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Sonnet Love Poems | Sonnet Poems About Love

These Sonnet Love poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Love. These are the best examples of Sonnet Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Moth

A lone moth flits around my front porch light as wind blows through my window, luring me to step outside into black velvet’s night. I search the sky, but no moon can I see. It seems it’s disappeared, just like my love. The moaning wind plays havoc with my hair as that old bulb sways crazily above. In solitude, I simply stand and stare at the fool insect! How can it not know the falseness of the light that it’s drawn to? fluorescent doom replaces moon’s sweet glow. I know this well because in losing you I lost love’s gleam; I lost my everything, and still that silly moth is fluttering. . . For the Chopped II - Poetry Contest of Craig Cornish

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When We Meet

Ocean breeze gently blowing that silky hair
Your seductive sway, sauntering over here
Those rich red ruby lips, soft, supple and sweet
Day dreaming of the time we'll forever meet

Those deep passionate eyes, batting at me
Gazing into my soul, looking to set me free
That pretty little smile, sprinkling angel dust
Giving to you all my heart, my head, my trust

That silky smooth skin glistening in the light
That first nervous hi, making things feel right
Your playful giggle, laughing at all my bad jokes
When you touch my arm, those precious strokes

One day you'll be mine and that time will be ours
Our hearts beating as one, our minds in the stars

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A Gentle Death

Avenge me not, for death has been a friend
and anger ill befits love's gentle wine.
All lovers true or not, must part, ascend:
rise, or fall, as life's trials their paths assign.

Still as bone, white as winter's snow my skin
by candle light, one can almost see inside.
My hair a gossamer halo, so thin, 
my eyes, my blue eyes, still contain the tide.

I am your fair Persephone, your wife, bride,
and soon I will return to you Hades
to rise born on cherry blossom tides;
when in the earth, I can no longer bide.

Bless gentle Thanatos for his death sublime
and Hypnos, as in sleep, I do recline.

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Calls In The Night

Looking out in the setting sun
I'm blinded by the glare abound
Distracted by the smoke and noise
Barely able to hear a sound

As the welkin turns to dark from light
Stars shine bright in the night time skies
I wonder do you see them too 
Sparkling brightly in your deep eyes

In the wind I can hear your voice
Blowing across the vast blue sea
Speaking so softly in my ear
Whispering come and rescue me

Wishing upon the stars up high
My love for you will sooth your cry

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I Think of You

You’re sleeping soundly, but I’m left on fire
Engulfed by flames of burning hot desire
I yearn for you, and in my heart’s an ache
For I must wait till sun kissed, you awake

I think of you, so full of every grace
You’re angel bearings show upon your face
The strength of virile man is in your stance
It makes the heart in me just want to dance

To know that you are mine is sweetest treat
 It makes me want each day anew to greet
The joy of losing self there in your eyes
Gives me the wings I need to take to skies

You give me strength; you give me love that’s true
My world is epic all because of you

For Gautami Phookan’s Contest- I think of You 
February 17, 2015

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Lilah of the Lilacs

Like violets were her eyes when first I spied the lady with a sweet child’s face who peeked at me from bushes that she stood beside, alluring Lilah, beaming, apple-cheeked! And so it was that more and more I found myself among the lilacs in that place where first we’d met, that I might hear the sound of Lilah’s laugh and glimpse her angel’s face. On fragrant garden paths we knew the thrill of blossoming affection. Poetry was time we spent! But when my love fell ill, the autumn of our bliss was not to be. . . I visit Lilah now where she’s at rest nearby the lilac blooms she liked the best. For the "One of Your Best" contest of gautami phookan

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On every tenth of June

On every tenth of June
The sea waves splash upon the moors for years 
and shadows draw along the walls festoons
unspoken verse, conceived on silent piers,
the advent of our loneliness attunes.
That day of June remained our only fair
and minds' ascension to the astral reign,
blooms' multitude and fragrances’ affair
a purple thistle on the field and rain.
Remember me, a windy song and laugh,
our holding hands and young, the Summer’s call,
we celebrated then, upon the wharf
and acanthine of solitude's dance hall.
On every tenth of June my eyes embrace,
above the summer moors, your lines of face.
© G. Venetopoulos, 06-14-2013, All rights reserved
(English Sonnet)

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Sonnet On My Threadbare Love

My love is like a worker's gloves grown old.
His hands are leather, roughened now with age
and years of work in weather hot and cold,
yet through the many years, he has grown sage. . .

My love is like a builder's pair of boots.
He's dusty and fatigued and still he walks
while trailing mud, but now his attributes
shine through despite life's many stumbling blocks.

My love is like a pair of jeans much worn,
a pair of socks with holes that have stayed warm.
Though time and all the trials he has borne
have left him frayed, he wishes no one harm.

To write a beaming sonnet would not do,
but threadbare love (in some ways) bests the new.

For PD's "first love poem~ (on the soup) Poetry Contest"
Written about a month after I came to Soup in the new year
of 2010!

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A Sonnet For Eduardo

The day I left Madrid, I waved goodbye to someone dear to me. I still can see his dark brown eyes that could not tell a lie, those same eyes I’d beheld so tenderly each day when he would show up at my door. Where is my friend Eduardo, whom I left behind so long ago and never more would see again? I know he was bereft from letters that he sent, and I replied that we would meet again. I could not know how wrong I was or if he ever cried for me. How easily I let him go! How innocent and beautiful was he! Unbearable the beauty of my memory. For the Soulful Words Poetry Contest of Kim Morrison

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If These Eyes Could Lie

Locked up, shackled, tied down and chained 
Feeling empty, exhausted, used up and drained
Your heart unsettled with its flickering flame
Probing for answers in life's little game

I hear your cries echoing into the dark night
I could tell you everything will be alright
I feel your big lonely heart splitting apart
I could say I'll give your heart a fresh start

I hear your words begging to stop the blues
I could say I will be your knight and rescue you
I hear the tremble in your voice when you speak 
I could tell you I'd hug you and kiss your cheek

These eyes don't lie, I'll probably never be with you
My tears fall knowing there is nothing more I can do

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To Him who Loves Me

He held me through the maelstrom of my heart
strong arms of comfort, chest of solid might
with soothing touch the healing he did start
he brought the rays of sun to warm my night

the whispers in my ear were tender, sweet
they breathed into my soul his courage fierce
he vanquished all the cold with flaming heat
and placed his balm on wounds that lies did pierce

my heart he touched and made to beat once more
my eyes he kissed with truth, and I could see
On lips his love with kisses he did pour
he arms a haven that was meant to be

To him who loves me with such constant care
my dreams, my soul and body I will bare 


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Give and Take

The give and take in love should reach a mean
Whereby the two be equally disbursed,
So givers' hearts would never suffer lean,
Cold hungry hours without love reimbursed.
And those who take would never reach the stage
Of ravenous and selfish, one-way traits.
Such balance would create a better age,
If give and take maintained their equal weights.

But somehow this could never balance out—
For givers give beyond the gifts they bear;
In turn, must feed on crumbs, for without doubt
The hungry takers take beyond their share.
    While takers tip the scale with all they gain,
    The givers, weak and thin, smile through their pain.

© Sandra M. Haight 2015 
   All Rights Reserved

Honorable Mention
Contest: Love Justice
Sponsor: Justin Bordner
Judged: 01/24/2015

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By Any Other Name

If love could have a color, I suppose
it wouldn’t be just any common shade.
I’d name it for the colors of the rose.
In heaven’s hues this flower is arrayed!

From chaste love’s hush of pink to heady rush
that’s shown by cardinal or crimson red,
the rose reveals the grades of ardor’s blush
unto the time it’s thought that passion’s fled.

But in the tint of amaranth, the fire
endures; in purple deep it can transcend,
while yellow blooms in bliss that does not tire,
and white’s fidelity will have no end.

Though black the bud, a red will grow thereof.
By any other name, the rose is love.

For the ROSES ROSES ROSES Poetry Contest of Mystic Rose

For PD's any rose will do. ....... (poems of roses contest) old only.... Poetry Contest

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You Make Me Whole

Sunshine peering through the skies of grey
Wishing for another perfect summer day
The scent of jasmine lingering in the crisp air
Soon all this beauty we will be able to share

You came into my lonely life at the perfect time
Giving much meaning to my silly little rhymes
Thirty more days and the two of us become one
The future's before us, our journey has just begun

The way you give me a smile, when my days are blue
The way you finish my words, like you already knew
The way you dance when the band plays our song
The way things always are better, nothing ever wrong

I love you my darling , from the depths of my soul
Your the perfect companion, you make me whole

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Think Kindly

Do you know what it feels like
The moment when love strikes
Did you feel the beat of my heart
Did you love me from the start

The days of walks in the park
The slow dances in the dark
The passionate kisses you gave
Faithfully to you,  I was a slave

I looked at you and saw paradise
I was in your trance, hypnotized
When all your breath was lost
Then did our love start to frost

I gave to you all my love, so freely
When you remember me, think kindly

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Poetic Partner

Unconditional, I hide no longer.
His friendship touched me and made me stronger.
Never face to face, type to type on screen.
For his words I hunger, poetic feign.
Secrets exposed in a safe secure place.
His heart, my hands, a smile on each face.
We dance upon the keyboards in plain sight.
Entertaining you every single night.
Whether a duet or riding solo.
His warmth fills me where ever I go.
Only months has past but he is the best friend.
Strength in the beginning, never will end.

To my poetic partner, I dig you.
How I enjoy this dancing that we do.

For contest: Sonnet on intimate relationships
Sp. regina riddle
date 08-29-2014

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Gentle Summer Rain Art

Featuring:)  Giorgio Veneto

She writes about Fall's beauty in the rain 
The falling raindrops' dance ascribing thence 
Bespoken verse that lightens her refrain 
before the time they met - her steps commence. 

She listens to the soft and rhythmic thrum, 
her love turned to escape and cloudy string 
Where nimbus mistletoe fell, tears to become 
Their kiss of Autumn was symbolic ring. 

The first light cotton mists with summer rays 
While skyward cheerful laughs adorn the land, 
their ceremonial dance diffuses grays, 
affectionate embrace, where dreams expand. 

Upon September's sky the raindrops gleam 
With half of hidden Sun to laugh and beam.



~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

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Kiss the Rain

I stand here by the lakeshore, and I smell fresh honeysuckle as I kiss the rain. A memory that I cannot curtail wafts bitter sweetly to me, and again it’s May. . . the night you came to me by moonlight. The air was permeated by perfume from blossoms colored innocently white. But now it’s summer; yellow is each bloom. When plump upon the vines, sweet berries, red, will be swooped up by birds and carried away. I stoop to touch a stem. How soon has fled my flowered youth, and now this day chilled grey, I bow in downpour like the vines bent low while raindrops turn to tears and - glistening - flow. For the Contest of Gail Doyle

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I was Adored Once too

Again she sees those vibrant sleeves of green
And hears those gentle whispers and soft sighs
Alone beneath a willow lost in dreams
An old woman reflects through misty eyes

To see her now so deeply scarred by time
A beauty once now buried in the folds 
Upon that road of passion left behind
The bitter price she paid for growing old 

The park where they first met is much the same
Where those two hearts she sees again entwined
Engraved upon the stone that bears his name
Upon her soul forever in her mind

A barren stone awaits her by his side 
Beneath those gentle whispers and soft sighs

Author:  Elaine George

Author's note:

The title is from a quote of Shakespear which
inspired this sonnet. 

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The Dog of my Life

Shakespearean Sonnet

I remember the day I picked you,
With your sweet little puppy dog eyes.
For my heart was searching for love too,
When I looked down and heard your soft cries.

Your brothers and sisters were running,
They were after a fallen clothes peg,
But there was a puppy so stunning 
Trying hard to get up on my leg.

Four years it has been since that moment
And I thank God daily for his gift
Each day you give me such enjoyment 
Your love has given my heart a lift.

Today I know as clear as can be,
I didn’t pick you; rather you picked me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Sponsor Shadow Hamilton 
Contest: Pets

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Ancient Dance

In twilight, old songs you're softly humming
Silken smiles paint tender your lovely face
Beguiling my present still, becoming
in everything, sweeter than granted grace

Deep your eyes, beheld above the stillness
of mystic mien, dismissing every voice
Caresses known in sadness and in illness
in bounty cherished, if you make the choice

Alluringly, you draw the bedroom curtain
and sing in sweetest voice of violins
Of languid looks and outcome certain
as old as Eve, the ancient dance begins

Sway, your heated honey scent of passion
and poise, anticipating kiss conceived
Shall return my longing, in your fashion
and make my life ten times a joy perceived

Great grows my love to see your moves entrance
and weave with siren song the ancient dance

First version January 23, 2014
Edited and lengthened December 2, 2014

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The Written Face of Love

My love for you I carry in my heart
A growing ache, albeit tender, sweet
For from my body you are miles apart
My words like tender kisses sent to greet

Each letter and each thought with love is tied
Poetic lines immersed in passion’s hue
The secrets of your heart in them confide
My messengers of love sent out to you

Dear heart, be sure to read between the lines
At times a message stronger there you’ll find
Wild fantasies encrypted in these signs
My paradise you’ll enter with your mind

Who dares to doubt the written face of love
Has never flown on words to heights above

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The Rose and the Thorn

I shall nay know all the wonders - you hold
For all too soon the winds of winter blow
Scarlet petals withering in the snow
How cruel the breath that kills the velvet rose 

Tears - that canst’ bear the thought of letting go
Forever frozen in this empty soul
A broken heart forever turned to stone
A broken stem left now to stand alone

Alas! I find that life is bitter-sweet
As I stand holding only memories
Of a rose blooming in the summer breeze
Here beneath this old weeping willow tree

Once I held the sweetest rose - ever born
Now – in my grief – I hold the bitter thorn.


                    Author:  Elaine George

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The Gem

THE GEM As precious stones are hidden and entwined In minerals of ordinary worth, They must be found, professionally mined From common, rocky layers of the earth. Extracted, polished, cut, they'll stand apart As valued gems. Neglected, they will share In earth's destructive force—erosion's art— Dissolve away with nature's wear and tear. Oh God, you are both mine and miner; strip This soul embedded in your work of clay, And let your tools of grace and fellowship Preserve the gem of Love from life's decay. Cut many facets that reflect and show— The worth of gem and miner in its glow. © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved ~3rd Place~ Contest: Precious Stones and Gems Sponsor: Anthony Slausen Judged 11/22/2014

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Tell Me a Sweet Lie

Tell me I'm the one, the love of your life.
It's not my fault you won't become my wife
I'll look in your eyes as I dream my dreams.
We can both pretend, it's not what it seems.

I know there's another who holds your heart.
I can't stand that it's ripping mine apart.
So I will take this, just one more night.
Hold me and rock me, till the morning light.

My pain is to great, please whisper sweet lies.
My brain knows what my Heart can't realize.
I'll give you freedom, please let me pretend.
I am not ready, for this love to end.

Tomorrow walk away, that is your chance
I will survive, if you give me one glance

Sonnet on an intimate relationship.

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What is Love

Love is the bind between the sighs and cries
A choice made to hold onto what matters
The strength to move within the lows and highs
And hold the fragile heart when it shatters
To fit oneself into a world of two
Release the light to splay upon the dark
And show the traveled path when love is new
To fill the colored world with rainbow's arc
Find a hand of comfort that one can hold
And move from youth to the days of gray
Live a peaceful life as the years turn old
To walk the graveled roads and always stay

If love can be of this, then we will know
The love we shared will leave an afterglow

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Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets

Once, side by side, they walked the moonlit beach
In silence, each alone and incomplete
In separate worlds, joined only by the reach
Of tiny, lapping waves upon their feet.
As silver beams of moonlight iced the ground
And blotted out the warmth of sandy gold,
The warmth of humanness was hidden, bound
Beneath blind souls that shivered in the cold.

Yet on the sand their shadows danced along—
A silhouetted couple synchronized
In motion…forms united, clear and strong
Against the blankness which the moon devised.

Dark, shadow puppets sparked a guiding light—
Gave living souls new vision in the night.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

~3rd Place~
Contest: Puppets
Sponsor: John Lawless
Judged 12/27/2014

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The Sweetest Song

(This is about an Irish/Celtic legend:
Oenghus & Caer)

A hundred-fifty swans in dancing light
of sun were shimmering upon the lake
when Oenghus, God of Love, beheld the sight
and called to her who made his poor heart ache,

“You haunt my dreams. I die for love of you!”
With her reply, the cloak that he had on
changed into soft white wings, for love was true.
And thus it was he joined her as a swan.

How great their joy when Oenghus met his mate,
the fair Caer, there in the gleaming throng.
Imagine knowing bliss to be your fate!
In unison, they sang a wondrous song.

It sweetly lulled all listening to sleep,
a melody their hearts would ever keep.

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Conquer This Land

All my daydreams have come true
Since I first laid my eyes upon you
So much passion, so much desire
This dark knight's heart is on fire

I've dropped the mighty sword that I yield
Exchanging it for a kiss that is sealed
Your soft touch, silky, smooth and fine
Against my skin, makes me feel divine

This knight's nights have gotten brighter
Now becoming a lover, no longer a fighter
Wrapped in my arms, don't make a peep
You've ignited a flame way down and deep

Come take my hand, I await your command
Together, in battle, we will conquer this land

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Of Lion Love

My feline bittersweet awakening
came decked with golden trim of flawless days.
A time it was to frolic and to fling
ourselves in grass, all afternoon to laze.

Together we were fearless, wild and free,
a noble lion and his lioness.
And sadly, neither one of us could see
that passion such as ours would evanesce.

Our error was believing that each kiss
could carry us. . . that love could multiply
or even match July’s exceeding bliss.
By summer’s end, our ardor had run dry.

A lion’s appetite can satiate,
and love - less noble then - will soon abate.

Posted 6/11/11

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My Sunshine

“Love can comforted like sunshine after rain” Shakespeare I sit beside the window with a frown. Since early morning nothing has gone right. The steady thrum of rain as it pours down assaults my ears! I long to see sun’s light. With plans I had this day now fallen through, I watch the clouds which, like my thoughts, I find are darkening. I don’t know what to do about the woes I’ve harbored in my mind. The hours have crawled, but unexpectedly My love arrives home early, and he brings A rose bouquet and a big hug for me! The thrum of rain goes on, yet my heart sings, for all I needed was to see his grin, and sunshine has already been let in!

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raindrops dance

raindrops dance

The falling
raindrops dance, a
bearing wall
retains his memories
of years before,
solitude, invite his
and form continuum,
above to soar.

Reminding paragon
among beach plum,
intently they
behold, when words
a skyward calling
are the raindrops'
the mirroring of
stares and souls'

And as the raindrops
dance around and
belike she comes,
'mid silences aboard
foreshadowing the
rainfall drops that
their night defines
again the winds'

Her grandness in the
mistle's waving
a solemn cause
became of diamond

© 06-15-2013, G.
Venetopoulos, All
rights reserved

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Obsessive Love

Press not to flaming lips your tepid kiss

Touch not this burning form with hands of ice

A lukewarm love can never bring to bliss

Nor will indifferent love for me suffice


Seek not with obligation to appease

Perfunctory in making love to me

Disdain is what I feel for “gifts” as these

Tis better far, my dear, to let me be


For if you not assess my heart aright

And think me one to faint with weak caress

You’ve not been seared by passion’s burning might

Nor tasted honeyed dreams that I undress


Hope not to bed me with halfhearted plea

With love obsessive, take a hold of me

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Lover, crawl from caution and bitten tongue

for reticence is the unspoken sin,

each longing unquenched, each fantasy wrung

bring to me now, let rapture begin.

Secrets I will lavish with oil and salt,

doubt I will ravish as pleasure I give,

a  nearer heaven will hear you exalt

as you unclench your heart, finally live.

Broach the world with that reserved façade

but what you conceal I would freely grant, 

bare desires, let passion ride roughshod

and devotion will enslave and enchant.

There is no shame in flesh, in need or lust

when flesh meets soul and fear submits to trust.

For Debbie Guzzi’s Song to Poem Contest Inspired by: I would Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf Note: Theme is fantasy and trust .. and trust in fantasy... highly romantic and erotic... ; ) Hope I captured that here. 

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You Can't Remove the Glitter from Silver and Gold

You Can't Remove The Glitter From Silver And Gold Our love’s been bathed in sunlight and in the moonlight’s glow. It comes close to being eternal and we have come to know That when our time is over this truth will always hold – You can’t remove the glitter from silver and gold. Life will try to tarnish precious things we find Living all around us yet always seem confined. There is a sheen of greatness even when they’re old. And some get even brighter, with age, or so I’m told In life we’ve known the safety of sweet and caring arms That embraced us with comfort and protected us from harm. No threats have ever reached us where we were not consoled Knowing you cannot remove glitter from silver and gold. Our love has always been there as, steadily, we grew old We never tried to separate glitter from silver and gold. Written By John Posey 06/21/13

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Love in Poetry

How do I write my love in poetry? Spin it around a needle’s company I succumb to the wishes that’s displayed Straight into my heart, a bed that is made Words that focus not on the worldly things Making love formed by surely everything Almost all my chimed poetry is filled Tinging of the bells on my window sill My poems flow from my pen to your head Allowing even the strange come to bed Obstinate people combined with some change Must read of my love, they will rearrange My lovely other, sits upon the throne Love ties us as one, prepares what is known Russell Sivey

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Emerald Memories

Green are the hues of the Irish Sea,
Wrapped by the grasses of the Emerald Isle;
Fields strewn with heather where you came to me
With eyes of jade and a charming smile.

The moorland grasses where we ran and played,
Washed by the briny scent of ocean breeze
That wafts through the moor like a serenade;
The days encore of a sweet reprise.

As verdant hills softly roll away
And seem to disappear in a distant bog,
I think of you and those far gone days
And reach for your shadow etched in the fog.

Your breath is the breeze that sweeps o're the green
And floats through the memories that I dream.

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Oh my darling the news is so bleak I saw the consultant only last week Think we better start making plans See the vicar; hear the wedding banns All I’ve ever wanted was to be your wife For better for worse, through trouble and strife The consultant confirmed I’ll not last the year Oh kiss me my darling; just hold me so near Wedding plans float around in my head My dying wish is that we should wed Time is running out so we mustn’t linger I want your wedding ring upon my finger A simple ceremony, just as quiet as can be All I ask my darling is that you stand by me 01~14~15 Contest: Stand By Me Sponsor: Kelly Deschler ~awarded 1st place~

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Above the Clouds

Love lifted me into the clouds so high I could not see the world beneath my feet. We sailed away into a sunset sky. I felt so sure my life was then complete! We soared through galaxies, collecting dust from shining stars that made our faces glow. Life felt so sweet; the earth beneath us must have been illusion. . . . but what did I know? Reality, I learned, was not above those fluffs of clouds, for passion dies so soon, you’re pulled down to the ground. And what of love? It’s just a glimmer up there on the moon. Yet mortals can’t stop wishing for that flight above the clouds into the star-filled night. For the Both Sides Now Poetry Contest of Alfred Vassallo

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Erasing The Black

Twittering squeaks, the Swallow calls
Harboring inside these darkened walls
High in the loft, of the barn where she rests
Calling her mate to come back to the nest

Majestic beauty come to me once more
Together we'll spread our wings and soar
Singing our song with the rise of the sun
Perfect harmony between two loved ones

Memories of flights over fields of green
I was your knight, you were my queen
Flitting and fluttering we were in love
No longer swallows, we were now doves

Hearing his calls, her mate has come back
Her day's been brightened, erasing her black

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What Our Dreams Are Made Of

Dearest one I think so very often of our special love,
And thank God above daily for that chance meeting,
For this Darling is what our dreams are made of—
And makes seeing you always such a special greeting!

Dreams are the mystical fabric of poets’ ink and verses,
And reflect emotions and tears very special and so rare;
For one’s heart and soul weave into these very verses,
While poets ponder passion pure and love so ever rare!

I sense and see the sweet tears from your eyes so true;
Real emotions they show me always my dearest love,
And your thoughts and passion never leave me blue,
For this Darling is what our dreams are made of—

Our love’s so real and special as we walk life’s path as One,
Knowing our dreams are made of love for two—now One!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
December 9, 2014 (Shakespearean Sonnet in Rhyme poetic format)

Rhyme Sequence:  abab|cdcd|efef|gg
Meter:  Varied	

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Morning Dew Glistens in Anticipation

Morning Dew Glistens in Anticipation

Glistening of gentle morning dew
soft breeze flowing sweetly along
Thoughts again of life and you
melodies that play a mental song

Trees wrapping this beautiful morn
joyful thoughts now so newly born
Sky filters down its sunlit rays
birds chirp all about on such days

My joy lost has now been found
as the natural world spins  around
Life takes on a sheen of the new
Again my happy thoughts turn to you

Our lives joined, paths forever hold
this deep love that makes us both so bold! 

Robert J. Lindley  09-24-2014

note: Took a Nature hike today. Saw God's beauty all around. 
Very soon I found myself thinking ,yes, that my life came around 
when my wife married me. As if a Spring shower had soothed the 
parched ground. Giving nourishment for the seeds of bliss
to sprout on up and grow.
God, Nature's glow, my wife's love and beauty , our son's 
smiles today made this world turn from bleak and cold to
sunshine and a slice Of heaven. Thank God for Nature's 
beauty and its sweet inspirations.
My brother-in-law David was sent home to die tonight. They can do no more , the cancer will end his life, most likely in the next few days...
I couldn't go there tonight. The helpless feeling slays me so!
I hope to have the courage to go tomorrow morn...

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The Scoundrel's Game

A yearning for affection and romance can cause one’s getting scorched by passions’ flame. Love blooms if it is given a fair chance, but some attempt to play the scoundrel’s game! A tender soul can be bamboozled by the man who has an inner soul of ice. The love that he professes is his lie, and cherishing himself alone - his vice. The one he lured will struggle to maintain her doomed relationship with him; she’s torn! The taste of love once sweet turns into pain, for what she offers is returned with scorn. Abominations always will exist. Take care one's not a scoundrel you have kissed! For Dictionary fun....#1...Delilah's Words! Poetry Contest

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Welcome Home

Waiting, I'm patiently waiting for
your ship to sail on back to shore
Time standing still, does it even exist
It's been too long since we once kissed

Your scent on my pillow fading away
Wishing and hoping you were here this day
I lay in the darkness thinking of you
and of the day all of our dreams come true

Sounds of footsteps creaking on the pine floor
Gentle knocking upon my bedroom door
Visions of beauty, visions so clear
My meaning, my whole has finally appeared

Crawl into my arms, crawl into my heart
Our two lives together, no longer apart

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There Once More

That sad day when you said, "It's just not there" Such sentiments seemed pulled out of the air For many months we'd loved and lived as one Sharing dreams under the Florida sun Our hopes were cast like nets into the sea Never did I think they'd come up empty What caused this shift was not for me to know As 'neath the rays I wallowed far below Searching for answers, wiping tears from my eyes I longed to make sense, but reason defied Until I found the hidden doctor's note And learned your survival now seemed remote I fought my way back into your strong arms To stand again with you and ease the harm

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Memories of good old days

Memories of good old days

When memories give you tears, 
you sit, there is nowhere to go,
and you have the worst of fears,
Can you ever retain your glow ?

Those nostalgic evening walks,
drives in the dark that made crazy,
stuck in mind like stubborn plaques,
Can those pictures ever go hazy ?

Engraved in marble you can't erase,
Successive thoughts bound to depress,
Echoing in ears stays every phrase,
Alive are memories you must confess,

Emotions flow with good old memories,
as souls dance serene in mind galleries!

Written October 28th, 2014
Poet- Dr. Upma A. Sharma
Entered for contest 'Whatever' by PD A on Oct 29th

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The Morning Sun Speaks

The Morning Sun Speaks

Vainly,  I smile at a fine morning sun
ponder today's tasks waiting to be done
Embrace and savor this very sweet morn
enjoy life, that is why we were first born

Sparrow drinking at my lone bird fountain
clouds soaring into another mountain 
I see the carefree bird fly far away
consider the high price I dearly pay

Happily my soul spoke to the red sun
life races onward as I freely run
My toils are but life tokens to be spent
spirit lives with our love paying no rent

The morning sun spoke yet again to me
live, love and grab hold of life yet to be!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-27-2014

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The First Flower I Chose

The First Flower I Chose

You were my rose, the first flower I chose
A beauty so fair, such shine in your hair
You I chose, the finest ever love rose
Asked on a dare, the prettiest girl there

Soon we wed, pretty flower graced my bed
Nights sent such bliss, heaven I did not miss
Flames in bed, want no other instead
Honey that kiss, love never was like this

Years together, in good and bad weather
Loving every night, touching sweet just right
Joy our weather, sweet kisses a feather
Sexy the sight, your naked body at night

My rose did cast, true love that did so last
I held so fast, to that ship's greatest mast


Contest- Form Sonnet
Regina Riddle 
Contest Name , Sonnet on a Intimate Relationship 

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  114

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Please No Empty Room

Let not my heart become in my old age
"An empty room, cobwebbed, and comfortless"
But an open sunny porch, a welcome sage
A loving heart to those in distress

Let not my pain sabotage my soft heart
Let me remain a gentle, kind spirit
Writing a course of good 'pon my sea chart
Let love from heart's depths to God submit

Enjoining to You  oh Holy Spirit
Flow through me like a circuit open ended
This vessel delights in your benefits
Let the love seed grow with fastest speed

Let my heart not be controlled by body's pain
Fill my heart with Thy love 'til it can't contain  

"An empty room, cobwebbed, and comfortless" 
Direct quote from Edna St. Vincent Millay
It was in more than one of her works..

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Embers Gone Cold

I seek for warmth by embers getting cold
and though I coax, they will not burst to flame
I sit and mourn the heart of love you sold
that bode in tigress broken now and tame

my body shivers by the dying fire
I wrap around me words of long ago
that scorched my heart with burning tongues of fire
but cold sensations now my heart does know

before I close my eyes and drift to death
I hold an ember close to bosom bare
a searing pain induces gasp of breath
and yet the burn is welcome wound I wear

You left me cold, alone in night so dark
Love's fire died and left me not a spark 


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Fragrance of Yesterday's Air

I dream of roses and a lover's song
The fragrance lingers from yesterday's air,
of sensual touch, when nights were long
And I was drowning in her falling hair
I gave her roses of passionate red
Spreading petals around her sweeter scent
We'd drink from love's cup, drunk on the unsaid
Lost in scented roses, fragrance now spent
Exposing her soul, revealing her cry
Who loved red roses and passionate love
A fiery white light that burned through night sky
She was a lover. One.... dreams are made of

I gave her red roses, for times lover's share,
She gave candled nights, beneath falling hair

contest Roses  Roses  Roses

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Eccentricity In Love

With respect there’s nothing to omit
saying I love you within these walls,
everything I write weaves in orbit
whilst time in haste reminds me and calls.
To you with eyes so bright hopes convey
confident from my heart words will pour,
oh gypsy in rags my poem will say
it’s not what I see that’s only the door.
Your pins and needles adorn your face
your hair the colour of liquid grass,
your universe of hard knocks your grace
places you for me top of the class.
If only to live this life again
staple us together lord, amen.

© Harry J Horsman 2014

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Nights So Love-locked In Your Arms

Nights So Love-locked In Your Arms

Nights love-locked into your arms
breathing in all of your charms
A spell cast to set love ablaze
we lost into epic, romantic haze

You gave its greatest gift, bliss
thanking heaven I did not miss
The sweetest ever enduring kiss
in my dreams I often reminisce 

Rested within your lover's trust
heart's deepest desire, a must
Songs that sang us both asleep
memories we shall forever keep

Memories flood out this the best
love surviving each and every test!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-24-2014

note: Decided to share here my poem for today, a sonnet,
the one I write every day on paper for my darling wife.
This one being so tame and pg I can do this..
Hope you may enjoy reading this heartfelt write..
 She will read this after her 12 hour shift today at the 
hospital. I have high hopes she asks me to frame this
 one too. The "tames ones" she asks me to frame but 
never the very racey, so very deeply intimate  ones. lol
She demands those always stay private..

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A Lover's Query

A Lover's Query

I cannot love thee any more , nor less
hast thou not thrilled to my nightly embrace
cried about sins I faithfully confess
in shock at my previous sinner's race?

Nay, fair lady think me not a high fool
a master of deceit that sells my charm
tormentor in words so very cruel
ruffian that scurries about to harm!

My lady, looks at me the cock that crows
that preens in the morning to please the Sun
strutting, pleasing your eyes as our love grows
do you speak soft and I come on a run?

Do we not share this secret lover's bond?
Secret nights of which you are very fond?

Robert J. Lindley  08-25-2014

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As Midnight Moon Shines Upon Her Eyes

As Midnight Moon Shines Upon Her Eyes

In a dream world where fantasies abound
shall be where my princess is found
Wrapped in her vision an angelic choir
cherubs singing her heart's desire

Her voice soothes every hearing soul
spreading happiness her daily goal
As midnight moon shines upon her eyes
a thought comes to me so very wise

Surely she could come to me down here
easing my hurt, wash away my fear
A soft gentle touch to my spirit renew
help me find a love any man is due

In a dream world such fantasies exist
your heart's desire, anything on your list

Robert Lindley
March 21, 2001

Note, 1/27/2015 - Modern sonnet, written when my soul was lost
and seeking the path back into happiness, back into a world devoid of misery, heartache and pain.
That night I bowed my head and asked for help. Best decision I ever made. 
For in faith I had then put my trust , over that of my foolish vanity and insufferable pride!
Now looking back, I see the answer came ever so swiftly..
This poem comes from my "private collection" (intended for my children) after my demise and 
is now presented for the first time for others to read..
That night I dreamed of a dark hair angel that came to me and helped me return to the world of the living.
Thats her in my picture given here. My wife now of ten beautiful and happy years!
Bountiful extra blessing of a beautiful son we now share !

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Those Glory Days, Long Gone

Those Glory Days, Long Gone

Those glory days resting so far bygone
I trek ahead, sad and so all alone
Treasures left upon lofty mountain tops
Rushing ever foward, no time for stops

Days, we resting under a shading oak
loving in vows that we forever spoke
Coolest mornings, breezing days easing minds
days of joy in all the many new finds

Those views of life sing forever above
crystal dreams set in our undying love
Nights of magic in epic love unbound
blisses in every kiss our wet lips found

Memories of days and nights now alone
holding memories of life so long gone!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-07-2014

Poem Syllable Counter Results

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  100 

Did it , hit exactly one hundred words + ten syllables
 per line and great rhyme.. A solid sonnet according to 
my own personal standards. Wrote it and had to minor 
correct only three lines..

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Shadows Past Cont

Shadows Past, Dance with memories of Yore
Shadows Past, Singing LOVE Songs for LENORE
Shadows Past, Crying Tears of agony
Shadows Past, Waiting for Eternity

Join together FOREVER and ALWAYS
Entwine with Lost Love in Heaven's Hallways
Ignite Love's Fire with a dying Ember
Shadows Past, Forgotten LOVE: Remember

I live in Death, waiting for death " To LIVE "
A Broken Heart prepares itself to Give - 
To YOU, LENORE: "My Everlasting LOVE"
A LOVE as Pure as GOD's Heavenly Dove

For Eons of Eternity as One
Spirit of GOD, Lenore and I : as ONE

Dedicated to Rebecca Larkin For Her Gracious Comment on "Shadows Past" (Rhyme)

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A Single Rose

For you, my love, I’ll be a single rose
of crimson hue, and velvet to the touch.
So warm in contrast to your fallen snows,
yet yearning for the thrill of winter's clutch.
Soft petals form a heart so firm and true,
unyielding to the tempest of your reign,
and though a cold wind nurtures doubt in you,
such purity of love I could not feign.

Dilemmas of the soul so keenly felt.
Bestow my love? or must it stay a dream?
for if I warmed your heart 'twould surely melt
and I would lose you to the flowing stream.

And so, my love, this single rose I’ll hide
and keep the love I feel for you inside.

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There was no heart for me

There was no heart for me, just songs and wine.
And music that had played a sweet reprise.
Until I felt your touch, your hand in mine.
I knew you then, O wonderful and wise.
There is no need of compass now, for I
Have fallen deep beyond dead reckoning.
And ply the stormy oceans of your eyes,
To find the treasures that lie beckoning.
And I will sail the inland seas to you,
Beneath the earth bound stars I'll travel by,
To make my dreams and promises come true,
That on your lips, my kiss will ever lie.
And I to you will send an embassy,
Our love was in the stars, our destiny.

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My Lady Requests So Much

My Lady Requests So Much

Shall I splash love into your gay heart
gift a golden treasure beneath your feet
setting my sail into your longing chart
my heart quickly pulsating to your beat

Shall I chain my mind to your sexy dream
clouds of hope wrapped deep into your quests
Tasting the sweetest drops from your steam
slavishly hold each of your love requests

Shall I now set my hopes onto your all
embracing your charms every night's feast
Set my heart to your every beck and call
worship your beauty as a loyal priest

Nay, my love I shall gift to you with strings
Requesting songs of your love that rings!

Robert J. Lindley  08-28-2014

note: All requests are granted. 
I that trades love for love find a 
treasure beyond all measure!

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As Night Descends...

Beckon these eyes a whisper in trees
Scarlet passion in hot molten heat
With your fiery touch I will hit my knees
Fevered oscillation on warm amber sheets

This skin awaits your raw carmine kiss
Breath…indrawn from smoldering flames
Inside deep eyes of sweet chocolate Swiss
In searing red throes I call out your name

Trembling in the blazing torch of your touch
I whimper blue....a shattered disarray
A blistered journey…you are my crutch
A bursting heart pulsing crimson display

         Morning awaits a crushed coral flower
                     Entombed......inside an ebony tower

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Desert Love

Hot. . . white hot Sahara sand am I. Turning, ever turning, how I burn white. . . hot white beneath the desert sky. In search of sweet relief, for you I yearn, shifting, ever shifting, I’m a dune. Each particle of me is filled with heat. I roll beneath the sun of afternoon, ever passion parched though time be fleet. I’m drifting to the brink of mad desire. Cool. . . blue cool, sweet pool that I pursue- mirages that appear quench not my fire. Blue. . . cool blue, my remedy is you. I’m half a continent; my love is vast. Reveal yourself, Oasis, at long last! For PD's Your Best Love Poems ((old poems only)) Poetry Contest

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To Have and Have Not

Late the music played in the smoky air
  In our noir Bogey and Bacall vignette:
And hands that brushed your dark cinnamon hair
  Held a glass of "Red" and a cigarette.
Your skin smelt like aloes and ambergris,
  Soft rubicund lips shone like burning coals:
And what covet it was those lips to kiss,
  To feel and touch the flesh and depth of souls.
I saw that I was a moth to her flame,
  That one day perchance she would be my bride,
And prayed in her sweet dreams I fare the same -
  So this my true heart to yours must confide.
If you should need me just whistle real slow:
You just put your lips together and...blow!


For Les.

April 2013

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Live, Love and Stand Tall

Live, Love and Stand Tall

Prisoner of fate be strong, be very brave
in life be faithful, diligent and bold
Hope in other's precious lives you may save
joy, live in the light avoiding darkened cold

Ever seek the pureness of love, music it plays
while sailing into a sweet life so very tall
Find your road and the friends that always stay
faithfully with you if you stumble and fall

Stand on the Rock and shout out your thanks
witness to your world, your life and your all
Fill in life with joy leaving no great blanks
endure life's many tests be they large or small

Be one with life, live , love and stand tall
have great faith that truth will withstand it ALL.

Robert J. Lindley  07-03-2014

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Sonnet Three

Scattered across a thousand cities
(After the last window darkens).
The moon speaks hidden fantasies,
and the sleepy sunset sharpens.
	Emerging exactly in the last ludicrous light
	(The dawn of you erects constellations).
	Softly, with strolling lips singing spectrally slight,
	the rumor of your touching exceeds all aspirations.
For blindly, as the nails upon the cross
(A dainty destroyed hero loves you).
Beyond falling for or feeling loss,
your least amazing smile will do.
	So give what gives meaning to meaningful,
	the life inside you undefined beautiful.

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Sonnet 19

Cupid, why hast thou cursed me with thy bow?
Enchanting my desires and compliments
Unto a woman who seems not to show
The same affections of my hearts contents

Of vibrant colors I pick each a flower
Laying them by her doorsteps where I daze
I dream of her awake at sunlight hour
Kissing her image that my mind displays

Yet I am like the rain above her head
The way she runs away from showered gifts
I never knew inside my heart could shred
Heartbroken by her distant love that drifts

Only if thy arrow and bow had missed
My fate and love for her would not exist

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Sadness Farewell

Oh! Farewell sweet sadness, forever farewell.
We must part now that all my tears have dried.
All the pain of my past, no more to hide.
It is joy that causes my heart to swell.

Go, I set you free from this prison cell
To see you leave and not feel you’re cold 
arms around my chest; I release my hold
I speak of you no more, no more I tell

Oh! My sadness, you’re free; run from this hell
For I must stay and we must part, so go
For love has filled my heart to overflow
Around loves joy I know you can not dwell.

My odium lies with you memory
For love was come and brought her joy for me.

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Sentenced to mortal life term my May bride
  When joined are glad hearts on eternal date:
The sky did not fall nor planets collide
  On the altar of our noble estate.
Bright shone were rings of emeralds and gold -
  You my true love betrothed and I your swain!
Now Isis, you are mine to kiss and hold
  And never again your sweet lips abstain.
No artful other, no fool's inaction,
  Will apart keep me from my son and wife,
And without further lapse or infraction
  I wish you only love's joy and long life.
Keep me sworn and healed in your saving balms,
And in the fulcrum of your loving arms.


Isis: Goddess of fertility and motherhood!

For Les.

August 2004

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Brazen Heart

Of love there is no antidote nor cure,
A brazen heart knows nothing of the hand,
That guides this Cupid arrow fair and pure,
And pierces through with art that soul can stand.
Of choice the soul knows nothing to begin,
As seeds that scatter aimlessly on clay,
Some grow and flourish unbeknown to him,
That stalks the Earth oblivious and grey.
Confounded he, who is awakened so,
From anaesthetic binding dark as night, 
When true love strikes and soul begins to glow,
He see’s a Universe that’s blazing bright.

And brazen heart is smelted down to flesh,
And nourished through with all of loves relish.

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At University Res

For the lady who resides at 7th floor

I meditate as I close my eyes, so much of her glamorous face,
The loveliest aesthetic art that brings me joy and grace –
The definite hue of her skin, her small black eyes, her ethereally crafted lips;
If she were a waitress I’m confident her pocket would be flooding with tips.
O, beautiful is she, if I that may say; she is like a flower that never fades,
She’s transparent, like a lake – her teeth pure white, shiny as new knife blades.
I infer, she is adorable when she sleeps and at dawn when she does awake,
Her kindness and her pulchritude, they mesmerize me –yup it’s true, I don’t fake.
Yesterday I awed with every smile she had thrown at me every time that I’d talked,
But I grew even most in need and in love with her the minute she turned and walked –
And by my lips, I swear, if she offers me a chance to kiss,
If that happenstance ever presents itself I’d definitely not miss.
The truth is simple, she appeases me and I so ample wish she would be mine;
But she frightens me –nevertheless, soon I’d dare her out on a date to dine.

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If Love Does Not Live (Sonnet for Celene Crescent)

If love does not live so that love may live,
Wrecked on rugged rock like a pirate ship;
Tiresias speaks to hearts—no love to give,
Darkness and void with no inspired lips;

If love is quashed short of its golden prime,
Like dinosaurs smashed by a meteorite;
Crushed from its age of blossoming on time,
Like breath strangled from life not to unite!

Then O’ love, send me Pegasus to ride,
Spread your wings—lift us to Zeus in the sky;
Touching constellations with them abide,
Creating cherished crescendos for weepy eye:

Lightning life beaming love from golden clouds
Descending passion upon earth erasing shrouds!

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Love Defiled by Hate

She was a Capulet and he a Montague
Yet the moment their eyes locked, such great passion grew
Scaled her balcony, professions of love to croon
Juliet warned, “Swear not by the inconstant moon”

Forced to elope because of a family feud
Hidden love’s revelation they had to elude
When Romeo’s friend Mercutio, Tybalt slew
Romeo killed Tybalt and from their town withdrew

Her father sought to wed Juliet to a Count
The friar gave her a potion, a small amount
Upon finding Juliet seemingly lifeless
Parents placed her in a tomb in funeral dress

The plan went awry and both lovers met their fate
Tragedy born when love did not overcome hate

June 9, 2011
Written for Brian's "Up to Thee Max 14 Lines" contest

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Paradise My Sweetest Love

My sweetest love hearest thou my advice
Let's leave for the garden of sweet paradise
We will live under a rainbow with cherries
Eat sweet mangoes and bright berries;
Build a cottage in its midst with a skylight
Bake gingerbread as the sunsets at twilight
Shower in the misting rain on our lawn
Sing sweet songs with the birds at dawn;
Make fireflies’ lanterns soothing our mood
The ravens will bring us nourishing food
The sparrows will build our resting nest
Oh my love—my darling, my earnest:
Together we will wish upon a shining star,
And from each other we shall never be far!

© Revised 5/31/10
© All Rights Reserved

5th Place Winner - Parody Poetry Contest. 
Sponsored by Dr. Ram Mehta, 6/10/2010


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Last Sigh of Goodbye

"Last Sigh of Goodbye" charming candlelight lost radiant glaze emotions vanished into twilight dust broken pieces of heart swallowed in maze as passionate masquerade died in lust. fleeting embers of deceit bid adieu' one last sigh of goodbye stole life's faint breath a love letter spoke words of love untrue in painful fond farewell eyes closed in death. beyond dark grave lies loneliness and tears 'tis better to have loved and lost in life yet ultimate betrayal spirit sears impaling soul with wounds deep thrust of knife. painted finale' carved in canvas cries caressing love in bouquets of goodbyes. *For Harry Horsman's Goodbye Contest. *Nov. 15, 2012.

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A Sonnet for my Father on His Birthday

I’d write a rhyme to prove my depth of love
Or sing angelic song like those above
If gifts like these would prove love’s testament
I’d give and give to prove deep sentiment

But what to you, my Father, can I give?
The one who taught me how to love and live
What can I give you from this daughter’s heart?
But vow that from your side I’ll never part

You mean the world to me, this you must know
With passing years my love for you does grow
Your care for me is what helps see me through
There is no other father sweet like you

May Jesus grant you health and happiness
This birthday wish I wrap in tenderness

Eileen Manassian Ghali

My daddy dearest turns 78 today...78! Where did all the years go??? My father is a pastor, an educator, and writer, but most of all, he is the best father in all the world.  Yes, my My father has always been a very central figure in my life. I couldn't have hoped for a better dad. We've been close through the years, and I know that he is always there to catch me when I fall. Isn't that, after all, what our heavenly Father is like? I so love and adore my dad. If you'd like to "see" him, you can check my photos on my page here. :)

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Eyes Of Children

When precious children look into my eyes They should not see things I despise Rather love should always be In my eyes for them to see. But should I fail to satisfy their gaze And somehow in their eager minds I raise Questions left for those who follow soon And with their precious spirits will commune. Let No one take these innocents astray Or change their golden skies to shades of gray. Let no path to riches for them be denied And in their hearts may love always abide. By their holy innocence we're awed Surely they are precious gifts from God.

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Past Passion

Go now, turn the photo albums pages.
You often smile at happy memories.
Let the images rekindle the stages,
Never lost, love..within my heart's reverie.

Would that we could return to bygone days.
I would do anything to turn that page.
Love know, my thoughts of us set nights ablaze.
Past passion, left my broken heart engaged. 

The years are long, and still, the pages turn.
Relive those brighter memories and come.
Could the ever after be, oh I yearn ..
We each can see the love in our album.

Only you, it is yours, my broken heart,
If you wish a Valentine take the dart.    

*Key to message: Read the bolded first words
of each line from the bottom up.

 If only We Could Relive The Past Love, I Would Never Let You Go 

Date: 1/20/13

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Novella My Love


I've been dreaming of a sonnet in the cradle of the breeze
I've been dreaming in the silence of her feathered nest of dream
perched in peaceful solitude autumn falls with golden leaves
where hymn's flow free within a quest along the winding stream

Has my presence ever crossed your mind in lonely nights of need
of placid love refined in gold where one desires thee
a place where time has come to stall of gifts of love and deed
in lust I wait in colors of spring for her my sweet jubilee

In last breath fare of desperate need my eyes have finally seen
my fair young lady from distant hallow floating near within my dream
I hear her voice in loving song with tales of gifts foreseen
with silken wings she flutters free to rest along pure stream

I've been dreaming of a sonnet in the cradle of the breeze
I've been dreaming in the silence far beyond the graceful trees..


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Transcendent Love

Will you be loving me ‘til time is naught?
Your fingers only know of suppleness,
will they not flinch to touch skin wrinkle-fraught?
My beauty withers, cup reached emptiness…

Your love has set my heart aglow, renewed
‘tis ev’rytime your words lave over me...
Like soothing rain on desert sand subdued,
I soak it in, drunk for eternity

Do forgive me, for ever doubting you,
this pain has ravaged me, yet you’re still here.
‘Tis I you love, this I now know so true,
please stay with me, for death creeps in so near

Let saccharine lips meet for one last time
The windows close now, yet leave love sublime


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In So Many Ways

Your willing lips encased entwined with mine   
The taste as soft as the morning cast dew,
Emerald eyes the clarity of wine
Brings to mind the wondrous Castle to view.
Your voice as sweet as Thrush in harmony
A chorus awakened to the sunlight,
Penetration of love in litany
In deep alliteration morn till night.
Embraced in shackled touch with bonds thus bind
Oh I will of words pen of this love found,
You took a sad heart upon like did find
Staid the exterior yet ardour sound.
Your love's reflection my happiest days
This need to tell you in so many ways. 

© Harry J Horsman 2013    

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A Daydream

When in a moment's sweet repose
I paused in midst of thought and knew
It was this place in time you chose
To stop and think upon me too.
Your favorite poem was on my lips
And melodies swept through my mind
Until they stopped and softly kissed
The dreams each memory provides.
Then through a fog of thoughts you strode
And reached as if to beckon me,
"You are the blushed and fragile rose
That in my heart will always be".
    With that you smiled and turned away -
    In daydreams born another day ...

April 28, 2014

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Beautiful Lies

Because of eyes as warm as honey, I was melting, but the love I first believed was shown me in his gaze was but a lie. He uttered not a word; I was deceived! He leaned in for that first romantic kiss. I melted more; my heart did somersaults. How easily that man could bring me bliss. But I would learn his luscious lips were false! His gorgeous body, hard, pressed into me. I felt his fingers softly touch my skin. I totally dissolved! How cleverly he’d worked unspoken lies on me again! That young man with his beautiful brown eyes at last destroyed me with his beautiful lies. English Sonnet written 12/14/12 (late at night as most of my sonnets are!) for the Beautiful Lies Poetry Contest of craig cornish and now for PD's contest

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Re- Awakening

A lone candle light in the abyss of darkness 
Yet words are woven in creations of your smile, 
The sweetest words are those not said intense timeless 
When in your embrace one melts to your unique style. 

Your flame renewed kindle in sweet resurrection 
Emerald eyes that glow in lust of perfection, 
Can but dowse puritan thoughts with insurrection 
Rebellion is kindled in this new affection 

Fires of passion the candle lit the abyss 
To burn forever more in the flame of true love 
To melt in your arms with the promise of a kiss 
The iron hand now firmly in the velvet glove 

Love like this has never before been given birth 
My life my love this is your awakened loving worth 

Harry J Horsman & Mandy M Tams 2013

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Perhaps when the last bough has sailed away
And I stand here alone on twilight's plea,
I will remember each and every day
When gentle eyes kissed fears so tenderly.

I cherished our seasons through pain or shine
You opened love’s vessel to catch dawn’s tide ,
More than a father, a gift of lifetime
Until night cuddled wisps of your last glide.

A thankful song brings memories’ relief
Defining not what life is all about,
So sing with angels and take flight so brief
And will my wings to climb without a doubt.

This breath now calm on our hometown's lagoon
A journey far where your face lights the moon.

Regina Riddle's Contest:
Sonnet On An Intimate Relationship


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Thy sightly, blooming charm, gents' thoughts enthralled,
and attar's scent, their wonderment inflamed,
revealing and contoured thy dressing mould,
transformed their sentiments to status maimed!

The short, designer-made and bold tight skirts,
thy geodetic curves embraced like gloves,
where insolent, male feelings, made for birds,
provoked thine ardour and my savage shoves.

Thou courted wert, by the surrounding plebe,
that dull and raw, with amateurish flair,
undaunted forged inventiveness, and dweeb
they lionhearted tried to kiss your hair.

Disdained, the suitors though, exclaimed defeat,
thy beau's wrath proved their charming obsolete.

© 11-11-2013, G.V., All Rights Reserved
(sonnet, humor)

(Hmm... Don't let my smile cozen you. I am still very angry!)

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You Are

You are to me the essence of a dream
The very piece which makes my life complete
The clearest drink you give me from love’s stream
Your touch brings out in me a nectar sweet

You are to me the warmth of sun by day
The dance of the Aurora in the night
You are the voice that calls my heart to play
The wick that burns my love transferred to light

You are the waves of passion surging strong
You sweep across my form in full command
The sea of fantasy to you belongs
I bathe myself in you by heart’s demand

Yet for all things you do and are to me
I know I am the truth that sets you free

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Let me go first

Let Me Go First

Gravity's getting stronger every year
and my final day here is beckoning.
My sure demise holds nothing that I fear
more than the pain that losing you will bring.
I beseech you love, let me lead the way,
I'll find that gentle place; return to dust,
don't leave me first, not for a single day,
just let me go and join me when you must.
Our lives, our love so very entertwined,
One mind, one heart two bodies came to share,
unbreakable these satin ties that bind,
I must go first and leave them in your care.
It was ordained the morning of my birth,
to love you 'till I lie beneath the Earth.

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If Ever

If ever pain shall strike my wounded soul,
my consolation is you are my cloak
Your calming presence mending any hole,
protecting me from chills it might invoke

If ever moon and tide shall be at war,
and convolutes my tattered, wrinkled mind
I’ll plunge it deep into your ocean floor
of soothing words, ‘til sweetest peace I find

If ever sun shall fall upon its death,
my only prayer is that you'll be with me
For light within your heart is like my breath,
and this will last me for eternity

I know that life shall cease for me one day
But love, ah love, forever it shall stay...


--English sonnet; iambic pentameter :)

**thanks so much to Kash for the heads up on the syllables, and also to Jack for "it", and also to Sara and Carrie for your insights :)'s looking better now, thank you!!

again many thanks as well for all who's passed by and left inspiring comments :D; Debbie, I nudged the comma & tweaked that other line and Andrea, thanks so much for the additional wonderful suggestions-- sorry I am a bit stubborn with some of the lines ;)

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A Raven's Thirst - Part 2


Afar across cool waves on quiet shores,
beneath each rising sun her beauty grew,
as pure as falling snow, the skin she wore
aglow with radiance as sweet as dew.

Soft burnished raven tresses, black as night,
caressed her face then fell in silk cascade,
and honeyed tones adorned a voice, so light,
that echoed from blush lips in serenade.

As days and many months of time weaved on
she blossomed, as a rose of scent so rare,
yet of her many suitors she’d have none,
dismissed with gentle wave of hand so fair.

A lone and wistful silver moonlit stroll
unearths a song that strangely stirs her soul.

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Portrait of a Life

A man examines his portrait in life
The life he leads ennui dulls his desires
A wanton spirit crying through his strife
Pity him not if of this life he tires

His life was short, he careth not its end
He lived it all, he dreams no more or will
No dregs of life to taste no hearts to mend
He longs for sleep no more to drink life’s fill

A battle not fought, a love not lost, why?
No one to share his dreams, his poetry
Until an answer to his unheard cry
Words of love awoke and told a story

Now love gives hope and awaits his firm grasp 
True love, a deep love that ever will last.
© 10/1/2014 GG

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Harmony Through Love

We haven’t been formally acquainted 
Though your words now travel in me
A picture of harmony you’ve painted
Love truest, in the very highest degree

Trouble in the midst, but don’t stress
Look into the windows of the soul
Therein you’ll find your happiness
Where two parts become a whole

Partake of this newfound pleasure
Two rivers now flowing into one
The joy contained has no measure
Warmth radiating like rays of sun

On this road of destiny or now call it fate
To encounter true love, it’s never too late

Based on In Deepened Harmony by Nette Onclaud

I do not know you, but your friends desire you back. You must truly be a light and inspiration to them.

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Your mounted passion climbs, and I’m replete 
With glow, to open mouth of eve-song’s  fire 
Inside your breath, as tender glances heat, 
Embracing this and that; lanterns conspire.
Fingers trace our names among hungry stars, 
Deepening blaze of love and quest for time,
And twilight warms one breath to yield afar
Thus, giving way to lip-kissed hours sublime.
We taste the wine of affection with grace
As rising dawn acknowledges our rites, 
For passion is supreme, in dream’s embrace
On heady walks where laughter pure excites.

Until one day, a farewell drowns our lore
When moments strayed as endings, nevermore.

~Inspired by Meatloaf's Song with the theme
on the polarity of passion( expressed through love,
romance and devotion), and the indifference from
such by parting in the end. 

Songs to Poetry of Debbie Guzzi
by nette onclaud)

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A Love Sonnet

I will love you until time steals the shores
This gift I'll give as open arms surround
And kiss your lips a thousand times and more
Caress your welcomed heart with feathered sound
Avail ourselves to ships of no return
To chase the wind from lands we'll both explore
And leave the world behind with its concern
To follow sails of love as they emplore
This precious love is cupped between our hands
And used to find the farthest guiding light
So trust can take our hearts to love's command
And faith that follows guides us through the nights

The waves through time we'll cross with tethered hearts
And wrap our love around our soul's ramparts

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To Her with Love

Daylight ends softly splayed on meadow green
Invites the evening to heart's final choice
I'll taste sweet wine from a love's cup unseen
Bequeath my heart a lover's need I'll voice
The red soothing sun bows to the moon's light
To reveal a silhouette of whom I seek
Sitting in pose her heart filled with delight
Soon to hear music from soft words I'll speak
To approach my love with a joy within
And feel the warm rush of pulsating veins
On bended knee an innocence begins
With orchid and ring my hand contains

Silent eyes look up on beauty I see
To ask a question, Will you marry me?

contest.. Will you marry me

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To Love Myself

To truly love myself- this I resolve
To guard with zeal my tenderness of heart
Of every sin and doubt myself absolve
And fortify and strengthen every part

To cherish and accept the inner me
To know and relish every single dream
The woman that I am, to set her free
To put aside each hindrance to love’s theme

I do resolve to be my dearest friend
To celebrate the wonders that I own
To spend time in my world and not pretend
To shine around the goodness I’ve been shown

A short time have I left to truly shine
And thus I vow to make my living fine

Entered For Regina's New Year's Resolutions Contest
On December 16, 2014

Learning to love myself has not been an easy task for me. Oh, it was easy when I was younger....perhaps I was overconfident then. Now, I have my good days and my bad days...days when self-loathing sets in and I find it hard to want to go on. I have learned...the hard way, that if you don't care for and cherish yourself, if you don't guard your dreams, if you don't look out for yourself, then no one will. It's a fact of life. You need to be confident and secure in who you are and what you have to offer. No matter how many times people tell you you are beautiful, no matter how often people tell you you are talented, no matter how many words are written in your praise, if you do not love yourself, you are unable to accept and believe and hope in the reality of these words. I'm not there yet, but I don't have much time to put this love into action. A healthy love of self is necessary. Christ said, "Love your neighbor...AS  YOURSELF: (as you love yourself).  I wish I had learned this sooner. I try to instill it in my daughter....this belief in oneself. I'm so glad that she is a confident, beautiful, and self-possessed woman. I can live on through her. Thank you all for your kindness to me. Thank you for loving me, when I've been difficult to love. May God bless you one and all. HUGS <3

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A Universe Between

I found a universe between our eyes
And there is where I touched gentle romance
A pause that lingered, was of no surprise
This heart confirmed every look and glance
When I close my mind's eye, I still see you
A beckoning smile to replace the space
And around your eyes a soft colored hue
To light the moment and enhance your face
Should my heart require shelter from a storm 
I will find its entrance where eyes confess
A place to turn to and see a fire form
This universe no better place to rest

In pause that lingered, I found your eyes pure
And the universe between, it endures

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In Absence of the Soothing Light of Moon

(Sonnet with rhyme on both ends of alternating lines) The starkness of my world now that he’s gone pervades in all I see and hear and feel, but darkness swallows all until the dawn invades. Then what I’ve lost is made more real! I yearn for Moon’s return - her tender light to keep me soothed, for sunshine is my bane. I burn with thoughts of him. I need, each night, to sleep away my memories and pain. He left, and now he’s far away from me across the globe. Oh, how I loved him so! Bereft am I while he feels only free. My loss means where he is tonight shall glow sweet Moon, caressing him - as once did I, and soon, I’ll face the glare from morning’s sky! by Andrea Dietrich For the Impress me - especially on Iambic meter! (Old / New)Contest of Giorgio V Motif: Romantic

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A Brutally Honest Valentine's

My darling enigma, my dove   
You’re the epitome of my love
Your smile shines at me pearly white      
Pale skin shines and glints in the light       
Silken locks, obsidian flow
Eyes just like ice, crystalline glow        
Peals of laughter ring like a bell            
Enchant me; I’m under your spell    
You walk with a musical flow
Tiptoeing with softness through snow

But, alas, you open your mouth
Utter tripe spilling out
If only you’d keep your mouth shut.

(Love from Anonymous) 

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He Sleeps

My Baby softly sleeps and dreams of me
His parted lips entice to revelry 
He does not know I watch him as he sleeps
Nor that his wants and needs his angel keeps

I hear him breathe serenely, and I sigh
Oh how I wish to him I could draw nigh
To wake him with a kiss upon his cheek
The thought of which just leaves me trembling, weak

My lips and hands I stay, in agony
My heart is burning with expectancy
That he’ll awake and smiling reach for me
And whisk me to MY dreamland fantasy

For now I will await that blessed time
When man child wakes and makes me feel sublime

Eileen Manassian

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For a Sad Souper

Sad boy, could anyone mend what's broken, And dry your salty tears, but with a hand? Is there anything we haven't spoken, Is there anything we don't understand? We have taken the rope, but not the pain, I hope you know that we wish that we could. We'll be here for you, through sunshine, and rain; And if we knew how to help you, we would. I know that you're angry with all involved, And especially those close to your heart. But surely, some day, all will be solved, And you will thank them for playing their part. So please read this poem, with thought and care, Remember that we will always be there. ~ For D (you know who you are)

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Falling on Honeyed Grass

Imagine yourself falling gently on grass,
wherein soft earth embraces you warmly.
Each drop of dew then tells you its story,
of how it broke free from its cage of glass.
You drink each bead, intrigued by what it has,
that makes you want more, that makes you thirsty.
A myriad of flavors, that changes daily,
 it never grows stale, no due dates to pass.

From bright kaleidoscopic waterfalls,
some honeyed mist found its way to this well,
which I’ve wished upon with this coin I threw…
And this is why I do not mind at all,
that I have stumbled, then tripped and then fell…
on earth that is you, that’s drunken me with dew.


--Italian Sonnet, Debbie sweetie ;)-- heehee, I tried >.<

** quick note: to everybody who’s passed by my poems lately,
 thank you very much ^_^—
Sorry, I can’t comment back right now, my connection is horrible (yet again!)
 and I am swamped o_O
and logged in here real quick to enter this 
in Debbie and Cyndi’s sonnet contest :D…
but hopefully I can drop by and say hello to you soon ^_^. 
Thank you again, especially to those who left comments
and asked how I was (I'm doing good, thank you ^_^)…
hope you guys are doing great as well,
and enjoy your week/end :D

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Shall I Compare Thee to Your Mother's Arse

Shall I compare thee to your mother's arse?
Thou aren’t more lovely, but more flatulent.
Rough winds do shake it; and bring on a farce
And all her clothes hath all too short a rent

Sometime too hot-headed of hell doth burn,
And often is the true nature exposed;
And every foul from fowl; my stomach churns,
By reason, or by nature's raging closed.

But thy infernal diet shall ne’er start
Nor gain possession of which now I grasp;
Nor shall we meet again; let’s stay apart,
When in eternal sounds the voice does rasp,
So long as men can breathe or eyes can cry,
So long lives this, and I bid thee goodbye.

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Strong Point

Evasion, the dagger's sharpened strong point
Slowly has pricked love's joy until now gone
Tedious the effort to time appoint
Verbiage to one who speaks from heart of stone

Fluffy moisture laden clouds float across
the blue sky, gentle breeze stirs heart's desire
Thus love's awakening to you like dross
Intimacy through deep channels expire

Can love's embers be rekindled to flaming
hot Tabasco Sauce, open up cold heart
Let in spring's whispers of love not blaming
Uncork the closed mind to thoughts uncharted

Let not evasion of thoughts and needs trap
Reach forth and receive all from love's tap 


Just for PD
Finished May 16, 2014

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A Love Sonnet

To be in love is when the heart is free
To kiss warm lips with a passion tender
This bond so soft upon the heart's decree
Through sunsets we lay beneath in splender
Shall passage of the years be ever still
And wrap each finger with a lover's hand
As we share a gentle cup both will fill
The years will come and go at our command
We'll find the farthest edges of our dreams
With sighs and tears we find along the way
And answer every need without a scream
And wrap our bodies tight when they convey

To be in love with your lover's heart
And travel through the days that time imparts

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In Clara's Light

Awake, he felt asleep and struggled, for it seemed upon his back there had been flung a mantle of fatigue he drably wore, and like a hag accursed, to him it clung. His children, sad to see his heavy pace, then fixed him up with Clara, widowed too. He floundered when he saw her sweet bright face and gazed into her eyes of crystal blue. Immersed in Clara's radiance, he dined and listening to her laugh, became entranced. His burden cloak unraveled as she twined her arms around his shoulders while they danced. An ardent kiss. . . and then was gone that coat. For with a jolt, he saw that he could float!
For Deb Guzzi's "Celebrate the Light" Poetry Contest

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Miraculous Veroni

I don't believe in miracles, only you.
A sigh of love could say it all. This is true,
that ever since you looked at me I have known
I would never feel the same, oh how I've grown.

Never again will we mire in doubt. This time
You and I will cast the shadows from our minds.
This time I would learn from you all that I can,
what it truly means to be your perfect man.

How holy it feels to see behind your eyes.
My love has touched your core, infinite in size.
A universe of happiness now we bring
in union that defies the need for this ring.

My darling Veroni*, what have you become?
Where once there were two, now all I see is one.

*Vera + Yoni = Veroni

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The Radiance of Our Love So True

The radiance of our love is so true,
From the first time we met my dearest one.
I saw your eyes, felt your joy, and I knew
That no one else but you could be the one.

Our first embrace was so warm and intense,
And we sensed everything felt nice and right,
And we kissed deeply feeling no pretense,
As we strolled on that wondrous starlit night.

Our hearts and souls have melded now as one,
With our emotions afire my dearest!
Our love and life’s journey has now begun,
And we must keep us ever so nearest!

We have radiance in our love so true,
And pray to God for his divine love too!
Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
(December 29, 2014) (Shakespearean Sonnet)

Rhyme Sequence: abab|cdcd|efef|gg
Meter: Iambic Pentameter

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His True Love Rose

Across the rink that winter evening stood,
against a wall, a rose, in freezing cold.
So striking in her pose, beneath her hood
two cheeks had stolen glow from sunshine’s gold.

Upon this diamond bloom he cast his eyes;
released his hockey stick and ran to greet
his shining rose, by far his sweetest prize
and comfort in the times of his defeat.

And as he came to her, she did not stir
until the crunch of feet on snow she heard.
She limped on damaged legs toward him, a blur
she viewed through lenses thick. . . “Hello,” she slurred.

No limits hold true love.  He took his gem,
and held in warm embrace that flower’s stem.

For PD's "A True Love Poem" Poetry contest

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Distant Thoughts

With dead remnants of autumn at her feet
Abreast a patch of green in early spring
Upon a rocky mantle in retreat
With grief still claiming what tomorrow brings

On her lap, a love story in a book
A satin ribbon marks the place it ends
She turns her face away, she can not look
Beneath an old oak tree that can not bend

She wears the dress that he will never see
Symbolic of a dream not meant to be
Still virgin white with ruffles at the sleeves
Confining her and every breath she breathes

Her mind in distant thoughts that only see 
Those autumn leaves still clinging to the trees

Written:  May 30th, 2014

Too late for the  Isiah's contest, but I posted it anyway.
The picture was such an inspiration.

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The pool grows green through the leaf cover.
Large pears hang upon ancient tree.
Mocking Bird sings chanting to his lover;
As the dew sparkles, like water in the sea.

Crepe Myrtle has turned red how time has passed.
Moma admired some trees said they were pretty.
Daddy dug up  a few runners, oh! memories from past.
In most things, think of daddy how witty__

Daddy brought (them) here to brighten moma's life
To give her something pretty to enjoy.
Today I enjoy them, this is reallife.
Now as I look at them they are my buoy

Clouds are coming in hiding the sun rays
But their light and life brightens my days_

For Nancy's contest;

Contest name: Gratitude

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Sonnet X

And what is love? Beloved, it is thee.
You are wholly love; love is truly thine;
And in my heart, which holds you as a shrine,
I view the two not separate entities,
Nor ever twain could these dear blessings be.
Ah, love that is to me my bread and wine,
My feast, my table spread with food divine,
No pow'r can drive a wedge twixt Love and thee.
You hold to love, yet Love does lift you up;
You give to love, yet Love does grant you all;
And at your table Love will sit to sup,
Yet you still rise up full; and at your call
Love comes, yet your words are Love's voice raised up:
You and Love are one but doubly enthrall.

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Sonnet 28

If only I did not believe in love
My breath would kiss tomorrows lips with ease
But I have been heart-broken by your love
And only death can cure my hearts disease

Your smile seduced my soul to sleep with sin
Your eyes eclipsed with evenings I embraced
Your laughter lured my limbs to love with-in
Bedazzled by your blessings beauty traced

Sometimes a cold wind blows upon a branch
Causing its leaves to fall unto the ground
I do believe love caused my life to branch
Away from dreams as music without sound

After this sonnet that your eyes receive
Cold winds shall blow to breeze my branch to leave

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Sea of Tranquility

                                                                                                                                     Like fingers, lovely birch tree shadows play
On virgin snow like hands upon a sheet;
So bright the moon it seems like light of day,
But stars among the forest’s members peek.

And while my Love lies pleasantly at rest,
I dream awake and contemplate my muse;
Enraptured by this scene on winter’s breast
Where thoughts are drawn and peacefully diffused.

So now I look upon the face of time
And all my years of life become but one.
In timelessness I feel my spirits climb,
Where thoughts of love and life can laugh and run.

Now I am left at peace and free to be,
There lost within the moon’s tranquility…

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The Scent of Water

The scent of water steamed off your skin
- I felt boyish, vulnerable;
you peeked through a wisp of hair and beckoned
and all of the stars shot and scrambled.
You blurred in their midst - smiling;
I was your madras clad marionette
all wrapped in tangled strings.
How could I ever forget!
Here on the same shore, the salty scent
- memories of years that have flown but not gone;
emotions so wisely spent
on a promise to carry on.
As your ashes fly to the briny air
remember the promise you made when you left me here ...

Modern Sonnet Written July 16, 2014

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She lets me put violets in her hair,
good-humouredly, calls me Ophelia
in such a way that I spout, But Shakespeare
pushed war, not love. Resplendent, Thalia

strolls the peaceful paths of Victoria Park,
taken with the interplay of people,
the signs of change, bridges like love at work;
Often, her hands become divine steeples

of calm prayer. Yet there is imminence 
heard in fervencies, a tremendous will
wrought with words of truth and tolerance 
that dare to preserve all that is spiritual.

Three share our views in comfortable silence,
Me, hope and a Goddess of Non-Violence. 

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Trembling Hearts

Cupped in my hands, against my breast,
A baby bird fell from it's nest.
Its' tiny body trembling there
With glistening eyes and fearful stare.
The heartbeat seemed to beat in time,
And twice as fast and loud as mine.
Its' first attempt at wing denied,
Now left my grasp at last to fly.
When at first you came to me
To hold your heart and comfort thee,
I felt that trembling close to you
Especially when our love was new,
Our breathing soft and interlaced,
Now cupped within my soft embrace.

Craig Cornish
Reposting, written in April 2012

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Two Pathways Destined

Oh we made our choices in life and tried so very hard
Nothing’s easy when the old school buried deep mentally,
Being street wise we fought many times our lives put on guard
Till we came along and touched each with our candour gently.
Yesterday at the castle or was it a long time past?
Till then as yet never met life in concrete we thought set,
Dreams becoming reality in them a role at last
Seems we were meant to meet oh fate we succumb to your debt.
Far behind now the guilt as our hearts rhythmically beat
Looks count for nothing as sincere eyes see more than skin deep,
While many hours have long time passed; years spent now a new treat
Creating tomorrow’s memories forever to keep.
Oh to reap the rewards in this our lives the seed to sow
To know love needs a little rain before sunshine to grow.

© Harry J Horsman © Mandy M Tams 2015…

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Dull As A Disease-win

Dull As A Disease

I am sitting in my Dorchester lair,
Behind the door I do feel your mien,
When my poetic muse is in apt flair
You look real as life, my amore mia.

When I am surfing on the internet,
You are there in my click I envisage,
When I initiate to scribe  sonnet,
I see you duly embossed on the page.

Sighing, wry face, lips as dry as a leaf
Your green blue deep eyes upraised fully,
Neither the death kills me, nor does the life,
Your very silence eats my soul and body.

Dull as a disease, I die of a thought,
Do not you fancy the same as I ought?.

Date 21-10-13
Dr. Ram Mehta
Third place win
Contest: I Recall by Frank H.

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Stepping from the darkness of alone

I must carry this torch down to the cave
To shed light upon the walls of my heart
For, if not, I will take it to my grave
And on that path may make an early start

I cannot think of love, when love is what
Consumes my every thought in every hour
I gambled all I have and took my shot
Chanced my wretched life to fate’s cruel power

But love is what I deeply need to give
My life is not my own unless it’s shared
This aching heart with which I have to live
Must find his mate if he’s to be repaired

But first I must let go the one I crave
And leave this burning torch within the cave ~

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The one room school house always was too full.
The windows oversized and chill on winter days.
You sat behind me, I thought you were real cool,
one day you passed a note to me to say...

I Love YOU, you wrote in colored pencil.
I kissed the yellow paper on that line,
then took out a red pen and I stenciled
a perfect heart, PLEASE Be My Valentine.

He blushed from ear to ear and, he scribbled more
a crumpled paper said,  "Please meet me in the park...   
on the bench, by the fence,".. too cute to ignore.
The bell rang, out we went into the dark to spark.

That day so long ago, now we're old and gray
I often think of that kiss, as near me, my man lays.

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Fresh Pillow (Kyrielle Sonnet)

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
Closing my eyes there is no peep,
This soft bed is just so mellow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Forgetting the stress of the day
I am in bed without delay.
Soul at ease— the mind must follow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Satin sheets over my shoulder,
Keep me warm—not getting colder.
Fantasy dreams I now billow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

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The wind blow carried me away

The wind blow carried me away
To a valley, where silence dwelt,
In sleeplike calm, I waited the day
Love would also be carried astray. 
He will arrange his arrows and bow
Beside the rose tree where I lay
And listening to a melody low
He would replace the sun’s glow.
I would wake up but with my lips 
Dried because he declined me a kiss,
Beneath the hill where night sleeps
To a new dawn, hear the star’s gossips:
Love rather be bounded by a chain
Than keep wandering freely in vain.

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The sweet

Candy its yummy
It tastes so good
When it enters my tummy
I will love to give some to robin hood

You can get cavities 
But its worth eating
Cavities hurt so much you cant do activities
Then you start mistreating

Candy just melts slowly in mouth
Everytime you think about why it melts you get the chills
Then you think about heading to south
To go to Beverly hills

I've said this before
And now i'm going to explore

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Cherry blossoms stargaze as spring air comes; East and west cross at Bells of Ireland: warm and calm; Welling slowly to cede: tender sage thoughts, Upon two hearts link, after hundreds of sought and fought. Cathedral posts accent with ribbons of violets. Congregate white orchids grin alongside the aisles, Roseband sings tunes: forget-me-not to highest. Wearing her lavender gown,Heather walks with smiles; Clasp in her hands,tulip bouquet, guests she stun Her Lilac in tuxedo waits: eyes locked tight in knot Gentleness bestow from heavens, ever won Their iris fuse glued; love radiating allot Matching band's inscription: embroidered golden rings Baby's breath, a grand wish soon very soon, will spring.
NOTE: All bold words are different flowers.. :) I always love flowers. I am always fascinated of their beauty and charm but more than these I am inspired by them: philosophically and emotionally as well ... :D (c) Olive Eloisa 11:45pm June 24, 2014 Sponsor Cyndi MacMillan Contest Name GARDEN PARTY: VERB-alized NOUN-sense with FLORAL ACCENTS placed 2nd place.. :) to God be the greatest glory :)

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Silent Partner

He walks in silence though you would never know
As he cares for those he calls friend,
Inside tears fall though he would never show
Like brittle leaves from a tree in the wind.

The years have washed his dreams away
Something that life will often do,
He forgets the simplicity of a yesterday
When in a child’s heart all dreams came true.

He cannot remember the last dream he had
Fearing life has played its part,
And the trials of living both happy and sad
Carve into stone where once beat his heart.

Compassion and love help our dreams become true,
And love could feel good… if he only knew.

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Of Love Perverse

For you and only you, my love, I’ll wait. I’ll wait through evening’s dusk to early dawn. On corners or at stations; by my gate I’ve waited - and at night with curtains drawn. The hands of time keep moving, stroke by stroke. My calendar I’ve marked and then remarked. What muse of tempering may I invoke to cool these everlasting flames you’ve sparked? Please come to me, unholy knight of love! I cling to threadbare promises you made. My tarrying I've grown so weary of while off again you go on some crusade. Fine gallant you are not, but - oh, perverse! A heart grown fonder lingering is my curse. (What I would have written to an old crush of mine whose modern day crusades consumed his life!)
For the "The Girl" Poetry Contest hosted by Dana'lynn Smith

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Night Of Desire

It came into her mind seeing how the wind
Did blow, and sheet rain against the window
There would be no trek into the forest
No.. tonight would be hot

Soft music.. much wild desire will transpire
As we stay inside on this rainy eve
Rain that tip-taps music on the tin roof
Lying in your arms snuggling, secure, love

Never wanting love to end, just when night
Sends tough storm on in, no.. love don't take flight
Just lie and help weather the storm until
It struck her as she wrestled inside__ tore

Life has storms that we must weather... holding 
Onto each other, greatly strengthen the bond forever

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Love rings like bluebells

Thy love rings like bluebells caught in spring’s breeze
Singing out to my heart heaven’s chorus
Such beauteous song brings larks to their knees
Humming birds charm-ed stilly and voiceless
Thy radiant smile beclouds the sun’s rays
Jaundice daffodils wilt in thy presence
Thou favour emits an opium haze
Lovers’ Lorelei reborn in essence
To mine folly I court thee with ardour
Thy golden locks weave a web ‘round my soul
Beguiling eyes yield thee my surrender
Sempiternal truth insanity stole
	Foreseen temptress thy counsel I not heed
	Forewarned I ne’er beheld such love from thee

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Whispers at Daybreak

Such tender whispers waft on salty air
On foggy mornings waves are brushed in gray
I hear you then as winds caress my hair
Your murmur’s soft, but I know what you mean

The day will soon come when we live as one
You know I miss the sea scent in your clothes
Our earthly union – life had just begun
You asked for “waders;” I said, “What are those?”

On morns like this I put your waders on
Reach out and search in misty sea for you
The realms separate us will be gone
To vows we made so long ago, I'm true

My lover, teacher, mentor and best friend
The bond between our souls will never end

*This is an English sonnet 
Entry for Debbie and Cyndi's Sonnet contest
Dedicate to my late husband

Written January 15, 2012 for Francine’s “4 forms, 4 themes” contest
Theme:  Lost Love  

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Loving Soul

Sun shines brightly on her loving soul
Through the windows of her rainbow eyes
Speeding past the guilt's of human life
Soothing many of our hunger cries

Countless lives her mighty heart will touch
Gift's of her kindness will likely rise
She's a pillar in society
This simple lady with rainbow eyes

Passion within her is clearly seen
The smiles she leaves are big and wide
Leaving a precious gift at each stop 
Casting away shadows to the side

To give her time, is a mighty deed
Making life better for you and me

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Silver Willow

The willow leaves take on a silver glow,
As lunar light foretells of love tonight,
That speaks without uttering worldly sound,
And leaves the senses rippling to the ground,
In lucent passions the soul makes its flight,
Beneath the boughs of the weeping-willow.
O sweet this love that quenched my seething thirst,
With gentle touch and a desirous look,
The smile, the warmest smile to light my fire,
My love you are all I ever require,
You are every chapter in the book,
In these moments my heart is set to burst.
My senses dance as my heart does back flips
When loving words echo upon your lips.

Form: Schupan's Sonnet

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Things That I Love

I love a fresh cup of coffee on a cold winter’s day, And the smile of a child with a new toy. I love the look my husband gives me when he has nothing to say. I love the sound of laughter and the feeling of joy. I love the smell of wood burning, And the gift of living. I love the knowledge of learning, And the act of giving. I love spending time alone. And seeing new places. I love doing things on my own. And meeting new faces. I love the person I am today. I love to read and to write. I love that I have something to say. I love putting up a fight. I love hearing good news. And the sound of silence and of rain. I love having so much to lose. Yet, so much to gain. I love waking up to a new day, And knowing God has given me another chance. I wouldn’t want it any other way Not even by circumstance.

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		                I forgive what you have done to me. 
                                          I love my murderer--but yours! How can I?

                                                                        ~Heathcliffe, Chapter 15~

                                          That is how I'm loved! Well, never mind. 
                                          That is not my Heathcliff. I shall love mine yet; 
                                          and take him with me: he's in my soul."
                                                                        ~ Cathy, Chapter 15~

                                                           Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


Haunt you, I will haunt you, let me haunt you like the words of love that you left unsaid, Shadows will disturb and storms will renew longings for a shared grave. Come, kiss the dead! Remember the moors and our lost secrets that ran wild, petulant with pride and rage? Rain and time will shake your panes with regrets, This captive walks while you pace in your cage. Forgive the murderer, bury your hate, that cold sin that keeps us both company. Heathcliff, let down your final guard, I wait! Haunt me, will you not haunt me, Fiend, haunt me for I cannot rest while you burn with breath ... I spurned our life but you deny us death.
*By Cyndi MacMillan For Nette Onclaud’s Soul Partners Contest Couple used: Catherine and Heathcliff

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Summer Of Love

Moonlit sky, shining stars, and the echoes of frogs
Amazing stories told by the burning logs
Long days working have long been passed
Friends, lovers, and good times sure to last

The summer season is here to stay
Out by the hidden lake we go to play
Skipping stones and chasing dreams
Perfect times, taking life to extremes

Pack up your worries and take a chance
Grab my hand, we'll proceed to dance
A summer of love is what you need
Let go of the past, you will be freed

Drop your troubles, let's have some fun
You can't hide because I'll find you hun

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Longing for Springtime

If I could live one day again, I'd choose that day so fair
Our walk among the jaded trees, in dappled shade, a blanket spread
You picked among the meadow grass the flowers for my hair
The earth was fresh with dampened grass, a tender flowered bed

With innocence and tender care, young love within our reach
Such longing eyes, your tender touch, like petals in the wind
The folded clothes, which lie nearby, no words between us said
We languished, blessed by smiling skies, where promises began

But time moves on and days grow short, for springtime fades to gray
We're not so young, but still I long, although our autumn's here
With winter near, I feel your love, just as it was that day...
It warms my heart to be assured that love can last the years

Far back in time, with younger face, our future yet untold
My dream awakes, I'm young inside, .....when did we both grow old?

Revised for Laura's contest "Romantic Longings"

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Widow's Walk

My Captain! Oh, my Captain! Captain, mine!
The sea, that wretched tempest rolled you deep!
She kept you from me squandering the time!
How long before you're free this vixen's keep?

Each day, in vain, I walk the roof top watch,
While searching the horizon for your sail.
At night, by lantern light, I touch each notch,
Where last you carved our names within the rail.

By candle light I read your letter sent,
About the journey's quest and your return.
How travasties and sickness unrelent...
But, still, your love eternal for me burns.

Tonight, upon the widow's walk I stand...
The moon reveals your footprints, in the sand.

~by deborah burch©

English/Shakespearian Sonnet

For "Debbie and Cyndi's Sonneteer's" contest

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     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Long and slender with graceful curves   
Your embrace, curled close to my back.
Two peas in a pod, loves reserves.
Souls seek sweet slumber without lack.

Steadfastly, adoration grows.
And night’s sleeping becomes a dance.
Darkness befalls tomorrow’s glow.
Hypnotic grandeur grants love’s glance.

Synchronized, our two hearts leap.
Always, snuggled with true love fed.
Short and cushy, without a peep
We as one are to slumber led.

Two peas in a pod passion melt.
Cuddling in the twin sized bed.

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Garden Party

The white table cloth moved, from the night breeze
as the last candle had just been lit
There is wine, red roses, purple orchids and cheese
The night's soft, the fragrant flowers give pause to submit
To glean the depths in eyes between the flickering flame
and reach for love across the table with open hand
To capture a smile a rose an orchid within the frame
and find I've stumbled into a world you command
The sounds of laughter fills the open space
as the moon moves within the sky
We raise a glass to the melting candle's trace
and kiss the softest lips to verify

The evening's breeze lifts the fragrance from the flowers
With intoxication that accomodates the hours

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I’m sick of love poems that have nothing to do with love,
Filled with white lace words, mad moonlight and overly perfumed,
It’s: eyes and sighs, pleas and wishes, heartbeats and turtle doves,
Or else unbearable, a dark cannibal, self-consumed.
Well, love has had enough; it wants to set the record straight!
Romance is love’s kissing cousin, but they are not the same,
That dizzy dance of smile and glance on a couple’s first date,
A touch that makes both tremble, seduction’s win-win game.
But love strokes her sweaty cheek during chemo’s 2nd round,
It picks up his dirty socks and jocks and never says a word,
Third trimester, a craving hit her, the pavement it did pound,
It raced to his father’s hospital room, the moment it heard.
Why can’t we see that love’s beauty is sacrifice and selflessness?
It sits there in its rocking chair…one… once a pair…reminisces…

Cyndi MacMillan, June 13, 2011
For Francine Roberts, “Sonnets, Sonnets, Everywhere” contest

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 Water falls in drops of liquid pearl
 Landing on my head first
 Then down my nose and my shoulders
 Dripping down my members.

 In thirst I lift my head up to drink
 The water descends cleansing
 Taking in its flow all the toxins
 And leaves a revived sense of being.

 The words You softly whisper in my mind
 Are like water of the purest kind
 They take away my fears at night
 And make me feel so alive.

 For Your love is like a spring of life
 That ever flows from on high.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright Nov. 2011

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Message In The Sea

Turbulent broods embroil a dark cave 
That lingers on fire that rages in you
To capture and kiss the orange you enslave
Through turbulent flames a heart bleeds true

Kiss scarlet lips slick and moistened with dew
Tension pulses these cracked cement walls
A chasm engulfs….a black sea in brew
Through blistered rain vociferation calls

Desperate hands reach to capture the sky
Where words on wings send prayers at night
Riding black stallions (bareback)…they fly
Through briars and rocks….tempestuous flight

          Fierce burning love that so mournfully cries
               Transcribing a hope for these tearstained eyes

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Old love

Our fire, which once shone brightly through the night,
whilst tempered by age, is no less warm
and still burns slow with cherry embers bright
to keep us safe and sheltered through life's storm.

Our light may dim, yet always kept its mark
though summer doldrums, winter's icy gale
to show our path and guide us through the dark
hold steadfast to our course let love prevail.

In time, our flame gave rise to three new sparks 
to nurture, guide and teach of worldly ways
and then release to find their own true arcs
and bear this fire to yonder days.

Face lined, flesh soft, and hair now grey
together love we greet each coming day.

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Sonnet to Thoughtful Women

I did not wish to leave your warm embrace --
   I did not wish for our sweet love to end --
And though your chauvinism's a disgrace,
   I cannot help but see you as a friend.
Perhaps someday a sweeter girl you'll find,
   Who'll do just as you wish for her to do --
A girl who doesn't have a thoughtful mind,
   So she can focus all she is on you.
She'll nod her head, and brainlessly agree
   With anything you say, to make you smile --
She'll cook your meals and serve you honeyed tea,
   And never stop her chatter all the while;
So when your brain cells rot from lack of use,
   You've only you to blame, and no excuse.

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Cherry Blossom

I see your face before my waiting eyes,
How does my pen such beauty thus convey?
The cherry blossom floating in blue skies,
Outdone, as smiles upon your lips now play.
The summer sun is not bright enough to say,
Reflections I see flicker on your face,
No poet’s pen or artist’s paint can lay
The wonder seen in your elegant grace.
And as the blossoms fall at gently pace,
The same soft pink blush as I kiss your cheek,
I ponder if you feel my heartbeat race,
For the whispered words I can barely speak.
Confirming love declared, my heart is thine,
Another kiss now; and our souls entwine.

Form: Spenserian Sonnet

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My Love

Still hope before the final pedals fall
And feather, slowly drifting toward the ground.
I cry within my heart before I call,
Myself a hopeless painful love impound,
It seems the smooth and crimson flowers know,
I yearn the skin as smooth upon your breast,
To cradle and to sooth my troubled soul
And whisper words that put my mind at rest.
The lonely roses pale without your lips,
And blossoms fade without your blushing cheeks.
So I alone without your tender kiss
Will pray again to hold the love I seek. 
My darling love please save me from this fate,
For you alone and only you I wait.

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He whom once I loved

He whom once I loved I now do hate His words and actions shared a harsh disdain Refusing to allow this bitter fate My boundaries now exclude his bleak terrain. To win me, he displayed a tender care; with courtesy and flattery he disarmed. Then when my heart was opened up and bare. he suddenly removed his wondrous charm. His harshness ,rigid mind and steely heart Showed him a terrorist in my own sweet lands; For, suddenly, our love he broke apart And empty was my once outstretched hand. Beware of charm and love bestowed too soon Or you may likewise suffer dread and doom

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Evening Swim

The night emits a citronella scent
   From tiki torches topped with living flame;
I swim in circles -- softly speak your name --
   While starlight washes over us, content.

Cicadas still sing secrets to the trees
   Like Summer's heartbeat throbbing in the dark --
While on a new adventure we embark,
   Sped onward by a silent, gentle breeze.

Your kisses ripple slowly down my spine --
   Your touch is strong and steady, like the tide --
Warm bodies wrapped in motion dip and glide --
   You turn the turbid sea to fragrant wine.

The rising moon gives witness to my cries;
Tonight I drown within your ocean eyes.

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Only In Slumber

Only in the dark recess of my sleep
he comes to me again, and yet I rue
this languid joy I feel, while in the deep
hours of night, too divine to be true

For buried, in the deep well of my dreams
are faint, undeniable reflections
where angels of death, with devious schemes
denied my heart such surpreme protection

The ghost of memory finds quite willing
to believe in flesh and blood of his charms
If that is all, then I am most willing
to keep lost in slumber, what is the harm?

Tears wait 'till day breaks, and I reach my hand to him
I find him gone, until the darkness comes again

(Tale of a Broken Heart)

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Two Hearts

Two Hearts

Two hearts set forth upon the road one day
Braving the perilous plights of life's path
And by cleaving together onward, they
Transcended and eclipsed the laws of math
For what good is a wing without its pair?
Alone it weeps and never hopes to fly
But when met with another, both can dare
And blaze uncharted trails across the sky
So, too, the heart is meant for something more
Enclosed within, yet still designed for flight
Together two can make the spirit soar
And set the tinderbox of love alight
As the flames fly, it cannot be undone
When it comes to love, one and one makes one.

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love forlorn

The whole world is not enough,
For my overflowing sorrow to engulf.
The firm mountains could not shake,
By the mere quiver of an earthquake.
When my love could in half cleave.
Oh! My plight is too heavy to handle or believe. 
My heart burns like an inferno gyre
Consuming itself in endless fire
She says, “your love spills over the brim.”
She’s mistaken ? she thinks, “It’s a whim!”.
I could open my ribcage
And let my heart utter the adage:
“Love is too good to be true,
When it fades away like a drop of dew.”

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Grow Not Too Tall

Grow not too tall nor so far away son
Plant not your tendrils deep in new ground
Thinking newness your past can now outrun
Stay in touch let your heart remain homebound

Tree too tall without deep roots falls subject
to any strong wind, let those roots remain
Planted in truth grow toward right_connect
With justice, let love's seeds grow don't constrain

Reach up to touch shining stars capture love
Reel it in let love flow through you to all
Love is key_even though at times unheard of
Remember God's Word don't be like King Saul

Don't grow to proud, high, mighty, arrogant.
Intellect_ learning _start to mightily flaunt 

Click on "About This Poem"

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This is David

From his mama's own mouth, this story came
Her travail to carry him, a long trail
Of tears, loneliness, suffering and shame
A hunger for which hope made no avail
And then the hemorrhaging, her vital blood
Like common mud, tearing his world apart
Your life and her life in that tragic flood
The sudden silence of his beating heart
Sirens, Hospital, still he died, once, twice
The doctors testified, for they helpless stood
Perplexed, frustrated with every device
God alone that day turned evil to good ...
Made his purpose seen in life's providence
Restored hope by frail wisp of evidence.
A pimple of flesh, great folds of white sheet
The child like raisin in its crumpled spot
Seemed more alien than a baby sweet
With shriveled skin, and head a global pot
O the tense days, miserable and lone
The furtive prayers of a mother's heart
"As bad as can be, Lord, make him my own,"
The nervous scanning of the daily chart.
The little blimp became a form, a frame
A sense of gladness, a kindle of dream
A moon's memory that gave spring a name
A fresher hope from lost of true esteem.
She called him "David," went to work again
Lifting the load of pain, bearing the stain.
And there in that dark environment he
Like stubborn cactus in dry sand made root
Sucking up the elements, the salt sea
And violence, the meaningless of truth
War and poverty needs no moral code
Survival survival was a luxury for him.
Harsh, and cruel is desire where abode
Drought an, d scarcity, their horizon dim.
We burn trees for coal, cannot make storm
Wealth provides small control, the poor has none
No shelter from life's threats nor men's harm
Nothing is secure, no, not with a gun.
But jackals make them, the frightened keep them
Like buzzards over our sweet Bethlehem.
O David, you should have left that day. You
Should have held your rudder firm 'gainst that breeze
But too little strength was left in sinew,
To heavy the armor that bowed your knees
And deaf the heart that heard the voice before
And answered at eleven. Hope endures
Through even darken deserts, light has a door
To love no human sad ever ignores.
God saved your life twice on the day of birth
And did three more times when you turned your back
To sealed your purpose in your spell on earth.
From the brink of hell, God's love brings you back
To be his Paul, his missionary bright
His little tiger flaming through the night.


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Dragon's Oath

Throughout the night I feel my lover’s heart,
Beneath the lunar light her wings hold me,
My pulse increasing fast as we depart,
For her desired realms and my destiny.
We are flying high on ecstatic love,
The ways mundane become a distant dream,
Old pains and wounds heals as souls entwine above,
As one we see the truth of love redeem,
The dragon’s pledge the ancients swore on stone,
That one who flies alone must surely die,
But two with hearts that strongly beat as one,
Will soar across the never-ending sky,
A promise made by the first and very last
The gift of love; future, present and past.

Form: English Sonnet

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Blanket us with fantasy and carnal words, enfold us in binds of desire, Come closer, whisper of wants eternal. I’m your changeling, no longer attired by modesty. Kiss me into the quick then set afire all these girlish greens, Let my soul perspire, my skin flicker, Let lips scandalize unlaced bridal planes. My new world, I taste a map on your tongue, But your hands are home, open, welcoming. Master, slave, both united and undone, I crave, how I crave this soft becoming. Tonight caresses, makes no rough demands, so bend me towards daybreak, my husband.
*Inspired by Klimt's painting "the Kiss" **This is a modern sonnet

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A Dawn Duet

Her breathing moves a strand of golden hair
that lays upon her pillow, next to mine, 
yet in this evening birdsongs on the air 
awaken me to listen and recline.

This errant bird, whose song dispatches sleep,
is laughing at a long forgotten jest
or maybe woos a distant mate who, deep
inside her feathered nest, finds better rest.

I watch the window, night begins to fade
and so do I.  As slumber beckons me
I hear a distant answer softly made:
A dawn duet resplendent in our tree.

A single song brings answers in the air
as my beloved sleeps without a care.

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With airy tread your footfall makes no sound
though crackling leaves bestrew the frozen ground,
the lightness of your voice floats on the breeze,
its delicacy sets my soul at ease.
A white-flecked silence hovers o’er the croft
as echoes perish, snowfall settles soft. 
Weightless and peripheral you flitter,
‘twixt flakes, and the robin’s cheerful twitter.
The treasures of the world are ours to hold,
to cherish and to share as they unfold.
   You pass, as gentle as a soft spring rain,
   and I enjoy your beauty once again!

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The feeble heart

You wish to reach the deepest parts of me
To lure the abandoned child from her eternal sleep
To protect my shrouded frailty and soothe the storm within
But through no fault of my own, I could never truly let you in
You will underestimate my devotion, and burden my heart
Shatter my delicate trust, and at your hands, I'll surely fall apart
It would be wise for me to forget
Your eyes, your arms, your lips upon my neck
The heart knows no rationale, unlike the mind
But it holds the answers that logic unceasingly struggles to find
It's in my nature, it has always been my way
To seek comfort in solitary darkness, I find no refuge in the light of day
In my earliest years I discovered that no matter which love I chose
Far too many thorns mar a single rose

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The purity of song is your glad grace, 
you beautify the air with sweetest tone, 
competing with the lark (more commonplace), 
yours is true melody, second to none. 
Blessed and bewitched whene'er you serenade, 
the roses bow their heads in mute acclaim, 
the creatures of the field, of every glade 
attune their dance, rejoicing in your name! 
So joyful are the times we are as one, 
your practising your art, I learning how 
   to blend with you, two lovers with one song, 
   in harmony for life, our sacred vow.

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On Sorrow's Wings

If I could live one day again, I'd choose that day so fair
      Our walk among the jaded trees, in dappled shade, a blanket spread
You picked among the meadow grass, the flowers for my hair
      The earth was fresh with dampened grass, our tender flowered bed
You told me then, that day our love to never more forget     
       Two hawks, they watched while circling 'round, so high above our heads
We languished there, 'neath faded skies, two hearts with no regrets
       The folded clothes, which lie nearby, no words between us said
Your eyes on mine, your hands, your touch, like petals in the wind
       But day must end, a bitter cry, like seeking hawk who preys
We gently kissed, as shadows fell, unseen as clouds rolled in
      A hawk in flight came swooping down, and carried it away

I turn to you in midnight's dream, with anguished breath I weep
               The dream is gone by morning light, while death stalks mine to keep

Resubmitted for Matt Caliri's contest "New Terrains"

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Envious Eulogy

Twas a laugh a minute, a cry a day,
Then you found her, and she took you away,
The days are now weeks, Seconds now gone,
The music stopped playing on our love song.

She now has your smile, your touch and your laugh,
How much I miss you, you don’t know the half.
Never have I felt such pain in my heart,
Than when your with her, and not in my arms.

I see you with her, tears well in my eyes,
I watch from afar, my heart breaks inside,
But I had you once, and I let you go,
Now you've replaced me, and I am alone.

I learnt my lesson, I learnt it hard,
Now and forever my heart will be scarred.

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A farewell poem.

My love for you is not dying but getting stronger,
Waiting for you takes longer and longer,
No matter how many days go by,
I think of you while looking at the open sky,
Oh how I wish you were here with me,
All I need is for you to come and see,
Nothing is happening while waiting for you,
I know we sometimes regret the things we say and do,
Why oh why must I wait for you to notice,
I am changing blooming into a beautiful lotus,
I want you here,
So you can whisper in my ear,
My love is not leaving,
But a burden that is grieving,
Seeing me fly by,
I go with that look in your eyes,
Goodbye my love,
I just want to give one last hug,
When you see me lying dead in that floor,
Please oh please love me no more.

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Sweetly Fragrant

Sitting under the pale pink running rose
At the end of a beautiful Autumn Day
Searching for inspirational sonnet to compose
For my love who lives in heaven's  way

To me He's like a honeysuckle vine
Blooming in the month of May
Sweetly fragrant essence among the pines
He's like the gold of mountains that's refine

To me He's like the babbling brook
Sweetly singing in tune
For everything in heaven He forsook
Fo prove His love for me is beyond the moon

Words cannot describe my love for Him
But daily I'll try to draw close in His realm

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I am Jacob

Not now the Egypt of my death for I
Have not seen my Bethel yet, nor have I
The coat of many colors made, let me meet
First the soft Rachel of my enslaved years
My heart for her cannot yield to defeat
No Esau can assault my love with fears
Bend me only fore the God of the sky
Bow me to meet his boundless sovereign eye.

Then I shall rise my new name a crown for kings
And bring that boy to bulwark mortal joy
In this Canaan, hear now my Rachel sings
Fox wit and grace, and love without alloy
I am Jacob, heir to the promise of God
Not yet to Egypt desolate I trod.
Look now this sky, more blue than all I know
Taste this water, how calm the rivers go
Feel now this peace, the angels singing slow
And yet all these hours like a prison seem
Like solid bars around my silent dream.
It is not for heaven yet I toil today
My treasures I lay in love, and toil still
Till my bright Rachel heeds and come away,
Only my longing shackles here my will.

How then met I her  soft moon's loveliness
First amidst the thirsty creatures, I am
Jacob, I see His will, his plan to bless
If I be steadfast, and trust in the Lamb   
I am Jacob, let me yearn, time's tame bars
Shall not my spirit's wings detain. Let toil
Not think it's too hard for me, I keep stars
In my loins to light my hope. Dreams recoil
Where love pushes me; my Rachel will be
Mine. This prison then of Laban's folly
Shall not crush my faith, in chains, yet I'm free
For grace my ransom paid. You may tally
Time in seconds brief, my God tallies it
In years. I am Jacob, soar my spirit
Now away, on angels ladder let me stay
Till Rachel brings anew my autumn day
For I shall claim atonement's jubilee
When her arms are wrapped tightly around me.
Come now, my Rachel, give me jar and string
Let me from the deep well draw, let me bring
Cool as praise the water up, I'm Jacob
Sit here awhile, and with your servant sup.
Fairer art thou than Esau's riches now
Better than Isaac's legacy that I stole
For you the labor of my life I vow
More precious than Laban's cattle or gold.
How beautiful thy face, thy dove's eyes shine
Brimming my darkness with sweet stars and moon
Surely you are that bride, that gift divine
You are my soul's Eden abloom in June
Come now, Rachel, give Jacob jar and string
I claim you a kingdom for God my king.

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Sonnet Of Worship

I worship you for the plan made for me
From the beginning you knew the tree
The sun, moon, stars nestled at height just right
An atmosphere that surrounds with good light

Through the centuries you knew when to come
To redeem humanity and touch man some
Bringing hope to a lost and dying world
With your teachings, blood, sweat, tears earth did swirl

The guider, comforter, holder of my heart
Omniscience, all knowledge from the very start
Capturing my heart with all that you made
Creating it from your words needed no spade

Exalt my redeemer, friend, comforter
Valentine, my heart is an admirer

(Second attempt at a sonnet.  This is for the "I love you because" contest.)

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Cleansing Bilberries

Within my breast still boils like summer clouds
Passion and longing_ desire to be held
Like one afraid of summer's thundercloud
Feeling secure, warm, loved to his body weld

What happened to that flame; did glacier flow
Icing even small ember tucked away?
When did the last bit of scented smoke blow?
Love on different plane now exsist everyday

The new rose on the trellis grows pale buds
Soon to flower mature_ then loss of power
Sad plight each goes full circle fall with thud
Passionate love with a thud soft flower

Love's passion filled veins now clogged arteries
Cleansing required maybe just bilberries 

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He did not love her, yet she adored him. 
For the naive soul who fell all alone,
Ablaze with a fiery yearn for him,
Her Fondness met with a heart of cold stone.

Wept as the fire died, saw embers of him.
The embers burnt black, and she became scarred.
Discovered merely hatred within him,
The truth was unveiled and her heart was charred. 

To be lonely in love is to suffer,
No solace in solitude it is grim,
Dreams are lonely with only one owner,
She wants to share her dream of love with him.

To love him, to love you, is all I ask
Let my heart find peace and remove my mask.

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Deathbed Discourse

This past week I lost two good friends. The one friend I lost to cancer. The poor guy
suffered horribly. All through his ordeal his wife was by his bedside. I began to reflect
on this and I tried to put myself in his place. What would I say? What would I think
knowing I was about to die? Shortly after I composed this sonnet.

Weep no tears for me at this time and place.
A thousand eyes change not my destiny.
All living things must die eventually
Except my love for you, which I embrace.
Feel not sad for me looking at my face
Although it's old and wrinkled you can see
A budding rose should age so gracefully.
My time grows near my love; in any case
Your life goes on nevertheless my love.
So wipe those eyes dry of life's mournful dew
And think not this time undeserving of.
Life had been kind, more so, finding you.
A lifelong companion envied above
By angels and cherubs alike. Adieu!

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Walian Love Song

The roots of love are like the oak,
They reach beyond the heart and soul,
So deep the mind cannot revoke
Nor canst control.
In storms of life two hearts console,
So strong, they stand against the gales
Yet sip the rain from nature’s bowl,
For love prevails.
With you, my heart has set its sails,
To cross oceans that flow with time,
Through thick and thin and sorrow’s tales
Our love will chime.
In all the things I share with you
My heart is true.

Form: Walian Sonnet

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As certain as the rains do fall in spring,
will be my love, for you to have and hold,
and know you now--my rain of love will bring
to you, all joy of which all love is told.

No one could ever count the drops that fall,
and so is put together, love for you,
numbers cannot be given them at all,
though put together, one is what will do.

And every single drop adds beauty there
to something we can call a rainy day,
to fill with love, made up, from everywhere,
the drops of life that make love what we say.

Our midnight place, your front porch, dreaming of
each drop of rain that's filled with so much love.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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The Jaded Eye

Death is not death but a mask of great love
That protects us from pain in archived dust
Where vanity veils and desire dreams lust,
And the spirit's retreat is safe above.

Behind the mask like wings of woodland dove
A heart still beats, and footsteps break the crust
Of memory with shadows of her bust
Along the staircase of time and true love.

For love is eternal and cannot die,
Though a heart may pine itself bare to bones;
The soul that loves forever in the eye

Of God, a kindred spirit life enthrones.
The mask that fools the jaded mortal eye
Is but fickle flesh cradled on our bones.

ITALIAN (Sicillian) SONNET: abba abba cdc dcd

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A Longing, A Need

I feel this desire in my loins will slowly drive me insane.
Your name keeps ricocheting off the walls of my brain;
The image of your voluptuous body is fuel to this fire;
Only your calming touch can quench my raging desire.
You play exquisite melodies on my heartstrings.
Your luscious lips are a feast for kings.
That heavenly body which you possess makes me so delirious.
And your divine taste is purely luxurious!

Patiently I wait until the next time we meet
I can still taste you on my tongue and it's oh so sweet!
If I close my eyes long enough,
I can still feel the chills of ecstacy that is found in our love.

I know you can hear my pounding heart when we embrace,
And you now know my deepest passions are aroused when I see your face!

*Written for Laura Mckenzies contest "A Romantic Longing"
My type of enjoyed;)

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Will You Dance?

Will you dance, if I gently hold your hand?
Lean on me, for I will not let you fall
It's not hard, it's like learning how to stand
Don't be shy, close your eyes and give your all

Will you smile, if I whisper in your ear?
I will tell you the secrets in my heart
It's okay, there's nothing for you to fear
I'm the painter, and you my work of art

Will you love me until the day I die?
I will love you forever and a day
We cannot let this feeling pass us by
It's just funny that love should start this way

Don't be shy, close your eyes my darling wife
Will you dance if I promise you're my life?

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You Are My Mary

Go cast your stones if you will, and tell me
Your innocence is more just than her cause
Or read me in sand, flee her victory
Where you link the chain of demonic laws
For she a slave of your intent consent none
To this, but hostage of your will and greed
Whipped by necessity to a blind sun
She paid your pound of flesh, and virtues bleed
For better judgment where I intercede
Her sovereign love my sure kingdom's seed.

She rose seven times, for just here she fell
Her hair to wipe my grief, my pain urging hell
Upon her hectic heart, her tears my balm:
Her love mauled, frames the cross fore me in calm
You are my Mary, ever so I deem
My ardent alabaster memory
The brimming balm of my bright healing stream
The paradox of love and history
Let no paltry scholar your virtue stain
Nor prelate assault your virtue's domain
For love cancels a thousand faults more
Than sins that litter mercy's teeming shore
I will cover you when raw winds blow cold
I'll be your shade from the blaze of noon
And love you best of earth's sweet jealous fold
You are my sovereign of stars or moon
O Mary, don't you weep, don't you cry, behold
My heart, I lay me down your street of gold.
No woman so deserves my heart like you
No sinner more my love makes once more new
No blemish, spot, or taint of wrong in you
No love for me more constant and more true
O Magdala, Magdala, no wise men
Gift as sweet, or to their purpose remain
As your sweet honor, vilified and rend
Did ever assuage the loom of my pain.

I love you till there shall be no more sea
I love you till mountains are fled and gone
I love you till time turns to eternity
I love you through the everlasting dawn
O Mary, let me wipe away all tears
From your eyes, give me the cross of your cares.
One day before we build another house
Or plant a vineyard new, to the garden
Come, here with me, and be my ransomed spouse
And jasmines plant in love's sweet heaven
And hibiscus for the honey I'll drink
Like a hummingbird at your sacred tongue
One day love, ere the stars forever sink
And angels ascend the breathless rung
We will smell the jasmines blooming, and kiss
Upon the scented air, we will embrace
Our drowsed dreams within the wakening mist 
And laugh like children in love's fragrant place
One day love, the time of separation
Will past, then Mary, our celebration!    

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A Haunting Love

It’s surrealistic in what I see
In the most unlikely places, in fact.
Especially when unexpectedly
They appear before wearily eyes, abstract.
Was eating my usual cereal: 
Shredded wheat with sliced ripen banana.
Staring back from my empty spoon revealed
A face, the ghost of my Marianna.
Startled, yet saddened, my head turned around
Expecting to see my wife’s lovely face.
Instead I had found a man with a frown
Mirroring back from a glass-door bookcase.
Her haunting visits, this angel of death
Will continue I guess till my last breath.

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Unfulfilled Romance

Wondering if she will give me the chance
To share my primal love with her alone
Adds to fostering feelings of romance
That have infested my form to the bone
But had she not played it so hard to get
And given of herself to me too soon
I think that I would then live to regret
Not laboriously working the swoon
It is an unfulfilled romance that beats
The lustful, swollen heart within my chest
And too easy a prey the game defeats
Preventing carnal love known at its best

So play the game my beautiful dove
The wait continues in boosting my love

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Flower of spring

I see a life that has come from the heavens. 
A life with the heart and soul of a goddess, squeezed in the body of a queen.
She walks amongst us.
Amongst dark, confused, vile two legged creatures.

In her lies the music of eternity, the conqueror of death.
Life and love storm in her blood, striking bolts of lightning to my heart.
The language of the blue fire flames from her voice
Burning the sound of beauty and serenity to my soul.

She is the flower that holds the magic of spring
Blooming once in a millenia.
Her petals of crystal reflect the colours of the rainbow
And releases the fragrance of the spirit of life's pureness
She blows a breeze from space to my soul.
In her I have seen the secret of life, love and eternity.

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I've just some things I thought your heart should hear,
since they've been weighing heav'ly on my mind,
so list' and I shall whisper to thine ear
with all compassion my poor heart can find.

You've touched me deeply with the way you smile;
such lips could sooth the beast of anyone;
and spreading love with looks must be your style
for every time our eyes meet, love comes on.

Now I'm about to kiss the lips of you
for this first time, I pray the memory
shall linger on through years life takes us through,
together, as I'm certain this will be.

This first kiss of our love will never end
and changes whom you guessed was just your friend.

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Future of Love.

And I love you as love will be;
Simple and free with all life.
I love you by using a certain road
that begins in your eyes
bridges the constellations of the stars
breaks through the heights of the universe
and into the gates of heaven.
So have I come through this road to love you.

Oh, how I love you!
Even hate does not love this love I have for you.
I love you like you are the night sky
and i am the soul that twinkles like stars stretching for you.
So I love you because, I do not love you, but have to love you.
And only love you, because I am the river and you are my end.

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The Spirit Within

The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you 
saluting the divine in you 
saluting the Light of God in you. 
bringing together my body and soul, 
focusing my divine potential, 
bowing to the same potential within you. 
bowing to the divine in you. 
recognizing that within each of us is 
a place where Divinity dwells, 
when we are in that place, we are One.

Peter  LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. LeBuhn

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ONE of my longings is that the stars above,
So bright and far they scarcely shine on love
Were not, out there, so distant from the moon
But trekked across the sky to love bestrewn.

I must not stay withdrawn but wish each day
Unto the darkness, stars would find their way
Onward through heavens submitting to the wind
And motions that one dreamer might pretend.

Never knowing that reality was lacked.
Nor that mere fantasy seems to be fact. 
No one can make these heartfelt visions clear.
Nor hope relieve the thoughts I still hold near.

Stars, bestow brightly your light to love anew.
Let us, sweetheart, together vows renew.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    January 12, 2010

Inspired by  Poetrysoup member contest: A Romantic Longing !! 	
Sponsored by: Laura Mckenzie

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Auburn lady envious of the blue night with its gleaming, capturing stars;
those rare diamonds, belonging to the silent and vast Universe,
you've stolen to adorn your undulating hair,
brushed by the July's harebrained breeze,  
so temptingly soft and adorably fair;
if no admirer or lover seeks you, can I offer you my first dance? 
Your melancholic look is fixed downward,
and you refuse to look above, nothing excites you tonight;
your external beauty cannot be resisted or ignored,
and will an harlequin, in his vividly colored costume, make you smile?
I'll play the flute brightly and make him dance to cheer you with his wit...
until your sadness leaves no sign on that sad face!

The shrill sound of the crickets can darken your spirit;  listen closely, auburn lady...
sing along with the blue night, while your musical tones become the chords of my harmony!   

Inspired by Edward Robert Hughes's painting: Night

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Aphrodite Night

Remembering that night of our last touch,
when nothing was between us we should know,
in love with loving you, and just how much
I wonder where in time do such nights go?

Forbidden like a box that's sealed up tight,
or like the flame that Zeus refused to share
with mortals such as we, and on this night,
Pandora's box was opened everywhere,

you were, that night, my first and only love
and always shall remain that part of me,
created from the earth and waters of
a night that Aphrodite made to be.

       And I am more than blessed for loving you
          forever and all time, as I shall do.
                   © RON WILSON aka vee bdosa

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How do I  thee .let me give you praise
How do I love thee,for your winsome ways;
In these eyes still my bride ,and still
Your wedding ring,I wear with pride;
These many years of marriage cheer
Two hearts as one,with love held dear;
Each others secrets to  confide,
Needs and desires to never hide;
Tribulations together bear
Witness,these love-lines we share;
How do you love me,this poem will chart
The unease we notice,if apart;
How do you love me,no words can convey
Your touch,your kiss,your gaze,thrill me each day.

A faithful love,will stay unique,leaning,
Mutually we ,in submission seek.

Inspired by Elizabeth Barrett Browing's poem with this same title.

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Jew #6

Jewels too like ugly ducklings lose worth
Comparing themselves to common things. Great
Gems of noble birth, like stones of the earth
By low self value make havoc of fate
Pearls may think themselves scabs of old sores
Young diamonds in the rough, carbons dull
And corals black just some callus old pores
As goose believed itself A DUCK. I full
Of need, alone may prize, your value rich
And set the price of your affection now.
I call your bed a mine, and not a ditch
And make my heart's loud claim to you a vow
That upon my breast will thy place be found
For because of you joy to me abound
Jew, you smile and show me ivory white
Your eyes incandescent are all my pearls
Your love's the diamond of my delight
Your heart the beryl that in peaches curls
And every time you speak to me, I hear
Khan's nightingale singing solos of gold
While silver light shines on ebon hair.
You value more than armada's can hold.

What task you have to keep so much secure
And blame be none for all that flock your door
For jewels tempt kings and common men too
While yet above the base things evil men do.
Take my heart as an armory of your grace
Take my love as truth ... there's none more chaste.
Love is not love until it touches fire
Nor cannot know itself by mere desire
For what alone is eternal the flame 
Endures, or absent of feelings speaks your name.

Let none tell you mine is mere feelings then
Or call it fraud when you go and once more
Come. The tides forever with the moon blend
Though distant from her orb walks this shore
So love by constant gravity joins us
As friends, and day and night test still our trust
I rise or fall by thy nature's design
And wither not at all in thy sweet sun
I praise you as gift of Him most Divine
Make me the prize from heaven you have won.  


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you love me

you love me for the one-liners
that I quote from movies and songs
you love me for my eyes of green
and my hair that's streaked with blond
you love me for the length of my legs
that you say go on and on
you love that when you touch me
a fire starts to burn
you love that when I leave you
I'm never gone for too long
you love me more than your luggage
and baby, that's pretty strong

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Devoid of love

"My dear, do you love me?" No, I think not.
A loving foundation is based on trust.
I lost that trust that ties true lovers' knots.
Without it, all love dies and turns to dust.
My heart's been broken many times before
Each love I lost left me uncertainty.
Love doesn't live within me anymore
This I say to you with all certainty.
Love is like snow, beautiful while it lasts
But comes a time it thaws and disappears.
And what remains are traces of the past:
The painful heartaches, lonely nights and tears.
Ask not again of me, do you love me?
Love has died leaving painful memories.

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Coloring Page

Word paint whisking The picture of the day                                                                       
Spectrums pallet abounds heartfelt Essay                                                                     
Astir within not to bristle but bless                                                                                
Some how stir you from wake indeed afresh                                                                     -
A adversary mine make peace love can                                                                           
You see we don’t have to be but as man                                                                            
I urge first a new birth only one door                                                                                
The way the truth the life Jesus adored                                                                      -
An artist mounts easel a thesaurus                                                                          
I say a strange creature no doubt for us                                                                       
From fear to joy wisdom calls far and wide                                                                        
A broken sword with shield esteemed high                                                                        -
many a more things I would love to share                                                                    
while the coat is wet judge not till it airs

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Scarlet Thorn

Forgive me, but I cannot stand the smell
of haggard roses, red from man's abuse;
though pleasing to the eye, the scent does tell
of love that was once fair, but now cut loose.

I wish to wallow in a grand bouquet
comprised of roses painted like the moon,
for virgin hearts are pure until they stray
from gardens seeded with their fathers' boon.

Tis true; an infant rose is white at birth,
but there are those who live to taint the bud
with careless hands, diminishing its worth
because her needles drink dishonest blood.

Fear not; I'd never yield a scarlet thorn,
for I adore the color you were born!

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A Sonnet for My Heart

For you’re my heart and my life’s chosen muse.
Without you, my life would be so confused.
    You’re the one my heart chose on that sweet day,
    You’re the one who brightened my lonely life.
    When you looked at me in that charming way,
    I knew then, I had to make you my wife.
The way you walk and the way you move, girl.
Gives my body goose-bumps the size of pearls.
    You set my life free from its loneliness,
    Alongside you is my best company.
    You filled my cup; there’s no more emptiness,
    And you are my muse to write poetry.
I say we’ve had the loveliest embark,
That’s why I wrote a sonnet for my heart.

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My Tropic Night

O how I pine your lips to feel again
To sip the honeyed fountain of your youth
And let your milk wash me afresh like rain
Cuddling to its breast the wet blistered root
I want to disrobe you like night the moon
And let the drums of our drunken hearts moan
In silk sheets of wind, my desires are swoon
In the lap of memory: All I own -
My fingers lingering at the curves, keep
Deep tumults of joy, O moon, come again
The rod is green, and too erect to sleep
In this slow rise and fall of pant and pain -
I remember too, a brown, dusky light
I before you burnished ... my tropic night.

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What Is Love

You ask me to explain what is love,
To my eyes, love is dead, it does not exist.
You say love is gentle as a soft dove
To me love is something I do not miss.

You say love is as beautiful as a rose,
But to my eyes, love is a waste of time.
You say love is eternal as a pose,
I say love will never, ever be mine.

You say love is a passion that I need,
But to me, love is just an illusion.
You say love is like a beautiful deed.
I choose not to believe this delusion.

You can’t live without my love any more
Then is your love something I should ignore?

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Never shall my heart wander

Tomorrow will come and I shall remember your smile 
Where the stars set so fine on an evening so worthwhile
Sweet sounds of voices lingering soft and free
With the strains of his hair he had eyes of the sea

He told me tales and rested my head apon his shoulder 
Engrossed in woven bed sheets to keep us from getting colder
His kisses of sweetness conformed and moist 
His words more dashing than I’d ever heard him voice

Two bodies magically worship and caressing in trust 
Were bellowed winds of ecstasy blustered into lust
We spun slowly downward into the eyes of a sway 
Where nothing around us could draw us away
Now this moment in time this journey of our minds 
Shall reoccur in the depths of hearts passionately entwined

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My love Proclaimed

She is near
Yet she is far
She is clear
Like a star
I shall be bold
My love for she
Will be told
It has to be
I will reach her someday
And my heart will sing
But that day is not today
So my love will cling
For as long as i've hope
My soul will not mope

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Ode to the Poet

The words you share, they touch the heart
Coming from yours then, a natural thing
The thoughts, the care, the love you impart
Make me just read so, again and again

I take each write, so penned by you all
Take them, consume them, live them, I do
Within the words I become enthralled
To live vicariously, making all true

Sometimes I read them more than one time
For the words are so lovely, I simply must
I fall in love with the stories and rhyme
I swim in the ink, of this you can trust

I enjoy all the words to get lost in the read
Let the poet’s ink write, the poet’s heart bleed

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no more u in us

once there was you and then there was me, that made us you
 gave me your heart and I gave you my love ,
we lived and we laughed and we made plans this was us.
but you changed you acted strange and that is not for us.
you cheated and you lied and you abused my trust , that's why there is no u in us.

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Play Ball

baseball and poetry love them both
just like writing baseball excites me too
and during the recent months they’ve gain growth
love it as much as writing an haiku

can’t wait next month the season will begin
I'm not like others I never played golf
if I’m lucky I’ll catch a Red Sox win
outside of Fenway was a sign for Gulf

besides Poetry Soup may be else where
such as MLB dot com checking scores
I love baseball because it has some flair
as a kid bought cards from many stores

when summer is here I’ll watching more
wife and I caught a Red Sox Phillies game
and my wife didn’t find the game a bore
but lately the Red Sox have brought us shame

but the new season will be starting soon
enjoy the games even from the saloon

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A Love for All Seasons

At the spring celebration Jill had a head start
She danced across the floor straight to his open heart
Lit by love and glowing like an eternal flame
Passion in motion ere she even knew his name
When he first took her hand, she felt electrified
In the months that ensued feelings intensified
Carpet of crimson rose petals strewn on her bed
The pair gave not a thought to what might lie ahead
But when the festive holiday season came ‘round
A garland of fir branches on her head he crowned
As he knelt before her in front of the fireplace
In a blanket of tender love she felt encased
Bowing before her, he presented a diamond ring
For their love affair proved to be more than a spring fling
*Entry for Brian's 100th Anniversary poem challenge on Aspects of Love

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Greater Art Thou!

"Poetry is a way of 
               taking life by the throat."


Heart broken torn apart like scrambl’d eggs;
As the weak link snapp’d momentum slow’d—stopp’d
Love wherest art thou? Torment’d now begs,
This cup of scourge, drink or not—spill’d—now mopp’d.

Et tu Brute? Whisper’d from Caesar’s lips;
Yet Romeo and Juliet once lov’d,
Like Macbeth’s witches brew—don’t drink nor sip:
Fate or faith shatter’d, vulture pick’d bones—cross’d.

Heart pleadeth upward—greater is thy love,
Open Heaven’s gate with thy purest light;
Hearest thou not the meek? Awaiting thy dove!
Remove these shadows of darkness and strife:

Greater art thou in Heaven than on Earth,
Creator of creation giveth now birth!

© Joseph, 9/4/08
© All Rights Reserved

Honorable Mentioned Finalist Certificate
Poetry Soup International Poetry Contest
Jan 2009.
Poetry Soup Weekly Featured Poem 
Sunday, May 24, 2009, to May 31, 2009

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Love And Trust

The warmth of love I did not feel
Love slept it was trust I needed
 Till love I felt our lips did seal
Trust was more the words I heeded

Love had left my pillow so cold
Then some words I did read I thought
‘I love you and must now be bold’
Twas trust and love combined I sought

My numbed soul did once more now stir
The sleep like state my soul lived in
As gifts or frankincense and myrrh
Not knowing that life would now begin

These words that some will pray to hear
I love and trust and want you near

© 15/ 04 /2013 ~GG~

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Fear of Goodbye

whispers carry through the silent air
and linger for moments after which spoken
I take the time to let them echo inside my ear
before they fade and their presence is broken
shallow breaths in a rhythmic type of tune
wishing for the moment to last forever
afraid that goodbye will be said too soon
breaking the bond that ties us together
locked in a gaze only to be suddenly taken
away from what was cherished between
distance widens I pray to be mistaken
 from what is now being forcefully seen
fear running wild I struggle to meet your eyes
as the last whisper I hear is one of goodbye

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It is You

There is something I cannot help but see,
Every time you look into my eyes.
There's always a smile when you look at me.
There is only truth; there is no disguise.

But in all of these unexpected days,
It has been you I have loved all along.
It's all come in this unexpected way.
Could it really mean it's where I belong?

There's no longer any more mystery.
You are the home my heart searched for so long;
This is finally very clear to me.
And it is you I have loved all along.

And I'm filled with the sweetest devotion,
Your love poisons my veins with emotion.

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The Dog's Life

Some people say dogs are complicated
others will say we have mistreated them
some humans make dogs very frustrated
rarely are dog houses clean as a gem

man and dog have lived together for years
they’re not just men’s best friends they’re women’s too
and some owners and their dogs shared some beers
no one should think of doghouse as a zoo

as an infant a dog was always there
maybe that’s why I respect them today
I believe most dogs should be treated fair
some humans are abusive it's no play

dogs are just like children they want love too
pet them and love them and a bone to chew

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Seeking Love

I know you are out there
The one that is for me
Where have you been hiding
Come out so I can see

I hunt and search for you
From one girl to the next
Why have you been hiding
My passion has been flexed

My heart is crying out
Looking for it's true mate
Please will you stop hiding
I can no longer wait

Heartache I can't contain
Will I find love again

For Nathan A. contest
Poems ending with a question
Tim Smith

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Love and Pizza and Cuddlin'

As with you, pizza never tasted so fine!
The pepperonis were too greasy,
Now - Even anchovies are divine.
You make gourmet from my life so cheesy.
I can only imagine what life could
be like if I awoke softly next to you.
So soft is what it would be like! I would
give up the pizza and the cigarettes too!
(As my heart spills these cheesy love lines,
I see I transformed you into an ideal,
one that will require you to be divine 
and never for a moment lose appeal!)
Sweet Mama, won't you dine with me?
Oh, Sweet Mama, won't you share my glee?

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Falling in Love

Dancing in his arms heart beating so fast
feelings flood through me as he holds me close
is he the one that in dreams was forecast?
I act cool, he smiles knowing its a pose

I smile back as he spins me round and round
we sit and talk the way new lovers do  
to each other glad this love we have found
happiness to both of us long overdue

So in love although we recently met 
our life's before us laid at our feet
The more we are together the less I fret
when he kisses me it feels oh so sweet

Passion rising overtaking us both
to each other turning pledging a troth

dedicated to my very best friend Lorraine and her new chap

written 02/11/2014

contest: Any Poem#4

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What is Love

What is this thing love, that makes fools of kings.
That makes a once low and lonely pauper dance,
Or the most cheerful heart now cry when singing -
Yet ready for another awkward chance.
Is there anything in this mortal life
That thrice bitten, we reach out again
To where angels and demons dance with knives 
And where pain seems too common an end.
I think not - I think it is our soul's gold,
A quest that is never, ever ending
Then once in our grasp, to no one sold,
Nor value in a heart pretending.
   I look upon this love I hold and pray.
   That never can I let it slip away.

February, 12, 2014
Modern Sonnet

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Gambling Shuggy—The Encounter!

"If I feel physically,
            as if the top of my head been taken off, 
                     I know it's poetry."
                       --Emily Dickenson


No money no honey from this honey
You may look but won’t rub this fine tummy;
That maybe so, but I ain’t no dummy
Shining like gold—don’t you touch this Emmy!

Pay gone, drunk, smoky, come acting thuggy,
Don’t treat me like an Egyptian mummy;
You have nerves to tell me I look yummy
Step back—know that I will not be chummy!

Say what, you will find another bunny?
Git, to your saloon playing gin rummy;
Tonight I’m keeping safe my sweet plumy
Leave—before I pull my New York Jimmy!

Swiftly, before doorknob hit your bunny,
Shuggy—I ain’t got time tonight bummy!

© Joseph, November 28, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

Poetry Soup International Poetry Contest
Semi-finalist Selection, Jan. 2009.
Poetry Soup Weekly Featured Poem 
Sunday, May 24, 2009, to May 31, 2009

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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PoetrySoup Poet

I have found many friends on our site
They have helped learn how to live right
Friends encouraged me to find my way
Friends held me in the prayers they pray

During my absence away from this site
My soul and I fought a constant fight
Because deep inside these words are true
I love the time I spend with all of you

I hope you all know without any doubt
I love taking my soul and laying it out
Because when it comes to life it’s my turn
I’ve so much to give so much to learn

I’ve kept my summer free so I can show it
How much I love being a PoetrySoup Poet

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This summer's winding leaves a pierce behind
Charred traces of her smouldering days,
A riddling puzzle blurs clouds in her mind
When fragile heart cracks glassy tears, assailed

Somehow, this thud of fall pretends to hold
A promise, tinged with sharp crushing of bones
Where forward bites and  snaps the bitter cold,
That reels in hidden betrayals  unknown 

For with this most damn season's turn , alas
Trickery of  love disowned  in a rush,
When dusted time  counters all autumns past
She flickers higher like emblazoned brush

And every triumph over cycles’ spin
Trades wheels of goodbye for fresh beginnings.

Goodbye Contest of Harry Horsman

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I Love Spring

It''s great to see the leaves again
To see the flowers grow
Spring excites me so
I love the freshness of the rain
I can shake off winter's aches and pains
As I listen to the March winds blow
Spring is a wonderful time I know
Spring is here to keep me sane
Now I hear the red robin chirp
I see the sun shining bright
I want to play and not work
Out in the pretty sunlight
Where life is new and pure
I love Spring of that I'm sure!

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To Be in Love

To be in love along the rushing shore
And hear your heart beat swell as calming wave
To kiss your hungry lips, then wanting more
Obtaining love's desire, its constant crave
Besot, beneath this dazzled sky, I find
Love's lightning splays a light that clears my view
Such echoed worlds, warm soft as waves inclined
Submerged through quiet eyes, a love so true
My hand entwined in yours, we bond as one
While watching footprints fade in pebbled sand
To spy a reddening sky and setting sun
While falling into night, at stars command

We'll feel the waves upon our warmly skin
And touch the stars, as dawn arouses in

Written by Mystic Rose & Frederic Parker
                March 3 2014
For contest, Collaboration.. sponsored by Jared Pickett

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 (my mind hath looked 
upon the speaking face of earth and heaven
as her prime teacher......[Wordsworth])  

I saw two butterflies wrapped in silent passion,
Her heart-shaped wings splayed flat against the sill
Her torso throbbing in anticipation...
Himself, hovering gently to hold her still.
I saw their sleek brown bodies tightly pressed,
His feet clinging to her lest the wind 
Tear him away.  I saw the shadows rest
Around them and the midday sun descend,
And still they lay outside my window pane...
I wondered why it is that we must rush
And why my timid touches are but vain
And useless gestures, why he must always crush
The urgings. Nature’s children seem to know
That love is best when cherished soft and slow

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God Spelled Backwards

It’s no coincidence that the word God spelled backwards is a word that we all know for something by which we are often awed - a creature, which unfailingly, can show amazing grace toward any one of us! Our canine friend does not care how we dress or if we’re rich or poor. He makes no fuss when we do not endeavor to impress the way we do among our human kind! Love without judgment from this animal is like that of our Christ, whose love is blind to flaws and won’t desert us when we fall. This facet of God’s love is what I see when my sweet dog’s brown eyes watch over me. Finally entering this poem i wrote for Deb's contest. I don't recall the theme being exactly the way it is now described at the contest page, but I will enter this one anyway, for what it's worth!

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Whispers of Love

Your softest whisper, how it floods my soul
It glides through veins eliciting control
There is no place where it does not embrace
Disrobes me of my negligee of lace

That whispered vow you sealed with lover's kiss
Your body claimed me, took my soul to bliss
And while enraptured all my heart could hear
Were words so tender, whispered in my ear

Abated storm of passion, now at rest
Your head is pillowed softly on my breast
I’m pleasure sated as I whisper sweet
“My love, this tryst has been a glorious treat”

My name you whisper just before you sleep
A treasured whisper that our love will keep

For Gail's Doyle's Contest
Whispers of Love
April 2, 2014

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The Man in the Middle

Our love had been built on a firm foundation
Trust, compassion and fidelity as well
I thought there’d be no cause for consternation
We thrived for a time in a magical spell
He was my white knight and I remained his belle
Never a doubt, certainly no confusion
Any misgivings his blue eyes would dispel
But moving in marked the end of illusion

~~~~~~~~~ Volta ~~~~~~~~~~
His son emerged from video seclusion
This twenty-year-old had never worked a day
He found my presence to be an intrusion
He flung jabs in attempts to drive me away
Thought we had it all, but his son was the boss
Now I’m struggling to recover from this loss

*Entry for Dr. Ram's Spenserian Sonnet contest

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Oblivion mind,
wandering in thoughts.
Idiotic smile,
promises and hopes.
Hand in hand,
tumbling on slopes.
This is love

Running away from this world.
Warm bodies sliding in sheets,
to find another world.
Burning in cold flames.
No fear ... no shame ... no games
This is love

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Which love is not a struggle to the mind?
'tis easier to think love glides along,
regardless of a road not there to find,
or never caring what is right or wrong.

One love, of child, a father's steady hand,
protecting innocence, through many years
as if he knew the way, and had it planned,
to heal each mortal wound as it appears.

As if all things begin with his okay,
the good, the joy of life to build upon;
demanding right, and hoping in some way
he's always with you, even when he's gone.

The banged up knee, your losing of a friend,
are yours to feel, but his to comprehend.

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A Kiss goodbye

Doth thou shed  tears to  fill the boundless sea 
Shall I  come then to thee this  rainy  day
Thine eyes behold and yet you grieve for me
How much more time in grace you took your way

Be not thou faint  when I do think of you
What potion have I drunk of bitter tears
When thou shall be deposed in heart to view
Reflections show thee how thy beauty wears

From thee in absence was I  ere the spring
In thine own way was beauty counted fair
Of  thy  love  with memories may I sing
To  depart  my love,  for me 'tis  despair

Will  thou now weep, or lo, be loath to cry
Upon thy lips,  alas,  a kiss goodbye

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The First Time

Yes indeed i need to walk again with reality
Yet keep the reflections I’ve gathered upon life’s long way
Sense once more locked away happiness that you gave this day
Your touch upon my soul in truth your speciality.

I walked amidst the mist the mystery of this my life
Then you come along a seed in the warmth of dancing light
With eyes of distinctive jade and freckles on a face bright
Spreading the message of love’s rebirth to a man in strife.

That first time at that first touch you awakened my numb soul
The lined eyes of wisdom the colour mirrored in mine own
The next step now a certainty the seed from thence was sown
Your happiness as cupids arrow to your heart my goal.

To walk with you in truth and from the mist to now emerge
To build that rebirth is my aim your hearts abuse to purge.

© Harry J Horsman 2013 © Mandy Tams 2013   
Collaboration with Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

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To be in Love

To be in love along the rushing shore
And feel the movement of the smoothest wave
To kiss soft hungry lips for love and more
Obtain our love's desire we need and crave
It's there beneath the lighted sky I find
Love that's found as grand as the widest view
A splendid world warm as the waves are kind
To wet the quiet eyes with love that's true
And hold the tender hand to bond as one
While watching footprints fade in pebbled sand
And see the long red sky from setting sun
Falling into night 'till the stars command

We'll feel each wave upon the warmest skin
And touch each moment until the dawn begins

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Saying Goodbye

My heart skips a beat when we are together A pair that belongs, a love that believes We are a perfect match for one another Feelings of joy intertwines, interweaves But when the day closes and the night begins Heartache of departing does run inside The two of us hates to leave, feelings within Sure we’ll be alone awhile, we can’t hide Later in our life after we’ve been married Our lives start to slow down and we get old Another leaving we dread if it’s harried Our final days, our hearts as one we hold Though our love is true, this you sure can’t deny At one point in our life, we must say goodbye
Russell Sivey 11 & 10 alternating syllable count Entrant into harry horsman's "GOODBYE" contest 11/19/2012

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Re Awakening

Alone candle light in the abyss of darkness 
Yet words are woven in creations of your smile, 
The sweetest words are those not said intense timeless 
When in your embrace one melts to your unique style. 

Your flame renewed kindle in sweet resurrection 
Emerald eyes that glow in lust of perfection, 
Can but dowse puritan thoughts with insurrection 
Rebellion is kindled in this new affection

Fires of passion the candle lit the abyss
To burn forever more in the flame of true love
To melt in your arms with the promise of a kiss
The iron hand now firmly in the velvet glove

Love like this has never before been given birth 
My life my love this is your awakened loving worth 

Collaboration Between © Mandy Tams &  ©Harry J Horsman  29/04/2013

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

When sunset ushers a sky violet blue
At the first star’s light, my thoughts are of you.
And when I gaze into the moonlit sea;
Lights dancing on water, you are with me. 

When a lovely flower bends to the breeze
I picture your face, so eager to please.
As I fly away to a distant land
You dwell in my heart; I’m at your command.

I love your deep voice and things that you say,
And ways you miss me when I am away.
I don’t want to extinguish this fire,
Though it consumes my mind with desire.

I long for the moment we’ll reunite
And I'll share your kisses throughout the night. 

Song: Leaving on a Jet Plane
This poem relates to the song perfectly because I was always leaving on a jet plane 
as a stewardess for 34 years. I met my husband on one of my flights in December 
of 1979. We were married In December 1981 and the most difficult part of our
marriage was me being away 4 days at a time while flying down under to Sydney,
or Auckland,  or 3 day trips to Japan. My thoughts were always with my husband and 

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A Grandmother's Prayer

I'll pray you strength, to face each coming day
when things aren't going as right as they could,
to tear down walls, when walls get in the way
of knowing life is going as it should;

I'll pray you light, so your dear heart can see
all through your life, your journey's not alone,
and so the night's not dark as it could be
in troubled times, as every life has known;

I'll pray you love, so love will take your hand,
so you can feel love is the plan for you,
and when it's done, your heart will understand
just what it means to love one, as I do.

I'll pray you have the wisdom God can give
and all His love, as long as you shall live.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Love Spring -win

Love like a spring that never stops flowing On the arrival at this spring suddenly Venture and rush not to drink devouring Ease, stop and rest for a while quietly. Linger on the long road you have travelled Into your hands then catch up the water Keep your palms, like a cup fully folded Elevate it to your lips with fervor. Spring of love is so infinite and chaste Panic not, the water will never dry Remember never to drink it in haste Failing not be grateful to one you eye. Now the person who you love is a spring Get it but don’t make the spring lowering
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Motif: Philosophical/Spiritual 2-14-14 Dr. Ram Mehta Form: Sonnet (Only Pentameter) Second Place Win Contest: Impress Me with Short Poems III by Giorgio V

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Let Him Kiss Me Sonnet

Let him kiss me with wild kisses made of
His lips and embrace me, of honeyed love,
For thy soul is chaste and sweeter tasting
Than wine upon thee, such fine savouring,
And the roof of thy mouth, is soft, like pressed
Ripe grapes, oh my beloved, oh my quest

Thy voice speaks of kind sweetness, comely,
Thy face, altogether so lovely,
Oh love, I am my beloved's and dear
Beloved is mine, pleasant, lasting, fair
Come my true love one, let us praise vigour
Thou wilt giveth thee, my love of splendour

Thy feedeth on my breasts, of pure delights,
For thy love hath a vehement flamed light

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The First Time

Yes indeed I need to walk again with reality 
Yet keep the reflections I've gathered upon life's long way 
Sense once more locked away happiness that you gave this day 
Your touch upon my soul in truth your specialty. 

I walked amidst the mist the mystery of this my life 
Then you come along a seed in the warmth of dancing light 
With eyes of distinctive jade and freckles on a face bright 
Spreading the message of love's rebirth to a man in strife. 

That first time at that first touch you awakened my numb soul
The lined eyes of wisdom the colour mirrored in mine own
The next step now a certainty the seed from thence was sown
Your happiness as cupids arrow to your heart my goal

 To walk with you in truth  and from the mist to now emerge
To build that rebirth is my aim your hearts abuse to purge

© Collab between Mandy Tams and Harry J Horsman 14/04/2013

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Sealed With A Bilberry Kiss

Those indigo jeans worn this special day
When he invited me on my  first date
Very appropriate ~trip to park_ play
Lunch from a vendor sharing plate

As our hands touch, look in his eyes_ see deep
The desire to get closer as knees touch
Feelings transpire,  much desire from heartdeep
Overcome with passion's heat, face feels a blush

Such a romantic setting_ lovely pond
Jeweled around neck with water lilies
Flying birds, swans of lake stilled as lovers kiss~bond
Closing kiss, lover friend picks bilberries

Bilberries color of indigo seal kiss
Lips matching jeans~day continue bliss

(Heartdeep is rooted in the heart..Bilberries are closely
related to  American Blueberries or Huckleberries..)

Contest:"It's In The Jeans"
Sponsor:Nette Onclaud
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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The only rose

After the wild roses stopped to bloom,
I visited your backyard each afternoon.
I counted the thorns of your rose tree,
wondering if a new bud I would see…
You didn’t come and lean by the window,
combing your hair under the afterglow.
The night wind carried you to me instead,
as I pillowed my head on the root’s thread.
You left the door open on the morrow,
when a new pink rose started to grow.
Should I leave the rose – young and pure -
or Should I follow your lead – 
                                             The future
gave to me no more than one queen
blossoming in a garden left unseen.

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My Love, My life

My Love, My life
My life have been without any feelings or love
I felt like I might go fade away in some place
My life felt tangled as if stuck in a mangrove
With no way of getting the hell out the rat-race.
She would at last make me feel complete to my soul
Just maybe we were both prime and ready to be caught
We both met for me be strong enough and to able hold
I’m bit of heaven when I’m in her arms at night
Lose all track of time but who is counting anyways  
When we are in each others arms on weekend-nights.
Sally has brought joys into my life; into my ways
The day we were married she set free the doves,
I knew I’d be with you till I die my dear love…
Steve L. Siegel
January 23, 2013

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With Me

Mystery, it clouds your form
 Ecstasy, it keeps us warm
 The dance has begun, with but us two
 I'll take your hand, I'll walk with you
 Take me to depths in the sea of love
 Go with me further, never enough
 I'll breathe in your perfumed scent
 You intoxicate, invade my head

 Give in to your senses, here we go
 Follow me now, let your heart take control
 Our time is short, and death is nigh
 To mountains and peaks, we must fly
 Leave life behind in our own world
 Get away from it all, run with me, my pearl
 Forget all your troubles, walk in the moonlight
 Gaze into my eyes, stay with me tonight

 We need not fear, we must venture on
 Forsake loneliness, drink in our love's song
 Pure angel of dawn, you've stolen my heart
 You illuminate me, pierce the dark
 Your purity, it leaves me numb
 Your beauty, where does it come from?
 I long to touch your smooth, soft skin
 To stroke your hair, give you everything

 To pull you into my embrace
 To hear you breathe, to see your face
 To feel your heart beat softly with mine
 To hold you tightly, leave reason behind
 To draw you in, to taste your kiss
 All heartbreak gone, nothing amiss
 I'd lose myself inside your eyes
 Stay in love forever, mesmerized

 Run away with me, barefoot in the sand
 Walk by my side, rule all the lands
 Hear our hearts beating with love so wild
 Our heads spinning with passion, my child
 There's untamed joy we can't contain
 Hypnotizing ardor we can't explain
 I'm Romeo, will you be Juliet?
 We can share a bond we'll never forget

 We can clasp hands in the twilight
 Hold each other, day and night
 We can be alone, just me and you
 Our souls entwined, you know it's true
 We can do anything, if you'll take faith
 I'll protect you, I'll keep you safe
 We can be together eternally
 We can live forever – so come with me

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My Moon

Never love came to me so deep,
Never love came to me so high;
Now without you I cannot sleep,
Without your love now I do die
As a fish dies without water,
As a tree can't live without soil.
O my Love, Nature's cute daughter,
Without you now all my dreams spoil.

The Moon now looks ugly and fake
As I have got you, o my Moon;
There is now no beautiful lake,
Beautiful sea and fair monsoon,
All the beauties of Nature break
Seeing your face, o Love, o my Moon.

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Falling In Love

(Free Style Sonnet) The sky turns from day to night There we go my Love in a flight Heart then wander at last free Till you take me to new heights You enchant me more as days go by We're entwined in this love so divine Thunder clouds roll in, covering dawn But I just feel in your arms so fine Your love is in me deeply ingrained With true patterns of beauty remained Life give me a taste of your love to quench I only think of you while I sit in this bench Lost, still navigating in the sea of your love Dreaming till flying with you to heaven above. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 November,29,2014

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Ice Blue Heart

Your heart is cruel and made of frigid steel
a sharpened chisel is your angry tongue
and with your tool you carve the pain I feel
each time all of your hurtful words are flung

You slash me as you twist the words I say
within you no compassion can be found
as pieces of my heart are chipped away
and die in crimson piles upon the ground

I question what lies in your evil mind
you act as if you are too blind to see
the way you hurt me with your words unkind
and how your vicious tool has damaged me

Why do you say you love me like you do
when your cold heart is dead and icy blue?

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The Joy Of Love

' the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.'

    Alfred Lord Tennyson.

The boundless joy I feel when you are near 
is peerless, much more precious than pure gold, 
and I can scarce restrain a happy tear 
when your resplendent beauty I behold. 
Your tresses, silken and so fair lie soft 
upon your pillow, nestled by design, 
your slender body mesmerizes, oft 
I long to hold you close and make you mine. 
Your eyes like sparkling stars so deeply rare 
imbue whate'er they see with purity; 
no sweeter verdict pass'd could be my share 
than be here bless'd for all eternity, 
safe in your embrace with the world astray 
I'll lie content, my woes so far away. 

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A Diamond In Your Eye

Dear Sir, I saw you watching me from where you sat at your own table, just like me. I’m sure you saw me trying not to stare right back at you! I’ll tell you, honestly I’ve never seen a guy like you before, with eyes of such a brilliant and rare hue. I could not just stay seated any more. I felt compelled to come and talk to you. So now I’m here. Ah, yes! Your eyes are green. I thought they were. . . and yet they far outshine mere emeralds! I think that I have been enraptured since your gaze first fell on mine! I tell you this (though, truly, I am shy) I want to be a diamond in your eye! Inspired by Gail Doyle's A Diamond In Your Eyes Poetry Contest and now for PD's Any Poem Goes #17Contest

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The Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation perfects baptismal grace

The Sacrament gives the Holy Spirit to root us more deeply in divine filiation

Incorporate us more firmly to Fr. Christ

Strengthen our bond with the Church

Associate us more closely with her mission

Help us bear witness to Christian faith in words accompanied by deeds

Like Baptism imprints a spiritual mark or indeliable character of the Christian soul

For this reason one can receive this sacrament only once in one’s life

A candidate for Confirmation has attained the age of reason must profess faith

Be in the state of grace

Have the intention of receiving the Sacrament

Be prepared to assume the role of disciple

Witness to Fr. Christ, both within the Ecclesial bond

Annointing of the forehead of the baptized with sacred chrism

Written 09172012

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Little bird

Do not stay there for long, little bird, 
can’t you hear? She is coming anytime
and will say: “leave, this place is mine.
you are free to go, I see no iron gird.”

But if you are resolute to stay, be silent,
enough of your melody, not until she
reaches my arms and her gentle touch 
warms me and beautify the moment.
Oh, on her bosom you choose to nest, 
where I can find you, safe in heaven,
the spotless sky, where stars leaven 
with their gleam her silver-light dress. 
Either way, carry swiftly a message:
You are not a love’s single hostage.

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He gently looks at me with dusky sighs
Although he’s bared my soul a hundred times
Those deepened eyes unfold to memorize
All captive thrills releasing moans , sublime.

His eyes are twilight’s song in waves of haze
Exploring hunger’s thirst, a moistened glade
And every movement sets the stars, ablaze
To grasp the blooming rise of tunes replayed.

A mounted flavor climbs, and I’m complete
With glow , to open mouth of eve-song’s  fire 
Inside one breath, our tender glances heat, 
Disrobing this and that, moonbeams conspire.

Those dusky eyes anoint my fluid skin
As ripples of chaste love tremble within.

Any Subject, Any Form--New Poem Contest
Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot

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A Sonnet

Oh say, have you come from heaven above?
Art thou, perhaps, a goddess in disguise?
Yes you are. I just looked into your eyes
And yes! It’s true. You are for me to love

I want to feel your body close to me.
Your skin, smooth as silk or maybe satin.
My sweet I really love to kiss your skin,
I touch you with my tongue, a taste of honey.

Your scent, your very own, I breathe it in,
It is your own you are adorable.
Good God, there must be something magical,
how else to cause my head to spin and spin.

That’s it. I shall seduce you once again
The first, it was so special even then

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I loved you

I loved you from the get go
I loved you when I didn’t know
I loved you against all odds
I loved you beyond all thoughts
I loved you contrary to what I saw
I loved you when my pain was raw
I loved you even when my soul was torn
I loved you from dusk to dawn
I loved you then, now and then wards on
I loved you because I found joy
I loved you and anticipated hope
I loved you because I was too tired to mourn
And I love you
From the depth of my soul.

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My Angel

Your love is like a fall’s crisp kiss
I can walk a thousand miles to get away from you
I can swim to the bottom of the ocean blue
I can fly a million feet up, way high in the air
I can pretend each day that I just don’t care
Yet I am sorry for the way I acted, the words I left unspoken
When I think of how we ended, my heart feels way too broken
Do you really feel this way, my presence do you not miss?
You made it clear your heart has no place for me anymore
I will move on and hope to find another to love like you
I will walk away, our memories in my heart I’ll store
Never allowing my mind to believe that it is true
For I loved, I lost. But as a friend I will never again tell
That you hold my heart forever, you are my Angel.

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Along feathered edges the red sun sets
Dreams pierce the evening sky where eyes explore
Two hearts will whisper, paradise is met
While kisses feel warm on the sandy shore
Sublime and time merge to reminisce
As white caps slowly till the pebbled sand
A world passes the changing light is missed
Blamed on tender touches by lover's hands
Beneath black skies the rolling waves implore
Their soft sounds shared with the nature of love
Feeling this presence of the waves encore
They lay still in awe under stars above

No need to speak, eyes will not ignore
Their fate is sealed, lovers for evermore

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Beautiful Redhead aka: Irish Princess

 Dating a beautiful redhead girl will be the greatest moment of my life. She’s like an Irish princess, even better. Her hair is so red, it’s as if she’s on fire. Her beautiful eyes are like a pair of emerald gems when I look at them. And her pale skin is as beautiful as pure, white snow. It seems to me that all attractive redheads are amazing, and most of all, they’re down to Earth. This redhead is also like a beautiful, Irish Princess, even from the Emerald Isle (Ireland). I never dated an attractive redheaded girl before, but it’s about time that I did. Plus, there are other beautiful redheads who are famous, like Kay and Danielle Panabaker, Emma Stone, Hayley Williams, Lindsay Lohan, Lily Cole, and others. Not to mention Julienne Moore, even though she’s happily married. I wouldn’t mind dating a beautiful redhead, but she has to be from the U.S. or Ireland. She’s like that redheaded warrior from Brave. She’ll be my Irish Princess one day (Irish girlfriend), and I’ll be her American prince (American beau). I say, if I were to get into a serious relationship with this attractive redhead, I won’t break her heart; I’d also be honest and truthful to her. I know that female redheads are sensitive and I also know that she doesn’t want to be brokenhearted. All I know is that if I fall in love with a redhead girl and I become infatuated with her, there’s just no telling.

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My Charlie Cat

Upon his favored pillow, curled up tight
He sleeps through happy hours without a stir,
Tail wrapped around and paws tucked out of sight,
Beneath his purring ball of gray-striped fur.
Awake, he fills my hours with happiness—
He softly pats my cheek with gentle paw
When closely held and purrs with my caress
While loving gold-green eyes leave me in awe.
Outside, when called, he runs into my arms
More like a pup, he shows deep loyalty.
My Charlie, so endowed with loving charms…
A special, blessed creature sent to me.
   Such tender love for him I feel inside…
   His love for me can never be denied.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

~3rd Place~
Contest:  Pets
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Judged 11/29/2014

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Natural Love

Our love lasts way beyond the water streams Are more pure than the mighty crystal lakes Heaven cannot hold the love at the seams It bursts for us, the love is what morning makes Sun shines just as bright as what we contain And our hearts for each other, they don’t flee Leaving us wanting to ride each one’s train The mountain, made out of rock, is quite free Beauty of this scene is unlike most views The love that we have covers all of it The substance of life, green grass quite imbues Fills any hole with the sweetest love bit I feel the beauty of this land in me Top to bottom nature’s all I can see Russell Sivey

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Last Wish

Across a flowered field, I gaze.
A daisy weeps through morning haze.
One lone petal departs her side -
a "love-me-not" is softly sighed.

Gazing away from love denied -
one more leaflet from thee is pried.
Another dream towards fate's romance;
a petal plucked lends second chance.

The daisy's hearth has met defeat.
Her children sob beneath her feet.
Deflowered by a lover's act -
one last petal remains in tact.

"Love-me-not or love me so true?"
I leave that answer up to you.

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My Brief Sweet Breath of Yesterday

You stole my breath away that day we met.
As dark clouds burst, you led me by my arm
inside a small café out of the wet,
but I could not escape your rain of charm!
With idle chat, you knew how to disarm
me. How you poured it on! I was a flower
that blossomed from your smile so soft and warm
as there we lingered for more than an hour.

I watched your moving lips and felt their power,
just thinking of them placed upon my own!
Then suddenly my reverie turned sour.
You reached into your wallet; I was shown
a photo of your lovely fiancé.
You were my brief sweet breath of yesterday!

for Jared Pickett's At First Glance Free Poetry Contest 

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Sweet hopes

My sweet hopes toddle in thy world of fair love,
While full of dull pride still l creep in existence, 
Naked bland youth dwells vainly where I dissolve
With ruined tragic will of bare dreamy innocence.
Charmed was I with my bliss in thy presence,
And my senses emptied my chest of chilly pain,
And the aches in my heart during thy absence,                                 
And cowards in me pertained to my sceptic strain,           
In the circle of bitterness of my life in despair,    
 My heart, I found hovering where once I lost, 
As fair as when first blossomed in gracy care,
With promising love resting with a noble host,
      So time of evil still aligns barren lines and sings,
     My soul with thy love shall have light feet and wings

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Love at first bite

Love at first bite

Lustfully he grins, devotedly she stares,
A scene awfully to familiar in the showbiz of life.
Starring, a veteran actor and naïve lass with a body full of strife.
Yes, her body is rebellious but her apparent eyes leave her soul bare.

Her body could make no false decisions as it moves seductively.
Decisions that attract both timid and masculine spectators,
Lurking in the shadows, tamely veiled like domestic predators,
Bearing intentions set out objectively.

Before she could put her guards up, she`s knocked off her feet,
Obediently invaded by thorn stem roses,
With sweet scented poses.
It was the making of a perfect scene, a flawless hit.

The camera stopped rolling; the lead actor was no more.
There were no goodbyes, only a residue remained when he left.
She searched the vacant chambers of her heart, she`d been a victim of theft.
Suddenly her limbs were rhythm-less, she was engulfed by the floor.

What she savoured was the bitter fruit of spite,
Contracted, from love at first bite.

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A New Day Comes

The sweetest ray of day creeps through the blind
to fill enduring dreams with hints of day
a tingle shimmers o'er my drowsy mind,
though in my cozy bed I long to stay.

The warble of the morning birds is faint
but calls me from the gentle realm of nod
wherein I dance with joy and no restraint
in fantasy until that quiet prod.

As dawn arrives to greet my sleepy eyes 
I wake with lingered visions of my love
and keep them close, so comfort never flies
like wind or winging of a mourning dove.

A new day comes with promise, hope and light
I'm ready to embrace it, love in sight.

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A Sonnet For You

A Sonnet For You There will come a time or, so I am told When memories will flood this tired old soul. And all of the bitter things I have known Like a flock of scared sparrows, all will have flown. Destiny’s call will leave little time To sit here all day matching rhyme after rhyme. There will only be memories of sweet times I knew, As I spent treasured time writing songs about you. The moment love told us that we’d never part The words came so easy and right from my heart. And, where would I be had I never known The pleasure I found -- calling you my own. Yes, life is as good as life can be – And it all began when you came to me. Written by John Posey 10/29/13

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Michael and Carolyn came home again
Their busy lives disrupted by death's end
Not knowing they'd encounter love unrestrained
By coming home for mom's funeral to attend
Life has some changes for which to contend
Michael and Carolyn were shocked to learn
Their mother wanted cremation as her end
No way was his mother going to be burned
That is not the way of the people here
The attorney handling her will added more
Your mother made her request crystal clear
Her ashes at Roseman's Bridge to be poured  
Michael could not believe what his ears heard
Francesca Johnson wouldn't say those words

Francesca Johnson wouldn't say those words
Daddy had bought two cemetery plots 
Mother to be buried facing eastwards
Richard planned ahead not instant on the spot
Michael so upset about how this was going
So attorney said let's open safe deposit box now
We'll discuss this when settled is the knowing
But a can of worms this box will open somehow
As the attorney opens the large box
Michael and Carolyn gather around
The lawyer pulls out a paper from tenderbox
He says bill of sales for equipment found
Carolyn picks up a manilla envelope
She looks at contents as through a microscope

She looks at contents as through a microscope
Pictures of her mother who somehow looks different
Then Michael's wife takes one to slowly scope
Sis calls Michael to come look at pictures that flaunt
Carolyn leaves the room after she pulls out more
She starts to read a paper with questioning eyes
A paper from the 1965 dated envelope tore
She comes back to the door calls Michael with quiet sighs
Michael comes back into the room followed 
by sis, he announces that they will look over papers
and get in touch, what's in the papers now shadowed
The letter contained words nothing to do with farm acres
The sting of shock of the letter within the papers
Michael and sis will learn whole story later

Michael and sis will learn whole story later
As they read the letter written by Kincaid
How his love for their mother is greater
Than an ordinary love, a love that didn't fade
Carolyn and Michael read Kincaid's  letter
Learned how Kincaid was cremated and ashes spread
At Roseman Bride, Michael said this man influence her
He was leading our mom and confusing her head
Michael asked is there anything else in the envelope
Carolyn takes it and turns upside down
A key falls out, Carolyn lights up with hope
At what the key might fit smiles out of frown
The discovery of their mom's short affair
The letter revealed a touch of what the key declares

The letter revealed a touch of what the key declares
Carolyn takes the key to a chest in mom's room
Opens, finds mom's letter that tells of love that was theirs
Until death a love that remained in full bloom
Their mother in a letter tries to explain
She wants her children to understand her
And what happened years ago, her reasons to remain
She had written three journals about the affair and lover
One journal for each glorious love filled day
She starts by telling them when it happened
The year Carolyn showed her prize steer away
at the Illinois State Fair, 1965, way back then
From letters to journals the affair's revealed
A side of their mom that couldn't be real

A side of their mom that couldn't be real
Mom wrote, Robert Kincaid came down the lane Monday late
He asked for directions to Roseman's Bridge with appeal
With Italian accented English directions tried to dictate
Failing to convey the directions off hand
She said, "I can take you or tell you the way"
He said, "I don't want to take you from work's demands"
She said, " Let me get my shoes, he watched as she walked away"
As they drove away to find Roseman Bridge neither knew
An affair began that stayed with them their lifetime
There was chitchat on the way as appeal began to brew
Appeal that led to a lovestory sublime
Later they a meal shared as night fell
Each was drawn into the other's swell

Each was drawn into the other's swell
Now Michael and Carolyn are learning of their mother's love
A mother that they thought they knew well
Thinking that they and dad were mom's only doves
Now brought home to attend to mom's dying wish
And settle legal affairs of the estate
Not deal with an affair needing under rug to swish
Grown children whom mom wanted to illuminate
Maybe Michael and Carolyn would understand
Her desire to be cremated and ashes strown
at Roseman Bridge to mingle with Robert's ashes their holy land
For in those four days their love was crowned
To a sad, so shocking, learning occasion then
Michael and Carolyn came home again

Finis' April 10, 2014
Sponsor: Cyndi MacMillian
Contest:Mov(i)e Me With A Contemporary Crown Sonnet
First try at this form>>>

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The Moonlit Tide

My love departs whence the waves tumble
to and fro o’er timeless grains of sand. 
Mottled depths of sea drown out restless rumble 
as fallen tears slip through my trembling hands.  
Say my name, enchanting moon of lore.
I shall not fault you lest my love return.
Beckon tides to well and light restore.
Grant me this before my heart doth spurn.
Full moon cast reflections bittersweet
‘til sunrise blanches all my thoughts of yore.
If I fall prey to waking dawn’s deceit,
Please rise anew to carry love ashore.
Waiting heart shan’t drown in moonlit tide.
In raging surge, for love I shall abide.

For POETESS DARKLY's Blame it on the Moon Contest

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A Sonnet for Shereen

Your birth was coupled with a burst of light
You came to make my life joyous and bright
Your smile and eyes did capture swift my heart
Of mother's life you are the sweetest part
I saw perfection in your dainty hand
With just a smile my heart you did command
You snuggled in my arms of love, secure
Oh darling, of this truth you must be sure
Without you here, my sun would cease to shine
You are of a gift of God most precious, fine
Long life and health I wish my darling fair
Whose crowning glory is her raven hair
A lady in your right you’ve come to be
But in your eyes my little girl I see

For Regina Riddle's Intimate Relationship Contest
Revised September 2, 2014

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For My Son

What dream possesses and stays your weary heart,
with nagging persistence, that divining rod?
What constellation sets that heavenly chart?
God gives to each soul a healthy seed planted
down deep in heart's fertile soil, fertile sod.
Don't be lazy, don't take your dreams for granted.

It's your garden to till, where no one impairs,
no one can hinder the plan God has for you;
only yourself, so release the doubts, the cares.
Brought to this moment with your talents to use,
You've learned all that you need, by now it's old shoe,
the dream seed must open and blossom profuse.

What dream possesses and stays your weary heart?
It's your garden to till, where no one impairs.

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Daylight Saved

Dusk, the end of day, the soften bed of moonlight,
brings wild thoughts within its sultry shadows musing.
Belle Lune, fair damsel, bringing love and fright,
release my tongue-tied self, please allow my crooning.

Troubadours have strung the onyx sky with comet
tails glittering white, and bowed each string to unite 
the pensive poet's heart and that of his fair coquette;
see them sway, a dance displayed amour in the moonlight.

Shadows deepen, have they left, thought hard, grown contrite
or has the moon, amused, drawn shadows 'round as gowns?
Will he rise at dawn, curtains drawn, write of the night?
The maid, the moon, the well so deep, the heat profound

calls to him in memory, now cooled by harsh light.
For now, there is, but the empty page of daylight.


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Fair Memory

   I see you fair in memory’s sweet abode 
   ‘tis truly there with you I long to be 
   To touch again ‘fore daydream walls erode 
   Thy lips of red, o passion, mine to thee 
   In passion do I feel the tempest rise 
   Rise to meet the moonlight’s sweet caress 
   To see myself in love there in your eyes 
   And in thy garden dare to find me rest 
   O damn the world that holds this body bound 
   N’er content, my spirit yearns to search the wind 
   ‘tis there in sweet repose my love is found 
   And there I long to be with you again 
   For in fair memory’s eye no care there be 
   And to thy heart, mine own, I’d give to thee

Christopher Thor Britt
(Motif: Romantic)

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Evil is fierce, always lying in lurk, 
Fighting Man's opportunity to sow, 
Infinite value, a souls greatest perk,
All of us need Love and freedom to grow.

The economy and democracy,
A tease in a tie or king with a crown,
The Goddess of truth as authority,
Love expands your mind, fear will shut it down.

Artificial walls, which cannot be seen,
Erected by the beast of many names, 
Keep your mind clear and let your heart stay keen,
Spirit will fly unrestricted by frames.

The Earth is our home and balance the key,
A sovereign man will truly be free.

Comments are Welcome.

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Somewhere among the bending grass they lay
Dream of days to come that will touch a heart
And seek to fly above the clouds at play
With hope and wishes that these dreams impart
Caress the face of love a captured sphere
And find a world now lost in paradise
Forever bound by truest love sincere
To lover's altar hearts will sacrifice
The sun will be a witness to this day
And hear the words they whisper to each ear
Moon lights silhouettes as day fades away
In glowing ambiance with shadows near

Confessed their love as binding on this day
Somewhere among the bending grass they lay

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Cool withdrawal from love

Cool withdrawal from love

Do not think that I love you less
Than when at your mercy I lay
But to forestall the sad distress
Of forlorn love, I keep away.

Pipe dreaming for everything
Which I have known to be your traits
Your image to my fancy bring
And  makes my age-old wounds to spate

But I do swear, and never must,
Your self-dispelled man, trouble you
In case I break, you may distrust
The oath I took to love you, too.

I have withdrawn myself from love
To make both of us safe, my dove.

September 25, 2014
Form: Sonnet (tetrameter)
Dr.Ram Mehta
Eighth Place Win
Contest: Structured Verse by Giorgio V.

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Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies

One beautiful lie , an unvoiced sonnet
Words veiled with a crime that steals my hearts last beat
Slow turn of your mood shows me disquiet
With kisses warm and vulgar with deceit.

One pulse stills, our love was not the one love,
Just remains of a lukewarm cup of tea.
You steep and brood, one pineing the lost dove.
My broken wing lame, I fall into the sea.

Beautiful lies, my heart begs for your fires
To hear the words forged my way by anvil
Beautiful lies, hope grows dim and expires
Waiting for judgment by divine gavel

Tremble my lips , tears fall dry from my eyes
Protect me from madness, beautiful lies.

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Dreams Unseen

The waking world leaves me ne’r content
My sweet if there’s no place for you and I
To find ourselves, to love and ne’r repent
To live, to love, to dream, and then to die

Beneath the sky above this dreamful sleep
I’ll find you there in hope or passions eye
And pray you seek me well and find me deep
Your heart content to love one such as I

But if you find me not in slumbers womb
And passions flame has not the chance to light
Forget me not or to my early tomb
This heart will surely break and rend the night

Yet, sleep you well, my love my timeless muse
And wait anon ’til morrow’s dreams pursue 

                                 ~Christopher Thor Britt

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A Love Poem

Beloved, turn off the lights; speak to me;
Is your heart to be evermore my own,
does my name slip from your lips silently...
content, that I should need ne'er more to moan.
Beloved, watch close loves acquainted eyes;
reflections holds no secrets from within.
For the souls bidding eyes will ne'er tell lies,
remember, doubt not… your want is my sin.
Beloved, wilt thou walk with me through dreams,
come lay with me as if I were dying?
Kiss my mouth, give me water from your stream;
listen love...the voice of the rain’s crying.

Loves lives through winters cold, summers fire,
though daybreak begins, as the night retires.

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"To My Sweet Thing"

Thou that holds a special beauty my lady, love of my life
Thou art special pearl, my girl, not a lady of carnal world,
Love, my life, my pearl of great price! You I shall not sacrifice!
You light up as wife, candle of life, set lonely heart a twirl…

Come unto me my beauty sweet, lay thy breast upon my chest,
Romance as love ‘s song,  though time has worn on, our love remains strong,
Given divine chance by first kiss, sweet romance, I reminisce,
Sweetness drops of your honeycomb lips, causes love’s bliss, prolong

Our chance of romance in the spring, not a common carnal thing,
Sweetness doth confess that our love was bliss from early first kiss,
That Love's graceful pursue, as sock and shoe, was not fleshly fling,
Let us feather together the quest, giving two hearts to bliss…

Two lovers twain in marriage, by depth of a true love’s courage,
Prenuptial start, my sweetheart!, a precept sustaining marriage!

For: Sentimental Love Letters
In Honor of: Audrey Carey

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Song of love

She walked by my side
trying to clasp my hand,
I was dreaming wide 
with a lonesome land. 

Where she could not follow
or call me through the night –
my heart is now hollow 
and whiteness is my sight…

A man with a smile on his lips
and an old guitar on his back
gave me life’s wicked tips:
Love is better when love lacks,
you will follow alone his track
surrounded by scattered lilacs…

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Lies of love

I wear my heart displayed upon my face.
Attentive readers find their meaning there..
Where feelings thought too deep to be embraced
Can shine demurely where they do not scare.

As Freud observed we're never quite disguised
Betrayal is our body's real motif
The message comes conspicuous from the eyes..
Bright sparkles or your tears of blackest grief.

The answer to a question seemly leaps
So Yes or No is visibly revealed.
The blush that spreads so fast across the cheeks
Both bold and shy unable to conceal.

Your face tells me you lied when Love you wrote.
Yet let us part with song as we are poets.

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Precious gem

 Shall I compare thee to a rose
And pluck thy petals as  my heart desires
While in sweetness  thy fragrance grows
Love, like rain doth thou require

 My love,  this bouquet I send to thee
To be with thee is all I dream
My heart doth rise and fall like waves upon the sea
The beauty of thine essence is highly esteemed

No more be thou uncertain of my love
Thine eyes doth soothe my very soul
My love for thee is higher than the stars above
Doth thou desire to make my lonely heart whole

Thy beauty,  like a precious gem,  doth  shine
 I beseech thee,  wilst thou  be my valentine

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Looking across the dark night, I try , to know my mistakes,
To know why I'm here ,to know why my life shakes.

Nothing seems to go right ,everything is still the same ,
yet in my foresight ,I tremble to smile again.

Lost count of the stars ,as well as the tears falling by,
singing to the tune of, lone birds in the sky.

All efforts seem to go in vain, as I cry and breakdown,
trying to search that hand to wipe my tears and frown.

Missing every past moment, of joy as well sorrow,
uncertainties hanging above, graving over my tomorrow .

Losing every hope I had ,I close my eyes in emptiness ,
listening to the empty silence ,tortured by loneliness.

I dream of the day, the day sun would rise,
make me feel good ,and my mistakes I may realize.

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F orming an everlasting bond where you can all relate to each other.

A ccepting their flaws, rights, wrongs, or indifferences no matter what they've done.

M oving mountains if that's what it takes to hold it all together.

L oving unconditionally with out judgement.

I ntergrading your hearts and minds.

Y oung to adult always having their backs from now until forever.

December 18, 2013
~The One and Only~

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A Wonderful Day Afishin'

A Wonderful Day Afishin'

 A wonderful day fishing, frying fish in the pan
 logs sweetly burning, smokey smells of delight
 Lake nearly perfect , a pond in God's opened hand
 feast soon to start a beautiful camping night!

 That monster fish that easily broke your rod tip
 set a memory to be recalled decades from now
 As recollections in old age our minds eagerly dip
 mental pictures the where , when , why and how!

 This night shall hold us in a very deep embrace
 join me in a toast to a future so fine and sweet
 Singing of happiness , joy and your smiling face
 memories, good times, wine and fish to eat!

 A wonderful day fishing, so very hard to beat
 Nature's offering, magnificent trout to eat!

 June -09- 1978
 Robert J. Lindley

 I wrote this decades ago. My fishing partner was a fine
 lady that I almost married! Sadly she passed away back in 
 May of 2005... She had married and had a grown daughter 
 in college. I hadn't had contact with her in well over 
 22 years. Still it was a sad day for me upon 
 learning of her death...

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Little doll with curly hair, how did God
Make you so fair? With big eyes color sky
And with skin as rose as a healthy child...
Fall asleep as you hear my sweetest lullaby!
The radiant moon has come into your dreams,
What can she offer you: if not moonbeams? 
And as you breathe, you resemble a cherub
That Rafael imagined to be you in that crib
When happy angels gathered and whispered,
" Little doll, gently lay on your golden head."
This nursery rhyme you will learn in time,
And sing it to yourself when church bells chime.

You'll long for a hand to caress your cheeks...
feeling its warmth while you will float on dreams.    

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If Music Takes Me There

I had thought to give you the moon and stars, But they are far from these high mountains’ reach, Only a heart and a guitar to start, Hoping that these lyrics would make me preach, The feeling I could not hide nor deny; As my eyes begin to gaze up above, To see your face and never say goodbye, Because with you I will not ever love, Any other jewel that is less rare, Than a soul so bright that shines through the night; O nothing compares to your glossy stare, And your soft lips that vanished on my sight; If only music can bring back our time, Maybe I can sing to you one last time.

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An art by heart

The moonbeams of the 
silver night
Flows and sweetly kisses the 
In the blue sky all-stars look 
so bright
I can't stop thinking you, oh 
my dearest.

The winds bring the soft 
aroma of the belly flower
I am standing as a lonely 
field near to my window
And see a couple of glow-
worm flying together
Ah! This every sweet thing 
carries me to you.

Suddenly in my thoughts at 
a sane island
Oh beloved! I see we both 
are so close
Sharing an eternal love by 
holding each other hand
From eyes to eyes, lips to 
lips, nose to nose.

There we are in spiritual 
love and a sacred pair
As in painting light and 
shade looks pretty together.

© Raselkhan

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When He Proposes

            He comes to love, openly, one last time,
careless as always, eyes closed, on the rim 
of lovers ledge, tingling toes reminds
him to let go and forget where he’s been,
before this final breath, before the binge.
Before, his belly was empty, hollow,
a lonely log covered in moss and midge.
Then born again, baptized in love’s shallows,
he found the crown to rule his tomorrows.
He loves love and love loves him, it’s beautiful. 
In reverence of it, on one knee, the ring—borrowed.
He appoints this his moment, it’s delightful
how his blood bubbles and his heart puffs up
one last time, openly, he comes to love.

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Candle of Ishtar glints their eyes to taste
where fireplace burns hushed tones, a smoky glide
and dew anoints waxed mouths, sighs collide,
like unspoken quakes, uttered not in haste.
Lay bare night’s scent, unrelenting, unchaste
peeled garment floats on a lounge of mantle;
there, burst of seeds lodge in her ovule’s well
replayed, released, on nipples’ buds down waist.

Releasing logic, their notes pour as flame
on creamy skin, through dusk-time ever bold
and fingers crawl north to east without shame.
Lovers entwining as one in rush of heat
till  tresses billow like moist sleet, to exclaim
of Ishtar’s ripe tunes; groans of moonlit suite.

~ Petrarchan Sonnet  rhymed abbaabba,
 followed by a 6-line ‘sestet’in cdcdcd

~Charlotte's Scorchers

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The Generation Gap

She did the washing e’vry Monday morn,
All fabrics sorted in different piles,
The wrung-out whites shone brighter than the dawn,
While flapping in the wind and sunshine smiles.
Dark blues that swish and swirl in the machine,
The Wrangler jeans worn on Saturday night,
And those frilly things that are only seen
Upon the washing line, hidden from sight.
Her tutting sigh - the fabric is too scant,
She looked at me with unbelieving eyes,
I’m folding up her bleached white bloomer pants,
No longer the child full of endless whys.
Yet still we sat drinking our cups of tea,
Some things never changed for my Nan and me.

Form: English Sonnet

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Love in Futility

Cherry blossom lips
harpy of my clouded life,
order mocked by hips-
lashed, ocean blue eyes knife

Elegante, my unaware amour
masters the reasons I flee
archaic heroes of tragic lore-
rue their shades transpire in me.

I wonder at an angel's grin,
enrapt, hording her laughter.
Diamonds pale, like rivered stones,
incomparable company with my love.

But a bastard in rags-eyes avert!
Beat yourself back to the sot's cruel cage!
in those oceans you're but the Boatman's shirt
never noticed, consumed by tidal rage.

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A hymn to love

how come this fairness possesses such deeds
what a ruthless act thy heart did commit
for once I blundered and to thee I plead
bending words covering my shredded wit
appealing to the stubborn heart of thine
my unconscious mind hanging by a thread
that wrath from fairness will somehow decline
this age of prejudice thou will undid
for love condones faults to which hearts abide
and perceives lies from a different view
and love triumphs where all reason subside
making sense when our misfits are through
prey on the weak and the filthy sublime
but render lost hearts buried out of time

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To Love an Angel

How many memories will I hold to?
How many loves have I known, without cares?
The changing color of the days once blue
Since I met you, have faded through the years
No longer flames burning, out of control
And scorched landscapes of smoldering desires
Love made a diamond from the blackest coal
With hands gentle, you tamed the raging fires
And claim this reckless soul, to hold the key
To ask nothing, yet heal the inner pain
Found emptiness that resided in me
And washed away my darkness and disdain

And though I walked in dung lit realms of shade
An Angel came to shine a light unafraid

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Let it be

Let no shadow be cast in my soul
for I have seen the countenance of grace.
Let my heart not build a wall
to hide the furious compassion of Your face.

Let the rain of mercy fall
upon the dry wasteland of my memories.
Let my life answer to Your call
and my own stubbornness cease.

Let me not at the foot of the cross
resent precious blood splattered for me.
Let it cover the pain of loss
and from sin set me free.

Thank the Lord my soul can rejoice
for I am but a sinner whom You gave a choice.

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Essence of Your Love

I saw you face your lover; you both made a pattern quite distinctive in the dark. The shadows on the window shade displayed two hands that met two others; formed an arc. The hands, from arms outreached, delivering their upturned palms that now together pressed, could not release nor stop their quivering, anticipation physically expressed. Then two who stood behind a window posed, at last fell trembling into love’s abyss. Love’s essence on the shade was then transposed as bodies touched and mouths met in a kiss. Your shadow with your lover's intertwined. A valentine pulsed on the window’s blind. By Andrea Dietrich/ Jan. 30, 2014 For the contest of Gail Doyle

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The Shy

   I have pets in the streets
   Some cat, some dog...

   I have friends, that I never talk.

   I have darlings, I have loves,

   I have never touch.

   In my dream, from away, such...

   I am afraid to fondle  a cat


    I can hurt.

    Or my friend...

    I have loves, such I love them

    From far in my heart,

    So that someone  can separate.

    Like a guilty,  forbidden somebody, 
    a shadow.

    I love them in my dream,

    They never know.

    So that I love you, I can not tell; what hell.

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Tomorrow the Sun Shineth!

                   "...when power corrupts, poetry cleanses."
                     --John F. Kennedy

A frat asked, will you ever forgive her?
Come! The house has a toast for you tonight!
Now forget—this is not the way you were!
Let’s walk frat, tomorrow will be alright!

Let her go and have her own way each day;
Cleanse the taint with an aromatic bath
Let done be done forever—God molds the clay;
Come! Stand with us—let Him show you the path.

When entreated with her loveliest lies
Spread your wings to the sky with open ears;
Brittle vows and fragile oaths always die
Shallow days, months, years they too disappear.

Upon the rising sun—look to the East,
A royal feast, my frat—that’s the least!

© Joseph, October 22, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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( A Monosyllabic Sonnet )

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A Plane Awaits

Her laughing kids! Was that the phone she heard? She wakes; the Christmas vision flees her head. They’re gone - her nest of children! And that bird who’d built a nest with her has snuck from bed. He's on the phone. She hears his lowered voice saying, “Dear, I’m sorry we’re apart.” She knows the time has come to make the choice- to stay or go. . . and faster pounds her heart. She takes two bags she’d packed two weeks ago and places underneath the tree a note, the one she wrote the day there came first snow of winter when she’d run without a coat and screamed into a night that streamed white tears. A plane awaits; she leaves her shackling fear. For Debbie Guzzie's Songs To Poetry; My poem relates to "Leaving on a Jet Plane," a favorite song of mine. Except in my poem, the leaving is for a man's deceit, and the woman this time might be returning, but only to get her stuff out of the house!

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as the wind fades

Today, although the air is still, I find yesterday's essence still tarries along in the consciousness of my own mind yet gossamery is what once blew strong faded are memories of breathless sighs once carried on breezes of love's firm hold where summer never wiped dry her own eyes or saw her color fall in leaves of old reflections dance in the smoke of night's air shadowing the once exposed in her veil yet as the fog lifts, I still see us there naked in the hold of a breeze, less stale we linger in the thoughts of yesterday alive, only by memory today.

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Beneath the Stars

Enchanted by the beauty of the night,
the wayward breeze of summer’s eve disturbed
emotions of the past. The waxen light
of moon espied, as flames of old reverbed.

A fading love revived on golden sands;
goodbyes, the only words we planned to heed,
were left unsaid as fate rejoined our hands,
and soft lips kissed, in search to sate their need.

Insatiable desires refused to quell
as skin to skin we bathed in salty waves
and loved in time to gentle tidal swell
forever now entwined as passion’s slaves,

though just my dreams beneath the stars above
bore witness to our steamy summer love.

** Steamy Summer Love sonnet

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Our Love

My love for her was oh so strong;
Her very love defined me;
I thought our relationship would be long;
Now its gone, lost like a sailor at sea.
Her beauty was as a goddess;
I am not sure how we even came to be;
But as it turns out I was less;
She got bored, went to men other than 
This act destroyed my very soul;
I was crushed, heartbroken, and alone;
I've gotten over this, I'm better 
than before;
Now she's apologizing, now she wants to 
I don't know what she thinks she sees;
That miserable woman won't be getting 
back with me.

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Lovers Dream

Like skin stretched over broken bones, so tight But does he know the hold of love's imprint? Last to dream, first to fall from morning's light To say to love was only first intent His voice alone; bind me there forever With the first man to provoke but my best Disregarding pains - stabs - to endeavor 'Til the day my love is his to detest And though he only feels but lovers start The feeling of what may or may not be I only dream some day I'll fill his heart Only then he'll feel deepest love for me- He'll wake with no crossing from life and dream, And see love's much more than what it may seem.

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Burning Embers

Oh, Please don't mention burning embers,
words, that carry a fullness of spirit,
a heart of love that no one remembers,
loneliness engulfs me when I hear it.
So long I've yearned for beauty remembered,
that fills me with softness beyond compare,
for his loving touch, my lips have whispered,
across the distance, sent out with my prayers.
Confessing eternal love, imparted,
that did not land soft upon love's deaf ear,
filled with doubt, my Beloved departed,
while I, alone, am left standing right here.

Though days upon days may pass in sorrow,
Always, I'll yearn for true love's tomorrow.

(I'm sorry.)

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A Mother's Face

A mother’s face you rarely touch and kiss
You go on with life without retrospect
Mother waits longer but with finesse
Many flowers withered from willful neglect

A short respite giving fresh breath inside her womb
Empowering new life without remorse
Her presence helped you strive with aplomb
With your mother, you’ll be on the right course

Such a lovely face you cannot assess
A portrait to paint with high pixels of respect
Her smile that relieves all your stress
Today is Mother’s Day and try to recollect

Now her face wrinkled but beyond compare
Like heavenly bodies with unique flare

12 May 2013

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The dialogue is love. It saturates every fiber of 
The soul. It intoxicates the spirit. Thus, evermore
I dwell at its tavern. I sip from its heavenly goblet,
Thereby, dancing in the spirit. It’s the stimulus of
Miracles—the parent of eternity. From depth the
Soul, I’ve courted love, inscribing its portrait 
Upon spiritual leaflets. I’ve partaken of its doctrine,
Inebriated in the spirit, adrift the seventh heaven.
Love is an invasion, permeating the psyche, 
Surging through the actuating-cause. I burn for the
Face of love: its depth, its width, its episode. It’s
Ever upon my imagination, as sturdy as oak, 
Intriguing my passions come sunrise. Indeed, the
Dialogue is love: its reach, its breadth, its texture.   

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Aphrodite Night

Remembering that night of our last touch,
when nothing was between us we should know,
in love with loving you, and just how much
I wonder, where in time do such nights go?

Forbidden like a box all sealed up tight,
or like the burning Zeus refused to share
with mortals such as we, and on this night,
Pandora's box was opened everywhere,

you were, that night, my first and only love
and always shall remain this part of me,
created from the earth and waters of
a night when Aphrodite let us see.
And I am more than blessed for loving you
          forever and all time, as I will do.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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The Wonder of Your Love

The wonder of your love, greets me with each morn
Like a new born babe, once more my love is born
Your tenderness grows, with the strength of the sun
Allegiance of my heart, once more you have won

During my long day, your words caress my soul
The wounds of my heart, you bandage and make whole
You touch away my pain, with hands full of care
I revive and bloom, just like a lily fair

Your eyes whisper, that I’m your possession fine
Without words they promise, ecstasy sublime
A hungry glance, gives imagination flight
And I start to melt, longing for blessed night

The wonder of your love, lays me down to sleep 
Know that my heart and dreams, are all yours to keep

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Somewhere among the bending grass they lay
To dream of days to come with gentle hearts
And seek to fly above the birds at play
In hopes and wishes that these dreams impart
Caress the face of love with captured tear
And sense a world now found in paradise
Forever bound by truest love sincere
To love's altar these hearts will sacrifice
The sun will be the witness to this day
And hear the words they whisper to each ear
The moon lights silhouetts as love conveys
With glowing ambiance of shadows near

Confessed their love as witness on this day
Somewhere among the bending grass they lay

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A sonnet of love I

As the lion searches for it prey 
So have i long for thee 
Sorry my anger drove you away 
For with you behind me 
Made me more comfortable 
Why did i act a fool 
You are adorable 
But i betrayed you 
I was carried away 
Like a feather 
I was discourage 
By the bad weather 
You were a good pair 
But i did not treat you fair

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Loves deadly spell

Together they live happily forever
in a life filled with sorrows and sadness
they will be together, always never
excluded from reality for life

Forever or never they live to cry,
away they will be gone with but a knife
the choice to live happily or to just die
A knife or life, forever or never

a quarrel, a death, leaving one alone
he lies on the ground, a knife in his heart
a plan, a scheme, its never to be known
She says to herself "we must never part"

Now two dead hearts lie, killed with the same knife
Why? Was it love or just a wast of life?

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Forest Nymph

Deep in the forest, where the world is mine,
and lost to everyone I've ever known,
so dark in day where sunlight doesn't shine
except in silver streams all mine alone,

she came in gentle, warm and summer rain,
out of a misty light, with searching eyes,
and all to soon she found my joy and pain
before I had the time to realize.

I'd never be the same, from just the look,
into her eyes, so deep and far away,
and then she read my life, my opened book,
I'd sur'ly bared to her in summer play.

The fear of God is all I can compare
to how she looked, and how she found me there.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Deep in the death, the vastness of your eyes
as reaching into times eternity,
I go, a vagrant, soon to realize
you are beginning and the end of me.

The fear of being born brings me to tears,
of living once again, as I have done,
and unsuspecting, all my greatest fears
are realized again, and life goes on.

You look at me and bare all things you find,
I am a delicate, and easily to break,
and you can see me hiding in my mind,
from your first look, and I can only shake.

The book of me is now one empty page
and all of life has now become a cage.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Love Hated

Love; over rated
Both paupers and kings
Razor-barbed brass rings
How strangely fated
For this I've waited?
My soul groans then sings
My heart soothes then stings
Alas, Love hated
What am I to do
Where am I to go
Beg a magic brew
Steel my heart to you
Peace my soul may know
Alone... Love I rue!

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Speaketh Not Of Goodbye

My heart doth beat with rapid pounding beats
My breath doth pant in deep and quick hot gasp
To tell you of my love needs no repeats
And to my bosom, close to me, I thee enclasp

Fear not the dark and mist of any season 
Not to compare to summer’s rose that dies
Shining bright the sun, love is the reason
Speak not of grudging nor of sad goodbyes

Our love must come in sips, time is the thief
From love's sweet chalice do thy lips feel burned 
To quench my fill, each sip is sweet but brief
Goodbye shall not besmirch our love I yearn

To hold, to sip and drink your sweet hello
My heart doth beat, each beat is yours you know.

© 15/11/2012

Competition Entry


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Though some things are never as they should be, I’ve always been there to comfort thee. And, for years I’ve done all that I can, With you as my woman, and me as your man. We’ve always conquered bad times whenever they came near, And they were never quite, as bad as they appeared. The credit for the good times, I always gave to you. And when bad times came along, we knew just what to do. There have been some sad times, that we have been through, But glad times always followed, all because of you. So, whenever you feel threatened, should I be far away I’ll always keep this promise, until my dying day. Call me and I will come to you, and do just what I need to do – To keep you safe and free from harm, and safely sheltered in my arms.
Written By John Posey 05/26/13

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Her Beauty Didn't Stall

Elaborate, softly tailored to suit She’s sure more beautiful than very cute Exquisite form, flawless in many eyes Details of her delight, there’s no disguise She likes to wear tight dresses, to show off I hardly noticed her feeling quite scoffed Because many were ignoring her here She’s just a normal guest it would appear I walked up to her, a smile on my face She saw my approach and ruffled her lace I began to speak with her, this goddess And we talked the night through, I did impress Her beauty didn’t stall, I kept going Now she holds a love that keeps on giving
Russell Sivey

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Happy ending smile

How old people take medicine over the years.
they feel different live in tension and fears.
what is good flavour to live always in tears?
they are irritated and abusive in some hears.
but still they inspire jump in the forward gears.

they worried to draw a will for their next kin.
still they scroll numbers to play lottery to win.
they occupied to grab money they think its not sin.
they love holidays and luxuries, living for fun,
they are not scrap don't throw them in a bin.

Drinking alcohol is harmful they do as fashionable style,
don't eat much red flash but they do, take advice in a file,
don't walk hard n't good for heart but they walk another mile.
they know death has dreams they love happy ending smile.

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Seeing Through Her Eyes


Seeing Through her eyes, I ponder
her love to me, while walking to the garden.


Walking Through the garden, she 
turns her head and smiles at me.


Seeing through her eyes, I realize 
her love to me.


While standing in the garden, the 
birds will sing and the flowers will freshen 
the air, as she smiles at me.


Seeing through her eyes, I realize 
her love to me.

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Meadow Sweet

Oh crushed the buttercups beneath our feet
Hand in hand to walk the sweet green meadow
To hear the lark and nightingale so sweet
Side by side, sit on the stile in shadow

To sing with the tinkle of the small stream
To laugh as the bees fall, sweet nectar filled
Here with you it is more than life’s true dream 
A touch of hand, a thigh, leaves me thrilled.

An angel does touch your most loving face
To take you for their own I do believe 
But no, not then and yet by who’s good grace
Twas not the time to go or time to grieve

In love a gentle kiss upon the lips.
E’er more the fight to grasp at life he grips 
© GG 16/01/2014 

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Without You

Define your lovely, soulless heart in death
 To take my heart would be a risk; a storm
 You licked your lips to taste what i had left
 And jumped from cliff to rocks, i was forlorn.
 Upon my lover; roses wilt in pain
 For I’ve lost the one whom has no soul, and
 Was all this give and take with us in vain?
 I loved your soul and heart, we joined by hand.
 The brewing storm that took a life, took two
 For deep within your heart was love,
 And deep within my heart was you
 I’ll see you soon, i promise; heart above.
 For without you I cannot survive
 For without you I will not strive

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The Virgin, the Villian and the Black Dog

When first freed from mother's skirt, still arrayed in white,
dew kissed, peach sweet, blush cored, I dove into
love,  Persephone pierced; where ox-eyed daisies grew
within a field abreast a Roman ... in daylight.
Dry merlot overcast the blooded spot on site 
where passion flowered upon the box stitched blue
quilt Grandmother with constancy had imbued.  
Yet, youth was not enough to make the man contrite.

An omen ran through red bee balm, a hound of black
long-limbed, loosed to pursue the brazen few who dared 
to lay unabashed in sunlight, the farmer stared back
from the porch; he saw them run, saw yarrow in her hair.
Ill fated yes, but first love is honeyed and that is a fact;
nothing's sweeter than a maid undressed in open air.

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The feelings

The feeling when I stare into your eyes,
Like watching fireworks light up the skies,
When I'm with you time just passes us by,
Because the excitement will never die,
Together we are inseparable,
Our love is like a blossoming flower,
It's a love that is unforgettable,
It's like watching a meteor shower,
This feeling I get I cannot explain,
Just like those butterflies on the first date,
You've changed me, I will never be the same,
The excitement is like sneaking in late,
Together we share an affinity,
Our love will go on for infinity.

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A rose is always the first one to die

A rose is always the first one to die
As love arrives, flip-flapping his wings,
Taking her to a fresh grave to lie,
Hidden amid hallowed tree’s rings.
Earth unrests with a slight touch,
Feathers and petals, red and white,
Mingle when Love leans to vouch,
Whirling around the burial site:
“Wave slowly, I see, I like, I take,
Your lips are cherries, your heart
Like the soft and most sweet cake,
I will feast and if my lips demand,
I will take my bow and with my art,
Take food from your soft hand.“

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Heart to Heart

Sing sadness now and again, but still sing
Kneel for forgiveness, yield weaknesses, kneel
Raise your head high for the banner you raise
In your heart keep me always, let me in

Made honor your sacrifice, courage made
Mined hope from ashes, life lessons you mined
Pain gained from your sorrows, gained strength from pain
Time lost before is never wasted time

Carry love, sing, a joyful tune carry 
Rejoice in my love, in all things rejoice
Lead your hymn solo, and me you will lead 
Praise many virtues, though tis love you praise

Love never leave you empty handed, love
Mine heart is golden, treasure always mine

This is what is called a Shadow Sonnet, beginning and end of each line must be identical or 
a homophone. Harder than I expected.

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My Heart asks you

A day is a nice day when you touched my heart and smile.
A day is a sad day when you walked distance me a mile.
I work double when you inspired me I got strength,
I finish my day so quicker that was the hardest length,
I float to touch the moon when you read the chapter of my file.
When you disappeared I seen you through my vision of darkness,
I touched my lips and find nearest you where delivered me a kiss,
I lost me for a while and gone through my dreams to life compile.
I walked in my sleep in loneliness you guide me as a fairy queen,
When I touched my body I felt you that has changed my living style.
Few of them thinks no soul is in our body who nested my thought,
Who seeds ideas to fragrant dreams in the mind of my heart pot.
Something is wrong, I start to care me; you changed my attitude,
I saw my face in the mirror, my heart asks you, am i nice not rude?

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Moon of my Life

As your eyes face the light,
Angels roar in sheer delight,
Hymns of prowess fill the air,
A life is born to slay despair

Hear the winds, dance and breathe,
Feel their joyous, tender breeze,
Watch the moon smile and pray,
For the moon, was born today

As the golden bricks join hands,
While building us our kingdom’s lands,
Watch as fate embraces our souls,
And gets our hearts in love to fall

Listen close, as our hearts concord,
Three hundred beats, so far ignored,
Touch my hand, feel its veins dance,
Behold as my soul is enthralled and tranced

Oh moon of my life, let’s not lament,
Bathe your skin in your man’s scent,
Wear his lips as your sceptre and crown,
Dive in my blood, and you shan't drown

I look for words but words betray,
And so I’ll ask, I’ll ask away,
I shan't ask for affection,
Nor shall I for fame,
But I wrote my name on your lips
May I kiss my name?

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Your Love, My Every Thought

Your Love, My Every Thought

Send me to the pastures ripe, lush and green
 nestled nearby a stand of mighty Oaks
In sight of placid shimmering lake scene
 never been disturbed by boat splashing strokes

There I may soon see the wonderous sky
 feel the breeze settle my tormented mind
All about feathered creatures sing and fly
 embrace all woodland glory I may find

Beauty brings soft memories of you
 flowers rivaling your soft flowing hair
Fresh newborne leaves sprouting out so new
 my mind soon rested and without a care

I wonder how the hell all came to nought!
When your love races in my every thought

Robert Lindley, 11-16-2014

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:   N/A  
Total # Words:  103

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Love's Quiet World

This love, a quiet world within itself
This heart, will always abandon its rule
To kiss the new conqueror of oneself
A heart of a Queen, or court jester a fool
When tremors come willingly from the lips
And the world disappears between his arms
A soft touch to the mouth from fingertips
Brings my once guarded ramparts to disarm
This fiery world needs no translation
Exposes the soul to its heated core
Claims this burning heart with its salvation
To fuel the raging flames for evermore

Is love's warm treasure a good cause to flee
Or stand an offer, from a bended knee

contest...Gender Bender

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Most certainly, the world could not agree
With how the dies were cast, that fateful day,
If not for love, 'twould never come to me
the reason she put out, so willingly.

Her belly dancing, gave me my first clue,
That easy comes her love, her night was mine,
Scheherazad dressed out in shades of blue,
and made her touch both prescious and divine.

It was enough just witniissing her charm,
And yet her teasing, took he to her high,
In little time, my fire was fifth alarm,
And Cairo felt her heat as sure did I.

In ectasy, I paused to roll the dies,
Just as I fell in love between her thighs.
     © Ron Wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Little Rose

Simple lilies brown beautiful roses
it is ointment to my feet: these mosses
Little ladies rare seen fell fossils
She is isle lament: pieces in the vile.

Zamiwe_as wind, the fruit first
the fall and clash.
These heroic lashes of man conquered poets,
slay of knights by eye: flicker light.

Rude beauty speechless waters: her tender leaves
olive purity in slander quotes: the clan of eve
Sonnet font unstressed, without rhythm
 just roses: her breeze of dance.

Little lady her eyes but lies
Little rose, thus: beauty to my eyes.

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Happy Meal Plague

A “Big Mac attack” and “Have it your way”
are all past slogans from fast food places
for most Americans fast food will stay
because Big Macs and Whoppers feed faces

Americans love to eat on the go
we love pizza hamburgers and hot dogs
and the value meals never cost much dough
other countries may think we’re all just hogs

truth be told we need to eat to survive
Burger King and MacDonald’s does the job
some may think fast food as food at a dive
Long John Silver does have corn on the cob

right or wrong fast food will never leave us
until the day all Americans bust

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Third Time Around

Playing solitaire and writing poems
is the main use out of my computer
This computer is more than an item
will never replace the wife she’s cuter

My first wife left me for her online love
The second one was an online lover
This wife isn’t giving me any shove
after this one I’m not finding another

In baseball there’s three strikes and there’s three outs
and I don’t have any regrets at all
In all my marriages there were some shouts
no matter what I am still standing tall

Facebook is a no fly zone for me now
my last wife probably at a powwow  

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Not The Life I Planned

The smell of her sex is still in the air
Tears on my face as I lay all alone
Is this my new life, Lord what have I done
A life without you, a life on the run

I meet many girls, but none quite like you
Wine them and dine them, hope for love to brew
I might take them home and lay them in bed
The sex is there, but my feelings are dead

After a night or two our time is through
What do I want, I do not have a clue
I'm a one woman man and that is that
My life was so grand before it went splat

Lord give me strength and wisdom today
Please take my hand and show me the way

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20 February 2010

By: Noel N. Villalrosa

You are the essential part of my life
My awareness and pride striking hype
You are insignia of my existence
Interstellar in my reminiscence

In this world of choices and by chances
You hold my hands to hurdle in races
Always bargaining for my achievements
Through ups and downs, I run for confinement

We share each day, passion and offering
To Almighty God for brighter upbringing
Of our child to receive our guidance
And give us a pure strength and endurance

I thank God for blessing of you to me
My Cecilia, my wife and contemporary

2nd place winner
For Audrey Carey's Sentimental Love Letter Contest
Contest Date: 11/30/2010

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Valentine's need apply

I gave up on you years ago
Felt love in my life had to go
Felt free and strong without care
Never needing wanting another there

Life has changed so much since then
Looking inside I take to pen
Wonder have I grown up yet
To include something more than a pet

Another February comes to be
Alone again hello, just me 
Valentine's day it comes and goes
Will I again receive a rosé? 

Will this be the year I'm ready to see
If someone can share their life with me?

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A Shadow Follows

When facing a light shadows will follow
And cling to our darkness that it borrows
When we find our love broken it's hollow
And its pieces are replaced by sorrow
Paradise is not a place, but moments
And cherished by all, though they never stay
Weathered and worn by life's frequent ailments
We mold a template that emotions convey
Trying to form a universe we see
Creating a world from imperfection
We'll look to tomorrow and to what may be
Come to discover our own reflection

The quiet shadow of life is behind
Never a word, but always reminds

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Love Will Triumph

A genteel couple of an era past -
there in the center of their parlor stand.
Their daughter sits nearby, eyes downward cast.
Her face displays a tinge of sadness, and
across the room, by an ornate fireplace,
a boy that I perceive to be her love
stands with uncertainty worn on his face.

To all who view the scene, the topic of 
this painting seems quite clear: the household’s head
does not seem pleased. He’s glaring at the lad.
The wife is calming him from something said;
although the circumstance might be quite bad,
she softly speaks with one hand on his chest . . . 
and love will triumph, for good wives know best!

For the Charles Haigh Wood Poetry Contest

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Not Enough

To in love with him but playing his heart,
don't know what i want from love,don't know how to love with my heart.
don't know how to love with my heart,
i love with mind.

Afraid to love with my heart,
afraid of the consequence that might come with it.
Not enough to love him,not enough to love myself
not enough to love another soul,afraid to be hurt again
the love one that once loved me said he`ll never hurt the soul and heart that love so dearly.
to much in love with I'm that i was playing his heart.

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This Love

How can I make you understand this love?
For fragile words can't begin to describe
The joy I feel knowing you are alive.
Even you, oh wondrous one, aren't above

Matters of the heart. When your tears are spilt
Over your last pretense, I will be here
right beside you. I wish you knew how dear
you are to me and how much the sweet lilt

of your ever growing voice affects me.
How is it possible to understand
I secretly wish to hold your hand?
I long confess to you all I see
In everything that exists in this world. 
I'll show my love on a banner unfurled.

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Out of the dark, you'll hear my whistling,
this night bird searching out the heart of you,
who knows the song is you, and meant to sing,
and I, who feel your words, forever do.

In love am I, with all you'll ever be,
though you don't even count me as a friend,
I come and go, throughout your life, 'tis me,
you'll only know as steady, to your end.

This night bird knows the deep inside your breast,
your secrets never shared with anyone,
each tiny pain, you've thought to be a test,
each answer from each question--Life goes on.

         Out of the dark, you'll feel me spread my wings,
           In love with loving you, and what it brings.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Love is Blind

Visiting Wal-Mart, I happen on him
Amid the crowd there stands the man I love
He is appearing all healthy and trim
There is no doubt of blessing from above

There was a time when we fit like a glove
Two hearts bound together for a lifetime
Remembering when I was ladylove
Life with him was definitely peacetime

At times, we spent the moments with pastime
Two honest lovers being filled with bliss
Awaiting moments when passion was prime
When it would be a time to reminisce

True love does not leave the heart or the mind
Inside, this love will be forever blind

©August 14, 2014
On the theme of Chance Meeting

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Defiance of True Love

(english sonnet 006)

You own my heart, divine Ishtar-Noir,
the way your soul shimmers under moonlight.
My heart's door is kept faithfully ajar,
tumbling in memories of our last night.

For now, I am forced to love from afar,
dreaming of a touch which always felt right.
Even this wait, this purgatory scar,
is worth the suffering, is worth the fight.

When I have slain the heathens of Akbar,
and released you from the cold, iron cage,
we will follow the route of our Lodestar,
starting a new chapter, on a fresh page.

Two souls will become one, as we boldly fly;
their wretched hate, our true love will defy.

Chris D. Aechtner
June 12, 2011

*Inspired by Francine Roberts' "Sonnets, Sonnets, everywhere!" Contest

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Hidden Beauty

When lovers embrace beneath rounded sky
The search of contentment a realm to fill
Stillness of time reveals the reason why
To press their lips with tenderness, until
To moors of souls they tie their tethered heart
Secure now, an anchor to storms held firm
And welcome waves merging from space apart
With eyes melding as lovers, to confirm
This moment quiet, when lips bestow need
and press to conquer the hunger within
Unveils a loneliness where wants concede
This world ever still, from the softest skin

To be a fragile sparrow in this storm
To kiss, seeking refuge tender and warm


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Sweet Pleasure

Sweet wreath from the sky
Too soon did our paths part
How I often wondered why
Ever were you near my heart

Your scent is ever calming
But your flowers excite my core
Passing these days longing
Wanting, desiring you even more

Your beauty now shines bright
In a once cold darkening place
Giving a familiar warming light
To this dull disappearing space

Your reappearance captures heart and mind
Now will we go forward or remain left behind

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So many roses I saw today

So many roses I saw today
On the same bed they all lay. 
With roses I will dream tonight,
Pink, red, yellow and white… 
If a single rose I free and smell
The garden will frenzy and yell,
I aspire to be like a bumblebee:
Invisible wings to nestle and flee. 
The breeze carried a whiff adrift
Dancing within the edifices rift 
On my chest I pinned four medals
Pink, red, yellow and white petals:
A single rose can guild me to Eden 
Or linger on Nature’s bosom hidden

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Single Sonnet

It seems the world consists of two by two,
And outcast ones are freakish by compare;
I used to be a half of two with you,
But now it’s only me, as you’re not there.
The sun appears to hide in clouds above,
My head replaying times with you around;
I see you walking with your newest love
And shuffle past, my eyes upon the ground.
I tried to keep your love but you moved on;
Attempts to reconcile have fallen flat;
All hope is lost, I know, and you are gone;
I lost, my rival won, and that is that.
Although our love has surely met its end,
I hope I will not lose you as a friend.

For Karen’s Shakespearian Sonnet contest

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Lovers' Tryst

In whispered silence two hearts run in league
Reluctant each to raise the wakeful mist
By mantle of night and moonlight’s sweet mystique
While forbidden fate hides a lovers’ tryst

The moon espies what hides in gentile guise
Though fate forbid a love one can’t resist
To live, to love and chance a heart’s demise
While dreams hearken to this lovers’ tryst

Bright moon, stand fast!  Pray, ‘yond dawn, be stayed!
For Juliet, knowing well they’ll e’er desist
Wills not this blessèd night be here waylaid
For fear this dream remain a lovers’ tryst

Her surrendered heart belongs to Montague
The ‘morn will show if his own love be true

Christopher Thor Britt
Motif: Romantic

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MY MAN My man,now, I will close my starry eyes. Catch... As I'll held my hand to yours. Quench my emptiness with your heart. Each heartbeat may it etch, no depart... My man, oh how I long to be like this, All of a sudden, summer and winter collide. Bringing autumn and spring in one be nearer. nearer... nearer as you please. My man, you and me in bone-melting bliss Stars whisper bright of blooming love kiss Next to God, you're my fortress, my air, my life From darkness thorns to daylight rose, no strife My man, hold on, cling tight. Never forgo. Together, we can soar like pigeon's flights.. (c) OLive ELoisa 11:50am August 14, 2014 **** Got inspired with Tim Smith's poem: GIRL.. :) Thanks Tim for the inspiration..:} ID=41165

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Maybe I'm amazed

Maybe I'm Amazed

When I talk to you I often wonder
How you devoted your entire life
To me, I'm just a blunder
But you were Mother and wife.

Seven to feed and care for
Plus a man whom needed care 
Dug deep always more
Reading,prayers forever there.

Educated and refined
Unknown by most, 
Only with us you'd unwind
Kept your cards close.

Only those she raised 
Know the sacrifices she gave.

Jennifer Marie Oliver

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Will Thou Be My Valentine

Castle walls thou hast breached for me
The miles thou weary travellest
Thou hast sent a heart full for me
Thou hast my love unravellest.

As the tree doth grow leaf once more
My love doth the same grow for thee
My blossom I will open forth.
As thou brings thy life’s love to me.

The walls thou boughtest down with grace
My heart thou stole and kept with thee
Thou givest me thy heart in place
To beat as one entwined with me.

As birds do mate on Valentines
I ask that thou will now be mine.

© 5/06/2013

One of the first mentions of Valentine for the 14th was because that's when it was percieved that the birds begin to mate.

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Quilts of Comfort-N

I met a woman with body so firm and fresh
Tasted without shame the love’s powers
Amazed and gazed upon the mound Venus
In the velvet cavity between her thighs.

To be ravished on the linen dearly paid
Let her ache for thrust of male firmness
Let her loins hunger to have me inside
Feel her two points of two love globes.
Loosen the manhood  beneath her clothes
Drew it into her entrails with a mighty thrust
Evaded her body voluptuous and sensuous 
Made love causing dislodge her bones so cute.

In the clench of his fist man’s power lies
But the power of woman elsewhere lies

*****This is quite a fictional write*****

Contest: Fanning the Embers of Catie Lindsey

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My Bleeding Heart

Maybe blood will get on you, from my heart My still bleeding heart beats for only you I find pain so immense, you tear me apart You have made me so lost by what you do You destroyed my tenderness, my essence Nothing remains in me but true heartache I bleed because I’m alive, but with less I thought at one time you’re my perfect mate Things took a turn for worse one cloudy day Large injury I acquired by your stab In the dark you came wielding what you may To hurt my heart, a wound without a scab I’m glad you got some of my burning blood Now listen, for my heart’s about to thud
Russell Sivey

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Breath of Love

To inhale sweet fragrance, a breath of love
Evening's light casts a gray flickering shade
Beneath a moon rising and stars above
Lovers merge silently as eyes persuade
To fill this measure that a love yearns for
Unrestrained trust, to share wants and needs
Two hearts tremble as a welcomed captor
and fall through realms where resistance concedes
Secure in love's warmth has dispersed night's chill
Shadows from lovers are burned by a flame
and hearts pounding strong are echoing still
While laughter and whispers haunt this domain

Nothing is left beneath red sky of dawn
No trace of two lovers, as they have gone

contest Breath of Love

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EVERYDAY IS GOD'S DAY Threats of war-- shakes the peace floating in the breeze, Bombs and guns, they rattle to break bony reasons of the mind, Thorns and knocks that seed from biting disease, Shouts and wails rising 'neath conscience and ego grind, all these like wagon wheels-- the whole world theater confines When will humans know there's always a God standing by? Dawn and dusk---brace night and day, His own design so are animals that swim, hop and eagles soaring high! All He provided and us, He asked to keenly give an eye but pass flipping years did we try to allot some time? Utter some thanksgiving shedding clouds of shy? Daily we walk a lifeline to reach one peak prime, offering our lives humbly as like saint Paul though pang of death is the stage of our befall... Everyday is a day the Lord has made, blessings He bestow a hug of sunlight, tests, He spearheads--the best teacher blade. . . Even if seven devils come in flight to invite stand like Jesus in the wilderness, hold tight! Fight! None like vapor but forward like Lancelot we go, serving God, throughout our life, the zenith height. Let praises grow and God's glory our constant show! Hatred we forego, letting love melt a heart of snow so when the day comes our Holy Father judge let our lives greet Him with bright smile of hello "Well, done faithful servant", He will say as He touch beckoning us inside a prepared Castle room Sharing with Him a life everlasting of bloom! _________________________________________ Sponsor Verlena S. Walker Contest Name -THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD GAVE- Placed 1st ©O. E. Guillermo 09:19 pm, January 25, 2015

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A Contraceptive Pill

Afore falling in his arms they advice to think twice
Unregretful I act beyond my surprise
It’s the grip of a force, a force here to claim
Compelling, like a moth drawn to the flame

Every night encloses the heat of flaming souls
But sun kissed morning plays a wicked role
To my realization it brings an obvious question
What next to prevent conception?

Like always, I pop in a pill to save the bill
My guy admires the worth of a contraceptive pill
It causes side-effects. Ah! How would he know?
He enjoys the freedom of reckless show

Nevertheless, I look at kids and admire their innocence
Wish the pill could kill within me my maternal pretence!

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Angel Dust

The creatures that could fly, flew out this night They brought forth their powers, with them their might The black dragon is largest on the list They are the strongest, waving their clawed fist Next would have to be the fairies so trim Wielding dark talents purely on a whim The dark gargoyles fly around with great ease Spreading the fear of death and dire disease As sure as you think the darkness would win An angel flies high, way up in heaven She saves the Earth from all evil around Drops down some angel dust right to the ground And quick as a flash evil leaves this place Angels left to sing the beauty of grace
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Doyle's "Angel Dust" contest 10/9/2012

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To Search the Deepest Eyes

To lift soft eyes before warm fairest kiss
While dreams lay still with red fragrant flowers
To hold love's moment close in fevered bliss
and breathe its magic spell for countless hours
Could hands more tender wrap your fingers slow,
caress your whispered ear with softer sigh?
To linger as soft cries from love bestow
And find heart's paradise when two comply
As we dare to search our deepest eyes
And lose ourselves in silent space between
Not to notice night or red morning's rise
To find our world has turned a brighter sheen

A heart can tether love to its moor
A kiss can move to passion both adore

contest Magic Kisses and Valentine Wishes

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come baby 
come and make love to me
kiss me from my dimple
right down to my nipple
do it baby;do it nice and simple
taste that juicy apple
let me get wet
treat me like a pet
trust in me;dig deeply
but do it gently
mm baby, mm baby
i want my temperature
to rise to the max
so that i can reach my climax

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My Sunshine

When you tell me you love me,
It sends shivers down my spine.
You found the key to this heart,
And changed who I used to be.

When your gone it makes me ache.
I know I walked astray,
And I know I made mistakes,
But you helped me find my way.

It used to hurt to be a man,
But you gave me an outlet for my feelings,
You give me a reason to be happy,
And saved me from myself.

"You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine."

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Lost Hope

Lost in thought, deep in despair
 Knowing loneliness has no bound
 Eager to speak, quick to share
 Ready to fool and to confound
Time moves memory remains still
 Thoughts linger of what could be
 Pain of lost hope does not heal
 Nor can any faith part the sea
Love gives hope a new resting place
Questions of what will come to pass 
Reason fights looking for any trace
Longing grows like the blades of grass
In the darkest hour, filled with solitude
 Where can one be found in the multitude

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Burning Embers

As the embers of love were dying
Slowly ready to die a slow death
The tears no more, there’s no more sighing
No chance even with a loving breath

To accept love was over was hard
The sap was now drained no more to rise
The leaves had finally left the tree
Then embers grew in another’s eyes

The fire of love did burn and did grow
The ageing tree did waken anew
The embers caught with loves fresh blow
The sap intense between me and you

To love late in life is a blessing 
Fetch me my love, as time is pressing
© ~GG~08/02/2013

Contest entry: Burning Embers

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Another walking among seasons and holy beads
As our thoughts moves clouds in a grey sky,
And paint the leaves above our heads; 
With a priori color of serenity, your eyes try
To open the white gates of transparent joyous morning;
The air got the scent of hot apple pies, the smile -a meaning 
Of what the fingers are touching and what they are dreaming;
Are those our guardian-angels who silently walk by?

The rain of the morning tea falling from heights;
A new painted bench seemed to be almost dry;
White statues sit on the grass near the brave knights;
Two angels with glass wings have just learnt to fly.

But, leaves` procession under the kiss of the wind;
Buds of faith and hope live in philosophical mind.

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MY HEART IN YOUR HOMELAND Cupid must have been busy he forgot my heart, And so instead of a man I've fallen in love, it is in the mountain ranges my eyes dart. Sweet, the giddy puffy white clouds above outstretch his arms to share a shady luff amongst swarming emerald Spruce that skirt 'round the silky slopes-- like some gloves. Down quiet is the Loch that stretches its girt of lucidity allowing passerby's to see pert Salmon and Trout dancing playfully below, Delighting both my eyes and so my smart, a fishing rod, I want to slowly low. This nature's wonder, I behold for free soon, I surely want to share with my honeybee. Some bumpy, some smooth are the long winding roads One day along my ride, I say hello to this Adonis man Easy as one, two and three our talks-- climb and flowed Excluded in my plan, wow! Our love story began... Cascading soft and longer is our attention span so velvet then is the glowing blow of our said hello. No longer, I desire Japan but be home in your land as to the World's theatre we want to show, our love like barley seed it sprouted and it grow! Bright yellow bloom it is while us, a fever red of fruitful trust and hopeful tomorrows. . . May we never bleed then later be shred, instead, like the Spruce wrap 'round the slopes together we will hold hands to boldly cope and lope. _____________________________________________________________ ©O. E. Guillermo 10:31 pm, January 19, 2015

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Moments upon the loom of time woven
Eternally imprinted 'pon the print
Memories cling, never spent, now frozen
Operate the loom, change design's intent

Reverse the hands of time memories change
Invert the negative read love's design
Everlasting His perfect will's plan 
Slipped, falling into sin man was resigned

Offer life up as a living sacrifice
Follow Him away from sins' tangling lure 
Let love reign over heart, flee avarice
Oarsman of my craft let me in thee moor

Values of this life now become peace, love
Eternally woven threads draw close my Dove


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Why Do You Love Me

For what I write- is that the reason why?
You visit me and spend with me some time
Perhaps it is for words that make you sigh
Or truth you find well hidden in my rhyme?

Is it, perchance, to see a coy sweet smile
The vision of a woman in your mind
Perhaps forgetting troubles for a while
Elusive peace in what I write you find

But if I leave and can no longer write
Will time erase my presence from your heart?
If brokenness and strife have dimmed my sight
In coming days, will I no more have part?

Sought after and adored if I’m to be
For naught else let it be than being me

Eileen Manassian Ghali

I’ve been thinking about this community a great deal lately. We claim that we love each other. We claim to be there through thick and thin. FEW…yes, FEW can stake a claim to that. I’ve been under the weather for the last couple of days. I’ve been ill….AND….I’ve been forgotten. I know, it is easy to point the finger. There have been poets here who have gone missing, and I do often wonder where they are…..if they are ill, disheartened or just disinterested. I wish I could say that I’ve always sent a little message saying that they are missed. I haven’t.  Yes, we are all in love with poetry, but I hope we can see beyond the poet’s words and into his/her heart…..There abides a person wanting to be loved for whom he/she IS…and NOT simply for what he/she can GIVE. I’d like to share this lovely poem that illustrates this so well…..HUGS

If thou must love me, let it be for nought
Except for love's sake only. Do not say
'I love her for her smile—her look—her way
Of speaking gently,—for a trick of thought
That falls in well with mine, and certes brought
A sense of pleasant ease on such a day'—
For these things in themselves, Beloved, may
Be changed, or change for thee,—and love, so wrought,
May be unwrought so. Neither love me for
Thine own dear pity's wiping my cheeks dry,—
A creature might forget to weep, who bore
Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby!
But love me for love's sake, that evermore
Thou mayst love on, through love's eternity.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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On A Summer's Aftermoon

Come sit a spell--we'll take a little time--
from out of life, forgetting what we know;
and talk upon some things I guess that I'm
much closer to--than things life's had to show.

Do you know love? It's funny how it goes
to almost anyone, who needs it not,
but be there need--and love--it never shows
like finer things of life, to those who've got!

Now does that seem to be a fitting thing
to talk about, as passing time away?
Or would you choose what weather has to bring
as here we sit--with nothing more to say?

I guess your life's been blessed--and filled with love
or you'd know what my heart is speaking of.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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My love, what shall you leave me with tonight? What words are there to mend my broken heart? Will our love be repaired with morning light, Oh, or will nightfall be our last depart? My darling, sha'nt I leave you without this, My eternal promise of love to you How could you pull apart this final kiss? Don't let such love fade, whilst such lovely hue So, before you give your final goodbye, And your anger and hate bury your love Remember what wishes, and dreams, will die And the future that we had spoken of So, I'll remind you with my final breath, My eternal love is as strong as death

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For Love

(Free Style Sonnet) I was a traveler in space, Guiding me was your lovely face. I'am leaving soon this lonely place, To fly again to your loving embrace Love needs time to germinate, To fascinate and cultivate. Not even time will decay, The beauty of spring's bouquet As I gaze at you every night, Senses feel this supreme delight. And in all your glory so bright, I watch you move thru the night You take me to places so divine, Where hearts and love entwine. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 November, 29,2014

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Lemon Scent

Sitting here, waiting for a clearing breeze , 
in my forest of endless trees, 
and responsibilities.  
It never came, the restless surge,
from deep within, the stormy siege
that blows the top off Carpe Diem.

A cup of tea and a magazine,
the traces of her lemon scent,
that rises aromatically.
I never thought to look for that,
Within my maze of discontent,
A kind of serendipity. 

The little things, that’s what I meant
Like the traces of her lemon scent.

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Touched By Your Flame

Your love, it does so many things to me Lights my heart afire, obvious you see It makes me see things in pinks and in reds I follow your lit path, which you have led Your power is within the flame we hold Which we now share with each other so bold Our love is like some flowers that are grand Seen at most houses in all this great land Beauty that goes further than just skin deep We are more than filled with love in our keep Our souls are covered with a wondrous flame Fire is in our hearts as we play love’s game Passion is all aflame, burning with fire Making our love be something we desire
Russell Sivey Contest: Touched By Your Flame Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 5/24/2013

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2 Peas in a Pod

I thank God every morning we have met
for the fun we have doesn't have a price
and the love we have we'll never forget
we both love sweet and sour chicken with rice

It is true we are two peas in a pod
and we both know that life is never fair
and we don’t share the same belief of God
Having you in my life brought it some flair

I’m almost a decade older than you
I know now age does make a difference
I know my love for you is always true
Maybe someday we’ll have that picket fence

This is much more than a marriage my wife
This is the greatest adventure of life 

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Sonnet to Medusa

Bury me in your own eyes, For at last we are alone. No more does my love feed your lies; It just turns my heart to stone Bury me in your own heart, For now your serpent lust can't strike. Your glare will only cause me to part; Call it what ever you like. Bury me in your own skin, For you are only a reflection. A fallen nymph for my sin; A god's second selection. Medusa, my sweet gorgon love, Your beauty was taken from above.

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                      Beautiful Lies

        Gazing on your beloved face sublime,
        Love’s mist reflection blazes in your eyes--
        Because I know I have so little time,
        I whisper kisses with the same old lies.
        Each time I vow that I will never leave.
        Tho caught again bereft that I must go.
        The simple truth too cruel to believe
        And hiding truth retains our lovers’ glow.
        Reality is killer to love’s plans,
        No matter how both lovers promised true.
        No man's vision has passion more consumed
        Than my yearning eyes nourished sight of you.
               You slept---and I slipped silent through the door--
               Donned uniform and headed back to war.

 written 12/10/2012  (alternate ending for the 21st centuray average man)

                         Beautiful Lies

        Gazing on your beloved face sublime,
        Love’s mist reflection blazes in your eyes--
        Because I know I have so little time,
        I whisper kisses with the same old lies.
        Each time I vow that I will never leave.
        Tho caught again bereft that I must go.
        The simple truth too cruel to believe
        And hiding truth retains our lovers’ glow.
        Reality is killer to love’s plans,
        No matter how both lovers promised true.
        No man's vision has passion more consumed
        Than my yearning eyes nourished sights of you.
               She sleeps---and I sneak silent through the door--
               Now dare to seek the playoff football score.

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Recalled Memories

Tenderly she picked the pink flower
day dreaming of the first flower given
wandering over to the bedecked bower
she dreamily looked at the garden

Memories of happy times came flooding in
the places they had visited together
Roma where they bathed in Turkish basins
Athens, they were victims of a flasher

Paris is the city of love and romance
here they had dallied playing some love games
time they spent alone in a loving trance
their love for each other fueled by flames

Love had bound them for all eternity
memories founded on a dynasty

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A Kiss Remembered

Beyond fair reason I shall think of you
In fallen grass or gently flowered field
To see the fleeting moments fade to blue
With my distant thoughts that silently yield
This memory that trembles ever soft
A misty vision of a face once kissed
I'm whisked to midnight skies and stars aloft
A sheltered after glow now reminisced
The shadowed door with candle light so still
An empty chair with fading silhouette
Forgotten times in love's unyielding will
As flames to ashes, traces two who met

A hand that brushed a cheek to sooth
A kiss remembered, years removed

Entered in contest Any Poem
Sponsored by Skat A

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The Other Side Of Me

You were the other side of me.
Like two rivers, joined up in a storm,
forging through our unknown landscapes
full of nature, but with purpose.
Learning, wandering and giving birth to new things.
Leveraging all that passed through our hands.

Until we became separated.
Hardship, mistakes divided our vast landscape
back into two, and we returned, to me and to you.
But we are still connected, I can see you
and you can see me, as part of everything that we do.
Forever and ever, our two rivers will run through…

Until we have travelled down to our next bend,
where we might flow back together again.

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Some Dreams Never Last

Softly the breeze flows through scented meadows
gentle sounds of water from the rivers
and haunting notes of music crescendos
in the distant background from the speakers

A cascading shower of climbing roses
she waits for her lover impatiently
over his lateness she agonizes
at last his footsteps coming hurriedly

he catches her up in his arms and spins
round and round until dizzy they both fall
her heart and emotions are now tailspins
she loves knowing it could lead to downfall

For to another one he is promised
yet he tells her that his heart belongs to her
she knows that he is a materialist
at first it had seemed a great adventure

Sighing she tells him that he must depart
his plans of her seduction now thwart

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Broken Dream

On the edge of twilight's dawn, I'm alone
Casting dark shadows in the blackest night
Filled with deep regrets I cannot atone
Searching for a hint of the pale moonlight

Sharp pain filled with bitter longing my heart
Aches with poison's cure deathly remedy 
Wounded from piercing hole of silver dart
Mind and soul cursed to suffer endlessly

Wandering helplessly in shrouded mind
Trapped in eternal darkness feeling numb
Despising myself for being so blind
To not see then what you've made me become

The day you've left is when I've died within
A broken dream of what has never been

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You I Dream Of

A flower grows from beneath a blanket
 Of fine and purest white
 It reaches toward the sun for warmth,
 For heat and for the light

 My love for you grows stronger still,
 Despite the surrounding cold
 My heart is yours, bartered gone
 For yours has it been sold

 Its petals shine from morning dew
 Its stem grows stiff and strong
 It stands strong through the freezing cold
 It stands the winter long

 I long for you, for your soft touch
 I miss the way you smile
 The longer that we stay apart
 The longer every mile

 The flower stretches through the snow
 It reaches toward the sun
 And now without you the color is gone
 The flower's petals, dun

 But as we talk, and as we learn
 The flower comes back to life
 The snow now melts and goes away
 As you take away my strife

 Spring is here and growth abounds
 As you and I are one
 We are together, we are in love
 The snow for now is done

 I see the future, in dreams I have
 Of our life, long and true
 I see the times where all I need
 Are comforting words from you

 I see the times when winter comes
 As winter tends to do
 But we still love, and we still live
 And I do still love you

 And so we live, with children ours
 And a life of much to see
 With love we live, to live we love
 Happy together are we

 I see the flower, older now,
 But still strong with fresh new leaves
 I see it growing, tall and strong
 Reaching to the eaves

 We are now old, as years have passed
 But old together are we
 And strong our love still today
 As strong as it can be

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My lips touched your lips


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By Mulaudzi Ndifelani Eric

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A true rose

And the rain suddenly befell
and suddenly ceased to rain.
Under the iris, someone drew
a flower I will call rose again
sprouting amid the cement,
smooth as a passing cloud,
I believe on her sweet scent,
she waves shyly and proud.
I catch her with my fingers
She has me with her thorns.
Love grows and pain lingers,
Undaunted by future storms.
A rose, true rose never fades,
Dyed with Aurora’s shades. 

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Birthday Sonnet For My Son

What is it like to be my little hero?
A morning chat would mean great adventure
A ride with your imaginary aero
Would fly us to places never gone before

Inside your world, we made things possible
We are both so strong to save the world
With unique powers, you are unstoppable
Put an end to villains with your mighty hurled

Within you, I see my own reflection
Full of imagination and a dreamer
Someday your dream would have a clear perception
What best for you, I would be your defender

Every day is like a blink of an eye
At 7 years old, time hastily flies

Noel N. Villarosa
19 April 2014

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Silence brings the messenger to my heart
Love, the soft glow to my eternal flame
Reverent faith keeps it burning while apart
The voice of longing will whisper your name
Remembering your lips keeps me captive
And memory's warm arms still comfort me
This world of patience each night I relive
The fragile wings I grow sets my dream free
As I lay counting shadows, I will smile
Thinking of you warmly bathed in jeweled light
I shall breathe your vision in for awhile
And calm my restless soul with peaceful flight 

Oh, to be a traveler who crosses space
To find you longing with a sweet embrace

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Paradise Lost

Though wide awake she dreams of yesterday
when in the grove they said their last goodbyes
and fought the tears and hopes that he could stay,
then shared a futile prayer that questioned why.

Now torn from mother's arms and lover's lips
the best of youth is sacrificed to war
in field and sea and sky where life is stripped
when it is love and peace that we implore.

The pages of his poems are all that's left
and yesterday seems ... oh so far away,
he picked an orange blossom that she kept
still sweet within the orchard its bouquet.

Like Eden is this lovely Paradise
and where he said her cheeks caught all the hues.
Like dew upon the orange in the night,
her tears dripped softly weaving through her rouge.

Then Paradise was blurred now all around -
his last words of "adieu" the only sound.

Craig Cornish, Posted July 19, 2014
This is the only 18 line sonnet form, a Heroic Sonnet

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From The Brink

As my fingers trace your silhouette mind
And the strength returns straight from your love’s heart,
Those your shoulders that held me safe I find
No more to dwell in life’s shadowy part.

Everyday a stepping stone across strife
Each tender touch and words spoken ring out,
Eyes that see the same yet different life
Your love grows in me in you there’s no doubt.

To take the wrong road the right path a choice
Alone there was only one direction,
When in dispute one opinion one voice
You did instigate life’s resurrection.

In pursuit of those the headiest days
Found an alternative with wondrous ways.

© Harry J Horsman 2014

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A Moonlit Sky

To compare you to a moonlit sky
Bathed in the light of the stars aglow
With gloom and Night across the earth
Your face, the Moon, a beauty to bestow

Perhaps a glee of only a few hours or so
For the darkness shall flee and the sun shall glow
Yet beyond all time your visage shall shine
Whether the murk shall come or afar shall go

Allaying placidity with nightfall shall grow
An embrace that renders your charm of woe
When the heart succumbs to emotion, to Night
 Reason lives not within the core below

So ebbs the Night beneath clear dawn
I now shall await that you emerge anew

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Be not forgotten faith that bids me stay
When darkened hours come bringing heavy rain
Flood waters ominous rising delays 
Foreboding storm cease or I'll go insane
In selfish pity I could lose my way
Controlled by circumstance not dreams I've prayed
Be not caught up in struggles of this day
And miss the joy and passion of plans laid
Rise my soul hear the whisper of His voice
He'll calm the storm and waters will recede
You'll cross dry land so let your heart rejoice
You had faith to stand and now to proceed 
So stay the course your treasured promise land 
Find your child your awesome little man

*This is a poem about seeking (hunting) and reclaiming a childlike faith to believe!

Sonnet Poem

Sponsor:Debbie Guzzi
Contest: Hunt for a Sonnet Gems & Seven Stones in the Crown 

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Old and wise blue eyes

your  beautiful heavenly blue eyes
colored clear-night-blue-hues
with shades of daylight-blues
happiness mirrored to mesmerize

intimate stars hidden deep inside
I saw first when I was still so blue
lovely little lights for the very happy few
your heart and soul homely and  bright

those eyes so unbelievable spacious
I can drown without getting lost
I can freeze without feeling the frost
two beacons since decades so gracious 

young blue eyes I fell in love with decades ago
not mentioned often because you and both still know

(c) Elly Wouterse

Written for Eccentricize My Eyes - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by 	Mystic Rose

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In This Poem

They say words of rhyme through endless time always last 
My pen from the shadows of my mind never cloud
Through time remain strong when to coast within the past
Therefore to lift these words from behind this my shroud.

Always and forever my love for you is true
The silence of my passion shyness untold
Hidden within diamond skies waiting to tell you
Oh in this poem a message hopeful of gold.

Always and forever as each day passes by
Feel the need to reach out touch with every word
My love for you grows allows these teardrops to dry
Dwell in the glow of my love unsaid that unheard.

Oh these may be only words written not spoken
Yet sincere my heart once dormant now awoken.

© Harry J Horsman 2014     

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Who loves you more than I

Who loves you more than I?
The sun rises as you wake,
stars fire brighter in the sky,
the wind blows over the lake, 
nature forgets its daily tasks  
as you sleep a timeless sleep,
I see angels wearing masks 
to hide tears as they weep.
You smile unwary of this.
A dream that is only a dream
lead me to wander amiss 
with no aid of your eyes’ beam…
Who loves you more than I
Who loves you more than I…

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Sea of Unrest

A weight bound tight inside of her prison, Does no man acquire the strength that's due? She sinks down deep as high tide has risen, As her figure's swallowed by darkest blue Resignating, do her lungs open so, Oh, how she opens the gate to her death; Crushed by the pressure, she rocks to and fro', Not even with closure of one last breath The waves crash above and smother below, It was the blackest of waters she'd known; Suddenly, pressure was letting her go, And the most loveliest light was then shown A pair of hands came for me, cold and wet; Eyes upon me, and but a lovers set.

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A lonely evening

In many dreams of you, I wish
If I could get my hands on the wings
If only I could come over to you now, 
It would be the best moment in my life.
Alone in a cool evening
With the light of a candle and the breeze from afar
And then the moment would draw close
And the night would become our friend

And nature would support our breathe
And our dream would seem simple
And nightmare be far from us
For the moment would be the beginning of a new era
And the dawn would bring joy
Happiness and love 

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the key to love is letting go 
still i don't wanna pin you down
that quiet click'll let you know
and i'll turn your love around

i got the key right here
i got the jimmy to your heart
i'm gonna turn your tumbler
gotta fit to your key part

maybe you feel stuck tight
can't open up for awhile
don't worry now, it's alright
we'll open it up and smile

oil for the spring's the thing
to open what the futures bring

© Goode Guy 2012-11-19

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Your kiss of fortitude has rendered me  
Then painted me a shade of crimson love 
It’s made my flowers turn their heads in glee   
And fused a scent of sweet arrange whereof 

You’re touch of love, is all I need tonight    
The longing of my heart has claimed it's light  
Holding on steadfast to you’re breastplate   
I slip inside you’re mouth the taste opiate 

You loose my hair and down I go from here 
And drift inside you’re world, a love so dear  
It costs us everything we got the boat the oar 
The quotient of our needs, the ocean floor  

I raise the roof of heaven slip inside 
"I love you Valentine" I claim, confide;  


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The Air I Breathe

I breathe her in and I have inhaled life,
Her love is all my lungs do require
To expand and contract my soul that’s rife
With song that makes Gods want and desire.
Air can only wish to wear her smile
Nor rouse me to lick my greedy lips and 
Peruse then pierce her perfect profile.
Oh jealous air, you’ll never be human
And dream of this woman all night and day.
How would it feel to never feel her touch
Or smell the rosy scent of her bouquet?
Silly air, you will never be enough
	To replace what gives existence to me,
	My one true love, the one you’ll never be.

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The Seasons Of Our Love

We met in Summer, though it felt like Spring.
It was a time for newly-born passions;
Never fearing what the future could bring,
But probably not ready for love’s seasons.
From passion we created a new life
To bind us then more closer together.
When we finally became man and wife, 
Maybe Summer would then last forever.
In our Autumn years, our sons have both grown.
It seems like the seasons all leave to fast.
I’m grateful for the years of love I’ve known,
And feel for you like I felt in Springs past.
There’s nothing to fear about growing old,
Except living alone in Winter’s cold.

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Vex In Nirvana

Bare feminine feet amongst the blind weeds
On naked skin she paints a pink that bleeds
Journeys the still soar of wind that echoes
Where only his reflection truly knows

Mirrored eyes that gaze deep in scars of rain
She hears his whisper through her weep of pain
“Find me!“ she cries atop the mountain peaks
Petals plead the sky …voiceless yet she speaks

Captures the substance in a strong man’s hand
In him spills her essence….golden grains of sand
Poured hot on him in endless wells of sound
Pier glass….reminiscing lust…true beat found 

        Raw ripping bliss….this restless breaking heart
               Wretched rapture….can they endure apart?

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Nevermore, Translation of Paul Verlaine's sonnet: Nevermore

Nevermore, Translation of Paul Verlaine’s sonnet : Nevermore

(In this translation of Paul Verlaine’s « Nevermore » , I must say I felt inveigled into adhering to the fixed form by making some unnecessary allowances just in order to respect the rime scheme. It would have been better if I had abandoned the effort at laboriously keeping to the original’s end-rimes. T. Wignesan)

Souvenirs, souvenirs, what do you want of me ? Autumn
Invites the thrush to fly through the air lifeless sans tone,
And the sun beats its rays down : relentless monotone
Over the yellowing wood where claps the North wind’s thunder tone.

We were walking all by ourselves as if in a dream,
She and I, haïr and thoughts buffeted by the wind’s non-esteem.
All of a sudden, she turned towards me her looks agleam
« Which was your most beautiful day ? » did her lively golden voice beam.

Her voice soft and sonorous, a fresh timbre angelic.
A discreet smile she did redeem as a reaction cyclic,
And her blanched hand I kissed with devoutness.

Oh ! the first flowers, how their scent liberates perfumes !
And the first sounds they emit akin to charming murmur
The first « yes » that escapes the lips of virgin dames consumes !

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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No More The Fool Missing You

Words cannot express what you mean to me
Although you are not here i can still dream,
Girl our two hearts in unison i plea
With every beat they make cements our theme.
No more the fool that’s why i stay spellbound
Our debut the castle the coffee black,
Sometimes thought i would break yet you astound
When being my light keeping me on track.
No more the fool you taught me right from wrong
With wondrous poetry crafted in strength,
But why for me did it take oh so long
With memories of you played out at length.
No more the fool when in love missing you
Assured the love bestowed honest and true.

© Harry J Horsman 2013

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Ocean Sands

The wet smooth sands shift, as we stroll along
While hands clasp by evening's riding tide
The long red sky hears each gliding bird's song
As your soft silhouette n' sky doth clash collide

In quiet motion, love loses all space and time
As our lips warmly join together a silent spell
To bright for sun's array, she fades to sleep
As moon awakes the rays, of tender keep

And both remain abandoned to the shore
To find the realm that lover's shall confess
With hands still clasped eyes they now explore
As hungry kisses gentle still caress

Grains feel wet yet cool, between our hands
And the elixir of love is light, like ocean sands

Written by Mystic Rose and Frederic Parker
April 29, 2014

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Sweet Inspiration

As if the words beg to float from my throat, But only spill with the ink of my pen; Only with nature's embrace and sweet coat Do I feel truth form in words and begin. Solitary confinement- I'll find peace; Only within, I can feel the soft hum . . With each stroke, and spill, a gentle release To nature's sweet music, pluck, and soft strum. Nature shall comfort, wherever I go; No matter the warm breeze, or the cold bite. . Caressed by nature, rocking to and fro' While I admire each beautiful sight. So now that no one's here to inspire love, I'll find it around, within, and above.

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Long To be


As spring did pass into summer’s full bloom 
To stand with arms outstretched in seasons all 
As the seasons knit like the weaving loom 
Through the cold of winter, strong through to fall 

Its strength and character for eons stand 
The unkindest cut that will ever be 
To not love and support this tree so grand 
And not to kindly prune the fruiting tree. 

The strength of sweeping boughs as arms held wide 
My heart grows secure within those limbs strong 
As arms strong, my dreams to be held inside 
Standing folded in your boughs is not wrong 

As a strong longing to be my fruit tree 
I beg of nature that you fruit with me 


For often through the way i feel 
An idea to try and win your heart, 
Unspoken action this the deal 
Of simple mind no a la carte. 

Because life i know soon to fade 
Token symbol of you and me, 
Somewhere to muse, feel love in shade 
Of our moments together free. 

Oh i know i could never be 
Yet try i must stand in your life, 
Sturdy foundations yet still free 
Throughout all kinds of weather, rife. 

Powerful touch of kindly prune 
Such dignity with bloom the key, 
When snipped away to nature's tune 
Oh how i long to be your tree. 

To stand with arms out stretched in seasons all
Through the cold of winter strong until fall
As spring did pass into summers full bloom
All the seasons knit as the weaving loom

 the unkindest cut that will ever be 
is not to kindly prune  the fruiting tree
Its strength and character for eons stand
Ne’er to leave as times pass in glass and sand 

© Mandy Tams 5/09/2013 
© Harry j Horsman 5/09/2013 
For Shadows Contest.  Team Work

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A Parasol for One

There was a time when a tiny cot
Could hold our hearts in wrapped embrace;
When, only to say "I love you", lips would part
Or to gaze enraptured at your face.
There was a time not long ago
When in the meadow we would lie,
Both in the midst of winter snow
And clear and starlit summer skies.
We'd wrestle and you'd always win,
Then hold me down and give a kiss
And charm me with that silly grin -
Those are the days I'll dearly miss.
    So much we shared and now there's none -
    What good's a parasol for one...

Modern Sonnet by Craig Cornish
Feb. 23, 2014 for Nette's Umbrella Contest
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There once was a man who lived in a castle,
Who longed for a girl so he could love her.
He searched far and wide, from Prague to Yorkshire,
But he found no such a dazzling damsel.
He dreamed of a woman of so special:
Kind and sweet and graceful and beautiful...
The type of woman not concerned with Wealth.

And he would rescue her from some reptile
Both great and horrid, a nightmare made real.
Like Tarzan saving Jane from a crocadile.
They'd kiss and their wedding would be ideal,
Full of flowers, jewels, and high style.
But it was just a dream, completely unreal.

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The Last Hope, Translation of Paul Verlaine's sonnet: Dernier espoir

The Last Hope, Translation of Paul Verlaine’s sonnet : Dernier espoir

There stands a tree in the cemetery
Thrusting itself up in total freedom,
By no means the fruit of bereavement –
Spreading itself out on stone unobtrusively.

In this tree, be it summer or winter,
A bird alights to trill clearly
It’s sad song of such fidelity.
This tree and this bird do us bind together :

You the object of my thoughts, I the absence
That time takes stock of in evanescence…
Ah ! To live again propped up against your knees !

Ah ! To be alive again ! But stay yet awhile, my lover,
Let not the void be my chilling victor… 
At the least, say : I live but in your intimate core ?

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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Lost Is Love On First Release

Lost is Love on First Release
Fate, he calls me, struck by love's lie.
Fierce distance is keeping time.
Laugh, he does, in faces we cry,
Such bitter words I write in rhyme.

Mine are these memories that haunts.
Ghost of love, spectral being wake,
Rings and happy things he flaunts.
It is mine, this love, he tries to take.

Torn. broken. Ripped like paper hearts.
Poison pain is served every bite.
Cold like tears, raining hard, it starts.
Love outside is looking insight.

Never will I love, a first, a last
Keeping memories locked in the past.


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summer love

Summer Love.

Her skirt white as silk billowed in the breeze
of fragrance, costly as the boats in the bay,
danced passed me a zephyr of summer love.
Sky blue eyes looked beyond me and far;
a ripple of contented laughter followed her.
She wore an exquisite aroma of splendour,
the holy who don´t know the price of bread.
So white her smile, so red her lips.
She entered a Lamborghini, golden tanned its 
driver was, and she was hit by arrows of love
She sat in her room, her dress crumbled, tears
ran down her rosy chin, she, a seamstress with
 a borrowed dress, had flown too near the sun,
 a butterfly with broken wings and lost illusion.

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Do you ever wonder why I do
The little things I do for you

It's because I love you, with a love that's true
A love no other can give to you

It's to keep a smile upon your face
And assure you no one can take your place

I love the way you wear your hair
The way you hold me whenever I'm there

I love the way you kiss my lips
The tender touch of your fingertips

So just remember, as you face each day
My love for you will always stay

Pure, unceasing – love without end
You're more than a lover – you're my best friend

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When life seems grey

When true love’s gone and doom hangs over head

When life runs like a river to the sea

Then shall I take new lovers to my bed?

And with their carnal touch consoled be?

When my love lies,so breaks my tender heart.

When life seems grey and rocks bestrew my path.

Then, shall I my life of evil start?

And on the world shall I bestow my wrath?

When true love lies and wrecks all loyalty.

When puzzlement makes all my world seem mad.

Then I shall upend causality

And let myself do deeds which make me glad.

For I have love’s sweet child inside my soul

And I shall tend her till at last she’s whole

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Post coitum omne animal triste est, sive gallus et mulier

Post coitum omne animal triste est, 

             sive gallus et mulier*


Yes, no cockerel who rules the cackling roost

   Will stomach slander from Latin master;

But who will stand aside and let the ghost

   Of hints slur old motherhood’s register.

Manhood must of needs hang its head in pain

   After all the sweat and toil in loins of love;

After millions of squiggly soldiers in vain

   Drop their lean tails at the egg wall alcove.

Only the fool who dares call woman’s bluff

   Shall learn hard way positions in bedstead;

Virile pride will sink in the depths of fluff

   While smooth gym-trained muscles rage instead.

   As they say hereabouts sur le vieil Continent

   La différence, Mon Sieur: lip’s shade content.


·     * “After the sexual encounter every animal is
excepting the cock and the woman.”


© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2005-2012. From the collection:

Poems Omega Plus, 2005. Rev. 2012.

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True Love

I would do anything for love,
I don`t mind going the extra mile,
When I gaze at you,I see a lovely dove,
The way you feel makes me always smile.

There are somethings that don`t come easy like ecstasy,
some days I grieve in silent,but no turning back,
You promise to hold me through every fantasy,
I would do that!,as the will keeps coming back.

I`ve never stopped dreaming about you every night,
May be I`m crazy or crazier,this I know is true!,
To take you out of the silent tomb to bright sunlight,
This I would;but would never move on without you.

Sooner or later you will be screwing around,
But,I can`t do that!for true love is found and on ground.

**Inspired by the song "I would do anything for love" by Meat Loaf.

CONTEST:"A song inspires A Poem" sponsored by Giorgio V.

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My Dear Love and Loyal Friend

My Dear Love and Loyal Friend
 I’m glad I found you;
Our friendship is a gift we share.
I can be myself around you,
Safe in your loving arms
the distance between us makes me lonely on the inside I miss you so much;
Our friendship bond was meant to be.
I think of you with great delight;
You’re almost part of me.
Through fun and fears, play and tears,
We help each other heal and grow.
I cherish our time together and that we will share for the rest of our life,
I know deep down in my heart.
Just harmony for me and you,
The two of us--a perfect blend.
I’ll cherish you my whole life through,
My Dear Love and Loyal Friend.

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Warmth of Feeling

Fair lady be not austere,
Adorn thyself with rich dressings,
Take care thy salad days gone afore,
Where thou ballet with twist and zealing.
Mayhap just one, i should hope,
Oft would burst forth such soft light,
Basking in such besottedness, par amour.
Salvaged from th' ravages of thy plight.
Lackaday, too many held too frail,
Now no more to nurse and thrill.
Ifsoever thy come forth willing,
Come prepared not, come undone,
Revel in this warmth of feeling,
For th' good of lovers; prithee, just one.

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Journey To the Past

(A Blank Verse Sonnet)

I lie in bed at break of day and wait 
to hear a sound which rings across our land,
a sound unknown in days of long ago
when horses hauled all freight from place to place.

Why do I love to hear that lonesome wail?
My heart beats faster as the sound rings out
above the miles crisscrossed by rails of iron.
Is it because my mind goes back in time

to when our hungry hearts were young and you
came home from "over there," when I packed up
my goods and traveled sixteen hundred miles

by train to be with you?  My mind goes back
in time, parades long strings of scenes when we
were filled with love and free to live as one.

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Cozy Kinship

People come to tell me your weaknesses
They come with a list of vices and faults
When they are done, I laughed out their meanness
But they make me love you more for your faults.
Our relationship assigned forever                             
The will stamped and signed, never to depart
We ought to love in fair or foul weather
We may retract the heart though cannot part.
Our love is priced more than the world can hold
A vast reservoir, the rivers can’t slake
We have built such secrecy quite controlled
Our manners will overcome if there’s slack.
   Let’s us be patient in love while we live
  When we’re no more, forever we may live. 

September 2, 2014
Form: Sonnet (Pentameter Syllable count-140)
Sixth Place Win
Contest: Intimate Relationship by Regina

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Love Disappoints, Hope Lives

When I was innocent I dreamt of love,
a kind of love most worthy of virgins--
for whom a simple kiss admits no sins
or shame, or betrays the appearance of 
disgrace; But I, blessed not as from above 
by heaven or by God, quit, as life wins; 
losing all hope and faith till my head spins 
with the winds of lust that blew the white dove 
of my innocence away. Then a whore
and slut took away my virginity;
she then revealed that there were fifty more
besides me, I recall most bitterly.
      But so long as there is breath and hope lives,
      love will come; and when it comes, it forgives. 

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Who am I that you are mindful of me?
For my rancid sins you died that day
On that cruel cross, you made a way 
Down through time could you really see?
And somehow think of me at Calvary?
Just one breath away, every time I pray
Overwhelmed, don't know what to say
Lord, can it be that you really love me?
Yes it's true.. You've given life to love you
The potter has made the clay born again
Took what was old and made brand new
Made me a son and you called me friend
Now I'm the bride of Christ, yeah it's true
You wooed me as if I were a perfect ten! 

Form: Italian Sonnet
Contest: Regina's "Intimate Relationship Sonnet"
Date: 8-31-14

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Don't Miss It

I know this may sound crazy, but
Love shall not be imagined, and do let it go.
Over, and over it goes long, let you know,
Verily, know that my heart will never be as bat.

Every moment I remember that good time, spent with
You, the sun unimaginably laughs at me.
Oh, our love makes everything different, not only me,
Understand that don’t let out the pith.

Anger shall never ever let you down, focus on certain aim.
Damn, now Lad and Lady are landing along the left side of the beach,
Aubade they sing in any moment for each.
Misappropriate none repeat the same.

Action not intention, we bowed for our mistakes,
Simply because everyone needs repent as how it takes.

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Hush of Christmas Past

To rush down the stairs of pure excitement
and spill onto the floor of packaged gifts
Wanting to open each cherished  present
Only to find new clothes, the emotion shifts
To live in worlds of a child's fantasy
as they dream of things that can't be obtained
To graple with truth, a learned capacity
One a disappointed child can't sustain
This is the past of a hushed Christmas
When spaces lived in were trodden and poor
Where there was comfort in love's surplus
and our lives were before us to explore

To have lived through a time, when love was all
Even if presents of clothes, were all we saw

contest Hush of Christmas Past

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Of Lust and Dissipation

A Spenserian Sonnet
(Mr. Snake falls in love with a garden hose)

Today I slithered up a grassy hill,
wet from the creek and eager to explore.
The urge to snare a mate devoured my will,
could not this be the day for me to score?

I spot you there beside the garden door, 
your slick green shape pervades my hungry sight.
Your golden head criss-cross my eyes before
your trim tight coil peals visions of delight.

Yet when I push my moves into the light
your body squirms and grows before my eyes,
and dread arises in a burst of fright.
You spit at me in angry spurts, surprise

me with a gush of clear and liquid spray,
while I make haste to scuttle fast away.

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Life's Emotions

when it comes to stress I grin and bear it
love I will welcome with arms wide open
patience in waiting rooms I often sit
always hoping for knowledge be sharpen

living with all these emotions is hard
and each one of us has a bunch of these
for hate and anger I always discard
keeping emotions in check is no breeze

serenity is the ultimate goal
negative emotions may prevent it
and they tend to darken are very soul
peace of mind wouldn’t even cost a bit

for me poetry helps me keep it straight
my future is always my to create

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An incomplete love letter
I apologized for the pain i had caused
Before i switched pens to express the love i still had
The regrets i still harbor
So everybody get on board
Men and women tickets, please!
Tonight we escape the land
But the hearts beat on, as the waves free our souls
Destined to catch the sunset in Madrid
To the lives we've chose
No more regrets
Just rocky sailing to destiny
Oh God, get me home safely

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Texting Selfie Sonnet

            Texting Selfie Sonnet

Quiet girl in text heaven, knows what to do, it’s true
As long as dainty fingers dance along the keys
Loves advances will be locked, like a snap shot for you
Camera ready phone so picture perfect, in steady peace

Certain is the depth of her wanton desire
What, with somber quirky smile, furled eye lashes
Flashes and kept words alive, breathing across the wires
Every thought typed, lifts spirits high, in ready fashion

Those lovely labored hands will never grasp such matters
Only love long distance on the line will be so kind
A keyboard to replace the warmth of human chatter
I wait forever to make you mine

The hope of every person is to rise to picture self
One last selfie, texting and aging on a shelf

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Why Are Thee As Cold As A Winter's Day?

Why are thee as cold as a winter’s day?
Thy resounding radiance of thy love
Hath fallen like snow in this month of May.
This is so uncharacteristic of
Thy character that hath always been hot
For me.  Thy soul seems tempered, tired and 
Bitter cold, causing thy warm heart to stop
And shiver as I grasp your chilly hand.
Hath thee found a fresher sun to brighten	
Thy sultry smile from a frozen frown?
Does thou not adore me, please enlighten?
My memory, my mind is freezing down.
	Thy fierce blaze of thy love has embarked,
                Thy flames put out, thy fire now a spark.

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Her Again

I was up on a ledge, 
About to jump.
But it was you who pledged,
To save me from the dump.

When the ground around me was collapsing,
And i was searching for my savior. 
It was you again who got me balancing,
And pulled me skyward. 

And when I had this razor clenched in my fist,
About to end my life.
It was you who pulled it from my wrist,
And now in my heart love is rife. 

Please stay with me forever,
I can't live without you Tamera. 

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Diamonds Are Forever

There’s a diamond in your eye,
like an ocean out of space,
that shimmers like a moonstream
in another time and place.

Glacial blue flames that stir
a smile to a grizzly brute.
A heart filled with dazzling sapphires
makes the gloomy world mute.

Softly, I hear your raindrop voice
whispering on the windowpane
of the time when robin’s eggs two
held my life under their sweet reign.

But now there is only grey.
My fingers talon the callous dirt,
as I try to touch your face
where you’re buried in the earth.

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The Lost Summer part I

A frying dying yolk of sun winks at the dimming eve, the runaway ocean breeze… surf rushing, gushing over under feet; memories savor washing, cleansing conscious sweet 

Falling motion slowing backward hands reaching, grasping for the cool bathing crystal blue rolling and strolling out from the shoreline sand in sand

Empty, now imaginary imprints beaches once filling now fading footprints the lost summer you were still a girl pure and passionate I was developing into becoming a man

The gulls knew the secret of our lost summer place, obscuring dunes topped with pastel seas of greens grass, for no apparent sudden reason I glimpse the clouds that align revealing splendors of tender draped familiar face of a distancing past

Forever eyes so very forever lost when gazing upon you and overwhelmed by your sweet and sickly taste, our souls intertwining within the four corners of our world the beach blanket redefining complexities of the here and now time and the you and I space

As we commandeer commanding the universe to cease for an another noon, seizing, kidnapping each hour from the keeper as we continue drowning into each other’s pools surrendering to the longing yearning witnessing crowning glory beneath the dancing beams of hazing maroons...

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Sleep, My Love

Sleep, my love, and dream the dreams
That happiness doth bring.
Lie awhile, beside me love,
'Til awakened by birds that sing.
Our life and love are ever more
Entwined between we two.
For I am yours and you are mine
And what is old is still new.
I love you still as when we met.
You are my light, my life,
And happiness is here with me
As e'er I am your wife.
So sleep my love, my only love,
As God sends dreams from above.

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Sonnet On The Sun

          Sonnet On The Sun

One orb and only one shines on in life
You are much warmer than the morning sun
Remember the volcanoes at Tenerife
Canary Islands paradise adrift in fun  

Hanging there upon a limb of golden time
We conjure elements of joy forever
What favors in the mind recall unwinds
When in our orbits moon pulls down its lever

But there within the walls of love light sealed 
The glow of life can’t hide inside forever 
There in the wicket world concealed, revealed 
That Winter breaks for kinder weather

My love with sun and moon gathered family
Their fortunes shine on together amicably 


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My Beauty

A row of beauties
Emerge from the sea
I sit and wonder
Which one is for me

Slowly walk to you 
Gaze into your eyes
See right to your soul
Scars from many cries

Give a playful smile
Take you by the hand
Walk into the night
To the promised land

You and me as one
New life has begun

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As she sleeps

Why do you tremble like a falling snowflake
When my lips caress your waving chest?
My heart, your gentle lips can also take,
But now I will distress your calm rest;
keep your eyes closed as they are now,
some words must be written unseen,
my kisses are waving a solemn vow,
our dream will grow steady and pristine.
Oh, do you wake and do you smile?
Close, close your eyes yet again:
You must sleep truly for a little while:
The day is cold and you hear the rain:
Let’s hide underneath the bedspread,
where you find this poem to read…

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                                The Sweetest Hopes

                  The tiny infant sprawls midst tubes and wires
                  In shock I kiss a breath on fairy toes 
                  His life becomes my fervent most desire
                  And with each moment love within me grows
                  Oh tiny soul, my darling only son
                  I will exchange with joy my life for yours
                  A gift of life I’ll give to know you run
                  Become a wanderer to distant shores
                  Perhaps a watcher of the unknown skies
                  Or young philosopher at Plato’s knee
                  Or struggling artist without fame or prize
                  Little one-- 'tis all the same to me
                      I make no sound when dreaded silence falls
                      A tragic ending needs no curtain calls

Dec 10, 2012

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On those days that changed your life, the days that we were born
You promised us eternally that you would help us grow
To guide us with your big strong hands, to help us you had sworn
How now, what we would be like, well, that you could not know
You tickled us to make us laugh
You held us when we cried
You worked so hard day and night
For your family to provide
When we would cry all night long
When we’d break something someway
When we would say “that isn’t fair”
You would say “I love you anyway”
Now we are on our own
And we would just like to let you know
That we are who we are today
Because you promised us eternally to help us grow.

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To My Sister, : Sharon

Her Comments, entranced me: Her POEMS even more so
Her POETRY enhanced me: She watered me, so I could grow
A Bow, an Honorary Golden Pen, My Respect I give to thee
To my Sister Sharon, Love I send, FOREVER throughout Eternity

We share a kindred Spirit, our Emotions, Heartbeat, Love and Fears
L’il Sister Writes; I hear it, I feel her words of joy, love, sorrow, tears
“Is Your inkwell filled with my thoughts?” “Yes, and YOUR “Inspiration”
I will not attempt to change Your thoughts: “become a POETRY “Inspiration””

Your lyrics, on the roads of my mind, Your Spirit beating in a Loving Brother’s Heart
I know not where to begin the path of my mind, “Your Love for “Lenore, Always a start”
With quivering  hand I grasp my Quill, dip it in the inkwell, Lost in the words LOVE Writes
To Honor YOU a Brother’s; “Thrill”. HGarvey Daniel Esquire, (HG) ; Harry wrote these Writes

So sad to see YOUR Pen Laid down my Most BELOVED ; Sharon Weimer ( “ L’il  SIS “ )
I Thank-YOU for the POETRY and the times we have (SHAR)ED, I give too YOU a Loving
                                         ( " K I S S " )
A Sonnet Tribute to : SHARON WEIMER, A former POETESS on this site (We Miss YOU)

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Now picking up the pieces, 
From a heart full of bruises 
Dementia, pain and depression, 
Saturate my heart extension. 
She was a walking rainbow, 
I saw when the sun went low. 
She was a rare specie around town, 
Which I did not realize until now. 
Just like a sugary fleeting vine, 
Made she my life a tasteless wine. 
Every night I sit and ask the moon, 
Why did she have to leave so soon. 
I wish I could turn back the clock to gain; 
Her, I will be willing to take a bullet, through my brain.

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                IN THE FARAWAY

The fear of night slung me far away
In the ship , in the air , in railway ;
Better a journey when there is a ray
Than when all is weak and life begins to fray

So pleased love is the connecting rod
That refreshes me our great accord
Which we pledged before men and God
Though in the faraway, only this I hoard

Therefore I shall come back
When nothing again we shall call lack
But only to dance and enjoy the rock
When all shall be real and none a mock

Doubt me not and ask me not how
Darling you were then,darling you are now.

   User's name     : Kayod5
   Contest's name : IN THE FARAWAY
   Theme              : Romance

   Contest sponsor : Giorgio V.

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Never Again

Never again do I want to go through pain
Never ever again
Love, blessed word for the fools
Has been for me one of the most murderous tools

Love, bringing me to my knees
Hoping the heavy rain would cease
Love, never returned to my sorrowful heart
Never making of me the other sweetheart

Torn and bent
Drowned deep in torment
Love is now meant to be forsaken
For never again do I wish to be broken

Strength, strength do I need to live, only strength
Such does keep me alive with good breath!

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God Only Knows

Your sudden departure caused glum wonder
A blow that was sinking deep into core
Panic and tough refusal grew under
Death by the final course was to blame for.
Fidelity is dug from a soft spot
His bittersweet timeline has proven such
Makes to think if love is worth the long shot
Little bit of drama for a soft touch.
Yet too forlorn to accept selfishness 
Detaching duties of a well-wisher
Comfort is given to a reticence
Ignorance to the acquired fresh blister.
My dear friend grilled upon reaching the cure
To after one’s own heart that was thought pure.

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Thy Love

Thy love, which in dream's reality it does exist,
Gives meaning to my purpose in this life, 
Although I do resist, my heart does persist, 
For it desires thee to be my beautiful wife. 

Thy love breathes life into the dead inside of my heart, 
It conquers the v'st, blue ocean of my labyrinthine mind, 
And the fiery, red furnace of my passionate heart, 
And in the mid'st of n'ght our fates, intertwined. 

True love is a fearless warrior, invincible, 
Undying hope in the dark face of adversity, 
Although to mortal eyes, invisible,
It is irreproachable veracity. 

Extravagant treasures, I have none, 
But to my loving, caring heart, thee art the only one.

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She Walked with Grace

She walked with grace through grassy  meadows
pausing to smell the sensual fragrance
watching the rabbits dart down their barrows
their white tails flashing creating a drama  

Azure  skies blazing, making perfect the day
she laid in the grass. dreaming of her lover
handsome and very tall he was her mainstay
he set her alight making everything brighter

She remembered the way they  spun around
as they danced  together through the night  
gay garlands hanging  down they were spell bound
silhouetted  in the dazzling firelight

That perfect night when all the world stood still
their last dance that night was a quadrille

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Please Place Patience Upon My Palms

Why can’t you just be evil? Like my mind
wants you to be: Unfaithful, shameful.
I want to hate you! But you’re too kind
and no matter you are always thankful
of me and my song of desperation
for pain and its un-winnable future.
I know! A heart’s betrayal may come
disguised as death bringing this return 
to memory of past regret, unyielding
regret, this plan of me my only way out.
Understand unending and what may be.
Believe in the certainty of two hearts.
Trust in the flesh and the way it feels
on fingertips, lips... Trust love—it is real.

Reinvent, Reimagine, Revamp! 
JustThatArchaicPoet Contest
Poem chose “Knock, Knock” 

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Happy Anniversary!

The anniversary of your treason
Disturbs the air—again! Like every year
Floating, whispering, the one real reason
You left me; the name never leaves my ear.
“Him!” a name I can’t even speak, wouldn’t dare.
For it would cause chaos and confusion  
Too daunting, distances too far to bear, 
Can’t even comprehend that illusion.
You left me here to sit—sick! And the thought
Of you and him in that beautiful embrace…
It’s a damn shame what you did! I OUGHTA!!!!!
Just, calm down—please! Dear Lord, please give me grace.
	The love you gave—your perfect portrayal,
	The love you took—your perfect betrayal.

Submitted for Olusegun Adelana's "Betrayal" contest

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Spellbinding Love

Starry-eyed young lady with spellbinding
Voice skillfully drew him in
Spirited in nature with love abounding
He longed to touch her silken skin

Slowly the tangled love web she did spin
Sunny disposition as bright as sunny day
Shimmering in moonlight she danced to him
Smoldering emotions she held at bay

Smart is she, sophisticated, and a lady
Superb talents, calm, and steadfast
He found that she was supportive ready
Definitely one who is an enthusiast

Sweet and charming joyful to brim
Surprising that she won him with a hymn

Written by: Sara Kendrick
Choice of form: Sonnet
Contest: Romance
Sponsor: David Williams

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An inspiration left me,
Gone out of my sight,
Her I hardly ever see,
Be it day or night.

When we talk together,
We seldom ever say
How it is I've met her,
Each and every day.

When we walk together,
Out to the points end,
I know that when I'm with her,
I'll always have a friend.

So as we start into Thanksgiving,
Thanks to "that" which gives us living.

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With You Forever My Love

Darling no matter what’s coming our way,
We’ll be full and content in heart and soul,
As we both walk with joined hands day by day,
Our love will give us so much to extol! 

May our love be such a joy on this Earth,
As we seek meaning in life daily spent. 
We must master our destiny from birth,
To learn what the Angels in Heaven meant!

With faith and love pure we’re happily one,
As we march with hands joined against all strife;
We’ve learned the reason why for being one,
Is to know God’s part of us in our life!

With our passion one in Heaven above;
Please know I’m with you forever my love!
Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
December 21, 2014 (Shakespearean Sonnet poetic 
format in Iambic Pentameter)

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A Lover's Regret

A Lover’s Regret
Never appreciated you, I did, until you were gone. 
You gave me all and I gave you nothing. 
I long for you, like a troubled soul longs for dawn. 
I do not deserve the holy essence of your being. 

You were patient and forgiving, loving and tender; 
I long for a glance into your beautiful black eyes. 
Always generous and warm, you were; never a pretender. 
A week is all we had; never enough; bittersweet goodbyes. 

I long for a kiss from your sweet lips. 
You make me want to be a better man. 
I long for your slender waist to hold, which floats and dips. 
All I need is to be with you, so meticulously, I dwell and plan.  

All I need is one more chance. 
I will undo my wrongs and honor our timeless romance.

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''I dreamt of love--love pure like driven snow'' revised

I dreamt of love—love pure like driven snow,
unstained and virgin—in the years to come:
but years did come and went until (O woe!)
love, like the fall, decayed in my autumn.
Melancholic, I ne'er a princess met
or maiden-love with whom to spend the nights
of vernal youth. (Alas! 'tis best to forget
my life's too foolish dreams of its delights.)
Untainted by sin, pure and innocent;
unspoil'd by life and love in the very least:
I cast'd aside my prurient youth's bent,
forswearing myself all—now mine own priest!
     Now spent and useless, I've refused life's love;
     hence for me God refuses to commove. 

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I have lived your lie

Just one more day with you
one more smile from you.
said you where here to stay,
forever you use to say
then why are you not here today?
could i find the strength to walk away,
if your lie is in my way.
now all i have today,
is our song
the song you use to play,
seating here all alone,
i listen to the words it say,
" you would leave me alone and torn my heart to stone"

was he worth the tear in my eye,
did you not love me enough to try,
why then did u tel me a lie,
cause you said you'd always be there,
but yet you tore out my heart and
left my flash to die,.
better to be loved then to love,
for the pain of a broken heart is one i would not share,
I have lived your lie.

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Once Love Has Died

Once love has died it cannot be revived
Sweet sentiments are sadly laid to rest
From memories no pleasure is derived
The broken heart is vanquished in its quest

Unnurtured love will quickly fade away
Much like a wilted rose unquenched of thirst
Or flower of the sun cloistered of ray
Affections die when they have not been nursed

I tried to warn you that my heart was sore
My tears a testament of grievous plight
You did not hear my plea for something more
And now my love is veiled away from sight

To resurrect my love is no mean task
For miracle of life my heart does ask

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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I Remember

I remember those moments that we spent together
With a happy and cheerful face thought it would be the same forever.
Never did I imagine nor did I care of
To think of the times when we would be far of.
Even at the times of separation there wasn’t any kind of unhappiness
For never did I experience such feelings of uneasiness.
The thin threads of intimacy were broken at the very moment
When I saw the last of you and sat there to cry and lament .
Sometimes though I did feel assured knowing time was a great healer
But then time also fails to cure the wounds which remain forever.
Inspite of this cruel reality my intuition said something different
Though I knew you would never come back but still I wished something different .
Of course this has now been a part and parcel of my life with the daily happenings going on as ever,
Rarely do you come in my thoughts except for the lonely moments when I remember……..

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Girl with the mystery eyes

What lies behind those mysterious black eyes?
What happened to our paths why did they become tied?
Nobody spoke to you, why were you alone?
After seeing you smile my heart has fondly grown.
In the middle of nowhere you're from my home town?
This cannot be real I realise with a frown.
Maybe it's time to put these mushrooms down.

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Blue shadows

I watched the sky
In Bahraini blue
Cloak me in its woven

Blossoms bowing
In a pink parade,
Daisies dreaming
In golden shade,

Music softening
Incensed air,
Your smile 
A dream
In fleeting flair,

Bahraini sky
In shades of blue
And shadows
Of the birds
That flew,

Here I am 
Not much to see
But there with you
I long to be.

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Lets Dance Again

(Cornish Sonnet)

Love, let’s dance again through the night,	
let’s rekindle those great moments.		
Waltz with me till the sun shines bright,		
on the soft sands by the river.			
Let me adore your lithe movements,		
until my whole body shivers.			

Whisper sweet nothings in my ears,		
like the sea shells on the surf beach.		
Fill my heart with eternal cheers,		
let the moon shine upon your face. 		
Complete this man, you I beseech,		
allow me back into your space.			

Love, let’s dance again through the night,	
Whisper sweet nothings in my ears.		

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Chardonnay Wines

I still can taste the Chardonnay fine wines—
The hints of oak we drank at lunch today.
The sun must brightly shine upon those vines;
Warm love in liquid gold its rays display.

Yet heavy is my heart and grief will weigh
Too soon enough for pure enjoyment now;
I know my eyes and spirit can betray
Another thought emotions must allow.

My body furrows its own empty brow.
You look upon my soul with fulgent grace,
But I cannot my love soon disavow;
I glance upon your form and see his face.

He does not care that I must love him still—
Would that my mind could break my stubborn will!

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I Miss My Love Songs

I wake in the morning
Thinking only of you
Fantasizing about 
The wondrous things I'd do

Those days are now long passed
My mornings are now rough
My heart no longer beats
My skin is now too tough

How I long for those days
The feelings I once had
My reason for waking
Made me no longer sad

Come find me my lover
I have yet discovered

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I Think of You

When time is still, I'll think fondly of you
Quiet renders of love's probable cause
This love now colored in a vibrant hue
A lingering fragrance that brings this pause
To think of you in a long cotton dress
Walking in fields where eyes invite desire
and hand held laughter skips across its cress,
to challange the world with a passion's fire
As our love sustains our illusion to dream
We'll fill each tender moment we find right
and watch shadows dance in candled theme
To create new memories we'll hold tight

I'll share no reason for these thoughts passing,
or make sense of love being everlasting

contest I Think of You 

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View from Love's Hill

I stood on love's hill and watched the sunset
And heard heartbeats down the valley of time
They echoed off canyon walls where souls wept
Fading in lost sounds of internal rhyme
Through silence of long nights, darkness shall reign
The mind plays its sad flute, that none will hear
Worthless memories, the notes that remain
The melody so pained it cries, I'm here
On this cold hill I'll await the warm dawn
Listen to voice of emptiness within
And struggle with anguish until its gone
Finding reason and sanity again

I stood on love's hill while searching for peace
Released my troubles, so illusions ceased

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She Stole The Sun

I step out from beneath her lies
The day no longer seems so bright
I was hiding behind my eyes
Now my days have resembled nights

My heart did flutter with your touch
The birds would sing a happy song
Oh how I loved you very much
What you did was so very wrong

No longer can I hear that song
I can not see in front of me
You were deceiving all along
Don't shine for me cause I can see

The sun has left me in the dark
Hoping to find another spark

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Almighty - Shower your love and bless us

 This poem is dedicated to those who are suffering from natural disaster 
 wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Almighty - Shower Your Love !!!!! 

 Ohh my Almighty, Ohh my Nature..
 Everything was alright, everything was fine..
 But what made you do this????
 That you astringently affected the Life of Divine..
 Why you had lend with with no mercy..
 You showered your gift in terms of cursy..
 Drenching tears of the exciting people..
 Pangs of separation happened between lovely couple..
 How much it is aching to there pity family..
 Everyone got acceleratingly disheartened gradually..
 Just now left with the new dawn and the iota of Hope..
 Hey nature please try to rudenessly cope..
 Mankind struggling for their last breathe..
 Please bless them for our sake under your sheathe..

 Please endow them for their wellbeing and glorious life ahead!!!!

By Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

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My Superman

My Superman motivates me to do better,
He's the type to write love letters.
My Superman saved me from a life of misery,
All he wants is for me to be happy.
My Superman cares about how I feel,
His worry and concern is so real.
My Superman has my heart,
He trusts me even tho we are many miles apart.
My Superman is a hard working man,
He cares about others and helps them out the best he can.
My Superman is very strong,
He treats others the way they want to be treated by never doing them wrong.
My Superman has a lot of compassion,
That's why he's humble and you can tell by his actions.
My Superman hides no secrets from me,
He respects me enough to tell the truth no matter what it might be.
My Superman strives to give me everything l deserve,
Because he says I'm worth it .
My Superman touches my heart and makes me smile,
He makes everything worthwhile.
My Superman tries to conquer the world,
I'm so proud to be his girl.
My Superman has my back,
My compassion for him will never lack.
My Superman would give you his last dime,
With me by his side we'll always shine.
My Superman is very understanding,
My loyalty for him is everlasting.
My Superman opens up my mind,
He always gives me all of his
My Superman makes me feel so free,
That's why I'm lucky to have him and he has me.
My Superman is my superman only,
 With him in my life I'm no longer lonely.
My Superman doesn't want anyone but me,
That's why what we have is meant to be.
My Superman gave the word love meaning,
He will always be the love of my life from now until the ending.

Dedicated to the man I Love

    March 29, 2014
~The One and Only~

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How will I speak of love

How will I speak of love I do not know,
What words are used that may convey the heart.
There is no language that in truth will show,
That wistful look that only love can start.
If I in silence go what will I miss,
To leave without a word and things unsaid.
Will I regret the chance, the tender kiss,
Back to my grief where all my hopes have fled.
Or will I conquer grief and take a stand.
To win your heart by words that words can't reach.
To fall before your feet to win your hand,
And tell you of my love that words don't teach.
For love is fearless in its fortitude,
To try to woo the heart that may be wooed.

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a note for you

A short Note for You  
This is a little missive written in some haste as we have 
to go back to hospital for more tests. Only you could get 
me there and wait 4 hours in a packed waiting room. 
Time is tough for those who have no private health insurance 
and most of us have not. I tell you about the inequity of this,
but you are not listening just look through magazines like 
“HALLO” touched by a million sick people.

When we finally get to see the specialist, a woman of around 
45, I tell her lies about my splendid health, but you are there 
and tell her the truth. I insist I’m ok and want to go home.
Ignored by two women I agree to go back to hospital one more 
time about a bloody pacemaker, I gruffly leave for a coffee.
But I’m glad you are there looking after me, I always knew how
much I loved you, as long as you don’t tell me how to drive my car.  

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Shall I collect the petals as they fall
As you pluck them, leaving a fragrant scent
Will you smile, if I can gather them all
And give them to you, a lover's present
This field of spring covered in soft clover
Painted by the sun with its purest light
Showing new vistas as shades cross over
Covering petals of scented delight
Waves of moving grass across lush meadows
A rolling west wind arrives as we lay
Large birds glide higher becoming shadows
As they follow sunlight floating away

And though the petals fell they did not land
Between us they stayed, still safe in my hand

for the contest Be My Reason
sponsored by Amy Green

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Sunset. Synergy is moving between chairs
that don't quite match, widening tight circles   
of rovers. Muses Cafe, a small cove where
views internalize, so we heave heavy troubles

outside. Minstrel Mary Anne Epp shelters 
songs about happenstance .When a server drops
a plate, she ad libs, Save cracks for later.
Heads nod to her witty vibes, bite-sized bops.

Inspiration strums as parlance sighs, Good grief,              
my journal's at home.  You say, All's fine.
but your purse offers only ONE loose leaf,
curiously room enough for TWO to lay lines.

Pens groove. Friend, you prove that poets can wage
self-determined verse while on the same page.

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This is my family, oddities and all.
Cam wants to see the world yet currently
lives a stones throw away from Mother's call.
While bubbly Michelle wears rainbow attire
as if to challenge her smile openly
shared. My siblings sometimes ice, sometimes fire,
but  they are apart of me, through and through.
Justin smokes like a chimney, drinks like a
sailor (and cooler than a glacier, too!).
Mom and Dad don't have a thing in common,
but thirty-four years states they're a-okay.
This is my family, oddities and all,
but they are apart of me through and through.

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A life from Anger

Anger is something I grew up fearing
Mom and any other person in charge
today my eyes are no longer tearing
even though my stomach got somewhat large

eating the right food is so hard to do
since it seems so much stuff is bad for us
and these limbs of mine sometimes will not do
I get by walking and riding the bus

and my wife is right with me to the end
we both had our own bouts with some issues
but at the end she is my only friend
and we both have used many tissues

from a house of anger I started out
in my lifetime I hope world peace will sprout

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I tried to leave

Surrounded and distracted to a fault
the mayhem of your love strenuates me 
I abrogate my feelings towards you not
to wound you only wherefore I may breathe.
Petulant indignation on your brow
is lovelier than that tiresome doting kiss
And now I venture towards things unallowed;
previous to this day I, you would miss,
so dreadfully it seemed a very sin 
that I should with my friends enjoy a night. 
You doubtless lay awake and cry within-
this image from my mind I cannot fight

I drink until I blackout at your door 
requiring the verve of your love's ardor.

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Lasting gaze lingers, longing pair of eyes that shine Pouring love with each flicker, desires burn bright... A subtle tenderness of your glance, locked with mine Oh! One could eternally go on beholding this sight. Your affection- intensified, projects in that gleamy sheen As I lower my eyelids, racing heart just skipping a beat Arrhythmic breathing, hiding that blush all along I've been From those glistening eyes that stare with a piercing heat! Fiery look as embers of a fresh new romance spark Air rife with tension as electricity of attractions crackle Beginning of a love story with the cupid's arrow mark Music of violins floats around as lovelorn eyes twinkle! More soulful words than what a thousand love letters to you, could say Emotions of heart, through eyes, the flowing stream of diamonds convey! 2/10/2012

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20 February 2010

Sonnet of Poetry

All my thoughts are craving in so gently
Whether sonnet, rhyming, it flows boldly
Picket line of words is so picturesque
Library for epic with its index

Decipherable to relate its soul
Premature to judge but adorable
Luminary to every season rest
A gateway in romance to impart its zest

By its time and expanse it is boundless
Residence for poet and poetess
Admiring lenient style in their write
Originality pouring no trite

Poetry my getaway and refuge
To rest on your lap is such a prestige

7th place to POETRY PANORAMA contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Date:  12/10/2010 12:00:00 AM    

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Burning On

My ache licks like a furnace, Silent Spark
For you have further prolonged my patience;
Building on the weak to perturb the dark, 
To surrender selfish sense of silence;
Your silence, an incision to the heart, 
Angers that which disappears out of sight,
That mocks life, to its desolate ill part;
Cowers me out, so far-sight may ignite.
Bright am I now, lost into void and woe,
A panic fire orb which hath poured;
My speech and my prudence still lacketh flow,
Blackened from all heat sorely abhorred
Oh, I do light thee well as I may try
For you I burn on, till the day I die

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The Noble Language

Tears from your eyes are so special and true;
They are real emotions from each eye,
And reflect a love so deeply renewed;
Our spirits soar high in the azure sky!

Our heart and soul are ever the tears’ source;
Our tears attest to love so rare dearest,
And keep our love so special and on course,
That I must be always with you nearest!

Our tears—the eye’s language ever noble;
They draw us together so close and one;
Our love’s so special and ever noble,
And our heart and soul together as one!

Love requires we dance together as two,
As Harmony pure brings divine love too!
Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
Schoeningen, Germany (December 1, 2014) 
(Shakespearean Sonnet poetic format in Iambic Pentameter)

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Unbearable Beauty

Within nature there are some great aspects Like going on walks that take you on treks Many picnics are wanted in nature Romantic getaways are the future There is some kissing in the rose garden The beauty exists never to harden A harsh human nature is the break-up There are lonely strolls that make a shake-up A single status erupts from your soul Now eating out alone is your new role It’s a time when no more stars do twinkle Unbearable sadness makes a wrinkle Seeing nature has facets where you see This nature is unbearable beauty
Russell Sivey Contest: Unbearable Beauty Sponsor: frank herrera 5/18/2013

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I remember

I remember when you and I were young
And you were beautiful beyond compare.
Each day we fought the world and always won
Living for the moment without a care
But time that thief has stole our youth away
And your beauty does slowly dissipate.
The world we fought has won and now holds sway
Showering us with blows we can’t abate.
Knowing now the battle is all but lost
With the fighting fought at our very gate.
Do we resist regardless of the cost
Or just give in and thus capitulate
No even at the end we must believe
Our life matters and to it we must cleave

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One day thou wilt not be standing in my way when I shall,
Seize the moment to say how much I love thee; 
Life stretchest hope to the sincere and honest not to a rascal,
Whose only hope in saving his character is to flee.

Mine honourable soul doth asketh thy public acceptance for, 
Secluded feelings can never forge a noble troth;
Bring forth in thy mind the sweet alluring memories of lore,
Keep my unequalled agape, shun what is not worth.

Come hither my twinkling future and mine adored baroness, 
Good tidings address those whose hearts are ablaze;
Their nights a prolonged play of sumptuosity and madness,
Performing the art of love in its most luxurious ways. 

Hark men and women of all time and place, 
Love prevails if we didst take it as a grace.

© Guru Jad 2013

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My Gratitude For Your virtue

I would be standing alone with a plea
Like a frail structure in solitude,
If had not you helped me so nicely.
My heart is filled with humble gratitude.

When no one did appear to be mine
I was really alone among crowd,
Then you appeared as a silver line
Being so friendly, in the deep dark cloud.

Your sweet words, filled with real sympathy,
Soothed my heart and saved my sinking hope.
You helped me forgetting the tragedy 
And encouraged me with strength to cope.

All these support made me obliged to you 
And  I can never forget your virtue.

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Oh, how your opal aura would have warmed
that  hollow seat beside mine at the Registry
Theatre. This playhouse holds subtle charms, 
contradictions mingle here so comfortably.
It is intimate, this communion between stage
and audience, somewhat confessional, 
love freely  expressed in each line, as ageless
as sisterhood, poetry, all things natural. 
There is soul, an emotional cast to Falling: 
A Wake. .The actors project a thousand stars.
Seen, misted eyes, for what was lost is calling,
a celestial trail of hope climbing each stair
of dark. Heard, a heart's voice, unrehearsed,  
resounding like ovations for purest verse.

*For my Soul-Sis, Nette, who I love dearly... she is a poet extraordinaire who has a heart of gold.

I will be putting up a blog about this poem, on Thursday, with pictures, notes and a closer look at the imagery I am using. 

However, I will now share that Falling: A Wake was written by a local playwright and has been very successful. I saw the play seven years ago at the Registry Theatre. It never left me and haunts me still.

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I Wait Now

Thee are my lover, I return to see.
I await thy words, which will make it so.
Thine eyes are as green, not full of envy.
They glisten with such a glorious glow.

I beg with mercy, shall not make me wait.
Receiving your gaze from your heart, divine,
Just one spoken word shall open the gate.
Two words that you may speak, so very fine.

Captivated by luscious shining lips,
Readiness of just one kiss sets my bliss.
Give me a message before next eclipse.
Or my life will fall into ill remiss.

Is it my lover that I hear speaking?
I wait now, for my love I am seeking.

written for
Sponsor Sara Kendrick 
Contest Name Sonnet Me 

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Ghost orchid

what makes the heart feel for something it can't touch?
his tears caused contractions for his heart to pulse
floundered, looking for loves heartache to clutch
whimsical solace of her essence startles his impulse 

 shouldering the bane of a kiss that foreshadowed trifles
kooky huh? how time unleashes emotions restrained behind pride
 losing his beloved inamorata to an admirer she mollycoddles
his heart became friable to the echo of her suicide

It was the absence of a note that left his worries unverified
what makes the heart feel for something it can't touch?
Now alone and without; a lovers heart is mummified
he will never love another as much

the “ghost orchid” has become her epithet
the rules of this game have changed, misère ouverte.

 I chose Bonnie Raitt “I can't make you love me” because when I listened to it it brought 
back memories of my childhood feeling second to my fathers work. His physical presence was 
always their, but his heart belonged to his work and still is. After listening to the song  5 or 6 
times I thought of the question, what makes the heart feel for something that it can't 
touch----like love, and went from there.

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Moonstruck Lovers

I sat on the jetty waiting as I did each Friday night
     The man in the moon winked at me as thin clouds were passing by
My parents could not condone our love, his skin so dark, mine light
     Our steamy, summer love was intense and his approach was nigh

Moonbeams peeked out and lit his trim figure as he crossed the sand
     Quickly I rose and crossed the rocks to greet him with an embrace
Tenderly we kissed, then he withdrew, placed something in my hand
     He said, “We’ve waited far too long; our love they cannot erase”

‘Twas then the full moon lit the beach; I saw tears fall from his eyes
     A diamond ring he slipped on my finger, said, “We must elope”
We were just teens but already knew that true love never dies
     “Without you in my life,” he whispered, “I simply cannot cope”

I clung to him, crying aloud, knowing my parents I’d miss
But we ignored their prejudice, opting for passionate bliss

* For Constance’s Steamy, Summer Love contest

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The Errant Knight

Seeing through the wav’ring flame of light
your porc’lain skin your brazen eyes so fair,
the songs which stir the depth of frosty night
do not waylay the course of love’s despair.

For love of King, not I, thine heart’s declared.
Oh, I am damned by wanton deed bespoke
on Furies wings my cursed heart’s ensnared   
and in the fire we shall rise on smoke.

My love I’ll not rescind, nor Him provoke.
Beside your sleeping form our bed a pyre, 
the curtain's caught in candle flame once stoked, 
we’ll go to Holy Hell within the fire,

a martyred Queen, an errant Knight so blind
for Kings and common men are seldom kind.

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Our Shattered Glass

In your head to pass this time
Attributing the former to your lies
Remember our cycle. Oh! how we belonged
We herded great minds and looseth the wronged
This is your part in our shattered glass

Although we fenced these strong beliefs
It is insatiable lust we reprieved
just short a miracle in humming this chord
Their weaknesses sort was time reborn
This is my part in our shattered glass

Endless love stories with novelty rhymes
a  mist of colours, distractions and lies  
Lighter pages, suspense or crime?
Mirrors and doors, our refraction in time
This is my part in our shattered glass

Just as we lost faith, we tore apart these walls
thus we drifted and sailed to our downfall
Last I heard of thee, it was late in the fall
In love and in lust, at her new masters beck-and-call
This is our sorrow in my shattered glass

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A Stone in the Cold

Once a marksman was in the woods to hunt He met a snipe as he was on his way Snipe said “don’t hunt my kids if you confront As they have gone in the forest to play”. "Alright, But how shall I know they’re your kids? Tell me something about what they look like?" "Oh, Marksman, they’re the most beautiful kids!" Nodding not to shoot them, went on his hike. On return, a string of young snipes he held The snipe crying looking at her kids dead. "Oh, why didn’t you shoot me in my kids’ stead?" "I’ve shot the ugly I could find instead." The snipe said “Woe to me, don't you know” fool” Moms think their children the most beautiful”.
+++ March 12, 2014 Dr.Ram Mehta Form: Sonnet Third Place Win Contest:Hunt for a Sonnet Gems & Seven Stones in the Crown by Debbie Guzzi PS: I had entered this poem on 3/4/14 but I was giving final once over to the poem, I don't know somewhere I clicked and the whole page went blank. So I have reposted it again

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''A friend with benefits is no true friend--''

A friend with benefits is no true friend.
O no! That soul when hurt is an ever-
tangled weed from which one must then defend
against when friendship do love so sever.
Love's no child's plaything to be abused,
or spent on ravished nights of reckless whim
where prudence is forsaken and unused,
inviting injuries 'tween her and him.
But if one must love one's most longed-for friend
then do so with care and unfraudulently,
avoiding treachery to the very end
of love's contract ever so cautiously.
      If I err in this my most well-meant word,
      then one may disavow she ever heard.

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Soft Seas

Soft seas beheld the ebb of evening’s dance
Arousing waves upon a satin shore
Resounding reassurances for more
Soft seas awaiting soulful lover’s glance

An endless tide of passion to explore
And time to drift amidst life’s vast expanse
While holding hands brings comfort still to chance
Soft seas awaiting lovers to restore

When set upon by minions of the storm
Soft seas will raise you high above the ground

When songs of sirens beckon to conform
Soft seas will whisper something more profound

When lovers’ sighs transform the cold to warm
Soft seas awaiting somewhere to be found

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A Camera's Eye

How deftly my camera seduces this chance
If  circumstance allotted, or thus, I knew somehow
Could earn the winsome smile, or to steal his favored glance
To apprehend and keep the promised vow
Captivate his warrant,  or a furrow of his brow
So safely captured within the frame
If once, I knew, he'd look my way just now,
And fondly gaze at me , with eyes the camera claims           


A cloud appears, the shutter snaps
And though his smile was long
A raindrop falls, the thunder claps…
Too soon the moment gone, 
The rain pours down, he runs for cover
My fleeting chance is over

Inspired by Dr. Ram's contest
Spenserian Sonnet

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How can I thank you for the scent you bring

How can I thank you for the scent you bring,
O, yellow flower born to perfect roots
That loves the drizzle and the birds that sing?
Your fragrant character that heals and soothes
Amounts to precious treasures I can’t pay;
Afraid am I that life won’t be enough
To make up for the godsend and to say
That I’ll ne’er leave my vow when times get rough;
Through thick and thin my care shall be unchanged –
When heavy downpour slaps your pretty face,
My arms shall be your armour and a friend
To keep you safe and warm in my embrace.
As tiny buds begin to burst and glow,
My heart does celebrate to watch you grow.

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Imagine Love - love sonnet

She that nurtured my heart to love,
She that taught me to walk by her path.
Reassuring my beating chest to calmness and care.
Of solitude with her, where cherry tree blossoms and leaves that withers.

She is a rare flower found with the lilies, roses and daffodils.
Like a gift of rain in summer, a cold breeze in autumn, 
An aroma of seasoned flowers, a fragrance of ajar meadowsweets.
I asked thee too much to be mine, not to lose her in changing seasons.

Life of her and her presence makes my face glow.
My blood to rush like an overpowering river.
Distances matters not but steps taken to meet her does.

My life be a flaw but thy life be a symbol of perfection; Do I love her?
Yes! For thee is cold in summer and warm in winter.

Rest in thy lover’s chest and find thy breathing rhyme with my beating heart.

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What is Man

What is man, his flesh got without assent,
Or the broad brushstrokes of his star filled mind.
Neither will sit for another's judgement.
One is chance, the other of boundless kind.
Perhaps man is his actions, though so oft
They go wrong or are unintended acts.
And desires remain surfeit or un-soft
Propel rash deeds, dark thoughts and sordid pacts.
If action alone can not define man
For marred by accident; then is intent
The mark to judge.  But intent is more wan
Than acts, for can only be guessed at bent.
What is man, neither flesh nor mind, if not
Whom he loves and for whom his hate is hot.

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Risk of Love

Whatever you want I got it,
Whatever you need I got it.
I'll be your ears, eyes, and heart,
You'll give me a chance if you're smart.
Don't be scared to let love in,
You might let it pass by and wonder what could have been.
You have to trust and believe,
And if it's not for you then you can leave.
Life is full of opportunity and chance,
But no one knows at the first glance.
The risk is the fun of it all,
Letting go of what you normally wouldn't do hoping not to fall.
You have to have faith in yourself,
And jump on it taking all your feelings off the shelf.
Love is frightening but with out it life wouldn't be the same,
You wouldn't know what you've lost or gained.

  December 19, 2007
~ The One and Only~

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My Master Piece

Regret flows from the depths of my soul
 With the strength of a flood
 I have held these gates shut for too long
 And though tormenting, they should not be stopped.

 The thought of your anguish
 Even as I write to you now
 Stops my heart cold
 As well it should

 What I see in front of me
 Is a painting of our love
 Its most thoughtful brushstrokes
 Mottled by hurried abstraction and inattention

 A person who had not seen this masterpiece created
 Might think it to be refuse and pass it by unknowingly
 Letting be obscured the deep beauty of its many scenes
 By layers of the tarnish of mistreatment

 But as the painter
 I see beyond the dark smears
 To recall the hours that I attended to the details
 And wonder how I could let it become so discolored

 The painting that took me my life to create
 Has lost its divinity in my careless treatment
 And even if I were to refine it
 I fear you would always see it as it is today

 So today I paint a new masterpiece
 One inspired by the muse of respect
 A work that you can love through our old age
 One that you will look to each day for inspiration

 This one will take some time
 As I want my brushstrokes to be carefully placed
 I need to move steadily to ensure that this time,
 My art represents my dream

 This is my opus
 Don't judge me on my past works
 As I have never before had so much skill and inspiration
 And never before have I wanted to please you as I do today

 With you and my children as my muse
 I will paint for you a lifetime
 A portrait of devotion and friendship
 A panorama of passion and admiration

 All I ask is that you gaze upon it with an open heart
 And you shall unquestionably love me again

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The Fates

A new sunrise, a new time, a new day
Sunsets past, just a memory, time gone.
Yesterday we cannot live for, or pray
Tomorrows, there are many more, not none.

One body, one mind, one love, never late
The fates cruel, or be they kind instead.
To never love, how wrong, was that our fate?
To die unknown alone in a large bed.

Benevolent the fates have been to us.
Though many years too late, never shed tears
To writhe in pain and swear and cry and cuss
No we are one and will be down the years.

The fates were late, but kind when said and done
They gave us each other and we are one.

© 3/02/2014

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A Kiss Of Life

Found myself going deeper and deeper,
round and round my head spins without thinking,
Pound upon pound my heart vibrates like sweeper,
Sound from crowd and cries stop me from sinking.

And a hand pulls me from the sea, ashore;
hand of an angel saves me from this state,
And a kiss of life opens the closed door,
Band of fresh breath flows through at a fast rate.

There I lie , gazing at this true beauty,
Rare and gracious with a shining blue trunk,
Glare from my face at her,makes me look naughty,
Here is a dame that her love got me drunk.

But,her holy kiss brought life back to me,
Cut free from death,makes me stand like a tree.

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Treasures Of Your Soul

Silver expressions joyous loving times
Those precious moments over years divine
Snatching golden seconds when in our prime
Oh! Dashing youth "twas fate our lives

Silver expressions nestled and embrace
Memories of past sharings no mistakes
Our home, Camelot, welcomes and embrace
Youth has departed but eddy place aches

Love embowers our kindred hearts quiver
Wrapped in your ageless embrace agleam
Laughter bounces 'pon expressions silver
Noble dashing cloaked in charm kindness streams

Those silver expressions, love most divine
Once youth's folly now totally resign  

Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle
Contest: Treasures Of Your Soul

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Where and how a mind that I have met,
A mind with rainy thoughts in winter set,
Brings spring time to my darkest night and more,
Smiling through its testaments of lore,

Sloshing through the puddles as I seek,
A glimpse into her heart I want to sneak,
Delicate like petals on the ground,
A precious gentle soul that I have found,

Where in all this music can I feel,
Vibrations of a kind that seems so real,
Like ripples in the puddles underfoot,
Or sounds like songs I hear along my route,

Amazing oh, is she so far away,
Where and how, I’d like to greet one day.

©david byrne nov 2012 

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A View From A Hospital Room

Checked the small view from hospital room I did
Doing this deed was just a simple thing
View top of trees but bottom half woods hid
Windows in building right, sun_ clouds mirroring

How many persons from car wreck slain
Thinking continues noise from hall distress
View draws me in_to outside once again
Are the crows high in nest now comfortless

Will my love whom on my bosom kept
Be kept safe_God will heal I am quite
Sure, even though now the time light has crept
The deciding factor will be tonight

At our home will he come once again to face
All the love and happiness in this place

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Moon Is My Muse

I know man in the moon is very sad.
He's mourning that he has no lady fair.
I gaze in awe at his situation
And wonder why it is God put him there.
It may be there's a maid on nearby star,
The one who will find pathway to his heart.
Perhaps God put her there to be his love.
His happiness was planned right from the start.

The moon has always been my trusted muse,
Has comforted when I'm alone and blue.
When words won't come and inspiration wanes,
The moon has helped me to begin anew.
If God has planned romance for man in moon,
Perhaps my own love shall be coming soon.

Written; March 2, 2013 for contest "Moon is my Muse"

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Looking out a Window on a December Night

Those drapes of snow, which out my window dance,
like thy white arms, that my warm heart surround,
are ghostly visions false, heav’nly rants,
deceiving my mind, of no substance found,
replacing grey fact with hard diamant,
enjewelling e’en mud with improper grace,
painting most pure what proves of beauty scant,
giving unto sin fair virtue’s clean face.
They swim in billowed air exposed to gust
like dreams upon a too-convincing stage,
and when the earth dooms these to that cruel must,
and when that fond myth is proven a mirage,
	mine eyes shall swim in moister element;
	for tricks are fouler which are heaven-sent.

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A Paris Love Affair - Monsieur L'Vampyre

     A Paris Love Affair - MONSIEUR L'VAMPYRE 
I must confess to nights of indiscreet
but Madam, my intent was having fun,
and now your eyes tell me, as sure they meet,
what you desire is more than love has done;

does not your heart lean to a burning flame
as much as what your life's accustomed to?
For any fool to play this losing game,
they've got to need the bite as much as you;

and so you choose to look so very deep
to raise the heat in me, and make me know
that what you want's a love you will not keep
more than a night or two--and then you go.

   What is it you desire? I must submit,
   or all my life I'll be regretting it!
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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No meaning of my love

when you find another friend i never mind,
you go for a drink or walk, I never went behind,
i look after you and your family, I don't complain,
you come late when asking, you speak a lie plain,
i find you hear phone secretly and trying to bind,
i never blame,' you 're wrong' and have no fight,
you care me and my family it was only my delight,
you 're wrong to have left me and changed your mind,
few years later a young lady ruined you and run away,
you become old and sick approached me to stay,
you died nobody noticed police found you a week later,
i told children,''you died' they said,' he died for 25 years hater,
A man learns from mistake we read always a quotation,
who learns a lesson to change climax, we believe in fashion.

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Although the light long ago faded from my youth
Clarity of my memories tell one; go home,
If only to find the innocence and the truth
From whence I travelled this world, like a gypsy roam.

When the scroll misconstrued paths collide in the night
Unprepared for the dawning the golden sunrise,
Horizon awakened one of emerald bright
Freeways of poetry and words woven without guise.

The misunderstanding of the unrolling scroll
Gave one measure to digest the loss; the delay,
In sands of time ribald an everlasting toll
The scroll we have a new understanding this day.

The gypsy has finally found himself a home
Through emerald eyes seeing his sunrise; not alone.

© Harry J Horsman & Mandy M Tams 2014

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Upon a Bed of Petals

There placed on my bed from my wife so sweet Is a pile of rose petals so elite Gorgeous they are with a symbol of love Shaped like our small hearts, glories from above Their light fragrance filled up our entire room There’s not an inkling of impending doom This love that’s not crafted from a patent There's just happiness and joy are present The petals together represent time Each one is a year unified, aligned Now we are to lay on this bed of joy These petals for each of us to enjoy I pull you down with pure romance installed We then reach the height of passion enthralled
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "Upon A Bed Of Petals" contest 3/20/2013

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Was it fate or chance our paths were crossed
 Heading two different directions, that merge to one
 The whole time my heart being turned and tossed
 Being drawn to you like a flower is to the sun
Hoping longing that the day soon comes to light
 That our eyes meet and all hopes then become true
 Walking beside each other beginning our plight
 Without words each says to the other, I love you
Realizing the combining of two souls now achieved
 The sorrow of loneliness disbanded never to return
 A love never giving chance for either to be deceived
 Something that no one can teach nor can one learn
Looking to the day that our two worlds are united
 Fighting against the possibility to ever be divided

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Sated Love

The look bestowed upon me makes me yearn
A smile that speaks of favored pleasures near
You blow upon the embers make them burn
Shut out the world; enclose me in your sphere

I feel within your arms the burning urge
To claim and make me yours as captive one
Your raw desire now with mine does merge
Your searing hands defy the blazing sun

Scorched in the flame of your inferno’s heat
I moan your name as soul and body melt
Hands clutch and twist the damp and crumpled sheet
As hungry lovers we the rapture felt

A cooling breeze from open window seeps
As sated love once more in dreamland sleeps

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Song of Solomong 2: 5 - 7

Strengthen me with raisins,
    refresh me with apples,
    for I am faint with love.
6 His left arm is under my head,
    and his right arm embraces me.
7 Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you
    by the gazelles and by the does of the field:
Do not arouse or awaken love
    until it so desires.

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New Beginning

As I wake up I can see the sun shine,
Smiling because everything's divine,
I'm happy feeling so alive,
I have a rush of emotions that are hard to define.
I lay down at night and my mind plays peekaboo,
Sleeping so peacefully dreaming of you,
Having anxiety contemplating on my next move,
Can this be happening is this really true.
The wounds on my heart are starting to heal,
Walls are breaking down from feelings I conceal,
Am I this lucky because to feels so surreal,
I deserve this because I've been through some rough ordeals.
I'm blessed because you found your way to me,
The emptiness going away because I'm the chosen nominee,
The loneliness is settling turning into glee,
God sent you in my life so it has to be meant to be.
Talking all day morning to night,
Having deep conversations the connection's so right,
Bonded together like glue can't wait to unite,
You've given me the inspiration again to write.
Joys taking over this once broken soul,
Mending the once broken pieces back into a whole,
With our feelings combined it'll be out of control,
Because it's my heart that you stole.

 December 19, 2013
~The One and Only~

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As I can bounce a thought from off the moon,
while you are looking, when I know it's you
perhaps you'll sing along, less out of tune;
Sureal, the moon will do what it can do.

All mystic from the past; each witch's spell;
each wizard's charge of magic--candlelight;
some power of one's love; each tolling bell;
rains down from melting pots of lucid night.

And when the moon is full, and in its prowl
escaping where it's been so it can fly,
deep in the forest dark, the wolfmen howl,
and I look for this love to never die.

        On one such moment, like we've never known
         Reality sets in, you've been alone.
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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No sight is like the rising of the sun

No sight is like the rising of sun
When promises of dreams seem  clear and still
My heart  though sore ,can fancy  love has come
Without hard times and exercise of will.

No morning is without new dawn of hope
When all our conflicts shall be put aside.
Imagination is  far flung in scope,
Never  noting dreams may fraughtly lie.

No love is like my long lost love for you
Once known,once felt,it settles in the heart.
Yet I do believe love can be found anew
But only when the lost  true love  departs.

So bother me no more with reveried bliss.
Go leave me with my  life,though all’s amiss

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ARTERIAL BITE Monsieur L'Vampyre

Has not my love been welcomed in delight
when no one else could woo the heart of thee,
so what recourse has moved you to this night
of holding back the love you promised me?

No mere bloodsucking's what I have in mind
but like the finest wine--appreciate
what love has layed here at your feet to find,
enjoy-- or when you cum, you'll cum too late.

No jugular has put out all this much
to princes of the dark, forget their claim!
now I place no demands on you as such;
to choose my love, you've but to say my name.

   So lay you down, and bare where I should feed;
   your artery, where flows the blood I need.
           ©  ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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No Chance For Pretense

I vividly recall the dream, of the moment, I first saw your face
Unsettled, quite smitten, my mind became an empty space
Words tripped over, then skipped out, along with my voice
Like a bashful school girl meeting her first crush, I lost my poise

The fine, white, sun baked sand, like sugar, glistened
Lost in thought, building sand castles, I listened
Soothing sounds from crashing waves, seduced me into sleep
As cool mists from crested waves hungrily licked my pretty bare feet

I turned, to watch the seagulls, and there you stood, in the distance, staring
In that moment, quite unafraid, I stared right back, admiring
With each step towards me, this silly heart begged wings to fly
Before long, we stood face to face, knowing steamy summer love had arrived

Abruptly, I averted my eyes, from alluring smile, your eyes, too intense
Steamy heat invaded this body, leaving no chance for pretense

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Two became one and there was one.
In your likeness one was made one.
Like the seed of a farmer,
I prospered as a tree by the water.
I see your light under the sun;
And sing for joy for all you've done.
I breathe your peace under the moon;
And hear of ur glory in the noon.
I think of your goodness and wonder;
And feel your love so tender.
I can only imagine the depth,
Of your love. Even to death, 
You loved me. I can only imagine,
How you love me. I can only imagine.

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Sonnet of a Lover and Sinner

What a grave sin, what abomination—a lover
Loving a man of his choice, astray, following heart’s desire.
Pray tell, whom have I wronged and what prayer
Is there to purge this unholy burning fire?

The Most Merciful and Forgiving
Truly You are. But for all I know, no devil
Writes such sweet songs, so divine and of love, to sing
And no virtuous prophet, untouched by Gabriel,

Could fully decipher what Your will is.
So let me believe this love is pure
To the day when Israfel fulfils his
Heavenly duty. And all will see for sure:

Us, entering Your radiant celestial garden;
For even Azrael understands love is God-given.

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A Shakespearean Sonnet

Before you, beauty couldn’t be defined
Your eyes glisten like the sun on the sea
To say I love you, I’m more than inclined
Yes, I really hope you will stay with me

Your face shines brighter than the mid-day sun
Not even to an angel, you compare
From more than six-billion, you’re the one
The love I have for you, I dare not share

You are my Lanore, with me here and now
You are clumsy, yet graceful, like a dove
Nothing bad to you, I should now allow
You are the one I must say I do love

For you are worth the most beautiful rhyme
When I’m with you, wasted not is my time

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I Try

I'm not perfect but I try,
Try to be the best and at times it hurts so much I cry.
The daily struggle to fight the battle within,
To absorb the positive and do away with the negativity,
But yet at times it's left me feeling so lonely.
All I can do is try to understand,
Be sympathetic and become a better woman.
Try to make you see that I appreciate you,
Show you that I love and care about you.
Try to show that even tho I'm not perfect my intentions are good,
By being there through everything just like I should.
Try to give you all you need,
Fighting the evil trying hard to succeed.
Try to be like no other that you've ever had,
Erasing all the pain from the ones who treated you bad.
Try and ease your mind from the worries and stress,
Show you how you are truly blessed.
Try to be the best sister and daughter that will make you proud,
So my light will shine through even standing in a crowd.
Try to meet the potential that I'm capable of having,
To have a brighter future without excess baggage.
Try to make the people I love happy because that's how much I care,
To be the run to girl when your life is in despair.
Try to right my wrongs before it's too late,
Hoping and praying that I'll be standing in line at the golden gate.
Try to fix my mistakes because Lord knows there's many,
By learning from the past and understanding fully.
Try to help the best way I know,
To be there always is what I try to show.
Try to mold the broken pieces and putting them back into place,
So I can be strong and do whatever it takes.
Try to have an open mind to another point of view,
To see things differently just for you.
Try to give it my best fighting through the blood, sweat, and tears,
Because I want to be better in the upcoming years.
Trying isn't easy it's a constant agony,
But I'm willing to go through it to become a better me.

April 18, 2014
~ The One and Only~

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Heart Unbroken

Slowly he walked into my life
Slowly he healed my strife.
With tiny steps he eased my pain,
With tiny steps I laughed again.
He took my dark and gave me light.
He took my heart and made it bright.
He waited patiently till I could cope,
He waited, waited and gave me hope.
I gave him my heartache and he set me free.
I gave him my trust and now I am finally me.
He is the best man Ive ever known
and for him each minute my love has grown.
And as he walks close by my side,
My heart is bursting with so much pride.

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''To love or not to love a woman--Which'' revised

To love or not to love a woman? Which
is better? To love and love well is good
so long they who love love without falsehood
as their twain hearts so compel and make rich
love's treasures. As friend, she's best: never switch
a lady-friend into a lover, should 
her all precious friendship and lady-hood 
be injured and make her a hateful witch. 
But, alas, to love God is best! Not I,
but the aims of this life and Destiny
make it so that men like me must decry
love's ambit for a life of poverty.
     But if I could choose, I'd be more content  
     as love's disciple and caged exponent.

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Forbidden Fruit

Nector's scent intoxicates me.
Her Kisses bait me
to the succulent feast that awaits me.
In between the limbs of this peach tree
I see... A seed that pleads
for release of it's need.
Is it greed that moves my silent speech?
As I'm so giving hoping my words will reach
ears that hear not yet understand.
Intuition guides my hands...
And the peach plans
to share it's juice.
From the tip of the branch
to the roots its lets loose
violently shaking it's branches thin
from the whirlwind within
My appetite endless
No shortage of fruit to end this...

By: Soul's Floetry

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The Feast

You are as food and drink to my life
As showers give soul to the ground;
And for the joy to see you, the knife
Severs heart and soul without sound.
Yet, if my cry should reach your ears
And you could know you are my treasure;
To drink all my yearning tears
I would love you without measure.
For my eyes delight on the face in my sight
And happy am I for that stare
From you who ignite all my dreams at night
And dissolve my inner being without care.
So I grieve and aspire each long day,
To feast on you if you would only come my way.

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A canopy of grandfather oak branches and green leaves
sways between your brilliant Sun and I, 
It’s tattered, blanket of shade moving on your grass,
so inviting .. I just can’t pass it by.

I’m busy with much ado about nothing really,
Can we just talk here for a while?
Let me lay here in your creation and rest,
in the midst of this worldly trial.

Help me to be still and listen for just a bit 
to maybe hear you in your gentle breeze,
while I lie on your ancient earth, 
in your green grass, neath your leafy trees…

What lovely, peaceful expressions; so near.
Thank you my Maker, for bringing me here...

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Because of you, in gardens of blossoming Flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring. I have forgotten your face, I no longer Remember your hands; how did your lips Feel on mine? Because of you, I love the white statues Drowsing in the parks, the white statues that Have neither voice nor sight. I have forgotten your voice, your happy voice; I have forgotten your eyes. ~ excerpts from Pablo Neruda’s poem, “Love”
Flushed hands spill passion, softly wild In a languid explosion you rise With threads and threads of angst piled Spewing flamed embers’ cries And I feel your veins in my chest From twilight laced I rile again Down fingertips my soul’s unrest To drain on verses from your pen A language of fire scents my mood, That marks thorns when love and rage twine. Sweet flowers ache as plucked lyres brood On frail stars, veiled light breaks my spine Dear Neruda, salt of heart clears Offering balm of gentle smears ~ Pablo Neruda , a Chilean poet, and diplomat, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. For Francine Roberts’ Tribute by Sonnet

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Wedding Portrait

A bouquet of white blossoms in your hand
So wistful is the springtime rose that waits
With a mauve dress of silk and beaded strands
Lost moment of time, lingers at the gate

I bear witness to thy heart's devotion
Bringing tears you would never know to shed
My view conceived, with such emotion
A time revealed, before tomorrow's dread

Tho' years have gone, I'm witness to the pages
A day that lingers,  captured in two faces
A love that lasted, long beyond the ages
Forever held, locked in love's embraces

Intrigued I weep, when closed mine eyes to sleep
Find comfort last, that by his side you keep

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The Ghost Of Ole Blue

Old Jim Hasselgrove lived out by the river bank
where you'd see him sometimes cookin 
viddles on a small wood stove
now Jim's best friend was a dog named Blue
cause no matter where Jim went Blue was sure to be there too 
like soft butter spread on bread those two were meant to be
so it was that the years passed by
yet that dog Blue never left Old Jim's side
then one day somethin mighty awful happened
seems Old Jim had gone up and passed away
everyone in town thought  Jim should've had a church grave
but loyal Blue stayed by old Jim's shack
which in the end is where they buried Old Jim 
and where some swear the ghost of ole Blue still remains today

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Like The Finest Of Wines

You say I'm old enough to know better;
But I am still young enough not to care--
So I'll compose another love letter
To shake up your world, my dear lady-fair.
Your kiss still goes to my head like champagne.
(I should have built a tolerance by now!)
They send me spinning around and again...
I can't get enough of them anyhow.
I may not chase as fast as I used to,
Nor do my passions carry me away,
But my heart's embers still smolder for you-
And they prob'ly will 'til my dying day.
Our love matures like the finest of wine,
Whose bouquet piquant endures for all time.

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                                                    PHIDELLIA'S TEAHOUSE AND ANTIQUES

                                                    121 Peel St
                                                    10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily


There, you're here, but it was inevitable  
that we would rewrite the plan. Loose leaf tea
has such allure, pulling us from our table
at Phidellia's. Those shelves are as giddy

as girls, all dolled up and flaunting cups. Blends
pester affectionately, brood like sisters
seeking attention. You sniff jars, find a friend
in Sweet Almond, but a look almost lists  

for I've dwelled overly long on Alcott 
and we haven't yet touched on Millay, Sapho
or Bronte! Two a-mused by more than pots.
"You see haiku. Well, I see Meg and Jo-"

"-Love, Et Cetera," You tease, such soft praxis,
so I kiss those cheeks with tender ekphrasis.

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Brave like you

 I find myself not , eating, thinking, and sleeping
Sometimes , not doing things right in my life
The many obstacles , Im going threw
Just to reach one goal
The many blocks, I walk
Day or Night

Sometimes confuse on time
Wishing it was a dream
The moment , I heard 
You went to sleep
All, I keep saying is 
Who , understood me like you
For the many reasons 
I love you

I appreciated everything, you did
From the braveness, you gave my soul
The gentleness, in your words
For each teardrop, you wiped off my face
Now, my teardrops seem to reach the ground
While , I look in (Heaven)
Praying your looking down

Showering this fear off my skin
Feel my feet
They're so weak
But , for you 

I get on my knees
Singing and crying, to God
That my angel is you
So , I can whisper in your ear
Mama, make me brave
Brave like you

June 8th 2012

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What's Cooking Good Looking

with muse in hand
a romantic longing is the plan
dinner at eight
I hope he won't be late

sherry filled to the rim
soft music for us to spin
candles on the mantel
slight ring of dinner bell

waft of curry stuffed chops
and potatoes creamy and hot
buttermilk biscuits on the side
and dessert for which he decides

this is how mom said to get to a mans heart
with a romantic dinner from the very start

Tribute To Romance

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
A Romantic Longing Contest

GL All

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The Old World

You don’t know the old world,
But you would have liked it.
In that world, when I was young,
Like you, hungry to eat the roots
Full of fuel, I dreamed I could fly.
Flap my arms and fly, freely
I was a helium balloon,
Rising up into the blue sky.

When I think of you, it is like
A portal into that old world,
Where all my lost years unwind
A chance to find those butterflies
I left behind.  You, who don’t know 
But you would have liked it. 

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A Sonnet on My A

First letter and first vowel is the A.
Not only does the A begin my name,
it also ends my name in the same way.
Creative A am I and with no shame,
for I’m no Scarlet-lettered A. My A
means number “one” in numerology.
To love one’s life and try to lead the way
are facets of A’s personality.

The independent A loves knowledge too,
resolving to meet goals with  energy!
At Soup, I think my A serves as a glue
to strengthen bonds and build community.
An Alpha-high-achiever though I am,
I’m just a friendly, peaceful little lamb!

(I enjoyed this contest because it gave me
the opportunity to share my love of numerology
with you who read this. For information on the
meaning of the first letter of YOUR name, 
go to these links (there are many others):

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The The Arms Of An Angel

Once I looked into the eyes of an angel
Something I heard only happens in fables
Like they said, I felt only peace and love
And the softness of wings just like a dove.
Could something so perfect really be true?
For the pain of love was all that I knew.
Always hurting me and making me sad,
Taking away everything that I had.
But this was different, not nearly the same.
He scooped me up and out of the hot flames.
That ruined me then, but not again
For i was happier than I had once been
Warm in the arms of my fair, sweet angel.
Tucked in the warmth of my fairy tale

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Black Cats and White

Black cats screech and walk unseen in the night.
My heart is a black cat in the cold dark,
I travel unseen by others and mark
The world spin by and make prosperous might.
You are a cat of silvered fur pure white. 
You travel the night, shine in the dusk, hark
Black cats follow you through street and then park
And yearn for you, to them, to turn your sight.
Can love be found or must one use a lure?
Can love fall from the sky or be slow grown?
My heart does not wish to be reborn sure,
The black cat wants not light dye overblown.
All the heart wants is a white cat snow pure
To love and be loved and for comfort shown.

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A Daydream

                          A Daydream

What verse could make her touch one key and drift
what vibration could – such beauty – calm
and in her heart make melancholy shift.
What verse could serve - for loneliness – as balm.

And yet the eyes as cut off as the stems
of flowers imprisoned in fine vase
drift sweetly on the tone of single key
the scent of beauty still upon their face.

So does the heart pursue the dream
of token gently draped at leaving’s kiss
rekindling the heat of passion’s lips
sails alone - on moments of such bliss.

And in these times adrift on loving’s sea
dreams only - that he - still dreams of me.

For A Daydream contest/Isaiah Zerbst

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Our qualms doth not live aloft our dreams to confer 
Upon heavenly horizons where every soul shall dwell

Twas meant to turneth thy sight away from a lovers stare
Should sunshine always show, should seas forever break swell

Thou and thou maketh one long vow bound before holy eyes
As fate end lives to lure in new casts God maketh so endears

Why hath ye been sojourned in secrecy of where thine truest treasure lies
When in that divine next place, you will sigh at thine sight of no fears

Mustn't time only tell tales lived on by unvanquished surrenderers
Sailing cordially lost with us, addled no more but paddled on pent in pain 

Or herein reap rewards wrought upon death’s frozen oar bearers
Shores to shores, we promised ourselves cradles to returneth once again

Thus as adventure unfolds amongst ocean graves hushed we see
Where perpetual peace reigneth forever we are at last in love at sea

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To Erase or Not to Erase?

Perchance, if I could parts of life erase,
by careful choice select the times to keep,
I’d treasure love’s long walks on sunny days,
and cast aside the shade where I did weep
upon the morn you closed your eyes to mine,
forsaking me to chase a wanton breeze;
negate the lapse between my heart and thine,
to hold the nights we lay entwined with ease.

If this eraser I should choose to wield,
to moor thy heart and gently clip thy wing,
I ask, in time, would wretched fate be sealed,
as I, unmeant, forbade thy soul to sing?

Speak fondly to me from thy heart’s refrain,
that I may know my love was ne’er in vain.

*** for 'Rub it Out' contest

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When We are Apart

Each day all my treasured thoughts, you lay claim
While minutes stretch and I search for patience
Restlessness arrives and your love I'll blame
Desire calls and the heart yearns in absence
When do I not search my heart's space for you?
Alone in the world, no matter the crowd
To sense you close and feel these thoughts so true
To reach inside, still them from ringing loud
And know loneliness with its reservior
When I hear whispers from your voice within
They move across worlds and their farthest star
And speak to me, it's where our love begins

To find soft caresses, when my love's sought
This sanctuary, of you in my thought


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Sonnet V

I stand awed by the greatness of your soul;
That you who are indeed true nobility
Would stoop into the mire to such as me
To lift me, as you have, and backward roll
The heavy weight of sorrow's bitter toll.
Ah, love, I am not worthy, not of thee;
I know naught of your generosity.
I long content to mete out but the dole.
I pray you of my worth do not despair,
For silver by a pearl does richer grow;
And one who knew for long your touch, your care,
Who lay as instrument beneath your bow,
Would somehow grow more pure, more kind, more fair.
Ah, love! 'T is this, your love, I wish to show.

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My Love

My love is as deep as all the oceans and seas,
It is only meant for you and for me.
It goes as deep as the earth's core,
I'll prove it to you so you'll be sure.
My love is one of a kind,
I love you for your heart and for your mind.
My love never expires,
It will still be going strong even when you retire.
My love is your antidote,
For your worries and struggles so you can cope.
My love goes deep melting through bone,
As long as you have me you're never alone.
I'll give you love like you've never had,
Wipe away your tears when your sad.
I'll be your ride or die,
When things get rough I'll still be by your side.
Start from the bottom and rise to the top with you,
Supporting you in everything that you do.
I'll never leave you like the others in your past,
My love for you will always last.
I value your love you give me,
All I'm trying to do is make you happy.
Show you that my love is for real,
Because together our love is ideal.
My love will be all you'll ever need,
And together our love will succeed.
My love makes me get mad because I care,
You and I make the perfect pair.
Let my love sing you to sleep,
Giving you rest because your mind's at peace.
My love can never be duplicated,
What we have can't be fabricated.
My love can heal your deepest wounds,
What we have can never be ruined.
My love makes me become your protector,
No matter what your heart is something I'll always treasure.
It's like you're floating on a cloud,
Having my love will make you proud.
My love is like winning the lottery,
One in a million because it's what you never see.
My love will soothe your pain,
From others that took your love in vain.
My love will comfort your soul,
Making you feel warm inside even when it's cold.
My love is expressed by what I do,
Giving words meaning by following through.
My love will guard your heart,
From the other women that ripped it apart.
My love will make you strong,
Because you with me is where you belong.
My love is real and true,
So believe me when I say I love you.

Dedicated to the man I Love

   January 22, 2014
~The One and Only~

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Autumn figure

Oh, you're brilliant, you deciduous darling 
I'm falling for your colorful ways
leaving me tumbling and a'swirling
Autumn, I'm in love with you today

Take me down your sentimental paths
rustling my memories hued into now
and leave them there smelling past
the years I still remember somehow

Rising scents burning smoky flaring
youth revisits my ancient memories
t'was good to recall that time sharing
days running toward life's vagaries

Not knowing our coming appreciation
making it blazing to Autumn's elation

© Goode Guy 2012-11-14

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Seasons Turning

The wind turns rustling the reddish-brown leaves. 
Trees stand devoid of their cover and howl
Like bathers caught without a green towel.
The wind turns, the arctic soul misconceives.
The snows pile up around my silver car.
Outraged the trees thrash and howl in the wind
Smarting like young children regimented.
The snows pile up; the heart is as stones are.
The iris bloom, couples old, young elope.
Buds develop forth from bare twigs and grow,
A bald man farming a new luscious mo.
The iris bloom, the heart feels raptured hope.
The grass browns the dams are slowly emptied.
Branches hang drooping in the severe sun,
Young mothers at their hot sinks deflated.
The grass browns the heart resigns abandoned.
You seduce others, caress them and give
Love, mine remains fervent and I forgive.

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i deleted your number

I deleted your number
It's not the first time.
I had too
The pain was unbearable, I couldn't pretend anymore
The feelings were factual
But I wonder if they were mutual

I have no reverse tab that I can just click
And erase some things
And untie some strings
Or revive the rings

Maybe the memories dont torture me as much as the future 
You see, I still dream of us together
Should I save my......our daylights
Or should I let the dark hover on until one day...........
...or never

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You Are My Guitar

I'm not really alone. This is my voice, The one that sings, and you are my guitar. A mute, without my music, not by choice. Crippled tongue shyness, keeps me afar. My midnight dreams of perfect melody; This is my humble voice, on whispers flown, and your voice together, in harmony as it would be, if our souls were our tones. Sure, my heart is breaking, no words to say Yes, I feel like crying, my love is true This is my only voice, the only way is in this song, that I can be with you On silver winds, hear what my heartsong brings. My voice, my guitar. Listen! Touch the strings.

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Gray is the Color of Love Lost

In silent dance  Autumn's brown floating leaves,
fall around me, as thoughts appear seamless
Wind moves leaf covered ground, reflection cleaves
Love becomes a memory to confess
Birds rise dark in far distance crying out
An audience to such a foolish pain
Night falls, crumbled leaves are blowing about
I'll await moonlight's glow to go insane
Gray's dull color painted love's last moment
Felt its quiet death as my hands trembled,
as its final breath forever distant
Cast to horizon's line to be humbled

To sit among dead leaves with sadness
Companion to their plight causes madness

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You left me a baby barely out of my crib;
Weakened without you, now stronger at last;
Black hole in mum’s chest, Adam took his rib;
It’s too late now, the iron has rust;
And to you Mother, my greatest woman on Earth;
In youth and all ambition you put your plans to yield;
I am a man now, still and always your son from birth;
I will always remember my promise to build;
To my love, my lily, my beauty, I see you;
Couple with me, let the cycle start again;
Through our youth and middle age I will love you;
So in death we shall feel no pain;
My whole life in a note but more;
With the three souls that made my core.



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Growing Up Milestones

You learn how to crawl before you can walk Then pull up; let go; give a step a chance Little by little you’ll learn how to talk And you finally stop wetting your pants You’ll be starting school in just a few years Give Mom a big kiss; on the bus and go I know it’s scary and you’re full of fears All alone with kids you don’t even know Enter puberty; hormones give a shove Remember the day you shared a first kiss Followed by those bouts of puppy love Now you seek true love, one you can’t resist You’re reached adulthood, physically true Mentally you’re still got growing to do

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The cloud

I have mistakenly kissed a cloud
passing through the wedding hall,
She forsook the sky and her fall
was after the silver bell’s sound.
Her lips tasted like early morning,
when the sun blinked his eyes
and painted in rosy the blue skies,
wiping the stars that were adorning
the night who departed to sleep,
Perhaps it had a jealous motive,
hiding the stars in her gloom hive:
her fancy was only hers to keep .
but I confess: that was my intent
to make the cloud remain content.

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Scent of Lavender

You are the beauty loved exquistely
Though absence strains with pain an anxious heart. 
My spirit speaks, in lone soliloquy, 
Grand passion's pleaful prayer we never part.

I stand enchanted with the gift of soul 
Embedded deep inside my essence by your kiss 
So filled with light of love it made me whole, 
Exchanging emptiness for bounty's bliss. 

A paradise profound in you I found 
When dawn broke new that day you set me free 
From all addictions to which I was bound; 
Your love did save then gave life ecstasy. 

You are the scent of lavender in spring; 
A songbird's song sung softly on the wing. 

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One Soul

Stones crash and shatter
Architecture annihilated 
Atrophy lie their empire
Fated souls separated

Nomadic in pursuit
Forlorn hearts in quest
Amour of absolute
A lifetime possessed

Dimensions of eternity
They cry into space
Dreaming of a fantasy
Fading memory of an embrace

A fated meeting binds them whole
Two halves, of one soul

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My Love for a Hispanic Girl---Spanish version

Una chica hispana la fuerza y belleza tan sabios y fuertes, creo que estoy enamorado de ella. Ella representa al sol que brilla toda la habitación y mi mundo por día. Por la noche, ella es la luna que sube por la noche, y mi buena estrella.La belleza de todas las niñas hispanos están floreciendo como un lote de rojo, amarillo, blanco y rosas rosadas. Cuando miro a los ojos de una hermosa chica hispana, que brillan como un par de caras diamantes por valor de 1 millones de dólares. Cuando veo la cara, es como mirar un ángel

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Forget me, you, where upon your name shall shine,

Forget me, you; where upon your name shall shine,
Where, therein your heart shall not ever repent,
For by then, I will be gone without a sign
And our love with its flowers shall far be sent,
And thus my part, a lover, done and proven,
For this ain't my love that don't care your future,
But the truth that I will burn in an oven,
Tolerating my broken heart in suture,
Escorting pain along with me to the sea,
To the depths where your eyes and heart shall not reach,
If once you see my son, call him for a tea,
For I shall sing him our love and its songs each,
For now this is all I say when you marry,
That my distance is my love that I carry. 

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The End

She just closed her eyes and that was the end
No tearful goodbyes not even a word
And all of the whys they were never heard
There were no more lies we had to defend

So ended our show and all it incurred
So far beyond woe no teardrop to rend
My mind won’t know it chose to pretend	
So great was the blow it must be absurd

My memory ran to our special place
Where kisses began in days of our youth
Where once a young man discovered his dawn

No future in sight just one empty space
Which stole all my light this vision of truth
So began the night for now she is gone

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In a Hotel Room

I sit on the edge of the bed thinking Wishing you were here or that I was there These work related trips keeps me hurting But then my heart, I come to you and share I sit in the middle of a moon beam That comes into the room’s hotel window A lonely bit of light, lonely it seems Opens the room to its cool silver glow I pout as I lay onto the hard bed Seemingly to sure keep me up all night I texted her with my whole soul, I sure pled Hoping she’s up and will respond tonight It’s hard to be away from by loved one But soon I'll be home, my love will be shown
Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "In a Hotel Room..." contest 2/7/2013

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The Essence of your Love

Serenade me the way a sonnet moves the soul
to hear your spoken secrets ring
will surely make my heart whole,
once more my lonely days will sing.

The essence of my love lives within your eyes
I promise forever to be faithful to you
to live my life with one thousand of your sighs,
your softness is an angels touch, never to be blue.

So kiss me as the promise you claim
For I am your prince forever more.
Riches don't come close to your fame
In my heart your love forever I adore

The essence of my love bids you come my way
And here forever together we shall stay.

By Julie Heckman

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A warm Heart


Childhood summers days are the longest
They open up possibilities for endless play.
Those sunshine wrapped days made for fun
Have kept my heart warm over the years.
Now the days of possibilities are gone
And wailing winter wind whips me out of shape
Propelling me towards the dark days -
Those inevitable sunshineless days where
Reality seeps into your bones like chill
Seeping through cracks in a window sill.
I look ahead and warm my bones with 
Pictures of family and friends now gone
but etched forever deep in my heart where
the flaming fire of love is still aglow.    

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To one gone

Black is the night when tender living dreams,
	Circle the skies with wax wing hints of mist,
Too fragile to fall, though falling it screams,
	"Beware, beware the moonlit garden wrist!",

Its hand you knew upon your brow and tears,
	Whose love ignored the trust it could not find,
The roots that never belong or so it appears,
	To find only the boots heavy on your mind.

Touching the skin that covers your soul,
	Of spices whose bite the snake must refrain,
From asking whose deed that blood did control,
	What infinite being did it contain?

Never (did I say never?) did the world sleep so much,
	As the night my lips to your tomb did touch.

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Marriage Proposal

Moment I had waited whole my life,
Through my joys and bounds of strife,
Will it happen not or will it be,
That he proposes to marry me ?

The first day as our eyes carved,
For togetherness as if they starved,
Wasn't sure the day would be,
That he proposes to marry me ?

Those romantic meetings secretly,
As the passion grew tempestuously,
Resistance from family if, let it be,
That when he proposes to marry me?

Today is the day and now the moment,
Dreams and desires trued prudent !

Written September 21st, 2014
For contest 'Will you marry me' by Judy Konos

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love is a wonderland.
which gives us the feel of both heaven and hell.
heaven appears when you say"i love you".
heaven appears when you "love me a lot".
heaven appears when you "hug and kiss me".
hell appears when you"fight with me".
hell appears when you"leave me lonely".
hell appears when you "hurt me".
in a second hell will change into heaven when you are near me.
hell will disappear in a second with tears on the eyes.
that tears is the way which takes us to heaven.
heaven appears in the heart and it comes out with a smile in lips.
that smile is the lighting which brings brightness in two members life.
love and choose a life partner. let a lovely life.....

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My Queen and Her Child

Run far away my unknown living child
Follow me across and up the brown stairs
For it is I whom makes your heart too mild
I will kill the sweet smell of your red hair.

Sweet queen, today you are to be no more
Please follow my cold living hand reaching
No more you are, yet death reaches no door
Enslaved you are, continuing, teaching.

I think of reaching for my hidden gun
Pray just before your sudden gruesome death
My jest toward you is not a damn pun
Silent I must not stay, even when deaf.

I can not compare your skin with one word
Turn away, I say, my disgusting sword.

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In Her Hands Now

From time to time the mould gets broken,
And shatters into unspoken pieces.  Chaos,
The lack of form, supplants the frozen norm.
Relief is sweet, like breathing out a stone.
Each time I stagger to my dizzy feet and climb
back out of that grinding sausage machine,
opening doors, energy forms, release me
Into a wave of darkness and dreams.

Until, invisible hands, guide me, pull me
 Urge me forward, until I can hear
the call, clearly and beyond all doubt,
I jump, I fall, I feel her waiting arms
and disappearing from all, until,
possessed,  I am in her hands now.

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Perfect Circles

With her hand, she drew perfect circles,
from balloons to bicycles, perfectly formed.
Devine, her lines were always exactly right,
she had the eye and the appetite.
To compensate, she hardly ever cried,
but her buttery eyes were warm to my sight.
She claimed the center of my centrifuge
with her gift of circles, she became a refuge.
But gravity pulls hard on shoulders and wheels
Even the planets are pulled into line.
The whirling dervishes have all disappeared
Gone to nirvana’s lost hemispheres.

A lifetime of circles she spanned every height,
With her arcing reminders of eternal light.

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What is Love

Two intertwined souls that combine,
All the days are bright with a sun that always shines,
Your air you breathe and heart that beats,
Making your heart melt when you hear them speak.
Being in eternal bliss,
Getting butterflies in your stomach just from a kiss.
Thinking about them morning and night,
Never wanting it to end holding on so tight.
The touch of their hand when it caresses your skin,
Knowing you've met your sweetest sin.
Without them you'd feel so lost,
Getting them back no matter the cost.
No more days that are sad and blue,
Because you know that they love you.
Feeling dizzy and weak in the knees,
You've waited for this day eternally.
You smile when you gaze into their eyes,
Knowing your happy feeling so alive.
You have no more worries no reason for tears,
Having them in your life all problems disappear.
Always loyal standing by their side,
Because you are their ride or die.
Going through the struggles making it out on top,
The love for each other was powerful enough not to stop.
Never betraying what you have worked hard to achieve,
Their love for you is strong enough not to cheat.
Everything is good because they are by your side,
Knowing it's love because it's nothing you've ever felt before inside.

December 19, 2007                                                                                  
~The One and Only~

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It's a ripe hour under shield
And tranquil carefree splendid of the day
Quoting the splendour combination of beauty
It's the time on the lovers on board.
A butterfly pretty and pigeon beauty
Both are true and are mine
When duos redeemed, I was there
A babel of noise to must bubble
Won't I be backbitten as a backbencher?
I am an ally of the lovebirds
Background temptation must let go here
I am a friend and a best man to be
So, so and so thought should excuse my tract
And let me remain a matchmaker under zephyr.

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Nocturnal Sonnet




may i touch your porcelain-like skin as it sparkles in the light, 
your piercing eyes sensing the heat of our unity in the darkness…of night;

may i step into your dreams and emotions with care;
riding the tide, without fearing; need i dare;

may i sense your love as we lie on the grass in the dusk of a day, 
sensing the fire as it ascends in the west, 
creating the tears, 
the fears and its best; 
may i hand you a rose, one that has blossomed in the light of day, 
now its petals so fair; 
its meaning so deep;
its thorns like talons, that pierce through our souls,
and may make us weep; 

may i  act as timid,
as a courting gentleman may;
in the moonlight above
may i ask 'voulez-vous dancez'?

may i salvage in a bottle, 
our times together, should they end;
so that society may sense the freedom,
the emotion,
and the power
as it transcends;

may our dreams be filled with 
fantasies, that are endeared
for just one night, and 
may our souls commence their  searches, 
finding unity in darkness, as we suddenly see the light……

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When fate decides to bring you love that lasts
your heart whispers that you’re finally home,
Before and after, a joyful contrast,
Hands now entwine and open arms welcome.

Days of delight linger in just one glance,
Nights are brighter, a first star kept its word,
And like magic two minds begin a romance
with tender talk and a silence that’s heard.

A couple will be joined, fate has its way,
Bride and groom will soon be husband and wife,
This moment holds gifts, one for each of their days,
Spoken vows and a kiss start a new life.

See her smile at him, then watch his eyes gleam
for they were wed long ago in a sweet dream.

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At Loss for Words

I sit here in my little cyberboat on this monstrous sea
of words and phrases,fed by all the electronic rivers
of the world. I've been here often and fished freely
and not without success. At times, I pulled out diverse
bits of tricky wordplay to express my moods, fears
and longings. I rowed out to a deeper area this evening
determined to set my poles right and send my hooks years,
many years deep, to find those expressions existing
in unmined dark depths that swim in light phosphorescent,
unmatched and of their own making, smart and competent,
all like you my friend, independent, beautiful and intelligent.
I returned to shore without a catch, no brightly relevant
words to express how lovely a few hours and a lunch could be,
how my heart skips at good-byes, how valuable you are to me.

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Festering Rose

All that gain comfort from sight, and claim not ache,
Those that smile and wait for that plant to grow, 
Who, craving pleasure, are merely to take,
Staring blankly with self-proclaiming flow;
They surely do integrate falsehood’s patience;
With a cunning glamour toward their jewels;
They claim to be kings within maiden's graces;
Others are liars, and the rest sheer fools;
The stemming delight seems to be weeping still,
Though to many she shimmers in her glee;
So that rose festers in wake of man’s cruel will,
As the bluest one demands to break free;
So by heaven leave the festering rose
Find a constant maiden—a gem that glows 

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California the Pacific State

California the Pacific State 
How I long to see you 
On your shore awaits my fate 
My Soul loves your view 

My heart is the heart of the ocean 
Your watery touch makes me feel peace 
Like the gentle waves in sophisticated motion 
Just like the flying of the flock of geese 
My spirit moves fast and shakes 
The water gives me a lift 
To freedom from a powerful quake 
Towards you I never shift 

You're inside me forever 
No other state is inside my heart, soul, and spirit ever

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A sonnet of love V

love is finding
someone trust worthy
someone with inner beauty
that special someone
to set me free
and make me happy
her beauty sparkles
each moment the stars twinkles
the sound of her voice playing me a jingle
saying am single
and ready to mingle
she is the love of my life
and i can't wait 
to make her my wife

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Pain I've Endured

I have been lied to, cheated on, and verbally abused,
I have been heartbroken and used.
I have been second best when I thought I was first,
Goes to show you how little you're worth.
I have been attacked for no reason by another woman,
Because she was having sex with my man.
I felt like a fool for giving my whole heart,
To someone who only ripped it apart.
Mentally I'm damaged beyond repair,
Emotionally scarred from thinking they cared.
I had many tell me what they thought I wanted to hear to keep me around,
When I was at my lowest point they were the ones kicking me deeper into the ground.
I was depressed and felt all alone,
Still don't understand how people are cruel the reasons are still unknown.
The memories are still tainted til this day,
Wish all of the anger would go away.
I have a lot of issues I'm trying to work through,
People analyze me and criticize me when they don't even have a clue.
Doesn't matter how much you care about someone it's never enough,
Because they just used you as a stepping stone because they're life was tough.
Whatever they can get by with, they will do,
Assuring you that they loved you.
At times I second guess what is real,
Because that's the only way I know how to feel.
It left me feeling hopeless, like what's the point,
My whole body was hurting even my joints.
I was always the only one giving,
While they were steadily taking.
Just never understood how I could be treated this way,
That's why the past interferes with my present til this day.

       May 10, 2014
~The One and Only~

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Life of Pleasure

In nineteen-ninety-nine I found haikus
and love of poetry was beginning
I admit none of this is front page news
I was writing more with love life thinning 

In nineteen-eighty-five I wrote something
I showed it to a friend and he liked it
instead of moving on I did nothing
two years later I knew writing was it

Yes my life has been a somewhat rough road
but I also know it can be much worse
and right now my life is in pleasant mode
I even ended up living with nurse

I never thought I would love writing this
now I know pleasure in life does exists

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A Bubble Blown Up With Breath

I will tell of love in fourteen short lines
Remember when you chipped bone in kneecap
So much pain for you and me nothing fine
Knee pain for you for me nausea trap

You had surgery, nausea had me
One baby in arms another womb bound
When you came home, total care you no glee
Beside chamber nausea vomit round

Daily existence for weeks ugly trap 
Baby, husband's care between nausea
Holding baby my only relief gap
Situation had me deep undersea

Love is deep when one gives beyond their strength
Giving beyond the call of duty is youngth

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My painful Love

What made me write these words,
is it our bike rides or late night talks?
Are we missing all the fun and joys,
just becoz we both made flaws?

What is the meaning of our love,
if nothing is in our hands now?
Where are the beauitful days gone,
when we both spent the time on?

What if my heart beat stops,
and if you hear people cries?
Will you then make up your mind,
and open your eyes without being blind?

 I wish i see a change soon in your brain,
 without any pain,my love gets refrain.

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Love on our ship

On this ship we sail,
You and I is no fairy tale,
The tide keeps changing,
The winds keep raging,
Ice bergs and boulders,
Dark nights across borders.
But you and I at the helm,
To our paradise we'll aim'
Through the stormy weather,
This ship will weather,
Anchor we'll set on a land vast with no measure,
And on it, empty our chests full of treasure.

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A Proverbs 31:10-31 Woman (Sonnet)

I have tilled the soil Lord
brought forth manna for the world
dug trenches for young seeds
instead planted my little girl

she was just learning to sew
starting on her very first quilt
begged us for a proper education
my heart beats with guilt

how shall I understand
the message thou has sent
trying to remain strong and erect
my spiritualism has been bent

but my wife is steadfast and true
she's with the devil's parents glorifying you......

Bob Shank-Oct 10th, 2006
Dedicated to a pained Amish father

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Adjoining in the Sunrise

We climbed up a mountain, just he and I
      Never said a word, yet we said it all
      Wondering what it would be like to fall
As the sun lit up the now nearby sky
Lighting two figures who stood eye to eye
      Two hearts beat as one, two hearts beating true
      Beating together as the sky turned blue
We flowed down the mountain, just he, just I
The world waited for us to come down
      The flow seemed to stop, and he looked at me
      Touched my hand as we turned into the sea
Not caring as the worldly awaited us below
      We joined together as two, joined, may be
      Such innocence the world does not know

Copycat of "An Echo from Willow-Wood"
By Christina Rossetti

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My Good Days and My Bad Days

I have my good days and my bad days
Eros has trimmed his brows somewhat
Setting off to some far distant land in a haze
Trailing over the side of the boat his worn love-knot.
Prejudice sits quietly on my window sill
Its’ hard to forget and hard to remember
How he lit up my days so much I could fill
A cornucopia with fruits in this mild December
Now he’s definitely gone, his last plea
You’ll regret this, a net over his shoulder
I’ll leave you to your reminiscences and your tea
As you gradually grow older and older
Remember, I left you with a loving child
To gladden your heart on my return from  the wild.

(c) Rosemarie Rowley 2014

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From a Red Rose

Am I joyful, or am I somber?
Am I radiant, or recoiling?
Do I reach out to you, or do I hide? 
Can you tell? Will I decide?

Am I simple, or am I puzzling?
Do I caress you, or keep my distance?
Am I your true love, or just a stranger?
Will you ever know? Will I ever surrender?

Am I warm to you, or cold, impassive?
Do I allow you into me, or elude you?
Will I ever reveal myself to you, or for ever shut you out?
Please don't give up. 
Keep looking, stranger, my true love.

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Sonnet On a 5-5-'55 Guy

The fifth day of the fifth month of the year: For me this is no ordinary day. As quickly as spring blossoms, it is here and just as quickly, May 5th fades away. Most likely it will not look different from the other days that make up Merry May, but it’s a time I’m likely to become a bit nostalgic, letting my thoughts stray. . . to someone in my past. For all I know he could be dead, forever gone from me! I cannot think of that. It can’t be so. It has to be that he's in revelry! I’ll picture him May 5th as I always do - becoming that same age I’ll soon be too. By Andrea Dietrich 5/3/12 For Carol Brown's Memories of May Poetry Contest

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The Slow Learner

Pity me not because the moon is on wane
Remember when was full lighting the night
Pity me not for thinnning of dark blonde mane
That has gone from beauty to cotton light

Pity me not for energy deplete
Now time to snuggle between warm soft sheets
What's lacking in energy gain in sleep
With love beside me snoring to same beat

With love he continues to look on me
Even though my moon is waning this eve
Brown eyes adore me_ his love  only sees
Girl of seventeen with green eyes__ naive

Pity me  for my slow learning of life
Where in places my gifts could have stopped strife

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In the Dark Moon Evening

In the dark moon evening,
Your memories had come.
To show that everything
Which we had done.

I was thingking then,
Which songs would have to listen.
I was remembering then,
The gifts which I had given .

Then I remembered our third meeting .
The blue-colored dress you had worn ,
Which resembled deep your eyes crying 
Near the fully grown field of corn. 

Your eyes were showing the regret ,
That you were trying me to forget .

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Birthday Sonnet For My Wife

Close your eyes and bring back sweet memories
Try to remember at your early age
No recollection of your first few years
At age 6 was that far you could engaged

Wiping your face full of cake, dress like a princess
Friends and relatives joyfully singing
Greetings and gifts are the way to express
That day is still worth remembering

Open your eyes now and see what has changed
Childish fun is over, now settled down
Much meaningful life along the open range
Learned basics of life, now you have outgrown

Today is your birthday, another year to share
This special time with us, we really care

Noel N. Villarosa
21 April 2014

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Love's Purer Path

All of me, a singular gift I give
A present given that's without a bow
A purest love, needing a space to live
Becomes a shelter, when storms quickly blow
All of you, quietly fragile and strong
To know there's a place to call home within
A comfort when worlds collapse and go wrong
To seek this heart and give thanks, rejoice in
We can not give anymore than we are
And there's no treasure more precious or pure
We'll place in time's chest as we travel far
To journey this path we know is secure

When the sun rises and the days are new
To see a silhouette of you in the blue

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Celibacy Spenserian Sonnet


Buxom spouse desired of most any man
 His love his life must nature wash away 
  Voluptuous swaying hips man’s eyes scan 
   His gaze into those hazel eyes doeth sway 
    Fleshly desires it seems always that way 
     Must man’s decay be of uncertain life 
      His children’s seed of wife he loves this day 
       His world is peril spent of the mind’s strife
       Hails celibate Spirit of divine  knife 
      Celibacy’s love returns as our Dove 
     By transformation’s mental sacrifice 
   Renewed of condition a mind of love 
 Triangles of love a spouse and or God 
By celibate choice soul of love is shod 

For and in Honor Dr Ram
And Contest: Spenserian Sonnet

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Let me strip you from the morning dew,
It is spring: listen to the raising melody
in the garden, the daffodils bloom anew:
let me take your tears under my custody.
Down, a river runs between twin hills,
The wind tries to contest the water pace,
Howling and spinning blades of windmills:
as my fingertips drop down by your face.
Do not weep if you discover me dead,
Touch my cold lips: make our breath one,
on my gravestone, last words you read.
Join by my side on this grave: love is gone
to navigate on the stead water stream,
a man cannot dream twice the same dream.

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A sonnet of love VII

they say i do not live in a mansion
neither do i have
a huge salary paid occupation
and poverty is my accreditation
so i do not deserve love
but what is love
and who is love for
the poor begs for love
the rich mistreat love
some have it all
but they don't have love
others have love
but do not no how
to treat love

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The Mistletoe

She wants me to kiss her under the snow Feelings that are beneath the mistletoe Brilliant the white snow comes on down tonight Into my eyes that brings me inner sight The Christmas tree expands my expression There’s not a piece of empty oppression I pucker up my lips for a grand show A heartfelt elation with all I know I hear sleigh bells in distance coming near Is that Santa in the back, in the rear The bells come from my girl’s every heartbeat That comes from her tender soul on the seat Now her whole self being was made to flow So we can kiss under the mistletoe
Russell Sivey Contest: any poem goes #6 Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 12/23/2013

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Wayward Bound

Grouped by four and there is even more.
Grouped by three and then none believe.
It is a mad world and many are deceived.
They don’t care so many I will deplore.
Many just go around making my heart sore.
But they don’t care because there so naïve.
I have given them many thoughts to conceive.
But they don’t care so I’ll just shut the door.
I’ll just throw up my hands,
And I’ll just be said and done.
I’ll just throw it to the sands.
I’ll lie down under the Sun.
I’ll just have to make a lost and found,
Because all of them are wayward bound!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Sonnet 33

If only I could open up your eyes,
As waves and seas to see I am your man,
Your soul would flow with water of my cries,
Protecting me through storms as walls of damn.

I float to love like flowers float amidst,
Gardens of green on floors of summers earth.
I swim to you my love, as fishes kiss,
Through storm and rain, the womb of waters birth.

To let me drown would die my heart that beats,
A thousand sounds that sacrifice to swim,
My days would surface what hot deserts greets,
Dessert for death at dawn dried out and grim.

Oh what a pleasure love brings to the well,
Yet without water how love sings to hell.

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sonnet 2013

I raised my pen in hope of a new thought,
When an idea struck me much joy it brought,
As a sonnet i wish to carry forth,
In dark some night, it shines bright as a torch;

If only love could be a fairytale, 
On a beautiful yacht we both would sail,
Under the starry heavens filled with stars,
Deep in thoughts thinking about how you are;

I turn to you and gaze into your eyes, 
To know that love is not another lie,
A sonnet i completed with much ease,
I felt relieve as love would never cease...

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Blazing Eagles

Blazing Eagles soaring across a moonless midnight sky
Black glowing talons of ember ripping dark Souls apart
Squawking, quenching thirst from the river of tears I cry
Flaming beaks devour Eternal Love from a Broken Heart

Blazing Eagles nest in the fire pit of a living Hell
With a morsel of a sinful Heart unable to Love
Smoldering eaglets pecking, eating the soul of the shell
This Broken Heart will never see Eternity above

Blazing Eagles pay homage to a god that is not mine
My Soul will burn in Satan’s hell until the end of time
The brilliance of   Heaven’s   Glory for me will never shine
I am a Blazing Eagle in the midnight of my prime

 I live; death and sorrow for Eons of   Forevermore
In pain and agony I live without my LOVE LENORE

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There’s moments when the dawn of a new day causes us to be
Ungrateful, unkind, and very selfish.  Often times I discover that we (those of us who deem
Ourselves to be sound mentally, physically, and spiritually, and grace with understanding as
We laid claim to having unconditional love) are not those things we think we are.

The evidence to these truths to be without doubt, is visiting with the sweetness and the
Perpetuating joy of The Caring People in Rosenberg, Texas.  Their loving hearts have
been woven from a Heavenly Fabric, which was created by God, Himself.

They love you with a majestic manner.  They know what we so easily forget.  Their
Love teaches us how to love unconditionally.  It’s a privilege to be apart of The Salvation
Army Harbor Light Men’s Choir, in Houston, Texas, and travel to sing the songs of Zion, to these
Royal brothers and sisters.  The Caring People embrace us with such eminent love

That causes the heart to weep with joy and the mind to leap as gazelle's.  To really understand
These precious souls is to know what it is to give God Almighty, His Thanksgiving for giving
Us the honor to go before His wondrous sons and daughters at The Caring People, in
Rosenberg, Texas.


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Lost and Found

She was lost, alone in the world
With no one to help her in life.
No one to listen and be her friend.
She never smiled, rarely laughed.
She kept to herself, talked only when she had to.
Everyday she slowly died inside
Could feel herself slipping away...
Further and further in the dark abyss...
Then she met him and she was found.
Finally she had someone to listen and be her friend
She smiled and laughed and talked all the time.
She felt herself coming back, bit by bit
She began to live again,
and she owed it all to him.

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To a woman, Translation of Paul Verlaine's sonnet: A une femme

To a woman

(In this traslation of Paul Verlaine’s sonnet : « A une femme »,
I have retained the rhyme scheme to the letter, I hope. T. Wignesan) 

To you these lines in faith must console I address : 
 A sweet dream laughs and cries in your large eyes through
The purity of your soul which is wholly good, to you 
These lines from the depths of my turbulent distress.

Just that, Alas ! the nightmare which haunts me hideous
Allows no respite and furious, mad and jealous continue
Multiplying  themselves like wolves in a funeral retinue 
Hanging on to my fate which at their mercy they harrass !

Oh ! how I suffer,  I suffer hopelessly, so mean
That the initial whimperings of the first man
Banished from Eden a mere eclogue to the cost I wean. !

And the minor discomforts you may endure in comparison
Are like the swallows in the sky on an afternoon
- My Dear – make the beautiful warm September day a boon !

 © T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013


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Just Look

She had the world in her eyes yet you could see through
A windowpane leading to a brick wall.
All I wanted was my notions, passions to ring true
Through her voice, lips, lust, despite myself I fall.
I can hear her haunting voice still in my head.
I can feel her fingertips flowing intertwined with mine.
The smell, scent, sadness lingers still in bed.
I could have seen it coming, she gave me a sign.
Yet to have and to hold, she inquired.
Despite myself, I inquired as well;
Nothing held, nothing had is what's transpired.
I can only blame me, too easily I fell.
Yet, here I stand, open-book.
She HAS the world in her eyes, if she'd just look.

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The Rose

Once upon a time there was a single blooming Rose.
The world rejoiced at all the beauty given her to show.
But as with every rose her time was shortly bestowed.
After, the world felt hollow, so intense did its sorrow flow.

They sought a reminder of the beacon they once did truly hold.
They found a small flower of white that in its purist form did unfold.
The thorns reminded all, that the original could never be theirs again.
But still it did impart hope, for another one, like their virtuous friend.

Eventually the flower was cultured and created into what we hold to now.
For even the present is needy of something so precious to hold some how.
And though no one remembers how the flowers’ name was earlier sown…
It still holds us tightly to the purity, hope, and beauty its known to bestow.

There are many legends that have traveled down to us thru the years.
But there are none so beautiful as the one that became the Rose so dear.

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- On every tenth of June -

On every tenth of June
The sea waves splash upon the moors for years 
and shadows draw upon the walls festoons
unspoken verse, conceived on silent piers,
the advent of our loneliness attunes.
That day of June remained our only fair
and minds' ascension to the astral reign,
blooms' multitude and fragrances’ affair
a purple thistle on the field and rain.
Remember me, a windy song and laugh,
our holding hands and young, the Summer’s call,
we celebrated then, upon the wharf
and acanthine of solitude's dance hall.
...On every tenth of June my eyes embrace,
above the summer moors, your lines of face.
© G. Venetopoulos, 06-14-2013, All rights reserved
(English Sonnet)

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Missing Piece

There is a part of my live that I'm not living,
The part that makes me happy that I'm missing.
Wondering when my day will arrive,
When we can be together and I can feel fully alive.
Life's too short to pass it up,
So I guess it's time to take a chance at love.
I just wanna be laying in your arms so tight,
Because being with you would feel so right.
You brightened up my day every time you call,
Making me smile no matter how big or how small.
I can't imagine having it any other way,
Because it's you that made everything okay.
But then the emptiness brings me back to reality,
Reminds me that I'm really lonely.
God's greatest creation was creating you,
With a heart so pure and intentions so good,
All I care about is making you happy,
Because you deserve it.
You deserve all you want and all you need,
I'll give it to you if you promise to never leave me.
I just want one chance,
To show you how much you mean to me.
Actions speak louder than words,
So let me show you how much I care,
Because no one else will ever compare,
To how you make me feel,
Because what we have is so real.
I want to take that leap and fly with you,
See what we can accomplish me and you.
Make all your wishes and dreams come true,
Show you there is someone out there for you,
Who can give you back what you've been giving,
Always giving and never receiving.
Give you back the love you give,
And make you feel like the time you wasted,
Was to bring you to love that's sacred.
And make you the happiest man you can be,
Because I have you and you have me.

 December 29, 2013
~The One and Only~

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Fallen - Love Sonnet

Bewilderment follows my heart
Life is a wilderness of thirst
And thy love, a kindle of water,
Mirage of love by thirst.

Dreamed falling, to be cast out,
From a place I belonged,
A broken winged angel, half broken
Haft sealed, “Find love” commanding voice.

“How can a bird fly and find no branches to rest.
Can ye find that oasis in the vast sands?
Have ye not seen many mirages of shelter?”

Water is life, love is water. “Life is difficult, 
But like a withered dry leaves of autumn its serenity is awed.”

“Spread thy wings when ye find that truth about love.”

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The soft geography of hip and thigh,
smooth undulations lovely to the touch,
so silky and provocative, I sigh,
as I caress your contours overmuch!
for I cannot restrain my eagerness
to stroke, manipulate and squeeze,
and lavish you with love and tenderness,
your glowing beauty brings me to my knees.
We reach the culmination of desire,
our own enjoyment fueling the fire.
   We lie entangled, warm and worry free,
   in blessed partnership and purity.

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The latent pace of winter-tide drifts on,

hibernal winds exhale a frosty dawn,

the gentle warmth of summer’s long-since gone, 

now ‘midst the jagged ice the sun lies torn.


Of broken heart she bleeds, to frigid pools,

a weary spectral light for life to take;

ethereal displays of winter jew’ls

reflect her soul on tears of downy flake.


Emotion spent she falls to deep repose,

where afternoon dies young, bereft of light, 

‘cept for a moonlight serenade that flows

across the down that softly quilts the night.


Encased within her dreams of grief and pain,

a frozen world of beauty breathes in vain.

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Bedtime Lullaby

Bedtime Lullaby 

Lullaby, sweetie pie; time to rest little darling. 
I love you very much; you bring joyfulness, my dear. 
Melodies upon the breeze sing sweet songs for you, caring. 
Go to sleep little dear because your bedtime is near.

Lullaby, and sleep tight; time to rest little darling.  
I love you very much; I am glad that you are here. 
Stars above send their shine now that bedtime is nearing.
Close your eyes; go to sleep.  Sweet dreams soon will bring cheer.

Lullaby little one you will wake up again, soon.
God is watching from above angels send all their love.
Time to sleep little one by the light of the night moon.
Go to sleep, never fear; God is watching from above.

Lullaby, sweetie pie; time to rest little darling.
Lullaby, little child go to sleep, lullaby.

(Hum 9 measures @3/4 time, fading to the end.)

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Wicked Love Modern Sonnet for contest

Wicked Love (Modern Sonnet for Contest)

Your step was in the doorway, sunlight dancing in the air
Like a spark within an earthquake,
 I’m a fool without a fear
Who sent you to my arms that day, a curse and smile, a tear	              
Was it written on a page a thousand years and more
 To break apart my true bound heart 	          
 Destroy my world of careful plans without a second glance.    
 Naked in the dirt I fell-- a child without a chance.,	            
Your laughter never falters, never flickers a remorse,	            
Chasing money  f-cking glory, is your selfish course.
A golden life, it trails you, each step -- a new reward	           
And, leaves behind, a trampled life, a frayed and broken cord.
But some old gods smile out at me through green and golden wood	
And life returns with sweetness to reveal a world of good.

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love story two

A Love Story 2
Huelva and the Golf of Cadiz and it was August and in the town 
there were laud music and rockets in the air. I had met a gypsy girl
 she wore a white blouse and a red long skirt she wore no shoes 
her feet brown and dusty. Back then I smoked cigarettes- chesterfield- 
they were supposed to be upmarket compared to Camel cigarettes; 
even then I wanted to be different, a cook who could read
 She admired my Ronson lighter it was expensive and no one on 
the ship had a lighter that classy.

She clicked the lighter a few times how she coveted it, but I was 
surprised when she suddenly ran away. I thought she ran for fun, 
 she would come back: she didn´t. Later I saw her she was with two 
gypsy boys and I dared not say anything. I walked back on board, 
borrowed a box of matches sat in my cabin smoking and dreaming 
of her beautiful eyes.  

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Recycled Again

 (A Blank Verse Sonnet)

The couch, a central theme in room's décor
of hunter green, sky blue and dusty mauve,
served well for years as extra bed for guests,
a restful place for favored pet to nap, 

and seat where Grandkids loved to watch cartoons.
Though loath to part with such a gem, we gave
the couch a home in daughter's basement den,
until son's wife gave notice of divorce

and he was forced to find a new abode.
He shopped and found the perfect couch and chair
but finance rate has caused him to desist.

Although the condo's empty rooms brought gloom
he put his dreams on hold, agreed to wait,
then claimed the sturdy couch to serve once more.

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Wounded Bird of Flight

Young love bird wounded during your flight
Worried now where your companion landed
You sing a beautiful song, but still no sight
Certainly now he must have gotten stranded

The magical serenade continues to no avail
Some concern now for your own well being
This winter flight treacherous you feel frail
The singing stops, you are hardly breathing

One pilgrimage not completed you feel pain
Some guilt overtakes when you start to heal
The flying before your partner was it in vain
Or is there.a bird needing your singing still

Bird of flight your journey is still not done
Heal now, continue to fly for the other one

Penned by Wayland Bunch 2/12/2013

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New Mom

Inside my stomach I feel the flutters, I don't know what to think 

so I watch other mothers. 

Our future uncertain - yet an exciting mystery. 

I can not wait to meet you, I wonder if you will look like me!

A child's love I have been told is the purest kind of love, like gold.

Is it true? I hope I feel such love from you.

Of course I'm nervous and scared, but if you think I'm bad,

well you should see your dad!

He loves you already, that is what he often tells me.

In nine months time the mystery will be solved,

October will be a time for smiles with all involved. 

(any advice would be helpful)

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1 look at 1

“1 LOOK AT 1”

1 look at the queen
1 look at the heroine 
Who fought my battle in strength
I perceive her fragrance, I wonder.
I move obliquently, I see your nature
Yes, dark or fair in complexion you may be,
 Yet I fall at your feet
 And beg for your love.
You make me smile for nothing
I feel intoxicated at 1 glimpse at you
I soliloquize for your sake
Just 1 look at 1, 
Is what I desire most.


					  Joseph .C. John

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Love Flies

Love Flies

Fly away little bird.
Winter winds are churning.
Alas, the cold has been delivered
Replacing summer’s burning.
Fly away my feathered friend
The river bank’s receding.
My true love left me days ago
And now my heart is bleeding.
The warm days, the sunny rays
Was the time of our love’s season.
You’ve turned your back and walked away
Without a breath of heart-felt reason.
If you ever find me waiting,
On the shore at evenings nigh.
Keep your path below your feet
As I pray when you go by.
Fly away, heart of mine
Loves season passed the starry night.
Winters spirit has cast a spell
So spread your wings as you take flight.

Carrie Emily Beck

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"No lady am I." she would say with force,
tensing her shoulders and shaking her head.
I would smile and say, "Yes dear, but of course."
knowing she was truly a lady bred. 

A spirited woman by her own design,
Dianne would speak out just what she thought.
Biting her own tongue was just too benign.
Being equal to men is what she sought.

A lady to pamper, that she was not.
A woman to love is what I knew well.
Inside that body was a love so hot.
She kept it hidden beneath a thin shell.

Woman of passion forever to shine.
I love you my lady, forever mine.

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Intimate Sonnet

Nothing is more intimate than the eyes
To pursue where love lives in her orbs dark
Then descend as invitation complies
To find a softer light as lovers embark
The truest distance we measure between
When our eyes fondly meet in warm silence
As honored guests when hearts convene
With due respect and compliance
To be aware of love's gate now open
A welcomed gesture given without fear
I'll enter never knowing cold again
Find truth as it's held worthy to revere

To find love still free with the softest sighs
Nothing is more intimate than her eyes

contest Sonnet on an Intimate Relationship

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Drink on the Nightstand

A drink on the nightstand calls
To me who would be the listener
To hear what he has to say
About what happens in this room.
The water within the pale, clear cup
Is lined with lipstick and plastic
But all the while he still cries
As though the lips who touch him are his.
A drink on the nightstand screams my name
Come and taste what I have to give
But I know that one sip of his poisonous nectar
And no longer my life shall I live
For you are the drink within its tall
Drink on the nightstand that calls.

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A Heart Unchained

A heart there is, whose love your heart contained
A time there was, and in that time I changed
Oh glorious day! When ears first heard your name,
a song of brilliant iridescent flame.

A day there was, and for that day I praise
the sight of your sweet graceful gentle ways:
a butterfly’s descent in summer’s light,
its lovely wings afloat in airy flight.

A life there was; my life’s no longer mine,
one passion, one desire--both entwined
I live, I breathe--imagining how much
this treasure is, each moment with your touch.

     A soul there is, whose love my soul proclaimed
     A love there is, whose heart your love unchained.

Rhys Matthew Farren
June 13, 2011
for Francine Roberts' "Sonnets, Sonnets, Everywhere!"

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Keep on like you do

I love our conversations day to day
I laugh at the awkwardness in the hall
I love how you are mine, my sweet blue jay
If this were a movie the snow would fall

The perfect scene that everyone desires
The paramount picture movie nights out
I love that this love does not require
Sadness and despair, the miserable pout

I want to see you as you always are
I want to laugh and share my memories
So you call to me, and I won’t be far
I want to cheer and hear your melodies

For it is a rose in any other name
I am foolish, but who am I to blame?

New found friendship in the darkest areas
But it’s not like we are from dark places
You are the light that disrupts hysteria
There’s no need to hide under fake faces

Thank you, my search for that place is finished
That place where loneliness finally dies
That place where joy is, as it should, cherished
That place where despair meets its true demise

I no longer have to travel today
To travel to that place where sadness ends
Because I have found that place, my blue jay
So from now on, what we do shall depend

Shall we travel together tomorrow
To keep fighting everlasting sorrow

What I say and do I mean completely
What I say to you I mean with honesty
But Please do not take my words so feebly
Don’t shrink in front of the face of modesty

You are marvellous, true in every way
You are graceful, so keep dancing like you
You are beautiful, so smile my blue jay
Smile and I shall be marvellous with you

Please take my words to heart, never forget
They are nothing but spectators tonight
You are the main attraction, don’t leave yet
You will rock, no need to be polite right?

You are awesome in each and every way
You are pretty no matter what they say

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From An Abused Lady

I've known our end is here for sometime now,
but your sweet talking ways led my heart on
to think we'd overcome it all somehow
avoiding what is plain, our love is gone.

So now the truth, and cold reality,
comes to my mind, as sure as do your lies.
And I must put aside what you tell me
but not the truth that's in your lying eyes.

How you could beg my love then go your way
into anothers arms, I shouldn't know,
now time is gone when I'd have more to say
and so I'll simply bid you now to go.

   And if your fits of rage leave one more mark,
   your future will be bleak, and cold, and dark.
            © ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet.

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Whenever I'm alone or feel sad, 
Depressed, I go online to see your name, 
Erases faces of the past 
And it grows once more this flickering flame.   

How the simplest of things can fix a frown 
And rearrange it to a crescent that's blessed, 
By an image of she or the name that sounds 
Peacefully in ones mind to be kept.   

Oh how I must confess a little burn it brings, 
Not seeing thee near or around, 
But when I do birds begin to sing 
And all my happiness bursts out.   

One day when it all settles down... 
I hope you acknowledge this joy I've found.

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Cold Night In Paris - Monsieur L'Vampyre

There's never been another dark on earth
quite like the dark of Paris under snow,
where love, it comes and goes, for what it's worth,
and no demands are made, when time to go.

Where lovers slip into the hiding night,
oblivious to cold or freezing rain,
anticipating love, that surely might
warm up their lives for just a night, again.

And love's a little warmer, from the cold;
it makes two hearts to join and keep a beat;
and warms the lives of both the young and old,
who find their love with-in their body heat.

Though easy comes the love--they hold it dear,
without it cold is something they would fear.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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The hardest part is seeing you walk by
And not a single word escapes my mouth.
The stars are nothing compared to your eyes.
If you ever left, my tears would run South.
You're the reason I lay awake at night
Just smiling foolishly at the ceiling.
When I see you it's like love at first sight,
From cupid's arrow I've no hope healing.
A golden statue carved to perfection.
Like a gorgeous rose hedged by thousands other.
Van gogh couldn't capture your complexion.
Never, is when I would choose another.
So please, no matter how far the journey
Would you come walk a million miles with me?

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Shatter me, Love

Shatter me, Love, on your forgotten shoals!
The Sirens’ songs have silenced ere their date.
My cooling heart still seeks your warming coals.
My soul still searches for its perfect mate.

Ignite me, Love, with your ingenious spark!
Melt me down in your mysterious fire.
Life offers only desolation stark
‘Til I reclaim the rapture of desire.

Love's fast fingers fly through calculations
Of happiness that's due before they start
Figuring, from balancing equations,
The layers to be flailed from my heart.

However oft' my yearning dreams are spurned,
My quick’ning pulse ignores the lessons learned.

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The Reason is You

You're the reason why I smile,
You make everything worth while.
I wish that I could be in your arms,
Holding you tight keeping you away from harm.
We have a connection that is strong,
With you is where I belong.
There is no distance that is too great,
That could keep us from what is our fate.
Talking to you makes my day,
Because when we speak all problems go away.
We've never met but I trust you'll be there for me,
To always make me happy.
I'll never forget how you've change my life,
And turned the darkness into light.
It's crazy how much we are the same,
You understand me with out having to explain.
When I go to sleep you're in my dreams,
Hoping of the day we can be a team.
When we meet is a matter of time,
If you needed me I'd be there with the drop of a dime.
But all I want is to be by your side,
To fill the loneliness in your life.
Giving you what you deserve,
Showing you all that you're worth.
You're the only person who knows me beginning to end,
With out judgement or need to offend.
I can't wait til the day we meet,
Because what we have has become so deep.
You're heart is so big and filled with care,
That's why we make the perfect pair.


Dedicated to the man I love

 December 23, 2013
~The One and Only~

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A Day To Be With You

"Home grown tomatoes, home grown tomatoes"
Whenever see them, my thoughts turn to you
Home grown potatoes, home grown potatoes
Whenever peel them, my thoughts turn so blue

"That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday"
Where freedom from mundane chores fade, fade
Like washing human made clothes come wash day
No more will life be feelings masquerade

"Where sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy"
Sunny day that I could just spend with you
Both free from pain we're no longer snappy
In the warm sunshine we our love renew

"In rocky catheral that reach to the sky"
"Let me kiss you,""Then close your eyes".

John Denver's 
Stanza 1:"Home Grown Tomatoes"
Stanza 2: "Take Me Home, Country Roads"
Stanza 3: "Sunshine On My Shoulders"
Stanza 4:  Line 1, "The Eagle And The Hawk"
                Line 2,  Two lines from:"Leaving, On A Jet Plane"

Inspired by Tracie's contest
"Sing A Song For Me"

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Sinful Curves

Sinful Curves
Sway and twirl thy shape and show me thy curves.
Tilt thy neck, and unfold thy whimsical golden locks.
The sensations thou leave, erect mine wicked dull nerves.
Spin and twirl in a seductive manner; a sight unorthodox.
Reveal to me thine firm and luscious breasts.
Uncover thy splendidly carved legs.
Show thine slim and wholesome waist which tests
Mine craving ego; it humbly begs.
For thee, I befall unto mine pleading knees.
My hugging groin chases thy round and voluptuous behind.
A golden fox you are; a sinful disease.
The sight of you undoes sane men’s wicked pasts; baffles their mimicking mind.
Thou hast left me breathless on the shores of dismay.
For thy sight, I am forever fulfilled, forever gay.

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A Cup of Poetry

who’d ever thought I would love writing this
I never thought of myself as writer
I blame Robert Carson for doing this
Sometimes writing can be an all-nighter

it helped me through some adjustments through life
Mister Carson taught me more poetry
at times it led me to finding a wife
my life is good and I love this country

lately I’ve been writing some more sonnets
at first I thought they were too much for me
and writing one doesn’t take much minutes
whenever I am writing I am free

I’ll have a cup of poetry today
I’ve worked plenty who says writing is play?


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A sonnet of love IV

time travels so fast
and we quickly forget the past
I  thank God at last
yesterday you were my baby
now my lady
tomorrow you will be my fiance
and later in life
i shall call you my wife
diamonds are forever
i shall put a diamond ring 
on your finger
for better or worst
we will be together
for our love is forever

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Desirable Lady

Thine will, my desire, lady so fine,
These days without your touch, are cruel.
These nights without you, I devour wine.
Your quest my desire, within thine rule,

My heart and soul, torn apart and ripped,
In private vigor, I await kiss.
My spirit defiled and ill equipped.
These times are vacant; your touch I miss.

Our sensual flamboyant desire,
Your eagerness, showering pleasure,
As I hold you close, I feel such fire.
Our moments together hold measure.

My ardor is real, yours surely true.
I humbly await one glimpse of you.

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Grandfather was a proud old man
he'd taken care of everyone for years
he lived near the beach and white sand
now gone, I can't fight back the tears.

Though he drank a little too much
and married his mistress of twenty years
he was a business man you couldn't touch
he loved us and fought back all our fears.

He gave all he could from morning to night
and made sure we were happy as kids
Often his insight was filled with light
A gambler at times, he made the right bids.

He worked hard for the life he made
And under his wing we happily stayed.

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Love in bloom

You make Love sound an easy game to play
Ay, my strong Muse had other words to tell
Yes let people fancy I can be gay
I laugh and smile and trust my sadness sell

A heart that turned into Roses pure blush
I´d say that genuine heart is now old
Yes play it is down to shelters dark lush
I don´t easily turn hot, nor to cold

I have my experiences behind
And you told me the rudeness of a man
Say, am I wrong if you think he´s your kind?
So come and crush and say my love´s in ban

Romance from verse made my heart bleed and rouse
Now I live in Dream and Fantasy´s House

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Angel Devine


Though star-blazed skies my mind contained, 
the solitude of night my heart concealed.
Love's emotions were so fully restrained, 
thus did I hide behind a self-made shield.

And then you entered into my life, 
bewildering feelings, dazed and confused.
But you continued deeper like a knife, 
until my hardness was thus subdued.

What I never thought possible for me, 
you've done and that I'll always treasure.
My heart burns fervent with love for thee, 
Oor souls delight in each beyond all measure.

And as you now place your sweet lips on mine, 
I know for certain I'm enraptured with an angel divine.

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Our Love is Nature

Let me run with the wind,
And fly high with the grass.
Only to have you by my side.
I'll be floating forever on treetops if you must ask.

The never ending rainbow in the bright, bright sky;
Shines on end,
In the forever growing soul of the butterfly.
The rain will always perish the wet grasslands.

The adventures the wild horses take, 
And the strength of a little birds' heart.
Ripples through the water like that of the fish make.
Stretches far past the wind as the dogs bark.

If trees could grow for an eternaty,
My one and only best friend; our love for each other would be extraordinary.

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I've known the end is here for sometime now
but your sweet talking ways led my heart on
to think we'd overcome it all somehow
avoiding what is plain--that  love is gone.

But now the truth and all reality
comes to my mind, as sure as do your lies
and I must put aside what you tell me
but not the truth that's in your lying eyes.

How you could beg my love then go your way
into anothers arms, I shouldn't know,
and time is gone when I'd have more to say
and so I'll simply bid you now, to go.

Just leave my page, just close our book for good,
Tis not a place you've ever understood.
© ron wilson

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Fire Love

This love is burning fire,
A heart, a soul in endless desire,
In you a way that takes me higher,
As time in eternity,
Love in you brings clarity,
And I walk in your heart with flames,
Given in blood to makes us same,
Now fire is the name.

We feel the Word flow,
In us the truth we know,
The Son of God we follow.
And through Him the world we see,
So we speak a prophecy,
Fire love is now a reality.

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Love Is Unconditional

Love is unconditional,
It is eternal.
Love is patient and kind,
It would never leave you behind.
Love is an everlasting bond,
It's going over and beyond.
Love is never disrespectful or rude,
It can at times make you feel nude.
Love is finding a half creating a whole,
It isn't to ever lose control.
Love is never selfish,
It's suppose to be cherished.
Love never takes pleasure in your pain,
It's not suppose to be vane.
Love is never boastful,
It suppose to be faithful.
Love is giving your whole heart,
It's not letting it drift apart.
Love isn't profound,
It isn't to be pushed around.
Love is saying nice things,
It is treating each other as queen and king.
Love doesn't take offense,
It's suppose to give you confidence.
Love is you worrying,
It is also caring.
Love doesn't envy,
It's suppose to be friendly.
Love is forgiving,
It is living.
Love isn't easily angered,
It doesn't have double standards.
Love is standing up for you,
It's making you smile when you're blue.
Love always protects,
It never neglects.
Love always trusts,
It is never rushed.
Love has hope,
It never leaves you when you're broke.
Love isn't evil,
It is willing and able.
Love always preserves,
It never gives up even when life throws you a curve.
Love never fails,
It always prevails.

  January 10, 2014
~The One and Only~

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Time is no Barrier

Time is no Barrier

On high, across the land and out to sea
The mist of time will stay, and cast a veil
Your love and thoughts alone, will drift to me
No walls or words will stop, or help prevail
To keep our love apart, so they shall see
The up's and down's of life and death, we sail

A chance meeting as eyes did gaze, passion!
From morn till night, surpassed by lies so vile
Poisonous  words spoken quite violently
Others whisper advice, to wait awhile
To those we say, although, reluctantly
Alone in hand we’ll walk along the aisle.

In time, we hope we will instil, no doubt
To those who care, is that, our love’s devout.

Iambic Pentameter

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Give Me Nature

Once I saw a pretty bird
Singing sweetly songs I heard
Pleasant-looking in a tree
My heart it filled with so much glee.
All around fine flowers grew
Bright beneath the sky so blue
There was beauty in the eye
I didn’t wish to say goodbye.
The sun in gold was going home
Grand like Caesar in old Rome
Whilst around they all played
Perky children God had made.
Far from nature it’s quite sad
Give me nature— and I’m glad.

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'I dream of you in your world far from here'

I dream of you in your world far from here.
To not be there, it cuts like broken glass.
I'd end this pain, my love, had I the brass
to quench my need for you to be so near.
Without you here, I wilt in this austere,
comfortless zone of uncreative mass,
stifled, crushed by the unyielding impasse
of knowing I may never enter your sphere.
Were I a wind--a breeze! a zephyr!--I'd
ride the heavens till I light on your lap
and then there with you forever abide
as if betwixt us there were ne'er a gap.
     I swear; for us,  I'd move heaven and God
     as sure as men do plod!

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I Want To Come First With You

Every morning I walk pass through this ‘little’ lady
I make a mental picture of a heart shaped flower
Held in my hands; close to my heart; am willing to offer her
I make every eye contact count like every dance a street of my heart
I seem to have that dim; dreadful silly obscure look
Each time I see her from afar coming
Every time we work pass by; and I fail to be a man; to speak
I hear the music banging in my brain; then I conjecture good moments to come
When I will stop playing someone else’ part; a part alien to me
I think of holding her hands like we are standing on the mountain soil and saying
You’re my work set; I want to come first with you
In my soul and brains I feel a cabin fever for not being a man
She is like a lover my heart seeks; someone to make a promise to
In the wonderland where two lovers make vows knowing they are too closely knitted.

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from slopes to brines

She waited on the skyline, bloom and thorn
accordment of their oaths and thoughts at night
annealed recited entity - vows sworn
- the brave ascended to the Halls of light.

War-bullet traveled through the frozen air
companion loved - his stare embraced the ferns
- the laurel and the sage ascribed his fair
the stalwart chose the path of moon and ernes.

Dim lantern's flame her thought - on peaks beseech
ornate the winds surpass the granite plate
denounced the corteges and oaths to breach,
her highness steps, adorned demise, third fate.

And in the mists when winds bemoan in pines
their solemn words will fly from slopes to brines.

© G.V. 06-05-2013

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Valentine a golden way

A Valentine day, we sat on the rocks and played with ducks,
Rolled over the grass and embraced the bench holes,
Pulled the knitting balls and stretched the rubber calls,
Waved the legs and rubbed the tussles for stall hooks.
Messy hair wrapped in muddy spots to roll over the red looks.
Sunshine touched my spine and glowed behind the shades,
Bird flunked above the smoke in a hard talk to touch my fades,
A fragmented doll in a love fall why minds the rounding crooks.
My strength is bright has a big fight to elastic the bubbly talks,
A golden way we lived in our day that noted in memory books.
Valentine opens the living door to enjoy love more that's mine,
Happiness touched my bones in healthy tones we roasted fine,
Love encouraged me comes from soul free warmth me in cold,
In a rainy day, offers me a play fiery sparks that we can hold.

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Till Shines The Day

Tenderly hits the rain on the window

Cheers my heart as it sweeps away the dust

Fits me between roses of green meadow

Deluding me to dream, or so I must

So softly it fell as poets may tell

Passes on the gentle chill of winter

Carries me to you as I hoped it will

Lost dreams to miss, and nights to remember

Still I remember what nights left behind

Still I rejoice when rain knocks on the door

As it flames my heart, too hopeful yet blind

To shine on sweet moments I have no more

For as rain drops sneak when sun is away

So does my heart, steals dreams till shines the day

From: Echoes (

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Undercover Lover

My love is like a meteor on fire, 
Unquenchable, unstoppable it yearns 
As love and passion merge in true desire; 
For you my heart and soul forever burns. 

I feel the heat where lust is manifest 
Untouched by lovers other than a few. 
But hidden deep within my beating breast 
My undercover lover love is you. 

So now without a doubt I do await 
A proper proclamation from your lips, 
Confirming common destiny and fate; 
To drink love's wine in slow seductive sips. 

Immortal souls of two are shared in kind 
While mortal are their bodies left behind. 

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Lips of Swell and Fire--Collaboration Poem With Mystic Rose

                   Her power, unrestrained, sweet as honeysuckle rose
                    Doth grant me, but a glimpse, of what I rave to find
                I fall in misty meadow where the Bluebells brightly grow
                   Hot kisses stirring in the wind, cool my fevered mind

                   While I in yonder wait, for my love to take me home
               Doth grant whom access Lord, the soul for him it pines
                   At the foothills of my love, each heaven star a-glow
                   Saccharin kisses in the blow, no longer in confines

                 He picks me up and raises me to cordial place, desire   
                  I know him, he knoweth me, by lips of swell and fire!

                          Written in collaboration with Mystic Rose
                        I wish to express my appreciation to Rose
                            For her ideas, talent--and inspiration
                                            Mel xxx :)

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Burning Embers

The dawn of love, so magical and new, Two bodies set aflame with burning kiss. Enchanted world and only for the two. No other pair has ever loved like this. Young love, a wonder while its passions last Must change its form if it’s to long endure. Too soon the thrill of love, once new, is past. It should condense to essence now more pure. At time love’s embers start a blazing flame, Soon cooling down to just a lovely glow. No need for these to play a youthful game, Their dreams fulfilled, as both of them now know. For though the young and foolish long for fire, The glowing embers, wiser hearts desire. By: Joyce Johnson Entered in Gayle's Burning Embers contest.

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Forever and Always

You're in my heart, forever always,
And you'll be there until the very end.
I'll love you until the end of my days.
You'll be every whisper in the wind.

There is nothing you could possibly do,
That would cause my love to forever cease.
I do nothing everyday but miss you,
My shattered heart, you picked up every piece.
Missing you is all I do, all day long,
I sleep only from exhaustion from tears.
Loving you forever cannot be wrong,
You're what's kept me going through these long years.

I'm yours alone, forever and always,
Until at last beside me my love lays.

Note: This was my very first sonnet I wrote about 5 years ago.

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Beautiful lies

Dry tears flowing from our little eyes
That is the hearts way of bleeding when hurt
When it has asked too much of the why me,
Tears seem its only leeway left to turn.

Everyone knew our hearts were broken
Or at least that is what I made them believe
I can’t let the joy below to be known
Or how do you think they will see me

The traps was laid and meant to catch all of us
But luck smiled on me and I escaped it
With that look in their eyes, I took the fall
And told them we are together in it

Making them not to feel bad was the plan
What are friends meant for than to understand?

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Reaching Heaven

Thoughts of you fill my mind, love
You’re always a part of my passion
When we are apart I’m reminded of a dove
Who has drifted too far from its companion

I miss you more with each passing moment
Sleep will not come for the longing of you
Love so deep and true is akin to an ailment
Your heart and soul are everything I knew

When we have the chance to be together again
There is no doubt that my heart will beat with bliss
For so many months I have only used my pen
To speak to you with all the dreams I miss

Without you here with me, my dear love
My prayers for you reach the heavens above

Written on July 29th, 2014
For: Fill up a Scroll! - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Isaiah Zerbst

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The Pumpkin Eater

"Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater, had a wife and couldn't keep her. He put her in a pumpkin shell, and there he kept her very well" (The nursery rhyme that inspired this sonnet) The Pumpkin Eater He thought he loved with heart and mind, and so his goddess wife he set high in a tower. He cultured trees and ivy there to grow, so then the keep became a hidden bower. Ensuring love’s protection even more, he made around their secret place a maze. It wound for miles along the forest’s floor and led all trespassers in different ways. A fire, he would consume her, and she’d weep. Deprived of friends and freedom, she would brood, then into a depression sank so deep. . . her love for him could never be renewed. So Peter lost. He’d kept his wife too well. His tower of love was but a pumpkin shell. By Andrea Dietrich For PD's Metaphoric Poetry Contest

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Cycle of life

There is someone,
writhing in pain,
longing to speak to you,
for once, again,

Fifty one years 
lost sorrows to gain,
Life did start,
All over again,

He was your  inspiration,
You were his gem,
up until,
the day of reckoning came,

In you mantle, stood four men,
crafted with hands in a distant continent,
that your father had brought,
along with the pain

Dreadful thought
of parting again
Life took different paths,
different ways it went

Until the day it converged again

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Reflections at 47

I never saw myself as an old man
Never thought two-thousand would come either
I lived my life not on any one plan
Sweated through high school without a breather

I haven’t the mobility to run
though at times I can walk pretty darn fast
and I am always out getting some sun
I’m glad those days not walking didn’t last

Love I have had a few when does it end
The realities are never the same
So I am marrying my one best friend
I promise you for me this no game

One thing for sure this one is truly real
Her meals more tasty than a Happy Meal

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Lonely Cigarette

Lonely Cigarette
I sat smoking my lonely cigarette;
Sat recalling the sublime memories we had.
We had splendid times; bittersweet emotions lingered within your silhouette.
You were tender to me and I grew fond and clad.
Your serendipity overtook me.
A vast ocean lies between us; the Atlantic.
Your soul is beautiful; young and bright; wild and free.
Mine is troubled. Lonesome. Ever so frantic.
Take your aim. Shoot. And slay my demons.
The cigarette I consume draws insidious smoke.
Unsure, I am, if my eyes tear from burning fumes or from sorrow’s lens.
Dance. Float. Melt. In your seduction make me soak.
Reassure me that you will never leave; never say goodbye.
Sway me nightly and sing me sweet love’s lullaby. 

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Old Soul

In that we are all a vassal to age,
  No sceptre or mitre can set us free;
And no atonement can old time assuage
  Or rail against its synchronicity!
For ever decreasing circles besot
  The cognisance of what and who we are:
Yet I am not paled to what time begot,
  But wise to your end and your exemplar -
Of all our earthly labours and pleasure,
  And all that was ventured and lost or won!
For insofar love is the true measure,
  I shall be its keeper when you are gone.
Alas, no mortal thing this world outlast,
Yet still the risen sun your shadow cast.


Dedicated to my father.

November 2010

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For You, My Ingrid

Silhouette in the doorway sent from above.
You, my delight, came to make this soul whole.
Love standing there amid dreams and foxglove.
Soft as a whisper, true love flooded life’s stroll.

Branch of hope’s olive, contentment of heart,
Innocent pretending began thoughts’ sweet impart.
Despair flew away on your wings my sweet dove.
Long forgotten desires returned with pure love.

Peace in my heart a new trust did cajole.
Oh banquet of emotions enrapturing surges,
Reason and reality lost in boundless control.
A brightness of self, flourishing emerges.

My greatest delight, dear, was falling for you.
Love tingles the pleasures of hearts, we two.

© June 16, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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