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Sonnet Goodbye Poems | Sonnet Poems About Goodbye

These Sonnet Goodbye poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Goodbye. These are the best examples of Sonnet Goodbye poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Last Sigh of Goodbye

"Last Sigh of Goodbye" charming candlelight lost radiant glaze emotions vanished into twilight dust broken pieces of heart swallowed in maze as passionate masquerade died in lust. fleeting embers of deceit bid adieu' one last sigh of goodbye stole life's faint breath a love letter spoke words of love untrue in painful fond farewell eyes closed in death. beyond dark grave lies loneliness and tears 'tis better to have loved and lost in life yet ultimate betrayal spirit sears impaling soul with wounds deep thrust of knife. painted finale' carved in canvas cries caressing love in bouquets of goodbyes. *For Harry Horsman's Goodbye Contest. *Nov. 15, 2012.

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Message to My Heart

Oh heart, your voice I will no longer heed
You clamor in your need for love fulfilled
You crave my blood, and so for you I bleed
I wait the moment when your beat is stilled

Your chambers cherish dreams of one sublime
A beating requiem of love denied
Erratic rhythm testament to time
When in his hands your love was well confined

Now, hear my plea, and listen to my voice
He will not hear your rapid dying sigh
You must move on, to you is left no choice
Or else, be still, and find the will to die

Dear heart, dare not to take another breath
Unless you vow to seal his love in death  


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My Angel

Your love is like a fall’s crisp kiss
I can walk a thousand miles to get away from you
I can swim to the bottom of the ocean blue
I can fly a million feet up, way high in the air
I can pretend each day that I just don’t care
Yet I am sorry for the way I acted, the words I left unspoken
When I think of how we ended, my heart feels way too broken
Do you really feel this way, my presence do you not miss?
You made it clear your heart has no place for me anymore
I will move on and hope to find another to love like you
I will walk away, our memories in my heart I’ll store
Never allowing my mind to believe that it is true
For I loved, I lost. But as a friend I will never again tell
That you hold my heart forever, you are my Angel.

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Many goodbyes

So many ways to say goodbye hwyl fawr is what you say
when  your leaving  here in Wales and trying not to cry
Farvel you say in Denmark used extensibly each day
Hating the final words which they themselves imply..

Now the italians say it with  feeling shouting Addio
with  such aplomb, not like the subtle way of the  czech
they say the word  Sobhem . Whilst In turkey gule gule
is goodbye said with kissing cheek and hugging neck

No matter how we say it goodbye's a final thought
whether its just for 5 minutes  or a lifetime walk
the begging eyes of those we leave behind are caught
saying be back soon so we can walk and talk.

Goodbye to love, goodbye to hurt, goodbye
to life, goodbye to strife, goodbye to goodbyes

Au revoir

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Not Enough

To in love with him but playing his heart,
don't know what i want from love,don't know how to love with my heart.
don't know how to love with my heart,
i love with mind.

Afraid to love with my heart,
afraid of the consequence that might come with it.
Not enough to love him,not enough to love myself
not enough to love another soul,afraid to be hurt again
the love one that once loved me said he`ll never hurt the soul and heart that love so dearly.
to much in love with I'm that i was playing his heart.

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Demi God

You're the soul of God Apollo teaching, 
A pied piper delighting followers.
The Shaman giving hope to those seeking, 
You gave an image of life unfettered. 
Your life was a fight, you dreaded sheep life,
And your lips in hell burn before you tell. 
Guiding sight giving needed life insights,
Demi God unknown to self, born to help.
You were a bright sun with a golden hue,
Welcoming door, an un-corralled stallion.
You’re the greatest teacher I ever knew,
To live a life as you, to inspire youth,
Who will quest for you, and I say I shall.
Our sprits locked, miss a lot, Professor Al.

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To Bring Clock Immobilized For A Moment

(A tribute poem to Connecticut Shooting victims)

Whilst time is not in our hands to bear
Whispering hushed sound, steals someone’s life
A lithe gunman brandishing gun to err
If only I hold time, I’ll stop the strife

The ephemeral laughter of childhood
Bequeath memories to posterity
Be an advocate for gun ban, I would
Parents felt like dry leaf in an eddy

I speak of my thoughts, hopes, and prayers
A glimpse of dulcet smile one last chance
Felicity in heaven cloaked the fears
For these children once have a dalliance

One by one, far and near, gunshot broke out
In silence, their presence you can’t live without

Posted also in (Jan. 2, 2013)

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Moving On

selling a half double never easy
guess they want a whole house and nothing else
and selling our house is a bit crazy
at this house I’ve had my share of some belts

my wife is sick and tired of the people
she is from Jamaica and misses home
we have worked many jobs as a couple
and my life with her is always awesome

I’ve been here for a large part of my life
I have no clue what the future will bring
maybe soon we’ll be gone me and the wife
maybe we’ll be somewhere else by next spring

I always hated moving but I will
for this life of mine is always a thrill

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O my baby
Do you think this is easy?
Walking away from possibilities
Accepting this present reality
Look deep in me...See
O my baby
Do you think this is easy?
The only changes is I don’t have you
And I feel like I can’t breathe…crushed
O my baby
Do you think this is easy?
I still dream…future
I still feel…you… connection
I still…I still…I still want you…temptation
O my baby
Do you think this is easy?
O my baby 
Do you think this is easy? 

Written 1999

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Started in the season of buds and sweets
Ended after a course as the sun sets
Full of doubts from assorted tricks and treats
A departure is as good as it gets.
Flashing on the thoughts of once a timid
A few Zs are enough to bring pleasure
Could not blink at how stress becomes rigid
Situation calls for a strong measure.
Being used to this torture brings comfort
Ironic as the reasoning may seem
Ignorance is the delay of some sort
Though bitterness stands as it goes extreme.
Taking a walk is a sequel to gain
Another phase is eager for no pain.

Looking back, the timid grew social wings
Mimicked those of butterfly’s and dragon’s
Alights on the spot where others’ smog clings
This becomes one of daily traditions.
Indebted for the wisdom of mentors
Who prevailed upon with supreme concern
Never had given up hope as the source
Truly mastered the mix of mild and stern.
And yet leaving has been contemplated
Personal growth needs to be magnified
Epiphany has been compensated
Being torn by progress and warmth that died.
Halfhearted with the decision that’s made
Still, such recurrence if the timid stayed.

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Sonnet For My Father

He was my father, he brought me home.
I was his second son, not so alone.
Something was taken, not far, but long,
today I remember, this lifeline is gone.

Broken foundations, bridges and stones,
teetering traces of my tears on his bones.
Emptied my pockets, nothing but loans,
never again will I reap what he sows.

Hold up the truth to the light as he fades,
I am the bridge that collapsed from the waves.
excuse to apology, attempts to explain,
love for my father is all that remains.

Look up to the sun, crown for his last day,
watching it set as his soul fades away.

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For My Departed

You walk out the door and take with you my heart
And say that one day you will return
For you knew that you loved me from the start
But just how much you loved me I still needed to learn

So I stand in the doorway and look down the road
Hoping your figure will come round the bend
My mourning heart would be consoled
And the days of waiting should end

I swear I'll stand by you forever
If you swear to return to my side
The ties of our love, No one can sever
For in eachothers hearts we each reside

Come back to me and you shall see
I will love you for eternity

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Remember me? Does my voice resonate in your hollow soul?
Ponder on your sins, muse over a girl whose spirit you set out to abolish.
You thought you were my kryptonite. You are but another iron that branded me with resilience.
You feared and despised what you could not contain.

Like rocks and river, always clashing, never mingling.
Incompatible our minds fought a war. You were consumed in violence
and I chose silence. We were feuding vortexes in your chasm of demise. 
However, I carried on, unto worlds unknown to your hatred for beauty.

Still your screeches rise to the heavens, while in them I soar.
Do you think the remnant of your arrows effective anymore?
Do you feel so dignified within the walls of your insecurities?
Do you believe yourself to have penetrated the heel of Achilles?

Never were you my destruction,
merely a distraction…

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Girl, just close those dreamy eyes
Get over here for your big surprise 
Release your inhibitions to me
The two us playing the marquee 

Girl, stop flashing those angel eyes
You're stirring up my devil deep inside
Come closer, I have a confession to make
You're beautiful and my heart you did take

Girl, You and me baby were never a miss
The moonlit talks, the everlasting kiss 
You are my glory, my meaning, my sun
Nights of pleasure, days of fun, we're one

Girl, don't you weep, don't say goodbye
Don't leave, we must give it another try

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my daily

just a day longer.
and waiting just another marker.
too much time to bother.
patience wins against a lie the jealous heart its author.

comfort in the crater.
waters tide has washed.
stain free
separated flesh the ghost now atop the leafs
i feel truly free to wander.