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Sonnet Introspection Poems | Sonnet Poems About Introspection

These Sonnet Introspection poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Sonnet Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Winter's Kiss

The bird’s house is capped with a snow drop.
The bird’s bath is a mushroom like form.
The branches all groan, snap, crackle, pop,
with the weight of the night’s snow so borne.

The cat’s on the rug near kitchen vent.
The furnace is pumping out more heat.
The tea kettle’s whistling with intent.
The old gal settles down with a sweet.

The car’s all shrouded, a sheet of white.
The trellis is a grand work of art.
Outdoors the benches all gleam with ice.
The new moon’s a rare, randy, upstart.

Darkness descends will a muffled whisper.
She sips tea and remembers who’s kissed her.

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Shades of your smile

 In solitude I sit, in the silence of thought
As my mind conjures memories past
In the still frame of shadows your image is caught
Seared in my memory the day it was cast

I wonder if your smile still has that glow
Oh, forbid the clouds to cover your light
That your smile through the clouds will always show
And brighten the darkness  in the heart of my night

That i may grieve not, alone and forlorn
Knowing that  you,   in happiness soar
My heart though heavy, no more to mourn
As your smile shines brighter than ever before

And if in the silence bitter tears fall
My heart will seek solace in love's sweet recall

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Paper Eyes

Transparent smiles and fragile paper eyes
adorn a tender beauty, as a tear
of dew upon a rose in cool sunrise.
A sweet yet clear disguise of yearnings near,
secreted 'neath so tenuous a veil
that slight of breeze would surely discompose
and tear and crinkle. Milky shades of pale,
diaphanous, untrue (as truth’s cast shows),
serve only as a means of self deny,
a flimsy shield against a whispered voice
that sighs a threat to air life as a lie
and deliquesce remaining threads of choice...

except the choice to live, as such a breeze
undresses faintly covered dreams with ease.

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Respecting the Universe

A listening sky overhead,
hears whispers of our words, unsaid.
And though, sometimes, we feel alone,
that mere existance matters not,
or that one life will be forgot,
a chain links us to the unknown.
A listening sky overhead,
hears whispers of our words, unsaid.

We are a part of earth and sky,
as one with nature, when we die.
And though, sometimes, we feel alone,
a chain links us to the unknown.
A listening sky overhead,
hears whispers of our words, unsaid.

For Dr. Ram's Contest: Sonnetino Rispetto "Respect"

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Please No Empty Room

Let not my heart become in my old age
"An empty room, cobwebbed, and comfortless"
But an open sunny porch, a welcome sage
A loving heart to those in distress

Let not my pain sabotage my soft heart
Let me remain a gentle, kind spirit
Writing a course of good 'pon my sea chart
Let love from heart's depths to God submit

Enjoining to You  oh Holy Spirit
Flow through me like a circuit open ended
This vessel delights in your benefits
Let the love seed grow with fastest speed

Let my heart not be controlled by body's pain
Fill my heart with Thy love 'til it can't contain  

"An empty room, cobwebbed, and comfortless" 
Direct quote from Edna St. Vincent Millay
It was in more than one of her works..

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Each midnight glow is like this fleeting stone
And I, although I cherish, cannot steal
Or thrust on shore to hold until it’s grown
Below the tides  of eve that plunge shall reel.
I stand as each crest scoops into the deep
And vanishes like jeweled drops of breath
To lie with mother pearls I couldn’t keep
For tiny are hand stems to grip their depth.
So now and then I wish that I may dip
Into the twirling wavelets with my arms
And haul pink mollusks which slide from my grip;
For in their husks,  the pearl of Orient charms.

  If midnight enthralls me into her sea
  Oh, gems I touch only in memory.

by nette onclaud 
for Put Your Best Rhyme Forward Contest

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Into The Gloaming

As daylight dims against a crimson sky
And evening star dust lightly dots the blue
And yesterday into tomorrow flies -
Like life, the twilight fades in different hues.

So bright the early days, then quickly gone
Like ships in freshened wind we gladly sailed
And through the midst of life forgot the dawn
As innocence of dreams became unveiled.

Each day the pages turn till end of time,
A story told and written as we pass,
So all that we have touched becomes entwined
And carried on beyond the very last.

We carry all we love along the way
Into the gloaming at the end of day.

Shakespearean Sonnet

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Birthing Loving Merciful Trees

Birthing Loving Merciful Trees

Seeking mercy,  I found greater peace
quest gave my lonely life a new lease
Each step gifted so very much more
was ever a pleasure never a sad chore

Each dawn brought another fine gift
birds in flight ever , ever so swift
Nights, crept in with joyous ease
love sprang up, pretty as you please

Giving thanks for serenity and all
joy answered each and every call
Journey finished, the quest sent back
acceptance for all that life did lack

Peace then birthed loving merciful trees
 with joy-fruits answering all desperate pleas!

Robert J. Lindley, 10-07-2014

Note: A quest I finished long ago.
A poem of the now looking back at the then.
Love heals all,  even broken hearted men..

This write was inspired by my reading just now ,
 Peter Duggan's great poem titled --   Sincerely...
Thank you my friend, you give so much....

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A Single Rose

For you, my love, I’ll be a single rose
of crimson hue, and velvet to the touch.
So warm in contrast to your fallen snows,
yet yearning for the thrill of winter's clutch.
Soft petals form a heart so firm and true,
unyielding to the tempest of your reign,
and though a cold wind nurtures doubt in you,
such purity of love I could not feign.

Dilemmas of the soul so keenly felt.
Bestow my love? or must it stay a dream?
for if I warmed your heart 'twould surely melt
and I would lose you to the flowing stream.

And so, my love, this single rose I’ll hide
and keep the love I feel for you inside.

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Sonnet For My Muse

Alone, on my own, with no one to show; no one to share, no one to care. My muse, she feeds my hungry craves; her gifts, are in my notebooks, saved. My muse, she paints; in quiet space; reflects on things, within life’s race. Through time and space, she does meander; creating schemed, as to her viewpoint, I pander. Filling pages, with storied delights and painting dreams, I have at night. In nooks and crannies, secrets lie; of course, a few, will always hide. It’s my prerogative, you see; and that’s the way, I’ll always be.

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The Rain

Comes and it goes, sometimes more than other
times when you don’t want it to be there for you 
and it seems you‘re never destined to cover
the possessions you don’t need to but you go through

so much pain just to remain innately insane. 
Today I thought I saw the zenith of my dreams,
foolish me, as if the blind man can attain
visions of evaporated rain shaped like raceme 

still stained on my window left from morning’s tears.
Life hangs heavy on this half-lit horizon just beyond
the glass separating me from all that I’ve feared;
to turn all those small puddles into big ponds

containing something uncontaminated with doubt,
maybe those coming clouds can end this drought?

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Euphoria this morning, it hits me
now and then. A feeling of joy and peace.
A feeling of well being, sense of we
rather than I, quickening, a release,
knowledge that there is another world
so close that I can touch it if I choose,
a sense of all the others that I hold
at bay on ordinary days, let loose
in the room, the house, in the universe,
and I know I am invited to join
them where they are, here and in the reverse,
seen and unobserved, a flip of a coin
away. I hold the door open slightly,
at times for hours, then, close it gently.

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In Good Conscience

Heavily tread, are those small fractious steps On the stairs to my own peace of mind The sound of transgressions that I'd rather forget is the pounding of a most clamorous kind The dialogue I'm having, within my own self drums on the door of the closed minded truth I try to rewrite scripts, shoving back on the shelf But the turbulence shakes them loose No matter, how buried, how deep I will hide them My conscience can shovel them out That child inside me, denies what was done then But can't deafen the voices that shout I profess to regret many sins I've committed The most difficult task is one of admitting

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Seeking The Answer -Miltonic Sonnet

The shadows creep and faintly in the sky,
stars begin to come to us with gentle light.
And once more our fancy doth take flight
with man's eternal question " oh God, why?
What place have we when then we die,
railing against the unknown we still fight.
Often that query comes unbidden in the night
as the time of our mortality marches nigh.
Now into the  depths of sky man sails
on wings of faith, answers cloaked in mystery.
We beat our breast in anguish, try to understand
the plan that lurks there behind the starry veil.
And so it has been given through all history
that perhaps answers are written only in shifting sand...


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Wounds That Won't Heal

There are some wounds that will not heal because
the arrow was at close range _driven deep.
There is not need for antiseptic and gauze
for permanent is damage that still weeps.

These wounds that will go to eternal sleep
where my Savior will say, "I understand".
He'll cleanse and bind_healing forever, keep
roots of hurt that he'll remove with nail scared hand.

How I would like for them to now be gone.
Emotions of delight from their release.
But while on earth pain like a dry pinecone
constant in my emotions and heart unease.

Someday he will wipe away all those tears
New found peace and no more tormenting fears..

Count is off on some lines...Pardonner s'il vous plai't

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Amongst the Dross

Starring into the dross of amber brew
no face see I reflected, simply hollow I.
The stein of crystal tells no fortune spare,
nor one of bounty, yet what is true?
With drink, I dredge the pain of life anew
and wallow in the grain of cheaper wares, 
degrade myself and blame fate, for my strife,
ignoring all God's gift, so loud I cry, 
as salted tears stain trails of my despair.
If only, I had been a better wife
I'd not be sitting here. 

Form: Curtal Sonnet [A precurser to the Italian Sonnet]
abcabcdbcd c [10 1/2 lines]

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Contradicting Keats

When I have fears that I may fail to die, 
After all my mind has given to my pen, 
No worldly wonders left there to defy; 
No answers to the mysteries within. 

What worry it would be on how I fared, 
For surely it's lowly life to live, 
To think that this is all that chance had spared; 
To know that this is all I had to give. 

And when I feel, foul bitterness of years, 
Knowing I shall bear these with a smile, 
I simply bite my tongue and fight my tears; 
The raging rivers, hidden in my guile. 

On the wide world I stand with sums untold, 
For love and fame is all I have to hold.

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I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Lonely lunatic, look for the golden giraffe

Lonely lunatic, look for the golden giraffe, and try to ride it soon!         
Raise clouds of dust in which the strange long neck horse    
Swims and dreams the waves attracted by the moldy moon:
In mirror time, from dream descending both, of course; 
You can see the green hair of the sky and the rainbow rhomb; 
But, who is ready to pick the rusty thoughts of old memory? 
Among the clouds we try to row above our tomb; 
Following our recollections, we carve in expensive ivory. 
The river of time sent us its waves of this incense emerald hour
In which we call back the summer’s amber of the fruitful word; 
So, this can be seen through windows of our age tower 
And again we cross through the trees and the black sword: 

People of air turned to the blessed breeze of brotherhood,
Reading Thora, Bible and Koran and walking in the wood

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The feeble heart

You wish to reach the deepest parts of me
To lure the abandoned child from her eternal sleep
To protect my shrouded frailty and soothe the storm within
But through no fault of my own, I could never truly let you in
You will underestimate my devotion, and burden my heart
Shatter my delicate trust, and at your hands, I'll surely fall apart
It would be wise for me to forget
Your eyes, your arms, your lips upon my neck
The heart knows no rationale, unlike the mind
But it holds the answers that logic unceasingly struggles to find
It's in my nature, it has always been my way
To seek comfort in solitary darkness, I find no refuge in the light of day
In my earliest years I discovered that no matter which love I chose
Far too many thorns mar a single rose

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The things that we value

The things that we value are lost in time
and only preserved in one's memory.
It's useless to try to capture in rhyme
as all else is changing ceremony.
I remember what it once meant to meet
or welcome a loved one at the airport.
Time spent waiting for a daughter was sweet.
Moments of recognition at the port
door was worth all the traffic to get there.
In this world terror and security
are acceptable so we must beware
and lose all the small forms of dignity
we valued a moment ago. Truth is
not war's casualty, humanity is.

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The Spirit Within

The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you 
saluting the divine in you 
saluting the Light of God in you. 
bringing together my body and soul, 
focusing my divine potential, 
bowing to the same potential within you. 
bowing to the divine in you. 
recognizing that within each of us is 
a place where Divinity dwells, 
when we are in that place, we are One.

Peter  LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. LeBuhn

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A reflection

o youth,where did you go
those yesterdays,still glow
pure white,as virgin snow

whose face is this I see,
is this really me;
where,where did youth flee

inside,still seems bran new
my youthful outlook,stays
albeit,passing days

a future lies ahead
beyond the grave,He said
the narrow path,to tread

in a resurrected body,new
for what I did for you 

quatorzain-free form sonnet

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Just Static (sonnet)

Doors within doors within doors within doors
just like some silly three stooge comedy.
Now I am standing on some Scottish moors,
Islamic Jihad is setting out tea.
It just never ends, and it never stops,
this insane babble just plays in my head.
Now this tower of inanity flops
from one subject to the next subject, dread
visions flow to joy, but now no nearer
to divine Godhead than to the blackheads on
my chin. Oh, I'd love to be the bearer
of glad tidings but nirvana's been down
on her luck lately and still needs a fix.
Getting past that third chakra's just a bitch.

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Tavern Of Take

You think this womans' heart is made of steel?
Laughter cloaks...but I assure, this pain is real
Ice and wind...swirl within, and bow to hatreds hand
Assumptions...empty...never knowing how I feel

Upon a stage, I dance for you, provocative, at play
Act as though I'm healed, but the broken has its say
Night descends, dark eyes take, innocence destroyed
Payback...the dawning of  (illusive) judgement day

Me (always) alone, surrounded, though I be
Lost among the glaciers that keep ensnaring me
Futile to pretend, inside is glaring truth
I am an island.....lost....inside a frigid Sea

Laugh again....upon the stage..let no feelings show
How long must I lay broken, before they finally know?

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Tattered Essance (Restored)

Energy drains, pain filled, cold. (Release it!)
Why must you let it pull you down so far?
Just inhale deep, and let it all expel
Look to heavens sky, wish on a star

Memories, they are not what defines you
Past should eternal, reside in the past
Leave it there, and just continue to rise
While your spirit grows, you will fly so fast!

Soar the sky, with your mended wings
Embrace whom you've become inside
Drifting off, like crashing waves to the sea
Rememberance of all the times you've cried

Become anew, and your soul thus renew
View yourself, then, as those that love you do!

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'Like Frankenstein, I, too, am loathed to death'

Like Frankenstein, I, too, am loathed to death;
I walk this earth devoid of friend and hearth,--
devoid of joy from the time of my birth
and from the first draw of my infant's breath.
An outcast and a pariah among
the friended, I exist without the mirth
and glee of those born of happier worth,
esteem and prize,--O would that I belong!
Still, I am loved of my dear family
and most loved friends, my books, and by my God
and e'en by my most oft-read poetry.
These things I cherish, honor, and must laud
with gratitude and thanks religiously
and be content as worms in a blesséd sod.

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Merciful Majesty—Make Misery End!

“…when power narrows the areas of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of his existence…” —John F. Kennedy
Medieval misery crushing citizens; Shackled: grueling, clanging, negativity Middle Passage past, plaguing, yet frightens; Intense insanity—gangs captivity! Draining dreams and desires from hearts—slashed: Ancestral destruction, devastating; Bones protruding from ribs, weakening—lashed; Sight yet sickening, distraught, disgusting! Will God speak in molding humanity? Will His divine grace cleanse such evil souls? Self posed dictators, fool’s insanity Greed in governing—crushing others’ souls! Where art thou, Master of the Universe? Hold not thy hands while the poor suffer worst! ~~~~~~~~~~~***********~~~~~~~~~~~ © Joseph, 10/1/08 © All Rights Reserved ~~~~~~~~~~~***********~~~~~~~~~~~ Semi finalist contestant 292 out of 887 submissions June 1, 2009 International Contest ~~~~~~~~~~~***********~~~~~~~~~~~ Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran. ~~~~~~~~~~~***********~~~~~~~~~~~

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Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies

One beautiful lie , an unvoiced sonnet
Words veiled with a crime that steals my hearts last beat
Slow turn of your mood shows me disquiet
With kisses warm and vulgar with deceit.

One pulse stills, our love was not the one love,
Just remains of a lukewarm cup of tea.
You steep and brood, one pineing the lost dove.
My broken wing lame, I fall into the sea.

Beautiful lies, my heart begs for your fires
To hear the words forged my way by anvil
Beautiful lies, hope grows dim and expires
Waiting for judgment by divine gavel

Tremble my lips , tears fall dry from my eyes
Protect me from madness, beautiful lies.

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(based on a picture)

Two metal figures rest on his desk--
A slender black crane and skinny black dog.
For years they have rested there standing on edge
As reminders and guardians of a darker past.

But these things are unknown to the boy;
The grandson who sits on his grandfather's lap.
He reaches for the figures that look like toys;
Like innocent igures meant for his pleasure.

Caught up in the moment, the grandpa relents;
He gives up his memories, gives up the grief
That have been with him as long as these figures
And he watches young hands handle the "toys".

He reflects while watching, his slight smile grim
That recycled gunmetal was used to make them.

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The Generation Gap

She did the washing e’vry Monday morn,
All fabrics sorted in different piles,
The wrung-out whites shone brighter than the dawn,
While flapping in the wind and sunshine smiles.
Dark blues that swish and swirl in the machine,
The Wrangler jeans worn on Saturday night,
And those frilly things that are only seen
Upon the washing line, hidden from sight.
Her tutting sigh - the fabric is too scant,
She looked at me with unbelieving eyes,
I’m folding up her bleached white bloomer pants,
No longer the child full of endless whys.
Yet still we sat drinking our cups of tea,
Some things never changed for my Nan and me.

Form: English Sonnet

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Last Breath

You were a shining Star.
Few of many in the sky.
Looking up so very high,
Not knowing why you are.

Close and set you are far.
Spinning flames  knot a tie,
I note a pattern just like pi.
Colliding with me you spar.

So burn it up and burn away,
Sow your heart upon a plane.
Chart your distance in the clay.
Burn it all up then call it sane.

The explosion in the sky is His death.
All burned up He has no last breath.

(R) Registered:  2013  Ann Rich

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I wake filled with anxiety and despair
My body aches and is full of pain
My first thought is of what is not there
There is nothing I can do to stop the thoughts in my brain

I go to the medicine cabinet to take a pill for anxiety
But still my mind reels with thoughts of what I want
Why must I put this burden upon me
I’m trapped in a life where I must be nonchalant

As the day goes on it just gets worse 
There’s a nagging feeling that I’m not me
My mind and body beginning to hurt
I hide inside myself so no one can see

Will I ever release myself from this hell
As of today there’s no way to tell

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Still Standing

Where were you when my world fell apart?
The Sun darkened and the Moon just fled.
All had been done and all had been said.
And ripped to shreds was my beating heart.

Even the Seas began to part.
And the Mountain tops spread.
I lay there completely dead.
Even the Stars I could not chart.

If only you knew,
If only you were there,
If only you had a clue!
If only life had been fair!

I’d turn the clocks back,
Still standing dead in my track!

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Valentine's need apply

I gave up on you years ago
Felt love in my life had to go
Felt free and strong without care
Never needing wanting another there

Life has changed so much since then
Looking inside I take to pen
Wonder have I grown up yet
To include something more than a pet

Another February comes to be
Alone again hello, just me 
Valentine's day it comes and goes
Will I again receive a rosé? 

Will this be the year I'm ready to see
If someone can share their life with me?

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The Core

Finger-painted masterpieces fasten to my chambers.
A heart, unplugged, pumping creation; born of mother,
my miracle formed by faith, wisdom of labor
and sweat passed from woman to woman. I shudder
in remembrance of my own birth, meditating
on the forgotten, peeling back youth with eyes
wet with waves crashing; I hear voices reverberating 
praise in a womb of darkness bringing forth cries
of life. All journeys have led me down a broken path
to home where my heart sticks to peanut butter
and jelly smiles. I build a nest of green and rest on the Sabbath;
I wear my scars like singed moth wings hoping to again flutter.
Always seeking the proverbial flame, I burn in want of more,
more of you, spinning into breath of life - my resilience, the core.  

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Quo Vadis poetry, a damsel in distress

Captive damsel of creative-writing programs, Personalized, eulogized job of small groups, Quo Vadis poetry, a damsel in distress? The frenetic activities handy to very few, Poetry now belongs to a subculture hew. We have accredited professional poets, Creative writing teachers at all levels, Composing computer- created poetry, Creating illusion of the Golden Age artistry. These professional poets have secured Their own niches in the academic world, They cry over the spilt milk like jackals Snarling over a dried-up well with no aims. Quantitative work is guaranteed success, Accuracy, meaning, technique matters less.
+++ December 16, 2014 Form: (Contemporary Sonnet)

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River run

River romances the rock in its path,
flowing around and over, offering
its gifts in season, massage, fragrant bath,
spring lilies from upper reaches, singing
songs and riverine blues and always hoping
for some acknowledgement of faithfulness.
Stolid rock, in defense, never asking
for such attention, remains unmoved, less
concerned with things that flow and things that change,
all offerings its due. Occasionally
in a bemused way, its emotions range
from cool to cold, lets, fractionally,
parts into the flow, hardly noticeable. 
Eons pass, rivers path now changeable.

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New Years

The first poem of the new year written while
sitting on Kuhio Street and begun when
I followed a lady of the night awhile
as she staggered down the street, then
turned off a side street on her high heeled
slippers, homeward,after a successful
night. I sat down at the bakery and hoped
that the sadness to her walk was just the full
weariness of hard work and nothing more.
It is a new year and like the Chinese icon
for tomorrow, I see a little sun pore
between the clouds of drizzle. A hopeful
dragon's breathe for the new day. We humans think
for more than what we see. Hope, addictive drink!

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The Unseen

It is crystal clear and right in front of you.

Mixed and matted in a haze so very clear.

Little spots and little dots are floating near.

They get closer and closer to pass through.


Once inside, new thoughts begin to spew.
Some are of joys and some you will fear.

Be rest assured most will make you cheer.

When it leaves there will be many a clue.


The day will set,

And night will fall,

This sign you get.

It’s a name you call.


So wake up and be clean and keen,

See the unforgettable as the unseen.

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Red Blossoms

Down where the Camelia blossoms blood red
In the heart of winter, when others rest
Poverty is stamped out and all are fed
And red-breasted Robin has flown the nest

Few left to struggle with a cold winter
And family farms have disappeared from view
None left to tend the fires' dying embers
No inheritance left for children to accrue

Will the Robins reappear bringing spring
A rebirth of values and  self-esteem
Planted fields whose great harvest brings
A wealth of values, wisdom that beams

Poverty still planted where blossoms red
Values disappeared, disrespect bred

Sonnet: With 10 syllable count and rhyme
scheme: abab, cdcd, efef, gg
Called an English sonnet....

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Set Me Free

Set me free Lord set me free,
Take this evil I lay with away.
Take this torture turn it astray.
Walk with me just let me be.

Look inside my heart to see,
Erase my mind as I do pray.
Renew my spirit all in a day.
Sign me up for a high decree.

Leave all this as dust in the wind,
Scatter past present and future,
I will not falter nor will I bend,
Send it all away with no suture.

Set me free Lord, take this madness and put it in its place.
I must warn you it wears a mask to cover up its ugly face.

(R) Registered:  2013  Ann Rich

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Joyce Johnson And I Have Something In Common

Joyce Johnson has something common with me
She and I share similiar grief confess
When on that airplane I finally see
Compassionate face I will love no less

Then I will see a person who understood
All heartaches, just to talk over coffee
This will make me feel so very good
As we sit down at Starbucks; I'll pay fee

I will ask her how she withstood trials
How did she reconcile child's early demise
I'll ask her to share her heartache with me
While we eat a snack with that coffee

Joyce and I share one thing in common see
Meeting her will be such a relief if only brief

Removed from contest because I used the wrong form or style....

Contest:"First Words Over Coffee"
Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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chicken's chicken soup

chicken soup for the chicken
when the egg starts to thicken
when the yoke's rollin' right
when the white's clear 'n' bright

when the roosters sittin' roostin'
when the hen's right for a'goosin'
when the coop's are all a'coupin'
when said rooster ain't a'droopin'

when the desire's too demandin'
an' all else is notwithstandin'
an' chicken's tongue's unbeaked to cluck
an' sip the soup of what the - heck

that's what makes the chicken flutter
an' Grand Ma don't cook it no better

...that's why the hen crossed the road

© Goode Guy 2014-02-19

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When, picking up from where it left off last, 
the gales begin to  blast the good rudders, 
anchors or anything that  underpins 
a muslin day  or when,  ineluctably
caught up in the  searing frenzy  of  
earthly  pangs shaking up the innards of
another silken day  or again, when 
the carefully manufactured myth of  
social  ceremony needs to be propped
up with the  vigorous mien  of a noble 
bearing, one seeks out the folded up, 
dormant vitality from some corner 
of one’s psyche,  dusts it, opens  it up
and finds under it relief, rest or class.

By S.Jagathsimhan Nair
Form: Sonnet
For Kelly Deschler's contest

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Who am I that you are mindful of me?
For my rancid sins you died that day
On that cruel cross, you made a way 
Down through time could you really see?
And somehow think of me at Calvary?
Just one breath away, every time I pray
Overwhelmed, don't know what to say
Lord, can it be that you really love me?
Yes it's true.. You've given life to love you
The potter has made the clay born again
Took what was old and made brand new
Made me a son and you called me friend
Now I'm the bride of Christ, yeah it's true
You wooed me as if I were a perfect ten! 

Form: Italian Sonnet
Contest: Regina's "Intimate Relationship Sonnet"
Date: 8-31-14

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The survival of the fit, fit to care
About their people; All human beings.
Being human, with this burden to bare,
While others stare at what we are seeing.
A visionary's vision of the world
To be. The world we see slipping away
From every boy and every girl,
Trying to seal their fates within a day.
Survival instincts instinctively fit
Together solutions to their problems;
Problems meant to be solved before they quit
Trying, dying for the chance to solve them.
     You can not question a survivor's heart,
     When it remains strong from finish to start.

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My Poetic Double (Nestorian Sonnet)

He grins like sweet summer sun and dons a musky mojo,  
causing the blooms to titter and roll their sweat onto him;
trancing the sage-less, sarky studmuffins to stare in awe;
and I, the shufflebutt, love to lean my days on his beam.

Like sugar pine he is to me that scares not the swallows,

who are in sound search for the fragrance of elysian life. 
Critters beyond twilight are no better against his sense 
of humor, which oft makes me surely grow in such a rife
for when the banshee wind wails I’ll not be in a pretense.

But when all around him, not calm, or earth is in hollows,

there is this wrath in him that he can wake in a fine line
and prick you without knowing, as if you touch the roses
and sense their thorns. Also, in his choler there is his kind
of love; feel it, be the perfect cone of my heart’s verses.

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Passage of Time

Hear the clock ticking? Just clicking away
The seconds and minutes, the hours; the time
Is always moving, the hours make days,
And will 'til the sun decides not to shine.

See the Earth moving? Always spinning round,
Marking the turning of seasons and years.
And yet all this movement makes not a sound;
The ageing Earth cries an ocean of tears.

Feel your heart beating? Loyally pumping
Rich crimson lifeblood throughout all your veins.
But later in life you will find time triumphing,
Your loyal heart ceasing despite what you've gained.

Time will corrupt and will bring forth decay;
Invest in a future that will not pass away.

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''I dreamt of love--love pure like driven snow'' revised

I dreamt of love—love pure like driven snow,
unstained and virgin—in the years to come:
but years did come and went until (O woe!)
love, like the fall, decayed in my autumn.
Melancholic, I ne'er a princess met
or maiden-love with whom to spend the nights
of vernal youth. (Alas! 'tis best to forget
my life's too foolish dreams of its delights.)
Untainted by sin, pure and innocent;
unspoil'd by life and love in the very least:
I cast'd aside my prurient youth's bent,
forswearing myself all—now mine own priest!
     Now spent and useless, I've refused life's love;
     hence for me God refuses to commove. 

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Don't Ban Videogames

By day, I am a student,
A kid with many dreams
Of fun and grand adventure,
Of agents and sports teams.

By night I jump into a world
Of magic, guns, or Sims
When I play PC or console games
Like Halo or Skyrim.

I like to play the games because
It's stuff I could never do
At school or in the real world
(Keeps me out of trouble, too).

Just 'cause some nut picked up a gun
Doesn't mean I'll ever want to use one.

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Broken Wind Chimes

Dangling from the tree I can see,
Broken wind chimes that still sing.
They just hang on by a split string.
Sending a harmony of tunes to thee.
Their tones and vibrations are a bit broken for me.
I listen and I ponder for what tunes they can bring.
From the tree they will sway when they can swing.
Bits and pieces are released through the air and flee.
Caught in the wind is it’s vibrations.
Carrying signals of great magnitude.
Funneling clouds into new creations.
Bringing air into a brand new mood.
Broken wind chimes can still sing a song,
But their messages are scattered all along.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007

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Heavily tread, are those small fractious steps
On the stairs to my own peace of mind
The sound of transgressions that I'd rather forget
is the pounding of a most clamorous kind

The dialogue I hold deep within myself
drums on the door of the closed minded truth
I try to rewrite scripts,  shove them back on the shelf
But the turbulence shakes them loose

No matter, how buried, how deep I will hide them
My conscience can shovel them out
That child that is me denies what was done then
But can't deafen the voices that shout

I profess to regret many sins I've committed
The most difficult task is the one of admitting

For the Contest: "Regret" sponsored by Black Eyed Susan

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A Picture of Love


A glance across a void; a heartbeat trips,
a longing from within her essence yearns.
From Cupid’s bow on rose stained satin lips,
unfaltering, a tender smile returns.
No words in fury, or raised voices plied;
the certainty of eyes forever kind; 
no restiveness when tears of sorrow cried,
as unvoiced ear drinks tales of troubled mind.
A strong yet silent presence reassures;
unquestioning, uncritical and staid,
still through the lapsing years as life matures,
unchanging as past mem’ries are replayed.

In frames of time-suspended happiness,
lie photographs of love … no more … no less.

**sometimes, all that remains is a treasured photograph

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Eyes wide shut

I am looking at the world through closed eyes.
I see all the things that I wish were there.
It would be a world with no widows sighs.
Children would be taught to live without fear.
No profit from the misery of others.
Leader's first rule, "All are fed and housed".
A nation's goals, the same as its mothers.
A rivers run could not by dam be paused.
One's right to do no harm, the rulers too.
A warrior tests only other warriors.
The worst fallout would be the morning dew.
We move through a world without barriers.
Looking at the world through closed eyes means
that I can live only in my dreams

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Twin Key

June 24th 2010

Twin Key

Hey, help me out here would you please?
Can you show me where all my whys go?
While you are at it search my I told you so.
More so, that alter ego I want you to seize.

Listen here and listen up, it has twin keys.
I tell you something else, do not tell it no.
It gets bigger and bigger a dynasty I know.
Blow a kiss for me send it my best breeze.

Roll out my red carpet,
Spit-shine your shoes,
Sit it down just park it!
Say I depart my blues!

Look out here there is two just like me,
God blessed you! I have my Twin Key.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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My Shakespearean Sonnet

What Shakespeare didn’t write he left to me
In this, a brand new world and century
The English language lives and breathes, alive
A poet’s job is helping it survive

The Muses use us, soul and body, mind
To write of things that can not be defined
The subject matter always stays the same
It’s love and hate, it’s greed and fear and fame

New words evolve to name the things we see
But subject matter stays through history
Our hands the only instruments of worth
To help the Muses speak and then give birth

Their words are bridges crossing deep divides
That bring to man the peace that truth provides

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What is Man

What is man, his flesh got without assent,
Or the broad brushstrokes of his star filled mind.
Neither will sit for another's judgement.
One is chance, the other of boundless kind.
Perhaps man is his actions, though so oft
They go wrong or are unintended acts.
And desires remain surfeit or un-soft
Propel rash deeds, dark thoughts and sordid pacts.
If action alone can not define man
For marred by accident; then is intent
The mark to judge.  But intent is more wan
Than acts, for can only be guessed at bent.
What is man, neither flesh nor mind, if not
Whom he loves and for whom his hate is hot.

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Beautiful Lies

December 18, 2012

Beautiful lies known as little white lies
yet one is no more deceptive than each
The truth is what makes it afraid of light
It's important we practice what we preach

Imagination built on lies destroy
Imagination built on truth create
Conquering evil we try to avoid
Tooth fairy, Halloween, Santa abate

Perceptions and images make it real
Origins of Pagan rituals true
We've wandered down this path for a bum deal
Now more lies are created all brand new

The mask behind a beautiful white lie
is the truth with a constant shield, but why?

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Dearest Dawn

When in fear of what is surely to be
I turn to you the sunrise enduring,
unfettered clouds are they the Godly key
their shadowy hands simply alluring?
Each day hope returns as does the season
each year rebirth the flower, bud and leaf,
giving one license to dare to reason
the passing of autumn’s robe without grief?
Alas I may be your humble servant
whilst mother nature is spared brevity,
an intellect you afford me fervent
but a price to pay in longevity.
Everyday, your circle perpetual
whilst mine, with emotion eventual.

© Harry J Horsman 2014

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My Unique Line - AD

Three lines from Sonnet 191: "The Waiting Sleep"

I'm drifting with the leaves as they change hue,
concealed among them as they fall to ground.
And as they crumble, I'll be crumbling too. . .

I could never really narrow down to just one
favorite poem or line, so I chose lines from a 
sonnet giving my feeling about the 2nd phase
of my life: after 50! Above all things in a poem, 
I appreciate imagery and this was me trying
to use unique imagery with personification.


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Bless it be Thee!

May 27, 2010

Bless it be Thee!

Bless it be Thee!
Truly, I love you.
My whole my new.
My heart your key!

Loose lips and free.
Realistically, I knew!
You are far and few.
I can justly let it be.

You know, it is Gemini’s Full Moon tonight,
The Universe is waking up figuring us all out.
Point me out as a random beam of Moonlight,
I am engulfing and enriching charts in route.

Swiftly suited, I stand in my place!
Bless it be it to Thee! A closed case!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Last Life

I did see you out of the corner of my eye,
Chills ripped through me raging in wind.
I did not know you to be a lifetime friend.
Our last life we must have said good-bye.

Our love did not just come in and out to die,
Our souls would be encircling merciless sin.
I am feeling you breathe me desperately into your skin.
Be it to you I never could tangle up my red rag tail dye.

We went away,
We came back,
We went astray,
We became slack!

Our last life has predefined today’s feat of fate!
So, my destiny by fate is forever in you my mate!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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The wall clock is rushing me once again,
I hear its incessant quick-talk-quick-talk,
How cold the face while its hands constrain,
Hands that first rebuff then tightly interlock.
Love I’ve not given, not nearly enough,
Morning kept her schedule, rigid and right,
Harried by long lists, poor afternoon chuffed,
Spent evening skipped then tripped over night.
Now I count stars and think on tomorrow,
There bids a much better use of my time,
Peace splints worn bones, enters raw marrow,
Tenders me verse in restorative rhyme.
Words slow hours for poetry welcomes
mere seconds that bring a trace of wisdom

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To A Child Who Has A Disorder

Children with an illness,
Go through life,
They are looked down apon,
Because they are different,
When really they are not,
They are no different from  you and me,
They have the same blood,
Running through their bodies,
Just as their hearts as well,
So, don't just look apon,
Their outer appearance,
And judge them,
For who they really are,
For a lot of them,
Are smarter and brighter,
Than you and I,
Could possibly be,
On our brightest day,
For they have the gifts,
From God up above,
So, always take the time,
To get to know their inner beauty,
For who they really are,
Cause they too need love,
Just as everyone else does,
If not even more.

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Black Cats and White

Black cats screech and walk unseen in the night.
My heart is a black cat in the cold dark,
I travel unseen by others and mark
The world spin by and make prosperous might.
You are a cat of silvered fur pure white. 
You travel the night, shine in the dusk, hark
Black cats follow you through street and then park
And yearn for you, to them, to turn your sight.
Can love be found or must one use a lure?
Can love fall from the sky or be slow grown?
My heart does not wish to be reborn sure,
The black cat wants not light dye overblown.
All the heart wants is a white cat snow pure
To love and be loved and for comfort shown.

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To Erase or Not to Erase?

Perchance, if I could parts of life erase,
by careful choice select the times to keep,
I’d treasure love’s long walks on sunny days,
and cast aside the shade where I did weep
upon the morn you closed your eyes to mine,
forsaking me to chase a wanton breeze;
negate the lapse between my heart and thine,
to hold the nights we lay entwined with ease.

If this eraser I should choose to wield,
to moor thy heart and gently clip thy wing,
I ask, in time, would wretched fate be sealed,
as I, unmeant, forbade thy soul to sing?

Speak fondly to me from thy heart’s refrain,
that I may know my love was ne’er in vain.

*** for 'Rub it Out' contest

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Tears In Jars

Warm soft comfortable surrounded here
Splish, splash bouncing rock and roll good good life
Then fast change being forced into a tear
What happened, has into great life come strife

Baby died before it had chance to live
That is when I left her young tender head
Roll down her gentle cheek emotions sieve
Caught by angel in flight placed in bottle instead

Flown into the heavens to live with God
He gives me place to stay until some day
For some disbelievers they'll just give nod
Saying there are no tears in jars to stay

Every sad event in life when one cries
Shed tears down one's face come here to reside

Contest: "Personify A Tear"
Sponsor:  HGarvey Esquire
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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I Frame

I Frame 

As sure as I stand in the mixed of this garden, 
Glimmering gold falls to the earth by my call. 
Many are great and then some are a bit small. 
I release magnets clutching an obscene pardon. 

It is like balancing a beam that only I will harden. 
I wrap myself into a silver plated resilient shawl. 
Person place and time steadily climb up to maul. 
It’s a give or take rejection expected to turn on. 

One day ye shall see, 
My Moon half drawn, 
Ye see it was all of me. 
Your Sun will be gone. 

Only one Star shall rise up above my name. 
It’s a special place inside my heart I frame! 

®Registered: Ann Rich 2007 

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Show me the Way

Well it is like this you see,
I’m against odds they say,
It is in stone or it is in clay.
I fly away to set it all free.

Time does not exist to me.
Money has no cost to pay.
Love is a game folk’s play.
Life is a gift do you agree?

Shooting Stars always fall,
I wish I wish all of it for you.
Wishing on a Star l did call.
I wish blue skies just for you.

But time told this and time told that.
Show me the way with no tit for tat.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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In Her Hands Now

From time to time the mould gets broken,
And shatters into unspoken pieces.  Chaos,
The lack of form, supplants the frozen norm.
Relief is sweet, like breathing out a stone.
Each time I stagger to my dizzy feet and climb
back out of that grinding sausage machine,
opening doors, energy forms, release me
Into a wave of darkness and dreams.

Until, invisible hands, guide me, pull me
 Urge me forward, until I can hear
the call, clearly and beyond all doubt,
I jump, I fall, I feel her waiting arms
and disappearing from all, until,
possessed,  I am in her hands now.

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Petrarchan Sonnet: If no one else breathed in this wide, wide world

Petrarchan Sonnet: If no one else breathed in this wide, wide world

If no one else breathed in this wide, wide world
   Will one know one exists under this sun
Or how will he guess he’s the only one
   If none thought of him in some other world

Will he then climb upon some hill all bold
   To announce: Where is there another son
Not just the wayward scowling wind undone
   By thunder – great tyrant out to scold

Alone bears this man the pain of mankind
   Left to look for answers in porous sky
None else around to guide his erring hand

If he but an instant shut his lone mind
   Even an attosecond long gone by
Will earth and sky stay true not second hand.

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

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Generation XXX

Generation XXX
(Another Name for Gen Y(My Generation)

Beer goggles and Whiskey Rivers,
Pain numbing remedies that exude depression,
Marijuana oxygen and pain killer shivers,
Innocent faces with devilish expression,
Blood red eyes with cocaine explanations,
White lies, cooked up in haste, 
For the aforementioned, sell your feelings for a taste!

Young lady, young lady, impossible to find,
What has become of “Daddy’s Little Girl?”
Grew up as billboard, all body and no mind,
Succumbed to degradation just to fit in this world,
Princess? No More!
With bitter wounds and sans support,
Responds to “bxxch” labeled as “whore”
Sex for poison and sex for sport!

Young man, young man, could you bear to walk alone?
With choreographed legs and clay molded spine?
Quoting the majority, speaking with your friends’ tone,
Holding onto shirttails while blindly disregarding lines,
Unprotected sex just to help you feel alive,
Forced to buy diapers with the pennies you have earned,
From one into intoxicated night you did not want to be deprived,
Came a baby by a girl whose name you had to learn!

Young lady, Young man, both working like a slave,
To provide for a family that neither wished to know,
They scream as their dreams get sealed within a grave,
Essential sacrifices because the baby has to grow,
A self-destructive generation, corrupted and vexed,
Generation Y, is Generation XXX

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Chiccory Coffee

C_Coffee with chiccory her tasty delight
H_Happy was she with saltine crackers buttered
I_Intellect above with which she was gifted
C_Character was hers, caring for others with might
C_Cancer took her good life as takes those polite
O_Opportunity she gave many others
R_Right she always did because of great light
Y_Yes with Jesus now in His great light alright

C_Chiccory coffee Louisana was her brand
O_Opened doors for me to see different view
F_For she was kind, gentle, loving, refined soul
F_Family she loved gave to them friendship grand
E_Entered Kingdom for she trusted, love her goal
E_Eternal life for loving people whole

Contest;"The Sonnet Man's Acrostic Challenge
Sponsor:Dakarai Cobb

(Chiccory__is an alternative spelling of the 
word Chicory..It is acceptable. This is about
my favorite Aunt.)

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i'm going outside today
out where the blood and riots lay
out to the streets of chant and stand
out where the people make demands

young men, young women, elders too
take a stand against taboo
and tell these leaders of corruption
we're gonna make a resurrection

and demand change and better ways
i'm gonna go outside today
and see if living can take a turn
as young teach old what can be learned

i'm going outside today
coming home or going home, i cannot say

© Goode Guy 2014-02-21

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A White Candle

The warped side of the Moon shall fall to 
the ground.
I will be watching at rapid speeds beyond 
your reality.
Most will be wearing garments of 
untapped mortality.
Some of you’ll hear trumpets that are loud 
and sound.
More of you will be an embedded trap tied 
and bound.
You best remain in your God given Graced 
It will be a life or death to hold on to that 
pure vitality.
And for God’s sake don’t partake in the 
lost and found.
It is easy to lose your way through the 
Nothing is ever what it seems unless you 
make it.
So join within yourself become one big 
And make sure you have a white candle 
always lit.
Never lose the light of a white candle as 
the dark side of the Moon falls.
For the light of your white candle is right 
behind darkness and enthralls.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007.

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The New Year

The new year is here 
The people ar going 
gaga and gay.
Ask them why they 
almost go insane
Over the year that has 
come but not to stay.

They tell you it's an 
avenue to celebrate
And be merry cos they 
are alive.
But I tell you friend, it 
is not so adequate
To rejoice and injure 
yourself in the frenetic 

But the year is an 
To review the events 
that are past
And ponder on ways to 
improve your community
Before events 
happening in it make 
you look aghast!

The new year is not 
one for frenzied beats
But one to bring out 
vibrant thoughts from 
the streets!

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Stillness in the mind comes from a breath, deep
Filtering through my spirit like a friend
Alone in evening's walk, I watch night sweep
Across the dark sea, that has no end
To see the emptiness of a long beach
And sink in its plastered sand with tired feet
Then seek a solitude my mind can reach
And befriend time for relaxed state I'll greet
Before night completes its crawl so silent
I'll feel the rhythm of a gentle wave
And release my soul, to be compliant
And let it soar from this vessel, this cave

I'll find the freedom of a spirit in flight
And enjoy silence from the coming night

contest Solitude

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A Bubble Blown Up With Breath

I will tell of love in fourteen short lines
Remember when you chipped bone in kneecap
So much pain for you and me nothing fine
Knee pain for you for me nausea trap

You had surgery, nausea had me
One baby in arms another womb bound
When you came home, total care you no glee
Beside chamber nausea vomit round

Daily existence for weeks ugly trap 
Baby, husband's care between nausea
Holding baby my only relief gap
Situation had me deep undersea

Love is deep when one gives beyond their strength
Giving beyond the call of duty is youngth

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Got Game

From the north silently it comes down the river,
invisible, radioactive, combining with *acid rain.
Nuclear power, cheap energy, a cancer giver
and all we love will end, if we don't chose to refrain.

So fueled by greed, we chew up the earth for coal to burn,
blackening the skies and butchering the mountain side,
all so that we can drive SUV's with total unconcern,
laughing at the third world, on the globe, we stand astride.

The black-outs, *brown-outs, oh the anarchy of light's blight
creating a sickly yellow miasma's where few stars shine.
And cities of cave dwellers who never see the night,
turn shades of puce and pink by neon lights malign.

Soon, I'm sure, we'll redefine the nature of what's pure,
and Seri's *app will tell what game to eat ...and the cure.

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A leaf

A leaf, long dead but clinging still now falls,
Silently floating, a slow spiral down
To the cold earth below, beneath the crown
Of a great oak, a single leaf, that’s all.
What has happened between the leaf and tree,
What insidious memories recalled,
To kill so easily, such as life’s appalled,
Making  the bough now bare with treachery.
This brutality of nature is just
The final act, the curtain call that brings
Finality, the closing down of things.
The sad and slow return of life to dust.
Speak of the time, past and to future come,
That the brief years are all too short a sum.

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Goodbye, My Lingering Past

Why should this rash lingering memory,
of my painful past without real treasure,
buffet my soul and remove harmony,
of many hours of wonderful pleasure.
Me think I must let go of that dark past,
that linger on in my mind's window pane.
Never to let that forbidden thought last,
a second moment more in my pious lane.
My lingering past, I now fare thee well.
for I have opened a lovely chapter,
full of happy story to now tell,
of sweet memories that I remember.
Now, goodbye lingering straying passion.
I now have the purest of pious passion.

My first sonnet if it passes all the tests of a real sonnet.

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Shame on Me

Her words continue to hurt me
They attack while I wait silently
I long for tranquil days patiently
She doesn’t love me unconditionally

Finding faults in most everything I do
She chips away at what I thought I once knew
Bringing me down with her negativity and belief
Leaving me unsure and full of grief

I want to be strong and live my own life
Deflect the voice that cuts like a knife
Don’t let her in, don’t let her win
Be true to myself and begin again

Shame on me for letting it always go this far
Please, God, help me relinquish these scars

Written on June 29, 2011
By Shani Fassbender
For the Contest: "Me Against Myself"

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May Day

May 31, 2010

May Day! 

I sprout with a surprise springing forth from me today.
Birds sing such a magnificent most pleasurable praise.
I want to be the one He promised soon He would raise.
I will be celebrated all by myself on that God-given day.
I will stand in His Gracious Glory at His appointed Say.
Yesterday will be but a blurring faded haze, life a craze.
He sets my soul on fire and sets my spirit off in a blaze.
I bet I will buzz like a bee zipping by you each May Day!
It is all in a day just for me to say.
Ta! Da! I’d bet you did not realize!
May Day! May Day! I say let’s play!
Walla! I say May Day’s materialize!

Waiting every May Day is loads of fun,
Unbelievably, May Day is never done!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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The Slow Learner

Pity me not because the moon is on wane
Remember when was full lighting the night
Pity me not for thinnning of dark blonde mane
That has gone from beauty to cotton light

Pity me not for energy deplete
Now time to snuggle between warm soft sheets
What's lacking in energy gain in sleep
With love beside me snoring to same beat

With love he continues to look on me
Even though my moon is waning this eve
Brown eyes adore me_ his love  only sees
Girl of seventeen with green eyes__ naive

Pity me  for my slow learning of life
Where in places my gifts could have stopped strife

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Times Three

You are but a noun do you know?
Inside of you lie me, myself, and I.
Residing in light of your naked eye,
This is how divine seeds sow a row.
Sown high or low,
So do not be shy.
And do not sigh.
And never, let go.
Orient yourself times three,
To person place and time!
You are rooted like a tree,
And it is secured to climb!
Who is that light form living inside of you?
And who is that silent one that you talk to?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Wayward Bound

Grouped by four and there is even more.
Grouped by three and then none believe.
It is a mad world and many are deceived.
They don’t care so many I will deplore.
Many just go around making my heart sore.
But they don’t care because there so naïve.
I have given them many thoughts to conceive.
But they don’t care so I’ll just shut the door.
I’ll just throw up my hands,
And I’ll just be said and done.
I’ll just throw it to the sands.
I’ll lie down under the Sun.
I’ll just have to make a lost and found,
Because all of them are wayward bound!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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It's twilight again, the time for magic.
transitions, changes, oh, I love them all.
Lightning in the air, shade induced panic,
something is burning, I just caught the smell!
Tree silhouettes in the late orange sky,
a cat making the last sweep of garden
before settling in, expectations fly,
what will the night bring, will it still frighten,
enlighten or just be dark as usual?
Day, night, we understand as their hours drag.
There is plenty of time to study all
their inhabitants habits. Try to bag
the elusive spirits of the twilight
or its opposite, those are hard to sight!

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Fly Away With Me

I’ll pick you up and make you fly.
I’ll sit you down and you’ll think.
At least until you can fly in sync.
We’ll go up in the clouds and spy.
You will know me because I try.
I bring you to the crest of a brink.
I catch you before you truly sink.
I am the one always asking why.
I’ll show you a sea castle,
Bring you to the dungeon.
I am the one you all hassle.
I keep you from bludgeon.
So pick up and fly away with me.
We have a great big world to see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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let's get irrational
let's imaginatively think
let's quotient ideas fractional
let's think up primes distinct

let's see what we can make of it
let's examine possibilities
let's toss away the parity bit
let's forgo responsibilities 

let's universally go to edge
let's carry ones to tens
let's farfetched, forgo a hedge
let's do it all over again

let's raise our lives so inclined
let's jump over the tick of time

© Goode Guy 2013-12-02

maybe it's really simple math that adds up

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Mother Wisdom

“If a child's mother be wisdom, his Father is  pleased!”

The word of wisdom is mother as love,

If child’s mother is found in wisdom’s  words,

Mother speaks wisdom from Father above,

Lively mother exalts in life’s word surge.

As child partakes in milk of it’s mother,

His exhale wisdom of her, shall promote,

He bonds with her, she shan’t ever smother,

She shall correct  errors of foolish quotes.

`O hear the words of precept, "Agape",

“Enter into pathway of narrow strait,

Manifest wisdom, concept Love’s copy.”

Concept the precept, the Immaculate, 

Ponder a pathway for beautiful feet,

Deny strives of boils in festers of seethe!”  

For contest: Mother
In Honor of: Constance La France 
By john moses freeman

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Kamikaze Khristmas

I was shaken, my jingle bells taken, ornaments on a runaway corporate sleigh
It had nitrous oxide, investors selling so high, stuffing stockings with my pay
There were elves with cleavage, garters and high heels, twirling on candy canes
And then there was Santa, 10,000 I fathom, having a Bud and watching the game

Oh what have I done, my mistletoe belt buckle undone, clutching a coupon in pain
From my confusion arose, a few sticky ho ho’s, caroling Christmas has come again
Frozen my chatter, this rooftop never fatter, held hostage by a holiday of cheer
Building superstores for a thrill, reindeer on the grill, our 24 hour savior is here

I threw open the door, red tagged a commercial whore, a price check I was needing
Not to my surprise, this place had supersize fries, and just a hint of insider breeding
Cross-eyed speaking, restroom reeking, why the see-through thong with the GPS
Kamikaze carts diving, my crippled heels crying, damn you people for having sex

Bruised and battered, a world raptured, by a fat man with a bulging sack
Barbies with inflatable boobies, Hentai movies, Christ please hurry back

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At long last hear the wind blow through the trees
No longer forced to bow down to their knees
Hear all the peaceful sounds that nature makes
The serene sounds sadness away it takes

Listen. Listen to the wind blow through trees
Maybe. Just maybe, you will hear the breeze
Hear among you. Hear the children's laughter
You'll see this feeling is what you're after

Destination always remains to be
The question at heart to where will it lead
Ask Where? But what does it really matter?
As long as you can hear children's laughter

Dare you listen not while the birds do sing
Cannot. Will not. Would could that birdsong bring
Listen. Listen to all the peaceful sounds
Are you that weary and say you have grounds?

Be aware so you ultimately see
There is a purpose. A reason to be

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson

Written in '89
Twas not the perfect kind  
Revised in 2010 (twenty ten)
with the help of a friend

First her words made me start
Because I'm not that smart
But through tangled words
Advice and love I heard

Much thanks to Deb Guzzi
For helping this newbie.

Is this a Sonnet yet?

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson

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My Super Sonnet

April 28, 2010

My Super Sonnet

Multiple overwhelming thoughts trample upon me in a wild way.
Stunned as well as in awe I am compelled to rise upon my own.
So then I thought no possible way, I will have to be overthrown.
Yes, I definitely have to be thrillistically creative every single day.
Now I am living it and now I know excellence so longer I stay.
Yeah, I do have it going on and got it all nailed to a white stone.
You see, now it is on! I’m sizzling hot up on my game full-blown.
Yes, yes, yes, we are on some kind of fire would you like to play?

I am going to think about you on this full moon.
Maybe you have dug yourself into a cozy grave.
Maybe you like the way I situate myself so soon.
Maybe its resistible greed or I’m just that brave!
Look! I’m feeling you out bringing you my super sonnet, a tat for tit.
Indeed! I’m your full spread of Par-Kay or Blue Bonnet, I’m up on it!

® Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Another Sonnet Written at a Coffee House

You sink into the bosom of the chair 
And wonder if I too once sat amidst 
The chattering, white coffee sipping fare— 
The lonely writers ‘pining for a kiss. 

Did I peer out over the porce’lain mug 
And purse my vulgar mouth over the lip 
My eyes a’roll behind my glasses’ fog 
My writer turning phrase and spinning quips? 

Did I curl my toes under my feet 
Threading my fingers ‘round the scolding cup 
My yellow molars grinding to the beat 
Of meds-a-glee and glutt’nous caffeine ups? 

I didn't’t sit cross-legged and introverted— 
I flipped through glossy pages and consorted.

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When I do think on the past days of my life
There seems to be a thread I do realize
From the moment of my birth `tis but a strife
Each step takes me closer to my demise
Life`s a journey, it is often said
A world of mirrors that can bend and stretch
This realm of ghosts, ne`er to know what`s ahead
Struggling till Death comes all of us to fetch
But of that day and hour knoweth no man
We scurry hither and thither, then go suddenly sour
Spoiled so soon; the game we barely began
The ominous bells are tolling, hour after hour
The curtains rise, and fall they must
We are made from, and must return to dust

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Coming and Going

Glass and metal spread across the freeway.
Something like a melon, open, and dragged,
seeds and flesh intermixed on the freeway.
A families dreams, destroyed, on hold, shredded
and ended. What of the slow procession,
passerbys, looky-looks, rubber neckers,
just for a moment does their discussion 
cease, their hearts sink at the sight. The wreckers
truck stays their studied interest, do they peek,
Does stomach drop, head spin at the sight or
do they avoid the look they do not seek
to know? It could not apply to them for
they certainly would not be so careless,
and yes,life for them is just marvelous.

And Going
Once passed the horrid carnage of the crash,
as the view receded in the mirror,
the memory too, late meeting, loose lash,
exigencies of the day, perhaps, stir
up the old habits and the gas pedal
goes back down and the race begins anew.
The gore is replaced by  heavy metal
on the radio, turned down for a few 
minutes but now, thankfully, all things are
normal. And at end of the day when you
are asked by a spouse or a friend, "How far
were you from that crash on 680?" Do
you stop a second, having forgot all.
A family died, maybe hard to recall.

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Mambo Sinuendo

A gray day searching for something to say,
listening to Mambo Sinuendo.
Dreaming a sunlit isle where every day
I need only grab a guitar and go
down to where I will find my friends and play
and dance another day and simply lose
myself in music, ignore life's decay.
Perhaps, every now and then, some small dues
would have to be paid, an old friend's room cleaned,
a couple days at the docks, groceries bought,
trips to the playa to see ladies dreamed
of but never seen or actually caught.
Had I listened to the muse in my head
years ago, what a life I would have led.

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Some lover's lips with honeyed lies are tainted, 
The taste can be both devilish and divine. 
Past affairs with a white washed brush are painted, 
Such deceit can never truly be benign. 

For knowledge of these lies will too soon pester. 
As heart and mind are never far from akin,
And in your conscience they will surely fester, 
While all the while, love's hatreds slowly begin. 

Now honesty is shaded white with wonder.
While treachery dawns gray with unseen dangers, 
For sometimes love is naught but foolish blunder,
And lovers merely two ill fated strangers. 

Beware lips that speak of nothing but passion. 
Lies beneath the red will always turn ashen.

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Hope Of Renewal

As the last rose petal falls swiftly down
The last of the great roses of summer
What a great summer that was lived_you known
Rose had much character an affirmer

Fall approaches with sure desolation
Only bare branches with prickly thorns left
Mocking Bird nest with nesting cessation
Protected by the Rose as in a  cleft

Used up_bare waiting for winter's cold breath
Not knowing what this winter chill will bring
As the petals flood onto the ground_death
Hope awaits but winter comes with its sting

Will the sap rise again coursing through vine
Revitalization __ one  bud sure sign

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By Blessing Graced

Reflectively, at peace within my mind
my thoughts upon the words I have to say
though lacking much it's richness that I find
for I am blessed to write them all away.

So often all the words that I have penned
have been the only voice I've ever had
and turning to my dear and trusted friend
I've often sought the comfort of my pad.

Even at a tender age in time
when the only things I had were words and prayers
child like I'd soothe myself in rhyme
as God watched over me and eased my tears.

This gift to me stands high among the rest
and by Gods grace I know I have been blessed.

Inspired by Brian Strands My Sonnets contest

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Mine Enemies 2K11

Art thou perhaps harborer's of evil? Hast thou not remorse thy deeds ill occurs? For dost thou seest thy fallen sanity ill? Henceforth unto thou I say - Avaunt Curs! Forsooth Serpents speak with a forked tongue, Untrue living - thus foolishly unsound; Slithering disrespectfully among... Unto thou I say - What goes round comes round! Art thou perhaps wolves therein sheeps clothing? Senseless cowardly acts notorious. Shall forgiveness find I for once loathing? For history repeats - good victorious! One cannot perform God's task to judge! Praying of they am I holding not grudge.

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Completed Then Go

Facing one's mortality isn't easy.
Would death be better hear ringtone swiftly,
unexpectedly_ pass from life breezy
to eternal life, sustainable upward drift. 
Or be granted extended life on earth.
Maybe through simple living great deed do.
Book about life's problems solved_ could birth.
Review life, help youth before bid adieu.
No way would want to linger; a problem
to family, unable to care for self.
No way have choice how I go, no stratagem
can alter what fate life gives oneself.
I would want all my ducks in a neat row.
Life's accomplishments completed then go_

Words used: ringtone, sustainable,simple living
Theme: 7)Eternal Questions
Sponsor: Cyndi MacMillan
Contest: Timeless Yet Contemporary A Sonnet Thang

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February 02, 2014


As I lay me down to nourish my sleep,
I am Star-bound with my heavenly light.
I can touch one then two come into sight.
I search midnight skies for a Star I keep.

I pray Thee Lord my Soul to seek!
I pray Thee Lord my great Sunlight!
I pray Thee Lord my only Moonlight.
I pray Thee Lord my Grace I speak!

It’s just so bountiful,
Down to Earth Justice!
So, So, So, plentiful!
I just can’t scratch a surface!

Star-Bound I am stuck in this traffic jam!
Star-Bound I am just as I truly, truly am!

© Copyright: 2014 Ann Rich

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Freedom Though Misunderstood

Overly kind _little slow in study
Unskilled in sports; not beautiful was she
He came into life when anybody
Would have made a marriage match not just he

Becoming acquainted at church was their way
He flashed freedom before her youthful eyes
In love she speedily fell that warm spring day
Before she thought or even could realize

She boldly and in secret whispering
Displayed the ring that she now proudly wore
Soon she would be a bride to be longing
For his soon return from his duty tour

Marriage offered change_some for good_
Some for difficulty_ freedom though misunderstood____

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Nature's Way

In the morning or in the night the shadows appear.
Some are dark and some invisible to the naked eye.
They stroll around and about with distance up high.
They follow covering you never knowing their near.
Look to the trees where empty spaces reveal clear.
You can see their eyes and their moods as they fly.
A penetrating stare with a glare with the winds sigh.
Run or stand but you’re in an open space of a sphere.
Nature’s way is coming up to you,
Open your eyes being able to see,
Hope and pray you catch this view.
Hidden in between freedom is free.
Catch many glimpses of this shade,
That way tomorrow will never fade.
© Copyright:  Ann Rich   2007

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A Black Cloud

Lord, it is dark inside and darker out,
  And black thunderous rainstorms thunder by:
Blessing the tiller, the grower in drought,
  But Lord, not all that rages is the sky.
Behold, I am drowning but not yet drowned,
  An ordinary man and nothing more:
On a quest to find hitherto unfound
  The heat of passion that begins the thaw!
In the sum of all hurt this I must bear -
  That I too have known the seasons of drought:
And washed was I in a cold bath of fear
  For love is life, and I have gone without.
How sad it is to breathe its dying breath,
And sadder still to die a loveless death.

January 1997

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I do not know how big they are,
But I can see them twinkle from afar.
Their shape to me is yet unknown,
Still I can see them where ever I go.

Way high up there in the night sky,
Farther than any bird could ever fly.
"How did they get so far away,?"or
"Will they fall down to earth someday?"

When I look through my window late at night,
I stare at those stars,so beautiful and bright.
One day I know there won't be any cars,
But when I look up there will always be stars 

Quentin Alexander Sands

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My Solemn Vow

I think I shall take this very day and make you my solemn vow.
And when I do I shall pass it onto you to follow the just of me.
I vow to open your blinded eyes to show you all that I can see.
I vow to open your deafened ears to hear why I am me and how.
I think I shall take this night and raise up your brow.
And when I do I shall pass it to you with an only key.
I vow to open your locked doors down on a bent knee
I vow to close the wounds from those I did not allow.
I vow to gather my group up into my fruitful field.
I vow to cover you and dress you to simply adorn.
I vow to create a world in which we as one build.
I vow to remove every single painful prickly thorn.
I vow to you that I am your God given Grace.
I vow to you that I am able to create or erase!
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2008

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Hi Jesus

Hi Jesus

It’s been a long, long time.
I hope that you still remember me, 
I’ve been hiding quite a while, deep inside.
I know that you know all things
Still, I think I should explain,
The reason I’ve been hiding
Is because of all the shame, because of all the pain.

I know that I don’t look so great
For meeting up with you tonight, in the hue of bedroom light 
But I hope you understand 
I’ve been alone since I was three, there was nobody caring, just me, you see.

You probably see the dirt marks
And smudges on my face…. and heart
But it seems no matter how I try
Some things I just can’t erase.

They say that eyes are windows 
they  peer into the soul.
I’m afraid that if you look there,
You’ll find it dark and cold, my soul half, not whole.
I’m not sure why it is, Lord,

But you won’t see any tears.
I guess they’ve just been cried up all these years.
I know that limp and lifeless 
Is my unruly heart.
I guess that’s just what happens
When no one really cares, when your childhood is ripped apart.

And if you ask a question 
I really do not have much to say. 
I’ve found that no one really wants 
To hear me talk about it anyway.

And if you care to listen,
Sit quiet and you’ll hear
How hard my heart is pounding. 
That’s because of all the fear.

You’ll notice that I wrapped my arms 
Around me all the time.
I did that for protection 
Of the things that should have been mine.

See, not so very long ago,									Pg.2
Without an ounce of care,
That monster  took away from me
Things I never meant to share.

And if you find I tremble inside
When you come close to me, 
It’s because of all the dreadful things 
That someone did to me, and they tried to hide.

Jesus I’m so sorry, if I disappointed you,
If these things have saddened you.
But when I cried out to you
You never told me what to do.

I know that in my mother’s womb 
You created me
And I can’t help but wonder
Is this what I was meant be?

They say that you are everywhere,
With each and every one,
But it seems that on those dark nights 
You left me all alone, just for him to take to play, to give me away.

They tell me that you love me
And I suppose it’s true,
But Jesus, please remember, they whispered it,
In the darkness and the stench
They said they loved me too.
© Theresa Rossouw

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Stillness within me and of the night

28th january 2012
Stillness of the night, And the dullness in my sight, A cold dark cloudy winter night, The pathway lights shine on bright. Perched comfortably in the balcony of a guesthouse, The vista so great that the dormant poet in me arouse. The cool breeze envelops my surround, A few dew drops from the moistened leaves drips aground. The languid wing of air the fragrance of it carries, Of blossomed flowers, trees, plants and berries. Once again the freshness in my mind, Seems to be awakening from the blind. Welcome, come in the joys of happiness, Its now time to say to darkness

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Waterdroplets Gives Life

Now lies the waterdroplet on the edge
Excess moisture wrung from the foggy air
Droplets that are somehow a reserve hedge
Drops that all the insects, birds, lizzards share

French Tarragon pointed leaves perfect shape
For water to collect travel down tip
Hang suspended surrounded by cloudscape
Time seems to stand still few hours 'till slip

Gone with the heat of the appearing sun
There for just short time so that all can drink
The sun has done a good job and you spun
Dry as in a modern dryer in a wink

To all things there is a season but some short
Can some be extended _ not early thwart

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The bread factory Babel

The bread factory Babel was damaged years ago. 
Again, we tried to repair the oven in the frozen field; 
We drank the fuel to tame the tempest of soot and yellow snow, 
And the stomach’s black hole hungry with moldy hominy held.
“I am a tiger, in my trade! One baker says, “But new troubles arise…”
Coughing because the dust and soot, suddenly we started to pray…
“Black crows fall down around and call the death and blind my eyes”
“Hard times, of shadows gray: if we could feed people today,                             
“It would be through a spiritual power to win the old sin.”  
“Could we bake good breads and loafs on the Kane’s line,” 
“From where, the clouds of ash are flashing black in?” 
Finally, they decided to cut coal in the new open mine. 

The bakers became miners and the hell’s oven was sold:
When they fired the hell, yet burning it was too cold

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A King's Mountain

February 12, 2011

A King's Mountain

A King's Mountain He mounts up under his branded feet.
Mass in size He is hallow by a grandstand He is to you,
But never is He in lieu, so many clues cost one tabboo.
Blown to boredom bereaved He hue's me a pure heart beat. 

Shaking or faking Him out I scram to find my own Grand seat.
Surrounded from East to West there is North and South to do.
Blending my flames in hot Summer winds I baked a cake or two.
I'm like self-rising ready to bake surfing up fielders wheat.

A King's Mountain means Look-Out,
Soak it up and suck it all in!
A Hot sizzling day for a Cook-Out?
A King mounted has a Big bin.

He will draw your naked breath in and mount you to His top.
Sprinkling you with honey dew suckling up for more sip sop.

(R) Registered: Ann Rich 2011

04:43:21 AM EST -5

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not an option

this drop-down box just does not fit
this pigeon-cooped web, on which I sit

my brother-in-law's first name don't matter
my mother's maiden name don't neither
see i never married, it'd make me fatter 'n'
Dad got Ma pregnant, then decided to leave 'er

i can't say i even remember a favorite
car or dog or a grade-school teacher
these choices would make me a hypocrite,
i don't fit your standard operating procedure 

my life don't fit in these digital boxes
in observation, i suspect i'm not alone
programming pretenses are overly obnoxious 
thinking outside them, that might be known

© Goode Guy 2013-07-09

actually a bit of an inverse verse of sonnet

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Self Acceptance

How can I know love when I’m made of sin?
Evil and wrong, there is no place for me,
And pain melts away as the blade slips in,
Behind the closed doors where none dare to see.
There on my knees my words pleading for why,
I was condemned to hell ere I was born,
My heart turns black and I feel myself die,
Yet she stopped me as the sun rose to dawn,
The lady who dared me to see her face,
With words of wisdom from the days of old,
My light in the darkness of divine grace,
She took me in as my faith remained cold.
My lady within me when I see fear,
She draws me closer to hold me near.

Form: English Sonnet

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Celestial Mother

Once great always great I say to you.
Upside down or right side up you be.
Once upon a time and a time once was she.
Gathering the universe and shining a Star or two.
Then one day She shot down to Earth out of the blue.
She gathered Her crops and made circles wide and free.
She made them so big the whole of the world could see.
She took the Stars the Sun and Moon making them new.
She shined talents never quite seen.
Amazing and sparkling from up above,
She is the smartest thing ever so keen.
She is abundant in spreading Her love.
She is our Celestial Mother in Heaven,
Separated by the empty shells of leaven!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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My head fills with words of pain and sorrow
But comes the dawn with hope of the morrow
And the private tortures haunting my dreams
Dissolve until all is not as it seems

These words in my head, as I start to write
Are supposed to be black, but turn out white
Instead of the angst, from being apart
I sing of the love that is in my heart

Maybe anxious poetry’s just not me
Perhaps that’s not what I want you to see
Nature and romance come more easily
Instead of the words I want to set free

So remember sometimes, these words will hide
Those caged ones that are burning deep inside ~

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The Dam Is Broken

The dam has broken, fear has poured gushing
Oh! Great Physician ruler of the angels
Send the mighty healing army flying
On strong wings of love, comfort counsels

Open the Word and the Spirit speak plain
Don't go around and round the mountain high
Move forward child to another level attain
On the wings of those angels now fly

On the journey may you always find another
To share a light on the worn path of life
A person who stays in step with you and sings
This your life may it be one of wealth and no strife

Protected by the angel of mercy__love
May your journey be seasoned from above

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Border Crossings

Yes, I am seeing more and more cars stalled
on the freeway. I am seeing shorter
tempers. I am seeing more faces gnarled
with stress. I hear more talking of border
crossings. Things are getting much more gruesome
out there. Our leaders understand vaguely
the social beasties grinning in fulsome
anticipation the bloodbath ready
to commence. In our closed world we don't know
just how we have been marked, we have been so
comfortable so long. Nightly, we throw
alarms, check perimeter for a foe
that may come from within our very midst.
Years of greed and the ship begins to list.

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Diamonds in the sky

   Our  destiny may reside in the distant stars
        Reflecting the path our journey takes
  These celestial jewels from afar
         Give glittered guidance  to the steps we make

          Sometimes beauty's jewel lies within our sight
   Yet we linger not in the prism of its light
         The time may come when only the  glitter is left
   As a star fades away in the flames of death

   A diamond's remnants so far away
           Streaks across the sky in stardust glow
   Within  a  bejeweled galaxies array
          Its demise in perfect rhythm with the universe's flow
 Through  the stardust  glitter  descending like rain
  Beauty echoes through the remnants  with sweet  refrain

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In the center I sit.
Unraveling a core,
I lay it by the shore.
It’s a wondrous fit.
It is in pieces by a bit.
It sails an ocean floor.
It has a rip where tore.
It makes the seas split.
It travels day and night.
A never-ending drift,
It is brilliantly bright.
Moving along so swift!
It travels a path lit by a Star,
Rendering miles that are afar!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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The Faraway View

Must I travel the same narrow road back
So long now I have been very far away
On this road back will I come into lack
Or will there always be a sunny day

This road back will I remain one who has hope
Can I accept that life may become more plain
Surely it will be harder to go up a slope
But for sure I'll never pass this way again

The farther I go the more that I listen for the bell
The bell that will carry me home through the air
Especially on days when I feel unwell
Even then I long somehow to go there

Maybe you are ready for this journey too
From a mountain high we'll both enjoy faraway view

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The Embracing

I cut through tedious chit-chat,
Null knick-knacks!
Zap Idiotic whacks!
I tip toe tapping atop pitters pat.
I’m your best bet seated where you once sat.
Smearing out your tad-bit lacks,
Running them out by the packs,
I tip my hat fancying you purr like my fat-cat.

Up and away my hands shall uplift weights like you.
In and out of reality I’ll take you with me everywhere.
If only you knew how well I’m too do getting through.
Do you think one day to obtain me to be eh unaware?

Personally, I’d charge a big fat whacked out idiotic fee for the likes of thee,
I’m declared as freely expressing many pleasures for the embracing of me.

® Registered: 2010 Ann Rich

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Down Where The Forsythia Blooms

Down the road where the Forsythia bloomed
Bright yellow despite dark clouds amassed
Flooding rains, thunder, lightening flashed
Touched with sadness for home removed

Spirits of hardy souls still live
Floating shrouds mixed with the rain
Hear their voices in the howling wind
Feel their presence in Bamboo Chimes again

On days like today with gray_flooding
Winds that chill_sleep elusive
One bright spot offers assurance_comfort
Knowing that in our going memories will linger

For at least one generation children will see
Our lives lived down where the Forsythia blooms

(I know that the rhyming and syllable count is off)

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Dirty Birdies

They might be dirty birdies… but of course I love them so.
Even with the birdseed scatters far across the floor.
But I doubt they’re really dirty since they crowd my birdbath so.
And with the drought outside my door I let their water flow.

They flutter around the bowl with ease as it empties twice a day.
And I enjoy watching them play in a wonderful display.
Nowhere will you find such an intensely flowing water storm.
And 12 stick close together as they show they’re many charms.

I authorize their playfulness for my many tiny friends.
Even a tiny hummingbird comes to my window in the end.
Now that is most surprising, as I have nothing for him to eat.
We both just like admiring the view for it is such a treat.

Of course he’s really telling me to turn on the sprinkler hose.
For he loves to travel back and forth as the water travels so.

As a child my mother took care of the chicken coup and began to
Despise those Dirty Birds… but when I was young her comment turned 
Into a name for those I loved… I was too young to realize her true meaning
At the time… Later it stayed with me as a memory of how different were our
lives and how things are passed along from one generation to another...

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Common Ground

Starry night, Star bright shine your light!
It’s a lost world traveling at a rapid speed.
Oh guide me and teach me to properly lead.
For I am down here where nothing is right!
Send me a wind to take my flight,
And let them all take heed!
I am the deepest seed.
For I stand in all my might.
Let the Sun shine down on me.
Let the rains walk away.
Set my eyes where they can see.
For I am day by day!
As the world spins around and around,
I shall be found standing on top of Common Ground!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend

My heart is so full of love 
I can hardly restrain myself
My heart bleeds upon the shelf
My dreams fly like the dove
White and pure from above
inside this dream I delve
And find no way to help myself
I will sacrifice my dreams
Our love was never meant to be
Your heart was never free
Our music cannot trenscend
She ever sings her song
Go to her my Dearest Friend
For this is where love belongs

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UNAPPRECIATING 11-20-2012 acrostic-ENGLISH Sonnet

Unwilling to trade her time for my rhymes?
Needless to say, this is never the way
Any Poet earns a flirtaceous dime,
Paid whenever efforts are made each day.
Perhaps this task could be too much to ask
Right now. How much time does it take to make
Efforts? Escort sadness behind my mask,
Creating a debating heart that breaks.
Insensitive or misunderstood acts
Always cause questions to be asked of each,
Teaching us to, first, straighten out the facts,
Instead of letting truth get out of reach.
Not showing the things that need to be shown,
Gets in the way of things that should be known.

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The River Stone

Walking along the river shore
Enjoying the cool crisp fall air
Warm sun upon my face and more
This event in life so rare

Those smooth stones made rounder with age
Some large, some medium, some small
One different rough sharp_rage
Never change_ be rough 'til pall

Maybe place in center river
Where more water, stronger currents
Erase perplexities _sliver
Away ruff edges__deterrents

Can this ruff gruff rock become smooth
Then lay close to smooth rocks and soothe

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The Only Breed

I smoked my pipe and I found some dreams stuck in a seam.
The ancients lifted me up and I saw through crystallize glass.
As I looked the seams popped and scattered into a great mass.
The dreams were set free from my light of a shiny bright beam.
Now I have flashing darts in my eyes that shine as I will deem.
Now I am looking at you and you and you as green as the grass.
But that’s okay because now my eyes can gloss you up as brass.
Eventually, I will find a light inside of you with a sparkly gleam.
My visions are set up forth,
Free and clear with a deed.
Look to the Star of the North,
You shall find my only breed.
Be this to you or be this to me,
Scattered dreams in you I see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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My greatest fear? My words will not be good
Enough to be read by any reader.
Wasted talent! Wasted words! Though, crowds should
Eat food for thought, respecting the feeder.
My greatest fear? My dream will escape me,
Somewhere between disappointment and hope;
Lost forever! Forever left to be
Hanging my head, from my very own rope.
My greatest fear? Not overcoming doubt!
A doubt that has infiltrated my mind
Without asking. I need to figure out
If I will ever get out of this bind!
     Day to day, month to month, year after year,
     A life without words is my greatest fear!

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Remember My Mercy

It’s all out there and in here too.
The pain, confusion, and anxiety.
What is a person to do,
who lags in the virtue of piety.

It must be given to One 
much more powerful than I,
And so I have done,
But not quite, so that’s a lie…

I take back what I have given,
And suffer it all over again,
Though I’ve been forgiven,
Such is the haunting of sin.

How could I have ever done these things; 
Is what the too proud conscience sings.

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Allure of the Night

By the crystal eyes of the evenings stars
I am lured outdoors on this somber night
With ferver, I wish to the heavens, so far
That might grant me a miracle; turn a wrong to a right

The allure of the evening, has stirred up my dreams
Is it my flight into fantasy, or a frivolous scheme?
How silly, they say, to be lured by the fates
Superstition they claim, is the child's foolish state

Yet I stand in the dark, half sad, half proud
And call to the quiet, of celestial crowds
By allure of the night, the stars shining brighter
I make fervent wishes, and feel my heart lighten

And I know in my heart that the heavens, so far
Can mirror a miracle, turning my dark into light


In honor of Paula Swanson's Contest: "Allure of the lure of alluring"

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God's Orchestration

God orchestrated this morning for me
Set the music in place to accompany
A sunrise I longed for but yet to see
Sand color ribbon interspersed epiphany

Each second there's a change in the music
Colors of the sky, gray overtakes some
Bright fushia, making dull instead of brick
Sun makes a jet stream become like chrome

All the instruments of the orchestra
Constantly change while the roosters' steady
Beat keeps a harmony that others get
Join in to sing and play willingly ready

Thank you God for the beauty of the morn
And lesson__in a second gray is born...

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There was a girl who befriended thunder,

She lived with lightening without any fear,

A cloud is so deep, a silvered wonder

whose language of rain dries all hidden tears.

Some dreamers have withstood the welts of wind,

Strength is born from the weakness of others,

Open the window, allow the gale in,

for peace is a child, chaos its mother.

My heart had guests, emotional strangers,

Now under this skin remains a soft mist

that welcomes downpours then invites danger,

and faces the tempest, returns its kiss.

Calmness I taste as I swallow the storm,

Weathered and still, yet eager to transform.

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View of a Coming Storm

I’m standing at the edge of a forest, Waiting for the storm to come in. Lightning flashes in the tempest, While thunder deafens the din. The winds spiral in tumultuous ways, Proving the power of its fury. A harbinger of the end of days, Where each city must be buried. Armageddon shall be orchestrated, As I pray for our destruction. The revolution will not be abated, Anarchy becomes a seduction. This coming storm will bring the fall, So give to Greed its pall.

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Fool's Gold

I see you, I believe in you!
I die in you, I will behold.
Yes I will be a fool’s gold.
In the morning, I am two.

Come deep into me you fool.
Like one I’m your two fold.
Correct me now and be bold.
Your day is mine I do rule.

I scream I shout and I am loud.
Oh My God! Where art thou now?
Fly higher up in my white cloud,
I will show Him absolutely how!

Do me once shame it all on me! 
I am the only one you can see.

® Registered Ann Rich 2011

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I'm not the man I thought I was
I'm but a shadow seen because
A soulless light from somewhere shines
Lit by thieves in looted shrines
And kept alive by evil deeds
Done by men with evil needs
So who am I if not this me
What other self could myself be
If lit by light shone from within
Unsullied by this world I'm in
Perhaps a man born of free will
Who did not have the need to kill
In order to maintain the lie
That a shadow does not die

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One Seed

I planted a seed and it grew and grew.
It grew so high touching a cloudy sky.
With one main branch it sprouted high.
I cut it down telling myself I’m through.
But that main branch stayed so true.
I started watering daily at noon nigh.
And I would always wave good bye.
I can’t even tell you the birds it drew.
That branch was awesome.
Every day a new leaf to see.
Always a flowering blossom.
New blooms would always be.
It is amazing at what one seed can do.
Even those seeds lying inside of you.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Kiss of Time

Gone are the splendours of simplicity
  When the season of youth does love portend;
Now my days are filled by complexity
  And sweet utopian nurslings at an end!
Shamed are the days of adolescent deed
  In lost age hair-triggered to self-destruct:
When riderless was the motherless steed
  Too awful! Too lame! And too far havocked!
Virtual are the apocalyptic years -
  Its enmity, its dearth, its unbelief...
That stole from me all my wonderful cares
  And fled into the shadows like a thief.
Dead is the soul that lives but knows not how,
And cold the kiss of time upon his brow.

October 1991

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second-hand life

sitting on the hand of now
taking in the view of life
riding forward steadily somehow
cutting now with a well-timed knife

passing by numbered days and hours
passing minutes with our eyes a'blink
passing seconds to the past devoured
passing time quicker than you'd think

sweeping continuously toward the what
sweeping around life's circled face
sweeping quarters around life's quad
naturally sweeping toward life's erase

the time bequeathed to each is precious
riding through times of a life capacious

© Goode Guy 2012-12-04

capacious: (adjective) large in capacity

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Fighting God

Fighting God

The dearest of dears when He takes away,
There's nothing left to live in the lonely world for,
Faith in Him dies, as if He's into some foul play,
Depression knocks hardest at your door,

Fighting with God is the first thought,
Only if you could catch hold of Him,
Never by your side He is to be sought,
Darkness all over, sorrows flow out of the brim,

Why can't He send a ray out of His vast ?
Why not enlighten and send us cheer ?
Why not enable the mortals forget the bitter past ?
Why not send peace to wipe the tear ?

Introspection His best gift to all Elf, 
Fighting God is fighting your own inner self !

Written Feb 8th, 2015
For contest "Fighting God" by rob carmack

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Miltonic Poem - Cycles

To break the cycles of dependency
webs that entrap the soul, whether it be
drug related or alcoholic spree
Law rules, though blatant is the tendency
for stopping ears of rationality
of wise men, when those in ignorance flee
Marketable gains stir greeds avid glee
in gaining control of humanity
Recreational scene, a conjuror's trick
of a white rabbit out of a top hat
Applause, again, again, do it again
Then who will make the conjuror's wand flick
So, everyone, wants to do just that
Alcohol, drugs, how, why, is there no shame.

Date: 16/4/14

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Midsummer Sonnet

A fall wind just did recon down the trail.
It's midsummer, this wind did not belong.
Cold, from the North, it noted all detail
of the terrain, although it didn't stay long.
I caught it unawares as it wove in
and out of trees still green and flowers strong
with scent, grasses while gold had life wthin
Bugs and butterflies still work all day long.
It must have noted that the blackberries were
just starting to ripen, a little slow
to be sure, and the stream was still a lure
to small boys walking against its down flow.
Could it be this wind's report will reveal
summer weak, and that fall will soon prevail?

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I feel the seasons stir me, like verses in a song
As west winds breathe a sigh across the glade
Time stares me in the face, with allotted moments gone
I see the days slip silently away 

For age, like time, is reckless, and taunts me with its breeze
Does it come to cheer with springtime grass and bees
Or cover earth with rain and fallen leaves
Will I drown in tears, till winter scorns the trees?

I walk away from yesterday, the same familiar way
The views are now more beautiful and clear
I  find my journey gladsome, I'm not wary or afraid
The setting sun holds brighter hues this year

Lament, should I, a birthday on the rise
Or instead, be glad, and wait to be surprised?

English Sonnet, for Debbie and Cyndi's Contest

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Scented Lies

The steady cadence of your soul does quell
a passioned spirit, aching to unfold.
Your rhythmic heart emits a luring spell,
forbidding independence to take hold.

Obligingly I dance your metered waltz,
though yearning, from within, new melodies.
As stifled feet twine love both true and false,
veils of deception swirl in scented breeze.

A smile that mourns a freedom not yet held;
soft, gentle laughs entangle with a sigh.
Disguises; sweetness with frustrations meld,
a masquerade to drown a heartfelt cry…

must dreams be tethered for eternity?
or will a life in free verse beckon me?

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Day and Night

A fiery ball shines on the lake
as the sun takes her rise.
Over the mountain, daylight breaks.
A beauteous sight for our eyes.

Silently, the twilight creeps
over the mountain, across the lake.
Beckoning day to go to sleep 
'til sun proclaims it time to wake.

Day by day, week by week.
Seasons in and seasons out.
Of each other, there's just a peak.
As sun and moon journey about.

And so it goes , on and on.
Day chases night, night chases dawn.

~~~ Francine Roberts ~~~

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My Friends Screen

Head hanging off couch waiting to be fed
Things take on new perspective looking up
'Twas noon bored to tears just lying in bed
Had to have some coke and ice in my big cup

Coke and chips are good to give me the strength
They are always here even though wish were
Not, they will be gone away at some length
Character traits say we can depend on her

Recycled teen can now visit friend
Get to station_for heard in distance train
Recycled teen now has fun is that plain
First of life was hard_life is better at the end

Enjoying golden years_no more inbetween
Mother and daddy can't now my friends screen

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A thought that lingers longer than it should,
Then mingles with words to know just what could,
It’s then that lines appear if poets would
Permit the pen and paper to just meet.
If poet would put the old bum on seat,
And grasp the nib ‘til a sonnet’s complete.
O poet let your words on paper flow,
In ink let all your feelings come on show,
O poet, you know you cannot say no!
So write the words, perform this task at will,
Go on; pick up the pen let the words spill,
And soon the paper will begin to fill.
But it’s not so easy to write in verse
When the mind is naught but an empty purse.

Form: Lunatic Sonnet

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Speak The Truth In Love

Speak the truth and the truth shall set you free And truth beauty shall be: or hurtful words That this heart will have to endure until be Cured from oppressive tongue's words absurd Will you ridicule love with this hurtful Truth spoken never to be gathered back Onto the lips, tongue, become mouthful Triumphant thought gathered back as plaque Yes, you would and you did speak truth from your Point of view, truth as you saw it or as Satan saw it, you know he has spoiled view As the sun rises, I'll dismiss your sass Speak your truth in love, guard all your thoughts Let them be from above what has God wrought

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Know Yourself, and discover what your strengths
Are, utalizing those strengths as a force.
Be a force for change, in your range and length.
Blaze a trail, and watch nature take that course.
Know Yourself! Discover where you are weak;
Weak in your mind, body, soul, or spirit.
Overcome being weak to reach new peaks
In life. Speak your mind and watch them cheer it.
Know Yourself, and then know your surroundings,
The environment where the product starts,
As if your inspirations were pounding
In your head, like the beating of your heart.
     Know Yourself, and to yourself remain true,
     Then you will discover what you can do!

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Rev My Throttle

As last rose of summer opens wider
Night is drawing nigh, rose cutter in hand
The rose clipped in its best stage; placed in cider
Jar that was used up, cleaned_now it will stand

Jar of cider was enjoyed long ago
Remember that day on our honeymoon
You were so young with raven hair my beau
We found that road side stand that afternoon

Bought that jug of cider that was so cold
Refreshing after long ride around mountain
So eager for life that we would build_hold
Hold each other_life; wanting to obtain

I clip that rose_place in memory bottle
One memory revs my motor throttle

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The Hour Glass

The sands in time's hour glass holds that I'm old
And that youth and my mind are of one date
Lines in a taunt face begin to unfold
Still waiting the day I anticipate
Though youth has stilled, its beauty did flee
Memories of pictures and human art
While years accelerate, a wanton plea 
Never replaced as you wait to depart
Time lost, weighted to eyes that turn teary
Continuous and calm, the sands pass through
Flowing quicker as legs become weary
As you battle time trying to subdue 

The hour glass, a life long adversary
The sands now falling are solitary

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Terror at the Door-2

Terror at the door

Relax by the doctor’s teak wood door closed
Count in leisure its eighteen panels carved
With patterns, tantric, nearly circles all
Within polygons math-wise they all fall.
Geometrical,  human  organs  are not,
But beauties to view are kidney and heart,

Writing non-stop at her desk by the gate	
Is the doc’s attendant  during your wait.
For the doc’s to-be-published book, she says
Letting me go over  notes which portrays
The  pathology  of  acts   of  terror
It’s  diagnosis  and  cure,  secular.

Fears of the sick are non-geometrical
Doc’s,  within circles, analytical.

11 may 12

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Is it the greatness of your art

Is it the greatness of your art or intellect,
that you proclaim for all the world to see.
That my thoughts and wit would appear reject,
and wither upon the vine with me.
Is it your beauty and wisdom that astound.
That’s alien to this world that strikes me dumb.
No, neither you nor the masses you confound,
That words which flowed so freely will not come.
You with that simple vacant stare,
that underpins the hollows of your mind.
You, should not presume to dare,
that your fame, has my thoughts maligned.
But when your art has won the day,
then mine is helpless to teach or sway.

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Waking up

Whispers all around me, but I don't see a soul
Feelings of dread and regret consumes my being
Is there some dark spirit around that I'm not seeing?
Maybe I'm crazy, but am I the one who's supposed to be playing this role?
Dreaming this reality up, yet it seems so real
Lucidity is ever so fluent; smooth as can be
Pretend time becoming a concrete fantasy
Regardless of where I end up, this is surreal

They say the white light is prevalent, but I disagree
A multitude of shapes and colors are profuse
With all of this around me, how could I not exist?
Reality is what you make it, I still am the real me
Time to make new and to really let loose
Haunting the past will be tough to resist

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Matted Layers

I came from behind and my God at what I saw.
I was astonished and in disbelief seen by you.
I counted exact minutes with the seconds too.
But I stood there intact with no lines to draw.
There are many versions of Grace Verse’s law.
So I read through them one by one until blue.
So I picked up the torch it was all I could do.
I was a flame burning stoked in complete awe.
I gave glory to the Sun and Moon,
I exalted a few Stars along my way.
I even rode in on a cloud at noon,
It was a bright beautiful blessed day.
But there were matted layers of deception,
I guess you can only imagine my reception.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Was it worth it I say to you my Lord?
The agony and the despair in a group.
Right and wrong define a mega-loop.
Some are enthralled others are bored.
Some balanced to strike a right chord.
You give you take with one big whoop.
I see and I blend like a homemade soup.
I adjust and readjust daily with a sword.
Sometimes I just want to run away,
But where would I go, you’d follow.
I scream kick and shout just to stay.
But then you’ll get way too hollow.
So I am damned if I do and damned if I do not.
So I tip my hat to imbalance and cast you a lot.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2008

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We boomers, as our generation’s called,
have lived through two seasons, considered great,
during which our values were overhauled --
The Summer of Love and Autumn of Hate.
Both brought us together and gave us hope.
In the face of injustice, both were staged --
the first, a celebration with free dope,
the other a tragedy that enraged.
We were innocent in ‘Sixty-Seven;
we saw world violence and were appalled.
Our attitudes changed by Nine-Eleven;
we sought revenge, though we were shocked and galled.
While Winter of War passes, may we find
The Spring of Renewal and peace of mind.

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Wounds from Utopia

Inside stays the thought of you, quietly
To the outer horizon of my mind
I've reach this barren edge so silently
And found this fabric of space so unkind
Beyond the yearning of a clumsy fool
The game played with evil timely forethought
When heated passion relinquished its jewel
And all the ravaged hearts were finally caught
Emptiness surrounds the frosted glass heart
And darkness hears oak rain fall from faces
Walls once sturdy, now a guarded rampart
Lost in passing time's invisible traces

A fractured heart when warm can finally mend
Will loneliness bring learning, if a friend?

For the contest ..Poems ending with a question
Sponsored by Nathan A

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Four Winds of Heaven

My wind to the East you are my least.
My wind to the West you are the test.
Each and every day you are your best.
Each and every day you battle a beast.
My wind to the South you are a feast.
My wind to the North you are a crest.
Each and every day you never do rest.
Each and every day a new life leased.
The Sun makes your air.
The Moon is your guide.
Stars are always up there.
All of you are my pride.
Each of you I will easily leaven.
You are my four winds of heaven.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Thorn Of A Rose

Shattered glass that reflects a hue less light
Fractured wounds unhealed in a dormant heart
Fisted wails lost...drift a lake of star sight
Listless eyes (disillusioned) stand apart

Dark walls torment and shred this Juliet
Fire leaves the ash of a weakened power
A punctured place of burned out "can't forget"
Entombed...chained in an ebony tower

A (defective) dream of "please love THIS me"
Hidden beneath a haunt of Southern Sweet...
Red truth glares....unaccepted cannot be
HALT! Romeo conquers not this defeat

         Oh, to only fall headlong like the brave....
               But mausoleum walls enslave this cave....

Inspired by Sir Brians Sonnet Contest

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Gifts We've Been Given

We take so much for granted in our lives
Worth decreed in monetary measure
And worthiness is for what mankind strives
Overlooking more obvious treasure

To seek a vision we were given sight
Ears to hear the plaintiff plea of brother
Consciousness to realize wrong from right
Arms to wrap our love around each other

Hearts to beat for the many forms of life
Mouths to sip the milk of human kindness
Two feet to walk away from hint of strife
A brain to outwit bigoted blindness

And we were given a strong writing hand
That through our written words some understand

for contest "Shakespearean or English Sonnet"

sponsored by John Freeman

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Kingdom Builders

July 31, 2013

Kingdom Builders

Holy Holy Holy I must say to all.
Long day hard day I am with you.
Hot day cold day it is for me too.
Days months or years you I call.

You have displayed my visual doll.
Multitudes of truth seeds you grew.
Spoken for as spoken words abrew.
I grant you the light in that dark hall.

Never say never!
Never look back!
I am yours forever!
I am with no lack.

I am always the hands of  filters,
Observing my Kingdom Builders.

(C) Copyright 2013  Ann Rich

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Embrace the ending with new beginnings;
Notice the urgent movement that stirs here;
Deem storytelling in intent that springs;
Note hot and pungent the spicy forms clear.
Opt to weave magic despite life tragic;
Touch takes a sure swipe at moments that surge;
Enter dramatic to ease the squalid;
Sense each rancid gripe transformed with sure urge.
Allow your true self to take centre stage;
Love is the way forth as charm takes a walk;
Live your lovely self in lifestyle and page;
Use the path up north to walk your own talk.
Doing primes sure fit in all moments good;
Employ pun and wit to anchor your moods.

Leon Enriquez
16 May 2015

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Touched by an Angel

My sweetened temper Was all due to a little adviser Some light form, so divine Instead of giving me wine, Bid me to be the clandestine On that same night which seemed darker! My choice, so daintier, Was guided by a little singer, Invisible, in my head, it rocked The blessed words which I made into my own So that today I am still alive like the dancer, Like the charmed One, I am not a mere daydreamer! Worthy Angelic Power, Sheer Beauty, My Protector, Guide me for ever, in the dark alleys of this deepwater!
Written on 17 March 2012 Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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What is Truth?

I tried to follow some Truth and Moral
Now I sit here like I had no option
I thought I had to love every pal
Life has been tough, I thought my friends were gone

How could spirit stand by my side – you know?
Nothing, I mean nothing meant my pathway
What I gave I got back like I sow
Every bit and flesh of me should turn hay

Love, hate, feelings, everything seemed so dead
This my place was like after a havoc
I had no hope to find a soul to wed
Madness is my latest hope and stock

What then is Truth, what is it all about?
I´ve had enough of searching: this I shout!

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Cornish Sonnet

Journey's end evades, ever evading
Pleasures trampled upon, beached, down wind
Though hopeful, lone strangers keep rescinding
Flights of wanton fancy bedazzle me
Hard facts in consequences I have binned
Though in searching no-one seems to agree

Overland territories in spatial climes
Amalgamate in their entirety
Fingers filter currency, cents and dimes
Cast off to foreign shores, I would be bound
Oh to be wealthy wise, accrue plenty
Feted, lauded, plaudits crowned

Journey's end evades, ever evading
Overland territories in spatial climes

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The Foil

A weakness wound its wicked way inside
where thoughts of “us”, not love, do dwell and swell,
and formed a nest of twigs to stay the tide
yet cresting waves of righteousness rebelled.

“Stray not,” he said " for look on how I writhe."
Of fire formed made thane to only He.
Yet, man, of mud and clay did breach my pride
for Love of Thee, caste out the likes of me.

Now, Lucifer’s red flame so bright, burns night,
a warning scent to frailer souls, “Don’t fall.”
For even stars misstep, disgrace, pride’s plight,                                           
let his torment be your clarion call.

In light, act right, rise high in good spirit
and say “God, the devil made me do it.”

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The Chambers Swept Clean

The door that should not open, open you did
Entered into my soul, stirring discord
Emotions that had been buried deep_hid
He who is the adversary_is not dead

Truth was wanted being a potion to heal
Satan offered shaded truth_outright lies
Torturing my soul with wrong, no appeal
Oh! Savior sweep clean chambers _me chide

Now an empty room my soul comfortless
Holy Spirit come fill anoint (sooth) renew
Precious is the Word that enters chambers
The chambers of my heart this the best food

Satan didn't win the day hurray glory
Defeated gone away grant no return__my story

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Suspending all my judgment now, I seek my breath
for weightless inhalation has become a fight
and to exhale, release, I fear will bring the death
of fortitude and all my demons reunite.
With failures both of logic and of circumstance
extinguishing the flames of hope within my soul,
I hasten now to try to halt the swift advance
of darkness and reclaim the faith my weakness stole.
I can find no more clarity in every day
without the freedom from the haunting of the past
where truth and virtue vanished in the disarray
of the uncertainty and bitterness amassed.

I breathe in love yet seek the distance from its will
to answer this, and pray the mind at last be still.

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by rites

by rites we come into now
by rites we leave into then
by rites we mark the in between
by rites maybe we start again

by rites we say "I love you"
by rites we bring on progeny
by rites we launch into unknown
by rites we cleave dichotomy

by rites we celebrate today
by rites we mark contrast
by rites we are carried away
by rites we remember the past

by rites we reverently resolve
so, by rites kept, life revolves 

© Goode Guy 2013-01-04

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no good deed goes unpunished
no bad deed unrewarded
just deciding which is what
the altruistic and the sordid

depends upon the angle of view
what an act is deemed to better
and who it might be bettered to
gain advantage, and who's the debtor

gray is life's chromatic scale
certainty colored by present perception
think our discernment to no avail
that may be our own self-deception

clarity is the provenance of youth
blurrier is wizened maturity's truth

© Goode Guy 2012-11-14

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I am alone to contemplate
the genesis of all my fear,
the simple nature of my fate,
the complex force that brought you here.
With every breath it resonates,
through every inch of longing skin,
in every tremble it creates
I feel where gentle touch has been.
Inside this solitary mood
I find within each moment's grace
where no more fear can pray intrude
upon this calm eternal space.

In holding hope, I held to thee
and found my immortality.

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Aging (SONNET)

Of youth, I dare not say ado, yet wait
upon the willing heart that I be spared
that visit standing at the Pearly Gates,
I bide my time, not hurried to go there.

For on this Earth I tarry not to die,
believing soul and body to unite,
hence, the tongue in silence gives no cry,
with my Lord I stand in glorious light.

Grim Reaper, oh dreaded one, be not proud
for many, not I alone, must now fight
to keep our youth in the maddening crowd,
and know that never we should fear the night.

Alas, 'tis not from aging I dispair
but from telling mirror I must beware.

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Fight Back

Life was never like this,swinging up and down,
making a fool of me,as if i am the only clown.

Touching the sky always had been a dream,
though a distant one as it may seem.

But never did I lose ,the hope of reaching there,
inspite if the failures,which came to me so near.

Love the way , life plays games with me,
trying to beat me hard but never could, You see.

The challenges of life making me strong as ever
and a determination to fight with it forever.

Despite being knocked out,so many times in past 
I've emerged out again and make my words last.

Now again its time to show that I don't lack
than anyone or anybody and to go and fight back!!

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Amidst Heavy rains

Amidst the heavy rains,standing here I'm,
Holding my hands together ,hoping to be fine.

Walking through the streets ,repenting upon the past,
thinking what to do next,and when did I smile last.

Nothing seems to strike,nothing going my way,
however hard i try,no use of what I say.

To whom shall I show, the scars of my life,
the pain of which ,increases my strife.

I have reached a stage ,at which I can't turn back,
to fulfill my wishes which my life lack.

Now I wish sometimes,I still had been a boy,
to be loved by everyone,filled every moment with joy.

But time and again,reality comes back to me,
and amidst heavy rains I'm again on a crying spree.

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Imagine That

He looked at life through polished glass,
refracting every tone and hue.
He took his time for life to pass,
imagining a longer view.

Befitting beauty, flowers die
as they with early winter meet,
though wither comes, the loving eye
imagines blossoms ever sweet.

Eternal, lyrical and young
we must at last admit his means.
His sweetest song upon our tongue
through all the seasons, all the scenes

will live forever. Though we cried--
imagine that he never died.

~ John Lennon 1940-1980

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Brass That Masquerades

Brass that masquerades as gold,
Fit for any photo-fit, a counterfeit concealed.
I know, I know you,
Hiding naive amber under the Sun,
When you need not be devalued.

Glass that tries a diamond life
Won't shine the same despite its cut.
Not fit for their crowns-
The product of sand and not finer science-
But you don't need to be.

Gold is silent; brass can sing,
Your panes aren't made from diamond rings.
To change the way you were when born
Defames the way I love your form.

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If loneliness makes a poet out of one,
Is it worth to pursue this ambition
As a Friar Minor until he's gone...
Following the burst of inspiration?
So estranged from all, only breathing air...
Writing with a frantic, insatiable urge;
He will become a prisoner of his lair,  
Hiding his edentity 'till madness will surge.
Resisting all changes and detesting pleas:
He'll continue living and be a patriarc,
Demanding peace in honorable deals...
A patriot without fighting wars and havoc. 

His life will end, but his pain will be sealed  
With noble ideas waiting to be revealed.  

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Treasure Hunt

Love is a treasure, all of us may hold,
It carries us through life, never to be sold.
It shows us mercy while other attributes do not,
solaces our soul and simply can’t be bought.

Treasures we are seeking; monetarily so to speak,
a priceless gift of eternity, is love when at full peak.
All the riches in the world cannot fill the empty void,
the only key to happiness is love when truly enjoyed.

It will never leave you, though pain is a side effect,
one dose of erroneous love; your heart will fully reject.
It gives you guidance and helps in times of need,
a bond never to be broken, an emotion flows to feed.

Yes, it can be agonizing and at times let you down,
as quickly as it dissipates, a new love again is found.
Protects your vulnerabilities and eases your mind at rest,
love is never taking; giving is what it does best.

Treasures we may be seeking subconsciously in our minds,
clearly taking for granted a wonderful gift so easy to find.
Use your gift wisely; don’t misuse it or discard to the side,
your treasure is always with you; in your heart, deep inside!

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A Will

The birds fly free up in the sky.
Why oh why can it not be me?
Why can’t I just soar and be.
Why can’t I fly above so high?
My spirit guides me as I sigh.
My soul wills me to be free.
Where is this highest decree?
This is why I hear doves cry.
I open a seal,
Carry a smile.
All is so real.
I last a mile.
Inside of me there is a will.
This is why I can’t sit still.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Mind moves matter in all affairs;
Urge sows the seed as truth declares;
Time now scatters on spiral stairs;
Embalm each need with feel and fare.
Ask to do good in your journey;
Teach by your deeds true love that heals;
Trust sacred mood to meet tally;
Respond to needs that primes sure feel;
Appease the fire that burns most deep;
Choose to be plain in word and tact;
Thought charms a sire that never sleeps;
Inflame the grain with heart and act;
One way to see beyond all things;
Note fine beauty that ever springs.

Leon Enriquez
11 May 2014

(Note: This poem is an Acrostic Sonnet.)

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Another World

Where do we go when we go away?
And why is it that we have to leave?
What happened to Adam and to Eve?
Where is the greatest scale to weigh?
Where do we go when we want to stay?
What about this great big world weave?
What about you what do you believe?
So what dues do we have left to pay?
Why me?
Why you?
I can see?
You do to!
I think we’ve all been twirled,
All the way into another world!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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                                                You are still in my heart 
                                            to forget many times I tried
                                  In front of my heart mirror many came and gone
                                       but still your image floats in my mind

                               My soft heart was drunk with your sight of nectar 
                         now I feel that I was not matured so felt me as your rector
                                   though was it dream still my heart remember
                                     what you were till reflects the same for me      

For contest: Sponsored by: Michael J. Falotico


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je ne sais

you ask what the future will bring - 
you ask if you'll find happiness - 
you ask where does contentment lie - 
you ask who knows these questions asked - 

you want the roads end to be seen - 
you want the curves of path envisioned -
you want full knowing of in between - 
you want to know your human condition - 

je ne sais - je ne sais, 
is all i can utter in reply
i do not know - i just don't know
we'll get answers maybe by-and-by

we will not treasure lifes' portends
if we know just how the story ends

© Goode Guy 2013-01-08

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Granted and Given

It is all in the Stars if you look hard enough.
There is always the morning Star twinkling.
And then there is the evening Star blinking.
And then there are layered clouds in a fluff.
Then there is the Sun and Moon and stuff.
Sometimes it looks like the Moons winking.
Sometimes it looks like the Sun is thinking.
Makes me wonder if their day can be rough!
What a wondrous world I live in.
What balance I live by every day.
My life must be granted and given.
So no wonder I take time to pray.
It is granted and given each day just to be me.
Just look up once a day and this you can see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Ballroom Gown Moment

Pastel pink ballgown floats on horizon
Belle of the ball accompanied by gray gents
Dancing into early morn, roosters sing on
Still accented by soft entertainment

So swiftly has the dance floor changed to light
Like life that changes slipping up on us
A mother bird busied herself with bright
Eyes and wide mouths, then gone is little fuss

Cool is the morn, damp the air_ comfortable
Soon the golden sun will warm the air, chase
Away the chill, send me inside unable
To enjoy nature, But God's presence is in place

A few ballgown minutes, time moves onward
Thank you for this time in heart undergird

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My Savior Redeems

Morning awoke me in a field of dreams.
Sunshine sang, moistened leaves glistening.
The coolest breeze tamed summer’s extremes.
An imagined world in silence viewed listening.

I scurried away to my quiet place.
Beneath the trees, to seek the hand of God,
There was no worry of time or space.
He bequeathed faith upon His gospel sod.

The earth breathed calmly in the silent still.
Overwhelming trust embraced my essence.
I thanked God for the spiritual thrill.
Living each day, I love feeling His presence.

Whether a field of dreams or sparkling moonbeams,
My spirit gleams because my Savior redeems.

© April 10, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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We strive to live as though we’re in heaven –
a state of continuous joy and bliss –
complaining about news at eleven
that tells us about things that are amiss.
We don’t concern ourselves with others’ plights,
except through seasonal contribution.
We don’t want to be troubled by their fights;
we’ll wring our hands only in ablution.
And even the causes that we support
We back by giving our voice to a blog
or following, like a favorite sport,
convictions of our chosen demagogue.
Nothing on Earth can change the opinions
we hold onto like contented minions.

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can ya here it talkin'?
whispering to your ear
do you hear what it's sayin'?
what's heard to be so clear?

strong is the insinuation
its voice is so commanding
no need for any moderation
lines always deemed outstanding

throughout all of history
it's always been this way
it's never been a mystery
it says what it can say

ideas, acts, maybe souls get bought
it's always been - that money talks

© Goode Guy 2013-12-18

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I am Man

When those words are spoken, written, to be a man or not,
Buzz says the bee, to discover what is he?
When the vortex of brains come calling all to reveal plots,
On dripping lips with open mouths that are caves of echoes, opened with skeleton 
The makeup of a man with gray and white matter speaking to him,
Seats of consciousness much more grandeur than the largest auditorium,
Fleshy pods of minds, bodies, and souls, that are glass snakes with broken penis 
Regeneration of anger, hate, sorrow, despair, and love trapped in the hearts 
sunless atrium,
Driving on streets with war bonnets making exchanges with Julius Cesear in the 
passenger seat,
Boxing wrongs reminding us that we are men, and men we are,
Love letters from Sappho, slapping vulnerability, and veneered with eroticized heat,
Ermine men with life lessons spitting out the memories of nightmares,
Graveyards of bones with worm infested skulls, and dreams at rest,
 To be a man in life, to be a man in death, here, and there, he must live or die the 

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friction match

fourteen lines make a love sonnet
for both ancient and youthful alike
passionate love lines gushing upon it
putting feeling to page, like tonight

by the time that the fifth comes up
the flush of hot lust reigns full
yet already arched at its apogee
by eighth line fire starts to cool

love's fireworks blaze so beautifully
duly perfect in its dual dueling flight
yet fourth from last line seeks immunity 
as ardent passions come crashin' to dislike

yet who among would not strike that match
to fire that work skyward for Eros' catch

© Goode Guy 2013-01-12

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Come Along And Wish With Me

My first wish would be to help children 
Around the world__meet all their needs
Be it need for basics like food, clothing
Or shelter from the cold, water, __meds

This would include children in the states
Who in the city sometimes aren't safe
Then my second wish for elderly
Would be for love__ care continually

Then something for me that I long for
Health and strength to be able to care
For my family as needs arise
Granted these wishes__ life would improve

Wishes for children all around world
Love and care for elderly__last me

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An Oar

To direct thoughts as an oar guides a boat
Thoughts of good,not evil, rowing swiftly
Avoiding those whirlpools of tongue's cutthroat.
Trying always to row words that would lift.

Razor tongue get caught in the watefall.
Jumbled, twisted thoughts be steered to rough shoals
Trapped,hung on rocks to avoid a brawl.
Captain, turning my ship to you with soul.

Let the Pilot be life's guide everyday.
Swift may be the water, broken mine oar.
The Pilot will be mine help in all ways
Guiding safely through life to distant shore.

Mine flatboat, needing repair; broken oar
To Pilot give, now to you my soul soars.

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Natural Glitter

Swallowed up into false nothingness around,
Captured only by my thoughts with no sound,
My mind wondering throughout the land,
No music to spare, not even a marching band,
Swiftness of stream, within walking distance,
Captures my thoughts, breaking my stance,
I break away and chase after calming echo.
Not knowing what I would find or know.
My soul relates to natures swishing flow.
Heart beating softly, in rhythm as I go,
As if, my spirit is writing music so sweet.
Picturing the notes, expressions of the beat,
Welcoming environments of musical twitter,
Spread outward in view, of natural glitter.

Written for

Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name Breathe in the silence 

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Play follows play in fits of joy;
I feel the surge of precious waves;
Charm fronts the day in fine employ;
Trust frames each urge in antics brave;
Use abstract art to help you see;
Reach deeper still to sense surreal;
Embark sure heart and claim beauty;
Speak bold goodwill and make things real;
Quickly now seize the moments here;
Unlock the chance to light a spark;
Exploit fond gist to sparkle cheer.
Jazz up and dance to blaze fine mark;
Open to truth that ever shows;
Yes see clear proof in healthy flow.

Leon Enriquez
02 June 2014

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I Can Say It Now To Myself

I apologize for all mistrust.
Forgiveness your nature, it is so.
Hear thine words of tragedy and must.
Awaiting answer, before I go,

Those equations that I speak silent,
Prepare thou for our sweet departure.
Those quiet and distinct moments lent.
We both indignant, so immature,

Now we can share our differences.
Masks never hidden to each other,
Our inner heart shared references.
We could not deceive ourselves brother.

We are; I accept apology.
Now no more, combined, you are now me.

Written for
Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name You Can Say It Now 

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Great is the Day

Great is the day when a song you hear.
It makes your spirit soar through wind.
Great is the day when your time begins.
It makes you wake up and hoot a cheer.
Great is the day when it is a new year.
It makes you back to where you been.
Great is the day to manage a few grins.
It will put you into another hemisphere.
Great is the day just to be,
A part of a world that sings!
Great is the day just to see,
A wondrous mix of things!
Great is the day,
Is all I can say!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Retire And Be My Love

Come along retire, travel with me
Be my love in places we've not seen
We'll travel around the  world our home
Roaming those valleys and mountains tall 

Our love won't wane only grow__untame
We will have all our pleasures anew
Every moment treasure  other
Whilst each day brings us new sunrises

Each one more glorious__ exciting
If these pleasures seem your heart  to move
Come be my love in our latter life
In passage  over the ocean blue

We'll travel see the world anew__dream
Dreams that our imagination schemes

(Parody of "The Passionate Shephard To His Love" by Christopher Marlowe (1564-
1593) for Dr. Ram's contest.)

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Aire Kingdom

The way stretches forward, the infinity path
Every shape well defined, by the certainty of math
Great ferns surround, curved in huge Fibonacci arcs
While trees, gods of forest, are discontinuities in bark

The air is still and it's gentle touch oddly cool
And a visiting writer would lie about a pool
And a nymph.  Or a vast Aire kingdom on high:
Beauty's present as the trees, though concealed from the sky

I followed her here, for where else would she dwell
Not hidden away in some black and white cell
The most perfect line, shaping me and my soul
Once my love now my breath, my quest takes a great toll

This cool jungle is our home as I try to define her:
I'm a textbook on the harm of obsession's spur.

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When time came back

The blue little sky,watching the little bird fly,
stopping a bit to shy ,a great sight to deny!

After a long indeed old memories flew in my mind,
with similar adrenaline rush I don't know what I did find?

Feelings of the past never go away from you,
however far you may be they are still within you.

The same old thoughts and the idiotic dreams,
flashes back in the mind hearing the unknown screams.

Words still don't come out of my bleeding heart,
and she came all over again to make her mark.

The one whom I tried to reach now stands before me,
but still not satisfied don't know what i wanted this to be.

Time never does reverse -wise people stated it as a fact,
but now it's time when past came back!!!

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A Late Night Call

A cooling ev’ning eased the heat of day,
Too bright the sun that withers on the skin
Throughout the working day, no words can say
The pain of being stuck in work within.
To work all day when summer paints the sky,
Unkind it seems and never truly fair;
The promised cash that reasons justify,
Is no salvation to a greater care.
The working day will end but leave me cold,
In the silence of my old, empty room,
For she’s not there for me to love and hold,
As night begins to fall in dusky gloom.
Yet with the night I feel her presence near,
As whispered words softly caress my ear.

Form: English Sonnet

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the System

Bureaucracy is the space that lies
between the civil of civilization
and the indifference of each of us
"it's our policy", the only libation

Bathwater of common sense evaporates
as heat bakes away feeling and decency
purposed seemingly only to exasperate
lulling purveyors to complete complacency

Like shipwrecked sailor, rafting away
upon and ocean of saltwater and thirst
"rules must be followed" all that they say
as, going under for the last, we're cursed

Systems bureaucracy, a creation of men
proves itself mightier than sword or pen

© Goode Guy 2013-07-19

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Death Of Romance

However we look, it takes so much space,
If only we could just leave it alone...
The same monstrosity we all must face,
Of an enormity wholly unknown;
This promise of a, yet, more massive hole,
To which we're to play both guest and host;
It's a performance of the score, the soul:
All that's forgotten, there remains the ghost.
The spit and the polish of the spirit
Is whatever's to be sought in essence;
The future's full, there's no need to fear it,
We are of Will, a much practiced presence.
    What more's contained in a whisper? A kiss?
    What might Love become before such abyss?

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The Resting

         THE RESTING
The death of soul steals slowly through the years
the fog of mind that's never known to be;
brought on by laughter, love, and hate and tears
the fate of all not one can ever see.

It brings the withering of life, and all its leaves,
once green and shining in the morning sun,
now setting on it all, in evening grieves
for lack of interest in what life has done.

Compassion leaves the mind, once fired and prime
and old and tired now beats the heart we knew
life now mundaned by passing of all time,
there's little left the heart would like to do.

    Our works are numbered to our final breath
      and rest is not until it's done in death.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the doylestown poet

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Very Little Strife Conceived Of

Spring's warm sun arouses mother earth 
To send forth buds and flowers' blooms
From the womb expectantly awaiting birth
Everywhere mothers await the day abloom

First a little green shoot then a flower's petal
Then the lovers' around will fly_bees, butterflies
Gathering nectar and pollen to spread accidental
Soon young girl is ready to have wedding anxieties

Nature has a way of maturing the flowers
A little rain, sun, and nourishing food
Weddings and responsibilities maturing powers
A little romance, a little love, a little being shrewd

The first stage of life for nature and all above
Mostly pleasure very little strife conceived of

(I am stilling working on this one)

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Today I walked the lake the wrong way round
and seeing such, the world seemed upside down.
What once was on the left was on the right
and shadows fell where once there was sunlight.

Agape, aghast and tipsy, I did toddle
all befuddled, as I dawdled, round the puddle. 
Seeing sights I never thought I’d see,
meeting folks who walked a ways with me.

What a miracle, what sheer delight
to find some changes bring happiness not fright.
To find so much of what we see is mere impression
of how we walk, with whom and our discretion.

But, Widdershins* is the way I walk round
seems my right side up’s your upside down! 

*To move 'widdershins' is to go anti-clockwise, or against the sun.

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Written in Self-Imposed Exile

To live a lie, to live a pawn's ambit;
  My friends, such begat my solitary state -
That I be ambushed in early gambit
  Played out its winless and fettered stalemate!
He not bared to the gentle bosom nor
  Fruit on the essential vine thirsts alone;
And for all my conceit behind closed door
  Is a world outside foreign to my own,
Where a debt of faith is ransomed this day,
  And worse, a debit of endless sorrow;
A usury I must solely bear and pay,
  And from the heart this I've had to borrow.
My bargainer has been my betrayer,
And not God or agent a gainsayer.


My first submission:

I was both excited and apprehensive about
Joining the Soup as I had very little feedback,
But poetry is meant to be read and spoken,
Otherwise it just dies on the page.

September 1995

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For Me Alone

Why is it yours to pray for me,
precisely choose the course I set,
to tune the scope that I might see
your plan for me? My friend, I’ve yet
to fathom your intolerance
for those who sow and reap their fate
without your forced benevolence,
advice that won’t abide debate.

The scriptures of the universe
appear before our mortal eyes,
we stretch our minds to read the verse,
to comprehend, to realize,

the words are etched on every stone
for you, my friend-- for me alone.

“I render infinite thanks to God for being so kind as to make me alone the first 
observer of marvels kept hidden in obscurity for all previous centuries.”

~Galileo Galilei

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Rose That On Trellis Grows

Ya'll remember Rose that on trellis grows
How lovely, her pale pink blossoms in spring
She now has a few dead stems that show
Also some rapid growth, frame overfilling

She needed to be pruned there was no choice
It was painful process, for vinedresser
Hurting to core, in this job didn't rejoice
How it hurt Rose, dripping wounds no lesser

Why did he prune Rose this day _severely
Taking away the newly acquired green
May not know fully answer or reason clearly
Until ages past then old answers seen

He prunes us, cutting away the dead parts
Cuts new growth going in wrong way of the heart_

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My cigarettes and stale air mix into
a heavy, yet familiar smell.  A scent
that starves my soul but feeds the ballyhoo
that I enjoy this. Then there's days I've spent
in fellowship with coffee; a dark friend
whose warm but bitter taste comforts my nerves.
The fear and familiarity outspend
the price an unrepentant life deserves.

I smoke in defiance of who I am; 
exhaling streams of smoke that silhouette
the fact I act like I don't give a damn.
But STOP! 
	       It's time to smoke a cigarette
and quietly deny I've given up
this being my last smoke or my last cup.

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I drifted through the mists of timeless lands;
Emerging from the clouds I saw your face.
Possessed by my own joy I felt my hands
Upon you as we stood in an embrace.
The past year manifests inside a dream
And culminates in your angelic touch.
And nothing that I contemplate can seem
To match this feeling; nothing means as much.
But suddenly I woke and left the night
To question if our meeting left a mark.
The memories were fading in the light;
The light that leaves us sitting in the dark.
If only we could reunite to feel...
Could such a thing have really been unreal?

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The Desperate Ones

We are the lyrical lunatics who
attempt to receive our well-deserved props.
We seek any available venue --
museums, bookstores, churches, coffee shops,
libraries or parks -- it doesn’t matter:
Wherever there’s an audience, we’ll go.
We’re mad as the proverbial hatter.
Although we may try not to let it show,
the very act of showing up unpaid
to bear our innermost souls to strangers
in the hope of achieving accolade
casts us as crazy, cadet space-rangers.
We hope to dazzle, arouse and give pause,
but we’re content with a smattered applause.

                                    --  James Ph. Kotsybar

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Crying Out - 2

Have my peccant daydreams seep away
Purged from my mind devoid all delay
Evaporate those thoughts like the mist
Wring as a sponge, oh LORD, with a twist
Have me absorb ideas you adore
Blessed visions soak deep to the core
Living water so pure for my soul
Please, fill me up, each pore, every hole
My thoughts are wrong, so done be your will
Your providence is far greater still
So, God, exchange, my sin with your grace
Each transgression, remove every trace
Though my frail mind compels me to turn
With drowning pain, my life, you did earn.

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Canopy Of Cedars

Canopy of Cedars across the road
Offers a covering, a protection
Little rain upon it this morn abode
But in open field raindrops reflection

The field of Cedars was coated damp, too
Saturated with moisture from night's rain
Delightful morn to enjoy the gray hue
Solitude awhile definitely my gain

Solitude for the soul, inner being
Lifts, restores, refreshes spirit cleanses
Mourning Dove coos melodious singing
Alone but not alone soul appeases

Spilling and giving inner resources
As rain of the night gave its cadences

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at once

instant is such a pointed word 
the sharp of now and no return
by nano by pico the bold and meek go 
forward sweeping seconds at a time

we're now right up to the edge
of no return to back before
no rewind to mind and no back door 
the past is history, nothing more

sauntering jaunty or running ragged
we crease the fold of here and now
singing seniors from babies babbled
we all can be at this time somehow

and turn around to what once was now
to see ourselves, riding time's prow

© Goode Guy 2013-07-11

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The Masks of Man

How conspicuous are the lives we lead?
One mask removed begets yet another
The other fitting a different voice, a different creed.
And still, we choose this other 
Knowing in our hearts minds 
That it is that which we have no control over 
That we choose to relish in our hearts confines
Yet this is what makes our hearts older,
Wiser and strong enough to know the difference
Between lifes many inconspicuous faces
Whilst they engrave their deep footprints
Within our souls leaving us to ponder our own flawed graces.
And yet, we cannot live without these substitutes of face
For if we did, the world would realize who we are without religion or race.

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all that came before

In being caught, and in between
the life we knew and one we crave,
submitting to a force unseen
and paths upon a heart engraved
with silences and moments passed
in certainty or wistfulness,
with grievances withdrawn, amassed,
by roadside left to reminisce.
Align with the immortal ache,
embrace the victor's solitude:
the healing forces will forsake
and history will be renewed

for only hesitation lies
within eternal compromise.

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The Just of Me

The just of me is a special magic seed you see.
It has long drawn out roots branching off fruit.
The more you eat the more you will follow suit.
The just of me is why my life was meant to be.

I can steal a moment and shiver on your knee.
I can laugh or I can cry and sustain the mute.
I am loaded I tell you my seed carries the loot.
I’ll sprinkle maybe a dash up to a shining key.

I am counted in and out at the very same time.
Early in the morning or late at night, time I am.
Genres unfold whistling through my wind chime,
So, it's just the just of me being slain by a lamb.

Greetings I say to you, and welcome to your every bit of who!
The just of me swears something deep inside us always knew.

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There is a piece of you,
And there’s a piece of me,
One over there you see,
And one over here to,
As the sky is blue,
As a bumbling bee,
It is a He and She.
I do, I do, I do.
In them,
In those,
It’s Him,
He knows.
The embodiment of love,
Embodied from up above!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Dementia in ADD minor

Give me some methylphenidate
So I can concentrate
Electrical impulses and chemicals mixed into one
All of that is called memories for some

Random people without faces
Roaming around in my mind
Leaving their muddy foot print traces
Like souvenirs behind

This dementia is a blessing
So people shouldn’t be stressing
For my train of thought
Can’t be caught 

For rational irrationality
Is no longer part of me

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The Battle Within

Love and trust the battle within,
One of armor and one of cloth,
Both equal in strength and at a great loss.
Cornered by time to live again,
A moment to go back to where you have been!
The principles of pleasure intrude on a pleasant dream.
Love and trust the battle within shouts its damning scream!
One of armor, one of cloth and both are determined to rise again.

Conflict and pressure begin to adhere to this occasion.
One second to catch your thoughts of stop, go, or yield?
Beset by these restless conflicts your need to release introduces itself.
Provoked to endure a graceful truce the weak one falls to submission.
Love and trust the battle within proclaims the very same guild.
One of armor, one of cloth, and both equal with great strength in this world that we build

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Spiritual Peace

I find my place of spiritual peace

Again, just when I feel I never will.

There is a sense of freedom and release.

I can’t know all the answers, but am still


In touch with The Divine, and that is real.

We’re all connected.  Life is precious, and

Life doesn’t end with death.  Sometimes we feel

A presence, and we come to understand


That nobody who’s ever been has gone.

The spirits of those who we’ve loved remain.

They will protect us – help us to go on.

There is almost a beauty in the pain.


Although sometimes I find it hard to trust,

Truth’s constant.  Feel the patterns in the rust.

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A dance of death, a greedy chore
     Trapped inside these creature comforts;
A chance of life may become a bore
     Outside this pleasantly right hurt.
But, soft and fair, though, of the skin,
     In flesh a silent malice lies
Dormant, unnoticed, not used in
     Context. Still, touch me as day dies.
And you, a ghost I cannot touch
     By reaching out to Heart or mind,
Caught up in this sweetly rush-
     Jaded: Nothing else left to find.
Superfluous and flushed, we breath
In gusts, unable to be free.

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Randomly Selected

I randomly selected you for a treat.
A delightful surprise for the meek.
It is my breaths of large you seek.
You discovered your fate of feat.
I brought you to a judgment seat.
And books of life you took a peek.
Then in heaven you found the leak.
Then the drums rolled and they beat.
You were in awe to say the least.
So was I in looking at your face.
It is to the west as it is to the east.
But definitely a different place.
Many were absolutely ejected and rejected,
But you my dear were randomly selected.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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A Letter To The Renegade

Oh how you want to be a renegade,
moving against the grain of convention.
Fight the machine, but still need to be paid;
a twisted paradox of pretension.

You want to be an underground fighter,
and still retain the vice of wordly greed,
slinking in-between walls pushing tighter,
this greater control will surely impede.

Why not save yourself by being stealthy,
recoup some lost freedom while you still can,
dipping your ideals into the wealthy;
add an escape route to your little plan.

Fight against the machine, it will crush you,
there is a far better way shining through!

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Fear Not The Darkness

Fear Not The Darkness

Fear not the darkness of a shallow grave
 laugh at the folly of living to save
Treasures on your greed filled list
 dance as if death does not exist

Forgive at least one unforgiveable deed
 let heart seek comfort not stir greed
Strike the fear from your lost soul
 dream of another very precious goal

A love that blesses all that which matters
 leaving behind the failings that shatter
A gift so often found when one looks away
 creating a heart that never ever strays

Fear not changes that send a greater life
 cut away such fear with a spirited knife...

Robert J.Lindley , 06-15 -2014

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Death of Soul

Today, I felt my soul dying.
A cry of help could be heard 
But none could be seen crying
For they class my obsession as shallow and absurd.

Yet I carry on with my daily tasks
To work through this incomprehensible nightmare
Amongst those who carry a veil of emotional masks
Waiting, as those who Love, as those who care.

And I close my eyes to save my mind from this plight
To save my heart from recreating its surroundings
In the hope that others soon see the light
Actioned by those cast from different mouldings.

Slowly, but, steadily,
I can feel my soul dying.

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Lost Love

The words of a heart felt letter "I love you I didn’t do it", fading into ashes.
The flames of the hostile words "I know you did it, admit it slut" devouring and edging the pain.
I stand, broken in shattered bits, my heart washed away by the rain.
Words of love actions of hate, "Drew don’t you see that it clashes?"
It is done it is over, turn by turn a wave of relief then despair over me crashes.
Mine, yours, ours, words of love, amore’ it is now my bane.
This heart of mine traveling a one way street in reverse, in the wrong lane.
Togetherness taken for granted in its death throes our relationship thrashes.
The wrath within loosed on a dying soul.
Eternity of blackness snuffs out loves last flicker.
This barrage is not you speaking but the words of your mistress Meth.
Venom of anger and distrust conjured by your other love has taken its toll.
Seething eyes burn me, his stinging tongue whips me with one last snicker.
My affection crumpled my heart empty, descending, and falling, fading, death.
                                                                                                           Summer Gratias

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Thy Eyes In Which False Beauty Lies

Thy eyes in which false beauty lies
And restricts the sight till it's range,
Seeks beauty in what appears nice
And soothe in what dies with age.
Thy eyes that sees what ancestors told,
Builds a fence in thy mind;
Believes in what those old books hold
And kills the length till moon's height.
Thy eyes that pour hate in innocent heart
So make it dull with black'st flow,
And sees around with envious thought
For joy, thee never let come to thou.
Thy eyes that complain with sleek'st sigh
The one who blooms their only life. 

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protection of God

how fortunate that we have this God
that's in need of our protection
when heathens question heaven's code
and upset all our introspection

maybe God's in a midlife crisis,
so we jump up to kick some infidel ass
nothing major, but enough to entice us
since Lucifer waved it off with a pass

God we believe, bellowed "more war"
omnipotence obviously makes more sense
to assuage what he'd come here for
when we've really got no recompense

we must act in name of...well never mind
'cause God can't tolerate being maligned

© Goode Guy 2012-03-19

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My Wayward Heart

Oh, my wayward heart,
From the truth, too often you depart.
Leading my mind to treacherous roads,
Burdening me with unbearable loads.
Filling my mind with undesirable choices,
Listening to perplexing, incessant voices.
I know not which way to turn,
Fearing that all will burn.
My wayward heart, do you not care
That you make me live in this despair.?
Could you not just tell me true?
So, I  can begin to trust in you.
Take your waywardness and set it free,
For you are always a part of me.

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sonnet too

I touched upon a dream perfectly chorographic 
as a ballet troupe of sardines avoiding predators.
A dance where no one applauds and everyone 
is a loser, sad except for the mysterious beauty
 of shimmering silver in a bottle- green ocean. 

I touched upon a dream sparkling as fizzy wine
bobbles clung to cool glass disappearing with 
plop- a momentarily rush of happiness- murmour 
of voices; then the wine was still, yet for a second
the of mysterious wonder is remembered.  

I touched upon a dream cold as a winter forest,
blue, frosty mist wrapped around trees; layers 
of snow on the lake of recollection, but one day
a mysterious flash; and all will be remembered.  

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Lover's Denial

Eyes glistening with never ending tears that you shall never stop weeping.
Hoping, praying for the day we instill actions instead of speaking
True lover's passionate embrace, or was all of it just a farce?
The roses, dances and romance have now become suddenly sparse.

I've gazed into those bright blue eyes, a million times it would seem.
I've seen the other side of us and it wasn't in my darkest dreams.
Touch me once again my love, but this time with a tender caress.
Whisper the words that send me a float; the ones you now suppress.

I still see traces of yesterday's passion, deep within those blue eyes.
Our love has conquered so many obstacles, why must in now subside?
You say you love me more, than the very first time you saw my face.
You told me our love grew stronger, with each mesmerizing embrace.

But I see a stranger among us who dwells within the corners of my mind.
I've searched this exhausted vessel and my lover I can no longer find.
Weren't we once invincible, or was this just an ideal I wanted to believe?
So here I sit recounting endless memories, as I sadly watch you leave.

For this particular piece, I was part of a poetry campfire and we had to use the 
last line of the previous writer's poem as our first line as the beginning of our 
poem. As you can see, my beginning line is quite looooooong!

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Every second passes by me unseen But I can feel the weight of one minute After each hour my mind becomes keen: That these days are adding up bit by bit. Each week my personality alters A year goes by and my mind starts to twist Decades pass and it seems as time falters, My mentality gets lost in time’s mist. Yet when I am with you the clock stands still If only I could exploit these feelings I could stop the sands of time at my will But I’m not capable of these dealings Time now steals what I already forgot My mind starts to fade but our love will not

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Pleasant Memories

As the scent of Gardenia wafts through the house, memories of years ago spring forth

Being a young girl visiting my aunt
Who was kind understanding gracious lady
My bedroom was adjacent to Gardenia plants
Oh! Pleasant eves scented air wafts heady

Delectable the scent ambrosial treat
How I desired a gardenia plant for me
Then I met the man who made life complete
Who brought me gardenia from his esprit

Years have passed,the house burned to the ground_gone
The gardenia went up in the hot flames
Nothing can take the memory_it lives on
Within my heart and deep within soul's frame

Each day my thoughts turn to sweet memories
Of aunt, you, and the scent of gardenia, affinities


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Self Pity

Alive this night, I try to be While candle flickers on display The room, prison, my lock, no key My bed, my life, in disarray My thoughts, unsure, they hold no weight The phone, its ring, no tone, no sound My family, gone, they left with hate So left, in tears, to one day drown But yet, die not, I am still here Thinking, long and hard, still no clue Can’t bring them back, the ones held dear So this, my life, I’m left to rue What is this man supposed to do? My life, is death, this much is true

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Anger in Sorrow

Tonight the sun has set beneath my feet.
The ground begins to move, but here I stay.
I gaze, with longing, through this empty street;
In sorrow, as I watch you drift away.
Could you have really written, with such ease,
Your venom when, in truth, you are but blind?
Did you not want to bring me to my knees
And smile as I can search but never find?
The time has come when I have heard your lies
And now I know that I was led astray.
I watched you as you climbed upon the skies
And now I, too, shall turn and walk away.
But memories I cannot wash with ease
And still I search and wait for you on my knees.

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Glorious Game

Have I satisfied the stares of people like me?
People looking for a bit of themselves in others eyes
An empty stomach is not really truly hungry
Until a lonely heart for love cries
Feelings against feelings, either kills or dies
Sometimes watching, sometimes acting the scene off
I’ve been on every side of the dice
I wonder how much rolling before it is finely enough
One side to the other side, though exposed above
I’m also hidden down
Betting all like gamblers, we have it tough
Unpredictable town
Either aces or jokers maybe trick or treat at hand
Sometimes the deck dealt to us is all an understanding person can’t 

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Sonnet Of Sorrow

When first the world we enter
We must needs be shaped for use.
Attention then does close upon us centre
Wherein we learn our true selves to lose.
Wrapped warmly in strong belief and prejudice
That is the time we learn to love and hate.
We march on blindly to confront and dismiss
Those whom we ridicule and slate.

When close to the end we approach
With clearer insight we can survey our journey.
Then will our hearts be burning with reproach
At the cruel havoc wrought by our cruel army.

Forgiveness must be our ultimate desire
For all our flaws and faults ,ere we expire.

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I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Eternal doubt confused by self-belief,
Unnatural nature hidden within,
The illusion of love tainted by grief,
As completeness can only be a sin.
Requiring nothing yet absorbing all,
The quest for growth while feeling lost and small,
As mental shadows of a girl reflect,
A boy ponders the thoughts of circumspect.
The two in one intertwine, become whole,
And male/female, now a single essence,
Released to feeling joy’s acquiescence,
In tune with self, with minds, body and soul.
This freedom, long denied by sweet sauterne
An exiled spirit can at last return.

Form: Pushkin's Sonnet

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Letting Go

It is the hardest lesson I ever had to learn.
Emptying myself to breathe my own air,
I went through life with nothing to spare.
My place had been set and was hard to earn.
In my heart it was for you I yearn.
Times were rough and never fair.
All along only I came to really care.
In my soul this began a fire to burn.
You let me down,
Broke my heart,
Made me frown,
Ripped me apart,
Shattered into a million zillion pieces,
I’m letting go of my lifetime of leases.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Breath Away

Visual cacophonies: I witness
     Them, blithe and impaired-smouldering like a 
 Cigarette. Phoenix, to rise from ashes
     Is irrelevance; flame is far from a
Necessity to warmth, though I am no
     Prometheus with bruises of the mind.
It has wavered too long, taken too slow
     To only find it has been wasted time
(And the time peices are all unfriendly here).
     They, unreliable and tepid, take
The breath away from me-it idles there,
     Steaming from exposure, cursed and fake.
There lacks a subtle hinting waif to speak
Of all unglories of a Heart that's weak.

"Breath Away"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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My Fog

The fog that shrouds my ev’ry feeling thought
And numbs the pain, the care and worrying
Is wrapped like silk around my heart distraught
And slows the world, its squirms and scurrying
It diverged my soul, my body, my mind,
And let them drift in swirls and white eddies
‘Till one should see the others hard to find
But for the onslaught of life it readies.
Yet still the pain stabs hard, light to darken
The fog moves up to cloud alone my head
And though it guards, my eyes see, ears hearken, 
Heart beats, and feels, and cleaves to its last thread
And ev’ry new hurt, its shelter will shake
‘Till something fights through, when something will break.

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My Spiritual Will

My worldly possessions, I leave to whoever is alive.
My words, I leave to who shall ever care to read.
My prayers of hope, I give for all that do survive.
My thoughts, I have shared orally to fix a need.

I shall leave this world with no blood heirs.
However, I have loved many children with heart.
I leave no challenges undone, with only a few tears.
I leave this world, without regrets from the start.

I leave my soul to those who are in need.
My remains, I renounce to natures desire.
Thoughts, I have inspired to spread as seed.
Love of the simplistic ideals to fly higher.

A belief, humanity will continue to great heights.
A prayer, there will be no more un-humane plights.

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decaffeinated sin

I went and signed up for a course to
make sin a whole lot more banal
and a lot less fun to be in, 
to make my retentiveness more anal

now chocolate is not as dark and rich 
those stolen kisses aren't as sweet 
hearing juicy gossip's just a snitch
and pride feels like it's only conceit

five miles over the state's limit
seems like murdering my innocent child
to show up at the free clinic's illicit
I've taken all joy from being free and wild

I'm thinking now of forgetting the damn course
life's no fun since I'm filled with remorse

© Goode Guy 2012-04-07

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Sonnet 6

Now ... tell me the truth at 80 spaces .
Oh yes monthly at no extracted cost ,
trumpet swans announcing "All-New" "Chases"
... Gameshow w-/ only purpose " Just stay lost".
scratch that ... start at the count ... three Faces.
flicker on screen , once more , spider webbed frost.
Pulse of cheekbone ; paper Artic traces ...
Hailing to the Fanatic's RoseArm crossed.

	... Why just imagine , All times // All places ...
Daydream reality clearly embossed 
by Our pristine chords reading "All's Debased" ...
Job to do ... hands join ... Avert as off tossed 
I may stain ... lip gloss ... gulp of life wasted.

All Presents, Our Situation Hostage .

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I remember when my eyes saw you sunning
I remember when I had a leg up on running
I remember when I felt cleverly cunning
my remember somehow turned coolly numbing

I remember when I was allergic to sneezing
I remember when I could recall my amnesia
I remember when happiness mostly was pleasing
my remember now is taunting my reason

I remember when I felt purpose to create
I remember when my pounding had weight
I remember when my own path was my fate
my remember now just ain't that great

I forget to remind to retrieve to recall
perplexed, that I can remember anything at all

© Goode Guy 2013-06-20

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No more star-crossed loves, No more fated deaths. I will choose the paths above, And each and every breath. I will take control of my heart, Though the world wants me to stop. You will not control all parts, Nor shall I be your prop. Death is no longer my friend, For I have changed my ways. Time will be my only end: I'll live to the last of days. My life is now to be for me: From all Night, I'm finally free.

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My Darkest Childhood Memory

My void is the darkest penetration of childhood.
No memory at all before age of six so fair.
Thine memories might have been bad or good.
Mine has no glimpses, or comparison to share.
Thou shall say this may be a blessing so sweet.
Though my mind has no distinct recall to meet,
No shape of any kind, only fantasy for retreat.
Whilst I travel onward, I am lost in defeat.
My darkest childhood memory is none at all.
Mystery of things I have missed or recall.
I live on in the shadows that make me whole.
I waver on the balance of what does console.
This mind and soul with a spirit that will seek,
Diligently answers for future, my past is weak.

Written for

Sponsor Walayee Whitlock 
Contest Name My Darkest Childhood Memory 

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Arrogant thoughtless young man who knew
More facts  than common sense  -
Driving the car as fast as he could, thence 
Over the next hill for green pastures new

New father with wonder and awe
Holding this brand-new bundle of squirming youth
Whose eyes are searching his for the truth  -
As he looks for resemblance in nose or jaw

Teacher, writer, singer, less bothered by fact  -
Slower driving, less squirming,
Interested in truth and  value affirming  -
And who knows at last how to act

                Passing time will smooth a jagged stone 
                And strip proud flesh to solid  bone 

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I slipped into my seat without a sound
A broken radio- I can’t tune in
No one cares to turn their head around
I try to speak, but somehow can’t begin

I’m on a different frequency, alone
Try as I might I can not make a sound
A never-ending piercing dial tone
Still no one ever turns their seat around

I use my words to write down what could be
My written self can leap and scream and bound
I hold her up, so hoping they would see
But no one ever turns to look around

I slipped into my seat without a sound
Because I know no one will turn around

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To sit and dream and write
my thoughts on vellum recite,
until the form becomes just right;
To look and listen and to see
watch,silent,and to be
a sponge absorbing in me;
Then let those feelings outwards fly
white clouds upon a summer sky;
To touch another with my thought
whereby this infection is caught
and does not on paper, abort.

Then,will this idea live on
in other hearts,after I've done.

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Walls and Mirrors

Into the cosmic funk ephemeral -
  Not of my breath but in formless reply,
Was unbeknownst a strange voice seminal
  At such a time that I was want to cry!
Fiery orbit whose walls are of flesh made
  Would sensory paralysis retain,
And alas, to the haloed light I prayed
  That it might shine its glow inside my brain.
Now time and self-fulfilling prophesy
  Is still mine to reason if so I choose
Should I not suffer my own sophistry!
  O screw it - heads I win and tails I lose.
I shall not gainsay or further estrange
If comes a change or illusion of change.

February 1996

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My Home and Prison

In my quietude not all is silent,
  Sheep's in the meadow - the dairy herds graze:
And in the remains of day's last remnant
  Cries old ruru in a black smoky haze.
Season's turn have shed evanescent bloom
  Beyond the wired penitentiary wall:
The great forest timberlands distant loom,
  Possums in the Pohutukawa crawl.
Winter leaf and hoary frost will soon lie
  On needled pines in planted shady row,
Where Orion and Hercules in the sky
  Cast giant shadows on Paremoremo.
And my dog, he listens and licks my face
In my corner of the world and shut space.


Pronounced... Pa-ray-mo-ray-mo: A prison and a small community in New Zealand.
                     Po-hoot-tu-ka-wa:  A native tree that blooms around December with
                                                 Beautiful red flowers. The NZ Christmas Tree.

                     Ruru is a native owl.
                     Orion and Hercules are military aircraft 
                     From the nearby Air Force base.

May 1992

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The Ebbing Of The Tide

I think of him when ebbing of the tide
But not really him but what I thought was 
Him, I was in love with love now wave ride
Waiting for tide's return bringing love as 'twas

Love is gone on the waning of the moon
The marsh is bone dry not even trickle
No boats can leave docks, with nature commune
While waiting tide's return friend, foe, obstacles

Maybe tide will come rushing carrying 
Amore' or romance's spirit upon
Its whitecaps like the knight in armour shining
Who rides from his white horse the battle done_

Man will fail in his life's undertakings
Where man fails, God's love constant abiding  

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Always in My Heart, Love

Those sensual aromas caress the air
As you, my love, swayed to the ancient drum
The story of rhythm, of you and me
Intrigued by romance and my maiden fair
Essence of taste like Caribbean rum
This truth exposed I could no longer hide
And you became my sweetest destiny.
Yet now my heart can only feel despair
With ravaged senses yearning to be numb.
Oh love once released me to set me free
Where deepest longings were safe to confide
In her grace love’s emotions I had seen
As fate dictated I should be denied
All but memories of my dancing queen!

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Each moment we linger in bits of time and space,
each path left unchosen is filled with angels trace.
We move through life in shrouds of metal, on we race, 
with whirling wheels, distracted minds, we don't feel the grace.

Yet, we're part of all and in angel's arms embraced.
How many times were we saved by their love encased?
While driving on an iced road, I slid, I tried to brace,
between two cliffs I floated, met my angel face to face.

The car settled a mere foot from the cliff's rocky base.
A mere scratch of bush on door was left me ... as trace.
Facing traffic in this hairpin of road, I braced,
prayers on my lips I turned not a curl out of place.

Ezekiel lifted me and in his arms was I laced
and lived to meet the day and angel face to face.

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Is Verse Dying

Captive of creative-writing programs,
It is specialized job of small groups,
Handy to a few these frantic anagrams
Poetry sadly belongs to sub groups.

We have credited professional poets,
Creative writing teachers at all stage
Composing computer- created poems
Creating illusion of the Golden Age.

These professional poets have secured
Their own niches in academic world,
Like jackals, cry over the milk allured
Over dried-up well they uselessly snarled.

Success assured by work quantitative 
Snubbing the work if not qualitative.

June 19, 2014
Form: Contemporary Sonnet
Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd efef gg 
Ram Mehta
Eighth Place Win
Contest : Contest No. 9 by P.D.

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Nectar of Life

nectar of life from a distant throne shadows breathe in a constant drone dewdrops lose their glorious bright And colors seeping back to white chaos churns the rivers grime o'er smooth stones made of time filters pure, ancient golden goal creative essence of the soul whittle away chaos gray write the words you have to say somewhere in each waterfall poetic feeling of a distant call paths to journey made quite clear with all it’s folly, sorrow and fear essence of a greater power love breathed peace in final hour envisioning Nova of one’s death goal to love with each last breath

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Our Queen

She is the queen, the queen of lies!
She sits on her throne, masked in disguise.
Manipulation and dishonor she solemnly seeks,
from her loyal servants and those who are weak!

She basks in the scent of deceitfulness,
as you foolishly believe, you will progress!
Bearing the fruits of her followers labor,
portraying her façade as though it’s a favor!

Her mission is simple to all who can see,
her lust in life, is to promote only "me"!
You sit in suffrage, as she commences to excel,
stating there’s a mission too important to tell.

The queen has spoken, we all must abide,
a wonderful queen who has never lied!
She sits on her throne surrounded my many,
graceful and wise, with a look so canny! 

But her guidance has failed, along with her lies,
she has set the precedent of a dying enterprise!
A queen so beautiful, who used her charm,
to prey on the weak and cause much harm!

Exiled from a throne, for your lies of deceit!
Lack in leadership skills has caused your defeat!
Had you been caring, and not thought of only you,
we would still honor the grace, of our queen of taboo!

Quotation- "Lies are like jokes, the more you tell, the better they get."

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my son was ten when this time began
and we all started measuring our time
with these odd numbers, nine and eleven
a counter-clockwise reversal of time

back toward when we saw an atomic clock
with a minute hand ten from the stroke
of Armageddon and would never let on
that we might swallow that fear to evoke

distrust and hate and let reason abate
from what mothers and grandmothers taught us
to "love one another" is not personally innate
it's easier to slip backward and obsess

about our certain destruction on this eve
a civilized mankind too hard to believe

© Goode Guy 2012-09-11

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List One

Thousands of things slander and deface my time
Scarcely find that while wandering I found time to rhyme
On list one I began a poem, found it carried on
But yet stymied again, left it alone till twas better known

Took out list two and thought again of you
Looked that list up and down to be sure and true
List one was done, but I left it askew a myriad and
Started list three today, and it ended with a period

Lord above gave me strength to write list four
Time took away my breath, collapsing to the floor
I grabbed list one from my pocket to read 
Your name was there, and that's all I need

To get me up and moving, carry me on down the road
List one, heavenly father, you and me our burdens unload

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A weapon of mass destruction, this mind
Finds reduction's evil neccessary
Enough to deliver light to the blind,
Thus making destruction's mess less scary.
My mind's destruction is mushroom clouded!
Doubt it and sign your own warrant for death,
As bodies continue to be shrouded
By decisions that were bad for their health.
An old child of the atom's intellect,
Hiding amongst the less enlightened ones,
Bound not to neglect, but to introspect
The power in the powder of my guns;
Power between my ears, not in my palms,
Brings the storm before and after the calm.

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Maple Leaf

I watched a maple leaf’s descent to ground.
It’s downward swaying motion, every now
And then a pirouette without a sound
until it came to rest so gently down.
I asked myself: A life so brief and yet
So beautiful, is life to be defined
By lasting time and taken for granted? 
To go around in circles disinclined
To find profundity-Sad existence!
Ah! But the leaf, its purpose foreordained: 
To live a measured life, a subsistence 
Profound in many ways and unrestrained.
To waste a lengthy life, so incomplete 
I’d sooner live my life a maple leaf.

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there is no ink between those lines 
so sit beside me, put away your ire
no whitespace to read, everything's fine 
It's been a long day and we're both tired

even now, golden is the light to be seen
windowed breeze blows fresh to inhale
now breathe it deep and let us convene
refreshing now, we swap accounts to regale

and feast upon our time between
the past we knew and a future awaited
even now, seems we're sittin' midstream 
in a life that cannot be overstated

how utterly great it is experiencing now
with you beside me, even better somehow

© Goode Guy 2012-09-19

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Lord hangs onto me some serious mercy now, 
I am aimed and directed aligned and straight. 
Be it so or be it may I am that God given trait. 
You will never once have to reveal for me how. 
I tell the truth all I have to say about it is Wow! 
If this isn’t just downright genius then it’s great. 
I can only imagine what all this will soon create. 
I must say for all this I shall indeed bend to bow. 
A-men to every single one of you! 
And praise your one supreme Lord! 
You know, I knew I always knew! 
My God, I am your flaming sword! 
You know Lord; you can do whatever you want with that locust, 
But I’m going to polish up on this sword keeping myself focused! 
® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Love Lost

You look around at the earth and see where
the sea once was, the deserts, the low lands,
the water marks on the mountains, and here
is a shell in a cave, tens of thousands
of feet in the air. There in the ocean
is a city where once lives were cherished.
Road leads into a bay, once a portion
of the main, now to memories ravished
of all their knowledge. Was there no one there
to mark passing, so gradual and so
imperceptible that only obscure
reminders, lost in time, a change so slow
no one noticed or change so dramatic
they all were left blinded and traumatic

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I recite and read aloud,
wander, lonely as a cloud,
then emulate and create
as memory stimulates;
Swim against poetry's tide
therein,an enigma hide,
perhaps,a step too far,with
Tennyson,crossing the bar;
I dream on Will's sonnet verse,
figuratively,sweet and terse,
lazing life away,with songs
compared to a summer's day.

To conjure an opening line
ever,remembered,as mine. 

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Somber sonnet

I sit here on a fine spring evening,
watching as a slight breeze eases the leaves
in the twilight. I am seeking meaning
in a world where a widow, silent, grieves
in Falluja. I sit here keyboarding,
wondering whether to have one more bowl
of ice cream, secure in my wondering,
whether the knee that causes me to howl
and slow my tennis game would get me caught
in cross fire in Tikrit, how I might fare
as a non-violent soul in a land wrought
in hatred. Unwilling to act or care
as I relax for the next morn's travel,
of my complicity in that land's travail.

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Who has it all?

Who has it all?

In the clear of day
Some will like to trade condition
Maybe because of his garb
Yet his neck thus bends

Bends on the weight of tribulations
His son puffs and wastes away
Isn’t your son a first class holder?
Learn how to appreciate where thou are

I agree u have no car
Yet he died on his own Infinity
The house he built
Have caused him robbery attacks
Dear, it is all hot everywhere
Even in the underwater

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Kuhio Street at 5am

I am sitting here on Kuhio Street
with the old Honolulu blues again.
The early day shift's coming on their beat
in the midst of the breezy, pre-dawn game,
where the last of the midnight street life girls
and their pimps argue at Jack in the Box,
and hotel crews, aloha shirts and curls,
grab a cup on their way to cope with lots
of tourists immune to all history
of this port. The last black stretch limousine
from the night heads home and the touristy
families stumble from hotel "da kine"
to Hawaiian holiday on remains
of a past era's colonized domains.

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Down In The Wet Land

On mornings as cold inside as out__burr
She knelt__held a match against fat lighterd
For she knew that this was required of her
The fire would smoke, sputter__soon blaze occured

Spreading rapidly engulfing the wood
Seemed like a miracle from where I stood
How she went on from year to  year__question
What could she have been in better situation

She would blow the spark that ignited flames
Fire would glow as did her small meager life
But from her life a blaze planted__child tame
Who would write of her hardships being wife

And how she would teach where the Sweet Shurbs grow
Down in the wet land beside the road
(How to appreciate corn bread, buttermilk, and butter cold.)

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Laughter And Music Only Sound

Broken levee salt laden moisture gone away
No one at least was washed away drowned
Most have their feet planted on solid ground
Friends this has left me in disarray

Now longing for that very wonderful day
When the laughter and music only sound 
Within the walls of all homes is found
Will that happen before this body returns to clay

Could it happen today before the sun set
Or will it only happen when we hear the boatman's oar
Hope calls me to reach for dreams somehow and yet
Satan wants to sow my field with horrible weeds

When that boatman takes me ashore
Will I still have clutched within my heart love seeds

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Blossoming Of The Rose

As I deal with ill attitude again
Knowing full well he could have died
Sun shines still, though feel icy pouring rain
Now put on the fragrance of perfume outside

Experience pain inside where puddles stood
Hidden within loving heart  things not seen
Long once more~escape to the wild woods
Where letting loose a scream~sobs inbetween

Screams trapped inside  the house would raise the eaves
Unless those screams and sobs tied with thick twine
Or maybe tied with last year's pruning of vine
Release can't carry feelings on shirt sleeve

Somehow will heal be much better come spring
When the pale pink rose will be blossoming

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anthology of life

we gently pray upon our desire
or maybe our desire preys upon us
recoil in disgust at the muck and mire
only to answer, "what's all the fuss?"

life's joys and private hells undreamt of
scale's fulcrum tipping the balance of power
recoiling from the pain of our own love
and the similarity of "devout" and "devour"

Pavlovian, we turn to the bell ringing
for a scrap of nourishment or tender care
too often to find indifference stinging
is all that others have offered there

how can we anthologize a life
without including a rhyming of strife?

© Goode Guy 2012-02-03

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Following John Winston

It’s window shopping for second hand shirts,
And short date bargains dictating the meals
As composing-words barely meet the rent.
A lipstick smile conceals the hidden hurts
As no one can ever know how she feels
Through unwelcoming streets she walks back home
Her mind still churning stories to invent,
Another dark thinking to love converts
Ignoring the fights and the drug den deals
The modern life invades without consent
Yet love walks where’er she chooses to roam
In dirty back streets or by golden pond
As fingers through her chestnut tendrils comb
So the poet has learned to see beyond.

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My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear.
My words that flow betray my honor and send me fear.
Never would you know of the dilemma and sorrow I hide.
My soul and desires have reached outward and only cried.

Burdens I have carried and hidden from day of my birth.
Lost and forsaken my spirit never awoken for my worth.
Though I carry onward and deflate my mystery from inside.
They know not of the precious fortitude, courage I hide.

These attitudes I shall carry deeply into my quiet grave.
For to depart any other way, would separate soul to save.
My sorrow of who I have disheartened I carry deep within.
Though I do not feel my quagmire holds any real sin.

These days and nights that I target, from within my life,
Shall someday have a stronghold and be graciously rife.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ 
Contest Name Just Write

written on 08/14/2011

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I saw the Sun and the Moon take a stance in the universe.
And an unknown Star placed over them was put in charge.
The whole entire inhabitants scattered themselves at large.
And all the lands and seas became separated by a diverse.
The Sun Shined brightly in the west never to set in a curse.
The Moon gleamed fully bright to the east as the surcharge.
The door had been widely opened and many came by barge.
The stress was great because the world went into a reverse.
Fate and destiny was being dished out like a deck of cards.
Skies lit up and the Stars came back out like never before.
And the palm trees took up to the seas like standing guards.
And from this stemmed growth from that one opened door.
The Sun and Moon are exalted above and beyond you all,
And so is the Star in charge of those that flaw in its thrall.
® Registered: Ann Rich 2008

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Inspired by: (Aunt Olga Martha Valentine)

Alone, you stood as golden dream, silent
Some always fluttered about, others flinched
But I still believe you were heaven sent
From age to age with brilliance, you did teach.
I clamored, savoring each wondrous view
Good folks unite! There'll be songs, not a fight
You've showered me with warm vibes good as news
From valley to schoolhouse, then church, we both climbed high.
Yes, will, wit, and wisdom does reign
Two wings, metamorphosis, days of bliss
You and I will never be the same
Our Maker has ordained the course of this...

Yet in His name, we're diamond in sunlight
His touch to everyone grants new insight.


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Written at Manly Esplanade

Upon this kindred ebb of gulf and tide
  Blow the misty cold equinox spindrifts.
My gothic streams of consciousness collide
  And not bleak ocean, cloud, or spirit lifts!
Far I have travelled a parallel sea
  Staring into the jaws of the abyss;
In limbo marooned in boats of pity
  Upon the dark shadows of nothingness!
Where the lost soul does a languishment bare -
  A fading eclipse of the mortal sun:
Where Self and Fate a common grievance share
  In an unholy alliance of one.
Only in my palsy and my travail
Rage the altered states of my Faustian Tale.


Manly Esplanade is in Browns Bay:
Auckland, New Zealand.

August 10th

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The Indian Harmonious Chords

Based on the great Indian soil,
Great rhythms created you from your toil-
Like the morning star made you shine,
The 'Rhythms' made you absolutely fine.

Of late youths seem oblivious to you beauty,
More prone to rock music's name-
What a sorrow ,what a shame-
And none interested to return thee thy fame.

The ancient 'Rhythms' gave you a grand place,
Making you full of beauty and grace,
Like an incense stick you engross the midst of the face,
You are much noble than any music of this race.

Let's have a humble try to revive its glory!
Surely will it protect from being stabbed by a gully.

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Autumn Has Arrived

Feeling the crisp chill of the brisk morning air
Trees formerly full are now virtually bare
Vibrant colors of many and striking hues replace
The lavish greens which previously were in place

Autumn has arrived with her presence aglow
An artistic colorful pallet of beauty to show
Leaves falling gracefully onto the frosty ground
Falling ever so hastily creating a glorious mound

Children running amorously awakened with cheer
For colorful mounds of leaves are so undoubtedly near
Jumping in one by one, the leaves do tell a tale
Of a once boldly standing oak which now looks so frail

Basking in the essence of autumn’s sweet delight
Her loveliness remains an untouchable splendorous sight
Enjoy her virtuous nature as her absence is drawing near
Vanished another season as winter suddenly appears

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Seized Opportunity

So, how on God’s green Earth hast thou been of late?

I do wander deeply with you across many strips of land.

I can blow my breath to the winds polishing each hand.

But guess what love? I’m free in the wind at a rapid rate.


I am a development in progress of keeping it all straight.

I am a progress in process of being sworn into command.

I am processed to progress commands sworn on demand.

Take those over there and keep these here for I do berate!


Rise in the East and set in the West!

Let the Stars shine down and smile.

Give it your least or give it your best!

The test of time reveals your own trial.


Because in my actual reality, it is all on file.

You're a seized opportunity giving me rest.

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"So Cyrano", I asked, so many years ago.
"Do you miss your love on these darkest nights?"
We were passing time during a battle's lull.
I, had long known his most secret thoughts,
although in the dark I could not see his face
I could feel the pain that I knew was there.
Pain twin to mine, but longer in time and space.
Asking only because I too missed a loved one here.
The answer came as from a roiling cauldron.
"I know who I am and how I am seen by others.
I know this world's values and on me it would frown
to see my ugly visage next to one who gathers
the world's virtues around her. I work, I battle, great things I plan
in vain hope to change the man I am." We all have our Roxanne.

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Remember the innocent days of youth 
Our smiles would brighten up the evening sky
When we believed in honesty and truth 
And swore we were never going to die 
Dancing happily across life's green fields 
Feeling the sun's kiss upon our faces 
When we didn't need protection or shields 
And laughed about lacking social graces 
When the world was ours to roam and explore 
The give and take now an integral part 
We had no clue of what would lay in store 
Yet everyday was a thrilling new start

To see the world again through a child's eyes 
Crystal clear without deception or guise 

Ah yes many wonderful childhood days 
All too soon they are lost forevermore 
Remembered only in a passing haze 
Washed away like sand on a distant shore 
What is left behind is reality 
As we seek and search for our place within 
But with such diminished vitality 
Uncomfortable now in our own skin 
For like the four seasons changing our view 
We don't recognize who we have become 
So we try to go on and muddle through 
And to our fears we try not to succumb 

Yearning for those blissful days so long gone
When each new morn held rainbows in its dawn 

Now life has settled into a routine 
As we strive hard to try and forge ahead 
Like a constantly rewinding still scene
On new ground now we barely ever tread 
These middle years like slow mental climbers
Preparing us for when we do grow old 
When we will be considered old-timers 
And won't have to fit a desired mold 
Through the aging returns freedom once more 
As responsibility slips away 
And we start to feel as we did before 
Before our happy childhoods went astray

Oh the changing cycle, from birth to death 
Filling each day with promise on its breath 

Rising expectantly to greet each morn 
Knowing that soon time will be ours no more 
Our thoughts between earth and heaven are torn 
As we battle through our internal war
For to leave all we have loved is so hard 
Yet we yearn to see the world up above
From our time on earth, our souls are quite scarred
Needing to be touched once more by great love
In silent dreams we see the promised land 
Peace now settling in our hearts and minds 
As time slips through life's hourglass like sand 
And our memory so slowly unwinds 

We ride the chariot to take us home 
In heaven our souls will now freely roam


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Life Lesson

I can write a sonnet in a moment
and with that I pretty much sum my life.
I spot a comet in the firmanent,
that bare covers wasted effort and strife.
I look at a life that is sore lacking,
and wonder at how I avoid substance.
I run to and fro without much slacking.
It is a cover for an empty dance.
I seem to be always pushing the edge.
I know well it is the wrong edge to push.
Rail against those who push me to the ledge,
knowing I gave a target ripe and lush.
I long to do work that is remembered,
live a life with no excuses tendered

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Abba the father my heart cries out to you.
I am corner stoned with all I will ever be.
I reach high and climb the skies just to see.
I am in a world so confused it is hard to do.
Abba the father my soul just passes through.
I come to you and I am down on bended knee.
I have a soul begging for justice to be set free.
I am in a world where corruptions make new.
I am searching the distance,
Documenting my presence,
Absorbing life’s existence,
Developing omnipresence!
As this world shatters and shakes,
The Earth begins to violently quake.

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Sonnet IV

Fleeting moments suspended in freezing air,
     One-sided passion burning like a cigarette,
A taste of feigned innocence and feigned lack of care
     Moving to the music of dreams we will soon forget.
So tell me now; kiss the bottle and spin the girl.
     Our lips show off the unsecrets they know about
And greedily caress inspired skin, unfurl
     A thousand fleshy rose petals and what's left out:
Our sins in ashes of our bodies, smoldering
     Coals in retrospect. Dance in the flames that consume
Our thoughts and actions-a distant sense of folding,
     A closer sense of cloud cover: impending doom.
Our bodies touch, they bloom, and quickly they will wilt
Upon the gravestones of the emotions we killed.

"Sonnet IV"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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Somewhere Beyond Eternity

There was once a tale time could only tell
To be made and unmade, all souls cannot hide
From distant hands that cast a greater spell
All life and all death in us has to confide

Seasons bring memories to our minds undimmed
Blessed to the day, sacred to the night
Every end to every end, all humans skimmed
Across time and space, foresaid by plight

Many among us has long lived enough to allay
What has consumed our eyes to defy the vow
And expressions, adjourned, as if to say
If only you can see what we all see now

So long as we all can live with liberty...
So long we live somewhere beyond eternity...

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thoughtful damnation

the hard truth of the Sisyphus stone
was not his never-ending futile toil
but merely his doing it all alone
that left his soul in eternal turmoil

it's the difference in the distance
of the incline he continues to climb
between giving up and having persistence
to a hellish useless labor unresigned

we're less willing to do it without another
wanting mostly to be offered a gladdened hand
than to turn around to only discover
we're the only damned soul walking this land

so on we toil to climb the mountain higher
seeing a view shared is our push to aspire

© Goode Guy 2012-06-20

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One Short Affair After Another (sonnet)

Temptations crooking fingers pinched a nerve
seducing me in moments of distress,
and I, so hungry for the calming curves;
I flirted with my old desire I guess. 
The lapse perhaps is just a lapse and yet
the guilt is still too raw, the smoke too fresh.
How can I cure a failure and forget
the rituals that haunt my tainted chest?
Ah, time, sweet time won't fleece this strung-out fool
of weaknesses that count backwards to when
I worshipped you by cartons, let you rule
just as I let you rule my moods again.

I've not forgotten you, not one small trace,
the cough, the rasp, the residue I taste.  

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Many lifetimes, within a single life,
past memories, of how it used to be.
Continuous change, be it bliss or strife,
folding in on you, turning out on me.

It’s not just time, or how it passes on,
it’s an ever-changing universal plan.
A twist of fate the coming of new dawn,
your spirit knew before it all began.

The loss of a loved one, the birth of a child,
feel it in your soul, know it causes change.
It’s always been there, be it strong or mild,
It’s another lifetime, it’s not really strange.

It can be beautiful; it can be pain to some,
I’ve given it a name; I call it, Blendrome.

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Sonnet 2

Why doth the rich consume their wine with blood
And sprinkle salt on mouths that starve of meat
Ye say ye praise his death on Roman wood
But fill thy gut with malice and deceit
          In hunger cometh man and wife and child
          That knocks the door and sing ye praise and vote
          Why doth thou evil act modest and mild
          Pretending to hearken to every note
A gold for gold, pennies for gold without
The children without shelter doth not smile
Ye say ye practice what thy preach and shout
But money be thou root grown inward vile

Thou eat the flesh and freely giveth bone
But if thy eyes look back thou would be stone

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Words of Time

Never a tear may fall again but as words from the mind
From the secluded place of lost moments of time
They cannot be touched, caressed or comforted
They hold fast to memories like guardians anointed

Waiting to enter the soul’s eternal essence
They linger waiting as a constant presence
These  words that seem to float through time 
Like tears of words become a rhyme 

Waiting for the words to be branded on eternity
As part of the soul’s message living to antiquity
The endless bounty of tears they will reap
From revealing secrets they chose not to keep

Words of time need a place to rest at peace
As a caged bird will alight after its release

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meaning streak

cleaning windows helps me to see
'course at present I too, need glasses
not just through, clearly, but metaphorically
yet without caffine I'm slow as molasses

but still I can get some insight outside
window's panes shine with spiritual gains
able to separate my own Jekyll and Hyde
both the Doctor and the madman do explain

that what seems to be seen as the truth
may be something entirely opposite and
may be in need of a more discerning sleuth
for my intellect to be able to understand

what at first look, seems black and white
may be the gray, between mistaken and right

© Goode Guy 2012-03-19

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Desert Moon

Created, desolated, resurrected and even in reverse, 

You are a transformation under a Sun drenched day. 

Beckoned or heralded you climb above a beaming ray, 

Bristles of your hair shall glow and many are perverse. 


Shuffled, hurdled, corner-stoned and even immerse, 

You are a salvation upon a Mountain leading a way. 

Stripped or naked you run below an endless cache, 

Light inside of you shall outpour so all will disperse. 


The collectors shall find, 

Lost on a course in time, 

Many stranded or behind, 

Many with no unjust crime! 


Jacked up, a ripped off, a maniac or just downright a true blue loon, 

Still remaining is a red flaming shield up under a sacred desert Moon. 


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The Tritest Song

“Renewal…Easter,,,April love…rebirth”
Are easy, archetypal terms for when
Fresh shoots begin to green the thawing Earth
And fill with sweet clichés this poet’s pen.
At least I know what Spring is not—
The “cruelest” month’s not April, no,
In spite of Mister T. S. Elliot
Whose Spring and soul were both of snow.
But he was young.  Age brings surcease,
And Spring, forsythia and daffodils,
As flowered sonnets sprout, increase,
And decorate the rain-swelled rills.
Thus, in the landscape of my autumn brain
The hues of yellow and of green remain.

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Honest Introspection

I sought more than I could ever attain 
In a long, foolish quest destined to fail.
A passage to a world where storm clouds reign
And in every corner a tragic tale.

Pain's royal throne in destiny's wicked clutch,
Front row seats to a future of despair
For thinking I could ever mean that much,
A foolish hope in an endless nightmare.

Just a sad puppet on a lonely string,
Forever trapped in a sadist's dream,
Driven into darkness by love's painful sting,
Traveling fast, down a treacherous stream. 

Waiting here in agony for you.
Why? It's simple. It's because I love you.

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Please Give Me Some Time

I am bewildered as to how to carry on my write ups!
With my eyes all time into the bookish stuffs;
Teachers and proffessors praise me for my talents-
But still they scold me for studies making me silent.

I am bewildered as to how to think positive!
With all men in power stressingupon negatives;
They say us to be optimists-
But neither thet act nor allow us to be good artists.

I am bewildered as to how to invent new in life!
With mind in tension where I thrive;
They tell me you will do great-
But the same warns me perform or fret.

So much contradicts in this world of mine-
To write and find new please give me some time!!

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Pictures of You

I can see within your eyes, the sadness in your soul
I see it crying out in every picture of  I have of you
There may be a smile on your face, but I can see the toll
A misery buried deep within, a brightness gone from the hue

Of what secrets are you wary,  what burdens do you carry,
That make expressions from your features seem so contrary
That you cannot seem to share, that took away you’re lively flair
Are you that unaware, that  I can see to the depths your despair

Release the sadness from your mind, 
Open up to a heart that will be kind.
You need not live in that unforgiving world
I await for your gladness to again be unfurled

What ever this misery would be, you need not be alone
And there will be a new picture, after the dark bird has flown.

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Sicilian Sonnet On Reinforced Concrete

I am a piece of reinforced concrete,
I can withstand a lot of punishment.
I am frequently used to make pavement,
Since I can absorb the impact of feet.

My bones are parallel prestrained steel rods,
Placed along my body to add more strength.
Steel becomes stiffer when you stretch its length,
And my flesh mixed of ground rock and dirt clods.

In modern times I have many a niche,
Into any shape I am pourable.
I serve the needs of the poor and the rich,
Being strong, versatile, and durable.
Bridge, foundation, and irrigation ditch;
For any project I am feasible.

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Welcome to Your Wife

If I were you for a day and you were me?
Could you love me more than I love you?
Would I love you more each day and be new?
Will the Sun shine bright in our eyes to see?
When will the Moon glow and lead our way to be?
When will the Stars shine bright by just us two?
Why does the dust give up its spurs on the dew?
Why are the doors locked with only one master key?
Welcome to my life,
Welcome to my home,
Welcome to your wife.
Welcome to this dome.
Welcome to the Sunrise this day in the light,
And welcome to the Sunset on this lovely night!
© Copyright: Ann Rich    2006

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Sent to the dreary realm that is now my home 
Made to seem I had no choice of what I had to lose
Only memories of my mind which I am left to roam
A captive of  a battle, a judgment I could not refuse 

Maligned by twisted truth, betrayed by ones most trusted
My voice muted by a flow of tears, and told not speak of it  
I watch the ship drift away, as the winds of treason gusted
With the dagger of deceit, the most solemn vow was split

I stand alone upon the shore and gaze at what was my land
I look down and see a reflection to see a truth I cannot declare
The truth within my eyes and its sand falling from my hand 
To even the balance of justice,  the sins I am thought to bear

I cry to the powers, the virtues, and to the Throne
To guide  me though treacherous waters, and help me atone

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i was alone watching, a thousand trains leave a thousand platforms behind
caught in a storm, whistling a furious tune in curious concert with my mind
leaves fell far from fall, grass lost its spring
a parched, picket fence bawled beside a rose-less bushes' sting

amidst all this a rusted swing swayed without cause
beside the murderous perch of crows and their 'caws' 
atop a gazebo
that someone stopped painting long ago

waiting for the return of a sun
that was somewhere beyond
too many grey skies to care
and I remember just standing there

beside an empty railroad track
hoping that final sigh that escaped me might bring you back

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funeral of a stranger

he lived within the village I know
and yet I never knew him though 
we didn't actually live far apart
his passing leaves me not unhurt

for in the knowing of his existence
and his reputation for excellence
I now feel the void of his passing
today our humanity's under staffing

the expressions of so many now
laughing past their grief some how
to their history when he was here
their times spent together do endear

each to the other - from past to now
I'm touched by this stranger anyhow

© Goode Guy 2012-05-18

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Sonnet 7

Wide-open smiles do not deserve to frown
Into the mist of stress and gloomy stages
For I have known laughter to sink and drown
Sentenced by cheek and bone to morbid cages

          Spring flowers turn to leaves ironic as
          Unquestioned joy descending into sadness
          Why should a smile be left to one who has
          Connived his cheer; convening thoughts of madness

Smiles are simplistic as the silent sun
Shining on haggard faces and their ways
A smile kills off the germs releasing fun
Broad-spectrum brightness mechanism rays

          Halcyon child or adult ye shall laugh
          Or cry and split thou happiness in half

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My Fame

Is it possible to say?
I love you!
Really I do!
Each and every day!
Would you stray?
In lieu!
Or out of the blue!
Each and every day for you I’d pray!
Inside you I came,
You went,
I stayed the same,
For you I was sent!
Each and every day I was meant,
Each and every day I gain My Fame!

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Of Purely Personal Interest

Held within these hallowed bones, a tempest
Surging in the complicity of night
Dreams and thoughts solidified cease to rest
Sealed fate and ardor no longer hold right

But what force havocs through the human form
Rallying support, red-handed, inflamed
Bloodied and raged it beckons  the storm
Searching my want it liberates and maims

Ceasing the nihilism once alit inside
Splinters and fragments partner, I awake
Aware that being lost is proof of life
Resolve, once muted, no longer at stake

For now, I lie, held within my own war
Awed and breathless, I await whats in store.

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To Serve

To Serve
  Not to swerve
To strive
For the Most High
Not to Yield
My faith...Is my sheild
Your ways...My ways
For my Father
The Distance I will go
I will Follow
You are at my side when I feel
To succeed is not of my doing
It is full faith in the Father
That Guides Me
Through My Life
Father you have released me from
My strife
You have released me from my strife

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. LeBuhn

Peter LeBuhn  

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Sonnet 3

Leave not behind the knowledge of thy wit
When pleasure drinks a toast to flesh and vice
A toast in pleasure that the day has writ
Or consciousness of senses seasoned spice?
      Art thou content immoral in the day?
      Fond of the fetters pleasure has applied
      Or doth inner thought and reason convey
      Moving the mind from wrath that would divide
For it is known that reasoning has trust
To never judge a color or a shape
Demanding not joy of convivial lust
Enjoying not the fruit of frabjous rape
      High-ho! to thee with mind as shield and sword
      Defending festal serpents false reward

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In Uniform

This foreign fabric rubs my spirit raw 
and childish gossip whispers from the folds 
of matching wardrobes picking threadwork flaws
to make them all more splendid to behold.

I've learned the dance but I can't follow it 
with those dramatic twists and pompous moves.
Assuming colors cannot make me fit 
into the scheme of babes with much to prove! 

Although I'm tucked into a uniform 
beneath there's more than what I'll ever share, 
an armor woven while I danced life's storms 
in only metaphoric underwear.

I hope that each define themselves by more 
than all the uniforms they may have worn.

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About Me

Well you have picked a subject; I do not like to talk about anytime.
However, here goes what I think about and try to live by, in my days.
I was not liked well and I was shy, a real loner in my prime.
I know I think way to much, all the time, every minute, in many ways.
I am quiet, except when I get to know you, my secrets I never tell.
My feelings I keep to myself, only letting them out in poetry accounts.
My life mostly, made up of work, whether on the job, or home as well.
I am a complicated man; so deep, my split personality mounts.
I feel my heart is pure, though I know I am a sinner, I try my best.
I have had many friends, but never any best friends, that have been forever.
However if you are a close friend to me, I will give you all my total zest.
All my poetic words I recognize, they flow from my muse, who is clever.
I love the simple things in life, and live to love my mate with all my might.
I hate laziness, deceitful people; I believe the New Testament is the only right.

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Cosmic Conscience

I became aware of you well over a decade ago.
Every moment of every day I swept you away.
Lo and Behold, I put my own day into dismay.
I ‘m buried in the core of you, and I mean low.

Good or bad happy or sad, you I’d proudly bestow.
Since your arrival, seems like my life is on display.
It’s still the same soups same pots running astray!
Sometimes in thwarted bits so I left them in whoa!

Seems they are all afflicted with conflicting wits.
Some thoughts prevail up above their fixed form.
Most exhibit zero appeal and are disruptive twits.
I might as well add you stirred up a mighty storm!

I might also add that most appeared as not kept and utterly sheer nonsense.
So I’m rising up above your hosted shadows into ultimate cosmic conscience.


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Just a Day

Today is just a day; I cannot ever change.
In the midst of change, so out of range.
Today has no affect upon days of past.
It may only effect tomorrows forecast.

I always say, I am just having a day,
No expectations in any way,
No disappointments come in to play.
That is why tomorrow, is just another day.

I handle obstacles, when they arrive in life,
I try not to allow them, to deliver strife.
Yes, I get lost in entanglements that dismay.
Though, I look to figure out, how to defray,

My life is simple, I have been lucky I suppose.
Simply said, tomorrow is another day to close.

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Shed Thy Snakeskin

Move into the future with a true presence.
There is more to see and way more to do.
It is a life with everything you ever knew.
Shed thy snakeskin with your own essence.
Way up high sits the purest quintessence.
Up above each Star lights a way for you,
Even these skies are a creamier baby blue.
Nonsense is ordained by its only innocence.
There is always a better way.
It is always for you and me.
It is always by night and day.
Where we should already be!
Imagine you did shed every bit of that snakeskin you carry around.
You will lose or you will win, either or I’m aptly located as found!

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Parallel Universe

It’s a great day,
Just you and me,
The Sun I can see,
But you’re in the way!
I have lots to say,
Places I need to be,
Like the roaring sea,
But it’s turned to clay!
We walk and we sing.
With jumps and skips,
With the joy we bring,
But we are two ships.
It’s all transverse,
In a parallel universe!

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Greater Man

They say you're nobody
They talk lies behind your back
They speak of an insignificant soul
A heart worth no attention
I say -
It's the prominence of my walk
The strength of my stance
The graize of my speech to the intelligence beyond glance
I'm a man that's greater
A Greater Man - that's me

A lot try to say you're ugly
Change your appearence - your style
Try to make you conform
Be coll, Be "in," whatever that may mean
I say -
It's the brown of my skin
The scar on my hand
The rareness of my style to the bareness of my ends
I'm a man that's greater
A Greater Man - that's me

They despise your real talk
Call you weak - Call you a punk
They turn the world against you
Your friends - Your loved ones
I say -
It's the abundance of my knowledge
The credit of my character
The uniqeness of my name
An undisputed fame - I'm a man that's greater
A Greater Man - that's me

So when they give you lip
And they torture your stature
When they come across your self-esteem
And say you're not anything
I say -
It's the flare of my actions
The perseverance of my smile
The integrity of my measure
The courage of my style - I'm a man that's greater
A Greater Man
That's me

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painting A Starry Night

I look to Vincent, inspiration in France
to see the performance of a lifetime
after first act's ending, to take a chance
to follow another rope's twisted lifeline

he, as we all do, struggled for meaning
and sought to canvas beauty to be seen
starlight on star beams to shine on beaming
down on all souls in that peaceful scene

so beautiful the swirling-blue evening sky
with the golden-yellow moon positioned so
sleepy dreams the villagers thoughts ally
appendages and mouths pretzeled together apropos

a loving act spread under A Starry Night sighing
paint a starry night scene, Eros love underlying 

© Goode Guy 2012-01-30

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The Time Being

Just for now, I will hold my own.
I am carried away into a domain.
Plenty of room minus that chain,
It is here that I will be full-grown.
It is here I will not be windblown.
I’ve nothing to lose and all to gain.
I am minus all pleasures of a pain.
I am where seeds are not yet sown.
Just for the day,
And for the night,
I’ll be on my way,
And out of sight.
For the time being, I am just me,
Homeward bound, set to be free.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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no man's land

imagine yourself from where you stand
to vanishing point in all directions
out in the midst of no man's land
nothing but grid and introspections

it's quiet out here, with nary a breeze
shells quietly exploding now in your head
lost in your thoughts, quick as you please
thinking, of all the things that you said

out here past any nation's demarcations
i wish you were here to share my company
life may only be our mind's aberration
but we could dream, of all that could be

touch and talk as stars arced the sky
far from this grids greyed hue and cry

© Goode Guy 2011-11-15

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Wasted On The Young

The past can be something for which we long
because it’s the joys that we remember
from back when we were young, healthy and strong,
romance in blaze (that now seems more ember).
Friends, easily won, were true companions
who partied with us in celebration,
while now our path is all mountains and canyons –
hard journey taken in isolation.
We fool ourselves with such comparison. 
Our recollection’s illusion.   Although
the best of them may already be gone,
these are the good-old-days we’ll come to know.
Let’s hope we won’t feel sorry once again
that we didn’t appreciate them then.

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Heavenly Postioned Place

I am left with nothing to lose or to gain.
I walked in deserts and I found my Star.
It was brilliance, shined by few, and far.
I held my head high until yes I am sane.
It was trickery so I sought some rain.
She glowed tremendous thus bizarre.
By fate, my Star had no Earthly scar.
It was at high peak and by far plain.
It took me forever plus another day.
Vividly I made it through the night.
The Sun also the Moon led my way.
Even they were illuminating bright.
She stared me squaring straight eye to eye and upon my Earthly face.
She partook for me to take my stand in my heavenly positioned place!

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Song without a voice

A saddest song within me idly pursed
Is lodged in lyrical melancholy.
A muted voice attempts to sing a verse
But only soundless words escape from me.
Its somber composition might as well
Be blank without a pleasing melody.
The lyrics are lost as sinners in Hell.
The couplet verses filled with self-pity.
An aria within my doleful soul;
A piece that never will be heard by ears.
A single opus creation, surreal
And limited, saddening with no tears.
A song without a voice to sing it's sad
Refrain-enough to drive me raving mad.

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Merry Morse

The distant wheel revolves within the night;
its boastful stature begs to be subdued;
though comforting I find, its flashing lights
and its unwavering vivacious mood.

Its garland gleams from its circumference
in patterns that I cannot comprehend.
Perhaps I'm not the one who holds the sense
to understand the ciphers that it sends.

The cargo that it bears must be the key,
and so I board the incandescent gyre,
in hopes that someone down below will see
and apprehend my brisk formatted fire.

Oh turn-oh turn my metal merry morse,
and let your color-coded canvas course!

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Dream Fairies

I dreamed of Fairies, floating around my head.
They were beautiful, colors of green, yellow, and red.
Occasionally one would rest on my shoulder and hint.
Why they were visiting me, and why they were sent.
I listened though it was difficult to understand words.
Most the sounds they made were like chirps of birds.
Though one was different, with a voice like a human girl,
She said to me, I love you, come with me, and give it a whirl.
If you choose to stay with me, we can change history.
If you choose to return to life, this love will be a mystery.
I shall still visit you from time to time, to tell you secrets.
Each treasure, I shall give to thee, there shall be no regrets.
Now you know how my muse came to me one night.
My words blessed, I love her forever, and she is my delight.

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I put up the barriers and molded the Great White Stone.
I searched all written doctrines that embodied my light.
It was a remarkable journey let me tell you of my flight.
I even went through DNA of every strand of every bone.
I matched all the genetic linage to kind energies ingrown.
It was like an open door after door where all turns bright.
The misplacement that followed is truly way out of sight.
Seeing it all made me search my truth and I wasn’t alone.
I felt like I am the only one.
There was just me to believe.
There was too much undone.
More than humans conceive.
This was an origin unknown and not of this world.
This is timeless intelligence appropriately swirled.

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Sometimes though not so often any more
I sail on winds of thoughts past distant shore
Tacking through the bluster hauling close

To use the dimming luster of cliches
To come about and run downwind for days
Stern lines wrapped around my bracing hips

Knee jammed helm a steady push
Against the mains'ls drift
As all the joys of wilder misspent  youth

Dance in the tidal racing rips
Mysteries unfold from muses tongues of old
Spellbound and clinging to the upper gunwhale

Leaning further out to feel the ride
They keep me balanced in this running tide

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The Turn Down Temptation

In my doubt,my loss of direction,
I ponder under the sky's purple blight
And think,"temptation's an intersection
Found along throughways and causeways at night.
Defined by it's lack of definition
Seen in shadows thrown by sodium arc,
It's promise calling forth from exhaustion
To tired eyes in need of a place to park.
A new road beginning from where you turn,
Vague horizon hinting at hidden hope,
Potential of all there can be to yearn,
Womanly scent of flowers and fresh soap."
These thoughts born of my own bleak frustration,
As I go past the turn down temptation.

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Deep Into The Well

Now sits the Mocking Bird in the tree
In the sky float clouds so light pastel, tan;
Winter's end now gone__none too soon for me
Draws the inside time to end__ play in sand

The child in me wants to escape outside
Refuse responsibility___be free
But then comes the numbing__flowing of the tide
Then I feel the call back__what has to be

As sure as the granite rock doesn't change
Hasn't anything changed because God made me
To be like the Rose that buds each year same
As the Swallows go away and the bees

Seem to hibernate__the Phlox's root remain
My roots go down deep into the well___see

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Sorrowful Night

Loss from my heart, an old sorrow will foretell.
A mistake I made, one night to which love set sail.
My first sweet love, gave me my hearts desire.
However, it ended such a romance, trapped in fire.
One night of disgrace, and a change of the face,
Sent urges of discomfort, from leather to lace,
Jealousy of her beauty, she placed upon me.
Shattered thoughts of mine, graced upon she.
Rapture night of misgivings, played out on both.
Tore apart our union and destroyed our oath. 
Time never forgotten, though now a secret kept.
Our future to be agonized, with tears we wept.
Forever more and beyond, I will carry the scars.
Our secret stored forever, buried up in the stars.

Theme … an old sorrow…

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That's That

The Sun is on my horizon approaching this brand new day.
Ripples in the sea shatter my shimmering ultra-violet light.
Birds sing in the air and many more are on this same flight.
Rising high, the Sun makes rounds in its sweet special way.
Puffy white clouds are on the trail until they begin to stray.
Blue skies follow suite running off the wet darkened night.
Green grassy grounds are visions of a true God given sight.
Branches of trees wave at the Sun as if bitterly bent or fray.
Rising with the Sun and busy as a bee,
Up and on it I always rise just to shine!
It is all amazing just like being me!
That’s that and poof I’m all in line!

No really, I am telling you that’s that!
Now honestly who are you looking at?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Erasing All Trace of Elaine

It’s true, I have forgotten you, Elaine,
Utterly, as leaves when leaving summer trees
Die unremembering, as they coast along the breeze
Toward autumn ground.  No souvenirs remain.

Blurred images efface and fade.  I cannot see your plain
White dress, bedecked with flowered fineries:
Poppies…yellow, orange, with Death-dark centers.  Please
Believe my love’s dissolved, drowned in Fall’s grey rain.

Through dimming years I’ll rarely, any more
View you in my imaginings.  Your summer-tinted hair
Of golden tawn recedes.  My lust cannot recall
Your criminally-carnal figure, or

Your rose-flushed mouth.  Romance lies in Death’s lair.
In autumn’s pall, I have forgotten all.

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A Poem

Its emotion itself moulded in pens hue,
The feelings in it are from vast ocean to tiny dew;
whence it hath filled minds shallowest lakes,
It flows down from heart as through snow flakes.

Proud and great are those creation--
Whose thought consist of truth along with imagination;
Those creation without truth are fake--
Passes to past,these new pieces,floating upon time's lake.

It has the majesty higher than Everest,
It covers within itself from lions den to tiny nests, 
It has the beauty brighter than pearl,
Deep message doth around it curl.

Lssons of academics--do they continue in life in general?
Message in poetry --they do run with life till funeral.

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When the storm has withered and you walk away,
Look up and then down and ye shall see my cloud.
Brisk but sweet I shall be and I shall shine so proud.
I shall move the winds and ye shall hear what I say.
I will take your voice and vibrate what you do pray.
I will come through you with a whisk so very loud.
I am the noises amongst every single blatant crowd.
Today tomorrow or yesterday I was there on that day.
I am inside of you and outside the court.
Bounced and planked I am the only one.
Itched and scratched I examine the port.
Faith or Grace I have just only now begun.
Time is you and time is me and I set you to my side.
I am a gateway that is so narrow or much too wide.

® Registered: Ann Rich 2007

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Shhhhhhh, I say to you!
Your breath I take away.
Your heart I make stray.
Your life I will make do.

Hush! My word I shew!
Your meaning will fray.
Your purpose will slay.
Your will ends as anew.
Listen up and listen here!
Hear ye oh hear me now!
I shall not just disappear.
Here and now, I am how.

Let a bye-gone be a bye-gone. 
And move yourself right along!

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The Note

I was corner-stoned by many of you.
The note was dotted with a dash.
But this note was an ultimate smash.
I found a peephole and peeped through.
I found a bird gave him the note and away he flew,
Across the deserts and the valleys he was there in a flash,
Across the rivers and Oceans he made a great big splash.
He made it to the shore, but the note he began to chew.
He passed a timely test,
And his belly was full,
He did not stop to rest,
The note he had to pull.
The bird landed on the Oceans shore,
Singing praises of his rugged chore.

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Thief Of Time

Day changes to night without a whimper
Another day of time I can’t retrieve.
The thief of time blithely robbing the hours
From me, a felon that I never see.
I once had youth; my heart was young as spring
Where all life’s offerings were there for me.
But now the yoke that once connected things
Somehow became a distant memory.
Here I am in the autumn of my life
Clinging like a withered leaf on a tree
As the setting sun again turns to night
And the purloiner robs again from me.
How long must I suffer this living death?
Until the thief of time steals my last breath!

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Invoice for work that you have done;
Make sure you know how much to charge;
Print out and jerk the actual run;
Accrue and show the cost of touch;
See to the cause of all that noise;
Sense what must be the right amount;
Extract the cost for contract poise;
Mark then the fee for piecemeal count;
Address the fate that job incurs;
Do manage now the market needs;
Notice the slate as each concurs;
Expect the how to furnish feed;
Script then the seeds that grow the name;
Soul paves the deed with form and flame.

Leon Enriquez
03 July 2014

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Joy starts the flow as truth shows well;
Open mind sees the way most clear;
Urge shines a glow to simply tell;
Reach for beauty with fond good cheer;
Notice the light that comes to show;
Explore the cast and sculpt your style;
Yield to insight that ever knows.
Join souls at last with gentle smiles;
Offer pure heart to voice fine poise;
Use moments here to prime each move;
Reap sacred art as you rejoice;
Now courage steers the happy grooves;
Align your feel with radiant sight:
Love comes to heal with living light.

Leon Enriquez
03 July 2014

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Soul Light

Beyond, above the stars, my thoughts away
Urging me to dreams in death of night,
Keeping secrets dark, I dare not say,
Away among the stars I hold them tight.
Knot of pain and shame reflected in
The knife-sharp clarity of clear cold sky;
Throngs of thoughts, sounds that ring of sin,
The stars hold not the answer to my “why”.
The night of soul is deeper, darker still
Than spirit wounds I cannot seem to heal;
Yet light illumines out from death’s stone chill,
And stars are keepers warm of secrets real.
Be still, and fear no more the surge of dark,
The light remains, engendered by a spark.

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Sonnet: Special moments

There are days when I want just to sit ‘round
and during this time relax just doing nothing.
And from my porch enjoy views without frown.
It's nice to dream and let go of many things.

This day is nice and is not cold or warm.
Is a great day and the sky is nice blue.
No cloudy day no rain and not a storm.
There's nothing now to ruin this precious day.

I wish I do that in a day like this
But I know I can't stay too long that way.
I want to remember good times ~ people I miss.
I see butterflies I'm having a great day!

I want to grab sheets and pen and write too
and friends this is the way I'm feeling today!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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Common Ground

Starry night, Star bright shine your light!
It’s a lost world traveling at a rapid speed.
Oh guide me and teach me to properly lead.
For I am down here where nothing is right!
Send me a wind to take my flight,
And let them all take heed!
I am the deepest seed.
For I stand in all my might.
Let the Sun shine down on me.
Let the rains walk away.
Set my eyes where they can see.
For I am day by day!
As the world spins around and around,
I shall be found standing on top of Common Ground!

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For Readers Digestive Derangement

Some whimsy flame smoking ghosting taunting flaunting sporting spontaneity.
To tickle amused fancies  while causing some to ponder on the intricacies of life
Why this night to indulge in experimental elemental Watsonian witchery. 
What twisted fate in this mortal coil ? Did bacon wrapped scallops mix a 
Merloticiously palatable taste to cause this diverse  alternative reasoning?
Enter stage right from darkness  some somber  soul of servitude  smirking
Delighting in your obvious confusion Is this entertainment or just the illusion of it
 Should you read on or laugh and change the subject saving this for later perusal 
probably properly pompously perhaps prayerfully playfully posing 'pon particular 
passionate pernicious parabolic parables 
To allay your fears of discovery To stay the course. Hanging on to every word. 
Or to lay back and let it happen. Go with the flow. Veg.  Let life take its course. 
Worry not in wordy whimsy. Simply smile delightfully letting free fickle fancy tickle 
as you sip and sup in friendly night

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in the icy climates of winter's days
when only then, do the days grow longer
love slipped, careened, and fell away
balance and stability sway to reconquer 

and teetering on that glacial cliff
squinting at glinting diamonded ice
attempting to decipher life's hieroglyph
something will occur to make us think twice

in the freezing and thawing of loves seasons
both hard and cold give way to a rebirth
love fails or succeeds, a myriad of reasons
still to return again, for all we're worth

upheaval is life transformed with apprehension
budded with hope, love aspires to ascension

© Goode Guy 2012-01-30

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Windows of the Soul

Ever wonder how you know what you know,
Ever been here or there and done this before?
It is a thought that assembles so much more.
It is one feeling that can never just let it all go.
Ever wonder where the airs might next blow,
Ever been there and done the disused chore?
It is a thought that will rain with an outpour.
It discovers unprotected windows of the soul.
It always jibber-jitters to you,
So listen up so you can hear,
Just pass through,
With very little fear!
Now, be sure to take your time and do every single thing right,
For one day, your soul shall speed you up and take off in flight.

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That's That!

The Sun is on the horizon approaching this brand new day,
Ripples in the water and they shimmer incredibly bright,
A bird sings in the air and many more are on the same flight!
Rising high the Sun makes its rounds in a very special way.
Puffy white clouds are on the trail until they begin to stray.
Blue skies follow suite running off the darkened night.
Green grassy grounds are visions of a true God given sight.
Branches of trees wave at the Sun as if they want to play.
Rising with the Sun and busy as a bee,
Rise and shine!
It’s amazing just like me!
That’s that and it’s all in line!

That’s that!
And newer days we are all looking at!
© Copyright Ann Rich   2006

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 The last of feigning death, love now abides,
 tuberculin, infectious, inside her breast.
 She breaths emotion where your hope now hides,
 and clings to what Melpomene knows best.
 Dear tragedy of love, deep in her eyes,
 to love we die, or never love one bit.
Your soul--once doomed to Hell--see now it flies
 renouncing every hope of ending it.
 Consuming as is love, the hate must flow,
 each seething, creeping, loathing will to fly,
 amongst what hope is left, one thought will show;
 to know the deep of someone, one must die.
 All of your will, which dieth, less for cause,
 has ended short of knowing who she was.
 ©  ron wilson

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Moving Forward

When in my darker moments I reflect
  upon what through my lifetime I have known
anger swells within my sad regret
  as I wander through my misery alone.
I mourn the loss of time and precious youth
  spent in pain doled out like daily bread
in courses, served harsh pieces of their truth
  believing what so cruelly they have said.
I've tried to stand my ground but rarely win
  and suffer all the more for fighting back.
It seems to me to be a grievous sin
  when it's those supposed to love you who attack.

     But in the distance burns a steady light.
     Moving forward I gain strength to stand and fight.

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A World Too Small

I cannot find enough minutes in the day,
Even measured in the beats of my heart.
From no poet can I prise the words to say,
When all except feeling, appears then departs.
I cannot breathe out those avenues of light,
Capture your beauty in some lost chord,
Nor deliver clarity in the black on the white
In some vain hope of a dignity restored.
Each corridor of retreat inches narrow,
Distressed I find my air it pinches thin.
This control of love plays me as shallow,
Yet is its pursuit the inducement of sin?
Here then I find there are no exits to this place,
And the world is too small to forget your face.

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Feat of Fate

I am dressed and tailored to fit on a form.
Clothed with the Sun and Moon at my feet
I even have a throne where I can sit my seat.
It is golden and silver slippers I wear warm.
I carry a torch to warn of impending harm.
Its fire is higher than a challenge to greet.
But many fireballs I have come to meet.
Like fallen Stars swimming in a swarm.
I was given a feat of fate.
It was here and it was now.
It was slow but not too late.
Somehow I just knew how!
Tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And where I am no one honestly knows.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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A Misfortune

In a special way, I search my every day.
I’m all cried out by justice I now scream.
I have much to say with my words I pray.
From reality to delusion, but yet a dream!
I tell you I am surely the crop of that cream.
Now I can stay or I can go on about my way.
You may reject me or accept me as supreme.
Every single day generates my hands at play.
Bottomed out or just plain downright silly,
I could care the least towards the very best.
Or, I can sit here and say OMG! Oh Really?
Maybe I should armor up in a cast-iron vest.
If only everyone already knew about their one golden frowned upon rule.
Perhaps a misfortune will shear a few jewels stopping the two timing dual.

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                                       Who are you? I don't know
                                     Let me know first myself better
                                             I will know you later
                                               Do you know that
                                            if I know you better first
                                                 you will be later

                                           Come on and go ahead on
                                              I want you be the top
                                         I want to cheer up with that Joy

                                             You hate me that I know
                                      but I love you even I be a sparrow
                                            You be the Queen always

                                             Far away from the Region
                                             though there's no tension
                                                  I love you always

Note: It's a write of a good husband of hot head with calm mind  where                               
well wisher husband wishes the best for his wife in casual dispute.                                        

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Tid Bits

Great God Almighty, I took you throughout this heartland. 

It was oops, uh oh and Jesus Christ all of the way we went. 

I shewed or I spewed those great mightier and all you sent. 

Created and destroyed were all of those left held in a hand. 


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust we left them all in your sand. 

My, me oh my revelations came shining through in time lent. 

They ran to and fro with dim lights that were warped or bent. 

I gave and I saved for this that and the other for a high brand. 


I went all the way up and all the way down. 

Beside myself I turned life and death to me. 

I found a medium so I stood on my ground. 

I tell you today I do shine sea to shining sea. 


They all left and tossed their chips calling it quits. 

But I my Sir have it all here and there in Tid-Bits! 

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My Grace is sufficient.
Come in a time of need.
There is only one seed.
My Grace is omniscient.
My Grace is proficient.
If a soul dare to bleed,
My Grace takes heed.
My Grace is beneficent.
My Grace is sufficient for thee,
Come boldly unto this throne,
Seek me and ye shall find me.
All in my Grace ye have grown.
By Grace ye are saved through faith,
Clearly you must make no mistake.

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Sonnet: The Secret of Success: Love

(English Sonnet)

You can’t really succeed without love
Love or its lack will make you weak or strong
Love is the key to success from God above
And its power is a victorious song!

With love we can overcome all kind of evil
God give us all a heart and soul to love
With an option to be kind forgive ill
And we can do it walking in His love.

Sometimes you may think that you can’t do this
But let me tell you in Jesus name you will
Cause walking in His Word/ Light is the key
Think hard, you decide! God’s way or your will.

Just keep in mind that God/Love never, ever fails!
Do everything with love, heart with joy will fill!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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I know not how to guard a timid heart
from capture by the reckless wanderer,
to close it from emotion, keep apart
the helpless and the cunning conqueror.
I have not an impenetrable wall
prohibiting your entrance, have no shield
deflecting glances meant but to enthrall – 
you challenged, I was all too quick to yield.
I search not inner sanctums for the will
to distance this temptation; seek not might
to hardened spirit be; look not to kill
the swell, the flames the kisses would ignite.

Resigned as such to this, the sweet demise
to never hide beneath such thin disguise.

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Act the Part

I am an actor on this stage of life.
My role is factored into all the scenes
Beginning with an innocent delight.
My birth and babbling lines by any means
Directed all attention to this part.
A ham at birth and cute, I was a star.
The photographs and modeling apart
From some occasional fluffing thus far
I acted many roles that came my way.
Until my public image lost its lure
I found myself without a scene to play
Except the one where life shown me the door
A role I never played in my career
An empty lonely man, alone in tears.

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As the storm clouds roll in
     on the darkest of skies,
     and windiest of days-
don't shield me from this awesome sight
     or turn and run away.

Stay with me through the storm
     with its electric flashes,
     and roaring clatter-
don't take control of the ships helm
     or guide me from the weather.

For I have come this far
     on the deepest of seas,
     and most turbulent spills-
have faith in me to find the way
     the journey is my thrill.

It's not shelter from the storm I seek,
rather deliverance from a life too bleak!

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Comfort Zone

Nobody really knows the real you
They only see what you want them to
One of life’s perks is freedom of choice
Stay quietly hidden or raise your voice
Show just a glimpse to avoid heartache
No way to love fully, but your choice to make
Be careful so this does not become
A zone of comfort, a struggle for some
Protection of self, on top of your list
Shielding kindred from oblivious abyss
And fallen angels are scattered about
War casualties, alone in the wake of doubt
Forlorn and forgotten since long ago
Similar spirits see more than you know

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Will you cry for years with nothing more to say, 
Or dry your tears and find a better way? 
Will you fold and let your story go untold, 
Or brave a life that's interesting and bold? 
Will you seek out phantom battles just for spite, 
Or blight the wrong and always side with right? 
Will you lag behind, reclusive, in disgrace, 
Or set the pace and lead the human race? 
Will you wrestle with your enemies and guilt, 
Or measure wealth by friendships that you've built? 
Will you stain your life with unforgiven pain, 
Or sacrifice when nothing's left to gain? 

Will you see the glowing sun shine through the rain, 
Or shut your eyes and live your life in vain? 

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Playground Festive Spree

Stomping tiny feet across the large school yard
Football and tetherball games, never seem hard
Swings and slides occupied entirely at full capacity
Enormous vibrant energy, some quiet some witty

Always in need of a pass; for this and for that
He took my purple book bag, she took my cool hat
Faces full of shining light, yet some full of suffering
Trying to simply “fit in”, trying to be something

All different shapes and sizes with huge attitudes to show
Watching our future observantly as I watch our future grow
Some mischievously defiant, some a perfect behavior displayed
Waiting for the very last bell to ring while standing at parade

Counting down the time until I let my whistle blow
Racing running rapidly, the moment’s soon they know
Watching my every move, their eyes fixed upon to me
Waiting for an action on a playground festive spree

Our children are our future and I can see it in their eyes
With every passing child I meet, I know the answer why
I never really realized it until the moment I started to teach
The world is at their fingertips, as far as they can reach

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Symbolic Lies

Representation you do depict
Of a crafty liar who does subsist
Can’t keep focused in any type of thought
In fear of being noticed, in fear of being caught

A figure so grand, yet honesty you lack
Stature so appealing; strangers you do attract
Charisma and charm attached as well
Don’t get too close for dishonesty they’ll smell

Reeking of deceitfulness; the aroma engulfs you whole
Never believing the price you’d pay would be your entire soul
So go ahead and fool them; portray yourself as who you’re not
For all your lies will catch up with you and never be forgot

It’s amazing how your contentious has no remorse to show
It’s astounding how your dignity has vanished ever so slow
So go ahead and fool them for I know who and what you are
The time is nearing quickly for all that charm to unwittingly disbar 

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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I'm Still Me

Who I was
Is who I am
What I said
Was not a scam

I'm still me
I've not replaced
My true identity
Is still in place

Look deep inside
You shall see
Your daughter, your sister
All of me

Don't be confused
By subtle change
I've only adapted
To this life of derange

(C) Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Psychedelic Mind

Psychedelic shades of hue
Reds, violets and colorful blues
Shapes distorted they do convey
An imaginary delusional conventional display

Floating matter amidst in the air
Encircle my quaint modest lair
Canvas it bares no strokes of shade
Thoughts and ideas merely forbade 

Rising and lifting above the roost
Lifeless serenity; no need for a boost
Psychedelic daze, peering down upon you
Your bodies so small and I feel so new

Diminished clarity; falling quickly now
Crashing into reality; silent psychedelic vow
Teasing thoughts; temptations ramped thru my mind
Yearning for the next trip, of an altered distorted kind

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Salty Sonnettier


         Tears well in the corners of eyes
         Race down freshly shaven cheeks
         Salt wind with  ebbing tide
              Excuses them their flight
              Tangy scent of tidal wake
        Whets thirst and hunger sharp awake
        Memory  whispers thoughts unspoken
        In different times on distant shores
        Far and fathers' space and time
        Adrift and withered spinning rhyme
       Spidery white jet streams of cloud 
        Wet blue dream of sky so loud
        The spirits of his self all crowd
        To shiver  twist in misted wars

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Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Of course not.  I must walk aloof, alone,
And clutch my dear possessions close to me:
Pomp and power; prizes I’ve sought, and won!
And since I have no “brother” of my own
I have no one to keep or help, you see,
“Each man for himself”—that is how it’s done!
And help I ask from anyone is none.
…At least that’s how I’ve tried to make it be,
Until suburban coldness stills my heart
And I grow sick of living inwardly,
Discovering my neighbors aren’t made of stone,
(Chain-link fences can’t prison us apart)
As cautiously our nervous voices start
Exchanging greetings in that iced Unknown.

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The Loathsome Guest

Though once I sought for him as one seeks light,
Now Truth, as my own shadow, never strays.
He witnesses each anxious, sleepless night
And follows me through my unhappy days.
It has been years since I have been alone.
I feel him in the corner of my mind;
Horribly near, he stands as still as stone.
"Aren't I," he sneers, "what you wanted to find?"
He sickens me; I cannot meet his stare.
I long to overcome him, but such strength
And constancy are more than I can bare;
He knows that he will overcome at length.
I shut my eyes to his unholy dawn.
Truth folds his arms and yawns a patient yawn.

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food for thought

Wisdom's pearls uncultured grow
In oysters tightly closed
Knowledged colleged cultured speakers
Display them polished highly lighted
Proud of what they know
Diving into Nature's secrets
Armed with open eyes
Wisdom seekers searching find
Oyster shells upon the beaches
Pearls of wisdom left behind
By gulls with different values
Miserly oysters  fly so high
Dying richly feeding
Feasts for poet eyes

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I Remember

Remember when our love
Was so thoughtful and so kind?
Remember how you made me laugh?
Now I see how love is blind

Remember all the power you held,
with one embrace and passionate kiss?
Remember all the endless laughter
And the sweet essence of reminisce?

Remember the passion and caring
Over the simplest things in life?
Remember the moment you asked me,
To be your faithful wife?

Remember the how much you loved me,
And showed me with actions instead of words?
Remember our zealous display of affection?
The idea of it now seems to be so absurd

Remember how considerate we once were,
A very long time ago?
Remember the tone of our voices?
Soft and gentle without a despicable show

Remember when you said I do,
For now and all of eternity?
Remember we vowed to love each other,
To which both of us agreed?

Remember the many tears we shared
Over the many losses in our lives?
Remember you told me nothing would change?
Now we’re struggling for “this” to survive

I remember………

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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I Just Want To Go Home

I just want to go home
And start my life again
Not as a grown woman
But as a child with no pain

I want to be with my family
Who will care for me tenderly
Who’ll permit me to have a voice
And allow me to just be me

I don’t want to be a grown woman
Nor the responsibilities now in place
I want to be able live my life freely
I want to go home and try to retrace

I’m clearly begging for affection
Something I’m not receiving at this time
Please allow me to come home again
My disposition is purely sublime

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Sense Race

To find and use a rhythmic way of rhyming
Something sorta slow and fast and slow
A hawkish circle swoop of perfect timing
A half a step and turn on heel and toe
Musingly methodical musicly melodical
Remembered in an instant swirling flow
And good to know
like scallops maple bacon and merlot
And a watch can be a compass
Or sideway swimming in an undertow
Or diving down to find the hole you fell in skating
Instinctual reaction to survive
experimental senses elemental consequences
The train of thought is at an unfamiliar station

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Hall of Shame

Walls filled with memories of yesteryears galore
A painted rugged picture I’d never seen before
Regretful ignorant actions portrayed on display
Of a remorseful shallow entity induced to betray

Trinkets, awards and certificates also nil to show
Of activities and achievements as you watched me grow 
Photographs are missing, no proof on hand to confirm
A struggling distraught adolescent; no conscious left to affirm 

Was I ever special to you or was I simply just another face
For my wall of space seems empty; was I that much of a disgrace?
I walked the Hall of memories in search of one positive set
But all I found was disappointment and a shameful recurring regret

So I bow my head and look down at the straps upon my heels
Never glancing upwards, humiliated by what the hall revealed
A non existent being with a past so invisibly out of sight
A disgraceful putrid portrait of bitterness and infinite contrite  

As I walk The Hall of Shame, dreadfully longing for the end
Taste of dishonor overwhelming my soul as you continue to condescend 
Then I saw a beautiful ray of light and a loving hand did then appear
Guiding me thru this empty past; my humiliations seeming to disappear

As he softly takes me by the hand and begins to take the lead
My fingertips still search the walls for any past accommodating deeds
For one swift moment I saw a glimpse of my previous glorious days
The Hall of Shame disappearing; finally recognizing my talented displays

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Insecurities I cannot help but to hold
Such a beautiful woman; this I am told
But all the compliments cannot dismiss
The feeling of disgust that obsessively exists

Accusations and threats frequently alleged 
Hating myself, going crazily over the edge
Rage compensating my desire for friendliness 
Painfully awaiting a sensational tenderness

Rarely finding comfort, mostly finding disarray
Remaining as I was before; reportedly replayed
Proclaiming change is nearer than it ever was before
Desperately locked frame of mind; somebody open the door

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Selective Hearing

Wasted thoughts of memory
You can’t remember anything
Are these actions intentional?
I’m frightened by what they bring

To me it seems to be selective
Your memory so to speak
For things defined important to you
Are the only matters you seek

Why won’t you just open your eyes?
So you can see I’m not the enemy
I’m the one who gave you my life
Yes, that woman was once me

Seeking your monetary gain
Is all you seem to care about
Lost perception of who you are
Pure intentions never devout 

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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The Storm

It comes without warning
Like a fierce tidal wave
Rushing to swallow me up
And send me to my grave.

The anquish, the despair
Flood into my mind
I never see them coming
And no help can I find.

There is no safety net
Life jacket, or raft
To keep me from drowning
In it's destructive path.

There's a fight on inside
A battle I'll try to win
God, make my strength last
To fight the demons within.

For now it is dark
I'm all alone out here
Can't see what's coming
I'm blinded by my tears.

I'm treading water though
No drowning tonight
I'm exhausted from battle
But for now I've won the fight.

No one is ever aware
Of the huge, ugly storm
 I set sail thru so often
Always in perfect form.

I wish I could tell all 
The stories of my seas
But to speak them aloud
Would bring me to my knees.

The haunting memories
Always sailing so near
Come crash into me hard
Leaving me broken from fear.

But I do weather the storm
For a day, a week, or more
I may be weak and weary
But I've made it to shore.

My reprieve is temporary
I must repair the damage
For I fear another may come
Just as brutal and as savage.

Until then I'll fill each moment
Sharing all the love within me
For one day comes a shipwreck
That will vanish me in the sea.

~ passionpoet4u

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Granted It Was My Choice

Granted I held the “know how”
To make decisions on my own
Granted I knew the consequences
Of being afraid to be alone

Granted I was raised with values
And morals to guide through life
Granted I had the opportunity
Of remaining the invisible wife

Granted I knew right from wrong
Yet somehow I veered off path
Granted I knew the fundamentals 
Of an addictive ruthless wrath

Granted I abused your advice
Tossing it to the side as simple dismay
Granted I knew the truthfulness
To which my actions did display

Granted I took your kindness
And took advantage without remorse
Granted I took your loving admiration
Allowing my tenacity to run its course

Granted I was weak and I failed terribly 
To the many immoral decisions I see
Granted it was my choice to undo the past 
But in the end it was all because of me

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Writers Block

Cannot convey thoughts I deem
Cannot display my idealistic schemes

Words are there, at the tip of my tongue
Memories of the past, when I was young

For some odd reason the words won’t flow
Putting them all together is processing slow 

My minds drawing a blank; I cannot think
My pen sits in idle, full of lively ink

I guess today is not the day for poetry to present
A writer’s block continuing; I guess it wasn’t meant

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Sonnet: Leave The Past Behind

Remember that there's always love and hope 
And that at the end there's always a light. 
To illuminate our uncertain steps 
As we journey life's roads ‘very day and night. 

It is so very scary how time drifts so fast 
And what it was a while ago just yesterday 
It is now for us but so many years back. 
Seasons come and go- nothing the same stays. 

Be cheerful when you look at your days ‘head 
Forget the past and never look too long back. 
Don't get stuck in self-pity and only regrets. 
Remember there's a light in all this dark. 

And there are so many ways with life to cope 
Because for you there's always love and hope. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Upon the ledge where sits the sparrow,
I ventured there to climb and crawl.
Though it got so very narrow
I had no fear that I would fall.

I looked upon the world below me.
I saw them all as tiny ants.
If they looked up, would they see,
would they notice, should they glance?

I feel alone upon this ledge,
Forever pushing toward the edge.

(I call this a baby sonnet)

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Death Without Faith

I wander this eve through a garden of stone
Each stone is set with words so marked
Though I feel safe, as if it is home
I feel so cold within the dark

I cannot help but feel so personally alone
As now I am standing, I cannot laugh
For I see now on new placed stone
The words of my own epitaph

My head then bows before this scary sight
The view so steals the warmth from me
I cry, I know I’ve passed, this night
I’ll wander earth eternally

Oh faith, lost faith, I’ve cursed my grave
As earth’s now the master, I am it’s slave

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Without Prejudice

Take a stroll through your past life
It’s horrifying isn’t it, what you’ve found?
A past that continually haunts you
Choices made irresponsibly unsound 

Now take an in-depth look again
Dismiss the prejudice you possess
So much conflict and anger
A learned behavior to be my guess

Someone poisoned your thoughts
Teaching you chauvinistic displays
Someone taught you incorrectly 
Without prejudice was never a way

Take an unprejudiced look at your life now 
And all that you’ve become
Don’t be foolish and fall under
Her bigotry; you’re under her thumb

Remain unbiased and always remember
All the fairness I’ve preached to you
Approach each person without prejudice
For the next one to be judged, could be you

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Broken Promises

Opened the door foolishly; welcomed you home again
Promising me that this time a newborn man you’ve been
Your criticizing, cynical nature have vanished, left without a trace
Sensitivity, kindness and compassion; characteristics now in place

Anger and temperament have dissipated; this I swear to you
No longer the tyrant of conflict and now know what I must do 
Words so easily spoken from a man who can’t bare an nth of remorse
A newfound saga slowly diminishing on his self-destructive course

Promises are meant to be broken and you are the champion of this
Actions speak louder than vocabulary and as always a typical remiss
Obnoxious, boisterous and controlling; change you have not made
Assurances from a master manipulator; broken oaths of promises betrayed

Aggressive approaching stature, disregarding the ones proclaiming to love 
Loyalty and commitment vanishing; as I pray to the Heavens’ above 
Lord please stop this abuse and cruelty; keep me safe and sanely sound
For this troubled man will not leave me; he’s honor is not loyally profound 

Please provide the guidance I need to rebuild this broken soul
My faithfulness is diminishing and I’m pleading to once again be whole
Your child I am perpetually and the air I breathe is because of you
Please my Lord remove this man, his departure is well overdue 

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Random Views From the Saddle Horn

Raw-boned trees scratch a dark hazy gray sky—
Far mountains gleam white with winter’s solutions.
Seems it’s this time of year we wonder why,
We even pause to make new resolutions.

In these random views from the saddle horn,
We creak worn leather with our restless spirit—
Like almost from the first day we were born,
We ride this life quickly, yet we still fear it.

And so we’ve lived to see this New Year dawn—
Vow again to do all those things that are right.
But we do not know what each day will spawn
Or if we will softly ride into the night.

So from this saddle horn we barely hold,
We ride on toward what a New Year will unfold.

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Forget My Name

I felt the symptoms starting
There was nothing I could do
Other than up my dosage some
Instead of ingesting one, taking two

That didn’t seem to matter
I felt the rage beginning to mount
The irritating aura surrounding me
My control I must take into account

Raged and manically inhabited 
Trying feverishly to maintain control
I lost it as fast as I wished it
Anger completely solely on patrol

Crying isn’t going to help me
Nor are my silent pleas out of mouth
Severe repercussions of my actions
Regret and sorrow leading me south

As far south as my feet can take me
Escaping this cruel mental shame
Leading me to another side of darkness
A place where no one will remember my name

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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Dressed In Me

Dressed in black
A mood of dread
Hiding my existence
Wishing I were dead

Dressed in white
A mood of peace
Harmonious persona
Of beauty to release

Dressed in pink
A mood of tenderness
Perky and amusing
A moment without stress

Dressed in blue
A mood of gloom
Depression commencing
For an inevitable doom

Dressed in grey 
A mood of subtle tone
Not quite as dark
But a need to be alone

Dressed in purple
A mood of passion
Vibrant and seductive
Yet depicting compassion

Dressed in me
A mood unknown
Irate and passive
Never carved in stone

© Stacy Lynn Stiles