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Hate Sonnet Poems | Sonnet Poems About Hate

These Hate Sonnet poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Hate. These are the best examples of Hate Sonnet poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Love to Hate Hate to Love

Lessen not thy pain heal thy broken hearts.
Rejoice forth for a new love shall arrive.
Penance shall not ease it, with pain alive.
For fault of your ways, begin with new starts.
Fault of another, remember their parts.
Take it slow, not infatuations drive.
Let love come easy, for it to survive.
Feeling love survives, physical departs.

Substantial feelings last forever more.
Obsessions get lost, hurting our ways.
True love has no touch or act at the door.
Just be together, seals dearest displays.
My poetic words are wisdom to score.
Play your hand, live either joys or dismays.

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Love Hated

Love; over rated
Both paupers and kings
Razor-barbed brass rings
How strangely fated
For this I've waited?
My soul groans then sings
My heart soothes then stings
Alas, Love hated
What am I to do
Where am I to go
Beg a magic brew
Steel my heart to you
Peace my soul may know
Alone... Love I rue!

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my enemy

Are you my real enemy? 
If you are, God bless you.
And if you aren’t, I will not curse you.
But, I have to know if ye are physical or eternity.

Do you know why I ask blessing for you? 
‘Cause this shows that I’m better than you, eased.
And no matter what, I got to say boo! ! ! 
‘Cause I know your envy is on what I possessed.

Perhaps, if you are a devil, I have nothing to do ?
Only ask for curse upon you, the gab ages.
And apparently, I hate you; well I do.
I believe, keeping in contiguous will make you lose the advantages.

I live my incredible life so easy, before I got burry.
So keep on hating, watch my back in a hurry.

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Evil Basks

It’s a dimly lit, darkly entombed spot Here sits a lone black weeping willow tree Night encroached leaving nothing you can see Its cold, nothing about this place is hot Not a ray of light surrounds to get caught Evil basks within the nooks quite empty She sits, there on a stump she sits flatly Devoid of emotion, hope isn’t brought Expressionless she stands with great power The tree bows right to her beck and call She stands mighty and tall like a tower Grove seems to be protected by a wall All who happen to see her would cower All she sees is hate, her soul crushes all * Left over Halloween poem, I forgot to post this, enjoy! Russell Sivey

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So stirs the hearts of all, in great delight,
   to raise a banner high, the march of fate;
to lead the way, where only dark of night,
   might find a way to quench the thirst for hate;   
Determined, each is blest to heed the call,
   of self appointed leaders of the day, 
the good, the bad, the dead, but butchers all,   
   one crowned in light, the others in decay!

To follow is the way, if wrong or right,
    determined by the one who stands at last,
we glow in judgement as if Heaven might
    just comprehend the end that binds us fast.

      and when we see it come around once more,
      all wonder is what leads us on to war?
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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shakespeare parody 2k14

Shall I compare thee to a most foul stench?
A skunk’s sweet-smelling aura more lovely
Than that ugly face which makes my fists clench.
Pray you leave; that we should be so lucky!

Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is your pale complexion broiled,
To peeling, pasty, unnat’ral pink lines,
Reminiscent of a red lobster, oiled.

But soon, sweet sleaze-ball, thine sunburn shall fade
And leave in its wake, that china-fair skin,
Which glitters bright e’en in afternoon shade;
So strange I suspect you are but pure sin.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives my complete hatred for thee.

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For My Unborn Seed and Girlfriend

Dam girl when Im locked up you set me free/ 
When Im not myself you set me free/ 
Im behind the lock and you got the key/
 Im blind with hate but you helpmy love see/ 
WhenIm lot and alone you take the lead/
 Without you I could have never planted my seed/ 
I hate to say it but you make me better/ 
You know I love you even without this letter/ 
When Im cold with sadness you my comfort warm sweater/
 I know I can be a bad boyfriend but Im going to be a better father/
 I might have wanted a son, but it really didnt matter because now you having my daughter/
 Im guess Im too stubborn girl with me why you even bother/
 my heart gets heart gets colder but for you it only gets hotter........

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Never Again

Never again do I want to go through pain
Never ever again
Love, blessed word for the fools
Has been for me one of the most murderous tools

Love, bringing me to my knees
Hoping the heavy rain would cease
Love, never returned to my sorrowful heart
Never making of me the other sweetheart

Torn and bent
Drowned deep in torment
Love is now meant to be forsaken
For never again do I wish to be broken

Strength, strength do I need to live, only strength
Such does keep me alive with good breath!

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To A Child Who Has A Disorder

Children with an illness,
Go through life,
They are looked down apon,
Because they are different,
When really they are not,
They are no different from  you and me,
They have the same blood,
Running through their bodies,
Just as their hearts as well,
So, don't just look apon,
Their outer appearance,
And judge them,
For who they really are,
For a lot of them,
Are smarter and brighter,
Than you and I,
Could possibly be,
On our brightest day,
For they have the gifts,
From God up above,
So, always take the time,
To get to know their inner beauty,
For who they really are,
Cause they too need love,
Just as everyone else does,
If not even more.

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right and wrong are no longer clear as bell
the truth at times can be worse than a lie
God is in Heaven and Devil in Hell
all the truths we seek may be in the sky

here on the Earth there is more confusion
wars being fought as the poor being ignored
doesn’t matter Muslim Buddhist Christian
we all have a desire to move upward

it’s our hate and ignorance that hurt us
similarities not differences
we need open dialogue without fuss
we all need to unite without fences

let’s do like Lennon’s song Give Peace a Chance
then we all can enjoy French fries in France