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Sonnet Humorous Poems | Sonnet Poems About Humorous

These Sonnet Humorous poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Sonnet Humorous poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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elegant giraffes

He wondered if his verse was made for fools
and cretins that splish-splash alongside whales
composing dull sonnets was chased by bulls 
- by elegant giraffes and racing snails.

Amid the chickens in his country cot,
while gulping bourbon the pig-farmer writes
his scribble verse turns to an artless blot
and straight he gulps one more for his insights

Oh, detrimental muse of his confused,
absconding inspiration that evades
his talent which was alcohol-abused,
and like the content of each bottle, fades:

......Inspiring advent of a healthy burp
made pigs and chickens to comment "superb"!

© G. V. 06-27-2013 All rights reserved

Sponsor: Judy Konos
Contest Name: The Lazy Contest

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Why does a child have to go to school?
Why do we have to spend so much time working?
This seems simply cruel.
Isn't it just irking?

Some people say school is important for learning
Couldn't a child learn on their own?
It would cause much less yearning,
After all, we can learn from our phones.

I can somewhat see a parents point in sending their child to school.
But why would you choose what we wear?
It just allows us to look like fools,
We may as well come to school bear.

As you can see school is not fair,
So please don’t force us to go if you care.

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Thy sightly, blooming charm, gents' thoughts enthralled,
and attar's scent, their wonderment inflamed,
revealing and contoured thy dressing mould,
transformed their sentiments to status maimed!

The short, designer-made and bold tight skirts,
thy geodetic curves embraced like gloves,
where insolent, male feelings, made for birds,
provoked thine ardour and my savage shoves.

Thou courted wert, by the surrounding plebe,
that dull and raw, with amateurish flair,
undaunted forged inventiveness, and dweeb
they lionhearted tried to kiss your hair.

Disdained, the suitors though, exclaimed defeat,
thy beau's wrath proved their charming obsolete.

© 11-11-2013, G.V., All Rights Reserved
(sonnet, humor)

(Hmm... Don't let my smile cozen you. I am still very angry!)

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Teenage Blues

My whinny,crabby, hungry teen
Your stinky,spoiled and quite mean
You want, you need, you have to have
The latest,newest, modern fad

Your greasy, grimy, hands smear
My wall, light switches, and the mirror
Empty snack bags,with sweet and sour
Create tall,extensive buildings that tower

Your messy,your dirty,in need of a shower
Please make it quick,not loiter an hour
Your smelly,nasty, disgusting shoes
Are slowly  poisoning every room

Even with big mouth,rolling eyes and sighs
I would not trade you, I surmise

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Tasted So Good

I ate some fried catfish and it tasted so good!
Just how good did that fried catfish taste?
It tasted so good it made a hound dog slap a bull dog.
That had to have been some mighty fine vittles.

I ate some fried chicken and it tasted so good!
Just how good did that fried chicken taste?
It tasted so good it made a wolf howl and a grizzly bear dance.
That had to have been some mighty fine vittles.

I ate some fried crawfish and it tasted so good!
Just how good did that fried crawfish taste?
It tasted so good it made an alligator turn a somersault.
That had to have been some mighty fine vittles.

I ate some fried rat and it tasted so bad!
I had to throw it all up in a brown paper bag.

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A Couple for the Ages

Shall I muse about a famous duo for the ages?
Perhaps it should be Paris and Helen of Troy
Nay! Homer already has written a thousand pages
There's no way that I could ever touch the real McCoy

How about Mark Anthony and that hottie Cleo?
Now that's certainly a pair that sure stirred up a mess
But considering Julius Caesar, that's a trio
So I suppose I'll have to find another two, I guess

Has there ever been in the world so famous a pair
That not even a masquerade could ever disguise?
That wherever they showed up the folks would stop and stare
And regarding them almost couldn't believe their eyes?

Of all the famous duos with which the world's been blessed
I guess that it would be the pair on Dolly Parton's chest

March 20, 2013

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Golf Widows

What is it - this royal and ancient game
  That gets in your blood and under your skin?
That invites in men's hearts a peaceful aim
  Till you shank one and your head starts to spin!
Not just a game for sadists and killjoys
  Though it helps if misery becomes you;
New graphite, titanium and steel toys
  Vex me slowly but what am I to do?
I am hooked - addicted to the flagged green,
  And no persuasion can my scourge deny:
No finer joy (with pants on) has there been,
  But take my wife before my clubs - or DIE!
To all you gals who would have us not play
Hear this... 'tis the fairway or the highway!


Dedicated to my wife!

September 2004

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His chicken vanished from the face of Earth
unhappy and distressed connected so
with sites of poetry where lost pets' dearth
transformed to versicle expression's flow.

Logorrhea of namby pamby lines
and balderdash of verbose gardyloo
bombarded him with rounds of porcupines
stampeded unctuous like rabid gnoo.

But on the other hand he met some birds
composers of refined and sightly verse,
with glinting souls and clever words,
their intellect's expressions wise and terse.

And when he searched of who to value most
received his chicken's metrical riposte.

© G.V. 09-14-2013 All rights reserved

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Magic Beans

Someday I’ll find some Magic Beans to eat
Digest them in the comfort of my shed
They can be black or green or pink or red
The feeling of its warmth inside my tum
And maybe such a bean will go with rum
Then afterward the impetus will start
of breaking wind, to flatulate or fart
to run and hide and take with me the smell
I would not blend in company too well
If only I could make a bean that leaves
The odor of a lovely summer breeze
I’d even add a piquant taste to gel
a Magic Bean without the dire wrath
Exquisite food and not the aftermath

Ralph Sergi
January 8, 2015
Magc Bean Contest

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Take This Job And Stuff It

I worked in a bowlin' place settin' pins,

Tryin' not to let a ball break my shins!

In those days of yore, pins were set by hand,

And you had to hustle to beat the band!

I was around fourteen when I was hired,

And was around fourteen when I was fired!

The boss man paid me fifty cents per hour,

'Til one night our relationship went sour!

I advised him where he could stuff the job!

Said he, "Find another line of work, Bob!"

Couldn't face workin' there 'til I retired.

Found work pumpin' gas when I was rehired!

8 November 2014 - Entry for Sara Hendrick's "Jobs" Contest

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Karate Chicken

The girls in vain tried his sad soul to sweeten;
(why art thou laughing at his blackened eye?)
Malign and radioactive chicken,
you never loved or watered his bonsai!

Thou spaced-out sill maiden of delusion,
and frivolous, counterfeit struthio,
thy cackling leave gave tongue to contusion,
eloped with Foghorn Leghorn unto Rio.

Beloved of his aphotic thought's wit,
deserted cot due to thine abandon,
dawns sullen, chickenless, dolour permit,
- old taken snaps of you with his Canon.

Incomprehensible, soulless chicken
His saddened eye is karate stricken.

© 03-23-2013, G. V., All Rights Reserved

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Rush Hour

Thirty years on, across our globe, my daily ritual.
Alone, surrounded, marching silently forward,
the vast weight of humanity moving back and forth,
in an awkward dance, street theater for the masses.

A piano and a flute, emoting to this interlude, 
the analog broadcast, my chosen soundtrack, together 
with the metronomic pulse of my worn out wipers,
as they collaborate with the falling snow.  Half asleep,
I contemplate the sweetness of this etude, on the radio. 
Two instruments, a man and his car, a piano and a flute
building a theme and gathering speed, captivate me
as I am drawn in, the audience applauding in gratitude.

In this exalted state of grace, the light changed a little too fast,
and I was caught by the flash that soon will be a demand for cash.

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Leaving On A Jet Plane

As I soared at forty-thousand feet strapped in the aluminum-tubed aerie,
Racing through my skull was a tune made famous by Peter, Paul and Mary!
They made leaving on a jet plane sound so very romantic and swell!
Contrary to their soothing ballad, mine was the flight from hell!

Ah, the thrill of going through the security check still lingers,
Recalling a most "touching" pat-down by Freddy Feely Fingers!
I had to remove my belt, shoes and the change from my pockets,
And open my carry-on bag to prove I had no guns or rockets!

I was "squoze" betwixt two guys leaning on my shoulders snoring!
One was built like Hulk Hogan - the other as fat as Herman Goring!
A squalling kid hollered for the entire trip!  I suffered beyond belief!
I ordered a Manhattan on the Rocks in hopes of finding blessed relief!

About the flight, I told Betty Boop the attendant, "I'm tired of this fuss!
Next time I travel I'll skip all this nonsense and ride a Greyhound bus!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

NOTE:  I've suffered through many such flights wondering if the agony
           would ever end!

Entry for Debbie Guzzi's "Songs to Poetry" Contest

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Of Lust and Dissipation

A Spenserian Sonnet
(Mr. Snake falls in love with a garden hose)

Today I slithered up a grassy hill,
wet from the creek and eager to explore.
The urge to snare a mate devoured my will,
could not this be the day for me to score?

I spot you there beside the garden door, 
your slick green shape pervades my hungry sight.
Your golden head criss-cross my eyes before
your trim tight coil peals visions of delight.

Yet when I push my moves into the light
your body squirms and grows before my eyes,
and dread arises in a burst of fright.
You spit at me in angry spurts, surprise

me with a gush of clear and liquid spray,
while I make haste to scuttle fast away.

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My Best Movies

Along Came Polly and Final Countdown
are the two movies I have seen the most
both movies make me smile without a frown
I don’t watch movies that have any ghost

Along Came Polly is underrated
I think it’s funny and it’s really good
my two top movies are unrelated
and both of those movies I understood

The Final Countdown brings back memories
of a time when I was a younger man
when I’m watching that I relive glories
most memories I’ve tossed in the can

one’s a comedy the other’s sci-fi
nobody ever have to ask me why

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Post coitum omne animal triste est, sive gallus et mulier

Post coitum omne animal triste est, 

             sive gallus et mulier*


Yes, no cockerel who rules the cackling roost

   Will stomach slander from Latin master;

But who will stand aside and let the ghost

   Of hints slur old motherhood’s register.

Manhood must of needs hang its head in pain

   After all the sweat and toil in loins of love;

After millions of squiggly soldiers in vain

   Drop their lean tails at the egg wall alcove.

Only the fool who dares call woman’s bluff

   Shall learn hard way positions in bedstead;

Virile pride will sink in the depths of fluff

   While smooth gym-trained muscles rage instead.

   As they say hereabouts sur le vieil Continent

   La différence, Mon Sieur: lip’s shade content.


·     * “After the sexual encounter every animal is
excepting the cock and the woman.”


© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2005-2012. From the collection:

Poems Omega Plus, 2005. Rev. 2012.

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                                  My story is full of plot

                               It'll surely amuse you a lot

                              From a shop a bun I bought

                            Stealthily without being caught

                              Rested for a while in the cot

                               I was tired pretty no doubt

                            Soon with my wife yes I fought

                              Since  she wanted pizza hot

                            She was angry for I was a blot

                         Soon poured water on me with pot

                          Suddenly I woke from the bed rot

                        Only to douse her anger I thought

                         Moral is must for teacher and tot

                           Of course come might what..!!


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The Art of Jaw Reattachment

"You haven't a clue to what I'm talking about"
Perhaps that's not the best way to start off a piece.
Still I thought I'd warn you 'fore you opened your mouth,
this dire message of mine will be cryptic at best.
With rhythm and flow may you set your mind at ease,
for these words desire eager ears to stand the test.
Please allow me to pick your jaw up off the ground.
You've been gibb'ring nonsense ever since you read me.
Blind adoration in huge heaps like compost mounds,
clinging to all that my busy fingers writeth,
wasted on the teller instead of the story.
And thus the final words of a famous poet,
"You haven't a clue to what I'm talking about,
but allow me to pick your jaw up off the ground"

For the Impress Me With a Poem contest.

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Seeking Companionship

Desperately seeking companionship
Julie booked a cruise on a ship.
She met a very strange man there
with a beer belly and receding hair.

She ate the food and drank the drink;
the plumbing backed up, the whole ship began to stink.
For a solid week they were stranded there
with everyone running around in dirty underwear.

Finally the Coast Guard came and rescued them,
gave them cool fresh water and fed them spam.
Julie was glad to get back home but was sad she had no fun;
she contemplated her plight in life and decided to become a nun.

Julie knew that in a nunnery she would have no fun while there;
by this point she really didn’t care, at least she’d have clean underwear.

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Vinnie, VD, Vichy-

I painstakingly take down reading list.
(I thought that our dear teacher surely gist.)
“Of Bison Men”, antiquity : out o’ print;
and “Batcher in the Fry”, a concrete  stint.

“Odious Night in Gail”, seen fit to ban – 
Perhaps by an old “RAD at Sky March” fan.
And “Cellphone flowers of yellow and green”, 
From “Loose'y in the Sky with Diamonds”, seen.

“You Lie, Sees” on top of list of sorcerers  –
Our Homers being the main baseball scorers.
“Vinnie, VD, Vichy~”: Dude ate too much 
I do not understand the rash and rush…

A cross all incontinence, without much flare,
there grammar mistakes is to much too bare.

1.	Bison: Prehistoric animal, now extinct. Also, Bison Men Street Fighter = movie;
        Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
2.	The Catcher in the Rye is a 1951 novel by J. D. Salinger
3.	Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats
4.	Radetsky March by Johann Strauss Sr.
5.	RAD – abbreviation of many interpretations; also, slang for “great”
6.	The actual line from “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is: “Cellophane… “
7.     "Loose'y" is slang for cigarettes sold singularly
8.	Ulysses is derived from Ulixes, the Latin name for Odysseus, a character in ancient Greek literature. Odysseus also known by the Roman name Ulysses was a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and a hero of the blind poet, Homer's epic poem, the Odyssey.
9.	Julius Caesar said this when described how/what he did on his campaign. (veni (I came), vidi (I saw), vici (I conquered). Colloquially used by teenagers as an expression for conquests of the opposite sex. "Vichy" as in vichysoisse, a cold potato soup
10.	In the final couplet I vent my frustration with the incorrect usage and spelling which I often encounter in script; spelling and grammar which change the intended meaning of the text.
11. Written in: A quatorzain (from French quatorze, fourteen) is a poem of fourteen lines. Historically the term has often been used interchangeably with the term 'sonnet'. Various writers have tried to draw distinctions between 'true' sonnets, and quatorzains. Nowadays the term is seldom used, and when it is, it usually is used to distinguish fourteen line poems that do not follow the various rules that describe the sonnet. I followed the Shakespeare sonnet style with the volta at the COUPLET:"In Shakespeare's sonnets, however, the volta usually comes in the couplet, and usually summarizes the theme of the poem or introduces a fresh new look at the theme." ~ Wikipedia 

6 July 2013

Sponsor	Roy Jerden
Contest Name	Malapropisms and Mondegreens

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Her flawless beauty caught his eye
His head turned his heart followed
Skin of creamy translucency
Her body motion, he saw it flowed.

As a yacht upon the azure sea
Her body she sashayed down the street
Skilfully tacking from windward to lee
His eyes and heart all at once did meet.

His body yearned to feel her close
Her hair flicked windward calling him
His skin tingled inside his clothes
Feeling stirrings an exciting whim

Growth did begin but stung back to reality
With his wife by his side afraid of his mortality.

© 10/03/2013 ~GG~

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What Possessed Them

Twelve and twenty black birds baked in a pie
Sounds to me disgusting, would probably make me die
I hate those big blackbirds that pilfer on the street
I can't imagine that they would ever taste sweet

What kind of baker would bake them in a pie
Sounds like he was drinking or probably getting high
I like my pies with fresh fruit or creamy custard
I can't even imagine a pie that's filled with black birds

Sometimes those authors of Mother Goose rhymes
Must have been with Edgar cutting up some lines
Or maybe with that Lewis Carroll smoking opium
For the things they wrote back then were more scary than fun

Living in a shoe, or being Jack so quick
It seems ridiculous to jump over a candlestick. 

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Why do we delve in school all day and night

Why do we delve in school all day and night?
Sunrise and set, both see egos engrossed
In education used by us to boast
And overtake, regardless of how slight.
Our Grade Point Average must define our worth!
Exams, essays, homework; praise them wholly!
Our university’s prestige decrees
Whether or not we each deserve our birth.
A battle fought with cap guns, noisy toys;
The animals, stuffed full with bulging fluff
Dress up, our feet are touched by dad’s shirt cuffs;
These games are played by infant girls and boys.
How easily high intellect astounds
The geniuses with brains of Play Dough mounds!

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While Languishing

While languishing, I find myself (again)
forlornly wandering into this room.
I spy the one for which I have a yen,
but merely watching cannot quell my gloom.

A blue, like robins’ eggs, and cherry red,
the colors of her roses that entice,
adorn the velvet sheet of white that’s spread
upon this temptress, stimulus for vice.

I know I should be strong and never start,
but like some rodent crazed, I want to crawl
my way into that center creamy part,
then wallow there and feel no guilt at all.

But since I'm sweetly beckoned, I partake,
my diet foiled by luscious birthday cake.

(An oldie to post since I am not inspired enough
lately to write for any contest)

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The Terrible Ghastly Beastliness of The Potato Cadaver Undead Revival

 The Terrible Ghastly Beastliness of
The Potato of Terror, April 24th 2002

They dug him up with a great pointed spade,
Awoke him from his rest of ninety years,
And O what a great bellowing he made,
And shook his fists, and twitched his pointed ears!
For there was much skullduggery afoot,
And horrid ghastly beastliness besides,
The Spud Maiden's Swan Song had taken root
Deep in his soul and tuberous insides.
Her tragic voice had roused the pixie throngs
Provoked the wrath of tuber overlords,
And small brown furry things in rubber thongs
Sprang to their feet and brandished tiny swords.
King Edwards, Caras! Hide your youngest sons!
A vast undead potato this way comes!

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Graciously Does It

Graciously she walked into the ballroom hall
Confidently treading, careful not to fall
Buffet on the side where careless people dropped
Grapes and other things which needed to be mopped

Graciously she walked to make eloquent handshakes
Not noticing the floor and discarded fairy cakes
A scream and then a thud she landed in full sight
Of all the guests around on this once a year night

Ungraciously she walked away to hide her reddened face
And to clean herself up and to wash away disgrace
Mutters in the room were heard, "it must have been those heels"
They stood around judgementally picking at their meals

Graciously she walked up to the venue hosts
When she mentioned litigation they turned as white as ghosts

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swearwords in literature

Swear words in Literature 

A couple walking along the road, he has got a folded umbrella
she carries a parasol. It begins to rain he opens the umbrella
 and they walk on towards the plateau. Rain has stopped sun 
shines, she opens the parasol, a playful wind comes grabs it, 
throws the parasol up in the air and broken it falls amongst rocks. 
The sun is fierce and they suffer much before they reach a tree 
of wisdom on the highland – the only one- and seek shelter in
its cooling shadow and green leaves.
We have suffered, the couple moan, the tree that has books 
sheltering in its crown, literature that seek forgiveness for ever 
have being published; full of bland, polite words and not given 
wit and humour by their creators, fall down as the tree shakes 
its massive crown in disbelief and says” Why the **** didn´t 
you open the umbrella?” 

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I know you craved for a poem
but there is a bigger problem:
I am stuck with the word seven
rhyming with the word heaven.
Maybe, from the spring I drank
merely poured verses in blank,
but no, an orphic power compels  
and the poem flees and rebels.
So this is the best gift I have,
perhaps gray like a cold grave.
You may even claim it is fine
but I will not write a new line,
until my muse arouse again
and poesy is set to entertain.

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Yet another lover

When yet another lover flees my cat sized bed
and leaves me wild and comely in the night
I wonder if it's unknown words I've read
Or is it that my eyes have taken flight?

I tempt the sin with all my female parts.
They feel I'm like a spider with a bat,
to cure ,devour,digest my ghoulish pests,
They think they should be learning on the sat.

But some who mind me feel they have been robbed.
I give them all detention,I'm a liar.
I give them generous fare and sing sheeps' songs.
I give them comfort like a hellish fire

Oh,come back ,bad boy ,don't desert me yet,
The clothes I thrashed for you are not quite set.

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The Misfit 

When I first came to Algarve I thought I had 
to blend in I went to British bars and met
expats, who had never been to a Portuguese
restaurant, yet spent time whining about 
the country they lived in now and the country 
they had left.  Undeterred I tried to fit in and
bought second hand golf clubs and became
a member of a nine hole golf course. 

I found the so called sport tedious, but was 
intrigued by what is called the rough where I
found bird nests, rabbits and beautiful flowers.
“**** the nature follow the ball,” an irate Brit 
shouted at me. In the mood of fitting in, I did 
that, but l let my membership payment laps.