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Sonnet Imagination Poems | Sonnet Poems About Imagination

These Sonnet Imagination poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Sonnet Imagination poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Breathing in her scent from days gone by
Brings a smile and tears of joy to my eye
Blessings I can count are few and far between
But her beauty is the best I've ever seen

A night of passion, a night of romance
A nighttime lover, I'm lost in her trance
All night together until the rise of the sun
Angels surround us when we were as one

By the glow of the moon we shared a kiss
Beautiful memories, from our night of bliss
Blessings from heaven bestowed upon me
Bringing me happiness the world can see

Each day I remember her radiant beam
Each night I pray that it wasn't a dream

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Gentle Summer Rain Art

Featuring:)  Giorgio Veneto

She writes about Fall's beauty in the rain 
The falling raindrops' dance ascribing thence 
Bespoken verse that lightens her refrain 
before the time they met - her steps commence. 

She listens to the soft and rhythmic thrum, 
her love turned to escape and cloudy string 
Where nimbus mistletoe fell, tears to become 
Their kiss of Autumn was symbolic ring. 

The first light cotton mists with summer rays 
While skyward cheerful laughs adorn the land, 
their ceremonial dance diffuses grays, 
affectionate embrace, where dreams expand. 

Upon September's sky the raindrops gleam 
With half of hidden Sun to laugh and beam.



~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

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Above the Clouds

The summer sky is such a pretty blue
above us, looking like a tranquil sea..
There are not many clouds except a few.
Up there with you is where I’d love to be!

I picture us both soaring to the sky
into that oceanic blue expanse;
above the clouds is where we ought to fly,
where, like two joyful angels, we would dance!

We’d spin about as if our feet had wings
that lightly touched on an unparalleled 
softness! And in my imaginings, 
I see us there with happiness unquelled.

Removed at last from earthly cares and crowds,
we’d stay in cool blue sky above the clouds.

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Small pleasures are kind, so very giving
for when toil erodes and drudgery wears,
I may pause and find the joy of living
in the warmth of hearth, an obliging chair.

A short respite satisfies, brings me cheer
as embers tend to each crumpled toe,
and I stretch a thought as the cat draws near,
No demands it makes and its purr is low.

Soon, I will remove each trace of cinder
from the grate , then into ash I will wade,
but folly delays and daydreams hinder
the obligations of a proper maid.

Still, best this free life, however sooty,  
then the gilded bondage of my lady. 

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Sonnet Three

Scattered across a thousand cities
(After the last window darkens).
The moon speaks hidden fantasies,
and the sleepy sunset sharpens.
	Emerging exactly in the last ludicrous light
	(The dawn of you erects constellations).
	Softly, with strolling lips singing spectrally slight,
	the rumor of your touching exceeds all aspirations.
For blindly, as the nails upon the cross
(A dainty destroyed hero loves you).
Beyond falling for or feeling loss,
your least amazing smile will do.
	So give what gives meaning to meaningful,
	the life inside you undefined beautiful.

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If Love Does Not Live (Sonnet for Celene Crescent)

If love does not live so that love may live,
Wrecked on rugged rock like a pirate ship;
Tiresias speaks to hearts—no love to give,
Darkness and void with no inspired lips;

If love is quashed short of its golden prime,
Like dinosaurs smashed by a meteorite;
Crushed from its age of blossoming on time,
Like breath strangled from life not to unite!

Then O’ love, send me Pegasus to ride,
Spread your wings—lift us to Zeus in the sky;
Touching constellations with them abide,
Creating cherished crescendos for weepy eye:

Lightning life beaming love from golden clouds
Descending passion upon earth erasing shrouds!

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Where The Wind Blows

Over where winds blow, my Love waits for me
Even when zephyrs blow a bustling breeze
His outreaching arms beckon come let me see
Join me in my castle where you'll live with ease

Out on the porch listening to rain's soft sounds
There's no wind, leaves and limbs hang limp silent
Over where winds blow, my love knows no bounds
Contained it now seems ~no wind evident

Just a slight breeze will stir blossoming rose
Her scent a delight floating 'pon spring's breeze
Rose's scent entwines with honeysuckle's prose
Racing to where the wind blows, my love to please

Over where winds blow, He waits for just me
With outstretched arms, He calls come commune please

Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle
Contest: Where The Wind Blows
Written this 18th day of May, 2013

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The Old Wooden Bench

The old wooden bench with the high back
Carefully covered with a soft cushion
Drew her to come, sit, enjoy this morn's slack
And view the fog as it covered Orion

The bench held her in its arms many days
Her books and glasses felt comfortable lying there
On afternoons a scented shawl thrown blase'
He would visit her each day his life share

Today her scent lingered, her glasses lay
Nowhere was she seen; small footsteps led away
In his heart alarm bells rang with dismay
Rain pours 'pon the old bench_ grief display

If only he had not kept her confined 
And let her spirit with his freely align


Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan
Contest: On A Bench

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Implausibly, I took a friend to Fanfare 

Books then nudged him through its doorway.

This was strange, since he wasn't really there.

Still, he kept me company. Morning rays

blessed, old bricks then revered a worn wood

floor. My companion targeted photography

so I watched him hunt for what he could

'til art caught my eye, nearly blinded me.

Though I was alone, the moment was shared.

This, the paradox of poets, this odd bond.

We crave solitude, yet solitude wears

on the very thing that lets words compile.  

We met up in poetry. He dogged some Wilde

while I bagged a thin volume of Baudelaire.  

* For my Friend, Caleb.

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Fresh Pillow (Kyrielle Sonnet)

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
Closing my eyes there is no peep,
This soft bed is just so mellow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Forgetting the stress of the day
I am in bed without delay.
Soul at ease— the mind must follow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

Satin sheets over my shoulder,
Keep me warm—not getting colder.
Fantasy dreams I now billow,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

At night I lay my soul to sleep,
My head rests on this fresh pillow.

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Euphoria this morning, it hits me
now and then. A feeling of joy and peace.
A feeling of well being, sense of we
rather than I, quickening, a release,
knowledge that there is another world
so close that I can touch it if I choose,
a sense of all the others that I hold
at bay on ordinary days, let loose
in the room, the house, in the universe,
and I know I am invited to join
them where they are, here and in the reverse,
seen and unobserved, a flip of a coin
away. I hold the door open slightly,
at times for hours, then, close it gently.

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Night Of Desire

It came into her mind seeing how the wind
Did blow, and sheet rain against the window
There would be no trek into the forest
No.. tonight would be hot

Soft music.. much wild desire will transpire
As we stay inside on this rainy eve
Rain that tip-taps music on the tin roof
Lying in your arms snuggling, secure, love

Never wanting love to end, just when night
Sends tough storm on in, no.. love don't take flight
Just lie and help weather the storm until
It struck her as she wrestled inside__ tore

Life has storms that we must weather... holding 
Onto each other, greatly strengthen the bond forever

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Listen. The colors of the notes are wrong.

Where is the perfection of sapphire-chords

that I am due? Cornflower doesn’t belong

here, plotting the composition’s borders.

Master music has all fingers contorting

to fit themselves into the metronome’s tock

and these tight strings have badly distorted

my repertoire. I’ve lost both key and lock

in a palette of sorrow that canvasses pain.

Oh, the cavernous range of a rhapsody

releases those scales of anguish again

until I am concert and concert is me. 

Dissonance and harmony do not combine,

Still, under eye sockets black and blue shines.

About this Poem

This modern sonnet is inspired by both Picasso's The Old Guitarist and pianist David Helgott's struggle with mental illness. 

The movie Shine is based on Helgott's life, though one sister disputes that their father ever abused David. David had a breakdown while practicing Rachmaninoff's 3rd Concerto, a highly difficult piece. He received electric shock therapy.

Picasso's blue period is said to be the result of his poor standard of living at the time and the suicide of a dear friend. The old guitarist shows a bone thin blind man hunched over his guitar, as though boxed in by the canvas.

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The Hunt

The moon plays at being the midnight sun
with abandon he struts across the sky
in such majesty it catches my eye
I bow in obeisance, my heart is won

Behind him come plunderous clouds of white
riders on horses with dust in their wake
racing steeds on a quest to overtake
the renegade moon in his selfish plight

Closing in for capture they poise their net
as the stars watch their proud King's demise
the clouds press on eager to seize the prize
and use the moon's light to their own benefit

The final bugle sounds, in hues of gold
The sun peeks up to watch it all unfold

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Lonely lunatic, look for the golden giraffe

Lonely lunatic, look for the golden giraffe, and try to ride it soon!         
Raise clouds of dust in which the strange long neck horse    
Swims and dreams the waves attracted by the moldy moon:
In mirror time, from dream descending both, of course; 
You can see the green hair of the sky and the rainbow rhomb; 
But, who is ready to pick the rusty thoughts of old memory? 
Among the clouds we try to row above our tomb; 
Following our recollections, we carve in expensive ivory. 
The river of time sent us its waves of this incense emerald hour
In which we call back the summer’s amber of the fruitful word; 
So, this can be seen through windows of our age tower 
And again we cross through the trees and the black sword: 

People of air turned to the blessed breeze of brotherhood,
Reading Thora, Bible and Koran and walking in the wood

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Youthful dreams of very rich future
A life to enjoy planet's water pure
Kingdoms and powers are offered to him
As he drinks crystal (clear) water filled to brim

Lush green grass grows wild by the cool clear stream
Softens the pleasant place to dream his dream
Most beautiful place on this hemisphere
Will remain when thoughtful living adhere

The dream he dreams is to rule the whole earth
Where live in a great gold gilded city he'll  birth
Then he changes goes wild having his fling
Soon forget reasons for his rule to bring

Lost in the power, influence, shiny  gold
If only __a different story  told

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Enigma Of Time

Arriving there, open door to floors bare
Moist was air, dwelling effusive with peace
The enigma of time began to cease
Oblivion to all but ocean, just stare

Simplicity for a few days; nowhere
To go, timeless, watch Gulls instead of Geese
Yesterday's ravenous problems release
Now live on sublime seaside oasis' air

Aster, Willow won't sway in zephyr this day
Only kaleidoscope color 'pon water shone
Exquisite view for me, myself, alone
This ecstasy delight not auspice by they

Lilac, Lily doesn't bloom, chrome rust away
Impervious bug repellent glistens in defiant stone

Contest: Secret

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meeting Van Gogh

Meeting Van Gogh…sonnet 
the wheat-field, blond as a Volga German milk maid, heat 
intense and in the shade of a demanding olive tree I saw 
 grumpy Van Gogh, glaring at me intruding on his painting.
“Sorry for the scooter it is electric blue and doesn’t fit in, 
pretend it is a donkey free of its leather harness.” 
The vines, deep green leaves and fertile soil, soon there
would be grapes, mostly dark cerulean, an army of wine 
to come tempting souls into surrender… liquid pleasures;
 and the narrow road snakes amongst fields like a black
mamba hunting grey rabbits in the meadow. 
I have the afternoon sun in my eyes, a cooling breeze
on my back; and then I drive off the road fall amongst
thistle and thorns and the spell is broken, look around
but only Van Gogh witnessed my disgrace. 

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Auburn lady envious of the blue night with its gleaming, capturing stars;
those rare diamonds, belonging to the silent and vast Universe,
you've stolen to adorn your undulating hair,
brushed by the July's harebrained breeze,  
so temptingly soft and adorably fair;
if no admirer or lover seeks you, can I offer you my first dance? 
Your melancholic look is fixed downward,
and you refuse to look above, nothing excites you tonight;
your external beauty cannot be resisted or ignored,
and will an harlequin, in his vividly colored costume, make you smile?
I'll play the flute brightly and make him dance to cheer you with his wit...
until your sadness leaves no sign on that sad face!

The shrill sound of the crickets can darken your spirit;  listen closely, auburn lady...
sing along with the blue night, while your musical tones become the chords of my harmony!   

Inspired by Edward Robert Hughes's painting: Night

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Oblivion mind,
wandering in thoughts.
Idiotic smile,
promises and hopes.
Hand in hand,
tumbling on slopes.
This is love

Running away from this world.
Warm bodies sliding in sheets,
to find another world.
Burning in cold flames.
No fear ... no shame ... no games
This is love

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Sealed With A Bilberry Kiss

Those indigo jeans worn this special day
When he invited me on my  first date
Very appropriate ~trip to park_ play
Lunch from a vendor sharing plate

As our hands touch, look in his eyes_ see deep
The desire to get closer as knees touch
Feelings transpire,  much desire from heartdeep
Overcome with passion's heat, face feels a blush

Such a romantic setting_ lovely pond
Jeweled around neck with water lilies
Flying birds, swans of lake stilled as lovers kiss~bond
Closing kiss, lover friend picks bilberries

Bilberries color of indigo seal kiss
Lips matching jeans~day continue bliss

(Heartdeep is rooted in the heart..Bilberries are closely
related to  American Blueberries or Huckleberries..)

Contest:"It's In The Jeans"
Sponsor:Nette Onclaud
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Kiss the Rain

I Kiss the rain for it hides the tears 
As they flow down my face
All the bottled up sadness and fears
They won't look out of place 

For no one can tell that I'm in pain 
How heavy my heart may be
When I stand up tall and kiss the rain
The drops will hide so no one can see

They say the rain will cleanse you
Just Like a shower or a bath
So I'll use the rain to renew
To Decide upon a new path

So kiss the rain when you need to
No one will know but you. 

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The Lovers Dance

Across the table they stared and yet not a word was heard
They saw into the soul of each, some would say 'that’s absurd'
The fingers of the lovers sparked, as they walked in unison
Through the door the lovers dance, as they danced they danced as one

The dance floor called the sheets so white; they slipped beneath them with joy
The lovers dance this love so deep between this girl and new found boy.
Each step they danced, each move they made the dance just carried on 
Throughout the hours the thief stole time but no fear the magic would never be gone.

Between the sheets the lovers did dance and each step they both did feel
This rhythm in the lovers dance each undulation it now did heal 
The lovers tango as yet unfulfilled, it kept them dancing hard and long
To complete the dance they both desired, this lover’s dance will never be wrong

The dance of the lovers, twisting and turning, as one their bodies entwine
The dance the lovers did complete, unabashed, unashamed and just divine. 

© ~GG~ 03/03/2013

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Angel looks at angelic reflection
Much to her surprise heavenly being
Exact copy of Angel with pinion
Timely moment spiritually freeing

Beauty opens door for supernatural
Soft glow of light as the spirit reveals
This cherub's role in life is natural
Angel has to be a jewel who feels

Her wings will lift her up to ideal
Just as Water Lilies have own beauty
Her allure reflects love that will appeal
Unlike Hydrangea her pure heart of duty

Her purest heart will give her wings in time
Angel will transport to realms so divine

Contest's sponsor:Constance La France

Written by: Sara Kendrick

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An art by heart

The moonbeams of the 
silver night
Flows and sweetly kisses the 
In the blue sky all-stars look 
so bright
I can't stop thinking you, oh 
my dearest.

The winds bring the soft 
aroma of the belly flower
I am standing as a lonely 
field near to my window
And see a couple of glow-
worm flying together
Ah! This every sweet thing 
carries me to you.

Suddenly in my thoughts at 
a sane island
Oh beloved! I see we both 
are so close
Sharing an eternal love by 
holding each other hand
From eyes to eyes, lips to 
lips, nose to nose.

There we are in spiritual 
love and a sacred pair
As in painting light and 
shade looks pretty together.

© Raselkhan

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The Pale Pink Rose At Dawn

As I desire outside just at daybreak
Watch the sleepy sun rise in the mist
So I'll go out, get tools_leaves rake
An excuse to watch that sun rise_my risk

Then I see that one Pale Pink Running Rose
The one deserving its picture taken
I'll get the camera_rose will pose
Leaving chore__leaf raking forsaken

Maybe I'll cachinnate_hide from work
I'll beek in sun think of shenanigan
Go to creek_try to see fish through murk
Couchant posture dip fingers _ dawn began

The anacoluthia of these lines
Requires couchant posture very fine

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Loves deadly spell

Together they live happily forever
in a life filled with sorrows and sadness
they will be together, always never
excluded from reality for life

Forever or never they live to cry,
away they will be gone with but a knife
the choice to live happily or to just die
A knife or life, forever or never

a quarrel, a death, leaving one alone
he lies on the ground, a knife in his heart
a plan, a scheme, its never to be known
She says to herself "we must never part"

Now two dead hearts lie, killed with the same knife
Why? Was it love or just a wast of life?

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Winter sonnet

The trees stretch silver branches
In the late December sun ,
The robin perched there watches
As we offer him our crumbs.
The elegance of shapes laid bare
Forgives the winter cold.
And side cast sun rays clearly
Touch the embers of my soul.
Too soon the quarter moon will rise
To send the sun away.
So let us all wipe clean our eyes
To see what Winter says.
 For all the while the world rotates,
Regardless of our fate.

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Two windows closing little by little
Brittle materials be blamed for weakness
Buzz might break them off, possibly wiggle
Prolonging the boredom of her highness.
Can’t wait for blackout; freedom can be found
Ironic how simple bliss may come in
Murmur of the wind is an intense sound
This topsy-turvy world causes no grin.
Perhaps her highness craves a sweet winter
Double expectations must not be failed
Melted creation will disappoint her
Still, being anywhere but here is hailed.
That’s it for today; tomorrow again
Just hold on; she’ll close the windows by then.

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Chilled wind in the *metro wheezed louder, shattered The eyes and damped skin. Thistles and grass blades washed by gaping teeth and drenched. Haggard, we were troubled by piles of birds waylaid. It is frost moment once more , frost moment all along. The moon grew old too soon, bawling through a crummy *playlist of blues’ songs Like frail bowl torn. *Hunk of a wind ruled the scene. It rode far into the dark sky’s legion, an energy Fierce as tail whipping oaks and fallen spires To wager a fight. Amidst a team of man and Luna, Wild stomps of thrill reeled, and then called a ceasefire. In gentle deed , it *gassed up fresh clouds to open With pleasure. As if, in the wheeze, nothing ever happened. ~ nature ~ Contest of Cyndi Mac Millan Timeless Yet Contemporary, A Sonnet Thang By nette onclaud

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My Sword of Truth

I move silently through the green flora.
As I fight to bring truth through the land.
All my thoughts are contained in my aura. 
Wielding justice with strength in my hand.

I belong to the earth of the mortals.
And the heavens above in the sky.
As I pass in between through the portals.
I am honesty’s greatest ally.

I am known as Chalithra of justice.
Seeking right where I know there is wrong.
When my senses say something seems amiss.
Like a moth I’m immediately drawn.

With my sword I bring light to the dark.
And the truth is the sting in its mark.


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Another walking among seasons and holy beads
As our thoughts moves clouds in a grey sky,
And paint the leaves above our heads; 
With a priori color of serenity, your eyes try
To open the white gates of transparent joyous morning;
The air got the scent of hot apple pies, the smile -a meaning 
Of what the fingers are touching and what they are dreaming;
Are those our guardian-angels who silently walk by?

The rain of the morning tea falling from heights;
A new painted bench seemed to be almost dry;
White statues sit on the grass near the brave knights;
Two angels with glass wings have just learnt to fly.

But, leaves` procession under the kiss of the wind;
Buds of faith and hope live in philosophical mind.

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The Unseen

It is crystal clear and right in front of you.

Mixed and matted in a haze so very clear.

Little spots and little dots are floating near.

They get closer and closer to pass through.


Once inside, new thoughts begin to spew.
Some are of joys and some you will fear.

Be rest assured most will make you cheer.

When it leaves there will be many a clue.


The day will set,

And night will fall,

This sign you get.

It’s a name you call.


So wake up and be clean and keen,

See the unforgettable as the unseen.

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Crown Sonnet

Crown sonnet

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Oh, Where Does The Mind Go When It Is Lost?

Oh, where does the mind go when it is lost?
When the day’s trite monotonous tone brings
It madness, causing it to fly across
Realities realm as if it had wings;
Flying, soaring to silent streets far gone
From mortal bonds along beautiful shores
Long, long before civilizations dawn,
Running from the beast that is the day’s chores. 
Some get lost in pages of books just read
Or in the search to find a poets tone.
Or, searching for the right words never said
To lost loves ones that we have always known. 
	The mind is not as lost as it would seem
	Just dreaming behind my computer screen. 

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A true rose

And the rain suddenly befell
and suddenly ceased to rain.
Under the iris, someone drew
a flower I will call rose again
sprouting amid the cement,
smooth as a passing cloud,
I believe on her sweet scent,
she waves shyly and proud.
I catch her with my fingers
She has me with her thorns.
Love grows and pain lingers,
Undaunted by future storms.
A rose, true rose never fades,
Dyed with Aurora’s shades. 

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Set Me Free

Set me free Lord set me free,
Take this evil I lay with away.
Take this torture turn it astray.
Walk with me just let me be.

Look inside my heart to see,
Erase my mind as I do pray.
Renew my spirit all in a day.
Sign me up for a high decree.

Leave all this as dust in the wind,
Scatter past present and future,
I will not falter nor will I bend,
Send it all away with no suture.

Set me free Lord, take this madness and put it in its place.
I must warn you it wears a mask to cover up its ugly face.

(R) Registered:  2013  Ann Rich

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Long To be


As spring did pass into summer’s full bloom 
To stand with arms outstretched in seasons all 
As the seasons knit like the weaving loom 
Through the cold of winter, strong through to fall 

Its strength and character for eons stand 
The unkindest cut that will ever be 
To not love and support this tree so grand 
And not to kindly prune the fruiting tree. 

The strength of sweeping boughs as arms held wide 
My heart grows secure within those limbs strong 
As arms strong, my dreams to be held inside 
Standing folded in your boughs is not wrong 

As a strong longing to be my fruit tree 
I beg of nature that you fruit with me 


For often through the way i feel 
An idea to try and win your heart, 
Unspoken action this the deal 
Of simple mind no a la carte. 

Because life i know soon to fade 
Token symbol of you and me, 
Somewhere to muse, feel love in shade 
Of our moments together free. 

Oh i know i could never be 
Yet try i must stand in your life, 
Sturdy foundations yet still free 
Throughout all kinds of weather, rife. 

Powerful touch of kindly prune 
Such dignity with bloom the key, 
When snipped away to nature's tune 
Oh how i long to be your tree. 

To stand with arms out stretched in seasons all
Through the cold of winter strong until fall
As spring did pass into summers full bloom
All the seasons knit as the weaving loom

 the unkindest cut that will ever be 
is not to kindly prune  the fruiting tree
Its strength and character for eons stand
Ne’er to leave as times pass in glass and sand 

© Mandy Tams 5/09/2013 
© Harry j Horsman 5/09/2013 
For Shadows Contest.  Team Work

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Sweet Inspiration

As if the words beg to float from my throat, But only spill with the ink of my pen; Only with nature's embrace and sweet coat Do I feel truth form in words and begin. Solitary confinement- I'll find peace; Only within, I can feel the soft hum . . With each stroke, and spill, a gentle release To nature's sweet music, pluck, and soft strum. Nature shall comfort, wherever I go; No matter the warm breeze, or the cold bite. . Caressed by nature, rocking to and fro' While I admire each beautiful sight. So now that no one's here to inspire love, I'll find it around, within, and above.

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Catch Me If You Can French Sonnet

<               enticing to eyes watching mama's pink roses bloom
                 fourty years later someone else now cares for them
                 fresh cut daily and seen in her arms their long stems
                 tears streaming down face I sit under swollen moon
                 waiting watching for sun to come up again soon
                 to catch one more glimsp of mama's planted old gems
                 unfurling petals before been chopped or condemned
                 think I'll ask if can take one for my dining room

                 aroma bursting amidst thy supper's table
                 bowed heads we come and thank our Heavenly father
                 somebody still cared though sick and times unable
                 and answers it's door for which one has come bothered
                 to let bask in roses empowering fable
                 and not to be called as it's one's roses robber

French Sonnet is a poem with rhyme scheme
Syllable count is 12 syllable per line.

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Droplets of Heaven


Paralyzed sunshine of the day, gray kissed skyscrapers in faint
Blurry dance stuck in the air as the dew pervades some occlusions
Day sketched gloom in beauty behind the droplets of breezy nimbus


Thy painter of sky smiled from altitudes
The angels flew, danced amid the wet clouds
Coloring mist, dust of beatitude
Heaven's gate roared, the lightning showed some proud

The veil of universe lurks from behind
The shades crawl slow, camouflaged by the dark
Droplets pervade the odor of sweet mind
Like the smell of a wet land, the yearn park

Breezes whistle through the aisles of droplets
Caressing the skin while sky sheds its tears
Gaze to the stunning gloom in violets
The sparks steal some moments, shines with no fears

Flood recede and leaves caught the rest of rain
As my heart fades from melancholy, drained

4th position
Sponsor	Debbie Guzzi

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Broken Wind Chimes

Dangling from the tree I can see,
Broken wind chimes that still sing.
They just hang on by a split string.
Sending a harmony of tunes to thee.
Their tones and vibrations are a bit broken for me.
I listen and I ponder for what tunes they can bring.
From the tree they will sway when they can swing.
Bits and pieces are released through the air and flee.
Caught in the wind is it’s vibrations.
Carrying signals of great magnitude.
Funneling clouds into new creations.
Bringing air into a brand new mood.
Broken wind chimes can still sing a song,
But their messages are scattered all along.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007

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20 February 2010

Sonnet of Poetry

All my thoughts are craving in so gently
Whether sonnet, rhyming, it flows boldly
Picket line of words is so picturesque
Library for epic with its index

Decipherable to relate its soul
Premature to judge but adorable
Luminary to every season rest
A gateway in romance to impart its zest

By its time and expanse it is boundless
Residence for poet and poetess
Admiring lenient style in their write
Originality pouring no trite

Poetry my getaway and refuge
To rest on your lap is such a prestige

7th place to POETRY PANORAMA contest
Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Date:  12/10/2010 12:00:00 AM    

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The Errant Knight

Seeing through the wav’ring flame of light
your porc’lain skin your brazen eyes so fair,
the songs which stir the depth of frosty night
do not waylay the course of love’s despair.

For love of King, not I, thine heart’s declared.
Oh, I am damned by wanton deed bespoke
on Furies wings my cursed heart’s ensnared   
and in the fire we shall rise on smoke.

My love I’ll not rescind, nor Him provoke.
Beside your sleeping form our bed a pyre, 
the curtain's caught in candle flame once stoked, 
we’ll go to Holy Hell within the fire,

a martyred Queen, an errant Knight so blind
for Kings and common men are seldom kind.

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Twin Key

June 24th 2010

Twin Key

Hey, help me out here would you please?
Can you show me where all my whys go?
While you are at it search my I told you so.
More so, that alter ego I want you to seize.

Listen here and listen up, it has twin keys.
I tell you something else, do not tell it no.
It gets bigger and bigger a dynasty I know.
Blow a kiss for me send it my best breeze.

Roll out my red carpet,
Spit-shine your shoes,
Sit it down just park it!
Say I depart my blues!

Look out here there is two just like me,
God blessed you! I have my Twin Key.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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My Shakespearean Sonnet

What Shakespeare didn’t write he left to me
In this, a brand new world and century
The English language lives and breathes, alive
A poet’s job is helping it survive

The Muses use us, soul and body, mind
To write of things that can not be defined
The subject matter always stays the same
It’s love and hate, it’s greed and fear and fame

New words evolve to name the things we see
But subject matter stays through history
Our hands the only instruments of worth
To help the Muses speak and then give birth

Their words are bridges crossing deep divides
That bring to man the peace that truth provides

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Beautiful Lies

December 18, 2012

Beautiful lies known as little white lies
yet one is no more deceptive than each
The truth is what makes it afraid of light
It's important we practice what we preach

Imagination built on lies destroy
Imagination built on truth create
Conquering evil we try to avoid
Tooth fairy, Halloween, Santa abate

Perceptions and images make it real
Origins of Pagan rituals true
We've wandered down this path for a bum deal
Now more lies are created all brand new

The mask behind a beautiful white lie
is the truth with a constant shield, but why?

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I Drink the Words

(A Blank Verse Sonnet)

When books come into view I stop to read,
enticed by treasures buried in the page
that grant escape to realms of pure delight.
My soul needs living words to quench my thirst.

Please write the words, that I may drink my fill.
Bring words that flow like honey from the comb.
But will the words be liquid drops of gold
poured on my hungry heart or sparse and dry

like desert plants that scorch in mid-day sun?
Enchant me with intrigue, designs of wild,
bizarre, or secret things. I want to delve

in far-off worlds, exotic lands and feast
on wonders, great or small, sway with the beat
of drums. Pray let me hear the lions roar.

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Bless it be Thee!

May 27, 2010

Bless it be Thee!

Bless it be Thee!
Truly, I love you.
My whole my new.
My heart your key!

Loose lips and free.
Realistically, I knew!
You are far and few.
I can justly let it be.

You know, it is Gemini’s Full Moon tonight,
The Universe is waking up figuring us all out.
Point me out as a random beam of Moonlight,
I am engulfing and enriching charts in route.

Swiftly suited, I stand in my place!
Bless it be it to Thee! A closed case!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Addiction and Withdraw

Keep your liquor and your meth cigarettes;
stow away your needles and white powder.
My mind craves stimulation without sweats
caused by vices others choose for regrets.

Give me words, inky scrawl across a page,
the fluid cadence of a verbal dance
freeing the psyche from an iron cage
imprisoned by a mundane daily trance.

Prohibit fresh diction to discover
the foul temper that lies within my breast.
Prevent access to verse and uncover
an exhausted maudlin beast is expressed.

I get my fix within a library.
It’s cheap to be hooked onto poetry.

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Last Life

I did see you out of the corner of my eye,
Chills ripped through me raging in wind.
I did not know you to be a lifetime friend.
Our last life we must have said good-bye.

Our love did not just come in and out to die,
Our souls would be encircling merciless sin.
I am feeling you breathe me desperately into your skin.
Be it to you I never could tangle up my red rag tail dye.

We went away,
We came back,
We went astray,
We became slack!

Our last life has predefined today’s feat of fate!
So, my destiny by fate is forever in you my mate!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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What's Cooking Good Looking

with muse in hand
a romantic longing is the plan
dinner at eight
I hope he won't be late

sherry filled to the rim
soft music for us to spin
candles on the mantel
slight ring of dinner bell

waft of curry stuffed chops
and potatoes creamy and hot
buttermilk biscuits on the side
and dessert for which he decides

this is how mom said to get to a mans heart
with a romantic dinner from the very start

Tribute To Romance

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
A Romantic Longing Contest

GL All

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In need of the pill of life

The pill of life, so in need of it am I It can even be seen as an alibi All for the sake of the lost humanity In my being, so deep like a cavity! The pill of life, surely to mend my heart Broken, it is now in need of a fresh start A reason to love and laugh Instead of choking with a cough A red pill it must be, found in the Heavens Given to those who relish God so much that he glistens A pill given to those who deserve it And who need its power bit by bit! A pill to cure me of my sinful nature A pill surely to open up an eternal adventure

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Little Mountain Star

January 24, 2014

Little Mountain Star

Little Mountain Star, how dare you fall to my feet from afar!
You should be dancing across galaxies warm and happy.
You have an attitude that blemishes when you are sappy.
Carry yourself up to the Northern winds and plant your Star!

Take me with you but bring me back with a great spar.
Hot or cold you must not ever get too snoopy or snappy.
Up! Up! Up! I tell you to rise like your big daddy pappy!
Little Mountain Star hear me, oh hear me plead this par.

You are too big,
Much too little,
I will take a swig!
I stand in the middle!

Conquer me or defeat me, I will adore you forever.
I will stand between this to and fro until whenever!

(R) Registered : 2014 Ann Rich 

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Dance Lightly

I'm not as beautiful as a rainbow
I am the morning dew
Dancing on the tip of a leaf
Transient in the light of day.
Life is inviting me to dance
On the edge of time
To the music of love.
So come along for the dance
On the edges of time
I invite you to dance lightly
With me, to the music of love
Where the world is made of
Faith, trust and pixie dust
Like the dew on the tip of a leaf..

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The Black Hound of Destiny (English sonnet in tetrameter)

As darkness takes our souls to hell
what has become of pleasant dreams
when death has tolled its final bell
no one remains to hear the screams.

Gwyllgi calls, the end is near
as demons dance across the land
their laughter chills a heart with fear
for fate has shown her evil hand.

Awash with blood to purify
the world of Man's eternal rage
no longer can our words deny
Gwyllgi's here to close our page.

And no demons shall rape and kill
for evil comes from Man's own will.

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Nocturnal daydream

last stroll of the day with my dogs
clear white moonlight brightens my clogs
nocturnal sun finds a place of rest
my dog wearing a moonlight-vest

four-legged moon carrier stands 
frozen without spoken commands
unchained in a twinkle of an eye
by the sound of wings passing by 

spanning souls for the nearby moon
tonight's noisy silences croon 
clearly lit with silver, black and white
moon light's serenade is so bright

intense reflections of moonlight's fall
shortest movies on memories wall 


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Kiss This

<                              master of disguise menacing havoc
                                I fear not your pronged fork and wooden stick
                                but one illuminates from presents sight
                                tis I carries master key whom ends plight

                               brushstroke if must with your evilness twist
                               for I stand strong from an Hevenly bliss 
                               poke and probe away with your woven schemes
                               tis I'll be the one laughing though it seems 

                               your inferno fire from gates of hell
                               diminished by just one shake from this bell
                               so bring on your barriers and good grief's
                               tonight I'll be the one with good night's sleep 

                               sowing not fear of satin's smitten grasp
                               but turning check telling to kiss thy ass

Entry For
Thvia Shetley's
The Devil Made Me Do It
Sonnets Only Contest
G.L. All

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I Frame

I Frame 

As sure as I stand in the mixed of this garden, 
Glimmering gold falls to the earth by my call. 
Many are great and then some are a bit small. 
I release magnets clutching an obscene pardon. 

It is like balancing a beam that only I will harden. 
I wrap myself into a silver plated resilient shawl. 
Person place and time steadily climb up to maul. 
It’s a give or take rejection expected to turn on. 

One day ye shall see, 
My Moon half drawn, 
Ye see it was all of me. 
Your Sun will be gone. 

Only one Star shall rise up above my name. 
It’s a special place inside my heart I frame! 

®Registered: Ann Rich 2007 

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Show me the Way

Well it is like this you see,
I’m against odds they say,
It is in stone or it is in clay.
I fly away to set it all free.

Time does not exist to me.
Money has no cost to pay.
Love is a game folk’s play.
Life is a gift do you agree?

Shooting Stars always fall,
I wish I wish all of it for you.
Wishing on a Star l did call.
I wish blue skies just for you.

But time told this and time told that.
Show me the way with no tit for tat.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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A Vision

In midst of Natures bounty I espied Aside a stream, a gilded gleaming cage. Its tenant was a lifeless bird inside. Engrossed in thought in view of deaths image I deemed its death from thirst beside water. Within this cage were two metal basins one filled with food, and of course, the other. It’s like a wealthy man who’s locked within His iron safe, amid his heaps of gold; And perishing inside his house of ease Of hunger pangs and thirst as time unfolds. Then suddenly a bizarre vision seized My weary eyes, the cage became the bones Of Man, the bird, his prisoned heart of stone.

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A White Candle

The warped side of the Moon shall fall to 
the ground.
I will be watching at rapid speeds beyond 
your reality.
Most will be wearing garments of 
untapped mortality.
Some of you’ll hear trumpets that are loud 
and sound.
More of you will be an embedded trap tied 
and bound.
You best remain in your God given Graced 
It will be a life or death to hold on to that 
pure vitality.
And for God’s sake don’t partake in the 
lost and found.
It is easy to lose your way through the 
Nothing is ever what it seems unless you 
make it.
So join within yourself become one big 
And make sure you have a white candle 
always lit.
Never lose the light of a white candle as 
the dark side of the Moon falls.
For the light of your white candle is right 
behind darkness and enthralls.
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2007.

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    CIL MAOLCHEADAIR   (Kilmalkedar)
On such an Irish spring and drizzle morn,
she wandered through the graveyard, looking for
the Celtic dream from which her past was born,
and every sight brought her to wanting more;

she dreamt her roots from carvings on a stone
as if she understood each chip as real,
passed down to only her, and her alone,
from pagan worship she could almost feel;

and she could bundle them within her mind
to share with Pennsylvania kith and kin,
perhaps the magic, if still there to find,
would be an understanding where they've been;

and she will burn her candles every night,
hoping Kilmalkedar will make it right.
       ©  ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Space Object

A large black sphere that's darker than midnight
Floating in the distance against soft white	
A tube from the sphere not half as thick glides 
Shrinking into the distance no divides
Connected other side in unison
Liquid Pouring out like a hooligan
Landing below tipping over the scales 
Fluorescent blue fluid its new path fails
Off the edge of flat glass fluently flows
From liquid to solid no longer flows 
Appearance of moss it hangs from the edge
From view in dark blue this liquified ledge 
From whats been described may seem far fetched
During this writing this picture was etched

Space Object 

Chris Damstrom

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Times Three

You are but a noun do you know?
Inside of you lie me, myself, and I.
Residing in light of your naked eye,
This is how divine seeds sow a row.
Sown high or low,
So do not be shy.
And do not sigh.
And never, let go.
Orient yourself times three,
To person place and time!
You are rooted like a tree,
And it is secured to climb!
Who is that light form living inside of you?
And who is that silent one that you talk to?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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May Day

May 31, 2010

May Day! 

I sprout with a surprise springing forth from me today.
Birds sing such a magnificent most pleasurable praise.
I want to be the one He promised soon He would raise.
I will be celebrated all by myself on that God-given day.
I will stand in His Gracious Glory at His appointed Say.
Yesterday will be but a blurring faded haze, life a craze.
He sets my soul on fire and sets my spirit off in a blaze.
I bet I will buzz like a bee zipping by you each May Day!
It is all in a day just for me to say.
Ta! Da! I’d bet you did not realize!
May Day! May Day! I say let’s play!
Walla! I say May Day’s materialize!

Waiting every May Day is loads of fun,
Unbelievably, May Day is never done!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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Wayward Bound

Grouped by four and there is even more.
Grouped by three and then none believe.
It is a mad world and many are deceived.
They don’t care so many I will deplore.
Many just go around making my heart sore.
But they don’t care because there so naïve.
I have given them many thoughts to conceive.
But they don’t care so I’ll just shut the door.
I’ll just throw up my hands,
And I’ll just be said and done.
I’ll just throw it to the sands.
I’ll lie down under the Sun.
I’ll just have to make a lost and found,
Because all of them are wayward bound!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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The Fear Of Listening

Of all the scary sights that we behold,
The measure of our fear remains unmatched.
And even with the most horrendous mold,
We cast away the scene our mind has patched.

But shut the very eyes from which you see,
And darkness will indulge your mind for free.
For darkest shadows that inspire fear
Loom not in what you see but what you hear.

But spite the fear and listen through and through
With time you breach the sound with crimson blade.
For there exists so much to frighten you,
That in the end you cease to be afraid.

The time will come when fear will pass with grace.
And chimes become the tears of glassy space.

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Mister Nibbles Ameri-Sonnet

<                      amidst grass carpet he plays
                        long ears bushy tail white paws
                        nibbles bulbs munches away
                        poor little thing had some flaws

                         hides hair braided and despaired
                         didn't stop this little guy
                         thought to self this wasn't fair
                         bowed head and started to cry

                         nectar is what he had sought
                         on this hopeful days journey
                         not to be trapped or be caught
                         or carted off on gurney

                         Mister Nibbles came to play
                         In garden's bedding today

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Fly Away With Me

I’ll pick you up and make you fly.
I’ll sit you down and you’ll think.
At least until you can fly in sync.
We’ll go up in the clouds and spy.
You will know me because I try.
I bring you to the crest of a brink.
I catch you before you truly sink.
I am the one always asking why.
I’ll show you a sea castle,
Bring you to the dungeon.
I am the one you all hassle.
I keep you from bludgeon.
So pick up and fly away with me.
We have a great big world to see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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let's get irrational
let's imaginatively think
let's quotient ideas fractional
let's think up primes distinct

let's see what we can make of it
let's examine possibilities
let's toss away the parity bit
let's forgo responsibilities 

let's universally go to edge
let's carry ones to tens
let's farfetched, forgo a hedge
let's do it all over again

let's raise our lives so inclined
let's jump over the tick of time

© Goode Guy 2013-12-02

maybe it's really simple math that adds up

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Another Sonnet Written at a Coffee House

You sink into the bosom of the chair 
And wonder if I too once sat amidst 
The chattering, white coffee sipping fare— 
The lonely writers ‘pining for a kiss. 

Did I peer out over the porce’lain mug 
And purse my vulgar mouth over the lip 
My eyes a’roll behind my glasses’ fog 
My writer turning phrase and spinning quips? 

Did I curl my toes under my feet 
Threading my fingers ‘round the scolding cup 
My yellow molars grinding to the beat 
Of meds-a-glee and glutt’nous caffeine ups? 

I didn't’t sit cross-legged and introverted— 
I flipped through glossy pages and consorted.

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My Super Sonnet

April 28, 2010

My Super Sonnet

Multiple overwhelming thoughts trample upon me in a wild way.
Stunned as well as in awe I am compelled to rise upon my own.
So then I thought no possible way, I will have to be overthrown.
Yes, I definitely have to be thrillistically creative every single day.
Now I am living it and now I know excellence so longer I stay.
Yeah, I do have it going on and got it all nailed to a white stone.
You see, now it is on! I’m sizzling hot up on my game full-blown.
Yes, yes, yes, we are on some kind of fire would you like to play?

I am going to think about you on this full moon.
Maybe you have dug yourself into a cozy grave.
Maybe you like the way I situate myself so soon.
Maybe its resistible greed or I’m just that brave!
Look! I’m feeling you out bringing you my super sonnet, a tat for tit.
Indeed! I’m your full spread of Par-Kay or Blue Bonnet, I’m up on it!

® Registered: Ann Rich 2010

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A nightjar’s sharp call can barely be heard,

T hough the breeze of Belize carries soft sounds,

R omance heats the white sands, whispers warm words,

O ceanids hide in waves, but stars abound.

P aradise enchants with sweeping moonlight, 

I feel its magic, its allure enslaves, 

C alypso drums pound sparks, my hips ignite, 

A nd far down the long beach, revelers wave.

L overs and loners make tracks in the sand,

D reamers and drifters walk the Oceanside,

R elaxing tight thoughts as their hearts expand,

E  ven solitude feels welcome and wide.

A ll is found in this quest for joy’s regime,

M y trip back to myself, a tropical dream.

By Cyndi MacMillan, March 11, 2012

Also an acrostic. I’ve never been to Belize, but oh... maybe someday. Here is something to listen to and watch:

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Living Among Dreams

..... As my eyes get too heavy, with the weight of each lid My dreams start to travel to where an alter me lives My head on my pillow, I am floating in clouds The sky is my ocean, where the waves sweep me out Like a sea washing up at the base of a cliff I feel ocean breezes, with the tides of ‘what-if ’… The places I visit, at the douse of the light Are dreams where I wander, in the thick of the night There is a path that meanders, that is woven with flowers Where the sun keeps on shining, no matter the hour I can lie in the sand, feel the warmth of the sun Tho’ the thunder clouds rattle my window like drums Often forgotten by morning, each place that I’ve been It is not easy by daylight...., to hold onto dreams
........ Inspired By Brian Strand's Contest: Your Pick/14 Lines

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Deep Within

Window panes rattle with les vents d'hiver
Through the loose shutters puffs of cold dry air
In the well-worn Batise gown she shivers
Suffers without comforts_cabinets bare

In the heat of summer, life much the same_
Lack of human compassion; emotions
In despair, seek the Living amongst the lame-  
hearted, jot down feelings in devotions

Deep within the Spirit speaks, " I will not
leave thee or forsake thee, only good things
I have planned for thee so don't be distraught."
Deep in my heart, my spirit sprouts wings

Window panes rattle with les vents d'hiver
I am in touch with the One Life giver

les vents d'hiver(French) winter wind
I bought a shirt with that written on it..
I hope that is the correct interpertation
Sponsor: Giorgio V
Contest: Surprise Me
Written July 22, 2013

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She Sang with Rapture

Into the silvery moon beans stepped
a damsel most comely, hair spun like gold
shiny dagger at her waist kept clasped
towards her victims she  was so ice-cold

She enticed them into her dark world
there to seduce and send them insane
captivated them as round she swirled
once they were caught, then  them  she would constrain

Bending them to her hot fiery passions
by love alone she could hold them spellbound
in her arms there were no earthly frictions
her lithe body kept their love newfound 

Come to me, love me she sang with  rapture 
now your soul , I will hunt down and capture

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Waiting For Love

As my thoughts fill up this quiet room
My eyes daydream of who could take me soon
Of a love my life has still not met
Of a man who's yet not shared my quest

Will he be a master of the arts
And a chef who bakes me yummy tarts
Or will he be a quiet book worn man
That talks his writings that he makes by hand

I wonder if he would have strong long hair
And whisper to me how much he would bare
Touch me softly with his longing eyes
Looking at me knowing I'm his prize

It does not matter what he looks or does
But, just right now, I'm waiting for his love...

Theme from Constance's I Wait Patiently, Quietly poem

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Mambo Sinuendo

A gray day searching for something to say,
listening to Mambo Sinuendo.
Dreaming a sunlit isle where every day
I need only grab a guitar and go
down to where I will find my friends and play
and dance another day and simply lose
myself in music, ignore life's decay.
Perhaps, every now and then, some small dues
would have to be paid, an old friend's room cleaned,
a couple days at the docks, groceries bought,
trips to the playa to see ladies dreamed
of but never seen or actually caught.
Had I listened to the muse in my head
years ago, what a life I would have led.

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Summer Love

Strolling along the hot beach
Your hand is there for my reach,
Our feet are covered with sand
As we’re walking hand in hand.

Sitting by the warm fire
Our hearts are filled with desire,
As we are sipping our wine
You send shivers down my spine.

As music plays through the night
There is no one else in sight,
We make steamy summer love
Under the black sky above.

This dream I hope will come true
I’d only share it with you!

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Fallen Angels

Angels, descending from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love
Angels, weavers of dreams,
Harbingers of nightmares, they bring screams
When fallen they become, lost is this world
For the heavens become hells, fiery and all curled!

Angels, fallen they may be,
Yet, they shall not remain so for eternity
The ONE above is full of pity
For his children lost in absurdity,
Feeling like crazy beings in a reality
Where Time is Fool's stupidity!

Angels, descending from above, shall try with all their might
To bring harmony to the land of the dove, where lost is the light!

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Shining in Glory

No Doubt I win it to call it just as if I know it to be.
I will slip covers over the clouds flying up so high.
Then I will tweet it knead it and mark it a red sign.
No Doubt! X marks my spot as a variable alike me.

No Doubt that my eyes always are looking to see.
I will shush the oceans roar with my rollbacks I tie. 
Then thumbs up to high fiving the Stars  in my sky.
No Doubt I am living it and loving it prancing it free.

Sometimes I think of you,
Missed yet hit deep down.
Will I be the same as true?
Will my shadow be around?

Misplaced or rooted well no doubt I will be fit.
Shining in Glory shall be it to those who see it.

(R) Registered: Ann Rich  2011


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Mine Enemies 2K11

Art thou perhaps harborer's of evil? Hast thou not remorse thy deeds ill occurs? For dost thou seest thy fallen sanity ill? Henceforth unto thou I say - Avaunt Curs! Forsooth Serpents speak with a forked tongue, Untrue living - thus foolishly unsound; Slithering disrespectfully among... Unto thou I say - What goes round comes round! Art thou perhaps wolves therein sheeps clothing? Senseless cowardly acts notorious. Shall forgiveness find I for once loathing? For history repeats - good victorious! One cannot perform God's task to judge! Praying of they am I holding not grudge.

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Laughing Devil saddens me on happy a occasion

Was having gala time with friends in Niece's marriage function 
Spirited friends thought of having bhang* for fun of rarity 
Greedy of mild floater effect, scary of hangover, finally gave in for fun 
Toast raised with glass of 'bhang', few more and began party  
Intoxicated, Laughing Monster seized me, laughed with insanity 
Friends tried all to normalise laughing tantrum 
But monstrous laugh only gained momentum 

Panic mounted, as I was summoned by Panditji*for marriage ritual  
As a maternal unclr, had to perform customary ritual with bride-groom  
Stuck with intoxicated laugh, but serious was ritual, embarrassed one and all   
Gained normalcy post ceremony, cursed self, all fired, pity having no room  
Pledged never to indulge in bhang, took a life-time vow soon 
Marriage album without my ritual snap, still condemns me  
Memory of laughing devil, on happy a occasion still saddens me  

PS (*) :
a) Bhang - Indian hemp, a milk concoction, having potential of queer intoxication 
& narcotic effect. Intoxication high results in mad indulgence of repetitive action 
for many hours. The action, one is engaged in at the beginning time of knock-out 
state perpetuates for many hours e.g if one was laughing... he will continue to 
laugh for many hours....   

b) Panditji – Priest performing marriage ritual


Rhyme scheme : a-b-a-b-b-c-c

( Entry for Members contest – The Devil made me do it by Thvia Shetley)

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Nature's Way

In the morning or in the night the shadows appear.
Some are dark and some invisible to the naked eye.
They stroll around and about with distance up high.
They follow covering you never knowing their near.
Look to the trees where empty spaces reveal clear.
You can see their eyes and their moods as they fly.
A penetrating stare with a glare with the winds sigh.
Run or stand but you’re in an open space of a sphere.
Nature’s way is coming up to you,
Open your eyes being able to see,
Hope and pray you catch this view.
Hidden in between freedom is free.
Catch many glimpses of this shade,
That way tomorrow will never fade.
© Copyright:  Ann Rich   2007

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My Solemn Vow

I think I shall take this very day and make you my solemn vow.
And when I do I shall pass it onto you to follow the just of me.
I vow to open your blinded eyes to show you all that I can see.
I vow to open your deafened ears to hear why I am me and how.
I think I shall take this night and raise up your brow.
And when I do I shall pass it to you with an only key.
I vow to open your locked doors down on a bent knee
I vow to close the wounds from those I did not allow.
I vow to gather my group up into my fruitful field.
I vow to cover you and dress you to simply adorn.
I vow to create a world in which we as one build.
I vow to remove every single painful prickly thorn.
I vow to you that I am your God given Grace.
I vow to you that I am able to create or erase!
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2008

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The bread factory Babel

The bread factory Babel was damaged years ago. 
Again, we tried to repair the oven in the frozen field; 
We drank the fuel to tame the tempest of soot and yellow snow, 
And the stomach’s black hole hungry with moldy hominy held.
“I am a tiger, in my trade! One baker says, “But new troubles arise…”
Coughing because the dust and soot, suddenly we started to pray…
“Black crows fall down around and call the death and blind my eyes”
“Hard times, of shadows gray: if we could feed people today,                             
“It would be through a spiritual power to win the old sin.”  
“Could we bake good breads and loafs on the Kane’s line,” 
“From where, the clouds of ash are flashing black in?” 
Finally, they decided to cut coal in the new open mine. 

The bakers became miners and the hell’s oven was sold:
When they fired the hell, yet burning it was too cold

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A King's Mountain

February 12, 2011

A King's Mountain

A King's Mountain He mounts up under his branded feet.
Mass in size He is hallow by a grandstand He is to you,
But never is He in lieu, so many clues cost one tabboo.
Blown to boredom bereaved He hue's me a pure heart beat. 

Shaking or faking Him out I scram to find my own Grand seat.
Surrounded from East to West there is North and South to do.
Blending my flames in hot Summer winds I baked a cake or two.
I'm like self-rising ready to bake surfing up fielders wheat.

A King's Mountain means Look-Out,
Soak it up and suck it all in!
A Hot sizzling day for a Cook-Out?
A King mounted has a Big bin.

He will draw your naked breath in and mount you to His top.
Sprinkling you with honey dew suckling up for more sip sop.

(R) Registered: Ann Rich 2011

04:43:21 AM EST -5

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I do not know how big they are,
But I can see them twinkle from afar.
Their shape to me is yet unknown,
Still I can see them where ever I go.

Way high up there in the night sky,
Farther than any bird could ever fly.
"How did they get so far away,?"or
"Will they fall down to earth someday?"

When I look through my window late at night,
I stare at those stars,so beautiful and bright.
One day I know there won't be any cars,
But when I look up there will always be stars 

Quentin Alexander Sands

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Celestial Mother

Once great always great I say to you.
Upside down or right side up you be.
Once upon a time and a time once was she.
Gathering the universe and shining a Star or two.
Then one day She shot down to Earth out of the blue.
She gathered Her crops and made circles wide and free.
She made them so big the whole of the world could see.
She took the Stars the Sun and Moon making them new.
She shined talents never quite seen.
Amazing and sparkling from up above,
She is the smartest thing ever so keen.
She is abundant in spreading Her love.
She is our Celestial Mother in Heaven,
Separated by the empty shells of leaven!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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Great Spirit here come I in humble prayer
child of your Bedonkohe blood and line.
I raise my hands to recognize you there
and plea you recognize this heart of mine.

I know you welcome all into your light
And let my way, as through this death I go, 
Be swift and sure, if bad or good or right
As certain as blood of Geronimo.

Look! Is my line not tied to what's his past?
And does this not bring us our only choice
To bide amongst the tribe from out our past?
To gather in your light, and raise one voice

Of this, our song, our voices unified
And handed down through time, where we have cried.
...............© Ron Wilson
Another very special Sonnet that just wrote itself through me...where do they come from? And how?

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The Beautiful Somewhere

Now hark how brilliantly doth shine that place
So bright, of which the nymphs have spoken of.
A place where malevolence gives chase
To endless starry fields of sky above.

What I would sacrifice to situate
Myself in its divine vicinity!
A hundred thousand centuries I'll wait
To feel a flash of its affinity.

But then I was given a free demand.
An offer by three sylphs (of faith they lack)
"I wish you'd send me to that somewhere grand,"
Said I, "And never ever bring me back!"

And so, at once was I compressed to dust,
In life true beauty lies in thoughts, never discussed.

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I stepped out from the light and was alone
And all the light source present as before
Nor matter defied the theory we enthrone
And multiplied to feast like some starved boar
On photons and gravitons here, nowhere.

And floating where all senses blanked appear
I had no existence in this darkness
And nothing here existed as before
Except imagination's loneliness
Moving and yet fixed and still evermore.

I was in the womb where the world began
In the darkness  where there is none but one
And I immersed in earth's melanin said:
Let me not to light return, cold that dread!

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His Favorite Amongst Flowers

His favorite amongst flowers
The pale pink running rose
This quiet still morn in wee hours
Take Rose note__he will compose

Thinking of her as he writes love
How he ardors her  petals
So soft to touch his cheek__ write of
Perfume on mind settle

Just to touch and inhale_beauty
Her beauty at day break
To steal  kiss wonderful fruity
Under rose trellis_quiver_ shake

His favorite amongst flowers
Rose that gives scented showers

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In the center I sit.
Unraveling a core,
I lay it by the shore.
It’s a wondrous fit.
It is in pieces by a bit.
It sails an ocean floor.
It has a rip where tore.
It makes the seas split.
It travels day and night.
A never-ending drift,
It is brilliantly bright.
Moving along so swift!
It travels a path lit by a Star,
Rendering miles that are afar!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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The Embracing

I cut through tedious chit-chat,
Null knick-knacks!
Zap Idiotic whacks!
I tip toe tapping atop pitters pat.
I’m your best bet seated where you once sat.
Smearing out your tad-bit lacks,
Running them out by the packs,
I tip my hat fancying you purr like my fat-cat.

Up and away my hands shall uplift weights like you.
In and out of reality I’ll take you with me everywhere.
If only you knew how well I’m too do getting through.
Do you think one day to obtain me to be eh unaware?

Personally, I’d charge a big fat whacked out idiotic fee for the likes of thee,
I’m declared as freely expressing many pleasures for the embracing of me.

® Registered: 2010 Ann Rich

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Common Ground

Starry night, Star bright shine your light!
It’s a lost world traveling at a rapid speed.
Oh guide me and teach me to properly lead.
For I am down here where nothing is right!
Send me a wind to take my flight,
And let them all take heed!
I am the deepest seed.
For I stand in all my might.
Let the Sun shine down on me.
Let the rains walk away.
Set my eyes where they can see.
For I am day by day!
As the world spins around and around,
I shall be found standing on top of Common Ground!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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I wake up screaming, sometimes crying.
I simply can't tell which side is lying.
Is it me, or is it my brain? 
I can't deal with much more because it drives me insane.
I see visions of horrible, gruesome things.
Like people who've been chopped to bits, and little dead kids that sing.
I can hear the music playing and it scares me to death.
I try to run away, but I get sicker with every breath.
I see people I love and others that I've never seen before.
If I ever see those strangers when I'm awake, I'll freak out, I'm sure.
Why do I have these nightmares each and every time I sleep?
Have I not cried enough tears for people I'll never meet?
I'll never understand it, but I guess I'll have to deal.
It only gets to me this bad because it all seems so real.

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Surveying the empty room's avenues
Opened possibilities await guest
Built in bookshelf seems to openly intrigue
Here will place books and toys of children blessed 

Adequate space within the quiet walls
But there's an eerieness that now lingers
It could be no lights or candles that palls
But those could cast shadows and scary fingers

Maybe the cloudy sky with sun suppressed
Effects the eerie pallor of the room
Need to come once more with candle requested
And see if cobbwebs swept away with broom 

A house that could become a home ready
Which has the scent of broomstick gourd heady

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THE FAMILY TREE Monsieur L'Vampyre

     THE FAMILY TREE  Monsieur L'Vampyre
I'd only been astir and on the move
into the night, while Paris makes its play
on lovers as they meet and make their groove
and come undone after a frantic day;

and I made weak from penning all day long
anthologizing favored kith and kin
to hand it down, a blood line deep and strong,
but adding just a bit of fiction in;

when there she smiled and made it plain to me
that God is real, and blesses those who wait
who keep the faith that love just has to be
beyond the measures metered out by fate.

    And so I set my pace as she did will
    and made my move with all my loving kill.

In little time the Seine gave off her light
and shined like all the stars that Heaven's known
she made me laugh and smile all of the night
and cherish every moment love was grown

there in the bliss we made my family tree
one more the number than had been before
and promised she, to call him after me
if I'd reveal what un-dead has is store;

so then I bited to her deepest vein
and suckling that I be, I breathed her soul
into my deepest heart, again! again!
til all we were was one, and love made whole.

And took she then my son some other place
as I prepared to never see his face.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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The Only Breed

I smoked my pipe and I found some dreams stuck in a seam.
The ancients lifted me up and I saw through crystallize glass.
As I looked the seams popped and scattered into a great mass.
The dreams were set free from my light of a shiny bright beam.
Now I have flashing darts in my eyes that shine as I will deem.
Now I am looking at you and you and you as green as the grass.
But that’s okay because now my eyes can gloss you up as brass.
Eventually, I will find a light inside of you with a sparkly gleam.
My visions are set up forth,
Free and clear with a deed.
Look to the Star of the North,
You shall find my only breed.
Be this to you or be this to me,
Scattered dreams in you I see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2007

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The River Stone

Walking along the river shore
Enjoying the cool crisp fall air
Warm sun upon my face and more
This event in life so rare

Those smooth stones made rounder with age
Some large, some medium, some small
One different rough sharp_rage
Never change_ be rough 'til pall

Maybe place in center river
Where more water, stronger currents
Erase perplexities _sliver
Away ruff edges__deterrents

Can this ruff gruff rock become smooth
Then lay close to smooth rocks and soothe

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Lazily Lay Two Yellow Jackets

The two yellow jackets lazily lay
Upon the chilled turnip leaf 
This November autumnial day
Waiting to be warmed in the noon day sun

Maybe they're in love hoping above hope
To be spared many eggs somewhere to lay
New life to come next spring_ summer in scope
Sometimes yellow jackets mix in raked hay

Where their nest was disturbed on a fall eve
By tractors with blades that cut luscious grass
Then are caught in spinning baler in weave
That makes them so mad they come out fighting

Two yellow jackets lazily lay waiting
Glad there is a chance for them this day_mating

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The Dream Guard

I'm the one you here scream deep in your dream you thought it was you and you thought it was true I'm the Dream Guard and my job is very hard because if I'm victorious then your dream will be glorious But if I fail unleashed is Hell and he who frightens and scares will give you nightmares But worry you shouldn't because give up i wouldn't i'll fight 'till I die so you won't have to cry My sword stays sharp with my shield staying hard your dreams i'm defending for i'm the Dream Guard

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Once I saw our blue planets from above yet I will not give you the impression of being 
a famous astronaut. As I said the planet was blue like a child´s toy and looked lovely in 
the nothingness of the galaxy.  It looked small and vulnerable, peaceful too, and 
from the great high it seems unbelievable that any wars should be fought there Ok. 
So I had been invited for tea with god and he helped with the transport. 

On scones made of soft afternoon sunlight, he said he could not understand what all 
the fuzz was about and he asked me to read some poems to better understand humanity. 
There were many seraphs present Hitler, Stalin and an assortment of lesser dictators in 
their life time had much to answer for, but god had forgiven them. 

After reading my poems to harp music god asked me what to do, and I said use your power 
now because good people are beginning to doubt your existence, we have intellectuals who 
writes bad things about you . Meeting over, god gave me a plate of cream cakes made of 
cumulus- which I´m eating right now- he promised to do something radical that would make 
us sit up and listed, I´m still waiting.  

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A Place Called Wonder Wall

My name is Betty the Butterfly, from a place called Wonder Wall
From deep in the forest I was born, beside a beautiful waterfall
This place you have heard of before, it's known as the land of the small
Where everything is micro, where the tallest is not even tall

Azures to translucent fall in the most wonderful of cascades
Where sprays of natures champagne, delight in organic mist display
Lush greens abound all around, whilst colours so radiate
Toadstools, grasses and trees in the most awesome of create

I Betty the Butterfly have the wings to see this at source
Gliding over the spectrum of rainbows, pollination is my course
Just as all the others like me, in proboscis search we furrow
We like watching the furries below us, in tunnel visioned burrow

We live in a carnival of colours, so different from anywhere else
To be ourselves we have to be, and protect our different self's

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Fool's Gold

I see you, I believe in you!
I die in you, I will behold.
Yes I will be a fool’s gold.
In the morning, I am two.

Come deep into me you fool.
Like one I’m your two fold.
Correct me now and be bold.
Your day is mine I do rule.

I scream I shout and I am loud.
Oh My God! Where art thou now?
Fly higher up in my white cloud,
I will show Him absolutely how!

Do me once shame it all on me! 
I am the only one you can see.

® Registered Ann Rich 2011

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Let's Dance 2K10

In advance I intriguer gaze of thee.  
Pardon, honor I so 'twill as to dance?  
O fair lady, I see intrigued are thee.  
Whereon our four feet will we paint romance?  

Hark! Embracing ears, such soulful dulcet.  
Oh, oldies but goodies inspiring us!!  
Twin hearts composing stings performs duet.  
Beauty thou art, live poesy is us.  

Inhaling each other our e'ery breaths,  
Hereof lover's realm, devotion's eden.  
Yea, we dance of love dying many deaths;  
Of thy heart knight am I, sword songster's pen.  

Let not we forfeit our moments of waste;  
Ah, two gentle hands upon thy curved waist!!!  

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One Seed

I planted a seed and it grew and grew.
It grew so high touching a cloudy sky.
With one main branch it sprouted high.
I cut it down telling myself I’m through.
But that main branch stayed so true.
I started watering daily at noon nigh.
And I would always wave good bye.
I can’t even tell you the birds it drew.
That branch was awesome.
Every day a new leaf to see.
Always a flowering blossom.
New blooms would always be.
It is amazing at what one seed can do.
Even those seeds lying inside of you.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Cold Nights In Paris

COLD NIGHTS IN PARIS ( Monsieur L'vampyre)
There's never been another dark on earth
quite like the dark of Paris under snow,
where love, it comes and goes, for what it's worth,
and no demands are made, when time to go.

Where lovers slip into the hiding night,
oblivious to cold or freezing rain,
anticipating love, that surely might
warm up their lives for just a night, again.

And love's a little warmer, from the cold;
it makes two hearts to join and keep a beat;
and warms the lives of both the young and old,
who find their love with-in their body heat.

Though easy comes the love--they hold it dear,
without it cold is something they would fear.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Hope is

Hope is.....

Hope is the torch which keeps darkness at bay
a solitary beacon to show us the way
Hope is the magic that greets the new day
and should be the last thing that we give away
Hope is the dream that will come tomorrow
not a simmering mask underneath your sorrow.
Hope is the sparkle when tears fill you eyes
strengthens hellos and softens goodbyes.
So add hope to all that you have planned
cos sometimes roses do grow on sand.......

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Only The Strong Will Survive

God gives not peace, it's only dreamt by man,
in all the world ,brought from catastrophe,
all things are made, since time was first began
by things upheaved so new life comes to be.

The weak must fail, be eaten by the strong,
and losers die the death along the way,
so new life grows, even if it is wrong,
there is no time the poor will have to play.

The lion who will lay down with the lamb,
will have a feast before the day is done,
and all the world will never give a damn,
nor care about the giants and their fun.

        The hunter takes his aim and fells the dove
          the weak in life are only dreaming of.

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Lover By The Shore

He waits for lover there down by the shore
The promise in his heart says she’ll be there
And they will share what were but dreams before
He feels her breath the magic in the air

Within her eyes the sparkle of the sea
The song he hears it whispers to his soul
Forever will caresses set us free
To have you by my side will make me whole

But voices from the town would come around
Reminding lover of the passing days
And still his dream is nowhere to be found
So why not cast aside these silly ways

Their days of doubt did wear upon his hope
But faith in her somehow this lover saves
Perhaps some welcome rest will help him cope
And as he slept a shadow swept the waves

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My Friends Screen

Head hanging off couch waiting to be fed
Things take on new perspective looking up
'Twas noon bored to tears just lying in bed
Had to have some coke and ice in my big cup

Coke and chips are good to give me the strength
They are always here even though wish were
Not, they will be gone away at some length
Character traits say we can depend on her

Recycled teen can now visit friend
Get to station_for heard in distance train
Recycled teen now has fun is that plain
First of life was hard_life is better at the end

Enjoying golden years_no more inbetween
Mother and daddy can't now my friends screen

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Newly adopted toddlers mourN
Indemnity as locus  standI
Gold-crests laG
Event invites the employeE 
Rodeo on the wealthy riveR  
Irrevocable superminI
And the black gold run et ceterA 
Nobles with black gold gains remaiN

Spectacles of other specieS
Opener ramains incognitO
Ne'er-do-well holds the horN
No one remembers the mooN
Expatriate  the extra farE
Teach the gospel momenT

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No Nots

Splicing up time, a reflection did appear.
Cross my heart stick a needle in my eye.
These things I saw before us, you and I.
I tell you the truth, and I will pinky swear.

Your great lusts will be leveled in despair.
You will watch and witness a greater lie.
You will pine and pine to no avail so cry.
You will be emptied of your just and fair.

So carry this torch and pass it on,
Feel the flames and feel them sear,
For you have been branded a pawn.
So listen up because your time is here.

Great goodness was once your friend,
Your no nots do not mix a pure  blend

(R) Registered:  2013  Ann Rich

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Gone Too Far

That’s not my elephant, officer, though she is pink.
She is right in front of your vehicle sir, I think.
Not too big, but not too small, her name is Ella.
I would say she likes to carry her pink umbrella.
I bet those second graders can see her just fine.
Yes, officer, I bet that they never drank any wine.
So to say, she is not there, will start some fights.
So remember that my faith is in the bill of rights.
She dances so fine around, around over the lot.
Upon tips of her toes, she cannot smoke pot.
However, she can eat spaghetti, with meatballs hot,
She loves to slurp, and swing the noodles in trot.
Don’t you see her now, over on top of that car?
Well, sir, you’re under arrest, you’ve gone too far.

Written for

Sponsor Matt Caliri 
Contest Name That's Not My Elephant 

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Rev My Throttle

As last rose of summer opens wider
Night is drawing nigh, rose cutter in hand
The rose clipped in its best stage; placed in cider
Jar that was used up, cleaned_now it will stand

Jar of cider was enjoyed long ago
Remember that day on our honeymoon
You were so young with raven hair my beau
We found that road side stand that afternoon

Bought that jug of cider that was so cold
Refreshing after long ride around mountain
So eager for life that we would build_hold
Hold each other_life; wanting to obtain

I clip that rose_place in memory bottle
One memory revs my motor throttle

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Waking up

Whispers all around me, but I don't see a soul
Feelings of dread and regret consumes my being
Is there some dark spirit around that I'm not seeing?
Maybe I'm crazy, but am I the one who's supposed to be playing this role?
Dreaming this reality up, yet it seems so real
Lucidity is ever so fluent; smooth as can be
Pretend time becoming a concrete fantasy
Regardless of where I end up, this is surreal

They say the white light is prevalent, but I disagree
A multitude of shapes and colors are profuse
With all of this around me, how could I not exist?
Reality is what you make it, I still am the real me
Time to make new and to really let loose
Haunting the past will be tough to resist

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Four Winds of Heaven

My wind to the East you are my least.
My wind to the West you are the test.
Each and every day you are your best.
Each and every day you battle a beast.
My wind to the South you are a feast.
My wind to the North you are a crest.
Each and every day you never do rest.
Each and every day a new life leased.
The Sun makes your air.
The Moon is your guide.
Stars are always up there.
All of you are my pride.
Each of you I will easily leaven.
You are my four winds of heaven.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Matted Layers

I came from behind and my God at what I saw.
I was astonished and in disbelief seen by you.
I counted exact minutes with the seconds too.
But I stood there intact with no lines to draw.
There are many versions of Grace Verse’s law.
So I read through them one by one until blue.
So I picked up the torch it was all I could do.
I was a flame burning stoked in complete awe.
I gave glory to the Sun and Moon,
I exalted a few Stars along my way.
I even rode in on a cloud at noon,
It was a bright beautiful blessed day.
But there were matted layers of deception,
I guess you can only imagine my reception.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Rhythmic Ascension

Arise, strip your skin of it's sand-caked crust,
Stand upright, find yourself 'midst the rubble
Of burial mounds of most ancient dust;
Now, look above, past the sight of Hubble;
Freed of cocoons, the Collector's fixed pins,
We'll soar the skies as new-born Gypsy Moths;
Cleansed, shed of Darwin's tired old mottled skins,
To dare Doom, not to drown in tidal froths;
We'll circle the orbits of Einstein's dreams,
Bathe in Light, which he held such affection,
See for ourselves Beauty's equated schemes;
Then, All shall pulse our rhythmic Ascension;
    First, we must fly Newton's Fated apple,
    Break our bonds, Jealous Gravity's grapple.

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Kingdom Builders

July 31, 2013

Kingdom Builders

Holy Holy Holy I must say to all.
Long day hard day I am with you.
Hot day cold day it is for me too.
Days months or years you I call.

You have displayed my visual doll.
Multitudes of truth seeds you grew.
Spoken for as spoken words abrew.
I grant you the light in that dark hall.

Never say never!
Never look back!
I am yours forever!
I am with no lack.

I am always the hands of  filters,
Observing my Kingdom Builders.

(C) Copyright 2013  Ann Rich

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Imagine If

Imagine If Written By: D. Collins 2/25/13 Imagine if we'd shown more love to people we've known. We wouldn't miss them so much when God calls them home. We would have given them as much love as they'll ever need. When God calls for new Angels, they'll have a decisive lead. Imagine if something like that was in every one of us. Imagine if everything we did was righteous and just. There wouldn't be corruption or any drawn-out wars. Whoever is suffering, that suffering is yours. Imagine if we vowed to not see any child deprived. Imagine how many years that will add to our lives. No one falters because we all have their back. No allies, enemies, or anything like that. Imagine if we showed one another some brotherly love. Instead of killing a man, we actually gave him a hug. God would like us better, 'cause that's how he made us to be. We turned skin color and religion into this bigotry. Imagine if we lived in a place where fear didn't exist. And, we never had a reason to raise our fists. Wouldn't that be ideal? Wouldn't that be Eden? Imagine that kind of place, it's purpose, and meaning.

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Written Love

Warmth of your touch wrapped around my bod,
Pressure smooth and sweet felt upon my waist.
You slip into thought and down I do nod,
When excited, I’m sent into great haste.

In slight slowing gyrations do you guide my tip,
And turn me off and on by simple thumb.
Sometimes, you’ll touch me bitter to your lip,
When your mind falters, for once becoming dumb.

And you whisper lines to me in frantic,
Cover me cool sultry with your fever,
Sweat runs greasy through my breast clip, panic
That I will slip from your grasp, word weaver.

Made out of metal I am what I am,
Just a small blue pen in the palm of  your hand.

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Imagine That

He looked at life through polished glass,
refracting every tone and hue.
He took his time for life to pass,
imagining a longer view.

Befitting beauty, flowers die
as they with early winter meet,
though wither comes, the loving eye
imagines blossoms ever sweet.

Eternal, lyrical and young
we must at last admit his means.
His sweetest song upon our tongue
through all the seasons, all the scenes

will live forever. Though we cried--
imagine that he never died.

~ John Lennon 1940-1980

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Lightning Flashed Heated Air

Lightning flashed heated air nitrogen bring
Desired raindrops free the earth from love's dust
Raining upon the dry earth unjust, just
It is only a very tiny thing

But when the clouds roll away birds will sing
On God the provider they place their trust
Even when man from his store throws small crust
Today the heavens with jubilation did ring

While the lightning flashed man did find rest
Tucked away in house, car, or barn over there
Out of sight where no one could see
In the hot argument of clouds man confessed

God I have sinned before you; please forgive me
Then be finished with this sordid affair

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Sonnet 15

As technology has progressed , bound leaps ,
within the nanny state , Man simply sleeps .
Replaced Automatic ; Manual Labour.
Solved by Machine mind's , Binary No more .
For synthetic constructs for your whim , creeps
pumping cheese-its into bulging wheeze heaps.

So keep That lard thru blood , spotless , can ignore
such irritations as ; Clearing the floor .

While Digital duty serves ; watch those beeps 
streaming 24/7 fiction keeps
sake in sight , forms pixel ; away those flaws 
by Avatar's dream , away life's true claws.

While around , leashed , the world quietly leaps ,
Attended by metal hands ; Left
	Man Sleeps....

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A Will

The birds fly free up in the sky.
Why oh why can it not be me?
Why can’t I just soar and be.
Why can’t I fly above so high?
My spirit guides me as I sigh.
My soul wills me to be free.
Where is this highest decree?
This is why I hear doves cry.
I open a seal,
Carry a smile.
All is so real.
I last a mile.
Inside of me there is a will.
This is why I can’t sit still.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Another World

Where do we go when we go away?
And why is it that we have to leave?
What happened to Adam and to Eve?
Where is the greatest scale to weigh?
Where do we go when we want to stay?
What about this great big world weave?
What about you what do you believe?
So what dues do we have left to pay?
Why me?
Why you?
I can see?
You do to!
I think we’ve all been twirled,
All the way into another world!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Unfulfilled Love Sonnet

Our eyes met from far across the full room
My eyes declared instant love for you too
Your eyes said you are my favorite bloom
My eyes shyly glanced then to me you drew

Instant soul love that is what happened
Our thoughts touched whispered I truly love you
If only another place_time we  dreamed
When we dreamed our best dream would come true

My lonely thoughts run to you wondering 
Another place__time true love's fulfillment
Our relationship would have been loving
One glance and I knew your acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of me and abandonment
Loving eyes said you're my accompaniment

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RETURN TO HELL - Monsieur L'Vampyre

Tonight love flies from where love never seems
to occupy, it comes from time somewhere,
and long ago, from emptiness of dreams
you've long forgot, but they are steaming there

deep in the night, from where I've spread my wings
and fly into your life in need of me
but be aware, sometimes my love it stings
upon your neck but sets your spirit free;

and then we fly through all of time and space
into the mist that's lifting cool and blue
back to the forests long burned by the race
straight to the heart of love that bothers you;

and you will love me like you've loved before
when you were someone else demanding more.

Take wing my love! There's naught your heart should fear
It's just like deja vu or times gone by
look deep into your death--love will appear
your love will never let your spirit die

and all are just as undead as I've been,
the only difference is you you come and go,
while dying as you have I've never seen
nor had the peace of mind the dead all know.

but love is constant in my life and heart
demanding blood be pumping through my vein
and when you feel my bite you'll be a part
of everything I've ever been, again.

Yes you have lived before and loved too well
and that's the price you pay to live in Hell.

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All Bits Are Off

             ALL BITS
The world we have today is built upon
what no one in our time has even seen
much like the faith some think is dead and gone
it make's the world go round, just like it's been.

it's in a time that's neither night nor day
the very basis of simplicity
it's on or off, there is no other way,
it's black or white, there are no shades to see.

It's something or it's nothing, naught or one,
and lives in it's own time, of cyberspace;
the distance in between what's going on,
and what we're coming to, the hyper-race.
There are no limits to what we will be
      until all bits are off, and then we'll see.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Radiant Sunbeams

Radiance rains down from the heavens
In leaning lanes of luminescence
Glorious golden lyre strings glow
Against the deep azure's hollow
Pillared paths of beaming glee
Cradle the meadow magnificently
Sunshine streams past cloudy drapes
Illuminating these inclined escapes
Suppressed, sketch out a silver lining
Rather than send high hopes resigning
From eternity they stretch to emanate
Let bright light warmth disseminate
As they disperse divinity into the morn
Seep through my soul so I shine on.

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Natural Glitter

Swallowed up into false nothingness around,
Captured only by my thoughts with no sound,
My mind wondering throughout the land,
No music to spare, not even a marching band,
Swiftness of stream, within walking distance,
Captures my thoughts, breaking my stance,
I break away and chase after calming echo.
Not knowing what I would find or know.
My soul relates to natures swishing flow.
Heart beating softly, in rhythm as I go,
As if, my spirit is writing music so sweet.
Picturing the notes, expressions of the beat,
Welcoming environments of musical twitter,
Spread outward in view, of natural glitter.

Written for

Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name Breathe in the silence 

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Great is the Day

Great is the day when a song you hear.
It makes your spirit soar through wind.
Great is the day when your time begins.
It makes you wake up and hoot a cheer.
Great is the day when it is a new year.
It makes you back to where you been.
Great is the day to manage a few grins.
It will put you into another hemisphere.
Great is the day just to be,
A part of a world that sings!
Great is the day just to see,
A wondrous mix of things!
Great is the day,
Is all I can say!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Retire And Be My Love

Come along retire, travel with me
Be my love in places we've not seen
We'll travel around the  world our home
Roaming those valleys and mountains tall 

Our love won't wane only grow__untame
We will have all our pleasures anew
Every moment treasure  other
Whilst each day brings us new sunrises

Each one more glorious__ exciting
If these pleasures seem your heart  to move
Come be my love in our latter life
In passage  over the ocean blue

We'll travel see the world anew__dream
Dreams that our imagination schemes

(Parody of "The Passionate Shephard To His Love" by Christopher Marlowe (1564-
1593) for Dr. Ram's contest.)

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Maiden China

Oh, my most beautiful, foreign lovely,
All is yours to deny, no niceties,
I'm lost within your vast economy,
My heart will endure all atrocities;
No action you take will cause my Love's stall,
By my own account, I'm held in your thrall;
I'll run, I'll race, swim, leap, tumble, and fall,
Anything for your heart's gold, even crawl;
Whatever you do, I'll not turn away,
Do as you will, for as you may, you may,
I'll watch you waste tomorrow with today,
Mute witness to your deeds, feigning dismay;
    Maiden China, I'll hold open the door,
    For all costs, it's your futures I adore.

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The all seeing moon gave me a strange look, Freeing the midnight hidden within me, A starlit promise, days darkness forsook that haunt my madness almost tenderly. I’ve held an hour, cupped it in my hand, Now its ghost returns while others sleep, I bow to its will, obey its command, Forever it vows as nevermore creeps. Where should I keep the memory of light, How is love eclipsed by unfeeling dawn? Why can total silence muffle our might And the smallest glint be too bright and long? Weak, I gazed at the indifferent moon, Certain that the sun would shadow me soon.
*An homage to Poe.

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         THE RESTING
Our death of soul steals slowly through the years
the fog of mind that's never known to be;
brought on by laughter, love, and hate and tears
the fate of all no one can ever see.

It brings the withering of life, and all its leaves,
once green and shining in the morning sun,
now setting on it all, in evening grieves
for lack of interest in what life has done.

Compassion leaves the mind, once fired and prime
and old and tired now beats the heart we knew
life now mundaned by passing of all time,
there's little left the heart would like to do.

     Old one, you're numbered to your final breath.
      Your rest is not until it's done in death.

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Very Little Strife Conceived Of

Spring's warm sun arouses mother earth 
To send forth buds and flowers' blooms
From the womb expectantly awaiting birth
Everywhere mothers await the day abloom

First a little green shoot then a flower's petal
Then the lovers' around will fly_bees, butterflies
Gathering nectar and pollen to spread accidental
Soon young girl is ready to have wedding anxieties

Nature has a way of maturing the flowers
A little rain, sun, and nourishing food
Weddings and responsibilities maturing powers
A little romance, a little love, a little being shrewd

The first stage of life for nature and all above
Mostly pleasure very little strife conceived of

(I am stilling working on this one)

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Sonnet Eight

Flaming rose bush how do you do and (do you see)?
The distance from here to sometimes (is to near)
for exactly according to almost always. (So we)
say to God: "grant us half-smiles," (in the mirror)
above evenings white-bellied bed and (she dancing)
says to me: "God likes to giggle," (do you)?

I say: "he-he," believe me differently (romancing)
you in your world somewhere watching (fire works too)
far to see the shapes of afterwards (clearing)
in yellow puff-puffs of plus or minus (while)
tonight is gargoyling and tomorrow is (nearing)
the distant haze of almost rose smell (you smile)

And say: "look at all the crazies!" (here and there)
And that is how you do it (pretty lady) of everywhere.

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Crying Out - 2

Have my peccant daydreams seep away
Purged from my mind devoid all delay
Evaporate those thoughts like the mist
Wring as a sponge, oh LORD, with a twist
Have me absorb ideas you adore
Blessed visions soak deep to the core
Living water so pure for my soul
Please, fill me up, each pore, every hole
My thoughts are wrong, so done be your will
Your providence is far greater still
So, God, exchange, my sin with your grace
Each transgression, remove every trace
Though my frail mind compels me to turn
With drowning pain, my life, you did earn.

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The Just of Me

The just of me is a special magic seed you see.
It has long drawn out roots branching off fruit.
The more you eat the more you will follow suit.
The just of me is why my life was meant to be.

I can steal a moment and shiver on your knee.
I can laugh or I can cry and sustain the mute.
I am loaded I tell you my seed carries the loot.
I’ll sprinkle maybe a dash up to a shining key.

I am counted in and out at the very same time.
Early in the morning or late at night, time I am.
Genres unfold whistling through my wind chime,
So, it's just the just of me being slain by a lamb.

Greetings I say to you, and welcome to your every bit of who!
The just of me swears something deep inside us always knew.

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The Battle Within

Love and trust the battle within,
One of armor and one of cloth,
Both equal in strength and at a great loss.
Cornered by time to live again,
A moment to go back to where you have been!
The principles of pleasure intrude on a pleasant dream.
Love and trust the battle within shouts its damning scream!
One of armor, one of cloth and both are determined to rise again.

Conflict and pressure begin to adhere to this occasion.
One second to catch your thoughts of stop, go, or yield?
Beset by these restless conflicts your need to release introduces itself.
Provoked to endure a graceful truce the weak one falls to submission.
Love and trust the battle within proclaims the very same guild.
One of armor, one of cloth, and both equal with great strength in this world that we build

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There is a piece of you,
And there’s a piece of me,
One over there you see,
And one over here to,
As the sky is blue,
As a bumbling bee,
It is a He and She.
I do, I do, I do.
In them,
In those,
It’s Him,
He knows.
The embodiment of love,
Embodied from up above!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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I stand before you, judged, a sinner be
relinquishing all rights, I might have had,
but pray thee quick, to judge the soul of me
then lay to rest--the sins that drive me mad.

I seek forgiveness, that's all of my plea,
for all I've been in life, as having fun,
and all the hurt--that's been--because of me
I pray put in the past, as if there's none.

I ask your guidance, on my bended knee
protect my days ahead, if there are some
and never let mine eyes again to see
the lust of life from where all sin has come.

   And Jesus, give me wisdom, now to be
   your servant who's been saved--forever free!
© ron wilson

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Randomly Selected

I randomly selected you for a treat.
A delightful surprise for the meek.
It is my breaths of large you seek.
You discovered your fate of feat.
I brought you to a judgment seat.
And books of life you took a peek.
Then in heaven you found the leak.
Then the drums rolled and they beat.
You were in awe to say the least.
So was I in looking at your face.
It is to the west as it is to the east.
But definitely a different place.
Many were absolutely ejected and rejected,
But you my dear were randomly selected.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Wooing a Queen

Thy complexion like an orange
And thou love cabbage
I have trapped and put you in bondage
A love without dosage

I love thy courage
Even in the face of danger
I have lost my rage
Thy beauty not mirage

I shall sail you in a voyage
To discover, long forgotten age
I shall speak your language
With a lot of energy
Then I shall be thy manager
If you walk with me in marriage

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Upon Sleep

How profound is Sleep that it's said to be?
Perhaps it plays promised bated Death,
While we lay in slumber, are we not free?
Life itself aids us with our each next breath;
Senses shout Night's doubt; indebted decree,
Granted by Presence we, now, fear bereft;
As Darkness finds form to greater degree,
We awake, grasp nocturnal remnants left,
And grieve loss, Revelation's near turned key,
Absolute coincidence, prized past worth;
Only through closed eyes might we, again, see
That All's as True as our orbiting Earth;
    We do each Day as each Day does we,
    And, at rest, we dream Cosmic endless glee.

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Spheres of Grown Lad Dilemmas

Spheres of Grown Lad Dilemmas 
                                                                                            Emmanuel Lavinsen Winaro.

The scope of limitless voyage
Drums of succubus groans
Morns of Alexandra dawns
Roans’ carcass_ dungeons full of mermaids

The whispers of neon as lamps
Blast castaways the sides’ mere bliss
Bloody dilemmas_illusion kisses
Ripe mangoes_potatoes and toys

The blur unclear line two meters syllable
Edible nines these signs_wasted eras
Twenty sixes dare maze_lost raccoon
Cancans’ whoredom lads grown

Flights twice_each glide metaphors
Little fix pieces myth dilemmas as spheres 

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Many things in life are left undone
for fear of asking or lacking a veritable fact,
in doing so our wish gathers dust,
and we still remain that child pulling the toy wagon....
but wait, I heard of Jeannie's bottle so tall and sleek,
which grants wishes to all seeking her vision!
Would we sit back and ponder defeat,
not try harder to glimpse into dreams after when we're awaken? 
I may waffle and laugh as a satirical jester,
but my frisky intentions cannot be hindered by a mere obstacle,
and as a pugnacious and fierce warrior... 
this battle I must win and seize Jeannie's bottle!

I will make many wishes and as I see them materialize,
I willl keep rubbing it until I lose the desire to fantasize!

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protection of God

how fortunate that we have this God
that's in need of our protection
when heathens question heaven's code
and upset all our introspection

maybe God's in a midlife crisis,
so we jump up to kick some infidel ass
nothing major, but enough to entice us
since Lucifer waved it off with a pass

God we believe, bellowed "more war"
omnipotence obviously makes more sense
to assuage what he'd come here for
when we've really got no recompense

we must act in name of...well never mind
'cause God can't tolerate being maligned

© Goode Guy 2012-03-19

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Something Fierce

I remember how your smooth brow would crease,
When I spoke well-honed words of future Doom,
And, yet, my love would never fail or cease,
Promising I'd thrust Night from your bedroom.
Days we shared in proper stances, on guard,
Proud poses we stood in childish laughter,
And held Truth as united, no mere shard,
We knew better, the rest would come after,
But, I faltered, and my heart became chill,
Sheathed sword turned away from the Enemy;
Make War, make Love, make of it what you will,
Aspired inspiration, fallen with me,
    It's point pushed 'gainst my heart, waiting it's pierce;
    Oh, how I've missed you, missed you something fierce.

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Minnesota Nice

The great upper mid west
Minnesota put to the test
Ten thousand lakes and streams
Reality for many who like to dream

From Itasca state park
To the Louisiaina's wooden bark
The mighty Mississippi flows
Gently down the outcrop she goes

Crime rates are always's on the rise
But really does it come as such a surprise
Everyone seems to like to hug
Except when its a mosquito bug

So many call us Minnesota Nice
But some still say were Cold as Ice

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  My Crystal Ball
There in I go to deeper depths of me
to levels where no one can ever know
and in the dark where only death can be
a little light fortells where life will go;

it's just a sphere of glass, a crystal ball,
to show the way into eternity
a dome of light, a refuge from it all,
that shakes my soul and lets my mind run free;

and as I gaze into the depth of it
all time's been frozen to the light I see,
and, mesmerized, I drift through space a bit
and free of all below, that I call me.

The beauty I have found within this ball
brings life as certain as it brings my fall.

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Oh, thou world is a ring
And you oh fate, a boxer
I only a contender
With my milky teeth 

Thou smirked at my ignorance
But now with bread grown
Thou two have given me thou hard’st blows
My fans now fed up

They draw postcards of my waterloo
However, I have fallen
From a blow like Tyson’s
Melting like gold refined

I shall not fail to rise
At least rise to fail

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In the midst of males
The grey haired meant to move
In accordance with the rule
Legislated by nature

With kola nut blessing it starts
Through pouring of librations
To call the watching sleepers 
It just invites

And unites
The hustlers and the sleepers
For we all have shares
In the unity of the parties

May the light burn still
And the keeper, keep it still

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What inward sight illuminates our way -
Whose lucid eye can all the ages span -
To see the Mystic Law that holds its sway
Beyond the endless birth and death of Man?
The luminary moon, when night is done,
Still rules the tides, though the daylight hides it.
The lotus always turns to face the sun
And yet what blossom eye ever guides it?
The cross-eyed men with intellect adorn
Their intuitions - blind who lead the blind -
The common mortals - blind when they were born -
With doubtful eyes that Truth could never find.
   We look - we stare - we gaze and gaze - but we,
   With sightless eyes, forever fail to see.

 – Harley White  

< October 6, 1999 >

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I dreamt of a monocle night.
I saw; I was sitting upright.
As usual, the earth’s lamp was bright.
There-by unveiling some ants in fight. 
I saw a tired knight.
Seeking a shelter, to spend the night!
Helpless I was; cos my hut was tight.
Olodumare brought a way out of the plight.
Off the kids went to tale by moon light.
Against the wall their mater rest.
I rolled up their mat by pushing slight.
She would have awoke if not providence might.
Outside on the mat with my pal; I spent that night.
Polythene or mat, the kids knew naught! 
Olodumare=GOD (in Yoruba), mater= mother, Monocle night=night of a full moon.

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Thou should open your ear
Understand the unique nature
thou destroy and murder
Thou shall make and mother

Thy brother, thou kill
Shall thou occupy his place?
Even when thou think so
Yet a lacuna thou leave

Some that can only 
Be filled and staff by him
Yet one day thou shall follow
Creating more lacuna without value

Anything you do in his place
Shall be declared null and void by nature

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Letting Go

It is the hardest lesson I ever had to learn.
Emptying myself to breathe my own air,
I went through life with nothing to spare.
My place had been set and was hard to earn.
In my heart it was for you I yearn.
Times were rough and never fair.
All along only I came to really care.
In my soul this began a fire to burn.
You let me down,
Broke my heart,
Made me frown,
Ripped me apart,
Shattered into a million zillion pieces,
I’m letting go of my lifetime of leases.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Thou are of many a kind
And thou are possessed in many a way
Yet some find it hard to accord
With the view of thy diversity

Some are money wealthy
They can afford the world
Some are socially wealthy
They are the world diplomats

Many are scientific Dons
Yes, they make the world easier
Some are the artistic gurus
They beautify the world

 Shall I forget the academia?
The world’s greatest treasury

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A cold love of a dark lover

burning dimly like a fading candle light
wrapping the hearts of lovers in the dark
surrounding them in total night
that's baron and cold and stark 
none can give merciless nightmares
none except the cold, dank dark
slaying the lovers heart like a blade; 
smeared in Black death 
for no lovers love is left un-dismayed
a cold wind submerges the broken 
heart in a quilt of cold,
and wraps its new love in a 
light so golden and warm,
being slayed by the very death 
that lured it to it's clutches; 
smearing the new blood, 
making the dying one ask, 
"What is this love? i do not know it, what is it?"
not all love is together, 
a lover's love is broken, 
so many pieces, so much pain on both sides.....
one may think that the heartbreaker will 
see his own blood thirsty lie, 
for it kills him as well. 
it leaves him in a dark and lonely hell. 

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would drift

the wood would drift as driftwood would do
o'er waters nearly still, but still kept to move
and drift me away from being near you
alignment cast to space too swiftly removed

to horizon flattened and to curvature beyond
the voice, your countenance, your memoried scent 
cat-burgled with fishes that quietly abscond
to drift past awareness to timed curve circumvent

i think i remember a certain crook of the toes
i hear catnapped-voice lulling to gentle snore
i see your mouth, your eyebrows, well-rounded nose
but their sharpness is blurred recalling before

time, the healer, has sanded memories drift
removing the longing, but too, taken the gift

© Goode Guy 2013-08-06

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Sonnet 6

Now ... tell me the truth at 80 spaces .
Oh yes monthly at no extracted cost ,
trumpet swans announcing "All-New" "Chases"
... Gameshow w-/ only purpose " Just stay lost".
scratch that ... start at the count ... three Faces.
flicker on screen , once more , spider webbed frost.
Pulse of cheekbone ; paper Artic traces ...
Hailing to the Fanatic's RoseArm crossed.

	... Why just imagine , All times // All places ...
Daydream reality clearly embossed 
by Our pristine chords reading "All's Debased" ...
Job to do ... hands join ... Avert as off tossed 
I may stain ... lip gloss ... gulp of life wasted.

All Presents, Our Situation Hostage .

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To sit and dream and write
my thoughts on vellum recite,
until the form becomes just right;
To look and listen and to see
watch,silent,and to be
a sponge absorbing in me;
Then let those feelings outwards fly
white clouds upon a summer sky;
To touch another with my thought
whereby this infection is caught
and does not on paper, abort.

Then,will this idea live on
in other hearts,after I've done.

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I was born into monarchy 
Where red blood never met
It is opposite counter part

Though the clergy says we
Are one in one image
Yet I doubt its validity

He propounds heaven
Where we will all become equal
While the gap elongates
The red blood works not
Its counter part rests not

Yet we all hope
Unhopefully to become one

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Month Of Summer

As the Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly
Kisses the Purple Phlox tenderly now
Brings memories of summer that flew by
So long ago, hidden away somehow

Memories of that month at the beach_ when
I first saw you long slender body; tan
Skin,  but it was not just that _I saw then
When I looked at your humanness that ran

Across the expression on your face__sad
I did not know of the loss in your life
When you looked at me a light came on glad
Our eyes met it was  soul love at first sight

That summer of romantic soul mate love
Indescribable bond of few weeks_dove

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Our Queen

She is the queen, the queen of lies!
She sits on her throne, masked in disguise.
Manipulation and dishonor she solemnly seeks,
from her loyal servants and those who are weak!

She basks in the scent of deceitfulness,
as you foolishly believe, you will progress!
Bearing the fruits of her followers labor,
portraying her façade as though it’s a favor!

Her mission is simple to all who can see,
her lust in life, is to promote only "me"!
You sit in suffrage, as she commences to excel,
stating there’s a mission too important to tell.

The queen has spoken, we all must abide,
a wonderful queen who has never lied!
She sits on her throne surrounded my many,
graceful and wise, with a look so canny! 

But her guidance has failed, along with her lies,
she has set the precedent of a dying enterprise!
A queen so beautiful, who used her charm,
to prey on the weak and cause much harm!

Exiled from a throne, for your lies of deceit!
Lack in leadership skills has caused your defeat!
Had you been caring, and not thought of only you,
we would still honor the grace, of our queen of taboo!

Quotation- "Lies are like jokes, the more you tell, the better they get."

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Lord hangs onto me some serious mercy now, 
I am aimed and directed aligned and straight. 
Be it so or be it may I am that God given trait. 
You will never once have to reveal for me how. 
I tell the truth all I have to say about it is Wow! 
If this isn’t just downright genius then it’s great. 
I can only imagine what all this will soon create. 
I must say for all this I shall indeed bend to bow. 
A-men to every single one of you! 
And praise your one supreme Lord! 
You know, I knew I always knew! 
My God, I am your flaming sword! 
You know Lord; you can do whatever you want with that locust, 
But I’m going to polish up on this sword keeping myself focused! 
® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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I recite and read aloud,
wander, lonely as a cloud,
then emulate and create
as memory stimulates;
Swim against poetry's tide
therein,an enigma hide,
perhaps,a step too far,with
Tennyson,crossing the bar;
I dream on Will's sonnet verse,
figuratively,sweet and terse,
lazing life away,with songs
compared to a summer's day.

To conjure an opening line
ever,remembered,as mine. 

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earn dont take

He is a mechanic
Repairing failed brakes
to help or to worsen
I know not

for many have fallen victims
in his act of mechanikism
the failed brake he repairs
but to second mission it

He wants it second missioned
but the result he reasons not
for life he thinks laughed
The car now bloody

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Summer Tempest

Summer Tempest

My love! May you be eternal,
If you are my dream, day should never dawn,
You are my goal, you are my terminal,
If you are my shadow, sun should never be gone.
If you are my hallucinations, they should never die,
If you are my swoon, I would never revive,
If you are my laughter, I would never utter a cry,
My soul, from you, I derive.
May you be like summer tempest,
That pours on me all the sorrows of thou,
You are a treasure I need to quest,
Every time- tomorrow, yesterday, and now.
You are my sadness, you are my glee,
Sweetest thou, I live for thee.

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Who has it all?

Who has it all?

In the clear of day
Some will like to trade condition
Maybe because of his garb
Yet his neck thus bends

Bends on the weight of tribulations
His son puffs and wastes away
Isn’t your son a first class holder?
Learn how to appreciate where thou are

I agree u have no car
Yet he died on his own Infinity
The house he built
Have caused him robbery attacks
Dear, it is all hot everywhere
Even in the underwater

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Whose Mad

I am tattered in misery
Dirty; unkept but harmless
Though drained mentally
Begging but forceless

untattered thou in hummer
Oiled and scenty but Abacharical 
Though unscrupulously richer
Neocolonizing thy own clan

Starving the represented
Looting and exploiting them
High blood pressure thy means
But thou call me mad

If that is madness
Heaven make me king of madness

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I saw the Sun and the Moon take a stance in the universe.
And an unknown Star placed over them was put in charge.
The whole entire inhabitants scattered themselves at large.
And all the lands and seas became separated by a diverse.
The Sun Shined brightly in the west never to set in a curse.
The Moon gleamed fully bright to the east as the surcharge.
The door had been widely opened and many came by barge.
The stress was great because the world went into a reverse.
Fate and destiny was being dished out like a deck of cards.
Skies lit up and the Stars came back out like never before.
And the palm trees took up to the seas like standing guards.
And from this stemmed growth from that one opened door.
The Sun and Moon are exalted above and beyond you all,
And so is the Star in charge of those that flaw in its thrall.
® Registered: Ann Rich 2008

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Autumn Has Arrived

Feeling the crisp chill of the brisk morning air
Trees formerly full are now virtually bare
Vibrant colors of many and striking hues replace
The lavish greens which previously were in place

Autumn has arrived with her presence aglow
An artistic colorful pallet of beauty to show
Leaves falling gracefully onto the frosty ground
Falling ever so hastily creating a glorious mound

Children running amorously awakened with cheer
For colorful mounds of leaves are so undoubtedly near
Jumping in one by one, the leaves do tell a tale
Of a once boldly standing oak which now looks so frail

Basking in the essence of autumn’s sweet delight
Her loveliness remains an untouchable splendorous sight
Enjoy her virtuous nature as her absence is drawing near
Vanished another season as winter suddenly appears

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no title

A smirk shown like a budding rose My eyes close seemingly content The color of the day surely shows The minds happiness to the fullest extent Within the heart something sinks deep Though the world goes on happily The heart not being able to hide when asleep Truth all in one shown hysterically Reality ending as the eyes prop open Whispers of what had just taken place The souls secrets an treasured token Untied the bow of the angels white lace. Condemned is the loveliness of day, Until asleep, truth sits at bay.

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Supreme being

Thou are the only being
The only being that is the creator
the creator of its being
and the creator of other beings

Thou are supreme
because thou are final
thou are final  because
thou are infallible

though thou are infallible
because thou are final
I pray thee
Bless us with moses and jushua

May though in your infinte mercy
protect us from ourselves

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I looked,I saw an image blue
a memory,fleeting yet true,
midst the black,white and grey
just awaiting me to portrait;
I tried to re-capture this dream,
reality's not how it seems,
it flows & ebbs as morning mist,
just out of reach,shadows persist;
A high sun then dazzles my eyes,
frustration,srems out soundless sighs,
forever lost,this unique insight,
when suddenly,I start to write

Creative words,so surreal
will my little song appeal ?

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Somewhere Beyond Eternity

There was once a tale time could only tell
To be made and unmade, all souls cannot hide
From distant hands that cast a greater spell
All life and all death in us has to confide

Seasons bring memories to our minds undimmed
Blessed to the day, sacred to the night
Every end to every end, all humans skimmed
Across time and space, foresaid by plight

Many among us has long lived enough to allay
What has consumed our eyes to defy the vow
And expressions, adjourned, as if to say
If only you can see what we all see now

So long as we all can live with liberty...
So long we live somewhere beyond eternity...

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thoughtful damnation

the hard truth of the Sisyphus stone
was not his never-ending futile toil
but merely his doing it all alone
that left his soul in eternal turmoil

it's the difference in the distance
of the incline he continues to climb
between giving up and having persistence
to a hellish useless labor unresigned

we're less willing to do it without another
wanting mostly to be offered a gladdened hand
than to turn around to only discover
we're the only damned soul walking this land

so on we toil to climb the mountain higher
seeing a view shared is our push to aspire

© Goode Guy 2012-06-20

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Today's Special So Have A Ball {Kyrielle Sonnet}

Happy Mother's Day to all moms
Spilled milk and yet you stayed so calm
Painting coloring on your walls
Today's special so have a ball

Heart shape cookies I made for you
Ruffled laced stapled and then glued
Words inscript made you feel not small
Today's special so have a ball

Lessons taught Oh so very well
Back in mind words begin to swell
So sorry mom I missed your call
Today's special so have a ball

Happy Mother's Day to all moms
Today's special so have a ball

In Loving Memory 
Mom   {1934 -2005}

Happy Mother's Day 
To All Moms And Stepmoms

Thanks Again Joe

Comments:   The Kyrielle Sonnet has 14 lines (three rhyming quatrain stanzas 
and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase as a refrain in the 
last line of each stanza.  Each line within the sonnet has eight syllables. The 
French use the first and last line of the first quatrain as the ending couplet. This 
reinforces the refrain within the poem. The rhyming scheme for a Kyrielle Sonnet 
normally is: AabB, ccbB, ddbB, AB -or- AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB.

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meaning streak

cleaning windows helps me to see
'course at present I too, need glasses
not just through, clearly, but metaphorically
yet without caffine I'm slow as molasses

but still I can get some insight outside
window's panes shine with spiritual gains
able to separate my own Jekyll and Hyde
both the Doctor and the madman do explain

that what seems to be seen as the truth
may be something entirely opposite and
may be in need of a more discerning sleuth
for my intellect to be able to understand

what at first look, seems black and white
may be the gray, between mistaken and right

© Goode Guy 2012-03-19

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The Rose


Blooming in the garden, 
I could see the rose.
Blooming in the garden,
I could hear,

The rose.
The rose.


Singing to the flowers,
that stood like towers.
Singing to the birds,
in a delightful shower.

The rose.
The rose.


Should sing to me.

The rose.
The rose.

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Desert Moon

Created, desolated, resurrected and even in reverse, 

You are a transformation under a Sun drenched day. 

Beckoned or heralded you climb above a beaming ray, 

Bristles of your hair shall glow and many are perverse. 


Shuffled, hurdled, corner-stoned and even immerse, 

You are a salvation upon a Mountain leading a way. 

Stripped or naked you run below an endless cache, 

Light inside of you shall outpour so all will disperse. 


The collectors shall find, 

Lost on a course in time, 

Many stranded or behind, 

Many with no unjust crime! 


Jacked up, a ripped off, a maniac or just downright a true blue loon, 

Still remaining is a red flaming shield up under a sacred desert Moon. 


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My Secret Place

I  hideaway sometimes in my secret place
A place of true serenity, heartache, there is no trace.
It has a beauty all its own, unlike any place I know.
Just being there a moment sets my heart aglow
There is a gentle stream that babbles like quiet music
The birds join in to sing their comforting, sweet lyric
The trees seem to sway as if to dance along
To the gentle rhythm of nature’s heavenly song.
It is truly a divine and beautiful secret place;
I know that God has blessed it with His holy embrace.
It is a place that belongs to me, it is my very own,
No one else can visit there if I want to be alone.
It is my mind’s peaceful and perfect creation,
To which I have engaged the gift of my imagination.

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I love you death, and welcome all you're not;
no love, no hate, no failing and no gain.
No fighting for the things we haven't got,
nor wondering about our latest pain.

Your mercy is a thing I surely bless;
anticipating you, my only friend,
who brings conclusion to all wretchedness,
the only one who knows us in the end.

So come you now as I help you along,
you know you've tried to get me in the past,
but now I know your timing is not wrong,
and so I live and breathe for you at last.

Your nothingness is what I hunger for,
and in your end, I pray there's nothing more.

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Sicilian Sonnet On Reinforced Concrete

I am a piece of reinforced concrete,
I can withstand a lot of punishment.
I am frequently used to make pavement,
Since I can absorb the impact of feet.

My bones are parallel prestrained steel rods,
Placed along my body to add more strength.
Steel becomes stiffer when you stretch its length,
And my flesh mixed of ground rock and dirt clods.

In modern times I have many a niche,
Into any shape I am pourable.
I serve the needs of the poor and the rich,
Being strong, versatile, and durable.
Bridge, foundation, and irrigation ditch;
For any project I am feasible.

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Windward Dreams

I hear thou whisper through the trees
   and thy breath upon my cheek
is flowing warmth, sweet gentle breeze
   as in thy course thou search and seek.
Thy forces grow within thy dance
   and raise the volume of thy song.
If not for earthly circumstance
   I'd grasp thy tail and dance along.
Thy tempest is my hearts own beat
   thy beauty swirls before mine eyes!
Pray, loose these wretched earthbound feet
   set sail with me amongst the skies!

   For in thy arms I would'st be free
   to sail upon thy airy sea.

Inspired by Christie Moses'
Many Voices of the Wind contest

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Carte Blanche

There were two cardinals separated by a tree branch with fruit.
One was a female and the other was a male.
Her four fruits were ripe and his one was not so he became a brute.
She was to the left and he was to the right and looking pale.

Her purple fruits put off enough to make her some ale.
His green fruit was at his feet and were mute.
She kept her guard up waiting for him to sail.
But he never would follow suite.

She became the fruit of the highest branch on the highest tree.
He just sat there perched and barren not even producing the first seed.
She came to be,
The cardinal in lead!

But he never moved from his tree branch,
He was at her feet forever she’s his carte blanche!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2004

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Welcome to Your Wife

If I were you for a day and you were me?
Could you love me more than I love you?
Would I love you more each day and be new?
Will the Sun shine bright in our eyes to see?
When will the Moon glow and lead our way to be?
When will the Stars shine bright by just us two?
Why does the dust give up its spurs on the dew?
Why are the doors locked with only one master key?
Welcome to my life,
Welcome to my home,
Welcome to your wife.
Welcome to this dome.
Welcome to the Sunrise this day in the light,
And welcome to the Sunset on this lovely night!
© Copyright: Ann Rich    2006

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The heat of battle's what manhood is for
when struggle for the right comes to a head
erupting to a world in need of war
and needing change to how we've made our bed!

We cannot sleep in this, it's much too soft,
mistakes brought on by politicians greed,
and so the winds of war come from aloft
aloosening the horsemen and their steed!

The preachers of dead faith wail at the wall
protesting ev'ry battle cry and truth,
though freezing in the night, they heed the call
of cardless, nameless cowards lost in youth.

      But when the battle comes they'll take their leave
       not caring who is left to ever grieve.

Too late, there's not a one to even pray,
there at the wall, submission is the rule,
they give too much, and play no keep-away,
not holding out, lest they are thought a fool.

while Netanyahu, leader of his quest,
the first so born in bounderies of their State
and made prime minister, whom God has blest,
and given all the keys to seal their fate.

But still the blind stand wailing to the wall,
and ready to lie down, pretending dead,
unwilling to be part of this, the call,
to arm, but give up everything, instead.

From Benjamin their fate is all too clear,
And losing is the only thing to fear.

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My Fame

Is it possible to say?
I love you!
Really I do!
Each and every day!
Would you stray?
In lieu!
Or out of the blue!
Each and every day for you I’d pray!
Inside you I came,
You went,
I stayed the same,
For you I was sent!
Each and every day I was meant,
Each and every day I gain My Fame!

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The Beach's Quiet

Golden morn close to you
On the beach near the sea
How my heart desireth thee
To snuggle close, hold hands

As we hear the ocean's band
Roar near__ slide away
Relax, play__ glolden day
On the sand's carpet wet

Lovers now forever 
Leave your side never
Through life so very close
Of your love gladly boast

Golden morn hold me snug
Show me this day your love

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Shed Thy Snakeskin

Move into the future with a true presence.
There is more to see and way more to do.
It is a life with everything you ever knew.
Shed thy snakeskin with your own essence.
Way up high sits the purest quintessence.
Up above each Star lights a way for you,
Even these skies are a creamier baby blue.
Nonsense is ordained by its only innocence.
There is always a better way.
It is always for you and me.
It is always by night and day.
Where we should already be!
Imagine you did shed every bit of that snakeskin you carry around.
You will lose or you will win, either or I’m aptly located as found!

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Cosmic Conscience

I became aware of you well over a decade ago.
Every moment of every day I swept you away.
Lo and Behold, I put my own day into dismay.
I ‘m buried in the core of you, and I mean low.

Good or bad happy or sad, you I’d proudly bestow.
Since your arrival, seems like my life is on display.
It’s still the same soups same pots running astray!
Sometimes in thwarted bits so I left them in whoa!

Seems they are all afflicted with conflicting wits.
Some thoughts prevail up above their fixed form.
Most exhibit zero appeal and are disruptive twits.
I might as well add you stirred up a mighty storm!

I might also add that most appeared as not kept and utterly sheer nonsense.
So I’m rising up above your hosted shadows into ultimate cosmic conscience.


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All Consuming Passion (Adult)

Tantalizing aromas fill the nighttime air
Scents that carry on the breeze to my mind
While walking to the table to get my share
It was to my surprise, which I did find
For there on the table, my food on a dish
The dish of flesh, as the food sat on top
She reclined there supporting making a wish
That I would eat my fill and never to stop
With a smile I gestured, I’d start with the broth
I’d work my way up to the heavenly desserts
All the time cleaning my mouth with her cloth
To consume then her offerings, to get then my worth  
As she was the course which I desired the most
With wine in our hands, we then made our toast

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Would not I carry my rugged pride
When element to element will mingle and reside
In perfumed consummation of interstellar space
In a new planet cast out of  Brahama’s  rage
For ever wishing my nibbled pen could trace
A line of haughty verse to silence the deadly state
The world’s affairs And all its cloud clapped might
But ends in poor surrender shorn of man’s pride
Shorn of all honour when our tattered rags do show
The imprints of tempters all their dishonest row
Then we hate to touch our mortgaged flesh and bone
When souls are slaughtered in church yards of rhone
It might have been better to explore salient venues
The spirit of dark waters or some sealed avenues.

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Master Blasters

Incredible as all of this may be,
And just as brilliant as our fate is,
You are my unique lift to my wiz!
So it looks like it is you or it’s me.
We’re in the winds and we both run free.
All of this is hers and it’s every bit of his.
Those two are master blasters put to quiz.
Together they locked eyes eternally to see.
They are dancing on the Moon,
Or they are singing to the Sun.
Their love has come too soon.
Now familiar renewal has begun.
They are in full bloom with a force that is most incredible to blossom,
What a glimmer in their glare they sand blasted out of awe to awesome!

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Parallel Universe

It’s a great day,
Just you and me,
The Sun I can see,
But you’re in the way!
I have lots to say,
Places I need to be,
Like the roaring sea,
But it’s turned to clay!
We walk and we sing.
With jumps and skips,
With the joy we bring,
But we are two ships.
It’s all transverse,
In a parallel universe!

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The Time Being

Just for now, I will hold my own.
I am carried away into a domain.
Plenty of room minus that chain,
It is here that I will be full-grown.
It is here I will not be windblown.
I’ve nothing to lose and all to gain.
I am minus all pleasures of a pain.
I am where seeds are not yet sown.
Just for the day,
And for the night,
I’ll be on my way,
And out of sight.
For the time being, I am just me,
Homeward bound, set to be free.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Charisma's Art

On the river I saw the ripple give way.
It twirled and swirled until it broke apart.
One would stop and one would start.
Ripple by ripple they all sailed away.

Over the edge the Sun did set that day.
And it took with it my beating heart.
I saw layers and layers of charisma’s art.
I prayed I’d wish and I wished I’d pray.

By slits of silver shadows the Moon shed light.
Casting ripples here and ripples there,
One by one they fled from my sight,
Surprisingly more ripples did glare.

Ripple by ripple my eyes came to see,
A great white light shining upon me!

® Registered: Ann Rich  2003

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What becomes of the broken hearted?

My heart has had only one love to taste,
yet I have suffered the loss of it twice.
My Romeo, impatient, left with haste
after calling me the 'love of his life'.
Cloud of naivety led me astray:
stubborn in stance, which I’ll always regret,
‘twas timidity that pushed him away.
I’ve changed too late - my one true love lays dead.
Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast,
circumstance would’ve changed, if I’d spoke true.
The culprit, my weak mettle, I confess -
Oh! Romeo know, I’ll always love you.
     From now; till death brings us back together,
     I’ll not love again: my heart’s been severed.

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Forget Me Nots

I had to figure all of you out you know.
I grabbed a shaded glimpse here and I got one there.
I saw this and I saw that and nothing was fair.
But now it was time for me to go.

Glimpses of shade and sparks of light,
Together we made a blazing baffling trail.
Night became day and day became night.
It was an endless circle making me way too frail.

But I journeyed on because I just had to figure you all out.
There were clues everywhere, even in the breeziest air.
I danced the nights away and left the Stars succumbed in doubt.
I stood on top of the Moon and was left stranded in the Sun’s care.

I floated inside of clouds and kissed the lightning shot by shots.
One by one, I gathered a million handfuls of your many forget me nots.

®Registered: Ann Rich  2006

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Drifting and Dreaming

In a secluded forest glade
 the interplay of light and shade,
 as sunlight filters through the trees.
 Gives rise to pleasant fantasies.
The muted light has qualities 
which redefine realities
I’m half convinced that I must be 
submerged beneath a sunlit sea.
Here somnolent as in a trance
I watch the mermaids stately dance
 a sight which fills me with delight
I know it’s just a trick of light.
But I don’t care I’m happy there.
Reality cannot compare.


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no man's land

imagine yourself from where you stand
to vanishing point in all directions
out in the midst of no man's land
nothing but grid and introspections

it's quiet out here, with nary a breeze
shells quietly exploding now in your head
lost in your thoughts, quick as you please
thinking, of all the things that you said

out here past any nation's demarcations
i wish you were here to share my company
life may only be our mind's aberration
but we could dream, of all that could be

touch and talk as stars arced the sky
far from this grids greyed hue and cry

© Goode Guy 2011-11-15

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The Gift Of Insecurities

The gift was in a very huge package
Alluringly wrapped in the palest pink
Card attached was calligraphic in ink
Any gift from him was not average

When opened with much delight, the contents
Caused insecurities to tumble forth___
Joy? Fear of failure came from these presents
Taking out least feared __verse__William Wordsworth

The essence of the gift to him was good
The sum of the gift to her was fear
Excitement at this stage of life she could___
Not get a grip__on hold her life for years

Should she not fear but just try to use the gift
God had given her time now spared her life

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Heavenly Postioned Place

I am left with nothing to lose or to gain.
I walked in deserts and I found my Star.
It was brilliance, shined by few, and far.
I held my head high until yes I am sane.
It was trickery so I sought some rain.
She glowed tremendous thus bizarre.
By fate, my Star had no Earthly scar.
It was at high peak and by far plain.
It took me forever plus another day.
Vividly I made it through the night.
The Sun also the Moon led my way.
Even they were illuminating bright.
She stared me squaring straight eye to eye and upon my Earthly face.
She partook for me to take my stand in my heavenly positioned place!

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Global Trot

I’m out of my mind but I am just perfect and just fine.
I went around the world and what a blast it was for me.
I’m sent with a message from a golden gate master key.
I shook I rattled and I rolled brand new maps I did align.

I founded you and I demolished you but swam like a fish in line.
I ran to and fro as I was left behind thrown forward but I did see.
It is a global trot I tell you to survive naked or dressed just to be.
And then it came to be true and real that this was mine all mine.

So I sit in the seat with no defeat.
The world goes stupid and so mad,
But I stay clean and of course neat,
It’s just a silly little one time life fad.

Pain and suffering has just about killed me and you,
Together or apart it is a world we will always renew!

®Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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If you lie still and close your heavy eyes
and concentrate on nothing that you feel
as in a dream, where you can visualize
from out of no where, everything is real.

There is a long and narrow cord you find;
you thought was cut so many years ago;
out shining any sun that's ever shined
and made of things that only gods could know.

It's stuff of life, and leads to distant dreams
not ever dreamt by anyone before,
just then you know that nothing's as it seems,
and all we are is dreams, and nothing more.

      The blinding light consumes us in the end
          and it's a love no one can comprehend.

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My Healing Hammock

Lying on my bed of strings made with love
my Casanova with sheer wings so pure
season my skin with your ichorous glove
faith divinely soars to vow all a cure

Ah, two souls will sing melodiously
spiritually fused together at last
intricate healing needed you'll see
hence conflict of interest shall surpass

Zealously I love your soul forevermore
for being the warrior you truly are
for opening my hearts shoaled corridor
while all along erasing my souls last scar

I remain in this hammock made of love
healed I am by our faith in the spirit above.

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Lose some, win some

I’m sitting at my computer alone
Playing a lost game of literati
With a person absolutely unknown,
Thus not knowing if he’s a he or she,
Not that that matters to me anyway.
I enjoy the game because of the words.
I try to play a few games everyday
And hope to gain some wordy rewards.
Believe it or not it helps my poetry
Writing. After all, a poet can not
Write a line of verse without words, agree?
It’s kind of like powder minus the shot.
Well, the game is over and I did lose
But gained a word subsequently I’ll use.

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Once A Fool (pt. 2)

Somewhere, I know
There are places no one goes-
Of tall trees and broken skies;
Where dreams are made but all hope dies.
Tomorrow never comes, and yesterday won’t stay
And there is no time besides today.
Mistakes are made more than twice-
But only she will pay the price.
When everyone else has all gone home
I will be the one left alone-
Unsure of what is right and wrong;
I may seem weak but I’m surprisingly strong.
Somewhere is a place I know
Where all my love seems to go.

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Merry Morse

The distant wheel revolves within the night;
its boastful stature begs to be subdued;
though comforting I find, its flashing lights
and its unwavering vivacious mood.

Its garland gleams from its circumference
in patterns that I cannot comprehend.
Perhaps I'm not the one who holds the sense
to understand the ciphers that it sends.

The cargo that it bears must be the key,
and so I board the incandescent gyre,
in hopes that someone down below will see
and apprehend my brisk formatted fire.

Oh turn-oh turn my metal merry morse,
and let your color-coded canvas course!

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I put up the barriers and molded the Great White Stone.
I searched all written doctrines that embodied my light.
It was a remarkable journey let me tell you of my flight.
I even went through DNA of every strand of every bone.
I matched all the genetic linage to kind energies ingrown.
It was like an open door after door where all turns bright.
The misplacement that followed is truly way out of sight.
Seeing it all made me search my truth and I wasn’t alone.
I felt like I am the only one.
There was just me to believe.
There was too much undone.
More than humans conceive.
This was an origin unknown and not of this world.
This is timeless intelligence appropriately swirled.

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Carpe Diem

Hear my voice loud and clear: Carpe diem! Embrace
The day! Leave your chambers, step into the light,
The light of spring that shines on thy face,
The light extinguished by no earthly might!

Carpe diem! Embrace this day! The only day
That you will know! Leave your chairs, touch the grass,
The only grass that will grow! Smell the hay,
The hay that will feed the lowing mass.

Carpe diem! Stop your cars on the shoulder
And run into the fields with the deer and fox;
Count every chestnut, leaf, and boulder,
Away be thrown your schedules, your clocks!

Carpe diem! Embrace your day! The only day,
The waning day, in which we all shortly stay.

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Dream Fairies

I dreamed of Fairies, floating around my head.
They were beautiful, colors of green, yellow, and red.
Occasionally one would rest on my shoulder and hint.
Why they were visiting me, and why they were sent.
I listened though it was difficult to understand words.
Most the sounds they made were like chirps of birds.
Though one was different, with a voice like a human girl,
She said to me, I love you, come with me, and give it a whirl.
If you choose to stay with me, we can change history.
If you choose to return to life, this love will be a mystery.
I shall still visit you from time to time, to tell you secrets.
Each treasure, I shall give to thee, there shall be no regrets.
Now you know how my muse came to me one night.
My words blessed, I love her forever, and she is my delight.

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A Vision

In midst of Natures bounty I espied Aside a stream, a gilded gleaming cage. Its tenant was a lifeless bird inside. Engrossed in thought in view of deaths image I deemed its death from thirst beside water. Within the cage were dual empty basins The one for food, and of course, the other. It’s like a wealthy man who’s locked within His iron safe, amid his heaps of gold And perishing within this house of ease Of hunger pangs and thirst as time unfolds. Then suddenly a strangest vision seized My weary eyes, the cage became the bones Of Man, the bird, his prisoned heart of stone.

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Frozen within coloured novelties

Elegant fashion strikes tears of joy

Flawless solace veils mass poverty

Through virgin eyes we appear coy

Bewildered they bleed of apathy

Visually we appear strangers

Oblivious to such telepathy

A streak of electric danger

Revere the brilliant colours

Petite a theatrical delight

As unified in passion we muster

The enchanted rainbow knights

Your black and white hunger we yearn

To collect and radically refine

Eliminate all doubt and concern

A narrow cubicle undefined

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New Year Tag - Spenserian Sonnet

T’is the season of jolly and such fun
Ending a year and starting out brand new
Others will be looking to the long run
Uplifting many with words from a few
Celebrating the new binding like glue
Moving together with tag poetry
Pot on the stove with Epulaeryu brew
This stew is filled with great artistry
T’is is just like cosmetic dentistry
Brings a smile to celebrating faces
The time is now for a royal entry
Like playing cards with faces of aces
Hello Lynn Marie go put on your clogs
Look out the window you have just been tagged!

Comment:  I was tagged by Katherine Stella.  Hello Lynn, this is especially for 
you.  Happy New Year!  Now you will have to find someone whose poetry you 
enjoy to tag.  NOTE: The Spenserian sonnet rhymes as follows: 
ABABBCBCCDCDEE.  The second four lines are linked by rhymes to the first four 
and the follow four, and a couplet concludes the poem by reemphasizing the 
main idea or proposing an alternative view.  Isn’t this fun!!!

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A Poem

Its emotion itself moulded in pens hue,
The feelings in it are from vast ocean to tiny dew;
whence it hath filled minds shallowest lakes,
It flows down from heart as through snow flakes.

Proud and great are those creation--
Whose thought consist of truth along with imagination;
Those creation without truth are fake--
Passes to past,these new pieces,floating upon time's lake.

It has the majesty higher than Everest,
It covers within itself from lions den to tiny nests, 
It has the beauty brighter than pearl,
Deep message doth around it curl.

Lssons of academics--do they continue in life in general?
Message in poetry --they do run with life till funeral.

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That's That

The Sun is on my horizon approaching this brand new day.
Ripples in the sea shatter my shimmering ultra-violet light.
Birds sing in the air and many more are on this same flight.
Rising high, the Sun makes rounds in its sweet special way.
Puffy white clouds are on the trail until they begin to stray.
Blue skies follow suite running off the wet darkened night.
Green grassy grounds are visions of a true God given sight.
Branches of trees wave at the Sun as if bitterly bent or fray.
Rising with the Sun and busy as a bee,
Up and on it I always rise just to shine!
It is all amazing just like being me!
That’s that and poof I’m all in line!

No really, I am telling you that’s that!
Now honestly who are you looking at?
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Children of the Sky

A day with no Sun, no Stars and no wind,
A lifetime of lifetimes is in the womb you grow.
You are the children of the sky with the seeds I sow.
You are enriched and fertile in the lands I tend.

A night with no Moon no day and no end,
A world of worlds of knowledge you all know.
You are the children of the sky and to the winds you shall blow.
In the seeds your sown is your mother and your best friend.

You are of the sky,
You are perfect today,
Boundless and high,
And you know the way.

Reach up and look to see,
The wind blowing inside of me!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2004

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We love to type and classify
we find it hard to wonder why,
the quirky and eccentric mind
off mainstreet,much enjoyment finds;
We seek and seek the poet's voice,
in verse and poesy of our choice,
Yes this is him,no that is her
we guess,but can never be sure;
Perhaps occasion,the voice makes,
identity has many takes,
maybe posterity's critique
will provide,the answer we ssek.

Inspiration,in many a disguise
conducts us on its journey,of surprise.

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The Gap

So many empty spaces with cracked dimensions as stardust flew by.
So I counted to ten and held my breath knowing this would just never end.
At every angle there was a gap so I tagged them all with messages to send.
I stepped through portals leading me to places orbiting way too high.

I passed through broken dreams and landed where the Sun never shined.
No Moon, no Stars, and no galaxies were straight, much less aligned.
The Earth had gone completely berserk and the seasons were sudden to change.
It was the gap warping time and even the people looked far beyond strange.

I listened to faint vibrations and watched galaxies as they all weakened.
Time was lost and gone forever, for they had all been forewarned and told.
I found a spot and planted the last starlight and watched closely as it strengthened.
It grew and grew even withering through the hot and cold.

Shooting through portals I spread my light and left it a sparkling trail.
Ray by ray a beam filled the gap and lit it up by my new starlight’s flaming tail.

®Registered: Ann Rich  2005

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The Note

I was corner-stoned by many of you.
The note was dotted with a dash.
But this note was an ultimate smash.
I found a peephole and peeped through.
I found a bird gave him the note and away he flew,
Across the deserts and the valleys he was there in a flash,
Across the rivers and Oceans he made a great big splash.
He made it to the shore, but the note he began to chew.
He passed a timely test,
And his belly was full,
He did not stop to rest,
The note he had to pull.
The bird landed on the Oceans shore,
Singing praises of his rugged chore.

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Soul Light

Beyond, above the stars, my thoughts away
Urging me to dreams in death of night,
Keeping secrets dark, I dare not say,
Away among the stars I hold them tight.
Knot of pain and shame reflected in
The knife-sharp clarity of clear cold sky;
Throngs of thoughts, sounds that ring of sin,
The stars hold not the answer to my “why”.
The night of soul is deeper, darker still
Than spirit wounds I cannot seem to heal;
Yet light illumines out from death’s stone chill,
And stars are keepers warm of secrets real.
Be still, and fear no more the surge of dark,
The light remains, engendered by a spark.

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Grey Frenzy

By beckon of midnight the stars fuse

Along the subtle twilight moon

A sharp, yet quite an adept muse

Struck while atop I sat a dune

Adrenaline scours my veins

A flux unlike any before

Soft as the nature of cinquains

Paradise forevermore

Prosperity oozes in masses

Euphoria profuse I sought

Despair swift she collapses

Austerely wounded left distraught

Passion, passion

Kiss every edge never been touched

Abstraction, abstraction

Swamp me within incessant lust

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Sonnet: Special moments

There are days when I want just to sit ‘round
and during this time relax just doing nothing.
And from my porch enjoy views without frown.
It's nice to dream and let go of many things.

This day is nice and is not cold or warm.
Is a great day and the sky is nice blue.
No cloudy day no rain and not a storm.
There's nothing now to ruin this precious day.

I wish I do that in a day like this
But I know I can't stay too long that way.
I want to remember good times ~ people I miss.
I see butterflies I'm having a great day!

I want to grab sheets and pen and write too
and friends this is the way I'm feeling today!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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I’ll add you to my safe keeps.
And put you with my collections.
I’ll sit back with my own reflections.
After, I’ve taken hundreds of peeps.
I’ll put you under my pillow where I sleep.
And then there will be no exceptions.
It’s where delusion versus deceptions.
You and I will never weep.
Until your heart is free to run,
I’ll be collecting ashes and dust.
I’ll never be done!
And I’ll never rust.
My collections of restorations appeal.
Piece by piece many of you will heal.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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The universe appears a myth

Frozen be art of compassion

Fake smiles sailing adrift

Confidence buried in abstraction

Epitome of shallow aliens

Touring Earth in search of peace

Marred by the war as most Iranians

Foreseeing when it all will cease

Dejection raps upon my skull

Accompanied by displays of fatigue

In an attempt discreet to annul

Knowing not of what they need

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I am a capstone to a brilliant plan.
Before your time I came into play.
I was morning night breaking day.
I was before during and after man.
Before person place and time span,
After the mixture of stone and clay,
During foundations faltering away,
I’m the capstone where you began.
Cornered by time to live again,
I am rushing waters in the sand.
I am the beginning and the end.
I’m reserved throughout the land.
You are never ever really alone,
For, I capped every single stone.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Common Ground

Starry night, Star bright shine your light!
It’s a lost world traveling at a rapid speed.
Oh guide me and teach me to properly lead.
For I am down here where nothing is right!
Send me a wind to take my flight,
And let them all take heed!
I am the deepest seed.
For I stand in all my might.
Let the Sun shine down on me.
Let the rains walk away.
Set my eyes where they can see.
For I am day by day!
As the world spins around and around,
I shall be found standing on top of Common Ground!

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The Beauty of it All

I gaze up into the big bright Stars,
Searching for where it is that you truly are.
But my heart is grounded to your word.
I look around and I see the beauty of it all.

For it is silence, not one sound can be heard.
Not even a crumpling leaf that will fall.
Up in the skies a bird harbors a precious need.
That’s when my soul takes a more careful heed.

The Sun carries every single day,
And the Moon every single night,
That is why I have come here to stay,
This is the ray of your heavenly light!

And this is what I’ve come to see,
The beauty of it all shines through you inside of me.

® Registered: Ann Rich  2004

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Revelation (4)

Her eyes, lips and dainty nose, a delightful vision to know,
Tightly flowing locks of hair, such entrancing colored locks,
Adorned in shades of green, her earthly spring allure in glow,
Her pale skin seems chilled slightly from the past seasons blocks.

Upon her glory, she wears nature’s colors of every shade so bold.
Flowers, leaves of many species, proudly displayed as crown.
Her body reclusive in her adornment of sage green attire in fold,
Hands so delicate and clutching her garb of green and brown.

Her eyes stare outward as warning, with such honesty beheld.
Lips painted with creamy delight, perfection is all her own.
Cheeks imprinted with the blush that her convictions compelled.
Branches of nature embrace each part, which her soul will condone.

Her precious name of springtime plays upon this fairies repose.
Forever within your mind, her image imprinted as a beautiful rose.

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It’s hot! The sun is beaming.
Touching whatever is in sight,
Shining its rays on everything but the shade.
We are walking towards each other, heavily into our thoughts.
Our shadows are with us, avoiding the sun.
As we stop and stare at one another, the shade that walks with us touch and greet.
They become intimate, and as we watch, we take notes.
It’s as if they become one.
We can’t tell one from the other, but they have this cool calm about them.
There is this peacefulness that chills the area they occupy.
We observe them with a focus like no other, to capture the understanding of this moment
between them.
They teach us without words, and we study them with eagerness.
They continue to fondle each other until our bodies give the signal to separate.
As we part they lengthen themselves to kiss, and vanish as the sun hides in a cloud.

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That's That!

The Sun is on the horizon approaching this brand new day,
Ripples in the water and they shimmer incredibly bright,
A bird sings in the air and many more are on the same flight!
Rising high the Sun makes its rounds in a very special way.
Puffy white clouds are on the trail until they begin to stray.
Blue skies follow suite running off the darkened night.
Green grassy grounds are visions of a true God given sight.
Branches of trees wave at the Sun as if they want to play.
Rising with the Sun and busy as a bee,
Rise and shine!
It’s amazing just like me!
That’s that and it’s all in line!

That’s that!
And newer days we are all looking at!
© Copyright Ann Rich   2006

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Windows of the Soul

Ever wonder how you know what you know,
Ever been here or there and done this before?
It is a thought that assembles so much more.
It is one feeling that can never just let it all go.
Ever wonder where the airs might next blow,
Ever been there and done the disused chore?
It is a thought that will rain with an outpour.
It discovers unprotected windows of the soul.
It always jibber-jitters to you,
So listen up so you can hear,
Just pass through,
With very little fear!
Now, be sure to take your time and do every single thing right,
For one day, your soul shall speed you up and take off in flight.

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Jaws of havoc tear wicked fissures

The scabs speak eccentric riddles

Distraught a creature one could figure

Double helix coarsely fiddled

Face bared a thousand frightening scars

Behind each one lied fearful tales

Time only borrowed, Fate fiercely marred

Living in quaint chapters of Hell

A mere minor glimpse upon this beast

Shall slay my questions to rest

Though I can't forsake peace

Should it be life's infinite quest

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 The last of feigning death, love now abides,
 tuberculin, infectious, inside her breast.
 She breaths emotion where your hope now hides,
 and clings to what Melpomene knows best.
 Dear tragedy of love, deep in her eyes,
 to love we die, or never love one bit.
Your soul--once doomed to Hell--see now it flies
 renouncing every hope of ending it.
 Consuming as is love, the hate must flow,
 each seething, creeping, loathing will to fly,
 amongst what hope is left, one thought will show;
 to know the deep of someone, one must die.
 All of your will, which dieth, less for cause,
 has ended short of knowing who she was.
 ©  ron wilson

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“Look! The aging poet sleepwalks again.”
“Sir, should we wake him from his nightly tour?”
“No! God no! His heart could not stand the strain.”
“He’s heading for the open study door 
His ambulant steps on the floorboards creak
With every step along the corridor”
“Listen! The bard is beginning to speak
Let’s heed his words, step softly on the floor.”

           “Where do you lead me
             Erato? Oh! The study
             What for may I ask?”

He sits at his desk with his pen in hand
Writing vigorously on a tablet
Almost as if it were by some command 
His outline cast a dreamy silhouette
On the study wall caused by the moonbeam
Shinning through a curtained opened window  
“He writes with eyes closed in his dream”
“Be still! He calls out the name, Erato”

                  “Erato, you say
             This love poem is my last?
             How so, may I ask?”  

The poets hand stops writing a moment
Than briefly begins again then desists 
Completely; lays the pen down and laments
While rising from his chair clenching both fists
Then begins to walk toward his bedroom 
“Should we read what the old bard has written?”
“Not now!  Let’s follow him back to his room 
“But...” “Please keep quiet! He speaks once again.” 

                       “Erato I have
           Finished what you asked of me
               This is my swansong.” 

The old poet reached the side of his bed
And gently slid under the bed covers
A smile appears than wanes. “Is the bard dead?”
“Yes! He’s gone where all the poet lovers’
Always go: with the lovely Erato”
“I hear a lyre! Do your ears hear the same?”
“Yes! It plays for another poet’s soul
That enters Erato’s love poems domain”
Standing at the old poets study desk
The two men look down upon the tablet
And begin to read the verses expressed
This saddest of nights both will not forget

                  My Swansong
In life all things must always reach its end
My life is no exception to this rule
True love was writing verses with this pen
And know for sure I had not been a fool
Love was all I had to offer in life
Expressed in many forms of poetry
Each I shared with my friends and loving wife
Intent was never a commodity
My time has come; the flame of life grows dim
And everything I have seen in this light
Was through the eyes of love I owe to Him
My hand grows weak, my effort ebbs tonight
I see your face, your myrtle crown and lyre
You strum the strings, sweet music to my ears.  

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Kindred Spirit

Is your spirit ready to cross the great big Ocean?
And is your heart open to the wind and free to run? 
It’s where our nights and days are never done,
It’s where we sail and soar with a higher notion.

We are the magic’s most powerful potion.
Lying under the heat of the scorching Sun,
It’s where you and I lay together as one.
It’s where our spirit is in mighty motion.

Carried across the Mountains peak,
One by one it is our blissful state.
Many and more will rise to seek.
The Moon’s glow conquering their fate!

Shielded by my glorious kindred spirit,
You will all know my voice when you hear it.

® Registered: Ann Rich 2006

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The Keeper

I was washed ashore with Mountains looking over me and I could hear roaring Seas.
The sand covered me and my toes curled with sand dollars by the dozens.
I saw dolphins gaming and fish were everywhere, I even met their distant cousins.
The Sun was shining down on me and the Moon was jealous but the clouds gave way.

And I looked up to see the Stars shining and they told me it’s a most perfect day.
Salted lips and these palms fanned, I knew right then I was meant to be.
I stood alone at the shore and blue skies fled taking notice of little old me.
I was touched and moved balancing these visions I began to breathe.

I thought I was by myself, but I wasn’t, not this time.
Looking up I say leave me alone, be gone I’m on my own.
Looking down I am amazed at how truly this is so sublime.
You are the keeper of my secrets and I am of all the unknown.

Shining down upon me you are always standing right there,
Here I shall share myself with you and then I will begin to care. 

® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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On a Mission

I fell down to the bottom of every single Sea not just once but twice.
I scrambled onto my feet and fell all over myself time and time again 
I was up and then went down until I felt this tingly breezy needy wind.
I stood up on two weakened knees eventually I’d plateau with a price.

Water wind fire earth and every metal made me the finest grains of rice.
I am dreaming of being a disbeliever in you so I stand in my self defense.
I marked me a stone and I gave it a name and only my voice will it hence.
Shattered was the Ocean’s floor and suddenly breaking in on thinner ice.

I was enthralled at its fear yet brazened in my heart,
I balanced the winds  and now I am set on a mission.
Alpha is exact where or when my breaths of life start
I’m the latitudes and I’m longitudes rallying ignition.

Tomorrow will come just as now is gone so here again I must go,
Boundlessly rooted to be all of me especially when my kiss I blow.

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A Misfortune

In a special way, I search my every day.
I’m all cried out by justice I now scream.
I have much to say with my words I pray.
From reality to delusion, but yet a dream!
I tell you I am surely the crop of that cream.
Now I can stay or I can go on about my way.
You may reject me or accept me as supreme.
Every single day generates my hands at play.
Bottomed out or just plain downright silly,
I could care the least towards the very best.
Or, I can sit here and say OMG! Oh Really?
Maybe I should armor up in a cast-iron vest.
If only everyone already knew about their one golden frowned upon rule.
Perhaps a misfortune will shear a few jewels stopping the two timing dual.

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Feat of Fate

I am dressed and tailored to fit on a form.
Clothed with the Sun and Moon at my feet
I even have a throne where I can sit my seat.
It is golden and silver slippers I wear warm.
I carry a torch to warn of impending harm.
Its fire is higher than a challenge to greet.
But many fireballs I have come to meet.
Like fallen Stars swimming in a swarm.
I was given a feat of fate.
It was here and it was now.
It was slow but not too late.
Somehow I just knew how!
Tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And where I am no one honestly knows.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Jesse Major

Ooze be reality upon the page

Betwixt the courtship of pen and paper

Reveries aid in sustaining spare sage

Refrain he must from such foolish capers

As cyclical evidence he distributes

Yearning to establish a solid voice

Such fervent vocals shan't be silenced mute

Quite a conscious, yet such a wise choice

Devil's dearest a portrayal inclined

Gambling upon his impending death wish

Deeming his existence as asinine

Within spooky graveyards he shall relish

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Unexpectedly- and much too quick- I found myself wrapped in your arms.
I should have known that I’d fall far too fast for your charms.
You were too good to be true, this I knew. This I knew
Because it was in my mind that I created you-
A man with a gaze that could pierce through your heart
And an unreal love for the same lyrical art.
I thought I was safe- you existed only in my head-
But imaginary people are lethal when they tread
Through your dreams
And nothing is ever exactly how it seems.
My fantasy creation- I had but a week
Until you decided to leave me alone.
Now you won’t even speak (I am too weak).
The idea of you was better unknown.

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A fool's discourse

Am I the fool for not killing this fly
That persistently harasses me now?
Is my respect for life absurd, awry?
Should my philosophy be disavowed?
Isn’t all life a very sacred thing?
You say, yes, but a fly! A billion die
Each day! Ah! But most die on the wing.
My belief is ‘live and let live’, and why?
Nothing is insignificant to me.
Suppose for a moment you are that fly
And programmed to pester me endlessly?
Must I kill you in a blink of an eye?
Until Man respects life of every kind
Our future holds no hope for humankind.

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Ding Dong

Once upon a time, a prophecy long foretold 
of a child who would bring forth prosperity.
She would be of meager birth with hair of gold.
At six and ten the magus did find, Felicity.
“A quest my dear you must partake,
perilless though it might be.” 
For the sake of her country she will undertake.
Her journey she begins, “My people will be free.”
Goblins are first to bugger her, 
Not far behind were trolls.
Followed by 10 foot Ogres but fear not, 
she knew they were just hungry so she fed them some rolls.
Through deadly swamps and treacherous mountains she fought the cursed 
In the end Felicity freed her people, hungry now, food was all she wished.

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All Fool's Day Sonnet

The wolves are out howling at the full moon
Jokesters are next and will be here real soon
I am holding tight to my silver spoon
See you in Dodge City when it’s high noon

My heart skipping and jumping as it beats
Knowing this day will be a fancy treat
Some folks are waiting to turn up the heat
I like this day because it is so neat

All Fool’s Day is remembered far and wide
With a smile I think I will stay inside
My heart will sing and also try to hide
Whisper All Fool’s Day and stand by my side

The wolves are out howling at the moon
Jokesters are next and will be coming soon!

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Tid Bits

Great God Almighty, I took you throughout this heartland. 

It was oops, uh oh and Jesus Christ all of the way we went. 

I shewed or I spewed those great mightier and all you sent. 

Created and destroyed were all of those left held in a hand. 


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust we left them all in your sand. 

My, me oh my revelations came shining through in time lent. 

They ran to and fro with dim lights that were warped or bent. 

I gave and I saved for this that and the other for a high brand. 


I went all the way up and all the way down. 

Beside myself I turned life and death to me. 

I found a medium so I stood on my ground. 

I tell you today I do shine sea to shining sea. 


They all left and tossed their chips calling it quits. 

But I my Sir have it all here and there in Tid-Bits! 

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Solar Foreplay

Dawn gently kissed the nape of dusk

Whilst patient time awaited peaking

Majestic streams of solar lust

Born via pre-orgasmic streaking

Saturn's rings exclusive dildos

Equipped for sensual fancy

Mesmerized by daring billows

Elevated by buoyancy

Excitement steadily evolving

Cosmic spheres swiftly building

Orgasm timelessly revolving

Licentious shock she is wielding

Dawn coloured blackened skies

Pleasure falling with each tear

Climax baring lovely sighs

Passion with a wince of fear

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Jenni Minus

Radiant softly she glimmers

In jest a fatal tease

Villagers fleet to spot her

No intent to appease

I imagine impassioned moments

A dose of her love I yearn to taste

Her body a major key opponent

Quench all desire with growing haste

Ingest the subtle scent that lingers

My taste buds battle against biting

Caressed be by her sexy fingers

The mere sight of her flesh exciting

We sing, we dance to drunken advances

In her arms I wish to languish

Evoke such passion while she prances

Speak in orgasmic language

As swift we succumb to each other

Unwind beneath the lust stained covers

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Your resentment bites as the frigid sea
In a frozen arctic land.
The initial encounter brings agony
That no human could sainly withstand.
The breath from my lungs is harshly exhaled,
And goose bumps plague my pale skin.
The pain that your anger first had unveiled
Is replaced by a numbness within.
My muscles are stiff, I can no longer fight
This war that you have begun.
I try to yell out and curse you despite
The fact that my struggle is done. 
Your bitter words have no more control.
This death will free my broken soul. 

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In San Ity

Is insane unreality playing a tune that's not unkind
Of rapt repeating echoes resonating in my mind?
I look upon a new-leafed tree
Alone within a field
As sunlight filters through it
In flickered hues of teal
A shadow shape is dancing
To the soft sung song of breeze
I wonder as I watch enthralled
Why have I never  seen
This madly waltzing maple shade of green?
How many times I've stood here enjoying seasons' fate
Not noticing the shadow shapes the sun and wind create
To entertain the sweet insane who so appreciate

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What is Normality?

Is demonstration a progressive method for normality?
Skills for a good quality are necessary for product,
Nobody wants to pay for wrongs, who can stock useless dirt,
Quality is a demand of us we return the goods if are faulty.
If a worker isn’t responsible who can pay for job royalty?
Responsibility is faith for living and security for a job,
If attitudes are hooliganism who can control a mob,
Principles are for betterment we need to draw formality.

Education and training is for realization so we can faith,
Faith is an actual life, understanding for living standard,
What is hard to follow the rules if we like human growth?
Satisfaction is a root of honesty if labour is n’t bounded,
Care is only a path that can provide benefits to both.
If rules are n’t applicable what is gain of one and hundred?

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Catch 22

Well, there is a loophole right there.
And by golly gee there’s one here.
Easy to step into those cracks,
Losing balance and be all out of whack.

Step by step and baby ones at that,
Tiptoeing and being mighty slow.
But I bet you have all come to know,
A catch 22 has a knack.

Nothing is glued,
Too many corner stones,
How lewd!
Fragile are my bones.

Peeping through,
Seeing route 44’s for those catch 22’s.

®Registered: Ann Rich   2005

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Just For Us All

If our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, were alive today;
He would then diligently be teaching us how to pray;
He would have penned beautiful haiku & senryu & rhyme;
Not the elegy of life, or the A.B.C. of crime.

But haiku, about the birds, the fish, and wonder nature;
The senryu, about mankind, being stubborn and un-pure;
And the hearty rhyme of His peace and love, be the armor
Of faith, for those who long for eternal grace, evermore!

His poetry would be the New Heaven and the New Earth,
And in His holy Church would be the promise of re-birth;
If our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, were alive today;
He would then diligently be teaching us how to pray.

Yet, on this perverted Earth, He had opted not to stay;
Indeed, just for us all, from God, we would not be at bay!

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Brewed fear

In this poem you find me standing alone in the darkness of night. Standing in this same
place while the sun is up would have been of little or no consequence. Somehow darkness
triggers the element of fear in
Me. I become afraid and my imagination begins to play tricks on me.
When the bewitching hour of midnight arrives I begin to imagine that I see weird and
horrible specters made by the nights shadows cast by the wind swept branches of the trees
that encircle me. 
In frenzy and close to madness my mind begins to hallucinate. In a trancelike state my
mind thinks it sees three large ghosts. The ghosts are symbols of Mans three greatest
fears: The fear of poverty, The fear of getting old and the fear of dying. The most
destructive of the three (poverty) steps forward. And in a loud voice speaks. She states
that all my fears are two-fold. First, I fear the inevitability of old age and death and
the probability of poverty. That these fears are by my own hand because I cling to
ancestral fears that were and still are a mixture of ignorance and religious fantasies and
the cause of all my dread.

Standing in the silence of the night when
Heavenly sights disappear from my view
I found myself lonely and afraid. Then
As midnight approached the shadows turned to
Horrid, winged specters leaping about me.
I was mesmerized by their ghastliness.
Suddenly there appeared from their midst three
Giant ghosts standing before me possessed.
The largest of the three stepped forward. She
Began to speak in a thunderous voice.
"Your fear is two-fold: You fear what you see,
Us! At the same time your fears are by choice.
You cling to ancestral fears concocted 
In ignorance, steeped in religious dread."

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A Business

A business is clever, handsome and polite.
Linguistic, apologetic but tactics are behind.
Mathematically and politically he is honest mind,
Dramatics, gymnastics and generatic bright.
Pleasant, tranquil, psyche psychometrics bite,
The bourgeoisie possessive and proletarian prodigal,
Lucrative, ludicrous, resumable heroics skill,
Personable, arguable and a desirable diet.

Forcible, flexible and fund raiser responsible,
Likeable, sizeable and an unshakeable height,
Referable, preferable and transferable mongrel,
Credible, reproducible and decisionable slight. 
Expressible, risible and a sensible detail.
Challengeable, achievable and demonstrable kite.

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Everyone's Pain

O’ Wind, O’ Wind, you can read anyone’s mind.
You know everyone’s pain; you know everyone’s gain,
You write everyone’s luck, that seems your work main,
Who produce you for me why are you behind?
You travel everywhere that’s why my dreams have a kind,
Unseen, untouched places I wonder, terrified I touched thunder,
You laughed on my childish, when terrified me a time hunter,
You punished me a disease if my heart is cruel n’t kind.

Nobody can hide something, whatsoever a person is clever,
You chased always everyone and got a heartbeat message,
Nobody knows how old you are why do you live forever?
You can disclose any fact but nobody can disclose your age,
Always you have happily dance Noone sorrow can you cover.
You are a cleaner cleans dirt but nobody pays you wage.

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Last Time

Remember last time when you sat on that chair,
It was totally nothing near fun.
And as you breathed the heavy air,
You began to yawn and wanted to shun,
What your instructor was talking of here and there.
And time passed; there was nothing to be done.
You already passed away without giving a care,
Appearing in a place that made you run.
And yes you were fast, surly should have won,
But it all went blank with just a flare,
And there lied before you a weight of a ton,
And waiting it sat, seeming easy to share.
But the time was up, everyone at the door,
And you began crying and fell to the floor.

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The Portrait

Her legacy of beauty hung unchanged
and serious above my cluttered desk.
The shadows sketched unworldly creatures-strange
anomalies around her. Their grotesque
demeanor's: demonic-wildly dancing
a celebratory rite on the wall.
Dubiety! Perhaps I am dreaming.
And yet I still observe ethereal, 
surreal visions. Perhaps pinch myself
That's it! I'll twist a bit of living flesh.
Oh! Ouch! The pain is real as life itself.
The portrait! …Changed! Her likeness diminished
by far. Her comely grace I once beheld
become a hag where beauty once had dwelled.

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Lady Dark

Lady who abides in my heart's dark realm,
Beautiful obsession,by my decree;
Muses guide my mind's eye,your at their helm,
Fascination,though fixed,so are you free.
Eyes as tea,light hinted like leaves unread,
Truths ever to remain beyond my reach;
Smile so rare,my soul felt tapped,as though bled,
For my love's been drawn,my pen's now my leech.
Upon your slim figure,memory slides,
Where once,my rough hands caressed your form,fair;
Where I stood,imagination now strides,
To tangle again in your raven hair.
   You'll ever be hid by my shade,dear girl,
   Always my eternal evening's sweet swirl.

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Upon the ledge where sits the sparrow,
I ventured there to climb and crawl.
Though it got so very narrow
I had no fear that I would fall.

I looked upon the world below me.
I saw them all as tiny ants.
If they looked up, would they see,
would they notice, should they glance?

I feel alone upon this ledge,
Forever pushing toward the edge.

(I call this a baby sonnet)

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My Message

O’ Wind, O’ Wind, Could you convey my message to God?
Why do you produce these all if you can’t maintain?
Everyone wants to live in peace but n’t a human brain,
Only innocent are beating clever man has a power rod.
Although a person is hungry but carrying on a load,
A poor person has no life and no sources for gain,
Everyone seems opportunist nobody is honest fan,
A man is only so mad he has disturbance mod.

Mercy and forgiveness only a tale of weapons,
Religion is present chapter how to kill innocent?
Tears and sorrows are only innocent happens,
Nobody can speak truth it is my main hint,
God is truth and whole truth seems only fear burdens.
Could you ask to God please repair human dent?

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Poetic Rambling

Celestial travelings of the mind
As visions take us far and wide
To places distant, hard to find
So happy we’re not kept inside

Within our minds we travel far
As poets we traverse the earth
Wandering souls are what we are
A granted right since our own birth

With imagination and talents honed
Our words became transport modes
Using our inflections, tense and tones
We’ve traveled on so many roads

We are voyagers so free to explore
Wandering mind’s galaxy and so much more

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World's Gifts

As hard as one can possibly stare
I stared into the setting sun
My retinas burned on solar flare
Yet, I didn’t turn ‘til it was done

I promised self to take the time
To witness beauty upon descent
Just what really inspired rhyme
Now I know just what they meant

For life, a sleepless voyage be
Can be changed if we only choose
Take the time, yes, try to see
Gather it all, you cannot lose

This, I learned then to be true
I share it now to give to you

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Be Not So Gentle

O lovely woman,be not so gentle
On my neck's nape,your caress still lingers;
Intentions of mysterious mantle
Play down my spine,as did your fair fingers.
Pressed close,only your voice above the din,
Asked me purpose in the rhyme of a song,
Truth,like your beauty,held long from within;
Your measured meaning,whether right or wrong.
Be noble,be proud,walk with your full height;
Though fine of waist,true weight's of your spirit.
Others want only to behold your sight,
I yearn your embrace,to be held in it.
   Though you require none else from here after,
   I'd forsake all to share in your laughter.

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Heaven's Gifts

Upon a stage of darkness, she appears before us
Casting upon us all, all that she wishes us to see
As the music of silence overtakes her very being
Her dance of nighttime preference, pleasures me

She is but a star, one of many, but yet so bright
With an aura about her, that lingers in my mind
Her radiance, while dancing for me, emits a glow
Of love eternal there, for other lovers to find

Either stationary or traversing the sky’s miles
Her beauty inspires poetry, love and song
The beauty of this star is never waning
As it lived within the heavens eons long

The stars beauty is one so forever bright
Cast upon us mortals for sheer delight

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Dressed In Me

Dressed in black
A mood of dread
Hiding my existence
Wishing I were dead

Dressed in white
A mood of peace
Harmonious persona
Of beauty to release

Dressed in pink
A mood of tenderness
Perky and amusing
A moment without stress

Dressed in blue
A mood of gloom
Depression commencing
For an inevitable doom

Dressed in grey 
A mood of subtle tone
Not quite as dark
But a need to be alone

Dressed in purple
A mood of passion
Vibrant and seductive
Yet depicting compassion

Dressed in me
A mood unknown
Irate and passive
Never carved in stone

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

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In Progress

Now,pry loose of you're empty sensation;
The telecast snares of the modern mage.
Flee it's glowing, numbing emanation;
Though, it's truly a sight, distraction's cage.                                           
Weary era, empty celebration;                                                             
Words, immaterial scribbles of rage.
No more endless, corrupt deformation;
Commit to author a new Golden Age!      
Pointless comment: poems hold no vocation!
Ignore all who'd say so; words of void sage.
Find the path of you're own true elation,
Discover a course, map you're own blank page.
      Permit none to accuse it as digress,
      Rejoice in this, your new work in progress.