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Gentle Summer Rain Art

Featuring:)  Giorgio Veneto

She writes about Fall's beauty in the rain 
The falling raindrops' dance ascribing thence 
Bespoken verse that lightens her refrain 
before the time they met - her steps commence. 

She listens to the soft and rhythmic thrum, 
her love turned to escape and cloudy string 
Where nimbus mistletoe fell, tears to become 
Their kiss of Autumn was symbolic ring. 

The first light cotton mists with summer rays 
While skyward cheerful laughs adorn the land, 
their ceremonial dance diffuses grays, 
affectionate embrace, where dreams expand. 

Upon September's sky the raindrops gleam 
With half of hidden Sun to laugh and beam.



~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

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Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets

Once, side by side, they walked the moonlit beach
In silence, each alone and incomplete
In separate worlds, joined only by the reach
Of tiny, lapping waves upon their feet.
As silver beams of moonlight iced the ground
And blotted out the warmth of sandy gold,
The warmth of humanness was hidden, bound
Beneath blind souls that shivered in the cold.

Yet on the sand their shadows danced along—
A silhouetted couple synchronized
In motion…forms united, clear and strong
Against the blankness which the moon devised.

Dark, shadow puppets sparked a guiding light—
Gave living souls new vision in the night.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

~3rd Place~
Contest: Puppets
Sponsor: John Lawless
Judged 12/27/2014

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Sonnet to a Fine Poetess

I know a very fine poet, a dear colleague, who’s so exquisitely talented and bright,
And has a superb facility with words and themes making all fit perfect and right;
She has an unrivaled mastery of the poetic art and writes with the best approach,  
And has an unparalleled ability to write the finest verse beyond any reproach. 

This poet’s sense of depth, empathy, and poetic variety is quite splendid to behold,
And she brings such compassion and power to her work worth its weight in gold;
With well-conceived themes and images she invites readers to her special dimension,
While enchanting them magically with sublime verses and holding their attention.

This poet communes with Our Poetry Muse, seeking her scope and enchanted vision,
And shares amply all with her readers with enraptured intent and a perfect precision.
Our friend’s poetry reflects always the human dynamic with such power and grace, 
And she finds the right tone, tenor, pitch and rhyme—putting them in proper place.
I must say I’m very proud of our colleague’s work and appreciate so her fine poetry,
And I’m so glad she’s with us and gives us such beauty and elegance in her poetry!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany
(November 9, 2014) (Shakespearean Sonnet in a Rhyme poetic format) 

*****Written for the “It’s All About Me Contest,” December 4, 2014*****

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Flushed hands spill passion, softly wild
In languid explosion words rise
With heaves of angst and rapture piled,
Spewing phrases... untamed, unwise.
As rhymes burst, whirls form in my chest
From twilight laced ...hours rile again,
Down fingertips my soul’s unrest
To bathe on verses from dripped pen.
A language of fire scents my mood
That aches when love and rage entwine;
Till inspiration blooms, renewed             
Beneath stars, veiled words lift my spine.
In the marrow, blot of ink clears
Offering a page new frontiers.

Regina Riddle's Writing Contest

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Eye of the Beholder

A child's beauty contest I watched in such awe;
  young girl in a wheelchair to her father, his all.
Escorting her on stage with such grace and pride;
 each so blessed to be at the others' side.

A fragile princess in a purple pageant dress;
 twirling her first in her chair then lifting her to his chest.
Their dance so inspiring; such an enchanting sight;
 so gently he lifted her high up to the sky.

Sparkling, bright eyes and the most beautiful smile;
 none deserving of a crown more than this precious child.
An imperfect body, viewed as a gift from above;
 her beauty matched only by a father's boundless love.

Beauty in my eyes is not found in perfection;
 but in acceptance, uniqueness, love and dedication.

June 29, 2014
Contest: Encore-anonymous positive new sonnet
Sponsor: Elly Wouterse

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The Planting

The Planting

Seeds of sorrow lay scattered along our path
 so oft intertwined with Nature's wrath
Yet till the fields of dreams we simply must
for soon , so very soon we turn to dust

Green is the color of majestic newborn fields
as man enjoys fruits of earthen harvested yields
The sweat and pain given is the simple cost
thus we survive so ALL humanity is not lost

Life requires our own ground be rightly prepared
ignorance is the calamity so many are ensnared
We eat the dust long before we bake the bread
when we seek ease oft great sorrow we get instead

We plant our own seeds to dream to reap anew
yet we all pay, life is not free, tis so very true!

Robert Lindley, 10-01- 2014

note: Inspired by this morn's reading of Debbie Guzzi's 
super fine poem , a great sonnet -- The Sowing
I give thanks for this inspiration and the joy in reading 
both her sonnets this great morn. Certainly brought me
out of a slump and crazy haze these last few days..
Amazing how sometimes another poet can blow one away and change
 another's  entire attitude.

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The First Flower I Chose

The First Flower I Chose

You were my rose, the first flower I chose
A beauty so fair, such shine in your hair
You I chose, the finest ever love rose
Asked on a dare, the prettiest girl there

Soon we wed, pretty flower graced my bed
Nights sent such bliss, heaven I did not miss
Flames in bed, want no other instead
Honey that kiss, love never was like this

Years together, in good and bad weather
Loving every night, touching sweet just right
Joy our weather, sweet kisses a feather
Sexy the sight, your naked body at night

My rose did cast, true love that did so last
I held so fast, to that ship's greatest mast


Contest- Form Sonnet
Regina Riddle 
Contest Name , Sonnet on a Intimate Relationship 

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  114

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After The Storm, Rebirth

After The Storm, Rebirth

Storm has torn the majestic forested scene
as ravaged are the shrubs on high hills
Surviving birds yet sing and calmly preen
unmindful of last night's ripping thrills

Trees now broken, toppled at Nature's behest
all forested tranquility yet to be restored
Nature shook violently and did its very best
lakes many boats sunk where they moored

From this destruction new life shall reign
savage death brings on creation's birth
Beauty shall come with all that we see plain
earth renews the landscape for all its worth

I see with these renewing things a greater plan
All teaches life's lessons to the heart of man

Robert J. Lindley, 11-17-2014

Inspired by Gry's Christensen's poem , Brewing Sunsets In Teapots
that I read early this morn.

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What playground does not hold the magic lure
Of see-saws firmly braced upon their stands?
What child resists excitement, felt for sure
In ups and downs: the hard thump when he lands
And surging thrill of bouncing up again—
To know that when he's hit that lowest low,
It's followed by a swing to new heights when
He'll know once more the joy of that plateau?

In contrast of the see-saw truth is found,
For truly, were it stable, it would bore
The simplest mind; for only from the ground
Does grandeur of the heavens make its score.
     And only in imbalances we feel
     The balance that keeps life on even keel.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014
    All Rights Reserved

Contest: Teeter-Totter: Balance the Load
Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper - Judged 10/7/2014
~4th Place~

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Choices, Voices and Bad Company

Choices, Voices and Bad Company

Bang , bang , gunshots in heated night air sang 
jump back , be careful where you nightly hang
Fun, fun , going where the night action stays
danger waits hidden when nights replace days!

Kick it, kick it, time to chase the gals
beware safety gone if you hang with pals
So carry a shooter , step up your game
name in the paper soon may be your fame!

Hold on, hold on, your future life has game
you grab future rejecting drugs so lame
Stand up , a man that carries his own weight
yield not to greed, lust and all useless hate!

Live on, living to find your star and shine
Live on, love in life ,  love so very fine!

Robert J. Lindley  08-24-2014

Note: A sonnet that presents today's life choices are 
often far more serious when made than young
people can realise. Seeking action and thrills 
always come with a cost. Quite often a deadly cost!
Don't freely decide to get yourself so lost!
Been there, down that, long ago..

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Sonnet For The Souls Of Saints

Remarkable people, leave their mark, on this forlorn world.
The name for them, we hold quite dear, they are known as saints.
We so revere, these folks of love; though they were poor and worn.
These martyrs, we remember, by casting them in stone and paint.

Sacred iconography cannot show respect.
Respect is earned, only by its giving; remember saints with love.
Remember, saints watch from above; to mock them, is to reject.
The saints, they gave a precious gift; they gave their life and love.

These saint have made their mark on earth; passing life’s tough tests.
Respect them well, for they watch over, all souls upon this earth.
They’ll help you, get through tough times; teaching what is best.
For they have learned, hard survival, since the day of their birth.

Every country, creed and race, have their own loved saints.
They’ve lived and loved; cared and suffered; all without complaint.

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Revelation Or Implantation

Like the speed of light a revelation
came; knowledge entered portals of the brain 
Then the thoughts disappeared what deflation 
A seed planted with light wisdom a gain

Darkness a seed of Satan's devices
Slipped into the brain's portals quietly
When darkness floats in, sits, all pay the price
The body, soul, and spirit dies nightly

An implantation of evil that grows
A darkness that spreads with thick evil wings
The web spreading out 'til emotions enclose
Blackness covers the brain, heart, feelings

At the speed of light, wisdom opens doors
Darkness settles into a being's stores

Name: Giorgio V
Contest:Relate Poem To Quote
Poet: Sara Kendrick
Written over several days in December 2013
Quote:"Everybody talks about the speed of light,
but what is the speed of darkness?" Anonymous

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Oh, slaves of the nation who works and sweat!
Tired and restless--but still flee overseas
to support a hungry future that frets.
With  barks and claws gained from descent degrees,
if we must succeed-- oh, let us nobly work
so our blood and sweat may not fall to scrap,
veins swollen yet act by act we don't fall to smirk.
Freeing a flood of effort through thorns of gaps
though greedy compatriots act like monsters,
their eyes open wide but gone blindfolded by lies
some struggles and shout, aiming to conquer
bracing away from forms of guns and bribes.
Slaves are we but we're brave enough to replace
those crashing obstacles with lace of grace!

4:29 pm; December 12, 2014

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 (my mind hath looked 
upon the speaking face of earth and heaven
as her prime teacher......[Wordsworth])  

I saw two butterflies wrapped in silent passion,
Her heart-shaped wings splayed flat against the sill
Her torso throbbing in anticipation...
Himself, hovering gently to hold her still.
I saw their sleek brown bodies tightly pressed,
His feet clinging to her lest the wind 
Tear him away.  I saw the shadows rest
Around them and the midday sun descend,
And still they lay outside my window pane...
I wondered why it is that we must rush
And why my timid touches are but vain
And useless gestures, why he must always crush
The urgings. Nature’s children seem to know
That love is best when cherished soft and slow

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The Choices We Make

Walking down the hallway,
Seeing all the doorways,
And all the choices in life,
Making it difficult to choose,
The right room from all the other rooms,
Bringing you the wisdom and truth,
For the imperfection is within us all,
Which makes us all crawl at times,
On our hands and knees in the dark,
To discover what is right and survive,
In life as long as we can accept,
What life brings to us in our hearts,
Which we patiently accept the pleasures,
And push away the sacrifices much in our lives,
Yet, to correct our flaws we have,
Which causes most our struggles,
Till we open our eyes,
And see what we have and must believe,
That our lives are greater than we ever know,
Cause God created it all for us,
But the choices are ours to make,
To find the happiness,
Which is ours to be found and kept.

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Mother's Unfailing Love

Our rising worship! Oh, perfect love of Mother and Child

is understood by adoring eyes. Eager hearts pray, 

from the eternal breath of babe. Lifted high, strong yet mild,

He foretells of forgiveness and whispers agape.

Upon Mary's chest, lie His heavenly dreams -

a love of no measure born unto a Virgin

and sins evermore are assuredly redeemed

as God's blessed Mother cradles creation.

Her womb brought forth Light, the Savior of man.

Her gentle touch nurtured God's only Son.

The sacrifice, His blood shed to quench a dry land.

Prophecy fulfilled, so no soul shall be shunned.

Inspire us precious babe upon Mary's chest.

Mother's unfailing love gives comfort and rest.

*Inspired by Anguissola's Virgin and Child. 

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Still Standing

Where were you when my world fell apart?
The Sun darkened and the Moon just fled.
All had been done and all had been said.
And ripped to shreds was my beating heart.

Even the Seas began to part.
And the Mountain tops spread.
I lay there completely dead.
Even the Stars I could not chart.

If only you knew,
If only you were there,
If only you had a clue!
If only life had been fair!

I’d turn the clocks back,
Still standing dead in my track!

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Tears In The Wind

Tears In The Wind

Left hand deftly fingering strings on frets, 
While my right hand is picking or strumming. 
Composing a sad song about regrets
And searching a melody by humming. 
I easily find a chord progression,
Played in a melancholy minor key,
Then add some dynamics for expression--
Reaching a fugue-like state releases me
Fleeting perfection is my endeavor.
Like tears in the wind, now lost forever.

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October 03, 2006





Incredible as it may be,

And as brilliant as it is,

You are uniquely a wiz.

Looks like you and me.


In the winds and free.

It’s hers and it’s his.

Those two took a quiz.

Together those two see.


Dancing on the Moon,

Or singing to the Sun.

Their  love is too soon.

And their life just begun.


They are in a full bloomed blossom,

And those two together are awesome!

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MY MAN My man,now, I will close my starry eyes. Catch... As I'll held my hand to yours. Quench my emptiness with your heart. Each heartbeat may it etch, no depart... My man, oh how I long to be like this, All of a sudden, summer and winter collide. Bringing autumn and spring in one be nearer. nearer... nearer as you please. My man, you and me in bone-melting bliss Stars whisper bright of blooming love kiss Next to God, you're my fortress, my air, my life From darkness thorns to daylight rose, no strife My man, hold on, cling tight. Never forgo. Together, we can soar like pigeon's flights.. (c) OLive ELoisa 11:50am August 14, 2014 **** Got inspired with Tim Smith's poem: GIRL.. :) Thanks Tim for the inspiration..:} ID=41165

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EVERYDAY IS GOD'S DAY Threats of war-- shakes the peace floating in the breeze, Bombs and guns, they rattle to break bony reasons of the mind, Thorns and knocks that seed from biting disease, Shouts and wails rising 'neath conscience and ego grind, all these like wagon wheels-- the whole world theater confines When will humans know there's always a God standing by? Dawn and dusk---brace night and day, His own design so are animals that swim, hop and eagles soaring high! All He provided and us, He asked to keenly give an eye but pass flipping years did we try to allot some time? Utter some thanksgiving shedding clouds of shy? Daily we walk a lifeline to reach one peak prime, offering our lives humbly as like saint Paul though pang of death is the stage of our befall... Everyday is a day the Lord has made, blessings He bestow a hug of sunlight, tests, He spearheads--the best teacher blade. . . Even if seven devils come in flight to invite stand like Jesus in the wilderness, hold tight! Fight! None like vapor but forward like Lancelot we go, serving God, throughout our life, the zenith height. Let praises grow and God's glory our constant show! Hatred we forego, letting love melt a heart of snow so when the day comes our Holy Father judge let our lives greet Him with bright smile of hello "Well, done faithful servant", He will say as He touch beckoning us inside a prepared Castle room Sharing with Him a life everlasting of bloom! _________________________________________ Sponsor Verlena S. Walker Contest Name -THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD GAVE- Placed 1st ©O. E. Guillermo 09:19 pm, January 25, 2015

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In the Moment

Here and now, I sweep away stress of day and breathe in contentment for only myself. Finally alone, as thoughts come alive, I stay awake, smiling back at framed faces on my bookshelf. No counting sheep in the still of late night peace, for a quiet house sleeps and children, tired from busy day of play, are wrapped in fleece dreaming of yesterday's Christmas. Inspired by the warmth of memories and family, I write this poem in the moment with my little pup resting at my feet, husband snoring deep. Only light coming from my small lamp and the stars. A cup of hot tea on the nightstand is my only friend when I write in the hush of the day's dreamy end. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 12/26/14 *Modern Sonnet

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Sycamore Memories-win

"To hold as 'twere, the mirror up to nature. " William Shakespeare," Hamlet 1601."

Window covered by a sycamore tree
Constant friend of my snowy Maple days
Memories spring as insects on a tree
Turn my gloomy days in glorious days

Hippocrates got his inspiration
For research in medicine to begin
Buddh sat under it for meditation
The enlightenment of mind to attain.

Desdemona sat sighing under it
In agony to hear willow song treat
Flying to Egypt Mary stopped a bit
Crann ban “Money tree” in Irish spirit

To demystify health, to personalize
To me sycamore is to poetize.

 ** The notion of a "mirror held up to nature" has been taken over for any mimetic theory of art — the idea that art should represent reality and nature as closely as possible**           

Revised and Reposted    May 4, 2014
Form : Shakespearean sonnet in Pentameter
Dr.Ram Mehta
Contest: Shakespeare by Frank H.
Dr. Ram Mehta
Date: 4/19/2011
Fourth Place win in :
Contest:The Tree sponsored by Constance La france-A rambling poet
* I wrote a sonnet Maple Memories in 2000 while living in Windsor-ONT 
and was posted on 6/29/2005 on PS as Maple Memories.
   The present poem is re-written for the contest.
** Maple Days- Maple is the national tree of Canada.
* Buddha is pronounced one syllable


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festal dance

The mirror's image was a thought and wraith
their solemn instances to reproduce
Fall's auburn pictures of October eighth,
became in air the leafage of white spruce,

Her face diffused on an abandoned field
where solitude reminded of her smile,
advancing night on crayon black had sealed
their song the ferns recalled and distant isle.

The train advanced where its repeated thud
exchanged the fading lights for night's dark glance;
was their abandoned symphony's ballad
- embellished synthesis and festal dance?

Evanescent the train surpassed his stare
- befalling were the stars like vows of e'er.

© G.V. 06-03-2013 All rights reserved
(This poem has never been in a contest before.)

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The edge is there so some can find their way,
With eyes behind the thoughts that lead them there.
No one can see the price that they must pay,
Or hear the truth that lies within their prayer.
Dreams could be all the dreamer has for years.
Misunderstood and damned by fools, "that know,"
Of nothing but their own misguided fears,
And clouds that veil the dreamer's inner glow.
Integrity may wear an overcoat,
To hide the wings that one day will unfold,
And soar above or only learn to float.
Their never ending story will be told.
      The edge is there to teach, We can't deny.
      And some will simply fall while others fly. 

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Our fingerprints leaves our identity
On walls, doorknobs, books, all around
Each touch an impossible escape
Challenging me to face each reality
Compassion and kindness be abound
As good heartprints, my great break

Thus, they can never be use as "mask"
To disguise my fingerprints' touch
To a daughter, friend or neighbor
Hence, when someone there dares to ask 
Even obviate to commit a prejudge
Real love heartprints - my labor

Our fingerprints leaves our identity
Thus, they can never be use as mask

olive eloisa
2:00 AM


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Little Mountain Star

January 24, 2014

Little Mountain Star

Little Mountain Star, how dare you fall to my feet from afar!
You should be dancing across galaxies warm and happy.
You have an attitude that blemishes when you are sappy.
Carry yourself up to the Northern winds and plant your Star!

Take me with you but bring me back with a great spar.
Hot or cold you must not ever get too snoopy or snappy.
Up! Up! Up! I tell you to rise like your big daddy pappy!
Little Mountain Star hear me, oh hear me plead this par.

You are too big,
Much too little,
I will take a swig!
I stand in the middle!

Conquer me or defeat me, I will adore you forever.
I will stand between this to and fro until whenever!

(R) Registered : 2014 Ann Rich 

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Silver Spoons

June 01, 2008


Silver Spoons

The disruption and the dismay left my will fray.

Corrupted and disillusioned are the eyes that see.

Bottled up and distilled are the souls sitting to be.

I’m just stunned they were all left being that way


Duck, duck goose I’ll tap their heads as they pray.

One, two and three I will count every drop of tea.

Lucky for all them I’m a gift that has been set free.

Maybe I’ll serve them silver spoons on a new tray.


Tempted and defeated they slobbered at the mouth.

Disgusting and ridiculous I accepted their true fate.

Undeserving and unworthy it makes me head South.

I tell you it is a true fine line between love and hate.


They power and feed off of one to another.

To be or not be I'll ask a Heavenly Mother.


© Copyright: Ann Rich 2008

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To A Child Who Has A Disorder

Children with an illness,
Go through life,
They are looked down apon,
Because they are different,
When really they are not,
They are no different from  you and me,
They have the same blood,
Running through their bodies,
Just as their hearts as well,
So, don't just look apon,
Their outer appearance,
And judge them,
For who they really are,
For a lot of them,
Are smarter and brighter,
Than you and I,
Could possibly be,
On our brightest day,
For they have the gifts,
From God up above,
So, always take the time,
To get to know their inner beauty,
For who they really are,
Cause they too need love,
Just as everyone else does,
If not even more.

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'Though I've yet to behold your unseen face'

Though I've yet to behold your unseen face
or hear the sound of your unwhispered name,
the thought of you rekindles my embrace
of our fore-ordained meeting all the same.
I often imagine your graceful image,
fondly picturing a beautiful vision
of you--an angel with divine carriage
and a radiant halo that's golden.
I am so in love with the thought of you,
that not even the rifts of space and time 
can halt our meeting when love means two--
I thus love you through this eternal rhyme.
     So abide with patience by knowing this,
     before too long we'll share a loving kiss. 

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    CIL MAOLCHEADAIR   (Kilmalkedar)
On such an Irish spring and drizzle morn,
she wandered through the graveyard, looking for
the Celtic dream from which her past was born,
and every sight brought her to wanting more;

she dreamt her roots from carvings on a stone
as if she understood each chip as real,
passed down to only her, and her alone,
from pagan worship she could almost feel;

and she could bundle them within her mind
to share with Pennsylvania kith and kin,
perhaps the magic, if still there to find,
would be an understanding where they've been;

and she will burn her candles every night,
hoping Kilmalkedar will make it right.
       ©  ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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World, if ever come again the frosty night
When jewelled dawn’s head advanced too late
And summer was cut short as a blight
On love turned suddenly to hate!

Asking what goodness, you must answer
As if  jealousy, the  weapon of the porter
Made you fill his questionnaire for cancer
And then have you declared the morning’s daughter -

Real talent can be virtuous because
A certainty is the bottom line -
Mediocrity is his rallying cause,
As if being clever, the world could turn you into swine.

Such fools are shocking, but keep the news discreet
When the queen is made a beggar in the street.

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let's get irrational
let's imaginatively think
let's quotient ideas fractional
let's think up primes distinct

let's see what we can make of it
let's examine possibilities
let's toss away the parity bit
let's forgo responsibilities 

let's universally go to edge
let's carry ones to tens
let's farfetched, forgo a hedge
let's do it all over again

let's raise our lives so inclined
let's jump over the tick of time

© Goode Guy 2013-12-02

maybe it's really simple math that adds up

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The wonder of life

The wonder of life.

Life to me is oh, so wonderful
Though once I never saw this fact at all
Drinking, smoking hooch that’s all I knew
Oh, so glad I am, those days are through

I live right now my life so filled with joy
This kind of happiness naught could destroy
Each breath I take is special now, these days
Life has filled me with a wondrous haze

I watch the trees they dance outside my window
In the mornings how my life gives me a glow
As God she touches me with all her power
And deep within my soul there blooms a flower

Just life it be the only thing I need
My world is free from power, lust, and greed.

! July 2014 @1335hrs.

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Book Launch

The generous seas do roam vividly,
And sacred words spoken earnestly.
People suffer and people go to war,
I just hope these words will go afar.

Yesterday I published a FREE book,
Indeed a feat of altruism, no crook!
I suffer in silence in every moment.
I have no money to publish a stunt.

I was just hoping for word-of-mouth
And email propagation as loudmouth.
Book is at:
I accept feedback just at:

-ALL NON FICTION- (This spiel typed in the spur of the moment - God Bless you)

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Life In Words

like a summer lightening the days pass by
there are those who live,die,laugh,those who cry
death takes the thin,the think never spares one
if you start to see flashback,then you're done

before the big sleep comes,enjoy the rhyme
go as far as you can, behold the sun
life and smile are running in the free airs
hills,dales,trees,birds,there's no vanity fairs

the truth there lies,it's where the feeling plyes
a bird a word;trees grow free in sunrise
the breeze so fragrant,enchanting the soul
no regret,a poem's birth warm and cool

that's what i've got from life's ups and downs
to be wise and old are the musing outcomes

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Twilight Years

Twilight Years ( Ameri Sonnet) Being guided the right way When I am failing to cope Enriching life day by day Hearing whispers, words of hope. Thanking the Lord for His love For the blessed guiding light Turning all my thoughts above When there seems no end insight. But with faith I always find Brighter days within my life And the gift of peace and mind It helps to bear stress and strife And the twilights of the year They have filled my heart with cheer. Ameri-Sonnet as described by the creator Richard W. Jenkins 14-lines in seven syllables each, with a rhyme-scheme as follows:abab, cdcd, efef, gg

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February 02, 2014


As I lay me down to nourish my sleep,
I am Star-bound with my heavenly light.
I can touch one then two come into sight.
I search midnight skies for a Star I keep.

I pray Thee Lord my Soul to seek!
I pray Thee Lord my great Sunlight!
I pray Thee Lord my only Moonlight.
I pray Thee Lord my Grace I speak!

It’s just so bountiful,
Down to Earth Justice!
So, So, So, plentiful!
I just can’t scratch a surface!

Star-Bound I am stuck in this traffic jam!
Star-Bound I am just as I truly, truly am!

© Copyright: 2014 Ann Rich

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Now The Dawn Is Breakin'

Emotionally you left long long ago
"Already I'm so lonesome, I could die"
Why not just leave so you're wild oats can sow
I'll wait 'til a good time to say goodbye

"Now the dawn is breakin', its early morn"
And to the porch drawn to contemplate life
There in His tender embrace be reborn
He'll let me understand my role as wife

And hold me like He'll never let me go
Spirit filled, cup running over, renewed
Ready my life to give a golden glow
From all those years of love that has accrued

"Now the dawn is breakin', its early morn"
Realization_no need to be lovelorn  

Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Contest: Songs to Poetry
Song: "Leaving On A Jet Plane"
We all feel like leaving from time to time or have to leave from time to time..Sometimes in a marriage our mate checks out but they are still there..
Not about me just some thoughts..

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a day is a life time

A day, is a life time 
I remember a track I used to walk it was uneven, exposed 
olive tree roots were made smooth by sheep´s hooves. 
I have taken pictures of places I used to walk look at them 
now and feel regret that I shall not walk these paths again, 
yet also-one has to say that or risk sounding bitter- thankful 
that I was given the chance to walk there and see animals 
those not yet domesticated like deer, wild boars, and rabbits 
frolicking in the dandelion yellow glade of love.  

I feel sorry for household animals they are utterly in our power, 
pat a goat´s head then slit its throat and think no more about it 
all in a day´s work. Three couples of pensioners came here to 
my village many years ago now they are dead victim of old age.
Just like goats we know nothing about the day, first a promising 
sun, then the sudden stillness pale frost.  

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Oh my Lord, Oh my souL
Hear me, Hear this song
Angels will sing along
Hear us, Hear this song

God, You are great
You are my faith
Never, You're late

In every life's door
You are our splendor
To You, we're here for

On the heavens, You stretch
On waters, You don't fret
On winds, You don't fled

We bless Your name
We Glorify Your name
We lift Your name

---------->>> to God always be the glory 
I was inspired by Psalm 104: 1-3..  From this, these thoughts sprouted...

BY: olive_eloi
jan. 20, 2014

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a day is a life time

A day, is a life time 
I remember a track I used to walk it was uneven, exposed 
olive tree roots were made smooth by sheep´s hooves. 
I have taken pictures of places I used to walk look at them 
now and feel regret that I shall not walk these paths again, 
yet also-one has to say that or risk sounding bitter- thankful 
that I was given the chance to walk there and see animals 
those not yet domesticated like deer, wild boars, and rabbits 
frolicking in the dandelion yellow glade of love.  

I feel sorry for household animals they are utterly in our power, 
pat a goat´s head then slit its throat and think no more about it 
all in a day´s work. Three couples of pensioners came here to 
my village many years ago now they are dead victim of old age.
Just like goats we know nothing about the day, first a promising 
sun, then the sudden stillness pale frost.  

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Newspaper-boy's special report

all year long six days a week
delivering his morningpapers
printed in big bold black
06.30 he always causes a creak

before dawn starting  his triple-round
when closing soft but firm the rickety fence
today bringing along so much more
being the messenger of such a different sound

during this daybreak-bike-ride
he noticed he'd never seen before
the presence of a surprising muse
while the moon was shining incredibly bright light 

in the dark moonlight's clearest arrow
on the streets his own moving shadow 

© Ellie Daphne


A tribute to all newspaper deliverers and one  in particular

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Stringed Mandolin

The land calls my name, deep inside the bowels Working the strips of fabric that installs Patience builds up where wind blows beyond time Lips tell stories but won’t work in the rhyme Severed is the black hair off her white skin Opened her heart, the day’s cool air within Leaves tumble and shake away from the trees Clouds play their music with delicate ease Liquefy my eyes, gone through broken glass Sifting through the polished sand I won’t pass First score comes in, playing my eyes digress Lowered below feelings of some sundress By love I sit with a stringed mandolin And life strokes a chord of dandelion
Contest: Any Subject, Any Form - New Poems Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot 11/12/2013

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Orphic consecration, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel's Dedicade d'Orphee by T Wignesan

Orphic consecration, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel’s Dédicade d’Orphée by T. Wignesan

Here am I back from the other dubious bank
where Orpheus’s abandonned lyre laments
the wind down there fills my veins dizzy drunk
and my redoubled hangover numbs my senses.

After having used up my human resemblance
mauve moons of Hell have gotten me in a spin
My eyes ? two diamonds of winter or two fountains
which stare at an immutable sun and remain frozen.

Similar tree springing deep roots, blind to murmurs
shakes in its sleep nocturnal verdures
where defunct suns ripen forgotten :

Very same tree that by day the light violates
bereft of foliage, bereft of birds, clawing at clouds
curses summer with its huge arms anathème.

           (from the collection Sodome, O.C. t. I, p. 253)
Note : Sonnet’s original rhyme scheme : 
                                  abab, abab ccb, ccb

© T. Wignesan – Paris, October 6, 2014

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He harks the orologio ticks that count
the cosmic seconds that relentless fade
the iron peal of bells and rhythmic sound
expands the utterance his verses prayed.

A silken antimins - her blooming scent
where consecrated scriptures lay
perceived the liturgy and soul's descent
the antiphon of Corpus' Christi sway.

Denomination of the astral halls
his fervid coursing and her mystic stance
dismissal nightly voice to skyward calls
ascension of his soul's her stare askance.

Devoid 's the night that takes his life and past 
she harks his voice the sovereign woods contrast.

© 06-08-2013 G. Venetopoulos

Canon = Rule
antimins ( )
orologio = clock
antiphon = ( )

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While Poets Sleep

Muses stray, as darkness beguiles the light
While poets sleep there casts a shadowed pall 
Enchanted prose now languishing in blight  
Night’s spell has ways of vexing what has been  
Verse once unbowed is now seduced to crawl
The baleful Nyx has cast her nightly spin

The poet’s lot - to reignite the flame
The life inscribed in daylights metered rays
Are listless words as gloaming’s curse has tamed  
Exhort your pen dear bard and foray hence
Win back this forlorn script from night’s malaise
Restore the sculpted word to present tense

Muses stray, as darkness beguiles the light
The poet’s lot - to reignite the flame

Note – Nyx (Greek Goddess of the Night)
For Cornish Sonnet Contest – 16 Mar 2014

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furrows of life

The  furrows of Life 

The narrow way leading up to the farm from the main 
road had a gate, so cattle could not wander off on to 
the main road getting. The way had three furrows two 
caused by narrow cartwheel, and one- much wider- from 
the horse´s hoofs. Deep furrows meant a hard-working 
farm. The landscape was flat and often windy and on my 
way to school I tried to walk where the horses had trod 
the soil was softer there and the horseshoe patterns told
me if it had been a small or big horse that last had pulled 
a cart here and if the load had been heavy
A knowledge that was totally useless and I often wonder 
why I remember it so clearly, like a black& white photo.
Lately I have been remembering these ways and its users 
I often think if there is a message here I have overlooked.   

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Sonnet Slow Net Connection

I’d rather read something for minutes eight
Than wait eight minutes for this site to load
For this slow net service I cannot wai
tI’d rather nap or simply stay at home

What makes this service too slow I wonder
Too many users online at this time?
Too many files on this old computer?
Way too many downloads? From many sites?

‘Tis time to stop wasting hours on the Net
‘Tis time to memorize from the Qur’an
Time to study for school, to be the best,
Seek knowledge offline as much as I can.

Farewell, Internet, I’ll come back later
When the net connection’s a lot faster :)

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''My muse now leaves and rejects me--''

My muse now leaves and rejects me
and cuckolds me like faithless love
as if she's ne'er my deity,
afflatus or creative breath	 
who came from the summits above
to save me from the quills of death!
I cry, "Why leave, O Calliope!?"
Her leaving brings about such woe
and inexpressible agony
that's too profound, too deep to tell;
I pray to Zeus I'll never know
the melancholia of hell!
My muse now leaves and rejects me,--
I cry, "Why leave, O Calliope!?"

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The Morning Moon's Glow -Shakespearean Sonnet-

The quiet city, is still half asleep the morning moon's glow pierces through the sky, stars gather close, as if they were in heaps watching faint clouds, as they slowly drift by. What will become of this December morn? Will the birds sing happily, in the snow? Forests of green, snow still waits to be worn resting underneath, the morning moon's glow. The morning moon's glow, seems to shine so bright a cool, crisp feeling, settles in the air, nature awaiting, the peek of daylight to be held with warm, tender, loving care. Silently, I gaze through my big window standing in awe, of the morning moon's glow. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Dec.15/2005 This is the first time I've written a Shakespearean Sonnet. I was inspired by the brightly lit moon this morning.

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Youthful Memories, Treasures Held

 Youthful Memories, Treasures Held

Memories,  treasures waiting for me
pictures frozen in precious vaults
fruits from so many time trees
holding lessons of my many faults

Endlessly endearing emotions store away
stars swept into vast galaxies of fate
on journeys my mind often eagerly stray
seeking relief, praying it is not too late

My heart keeps redial with a quick connect
loves, sorrows, sweet pains of deep remorse
ever ready to serve up for desired effect
with the wanted results given of course

Treasure waiting to be conveniently tapped
Sweet , delicious milk to be silently lapped

Robert J. Lindley  06-22-2014

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With thy staff and robes came a princely Jew,
  A prophet, a Levite son in exile:
For out of the blood and sweat of sinew
  Did that journey begin on the blue Nile!
Who brought to bear God's will this land and yon,
  And cursed he Egypt in the desert sand:
Forty years wandered in freedom new won
  Made for the covenant land of Canaan.
Born of the Israelites that Hebrew slave
  Led the twelve tribes in great exodus home,
And from Horeb brought down in God's engrave
  Ten Commandments upon tablets of stone.
Out of the valleys to Pisgah he trod -
Great lawgiver and judge and voice of God.

March 1995

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The Greatest Tale of All

A ransomed kiss and reward of its claim
  Killed a Son and King mocked in crown of thorns!
Not Jew or Gentile would forget his name,
  Nor wash away that holy blood of scorn.
King to an everlasting possession -
  A Kingdom Come from the clouds of heaven
Who, mute unto my own intercession,
  Feeds me on the bread and crumbs of leaven!
Show me the Truth...the Way...and hear my cry
  Lest I not see my life's reformation;
And lift me up lest you leave me to die
  In the wilderness of God's creation.
Was on the carried cross at Calvary
A holy man who lived and died for me?


This was written a long time ago. I have since
Been shown the Truth and the Way and I am 
Indeed truly blessed for it!

August 1992

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             SUPER HUMAN
What the challenge that I cannot achieve is not yet known
The life I am living is but a seed sown
Watch ye but do not regret else, away you are blown
I have seen, I have faced, and to believe is what is I have conquered
Tell where there is right and I am not there
The perfect me is what you but did see
Yet not feel, cos it hurts to feel
Yes! O yes! My ego drives me 
 My dream keeps me alive
Do not blame me I’m just SUPER HUMAN 

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''The muse inspires her inmost poet'' revised

The muse inspires her inmost poet:
when moved by divine breath she composes
sonnets of three quatrains and one couplet
with such grace that we send her red roses.
Iambic lines by fourteen, five beats per line
she strings together like beads on a cord
forming verses so resoundingly fine
that we adore her with every kind word. 
Her sonnets' warm and passionate intent
are lovelier and much more temperate
than untrue kisses when begrudgingly sent
(alas, Petrarch himself was ne'er so great!).
     In time, her sonneteer's skills down the years      
     will foment Shakespeare's wild, jealous tears.

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Across the page in gothic script
Your clever hand has made a word
It gently sits upon my ripped
Peace like a singing bird

The word is proof you’re in the world - 
I touch the page, it whispers faintly
With your voice, when the questions hurled
Against what you said was stone quaintly

Dead, when life itself was resurrection - 
Or rather: You are at the edge of my dream
Waving to me like a mood – like the confection
Of deeds I uttered as if the lip of seem

Were nothing.  Why trouble you with this?
-	you have written on the page your kiss.

By Rosemarie Rowley

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for Roger and Tessa 

I feel his presence as if he stood before me
My thoughts are tea-leaves only he can read
A brain scan shows I want him to adore me
While my heart shows for him my wanton need.

I trawl through the day, he could never bore me
I think of him even when I bleed
Heart of my heart, friend to never score me
Necklace of desire, bead after bead -

He knows my ways, how to love and shore me;
His speech shows me where and how to lead;
He never hurts, his will would never core me,
Or leave me hungry where I want to feed:

At times we see ourselves, strange and rude -
Clasp each other, beautiful and nude.

(c) Rosemarie Rowley
From IN MEMORY OF HER (2008)

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Ask to be kind as joy now flirts;
Thrill follows thrill as cheer reveals.
Order your mind to purge all dirt;
Notice goodwill that ever fills;
Express your choice in steady hold.
Make cheer astound the middle path;
Expose firm poise in warm not cold;
Note happy grounds more than enough;
Trust your own soul to speak in hints.
Claim your sure style as omens tell;
Appoint pure whole in special mint;
Love wears a smile that loving dwells;
Live your fond quest in spacious glow;
Speak with sheer zest as loving shows.

Leon Enriquez
16 June 2014

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From The Inside

From The Inside
Written by: D. Collins 10/7/14

Our mass and matter come from the inside-out.
The only thing we have are things we were taught.
That is what makes us the human beings we are.
Different from any other creature, by a country yard.

Glow and confidence start with the inner-soul.
What comes from that, is what the world will know.
The kind of humans we are will truly be exposed.
Whether good or bad, it certainly will explode.

We could be straight forward, or have a touch of swag.
But, each individual human comes from a different past.
So, who we really are comes from deep within our guts.
It was Granny teaching us when we were growing up.

Each morsel of teaching we should’ve sucked up.
It should’ve made us learn, it ain’t all about us.
From the inside-out is where we get our glow.
But, we have a problem in letting the whole, world know.

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Ink and Tears

i don't fear if someday i pass away
since i left after me something to stay
i do not have wealth; and i lost my health
i gave all i had,i spilled out my breath

i watched the skies,i played with the guys
i ran barefoot,i browsed the deepest wood
i saw death taking every single ones' breath
if you are spared then,you wait for bad fate

pains and sorrows lurking at your doorway
the omen says you have to write to live
or may be you have to ache everyday
if not your words, then its your life to give

God gave such a feel that i'm living,still
untill the day,my feeling stop to spill
i'll thank God for having mercy on me
and farewell ;the dust of earth suits me

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Be pure of heart, linger with cheer;
Yield to the light, opt for kind grace.
Describe fine start, raise love sincere;
Indulge grand sight, discern your place;
View vivid dream, glimpse profound thought;
Incline your soul, open your mind;
Note vibrant theme, dance with sure plot;
Explore the whole, fashion in kind.
Declare the truth, answer the quest;
Expound goodwill, trust knows the way;
Sense ample proof, here comes the best;
In time joy fills, enjoy your stay;
Give all away, rich love reveals;
Notice the way opulence fills.

Leon Enriquez
26 July 2014

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''A genius is a lofty kind indeed''

A genius is a lofty kind indeed:
he or she is a creature of the mind
that goes where breaths of inspiration lead
like a mythic muse on a Grecian wind;
some have the gift of poesy like Keats
and some the gift of music like Mozart;
one limns a lush, green field where blithe sheep bleat
and one writes airs that lull the soul and heart.
The gift of genius is but an instrument,
a golden talent to be invested,
used, multiplied, shared, for the betterment
of humanity and thus wisely exploited.
      But, if your genius be absent from this rhyme,
      then share the greater genius of your time.

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Feel thoughts that inspire fierce impulse and urge;
Offer fond word tact that truth flavours act;
Love prompts and conspires to startle each surge;
Live emotions fact verses that bloom pact.
Open bold mindscapes to free poignant heart;
Work poetic voice in magic you cite;
Offer wild landscapes to words that fling art;
Wrest then your free choice in music you write.
Nearer than sure death the impulse that fires;
Hurl your sweet wordplay and risk a mistake;
Explore beyond breath the stillness that sires;
Apply the write way to create and make.
Rise to your calling beyond word season;
Trust your voice bubbling to escape reason.

Leon Enriquez
30 Apr 2014

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What inward sight illuminates our way -
Whose lucid eye can all the ages span -
To see the Mystic Law that holds its sway
Beyond the endless birth and death of Man?
The luminary moon, when night is done,
Still rules the tides, though the daylight hides it.
The lotus always turns to face the sun
And yet what blossom eye ever guides it?
The cross-eyed men with intellect adorn
Their intuitions - blind who lead the blind -
The common mortals - blind when they were born -
With doubtful eyes that Truth could never find.
   We look - we stare - we gaze and gaze - but we,
   With sightless eyes, forever fail to see.

 – Harley White  

< October 6, 1999 >

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would drift

the wood would drift as driftwood would do
o'er waters nearly still, but still kept to move
and drift me away from being near you
alignment cast to space too swiftly removed

to horizon flattened and to curvature beyond
the voice, your countenance, your memoried scent 
cat-burgled with fishes that quietly abscond
to drift past awareness to timed curve circumvent

i think i remember a certain crook of the toes
i hear catnapped-voice lulling to gentle snore
i see your mouth, your eyebrows, well-rounded nose
but their sharpness is blurred recalling before

time, the healer, has sanded memories drift
removing the longing, but too, taken the gift

© Goode Guy 2013-08-06

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Symphony Of An Imaginative Harangue

Symphony Of An Imaginative Harangue

Shall we effect an escape into another realm
 sail a ship with another rascal at the helm
Leave this very decrepit tessellated scene
 abandon this desultory, tarnished sheen

Fly to Biarmaland with Dionysus in tow
 leap into Cockaigne as if we surely know
Gorias, Finias, Murias, and Falias elude
 the companionship of we so very rude

Shall we murmer ineffable oaths to praise
 journeys of mellifluous hearts set ablaze
Cast caution to the serendipitous winds
 seek to embrace happily our unctuous sins

Nay, life demands succulent treats be sought
Nary a concern of the sonorous cataclysm bought!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-13-2014

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		    (APROPOS MLK: 2)

I have voyaged over many tempestuous oceans and seas;
I have been pursued in woods by vicious dogs,
Salivating stale slave smells left in hanging trees; 
Been hunted, trapped and penned like sliming wild hogs.

I’ve waded rivers buoyed by the bodies of ancestors;
My blood has caked on their banks in the golden dawn;
Yet I’m still here; solid like a rock, standing in the mist
Of our debtors;
For I am the flaming spirit from the black phoenix’s spawn
I am that everlasting arm of which the ancestors leaned
I am that of which the ancestors long ago spoke;
I am what sustained them during their bloody rebuke
And lashing scorn;
I am the anchor that strengthen them with an audacious
And undying hope.

So come chosen children; everybody gather here
Let us sit together talking and praying for a while.
Like Papa, let us keep our eyes on the prize; gaze 
Not down on the ground.
Raise high your heads: strutting down the blood stained 
freedom aisle.

Listen children, the battle is not yet won; there’s still work
left to be done.
Girdle yourselves with an ebony pilgrim’s pride; girt
The rising sun of new days begun.

Rise up little children and give rebirth to the words
The ancestors said;
Rise up little children and cover yourself with the blood
They have shed.
Rise up little children and rip apart the new veiled shackles
And invisible yoke;
Rise up little children, raising your bright new torches 
Higher than everlasting hope:

You are the new torch bearers of the dream;
You are the new Martin Luther King.

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Songs My Soul Cried Ended the Psalms of Songs--Fourth Shadow Sonnet Challenge

~~~ Songs My Soul Cried Ended the Psalms of Songs ~~~

Grace was inside my soul, I’d love his grace
Please my grace travel the world, find peace please
Face of darkness of the deep grace did face
Knees freeze and their prayers had no bowed knees

Risks ensnared the soul waiting for life’s risks
Perils times, beliefs lost liar’s perils
Frisk my soul falsehood frolic death did frisk
Morals abandon humanity; dung looted morals

Known and unknown lost all grace they had known
Peace was feared in the world, they hated peace
Alone with lost faith, their soul all alone
Ceased beliefs, lost their twin towers grace ceased

Kiss of hell walked the Earth, souls did kiss
Love healed hearts on the Sabbath that was love
Bliss with no respect, cold souls mingled bliss
Above, joy of life gone; hell now above

Songs my soul cried, ended the psalms of songs
Wrongs unforgiven, no life was dead wrongs.

© 2015 DiLinda Adams, All Rights Reserved

Fourth Shadow Sonnet – As you can see this does not meet the challenge guidelines in this pen. I added an extra stanza to keep the meaning I wanted to achieve. Please join in if you like; it has to rhyme, 10 syllable count and 14 lines to meet the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do. I cannot wait to see what you all are going to write about.





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Above All You Loved, Heaven is Above--Seventh Shadow Sonnet Challenge

~~Above All You Loved, Heaven is Above~~

Man made in the image of God, pray man
Woman, a rib of man your love woman
Can your love plan every thought, if you can?
Humans can pray for the lives of humans

Prime vigor, your heart felt life in your prime
Compassion understands, sweet compassion
Time ends days, life is wanting every time
Passions warm affection, loving passions

Life is living right, do you live like life?
Pride's deadly sins; love was not ever pride
Strife disputes harmony; bitter is strife
Brides don't cry, you're a rare most lovely brides

Love your man it's his life; you are his love 
Above all you loved, heaven is above. 

© 2015 DiLinda A. Adams, All Rights Reserved.

Seventh Shadow Sonnet Challenge! – Please join me. Poems should rhyme, and have an 10 syllable count and 14 lines to meet the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do so.





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You Lost Your Heart and Soul, and Love Lost You--Fifth Shadow Sonnet Challenge

~~~You Lost Your Heart and Soul, and Love Lost You!~~~

Seas called me back home to the Red Sea
Souls without a spirit, were the lost souls
Be their promise my soul don't let me be
Cold and alone underneath the dead cold

Hearts cried out a love-songs deep in my heart
Sand in my shoes, thoughts buried in the sand
Darts hit my heart; arrows of fiery darts
Can this be love in my heart, say it can?

Doves of peace and life, fly high my white doves
Life faded away no one saved my life
Love lost its will, lost all I did to love
Strife took derelict of duty was strife

Due process lost the law, with life's pain due
You lost your heart and soul, and love lost you.

©2015 DiLinda Adams, All rights reserved

Fifth Shadow Sonnet Challenge! – Please join in if you like; it has to rhyme, 10 syllable count and 14 lines, meets the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do so. I cannot wait to see what you all are going to write about.





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The Best Any Mother Ever Birthed And Reared

The Best Any Mother Ever Birthed And Reared

He stared back at his life amazed
a scattering of miracles here and there
many cried out that he was crazed
when he gave that stern look and stare

Back there vast plains loudly waved
forested jungles crept up so very slow
Nature he wanted touched and saved
a tragedy of pain that the angels know

Dry, dead cities awaited his return
the man that set beauty in the blue sky
his life , a tree destined to burn
walking where others feared to even try

A man among men they admired and feared
the best any mother ever birthed and reared!

Robert J. Lindley, 02-27-2015

note:  Dedicated to H D L ....

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Above Cherished Love, Bless Life From Above--Sixth Shadow Sonnet Challenge

~~~Above Cherished Love, Bless Life From Above!~~~

Taste the bitterness, life has lost its taste
Blood spilled sweet innocence that dried my blood!
Wasted soul where is your life you wasted?
Floods of dead men tales; we drown in floods!

Forgive me, if my soul will not forgive!
Hate lost life and everyone it hates!
Live my soul; love gave one reason to live!
Fate was what we needed, to seal our fate!

Nights blinding darkness; death desired the nights
Faith blessed our love; my heart loved our faith!
Life changed at last; one chance to love sweet life
Wraith my soul I'm nothing; I'm your lost wraith!

Love more than my will; where's your promised love?
Above cherished love, bless life from above!

© 2015 DiLinda A. Adams, All Rights Reserved

Title Word Challenge: Above Cherished Love, Bless Life From Above!


Sixth Shadow Sonnet Challenge! – Please join me; it has to rhyme, 10 syllable count, and 14 lines to meet the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do so.