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Sonnet Imagination Poems | Sonnet Poems About Imagination

These Sonnet Imagination poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Sonnet Imagination poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Gentle Summer Rain Art

Featuring:)  Giorgio Veneto

She writes about Fall's beauty in the rain 
The falling raindrops' dance ascribing thence 
Bespoken verse that lightens her refrain 
before the time they met - her steps commence. 

She listens to the soft and rhythmic thrum, 
her love turned to escape and cloudy string 
Where nimbus mistletoe fell, tears to become 
Their kiss of Autumn was symbolic ring. 

The first light cotton mists with summer rays 
While skyward cheerful laughs adorn the land, 
their ceremonial dance diffuses grays, 
affectionate embrace, where dreams expand. 

Upon September's sky the raindrops gleam 
With half of hidden Sun to laugh and beam.



~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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With My Imagination

Meandering with my imagination,
I felt it flowing, silver like a fish.
This fish grew wings, and with great elation,
I caught a ride on it! It was my wish
to fly beyond the clouds. Where would we go?
The fish became a dolphin bird! He dipped
behind a hill to touch dawn’s orange glow,
then swooped, and like a pancake, I was flipped,
free falling, till he caught me in the sky!
Onto this dolphin bird’s smooth skin I clung.
His wings sun-lit, were gleaming. I could fly
as whistle sounds to me were being sung!

My strange winged creature clicked a joyful tune
when soaring into night, we found the moon!

Written Jan. 30, 2016

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Above the Clouds

The summer sky is such a pretty blue
above us, looking like a tranquil sea..
There are not many clouds except a few.
Up there with you is where I’d love to be!

I picture us both soaring to the sky
into that oceanic blue expanse;
above the clouds is where we ought to fly,
where, like two joyful angels, we would dance!

We’d spin about as if our feet had wings
that lightly touched on an unparalleled 
softness! And in my imaginings, 
I see us there with happiness unquelled.

Removed at last from earthly cares and crowds,
we’d stay in cool blue sky above the clouds.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Betrayed Expectations

Betrayed Expectations 

I flew to Olympus, to find its heart	
armor intact against Hades' dark wrath.
At birth the power of light made its start 
as Homer's ghost sent me upon my path.  

Yet there I found only an empty throne	
where once Zeus in glory firmly reigned.	
So sad! For no lighted wisdom was shown.	
Such that grievous and blue, my heart was pained.
Thunder and lightning I didn’t yearn to find  
Nor divine favors for eternal youth. 
I wanted reassurance, peace of mind, 
justice for all and no distorted truth.	

At the foot of Olympus I sought love	 
but no compassion came down from above.

Robert Lindley & Paul Callus ~ 29TH November 2015

Note: It was a true pleasure collaborating with my friend
Paul Callus on this poem. His poetic advice and addition
both were top notch. And appreciated greatly was the 
opportunity to learn from him.
You have my sincere thanks, my very talented poetic friend.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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The Deadest Hope In The World

The Deadest Hope In The World

The deadest hope in the world to hold
To be truly youthful when one is old
To race about with eager quickened pace
Innocent smile upon a softened face,
Willing hands to love yet again,
The envy of many fellow jealous men
A finer vessel sleek, pure and true
Lady of charm dancing along with you!

Adorned with steadfast heroic words,
Flying free of earth like the birds,
Wandering into majesty of the clouds
Far away from teeming earthbound crowds
A God sailing alone in the night sky,
Enjoying a blessing, not asking why!

Robert J. Lindley, 05-30-2015

A sonnet, simply because I have not written one in a while..

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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If Love Does Not Live (Sonnet for Celene Crescent)

If love does not live so that love may live,
Wrecked on rugged rock like a pirate ship;
Tiresias speaks to hearts—no love to give,
Darkness and void with no inspired lips;

If love is quashed short of its golden prime,
Like dinosaurs smashed by a meteorite;
Crushed from its age of blossoming on time,
Like breath strangled from life not to unite!

Then O’ love, send me Pegasus to ride,
Spread your wings—lift us to Zeus in the sky;
Touching constellations with them abide,
Creating cherished crescendos for weepy eye:

Lightning life beaming love from golden clouds
Descending passion upon earth erasing shrouds!

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2010

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Last Lingering Light

A scarlet sun bleeds onto a blue sky,
behind branches of a majestic oak.
And shadows ink its leaves in silhouette,
as lonely crickets chirp and bullfrogs croak.

I can hear the crops rippling in the breeze,
and a brook babbling with a southern drawl.
Yet, they’re lost to the quiet of night,
as time slows to a perceptible crawl. 

When adventurous moths take to the air,
acrobatic bats blindly hunt in flight.
And as darkness descends like a curtain,
day acquiesces to the might of night.

A quicksilver moon pools, amidst the clouds,
dripping drops of sunshine onto the lake.
And all of heaven soon starts to glitter,
as billions of sleeping stars now awake.

Dusk expunges the last lingering light,
as nature silently whispers, Goodnight.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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The Old Wooden Bench

The old wooden bench with the high back
Carefully covered with a soft cushion
Drew her to come, sit, enjoy this morn's slack
And view the fog as it covered Orion

The bench held her in its arms many days
Her books and glasses felt comfortable lying there
On afternoons a scented shawl thrown blase'
He would visit her each day his life share

Today her scent lingered, her glasses lay
Nowhere was she seen; small footsteps led away
In his heart alarm bells rang with dismay
Rain pours 'pon the old bench_ grief display

If only he had not kept her confined 
And let her spirit with his freely align


Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan
Contest: On A Bench

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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Where The Wind Blows

Over where winds blow, my Love waits for me
Even when zephyrs blow a bustling breeze
His outreaching arms beckon come let me see
Join me in my castle where you'll live with ease

Out on the porch listening to rain's soft sounds
There's no wind, leaves and limbs hang limp silent
Over where winds blow, my love knows no bounds
Contained it now seems ~no wind evident

Just a slight breeze will stir blossoming rose
Her scent a delight floating 'pon spring's breeze
Rose's scent entwines with honeysuckle's prose
Racing to where the wind blows, my love to please

Over where winds blow, He waits for just me
With outstretched arms, He calls come commune please

Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle
Contest: Where The Wind Blows
Written this 18th day of May, 2013

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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Euphoria this morning, it hits me
now and then. A feeling of joy and peace.
A feeling of well being, sense of we
rather than I, quickening, a release,
knowledge that there is another world
so close that I can touch it if I choose,
a sense of all the others that I hold
at bay on ordinary days, let loose
in the room, the house, in the universe,
and I know I am invited to join
them where they are, here and in the reverse,
seen and unobserved, a flip of a coin
away. I hold the door open slightly,
at times for hours, then, close it gently.

Copyright © ahellas Alixopulos | Year Posted 2008

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Breathing in her scent from days gone by
Brings a smile and tears of joy to my eye
Blessings I can count are few and far between
But her beauty is the best I've ever seen

A night of passion, a night of romance
A nighttime lover, I'm lost in her trance
All night together until the rise of the sun
Angels surround us when we were as one

By the glow of the moon we shared a kiss
Beautiful memories, from our night of bliss
Blessings from heaven bestowed upon me
Bringing me happiness the world can see

Each day I remember her radiant beam
Each night I pray that it wasn't a dream

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Listen. The colors of the notes are wrong.
Where is the perfection of sapphire-chords
that I am due? Cornflower doesn’t belong
here, plotting the composition’s borders.
Master music has all fingers contorting
to fit themselves into the metronome’s tock.
These tight strings have badly distorted
my repertoire; I’ve lost both key and lock
in a palette of sorrow that canvasses pain.
Now the cavernous range of a rhapsody
releases those scales of anguish again
until I am concert and concert is me. 
Dissonance and harmony do not combine,
Still, under sockets, lack and blue shines.

*inspired by Picasso's The Old Guitarist and pianist David Helgott's struggle with mental illness. 

Copyright © Cyndi MacMillan | Year Posted 2012

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A Shining Forest Princess My Heart Made

A Shining Forest Princess My Heart Made

While walking in heaven's forest garden
a wanderer within this magic realm.
Sought mystical views to grant a pardon
resting, found her underneath a witch elm.

Deep in my enchantment I found her there
sweetest vision passing into my view.
She, mythical creature gracing the air
as if my longing mind brought her on cue!

Needing a partner for her pas de deux
she beseeching me to give her my aid.
Thus began my forest dancing debut
with a beautiful goddess my mind made.

Dance over, this vision bid sweet adieu.
I wonder, was it a dream or love true?

Robert J. Lindley, 10-17-2015

Syllables Per Line: 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	17 (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	N/A
Total # Words:	100

Target hit- with a perfect ten syllables per verse and exactly 100 word count!! Not an easy task... --Tyr

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Dare I, Own Up And Confess

Dare I, Own Up And Confess

Whispering shadows floating in the dark
Sound of laments ringing in their wake
Biting with wicked teeth so like a shark
seeking one lost and lonely soul to take!

Alarm clock wakes me from such a dream
yet bloodstains are at foot of the bed
How silly! All was not as it did seem
nightmares rage inside my old, aching head!

Rising to race quickly to the cold shower
stepped in a slippery,soft and warm mess
Blood on my feet, shows dreams have power
now the police demand I own up and confess!

Waking! My ankles shackled to these bars
Got a feeling,this dream going to leave scars!

Robert J. Lindley. 08-15-2015

Note. A dark sonnet for a change.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Night Of Desire

It came into her mind seeing how the wind
Did blow, and sheet rain against the window
There would be no trek into the forest
No.. tonight would be hot

Soft music.. much wild desire will transpire
As we stay inside on this rainy eve
Rain that tip-taps music on the tin roof
Lying in your arms snuggling, secure, love

Never wanting love to end, just when night
Sends tough storm on in, no.. love don't take flight
Just lie and help weather the storm until
It struck her as she wrestled inside__ tore

Life has storms that we must weather... holding 
Onto each other, greatly strengthen the bond forever

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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Youthful dreams of very rich future
A life to enjoy planet's water pure
Kingdoms and powers are offered to him
As he drinks crystal (clear) water filled to brim

Lush green grass grows wild by the cool clear stream
Softens the pleasant place to dream his dream
Most beautiful place on this hemisphere
Will remain when thoughtful living adhere

The dream he dreams is to rule the whole earth
Where live in a great gold gilded city he'll  birth
Then he changes goes wild having his fling
Soon forget reasons for his rule to bring

Lost in the power, influence, shiny  gold
If only __a different story  told

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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Bright Red Heart Of Sunset

Bright Red Heart Of Sunset

Within the bright red heart of sunset,
glowing and glowing thus,
blasts of fires mold those colors
that may stir divine thoughts in us.

Shadows ease in as a crimson sun sinks,
they grow boldly and silently;
between our shielding rapid eye blinks
protecting from light seen too directly.

Tomorrow may bring another ball of fire,
in its steady burn we may see,
images of human dreams, lusts and desires
and find some of what we truly be.

O' red sun why do you not tell us more,
we that stand blind and desperately implore?

R.J. Lindley
Aug.23rd, 1977

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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The Hunt

The moon plays at being the midnight sun
with abandon he struts across the sky
in such majesty it catches my eye
I bow in obeisance, my heart is won

Behind him come plunderous clouds of white
riders on horses with dust in their wake
racing steeds on a quest to overtake
the renegade moon in his selfish plight

Closing in for capture they poise their net
as the stars watch their proud King's demise
the clouds press on eager to seize the prize
and use the moon's light to their own benefit

The final bugle sounds, in hues of gold
The sun peeks up to watch it all unfold

Copyright © Erica Lewis | Year Posted 2009

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Fate, Imagination and Dreams

Fate, Imagination and Dreams

Failing in life, there can be but one thought
self contempt for roads not rightly chosen.
What of Fate's power that can not be bought?
Life is a stream seldom ever frozen.
To each fish its a world of contentment,
racing maze filled with all that is needed.
No past bringing on dark, self resentment,
we can change fate if wisdom is heeded.

We are not mere fish so easily led,
instead we are walking, talking creatures.
Striving to maintain dreams in each clear head,
imagination one of our features.
Could fierce spirit ever bear such deep cut,
as pleasures whose doors were so soundly shut?

Robert J. Lindley, 2-29-2016

Syllables Per Line:	
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	15 (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	
Total # Words:	106

Note: Can our Fate be changed by any of us?
Or is it a sealed deal from birth to the day we die?

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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The Vision, In The Magic Hour

The Vision, In The Magic Hour

Again the hour strikes magnificently,
when she arrives in her soft, golden gown;
with grace in her charms that are presently,
all the talk in this sleepy little town.
We of the hard farming and country life,
find her a princess giving precious hope,
with relief from this weariness and strife,
gifting brightest dreams in cinema-scope.
Should she start dancing again in our hearts,
time would then grant us happiness anew.
For this angel brings magic to these parts,
inspiring in each, soft love overdue.
Alas! The hour strikes its departing blow!
She the vision, sings sweetly as she goes.

Robert J. Lindley, 2 -12-2016

Syllables Per Line:	
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	14  (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	 
Total # Words:	100

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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Thunder In My Faithful Heart

Thunder In My Faithful Heart

How dare the God of Thunder to strike
this mountain top I so happily rest
Has he no fear of my greatest dislike
of disturbing me while at my best?

Behold! A spirit that strikes him back
A defiance of his mad arrogant power
He dares launch such surprise attack?
where I rest my weary bones that hour?

Nay! I defy him to dare to strike me
soul filled with courage of my mind
His mistake he shall in the future see!
He dares to disturb now another kind!

I that, hold Thunder in my faithful heart
Scoff at this futile war he dares to start!

R.J. Lindley 
Nov 1 , 1973

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Sonnet Three

Scattered across a thousand cities
(After the last window darkens).
The moon speaks hidden fantasies,
and the sleepy sunset sharpens.
	Emerging exactly in the last ludicrous light
	(The dawn of you erects constellations).
	Softly, with strolling lips singing spectrally slight,
	the rumor of your touching exceeds all aspirations.
For blindly, as the nails upon the cross
(A dainty destroyed hero loves you).
Beyond falling for or feeling loss,
your least amazing smile will do.
	So give what gives meaning to meaningful,
	the life inside you undefined beautiful.

Copyright © joshua ten eyck | Year Posted 2006

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Enigma Of Time

Arriving there, open door to floors bare
Moist was air, dwelling effusive with peace
The enigma of time began to cease
Oblivion to all but ocean, just stare

Simplicity for a few days; nowhere
To go, timeless, watch Gulls instead of Geese
Yesterday's ravenous problems release
Now live on sublime seaside oasis' air

Aster, Willow won't sway in zephyr this day
Only kaleidoscope color 'pon water shone
Exquisite view for me, myself, alone
This ecstasy delight not auspice by they

Lilac, Lily doesn't bloom, chrome rust away
Impervious bug repellent glistens in defiant stone

Contest: Secret

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2009

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Where Green Forests Wrap Desirous Land

Where Green Forests Wrap Desirous Land

 Across the midnight divide in a shroud,
 this soul sails upon glistening gold wings.
 There with vanity and what pride allowed,
 my seeking heart wanders along and sings.

 Beneath snow covered summit my joy shouts
 where green forests wrap the desirous land.
 To find me, hire the greatest Native scouts
 for I move on with the animal band.

 Near to the sweetest flowing river's banks
 each morn I rise to give eternal praise.
 Give this, my Native American thanks,
 escaped I, from dark cities wretched haze!

 Deep in that huge divide my spirit dwells,
 no longer enduring man's living hells.


Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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Evil Speaks In Dark Voices To Gift Fear

Evil Speaks In Dark Voices To Gift Fear

I heard a cry that bellowed, run away
"For here your life will be badly broken".
Longing for greater adventure that day
I thought an unknown road best be taken.

Yet once there that voice cried loud out again.
" You must not tarry, this land is cursed".
Thinking the worst if I dare to remain,
I raced back into that hell in reverse!

Yet again, that same loud darker voice cried, 
" Leave now or else here you will surely die".
I realized now that voice always lied,
returned I home, to yet again retry.

Evil speaks in dark voices to gift fear.
Always best to question such and steer clear.

Robert J. Lindley, 3-15-2016

Syllables Per Line:	
10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	17 (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	
Total # Words:	112

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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If We Only Embraced The Could Be's

If We Only Embraced The Could Be's

There in a single splash of ocean swell
could be great joy instead of blackest doom.
If only dry desert hotter than hell
could be a wet and spaciously cool room.

The could be's that stirs a man's longing mind
could be ripped from his eternal soul.
What we once were, we shall one day soon find
is a dead ball that no longer will roll.

Lurking in magic thoughts lies such tales
of bright stardust, golden castles and hope.
Could be if we follow magical trails
we'd lasso the moon if given the rope.

If life were jumbo buckets of could be's
man could preserve earth, trees and hopeful seas! 

Syllables Per Line:	
10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10
Total # Syllables:	140
Total # Lines:	17  (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	 
Total # Words:	111

Robert J. Lindley, 1-15-2016

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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meeting Van Gogh

Meeting Van Gogh…sonnet 
the wheat-field, blond as a Volga German milk maid, heat 
intense and in the shade of a demanding olive tree I saw 
 grumpy Van Gogh, glaring at me intruding on his painting.
“Sorry for the scooter it is electric blue and doesn’t fit in, 
pretend it is a donkey free of its leather harness.” 
The vines, deep green leaves and fertile soil, soon there
would be grapes, mostly dark cerulean, an army of wine 
to come tempting souls into surrender… liquid pleasures;
 and the narrow road snakes amongst fields like a black
mamba hunting grey rabbits in the meadow. 
I have the afternoon sun in my eyes, a cooling breeze
on my back; and then I drive off the road fall amongst
thistle and thorns and the spell is broken, look around
but only Van Gogh witnessed my disgrace. 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2012

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Super Sponge Soul-Soul Consciousness

In a Continuum consciousness far beyond
In a timeless time of pre existence
Waking wonders that unfold and respond
With the Kingdom keys of less resistance...

Seismic secular Soul secretions
Creating many learned living legions
Chaotic Cosmic consciousness swirling in Majestic masses
Super Sponge Soul absorbing the Multiverse of gases

Dynamic DNA dancing strands of phosphate spice
The blueprints of our creation double helix shall suffice
Spiritual Soul the embodiment of a specified source
Collective Consciousness through out the human course

Dark molecular matter that we cannot see
Is the Love, the galactic glue that is to be.

Why is it necessary that Soul consciousness be achieved while in the physical body? Is this the purpose of our souls being encased in a physical body?

Contest By Catie Lindsey

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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Crown Sonnet

Crown sonnet

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2014

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Dark Coat-Tails

Naked as the day of my birth, I lay upon the floor
coverless and chill, eyes fluttering, closed, yet aware... 
inwardly I stare, counting chest rises, in despair.
My fear of onward life is more than I can ignore.
Outside, a fluttering of wings seeking to explore,
the haunting howl of wolf, whose mating call taunts, beware,
both harbingers of death; I grasp with each breath of air,
sending scorching ripples through a shaking fearful core.

Moonlight cloaks my sentient form, and heaven guards my plight.
Covers tossed, comfort shorn, I search for ribald tales
to return to me a bit of warmth and playful light.
A hoot, a yip, a chirping melody, which prevails
reminding me of the paths beyond the pale that invite,
for I am just a dreamer tossed, on night's dark coat-tails.

Date: 9/26/12
Contest: Dreams

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2012