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Sonnet God Poems | Sonnet Poems About God

These Sonnet God poems are examples of Sonnet poems about God. These are the best examples of Sonnet God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Gift From God - A Sonnet

I am a wish a prayer from mortals lips
That reached heaven and  touched God’s fingertips
And returned to earth wrapped in flesh and blood
A  gift from God’s unconditional  love

So love and cherish me as God does you
And guide and teach me well in all I do
And through the years a garden we will grow
Filled with the fragrant beauty of the rose

And on the day I reach maturity
And feel the need like leaves to leave the tree
To show the world the colors that are  me
Rejoice in all the beauty that you see

For I am your  child the gift that God gave
No More than a wish and a prayer -  away. 

Author:  Elaine George

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I feel God's breath in nature

Irish sonnet

I feel Gods breath in nature

The birds are singing. Beautiful it be
The trees are swaying on the morning breeze
Oh how it fills me with such mystery
Oh my, how nature fills me with such ease
I love the flowers; love the birds, and trees
I feel Gods breath in everything that grows
Something it glows within the heart of me
A force of love so deep within me flows
When I’m with nature something in me knows
That God is good, how can this not be true
When birds sing out, I always feel his glow
The perfume of the flowers brings it too
Oh, nature, how she thrills me through, and through
Seems, God is there in everything I do

17 November 2014

Irish Sonnet
Obviously influenced by the English sonnet there ia also still a Celtic influece in making a link from stanza to stanza.. It still follows the three quaterns and a couplet pattern, but each stanza is linked to the next giving a rhyme pattern of;
a. b. a. b. . b. c. b. c. . c. d. c. d. .d.d.
Here is an example. It is written in 10 syllables throughout.

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The Gem

THE GEM As precious stones are hidden and entwined In minerals of ordinary worth, They must be found, professionally mined From common, rocky layers of the earth. Extracted, polished, cut, they'll stand apart As valued gems. Neglected, they will share In earth's destructive force—erosion's art— Dissolve away with nature's wear and tear. Oh God, you are both mine and miner; strip This soul embedded in your work of clay, And let your tools of grace and fellowship Preserve the gem of Love from life's decay. Cut many facets that reflect and show— The worth of gem and miner in its glow. © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved ~3rd Place~ Contest: Precious Stones and Gems Sponsor: Anthony Slausen Judged 11/22/2014

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Et Portae Inferi Non Valebit, Gates of Hell shall not Prevail

Et Portæ Inferi Non Valebit
(And the gates of hell will not prevail)

Gates of Hell shall never ever prevail
promulgation of Truth forever stands
Soul and Spirit each rings a sounding bell
Fate's ruthless results judges all the lands

Vanities of all men foolishly praised
Spirit's dark desires bearing bitter fruit
Rejection of He that was truly raised
lies and corruption are the stolen loot

Righteous hearts look to Heavenly skies
sincere prayers, deliver such bless reward
Mankind races onward using blinded eyes
to an ending very bitter and hard

In the dark shadow of this evil world
Our Creator's redemption has been hurled!

Robert J. Lindley, 10-11-2014

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  93

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Shadows Past Cont

Shadows Past, Dance with memories of Yore
Shadows Past, Singing LOVE Songs for LENORE
Shadows Past, Crying Tears of agony
Shadows Past, Waiting for Eternity

Join together FOREVER and ALWAYS
Entwine with Lost Love in Heaven's Hallways
Ignite Love's Fire with a dying Ember
Shadows Past, Forgotten LOVE: Remember

I live in Death, waiting for death " To LIVE "
A Broken Heart prepares itself to Give - 
To YOU, LENORE: "My Everlasting LOVE"
A LOVE as Pure as GOD's Heavenly Dove

For Eons of Eternity as One
Spirit of GOD, Lenore and I : as ONE

Dedicated to Rebecca Larkin For Her Gracious Comment on "Shadows Past" (Rhyme)

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Moonlight Dance

(Kyrielle Sonnet)

I believe that God invented dance
because I've seen the horses prance,

and watched dancers intertwine;
a dance by moonlight is divine.

I've giggled as the swirl of leaves
surrendered to an autumn breeze;

thrilled at the dolphin's smooth line
gliding freely through moonlit brine .

I've mocked the robin's bob and run
in comic search for wiggle worm;

winked at stars in heaven's design,
whose dance in moonlight is divine.

Such joyful movement will enchant;
I'm glad that God invented dance.

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I am Jacob

Not now the Egypt of my death for I
Have not seen my Bethel yet, nor have I
The coat of many colors made, let me meet
First the soft Rachel of my enslaved years
My heart for her cannot yield to defeat
No Esau can assault my love with fears
Bend me only fore the God of the sky
Bow me to meet his boundless sovereign eye.

Then I shall rise my new name a crown for kings
And bring that boy to bulwark mortal joy
In this Canaan, hear now my Rachel sings
Fox wit and grace, and love without alloy
I am Jacob, heir to the promise of God
Not yet to Egypt desolate I trod.
Look now this sky, more blue than all I know
Taste this water, how calm the rivers go
Feel now this peace, the angels singing slow
And yet all these hours like a prison seem
Like solid bars around my silent dream.
It is not for heaven yet I toil today
My treasures I lay in love, and toil still
Till my bright Rachel heeds and come away,
Only my longing shackles here my will.

How then met I her  soft moon's loveliness
First amidst the thirsty creatures, I am
Jacob, I see His will, his plan to bless
If I be steadfast, and trust in the Lamb   
I am Jacob, let me yearn, time's tame bars
Shall not my spirit's wings detain. Let toil
Not think it's too hard for me, I keep stars
In my loins to light my hope. Dreams recoil
Where love pushes me; my Rachel will be
Mine. This prison then of Laban's folly
Shall not crush my faith, in chains, yet I'm free
For grace my ransom paid. You may tally
Time in seconds brief, my God tallies it
In years. I am Jacob, soar my spirit
Now away, on angels ladder let me stay
Till Rachel brings anew my autumn day
For I shall claim atonement's jubilee
When her arms are wrapped tightly around me.
Come now, my Rachel, give me jar and string
Let me from the deep well draw, let me bring
Cool as praise the water up, I'm Jacob
Sit here awhile, and with your servant sup.
Fairer art thou than Esau's riches now
Better than Isaac's legacy that I stole
For you the labor of my life I vow
More precious than Laban's cattle or gold.
How beautiful thy face, thy dove's eyes shine
Brimming my darkness with sweet stars and moon
Surely you are that bride, that gift divine
You are my soul's Eden abloom in June
Come now, Rachel, give Jacob jar and string
I claim you a kingdom for God my king.

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Oblivion mind,
wandering in thoughts.
Idiotic smile,
promises and hopes.
Hand in hand,
tumbling on slopes.
This is love

Running away from this world.
Warm bodies sliding in sheets,
to find another world.
Burning in cold flames.
No fear ... no shame ... no games
This is love

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SUNDAY DINNER A hillbilly sonnet

        SUNDAY DINNER  (Hillbilly sonnet)
Ma's cookin now, so come and set a spell
and you can bet we'll have her Sunday best
before the settin sun, and who can tell
what's on her stove--but it will meet the test.

Can't you just smell that fryin chicken now?
And you must know the gravie's fresh and hot
for pourin on them taters--I allow
a little more than I should have--so what?!?

The butter it just melts on bread so light
to compliment the vegetables we grow,
now if you know a life that's half as right
as this, you'd better make it yours to know.

   And I will say the grace, to thank God for
   what He has give--so He will give us more.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Why did You leave me here, all alone?
You left me for the unknown.
I pray to You, o God my King
I pray to You for a small thing.

You see my heart weeping in tears,
You see my pain and sorrow.
I pray to You o God my King 
I pray, for better tomorrow.

I look for You up in the sky, o God
try to find Your reflection.
I pray so hard from all my heart
asking, for Your affection.

I’m asking You for happines my Lord.
Oh please, please hear my prayer.
I’ll share my love with all the world
I promise, I will share.

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20 February 2010

By: Noel N. Villalrosa

You are the essential part of my life
My awareness and pride striking hype
You are insignia of my existence
Interstellar in my reminiscence

In this world of choices and by chances
You hold my hands to hurdle in races
Always bargaining for my achievements
Through ups and downs, I run for confinement

We share each day, passion and offering
To Almighty God for brighter upbringing
Of our child to receive our guidance
And give us a pure strength and endurance

I thank God for blessing of you to me
My Cecilia, my wife and contemporary

2nd place winner
For Audrey Carey's Sentimental Love Letter Contest
Contest Date: 11/30/2010

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Paragon of Virtue

His logos, oh, God had photographed
and made young Jesus his negative!
That, for us to see, to paragraph
it in life, so our souls, be received. 

But what’s faith does to my biograph
that my blooming illusions believed?
His logos, oh, God had photographed
and made young Jesus his negative!

Faith is like snowflake, a calligraph,
on fingertips of my thoughts that give
a paragon of virtue to live,
a subjective plot upon a graph;
His logos, oh, God had photographed
and made young Jesus his negative!

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Oh, Science

Oh science, unforgiving in its might,
Hast found its words in the mouths of many.
Stopping people, as they seem to take flight.
Halting those whose minds imagine plenty.
I ask those who hone science as an art,
Why must you crush our dreams and desires?
For we and our dreams, we never shall part.
You would not know a dream from a wire. 
As you prove to some, God does not exist.
You do not see all their hope torn to shreds.
Heads down faces low, their life gone amiss.
It’s amazing how you hold up your head. 
Science, I ask you to tread from my place,
So that I may still show dreams on my face. 

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We Will Not Comply

We Will Not Comply

I never thought I’d live to see the day
When children would be taught that God is dead,
The flag we love, someone would take away,
Or leaders in corruption share a bed.

It matters not to me who ridicules;
I am American, I will rebel.
I’ll keep my God, my guns, my right to use
Free speech the truth to tell.

We never thought to live in tyranny—
Just to stand for truth could mean your life;
We need to recognize we are not free—
We will not save our country without strife.

Will we rise and claim our liberty
Or take the lies and bow to slavery?

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Who am I that you are mindful of me?
For my rancid sins you died that day
On that cruel cross, you made a way 
Down through time could you really see?
And somehow think of me at Calvary?
Just one breath away, every time I pray
Overwhelmed, don't know what to say
Lord, can it be that you really love me?
Yes it's true.. You've given life to love you
The potter has made the clay born again
Took what was old and made brand new
Made me a son and you called me friend
Now I'm the bride of Christ, yeah it's true
You wooed me as if I were a perfect ten! 

Form: Italian Sonnet
Contest: Regina's "Intimate Relationship Sonnet"
Date: 8-31-14

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Almighty - Shower your love and bless us

 This poem is dedicated to those who are suffering from natural disaster 
 wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Almighty - Shower Your Love !!!!! 

 Ohh my Almighty, Ohh my Nature..
 Everything was alright, everything was fine..
 But what made you do this????
 That you astringently affected the Life of Divine..
 Why you had lend with with no mercy..
 You showered your gift in terms of cursy..
 Drenching tears of the exciting people..
 Pangs of separation happened between lovely couple..
 How much it is aching to there pity family..
 Everyone got acceleratingly disheartened gradually..
 Just now left with the new dawn and the iota of Hope..
 Hey nature please try to rudenessly cope..
 Mankind struggling for their last breathe..
 Please bless them for our sake under your sheathe..

 Please endow them for their wellbeing and glorious life ahead!!!!

By Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

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''Why must we suffer hardships and disease''

"Why must we suffer hardships and disease?"
we often wonder. Pain, adversity,
war, famine, death...our philosophy
cannot put the questions to rest or ease.
Depression, mania, infirmities
of the mind,--subjects of psychology
that are all causes of man's great misery...
the most tragic end of these maladies
is death by self. But we're not without hope
or God's compassion; today we can go
on with meds and care: we learn to cope;
it's easy to lose faith when you are low
and in despair, but you are in God's scope
right now...this believe in and always know.

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Symphony is playing softly in the background.
He seems to be out more now.
He calls me regularly telling me his whereabouts.
Then he comes home after his workout.
Our relationship is on the up and up.
The heights we reach states we are a perfect couple.
     Our talk about the day brings a closeness.
     As the clock chimes late, we both sigh for a mental release.
We find each night of intimacy to be quite fulfilling.
This time we have together, we cherish.
Our wedding vows were written by each.
We rejoice.
We both play our part.
Our happiness is based on love and trust.

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Moon Is My Muse

I know man in the moon is very sad.
He's mourning that he has no lady fair.
I gaze in awe at his situation
And wonder why it is God put him there.
It may be there's a maid on nearby star,
The one who will find pathway to his heart.
Perhaps God put her there to be his love.
His happiness was planned right from the start.

The moon has always been my trusted muse,
Has comforted when I'm alone and blue.
When words won't come and inspiration wanes,
The moon has helped me to begin anew.
If God has planned romance for man in moon,
Perhaps my own love shall be coming soon.

Written; March 2, 2013 for contest "Moon is my Muse"

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Sonnet of a Lover and Sinner

What a grave sin, what abomination—a lover
Loving a man of his choice, astray, following heart’s desire.
Pray tell, whom have I wronged and what prayer
Is there to purge this unholy burning fire?

The Most Merciful and Forgiving
Truly You are. But for all I know, no devil
Writes such sweet songs, so divine and of love, to sing
And no virtuous prophet, untouched by Gabriel,

Could fully decipher what Your will is.
So let me believe this love is pure
To the day when Israfel fulfils his
Heavenly duty. And all will see for sure:

Us, entering Your radiant celestial garden;
For even Azrael understands love is God-given.

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'I dreamt of love in the years to come'

I dreamt of love (a love like driven snow,
unstain'd and virgin) in the years to come:
but years did come and went until (O woe!)
love, like the fall, decayed in my autumn.
Melancholic, I ne'er a princess met
or maiden-love with whom to spend the nights
of vernal youth. (Alas! 'tis best to forget
my life's too foolish dreams of its delights--.) 
Untaint'd by love, pure and innocent;
not spoil'd by life and sin in the very least:
I cast aside my prurient youth's bent,
forswearing myself all—now mine own priest!
     Now aged and effete, I've refused life (: love);--
     in return, I'm refused of God above.

01/22/2014, "Don't write for the contest" Contest

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'Which is better--To love or not to love--'

Which is better? To love or not to love
(a woman)? To love--and love well--is good
so long they who love love without falsehood
and count the other as their heart's pet dove.
To befriend (her) is better; never shove
a lady-friend into a lover, should 
her virtuous friendship and womanhood 
belie an injury that rob her love. 
However, to love God is best. Not I,
but the claims of this life--O Destiny!--
make it so that men like us must decry
love, and sin, for a life of poverty.
     Although, if God wills it, love will find me
     in heaven's field,--in heaven's golden lea!

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The Day

The Day

God raised from the earth a handful of sand     
sand became Adam from God’s loving hand   
man lived in a garden, only one rule    
couldn’t resist evil, life got cruel    

man grew in number and evil did reign                  
Gods flood befell man, start over again        
Sodom Gomorra perversion so vile                       
divine retribution struck to defile     

raised once again, enlightenment not gained      
man chose to kill man, humanity strained     
man poisoned the lands, man poisoned the sea    
vice and corruption were seen to run free

the lessons unheeded, a day no one planned    
God’s divine day, man returned to the sand

12/2/14 ©
Contest: East Jesus
Sponsor- Roy Jerden    


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(based on the Irish legend of Aengus, the
Poet God of Love, Romance & Meaning,
who became a swan in order to pick his 
beloved, Caer, from a group of swans during a time
when Caer had turned into this beautiful creature)

A hundred-fifty swans in dancing light
of sun were shimmering upon the lake
when Aenghus, God of Love, beheld the sight
and called to her who made his poor heart ache,
"You haunt my dreams. I die for love of you!"
With her reply, the cloak that he had on
turned into soft white wings, for love was true.
And thus it was he joined her as a swan.
How great their joy when Aenghus met his mate,
the fair Caer, there in the gleaming throng.
Imagine knowing bliss to be your fate!
In unison, they sang a wondrous song
so sweet it lulled all listening to sleep,
a melody their hearts would ever keep.

For A Rambling Poet's Contest on Birds. 
(mine, of course, is the swan).

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Casting Couch

How frantic my antics when I'm in a panic-
my thoughts alone could sink the Titanic!
Hassled, frazzled-  razz-madazzled
when I feel so well and Manic!

Taken for granted, a Life enchanted,
and gifts of Art, by God implanted.
Confuses the Muses with makeshift excuses-
my trembling Mind, thus reprimanded!

For sloth, for laze, for lost ambition;
for languid lax, these poor conditions!
I feel punctured at this juncture-
Overwhelmed by such attrition...

Discerning my yearning, but also learning
that life affords but one audition.

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Drifting In the Hale-Bopp

The puzzle comes apart deep in the sky;
calls nothing that is concrete to the mind;
as far as we can tell and meets the eye
the reason for the tail's not ours to find.

We stand confused, and only guess at why
the wonder of it all has stilled our voice
did David Korish ever really die?
and is it all worked out, with little choice?

Mount Carmel but a coming of an age
the catostrophic ending of mistake,
what hope is there to ever quell the rage
appeassing what is wrong, for honors sake?

      Is there a sign that's ever flown the sky
       or is it just a dream where-in we die?
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Oceans of Love

As I was walking through the sands of time,
dark storms were raging in my haggard soul.
The waves broke hard, with beauty so sublime,
their sprays were whispering of more to know.
Then, I was picking shells along the way
that tide had left there just beyond the bluff;
I thought to save them for a rainy day, yet,
somehow, knew that they were not enough.
I heard the message clearly, "Go within!
Use all your senses for becoming whole;
drink from My water, never thirst again!"
His ebb and flow touched deep into my soul.
From oceans filled with love by God above,
I was drenched in its spray, washed in His love.

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Fair Game

Fair Game
I am The All-Mighty, The Ever-Exalted, The Supremely-Eternal.
To me belongeth the universes, the heavens, the earths, what dwells in-between.
Jinn and Men, I have created, for a sole purpose; duties internal and external.
Worship, glorify, bow, and prostrate before me, but no other; ever-more-pristine.
Revere the sacred books, honor the apostles; believe in the seen and the unseen.
Affirm mine angels, and in destiny, favored and ill-favored, thou must believe.
Be certain of a day, in which the wicked and faithful, their fair dues, shall receive.

I am able to resurrect what lies beneath the grave;
From your first to last, I am able, with but a single word:
“Come unto me!” I say, on an hour that draws near and close; knowledge I save
 Into a book that none has touched nor heard.
On a day, unveiled shrewd eyes fear a book of deeds; sorrowful eyes deterred.
Bring unto me the ones that said, “Such a day may never come to lapse,”
And, “It is but one life.” Behold! Unto them comes a day where all shall collapse!

Set before me the ones that claimed, “Three are one” and “One is three.”
I am The One and The Only; I never did beget, nor am I begotten.
Such speech is but idolatry; false lies; ancient myths of your fathers told unto thee.
Christ was but a humble man, out of the devout Virgin’s womb; another miracle
Unto the tribe of Moses, yet they denied in conceit, claiming him a false spectacle.
They neither crucified, nor killed him, and his return marks the Hour;
And for the arrogant and blind-hearted the mere sight of him is ever-sour.

Gather unto me the wicked, the deceitful, and the hypocritical saints and scholars,
That altered my word for mere worldly profit and lame saintly pedestals.
Grudge forth the ones who sinfully distorted my holy verses for miserly dollars.
They chased after a counterfeited paradise, of gaudy looms and deafening lulls.
Lamenting fools curse disdainful saints on a mournful day like fiendish gulls,
The Sovereign inquired the Fire, “Art thou filled?” but, she hungered for more.
Behold a day in which the wicked begs, “Mayest I go back to settle mine score?”

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Oh my Lord, Oh my souL
Hear me, Hear this song
Angels will sing along
Hear us, Hear this song

God, You are great
You are my faith
Never, You're late

In every life's door
You are our splendor
To You, we're here for

On the heavens, You stretch
On waters, You don't fret
On winds, You don't fled

We bless Your name
We Glorify Your name
We lift Your name

---------->>> to God always be the glory 
I was inspired by Psalm 104: 1-3..  From this, these thoughts sprouted...

BY: olive_eloi
jan. 20, 2014

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'I dream of you in your world far from here'

I dream of you in your world far from here.
To not be there, it cuts like broken glass.
I'd end this pain, my love, had I the brass
to quench my need for you to be so near.
Without you here, I wilt in this austere,
comfortless zone of uncreative mass,
stifled, crushed by the unyielding impasse
of knowing I may never enter your sphere.
Were I a wind--a breeze! a zephyr!--I'd
ride the heavens till I light on your lap
and then there with you forever abide
as if betwixt us there were ne'er a gap.
     I swear; for us,  I'd move heaven and God
     as sure as men do plod!

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God Inside Out

A wandering waif walks seeking
God in the wind and tide
A wondering soul seeks waking
a love of God inside.

The wind that kisses chastened cheeks
an infant thought inside,
the sea that cleanses misery
the gifts that are outside.

Each kindness shows the God within
to whom we can confide
and universal starlight brings
dual values to collide.

Exploding now within the hide
in which we all abide.

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Poems about Allah
In The Name Of Allah
I seek Allah’s protection
Praise be to Allah
The lord of the world
The beneficent, the merciful.
The master of the Day of Judgment,
You do we worship and thine aid we seek,
Guide us to the straight path.
The path of those you have favored,
And not of those against whom you are wrathful,
Nor of those who have gone astray.
His relation with creatures
Many of his creatures are creative.

Known and unknown of varies
In different continent and undiscovered continent
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Special of his creatures on earth
Man feeling healthy and happy all time 
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Special creatures with special talents
Creating and inventing new things
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Was saying in cradle
 I dear not worship thee and dear not,
I dear not satisfy thee and I also dear not
Bunch of lies at a stage. 
Praise be to thee, thy Lord.

Creator looked and warned
Special creatures then shivered,
Echo of shouting and screaming
Then forgiveness was given
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Creature said, Marvelous, thy Lord is Perfect
And all praises and worship are due to him.

There is no god but He, the living,
The everlasting, slumber touches Him not, nor sleep.
To him belongs all that is in the heavens and on
The earth. Who is there to intercede with Him,
Save by his permission. He knows that before and after them,
And they comprehend nothing of His knowledge,

Save by such as he wishes.
His throne comprises the heavens and the earth.
The preserving of them oppresses Him not.
He is the Most High, the supreme (in glory)
Let there be no compulsion in religion:
Truth stands out clear from error:
Whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has
Gasped the most trustworthy handhold, that
Never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.
Allah is the protector of those who have faith: 
From the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.
Of those who reject faith the patrons are the evil ones:
From light they will lead them forth into depths of darkness. 

They will be companions of the fire to dwell therein (forever).
All praise is due to Him, who has bestowed upon me, 
Behold, my Sustainer hears indeed all prayer.
Your Duties to Him 
My passionate to him is to worship him
There is no partner or a competitor
I feel my life is to him
My life feels I should be to him, the able
Worship and gives him all he is due to:
And praises his name all the time
Mighty in all his names:
He the beneficent, pray

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Unlived Things

In the repository of unlived things,
I find unquenched love,
A tarnished wedding ring,
An old baseball glove,
A half-sketched dream.

The sore sight fills my eye,
An oil-soaked cloth of faith,
Restraint against sin piled high,
A picture of Jesus laid to waste,
So much regret, I begin to cry.

Behold, I see a new start,
An infant’s wiggling toes,
A chest of breath and beating heart,
Courage clamors and fresh breath bellows. 

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Light Of Jesus

Have you not stared into God's Holy night
just letting go--to be part of the whole--
and frolicked in a flowing cosmic light
to bring about re-birthing of the soul?

So few have seen--within their searching mind
as dying and returning to before--
mistakenly, they search, but never find
the face of God--who let them live some more--

Our blinding light--forever reaches on--
and fills the soul with joy beyond compare
then bonds us all--when we think life is gone--
into a love that makes love ev'rywhere.

  And God gave us this love to ever be
  so simple yet--so hard for some to see.

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My Heavenly Father

I come to Him each day that I awake 
I ask Him that He keeps me safe from harm
I thank Him for all the things that I take,
For granted such as life without alarm
He's given me so much in this great life
He's healed me from so very many things
When I'm with Him I'm saved from so much strife
I sometimes feel as though I've angels wings
His love envelopes me as I draw near
He's taught me all the things that I have known
With Him I know of faith instead of fear
Each step that I'm with Him I've surely grown
The future that I have with Him is bright
The love that He gives me is my delight

An english sonnet which this is has 14 lines an ababcdcdefefgg end rhyme and is written in iambic pentameter which is 10 syllable line with a soft hard beat.
Written 9/01/14 Charles M. Reese author.

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    The First Voyage of Paul
A sailing ship, out aimless on the sea
forewarned by Paul--to sail would be a crime,
but captain said "you're safe now--you're with me"
he vowed their trip to Rome would be on time.

And so they set about to sail the main,
not caring that the Fast had well begun--
nor that no sailing man could see a gain,
for such a trip would fail--before it's done.

The captain caused the crew to set their plight
towards a Cyprus port--for needed rest,
when all at once the day turned into night--
and then the wind of God made life a test.

    The temptest blew for days--to Malta's shore
    and set the will of God--forevermore.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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The Sea Mist

Here we are, amidst
the roaring chaos,
Amidst the turmoil
of a sanguine sea
Where lightning
strikes furiously
Encumbering clouds
of serenity.

The wind has torn
your bones to white
And left your hearts
to the mercy of
And as the last
surviving light
We shall persevere
with each failing

Behold! The Ocean's
Womb is wide open!
The Terror of the
Depths beckons
Your wives shall
smile for your
courage is proven.
Let us strike the
waves with ardour
and might!

Only a tombstone
over the cliff
For Man had defiled
what was already

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The Line Between

O God, the pangs are crushing body, soul
And spirit—working deaths where sunlight fades— 
My arms are trunks of pain and taking toll, 
While tortures, stings, and sickness hauntly raids
To close the Gates of Hell to shut me in,
And heaven bows to greet while Hades seeks
To send The Reaper with his failing grin.
And illness ruins lives while havoc wreaks
The squalored throes of daily living on—
While body wastes away and breath remains
To sing your dirge while I still carry on…
Like trampling cattle trodding broken frame,
I live between the sunshine and the grave—
Like flowers cut and dying in the vase

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A Gift

The bright shiny yellow ball radiating light
Fierce warrior of the morns sky
Up above the trees beams pierce through night
Magically turning it into day where birds can fly

Sun's magic sky king who heats the earth
Saves it from an icy death each warm day
Some worship you, call you God, dance with mirth
You're only one of God's creations that He let stay 

Thank you God for the sun though some days too hot
Without it all would be lost_icy death
Thank you God for all blessings_stars that sky dot
Nature that you made for us_ bequeath

Bright yellow sun magnificant beauty
But paled by Jesus, God's Son's, His crowning glory 

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Your Coach Awaits

I am the answer to the blowing wind,
in God I live, in God I'll never die.
Al things you seek to ever comprehend
are in my touch, but never ask me why.

I am the river flowing to the sea,
in hope I breathe, through God I do my task.
Whatever good you see in life is me,
though sometimes I appear behind a mask.

I am the highest mountain you may climb,
in light I show, in dark I  never hide.
beyond your wildest dream, and for all time,
you beg for me, but then push me aside.

        Your coach awaits, and I will take you where
            the wind has blown, and it is over there . . .

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The Day History Changed

Roman whip,a scourge from evil brings death
Dripping blood stings through history from deed
Pilate asked " Was he God " if so confess
His duty, to die for our sins, to bleed
Burden written in antiquity's words
Scrolls of lashed parchment read by Priests, to street
Spoke of a sinless mouth where love is heard
To share in peace,five loaves, two fish to eat
Evil with whip splays man's warm flesh
Ancient script played out for humanity's fate
As a bloody cross beholds human thresh
Husks and stems from man and God separate

And the joy bought by Priests becomes far worse
To kill this shepherd,for devil a curse

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So Many Wishes

Everlasting as the ocean is blue in the sunny sky my heart constantly is asking for answers revealed to me why. However it may seem from yesterday or even last year, tomorrow is never something that I can expectedly see clear. For friends, my family, my children, or some i've loved a little too much, I must apologize dearly for not being openly in touch. Some things can't wait, when others really can, I figured out the hard way things work out better un-planned. Me today looking back over twenty years I can't even imagine how much i've avoided the understood tears. Anyone can say that someone else should do this or that, but it takes someone with humility to wipe their own shoes on the mat. Darkness surrounds me, no sun shining now, but i won't let the void blackness drench the stars left un-found. Plenty have been where you regrettably are now, just don't let your pride determine whether or not you leave the ground. Listen to nothing if your intuition strikes a spark because that's the only advice you'll need and that's straight from your heart. Rapid and steady the water shall flow once you finally get all your little ducks in a row. High and mighty is probably a term you've once heard, the only things that should carry this description i'd say would be our God or a bird. This system we call our order is nothing more than a big ego, tell me why is this so, tell me why can't we have some say so! Too many questions linger on in my mind. So many times I wish life could rewind. Someday we will finally work out our individual glitches, until that day, the only way, is through prayer and not just wishes.

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Someone Lives, Greater than Ourselves

 Some people say that God does not exist
Because they cannot see his face or hold
His hand. The denial of the atheists,
The Godless ones, should make our blood run cold.

We see the face of God in lightning storms
And recognize his touch in rainbows bright.
The mountains echo his majestic form;
His presence comforts us in darkest night.

We see his teaching in the flowers that grow
And know his truth in every spark of life.
In every laughing child his pleasure shows;
His promise is our strength in times of strife.

The only ones who would Himself refuse
Are those who will not live within his rules.

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I walk out in the morning for my health,
And learn a thing or two along the way.
Such knowledge brings abundance to my wealth,
And somehow sounds like wisdom when I say.
Waters of the river carry stories.
Just listen, you can hear the words unfold.
Sometimes it can wash away your worries,
And help you to get through your day. Behold!
A gentle breeze can whisper to your heart;
Like angels serenade a searching soul.
There's so much nature's beauty can impart;
If soaking in it's beauty is your goal. 
     Get out there friend and see God's art today.
     And get some exercise along the way.

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Blindness and caprice

So wise was God to hide
your eyes from my eyes.
My delight was cast aside
then I asked to him why.
He gave me only silence
and the stars in the sky.
Night shines the absence
that aches during the day.
I didn’t reach you near,
waiting me by the lake
But learnt to win the fear
to lose your heart’s sake.
Love is blind like Justice
heightened by caprice.    

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Need To Hear

Need To Hear

Searching for answers here below
The answers appear to come slow
Don’t quite know which way to go
Oh God I need to hear you so

Dear God I need to hear you clear
In my heart I know you are near
By faith I’m reaching out to you
Need your guidance to make it through

Day by day I shall walk this path
Counting my blessings not the math
Trying hard to walk extra mile
Reaching out to give a big smile

Lord please guide each step of the way
Do light my path throughout the day
Hand in hand we will walk along
With His help I’ll sing a new song

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     On the celestial equator she sits.
     A splendor to the zodiacal constellation, she is due south.
As starry as he can be,  Ursa Major (The Big Dipper) is 
     her neighbor.
As her picture unfolds, a spike of grain she holds.

     Epithet is the Mother of God.
     Her spiritual bond sanctifies all.
Her tender love is shown,
as God so loved the world.

     An astrophysical being is a twilight of beauty.
So astral and metaphysical, she is truly beautiful.
Holding her offerings, she pauses.

     A pictorial of exquisite art this woman is.
In moral excellence, she resides ecliptic in the sky.
Virgo, the Virgin, is the most beautiful zodiac sign.
PENNED ON JULY 05, 2014!

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A Paean to God

That the brilliance of your majestic ways
and fire that burns from your white-hot eyes
may give their light to space of infinite size 
and shine on all Earth's creatures' love and praise;
that the mercy you give to him that prays
for pious ways to keep his lips from lies,
for faith and grace to remain pure and wise
may give heaven renewed glory and raise;
that the millennial Kingdom's earthly time
arrives after end times' brief, labor pangs
and saves God's children from sin's filthy grime,
so they that were tempted by Satan's gangs
will live on in glory and in their prime
once Christ removes the Serpent's deadly fangs!

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World Christmas And New Year Emergency Prayer P1

World Christmas And New Year Emergency Prayer P1 

I f you think i am crazy when writing this poem,
Think again, 
This is your rescue, believers and non believers,
In the name of Jesus, the Savior and the Lord,
From this day of 2014-November-05 South Africa standard time,
I am sending this fire of the Holly spirit to the whole world,
At the intersections, Interchanges, Bridges, Four-way junctions, T Junctions all kinds of road shapes,
To burn and destroy all the fake designs, webs and nets of the darkness,
The design made to destroy or injure the livers of the whole world,
And i am replacing all the evil tricks with the blood of Jesus,
And i am soaking all the world roads with blood of Jesus and protecting them with fire
To all the island, coasts and beaches i send fire,
And i am changing all the liquids and waters of the world into the blood of Jesus,

And i am sending spears of fire to all the evil meetings of the world,
To disarm and disperse the enemies and destroy all their powers in Jesus name,
To destroy all their tools forever in Jesus name,
To all gatherings of the world i am sending the Angels in Jesus name,
To arrest all the evil spirits and tricks and expose them in Jesus name,
I speak drying  and healing of every sickness and wound of the world in Jesus name,
I am sending solution to every problem and difficulties in Jesus name,
I am changing every mountain of the world into the body of Jesus,
And i am sending Holly Ghost wind to blow away all the tools of the darkness and communication,
Holly Ghost wind, sweep and throw them into the bottomless pit,
And i am sending Fire Holly Ghost into the mouth of world devil worshippers and vampires,
And i say nomore human blood and flesh in Jesus name, your stomach will go thirsty,
All places known for accidents i speak life, protection and peace in Jesus name,
I am sending endless power of Holly spirit to protect every innocent soul in this world,
I am minimising all the powers and communication of darkness into zeros (0)
In Jesus name,
Praise the Lord..

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My soul, no other can own
Besides the One who made it;
Lest my hopes be overthrown
And cast into the bottomless pit!
Though evil always in my eyes stare
In disguise like one so innocent,
Yet I'd never in my folly dare
To have it any close to my tent.
For what will it ever profit me
If all the foolishness I enjoy today,
Will tomorrow an anguish be
As my life like coal, burns away.
Hell, I cannot afford to taste;
O my soul, seek it not in a haste!

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Close Your Eyes

The twinkling sky sings bedtime now draws near.
Sweet thoughts shall bless your night; so, do not fear.
Sleep soundly ‘til tomorrow does appear.
Wake up refreshed and playful, baby dear.

The wishing angel visits in your dreams.
There lollipops are chasing new moonbeams.
And ice cream floats upon the winding streams, 
Until tomorrow ushers in sunbeams –

Tonight, my child, sleep tight; enjoy your rest.
Dreamland shall bring success to every quest.
Tomorrow shall be brightly filled with zest.
I love you, little baby; God has blest.

So, close your eyes and sleep; I am near.
And God shall keep you safe my baby dear.

© November 7, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Lullabies... 	
Sponsored by: Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver

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The Fast

By lamplight I feast upon holy words,
in the darkest hours of lingering night,
not another voice, nor a sound is heard,
but thy Spirit, Lord, bringing forth true life.
Sustenance and nourishment to my soul,
As promised, I live not by bread alone,
but by every word that thou has spoken,
satisfying the marrow of my bones.
The sure promise of thy deliverance,
my Savior in my greatest hour of need,
forever steadfast in thy faithfulness,
humbly I bow to you, upon bent knee.

If daylight does bring hunger upon me,
in truth, Lord, I only hunger for thee.

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It is damp and cool with clouds wanting to rule The clouds seem to get heavier and black Sun looks weak_ trapped by weight; raindrops on pool Now the cool damp rain is coming no slack Weather changable but God is constant Thank you God for your great consistency In those clouds I am seeing reliant Laws set in motion by God no aberrancy Sun's light rays cast like a cradle holding The clouds up such beauty in simplicity Each morn fasinated I am beholding The glory of this new day's specificity Specificity sent by God for all to behold Each day free of charge human uncontrolled

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Poems about Allah
In The Name Of Allah
I seek Allah’s protection
Praise be to Allah
The lord of the world
The beneficent, the merciful.
The master of the Day of Judgment,
You do we worship and thine aid we seek,
Guide us to the straight path.
The path of those you have favored,
And not of those against whom you are wrathful,
Nor of those who have gone astray.
His relation with creatures
Many of his creatures are creative.

Known and unknown of varies
In different continent and undiscovered continent
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Special of his creatures on earth
Man feeling healthy and happy all time 
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Special creatures with special talents
Creating and inventing new things
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Was saying in cradle
 I dear not worship thee and dear not,
I dear not satisfy thee and I also dear not
Bunch of lies at a stage. 
Praise be to thee, thy Lord.

Creator looked and warned
Special creatures then shivered,
Echo of shouting and screaming
Then forgiveness was given
Praise be to thee, thy Lord
Creature said, Marvelous, thy Lord is Perfect
And all praises and worship are due to him.

There is no god but He, the living,
The everlasting, slumber touches Him not, nor sleep.
To him belongs all that is in the heavens and on
The earth. Who is there to intercede with Him,
Save by his permission. He knows that before and after them,
And they comprehend nothing of His knowledge,

Save by such as he wishes.
His throne comprises the heavens and the earth.
The preserving of them oppresses Him not.
He is the Most High, the supreme (in glory)
Let there be no compulsion in religion:
Truth stands out clear from error:
Whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah has
Gasped the most trustworthy handhold, that
Never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.
Allah is the protector of those who have faith: 
From the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.
Of those who reject faith the patrons are the evil ones:
From light they will lead them forth into depths of darkness. 

They will be companions of the fire to dwell therein (forever).
All praise is due to Him, who has bestowed upon me, 
Behold, my Sustainer hears indeed all prayer.
Your Duties to Him 
My passionate to him is to worship him
There is no partner or a competitor
I feel my life is to him
My life feels I should be to him, the able
Worship and gives him all he is due to:
And praises his name all the time
Mighty in all his names:
He the beneficent, pray

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Help Me Grow

The Japanese Magnolia's blooms color
Now a sickly amber after the freeze
Layered somber clouds boil threaten downpour
That will dampen out on the porch's ease

Just a few minutes to gather my thoughts
Settle down in the cold, biting, damp air
All the stresses, disappointment life brought
To the true, living God who reigns, rules fair

Fairness in diamond buried deep contained
In layers of earth waiting to surface
By hands of God releases unrestrained
Diamond in rough waiting place in palace

Speak to me, Lord, help the diamond's facets
Help me grow, Lord, fill me with your nuggets

In honor of Brian Strand
Contest: Our choice up to fourteen
Penned by:Sara Kendrick
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If all I had left to live is twenty-four hours

If all I had left to live is twenty-four hours
I will plant a green garden with flawless flowers
I will pick for my friends and fans some red roses
I will be ready for that home more glorious than the galaxies

I will never be sorry and sad but be grateful and glad
For a life well spent with my family… mom and dad
I will thank God for making me fervent and faithful to the end
Before I finally fly, I will bid farewell to my foes and friends

I will take account of the lovely and lively life I’ve lived
I will say a sincere sorry to all those I have grossly grieved
I will pray for the hopeless and helpless men and women
I will ask God to save them from the devil’s deadly den

If I had one day left to join the holy angels that hail hallelujah!
I will make my heart and hands ready to sing and hail hosanna!

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Sand dunes are licking wounds desert looms through veil
Kites are awry from faster lane and clouds are in dovetail
Gods are playing wobble doable morning glory go
Bodies swoosh a push a rush, a sash falls in a glow

Fire crackles, the hearth of heaven, drops dew the earth
Gods of winds slosh through the creek in the pang of birth
Drip Drip Drip Slush Slush Slush splosh about in blobs
They throw the curlicues in blue and eat the hails in globs

Babies go to sleep and their mothers go to pray
Gods of winds spread their wings in a divine sway
Pas de deux pas de trois angel babies and girls
Moisten hands clip their bands and fit out cloud curls

Earth smiles in the east the morning comes again
Gods of winds calm their swings over the Mary’s glen

Contest: Gods of Winds
Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton
10 DECEMBER, 2014

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My Heart With The Lord Can't Stray -Rubaiyat Sonnet

(Rubaiyat Sonnet) My heart with the Lord can not stray Without Him I wouldn't last a day He wants to walk with me I know God is with me always all the way. Each day when eyes open heart glow Send praises to God above that's so Lord dries my tears with Him I've won From God only love and truth flows God loves no matter what we done Jesus forgives and sins are just gone God Heavenly Father I adore Hides from enemies to Him can run To God only worship and pray I know He dries all tears away. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 December,2,2014

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Crying Out - 2

Have my peccant daydreams seep away
Purged from my mind devoid all delay
Evaporate those thoughts like the mist
Wring as a sponge, oh LORD, with a twist
Have me absorb ideas you adore
Blessed visions soak deep to the core
Living water so pure for my soul
Please, fill me up, each pore, every hole
My thoughts are wrong, so done be your will
Your providence is far greater still
So, God, exchange, my sin with your grace
Each transgression, remove every trace
Though my frail mind compels me to turn
With drowning pain, my life, you did earn.

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God's kind of poetry

God's kind of poetry

We wake up with His rays of sunshine,
Shower of gold veils the universe,
Daily new hopes that brighten the mind,
And unfold joy, make gloom disperse,

His breeze that soothes, gifts us life,
Leaves flutter singing hymns in praise,
Blows away the whole unwanted strife,
Clears the mind of negative cloudy haze,

His seas and rivers set our constant flow,
Vivid colours of nature add to the zest,
Sparkling stars defy darkness aglow,
Beauty of twilights of sunrise and set,

His love and kindness nurture our soul,
Makes us a perfect mortal living a goal !

Written September 27th, 2014
For contest 'God's kind of poetry' by Brian Johnston

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A sonnet-my God for me

A SONNET-My God for me
My God for me-
set me free
never cease
to bring me peace

My God for me-
eyes to see
truth,from lies
or hope-less lives

My God for me-
life anew
none can destroy

My God for me...
Hung on a tree

inspires by phrase from C Rossetti's poem-Long Barren

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Samuel 2


The brothers lie beneath a bloodied earth
with thousands more to join them there;
the mighty ark of God is stripped of worth,
and lies in hands of hostile men of war.

As Eli's priestly house is crumbled down;
his heart is crushed, his sons he cannot mourn.
he sinks from stature, prophet of renown,
"I've loved him from my youth; my soul is torn.

"Yet I must judge this sinful people well,
in sorrow low they seek the Father's voice
and I must quell the fear which seems to swell
a prophet's tongue is now their one true choice.

"An oath will stand, that not one word shall fall
into this cruel land, without God's call."

*I Samuel, Chapters 1 through 7

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Is God Partial

God, Supreme Being known to all.
His existence years before man's invention.
The church says He is a Lord of perfection.
When you walk through darkness and Him you call, 
Faster than a gunshot, He hears your calls.
Fierce as a lion, God is feared by all nations, 
For His speech alone can cause destruction.
Why art Thou give not to man power for all? 

Why art Thou took a rib from man, 
And made her, woman more beautiful? 
Why art Thou give some wealth and power not to farm, 
And many poor, and for the rich they work so dutiful? 
Human being and spirit being have not equal ear.
When answers will come, I still will be here.

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Elijah and the Priests of Baal,
wanted to see whose God was true.
They built two altars on Mount Carmel.
The real God would send fire from the blue.

The priests sacrificed an animal.
They prayed, chanted, cut their arms and rocked.
But, from the sky, no fire fell,
While Elijah, pointed and mocked.

Finally, it was Elijah's turn.
He poured water on the altar,
then prayed, and fire fell down to burn,
the altar and even the water.

He ordered the priests put to the sword,
for defiling the land of the Lord.

(1 Kings 18:17-40)

For the "contest contest"

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Bequeath No Inlaid Jewel Brocade (sonnet)

Bequeath to me no inlaid jewel brocade 
If you are called before God calls to me. 
Your saphire blues and ruby reds will fade 
But give me fire that fueled your heart so free.

Your glowing flame a gift from God to thee 
As comfort balm to calm and warm the years. 
If death should call please gift your fire to me 
To stroke my soul and dry my bitter tears. 

If I am called I'll face death without fear 
For then your greatest friend in life is free. 
But hear these words I whisper while still near: 
As friends we've been but lovers now should be. 

Your essence does excite and light my life; 
So faithful friend become my faithful wife. 

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Wholly God

I know existence is eternity;
that it is fleeting is but a facade.
I know that life is more than what we see.
I know that altogether we are God.
I know that part cannot contain the whole: 
In literal terms, one small grain of sand
cannot convey the Earth’s entire soul,
but still it’s true constituent of land.
The prayers inside my head I know are heard
but not by Someone hidden in a cloud;
a God outside myself just seems absurd.
We all are with Divinity endowed.
I don’t mean Deity’s just in our heads,
but God is like the Fabric; we’re the threads.

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Uplifting power of strength

When the storm hit my nest
I thought of finding my safety as being a must
I searched everywhere I could
Even among the hideouts made of wood

I realised not that the storm was sent on purpose
If negativity does not kill you, what do you get to lose
You gain, rather, on strength
On being able to face the other side of the fence

Whatever does not kill me, makes me stronger
Whatever does not kill me, fills me with deep ardor
Whether it be pain or loss
I shall remain, as the moss

Impassive and faithful to the skies
For their mystery is not made on lies!


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Man and feather from Pisa may fall same
Yet higher than Pisa's leaning fault, time
Defying gravity honors your name
And I disdainful of vital ooze, chime
The coming of the beast, the invention
Of your kind. I hail the focus of mind
That turned the heavens around the station
Of the sun, and made the West Bible blind
Straying from their own interpretation.
Indeed you proclaimed on sight, but Newton
What he could not see, followed your action
Inventing causes for effect, the sun
Cannot fall like feather or man, instead
Upheld, by the uninvented and dread.
So once the heavens to criticism jarred
By the magnified reflection of light
The hand of God upon creation marred
Set you apart to make the gospel right
By twisting nature too, and both you claimed
Wrinkled by interpretation now quails
And you embellished, rise still bold, untamed
Reason replacing faith in the blind sails.

Yet something human brings me to your throne
And make me laud even errors explained,
And mind that God at Babel fain condoned.
What bright acolytes pant now in your train
To move not only sky, but God away
By man Enlightened who shall yet decay

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Uplifting Life

Life--complex gift received of God's great hands;
No choice have we. When life begins we are
Unaware even that we live. The sands
In life's brief glass fall 'neath shepherding star.

Childhood's lessons, meant to chart roads ahead
Are painful memories, unfortunate,
For babes unwanted, ill, or filled with dread
Of abuse, born of souls degenerate.

Propelled by time's swift wave, proportional
Or not the hard trials that befall our way,
Our response we govern: build bitter walls
Or live knowing grief cannot joy outweigh.

I would not blame divine hands who life gave,
For on His kind palm me He did engrave.

Reference to Isaiah 49:16 ESV
Behold, I have engraved you on the palm of my hands;
your walls are continually before me.

July 9, 2014

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Your Changes

The heat of mid-day slowing down your pace,
I watched as all your world was put in place.
Your changes from a girl to who you'll be,
I witnessed; others could not even see.

Too close to you, I guess, to see your eyes,
and still they never guess, how time it flies,
As God was re-arranging who you'll be,
I thanked Him that no one could see but me.

Each morning I could see someone made new.
Each evening someone else was there in you.
And Heaven knows I worshiped who you'll be
Your changing, no one ever saw but me.

Your photographs show changes God has done,
but who has witnessed but for me--no one.

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Jew #14

Like cheap market cloth in dirt-stained cheap hands
Love's been abused, narrowly defined, broken
Like a cistern into selfish small strands
Until its only a silly token
Of our greed. But I see God image still
In you, a high and vaulted beauty bright
Like Judean star top a quiet hill
And I drink the inner peace of your light
And let your wisdom teach my anxious soul
To trust, and patience in they realm of joy
Improves my faith, frees me of dross alloy
And stand me before the ancient promise gold
Jew, you are ever love to me, my eyes
Await you like tides wait the moon to rise.
O that God dilate the heart of men like dreams
That bring them face to face with fantasies
They mistake for love. O that sense redeems
Them from their faults and inaccuracies
By which they compare my truth to their claims
And cheapen my passion with fleshly needs
For my love all worth of cold earth exceeds
And she who claims it above mortal flames
Another sun that galaxies do chase
Without satisfaction of her embrace

For we created once, redeemed again
Incubate forever his image new
Become the purpose for sunshine and rain
Sacred vessels among the chosen few
So gift from God I exalt you above
The sun, the moon, the stars as my true love
We sensible beyond skin and flesh proclaim
A richer treasure in our clay carved frame
The place from which all joy exults, the core
Of songs eternity. I love you more
Than palace troves of wealth, more than sweet time
Seducing still my heart, and your smiles chime
The hours of my happiness, the tower
Of my care. And yet, you but a flower,

Sweeter than a silly girl's tear, you are
The jewel of my heart's garden, my dear
Rare in earth's botany, fresher by far
For youth in you cannot the seasons sear.
Love is the blending of our two hearts, when
You are rose then I am soil, feeding you
The substance of my heart. If a song, then
I am every sweet note that rapture you
And if only human, then, Adam again
I yield myself, and rib, and all I am
Even against your wrong I be your lamb
For to be so our life is long ordain ...
Kiss me then like wild comet's fire, I will
Supply your breath like atmosphere. Hold me
Close in the tide of your desire, and still
We will move to life sweetest symphony
For we are blended, love, like salt and sea
And find in each love's true identity 

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Another Sun Rise Laying Here With You

Another day dawns as I look upon your face it's my grace that I'm laying here with 
you in this place my fortune my pleasure to the most beautiful girl in the world I thank
god he let me spend another sunrise laying here with you. It's surreal the way you make
me feel I faught so long and been so strong there is no way I'll ever do you wrong I wanna 
keep you safe from harm right here in my arms where you belong as I kiss your rosey lips 
and caress your silky hips as the sun light greets your face a sweet angel forms in place. I 
thank god for giving me another sunrise laying here with you. It's amazing my dreams have 
come true so many words to say so much is true I love you I hope I get to spend forever
laying here with you I thank god for giving me another sunrise laying here with you.

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Immortal Light

Almost, almost, my light went out with yours.
My spirit comatose, could it still live?
Our God was there and touched and found a spark.
He showed me I had yet a bit to give.
Reluctantly, I stirred and took His hand.
He gently lifted me to firmer ground.
With His help now, I seek to find the way
To set you free, your spirit homeward bound.
I longed to keep you here with me, always,
But God had plans that were no part of mine.
Your light was strong enought to linger still,
God's breath has given it immortal shine.

Each night I search the sky for that new star,
He promised He would show me from afar.

Won an 8th

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Tea Pot

I believe a tea pot circles the solar system.
And within that tea pot is my genie God.
The God that hears all our petty prayers.
The God the made the birds, bees and frogs.

My genie God spit into clay and made you
from the potter’s clay that made His tea pot.
He formed humankind, all the animals,
the plants, His light makes the sun hot.

I believe everyone should pray to my genie God.
He simply made us just like He made His pot.
He made you because He loves you and created
you. He listens to your every thought. 

And if you fail to believe in my genie God,
you will burn in Hell or live life as a frog.

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The Engine

The soul of the universe is never a question
At it's heart an ancient call of divinity
Of a God powering mans unending digestion
Of knowledge and a certain serenity

The engine behind the mysteries of life
Powering all that is seen and unseen
What wonder might await the fife
Who questions all boldly, and keen

Is he who does this, but also reflects
On faith of higher power, in end times
Faith is the beautiful flower that connects
The cord between us, and God lines

The streets and paths of heaven if you just believe
Knowledge can strengthen you, take solace and just breathe

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Thanks PoetrySoup Family (Kyrielle Sonnet)

Thanks my PoetrySoup family
You have shown great humility
By lifting up Epulaeryu
May God always bless each of you

Your endeavors are very strong
Sticking with you I was not wrong
Your bond of friendship is so true
May God always bless each of you

You’ve demonstrated fortitude
Like Christ feeding the multitude
With your kindness I feel brand new
May God always bless each of you

Thanks my PoetrySoup family
May God always bless each of you!

© Joseph 11/6/07
© All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to the Knights in shining armor and ladies standing up for the 
Epulaeryu poetic form, may God bless each of you always.  All of you are 
ambassadors of poetic goodwill.  Continue to lead on with your angelic host and 
my God expand your blessings.  Thank you for not asking can God, and for 
affirming God can.  Thank you always for standing up and winning the victory! 

The Kyrielle Sonnet is a French form from the Middle Ages. It has 14 lines (three 
rhyming quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet). It has a repeating line or phrase 
as a refrain in the last line of each stanza.  Each line within the Kyrielle Sonnet 
has eight syllables.  There are times when a French poem links back to the 
poem’s beginning; therefore, a common practice is to combine the first line of 
the first quatrain and the refrain in each quatrain as the ending couplet for the 

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There are times when at last I  believe that I have created a better world
A world that will find its beginning and realize that God does again exist
I know that no word spoken can really reflect the high hopes that lay within the 
soul of man 
Nor will there be any such word spoken to touch mans hardened heart
So how can anyone think that words given in praise will be even more recalled by 
a God
that deserves much more than any man can possibly give  by words or deeds 
alone that one
may attempt to give.
Even if you can find a sincere enough heart to praise or glorify that God , do you 
that those words will be enough? 
Therefore I say curse the words that come from a mans mouth that fail to reach 
greatness of heaven.
For  man is man, a dusty  mud ball that can only hope that maybe, just maybe, 
God will
hear and be happy that someone has taken the time out of  his dismal existence 
to say
even in passing, Praise God , Priase God for he is and there is nobody else..
This is therefore the song i would sing
(He is the Lord and there isn't any one else. No any one else  
He is the Lord and there is no one else but him
He made the world and there is no one else - But him
He saved my soul and there isn't any one else - That can.)
Who then is God that would deserve this praise 
Where is this God you ask for we cant see him (it)
Do  you see atoms and you believe why then do  you need more

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Moon Crazed

Oh, Oh! The full moon is almost full bloom.
I know what that means. Get the straitjacket.
Tie me down; lock me in a padded room.
They say I make a helluva racket.
I don't grow copious hair or large fangs.
Wish I did. This way a stake or bullet
Would end my monthly lunatic harangues.
Either suggestion hasn't been tried yet.
It's god awful, controlled by the damn moon.
I become a different kind of person:
Jekyll in the morn, Hyde by afternoon.
You'd think over time that it would lessen
A bit, Yea, right! I'd have a better chance
Of seeing god perform a song and dance.

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The thief

Recently, I read Kahil Gibran’s prose" The Criminal”. I have read it at least two other
times in the past but this recent read had effected me more so than the past reads. So
much so, that I was inspired to write this sonnet not too long after I put the book down.
In Gibran’s prose the man from the beginning was poor. How he winds up, to me, at least
seemed fated.
In my sonnet, in the first quatrain I added the God Moros (God Of Destiny) to build on my
theme (Fate)

The stars were dim when he entered as man.
The angry Moros god unfurled his wrath
on mothers womb, thus poverty began
its dolorous debilitating path.
His youthful foes were always hunger-pangs.
He'd sit at byways begging alms to no
avail. Idle dinner bells ne'er rang.
He'd think, when might I eat? He didn't know.
Unfed and desperate he took to theft.
Thus headed for the corner grocer's store.
A stolen staple booty was fetched, but yet
a meal was not in store--seized at the door!
Predetermined ill fate forced him to steal
to earn him an incarcerated meal.

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And So Life Goes

After all these years I just don’t know
Why everybody's feelings seem to change as time goes
I just know that it's taking place all 'round me
And there’s nothing much I can do and so life goes every day.

Thoughts come and go as they please I can’t stop them
All I can do is to write them and turn some of them into gems
For sure I'm so thankful that God gave me the gift of art and poetry
Surely God knew that I’d need them to complete my life and make me more happy.

God watches all the time on me and rains all His blessings on you and me
I know that I don’t deserve His mercy but still He does it for me and you
God love us so much and I'm so grateful that I have 'Someone to watch over me'~ too
We are so fortunate and blessed to have Him with us each and every single day

Some friends come and stay and some sadly choose to just go away
Life is wonderful and life is so sad and so it is Life for you and me.