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Love's Alchemy is Eternal

Love’s Alchemy is Eternal

Your look, touch, and scent now so perfect pure,
Enchants my true emotions and soaring passion.
I knoweth now our love shall always endure,
As God unites our souls as one by divine action!

Our sensual passion defines love’s spirit entire,
As we caress and kiss for this moment’s bliss.
Love’s alchemy maketh our spirits soar afire,
As we embrace our lips find that deepest kiss!

Our hearts beat now in a sacred tempo of love,
That reflects our real destiny, two souls as one.
This is God’s gift to us from Heaven high above,
As we wish these magic moments of eternal fun!

By Heaven, I pray our love’s alchemy forever,
And declareth my love shan’t leave you ever!    
Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
June 27, 2016 (Shakespearean Sonnet)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2016

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The Dream I Dream

I see amidst a night gloomy and dark
A vision of light before me does stand.
It is true woman life's own divine spark,
Who places on my heart her divine hand.

My arms now outreach they do take you in,
The Rose in my heart is now in my arms.
Love's passion does sing and Love does begin,
I lose myself in the joy of your charms.

Your caresses they do make my heart sing,
I drink from the cup of your Love my Rose.
You give light to my night Love you do bring,
The beauty of woman that ever grows.

Come and meet me in Love's own bright moonbeam,
You are the English Rose the dream i dream.

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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A Poet's Happy Dream

I found myself against a willow propped.
The stones nearby me were a hundred-fold.
and one by one I tossed them as they plopped
into a rill while other pebbles rolled,
as if with one accord, away from me.

Their hundred ripples bubbled sweet champagne.
I drank. . . and then I tasted poetry.
saw flowers dance, and nothing was mundane!
Elysian then became the air I breathed.
The sun glowed purplescent.  Hocus-pocus!
I lay in greenest green while music wreathed
the meadow, lulling me. . . till I lost focus.

I woke to dusk and that inquietude
that ever shadows my dark solitude.

 For PD's GREEN contest (old poems only)

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Once Upon a Summer's Eve

I had a dream one sultry summer's eve
A vision as the sun began to wane
An angel weeping made my soul to grieve
I clearly sensed his sadness and his pain

With teary eyes I asked him what was wrong
And was there anything that I could do
His words to me were spoken in a song
I came to understand his point of view

He told me he'd been watching from on high
So many poets fighting down below
Why couldn't they make peace, he wondered why
If only they would try, true love would flow

I slept that night uneasy and in prayer
Will anyone who reads this even care

Copyright © The Seeker | Year Posted 2016

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Blossoms and Bubbles

Effervescent laughter blows over vales
then falls soft to glaze new blooms posed genteel.
Gracious stems lift smiles to foamed skies surreal,
riding on sunrays of shimmery sails.

Splendid dreams bubble up from blossoms bright,
a sparkling scene as petals parade ‘round.
Cushioned on spring breeze, love waits to be found;
warm thoughts of you fly then burst in midflight.

Light bubbles join hands to soar through puffed clouds
winking at flowers in latest spring styles.
Their joy christens lands once silent for miles;
orbs popping with flair in breath’s blooming shrouds.

Laughter lifts skyward, an aerated tale,
of bubbles blown high above blooming vale.

3/25/15 for Olive's Blossoms and Bubbles Contest      

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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Ask and wish bold, ask for clear sight;
Dare to seek out, dare to be brave;
Reach and unfold, reach your true light;
Explore grand bout, explore your crave;
Allow your heart, allow your soul;
Mind that fond dream, mind knows the way.
Choice helps you start, choice makes you whole;
Opt for fine theme, opt not to stray.
Move your world now, move your thoughts forth;
Embrace your dream, embrace your play.
Touch and endow, touch and go north;
Reap your grand scheme, reap your sure day.
Use your time here, use your days well;
Explore rich space, explore and tell.

Leon Enriquez
08 November 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

"The best things in life come in threes . . . friends, dreams and memories" Author unknown _____________________ Old and new friends are gems to cherish in my heart, In my darkest hours friends have held me close; Although in time we may be miles and miles apart They have listened with tears to my sad grieving prose. All my days are reverie and my nights lost in dreams, And with my dripping pen I create my poetry; With dream inspired words, lines, emotions and themes, Sorrow has made me the poet I was meant to be. Ah, memories, memories so bittersweet, In my mind I see our old house amongst the trees; I have memories of mom's tangled garden seat, Of bright, heavenly flowers waving in the breeze. And through the years I have learned life is deep, Entangled with friends, dreams and memories to keep. ______________________________ March 14, 2015 Sonnet For the contest, A Penny For Your Thoughts, sponsor, Sara Kendrick Theme - Deep thoughts Third Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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Castles In The Sky

The sandman will take pause and say a prayer
Then reach in to his special bag of sand
And with a sweeping motion of his hand
Bright glitter colored stardust fills the air

It falls to bring a dream beyond compare
Where castles in the sky are gold and grand
A momentary glimpse of "Beulah Land"
As we envision life beyond death's stare

And with that thought we'll take a rattled breath
The last tear of this life will find release
We'll see our shooting star, a passing flash
Exhale our soul and welcome life in death
Then build our castles on white clouds of peace
The sandman will sweep up our sparkling ash

   by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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I Dream of Dreams

I dream of a place where dancers embrace,
Waltzing together incipient lights,
Music transposed echoed heavenly grace,
Accompanies first harmonious nights;

I dream of lilacs and lavender mist,
Adrift susurrus shoreline’s infinite breeze,
Flowing compassion through time reminisced,
That journeys taken be traveled with ease:

I dream of a whisper remembered well,
Spoken in honeydew’s gentle caress,
Promising lovers when broken-hearts swell,
Friendship would mean there’s always forgiveness.

I dream of a dream where happiness numbs,
That dreams of a place where yesterday comes.

Copyright © Phillip Garcia | Year Posted 2016

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A Lady Of Light

I saw one night within a starlit lake
A Lady arise from waters so clear
What I did see had to be a mistake
I saw you there you seemed so very near.

Once more in my dream you had come to me
From the water I saw great beauty rise
You my beloved my eyes now did see
And you did smile at me to my great surprise.

You came from the water I felt your hand
I felt the touch of Love's lips so sublime
I held you close before me you did stand
Ever my Lady of Light in Love's time

I long for the time we meet in the night
You are my beautiful Lady of Light.

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Stained Glass Dream

It saddens me to gaze upon the stars
I see them blinking, fighting back their tears
Reminding me our distance is so far
Their numbers are the days without you near

Assembling pieces of my scattered thoughts
An image comes to me in stained glass scenes
Subconsciously I gather shards embossed
Create a picture of you here with me

Then suddenly a sign from fate appears
A shooting star takes flight across the sky
I close my eyes and wish that you were here
To stay with me and never say goodbye

I think about the happiness love brings
Then go inside to dream my stained glass dream

   an original poem by Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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We Stand On Arrach - For Nicola

My Celtic queen on Arrach we do stand,
a memory to always touch the heart,
we shall fly through Celtic skies take my hand,
and now in love’s heart we shall never part.

My Celtic rose your beauty it does shine,
you stand atop Arrach my shining sun,
on the horizon our love is divine,
atop sacred Arrach our love does run.

My celtic song in my heart i do sing,
i stand before glory my Irish rose,
let all desires be fulfilled love we bring,
atop the Arrach our Celtic love grows.

We stand on Arrach now we do embrace,
Celtic love shining it shines in your face.

(Within Dreamscape Series.)

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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Farmers Wish


Woke up this morning with the sun in my eyes
Wishing for rain in the clear blue skies
We’re faced with a problem every single day 
Our stocks are all dying right were they lay

Tanks are all empty once again, bore’s all dead & dry
Banks want more money, but lord how I try
Year after year praying for rain
Hail Mary, my prayers are in vein

I can remember when I was a boy 
My dad and his dad too, had so much green
Had so much green green grass

We used to play and swim in the creek 
But all that I’m left with is barren ground
More dead sheep, stacked ten deep

I can’t give up not while I breath
Cause I’m a fair dinkum Aussie guy,
Who never ever gives up
Too much to live for before I say goodbye

So while there is food on the table and a beer in hand
I’ll keep on fighting for my home on the land
With my wife standing tall along my side
We’ll keep on fighting till the day we say goodbye

Copyright © Roger Hawes | Year Posted 2014

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Night Angel

In deep slumber madness, she comforts me
Appearing, unencumbered, from the mist
Subconscious suspension our nightly tryst
Erasing my mind of bad memories
She mends and warms my soul so tenderly
Imbibing my thoughts and heart with her kiss
Lovingly fulfills a long ago wish
Thankfully restoring my sanity
Regularly she visits in silence
Enlightening my dreams with wholesomeness
Wiping my tears of angered betrayal
Exchanging her love for malevolence
I awaken with renewed happiness
Refreshed from the angelic portrayal

   an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner
Italian Sonnet rhyme scheme abba  abba  cde  cde
  14 lines  10 syllables per  140 syllables  80 words

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Dream Lover

He comes in my sleep, in the quiet hours and brings with him feelings of deep emotion I pray that tonight will bring me the power to wrap me again in his love and devotion When dawn tints the sky, all my dreams will fall dead But moonlight will bring him to my window sill I lay down my head on the soft pillowed bed, then feel his warm arms fold around me, still Sleep's cunning deceit, makes believe he is mine But, a morning's sunrise knows the fool am I Daylight will take him, and my heart is resigned to mourn for my lover, where dreams go to die He comes in moonlight, where love's passion ignites, 'til it takes him away in the dawn's early light
_______________________________________________ 10/29/15 Carrie Richards Resubmitted for Trashed #3, sponsor, Broken Wings

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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Summer Solstice - My Midsummer Dream

Sweet summer comes in June and I will be 
Underneath the sun, for I’m awaiting
Midsummer dreams and my own chance to see
Magical small beings out creating
Enchantment at the setting of the sun!
Radiance can catch a wee fairy’s eye

So stones in a circle could attract one.
Objects shiny too might make one less shy!
Longer is this day, so before the night,
Sugared fruits I’ll put out too, then await
The fairies and stay awake till daylight
In case one comes. Oh, wouldn’t that be great!
Come dawn, I’ll watch sun climb high and higher
Eastward, and there I'll see the sky catch fire.

A rhymed poem which is also acrostic sonnet, written June 1, 2016
For Eve Roper's Sonnet 4 Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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He should desire a verse of lost day past
while time enough was free to have enough,
When pace and life led more to mean but fast
as Simon said to simply breathe a puff.

To love and be less reckless with his heart,
Speak not of sin nor breach of true love’s spring,
Complete the bond not pressed akin to part
as forced to split amoebas’ kiss must sting.

He must observe his one true Master plot,
His growth less err forgone fulfills defense,
An age to find a soulmate’s breath he sought,
Their fit from Simon’s game of simple sense.

The dream of love begins with one shared breath,
The test of love whilst joined hearts beat ‘til death.
Form:  Shakespearean (English) Sonnet
Written: 06/15/2016

Copyright © Jesse Day | Year Posted 2016

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I dreamt it all

	I know that I shall meet a pretty someone
	Somewhere in the shops across the mall;
	Those that I date now I do not love at all,
	The lips that I kiss now I do it all for fun;
	My life is driven by dreams and fate,
	My love life is without honesty or sate,
	But no part of you could understand me well
	Or know what I feel or know where I dwell.
	Nor guilt, nor situation oblige me to lie,
	Nor predicaments, bade me to sigh,
	A lonesome soul bereft of delight –
	I, who sleeps alone, by the night;
	I dreamt it all: the woman, the date, and the day,
	The months to come will demise my solitude away
	Because all that I dreamt is all that I sought,
	There shall be no more cries nor any ugly thought.

Copyright © Choene Alley Semenya | Year Posted 2015

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Sunrise, Heaven And Nature Conspire

Sunrise, Heaven And Nature Conspire!

At sunrise, when morn breaks into sweet day
Darkness,eases into another far lost realm
Light returns to splendor in its bright way
Sun-ship glowing,celestial giant at the helm!

We that rise up to see this wondrous event
soak in its beauty, holding its glory fast
Our future embraced and our past thus spent
each day's memories and hopes sail at last!

Heaven and Nature conspire to give that gift
hours await to explore life's great dreams
Darkness fled,giving again blessed day shift
full of promises riding magnificent streams!

At sunrise, when morn breaks into its sweet day
Earth gives man more time to love, dance and play!

Robert J. Lindley, mid-70's

Old sonnet, perhaps mid/late 70's.
Had no date on it.. Certainly was at an 
optimistic time in my young life.

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Lost love


Depth of feeling to confess none the less 
and more then all of love, before the fall 
Avow my deepest dreams to love's address 
in adherence to my heart a yearning call. 
Tis your fairest beauty I adore in vain 
and yes, the fondness of your touch remains 

Unspoken word and feeling in due strain 
I hang on to emotions that won't slow 
Still my heart re-glows despite the pain 
because my love for you refuses to let go 
One day mayhap this heart shall heal, 
but oh for now it's like unbended steel 

I feel the sadness, tears, & want to cry, 
and know I didn't deserve to feel this lie. 

T.J Grén & Mystic Rose

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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In someone else’s dream I long to be. I yearn to permeate his heart and mind. So when he drifts to sleep it’s me he’ll see, and in my arms his paradise he’ll find. We’ll meet inside a world of glowing hues and catch a star to Venus and the moon. As homeward bound on comet’s tail we cruise, I’ll read his wicked thoughts and nearly swoon. Then slowly I’ll fulfill his fantasies. He’ll sweetly moan, and then my name he’ll call. Inside this dream I’ll have him on his knees, for I will be his only and his all. But no, not he. . . it’s I who can’t resist! And it’s in dreams of mine(not his) we’ve kissed.
For the Dream a lil Dream Contest of Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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I dreamed a black; an onyx lake
before the sun’s first dawning rays
its surface marble smooth and makes
no sound without the warmth of day

I saw myself; a ghost it seemed
stripped naked on the grassy floor
beneath the waning moon’s cold beams
just staring at the other shore

From far away a whip-poor-will
called lonely, just a sleepy song
it tickled in the morning chill
and broke the water’s pull – so strong

to slip into that silent space
where never lived a false love’s face

Copyright © Carolina Yankee | Year Posted 2013

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A dream is born

It was with innocence the dream was born
purity of childhood‘s ploy, carefree joy
A lease of life to re-emerge each morn
with nature’s awakening to enjoy.
As was nature serene, so too the dream
to live a life of calmness, peace of mind
scales to balance the light of life, a gleam
of hope to plan future visions aligned.
A balance of love between two that share
the nature’s alms to live in peaceful calm
togetherness and bliss, a loving pair
as destiny intended, by life’s realm.

Life´s fulfillment perceived by shared passion.
Worldly lover’s caring with compassion.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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A Mind Disturbed

A mind puzzled by distortions around,
To extreme patters like vast stars when burst.
It spins abstracted in squares, all around;
Like a wild beast dying of utmost thirst. 

Thoughts spin like a large spiral galaxy.
Words mixed up, locked in the back of the mind.
Life swings like stones defying gravity,
Carried around the world by the north wind.

Will you revive the memories so fond?
Laid on a bed of undying roses?
Will you thrive to bring back the divine bond?
Before this disturbed mind ride six horses?

Upon dreams beyond imagination,
The restless mind awaits your affection.

Copyright © Hasan Hilmy | Year Posted 2014

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Night Angel - Collaborating Sonnets with Lin Lane

In deep slumber madness, she comforts me
Appearing, unencumbered, from the mist
Subconscious suspension our nightly tryst
Erasing my mind of bad memories
She mends and warms my soul so tenderly
Imbibing my thoughts and heart with her kiss
Lovingly fulfills a long ago wish
Thankfully restoring my sanity
Regularly she visits in silence
Enlightening my dreams with wholesomeness
Wiping my tears of angered betrayal
Exchanging her love for malevolence
I awaken with renewed happiness
Refreshed from the angelic portrayal

Rest easy, dear one. Night Angel is here
To ease the worry from your furrowed brow
Kiss to the cheek, I lay upon you now
In your sweetest dream you will feel me near
Memories of your past no longer live
No need for tears to fall from pain or stress
Tender love I offer in my caress
Gift of my thoughts to you this night I give
Wake on the morrow, glad to greet the sun
Knowing night has me coming through the mist
To comfort once more when your cheek is kissed
As Night Angel hovers o're her loved one
Though I must wait till night sends its moonbeams
I shall never leave you lost in your dreams

Undeserving am I, for such mercy 
A sinner and tormented vagabond 
Cavorting with strumpets in Babylon 
Rendering my soul hungry and thirsty 
Yet nightly, through the mist you come tersely 
Descending with your kindness from beyond 
Blessed with your kiss my memories abscond 
Overfilling my heart with love firstly 
Night Angel, I have prayed for forgiveness 
From the midst of my dreams, am again whole 
By the magnificence of your meekness 
My conscience is now bending from stiffness 
The morning sun brings new light to my soul 
Now no longer will ever go sleepless

    Original Sonnets by Lin Lane and Daniel Turner "poemdog"

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © Guru Mordecai | Year Posted 2016

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Youthful dreams of very rich future
A life to enjoy planet's water pure
Kingdoms and powers are offered to him
As he drinks crystal (clear) water filled to brim

Lush green grass grows wild by the cool clear stream
Softens the pleasant place to dream his dream
Most beautiful place on this hemisphere
Will remain when thoughtful living adhere

The dream he dreams is to rule the whole earth
Where live in a great gold gilded city he'll  birth
Then he changes goes wild having his fling
Soon forget reasons for his rule to bring

Lost in the power, influence, shiny  gold
If only __a different story  told

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

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In The Still Of The Night: Collaboration with Vlad

In sorrow weeping upon your own bed 
I watch you now in sadness despairing 
Upon the pillow of pain lies your head 
Lost in the grief your temple is bearing 

My heart is light and it must come to you 
Fear not the shadow that comes from the storm 
For i do bring light in its golden hue 
To fill with peace your desirable form 

As i sit on the bed open your eyes 
Into sadness Soul i plainly do see 
Take my hand come with me to paradise 
I shall take you where you do wish to be 

I ever show you a beautiful sight 
We are the dream in the still of the night 

Upon my bed countless tears i have spilled
I shiver in grief while my heart grows cold
Crushed by pain and promises unfulfilled
Sorrows to burgeon my faint heart 'til old

Please impede my fear and somber weeping
You offer peace from shadows where i dwell
With golden light hold me in safekeeping
Raise me from the darkness in which i fell

My eyes trust the benevolence in you
Your hand offers me strength to leave my bed
Lead me where i shall no longer feel blue
To paradise my Soul pleads to be led

We shall soar there among stars of great height
Lost in our dream in the still of the night

You give me your hand and we float away 
Beyond the stars to a land light with dreams 
Hold close to me in each resplendent ray 
You are kissed by a rainbow of sunbeams 

To see the light that now shines in your eyes 
As your smile does light up your sunlit face 
The depth of your Love i now realize 
Come sit with me in dream's blissful space 

In this land of dreams your passion may flow 
Desire is your fire that shall ever burn 
Find all your peace for you know you must go 
When comes breaking day when the night does turn
But know you may always feel this delight 
When darkness falls in the still of the night 
Through a sky glittered with stars we travel
To a rendezvous where our dreams come true
I hold you tight as my fears unravel
Sunbeams of light illuminates my view

Paradise exists and my hope rebounds
As we linger here nestled side by side
Your intimate whispers are revered sounds
My heart shall forget the tears I have cried

This realm of dreams rekindled my sad Soul 
You ignited the flames that warmed my heart
Peace and happiness has made me whole
Each day I shall wait for twilight to start

If you hold my hand my heart shall take flight
When love calls us in the still of the night

Collaborative Sonnets with Vladislav Raven
Thank you for the honor of sharing this celestial
dream with you, Mike.     April 26th, 2016 

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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Curse my fate

Destiny? Curse my fate, untoward fate.
Born with innocence, sinless life of peace,
forsaken by loves dreams to cast a state
for chained forgotten mind, to find release
from the echoed silence; of silent frowns.
Falsely burdened by sullen existence,
without caring words, love‘s echoying sounds;
future‘s remedies remain‘d in distance.
Wistful only; more lonely, rich in hope
than livid of passion; seeking love pure
as was destiny’s lie; struggling to cope
without the magic touch of love’s cure.

Curse my fate; we are born with innocence,
wherefore lies the secrets of condolence.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

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Your Heart Called Out To Me: with Vlad Raven

Lost beneath the mantle of ancient trees
On crumbling road I hope will lead to you
Cold and weary, near falling to my knees
By lantern light, the world is painted blue

Searching for hours to find a sign or trace
Of where you are, but not one did I see
In anger, left. 'Twas written on your face
'Tis my fear you shall not return to me

Darkness enfolds, the night is all around
Too late to turn back, a shelter I seek
A bed of leaves gathered upon the ground
Shall serve well enough on a night so bleak

Pinch the wick of lantern flame 'til it dies
My thoughts are of you as I close my eyes

My thoughts are of you as I close my eyes 
Memories of our Love they do fill my mind 
In flash of dazzling light peace it belies 
The Love of our tomorrows that we find 

The call of your heart to you it has led 
Now open your eyes and then do behold 
Your warrior holds you in nature's bed 
In a land of light kissed by sun of gold 

But for now my Love we meet within dream 
For in life I lie in a bloody glen 
Our Love shall be precious as it may seem 
As the Love we share when we meet again 

Your Love shall come and save me with its light 
I come to you within a cold dark night 

Stirred by sudden warmth pressed upon my cheek
The touch of your hand carries in the wind
I hear you call in voice desperate and weak
In my vision you lay injured and pinned

My heart cries in sorrow for now I see
Was not in anger you left me behind
But to defend our home, our lands and me
Forgive me for doubting you. I was blind.

The sun rises, giving breath to dawn's light
I draw near with each step, soon at your side
To tend your wound for you have won the fight
Then upon your steed, back home we shall ride

Your Love drew me close to you in the glen
The reason we are together again

The power of our Love transcends time and space 
We return to our great hall together 
The Aird Righ and his queen of Celtic race 
Our deep Love it shall go on forever 

We sit together on our antlered thrones 
Bedecked are we with our gold and silver 
Our bards now play music with such light tones 
As with skill their ancient words deliver 

I do look upon you my living sun 
Glory of my heart wonder of my Soul 
You are my desire our passion does burn 
As through our night we reach our blissful goal 

My Love forever my Celtic sunbeam 
You are my beloved my Celtic dream 

Written in alliance with Vladislav Raven. 
Thank you, Mike, for bringing these sonnets to life.
May 1st, 2016

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016