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Sonnet Life Poems | Sonnet Poems About Life

These Sonnet Life poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Life. These are the best examples of Sonnet Life poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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His Life, His Love: Sailor's Moon

Above a cloud, in soundless, still tumescence,
a goddess rests; below her is the sea.
A strip of it is rippling luminescence,
a path of light in night’s serenity.
A solitary boat now passes through
the lane of radiance.  One man regards
the sky and ocean, both a cobalt blue,
and ponders inspiration of the bards.

For what could man want more than such as this -
-the tranquilness of dark in Luna’s glow!
At times he longs to taste a woman’s kiss
though he embraced this life so long ago. . . 

His gaze is fixed on her who shines above. 
He chose the sea. . . and moon became his love.

For PD's 
the moon- old/new poemsPoetry Contest

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Be not the passioned faith that fails to stay
When driven back and beaten to the ground,
Then compensated with a weed bouquet
Or self lamenting gift of thorny crown.
Be not the selfish soul that slips and falls
While treading down the mossy path you've laid,
Avoiding faithful friends when last they called
And fearful of the truth you now evade.
Arise and brush self pity from your brow.
You are the child of all that God hath sown,
And all the gifts with which you are endowed,
Bequeathed from each and all that you have known.
   So stay, yet humbled, in this wind so strong,
   Respectful of the fact you could be wrong.

Shakespearean Sonnet--Iambic Pentameter
By Craig Cornish

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A Painter's Pine

The void calls through gossamer veils and widow's peak. Shifty-eyed now of necessity I lie, bone-wrapped in rosaries black as my rheumy eyes, death speaks. Uncomforted by down or velvet, role trapped corseted, board stiff with age like calf skin vellum peeled and bloodied by the dual edged knife of man. The scene is set and I shall not whimper, as do some, or call to God, or blame the fates of those whose clans remain earth-bound, when I have left this mortal glade. Pigment on canvass, linseed loosed, stretchers taut, displayed, all of this, I've had a plenty, and been royally paid. My life was art, and it was art that fanned my life's flame. So, stretch me on the pine boards and lay my edges down; monochrome me in umber, drench me in shades of brown.
Self Portrait See About the Poem

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White Lace

Winter cloaked in the whitest lace
Spreads its folds across the land
Transforming the earth's tired face
In beauty she makes her quiet stand

For those who weep for summer lost
And long for days of idle breath
Those days come at winter's cost 
She sings the songs of living death

For naught we argue with the wind
And rail at ice that will not weep
Hoping these days will soon rescind
And her buried promises  keep

Winter dances with solemn grace
Dressed in her white gown of lace

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The Writer

The candle burns down long into the night
Its life waning in a flickering flame
As I etch these ink stains of black on white
On pages that will never be the same

For I will fill this empty space with gold
Treasures - my soul now feels the need to share
Before the embers in this fire grow cold 
I give to you these precious gems so rare

And when this candle dies and darkness falls
My pen will finally rest without regret
Left with the knowledge that I gave it all
My life in words until my dying breath
And in death I will live forevermore
For the pen is mightier than the sword


Written:  April 15, 2011
Elaine Geroge

The Famous quotation 'The pen is mightier than the sword' was written by:
Edward Buliver-Lytton in 1839.  Those words still live on today, proving that the pen truly is, mightier than the sword.

First place: Brian Strand's 14 line contest
First place:  Razzle Dazzle Contest sponsored by Linda-Marie


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Above the Clouds

Love lifted me into the clouds so high I could not see the world beneath my feet. We sailed away into a sunset sky. I felt so sure my life was then complete! We soared through galaxies, collecting dust from shining stars that made our faces glow. Life felt so sweet; the earth beneath us must have been illusion. . . . but what did I know? Reality, I learned, was not above those fluffs of clouds, for passion dies so soon, you’re pulled down to the ground. And what of love? It’s just a glimmer up there on the moon. Yet mortals can’t stop wishing for that flight above the clouds into the star-filled night. For the Both Sides Now Poetry Contest of Alfred Vassallo

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The Memoir

Here in the final pages of her life			
She stops to rest a spell on empty lines		
Reflecting on the chapters left behind		
In valleys of a mind deep in contrite		
Where shadows battle with a blinding light		
Conflicting egos fighting on through time		
Their argument life’s reason and life’s rhyme	
They battle for the end that she must write	  	
Two equal pens held tightly in her hand		
Tears mingle with the ink spots on the page			
One pen telling truth one pen telling lies		
Her bleeding words like footprints in the sand		
On lines between a novice and a sage					
One pen she puts to death before she dies

Author:  Elaine George
Written: April 20th, 2014
For Miltonic Sonnet Contest sponsored by: Craig Cornish	

Awarded:  First Place

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The Morning Sun Speaks

The Morning Sun Speaks

Vainly,  I smile at a fine morning sun
ponder today's tasks waiting to be done
Embrace and savor this very sweet morn
enjoy life, that is why we were first born

Sparrow drinking at my lone bird fountain
clouds soaring into another mountain 
I see the carefree bird fly far away
consider the high price I dearly pay

Happily my soul spoke to the red sun
life races onward as I freely run
My toils are but life tokens to be spent
spirit lives with our love paying no rent

The morning sun spoke yet again to me
live, love and grab hold of life yet to be!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-27-2014

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Exquisite, this expectation as dusk
mellows each ruffle on her robe de style*,
warm her expressions, candid, unrushed
for lake waters return that sunny smile.

A hem trails the shore with tulles of twilight,
overcome, the hush of angels almost cries   
at grace in upsweeps and poise held as night
steals her away with a sorrowed sigh.   

Dark this vista til she yields her jewels,
moonstone and topaz, citrine and ruby,
all her wisdom to forever unfurl  
in fireworks, a blaze of poetry.   

Love left its mark, Heaven is now altered
by a flourish that brightens even the stars.

*** We will miss you, Linda Marie, but your poetry, light, love of life, will continue to live on... GODSPEED....

* A Robe de style is a long gown with a wide, billowing skirt 

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Morning Dew Glistens in Anticipation

Morning Dew Glistens in Anticipation

Glistening of gentle morning dew
soft breeze flowing sweetly along
Thoughts again of life and you
melodies that play a mental song

Trees wrapping this beautiful morn
joyful thoughts now so newly born
Sky filters down its sunlit rays
birds chirp all about on such days

My joy lost has now been found
as the natural world spins  around
Life takes on a sheen of the new
Again my happy thoughts turn to you

Our lives joined, paths forever hold
this deep love that makes us both so bold! 

Robert J. Lindley  09-24-2014

note: Took a Nature hike today. Saw God's beauty all around. 
Very soon I found myself thinking ,yes, that my life came around 
when my wife married me. As if a Spring shower had soothed the 
parched ground. Giving nourishment for the seeds of bliss
to sprout on up and grow.
God, Nature's glow, my wife's love and beauty , our son's 
smiles today made this world turn from bleak and cold to
sunshine and a slice Of heaven. Thank God for Nature's 
beauty and its sweet inspirations.
My brother-in-law David was sent home to die tonight. They can do no more , the cancer will end his life, most likely in the next few days...
I couldn't go there tonight. The helpless feeling slays me so!
I hope to have the courage to go tomorrow morn...

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A Unique Job

It was very hard for me growing up As had to raise my two months old cousin. Me! An adult at the age of six, yup. After three years, my aunt gave birth to twins. Then, three years more and their sister was born To get trained after getting a degree In the populated house, was forlorn. Thought for a job to have my own life’s spree. Then, the uncle and aunt died suddenly Leaving my four cousins under my care. And my dream to have my own died wholly Though my head said, “No, It’s not fair, not fair”. But my heart won over my head duly Now the four cousins are my life only
+++ Based on a true story December 8, 2014 Form: Sonnet: (Tetrameter) Second Place Win Counted on (Total 140)

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Memento mori

The bells call forth from mighty tower keeps 
To herald passing souls from here to there 
The orange sun upon the hilltop creeps 
It crucifies night's cold and blind despair

And light of day itself may also bluff  
The flower blooms and will too soon dissolve 
There is no virtue virtuous enough 
To ban the steady tide of death's resolve 

If permanence is just a fleeting dream, 
Why burden every man and child fair? 
To ask is chasing shadows down a stream 
Fall not into the well of when or where 

These words are written clear for all to see: 
What I am now you too shall one day be

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Painted Echoes

A wash of gold adorns the westward sky
as waning light departs a summer’s eve;
in readiness to roost, crows cease to fly
and seek their resting place among the leaves.

Past toasted rooftops, twilight bids the sun
must softly slip away to realms afar,
with liquid grace, sun-kisses fall undone            
and drench the dusk in honey-toned memoir.

Time lengthened shadows whisper to the moon,
enticing her to wear her slender smile.
With reticence, she answers to their tune,
enriching night’s black canvass for a while…

still wearing notes of summer-sweet bouquet,
recalled from painted echoes of the day.

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Into The Gloaming

As daylight dims against a crimson sky
And evening star dust lightly dots the blue
And yesterday into tomorrow flies -
Like life, the twilight fades in different hues.

So bright the early days, then quickly gone
Like ships in freshened wind we gladly sailed
And through the midst of life forgot the dawn
As innocence of dreams became unveiled.

Each day the pages turn till end of time,
A story told and written as we pass,
So all that we have touched becomes entwined
And carried on beyond the very last.

We carry all we love along the way
Into the gloaming at the end of day.

Shakespearean Sonnet

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The Planting

The Planting

Seeds of sorrow lay scattered along our path
 so oft intertwined with Nature's wrath
Yet till the fields of dreams we simply must
for soon , so very soon we turn to dust

Green is the color of majestic newborn fields
as man enjoys fruits of earthen harvested yields
The sweat and pain given is the simple cost
thus we survive so ALL humanity is not lost

Life requires our own ground be rightly prepared
ignorance is the calamity so many are ensnared
We eat the dust long before we bake the bread
when we seek ease oft great sorrow we get instead

We plant our own seeds to dream to reap anew
yet we all pay, life is not free, tis so very true!

Robert Lindley, 10-01- 2014

note: Inspired by this morn's reading of Debbie Guzzi's 
super fine poem , a great sonnet -- The Sowing
I give thanks for this inspiration and the joy in reading 
both her sonnets this great morn. Certainly brought me
out of a slump and crazy haze these last few days..
Amazing how sometimes another poet can blow one away and change
 another's  entire attitude.

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Whispers of Your Soul

Born without knowledge, seeking its course clear
Whether to search with the external eye,
or turn inward towards darkness, to hear
To find each minuscule need must comply
I'll question the soul, as though we are two
and seek answers from its soft voice within
To listen in silence for wisdom that's new
A guiding line, where my thoughts begin
To be in awe of life's visual scene
A universe illusions often thwart
A world unknown to all but me, between
I'll find serenity in my soul's comfort

To release my breath, free my soul that's bound
and listen to soft inner peace I've found

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Last of My Kind

The dust from life clings to me as I move,
to free myself from the voices of sin
The travels I've made left nothing to prove
As I acknowledge the emptiness within
The flow of time passes by my shore
While I watch as my skin turns to gray
Speed of a lifetime leaves time to explore
No where is it written anyone will stay
I'll wave to the memories, a last goodby
And follow the sun to horizon's line
I'll seek no pity, any eye to cry
Give thanks for the wine, it was fine

'Till the moment comes I'm glad I'm aboard
I'll open my arms as I am moving toward

In Memory

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The suburbs sleep while the sleepless do not.
Down on Main Street, the ones the light forgot.
Six blocks of shops staying open all night,
Drunks are disorderly, poets are in plight.
The freaks, the phonies, the high school girls sway,
Guitarist strum while drummers drum away.
Joints are passed while perfuming the huddle.
Freshly found friendships create a cozy cuddle.
Intoxicated romance in proud stride.
From the cops underage teenagers hide.
The goths, the groupies, the bikers, the band,
Eclectic mix in this cities island.

Under the streetlights, just one of the crowd,
Under the streetlights, a freak that walks proud.

For contest: Find The Puzzle
Date: October 1, 2014
Puzzle: tarndai
Name: Casarah Nance

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Those Glory Days, Long Gone

Those Glory Days, Long Gone

Those glory days resting so far bygone
I trek ahead, sad and so all alone
Treasures left upon lofty mountain tops
Rushing ever foward, no time for stops

Days, we resting under a shading oak
loving in vows that we forever spoke
Coolest mornings, breezing days easing minds
days of joy in all the many new finds

Those views of life sing forever above
crystal dreams set in our undying love
Nights of magic in epic love unbound
blisses in every kiss our wet lips found

Memories of days and nights now alone
holding memories of life so long gone!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-07-2014

Poem Syllable Counter Results

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  100 

Did it , hit exactly one hundred words + ten syllables
 per line and great rhyme.. A solid sonnet according to 
my own personal standards. Wrote it and had to minor 
correct only three lines..

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Shadows Past Cont

Shadows Past, Dance with memories of Yore
Shadows Past, Singing LOVE Songs for LENORE
Shadows Past, Crying Tears of agony
Shadows Past, Waiting for Eternity

Join together FOREVER and ALWAYS
Entwine with Lost Love in Heaven's Hallways
Ignite Love's Fire with a dying Ember
Shadows Past, Forgotten LOVE: Remember

I live in Death, waiting for death " To LIVE "
A Broken Heart prepares itself to Give - 
To YOU, LENORE: "My Everlasting LOVE"
A LOVE as Pure as GOD's Heavenly Dove

For Eons of Eternity as One
Spirit of GOD, Lenore and I : as ONE

Dedicated to Rebecca Larkin For Her Gracious Comment on "Shadows Past" (Rhyme)

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Birthing Loving Merciful Trees

Birthing Loving Merciful Trees

Seeking mercy,  I found greater peace
quest gave my lonely life a new lease
Each step gifted so very much more
was ever a pleasure never a sad chore

Each dawn brought another fine gift
birds in flight ever , ever so swift
Nights, crept in with joyous ease
love sprang up, pretty as you please

Giving thanks for serenity and all
joy answered each and every call
Journey finished, the quest sent back
acceptance for all that life did lack

Peace then birthed loving merciful trees
 with joy-fruits answering all desperate pleas!

Robert J. Lindley, 10-07-2014

Note: A quest I finished long ago.
A poem of the now looking back at the then.
Love heals all,  even broken hearted men..

This write was inspired by my reading just now ,
 Peter Duggan's great poem titled --   Sincerely...
Thank you my friend, you give so much....

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Live, Love and Stand Tall

Live, Love and Stand Tall

Prisoner of fate be strong, be very brave
in life be faithful, diligent and bold
Hope in other's precious lives you may save
joy, live in the light avoiding darkened cold

Ever seek the pureness of love, music it plays
while sailing into a sweet life so very tall
Find your road and the friends that always stay
faithfully with you if you stumble and fall

Stand on the Rock and shout out your thanks
witness to your world, your life and your all
Fill in life with joy leaving no great blanks
endure life's many tests be they large or small

Be one with life, live , love and stand tall
have great faith that truth will withstand it ALL.

Robert J. Lindley  07-03-2014

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If Love Does Not Live (Sonnet for Celene Crescent)

If love does not live so that love may live,
Wrecked on rugged rock like a pirate ship;
Tiresias speaks to hearts—no love to give,
Darkness and void with no inspired lips;

If love is quashed short of its golden prime,
Like dinosaurs smashed by a meteorite;
Crushed from its age of blossoming on time,
Like breath strangled from life not to unite!

Then O’ love, send me Pegasus to ride,
Spread your wings—lift us to Zeus in the sky;
Touching constellations with them abide,
Creating cherished crescendos for weepy eye:

Lightning life beaming love from golden clouds
Descending passion upon earth erasing shrouds!

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Paradise My Sweetest Love

My sweetest love hearest thou my advice
Let's leave for the garden of sweet paradise
We will live under a rainbow with cherries
Eat sweet mangoes and bright berries;
Build a cottage in its midst with a skylight
Bake gingerbread as the sunsets at twilight
Shower in the misting rain on our lawn
Sing sweet songs with the birds at dawn;
Make fireflies’ lanterns soothing our mood
The ravens will bring us nourishing food
The sparrows will build our resting nest
Oh my love—my darling, my earnest:
Together we will wish upon a shining star,
And from each other we shall never be far!

© Revised 5/31/10
© All Rights Reserved

5th Place Winner - Parody Poetry Contest. 
Sponsored by Dr. Ram Mehta, 6/10/2010


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Crimson Sky

There’s scarlet within the warm sky tonight A crimson feel that envelopes alright I love the sight of every form of red Yellow seeps in with orange that bled World moves effortlessly along with this The colors of majestic times you wish I see the sky this dusk with awe and glee Seemingly to make me complete and free A crimson sky beams with peace and delight Sun dips into the ground and out of sight Birds recognize this beauty and dips down Reaches in the heart of the glow around Tranquil with love through the entry parlor The sky is filled with an awesome color
Russell Sivey Contest: CRIMSON SKY old/new peom Sponsor: S. K. A. T. 5/12/2013

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Eyes Of Children

When precious children look into my eyes They should not see things I despise Rather love should always be In my eyes for them to see. But should I fail to satisfy their gaze And somehow in their eager minds I raise Questions left for those who follow soon And with their precious spirits will commune. Let No one take these innocents astray Or change their golden skies to shades of gray. Let no path to riches for them be denied And in their hearts may love always abide. By their holy innocence we're awed Surely they are precious gifts from God.

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Oceanic Blues

How grand it is when sky blue meets the sea
may sky and sand and water ever be...
reflecting in a topsy-turvy lea.
Oh, let the stars fall down and over me.

Yes, meet me where the foam does froth and roil,
where the waves do pound ‘pon glistening soil
And seagulls squawk in mismatched harmony
oh, let the stars fall down and over me.

Sea tossed, the dross shines ‘pon the glistening strand, 
Gemstones born, where the sky does meet the land.
Meet me, down by the rush and roar sea
Oh, let the stars fall down and over me.

Here I shall blend for all eternity,
with life and death and love of thee for me.


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If Ever

If ever pain shall strike my wounded soul,
my consolation is you are my cloak
Your calming presence mending any hole,
protecting me from chills it might invoke

If ever moon and tide shall be at war,
and convolutes my tattered, wrinkled mind
I’ll plunge it deep into your ocean floor
of soothing words, ‘til sweetest peace I find

If ever sun shall fall upon its death,
my only prayer is that you'll be with me
For light within your heart is like my breath,
and this will last me for eternity

I know that life shall cease for me one day
But love, ah love, forever it shall stay...


--English sonnet; iambic pentameter :)

**thanks so much to Kash for the heads up on the syllables, and also to Jack for "it", and also to Sara and Carrie for your insights :)'s looking better now, thank you!!

again many thanks as well for all who's passed by and left inspiring comments :D; Debbie, I nudged the comma & tweaked that other line and Andrea, thanks so much for the additional wonderful suggestions-- sorry I am a bit stubborn with some of the lines ;)

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Summer's Child

I lived my best in season of the sun, those yellow, mellow days when cares are flung to June’s warm breeze, and childhood is begun, a field to wander in, and all is young! I lived my zenith in the summer heat. Ah, zephyr of sublime and untried heights! Blue sky, July, and taste of kisses sweet still haunt my mind in cool midsummer nights. In August came dry winds, and I was torn from my adobe of early gleeful days. My children both at summer’s end were born, and now a grandchild in new sunlight plays. When dusk, unhurried, comes, I live my best. In Virgo’s sun may I be laid to rest. For Brian Strand's ANY 2012 POEM any theme/ any form max of 18 lines Poetry Contest and now for PD's Any Form Under 15 Lines Poetry Contest

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Is there a time when wrong is right?
In self defense we justify
Then toss with conscience in the night
To know within ourselves we lied.
Is there a time when pain is thrown,
To hurt, to scar, then walk away
Without the consequences known -
Leave them to mourn another day.
We all have struck with careless words
But then in doubt we feel their pain;
Lamenting sympathy deferred
In our quest for selfish gain.
    When in our hearts we were wrong
    And we knew it all along.

October 13, 2013
for Nancy Jones

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One Man's Influence

One man’s capacity to enlighten
Has always made an impression on me
His words absorbed, perception is heightened
Yet he has no academic degree

While driving his truck, he contemplated
Truths that most of us spend lifetimes seeking
With all walks of life he integrated
Listened closely as others were speaking

He was receptive to words from the heart
Dismissing the carnal mind’s illusions
A modern prophet, wisdom to impart
He helps us to find precepts’ conclusions

If doubt existed, there’s now evidence
One man’s life can carry great influence

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A Sand Dune Says To The Wind

A sand-dune says to the wind that moves Softly, passing him-by: ''Take me with thee, through valleys and groves Whence birds frolick and fly; Deep into a land of rain and snow, Is where I'd rather go, For this place holds no charm and I say, I'm wont to fly away...'' Hearing which, the whirl-wind lifts Herself to swiftly glide, Whilst in fear, the sand-dune shifts, Seeking somewhere to hide: But before another gust, like a child feeling quite lost, Is strewn about the sullen land by the one he did accost....

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For a Sad Souper

Sad boy, could anyone mend what's broken, And dry your salty tears, but with a hand? Is there anything we haven't spoken, Is there anything we don't understand? We have taken the rope, but not the pain, I hope you know that we wish that we could. We'll be here for you, through sunshine, and rain; And if we knew how to help you, we would. I know that you're angry with all involved, And especially those close to your heart. But surely, some day, all will be solved, And you will thank them for playing their part. So please read this poem, with thought and care, Remember that we will always be there. ~ For D (you know who you are)

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Final Act and Epilogue

Here we bow down to the Lord of the flies,
making way for elegant hissing gowns,
bejeweled in glittering serpentine eyes,
balancing the luster of crooked crowns.

Alas! We have lost our morality,
so blindly do we serve this filthy swine;
this vile beast bathes in our depravity,
turning our wretched sins back into wine.

At this drunk-fest, the swine ruefully grins,
watching us bow down to our own demise.
Why sit back and watch as the evil wins,
darkness can be vanquished, please realize!

United, we can make our final stand,
and banish this beast from our rightful land.

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Orange Passion

Light by the fire, through orange colored glass Sienna and burnt umber encompass The shades in the spectrum of excitement And passion exudes within anointment It excites the soul to command delight Her heart alights with sensual insight In desire lays kisses beyond belief Through passion I feel the greatest relief Orange invigorates the soul to last Fire warms the body for love’s prideful cast The candle burns with ecstasy inside Leaving us to peel our grudges aside Through the colored glass of lovely passion Feel the heat of the flame’s hot emission
Russell Sivey Contest: SOFTLY SENSUAL Sponsor: nette onclaud 8/21/2013

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Confessions to a Bartender

BARTENDER! BARTENDER! Pour me a drink if you please
strongest you got...get the lime twist it, with a squeeze.
Had a rough night last a bug for your ear
Pour yourself a stiff one..buddy... come-sit right here.
Remember the man I told you about -I saw the other day?
Said it's his playground....ask me to come out and play?
I went over that night…my husband’s out of town-
Bartender…let me tell you..let me tell you  what I found..
Mansion..pure mansion..from the front to the back
Money everywhere..he definitely has no lack
Bartender.. when he turned down the lights
He got closer asked me to stay even spend the night.

The dim lights, soft music, scent of his Drakkar Noir
Girl..I was ready what else could a girl ask for?
Just when I prepared to form my lips to say “yes”
What happened next.. go ahead take a guess
I tossed my head back to masculine scents of his cologne-
Another song began to play, girl it was my phone.
My husband was calling me.. he was on his way back-
Bartender, I thought I would die.. have a heart attack!!
I hurried up and got my shoes..coat and all the rest
If it hadn’t been for that… know, I must confess!

Confessions To A Bartender

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Death Shadow

I've seen the shadowed knowledge of beyond
and have come to know life and death are one
To be tied to hidden dreams and their bond
and melt with the eternities when life's done
To tremble before the shadow of death
and yet seek life with all its reliance
May I honor every precious breath
Till' Earth claims my body in defiance
I'll be more mindful of the journey sought
When I cross time's bridge alone to succumb
and find death's door opened, unlocked as thought
As death's final shadow is life's outcome

What will it mean to stop breathing , to die?
To look at the shadow of death in the eye

contest Death Shadow

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Moving on

The din of cheers will die to dusk, in life
the dance will end; we  take the bow
from this tall tale - goodbye to strife
at end of day- our story’s done now
we say, we had our chance, we had our dance.
Shall I now say you had me in a twirl-
locked in your embrace I felt my once
shy moves – slow waltz in time; but now that girl
you knew, to your final tune will dance no more,
will dance no more – for life is calling- the sequel
must begin; who knows where it will lead, what store
of dreams will unfold the applause we crave, or quell
the tide of hope that’s bubbling, in spring awaiting
that season of reaping to glorious sunshine, minds mating.

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Sea of Tranquility

                                                                                                                                     Like fingers, lovely birch tree shadows play
On virgin snow like hands upon a sheet;
So bright the moon it seems like light of day,
But stars among the forest’s members peek.

And while my Love lies pleasantly at rest,
I dream awake and contemplate my muse;
Enraptured by this scene on winter’s breast
Where thoughts are drawn and peacefully diffused.

So now I look upon the face of time
And all my years of life become but one.
In timelessness I feel my spirits climb,
Where thoughts of love and life can laugh and run.

Now I am left at peace and free to be,
There lost within the moon’s tranquility…

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The Rain

Comes and it goes, sometimes more than other
times when you don’t want it to be there for you 
and it seems you‘re never destined to cover
the possessions you don’t need to but you go through

so much pain just to remain innately insane. 
Today I thought I saw the zenith of my dreams,
foolish me, as if the blind man can attain
visions of evaporated rain shaped like raceme 

still stained on my window left from morning’s tears.
Life hangs heavy on this half-lit horizon just beyond
the glass separating me from all that I’ve feared;
to turn all those small puddles into big ponds

containing something uncontaminated with doubt,
maybe those coming clouds can end this drought?

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Stepping from the darkness of alone

I must carry this torch down to the cave
To shed light upon the walls of my heart
For, if not, I will take it to my grave
And on that path may make an early start

I cannot think of love, when love is what
Consumes my every thought in every hour
I gambled all I have and took my shot
Chanced my wretched life to fate’s cruel power

But love is what I deeply need to give
My life is not my own unless it’s shared
This aching heart with which I have to live
Must find his mate if he’s to be repaired

But first I must let go the one I crave
And leave this burning torch within the cave ~

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Fresh Pillow (Kyrielle Sonnet)

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
Closing my eyes there is no peep,
This soft bed is just so mellow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Forgetting the stress of the day
I am in bed without delay.
Soul at ease— the mind must follow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Satin sheets over my shoulder,
Keep me warm—not getting colder.
Fantasy dreams I now billow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

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Iridescent Path

Smooth like glass the ground slithers all along The beat goes down the street singing a song Surface delights to even the roughest Slipping, sliding enacting the toughest Colors reflecting all throughout the way Making the wet road seem cold in the day Breaking down the path, hard surface below Open ways to freedom, which shine and glow Not a grey moment is felt here today Sunlight blares and sends the water astray The path still holds its glossy appearance Lending a great image, leaving a trance The path shines with an iridescent sheen Letting us to venture down the best seen
Russell Sivey

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Night Of Desire

It came into her mind seeing how the wind
Did blow, and sheet rain against the window
There would be no trek into the forest
No.. tonight would be hot

Soft music.. much wild desire will transpire
As we stay inside on this rainy eve
Rain that tip-taps music on the tin roof
Lying in your arms snuggling, secure, love

Never wanting love to end, just when night
Sends tough storm on in, no.. love don't take flight
Just lie and help weather the storm until
It struck her as she wrestled inside__ tore

Life has storms that we must weather... holding 
Onto each other, greatly strengthen the bond forever

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Silent Partner

He walks in silence though you would never know
As he cares for those he calls friend,
Inside tears fall though he would never show
Like brittle leaves from a tree in the wind.

The years have washed his dreams away
Something that life will often do,
He forgets the simplicity of a yesterday
When in a child’s heart all dreams came true.

He cannot remember the last dream he had
Fearing life has played its part,
And the trials of living both happy and sad
Carve into stone where once beat his heart.

Compassion and love help our dreams become true,
And love could feel good… if he only knew.

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Leaves of Rust

Leaves of rust do bounce within the brisk wind As trees release them from whence they ascend The frigid air blows down the lane of leaves Orange charms lay about where we all believe The sun sits low barely over the drive Straw blends with the grass as fall comes alive The crispness of each day flaunts us with pride Colors of autumn describes the outside Trees are nearing their midnight life cycle Almost bare with few leaves to recycle Crops are near the height of sowing prowess Yellow stalks surround the farmhouse fortress The season does explain the cool weather It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Russell Sivey

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Wounds That Won't Heal

There are some wounds that will not heal because
the arrow was at close range _driven deep.
There is not need for antiseptic and gauze
for permanent is damage that still weeps.

These wounds that will go to eternal sleep
where my Savior will say, "I understand".
He'll cleanse and bind_healing forever, keep
roots of hurt that he'll remove with nail scared hand.

How I would like for them to now be gone.
Emotions of delight from their release.
But while on earth pain like a dry pinecone
constant in my emotions and heart unease.

Someday he will wipe away all those tears
New found peace and no more tormenting fears..

Count is off on some lines...Pardonner s'il vous plai't

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Time Traveler

The fractured light of day rises, so still
And I am but a part, lost in its shade
Question not the sun but the role I fill
Find reason and wonder are ready made
To follow days as a linear string
And remember it has a final end
To count rainbows and colors they bring
Marvel at the symmetry of the bend
Who am I, an intruder to this scene?
One who counts time by the suns that rise
Who lays upon Earth watch the life between
Listen in quiet as stars harmonize

To capture its rhythm, the pulse I feel
To comprehend my time traveled is real


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Andrea Dietrich

Angelic words she places in lines with care.
Never heard a discouraging word, she did share.
Deeper emotions she does write so clear.
Reality is her concern, realism so sincere.
Excitement sometimes rules her lines.
A woman of deep and emotional designs,

Deeply passionate about so many things in life,
I never met her though read her poetic rife.
Each time she visits others words she reads.
Telling others so sweetly she plants seeds,
Respectfully she instills poetic writings in another.
I saw onetime she felt like a sonnet unwritten.
Carefully I wrote this for her, an earth mother.
Having friendship in mind never was smitten.

I have a sort of gift that allows me to sense certain feelings about people without even meeting them....and usually my first intuition if you want to call it that is perfectly correct. matter what it is about or who it is about I have to write it or my soul is clouded and pain grows within...Blessings..Cecil

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My Final Prison (English Sonnet)

I awake to the dawn of a new day
I wonder what this day will bring to me
I reckon I should start off with a prayer
I feel as empty as my barren tree

I’m drifting back through the years of my past
I don’t know what I’m hoping to find
Perhaps something that I missed long ago
That is secretly plaguing my lost mind

I pray my mind is not forever lost
As I quietly stumble through my past
Trying so very hard to find away
To forever shatter my homeboy mask

My mind now holds me in captivity 
I pray my heart and soul can set it free

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An Abundant Life Pill

This pill will offer more abundant life
Just take it by inviting the Spirit in
The Spirit pill frees you from life of strife
A pill like this frees one a new life begin

The Spirit will guide one upon straight pathway
The pathway can be narrow, rocky_steep
The many blessings that flow on this highway
A Spirit pill guide takes the soul deep_deep

Deep into the soul searches, ridding dearth
Filliing the hollows with His Living Word
A human learning of his unique worth
This pill of life offers the best; its preferred

This Spirit pill offers abundant life
Swallow it to live life free of strife  

Sponsor: Russell Sivey
Contest:Pill Of Life
Written: February 12, 2013

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Michael's Blessed Birthday (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Have a blessed birthday Michael J Today I knelt for you to pray May His guiding light shine on you God’s grace I pray will bring you through May you have strength on your birthday With family this holiday Celebrating with faith like new God’s grace I pray will bring you through As your son returns home today Like a rainbow brightens the day Continue to wear a smile too God’s grace I pray will bring you through Have a blessed birthday Michael J God’s grace I pray will bring you through © Joseph, 11/20/07 © All Rights Reserved Hello Michael, have a blessed birthday and Thanksgiving holiday with your brave son and family. May God bless each of you always and as a family! The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain in the last line of each stanza. Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet has eight syllables. There are times when a French poem links back to the poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the poem.

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The Devil Deceived Me

A dreadful memory upon life’s sea
Returns to the days when life was carefree.
A spiritual youth faced the world alone.
Distracted by life and its sinful groan.

I thought that my Savior was by my side.
Whispers from Satan deceived my abide.
There is no God; it is a ruler’s toy.
To make men subservient was the ploy.

Scientists discovered we came from apes.
Questioning God, I ate bananas, grapes.
The devil deceived me with many lies.
Despite my souls whisper and needed cries.

I turned away from God for a short time.
When wisdom returned, life became sublime.

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
October 26, 2010

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 Water falls in drops of liquid pearl
 Landing on my head first
 Then down my nose and my shoulders
 Dripping down my members.

 In thirst I lift my head up to drink
 The water descends cleansing
 Taking in its flow all the toxins
 And leaves a revived sense of being.

 The words You softly whisper in my mind
 Are like water of the purest kind
 They take away my fears at night
 And make me feel so alive.

 For Your love is like a spring of life
 That ever flows from on high.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright Nov. 2011

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I’m sick of love poems that have nothing to do with love,
Filled with white lace words, mad moonlight and overly perfumed,
It’s: eyes and sighs, pleas and wishes, heartbeats and turtle doves,
Or else unbearable, a dark cannibal, self-consumed.
Well, love has had enough; it wants to set the record straight!
Romance is love’s kissing cousin, but they are not the same,
That dizzy dance of smile and glance on a couple’s first date,
A touch that makes both tremble, seduction’s win-win game.
But love strokes her sweaty cheek during chemo’s 2nd round,
It picks up his dirty socks and jocks and never says a word,
Third trimester, a craving hit her, the pavement it did pound,
It raced to his father’s hospital room, the moment it heard.
Why can’t we see that love’s beauty is sacrifice and selflessness?
It sits there in its rocking chair…one… once a pair…reminisces…

Cyndi MacMillan, June 13, 2011
For Francine Roberts, “Sonnets, Sonnets, Everywhere” contest

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Sonnet to Thoughtful Women

I did not wish to leave your warm embrace --
   I did not wish for our sweet love to end --
And though your chauvinism's a disgrace,
   I cannot help but see you as a friend.
Perhaps someday a sweeter girl you'll find,
   Who'll do just as you wish for her to do --
A girl who doesn't have a thoughtful mind,
   So she can focus all she is on you.
She'll nod her head, and brainlessly agree
   With anything you say, to make you smile --
She'll cook your meals and serve you honeyed tea,
   And never stop her chatter all the while;
So when your brain cells rot from lack of use,
   You've only you to blame, and no excuse.

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I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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The Sun Will Shine On Your Face

Suspended improbably on shoulders
Hunched by years of glacial attrition
And threaded through a forest of boulders:
The path that holds the key to my mission
I speak allegorically, because
This tortured path has ne’er been seen before
And every rock is a problem that was
And every chasm is an open sore
Each footstep will demand its pound of pain
The raven keeps score of the promises
But I will endure until I unchain
The bright drops from the dark cloud’s surfaces

    And refract the light from the Sun, to send
    To the Heart of Gold at the Rainbow’s end ~

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Youthful dreams of very rich future
A life to enjoy planet's water pure
Kingdoms and powers are offered to him
As he drinks crystal (clear) water filled to brim

Lush green grass grows wild by the cool clear stream
Softens the pleasant place to dream his dream
Most beautiful place on this hemisphere
Will remain when thoughtful living adhere

The dream he dreams is to rule the whole earth
Where live in a great gold gilded city he'll  birth
Then he changes goes wild having his fling
Soon forget reasons for his rule to bring

Lost in the power, influence, shiny  gold
If only __a different story  told

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This is David

From his mama's own mouth, this story came
Her travail to carry him, a long trail
Of tears, loneliness, suffering and shame
A hunger for which hope made no avail
And then the hemorrhaging, her vital blood
Like common mud, tearing his world apart
Your life and her life in that tragic flood
The sudden silence of his beating heart
Sirens, Hospital, still he died, once, twice
The doctors testified, for they helpless stood
Perplexed, frustrated with every device
God alone that day turned evil to good ...
Made his purpose seen in life's providence
Restored hope by frail wisp of evidence.
A pimple of flesh, great folds of white sheet
The child like raisin in its crumpled spot
Seemed more alien than a baby sweet
With shriveled skin, and head a global pot
O the tense days, miserable and lone
The furtive prayers of a mother's heart
"As bad as can be, Lord, make him my own,"
The nervous scanning of the daily chart.
The little blimp became a form, a frame
A sense of gladness, a kindle of dream
A moon's memory that gave spring a name
A fresher hope from lost of true esteem.
She called him "David," went to work again
Lifting the load of pain, bearing the stain.
And there in that dark environment he
Like stubborn cactus in dry sand made root
Sucking up the elements, the salt sea
And violence, the meaningless of truth
War and poverty needs no moral code
Survival survival was a luxury for him.
Harsh, and cruel is desire where abode
Drought an, d scarcity, their horizon dim.
We burn trees for coal, cannot make storm
Wealth provides small control, the poor has none
No shelter from life's threats nor men's harm
Nothing is secure, no, not with a gun.
But jackals make them, the frightened keep them
Like buzzards over our sweet Bethlehem.
O David, you should have left that day. You
Should have held your rudder firm 'gainst that breeze
But too little strength was left in sinew,
To heavy the armor that bowed your knees
And deaf the heart that heard the voice before
And answered at eleven. Hope endures
Through even darken deserts, light has a door
To love no human sad ever ignores.
God saved your life twice on the day of birth
And did three more times when you turned your back
To sealed your purpose in your spell on earth.
From the brink of hell, God's love brings you back
To be his Paul, his missionary bright
His little tiger flaming through the night.


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Grow Not Too Tall

Grow not too tall nor so far away son
Plant not your tendrils deep in new ground
Thinking newness your past can now outrun
Stay in touch let your heart remain homebound

Tree too tall without deep roots falls subject
to any strong wind, let those roots remain
Planted in truth grow toward right_connect
With justice, let love's seeds grow don't constrain

Reach up to touch shining stars capture love
Reel it in let love flow through you to all
Love is key_even though at times unheard of
Remember God's Word don't be like King Saul

Don't grow to proud, high, mighty, arrogant.
Intellect_ learning _start to mightily flaunt 

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Two Hearts

Two Hearts

Two hearts set forth upon the road one day
Braving the perilous plights of life's path
And by cleaving together onward, they
Transcended and eclipsed the laws of math
For what good is a wing without its pair?
Alone it weeps and never hopes to fly
But when met with another, both can dare
And blaze uncharted trails across the sky
So, too, the heart is meant for something more
Enclosed within, yet still designed for flight
Together two can make the spirit soar
And set the tinderbox of love alight
As the flames fly, it cannot be undone
When it comes to love, one and one makes one.

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A Dawn Duet

Her breathing moves a strand of golden hair
that lays upon her pillow, next to mine, 
yet in this evening birdsongs on the air 
awaken me to listen and recline.

This errant bird, whose song dispatches sleep,
is laughing at a long forgotten jest
or maybe woos a distant mate who, deep
inside her feathered nest, finds better rest.

I watch the window, night begins to fade
and so do I.  As slumber beckons me
I hear a distant answer softly made:
A dawn duet resplendent in our tree.

A single song brings answers in the air
as my beloved sleeps without a care.

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Mental Shoes

There is a delusional vision inside me
Full of eternal love and mental bliss
Is that vision so un-comprehendible?
For the vision now seems so far wretched

What is it like to live one day completely insanely free?
For I cannot remember the very last time 
My disease did not entirely consume me

Control and patience they say;
These remedies seem very far and few
For walk a path of insanity just once
Then you’ll see what it’s like
To walk a mile inside my mental shoes

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The Road to Melancholy

Winter nears and silently I wonder
Days are coming when passing winds will mourn
And all things sought I will cast asunder
Time I lost when my trusting heart was torn
I'll pass through days of crumbled color leaves
No green left from turbulent goodbyes
I'll wait for the time when my life grieves
When the last skin I shed quietly dies
Remember me if you stop or have time
Though I was like you, only passing through
A silent moment, a pause may remind
When my distant memory comes to you

I may lay in grass with flowers and stone
And there I'll find, I'll never be alone

contest..Make Me Cry

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Sweetly Fragrant

Sitting under the pale pink running rose
At the end of a beautiful Autumn Day
Searching for inspirational sonnet to compose
For my love who lives in heaven's  way

To me He's like a honeysuckle vine
Blooming in the month of May
Sweetly fragrant essence among the pines
He's like the gold of mountains that's refine

To me He's like the babbling brook
Sweetly singing in tune
For everything in heaven He forsook
Fo prove His love for me is beyond the moon

Words cannot describe my love for Him
But daily I'll try to draw close in His realm

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Enigma Of Time

Arriving there, open door to floors bare
Moist was air, dwelling effusive with peace
The enigma of time began to cease
Oblivion to all but ocean, just stare

Simplicity for a few days; nowhere
To go, timeless, watch Gulls instead of Geese
Yesterday's ravenous problems release
Now live on sublime seaside oasis' air

Aster, Willow won't sway in zephyr this day
Only kaleidoscope color 'pon water shone
Exquisite view for me, myself, alone
This ecstasy delight not auspice by they

Lilac, Lily doesn't bloom, chrome rust away
Impervious bug repellent glistens in defiant stone

Contest: Secret

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Cleansing Bilberries

Within my breast still boils like summer clouds
Passion and longing_ desire to be held
Like one afraid of summer's thundercloud
Feeling secure, warm, loved to his body weld

What happened to that flame; did glacier flow
Icing even small ember tucked away?
When did the last bit of scented smoke blow?
Love on different plane now exsist everyday

The new rose on the trellis grows pale buds
Soon to flower mature_ then loss of power
Sad plight each goes full circle fall with thud
Passionate love with a thud soft flower

Love's passion filled veins now clogged arteries
Cleansing required maybe just bilberries 

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Flower of spring

I see a life that has come from the heavens. 
A life with the heart and soul of a goddess, squeezed in the body of a queen.
She walks amongst us.
Amongst dark, confused, vile two legged creatures.

In her lies the music of eternity, the conqueror of death.
Life and love storm in her blood, striking bolts of lightning to my heart.
The language of the blue fire flames from her voice
Burning the sound of beauty and serenity to my soul.

She is the flower that holds the magic of spring
Blooming once in a millenia.
Her petals of crystal reflect the colours of the rainbow
And releases the fragrance of the spirit of life's pureness
She blows a breeze from space to my soul.
In her I have seen the secret of life, love and eternity.

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Aphrodite Night

Remembering that night of our last touch,
when nothing was between us we should know,
in love with loving you, and just how much
I wonder where in time do such nights go?

Forbidden like a box that's sealed up tight,
or like the flame that Zeus refused to share
with mortals such as we, and on this night,
Pandora's box was opened everywhere,

you were, that night, my first and only love
and always shall remain that part of me,
created from the earth and waters of
a night that Aphrodite made to be.

       And I am more than blessed for loving you
          forever and all time, as I shall do.
                   © RON WILSON aka vee bdosa

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Touch So Fatal

Was your touch or was it not so fatal,
For I have often heard of endless lies.
Reverence, care, and love for my cradle
Have never lain within what I despise.
Was it in spite of my mere reluctance,
So mere was it, or definitely clear
That you imposed upon my innocence,
And expected me not to shed a tear?
I detest the mistiness of the night
You held my hand, promised a better way,
A fog that then kept blurring my sight,
Whether at night or during gleaming day.
I shortly glanced and found beauty, so queer,
That I realized beauty can ride fear. 

Jessica J. H.
13th of march 07

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Two Pathways Destined

Oh we made our choices in life and tried so very hard
Nothing’s easy when the old school buried deep mentally,
Being street wise we fought many times our lives put on guard
Till we came along and touched each with our candour gently.
Yesterday at the castle or was it a long time past?
Till then as yet never met life in concrete we thought set,
Dreams becoming reality in them a role at last
Seems we were meant to meet oh fate we succumb to your debt.
Far behind now the guilt as our hearts rhythmically beat
Looks count for nothing as sincere eyes see more than skin deep,
While many hours have long time passed; years spent now a new treat
Creating tomorrow’s memories forever to keep.
Oh to reap the rewards in this our lives the seed to sow
To know love needs a little rain before sunshine to grow.

© Harry J Horsman © Mandy M Tams 2015…

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A Sonnet for My Heart

For you’re my heart and my life’s chosen muse.
Without you, my life would be so confused.
    You’re the one my heart chose on that sweet day,
    You’re the one who brightened my lonely life.
    When you looked at me in that charming way,
    I knew then, I had to make you my wife.
The way you walk and the way you move, girl.
Gives my body goose-bumps the size of pearls.
    You set my life free from its loneliness,
    Alongside you is my best company.
    You filled my cup; there’s no more emptiness,
    And you are my muse to write poetry.
I say we’ve had the loveliest embark,
That’s why I wrote a sonnet for my heart.

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What Is Love

You ask me to explain what is love,
To my eyes, love is dead, it does not exist.
You say love is gentle as a soft dove
To me love is something I do not miss.

You say love is as beautiful as a rose,
But to my eyes, love is a waste of time.
You say love is eternal as a pose,
I say love will never, ever be mine.

You say love is a passion that I need,
But to me, love is just an illusion.
You say love is like a beautiful deed.
I choose not to believe this delusion.

You can’t live without my love any more
Then is your love something I should ignore?

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Tattered Essance (Restored)

Energy drains, pain filled, cold. (Release it!)
Why must you let it pull you down so far?
Just inhale deep, and let it all expel
Look to heavens sky, wish on a star

Memories, they are not what defines you
Past should eternal, reside in the past
Leave it there, and just continue to rise
While your spirit grows, you will fly so fast!

Soar the sky, with your mended wings
Embrace whom you've become inside
Drifting off, like crashing waves to the sea
Rememberance of all the times you've cried

Become anew, and your soul thus renew
View yourself, then, as those that love you do!

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Teacher, shall I write a sonnet

Teacher, shall I write a sonnet? Must I?
When I’m not so sure of my poetry…
Shall I write a poem of fourteen lines?
In iambic pentameter –by me?

What shall I write about? What can I say?
In this sonnet which I must jot down now?
My sonnet should be about what today?
To write a great sonnet I’m not sure how…

Teacher, can I write this sonnet later
For I’m not sure of what to write about?
The teacher then takes my simple paper
And “you already did.” my teacher shouts.

‘Detention’ my teacher says, ‘for lying,’
‘But thank you,’ she adds, ‘for at least trying.’

 © Mariam Mababaya.

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      Big-Mouth Bass
An April morning, as the climbing sun
tipped up in sight, and lit the coming day
and colored red, after a storm was done,
I cast my plug, a stinger--red and gray--

to where it looked the likely place to me,
where hides the hog--from minnows swimming by;
then feeds upon those minnows, carelessly,
as pops the sun into the morning sky.

Upon the water, mirrored flat and still,
I raise the wake, so slight--then let it lay;
and cranking in, so slowly then until
I hear the chomp--that warns he's set to play!

   And all the minnows cheer me in my quest
   of battle with my most unwilling guest!
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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A Pencil World

A pencil world, there are marks everywhere I’m formed by some pencil streaks on paper She lives on this paper, a grand image Standing on some raggedly made passage Lines to form the walls and shadows abound I see myself in strange footage around Seeing everything in only line form Crafts mastery in circular reform I can sense she’ll approach with her strange arms And aligned with pieces of pencil charms This page envelopes me, confines me more My brain still functions, not sure what I’m for My world is a bunch of stray pencil marks Drawn onto a paper as some remarks
Russell Sivey

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Greater Art Thou!

"Poetry is a way of 
               taking life by the throat."


Heart broken torn apart like scrambl’d eggs;
As the weak link snapp’d momentum slow’d—stopp’d
Love wherest art thou? Torment’d now begs,
This cup of scourge, drink or not—spill’d—now mopp’d.

Et tu Brute? Whisper’d from Caesar’s lips;
Yet Romeo and Juliet once lov’d,
Like Macbeth’s witches brew—don’t drink nor sip:
Fate or faith shatter’d, vulture pick’d bones—cross’d.

Heart pleadeth upward—greater is thy love,
Open Heaven’s gate with thy purest light;
Hearest thou not the meek? Awaiting thy dove!
Remove these shadows of darkness and strife:

Greater art thou in Heaven than on Earth,
Creator of creation giveth now birth!

© Joseph, 9/4/08
© All Rights Reserved

Honorable Mentioned Finalist Certificate
Poetry Soup International Poetry Contest
Jan 2009.
Poetry Soup Weekly Featured Poem 
Sunday, May 24, 2009, to May 31, 2009

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Love and Pizza and Cuddlin'

As with you, pizza never tasted so fine!
The pepperonis were too greasy,
Now - Even anchovies are divine.
You make gourmet from my life so cheesy.
I can only imagine what life could
be like if I awoke softly next to you.
So soft is what it would be like! I would
give up the pizza and the cigarettes too!
(As my heart spills these cheesy love lines,
I see I transformed you into an ideal,
one that will require you to be divine 
and never for a moment lose appeal!)
Sweet Mama, won't you dine with me?
Oh, Sweet Mama, won't you share my glee?

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Gambling Shuggy—The Encounter!

"If I feel physically,
            as if the top of my head been taken off, 
                     I know it's poetry."
                       --Emily Dickenson


No money no honey from this honey
You may look but won’t rub this fine tummy;
That maybe so, but I ain’t no dummy
Shining like gold—don’t you touch this Emmy!

Pay gone, drunk, smoky, come acting thuggy,
Don’t treat me like an Egyptian mummy;
You have nerves to tell me I look yummy
Step back—know that I will not be chummy!

Say what, you will find another bunny?
Git, to your saloon playing gin rummy;
Tonight I’m keeping safe my sweet plumy
Leave—before I pull my New York Jimmy!

Swiftly, before doorknob hit your bunny,
Shuggy—I ain’t got time tonight bummy!

© Joseph, November 28, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

Poetry Soup International Poetry Contest
Semi-finalist Selection, Jan. 2009.
Poetry Soup Weekly Featured Poem 
Sunday, May 24, 2009, to May 31, 2009

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Crystal Dove

I rode upon a crystal dove
Straight into the arms of love
Offered up my heart and soul
Every man should have a goal

I have found honor in my life
I respect and adore my wife
For her these words are true
I am the thing’s I say and do

To open the lock turn the key
Take a look up inside of me
For I have nothing left to hide
Love has helped me find pride

As for my life these words are true
I’m proud my heart belongs to you

Brian suggested I should try a
Free Form Sonnet - Written for
my wife Antoinette - Her love
transformed me into the man
I am today - I'm very proud
and very lucky to hold her heart

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PoetrySoup Poet

I have found many friends on our site
They have helped learn how to live right
Friends encouraged me to find my way
Friends held me in the prayers they pray

During my absence away from this site
My soul and I fought a constant fight
Because deep inside these words are true
I love the time I spend with all of you

I hope you all know without any doubt
I love taking my soul and laying it out
Because when it comes to life it’s my turn
I’ve so much to give so much to learn

I’ve kept my summer free so I can show it
How much I love being a PoetrySoup Poet

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        February 13, 1945
Pathfinders lit the night to show the way
for bombardiers too hungry for the word;
as Dresden's dark was made as light as day,
all hearts were stopped before the blasts were heard;

and as the din was heard by all their ears
the sound it made was not reality
but far removed from all the hopes and fears
and what they thought would never come to be.

They loved the Fuhrer--sin enough for all
to die the fiery death of sweet revenge
brought on by those who had enough of gall
to drop their loads in wartimes heated binge!

       And when the fire consumed all that it could
        the winter of their lives was understood.

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Circle of Life

Circle of Life

A baby is born, there is so much happiness
A day to rejoice, so much joyfullness
A tear is shed for receiving this blessedness
Thank you lord for a gift of lovelines

There is a day of sorrow and pain
The last breath of a loved one passed on again
A tear is shed falling down like rain
Finding comfort in the afterlife, hope remains

A father, a mother, brother and sister
Generations lived on from one to another
I am in you and you in me
Forever bonded till eternity

Life is a gift not to be taken for granted
Sow love, hugs, and kisses, firmly planted
A circle of unity we are joined as one
The beginning, the end, a new life has begun

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout
January 24th, 2013

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Standing Tall

I’ve had many families in this life
of origin school navy and here too
I admit the best ones came with a wife
we all know life at times can be a zoo

I’m no Robert Young from Father knows best
wife and I are planning a family
I’ll have more gray hair coming from no rest
having this life there’s no reason to flee

poetry has renewed my life some how
always knew writing was therapeutic
expressing my true feelings here and now
I can relax when life is real hectic

my life may not be the greatest at all
no matter what I have always stood tall

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Which love is not a struggle to the mind?
'tis easier to think love glides along,
regardless of a road not there to find,
or never caring what is right or wrong.

One love, of child, a father's steady hand,
protecting innocence, through many years
as if he knew the way, and had it planned,
to heal each mortal wound as it appears.

As if all things begin with his okay,
the good, the joy of life to build upon;
demanding right, and hoping in some way
he's always with you, even when he's gone.

The banged up knee, your losing of a friend,
are yours to feel, but his to comprehend.

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SUNDAY DINNER A hillbilly sonnet

        SUNDAY DINNER  (Hillbilly sonnet)
Ma's cookin now, so come and set a spell
and you can bet we'll have her Sunday best
before the settin sun, and who can tell
what's on her stove--but it will meet the test.

Can't you just smell that fryin chicken now?
And you must know the gravie's fresh and hot
for pourin on them taters--I allow
a little more than I should have--so what?!?

The butter it just melts on bread so light
to compliment the vegetables we grow,
now if you know a life that's half as right
as this, you'd better make it yours to know.

   And I will say the grace, to thank God for
   what He has give--so He will give us more.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Saying Goodbye

My heart skips a beat when we are together A pair that belongs, a love that believes We are a perfect match for one another Feelings of joy intertwines, interweaves But when the day closes and the night begins Heartache of departing does run inside The two of us hates to leave, feelings within Sure we’ll be alone awhile, we can’t hide Later in our life after we’ve been married Our lives start to slow down and we get old Another leaving we dread if it’s harried Our final days, our hearts as one we hold Though our love is true, this you sure can’t deny At one point in our life, we must say goodbye
Russell Sivey 11 & 10 alternating syllable count Entrant into harry horsman's "GOODBYE" contest 11/19/2012

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Pest Control --- Goodbye

Goodbye, farewell, adieu, please go away,
this house is mine. I will not share with you.
You see my cabinets as a buffet,
pay no rent, and use the floor as your loo.

You fail miserably as a roommate,
and I’ll be more than glad to see you gone.
Sinisterly gleeful about your fate,
I’m anxious for the curtains to be drawn.

No more ceaseless chattering though the night,
nor any more wires cleaved by rodent teeth.
I won’t fret on small eyes reflecting light,
or creatures hiding in my Christmas wreath.

Escape, or, if you prefer, you can die.
I don’t care which, as long as it’s Goodbye!

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The Benchwarmer

Sweet mother loves sitting on a bench,
the spray painted seat she only knew!
By the sea, she oft let her spirits clench 
to the lore of love where I once grew.

She watches seagulls dive for a quench,
as waves predispose to catch her view;
sweet mother loves sitting on a bench,
the spray painted seat she only knew!

O, look how she put the sun to blench,
giving her the sea in note less mew,
which let a startling night, to unscrew
stars to dance, anew, that in elench
sweet mother loves sitting on a bench,
the spray painted seat she only knew!

- inspired by Brian Strand's A Rondel Poetry Contest

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The Farm Wife

"A Cook" has a family to feed now
And food in the "Refrigerated" space is low
"Empty' is the panty but garden endows
So she visits "The Garden" lain in rows

Outside the garden gate she takes "A Pause"
Just a moment in time to God says "Thanks"
Before "The Morning Chore" gives Sonrise applause
She begins work "Transformed" beside potato banks

"Georgia Peaches" she peels; sings "The Same Song"
Today there won't be a changed "Epilogue"
"Recipe For Change" comes further along
Later complaints "Just For You" she'll catalogue

"Succulent Georgia Peach Pie" she'll serve up
The gentle cook will fill your empty cup.....  

Sponsor: Adam Hapworth
Contest: Its All In The Title
10 to 15 lines/any form theme
Written August 20,2013
I am no longer able to garden
I do miss those fresh vegetables..

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Face of Fear

He has an aura, a look of concern Written all over his face to discern There’s fear in his eyes, almost into tears He has a face of age, having more years The lips tremble with terror within them The skin, wrinkled, holds stories of wisdom But pain is in the heart of this hurt face Wherever he goes, while he’s anyplace There is a singing deep inside his head He does not cower, this he does not dread The music enlightens him bringing joy Having something for once to go enjoy No matter the scowl placed on his being He will still have a life of love, singing
Russell Sivey

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My Love, My life

My Love, My life
My life have been without any feelings or love
I felt like I might go fade away in some place
My life felt tangled as if stuck in a mangrove
With no way of getting the hell out the rat-race.
She would at last make me feel complete to my soul
Just maybe we were both prime and ready to be caught
We both met for me be strong enough and to able hold
I’m bit of heaven when I’m in her arms at night
Lose all track of time but who is counting anyways  
When we are in each others arms on weekend-nights.
Sally has brought joys into my life; into my ways
The day we were married she set free the doves,
I knew I’d be with you till I die my dear love…
Steve L. Siegel
January 23, 2013

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Days of Autumn

The soft brown days of falling leaves are here
Moving towards the winter of my demise
Resting peacefully, I contain its fear
Know I'm closer to the day death will rise
Traveling time, remembering yesterdays
Searching still for new hours of tomorrows
I'll glean the richness from the longest days
And dispense of all my quiet sorrows
Knowing what's been and the effort sustained
From desires to failures and all between
I'll toast to memory and what it contains
And cheer long for times that love intervened

         I'll await winter, never fear its cold
         As I've tasted life and slowly grew old

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Father Christ' Parables -Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd
Christ is the True Shepherd
JN 10:1-18
"Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever does not enter a sheepfold through the gate but climbs over elsewhere is a thief and a robber. 
But whoever enters through the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. The gatekeeper opens it for him, and the sheep hear his voice, as he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. 
When he has driven out all his own, he walks ahead of them, and the sheep follow him, because they recognize his voice. 
But they will not follow a stranger; they will run away from him, because they do not recognize the voice of strangers." 
So Jesus said again, "Amen, amen, I say to you, I am the gate for the sheep. All who came (before me) are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. I am the gate. 
Whoever enters through me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture. 
A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.
 I am the good shepherd. A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 
A hired man, who is not a shepherd and whose sheep are not his own, sees a wolf coming and leaves the sheep and runs away, and the wolf catches and scatters them. 
This is because he works for pay and has no concern for the sheep. 
I am the good shepherd, and I know mine and mine know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I will lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. 
These also I must lead, and they will hear my voice, and there will be one flock, one shepherd. 
This is why the Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down on my own. 
I have power to lay it down, and power to take it up again. This command I have received from my Father." (Taken from JN 10:1-5, 7-18)
The Unjust Steward

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Oh, slaves of the nation who works and sweat!
Tired and restless--but still flee overseas
to support a hungry future that frets.
With  barks and claws gained from descent degrees,
if we must succeed-- oh, let us nobly work
so our blood and sweat may not fall to scrap,
veins swollen yet act by act we don't fall to smirk.
Freeing a flood of effort through thorns of gaps
though greedy compatriots act like monsters,
their eyes open wide but gone blindfolded by lies
some struggles and shout, aiming to conquer
bracing away from forms of guns and bribes.
Slaves are we but we're brave enough to replace
those crashing obstacles with lace of grace!

4:29 pm; December 12, 2014

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Many goodbyes

So many ways to say goodbye hwyl fawr is what you say
when  your leaving  here in Wales and trying not to cry
Farvel you say in Denmark used extensibly each day
Hating the final words which they themselves imply..

Now the italians say it with  feeling shouting Addio
with  such aplomb, not like the subtle way of the  czech
they say the word  Sobhem . Whilst In turkey gule gule
is goodbye said with kissing cheek and hugging neck

No matter how we say it goodbye's a final thought
whether its just for 5 minutes  or a lifetime walk
the begging eyes of those we leave behind are caught
saying be back soon so we can walk and talk.

Goodbye to love, goodbye to hurt, goodbye
to life, goodbye to strife, goodbye to goodbyes

Au revoir

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Way We Live

Culture is beautiful when expressed in the right light 
It is the drum we walk to, dance to
Everyday down city corner streets
It is the obstacles we walk through, run through
Everyday common as the passing faces we see

It is the temptation we indulge in, survive in
Everyday it rises 
like the sun 
and sets over horizons
It is the songs we hum to, succumb to
Everyday on the mornin' radio
constantly setting the mood 
givin' that vision to our way of life

Beautiful culture yields to beautiful life

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To gaze back upon footprints of my time
And see the prints so shallow fade away
As they dissolve and leave no trace behind
I'll hesitate to look beyond the day
While covered skin gains wrinkles I've measured
And hair once full is now a thin disguise
When standing straight is a moment treasured
I still smile every morning when I rise
When nothings real but passing time I live
And every deed pressed to my heart inlaid
I struggle with the things I must forgive
Before the mental photographs all fade

I'll watch the children of my heart at play
Before my footprints slowly fade away

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Life is what you make it

Birth,when time silently stops, is measured
Life brings a cry, a restless soul now born
Heart, life's beating clock quietly treasured
From this, we await the moment all mourn
Time is what's spent with every choice and deed
As we come to learn, understand its dues
Payment for decisions from want and need
Gathering life's yield, as we're passing through
There is only this, a distanced traveled
Lost in its realm of wonder and refuge
Confront each moment until unraveled
Then confirmed by joy or tearful deluge

Though none know the moment of final breath
Life should be lived, not worried before death

For the contest  Life is what you make it
sponsored by Dave Wood

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The Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation perfects baptismal grace

The Sacrament gives the Holy Spirit to root us more deeply in divine filiation

Incorporate us more firmly to Fr. Christ

Strengthen our bond with the Church

Associate us more closely with her mission

Help us bear witness to Christian faith in words accompanied by deeds

Like Baptism imprints a spiritual mark or indeliable character of the Christian soul

For this reason one can receive this sacrament only once in one’s life

A candidate for Confirmation has attained the age of reason must profess faith

Be in the state of grace

Have the intention of receiving the Sacrament

Be prepared to assume the role of disciple

Witness to Fr. Christ, both within the Ecclesial bond

Annointing of the forehead of the baptized with sacred chrism

Written 09172012

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Reflections Of You

I looked into her past, her distant past A time when memories were to be cast Her innocent feet twisted in the air When she tried to show off to those who care Dancing was her life and ballet was king She jumped into the air and sure could sing Songs of dance were her divine specialty She could move with the best of them surely I have reflections of you my sweet one Back in the day when ballet was real fun I showered you with affection back then As I do now, steady with a great grin Dance is what she learned early in her days One she mastered and shined like those sun rays
Contest: "Reflections Of You" Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 5/8/2013

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Deathbed Sonnet

And even after all that time had passed;
            my moon had set above another sun,
it seems my heart was still at odds with past;
            my tongue at war with words I left unsung.

This bed of ardor caught between my teeth,
            will thus remain, and even grow post haste,
where all the while, there's nothing I'll bequeath 
            excepting flowers scent, above my waste.

And so it goes with every vacant beast,
            as twenty-twenty sees - I should have done!
I should have said; I should have been, at least
            a man awake to seed his endless sun.

And as the night descends upon my thought,
            remember son these words that, I lived not.

© Kristin Reynolds 3 11 09

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A Ripple In Time

A whiffle ball flew into the calm air Over and above the peaceful lake there Losing its strength it fell onto the pond And then allowing a ripple to bond The ripples moved on across the calm lake Moving bugs off the surface of its wake The ripple moved the beautiful plant-life Not an object on the pond suffered strife Some lilies were displaced from the motion They were forced onward, a dancing notion The children hadn’t noticed it forming So subtle it moves, never alarming Swiftly the wind moved the ball to the side Kids pick it up, don’t see the waves beside
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "A Ripple In time" contest 4/23/2013

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Inside a closet, going through a stack of books and many boxes she had bound with tape, she came upon coats way in back and knew what underneath them would be found. The typewriter she’d gotten long ago, once used by her in college constantly, forlornly sat, invoking thoughts to flow, and lifting it, she pressed its letter “T.” It still got stuck. How some things never change! That brought her some small comfort, for despite “improvements“ in the world, she found things strange. The sticking key made everything seem right. With that, she put her typewriter away, its fate again delayed another day. Written 5/1/13

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Destiny's Perch

In the near future, I am going to add it all up into one big sum.
In the meantime, I am going to gather and collect my own space.
I will sift through seeds or weeds and present an enormous case.
But for sure I will hold onto every single yellow chrysanthemum.

In the near future, I am going to roll it all up sealing it by my thumb.
In the meantime, I am going to sit here with every turned about face.
I will drift through time rewinding the hands back to a God of Grace.
But for sure I will give the world a place my heart is triumphing from. 

Quickly, I will come to you,
And instantly I will be gone.
But injustice shall never do.
Nor shall a lie be my spawn.

Or at the least not on my expedient silver polished dime,
And certainly not while sitting on destiny’s perch in time!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Michael and Carolyn came home again
Their busy lives disrupted by death's end
Not knowing they'd encounter love unrestrained
By coming home for mom's funeral to attend
Life has some changes for which to contend
Michael and Carolyn were shocked to learn
Their mother wanted cremation as her end
No way was his mother going to be burned
That is not the way of the people here
The attorney handling her will added more
Your mother made her request crystal clear
Her ashes at Roseman's Bridge to be poured  
Michael could not believe what his ears heard
Francesca Johnson wouldn't say those words

Francesca Johnson wouldn't say those words
Daddy had bought two cemetery plots 
Mother to be buried facing eastwards
Richard planned ahead not instant on the spot
Michael so upset about how this was going
So attorney said let's open safe deposit box now
We'll discuss this when settled is the knowing
But a can of worms this box will open somehow
As the attorney opens the large box
Michael and Carolyn gather around
The lawyer pulls out a paper from tenderbox
He says bill of sales for equipment found
Carolyn picks up a manilla envelope
She looks at contents as through a microscope

She looks at contents as through a microscope
Pictures of her mother who somehow looks different
Then Michael's wife takes one to slowly scope
Sis calls Michael to come look at pictures that flaunt
Carolyn leaves the room after she pulls out more
She starts to read a paper with questioning eyes
A paper from the 1965 dated envelope tore
She comes back to the door calls Michael with quiet sighs
Michael comes back into the room followed 
by sis, he announces that they will look over papers
and get in touch, what's in the papers now shadowed
The letter contained words nothing to do with farm acres
The sting of shock of the letter within the papers
Michael and sis will learn whole story later

Michael and sis will learn whole story later
As they read the letter written by Kincaid
How his love for their mother is greater
Than an ordinary love, a love that didn't fade
Carolyn and Michael read Kincaid's  letter
Learned how Kincaid was cremated and ashes spread
At Roseman Bride, Michael said this man influence her
He was leading our mom and confusing her head
Michael asked is there anything else in the envelope
Carolyn takes it and turns upside down
A key falls out, Carolyn lights up with hope
At what the key might fit smiles out of frown
The discovery of their mom's short affair
The letter revealed a touch of what the key declares

The letter revealed a touch of what the key declares
Carolyn takes the key to a chest in mom's room
Opens, finds mom's letter that tells of love that was theirs
Until death a love that remained in full bloom
Their mother in a letter tries to explain
She wants her children to understand her
And what happened years ago, her reasons to remain
She had written three journals about the affair and lover
One journal for each glorious love filled day
She starts by telling them when it happened
The year Carolyn showed her prize steer away
at the Illinois State Fair, 1965, way back then
From letters to journals the affair's revealed
A side of their mom that couldn't be real

A side of their mom that couldn't be real
Mom wrote, Robert Kincaid came down the lane Monday late
He asked for directions to Roseman's Bridge with appeal
With Italian accented English directions tried to dictate
Failing to convey the directions off hand
She said, "I can take you or tell you the way"
He said, "I don't want to take you from work's demands"
She said, " Let me get my shoes, he watched as she walked away"
As they drove away to find Roseman Bridge neither knew
An affair began that stayed with them their lifetime
There was chitchat on the way as appeal began to brew
Appeal that led to a lovestory sublime
Later they a meal shared as night fell
Each was drawn into the other's swell

Each was drawn into the other's swell
Now Michael and Carolyn are learning of their mother's love
A mother that they thought they knew well
Thinking that they and dad were mom's only doves
Now brought home to attend to mom's dying wish
And settle legal affairs of the estate
Not deal with an affair needing under rug to swish
Grown children whom mom wanted to illuminate
Maybe Michael and Carolyn would understand
Her desire to be cremated and ashes strown
at Roseman Bridge to mingle with Robert's ashes their holy land
For in those four days their love was crowned
To a sad, so shocking, learning occasion then
Michael and Carolyn came home again

Finis' April 10, 2014
Sponsor: Cyndi MacMillian
Contest:Mov(i)e Me With A Contemporary Crown Sonnet
First try at this form>>>

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Lone Snowflake

Geometric flake comes down from the sky Hexagon center, six lines don’t deny Extended arms going outwards from there Small pieces going beyond without fear I grab this lone snowflake for its safety Though it was so pristine, then I did see This very flake has melted to water Due to the heat of my hand that’s hotter I become saddened that this has happened I loved seeing this masterpiece pattern I weep for the short life of this cool flake I hope to see its brothers, for my sake Just then I looked around, guess what I saw Millions of snowflakes falling, I’m in awe Russell Sivey

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Natural Love

Our love lasts way beyond the water streams Are more pure than the mighty crystal lakes Heaven cannot hold the love at the seams It bursts for us, the love is what morning makes Sun shines just as bright as what we contain And our hearts for each other, they don’t flee Leaving us wanting to ride each one’s train The mountain, made out of rock, is quite free Beauty of this scene is unlike most views The love that we have covers all of it The substance of life, green grass quite imbues Fills any hole with the sweetest love bit I feel the beauty of this land in me Top to bottom nature’s all I can see Russell Sivey

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Characteristic Traits Inherited

C_ Characteristic traits are genetic
H_ He inherited being compassionate
A_ A mouth he had, used language so graphic
R_ Ruff mix vulgarity and passionate
A_ At desperate time in his troubled life
C- Contact with the Savior opened his eyes
T_ Touched by the loving Father eased his strife
E_ Eternally changed became very wise
R_ Raised from the common became angelic
I_ Intellect possessed beyond his learning
S_ Studied God's word to levels to be drastic
T_ Time on earth extended God's rewarding
I_ Inherited characteristic grand
C_ Coupled with Holy Spirit makes man

Contest name:As You Like It
Sponsor: Brian Strand

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Angel looks at angelic reflection
Much to her surprise heavenly being
Exact copy of Angel with pinion
Timely moment spiritually freeing

Beauty opens door for supernatural
Soft glow of light as the spirit reveals
This cherub's role in life is natural
Angel has to be a jewel who feels

Her wings will lift her up to ideal
Just as Water Lilies have own beauty
Her allure reflects love that will appeal
Unlike Hydrangea her pure heart of duty

Her purest heart will give her wings in time
Angel will transport to realms so divine

Contest's sponsor:Constance La France

Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Looking across the dark night, I try , to know my mistakes,
To know why I'm here ,to know why my life shakes.

Nothing seems to go right ,everything is still the same ,
yet in my foresight ,I tremble to smile again.

Lost count of the stars ,as well as the tears falling by,
singing to the tune of, lone birds in the sky.

All efforts seem to go in vain, as I cry and breakdown,
trying to search that hand to wipe my tears and frown.

Missing every past moment, of joy as well sorrow,
uncertainties hanging above, graving over my tomorrow .

Losing every hope I had ,I close my eyes in emptiness ,
listening to the empty silence ,tortured by loneliness.

I dream of the day, the day sun would rise,
make me feel good ,and my mistakes I may realize.

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                      seasons is the relationship.
                                 changes a lot.
                      SUMMER tells us the value of FRIENDS.
                                  WINTER tells us the caring of FRIENDS.
                      SPRING is about the quarrel with the FRIENDS.
                                  AUTUMN tells about the LONELINESS.
                      THUNDER occurs when you fight with me.
                                  LIGHTING occurs when.,
                      i miss my LOVED ONE.
                                  RAIN occurs when.,
                      i spend time with my LOVELY ONE.
                                 BREEZE occurs when you give a SMILE after a CRY.
                      that's the life,
                                 which i spend with my DEAR ONE.

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To Love an Angel

How many memories will I hold to?
How many loves have I known, without cares?
The changing color of the days once blue
Since I met you, have faded through the years
No longer flames burning, out of control
And scorched landscapes of smoldering desires
Love made a diamond from the blackest coal
With hands gentle, you tamed the raging fires
And claim this reckless soul, to hold the key
To ask nothing, yet heal the inner pain
Found emptiness that resided in me
And washed away my darkness and disdain

And though I walked in dung lit realms of shade
An Angel came to shine a light unafraid

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The Otters Play - LGT

Along the walk the suits and sneakers stroll,
so many faceless smiles that tell a lie,
and don't reveal the true and costly toll,
instead with righteous glare they will deny.
We walked one time along this very shore
to skip a stone and watch the otters play
and vowed not to become what we abhorred,
a knight and a sweet damsel we would stay.
But that was all so very long ago
and as the storm blows in from o're the pond
and suits hide there behind their parasols,
it's for the simple times I dearly long.
   Just like the otters we will splash and dive    
   and naked in the rain we will survive.

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Tomorrow the Sun Shineth!

                   "...when power corrupts, poetry cleanses."
                     --John F. Kennedy

A frat asked, will you ever forgive her?
Come! The house has a toast for you tonight!
Now forget—this is not the way you were!
Let’s walk frat, tomorrow will be alright!

Let her go and have her own way each day;
Cleanse the taint with an aromatic bath
Let done be done forever—God molds the clay;
Come! Stand with us—let Him show you the path.

When entreated with her loveliest lies
Spread your wings to the sky with open ears;
Brittle vows and fragile oaths always die
Shallow days, months, years they too disappear.

Upon the rising sun—look to the East,
A royal feast, my frat—that’s the least!

© Joseph, October 22, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Snail's Simple Pace

The caramel leaves seem to fall from sky
In waves, as zephyr sings through chimes and eaves
Its song that whispers a fall lullaby
As a gentle rustling wind through autumn leaves

September a time to slow down, be still
Slowly now we have less light_ more dark
A drawing to home and hearth seems our will
Beckoning to fill with bounty our hearts

Caramel sauce for those crisp apples near
The heat of summer is in distant past
None of that snow of winter yet to fear
Watering chores of summer now are past

All things for coming winter out in place
Now one can slow to a snail's simple pace

In honor of Brian Strand's contest...

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Paddleboat on a Pond

Peacefully she sits on her paddleboat In the sunlight she keeps herself afloat She sees her reverse image on water This allows her boat to teeter-totter She places her hand onto the still pond Lifts her head as she begins to respond The sunlight beams on her with a warm ray Illumines everything outside today She opens her picnic basket for food Her meal eaten puts her in a good mood The sound of the pond, you can hear the bugs As on the surface they come and slightly buzz The scene is dramatic, very tranquil She wants to stay here, where she is grateful
Russell Sivey

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The Last Leaf

Remember the days when life
Was all we thought about ?
It slipped by being alive
Could end when death turnout ?
One more among the crowd
To admire to whole tree
When the green leaves have sprout
There’s not much to see
On a tree that’s almost empty
It’s leaves spread on the ground
In one dead leaf there’s still beauty
That if looked for can be found
The last green leaf that has turned brown
Will still be beautiful after falling down

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Evil is fierce, always lying in lurk, 
Fighting Man's opportunity to sow, 
Infinite value, a souls greatest perk,
All of us need Love and freedom to grow.

The economy and democracy,
A tease in a tie or king with a crown,
The Goddess of truth as authority,
Love expands your mind, fear will shut it down.

Artificial walls, which cannot be seen,
Erected by the beast of many names, 
Keep your mind clear and let your heart stay keen,
Spirit will fly unrestricted by frames.

The Earth is our home and balance the key,
A sovereign man will truly be free.

Comments are Welcome.

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Beauty is not Skin Deep

Moonbeams bathe orange glow in great embrace Her beauty completes her soul with her face She buries her heart in her wickedness A lurid piece of harbored openness Within the moon’s heart is her tender eyes Nothing there that could surely be despised But her ways bring thoughts of devilish ways Sensual glow about brings love today Beauty is not skin deep with her intrigue Her face is certainly out of my league She carries the reflection of the moon Gorgeous sight of pure beauty seen too soon With extreme beauty her secured eyes gleam I love the nakedness that her soul beams
Russell Sivey Contest: Calling all poems of "BEAUTY" Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 7/30/2013

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Life's Book

I've opened life's book, where pages are worn
To leave another fingerprint behind
Though the pages are the same, pictures torn
The words that are written sometimes are kind
Will I find my chapters real or a dream?
When fragments of time seemed so innocent
When days were long and laughter was the theme
And I concluded life, self-evident
Now, resting in gray light of evening's pause
Time's breath seems old, silently unaware
And rushing to its final purposed cause
While contemplation comes, as if to share

The journey written whether dream or real
Was worth the effort, I wrote it with zeal

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I'll be what I must be, in spite of me
as life won't always give the things I choose
and so I have to make what has to be
into the things my life and I can use.

All roads don't lead to Rome, as it's been said,
but some to Paris, and a little fun,
so I will change the path where I would dread
to go to where I choose, when I am done.

I'll not be forced into a better scheme
if I can't see the end result my way
if it's not part of what my heart can dream
it never will come to the light of day.

   All things can change, if I have any voice
    in what they are, and I will make the choice.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies

One beautiful lie , an unvoiced sonnet
Words veiled with a crime that steals my hearts last beat
Slow turn of your mood shows me disquiet
With kisses warm and vulgar with deceit.

One pulse stills, our love was not the one love,
Just remains of a lukewarm cup of tea.
You steep and brood, one pineing the lost dove.
My broken wing lame, I fall into the sea.

Beautiful lies, my heart begs for your fires
To hear the words forged my way by anvil
Beautiful lies, hope grows dim and expires
Waiting for judgment by divine gavel

Tremble my lips , tears fall dry from my eyes
Protect me from madness, beautiful lies.

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Insanity - Love Ceases

Cracked mirror, looking in with strange, wild eyes Looking back are tender but deranged sighs Openness holds no bars as pain sets in Focused on the mirror’s opposing sin Before me is a demented figure Posing as what I’ll be in the future I shake, as depression comes to the front I try to touch my soul but only grunt I falter, my mind shakes within its ground Don’t know the shimmering lights that’s around My image reels back as if in terror My blank stare hits home, I stare in horror Mirror shatters to thousands of pieces Just now do I hold myself, love ceases Russell Sivey

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Remembering Me

I have no wings, only cold feet of clay
And I'll never touch the farthest round sky
Days came quickly and passed along the way
Forgotten in silence, no one asks why
My dreams will never be rendered again
They all died in the hollow of my mind
Dispersing as fragments from my dead skin
Tattered reminders that I left behind
I lay in the black earth where none defend
Where darkness rules and only bones survive
While covering soil grows thick, I pretend
My bones are found, to show I was alive

I'll dissolve, only time will oversee
And lay silent, Remembering me

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Kansas Wheat Farmers

The sky so still, one summer's afternoon,
as golden seas of wheat filled up the eye,
this was our dream, and harvest time was soon
but then the dark came to a troubled sky.

The clouds rolled in, and thunder filled the air
as winds blowed in the scent of coming rain
whipping our sea of gold from here to there
and ruthlessly tore at each golden grain.

When all at once, the wind died to a still
and sinking hearts, as stones of hail fell on
to where the dream was helpless to the kill
and beaten down--the dream we had was gone.

   Then kneeling in our faith--though now in pain,
   we pray for strength to try it all again.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Loves deadly spell

Together they live happily forever
in a life filled with sorrows and sadness
they will be together, always never
excluded from reality for life

Forever or never they live to cry,
away they will be gone with but a knife
the choice to live happily or to just die
A knife or life, forever or never

a quarrel, a death, leaving one alone
he lies on the ground, a knife in his heart
a plan, a scheme, its never to be known
She says to herself "we must never part"

Now two dead hearts lie, killed with the same knife
Why? Was it love or just a wast of life?

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I stand here with a rose as I rose early
from my garden full of them,pretty scarlet!
These faces make me to take up the gauntlet,
I`m determined to fight and face death daily.

Dreams fail,hopes dash, but my petals give fragrance,
Many weeds gang-up to strangle my roses,
but withered as they attack with failed doses,
display of floral and stem caused the hindrance.

Right from childhood this garden was protected,
My parent did guide and tend  it  jealously,
which has made me keep to the promise seriously,
Out of  this  floral , goodness is  reflected.

Her pretty face is much better than the flax,
which has made many oppressed men to relax.

*Contemporary Sonnet*

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Sonnet Dialogue: Scorn in Duality, Lit Op 5

I  looked below and saw the dawn from here,
Disturbing may, below the light- a man.

“Oh, stranger most, shall I ask you with fear?”

“Dear one, you fear no one”, replied the man,
“Nor Him, you fear Him not for you are but
The holder of the strings of those you sight.”

A second by, I asked him in abrupt,
“The guardians of the roof, had they loved me?”

He voiced: “Their love are drawn in stitching crossed,
Exquisite yet details are course, you see?
The veil from where it rests you should have tossed,
Each thread in havoc, one chaotic sea!”

I spared a tear, his face did went outworn,
Afar the lake I headed. God, I’m torn!


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Like a Lark

My lady has a passion like a lark Her burning heart is made from a small spark Immortality strikes what’s never lame She’s never burnt by the eternal flame My lover holds some joy here before me In a sentiment unlike what we see There’s solid power through her perfect skies Opening amazement inside her eyes Her love boils to the surface with bubbles She plays a soft harp which in turn doubles Secretly time has eloped through to her A desire that’s unlike any other A myriad purchased by her tenderness Countless touches into my awareness Russell Sivey

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

Her life was full of joy and dreams
Expressing life and whatever that means
To live each day with new filled hope
Was the only way she knew to cope

Her love was hidden deep within
Full of passion,angst and sin
She loved a man she shouldn't take
Will she pay for her mistake

They shared their passion behind the door
Hidden from all, she wanted more
She deserved more than she received
And when he'd leave she cry and grieve

Upon a bed of petals she lay
Sobbing, imagining another way

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A Purple Skirt

Many and many years ago back when
Many were poor and poverty was real
Lay offs happened_momma got fired then
We lived rural with pork, dry peas for a meal

Daddy worked, my brother worked a job too
So there was some money to pay those bills
Extras were not thought of_real needs accrue
Then my aunt came with clothes_now not dullsville

They pulled out this purple skirt with those buttons
Purple buttons how I loved those jewels
Quickly at once they said too mature, hon
Snip went those buttons_no bombshell

Pressed the skirt_wrinkles gone poverty stayed
Today those purple buttons mood arrayed  

Sponsor: Blacked Eyed Susan
Contest: Buttons

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Poetry of Life

growing up in a female family
and having a severe stutter was tough
but those stories came to me easily
back in high school I never wrote enough

as a veteran I’m writing again
and I’m learning so much more being here
I’m a poet after an injured brain
so many years ago nothing to fear

I even enjoy reading poetry
and Poetry Soup has helped me with that
and I often write a contest entry
I know my poems are never somewhat

what motivates me answer is life does
and poetry does keep me on my toes

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Mint was her first, a bow on a bonnet,
Lilac adorned her silk Christening gown,
Blue belted a costume, Queen Antoinette,
The velvet one in her journal was brown.

Seven purples she won for spelling bees,
Orange gave her dorm curtains a lift,
White clasped a bouquet sent by destiny,
Silver she fingered on wrapped, wedding gifts.

Yellow she added to an heirloom cradle,
Turquoise she tied around his teddy bear,
Black reserved a pew for her dad’s funeral...

Then chemo-red* saved a last strand of hair.

Ribbons she’s worn, as a girl then a wife,
The pink one she now wears celebrates life.

*Chemotherapy is often red-toned 

Dedicated to Evelina Sanchez, an angel I was fortunate enough to work with for two years. She retired and discovered she had breast cancer. She beat the beast that took her breast! We lost touch and I tried to find her, worrying that the monster had returned. Just ran into her last month (plans to get together!) She is now in her seventies and is as fit as a fiddle! Take that cancer!

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Her Beauty Didn't Stall

Elaborate, softly tailored to suit She’s sure more beautiful than very cute Exquisite form, flawless in many eyes Details of her delight, there’s no disguise She likes to wear tight dresses, to show off I hardly noticed her feeling quite scoffed Because many were ignoring her here She’s just a normal guest it would appear I walked up to her, a smile on my face She saw my approach and ruffled her lace I began to speak with her, this goddess And we talked the night through, I did impress Her beauty didn’t stall, I kept going Now she holds a love that keeps on giving
Russell Sivey

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In the Meadow

The shadow on the crystal lake water Comes from a young girl very sweet and pure She’s a charmer, people want to see her For her skin’s so smooth, and her smile’s a lure Eyes that sure resemble puppy dog’s eyes Her soft hand makes ripples where water lies Tenderly she brings water to her face No part of her body is out of place Droplets drip down her face and to her heart Allowing those around to see beauty Her presence is very cute to impart No one can deny her inner psyche Sadly she will never stay at this age I’ll always love my girl, at any stage
Russell Sivey Entered into Dana'lynn Smith's "In The Meadow" contest 4/18/2013

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'A female friend of gorgeous pulchritude'

A female friend of gorgeous pulchritude
presents a boy with an experience
of erotic, nervous, elated mood,--
to him, it's a most welcomed "hinderance."
A male friend of chiseled, sexy, good looks
makes a big girl self-conscious and confused
when reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" love books
as she's turned on by him, fully aroused.
They each may think of the possibilities
and wonder: "What can it hurt...if I cross 
that line?" Is it worth the realities
and risks and the potential chance of loss?
     A sexy friend's hot bod may be real fine,
     but is it worth a cheap roll on cloud nine?

1.) poembender; 2.) Philosophical motif; 3.) for "Impress me with a small poem III" Contest 

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Baby, you remind me of a bunny, 
sweet loyal and trustworthy
you always make life funny
when we're not together, i miss you badly,

you notice things no other man bothers to notice,
when i look into your blue eyes i see the true me,
my exes made me feel worthless
that's why i believe in our family,

when we speak i feel the love 
when you smile at me i could swim in your dimples
our hands fit together as snug as gloves
and one hug from you makes life seem simple

I'm so happy you are my boyfriend
i never want this relationship to end. 

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Goodbye to Goodbye 1

Goodbye to goodbye

Ageing, diseases and the dreaded death
All should be happy saying goodbye to.
Focused on this goal moves research on health
Progress they make which rises our hopes too.
Certain people through religion do this search
Immortality being its stated aim
“Dissecting nature like they do in research
Will lead us nowhere”, some of them do claim.

Yoga and meditation some prescribe
Citing rare instances of its success
Practices they painstakingly describe
Which makes one doubt if it’s not in excess.

Here’s hoping for a breakthrough of merit
Who cares if it’s through science or spirit. 

@ 24/Nov/12

For Harry Horsman’s “ Goodbye” contest.

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The Barbs of Life

At times the barbs of life can pull you down
As angry whirling tempests spin their tales.
It seems the darkest storm is all around
And then a slash of wind tears down your sails.

From near despair a light within you glows
Within a heart that's been here once before
To plant the seed that only hope can sow
And guide you toward a friendly distant shore

And ride a wave that binds you to your fate.
Embrace that hope that even blind can see,
Then smile and cry the tears it will create
And curse the trial that brought you to your knees.

For it's what we survive that makes us strong
And those that share the journey all along.

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Let us start all over with hope

Bad days in life are meant to learn
Reminds that good days are going to return
Let us start all over with hope
All the ups and downs will gradually cope

I missed you more and more each day 
Words can be expressed..but i can't say 
Whenever I remember of your smile
I feel I cant miss not even for a while

I am still living with your memories 
Hope you will listen to my apologies
If you are not in my life, where would I be
Life definitely seems to  be a dark sea

Let me bring a piece of rainbow and color our life
It is all my pleasure in this life to be your wife......

Dedicated to and written for my hubby

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The Pill of Life

So what’s the pill of life? you might ask me.
I do not know, but this is what I think:
It might prolong one’s life, like that one tree
God hid from man! And maybe it is pink.

Yes, pink - a rosy color - just because
I think we all desire life to be sweet,
And more than one pill could give us a buzz!
But would our taking them make life complete?

And what if we’d still age although our life
Were never-ending? How could that be fun?
With aching knees and backs to face life’s strife?
The pains of growing old I wish to shun!

You’ll need to find the fount of youth, my friend.
Life’s pill - plus YOUTH - means health without an end!

Written 1/29/13 for The Pill of Life Poetry Contest

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At the end of the day

I needed a little book to have
Something to write my heart desires
So burning, my heart stopped being quiet
This was enough for my pen to start.

In less than two hours I poured it all out
Things I saw but I could not yet touch
Just on point, I had no second thought
Then decided to seal the book’s mouth

Assured, I waited on him that fails not
Him alone, all desires he can meet
But waiting is now longer than once thought
Some are still there that I may never reach

Staring at the book, as if it is now strange
Makes me wonder at the end of the day

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Nights quiet sounds

In the quiet of the night with no one is around
I close my eyes and just relax listen to every sound
The humming of the furnace blowing, warming all the air
The tiny little pitter-pats of cats climbing the stair

Hearing the quiet breaths of my son in the bed
Above all the buzzing noise tinnitus ,in my head
cars driving down the street and tires make the sound
The pavement creaks as rubber meets fast tires on the ground 

Occasionally a chime will ring as the air does blow
I wonder whose house has the chime,must I really want to know? 
As quietness takes over,the sounds become more rare
I need to get to sleep at night, I must take better care

Insomnia fills my nights I want to sleep at night
Impossible it always seems,  so instead I write

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Lost Souls-Miltonic Sonnet

Lost souls that always roam the lonely roads,   
Ever searching for that spring they shan’t find  
In melancholy souls of their same kind,  
Whose burdens break their backs with heavy loads,  
Intertwined with heartbreak which bodes 
Of darkest baggage from a life defined,
Containing sorrows leaving them maligned.  
Though living within these confines one loathes, 
Irrespective of profound loss of pride, 
They deign to keep their loneliness repressed.
Old shadows follow, adding to their woes. 
Seems almost an eon since last they cried, 
Echoing in deaf ears how they’ve transgressed; 
Yet hope glimmers in those sad eyes, Lord knows.

April, 18, 2014

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Bird Shadows

Across the warm tumbling shore seabirds glide
And splay their moving shadows onto sand
To fill my eyes under the sky they hide
As I lay beneath its taunt endless band
To be at peace and rest my spirit's cause
I find it stirring when no breath is found
A voice within, a quiet space to pause
With chalice filled to quench its thirst, Im bound
And lay in rhythm still, with the sound of waves
Seeking burdens light, from the days life gives
Releasing tensions that a body saves
Unearth good reason for this life that lives

And reach a depth where dark and light converge
To touch bird shadows, with my eyes they merge

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Lure of the Moon

The tingling sound of the moon does lift me I float towards the heavens where I'm free I reach to the light that emanates there Beauty is like none that I can compare Swirling right near my head are the dark clouds It looks like this night sky has some dim shrouds The ground below me is moving away As I slowly, but surely, upwards sway I start to breathe the colder air that’s high The moon is getting bigger as I fly I see imperfections of the moon’s face Stars blink messages, I try to keep pace That grand lure of the moon that’s before me Brings me higher than I could ever see Russell Sivey

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A Shadow Follows

When facing a light shadows will follow
And cling to our darkness that it borrows
When we find our love broken it's hollow
And its pieces are replaced by sorrow
Paradise is not a place, but moments
And cherished by all, though they never stay
Weathered and worn by life's frequent ailments
We mold a template that emotions convey
Trying to form a universe we see
Creating a world from imperfection
We'll look to tomorrow and to what may be
Come to discover our own reflection

The quiet shadow of life is behind
Never a word, but always reminds

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A Physical Therapist

Physical Therapy came in the door
To take him out in the wide hall to walk
He got to go places he hadn't been before
He saw folks that hadn't seen and to them talk

P.T. helped him get up so he wouldn't fall
Nurses came to help him take a shower
All obstacles placed against gray wall
Minutes upon minutes turned into hour

With just a normal old age human ear
We listened to noises in hall by day
If animal outside alerted by brey
Tightly enclosed in hospital room we couldn't hear

The situation sometimes made me feel
As if in this case I was simply third wheel

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Valentine's need apply

I gave up on you years ago
Felt love in my life had to go
Felt free and strong without care
Never needing wanting another there

Life has changed so much since then
Looking inside I take to pen
Wonder have I grown up yet
To include something more than a pet

Another February comes to be
Alone again hello, just me 
Valentine's day it comes and goes
Will I again receive a rosé? 

Will this be the year I'm ready to see
If someone can share their life with me?

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Slow Death

He lay dying_ slowly did his life pass
Watching others as they moved about room
As his heart failed, fluid filled him enmass
More than his body could handle consume

Legs swollen so that look like muscle man
Stomach swollen sounds as ripe watermelon
Lived a good life years beyond most lifespan
Pain in eyes _ don't really need this athlon

God how can in life some have to suffer much
The depth of their suffering you have shown me
Through the death of this pet whose  so soft touch
Touched our hearts to depth in death _ made me see

Instant death_ here;  then gone_ suffering little
So sad_ long death slow torture overbattle_

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Bouquets Of Spring

Up a country road  Wisteria blooms
The soft lavender fragrant buds await 
Easy sunlight gently touches blossoms
Sends wafing aromatic breeze thru gate

White Dogwood blooms spot multicolored woods
Gently lift and fall in soft spring air
Impressionistic Azalea blooms stood
Colorful ornaments on creek's bend fair

Narcissus stand in trim and neat rows
Except at homeplaces beside the road
Where they are free to send out young
For our rejoicing when spring has sprung

In the warm spring nature's bouquets abound
Sakura, Tulips  short time are around

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Thunder Dome

Different masks I faced upon each day of trying.
Within this shell, I've built with paper-paste
a wall between the fragile form indemnifying,
my soul from all the judgments, I've made in haste.
Over a wrack of bones and weighty flesh thrown
are fabrics light or coarse, shapes and colors too
I use to separate myself from you, unknowns
in the millions ever rising, life too rich to subdue.
If we'd but admit from our birth we're dying;
perhaps, we'd live each day outside our single shells
for the world is full of cacoon's speechless tryings  
to create an earthly garden from a dreamt of hell.

What is real and right, what is born, or borne; you see
is all within a skull of bone, what will be will be.

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My Bleeding Heart

Maybe blood will get on you, from my heart My still bleeding heart beats for only you I find pain so immense, you tear me apart You have made me so lost by what you do You destroyed my tenderness, my essence Nothing remains in me but true heartache I bleed because I’m alive, but with less I thought at one time you’re my perfect mate Things took a turn for worse one cloudy day Large injury I acquired by your stab In the dark you came wielding what you may To hurt my heart, a wound without a scab I’m glad you got some of my burning blood Now listen, for my heart’s about to thud
Russell Sivey

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Reminiscing the Scent of Rain

There’s a certain force of the rain that flows That brings the scent to the forefront and grows On concrete the fragrance is a fresh grey Dull way to bring a stonewash smell to play It only comes when it first starts to rain Smell that pleases the senses without pain Not hot, just a cool rain will bring it up No scent can compare to this smell close-up At times it’s pungent, a fresh dirty smell Lifting the nose beyond where one does dwell Aroma like floating grainy gruffness Gnawing the insides bringing a roughness The fragrance wafts at the start of the rain Marking the scent of stone with water drain
Russell Sivey Contest: FRAGRANCE OF RAIN Sponsor: nette onclaud 11/16/2013

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Angel Dust

The creatures that could fly, flew out this night They brought forth their powers, with them their might The black dragon is largest on the list They are the strongest, waving their clawed fist Next would have to be the fairies so trim Wielding dark talents purely on a whim The dark gargoyles fly around with great ease Spreading the fear of death and dire disease As sure as you think the darkness would win An angel flies high, way up in heaven She saves the Earth from all evil around Drops down some angel dust right to the ground And quick as a flash evil leaves this place Angels left to sing the beauty of grace
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Doyle's "Angel Dust" contest 10/9/2012

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I wake filled with anxiety and despair
My body aches and is full of pain
My first thought is of what is not there
There is nothing I can do to stop the thoughts in my brain

I go to the medicine cabinet to take a pill for anxiety
But still my mind reels with thoughts of what I want
Why must I put this burden upon me
I’m trapped in a life where I must be nonchalant

As the day goes on it just gets worse 
There’s a nagging feeling that I’m not me
My mind and body beginning to hurt
I hide inside myself so no one can see

Will I ever release myself from this hell
As of today there’s no way to tell

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'I Weave Ethereal'

From my own little girl time, I have been Like no other, I have lived in a dream What others seem to see, I have not seen My soul flows, like a rippling mountain stream From my life, into writing, I have taken My heart, so full, heavy with each new poem Each old sorrow, each one, I awaken My life is writing, poetry my home Now, in my adulthood, in the sweet dawn From the thunder of my soul, like a storm And with poetic pen, with joy, I have drawn Each new poem that takes of it's own form My nights are dreams and my days are trances And, I weave ethereal poetic dances Sonnet November 24, 2012

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I just found out nothing changed in Life

I just found out nothing changed in my life
my own mother still looking down at me
yes three times in life I have took a wife
they all acted like mom never was free

in my life Popeye became my hero
I am what I am are the words he said
I know I’m somebody never zero
I’ll get this life right before I am dead

life may not have changed but I know I did
in a way I have grown so much in life
and life was so much better as a squid
there is no need to end it with a knife

happiness has always been in my life
and it has gotten better with a wife

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Life is simple but not for me
It's just not easy doing ABC
People think that I'm lazy
I just thought I was going crazy
It's hard to do my work I find
Because It's always on my mind
Reading, writing and arithmetic
Do I reeally have to do it?
Not being able to read write or spell
Living in this bubble of hell
I try to escape from thoughts and strife
No one knows my secret life
Or the struggle that I face each day
Dyslexia is real and it won't go away..

Hazel Connelly

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The Core

Finger-painted masterpieces fasten to my chambers.
A heart, unplugged, pumping creation; born of mother,
my miracle formed by faith, wisdom of labor
and sweat passed from woman to woman. I shudder
in remembrance of my own birth, meditating
on the forgotten, peeling back youth with eyes
wet with waves crashing; I hear voices reverberating 
praise in a womb of darkness bringing forth cries
of life. All journeys have led me down a broken path
to home where my heart sticks to peanut butter
and jelly smiles. I build a nest of green and rest on the Sabbath;
I wear my scars like singed moth wings hoping to again flutter.
Always seeking the proverbial flame, I burn in want of more,
more of you, spinning into breath of life - my resilience, the core.  

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A Contraceptive Pill

Afore falling in his arms they advice to think twice
Unregretful I act beyond my surprise
It’s the grip of a force, a force here to claim
Compelling, like a moth drawn to the flame

Every night encloses the heat of flaming souls
But sun kissed morning plays a wicked role
To my realization it brings an obvious question
What next to prevent conception?

Like always, I pop in a pill to save the bill
My guy admires the worth of a contraceptive pill
It causes side-effects. Ah! How would he know?
He enjoys the freedom of reckless show

Nevertheless, I look at kids and admire their innocence
Wish the pill could kill within me my maternal pretence!

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Snow Wonderland Zeal

In winter, rails of the fence are heavy Snow covers them, just as white as can be Beauty lands in the landscape, on the trees It’s white too, lovely, pretty as you please Snow reflects all colors making it white Leaving light that is courageously bright Each snowflake is different, quite unique Leaving the air brilliant, full of mystique A stream, still moving along, has some ice Very cold and frigid, had to look twice Air has quite a bite to it, a crisp feel The land is all frozen, the cold is real Whole scene brings about natural appeal Snow is like a solid wonderland zeal
Russell Sivey

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Sunken Tears

                                   He stood bravely before me 
                           with a medal of honor in his right hand
                        and a bandage of agony around his left knee
                           It seemed like he had struggled to stand,
                             his crutches lay useless on the ground
                                 I found it hard to understand why,
                                 a soldier in pain didn't even frown
                                      With a voice firm but dry
                                 his words shook me like thunder
                                "You're now the man of this house"
                                 he uttered like a worn-out hunter
                            quivering up my legs like a terrified mouse
                                 Drowning my mind through cold ears
                        he passed his sincere respect and sunken tears

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Megan's Hit

        MEGAN'S HIT
There on the deck, I took a practice swing
tormented in the possiblity--
then hope was dashed--I found no hope to bring
up to the plate, when Ump cried out, "Strike 3!"
I was the last to bat--in this last game--
just oh for three, my record said it all!
And in the dugout, faces all the same,
the looks of gloom! Just waiting for my fall!
I took my place, right up there to the plate.
Out on the mound, the picher grinned at me--
as if he hoped to make my swinging late,
or throw me one--I couldn't even see!
    He'd walked a batter, waiting on first base,
    to tie the score, if we'd get in the race!


"No girl can hit!" I heard the catcher call,
and echoed from the bleachers was the same,
we made our stands, the umpire cried "Play ball!"
and then I vowed to get us in the game!
I gripped the bat, the windup came too fast!
As did the ball, but where it should have been!
"Strike one!" the umpire yelled at last--
The fastest ball that I have ever seen!
"She'll never swing!" the catchers words for me--
then threw the ball out to the pichers hand!
While out on first, my runner waits to see
if I can swing, or only make a stand!
   Right in my face--the picher scouled a bit--
   while I choked up--and readied for a hit!

All set to hit--I made it then my dream!
and came the ball--I could not swing at that!
"Strike twoooo!" the umpire made it scream,
then said to me, "You've got to swing the bat!"
The bat it weighed a hundred pounds or so;
"She'll never swing," the pichers eyes did say,
With that he gave his very best, I know!
I glued my eyes--as it screamed straight my way!
I never saw the hitting of the ball!
but won't forget the cracking sound of it!
Nor know again the feeling of it all
of this my very most important hit!
   The sound it made--that ev'ryone could hear--
   a batters dream--but pichers' greatest fear!


The ball soared hard and high past second base!
then seemed to drop so slowly from above,
as quick as I could get us in the race,
I watched it bounce right off the fielders glove!
The tying run was just ahead of me!
Ole "Never-Steal" now ran like not before!
And right behind, fast as my feet could be 
I gave my best! And then I gave some more!
The crowd gave out the seasons wildest plea!
As I yelled to the runner just ahead,
with all the grit that I could find in me,
"I'm going in! And if you stop--you're dead!"
   Ole "Never Steal" was giving all he could
   and on his heels--I made my promise good!


We saw the ball come by as rounding third!
Not once a hesitation in it all--
and as the umpire watched without a word--
he swept his arms, to make the tying call!
The score was tied--third baseman set to throw--
now ready at home plate, the catcher stood--
and through it all--my only thought was GO!
but if I did--I'd have to make it good!
I knew the ball was thrown down to home plate!
The catcher poised, and glued where he should be!
I had to slide, and heard the ball hit late!
"She's SAFE! She's SAFE!" my Daddy yelled to me! 
    Now layed to rest--our coaches greatest fear--
    the only game we won--throughout the year!
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Imagine a world where nothing matters
Think about it for a second, really
No questions like, was it worth it anymore
Not seeing the point of a world in tatters

Consider; if no one felt any fear
And people with confidence and no doubt
If they carried their dreams above themselves
Knowing how useless, all that they hold dear

Envision this world of variety
A kaleidoscope that creates a self
Picture each individual lonely
But deep inside there is homogeny

Day after day the cosmos continues
Then a final day where nothing matters

©david byrne jan 2013 

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My life lightened up

Happy to start the second innings with my soulmate,
Still cant believe that i am so fortunate..
What more words can I add to express my ecstasy,
Am sure that our new life going to create a legacy..
Honey,All my days became so pale without you ,
Let these smiles stay on my lips and grow
Memories remain,those days are now long past,
Let us push all the upcoming days too fast.
As you illuminated my life with a spark of light,
Feeling happy even though you are out of my sight..
Everyone dreams in life about a true love ,
Realized now,that it is me who possessed now.
I think of you in the morning and dream in the evening,
But it is me in this world who knows how well i am missing.

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On A Summer's Aftermoon

Come sit a spell--we'll take a little time--
from out of life, forgetting what we know;
and talk upon some things I guess that I'm
much closer to--than things life's had to show.

Do you know love? It's funny how it goes
to almost anyone, who needs it not,
but be there need--and love--it never shows
like finer things of life, to those who've got!

Now does that seem to be a fitting thing
to talk about, as passing time away?
Or would you choose what weather has to bring
as here we sit--with nothing more to say?

I guess your life's been blessed--and filled with love
or you'd know what my heart is speaking of.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Touched By Your Flame

Your love, it does so many things to me Lights my heart afire, obvious you see It makes me see things in pinks and in reds I follow your lit path, which you have led Your power is within the flame we hold Which we now share with each other so bold Our love is like some flowers that are grand Seen at most houses in all this great land Beauty that goes further than just skin deep We are more than filled with love in our keep Our souls are covered with a wondrous flame Fire is in our hearts as we play love’s game Passion is all aflame, burning with fire Making our love be something we desire
Russell Sivey Contest: Touched By Your Flame Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 5/24/2013

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Red Blossoms

Down where the Camelia blossoms blood red
In the heart of winter, when others rest
Poverty is stamped out and all are fed
And red-breasted Robin has flown the nest

Few left to struggle with a cold winter
And family farms have disappeared from view
None left to tend the fires' dying embers
No inheritance left for children to accrue

Will the Robins reappear bringing spring
A rebirth of values and  self-esteem
Planted fields whose great harvest brings
A wealth of values, wisdom that beams

Poverty still planted where blossoms red
Values disappeared, disrespect bred

Sonnet: With 10 syllable count and rhyme
scheme: abab, cdcd, efef, gg
Called an English sonnet....

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Life is Short

Life is taken for granted every single day,
Letting your gift from God just waste away.
People getting addicted to drugs,
Being so evil showing no love.
Sitting around with no goals or ambitions,
Doing nothing but just wishing.
You only have one life to live,
So instead of always taking start to give.
Make someone who's sad smile,
So they will be happy for a while.
Help someone who needs a helping hand,
Get out and do something to help woman and man.
Love your family because it's the only one you'll get,
Always treat them kind so you'll never have no regrets.
Treat people the way you want to be treated,
Stop being so damn greedy.
Don't fall into the temptations,
Try and be the best of your creation.
Stand alone and dare to be different,
If you have kids be a good parent.
Help the one's who are hungry,
That don't have a lot of money.
Be someone who will listen,
Because you never know how they're feeling.
Randomly help the elderly across the street,
Help a friend get back on their feet.
Help out your community,
So there will be more unity.
Do what's right not what's wrong,
Then maybe we can get along.
Share your story to someone who can relate,
You never know if their life's at stake.
Take a walk and enjoy the trees,
You never know if it's your last day you can see.
Babysit someone's kid,
So they can enjoy life a little bit.
Take extra hours at your job,
Generous acts should never stop.
Stop drinking so much,
Saying you have problems using it as a crutch.
Go to church and hear the word,
God will give you blessings as a reward.
Listen to the birds sing,
Because they're beautiful beings.
Watch the sunset it's beautiful,
You're given a life now do some thing useful.
Stop taking life for granted,
Because you only get one chance.

   January 16, 2014
 ~The One and Only~

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                      Beautiful Lies

        Gazing on your beloved face sublime,
        Love’s mist reflection blazes in your eyes--
        Because I know I have so little time,
        I whisper kisses with the same old lies.
        Each time I vow that I will never leave.
        Tho caught again bereft that I must go.
        The simple truth too cruel to believe
        And hiding truth retains our lovers’ glow.
        Reality is killer to love’s plans,
        No matter how both lovers promised true.
        No man's vision has passion more consumed
        Than my yearning eyes nourished sight of you.
               You slept---and I slipped silent through the door--
               Donned uniform and headed back to war.

 written 12/10/2012  (alternate ending for the 21st centuray average man)

                         Beautiful Lies

        Gazing on your beloved face sublime,
        Love’s mist reflection blazes in your eyes--
        Because I know I have so little time,
        I whisper kisses with the same old lies.
        Each time I vow that I will never leave.
        Tho caught again bereft that I must go.
        The simple truth too cruel to believe
        And hiding truth retains our lovers’ glow.
        Reality is killer to love’s plans,
        No matter how both lovers promised true.
        No man's vision has passion more consumed
        Than my yearning eyes nourished sights of you.
               She sleeps---and I sneak silent through the door--
               Now dare to seek the playoff football score.

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Let those who see fit dwell in empty rooms
Enveloped by darkness, not understood
Drenched in self pity that loudly consumes
A world they've chosen, I care not nor would
As though their pains run deeper or longer
A blackened hood of loneliness to wear
Invisible disguise, to seem stronger
This fatal thought of illusion, life cares
First and last breath are both silent givens
The world between is but a changing choice
Decisions decided, never forgiven
When the heart and head speak with separate voice

From pained rooms sounds from heart's playing lyre
Living in sorrow of anguished desire

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The Home

I leave my heart secreted far away,
In my home, my sanctum, my hidey-hole.
Each day I leave, but every night I stay.
My heart in it's home, always safe and whole.

Where ever I wander, my heart always
Calls me home, to my family and friends.
To a nice warm bed. To a fire ablaze:
We huddle close to chat and warm our hands.

My heart, my hope, my soul, all dwell right here.
The roots of my life, trapped in a building.
Within my reach is all that I hold dear.
Memories here, carved into the molding

Yet are not people more important than
The place? I will enjoy it while I can.

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Silver Moon

The silver moon hides behind the grey clouds Largely hidden, full of life, and quite proud The werewolf howls great and mighty tonight Brings fear to many, showing lots of fright Lit pumpkins at the entrance brings warning Where hollers are heard that are alarming The pumpkins guard an old house, house of fear Legends hold victims galore in its rear Within the graveyard they’re held without bail Their souls removed, their life was very frail Turned into animated skeletons They roam the cold cemetery commons The light was quite dim, as the moon peeked through In the dark night creatures will come for you
Russell Sivey

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Joyce Johnson And I Have Something In Common

Joyce Johnson has something common with me
She and I share similiar grief confess
When on that airplane I finally see
Compassionate face I will love no less

Then I will see a person who understood
All heartaches, just to talk over coffee
This will make me feel so very good
As we sit down at Starbucks; I'll pay fee

I will ask her how she withstood trials
How did she reconcile child's early demise
I'll ask her to share her heartache with me
While we eat a snack with that coffee

Joyce and I share one thing in common see
Meeting her will be such a relief if only brief

Removed from contest because I used the wrong form or style....

Contest:"First Words Over Coffee"
Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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The River So Calm

The river is so calm, flows with such great ease It does move, but only when there is a breeze I feel like taking a dip in the water But most people would wonder what’s the matter It seemed like a good idea for Sunday Knowing its Easter, its cold, I say no way I’m a little crazy, but not that insane I sure would not do something quite this inane The water still looks pristine and beautiful I still put my toes in the water, prideful It takes me aback, but I love the cool feel It makes me feel alive, and know that I’m real Someday soon I will go for a swim in here When it is warmer, the best time of the year
Russell Sivey

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There is a world of endless exploration,
The whole of life yet at its blissful berm,
A place of wonder and vast imagination,
With views of this world in its purest form.
A world that all have paid a passing visit,
And drove men mad with longing for another,
Its greatness, not realized whilst they were in it,
For years was cause of unsatisfied hunger. 
For alas, only once can this grand place be seen,
Its innocence can never be regained,
Its borders crushed by an aging world obscene,
And not but precious memories remain.
	From this world there is much that can be learned,
	Though, sadly, there’s no hope of our return.

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After The Storm

There is a stillness after the raging 
storm, a quiet only disturbed by birds'
songs; so many joyful sounds now heard
the coos, caws, and chirping none lagging
Solid clouds still amassed, no zigzagging
from lightning flash, just gentle Hummingbirds' 
songs heard and windchimes' music undergird
Is the Master a different scene staging ?

Yes, His plans will soon be in motion set.
This planet is facing changes unseen 
before; the angels very soon will  no
more hold the wind's destructive force_ and yet
Will He soon to earth come His own to glean?
His own He'll claim I know; then winds let go  

Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Contest: Miltonic Sonnet
Written: May 01, 2014

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I must build a warm shelter, to fight off the cold. 
Solitude coupled with loneliness fall
The need to survive musters up strength bold
Surveying surroundings demands my all

The chill of winter enters my heart's core
Fear wants to settle within my tired chest
There's a strong rock to shelter from the boars
Strength surges to my feet which seek their rest

Limbs, sticks, pine cones gathered to keep the flame
Jerky and trail mix feed hunger's desire 
Rest tired soul your foe defeated without shame 
Dream of conquered poachers tending hell's  fires

Dawn sends me on my way, a stronger man 
Through the north woods I come, my bow in hand. 

I used the first and last lines that were given to me
by Debbie..I did not check to see if they matched what 
was in the posted Crown sonnet..Sara

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Catch Me If You Can French Sonnet

<               enticing to eyes watching mama's pink roses bloom
                 fourty years later someone else now cares for them
                 fresh cut daily and seen in her arms their long stems
                 tears streaming down face I sit under swollen moon
                 waiting watching for sun to come up again soon
                 to catch one more glimsp of mama's planted old gems
                 unfurling petals before been chopped or condemned
                 think I'll ask if can take one for my dining room

                 aroma bursting amidst thy supper's table
                 bowed heads we come and thank our Heavenly father
                 somebody still cared though sick and times unable
                 and answers it's door for which one has come bothered
                 to let bask in roses empowering fable
                 and not to be called as it's one's roses robber

French Sonnet is a poem with rhyme scheme
Syllable count is 12 syllable per line.

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summer love

Summer Love.

Her skirt white as silk billowed in the breeze
of fragrance, costly as the boats in the bay,
danced passed me a zephyr of summer love.
Sky blue eyes looked beyond me and far;
a ripple of contented laughter followed her.
She wore an exquisite aroma of splendour,
the holy who don´t know the price of bread.
So white her smile, so red her lips.
She entered a Lamborghini, golden tanned its 
driver was, and she was hit by arrows of love
She sat in her room, her dress crumbled, tears
ran down her rosy chin, she, a seamstress with
 a borrowed dress, had flown too near the sun,
 a butterfly with broken wings and lost illusion.

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The Pursuit of Truth

A life that no death could ever undo
Long hid portals which remain to be found.
That better life, which all wish to pursue
the secrets of life and death interwound.
Searching and searching, seemingly defeat,
each corner we turn finds new paths to tread.
Stands as the prize in the future we meet,
the secrets we seek, the books of the dead.

Some things we find are better, not revealed,
their meanings like riddles misunderstood.
The less armor worn, we brandish or wield
higher truth follows our message of good. 

And as we found in the days of our youth,
we still face the test of absolute truth.

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Sonnet:Life's Problems Alas, life's problems have made me extra wise, So I try to walk life carefully everyday. Watching ‘very step taken when problems arise, As life's uproar will come down each day Everything that goes up has to come down It's evil versus good - nature versus man Always been like this, as man gets drown In this struggle that takes a full, life-span The entire Earth revolves in chaotic spin, Nothing is sacred to most men after all, Man has forgotten God completely, and sin, Against Him and akin, and that's why man falls So I try to walk life carefully everyday, As life's uproar will come down each day! Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2007 December,05,2014

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Waning Tension

In the fact shifting, below my graces The path is enlightening in the mist Open to my senses, I hear nothing Fog enhanced being walks and does resist Beyond the shining white shroud, finitely I see myself in the depths of darkness Looking outward into the starry light Surely peeking through the shores of progress Stammering I bask in the blinding white Other side I ventured and sought after I cannot see, but I smell some flowers Each one perfectly shown not to differ I walk into the unknown before me But comforted by desire, secretly Russell Sivey

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When I think of you-2

When I think of you

When I think of you, I  think of the needlessness
of such thoughts too. Because it is as  simple as 
who but you that’s saved in my mind’s memory bytes.
When I think , I think of the cliff by the ocean
flat and vast at the top and wonder  why the shrine 
sitting at its foot didn’t  choose its crest as its spot.

And  I  also  think of  the  super duper timer 
in the sleeping  passenger’s brain that never fail
to wake  him  when it is time to get off the rail.
And the stupidity of the same brain that makes
him  race and jump on to the first bus he sights
that has just started to move and move too fast

leaving him dangling  from its handle bars as feet
failed to touch footboard so close but so out of sync…


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Your head is dead a chamber vast and void
and nothing's what you think on anymore
forgotten are all things you once enjoyed
and are replaced by life the constant bore.

Your brain's been drained you sit alone and stare
all hope's run out, your heart is solid stone
from night to day and day to night it's there
the wish to be forgotten and alone.

You think and sink into Oblivion
not caring if you fade or if you die
but only that you shed the shell you're in
you've gone beyond the questioning of why.

You are the death, the dark of greatest fear
the song of life only the dead can hear.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Life's Emotions

when it comes to stress I grin and bear it
love I will welcome with arms wide open
patience in waiting rooms I often sit
always hoping for knowledge be sharpen

living with all these emotions is hard
and each one of us has a bunch of these
for hate and anger I always discard
keeping emotions in check is no breeze

serenity is the ultimate goal
negative emotions may prevent it
and they tend to darken are very soul
peace of mind wouldn’t even cost a bit

for me poetry helps me keep it straight
my future is always my to create

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True Love

I would do anything for love,
I don`t mind going the extra mile,
When I gaze at you,I see a lovely dove,
The way you feel makes me always smile.

There are somethings that don`t come easy like ecstasy,
some days I grieve in silent,but no turning back,
You promise to hold me through every fantasy,
I would do that!,as the will keeps coming back.

I`ve never stopped dreaming about you every night,
May be I`m crazy or crazier,this I know is true!,
To take you out of the silent tomb to bright sunlight,
This I would;but would never move on without you.

Sooner or later you will be screwing around,
But,I can`t do that!for true love is found and on ground.

**Inspired by the song "I would do anything for love" by Meat Loaf.

CONTEST:"A song inspires A Poem" sponsored by Giorgio V.

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Have Faith

We're all going through things in our lives,
It's up to you whether you survive,
Don't give up continue to strive,
Have faith and your blessings will arrive.
Too many people forget to pray,
Well I'm here to guide you the way,
To give you the confidence to obey,
God's will to the golden gateway.
Pray to God he will answer your prayer,
When things start falling together you will be aware,
That hope isn't lost that he's always been there,
To change the life you once lived in despair.
God is creation of all man, animal, and tree,
This your chance to start and believe,
That's his love is the greatest love you'll ever receive,
Because he sent his son to die on the cross so we could live eternally.

December 16, 2013
~The One and Only~

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When, picking up from where it left off last, 
the gales begin to  blast the good rudders, 
anchors or anything that  underpins 
a muslin day  or when,  ineluctably
caught up in the  searing frenzy  of  
earthly  pangs shaking up the innards of
another silken day  or again, when 
the carefully manufactured myth of  
social  ceremony needs to be propped
up with the  vigorous mien  of a noble 
bearing, one seeks out the folded up, 
dormant vitality from some corner 
of one’s psyche,  dusts it, opens  it up
and finds under it relief, rest or class.

By S.Jagathsimhan Nair
Form: Sonnet
For Kelly Deschler's contest

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An incomplete love letter
I apologized for the pain i had caused
Before i switched pens to express the love i still had
The regrets i still harbor
So everybody get on board
Men and women tickets, please!
Tonight we escape the land
But the hearts beat on, as the waves free our souls
Destined to catch the sunset in Madrid
To the lives we've chose
No more regrets
Just rocky sailing to destiny
Oh God, get me home safely

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Your Love, My Every Thought

Your Love, My Every Thought

Send me to the pastures ripe, lush and green
 nestled nearby a stand of mighty Oaks
In sight of placid shimmering lake scene
 never been disturbed by boat splashing strokes

There I may soon see the wonderous sky
 feel the breeze settle my tormented mind
All about feathered creatures sing and fly
 embrace all woodland glory I may find

Beauty brings soft memories of you
 flowers rivaling your soft flowing hair
Fresh newborne leaves sprouting out so new
 my mind soon rested and without a care

I wonder how the hell all came to nought!
When your love races in my every thought

Robert Lindley, 11-16-2014

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:   N/A  
Total # Words:  103

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                        Heaven lies in a heart of WHITE.
                                 God lies in the art of YELLOW.
                        Prosperity lies in the field of GREEN.
                                  Green comes from BROWN.
                        Clear in our vision leads to BLUE.
                                   Beauty lies in the leg of PINK.
                        Good fragments comes from SANDLE(AL).
                                   Friendship is as healthy as ORANGE.
                        Love comes in the way of ROSE.
                                   Anger lies in the sign of RED.
                        Red changes our life BLACK.
                                   VIOLET, let life to go.....
                        One day we''ll become GREY.,
                                    Life is a mixture of RAINBOW.

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Is it gone with the wind

laughter and tears travel
on wings of eternity
time their volatile devil
hidden in its own fraternity

fortune and grief
evaporate in  time
confidence and belief
an audible euphonious chime

memories and meditations
always floating alongside
the cold touch of frustrations
the warmth of  a rising flight

facing the facts of life is never done
the winds of changes are never gone

(c) Elly Wouterse

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                                The Sweetest Hopes

                  The tiny infant sprawls midst tubes and wires
                  In shock I kiss a breath on fairy toes 
                  His life becomes my fervent most desire
                  And with each moment love within me grows
                  Oh tiny soul, my darling only son
                  I will exchange with joy my life for yours
                  A gift of life I’ll give to know you run
                  Become a wanderer to distant shores
                  Perhaps a watcher of the unknown skies
                  Or young philosopher at Plato’s knee
                  Or struggling artist without fame or prize
                  Little one-- 'tis all the same to me
                      I make no sound when dreaded silence falls
                      A tragic ending needs no curtain calls

Dec 10, 2012

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Love Disappoints, Hope Lives

When I was innocent I dreamt of love,
a kind of love most worthy of virgins--
for whom a simple kiss admits no sins
or shame, or betrays the appearance of 
disgrace; But I, blessed not as from above 
by heaven or by God, quit, as life wins; 
losing all hope and faith till my head spins 
with the winds of lust that blew the white dove 
of my innocence away. Then a whore
and slut took away my virginity;
she then revealed that there were fifty more
besides me, I recall most bitterly.
      But so long as there is breath and hope lives,
      love will come; and when it comes, it forgives. 

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Sonnet On The Sun

          Sonnet On The Sun

One orb and only one shines on in life
You are much warmer than the morning sun
Remember the volcanoes at Tenerife
Canary Islands paradise adrift in fun  

Hanging there upon a limb of golden time
We conjure elements of joy forever
What favors in the mind recall unwinds
When in our orbits moon pulls down its lever

But there within the walls of love light sealed 
The glow of life can’t hide inside forever 
There in the wicket world concealed, revealed 
That Winter breaks for kinder weather

My love with sun and moon gathered family
Their fortunes shine on together amicably 


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An Expression of Gratitude

Dear Jake, I know you have never met me
I life in your homeland across the sea
Our priest gave us a list of men at war
He asked us to write; I couldn’t ignore

I can but dream of the horrors you see
Applauding the way you fight so bravely
You put your life on the line every day
And my gratitude I want to convey

Your days are filled with incredible strife
Do you have children at home and a wife?
You know that your family prays for you
I want you to know that I’m praying too

If you write back, I’ll return each letter
But when you’re home safely, I’ll feel better

Written July 28, 2012
*Entry for Gail’s “Write a Heartfelt Poem to a Soldier” contest

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The emerald water joins the azure sky
As eyes touch the thin line cutting in two
And it's in these spaces I see the why
Before life ends,  duly consumed and through
A need for just measure and human cause
As I question our reason for being
This serene scene tends to give my mind pause
And it keeps my reflection far seeing
Between the two worlds that I seperate
I'll give thanks with my purest adulation
To be part of the whole, I celebrate
And know I've been part of the narration

This Earth will pass, its time forever gone
To remember it once was walked upon

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Broken Wind Chimes

Dangling from the tree I can see,
Broken wind chimes that still sing.
They just hang on by a split string.
Sending a harmony of tunes to thee.
Their tones and vibrations are a bit broken for me.
I listen and I ponder for what tunes they can bring.
From the tree they will sway when they can swing.
Bits and pieces are released through the air and flee.
Caught in the wind is it’s vibrations.
Carrying signals of great magnitude.
Funneling clouds into new creations.
Bringing air into a brand new mood.
Broken wind chimes can still sing a song,
But their messages are scattered all along.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007

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The simple Things In Life

It's the simple things in life that matter,
Not walking around trying to flatter.
It's about the moments that take our breathe away,
That makes you want to stay.
We tend to forget about a kiss,
From the one you love when it's them you missed.
Express your feelings by making them a card,
Let them know that their heart you'll always guard.
Watch a movie with your love,
We don't have to go out to a bar or club.
Cuddle up on a cold day talking about everything,
While your heads on their chest listening to their heart beating.
We don't need a mansion or castle,
Just too much of a hassle.
We don't need to buy an island,
We don't need all the riches and diamonds.
A compliment to make their day,
Because you love them in so many ways.
Give them a hug when they're sad,
I bet it will make them glad.
All I ask for is some attention,
From my man that understands passion.
A picnic in the park,
Just to keep that spark.
A bubble bath to show you care,
That's how you make your love aware.
We don't need a lexus or benz,
Just love that's real not pretend.
Making your girl feel like she's important,
Like she's needed and wanted.
Make her favorite dinner one night,
Candles lit sets the mood just right.
Stop wasting time on fashion,
Because in his eyes you're the most beautiful thing he'd ever imagine.
A good husband a place to call home,
So after a long day at work where your love can roam.
A home where we can have our kids and start our own family,
Where we can both live forever happily.

   January 16, 2014
~The One and Only~

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Birthday Girl

We slipped into this crazy world and wailed,
Now destined not to be the last we'd cry.
At parties we would spin and pin the tail
And watch balloons rise high into the sky.

All colored like the bubbles in a dream,
Now floating high and drifting out of view.
Bright faces glowed amidst the candle's gleam.
I wished a special wish that no one knew.

Out in the yard I watch the children play,
A party now three generations hence,
And sang with all to celebrate the day,
Now happy where balloons and wishes went.

I pray for them to see a day like this.
Perhaps my birthday girl will make that wish.

To a special "Birthday Girl"
Happy Birthday!

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Moving On

selling a half double never easy
guess they want a whole house and nothing else
and selling our house is a bit crazy
at this house I’ve had my share of some belts

my wife is sick and tired of the people
she is from Jamaica and misses home
we have worked many jobs as a couple
and my life with her is always awesome

I’ve been here for a large part of my life
I have no clue what the future will bring
maybe soon we’ll be gone me and the wife
maybe we’ll be somewhere else by next spring

I always hated moving but I will
for this life of mine is always a thrill

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Old Shoes

After your phone call I began to think
a lot about old shoes, you know the kind.
They're in the back corner, behind the sink,
or in the closet, out of sight and mind.
The lined up new shoes all bright and snazzy
take up the most room but don't feel that good.
The logic is lame, thought process hazy,
that comfort and care are trumped by a mood
that says comment and appearance is all,
that it is better to break an ankle,
that it is better to take a hard fall,
than to be warm, protected and thankful.
Old shoes, good enough for around the home,
but hopeful, always, to be worn to roam.

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A Picture of Love


A glance across a void; a heartbeat trips,
a longing from within her essence yearns.
From Cupid’s bow on rose stained satin lips,
unfaltering, a tender smile returns.
No words in fury, or raised voices plied;
the certainty of eyes forever kind; 
no restiveness when tears of sorrow cried,
as unvoiced ear drinks tales of troubled mind.
A strong yet silent presence reassures;
unquestioning, uncritical and staid,
still through the lapsing years as life matures,
unchanging as past mem’ries are replayed.

In frames of time-suspended happiness,
lie photographs of love … no more … no less.

**sometimes, all that remains is a treasured photograph

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20 February 2010

Sonnet of Poetry

All my thoughts are craving in so gently
Whether sonnet, rhyming, it flows boldly
Picket line of words is so picturesque
Library for epic with its index

Decipherable to relate its soul
Premature to judge but adorable
Luminary to every season rest
A gateway in romance to impart its zest

By its time and expanse it is boundless
Residence for poet and poetess
Admiring lenient style in their write
Originality pouring no trite

Poetry my getaway and refuge
To rest on your lap is such a prestige

7th place to POETRY PANORAMA contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Date:  12/10/2010 12:00:00 AM    

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        THE FAR AWAY
The far away, out near the end of things,
and where no one alive has ever been,
unless they had the guiding light that brings
the understanding of what's now and then;

this is reality of who we are
where just the thought of you has taken me,
the birth of every light--inflaming star,
the tiniest of thought that has to be.

And you can feel the magic in the air,
consuming everything you've ever known,
the burning of insanity that takes you there
will leave you cold, but you won't be alone.

      one day you'll waken to the warmth you see,
         and feel the magic of what has to be.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Song Of Life

Their duet lasted over sixty years
with each reflection, wrinkled lines designed
togetherness expanded over fears,
of failing bodies, being redesigned.
Though eyes seem younger than the passing times,
their yesterdays were gone to mem’ries field.
Now roads are closed, yet dreams begin their climb
while stealthy winds of silent changes yield.
Their visions rest within tomorrow’s sun,
eternity of richest scent of growth.
The graze of mystery, redeeming one
to fill his life with God, his centered oath.
The angels came to escort from the land
as song of life concluded, Master’s hand.

Janet L Vick

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Apples and Oranges

Apples and oranges growing on tree
in a world where all people are equal
yet many of us will still disagree
Waiting for the next terrible sequel

Where force is used instead of any speech
Even our churches are becoming bare
They search for serenity at the beach
Children telling their folks this isn’t fair

We’re much more than apples and oranges
We all have a heart and a soul for life
Forget about those apples and oranges
since those fruits can’t have a husband or wife
The human race is the only race here
when we come together we’ll face our fear

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More Than Just Words: Repost

                                        I'm tired of you becoming just words,
                                         On every page when I write at night.
                                           I saw you as a pretty face at first;
                                         I wouldn't mind if my ink pen dried.

                                       I say it because you're a human being;
                                           These situations are not my type.
                                       I want "I love you" to mean something,
                                             And you stay right by my side.

                                              Honestly, when I write poetry,
                              The feeling is unconfirmed, undecided, undefined.
                                               You are worth more to me
                                     Than words written down on every line.

                                          I'd prefer to have you in my arms;
                                        Paper and pen will not tear us apart.


                                                   ©2013 Honestly JT
                               For P.D.' s "Any Poem Goes #6" Poetry Contest

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I Wait Now

Thee are my lover, I return to see.
I await thy words, which will make it so.
Thine eyes are as green, not full of envy.
They glisten with such a glorious glow.

I beg with mercy, shall not make me wait.
Receiving your gaze from your heart, divine,
Just one spoken word shall open the gate.
Two words that you may speak, so very fine.

Captivated by luscious shining lips,
Readiness of just one kiss sets my bliss.
Give me a message before next eclipse.
Or my life will fall into ill remiss.

Is it my lover that I hear speaking?
I wait now, for my love I am seeking.

written for
Sponsor Sara Kendrick 
Contest Name Sonnet Me 

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Like a night call it not without darkness 
The wonder of the stars lingers behind 
Away complication, felt aloofness 
And now cruelness may bitterness disbind 
Oh come! Oh Starry night witness me sing 
My life how charmed, symphony engulf me 
Age me attest, and upward me soul freeing 
Hands stay agrip, hail this still blasphemy 
But night oh darkness now and then ghastly 
Quandary is all left, heart lone abscond 
Though road seems winding, wind touches frenzy 
Summoned all goods, you're not my best second 
All my ease and glee, in your arms abode 
Me gist and being, me inmost come forth plateaued.

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   (Apropos The Children I Know)

Act your age my darling little child;
Take care not to go about in blinded haste.
Enjoy this lovely life for a while;
Time is elusive and you have none to waste.

Listen, candy does not always last very long;
Can be as hard as rock, yet melts as easy as ice:
Teases your tongue with sweetness and then its gone;
Leaving you wading the emptiness of something once nice.

Yes, when you are young, innocent and very sweet,
This old life can throw many enticing things you way:
Making you think that it’s all good and life is always neat;
But be aware my child, life has her debts we all are bound to pay. 

For just as the night must surly turn into another day;
You my child, like me, will eventually grow old and gray.

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My Gratitude For Your virtue

I would be standing alone with a plea
Like a frail structure in solitude,
If had not you helped me so nicely.
My heart is filled with humble gratitude.

When no one did appear to be mine
I was really alone among crowd,
Then you appeared as a silver line
Being so friendly, in the deep dark cloud.

Your sweet words, filled with real sympathy,
Soothed my heart and saved my sinking hope.
You helped me forgetting the tragedy 
And encouraged me with strength to cope.

All these support made me obliged to you 
And  I can never forget your virtue.

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Yesterday's Joy

To find youth has fled, to see the years pass
While we move through time that's stationary
and as we dream in its reflecting glass
The mind grows older and sedentary
Yesterday's ghosts haunt us in defiance
As they ring our heart's bell to hear it chime
Recalling memories, breaking silence
Whisper vibrations with untethered rhyme
Life and time come to see dusk and dawn merge
and enter a world of twilight in peace
To feel the universe within converge
These calling ghosts with their tentacles cease

To grasp moments in the memories held
To grow old as years pass, unparalled

contest Pick a Title..Yesterday's Joy

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New Life

in early July nineteen-eighty-six
waking up in the naval hospital
what’s going on here my mind playing tricks?
no longer would I see Reggie Little

whenever I stood I couldn’t do it
and it was very hard for me to walk
for that July wheelchair I’d have to sit
the worse thing was stuttering when I talk

then came walker and crutches and good-bye
I was heading back home which wasn’t good
reliving my childhood stuttering why?
when I talked I was so misunderstood

now I'm walking on my own less stutter
luckly my life my life isn't in the gutter

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Twin Key

June 24th 2010

Twin Key

Hey, help me out here would you please?
Can you show me where all my whys go?
While you are at it search my I told you so.
More so, that alter ego I want you to seize.

Listen here and listen up, it has twin keys.
I tell you something else, do not tell it no.
It gets bigger and bigger a dynasty I know.
Blow a kiss for me send it my best breeze.

Roll out my red carpet,
Spit-shine your shoes,
Sit it down just park it!
Say I depart my blues!

Look out here there is two just like me,
God blessed you! I have my Twin Key.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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What time are we living in


It’s not if but since the future can be told

   To a broadly verifiable degree

What time are we living in: present old

   Future or has it all gone past already

Don’t tell it for honours to politicos

   They hanker after two-bit history lines

Don’t even whisper it to military macros

   Lest generals decorate brows with vines  

Don’t spill the truth to those who slaughter

   With God on their bloody bleeding minds

For they will leave none alive hereafter

   And lease Heaven out to kith and kinds

Time is but a ruse of passing moments 

The more it unfurls the more the laments.



© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2005-2012. (From the collection:

    Poems Omega Plus, 2005-2012) 

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My Shakespearean Sonnet

What Shakespeare didn’t write he left to me
In this, a brand new world and century
The English language lives and breathes, alive
A poet’s job is helping it survive

The Muses use us, soul and body, mind
To write of things that can not be defined
The subject matter always stays the same
It’s love and hate, it’s greed and fear and fame

New words evolve to name the things we see
But subject matter stays through history
Our hands the only instruments of worth
To help the Muses speak and then give birth

Their words are bridges crossing deep divides
That bring to man the peace that truth provides

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Beautiful Lies

December 18, 2012

Beautiful lies known as little white lies
yet one is no more deceptive than each
The truth is what makes it afraid of light
It's important we practice what we preach

Imagination built on lies destroy
Imagination built on truth create
Conquering evil we try to avoid
Tooth fairy, Halloween, Santa abate

Perceptions and images make it real
Origins of Pagan rituals true
We've wandered down this path for a bum deal
Now more lies are created all brand new

The mask behind a beautiful white lie
is the truth with a constant shield, but why?

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Aging - and Knocking Wood

Three quarters of a century old is mom.
Whereas, half a century plus am I.
How quickly I have aged gives me a qualm,
but one good thing - I now can't multiply!

And right behind my mom I'm following. . .
The white hairs keep appearing; it's with dread
I picture myself one day swallowing
my food with dentures stuck inside my head!

Mom always was athletic till her knees
gave out. . . and walking fast she does no more.
But luckily, she has no grave disease.
By scrubbing floors she made her poor knees sore.

But I don't "stoop" to drudgery. Knock wood!
At least my knees might possibly stay good.

For Black Eyed Susan's Aging Poetry Contest

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True to life

Get-go scrupulous attention, 
live to cornucopia,
Coherence in familial bonds 
must ever stay,
Romantic evening is 
reminiscent of happier times,
Are the ones standing by you 
on your final day!

Guileless life, a battlefield of 
every Titan,
For evolution of the race, you 
ought to play,
Contentious hard work makes 
it iridescent,
Hypothecate moulding for 
betterment as if in clay!

Sun gifted you its brightest 
Fragrance added through each 
breathful air,
Brew your friends well for a 
perfect wine,
Appreciate nature add up to a 
day's debonair!!

Life is fugacious yet addicting, 
its secrets camouflage,
Adopt blithesome attitude, 
risible for a hearty laugh !!

Written by - Dr Upma Sharma
Contest name- Take two
Sponsor- Nette onclaud
On 03/4/14

Previously entered into 
Shakespearian Sonnet competition 
sponsored by Karen Puff,
Written actually on 26/1/14

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Path Never Taken

The path never taken lies before me Of briar and leaves disheveled I see Stuck am I where I should venture and go Down the easy way or intriguing flow Decide to try my luck and go beyond Hope to find enlightenment as its bond As I walk I am struck with thorns and sticks I bleed with my life’s blood from the thickets I find a waterfall with sparkling drops Birds fly undisturbed and frogs surely hops The trees know the time of the year, they change To allow them to bring a color range The path never taken before leads me To places I’ve always wanted to see
Russell Sivey

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''I dreamt of love--a love like driven snow''

I dreamt of love—a love like driven snow,
unstain'd and virgin—in the years to come:
but years did come and went until (O woe!)
love, like the fall, decayed in my autumn.
Melancholic, I ne'er a princess met
or maiden-love with whom to spend the nights
of vernal youth. (Alas! 'tis best to forget
my life's too foolish dreams of its delights.)
Untaint'd by life, pure and innocent;
unspoil'd by love and sin in the very least:
I cast'd aside my prurient youth's bent,
forswearing myself all—now mine own priest!
     Now spent and useless, I've refused life's love;
     for me, now heaven's gate refused to move.

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If I only had one day to live on earth's fragile dimension
I would pass by all fears that kept me standing like rock,
Dismissing stodgy impulses to win in a concrete contention
For my instincts to release, as new Gates arise and unlock.
Oh!The unfair world would carry on it's endless course 
And Time's vanity would sell promises still to human mind,
Yet, I would weep not for my Fate's erring horse,
Even if my ticket was expired, a Golden path would be defined.
Maybe I would send letters of love to lovers I craved all those years,
Or I would spend last moments with faces familiar and close,
Or even maybe I would find the one to die with me and plan our steers,
The beauty of this land I walked to leave and expiate near windy blows.
My soul ready for return would seek redemption upon the starry sky,
Reaching my Home I will wave to earth's wisdom, hearing it's long ''bye-bye''.

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A View From A Hospital Room

Checked the small view from hospital room I did
Doing this deed was just a simple thing
View top of trees but bottom half woods hid
Windows in building right, sun_ clouds mirroring

How many persons from car wreck slain
Thinking continues noise from hall distress
View draws me in_to outside once again
Are the crows high in nest now comfortless

Will my love whom on my bosom kept
Be kept safe_God will heal I am quite
Sure, even though now the time light has crept
The deciding factor will be tonight

At our home will he come once again to face
All the love and happiness in this place

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Glorious brace glow from beams of shine
Yellow orange peeps streaming strip lines
Darkness disbands eaten by the sunset
Conjuring baby blossoms to life's sweat
Graciously drowning beating the twilight
Waving hope to a spick-and-span fright

My shining star, healing my aged scars
Into the sunlight, my knight on sight
New dreams burst jar, allowing spar
Top of the world, I find and whirled
Into the sunlight, spirits wake sprite
White no more tars, breaking all bars

Glorious brace glow from beams of shine
My shining star, healing my aged scars

(c) Olive ELoisa
May 09, 2014

Contest Name:	Into the Sunset 
Sponsor:	Shadow Hamilton
8th place, Praise God! :)

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Bless it be Thee!

May 27, 2010

Bless it be Thee!

Bless it be Thee!
Truly, I love you.
My whole my new.
My heart your key!

Loose lips and free.
Realistically, I knew!
You are far and few.
I can justly let it be.

You know, it is Gemini’s Full Moon tonight,
The Universe is waking up figuring us all out.
Point me out as a random beam of Moonlight,
I am engulfing and enriching charts in route.

Swiftly suited, I stand in my place!
Bless it be it to Thee! A closed case!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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The Ulcerated Colon

       U.C. I
I wander through my dark--a mournful soul--
chastised--and to the point of no return,
from feeling I may die--an Earthly goal,,
with ev'ry beat of life--I sting and burn!

An acid feeling, borned from deep in me,
encompassing my ev'ry living cell--
and though I'm with the world--or seem to be--
all I've become--is what no words can tell

and searching for the peace--some where in space,
a tiny speck of hope--to pain no more--
until I'm brought back to the human race
by misery of what life has in store.

   And when I take the pause--I never know
   what ugliness my body's letting go.

        U.C. II
That vilest  of the vile--of all I've known--
lays tainted by the blood I hold so dear,
accompanied by mucous--or alone--
it shakes my heart right to my greatest fear.

Oh! Lord--lay not mine eyes--onto these things--
but what's been normal throughout all my youth,
such beauty's not beheld--until life brings--
the ugly passing on--of my uncouth!

And grant an understanding--of it all--
to those who never know the pain of it.
Yea--never might they have to climb the wall--
nor have to pray life lets them live a bit.

    If guilt be mine--I've paid ten thousand ways--
    enough to compensate--for all my days!
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Home to the Ocean


While dreaming of my childhood ocean ties, mem'ry's chandelier sheds light, somewhat eclipsed. The essence of the salt still stings my eyes; the rusty taste of iron hangs on my lips. The ocean’s fragrant spray not quite so fair as I recall; it makes me think of death. Many a moon has set since I was there; destiny speaks to me - my own last breath. The ocean’s soft waves bring dulcet mem’ries, my mama’s silk scarf brushing ‘gainst my face. Turbulent storms always left me on my knees under safe precipice back of our place. It is there my dreams rest as I stand by; it’s there I shall be buried when I die.
3 inspired by nette onclaud's poem from 6/12/11, Even After Twilight Loves We miss you, nette, and long for inspirations from your pen as you have time and energy. Meanwhile we read your poetry and pray for whatever keeps you away from us to end.

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Sunrise Sonnet

I stand upon our Makakilo hill
And gaze toward the valley calm and still.
The brilliant sun will soon be rising high
Morphing rays of gold in the twilight sky.

The clouds are rimmed in light as Sol ascends.
Another day in paradise begins—
As birds begin their chorus in the trees
Our flag waves softly in Hawaiian breeze.

A floral scent embraces humid air
Of heaven's divine fragrance sweet and fair.
I love to rise before the dawn each day
Enriched by nature's wonders as I pray.

I see the good in all mankind and know
That peace will come to nations as we grow.

(non-traditional Sonnet)

Happy Easter to Everyone!

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A Paris Love Affair - Monsieur L'Vampyre

     A Paris Love Affair - MONSIEUR L'VAMPYRE 
I must confess to nights of indiscreet
but Madam, my intent was having fun,
and now your eyes tell me, as sure they meet,
what you desire is more than love has done;

does not your heart lean to a burning flame
as much as what your life's accustomed to?
For any fool to play this losing game,
they've got to need the bite as much as you;

and so you choose to look so very deep
to raise the heat in me, and make me know
that what you want's a love you will not keep
more than a night or two--and then you go.

   What is it you desire? I must submit,
   or all my life I'll be regretting it!
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Upon a Bed of Petals

There placed on my bed from my wife so sweet Is a pile of rose petals so elite Gorgeous they are with a symbol of love Shaped like our small hearts, glories from above Their light fragrance filled up our entire room There’s not an inkling of impending doom This love that’s not crafted from a patent There's just happiness and joy are present The petals together represent time Each one is a year unified, aligned Now we are to lay on this bed of joy These petals for each of us to enjoy I pull you down with pure romance installed We then reach the height of passion enthralled
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "Upon A Bed Of Petals" contest 3/20/2013

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A Kiss Of Life

Found myself going deeper and deeper,
round and round my head spins without thinking,
Pound upon pound my heart vibrates like sweeper,
Sound from crowd and cries stop me from sinking.

And a hand pulls me from the sea, ashore;
hand of an angel saves me from this state,
And a kiss of life opens the closed door,
Band of fresh breath flows through at a fast rate.

There I lie , gazing at this true beauty,
Rare and gracious with a shining blue trunk,
Glare from my face at her,makes me look naughty,
Here is a dame that her love got me drunk.

But,her holy kiss brought life back to me,
Cut free from death,makes me stand like a tree.

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Last Life

I did see you out of the corner of my eye,
Chills ripped through me raging in wind.
I did not know you to be a lifetime friend.
Our last life we must have said good-bye.

Our love did not just come in and out to die,
Our souls would be encircling merciless sin.
I am feeling you breathe me desperately into your skin.
Be it to you I never could tangle up my red rag tail dye.

We went away,
We came back,
We went astray,
We became slack!

Our last life has predefined today’s feat of fate!
So, my destiny by fate is forever in you my mate!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Last Breath

The gentle wind warms my old wrinkled skin
As I slowly sink in the sea's soft sand
The gliding flight of seabirds seen again
Beyond gray contours where sea touches land 
Their soft silhouettes claim this final place
As I silently stare into the view
And find quiet edges my eyes embrace
Knowing all of us are just passing through
This moment of peace turns, as thoughts now come
To many souls who've stood here before me
And saw the same sky, heard the tides same drum
Wondered of their place in life's decree

As beautiful colors float in my mind
I'll hope the next old soul reflects in kind

written by Frederic Parker

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My Rap Poem

what is my purpose in this thing they call life

i have tried to commit suicide but it seem i didn't die

i'm on the edge of disaster and it seems i have nowere to go

i feel as if a bullet hole is the only way i have to show

but is that what my whole life is what it's made out to be

die by a bullet and be another victim to this society

noone ever listens to my side of the story

see all i ever wanted was the fame and glory

but i guess im just to poor and that's the way it's going to be

i'm never going to make a million records and be in rap history

i'm just white trash and never amount to nothin

that's what everyone told me and now look at me runnin

from something that i allways wanted to be

the only person that loves me doesn't even seem to trust me 

i have no money and i have no job

will somebody at least give me a break and listen to my thoughts

it seems that this world is not ment for me

eather your rich or die trying that's the way it seems

my life iv'e never had a father to be there when i needed him most

it seems as if he never existed as if he was a ghost

my mother see that's another story

see she allways worked and never seemed to have the fame and glory

she would allways bring men home and hope they would be our new daddy

have alot of money and drive an expensive caddy

but no they used to allways beat her

throw her around and allways be cheaters

that's the men my mom would allways bring home

it seems as if it was a never ending road

my brother corey was the only smart one in the family

he got away before his life turned out to be a tragedy

my family is crazy and so am i

no wonder i've tried to kill myself and it seems i won't die

so im down on my knees wondering what i need to do in life

is my life destined to be the next rapper or just another bussiness guy

that's the last thing i want in life so what should i do

please answer my riddle and maybe even solve it to

this is the last thing that i have to say

so i'll make it really short and go on my way

i don't want to live this life and allways be poor

i am willing to go the extra mile and i'm ready to endure

i know this sounds crazy but that i know i'm for sure

please give that chance and maybe you'll be the cure

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Her Music Box

Opening the box, she peers deep inside Soft music is played from its underside A smile appears on her cute tender face Within her a giggle is everyplace Her thoughts race, exactly how could this be How do sounds exit something so pretty The intricate markings on the box’s side This is where the music comes to confide She closes the lid and the music ends Underneath she looks to see where it sends But curiously she just finds a key She turned it, twisted it, quite endlessly Hearing nothing, she flipped the lid open To hear the sounds that emanate within
Russell Sivey

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Brutal salvation

Sip that blood .. fill thy melancholic heart
bandage my deep wounds then dig me a grave
may my life begin if I shall depart 
for the mortuary life had me enslaved 
and my conscious mind cursed his sanity 
scattered am I among those frosty dreams 
to proceed my road to eternity
and satirize the life I won't redeem 
so tolerate my sin .. accept my wrath 
for in this perfect world am incomplete 
survived by death .. anxious for my last breath 
drift in grief as I flip my final sheet 
thus I rot shrouded by desperation 
till I'm blessed with thy brutal salvation

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by the river

By The River.
At the estuary of the Amazons the water is muddy and shallow and 
there are no undercover bosses, pretending to be one of the people 
who live in houses on stilts on the small islands where the river 
meets the sea, blends and loses its power; for those who have sailed 
the oceans no river is big. On the delta, of the great river, live people 
who get their income from fishing they are poor yet free from prying
bosses those who buy the river and the sea for exploitation and make 
people into low paid worker; destitution without pride.  

Every group of houses on the islands have a shop that sells sweets,
cigarettes and Coca Cola, the fisherman smokes, children drink cola, 
America´s cultural export reaches every corner of our cerulean orb,
Camel is a brand not an animal, Winston is a night riding cowboy.
 This means nothing for the people here, who try to catch the Boto, 
(pink river dolphin) which is rich in protein and tastes good.   

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Before the Trek

A path appeared where I had set my gaze. It reached from distant times beneath the sun. To travel it took all one’s earthly days, and soon, I knew, my trek would be begun. The Tidings Wind was echoing through trees - those stalwart prophets fixed along the path. Humanity was sounding in the breeze their mingled cries of grief and joy and wrath. Though barely could I grasp the nature of the journey I would take, I felt the thrill of leaving home, for Father told me love would greet me there below with my free will. I’d stumble, but I trusted Him to place His signs to guide me back by light of Grace.

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Master of Might--Charlotte's Contest

Path so narrow, towards the end it goes A frisky signature is all it knows Tender leaves with a splash of color dwells No significant piece opens its shells Riding a blanket, smooth across the ground Straight it goes, just its harmonious sound Fog entrances leaving spill of delight No trees bring enough to detour the sight Black as night it moves, ferocious along Large and filled with empathy its great throng Ground actually moves when it goes by Blessed are the people that view its grand hide Forward it chugs along, master of might Through the glow of the forest, beaming bright
Contest: Any Subject, Any Form Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot 11/4/2013

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What a wonderful power you have got, Summer!
Religious ceremonies and marriages are over
Schools and universities’ vacations are over
O’ Summer I like you though you make us to suffer.

August and September are memories of the dear
But the days are still warm and stern, still to clear
Brides married in May and June return with cheers
To their future homes-to-be, to be endeared.

Summer’s last messages in August about to disappear
Silly September days, by all its signs are here.
Before we are given away to winter as brides with tears
Enjoy summer’s happy memories, autumn’s best cheers.

Above in the clear sky the stars twinkle at each other
Below on terraces, newly married sleep and whisper.

A repost: June 14, 2014
Form : Contemporary Sonnet
Contest: One Word Title by Skat-A

September First, 2013
Dr. Ram Mehta

May and June are the hottest months in India and rainfall varies from area to area.
But still most of marriages take place during these months. Then the bride stays for some days with her in-laws and then comes back to her parents. On the 2nd day of Aushadh, i.e. nearly August, the bride returns to her home-to-be.

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On The Bench

On a bench,where I sat waiting for  heavenly inspiration,
as the yellow sun moves downward and slowly evaporating,
with my pen and note pad , I`m tuned to this inclination,
The blowing of thick summer dust is quite exasperating,

but its effects nullified by the whistling of the canary,
Alas!a bus stops suddenly,like a magic carriage,
And a psychedelic dame alighted carrying a black berry,
blood rushes to my fore head,making me lose courage.

This lady is captivating and rare in the sea of Pisces,
which makes me to adjust my Telescopic lens,
Her mesmerizing moves make me forget my present crisis,
as I lunge out to impress her without sitting on the fence.

She smiles with a snow white teeth as she approaches,
wooing and making this lady mine will stop all reproaches.

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Moon's Sway

There seems to always be a moon lit path Dashing out before me in the cool air Moon tends to absorb, like taking a bath Brink of light bordering the edge of fear Alone on a cool cobblestone walkway I venture where the moon sure doesn’t go There’s no light, just a feeling of dismay But the dewdrops do find a way to grow Cause the moon never reaches to this point There’s surely no feeling of peace nor calm Dew comes out and over me, to anoint Reaching my hand as I hold out my palm Then I walk off beyond the cool walkway But I don’t glance at the moon and its sway
Russell Sivey

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Tears In Jars

Warm soft comfortable surrounded here
Splish, splash bouncing rock and roll good good life
Then fast change being forced into a tear
What happened, has into great life come strife

Baby died before it had chance to live
That is when I left her young tender head
Roll down her gentle cheek emotions sieve
Caught by angel in flight placed in bottle instead

Flown into the heavens to live with God
He gives me place to stay until some day
For some disbelievers they'll just give nod
Saying there are no tears in jars to stay

Every sad event in life when one cries
Shed tears down one's face come here to reside

Contest: "Personify A Tear"
Sponsor:  HGarvey Esquire
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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The Visit

She quietly slipped into his room
There he lay very proud and arrogant 
Who had held a gun to her child's head_ "boom", 
He would say_Satan his  assistant

He would tell her child that he would kill her
And he would kill her beloved family
She could not know that this would not occur
The child lived for eighteen years anxiously

How can one forgive heinous offense
Committed against a child that is loved
Only through God forgiveness for events
God forgave without Him she would be unloved

She asked him if he needed anything
Promised to visit while inside screaming


Our ex-son-in-law is in a nursing home now in the last stages of Huntington's Disease
We think that he was abusive because of the illness but don't know for sure..
Our daughter divorced him and remarried to a man who is treating her good...

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Our fingerprints leaves our identity
On walls, doorknobs, books, all around
Each touch an impossible escape
Challenging me to face each reality
Compassion and kindness be abound
As good heartprints, my great break

Thus, they can never be use as "mask"
To disguise my fingerprints' touch
To a daughter, friend or neighbor
Hence, when someone there dares to ask 
Even obviate to commit a prejudge
Real love heartprints - my labor

Our fingerprints leaves our identity
Thus, they can never be use as mask

olive eloisa
2:00 AM


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I am a factor

If I explain you, that wouldn't help you 
To understand the importance of a subject,
until you don't fail, you 'll never learn the values of a thing,
doesn't matter living is balanced or unbalanced that has swing,
Changing circumstances has everyone's effect,
you need to earn each single penny that's most defect. 
you can or not become rich over a night 
you want to live honestly or dishonestly is our fight. 
you 're educated or illiterate a way for living you need to select.
you 're sufficient or need efficiency a precess our ancestor's hope,
developed communities, broken barriers to secure progressive crop. 
when you doubt, raised a question, indicates you understand lot,
you dedicate contribution is important no care subject is cool or hot.
I'm a factor to live in present to walk forward with time,
to follow the roots of a problem to find the solution of lyme. 

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Mans Dreams of Peace

Mans Dreams of Peace
     ~     ~    ~     ~
War hell no! It is not name of the game,
No bodies laying over the battlefields
There is no way I am today the same.
Women and children all dying in wet fields
All torn apart by war ugliness and warriors;
Must try hide in our nightmares to get sleep.
Helicopters seems to sounds like aviators,
Torn bodies of the war in it’s own attire 
Trying keep alive a dream that weeps.
Dreams of the dead must have ways to-conspire
Keep us from going back to peaceful sleep again.
Now we men dream of world peace within an dome,
Any major change in my sleep, is just spin,
For peace, not war! nor death! Just a home!
Steve L. Siegel
January 22, 2013

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To A Child Who Has A Disorder

Children with an illness,
Go through life,
They are looked down apon,
Because they are different,
When really they are not,
They are no different from  you and me,
They have the same blood,
Running through their bodies,
Just as their hearts as well,
So, don't just look apon,
Their outer appearance,
And judge them,
For who they really are,
For a lot of them,
Are smarter and brighter,
Than you and I,
Could possibly be,
On our brightest day,
For they have the gifts,
From God up above,
So, always take the time,
To get to know their inner beauty,
For who they really are,
Cause they too need love,
Just as everyone else does,
If not even more.

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What's Cooking Good Looking

with muse in hand
a romantic longing is the plan
dinner at eight
I hope he won't be late

sherry filled to the rim
soft music for us to spin
candles on the mantel
slight ring of dinner bell

waft of curry stuffed chops
and potatoes creamy and hot
buttermilk biscuits on the side
and dessert for which he decides

this is how mom said to get to a mans heart
with a romantic dinner from the very start

Tribute To Romance

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
A Romantic Longing Contest

GL All

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Some Advice in This Sonnet

Some Advice in This Sonnet

A few words of advice in this sonnet:
Don’t hurt, if you too don’t like to be hurt.
When bad deeds return, you might regret it.
So watch your deeds, and take care of your words.

Always know that from above you’re being watched.
On your right and left are angels writing –
Collect whatever good deeds you may lack,
To please God and meet Him while He’s smiling.

Avoid supplications prayed against you,
Especially those of righteous Muslims.
Beware of everything you see and do –
Know that on Judgment Day, you’ll be questioned.

Obey Allah’s Rules, and good you shall get.
If you displease Allah, yours is regret.

Miriam / Mariam Mababaya

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A Sonnet on My A

First letter and first vowel is the A.
Not only does the A begin my name,
it also ends my name in the same way.
Creative A am I and with no shame,
for I’m no Scarlet-lettered A. My A
means number “one” in numerology.
To love one’s life and try to lead the way
are facets of A’s personality.

The independent A loves knowledge too,
resolving to meet goals with  energy!
At Soup, I think my A serves as a glue
to strengthen bonds and build community.
An Alpha-high-achiever though I am,
I’m just a friendly, peaceful little lamb!

(I enjoyed this contest because it gave me
the opportunity to share my love of numerology
with you who read this. For information on the
meaning of the first letter of YOUR name, 
go to these links (there are many others):

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In need of the pill of life

The pill of life, so in need of it am I It can even be seen as an alibi All for the sake of the lost humanity In my being, so deep like a cavity! The pill of life, surely to mend my heart Broken, it is now in need of a fresh start A reason to love and laugh Instead of choking with a cough A red pill it must be, found in the Heavens Given to those who relish God so much that he glistens A pill given to those who deserve it And who need its power bit by bit! A pill to cure me of my sinful nature A pill surely to open up an eternal adventure

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Our qualms doth not live aloft our dreams to confer 
Upon heavenly horizons where every soul shall dwell

Twas meant to turneth thy sight away from a lovers stare
Should sunshine always show, should seas forever break swell

Thou and thou maketh one long vow bound before holy eyes
As fate end lives to lure in new casts God maketh so endears

Why hath ye been sojourned in secrecy of where thine truest treasure lies
When in that divine next place, you will sigh at thine sight of no fears

Mustn't time only tell tales lived on by unvanquished surrenderers
Sailing cordially lost with us, addled no more but paddled on pent in pain 

Or herein reap rewards wrought upon death’s frozen oar bearers
Shores to shores, we promised ourselves cradles to returneth once again

Thus as adventure unfolds amongst ocean graves hushed we see
Where perpetual peace reigneth forever we are at last in love at sea

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Brave like you

 I find myself not , eating, thinking, and sleeping
Sometimes , not doing things right in my life
The many obstacles , Im going threw
Just to reach one goal
The many blocks, I walk
Day or Night

Sometimes confuse on time
Wishing it was a dream
The moment , I heard 
You went to sleep
All, I keep saying is 
Who , understood me like you
For the many reasons 
I love you

I appreciated everything, you did
From the braveness, you gave my soul
The gentleness, in your words
For each teardrop, you wiped off my face
Now, my teardrops seem to reach the ground
While , I look in (Heaven)
Praying your looking down

Showering this fear off my skin
Feel my feet
They're so weak
But , for you 

I get on my knees
Singing and crying, to God
That my angel is you
So , I can whisper in your ear
Mama, make me brave
Brave like you

June 8th 2012

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There Were None

All have their battles dealing with life
All have their own personal strife
We have opinions of others, sometimes we won't budge
Each has his own faults, we've no right to judge

We preach about Jesus and all that He says
But don't follow His example, set in our ways
When we sit in judgment nobody wins
He suffered in silence and died for our sins

Mary Magdalene was sentence by man to be stoned
They said that by law her sins must be atoned
Jesus spoke to the crowd and when His speaking was done
Who was left to throw stones? My God there were none

Sometime's life's a blessing, sometimes it's a curse
By judging others we make our lives worse

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Life's Future Plan

Seasons change from summer to fall to winter to spring,
What is it that you're really accomplishing,
Try to build a future in this life your living,
You only get one shot so start today and do something.
Go to college and start a career,
If you're engaged get married now don't wait five years,
If you love someone tell them but only if you're sincere,
No one's promised tomorrow so get it together and perservere.
Life is giving you a chance to make the best of it,
So don't waste the opportunity to advance it,
Makes goals to live up to that you see fit,
Don't let anyone encourage you to quit.
You can be anything you put your mind to,
But first get a plan that you want to pursue,
Dream it up there's no limit on what you cant do,
When you dream becomes a reality you'll be living anew.

 December 19, 2013
~The One and Only~

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Attention Paid to the World

When I understand everything that's new
And hold the wise thought of once found, it's old
To comprehend the difference of the two
Will give reason for something to behold
Shall I placate moments without desire
And be satisfied only with what's known
Be a stone on life's river banks empire
Rather drown, trying to swim to unknown
I'll find my loss of breath a good payment
A worthy debt to swim with the living
Then stay on river's bank of discontent
Frightened, because life is unforgiving

To risk the unknown, live life without fear
And seek what's new, as you find it appear

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Picture Perfect

"Stricken in heart over what might have been"
Anxiety settles as stillness falls
Quiet before the dusk slowly decends
Gratitude for a picture perfect pause

The doe's beauty within my line of sight
Birds chirp in the deep forest unaware
No danger from anyone; no need for flight
Deep within the underbrush noises scare_

Tiny twin fawns disturb silence with bleats
Waddlle over to mom for nourishment
All settles to quiet as fawns milk eat
Camera shutter never snapped event

Picture perfect scene set ready to snap
Gunfire rings out, camera drops, death entraps  

First line a quote from Mark's sonnet..

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Pill Of Life

Forcing me to hallucinate an unrealistic fate,
This life of mine does make me play,games I love to hate.
Die I may if I don't play,and sit with tears in eyes,
win,I do, to see the day at the cost of others' cries.
Some may win and some may lose, like gluttons we eat through dreams,
to do what he wants to,a rich may chose,the rest ignored downstream's.
Never can we pursue our likes,our dislikes we may follow 
what we want to be,we don't,and life just makes us hollow.
empty within with dreams all drained,in the kitchen of a fantasy butcher,
posing as reality of life,forcing us to usher.
why my dreams are censored and cut,and mould to other's needs,
to do what I want and be what I be, these thoughts all plucked like weeds.
If Pill of Life be a personified lady, I would beg "O Miss,
take me from dream butchers to a land of eternal bliss."

Contest name - PILL OF LIFE
date-16th Feb,2013. Saturday.

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Grains of Sand

The morning's gray light offers a wonder
With red ribbons from dawn to underscore
Rays first soft light splits the night asunder
The moon's high tide comes rushing to the shore
The horizon a line to measure sight
Is caught beneath glows from a rising mass
Turns black to light gray from burning the night
Etching an image on the ocean's glass
Here is where man's vision tries to discern
The vastness of space while facing the Earth
And finding the smallness of his concerns
Measuring the conundrum of his birth

Bewildered, lost trying to understand
Waves toss to shore another grain of sand

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 Like the wind  blowing my face 
I fall to see the instant of my last days, 
And in my vision  time enhances
shells embedded in my past mace!
I want to have a long last minute of fall
But why do I long, cry, and mold 
Distant points unloved, untold?
The only plot I tried to avoid ?

Life is one thing we share and have
With dreams as compass guidance to the way
Crossing the seas and it's disturbance,
Where we shine and fight the days,
To avoid an end in far accordance
With feelings of regrets, and a complaint to say.

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In a Hotel Room

I sit on the edge of the bed thinking Wishing you were here or that I was there These work related trips keeps me hurting But then my heart, I come to you and share I sit in the middle of a moon beam That comes into the room’s hotel window A lonely bit of light, lonely it seems Opens the room to its cool silver glow I pout as I lay onto the hard bed Seemingly to sure keep me up all night I texted her with my whole soul, I sure pled Hoping she’s up and will respond tonight It’s hard to be away from by loved one But soon I'll be home, my love will be shown
Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "In a Hotel Room..." contest 2/7/2013

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One Soul

Stones crash and shatter
Architecture annihilated 
Atrophy lie their empire
Fated souls separated

Nomadic in pursuit
Forlorn hearts in quest
Amour of absolute
A lifetime possessed

Dimensions of eternity
They cry into space
Dreaming of a fantasy
Fading memory of an embrace

A fated meeting binds them whole
Two halves, of one soul

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Kiss This

<                              master of disguise menacing havoc
                                I fear not your pronged fork and wooden stick
                                but one illuminates from presents sight
                                tis I carries master key whom ends plight

                               brushstroke if must with your evilness twist
                               for I stand strong from an Hevenly bliss 
                               poke and probe away with your woven schemes
                               tis I'll be the one laughing though it seems 

                               your inferno fire from gates of hell
                               diminished by just one shake from this bell
                               so bring on your barriers and good grief's
                               tonight I'll be the one with good night's sleep 

                               sowing not fear of satin's smitten grasp
                               but turning check telling to kiss thy ass

Entry For
Thvia Shetley's
The Devil Made Me Do It
Sonnets Only Contest
G.L. All

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MY HEART IN YOUR HOMELAND Cupid must have been busy he forgot my heart, And so instead of a man I've fallen in love, it is in the mountain ranges my eyes dart. Sweet, the giddy puffy white clouds above outstretch his arms to share a shady luff amongst swarming emerald Spruce that skirt 'round the silky slopes-- like some gloves. Down quiet is the Loch that stretches its girt of lucidity allowing passerby's to see pert Salmon and Trout dancing playfully below, Delighting both my eyes and so my smart, a fishing rod, I want to slowly low. This nature's wonder, I behold for free soon, I surely want to share with my honeybee. Some bumpy, some smooth are the long winding roads One day along my ride, I say hello to this Adonis man Easy as one, two and three our talks-- climb and flowed Excluded in my plan, wow! Our love story began... Cascading soft and longer is our attention span so velvet then is the glowing blow of our said hello. No longer, I desire Japan but be home in your land as to the World's theatre we want to show, our love like barley seed it sprouted and it grow! Bright yellow bloom it is while us, a fever red of fruitful trust and hopeful tomorrows. . . May we never bleed then later be shred, instead, like the Spruce wrap 'round the slopes together we will hold hands to boldly cope and lope. _____________________________________________________________ ©O. E. Guillermo 10:31 pm, January 19, 2015

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60's Cruising In Western Kansas

Around the square, Camaros belching flame,
in hot pursuit of Mustangs on the prowl,
we'd change the rules but never change the game
and love was what brought on the midnight howl!

Two sisters in a Plymouth, Daddy's curse;
hair rolled up tight into a flowered bun, 
with gold from Colorado for their thirst,
would look much better as the night drove on;

and at the magic moment, loosed the hair--
the swap was on--and to the back seat of
the rolling boudoir waiting for them there,
as echoed from the pipes, the sound of love!

Their skinny feet left marks of show and tell;
For weeks the boys would pray, she wouldn't swell.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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love is a wonderland.
which gives us the feel of both heaven and hell.
heaven appears when you say"i love you".
heaven appears when you "love me a lot".
heaven appears when you "hug and kiss me".
hell appears when you"fight with me".
hell appears when you"leave me lonely".
hell appears when you "hurt me".
in a second hell will change into heaven when you are near me.
hell will disappear in a second with tears on the eyes.
that tears is the way which takes us to heaven.
heaven appears in the heart and it comes out with a smile in lips.
that smile is the lighting which brings brightness in two members life.
love and choose a life partner. let a lovely life.....

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Love Touches Gently

Love is like a butterfly,
Gently it touches on lives.
Just a tiny flutter; lifts high.
In awe we stand, watch strive.

Just a glance of kindness see, 
Restores a right spirit friend
More like a butterfly be,
As patiently he faces the wind.

Aspects of love through butterfly's 
Courageous flight; as suffers
Loveless blooms whose nectar snuffly
But found high and dry though bolsters

The butterfly's example be kind
Gently touch on all mankind.

Contest: Give Me Your Best Shot
Sponsor: John Freeman

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The Prey

The brush moves and my aim does not waver.
Foraging there, on the rim of the pond
A sounder of wild boar brings a shiver
And the grunts and the squeals that I have spawned.
From the thicket a sow charges and bites;
Bleeding, I climb to the limb of a tree,
As razorback frenzy welcomes the night -
Now I am prey and pray to be free;
That the morning light will find the beasts gone,
Or that others not find the scent of my blood,
Or that tied to this tree, will I last long -
Will infection and pain rush in a flood.
    Or, like a wounded deer in the thicket
    Will I die and be eaten within it...

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Ulterior Song

Expanding lead, the songs to dome and lands unknown,
where ancient schemes and mysteries denote the search,
the foliage leaves announcers are and shadows grown
transmit to find the final ports where souls converge.

Along the cause, the reasons change on saddened dawn,
foretelling prophetess from skies implements lies,
about the souls' ulterior  route - of dark drapes drawn,
beside the will of the cold winds that spell demise.

The ghosts define with howling songs the nightly dark,
souls hark the calls inviting them where feelings flare,
and angels confer skyward trip where they embark,
while blurry visions of the tears reside in glare.

Along the sorrow of souls gone, serene and calm,
spreads up the chapels' knell salute to skies' realm.

© 03-11-2013, All Rights Reserved
(A hexameter sonnet)

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A White Candle

The warped side of the Moon shall fall to 
the ground.
I will be watching at rapid speeds beyond 
your reality.
Most will be wearing garments of 
untapped mortality.
Some of you’ll hear trumpets that are loud 
and sound.
More of you will be an embedded trap tied 
and bound.
You best remain in your God given Graced 
It will be a life or death to hold on to that 
pure vitality.
And for God’s sake don’t partake in the 
lost and found.
It is easy to lose your way through the 
Nothing is ever what it seems unless you 
make it.
So join within yourself become one big 
And make sure you have a white candle 
always lit.
Never lose the light of a white candle as 
the dark side of the Moon falls.
For the light of your white candle is right 
behind darkness and enthralls.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007.

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A Bubble Blown Up With Breath

I will tell of love in fourteen short lines
Remember when you chipped bone in kneecap
So much pain for you and me nothing fine
Knee pain for you for me nausea trap

You had surgery, nausea had me
One baby in arms another womb bound
When you came home, total care you no glee
Beside chamber nausea vomit round

Daily existence for weeks ugly trap 
Baby, husband's care between nausea
Holding baby my only relief gap
Situation had me deep undersea

Love is deep when one gives beyond their strength
Giving beyond the call of duty is youngth

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Tears at My Age

For all the tears we’ve wept, for all of those we’ve lost.
We’ll weep again some more, as we’re told we matter not.
You know they will not say it, but it’s there within their eyes.
The old and frail aren’t welcome, as they’re steadily pushed aside.

If you don’t believe me, then at a party get up as if to dance.
Mouths will gawk and eyes will roll as they come to set us back.
They’ll act like we’re so shameful, as we laugh, and have some fun.
Then they’ll come to guide us to a chair somewhere in the background.

Our wisdom isn’t needed; they’re far too superior for that.
They can’t respect the old ones' thoughts, who're out of date, in fact.
Of course they want our money, and will gladly scope out our homes.
And they want us to beleaguer ourselves so they can go happily on.

But where is the regard that they say our age is due…
Too often it’s in a distant Nursing home no one will ever drive to.

This is dedicated to all those lost souls left in Nursing Homes whom no one
ever visits.

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I'll be what I must be, in spite of me
as life won't always give the things I choose
and so I have to make what has to be
into the things my life and I can use.

All roads don't lead to Rome, as it's been said,
but some to Paris, and a little fun,
so I will change the path that I would dread
to go to where I choose, when I am done;

I'll not be forced into a better scheme
if I can't see the end result my way
if it's not part of what my heart can dream
it never will come to the light of day;

   All things can change, if I have any voice
    in what they are, and I will make the choice.

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The death of soul steals slowly through the years
the fog of mind that's never known to be;
brought on by laughter, love, and hate and tears
the fate of all; so few can ever see.

It brings the withering of life. Now all it's leaves;
once green and shining in the morning sun;
now setting on it all, in evening grieves
for lack of interest in what life has done.

Compassion leaves the mind, once fired and prime,
and old and tired now beats the heart we knew.
Life now mundaned, by passing of all time,
there's nothing left the heart would like to do.

     Old man, you're numbered to your final breath
        your rest is not until it's done in death.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the doylestown poet

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Within his Eye

Within his cold eye he saw the future What facts are presented, of which he’s sure Death is imminent, which is surely real He fails to look beyond, he fails to kneel Only he can see the truth of this day Ending of life will come to his dismay Shouldering all this news he hangs his head The image of the skull will leave one dead Striking is the sight within the cold eye Emptiness exudes fear one can’t deny Reality plays its chord, who’ll listen There’s no speed given so do not hasten The skull’s in his eye, symbol of the end He must not harbor hate nor him depend
Russell Sivey Entered into Debbie Guzzi's "What Do You Make of This?" contest 3/8/2013

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The Hunter

A hunter must always let nature lead
Deafening the silence of my fair glen,
Stirring in the burrows and fallen leaves,
The nests in trees, the comfort of the den.

Yet who prowls there at dusk or light of dawn,
Or the patient owl in darkness of night.
What hungry wolf preys on a helpless fawn
Or eagle on unwary fish in flight.

In the midst of wood we are the prey.
In the midst of life we are all the same,
Struggling to remain and just simply stay.
In the end … no one but ourselves to blame.

As we wander, aren't we like all the rest -
Both hunter and prey, we are truly blessed.

Craig Cornish

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Dissolute December 1

Dissolute December

As far as the dissolute December went
And beyond , went the waywardness of minds
And the apostate April at last did  end
The real- time revelries  sometimes feigned.
Letting the reins drop and resting all bother
And clicking away   till the  parting of ways
In the thick of things , with one thing or the other
The reasoning  remained  stupid anyways
Depressed , texted; and  devastated, e-mailed
The status quo still stood so  starkly severed 
Malware still  ruled the failings  soulfully  rued
In the wake of rulings, rash, virus, fresh, brewed.
Booting up senses to download  life once more
Gadgets of  head were restored as never before.

@  23/Sept/2012

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Chiccory Coffee

C_Coffee with chiccory her tasty delight
H_Happy was she with saltine crackers buttered
I_Intellect above with which she was gifted
C_Character was hers, caring for others with might
C_Cancer took her good life as takes those polite
O_Opportunity she gave many others
R_Right she always did because of great light
Y_Yes with Jesus now in His great light alright

C_Chiccory coffee Louisana was her brand
O_Opened doors for me to see different view
F_For she was kind, gentle, loving, refined soul
F_Family she loved gave to them friendship grand
E_Entered Kingdom for she trusted, love her goal
E_Eternal life for loving people whole

Contest;"The Sonnet Man's Acrostic Challenge
Sponsor:Dakarai Cobb

(Chiccory__is an alternative spelling of the 
word Chicory..It is acceptable. This is about
my favorite Aunt.)

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Flaming Dart

The seconds turn to hours, and the days turn to years
Oh what must I do to stop the aging.
I need to grow, and let go of my fears
I see the clock's pendulum swing, as time has begun fading.
They say with time comes wisdom, but I say its untrue
for the more I progress I feel to fall apart,
I wish I knew everything then I'd know what to do
I see death coming for me, like a flaming dart.
I remember being told that I would live forever
but those were the days when I was naive,
eternal and a fulfilling life, that is my endeavor.
plese tell me why, my dear youth, why must you leave?
So as long as my heart beats, and my lungs breathe,
This life I go on living,
I sure do hope to succeed.

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Life of Pleasure

In nineteen-ninety-nine I found haikus
and love of poetry was beginning
I admit none of this is front page news
I was writing more with love life thinning 

In nineteen-eighty-five I wrote something
I showed it to a friend and he liked it
instead of moving on I did nothing
two years later I knew writing was it

Yes my life has been a somewhat rough road
but I also know it can be much worse
and right now my life is in pleasant mode
I even ended up living with nurse

I never thought I would love writing this
now I know pleasure in life does exists

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This Earth on where life is,  awakened me
And gave breath to breathless without concern
A cry was heard as a welcomed decree
A precious gift until death I return
While time's quiet shadow circles aged eyes
I'll search tomorrow with yesterday's guide
Traverse the brambled world with all its lies
Curse the internal loneliness I hide
For life's amusement I'll come and go
To walk its stage with characters found
And watch these actors explain what they know
The play unfolds while the curtain surrounds

Questioned the reason before I am gone
Know now from faces tears will fall upon

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These supple young hands, so innocent,
Not yet to touch though tempted in dreams,
But still I have no need to repent,
Though I am truly not what I seem!
In body I am surely chaste.
Did temptation not whisper at my door
And wrap my nubile mind in hot embrace?
But - for his love I surely can endure!
For love of God and Jesus I can last
And share my passion in my art.
Mortal love may never reach to grasp
Eternal love that gladly keeps my heart.
   So this soul of mine will find its rest
   With no regret of honor on my breath.

Modern Sonnet written for Cyndi's Contest
Inspired by the story of Sofonisba Anguissola
And her Self-Portrait with Clavichord, 1561

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Generation XXX

Generation XXX
(Another Name for Gen Y(My Generation)

Beer goggles and Whiskey Rivers,
Pain numbing remedies that exude depression,
Marijuana oxygen and pain killer shivers,
Innocent faces with devilish expression,
Blood red eyes with cocaine explanations,
White lies, cooked up in haste, 
For the aforementioned, sell your feelings for a taste!

Young lady, young lady, impossible to find,
What has become of “Daddy’s Little Girl?”
Grew up as billboard, all body and no mind,
Succumbed to degradation just to fit in this world,
Princess? No More!
With bitter wounds and sans support,
Responds to “bxxch” labeled as “whore”
Sex for poison and sex for sport!

Young man, young man, could you bear to walk alone?
With choreographed legs and clay molded spine?
Quoting the majority, speaking with your friends’ tone,
Holding onto shirttails while blindly disregarding lines,
Unprotected sex just to help you feel alive,
Forced to buy diapers with the pennies you have earned,
From one into intoxicated night you did not want to be deprived,
Came a baby by a girl whose name you had to learn!

Young lady, Young man, both working like a slave,
To provide for a family that neither wished to know,
They scream as their dreams get sealed within a grave,
Essential sacrifices because the baby has to grow,
A self-destructive generation, corrupted and vexed,
Generation Y, is Generation XXX

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Pink Roses 'Pon The Gown

French rose accented by carnation pink
'Pon black flannel nightgown well-worn faded
An old gown once deep black as darkest ink
Now washed to a softness by life not jaded

Pinky fingers curved by arthritic joints
Hair white with age like a shining halo
Gown of pink roses washed dull by innocents
Wishes come true tossed 'pon distant rainbow 

If only can never change the past's wrongs
Nor darken the faded black nightgown
Nor restore dark blonde where it belongs
It only can fuel esteem beaten down

Life issues some hard blows upon mankind
Shake off regret, to do better be resigned

Sponsor: Anthony Slausen
Contest: Think Pink
Written: October 16, 2013

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Cluttered contents exposed by an open cupboard door
Time once again the enemy—staring at the clock on the wall
Just two nights— in Paris- ‘luggage’ and ‘baggage’ to be kept small
Life becomes weighted with each passing day
Reflections on life—real ‘Essentials’ to pack on our way

SIMPLICITY—life is far too complicated-- new goals to be reached
Striving for social standing, wealth, bigger and better in being
Past failures, future gains—elusive happiness remains
Present moments, not projected perfection to be gained

PEACE—that comes from knowing—who we are and where we are going
Avoiding criticism, being judgemental of others
Peace grows from the heart, not the head
Tolerating ourselves and others instead

GRATITUDE—appreciating small things we learn awareness and discernment
Counting our blessings daily, we finally grasp our gratitude
Life becomes meaningful when lived for others
Self-importance and stress disappear- becoming soul lovers

Copywright©2013—Kim van Breda

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Times Three

You are but a noun do you know?
Inside of you lie me, myself, and I.
Residing in light of your naked eye,
This is how divine seeds sow a row.
Sown high or low,
So do not be shy.
And do not sigh.
And never, let go.
Orient yourself times three,
To person place and time!
You are rooted like a tree,
And it is secured to climb!
Who is that light form living inside of you?
And who is that silent one that you talk to?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Celibacy Spenserian Sonnet


Buxom spouse desired of most any man
 His love his life must nature wash away 
  Voluptuous swaying hips man’s eyes scan 
   His gaze into those hazel eyes doeth sway 
    Fleshly desires it seems always that way 
     Must man’s decay be of uncertain life 
      His children’s seed of wife he loves this day 
       His world is peril spent of the mind’s strife
       Hails celibate Spirit of divine  knife 
      Celibacy’s love returns as our Dove 
     By transformation’s mental sacrifice 
   Renewed of condition a mind of love 
 Triangles of love a spouse and or God 
By celibate choice soul of love is shod 

For and in Honor Dr Ram
And Contest: Spenserian Sonnet

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sonnet 2013

I raised my pen in hope of a new thought,
When an idea struck me much joy it brought,
As a sonnet i wish to carry forth,
In dark some night, it shines bright as a torch;

If only love could be a fairytale, 
On a beautiful yacht we both would sail,
Under the starry heavens filled with stars,
Deep in thoughts thinking about how you are;

I turn to you and gaze into your eyes, 
To know that love is not another lie,
A sonnet i completed with much ease,
I felt relieve as love would never cease...

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Light Reflections

In front of a window is a grand sight Reflected off the wet ground is some light Distorted are the beams of perfect want They bring the heart a tug within this jaunt The feel of the light breaking on the ground Showers complete without another sound Shops are open during this cloudy day An aura pleases those gone by today Seeing the reflections cast from water Shoots big amounts of glee like no other There’s some joy outside the street at this time Like when a bell rings spreading out its chime This day is filled with happiness and joy Light reflects from the ground, all to enjoy
Russell Sivey

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The Journey

THE Journey

It’s not about the
It’s about the journey

It’s about who we become
Through the

It’s about who we are
After the 

The path is too long
The road too narrow

Why me, why my life and loves
Why my marriage, my family
I really don’t understand

It’s not about the 
It’s about the journey

Who we become through 
Life’s trials

While waiting for them
To pass
While waiting to be delivered
Who are we then?
It’s not about the 
It’s about the journey
It’s about us

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The Seasons of Man

Four seasons fill the measure of a man,
  Of each portion drinks he from its fat gourd:
O fair flower of Spring does fleeting span
  Brier and thorn, and laurels of youth endured!
And golden Summer - so brightly spangled,
  From whence his labours the swollen vine strips,
Lest it not plucked lays withered and tangled -
  Only to bear a dearth upon his lips:
For the reach of time rings the barest tree 
  When Autumn its rich harvest off has cast;
So begins the end - a fading glory
  In the long shadows of tender days past.
Winter too - when the cold hoary bark wets,
And the pale mortal sun upon him sets.


Inspired by John Keats

May 2011

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Thrill of Autumn

The dirt filled path holds pumpkins on the farm Thrill of autumn is set with mighty charm Heart skips a beat every year at this time And sure invigorates to the sublime No matter the colors, like reds and rusts Yellows and burgundies where brown entrusts Beauty surely comes from all of these hues Evenings coming quicker with darker blues The fog is enjoyed in the morning hours Very cool mist fills all with its power Down in the valley it stays much longer The morning mist loves the fall to ponder No ravens fly this dusk with nighttime’s view Secure in knowing autumn’s peace is true
Russell Sivey

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Fly Away With Me

I’ll pick you up and make you fly.
I’ll sit you down and you’ll think.
At least until you can fly in sync.
We’ll go up in the clouds and spy.
You will know me because I try.
I bring you to the crest of a brink.
I catch you before you truly sink.
I am the one always asking why.
I’ll show you a sea castle,
Bring you to the dungeon.
I am the one you all hassle.
I keep you from bludgeon.
So pick up and fly away with me.
We have a great big world to see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Who captures tempests by their tails and roars
that God and peace are only theirs to please,
when all around the Devil's pleasure soars
amidst the hate that cannot be appeased.
Where on a rocket's trail can smiles be born
when hatred doesn't know where they will land,
and no religion's oath was ever sworn
upon the end of evil's deadly brand.
So settle as we may in years of old
across the centuries and all of time,
defying what the elders often told
that somewhere in the heaven so sublime
an answer waits for all of us to grasp -
"The Eden of our future is our past".

 September 26, 2014
Craig Cornish

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Windmills of the Mind

Like rain cloud stragglers that co-exist Darker shaded sky, vastly does persist Sunset begins and yellow sets the stage In front, we’re windmills of a fallen age Moving gently through a slight calming breeze Around it goes pumping water with ease Multiple blades dark from a sunset blaze Un-hindered by any slight weathered glaze Just like the windmills of my aging mind I search a memory but seldom find The missing link, the power surge elect It’s my thoughts of which I can’t circumspect In its time, this aquatic synergy Was tooled, but now, I’m out of energy Contest: Grab your Partner Sponsor: POETESS DARKLY 1/30/2014

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To Any President

I try to get inside your head and snoop
around a bit. I see common folk around,
most are decent, alone or in a group.
Most can look you in the eye and not bound
to stare you down or contest a bit of ground
unless their child or life be threatened. They go
to work, do their jobs, pay their bills and sound
no alarms unless they are really merited. And so
I'm curious as to what makes you tick.
At what point in your life were you capable
of sending innocents to their death. What trick
did you pick up that makes you so able
to ignore the casualties. How do you sleep?
Do you hear the screams? Do you ever weep?

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A Proverbs 31:10-31 Woman (Sonnet)

I have tilled the soil Lord
brought forth manna for the world
dug trenches for young seeds
instead planted my little girl

she was just learning to sew
starting on her very first quilt
begged us for a proper education
my heart beats with guilt

how shall I understand
the message thou has sent
trying to remain strong and erect
my spiritualism has been bent

but my wife is steadfast and true
she's with the devil's parents glorifying you......

Bob Shank-Oct 10th, 2006
Dedicated to a pained Amish father

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Lost and Found

She was lost, alone in the world
With no one to help her in life.
No one to listen and be her friend.
She never smiled, rarely laughed.
She kept to herself, talked only when she had to.
Everyday she slowly died inside
Could feel herself slipping away...
Further and further in the dark abyss...
Then she met him and she was found.
Finally she had someone to listen and be her friend
She smiled and laughed and talked all the time.
She felt herself coming back, bit by bit
She began to live again,
and she owed it all to him.

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Mister Nibbles Ameri-Sonnet

<                      amidst grass carpet he plays
                        long ears bushy tail white paws
                        nibbles bulbs munches away
                        poor little thing had some flaws

                         hides hair braided and despaired
                         didn't stop this little guy
                         thought to self this wasn't fair
                         bowed head and started to cry

                         nectar is what he had sought
                         on this hopeful days journey
                         not to be trapped or be caught
                         or carted off on gurney

                         Mister Nibbles came to play
                         In garden's bedding today

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One More Day, Lord

If I just had one day left in life,
I'd rid myself of anger, envy, strife.
I'd hug those I loved dearly through the years,
And kneel to God, crying with bitter tears.

My prayer, dear God, extend my days to live,
For there's still one more person to forgive.
It's me, that comes regretting my despair,
Having lived a pauper's life seemed unfair.

I wanted to travel across the lands,
To see mountains high and the ocean sands.
How can I forget untraveled highways,
And be content at the end of my days?

For all that needs be done, God gives grace.
Fretting life ends, with hopes of better place.

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If I were a Painter

If really I were a gifted painter
And as it were, I was to paint a man
I’d get my draw board, brush, paint and water
I’d work as open mindedly as I can
To bring out the true image of the soul
God created at the very beginning.
I would produce a man strong, bold and whole
One that’d be in his image and liking.
I won’t paint the fragile man with briefcase
In three piece suit with bible and tie.
I would paint a hunter with open face
Returning home from the toil of the night.
-He looks savage hunting for hares and harts
-Yet he’s truly the soul after His heart.

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Casting Couch

How frantic my antics when I'm in a panic-
my thoughts alone could sink the Titanic!
Hassled, frazzled-  razz-madazzled
when I feel so well and Manic!

Taken for granted, a Life enchanted,
and gifts of Art, by God implanted.
Confuses the Muses with makeshift excuses-
my trembling Mind, thus reprimanded!

For sloth, for laze, for lost ambition;
for languid lax, these poor conditions!
I feel punctured at this juncture-
Overwhelmed by such attrition...

Discerning my yearning, but also learning
that life affords but one audition.

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By the Crooked Ladder

There are stairs of color that reside near A group of girls wearing dresses are here Couple lives in a two story building With a crooked ladder they go climbing Inside the window you see them kissing They sometimes dance under an umbrella Building’s corroding, you see what’s missing Ocean waves are near, tempting the fella There are colors: green, orange, cyan, white Scene can be unique under the moonlight Balcony beckons the lonely couple Western windmill is moving as able The couple’s mantra is “Follow your heart” They accomplish this, each and every part
Russell Sivey

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Black and White World

In the black and white world that’s here at night Keeping limited viewing with our sight The moon is present and helps a little And the rain doesn’t help, it belittles You can see by the small amount of light But without color, which adds to the fright The rain is pouring and the moon’s beaming Having me to see somewhat, it’s gleaming I walk within this rain, the moon to play I don’t know what to do nor what to say I stand too long and I’m drenched completely I’m one with nature, I’m surely crafty I go along now in the black and white My eyes aren’t able to see enough light
Russell Sivey

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An Apology to All

You've restored the light to your soul, O little man, left alone in the dark. But look at what is the toll; Destruction has made its mark. Families are left broken and bent, This colossal structure implodes. You did this to them, and you must repent As their trust for you erodes. You have changed; we rejoice. Gone are those thoughts from your mind. But look back at your choice: You just didn't care at the time. We're all proud that you are well, But you have put us through such hell.

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SPILLINGWILLIE: Two heads indeed better than one

I flipped through the pages of my brain
Hoping the words would spill out from the notes.
Although I didn’t know the letters to play
But once it pops up, I would surely know.

Ideas started dropping in dribs and drabs
But none could wet the ground of my desire.
Its sound I should know with a few playbacks.
 All I heard shocked me, till I was tired

So I sought an extra head which I found
Full and small hence so light for my neck
Ideas now flowed ceaselessly as we ploughed
We came so close but could not get there yet

Finally out the blue now appeared
Spillingwillie, the name my blog now bears

A poem dedicated to my friend Onuh Dorcas without whom the name wouldn’t exist.. Hope you love it

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A Day To Be With You

"Home grown tomatoes, home grown tomatoes"
Whenever see them, my thoughts turn to you
Home grown potatoes, home grown potatoes
Whenever peel them, my thoughts turn so blue

"That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday"
Where freedom from mundane chores fade, fade
Like washing human made clothes come wash day
No more will life be feelings masquerade

"Where sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy"
Sunny day that I could just spend with you
Both free from pain we're no longer snappy
In the warm sunshine we our love renew

"In rocky catheral that reach to the sky"
"Let me kiss you,""Then close your eyes".

John Denver's 
Stanza 1:"Home Grown Tomatoes"
Stanza 2: "Take Me Home, Country Roads"
Stanza 3: "Sunshine On My Shoulders"
Stanza 4:  Line 1, "The Eagle And The Hawk"
                Line 2,  Two lines from:"Leaving, On A Jet Plane"

Inspired by Tracie's contest
"Sing A Song For Me"

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Lilac Colored Butterflies

Flying from the deep blue sky up above Lilac colored butterflies come evolve Encircling me and my delighted trees There's no greater beauty than what you see All have brightened at the sight of nature I don’t think that there’s a better answer Trees alight to the wonderment therein Delightful presence as breeze on the skin The cloudless sky keeps firm its blue color And the grass holds its ground, we all want more The birds take flight into the bright cool air Shadows of them skirt the floor everywhere Nature, a wondrous sight each time you see You just have to get out to find it’s free
Russell Sivey

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Echoes of the Heart

Out of the heart comes spring of living water,
Out pour of cheese from northern female bull,
Outcome of this sweetness makes me better,
Outflow of deep pains make me look like fool.

My heart seeks comfort and undeterred love,
My soul rests on your  bossom of glory,
My mind longing for passion from above,
My head spins round and round like toy lorry.

When would I leave this dollop of sorrow?
When shall I find solace in my precious?,
When would plenty come?,so I don`t borrow,
When would goodness arrive?I`m so anxious.

In these , I sing , write and felicitate,
In such ,my mind can  solely meditate.

CONTEST:" Echoes Of The Heart" sponsored by Gail Angel Doyle.

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When You Left

When you left, the lights faded
The blue skies turned grey
When you left, my emotions died
I thought I’d never survive that day
When you felt the curtains closed
And the stage faded to black
When you left, life strangled itself
And hope hid between heartbreak and despair
When you left, every image blurred.

But that spark remained alight
A tiny reminder of life’s resurrection
The sky turning back to blue
The reopening of the curtains to a lighted stage
A possibility, a tiny jest of instinct
In my mind I met you halfway
But my heart held back astride
For when you left, it died.

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Mortal bodies shall not last
A tree with life shall wither still
Yes, man shall be the grass
Death is air, against man's will

Screams and wails bid departed child
Goodbye. Shock and fear dig a vacuum in
Comrade's heart. Three market days mild 
The pre-consuming pain, death is an abhorrent sin

But to live forever would be a futile
World, and man shall neither  fear
The Deity nor pray; Lord this brutal
World should pass away, in despair

Man shall become dust, yet peace
Like a river shall flow if life never cease

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Tell me the lies that can't be caught.

Becloud the truth that can't be sought.

On the road once taken, you can't untrot,

If smokescreen breaks, Let light be brought.

Let amends be made of your self-begot,

Make my day! Make my day! Let deception rot.

If you choose otherwise, don pretty white lies,

You'd soon realise, that choice wasn't wise.

Shred open your guise, I'd pierce your eyes,

Till your vanity dies and consience cries.

'Cause that that is, can't be that's not.

And you know a road taken can't be untrot.

Don't wish exoneration that can't be sought.

Tell a lie! Tell a lie! That can't be caught.

March 13, '11
3:30 a.m.

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Desirable Lady

Thine will, my desire, lady so fine,
These days without your touch, are cruel.
These nights without you, I devour wine.
Your quest my desire, within thine rule,

My heart and soul, torn apart and ripped,
In private vigor, I await kiss.
My spirit defiled and ill equipped.
These times are vacant; your touch I miss.

Our sensual flamboyant desire,
Your eagerness, showering pleasure,
As I hold you close, I feel such fire.
Our moments together hold measure.

My ardor is real, yours surely true.
I humbly await one glimpse of you.

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Distant Thoughts

This place where once this stony throne once held
Such dreams that only young minds can conceive
And where the child within myself once dwelled
With innocence so pure I could believe.
Yet now this debutant sits here again,
No magic nor a knave at beckon call,
And wonders where it all begins and ends
Like our words in chalk were carefully scrawled.
Though even in the rains they're washed away,
They owned a place in time when we were free
And here forever's where my heart will stay
And welcome all of time to share with me.
    So I will dwell here longer in my lair
    For all eternity my life prepares.

May, 29  2024

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Clearing The Path

Clearing The Path

Thoughts keep running across the  mind
In search of answers hard to find
On a journey down here below
Just don’t know which way I should go

At the crossroads now marking time
A brand new mountain I must climb
Flexing my muscles can’t you see
Step by step I will walk with thee

Day by day you will be my guide
Holding tight so my feet won’t slide
By your grace I will run this race
Praises I’ll give in each new place

Thanking you for victories won
You are the one I can count on
Thank you God for being my source
Please heal the heart leave no remorse

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Fire Love

This love is burning fire,
A heart, a soul in endless desire,
In you a way that takes me higher,
As time in eternity,
Love in you brings clarity,
And I walk in your heart with flames,
Given in blood to makes us same,
Now fire is the name.

We feel the Word flow,
In us the truth we know,
The Son of God we follow.
And through Him the world we see,
So we speak a prophecy,
Fire love is now a reality.

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from slopes to brines

She waited on the skyline, bloom and thorn
accordment of their oaths and thoughts at night
annealed recited entity - vows sworn
- the brave ascended to the Halls of light.

War-bullet traveled through the frozen air
companion loved - his stare embraced the ferns
- the laurel and the sage ascribed his fair
the stalwart chose the path of moon and ernes.

Dim lantern's flame her thought - on peaks beseech
ornate the winds surpass the granite plate
denounced the corteges and oaths to breach,
her highness steps, adorned demise, third fate.

And in the mists when winds bemoan in pines
their solemn words will fly from slopes to brines.

© G.V. 06-05-2013

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Bending Time

Bending Time

Bending Time is an act that Spirits can do,
as easy as lifting your fork is for you.
See Time is their realm; it’s the world they live in,
each second to them comes and goes at their whim.

But Angels as Spirits know little of Space,
as they wing through the ages, unburdened by place.
Their now, and their then, and the future they see,
but touching an atom, for them, cannot be.

So too challenged is Man, from our limited view,
when we think about Time its through Space we look through.
Our world is all flesh, all matter, all things,
melding Air, Water, Earth, with a Fiery sting.

We are gifted it seems in this fabric of life,
as we carve and we cut with our own hand held knife.
 Man shapes his own space, constructing his nest,
just slaving away, pursuing progress.

Every nail, every screw, all the machines that we make,
all the air, all the food, all the forest we take,
means nothing to Time who just passes along,
bemused by the Angels and their perfect sung song.

All the things that you hold, are soon gone to the past,
what matters man makes, can never long last,
fore Time is eternal and Space it is not,
what breathes and does eat is destined to rot.

But since substance is space, it needs time to evolve,
to improve for the better, it’s man’s mission to solve.
All those visions you have as you toss and you turn,
are timeless taught teachings, God wants you to learn.

It’s with Spirit’s great mind you are guided through Time,
it’s not straight, it’s not curved, its not even a line.
It’s a dimension you see, a transfer of sorts,
where Time, Space, and Thought all open their ports.

Know your world’s always changing through the toil of your Soul,
“As You Think, So You Do,” it’s your God given role.
Quell your self-centered Ego.  Who can truly say “My”? 
Let Time talk to your essence, whispers Love to your “I”.

You must trust in the Angels that ride timeless wings,
enlightening your Soul, heed the truth that they sing.
All the thoughts of the ages, all the wisdoms so true,
are yours for the learning when Time echoes through you!

                                               Sam Shada 

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Goddess of the Sky

The goddess of the sky grabbed many stars And she sprinkled them on the moon afar Then the moon glowed brighter with all its might Power emits from inside the moon’s sight She moves the moon along its burning path A wondrous movement not containing wrath Impressed by her work she watches the show The stars all twinkle and the moon does glow Below I lay on the ground observing On top of the lit sky she sits serving I watch her sprinkle stars onto the moon As the moon does glow it gets brighter soon No greater goddess than one of the sky She is the best to bring light up so high
Russell Sivey

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When I do think on the past days of my life
There seems to be a thread I do realize
From the moment of my birth `tis but a strife
Each step takes me closer to my demise
Life`s a journey, it is often said
A world of mirrors that can bend and stretch
This realm of ghosts, ne`er to know what`s ahead
Struggling till Death comes all of us to fetch
But of that day and hour knoweth no man
We scurry hither and thither, then go suddenly sour
Spoiled so soon; the game we barely began
The ominous bells are tolling, hour after hour
The curtains rise, and fall they must
We are made from, and must return to dust

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EVERYDAY IS GOD'S DAY Threats of war-- shakes the peace floating in the breeze, Bombs and guns, they rattle to break bony reasons of the mind, Thorns and knocks that seed from biting disease, Shouts and wails rising 'neath conscience and ego grind, all these like wagon wheels-- the whole world theater confines When will humans know there's always a God standing by? Dawn and dusk---brace night and day, His own design so are animals that swim, hop and eagles soaring high! All He provided and us, He asked to keenly give an eye but pass flipping years did we try to allot some time? Utter some thanksgiving shedding clouds of shy? Daily we walk a lifeline to reach one peak prime, offering our lives humbly as like saint Paul though pang of death is the stage of our befall... Everyday is a day the Lord has made, blessings He bestow a hug of sunlight, tests, He spearheads--the best teacher blade. . . Even if seven devils come in flight to invite stand like Jesus in the wilderness, hold tight! Fight! None like vapor but forward like Lancelot we go, serving God, throughout our life, the zenith height. Let praises grow and God's glory our constant show! Hatred we forego, letting love melt a heart of snow so when the day comes our Holy Father judge let our lives greet Him with bright smile of hello "Well, done faithful servant", He will say as He touch beckoning us inside a prepared Castle room Sharing with Him a life everlasting of bloom! _________________________________________ ©O. E. Guillermo 09:19 pm, January 25, 2015

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Pumpkins Swelled

Outside his home a Geek finds a surprise Three lit pumpkins desiring compromise They wanted people to know their power He soon found them giving him a shower The evil resonates from deep inside Each Jack-O-Lantern shows off its great pride Fear that one experiences from each A fresh heart is just what they do beseech The Geek not knowing his untimely fate Approached the pumpkins which he fears of late Pumpkins swelled and grew absorbing his soul He fell, leaving his mark right on the knoll Halloween is not what it used to be When children walked around getting candy
Russell Sivey Entrant into Cyndi MacMillan's "TIMELESS YET CONTEMPORARY, A SONNET THANG" contest

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Hope Of Renewal

As the last rose petal falls swiftly down
The last of the great roses of summer
What a great summer that was lived_you known
Rose had much character an affirmer

Fall approaches with sure desolation
Only bare branches with prickly thorns left
Mocking Bird nest with nesting cessation
Protected by the Rose as in a  cleft

Used up_bare waiting for winter's cold breath
Not knowing what this winter chill will bring
As the petals flood onto the ground_death
Hope awaits but winter comes with its sting

Will the sap rise again coursing through vine
Revitalization __ one  bud sure sign

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Jesus Christ' Parable -The Prodigal Son

Forgiveness of Sins / God's Love & Mercy
LK 15:11-32

Then he said, "A man had two sons, and the younger son said to his father, 'Father, give me the share of your estate that should come to me.' 

So the father divided the property between them. After a few days, the younger son collected all his belongings and set off to a distant country where he squandered his inheritance on a life of dissipation. 

When he had freely spent everything, a severe famine struck that country, and he found himself in dire need. 

Coming to his senses he thought, 'How many of my father's hired workers have more than enough food to eat, but here am I, dying from hunger. 

I shall get up and go to my father and I shall say to him, "Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. 

I no longer deserve to be called your son; treat me as you would treat one of your hired workers."' 

So he got up and went back to his father. 

While he was still a long way off, his father caught sight of him, and was filled with compassion. 

He ran to his son, embraced him and kissed him; His son said to him, 
'Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you; I no longer deserve to be called your son. 

But his father ordered his servants, 'Quickly bring the finest robe and put it on him; put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet...

Then let us celebrate with a feast, because this son of mine was dead, and has come to life again; he was lost, and has been found.' Then the celebration began. 

Now the older son had been out in the field and, on his way back, as he neared the house, he heard the sound of music and dancing. He became angry, and when he refused to enter the house, his father came out and pleaded with him. 

He said to him, 'My son, you are here with me always; everything I have is yours; but now we must celebrate and rejoice, because your brother was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found.'" (Taken from LK 15:11-14, 17-25, 28, 31-32)

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Beautiful lies

Dry tears flowing from our little eyes
That is the hearts way of bleeding when hurt
When it has asked too much of the why me,
Tears seem its only leeway left to turn.

Everyone knew our hearts were broken
Or at least that is what I made them believe
I can’t let the joy below to be known
Or how do you think they will see me

The traps was laid and meant to catch all of us
But luck smiled on me and I escaped it
With that look in their eyes, I took the fall
And told them we are together in it

Making them not to feel bad was the plan
What are friends meant for than to understand?

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TRIBUTE TO JOHN DONNE Don't Beg me to Stay

DON'T BEG ME TO STAY Tribute to John Donne My dearest heart, I do not go Because I’m tired of you, Or think that other worlds will show A heart more kind or true. Pretend I’ve died, just tell your heart I’m dead forever gone, And with a kiss please let me go--I must be moving on. Yesterday the sun was here And now it’s back again, But feels no passion or no fear And has no sense of pain. I wish that I could disappear And never look behind, Then I could leave you weeping here And keep my peace of mind. For when you sigh, and look at me With eyes full of despair, My life long dreams are shred in two-- Please free me if you dare. You say you love me, it’s a lie For if such thing was true, You would not slowly watch me die Or tear my heart in two . Please in the deep seed of your soul Know , sweet one, I love you. Your hatred would be death to me And make your curse come true. When the door has finally closed And I’ve gone down the stairs, When you’re quiet and composed Let sleep abate your fears. You see, I know life’s truest bond Will navigate the sea. In dreams such passion as we’ve found Will still thrill me and thee. If destiny has blundered fair, Our path will surely meet. And when you see my red flash hair, You’ll swoop me off my feet.
V Anderson Throop

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Metamorphosed - Chopped II

Breezes brush through the window caressingly,
soft fanning wings powdering my skin;
night's black velvet pricked only by the porch light's glow.
Alone, I feel no fear. Gliding the dark, my twin
has turned gossamer wings toward my tiny light-
metamorphosed--a radiant night creature.
I breathlessly await like culminating event,
faith strengthened by this moth miracle of nature.

Heaven's windows are always flung wide open;
the porches blaze in one eternal, flaming light.
Souls released from dull cocoon entrapments 
wing into endless day free of sin's blight.
Life's thin film is splitting, revealing the heart;
spirit wings unfurl, lift and upward start.

November 2, 2014
Modern Sonnet
Chopped II contest

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Chest of Gold

She comes along with a glint in her eye I knew just what she was coming to spy I had a chest, one that was full of coins It had what she desired, surely she joins Powers beyond belief were inside this Anything you wanted you wouldn’t miss She opened the chest, looking deep inside Moving the lid over, opened it wide The golden coins all shone on her with glee Not one fell away, each one she did see With awe she played with the contents within All of the coins were gone, she had taken She proudly moved with a quick step along These coins to her, is where they did belong
Russell Sivey

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The Cloak

The Cloak

The cloak of darkness gathers ancient woes
from yesterdays, unveiling broken dreams.
Reality now threadbare, heaven knows
each day a silhouette with altered seams.
Emotion’s ragged pockets lost in years,
a masquerade of changes, pain’s design
with patches intertwined amongst the fears
of voyage weaving shadows unbenign.
Though darkened, tattered edges filled mirage
while fickle time continued dancing thread,
that haunted past in vivid decoupage
became too small to wear when angels led.
Today, the cloak remains within the chest
where feathered, treasured moments came to rest.

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Wandering a Mountain

Up in a mountain top, up very high Where the rocks give up with a gentle sigh Moss grows on their surface where the stream flows The ground’s steep and you’re higher than you know The trees are spread out and look very white But the ones near the bottom carry height Air breathes thin and is often hard to find But it’s so pure you really don’t mind The stream is quite cold, like the mountain top Whole mountain is old, beauty is non-stop The place sings a song, a rhyming collage It supplies rare flowers for a corsage I wander along looking for some peace The mountain provides hope with sweet release
Russell Sivey

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A Word To The Future I

The fantasies of a fool 
Are his nightmares 
But the dream 
Of the wise is reality 
Age is nothing 
But experience is the key 
In the story of life 
One is born to be 
To unravel life's mystery 
So borne the hatred 
And the jealousy 
Saw the seed of life 
To reap eternity 
Don't give up the struggle 
For this is your destiny

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Clouds of Ash

Ash is displayed in massive cloudy form Looking like what’s coming is a large storm Black clouds of ash bursts upwards to the sky Clouds all shine from the sun, casting red dye Crash, the volcano erupts to begin Sending ash into the heavens again Cloudiness form with black on the bottom Red exploding on the top of the gloom Swirling around, the thick clouds move downwind It’s blocking sight, not knowing what it sends Coming along explosions erupting Destroying the sky and what’s enchanting One moment to the next, fear is sky high As ash billows expulsing a grand sigh
Russell Sivey Contest: any poem under 15 lines Sponsor: SKAT - OZ 7/14/2013

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In a Poor Man's home
There is no wish 
Not even on your dish; 
No choice, but not boresome. 

In a Poor Man's home, 
Nothing is found on a silver platter;
Not even on a clay platter; 
No rejoice, but not toilsome. 

In a Poor Man's home 
You can't pay your fees 
Not even on your knees; 
No voice, but in all, its awesome. 

But tho' it seems today bitter 
It'll be tomorrow sweeter.

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To Think in Silence

As I in silence think, memories come
They flilter through the fog within my mind
I hear distant sounds, like a beating drum
And watch in awe,  to the pictures I find
To have sought beauty as I passed through time
And replay each scene without fear or doubt
And watch them dance, as they begin to climb
To farthest realms as memory fades out
This silence now dark becomes a rushing tide
With welling waves from tears that never fell
Awash in time, where memories reside
Finds my mirrored mind where reflections dwell

To feel time pass, not understand its cause
To see the sunrise, a moment to pause

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The Dance of the Prince and the Bride

In the early days when I was a child I would imagine myself a bit wild I would think to be in a grand ballroom With the princess there, and I am the groom We would dance together, I would be great Better than all the rest, they couldn’t state How near perfect I was this lovely day No one could challenge me in no pure way We would dance the best, and dance the longest For I was the greatest, and the strongest I would surely kiss her, my gorgeous bride Nowhere I’d rather be, I wouldn’t hide For my heart is hers, and her heart is mine This dance will last forever, for all time
Russell Sivey Contest: Dancing with ........ Sponsor: Giorgio V. 6/28/2013

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Coming Out of the Shadows

Coming out of the shadows is dire hope With no mechanisms at which to cope It’s like the darkness is grasping to hold Wanting to strangle, to break the light mold Smell of sulfur sits within its confines Being expelled right from its center lines Forming a deadly piece to relinquish Suffocating by what it does relish There is a window of time that’s bestowed Where some light leaks on out from deep below With the glow to come out of the darkness The portal frees love from the emptiness Moon’s gravitational pull brings out light Coming out of the shadows it is bright
Russell Sivey Contest: Coming Out Of The Shadows Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 7/11/2013

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'Tis known you're not all there, all of the time,
but I'm submissive; more than I should be;
though heretic somewhat, 'twould be a crime;
in my belief, you're not more than I see.

My failing in your eyes, 'tis life to me,
my very breath, the only way I know
of reaching you, where-in I wish to be,
my being not all there, I choose from Go.

Please take my hand, and make our journey slow
throughout our way, we'll not believe in time;
'tis but a guage, mere numbers few could know
would bring the end, to life, the constant climb.

And through forever, we'll not hold on Go;
Monopolizing everything we know.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Summer Love

Strolling along the hot beach
Your hand is there for my reach,
Our feet are covered with sand
As we’re walking hand in hand.

Sitting by the warm fire
Our hearts are filled with desire,
As we are sipping our wine
You send shivers down my spine.

As music plays through the night
There is no one else in sight,
We make steamy summer love
Under the black sky above.

This dream I hope will come true
I’d only share it with you!

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Sonnet X or The Bluebird Sonnet

O why’d they misconstrue your colour against you?
When the song is swift imagination, so sweet and full
Why’d they whisper of weariness, of idiomatic blue?
When pause is ponderous play not a dark silent lull
It is the bluebird’s song that warm thoughts entice
That unexpected exuberant bout of welcomed joie de vivre
That instant intoxication of all virtue and all vice
Oft’ heard from coffee’d morn till the day’s end receive’
When beguiled by melody left to lilt through wistful air
That beacon of curiosity which so quickly is consume’
Cheery embrace – the listener enraptured is divided ne’er
Till the final bar closes only then may the day resume
Though for tunes of waking night the bluebird composes nigh
Alas, her song is for bright day not for moon’s sleepless sigh

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Reflections at 47

I never saw myself as an old man
Never thought two-thousand would come either
I lived my life not on any one plan
Sweated through high school without a breather

I haven’t the mobility to run
though at times I can walk pretty darn fast
and I am always out getting some sun
I’m glad those days not walking didn’t last

Love I have had a few when does it end
The realities are never the same
So I am marrying my one best friend
I promise you for me this no game

One thing for sure this one is truly real
Her meals more tasty than a Happy Meal

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Purple Majesty

Purple majesty, the proudest tree here Looking powerful, like one that sure cares Ideally pronounced, the best tree around Expressively warm, a heartwarming sound The other trees in the grove don’t carry The love that is needed for royalty The desire for tenderness so heartfelt Is missing from the others in the belt Together they are united as one Even the purple tree’s beauty beacon It holds the power of the small clearing The heartbeat of the grove is endearing The mighty tree brings a towering soul Aligns all the trees making them all whole
Russell Sivey

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Completed Then Go

Facing one's mortality isn't easy.
Would death be better hear ringtone swiftly,
unexpectedly_ pass from life breezy
to eternal life, sustainable upward drift. 
Or be granted extended life on earth.
Maybe through simple living great deed do.
Book about life's problems solved_ could birth.
Review life, help youth before bid adieu.
No way would want to linger; a problem
to family, unable to care for self.
No way have choice how I go, no stratagem
can alter what fate life gives oneself.
I would want all my ducks in a neat row.
Life's accomplishments completed then go_

Words used: ringtone, sustainable,simple living
Theme: 7)Eternal Questions
Sponsor: Cyndi MacMillan
Contest: Timeless Yet Contemporary A Sonnet Thang

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Revealing to Me

Laying down on my back I look straight up Sky’s filled with small dots and the moon’s a cup Specks are bright with a very brilliant white They are awesome to see, a gorgeous sight The stars bring an aura to me with life No problems in the world I see, no strife I relax when the dots are before me Superior is their glow, completely As I lay on the ground I do notice This sky harbors peace within its darkness For the moon and the stars sure envelope The unmoving specks of light develop The stars move me in my heart seeing true Revealing to me how much I love you
Russell Sivey

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Tamed To Entice

Amongst the speechless... Choirs of drift-n-stilly...
'Tween a deep mouth... And hollow paradise...
Herewith breath and ~ Deep invisible sleep...

Cometh the dark brass... Oft a Raven's plea...
Betwixt a knee's bend... And deeply rooted slice....
Of earth's aye pastures ~ 'Neath the rose's blush...

Flirting with curtain's murmurs...Bound by sweep ~
A crescent breeze.~ Mid morning's cup of tea...
Hush mid restless dreams ~ Tamed to entice...

Soaring to heights of dizziness.... Too steep ~
To see scars oft left behind......Mid the rush.....
Tending to madness ~ Might amidst fury...

Sing I the song of the stars.... Boundless hush....
Loft an ease.... That only the stars shall see....

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A New Sun Rises

A new sun will rise and fall on my days
Until a moment I finally sleep
While footprints I've made fade slowly away
Time moves forward and never weeps
As I am a breath that will not linger
To be born then forever disappear
To measure time with gray wrinkled fingers
Know I was here from a love that appeared
The quiet filled hole that holds my dead bones
As I lay beneath earth where grass roots feed
A heart empty of life,  cold and alone
A cycle not of wanting but of need

Shall reason need answers for time that's found
The days that I've traveled I found profound

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A Bipolar Cliche

When I don't sleep or take my meds as I
am told by my psychiatrist, I hear
the sound of voices drawing near and near.
It is a scary feeling to come by
when you're bipolar and you want to die.
Most of the time  it is a life of fear
for me, just always facing what's too clear--
that my life does not amount to a fly's.
My life's so meaningless to me it seems;
if I could I would end it right away,
but that'd be taking it to such extremes,
I suppose. Instead, I just read and pray
and write poems of brighter, happier themes.
I swear--I'm such a bipolar cliché!

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Nature's Way

In the morning or in the night the shadows appear.
Some are dark and some invisible to the naked eye.
They stroll around and about with distance up high.
They follow covering you never knowing their near.
Look to the trees where empty spaces reveal clear.
You can see their eyes and their moods as they fly.
A penetrating stare with a glare with the winds sigh.
Run or stand but you’re in an open space of a sphere.
Nature’s way is coming up to you,
Open your eyes being able to see,
Hope and pray you catch this view.
Hidden in between freedom is free.
Catch many glimpses of this shade,
That way tomorrow will never fade.
© Copyright:  Ann Rich   2007

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Life's Wild Side

standing midnight watch on the quarter deck
shipyard worker reported cries for help
Officer of the Deck sent me to check
on the portside sounded like a dog’s yelp

I knew of the barges on the portside
from port sponson saw man in the water
I tried pulling him out each time he’d slide
ship yard worker came and brought some order

a boat came to take us back to the pier
my white Dixie hat was pretty muddy
I later found out the man snuck out for beer
one week later my best friend was bloody

saved a life and loss a life in one week
I’m just thankful it wasn’t any streak

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Now The Dawn Is Breakin'

Emotionally you left long long ago
"Already I'm so lonesome, I could die"
Why not just leave so you're wild oats can sow
I'll wait 'til a good time to say goodbye

"Now the dawn is breakin', its early morn"
And to the porch drawn to contemplate life
There in His tender embrace be reborn
He'll let me understand my role as wife

And hold me like He'll never let me go
Spirit filled, cup running over, renewed
Ready my life to give a golden glow
From all those years of love that has accrued

"Now the dawn is breakin', its early morn"
Realization_no need to be lovelorn  

Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Contest: Songs to Poetry
Song: "Leaving On A Jet Plane"
We all feel like leaving from time to time or have to leave from time to time..Sometimes in a marriage our mate checks out but they are still there..
Not about me just some thoughts..

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A Focused Mind

How can you move ahead when life seems like it's at a standstill,
Moving mountains and moving hills.
Grinding day after day making this money,
Yet you're back at square one now isn't that funny.
Trying to provide a better life for you and yours,
While still maintaining your bills and chores.
Seems like nothing you do gets you ahead,
Keeps you awake at night when you're trying to go to bed.
Thinking to yourself is this as good as it gets,
I'm busting my ass and for that I have no regrets.
Wonder how life would be if you chose a different path,
So busy with work you barely have time to relax.
Hustling trying to get it all together,
So stressed it has left you feeling under the weather.
You've changed your life for the greater good,
You're living your life exactly how you should.
It's a struggle to stay on the straight and narrow,
But some people don't see that and if they did they wouldn't care though.
They overlook the dedication you have by working doubles,
You're at work instead of getting into trouble.
You feel like you're chained down,
All this working is running you into the ground.
You don't even have time to think,
You could lose your mind in a brink.
Worry, worry, worry, that's all you do,
This circle of life is harsh but true.
Make a plan and stick to it,
That way your life want be so frantic.
You started from the bottom and look at you now,
You managed to make it on your own somehow.
Nothing ever stays the same,
Even though it feels like life's playing one big game.
Don't let it distract you by giving in,
Keeping fighting until you win.
Anyone can do anything if you put your mind to it,
All it takes is determination and motivation,
That's what's going to get you to your final destination.
When the water settles and you can see clear,
You'll be glad you went through all the bull**** that led you here.

       April 26, 2014
~ The One and Only~

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Sonnet 1

A canvas high and felt traced tips
With background broad and tint azure
None posed in space with limbs being clipped
The sketch of liberty one saw

When pillars then in holes are tucked
Sore eyes in Gaya’s comfort seek
While plumes of sentiment are plucked
Love lingers on in love’s mystique

Time let the warble low to swoop
And beak like marble gloss to shine
Thoughts flicker on life’s endless stoep
In tandem with the sun that mimes

That morn when words and wheels are cleansed
 Found true and veiled in mortal condensed.

Thabiso Nkoana©2013-04-21

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Women are always right

Furiously giving into a man
is the worse thing that a woman can do
when she knows she's right. He will think he can
get away with anything. Telling you
he's the boss and makes the rules from now on.
Last time I checked women had their own mind
thoughts and opinions. They don’t need, "I'm gone,
because your not my sweet old mama" kind
of speech. They need you to admit your wrong,
and tell them no matter how hard you try
that you will never be right. Sing a song
if you have to, just don’t make your girl cry.
Just remember that when you think your right,
your not. The woman always wins the fight.

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The Weaver

Today's are woven with yesterday's thread
Spun by hands restless on life's silent loom
This tapestry made carried to death's bed
Woven with all the knowledge you consume
Framed to be hung on your life's hardened wall,
of what has been for the weaver, reminds
Tomorrow's thread yet to be lived at all
While the new day's cloth finally unwinds
Weave in disappointment, victories sought,
with woven memories cut and knotted
To be a reminder of what's been taught
Records the reasons for time allotted

To weave this tapestry without design
Unravels majesty and leaves but twine

Frederic Parker

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Autumn cusp

Late November dawn. Sun’s rays slanting low
Filtering through a haze of naked trees
To stream, in weakened state, through my window
Caressing my face, as the darkness flees

The colour of the light, warming my walls,
Banishes thought of winter’s cold fingers
And, though, daily, the temperature falls,
So much of autumn’s beauty still lingers

Red leafed vines paint the near terraced skyline
Green woodpeckers laugh with unshared reason
Persimmon, holly, mistletoe and pine
Nature’s decorations for this season…

(And Christmas does not feel so far away)
Replete with hope; new birth, new life, new day ~

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The Garden

The thought came to her seeing how the spring
Thaw was here with green patches of onion,
And few areas of spring grasses__now green
That the garden would need tending~ attention

And send her forth (into the sun) to plant
Vegetables, herbs, tend flowers of the hour
Roses,  beauties, burgundy, soft brillant
Petals gentle between fingers, power

Scent that allures both man, woman to come
Enjoy this day in this pleasant garden
That draws butterflies, which lightly touch some
Drinks nectar, touches pollen, beholden

Spring with its beauty, warmth, outdoor pleasures
Can disregard work when one sees treasures.

Contest:Poet Destroyer
Sponsor:What's In Your Garden? Old Or New
Meter: Iambic Pentameter
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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C'est la vie

Late 80s, Quebec, Ville de Lasalle, A piece of my life, a piece of me, I left behind; Fait accompli. What I miss most? Je ne sais quoi! Cartoons! Lagaffe, Robin Dubois! Bicycle rides with my good friends, Next to the river, along the bends. I left behind a piece of my life…

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The muscles below have started aching
As if though stressed out after workout
I know it’s not my first of such feelings 
But it feels I will soon have a knockout

The lights have left been blurred to become dull
Everything appears so differently
Sounds so far now ringing in my skull
And so hard to remember anything

Wow! My skin has started reacting
Water now draining through the little pores
Heat like never before emanating
I can’t feel comfortable anymore

This fight will definitely continue
Until it has been re-appeased anew

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Influence of a Mighty Tree

How many people want to hug a tree Majestic and high, tree loves all you see Trunk of the base is simply way too large Too huge to hold onto, that’s the main charge Looking up we see the sky it clutches Crystal blue with chilling breath it touches Fog enhances the life of the old tree We all desire to be released and free Our emotions flows here and finds real peace We find rows of life within each grand crease Frigid air surrounds our warm beating hearts Tree is the master, one that’s off the charts Reflected in water is the tree’s might What power it has with its awesome height
Russell Sivey Contest: All About Trees (old/new) poem Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 7/6/2013

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Like roses on a thorn I never knew
 What I thought was beneath and what was there
 I look inside and all I see is you
 And there I found I actually do care
 More than I deserve, you make me feel
 Am I awake? Or is this just a dream?
 Heart Beats, with a tear and my thoughts unreal
 Perhaps this world is more that what it seems;
 I hope someday you'll see what I see
 Away with your pity and no more sighs
 You'll look inside and tomorrow we will fly
 You'll change and the sky will darken its hue
 Whatever you become I will still love you

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Scenes of Boogiemen and Vampires

Night is suffocating with lots of fear Scenes of boogiemen and vampires quite near A haunted house sits on top of a hill Where spiders scatter about on the sill A single light is lit in upstairs room Looking frightful as if to spell some doom Lightning flashes to reveal a graveyard Where the dead lives again in his backyard The pathway up to the dark front entrance Is littered with Jack-O-Lanterns that dance There are snakes that wait for one to walk by So they can strike at him, cause him to die The whole land smells of great fear and of fright Bad place to visit on Halloween night
Russell Sivey

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Freedom Though Misunderstood

Overly kind _little slow in study
Unskilled in sports; not beautiful was she
He came into life when anybody
Would have made a marriage match not just he

Becoming acquainted at church was their way
He flashed freedom before her youthful eyes
In love she speedily fell that warm spring day
Before she thought or even could realize

She boldly and in secret whispering
Displayed the ring that she now proudly wore
Soon she would be a bride to be longing
For his soon return from his duty tour

Marriage offered change_some for good_
Some for difficulty_ freedom though misunderstood____

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Thorn Patch

Into the plush fields they went just smiling Laughing their way down the hills and diving Into the weeds and flowers alike, soft Cushion like forms allow for one aloft Even through their fun, some pain enveloped Thorns found Sally’s side, bleeding developed Her friend ran to her, offered her support Sally’s eyes cried with pain was their report After they told their parents of their day They knew their exploits weren’t over, no way Patched up and ready to go was Sally Her younger sister was always ready Where the prettiest flowers are, they know Away from the thorns, exploring they’ll go
Russell Sivey

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End Pieces Of Bread

Every sliced loaf of bread has those crust
Those that are the end pieces brown dry
Pieces formed by exposure to heat's thrust
Left in wrapper to protect slices by

When tender slices of loaf are finished
One has the two ugly dry end pieces
But can those old dry worn be replenished
Buttered maybe toasted becomes caprices

Maybe those dry, worn, brown loaf bread ends
Could be cubed buttered herbed turned into croutons
Little thoughtful creativity friends
End pieces eaten with anticipations

Not of bad but of only good things now
The dry ugly left over we'll allow

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Swift Wind

The nice swift wind,blows across my face
hitting me cold,in the life's bitter race.

The streets are lonely and lone I'm walking,
in the cold hostile air,hardly I'm smiling.

Searching for the one who held my hands
to make me feel warm like the magic wands

Still moving alone in the path of life 
feeling the pain through the edge of knife

Still wishing to go back in time to childhood
playing on streets like those in the neighborhood 

far better than moving alone searching for the one
who comforts me just like the morning sun

The nice swift wind ,seems romantic no longer
neither the cool breeze feels like the earlier.

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A broil, inside, so women effervesce,
spilling from my cottage, armed with platters,
dismissing each storm cloud that presses
dusk. Wind clips my blush roses, scattering

petals onto bare feet as if we are brides.
Laughter electrifies even those weary
who relax by hollyhocks. It’s July
and we’ve become the melt of night, freed

of propriety. When, at last, the rain comes,
maturity un-roots to re-spin legends
on the lawn, belting out a  summer song
with elbows locked friend to giddy-friend. 

Almost steaming, Morrison’s Brown-Eyed Girls
are renewed by verve and this kindred gall. 

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Waterdroplets Gives Life

Now lies the waterdroplet on the edge
Excess moisture wrung from the foggy air
Droplets that are somehow a reserve hedge
Drops that all the insects, birds, lizzards share

French Tarragon pointed leaves perfect shape
For water to collect travel down tip
Hang suspended surrounded by cloudscape
Time seems to stand still few hours 'till slip

Gone with the heat of the appearing sun
There for just short time so that all can drink
The sun has done a good job and you spun
Dry as in a modern dryer in a wink

To all things there is a season but some short
Can some be extended _ not early thwart

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The Power of Gratitude

A word of thanks for all that I receive,
Yesterday, today and tomorrow too.
Is it so hard to simply say thank you,
Or take a breath to let the heart believe?
Two easy words that never seem enough,
Surrounded by beauty in Nature’s love,
But it is harder to look to the skies above,
When life is tough and the going is rough,
Yet taking the time to reflect thanks then,
Opens the soul so life begins to change,
And our dreams take on a different range,
As we embrace a brief moment of Zen.
This is the power that awakens life
Even when surrounded by naught but strife.

Form: Canadian Sonnet

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Milepost 16

Tis just a number to the adults in my life
One they remember from a past long ago
Yet, somehow they forget the accompanying strife
And forget those things that I am yet to know

A drivers’ license, they think, must be my only thought
As if, after sixteen years, that should be my winning prize
There are many other life’s lessons I yearn to be taught
And I am still but a simple child in their eyes

Sixteen candles sit melting on top of my cake
As they beckon, “Make a wish and blow them out”
I simply wish that my life has not been a bad mistake
And, “Take me seriously!” is what I want to shout

Sixteen summers to them is but a fraction of their world
I pass through this milestone underwhelmed but over thrilled

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The Dam Is Broken

The dam has broken, fear has poured gushing
Oh! Great Physician ruler of the angels
Send the mighty healing army flying
On strong wings of love, comfort counsels

Open the Word and the Spirit speak plain
Don't go around and round the mountain high
Move forward child to another level attain
On the wings of those angels now fly

On the journey may you always find another
To share a light on the worn path of life
A person who stays in step with you and sings
This your life may it be one of wealth and no strife

Protected by the angel of mercy__love
May your journey be seasoned from above

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The bread factory Babel

The bread factory Babel was damaged years ago. 
Again, we tried to repair the oven in the frozen field; 
We drank the fuel to tame the tempest of soot and yellow snow, 
And the stomach’s black hole hungry with moldy hominy held.
“I am a tiger, in my trade! One baker says, “But new troubles arise…”
Coughing because the dust and soot, suddenly we started to pray…
“Black crows fall down around and call the death and blind my eyes”
“Hard times, of shadows gray: if we could feed people today,                             
“It would be through a spiritual power to win the old sin.”  
“Could we bake good breads and loafs on the Kane’s line,” 
“From where, the clouds of ash are flashing black in?” 
Finally, they decided to cut coal in the new open mine. 

The bakers became miners and the hell’s oven was sold:
When they fired the hell, yet burning it was too cold

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Sunday Sonnet

A Sunday morning without any sun
A usual day here in the North East
With my wife not here today is no fun
It has been so long since I’ve seen a priest

A few times in life I would frequent church
Believe the last time was two-thousand-two
Haven’t even been married in a church
I know my answers will come tomorrow

I don’t mean Monday a little later
Then again they may never come to me
Sometimes my life feels like a big crater
Something's missing do I need to be free?

I’m writing a sonnet on this Sunday
I find it helpful some would rather pray

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My Solemn Vow

I think I shall take this very day and make you my solemn vow.
And when I do I shall pass it onto you to follow the just of me.
I vow to open your blinded eyes to show you all that I can see.
I vow to open your deafened ears to hear why I am me and how.
I think I shall take this night and raise up your brow.
And when I do I shall pass it to you with an only key.
I vow to open your locked doors down on a bent knee
I vow to close the wounds from those I did not allow.
I vow to gather my group up into my fruitful field.
I vow to cover you and dress you to simply adorn.
I vow to create a world in which we as one build.
I vow to remove every single painful prickly thorn.
I vow to you that I am your God given Grace.
I vow to you that I am able to create or erase!
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2008

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I do not know how big they are,
But I can see them twinkle from afar.
Their shape to me is yet unknown,
Still I can see them where ever I go.

Way high up there in the night sky,
Farther than any bird could ever fly.
"How did they get so far away,?"or
"Will they fall down to earth someday?"

When I look through my window late at night,
I stare at those stars,so beautiful and bright.
One day I know there won't be any cars,
But when I look up there will always be stars 

Quentin Alexander Sands

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A Love Sonnet

.                                                  A Love Sonnet
                                       Composed By: Sara Kendrick

                            Oh! What can I say of my love that's true

                             I just love a game of life with good rules

                     For knowing the rules~~following same~~no sue~

                     Like first write my name so I am known**cool**

                               This poem about love is dedicated

                               To a woman who Rambles poetry

                             Constance La France who meditated

                              Meditated, relaxed__watching trees

                            In her homeland of Canada life's ease

                       With her vintage clothes, a paying job~~well~

                          She is set to enjoy what I have to please

                      That she is so nice to comment on my tall tale

                          Let me summarize and not least disguise
                      Bending rules, dancing around right  is not wise

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Back to The Summerland

What matters not, now past and put away,
your welcoming brings on another scheme
and here you make your plan, you can not stay
much longer than it takes to build a dream.

In this, the place where beauty binds all things,
forgotten is each pain, you've ever known,
and here, the Green of life, it always sings,
of life to be, from where all love is grown.

Until you get it right, you shall return,
back to your Summerland, where you can grow,
into a life from which we never learn,
because of learning things we never know.

Your understanding is your final breath
And life begins in what we think is death.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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From Garden To Throne

For years, I walked through my garden of excuses,
beautifully laid out, symmetrical and abundant.
The tapestry of seduction and deceit, fertile ground
for my field of illusions, with new growth ripening,
under the constant warmth of the gliding sun.
Blissfully, I tended that site, accessible to no one,
ritually, I covered my tracks, and gave nothing back.

Until the weather changed.  My labyrinth garden,
my identity came under siege,  the wind and the rain
washed it all away, exposing the broken bedrock below.
My barren soul, rootless and drained, drifted into dark
shadows  without a trace.  Freedom claimed me, 
Illuminated me, called me home.   My watery eyes
and fragile, pounding heart became my throne.

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My head fills with words of pain and sorrow
But comes the dawn with hope of the morrow
And the private tortures haunting my dreams
Dissolve until all is not as it seems

These words in my head, as I start to write
Are supposed to be black, but turn out white
Instead of the angst, from being apart
I sing of the love that is in my heart

Maybe anxious poetry’s just not me
Perhaps that’s not what I want you to see
Nature and romance come more easily
Instead of the words I want to set free

So remember sometimes, these words will hide
Those caged ones that are burning deep inside ~

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Celestial Mother

Once great always great I say to you.
Upside down or right side up you be.
Once upon a time and a time once was she.
Gathering the universe and shining a Star or two.
Then one day She shot down to Earth out of the blue.
She gathered Her crops and made circles wide and free.
She made them so big the whole of the world could see.
She took the Stars the Sun and Moon making them new.
She shined talents never quite seen.
Amazing and sparkling from up above,
She is the smartest thing ever so keen.
She is abundant in spreading Her love.
She is our Celestial Mother in Heaven,
Separated by the empty shells of leaven!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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I love you (Written for Sonnet Contest)

I love you more, than words will ever say
I think of just us, every night and day.
Talking and sharing, just being with you
There’s nothing on this earth, I’d rather do.

It happened so quickly, we fell in love
It could be meant, by the man up above.
I tingle all over, just by your touch
I’ll love you forever, so very much.

Special songs and dreams, and time together
I’ll cherish the memories, always forever.
I’ll never be able, to say goodbye
The thought of us parting, still makes me cry.

You’ll always hold, a very special part
Forever and always, you’ll have my heart.

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Gone Are The Youthful Days

Gone Are The Youthful Days

Gone are the youthful days of being a cat about town
beautiful young wife and family settled this man down
Yes,  memories of wild times , hell raising most nights
the many new loves, sweet makeup loving after fights

Gone are the glory days of wild songs and Rock n' Roll
living too hard, too fast was great fun that took a toll
Chasing the pretty gals and not knowing we had been caught
they set such pretty traps, "we won them" or so we thought

Gone are the many sweet things we foolhardy took for granted
we fought life, the dangerous world , with feet unsoundly planted
Each victory was a celebration of dodging shameful defeat
so many of us would rather fight, gamble and love, than eat

Now that the future has turned such to memories of the past
we must face the cold brutal truth, it all went too damn fast


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The Suffering Generation

We are the suffering generation
The Conspiracy of Incineration
Has been unleashed upon our Nation.
Battered and bruised, we hold our stations
Against the onslaught of our Education

I can hear them calling me
Feeding off my misery
Will I ever be set free
Will they ever let me be

I weep now for what befalls
The men who walk between these walls
And tremble as the Siren calls

Yet there will be a joyous day
Where we command and you obey!

Inspired by Mohammad Hafez

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Great Spirit here come I in humble prayer
child of your Bedonkohe blood and line.
I raise my hands to recognize you there
and plea you recognize this heart of mine.

I know you welcome all into your light
And let my way, as through this death I go, 
Be swift and sure, if bad or good or right
As certain as blood of Geronimo.

Look! Is my line not tied to what's his past?
And does this not bring us our only choice
To bide amongst the tribe from out our past?
To gather in your light, and raise one voice

Of this, our song, our voices unified
And handed down through time, where we have cried.
...............© Ron Wilson
Another very special Sonnet that just wrote itself through me...where do they come from? And how?

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The only praise

Sulfur smile and the summer that knits the brow; 
Green branches shake the crystalline thrills, 
While past and future have a date and bow, 
In front of no time nosegay of the sleepy hills: 
Under the blue, near dark green our tree cries. 
Delusive Dragon can count the crusade`s days, 
Hand holding hand, and hope eyes to eyes, 
For our way we pay with ourselves, the only praise. 
Dream to dream in tender calling of the muse; 
The rainbow`s colors after rain recited the sun; 
The flight of doves may keep an old excuse, 
That sorrow and joy as twins rest in a pun: 

This means my tree anew soon after it was old; 
So, love and hope and recollections won`t rest cold.

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Some intimacy with my muse

Ever since I met that one being
I have been lost in a world of his own
So charming he is, so elevating
That by his side, to sorrow I am no more prone

Though I know not his form, or his name
Though I feel him not physically
He makes feel like I am a real dame
All sweet, pampered and so sexy

He allowed my dreams to come true
Writing and making my verses come alive
Writing and leaving behind my steps in black and blue
Why such is the reason why I took birth, I believe

O Muse, never, oh never do leave my side
Only your charms can fill up my emptiness with pride!

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Sonnet:And That's The Way It Is Since you know,you're just deeply in debt But there's nothing more you can do nor get! Deep thoughts irk your head-woes you can't bear! 'Tis the reason you're moaning in your chair! Holding down your breath, knowing you're in debt, 'Tis not fun at all,got your feet quite wet, And makes it bad for you, without a doubt, ‘Cause duties you'd never really met And now you're just reaping what you had sow, Keep your hoe down- prepare what you can plow, Since you know,you're just deeply in debt, But there's nothing more you can do nor get! Deep thoughts irk your head- woes you can't bear! 'Tis the reason you're moaning in your chair! Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2007 December,05,2014

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Poems about Allah
In The Name Of Allah
I seek Allah’s protection
Praise be to Allah
The lord of the world
The beneficent, the merciful.
The master of the Day of Judgment,
You do we worship and thine aid we seek,
Guide us to the straight path.
The path of those you have favored,
And not of those against whom you are wrathful,
Nor of those who have gone astray.
His relation with creatures
Many of his creatures are creative.

Known and unknown of varies
In different continent and undiscovered continent
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Special of his creatures on earth
Man feeling healthy and happy all time 
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Special creatures with special talents
Creating and inventing new things
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Was saying in cradle
 I dear not worship thee and dear not,
I dear not satisfy thee and I also dear not
Bunch of lies at a stage. 
Praise be to thee, thy Lord.

Creator looked and warned
Special creatures then shivered,
Echo of shouting and screaming
Then forgiveness was given
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Creature said, Marvelous, thy Lord is Perfect
And all praises and worship are due to him.

There is no god but He, the living,
The everlasting, slumber touches Him not, nor sleep.
To him belongs all that is in the heavens and on
The earth. Who is there to intercede with Him,
Save by his permission. He knows that before and after them,
And they comprehend nothing of His knowledge,

Save by such as he wishes.
His throne comprises the heavens and the earth.
The preserving of them oppresses Him not.
He is the Most High, the supreme (in glory)
Let there be no compulsion in religion:
Truth stands out clear from error:
Whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has
Gasped the most trustworthy handhold, that
Never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.
Allah is the protector of those who have faith: 
From the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.
Of those who reject faith the patrons are the evil ones:
From light they will lead them forth into depths of darkness. 

They will be companions of the fire to dwell therein (forever).
All praise is due to Him, who has bestowed upon me, 
Behold, my Sustainer hears indeed all prayer.
Your Duties to Him 
My passionate to him is to worship him
There is no partner or a competitor
I feel my life is to him
My life feels I should be to him, the able
Worship and gives him all he is due to:
And praises his name all the time
Mighty in all his names:
He the beneficent, pray

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A Step In Dance

Sweet angel guide me to this place of rest,
My weary soul at last takes its final breath,
A single bell to mark another death
Yet beginnings wait in an angel’s breast.
For death is not an end of things to me,
As life begins and ends within this place,
There are many more challenges to face,
But for a while I will be resting free.
My spirit roaming here upon a cloud,
With she who bound my heart with her sweet love,
And took my oath to the heavens above,
Together now, beyond the hallowed shroud.
As one in life we shared in love’s romance
So again shall our spirits step in dance.

Form: Canadian Sonnet

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Where Pleasure Exceeds

Peaceful, quiet in the cool outdoor space The moon spots a visit, bringing some grace The darkness is illumined by the moon Enough to make a couple start to swoon Path is lit up, an eerie glowing hue Allowing the couple something to do Something that’s not allowed in Christian eyes By their gushing hearts they did not disguise The moon showing them just what they should do The shade of the night is a dark, dark blue Path leads into the darkness, nothing’s there But their eyes are surely looking elsewhere Their heart beats within the deep moonlit night Where pleasure exceeds all desires tonight
Russell Sivey

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Stringed Mandolin

The land calls my name, deep inside the bowels Working the strips of fabric that installs Patience builds up where wind blows beyond time Lips tell stories but won’t work in the rhyme Severed is the black hair off her white skin Opened her heart, the day’s cool air within Leaves tumble and shake away from the trees Clouds play their music with delicate ease Liquefy my eyes, gone through broken glass Sifting through the polished sand I won’t pass First score comes in, playing my eyes digress Lowered below feelings of some sundress By love I sit with a stringed mandolin And life strokes a chord of dandelion
Contest: Any Subject, Any Form - New Poems Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot 11/12/2013

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The man who cannot read or use a pen

Though full of direct knowledge of his fellows
Whose eyes and faces are a script humane;
Though voices sing to him like Lobos' cellos
Yet in lack and loss and woe this man remains..

In times gone by,the voice and face sufficed.
Poets read and we seized upon their lines;
But now a subtle tortures been devised
To write with pen and letters intertwined.

This man though wise like cat,or bear or owl,
Has failed in his acquaintance with the pen.
Nor does he have the words which politicians howl.
Nor can he read more than his list of sin.

For now the map is where the mind must dwell
And of reality,no-one can tell.

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Nothing to Say

You took my word,
Turned it around,
Threw it on the ground,
And silence was heard.

Now there is no sound.
Not even from a bird.
And it never occurred,
It could be lost or found.

I have nothing more to say,
Nothing I want to do,
Not even have a good day,
Not even I love you.

I have nothing to say anymore,
Not even one word from before.

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The Narrow Line

There are divisions on life’s narrow line
Where paths on left unite with paths on right…
Those crossroads we encounter intertwine…
Must choose which way, and oft in dark of night.
On left, perhaps the Devil’s wish we turn…
On right, a path more blessed by God; we find
The choice can lose the soul with no return,
Or help it rise to happiness refined.

With God and Devil we must live our years…
The balance is an act we face each day…
At times the narrow line is blurred by fears—
Go right, go left…a choice to make; we pray
   The one we then must choose will suit our quest…
   Our only judge…a conscience well at rest.

© Sandra M. Haight 2015
   All Rights Reserved

~7th PLACE~
Contest: Gods and Devils
Sponsor: Anthony Slausen
Judged 01/22/2015

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Indispensable Essence, 2


Against the sky, the weathered land now sinks
as water pours its force upon the earth
'til mossy glades become the tattered links
between the ocean's rim and mountain's girth.
A drought creates the stagnant puddle-scum
unfit to slake the thirst of man or ape
while life on earth will shrink and soon become
too weak to fight disease or seek escape.
Yet streams still flow with water fresh and clean
to nourish all of life within their range,
as pastures blossom, lush in verdant green,
from rain which curries earth in soft exchange.
        As life cannot continue without breath,
        a rainless land may gather only death.

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Mambo Sinuendo

A gray day searching for something to say,
listening to Mambo Sinuendo.
Dreaming a sunlit isle where every day
I need only grab a guitar and go
down to where I will find my friends and play
and dance another day and simply lose
myself in music, ignore life's decay.
Perhaps, every now and then, some small dues
would have to be paid, an old friend's room cleaned,
a couple days at the docks, groceries bought,
trips to the playa to see ladies dreamed
of but never seen or actually caught.
Had I listened to the muse in my head
years ago, what a life I would have led.

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Self Acceptance

How can I know love when I’m made of sin?
Evil and wrong, there is no place for me,
And pain melts away as the blade slips in,
Behind the closed doors where none dare to see.
There on my knees my words pleading for why,
I was condemned to hell ere I was born,
My heart turns black and I feel myself die,
Yet she stopped me as the sun rose to dawn,
The lady who dared me to see her face,
With words of wisdom from the days of old,
My light in the darkness of divine grace,
She took me in as my faith remained cold.
My lady within me when I see fear,
She draws me closer to hold me near.

Form: English Sonnet

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Sonnet 18

These are the days and times of ending years
Where man has made his move away from God
Walking in darkness he no longer hears
The cherubim that sing heavens ballade
In darkness he delights himself to dream
Of wars that wash the earth with blood, thus such
Foul actions grow while deaf to natures scream
Destroying earth and all made of pure touch
Les man should fold his ego that's unfurled
To obey laws above a higher crown
Soon days will come when raindrops fill the world
And death will float and all alive will drown
Thou giveth man each herb and bearing seed
And over land dost man over herb bleed

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In the center I sit.
Unraveling a core,
I lay it by the shore.
It’s a wondrous fit.
It is in pieces by a bit.
It sails an ocean floor.
It has a rip where tore.
It makes the seas split.
It travels day and night.
A never-ending drift,
It is brilliantly bright.
Moving along so swift!
It travels a path lit by a Star,
Rendering miles that are afar!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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Down Where The Forsythia Blooms

Down the road where the Forsythia bloomed
Bright yellow despite dark clouds amassed
Flooding rains, thunder, lightening flashed
Touched with sadness for home removed

Spirits of hardy souls still live
Floating shrouds mixed with the rain
Hear their voices in the howling wind
Feel their presence in Bamboo Chimes again

On days like today with gray_flooding
Winds that chill_sleep elusive
One bright spot offers assurance_comfort
Knowing that in our going memories will linger

For at least one generation children will see
Our lives lived down where the Forsythia blooms

(I know that the rhyming and syllable count is off)

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Sonnet 021413

My past life was like a cold lump of clay
Forced to caricature, no more no less
Numbed and swinish, departed and grey
With a fractured heart, slack and lifeless

Though I wandered harshly; looking but locked
And twice pulled sparing arrows from my chest
A true golden beauty leaned in and knocked
Some sense into my head; my God I’m blessed

I look at my life here and now with you
And I find life in bloom all around me
A garden of growth filed with soft and new
Fruits and flowers beside the Sacred Tree

The pieces of my heart, your touch restores
And the key to my love, forever yours

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Does not the glow of Heaven call to mind
The tears of ev'ry mother in her plight?
Such beauty was the love he'd never find,
Perhaps to lead him on, through wrong or right.

And so, this Alter Boy, who loved to sing,
Swelled up her heart, and made her blue of eyes,
Much brighter than her chosen love could bring,
To guide her Alter Boy through truth or lies.

Always he'd feel his mother's tender glow.
Perhaps to make the wrong seem not so bad, 
And if she wept alone, he'd never know,
Because his mother's love is all he had.

And all the pain of knowing, truth, it dies,
changed not the color  of his Mother's eyes.
        © Ron Wilson 2012

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Life's Lessons

Life's lessons has taught me when and when not to speak,
It has also taught me that being silent doesn't make you weak.
Some things are better left unsaid,
Because at times it drags you behind instead of moving you ahead.
Just when you think things are at their best,
Life throws you a curve ball and yet here we go with another test.
Climbing a mountain trying to get to the top,
You realize you've hit a road block wondering if it's time to give up and stop.
You give it all you have by pushing forward with all your might,
Being the best person you can by doing what you think is right.
It's frustrating that life can be so cruel,
When all along you've played by the rules.
Treating others as you'd like to be treated,
But realizing that life's unfair so you take another beating.
Life's lessons are what make us the way we are,
But at times we are left with some pretty big scars.
That's what makes us stronger still looking for ways to be happy,
Even tho at times people can't seem to agree.
Doesn't mean that how you feel is wrong,
Just means that what you think and what you believe is very strong.
Life's lessons are there to guide us along our way leaving room for mistakes,
Because no one is perfect but we learn from them by separating what is real and what is fake.
No one said living was the easiest thing to do,
But you have to pull the strength from within to find out what is true. 
Life's lessons teaches us what we are capable of withstanding,
And gives us time to find understanding.
There would be no compassion without suffering,
There would be no love without caring.
It's all about compromise and finding a mutual ground,
To make things simpler each time around.
Life's lessons has taught me that happiness is letting go of what you can't control,
And focusing on more positive things and making them a goal.
Listen to what is being said and fix any problems you may have,
Life's a lot better when you're not living it sad.
Life's lessons has taught me that communication is key,
Without it no relationship will ever succeed.
Life is what you make it,
You can choose to take it for granted or choose to live it.
Without life's lessons we wouldn't know what to change,
Nor would we realize what we've gained.

     March 19, 2014
~ The One and Only~

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If I Had Just One Day Left to Live

If I had just one day left to live
Wisdom I'd share to my children I'd give
Just for a while we would sit down and talk
A last sitting for us all, before my soul walks

We would talk of our past remembering all the times we have shared
Look to your future for my last day I'm prepared
For a couple of hours my favourite films I would watch
The Shawshank and Private Ryan, with a Jack Daniels no Scotch

With the hours, minutes and seconds ticking by
My eyes will soon close and I'll say my goodbye's
I'll miss all of nature and the warmth of the sun
But most of all my children, my daughter and three sons

The evening now draws as I look back on my years
What little light I see goes, now the blackness appears

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River's Longing

The house exists near a river that rolls The river moves quickly under the knolls Around the bend that seems to flood often The house has life that seems to happen Working within the sections of delight Fishing comes often and seems to be right Having the roughness of life come to play Opens the heart, masterful sight to lay Catching the river as the bad approach Time enlists a harness of this world’s coach The house has to harden its boundaries During times of painfully, wobbly knees The house suffers with the river’s longing To be one with the land and belonging
Russell Sivey

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The Embracing

I cut through tedious chit-chat,
Null knick-knacks!
Zap Idiotic whacks!
I tip toe tapping atop pitters pat.
I’m your best bet seated where you once sat.
Smearing out your tad-bit lacks,
Running them out by the packs,
I tip my hat fancying you purr like my fat-cat.

Up and away my hands shall uplift weights like you.
In and out of reality I’ll take you with me everywhere.
If only you knew how well I’m too do getting through.
Do you think one day to obtain me to be eh unaware?

Personally, I’d charge a big fat whacked out idiotic fee for the likes of thee,
I’m declared as freely expressing many pleasures for the embracing of me.

® Registered: 2010 Ann Rich

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When she dreams of following streams,
of childlike castles in the sand,
with ancient pebbles in her hand,
seen through brown eyes that gleam.
As the tides leave tales untold,
she sits among the scattered shells.
The sea gulls sound like ocean bells. 
With sand too soft for her to hold.
She molds the dough into an art, 
and knows that it will fade away.
Like secret whispers in the dark,
yet still she builds it everyday. 
With girlfriend longing in her heart,
for sandcastles that will stay.

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Born A Smile

I love the night when all of quiet sleeps
And in its slumber dreams about the day
When muted dew from roses lips will weep
Then softly through the thorns of life will play
And pass the songs of night time to the birds.
This morning hymn, though brief the harmony
Echoes throughout time and can be heard
In every sunrise for eternity.
With every promise kept is born a smile
Renewed with hope a day begins again
And in deep dreams it dances and beguiles,
With subtle wishes always will remain.
   So from this sleep I pray we can awake
   To share in peace before it's all too late.

June 30, 2014

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Undecided feeling

When autumn shakes the elder sister`s hand,
Old broken roof, the rain and snow at their date,
Just wait for undecided feeling to paint the land;
They cry and laugh and dance on almost frozen heart:
Two playful sparrows, like Gargantua and Pantranguel,
To sing for spring it is too late, but not too late for art.
A summer mild herald is brought by winds that try to smell
The recollections `flowers and the new icily ornament;
Survivors, shivering with cold, they dream the seasons`s ring;
Caught in the winter`s cage, the varnishing day`s content:
Tramps of hope, vagrant thoughts and a frozen wind still scaring:
Even in the snowmen`s world, as shinning as it once might be,
With white we`ll meet, with frost and a fairy indifferent like thee. 

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Love To Immortalise

Strong storm blew the boat until it did strand
Upon rock_ shore so very far away.
Please my gentle lover give me your hand
There is no way you would let me be prey

Row me and the boat ashore to assay
This beautiful place we will immortalise
No! we did not go down in depths to decay
Nor did guardian angel go down likewise

Didn't matter what nature will devise
Lived through shipwreck we will go down in fame
Thru this somehow we will be eternise
The whole wide world will remember my name

Now this small green isle we'll surely subdue
As our great love grows and somehow renew

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Fall Expense

Beauty expressed during the real soft light “Candy corn scented candles burning bright” That which comes from the center of our soul Smells scented you no longer can control There’s a crispness in the air this autumn Leaves gradually falling, surely awesome Many colors display autumn’s beauty Hues are shown on the ground, a litany The ground is wet after a cold shower This is all seen right by my cool bower I walk back inside where the candle burns And the scent sure fills the air where I turn Looking outside there is the glow of fall Which tugs at the heartstrings, love one and all
Quote is “Candy corn scented candles burning bright” from A Magical Halloween Night from Gail Doyle
Russell Sivey Contest: Pick a line any line! Sponsor: Richard Lamoureux 9/2/2013

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The Pretence of Forgotten Innocence

The loss of innocence is quite harsh
The consequence is to drown in marsh
Better it is to forget such a task
When innocence turned sour in its flask!

The loss of innocence comes after the dark
Surely it leads on that way fools embark
Nor are the fools wise
Nor can they speak lies!

Yet, the bearers of the loss are hearty
Full of laughs, they love life with affinity
To forget that painful loss
To live a new life in the shoes of the boss!

A forgotten life, known as childhood
Forgotten or pretending to forget for their own good!

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Diamond In The Rough

Diamond in the rough, diamond's beauty framed
Upon hand of the lady loved by man
Lady who wears honor graces her domain
Lady possessed, owned: his games began

Diamond in the rough cuts to the core
Breaking down polished diamond whose surface
Begins to crack becoming his captor
Fed lies, half-truths, manipulated abased

Her confidence destroyed, looking at ring
Too tight like life, at least it sparkles still
Man_diamond in rough, untamed, would be king
Never will be, to dream of change unreal

Life being suffocated or life free
Choices made will life always this be?

Sponsor: Joann Grisetti
Contest: Copy Cat Contest
Author that inspired: Edna St. Vincent Millay
First Line of Poem:
Only the diamond and the diamond's dust
In the book that I have it is untitled
First line of poem used to find the work

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Place of Worship

The building is old, flowing before me Shielding against the world’s insanity The walls are plaster, the roof is metal This place shows if there’s a heaven or hell Top of the steeple is a wondrous bell Sometimes ringing and breaking through my shell The color of the church is an off white Playing heavenly songs throughout the night Inside the warmth is outstanding and calm Holding a candle you can feel the balm You may sit on the pews when you desire You’ll feel the heat, worship like you’re on fire Beauty of the church is from the outside Inside you’re lit up, within you have lied
Entrant into craig cornish's "Beautiful Lies" contest 12/10/2012

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Dancing In Death

I dance in death to overtures of Bach
In the background violins softly play,
Body and mind start slowly to decay
Hear the tick, tick, ticking of midnights clock.
In death, in death; 'tis such a sweet scene,
Bach fades into the midnight hour.
The ending of song in all its power,
The beauty of death; ‘tis but a dream.

How could I dream that death is so sweet,
Oh, life why don't I cry out for thee?
I never knew death had honor and pride
'Tis a new beginning for a life complete.
The closing of mine eyes has made me see
Play on dear Bach, let me dance by your side.

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The River Stone

Walking along the river shore
Enjoying the cool crisp fall air
Warm sun upon my face and more
This event in life so rare

Those smooth stones made rounder with age
Some large, some medium, some small
One different rough sharp_rage
Never change_ be rough 'til pall

Maybe place in center river
Where more water, stronger currents
Erase perplexities _sliver
Away ruff edges__deterrents

Can this ruff gruff rock become smooth
Then lay close to smooth rocks and soothe

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Fr. Christ said “I am the living bread that came down from heaven...

If anyone eats this bread

He will live forever

Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, abides in Me and I in him"

Essential signs of Eucharistic Sacrament are wheat bread and grape wine

Communion with the Body and Blood of Fr. Christ increases the communicant’s union 
with the Lord God.

Receiving this sacrament strengthens the bonds of charity between the communicant and Fr. Christ

It also reinforces the unity of the Church as the mystical Body of Fr. Christ

The Church recommends the faithful to receive the Holy Communion at least once a year.

Fr. Christ Himself is present in the sacrament of the altar

He is to be honored with the worship adoration

To visit the Blessed Sacrament is a proof of gratitude

Expression of love

Duty of adoration toward Fr. Christ, Jesus our Lord

Written 09182012

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Lazily Lay Two Yellow Jackets

The two yellow jackets lazily lay
Upon the chilled turnip leaf 
This November autumnial day
Waiting to be warmed in the noon day sun

Maybe they're in love hoping above hope
To be spared many eggs somewhere to lay
New life to come next spring_ summer in scope
Sometimes yellow jackets mix in raked hay

Where their nest was disturbed on a fall eve
By tractors with blades that cut luscious grass
Then are caught in spinning baler in weave
That makes them so mad they come out fighting

Two yellow jackets lazily lay waiting
Glad there is a chance for them this day_mating

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The Only Breed

I smoked my pipe and I found some dreams stuck in a seam.
The ancients lifted me up and I saw through crystallize glass.
As I looked the seams popped and scattered into a great mass.
The dreams were set free from my light of a shiny bright beam.
Now I have flashing darts in my eyes that shine as I will deem.
Now I am looking at you and you and you as green as the grass.
But that’s okay because now my eyes can gloss you up as brass.
Eventually, I will find a light inside of you with a sparkly gleam.
My visions are set up forth,
Free and clear with a deed.
Look to the Star of the North,
You shall find my only breed.
Be this to you or be this to me,
Scattered dreams in you I see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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The paradise of life.

The paradise of life,regained once again,
the joys of the life seem to come back again.

Nothing seems to worry or disturb my settled mind,
wherever I go my life seems to rewind.

Moments of the life seems like jewels to me,
enjoying each one and at last here are we,

sitting together now below the bright moonlight
with her head on my heart,what a wonderful sight.

Wished it was forever ,and nothing changed
wished I could stop the time to cherish what I gained.

Seriously unable to define the feeling of happiness
the nature being so kind to remove my loneliness.

Once more the joys flowed in , and it started to rain,
and the paradise of my life is regained once again.

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Life, Love and Marriage

When fate decides to bring you love
Nothing can stop it not even the tearful dove
With love comes warmth and joy
With love red are the cheeks so coy

When fate decides to give you a kin
Be it a king or a queen, like you in skin
Life would require you to try the tricks
To turn your ruler into makers of sticks

When fate decides to your kins married
There shall be none other than you worried
For three decades, their shadows you carried
Now comes the time to have your tasks buried

O Fate, who can be more powerful than you
With your magic wand, our lives change hue!

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Sailing Along In Life's Journey

Sailing Along In Life’s Journey

Many a sailor or people sails through life’s journey
Among all living souls some become lost
In the murkiest seas, oceans, rivers tempest.

To survive all God’s children needs a vast faith
And a great deal of courage to face our demons within our storms.

Where for art thou; we should believe in the stars
For they are beacons that can guide us
Are all god’s children heeding their whispers?

In everyone’s life is full of many wishes where
We can all become our own eternal genie
And our forbidden lamp is our steps and experiences we have.

So in our life whether we laugh, complain or cry
Our destiny will become our true fairy tale.
As we walk through life, we create or destroy all our own dreams.

Written: 12/29/2014

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Upon your days, tedium has imposed, Dull shades have tinted your point of view, And each woman yearns the hues of a rose, A palette that blossoms solely for you. We, too, were buds once, so tender and small, The world had its thorns, but petals unfurled, A trellis we found, so stable and tall, ‘Til autumn came with its frosty upwhirl. My friend, we both know the strength of one bloom, When clipped to the quick it grows all the more, The charm of your words fills hundreds of rooms, I bestow a bouquet and shout “ENCORE!” ~ Lush Romanticas in rouged ivory ~ Gifted to you for your sweet poetry.
By Cyndi MacMillan, February 7, 2012 P.D., I really enjoyed bumping into you in the chat rooms. Your exuberance is needed here at Soup. Kooky, vibrant, honest and fierce. Yup! That’s you! PS- the Romantica Rose is the French version of the English rose, a ‘hardy’, beautiful rose that comes back again and again… ;-) If you can, click on the about this poem link for a photo of the Romantica.

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Berlin 1948-1952

        Was Ist Los?  Oh, Nothing, Just the Berlin Airlift...
         Berlin 1948-1952
You came into my life one summer's day
the beatnik of a Frauline, caring less
of what society might have to say
than seeking out your inner happiness;

those were the days! Berlin was in a bind
you still had all your tan from South of France
and in your hair, what flowers you could find
but not dressed out for love, it came by chance.

"What's going on?" you said, as our eyes met,
suggesting I might think the same as you,
you seemed just as surprised as I, and yet,
it seemed so natural, the bonding grew.

       As freedom roared down from uncertain skies
        love came into our world, from where love flies.
The roar of engines fell from overhead
as pilots dropped into that world of yours,
delivering your life--your daily bread,
to show you when it rains, it surely pours;

all your emotions mixed, I caught the feel
you had, that maybe life was fit to live,
you pinched yourself to see if it was real
and still the sky gave out all it could give.

The ships were ev'rywhere--hope made it's call
as my faint heart fell to the will of you,
der Kempf, 'twas ended then, once and for all,
and now you'd see what only love can do.

       your question--was ist los--what's going on?
        was answered in that break of early dawn.

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It Has Always Been

In the never ending cycle of life we turn around,
fading into darkness where there is no sight or sound
and back again to brightness that stirs up all our senses
love and pain fall down like rain and so we build our fences
to keep out all the bad things, but then again the good
get shut outside from where we hide in our lonely neighborhood.

Worse it gets until the pressure blows a hole right through it
and instead of stepping in the sun we rise and just redo it
trying hard to fool ourselves the past we can erase
spending time with beer and lime and thoughts we cannot face.
On and on we go until the storm grows once again
we try to fight with all our might, believing we can win.

Struggling hard against the tide like fish caught in a creel
pretending there is nothing to emotions that we feel.
We end up giving credit to the powers up or down
we're making love while up above the angels watch us drown.
All along the answer is a small but potent spark
that shadowed people use to find the light within the dark.

Hope is fleeting, fading into shades of black and grey,
yet something deep inside of us is beckoning to stay.
Faith's a long lost talent hidden in a silver cloud
we here the thunder and we wonder, should we speak out loud?
Come to me and follow was what a wise man said
It seems to me that what I see is something else instead.

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God's Orchestration

God orchestrated this morning for me
Set the music in place to accompany
A sunrise I longed for but yet to see
Sand color ribbon interspersed epiphany

Each second there's a change in the music
Colors of the sky, gray overtakes some
Bright fushia, making dull instead of brick
Sun makes a jet stream become like chrome

All the instruments of the orchestra
Constantly change while the roosters' steady
Beat keeps a harmony that others get
Join in to sing and play willingly ready

Thank you God for the beauty of the morn
And lesson__in a second gray is born...

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There was a girl who befriended thunder,

She lived with lightening without any fear,

A cloud is so deep, a silvered wonder

whose language of rain dries all hidden tears.

Some dreamers have withstood the welts of wind,

Strength is born from the weakness of others,

Open the window, allow the gale in,

for peace is a child, chaos its mother.

My heart had guests, emotional strangers,

Now under this skin remains a soft mist

that welcomes downpours then invites danger,

and faces the tempest, returns its kiss.

Calmness I taste as I swallow the storm,

Weathered and still, yet eager to transform.

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Lilac Dream

Thou have started a journey so serene.
One that shall take thee into spring,
Enjoying all of nature’s beauty unseen,
Feeling majestic powers, it will bring.

Imagine fragrances warmed by sunshine.
Feel cascading build of warmth around.
Mid day arrives, preparations combine.
As gentle fresh air moves without sound,

Brilliancy around thee captures your breath.
New birth engages your senses so deep.
Sweet visions revive thee, from sudden death.
Sounds caress thine ears, even in sleep.

Thou with thine eyes closed, awareness in smell.
Sensing lilacs, bidding winter farewell,

Written for

Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name Bring on Spring 

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My Friend The Piano

You carried my emotions from the start
Each emotion bound in the small black note
Each one coming straight from my chilly heart
The music you make is my antidote
Through the preludes my comfort softly lay
By way of mazurkas my soul does fly
But to divulge you must learn how to play
Although learning is not a piece of pie
Piano brings emotions around town
You have the power to bring my heart up
Or throw me on the floor and beat me down
There are hard times when I just want to cup
My hands in my face and rock back and forth
And think Piano is a friend of worth	

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USA Marriage Justice Today

Oh, my sweet girl, come and shack up, with me.
We shall live on welfare and space out to see.
How many food stamp cards, we can arrange,
We shall visit for meds and beg for change.
Upon the riverbanks, we shall catch a cold.
Then we shall collect our oxy-cotton gold.
I shall gather clothes from good wills chest.
You prepare to go visit relatives in the west.
My sweet girl I shall give you no gold.
However, get you, giving us babies to hold.
A bed of daisies, I shall have waiting for you.
For freshening up our pet hound, old blue.
Our cousin Joe has a house that is so big.
We shall move in, us all, even with our pig.

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The Scent of Water

The Scent of Water

When eternally living waters move in your veins
gone are life's many scars and very ugly stains
Air suddenly gifts joys and great happiness anew
blessings descend so quickly down upon you

Cool dawns eagerly await your early morning rise
time sends purpose , greater life that truly flies
Soul begins to sing out gayly both day and night
thirst quenched your mind and body takes flight 

Gone are the dull miseries that kept you bored
as was gifted the "scent of water" from our Lord
Giving, sharing becomes exciting new way of life
exiting are the many little pains and daily strife

Eternal water quenches any and every desperate thirst
so drink up, drink to remove in your life the very worst.


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Stand for Something

It's time that I stand alone,
Proud and tall on my own.
No man will ever define me,
I'm independent, strong and will live successfully.
I've made it this far by myself,
With only a little or no help.
No one can make me or break me down,
It just adds more layers to strengthen me all around.
Learning that everyone has a choice,
Stand your ground and have a voice.
You are a survivor designed to overcome,
All the evil that's instilled within someone.
Keep moving forward towards better things,
Don't give up hope on your blessings.
Be the best person you can be,
So you can live your life guilt free.

 February 20, 2012
~The One and Only~

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Unusual Roar

"On the ocean waves" of deep cobalt blue
Rides white foam spray that brushes rocky shore
Tickles their fantasy leaves in quick spew
After has caused such unusual roar

Rocky shore, rocky times life gives damp sprays
Coating everyone with uncertainties
Just as the rocks wear and age_ life assays
Each one to analyze the quantities

Of good_bad giving opportunities
To all to grow deeper like blue ocean
Deeper than surface waves _deep abilities
Just few minutes each day in devotion

"On the ocean waves" ride thoughts_emotions
Let them be deeper accumulations

Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Contest: "On The Ocean Waves"

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She captivated my spirit long ago upon day we met.
Long golden hair that captivated my eyes in midday,
Her eyes of blue, gave me a vision upon eves set.
Lips that would whisper words, in a sweet way,

We became friends at first, talking, playing for hours.
Pledged we were to be married, when older we knew.
What of youths understanding of love, upon powers,
No expectations, innocence, buried without a clue.

Our first kiss, between the trees of our secret place,
Soft wind floating down from sky, our affection,
Clouds racing above, watching, hearts begin to race,
Time, both stood still and sped, in each direction,

Separation our destiny, never to allow our grace,
Torn away, now, captivated in recall of her face.

Written for contest by Laura Mckenzie

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Vast Love

The love that kisses with a tasteless tear
A pain that can’t be painted on the soul
A longing for a place without a fear
Longing for a feeling that makes me whole
Beloved, words can’t heal my tattered heart.
As thorns pass me by the pain cant compare
That of the pain of being torn apart
Even the wind howls about it I swear
Tell me was falling in love my mistake
I chose my own fate and decided to stay
I will not let this love become forsaken
Love can’t just get up and spirit away
Love is worth overcoming a mountain
My love for you flows like a vast fountain

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''Believe it or do not, life is a gift--''

Believe it or do not, life is a gift:
do not resign yourself to its evils
or to its troubles and many, great ills;
O no! your purpose, though you feel adrift,
will never leave you—it will buoy you up
and keep you afloat: this know that God wills. 
He shall anoint your paths on the high hills
of His Jerusalem, and fill your Cup
until it runs over—rejoice! Have heart!
For you are not alone in your sorrows
and pain, for God and His angels take part
in the despair and trials of your disease:
if you hold on there'd be more tomorrows
for you—it's a promise that you must seize.

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second-hand life

sitting on the hand of now
taking in the view of life
riding forward steadily somehow
cutting now with a well-timed knife

passing by numbered days and hours
passing minutes with our eyes a'blink
passing seconds to the past devoured
passing time quicker than you'd think

sweeping continuously toward the what
sweeping around life's circled face
sweeping quarters around life's quad
naturally sweeping toward life's erase

the time bequeathed to each is precious
riding through times of a life capacious

© Goode Guy 2012-12-04

capacious: (adjective) large in capacity

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Only The Strong Will Survive

God gives not peace, it's only dreamt by man,
in all the world ,brought from catastrophe,
all things are made, since time was first began
by things upheaved so new life comes to be.

The weak must fail, be eaten by the strong,
and losers die the death along the way,
so new life grows, even if it is wrong,
there is no time the poor will have to play.

The lion who will lay down with the lamb,
will have a feast before the day is done,
and all the world will never give a damn,
nor care about the giants and their fun.

        The hunter takes his aim and fells the dove
          the weak in life are only dreaming of.

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Sounds That Weep

The clouds are heavy moisture laden 
Dark and deep with sounds that weep, will they weep
With the surf, Palms, and wind as they dampen
Scene with mournful cries, sighs, and desire steep

The sun can not lift their weight but lies low
Behind their heaviness to see if they 
Cry out their sadness_over land flow
From the northeast a storm approaches this day

The chill of it makes room feel warm cozy
Inviting, a place to feel love_glow
Like beyond the long horizon I see
A place of warmth and love_no storms blow

Beyond the far away horizon_ wait
Perfect peace, joy, abiding love's fate


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Cold Nights In Paris

COLD NIGHTS IN PARIS ( Monsieur L'vampyre)
There's never been another dark on earth
quite like the dark of Paris under snow,
where love, it comes and goes, for what it's worth,
and no demands are made, when time to go.

Where lovers slip into the hiding night,
oblivious to cold or freezing rain,
anticipating love, that surely might
warm up their lives for just a night, again.

And love's a little warmer, from the cold;
it makes two hearts to join and keep a beat;
and warms the lives of both the young and old,
who find their love with-in their body heat.

Though easy comes the love--they hold it dear,
without it cold is something they would fear.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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If All I Did

If all I did, was make you feel wanted
Then why do I feel as if I am being haunted
Day after day, night after night
I was there for you within your sight

Then our lives start to look after themselves
You live your liberty whilst I stay on the shelf
Then my life changes and freedom comes my way
Where were you last night is all I hear you say

Jealousy kicks in with an anger that follows
The hidden you I find so hard to swallow
Vindictive is your attitude that beggars belief
Your not there in my peripheral, now that's a relief

Me, well I'm just me and grudges I do not bare
If all I did, was to make you feel wanted, I now don't care

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Sonnet To One's Joyful Self

Time steals our days and nights until its spin
Is curbed when thoughts revive our zest to be
Alive again. We must draw from within 
Ourselves the joys of living truly free!

Go to music, it will soothe one’s spirit,
Meditate with nature free to savor.
Seek a poem, wisely choose a sonnet!
Anything that grants your mind more flavor.

Life exists amidst abundant pleasures.
Each must seize his moments of warming sun. 
Fret not how one chooses his best measures,
Joys will travel with him until he’s done. 

Are we joyful? Each must ask the question.
Search your heart to know its best direction. 

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The Call of Father Time & Forever is a Concept

Part 1: The Call of Father Time 

Will no one hear the call of Father Time?
That cruel, sadistic giver and taker away
For matter flows from place to place in time
Then forms in you to give your life away
Now Father Time is calling out in haste
says: "Children of the cosmos, waste me not!"
Yet still we cry: "My life has gone to waste!"
Reminiscing on the times that Time forgot
Though time is standing still for all the lovers
It's moving like an acid trip for most
And approaching like a gallows for the others
While the lovers watching on propose a toast
So Father Time is hanging like a noose
But no one fears the rope when hanging loose

Part 2: Forever is a Concept

Forever is a concept that we lust for
But all that exists in time is here and now
So ask yourself, which one of these you trust more
Then stare at Time's cold eyes and take a bow
For the moment, matter binds together in us
In a moment, it will bind in something new
For Time, it's atoms to atoms and dust to dust
Yet here I sit awaiting something new
"Hurry up Time, I'm waiting" we all say
And Father Time grants every single wish
"Be careful, children of the cosmic fray"
"In the future you will wish you never wished"
Let the clock that's ticking loudly be a sign
To hear the pleading call of Father Time

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Fog's covering makes stealth of forest and creek
Sun's rising purple 'on all to be seen
A slight coolnees in morn's air for me to seek
Only for few hours that can be gleaned

There is a sameness to this morn's sunrise
As the orange fireball comes above trees
Sometimes sameness is good to yesterday's ties
Change can be good for it sparks newness old flees

Change can be bad bringing destruction
Like today's immoral legal abortion practice
Our future children dying before scion
Get grafted to vine, breathe, and have a voice  

Sameness, continuance can be good or bad
Change can be either good or bad or sad.....


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Sometimes A Bamboozler

Afternoon thunderstorms brew_ winds increase
White Crepe Myrtle sways to rhythm of breeze
Which varies_ sometimes swift; sometimes does cease
In times past man would have thought God displeased

More fear would have fallen when eerie fell night 
And clouds lingered thick as fluffy meringue
Some silver, some gray, some charcoal some white  
No thunder, lightning, eerie can't argue

Life can have those cloudy eerie strange times
When one can't exactly describe what's wrong
There seems to be a foreboding strange signs
How relieved we feel when events become song

The clouds still hang heavy the air cooler
Feelings Satan sends sometimes a bamboozler

Bamboozler one who deceives or gets the better of through trickery..

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Serenity Sonnet

Serenity Prayer my flashlight through life
life at times can be very confusing
and troubles can cut you just like a knife
true serenity can end suffering

staying straight on the right course is too hard
too many variables are in the way
sometimes it’s hard for me to leave the yard
unfortunately I can’t run away.

I’m a prisoner because of my word
maybe I’m making mountains from mole hills
doesn’t like the use of my vocal chord
control freaks don’t really bring me much thrills

ever since mom all the women the same
is this life of mine just one awful game?

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Romance Novel

A snow bound silence descends now
upon my hallowed home,
the traffic's gone, the streets unplowed
and I'm engrossed in tomes.

A ribald tale of myst'ry roils
the knights have charged the breech
the bard sings tall tales of old
of maiden's love's unleashed.

The pendants mark the battles course
as Saxons face the Celts
unarmored men fought Saxon's, Norse
in naught but paint and pelts.

And so it was, and so it is
as men live or die for a kiss.

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The next few moments

Jiggling keys,he gave his crown a scratch
then took another look at his watch.
"You're gorgeous, now please get out!"
for the 10th time he cried out loud.

Out she emerged, breathtaking, as always,
dropping baubles, tottering in her Jimmy's,
Smile still smeared, they left that hour,
unaware of the timed out counter.

Tyres screeched as he sped,
"take it slow honey"she requested,
when, an unexpected brightness grew larger,
until black, and then, everything grew calmer.

With excruciating pain he awakened,
looking around called, "Lauren!"
the teary faces dropped and nodded,
"We're sorry" , they whispered..

Suddenly lifted by a whiff of heat,
all he could hear was his own heart beat.
limped out, made a futile attempt to find his dear,
and crashed with thoughts of future fear.

Shutting the door behind him,
reminiscing love, life, past with grim,
clouds of  "what if" floating his self ,
whole world reduced into a tiny elf.

Moving on is most important at present,
Realizing a  reason, he may not accept,
 he still breathes, for that very reason,
And, taking care of himself will never be treason.

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In A Pique

In these deep woods, poetry brews rich dark
Like dark coffee, acidic on tongue_ cheek 
I could say deep dark remarks on tales embark
Write poem, for you have put me in a pique

From the deep dark forest draw ravens black
Let them feed upon your brain's carrion
For it is dead, vile, let them eat your flack
Your cadaver brain is barbarian

Refined gracious lady keeps loving
Her spirit turns blind eye to all faults
Nearly all faults_learning to be accepting
Even when bombarded with rash insults

These dark, dark woods forgive your wrong thinking
Though in heart it's impact still affecting


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Monsieur L'Vampyre INVITATION

     Monsieur L'Vampyre INVITATION 
I pray thee cast thy lot into mine own,
becoming dead, as I've become for thee,
to walk the night, to know you walk alone,
forever, lest you come and walk with me.

Or someone else, who's melted to your charm,
who sorely needs what only we can give,
the curse of life, forever free from harm,
not knowing death, but only how to live.

To sleep the day, and rise up in the night,
to suck the blood of those we've barely met,
all in the name of love, we make the bite,
and in a pain too soon we all forget.

       I pray thee lay thyself down to my fold,
        relinquishing your right to growing old.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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The Common Handicap

A man sat on a bench, holding a blank
face. But then the sun shone its rays so bright
that he started to smile in the warm light
and chuckled. Yes, in happiness he sank.
Alas, the sunny day thunderclouds flanked.
But so, the man's laughter was still in sight!
It even grew along the storm! That's right,
he began to madly laugh in the night.

In the land where birds and men and beasts sings 
all the time, can we distinguish the songs?
Are we capable to say which is which?
What a thin, thin line there is between things
that parted it from the rights and the wrongs
Are we capable to say which is which?

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If by Chance we Meet

What if by chance we meet, embrace once more,
And to that place we go where no one sees
Or even knows, we quietly close the door
And shut away the winter’s cooling breeze.

The scent of hyacinths still fills the hall
And welcomes us with memories of where
We both said our goodbyes and we’ll recall
Unspoken words left hanging in the air

But if we meet, my heart will surely sing
For what we were and what we might have been
When to this empty room, my love, you’ll bring
Bouquets of flowers fresh and newly green

If in this chance encounter, you are true,
We may find love returns, from where it flew

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Front Porch on Halloween

Pumpkins line up my porch with their glory Orange and purple give about great fury Halloween features are present throughout Skeletons sit on the steps where they shout Bright jack-o-lanterns are lit all around Live bats rest on the roof, soar all at night The path leading up to the house is found Dormant tree, creepy looking, is a sight Spiders are known to be somewhere close by Their webs are seen in every corner, sly The Halloween torches burn here tonight Eerie glow that portrays fear of their might All Hallows Eve does bring joy to my heart As the bright moonlight covers every part
Russell Sivey

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The Vulture's Verse

The vulture's verse through windmill's blades is spun.
A shrill and acrid accent, most verbose.
With axle's grinds, symphonic sacred hum:
A scorching screech of stimulated prose.

The silent wordless speech that preys on dead,
Among the nameless wanderers exchanged.
A breed that lies and deviously treads,
An irony of messengers deranged.

The wav'ring windmill wearily withstood
The thrashing thunder, merciless monsoon.
And when the vulture's words assailed the wood,
The spinning blades of virtue made them swoon.

And so, the windmill's might repels the vulture's verse,
The windswept scavenger's remarks diffused, dispersed.

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Love at first sight

The poet: But even the muse wishes my auditory fell asleep:
In trembling rhyme, in mule’s rhythm I look for magic sound
While there, burning sunshine did quickly steep
In the silent green of our crying valley round;
Who brought in heaven the secret flame from hell?
What a heartless heat, just saints, heroes, wise men can endure!
A dream of life without death, and youth without old age, in which we dwell;
Against a multitude of evil’s temptations but our love is sure.
But with the devil’s tzuica, the love in love with me can tire;
One day I touched the sleeping muse’s breast and learnt the rest:
As fire, drink, the women and other dangerous things of much desire;
I asked the muse to be my merry guest, and did it at our best. 
The dream of death is life, except the dream to live that light
Whose verse was built from the beginning fire:
                                           love at first sight.

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An Afghanistan Wedding

The swift and silent missiles swept,
The quiet well kept neighborhood.
They ran like hell, those that could,
While the reposed laid in their best dress.
With evil-doers upon the earth,
Vigilant must be the pursuit.
To cut the sickened by the root,
And banish vile impure thought.
With white-collar crime for collateral,
It matters not the costs.
As pockets line, the death toll climbs,
While the positioned take sabbatical.
And I cannot hide my bastardness,
For when we kiss   my lips   fall dead.

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Come Back - Sonnet

I pick a rose and think of your red lips,
I stare at the sky and see your blue eyes,
I see the swan, into the pond it dips,
I think of you and I start to cry.

I imagine your shadow in the trees,
You are walking along, then disappear,
I carry on home, walking with the breeze,
My hand feels my face and touches a tear.

I wept on my bed not wanting to live,
I needed you back so much that it hurt,
I know it's not right, but I wouldn't give,
I just lay there and cried, I went berserk.

Oh why did you leave me, my pure white dove?
Despairs upon me, I need you my love.

-- Claire Baker, 12 Years

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My Friends Screen

Head hanging off couch waiting to be fed
Things take on new perspective looking up
'Twas noon bored to tears just lying in bed
Had to have some coke and ice in my big cup

Coke and chips are good to give me the strength
They are always here even though wish were
Not, they will be gone away at some length
Character traits say we can depend on her

Recycled teen can now visit friend
Get to station_for heard in distance train
Recycled teen now has fun is that plain
First of life was hard_life is better at the end

Enjoying golden years_no more inbetween
Mother and daddy can't now my friends screen

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The Smokestacks of Auschwitz

A trail of smoke fades to an autumn dawn
as sounds of morning break unearthly still
arising to the day, some life goes on
while others have the fear it never will.

Some ashes drift about the morning air
appearing as do snowflakes in a stall,
to restless breezes they drift everywhere
and they are spread about before they fall.

Each life that was is slow in pure descent
and longing for the earth that pounds below
the mother of all life, where time is spent,
until time's all run out--it's time to go.

Down in the valley echoes from a train
awhistling here come the dead again.

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Human Being

Where has human being came from?
Global scholars continue to debate;
Several unsolved solutions still mum;
One result: Life will be terminated.

The spirit later will leave the body;
Man visualizes moving to heaven;
Religions taught different destinies;
Man’s belief in God is ever uneven.

Human lasts under the same sun;
Breathes in the same air to survive;
Searching for drink, food and fun.

Day by day, men's minds contrive
To destroy other believers on earth:
The killing replaces a sacred word.

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One Seed

I planted a seed and it grew and grew.
It grew so high touching a cloudy sky.
With one main branch it sprouted high.
I cut it down telling myself I’m through.
But that main branch stayed so true.
I started watering daily at noon nigh.
And I would always wave good bye.
I can’t even tell you the birds it drew.
That branch was awesome.
Every day a new leaf to see.
Always a flowering blossom.
New blooms would always be.
It is amazing at what one seed can do.
Even those seeds lying inside of you.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Shattered Hearts Death

Fantasy beguiled love upon one night.
Twisted, forbidden, walking out of fright,
She gave desire, I crashed ever contrite.
Destroying our love, for little delight,

Each day after, I cried in deep regret,
Though her eyes would never ever forget,
Remembering images, etched deeply set.
She told me of the love, now just a debt.

Rescinding our commitment, completely,
My heart still aches, for her repeatedly.
Her recall forever, regretfully,
My memory haunting deceitfully,

I could never produce any amends.
My mistake haunting, until my life ends.

written 5-28-2012

theme - 1)a broken heart

written for
Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name 3 forms, 3 themes | 

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In this world of woe your bright light shines through
Your gentleness of nature makes all things new
Out of the depths  that saw your dad's death
Hope and joy were rekindled in your vital breath
Guardian of the fragile flame that is you
Your mum exemplifies love and care true.

The sun on high envies the warmth of your smile
The rippling brook is your bubbling laughter
The busy house sparrow lives in your bustling style
The sibilant siskin  your soft tongue takes after.

We look on in awe in this world of strife 
As we bless you and thank God for your promising life.
Just like the Phoenix,as it were,you arose from the fire
Let us hope  you create  all the good your heart does desire.

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Sonnet: Always Love You

Sonnet: Always Love You

Each day I place my heart in my minds position,
I sit back as my soul begins to plea,
Stuck as I watch my emotions in a collision,
I always thought this was meant to be.

I do not think you realize the pain that I endure,
I have done right by you for many years,
You give me less I give you more,
Not a handkerchief could wash away these tears.  

Yet, despite your cold heart I have made up every excuse,
Because to you I vowed my love,
You are the one I choose,
I will accept your flaws thereof.

Even if you never see us as I do,
Forever I will always love you

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Lover's Dream - A Sonnet

Watching the night sky and thinking of you,
Hoping for dawn, why won't you let me be?
Breathing the morning air, hopes now anew,
I am waiting for you to come set me free.

I cannot see stars but I can still love,
It's now dark because I've lost you from sight.
A sigh leaves my mouth, I see you above,
And you end the dark with new burning light.

The sunrise paints clouds with a happy gold,
And now you are here, I know love is real.
My prince has arrived, so valiant and bold,
Now we know none will ever my heart steal.

And never again will I for you miss,
For my dreams are sealed with one loving kiss.

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You lived a king but died a slave;
May your body be food for fish;
May the Libyans dance on your grave;
May your soul be the devil's dish.

You showed no remorse to your victims;
May we give you undue respect;
May we forgive your atrocious whims;
May we use this moment to reflect.

Your removal may be no beauty;
May we rejoice in your demise;
May we not forget your cruelty;
May we see Libya on the rise.

The life of a dictator;
Is the death of a traitor.

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Will Not Confer

Degenerative joint disease equals pain.
Cartilage wears away bone touches bone.
Each movement becomes a difficult strain.
From once silent lips now slow releases moans.

Comfort~freedom from pain now luxury.
Carefully words form a line on paper.
Depression could follow in a hurry.
No! Will not summit nor will I confer

to being trapped at home unadorned
with life, viewing humans and the wide world
from a window or a TV condemned
to no life~let new life be unfurled.

Life explored not sipped suckled but imbibed.
Pour life ~ fill me with what God has prescribed.

Contest:"Things That Suck"
Sponsor:Nancy Jones

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Good poets like precision, real art is
an economy of words that define.
That is why the subject of love will mess
up even the wisest of poets that line 
up to talk much of unrequited love,
that sounds more like lust most of the time.
True love may not be eternal or above
ordinary humans but found to be divine
nevertheless because it endures in the coffee
made each morning, resides in the same bed
every night, lasts through mistakes and daffy
misunderstandings, diapers, children fed,
sickness, health and death, life's distracting lures.
When loved ones work at it, love endures.

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Your thoughts can make you happy and they can also make you sad,
They can make you think it's the best you ever had.
Your thoughts can make you crazy,
Break you down physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Your thoughts can make you see things that aren't even there,
Sometimes your thoughts make you not even care.
Your thoughts can be like poison affecting what's real,
Causing others around you to not even deal.
Your thoughts can be like a disease that's consuming your mind,
Sometimes causing you to be unkind.
Your thoughts can also make you feel at peace,
Having no worries and nothing bad to speak.
Your thoughts can be subconscious from something suppressed,
Making you feel anxious, stressed, and depressed.
Your thoughts can be constantly running with doubts and fears,
Sometimes with problems you wish would disappear.
Your thoughts can be of wisdom from what you've learned,
From listening to someone and gaining knowledge in return.
Your thoughts can make you weak and also make though strong,
Causing you to second guess that something is wrong.
Your thoughts can push someone away,
When in fact they are the only person you want to stay.
Your thoughts can make you feel secure,
And sometimes make everything clear.
Your thoughts are apart of how you feel,
One feeding off of the other when people are whispering in your ear.
Your thoughts can be pure and innocent,
Sometimes they can be evil and cause resentment.
Your thoughts are possibilities that are never-ending,
But most of all your thoughts can find meaning.

Do you know my thoughts?
  February 19, 2014
~The One and Only~

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Speak The Truth In Love

Speak the truth and the truth shall set you free And truth beauty shall be: or hurtful words That this heart will have to endure until be Cured from oppressive tongue's words absurd Will you ridicule love with this hurtful Truth spoken never to be gathered back Onto the lips, tongue, become mouthful Triumphant thought gathered back as plaque Yes, you would and you did speak truth from your Point of view, truth as you saw it or as Satan saw it, you know he has spoiled view As the sun rises, I'll dismiss your sass Speak your truth in love, guard all your thoughts Let them be from above what has God wrought

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Thank God it's Friday.  Now the weekend starts.
He's off to have a few beers with his friends.
As he leaves his desk he quickly departs
As the work-a-day world comes to an end.

His friends, already there when he arrives,
Order for him a cool, refreshing mug;
They greet each other with some strong high-fives,
Though one of them misses; he's such a lug.

He likes this bar with its chips and salsa,
Which balances the bright and foamy froth;
One friend tells him what he thinks of NAFTA,
Another that he's dating a girl goth.

This place is like a temple where they can retreat
And where they can recover from the too long week.

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She Crossed The Road

I fell in love that one day when "she" crossed the road.
she had such a beautiful smile.
she had some books so I asked to take her load.
she said yes and we talked for a while.

we dated on and off for a few years.
then she said we need to take a break.
on that day I fought back tears.
every  night I lie in bed awake.

I thought about her every day.
one morning we met, the break was finally over.
she finally was my fiancé. 
the day came when we were at the altar, shoulder to shoulder.

my mind went back to the day she crossed the street.
from that day forth my life was complete.

{James Tjernagel}

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Refulgence created by sun peeking through
Gray cloud that became silver lined by it
Fog silvery cape covers trees anew
Each day it appears has fringe benefits

The fog's moisture helps plants to grow, survive
It keeps down the excessive heat covering all
Plants that had drooped seemto have come alive
Beautiful weather to start off this time fall 

Another day has come sun's luster glows
Radiance is cast upon all damp trees
"Pon all God's creatures large and small below
Spider tiny as pencil point I see

Has spun a grand web intricate design
Fog yesterday this morn only dew shine  

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Using an Umbrella as a Cane

She walks with a limp, it’s not a fable She can’t walk normal, she’s just not able She will always move along in this way Her limp leaves her lame every single day She moves along with a closed umbrella Uses it as a brace, something extra She meanders along down the cold street She walks along with the cane near her feet Down the old street she walks into a shop Hearing each step as she moves with a flop After getting her things she moves along Walking back to her abode with a song No one sees her but no, she’s not insane Woman just walks with a limp and a cane
Russell Sivey

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Crystallized Snow

Frost, a white edge of mist present on trees
With ice grasping the branches minus leaves
The limbs bend under the gravity scene
Some break due to the frozen water sheen

The beauty compares to none all around
The trees are striking in its glory found
Looking at its heart you see its power
Secure is its love of winter wonder

The trees dance in unison joined as one
Showing off the perfection banded on
Motion enhanced by the grace of the ice
Delivered by the mist which does suffice

Gradual branching of each tree is layered
Crystallized snow, the white coat is captured

Russell Sivey

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Her Cultural Design

Feeling the thoughts that arise each passing day in life,
To be listened too, not to be chastised in given advice,
Wanting to be respected so real, not considered rife,
Affection daily, needing not much, desiring complete slice.

In love, I provide nurturing care when ailments occur.
In pain, I deliver daily chores wanting just sweet words.
In humor, I tell stories that may be enriched in a stir.
For these are feelings of my mind, not told for the birds.

I am not the only one belted in time by hormones alone.
However, my delivery of life challenges and stresses me.
I have intelligence, though many make me out, like a stone.
I have anger and strength, which I show in such deep degree.

I feel to be showed love, desire pleasantries from my other half.
I truly hate to be downtrodden, played as a joke in a laugh.

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 Early jungle makes me a desire
To be alone in the belly of our dear beautiful mother
Because our growing up is such and irony
Which made me rejoiced each moment this time
That wishes were never allowed to be rose
For men of wrong mind to buy
There in my childhood irony moment
We fought as if it is created share hatred
We wish for all except one that pays a little pain
For i held back from all
As all held back from me and other all
Indeed, people taught that our life is a share pain
A sore injury to the world of love
Because i loved each moment my brother bleed from our father’s hell
I went behind the scene to celebrate my goal
kindly, the moment is always become
As i happily shun and damn the future
... who did you think you are with my future
I sometimes ignorantly murmur as a child
In my little kingdom emptiness, i rejoice in the brothers pain
A little hatred of thee, a more love of me
I love each time i am loved alone
To hate thee by my blood and cause sheepishly i became and honour
As this irony grows into something still ironic
I wish my pain could allow my pen speak plain
To cry such an awesome deep and sore blood
At each moment the rain of thee bath me thoroughly
To see thee share all to have me clothed
To borrow from the enemy to have me homed
even to lose all from the gods to make sure that i have all from the goddess
The brother even stole to have me meal
More like the blood and doing of the mother, it shared abroad
As brothers all lie to have me protected
 Much illiterate to make me the literate king
Oh bleed me death less i say this pain of love
Sisters risk of the night, the horror evil men to see a smile in this lips of mine
That i wish never remember the selfish boyhoodness
Ay! How i see my brother’s cry in his desolation
Not for him or for his little joy
But for the pain of a dear brother
To save all only to loose all to life a brother
Its pain of the ugly moment in a close death
It was determined and death paid of thee
But the brother and sister’s coming death
Woke brothers will up, sisters ghost down
I need to save my brother
Leave my life to save my brother
And take it once his breath is back
There the sacrifice of a dear brother made me desire
Never a child as this in my next world
Because you are a brother, a beautiful brother
A sister, very handsome sister that i hold dearest to my breath
And love dearest to my heart beat

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We Have The Knowledge Of All These And Still

Wherefore the pride in being proud?
Whence the deciduos beauty once to be moulded by a shroud.
Wherefore the exhilarition and glory in war ?
Whence these vain citadels brim out only harrowing tears.
Wherefore the joy in bamboozling others?
Whence from sin can't we run or escape neither.
Wherefore the pleasure in speaking irony?
Whence pronouncing the sweet can act as sweet as honey.
Wherefore the divide between richness and poverty?
Whence one notion stands before God and thats equality.
Wherefore the grief in the death of nears and dears one's?
Whence no tears brims while passes away others.
We have the knowledge of all these and still;
Mind will be in its own place till enlightment in our mind gets filled.  

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Rev My Throttle

As last rose of summer opens wider
Night is drawing nigh, rose cutter in hand
The rose clipped in its best stage; placed in cider
Jar that was used up, cleaned_now it will stand

Jar of cider was enjoyed long ago
Remember that day on our honeymoon
You were so young with raven hair my beau
We found that road side stand that afternoon

Bought that jug of cider that was so cold
Refreshing after long ride around mountain
So eager for life that we would build_hold
Hold each other_life; wanting to obtain

I clip that rose_place in memory bottle
One memory revs my motor throttle

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A single Path

Paths branch out
From the main road
Sitting, stalling
Then choosing

All the roads I've traveled
Lead me back
Guide me to
A single path

So I walk
Step by step
Footprints the only things
That follow 

No idea
What lays ahead
Only knowing
What lays behind

No fear
All anger left
At the crossroads
Sitting beside my regrets

Walking this path
A single path
My path of pebbles and sand
Feels to right to be wrong

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Matted Layers

I came from behind and my God at what I saw.
I was astonished and in disbelief seen by you.
I counted exact minutes with the seconds too.
But I stood there intact with no lines to draw.
There are many versions of Grace Verse’s law.
So I read through them one by one until blue.
So I picked up the torch it was all I could do.
I was a flame burning stoked in complete awe.
I gave glory to the Sun and Moon,
I exalted a few Stars along my way.
I even rode in on a cloud at noon,
It was a bright beautiful blessed day.
But there were matted layers of deception,
I guess you can only imagine my reception.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Dream catcher

Enchanted web woven by silken touch,
a crowd of tangled dreams to filter through;
Visions of raw enmeshed sight too much,
torment by night before morning anew.

O come bright dance, flutter around sleeps head.
Feathers on soft tendrils by warm spell sown,
hang down  throughout long night above tucked bed
up coil tortured spectres,  make them your own.

Send forth from wooded hills the eagle hawk.
Gather in talons sharp discarded fright,
leave dreams full of natures bounteous walk
across eyes that sleep still through gentle night.

Let knowing wind ancient lullabies sing 
and protect love’s dreams under catcher’s wing

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Four Winds of Heaven

My wind to the East you are my least.
My wind to the West you are the test.
Each and every day you are your best.
Each and every day you battle a beast.
My wind to the South you are a feast.
My wind to the North you are a crest.
Each and every day you never do rest.
Each and every day a new life leased.
The Sun makes your air.
The Moon is your guide.
Stars are always up there.
All of you are my pride.
Each of you I will easily leaven.
You are my four winds of heaven.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Waking up

Whispers all around me, but I don't see a soul
Feelings of dread and regret consumes my being
Is there some dark spirit around that I'm not seeing?
Maybe I'm crazy, but am I the one who's supposed to be playing this role?
Dreaming this reality up, yet it seems so real
Lucidity is ever so fluent; smooth as can be
Pretend time becoming a concrete fantasy
Regardless of where I end up, this is surreal

They say the white light is prevalent, but I disagree
A multitude of shapes and colors are profuse
With all of this around me, how could I not exist?
Reality is what you make it, I still am the real me
Time to make new and to really let loose
Haunting the past will be tough to resist

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Gone Too Far

That’s not my elephant, officer, though she is pink.
She is right in front of your vehicle sir, I think.
Not too big, but not too small, her name is Ella.
I would say she likes to carry her pink umbrella.
I bet those second graders can see her just fine.
Yes, officer, I bet that they never drank any wine.
So to say, she is not there, will start some fights.
So remember that my faith is in the bill of rights.
She dances so fine around, around over the lot.
Upon tips of her toes, she cannot smoke pot.
However, she can eat spaghetti, with meatballs hot,
She loves to slurp, and swing the noodles in trot.
Don’t you see her now, over on top of that car?
Well, sir, you’re under arrest, you’ve gone too far.

Written for

Sponsor Matt Caliri 
Contest Name That's Not My Elephant 

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My words

I write this tribute to me, with in my words I am free, always alone left to explore, every possible reality at my door. In this world my backs always to the wall, often I feel what's the point of it all, the words I write help me to see, the truths that often elude me. My words give me strength to carry on, they always show me where I've gone wrong, snippets of my life caught in time, left to dissect slowly in my mind. Motionless and in front of me all my words lay, all my life's answers I find this way. "My Words"
Sponsor Francine Roberts Contest Name tribute by Sonnet

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Reflections - Cornish Sonnet Contest


Eyes are the mirrors of the world
Reflecting life as it passes by
Like a flag in the wind unfurled
by emotions and feelings, wild
thoughts of love that hurt and die
Crushing  the heart of woman or child

Look deep you will see my love
reflected, in the moon and stars
sparkling with honesty, above
my heart reaches out and cries.
Why is living so cruel this far
Why has love given up to lies

Eyes are the mirrors of the world
Look deep you will see my love

Form: Cornish Sonnet

Dated 8 March 2014

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A Forbidden Dream

Forever paradise hath haunted I
My soul yearning for the truth
My life hath slowly floated by
The world spinning in its lonely booth

It all began that night ago
A dream so lovely to belong to thee
A life filled with joy none will know
Songs play along with out a single fee

Death is not a factor in my slumber heart
Pain and worry only known for real
Happiness over shadows falling part
Nothing known from my false feel

Since this moment, my life hath been the mind
A future UN for certain, for I and all mankind

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The Live Oak Tree offers its shady limbs
As protection against the sun's beaming rays
It moves as the warm breeze flows churning hymns
About the oak in its younger days children played

Some little boys climbed 'pon its strong branches
Hidden behind its stout stable wide firm trunk
Not far below runs a small trickling branch
We wanted to play there maybe get a dunk

The nest that houses a squirrel family
Up high above the activity below
Has been there many years, those gangly
Posterity now play high and low

So like the humans who played under its limbs
Now grown, gone, some to prosperity and some tales grim 

Written Thursday June 13, 2013
While waiting for Cody at the Nursing Home

Sonnet Somewhat

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Coldly Alone

It's when the night gets cold
I miss you the most
With no ones there to cover or care
It's when the night gets cold
My thoughts flood my brain
Your image takes such a strong hold
I have no control
It's when the night gets cold
I ache for you the most
Wanting to be so close
But no one near to see nor hear
It's when the night gets cold
I miss you the most

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Study Sonnet: Aseptic and August Become Family

Auspicious August was a king of old,
who used aspersion as if it were gold.
Baron Aseptic, he declared: filthy,
and his best virtue, his asperity.

The Baroness called the king audacious,
her husband was very assiduous.
“He austerely cleansed all crime from his land,
King August could not claim something so grand.”

Though true, most ascribe her words to her end.
August assailed the Baron to defend
Pride and Respect. The Baron was astute,
killed his wife to appease the royal brute.

His atonement acceptable, the king
made him Groom in the princess’s wedding.

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Was it worth it I say to you my Lord?
The agony and the despair in a group.
Right and wrong define a mega-loop.
Some are enthralled others are bored.
Some balanced to strike a right chord.
You give you take with one big whoop.
I see and I blend like a homemade soup.
I adjust and readjust daily with a sword.
Sometimes I just want to run away,
But where would I go, you’d follow.
I scream kick and shout just to stay.
But then you’ll get way too hollow.
So I am damned if I do and damned if I do not.
So I tip my hat to imbalance and cast you a lot.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2008

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Thorn Of A Rose

Shattered glass that reflects a hue less light
Fractured wounds unhealed in a dormant heart
Fisted wails lost...drift a lake of star sight
Listless eyes (disillusioned) stand apart

Dark walls torment and shred this Juliet
Fire leaves the ash of a weakened power
A punctured place of burned out "can't forget"
Entombed...chained in an ebony tower

A (defective) dream of "please love THIS me"
Hidden beneath a haunt of Southern Sweet...
Red truth glares....unaccepted cannot be
HALT! Romeo conquers not this defeat

         Oh, to only fall headlong like the brave....
               But mausoleum walls enslave this cave....

Inspired by Sir Brians Sonnet Contest

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There, waiting in secret for thy angelic cue,
Thy age hath come and that day hath gone
Letting dusk paint the world in a different view
Beautiful tones, envied by all but one.
For that one is held close to thy core
As the earth clutches the velvet sky which intern hugs the moon
Leaving no hate, nor lust nor any form of metallic door
To faulter those whom over you shall swoon.
And yet, even at this adoring age
Thy sparkling aura art so pronounced and so glamorous
Making frontline guardians forget their deceitful rage
Replacing vengeful thoughts with ones more amorous
Creating playground stories of kiss and tell
Stealing subtle glances and honest hearts as well. 

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Health Sonnet

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
This note helped my good health sway
Yet, harm has come to my clay
Full of rot and muck it is, I must say!
It started when full became the ashtray
And empty lay my bottles of Chardonnay!

Vices and diseases filled my life
How hard it is to carry this strife
A Blessed  solace seemed the little puff
I never thought it would make me so rough!
Regretful, I remembered the apple
Baneful, I found only death’s shadow in the aisle!

O Beautiful Entity, Imperfect Creation of the Creator
Glorify your Health for thou art thine own Protector!

16 June 2012

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Comment of the verses commenting mine

I have happily walked through your poems`s spring:
And many times,a sensible heart sounded
Like a queen-violin;and many times,a king
Among the newest impetuous verse surely was crowned:
In the place with stalactites and stalagmites,the dreams` voice resounded;
And certainly yours keeps its face in the sunshine ready to be beyond the praise.
With air hands ,I touch the season white,with your name rebounded.
Unforgettable one in the lasting generous  heaven lays 
And the poets` realm with much honor you raise.
You know: the bits of heart ,the life`s syllogism disobeys;
Tender is the night in which,the candles are brought
For more light.To each I tell the same and especially to thee:
No sweetest rest,no pleasure work can be. 

(Especially to my first reader ,Peggy Bertrand this spontaneous attempt to fill 
these empty moments with myself and my gratitude.)

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Love 2K11

There's beating castles thereof much Loyal's Whence where we whom are loved linger longest, Love renders we feeling as though Royal's; Witnessed often our souls glowing strongest. Yes - love thereof all its divinity, For love is the host enchanting we all Therein our hearts - love enthroned entity Renders we feeling so giantly tall. Entitlements: Baby - Darling - Honey, Sometimes we knock - sometimes answer the door, Love more meaningful than material money; Oh - so knocks love in the form of splendor! Effortlessly how love erases our frowns; Sometimes we display our hearts as though crowns.

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We boomers, as our generation’s called,
have lived through two seasons, considered great,
during which our values were overhauled --
The Summer of Love and Autumn of Hate.
Both brought us together and gave us hope.
In the face of injustice, both were staged --
the first, a celebration with free dope,
the other a tragedy that enraged.
We were innocent in ‘Sixty-Seven;
we saw world violence and were appalled.
Our attitudes changed by Nine-Eleven;
we sought revenge, though we were shocked and galled.
While Winter of War passes, may we find
The Spring of Renewal and peace of mind.

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Old Blue-tick Hound

Damn old worthless dog. How lazy he lies 
in shade on my porch, by my rocking-chair.
Good but for flea food or a perch for flies
too old to bark at a wild hog or hare.
He’s fast asleep with one half open eye
as if to protect me, like he still could.
His old body sore and I know that I
(for his old age) must put him down for good.

Like a thank you for nothing, same as a 
gentle pat on the head. A gift to guard 
him from pain, to cut short his days so they
won’t be his burden. My sympathy charred
and heart destroyed, to give my old pal this
reward, this kindness, this murderous kiss.

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Love a ...

                  To the lady that has came into my life,i am so content
                    to the lady i share my life with,our love is like cement
                    she`s taught me many things,that money just can`t buy
                    the lady that is in my,  life is the apple of my eye.

                   She is so thoughtful,considerate,funny and caring
                   the thought of life without her,i cannot see baring
                   so as i stroll along in life,with this extra stride
                    i quickly put a ring on her,and asked her to be my bride

                               DEDICATED TO MY SKINBOB XX


      ... by Paul Beadnall                

  ASPECTS OF LOVE to celebrate my 100th contest.  
SPONSOR . Brian Strand

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LORD! We will be blessed with a heaven,
Where fountains of milk and honey will run!
Where no pain and tears will darken!
Where on desire, everything will be won!
Only around pleasure and beauty, but fear none!
Forever on, will dwell there immortally, yes unforgotten!
O Lord, but, I should adore this framed heaven,
These captive minds overlook a blessing; it’s a notion,                  
Ah this another life will free the soul from this dreading ocean, 
Where Fright of loss of a beloved won’t haunt me like a demon,
Where night won’t terrorize my soul of any misfortune,
Oh yes there would my soul rest with no fear frozen,
Will wear a smile when this disquieting concern will be abandon,
I say only this peace of heaven will make my heaven …heaven

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An Unexpected Proposal

A walk through the forest So lightly and fair Puts friendship to the test He'll surely be there. Meeting under the tree, So great and so old As she arrives to see That he was quite bold; For looking spies him there On one bended knee, Not a look of despair But happy he'll be When she lifts him back up his face in her hands Then her lips do his brush, she makes him her man.

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Rhythmic Ascension

Arise, strip your skin of it's sand-caked crust,
Stand upright, find yourself 'midst the rubble
Of burial mounds of most ancient dust;
Now, look above, past the sight of Hubble;
Freed of cocoons, the Collector's fixed pins,
We'll soar the skies as new-born Gypsy Moths;
Cleansed, shed of Darwin's tired old mottled skins,
To dare Doom, not to drown in tidal froths;
We'll circle the orbits of Einstein's dreams,
Bathe in Light, which he held such affection,
See for ourselves Beauty's equated schemes;
Then, All shall pulse our rhythmic Ascension;
    First, we must fly Newton's Fated apple,
    Break our bonds, Jealous Gravity's grapple.

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Over the ridges of orange sand
watch it slide,sink and expand
as the orange turns a silhouette
I wish life would reach its sunset
a gigantic glow of fading light
that slowly subsides into the night
it just becomes a crimson pyre
of the hopes that never flew higher
their magnificence brutally mangled
one by one, picked and strangled
and if love is merely a setting sun
let the holds of life come undone
be my dusk of a painful existence
sink with the sun into the distance.

*Written atop a red dune whilst watching the sunset.

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A mothers Advice

Follow this advice and do it having fun,
Stay focused on your goals, Don't do as 
I have done.
I am not as strong as any one of you,
I gave up on things to easy and I never 
followed thru.
So if someone tells you that you can't you'll
have to prove them wrong,
show them failure's not an option, show them
that your strong,
When you set a goal don't just let it die,
You will acomplish many things if you only
No matter where life may take you be proud
of who you are.
Believe in yourself and have respect and you
will go so far.

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Sonnet 37

Will life inside this bottle rescue me,
From sorrow, shame, and Sin's seductive crown?
Though her river's release and relax me,
I dare to dream a day that I would drown.

Problems are puzzles, piece apart from peace,
And waterfalls of wine weaves worries wind...
Away as lust of her I love to lease,
Consuming happiness...a short-lived friend.

Shall moderation of my life concur,
Music without mourning my morbid health?
For days on days I drink thine depths of her,
And gray to grey I grow unguarded wealth.

To I my eye shall lie and I will eye,
Her rivers, never sober, never dry.

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Youthful Memories, Treasures Held

 Youthful Memories, Treasures Held

Memories,  treasures waiting for me
pictures frozen in precious vaults
fruits from so many time trees
holding lessons of my many faults

Endlessly endearing emotions store away
stars swept into vast galaxies of fate
on journeys my mind often eagerly stray
seeking relief, praying it is not too late

My heart keeps redial with a quick connect
loves, sorrows, sweet pains of deep remorse
ever ready to serve up for desired effect
with the wanted results given of course

Treasure waiting to be conveniently tapped
Sweet , delicious milk to be silently lapped

Robert J. Lindley  06-22-2014

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It is damp and cool with clouds wanting to rule The clouds seem to get heavier and black Sun looks weak_ trapped by weight; raindrops on pool Now the cool damp rain is coming no slack Weather changable but God is constant Thank you God for your great consistency In those clouds I am seeing reliant Laws set in motion by God no aberrancy Sun's light rays cast like a cradle holding The clouds up such beauty in simplicity Each morn fasinated I am beholding The glory of this new day's specificity Specificity sent by God for all to behold Each day free of charge human uncontrolled

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Birth to Sonnets

at birth was diamond in mom and dad’s eyes
fourth grade through sixth grade I was a joker
it’s true in this life I have had some sighs
my time in the navy heavy smoker

all the women in my life should be queens
I know perfection can never be found
never shared my heart in my teens
after thirty years I made a rebound

my wife would sometimes call me an old maid
because of my slow off-balance movements
never saw action so I’m underpaid
today my life has many improvements

I love writing sonnets I’m no Shakespeare 
in a way it makes my life pretty clear

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Death Shall Grieve No More With Thee

Oh my beloved, methinks that thy heart
is like o’ that wither’d rose o’ autumn.
My shadow doth kill thy own strength apart
that I perceive thy thought hath neither bloom?

Why let our great myth doth bring harm to thee?
Walk on the path o’ life with such delight,
which my soul doth plead that thou hear’st its plea;
and in it thou see’st mine flickerin’ light.

If that other love’s bright as noonday sun,
why then, oh my beloved, thy heart’s sad?
Mine memory, mine breath beweepth, but none;
oft thou see’st my love for thee I once had.

Thy sweetest love to me always doth live,
let not thy heart, by my death, be deceiv’d! 

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If I Should Wake

If I should wake to find my loved one gone,
No longer lying warmly by my side,
I would not have the heart to carry on.
Oh, it were better that I should have died.
If I should find him only in my dreams
And days bring loneliness and and misery,
Then I would long for night and its moonbeams
Sweet dreams would then my only solace be.
A life without my love, no life at all,
But mere existence thinking of the day
He left me only dreams and sweet recall
Of how it was before he went away.
Awakening at dawn I find him near
And for this day I put away my fear.

For Dr. Ram Mehta Shakespearean contest  took 3rd place

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My sunlight lover shines, warming my heart.
Her caresses divine, her kiss so sweet.
Darkness shall not cover or tear apart.
Our love secure, when our arms held the heat.

Our passion acquired, molded so discreet.
Embracing each other in love we held.
From the first instant, that our eyes did meet,
Angels sang this blessing not to be quelled.

Sunlight shall always capture our fervor.
Sunlight shall brighten our gazes combined.
Conveying faith to any observer,
That true love is never lessened or blind.

Light of my life you’re my love forever.
You are the sunshine I crave whenever.

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Fight Back

Life was never like this,swinging up and down,
making a fool of me,as if i am the only clown.

Touching the sky always had been a dream,
though a distant one as it may seem.

But never did I lose ,the hope of reaching there,
inspite if the failures,which came to me so near.

Love the way , life plays games with me,
trying to beat me hard but never could, You see.

The challenges of life making me strong as ever
and a determination to fight with it forever.

Despite being knocked out,so many times in past 
I've emerged out again and make my words last.

Now again its time to show that I don't lack
than anyone or anybody and to go and fight back!!

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Uplifting Thoughts

Uplifting Thoughts

A warm smile always beats a cold hard frown.
 Gather in that joy bring sweetness on down.
Give a positive thought to your worries and cares.
 Imagine a billion dollar company you have shares.

When distress rears it's massively ugly head.
 Pull those silk covers up and sleep late in bed!
Wake at noon to lay about in comfort all day.
 Imagine a boom and your stock so sweetly pays.

A warm smile always beats the chill of despair.
 Be a million dollar baby without a single care.
Travel the world over in your huge new yacht.
 Rejoicing in the massive, massive wealth you got!

A frown spoils the heart and slashes at love.
Keep your soul bright and your spirit soaring above!


Sponsor, Elly 
Encore - 
anonymous positive new sonnet 1 original, for this contest,  new 
written poem about something beautiful..... Only the poetry 
form sonnet is acceptable.

Share "something beautiful" for this contest. Tell us all(!) about it.

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The morning light, that's blinding to the sight,
breaks through the clouds into the forest deep,
and wakens life from out of darkened night,
into the dawn of one more date to keep.

While life, the puzzle, opens to the dawn,
and makes a challenge of their daily bread,
my wonder is if they're depending on
the grace of God, or on mere chance, instead.

This raises thanks from my observing heart,
that we've the fare to set our table right,
and make a feast of what is just a part
of bounty that's come from our nations might.

       And from belief that Jesus is the way,
          the light and truth that leads the U.S.A.

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Amidst Heavy rains

Amidst the heavy rains,standing here I'm,
Holding my hands together ,hoping to be fine.

Walking through the streets ,repenting upon the past,
thinking what to do next,and when did I smile last.

Nothing seems to strike,nothing going my way,
however hard i try,no use of what I say.

To whom shall I show, the scars of my life,
the pain of which ,increases my strife.

I have reached a stage ,at which I can't turn back,
to fulfill my wishes which my life lack.

Now I wish sometimes,I still had been a boy,
to be loved by everyone,filled every moment with joy.

But time and again,reality comes back to me,
and amidst heavy rains I'm again on a crying spree.

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Dust and blood on an iPod that plays,
Hole, for love of country, for love,
Of the scope on a fine bolt action M-40  rifle.
Cupid was a sniper, for love of Psyche.
Like the marksman in the minaret that shot,
Lance Corporal Miller in the face,
He will have a thousand virgins at his feet.
As Corporal Nick Ziolkowski loved to kill,
Having taken three mortals in one day,
Was a badge of honor he would proclaim,
Now he lives under that shining city on the hill.
The world loves it’s patient heros,
How gently they lay in wait, divinely,
Saving humanity    from it’s dark Eros.

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Proffessor Crazy

We are crazy, aren,t we?
We are are all so very crazy
And so pray I, that we may be more crazy
That we may proclaim truth in such lucidity 
And when we are crazier
Then we shall live life like one 
A truthful crazy - life is worth living 
Than a bouyant life full of lies
I'll rather eat a bone in peace 
Than a fight over a roasted whole ox 
I'll rather run 100 miles to stay out of trouble
Than run 10 miles to get into one 
Leave me, and let me live my lovely - crazy life 
Even if it be on a leaf.

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When all alone, quiet, and lost in thought, I see again the times when I was young. I smile for attention I often sought, Knowing if I was sad then you would come. You would dry the teardrops that then would flow, Be my bedside nurse on a restless night. A soothing word and I'd forget my woe, Consoled that you were not far from my sight. Your wrath confused me when I misbehaved, Never believing I was ever wrong. But now I see love through your stormy rage. With your wise words I have grown, oh so strong. So when I think of you, Mother and friend, All regrets are over, all sorrows end.

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by rites

by rites we come into now
by rites we leave into then
by rites we mark the in between
by rites maybe we start again

by rites we say "I love you"
by rites we bring on progeny
by rites we launch into unknown
by rites we cleave dichotomy

by rites we celebrate today
by rites we mark contrast
by rites we are carried away
by rites we remember the past

by rites we reverently resolve
so, by rites kept, life revolves 

© Goode Guy 2013-01-04

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Is it the greatness of your art

Is it the greatness of your art or intellect,
that you proclaim for all the world to see.
That my thoughts and wit would appear reject,
and wither upon the vine with me.
Is it your beauty and wisdom that astound.
That’s alien to this world that strikes me dumb.
No, neither you nor the masses you confound,
That words which flowed so freely will not come.
You with that simple vacant stare,
that underpins the hollows of your mind.
You, should not presume to dare,
that your fame, has my thoughts maligned.
But when your art has won the day,
then mine is helpless to teach or sway.

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Both Love And Hate

              BOTH LOVE AND HATE
Straight through my mind and to my deepest heart,
your whispered words doth keep our love in heat; 
as certain as an ending has a start,
the night's emotion echoes out love's beat.
Though but implied, each time our eyes do meet,
the feeling warm, doth tingle to my spine,
and then love's glow, from head down to my feet,
makes all of life both precious and divine;
and makes of me the suckling, tiny child, 
once innocent, now deep in love's great fire,
breast in the hand, see how it drives me wild,
you surely know, I'd kill in such desire!
       The essence of what life can never know,
        so close at hand, but then, where does it go?      

There is no mercy, death must surely be
as swift and feeling as orgasms fate!
Are both not that which eyes can never see,
and are they not the same, both love and hate?
Your eyes do make my love the mockery,
and something I must have to call my own.
Why would a fool give all so willingly,
for feelings only gods have ever known?
Your flesh--so soft--so vibrant to my taste,
the only aphrodisiac I need
to bring me out from where love's been a waste,
and put it all to you, to quench your greed.
       We lie in silence, deep in loves discrete,
        all sep'rate from the world, but so complete.

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Imagine That

He looked at life through polished glass,
refracting every tone and hue.
He took his time for life to pass,
imagining a longer view.

Befitting beauty, flowers die
as they with early winter meet,
though wither comes, the loving eye
imagines blossoms ever sweet.

Eternal, lyrical and young
we must at last admit his means.
His sweetest song upon our tongue
through all the seasons, all the scenes

will live forever. Though we cried--
imagine that he never died.

~ John Lennon 1940-1980

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             SUPER HUMAN
What the challenge that I cannot achieve is not yet known
The life I am living is but a seed sown
Watch ye but do not regret else, away you are blown
I have seen, I have faced, and to believe is what is I have conquered
Tell where there is right and I am not there
The perfect me is what you but did see
Yet not feel, cos it hurts to feel
Yes! O yes! My ego drives me 
 My dream keeps me alive
Do not blame me I’m just SUPER HUMAN 

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The actor Vanquished

Darting up and down, left and right
Over my little being
With fright you easily show your might
Have I ever sought your meaning?

Have you ever stopped and wondered?
Torrid pendulum striking, yet unheard,
Of what use is that behaviour?
Of losing your utmost valor!

Even if your shield is your armor
And your weapon lies in being an actor!
Vincible you are and easily exhausted,
A mere puppet, completely roasted

Though your darting  intention may be to hurt or blemish
You forget, you form part of those whom my bliss did  abolish!

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Come Ride Into Life's Sunset

Written in response to traveling west on a highway facing the sun setting behind dark gray clouds

Come ride into life's uncertain sunset
Where dark clouds may accumulate with dread
Sun's only peeking through mostly ordained
Giving life those moments when with wingspread

One soars in the presence of the Son's love
Feeling His voice tenderly saying come
Feast at my table of gifts tasty, Dove
Focus your eyes upon my beauty some

Ride to life's sunset whatever circumstance
It may present, hold my hand_understand
This is new ground for me_hope accrescence
In love of mankind for heading to promise land

Uncertain skies streaked with gray, sun at bay
Love can lift, sustain, ingrain us for day!

accrescence means growth, continous growth
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Sponsor: Michael Falotico
Contest:No Nams On This Love Contest

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There is my holdings my vineyards in Franco 
The eye waves flies off of his wine 
While making millions of euro dollars 
While ewe aer always reining Qyeen 
The kisses lemone oh so sweet 
Only in my fantasy wine is never sour 
 Away the hour enthrall love ewe 
CharlaX Millions making fables true bend 
Holding love above the real life 
Holding love inside the inside 
Holding love upon the morrow 
Holding love without mye sorrow 
Holding love to be the marrow 
Holding love above the dollar. 


The grapes were used though lemone added mix 
A thing unheard in all the land 
The regent came to me anon to ask 
CharlaX why the wine would sec sit 
Tis for the love violette eye bend 
The lemone fragrance doth remind the eye 
The wine is never bitter then 
The love much more imported avec bien 
Love holding more than love can tell 
Love holding odoring the smell 
Love holding like the fetterments 
Love holding like a taste of her 
Love holding only love anon 
Love holding after we aer gone. 


There is a mission now upon the corner 
Near the water they do stay there 
All the homeless wander there they live safe 
They have laoaves fishes sec vino 
No one hungars no ones cold 
No one misses world so bolder older 
No worldly pleasuer can compare 
Working harder now than ever fables quake 
Hold me loving hold me closer 
Hold me loving je embrasser 
Hold me magistrate ragon Qyeen 
Hold me merry happily long 
Hold me sensually loving 
Ruling the vineyard sun love song 


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furrows of life

The  furrows of Life 

The narrow way leading up to the farm from the main 
road had a gate, so cattle could not wander off on to 
the main road getting. The way had three furrows two 
caused by narrow cartwheel, and one- much wider- from 
the horse´s hoofs. Deep furrows meant a hard-working 
farm. The landscape was flat and often windy and on my 
way to school I tried to walk where the horses had trod 
the soil was softer there and the horseshoe patterns told
me if it had been a small or big horse that last had pulled 
a cart here and if the load had been heavy
A knowledge that was totally useless and I often wonder 
why I remember it so clearly, like a black& white photo.
Lately I have been remembering these ways and its users 
I often think if there is a message here I have overlooked.   

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Pisces, The Fish, Living Waters

Pisces, The Fish, Living Waters

Swimming in cool blue waters so deep
rainbow fish , so pretty the stars weep
Oceans filled with great hope and pride
on celestial waves greatness takes a ride

Constellations shining brightly to see
lights glowing in the past and future be
A sign to speed life on it's merry way 
guiding our spirits into a future day

Neptune stands his mighty waters so well
holding back the monsters from deepest hell
Comets bring in the joy of desperate relief
washing away anguished pains of epic grief

In a bright galaxy so very far, far away
Seas of life exist, love and sweetly play

Robert J. Lindley, 07-12-2014

Sponsor Leonora Galinta 
Contest Name , Poem with a Theme: Zodiac Sign

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Poems about Allah
In The Name Of Allah
I seek Allah’s protection
Praise be to Allah
The lord of the world
The beneficent, the merciful.
The master of the Day of Judgment,
You do we worship and thine aid we seek,
Guide us to the straight path.
The path of those you have favored,
And not of those against whom you are wrathful,
Nor of those who have gone astray.
His relation with creatures
Many of his creatures are creative.

Known and unknown of varies
In different continent and undiscovered continent
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Special of his creatures on earth
Man feeling healthy and happy all time 
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Special creatures with special talents
Creating and inventing new things
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Was saying in cradle
 I dear not worship thee and dear not,
I dear not satisfy thee and I also dear not
Bunch of lies at a stage. 
Praise be to thee, thy Lord.

Creator looked and warned
Special creatures then shivered,
Echo of shouting and screaming
Then forgiveness was given
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Creature said, Marvelous, thy Lord is Perfect
And all praises and worship are due to him.

There is no god but He, the living,
The everlasting, slumber touches Him not, nor sleep.
To him belongs all that is in the heavens and on
The earth. Who is there to intercede with Him,
Save by his permission. He knows that before and after them,
And they comprehend nothing of His knowledge,

Save by such as he wishes.
His throne comprises the heavens and the earth.
The preserving of them oppresses Him not.
He is the Most High, the supreme (in glory)
Let there be no compulsion in religion:
Truth stands out clear from error:
Whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has
Gasped the most trustworthy handhold, that
Never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.
Allah is the protector of those who have faith: 
From the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.
Of those who reject faith the patrons are the evil ones:
From light they will lead them forth into depths of darkness. 

They will be companions of the fire to dwell therein (forever).
All praise is due to Him, who has bestowed upon me, 
Behold, my Sustainer hears indeed all prayer.
Your Duties to Him 
My passionate to him is to worship him
There is no partner or a competitor
I feel my life is to him
My life feels I should be to him, the able
Worship and gives him all he is due to:
And praises his name all the time
Mighty in all his names:
He the beneficent, pray

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Once a landmark, beautiful country home
Stately hundred year old oaks surrounded
Years ago productive farm was awesome
In the community family grounded

House sold for family built new dwelling
A different family then resided
But an orange red glow took home quelling
All the families joy gone with farmstead

A sadness engulfed me, for fifty years
Of memories and constantly seeing
Home in passing, now new home will premier.
Crumbled burned tin remains for time being

Life's assurance_change will happen sooner
Or later, adaptation roughly hewn

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Another World

Where do we go when we go away?
And why is it that we have to leave?
What happened to Adam and to Eve?
Where is the greatest scale to weigh?
Where do we go when we want to stay?
What about this great big world weave?
What about you what do you believe?
So what dues do we have left to pay?
Why me?
Why you?
I can see?
You do to!
I think we’ve all been twirled,
All the way into another world!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Lightning Flashed Heated Air

Lightning flashed heated air nitrogen bring
Desired raindrops free the earth from love's dust
Raining upon the dry earth unjust, just
It is only a very tiny thing

But when the clouds roll away birds will sing
On God the provider they place their trust
Even when man from his store throws small crust
Today the heavens with jubilation did ring

While the lightning flashed man did find rest
Tucked away in house, car, or barn over there
Out of sight where no one could see
In the hot argument of clouds man confessed

God I have sinned before you; please forgive me
Then be finished with this sordid affair

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Within the Wind

My love, thy beauty rest within the wind,
Alive of art, alluring with appeal.
As for the wind shall move and blow and bend,
Silent you sit inside motion surreal. 

I see the sea and sometimes she is calm,
Aloft the streams of salt aquatic blue. 
Yet waves do rage when wind brushes her palm,
Angered and moved...of time shall tame the shrew.

Placid inside the pedestal of air,
That blows from leaf to grass and sand to lake, 
Divine you dare to be a portrait fair,
And I in awe amazed each day I wake.

If wind is air, each breath is of you dear,
Making my world within settle and clear.

July 17, 2014

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Sonnet 15

As technology has progressed , bound leaps ,
within the nanny state , Man simply sleeps .
Replaced Automatic ; Manual Labour.
Solved by Machine mind's , Binary No more .
For synthetic constructs for your whim , creeps
pumping cheese-its into bulging wheeze heaps.

So keep That lard thru blood , spotless , can ignore
such irritations as ; Clearing the floor .

While Digital duty serves ; watch those beeps 
streaming 24/7 fiction keeps
sake in sight , forms pixel ; away those flaws 
by Avatar's dream , away life's true claws.

While around , leashed , the world quietly leaps ,
Attended by metal hands ; Left
	Man Sleeps....

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Emptiness no one can see

The cobweb of time has bound me over again
making me feel i have gone insane 
The emptiness around me pierces through
as if asking me to reach you 
peace is no where to be found near 
and all i can find is a drop of tear
rolling out of my eyes one by one
thinking what else could i have done
to make me feel better and calm
and recover from the nature's charm
Deep inside me burns a feeling
a void that makes me sing
The void  created inside me
the emptiness  no one can see

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A sonnet for Johnny

Your love is music to my soul,
It is more lovely than any 
melody that replays in my 
Notes fly through my heart that 
was once coal,
I was blind
Now I can clearly see since 
your rhythm set me free,
Soft wind hums through my 
As you sing to me,
Your soft voice drives away all 
my fears.
But love never lasts in one's life 
Pardon me as I lay down my 
While you walk a mile in pursuit 
of a heart breaking crime,
You played me like a card.
and I awllowed all of this pain
Never again will I play this 

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Obsession of sorrow

Alcohol can drown a man's sorrow, but for a little while.
Makes him remember of what he tries to forget.
Drink more, only to find solitude.
Drink more, only to find regrets.  
Dink more, only to find tears.                                                                          
Dink more to find emptiness that is in the hearts of every man.
Drink more to find death.
A fool says, "Every rose has a thorn".
But a wise man says, "Every thorn has a rose"                                                  
So, hold on to your past, Let go of those that aren't worth holding on to.
Cause life is short to live in sorrows' of the past.
Every man will find peace if they purse the present.
And every breath of life one takes is a gift,
Alcohol cannot drown a man’s sorrow, but his sorrow drowns him.

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A Will

The birds fly free up in the sky.
Why oh why can it not be me?
Why can’t I just soar and be.
Why can’t I fly above so high?
My spirit guides me as I sigh.
My soul wills me to be free.
Where is this highest decree?
This is why I hear doves cry.
I open a seal,
Carry a smile.
All is so real.
I last a mile.
Inside of me there is a will.
This is why I can’t sit still.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown (Kyrielle Sonnet)

It’s a great day to shake and bake
Dance, sing, and eat all of your cake
It’s time to wear your dinner gown
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown

Upon reaching the Big Six O
Spread and stretch on your patio
Wear your fancy dress into town
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown

As you puff out the nice candles
Hold tight onto your chair handles
Smile today and let your hair down
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown

It’s a great day to shake and bake
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown

© Joseph, 4/9/08
© All Rights Reserved

Comments:  Dedicated to my poet laureate friend Carol Brown.  The Kyrielle 
Sonnet has 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain stanzas and a non-rhyming 
couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain in the last line of each 
stanza.  Each line within the sonnet has eight syllables. The French use the first 
and last line of the first quatrain as the ending couplet. This reinforces the refrain 
within the poem. The rhyming scheme for a Kyrielle Sonnet normally is: AabB, 
ccbB, ddbB, AB -or- AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB.

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In This Moment

Between the hidden and the knowing
dost not the heart lead
upon heights of silent stowing
to once again reveal his creed 

As streaming clouds run westward 
and fain, I bequest of solemn glory
why must sin lay incurred
for truth be my story

If only to find our Sovereign Lord
calling out amid my guilt
then surely love shall be adorned
woven placidly in heavens quilt

In hymns and color I shout to thee
that wounded eyes might come to see


Contest-Debbie And Cyndi's Sonneteers
Form- English Sonnet

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RETURN TO HELL - Monsieur L'Vampyre

Tonight love flies from where love never seems
to occupy, it comes from time somewhere,
and long ago, from emptiness of dreams
you've long forgot, but they are steaming there

deep in the night, from where I've spread my wings
and fly into your life in need of me
but be aware, sometimes my love it stings
upon your neck but sets your spirit free;

and then we fly through all of time and space
into the mist that's lifting cool and blue
back to the forests long burned by the race
straight to the heart of love that bothers you;

and you will love me like you've loved before
when you were someone else demanding more.

Take wing my love! There's naught your heart should fear
It's just like deja vu or times gone by
look deep into your death--love will appear
your love will never let your spirit die

and all are just as undead as I've been,
the only difference is you you come and go,
while dying as you have I've never seen
nor had the peace of mind the dead all know.

but love is constant in my life and heart
demanding blood be pumping through my vein
and when you feel my bite you'll be a part
of everything I've ever been, again.

Yes you have lived before and loved too well
and that's the price you pay to live in Hell.

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Time Has Carried Me

Time has carried me so close to old age
Will acceptance be added to my traits
Accepting comfy shoes, not latest rage
Having become old__many varied weights

Hobbling to a electric grocery cart 
Every time  visit Wal-Mart, grocery
Definitely does not look very smart*
But time hasn't carried to cemetary

What about cane or horrible walker
Acceptance with time maybe be mellow
Maybe even become a sweet talker
Or cataract surgery_ odd fellow

Time has carried me_acceptance my plea
Live my life with grace and each day with glee

(Chic, fashionable)

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je ne sais

you ask what the future will bring - 
you ask if you'll find happiness - 
you ask where does contentment lie - 
you ask who knows these questions asked - 

you want the roads end to be seen - 
you want the curves of path envisioned -
you want full knowing of in between - 
you want to know your human condition - 

je ne sais - je ne sais, 
is all i can utter in reply
i do not know - i just don't know
we'll get answers maybe by-and-by

we will not treasure lifes' portends
if we know just how the story ends

© Goode Guy 2013-01-08

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Men are not moles and are not meant to be, Yet coal was needed, so below we went, A thin light on helmets just let us see small tunnels that weak fans barely could vent. Dust can stain the skin, sweat can drain a soul, And each miner knows death patiently waits, The company profits as workers toil while cave-ins or black lungs just obey fate. Aye, we’d mouths to feed, families we love, But we dreamt of sun, clean air to breath, For hope came along, wouldn't stay above, Yesterday is gone, tomorrow we’ll grieve. Deep down, decades under the ocean floor, Dead miners refuse to dig any more.
*Dedicated to my father in law, a former Cape Breton miner who became a miner though HIS father died in a mining accident when he was just a boy and to the Men of the Deeps, the only north American singing group of former miners. . For their song Working Man (

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Granted and Given

It is all in the Stars if you look hard enough.
There is always the morning Star twinkling.
And then there is the evening Star blinking.
And then there are layered clouds in a fluff.
Then there is the Sun and Moon and stuff.
Sometimes it looks like the Moons winking.
Sometimes it looks like the Sun is thinking.
Makes me wonder if their day can be rough!
What a wondrous world I live in.
What balance I live by every day.
My life must be granted and given.
So no wonder I take time to pray.
It is granted and given each day just to be me.
Just look up once a day and this you can see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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I am Man

When those words are spoken, written, to be a man or not,
Buzz says the bee, to discover what is he?
When the vortex of brains come calling all to reveal plots,
On dripping lips with open mouths that are caves of echoes, opened with skeleton 
The makeup of a man with gray and white matter speaking to him,
Seats of consciousness much more grandeur than the largest auditorium,
Fleshy pods of minds, bodies, and souls, that are glass snakes with broken penis 
Regeneration of anger, hate, sorrow, despair, and love trapped in the hearts 
sunless atrium,
Driving on streets with war bonnets making exchanges with Julius Cesear in the 
passenger seat,
Boxing wrongs reminding us that we are men, and men we are,
Love letters from Sappho, slapping vulnerability, and veneered with eroticized heat,
Ermine men with life lessons spitting out the memories of nightmares,
Graveyards of bones with worm infested skulls, and dreams at rest,
 To be a man in life, to be a man in death, here, and there, he must live or die the 

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Ballroom Gown Moment

Pastel pink ballgown floats on horizon
Belle of the ball accompanied by gray gents
Dancing into early morn, roosters sing on
Still accented by soft entertainment

So swiftly has the dance floor changed to light
Like life that changes slipping up on us
A mother bird busied herself with bright
Eyes and wide mouths, then gone is little fuss

Cool is the morn, damp the air_ comfortable
Soon the golden sun will warm the air, chase
Away the chill, send me inside unable
To enjoy nature, But God's presence is in place

A few ballgown minutes, time moves onward
Thank you for this time in heart undergird

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Seaside Sonnet

An October day – we could see our breath.
You and I had the beach all to ourselves.
Artwork in the sand – talkin’ about death.
You wanted to talk about somethin’ else.

You were watchin’ the clouds, and me, the waves.
You stayed close enough to borrow my warmth.
You talked origin; I talked about age –
prayed to witness when the tropics move north.

We outran the tide five feet to a time
till the fairy tale was an aftermath.
You said that love travels in a straight line
with language intercepting its path…

that words shouldn’t change the trajectory of souls;
that death’s a grip on a loss of control. 

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Come Along And Wish With Me

My first wish would be to help children 
Around the world__meet all their needs
Be it need for basics like food, clothing
Or shelter from the cold, water, __meds

This would include children in the states
Who in the city sometimes aren't safe
Then my second wish for elderly
Would be for love__ care continually

Then something for me that I long for
Health and strength to be able to care
For my family as needs arise
Granted these wishes__ life would improve

Wishes for children all around world
Love and care for elderly__last me

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From the Beginning

Since we met, 
Our hearts have been,
Through a lot,
And I have always hoped,
That you would be the one,
To capture my heart,
But times have changed,
And caused us not to be,
   The people we once were.

People chance through time,
And their true person shows,
And no matter how things turn out,
We can always be friends,
Because love never dies,
It just breaks off, 
But true foundations will last,
Throughout the years,
     And makes love last throughout the friendship.

However, I never give up on love,
Because I know it is out there,
And there is someone for me,
I just wonder who it is,
And where they are,
However, if it is meant to be,
We will be together again,
In the future,
For if you love someone and let them go,
     And they come back it's meant to be.

So, always take your time,
And never rush into things,
Because rushing into things is a disaster,
And both parties will get hurt,
Then there is hard feelings among you,
Which will cause the end all together.

Always search your heart and mind,
And know what you want before you leap,
Because if you don't,
Everyone will get hurt in the situation,
Because it is more than,
Just you and me.

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I Love You, Death

           I LOVE YOU, DEATH
I love you death, and welcome all you're not;
no love, no hate, no failing and no gain,
no fighting for the things we haven't got
nor wondering about our latest pain.

Your mercy is a thing I surely bless
anticipating you, my only friend,
who brings conclusion to all wretchedness
the only one who knows us in the end.

So come you now as I help you along
you know you've tried to get me in the past
but now I know your timing is not wrong
and so I live and breath for you at last.

Your nothingness is what I hunger for
and in your end, I pray there's nothing more.
© ron wilson

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Leaving Home

So many years have come and gone away, 
And now the time has come that I should leave; 
The sanctuary where I was to pray, 
The haven where my heart was free to grieve. 

I never had to front or fog the facts. 
It knew me as I knew myself to be, 
And as I wait to walk upon the tracks, 
I feel as though it's from myself I flee. 

Now it only houses me in sorrow, 
By misty memories of days long passed; 
Knowing I'll be on my own tomorrow, 
And wondering how long this pain will last. 

If home is where the heart is then I find, 
I'll have to leave my broken heart behind.

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Help Me Grow

The Japanese Magnolia's blooms color
Now a sickly amber after the freeze
Layered somber clouds boil threaten downpour
That will dampen out on the porch's ease

Just a few minutes to gather my thoughts
Settle down in the cold, biting, damp air
All the stresses, disappointment life brought
To the true, living God who reigns, rules fair

Fairness in diamond buried deep contained
In layers of earth waiting to surface
By hands of God releases unrestrained
Diamond in rough waiting place in palace

Speak to me, Lord, help the diamond's facets
Help me grow, Lord, fill me with your nuggets

In honor of Brian Strand
Contest: Our choice up to fourteen
Penned by:Sara Kendrick
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These Later Years

Our early years were yes quite marvelous -

white porch swings & slow spring afternoons

when beneath your quiet eyes the first blush

of passion swelled & the low summer moon

poured its light across the sleeping grass

& then our children ran through open fields

their laughter rising drifting bird-like  past

our golden dreams in Autumn’s shimmering world -

Still – as I watch you brush your white hair

that falls like snow on rising hills – the trace

of memory – your eyes – your lips – your care

worn body – the movement of your wrist – such grace -

there is I know no season quite so fair

nor beauty found than in these later years.

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Bone Tired

Then carefully she pushed the den back door
And stepped into the messy strewn day room
Dog bones, plates, cracker crumbs slung on the floor
All it would take is a few sweeps of broom

But__she was tired just bone tired of cleaning
Picking up strewn this and that, folding clothes
It seemed to be a life of no meaning
Maybe I'll write some polyphonic prose

"She sells seashells by the summer seashore"
That's not mine but maybe I can write too
Chihuahua can't chew gum chewings a chore
Can you write one or don't you have a clue

Now my tireness is gone no memory
Of that worrying about backstory

maintenant termine'

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Natural Glitter

Swallowed up into false nothingness around,
Captured only by my thoughts with no sound,
My mind wondering throughout the land,
No music to spare, not even a marching band,
Swiftness of stream, within walking distance,
Captures my thoughts, breaking my stance,
I break away and chase after calming echo.
Not knowing what I would find or know.
My soul relates to natures swishing flow.
Heart beating softly, in rhythm as I go,
As if, my spirit is writing music so sweet.
Picturing the notes, expressions of the beat,
Welcoming environments of musical twitter,
Spread outward in view, of natural glitter.

Written for

Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name Breathe in the silence 

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Through time and space, you've come and found me here,
at first I guessed that you were only dreams,
that come and go, so far away, yet near,
and in a time where nothings as it seems.

Too much of you fell on me from the start,
from out of night, where winds of love are blown,
deep in another time, as if a part,
of all I've ever been and ever known.

Deep in a candle flame, that burning sight,
I feel you near, across the universe,
and touch your love, bounced from a satellite,
and make of you my blessing and my curse.

No matter--you've become my love again,
from out of cyberspace, where you have been.
..............© ron wilson

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Hope is More than a Word

Hope is wonderful, it's a word I have come to appreciate
It appears in my life presently, hope knows I can wait
For in the coming months freedom will open my door
To a new life I'll lead and rid my past of sores

Music will be my capture, whilst my art will re-awake
To be more free in years to come, I need to for my sake
Whether I'll be alone in life, only time can tell
Inside my soul I'm reborn again to rid my saddened hell

To concerts I will go, many bands I have still to see
Buggles, Asia & Bryan Ferry, thrall their sounds in me
Maybe Queen will tour again, pasts efforts I should have made
Fingers crossed I won't be alone to share my Gigs cascade

Hope is a wonderful word it can open up future doors
To cross that threshold with open eyes, new horizons to explore

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For You

~Take me,
Take me away from that Place.
Take me away from my Aches.
~Shake me,
Shake me awake from Reality.
Shake me awake from my Nightmares.
~Place my,
Place my memories back to Hell.
Place my memories back to the Cell.
~Hold me,
Hold me in a Forever Embrace.
Hold me in a Forever Place.
~Push me,
Push me back to Start.
Push me back to his Heart.
~Throw my,
Throw my heart Higher.
Throw my heart in a Fire.
~Put me,
Put me in your Arms.
Put me in your Heart.


(thank you for reading :) it really means a lot to me.. if you please dont mind commenting and rating :) thank so much)

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Would the Memories Devour Her?

Would the Memories Devour Her?

Sarah Jean sat slumped in the old black chair 
She could only muster a cold blank stare
Since the death of her son she didn’t care
Memories assaulted her-“Unfair!”
To take her youngest son and leave her here
She flinched at the thought of him leaving home
He dribbled the ball, spun, snatched the keys from the hook 
His golden grilled smile would be her last look
Lawrence leaped before her like a hologram
She could hear his voice playful even with a demand
“T’ Lady this just is not what we do
You taught me life was for living
Now you’re claiming that your life is through”
“Call me Mama, boy” she scolded “or I’m going to get you!” 

Rhea Dear

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I Can Say It Now To Myself

I apologize for all mistrust.
Forgiveness your nature, it is so.
Hear thine words of tragedy and must.
Awaiting answer, before I go,

Those equations that I speak silent,
Prepare thou for our sweet departure.
Those quiet and distinct moments lent.
We both indignant, so immature,

Now we can share our differences.
Masks never hidden to each other,
Our inner heart shared references.
We could not deceive ourselves brother.

We are; I accept apology.
Now no more, combined, you are now me.

Written for
Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name You Can Say It Now 

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Heavenly dream made a reality

Upon the spoken word, upon silver wings,
There was a message written to me, sent by my king.
A love song so sweet, my heart could not resist,
I fell for the one; I was made for but missed.
He sang of great redemption, of mercy, of grace,
A foreign language it was to me, I felt uneasy, out of place.
The wrongs I held on to, the sadness the pain,
Simple things really, trying to keep me from my way.
The emotions overwhelming, I collapsed to my knees,
The only feeling I could muster, was the one to appease.
For knowing I was better than the life I was leading,
I had to exceed every expectation, I knew I was fleeing.
He always held me close, through the disappointment and extreme,
Knowing that one day, I’d look back and it’d seem such a dream.
For he always held a plan for me, that I had failed to recognize,
My Lord showed me my world, as it seems through unseen eyes.
Forever I’ll feel in debt to him, although he’ll never hold me to it,
Because he always loved me for who I was, he always held me through it.
-micaiah Price

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How Do I Love Thee: Life

should I attempt to tabulate the ways 
in which I cherish this thing we call life 
a single eye to count the twinkle stars 
might I borrow the worlds fingers and toes 
arms, legs and noses, still shy my target 
better still to prey my heart from its chest 
laid out raw, in ore, wanting more, love score 
no magician can fill up a full cup 
that does, clearly, already overflow 
bulbous, crimson, life, spilling down solid sides 
flooding the firmaments, essence of me 
a reason for being, forging, worthwhile 
I straddle the beast who carries us through 
tallyho, avanti, onward we go

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I yearn for nothing, yet I expect more
Aimlessly wandering in life endless maze
That menacing lane I have tread before
Spends my life in empty repeated days
Hope is my only sin and my reward
Forlorn, I fathom reasons of despair
This silence around me, I once adored
Is torturing me, making me aware
That crimson dream is yet to dawn on me
And that portrait of life is miles ahead
Blind leading the blind is all I see
And life of lamenting the living dead
Denounced from life's melancholic joy
What is to treasure I fail to employ

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The edge of frustration

Joys of the day,seems to be limited,
with sun going down,leaving me frustrated.

Dunno what makes me so ,trying to figure it out
whether its the horrible climate or the little ones shout

But again,I've tolerated climates worse than present
and the presence of kids ,happiness was all it meant 

then what could be the reason for my present state
that my very lovable things are now an object of hate

Irritation seems to be ready for anything that comes across
Be it either a friend or family with everyone I'm cross

Find me a place where I can get a moment of peace
along the blue high skies or in the lovely green trees

As i need to get away from this reality of irritation
killing me every moment at the edge of frustration.

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Homeless man

Thinking to myself how it must feel. When life comes down to begging for a meal. We were once equals you and me. Until my job flew south you see. When no one wants to lock eyes. That’s when another piece of you dies. With no place to call a home. You’re now on the roam. Huddled around a can at night is your only light. Eating out of trash cans Takes the last piece of dignity away from a man. With courage in his soul and faith in his heart He dreams of his new start.

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Treasure Hunt

Love is a treasure, all of us may hold,
It carries us through life, never to be sold.
It shows us mercy while other attributes do not,
solaces our soul and simply can’t be bought.

Treasures we are seeking; monetarily so to speak,
a priceless gift of eternity, is love when at full peak.
All the riches in the world cannot fill the empty void,
the only key to happiness is love when truly enjoyed.

It will never leave you, though pain is a side effect,
one dose of erroneous love; your heart will fully reject.
It gives you guidance and helps in times of need,
a bond never to be broken, an emotion flows to feed.

Yes, it can be agonizing and at times let you down,
as quickly as it dissipates, a new love again is found.
Protects your vulnerabilities and eases your mind at rest,
love is never taking; giving is what it does best.

Treasures we may be seeking subconsciously in our minds,
clearly taking for granted a wonderful gift so easy to find.
Use your gift wisely; don’t misuse it or discard to the side,
your treasure is always with you; in your heart, deep inside!

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Gathering Figs

I went this morning to gather ripe figs
The ants, wasps, yellow jackets arrived first
They had been gathering like little pigs
Here a hole, there a hole, those giant holes worst

Hidden in a giant hole underneath
Was an armadillo covered in dirt
He keeps his family in tiny sheath
Shows them around yard, rears those little squirts

Some ripe figs had already fermented.
Were the ants_ hornets drunk with nature's wine
As on fermented figs they richly fed?
Didn't they know that those figs were mine?

Nature's plants and animals compliment
Each other, that's surely self-evident 

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Madness of the Guilty Drunk.

I dabble in that which seeks the night in false bitter screams,
For in this wandering fading grip I hold onto dreams.
Some say I am a bit insane in fortitudes embrace,
Yet I drink the fire to blind my eyes from that devil’s face.
I invite you all to sit down and witness all the beasts,
Have a sip, pour a glass, it is the window to the feast.
Don’t look at me with judging eyes until you down the glass,
For things will clear, come to light, when held in truths bitter grasp.
I dabble in that which seeks the night in false bitter screams,
I down the drink, I hold the pint, and whisper to the dreams.
And now I sway, glass in hand, tell tells of lost battles won,
The heavy heart, the solemn tears brought forth by glasses done.
The eyes grow weary, the hands shake, the slurring songs are stilled,
Still I reach for the devil’s fire as the mug is refilled.

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Great is the Day

Great is the day when a song you hear.
It makes your spirit soar through wind.
Great is the day when your time begins.
It makes you wake up and hoot a cheer.
Great is the day when it is a new year.
It makes you back to where you been.
Great is the day to manage a few grins.
It will put you into another hemisphere.
Great is the day just to be,
A part of a world that sings!
Great is the day just to see,
A wondrous mix of things!
Great is the day,
Is all I can say!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Free Will Dove

Clouds have amassed dampness fills the spring air
Two flocks of Blackbirds meet in sky unite
Put on a ballet for me, then begin to pair
In the tallest Pecan Tree clustered no fight

When in flight, they looked like schools of small fish
Surfing the sky, those Blackbirds seem so small
To God do we seem like grasshoppers whishing
No! He knows each of us by name one and all

Even before we're knitted together
He loved us so much that he gives free will
We can chose to love him and others
Or we can deny and His Presence kill

Spring such a lovely time_birds meet, mate, love
People a lovely creation, free will dove___

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If all I had left to live is twenty-four hours

If all I had left to live is twenty-four hours
I will plant a green garden with flawless flowers
I will pick for my friends and fans some red roses
I will be ready for that home more glorious than the galaxies

I will never be sorry and sad but be grateful and glad
For a life well spent with my family… mom and dad
I will thank God for making me fervent and faithful to the end
Before I finally fly, I will bid farewell to my foes and friends

I will take account of the lovely and lively life I’ve lived
I will say a sincere sorry to all those I have grossly grieved
I will pray for the hopeless and helpless men and women
I will ask God to save them from the devil’s deadly den

If I had one day left to join the holy angels that hail hallelujah!
I will make my heart and hands ready to sing and hail hosanna!

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The Great Light

The sunrise in dullness lies on eastern horizon
Nothing spectacular about the sky
A little time before duties have begun
Small amount of  space to think about why

To think about the coming son who will
Set this captive free from the chains of sin
A little color on horizon still
No longer dull but some purple_apricot begin

Brillant apricot at fireball's center
My window boxes need watering now
Some of the plants wilting has occured
Sun now is up gold light filters through boughs.

The sun has revealed fog that was hidden
Thank you God for great light by son given...

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Newly Laid Fire

The newly cut green oak sputtered and smoked
Until mother took paper torn crumpled
Added a few pine cones, kerosene, poked
The kinderling_off took the flame_bedazzled

Warmth spread in icy room but not far
Cold, icy wind entered through weatherboard's
Cracks, windows that rattled, spaces in floor.
At night, wind had played many seventh chords

Her strength to face and handle the day well 
In spite of surroundings, circumstances
Deep within was spring that did compel
Her like the energizer bunny bounces

Lighting the morn's fire a lesson in strength
Endurance in circumstances wavelength

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Adorning Mourning

Desire, like fire, wires the soul.
Hope, holding, like limbs to the tree.
The heart like a person, tries to be whole.
Breath, like spirit, striving to set free.

Life, like love, living to displease.
Love, like life, living to decay.
Death, infecting things like disease.
Trust, like dust, crushed falls away.

And still, we sit still... pondering.
Words, like worms, infesting the mind.
On this path we'll be wandering.
Thought, like the path, is left behind.

Yet, we move forward from our pasts,
and know that sorrow never lasts.

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The Fragrance Blest

Lotus, whose sapless roots 
Deep in stream’s muddy soul,
When lost the mossy bond below
Is turned gray in deeper gloom.
Her mate the light of all that live,
In pain he sinks in golden waves,
And the verge of seas are found
Billowing clouds that wailing loud.
Life is but a sweet  and snappy  scent
That keeps the pulpy mass in place
On frames of bones big and small,
Veins, sinews, marrows in tones. 
When is lost that fragrance blest
We are, but a fetid maggots’ feast.

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I Shall Return

My only thought as I stand here and ponder
is to what, my love, the thoughts that shall wonder
throughout your mind in my coming absence, 
for I wish to be with you at any expense.

But Death has got me
in his tight grasp, so there cannot be,
any escape, anyway to eschew from my fate,
now that I am looking at Hell's gate.

Please do not shed tears with my leave,
for it is only the world that shall misperceive
that I am gone, but every moment I will be there,
watching over, protecting you, so don't despair.

And in this state that I am forced to be,
I shall concoct a plan to flee.

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the Adult Children of Alcoholics 
educated me a lot on my life
I have seen plenty of alcoholics
growing up with it stabs you like a knife

I once read in a book what certain traits
children of alcoholics developed
being an adjuster in life relates
seems like my life was underdeveloped

I would just go with the flow with no word
looking back on my life I know it’s true
I was never the one to wear a sword
all this because dad drank way too much brew

Dad is dead family is still coping
we have all done our own way of doping

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alone and quiet (The one)

all is quiet 
no noise slithers through the air 
no one but me is there.
later, I am surrounded by 
a sea of people, 
their voices swarm through 
the humid rain-filled air
physically I'm crowded, 
mentally I'm avoided and secluded, 
the air is always quiet where i am and 
where i choose to be, 
i look around; no one is here but me. 
until i find the one who plasters 
a smile on my face
the one who makes me laugh 
with his humorous grace, 
he hums his written songs in my ear
i wont admit, but close to my 
heart i hold him dear 

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Balkan Refugees

The smoke and guts come rolling through the hills
obnoxious to the senses, life of death;
exonerated from all debt and bills
we stand, and try to find a second breath.

All debits--liabilities are gone
all burned to ashes drifting to the sky,
and we can't stop, we must be moving on
or we've been told, our time is now to die.

A baby breaths a bleak and wordless plea
not understanding we are all to blame,
for roads we take, and bombing we can see
and life to come will never be the same.

There's war and peace, and both are every day,
and we still walk to find a place to stay.

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Where will we go now

Where will we go now that the world has fled,
And darkness reaps the sorrows we have sown.
We have nothing left, everything has flown,
Stumbling through the memories of our dead.
Despair and loathing; greyness is our fear,
We are helpless in what we should have known.
Only vanity and these things alone,
Deprive us of our laughter and our tears.
Let us walk now along that barren road,
Where wise and unwise men, grey and old
Find solace from their labours and their load.
Freedom from all of life, love, lust and cold,
Fleeing to that hollow place bent and bowed,
Returns our sad minds, that the earth enfolds.

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the System

Bureaucracy is the space that lies
between the civil of civilization
and the indifference of each of us
"it's our policy", the only libation

Bathwater of common sense evaporates
as heat bakes away feeling and decency
purposed seemingly only to exasperate
lulling purveyors to complete complacency

Like shipwrecked sailor, rafting away
upon and ocean of saltwater and thirst
"rules must be followed" all that they say
as, going under for the last, we're cursed

Systems bureaucracy, a creation of men
proves itself mightier than sword or pen

© Goode Guy 2013-07-19

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Very Little Strife Conceived Of

Spring's warm sun arouses mother earth 
To send forth buds and flowers' blooms
From the womb expectantly awaiting birth
Everywhere mothers await the day abloom

First a little green shoot then a flower's petal
Then the lovers' around will fly_bees, butterflies
Gathering nectar and pollen to spread accidental
Soon young girl is ready to have wedding anxieties

Nature has a way of maturing the flowers
A little rain, sun, and nourishing food
Weddings and responsibilities maturing powers
A little romance, a little love, a little being shrewd

The first stage of life for nature and all above
Mostly pleasure very little strife conceived of

(I am stilling working on this one)

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Slow Drip Drops

Solid clouds enveloped early morn sky
Lightning bolt flashed blindingly bright
Seemed right in front of my eyes and did fly
Scary thought that it could hit filled with fright

Could not force myself inside to safety
Had to take it all in_nitrogen air
Thunder; but did not see that bolt unsafety
Remain here when reason says go in to care

There is something about a winter storm 
Same as  summer but out of season now
Will things be greener like spring thunderstorm
Always refreshing to see how they grow

Clouds moving at a very fast pace now
Blue sky appearing in the west drip drop slow

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Rose That On Trellis Grows

Ya'll remember Rose that on trellis grows
How lovely, her pale pink blossoms in spring
She now has a few dead stems that show
Also some rapid growth, frame overfilling

She needed to be pruned there was no choice
It was painful process, for vinedresser
Hurting to core, in this job didn't rejoice
How it hurt Rose, dripping wounds no lesser

Why did he prune Rose this day _severely
Taking away the newly acquired green
May not know fully answer or reason clearly
Until ages past then old answers seen

He prunes us, cutting away the dead parts
Cuts new growth going in wrong way of the heart_

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Remember Those Days

(Swannet Sonnet) 

Things are different and nothings seems right 
But what can I do to change things around 
I remember days when goodness was found 
And can't stop thinking this all day and night 

With my eyes this is not what I often see 
I observe a world growing cruel and cold 
This is a fact of what I am being told 
No matter how much I hate hear it too 

Sometimes this world is a crazy place to be 
It's a rough place for you and me to live 
But with faith and God we can survive 
God is always there next to you and me 

Things are different and nothing seems right 
And can't stop thinking this all day and night 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

September 8, 2009 

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Aflight In The Hale Bob

The puzzle comes apart deep in the sky;
calls nothing that is concrete to the mind;
as far as we can tell and meets the eye
the reason for the tail's not ours to find.

We stand confused, and only guess at why
the wonder of it all has stilled our voice
did David Korish ever really die?
and is it all worked out, with little choice?

Mount Carmel but a coming of an age
the catostrophic ending of mistake,
what hope is there to ever quell the rage
appeassing what is wrong, for honors sake?

      Is there a sign that's ever flown the sky
       or is it just a dream where-in we die?
        ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Sarah Kendricks

Sarah a name that means a princess in noble birth,
Along with biblical experiences of religious worth,
Reading her work one can tell of her tenderness.
A real poetess that has such natural cleverness,
Here and now I dedicate this for her gentleness.

Kindness she has shared with all so generous.
Each word I write without ever meeting her.
Never speaking to her, I know many concur.
Dedicating a sonnet is more then she expects.
Reality is, this will never show what she reflects.
I saw her sonnet was waiting to be written true.
Carefully I read her words, to get honest clue.
Kindness, blessed imagination her poetry thru,
Sincerely, I hope she enjoys this poetry I do.

written for
Sponsor Brian Strand 
Contest Name 1-14 any theme /form max 14 LINES  

Dedicated to Sara Kendrick

sorry somehow my writing software changed your name and I did not notice until after I wrote it in an Acrostic Sonnet poem as well....

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      BAD LOVE
I've loved you all this time; an empty bag;
as scorched as summer heat and cold as snow.
Life clings to me and gets to be a drag
and nothing's worth the time it takes to know.

Continueing to drift all through my mind,
the thought of you it comes--but never goes,
and out of sight is never hard to find,
when there is love, if love it never grows.

I want the touch of you more than life's spark,
but time between us is too much to bear,
love incomplete, has left its bitter mark
here in my cold, and left me dying there.

   I want to know that love is more than dreams
    but somehow it's as bad as how it seems.
© Ron Wilson (aka Vee Bdosa)

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What Will Be WiIl Be

Let's sit and dream. What a beautiful scene.
          Quitely serene.

The pond and stream catching glistening sun beams.
           Glitttering calm.

Log cabin resides by the cool water side.
            Protective security.

Swans and ducks glide on their watery slide.

Bright colored leaves falling from the trees.

Inside warm and glee  whilest two sipping hot tea.
     Love is the key that unlocks all you see.

Are you dreaming of me?
What will be will be.....

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Maiden China

Oh, my most beautiful, foreign lovely,
All is yours to deny, no niceties,
I'm lost within your vast economy,
My heart will endure all atrocities;
No action you take will cause my Love's stall,
By my own account, I'm held in your thrall;
I'll run, I'll race, swim, leap, tumble, and fall,
Anything for your heart's gold, even crawl;
Whatever you do, I'll not turn away,
Do as you will, for as you may, you may,
I'll watch you waste tomorrow with today,
Mute witness to your deeds, feigning dismay;
    Maiden China, I'll hold open the door,
    For all costs, it's your futures I adore.

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My cigarettes and stale air mix into
a heavy, yet familiar smell.  A scent
that starves my soul but feeds the ballyhoo
that I enjoy this. Then there's days I've spent
in fellowship with coffee; a dark friend
whose warm but bitter taste comforts my nerves.
The fear and familiarity outspend
the price an unrepentant life deserves.

I smoke in defiance of who I am; 
exhaling streams of smoke that silhouette
the fact I act like I don't give a damn.
But STOP! 
	       It's time to smoke a cigarette
and quietly deny I've given up
this being my last smoke or my last cup.

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For Me Alone

Why is it yours to pray for me,
precisely choose the course I set,
to tune the scope that I might see
your plan for me? My friend, I’ve yet
to fathom your intolerance
for those who sow and reap their fate
without your forced benevolence,
advice that won’t abide debate.

The scriptures of the universe
appear before our mortal eyes,
we stretch our minds to read the verse,
to comprehend, to realize,

the words are etched on every stone
for you, my friend-- for me alone.

“I render infinite thanks to God for being so kind as to make me alone the first 
observer of marvels kept hidden in obscurity for all previous centuries.”

~Galileo Galilei

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Fluttering Heart

I'm a Hummingbird whose fast wings flutter
As does heart, whirring sound draws attention
Darting gather food faster than shutter
Have to feed my young my comprehension

So fast they have grown my hopeful heart filled
Now they're on their own all my dreams finished
Fluttering heart can slow now dreams rebuild
A weak heart dreams again undiminished

Life's door opens as the nest was open
I had to close the gap, guard, protect young
Now responsibility falls sharpened
By previous ancestors' stories sung

To a new generation of hopeful hearts
How fast they will grow soon fulfilling parts

Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Contest: 3 forms, 3 themes
Theme: Hopeful Heart
Form: Sonnet
Date written:May 31, 2012

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A Joyous Trek

A Joyous Trek 

An afternoon spent walking the trails
Nature triumphs where city life fails
A short drive to Wapanocca Refuge today
had to let my inner child out to play

First trail snaked out to a lovely pond
saw the ducks of which I am so fond
Up around another very scenic bend
two deer bolted as if we were not friends

This cool day had the turtles out sunning
the squirrels playing, the lizards a running
All seemed to be listening to Nature's tune
Mid July felt like cool morn in early June

A trek to ease a tired body and soul
serenity realized , sweet joy the goal

Robert J. Lindley , 07-17-2014

Wapanocca NWR located 20 miles northwest of Memphis, Tennessee, 
in Crittenden County, Arkansas was established in 1961 to provided
habitat for migrating and wintering waterfowl. The refuge is located 
four miles west of the Mississippi River and protected from the river
 by the river levee. Prior to establishment of the refuge, it was the
 site of the Wapanocca Outing Club which was formed in 1886. This was
 one of the oldest and most prestigious hunting clubs. The club managed
 for waterfowl and most of the lake was set aside as a waterfowl 

Today the refuge literally stands as a wildlife oasis in an 
agricultural sea. An excellent diversity of habitat exists comprised
 on mainly agricultural land, bottomland hardwood forest, early stage
 reforested hardwoods, open water and flooded cypress/willow swamp. 
Thirty small field impoundments totaling 190 acres have been developed
 for waterfowl in the agricultural area. Because of its strategic 
location in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway and the diverse 
habitat, the refuge is a prime wintering area for migratory waterfowl 
and a major stopping place for migrating warblers. Bald eagles, great
 blue herons, great egrets and anhingas nest on the refuge.

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Threadbare Heart

A weary soldier's splintered heart can feel
a cracked, disheveled beat of piercing pain
Midnight madness clutches cold, claw like steel
Distraught hands caress phantoms in the rain

A burst of blue clamors in secret calls
Upon peach skin pulled taut, sit naked eyes
burning with intensity a broken heart falls
Crumbled plaster, an unmasked image cries

Morning rainbow etches, colored in your lines
Shimmered stars uncounted, a silver hue
A roguish tempt…. enticing light that shines
Ah, how this torn and tattered mass just begs for you

Dark and light combine as these two worlds collide
Oh purple passions bruised beat pounds inside

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The Unavoidable Need For Sunlight

?The Unavoidable Need For Sunlight
You walk through life, your head held high,
smile for the world to see.
But you glance behind, since you rely
UpOn your shadow; upon me.
I yearn for an obstruction 
To overcome the rays.
perhaps, then you'll face deduction
Amidst winter's haunting grays.
The remaining leaves are frosted;
They clink mournfully in dark.
Like them I am exhausted,
Wishing I could disembark.
What you need to realize is, it's you whom you deceive;
If you'd let me be your sunlight, I would never leave.

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Always be merciful
Admire truth
Encourage ever for creativeness
Earn fame for parents
Be earnest and simple
Help eradicating poverty
Unite to end terrorism
Undo corruption
Acquire universal knowledge
Follow the paths of great
Accept the blessings of  wise
Analyse the holy epics for truth
Above all be polite,evade arrogance
We may ignore all,but please be an adoring Human.
By Sellamuthu Kandasamy

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A Limited View

In youth, I often played with trees
And let myself float along the breeze
I’d pick the flowers and pull the grass
And watch as hours slowly passed

In adolescence, I took up pen
And wrote down all that troubled me then
I hardly ever wandered outside
Unless I noticed the rain - and sighed

Now in adulthood, I sit and wait
For happiness to replace my hate
I hardly know what it’s like anymore to see
The proudly standing cedar tree

Instead of enjoying the moments few,
I let my life become more a limited view.

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Cherry Blossoms- Yoshino Sakura

Your beauty and delicate nature, indeed we cannot deny
Yet having such a short life span, you somehow eventually die
Like the transient nature of mist and clouds, you superbly reappear
Then breathtakingly take your time to freshen up the air

A majestic symbol of power, knowledge and spiritual pulchritude
Celebrated blossoms attained in Spring you've magnificently exude
You evoke an artistic comparison through your bright ruddy hue
And in the night when we're asleep your petals the skies bedew

Your flowers are nearly pure white, and tinged with the palest pink, 
Without hesitation you shrivel and fall before I could even blink 
Your spiritual and cultural significance is never an incomplete
Accompanied by your long weeping branches are flowers so very petite

So stunning and stupendously, you lay about the trees
And even when you've carpeted the ground, your beauty never cease


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What do you do if you can't find a job
and all your monthly bills keep piling up?
Collectors are as vicious as the mob,
You wonder when all these problems will stop.

You changed your lifestyle hoping for the best
and started your life over with clean slate,
Then you are faced daily with many test
some of them you wish would disintegrate.

When what you need is not just a handout,
('Cause people do get tired of a leech,)
but a blessing to turn your life about
and you will see nothing's beyond your reach.

It's time for you to use the things you've got
and trust the Lord to help you find your lot.

Copyright © 2007 Jacquelyn Sturge

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Figure unlike , devilish hike

Breathing depression since my birth
Providence one day whispered in ear
Thoughts itself turned face to mirth
Followed the witch leaving back fear

Reverted the opponent’s good time
Noises kept darkness lit to proceed
Future assures only power no pine 
Horny lady plotted map to succeed 

Mischievous figure looked so divine
The lessons like prophesy of delight 
From nobody to a regime of mine
Thy chapters taught scheming fight 

Sinister eyes but transforming my life
Dire alluring acts meant fun no strife!

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Canopy Of Cedars

Canopy of Cedars across the road
Offers a covering, a protection
Little rain upon it this morn abode
But in open field raindrops reflection

The field of Cedars was coated damp, too
Saturated with moisture from night's rain
Delightful morn to enjoy the gray hue
Solitude awhile definitely my gain

Solitude for the soul, inner being
Lifts, restores, refreshes spirit cleanses
Mourning Dove coos melodious singing
Alone but not alone soul appeases

Spilling and giving inner resources
As rain of the night gave its cadences

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Cyber Life

Each morning sipping coffee while I look,
Reviewing messages left in email,
One click to check out life on my Facebook.
A friend in Oz is sharing a sweet tale,
No longer taking two weeks by snail-post,
Instantly old letters begin to pale,
A social existence but what is the cost?
No love letters tied with ribbons of red,
A way of life now seems to have been lost.
The world is quiet, words no longer said,
A text message has replaced a quick call,
An alien tongue now spelt as it is read.
Each morning sipping coffee while I look,
One click to check out life on my Facebook.

Form: Terza Rima Sonnet

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Born in a leaky roof
Chains normatively bangles
Where bales’ pay tribute
Their fate decided by others

Those who think themselves gods
Like dogs they penetrated
Only to recoil like serpents
Swallowing the hunters game

He violated their rule
And spoke against their doctrines
He slept but they were gone
Buried he was in our minds

To die a man
Is to forever live

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Indecisions and Endless Emotions

Indecisions and Endless Emotions

Sometimes I feel that happiness is an unruly emotion
Which for in certainties view I’m not really even aware,
Of your colorful disposition of pure adoration
For this I always and always will be so very far away but never there.

Today Evey feels like an utter intense of loneliness
For just a minute of your powerful arms of your warm caress,
Some days I feel like an emptiness of human emotion
Could take me away, so very far away but do you really care.

Or are you just another one of my many illusions
One look into your beautiful cosmic radiant eyes,
Could keep me up all night without one small touch
Of your glorious eyes instantly has me fully hypnotized.

Has me running and flying away real fast upon a singing dove’s thus much
Of radiant hypnotic dreams and illusions and indecisions all in a fantasy touch.

Written: Aug. 12, 2014
Eve T.M.Carter

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Earths Face

Swaying upon a world long gone
In the eyes of a loving God
The sun beaming upon my brow
and on the softest earth to trod
to ponder our existence long
as days seem ever fade away
turned into an ill-fated haze
and men to evening stars they pray
Forgetting of the noble birth
by lord the God all men were made
and as  such we ourselves our lord
of a lesser power to aid
the evil in the hearts of men
residing in a state of sin.

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The Just of Me

The just of me is a special magic seed you see.
It has long drawn out roots branching off fruit.
The more you eat the more you will follow suit.
The just of me is why my life was meant to be.

I can steal a moment and shiver on your knee.
I can laugh or I can cry and sustain the mute.
I am loaded I tell you my seed carries the loot.
I’ll sprinkle maybe a dash up to a shining key.

I am counted in and out at the very same time.
Early in the morning or late at night, time I am.
Genres unfold whistling through my wind chime,
So, it's just the just of me being slain by a lamb.

Greetings I say to you, and welcome to your every bit of who!
The just of me swears something deep inside us always knew.

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The Battle Within

Love and trust the battle within,
One of armor and one of cloth,
Both equal in strength and at a great loss.
Cornered by time to live again,
A moment to go back to where you have been!
The principles of pleasure intrude on a pleasant dream.
Love and trust the battle within shouts its damning scream!
One of armor, one of cloth and both are determined to rise again.

Conflict and pressure begin to adhere to this occasion.
One second to catch your thoughts of stop, go, or yield?
Beset by these restless conflicts your need to release introduces itself.
Provoked to endure a graceful truce the weak one falls to submission.
Love and trust the battle within proclaims the very same guild.
One of armor, one of cloth, and both equal with great strength in this world that we build

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Things On Our Minds

How can I get this money for this bill,
How do I fix the wounds that won't heal,
Does the person I love really know the deal,
Are they a fake friend or are they real.
How am I gonna eat tonight,
Why can't people just treat other people right,
Why do people only see things in black and white,
Why do people lie because your lies will soon come to light.
Why are people so stuck in there ways,
How can you throw a good person away,
Why do I have to deal with depression every day,
Why is my life in such disarray.
Why do people hate on another race,
When will my blessings fall into place,
Why can't I have a smaller waist,
When will I ever catch a break.
Why can't I be prettier,
Why can't I be skinner,
Why are people so bitter,
Why can't things be easier.
What did I do so wrong to be mistreated,
Why are people so greedy,
Why is he cheating,
Why can't someone make me feel needed.
Why can't more people be giving,
Why can't people be more caring,
Why can't I live a better life than I'm living,
Why can't more people be forgiving.
Why can't we all get along,
Why have I lived in pain so long,
Why don't I feel like I belong,
When will people stop treating me wrong.
When will good things happen for me,
When will I be happy,
When will I stop living in misery,
Why don't I have a mommy.
What can I do to help touch a heart,
How can I save a life from falling apart,
Why can't I be smart,
Why does my family life so far.
Why am I getting beat,
Why can't I stand on my own two feet,
Why do I feel so incomplete,
Why can't more people be sweet.
How can I help make someone smile,
Why do people have to be so hostile,
How can I make this little time I have left worth while,
Why are my kids so wild.
I want world peace,
I want to make a difference,
I want to be remembered,
I want to help save a life.
There are many more things that are on our minds 
But I just named some of the thoughts people think

  January 06, 2014
~The One and Only~

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The Masks of Man

How conspicuous are the lives we lead?
One mask removed begets yet another
The other fitting a different voice, a different creed.
And still, we choose this other 
Knowing in our hearts minds 
That it is that which we have no control over 
That we choose to relish in our hearts confines
Yet this is what makes our hearts older,
Wiser and strong enough to know the difference
Between lifes many inconspicuous faces
Whilst they engrave their deep footprints
Within our souls leaving us to ponder our own flawed graces.
And yet, we cannot live without these substitutes of face
For if we did, the world would realize who we are without religion or race.

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Randomly Selected

I randomly selected you for a treat.
A delightful surprise for the meek.
It is my breaths of large you seek.
You discovered your fate of feat.
I brought you to a judgment seat.
And books of life you took a peek.
Then in heaven you found the leak.
Then the drums rolled and they beat.
You were in awe to say the least.
So was I in looking at your face.
It is to the west as it is to the east.
But definitely a different place.
Many were absolutely ejected and rejected,
But you my dear were randomly selected.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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It all came to me simply right out of the blue.
I was up against those war raging winds again.
I rose up to a failure of my life way back when.
But it was just like that and immediately I knew.

Abba they cry to my Father , Please! Please renew.
We are just crying out for we all come through sin.
We’re sin sick and do not honor where we’ve been.
It is in the air it is in the water it is definite parvenu.

Give me my purpose give me meaning for being in this.
I will absorb it and transform it to thought of my matter.
I shall come out negative or positive still blowing a kiss.
My thoughts my feelings my life already utterly a shatter.

Devastatingly! I have been denied,
Yet, miraculously! I have survived.

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Upon Sleep

How profound is Sleep that it's said to be?
Perhaps it plays promised bated Death,
While we lay in slumber, are we not free?
Life itself aids us with our each next breath;
Senses shout Night's doubt; indebted decree,
Granted by Presence we, now, fear bereft;
As Darkness finds form to greater degree,
We awake, grasp nocturnal remnants left,
And grieve loss, Revelation's near turned key,
Absolute coincidence, prized past worth;
Only through closed eyes might we, again, see
That All's as True as our orbiting Earth;
    We do each Day as each Day does we,
    And, at rest, we dream Cosmic endless glee.

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Dilated Night

when the eternal night blessed our kiss 
within deep trenches of beauty we held
you left the sorrowful night with a hiss,
shall forever be a treasure withheld
a sheer memory of human nature
wondrous night that is forever praised
but thoughts like these tend to become glaciers
as that day becomes a living record
of that night your lips touched upon mine
but with memories,  some float till the end
under the swinging lamp of frozen time
with me, you remain forever adored
with your ruby fire lips and gold hair
in the twilight night we once shared

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Why, But

It’s hard to say that I’d never be this
Way if I were to run from the way I
Search for all the answers I always miss.
I could just let go and let the world pass by.
Living life a bit agoraphobic.
Maybe playing it cool, just over look
It. Living life a bit apathetic.
But I have to look for what has been took.

Why did the life go from the one I love?
What happened to the light I always seek?
What happened to peace that flies like a dove?
Why are people in masses always meek?
I could be nice and never think twice, but
I am always going to ask, “why,” “but.”

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She has vanished from my life but not my mind
Without warning or trace
I should have expected this for this is my life defined
Once clear on the future but now confused by a face.
My love was a fairytale 
Which she would not believe in
Yet she wont release me from this cage,
These bonds of Love that are my only sin.
Now its over, gone but not forgotten.
This has been my story too many times
Now I am tired of being bitten
Of being the victim of passionate crimes
Of paying the price for my own misfortunes 
And of those who lay my heart to ruins.

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There is a piece of you,
And there’s a piece of me,
One over there you see,
And one over here to,
As the sky is blue,
As a bumbling bee,
It is a He and She.
I do, I do, I do.
In them,
In those,
It’s Him,
He knows.
The embodiment of love,
Embodied from up above!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Only One

My lips not curve, when he walks into a room 
My eyes not heed to see this face all known
Chores will not stop, my hand knows more the broom
And still he starts, cause cleaning not for stones

My love for him not empty, but not full
He gazes, for his memories are in play
And yet I feel like unexamined spool
I know he's reminiscing of our younger days

A girl that had fallen for a man
And a boy that had fallen for a time
It took him some, when he finally took that stand
But when I saw him, I already knew he was mine

But now we've aged, and our love feel's like it's done
But, then again...we are each others only one

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Soaps and Lifetime

Lifetime and soap operas I have watched
some say men won’t watch these programs at all
and my life has never been a bit botched
watching Lifetime with the wife a real ball

One Life to Live I have watched years ago
but I hardly watched it all by myself
in nineteen-ninety-three was a good show
now it seems like that soap been placed on shelf

I’ve been watching Lifetime since I came home
Night Court came on for a while and others
at first I watched Lifetime by my lonesome
I know it is watched by more than mothers

I admit I’m a man who likes Lifetime
I don’t think I’m guilty of any crime

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Lunar Love

         LUNAR LOVE
You steal the light when there is none to see
when there is nothing left, you take it all,
and what is left is just the shell of me
all mesmerized and backed against the wall;

you are the moon behind the branches bare
I watch you move so slow and lovingly
until you leave the trees behind and there
I see the shadow of your smile for me.

Where man has walked on dust of lovers dreams
you bathe in sunilght of another day
in other times when nothing's as it seems,
and speak to me in words you never say.

The world is yours, you give it all to me
to wonder at, but not to ever be.

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Beyond, Behind, Before, Above

Beyond the bright’ning stars, further than moon
And planets, is the Universal Mind;
Behind manifestation there are strewn
Existence-cosmic templates, intertwined
Pattern on pattern, potential lives on lives,
Precursors sacred in Immortal Plan.
Before a thing exists, becomes and thrives, 
As thund’ring mountain, mighty ocean, man,
Before the tiny flower, worm or fly
Is made reality, there is The Thought, 
(Mystic vision through Creation's eye
‘Ere matter physical’s robustly wrought).
So much beyond, behind, before, above
All life, and I can gladly call it Love.

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Wooing a Queen

Thy complexion like an orange
And thou love cabbage
I have trapped and put you in bondage
A love without dosage

I love thy courage
Even in the face of danger
I have lost my rage
Thy beauty not mirage

I shall sail you in a voyage
To discover, long forgotten age
I shall speak your language
With a lot of energy
Then I shall be thy manager
If you walk with me in marriage

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A dance of death, a greedy chore
     Trapped inside these creature comforts;
A chance of life may become a bore
     Outside this pleasantly right hurt.
But, soft and fair, though, of the skin,
     In flesh a silent malice lies
Dormant, unnoticed, not used in
     Context. Still, touch me as day dies.
And you, a ghost I cannot touch
     By reaching out to Heart or mind,
Caught up in this sweetly rush-
     Jaded: Nothing else left to find.
Superfluous and flushed, we breath
In gusts, unable to be free.

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Sweet Abyss

That life will run this unrelenting pace
until the final syllable of time
does not, by any trial or judgment, place
an urgency on this bouquet in rhyme
that re-declares my love, that would describe
the sweet abyss that slowly drew me in,
the amber liquid love I yet imbibe,
the kiss of life that dares me, kiss again. 

When life with you is over, verses read,
when words no longer form within my soul,
when light has gone and all is dark instead
our love will yet remain, as ever, whole--

as long as lives the power of the quill,
as long as there is verse... and longer still.