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Sonnet Dog Poems | Sonnet Poems About Dog

These Sonnet Dog poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Sonnet Dog poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Dog's Life

Some people say dogs are complicated
others will say we have mistreated them
some humans make dogs very frustrated
rarely are dog houses clean as a gem

man and dog have lived together for years
they’re not just men’s best friends they’re women’s too
and some owners and their dogs shared some beers
no one should think of doghouse as a zoo

as an infant a dog was always there
maybe that’s why I respect them today
I believe most dogs should be treated fair
some humans are abusive it's no play

dogs are just like children they want love too
pet them and love them and a bone to chew

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God Spelled Backwards

It’s no coincidence that the word God spelled backwards is a word that we all know for something by which we are often awed - a creature, which unfailingly, can show amazing grace toward any one of us! Our canine friend does not care how we dress or if we’re rich or poor. He makes no fuss when we do not endeavor to impress the way we do among our human kind! Love without judgment from this animal is like that of our Christ, whose love is blind to flaws and won’t desert us when we fall. This facet of God’s love is what I see when my sweet dog’s brown eyes watch over me. Finally entering this poem i wrote for Deb's contest. I don't recall the theme being exactly the way it is now described at the contest page, but I will enter this one anyway, for what it's worth!

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A jiggling rush of energy
Wags along our messed-up stair
As Lullie huffs with a naughty glee,
To cause mayhem beyond compare!

My dachshund begs to play tag -game
With flopping of ears , this just disarms;
While dog’s trick to win is one big shame
She guards me dear from any harm.

Lullie sleeps often in my bed
Her belly twirling all around;
I wonder of mischief ahead
Till fingers trace a rounder mound.

Oh baby pups arrive, although
Lullie's mate, that I'll never know!

Shadow Hamilton's Pets
 ~ A true story ~

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My dog taz

A sonnet devoted to my dog Taz

 I remember how he loved his big bones
 I remember how he was always wild
 I remember his heart was made of stone
 I remember him acting like a child

 I remember he was such a delight
 I remember he would light up the room
 He would always light up the room at sight
 I wish he didn’t have to go so soon

 He will always be deep down in my heart
 I hope he is finally relived of pain
 We were best friends ‘til life did us apart
 At first I thought that it was I to blame

 There is nobody else to that will compare
 He is now somewhere, where love is not rare

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Hopalong Cassidy - Pets Contest

He was born perfect in every way
Until that fateful day
When from a height was dropped
His knee joint fractured, out it had popped

Was just two weeks old a boxer pup
Went to the vets to have it bandaged up
Had a plaster cast, yet he still wanted to play
When cast came off, he limped from that day

Named him Cassidy cos  he hopped along
Never a growl or bite though big and strong
Was a perfect pet in every way until cancer struck
Just eight years old he said goodbye with a lick.

He won a rosette in an Obedience Contest
Which shows you don't have to be perfect to be the best.

Penned 6 November 2014

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He has been beside me for fourteen years Compassionate and wise, he always cheers Once, as a puppy, he played happily An older dog, he’s a sleeping beauty He snuggles close to me when I’m sleeping Always aware that we’re both now ageing Giving up longer walks for shorter treks Growing old, it seems, is a bit complex He still wags and nags for bits of good food Hoping for the bites that I always stewed He has his treats, his sleep and he is loved More than words could reveal he’s beloved With all of my heart and all of my soul I love this little guy who's my console
Pets Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton Date: November 21, 2014

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Uluru's monolith

Zareba's fences will be too small
our puppy will jump soon across all 
his admirable growth until he's tall
for burglars his bark already a warning call

his  Dutch tin-pan hovel his cave
a bounty of love our transparent wave
his wagging tail such a continuous heartfelt knave
being together always his preferable crave

Uluru's monolith his ancestry
his growth a source for chemistry
his presence with us an ongoing history
his maturity still a huge mystery

Australian Kelpie Captain Broome Uluru is our new young guard
a dreamlike black instead of brown dog has conquered already and again our heart 

(c) Elly Wouterse

PS Cap has connected with us.. in a way that moves us so much... his his empathetic abilities are extra-ordinary and even life-saving!!!

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The Ghost Of Ole Blue

Old Jim Hasselgrove lived out by the river bank
where you'd see him sometimes cookin 
viddles on a small wood stove
now Jim's best friend was a dog named Blue
cause no matter where Jim went Blue was sure to be there too 
like soft butter spread on bread those two were meant to be
so it was that the years passed by
yet that dog Blue never left Old Jim's side
then one day somethin mighty awful happened
seems Old Jim had gone up and passed away
everyone in town thought  Jim should've had a church grave
but loyal Blue stayed by old Jim's shack
which in the end is where they buried Old Jim 
and where some swear the ghost of ole Blue still remains today

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The Broken Girl-not me

Is my life not tortured enough for you to see? 
I am broken as can be. 
My heart is torn. 
My tears stain these perfect floors.  
Why are singing with glee? 
Why do you not care about my every plea? 
I am trapped in your arms. 
I am the hopeless moth. 
How did you pick me? 
What is it that you see? 
A girl untouched by life? 
A flower blooming in the desert? 
I have said goodbye to my loving integrity.  
You took that from me through R-A-P-E.

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Alas, I am still here but you are gone,
  Verily so all things must pass old friend:
True the proud breast filled and white his coat shone
  From beginning to inglorious end.
Rover of lane, hill, creek, wood, dale, and cave -
  The car chasing fool in outrageous youth!
Yet in his lazy dotage I forgave
  Endeared contrivance too long in the tooth.
That you bettered me I do freely boast,
  And made less joyless this world unto me:
A kindness of heart I'll remember most,
  And wagging tail known eponymously!
Shall always think of you well and not ailed,
And my love for you in this...a dog's tale.


"Wags" was the name of my English Setter/
Springer Spaniel cross when I was growing up.

May 1990

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Death of Bruce, My Friend

Death of Bruce, My Friend

Bruce, my puppy died so very , very long ago
 buried him in a grave deep beneath the snow
Vanished, the days of tramping wood and field
 no more would such joy his countenance yield

Looking back seeing more sweet joy than sad
 thank God and childhood for blessings we had
Remembering well the nights he slept in my bed
 often climbing up to lay beside my little head

Attempting to crush memories of his sad fate
 yet thinking of him often, so often as of late
A hero the time he attacked that poisonous snake
 getting snakebit instead for his master's sake

A friend, a love , no greater has a boy ever had
In dog Heaven he awaits and I am so very glad


I had Bruce from age five years old until age 
eleven. Six wonderful years, blessed years and 
sweet years!
Even now at sixty not a week goes by that I don't 
think of him , his loyalty and his faithful love.
I wrote this about twenty years ago. Found it 
today in a scrap book , with no date attached but 
remember writing it one week before Christmas in 1994.
Found the Christmas card from a dear friend(now departed)
 right there with it...

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my dog

                                I have a feeling 
                         that my dog is so spoiled
                  that she doesnt like dog food anymore
           apperently she want's filet min yung and lobster 
              well this isint the surf and turf doggie cafe
               get your head outa your furry butt
                             and eat your alpo