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Sonnet Inspirational Poems | Sonnet Poems About Inspirational

These Sonnet Inspirational poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Inspirational. These are the best examples of Sonnet Inspirational poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Special Needs Hero

Young and pretty, living a normal life
Suddenly her world would never be the same
Her lovely boy born with special needs
Her daily life now the toughest of games

She carries on with her head held high
Having a career, still being his mother
Constantly dealing with medical issues
Yet she would not change him for another

Nurses and doctors fill her daily life
Fighting for the services that he needs
Never one complaint does she voice
Knowing not where his path will lead

A special soul; accepting the hand dealt 
My admiration for this woman so deeply felt…..

I am privileged to be one of his nurses...I have never seen a stronger
more dedicated mother..

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Within a Storm

Tis not the calm bright day that tests our grit
Nor guarded safe repose within our lair.
No test is it to keep a candle lit,
When winds are still and placid skies are fair.

Within the tossing tumult of a storm,
No way to steer and know where we are bound,
Where all around a knurling evil swarms,
It's there our own true inner peace is found.

So many of our demons we invent.
They circle waiting for our faith to fail.
We have within the spirit to prevent,
So even in our death we will prevail.

There in the midst of all we are set free,
To want, to love, to strive, or just to be.

Inspired By Winslow Homer's painting "The Gulf Stream"

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Eye of the Beholder

A child's beauty contest I watched in such awe;
  young girl in a wheelchair to her father, his all.
Escorting her on stage with such grace and pride;
 each so blessed to be at the others' side.

A fragile princess in a purple pageant dress;
 twirling her first in her chair then lifting her to his chest.
Their dance so inspiring; such an enchanting sight;
 so gently he lifted her high up to the sky.

Sparkling, bright eyes and the most beautiful smile;
 none deserving of a crown more than this precious child.
An imperfect body, viewed as a gift from above;
 her beauty matched only by a father's boundless love.

Beauty in my eyes is not found in perfection;
 but in acceptance, uniqueness, love and dedication.

June 29, 2014
Contest: Encore-anonymous positive new sonnet
Sponsor: Elly Wouterse

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Painted Echoes

A wash of gold adorns the westward sky
as waning light departs a summer’s eve;
in readiness to roost, crows cease to fly
and seek their resting place among the leaves.

Past toasted rooftops, twilight bids the sun
must softly slip away to realms afar,
with liquid grace, sun-kisses fall undone            
and drench the dusk in honey-toned memoir.

Time lengthened shadows whisper to the moon,
enticing her to wear her slender smile.
With reticence, she answers to their tune,
enriching night’s black canvass for a while…

still wearing notes of summer-sweet bouquet,
recalled from painted echoes of the day.

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Welcome To The Party

Welcome To The Party
Written by: D. Collins 9/8/14
Welcome to the party black, white, yellow, and brown.
Where you can get “Hippy” and let your hair down.
Treat it just like it’s another “Woodstock”.
Come in, just blend, and turn this party out.
Welcome to the party from New Orleans to L.A.
Those in Angola, and those in Pelican Bay.
All are welcome, we’re going to “set it off”.
Some food, spirit, and knowledge for all ’o ya’ll.
Welcome to the party, where some jazz may kick in.
And, before the song’s over you’ll holla “play that again”.
There’ll be good conversation, and the sweet, smell of myrrh.
People from all over the globe joined as brothers and sisters.
Welcome to the party, we’re just getting started.
Those who want drama should have already departed.
This party’s not for them. They don’t possess what it takes.
The uncanny ability to see far, beyond hate.

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If Love Does Not Live (Sonnet for Celene Crescent)

If love does not live so that love may live,
Wrecked on rugged rock like a pirate ship;
Tiresias speaks to hearts—no love to give,
Darkness and void with no inspired lips;

If love is quashed short of its golden prime,
Like dinosaurs smashed by a meteorite;
Crushed from its age of blossoming on time,
Like breath strangled from life not to unite!

Then O’ love, send me Pegasus to ride,
Spread your wings—lift us to Zeus in the sky;
Touching constellations with them abide,
Creating cherished crescendos for weepy eye:

Lightning life beaming love from golden clouds
Descending passion upon earth erasing shrouds!

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Paradise My Sweetest Love

My sweetest love hearest thou my advice
Let's leave for the garden of sweet paradise
We will live under a rainbow with cherries
Eat sweet mangoes and bright berries;
Build a cottage in its midst with a skylight
Bake gingerbread as the sunsets at twilight
Shower in the misting rain on our lawn
Sing sweet songs with the birds at dawn;
Make fireflies’ lanterns soothing our mood
The ravens will bring us nourishing food
The sparrows will build our resting nest
Oh my love—my darling, my earnest:
Together we will wish upon a shining star,
And from each other we shall never be far!

© Revised 5/31/10
© All Rights Reserved

5th Place Winner - Parody Poetry Contest. 
Sponsored by Dr. Ram Mehta, 6/10/2010


Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


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Oceanic Blues

How grand it is when sky blue meets the sea
may sky and sand and water ever be...
reflecting in a topsy-turvy lea.
Oh, let the stars fall down and over me.

Yes, meet me where the foam does froth and roil,
where the waves do pound ‘pon glistening soil
And seagulls squawk in mismatched harmony
oh, let the stars fall down and over me.

Sea tossed, the dross shines ‘pon the glistening strand, 
Gemstones born, where the sky does meet the land.
Meet me, down by the rush and roar sea
Oh, let the stars fall down and over me.

Here I shall blend for all eternity,
with life and death and love of thee for me.


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If Ever

If ever pain shall strike my wounded soul,
my consolation is you are my cloak
Your calming presence mending any hole,
protecting me from chills it might invoke

If ever moon and tide shall be at war,
and convolutes my tattered, wrinkled mind
I’ll plunge it deep into your ocean floor
of soothing words, ‘til sweetest peace I find

If ever sun shall fall upon its death,
my only prayer is that you'll be with me
For light within your heart is like my breath,
and this will last me for eternity

I know that life shall cease for me one day
But love, ah love, forever it shall stay...


--English sonnet; iambic pentameter :)

**thanks so much to Kash for the heads up on the syllables, and also to Jack for "it", and also to Sara and Carrie for your insights :)'s looking better now, thank you!!

again many thanks as well for all who's passed by and left inspiring comments :D; Debbie, I nudged the comma & tweaked that other line and Andrea, thanks so much for the additional wonderful suggestions-- sorry I am a bit stubborn with some of the lines ;)

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When there is nothing else left to pursue, 
As each solution is rendered worthless,
And defeat appears certain to ensue,
My arrogance asserts it is hopeless.

Frustrated I ponder about science,
Probing relentless through every option,
In despair the novel goads my conscience 
But my skills warn against its adoption.

Now the impasse dictates I should refrain.
Discouraged I attempt to hide my rile,
As all ideas are randomly slain,
That’s when logic resolves it is futile.

Then, my soul softly murmurs “persevere,
Divine intervention you must revere”.

Written by: Ronald Zammit
Dated: 10.01.2014
Contest: A Hunt for Inspiration
Sponsored by: Debbie Guzzi

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Hawaiian Sunset

I'm standing beside an old wind bent palm tree
with coconuts laying all around me
looking out over the gentle blue green sea
feeling the warm trade winds upon my face
white billowing clouds seem to be suspended
by silver threads in the evening sky
as the blood red orange sun seems to set into the sea
and the sky is painted by firelight
I know in this moment of time
the universe was created perfectly as it should be 
and if you find me here alone
know that I am not lonely

Dennis Davis

this poem is dedicated to a very special lady 
Cheryl Lewis who inspired me to write this poem

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Andrea the POETESS

Three dozen Roses, Red ,Yellow and White
To show my affection for POETIC insight
Her Quilled POETRY : Inspirations; ignite
The Pen in my hand as I write through the night

When words from her Heart, in a new POEM appear
I read it twice over 'til message is clear
The image so vivid as Roses "Pure" White
My mind carries her words in Dreams through the night

I wake up refreshed, with a pen in my hand
Thank-YOU Andrea Dietrich; I now understand
I will shout to the World; throughout the whole land
With a feeble Tribute to make YOU feel Grand

As my pen tries to emulate YOUR Talented Quill
Roses for Andrea and Her POETRY skill
Inspired by the Contest "A Soup member worthy of a Tribute"
                     Sponsored by " Richard Lamoureux " 

                   Dedicated to  the LOVELY POETESS
                              " ANDREA DIETRICH "

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Down Where The Roses Bloom

Down where roses bloom in the month of June
The scented petals will mature and fall
Carried by zephrys of spring like balloons
Those petals in the wind over land sprawl

Pale pink petals carried away to land 
With a gental touch of kindness caress
The spring grasses with a delicate hand
Courteous as it lands with politesse

Each petal waits in turn to fly away
Their patience is long, each holds 'til time
They then 'pon the wind float and not betray
The Spirit within which is one sublime

Down where the roses bloom may the fruit grow
Let love lead as petals upon wind flow  

Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle
Contest: Petals In The Wind
Written this 23rd day of January 2013
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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The pool grows green through the leaf cover.
Large pears hang upon ancient tree.
Mocking Bird sings chanting to his lover;
As the dew sparkles, like water in the sea.

Crepe Myrtle has turned red how time has passed.
Moma admired some trees said they were pretty.
Daddy dug up  a few runners, oh! memories from past.
In most things, think of daddy how witty__

Daddy brought (them) here to brighten moma's life
To give her something pretty to enjoy.
Today I enjoy them, this is reallife.
Now as I look at them they are my buoy

Clouds are coming in hiding the sun rays
But their light and life brightens my days_

For Nancy's contest;

Contest name: Gratitude

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Fresh Pillow (Kyrielle Sonnet)

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
Closing my eyes there is no peep,
This soft bed is just so mellow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Forgetting the stress of the day
I am in bed without delay.
Soul at ease— the mind must follow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Satin sheets over my shoulder,
Keep me warm—not getting colder.
Fantasy dreams I now billow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

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NIGHTINGALE'S SOUL LIGHTS Plain spotless uniform so pure and white Modest neat gear rendering tender loving fight Day, night 'till wee hours, eyes a must wide awake Extending a hand, shaking off all aches Tiptoeing like a sly in and out of rooms Dim ~ quiet same as white garden tombs Grace under pressure upon first newborn's cry Wiping tears from a gentle old man's dying eye Evenings so dark and mornings so bright Everyday a nurse sees life kaleidoscope lights Despite some voice rudeness to foul remarks Kindness,her soul's sweet perfume, larks A nurse appears unfeeling firm when mankind bleeds Within her are hidden soft golden beauty deeds (c) 11:47pm July 06, 2014

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Happy Birthday

Each day marks an earthly rotation full; The ascending sun warms, and setting cools. This day is pinnacle, hence above all; Our star’s broadening smile turns to you. Life beacons thy pleasure for things as such: The love-sick bird and sweet whispering gale. To exist is chance—yearns cherishing much; For it is rare a human knows its luck. Seize this day with vigour—it is quite yours, (‘Though the seizing of days ought be common). Search for the willing, you’ll find them in scores— The persons willing: rejoice by side you. Happy Birthday is all I wish to add, Along with the regards of a young lad!

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Michael's Blessed Birthday (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Have a blessed birthday Michael J Today I knelt for you to pray May His guiding light shine on you God’s grace I pray will bring you through May you have strength on your birthday With family this holiday Celebrating with faith like new God’s grace I pray will bring you through As your son returns home today Like a rainbow brightens the day Continue to wear a smile too God’s grace I pray will bring you through Have a blessed birthday Michael J God’s grace I pray will bring you through © Joseph, 11/20/07 © All Rights Reserved Hello Michael, have a blessed birthday and Thanksgiving holiday with your brave son and family. May God bless each of you always and as a family! The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain in the last line of each stanza. Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet has eight syllables. There are times when a French poem links back to the poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the poem.

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Happy Birthday Jenny (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Hope your big day brings you plenty
Keep a bright smile all the way
Your mom sings your praises today

Soon you will be driving to school
Don’t forget to follow the rules
Enjoy your day with a buffet
Your mom sings your praises today

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Don’t forget to save your pennies
Wish on a star on your great day
Your mom sings your praises today

Happy birthday to you Jenny
Your mom sings your praises today

© Joseph, 8/20/2007
© All Rights Reserved

This is for the the daughter of our own poetess, Kathy.

The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three 
rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase 
as a refrain in the last line of each stanza.  Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet 
has eight syllables.  There are times when a French poem links back to the 
poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of 
the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the 

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 Water falls in drops of liquid pearl
 Landing on my head first
 Then down my nose and my shoulders
 Dripping down my members.

 In thirst I lift my head up to drink
 The water descends cleansing
 Taking in its flow all the toxins
 And leaves a revived sense of being.

 The words You softly whisper in my mind
 Are like water of the purest kind
 They take away my fears at night
 And make me feel so alive.

 For Your love is like a spring of life
 That ever flows from on high.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright Nov. 2011

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I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Lonely lunatic, look for the golden giraffe

Lonely lunatic, look for the golden giraffe, and try to ride it soon!         
Raise clouds of dust in which the strange long neck horse    
Swims and dreams the waves attracted by the moldy moon:
In mirror time, from dream descending both, of course; 
You can see the green hair of the sky and the rainbow rhomb; 
But, who is ready to pick the rusty thoughts of old memory? 
Among the clouds we try to row above our tomb; 
Following our recollections, we carve in expensive ivory. 
The river of time sent us its waves of this incense emerald hour
In which we call back the summer’s amber of the fruitful word; 
So, this can be seen through windows of our age tower 
And again we cross through the trees and the black sword: 

People of air turned to the blessed breeze of brotherhood,
Reading Thora, Bible and Koran and walking in the wood

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Verses herald me without permission, Beckon me to corners that few will find and unveil views, horizons that listen to Bach hearts, Vivaldi souls, Mozart minds. A poem once wrote itself with wood smoke, Three hid in the smudge on an old postcard, Many opened their eyes as my child woke, One wept by the shrine of a fallen guard, But heed this; all scribes serve a fickle muse, Friend of the arts, but a sly patroness, We sit by her knee enthralled but confused as warmth converts to such cold adverseness. Courage, Dear Poet, though the silence burns, ~ Live well, soon enough lost words will return ~

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Sweetly Fragrant

Sitting under the pale pink running rose
At the end of a beautiful Autumn Day
Searching for inspirational sonnet to compose
For my love who lives in heaven's  way

To me He's like a honeysuckle vine
Blooming in the month of May
Sweetly fragrant essence among the pines
He's like the gold of mountains that's refine

To me He's like the babbling brook
Sweetly singing in tune
For everything in heaven He forsook
Fo prove His love for me is beyond the moon

Words cannot describe my love for Him
But daily I'll try to draw close in His realm

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I am Jacob

Not now the Egypt of my death for I
Have not seen my Bethel yet, nor have I
The coat of many colors made, let me meet
First the soft Rachel of my enslaved years
My heart for her cannot yield to defeat
No Esau can assault my love with fears
Bend me only fore the God of the sky
Bow me to meet his boundless sovereign eye.

Then I shall rise my new name a crown for kings
And bring that boy to bulwark mortal joy
In this Canaan, hear now my Rachel sings
Fox wit and grace, and love without alloy
I am Jacob, heir to the promise of God
Not yet to Egypt desolate I trod.
Look now this sky, more blue than all I know
Taste this water, how calm the rivers go
Feel now this peace, the angels singing slow
And yet all these hours like a prison seem
Like solid bars around my silent dream.
It is not for heaven yet I toil today
My treasures I lay in love, and toil still
Till my bright Rachel heeds and come away,
Only my longing shackles here my will.

How then met I her  soft moon's loveliness
First amidst the thirsty creatures, I am
Jacob, I see His will, his plan to bless
If I be steadfast, and trust in the Lamb   
I am Jacob, let me yearn, time's tame bars
Shall not my spirit's wings detain. Let toil
Not think it's too hard for me, I keep stars
In my loins to light my hope. Dreams recoil
Where love pushes me; my Rachel will be
Mine. This prison then of Laban's folly
Shall not crush my faith, in chains, yet I'm free
For grace my ransom paid. You may tally
Time in seconds brief, my God tallies it
In years. I am Jacob, soar my spirit
Now away, on angels ladder let me stay
Till Rachel brings anew my autumn day
For I shall claim atonement's jubilee
When her arms are wrapped tightly around me.
Come now, my Rachel, give me jar and string
Let me from the deep well draw, let me bring
Cool as praise the water up, I'm Jacob
Sit here awhile, and with your servant sup.
Fairer art thou than Esau's riches now
Better than Isaac's legacy that I stole
For you the labor of my life I vow
More precious than Laban's cattle or gold.
How beautiful thy face, thy dove's eyes shine
Brimming my darkness with sweet stars and moon
Surely you are that bride, that gift divine
You are my soul's Eden abloom in June
Come now, Rachel, give Jacob jar and string
I claim you a kingdom for God my king.

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Sonnet Of Worship

I worship you for the plan made for me
From the beginning you knew the tree
The sun, moon, stars nestled at height just right
An atmosphere that surrounds with good light

Through the centuries you knew when to come
To redeem humanity and touch man some
Bringing hope to a lost and dying world
With your teachings, blood, sweat, tears earth did swirl

The guider, comforter, holder of my heart
Omniscience, all knowledge from the very start
Capturing my heart with all that you made
Creating it from your words needed no spade

Exalt my redeemer, friend, comforter
Valentine, my heart is an admirer

(Second attempt at a sonnet.  This is for the "I love you because" contest.)

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Jew #20

This morning on my knees again, I lift
You up in prayer, love. Beg God his care
For you, to make the laboring day swift
Balm your weary flesh, and deny your fear
I told him bathe you in the fount of youth
Clothe you with the silk of grace, and make it
In purple color, jewel you with truth
And bring you to my heart, resplendent lit.

Queen of my soul, fair bride of all my dreams
I can but in prayer near you be found
Prayer makes small the world though large it seems
God omnipresent make heaven like ground
And love across the gulf of distant miles
Embrace our two hearts in kisses and smiles.
Have you read your text again as I plead
Did you parse it line by line, drank its faith
And yield renewed with every verse you read
Saw that agate sweeter than opiate
Upon the tongue, the promise spoken there
And shall you soon enlarge your tent's domain
Castling your dreams and dancing on your care
The Bible is God's truth, never treat it vain.

It says from the beginning a man was made
For you, and that I must not be alone
From you, nor sundered by human charade
From the flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone
In its pages I see our sure happiness
The success of our dream, your loveliness.
"Who can find a virtuous woman," Lord,
Is this a question to me? I found
The only one, a diamond, rough and hard
Abused by others, and oft tossed around
The fools never knew her worth, but you gave
Me eyesalve, shone your light and let me see
The splendor uncut, her light's purest wave
The inner sparkle of the heart - the sea
Of crystals tender for love's symphony
Let them seek now in vain to answer thee

I have joy, no price can match in value
Nor worth exceed, for her, Lord, I thank you
Beautiful flowers come from common seed
The brightest rose was once a seeming weed.

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You Are My Mary

Go cast your stones if you will, and tell me
Your innocence is more just than her cause
Or read me in sand, flee her victory
Where you link the chain of demonic laws
For she a slave of your intent consent none
To this, but hostage of your will and greed
Whipped by necessity to a blind sun
She paid your pound of flesh, and virtues bleed
For better judgment where I intercede
Her sovereign love my sure kingdom's seed.

She rose seven times, for just here she fell
Her hair to wipe my grief, my pain urging hell
Upon her hectic heart, her tears my balm:
Her love mauled, frames the cross fore me in calm
You are my Mary, ever so I deem
My ardent alabaster memory
The brimming balm of my bright healing stream
The paradox of love and history
Let no paltry scholar your virtue stain
Nor prelate assault your virtue's domain
For love cancels a thousand faults more
Than sins that litter mercy's teeming shore
I will cover you when raw winds blow cold
I'll be your shade from the blaze of noon
And love you best of earth's sweet jealous fold
You are my sovereign of stars or moon
O Mary, don't you weep, don't you cry, behold
My heart, I lay me down your street of gold.
No woman so deserves my heart like you
No sinner more my love makes once more new
No blemish, spot, or taint of wrong in you
No love for me more constant and more true
O Magdala, Magdala, no wise men
Gift as sweet, or to their purpose remain
As your sweet honor, vilified and rend
Did ever assuage the loom of my pain.

I love you till there shall be no more sea
I love you till mountains are fled and gone
I love you till time turns to eternity
I love you through the everlasting dawn
O Mary, let me wipe away all tears
From your eyes, give me the cross of your cares.
One day before we build another house
Or plant a vineyard new, to the garden
Come, here with me, and be my ransomed spouse
And jasmines plant in love's sweet heaven
And hibiscus for the honey I'll drink
Like a hummingbird at your sacred tongue
One day love, ere the stars forever sink
And angels ascend the breathless rung
We will smell the jasmines blooming, and kiss
Upon the scented air, we will embrace
Our drowsed dreams within the wakening mist 
And laugh like children in love's fragrant place
One day love, the time of separation
Will past, then Mary, our celebration!    

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A Broken Road

A broken road
is the best road to travel
Full of anger
Full of fear

Broken roads
They hold 
And insecurity

Broken roads 
Carry history
of things like missed opputinities
And rejection

All of this may seem bad to you
But to me
To travel on a broken road
is a blessing

It leads you to
Where you are
Helps to get you closer to your one true love
They help to get you closer to the life you were ment to live

Rejection and heartbreak
live on broken roads 
But I still say
To travel on a broken road is a blessing

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Quo Vadimus?

If man is the measure of all,
Our world immediately shrinks.
There can be no moral compass
Just the yardstick of failure and success
Drunkenly refracted by o'er heated ambition
Or chilling revenge
Without the overarching Architect,
The Prime Mover that once was.

Man lives in a festering swamp
Where reason plays handmaiden to naked power
And words mean what the speaker wants.
It is now man needs a Voltaire
To bring him back into the light of the sun.
If there is no God, man must invent one.

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Traversing passed a moonlit glade,
I spied a nook where dreams are made.
A twilight windsong filled my breast
and cleared a notch where I could rest.

My windsong trilled internal hymns,
as moonlight peered through oaken limbs.
A wise old owl cooed in my ear -
"Compose a song for her, my dear."

A soothing psalm that once it’s heard
will soon be sung by hummingbirds.
Melodic notes that swirl and rise -
akin to lilts in lullabies.

Now in this niche where dreams ensue -
A songbird sings my song for you.

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Which love is not a struggle to the mind?
'tis easier to think love glides along,
regardless of a road not there to find,
or never caring what is right or wrong.

One love, of child, a father's steady hand,
protecting innocence, through many years
as if he knew the way, and had it planned,
to heal each mortal wound as it appears.

As if all things begin with his okay,
the good, the joy of life to build upon;
demanding right, and hoping in some way
he's always with you, even when he's gone.

The banged up knee, your losing of a friend,
are yours to feel, but his to comprehend.

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Destiny's Perch

In the near future, I am going to add it all up into one big sum.
In the meantime, I am going to gather and collect my own space.
I will sift through seeds or weeds and present an enormous case.
But for sure I will hold onto every single yellow chrysanthemum.

In the near future, I am going to roll it all up sealing it by my thumb.
In the meantime, I am going to sit here with every turned about face.
I will drift through time rewinding the hands back to a God of Grace.
But for sure I will give the world a place my heart is triumphing from. 

Quickly, I will come to you,
And instantly I will be gone.
But injustice shall never do.
Nor shall a lie be my spawn.

Or at the least not on my expedient silver polished dime,
And certainly not while sitting on destiny’s perch in time!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Time Non-Renewable Resource

Time a non-renewable resorce unframed
Time that slowly wears away one's bones
Takes away friends_ companions leaves alone 
Soon world will forget even poems I named

So glad that into my feeble life You came
Since knowing You I have spiritually grown
Now am claimed as one of Your very own
No more in inner being bear sin's shame

Lovingly and patiently know that you are true
Even there is an accounting of number of my hairs
When in discomfort of ill-fitting shoe
You provide for me a comfortable chair

I know You unconditionally love too
And in TIME all my sorrows You will bear

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Characteristic Traits Inherited

C_ Characteristic traits are genetic
H_ He inherited being compassionate
A_ A mouth he had, used language so graphic
R_ Ruff mix vulgarity and passionate
A_ At desperate time in his troubled life
C- Contact with the Savior opened his eyes
T_ Touched by the loving Father eased his strife
E_ Eternally changed became very wise
R_ Raised from the common became angelic
I_ Intellect possessed beyond his learning
S_ Studied God's word to levels to be drastic
T_ Time on earth extended God's rewarding
I_ Inherited characteristic grand
C_ Coupled with Holy Spirit makes man

Contest name:As You Like It
Sponsor: Brian Strand

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The sword locked tight and firm within the stone
Awaits a heart with strong undaunted faith,
Oft tempered hard by fire the dragon's blown,
Not cowered down before a ghastly wraith.
Though with the strength of lions at their hest,
Believe it only takes one mighty pull
To loose the brand now locked within thine breast.
But power isn't born from strength without,
It is the light of truth within the pure
That need not raise a fist nor feign a shout
To earn a faith and love that shall endure.
With gentle silent solemn hand he grasps
And slowly frees Excalibur at last.

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Infinity and beyond

Deserve the world my child,my son
If I could give, with heart I'd run
Pray instead, I must for you
Placed many tools to get you through
Life ahead unknown my son

So much I wish, your dreams ignite
Strive for all, please shine that light
Become the man I know you'll be 
But please for you and not just me
Dig deep inside with every might

Strive for all thats due, you'll see
Deserving much from world, not me
Kindness, compassion, intelligence too
Owning these gifts, build confidence in you
By example, trust, live life for thee

Accept these words I give from me
My child, a man will come to be

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Love Rehashed

No simple four letter word can express  
when I'm in your arms I get dejavu
Tidal waves of emotions, never stress
I adore the very essence of you

No simple four letter word can express
Beneath my breast bone is your pretty face 
You fill this void princess with happiness
Never alone because we're in this race

No simple four letter word  good enough 
My desire is fire and I'm too far gone
To describe your body sculpted above
I worship the very ground you walk on

This yearning is continued without pause,
Because we know that loving is the cause

*For Sara Kendrick's "Sonnet Me" contest

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A Mother's Face

A mother’s face you rarely touch and kiss
You go on with life without retrospect
Mother waits longer but with finesse
Many flowers withered from willful neglect

A short respite giving fresh breath inside her womb
Empowering new life without remorse
Her presence helped you strive with aplomb
With your mother, you’ll be on the right course

Such a lovely face you cannot assess
A portrait to paint with high pixels of respect
Her smile that relieves all your stress
Today is Mother’s Day and try to recollect

Now her face wrinkled but beyond compare
Like heavenly bodies with unique flare

12 May 2013

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Happy ending smile

How old people take medicine over the years.
they feel different live in tension and fears.
what is good flavour to live always in tears?
they are irritated and abusive in some hears.
but still they inspire jump in the forward gears.

they worried to draw a will for their next kin.
still they scroll numbers to play lottery to win.
they occupied to grab money they think its not sin.
they love holidays and luxuries, living for fun,
they are not scrap don't throw them in a bin.

Drinking alcohol is harmful they do as fashionable style,
don't eat much red flash but they do, take advice in a file,
don't walk hard n't good for heart but they walk another mile.
they know death has dreams they love happy ending smile.

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Still Standing

Where were you when my world fell apart?
The Sun darkened and the Moon just fled.
All had been done and all had been said.
And ripped to shreds was my beating heart.

Even the Seas began to part.
And the Mountain tops spread.
I lay there completely dead.
Even the Stars I could not chart.

If only you knew,
If only you were there,
If only you had a clue!
If only life had been fair!

I’d turn the clocks back,
Still standing dead in my track!

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My eyes are dazzled at the sight of you,
Extremely chic, your sparkles they just grew.
Your penguin costumes always sat just right,
With candelabra burning there so bright.

Yours eyes they glittered as if they just knew,
The secret to life was you, being you.
Your smile was a magical starlit gaze,
When you came out, we were all in a daze.

That you were eccentric, no one would doubt,
The crowds would go crazy, when you came out.
Walk to your piano, sit there so tall,
Fingers would move, and captivate us all.

Rings filled with diamonds slid over keys,
Magical misfit, our senses appeased.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Mystic Roses Contest: Eccentricize my Eyes 

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Finding Truth

Truth that is masked by the heart of a man
Can only explain the start of a lie
A lie so heavy, it spits on your plan
Left with emptiness, your soul on crows fly
Lost while still young, forgotten by the path
Living with shame, that no longer gives pain
Held at the throat by the questions wrath
How dark was made, that ignorant stain
Now you delve into knowledge left by the wise
In order to uncover a truth that was hidden
Burdened with sorrow whilst the nurser cries
Hindered by usurpers who have want of no lesson
Hold on to the railing, prepare a strong mind
For never you know what's out there to find

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Sunken Tears

                                   He stood bravely before me 
                           with a medal of honor in his right hand
                        and a bandage of agony around his left knee
                           It seemed like he had struggled to stand,
                             his crutches lay useless on the ground
                                 I found it hard to understand why,
                                 a soldier in pain didn't even frown
                                      With a voice firm but dry
                                 his words shook me like thunder
                                "You're now the man of this house"
                                 he uttered like a worn-out hunter
                            quivering up my legs like a terrified mouse
                                 Drowning my mind through cold ears
                        he passed his sincere respect and sunken tears

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In an old bus, patience thinned by midnight
As my mind drifted along, feeling bleak
Wiping hours with restless air in dimmed light
Not a robin cooed through skyline's mystique
Finding unrest from a breeze in dull shade
Where time slept with eyes open, a pale flow,
A peasant beside me smiled like glittered jade
Changing my face with some kind of halo.
His ruffled hair touched my skin without words
And I felt silence soothing my complaint;
Reaching my hand to offer bread I stored;
He said, "life's a pit if that's how it's named."
That moment filled my thoughts, a quitter I was
Comfort buoyed; ridding hours from senseless flaws.

Shadow Hamilton's Three Themes Challenge
Theme: Chance Meeting

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Imagine a world where nothing matters
Think about it for a second, really
No questions like, was it worth it anymore
Not seeing the point of a world in tatters

Consider; if no one felt any fear
And people with confidence and no doubt
If they carried their dreams above themselves
Knowing how useless, all that they hold dear

Envision this world of variety
A kaleidoscope that creates a self
Picture each individual lonely
But deep inside there is homogeny

Day after day the cosmos continues
Then a final day where nothing matters

©david byrne jan 2013 

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You I Dream Of

A flower grows from beneath a blanket
 Of fine and purest white
 It reaches toward the sun for warmth,
 For heat and for the light

 My love for you grows stronger still,
 Despite the surrounding cold
 My heart is yours, bartered gone
 For yours has it been sold

 Its petals shine from morning dew
 Its stem grows stiff and strong
 It stands strong through the freezing cold
 It stands the winter long

 I long for you, for your soft touch
 I miss the way you smile
 The longer that we stay apart
 The longer every mile

 The flower stretches through the snow
 It reaches toward the sun
 And now without you the color is gone
 The flower's petals, dun

 But as we talk, and as we learn
 The flower comes back to life
 The snow now melts and goes away
 As you take away my strife

 Spring is here and growth abounds
 As you and I are one
 We are together, we are in love
 The snow for now is done

 I see the future, in dreams I have
 Of our life, long and true
 I see the times where all I need
 Are comforting words from you

 I see the times when winter comes
 As winter tends to do
 But we still love, and we still live
 And I do still love you

 And so we live, with children ours
 And a life of much to see
 With love we live, to live we love
 Happy together are we

 I see the flower, older now,
 But still strong with fresh new leaves
 I see it growing, tall and strong
 Reaching to the eaves

 We are now old, as years have passed
 But old together are we
 And strong our love still today
 As strong as it can be

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Oh, Science

Oh science, unforgiving in its might,
Hast found its words in the mouths of many.
Stopping people, as they seem to take flight.
Halting those whose minds imagine plenty.
I ask those who hone science as an art,
Why must you crush our dreams and desires?
For we and our dreams, we never shall part.
You would not know a dream from a wire. 
As you prove to some, God does not exist.
You do not see all their hope torn to shreds.
Heads down faces low, their life gone amiss.
It’s amazing how you hold up your head. 
Science, I ask you to tread from my place,
So that I may still show dreams on my face. 

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Catch Me If You Can French Sonnet

<               enticing to eyes watching mama's pink roses bloom
                 fourty years later someone else now cares for them
                 fresh cut daily and seen in her arms their long stems
                 tears streaming down face I sit under swollen moon
                 waiting watching for sun to come up again soon
                 to catch one more glimsp of mama's planted old gems
                 unfurling petals before been chopped or condemned
                 think I'll ask if can take one for my dining room

                 aroma bursting amidst thy supper's table
                 bowed heads we come and thank our Heavenly father
                 somebody still cared though sick and times unable
                 and answers it's door for which one has come bothered
                 to let bask in roses empowering fable
                 and not to be called as it's one's roses robber

French Sonnet is a poem with rhyme scheme
Syllable count is 12 syllable per line.

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Set Me Free

Set me free Lord set me free,
Take this evil I lay with away.
Take this torture turn it astray.
Walk with me just let me be.

Look inside my heart to see,
Erase my mind as I do pray.
Renew my spirit all in a day.
Sign me up for a high decree.

Leave all this as dust in the wind,
Scatter past present and future,
I will not falter nor will I bend,
Send it all away with no suture.

Set me free Lord, take this madness and put it in its place.
I must warn you it wears a mask to cover up its ugly face.

(R) Registered:  2013  Ann Rich

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Lonely woman

Lonely woman

The rain of winter days, repeats their words,
the messages of dusk and truths perceives,
her passing wraith the seaman's heart aggrieves,
- unspoken words percuss on festal chords.

Once at nocturnal hours the shadows link,
- that lonely woman's never sung, night song,
red wine - divine, her splendor flies fore dawn,
while eminent his sails, egress to sink.

Sea waves convey to ports two dancing forms
where tears and laughs subside, when dark distils,
with soul that gallivants, love wounds she heals,
rain priestess saves her lonesomeness in storms.

With colored rainbows flies to highs and bold,
sun's crimson spills what shoreline mists enfold.

© 02-17-2013, G.Venetopoulos

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Nobody is born perfect

At times we say and do things we dont mean, 
we hurt others feelings without wanting to. 
'im sorry' loses its whole meaning. 
at this stage we start looking to undo, 

knowing that it cannot be done, we try. 
But sadly, what's done is done. 
One right doesn't fix a wrong, but why? 
Why is every effort shunned? 

The past will always be brought into the present, 
to remind us of the damage we caused. 
Nothing is forgotten untill and unless, 
time itself heals our flaws. 

Everybody has some reject. 
Nobody is born perfect.

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Who am I that you are mindful of me?
For my rancid sins you died that day
On that cruel cross, you made a way 
Down through time could you really see?
And somehow think of me at Calvary?
Just one breath away, every time I pray
Overwhelmed, don't know what to say
Lord, can it be that you really love me?
Yes it's true.. You've given life to love you
The potter has made the clay born again
Took what was old and made brand new
Made me a son and you called me friend
Now I'm the bride of Christ, yeah it's true
You wooed me as if I were a perfect ten! 

Form: Italian Sonnet
Contest: Regina's "Intimate Relationship Sonnet"
Date: 8-31-14

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Passage of Time

Hear the clock ticking? Just clicking away
The seconds and minutes, the hours; the time
Is always moving, the hours make days,
And will 'til the sun decides not to shine.

See the Earth moving? Always spinning round,
Marking the turning of seasons and years.
And yet all this movement makes not a sound;
The ageing Earth cries an ocean of tears.

Feel your heart beating? Loyally pumping
Rich crimson lifeblood throughout all your veins.
But later in life you will find time triumphing,
Your loyal heart ceasing despite what you've gained.

Time will corrupt and will bring forth decay;
Invest in a future that will not pass away.

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Dark glowing eyes, a hazel bun, well tucked 
and neat. Lips curve like shells in porcelain, 
Awaiting to express, her brave conduct 
That I could sense audacity, back when
Ladies bowed to men, such common duty.
Yet she possessed an ardent fire, heated
by graphic flair; sultrily chaste to be
among lords of glory. Oh, brushes red
Spill on fabric;  If I could but explore
Her sprezzatura dripping lush oil, while
I breathe her strokes. My heart needs not of more 
from galleries that hide a face beguiled. 

   My own dark eyes will memorize her hands,
   Sprayed by palettes of brilliant renaissance.


*sprezzatura—an intricate display of elegance
 and wit—with a bold flourish.

*~ Though all of Anguissola’s self-portraits reflect 
her dignified essence, her work, "Sophonisba Angusola 
virgo seipsam fecit 1554", mirrors her deep desire to blaze
 a new trail in the world of arts and new feminism.
 I looked into her eyes and they spoke 
of some smouldering need to fulfil her destiny
 as a self-possessed,  creative woman way ahead of her time 
when  male artists ruled during the Renaissance.

~   Sofonisba Anguisolla: A Contemporary Sonnet
 For A Renaissance Woman... Contest

~Sponsor: Cyndi Mac Millan

~Poet: nette onclaud

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Love Disappoints, Hope Lives

When I was innocent I dreamt of love,
a kind of love most worthy of virgins--
for whom a simple kiss admits no sins
or shame, or betrays the appearance of 
disgrace; But I, blessed not as from above 
by heaven or by God, quit, as life wins; 
losing all hope and faith till my head spins 
with the winds of lust that blew the white dove 
of my innocence away. Then a whore
and slut took away my virginity;
she then revealed that there were fifty more
besides me, I recall most bitterly.
      But so long as there is breath and hope lives,
      love will come; and when it comes, it forgives. 

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Broken Wind Chimes

Dangling from the tree I can see,
Broken wind chimes that still sing.
They just hang on by a split string.
Sending a harmony of tunes to thee.
Their tones and vibrations are a bit broken for me.
I listen and I ponder for what tunes they can bring.
From the tree they will sway when they can swing.
Bits and pieces are released through the air and flee.
Caught in the wind is it’s vibrations.
Carrying signals of great magnitude.
Funneling clouds into new creations.
Bringing air into a brand new mood.
Broken wind chimes can still sing a song,
But their messages are scattered all along.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007

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I was here too

As the day sweeps away
For the nights to come
The clouds gathers
For the rain to fall
Being here is by natures call
Thou have come
Because it your time
So stand tall
The earth get shaken
Rules get broken
Forget your foes
And stand on your toes
For i was here too
And am still here with you

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20 February 2010

Sonnet of Poetry

All my thoughts are craving in so gently
Whether sonnet, rhyming, it flows boldly
Picket line of words is so picturesque
Library for epic with its index

Decipherable to relate its soul
Premature to judge but adorable
Luminary to every season rest
A gateway in romance to impart its zest

By its time and expanse it is boundless
Residence for poet and poetess
Admiring lenient style in their write
Originality pouring no trite

Poetry my getaway and refuge
To rest on your lap is such a prestige

7th place to POETRY PANORAMA contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Date:  12/10/2010 12:00:00 AM    

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Ode to Luna

The moon shines bright when human beings sleep
And fairies sprinkle moon dust on the earth
They try to cease the mournful ones who weep
They charm, enchant, entice those ones to mirth

Before the evening star gives up her throne
And blue moons disappear from the night sky
We only watch and have to wait alone
Until the grandiose sun shall arise

But I prefer the nighttime dim and dark
For Luna works her magic charms on me
I sit and watch the pigeons in the park
Before the sunlight strikes a mark on me

I pray for those lost souls who are afraid
Please, Luna, give them what they need and aid.

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The Lone Night weaver

Silently he weaves his way through nebulous skies
Traversing the night for his place in the sunshine
Beautiful planet he'd seen once upon a dream,
On his breast rests a rose of Sharon of gold streams.

The ride is rough as he must avoid shooting stars,
Attractive for a time, but mirrored dreams they are,
Their fires soon becoming extinguished, gone black
Meeting their doom in the vacuum of black holes' trap.

Such fatal end becomes a blessing in disguise
He learns he must follow a pattern for safe flight
He draws power from the sun and the earth's moon
Whose lights are constant, a sight he knows not to lose.

At long last, near the moon he finds her, his heaven
Her light turned brightest gold by the rose of Sharon.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 06.07.11

For Francine Roberts' Sonnet contest.

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When You Miss Me

Remember when you miss me, I’ll be there.
Just walk the special places, we had much.
Our ground was rich and fertile, never bare
while planted with His love, our prayers and such.
As mem’ries echo good times, revelry...
My hand in yours, we stood within our dream.
Though now, my face is missing family,
you know I’m still beside you, on your team.
I’ll listen for your voice, so never fear
to speak your heart. I’ll hear, you talk it through.
Let sadness leave your life, don’t keep it near.
...and let our loving Jesus comfort you.
So know I’m always with you ‘til the day
you fly on angel wings...join us to stay.

Janet Vick

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Twin Key

June 24th 2010

Twin Key

Hey, help me out here would you please?
Can you show me where all my whys go?
While you are at it search my I told you so.
More so, that alter ego I want you to seize.

Listen here and listen up, it has twin keys.
I tell you something else, do not tell it no.
It gets bigger and bigger a dynasty I know.
Blow a kiss for me send it my best breeze.

Roll out my red carpet,
Spit-shine your shoes,
Sit it down just park it!
Say I depart my blues!

Look out here there is two just like me,
God blessed you! I have my Twin Key.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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My Shakespearean Sonnet

What Shakespeare didn’t write he left to me
In this, a brand new world and century
The English language lives and breathes, alive
A poet’s job is helping it survive

The Muses use us, soul and body, mind
To write of things that can not be defined
The subject matter always stays the same
It’s love and hate, it’s greed and fear and fame

New words evolve to name the things we see
But subject matter stays through history
Our hands the only instruments of worth
To help the Muses speak and then give birth

Their words are bridges crossing deep divides
That bring to man the peace that truth provides

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Beautiful Lies

December 18, 2012

Beautiful lies known as little white lies
yet one is no more deceptive than each
The truth is what makes it afraid of light
It's important we practice what we preach

Imagination built on lies destroy
Imagination built on truth create
Conquering evil we try to avoid
Tooth fairy, Halloween, Santa abate

Perceptions and images make it real
Origins of Pagan rituals true
We've wandered down this path for a bum deal
Now more lies are created all brand new

The mask behind a beautiful white lie
is the truth with a constant shield, but why?

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Bless it be Thee!

May 27, 2010

Bless it be Thee!

Bless it be Thee!
Truly, I love you.
My whole my new.
My heart your key!

Loose lips and free.
Realistically, I knew!
You are far and few.
I can justly let it be.

You know, it is Gemini’s Full Moon tonight,
The Universe is waking up figuring us all out.
Point me out as a random beam of Moonlight,
I am engulfing and enriching charts in route.

Swiftly suited, I stand in my place!
Bless it be it to Thee! A closed case!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Sunrise Sonnet

I stand upon our Makakilo hill
And gaze toward the valley calm and still.
The brilliant sun will soon be rising high
Morphing rays of gold in the twilight sky.

The clouds are rimmed in light as Sol ascends.
Another day in paradise begins—
As birds begin their chorus in the trees
Our flag waves softly in Hawaiian breeze.

A floral scent embraces humid air
Of heaven's divine fragrance sweet and fair.
I love to rise before the dawn each day
Enriched by nature's wonders as I pray.

I see the good in all mankind and know
That peace will come to nations as we grow.

(non-traditional Sonnet)

Happy Easter to Everyone!

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If I only had one day to live on earth's fragile dimension
I would pass by all fears that kept me standing like rock,
Dismissing stodgy impulses to win in a concrete contention
For my instincts to release, as new Gates arise and unlock.
Oh!The unfair world would carry on it's endless course 
And Time's vanity would sell promises still to human mind,
Yet, I would weep not for my Fate's erring horse,
Even if my ticket was expired, a Golden path would be defined.
Maybe I would send letters of love to lovers I craved all those years,
Or I would spend last moments with faces familiar and close,
Or even maybe I would find the one to die with me and plan our steers,
The beauty of this land I walked to leave and expiate near windy blows.
My soul ready for return would seek redemption upon the starry sky,
Reaching my Home I will wave to earth's wisdom, hearing it's long ''bye-bye''.

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Angel Seeds

Angel Seeds

She salvages a broken, fertile land
with seeds to plant undoing the disease.
A grim reminder man in harmful stand
of idol, money market’s greedy wheeze.
She spins the future opening the gate,
too long stood closed, cause hinges creak with rust.
An angel song as gift to soothe the way
with guiding hands. The gentleness breeds trust.
Forgiveness holds the key to angel’s might.
It’s tuned to create joy with loving care
as tender roots are fed by Father’s light
and words enriching soul for heaven’s stair.
Now hope returns with rainbow colored days
and gentle cleansing rains…God’s loving stays.

Janet L Vick
Sonnet form

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Sweet Inspiration

As if the words beg to float from my throat, But only spill with the ink of my pen; Only with nature's embrace and sweet coat Do I feel truth form in words and begin. Solitary confinement- I'll find peace; Only within, I can feel the soft hum . . With each stroke, and spill, a gentle release To nature's sweet music, pluck, and soft strum. Nature shall comfort, wherever I go; No matter the warm breeze, or the cold bite. . Caressed by nature, rocking to and fro' While I admire each beautiful sight. So now that no one's here to inspire love, I'll find it around, within, and above.

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Last Life

I did see you out of the corner of my eye,
Chills ripped through me raging in wind.
I did not know you to be a lifetime friend.
Our last life we must have said good-bye.

Our love did not just come in and out to die,
Our souls would be encircling merciless sin.
I am feeling you breathe me desperately into your skin.
Be it to you I never could tangle up my red rag tail dye.

We went away,
We came back,
We went astray,
We became slack!

Our last life has predefined today’s feat of fate!
So, my destiny by fate is forever in you my mate!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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What's Cooking Good Looking

with muse in hand
a romantic longing is the plan
dinner at eight
I hope he won't be late

sherry filled to the rim
soft music for us to spin
candles on the mantel
slight ring of dinner bell

waft of curry stuffed chops
and potatoes creamy and hot
buttermilk biscuits on the side
and dessert for which he decides

this is how mom said to get to a mans heart
with a romantic dinner from the very start

Tribute To Romance

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
A Romantic Longing Contest

GL All

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Some Advice in This Sonnet

Some Advice in This Sonnet

A few words of advice in this sonnet:
Don’t hurt, if you too don’t like to be hurt.
When bad deeds return, you might regret it.
So watch your deeds, and take care of your words.

Always know that from above you’re being watched.
On your right and left are angels writing –
Collect whatever good deeds you may lack,
To please God and meet Him while He’s smiling.

Avoid supplications prayed against you,
Especially those of righteous Muslims.
Beware of everything you see and do –
Know that on Judgment Day, you’ll be questioned.

Obey Allah’s Rules, and good you shall get.
If you displease Allah, yours is regret.

Miriam / Mariam Mababaya

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Little Mountain Star

January 24, 2014

Little Mountain Star

Little Mountain Star, how dare you fall to my feet from afar!
You should be dancing across galaxies warm and happy.
You have an attitude that blemishes when you are sappy.
Carry yourself up to the Northern winds and plant your Star!

Take me with you but bring me back with a great spar.
Hot or cold you must not ever get too snoopy or snappy.
Up! Up! Up! I tell you to rise like your big daddy pappy!
Little Mountain Star hear me, oh hear me plead this par.

You are too big,
Much too little,
I will take a swig!
I stand in the middle!

Conquer me or defeat me, I will adore you forever.
I will stand between this to and fro until whenever!

(R) Registered : 2014 Ann Rich 

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To A Child Who Has A Disorder

Children with an illness,
Go through life,
They are looked down apon,
Because they are different,
When really they are not,
They are no different from  you and me,
They have the same blood,
Running through their bodies,
Just as their hearts as well,
So, don't just look apon,
Their outer appearance,
And judge them,
For who they really are,
For a lot of them,
Are smarter and brighter,
Than you and I,
Could possibly be,
On our brightest day,
For they have the gifts,
From God up above,
So, always take the time,
To get to know their inner beauty,
For who they really are,
Cause they too need love,
Just as everyone else does,
If not even more.

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In need of the pill of life

The pill of life, so in need of it am I It can even be seen as an alibi All for the sake of the lost humanity In my being, so deep like a cavity! The pill of life, surely to mend my heart Broken, it is now in need of a fresh start A reason to love and laugh Instead of choking with a cough A red pill it must be, found in the Heavens Given to those who relish God so much that he glistens A pill given to those who deserve it And who need its power bit by bit! A pill to cure me of my sinful nature A pill surely to open up an eternal adventure

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A canopy of grandfather oak branches and green leaves
sways between your brilliant Sun and I, 
It’s tattered, blanket of shade moving on your grass,
so inviting .. I just can’t pass it by.

I’m busy with much ado about nothing really,
Can we just talk here for a while?
Let me lay here in your creation and rest,
in the midst of this worldly trial.

Help me to be still and listen for just a bit 
to maybe hear you in your gentle breeze,
while I lie on your ancient earth, 
in your green grass, neath your leafy trees…

What lovely, peaceful expressions; so near.
Thank you my Maker, for bringing me here...

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I Frame

I Frame 

As sure as I stand in the mixed of this garden, 
Glimmering gold falls to the earth by my call. 
Many are great and then some are a bit small. 
I release magnets clutching an obscene pardon. 

It is like balancing a beam that only I will harden. 
I wrap myself into a silver plated resilient shawl. 
Person place and time steadily climb up to maul. 
It’s a give or take rejection expected to turn on. 

One day ye shall see, 
My Moon half drawn, 
Ye see it was all of me. 
Your Sun will be gone. 

Only one Star shall rise up above my name. 
It’s a special place inside my heart I frame! 

®Registered: Ann Rich 2007 

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Kiss This

<                              master of disguise menacing havoc
                                I fear not your pronged fork and wooden stick
                                but one illuminates from presents sight
                                tis I carries master key whom ends plight

                               brushstroke if must with your evilness twist
                               for I stand strong from an Hevenly bliss 
                               poke and probe away with your woven schemes
                               tis I'll be the one laughing though it seems 

                               your inferno fire from gates of hell
                               diminished by just one shake from this bell
                               so bring on your barriers and good grief's
                               tonight I'll be the one with good night's sleep 

                               sowing not fear of satin's smitten grasp
                               but turning check telling to kiss thy ass

Entry For
Thvia Shetley's
The Devil Made Me Do It
Sonnets Only Contest
G.L. All

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As i traverse, never know when my sun will retire wholly
  As its gaze bump on whole, to split out my knight errant shadow,
Dusty and encrusted sole of mine, wild creatures hum their pitying elegy like a widow  While colourful grasses rest on their sandy and muddy couch delightfully.

The cloud coming with veiled complexion, my sun must go into bed, 
 The moon surfacing, the exact time for shadowy walkers,
Might stop in your hut to taps your wood like woodpeckers,  
Chide me not, don't let your eyes go red.

For, that which comes to a man goes to another man 
Maybe whirl whirl like wind or yours drizzle drizzle like rain, 
Which thou cannot trick upon, as thou lives among human
For, mankind race is a journey to the same terrain.

For traveller am i since birth put me on 
 Chide me not away, nor my time sit upon.

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O' how my spirit longs for thee


These subtle days in solitude pass
as each season greets a new dream
with wind bending through meandering grass
an impulse charge of life redeem 

With arms raised upward to healing light
in each breath I feel as one
a gift of completion sings eternal flight
with scattered stones, rich soil and pulsing sun

I once again return to the spirit within
made of fragmented pieces of endless breath 
where flesh is left behind and spirit love mend
a flight soaring freedom without pain nor death

In awe I rest beneath the weeping willow tree
O' how my spirit longs for thee...

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The Peacemaker

Both curious and wishing I could meet
this man renowned surrounded by mystique,
I'd wondered if he practiced in deceit,
so there I was to listen to him speak.
How strange the things I’d heard!  What to believe?
He seemed so plain of dress and countenance!
Perhaps because the common man’s naive
they sought him for uncommon sustenance.
For many came with hungered souls to fill,
while some said he would lead them all astray.
Deriding him, they baited him, but still. . . 
He would not be confounded, and that day
He touched a blind man’s lids and made him see.
Then Jesus smiled, and peace enveloped me.

By Andrea Dietrich

For PD's poems of inspiration (old) Poetry Contest

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A White Candle

The warped side of the Moon shall fall to 
the ground.
I will be watching at rapid speeds beyond 
your reality.
Most will be wearing garments of 
untapped mortality.
Some of you’ll hear trumpets that are loud 
and sound.
More of you will be an embedded trap tied 
and bound.
You best remain in your God given Graced 
It will be a life or death to hold on to that 
pure vitality.
And for God’s sake don’t partake in the 
lost and found.
It is easy to lose your way through the 
Nothing is ever what it seems unless you 
make it.
So join within yourself become one big 
And make sure you have a white candle 
always lit.
Never lose the light of a white candle as 
the dark side of the Moon falls.
For the light of your white candle is right 
behind darkness and enthralls.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007.

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As i breathe, in my conquered castle left with no rusty dime
   I might be of no value than a stinking body
Lying with no memory in its jagged skull staring moody
 Alas! Am still one of em pillar, that holds to kill time.

If you doubt, let the sudden whirlwind sweep me farther
  Whether imbalance wouldn't consume my position wither,
Thus if i lag with my friendly mug of palm wine,rolling my kiff-kiff laughter
  Do not deposit your tank of lank spit on my face nor my spirit with your tongue, 

For, i know, must buy wrapper for the ranting and panting woman, and loaf for the 
yelling children
  And send kolanut to the neighbouring brethren
 But Man must not trespass those gods' barricade
  For the stamp of Hierarchy cannot from our Being fade.

Till one is gone, and another rebuilds the fallen Jerusalem
  For, creator baked all for a purpose and must not bear castigation emblem.

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Show me the Way

Well it is like this you see,
I’m against odds they say,
It is in stone or it is in clay.
I fly away to set it all free.

Time does not exist to me.
Money has no cost to pay.
Love is a game folk’s play.
Life is a gift do you agree?

Shooting Stars always fall,
I wish I wish all of it for you.
Wishing on a Star l did call.
I wish blue skies just for you.

But time told this and time told that.
Show me the way with no tit for tat.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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A Heavenly Poem

God never turns his back on you,
Even during your darkest hour,
When things may get the toughest in life,
Which make you question,
Whether He really exsist ot not,
But He has never left your side,
And He watches over you always,
During your good times and bad,
For you need to believe in Christ,
To see the light of the gates of heaven,
Which will brighten your everyday,
For you will feel his presence in your life,
Cause He is there to guide you,
All along your way...

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The Shores of Babylon

The shiver from the opened window.. flair
adventure blooms rose- cheeked upon the day.
The bags packed wait beside the tumbling stair
and soon the engine purrs without delay.

From ground to air unfettered form arises
outstretched open hand and heart embrace,
the foreign soil, the scent of ozone flies
and one arrives reborn with new space.

Babble greets, so welcoming, infant ear.
New taste, new spice, new dialect ringing.
The text, the style, the cloth of humans here
awaken long past lives with voices singing.

Once more reformed, am I, upon the page,
my nascent joy out spread across new stage.

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Remembering a Father

A pair of shoes that walked many tests
Skipping and hurdling the hardest
Shock proof to the condition around
Halt to prepare for what tomorrows abound

A distinctive scent of sweat for a living
Upbringing of children is not failing
Many sails and flights brought them away
A love message to sustain each longing day

Hiding tears to withstand the test of time
Strong grip of every chance is sublime
Man of few words but a cherished action
Unload your worries, now at peace with God without distraction

In my most solitary moments
I will live to the image you represent

15 June 2013

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Writing is like breathing to me

Writing is like breathing to me
A force that cannot be helped
Words and rhymes flow and swirl
Wisp through my mind, words unfurl
Imagination is my friend
Hand in hand, at the ready
Creating treasures and emotional stories
My heart and soul take all the glory
My eyes see the earth in all its beauty
And all its sorrow and sadness
Fingertips tingle and lyrics flow
Sometimes a tear down my cheek will roll
You see, writing is like breathing to me
Transforms my mind so easily

For contest – ‘Jack OUT of the box’
I have never written in 'Sonnet Form' before, I have enjoyed giving it a go!

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May Day

May 31, 2010

May Day! 

I sprout with a surprise springing forth from me today.
Birds sing such a magnificent most pleasurable praise.
I want to be the one He promised soon He would raise.
I will be celebrated all by myself on that God-given day.
I will stand in His Gracious Glory at His appointed Say.
Yesterday will be but a blurring faded haze, life a craze.
He sets my soul on fire and sets my spirit off in a blaze.
I bet I will buzz like a bee zipping by you each May Day!
It is all in a day just for me to say.
Ta! Da! I’d bet you did not realize!
May Day! May Day! I say let’s play!
Walla! I say May Day’s materialize!

Waiting every May Day is loads of fun,
Unbelievably, May Day is never done!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Behold, a lady standing her ground,
Wielding her torch, a light for the masses,
Below her cruel waves begin to pound
for a storm comes, stalks and harasses. 

Blow harsh winds, blow! She will never waver!
A new home she vows, come fury and flood,
Freedom shields the brave while scorning terror,
And condemns the shed of innocent blood.

Naught will mar her tabula ansata,
Naught will sever any ray from her crown,
There stands the dream, man’s desiderata,
There stands a truth that naught can strike down.

Liberty shall reign due to Providence,
A symbol of peace and independence. 

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Times Three

You are but a noun do you know?
Inside of you lie me, myself, and I.
Residing in light of your naked eye,
This is how divine seeds sow a row.
Sown high or low,
So do not be shy.
And do not sigh.
And never, let go.
Orient yourself times three,
To person place and time!
You are rooted like a tree,
And it is secured to climb!
Who is that light form living inside of you?
And who is that silent one that you talk to?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Transported Above

A crisp frozen winter morn so sunny bright
Even with body aching agony groan
Too cold for outside play gathering pine cone
Th distant hills and close valley in sight

Yapping of coyote sometimes is a fright
Ice on the brown dead grass in the sun shown
Cawing of the crows as they escape in flight
With a morn like this spirit shouldn't be down

When my sadden heart flows_ down on knees
In earnest prayer_all my problems flown
Just to be able this unburdened moment freeze
To live life with all the burdens totally thrown

Dream of heavenly city not this little town
And of day when transported above trees

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Fly Away With Me

I’ll pick you up and make you fly.
I’ll sit you down and you’ll think.
At least until you can fly in sync.
We’ll go up in the clouds and spy.
You will know me because I try.
I bring you to the crest of a brink.
I catch you before you truly sink.
I am the one always asking why.
I’ll show you a sea castle,
Bring you to the dungeon.
I am the one you all hassle.
I keep you from bludgeon.
So pick up and fly away with me.
We have a great big world to see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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The Slow Learner

Pity me not because the moon is on wane
Remember when was full lighting the night
Pity me not for thinnning of dark blonde mane
That has gone from beauty to cotton light

Pity me not for energy deplete
Now time to snuggle between warm soft sheets
What's lacking in energy gain in sleep
With love beside me snoring to same beat

With love he continues to look on me
Even though my moon is waning this eve
Brown eyes adore me_ his love  only sees
Girl of seventeen with green eyes__ naive

Pity me  for my slow learning of life
Where in places my gifts could have stopped strife

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Wayward Bound

Grouped by four and there is even more.
Grouped by three and then none believe.
It is a mad world and many are deceived.
They don’t care so many I will deplore.
Many just go around making my heart sore.
But they don’t care because there so naïve.
I have given them many thoughts to conceive.
But they don’t care so I’ll just shut the door.
I’ll just throw up my hands,
And I’ll just be said and done.
I’ll just throw it to the sands.
I’ll lie down under the Sun.
I’ll just have to make a lost and found,
Because all of them are wayward bound!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Days Teach Me

Days teach me

To always dream

However it may never come true

But that's the best way

To live life through

Days teach me

To dream so high

Never give up and always try

Never let go or say goodbye

Days teach me

That when there is darkness

For sure dawn is the next

And when everything is so tiring

For sure there would be time to rest

Days teach me

To always care for a friend

Always be true and never pretend

Always love with no end

And the broken hearts try to mend

Days teach me

Never to feel the hate

Always be confident and never hesitate

Always believe in fate

Days teach me

That lovers meet & stay together

And others are apart

So if you are one who have been left behind

Don't cry and suffer

Just search for a new start

Days teach me

The past I must forget

And nothing needs my regret

Days teach me

To open my heart and forgive

Cause that will help me to survive and live

Days teach me

To always offer my helping hand

And never doubt in people when there is no proof

And always try to understand

Days teach me

Not to be shy

If I have done something wrong

But to admit it and be proud that I have learned

A lesson that will help me to be strong

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Mister Nibbles Ameri-Sonnet

<                      amidst grass carpet he plays
                        long ears bushy tail white paws
                        nibbles bulbs munches away
                        poor little thing had some flaws

                         hides hair braided and despaired
                         didn't stop this little guy
                         thought to self this wasn't fair
                         bowed head and started to cry

                         nectar is what he had sought
                         on this hopeful days journey
                         not to be trapped or be caught
                         or carted off on gurney

                         Mister Nibbles came to play
                         In garden's bedding today

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The Rose

Once upon a time there was a single blooming Rose.
The world rejoiced at all the beauty given her to show.
But as with every rose her time was shortly bestowed.
After, the world felt hollow, so intense did its sorrow flow.

They sought a reminder of the beacon they once did truly hold.
They found a small flower of white that in its purist form did unfold.
The thorns reminded all, that the original could never be theirs again.
But still it did impart hope, for another one, like their virtuous friend.

Eventually the flower was cultured and created into what we hold to now.
For even the present is needy of something so precious to hold some how.
And though no one remembers how the flowers’ name was earlier sown…
It still holds us tightly to the purity, hope, and beauty its known to bestow.

There are many legends that have traveled down to us thru the years.
But there are none so beautiful as the one that became the Rose so dear.

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SPILLINGWILLIE: Two heads indeed better than one

I flipped through the pages of my brain
Hoping the words would spill out from the notes.
Although I didn’t know the letters to play
But once it pops up, I would surely know.

Ideas started dropping in dribs and drabs
But none could wet the ground of my desire.
Its sound I should know with a few playbacks.
 All I heard shocked me, till I was tired

So I sought an extra head which I found
Full and small hence so light for my neck
Ideas now flowed ceaselessly as we ploughed
We came so close but could not get there yet

Finally out the blue now appeared
Spillingwillie, the name my blog now bears

A poem dedicated to my friend Onuh Dorcas without whom the name wouldn’t exist.. Hope you love it

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At long last hear the wind blow through the trees
No longer forced to bow down to their knees
Hear all the peaceful sounds that nature makes
The serene sounds sadness away it takes

Listen. Listen to the wind blow through trees
Maybe. Just maybe, you will hear the breeze
Hear among you. Hear the children's laughter
You'll see this feeling is what you're after

Destination always remains to be
The question at heart to where will it lead
Ask Where? But what does it really matter?
As long as you can hear children's laughter

Dare you listen not while the birds do sing
Cannot. Will not. Would could that birdsong bring
Listen. Listen to all the peaceful sounds
Are you that weary and say you have grounds?

Be aware so you ultimately see
There is a purpose. A reason to be

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson

Written in '89
Twas not the perfect kind  
Revised in 2010 (twenty ten)
with the help of a friend

First her words made me start
Because I'm not that smart
But through tangled words
Advice and love I heard

Much thanks to Deb Guzzi
For helping this newbie.

Is this a Sonnet yet?

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson

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Living Among Dreams

..... As my eyes get too heavy, with the weight of each lid My dreams start to travel to where an alter me lives My head on my pillow, I am floating in clouds The sky is my ocean, where the waves sweep me out Like a sea washing up at the base of a cliff I feel ocean breezes, with the tides of ‘what-if ’… The places I visit, at the douse of the light Are dreams where I wander, in the thick of the night There is a path that meanders, that is woven with flowers Where the sun keeps on shining, no matter the hour I can lie in the sand, feel the warmth of the sun Tho’ the thunder clouds rattle my window like drums Often forgotten by morning, each place that I’ve been It is not easy by daylight...., to hold onto dreams
........ Inspired By Brian Strand's Contest: Your Pick/14 Lines

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My Super Sonnet

April 28, 2010

My Super Sonnet

Multiple overwhelming thoughts trample upon me in a wild way.
Stunned as well as in awe I am compelled to rise upon my own.
So then I thought no possible way, I will have to be overthrown.
Yes, I definitely have to be thrillistically creative every single day.
Now I am living it and now I know excellence so longer I stay.
Yeah, I do have it going on and got it all nailed to a white stone.
You see, now it is on! I’m sizzling hot up on my game full-blown.
Yes, yes, yes, we are on some kind of fire would you like to play?

I am going to think about you on this full moon.
Maybe you have dug yourself into a cozy grave.
Maybe you like the way I situate myself so soon.
Maybe its resistible greed or I’m just that brave!
Look! I’m feeling you out bringing you my super sonnet, a tat for tit.
Indeed! I’m your full spread of Par-Kay or Blue Bonnet, I’m up on it!

® Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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A Peculiar Sight

It was, perhaps, the perfect place to watch
the storm roll into the eastern boundaries.
Too far inland to be submerged, the swatch
of land was close enough for the fierce breeze.
Come night, the sky had already darkened
to black, hours before, and bright flashes
illuminated the landscape. Pretend
Lightening, there was no sound of crashes.
Cracks of limbs were muted by sheer whistles,
feral screams that echoed between buildings.
Inside, some TVs scrolled school dismissals
as more reflected candlelight bearings.
I observed the hurricane in delight;
honored to witness a peculiar sight.

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A Small Still Voice

Through this tempest dark I hear
That small still voice of love
Which fills me now with cheer
And faith in the One above.
Oh dreadful storm approaching
Hurling downward spears of fright
Your thunderous encroaching
Is bereft now of its might!
What horrors now instill thee
Seeking hearts to destitute?
Why bid you to harass me
And my peace to prosecute?
   For naught bids as highly priced
   As God's promise kept in Christ.

                                    Timothy I Brumley

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The Thrist

World from me swiftly depart
Quiet all the bustle especially the tongue
Let me today hear only messages from the heart
Let me remember those years when young

When there was not reason for a drouth
All was well and happy that I could surmise
Anything that came from my mouth
Whatever I saw with my keen eyes

Would not bring to anyone's eyes tears
Those carefree years sometimes long to go back
But time has passed and so many years
When in reveries I feel an attack

I just listen to my bird friends sing
And so you I bring my mind to think

(Incorrect syllable count, I know..)

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Circle Of Life

Circle Of Life (Ameri-Sonnet) With fear through the darkest night Leading me to those who wait Faithful I might win the fight Shielding me with strength of faith With peace often sought in vain When reaching from old to new There are wings of loss and pain But I shall be passing through No regrets when shadows part When passing the street called straight Rays of hope enter the heart It is leading to the gate There be triumphs and defeats When the circle of life meets Ameri-Sonnet as described by the creator Richard W. Jenkins 14-lines in seven syllables each, with a rhyme-scheme as follows:abab, cdcd, efef, gg

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Second Coming

Fusillade! The thunder throbbed merrily
 As the grassy hay in the stable clamped the baby lad
 Involuntarily, intoxicated tears started running mad
   Huge hand stroke beard, eyes lashes blushed wearily.

Rambling on tarragon path with lively pasture
   Glaring, jealous eyes creep-ed, must be the son of the herdsman,
Who tickled the plants, poked the animals and sent obloquy to man
 They engraved a cave, o! Capture that creature.

He must not stay, a mutant from the pit of sea
 Mistrial, voices rattled, real alien some tittle-tattled,
Shackles raised, skin bruised, gallows set, parents fled,
  Thunder scared, cloud dark and disdain, lightening too blind to see.

Just infusion, the choric birds racked bitterly,
   He will be back, majestically.

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Ungodly Gorgeous

Ungodly Gorgeous
Written By: D. Collins 10/29/14
She’s so ungodly gorgeous she should be ashamed of herself.
Possessing so much dominant beauty over everyone else.
The air stands still when she walks into a room.
She gives a winter chill to hot days in June.
She is nature showing off with near perfect design.
An anomaly created only once in awhile.
She’s ungodly gorgeous with tantalizing traits.
The envy of all women and their persistent hate.
She doesn’t wear make-up. Her hair and nails are real.
Her pearly white smile really enhances her grill.
She has a body that took the form of an hour-glass.
And, a personality gleaming with unparalleled class.
All traffic stands still when she’s in a public place.
There is instant paralysis in seeing her lovely face.
She’s ungodly gorgeous compared to others I’ve seen.
Without doubt, she is the Goddess we see in our dreams.

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Shining in Glory

No Doubt I win it to call it just as if I know it to be.
I will slip covers over the clouds flying up so high.
Then I will tweet it knead it and mark it a red sign.
No Doubt! X marks my spot as a variable alike me.

No Doubt that my eyes always are looking to see.
I will shush the oceans roar with my rollbacks I tie. 
Then thumbs up to high fiving the Stars  in my sky.
No Doubt I am living it and loving it prancing it free.

Sometimes I think of you,
Missed yet hit deep down.
Will I be the same as true?
Will my shadow be around?

Misplaced or rooted well no doubt I will be fit.
Shining in Glory shall be it to those who see it.

(R) Registered: Ann Rich  2011


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Am I searching for me

I sat down and thought,
Who do I really want to be?
And all it's agony my heart wrought.
Am I searching for me?
Doubts and question fill my conscience,
Can I really be who I want to be?
And my mind is caught in thoughts so vicious.
Am I searching for me?
Don't quit, stand for who you are,
Why not?I can still be who I want to be?
And maybe my dream is not so far.
Maybe I am searching for me.....
It's not time to give up today,
My heart will say what it wants to say.

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The Broken Girl-not me

Is my life not tortured enough for you to see? 
I am broken as can be. 
My heart is torn. 
My tears stain these perfect floors.  
Why are singing with glee? 
Why do you not care about my every plea? 
I am trapped in your arms. 
I am the hopeless moth. 
How did you pick me? 
What is it that you see? 
A girl untouched by life? 
A flower blooming in the desert? 
I have said goodbye to my loving integrity.  
You took that from me through R-A-P-E.

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February 02, 2014


As I lay me down to nourish my sleep,
I am Star-bound with my heavenly light.
I can touch one then two come into sight.
I search midnight skies for a Star I keep.

I pray Thee Lord my Soul to seek!
I pray Thee Lord my great Sunlight!
I pray Thee Lord my only Moonlight.
I pray Thee Lord my Grace I speak!

It’s just so bountiful,
Down to Earth Justice!
So, So, So, plentiful!
I just can’t scratch a surface!

Star-Bound I am stuck in this traffic jam!
Star-Bound I am just as I truly, truly am!

© Copyright: 2014 Ann Rich

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Nature's Way

In the morning or in the night the shadows appear.
Some are dark and some invisible to the naked eye.
They stroll around and about with distance up high.
They follow covering you never knowing their near.
Look to the trees where empty spaces reveal clear.
You can see their eyes and their moods as they fly.
A penetrating stare with a glare with the winds sigh.
Run or stand but you’re in an open space of a sphere.
Nature’s way is coming up to you,
Open your eyes being able to see,
Hope and pray you catch this view.
Hidden in between freedom is free.
Catch many glimpses of this shade,
That way tomorrow will never fade.
© Copyright:  Ann Rich   2007

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Crow II

He knows the fog that counts his steps tonight
So proud, the crow, stands on the wires, alone;
what made him bleed before the brinks of light,
defined by emptiness and mountain stone?

The fog surrounds the crow in early dark
what else deserved to be once more recalled
remained to warn the souls that stare and hark
"this shroud descends your being to enfold".

Ethereal, departs on his ascension trail,
stouthearted is his life's long path, my Lord;
the crow unfolds in white engulfing veil,
his stalwart wings on Mistral's wailing chord.

And infinite became his nightly flight,
above the cedars croaked his skyward rite.

© G.V. 06-11-2013 All rights reserved
(English sonnet)

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Oxford Blues

Atop the seas where mists descend and waves high meet
the flare of stars, that draw details where verses hang
and send enounced spring's sightly messages to greet
the Oxford skies of notte blue and eyes unsung,

splendiferous the ocean moons illuminate
above the passages of ships that mettlesome
advance beyond the skylines and scopes equate
multi-dimensional expand with diesels' thrum.

The nautilus become gray shades - in haze to wave
and colorful their messages on winds shall die
it is their voice in nimbus gray to fade and crave
the dancing layers of cold rains and winds' war cry.

Above the fields and seaward trips of compassed routes
on skyway paths the thoughts ascend and Oxford blues. .

© 05-10-2013, G. V., All Rights Reserved
(A hexameter sonnet)

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The silver clouds fled high, above the fair;
analogy of rainfall was and bliss,
the boats were swaying their unearthly prayer
like coffins cradled they above abyss.

Exploding foam his smile became and oath
with blooms of red the fates regaled Spring's knell
the main mast ropes and sails became his clothe,
communion hush he drunk, from Faith's dark well.

And in that stillness he regained her grace,
conceived soul's amvon to sustain her glance,
invited by her verse and rains' embrace,
a Stygian sermon was her offered chance.

That night the boats returned his childhood dream
to coves of their liturgical redeem.

© 06.10.2013 G. Venetopoulos

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Stillness within me and of the night

28th january 2012
Stillness of the night, And the dullness in my sight, A cold dark cloudy winter night, The pathway lights shine on bright. Perched comfortably in the balcony of a guesthouse, The vista so great that the dormant poet in me arouse. The cool breeze envelops my surround, A few dew drops from the moistened leaves drips aground. The languid wing of air the fragrance of it carries, Of blossomed flowers, trees, plants and berries. Once again the freshness in my mind, Seems to be awakening from the blind. Welcome, come in the joys of happiness, Its now time to say to darkness

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Cross Fate

My feet caressed by the washed sand
my eyes lost in the horizons gaze 
soothing essence fills the land
but in my heart there is a blaze
two days back and my heart was taken
it shone over the entire ocean
now the fire within leaves me shaking 
my joy now runs with the waves that get broken
a broken heart in need of love
must find joy someway somehow
so there is hope in the sky above
and with that hope grab on now 
the night may make the sun disappear
but by the next mourning the sun reappears 

*Entered into "First Poem" Contest
-Won HM

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The Garden

The thought came to her seeing how the spring
Thaw was here with green patches of onion,
And few areas of spring grasses__now green
That the garden would need tending~ attention

And send her forth (into the sun) to plant
Vegetables, herbs, tend flowers of the hour
Roses,  beauties, burgundy, soft brillant
Petals gentle between fingers, power

Scent that allures both man, woman to come
Enjoy this day in this pleasant garden
That draws butterflies, which lightly touch some
Drinks nectar, touches pollen, beholden

Spring with its beauty, warmth, outdoor pleasures
Can disregard work when one sees treasures.

Contest:Poet Destroyer
Sponsor:What's In Your Garden? Old Or New
Meter: Iambic Pentameter
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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End Pieces Of Bread

Every sliced loaf of bread has those crust
Those that are the end pieces brown dry
Pieces formed by exposure to heat's thrust
Left in wrapper to protect slices by

When tender slices of loaf are finished
One has the two ugly dry end pieces
But can those old dry worn be replenished
Buttered maybe toasted becomes caprices

Maybe those dry, worn, brown loaf bread ends
Could be cubed buttered herbed turned into croutons
Little thoughtful creativity friends
End pieces eaten with anticipations

Not of bad but of only good things now
The dry ugly left over we'll allow

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The Dam Is Broken

The dam has broken, fear has poured gushing
Oh! Great Physician ruler of the angels
Send the mighty healing army flying
On strong wings of love, comfort counsels

Open the Word and the Spirit speak plain
Don't go around and round the mountain high
Move forward child to another level attain
On the wings of those angels now fly

On the journey may you always find another
To share a light on the worn path of life
A person who stays in step with you and sings
This your life may it be one of wealth and no strife

Protected by the angel of mercy__love
May your journey be seasoned from above

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A King's Mountain

February 12, 2011

A King's Mountain

A King's Mountain He mounts up under his branded feet.
Mass in size He is hallow by a grandstand He is to you,
But never is He in lieu, so many clues cost one tabboo.
Blown to boredom bereaved He hue's me a pure heart beat. 

Shaking or faking Him out I scram to find my own Grand seat.
Surrounded from East to West there is North and South to do.
Blending my flames in hot Summer winds I baked a cake or two.
I'm like self-rising ready to bake surfing up fielders wheat.

A King's Mountain means Look-Out,
Soak it up and suck it all in!
A Hot sizzling day for a Cook-Out?
A King mounted has a Big bin.

He will draw your naked breath in and mount you to His top.
Sprinkling you with honey dew suckling up for more sip sop.

(R) Registered: Ann Rich 2011

04:43:21 AM EST -5

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The bread factory Babel

The bread factory Babel was damaged years ago. 
Again, we tried to repair the oven in the frozen field; 
We drank the fuel to tame the tempest of soot and yellow snow, 
And the stomach’s black hole hungry with moldy hominy held.
“I am a tiger, in my trade! One baker says, “But new troubles arise…”
Coughing because the dust and soot, suddenly we started to pray…
“Black crows fall down around and call the death and blind my eyes”
“Hard times, of shadows gray: if we could feed people today,                             
“It would be through a spiritual power to win the old sin.”  
“Could we bake good breads and loafs on the Kane’s line,” 
“From where, the clouds of ash are flashing black in?” 
Finally, they decided to cut coal in the new open mine. 

The bakers became miners and the hell’s oven was sold:
When they fired the hell, yet burning it was too cold

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A Love Sonnet

.                                                  A Love Sonnet
                                       Composed By: Sara Kendrick

                            Oh! What can I say of my love that's true

                             I just love a game of life with good rules

                     For knowing the rules~~following same~~no sue~

                     Like first write my name so I am known**cool**

                               This poem about love is dedicated

                               To a woman who Rambles poetry

                             Constance La France who meditated

                              Meditated, relaxed__watching trees

                            In her homeland of Canada life's ease

                       With her vintage clothes, a paying job~~well~

                          She is set to enjoy what I have to please

                      That she is so nice to comment on my tall tale

                          Let me summarize and not least disguise
                      Bending rules, dancing around right  is not wise

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Heavens Doorway

Heavens Doorway

A woman conceives and then gives birth
Lifes a beautiful blessing here on earth
Time goes by and you grow old
Your soul leaves your body, a new beginning unfolds

Gently flowing in this beautiful garden
I hear the sounds of musical organs
Sweet smells of jasmine and honeysucke
Everything around here shimmers and sparkles

The road ahead is paved with gold
The blazing light, I fall to my knees and behold
The Son sitteth at the right side of the Father
Angels, family members greet me together

Beautiful pearly gates they open wide
The Father say " Job well done, enter inside"
The love and peace is so overwhelming
Todays a new life, a new beginning

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout

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The Poetry of Yeats

His words calm me when I'm restless
bringing beauty to my world.
I get shivers, I must confess 
when his passionate verse is unfurled.

I once threw a penny of brown
to see if love, I might find.
Like a princess with jewelled crown,
my dreams of starry nights shined.

Soft words of romance, he brings to life
with every stroke from his gifted pen.
Of sunlight, moon shadows, peace and strife,
I read his poems time and again.

His words bring smiles and move me to tears.
He inspires me to write of feelings, sincere.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders,  June 20, 2012
Tribute to WB Yeats

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My Solemn Vow

I think I shall take this very day and make you my solemn vow.
And when I do I shall pass it onto you to follow the just of me.
I vow to open your blinded eyes to show you all that I can see.
I vow to open your deafened ears to hear why I am me and how.
I think I shall take this night and raise up your brow.
And when I do I shall pass it to you with an only key.
I vow to open your locked doors down on a bent knee
I vow to close the wounds from those I did not allow.
I vow to gather my group up into my fruitful field.
I vow to cover you and dress you to simply adorn.
I vow to create a world in which we as one build.
I vow to remove every single painful prickly thorn.
I vow to you that I am your God given Grace.
I vow to you that I am able to create or erase!
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2008

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Celestial Mother

Once great always great I say to you.
Upside down or right side up you be.
Once upon a time and a time once was she.
Gathering the universe and shining a Star or two.
Then one day She shot down to Earth out of the blue.
She gathered Her crops and made circles wide and free.
She made them so big the whole of the world could see.
She took the Stars the Sun and Moon making them new.
She shined talents never quite seen.
Amazing and sparkling from up above,
She is the smartest thing ever so keen.
She is abundant in spreading Her love.
She is our Celestial Mother in Heaven,
Separated by the empty shells of leaven!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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Great Spirit here come I in humble prayer
child of your Bedonkohe blood and line.
I raise my hands to recognize you there
and plea you recognize this heart of mine.

I know you welcome all into your light
And let my way, as through this death I go, 
Be swift and sure, if bad or good or right
As certain as blood of Geronimo.

Look! Is my line not tied to what's his past?
And does this not bring us our only choice
To bide amongst the tribe from out our past?
To gather in your light, and raise one voice

Of this, our song, our voices unified
And handed down through time, where we have cried.
...............© Ron Wilson
Another very special Sonnet that just wrote itself through me...where do they come from? And how?

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They Nailed Him

On a day that had to be
He was nailed to a tree
for crimes He did not commit,
but He knew He must submit.

They beat Him so badly
that others cried so sadly,
but He would not repine
for your sins and for mine.

A man... a son like no other
treated each one like a brother,
He forgave them because He knew,
"For they know not what they do."

He died that day nailed to a crossed tree,
He did it because He loves you and me.

For "Nailed or Failed" contest sponsored by Black Eyed Susan.

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Christmas Mass

Dear holy child, I celebrate your birth,
and wonder at the bright and shining star,
that leads to all the joy and peace on earth
we all look for, and it is where you are.

Yes I will light a candle in your name
on Christmas morning, when I'm all alone,
and say a prayer into the burning flame
to thank you for the gift too few have known.

You are my bright and shining star, you know,
throughout my life, in everything I do,
The gift of love is all I have,and so,
I wrap my love in candlelight for you,
       ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa

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a lady aurum

Facing the idolum of near successive picture perfection
I sat looking at her in all earthly wide wonder
All that I had heard of her became much clear
I kept thanking the happy chance for such lucky reflection.

Gentle grace, lucid charm, distinct person full of pristine vision
Setting forth moral marks by austerity, halting others in fear
Her very presence makes the stigma go down with unseen shudder
She is, but a lady aurum with no substitution.

Keep going, for we know not others with better honesty
Living with cogitate morality you are content and at ease
You aspire, for tranquil world hoping this chaos to cease.

Doing your devoted prophetic work to the good of humanity
Your propitious thoughts will frame the system with prosperity
I hence wish this, may your good tribes ever increase.

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Down the Glen I Look by, Olive Eloisa Guillermo and James Fraser

From my window, down the Glen I look Amidst forested slopes, a stretch of water lies Seeing it once can leave the viewer hooked I now know why it's hard to bid goodbye Wandering far, limpid blue loch says hello It's sublime beauty seizes my leisure walk Alongside whisky coloured grass that grows Teeming trees, as the scene greets me in flock Candy fluffy clouds, glide above her waters blue Caressing cliffs, shading all for free Bluebells scents satiates my sense so true It's crystalline fluid beckons me to spree Whether one is local, or a holiday tourist The loch freezes the eye so one can't resist . Written by, Olive Eloisa Giullermo & James Fraser

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In the center I sit.
Unraveling a core,
I lay it by the shore.
It’s a wondrous fit.
It is in pieces by a bit.
It sails an ocean floor.
It has a rip where tore.
It makes the seas split.
It travels day and night.
A never-ending drift,
It is brilliantly bright.
Moving along so swift!
It travels a path lit by a Star,
Rendering miles that are afar!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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The Embracing

I cut through tedious chit-chat,
Null knick-knacks!
Zap Idiotic whacks!
I tip toe tapping atop pitters pat.
I’m your best bet seated where you once sat.
Smearing out your tad-bit lacks,
Running them out by the packs,
I tip my hat fancying you purr like my fat-cat.

Up and away my hands shall uplift weights like you.
In and out of reality I’ll take you with me everywhere.
If only you knew how well I’m too do getting through.
Do you think one day to obtain me to be eh unaware?

Personally, I’d charge a big fat whacked out idiotic fee for the likes of thee,
I’m declared as freely expressing many pleasures for the embracing of me.

® Registered: 2010 Ann Rich

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''That the brilliance of your majestic ways--''

That the brilliance of His majestic ways
and fire that burns from His white-hot eyes
may give their light to space of infinite size 
and shine on all Earth's creatures' love and praise;
that the mercy He gives to him that stays
from wicked ways to keep his lips from lies,
for faith and grace to remain pure and wise
may give His Word renewed glory and raise;
that the millennial Kingdom's earthly time
arrives after end times' brief, labor pangs
and saves God's children from sin's filthy grime,
so they that were tempted of Satan's gangs
will live on in glory and in their prime
once Christ defangs the Serpent's deadly fangs!

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The Infant Vulture

Perched in unfamiliar terrain
Drenched in an unforgiving milieu 
An infant vulture, lingered in pain
On the edge of a hill resisting the wind`s allure 

With no prior instinct, it treads 
Flapping its sporadic feathers
The strides it takes eradicate presumed threats
Its minute wings accelerate, while panic withers

Moving ever so further from the edge
A sense of pride provided a much needed surge 
With eyes firmly fixed on the safe pasture ahead
Victory! Was meet, imparting its winning urge

The jubilation bred self-reliance and stupendous thrill
The former weary eyes prowled 
Saw prey and killed
The innovative, un-vulture like infant was proud.

The effort…..the triumph…..the kill
The essence……the lesson…..instilled.

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Sonnet 2: The Light

What can be said but the light is bright
Do you like the view?
Is it not such a sight?
Would you name someone Sue?

It is not meant to be religious.
It is for the awakening of the mind.
So stop being in reverse frivolous.
Do not put the scholar in a bind.

You act like you are correct and not wrong.
Oh my your words act like a sword.
Regardless of creed to not accept faults is wrong.
Those words you cannot afford.

The light is the coming of new knowledge!
It is not meant for ignorance to be put into a carriage!

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The Only Breed

I smoked my pipe and I found some dreams stuck in a seam.
The ancients lifted me up and I saw through crystallize glass.
As I looked the seams popped and scattered into a great mass.
The dreams were set free from my light of a shiny bright beam.
Now I have flashing darts in my eyes that shine as I will deem.
Now I am looking at you and you and you as green as the grass.
But that’s okay because now my eyes can gloss you up as brass.
Eventually, I will find a light inside of you with a sparkly gleam.
My visions are set up forth,
Free and clear with a deed.
Look to the Star of the North,
You shall find my only breed.
Be this to you or be this to me,
Scattered dreams in you I see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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Common Ground

Starry night, Star bright shine your light!
It’s a lost world traveling at a rapid speed.
Oh guide me and teach me to properly lead.
For I am down here where nothing is right!
Send me a wind to take my flight,
And let them all take heed!
I am the deepest seed.
For I stand in all my might.
Let the Sun shine down on me.
Let the rains walk away.
Set my eyes where they can see.
For I am day by day!
As the world spins around and around,
I shall be found standing on top of Common Ground!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Highlands Fore'er

Oh, write tae me of the highlands, 
the crisp air and the damp. 
Write tae me of the heather'd fields 
'ere Bonnie Charlie danced. 

Oh, place yo'r quill upon the page 
and dream a fey song wit me, 
of rock tor's an' crags an' fiords 
which join the raging sea.

Of fair Iona, the Isle of Sky
the Inner Hebrides.
Hike yo'r kilt, strap on the uilleann 
and keen a sweet song for me.

Oh, dinnae tarry beyond the pale,
with the wail of the brash banshee.
*Written in dialect in the style of Robert Burns
**Dedicated to our Jamie our own Highlander

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Fool's Gold

I see you, I believe in you!
I die in you, I will behold.
Yes I will be a fool’s gold.
In the morning, I am two.

Come deep into me you fool.
Like one I’m your two fold.
Correct me now and be bold.
Your day is mine I do rule.

I scream I shout and I am loud.
Oh My God! Where art thou now?
Fly higher up in my white cloud,
I will show Him absolutely how!

Do me once shame it all on me! 
I am the only one you can see.

® Registered Ann Rich 2011

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Father's Blood and Mother's Love

Father's Blood
Mother's Love
Written By: D. Collins 10/24/13
My father's blood gave me my darkened skin.
But, mother's love was that which made me who I am.
Whatever I strive to achieve can actually be mine.
I'll have to work at it harder because of father's bloodline.
But, that ain't about nothing! My mother's love is in me.
Combined with father's blood created the man you see.
I will not be hindered. See the look on my face.
And, nothing is allowed to knock me off my pace.
I have ambitions and the grit to boot.
A mix of mom and dad and fortitude.
The way I see it,they go hand-in-hand.
Blood and love creates distinguished black men.

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Why Does the Wind

Why does the wind spin in the hollows
and makes the leaves and powder fly,
whereas the ships lie in calm waters,
a breeze is their best desire?
Why from dark rocks, past a white tower
an eagle soars, with ease and power
to a dead tree? Ask better him.
Why Desdemona, on a whim,
loves her Othello, her black moor,
like a new moon loves gloom of night?
Because the wind and eagle's flight
and heard of maiden take no rule.
So poet, rhyming, building forms
accepts no rules, no laws, no terms.
This is a translation from Russian
of an excerpt
from the A.S.Pushkin's poem Ezersky.

Translated by Pavel Nichkov

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Cold Nights In Paris

COLD NIGHTS IN PARIS ( Monsieur L'vampyre)
There's never been another dark on earth
quite like the dark of Paris under snow,
where love, it comes and goes, for what it's worth,
and no demands are made, when time to go.

Where lovers slip into the hiding night,
oblivious to cold or freezing rain,
anticipating love, that surely might
warm up their lives for just a night, again.

And love's a little warmer, from the cold;
it makes two hearts to join and keep a beat;
and warms the lives of both the young and old,
who find their love with-in their body heat.

Though easy comes the love--they hold it dear,
without it cold is something they would fear.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Sonnet Slow Net Connection

I’d rather read something for minutes eight
Than wait eight minutes for this site to load
For this slow net service I cannot wai
tI’d rather nap or simply stay at home

What makes this service too slow I wonder
Too many users online at this time?
Too many files on this old computer?
Way too many downloads? From many sites?

‘Tis time to stop wasting hours on the Net
‘Tis time to memorize from the Qur’an
Time to study for school, to be the best,
Seek knowledge offline as much as I can.

Farewell, Internet, I’ll come back later
When the net connection’s a lot faster :)

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Sometimes A Bamboozler

Afternoon thunderstorms brew_ winds increase
White Crepe Myrtle sways to rhythm of breeze
Which varies_ sometimes swift; sometimes does cease
In times past man would have thought God displeased

More fear would have fallen when eerie fell night 
And clouds lingered thick as fluffy meringue
Some silver, some gray, some charcoal some white  
No thunder, lightning, eerie can't argue

Life can have those cloudy eerie strange times
When one can't exactly describe what's wrong
There seems to be a foreboding strange signs
How relieved we feel when events become song

The clouds still hang heavy the air cooler
Feelings Satan sends sometimes a bamboozler

Bamboozler one who deceives or gets the better of through trickery..

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One Seed

I planted a seed and it grew and grew.
It grew so high touching a cloudy sky.
With one main branch it sprouted high.
I cut it down telling myself I’m through.
But that main branch stayed so true.
I started watering daily at noon nigh.
And I would always wave good bye.
I can’t even tell you the birds it drew.
That branch was awesome.
Every day a new leaf to see.
Always a flowering blossom.
New blooms would always be.
It is amazing at what one seed can do.
Even those seeds lying inside of you.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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No Nots

Splicing up time, a reflection did appear.
Cross my heart stick a needle in my eye.
These things I saw before us, you and I.
I tell you the truth, and I will pinky swear.

Your great lusts will be leveled in despair.
You will watch and witness a greater lie.
You will pine and pine to no avail so cry.
You will be emptied of your just and fair.

So carry this torch and pass it on,
Feel the flames and feel them sear,
For you have been branded a pawn.
So listen up because your time is here.

Great goodness was once your friend,
Your no nots do not mix a pure  blend

(R) Registered:  2013  Ann Rich

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Newly adopted toddlers mourN
Indemnity as locus  standI
Gold-crests laG
Event invites the employeE 
Rodeo on the wealthy riveR  
Irrevocable superminI
And the black gold run et ceterA 
Nobles with black gold gains remaiN

Spectacles of other specieS
Opener ramains incognitO
Ne'er-do-well holds the horN
No one remembers the mooN
Expatriate  the extra farE
Teach the gospel momenT

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Matted Layers

I came from behind and my God at what I saw.
I was astonished and in disbelief seen by you.
I counted exact minutes with the seconds too.
But I stood there intact with no lines to draw.
There are many versions of Grace Verse’s law.
So I read through them one by one until blue.
So I picked up the torch it was all I could do.
I was a flame burning stoked in complete awe.
I gave glory to the Sun and Moon,
I exalted a few Stars along my way.
I even rode in on a cloud at noon,
It was a bright beautiful blessed day.
But there were matted layers of deception,
I guess you can only imagine my reception.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Greek Sonnet

Greek Sonnet 

I write Dionysus poetry 
With a dash of Apollo,
This because darksome poetry
Can kill hope 
And become cynical – we don´t
Want to lose all hope. 
Too much Apollo 
On the other hand
And we lose sight of reality 
Therefor the two gods 
Compliments each other so 
We don´t sink into despondency 
And not into 
Hysterical harp playing lyricism 

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Waking up

Whispers all around me, but I don't see a soul
Feelings of dread and regret consumes my being
Is there some dark spirit around that I'm not seeing?
Maybe I'm crazy, but am I the one who's supposed to be playing this role?
Dreaming this reality up, yet it seems so real
Lucidity is ever so fluent; smooth as can be
Pretend time becoming a concrete fantasy
Regardless of where I end up, this is surreal

They say the white light is prevalent, but I disagree
A multitude of shapes and colors are profuse
With all of this around me, how could I not exist?
Reality is what you make it, I still am the real me
Time to make new and to really let loose
Haunting the past will be tough to resist

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Four Winds of Heaven

My wind to the East you are my least.
My wind to the West you are the test.
Each and every day you are your best.
Each and every day you battle a beast.
My wind to the South you are a feast.
My wind to the North you are a crest.
Each and every day you never do rest.
Each and every day a new life leased.
The Sun makes your air.
The Moon is your guide.
Stars are always up there.
All of you are my pride.
Each of you I will easily leaven.
You are my four winds of heaven.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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The Chambers Swept Clean

The door that should not open, open you did
Entered into my soul, stirring discord
Emotions that had been buried deep_hid
He who is the adversary_is not dead

Truth was wanted being a potion to heal
Satan offered shaded truth_outright lies
Torturing my soul with wrong, no appeal
Oh! Savior sweep clean chambers _me chide

Now an empty room my soul comfortless
Holy Spirit come fill anoint (sooth) renew
Precious is the Word that enters chambers
The chambers of my heart this the best food

Satan didn't win the day hurray glory
Defeated gone away grant no return__my story

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Touched by an Angel

My sweetened temper Was all due to a little adviser Some light form, so divine Instead of giving me wine, Bid me to be the clandestine On that same night which seemed darker! My choice, so daintier, Was guided by a little singer, Invisible, in my head, it rocked The blessed words which I made into my own So that today I am still alive like the dancer, Like the charmed One, I am not a mere daydreamer! Worthy Angelic Power, Sheer Beauty, My Protector, Guide me for ever, in the dark alleys of this deepwater!
Written on 17 March 2012 Anoucheka Gangabissoon

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Fight Back

Life was never like this,swinging up and down,
making a fool of me,as if i am the only clown.

Touching the sky always had been a dream,
though a distant one as it may seem.

But never did I lose ,the hope of reaching there,
inspite if the failures,which came to me so near.

Love the way , life plays games with me,
trying to beat me hard but never could, You see.

The challenges of life making me strong as ever
and a determination to fight with it forever.

Despite being knocked out,so many times in past 
I've emerged out again and make my words last.

Now again its time to show that I don't lack
than anyone or anybody and to go and fight back!!

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Earth Mother

Ode to the Earth, magnificent curved You 
green seas, fresh turn each day, warmed from afar
by a star, blazing her heart out, for You
Her rays penetrate the cosmos, with ease
heating Your sod, encouraging new life
You turn, epic, majestic, our Mother  
natural in all You do, gorgeous You
the Moon swells Your oceans, circulating  
liquified animation, deep blue sea
feathered flocks fill Your clouds, riding thermals
glorious happenings, land, water, skies 
the lucky few: limited time with You
evolution, birth, a wondrous gift
how do we tell our heart we must depart

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Amidst Heavy rains

Amidst the heavy rains,standing here I'm,
Holding my hands together ,hoping to be fine.

Walking through the streets ,repenting upon the past,
thinking what to do next,and when did I smile last.

Nothing seems to strike,nothing going my way,
however hard i try,no use of what I say.

To whom shall I show, the scars of my life,
the pain of which ,increases my strife.

I have reached a stage ,at which I can't turn back,
to fulfill my wishes which my life lack.

Now I wish sometimes,I still had been a boy,
to be loved by everyone,filled every moment with joy.

But time and again,reality comes back to me,
and amidst heavy rains I'm again on a crying spree.

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Imagine That

He looked at life through polished glass,
refracting every tone and hue.
He took his time for life to pass,
imagining a longer view.

Befitting beauty, flowers die
as they with early winter meet,
though wither comes, the loving eye
imagines blossoms ever sweet.

Eternal, lyrical and young
we must at last admit his means.
His sweetest song upon our tongue
through all the seasons, all the scenes

will live forever. Though we cried--
imagine that he never died.

~ John Lennon 1940-1980

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The woman I am

Some say I am a strong woman Some tell me I am a brave woman some think I should be more of a woman Some will tell you i'm a good woman While some think im not much of a woman. Or at all like any woman they ever knew, And that I could be so much more. But all I am is a woman All I am is my woman I am the woman I can be Not the one I should be, could be, would be Not so much more, too much like, or nearly so.

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Bit Coin

Planners hath much to quarrel and to quill,                        
Yet, not know their own eye or trailed hand,                                      
Doth quickly consume an unfathomed land.                            
Is it right to put ax to tree or ground to till?                                    
Nay ev'n hearing a next door neighbor's will?                               
Seeing not his son's labor thru a torrent land,                       
Fills sufficient stores, and hath more to demand.        (Reworked and shortened 5/14/2014)
Having, gets new glory and tells him nay to feel:                
Ev'n snow covered tops doth ask why choose                        
Logs without recall of the past weighted track;               
Felled cut timber, nay know where they're going      
To light;  Now, acorns hath much more to loose     
And doth value truest todays' sorrowed lack,                
Gives vast to man, more than morsel or bit coin.           

Miltonic Sonnet Contest
Via the contest sponsor's request,
Has a moral and/or social issue subject matter

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Come Ride Into Life's Sunset

Written in response to traveling west on a highway facing the sun setting behind dark gray clouds

Come ride into life's uncertain sunset
Where dark clouds may accumulate with dread
Sun's only peeking through mostly ordained
Giving life those moments when with wingspread

One soars in the presence of the Son's love
Feeling His voice tenderly saying come
Feast at my table of gifts tasty, Dove
Focus your eyes upon my beauty some

Ride to life's sunset whatever circumstance
It may present, hold my hand_understand
This is new ground for me_hope accrescence
In love of mankind for heading to promise land

Uncertain skies streaked with gray, sun at bay
Love can lift, sustain, ingrain us for day!

accrescence means growth, continous growth
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Sponsor: Michael Falotico
Contest:No Nams On This Love Contest

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by rites

by rites we come into now
by rites we leave into then
by rites we mark the in between
by rites maybe we start again

by rites we say "I love you"
by rites we bring on progeny
by rites we launch into unknown
by rites we cleave dichotomy

by rites we celebrate today
by rites we mark contrast
by rites we are carried away
by rites we remember the past

by rites we reverently resolve
so, by rites kept, life revolves 

© Goode Guy 2013-01-04

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spirit go home

i see the spirits of the dead lost in this world with sadness and dreed!when they come to me i tell them too go into the light and i se them day and night!lost souls some people say but they the spirit must see the only way homeisthough the one who died for their sin when i tell ican sometimes see them raise and i cry knowing they are home at last forever in the arm of the lord never again will they be old now their exsistance is not soiled!

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Aging (SONNET)

Of youth, I dare not say ado, yet wait
upon the willing heart that I be spared
that visit standing at the Pearly Gates,
I bide my time, not hurried to go there.

For on this Earth I tarry not to die,
believing soul and body to unite,
hence, the tongue in silence gives no cry,
with my Lord I stand in glorious light.

Grim Reaper, oh dreaded one, be not proud
for many, not I alone, must now fight
to keep our youth in the maddening crowd,
and know that never we should fear the night.

Alas, 'tis not from aging I dispair
but from telling mirror I must beware.

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In the Meadow

The Devil's Hold

Into the devils hands you placed my infant form
with blind eyes and untutored minds you left.
The caterwauls of baby rang like an eerie storm
for the eve's respite you sought was paid a high tariff.

Memory, so kind and long gone, without redress
lays in ashes buried in the wavering wash of time
But, decades of snickering comments coalesce 
making the adult children wonder at their crime.

Marred, scarred, scared and one too many times undressed
the ramming cat, the rutting dog, pointed allusions
The negligence of  youthful parents never confessed
leaves Magdalene's curse, a cost not of your choosing.

Raise the tarry brush of hell and paint their damned souls,
far too many have fell within the Devil's hold.           

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your efforts

By mouth you eat food and drink.
By nose you smell fresh taste or stink.
By ear you listen to a different noise,
By eyes you see what is a natural pose.
When you breathe you eat dust,
When you see that appetite you first,
When you listen that makes you lust,
When you drink belly grows hunger best.
What’s your nature?
It depends upon what do you eat or drink?
Human is a natural creature,
Internal and external natural system makes link.
You grow in your body what you fed,
Your efforts make you alive or dead. 

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Doing Whats Right

~Doing What's Right~ (Sonnet) Many seek "stardom" by destroying their self, To get into the so-called media-spot light, But Daniel achieved this in a better way, When he and his friends did what was right. When captived by a ruthless invading nation, It was unlikely they'd be heard from ‘gain, But the godly men distinguished themselves As very intelligent and truth worthy to begin And when the King had a dream that his wise Men couldn't repeat nor interpret to him, He condemn them right there to death, After a night of prayer Daniel got a gift. The gift of interpreting the King's dream, As God made Daniel part of his royal team. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,17,2015

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Another World

Where do we go when we go away?
And why is it that we have to leave?
What happened to Adam and to Eve?
Where is the greatest scale to weigh?
Where do we go when we want to stay?
What about this great big world weave?
What about you what do you believe?
So what dues do we have left to pay?
Why me?
Why you?
I can see?
You do to!
I think we’ve all been twirled,
All the way into another world!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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I am alone to contemplate
the genesis of all my fear,
the simple nature of my fate,
the complex force that brought you here.
With every breath it resonates,
through every inch of longing skin,
in every tremble it creates
I feel where gentle touch has been.
Inside this solitary mood
I find within each moment's grace
where no more fear can pray intrude
upon this calm eternal space.

In holding hope, I held to thee
and found my immortality.

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Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown (Kyrielle Sonnet)

It’s a great day to shake and bake
Dance, sing, and eat all of your cake
It’s time to wear your dinner gown
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown

Upon reaching the Big Six O
Spread and stretch on your patio
Wear your fancy dress into town
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown

As you puff out the nice candles
Hold tight onto your chair handles
Smile today and let your hair down
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown

It’s a great day to shake and bake
Happy Birthday Dear Carol Brown

© Joseph, 4/9/08
© All Rights Reserved

Comments:  Dedicated to my poet laureate friend Carol Brown.  The Kyrielle 
Sonnet has 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain stanzas and a non-rhyming 
couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain in the last line of each 
stanza.  Each line within the sonnet has eight syllables. The French use the first 
and last line of the first quatrain as the ending couplet. This reinforces the refrain 
within the poem. The rhyming scheme for a Kyrielle Sonnet normally is: AabB, 
ccbB, ddbB, AB -or- AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB.

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Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

“Sweetheart of P. S.” I am, she proclaimed.
And this she stated when her membership was new.
“Who is this poet that to us had exclaimed?” 
It was time to check her profile without adieu.

This self-declared sweetheart had credential.
Could she?  Would she?  Shall she really be?
The “Sweetheart of P. S.” became quintessential.
She captured poet's hearts with friendships spree.

She took us on vacations and adventures.
Commented on our work flamboyantly.
Encouraged and loved us each without censures.
Can you guess who she became, subsequently?

Yes!  Linda-Marie Barriana, “The Sweetheart of P.S.”
A Poetess extraordinaire as she proclaimed…Success!

©  Dane Smith-Johnsen
September 15, 2010

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A Will

The birds fly free up in the sky.
Why oh why can it not be me?
Why can’t I just soar and be.
Why can’t I fly above so high?
My spirit guides me as I sigh.
My soul wills me to be free.
Where is this highest decree?
This is why I hear doves cry.
I open a seal,
Carry a smile.
All is so real.
I last a mile.
Inside of me there is a will.
This is why I can’t sit still.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Radiant Sunbeams

Radiance rains down from the heavens
In leaning lanes of luminescence
Glorious golden lyre strings glow
Against the deep azure's hollow
Pillared paths of beaming glee
Cradle the meadow magnificently
Sunshine streams past cloudy drapes
Illuminating these inclined escapes
Suppressed, sketch out a silver lining
Rather than send high hopes resigning
From eternity they stretch to emanate
Let bright light warmth disseminate
As they disperse divinity into the morn
Seep through my soul so I shine on.

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My Savior Redeems

Morning awoke me in a field of dreams.
Sunshine sang, moistened leaves glistening.
The coolest breeze tamed summer’s extremes.
An imagined world in silence viewed listening.

I scurried away to my quiet place.
Beneath the trees, to seek the hand of God,
There was no worry of time or space.
He bequeathed faith upon His gospel sod.

The earth breathed calmly in the silent still.
Overwhelming trust embraced my essence.
I thanked God for the spiritual thrill.
Living each day, I love feeling His presence.

Whether a field of dreams or sparkling moonbeams,
My spirit gleams because my Savior redeems.

© April 10, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Granted and Given

It is all in the Stars if you look hard enough.
There is always the morning Star twinkling.
And then there is the evening Star blinking.
And then there are layered clouds in a fluff.
Then there is the Sun and Moon and stuff.
Sometimes it looks like the Moons winking.
Sometimes it looks like the Sun is thinking.
Makes me wonder if their day can be rough!
What a wondrous world I live in.
What balance I live by every day.
My life must be granted and given.
So no wonder I take time to pray.
It is granted and given each day just to be me.
Just look up once a day and this you can see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Ballroom Gown Moment

Pastel pink ballgown floats on horizon
Belle of the ball accompanied by gray gents
Dancing into early morn, roosters sing on
Still accented by soft entertainment

So swiftly has the dance floor changed to light
Like life that changes slipping up on us
A mother bird busied herself with bright
Eyes and wide mouths, then gone is little fuss

Cool is the morn, damp the air_ comfortable
Soon the golden sun will warm the air, chase
Away the chill, send me inside unable
To enjoy nature, But God's presence is in place

A few ballgown minutes, time moves onward
Thank you for this time in heart undergird

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From the Beginning

Since we met, 
Our hearts have been,
Through a lot,
And I have always hoped,
That you would be the one,
To capture my heart,
But times have changed,
And caused us not to be,
   The people we once were.

People chance through time,
And their true person shows,
And no matter how things turn out,
We can always be friends,
Because love never dies,
It just breaks off, 
But true foundations will last,
Throughout the years,
     And makes love last throughout the friendship.

However, I never give up on love,
Because I know it is out there,
And there is someone for me,
I just wonder who it is,
And where they are,
However, if it is meant to be,
We will be together again,
In the future,
For if you love someone and let them go,
     And they come back it's meant to be.

So, always take your time,
And never rush into things,
Because rushing into things is a disaster,
And both parties will get hurt,
Then there is hard feelings among you,
Which will cause the end all together.

Always search your heart and mind,
And know what you want before you leap,
Because if you don't,
Everyone will get hurt in the situation,
Because it is more than,
Just you and me.

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Leadership through trust

The smile of a child,trying to climb on his foot,
trusts the mother to hold on ,and that builds his youth.

the child as a youth moves on every possibility
trusting on his teacher and his reliability

Then the life takes the youth to the next level,
challenging his credibility and making him face hell.

Along with experience he learns the legacy,
that trust is more when there is intimacy.

Slowly by pace the trust grows cent by cent
with gradual involvement and engagement.

Then there's a task and a timeline to keep,
and he finds trust works very well in a partnership

And finally the task is achieved and a smile on his lips,
The glory is great ,and such simple is the skill of leadership.

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How Do I Love Thee: Life

should I attempt to tabulate the ways 
in which I cherish this thing we call life 
a single eye to count the twinkle stars 
might I borrow the worlds fingers and toes 
arms, legs and noses, still shy my target 
better still to prey my heart from its chest 
laid out raw, in ore, wanting more, love score 
no magician can fill up a full cup 
that does, clearly, already overflow 
bulbous, crimson, life, spilling down solid sides 
flooding the firmaments, essence of me 
a reason for being, forging, worthwhile 
I straddle the beast who carries us through 
tallyho, avanti, onward we go

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Jack of All Trades

At work 
I slave away
And during the day 
I read, I watch
I plan, I dream
Setting goals 
Making everything seem
That in a few years it will all come together
But in a few years will all of this matter?

I’m a jack of all trades
But a master at NONE
I slave away 
Until the day is done
But for what?
For who?
Am I doing all of this Just to have something to do?

I ask, I pray, I watch
No time for fun
Not until ALL my work is done
In hopes to better my future
In hopes to better myself
Not leaving my dreams to be lived by someone else

I’ve read all the books
I’ve done all the classes 
I’ve listened to the masters instead of the masses
7 steps to wealth 
12 steps to riches
The “keys”, 
The “wisdom”,
 The “knowledge”, 
The “tickets”.
The ticket to the money train
The key to the treasure box
I’m overwhelmed by all this “want this” & “want not”
Who am I?
Who will I be?
I guess only God can look in and really see.

Maybe I’m looking over all the important things
Maybe my “riches” aren’t exactly what they seem
Maybe it’s love, patience, giving and kindness
Maybe its overcoming life’s struggles, chaos, and madness
Maybe it’s in the strength of my mind over the dismay of the world
Maybe it’s in my parenting of my sweet, teenage girl

All this time I thought I had failed
I thought my ship to success had already sailed
I thought I was a jack of all trades and a master at none.
But my kid said, “No, Mom, you’re wrong.
You’re a master at one.
You raised me right, you raised me well. 
You’re a great mom! I can tell.”

Wow, well people do say
You can’t buy happiness
And I’m one of the few
That believes this is true.
For all the work, learning, and adding action to plans,
I’ve found that I’m rich in character, integrity, and helping my fellow man.

So I stopped thinking of all this “wasted” work I had done over the years
I realized that through the blood, sweat, pain, and tears
That my efforts, dreams, and goals weren’t in vain
Instead of money, homes, cars and other material things
I got something that money cannot buy, 
A daughter
Beautiful, smart, and wise.

Yes, I’ve mastered something 
And this something is great!
And here I thought it was way too late
Yes, I’m a jack of all trades
But now I’m a master at ONE!
In all my years 
I’ve become a great mom!

I’m truly a success
Because of you Jess!

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Sonne1: The Question

A thousand years of lies has been given.
Living a lie of truth and of no sight. 
For this time we have been liven.
Oh my do we keep flying this kite!

They gave a word to misuse.
Everyone was a lamb or snake.
Oh how did they use it to abuse!
Failure to follow was a cause to be in a bake.

Woe to the saints!
The people with minds of knowledge fell.
For us so many gave faints.
Can you hear the cry of their bell?

Why did only a few stand up to give it a question?
Oh why was only a few courageous to give it a mention?

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An Oar

To direct thoughts as an oar guides a boat
Thoughts of good,not evil, rowing swiftly
Avoiding those whirlpools of tongue's cutthroat.
Trying always to row words that would lift.

Razor tongue get caught in the watefall.
Jumbled, twisted thoughts be steered to rough shoals
Trapped,hung on rocks to avoid a brawl.
Captain, turning my ship to you with soul.

Let the Pilot be life's guide everyday.
Swift may be the water, broken mine oar.
The Pilot will be mine help in all ways
Guiding safely through life to distant shore.

Mine flatboat, needing repair; broken oar
To Pilot give, now to you my soul soars.

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Great is the Day

Great is the day when a song you hear.
It makes your spirit soar through wind.
Great is the day when your time begins.
It makes you wake up and hoot a cheer.
Great is the day when it is a new year.
It makes you back to where you been.
Great is the day to manage a few grins.
It will put you into another hemisphere.
Great is the day just to be,
A part of a world that sings!
Great is the day just to see,
A wondrous mix of things!
Great is the day,
Is all I can say!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Look at you! You are going places 
You got that impulse of control in your eyes
You have a hunger that requires constant feeding 
From a passion burning deep within your radical stimulus
You devour all the barriers that stand in your way  
Rise above all the neutralizing slander of surrounding people
To be so chargeless and undisturbed by them
Your soul demands difference!
To sour with the eagles is your point of covergence
To dauntlessly grasp ahold of your dreams and take them into your possession
I stand envious of you Self, of your fire, of your heart 
I admire your light from afar that illuminates my sky 
Your growth is beautiful, like the blossom of a flower,
Brought forth from the rain and brilliance of the sun
To feel such compassion, such power, such indulgence 
Would be next to heaven for one like myself
So carry on Self, carry on

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If all I had left to live is twenty-four hours

If all I had left to live is twenty-four hours
I will plant a green garden with flawless flowers
I will pick for my friends and fans some red roses
I will be ready for that home more glorious than the galaxies

I will never be sorry and sad but be grateful and glad
For a life well spent with my family… mom and dad
I will thank God for making me fervent and faithful to the end
Before I finally fly, I will bid farewell to my foes and friends

I will take account of the lovely and lively life I’ve lived
I will say a sincere sorry to all those I have grossly grieved
I will pray for the hopeless and helpless men and women
I will ask God to save them from the devil’s deadly den

If I had one day left to join the holy angels that hail hallelujah!
I will make my heart and hands ready to sing and hail hosanna!

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Treasure Hunt

Love is a treasure, all of us may hold,
It carries us through life, never to be sold.
It shows us mercy while other attributes do not,
solaces our soul and simply can’t be bought.

Treasures we are seeking; monetarily so to speak,
a priceless gift of eternity, is love when at full peak.
All the riches in the world cannot fill the empty void,
the only key to happiness is love when truly enjoyed.

It will never leave you, though pain is a side effect,
one dose of erroneous love; your heart will fully reject.
It gives you guidance and helps in times of need,
a bond never to be broken, an emotion flows to feed.

Yes, it can be agonizing and at times let you down,
as quickly as it dissipates, a new love again is found.
Protects your vulnerabilities and eases your mind at rest,
love is never taking; giving is what it does best.

Treasures we may be seeking subconsciously in our minds,
clearly taking for granted a wonderful gift so easy to find.
Use your gift wisely; don’t misuse it or discard to the side,
your treasure is always with you; in your heart, deep inside!

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Remember Those Days

(Swannet Sonnet) 

Things are different and nothings seems right 
But what can I do to change things around 
I remember days when goodness was found 
And can't stop thinking this all day and night 

With my eyes this is not what I often see 
I observe a world growing cruel and cold 
This is a fact of what I am being told 
No matter how much I hate hear it too 

Sometimes this world is a crazy place to be 
It's a rough place for you and me to live 
But with faith and God we can survive 
God is always there next to you and me 

Things are different and nothing seems right 
And can't stop thinking this all day and night 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

September 8, 2009 

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Rose That On Trellis Grows

Ya'll remember Rose that on trellis grows
How lovely, her pale pink blossoms in spring
She now has a few dead stems that show
Also some rapid growth, frame overfilling

She needed to be pruned there was no choice
It was painful process, for vinedresser
Hurting to core, in this job didn't rejoice
How it hurt Rose, dripping wounds no lesser

Why did he prune Rose this day _severely
Taking away the newly acquired green
May not know fully answer or reason clearly
Until ages past then old answers seen

He prunes us, cutting away the dead parts
Cuts new growth going in wrong way of the heart_

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Find My Love

I loved you first, I'll remember your verse
We no longer dance, no longer converse
My heart is crying, it has muted your song
I've been trapped in my past way to long 

I'll set myself free, like the eagle I'll soar 
Searching for that next new dance floor
I'll climb mountains, swing from trees
Hunt in the garden, amongst all the bees

I'll go down to the river, and start to float
Navigate the rapids, look for your love boat
I'll go to the desert, in the heat of the day
In hopes that I find my spiritual bouquet

Things might not be great, not going my way
My search is not over, she's not that faraway

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Cherry Blossoms- Yoshino Sakura

Your beauty and delicate nature, indeed we cannot deny
Yet having such a short life span, you somehow eventually die
Like the transient nature of mist and clouds, you superbly reappear
Then breathtakingly take your time to freshen up the air

A majestic symbol of power, knowledge and spiritual pulchritude
Celebrated blossoms attained in Spring you've magnificently exude
You evoke an artistic comparison through your bright ruddy hue
And in the night when we're asleep your petals the skies bedew

Your flowers are nearly pure white, and tinged with the palest pink, 
Without hesitation you shrivel and fall before I could even blink 
Your spiritual and cultural significance is never an incomplete
Accompanied by your long weeping branches are flowers so very petite

So stunning and stupendously, you lay about the trees
And even when you've carpeted the ground, your beauty never cease


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What do you do if you can't find a job
and all your monthly bills keep piling up?
Collectors are as vicious as the mob,
You wonder when all these problems will stop.

You changed your lifestyle hoping for the best
and started your life over with clean slate,
Then you are faced daily with many test
some of them you wish would disintegrate.

When what you need is not just a handout,
('Cause people do get tired of a leech,)
but a blessing to turn your life about
and you will see nothing's beyond your reach.

It's time for you to use the things you've got
and trust the Lord to help you find your lot.

Copyright © 2007 Jacquelyn Sturge

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Canopy Of Cedars

Canopy of Cedars across the road
Offers a covering, a protection
Little rain upon it this morn abode
But in open field raindrops reflection

The field of Cedars was coated damp, too
Saturated with moisture from night's rain
Delightful morn to enjoy the gray hue
Solitude awhile definitely my gain

Solitude for the soul, inner being
Lifts, restores, refreshes spirit cleanses
Mourning Dove coos melodious singing
Alone but not alone soul appeases

Spilling and giving inner resources
As rain of the night gave its cadences

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To see fully

A glowing angel ascended from the skies:
came down, stepping slowly towards him
she touched his face looking into his eyes -
a view of heaven, galleries of a dream
something beyond beauty is seen:
through the eyes of the soul viewed
like the touch of God from within
our hearts... each other imbued
everything is seen more beautifully
leaving him to painfully and compassionately ponder:
leaving him weeping for those who cannot see fully
wishing they could have this magnificent wonder
he then wishes this for all the living: -
for most of the seeing are more blind.

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The Battle Within

Love and trust the battle within,
One of armor and one of cloth,
Both equal in strength and at a great loss.
Cornered by time to live again,
A moment to go back to where you have been!
The principles of pleasure intrude on a pleasant dream.
Love and trust the battle within shouts its damning scream!
One of armor, one of cloth and both are determined to rise again.

Conflict and pressure begin to adhere to this occasion.
One second to catch your thoughts of stop, go, or yield?
Beset by these restless conflicts your need to release introduces itself.
Provoked to endure a graceful truce the weak one falls to submission.
Love and trust the battle within proclaims the very same guild.
One of armor, one of cloth, and both equal with great strength in this world that we build

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The Just of Me

The just of me is a special magic seed you see.
It has long drawn out roots branching off fruit.
The more you eat the more you will follow suit.
The just of me is why my life was meant to be.

I can steal a moment and shiver on your knee.
I can laugh or I can cry and sustain the mute.
I am loaded I tell you my seed carries the loot.
I’ll sprinkle maybe a dash up to a shining key.

I am counted in and out at the very same time.
Early in the morning or late at night, time I am.
Genres unfold whistling through my wind chime,
So, it's just the just of me being slain by a lamb.

Greetings I say to you, and welcome to your every bit of who!
The just of me swears something deep inside us always knew.

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The Lilly (of Salvation)

                      Thousands of freshly cut lilies in bloom
                           Signify life and a promise of peace
               Three days gone by then they opened the tomb
                    Christ Jesu arise, from sin you release 
             From flower so precious, falls lone raindrop
            Reminds all who love ye to praise thy name 
            Prince full of glory and love that shan't stop 
            Precious Lord Jesus ye healèd the lame 
              Lilies so white without blemish or mark 
               Son of the Father ye loosèd the chain 
              Heart led by peace, ye destroyed Prince of Dark 
                Death upon Calv’ry, left children unstained 
                Lilly that shines like the Halo of Lamb 
                 Lord Jesus, descendant of Abraham  

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I stand before you, judged, a sinner be
relinquishing all rights, I might have had,
but pray thee quick, to judge the soul of me
then lay to rest--the sins that drive me mad.

I seek forgiveness, that's all of my plea,
for all I've been in life, as having fun,
and all the hurt--that's been--because of me
I pray put in the past, as if there's none.

I ask your guidance, on my bended knee
protect my days ahead, if there are some
and never let mine eyes again to see
the lust of life from where all sin has come.

   And Jesus, give me wisdom, now to be
   your servant who's been saved--forever free!
© ron wilson

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(this is across poetry,ive leart recently)

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Randomly Selected

I randomly selected you for a treat.
A delightful surprise for the meek.
It is my breaths of large you seek.
You discovered your fate of feat.
I brought you to a judgment seat.
And books of life you took a peek.
Then in heaven you found the leak.
Then the drums rolled and they beat.
You were in awe to say the least.
So was I in looking at your face.
It is to the west as it is to the east.
But definitely a different place.
Many were absolutely ejected and rejected,
But you my dear were randomly selected.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Listen to what I am saying,
Take to heart every word. 
You need to hear what I’m saying
And not what you think you heard.

It isn’t that, I can’t take this anymore.
I’m strong, I know I could.
But, I had  to listen to the answer
When I ask me if I should.

Choices made through a lifetimes, 
Be they right or wrong,
Need to be considered carefully
They are the ones you’ll always own.

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Spiritual Peace

I find my place of spiritual peace

Again, just when I feel I never will.

There is a sense of freedom and release.

I can’t know all the answers, but am still


In touch with The Divine, and that is real.

We’re all connected.  Life is precious, and

Life doesn’t end with death.  Sometimes we feel

A presence, and we come to understand


That nobody who’s ever been has gone.

The spirits of those who we’ve loved remain.

They will protect us – help us to go on.

There is almost a beauty in the pain.


Although sometimes I find it hard to trust,

Truth’s constant.  Feel the patterns in the rust.

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switch Of PITCH

round and round the dust goes up in the air
swirling winds make the poetic vision clear
a ghost within the swirl shouts and blows
dragging with him cans and the garbage hues                                       

it was the midsummer's hot,longest day
twenty one june at the stroke of midday
all the spices were ripe to make a show
a blazing sun:the nerves up to high doh

the ghost took his flight up in the sky
chased away by a gust of wind from high
a showering grey cloud engulfed the scene
that took a sudden switch from what had been

tickling drops fell down like darts of ice
the critters got out,along with the mice
life rose again from the long dead earth
a spring spell gave Summer a bit of mirth

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Writer's Block

Waiting once more for the wonders at dawn,
a tired, empty muse paces the lawn
struck dumb by notions refusing to spawn.

With nothing to prompt, she sneaks up the stair.
Some twenty young bards enroute along there
went searching but found her out like a bear.

Two run a race, three take pets for a stroll,
four watch a mare giving birth to a foal,
two quarrel and bicker, one chased a mole.

One cleaned the house for a friend who is ill.
three read the Bible; one cooked on the grill;
two trumpeters rehearsed their latest drill.

Who needs a muse? Be amused, seize your day!
Embrace moments, then write the night away.

a rea(sonnet) created by Reason A. Poteet
similar to Keats' sonnets with four tercets and a couplet.
I have used monorhyme for each tercet/couplet.

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Beyond, Behind, Before, Above

Beyond the bright’ning stars, further than moon
And planets, is the Universal Mind;
Behind manifestation there are strewn
Existence-cosmic templates, intertwined
Pattern on pattern, potential lives on lives,
Precursors sacred in Immortal Plan.
Before a thing exists, becomes and thrives, 
As thund’ring mountain, mighty ocean, man,
Before the tiny flower, worm or fly
Is made reality, there is The Thought, 
(Mystic vision through Creation's eye
‘Ere matter physical’s robustly wrought).
So much beyond, behind, before, above
All life, and I can gladly call it Love.

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There is a piece of you,
And there’s a piece of me,
One over there you see,
And one over here to,
As the sky is blue,
As a bumbling bee,
It is a He and She.
I do, I do, I do.
In them,
In those,
It’s Him,
He knows.
The embodiment of love,
Embodied from up above!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Free Spirit

 There are things I’ll never be
  Things that I’ll never know
    Places that I’ll never see
    Seeds that I’ll never sow

      But I reckon that’s ok
     I reckon it’s just as well
      For I now live in today
     Breaking addictions spell

     I’m happy with who I am
       I’m happy with my life
      For the Lord I’m a lamb
       A husband to my wife

What has truly set my spirit free?
I accepted Jesus Christ unto me

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Hold On Tightly

Hold On Tightly

Let your life fill others with jubilant cheer 
 do not stand apart , bring others near
Sing out sweet love of life for all to see
 share your gift by growing a kindness tree

As each morn stirs vibrant heart to please
 give of self with love as the beautiful key
Seek out those needing a soft helping hand 
 dance to the joyous music of a mercy band

As days and nights rush into eternity's cup
 drink of compassion , drink right on up
Let your path sing a helping blissful tune
 time awaits no man, flying by far too soon

Let love and kindness be your beautiful guide
hold on tightly, such acts gift a rip roaring ride

07/ 27/ 2014

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Many things in life are left undone
for fear of asking or lacking a veritable fact,
in doing so our wish gathers dust,
and we still remain that child pulling the toy wagon....
but wait, I heard of Jeannie's bottle so tall and sleek,
which grants wishes to all seeking her vision!
Would we sit back and ponder defeat,
not try harder to glimpse into dreams after when we're awaken? 
I may waffle and laugh as a satirical jester,
but my frisky intentions cannot be hindered by a mere obstacle,
and as a pugnacious and fierce warrior... 
this battle I must win and seize Jeannie's bottle!

I will make many wishes and as I see them materialize,
I willl keep rubbing it until I lose the desire to fantasize!

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Drawn To You

The softness of your quiet voice
penetrates my spirit with utmost clarity –
For being drawn to you
comes more than naturally.

The constant woes of earthly cares
lack all meaning and worth
when I’m consumed by Your presence
and experience my spiritual rebirth.

Despite the magnificent beauty
of this planet’s garden fields,
I would willingly exchange it
for the brilliance that Heaven yields.

Since I’m captivated by The Light,
being drawn to You is... the sweetest of delights.

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Our sire!

Our sire from the heavens spoke and spat into oblivion.
His seed cultivated an egg that speedily mated in bed.
Abundant life in never ending cycles,
adamant Wives would spell disasters.
The lost children will forever search,
the sires beginnings could never be reached.
Mother earth remains and seldom complains.
Till the diggers broke lanes to her very veins.
Precious parts plundered in terrible squanders.
Her young had developed their mothers new habits.
Coughing and erupting in sores and destruction.
The more took by whoring kings and crooks.
Every infection had reactions to this attraction.
Can we survive?whilst our mother surely dies!

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The spirit of Emily Dickson still lives... 
from her sensitive soul, words of hope 
and fortitude flow as spring rivers,
and their sprightly sounds makes one look.

And closely look into her life not lived for glory,
find those treasures she sew in a fascicle;
can her poems be appreciated and not annoy
the reader who seeks words not very humble? 

Emily ponders sorrow and death...being not afraid,
and while looking to the infinite, serene Heavens:
she accepts her fate and turns it into a quest of faith,
to make her journey a memorable one before it ends.

Let her gentle, firm voice warn you of an unexpected, fierce storm;
feel the cold breeze turn into a strong wind as she beats her drum.

My Sonnet is a tribute to Emily Dickson.

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World Peace

Let the Sun rise itself in the East.
And set itself down in the West.
Let your patience begin the test.
Of this arising wondrous beast!

Come, let us feast!
Tribulation is at its best.
And there’s no time to rest,
Come, let us be least!

Open your eyes and look to see.
Open your heart and feel it beat.
Of what is becoming of you and me!
We are sitting on the designer’s seat.

Up under your two feet time shall cease.
On a footstool surrounded by world peace!

® Registered: 2006   Ann Rich

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Minnesota Nice

The great upper mid west
Minnesota put to the test
Ten thousand lakes and streams
Reality for many who like to dream

From Itasca state park
To the Louisiaina's wooden bark
The mighty Mississippi flows
Gently down the outcrop she goes

Crime rates are always's on the rise
But really does it come as such a surprise
Everyone seems to like to hug
Except when its a mosquito bug

So many call us Minnesota Nice
But some still say were Cold as Ice

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'Quit! Give Up! You Are Beaten'
They Shout At Me And Plead
'There's Just Too Much Against You Now'
This Time You Cant Succeed'

And As I Start To Hang My Head
In Front Of Failure's Face
My Downward Fall Is Broken By
The Memory Of That Skating Race! 

And Hope Refills My Weekend Will, 
As I Recall That Scene, 
For Just The Thought Of That Short Race, 
Re-Energied My Being

They All Line Up So Full Of Hope, 
Each Thought To Win That Race, 
Or Tie For First, Or If Not That
Atleast Take Second Place

And Fathers Watched From Off Side
Each Cheering For His Son, 
And Each Boy Helped To Show His Dad, 
That He Would Be The One

The Whistle Blew And Off They Went, 
Young Hearts And Hope Afire.
To Win And Be The Hero There, 
Was Each Boy's Desire.

And One Boy In Particular, 
Whose Dad Was In Crowd, 
Was Running Near The Lead And Thought 
'My Dad Will Be So Proud! '

But As He Speeded Down The Field, 
Across A Shallow Dip, 
The Little Boy Who Thought To Win, 
Lost His Step And Slipped.

So Down He Fell And With Him His Hope, 
He Couldn't Win It Now, 
Embrassed, Sad, He Only Wished, 
To Disappear Some How. 

But As He Fell His Dad Stood Up, 
And Showed His Anxious Face, 
Which To The Boy So Clearly Said, 
'Get Up And Win The Race! '

He Quickly Rose No Damage Done, 
Behind A Bit, That's All-
And Ran With All His Mind And Might, 
To Make Up For His Fall.

So Anxious To Restore Himself, 
To Catch Up And To Win, 
His Mind Went Faster Than His Legs, 
He Slipped And Fell Again.

He Wished Then He Had Quit Before, 
With Only One Disgrace.
I'm Hopeless As A Runner Now, 
I Shouldn't Try To Race.

But In The Laughing Crowd He Searched, 
And Found His Father's Face, 
That Steady Look, He Said Again, 
'Get Up And Win The Race! '

Exerting Everything He Had, 
He Gained Yards Eight To Ten, 
But Trying So Hard To Catch The Lead, 
He Slipped And Fell Again.

'Get Up.', An Echo Sounded Low.
'Get Up And Take Your Place'
You Were Not Meant For Failure Here.
'Get Up And Win The Race! '

They Cheered The Winning Runner, 
As He Crossed Line First Place, 
Head High And Proud And Happy
No Falling No Disgrace.

But When The Fallen Youngster, 
Crossed The Line Last Place, 
The Crowd Gave Him The Greater Cheer
For Finishing The Race.

And To His Dad He Sadly Say, 
'I Did Not Do Too Well'
'To Me You Won', His Father Said
'You Rose Each Time You Fell'.

For All Of Life Is Like That Race, 
With Ups And Downs And All, 
And All Of You Have To Do To Win, 
Is Rise Each Time, You Fall. 

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having heart

the sun sets and day turns into night
no one is around and you are alone
this is when bad things come into sight
and something new comes out to take the thrown

evil is hiding behind every door
it is up to you, which door will you choose?
you will scream that you don't want anymore
it seems too late, like your pick made you lose

but the door opens behind you and then
all your screaming will be subdued for good
you finally realize that you will win
and that you reacted just as you should 

listen, follow your heart without a doubt
and it will take you down the perfect route

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Love at first sight

Love at first sight they all say without thoughts
Now a days people use the word love easily
Some think that love is an item and can just be bought
I think that love is natural just like a lily
Like a lily it blooms and hopes to be sought
When people really fall in love they feel silly
Sad they wish that hearts can be easily caught
But to think about it, hearts can be moved so easily
Things like feelings from someone have hearts been bought
Just like everyone I said Love so regularly 
Love is a meaningful without doubt	
I know that love too can be treat you harshly
Even trust comes but without trouble will come through
But through the hardships you hear love so clearly

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In the midst of males
The grey haired meant to move
In accordance with the rule
Legislated by nature

With kola nut blessing it starts
Through pouring of librations
To call the watching sleepers 
It just invites

And unites
The hustlers and the sleepers
For we all have shares
In the unity of the parties

May the light burn still
And the keeper, keep it still

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Light In Darkness

Chilled is the air and damp as sun rises Casting an apricot glow on tips of trees The sheer bastiste fog silently just is Bright sun brings hope changing to cheddar cheese Birds sing as do the roosters greeting friend A turkey goobles to my right loud and clear Wonder if he is courting a girlfriend She must be his true love_ his dear Sun has become that bright bright happy light Blinding rays pierce the chilled air warming all Soon it will be warm for all giving might Open doors of opportunity for those with sight Son_ sun cast light in places of darkness Opportunities for growth, change, cleanliness

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I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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The Heart of a Poet

The heart of  the poet bleeds words of  the conscious  
Strung like beads  into a design that is precious
A collaboration of the senses and the mind
To the poet heart. the two are entwined
When the mind begins to see,  touch or hear
A feeling  may provoke a heartfelt tear
The poet heart may strike a unsettling chord 
With the thrust of  word-filled sword
Into the core of the one who may read
And begins to sprout a poignant seed
In a heart that that was living blind
Or unsuspectingly to remind
Of the memory of a time long past
The reason why the poet heart’s words are cast

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There was a time when people fought due to the color of skin.
In this war, none could ever win.
Blood was spilled and fields turned red
All kinds of people were lying dead.
Looking back on these horrific wars,
We learn that we need to see people at their cores.
Judging someone at first sight
Will only provoke another fight.
Differences will rip our world apart
If we can’t erase the past and get a new start.
A person shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are
Because someone kicked dirt and dulled their star.
We should raise up others and help them feel strong,
It will push everyone towards getting along.
If our world breaks because we were fools,
Nothing could fix it except the strongest tools.
Show love for all and stand tall side-by-side
And no one will have to be prepared far a destructive ride.
We should have friends of all religions and races
And not judge people just by their faces.

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The Bridge

Sometimes,Destiny is in the bridge we build.
innocence fade and the past will always remain.
It's where we get the knowledge we gain.
It's in the bridge, the promise that was sealed.

It's in those process wherein I was healed.
we build the bridge,to free ourselves from the chain.
we forgive,love and trust even though there was pain.
In my faith, those worries and fears were killed.

Maybe it's really important to build a bridge to people we love.
It takes time to grow and i don't have to remold destiny.
All i need is to keep this bridge strong,
It's one way to value the things I have.
The challenges will remain as a mystery.
And the symphony in this bridge will stay as a song.

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Letting Go

It is the hardest lesson I ever had to learn.
Emptying myself to breathe my own air,
I went through life with nothing to spare.
My place had been set and was hard to earn.
In my heart it was for you I yearn.
Times were rough and never fair.
All along only I came to really care.
In my soul this began a fire to burn.
You let me down,
Broke my heart,
Made me frown,
Ripped me apart,
Shattered into a million zillion pieces,
I’m letting go of my lifetime of leases.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Beat Red

I’d like to write poems beat red.
Like the color of my face
when white spit foams the lips.
I’d like an utterly violent embrace.

No pretense, nothing dishonest
about this undoctored rage.
Hold nothing back, let it all go,
tear off clothes, and punch the walls.

I’d like my poems to be suicidal.
Willing to jump off the Golden Gate,
overdose on sleeping pills,
a Black and Decker drill to the skull.

At least then I will have killed
for complete love of the poem.

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Twenty Thousand Times

In poem or prose, if I have one ideal
that no one, in creation, had before.
I would share with the world, and not conceal
this consideration, behind closed doors.
If to me, an apothegm should creep
into or through my offset, wayward mind 
on parchment this archetype, I would keep
to reassess accepted space, and time.

Ah, this dilemma I will never fight.
My every concept has been over-worn.
All missive or poems I will ever write, 
have been penned twenty thousand time before.
For all our thought bright enough to glisten, 
seldom fall on ears arranged to listen.

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Awake Up To Thee

Up to thee in what your spirit will see.
Between you and me, it’s all that it can be.
Your heart and mind must be bound true.
For your soul to be given and saved too,

Each day that passes depends on what you say.
Depends on the faithful way that you display,
To be forgiven is design, forgiving divine.
Preparing for a sign, trying not to define,

Break not any sacred vow, though live for the now.
Take heed of what you plow, though watch your bow.
Humankind is so very frail, seek you own Holy Grail.
Remember that you may fail, but take up a new trail.

Golden bliss is what no one on earth wants to miss.
Awake and do not dismiss, or your destiny you shall remiss.

written for
Sponsor Brian Strand 
Contest Name UP TO THEE max 14 lines 

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Sonnet 6

Now ... tell me the truth at 80 spaces .
Oh yes monthly at no extracted cost ,
trumpet swans announcing "All-New" "Chases"
... Gameshow w-/ only purpose " Just stay lost".
scratch that ... start at the count ... three Faces.
flicker on screen , once more , spider webbed frost.
Pulse of cheekbone ; paper Artic traces ...
Hailing to the Fanatic's RoseArm crossed.

	... Why just imagine , All times // All places ...
Daydream reality clearly embossed 
by Our pristine chords reading "All's Debased" ...
Job to do ... hands join ... Avert as off tossed 
I may stain ... lip gloss ... gulp of life wasted.

All Presents, Our Situation Hostage .

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Thou are of many a kind
And thou are possessed in many a way
Yet some find it hard to accord
With the view of thy diversity

Some are money wealthy
They can afford the world
Some are socially wealthy
They are the world diplomats

Many are scientific Dons
Yes, they make the world easier
Some are the artistic gurus
They beautify the world

 Shall I forget the academia?
The world’s greatest treasury

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Each moment we linger in bits of time and space,
each path left unchosen is filled with angels trace.
We move through life in shrouds of metal, on we race, 
with whirling wheels, distracted minds, we don't feel the grace.

Yet, we're part of all and in angel's arms embraced.
How many times were we saved by their love encased?
While driving on an iced road, I slid, I tried to brace,
between two cliffs I floated, met my angel face to face.

The car settled a mere foot from the cliff's rocky base.
A mere scratch of bush on door was left me ... as trace.
Facing traffic in this hairpin of road, I braced,
prayers on my lips I turned not a curl out of place.

Ezekiel lifted me and in his arms was I laced
and lived to meet the day and angel face to face.

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Declare fond intent, decide your genre;
Embrace sure passion, accept clear insight;
Align bold content, create and ponder;
Rouse deep conviction, let your heart enlight.
Write from a wise heart, write with sure feelings;
Reach from a stillness that waits deep within;
Indulge a fine start, let words fruit singing;
Touch inner wellness in sure self unseen.
Expound and expose the muse you follow;
Reach beyond thinking pure feelings that dwell;
Charm lyric compose as finesse mellows;
Opt to seize feelings that cluster and tell.
Decipher true feel as words come alive;
Exclaim words that heal in meaning that thrives.

Leon Enriquez
30 April 2014

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Lord hangs onto me some serious mercy now, 
I am aimed and directed aligned and straight. 
Be it so or be it may I am that God given trait. 
You will never once have to reveal for me how. 
I tell the truth all I have to say about it is Wow! 
If this isn’t just downright genius then it’s great. 
I can only imagine what all this will soon create. 
I must say for all this I shall indeed bend to bow. 
A-men to every single one of you! 
And praise your one supreme Lord! 
You know, I knew I always knew! 
My God, I am your flaming sword! 
You know Lord; you can do whatever you want with that locust, 
But I’m going to polish up on this sword keeping myself focused! 
® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Never Enough

I’ve lived my life, not for me
I’ve lived my life for my family
Putting their needs always first
I am last, in this faithless curse

I’m a giver and never take
Yet I’m the one who’s so disgraced
My heart is pure and full of love
All I ask is help from above

The Lord had a special plan
The minute my life began
Why hasn’t it been employed?
For I feel my life is destroyed

I pray and pray that He will heal
All my wounds and all my ideals
I’m losing faith as time goes by
I’m losing hope and starting to die

I pray that Jesus will hear my pleas
I pray He’ll show them what he sees
Everything I do, is never enough
Everything I do, is never that tough

Open his eyes and let him see
That the woman in dire, is vainly me
Show him the sacrifices I have made
Show him how much I have prayed

Everything I do is never my best
Everything I do is a constant protest
Please help me Lord to remain strong
Please help him Lord, show him he’s wrong

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Thou who eyes are so heavenly, beauty in such abundance, with love that shows 
no sin lips did I kiss. Gentle art thy lips, sweet is thy taste, tempting is thy touch to 
which I have been embraced. Hast not my desires been given life this very night. My 
heart can surely plea for more of this journey that I’m taking is it not mine heart that 
thou hast taken. Deep art thy treasure that beckon me to explore; you leave me 
with a question of how much of you I can endure. Your name, your touch, and your 
words give life to my nature which with every word and touch my nature desires 
much further. My youth does not exclude me from this abundance of love that with 
one look into thine eyes weakens my sense of pride. Some wonder how long this 
will last I say forever which means never done, never over.

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A lowly blossom, striving to sustain 
her beauty in the early morning mist,
the crocus, craving moisture to maintain
her stoic fight 'gainst winter's iron fist.
A lowly mollusc slithers 'neath his shell,
he slowly weaves, and leaves a silver trail,
antennae primed and ready for the knell,
when sparrows poke and peck his coat of mail.
Creatures and plants in the midst of the fray,
searching for sustenance, dying of thirst,
staving off hunger, say, is there a way
to count ourselves blessed, not feeble and cursed?
   predator, prey, both the fittest, the weakest,    
   who will prevail? I would bet on the shrewdest!     

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earn dont take

He is a mechanic
Repairing failed brakes
to help or to worsen
I know not

for many have fallen victims
in his act of mechanikism
the failed brake he repairs
but to second mission it

He wants it second missioned
but the result he reasons not
for life he thinks laughed
The car now bloody

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Our Promise

Dear Judy Konos,
          OUR PROMISE    
Don't think We're down--You're country, tis of thee
For which our Flags been woven and unfurled,
this very thread, it binds us constantly,
becoming still the envy of the world.

In fifty states we grew to all we are,
and though some think God's guidance is not there,
this truth comes shining through in every Star;
Our Liberty of life shows ever'rywhere.

To tell the world, Come you, and learn our way,
there is no secret to how we have grown,
and in God's light, God's light is where we stay,
to guide you to what we have only known.

between each line, God's word is meant to share,
and "We the People..." is what keeps it there.
    by veebdosa 04/16/2011 (Dedicated to my friend Judy Konos in New Orleans)

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I love me Black woman

I love me black woman 
whom God created from the sand
the black woman that I adore 
she has my eyes allure 
she's my first virgin born and pure
I bade in her wisdom, power, acceptance and I am sure
She's definitely the one 
that has given me a special son.
I love me black woman with vision
she's ahead with an incredible mission.
i love me black woman with passion 
the quality of her blossom that I cannot ignore
in my mind she has never been bored.
I love me black woman from the very top of her head toward her bottom feet.
I love me black woman all the time 
wouldn't dare trade her for a dime. 
I would have write the more ,but there wouldn't be space 
to describe how much a black woman worth.
She's the mother of all earth 
given a gift with an unbelievable birth.
Who wouldn't love a black woman 
in such case is ignant.
to abuse a black woman, I dare not 
She's my black woman beautiful within and out
she's all that I 'm bout
a black woman a red rose to be 
I can't help myself but see
that a black woman is all that
Precious, fragile and magnificently phat
I love me black woman. 

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The Indian Harmonious Chords

Based on the great Indian soil,
Great rhythms created you from your toil-
Like the morning star made you shine,
The 'Rhythms' made you absolutely fine.

Of late youths seem oblivious to you beauty,
More prone to rock music's name-
What a sorrow ,what a shame-
And none interested to return thee thy fame.

The ancient 'Rhythms' gave you a grand place,
Making you full of beauty and grace,
Like an incense stick you engross the midst of the face,
You are much noble than any music of this race.

Let's have a humble try to revive its glory!
Surely will it protect from being stabbed by a gully.

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What mystery of life runs through  the mind,
exchanged, such glances, never meant to share,
to raise our heartbeats, if one's there to find,
and if we have the will to take the dare.

To rock the Casbah, is this sin a crime?
Or just beginnings for the world in need
Of change to Westernize all life and time,
to bury burqas where there is no seed?

To see and fall in love through satin thin,
how many have there been to die alone,
and how much beauty seen becomes a sin,
to men who have a heart of solid stone?

Tunisian girl, the world is now ... for you,
So Rock the Casbah, like it's coming true!
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa

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The grace of all He is be with us all,
as surely as the end--the promised love
comes quickly as a thief--to bring the fall
of what the world's become--and singing of.

Behold how quickly comes--from Alphas flame
as naught can end unless it has begun
the light of one who's called a holy name
will light Jeruselum without the sun.

These words were said--to write--Omega's near.
And all who can will find the narrow way,
as prophesied for all the world to hear,
and then the bride says--come--this is the day.

Those hearing all will come--from near and far
to David's own--a bright and morning star.

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I'm the sonneteer of another era,
Struggling for fame and dreaming of glories...
Living free in prosperous America,
Where there's hunger for interesting stories.

Invite me to share yours as thrills resume;
I will give my opinion anytime,
But perfect syllables count and strict rhyme scheme
Are required for rhythm to happily chime.

Petrarch and Shakespeare were the greatest
Poets who created remarkable sonnets;
Read their works with unquenchable zest:
You'll discover they wrote them in the hundreds!

Study the unique forms of each sonnet; 
Model yours on them with true interest!    

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Whose Mad

I am tattered in misery
Dirty; unkept but harmless
Though drained mentally
Begging but forceless

untattered thou in hummer
Oiled and scenty but Abacharical 
Though unscrupulously richer
Neocolonizing thy own clan

Starving the represented
Looting and exploiting them
High blood pressure thy means
But thou call me mad

If that is madness
Heaven make me king of madness

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anthology of life

we gently pray upon our desire
or maybe our desire preys upon us
recoil in disgust at the muck and mire
only to answer, "what's all the fuss?"

life's joys and private hells undreamt of
scale's fulcrum tipping the balance of power
recoiling from the pain of our own love
and the similarity of "devout" and "devour"

Pavlovian, we turn to the bell ringing
for a scrap of nourishment or tender care
too often to find indifference stinging
is all that others have offered there

how can we anthologize a life
without including a rhyming of strife?

© Goode Guy 2012-02-03

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Abba the father my heart cries out to you.
I am corner stoned with all I will ever be.
I reach high and climb the skies just to see.
I am in a world so confused it is hard to do.
Abba the father my soul just passes through.
I come to you and I am down on bended knee.
I have a soul begging for justice to be set free.
I am in a world where corruptions make new.
I am searching the distance,
Documenting my presence,
Absorbing life’s existence,
Developing omnipresence!
As this world shatters and shakes,
The Earth begins to violently quake.

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Supreme being

Thou are the only being
The only being that is the creator
the creator of its being
and the creator of other beings

Thou are supreme
because thou are final
thou are final  because
thou are infallible

though thou are infallible
because thou are final
I pray thee
Bless us with moses and jushua

May though in your infinte mercy
protect us from ourselves

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Seasons of Life

New seasons come, and then pass away.
Each brings their beauty, for another day.
Yearning to feel the warmth of their depth,
longing to value what we cannot accept.

Life is like the seasons, with a tale to tell,
each bearing their passions, incredibly well.
The budding of spring, brings much hope,
with a knack to thrive, and a drive to cope.

Summer warms the soul, and all her seeds.
Nourishing life, with a very special need.
Bathing in her beauty, basking in the sun,
living life to the fullest, another day is done.

Fall has begun the transformation process,
as trees become baron with leaves of less.
Impressive colors and hues on display;
engorge in the splendor as long as they stay.

For frigid winds and blistering cold is near,
to banish the warmth and bring in the year.
Winter is so bold, and proudly represents,
a season of chill, with the darkest torment.

Seasons of life smile upon us, deeply with care,
sharing their vital gifts, promoting our prayers. 
As one season dissipates, another one derives,
with a stunning sensation for enriching our lives. 

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Psalm of Exaltation

I will sing of mercy and judgment, unto thee,
O Lord, will I sing. A wanderer from the way
Of right, self exalted in a fool's glow of vanity
I scoffed at you my king, 'til death and decay
Drove me from the folly's fruit to open again
The door of my wounded heart. O sweet rain
Of light, O quivering dove of uncloven love
You exit your bright portals of heaven above
To dwell in my mortal muddle of mud. O let
My mute tongue milk the jubilation of praise
Let your power reclaiming ransomed breath
Lift up my fired pedestal extolling your ways.
O God, take all, and be my love's everything
Bearer of my cross, High Rock, and my King. 

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Rhoda's Twin Moons Birthday (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Two moons shine in the morning sky
Join each other as time goes by
Providing light to guide the night
Like Rhoda’s birthday shining bright

From a place so nice it’s named twice
Like birthday cake with blending spice   
The Big Apple has sparkling lights
Like Rhoda’s birthday shining bright

Happy birthday to you Rhoda
Drink lemonade and not soda
Celebrate your day as you write
Like Rhoda’s birthday shining bright

Two moons shine in the morning sky
Like Rhoda’s birthday shining bright

© Joseph, 8/20/2007
© All Rights Reserved

This is for our New York Poetess, Rhoda.

The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three 
rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase 
as a refrain in the last line of each stanza.  Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet 
has eight syllables.  There are times when a French poem links back to the 
poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of 
the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the 

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Autumn Has Arrived

Feeling the crisp chill of the brisk morning air
Trees formerly full are now virtually bare
Vibrant colors of many and striking hues replace
The lavish greens which previously were in place

Autumn has arrived with her presence aglow
An artistic colorful pallet of beauty to show
Leaves falling gracefully onto the frosty ground
Falling ever so hastily creating a glorious mound

Children running amorously awakened with cheer
For colorful mounds of leaves are so undoubtedly near
Jumping in one by one, the leaves do tell a tale
Of a once boldly standing oak which now looks so frail

Basking in the essence of autumn’s sweet delight
Her loveliness remains an untouchable splendorous sight
Enjoy her virtuous nature as her absence is drawing near
Vanished another season as winter suddenly appears

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Somewhere Beyond Eternity

There was once a tale time could only tell
To be made and unmade, all souls cannot hide
From distant hands that cast a greater spell
All life and all death in us has to confide

Seasons bring memories to our minds undimmed
Blessed to the day, sacred to the night
Every end to every end, all humans skimmed
Across time and space, foresaid by plight

Many among us has long lived enough to allay
What has consumed our eyes to defy the vow
And expressions, adjourned, as if to say
If only you can see what we all see now

So long as we all can live with liberty...
So long we live somewhere beyond eternity...

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meaning streak

cleaning windows helps me to see
'course at present I too, need glasses
not just through, clearly, but metaphorically
yet without caffine I'm slow as molasses

but still I can get some insight outside
window's panes shine with spiritual gains
able to separate my own Jekyll and Hyde
both the Doctor and the madman do explain

that what seems to be seen as the truth
may be something entirely opposite and
may be in need of a more discerning sleuth
for my intellect to be able to understand

what at first look, seems black and white
may be the gray, between mistaken and right

© Goode Guy 2012-03-19

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Lady of Annwfn

In sacred temples at the dawn of love,
shalt thou tak'st my hand, oh queen of the night,
from thine chalice let me sup thereof
reveal my soul to thine own divine light.

In peaceful gardens where thine orchid blooms,
thou tak'st my open heart in thine embrace,
release my dreams in swirls of laced perfumes,
and lift my face to gaze upon thine grace.

While fragrant candles flick their amber flame,
upon thine altar lies my destiny,
as senses burn in fire for thee to claim, 
thine kiss, my queen, shall bring my harmony.

My whole forever thine own to command,
as, goddess, thou came down and took'st my hand.

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            VAMPYRE WEDDING                               
I make you mine tonight, to have and hold,         
   to lie forever in this love I feel,                         
I bring an end to ever growing old,                         
   and close your eyes, to all that is not real.               
I give you love, that others never know!        
   The joy of life found only in its end!                     
And dressed in love, we go, as we must go,                  
   into the dark! The night! The only friend!                  
I give you death! Then take you ev'rywhere!                
   To know all things; and answer to no-one!               
To have it all! To do as you would dare!
    within the dark, where life has surely gone!                
        I make you mine! I sink my teeth into          
        your waiting flesh, and drink the love of you!

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The Tritest Song

“Renewal…Easter,,,April love…rebirth”
Are easy, archetypal terms for when
Fresh shoots begin to green the thawing Earth
And fill with sweet clichés this poet’s pen.
At least I know what Spring is not—
The “cruelest” month’s not April, no,
In spite of Mister T. S. Elliot
Whose Spring and soul were both of snow.
But he was young.  Age brings surcease,
And Spring, forsythia and daffodils,
As flowered sonnets sprout, increase,
And decorate the rain-swelled rills.
Thus, in the landscape of my autumn brain
The hues of yellow and of green remain.

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Desert Moon

Created, desolated, resurrected and even in reverse, 

You are a transformation under a Sun drenched day. 

Beckoned or heralded you climb above a beaming ray, 

Bristles of your hair shall glow and many are perverse. 


Shuffled, hurdled, corner-stoned and even immerse, 

You are a salvation upon a Mountain leading a way. 

Stripped or naked you run below an endless cache, 

Light inside of you shall outpour so all will disperse. 


The collectors shall find, 

Lost on a course in time, 

Many stranded or behind, 

Many with no unjust crime! 


Jacked up, a ripped off, a maniac or just downright a true blue loon, 

Still remaining is a red flaming shield up under a sacred desert Moon. 


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Forgive and Forget

Can you forgive if you just can't forget?
heartaches and pain from more than one affair
too near to the surface, full of regret
remembering nights past, full of despair

Can I still hold you close, feel you'll be true
lies and deception, our world gone amiss
hearts have been shredded with all we've been through
on the wings of dark angels, feel the abyss

Years now you've struggled to make me believe
that I own your heart, those days are long gone
slowly my eyes open now and conceive
the love in your heart, lighting our new dawn

Forgiveness may not have come on a breeze
In the future you'll find, 'twill pass with more ease.

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Today's Special So Have A Ball {Kyrielle Sonnet}

Happy Mother's Day to all moms
Spilled milk and yet you stayed so calm
Painting coloring on your walls
Today's special so have a ball

Heart shape cookies I made for you
Ruffled laced stapled and then glued
Words inscript made you feel not small
Today's special so have a ball

Lessons taught Oh so very well
Back in mind words begin to swell
So sorry mom I missed your call
Today's special so have a ball

Happy Mother's Day to all moms
Today's special so have a ball

In Loving Memory 
Mom   {1934 -2005}

Happy Mother's Day 
To All Moms And Stepmoms

Thanks Again Joe

Comments:   The Kyrielle Sonnet has 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain stanzas 
and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain in the 
last line of each stanza.  Each line within the sonnet has eight syllables. The 
French use the first and last line of the first quatrain as the ending couplet. This 
reinforces the refrain within the poem. The rhyming scheme for a Kyrielle Sonnet 
normally is: AabB, ccbB, ddbB, AB -or- AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB.

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Meadows of Yellow

Yellow meadows come into view
As the spring winds gently brew
Petals sway as if they are dancing
Luring insects of many in their passing glancing

Azure blue skies look down on the green
Whilst sporadic clouds, drift in and out of the scene
Gentle trickles of water from the winters snow
Meander through the meadows from the heights to below

A scent of anew wafts through the air
As i turn three sixty, all i can do is stare
All that i see is of beauty and free
These vistas of nature just fill me with glee


Inspired by Linda-Marie's " Softly Springing " poem

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Twist of Fate

I am remembering you when it was all so good.
Simply because you will never lose your shine!
On top of your head is a radiating golden shrine.
One by one and row by row is where we all stood.

If you wouldn’t and they didn’t, then I could.
Embedded in these visions is a sight so divine.
Looking back at you or me is where I do twine.
Leaps in faith bound following us as it should.

Midnight skies speak so clearly to me,
And every Star I know and you know,
In every granule of sand it is you I see.
That’s why the Sun and Moon still glow.

It is not certain if time runs too late for anybody to wait.
If vision still serves me well I’m looking at a twist of fate.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009 

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Tea Pot

I believe a tea pot circles the solar system.
And within that tea pot is my genie God.
The God that hears all our petty prayers.
The God the made the birds, bees and frogs.

My genie God spit into clay and made you
from the potter’s clay that made His tea pot.
He formed humankind, all the animals,
the plants, His light makes the sun hot.

I believe everyone should pray to my genie God.
He simply made us just like He made His pot.
He made you because He loves you and created
you. He listens to your every thought. 

And if you fail to believe in my genie God,
you will burn in Hell or live life as a frog.

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My Fame

Is it possible to say?
I love you!
Really I do!
Each and every day!
Would you stray?
In lieu!
Or out of the blue!
Each and every day for you I’d pray!
Inside you I came,
You went,
I stayed the same,
For you I was sent!
Each and every day I was meant,
Each and every day I gain My Fame!

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The lords who lords but none
Who have the elephant and Ahab’s for the crab?
Snake that does not like longness
Proving themselves lords only when ulcer belly cries

They are the lords who slaughter us alive
Like cannibals to their victims
As good as earthquake to the land
Keeping their pledge anti-clock wisely.

They are the lords who bite their mothers’ nipples
The lords who exploit not steal their siblings’ share
Oh! The lords who bear I and only I in their minds
Are thy not the lords who completed that road in their records

Change I plea you oh! Lords
In order to become the lords thou claim. 

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Children of war

Look! They resemble Rose buds in spring;
Though hearts run,souls are withering
Demented heads rest on skinny hands;
What dilemmas pinch little panicky minds.
Bring moments back how moms care;
Gruesome memories of explosions in air;
Charred corpse ,decaying stinky offals;
Here,eyewitnesses live for such scuffles.
Sudden fearful shrills in deep sleeps;
In memory of chums,silent weeps;
Little angles! you lodge in orphanage
Do not lose the tomorrow's courage;
WAR is a CURSE that effaces a race
Who lost all your childhood's grace!

By Swarnapali Liyanage

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Leave My Life

You Could never understand me even if you tried Over 10,000 times you've showed me that you never even looked beyond the glass I maybe a disgrace who wish to erase But the pain is so elaborate, all caused by you, how isn't it embraced for you? so many tears you let slip, left to die condoned I am, but only with your voice alone If you don't care to know me, leave my life If you think the dark is scary as it shows, leave my life If you've failed to keep your mind open, leave my life If you ever thought I was lesser, Leave my Life

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funeral of a stranger

he lived within the village I know
and yet I never knew him though 
we didn't actually live far apart
his passing leaves me not unhurt

for in the knowing of his existence
and his reputation for excellence
I now feel the void of his passing
today our humanity's under staffing

the expressions of so many now
laughing past their grief some how
to their history when he was here
their times spent together do endear

each to the other - from past to now
I'm touched by this stranger anyhow

© Goode Guy 2012-05-18

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Welcome to Your Wife

If I were you for a day and you were me?
Could you love me more than I love you?
Would I love you more each day and be new?
Will the Sun shine bright in our eyes to see?
When will the Moon glow and lead our way to be?
When will the Stars shine bright by just us two?
Why does the dust give up its spurs on the dew?
Why are the doors locked with only one master key?
Welcome to my life,
Welcome to my home,
Welcome to your wife.
Welcome to this dome.
Welcome to the Sunrise this day in the light,
And welcome to the Sunset on this lovely night!
© Copyright: Ann Rich    2006

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To Serve

To Serve
  Not to swerve
To strive
For the Most High
Not to Yield
My faith...Is my sheild
Your ways...My ways
For my Father
The Distance I will go
I will Follow
You are at my side when I feel
To succeed is not of my doing
It is full faith in the Father
That Guides Me
Through My Life
Father you have released me from
My strife
You have released me from my strife

Peter LeBuhn

Copyright ©2006 Peter B. LeBuhn

Peter LeBuhn  

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Moonbow (revised)

A rainbow challenges the brash moons' night
and three o'er ripe white stars all haloed glow,
thus spot and light a virgin sight so bright
within disperse prismatic gladened show.

The stratum thin of clouds and sheering ice
bespoke of sailor's tales and coming snow.
Each tiny crystal hexagon enticed,
romantic escapades so far below.

And lovers cuddling shivered as they rode,
in wagons on iced lanes bright cheeks a glow.
Or, hand in hand throughout high mazes strode
beneath a true and heavenly hued bow.

So harvest season kissed a soft goodnight
to summer with this wonderful delight.

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Nigeria 1

Nigeria is this you the golden eagle
Feeding on dried vegetation with wings in black
Once like Isaac in sight of Abraham
A rose in the hands of jezebel thou are

Could that be you so lean as if HIV positive
Infected by unfaithful partners of yours
That prefer thy quality to that of leprosy hands
Oh! What a paradoxical life

Can you ever grow Inspite of all this 
Like the great Iroko tree in my village
But if the red cap, the talking drum 
And the great amara eaters will come toge’er with one voice

And say like the biblical Jesus, “stand and walk”
I know that thy bone shall rise again.

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It Was Like Yesterday

                            If only Adam and Eve were still here
                            There 'd be no need pondering over it indeed
                            One will die whether you 're afraid or intrepid
                            No matter how long we live grey hair
                            Leaving wombs for graves is the whole idea
                            The old dying is no misdeed
                            Memories of past of this old woman are vivid
                            Her grey hair hugs obituary,all humans' affair

                            It's still like yesterday regardless of longevity
                            In the mirror,she smiled at her wrinkles
                            She sees all what did years back in memory
                            As if they happened fast in few eye twinkles
                            Rest in peace is written all over face already
                            Shortly,yesterday's nephews are now uncles

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Exult in peace where health greets joy;
Ply calm and clear with feel most grand;
Intuit fond ease as wealth employs;
Trust frames fond cheer in profound trend;
Observe a style that shapes all good;
Make tact align the proper space;
Excel and smile with steady mood.
Gain succinct sign in lines you trace;
Live beauty well in touch and feel;
Invite your heart to show the way;
Make what you tell a tale that heals;
Prime with sure art the clear pathway;
See that you see choice and intent;
Explore and be what soul attends.

Leon Enriquez
05 June 2014

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How sweet the night, my love you came to me
   from out of dreams I'd dreamt within my past.
They weaved the spell and made my life to be
   in need of you, before I breathed my last;

and all my days of feeling less than whole
   were counted in my life of passing years,
though discontent, I guessed a restless soul
   was but the price I pay, with all the tears,

for being borned and being let to stay,
   and little did I guess, or even feel
that all I've been's existing day to day,
   and incomplete, but never really real.

        And how complete you've made my life to be,
        as if you've found the heart and breath of me.

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Cosmic Conscience

I became aware of you well over a decade ago.
Every moment of every day I swept you away.
Lo and Behold, I put my own day into dismay.
I ‘m buried in the core of you, and I mean low.

Good or bad happy or sad, you I’d proudly bestow.
Since your arrival, seems like my life is on display.
It’s still the same soups same pots running astray!
Sometimes in thwarted bits so I left them in whoa!

Seems they are all afflicted with conflicting wits.
Some thoughts prevail up above their fixed form.
Most exhibit zero appeal and are disruptive twits.
I might as well add you stirred up a mighty storm!

I might also add that most appeared as not kept and utterly sheer nonsense.
So I’m rising up above your hosted shadows into ultimate cosmic conscience.


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On your coming scholars run helter-skelter
How powerful thy stings permeate
Some got sick before the date
Naughty good scholars escape thy stings.

On your coming candles melt, die and part.
Like mosquitoes they become to stand
Browsing and researching into papers not blood.
Your bark far worse than, I think your bite.

On your coming tears run out of the intelligence
Why didn’t I meditate before you start
When mouth crows or whistles start
Pen writes and rulers measure

On your coming, scholars play with caution
On your coming, scholars embrace tension.

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painting A Starry Night

I look to Vincent, inspiration in France
to see the performance of a lifetime
after first act's ending, to take a chance
to follow another rope's twisted lifeline

he, as we all do, struggled for meaning
and sought to canvas beauty to be seen
starlight on star beams to shine on beaming
down on all souls in that peaceful scene

so beautiful the swirling-blue evening sky
with the golden-yellow moon positioned so
sleepy dreams the villagers thoughts ally
appendages and mouths pretzeled together apropos

a loving act spread under A Starry Night sighing
paint a starry night scene, Eros love underlying 

© Goode Guy 2012-01-30

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The Time Being

Just for now, I will hold my own.
I am carried away into a domain.
Plenty of room minus that chain,
It is here that I will be full-grown.
It is here I will not be windblown.
I’ve nothing to lose and all to gain.
I am minus all pleasures of a pain.
I am where seeds are not yet sown.
Just for the day,
And for the night,
I’ll be on my way,
And out of sight.
For the time being, I am just me,
Homeward bound, set to be free.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Sonnet No.3

Why does my heart feel broken,
When you are so far away.
I wait for three words spoken,
And you to come home to stay.

Our love is unending and forever,
Soon we will, again be one.
And when we are together,
We can watch the setting sun.

I will hold you close to me,
I will never let you go.
Our love is meant to be,
And this, we both know.
Please dont hurt me, my love,
My sweet angel from up above.

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          LUCID DREAM
I saw you dead. Now read between each word.
I thought the dream was mine, but it was you
who dreamt of me, a love song seldom heard,
though it was me, I guess you never knew.

Yes I was there, not making any sense,
and you, so young and beautiful would think
who is this fool, across my rusting fence?
And you'd not dream I am your missing link.

How could I be there in your restless sleep,
and touch your hand; remembering your eyes
when I awake, from what I thought too deep
to understand or hope to fantasize.

I saw you dead. I searched to find a gate,
but none was there and you had dreamed too late.

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Carte Blanche

There were two cardinals separated by a tree branch with fruit.
One was a female and the other was a male.
Her four fruits were ripe and his one was not so he became a brute.
She was to the left and he was to the right and looking pale.

Her purple fruits put off enough to make her some ale.
His green fruit was at his feet and were mute.
She kept her guard up waiting for him to sail.
But he never would follow suite.

She became the fruit of the highest branch on the highest tree.
He just sat there perched and barren not even producing the first seed.
She came to be,
The cardinal in lead!

But he never moved from his tree branch,
He was at her feet forever she’s his carte blanche!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2004

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I Leap

My sins carry a weight of such sorrow within my soul
My father in heaven, I pray to you for forgiveness true.
Your promised rapture left me here, under heavy toll.
My soul has always been yours with such payment due.

My life was not always dedicated completely to you, Lord.
You provided me with spiritual faith, within my heart.
You gave me so much, blessed me in peaceful accord.
Giving me strength in many things, right from the start,

I am below your exaltedness; I shall carry on until the end
Deeply in my heart and soul, I gather my faith strong.
To place your willingness of my fate, for you to tend,
For I have failed you for sure, my Lord is never wrong.

I know I have been a sinner, from when I was a beginner.
My will is weak but deep, my Lord, for your love I leap.

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Help Yourself First

Why do you weep there, lonely soul?
Do you feel that you’ve lost control?
Have you not a friend to assist
To guide you through your autumn mist?

Do you not wish to turn around?
Can you not find solid ground?
Can you see a friend to guide?
Or, are you destined to just hide?

Can you see the future, so near?
Have you given up and into fear?
Lest you be prisoner to thine soul
Can you not resume control?

For you must decide to make your change
Unto your life, you must now rearrange

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Wasted On The Young

The past can be something for which we long
because it’s the joys that we remember
from back when we were young, healthy and strong,
romance in blaze (that now seems more ember).
Friends, easily won, were true companions
who partied with us in celebration,
while now our path is all mountains and canyons –
hard journey taken in isolation.
We fool ourselves with such comparison. 
Our recollection’s illusion.   Although
the best of them may already be gone,
these are the good-old-days we’ll come to know.
Let’s hope we won’t feel sorry once again
that we didn’t appreciate them then.

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Master Blasters

Incredible as all of this may be,
And just as brilliant as our fate is,
You are my unique lift to my wiz!
So it looks like it is you or it’s me.
We’re in the winds and we both run free.
All of this is hers and it’s every bit of his.
Those two are master blasters put to quiz.
Together they locked eyes eternally to see.
They are dancing on the Moon,
Or they are singing to the Sun.
Their love has come too soon.
Now familiar renewal has begun.
They are in full bloom with a force that is most incredible to blossom,
What a glimmer in their glare they sand blasted out of awe to awesome!

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Sonnet No.5

Every time you cry,
I feel your pain.
We know the reason why,
You feel the same.

A tear rolls down your cheek,
I will wipe it away.
Some things may look bleak,
But you know I'll stay.

When you feel a chill,
I will hold you tight.
When you lie so still,
In my arms at night.

Very soon when you wake,
I will be there too.
No more your heart will ache,
I will never leave you.

I am yours and you are mine,
I will love you till the end of time.

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We were three, though unequal but warriors
Like the herdsmen we were
A glance tells of Our Genesis
All bound in one future

On our way came ghosts white
Scepter they posed  
Extorting and painting us white
Suddenly we woke, we the warriors

In extricate we intricate
Till they went as they came
Our dreams climaxed in one faith
Far not from there, one said to another

Thou are a ghost
What I heard was groans, our fate I know not. 

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Forget Me Nots

I had to figure all of you out you know.
I grabbed a shaded glimpse here and I got one there.
I saw this and I saw that and nothing was fair.
But now it was time for me to go.

Glimpses of shade and sparks of light,
Together we made a blazing baffling trail.
Night became day and day became night.
It was an endless circle making me way too frail.

But I journeyed on because I just had to figure you all out.
There were clues everywhere, even in the breeziest air.
I danced the nights away and left the Stars succumbed in doubt.
I stood on top of the Moon and was left stranded in the Sun’s care.

I floated inside of clouds and kissed the lightning shot by shots.
One by one, I gathered a million handfuls of your many forget me nots.

®Registered: Ann Rich  2006

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Parallel Universe

It’s a great day,
Just you and me,
The Sun I can see,
But you’re in the way!
I have lots to say,
Places I need to be,
Like the roaring sea,
But it’s turned to clay!
We walk and we sing.
With jumps and skips,
With the joy we bring,
But we are two ships.
It’s all transverse,
In a parallel universe!

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My Healing Hammock

Lying on my bed of strings made with love
my Casanova with sheer wings so pure
season my skin with your ichorous glove
faith divinely soars to vow all a cure

Ah, two souls will sing melodiously
spiritually fused together at last
intricate healing needed you'll see
hence conflict of interest shall surpass

Zealously I love your soul forevermore
for being the warrior you truly are
for opening my hearts shoaled corridor
while all along erasing my souls last scar

I remain in this hammock made of love
healed I am by our faith in the spirit above.

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     "And then the lighting of the lamps."
                                          -T.S. Eliot

Swallows flit and dart, the glow of evening
   settles o'er the fields, the day is fading;
sunset gilds the sky with glorious luster,
   vibrant reds and golds, and softer shading.
Lamps are lit, the countryside is flickering
   in candlelight, the cows are coming home;
peacefulness descends in waves of twilight,
   the animals are safe, no need to roam.
Horses tethered to their posts are waiting
   for the exertions of the day ahead;
farmers partake, extinguish their candles
   to darkness, and then take themselves to bed
      to pray for courage to endure their toil,
      for days they spend in harness to the soil.

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Heavenly Postioned Place

I am left with nothing to lose or to gain.
I walked in deserts and I found my Star.
It was brilliance, shined by few, and far.
I held my head high until yes I am sane.
It was trickery so I sought some rain.
She glowed tremendous thus bizarre.
By fate, my Star had no Earthly scar.
It was at high peak and by far plain.
It took me forever plus another day.
Vividly I made it through the night.
The Sun also the Moon led my way.
Even they were illuminating bright.
She stared me squaring straight eye to eye and upon my Earthly face.
She partook for me to take my stand in my heavenly positioned place!

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Global Trot

I’m out of my mind but I am just perfect and just fine.
I went around the world and what a blast it was for me.
I’m sent with a message from a golden gate master key.
I shook I rattled and I rolled brand new maps I did align.

I founded you and I demolished you but swam like a fish in line.
I ran to and fro as I was left behind thrown forward but I did see.
It is a global trot I tell you to survive naked or dressed just to be.
And then it came to be true and real that this was mine all mine.

So I sit in the seat with no defeat.
The world goes stupid and so mad,
But I stay clean and of course neat,
It’s just a silly little one time life fad.

Pain and suffering has just about killed me and you,
Together or apart it is a world we will always renew!

®Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Thanks PoetrySoup Family (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Thanks my PoetrySoup family
You have shown great humility
By lifting up Epulaeryu
May God always bless each of you

Your endeavors are very strong
Sticking with you I was not wrong
Your bond of friendship is so true
May God always bless each of you

You’ve demonstrated fortitude
Like Christ feeding the multitude
With your kindness I feel brand new
May God always bless each of you

Thanks my PoetrySoup family
May God always bless each of you!

© Joseph 11/6/07
© All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to the Knights in shining armor and ladies standing up for the 
Epulaeryu poetic form, may God bless each of you always.  All of you are 
ambassadors of poetic goodwill.  Continue to lead on with your angelic host and 
my God expand your blessings.  Thank you for not asking can God, and for 
affirming God can.  Thank you always for standing up and winning the victory! 

The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three 
rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase 
as a refrain in the last line of each stanza.  Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet 
has eight syllables.  There are times when a French poem links back to the 
poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of 
the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the 

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Shed Thy Snakeskin

Move into the future with a true presence.
There is more to see and way more to do.
It is a life with everything you ever knew.
Shed thy snakeskin with your own essence.
Way up high sits the purest quintessence.
Up above each Star lights a way for you,
Even these skies are a creamier baby blue.
Nonsense is ordained by its only innocence.
There is always a better way.
It is always for you and me.
It is always by night and day.
Where we should already be!
Imagine you did shed every bit of that snakeskin you carry around.
You will lose or you will win, either or I’m aptly located as found!

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Carpe Diem

Hear my voice loud and clear: Carpe diem! Embrace
The day! Leave your chambers, step into the light,
The light of spring that shines on thy face,
The light extinguished by no earthly might!

Carpe diem! Embrace this day! The only day
That you will know! Leave your chairs, touch the grass,
The only grass that will grow! Smell the hay,
The hay that will feed the lowing mass.

Carpe diem! Stop your cars on the shoulder
And run into the fields with the deer and fox;
Count every chestnut, leaf, and boulder,
Away be thrown your schedules, your clocks!

Carpe diem! Embrace your day! The only day,
The waning day, in which we all shortly stay.

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People claim love is blind
But our love has no depressing tone
And a flaw, I have yet to find
For love is all you've shown
Never before have I known
How true a love could be
With time, our love has only grown
And become as steady as the sea
This love has flourished within me
A feeling never felt before
Every moment I spend with thee
Leaves me longing for more
Our love can move mountains, wait and see
We'll prove just how true a love can be

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Sonnet No.4

Seems I can remember when,
Not so long ago.
Thought I'd never hold you again,
I'll never let you go.

When I close my eyes,
I still see you here.
Until my body dies,
Baby, I will be everywhere.

For you, I endure.
For you, I will fight.
Your love is pure,
You know I'm right...

Here, for you, I am forever...
Yours, I will leave you never.

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Sonnet No.1

Oh my dearest, my sweet love,
The one whom I was meant.
Who fell from the heavens above,
From the angels you were sent.

No matter the measure of distance,
Between us at anytime, anywhere.
Our love is our persistence,
Our hearts will take us there.

Soon the wait will be done,
We will be together again.
Our real life has just begun,
Together forever, amen.
This was truly meant to be,
It will be just you and me.

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Sonnet No.2

I am a part of you,
You are a part of me.
We are one, not two,
They will start to see.

Your honesty is true,
You are faithful I know.
I put my trust in you,
For the love that you show.

We walk hand in hand,
And in a lover's embrace.
And next to me you stand,
In your rightful place.
You're my all, my soul, my life.
You're my friend, my lover, my wife.

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The Gift Of Insecurities

The gift was in a very huge package
Alluringly wrapped in the palest pink
Card attached was calligraphic in ink
Any gift from him was not average

When opened with much delight, the contents
Caused insecurities to tumble forth___
Joy? Fear of failure came from these presents
Taking out least feared __verse__William Wordsworth

The essence of the gift to him was good
The sum of the gift to her was fear
Excitement at this stage of life she could___
Not get a grip__on hold her life for years

Should she not fear but just try to use the gift
God had given her time now spared her life

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A New Me

Today is the day
I wash the pain away
Plenty of soap and water
Boiling for my dishonor

Today is the day
I found a reason to stay
Time is drawing near
To face my many fears

Today is the day
I end my foolish ways
Stop the mental anguish
And your abusive language 

Today is the day
I reason instead of delay
Cease the blame on others
Take note of my discovers

Today is the day
To cut the childish play
To allow trust in my life
And to be your loving wife

Today is the day
Where mentally I’m not the prey
Where I’m the one in control
And once again I become whole

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After Jesus' resurrection in Jerusalem,
in the same windowless room,
where The Last Supper was held:
with a sudden rush of the gusting wind,
the Holy Spirit descended upon them,
to bestow the gift of different languages...

That was a reminder that the Master, who had been crucified,
hadn't forgotten them and His fervent wish rested on
their relentless faith and strength to courageously spread 
the true Gospel with firm utterance;  and they knew, it 
was a great mission both dangerous and spiritual:
to go out in the Roman Empire, a place of many vague idols,
and in the Colosseum be executed or mauled by lions,
but their fear was replaced by the glowing fire of Holy spirit...   

Entered in the Pentecost Brian Strand's contest

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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That's That

The Sun is on my horizon approaching this brand new day.
Ripples in the sea shatter my shimmering ultra-violet light.
Birds sing in the air and many more are on this same flight.
Rising high, the Sun makes rounds in its sweet special way.
Puffy white clouds are on the trail until they begin to stray.
Blue skies follow suite running off the wet darkened night.
Green grassy grounds are visions of a true God given sight.
Branches of trees wave at the Sun as if bitterly bent or fray.
Rising with the Sun and busy as a bee,
Up and on it I always rise just to shine!
It is all amazing just like being me!
That’s that and poof I’m all in line!

No really, I am telling you that’s that!
Now honestly who are you looking at?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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I put up the barriers and molded the Great White Stone.
I searched all written doctrines that embodied my light.
It was a remarkable journey let me tell you of my flight.
I even went through DNA of every strand of every bone.
I matched all the genetic linage to kind energies ingrown.
It was like an open door after door where all turns bright.
The misplacement that followed is truly way out of sight.
Seeing it all made me search my truth and I wasn’t alone.
I felt like I am the only one.
There was just me to believe.
There was too much undone.
More than humans conceive.
This was an origin unknown and not of this world.
This is timeless intelligence appropriately swirled.

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When the storm has withered and you walk away,
Look up and then down and ye shall see my cloud.
Brisk but sweet I shall be and I shall shine so proud.
I shall move the winds and ye shall hear what I say.
I will take your voice and vibrate what you do pray.
I will come through you with a whisk so very loud.
I am the noises amongst every single blatant crowd.
Today tomorrow or yesterday I was there on that day.
I am inside of you and outside the court.
Bounced and planked I am the only one.
Itched and scratched I examine the port.
Faith or Grace I have just only now begun.
Time is you and time is me and I set you to my side.
I am a gateway that is so narrow or much too wide.

® Registered: Ann Rich 2007

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Charisma's Art

On the river I saw the ripple give way.
It twirled and swirled until it broke apart.
One would stop and one would start.
Ripple by ripple they all sailed away.

Over the edge the Sun did set that day.
And it took with it my beating heart.
I saw layers and layers of charisma’s art.
I prayed I’d wish and I wished I’d pray.

By slits of silver shadows the Moon shed light.
Casting ripples here and ripples there,
One by one they fled from my sight,
Surprisingly more ripples did glare.

Ripple by ripple my eyes came to see,
A great white light shining upon me!

® Registered: Ann Rich  2003

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To dare to write a poem is a thrill.
The world of words all things can symbolize.
A wordsmith has to ever hone his skill,
And greater grow his gift to empathize.

To break the bonds of esoteric terms
Will free the coded secrets they convey.
By sharing truth, a poet truth confirms.
To hear their words can clear our thoughts away.

These words must spark a meaning of our own.
A special nuance to their true intent.
They speak to us and we are not alone.
A deeper guidance deepens our content.

When poets share the feelings in their hearts,
Then grateful readers flourish by their arts.

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New Year Tag - Spenserian Sonnet

T’is the season of jolly and such fun
Ending a year and starting out brand new
Others will be looking to the long run
Uplifting many with words from a few
Celebrating the new binding like glue
Moving together with tag poetry
Pot on the stove with Epulaeryu brew
This stew is filled with great artistry
T’is is just like cosmetic dentistry
Brings a smile to celebrating faces
The time is now for a royal entry
Like playing cards with faces of aces
Hello Lynn Marie go put on your clogs
Look out the window you have just been tagged!

Comment:  I was tagged by Katherine Stella.  Hello Lynn, this is especially for 
you.  Happy New Year!  Now you will have to find someone whose poetry you 
enjoy to tag.  NOTE: The Spenserian sonnet rhymes as follows: 
ABABBCBCCDCDEE.  The second four lines are linked by rhymes to the first four 
and the follow four, and a couplet concludes the poem by reemphasizing the 
main idea or proposing an alternative view.  Isn’t this fun!!!

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Soul Light

Beyond, above the stars, my thoughts away
Urging me to dreams in death of night,
Keeping secrets dark, I dare not say,
Away among the stars I hold them tight.
Knot of pain and shame reflected in
The knife-sharp clarity of clear cold sky;
Throngs of thoughts, sounds that ring of sin,
The stars hold not the answer to my “why”.
The night of soul is deeper, darker still
Than spirit wounds I cannot seem to heal;
Yet light illumines out from death’s stone chill,
And stars are keepers warm of secrets real.
Be still, and fear no more the surge of dark,
The light remains, engendered by a spark.

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The end may become a beginning,
to go away can be to arrive,
life,as nature has its seasons,
sometimes short bit oftimes long;
To sense the aroma of change,
to experiment a new attire,
walking without a map,
looking forward,neverback;
Th past,as yesterday,will ever be
remembered,blessed,but filed away,
a stage,a stepping stone
a springboard to another day.

Today is done,tomorrow will be
a future advnture,rests with thee.

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Moon Mantle

Night falls with haste, endowed with dark despair,
and spreads its raven wings across the land.
The lifeless shadow chills the stagnant air,
and grips the world with melancholic hands.

Immersed in black, I wait for heaven's light,
for only sanctity can pierce this haze.
The fair nocturnal gem that purges night,
I bide for its unwav'ring pearly gaze.

They tremble, every shaded tree and lake;
their silent, fragile forms stir anxiously,
for soon their bottled silhouettes will wake
against a silver, silk-knit tapestry.

Moon mantle, rise and cloak this umbral earth
with all your splendor and translucent worth! 

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feel the slight tremble 
grow into a shake-fear not
until the slides begin to announce her coming
then the water bath and blast,
keep your mind together; just wonder.
An earthquake.

feel the slight fear
grow into a shiver-fear not
until the pulsing heart announces her coming
then the water baths and flow
keep your mind together-just ponder
A mind quake.

we suffer but one death to die several times before
a great show of cowardice
a quake it is for it comes then goes,the fear is what it leaves you with.

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Common Ground

Starry night, Star bright shine your light!
It’s a lost world traveling at a rapid speed.
Oh guide me and teach me to properly lead.
For I am down here where nothing is right!
Send me a wind to take my flight,
And let them all take heed!
I am the deepest seed.
For I stand in all my might.
Let the Sun shine down on me.
Let the rains walk away.
Set my eyes where they can see.
For I am day by day!
As the world spins around and around,
I shall be found standing on top of Common Ground!

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Children of the Sky

A day with no Sun, no Stars and no wind,
A lifetime of lifetimes is in the womb you grow.
You are the children of the sky with the seeds I sow.
You are enriched and fertile in the lands I tend.

A night with no Moon no day and no end,
A world of worlds of knowledge you all know.
You are the children of the sky and to the winds you shall blow.
In the seeds your sown is your mother and your best friend.

You are of the sky,
You are perfect today,
Boundless and high,
And you know the way.

Reach up and look to see,
The wind blowing inside of me!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2004

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The Gap

So many empty spaces with cracked dimensions as stardust flew by.
So I counted to ten and held my breath knowing this would just never end.
At every angle there was a gap so I tagged them all with messages to send.
I stepped through portals leading me to places orbiting way too high.

I passed through broken dreams and landed where the Sun never shined.
No Moon, no Stars, and no galaxies were straight, much less aligned.
The Earth had gone completely berserk and the seasons were sudden to change.
It was the gap warping time and even the people looked far beyond strange.

I listened to faint vibrations and watched galaxies as they all weakened.
Time was lost and gone forever, for they had all been forewarned and told.
I found a spot and planted the last starlight and watched closely as it strengthened.
It grew and grew even withering through the hot and cold.

Shooting through portals I spread my light and left it a sparkling trail.
Ray by ray a beam filled the gap and lit it up by my new starlight’s flaming tail.

®Registered: Ann Rich  2005

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I’ll add you to my safe keeps.
And put you with my collections.
I’ll sit back with my own reflections.
After, I’ve taken hundreds of peeps.
I’ll put you under my pillow where I sleep.
And then there will be no exceptions.
It’s where delusion versus deceptions.
You and I will never weep.
Until your heart is free to run,
I’ll be collecting ashes and dust.
I’ll never be done!
And I’ll never rust.
My collections of restorations appeal.
Piece by piece many of you will heal.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Young Love

June 17, 2006
How sweet, how serene,
Delicate inside a core,
A flower I have bore.
Such a magnificent scene!
Blossoms in bloom are what you bring.
I couldn’t ask of you for much more,
I even find you shining on the Seashore.
You make my heart dance and sing!
The Sun shines down on me,
And the Moon leads my way.
The Stars shine and I can see,
A beautiful Sun shiny day!
You come from somewhere up above,
Tender in my heart is a Young Love!
® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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The Note

I was corner-stoned by many of you.
The note was dotted with a dash.
But this note was an ultimate smash.
I found a peephole and peeped through.
I found a bird gave him the note and away he flew,
Across the deserts and the valleys he was there in a flash,
Across the rivers and Oceans he made a great big splash.
He made it to the shore, but the note he began to chew.
He passed a timely test,
And his belly was full,
He did not stop to rest,
The note he had to pull.
The bird landed on the Oceans shore,
Singing praises of his rugged chore.

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I am a capstone to a brilliant plan.
Before your time I came into play.
I was morning night breaking day.
I was before during and after man.
Before person place and time span,
After the mixture of stone and clay,
During foundations faltering away,
I’m the capstone where you began.
Cornered by time to live again,
I am rushing waters in the sand.
I am the beginning and the end.
I’m reserved throughout the land.
You are never ever really alone,
For, I capped every single stone.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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in the icy climates of winter's days
when only then, do the days grow longer
love slipped, careened, and fell away
balance and stability sway to reconquer 

and teetering on that glacial cliff
squinting at glinting diamonded ice
attempting to decipher life's hieroglyph
something will occur to make us think twice

in the freezing and thawing of loves seasons
both hard and cold give way to a rebirth
love fails or succeeds, a myriad of reasons
still to return again, for all we're worth

upheaval is life transformed with apprehension
budded with hope, love aspires to ascension

© Goode Guy 2012-01-30

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Soul to Soul

Listen to my call O' dear one, listen
Spirit sweetly calling to your spirit
So desperate for your loving touch so,
Soul inhaling another precious soul

Love divinely rescues our souls, my love
Worry nevermore my dear, no more worry
Cry a heartfelt prayer, answer thee, I cry.
Dream realm playmates enhance the sweet, sweet dream

Forever remains true, truly returned forever
Waited so long as both our hearts patiently waited
Joined tenderly by the spirit we are joined
Tears from the heart seasoned our love, tender tears

Battles started fear, hope to end battles
Listen to my call O' dear one, listen.

Author's notes:

Shadow Sonnet created by Amera M. Andersen may be written in any sonnet style. The Shadow
takes place at the beginning and ending of each line as the words are identical.

14 lines; 9 or 10 syllables per line

Should have a Volta or pivot

Iambic pentameter is not necessary

Copyright © 2007 Kristin Roth-Davis

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Windows of the Soul

Ever wonder how you know what you know,
Ever been here or there and done this before?
It is a thought that assembles so much more.
It is one feeling that can never just let it all go.
Ever wonder where the airs might next blow,
Ever been there and done the disused chore?
It is a thought that will rain with an outpour.
It discovers unprotected windows of the soul.
It always jibber-jitters to you,
So listen up so you can hear,
Just pass through,
With very little fear!
Now, be sure to take your time and do every single thing right,
For one day, your soul shall speed you up and take off in flight.

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let your heart be light 
throw your burdens away, 
let love embrace you 
to take you through the night. 

it is all I can give 
forever it shall live, 
my heart forever is true 
I'll always be here for you. 

if ever you feel fear 
ever you want to spill tears, 
on my shoulder you can cry 
to you I will never lie. 

may it always be with you 
as on each road you go, 
through rain or burning sun 
your life now, has begun. 

in my heart you shall be 
together we will be free, 
let your hand be held in mine 
friends to the end of time

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The Beauty of it All

I gaze up into the big bright Stars,
Searching for where it is that you truly are.
But my heart is grounded to your word.
I look around and I see the beauty of it all.

For it is silence, not one sound can be heard.
Not even a crumpling leaf that will fall.
Up in the skies a bird harbors a precious need.
That’s when my soul takes a more careful heed.

The Sun carries every single day,
And the Moon every single night,
That is why I have come here to stay,
This is the ray of your heavenly light!

And this is what I’ve come to see,
The beauty of it all shines through you inside of me.

® Registered: Ann Rich  2004

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That's That!

The Sun is on the horizon approaching this brand new day,
Ripples in the water and they shimmer incredibly bright,
A bird sings in the air and many more are on the same flight!
Rising high the Sun makes its rounds in a very special way.
Puffy white clouds are on the trail until they begin to stray.
Blue skies follow suite running off the darkened night.
Green grassy grounds are visions of a true God given sight.
Branches of trees wave at the Sun as if they want to play.
Rising with the Sun and busy as a bee,
Rise and shine!
It’s amazing just like me!
That’s that and it’s all in line!

That’s that!
And newer days we are all looking at!
© Copyright Ann Rich   2006

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Kindred Spirit

Is your spirit ready to cross the great big Ocean?
And is your heart open to the wind and free to run? 
It’s where our nights and days are never done,
It’s where we sail and soar with a higher notion.

We are the magic’s most powerful potion.
Lying under the heat of the scorching Sun,
It’s where you and I lay together as one.
It’s where our spirit is in mighty motion.

Carried across the Mountains peak,
One by one it is our blissful state.
Many and more will rise to seek.
The Moon’s glow conquering their fate!

Shielded by my glorious kindred spirit,
You will all know my voice when you hear it.

® Registered: Ann Rich 2006

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Distant Ships

‘I can’t explain, you would not understand,’
I've lost my life and all I have is pain.
An addict, I've the answer in my hand.
I lose, 'I got that feeling once again!' 

My love for Charlie was a bit of fun
Still I am lost, cocaine is who I am.
I need a fix, so I can feel at one,
The self abuse, my life is just a sham.

The nights, red lights, the shame to feed my need,
Now past, an addict still, I am just clean.
All seems so jaded now, like distant ships,
My life is mine, there is no in between.

A promise to myself, of this I'm sure,
Say no to coke, drugs are never a cure.

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Feat of Fate

I am dressed and tailored to fit on a form.
Clothed with the Sun and Moon at my feet
I even have a throne where I can sit my seat.
It is golden and silver slippers I wear warm.
I carry a torch to warn of impending harm.
Its fire is higher than a challenge to greet.
But many fireballs I have come to meet.
Like fallen Stars swimming in a swarm.
I was given a feat of fate.
It was here and it was now.
It was slow but not too late.
Somehow I just knew how!
Tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And where I am no one honestly knows.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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The Keeper

I was washed ashore with Mountains looking over me and I could hear roaring Seas.
The sand covered me and my toes curled with sand dollars by the dozens.
I saw dolphins gaming and fish were everywhere, I even met their distant cousins.
The Sun was shining down on me and the Moon was jealous but the clouds gave way.

And I looked up to see the Stars shining and they told me it’s a most perfect day.
Salted lips and these palms fanned, I knew right then I was meant to be.
I stood alone at the shore and blue skies fled taking notice of little old me.
I was touched and moved balancing these visions I began to breathe.

I thought I was by myself, but I wasn’t, not this time.
Looking up I say leave me alone, be gone I’m on my own.
Looking down I am amazed at how truly this is so sublime.
You are the keeper of my secrets and I am of all the unknown.

Shining down upon me you are always standing right there,
Here I shall share myself with you and then I will begin to care. 

® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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On a Mission

I fell down to the bottom of every single Sea not just once but twice.
I scrambled onto my feet and fell all over myself time and time again 
I was up and then went down until I felt this tingly breezy needy wind.
I stood up on two weakened knees eventually I’d plateau with a price.

Water wind fire earth and every metal made me the finest grains of rice.
I am dreaming of being a disbeliever in you so I stand in my self defense.
I marked me a stone and I gave it a name and only my voice will it hence.
Shattered was the Ocean’s floor and suddenly breaking in on thinner ice.

I was enthralled at its fear yet brazened in my heart,
I balanced the winds  and now I am set on a mission.
Alpha is exact where or when my breaths of life start
I’m the latitudes and I’m longitudes rallying ignition.

Tomorrow will come just as now is gone so here again I must go,
Boundlessly rooted to be all of me especially when my kiss I blow.

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Filling My Cup

Whispering my name I hear

A love, sadness, a tear

Sorrows wings are in the air 

With arms eloquent and fair

Lovely petals shower upon me

Filling my cup with glee

Angels standing by my side

Glowing beyond the prism of pride

Wrestling the leaves upon the ground

What was lost is found

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Between Crystal Waters

Between crystal waters and the light of the moon,
I demanded time to stand still while I listened,
the winds orchestrated an omnipotent tune,
tapped on the shoulder the wind calls my name "Kristin."

I hear the spirit, our hearts, dancing with the wind,
separated in flesh, joined by the spirit we are,
entangling your soul with love that I send,
everlasting sensations brings life a new star.

The sky brightly winks with every connected soul,
the leaves crackle in harmony with the crickets,
surrounding you with a feeling of being whole,
friendly interruptions come from the deep thickets.

Like a tornado, our spirits tightly embrace,
beginning and end circulate around us two,
knowledge of new lessons, subconsciously efface,
illuminating with love as the spirit grew.

Entranced moments like this inspire our good will
treasured and blessed we are, until time again stands still.

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When bird song rumored dawn, I climbed a hill,
A hill I've climbed before, again, again.
I came to learn a song so glad and still
It only sounds at dawn, just when...Just when.

I climb because He said the shadow lifts
Like mist is burned from silver mirror lakes,
Then new reflection on the surface drifts
As all below the surface breaks.  It breaks.

A breeze strummed grass, and gold announced the dawn.
The common graces seemed to chant the start
Of day;  yet only this day breaks upon
The symphonies inside your heart.  Your heart.

Among the miracles that Easter gives
Are songs of Always.  Listen now.  He lives!

Isaiah 42:10

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A Misfortune

In a special way, I search my every day.
I’m all cried out by justice I now scream.
I have much to say with my words I pray.
From reality to delusion, but yet a dream!
I tell you I am surely the crop of that cream.
Now I can stay or I can go on about my way.
You may reject me or accept me as supreme.
Every single day generates my hands at play.
Bottomed out or just plain downright silly,
I could care the least towards the very best.
Or, I can sit here and say OMG! Oh Really?
Maybe I should armor up in a cast-iron vest.
If only everyone already knew about their one golden frowned upon rule.
Perhaps a misfortune will shear a few jewels stopping the two timing dual.

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My Grace is sufficient.
Come in a time of need.
There is only one seed.
My Grace is omniscient.
My Grace is proficient.
If a soul dare to bleed,
My Grace takes heed.
My Grace is beneficent.
My Grace is sufficient for thee,
Come boldly unto this throne,
Seek me and ye shall find me.
All in my Grace ye have grown.
By Grace ye are saved through faith,
Clearly you must make no mistake.

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Tid Bits

Great God Almighty, I took you throughout this heartland. 

It was oops, uh oh and Jesus Christ all of the way we went. 

I shewed or I spewed those great mightier and all you sent. 

Created and destroyed were all of those left held in a hand. 


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust we left them all in your sand. 

My, me oh my revelations came shining through in time lent. 

They ran to and fro with dim lights that were warped or bent. 

I gave and I saved for this that and the other for a high brand. 


I went all the way up and all the way down. 

Beside myself I turned life and death to me. 

I found a medium so I stood on my ground. 

I tell you today I do shine sea to shining sea. 


They all left and tossed their chips calling it quits. 

But I my Sir have it all here and there in Tid-Bits! 

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Sonnet: The Secret of Success: Love

(English Sonnet)

You can’t really succeed without love
Love or its lack will make you weak or strong
Love is the key to success from God above
And its power is a victorious song!

With love we can overcome all kind of evil
God give us all a heart and soul to love
With an option to be kind forgive ill
And we can do it walking in His love.

Sometimes you may think that you can’t do this
But let me tell you in Jesus name you will
Cause walking in His Word/ Light is the key
Think hard, you decide! God’s way or your will.

Just keep in mind that God/Love never, ever fails!
Do everything with love, heart with joy will fill!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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Morning Vision's Sound

When dawn arrives, as the day’s sun ascends
The blackened sky reveals new colors; bright
The passing of the moon, surreal event
A beautiful scene; the sun offers light 

My eyes, they squint now seeing the new sun
As the fire burns on ascent in the east
The sight, the beauty of the horizon
Allows the want in my eyes, a true feast

My heart, it skips joyfully in response
It beats a sounding percussion of dream
As I make my way to become ensconced
As the voice in my soul lets out its scream

A true rejuvenation of spirit
As I am the only one to hear it

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Sand Island

The crisp cool wind is blowing in my face
Kenny G blowing “forever in love”
In my ears while trying to keep a pace
The blue, cloudless sky looming high above
Me only enhance my recurrent ride
To Sand Island, a very special place
Where all worldly problems are set aside
Awhile and “I” is the objective case
Yes! It’s all about me during this ride:
Pedaling, sightseeing and elation
These of which can not at all be denied
Me. Upon reaching my island mission
I’m Inspired enough to write this sonnet
About a special day I’ll not forget.

The meandering beaten path in front
Of me guides my way through a host of trees.
Some I identify but most I don’t
Have a clue as to their names. Just the breeze
In my face, the earth-colored foliage,
The fauna scampering in front of me,
And birds singing from branches, all upstage
My intruding presence. My mp3
Playing Kenny G songs along the way:
Love songs mostly but it doesn’t matter
I’m in love everyday, more so today.
I love god, wife and nature, all concur
And reciprocate. This is my heaven
In a very special place: Sand Island.

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Beautiful Simplicity

I laid on my back and gazed at the sky
Clouds seemed to float through layers of blue
A falcon soared by and caught my eye
The chickadee's song was a sweet coo-coo
Afternoon soon melted, the sun sunk low
Orange and pinks danced across the horizon
Overhead the moon began to glow
Day has now faded, night has just begun
Old, Mister Cricket raises his fiddle
Many young fireflies dip and dive
Everything is but a merry riddle
Midnight's not dead, it thrives, said I
The simplicity of a single day
Living, beautifully, my perfect Lord's way

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The summer of My Life

My son, my son! He will one day put up his arms And shout out, “Play!”
He’ll scribble walls, my young aesthete, bang pots and pans to his own beat.
We’ll hide and seek in show’rs of May, and learn what clouds and stars might say.
He’ll run while stumbling with his feet and singing out his laughter sweet.

I know he’ll grow with every turn. My teachings round his mind he’ll churn.
I pray the good that I’ll instill enhance his power of free will,
And when he leaves he might secern what saves his world or makes it burn.
I hope his life shall then distill some greatness, making life a thrill.

I hope my days will still allow to reach these dreams I hold somehow,
‘Cause now’s the summer of my life and I’ve no child, and lost my wife.
If Fate my dreams does disavow, my art I heighten starting now.
I’ll also try by virtue rife to win my place in afterlife.

Remembered I might never be, most humans try this commonly.
Astounding this we try, agree? To endure like minor deity.

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As the storm clouds roll in
     on the darkest of skies,
     and windiest of days-
don't shield me from this awesome sight
     or turn and run away.

Stay with me through the storm
     with its electric flashes,
     and roaring clatter-
don't take control of the ships helm
     or guide me from the weather.

For I have come this far
     on the deepest of seas,
     and most turbulent spills-
have faith in me to find the way
     the journey is my thrill.

It's not shelter from the storm I seek,
rather deliverance from a life too bleak!

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What is Normality?

Is demonstration a progressive method for normality?
Skills for a good quality are necessary for product,
Nobody wants to pay for wrongs, who can stock useless dirt,
Quality is a demand of us we return the goods if are faulty.
If a worker isn’t responsible who can pay for job royalty?
Responsibility is faith for living and security for a job,
If attitudes are hooliganism who can control a mob,
Principles are for betterment we need to draw formality.

Education and training is for realization so we can faith,
Faith is an actual life, understanding for living standard,
What is hard to follow the rules if we like human growth?
Satisfaction is a root of honesty if labour is n’t bounded,
Care is only a path that can provide benefits to both.
If rules are n’t applicable what is gain of one and hundred?

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Song of Love

Some songs are sad songs: dum de dum dum dum.  
Others are cheerful: tra la la  la ling 
And people are the same. Some may become
A sadden lot, see gloom in everything.
And then there are the opposite, see joy
In what life brings. They dance to different drums.
The sad do dum de de  dum de de hooey 
The merry do Tra la la la tra umm 
The moral of this poem is: The Earth
Is our home and we love it, no matter
Who we might be. Our self-defining worth
Depends if  we get along together.
So lets tra la dum de umm tra de 
And try to live our lives in harmony.

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All Fool's Day Sonnet

The wolves are out howling at the full moon
Jokesters are next and will be here real soon
I am holding tight to my silver spoon
See you in Dodge City when it’s high noon

My heart skipping and jumping as it beats
Knowing this day will be a fancy treat
Some folks are waiting to turn up the heat
I like this day because it is so neat

All Fool’s Day is remembered far and wide
With a smile I think I will stay inside
My heart will sing and also try to hide
Whisper All Fool’s Day and stand by my side

The wolves are out howling at the moon
Jokesters are next and will be coming soon!

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Empty Shells

Walking along the beach, endless and endless miles of seashore with time to explore.
Empty shells are all that I can see so I pick them up and carry them away with me.
Quite a collection I find I have so I carry them for a safer place to be.
The Sun beating down on them with a glimmer of light that catches my eye.
More and more I find to carry with me a salvation hard to describe.
So much beauty and so many different shapes,
But they all lay in such a commonplace.
As I carry these empty shells away with me,
The weight begins to slow me down.
So I sort through them one by one.
Each carries a moment in need.
Each one in different places I have found.
And each with a memory that has only just begun!

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Party Prepping

Your blowing my mind 
Allowing my imagination to be expanded
Into thoughts of you 
Floating to the sky
Slowly deflating back to its beginning by
Sticking a needle into each phrase
Appearing from nowhere
With a string tied to one end 
Your hand on the other
Tugging my words
From the inner depths of my soul
Lighting candles to illuminate the darkness into Genesis 1:3 , and 
The now visible syllables are rearranged into hypnotic sentences
Appearing in a multitude of colorful paragraphs
That begin its metamorphosis into a novel of ideas
While ballooning portions of aged time transformed by decades of memorable conversations 
Has allowed us to celebrate our oneness
Happy on the birth of days being born continuously for you and I 
To child our future into old age

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Catch 22

Well, there is a loophole right there.
And by golly gee there’s one here.
Easy to step into those cracks,
Losing balance and be all out of whack.

Step by step and baby ones at that,
Tiptoeing and being mighty slow.
But I bet you have all come to know,
A catch 22 has a knack.

Nothing is glued,
Too many corner stones,
How lewd!
Fragile are my bones.

Peeping through,
Seeing route 44’s for those catch 22’s.

®Registered: Ann Rich   2005

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If All Else Fails

If all else fails
Grab a pad of paper
And plenty of useful pens
Express your feelings wholly 
Forget the social trends

If all else fails
Seek the unconditional love
Of family and of friends
The time is not yet to rule out
Making truthful amends

If all else fails
Take a road trip
With your idealistic thoughts
Think of the most precious memory
And all the laughter and love it brought

If all else fails
Search deep with inside yourself
See what you may or may not find
For if all else fails, what else is left?
Than your foolish, selfish mind

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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A Precious Stone

Nothing can be used
To unveil a stone that is pure 
A loving golden diamond
Dressed with care only in wealth

My stone, raw and pure
Of truth and tolerance
A fella indeed
Forsaketh me not in a time
Of tribulation and trouble

Even in the whirlwind
My stone is in the yonder 
Bringing down the mountain in wonder
A rare gem of a stone
In the midst of sandy stones.

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Sonnet:To a friend

It's sad that your love couldn't be true to you
And I know you struggled so hard and long.
But life sometimes in the end can turn blue
And there are times when some things can go wrong.

But don't blame yourself for all of this mess
For you it wasn't just written in the stars.
And some things are not meant to be for us
But don't lose hope for your dreams can't be far.

Today you cry for lost dreams and their cost
But I hope your tears are gone by tomorrow.
You'll see that not all is completely lost
Pray you find in the night the light that glows.

Be strong and keep your chin high all the while
Smile and never stop dreaming thru your struggle.

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000


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Struggle for Rights

O’ Father, O’ dear Father, What do you know about God?
Please explain to me why do you have or I need my faith?
Where he lives in a hell or heaven why human has a myth?
Is he a Merciful, forgiveness or a kind-hearted Lord?
You have blessings and prayer, you know worshiping method,
Please explain me, why we need worshipping in what image?
A portrait, statue, wind, light, fire or a planet what range?
Is he a human, bird, animal or insect what colour of blood?

Why do I born human, why I having a struggle for rights?
Why am I against dictatorship if God is only superb?
Why human has different nature and fight for high heights.
Why is only human controlling why n’t animal deserve?
Hell is better or heaven, why is earth suffering for fights?
When I fall sick, what is a meaning of a best herb?

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A Business

A business is clever, handsome and polite.
Linguistic, apologetic but tactics are behind.
Mathematically and politically he is honest mind,
Dramatics, gymnastics and generatic bright.
Pleasant, tranquil, psyche psychometrics bite,
The bourgeoisie possessive and proletarian prodigal,
Lucrative, ludicrous, resumable heroics skill,
Personable, arguable and a desirable diet.

Forcible, flexible and fund raiser responsible,
Likeable, sizeable and an unshakeable height,
Referable, preferable and transferable mongrel,
Credible, reproducible and decisionable slight. 
Expressible, risible and a sensible detail.
Challengeable, achievable and demonstrable kite.

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Preparation for a Portrait

To wear precious jewels night + day
To be swathed in fine fabrics work or play
Her portrait hangs painted in oils
Her complexion captured time cannot spoil
Photographs we cherish and keep in our pockets
Prior cameras minature paintings kept in lockets.
The oil portrait outlasts a photograph by far
Personal prestige denotes how important we are.
What is your do you wish to be viewed?
My sitters are prompted to be embellished in gems
If none are at hand we shall superimpose them.
Diamonds,rubies,emerals,pearls and sapphires
Oil paint manifests all the elements I desire.
Such velvets and Satins even Rembrant would approve. 

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Everyone's Pain

O’ Wind, O’ Wind, you can read anyone’s mind.
You know everyone’s pain; you know everyone’s gain,
You write everyone’s luck, that seems your work main,
Who produce you for me why are you behind?
You travel everywhere that’s why my dreams have a kind,
Unseen, untouched places I wonder, terrified I touched thunder,
You laughed on my childish, when terrified me a time hunter,
You punished me a disease if my heart is cruel n’t kind.

Nobody can hide something, whatsoever a person is clever,
You chased always everyone and got a heartbeat message,
Nobody knows how old you are why do you live forever?
You can disclose any fact but nobody can disclose your age,
Always you have happily dance Noone sorrow can you cover.
You are a cleaner cleans dirt but nobody pays you wage.

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food for thought

Wisdom's pearls uncultured grow
In oysters tightly closed
Knowledged colleged cultured speakers
Display them polished highly lighted
Proud of what they know
Diving into Nature's secrets
Armed with open eyes
Wisdom seekers searching find
Oyster shells upon the beaches
Pearls of wisdom left behind
By gulls with different values
Miserly oysters  fly so high
Dying richly feeding
Feasts for poet eyes

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Outside the Garden

What lies beyond the walled in garden?
Does not the sun yet shine above?
It casts its glow on men and women
To fill them with a warming love.

Fear not, to venture beyond boundaries
Seek the new, behold the dreams
Let not your mind create the quandaries
Feel its heat through radiant beams

Let sunshine fall upon wakened heart
As new tomorrows become routine
Become innate, your living part
As you become then of the scene

For then you will have passed through the gate
Looking to the sun while creating new fate

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Christ's Passion

Hoping above all that I am
Aching to be heard
Yet knowing my words shall wilt
Falling back into the ground.
Screaming forth
Once again I urge
Though truth springs forth
Gushing from my lips
Rocks shall hinder
Damming purity
Saying truth isn't so
Pardon wickedness
Let him therefore reign
Though knowing the utter darkness
That is contained within
You Desire him over my light
I then bleed tears
Sighing, crying with all my might
When shall you understand
My love for you
Burns red hot
Which cleanses you 
Making you whiter than light

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A valentine Day

O’ Mastermind, O’ Mastermind, Could you change my future?
Loneliness is teasing me, Sadness is breathing me,
Fear is freezing me, darkness is ceasing me,
Could you send someone who can listen to my tearing tone?
What is love, explain me, my love is only a ruin?
I am a child, I was a child and nobody cared for my feelings,
I suffer always suffer when they have different dealings,
O’ Mastermind, O’ Mastermind, Could you change my future?

When comes a valentine day I am trying to match my heart,
I like someone to encourage me I need a path of life,
I feel shame that shied to me; I can’t go away from hurt,
I am n’t beggar but begging to you, revive me I am dead half,
A day comes and passes away, I never seen awakening light.
I had lost my mum because she was someone’s wife.

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Sonnet: Leave The Past Behind

Remember that there's always love and hope 
And that at the end there's always a light. 
To illuminate our uncertain steps 
As we journey life's roads ‘very day and night. 

It is so very scary how time drifts so fast 
And what it was a while ago just yesterday 
It is now for us but so many years back. 
Seasons come and go- nothing the same stays. 

Be cheerful when you look at your days ‘head 
Forget the past and never look too long back. 
Don't get stuck in self-pity and only regrets. 
Remember there's a light in all this dark. 

And there are so many ways with life to cope 
Because for you there's always love and hope. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Life's Winter Lake

Like walking on a frozen lake
We must move forward, straight ahead
Else the ice might shatter, drop us in
Leaving us fighting, possibly dead
We can never stand still, nor be sorry
Each step in the right direction’s, but a step
Move with dexterity, confidence, unwavering
Slow down not, just move with pep
As life welcomes you, you must go to it
Keeping eyes forward, move your feet
Embrace the goal you so then reach
As the ice of life, you will have beat
Look back upon the traveled path
The trialed life now’s in the past

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World's Gifts

As hard as one can possibly stare
I stared into the setting sun
My retinas burned on solar flare
Yet, I didn’t turn ‘til it was done

I promised self to take the time
To witness beauty upon descent
Just what really inspired rhyme
Now I know just what they meant

For life, a sleepless voyage be
Can be changed if we only choose
Take the time, yes, try to see
Gather it all, you cannot lose

This, I learned then to be true
I share it now to give to you

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Sonnet to Brave

I stand in sun, in light before the heat,
On hills which cut the wind as not to blow!
I see before me hallowed ground below
Where we the free, intern our brave to keep.

Bright crosses white in light in rows they sleep,
No more they wonder of the right or wrong.
They wait the bugler's tune and hero's song.
Our eyes from row to row will only creep.

We ponder on the question which will rise.
If freedom's won -was worth so many bones?
Our tears that fall on grass and cross of stones.
Yet answers not to rise when tears we cry,

For miles our view sweeps histories of war
To brand our souls with trust the brave ones bore.

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The Night Sky's

 Pride, plum, silver, un-shadowed silhouettes 
hang in air above mountain, mountains crest.
Neuron glitter, sparkling, bright stars at rest.
These the eyes of God? –Yet or His regrets?
Eyes they are; what see they?, If seeing they
through dank, and dark ,and gloom of might night still.
In deep covered gorges; on side of hill? 
Who is he, he that can see and not say? 

Do they sparkle from God’s tears –as always!  
Extol Him! Extol Him! Praise Him! His name-
Each sliver of star to Him is the same.
To that is of stars and even of days,
for each is here and or not but by His grace.
 Or praise yourself, for what stars you have made.

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Find For Me

If you find from a Godly list of things.
Ocean water; which will taste not of brine.
A sky with no cloud which brings a deep rain.
Days or hours, measure ever-ending time.

Measures, a gram or pound, of hearts desire.
A bucket brim full of salty sea breeze.
Weight a flame from top of a funeral fire.
Gather for all from a lordly list, -these.

Grow weeds and no flowers in all good sod.
And a love that lived, not bitter, nor sweet.
I will stand in mid' of the faithless mob.
>>(Only if this lordly list you complete.)<<

Loudly proclaim with song, and give a nod
That man rules all things and there be no God.