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Sonnet Loss Poems | Sonnet Poems About Loss

These Sonnet Loss poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Loss. These are the best examples of Sonnet Loss poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Tell Me a Sweet Lie

Tell me I'm the one, the love of your life.
It's not my fault you won't become my wife
I'll look in your eyes as I dream my dreams.
We can both pretend, it's not what it seems.

I know there's another who holds your heart.
I can't stand that it's ripping mine apart.
So I will take this, just one more night.
Hold me and rock me, till the morning light.

My pain is to great, please whisper sweet lies.
My brain knows what my Heart can't realize.
I'll give you freedom, please let me pretend.
I am not ready, for this love to end.

Tomorrow walk away, that is your chance
I will survive, if you give me one glance

Sonnet on an intimate relationship.

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The Missing

She looks around the room with worried eyes. So many things are missing. What became of all her pretty clothes? With great surprise she notices her dresser’s not the same. The fancy music box that held her pearls is missing too from where it used to sit beside the picture of her precious girls there on the dresser. What became of it? She hears her husband walking toward the room and cries out as she sees him on the stair. He lies down on their bed. She feels his gloom, and then she knows. . . . He cannot see her there! She lingers, helpless, knowing she must go, yet hears him sob, “My love, I miss you so.” Written for Susan Burch's "Missing" Poetry Contest

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Death of a Flower

Down on row and pit and mortal flower
  The undertaker's men stood grave and bier;
And brave stoic death fills the living hour
  For ever more a day, a week, a year...
Where bathed in shafts of exalted light toll
  The bells of Mass and vigil in Greenhithe,
When in bound clay an unmolested dole
  Grimly hung the shadows in hood and scythe;
Yet I upon this ploughed earth sullen gaze
  And wonder what cold disconnect is death!
What sting its pierce to a full end of days
  That dares to breathe on me its cankered breath.
Withered is the bud and brief flower shed,
Yet for a time its beauty shone outspread.


July 1995

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Stark Endings on an Autumn Wind

Burnished bronze, tarnished teal,
flare warnings yield to winds of steel.
Their urge to jump, to flee and hide
cuts off the warmth for suicide.

They leap and land at such a cost,
far flung debris- refulgence lost.
They shrivel brown, dark fibers done,
decay beneath the wayward sun.

Their shredded shells in supine piles,
small hells ignite by human wiles.
Gray smoking wraiths slip out to sigh,
soar off to smear the flannel sky.

Green progeny will take their turn.
One chance to live is what they earn.

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Return to Wagon Wheel

The clouds have formed a mare’s tail in the sky,
a fitting image, for I’m being led
beneath them, where in eerie silence lie
abandoned stalls, untended land, a shed.

And on a gate, like some strange souvenir,
a halfway broken sign reads “Wagon Wheel.”
That horses once were bred and ridden here
both grime and span of time cannot conceal.

But farther down a lane, behind some trees,
(where happiness once lived!) awaits my spring -
a large house, shuttered, with its memories.
In front of it still hangs that wooden swing.

Above long grass and weeds it starts to sway.
The ghost of me has now returned to play.

For the Love and Loss Poetry Contest

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Released and slowly drifting to the earth,
the leaf departs her tree in mournful grace;
though both will live to see another birth,
none same will be returning in her place.
We meet as always in the space between
the branch's bud and parting leaf stem's end;
a tearful eye, a tugging force unseen
does will the laws reverse, gravity bend.
Enhanced though was the nearly naked tree
by springtime's bloom, her fallen trembling love - 
released to serve another destiny - 
in turn, will be the better than above.

Leaf falls to rest, and in her fading sigh,
she breathes to tree her final sad goodbye.

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Ashes and Flowers of White

The ocean softly laps the boat
as I watch the setting sun.
I drop the flowers and watch them float,
relieved this day is done.

Ashes are scattered in the sea
followed by flowers of white.
I watch an eagle soaring free,
flying into the night.

Tears slip silently from my eyes
as the waves gently lap the boat.
I turn back home in darkening skies
while the flowers and ashes float.

Alone, I head the boat to shore.
My heart, bereft, forevermore.


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The pool grows green through the leaf cover.
Large pears hang upon ancient tree.
Mocking Bird sings chanting to his lover;
As the dew sparkles, like water in the sea.

Crepe Myrtle has turned red how time has passed.
Moma admired some trees said they were pretty.
Daddy dug up  a few runners, oh! memories from past.
In most things, think of daddy how witty__

Daddy brought (them) here to brighten moma's life
To give her something pretty to enjoy.
Today I enjoy them, this is reallife.
Now as I look at them they are my buoy

Clouds are coming in hiding the sun rays
But their light and life brightens my days_

For Nancy's contest;

Contest name: Gratitude

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Amongst the Dross

Starring into the dross of amber brew
no face see I reflected, simply hollow I.
The stein of crystal tells no fortune spare,
nor one of bounty, yet what is true?
With drink, I dredge the pain of life anew
and wallow in the grain of cheaper wares, 
degrade myself and blame fate, for my strife,
ignoring all God's gift, so loud I cry, 
as salted tears stain trails of my despair.
If only, I had been a better wife
I'd not be sitting here. 

Form: Curtal Sonnet [A precurser to the Italian Sonnet]
abcabcdbcd c [10 1/2 lines]

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The things that we value

The things that we value are lost in time
and only preserved in one's memory.
It's useless to try to capture in rhyme
as all else is changing ceremony.
I remember what it once meant to meet
or welcome a loved one at the airport.
Time spent waiting for a daughter was sweet.
Moments of recognition at the port
door was worth all the traffic to get there.
In this world terror and security
are acceptable so we must beware
and lose all the small forms of dignity
we valued a moment ago. Truth is
not war's casualty, humanity is.

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Devoid of love

"My dear, do you love me?" No, I think not.
A loving foundation is based on trust.
I lost that trust that ties true lovers' knots.
Without it, all love dies and turns to dust.
My heart's been broken many times before
Each love I lost left me uncertainty.
Love doesn't live within me anymore
This I say to you with all certainty.
Love is like snow, beautiful while it lasts
But comes a time it thaws and disappears.
And what remains are traces of the past:
The painful heartaches, lonely nights and tears.
Ask not again of me, do you love me?
Love has died leaving painful memories.

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no more u in us

once there was you and then there was me, that made us you
 gave me your heart and I gave you my love ,
we lived and we laughed and we made plans this was us.
but you changed you acted strange and that is not for us.
you cheated and you lied and you abused my trust , that's why there is no u in us.

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When you miss a child,
Of your very own,
That is your flesh and blood,
You begin to wonder,
Where did you go wrong,
In your own life,
Instead of looking,
At the beautiful life,
You created,
This you must remember,
So many of the difficult times,
Cause of the times you did share together,
For your children will remember more,
Than you really want to give them credit for,
And they will always remember you,
As their loving parent,
For loving them so much,
More than you will ever know,
And you will never forget them,
Just as you hope,
You will never be forgotten,
From their lives,
Forever more,
As well.

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        February 13, 1945
Pathfinders lit the night to show the way
for bombardiers too hungry for the word;
as Dresden's dark was made as light as day,
all hearts were stopped before the blasts were heard;

and as the din was heard by all their ears
the sound it made was not reality
but far removed from all the hopes and fears
and what they thought would never come to be.

They loved the Fuhrer--sin enough for all
to die the fiery death of sweet revenge
brought on by those who had enough of gall
to drop their loads in wartimes heated binge!

       And when the fire consumed all that it could
        the winter of their lives was understood.

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In Support of Google's Self Drive Car

I know that I have called this a sonnet, and I recognise that it falls short of such an esteemed form, but it is my first attempt, please forgive me.


a black tarmac warrior 
a technology killing humanity worrier 
plotting a course at one hundred kilometres an hour 
his fatigued mind begins to wander 

they want to take away his freedom 
to replace his skills and wisdom 
superseding his brain with one of silicon 
technology supplanting humanity beyond his reason 

Isaac and I Robot showed the way 
when with technology protecting humanity we will rue the day 
while his mind remains resolute, his car begins to sway 
because humanity in control is the only way 

then in his old age, his is the first generation 
with no licence, but independent automated motion

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Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies

One beautiful lie , an unvoiced sonnet
Words veiled with a crime that steals my hearts last beat
Slow turn of your mood shows me disquiet
With kisses warm and vulgar with deceit.

One pulse stills, our love was not the one love,
Just remains of a lukewarm cup of tea.
You steep and brood, one pineing the lost dove.
My broken wing lame, I fall into the sea.

Beautiful lies, my heart begs for your fires
To hear the words forged my way by anvil
Beautiful lies, hope grows dim and expires
Waiting for judgment by divine gavel

Tremble my lips , tears fall dry from my eyes
Protect me from madness, beautiful lies.

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

Her life was full of joy and dreams
Expressing life and whatever that means
To live each day with new filled hope
Was the only way she knew to cope

Her love was hidden deep within
Full of passion,angst and sin
She loved a man she shouldn't take
Will she pay for her mistake

They shared their passion behind the door
Hidden from all, she wanted more
She deserved more than she received
And when he'd leave she cry and grieve

Upon a bed of petals she lay
Sobbing, imagining another way

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Life is What You Make It

Birth naked as the day, I lay upon the floor cover less, chill, eyes fluttering, closed, aware... inward I stare, counting chest rises, in despair. Fear of onward life is more than I can ignore. Outside, a flutter of wings seeks to explore, the haunting howl of wolf, mating calls taunt, beware, both harbingers of death; I grasp, each breath of air, sending ripples through a shaking fearful core. Moonlight cloaks my form, and heaven guards my plight. Covers tossed, comfort shorn, I search for tales to return to me a bit of warmth and light. A hoot, a yip, a melody, which prevails to remind me of the paths beyond that invite, for I am a dreamer tossed on dreams of death.

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I wake filled with anxiety and despair
My body aches and is full of pain
My first thought is of what is not there
There is nothing I can do to stop the thoughts in my brain

I go to the medicine cabinet to take a pill for anxiety
But still my mind reels with thoughts of what I want
Why must I put this burden upon me
I’m trapped in a life where I must be nonchalant

As the day goes on it just gets worse 
There’s a nagging feeling that I’m not me
My mind and body beginning to hurt
I hide inside myself so no one can see

Will I ever release myself from this hell
As of today there’s no way to tell

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The Home Team

Brainwaves, restless energy, lighting up the stadium.  Munching
pistachio nuts, hedging my bets on the home team.  Cold skin,
transmitting neural code back to ground zero, to be filed under 
January.   The smallest planet in my galaxy, cold, dark and lifeless.

The quiet circle of eyes, dried out eyes.  Pushed and pulled,
a circumference of asteroids, charged by the kinetic
energy of their own protons, neutrons, electrons.   Randomly
pairing off and splitting up in slow, January winter night cold motion.

The music plays again, a familiar battle hymn.   Like a stoked fire, 
the asteroids perk up under orders from ground zero.  Dancing,
shouting into space,  an aching proxy for the human race.  Degrading
sound waves and a return to the numbing stasis of cold faces.

The spectacle finally grinds to an end, the stadium lights power down,
the frozen galaxy deflates in another unpaid tribute to the home team.

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Oh haunting specter, pass and quell my fears,
Though peaceful doth my heart appear to be,
I’ll dwell behind my wishful hopeful tears
Until at last you’re here to rest with me.
When last we bade farewell o’re by the shore
A promise passed your lips and filled your eyes.
I held within the solemn wish you swore
And feigned a cheerful smile and waved goodbye.
Now jarred awake by fearful haunting dreams
To see your specter there amongst the stars,
Where from your breast a blinding bright light streams,
A path to pull me close though from afar.
    Dear ship of life before you slip away,
    Stop time forever on this fateful day.

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My love, what shall you leave me with tonight? What words are there to mend my broken heart? Will our love be repaired with morning light, Oh, or will nightfall be our last depart? My darling, sha'nt I leave you without this, My eternal promise of love to you How could you pull apart this final kiss? Don't let such love fade, whilst such lovely hue So, before you give your final goodbye, And your anger and hate bury your love Remember what wishes, and dreams, will die And the future that we had spoken of So, I'll remind you with my final breath, My eternal love is as strong as death

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The Other Side Of Me

You were the other side of me.
Like two rivers, joined up in a storm,
forging through our unknown landscapes
full of nature, but with purpose.
Learning, wandering and giving birth to new things.
Leveraging all that passed through our hands.

Until we became separated.
Hardship, mistakes divided our vast landscape
back into two, and we returned, to me and to you.
But we are still connected, I can see you
and you can see me, as part of everything that we do.
Forever and ever, our two rivers will run through…

Until we have travelled down to our next bend,
where we might flow back together again.

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Passage of Time

Hear the clock ticking? Just clicking away
The seconds and minutes, the hours; the time
Is always moving, the hours make days,
And will 'til the sun decides not to shine.

See the Earth moving? Always spinning round,
Marking the turning of seasons and years.
And yet all this movement makes not a sound;
The ageing Earth cries an ocean of tears.

Feel your heart beating? Loyally pumping
Rich crimson lifeblood throughout all your veins.
But later in life you will find time triumphing,
Your loyal heart ceasing despite what you've gained.

Time will corrupt and will bring forth decay;
Invest in a future that will not pass away.

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God Only Knows

Your sudden departure caused glum wonder
A blow that was sinking deep into core
Panic and tough refusal grew under
Death by the final course was to blame for.
Fidelity is dug from a soft spot
His bittersweet timeline has proven such
Makes to think if love is worth the long shot
Little bit of drama for a soft touch.
Yet too forlorn to accept selfishness 
Detaching duties of a well-wisher
Comfort is given to a reticence
Ignorance to the acquired fresh blister.
My dear friend grilled upon reaching the cure
To after one’s own heart that was thought pure.

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You Never Learn-Scars Left Behind

Dad is pushing up daisies today. He did away with himself on New Year’s Day. He lodged a bullet into his own chest. Less than a week later, he was laid to rest. Down to Atlantic City, you and Mom would roam. All our depressed father could do was stay home. You desired to dump more money in a casino. Dad pleaded with you not to go. What a horrible scene you witnessed with your eyes. Our father fashioned his very own demise. Of course, you were filled with regret. However, you too easily disregard and forget. Even that didn’t stop you from losing your money. Do you think destroying yourself is funny? Robert Pettit

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A Picture of Love


A glance across a void; a heartbeat trips,
a longing from within her essence yearns.
From Cupid’s bow on rose stained satin lips,
unfaltering, a tender smile returns.
No words in fury, or raised voices plied;
the certainty of eyes forever kind; 
no restiveness when tears of sorrow cried,
as unvoiced ear drinks tales of troubled mind.
A strong yet silent presence reassures;
unquestioning, uncritical and staid,
still through the lapsing years as life matures,
unchanging as past mem’ries are replayed.

In frames of time-suspended happiness,
lie photographs of love … no more … no less.

**sometimes, all that remains is a treasured photograph

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''We buried her in that grave in the ground''

We buried her in that grave in the ground;
it was her final, resting place--poor Mom!
Shaken, I wept but my siblings were calm;
only I appeared distraught and unsound,
overwhelmed at the sudden loss I found
too great to bear; it was like a huge bomb
had exploded in our lives,--like napalm!
There I grieving tears were profound;
it had been an upsetting funeral:
we buried her on a cold, wintry morn...
all there knew their places on arrival;
among them I wept, so tearful and torn
during the service and the burial.
In the end, I felt so dead and stillborn...

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Our Shattered Glass

In your head to pass this time
Attributing the former to your lies
Remember our cycle. Oh! how we belonged
We herded great minds and looseth the wronged
This is your part in our shattered glass

Although we fenced these strong beliefs
It is insatiable lust we reprieved
just short a miracle in humming this chord
Their weaknesses sort was time reborn
This is my part in our shattered glass

Endless love stories with novelty rhymes
a  mist of colours, distractions and lies  
Lighter pages, suspense or crime?
Mirrors and doors, our refraction in time
This is my part in our shattered glass

Just as we lost faith, we tore apart these walls
thus we drifted and sailed to our downfall
Last I heard of thee, it was late in the fall
In love and in lust, at her new masters beck-and-call
This is our sorrow in my shattered glass

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Easy to Say

German sonnet

Call me, if you need anything.
Anxiety comes like the dawn,
her family and friends all gone.          
And, what do I know of death’s sting?
I notice how her face is drawn,
in honesty, I have no clue.
Easy to say, harder to do -
Call me, I’m one you can count on.

Beautiful line if followed through.
I think, what if she makes that plea?
Should I keep my schedule free?
Beautiful line, but is it true?
Call if you need me, sounds lovely;
what do I do if she needs me?


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Black Dog

Oh, yes indeed, you thought you had lost him.
All was well, you thought you're on easy street.
Your pathway was strewn with flowers and then
nothing to look forward to but to greet
grandchildren at the door, parcel out love,
forbearance accumulated in a
lifetime. Live life orderly and above
the board you built from illusions just a
little and dreams just a lot. One dark night
you awoke. That dark canine of chaos
and despair was back, sniffing, scratching right
there at your front door, the side of your house,
indomitable and stupid and near,
drawn like a dog to the heat of your fear.

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A View From A Hospital Room

Checked the small view from hospital room I did
Doing this deed was just a simple thing
View top of trees but bottom half woods hid
Windows in building right, sun_ clouds mirroring

How many persons from car wreck slain
Thinking continues noise from hall distress
View draws me in_to outside once again
Are the crows high in nest now comfortless

Will my love whom on my bosom kept
Be kept safe_God will heal I am quite
Sure, even though now the time light has crept
The deciding factor will be tonight

At our home will he come once again to face
All the love and happiness in this place

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The Ghost Of Ole Blue

Old Jim Hasselgrove lived out by the river bank
where you'd see him sometimes cookin 
viddles on a small wood stove
now Jim's best friend was a dog named Blue
cause no matter where Jim went Blue was sure to be there too 
like soft butter spread on bread those two were meant to be
so it was that the years passed by
yet that dog Blue never left Old Jim's side
then one day somethin mighty awful happened
seems Old Jim had gone up and passed away
everyone in town thought  Jim should've had a church grave
but loyal Blue stayed by old Jim's shack
which in the end is where they buried Old Jim 
and where some swear the ghost of ole Blue still remains today

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The Room

                                         A room once filled with life and joyful sound
                                         now stands silent in total darkness.
                                         Its walls are weighted heavy with sadness,
                                         the child that used to live there can’t be found.

                                         His room looks terribly bleak and dusty.
                                         The smile on the toy clown is upside down.
                                         The tattered toy animals wear a frown.
                                         The child’s room feels cold, and empty.

                                         The unloved little boy has long since gone.
                                         He now lives with God in a peaceful place.
                                         No longer will tears stream down his small face.
                                         By tomorrow all his toys will be gone.

                                         In the bare room the rocking horse resides.
                                         All twisted and bent with marks on its sides.

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Brave like you

 I find myself not , eating, thinking, and sleeping
Sometimes , not doing things right in my life
The many obstacles , Im going threw
Just to reach one goal
The many blocks, I walk
Day or Night

Sometimes confuse on time
Wishing it was a dream
The moment , I heard 
You went to sleep
All, I keep saying is 
Who , understood me like you
For the many reasons 
I love you

I appreciated everything, you did
From the braveness, you gave my soul
The gentleness, in your words
For each teardrop, you wiped off my face
Now, my teardrops seem to reach the ground
While , I look in (Heaven)
Praying your looking down

Showering this fear off my skin
Feel my feet
They're so weak
But , for you 

I get on my knees
Singing and crying, to God
That my angel is you
So , I can whisper in your ear
Mama, make me brave
Brave like you

June 8th 2012

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Architectures old and new are tumbled.
Small Japan hit thrice in quick succession.
The bewildered  nation deeply humbled.
Nature pummels with a mad obsession.

Tsunamis take all that is not taken.
Failed nuclear plants spread fear throughout the land.
The loss of life so great, folks feel forsaken,
Citizens too confused to understand.

We, the world weeps as troubles grimly mount.
With disbelief we watch each horror come.
The money costs much more than they can count.
They know that it has been a princely sum.

Brave warriors battle on in staunch defense,
For losing has too dire a consequence.

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To say good-bye

The cars gathered at the neighbors house now,
was not long ago, the sight seem the same.
To say “good-bye” to a young cousin somehow,
forever through time, the heart broken will remain.

The roads they traveled, took them to dead ends,
we should never have to bury our youth.
Cul-de-sac of life, on this they cannot win,
withdrawn from family, they become so recluse.

Fallen so fast into the dungeon of life,
Innocence taken and forever gone.
They just took a wrong turn, did not know strife,
could come back to love ones, even when wrong.

The family will be forever changed,
memories and plans will be rearranged

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I planned a trip to take me back to yore
to find the loving days of long ago,
back home to all the friends we used to know
and the familiar sweetness of before.
But there are none that we knew anymore,
they've slipped away, the ones whom we loved so
and not one thing from those loved years to show 
I sit alone beside the ocean's roar.
All vanished with you when you went away
those sunny, merry, loving days of old,
the happiness of youth's not meant to stay.
My dearest love, since God took you that day,
no loving arms are here now to enfold.
He took the sunshine, all my skies are gray.

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The End

She just closed her eyes and that was the end
No tearful goodbyes not even a word
And all of the whys they were never heard
There were no more lies we had to defend

So ended our show and all it incurred
So far beyond woe no teardrop to rend
My mind won’t know it chose to pretend	
So great was the blow it must be absurd

My memory ran to our special place
Where kisses began in days of our youth
Where once a young man discovered his dawn

No future in sight just one empty space
Which stole all my light this vision of truth
So began the night for now she is gone

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Tears at My Age

For all the tears we’ve wept, for all of those we’ve lost.
We’ll weep again some more, as we’re told we matter not.
You know they will not say it, but it’s there within their eyes.
The old and frail aren’t welcome, as they’re steadily pushed aside.

If you don’t believe me, then at a party get up as if to dance.
Mouths will gawk and eyes will roll as they come to set us back.
They’ll act like we’re so shameful, as we laugh, and have some fun.
Then they’ll come to guide us to a chair somewhere in the background.

Our wisdom isn’t needed; they’re far too superior for that.
They can’t respect the old ones' thoughts, who're out of date, in fact.
Of course they want our money, and will gladly scope out our homes.
And they want us to beleaguer ourselves so they can go happily on.

But where is the regard that they say our age is due…
Too often it’s in a distant Nursing home no one will ever drive to.

This is dedicated to all those lost souls left in Nursing Homes whom no one
ever visits.

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                 My uncle Col, i would like to point out
\                that i have an idea whats going about
                 in your head and heart that you have gap
                 that`s a continuous running,just like a tap

                But i really hope that you can see
                that family love will always be
                there if ever you need it most 
                although you have son`s and grandchildren to boast
                And all that you need when you look above
                clasp your hands together,and you will have love
                `cos Margret will always be looking down
                to lift up your spirits your mood and your frown 

                                R.I.P AUNTY MARGRET X

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Gulf Oil Spill

Our ecosystem and wildlife can no longer be ignored
The devastation caused by the Gulf oil spill must vastly be restored

As anger and frustration surges across the Coast
The depletion of our environment, indeed we fear the most

Several past months, many lives have been erased
In the midst of these disasters, we can only look to faith

Now let us pay a visit to some underlying factors
Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other natural disasters

It was not in their intention for a high tech failed invention
Yell still they don't take into account the consequences of their actions

Efforts to contain this oil spill is more doltish than we have known
What more massive debacles can this single Earth condone?

Many local residents are now suffering from depressions
So think about what lies ahead, our future generations


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When Hopes And Dreams Are Gone

(Curtal Sonnet) When you feel your hopes and dreams are just gone That there's nothing to uplift your poor heart Just take a good look around and you'll see There's more to be thankful for than whats shown For none can stop you from making new start Only you decide what to do or be. Try to be positive, content each day Even if pain and sorrows break your heart Be grateful give thanks to God on your knee For tomorrow is a new day pray His salvations free. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011 10.13.2014

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Eritrean Softball Game - 1959

One painful hot, and  Eritrean day,
More happenstance, than anything we'd planned,
Our softball field, was moulded in the clay
Of Africa, the time forgotten land.

Behind a chain link fence, they came to see,
We sailors of the Ocean having fun.
While they, ten hundred, maybe more, than we,
black faced and wringing sweat, laughed at the sun.

Anticipation we'd not heard before,
Rose to their high, just when the ball was hit,
And made us give our best, of ship and shore,
Because we knew they were enjoying it.

How sad to know, we've lost the friends we'd made,
Down through the years, for lack of any shade.
© Ron Wilson

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To The Niece That Never Was

Sweet little girl who snuck upon her mom
without plans already in place to meet,
you’re a tiny hero, a bitter balm
for the wound that left an empty car seat.
A routine visit that ended in tears,
and an operation for the next week.
My sister’s truth was a mother’s worst fear,
never to hold her babe, to stroke her cheek.

After the grim appointment, her eyes glazed
her heart rate jumped high, and her fever raised.
Illness would have stolen her, but for fate.
You had asked a favor at heaven’s gate.
Thank you for saving my sister, sweet one.
I wish though, it didn’t mean your life was done.


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To Moses a very special friend

A child of the sun, coldness she knew 
But the heat of the moment, 
always uneasy but of passion, 
The sun in setting, a lady she was 

A flower to compare but a rose inapt.
More an orchid, a beauty of the 
Or a frangipani, a temptation in her 
Chimera of the sun, at night a 
woman entrap.

Loving, generous but of men she had 
Our rock in troubles, our source of 
Joy and laughter in her weird world 
of tussles.
But hurt her friends, a tigress with 

Rest in peace beautiful Rina, our 
handsome Moses.
A beloved child of the sun, who loved 

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Till Shines The Day

Tenderly hits the rain on the window

Cheers my heart as it sweeps away the dust

Fits me between roses of green meadow

Deluding me to dream, or so I must

So softly it fell as poets may tell

Passes on the gentle chill of winter

Carries me to you as I hoped it will

Lost dreams to miss, and nights to remember

Still I remember what nights left behind

Still I rejoice when rain knocks on the door

As it flames my heart, too hopeful yet blind

To shine on sweet moments I have no more

For as rain drops sneak when sun is away

So does my heart, steals dreams till shines the day

From: Echoes (

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Me & Periphery

Glassy memory wrestles me with scorn
Envisioning our flame once ever-bright,
Natural in flowing charm, such love reborn
To reflect divine creation each night.
Revelry taunts with dodgy clarity;
I’d abandoned the triumph of fervor
Forgetting such colossal rarity
In my float, this bobbing life preserver.
Caustic regret pulls my soul asunder
As the fool, undeniably aloof,
The walking embodiment of blunder
Isolated with messages as proof,
Outside your sphere to wile away my end
Never to be welcomed home as your friend.

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You are like the winter wind

You are like the winter wind, cold and bare,
 That blows the seasons trumpets loud and shrill,
 And brings the bitter frosts that chill the air,
 To silence natures laughter, and to still
 The mountain springs, where noisy waters run
 To meet the streams and rivers far below,
 Now frozen in their banks beneath the sun
 Entombed within the ice and flawless snow
 And yet your beauty shines though cold and true,
 Where starlight falls on frost to dance and glow
 And trees of ice that show the brightest hue,
 To sparkle as the sun reflects the snow.
 The season of the dead is cold and raw
 Where nature waits to meet the coming thaw

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Like roses on a thorn I never knew
 What I thought was beneath and what was there
 I look inside and all I see is you
 And there I found I actually do care
 More than I deserve, you make me feel
 Am I awake? Or is this just a dream?
 Heart Beats, with a tear and my thoughts unreal
 Perhaps this world is more that what it seems;
 I hope someday you'll see what I see
 Away with your pity and no more sighs
 You'll look inside and tomorrow we will fly
 You'll change and the sky will darken its hue
 Whatever you become I will still love you

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Swift Wind

The nice swift wind,blows across my face
hitting me cold,in the life's bitter race.

The streets are lonely and lone I'm walking,
in the cold hostile air,hardly I'm smiling.

Searching for the one who held my hands
to make me feel warm like the magic wands

Still moving alone in the path of life 
feeling the pain through the edge of knife

Still wishing to go back in time to childhood
playing on streets like those in the neighborhood 

far better than moving alone searching for the one
who comforts me just like the morning sun

The nice swift wind ,seems romantic no longer
neither the cool breeze feels like the earlier.

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A Web of Lies

Your cloying tales of days gone by,
memories of sugar crystals.
Saccharide words of poisoned lies
shot me point blank from your pistol.

You spin a web of golden beams,
flashing starlight, a laughing face.
With secrets shared and rainbow dreams,
you weave deceit in threads of lace.

Dark clouds of broken promises
cast in the shadows of your smile.
Forgotten deeds and air kisses,
forgiveness tainted with denial.

In time, I know I'll come to forgive.
Though, I only have one heart to give.

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Sonnet to Suicide

Go this way to dusty death, And to this way the ground. Abandon all your final breaths, And learn not to make a sound. Bury yourself up to the neck, And tie the noose's knot. Keep your feelings in the wreck, And allow them all to rot. Take yourself up to the cliff, And look over to the sea. Outstretch your arms; give them lift, And embrace the death to be. Darkness rules your once clear mind When you lend unto it all your time.

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A Step In Dance

Sweet angel guide me to this place of rest,
My weary soul at last takes its final breath,
A single bell to mark another death
Yet beginnings wait in an angel’s breast.
For death is not an end of things to me,
As life begins and ends within this place,
There are many more challenges to face,
But for a while I will be resting free.
My spirit roaming here upon a cloud,
With she who bound my heart with her sweet love,
And took my oath to the heavens above,
Together now, beyond the hallowed shroud.
As one in life we shared in love’s romance
So again shall our spirits step in dance.

Form: Canadian Sonnet

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The Line Between

O God, the pangs are crushing body, soul
And spirit—working deaths where sunlight fades— 
My arms are trunks of pain and taking toll, 
While tortures, stings, and sickness hauntly raids
To close the Gates of Hell to shut me in,
And heaven bows to greet while Hades seeks
To send The Reaper with his failing grin.
And illness ruins lives while havoc wreaks
The squalored throes of daily living on—
While body wastes away and breath remains
To sing your dirge while I still carry on…
Like trampling cattle trodding broken frame,
I live between the sunshine and the grave—
Like flowers cut and dying in the vase

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I wake up screaming, sometimes crying.
I simply can't tell which side is lying.
Is it me, or is it my brain? 
I can't deal with much more because it drives me insane.
I see visions of horrible, gruesome things.
Like people who've been chopped to bits, and little dead kids that sing.
I can hear the music playing and it scares me to death.
I try to run away, but I get sicker with every breath.
I see people I love and others that I've never seen before.
If I ever see those strangers when I'm awake, I'll freak out, I'm sure.
Why do I have these nightmares each and every time I sleep?
Have I not cried enough tears for people I'll never meet?
I'll never understand it, but I guess I'll have to deal.
It only gets to me this bad because it all seems so real.

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The Pretence of Forgotten Innocence

The loss of innocence is quite harsh
The consequence is to drown in marsh
Better it is to forget such a task
When innocence turned sour in its flask!

The loss of innocence comes after the dark
Surely it leads on that way fools embark
Nor are the fools wise
Nor can they speak lies!

Yet, the bearers of the loss are hearty
Full of laughs, they love life with affinity
To forget that painful loss
To live a new life in the shoes of the boss!

A forgotten life, known as childhood
Forgotten or pretending to forget for their own good!

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Requiescat for Izaiah Herbst' Briton Riviere Free Poetry Contest

Requiescat     for Briton Riviere Free Poetry Contest 

a paladin placed upon a bier
passed away in his armored harness
his gundog a statue of allegiance
and his  unarmored musketeer

sustained guarding his lord and master
his brown eyes so sad but riveted 
reflecting his utmost intense sorrow
and his absolute disaster

grievous gundogs' breath at nose' length
near to his masters' unarmed cold hand
only waiting for the requiescat
eternity unites their strength

the  masters' voice silenced for ever 
with his gundog on eternal endeavor

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Laughing Man, Pain Hidden

Laughing Man, Pain Hidden

A laughing man hid well his pain
 our approval he sought to gain
A hope that admiration would pay
 force the inner demon far away

Can any judge another man's soul
 we can only guess but never know
The mental pains cut ever so deep
 hammers preventing needed sleep

No plea, request or loud outcry
 no note explaining the why
Answer left to be only a guess
 misery now gone, soul at rest

A laughing man hid well his pain
so very sad but will happen again

Robert J. Lindley , 08-12-2014

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Scary Moments

moments before the appointment
very sharply aging ointment
verdict both a wish and a fear
final moment so far and near

worried employee enters the room
hopefully unemployed no doom
decades of loyalty a fact
despite everything simply sacked

steel words stabbing a wounded heart
and steal a future its earned start
hoped for future vanished in no time
now victim of a legal crime

moments after the appointment
the eternal aging ointment

Written for: Scary Moments Free Poetry Contest
Date: June 1st  2014

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Their death could have been prevented if rivarly, 
misunderstanding and hostility had not been there...
had Verona not become a battle ground for the gentry,
but unlikely comedy that makes us burst into laughter,
tragedy puts some sense into our  foolish heads shunning this  truth:
they didn't have to die uselessly in the prime of their youth!
O insensible people, mourn the young lovers from Verona with sympathy
to realize that love is unstoppable as the coming of dawn;
we can try to kill it with jealousy, envy, anger or even murder...
but what the outcome will be? Heartbreak and regret over 
a disastrous event such as the one Shakespeare wrote in his teary,
dramatic play to warn us that it shouldn't be disapproved with a frown.

Peacefully sleep, o young lovers from Verona! Even this saddened poet will not forget...
how courageous and desperate you were to end your vibrant lives with that insane thought!

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The next few moments

Jiggling keys,he gave his crown a scratch
then took another look at his watch.
"You're gorgeous, now please get out!"
for the 10th time he cried out loud.

Out she emerged, breathtaking, as always,
dropping baubles, tottering in her Jimmy's,
Smile still smeared, they left that hour,
unaware of the timed out counter.

Tyres screeched as he sped,
"take it slow honey"she requested,
when, an unexpected brightness grew larger,
until black, and then, everything grew calmer.

With excruciating pain he awakened,
looking around called, "Lauren!"
the teary faces dropped and nodded,
"We're sorry" , they whispered..

Suddenly lifted by a whiff of heat,
all he could hear was his own heart beat.
limped out, made a futile attempt to find his dear,
and crashed with thoughts of future fear.

Shutting the door behind him,
reminiscing love, life, past with grim,
clouds of  "what if" floating his self ,
whole world reduced into a tiny elf.

Moving on is most important at present,
Realizing a  reason, he may not accept,
 he still breathes, for that very reason,
And, taking care of himself will never be treason.

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Envelopes, like cantaloupes,
Emptied vessels cast aside.
Harbors of wayward ships,
Collection plates to take inside,

Emptiness, is nothing less,
Bleeding ulcers seeping in,
Burning edges outward in,
The constant pain that lives within.

The inner core, the apple seed,
The heart of love is beating still.
The tidal flow to sooth the sand,
The lover's hand to touch and fill.

The joy, the warmth, of god within.

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At first when I met him, I was captivated for him
That red string that had entwined us never did end
I exposed every single fragment of me, all my limbs
I strived strenuously to get that red string to rend

You whispered to me that your aim was the impeccable one
Instead I had to pull the plug
I was captivated with my hoarse voice the burnt setting sun
The encased ice I wished were snug

Do you recall those days when we were friends
Then came the those other variables of confusion
Remember all those roads with bends
With you, it seemed as if everything were an illusion

Now I have to let go for it makes me ache
I. too late, finally solved that you were a fake

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Shattered Hearts Death

Fantasy beguiled love upon one night.
Twisted, forbidden, walking out of fright,
She gave desire, I crashed ever contrite.
Destroying our love, for little delight,

Each day after, I cried in deep regret,
Though her eyes would never ever forget,
Remembering images, etched deeply set.
She told me of the love, now just a debt.

Rescinding our commitment, completely,
My heart still aches, for her repeatedly.
Her recall forever, regretfully,
My memory haunting deceitfully,

I could never produce any amends.
My mistake haunting, until my life ends.

written 5-28-2012

theme - 1)a broken heart

written for
Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name 3 forms, 3 themes | 

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Death of Bruce, My Friend

Death of Bruce, My Friend

Bruce, my puppy died so very , very long ago
 buried him in a grave deep beneath the snow
Vanished, the days of tramping wood and field
 no more would such joy his countenance yield

Looking back seeing more sweet joy than sad
 thank God and childhood for blessings we had
Remembering well the nights he slept in my bed
 often climbing up to lay beside my little head

Attempting to crush memories of his sad fate
 yet thinking of him often, so often as of late
A hero the time he attacked that poisonous snake
 getting snakebit instead for his master's sake

A friend, a love , no greater has a boy ever had
In dog Heaven he awaits and I am so very glad


I had Bruce from age five years old until age 
eleven. Six wonderful years, blessed years and 
sweet years!
Even now at sixty not a week goes by that I don't 
think of him , his loyalty and his faithful love.
I wrote this about twenty years ago. Found it 
today in a scrap book , with no date attached but 
remember writing it one week before Christmas in 1994.
Found the Christmas card from a dear friend(now departed)
 right there with it...

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Mending A Broken Heart

Nothing as cold as a winter of black.
the world still moves, as if nothing has changed.
"a snow angel" i thought as she fell back.
she looked to the stars "they all seem arranged".
her eyes a sunrise on the Coral Sea.
Years pass people, continue in rejoice.
my despair endless, as challenger deep.
i long for her warmth, and ache for her voice.
her love for me eternally in stone.
love crashing down in a thunderous wave.
stars came and went but i stood there alone.
waiting for deaths sweet grip, by true loves grave.
when joy comes with curved blade and dark cloak.
time will mend the heart, it long ago broke.

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Wild at heart, blind man plays with burning fire;
Allows bold passion to secure mind games;
Notice dance transcend the funeral pyre;
Excite rash action to favour proud name.
Weave odd tapestry with vain thoughts loudly;
One wholesome motion beyond graveyard shift;
Note clear feel and see urge and flow easy;
Dig deep emotion to fling form that lifts.
Experience each wave of feelings that surge;
Ride stormy seasons with attitude brave;
Include vision brave that follows sure urge;
Now is good reason for conflict that craves.
Go far beyond scope when the chips are down;
Sanguine moods greet hope when wane fractures frown.

Leon Enriquez
15 May 2014

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You lived a king but died a slave;
May your body be food for fish;
May the Libyans dance on your grave;
May your soul be the devil's dish.

You showed no remorse to your victims;
May we give you undue respect;
May we forgive your atrocious whims;
May we use this moment to reflect.

Your removal may be no beauty;
May we rejoice in your demise;
May we not forget your cruelty;
May we see Libya on the rise.

The life of a dictator;
Is the death of a traitor.

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Sonnet: Always Love You

Sonnet: Always Love You

Each day I place my heart in my minds position,
I sit back as my soul begins to plea,
Stuck as I watch my emotions in a collision,
I always thought this was meant to be.

I do not think you realize the pain that I endure,
I have done right by you for many years,
You give me less I give you more,
Not a handkerchief could wash away these tears.  

Yet, despite your cold heart I have made up every excuse,
Because to you I vowed my love,
You are the one I choose,
I will accept your flaws thereof.

Even if you never see us as I do,
Forever I will always love you

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i.m. Ann, my sister 1947 – 1997)

Heads of fine purple strewn across cement
And yellowness heaped up in an airless room –
Travesties to which your heart’s golden fire-dust
Is an increment on pain.  You asked
If the pretence of caring had now vanished,
Was it real now, under the cracked sky-line,
Like your memories dammed up under the rain.

Surely some vital drops will float
To pull your rootless beauties into holiness
Even as they die in a still vase –
There is no picture to quite stir the heart
As these fallen crowns, noble as the chalice
Of Gethsemane, which yet held the terrifying
Dark secrets of the world’s crime.

As you winter in your youth,
Beheaded flowers your beauty, your truth.

By Rosemarie Rowley

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Stand The Axe

Stand The Axe 

Cut the tree, making that one deep mark
silence the bird, a soft muted skylark
Step over the dead words sent on down
stealing tears from a very sad clown

Stand the axe against another tree
love and hate can never ever agree
Sweet song gifted to change wicked mind
your eyes opened but so very blind

Nay, again I shall not cowardly bow
reform your evil ways, do it  now
Last chance to set heart to winded sail
new coin , there inside the wishing well

Love cries for you to see yet again
Joyous future, one we dared to plan

R.J. Lindley
04, 11, 1977

Note:  very long ago , a young man asks girlfriend to 
choose him over families money and influence. She 
chose the money.... Life went on.... Sadness reaped a 
very bitter harvest but survival kicked in.

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Waking up

Whispers all around me, but I don't see a soul
Feelings of dread and regret consumes my being
Is there some dark spirit around that I'm not seeing?
Maybe I'm crazy, but am I the one who's supposed to be playing this role?
Dreaming this reality up, yet it seems so real
Lucidity is ever so fluent; smooth as can be
Pretend time becoming a concrete fantasy
Regardless of where I end up, this is surreal

They say the white light is prevalent, but I disagree
A multitude of shapes and colors are profuse
With all of this around me, how could I not exist?
Reality is what you make it, I still am the real me
Time to make new and to really let loose
Haunting the past will be tough to resist

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Friends in a cursed war

The Laughter on their faces
and banter by the carts,
is just another way of hiding
the hatred in their hearts.

The ground around here swallows
our footsteps as we tread,
now the water gently wallows
where our friends once lay dead.

One day this place is hell,
on others, simply worse.
I'm one of many stuck here,
one of many with a curse.

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Coldly Alone

It's when the night gets cold
I miss you the most
With no ones there to cover or care
It's when the night gets cold
My thoughts flood my brain
Your image takes such a strong hold
I have no control
It's when the night gets cold
I ache for you the most
Wanting to be so close
But no one near to see nor hear
It's when the night gets cold
I miss you the most

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We boomers, as our generation’s called,
have lived through two seasons, considered great,
during which our values were overhauled --
The Summer of Love and Autumn of Hate.
Both brought us together and gave us hope.
In the face of injustice, both were staged --
the first, a celebration with free dope,
the other a tragedy that enraged.
We were innocent in ‘Sixty-Seven;
we saw world violence and were appalled.
Our attitudes changed by Nine-Eleven;
we sought revenge, though we were shocked and galled.
While Winter of War passes, may we find
The Spring of Renewal and peace of mind.

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LORD! We will be blessed with a heaven,
Where fountains of milk and honey will run!
Where no pain and tears will darken!
Where on desire, everything will be won!
Only around pleasure and beauty, but fear none!
Forever on, will dwell there immortally, yes unforgotten!
O Lord, but, I should adore this framed heaven,
These captive minds overlook a blessing; it’s a notion,                  
Ah this another life will free the soul from this dreading ocean, 
Where Fright of loss of a beloved won’t haunt me like a demon,
Where night won’t terrorize my soul of any misfortune,
Oh yes there would my soul rest with no fear frozen,
Will wear a smile when this disquieting concern will be abandon,
I say only this peace of heaven will make my heaven …heaven

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Old Blue-tick Hound

Damn old worthless dog. How lazy he lies 
in shade on my porch, by my rocking-chair.
Good but for flea food or a perch for flies
too old to bark at a wild hog or hare.
He’s fast asleep with one half open eye
as if to protect me, like he still could.
His old body sore and I know that I
(for his old age) must put him down for good.

Like a thank you for nothing, same as a 
gentle pat on the head. A gift to guard 
him from pain, to cut short his days so they
won’t be his burden. My sympathy charred
and heart destroyed, to give my old pal this
reward, this kindness, this murderous kiss.

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Over the ridges of orange sand
watch it slide,sink and expand
as the orange turns a silhouette
I wish life would reach its sunset
a gigantic glow of fading light
that slowly subsides into the night
it just becomes a crimson pyre
of the hopes that never flew higher
their magnificence brutally mangled
one by one, picked and strangled
and if love is merely a setting sun
let the holds of life come undone
be my dusk of a painful existence
sink with the sun into the distance.

*Written atop a red dune whilst watching the sunset.

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Against the trees the bitter winds have blown,
Long burnished bare by winters baleful gusts,
They linger long through raging storms and snow.
And cling to boughs as friends return to dust.
These lonely leaves are but the spent remains,
Of lives long lived yet fearful of the fall.
What use of holding on, can it contain,
The sad and certain end that will befall.
Thus as the seasons come, the seasons go,
And life that springs from earth to earth returns.
There is a time to live, a time to grow,
And in between, the fate of all is churned.
What can be said of life that ebbs and flows,
There is a time of laughter and of woes.

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Today I'm missing you

Blue morning, bare foot on the garden grass, 
wet dew between my toes as I make my 
way amid misty plays that softly pass
through familiar words of days long gone by.

If I could save time goes through me rippling,
a breaking wave on lost dreams broken shore
dragging yesteryears sharp splinter, catching
me missing you as countless times before.

If in your imperforate life I placed
myself, would the mirrors sharp fractured shard 
that returns to haunt, melt and be erased 
and blessed sunshine’s beam complete my heart.

Or has time distorted dreams old and new  
I know not, but today I’m missing you 

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Dream On, Oh Let Me Dream On

It was all a mistake, I dream
A misunderstanding it seems
"You dreamt the whole thing, for god's sake!
Serves you right for not staying awake!
Bad things happen when you fall asleep
So dry it up hon, why do you weep
Don't you know God has made a new rule?
I'm back you stubborn old fool!
It never was and it never shall be
Pretty nice rule there, don't you agree?"

"I'm awake!" I'm awake!" I scream
(Silly boy, its only a dream)

***This is not a true sonnet because of the rhyme scheme
but I'm lazy

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Dust and blood on an iPod that plays,
Hole, for love of country, for love,
Of the scope on a fine bolt action M-40  rifle.
Cupid was a sniper, for love of Psyche.
Like the marksman in the minaret that shot,
Lance Corporal Miller in the face,
He will have a thousand virgins at his feet.
As Corporal Nick Ziolkowski loved to kill,
Having taken three mortals in one day,
Was a badge of honor he would proclaim,
Now he lives under that shining city on the hill.
The world loves it’s patient heros,
How gently they lay in wait, divinely,
Saving humanity    from it’s dark Eros.

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Lost Loved Ones

Written By:  D. Collins 12/30/14

There are only two ways to lose loved ones.
We lose some while living, others when life is done.
With those who are gone, we have no control of.
But, to those still living, we should show love.

That can only be done by knowing sacrifice.
Which involves pain, and seeing a grown man cry.
Once our loved ones are gone, we’ll never be the same.
We will never be able to control that enduring pain.

We have to be persistent which requires a lot of work.
It’s called loving someone before they leave this earth.
That opportunity can disappear over a single night.
Show that person love, while they still have life.

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Where are you now

Dont come to far to save me
Dont make anything feel right
I am stopping you now
Before I change my mind

I want you to go
Dont leave me here
Why did you pick now, darling
to dissapear

I needed you the most
Where are you now
Why can I feel you close
Are you listening now

Are you waiting on change
Are you waiting on time
Is it up to me
to change your mind

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Haunting Melodies

Haunting Melodies

In the dark of night can you hear the song
     The haunting melodies the night owls sing
     The melodies have gone on for so long
     Can you feel the sadness that they will bring

All those that hear this twisted song with shed tears
     None of us know why the owls sing this song
     There is no real reason for us to fear
     When it sounds all we do is march on

But there is nothing we should truly fear
In this game none of us fit any way
One day all things of the night will be clear
No matter what we continue to play

No matter how much we lose we never stop
We will never stop until we reach the top

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Emptiness no one can see

The cobweb of time has bound me over again
making me feel i have gone insane 
The emptiness around me pierces through
as if asking me to reach you 
peace is no where to be found near 
and all i can find is a drop of tear
rolling out of my eyes one by one
thinking what else could i have done
to make me feel better and calm
and recover from the nature's charm
Deep inside me burns a feeling
a void that makes me sing
The void  created inside me
the emptiness  no one can see

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Goneril & Regan (King Lear)

Ladies of untrue filial ingratitude
I doubt if you are genuine to the crown
Your love thrown to a villain's attitude
The old king sees now that love speaks than clown
Words. For ladies who plucks respected beard
And poison for love is what thou see'st
A daughter who calls love silent is heard
But who dare throws own self to the tempest?
The tool that united you against your blood
Stained and split you against your selves
You shall never be reborn in this world
If you were, you should not be your selves
Women of ruthless heartlessness who turn
Milk of humanity to demonic buns

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Fight the Feeling

Suddenly I feel the urge to rip my heart out and display it on my screen.
I can't I don't have it. Its not with me to keep anymore. I'm lost!
In this world full of negative thoughts, I feel betrayed. I'm the one to blame. Its a dream!
How could I have misunderstood these words. What was hurt is probably trust!

I've heard it can break in seconds but it takes years to rebuild.
Life please don't make me start it all again. I'm hurt at how I've hurt you! Oh life!
I read it all wrong! I've learned my lesson. Please don't leave this plea unfulfilled?
One step at a time. The wounds will heal. The scars will vanish. That's life!

Take your time. I will wait. I won't stop hoping for the best. 
The truth is I lost my way, I found it, then wavered a little more.
Now the path is clear. I will follow it to the end. Oh life let's walk it abreast.
When life hurts. When you fall. It may hurt but you're not done for.

Forgive yourself. You're not broken, your mistakes don't make you who you are.
Rather they make you stronger. And help you realize exactly who you are!

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Sonnet 15

As technology has progressed , bound leaps ,
within the nanny state , Man simply sleeps .
Replaced Automatic ; Manual Labour.
Solved by Machine mind's , Binary No more .
For synthetic constructs for your whim , creeps
pumping cheese-its into bulging wheeze heaps.

So keep That lard thru blood , spotless , can ignore
such irritations as ; Clearing the floor .

While Digital duty serves ; watch those beeps 
streaming 24/7 fiction keeps
sake in sight , forms pixel ; away those flaws 
by Avatar's dream , away life's true claws.

While around , leashed , the world quietly leaps ,
Attended by metal hands ; Left
	Man Sleeps....

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Shall I Compare Thee

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more stormy and less temperate.
Rough winds do shake our fragile bonds of May,
And summer's temper hath all too short a date.

Sometime too hot your sweat does shine,
And often is your beauty dimmed;
And every handsome man you do decline,
by chance, they leave chest hair untrimmed.

Part 2 Variation
Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?
Thou art as stormy and as cold
And do leave me longing for May
And winter’s temper too long showed
Sometime too cold yours eyes shine GREY

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Cuchulainn's lament

A sudden thrust: the scraping sound of steel
Against the bone, careering from the blow
His balance lost, staggering as he kneels
Upon the earth, he tries to staunch the flow.
The bloodied sword now dropping to the ground,
His battle rage now slowly dissipates.
They seek each others eyes but make no sound,
Just silence at the sadness of their fate
Three days they fought, no quarter given still,
Three nights they met to clean each others wounds,
Today they knew that one of they would kill,
And in that killing both of them be ruined.
Watching his brother slowly slip away,
He cursed the games of kings that made them play.

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Time Has Carried Me

Time has carried me so close to old age
Will acceptance be added to my traits
Accepting comfy shoes, not latest rage
Having become old__many varied weights

Hobbling to a electric grocery cart 
Every time  visit Wal-Mart, grocery
Definitely does not look very smart*
But time hasn't carried to cemetary

What about cane or horrible walker
Acceptance with time maybe be mellow
Maybe even become a sweet talker
Or cataract surgery_ odd fellow

Time has carried me_acceptance my plea
Live my life with grace and each day with glee

(Chic, fashionable)

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My fears dissipate while you're here on shore.
I wish I could show you who I am now,
All the progress I've made, but you want more.
No longer haunted, yearning need, oh how
I'm still learning about who I can be,
What do I want to do with my life now?
Now you're gone, I wasn't good enough, see?
I don't try hard enough, who are you, BOW!
Not my friend, no one I know's acting Bree.
A queen, princess, no just another figure.
Getting by in a rough world, so nice, see?
Gard down for a second, look see the picture?
No water, no food, gona a moment later.
Live now, tommorow is a second too late.

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For You

~Take me,
Take me away from that Place.
Take me away from my Aches.
~Shake me,
Shake me awake from Reality.
Shake me awake from my Nightmares.
~Place my,
Place my memories back to Hell.
Place my memories back to the Cell.
~Hold me,
Hold me in a Forever Embrace.
Hold me in a Forever Place.
~Push me,
Push me back to Start.
Push me back to his Heart.
~Throw my,
Throw my heart Higher.
Throw my heart in a Fire.
~Put me,
Put me in your Arms.
Put me in your Heart.


(thank you for reading :) it really means a lot to me.. if you please dont mind commenting and rating :) thank so much)

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Sonne1: The Question

A thousand years of lies has been given.
Living a lie of truth and of no sight. 
For this time we have been liven.
Oh my do we keep flying this kite!

They gave a word to misuse.
Everyone was a lamb or snake.
Oh how did they use it to abuse!
Failure to follow was a cause to be in a bake.

Woe to the saints!
The people with minds of knowledge fell.
For us so many gave faints.
Can you hear the cry of their bell?

Why did only a few stand up to give it a question?
Oh why was only a few courageous to give it a mention?

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Leaving Home

So many years have come and gone away, 
And now the time has come that I should leave; 
The sanctuary where I was to pray, 
The haven where my heart was free to grieve. 

I never had to front or fog the facts. 
It knew me as I knew myself to be, 
And as I wait to walk upon the tracks, 
I feel as though it's from myself I flee. 

Now it only houses me in sorrow, 
By misty memories of days long passed; 
Knowing I'll be on my own tomorrow, 
And wondering how long this pain will last. 

If home is where the heart is then I find, 
I'll have to leave my broken heart behind.

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Reunited At Paradise Gate

Reunited At Paradise Gate

Hands of leather hold crying child
gentle touch, soothing , O' so mild
Widowed mother , hard life going past
food and water gone, can not last

War and famine take a heavy toll
on frail mother and very young soul
Flown past are the blasts of guns
fields rot with so many dead sons 

Hands of leather losing tender grip
another soul sent on heavenly trip
Crying child sleeps in peaceful calm
no more murders, bullets and bombs

Two hearts reunite at Paradise gate
early demise , victims of wartime fate!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-11-2014

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Shop of Broken Dreams

I visted the shop of broken dreams
And everything I dreamed about was there
but each was broken, had parts missing,
Was in a state of disrepair.
This is a place where people say "come visit,
Everything you wanted is still here."
But what they didn't tell you when you visit
Is that they were not quite sincere.

They did not tell you there's commission
In shifting product from the shelves,
That window shopping is no option
Because there is a rent on where one delves,
That they will take the entrance charges
And pocket all the change themselves.

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Our Tommy Hester

This poem is dedictated to our beloved uncle Tommy Hester, who passed away at 1705 26th
July 2009 at the too young an age of 65.

                                                  To our Tommy Hester,

                                              a smile always on your face.

                                               Never was a man so loved,

                                                 so kind and full of grace.

                                             You will always be in our hearts,

                                         we were all brightened by your touch.

                                                   To our Tommy Hester,

                                               we'll all miss you very much.

              We all love you very much Tommy and you will be missed greatly x

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The loss that cost

You finally lost your feelings for me
I turned away, I´d lied to you: you left
You were ´him´to our gang: I was She
My restless notion of you was false theft

Again, over and over, something´s there
A finger stir an acupuncture spot
Losing is nothing to me: that I dare
I turn mediocre and you´re not hot

Analyzed Sex is coldness, I should know
From Gigantic thrill down my this and that!
I was not that cute that I could tip-toe
I looked for a Man under every hat

Take this(!): leave me to null and nudity
There´s void in this hell: I vomit on pity!

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The all seeing moon gave me a strange look, Freeing the midnight hidden within me, A starlit promise, days darkness forsook that haunt my madness almost tenderly. I’ve held an hour, cupped it in my hand, Now its ghost returns while others sleep, I bow to its will, obey its command, Forever it vows as nevermore creeps. Where should I keep the memory of light, How is love eclipsed by unfeeling dawn? Why can total silence muffle our might And the smallest glint be too bright and long? Weak, I gazed at the indifferent moon, Certain that the sun would shadow me soon.
*An homage to Poe.

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Under the sky of the twinkling night,
My mind flew like the untidy kite,
That knocked the door of her gloomy thoughts,
And made me for a second totally clot.

Suddenly I realized my eyes were wet,
Feeling the colourful bonanza of that mate,
Who never gave me a chance, 
To consider her my heartiest companion for once.

I don’t know what will be the climax of this love story,
As everyone thinks I have about her no worry,
But what my heart wants no one knows,
In my every smile my whole grip blows,
Creating the blockage of my happiness,
And snatching from me all my confidence.

Please give me the suggestion what to do,
Please tell me if you get any clue,
To over bream my heart with the love of her,
And help me to get victory in his love war……

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A Woman's Need

Passion arrives in his sudden embrace
It speaks to me in his smile and his eyes
It shows in his fiery touch and his face
wooing me, gently, to my sweet demise

With every kiss desire gains more ground
to conquer the wariness of my heart
should I be sure it is love I have found
I fear my need for him as our lips part

My fear leads me to question the wisdom
of one heart relying on another
It's not smart to wager the kingdom's heart
on a few sweet kisses from a lover

As I protest, he leans in to dismiss
and destroy my argument with a kiss.

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''Why are you a bedevilment to me''

Why are you a bedevilment to me,
O beloved? Though you are the fairer sex
your callous, enigmatic, and complex
heart is full of insensitivity.
Your foul, sweet love betrays the best of thee;
"You and me, forever," you said, to vex
me with your lying lips like a reflex,
ne'er once admitting your dishonesty.
O beloved, understanding you is lost
to me, for even your noblest thoughts lack sense
and sound! My faithfulness--and at great cost
wasted on you and your love's false pretense!?
     Now wiser, I abhor and spurn your love;
     ne'ermore to regard you as from above.

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To a Lost Friend

My friend, why have you left me all behind
And all alone? I thought that you and I
Could be forever one but now my mind
Is searching for an explanation why.
The times that could have been; are they to be
Forgotten? Have you really gone away
With no intent to ever come back to me?
Or are you simply running, now, astray?
I want to tell you something; tell you why
This, here, afflicts me and won't go away…
But now the poet's hand is running dry;
My words will fail and I will only say:
I do not know what happened to cause this flight
But only when you return shall I be alright.

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Tattered Remains

My walls are caving in upon my heart,
And time no longer seems to want to care,
I yearn to remember, forget your part,
That caused my love to be naught but thin air.
In mirrored shop-windows, I see your face,
Your laughing smile is kissing someone new,
Where’re I look I see you ev’ry place,
Behind closed eyes I see similar too.
I long to leave this place of intestate,
To leave forlorn and hope, simply be free,
But ev’rything I see makes me yearn to wait,
‘Til once more I hear you say you love me.
My weary heart is ripped from seam to seam,
I’m left with tattered remains of a dream.

Form: English Sonnet

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So still thy ghosts. . .

To thee I pledge my love, so still thy ghosts;
The past, a haunting blows, but reapers chill,
And bade we lay within the darkness close,
Me breathless blue, but you so bluer still;

Against my breast shall love be held agone,
As shadowed lovers frost your pouting lips;
To mourner’s winter doth your love belong,
And ne'er summer sun escape eclipse;

Another season blooms, yet bloom thee not;
Alone, a rose, I wither frostbit cold;
My love, a raging fire, is barely hot,
Within a heart, thy promise over sold;

Alas, I lay a corpse within thy crypt;
With regret, thus, I kiss thee purple-lipped.

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Love from Afar

Here I am from afar, just staring at you
You don't know I exist, not even a clue
Your beauty serves as an inspiration,
no inkling you have of this, my dear vision

You outshine all the others in a sea of stars
What I would give to have a chance with your heart
but I am cursed, for even if I am dying inside,
my bright disposition just refuses to hide

Never can you feel the warmth of my embrace,
never will you know how my heart will race
and there you just stay in the cold, dark night
tell me, just tell me have you ever felt my light?

How I pray to the heavens for that total eclipse
when finally, thankfully I get to kiss you on the lips.

1.18.10 eek! 233am  written for Laura's A Romantic Longing :) my first
ever try at sonnet-writing...

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Auschwitz Shoes

Can you hear the waning cries in their grave,
the ones who humanity could not save.
Jews condemned without just cause
since that was the way of Nazi laws.

Their shoes lie heaped on cold damp floor
trophies of the Second World War.
Lives that filled these shoes of mystery,
walked the death path of Auschwitz history.

Crumpled and wearied without any souls
from the brutal treatment of Nazi patrols.
Wails will be heard for years to come
scorched in walls, an enormous sum.

Time can’t undo the tears that were shed
but we can respect the brave and dead… 

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Lunar Love

         LUNAR LOVE
You steal the light when there is none to see
when there is nothing left, you take it all,
and what is left is just the shell of me
all mesmerized and backed against the wall;

you are the moon behind the branches bare
I watch you move so slow and lovingly
until you leave the trees behind and there
I see the shadow of your smile for me.

Where man has walked on dust of lovers dreams
you bathe in sunilght of another day
in other times when nothing's as it seems,
and speak to me in words you never say.

The world is yours, you give it all to me
to wonder at, but not to ever be.

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Hope Outlives, but Love Forgives

When I was dewy-eyed I dreamt of love,
of a kind of love fit for a virgin
for whom romance betrays no vice or sin
for God or man to shame or disapprove.  
But I, unblessed and cursed as from up above 
by Providence, quit as Misfortunes won; 
Having lost all hope for love's boon, I spun 
myself away on the wings of Sorrow's dove 
into the rough lap of a subtle whore,
a trollop to whom I gave my chastity 
who then confessed to me there were three-score
more she's had,--I cried, "What cruel irony!"
      But so long as there's breath and hope outlives,
      love will come and when it comes: it forgives.

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''The years moved on, and, older now, between--'' revised

The years moved on, and, older now, between
new birth and the dead, cold embers of age,
I grew wistful for a God-like machine
to restore life and an ageless image.
A wasted youth gone in too brief an hour
(regrets, regrets—so much melancholy!):
that I neither lived nor loved with power
so anguished me—what great, utter folly!
All that remained was joy in the setting sun
that by turns will reveal a rising star's birth:
life never lived or a soul loved by none 
by Providence shall know his bliss and mirth.
      So, beloved, extend me not your pity:—
      for my joy rests in God's eternity.

--Ngoc M. Nguyen, 21 December 2014

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Lost Love

The words of a heart felt letter "I love you I didn’t do it", fading into ashes.
The flames of the hostile words "I know you did it, admit it slut" devouring and edging the pain.
I stand, broken in shattered bits, my heart washed away by the rain.
Words of love actions of hate, "Drew don’t you see that it clashes?"
It is done it is over, turn by turn a wave of relief then despair over me crashes.
Mine, yours, ours, words of love, amore’ it is now my bane.
This heart of mine traveling a one way street in reverse, in the wrong lane.
Togetherness taken for granted in its death throes our relationship thrashes.
The wrath within loosed on a dying soul.
Eternity of blackness snuffs out loves last flicker.
This barrage is not you speaking but the words of your mistress Meth.
Venom of anger and distrust conjured by your other love has taken its toll.
Seething eyes burn me, his stinging tongue whips me with one last snicker.
My affection crumpled my heart empty, descending, and falling, fading, death.
                                                                                                           Summer Gratias

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We love when where hurt
We burn with out a sound
So when lights give way to the dark
Don't run away
We love when the rain calls
When the nights moan
And time shatters into the ebisk of self consciences
Shattered into pieces and fractions of fractured screams
That echoes through the past, waking the regret we've shunned
And when it comes
Shocked are we
To find a stranger in the pond
Forced in to a submission
"But when?"

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Narcissus Vs Cupid

Freud sent vision rays 
To the patient’s eyes,
Her smile scent broke 
Thin shell of silence. 
Why the lady proud
Sought a gloom’s veil,
Had her interest all 
In none but to herself?
Narcissus smiled leaning
Upon  the golden swing,
While lilies bloomed 
In the forest pond.
Cupid’s arrows too
Could not break the thrall.

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As I stroll along
A cobblestone path
A sight to behold indeed
Rows of flowers 
Adorn each side
Embrace such beauty to be
My fondest one
That I most gaze upon
Is the one
Angels call Lilly

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Every second passes by me unseen But I can feel the weight of one minute After each hour my mind becomes keen: That these days are adding up bit by bit. Each week my personality alters A year goes by and my mind starts to twist Decades pass and it seems as time falters, My mentality gets lost in time’s mist. Yet when I am with you the clock stands still If only I could exploit these feelings I could stop the sands of time at my will But I’m not capable of these dealings Time now steals what I already forgot My mind starts to fade but our love will not

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Letting Go

It is the hardest lesson I ever had to learn.
Emptying myself to breathe my own air,
I went through life with nothing to spare.
My place had been set and was hard to earn.
In my heart it was for you I yearn.
Times were rough and never fair.
All along only I came to really care.
In my soul this began a fire to burn.
You let me down,
Broke my heart,
Made me frown,
Ripped me apart,
Shattered into a million zillion pieces,
I’m letting go of my lifetime of leases.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Our valor you reward with scars and dread.
The honors you bestow leave good men maimed.
Though back from battle, lauded with loud cheer,
the din of combat rings on in the head
of each who’s seen things better left unnamed
that slaughtered friends and comrades they held dear.
Your vultures spread their wings in sun to dry
the stench of carrion from bloody death
picked over, after ravaged by your dogs,
while armies, trained to never ask you why,
rush on until they huff-in Hades’ breath
to join him in his misty world of fogs.
Heroic soldiers, these who are now gone,
will never know whose side you’re really on.

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Death Comes

The time of life has come to halt
for the grim reaper owns my soul.
His timing and acuteness never fault.
To take my life is his goal.
The shortness of a love once known.
The greatness of my internal fear.
While as he enters i sit all alone
and i begin to shed a tear.
My fate with chess betrayed me
through the hourglass i stare
the time has come for me to leave
my body and soul no longer an even pair.
My body still lies where it fell
my soul for eternity will burn in hell.

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would drift

the wood would drift as driftwood would do
o'er waters nearly still, but still kept to move
and drift me away from being near you
alignment cast to space too swiftly removed

to horizon flattened and to curvature beyond
the voice, your countenance, your memoried scent 
cat-burgled with fishes that quietly abscond
to drift past awareness to timed curve circumvent

i think i remember a certain crook of the toes
i hear catnapped-voice lulling to gentle snore
i see your mouth, your eyebrows, well-rounded nose
but their sharpness is blurred recalling before

time, the healer, has sanded memories drift
removing the longing, but too, taken the gift

© Goode Guy 2013-08-06

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Breath Away

Visual cacophonies: I witness
     Them, blithe and impaired-smouldering like a 
 Cigarette. Phoenix, to rise from ashes
     Is irrelevance; flame is far from a
Necessity to warmth, though I am no
     Prometheus with bruises of the mind.
It has wavered too long, taken too slow
     To only find it has been wasted time
(And the time peices are all unfriendly here).
     They, unreliable and tepid, take
The breath away from me-it idles there,
     Steaming from exposure, cursed and fake.
There lacks a subtle hinting waif to speak
Of all unglories of a Heart that's weak.

"Breath Away"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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Sonnet 6

Now ... tell me the truth at 80 spaces .
Oh yes monthly at no extracted cost ,
trumpet swans announcing "All-New" "Chases"
... Gameshow w-/ only purpose " Just stay lost".
scratch that ... start at the count ... three Faces.
flicker on screen , once more , spider webbed frost.
Pulse of cheekbone ; paper Artic traces ...
Hailing to the Fanatic's RoseArm crossed.

	... Why just imagine , All times // All places ...
Daydream reality clearly embossed 
by Our pristine chords reading "All's Debased" ...
Job to do ... hands join ... Avert as off tossed 
I may stain ... lip gloss ... gulp of life wasted.

All Presents, Our Situation Hostage .

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I should have resisted that deceiving voice
that entrapped me and made me quickly fall...
when silence dominated to conceal noise;
and however sorry I am, I felt tall. 
Devil, why did you choose someone so meak...
to do horrible deeds unthought by this mind?
Devil, you hide in dense shadows and peak,
hiding in caves more afraid than a child.
As beautiful things so charming and grand...
temptation led all to wrongdoing,
but without real compassion and feeling,
thoughts clustered together to offend.

That deceiving voice kept on coming back...
alienating friends who looked to me for help.

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When I Die

Don’t weep for the loss
I’ve merely went across
Know that I am here
Always will I be near
In the way you walk
And the way you talk
Thru your words of strife
To guide you thru this life
In your beautiful stare
All the elements in the air
Running thru your veins
And whatever shall remain
Presenting thru your smile
And your fashionable style
In every beat of your heart
You’ll feel we’re not apart
With every warming breeze
And the swaying of the trees
Thru your precious laughter
And any time thereafter
In those mesmerizing eyes
Your mother is still alive
In each and every thought
Enacting what I have taught
Thru the precious moments
And every single torment
Thru every scent you intake
And each and every mistake
Your mother has not died
Your soul's where I reside

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Love Amiss

Tears falling like rain drops Agony pinching at my heart A wailing cry, deepening sobs All because I loved you from the start Ever since that rainy day Your smile made feel like a spring's flower Your laughter warmed me like summer may Your touch stilled me like winter's shower Then to tell you how I feel, and make Love complete Was like running to a cliff's edge 'Cause I loved you so much I'd rather love you in secret Than to have lost you in an amiss instead You were my friend I grew fond of for your beauty and your fault Now a stranger you've become because it was your Love that I sought

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Gigantic Dark Trees

Gigantic Dark Trees

Gigantic dark trees were in my stoney path
 I cut them down, inviting the coming wrath
Fears rest in the shadows awaiting many turns
 hope only leaps forth as spirit's fires burn

I raced into time with destination unknown
 later discovering my soul had never grown
Wasting life with vigor so foolishly unsound
 true happiness having never ever been found

Then light gave cause to seriously rethink
 death comes quickly, often in a mere blink
Perhaps give this new journey a good try
 just race eagerly forward without asking why

Faith became the victory not even then known
Defeated, far away, the enemy had rapidly flown

Robert J. Lindley, 07-22-2014

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Cold Comfort

This silent loneliness my closest friend,
Those empty nights that kindly wait for me,
It comes to ease the pain but not to mend
The broken heart that struggled to be free.
For pain may subside and fade to memory,
But broken hearts can never be repaired,
Old wounds heal leaving scars of destiny,
That ward of curses of a love once shared.
For love the heart and soul must be prepared,
To feel the burn of facing deepest pain,
When solitude reminds that no one cared,
Still we fall in love again and again.
When love has gone and we are left with fears,
Those scars remain to numb the lonely tears.

Form: Spenserian Sonnet

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my son was ten when this time began
and we all started measuring our time
with these odd numbers, nine and eleven
a counter-clockwise reversal of time

back toward when we saw an atomic clock
with a minute hand ten from the stroke
of Armageddon and would never let on
that we might swallow that fear to evoke

distrust and hate and let reason abate
from what mothers and grandmothers taught us
to "love one another" is not personally innate
it's easier to slip backward and obsess

about our certain destruction on this eve
a civilized mankind too hard to believe

© Goode Guy 2012-09-11

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Bloodshot Moon (Sequel to Blue Moon)

And STILL I cry the blood of lovers past.
In front of me like heat she dances long.
Mirage of comfort seems to never last.
Brings out of me another dreary song.
Unfair it is to me to be alone.
A broken, shattered, hopeless, tortured soul.
Oases dry, they leave behind no bones.
But I remain, it's out of my control.
Acquired knowledge stored in Swiss accounts.
He want to hold the world before he dies.
"My debonair," he thinks, "is so pronounced.
He safely hides behind his lofty eyes.
"Beware," we say, "You know too much for love."
You'll never see a book upon a dove.

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The gloom of death gone bad so near that night,
as circumstance played out a mournful tune,
and echoed through my brain, as if it might, 
give credence to the shadows of full moon;

and buried I my virgin, thin and bare,
she bathed in lilac, head down to her toes,
I laid her sixteen feet, to keep her there,
and marked her with a headstone no one knows,

and lest the devil wolves, who love her dear,
should get a sense of lilac in the night,
and smell their way from there to over here,
then raise her from her tomb, as sure they might!

I could not bear to end her chastity,
and so she died a virgin just for me!

She was an early purchase, just a child,
just seven years, from gypsies passing by,
and in her eyes the look, both free and wild,
yet of her bondage never questioned why.

All ladies saw her beauty, as she grew,
and changed from childhood to maturity,
to be more woman than they ever knew,
and virgin that she was, was due to me.

But at her end, her body was afire,
and yearning for the love I would not give,
lest I should lay to waste, in my desire,
the greatest beauty of this life I live!

So sleeps my virgin, as she'll always be,
unless my passion gets the best of me!
© ron wilson akaVee Bdosa

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Black Death Lies

Recalling the days not so far away,
Hearing experts speaking to say,
We had not enough oil today.
There was not five million to sway.
No, no, we had not enough oil here.
We depend on foreign oil so clear.
What do I see plastered in the news.
Millions and millions per day we lose.
What, we did not have is ruining, life.
Millions of dollars spent in strife.
Sea life, peoples lives in peril.
By what we did not have by the barrel,
Now we know; we were lied too, big.
Black Death, we had not, flows from rig.

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A Prayer for Father Hopkins

Pray for Margaret you Jesuit priest, 
   who wept for falling leaves but cast no blame.
   Her soul, as leaf-meal lies, is now the same
in Heaven she can now confront her beast. 
Oh! Grief, not sweet-or-sour, but only grief, 
   as man was born for blight  - same as our shame,
   you twist your words like in a parlor game.
In flown fine-flowers you found your relief.  

   My poor pocket of pence, poor pence of mine
pray! Pray for us, pray you Jesuit priest ---
   for motion of your heart, your heart is fine,
   with all your want you could not make pine, pine.
Yet, light you gave; you gave the light at least
to cast before us a poetic feast.

Gerard Manley Hopkins -1844-1889: 
Jesuit priest and poet. 
Father of sprung rhythm, he is a hard read but few poets have as much to teach 
in rhythm, language, style and many other aspects of poetry. 
Hopkins' health, both mental and physical, had always been delicate; he was 
prone to digestive problems and severe depression. 
Even though agnostic, I am always uplifted by Hopkins' inter-weaving of sound, 
the sweep and swing of words. His is poetry which attempts to break from the 
plodding regularity of french-influenced metrical verse. Hopkins brought back 
beat to English poetry, structuring his verse around stresses in a breath rather 
than metrical feet.

His work:

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Somber sonnet

I sit here on a fine spring evening,
watching as a slight breeze eases the leaves
in the twilight. I am seeking meaning
in a world where a widow, silent, grieves
in Falluja. I sit here keyboarding,
wondering whether to have one more bowl
of ice cream, secure in my wondering,
whether the knee that causes me to howl
and slow my tennis game would get me caught
in cross fire in Tikrit, how I might fare
as a non-violent soul in a land wrought
in hatred. Unwilling to act or care
as I relax for the next morn's travel,
of my complicity in that land's travail.

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The Discovery.

Heavy,thick dust on the floors and benches
Open back door and a key on the table
Grass uncut, beer bottles strewn about
Brown water spurting out, pipes detached
Original wallpaper melting off the walls..
Old ,loose fitting, rusty  handles on doors
The house is empty,rotting junk mail aplenty
A vine inside creeped in from the floorboards
No kitchen,no handrail,where are the landlords?
A peaceful view of a  backyard with a wild turkey
Lorikeets happily feasting on bright flowered tree.
Misty sun showers on a  western mountain horizon.
She said "Do you like what you see of our discovery?"
Her pointy nose + fine sense of scent lead us there.

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Romeo's Lost Love

Romeo, I beg thee to take me away,
My life is empty without you;
I shall perish before I see another day,
Because my life without you is through;
Take me away from this horror and hate,
You are all I need in life;
Romeo, you are my fate,
Take me away and make me your wife;
Together we’ll spend eternity,
Happiness our only plight;
Our whole life spent just you and me,
I’ll flee with thee tonight!

She never met him, she drew her last breath,
Their once infinite love, consumed by death.

~For Dr. Ram Mehta's Sonnet contest~

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Sonnet XII

With skin so pale you resembled a ghost,
And lips as red as the cherries you ate,
You were, by far, more beautiful than most.
With a mind so smart, and a heart so great,
If only, if only, you loved me, too.
To me, you were all that mattered in life.
And I knew that my love for you was true,
But without your love, I was filled with strife.
Lying side by side one cold, wintry night,
Our bodies' heat fogging up the windows,
I declared my love for you with delight.
But you did not answer and quickly rose.
I loved you as much as my heart allowed,
But then, you left to join Him in the clouds.

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Last night while I was watching the TV, 
The screen and whole house went completely dark.
A bald eagle had hit electric wire,
Causing a deadly and disastrous arc.
Grumbling much about the inconvenience
I resignedly went to an early bed,
Not knowing that the noble, soaring bird
Had hit the unseen wire and now lay dead. 

This bird that we claim to admire and love,
The symbol of our own beloved nation
Is only safe if he stays far away
From a thoughtless human's habitation.
Only yesterday his beauty stole my breath
Today I mourn his most untimely death.

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I saw the Sun and the Moon take a stance in the universe.
And an unknown Star placed over them was put in charge.
The whole entire inhabitants scattered themselves at large.
And all the lands and seas became separated by a diverse.
The Sun Shined brightly in the west never to set in a curse.
The Moon gleamed fully bright to the east as the surcharge.
The door had been widely opened and many came by barge.
The stress was great because the world went into a reverse.
Fate and destiny was being dished out like a deck of cards.
Skies lit up and the Stars came back out like never before.
And the palm trees took up to the seas like standing guards.
And from this stemmed growth from that one opened door.
The Sun and Moon are exalted above and beyond you all,
And so is the Star in charge of those that flaw in its thrall.
® Registered: Ann Rich 2008

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The Indian Harmonious Chords

Based on the great Indian soil,
Great rhythms created you from your toil-
Like the morning star made you shine,
The 'Rhythms' made you absolutely fine.

Of late youths seem oblivious to you beauty,
More prone to rock music's name-
What a sorrow ,what a shame-
And none interested to return thee thy fame.

The ancient 'Rhythms' gave you a grand place,
Making you full of beauty and grace,
Like an incense stick you engross the midst of the face,
You are much noble than any music of this race.

Let's have a humble try to revive its glory!
Surely will it protect from being stabbed by a gully.

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Appearance of the sun

Days, weeks, and months no condensation
Months, weeks, and days evaporation
The dry dusty meadows has given up faith
To the minors who covered with water play in gait
Even the plants leaves are upright
Always waiting for the night
Women during heat gossips call the children to shade
Farmers, arms at an akimbo, look at the harm the sun had made
Sacrifices had been made but their god answer not 
Workaholic peasants go to the farm and come back without a nut
They look at their past for taboos or a great sin
They find nothing the priest says the gods has nothing
The sun continues to punish there bare foot till it cuts
They sweat till sun dries it, their body then becomes forts 

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A Childs Happy Ending

The cold tears fall like forever fast rain. They will not stop their relay races. Not a single laughter can stop the pain. The falling shower soaks up the laces. Children learn to cope with their aching souls And their wanting dreams seem to fade away. Presents for them are eternally dull. The days pass by without a single play. Hope is all they have to get through the time. Summer turns to fall, winter turns to spring. The blissful days they could never call mine. Some of the children gain their golden wings. Now they are in heaven where they belong. They will be remembered for their sad song.

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Five Hours In The No Go Zone

In forty kilometers squared
They’re killing livestock in Japan.
Atomic refugees, though scared,
return just to grab what they can
in the five hours they’re allowed
before leaving their homes for good,
look sadly at the farms they’ve plowed
and mourn their poisoned neighborhood.
Still searching for family lost
at the funeral homes each day,
they haven’t realized the cost
or the price that they still must pay.
Fukushima’s apology
means little while they sort debris.

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Gentle Streams of Tears

Today I sat down to right a poem.
It filled my heart with thoughts of home.
I put my hand on my cheek.
I never felt so sad and bleak.
I saw the pain of the world today.
Hoping to see things okay.
But the wind gently made me sway.
It made me think far away.
Knowing there is trouble time.
And now things are worth slime.
My eyes filled with water.
My heart goes out to the world slaughter.
I felt the stream of sadness.
With things that has badness.
Gently I wipe that sadness dry.
Tears that show hope with no deny.
I now see with no fear.
Futures gentle streams of tears.

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Lost in Translation

Reading by the lines, one by one
Evidenced on those skid marks left
A bitter aftertaste, beyond
goes the winding path right ahead

What led this outrage, travesty?
Swept sanity with tragedy
O’er the hedge up to no man’s land
Places that gets one out of hand

A four letter word defined despair
Others called it an outbreak, plague
yet some being spared by a hair
but most were left alone and vague

It’s been a struggle upon death
like life being bullied in the edge
Such fairytale told in great length
With no other cue when it’ll end

Here goes below downward spiral
Love just dragged you deep underground
When all is lost, the outcome’s final,
a broken heart you had just found

There goes, “Damn you do, damn you don’t,”
a double-bladed tongue swordplay
waiting for a preemptive strike
then suddenly, gave up the fight

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Far from the west came a man,
And me in the Indian Sands',
Making a friendship tight - 
It was freddy who met me in the night.

The month of October, the weeks of November,
The bond flew more slender -
Thou left in the month of January;
Thy memories make me sorry!

Oh thy gossips cheered me all;
Like the beauty of an ever lasting waterfall,
Thy music rings in my ears
Resulting in hot brimming tears .
your memory is as fresh in my mind - 
Giving me hope to remember thine!!

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Let all the wrath, unmercifully divine,
we have to muster, lead us in our quest,
and bring Athenian rule to be in line,
as sure the gods provide they fail the test,

all in our time, for Lacedaemon rules,
have we not made of man the equal to
the sight of death, upon the plights of fools
resisting all the means that we can do?

Their setting sun has risen in the east,
before the dark, those left will have to burn,
their knowledge is their fat, and only feast,
for all they know, they've yet to ever learn!

Now let the blood to flow down from the hill,
as if the flood has come and made the kill.
© ron wilson

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It was a moment that transcended time
We were all unable to stay calm
Our emotions were at their most prime
Seven years since my wife had seen her mom

Years ago, when my wife left her nation
She had to leave her family behind
Her life was full of loss and of frustration
Never, were they too far from her mind

Their words were said without their being spoken
Their embrace could crush the strongest ever
A mother - daughter bond can not be broken
Their reunion was captured forever

The energy expelled could build a bomb
Seven years since my wife had seen her mom

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Irene was the American girl,
the only pretty one I should have based my romantic story on;
and that story is still unwritten...
not having been able to forget the rejection that turned into pain. 
Two bright and respectful kids we were,
growing up with Bob Dylan's intellectual poetry,
but mine was the waltz of a beautiful song...
with the words of the truest love I had ever written.
Brown and blue eyes would have made green eyes,
blonde and brown hair would have made auburn hair;
nothing but the handsomest boy or even the prettiest girl...
for us to love and proudly share for many happy years ahead. 

But who has been your darling since then?
Have you found tenderness in that man? 

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Inlove With Her And Novacaine

Never knew love the way I know it now
Never will I know even when I ask how
She left and that was all
I'm trying desperately to climb outside this wall
I grip the roses stem and blood drips down my wrist
I drop to the floor, put my hands on my forehead while in a fist
We shared an oath from our lips to Gods ears
I placed myself in front of her knife to the heart to quench her fears
It killed me to love and lose
I'm losing sleep so I smash my clock back to snooze
I can't believe I thought she was the one to save me
It turns out she was the one to enslave me
My trust ran deep like blood coursing through her vein
I need to numb the bitter taste so I use novacaine
The thought of her is making my heart race
My walls are gone and now I have too much space
I think my loss is starting to hit me
I can't breathe at the thought that she will forget me
I fall from my knees with my face sideways on the floor
I grip the rose tighter & tell myself I don't want to love evermore
I'm fighting the truth and reality at this time
I'm in too deep, I'm too weak to climb
I feel a cold running through my veins followed by a last chill
My eyes are awake yet my body lie still
The lights are dimming and my life is flashing in spurts
I guess this is what it means when they say love hurts...

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Through the graceful cones of your loud speakers,
Prayers go out to Alla al Akhbar.
And like a flag waving in a prophetic breeze,
You are a blindfolded hostage weeping on your knees.
In your fair root neighborhood of Shudada,
Stryker vehicles crackle past your ancient walls,
As tanks smash through deserted homes. 
And the endless stockpiles of artillery shells,		     
The mortar rounds, rocket-propelled grenades, 
Electronics for making bombs, were simply small caches,
Left by nomadic insurgents, cells long slipped away.
But you, sweet holy city of Falluja, you will live on,
For when the foreign snipers on your roofs are gone,
You will live on as the city of mosques, city of graves.

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Middle age men, look in this clear mirror
and spot those gray strands of hair:
they may seem ugly, but they bring wisdom;
look again, you are still vibrant,
and accomplish more than those who won't dare:
tell them to live as you have... 

Lines on these foreheads are the furrows that
make us so conscious of our existence,
and death is not far from life's painful truth;
we think of the future as a time yet to come,
but we live it this very moment...not realizing it:  
and with spirit and courage, we race to stay alive...

Each year another gray hair is added to our increasing age;
can we accept mortality, and not reject discontent and rage? 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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i was alone watching, a thousand trains leave a thousand platforms behind
caught in a storm, whistling a furious tune in curious concert with my mind
leaves fell far from fall, grass lost its spring
a parched, picket fence bawled beside a rose-less bushes' sting

amidst all this a rusted swing swayed without cause
beside the murderous perch of crows and their 'caws' 
atop a gazebo
that someone stopped painting long ago

waiting for the return of a sun
that was somewhere beyond
too many grey skies to care
and I remember just standing there

beside an empty railroad track
hoping that final sigh that escaped me might bring you back

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funeral of a stranger

he lived within the village I know
and yet I never knew him though 
we didn't actually live far apart
his passing leaves me not unhurt

for in the knowing of his existence
and his reputation for excellence
I now feel the void of his passing
today our humanity's under staffing

the expressions of so many now
laughing past their grief some how
to their history when he was here
their times spent together do endear

each to the other - from past to now
I'm touched by this stranger anyhow

© Goode Guy 2012-05-18

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After Years

And once again we meet after
Those ill-fated crumpled years
Though thine waves remain same
In front of mine torned heart and weary eyes
I came here to learn life
How thou erase the carved feet in sand
With no much effort, I say, O Great!
Tell me how to erase memories off my mind
How it seems just a matter of minutes
As thee rise and fell…and again rise
Lend me thy strength to rise again
For my legs are broken and hope ripe
And how thee still not change that though
Light and dark fill thy life.

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Leave My Life

You Could never understand me even if you tried Over 10,000 times you've showed me that you never even looked beyond the glass I maybe a disgrace who wish to erase But the pain is so elaborate, all caused by you, how isn't it embraced for you? so many tears you let slip, left to die condoned I am, but only with your voice alone If you don't care to know me, leave my life If you think the dark is scary as it shows, leave my life If you've failed to keep your mind open, leave my life If you ever thought I was lesser, Leave my Life

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Forgotten Dolls

A hair crack runs down her porcelain face.
She’s framed in a moth eaten tattered dress
that is trimmed in satin and yellowed lace.
Her skin powdered, with a look of duress.

In her blank eyes she trys to hide the pain
and her faded lips once were ruby red.
Her stilled emotions that only contain
the little glass beads that hang by a thread.

I pick her up and brush her cobweb hair,
yet a tear falls and rests upon her cheek.
Both, cast away with no one left to care,
we share a pain; it hurts to much too speak.

At least in her I know I can confide,
still, I’m lonely now, I’m a widowed bride.

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A Memory

A memory once so full of life
Has its strength to again revive?
Would have had if not been forged with
The load of sorrow and painful thing
But does that mean an arch of smile
Can be camouflaged with just few brine?
And so a memory once filled with joy
Could not bring cheer as like a child with toy
But the longing and fear hammer hard
Whenever you remind you of pain and stark
And that the happiness is such a weak
Unable to defend a memory!
But a single touch of agony can breathe
For years over the highest peak...?

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no man's land

imagine yourself from where you stand
to vanishing point in all directions
out in the midst of no man's land
nothing but grid and introspections

it's quiet out here, with nary a breeze
shells quietly exploding now in your head
lost in your thoughts, quick as you please
thinking, of all the things that you said

out here past any nation's demarcations
i wish you were here to share my company
life may only be our mind's aberration
but we could dream, of all that could be

touch and talk as stars arced the sky
far from this grids greyed hue and cry

© Goode Guy 2011-11-15

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Stewart Sonnet

Your green eyes, O! how they haunt me, 
You daughter of Persephone, you angel of night,
Whose silence bleeds mine heart, whose very sight
Entangles my limbs in a web, unfree
Without thee. Your cloudy visage I cannot see,
You Morpheus, intruder of my nights,
Of my dreams, as I climb after you to 
     unknown heights,
Heights that I slip upon and fall to the sea,
The flat sea of static, of hundreds of pixels.
But you lift me from the waveless waters
Before you vanish in white again,
Before I can taste your sweet morphine lips.
Kristen, Kristen, should I not bother?
Will we ever share blood, a kindred skin?

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Moving On From Mourning

Moving On From Mourning-By Frances Ayers

Why pine for those who have gone to their rest.
They have put away their mortal toil and fears.
In all things of this world,our God Knows best,
for he will soothe our heart and dry our tears.
On another plane we will find what we’ve lost,
for our mortal life is slipping away.
At times giving little thought to the cost,
for worry and sorrow will waste the day.
But sadness must end,as our days go by,
leaving little time to dwell on the past.
We remove any pain.only after we cry,
as our memories give us hope to last.
After a life well lived, we meet our fate
We meet our loved ones at the pearly gates.

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Once A Fool (pt. 2)

Somewhere, I know
There are places no one goes-
Of tall trees and broken skies;
Where dreams are made but all hope dies.
Tomorrow never comes, and yesterday won’t stay
And there is no time besides today.
Mistakes are made more than twice-
But only she will pay the price.
When everyone else has all gone home
I will be the one left alone-
Unsure of what is right and wrong;
I may seem weak but I’m surprisingly strong.
Somewhere is a place I know
Where all my love seems to go.

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Sorrowful Night

Loss from my heart, an old sorrow will foretell.
A mistake I made, one night to which love set sail.
My first sweet love, gave me my hearts desire.
However, it ended such a romance, trapped in fire.
One night of disgrace, and a change of the face,
Sent urges of discomfort, from leather to lace,
Jealousy of her beauty, she placed upon me.
Shattered thoughts of mine, graced upon she.
Rapture night of misgivings, played out on both.
Tore apart our union and destroyed our oath. 
Time never forgotten, though now a secret kept.
Our future to be agonized, with tears we wept.
Forever more and beyond, I will carry the scars.
Our secret stored forever, buried up in the stars.

Theme … an old sorrow…

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The Gap

So many empty spaces with cracked dimensions as stardust flew by.
So I counted to ten and held my breath knowing this would just never end.
At every angle there was a gap so I tagged them all with messages to send.
I stepped through portals leading me to places orbiting way too high.

I passed through broken dreams and landed where the Sun never shined.
No Moon, no Stars, and no galaxies were straight, much less aligned.
The Earth had gone completely berserk and the seasons were sudden to change.
It was the gap warping time and even the people looked far beyond strange.

I listened to faint vibrations and watched galaxies as they all weakened.
Time was lost and gone forever, for they had all been forewarned and told.
I found a spot and planted the last starlight and watched closely as it strengthened.
It grew and grew even withering through the hot and cold.

Shooting through portals I spread my light and left it a sparkling trail.
Ray by ray a beam filled the gap and lit it up by my new starlight’s flaming tail.

®Registered: Ann Rich  2005

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Suicide Escape

Sitting here listening to voices unclear,
Not knowing why she does what they say,
She sits down and listens in fear,
Holding herself, she will try wishing them away.

She tries to reason with the voices,
She says they’re not really there,
They say she has two choices,
She argues that’s not fair.

Her parents think she’s crazy, they worry that she’s lost it,
It causes too much pain for her to see the tears in their eyes,
They fear that one day her wrists she will slit,
She knows now that they see through her smiling disguise.

Her mind the Devil will rape,
As she plans her sweet suicide escape.

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Life and Death

Life, has a hard future; to travel,
Ups and downs; we try to unravel.
I like many, learned many things
As in happiness and sorrow brings.

Things I learned in life are mine.
Some are sour; some are sweet.
Some full of freedom, some confine.
Some I share; others I keep discreet.

Each day comes along, with new creations,
Each night seems shorter in abbreviations.
Each month steadily passes quicker somehow,
Each year passes; as quick as just one bow.

Each belief; has its basis in one eternal place.
We are all the same, but with a different face.

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Lost So Long Ago

Love has me in it's grip holding on tight
Bound by the chemical ties love's disguise
How can I love one who manipulates
Even the breath that I draw in my lungs

Youth's energy could be blamed folly says
Attraction to one who has to control
Causes destrution of one's soul's being
Release me let my soul heal, time to find

The child, girl, woman, bride who was lost 
There at the altar the one that lost me
But who tied me as an individual
To someone who lacked understanding

Help me find who was lost so long ago
Help me find who was lost so long ago

(Not me but a topic of one loosing their identity when they get married.  
Unconventional sonnet in that it does not rhyme.)

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Catch 22

A woman seeks all that leaves her distraught
In pursuit of extrinsic desires anew
From a dead end grave startled she wakes
Within her eyes fate appeared to be taut
Thoughts delivered warnings in queue
Though on occasion rare she’d have spaked
Along the village nimble she scurried
In the passenger seat of a surrey
Engaged in the act never was she caught
Many a men’s heart she had toiled
Indefinite tribulation it had brought
Often formulas had been foiled
‘Tis not what she had sought
Forsaken eminence to be spoiled

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Sounds Of Prison

The constant rattling of chains,
Has been known to drive a man insane.
The steady clink of closed cell doors.
Voices filled with rage echoes down corridors.

Guards using night sticks banging off bars.
Menacing eyes looking out windows wish on a star.
Crys are heard into the night.
You can hear the pain and blows from a one sided fight!

The rec-yard is a mental escape
Information is passed about the latest victim of a gang rape.
Weights being lifted, basketball being played.
This is the time you carry your homemade blade!

The noises of prison life are frightening at times.
And yet a lot of us suffer for petty crimes!

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Windows of the Soul

Ever wonder how you know what you know,
Ever been here or there and done this before?
It is a thought that assembles so much more.
It is one feeling that can never just let it all go.
Ever wonder where the airs might next blow,
Ever been there and done the disused chore?
It is a thought that will rain with an outpour.
It discovers unprotected windows of the soul.
It always jibber-jitters to you,
So listen up so you can hear,
Just pass through,
With very little fear!
Now, be sure to take your time and do every single thing right,
For one day, your soul shall speed you up and take off in flight.

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 The last of feigning death, love now abides,
 tuberculin, infectious, inside her breast.
 She breaths emotion where your hope now hides,
 and clings to what Melpomene knows best.
 Dear tragedy of love, deep in her eyes,
 to love we die, or never love one bit.
Your soul--once doomed to Hell--see now it flies
 renouncing every hope of ending it.
 Consuming as is love, the hate must flow,
 each seething, creeping, loathing will to fly,
 amongst what hope is left, one thought will show;
 to know the deep of someone, one must die.
 All of your will, which dieth, less for cause,
 has ended short of knowing who she was.
 ©  ron wilson

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Sitting here reminiscing about the past,
Thinking about the mistakes I’ve made,
Wondering if the pain will last,
It’s all the product of a trust mislaid.

Feeling the scars from a pain long subdued,
Unending sorrow buried underneath a false smile,
Never to show my true mood,
For other to know my feelings would be vile.

Carrying this burden forever more,
Not knowing how to fix my error,
Knowing I’ll never be able to close this door,
I must continue to live with this terror

Reminiscing about the past,
Hoping the pain will not last. 

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Game Over

The game is over, you win; I willingly throw in my hand
The cards have been stacked in your favor, exactly as you planned
I know the stakes were high and maybe I folded way too fast
But I no longer want to play this game; a game I know will never last

I’ve already lost too much and more I cannot spare
So no longer deal the cards my way, the game was never fair
I’ll count my blessings early and leave this table of deceit
For a game already prejudged is a game I cannot defeat

A sore loser I’m not; I’m just tired of a game with the same outcome
Petty to most of the players; highly important to the lecherous some
I would have stayed in had the cards been properly shuffled right
Instead I saw the cheating displayed, clearly within my sight

So game over, I fully renege and completely throw in my hand 
I’m starting my own new game; one where it’s not already preplanned
Fair, consistent and honest; my game will entail all of this
Entertaining each new player; this table of love will never dismiss 

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Filling My Cup

Whispering my name I hear

A love, sadness, a tear

Sorrows wings are in the air 

With arms eloquent and fair

Lovely petals shower upon me

Filling my cup with glee

Angels standing by my side

Glowing beyond the prism of pride

Wrestling the leaves upon the ground

What was lost is found

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The summer of My Life

My son, my son! He will one day put up his arms And shout out, “Play!”
He’ll scribble walls, my young aesthete, bang pots and pans to his own beat.
We’ll hide and seek in show’rs of May, and learn what clouds and stars might say.
He’ll run while stumbling with his feet and singing out his laughter sweet.

I know he’ll grow with every turn. My teachings round his mind he’ll churn.
I pray the good that I’ll instill enhance his power of free will,
And when he leaves he might secern what saves his world or makes it burn.
I hope his life shall then distill some greatness, making life a thrill.

I hope my days will still allow to reach these dreams I hold somehow,
‘Cause now’s the summer of my life and I’ve no child, and lost my wife.
If Fate my dreams does disavow, my art I heighten starting now.
I’ll also try by virtue rife to win my place in afterlife.

Remembered I might never be, most humans try this commonly.
Astounding this we try, agree? To endure like minor deity.

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The lady goes...

The lady goes where the lady knows
That anger seeps between her bones.
To live or love she has to choose
Between the hues of evening blues.
Alone and lonely are much the same,
Though only she can claim the blame.
But living for someone else’s care
Will only tear and that’s unfair.
So the lady knows that where she goes,
Anger simply cannot show.
The lady must be silent,
The lady must be coy,
The lady goes where the lady knows
That anger will destroy.

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The seemingly moving white cumuli  
Above me drifting aimlessly away  
Like youthful fantasies: old passerby’s  
With muted roles in an unscripted play;  
Foregone dreams with only one performance  
Like yesterdays unique morning sunrise;  
Witnessing it should never be left to chance  
For the moment may end in sad good-byes.  
Oh! The many forsaken dreams that died,  
Aspirations that never dawned a day.  
Oh! If only my orbs were wide-eyed  
Instead of my groping every which way.  
Alas! The clouds are a constant reminder  
Of youthful dreams I let fade and wither. 

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If you should go there ask for old Amin
Who shared with us the same belief of sin
See if he will forgive us again coming late
Here alien seeds were sown, he reaped the hate

If you should go there in the scant of tent
Where sallow skin is carved on children's bones
See the drooping breast, flagged and penitent
Muttering manic syllables in suffering's tones

Pick up the trail of steel from rich shores sent
The relic riffles, the fractured armament 
Of bullets and beliefs, the vain gospel of aid
Seeking market structures in the masquerade

If you go there where Amin in sand dunes
Sleeps, pray for me, the sorrow of the ruins

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Sleepy eyes

Sleepy eyes 
Crying lies
Wondering why your still here
You deserve better
Love doesn't matter
I dont want to do this at all 
Please just go
Dont you think i know
That i will never be with you asgain
Dont worry about me
PLease let me be
Sorry this has to be it
Jsst know i'll never forget you
No matter what you do

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Lady in Waiting

She sits in her room in a dark corner,
Just a hint of Sun through the shade!
Not a sound in sight, for they all fade.
Her dreams rile a self-centered scorner.

With so little light it can’t get much warmer,
She sits and she waits to become readymade.
Her debt to society has been collected as paid.
By herself she became a self scorned mourner!

It was just another day,
And another existence,
But in a whole new way!
Simplified self resistance!

It is Her earnest way of tackling His wile baiting!
Prompting a dueled birth of His Lady in Waiting!

® Registered: Ann Rich 2005

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Sonnet:To a friend

It's sad that your love couldn't be true to you
And I know you struggled so hard and long.
But life sometimes in the end can turn blue
And there are times when some things can go wrong.

But don't blame yourself for all of this mess
For you it wasn't just written in the stars.
And some things are not meant to be for us
But don't lose hope for your dreams can't be far.

Today you cry for lost dreams and their cost
But I hope your tears are gone by tomorrow.
You'll see that not all is completely lost
Pray you find in the night the light that glows.

Be strong and keep your chin high all the while
Smile and never stop dreaming thru your struggle.

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000


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My Shadow

My shadow, dark and scary.
I just want to leave it behind.	
I can't get rid of it fully,
It is staying in my mind.

I'm inspired to move further, 
As my hopes always show me light.
I,m optimistic for future 
But, my shadow is stuck tight.

The more I forward to the light,
The bigger does it appear.
Memories of my past does melt
And burst out from eyes in tears.

I want to brush my past aside 
And make my future my true pride.

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A Crow In A Jupiter Tree

It was a cold, windy but cloudless day
There was a Crow in a Jupiter tree
He cried out as if he was mocking me.
This morn, the day my mother passed away.

Death -death this godless creature seemed to say
With dead black eyes, my face he seemed to stare 
This gaze cut deep to my heart, left it bare.
Fly from here, demon bird with squawk so gray.

Be not a messenger of death I pray.
From window, the last sound my mother heard, 
Was the call to die from this evil bird.
On dark wings this scavenger of deaths prey.

Such callous, heartless, evil bird this Crow
To steal from me, her ever loving soul.

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Sitting here all alone I reach for you
But then I remember yoou are gone
Never will I see your face again
Missing my best friend

Why I wonder late at night
How can I make this right
Inside my head I replay the since
It feels like a bad dream

I had just said goodbye to you
I knew what you planed to do
You was going home to see your kids
You never saw him where he was hid

I heard about the body found the next day on the news
Than I got the call telling me it had been you
He raped and beat you as you screamed and cryied
Than he cut you up and lft you to die

The news man was cold and heartless with the story he told
What about her children and her soul of gold
What of her family and ones left behind
How do we deal with no leds to the crime

The officers say their doing the best that they can
But sometime I wonder do they understand
What it like to have someone you loved just took away
And noone have answers when their babies say

What do you do when a ten year old aks you what to do
Because they are sceard to walk to school
My best friend is gone and will never return
While her killer is out enjoying the sun

I wish I could find him before the law dose
because then he would learn how it felt to lose something you love
I wouldn't kill him I would let him live and stand trail
But i would give him a loss he could think on a while

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Hesitant Heroics

There’s a bend on the end of the rainbow
Reflecting refractions of light
Promises written on water
Holiday nights of delight
Words shadow boxing on speakers
Rebounding resounding in rhyme
Spider webs sailing on sunsets
Floating on shadows of time
Alone on the edge of tomorrow
Hands holding tight to today
Sunlight as stardust exploding
In passion to just get away
Measured in decades of moments
Fear is reluctant to pay

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Child Soldier

Yesterday, I saw my buddy, he was with his daddy
On their yard, together happily playing, the rugby
While I stood near at the iron gate, I heard his father
Telling him, of his love and belief, that he should gather

My admiration goes for his father, in him, he’s laid
Brave boys, don’t cry, it is only a girlish thing, he said
I envy my friend of his time with his father, they talked
And having great time, of being together, so I walked

Out, from the scene, without disturbing their family time
While inside me, hate’s mustering, for my own has no rhyme 
Today, when I saw my friend, like dried meat, in his coffin
I thought his father have lived with conscience, for his own teen

My old buddy had an intriguing hole, on his forehead
He was only 12 years old, and now, tears for him I shed

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Sweet Surrender

Soflty the leaves of memory fall
Slowly she stoops to gather them all
Recalling each time she cast a glance
Her thoughts leading her into a trance
She remembers the day it all began
When the sunlight danced of his golden tan
When his rough hands spoke of tumoiled times
When his weathered face broke into a smile
How rapidly the days flew by
Effortlessly passing with a sigh
She remembered the time it all ended
With a single blow to her heart unmended
He left her forever without so much as a word or two
Silently the tears crept down, wetting her face anew 

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Vain of the Old Man

Throughout time I plunder vast lands in vain,
Striving to live with dangers verge to strike,
Nibbling off of dieing shrubs with pain,
Loneliness takes it toll with no new sights,

An old man i am with a hardened soul,
Blood of old wounds stain my rags with deep red,
Rough with grief killing what my tears can hold,
Creatures strike when the shadows are not dead,

A small flimsy hut made with sticks and stones,
Blown over by every haunting tempest,
The nature of this vast land has unknowns,
As a blanket of old age forces me to the lowest,

Deprived of my loving strength I am weary,
For my day has come for me to die sully.

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Selective Hearing

Wasted thoughts of memory
You can’t remember anything
Are these actions intentional?
I’m frightened by what they bring

To me it seems to be selective
Your memory so to speak
For things defined important to you
Are the only matters you seek

Why won’t you just open your eyes?
So you can see I’m not the enemy
I’m the one who gave you my life
Yes, that woman was once me

Seeking your monetary gain
Is all you seem to care about
Lost perception of who you are
Pure intentions never devout 

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Past loves emerge and bloom at autumn’s heart
Quick’ning with the blow and crunch of leaves.
The life has left the earth and made us part
To go our separate ways when seasons meet.
For o’er the planets face the way is strewn
With bits of death once living in the skies.
For they’ve all seen the later harvest moon
And dread the looming, chilly, longer nights.
The noise of crunching temps the jovial sorts
Who long for the destruction of the past.
The woeful cry is made for others’ sport
Who know old things are never blessed to last.
Seek not a way in which to make amends.
The way will only crunch, it will not bend.