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Happy Sonnet Poems | Sonnet Poems About Happy

These Happy Sonnet poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Happy. These are the best examples of Happy Sonnet poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Poet's Happy Dream

I found myself against a willow propped.
The stones nearby me were a hundred-fold.
and one by one I tossed them as they plopped
into a rill while other pebbles rolled,
as if with one accord, away from me.

Their hundred ripples bubbled sweet champagne.
I drank. . . and then I tasted poetry.
saw flowers dance, and nothing was mundane!
Elysian then became the air I breathed.
The sun glowed purplescent.  Hocus-pocus!
I lay in greenest green while music wreathed
the meadow, lulling me. . . till I lost focus.

I woke to dusk and that inquietude
that ever shadows my dark solitude.

 For PD's GREEN contest (old poems only)

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Above the Clouds

The summer sky is such a pretty blue
above us, looking like a tranquil sea..
There are not many clouds except a few.
Up there with you is where I’d love to be!

I picture us both soaring to the sky
into that oceanic blue expanse;
above the clouds is where we ought to fly,
where, like two joyful angels, we would dance!

We’d spin about as if our feet had wings
that lightly touched on an unparalleled 
softness! And in my imaginings, 
I see us there with happiness unquelled.

Removed at last from earthly cares and crowds,
we’d stay in cool blue sky above the clouds.

For  Drake Eszes' Above the Clouds poetry contest

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Her Beauty Didn't Stall

Elaborate, softly tailored to suit She’s sure more beautiful than very cute Exquisite form, flawless in many eyes Details of her delight, there’s no disguise She likes to wear tight dresses, to show off I hardly noticed her feeling quite scoffed Because many were ignoring her here She’s just a normal guest it would appear I walked up to her, a smile on my face She saw my approach and ruffled her lace I began to speak with her, this goddess And we talked the night through, I did impress Her beauty didn’t stall, I kept going Now she holds a love that keeps on giving
Russell Sivey

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Winter sonnet

The trees stretch silver branches
In the late December sun ,
The robin perched there watches
As we offer him our crumbs.
The elegance of shapes laid bare
Forgives the winter cold.
And side cast sun rays clearly
Touch the embers of my soul.
Too soon the quarter moon will rise
To send the sun away.
So let us all wipe clean our eyes
To see what Winter says.
 For all the while the world rotates,
Regardless of our fate.

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Baby, you remind me of a bunny, 
sweet loyal and trustworthy
you always make life funny
when we're not together, i miss you badly,

you notice things no other man bothers to notice,
when i look into your blue eyes i see the true me,
my exes made me feel worthless
that's why i believe in our family,

when we speak i feel the love 
when you smile at me i could swim in your dimples
our hands fit together as snug as gloves
and one hug from you makes life seem simple

I'm so happy you are my boyfriend
i never want this relationship to end. 

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Chess is an intellectual game
It's not  at once you can so easily play
To practice and practice helps the same
Many a loss will be indulged  as long as you can stay

Ladies and opponents of wealth are usually at the table
for the poor must be at work so hard
In the garden or when it rains playing in a stable
the game will always challenge the bard

As youth disappears you are filled with cunning
sitting at chair and table for hours fully entrapped
To play outside with the soft wind sunning
Once you play so long you'll be trapped

As a child or woman is the time to start
for chess my ladies is a work of art.

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Laughing Devil saddens me on happy a occasion

Was having gala time with friends in Niece's marriage function 
Spirited friends thought of having bhang* for fun of rarity 
Greedy of mild floater effect, scary of hangover, finally gave in for fun 
Toast raised with glass of 'bhang', few more and began party  
Intoxicated, Laughing Monster seized me, laughed with insanity 
Friends tried all to normalise laughing tantrum 
But monstrous laugh only gained momentum 

Panic mounted, as I was summoned by Panditji*for marriage ritual  
As a maternal unclr, had to perform customary ritual with bride-groom  
Stuck with intoxicated laugh, but serious was ritual, embarrassed one and all   
Gained normalcy post ceremony, cursed self, all fired, pity having no room  
Pledged never to indulge in bhang, took a life-time vow soon 
Marriage album without my ritual snap, still condemns me  
Memory of laughing devil, on happy a occasion still saddens me  

PS (*) :
a) Bhang - Indian hemp, a milk concoction, having potential of queer intoxication 
& narcotic effect. Intoxication high results in mad indulgence of repetitive action 
for many hours. The action, one is engaged in at the beginning time of knock-out 
state perpetuates for many hours e.g if one was laughing... he will continue to 
laugh for many hours....   

b) Panditji – Priest performing marriage ritual


Rhyme scheme : a-b-a-b-b-c-c

( Entry for Members contest – The Devil made me do it by Thvia Shetley)

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Sunshine and Rainbows

Childhood days of long ago, were sunny.
I seldom had a reason for a tear.
If sadness should come unexpectedly,
Strong, loving arms of comfort would be near.
Welcomed after a quartet of loved sons,
I was my parent’s long awaited girl.
They and my four brothers doted on me.
Life was the fabled oyster, I the pearl.

Sheltered as I was from life’s disasters,
When even my young brothers did their part
To show me the beauty all around me,
I could not help but grow a happy heart.
Though sadness has accosted me at times,
My happy heart has softened it with rhymes.

Written:  May 23,2012 

Theme (2) “Happy Heart”

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The Happy Children

Since fall, they’ve stayed where they had first been put
away from human view beneath the earth.
Through chill of winter, longing to take root,
they lie, dear tender babes, awaiting birth.

Snow melts into the ground and down comes rain.
The unborn infants hear the pattering
and feel the warmth when Sun, aroused again,
shines brightly forth to welcome sister Spring.

Their lovely colored heads all in a row
emerge by end of March from Mother’s womb.
How fleet the time each child then takes to grow.
How brief the span of each sweet Tulip’s bloom!

Each year reborn, they’re twofold. . . mourn them not.
More’s the merrier. . . they’re a happy lot!

April 6, 2012

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Day of the new Dawn

And the day arrives, day of the new dawn
where I can play my own moves, no longer a pawn.

Learning from every moment, every creature 
thus starts my new affair again with nature

Eager, excited and looking around for more 
mind racing almost through every store

Leaving behind , memories of past
few sweet, few sour, who knows, how long they last

A new found innocence, like a new born baby
I find myself curious and crazy

Walking on a new path, just the beginning,
no idea how long I would have this feeling.

And yes! the day has arrived, day of the new dawn,
capturing all happiness ,my portrait has finally been drawn.