contest...

Click on"About That Poem"

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The Life of the Hunter

A life that even death cannot undo,
for there are portals I've yet to find,
hidden life in the green, I wish to pursue,
oh, the secrets of life and death entwine.
I search and search, I will not know defeat;
each corner turned will show new paths to tread.
The deer, the bear, the fox, each beast I meet
will reveal their secret life's in their death.
So, let the woodland speak hear its reveal
riddle the meaning left, see it understood
the less armor worn or brandished we wield
the higher truth we gain in form of good
Into the woods I plunge as in my youth
I face the final test of nature’s truth.

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San Saba Springtime

Cold cobalt skies unfold their lanky limbs
The sovereign land awakes in zealous time
Where low mesquites abide the feral winds
Defiant blooms the lupine in its prime

Rainbugs pepper the earth in velvet red
Hungry ant lions lurk in lethal lairs
Dirt daubers cast organ pipes overhead
Mockingbirds merrily try out their airs

Scissor-tailed flycatchers' semaphores flash
Silent songbirds seem incited to sing
The wispy wraith of Winter whispers past
And harbingers heady odors of Spring

Petrichor, the smell of rain on dry ground!
Bluebonnets, the sweetest scent to be found!

January 7, 2014

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The Dying Beauty

Lovely flower, how thee shines so brightly, But what hath you be, when the sun must fall? The sun must cease shining e'er so slightly, Then the sunset be your beauty's last call What happens when your morning dew has dried? Sprinkled reflection of morning passes What when the sunlight's golden hue has died, And you're all alone in dying grasses? What will you be, when your stem has turned brown? And there's no set of eyes to admire? What when your lovely blue petals fall down, And there's nothing left of you to desire? Your beauty shall forever be the past, And this death of your color be the last~

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Acquainted with the Sunrise: in the spirit of Robert Frost

I have been one acquainted with sunrise,
I have bathed in first light – then back in shadow,
I have felt tentative warm on closed eyes.

I have gazed over pink-tinged meadows,
I have passed by the swift and early bird,
And reached a hand to touch a half-lit rose.

I have stood still without a single word
When far away a tree frog croaked his song;
Across the meadow waking creatures stirred.

But not to stop the sun from glowing strong,
And further still to greet the red-gold skies;
On gently sunlit tree, birds linger long.

Daylight sheds night’s shadowy disguise.
I have been one acquainted with sunrise.

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Forest Nymph

Deep in the forest, where the world is mine,
and lost to everyone I've ever known,
so dark in day where sunlight doesn't shine
except in silver streams all mine alone,

she came in gentle, warm and summer rain,
out of a misty light, with searching eyes,
and all to soon she found my joy and pain
before I had the time to realize.

I'd never be the same, from just the look,
into her eyes, so deep and far away,
and then she read my life, my opened book,
I'd sur'ly bared to her in summer play.

The fear of God is all I can compare
to how she looked, and how she found me there.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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A lowly blossom, striving to sustain 
her beauty in the early morning mist, 
the crocus, craving moisture to maintain 
her stoic fight 'gainst winter's iron fist. 
A lowly mollusc slithers 'neath his shell, 
he slowly weaves, and leaves a silver trail, 
antennae primed and ready for the knell, 
when sparrows poke and peck his coat of mail. 
Creatures and plants in the midst of the fray, 
searching for sustenance, dying of thirst, 
staving off hunger, say, is there a way 
to count ourselves blessed, not feeble and cursed? 
   Predator, prey, both the fittest, the weakest; 
   who will prevail? I would bet on the shrewdest! 

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Left Behind

Left Behind

I do not dread the flooding creeks,
The April torrent that sweeps between
The straining banks and wildly seeks
A deeper channel, the booming crash
Of rocks that scour the muddy stream
but leave behind debris and upstream “trash.” 

We gather nature’s treasures left behind,
An ancient fire cast this bowl of clay;
An arrowhead must be a sign 
Of hunters seeking food in bygone days.
The children’s toys left in the sand are gone,
The evidence of our own summer play--
Who will find the hot dog prongs?

I do not dread the flooding creeks,
We gather nature’s treasures left behind.

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Chilled wind in the *metro wheezed louder, shattered The eyes and damped skin. Thistles and grass blades washed by gaping teeth and drenched. Haggard, we were troubled by piles of birds waylaid. It is frost moment once more , frost moment all along. The moon grew old too soon, bawling through a crummy *playlist of blues’ songs Like frail bowl torn. *Hunk of a wind ruled the scene. It rode far into the dark sky’s legion, an energy Fierce as tail whipping oaks and fallen spires To wager a fight. Amidst a team of man and Luna, Wild stomps of thrill reeled, and then called a ceasefire. In gentle deed , it *gassed up fresh clouds to open With pleasure. As if, in the wheeze, nothing ever happened. ~ nature ~ Contest of Cyndi Mac Millan Timeless Yet Contemporary, A Sonnet Thang By nette onclaud

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The deer and the lion

The Deer and the Lion

The deer climbed to the top
The hill was long and steep
At times it had to creep
The rocks would outcrop
It would not stop
It would not sleep
Its life it wanted to keep
It felt like it would drop
Yet stopping meant sure death
For the lion was close behind
It could barely catch its breath
Sanctuary it had to find
It could lose the cat on the other side
It had to get there to save its hide.

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River Laps Softly

River Laps Softly

The ripples of water lap river's edge
 quietly I sit, a man seeking love
The orange twilight stirs my lonely soul
 nearby, lonely call of a single dove

Sweetest place roaring river moans and churns
 fish splashing about in a soft replay
Continuance as the world slowly turns
 colors splash endings to wonderful day

The smell is that of fish , water and mud
 cool air spreading its greatest soft relief
Comfort gives to stop anger in my blood
 as Nature gifts a most calming belief

Soon its quiet , knowledge enters my soul
Victory came because I made it so

Robert J. Lindley, 08-08-2014

Poem Syllable Counter Results
Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
 Total # Words:  101  

Contest results....

Entered in the contest, Any poem under 15 lines, Poet Destroyer

First Place

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Bouquets Of Spring

Up a country road  Wisteria blooms
The soft lavender fragrant buds await 
Easy sunlight gently touches blossoms
Sends wafing aromatic breeze thru gate

White Dogwood blooms spot multicolored woods
Gently lift and fall in soft spring air
Impressionistic Azalea blooms stood
Colorful ornaments on creek's bend fair

Narcissus stand in trim and neat rows
Except at homeplaces beside the road
Where they are free to send out young
For our rejoicing when spring has sprung

In the warm spring nature's bouquets abound
Sakura, Tulips  short time are around

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Garden Party

Tuneful preludes play on whoosh of spring wind
as flowers spread their kaleidoscopic  wings
Two quartets daze in awe while celebrating
a reunion with picnic and  ballroom dancing.
The golden showers radiate and incandesce…
Tulips and jasmine nearby bloom so fresh.
Like utopia where ensembles are veritable
Birds of paradise hung their notes to warble.
Music plays…. in graceful moves…smiles scintillate
a luncheon together - each one will never forget.
Memories are all in photos with red roses
Big sunflowers are captured…jutting our faces.
I hold tenaciously an album in a bright clip
of families in garden party for close  friendship.

July 7, 2014    11.10pm

Third Place
Contest: Garden Party: Verb-alized Noun-sense with floral accents
Judged: 7/15/2014
Sponsor: Poet Cyndi MacMillan

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Lazy Day

Under sunlight waits a voiceless desire
Gray clouds roll in to dim the cheerful day
Open blossoms cheer up the self-esteem
While some of the folks now decide to pray

White daisies create a delicate spray
As butterfly flutters close to the heart
Gold sunflowers begin to faintly sway
While gentle leaves blow and choose to depart

An autumn sunshine dawns distinct to start
Soft colors, crisp and fresh, seem to appear
All the stories the season does impart
Tales of joy, truth and all that’s sincere

These summer dreams fading into visions
As time shifts will the heart choose it listens?

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Give Me Nature

Once I saw a pretty bird
Singing sweetly songs I heard
Pleasant-looking in a tree
My heart it filled with so much glee.
All around fine flowers grew
Bright beneath the sky so blue
There was beauty in the eye
I didn’t wish to say goodbye.
The sun in gold was going home
Grand like Caesar in old Rome
Whilst around they all played
Perky children God had made.
Far from nature it’s quite sad
Give me nature— and I’m glad.

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In the mists of the giant bark beneath
  Rise old growth saplings out of crag and earth;
Where tumbles that ancient evergreen leaf
  To marvel at your great and splendid girth.
That footing shoot, that pod, that budding prong,
  By arterial root in time of yield;
While ringed trunk does broaden rotund and long
  And furrowed skin forms its tubular shield.
Upon sky perch out of mossy thicket
  The sylvan canopy the clouds do climb...
To fell, to log, to urban fence picket,
  Tempers not this intemperate heart of mine!
It does me good (those sap bathed arms bended)
To see that mighty scaffold extended.

April 1992

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Reminiscing the Scent of Rain

There’s a certain force of the rain that flows That brings the scent to the forefront and grows On concrete the fragrance is a fresh grey Dull way to bring a stonewash smell to play It only comes when it first starts to rain Smell that pleases the senses without pain Not hot, just a cool rain will bring it up No scent can compare to this smell close-up At times it’s pungent, a fresh dirty smell Lifting the nose beyond where one does dwell Aroma like floating grainy gruffness Gnawing the insides bringing a roughness The fragrance wafts at the start of the rain Marking the scent of stone with water drain
Russell Sivey Contest: FRAGRANCE OF RAIN Sponsor: nette onclaud 11/16/2013

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The deer topped the hill
It breathed in the mountain air
A tiger approached unaware
Its belly it wished to fill
The deer it planned to kill
Hunger was the tiger's only care
The deer would not have time to prepare
The tiger would take it standing still
It was the way of the wild
Of this there was no doubt
Life could not be fun and mild
Survival was what it was all about
The tiger would live today
The deer would become its prey.

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Preferred by those that know of nothing fair.
Destroyed by sand that blows through consciousness.
Existing in a vacuum of despair.
I left that world behind I must confess.

The wheels of hope extinguished memories.
With every mile clouds would drift away.
Until the devil's valley and disease.
Were lost in natures brilliant grand foyer.

Rejoice, the mountains, rivers of my home.
Forsaken once so young and long ago.
The years have swallowed up the urge to roam.
And age has brought the need to take it slow.
     Thoughts now have left me of that evil land.
     Here God and nature hold me in their hand.

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A Contraceptive Pill

Afore falling in his arms they advice to think twice
Unregretful I act beyond my surprise
It’s the grip of a force, a force here to claim
Compelling, like a moth drawn to the flame

Every night encloses the heat of flaming souls
But sun kissed morning plays a wicked role
To my realization it brings an obvious question
What next to prevent conception?

Like always, I pop in a pill to save the bill
My guy admires the worth of a contraceptive pill
It causes side-effects. Ah! How would he know?
He enjoys the freedom of reckless show

Nevertheless, I look at kids and admire their innocence
Wish the pill could kill within me my maternal pretence!

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Snow Wonderland Zeal

In winter, rails of the fence are heavy Snow covers them, just as white as can be Beauty lands in the landscape, on the trees It’s white too, lovely, pretty as you please Snow reflects all colors making it white Leaving light that is courageously bright Each snowflake is different, quite unique Leaving the air brilliant, full of mystique A stream, still moving along, has some ice Very cold and frigid, had to look twice Air has quite a bite to it, a crisp feel The land is all frozen, the cold is real Whole scene brings about natural appeal Snow is like a solid wonderland zeal
Russell Sivey

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A Stone In The Cold - 5 Runner Up

The hunter hunted; the past comes stalking,
breath now visible, I quicken my pace,
dusk has fallen, nature is now talking,
autumn's chill causes my heart to race.

My eyes scan dense forest from left to right,
I stop, gain my footing in the thicket,
only branch and crimson leaves in my sight,
owls call out, and prey upon the cricket.

Voices seem to speak from the babbling brook,
cold stones, worn smooth, waters of countless days,
eyes are everywhere, yet nowhere I look,
something is near, I cannot get away.

Struggling, my arrow kept at the ready,
my once stealthy hand, is now unsteady.

This was my original entry for Debbie Guzzi's contest - "A Crown of Sonnets"

(This is also the first sonnet that I had ever written.)

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MY HEART IN YOUR HOMELAND Cupid must have been busy he forgot my heart, And so instead of a man I've fallen in love, it is in the mountain ranges my eyes dart. Sweet, the giddy puffy white clouds above outstretch his arms to share a shady luff amongst swarming emerald Spruce that skirt 'round the silky slopes-- like some gloves. Down quiet is the Loch that stretches its girt of lucidity allowing passerby's to see pert Salmon and Trout dancing playfully below, Delighting both my eyes and so my smart, a fishing rod, I want to slowly low. This nature's wonder, I behold for free soon, I surely want to share with my honeybee. Some bumpy, some smooth are the long winding roads One day along my ride, I say hello to this Adonis man Easy as one, two and three our talks-- climb and flowed Excluded in my plan, wow! Our love story began... Cascading soft and longer is our attention span so velvet then is the glowing blow of our said hello. No longer, I desire Japan but be home in your land as to the World's theatre we want to show, our love like barley seed it sprouted and it grow! Bright yellow bloom it is while us, a fever red of fruitful trust and hopeful tomorrows. . . May we never bleed then later be shred, instead, like the Spruce wrap 'round the slopes together we will hold hands to boldly cope and lope. _____________________________________________________________ ©O. E. Guillermo 10:31 pm, January 19, 2015

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A Morning

Dawn's first soft light sliced the fading night
Penetrating the forest of dead leaves
Staining the trees in a warm yellow light
Leaving the mind to enchantments conceived
Fading away is the paint of dusk gray
The sun arrives wears coat of flowing gold
Melting thinning clouds as they try to stay
Warming each flower so their petals unfold
Welcoming the morning, birds on the wing
Quietly searching for a morning's feast
A path I walk to hear them all sing
In awe of Nature of which I'm the least

To see all this life so captive in form
To wander in light so precious so warm

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Bird Songs

Listen when you awake at crack of dawn
hear the chorus of all the birds singing
watch them as they scurry and dig the lawn
until a nasty cat sends them fleeing

How very dull and bland without any birds
silence would greet us with it's bleakness
less colour everywhere, half mast halyards
how lucky to have birds to add brightness

So many feathered friends around
delighting us with their wonderful songs
the sound of harmony our souls surround
for the sweet  mellifluous  songs prolongs

Tunes everywhere blending in harmony
sweetly combining sounding like honey

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Emerald that is shining so brightly, How do you hold my eye, oh, so sweetly? Like a stone, carved by sun, e'er slightly, Carved ever so perfect, and so neatly. Along with my own, you hold many eyes, With your perfect reflection and soft glint; Your beauty nothing but a sweet surprise, With a lovely, and shining, blue-green tint. Whether you're cut, and perfected, or new, Or received by the dirtiest of hands, I will always be mesmerized by you; Whether in a necklace, or wedding bands. So shine like sun's gold, or the moonlight's tone, Shine, the prettiest, most beautiful stone.
For Contest: ~ Flowers or Stones ~ Sponsored by Tracie.

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Spring Hope

And now the weeping willow turns to green.
So brilliant red, the robin’s breast,
Just like the sun, now sinking in the West,
And down the lane more signs of spring are seen :

The spiky blackthorn blossom’s shining white –
It looks as if the hedgerow’s decked with snow.
Beneath, the peeping primrose seems to glow
With luminous and creamy lunar light.

Come hear the soaring skylark’s tuneful song
And listen to the jackdaw’s chimney chat.
See squabbling sparrows startled by the cat
As through the undergrowth he slinks along.

We mark these signs of Spring so early in the year,
But damage from late frosts may dash our hopes I fear.

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Couple on a Walk

The trees do shine like the morning sun beams There is a humble light that moves as streams To bring a warm, calm feel throughout this spot Where rain surely fell, right here so I thought There are gas lamps that are lit on the poles Cobblestone path is quite wet with some holes And light is reflected off the pathway As nature shines below where the leaves lay A couple walks through the misty evening Enjoying the crisp air that they’re breathing They are caressed by all of what surrounds Not a peep is expressed, there’s not a sound They pass an old wooden bench from years past And wonder how long this warm night will last Russell Sivey

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In the kingdom of the Waters
She sits enthroned on its womb
Flanked by the silver facet Atlantic-Indiana
As the barking tides wrestle her marble feet

In the court of the Tropics
She is robed in green foliage of ancient savannah
Adorned with pearls of arid sands,
With ivory mountain and cincture of rift

In the mythic boarder of the Equator
She rests at the footstool of the fierce sun
Comforted by cloud’s tears
And caressed by solemn winds

In the royal neighborhood of Continents
She locks horn with Europe
In the witness of Asia
And her offspring Madagascar 

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I must build a warm shelter, to fight off the cold. 
Solitude coupled with loneliness fall
The need to survive musters up strength bold
Surveying surroundings demands my all

The chill of winter enters my heart's core
Fear wants to settle within my tired chest
There's a strong rock to shelter from the boars
Strength surges to my feet which seek their rest

Limbs, sticks, pine cones gathered to keep the flame
Jerky and trail mix feed hunger's desire 
Rest tired soul your foe defeated without shame 
Dream of conquered poachers tending hell's  fires

Dawn sends me on my way, a stronger man 
Through the north woods I come, my bow in hand. 

I used the first and last lines that were given to me
by Debbie..I did not check to see if they matched what 
was in the posted Crown sonnet..Sara

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Sweet Inspiration

As if the words beg to float from my throat, But only spill with the ink of my pen; Only with nature's embrace and sweet coat Do I feel truth form in words and begin. Solitary confinement- I'll find peace; Only within, I can feel the soft hum . . With each stroke, and spill, a gentle release To nature's sweet music, pluck, and soft strum. Nature shall comfort, wherever I go; No matter the warm breeze, or the cold bite. . Caressed by nature, rocking to and fro' While I admire each beautiful sight. So now that no one's here to inspire love, I'll find it around, within, and above.

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night dawns

Night dawns

He sat
          The faded plastic chair creaked
           Fading  sunlight turned  bronze
He noticed
          The sun slide slowly towards the horizon 
          Drifting in the dark blue sky
          Flocks of Geese floating V’s waving goodbye
He shivered 
          A cloud momentarily blocking the sun 
         As  Orange and brown leaves fall silently to the ground 
He watched 
           Waves of blue and green sparkle a million ways 
           Tiny and warm,  lapping the shore
He felt 
           Smooth golden sand , warm and dry
           Gleam white ,Under the feet 
             The wind tug gently as it passes by
He wrote
           As swimsuits , bikinis and bare feet strolled merrily by
          And  Colored umbrellas reflected the sky
          While Swallows soar and dive 
He heard 
           The sun hiss into waters clean and clear
           Butterflies dance in the sky 
           Darkness land softly on tiptoes and feet
           Daylight sleep and night fall
He sat
            As the stars twinkle on a bed of black velvet lace
            And slept , peaceful and deep
           While the cycle renewed

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Catch Me If You Can French Sonnet

<               enticing to eyes watching mama's pink roses bloom
                 fourty years later someone else now cares for them
                 fresh cut daily and seen in her arms their long stems
                 tears streaming down face I sit under swollen moon
                 waiting watching for sun to come up again soon
                 to catch one more glimsp of mama's planted old gems
                 unfurling petals before been chopped or condemned
                 think I'll ask if can take one for my dining room

                 aroma bursting amidst thy supper's table
                 bowed heads we come and thank our Heavenly father
                 somebody still cared though sick and times unable
                 and answers it's door for which one has come bothered
                 to let bask in roses empowering fable
                 and not to be called as it's one's roses robber

French Sonnet is a poem with rhyme scheme
Syllable count is 12 syllable per line.

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Rustling maples break vows of silence,
naturally. As pleased, spears of hyacinth  
worship breezes with such soft reverence
that we give pause in this living labyrinth. 

Nothing here is still; wood thrush reverb
good news and cicadas buzz testimonials.
Nearby, a creek mumbles, Word-Word
while squirrels glorify their bounty. All

is abuzz with joy, save for the shade
under a weathered cross; it’s emptiness
resurrects veneration. A butterfly wades
the sudden hush, lands on your hand, nests.

My friend, you lift it to wood, sympathizing 
on bent knee, speechlessly evangelizing. 

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Moon Is My Muse

The singing moon serenades our two eyes
Come the autumnal celestial skies
The deep orange moon a beauteous glow
As the large moon starts its evening show

Low in the sky on an autumnal night
To the eye a large memorable sight
On autumn nights many hunters can see
As the large moon sheds it lovely light free

The singing moon, hunters and the harvest
These names in autumn the moon is now blessed
To lovers the moon sends out its love song
To help guide lovers to whom they belong

An orange glow our skies it adorns
Just after sunset to the new dawn

© 10/03/2013 ~GG~
It was a contest entry but it just closed 5 seconds before I could enter lol 

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God's Wonders

Dear Lord I live in the wonder
Of being alive in your world,
Of seeing the trees and the grasses,
The blue of the sky all unfurled.
My eyes follow flight of the eagles.
My ears hear the buzzing of bees.
The humming bird comes to my feeder
And roses open blossoms to please.

I live in the greenest of valleys
With tall mountains ringed all around.
My heart is filled to o'er flowing
At this beauty You've set to be found.
I thank you dear God for these treasures
You have given to me without measures. 

Written 7/2/14

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I love it all

I love it all

The mystery of a blood red rose
The beauty of a heart that glows
A songbird singing to the day
I love it, it’s all okay

A river flowing lazily
The vastness of the mighty sea
At sunrise when life seems so gay
I love it all, it’s all okay

Green leaves dancing on the breeze
The bird’s there singing in the trees
You know I really have to say
I love it all, It’s all okay

Even when the skies are grey
I love it all, It’s all okay

21 December 2014

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Lost in Nature

The suns golden glean cascades over peaks
Where the reflections and black waters lay
Its beauty stills the enchantment I seek
Giving sense to peaceful scene it conveys
Lifting my eyes from a desolate place
Where only the sound of breathing is heard
My dim soul lights with a flickering trace
With trembling impatience searching for words
Naked I stand, with my heart pierced in awe
As Nature's masterpiece opens my eyes
Grasping the darkness of my spirit's flaws
And moved to smallness as I'm purified

How quickly the sun will move from sight
And leave me alone to embrace the night

Nothing exposes my soul more than this piece I've written

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When the rain comes down

it flows unrestrained
translucent colorless 
flavorless if rained
from clouds' overarching dress 

it adapts to landing spots
surrounding colors mirrored
coincidence draws lots
rising and falling scents of its Spirit

between cold and cool
beyond warm or hot
water's curse or jewel
dried up or a too wet shot

fragrances of worldly water message
transparent presages about future's usage

(c) Elly Wouterse

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Arise, you song birds sing in morning dew;
The flow’ry host to colour fields and furrows,
And sap of Spring runs gold in willows veins; 
As tender leaves unfold to speak of birth,
Fresh mountain ranges iced give life anew—
While waters melt and stream through cricks and borrows
The gleams of light will melt the winter strains
Though spills of oil have quenched the songs of earth.
The corporate sting of greedful revenue,  
Has bankrupt natural wonders—greedy farrows
The eagle has no pow’r to save her eggs,
Tall forests fall and crush the robin’s hue
When flow’ry petals change to black on yellow—
The spotted fawns arise with warbled legs

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       CRICKET by ron Arbuthnot
Come list' to what is this our summer night,
our world, it comes alive when dark prevails,
'tis our great mystery, but such delight,
and hidden from the world until light fails.

I often wonder what could make this sound;
it echos through a hot and steaming air;
and why must they hide out, not to be found,
whenever we go looking for them there?

'tis said their song is but a mating call,
and echoed from a file upon their wings,
but to my mind, I think that can't be all
'tis meant to be, there must be other things;

       like making us to wonder at their song
           when other things in life have gone so wrong.

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Where did you go my shining light
You were just here the other night
I am standing here all alone
Only partially have I grown

They rains have come and got me wet
If I had you I would be set
Are you hearing my heart felt plea
Your vivid rays can set me free

The garden where I plant my roots
Needs only you to bear my fruits
Come appear from behind the clouds
And cast away these heavy shrouds

The garden where my seeds are sown
Needs your sunshine to make me grow

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Sycamore Memories-win

"To hold as 'twere, the mirror up to nature. " William Shakespeare," Hamlet 1601."

Window covered by a sycamore tree
Constant friend of my snowy Maple days
Memories spring as insects on a tree
Turn my gloomy days in glorious days

Hippocrates got his inspiration
For research in medicine to begin
Buddh sat under it for meditation
The enlightenment of mind to attain.

Desdemona sat sighing under it
In agony to hear willow song treat
Flying to Egypt Mary stopped a bit
Crann ban “Money tree” in Irish spirit

To demystify health, to personalize
To me sycamore is to poetize.

 ** The notion of a "mirror held up to nature" has been taken over for any mimetic theory of art — the idea that art should represent reality and nature as closely as possible**           

Revised and Reposted    May 4, 2014
Form : Shakespearean sonnet in Pentameter
Dr.Ram Mehta
Contest: Shakespeare by Frank H.
Dr. Ram Mehta
Date: 4/19/2011
Fourth Place win in :
Contest:The Tree sponsored by Constance La france-A rambling poet
* I wrote a sonnet Maple Memories in 2000 while living in Windsor-ONT 
and was posted on 6/29/2005 on PS as Maple Memories.
   The present poem is re-written for the contest.
** Maple Days- Maple is the national tree of Canada.
* Buddha is pronounced one syllable


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Broken Wind Chimes

Dangling from the tree I can see,
Broken wind chimes that still sing.
They just hang on by a split string.
Sending a harmony of tunes to thee.
Their tones and vibrations are a bit broken for me.
I listen and I ponder for what tunes they can bring.
From the tree they will sway when they can swing.
Bits and pieces are released through the air and flee.
Caught in the wind is it’s vibrations.
Carrying signals of great magnitude.
Funneling clouds into new creations.
Bringing air into a brand new mood.
Broken wind chimes can still sing a song,
But their messages are scattered all along.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007

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I started hooping like a bunny,
Carrying my big chocolate egg,
But thought it could be funny
To hop while using just one leg,
I saw thru the window’s frame
A cuckoo bird on the ground.
She and I were doing the same,
So I imitated the cuckoo’s sound.
She was curious and I was too:
Did the bird understand my coo?
Or she only wanted to protest:
“Put back this egg on the nest!”
So I undid the egg’s blue lace:
“Would you do too in my place?”
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo 

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Blue shadows

I watched the sky
In Bahraini blue
Cloak me in its woven

Blossoms bowing
In a pink parade,
Daisies dreaming
In golden shade,

Music softening
Incensed air,
Your smile 
A dream
In fleeting flair,

Bahraini sky
In shades of blue
And shadows
Of the birds
That flew,

Here I am 
Not much to see
But there with you
I long to be.

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Out of heaven,the good Lord made
a garden that does not fade,
each Spring,His season,to renew
greeness with much grandeur to view;
Robins,starlings and sparrows new,
missel thrushes and blackbirds too,
nestling and nuture,here for free
just as He does,for you and me;
With pure innocence that I love ,
the soft and simple collared dove,
a fragile home of twigs and sticks
on which she, precarious  sits.

This symbol of peace and love,to
we on earth,from heaven  above

Inspired by Debbie's latest contest
see more at Gen 8 and Mt 3:16

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Woodland Hideaway

Tranquility’s quintessence here resides
amidst the wild flowers’ fragrant scent.
And watching us, a timid rabbit hides
behind those shrubs where we have pitched the tent.

The streams of light from splendid sun we see
are gilded tendrils falling, cutting through
sweet smelling needles on each verdant tree.
We breathe in pine while relishing this view.

Suddenly - the warbling of a bird
dulcetly disrupts the quietude.
The sound is not like one I’ve ever heard.
Mellifluous, it does not break the mood.

We linger in this woodland hideaway-
blissful- as dusk swallows up the day.

For Brian Strand's 
ANY POEM FROM YOUR ANTHOLOGY any form/theme max of 16 lines Poetry Contest

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My Backyard Volcano

My Backyard Playground....Mt. Lassen Peak

Our playground is a mountain steep
Come climb with me to Lassen's Peak!
It guards our valley, rust and green
Like roughing it?  A camper's dream!
Or take a picnic for the day
Such beauty takes your breath away
With lakes and streams and meadowland
Boiling mudpots, volcanic thrills
And sulpher springs to take a bath
With fish and game and hiking trails
In summer take your fishing poles
Or ski the slopes when winter calls

One hundred years, since last it blew
Prepare to run....'cause it ain't through!!!

.    .     .     .     .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .        .        .
Inspired by Brian's contest "SONNET ME"

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Beauty of nature

The colours are numerous, a fusion
mixed like an artists palette ready to paint a masterpiece
each enhances the others as in an embrace
a busy gnome is seen climbing out of the plant pots
trowel in hand, where the colourful impatiens tumble about
The pink and whites of the fuchsias, looking like tinkling bells
alongside the creams and pinks of roses as a bridal bouquet,
make the dahlia, showing burnt orange and peach,look like a glorious dessert,
blending in harmony, with a flowering weeping cherry tree in Tad's memory
sending all my senses into overdrive, lastly my ears to be enchanted by 
tinkling sound of the fountains
upliftingly setting the whole thing to music, 
as birds sing their thank you's
for this well stocked bird table

Penned 06/07/2014

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Apples and Oranges

Apples and oranges growing on tree
in a world where all people are equal
yet many of us will still disagree
Waiting for the next terrible sequel

Where force is used instead of any speech
Even our churches are becoming bare
They search for serenity at the beach
Children telling their folks this isn’t fair

We’re much more than apples and oranges
We all have a heart and a soul for life
Forget about those apples and oranges
since those fruits can’t have a husband or wife
The human race is the only race here
when we come together we’ll face our fear

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Unbearable Beauty

Within nature there are some great aspects Like going on walks that take you on treks Many picnics are wanted in nature Romantic getaways are the future There is some kissing in the rose garden The beauty exists never to harden A harsh human nature is the break-up There are lonely strolls that make a shake-up A single status erupts from your soul Now eating out alone is your new role It’s a time when no more stars do twinkle Unbearable sadness makes a wrinkle Seeing nature has facets where you see This nature is unbearable beauty
Russell Sivey Contest: Unbearable Beauty Sponsor: frank herrera 5/18/2013

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Winters Blanket

Within ashen sky, glistening falling flakes flow.
I hear them, whispering gently to and fro,
Not saying a word, they speak gently to me.
Telling me of beauty above, I’ll never see.
Each one a different wonder of life’s bliss,
Rendering, touching crystal clarity, not to miss,
Surrendering glory of nature, with snow,

Before my eyes, smothering green, glittering so
Lazily lying upon all, silvery frosty covers adrift,
Announcing another season, arriving now swift.
Now the sound of crunching, an allegory,
Kidnaping moment, amidst such glory,
Each day continuing, upon nightfall glisten,
True sensations, winters blanket disposition.

written by Cecil Hickman

date written 11-19-12

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The universe is MAYA-illusion-w

A bird in hand is worth two in the woods
Teaches us to take care not to be greedy
In the air, quite very easy to build castles
The water and the image are not a reality.

The image of sky and pool, even the wood
This material world is, philosophically, illusion.
We know the way to create imaginary world
We humans can not dispense with illusion.

Now slowly taking the hands apart or aside
The water, the image will disappear soon
It was just an illusion in one’s mind created
We live immersed in dreams and illusion.

“We are stuff as dreams are made on and
Our little life is, with a sleep, surrounded”*


 *A quote from William Shakespeare

* Maya means illusion in Indian languages.

First Placement
For the contest : The power in your hands by Carolyn Devonshire

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Twin Key

June 24th 2010

Twin Key

Hey, help me out here would you please?
Can you show me where all my whys go?
While you are at it search my I told you so.
More so, that alter ego I want you to seize.

Listen here and listen up, it has twin keys.
I tell you something else, do not tell it no.
It gets bigger and bigger a dynasty I know.
Blow a kiss for me send it my best breeze.

Roll out my red carpet,
Spit-shine your shoes,
Sit it down just park it!
Say I depart my blues!

Look out here there is two just like me,
God blessed you! I have my Twin Key.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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one-legged-bird stands stressless  
heron shows no restlessness 
one momentum of movement
unheralded inducement 

nature's  fair plan will reveal 
my goldfish goal of his steal
with a fish he will abscond 
leaves frostbitten edge of pond

the moment is  history
shocking feelings felt lively 
my goldfish – our ponds first fish 
ending life on heron's dish 

no moments to wave goodbye
goldfish airborne sky high 

©Ellie Daphne

Note - I have re-written the earlier version into this sonnet.

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True to life

Get-go scrupulous attention, 
live to cornucopia,
Coherence in familial bonds 
must ever stay,
Romantic evening is 
reminiscent of happier times,
Are the ones standing by you 
on your final day!

Guileless life, a battlefield of 
every Titan,
For evolution of the race, you 
ought to play,
Contentious hard work makes 
it iridescent,
Hypothecate moulding for 
betterment as if in clay!

Sun gifted you its brightest 
Fragrance added through each 
breathful air,
Brew your friends well for a 
perfect wine,
Appreciate nature add up to a 
day's debonair!!

Life is fugacious yet addicting, 
its secrets camouflage,
Adopt blithesome attitude, 
risible for a hearty laugh !!

Written by - Dr Upma Sharma
Contest name- Take two
Sponsor- Nette onclaud
On 03/4/14

Previously entered into 
Shakespearian Sonnet competition 
sponsored by Karen Puff,
Written actually on 26/1/14

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All About the Spider

One thing that spiders always love to do Spin their webs of mastery just for you Beauty of their fine, silvery web strings Holding each drop of water in its rings The center holds the granddaddy of all Creator of this masterpiece installed He sits just waiting for the naive bug Then he kills it with his engrossing drug The spider can build this web in one night Some webs are quite the incredible sight Web makes it through many types of weather Even powerful storms could not bother Spider spins all of its webbing just right Web and spider work together with might
Russell Sivey Contest: Along Came a Spider...... Sponsor: Suzanne Delaney 6/2/2013

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Spring Hopes, Eternal

The January snow has thawed and gone at last
And in its wake a single snowdrop stands :
It grew unseen beneath a shining shroud
Which melted to reveal the hope of Spring,
While daffodils all spear towards the sky.
Already rooks have built their lofty nest
And robins, seen in pairs, fight over scraps.
The brightly coloured pheasant, struts on by,
His tail, a rapier, scything through the grass.
Against the light a dancing cloud of gnats
Hangs lightly in the clear fresh morning air,
Where hazel catkins, swinging from the trees,
Puff clouds of yellow pollen to the winds.
Eternal joy, to mark the signs of Spring !

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Sunrise Sonnet

I stand upon our Makakilo hill
And gaze toward the valley calm and still.
The brilliant sun will soon be rising high
Morphing rays of gold in the twilight sky.

The clouds are rimmed in light as Sol ascends.
Another day in paradise begins—
As birds begin their chorus in the trees
Our flag waves softly in Hawaiian breeze.

A floral scent embraces humid air
Of heaven's divine fragrance sweet and fair.
I love to rise before the dawn each day
Enriched by nature's wonders as I pray.

I see the good in all mankind and know
That peace will come to nations as we grow.

(non-traditional Sonnet)

Happy Easter to Everyone!

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Bless it be Thee!

May 27, 2010

Bless it be Thee!

Bless it be Thee!
Truly, I love you.
My whole my new.
My heart your key!

Loose lips and free.
Realistically, I knew!
You are far and few.
I can justly let it be.

You know, it is Gemini’s Full Moon tonight,
The Universe is waking up figuring us all out.
Point me out as a random beam of Moonlight,
I am engulfing and enriching charts in route.

Swiftly suited, I stand in my place!
Bless it be it to Thee! A closed case!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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If I only had one day to live on earth's fragile dimension
I would pass by all fears that kept me standing like rock,
Dismissing stodgy impulses to win in a concrete contention
For my instincts to release, as new Gates arise and unlock.
Oh!The unfair world would carry on it's endless course 
And Time's vanity would sell promises still to human mind,
Yet, I would weep not for my Fate's erring horse,
Even if my ticket was expired, a Golden path would be defined.
Maybe I would send letters of love to lovers I craved all those years,
Or I would spend last moments with faces familiar and close,
Or even maybe I would find the one to die with me and plan our steers,
The beauty of this land I walked to leave and expiate near windy blows.
My soul ready for return would seek redemption upon the starry sky,
Reaching my Home I will wave to earth's wisdom, hearing it's long ''bye-bye''.

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Into the Sunlight

The black water rolls upon the dark sand
As the gold of twilight unveils its string
The soft reds and light grays start to command
And rise slowly, as the day tries to cling
The black of the sea is touched by the sun
To sink beneath where the sea and sky meet
And thin gray clouds stretch, as though thread fine spun
Weaving a tapestry for eyes to greet
To lay in the silent vastness and space
And capture beauty, to hold in the mind
To linger still, in memories embrace
A picture painted to always remind

How soft the vision, when colors convene
When Nature allows,when painting a scene


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Path Never Taken

The path never taken lies before me Of briar and leaves disheveled I see Stuck am I where I should venture and go Down the easy way or intriguing flow Decide to try my luck and go beyond Hope to find enlightenment as its bond As I walk I am struck with thorns and sticks I bleed with my life’s blood from the thickets I find a waterfall with sparkling drops Birds fly undisturbed and frogs surely hops The trees know the time of the year, they change To allow them to bring a color range The path never taken before leads me To places I’ve always wanted to see
Russell Sivey

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The Last Vessel

There is a brush of wind sweeping roughshod over the shore
Festering foamy white caps on the crest of the waves
Disembodied voices I think I've heard before
Are rising from the mist of the liquid haze

White-feathered angel wings spreading wide and low
Swoop down below the angry crimson wide
Welcoming  home the trollers, row by weary row
As the beacon skims the waters, and the coming of the tide

The sun is clinging helplessly, on the edges of the earth
As one last vessel, trudges in, looking  worn and spent
Lagging far behind, and longing home and hearth
Yet with sense of work well done, after long day's sweat, 

It burrows in, at end of day, from all those travels, far
The one last vessel, weary worn, cuts a furrow in the stars

For Francine's Contest :"On The Ocean Waves"

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Moon Rose

A moonbeam there, beyond my sash alights upon the rose. It shows in angled, shadowed light the bloom in sweet repose. Red, now black as the deepest night, sleeps ethereal this night. Amid stark thorns, this velvet womb, lends mystique to the sight. The midnight air does draw a breath, to sip a sweet perfume. A cloud slides cross a moons pale face, lends stars to bless the bloom.

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Bright World: A Bird's-Eye View

A swallow with black iridescent wings am I! My wings in sunlight shimmer blue. I snuggle in my nest while mother sings and wakes the world.; it’s all so bright and new. I peek out from my nest. Below I see a host of roses - yellow, red and pink. They beam with beauty as they call to me, “Come out and see the sun about to sink behind bronzed mountains’ snow-white peaks. Its hue will be rose-violet! Soar from your nest above green lawns to white-foam clouds and view from azure skies. . . Earth’s colors at their best!” Farewell to merely peeking at this world. I’m flying with my shiny wings unfurled! (please read about the little birds above my garage that inspired me to incorporate one of them into the theme of Tracie's contest by clicking on "About Poem" at top left of the poem.) For Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver's . . .Paint the World poetry contest

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I found a moth cocoon of silken thread
--A substance indestructable they say--
Almost unseen–his earthbrown, narrow bed
Where, patiently, the silent captive lay.
I thought to put him in a jar, to own,
To watch, to cherish his emerging form, 
But No! The case was broken, he had flown!
His empty, useless house no longer warm,
He flew in joy beneath the spring-blue sky,
Caressing gardens with his sun-bright wings.
He seemed to relish living--sailing high
And in the April breezes fluttering.
I crushed his empty shell between my hands 
And hoped he safely flew to other lands.

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The Storm

The darkening sky embraces the air
Rain brings warning of coming fury
Taking that which was beautiful and fair
Fingers tapping to check the mercury
Silence is broken by crashing thunder
People scurrying to run for cover
As nature awakens from its slumber 
Ripped from the arms of its peaceful lover
Rolling and crashing with bolts striking through
The dark heavens roar at the sinful earth
As rain beats out its furious tattoo
The world washed clean waiting for its rebirth
Quietly rumbling the storm moves away
Lessons learnt, beginning a brand new day

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This One Afternoon in June

How peaceful this one afternoon in June. The people in their homes seem tucked away. With everything about me, I’m in tune while from my big back yard I now survey the color of Crayola sky in blue, a backdrop for the trees Crayola green. As clouds sit still, a white tail passes through some cauliflower clouds, and now unseen, it trails a jet to lands that yonder lie. A tiny butterfly alights on ground, and on my fence a single dragonfly has residence, content to be around. Both sun and wind are mellow, and a bug orange and black now gives my skin a hug. For Joann Grisetti's Memories of June Contest

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What a wonderful power you have got, Summer!
Religious ceremonies and marriages are over
Schools and universities’ vacations are over
O’ Summer I like you though you make us to suffer.

August and September are memories of the dear
But the days are still warm and stern, still to clear
Brides married in May and June return with cheers
To their future homes-to-be, to be endeared.

Summer’s last messages in August about to disappear
Silly September days, by all its signs are here.
Before we are given away to winter as brides with tears
Enjoy summer’s happy memories, autumn’s best cheers.

Above in the clear sky the stars twinkle at each other
Below on terraces, newly married sleep and whisper.

A repost: June 14, 2014
Form : Contemporary Sonnet
Contest: One Word Title by Skat-A

September First, 2013
Dr. Ram Mehta

May and June are the hottest months in India and rainfall varies from area to area.
But still most of marriages take place during these months. Then the bride stays for some days with her in-laws and then comes back to her parents. On the 2nd day of Aushadh, i.e. nearly August, the bride returns to her home-to-be.

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Revival Time

Enrapture me, sweet radiance of beams. As April takes her leave, I now implore you. Fall upon me amber as in dreams you came to me when cold was at my door. Anoint me, oh sun, with rays of gold. With spring’s arrival I’ve been made as clean as drifts of peaceful clouds that heavens hold; rinsed hopeful as the earth arrayed in green. I walk midst meadow flowers, face upturned as warmth like honey pours onto my skin. The mirthless months are gone! My spirit yearned for a rebirth, so now I take you in. My only sin- neath winter’s pall I pined with flagging faith for sacrament of sunshine.

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Blackberry Winter

Reluctant tranquility fills the air
Dismissing expectations with her smile
With frozen wishes melting everywhere
She paints the earth in her artistic style

Dreams, dripping slowly from shivering trees
Transparent presents, covering the ground
Leftover kisses now lost to the breeze
Green taking over where white was once found

But tranquility's brush runs out of paint
As her masterpiece starts fading away
Blackberry winter will cause her to faint
While leaving her empty, filled with dismay

Tranquility's brush was made to admire
She'll paint again when blooms kiss the brier

Note:In South & Midland North America, 
Blackberry Winter 
is referred to as a period of cold weather as low as -6 °C (20 °F) 
in late spring when the blackberries are in bloom. 
This is generally in the month of May and is known to 
last approximately up to 14 days.

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From vivid skies the rain pours down with force
The wind and water follow their own course
Others are seeking shelter from the storm
Yet in this volitility I'm born

With primal scream, I ascend to the sky
My wings are fully drenched and still I fly
Amongst the lightning bolts I choose to play
Those who see, are fearful and run away

They think that I am of another race
Madness and fascination on my face
Electricity courses through these veins
What the storm releases, I count as gains

Chasing storms, wishing to escape this dome
If I'm lucky, one day they'll lead me home

For Shadow's "Storms" Contest.
I was inspired to write a sonnet after reading Eileen's Sonnet. 
Written June 29th 2014

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Autumn figure

Oh, you're brilliant, you deciduous darling 
I'm falling for your colorful ways
leaving me tumbling and a'swirling
Autumn, I'm in love with you today

Take me down your sentimental paths
rustling my memories hued into now
and leave them there smelling past
the years I still remember somehow

Rising scents burning smoky flaring
youth revisits my ancient memories
t'was good to recall that time sharing
days running toward life's vagaries

Not knowing our coming appreciation
making it blazing to Autumn's elation

© Goode Guy 2012-11-14

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Picture Perfect

"Stricken in heart over what might have been"
Anxiety settles as stillness falls
Quiet before the dusk slowly decends
Gratitude for a picture perfect pause

The doe's beauty within my line of sight
Birds chirp in the deep forest unaware
No danger from anyone; no need for flight
Deep within the underbrush noises scare_

Tiny twin fawns disturb silence with bleats
Waddlle over to mom for nourishment
All settles to quiet as fawns milk eat
Camera shutter never snapped event

Picture perfect scene set ready to snap
Gunfire rings out, camera drops, death entraps  

First line a quote from Mark's sonnet..

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Dirty Art

I’m ready for a little artwork, baby, so could you grab for me a shovel and a pail? Let’s head down to the seashore. Maybe you’ll lay your body for me on the sand? I need some sand with grains of silt and clay - a little dirty - just like “sexy you!” Such grains (when mixed with water) lock and stay! With sand like that, there’s so much I can do. I’ll blend it with some water from the sea to make a castle. YOU will be the base, I’ll thickly spread that mixture wantonly along your body – stopping at your face. . . No crashing waves will sweep away my art. My castle will have barely got a start. posted by Andrea Dietrich, 5/7/2012 Now For PD's Second Chance Contest

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A Water Sonnet

Rivers roll, across the lands
and their song is heard, by many ears.
While oceans roll, upon the sands 
and cry their crystal tears.

The tides will help to cleanse the earth; 
sand-showers; they are free.
Though ocean-lands, may have a wide girth;
the tides will find it, yes siree!

Water is the source of life; 
a precious, roaming gift.
A lack of water, produces strife
and sands, they cannot shift.

So pray, the rain, will always come.
To water’s music; life must hum.

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She stalks the garden looking for a feast Once she gets one, she can bite or incite Gaze into her playful eye for instance Quickly am caught in her magical trance. As the sun sets, she comes out of her den Cycle of life goes on from dusk to dawn Espoused to live by the light of moonshine With nocturnal visits of joy consigned She’s the lower cavum nester’s delight And don’t excavate her own nesting site Managing for food and warmth for winter Taking vantage of other’s living quarters. Known over the world, a flying squirrel As dawn breaks she plays in dim auroral.
============================= Dr. Ram Mehta Fifth Place Win Contest: Impress Me (Sonnet)by Giorgio V.

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Touched by an angel

My life, it has ambled treacherously for some time now, To the cheerless and ecstatic, diurnal and nocturnal rhythms somehow. Furtively it quests for joys life seldom offers, With the touch of its lips and the rock of hips, from luck and fortune’s brimming coffers. From caged intangible impregnable expanse, into my hazy apparitions, an angel, she descends, To be tended softly first and then into me she blends. An angel they say she is to all mankind, Peace of mind and all the joys festoon themselves combined to whoever she be confined. Last Sunday’s dawn, when seeking solitude in a musing trance, Meditating on my heart chakra, without thoughts in my mind swaying in a the ceremonial dance, I felt the caress of her aura and poise, Mien & demeanor of her simplicity swept across me without any noise My yearning heart suckles on her auric light and feverous emotions that are diffuse, Kindness her moniker, and from now on from within me she will repeatedly unleash and break loose.
21/3/2012, by: Sashi. Prabhu (zeauoxian)

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Nocturnal daydream

last stroll of the day with my dogs
clear white moonlight brightens my clogs
nocturnal sun finds a place of rest
my dog wearing a moonlight-vest

four-legged moon carrier stands 
frozen without spoken commands
unchained in a twinkle of an eye
by the sound of wings passing by 

spanning souls for the nearby moon
tonight's noisy silences croon 
clearly lit with silver, black and white
moon light's serenade is so bright

intense reflections of moonlight's fall
shortest movies on memories wall 


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I Frame

I Frame 

As sure as I stand in the mixed of this garden, 
Glimmering gold falls to the earth by my call. 
Many are great and then some are a bit small. 
I release magnets clutching an obscene pardon. 

It is like balancing a beam that only I will harden. 
I wrap myself into a silver plated resilient shawl. 
Person place and time steadily climb up to maul. 
It’s a give or take rejection expected to turn on. 

One day ye shall see, 
My Moon half drawn, 
Ye see it was all of me. 
Your Sun will be gone. 

Only one Star shall rise up above my name. 
It’s a special place inside my heart I frame! 

®Registered: Ann Rich 2007 

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O' how my spirit longs for thee


These subtle days in solitude pass
as each season greets a new dream
with wind bending through meandering grass
an impulse charge of life redeem 

With arms raised upward to healing light
in each breath I feel as one
a gift of completion sings eternal flight
with scattered stones, rich soil and pulsing sun

I once again return to the spirit within
made of fragmented pieces of endless breath 
where flesh is left behind and spirit love mend
a flight soaring freedom without pain nor death

In awe I rest beneath the weeping willow tree
O' how my spirit longs for thee...

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Last night I dreamt

Last night I dreamt
Of mountain trees that ail
The needle rusted red
For beetle bark has ate

For global warming so
Causing the trees to dry
Rising in altitude though
There’s little room beyond

So pine beetles devour 
Create their home in trees
While slicing lives for hour 
Thus only stumps appear

Foreshadow mountain after years
All trees are gone and hill side bare

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Dream again in this timeless land
Of beauty, nature created
By wind and rain and scouring sand
Eroding the sandstone plateau
To orange and black striated 
Bee-hive domes, enduringly slow

Nature’s eternal beauty unveiled 
Soar high above with eagle’s eyes
To comprehend and be regaled
By this majestic mystery
Where no man’s foot print ever lies
And time rebounds in history

Dream again in this timeless land 
Nature’s eternal beauty unveiled

Purnululu is the Indigenous name for the Bungle Bungle area in the East Kimberly in Australia.
It is a world heritage listed area of unique Silica and sandstone Bee-hive domes.

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Tomorrow came Naked

Morning rises in silence,  without strain
Brings hope to a heavy laden tired mind
A fresh light to spread across life's domain
To unveil treasure this new day will find
Tomorrow came naked,  without disguise
Revealing beauty and a sense of awe
To linger and wonder with open eyes
Watching the gray of night slowly withdraw
In the quiet of this space peace is found
As it fills lungs with a deeper breath,  still
To feel the burdens yet carried unbound
Unhinge stress as the eyes begin to fill 

To search the naked dawn for reasoned peace
Surrounded by calming light worries cease

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Gulf Oil Spill

Our ecosystem and wildlife can no longer be ignored
The devastation caused by the Gulf oil spill must vastly be restored

As anger and frustration surges across the Coast
The depletion of our environment, indeed we fear the most

Several past months, many lives have been erased
In the midst of these disasters, we can only look to faith

Now let us pay a visit to some underlying factors
Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other natural disasters

It was not in their intention for a high tech failed invention
Yell still they don't take into account the consequences of their actions

Efforts to contain this oil spill is more doltish than we have known
What more massive debacles can this single Earth condone?

Many local residents are now suffering from depressions
So think about what lies ahead, our future generations


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Weep not, poor winter, season most hated; 
Season of death and despair, so despised. 
Borne as a burden, brashly berated, 
Annual martyr, yet ne'er canonized. 

Man is made stronger through struggle and strife, 
Sculpted by scars and then polished with pain. 
Our woes are like water, needed for life; 
Barren and dry is a world without rain. 

So worry not, winter, stifle your cries, 
Raise a great blizzard to temper my soul. 
And though I may curse this yearly demise, 
Know that you failed not to finish your goal. 

With fabulous fervor the fine flakes fall, 
As winter's cold confetti covers all.

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Wind of Discontent

There's a westerly wind that sweeps down the shore
Riding roughshod, through the furrowed maze
Plowing the seas with a lofty oar
To justify each thrashing wave

Unwilling to pulse with calmer mood
Her temperament bodes malcontent
Unrelentingly, earnest, she herds her brood
And prods them along with grave torment

Rendering helpless, behind the spray
The sun watches with solemn round
While quivering waters define dismay
She holds long the seasonal sound

From the sphere of the dawn, into bold afternoon
She is schooled by the whims of the moon

9/15/13  For Poetess Darkly's Contest: "Sonnets of the Wind"

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Great barnacled leviathan of the deep
  Do on shifting pelagic currents forge:
From the shadows rolling giant lids peep
  In chase of fish, of squid, of krill to gorge.
Beneath the waves in echolocation
  Breaching bulls and cows dive the feeding pod,
And from the depths of ocean migration
  Lie in wait the harpooner's deadly prod!
Now age-old haunts and breeding grounds die out,
  But not the chilling whalesong far reaching:
Only cavernous mouths unmade to shout
  Trapped by time and tide on remote beaching.
Cease the killing hunt and let us atone
The ancient catch of oil, meat, and whalebone.

July 1992

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I walk out in the morning for my health,
And learn a thing or two along the way.
Such knowledge brings abundance to my wealth,
And somehow sounds like wisdom when I say.
Waters of the river carry stories.
Just listen, you can hear the words unfold.
Sometimes it can wash away your worries,
And help you to get through your day. Behold!
A gentle breeze can whisper to your heart;
Like angels serenade a searching soul.
There's so much nature's beauty can impart;
If soaking in it's beauty is your goal. 
     Get out there friend and see God's art today.
     And get some exercise along the way.

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Mournining Earth

Pardon me bleeding piece of earth
I see your excruciating pains
Like a pregnant woman in labour date
Loosing her beauty along with stains

Creatures atimes welcome evil as fair
Slowly quelling nature in nature rage
Visiting souls in journey not fare
Mother earth our boat through age

O' remember us in your days 
For you are still our home
Good or evil you richly repays
So lets find her freedom

Come, come the earth is crying
Lets find a way to stop her dying

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Why are cold stars red and hot stars blue

Why are cold stars red and hot stars blue?
I asked Sherry, ma chéri, whilst stargazing
yesternight she and I, only us, hands holding;
Why are hot stars blue and cold stars red?
I asked her anew 'cause I thought she knew;
Her mouth motionless–her eyne tears shed.
Why are blue stars hot and red stars cold?
She kept on weeping, still voicing no reply;
Barefoot, as usual–her feet gladly I behold.
Why are red stars cold and blue stars hot?
No answer but an osculation was all I got.
Lying on the grass yesternight, she and I,
Rainwater started pouring over the lass
And me, yesternight, lying on the grass.

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Gods of Winds

I'll hear the birds crying as Auster weeps
And see dead leaves bend, while carried about
Dove's wings flutter, as the Autumn sleeps
and skies turn grey when Boreas comes out
He touches all when he finally shows
To bring the coldness the sun never owns
And shows no mercy as his power grows
Covering landscapes that crackles and moans
To be caught by Boreas chilly veil
and face its shear strength so frightful and cold
To watch the sun move with its Winter sail
and seek Auster's breath as seasons unfold

I'll feel the time pass until Auster comes
And count the days till' Boreas succumbs

Boreas...North Wind
Auster....South Wind

contest Gods of Winds

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Light Reflections

In front of a window is a grand sight Reflected off the wet ground is some light Distorted are the beams of perfect want They bring the heart a tug within this jaunt The feel of the light breaking on the ground Showers complete without another sound Shops are open during this cloudy day An aura pleases those gone by today Seeing the reflections cast from water Shoots big amounts of glee like no other There’s some joy outside the street at this time Like when a bell rings spreading out its chime This day is filled with happiness and joy Light reflects from the ground, all to enjoy
Russell Sivey

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Night garden

Out of the darkness all that light outside
seems so much brighter and somehow ablaze
as the sun settles down, the colour white
changes to orange, then again displays
a pale green yellow, till a spell of dark
engulfs the garden in a twilit gloom,
before it turns to grey with a last spark
of dying sun ray, only to resume
a new state of existence everywhere. 
All birdsong stops. Dusk paints the grasses grey.
Some dark-winged moths dance in the breathless air,
a spider web hangs empty of its prey.
Night has now fallen and a moon afloat
is crossing ponds, a silent quivering boat.

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Winter Park Sunset

In evening breeze the leaves are gently stirred
and one can hear them, if one listens long,
arustling out a tune that may be heard
of waking dreams about to join the song.

There's dying in the light of firey red
gray fingers clutch and pull the sun away
and silent grow the trees, as mass is said
amourning what will turn to yesterday.

The emptiness so vibrant--it's the sign
for night winds coming from an evening glow
they're loosed from catacombs across the line
that seperates life from all we don't know.

   Then sleep is peaceful to the summer wind
    like blessing from the fingers of a friend.
© ron wilson aka veebdosa the doylestown poet

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Owls, Silent Magic In Flight

Owls, Silent Magic In Flight

Owls in flight glide so deadly silent
 prey dies so quickly and violent
Claws just as sharp as a razor knife
 nightime is the owl's hooting life!

Resting in tall trees in the hollow
 the night's moon they have to follow
No shrieks as they swoop down on prey
 owl's eating demands business not play!

A beauty shines with feathers and eyes
 smooth flight in dark forested skies
Owls are held to be old and very wise
 to love and admire if one simply tries!

A treasure to love and attempt to protect
Tragic if we fail due to ignorance and neglect!


Night Owl - Poetry Contest
Sponsor -Kelly Deschler

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Mister Nibbles Ameri-Sonnet

<                      amidst grass carpet he plays
                        long ears bushy tail white paws
                        nibbles bulbs munches away
                        poor little thing had some flaws

                         hides hair braided and despaired
                         didn't stop this little guy
                         thought to self this wasn't fair
                         bowed head and started to cry

                         nectar is what he had sought
                         on this hopeful days journey
                         not to be trapped or be caught
                         or carted off on gurney

                         Mister Nibbles came to play
                         In garden's bedding today

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The latent pace of winter-tide drifts on,

hibernal winds exhale a frosty dawn,

the gentle warmth of summer’s long-since gone, 

now ‘midst the jagged ice the sun lies torn.


Of broken heart she bleeds, to frigid pools,

a weary spectral light for life to take;

ethereal displays of winter jew’ls

reflect her soul on tears of downy flake.


Emotion spent she falls to deep repose,

where afternoon dies young, bereft of light, 

‘cept for a moonlight serenade that flows

across the down that softly quilts the night.


Encased within her dreams of grief and pain,

a frozen world of beauty breathes in vain.

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Night Bird

Moonlight filters through the tree limbs
Leaving silhouettes of night phenomena
Just above the curb of the road there hymns
The guffawing of a nocturnal feathered fauna

Wearing a mask of colorful plumage
With eyes so round and bright they glimmer
Showing the readiness of true courage
The shadow bird is definitely not a bawler

As only a sideways glimpse coincides
I see the beautiful owl take to flight
Avoiding my gaze as it quietly glides
Hooting at a distant friend of the night

Will this beautiful bird be back again?
Or will only the night see it then?

Written on July 29th, 2014
For: Night Owl - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Kelly Deschler

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Two voices

Two voices

As golden daises there, I see
The morning sun so lazily
Shines down upon some sleepy trees
As they dance upon the breeze

Joni Mitchell on the set
She sings a song I can’t forget
Both sides now I hear her sing
Such joy the morning she does bring

Willy Wagtail sings along
With Joni, as two voices strong
Do reach into the heart of me
Enhancing morning mystery

I sit here, greet the morning in
As the new day does begin.

15 August 2014 @ 0913hrs.

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The wonder of life

The wonder of life.

Life to me is oh, so wonderful
Though once I never saw this fact at all
Drinking, smoking hooch that’s all I knew
Oh, so glad I am, those days are through

I live right now my life so filled with joy
This kind of happiness naught could destroy
Each breath I take is special now, these days
Life has filled me with a wondrous haze

I watch the trees they dance outside my window
In the mornings how my life gives me a glow
As God she touches me with all her power
And deep within my soul there blooms a flower

Just life it be the only thing I need
My world is free from power, lust, and greed.

! July 2014 @1335hrs.

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Lilac Colored Butterflies

Flying from the deep blue sky up above Lilac colored butterflies come evolve Encircling me and my delighted trees There's no greater beauty than what you see All have brightened at the sight of nature I don’t think that there’s a better answer Trees alight to the wonderment therein Delightful presence as breeze on the skin The cloudless sky keeps firm its blue color And the grass holds its ground, we all want more The birds take flight into the bright cool air Shadows of them skirt the floor everywhere Nature, a wondrous sight each time you see You just have to get out to find it’s free
Russell Sivey

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The biting cold of  early March's  freeze
fell from the Arctic northlands down the main,
and froze to death the larks beneath the trees
then silently it crept the Kansas plain.

It slowed the pace of life to just a walk
for busy Texans on the Rio Grande
and failing citrus was the stuff of talk
until the blowing snow was close at hand;

they slipt and slid on farmways coated twice
unwilling to admit they didn't know
how one should drive a Lexus on this ice
or where-from blizzards come and where they go.

      The rattle snake is burrowed safe and deep
        the only place that's warm enough for sleep.
© ron wilson aka veebdosathe Doylestown Poet

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My Super Sonnet

April 28, 2010

My Super Sonnet

Multiple overwhelming thoughts trample upon me in a wild way.
Stunned as well as in awe I am compelled to rise upon my own.
So then I thought no possible way, I will have to be overthrown.
Yes, I definitely have to be thrillistically creative every single day.
Now I am living it and now I know excellence so longer I stay.
Yeah, I do have it going on and got it all nailed to a white stone.
You see, now it is on! I’m sizzling hot up on my game full-blown.
Yes, yes, yes, we are on some kind of fire would you like to play?

I am going to think about you on this full moon.
Maybe you have dug yourself into a cozy grave.
Maybe you like the way I situate myself so soon.
Maybe its resistible greed or I’m just that brave!
Look! I’m feeling you out bringing you my super sonnet, a tat for tit.
Indeed! I’m your full spread of Par-Kay or Blue Bonnet, I’m up on it!

® Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Down the Glen I Look by, Olive Eloisa Guillermo and James Fraser

From my window, down the Glen I look Amidst forested slopes, a stretch of water lies Seeing it once can leave the viewer hooked I now know why it's hard to bid goodbye Wandering far, limpid blue loch says hello It's sublime beauty seizes my leisure walk Alongside whisky coloured grass that grows Teeming trees, as the scene greets me in flock Candy fluffy clouds, glide above her waters blue Caressing cliffs, shading all for free Bluebells scents satiates my sense so true It's crystalline fluid beckons me to spree Whether one is local, or a holiday tourist The loch freezes the eye so one can't resist . Written by, Olive Eloisa Giullermo & James Fraser

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Our Love is Nature

Let me run with the wind,
And fly high with the grass.
Only to have you by my side.
I'll be floating forever on treetops if you must ask.

The never ending rainbow in the bright, bright sky;
Shines on end,
In the forever growing soul of the butterfly.
The rain will always perish the wet grasslands.

The adventures the wild horses take, 
And the strength of a little birds' heart.
Ripples through the water like that of the fish make.
Stretches far past the wind as the dogs bark.

If trees could grow for an eternaty,
My one and only best friend; our love for each other would be extraordinary.

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Give Me Nature

Once I saw a pretty bird
Singing sweetly songs I heard
Pleasant-looking in a tree
My heart it filled with so much glee.
All around fine flowers grew
Bright beneath the sky so blue
There was beauty in the eye
I didn’t wish to say goodbye.
The sun in gold was going home
Grand like Caesar in old Rome
Whilst around they all played
Perky children God had made.
Far from nature it’s quite sad
Give me nature— and I’m glad.

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Sonnet from the Porch on Geese

Sonnet From the Porch.. on Geese

Why linger still upon an ice bound pond
lone feathered symbol huddled warm and dry
dine upon the fresh sweet sprouting frond
unable to assault the fleeing sky.

Bloodline circle beckons join the draft
can nature’s simple truth become undone
weary wings abandon ageless craft
passing on the future to the young.

I cannot travel with them all their days
nor burden gaggle with slow flapping wings
while longing for the feel of old sun rays
watch as they depart for future springs

Thus rendered faster in their flight
seeking out their day and I my night.

John G. Lawless

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Night time

Night is the time
That crawls in like 
It is full of activities
That we celebrate 
with festivities.

Night it is that 
All evils in the mind 
of  all that labours
Killings and kidnaps 
that are watertight
Are done secretly by 
men in the night.
Meetings and 
Machinations of any 
Are done in the night 
to the heart's 

Thence, I call on the 
sleepy friend
Stay awake for a 
part of the night
Even if the most 
bleary fiend
Disturbeth thee. And 
say a prayer not 
loose but tight!!!

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Nature's Eyes

As white smoke rises on black water glass
And skies lay still on horizon's line
I'll sit here in peace, watch the morning pass
To seek reasoned questions for man's design
This scene cares not for any tomorrow
Nor feels conflict if a storm seeks a reply
Tranquility brings death without sorrow
Only man has the potential to cry
Does nature understand its own beauty?
And are we nothing more than nature's eyes?
Born to fulfill this singular duty
Another creature waiting for demise

The skies have changed on horizon's line
While I found no answers for man's design

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A Peculiar Sight

It was, perhaps, the perfect place to watch
the storm roll into the eastern boundaries.
Too far inland to be submerged, the swatch
of land was close enough for the fierce breeze.
Come night, the sky had already darkened
to black, hours before, and bright flashes
illuminated the landscape. Pretend
Lightening, there was no sound of crashes.
Cracks of limbs were muted by sheer whistles,
feral screams that echoed between buildings.
Inside, some TVs scrolled school dismissals
as more reflected candlelight bearings.
I observed the hurricane in delight;
honored to witness a peculiar sight.

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Sun,Sky and Smile

The dawn slowly raises his laden lids
To let the new sun send her golden beams
The tiny creatures rub their dormant eyes
And life is fresh ,a new rebirth it seems

A poem written on the face of mead
And a tune played in the concert of spring
A canvas painted with the hand of God
The God's harmony made with touch and sing

The virgin green where the joyful plays run
Shaded beneath the deep blue of the sky
When the sun smiles nothing aquals the fun
The air is clear.the cheers go up and high

How i need to stay a while in the sun !
And get warmth away from the common run

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Every Day

The pigeon-shaded sidewalk glistened wet
After swimming all night under rain
That poured from charcoal-coloured clouds and met
With feathers ruffling in disdain.

It was still dark as thunder in the sky,
As if the sun decided to sleep in -
Preferring to be silent in his rise,
To let those giants in gray play violin.

Electric bolts danced briefly in the distance. 
The warning bell that followed rumbled low,
Complaining of his dreary coexistence 
Between that fire and the rain that fell below.

Until at last the sun came out to play,
Instilling hope that maybe, this time, she would stay.  

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This hour is oh, so beautiful
I sit, and I devour it all
As silence fills my heart and soul
This sunset makes me feel so whole.

I watch the sun approach the ocean
Absorbed I am in deep devotion
As I see it melt into the sea
And oh, the joy, the mystery!

The sky fills up with orange hue
It’s lost its color, azure blue
And as the sun drowns in the sea
This beauty, how it touches me

The orange hue grows deep, then dies
Bringing darkness to the skies
As birds sing out there goodnight song
To tell the silence ‘Day is gone’

I sit and ponder on this show
Then leave it all, and home I go.

29 June 2014 @ 1337hrs.


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Clouds of Ash

Ash is displayed in massive cloudy form Looking like what’s coming is a large storm Black clouds of ash bursts upwards to the sky Clouds all shine from the sun, casting red dye Crash, the volcano erupts to begin Sending ash into the heavens again Cloudiness form with black on the bottom Red exploding on the top of the gloom Swirling around, the thick clouds move downwind It’s blocking sight, not knowing what it sends Coming along explosions erupting Destroying the sky and what’s enchanting One moment to the next, fear is sky high As ash billows expulsing a grand sigh
Russell Sivey Contest: any poem under 15 lines Sponsor: SKAT - OZ 7/14/2013

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Wandering a Mountain

Up in a mountain top, up very high Where the rocks give up with a gentle sigh Moss grows on their surface where the stream flows The ground’s steep and you’re higher than you know The trees are spread out and look very white But the ones near the bottom carry height Air breathes thin and is often hard to find But it’s so pure you really don’t mind The stream is quite cold, like the mountain top Whole mountain is old, beauty is non-stop The place sings a song, a rhyming collage It supplies rare flowers for a corsage I wander along looking for some peace The mountain provides hope with sweet release
Russell Sivey

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Purple Majesty

Purple majesty, the proudest tree here Looking powerful, like one that sure cares Ideally pronounced, the best tree around Expressively warm, a heartwarming sound The other trees in the grove don’t carry The love that is needed for royalty The desire for tenderness so heartfelt Is missing from the others in the belt Together they are united as one Even the purple tree’s beauty beacon It holds the power of the small clearing The heartbeat of the grove is endearing The mighty tree brings a towering soul Aligns all the trees making them all whole
Russell Sivey

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Sonnet 1

A canvas high and felt traced tips
With background broad and tint azure
None posed in space with limbs being clipped
The sketch of liberty one saw

When pillars then in holes are tucked
Sore eyes in Gaya’s comfort seek
While plumes of sentiment are plucked
Love lingers on in love’s mystique

Time let the warble low to swoop
And beak like marble gloss to shine
Thoughts flicker on life’s endless stoep
In tandem with the sun that mimes

That morn when words and wheels are cleansed
 Found true and veiled in mortal condensed.

Thabiso Nkoana©2013-04-21

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The Grande Dame Carbon

The Grande Dame Carbon

sultry ebony sheen, pleasing touch                  
reputation is grand to not very much      
her softest of times she will leave her mark     
only offering hues of gray to dark          

her burning heart fuels fires of men                    
to the bowels of the earth for her they send           
few limits there are of what men will do               
in search of rich coal to see them through             

by assuming hardest resolve she’ll show                  
the radiance she holds that all men know       
illusive to find and hard to draw out             
beauty as diamond is of no doubt    

universe abundance, fourth is no strife    
she claims her fame, the element of life  

Robert Gene Stoner Jr
11/30/14  ©

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A Stone in the Cold 7th Verse

I must build a shelter, to fight the cold.
Still, out are the poachers who brought the fight.
In the distance smoke, a joy to behold, 
a cabin with a blaze, warmth for the night.
Wolves howl on the wind, I think of the men
hoping they've all risen and left now
But glad to have gotten away from them
I lope toward the lit window aglow.
A door opens and I welcomed right in
my son had been searching for me, I'm told.
The heat of the fire, dry clothes from kin
an earnest call to the forest patrol.
With mornings light I report in as planned
Through the north woods I come, my bow in hand.

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Chimera’s are mythical creatures composed of two or more parts.
Sagittarius, by example, is shown: to be made of both man and horse.
But Myths are not found among the living, except in the mind and art.
For where is the mermaid and her siren song found? Nowhere, of course!

Fiction has brought us fantasies, though life is stranger than fiction, I think.
For, now they’ve found the butterfly is in its life, two very separate beings.
Two separate strands of DNA work at different times within this missing link.
One is for the caterpillar, while the other is for the butterfly’s wings to bring.

One must die, or so they say, to allow the metamorphosis to bring the other to life.
But if they say one is dying… I think not… perchance it dreams, or does it sleep?
Or is this like the Phoenix that dies in flames, to again be reborn amid the strife?
Next time you hold a caterpillar or a butterfly in your hand… think about this leap.

Imagine all the wonder of their secret lives, and all that this can mean.
Not only is it a miracle, but perchance a place where we have found our dreams.

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All the world is a stage

Silver moonbeams strike the old packhorse bridge
As its ancient stones use silent language
To speak of those who passed this way before
And stood on these worn slates staring in awe

At the sandstone walls surrounding the pool
To echo the thundering waterfall
Firefly ballet on the watery stage
As nightingale chorus and frogs engage

A contralto owl adds a haunting tune
While the baritone fox sings to the moon
The whispering willows applaud with grace
As I lose myself in this mystic place

It moves me to tears, almost ev’ry time
But on moonlit nights, it is just sublime ~

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Nature's Way

In the morning or in the night the shadows appear.
Some are dark and some invisible to the naked eye.
They stroll around and about with distance up high.
They follow covering you never knowing their near.
Look to the trees where empty spaces reveal clear.
You can see their eyes and their moods as they fly.
A penetrating stare with a glare with the winds sigh.
Run or stand but you’re in an open space of a sphere.
Nature’s way is coming up to you,
Open your eyes being able to see,
Hope and pray you catch this view.
Hidden in between freedom is free.
Catch many glimpses of this shade,
That way tomorrow will never fade.
© Copyright:  Ann Rich   2007

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Autumn cusp

Late November dawn. Sun’s rays slanting low
Filtering through a haze of naked trees
To stream, in weakened state, through my window
Caressing my face, as the darkness flees

The colour of the light, warming my walls,
Banishes thought of winter’s cold fingers
And, though, daily, the temperature falls,
So much of autumn’s beauty still lingers

Red leafed vines paint the near terraced skyline
Green woodpeckers laugh with unshared reason
Persimmon, holly, mistletoe and pine
Nature’s decorations for this season…

(And Christmas does not feel so far away)
Replete with hope; new birth, new life, new day ~

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Spring is on its way

Spring is on its way 

Spring is really on its way
It’s such a lovely, lovely day
The sun it shines so very brightly 
Oh, spring, it really does delight me

The birds they flit from tree to tree
They sing there songs delightfully
They know that spring is in the air
It seems that joy is everywhere.

The fish are racing round, and round
Because some female they have found
They want to keep there kind a going
As sensuality is growing

Oh, when spring is in the air
 The whole world seems to have no care.

4 July 2014 @1040hrs.

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The Garden

The thought came to her seeing how the spring
Thaw was here with green patches of onion,
And few areas of spring grasses__now green
That the garden would need tending~ attention

And send her forth (into the sun) to plant
Vegetables, herbs, tend flowers of the hour
Roses,  beauties, burgundy, soft brillant
Petals gentle between fingers, power

Scent that allures both man, woman to come
Enjoy this day in this pleasant garden
That draws butterflies, which lightly touch some
Drinks nectar, touches pollen, beholden

Spring with its beauty, warmth, outdoor pleasures
Can disregard work when one sees treasures.

Contest:Poet Destroyer
Sponsor:What's In Your Garden? Old Or New
Meter: Iambic Pentameter
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Influence of a Mighty Tree

How many people want to hug a tree Majestic and high, tree loves all you see Trunk of the base is simply way too large Too huge to hold onto, that’s the main charge Looking up we see the sky it clutches Crystal blue with chilling breath it touches Fog enhances the life of the old tree We all desire to be released and free Our emotions flows here and finds real peace We find rows of life within each grand crease Frigid air surrounds our warm beating hearts Tree is the master, one that’s off the charts Reflected in water is the tree’s might What power it has with its awesome height
Russell Sivey Contest: All About Trees (old/new) poem Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 7/6/2013

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Autumn Arrival

The stained 
glass fragile 
face of the blue 
Gently whispers 
the arrival of 
shorter days.
As boring 
laziness of 
summer days 
kiss the earth 
Bright sun 
paint the day 
with chill rays 
Beneath the 
merriment of 
yellow and red 
colors of 
Perfumes of 
the stealing 
autumn arrest 
my keen nostrils
As busy-laden 
squirrels hustle 
nuts with belief,
Mine eyes are 
fed with 
Soon, the 
sentry poplars 
shall undress to 
yield wind 
And dance 
naked before 
the scented 
Their ripped 
fruits dangling 
like damsel's 
Shall kiss the 
lips of sunlight
Then, autumn 
has cursed the 
earth with her 
chill wand
And all shall 
dance her 
drumming band

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A King's Mountain

February 12, 2011

A King's Mountain

A King's Mountain He mounts up under his branded feet.
Mass in size He is hallow by a grandstand He is to you,
But never is He in lieu, so many clues cost one tabboo.
Blown to boredom bereaved He hue's me a pure heart beat. 

Shaking or faking Him out I scram to find my own Grand seat.
Surrounded from East to West there is North and South to do.
Blending my flames in hot Summer winds I baked a cake or two.
I'm like self-rising ready to bake surfing up fielders wheat.

A King's Mountain means Look-Out,
Soak it up and suck it all in!
A Hot sizzling day for a Cook-Out?
A King mounted has a Big bin.

He will draw your naked breath in and mount you to His top.
Sprinkling you with honey dew suckling up for more sip sop.

(R) Registered: Ann Rich 2011

04:43:21 AM EST -5

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Your Love is a Waterfall

When you look at me
my heart trembles,
It pours from above
like the high
Your voice is so
cool, it replenishes
Nothing's sexier
than the sound of

Your touch is like a
flowing liquid;
Smooth, soothing,
and relaxing;
Your kiss is like a
water in the desert,
I'm craving for it
cause it satisfies
my thirst.

Yet you're the water
from the mountain,
You're high; I
cannot reach you.
My only happiness is
when you descend,
So I can wet myself
with your love that
has no end.

Oh baby your love's
like the waterfall, 
I love the way you
bathe it on me
though it hurts.

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Soonn Un

Emirabitur- Shall Admire

There you are the wind of my lone chamber
When I set to keep all mine from ember
And drop where constructs are most eminent,
Where meditativeness is prominent.
Long lost be me, if not for lunar moon
Descend light that fights random hours of groan.
I will for sure unveil silence abode
Where monstrous would have forsaken off-board. 
Let’s believe I have found and learnt the muse
The muse which unimpaired and un-abuse;
And fetch, outstretch, inform and un-slumber,
That which eyes will see and bless good comment:
Less of déjà vu and more of neo-pan,
That the rooftops will sit and grant accord.

Friday February 28, 2014

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I do not know how big they are,
But I can see them twinkle from afar.
Their shape to me is yet unknown,
Still I can see them where ever I go.

Way high up there in the night sky,
Farther than any bird could ever fly.
"How did they get so far away,?"or
"Will they fall down to earth someday?"

When I look through my window late at night,
I stare at those stars,so beautiful and bright.
One day I know there won't be any cars,
But when I look up there will always be stars 

Quentin Alexander Sands

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Celestial Mother

Once great always great I say to you.
Upside down or right side up you be.
Once upon a time and a time once was she.
Gathering the universe and shining a Star or two.
Then one day She shot down to Earth out of the blue.
She gathered Her crops and made circles wide and free.
She made them so big the whole of the world could see.
She took the Stars the Sun and Moon making them new.
She shined talents never quite seen.
Amazing and sparkling from up above,
She is the smartest thing ever so keen.
She is abundant in spreading Her love.
She is our Celestial Mother in Heaven,
Separated by the empty shells of leaven!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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Wondrous Web

The master weaver weaves his web
Immune to weather’s flow and ebb.
Unseen for nine months of the year
This diamond-studded lacework here
No tasty morsel trapped, I think,
But dainty dewdrops sweet to drink;
Condensed from early Autumn mist
The wondrous web with moisture, kissed,
Like beads of mercury, perfect spheres
In which a micro-world appears.

O Spider with your legs so thin,
Who, may I ask, taught you to spin
Such a delicate and light affair
Suspended in the morning air ?

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Newspaper-boy's special report

all year long six days a week
delivering his morningpapers
printed in big bold black
06.30 he always causes a creak

before dawn starting  his triple-round
when closing soft but firm the rickety fence
today bringing along so much more
being the messenger of such a different sound

during this daybreak-bike-ride
he noticed he'd never seen before
the presence of a surprising muse
while the moon was shining incredibly bright light 

in the dark moonlight's clearest arrow
on the streets his own moving shadow 

© Ellie Daphne


A tribute to all newspaper deliverers and one  in particular

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The Happy Children

Since fall, they’ve stayed where they had first been put
away from human view beneath the earth.
Through chill of winter, longing to take root,
they lie, dear tender babes, awaiting birth.

Snow melts into the ground and down comes rain.
The unborn infants hear the pattering
and feel the warmth when Sun, aroused again,
shines brightly forth to welcome sister Spring.

Their lovely colored heads all in a row
emerge by end of March from Mother’s womb.
How fleet the time each child then takes to grow.
How brief the span of each sweet Tulip’s bloom!

Each year reborn, they’re twofold. . . mourn them not.
More’s the merrier. . . they’re a happy lot!

April 6, 2012

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Lambs at Play

Joyfully the lambs bucked leaped and sprang
full of merriment with life and freedom
a lush green meadow for them and mustang
the maiden walking towards them buxom

Carrying buckets of pellets for them
running towards her hopping and skipping
in their excitement and causing mayhem
listen to them do you hear their bleating

Nightfall is fast approaching soon be dark
slowly the lambs return to their mothers
the ram watches over them like a monarch
he will keep them safe from any ambushers

Now night has fallen peace and quiet reign
just the whisper of the wind through the grain

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Expressionist Posies

Wild are the spring flowers which win my heart 
wood violets blue, and those Johnnie jump-Up starts
waves of ajunta burgundy glow 
pierced with lost daffodils standing apart
a gourmands delight admired a la carte
'mong seas of forsythia fences are draped.

Bushes of fuzzywillows looking smart, 
cozy up to dirt roads soften the heart. 
even the dandelions make a fine tableaux
as off I go my head spinning with art      
to paint images, the sweet and the tart 
expressionist posies, as if for VanGogh.

Indian strawberries dot gardens in beds
as buttercups yellow, slip through rye grass  
tickled by warm winds and skies overcast.
Oh, I'm ready to paint the beauty ahead
with crimson, vermilion and titanium lead.
Sitting on a hummock I draw the repast 
mixing my colors on a piece of glass
stunned by the wild flowers, most over tread.

*Dante's variation on the Italian sonnet.

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In the center I sit.
Unraveling a core,
I lay it by the shore.
It’s a wondrous fit.
It is in pieces by a bit.
It sails an ocean floor.
It has a rip where tore.
It makes the seas split.
It travels day and night.
A never-ending drift,
It is brilliantly bright.
Moving along so swift!
It travels a path lit by a Star,
Rendering miles that are afar!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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His Favorite Amongst Flowers

His favorite amongst flowers
The pale pink running rose
This quiet still morn in wee hours
Take Rose note__he will compose

Thinking of her as he writes love
How he ardors her  petals
So soft to touch his cheek__ write of
Perfume on mind settle

Just to touch and inhale_beauty
Her beauty at day break
To steal  kiss wonderful fruity
Under rose trellis_quiver_ shake

His favorite amongst flowers
Rose that gives scented showers

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Dreams of Ocean

Sleep my darling as the fish swim for you
The dolphins sing softly under your crib
The calming waves of multicolored blue
Clouds float above, like the ones on your bib
Light glitters out on the wide, wide ocean
Home to a thousand and one pretty things
Colors circle with a hypnotic motion
Underwater caverns and jewels for kings
Somewhere beneath, there's a palace for you
You can visit it in your glistening dreams
And maybe you can invite some friends too
In your palace you could see the moon beams
But to visit your dreams you must first sleep
Or your ocean friends will not make a peep 

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WATER: An Experience

Water! Water!! 
Water everywhere
Not a drop to drink
Nor a drop to water
The withering petals 
Our patience is now 
on its brink
Cos we are in an 
endless queue
Infront of a solitary 
With little of this life 
saving liquid in it
One shouts, others 
take the cue
And make the place a 
In a bid for all to 
have a share of it.

'Let's be patient', 
from the queue said 
'In the end this 
battle by us will be 

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The Embracing

I cut through tedious chit-chat,
Null knick-knacks!
Zap Idiotic whacks!
I tip toe tapping atop pitters pat.
I’m your best bet seated where you once sat.
Smearing out your tad-bit lacks,
Running them out by the packs,
I tip my hat fancying you purr like my fat-cat.

Up and away my hands shall uplift weights like you.
In and out of reality I’ll take you with me everywhere.
If only you knew how well I’m too do getting through.
Do you think one day to obtain me to be eh unaware?

Personally, I’d charge a big fat whacked out idiotic fee for the likes of thee,
I’m declared as freely expressing many pleasures for the embracing of me.

® Registered: 2010 Ann Rich

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Winter 2010a

Seasons have changed their weathered cycles here
A frigid frost frolics on dead dry air.
Old man winter is summoned now so soon
It is a cranky world and a coatless moon
And through it shivering the homeless roam
Like sea froth bumping on a bridleless foam 
They left the customed haunts of parks bare
Under the white sheet of bleak frozen air
And in every church door, and store front stand
Rubbing and rubbing their shriveling hand
And in their eyes pop a stark dread, bland fear
The sum of our sudden and sick despair.
Ah winter is added now to all
We must endure in our life's brimming gall.
Across the world the winds have changed; this hell
Of winter wrestles patience, bulge its spell
In large leprous mounds of silent ice
Wind banked, shriveling us back into rooms
Where the budget for heat can ill suffice
The heart's frigid condition, we the tombs
Of hope, who broke bonds for a modern life
Blanching love, faith and sacred human strife
We on the edge of each truth once so dear
Withering the world, and making Christ drear.
I feel the sharp winds, the victims cold knife
Tempests cold knell on the piper's pied fife.
In confusion we wait against the thaw
Senseless to break the markets dismal law.

[Winter is real and it is a metaphor. The last lines of the 4 sonnets reads vertically:
"Aw, it is cold, love."

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Rhyming sonnet

Keeping—the Syllable Count
Knowing—How to Rhyme
This – is—What keeps is a—Sonnet
Annoying – Iambic—Line

Constantly – Chiming—and Gushing
Blowing—in Merciless – Gusts
And Yet—Still always reminding
Attend to it—While it lasts

Stemming from – Nature’s Rebellion
Or – Simply—Pressuring Air
Or If it’s Heaven—is Gentle
Just Quietly—Whispering There

Flying and Swimming—in Space
Gliding—with the – Utmost Grace

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The Lady Suffers

The Lady Suffers 

What of the slow falling of morning dew 
rain that sets a cold shiver upon you
A sky that dances to yet mock anew
goodness and gentleness surely your due!

Can earth dare to ever this one reproach
promises of your sure sweetened approach
Pretty maiden of your innocent ways
sends joy into glorious summer days!

What of wind that so evilly blows
away all sacred words that you compose
Dares wickedly ruin your pretty hair
disrupt loving mood of my lady fair!

Nay, Nature careless , so very cruel 
made up of harsh acts that so rashly rule!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-24-2014

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Uncle January

January's cousin Fall left in a fit
For January brought her friend, Wind howling long
Denuded the trees of all their gowns knit
Now her great Aunt Spring feels no way strong

Great Aunt Spring has gone underground safely
Hidden from January's cold icy tricks
Underground or faraway supersafely
Waiting for Spring's return with corner tricks

Spring has a way to drive cold January
Far away up to Canada's great north
Where January cold winter wind that's airy
Really belongs, yeah Spring come forth

Birds and animals with heavy coats sing
With January but rejoice when enters spring

(Had started this one for a contest)

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Love To Immortalise

Strong storm blew the boat until it did strand
Upon rock_ shore so very far away.
Please my gentle lover give me your hand
There is no way you would let me be prey

Row me and the boat ashore to assay
This beautiful place we will immortalise
No! we did not go down in depths to decay
Nor did guardian angel go down likewise

Didn't matter what nature will devise
Lived through shipwreck we will go down in fame
Thru this somehow we will be eternise
The whole wide world will remember my name

Now this small green isle we'll surely subdue
As our great love grows and somehow renew

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Sparkling Stars, Shining Sun

The sky would be dark if it weren't for stars
They sparkle in the night with their brilliance
The stars twinkle with light, they leave no scars
Overcoming clouds with resilience
With them is a dazzling, bright, glowing moon 
They beam down at a peaceful empty street
Waiting, knowing that the sun will come soon
The moon stays so she and the sun can meet
But the moon must go as the sun glows bright
The brightness reigns as the sun takes the stage
The day begins and once more rules the light
The red in the sky, the color of rage
Reflects the chaos of a new day
"We are much better," the stars always say

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The Winter Breeze

The cool winter breeze blowing across me,
the sweet little bird flying in the sky free.

Everything so cool and calm around
all happiness lost,seems again to be found,

in the nature of life with the cool winters
and always hope for good with crossed fingers

Such a season,physically changing the mind,
cooling off every anger,whatever that I find.

Along with the breeze the winter brings in
the warmth of happiness,and a lovely dream

The dream of a girl,smiling at me
everything looks beautiful ,just as is she.

Walking along with her ,I'm always at ease
she holds my hand and we walk in the winter breeze.

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The Divine Danced

I watched the sun rising beneath the moon,
As whispers of life brushed against my face,
I looked inside the meanings of the rune,
And felt her power fill me with her love,
As winds of changes blessed me with her grace,
I saw the sun rise with the moon above.
To hold the glory of her destiny,
No manmade temple can ever be built,
And there, the divine danced all around me,
Enraptured by her loving lunar charms,
Old feelings men inspired by sacred guilt,
She lifted as I wept within her arms.
I watched the sun rising beneath the moon,
To hold the glory of her destiny.

Form: Cornish Sonnet

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The Only Breed

I smoked my pipe and I found some dreams stuck in a seam.
The ancients lifted me up and I saw through crystallize glass.
As I looked the seams popped and scattered into a great mass.
The dreams were set free from my light of a shiny bright beam.
Now I have flashing darts in my eyes that shine as I will deem.
Now I am looking at you and you and you as green as the grass.
But that’s okay because now my eyes can gloss you up as brass.
Eventually, I will find a light inside of you with a sparkly gleam.
My visions are set up forth,
Free and clear with a deed.
Look to the Star of the North,
You shall find my only breed.
Be this to you or be this to me,
Scattered dreams in you I see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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Winter Sonnet

Those that must have fled the alien shore
or sought respite at home, secure
in knowledge that when the time is right
they will resume their never-ending fight

The piccturesque masks danger deep within,
ice covered pools with surfaces too thin
to bear the weight of unsuspecting feet,
a thin white line where sky and landfall.

And yet, hope springs eternal year by year -
a Christmas rose, all white, will oft' appear
to contrast with the red of robin's breast,
both with with the strength to fight the Winters' test.

Against the harshest elements to stand
another year, just as nature planned.

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Lazily Lay Two Yellow Jackets

The two yellow jackets lazily lay
Upon the chilled turnip leaf 
This November autumnial day
Waiting to be warmed in the noon day sun

Maybe they're in love hoping above hope
To be spared many eggs somewhere to lay
New life to come next spring_ summer in scope
Sometimes yellow jackets mix in raked hay

Where their nest was disturbed on a fall eve
By tractors with blades that cut luscious grass
Then are caught in spinning baler in weave
That makes them so mad they come out fighting

Two yellow jackets lazily lay waiting
Glad there is a chance for them this day_mating

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Upon your days, tedium has imposed, Dull shades have tinted your point of view, And each woman yearns the hues of a rose, A palette that blossoms solely for you. We, too, were buds once, so tender and small, The world had its thorns, but petals unfurled, A trellis we found, so stable and tall, ‘Til autumn came with its frosty upwhirl. My friend, we both know the strength of one bloom, When clipped to the quick it grows all the more, The charm of your words fills hundreds of rooms, I bestow a bouquet and shout “ENCORE!” ~ Lush Romanticas in rouged ivory ~ Gifted to you for your sweet poetry.
By Cyndi MacMillan, February 7, 2012 P.D., I really enjoyed bumping into you in the chat rooms. Your exuberance is needed here at Soup. Kooky, vibrant, honest and fierce. Yup! That’s you! PS- the Romantica Rose is the French version of the English rose, a ‘hardy’, beautiful rose that comes back again and again… ;-) If you can, click on the about this poem link for a photo of the Romantica.

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There was a girl who befriended thunder,

She lived with lightening without any fear,

A cloud is so deep, a silvered wonder

whose language of rain dries all hidden tears.

Some dreamers have withstood the welts of wind,

Strength is born from the weakness of others,

Open the window, allow the gale in,

for peace is a child, chaos its mother.

My heart had guests, emotional strangers,

Now under this skin remains a soft mist

that welcomes downpours then invites danger,

and faces the tempest, returns its kiss.

Calmness I taste as I swallow the storm,

Weathered and still, yet eager to transform.

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Lilac Dream

Thou have started a journey so serene.
One that shall take thee into spring,
Enjoying all of nature’s beauty unseen,
Feeling majestic powers, it will bring.

Imagine fragrances warmed by sunshine.
Feel cascading build of warmth around.
Mid day arrives, preparations combine.
As gentle fresh air moves without sound,

Brilliancy around thee captures your breath.
New birth engages your senses so deep.
Sweet visions revive thee, from sudden death.
Sounds caress thine ears, even in sleep.

Thou with thine eyes closed, awareness in smell.
Sensing lilacs, bidding winter farewell,

Written for

Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name Bring on Spring 

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Sometimes A Bamboozler

Afternoon thunderstorms brew_ winds increase
White Crepe Myrtle sways to rhythm of breeze
Which varies_ sometimes swift; sometimes does cease
In times past man would have thought God displeased

More fear would have fallen when eerie fell night 
And clouds lingered thick as fluffy meringue
Some silver, some gray, some charcoal some white  
No thunder, lightning, eerie can't argue

Life can have those cloudy eerie strange times
When one can't exactly describe what's wrong
There seems to be a foreboding strange signs
How relieved we feel when events become song

The clouds still hang heavy the air cooler
Feelings Satan sends sometimes a bamboozler

Bamboozler one who deceives or gets the better of through trickery..

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Nature's Wrath and Beauty

The Word has brought forth thee;
And gave thee names
Gave thee, the enchanting beauty of ages,
Maturing sun that gave you hope
And the dying stars that lid up the skies.
Thee tend to thy flocks and rub olive oil to thy little lamps.
Ope thy heart to the untended flocks
But, lo and behold;
They came and corrupted thy youth
Beauty loss by the hands of man

Trembled and feared were they that deceived thee,
Thy wrath was the sound of thunder
Undone were they, for they have test thy patience
Lost and forgotten, ye that came found serenity among thy children.

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Vast Love

The love that kisses with a tasteless tear
A pain that can’t be painted on the soul
A longing for a place without a fear
Longing for a feeling that makes me whole
Beloved, words can’t heal my tattered heart.
As thorns pass me by the pain cant compare
That of the pain of being torn apart
Even the wind howls about it I swear
Tell me was falling in love my mistake
I chose my own fate and decided to stay
I will not let this love become forsaken
Love can’t just get up and spirit away
Love is worth overcoming a mountain
My love for you flows like a vast fountain

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Unusual Roar

"On the ocean waves" of deep cobalt blue
Rides white foam spray that brushes rocky shore
Tickles their fantasy leaves in quick spew
After has caused such unusual roar

Rocky shore, rocky times life gives damp sprays
Coating everyone with uncertainties
Just as the rocks wear and age_ life assays
Each one to analyze the quantities

Of good_bad giving opportunities
To all to grow deeper like blue ocean
Deeper than surface waves _deep abilities
Just few minutes each day in devotion

"On the ocean waves" ride thoughts_emotions
Let them be deeper accumulations

Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Contest: "On The Ocean Waves"

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One Seed

I planted a seed and it grew and grew.
It grew so high touching a cloudy sky.
With one main branch it sprouted high.
I cut it down telling myself I’m through.
But that main branch stayed so true.
I started watering daily at noon nigh.
And I would always wave good bye.
I can’t even tell you the birds it drew.
That branch was awesome.
Every day a new leaf to see.
Always a flowering blossom.
New blooms would always be.
It is amazing at what one seed can do.
Even those seeds lying inside of you.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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A Cherry Tree Litany

I feel the warmth of early morning sun.
The blackbird, singing in the cherry tree
Entrances all with matins just begun –
Ethereal plainchant, plangent melody.

The snow-white blossom hides a darkling bird
From eyes that would discern this source of joy.
Though nothing’s seen, his heartfelt song is heard,
His mate to charm; his rivals to annoy.

Charmer of worms, I see your yellow beak
Now opening to disgorge divine enchantment
To humans, who the charms of Nature seek,
In troubled times, for solace and contentment.

Your pastoral serenade surrounds me all day long;
The sun is sinking fast, and so, to evensong.

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Only The Strong Will Survive

God gives not peace, it's only dreamt by man,
in all the world ,brought from catastrophe,
all things are made, since time was first began
by things upheaved so new life comes to be.

The weak must fail, be eaten by the strong,
and losers die the death along the way,
so new life grows, even if it is wrong,
there is no time the poor will have to play.

The lion who will lay down with the lamb,
will have a feast before the day is done,
and all the world will never give a damn,
nor care about the giants and their fun.

        The hunter takes his aim and fells the dove
          the weak in life are only dreaming of.

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Winter 2010b

A wiley post this early freeze fast makes
Making hard the sugarcane, shedding bright flakes
That covers the city, rivers, streets, and trees
The jet streams cold and meandering breeze,
Wasaburo's joy make us know our frail
Powers limit, we're stranded in its gale. 
Tween shifts of spheres, "We are coming soon,
Convenient theories of the moon
Holds not with planned expectations" we weep
While gnawing to the bone these zephyrs seep
Crude power deserts us, the white ruin
Of farmers, changes the cold cashier's tune.
Lord, in time more subtle changes I see
Dreams wilt in time, now comes eternity. 
It is more than a sizzling globe's convictions:
Weather changes and earth's rotations.
My soul looks up steadfast in sweet faith
The changes are openings of heaven's gate
And some who keeps a homeless vigil stirs
Barren of bed, false friendships, and dead furs 
Leave us cankered of feelings, blurred of trust
We stagger on through whiffs of whitening gust
To find our berth that drives us daily here
Harassed and haggled denouncing despair
Lost is Christ control of the moral lust
O, flaking, worn, weary, the brittle crust
Void, no seed grows here, barren our cold heart
Empty this winter scape, earth falls apart.

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In A Twirl

Small red casting on morn's horizon
Shadowery fog cast veil on hill and vale
Symphony's music fills airwaves at dawn
Not a jet exhaust in sight no sign of swallowtail

Would be quiet except for man's presence
Man making his stamp on the world_ noisy
Wonder what it was like when Natives diligence
Fished, hunted kept the peace lived cloistered

Now the fiery red touches tops of trees
Like a blazing fire of yesteryear
When the Cherokee could forest green see
Did their future look bleak to their seers?

Change from quiet, peaceful to noisy world
No wonder our lives today are in a twirl  

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Balanced Elements

Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Skies engage
So intimate to guard nature’s visage
Intact, and to deliver the sacred message
Of hoarding her elements from damage.
To the foggy and forlorn firmament 
Do the dark heralds of showers ascent;
Heavy hail shall soon break and descent 
On swollen tides, beach and lands distant.
Dark green thickets full with yellow buds
Do bear many a glittering crystal studs.
Sings the spring-bound heart of woods
Songs of affluence and tempting moods.
Bio tracts of man, beast, birds and worms
Stay in tunes , when is nature in fine forms. 

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A Gypsy Cloud

  On lonely paths I often roam
 Through meadows and over hills
 Like a gypsy cloud 'neath a blue sky dome
 And through a  field of countless daffodils 

 I stop to watch this field of gold
 As they sway lithely in the breeze
 Then I move on as new paths unfold
 Heading home through a maze of trees

 And in quite moments my thoughts would drift
 To that resplendent field of daffodils
 To my weary soul they give a lift
 This treasure trove of golden thrills

Those daffodils in my mind do gleam
 As I slip off in a cloud of dreams

Contest: Prose vs Poetry and the classics
Rewrite of William  Wordsworth poem: - "I Wandered Lonely as a cloud" 

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Forest time

Walking this forest floor, I wonder why
My heart is still, unburdened from the strife.
The mindless chatter of a busy life
Falls silent now. beneath the evening sky,
The shadows fall and lengthen into night.
Amid the rustling trees I feel no fear.
There are no sighs of sadness I can hear.
Nor any fret that time will steal the light.
The forest gives no hint of mortal sway.
It has no thought of time that quietly flows,
Among the trees and streams, the seasons show,
How it restores itself, by natures way.
Think of us, whose time has so short a lease,
By living well we live and die in peace.

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Now speaks the earth of spring and all its joys

Now speaks the earth of spring and all its joys.
Now flowers and blossom soothe the naked eye
So happy are the lovers,girls and boys,
As in the new green meadows they may lie.

Now speaks the sun and orders us to grow
to open like the flowers to receive  his love
To let the life within us start to flow.
From blessings rained down on us from above.

Now every part of nature is in flood
Fresh leaves point down from trees to fresh made nests
The birds are active in this little wood
And dwell in their constructions breast to breast.

Oh let's not waste time brooding on our thoughts.
For we may miss the joys which spring has brought

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Weeping Willow

Was there aside a weeping willow tree
Which graced a field of flowers fraught with dew
Amid the dawn the bitter night now through
A maiden rests where straying eyes can’t see

She wore the blessing of a youthful hue
Her hair was long and brown and flowed so free
Her face aglow in heaven meant to be 
This flower’s beauty was a dream come true

And by her flowed a pool of reddened dread 
From heart that has forgotten how to beat
And eyes which saw this story come to close

So there she sleeps upon her final bed
And what had brought an end to one so sweet
A legend only weeping willow knows

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night rhapsody – sonnet

you should have seen the stars last night, my love,
how brightly they were shining in the skies!...
no spot in the canopy from above
was light-less!...such enchantment for the eyes,
the heavens seemed embroidered all with gems
and all that splendor left me stoned, in awe...
it felt like all the angels' diadems
were spreading down their light, so bright and raw!...
I could have spent entirely the night
by flying all my dreams towards the sky
and staring at that all enthralling sight
that kept on drawing me sigh after sigh...
but watching stars without you by my side
felt as if I was bare on the inside...

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Proud Parrot

Proud Parrot

He’s such a cocky little bird
Head held high, and chest puffed out
He struts around, my heart is stirred
There’s a kind of silence all about.

He’s green, and blue, and beautiful
Yellow ring around his throat
He don’t care that the weather’s cool
He has a lovely sheeny coat.

A crested pigeon comes to feed
But he’s not there for long
Our Parrot, he gets wild, indeed
His will so very strong

His hunger staved he sits in tree
And whistles softly just for me.

13 July 2014 @ 0336hrs.

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Refulgence created by sun peeking through
Gray cloud that became silver lined by it
Fog silvery cape covers trees anew
Each day it appears has fringe benefits

The fog's moisture helps plants to grow, survive
It keeps down the excessive heat covering all
Plants that had drooped seemto have come alive
Beautiful weather to start off this time fall 

Another day has come sun's luster glows
Radiance is cast upon all damp trees
"Pon all God's creatures large and small below
Spider tiny as pencil point I see

Has spun a grand web intricate design
Fog yesterday this morn only dew shine  

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Summer Sonnet

A wakening to days with longer hours,
evening sun to dry the April showers,
and bluebell carpets through the woods appear
as if by magic, Summer's almost here.

The early morning skyline filled with song,
when one bird starts the others sing along,
harmonic chorus echoing the dawn,
inspiring life from seed and egg and spawn.

The colours grow to brighten each new day.
Laughter rings out from children at their play.
A clatter made by man pervades the air
form mower, trimmer, harvester and share.

A time to reap the largesse from the land
in preparation, just as Nature planned.

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The Big Dry

Where are the rains over field and meadow,
  On plain and high country for so long quelled?
To dampen dry earth and make all things grow 
  Till the crops are in and the herds have swelled.
Where is the drought breaker cloudburst falling
  When the grid's mighty river turbine turns?
Pacific gales and Tasman fronts squalling
  To reap grove and vine - to fill our cisterns.
And where are the storms June and July brings?
  The flash and bellow of a thunderbolt:
And brightly jewelled shades of rainbow rings
  Before the thawing and spring's early moult.
Nature's valves we desperate need to unseal,
Yet her drying ills only she can heal.


New Zealand drought of "92".

July 1992

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Blossom Sonnet

When the winter winds have stole

   their shivered breath,

And warmer now, snow is shed,

   what lovely can bring when it sings;

(From mountains deep to waken sleep)

And gather the birds to their blossomed boughs,

   singing their elated woody sounds,

   (gently loitering in elder trees)

   speckled chirps in forest green

Neath budding Sylvan mistletoe 

   the earth is born-again, 

   ages old

   returns this ditty of long ago

   (til rejoicing in leafy worlds)

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Surprise Spider Lilies

Sheer fine batiste settles in the hollow
Like a ghostly creature who at night roams
Longs to float over dewdrops who follow
'Til sun's rays bring the hearse and funeral home

Surprise Spider Lilies blossoms' stand straight
A reminder of mother's few flowers
Ones she planted then she's have to wait
For those soft spring showers to empower

Down where the rain lilies now blossom
Without any soft rain 'pon the garden 
Where death of summer's flowers a problem
And elderly who live there death certain

Will there linger any flowers alive
In memory of life's beauty abide

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A Sonnet For The Endearing Rose

A gentle being, is the rose;
though its nails can be quite sharp.
The lovely flower, I suppose; 
controls the human heart.

For valentines, it bleeds so red; 
for mother’s, yellow sun.
All will bow their lovely heads; 
once their day is done.

Their fragrance, it will mesmerize; 
all those who are near.
It doesn't matter, what their size; 
lovers, they draw near.

So much more regal than the rest; 
the rose, is nature’s family crest, 


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Panthera Tigris

To them most stealthy, most noble, most fierce,
  Chased and trophied by a mightier foe;
Striped jungle beast leaping whose time is less -
  O white coated emperor in the snow!
Now 'tis the hunter turned hunted great cat
  Whose lone prowl is driven to higher ground,
But this I shame to hear, and more than that,
  No man should follow where Tigers are found.
The ghost of legend in the forest cage
  Will not save or give us back to cherish;
'Tis the irony of our futile age,
  For that which makes you great makes you perish!
A world without all is a world less grand,
And I mourn the Tigers in Tigerland.


Dedicated to all those unsung people who
Protect and preserve the natural world.

February 1991

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Newly adopted toddlers mourN
Indemnity as locus  standI
Gold-crests laG
Event invites the employeE 
Rodeo on the wealthy riveR  
Irrevocable superminI
And the black gold run et ceterA 
Nobles with black gold gains remaiN

Spectacles of other specieS
Opener ramains incognitO
Ne'er-do-well holds the horN
No one remembers the mooN
Expatriate  the extra farE
Teach the gospel momenT

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Communing With Nature

I want to dance in a field of posies 
I’d take off my shoes and squish my toesies 
Lay in a field of color all day long
Listen to the birds and mimic their song

Smell all of Mother Nature’s fragrant scents 
And prolong my stay by pitching a tent 
I’d lie on my back and look at the sky 
And linger there until the moon is high 

I’d savor the moment, then return home 
Where stress, anxiety and chaos roam 
And when my day is a little off track 
I will close my eyes and I’ll be right back 

Communing with nature’s sights, sounds and smells 
In the field of posies I know so well

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The stars with the greater light and lesser light
Have just about faded as purple lies
Blanket like on horizon, death's fog's plight
Soon as sun comes atop trees, across sky flies 

The crickets sing for joy this morn, click-clack
It is so steady that they must get tired
Wonder when do they rest? Food they don't lack
For it is summer, grass they can acquire

The fog that on the creek did lie has spread
It's tinacles reaching across woods and vale
The moisture coats the air, even our beds
Making the heat of the day like a veil

Summer with its heat and humidity
Summer has us in its grip almighty

(The sun rose fireball red again_it is going to be another hot one)

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Easter Morning

Easter morning sunrise,
the day begins anew.
Darkness flees the skies,
from black, to gray, to blue.

Easter season springtime.
New life begins to grow.
Winters death leaves no sign,
only green where laid snow.

Easters true victory,
when Christ arose again,
forcing deaths fear to flee,
so we are free as planned.

Creations picture shows,
what our soul deeply knows.

Christopher Bunton

For the "Easter inspirations" contest

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The Raven

The Raven

Handsome bird as black as coal
You have such piercing eyes
And too such wondrous shiny sheen
You look so very wise

Some call you messenger of God
Some say you symbolize
Death, and dark misfortune
I love your lonesome cries

I see in you magnificence
I love the look of you
A carrion eater you might be
But that’s just what you do

To me you’re filled with mystery
A mystic, magic bird, you be.

8 July 2014 @ 1352hrs.

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Black and White

Stars above and stars below,
On silent ripples alone I go,
Across the water, the trembling plain,
In the empty quiet I’m at last without pain

The dark of the sky is a balm to my eyes
My ears are caressed by the pines and their sighs
And the mind’s rest must come from the sweet summer air
For if that's not peace then how could it bear,

The vicious words that stream from every cranny:
The screaming mistress and the sobbing of the nanny.
She falls and hears the slam of the door
The father yells from the top floor.

In moon filled dreams I watch her go 
Swollen belly black against pure snow.

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Midsummer Sonnet

A fall wind just did recon down the trail.
It's midsummer, this wind did not belong.
Cold, from the North, it noted all detail
of the terrain, although it didn't stay long.
I caught it unawares as it wove in
and out of trees still green and flowers strong
with scent, grasses while gold had life wthin
Bugs and butterflies still work all day long.
It must have noted that the blackberries were
just starting to ripen, a little slow
to be sure, and the stream was still a lure
to small boys walking against its down flow.
Could it be this wind's report will reveal
summer weak, and that fall will soon prevail?

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Rev My Throttle

As last rose of summer opens wider
Night is drawing nigh, rose cutter in hand
The rose clipped in its best stage; placed in cider
Jar that was used up, cleaned_now it will stand

Jar of cider was enjoyed long ago
Remember that day on our honeymoon
You were so young with raven hair my beau
We found that road side stand that afternoon

Bought that jug of cider that was so cold
Refreshing after long ride around mountain
So eager for life that we would build_hold
Hold each other_life; wanting to obtain

I clip that rose_place in memory bottle
One memory revs my motor throttle

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Good Morning, Spring

Today has said, “Good morning!”, and my ears can hear a brighter voice
A change in tone, the choice of words, have dusted off my better mood
Today has said, “Good morning! And my heart can feel a brand new joy 
As winter takes a final leave, and melts the cold with warmer hues

Today now wakes anew, with the cleansing sound of springtime rain
And sweeps the cobwebs from my brain, and clears a winter’s dread
It is not that I will dawdle, ‘though my bed’s unmade again…
The chores, for once, can wait awhile, while cobwebs clear my head

I look outside my window, and relish what I see
Those gloomy clouds are breaking up, as I pour my cup of tea
The winter doldrums on my shoulders, which have been a part of me
Have been shaken off, and swept away, like dust motes in the breeze

The sun peeks through a rainbow’s hue, to takes the gloom away
One raindrop clings to cobwebs strung, across my flower's bed

For Francine Robert's Contest:  Cobwebs and Dust
By Carrie Richards 3/20/12

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The Pacific Northwest

Everywhere the trees are so green
Most beautiful sights ever seen
With snow capped mountains in between
And the rivers flowing so pristine
I love hiking the trails very long
Each step my heart is beating her song
If you would like to please come along
To get away from the crowded throng
I love having our nature so near
Walking amongst it my mind is clear
And I think about what I revere
All the things to me that I hold dear

It is nature that I admire most
And where I live now she is so close

Entry in the Sonnet Me contest
Honorable Mention

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Four Winds of Heaven

My wind to the East you are my least.
My wind to the West you are the test.
Each and every day you are your best.
Each and every day you battle a beast.
My wind to the South you are a feast.
My wind to the North you are a crest.
Each and every day you never do rest.
Each and every day a new life leased.
The Sun makes your air.
The Moon is your guide.
Stars are always up there.
All of you are my pride.
Each of you I will easily leaven.
You are my four winds of heaven.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Matted Layers

I came from behind and my God at what I saw.
I was astonished and in disbelief seen by you.
I counted exact minutes with the seconds too.
But I stood there intact with no lines to draw.
There are many versions of Grace Verse’s law.
So I read through them one by one until blue.
So I picked up the torch it was all I could do.
I was a flame burning stoked in complete awe.
I gave glory to the Sun and Moon,
I exalted a few Stars along my way.
I even rode in on a cloud at noon,
It was a bright beautiful blessed day.
But there were matted layers of deception,
I guess you can only imagine my reception.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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A Night in the Bush

Out in the bushland, no street lights around
No sheltering tent, we lay on the ground
Close by a green pool and Kurrajong tree
Alone by ourselves, just Willow and me

The bushland at night is dark as black tar
A million bright twinkles, each one a star
The moon, just a sliver, riding up high
No clouds to obscure, and rain a far cry

Way off in the distance low eerie moans
Raised hairs on my neck, a chill in my bones
But Willow just snuffled, curled in a ball
No fright in her hackles, no fear at all

Slow dying embers, a lone dingo’s cry
A night in the bushland under the sky

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The Summer Garden Party

The rooster led his harem forth
into the garden for a party
There they would dine from mother earth
Aphids on roses, worms they ate harty

Queen Ann's lace was laced with caterpillars
And rolly pollies ate Day Lilies' leaves
Biddies fed 'pon tiny grasshoppers
for summer was there to please

The Bee Balm and Fever Few had not been
touched by summer's butterfles; Rebecca
had yet to open her blooms; Daisies soon to begin.
Spring blossoms now nearly gone, summer the garden wrecker  

The rooster, his hens and biddies loved the party
As among the flowers they pranced and ate smartly

Inspired by Cyndi MacMillan's contest not an entry...

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Into a garden, Jessie wandered, wanting to get away.
Finding the glorious site, leaving all her dismay,
Warmed by the broad spectrum of light behind,
Captured within nature’s beauty, she did find.

Crisp clear pool, where reflections, are beheld true.
At first, not believing her eyes, though it was a clue,
Angelic wings, adorned her shoulders, in silent glory.
Upon that glance, Jessie remembered, an old story.

Of a maiden, that was forlorn, walking without will,
Stumbling upon a true paradise, with waters so still,
This gave her a glance, of her future, as it is foretold.
That upon what she saw, would be gained, without gold.

Amidst the flowers and greenery, that surrounded the space.
Angel guide of her deliverance, together, they would travel in grace.

Written by
Cecil Hickman

Sponsor ~ Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ ~ 
Contest Name Reflection 

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Old Blue-tick Hound

Damn old worthless dog. How lazy he lies 
in shade on my porch, by my rocking-chair.
Good but for flea food or a perch for flies
too old to bark at a wild hog or hare.
He’s fast asleep with one half open eye
as if to protect me, like he still could.
His old body sore and I know that I
(for his old age) must put him down for good.

Like a thank you for nothing, same as a 
gentle pat on the head. A gift to guard 
him from pain, to cut short his days so they
won’t be his burden. My sympathy charred
and heart destroyed, to give my old pal this
reward, this kindness, this murderous kiss.

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Life Goes On

                                              Loneliness is standing alone in a crowd,
                                              it is not being heard when you speak loud;
                                              it is being the last grape on the grapevine,
                                              the one that doesn't become the wine;
                                              you fall to the ground to just lie and rot,
                                              to be part of dinner you will become, not;
                                              on the ground you decay and become dirt,
                                              of your sweet juices we get not a squirt;
                                              but in the spring, under the melting snow,
                                              you begin new life as you begin to grow;
                                              a new grapevine you just seem to appear,
                                              giving the grapes for a new wine this year;
                                              continuing the cycle started many years ago,
                                              dropping lonely grapes beneath fallen snow.

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Old men

Old men who sit and watch with vacant stares
And mutter to themselves about their time,
Who have that ragged look of deep despair 
Of lonely men who've lived beyond their prime.
And those who see the dwindling of their years
Seek comfort in the glories of the past
Where memories can try allay the fears
Of living in a world that moves so fast
Oh what they'd give to live it all again
To be the man they were for just a day
And have the world again as their domain
Where life is just a game that people play
And if to live that day would be their choice
They would live it to the full and rejoice 

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Another Scene

A black small bird
With her head held high
And long ‘V’- shaped tail,
Balancing on a grazing cow;
The solitary one
Leisurely mowing on
Upon a field of tiny
Green gleaming grass.
They are mutually proud
And delighted at realizing
Unconditional obligations of 
Nature’s unwritten decree!
Man with the best of contracts
Often gets humiliatingly snared.

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Tipping Point

In the millennium’s first dozen years,
they say we’re headed for a tipping point --
a disastrous sum of many fears
when Nature herself will crash and disjoint.
It’s not the Mayan calendar that’s cause,
nor the Sun’s circumstantial alignment,
but our careless consumption without pause
and our uncontrolled wholesale consignment.
Our survival’s not a dress rehearsal.
We are fast approaching the precipice
where it will be too late for reversal.
Earth’s ecosystem hangs over the abyss.
If you’re reading this and claim you don’t care,
we don't need to wait; we’re already there.

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On Her Blindness

An owl was out to trace
Her prey from night’s full grace.
Moon was pale, slow and full,
Though her mate’s face was dull.
The lake-mirror’s zest fades,
Cool and bashful as brides 
Stars adorn the chaste skies, 
And turns on the blue nights.
In small house roofs and streets,
Fields and trees, were her treats.
A Glow worm’s  lightning made
The old owl’s vision fade.
Whom shall she may complain,
Of the loss of view plain?

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From the Ash Tree

Falling leaves of the ash tree
Burned to the ground
Behind you see
The embers found

Wind flows without directional need
Branches fallen lain to fritter
Spreading remains of the withered seed 
Yore the scorch the earth un wither

Sprouting stem from far you flew
Careen a trail of destination
Giving birth to hope anew 
Tree’s first breath of transpiration

Coppice recapitulate
Life perpetuate

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Earth Mother

Ode to the Earth, magnificent curved You 
green seas, fresh turn each day, warmed from afar
by a star, blazing her heart out, for You
Her rays penetrate the cosmos, with ease
heating Your sod, encouraging new life
You turn, epic, majestic, our Mother  
natural in all You do, gorgeous You
the Moon swells Your oceans, circulating  
liquified animation, deep blue sea
feathered flocks fill Your clouds, riding thermals
glorious happenings, land, water, skies 
the lucky few: limited time with You
evolution, birth, a wondrous gift
how do we tell our heart we must depart

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The propinquity of the golden sun
to the ocean of blue is like liquid
butter upon pancakes, and love homespun
Velvet dreams of autumn sunsets limpid

Sunsets' variety of colors bold
Draw many people to slow and pause
Then marvel at the beauty to behold
Let our autumn be worthy of applause

A brillant sunset beaming through dark clouds
A radiant light to lead lost weary souls
to a golden sunset of which to be proud.
Let past be released to cleansed future console

Velvet dreams of autumn sunsets limpid
Fulfill those clear, bright dreams none that's insipid


Propinquity__Nearness in place;proximity
Limpid_Clear and bright or transmitting light
Insipid_Lacking interest, lacking taste or pertaining to food lacking flavor

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Lightning Flashed Heated Air

Lightning flashed heated air nitrogen bring
Desired raindrops free the earth from love's dust
Raining upon the dry earth unjust, just
It is only a very tiny thing

But when the clouds roll away birds will sing
On God the provider they place their trust
Even when man from his store throws small crust
Today the heavens with jubilation did ring

While the lightning flashed man did find rest
Tucked away in house, car, or barn over there
Out of sight where no one could see
In the hot argument of clouds man confessed

God I have sinned before you; please forgive me
Then be finished with this sordid affair

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Night Watch

The harsh winds snarl and bite like fighting dogs.
No pity in this bull-black bitter night.
No stars nor moon can pierce the city fog.
No shelter saves the beggar from his plight.

The winds whip swirling grit and stinging grime.
Mad demons breathe out sour tasting wrath,
And wine red sky now marks the passing time
When, waking widows mourn the hour of death.

Although  the sulphurous gusts still groan and howl,
The night begins to fade for dawn's debut
While roaming dogs bare yellow teeth and growl
As smoky shadows slink through trembling dew.
The daybreak chimes, and morning sweetly sings,
Retreating night’s outshone by brighter things.

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Ripe Rich Colors

Phantasm broods in a conundrum of tears
Cherry blossoms blush and perfume the air
A poignant scent yet dark raven appears
As the sloe black abyss engulfs her stare

Scarlet red tulips and luscious sweet pea
Cinnamon and jade mix carmine and teals
Hues of deep verdant blow kisses to trees
As he storms in and this naked heart steals

Roiling high seas and boiling hot waves
toss her upon their ultramarine kiss
With raspberry passion that orchids crave
metempsychosis for a peonies bliss
             Arrest bronze eyes on these blooming lips
                     where strawberries wait for slow sweet sips

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On A Detail In A François Boucher Painting

Poems ascend in luminous sapphire skies 
As prettily as any Boucher dove
In flight eternal.  The artist's strokes devise
Each beauteous form to represent great love.
How many shades of light, how many hues
Playfully linger on each feathery wing?
Such subtle shadows!  Gentle tones infuse
The senses, sweetly prompt the soul to sing.
Cherubs frolic, blissful, plump and pink,
Companions to each poem or lovely bird,
Painted in Master's oils, or pen and ink,
They celebrate that now their song is heard.
Once seen, once read, no one can rend asunder
These artefacts portraying Nature's wonder.

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The Plight of the Bumble Bee

Hello, I am a buff-tailed bumble bee,
But in this fair and pleasant land, I’m dying.
Intensive farming methods, can’t you see ?
Do not provide the flowers for which I’m sighing.
The meadow’s gone, and were that not enough
The butterflies and moths are suffering too –
So many native plants you’re killing off;
Make no mistake, this will impact on you !
When you see me, ‘dozing’ in a flower,
I’m helping to produce the crops you need –
I zig-zag flower to flower and hour by hour
Transport the pollen to produce the seed.
	Be friendly, plant bee-friendly plants for me –
	I’ll buzz and be a hive of industry.

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Reflection Colored by Rain

The luminous light of day 
Crowded by a shadowy cloud
Rain falls, reflecting sunray
Creating rainbow colors bowed
Find the end, find the gold
However it takes, deity vowed
Through youth until it's old
Sky of endless theory allowed
Find the truth of his stories told
Promise, hope, here and now
Capture to have and to hold
The luminous light of day
Reflection colored by rain 
Reflects joy instead of pain

 ~Leonard Napierskie

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Proclamation of Nocturnal Rain

I sit gazing at the bruised branches 
Of trees that wall my humble thatch. 
Leaves dead and live laments, 
Tender mango sprouts, 
Like yellow granules of cake dough, 
Lie listening the last drops’ descent. 
Pale hairy roots of young trees, 
A shattered sparrow’s nest, 
The bowing branch full of guava 
Fruits yellow and green, 
Blessed basil leaves with tiny 
Silver pearls clean and pure 
Sets the  morn’s golden glory; 
Proclamation of a nocturnal rain.

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Communing With Nature

Far and away the faint call of the loon
The sun dropping, darkness coming soon
The waters kissed by the last beams of light
An eagle soars to his home in the heights

Crowning the lake, forests dark and deep
Broken only by ancient rock faces steep
Giant trees surround the lake like a crown
In the beauty of nature the senses drown

We seek out these places to mend ragged souls
Reflection and meditation unconscious goals
To sit while the silence sings a heavenly tune
Interrupted only by the faint song of the loon

Lift up your eyes and heart to the new risen moon
For in these places, with Him, a time to commune

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A Will

The birds fly free up in the sky.
Why oh why can it not be me?
Why can’t I just soar and be.
Why can’t I fly above so high?
My spirit guides me as I sigh.
My soul wills me to be free.
Where is this highest decree?
This is why I hear doves cry.
I open a seal,
Carry a smile.
All is so real.
I last a mile.
Inside of me there is a will.
This is why I can’t sit still.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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The want to be free

Where is the river that follows the breeze.
 The one that goes and flows along with ease.
No cares or worries about life trials.
Just free to bask along in the new miles.

For sure this journey will someday find an end.
Out to the vast ocean by canyons and bends.
Carried along in the path of the wind.
Life held by nature and the love that she sends.

No raging waters to find natures voice.
Just amazement and beauty in Gods choice.
In a mind exist the place to be free.
Where the wind blows the river to the sea.

To nature man has nothing over thee.
You hold our soul and the want to be free.

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The Fragrance Blest

Lotus, whose sapless roots 
Deep in stream’s muddy soul,
When lost the mossy bond below
Is turned gray in deeper gloom.
Her mate the light of all that live,
In pain he sinks in golden waves,
And the verge of seas are found
Billowing clouds that wailing loud.
Life is but a sweet  and snappy  scent
That keeps the pulpy mass in place
On frames of bones big and small,
Veins, sinews, marrows in tones. 
When is lost that fragrance blest
We are, but a fetid maggots’ feast.

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Another World

Where do we go when we go away?
And why is it that we have to leave?
What happened to Adam and to Eve?
Where is the greatest scale to weigh?
Where do we go when we want to stay?
What about this great big world weave?
What about you what do you believe?
So what dues do we have left to pay?
Why me?
Why you?
I can see?
You do to!
I think we’ve all been twirled,
All the way into another world!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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africa beauty

      oh Africa!
      the land built with breats,
      overflowing with the milk of an infant,
      in the bosom of the deepest earth,
5    Yet with irresistible beauty.

      Africa Oh Africa!!
      a nation developed with admirable beauty,
      that flashes like a twinkling darkness,
      and lightens like a moon over the earth,
10  Yet brighter than a transparent sun.

      Africa! Oh Africa!!!
      the voice of fashion whispered,
      Your beauty filled the atmosphere like a ceremonious infant,
      just like the fragrant of a wooden spray.

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Our Gifted Spring

Beauty is nothing; nothing if not spring,
flora shooting, oozing to cover bare
earth that winter spent, stripped; now gives green. 
New life God has planted, planned with care
and bathed the globe with rains, spare and clean. 
The air, great gasps of spring; the springing air,
blossom of peach and pear, scents fresh and keen.
Wonders of wonder all are flaxen fair.

Praise gifts, which bring this juice, bring us this joy.
Praise gifts of face found and fine wildflowers.
Praise gifts, and praise our debt for springtime’s cloy-
breadth of earth’s wild bounty, it is ours.
Praise gifts of song, for songbirds on bright wing.
Renewing life; Oh! Praise our gifted spring.

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Signs of autumn

The signs of autumn are upon us. Wow!
The Sun is heading south and harvesting
Is ready for a host of crops by now.
In early fall the days are warm as spring.
The leaves are turning yellow, some are red
And few are brown as yet. The oaken tree
Is dropping fruit and squirrels running ahead
Of other squirrels to claim a guarantee
Impending drops are won. The scent of leaves
Is carried by Septembers gentle breeze
Throughout the day bestirring memories
Of seasons past: A time of youth, who seized
The autumn moments with a measured scheme:
To laugh and play; to sing; to love and dream.

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Help Me Grow

The Japanese Magnolia's blooms color
Now a sickly amber after the freeze
Layered somber clouds boil threaten downpour
That will dampen out on the porch's ease

Just a few minutes to gather my thoughts
Settle down in the cold, biting, damp air
All the stresses, disappointment life brought
To the true, living God who reigns, rules fair

Fairness in diamond buried deep contained
In layers of earth waiting to surface
By hands of God releases unrestrained
Diamond in rough waiting place in palace

Speak to me, Lord, help the diamond's facets
Help me grow, Lord, fill me with your nuggets

In honor of Brian Strand
Contest: Our choice up to fourteen
Penned by:Sara Kendrick
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Granted and Given

It is all in the Stars if you look hard enough.
There is always the morning Star twinkling.
And then there is the evening Star blinking.
And then there are layered clouds in a fluff.
Then there is the Sun and Moon and stuff.
Sometimes it looks like the Moons winking.
Sometimes it looks like the Sun is thinking.
Makes me wonder if their day can be rough!
What a wondrous world I live in.
What balance I live by every day.
My life must be granted and given.
So no wonder I take time to pray.
It is granted and given each day just to be me.
Just look up once a day and this you can see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Radiant Sunbeams

Radiance rains down from the heavens
In leaning lanes of luminescence
Glorious golden lyre strings glow
Against the deep azure's hollow
Pillared paths of beaming glee
Cradle the meadow magnificently
Sunshine streams past cloudy drapes
Illuminating these inclined escapes
Suppressed, sketch out a silver lining
Rather than send high hopes resigning
From eternity they stretch to emanate
Let bright light warmth disseminate
As they disperse divinity into the morn
Seep through my soul so I shine on.

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My Savior Redeems

Morning awoke me in a field of dreams.
Sunshine sang, moistened leaves glistening.
The coolest breeze tamed summer’s extremes.
An imagined world in silence viewed listening.

I scurried away to my quiet place.
Beneath the trees, to seek the hand of God,
There was no worry of time or space.
He bequeathed faith upon His gospel sod.

The earth breathed calmly in the silent still.
Overwhelming trust embraced my essence.
I thanked God for the spiritual thrill.
Living each day, I love feeling His presence.

Whether a field of dreams or sparkling moonbeams,
My spirit gleams because my Savior redeems.

© April 10, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Gathering Figs

I went this morning to gather ripe figs
The ants, wasps, yellow jackets arrived first
They had been gathering like little pigs
Here a hole, there a hole, those giant holes worst

Hidden in a giant hole underneath
Was an armadillo covered in dirt
He keeps his family in tiny sheath
Shows them around yard, rears those little squirts

Some ripe figs had already fermented.
Were the ants_ hornets drunk with nature's wine
As on fermented figs they richly fed?
Didn't they know that those figs were mine?

Nature's plants and animals compliment
Each other, that's surely self-evident 

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Natural Glitter

Swallowed up into false nothingness around,
Captured only by my thoughts with no sound,
My mind wondering throughout the land,
No music to spare, not even a marching band,
Swiftness of stream, within walking distance,
Captures my thoughts, breaking my stance,
I break away and chase after calming echo.
Not knowing what I would find or know.
My soul relates to natures swishing flow.
Heart beating softly, in rhythm as I go,
As if, my spirit is writing music so sweet.
Picturing the notes, expressions of the beat,
Welcoming environments of musical twitter,
Spread outward in view, of natural glitter.

Written for

Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name Breathe in the silence 

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October is the mellowest month
when all the leaves turn flaming red,
and squirrels munch on a fallen nut.
Notice how the days get shorter,
how the chill reminds of Holidays
that yesterday was a thought too far.
People stroll and enjoy the nice weather,
as they watch trees being stripped of their jewels,
but sad as Nature seems, fantasy can go far. 
I sit on a park bench as Lassie, the golden retriever, 
barks inviting me to hurl the ball as high as I can,
then runs like a tiger to catch it in the festive air.

She returns with the ball pinned within her strong teeth,
and as all the leaves turn flaming red, they fall on my feet.

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Great is the Day

Great is the day when a song you hear.
It makes your spirit soar through wind.
Great is the day when your time begins.
It makes you wake up and hoot a cheer.
Great is the day when it is a new year.
It makes you back to where you been.
Great is the day to manage a few grins.
It will put you into another hemisphere.
Great is the day just to be,
A part of a world that sings!
Great is the day just to see,
A wondrous mix of things!
Great is the day,
Is all I can say!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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On My Heart ~An Emerald Cloud~

I fell in love beneath an emerald cloud,
beside the trunk that held its green in place.
Whenever we approached, it gently boughed,
and it kept cool my lover's lovely face.

It never cried, unlike its whitened kin,
nor did it change its hue when skies were gray,
though there were times it could not bear the wind,
but rest assured--it floats there still today.

It floats there still, all green above the brown,
though it was smaller when I saw it last.
My wife was fond of its abounding gown,
and oh so grateful to its wooden cast.

I thus engraved our love upon its bark,
as she had done so deeply on my heart.

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A Joyous Trek

A Joyous Trek 

An afternoon spent walking the trails
Nature triumphs where city life fails
A short drive to Wapanocca Refuge today
had to let my inner child out to play

First trail snaked out to a lovely pond
saw the ducks of which I am so fond
Up around another very scenic bend
two deer bolted as if we were not friends

This cool day had the turtles out sunning
the squirrels playing, the lizards a running
All seemed to be listening to Nature's tune
Mid July felt like cool morn in early June

A trek to ease a tired body and soul
serenity realized , sweet joy the goal

Robert J. Lindley , 07-17-2014

Wapanocca NWR located 20 miles northwest of Memphis, Tennessee, 
in Crittenden County, Arkansas was established in 1961 to provided
habitat for migrating and wintering waterfowl. The refuge is located 
four miles west of the Mississippi River and protected from the river
 by the river levee. Prior to establishment of the refuge, it was the
 site of the Wapanocca Outing Club which was formed in 1886. This was
 one of the oldest and most prestigious hunting clubs. The club managed
 for waterfowl and most of the lake was set aside as a waterfowl 

Today the refuge literally stands as a wildlife oasis in an 
agricultural sea. An excellent diversity of habitat exists comprised
 on mainly agricultural land, bottomland hardwood forest, early stage
 reforested hardwoods, open water and flooded cypress/willow swamp. 
Thirty small field impoundments totaling 190 acres have been developed
 for waterfowl in the agricultural area. Because of its strategic 
location in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway and the diverse 
habitat, the refuge is a prime wintering area for migratory waterfowl 
and a major stopping place for migrating warblers. Bald eagles, great
 blue herons, great egrets and anhingas nest on the refuge.

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Slow Drip Drops

Solid clouds enveloped early morn sky
Lightning bolt flashed blindingly bright
Seemed right in front of my eyes and did fly
Scary thought that it could hit filled with fright

Could not force myself inside to safety
Had to take it all in_nitrogen air
Thunder; but did not see that bolt unsafety
Remain here when reason says go in to care

There is something about a winter storm 
Same as  summer but out of season now
Will things be greener like spring thunderstorm
Always refreshing to see how they grow

Clouds moving at a very fast pace now
Blue sky appearing in the west drip drop slow

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Once, I woke up early in the morning,
To my surprise it's the spring.
Pleasant charming jolly dancing,
Birds were chrirping and chattering.
Freshets with noise were flowing,
Whole atmosphere was changing.
The scene became more fine,
As the sun started rising.

Now the mixture of rain and sunshine,
Looked pretty golden fine.
Someone shrieked - "It's the time,
For the monkey's wedding."
We all danced and drenched,
In the yard in mirth and joy ....!!

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Mates Indivisible

Along with living and lifeless alike
Are born the shadows endless,
And at feet do they slowly dissolve
When sun sets and moon wanes.
Birth and death are but strings 
Bound between myths
Of delusions and realities
That  have outlived time-tides. 
Clouds and Souls have fate similar;
Incarnate in nature intentionally
And struggles on to bring about 
‘Origin is the End, End is the Origin’.
Ageless is time, so are souls;
The indivisible mates of the Bang Big!

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Color burst

Kaleidoscope fields; 
wild flowers in bloom
Poppies dance their reels; 
thought there’s not much room.

Floral canvas palette;
soaking up some sun.
Nature has such talent; 
her colors never run.

Mother Earth births beauty; 
but secrets, she will keep.
With offspring’s fruity flavors; 
for joy, the taste buds leap.

Scenes like this, induce great bliss.
Thank the Earth, for her soft kiss.

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Cherry Blossoms- Yoshino Sakura

Your beauty and delicate nature, indeed we cannot deny
Yet having such a short life span, you somehow eventually die
Like the transient nature of mist and clouds, you superbly reappear
Then breathtakingly take your time to freshen up the air

A majestic symbol of power, knowledge and spiritual pulchritude
Celebrated blossoms attained in Spring you've magnificently exude
You evoke an artistic comparison through your bright ruddy hue
And in the night when we're asleep your petals the skies bedew

Your flowers are nearly pure white, and tinged with the palest pink, 
Without hesitation you shrivel and fall before I could even blink 
Your spiritual and cultural significance is never an incomplete
Accompanied by your long weeping branches are flowers so very petite

So stunning and stupendously, you lay about the trees
And even when you've carpeted the ground, your beauty never cease


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On the Love of Trees

In silent woodland stirred whispering leaves,
Two trees are talking in velvet green voice,
Towards the sun their boughs so gently weave,
As in their love far reaching roots rejoice.
Beneath the ground they stretch and turn as one,
Unseen, unheard yet still the trees embrace,
Like lovers courting in the midday sun,
Their beauty poised in divinity’s grace.
The shady canopy where they stand proud,
Their serenity seen in dappled light,
As moments held within a thought cloud
That drifts upon a breeze of sacred sight.
If trees should share the wisdom of their age,
They would us tell of love, the heart’s own sage.

Form: English Sonnet

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A Snowdrop

 Snowdrops falling into bloom, there's no need for mittens
 Ladybugs on daisies, as playful as kittens
 Lilacs and lilies awaken in spring
And dance to the melody of birds as they sing

 Fragrance of  brightly  colored hyacinths
 Leaves an aromatic imprint
The royal flight of the butterfly king
 As the monarch floats on the winds of spring

 A bevy of daffodils adorned in golden sashes
 And tulips abound with colorful flashes
 Hummingbirds hover for the nectar that brings
 The sweet flavors of a beautiful spring

 The rose will impose with beauty untold
 And  buttercups will glow in sunbeams of gold

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Sonnet 7 For Debbie's Crown of Sonnets

I must build a shelter, to fight off the cold.               
A rugged fortress lest poachers return –
My bloody blazer, now, filthy fivefold!
I am shivering cold; fire won’t burn.
I stealthily creep seeking higher ground.               
With every fear a worn mind can churn,                   
I crawl beneath some trees; more wood is found.    
Two bundles, brushwood: birch twigs, logs, to burn.
I build a warm blaze upon the bare earth.              
Then, cook up some vittles: vermin and fern.            
While feeding my hunger, I loosen my girth.
Then, see a mineshaft; my hope starts to yearn.                 
Distantly hidden, completely unmanned.
Through the north woods I come, my bow in hand.  

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The Unavoidable Need For Sunlight

?The Unavoidable Need For Sunlight
You walk through life, your head held high,
smile for the world to see.
But you glance behind, since you rely
UpOn your shadow; upon me.
I yearn for an obstruction 
To overcome the rays.
perhaps, then you'll face deduction
Amidst winter's haunting grays.
The remaining leaves are frosted;
They clink mournfully in dark.
Like them I am exhausted,
Wishing I could disembark.
What you need to realize is, it's you whom you deceive;
If you'd let me be your sunlight, I would never leave.

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The Battle Within

Love and trust the battle within,
One of armor and one of cloth,
Both equal in strength and at a great loss.
Cornered by time to live again,
A moment to go back to where you have been!
The principles of pleasure intrude on a pleasant dream.
Love and trust the battle within shouts its damning scream!
One of armor, one of cloth and both are determined to rise again.

Conflict and pressure begin to adhere to this occasion.
One second to catch your thoughts of stop, go, or yield?
Beset by these restless conflicts your need to release introduces itself.
Provoked to endure a graceful truce the weak one falls to submission.
Love and trust the battle within proclaims the very same guild.
One of armor, one of cloth, and both equal with great strength in this world that we build

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Winters Gone

The long cold winters gone.

Blood of trees begins to flow.

Birds singing a mating song.

New plants begin to grow.

Wonderful warmth in the air,

with raging storms to begin.

All the animals are a pair,

Life's cycle begins again.

Lakes and ponds warming in the sun.

Fish jumping, with splashes fall.

In flight, the dragonflies hum.

Spring Peepers in nightly call.

Nature knows what she must do.
Is it the same for me and you?

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Transformed by Light

A lonely gull cries from within the gloom
Of ghostly dawn, where the grey mist gathers.
Except for this, the silence of the tomb
Suffuses life itself : worst of weathers.
The cold, bone-numbing fog pervading all
Now leeches light and colour from the vale,
Reduces beech trees that were proud and tall
To shallow silhouettes so vague and pale.

A feint light glimmering from across the hills
Expands in brightness. Then the sun appears
In cloudy porthole; through the grey it spills
Upon the grateful fields.  All nature hears
The call of Spring; the rising sap, the skylark sings
With mystic charm that breathes new life in mortal things.

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Dilated Night

when the eternal night blessed our kiss 
within deep trenches of beauty we held
you left the sorrowful night with a hiss,
shall forever be a treasure withheld
a sheer memory of human nature
wondrous night that is forever praised
but thoughts like these tend to become glaciers
as that day becomes a living record
of that night your lips touched upon mine
but with memories,  some float till the end
under the swinging lamp of frozen time
with me, you remain forever adored
with your ruby fire lips and gold hair
in the twilight night we once shared

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Just A Little Dense

Little Princess stands at the the wide garden gate
Looking beyond, longs for total freedom
Not understanding what could be her fate
In the wild open space, woods, garden plum

Where birds, Coyote, BobCats congregate
Or on the lane into town where fast cars
Hurriedly speed along, as if just out gate
But Cosmos, wise one, says what if trapped in jars

Contained within a limited space child
Same things to look at everyday, corraled here
Be thankful for freedom you have, one that's wild
Little one running to and fro even sees deer

Princess just can't understand repaired fence
Seems she might be just a little dense

Sponsor: Brian Strand

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Thou make a warrior lame
An enemy to our race
Thy means so recondite
Suffered by all except none

In thee, ideas die
And motives murdered
Dreams doomed
Yet, no finger nor flesh

Thou are guilty on many a count
Starting from unactualization to death
Except you are defeated
We shall become fugitives 

For a fearless man
Can be attributed as a god

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Clouds Of The Hour

The wind stirs as a very soft zephyr 
Heavy solid gray clouds amassed
Needing to release some water droplets
But this too in a few days will have passed

A new system will come in_dominate
The area, rule with power
Only right now we know not what
Can only see the clouds of the hour

It is quiet for now, no roosters crowing
No frogs croaking, just one cricket
It is that eerie feeling of quiet
Before storm, last bleat of lamb in thicket

We as humans don't know the future
Our only hope is in the Living God's assurance

I know the count is not right..

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Queen of the Hedgerow

The absolute surprise of your face
brings joy to the Spring in snow’s place.
The royal, velveteen, purple hues
glorify the chill morning dew.

England, bonnie England, Buckinghamshire
birthed the little flower of my hearts desire.
Whether Johnny-jump-up or Pied Heart’s Ease
these colorful dickens cause nary a sneeze!

Tiny faces peek from hedgerows and bushes
making our flower beds look oh, so luscious.
A grand variety of Russian yellow or white
each and every wee monkey a rare delight.

So, to you dear Pansy I say, “Hip Hip Hurray!”
May there ne’r come a Spring you’re not on display!

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O World, O Life

O World! O Life! In cinematic flash
  From deep darkest fathom to alpine drift:
In molten rain and shaking mountain ash,
  And in currents and winds and plates that shift.
Nomadic wildebeest in legions herd
  Million fold across an African plain:
And 'neath the mighty taloned hunting bird
  Beasts of prey over a great kingdom reign!
Diving humpback calf ocean depth to shore
  Beach on the burial sand - death to find:
Will in this sky, this sea, this earth that bore
  Come the end of all things of every kind?
Save our planet before the seas have surged,
Before the miracle of life is purged.

November 2001

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The spirit of Emily Dickson still lives... 
from her sensitive soul, words of hope 
and fortitude flow as spring rivers,
and their sprightly sounds makes one look.

And closely look into her life not lived for glory,
find those treasures she sew in a fascicle;
can her poems be appreciated and not annoy
the reader who seeks words not very humble? 

Emily ponders sorrow and death...being not afraid,
and while looking to the infinite, serene Heavens:
she accepts her fate and turns it into a quest of faith,
to make her journey a memorable one before it ends.

Let her gentle, firm voice warn you of an unexpected, fierce storm;
feel the cold breeze turn into a strong wind as she beats her drum.

My Sonnet is a tribute to Emily Dickson.

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When all the sand's run out for yesterday
and here you stand reflecting on it all,
no matter what you do, or what you say
you'll never change the way time has to fall;

the sand's been piled onto the waiting floor,
announcing time's run out, as you can see,
all hopes and dreams now fade, to be no more,
as if the way it's piled is meant to be;

all Heaven knows you've done the best you could
to shape tomorrow as you'd want today,
but somehow things don't go just as they should
and sands of time don't always fall your way.

The best we'll ever do is turn the stand
and hope again our time goes as we've planned.
.................© ron wilson

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Minnesota Nice

The great upper mid west
Minnesota put to the test
Ten thousand lakes and streams
Reality for many who like to dream

From Itasca state park
To the Louisiaina's wooden bark
The mighty Mississippi flows
Gently down the outcrop she goes

Crime rates are always's on the rise
But really does it come as such a surprise
Everyone seems to like to hug
Except when its a mosquito bug

So many call us Minnesota Nice
But some still say were Cold as Ice

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Sonnet 12

My love, you are the fountain of my youth
In steps and stones and sacred shrines of truth
Sitting afloat the pureness of the air
You glow at night and with-in light you glare

A kiss from you is like an ancient tea
That heals thy all from head to heart and knee
Your beauty is the music nature plays
As rainbows rise and decorate your rays

Without your love methinks I might decay
And blue skies would exist forever grey
And nature would have no melodic tune 
Thus winter would appear itself in June

If any a man was blessed, it would be me
If anything is pure, your love would be

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An Earth Sonnet

Our species stands against her tidal flows,
Yet revels in the beauty of her pow’r,
Too fast we live to see what gently grows,
Then cuss her name when it seems all turns sour.
We think we know better than Mother Earth,
Our dirty ways the ones that should now be,
But she it is that gave all life its birth,
From mountain tops to deep within the sea.
In summer’s breeze we want her soothing touch,
Yet whinge and moan if winds then blow a gale,
Or winter’s snows affect our lives too much,
But nature knows she must balance the scale.
To look with joy upon her sacred face,
It is her divine ways we must embrace.

Form: English Sonnet

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What inward sight illuminates our way -
Whose lucid eye can all the ages span -
To see the Mystic Law that holds its sway
Beyond the endless birth and death of Man?
The luminary moon, when night is done,
Still rules the tides, though the daylight hides it.
The lotus always turns to face the sun
And yet what blossom eye ever guides it?
The cross-eyed men with intellect adorn
Their intuitions - blind who lead the blind -
The common mortals - blind when they were born -
With doubtful eyes that Truth could never find.
   We look - we stare - we gaze and gaze - but we,
   With sightless eyes, forever fail to see.

 – Harley White  

< October 6, 1999 >

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Adulation beyond compare, exquisite beyond definity
Smooth angles encompass breathtaking visibility
Perfection indeed is natures confident brushstroke 
Pristine beauty engulfs all surrounding devote
Sublime pales in comparison to this feat divine
Paradise lost right here on earth's wonderful design
Submerged in hues incomparable to mere man
Stirring softly in midsummers golden hands
What admirable designs of divine intervention
Such gratuitous alms for entireties concession
Sweet surrender in uninhibited space
Sobriety adorned in such natural grace
Voluptious sculptures embodied in natures advent
Oh how divine to inhale such glorious scent

>definity - not an existing word (poetic licence)  derived from define/definition

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Death of the Crocodile Hunter

He was in large life a force of nature
  And in barbed death a martyr to the cause:
Leaping madly on some croc or gator
  Wrestling its mighty ancient tail and jaws!
A call to action lest all not conserve
  That which is threatened and forever lost:
To champion, protect, cherish, and preserve,
  And to end the animal holocaust!
There is in Beerwah a place I avouch 
  Where The Hunter rests, and grew as a child,
And returned a sick joey to its pouch
  And learned to love the demon crocodile.
If ever I see a ghost in khaki
I shall muse of one man and think..."Crikey!"


Dedicated to Steve Irwin

Beerwah is where he lived in Queensland, Australia.
A Joey is a baby kangaroo.

October 2006

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Letting Go

It is the hardest lesson I ever had to learn.
Emptying myself to breathe my own air,
I went through life with nothing to spare.
My place had been set and was hard to earn.
In my heart it was for you I yearn.
Times were rough and never fair.
All along only I came to really care.
In my soul this began a fire to burn.
You let me down,
Broke my heart,
Made me frown,
Ripped me apart,
Shattered into a million zillion pieces,
I’m letting go of my lifetime of leases.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Teal titans stretch above the fray,
so sure they won't be swept away.
Like Aesops' ant, they don't prepare
for chilling end in winters' stare.
Their colors burst and start to run.
It hits them hard that life is done.
As drill-bit winds and fading light
Force feathered song to hasty flight.
Brisk crimson billows blot the street,
Then clot in brown piles at their feet.
The snap of bark, slim tendrils flail
as veins gone cold begin to fail.
Numb fingers scrape the windowpanes
to snatch what little heat remains.
From frosted windows' golden glows,
we cowards peek as each one goes.
They plea for help in eerie moans.
We can not help. They die alone.
Such public death, not for the proud,
White winds will wrap their silver shroud.

Their lesson stands for all to see-
Might we die too, with dignity?
But even more, they seem to say-
Be ready when it comes our way.

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Light In Darkness

Chilled is the air and damp as sun rises Casting an apricot glow on tips of trees The sheer bastiste fog silently just is Bright sun brings hope changing to cheddar cheese Birds sing as do the roosters greeting friend A turkey goobles to my right loud and clear Wonder if he is courting a girlfriend She must be his true love_ his dear Sun has become that bright bright happy light Blinding rays pierce the chilled air warming all Soon it will be warm for all giving might Open doors of opportunity for those with sight Son_ sun cast light in places of darkness Opportunities for growth, change, cleanliness

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Every second passes by me unseen But I can feel the weight of one minute After each hour my mind becomes keen: That these days are adding up bit by bit. Each week my personality alters A year goes by and my mind starts to twist Decades pass and it seems as time falters, My mentality gets lost in time’s mist. Yet when I am with you the clock stands still If only I could exploit these feelings I could stop the sands of time at my will But I’m not capable of these dealings Time now steals what I already forgot My mind starts to fade but our love will not

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Death Comes

The time of life has come to halt
for the grim reaper owns my soul.
His timing and acuteness never fault.
To take my life is his goal.
The shortness of a love once known.
The greatness of my internal fear.
While as he enters i sit all alone
and i begin to shed a tear.
My fate with chess betrayed me
through the hourglass i stare
the time has come for me to leave
my body and soul no longer an even pair.
My body still lies where it fell
my soul for eternity will burn in hell.

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Fall From Ferocity

Beyond the cities glow, big mountains call
Just down the highway nature adorns
Relativley making tall buildings small
It's not protected by barb, but by thorn
It's a lot better than a trip to the mall
Unless it's for Abercromie you yearn
Then my rueful friend, you are part of the fall
Those who will help to see civilization burn
Yet never know it was happening at all
So please won't you drive down that highway to learn
The reason we answer to natures call
Is as simple as sitting under a fern
Yet a part of a larger complexity
Often overlooked be man's ferocity

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I love thee so much
Not because I need thee
Thou I do need thee
But for they principle

Thou are so free
And the most generous
You flow to anywhere
Yet needs not consideration

From the fountain to the spring
The to the river in to the ocean
Thou flow not from the biggest
For the head son killed not our father

Thou are not greedy
Whether big or small

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To be loved

Like an eagle in butcher’s corners
Some have embraced it like sands
They are the chicks of hen mothers
Protected from the hard craws of hard beaked birds

Though all in the spherical are
Most from milk teeth are thy denied.
Hovering from every tom & harie
Looking like a raining season vulture

That petched on dry wood.
With feathers like an avian infulexa bird.
 Aching of heart at moon time is thy mood.
With oceans flowing through their lids.

To be loved thy are privilege
Enjoy by the class of privilege.

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The pasture green does go unto eyes end
And there I wander with a friend,
We  find the path, stream and shade
And never are again afraid.

Fields of wheat, rye and corn
Coming from that flowing horn,
And as the breeze does rustle bye
I sense the tear within the Eye.

Now it comes down the way,
For each and every day,
Speaking are the words we say,
Coming  softly on a ray.

The piece be done, this I say,
Gracious be this month of May.

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Faint Not Oh Saint

Man, when entirely engulfed
By the complexities of life,
Finds himself dreadfully jammed
By pressures massive, and faints.
When solutions of any kind
Inept to solve issues intricate,
And pain mounts to masses,
One slowly spins into a saint.
When courses of acumen initiates
Soothing echoes within, the saintly
Soul dives deep into blessed trance,
Blissful oblivion and absolute ease.
True, Pressure makes one faint,
But, wisdom turns him saint.

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A Love Song

Velvet veil of violets has covered thy hair,
Ruby red roses kneel to form thy bed,
Pretty plump pansies bend to pamper thee,
Dormant drowsy dews on daffodils are shed.

Golden cascades of hair on the shoulders fall,
Sunny fairies descend as if they heard a call,
Dancing dainty damsels come to see thy face,
Lyres played softly, chanting for thee to lull.

  Voice of the angels touch, strings of soul,
Sweet scent smelt as the petals part,.
Cooing breeze fondles the dandelions’ hair ,   
Fluffy clouds flirt in the ocean’s heart

Clanging feet of time is heard, but you needn’t fear,
For Eons of Edenic bliss, awaits you dear.

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winter snow will make its raid
after the summer's chase of fall.
the earth's landscape will become overlaid
with small frosty webs trapping all.

fall's carpe diem with its colorful leaves
boasts its showiness in monochromatics.
orange, red, and yellow foliage of trees weaves
a motion picture of diving dramatics.

winter and summer are opposite in purpose.
fall and spring divide the temperature extremes.
they all work together without being jealous.
seasons have better ethics than us it seems.

fall's deaths makes fertilizer in winter for life in spring
which is then chased by summer and the sport it will bring.

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Clematis Cirrosha (French sonnet)

Great grin, glow, O glow, ‘til grizzled I grow, humming
Brightly bring bliss back before boredom burns me black 
My morn muse minding merry mountains’ moulded rock 
Tantalizes thoughtless thought that taunts thoughtless thing   
Lulling, longing, life with you, my love lives each day    
Whispering wind warmly wheeze words o’ awe, I feel 
Forever, firm beauty you own, as always will
Be beauteous blossom, bed o’ boredom stays at bay    

Dearest darling, don’t dare dry honeyed aroma 
Tempest thorns o’ thunders though sure to us they throw 
Yet, you-- yodelled youth o’ yore to death not to sow 
And, Angels adore you-- Clematis Cirrosha
Let love o’ mine, for you, flow in the darkest night
Heart diamond o’ thine, how precious is your light	

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The End

This sense of fear that grows as twilight fades
And reapers of souls descend on the Earth,
To feed on destruction in chaos’ birth,
Dear angels of truth tremble in the shades.
The eyes of Man see nothing but old mud,
Where the beauty of nature once stood proud,
There is no movement, not even a cloud,
Divine Mother sucked dry of sacred blood.
The warning signs lie silent and ignored,
With pathways to life eternally closed,
If only they listened or just supposed
For a moment so time could be restored.
As Earth enters apocalyptic age,
All life must pay this, the final wage.

Form: Canadian Sonnet


Structure: Composed over 3 quatrains and a couplet

Meter: Consistent iambic pentameter or decasyllabic

Rhyme Schema: abba cddc effe gg

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Azalea's Covetous Caress

(Swap Sonnet)

Azalea struts her bloom before the rose
in early spring, to follow jonquil pose
and steal respect from phlox' expanding plume.
Before the rose, azalea struts her bloom;

her fervor glows beneath a brilliant sky
and boldly sends a zealous battle cry
to power down the honor of the rose.
Beneath a brilliant sky, her fervor glows,

while rose's gift survives the touch of time. 
Her tint, her scent gives hint of vintage wine
as petals stir, and memory board contrives
the touch of time, the rose's gift survives.

        Azalea's burst of color fades to naught
        yet rose's blush continues to be sought. 


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A Lasting Star

I gaze upon the vast night sky
And I saw a star that caught my eye
I watched the star as it twinkled bright
And wondered about its ancient light

Obeying only the universal laws
Unconcerned by the effect and cause
Destruction and creation are sublime
And exist in the very same moment in time

I wondered if it had ceased to be
And only its past is to be shown to me
From a  million eons long ago
I am blessed tonight by a brilliant glow

But I know if it ever seems to be gone 
It is only evolving and ready to move on

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Owned by all
Yet trusted to one
For the benefit of all

Why then so scraggy
Like a road side beggar
Has he failed to make you baggy?

Because he hated our interest
Isn’t our motherland the trustee
Our birthright the interest

The kids he keeps selfishly
Thinking we were all blind
To see the specie all around
You are breaching our trust
Do not make us distrust

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Dawns another early spring day:
Garden is frozen on stillness’ edge,
Door crackles open as ice strips away,
White lawn,  white branches,  white hedge.

Warm breath clouds in front of face;
Don’t want  footsteps to spoil
Cold freshness filling this tiny place
And perfection painted at night on soil.

Silent  snow swirls all around  -
Saskatchewan spring in my garden small.
Chill air nips new shoots on the ground,
Hidden behind my hedge  and wall.

        Beyond the hedge,  a  thousand miles white,
        The  prairies awaken from the night.

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Rainbows are made of droplets of water Refracting and reflecting the sun's light. Anything more depends on the spotter, In how one perceives this natural sight. They arc through the waves of every shoreline, And bend with the mist of a waterfall. Some call them bridges to kingdoms divine, But rainbows are not supernatural. How does one see such a fanciful sight, In colorful crescents crossing the sky? Why so much wonder in refracted light? What is this whimsy effecting the eye? Answers are found in the inspiration. Rainbows are made of imagination.

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Black Death Lies

Recalling the days not so far away,
Hearing experts speaking to say,
We had not enough oil today.
There was not five million to sway.
No, no, we had not enough oil here.
We depend on foreign oil so clear.
What do I see plastered in the news.
Millions and millions per day we lose.
What, we did not have is ruining, life.
Millions of dollars spent in strife.
Sea life, peoples lives in peril.
By what we did not have by the barrel,
Now we know; we were lied too, big.
Black Death, we had not, flows from rig.

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A Day in Spring

I shall compare you to a day in spring
to complement the summer Shakespeare wrote.
Your voice is fairer than the birds that sing
of love, in every way on every note.

The sweetened fabric 'round a flower's face
is far less lovely than your silken hair:
the former lacks in sheen and goes to waste
when comes the callous winter's annual air.

The season's song, its scent, its look and feel
are still quite beautiful, make no mistake,
but this is true because your own appeal
is made the greater by these very traits.

The spring may flaunt a lovely sky and floor,
but springtime makes you gorgeous all the more.

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Fidalgo Island

Fidalgo Island
'All grown-ups were once children...but only few of them remember it.' – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in The Little Prince
When we were kids, we agreed that Guemes and Cypress looked like a boa digesting an elephant on some days, and on others when the fog would roll in, the Loch Ness. On the worn crumbled steps of the amphitheater, we gazed at the horizon dotted with islands, sails and orca fins and breathed in the air of moss-cedar damp and sea spray, as time disappeared into campfire smoke and whispering wind. But as the years rolled by we forgot about Fidalgo Bay. We traded fog horns and seagulls for honking cars and whining motor bikes, the salty breeze for an asphalt mirage that reminds us of the mirrored surface of calm seas, the shining waves around the boa and the elephant we left behind. Someday, when our backs are hunched and our legs need a cane, we’ll go back to a time of gray mists and steady rain.

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Sing Aurora Sing

See the symphony of light o’er the sea.
Softly the agony resends softly. 
Free rising orb setting harmony free.
Brightly absorb with a song so brightly.

Aurora  light from morning aurora.
Song of the night is now operas' song.
Flora delight; like blossoms of flora.
Long is the sight with emotions so long.

Rising crescendo with morning rising.
Serene innuendo leaves mind serene.
Surprising opera; light surprising.
Pristine  genera of human pristine.

So open your heart let the light sing so.
Know symphony light, and  your mind will know.

Author Notes:
Shadow Sonnet with internal rhyme.
Shadow Sonnet created by Amera M. Andersen may be written in any sonnet 
style. The Shadow takes place at the beginning and ending of each line as the 
words are identical or homophonic.

14 lines
9 or 10 syllables per line
Should have a volta or pivit
Iambic pentameter is not necessary

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Thou who eyes are so heavenly, beauty in such abundance, with love that shows 
no sin lips did I kiss. Gentle art thy lips, sweet is thy taste, tempting is thy touch to 
which I have been embraced. Hast not my desires been given life this very night. My 
heart can surely plea for more of this journey that I’m taking is it not mine heart that 
thou hast taken. Deep art thy treasure that beckon me to explore; you leave me 
with a question of how much of you I can endure. Your name, your touch, and your 
words give life to my nature which with every word and touch my nature desires 
much further. My youth does not exclude me from this abundance of love that with 
one look into thine eyes weakens my sense of pride. Some wonder how long this 
will last I say forever which means never done, never over.

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Frigid Perditions

Though the most glorious, known as fall.
Winter, the most powerful season of all
Days and nights, full of crisp gentle flakes
Until Old Man winter, grumbles and wakes,

With the easterly wind, creating the blitz,
While sleeping in warmth, hearing no fits,
I awake, looking out, with muddled wits.
Pallid coverage everywhere, with solid bits,

Scaled, in glacial elements, as I begin to leave,
My travels today, pleading for a reprieve.
No acceptance for me, I must trek the route.
Now prepared and readied, adorning the suit,

I set forth steady, against the angry conditions.
Old Man winter has come with frigid perditions

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To He Who Shattered Heaven

Why is it that the sky retaliates
before its muddy texture is inflamed?
I would not hesitate to execrate
the one who shattered Heaven's placid frame.

I would assume the culprit is of man:
for does not lightning fork upon the earth,
and singe our atmosphere with blinding hands,
disparaging our frail bipedal worth?

The slith'ring Lucifer from Eden's womb
unsheathes his lucent tongue from thund'ring hills.
The frantic people house whilst flashes boom,
and pray for pardon from above; yet still

sporadic sparks, like cracks in clouded glass,
cascade from firmaments of dismal ash!

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Who Bears Your Infancy?

What silk conducts the frail nocturnal moth?
What hand commands its drunken fabric flight?
Whose guiding threads are weaved within its cloth?
--the same maternal moon that knits the night?

Can such a lantern lead it to neglect
the sov'reignty endowed within its wings?
Can such resplendent light induce defect?
Does radiance incite its ragged rings?

If so, what poor parental sense does she,
the nightly wife of dawning's eye, display.
What mother lets her children toddle free
when faulty fathers seek to singe their way?

Why must the moth revere the mother's name,
yet turn to ash before a father's flame?

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Last night while I was watching the TV, 
The screen and whole house went completely dark.
A bald eagle had hit electric wire,
Causing a deadly and disastrous arc.
Grumbling much about the inconvenience
I resignedly went to an early bed,
Not knowing that the noble, soaring bird
Had hit the unseen wire and now lay dead. 

This bird that we claim to admire and love,
The symbol of our own beloved nation
Is only safe if he stays far away
From a thoughtless human's habitation.
Only yesterday his beauty stole my breath
Today I mourn his most untimely death.

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Who has it all?

Who has it all?

In the clear of day
Some will like to trade condition
Maybe because of his garb
Yet his neck thus bends

Bends on the weight of tribulations
His son puffs and wastes away
Isn’t your son a first class holder?
Learn how to appreciate where thou are

I agree u have no car
Yet he died on his own Infinity
The house he built
Have caused him robbery attacks
Dear, it is all hot everywhere
Even in the underwater

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Beneath a Fragile Moon

We nimbly glide beneath celestial lights;
see how the painted crystal roof does shine.
Look up - look up at sparkling ceiling bright;
those stars are yours as much as they are mine!

Your will to waltz refines your sterling dress.
You move as if your soul will never tire.
Oh if it be your will to never rest,
then let us dance immersed in diamond fire!

Whisk me away my love on feet of dusk;
come let us tame this glist'ning ballroom floor!
There's not another maiden I dare trust,
for it is you whose grace I most adore.

Oh chandelier, burn bright and fervently;
remain the fragile moon you claim to be!

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I saw the Sun and the Moon take a stance in the universe.
And an unknown Star placed over them was put in charge.
The whole entire inhabitants scattered themselves at large.
And all the lands and seas became separated by a diverse.
The Sun Shined brightly in the west never to set in a curse.
The Moon gleamed fully bright to the east as the surcharge.
The door had been widely opened and many came by barge.
The stress was great because the world went into a reverse.
Fate and destiny was being dished out like a deck of cards.
Skies lit up and the Stars came back out like never before.
And the palm trees took up to the seas like standing guards.
And from this stemmed growth from that one opened door.
The Sun and Moon are exalted above and beyond you all,
And so is the Star in charge of those that flaw in its thrall.
® Registered: Ann Rich 2008

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Whose Mad

I am tattered in misery
Dirty; unkept but harmless
Though drained mentally
Begging but forceless

untattered thou in hummer
Oiled and scenty but Abacharical 
Though unscrupulously richer
Neocolonizing thy own clan

Starving the represented
Looting and exploiting them
High blood pressure thy means
But thou call me mad

If that is madness
Heaven make me king of madness

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Appearance of the sun

Days, weeks, and months no condensation
Months, weeks, and days evaporation
The dry dusty meadows has given up faith
To the minors who covered with water play in gait
Even the plants leaves are upright
Always waiting for the night
Women during heat gossips call the children to shade
Farmers, arms at an akimbo, look at the harm the sun had made
Sacrifices had been made but their god answer not 
Workaholic peasants go to the farm and come back without a nut
They look at their past for taboos or a great sin
They find nothing the priest says the gods has nothing
The sun continues to punish there bare foot till it cuts
They sweat till sun dries it, their body then becomes forts 

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The Spider's Great Thread-An English Sonnet

Silver lining hides bold spider in tow
Remaining firm to particular state
Though whispered soft winds causes lines to fro
Forever true its bond to blanched white gate

Strong, therefore, the cord of this spider’s silk
Spinning correct, for it’s done in great deed
Although the roses, now scentless, will wilt
Steadfast silver web is not easily freed

Perfection, the master’s making is clear
It’s intent, to harbor a fine, good meal
Although you remove it in reckless fear
Spider shall rebuild its striking appeal

The delightful web requests no grand dread
High regards from me in spider’s great thread

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Seasons of Life

New seasons come, and then pass away.
Each brings their beauty, for another day.
Yearning to feel the warmth of their depth,
longing to value what we cannot accept.

Life is like the seasons, with a tale to tell,
each bearing their passions, incredibly well.
The budding of spring, brings much hope,
with a knack to thrive, and a drive to cope.

Summer warms the soul, and all her seeds.
Nourishing life, with a very special need.
Bathing in her beauty, basking in the sun,
living life to the fullest, another day is done.

Fall has begun the transformation process,
as trees become baron with leaves of less.
Impressive colors and hues on display;
engorge in the splendor as long as they stay.

For frigid winds and blistering cold is near,
to banish the warmth and bring in the year.
Winter is so bold, and proudly represents,
a season of chill, with the darkest torment.

Seasons of life smile upon us, deeply with care,
sharing their vital gifts, promoting our prayers. 
As one season dissipates, another one derives,
with a stunning sensation for enriching our lives. 

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Death Of The Sun

Turn your back to the setting sun and see,

golden rays of dying light, dancing glee.

Leaves flashing silver, from the gentle wind;

shifting shadows, playing games with lights blend.

Heat on my back; orange and red paints the sky.

In sweeping raids the Purple Martins, fly.

I cannot watch the death of the sun,

with sounds of joy from beasts; light will always shun.

As darkness rides in to take command; 

lights dying grasp an ovation to demand.

Creatures of light, run to cower away,

Hiding in silence, till break of day.

Solar orbs last dying might,
sends power to light the night.

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Beyond Cook Strait

From toothed Alps to McKenzie High Country
  To hardwood alpine forest and fernland:
There rises the jewel Aoraki
  Out of the jagged ice age peaks so grand.
And polar winds at its rock face below
  Chill Lake Te Anau's willow and bluegum,
Where the frozen wild lowland tussocks grow
  And the rich Rainbow Trout and Salmon run.
See plains and valleys when spring has shone,
  Hear the cloven hooves scatter asunder:
Climb Arthurs Pass to Milford Track and yon
  To glacier and fiord and rolling tundra.
Stretched from Cloudy Bay to Bluff on the sea
Thunders the sky father Ranginui.


Cook Strait is the body of water that divides
The North and South islands of New Zealand.

Aoraki: pronounced...A-o-ra-ke: Maori name 
For Mt Cook - New Zealand's highest mountain.

Te Anau: pronounced...Tay-ar-now
Ranginui: pronounced...Rang-e-nu-e

April 1996

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Unto the Breath of Tides

Unto the sea, disburdened by its waves:
my heart reposes as I near the notes
of tranquil tides held fast by rolling staves
emitting from the ocean's passive throat.

These velvet whispers grace my supple ear,
like waltzing zephyrs on a vernal floor.
The melody, though soft, is deeply clear,
compelling me unto its measured core.

I long to hear your calming harmony,
and scent your saline billows from afar.
Resound--resound thy chorus unto me;
coerce me unto where thy waters are!

I'll rush to where your lambent body lies
to hear the peace of your cerulean sighs!

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Amber Pink

As golden rays defer to darker sky
And vibrant hues of amber blend to pink
Reminding me of nights I spent with you.
Yet still I sit and wonder how, and why?
The seas mutate to mellifluous ink,
So can my dreams end so love can begin
Reflecting moonlight in silver white dew.
As I recall your last silent goodbye,
That left me here with only thoughts to think,
No words to say, and nothing left to do,
But feel the pain within empty chagrin.
I ask if the sun will see tomorrow,
Releasing the darkness that I am in
So my heart may know no more this sorrow.

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Seized Opportunity

So, how on God’s green Earth hast thou been of late?

I do wander deeply with you across many strips of land.

I can blow my breath to the winds polishing each hand.

But guess what love? I’m free in the wind at a rapid rate.


I am a development in progress of keeping it all straight.

I am a progress in process of being sworn into command.

I am processed to progress commands sworn on demand.

Take those over there and keep these here for I do berate!


Rise in the East and set in the West!

Let the Stars shine down and smile.

Give it your least or give it your best!

The test of time reveals your own trial.


Because in my actual reality, it is all on file.

You're a seized opportunity giving me rest.

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Sonnet About Georgia USA

Seeing as how Georgia has mountains
That rise above the beautiful coast
Mountains gather snow some winter morns
Helen is quietly nestled there

Gold was found in those hills long ago
Still being mined today in Dalton
The blasts are felt at night__slight rumble
Gold awaits__the huge vein there they say

Down at coast awaits a day of play
Fun in the sun or boat ride on marsh
See the Dolphins greeting dance at river
Savannah Beach for a day or stay

Georgia has variety mountains high
Coastal plains____I can not complain

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The fresh-washed charm of this stream 
Is  a girl in her first dress in spring,
Free to sway and laugh and sing:
Her  first dance after the ice-regime.

She’s cast off dowdy winter coat;  
Across the bridge  light breeze's blessed
Each wavelet with a gem-caressed crest, 
In flowing robes that seem to float. 

Enhancing now her pure clean  face,
A tiny galaxy of stars a-twinkle,  
Coruscating in myriad sparkle:
The river’s scintillating dancing necklace,

      Sun begifts his running daughter 
      With diamonds of the  first water.

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Inside the Tent

The canvas flaps hang soaked by summer rain,
While sitting herein, drinking tea again,
The British summer is, once more, a pain,
Another holiday that’s planned in vain.
The beach lies abandoned by one and all,
So none can hear the rippling tidal call,
As summer limps so slowly on to fall,
And working weeks, our backs against the wall.
Yet in this misery I see beauty smile,
My days spent with you are never banal,
Just counting the raindrops becomes worthwhile,
A chocolate digestive shared with you,
‘Tis great pleasure when things are done by two,
No rainy day will dare to make me blue.

Form: Arabian Sonnet

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Simile, Metaphor (Accrostic)

So close to me there's you, like empty planet 
Inviting me, as life to take its place. 
My soul is bare and hot like melting granite 
Invading you while hard'ning in your space. 
Like waves I rise, like rivers I run deep. 
Engulfing me like ocean storm you rise. 
(May I say this?) I quake that fault you keep 
Enslaved to virtue, now it's stable vice. 
Taboo? No more. Your orbit's changed, you're free! 
Around me you revolve, but it's your choice, 
Perhaps because my world by your decree 
Hovers only powered by your voice. 
Orig'nal's not this sin we gladly share. 
Repel two equals should, but join we dare. 

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Sonnet 4

How lonesome be the moon, our Lunar Queen
Depressed in gloom, darling of shallow light 
Bouts with the sun we doth not intervene
With Heaven's governess of the dire night

      Important be it may never to laugh
      Gesticulating her late-evening birth
      Her ways mores twenty-nine days and half
      Celestial swan revolving round the earth

Inside the firmament of countless stars
Exposed askew in constellations art
In vain she plays a game with moving cars
To substitute the pain consuming tart

What must it be to be what she believes
That to her one compareth dying leaves

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Desert Moon

Created, desolated, resurrected and even in reverse, 

You are a transformation under a Sun drenched day. 

Beckoned or heralded you climb above a beaming ray, 

Bristles of your hair shall glow and many are perverse. 


Shuffled, hurdled, corner-stoned and even immerse, 

You are a salvation upon a Mountain leading a way. 

Stripped or naked you run below an endless cache, 

Light inside of you shall outpour so all will disperse. 


The collectors shall find, 

Lost on a course in time, 

Many stranded or behind, 

Many with no unjust crime! 


Jacked up, a ripped off, a maniac or just downright a true blue loon, 

Still remaining is a red flaming shield up under a sacred desert Moon. 


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My Secret Place

I  hideaway sometimes in my secret place
A place of true serenity, heartache, there is no trace.
It has a beauty all its own, unlike any place I know.
Just being there a moment sets my heart aglow
There is a gentle stream that babbles like quiet music
The birds join in to sing their comforting, sweet lyric
The trees seem to sway as if to dance along
To the gentle rhythm of nature’s heavenly song.
It is truly a divine and beautiful secret place;
I know that God has blessed it with His holy embrace.
It is a place that belongs to me, it is my very own,
No one else can visit there if I want to be alone.
It is my mind’s peaceful and perfect creation,
To which I have engaged the gift of my imagination.

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Meadows of Yellow

Yellow meadows come into view
As the spring winds gently brew
Petals sway as if they are dancing
Luring insects of many in their passing glancing

Azure blue skies look down on the green
Whilst sporadic clouds, drift in and out of the scene
Gentle trickles of water from the winters snow
Meander through the meadows from the heights to below

A scent of anew wafts through the air
As i turn three sixty, all i can do is stare
All that i see is of beauty and free
These vistas of nature just fill me with glee


Inspired by Linda-Marie's " Softly Springing " poem

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Welcome to Your Wife

If I were you for a day and you were me?
Could you love me more than I love you?
Would I love you more each day and be new?
Will the Sun shine bright in our eyes to see?
When will the Moon glow and lead our way to be?
When will the Stars shine bright by just us two?
Why does the dust give up its spurs on the dew?
Why are the doors locked with only one master key?
Welcome to my life,
Welcome to my home,
Welcome to your wife.
Welcome to this dome.
Welcome to the Sunrise this day in the light,
And welcome to the Sunset on this lovely night!
© Copyright: Ann Rich    2006

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Slight Nuance

 Pink and purple on the horizon this morn
Casting purple onto charcoal gray clouds
One lone Blackbird flies across sky forlorn
Nature close_ jet high in clouds flying proud

Mockingbird chatters as he flies nearby
How can he do all that at one time
Sun now orange as a pumpkin up high
Color is so fasinating like rhyme

Fog comes closer this morn, wraps me in shroud
Damp and cool but feels so light like shawl
Crocheted of lightest lamb's wool for bride worn proud
Lavender horizon like winter's day thaw

A few hours' time can make a difference
In nature; as years' changes are slight nuance 

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Carte Blanche

There were two cardinals separated by a tree branch with fruit.
One was a female and the other was a male.
Her four fruits were ripe and his one was not so he became a brute.
She was to the left and he was to the right and looking pale.

Her purple fruits put off enough to make her some ale.
His green fruit was at his feet and were mute.
She kept her guard up waiting for him to sail.
But he never would follow suite.

She became the fruit of the highest branch on the highest tree.
He just sat there perched and barren not even producing the first seed.
She came to be,
The cardinal in lead!

But he never moved from his tree branch,
He was at her feet forever she’s his carte blanche!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2004

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When very young I was a devout acolyte of the Goddess Selene  
As she began her monthly journey when night fell askance,
When earth became lit from her head’s beatific radiance
And golden crown  glorious to be seen.

When she increased after mid-month I loved her dearly,
But  after many a cloud-filled night I felt a dread .
One night I went out and saw she was missing half her head:
I searched everywhere in the garden, frantically, wearily,

Behind stone gnomes and around gnarled trunks of trees,
Until I found her lying in a puddle, seeming dead.
I put my timorous hand in the water to touch her head
And she came alive and wriggled endlessly with ease.

         I slept happily knowing she had not lost by chance
         Half of her divinely beautiful countenance.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . 

Written  by Sydney   Peck

Entered in  Nette Onclaud's  Contest   INTO THE MOOD OF IMAGERY 

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Forest of love

I WHISPER to the trees of the forest of my love for thee.
Their TRANQUILITY is my sign that our love is true.
Creatures of the forest LILT BLISSFULLY for you and me.
WAFTED FRAGRANT LAVENDOR flows around us gently too

My heart doused in SPLENDOR from your caressing touch.
Your essence is DULCET and securing my presence this day.
ELOQUENCE of your voice entices my arms to tenderly clutch.
Desiring to hold you forever each day and night, everyway,

WHISPER into my ears the words that I know you hold.
BLISSFULLY kiss my lips in return, of your love so bold.
My soul shall WAFT across all the waters that unfold.
Flowers of FRAGRANT aroma, I shall give as our gold.

These words of my heart I WHISPER in the forest of love.
From the forest of love, we receive each; a pure white dove. 

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Come take my hand & walk with me
an English country scene we'll see,
down green lanes and over stiles,
we'll walk, and walk, for miles;
Come take my side and stroll awhile,
in Spring meadows with clover lush,
primrose,buttercup and cowslip,
then through blubell woodlands,trip;
Take my arm,and with me ramble
over hill and downland we'll wander
the bridleway ,hedged with bramble,
to an inn for lunch.we'll amble.

Homely victuals,sure to please
conversing long,we'll take our ease.

Note.I organise a monthly walk along these lines for older folk from our church,this was the 
inspration for my sonnet.

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The slow, murky, drought-affected river
Snakes its way around meandering shores.
Its surface littered with leaves upriver
Like colorful scales on a constrictor.
Within its gut swim impervious prey
That nourishes it along its lengthy
Journey to the sea. All along the way
Its subtle currents swallow whole, debris
Left in the wake of Octobers fury.
Unmindful Canada geese fly over
The leafy surface honking their carefree
Calls while negotiating their stopover.
Standing high on the bank is I, witness
To this autumn picturesque loveliness.

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Winter in the Garden

Each winter the Ladder Backed Woodpecker
taps at the barked notches of apple trees.
The leaves have fallen and frost plasters the
limbs brittle enough to break by wind or weight.

This is when the Ladder Backed attacks.
Digs its beak deep into the trunk and pries
out her secret. This is when the woodpecker
sees itself exposed, the strange chagrin,

a grownups mind, ashamed of knowledge.
This is the same season our sad aged parents
were thrown out of the garden. This is when
the thought of good and evil broke bones,

limbs fell off, birds ripped through to the core, 
and a jealous God made us stewards of the world.

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Sun Pillar

The breath of the north savages the lands.
A cold that singes my bones to their core.
The air contracts while the night expands.
Sunset foreshadows of what is in store.

With the clouds compressed into flecks of ice.
The purple of the shadow surrounds the earth.
An elegant vision; This would suffice.
I stop, listen, to the suns daily dearth.

A column of Rome abruptly appears:
Sun pillar of awe burnt orange and gold.
Slicing the night and dividing the spheres.
Upon a plinth of onyx rests old sol

That moment is gone, I lower my head.
I think: Life and time are both fragile threads.

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papered dipstick of today's measure
will words be too acidic or too base
budding our tongues to sour or pleasure
a tinge of breath exhaled paper chase

our empathy in hues of blues, our anger
bright crimson of hot-blooded emotion
hypothalamic firings line up with danger
counterbalancing truer feelings of devotion

emotions of one or all together as a whole
governed by what lies deep in our brains
unable for our free will to take control
so logically, we're helpless to abstain

both in-the-pink and pie-in-the-blue-skies
measure of our civility, as always, applies

© Goode Guy 2011-11-04

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False Tenets and Promises

How often have you heard this expression: “ Well, sorry to say, this is my nature.” Just
what is the nature of Man? Why are we such a predictable lot? Why is War our bed partner?
These questions and many more can be asked but never really given satisfactory answers
without stepping on toes that would bring the wrath of these elitist down on our heads.
Unfortunately for all of us, we come into this world with existing governing systems
predicated on certain tenets and creeds. These opinions, doctrines, or principles held as
being true by persons or especially by organizations. Yet never allowing future
generations the privilege of researching these systems that are responsible for our very
own nature, without an inquisition around the corner.
Apparently, it is much easier to burn these (true) inquisitors at the stake,
metaphorically speaking, than risk having a house built on a sandy foundation, crumble.

The seeming nature oft presumed be Man’s
Is nothing less than some abstracted mode,
Conceived in dreams, contrived within human
Invention; dreamt-up folly episodes.
A dream is oft-involuntary mind
Sensations, not of serious award.
Consisting mostly of surreal kinds:
Unreal phantoms most assured ignored.
For some we note in highest places rule
The masses minds. Imaginary creeds,
Assumed the truth, but nonetheless a cruel
Inhuman whimsy borne o’er time, indeed!
Depose these charlatans! Divest their robes.
Expose their vile intentions. Burn their clothes!

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Shed Thy Snakeskin

Move into the future with a true presence.
There is more to see and way more to do.
It is a life with everything you ever knew.
Shed thy snakeskin with your own essence.
Way up high sits the purest quintessence.
Up above each Star lights a way for you,
Even these skies are a creamier baby blue.
Nonsense is ordained by its only innocence.
There is always a better way.
It is always for you and me.
It is always by night and day.
Where we should already be!
Imagine you did shed every bit of that snakeskin you carry around.
You will lose or you will win, either or I’m aptly located as found!

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Butterfly Sonnet

Spread your wings,
Then fly away,
You're more loved,
Day after day.
You're so beautiful,
But you're also strong,
If you're caught,
It's not for that long.
You're very brave,
Even when you're afraid,
Your passionate soul,
Will never be able to fade.
So go ahead and fly,
Leave without a goodbye.

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Charisma's Art

On the river I saw the ripple give way.
It twirled and swirled until it broke apart.
One would stop and one would start.
Ripple by ripple they all sailed away.

Over the edge the Sun did set that day.
And it took with it my beating heart.
I saw layers and layers of charisma’s art.
I prayed I’d wish and I wished I’d pray.

By slits of silver shadows the Moon shed light.
Casting ripples here and ripples there,
One by one they fled from my sight,
Surprisingly more ripples did glare.

Ripple by ripple my eyes came to see,
A great white light shining upon me!

® Registered: Ann Rich  2003

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Unending Patience

 The desert lies beneath the sun.
The sand dunes sculpted by the wind
 semi permanent but each one
 moves stealthily as you will find.

They move on imperceptibly
 and change the contours of the land
You can’t be sure where they will be.
This travellers must understand.

If not then they will surely die.
The desert is a hostile place
 but sadly foolish men still try
They disappear and leave no trace.

The desert keeps its secrets well
 it knows their fate but will not tell.

They say whole armies have been lost.
Who’s bones still lie beneath the sand, 
their families left to bear the cost
The toll the desert can demand.

And travellers still die today
 despite their high technology.
They cannot always find their way
 amidst the ever changing sea

of sand dunes moving fluidly
The desert still demands its dues.
 As it has done historically
 the desert wins it cannot lose.

Beneath the sun the desert lies
 accepting each new sacrifice.


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The Gift Of Insecurities

The gift was in a very huge package
Alluringly wrapped in the palest pink
Card attached was calligraphic in ink
Any gift from him was not average

When opened with much delight, the contents
Caused insecurities to tumble forth___
Joy? Fear of failure came from these presents
Taking out least feared __verse__William Wordsworth

The essence of the gift to him was good
The sum of the gift to her was fear
Excitement at this stage of life she could___
Not get a grip__on hold her life for years

Should she not fear but just try to use the gift
God had given her time now spared her life

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worship (Barthalomew Sonnet)

The task today is how to carve a tree
our solemn way:  make totems of a tree:
fox shapes, crow forms, wise masks.  Just any tree
won't do.  In storms, look for a dancing tree;
in calm, go seek a stately, whispering tree
that, like a church, holds quiet.  Hear that tree--
unguarded conversation of a tree
is worry about squirrels, bird nests.  
of Life, of beams, the Balm of Gilead--tree
that sways, and dreams of sails.  A secret tree
with beauty hidden in growth rounds of tree
for lumber.  
                                  If you find the proper tree
the first sun catches golden on that tree
while lasting rays cling longest on that tree.

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penultimate day

The penultimate day of  2011 

Pale winter sky, green landscape and the far mountain
is dark blue…the air is so clear I can see white cottages
on the slopes where they have goats and make cheese.
There is stillness, but I hear cars rushing by on the main
road and if I stand on my toes I can see the Gaza Strip,
 not in details as it is shrouded in the mist of conflicts.
The distance between here and there is too short today
bullets hit ground and I must hide behind a stone wall.
I see cartridges from shot guns, hunters have been here
and meaty birds fly fast and fearfully from tree to tree. 
The dale to the east that looks like a voluptuous woman 
on her back, I drove up there once but couldn’t find her. 
This year is coming to an end, a year of wars, it is sad to 
think in our world hostilities are a norm.    

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A Vision

In midst of Natures bounty I espied Aside a stream, a gilded gleaming cage. Its tenant was a lifeless bird inside. Engrossed in thought in view of deaths image I deemed its death from thirst beside water. Within the cage were dual empty basins The one for food, and of course, the other. It’s like a wealthy man who’s locked within His iron safe, amid his heaps of gold And perishing within this house of ease Of hunger pangs and thirst as time unfolds. Then suddenly a strangest vision seized My weary eyes, the cage became the bones Of Man, the bird, his prisoned heart of stone.

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Carpe Diem

Hear my voice loud and clear: Carpe diem! Embrace
The day! Leave your chambers, step into the light,
The light of spring that shines on thy face,
The light extinguished by no earthly might!

Carpe diem! Embrace this day! The only day
That you will know! Leave your chairs, touch the grass,
The only grass that will grow! Smell the hay,
The hay that will feed the lowing mass.

Carpe diem! Stop your cars on the shoulder
And run into the fields with the deer and fox;
Count every chestnut, leaf, and boulder,
Away be thrown your schedules, your clocks!

Carpe diem! Embrace your day! The only day,
The waning day, in which we all shortly stay.

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A Rose It is life A Rose It is death

When smelling a Rose of beauty and life it’s life soon to end it’s consumed by fear, With perfume and thorns it will grow in strife But with death upon, there’s not but a tear. When you silently wish for life and love, a Rose! in spring’s sweet bloom, brings this with joy but it’s frozen by winter’s crystal dove and Flies away unremembered like toys. A Rose is Life singing a perfect song it’s melody like snow gently falling. A Rose is Death, for fear’s mercy is wrong if it would take it’s life at Death’s calling. But you know the truth of a rose’s life it will be stolen as if by a knife.

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The Divine Artisan (Sonnet)

Who has created deep azure sky,
In which, the clouds do love to float and sail? 
And who has embellished the butterfly 
With colorful beauty in detail? 
Who does shower the snow in the winter? 
In foggy days who spreads  mist curtains ? 
Who has crafted the curves of the rives?  
Who has embossed the range of high mountains ? 
Who streched the bands of seven colors, 
Who has constructed  the arch of rainbow? 
Who has gifted the birds cozy feathers, 
And made them able to fly to and fro? 
I do adore the Divine Artisan, 
Who has made the world in such perfection. 

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That's That

The Sun is on my horizon approaching this brand new day.
Ripples in the sea shatter my shimmering ultra-violet light.
Birds sing in the air and many more are on this same flight.
Rising high, the Sun makes rounds in its sweet special way.
Puffy white clouds are on the trail until they begin to stray.
Blue skies follow suite running off the wet darkened night.
Green grassy grounds are visions of a true God given sight.
Branches of trees wave at the Sun as if bitterly bent or fray.
Rising with the Sun and busy as a bee,
Up and on it I always rise just to shine!
It is all amazing just like being me!
That’s that and poof I’m all in line!

No really, I am telling you that’s that!
Now honestly who are you looking at?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Over the massive easterly ridge I see thousands of soldiers,
in splendid golden helmets, marching down the slope pushing 
shadows, the residue of night, in front of them.
There is a momentary lull as a wayward cloud blocks the sun, 
but the attack resumes and soon the army of the new empire 
vanquish the whole valley; except perhaps in deep caves. 
We are the new rulers; they boast we are the new reality, ah
this hubris do they not read history? Up from deep caves, like 
unexplored thoughts, mutiny will come and darken their glory.
Helmets will rust; shiny buttons fall off un- starched uniforms;
 when the afternoon shadows get longer, they try to rouse as 
the setting sun paint clouds in a bloodthirsty hue; alas, too late.  
At dawn the new empire’s army will be coming down the ridge 
damning the old order into the long cold night of history. 

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Children of the Sky

A day with no Sun, no Stars and no wind,
A lifetime of lifetimes is in the womb you grow.
You are the children of the sky with the seeds I sow.
You are enriched and fertile in the lands I tend.

A night with no Moon no day and no end,
A world of worlds of knowledge you all know.
You are the children of the sky and to the winds you shall blow.
In the seeds your sown is your mother and your best friend.

You are of the sky,
You are perfect today,
Boundless and high,
And you know the way.

Reach up and look to see,
The wind blowing inside of me!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2004

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The Gap

So many empty spaces with cracked dimensions as stardust flew by.
So I counted to ten and held my breath knowing this would just never end.
At every angle there was a gap so I tagged them all with messages to send.
I stepped through portals leading me to places orbiting way too high.

I passed through broken dreams and landed where the Sun never shined.
No Moon, no Stars, and no galaxies were straight, much less aligned.
The Earth had gone completely berserk and the seasons were sudden to change.
It was the gap warping time and even the people looked far beyond strange.

I listened to faint vibrations and watched galaxies as they all weakened.
Time was lost and gone forever, for they had all been forewarned and told.
I found a spot and planted the last starlight and watched closely as it strengthened.
It grew and grew even withering through the hot and cold.

Shooting through portals I spread my light and left it a sparkling trail.
Ray by ray a beam filled the gap and lit it up by my new starlight’s flaming tail.

®Registered: Ann Rich  2005

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Waiting to be strewn

Below cool cotton rippled sky pale
Barren limbs hang so helpless in the mild gale 
Sunlight dances before it sleeps
Early winter’s calling for all to keep 

Afternoon’s beams strike the trees 
They look like icicles twinkling in the breeze 
Mute brown colors surrounds the landscape 
Parched and dry soil twists up in a tunnel shape

All that was full of life has now passed
Tarnished and waiting for snow to blanket and contrast
Pieces of debris waving in the brushwood 
As the first flakes fall on all where it stood

And shall be graced with beauty in time 
With the pings of mother natures frozen white chime

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The Note

I was corner-stoned by many of you.
The note was dotted with a dash.
But this note was an ultimate smash.
I found a peephole and peeped through.
I found a bird gave him the note and away he flew,
Across the deserts and the valleys he was there in a flash,
Across the rivers and Oceans he made a great big splash.
He made it to the shore, but the note he began to chew.
He passed a timely test,
And his belly was full,
He did not stop to rest,
The note he had to pull.
The bird landed on the Oceans shore,
Singing praises of his rugged chore.

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The moon was peaked most like a smiling face,
I looked from where my window sets a view
And I did out from in my hidden place,
To go about this world and think of you.

I find that trees still grow and leaves are green,
And people are about with clothing fine,
There some befor that I have never seen,
But you pervade the thoughts that just be mine.

Then as the night does end a day begins,
I know the dreams that still infest my head,
They light my world with Spring and Summer things,
For some they are of you and I in bed.

I with a vision there beneath a tree,
I know that there within my soul be three.

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Sonnet: Special moments

There are days when I want just to sit ‘round
and during this time relax just doing nothing.
And from my porch enjoy views without frown.
It's nice to dream and let go of many things.

This day is nice and is not cold or warm.
Is a great day and the sky is nice blue.
No cloudy day no rain and not a storm.
There's nothing now to ruin this precious day.

I wish I do that in a day like this
But I know I can't stay too long that way.
I want to remember good times ~ people I miss.
I see butterflies I'm having a great day!

I want to grab sheets and pen and write too
and friends this is the way I'm feeling today!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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The Beauty of it All

I gaze up into the big bright Stars,
Searching for where it is that you truly are.
But my heart is grounded to your word.
I look around and I see the beauty of it all.

For it is silence, not one sound can be heard.
Not even a crumpling leaf that will fall.
Up in the skies a bird harbors a precious need.
That’s when my soul takes a more careful heed.

The Sun carries every single day,
And the Moon every single night,
That is why I have come here to stay,
This is the ray of your heavenly light!

And this is what I’ve come to see,
The beauty of it all shines through you inside of me.

® Registered: Ann Rich  2004

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Sakura Thoughts

Sweet scented petals descend on the breeze; fragrant farewell,
Memories entwine in rivers of tears; love cannot dispel
Dark clouds obscure the future and the sun in living hell 
Temple chimes echo sounds of life passing - a solitary bell.
Cherry blossom heavy with mournful tears for another year
The burden too great yet it is carried in unseen fear
Pink and blue petals falling on ornate oak… they bring no cheer
A white rose alone on the brassy plaque says – I am here
Watching petals fall, silent wishes – they just disappear
Yet in breaths of Sakura sweetened air – I feel you near.
Soft spring winds blow the petals over the vacant dell
With life bring energy and wonder to each blood cell
The scent of honey on blossomy breezy that says all is well
And there is no more pain in the divine – where you dwell.

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That's That!

The Sun is on the horizon approaching this brand new day,
Ripples in the water and they shimmer incredibly bright,
A bird sings in the air and many more are on the same flight!
Rising high the Sun makes its rounds in a very special way.
Puffy white clouds are on the trail until they begin to stray.
Blue skies follow suite running off the darkened night.
Green grassy grounds are visions of a true God given sight.
Branches of trees wave at the Sun as if they want to play.
Rising with the Sun and busy as a bee,
Rise and shine!
It’s amazing just like me!
That’s that and it’s all in line!

That’s that!
And newer days we are all looking at!
© Copyright Ann Rich   2006

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Majestical Brilliance

Slowly I rise. I patiently await my royal cue.
I wait for my brother’s last radiant tangelo hue.

Darkness will have vanished. All will welcome the new day.
My beams of warmth will blanket my children at play.

From the grass in the meadow, to the lofty tops of the trees.
I comfort the deer’s’ in the forest. The birds. The bees.

My sister; the breeze gently cools all that’s in sight.
As for me, I sit firmly casting majestical brilliance of light.

Long and hard hours of labor, is how my day is spent.
I will have done my duty. I will leave in content.

Soon the birds will flock to the trees. All gone for the night.
My brilliance will have faded. There’ll only be my brother’s amber light.

Orchestra of crickets will announce my brother’s new start.
My time here, final. My majestical brilliance must depart.

I am needed elsewhere. Others need my brilliant light.
I must go. To one and all, I wish you peace. Goodnight.

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Kindred Spirit

Is your spirit ready to cross the great big Ocean?
And is your heart open to the wind and free to run? 
It’s where our nights and days are never done,
It’s where we sail and soar with a higher notion.

We are the magic’s most powerful potion.
Lying under the heat of the scorching Sun,
It’s where you and I lay together as one.
It’s where our spirit is in mighty motion.

Carried across the Mountains peak,
One by one it is our blissful state.
Many and more will rise to seek.
The Moon’s glow conquering their fate!

Shielded by my glorious kindred spirit,
You will all know my voice when you hear it.

® Registered: Ann Rich 2006

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The Keeper

I was washed ashore with Mountains looking over me and I could hear roaring Seas.
The sand covered me and my toes curled with sand dollars by the dozens.
I saw dolphins gaming and fish were everywhere, I even met their distant cousins.
The Sun was shining down on me and the Moon was jealous but the clouds gave way.

And I looked up to see the Stars shining and they told me it’s a most perfect day.
Salted lips and these palms fanned, I knew right then I was meant to be.
I stood alone at the shore and blue skies fled taking notice of little old me.
I was touched and moved balancing these visions I began to breathe.

I thought I was by myself, but I wasn’t, not this time.
Looking up I say leave me alone, be gone I’m on my own.
Looking down I am amazed at how truly this is so sublime.
You are the keeper of my secrets and I am of all the unknown.

Shining down upon me you are always standing right there,
Here I shall share myself with you and then I will begin to care. 

® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Evenings by the fire

Long days of short shadows are put away
To be dusted down another day
Slanting sunbeams shine on sylvan slopes
And a hundred heavenly hues hold our hopes

May winter’s wicked watch wait a while
Forbid frost’s frozen fingers from affecting our smile
Let the leaves land, dry and deep, without wind’s hand
So I can run and kick and fall in that leafy land

Logs await cool evenings by the hearth
Chrysanthemums in bloom adorn the path
I will immunize myself in January’s icy grip
With cosy evening meals and wine to sip

But I do not wish this season pass too swift---
For time is nature’s most precious gift.

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Beautiful Simplicity

I laid on my back and gazed at the sky
Clouds seemed to float through layers of blue
A falcon soared by and caught my eye
The chickadee's song was a sweet coo-coo
Afternoon soon melted, the sun sunk low
Orange and pinks danced across the horizon
Overhead the moon began to glow
Day has now faded, night has just begun
Old, Mister Cricket raises his fiddle
Many young fireflies dip and dive
Everything is but a merry riddle
Midnight's not dead, it thrives, said I
The simplicity of a single day
Living, beautifully, my perfect Lord's way

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Shasta Daisies

Slowly progressing in its rise to a view to see,
Sea green leaves ascend, viewed by humankind.
Spreading outward sprouts flow upwardly free,
Roots dive down into paces of refuge to bind.
Perennial form defying nature’s fearsome cold 
Designed to be reborn again, reporting in spring.
Preparing its tall stature, created to be so bold,
Leaf petals seem the only creation it will bring.
Suddenly a bud appears a tranquility presenter.
Opening, dispersing white petals circling prime,
Milk whitened bloom with a yellowish center.
One named a Shasta daisy, chosen for this rhyme.
I adore this plant, truly an extraordinary adventure.
Enjoy my beautiful explosion, of artful contexture.

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Morning Vision's Sound

When dawn arrives, as the day’s sun ascends
The blackened sky reveals new colors; bright
The passing of the moon, surreal event
A beautiful scene; the sun offers light 

My eyes, they squint now seeing the new sun
As the fire burns on ascent in the east
The sight, the beauty of the horizon
Allows the want in my eyes, a true feast

My heart, it skips joyfully in response
It beats a sounding percussion of dream
As I make my way to become ensconced
As the voice in my soul lets out its scream

A true rejuvenation of spirit
As I am the only one to hear it

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From Green To Brown

I see the fields before me being turned from green to brown
And the trees which lie with each leaf with a frown,
'What sin have we committed' as if they speak
Along with the left ones standing like thin sticks.

Like deep cuts- the deep reels as if they seem -
Like slicing off from a cake it's cream.
In heaps they lie resembling the slaughter
And it hath tirned wry the earth's laughter.

What's the colour of earth,it doth appear from moon,
Whatever it be its into change eftsoons,
Bellows are riding above the land -
Without the greenness the land is nothing but sand.

With the wind thee wrap us in thy lap;Oh!Nature massive -
I regret on part of those who make the process passive.

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The snow falls outside the window gently to the ground,
Huge white feathery flakes
I listen, but there is no sound
Memories of times past come awake.

As I sit by the warm fire, time passes by
The snow continues to fall.
Concerns of the world are not for my eye
And the importance of the book I am reading becomes quite small.

The cold wind has picked up blowing the snow around.
Red cardinals stand out against the background of white.
Seeking to eat before more snow abounds
But when I open the door, they all take flight.

When the grandeur of nature is so beautiful outside
I still choose to enjoy the warmth of the house inside.

A Sonnet 
By Shelly Fine

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Oh! Death, a mystery thy still remains
A fearless murderer that forgets justice
A thief not of night but of time
A stealer of worthless items

Oh! Death, how happy you-make the bereaved 	
Thou are too real to be true
A professional in a career carnage
Too sophisticated to loss a battle started

Oh! Death, you tame the proud and the tough
A body made of air and a movement in gesture
So helpless thy victims always are
Like Israel in front of goliath

A friend to the deceased, but an enemy to the living
(Sighs) Oh!  Death, Spare me not.

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A silhuette shadow of a ship awaits..

A gentle, calm,serene lightly textured morning ocean
A still day without wind and barely a hint of a wave
Sand carved by a tractor leaves a steeper sand dune.
Smooth sea surface soft sounding sandy shores.
The tiniest of waves curl in a echoey glassy whisper
Laden with shells pebbles,red coral, rich with seaweed 
A flat pale blue sea reaches out to a silhuette shadow
of a ship awaits in anticipation on the dark blue horizon
A grey warm windless sky greets the ocean hanging
sometimes darker sometimes lighter on the horizon.
Folklore says that souls of dead sailors are transformed
into pale -eyed, black wing tipped, red webbed seagulls.
I stand on the shore abundant with treasures of the sea
waiting looking out to sea hoping for  my love to return.

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Tid Bits

Great God Almighty, I took you throughout this heartland. 

It was oops, uh oh and Jesus Christ all of the way we went. 

I shewed or I spewed those great mightier and all you sent. 

Created and destroyed were all of those left held in a hand. 


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust we left them all in your sand. 

My, me oh my revelations came shining through in time lent. 

They ran to and fro with dim lights that were warped or bent. 

I gave and I saved for this that and the other for a high brand. 


I went all the way up and all the way down. 

Beside myself I turned life and death to me. 

I found a medium so I stood on my ground. 

I tell you today I do shine sea to shining sea. 


They all left and tossed their chips calling it quits. 

But I my Sir have it all here and there in Tid-Bits! 

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Your resentment bites as the frigid sea
In a frozen arctic land.
The initial encounter brings agony
That no human could sainly withstand.
The breath from my lungs is harshly exhaled,
And goose bumps plague my pale skin.
The pain that your anger first had unveiled
Is replaced by a numbness within.
My muscles are stiff, I can no longer fight
This war that you have begun.
I try to yell out and curse you despite
The fact that my struggle is done. 
Your bitter words have no more control.
This death will free my broken soul. 

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The Wild Winter Wind Whips the Waves

This Winters day the wind is whipping up rows of  
turquoise  white tipped waves pounding towards
an organic seaweed ladened haystacked shore.
White froth riding on marching  parallell crests.
Five sailboats bending in a synchronised angle 
slowly sail left towards the sturdy wooden jetty.
The sky painted in shades of  cottonwool grey 
carries the winds journey  on the peaking sea.
The stinging sand dust  carried  by  the wind 
forms  a fine powder vapour on the shoreline.
Such is the strength velocity  of  natures  gale 
but  to seek refuge  from the wind-lashed tide.
The wild wind intent on the ocean fades in notts
as we walk on the path leading to the main road.

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Scents of Autumn

Clouds of dim fluffs of gray float within the season,
Colorful cascades boldly scrambled by the winds.
This spell is magically prepared for definite reason.
Cooler breezes flows in directions, Mother Nature sends.
Each period has its own delights, for our splendid lure.
Four different stages for acts of purpose, by design,
I cherish the scents of autumn, most of all for sure.
Along with what it delivers, from which we dine.
Leaves falling, floating sets off aromas to regain.
Cooling temperatures freshen the evening essence.
Bringing autumn dew, which this sense does ordain,
Although the Morning star will erase in evanescence,
Each returning phase brings scents of autumn a new.
With breathless anticipation, we watch its ending hue.

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Tall Sea Grass

When I am gone and have ceased to be
On Kansas plain and green Missouri hill,
Just scatter ashes on the tall grass sea,
Where winds are strong and evening air is chill.

Don't take the time to sing those songs too grim,
Just sling my soul up high toward one last God--
Think back and say: "I do remember him"--
Like dust I'll blend softly into the sod.

Yet when there's no remembrance of this life
In those we touched so many years from now,
That knowing will cut deep as any knife--
Immortality becomes us somehow.

And if we wish our words to swiftly pass,
We'll write on wind and rain in tall sea grass.

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Empty Shells

Walking along the beach, endless and endless miles of seashore with time to explore.
Empty shells are all that I can see so I pick them up and carry them away with me.
Quite a collection I find I have so I carry them for a safer place to be.
The Sun beating down on them with a glimmer of light that catches my eye.
More and more I find to carry with me a salvation hard to describe.
So much beauty and so many different shapes,
But they all lay in such a commonplace.
As I carry these empty shells away with me,
The weight begins to slow me down.
So I sort through them one by one.
Each carries a moment in need.
Each one in different places I have found.
And each with a memory that has only just begun!

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Off the Main Road

An evening-instant, when bats fly and a flute
tunes its night music; a bass-line like crane-
thrumming from the flats. Listen to the drain
of daylight, so far from traffic and brute
commerce. Today’s already shoved down the chute;
in tomorrow’s news it’s Yesterday. How sane
the bullfrogs sound, booming under my raised pane,
the bedroom window wide to what won’t live mute.

The radio alarm shatters that. The word Must
takes over. Coffee, briefcase, and you’re out
the front door, leaving your tire-trail of dust
and that rising but invisible cloud of doubt
that follows you out to the main road, the stark
asphalt you drive until a new night’s dark.

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how slowly fade the softest sounds
when tiny footsteps touch secret pathways
pattering there in the dreaming wilderness
as small birds perch and brightly flicker
winning haven to haven shy among the leaves
still fresh with rain as they chatter and chirrup
seeming wingless they endear the mystic tide
while young ears gather the notes like crumbs
storing each for a quiet winter free at play
with eyes that sparkle moment to moment
indelible as the dawn upon the starry night
bringing memory from the edge of light
to be alive in our hearts like ripples
or wavelets warmed by the sun at idyll

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Bohemian Reveille

Wakening to the sound of myriad birds
Chattering on in their first morning chorus
Then comes the first intermission
Silence which usually wakes the bride

This is broken by the aria of the day
A rather boring repetitious rendition
Until the back up choir blends in
Louder than before  jaggedly joyous

Second intermission is somewhat longer
As whatever available petite fours
And petillant  fruits disappear prior
To the return of the full ensemble

The earliest writers of opera
Had to have been early risers

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Feel the Cold

The winter solstice, long and brisk The wind chilled faces feel the breeze All bundled up and on our way The cold breaks in and makes me sneeze The clear reminder of winter’s strength The brightest sun set in the sky But, yet it weakens me, at these times And with each cold, I’m teary eyed With scarf and cap, I’m wearing gloves A zipped up coat, up to the chin No matter how we fight the cold In winter time, it always wins One day I shall kill the cold But for today it has its hold

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Summer Days

Pleasingly plentiful portions of Summer on ageing aching bones
Laying  prone on pumped up pillows in pools of delight
Or under cooling fan breeze uncovered all night
These are the days to remember in Winter
With the doors and the windows all closed
In front of the fireplace astare at its center
Flickering flame with the embers exposed
Thinking of sun coming through open windows
With bird singing echoes on unmoving leaves
The haze of the day in ever nodding noon
Nothing to do and with all day so disposed
Walking shirtless and barefoot in bee clover grass
Treasuring moments that too soon will pass
In measured leisure phase of ever plodding moon

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The Spring Time

The snow is melted and gone away,
The greens are coming out,
The trees are not bare anymore,
And the branches are filled with sprouts.

The plain canvas of nature 
Is primed with green.
Then, the sprinkle of colors 
 Has made this beautiful scene.

So many sparkling colors!
So much to adore!
Daffodils, tulips, crocus
And many more.

The spring time is going on 
Open the window wide
The sun become warmer now
Let the breeze come inside.

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Topped with auburn-golden hairs,
she wanders through the thicket wood.
Tugs and hassles with the hood,
of the husky coat she wears,
with not the slightest thoughts or cares.
The snow, it falls, and sets the mood,
for evening’s love, oh! Now she’ll brood.
Alas! An answer to her prayers.

Daily through these woods he seeks,
a girl to love, and hug, and hold.
Across the way, their eyes meet and stand still
for what seems like weeks!
Taken; by one another, they grow old,
upon the windowsill.

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Shore Dance

Soft Sand lies waiting
always anticipating
that glorious moment when Tide
moves in to take its ride
across grains that swell
while kernals of agate and shell
not yet worn smoothly down
sparkle like gems in a crown
untouched by the thundering clash
of wave on rock to dash
away again to leave
Soft Sand to grieve.

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A Life Gain

One day will come, when you will rise,
Don’t be afraid to fight, you need a long life,
One day when you be a father and have a wife,
You will understand that how a dying man was wise.
He was worry about a child nobody heard his cries,
He was honest and hardworker, cared for his family,
He has kind hearted also his partner was lovely,
He has struggle full life for his family highs.

Don’t try to cheat one, live with only pace,
Don’t exploit anyone, understand everyone’s pain,
A satisfied person has sound seep that is my grace,
Don’t abuse someone’s right it is a life gain,
Don’t suck the blood of innocents walk slow or join race,
Oneday life is ended care about living death is certain.

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food for thought

Wisdom's pearls uncultured grow
In oysters tightly closed
Knowledged colleged cultured speakers
Display them polished highly lighted
Proud of what they know
Diving into Nature's secrets
Armed with open eyes
Wisdom seekers searching find
Oyster shells upon the beaches
Pearls of wisdom left behind
By gulls with different values
Miserly oysters  fly so high
Dying richly feeding
Feasts for poet eyes

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Living Excising

Her behaviour was exceptionable but exceptional.
She has enormity of inflammable but flammable,
Her feasibility generalize that women is most credible,
Naturally internment, ingenious but usually seasonable.
Prevaricate, masterful and triumphal but confessional,
Intensive to locate liability to decimate flout,
Careable, loveable, a family addicted always in doubt,
Import surcharge, impediment, tortuous, indulgent decisional.

Children and woman why conflicts conscience consignment,
What is consensus, consecutive censure considering?
Conservatism is consequential continuous consistent,
Living is execute and executive, exempt revising.
Nature, God or sophistication who is defendant?
Hell or heaven, what is important living excising?

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A valentine Day

O’ Mastermind, O’ Mastermind, Could you change my future?
Loneliness is teasing me, Sadness is breathing me,
Fear is freezing me, darkness is ceasing me,
Could you send someone who can listen to my tearing tone?
What is love, explain me, my love is only a ruin?
I am a child, I was a child and nobody cared for my feelings,
I suffer always suffer when they have different dealings,
O’ Mastermind, O’ Mastermind, Could you change my future?

When comes a valentine day I am trying to match my heart,
I like someone to encourage me I need a path of life,
I feel shame that shied to me; I can’t go away from hurt,
I am n’t beggar but begging to you, revive me I am dead half,
A day comes and passes away, I never seen awakening light.
I had lost my mum because she was someone’s wife.

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Disdainful Beauty

Disdainful beauty, goddess of the ice, 
With gaze as piercing as a flint-tipped shard.
Age-old allure still does the Chill entice
To dance with her, and pose as Winter’s guard.

Her staff, which strikes the slipp’ry ground, commands 
The timid Sun to seek his early death
And rules bold Night to sate all her demands;
She bends the iron with her frosty breath.

A sweeping cloak of snow behind her spreads
With ceaseless cold that trails within its wake.
As Winter, in her icy bearing, threads
Within a soul a crave, a pow’rful ache – 

Desire to see the sun shine down once more,
Rememb’ring springtimes that had passed before.

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Softly the breeze billows past my outstretched arms,
Silently I reproach myself for inept dues,
Beautiful sceneries encompass breathtaking winds,
Bizarre words flood my all too preoccupied mind,
Vast open spaces belie my rather whimsical temperament,
Verily my solitude is but a temporary wonderment,
Alas my heart craves immaterial placitude,
Although reality dawns too soon on my refuge,
Return I must to my artificial countenance,
Resuming once again to my futile reverence

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The Window

Dark;Dark;flick:the contrast  is stark
Domain and shadows are ever turning gray
They will soon outlive their stay
Form,and color slowly give way
Wait,I wait for that suns first ray.
The sound is that of a meadowlark
He is bidding farewell to the passing of dark
Could it be?Oh could it,be the first ray?
The window catches it,andkeeps it at bay
It will catch as many as it can and make them stay 
It enters its job for the day

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Waiting Her Out

Two doves atop a bare dead tree with uninterrupted view 
Huddled close on a Summer's day with naught to do but coo 
Birds stop by on top most branches chirp go their way and back 
It's storm cloud close with tickle breeze, grey and blue and black 

Upturned leaves reflect sky light in every which direction 
The humming bird preens on the line in feeder glass reflection 
It's all so still and heavy now then leaves go all aflutter 
The doves are gone the coming rain is more than just a mutter 

It pounds on in with rushing wind at once the streets afloat 
Then lightnings flash and thunder rolls the wind picks up then stills 
And in the pregnant silence I eye the moored boat 
She's under tarp and sitting well with room to ride the least of all my ills. 

It's time to batten down and wait for weather to be gone 
To sit alee and watch with glee as Nature carries on

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The Seed

The seed is tiny, plain, and helpless too
So easily upon our mind forgot
If e'er you have but nothing much to do
Amaze yourself and plant one in a plot

Kind dirt can hold and mold with gentle hands
Lush leaves soon sprout and then- firm stem, red flow'rs
Soft rains will spread the roots beneath our lands
Above the ground the sun will lend its pow'r

Blest birds will sing inside this place of nest
Its shade, all weary trav'lers- in pursuit   
When lovers carve the tree, their love it tests
And hungry men refresh and eat sweet fruit 

How grand and great a seed becomes in time
The small does rise and to the top shall climb