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Sonnet Devotion Poems | Sonnet Poems About Devotion

These Sonnet Devotion poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Devotion. These are the best examples of Sonnet Devotion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Muse, I So Abuse

My Muse, I So Abuse

My muse crying loudly, please write this way
I replied laughing, that will be the day
She storms off in a most indignant huff
I shouting at her, damn isn't that tough?

No fear, she always runs as she returns 
she my heart so loves, as my mind she burns
I, that often sit on cold bed of stones
She, poetic judge that often breaks bones!

Dead of night she cuddles up to me near
utters words, sweet nothings and a cold fear
I inquire, but my heart you love so dear
She shouts, that was a folly from last year!

My muse and I play wicked cat and mouse
She may be the roof but I am the House!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-26- 2014

note: My muse is a vindictive little tramp
she makes me kneel humbly before she lights the lamp!

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Et Portae Inferi Non Valebit, Gates of Hell shall not Prevail

Et Portæ Inferi Non Valebit
(And the gates of hell will not prevail)

Gates of Hell shall never ever prevail
promulgation of Truth forever stands
Soul and Spirit each rings a sounding bell
Fate's ruthless results judges all the lands

Vanities of all men foolishly praised
Spirit's dark desires bearing bitter fruit
Rejection of He that was truly raised
lies and corruption are the stolen loot

Righteous hearts look to Heavenly skies
sincere prayers, deliver such bless reward
Mankind races onward using blinded eyes
to an ending very bitter and hard

In the dark shadow of this evil world
Our Creator's redemption has been hurled!

Robert J. Lindley, 10-11-2014

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  93

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Though wrinkled veins line years on drooping arms        
I'll hold all springtime's traces of young vows,
to care for you through life’s devoted charms
and rouse our crowning glory, joy endows
while tint of whitened hair enchants my heart
that passing unto seasons now grows old,
upon this dream's compass we have to part.
So sing dear one, our floral notes behold
as I guard you through one last winter rain,
until once more sweet memories grip us
to cuddle mild laughter and tunes again
when petals reel unto skies with caress,
…before leaves of demise call us to rest
we’ll share night's end upon heaven’s bequest.

Kelly Deschler's Stand By Me Contest
'When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we'll see
No, I won't be afraid ;Oh, I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me'

Ben E. King - Stand By Me

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Dark River That Sought To Flood

Dark River That Sought To Flood

I tamed the dark river that sought to flood
spreading darkness invading my blood
Battles raged for years every painful night
no victory ever won that dark fight

Tried to forget by being lost into my lust
a folly that gave all so much grief
Years passed before my learning what I must
find only source could give relief

A death leaped out into my sad, wicked life
a healing gift sent from high above
Healing to overcome all sadness and strife
mercy gifted from God's sweet love

Years have now passed into time's eternal realm
I thank divine mercy that removed "Me" from the helm!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-21-2014

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A Lover's Query

A Lover's Query

I cannot love thee any more , nor less
hast thou not thrilled to my nightly embrace
cried about sins I faithfully confess
in shock at my previous sinner's race?

Nay, fair lady think me not a high fool
a master of deceit that sells my charm
tormentor in words so very cruel
ruffian that scurries about to harm!

My lady, looks at me the cock that crows
that preens in the morning to please the Sun
strutting, pleasing your eyes as our love grows
do you speak soft and I come on a run?

Do we not share this secret lover's bond?
Secret nights of which you are very fond?

Robert J. Lindley  08-25-2014

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Those Glory Days, Long Gone

Those Glory Days, Long Gone

Those glory days resting so far bygone
I trek ahead, sad and so all alone
Treasures left upon lofty mountain tops
Rushing ever foward, no time for stops

Days, we resting under a shading oak
loving in vows that we forever spoke
Coolest mornings, breezing days easing minds
days of joy in all the many new finds

Those views of life sing forever above
crystal dreams set in our undying love
Nights of magic in epic love unbound
blisses in every kiss our wet lips found

Memories of days and nights now alone
holding memories of life so long gone!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-07-2014

Poem Syllable Counter Results

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  100 

Did it , hit exactly one hundred words + ten syllables
 per line and great rhyme.. A solid sonnet according to 
my own personal standards. Wrote it and had to minor 
correct only three lines..

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My Lady Requests So Much

My Lady Requests So Much

Shall I splash love into your gay heart
gift a golden treasure beneath your feet
setting my sail into your longing chart
my heart quickly pulsating to your beat

Shall I chain my mind to your sexy dream
clouds of hope wrapped deep into your quests
Tasting the sweetest drops from your steam
slavishly hold each of your love requests

Shall I now set my hopes onto your all
embracing your charms every night's feast
Set my heart to your every beck and call
worship your beauty as a loyal priest

Nay, my love I shall gift to you with strings
Requesting songs of your love that rings!

Robert J. Lindley  08-28-2014

note: All requests are granted. 
I that trades love for love find a 
treasure beyond all measure!

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Sonnet Three

Scattered across a thousand cities
(After the last window darkens).
The moon speaks hidden fantasies,
and the sleepy sunset sharpens.
	Emerging exactly in the last ludicrous light
	(The dawn of you erects constellations).
	Softly, with strolling lips singing spectrally slight,
	the rumor of your touching exceeds all aspirations.
For blindly, as the nails upon the cross
(A dainty destroyed hero loves you).
Beyond falling for or feeling loss,
your least amazing smile will do.
	So give what gives meaning to meaningful,
	the life inside you undefined beautiful.

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When to the eternity

                When to the eternity of love embraced in heart
		With no particular sense of hate flickering past
		The eyes that saw those whom I admired depart,
		I evoke up the sorrowful memories I forgot at last;
		I smile to many a thought of what from them I learnt –
		And with old wounds and old woes now vanished,
		I sigh the sigh of relief in that I know what they meant:
		The impediments I endured proved love finished
		From the hearts that had no hesitation to lie
		For ill-advised and wrong doings at guilty sight,
		And so their sweet lips and beauty disfigured to my eye;
		Then can I love yet with sincere love, growing day & night, –
			The lady who loves me with love unencumbered,
			Whose lips are still pure, with no lies remembered. 

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Sonnet 18 Parody

Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?
Thou art much more shrivelled and much more cold
Rough winds shake the withered leaves of today.
And your stomach hath too many a fold.

Sometimes too hot your sister shines,
And often is your grey complexion dimmed;
And you always smell like my uncle’s swine 
Except your upper lip is less well trimmed.

Thy eternal summer did long since fade
And lost possession of that fair thou ow'st;
And Satan brag thou wand'rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st,
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives death to eyes.

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Oceanic Blues

How grand it is when blue sky meets the sea,
may sky and sand and water ever be,
reflected in this topsy-turvy lea.
Oh, let the stars fall down, and over we.

Will you meet me where the foam froths and roils,
where waves pound upon glistening soil,
and seagull's squawk in mismatched harmony;
oh, let the stars fall down, and over we.

Sea tossed, the dross shines upon the strand. 
Gemstones are born, where the sky meets the land.
meet me down by the rush of lulling sea;
oh, let the stars fall down, and over we.

Here we will lie for all eternity,
with life and death, and our love of the sea.

Scenic Point by Robert Butler

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The Red Road

The Shaman sits upon the sand,
the sand of ocher clay;
between the walls of ruins tall,
where ancient one did lay.

The sky above, the earth between;
took in her sincere pleas
tinksha’s toned, soft flutes droned,
her mantra’s dire decree.

To be the light on darkened paths,
within the night belayed;
and be the brave dark in the glow,
of God’s pristine light portrayed.

Her life long work no sacrifice 
a love of mankind to display.

*One may be of any race or of almost any religion 
and walk the Red Road. The Good Red Road is a path,
a way of living. It's full meaning is the way one acts, 
the methods one uses, and what directs one's doing.
There is more to the Red Road than spoken word 
or written words on paper. It is behavior, attitude, 
a way of living, a way of "doing" with reverence - 
of walking strong yet softly, so as not to harm 
or disturb other life. The Red Road is a pathway to truth,
peace and harmony.

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He Sleeps

My Baby softly sleeps and dreams of me
His parted lips entice to revelry 
He does not know I watch him as he sleeps
Nor that his wants and needs his angel keeps

I hear him breathe serenely, and I sigh
Oh how I wish to him I could draw nigh
To wake him with a kiss upon his cheek
The thought of which just leaves me trembling, weak

My lips and hands I stay, in agony
My heart is burning with expectancy
That he’ll awake and smiling reach for me
And whisk me to MY dreamland fantasy

For now I will await that blessed time
When man child wakes and makes me feel sublime

Eileen Manassian

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Woman's Work

Having had mere minutes to skim your sighs,                 
anesthetize the tip of teeming thought ...        
with platitudes for quandaries which fly bye,  
we care for you, our frail flowers wrought.

The breeze, the muse, the bringer, the envoy          
lends at days end, the tender bits of heart
as on the keys or sewing seams of joy  
our fingers never rest from the day's start.

Hands in the garden smudged with chlorophyll
or wrapped about a naughty childlike pet
oft rest behind a trusty Parker’s quill
all healing touches given without regret.

Small and strong and full of life, they pour.
A woman’s hands give much to be adored.

*Women inspire me especially my mother.

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The end of the beginning drew very near so Jesus went to pray in the garden, Heavy was His pure heart, bruised by burden, And olive trees soon misted with His tears. He knelt beside a patch of lavender, Roses dropped petals asking for pardon, Sand only softened, refused to harden, While poppies bent their heads closer to hear. Evening deepened as Son talked to Father, Geraniums paled, His pain they could see, Daises bowed low to man’s sinless brother, Gethsemane kneeled to the Rabboni. Seeded by grace, grew a blessed flower, ~A blossom of hope, the Easter lily~
“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death, "he said to them. “Stay here and keep watch.” Going a little farther, he fell to the ground and prayed that if possible the hour migh pass from him. “Abba, Father,” he said, “Everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.” Mark 34-36 By Cyndi MacMillan for Linda Marie's Easter Inspirations Contest ABOUT THIS POEM I researched the garden of Gethsemane, and all the flowers save for the Easter Lily could very well have grown there on the night before the crucifixion. The Easter Lily is NOT mentioned in scripture (though lilies are mentioned often throughout the bible). This poem is written with the intent to honor our Lamb, and not as an accurate representation of Christ’s anguished hours. This is mixed sonnet. It has an Italian octave and a Sicilian sestet.

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I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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(Dedication: For Ann, with love.)

Grow old with me my dear,
Only the classics lasts;
Live zesty gifts of cheer,
Delight outlasts the past;
Enjoy wise rapture fine,
Nurture those lovely smiles.
Roar in-between the lines,
Abide in sanguine style.
Meet precious moments sound.
Touch a deep inner light,
Intuit sweet grace that grounds,
Mind and heart know sure sights;
Etch our love affair here,
See pure joy transcend years.

Leon Enriquez
30 January 2015

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Star Struck

Many nights you’ve graced my sight
fair Orion, hunter and groom to the abyss,
and yet it would seem an eternity
before we would meet and kiss.

Bought you’d be, and brought to me
by the grace of He who waits.
So, when I die my heart can rise
upon your valor’s brace.

He’d rename Hatsya’s famed
so my soul could light the way.
Dearbhla true poetess of love
‘pon Orion’s sword held sway.

And up I’d rise at my demise
to crest the sky and space. 

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Sweetly Fragrant

Sitting under the pale pink running rose
At the end of a beautiful Autumn Day
Searching for inspirational sonnet to compose
For my love who lives in heaven's  way

To me He's like a honeysuckle vine
Blooming in the month of May
Sweetly fragrant essence among the pines
He's like the gold of mountains that's refine

To me He's like the babbling brook
Sweetly singing in tune
For everything in heaven He forsook
Fo prove His love for me is beyond the moon

Words cannot describe my love for Him
But daily I'll try to draw close in His realm

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Sonnet Of Worship

I worship you for the plan made for me
From the beginning you knew the tree
The sun, moon, stars nestled at height just right
An atmosphere that surrounds with good light

Through the centuries you knew when to come
To redeem humanity and touch man some
Bringing hope to a lost and dying world
With your teachings, blood, sweat, tears earth did swirl

The guider, comforter, holder of my heart
Omniscience, all knowledge from the very start
Capturing my heart with all that you made
Creating it from your words needed no spade

Exalt my redeemer, friend, comforter
Valentine, my heart is an admirer

(Second attempt at a sonnet.  This is for the "I love you because" contest.)

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As certain as the rains do fall in spring,
will be my love, for you to have and hold,
and know you now--my rain of love will bring
to you, all joy of which all love is told.

No one could ever count the drops that fall,
and so is put together, love for you,
numbers cannot be given them at all,
though put together, one is what will do.

And every single drop adds beauty there
to something we can call a rainy day,
to fill with love, made up, from everywhere,
the drops of life that make love what we say.

Our midnight place, your front porch, dreaming of
each drop of rain that's filled with so much love.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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I've just some things I thought your heart should hear,
since they've been weighing heav'ly on my mind,
so list' and I shall whisper to thine ear
with all compassion my poor heart can find.

You've touched me deeply with the way you smile;
such lips could sooth the beast of anyone;
and spreading love with looks must be your style
for every time our eyes meet, love comes on.

Now I'm about to kiss the lips of you
for this first time, I pray the memory
shall linger on through years life takes us through,
together, as I'm certain this will be.

This first kiss of our love will never end
and changes whom you guessed was just your friend.

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Aphrodite Night

Remembering that night of our last touch,
when nothing was between us we should know,
in love with loving you, and just how much
I wonder where in time do such nights go?

Forbidden like a box that's sealed up tight,
or like the flame that Zeus refused to share
with mortals such as we, and on this night,
Pandora's box was opened everywhere,

you were, that night, my first and only love
and always shall remain that part of me,
created from the earth and waters of
a night that Aphrodite made to be.

       And I am more than blessed for loving you
          forever and all time, as I shall do.
                   © RON WILSON aka vee bdosa

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My love Proclaimed

She is near
Yet she is far
She is clear
Like a star
I shall be bold
My love for she
Will be told
It has to be
I will reach her someday
And my heart will sing
But that day is not today
So my love will cling
For as long as i've hope
My soul will not mope

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no more u in us

once there was you and then there was me, that made us you
 gave me your heart and I gave you my love ,
we lived and we laughed and we made plans this was us.
but you changed you acted strange and that is not for us.
you cheated and you lied and you abused my trust , that's why there is no u in us.

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Ode to the Poet

The words you share, they touch the heart
Coming from yours then, a natural thing
The thoughts, the care, the love you impart
Make me just read so, again and again

I take each write, so penned by you all
Take them, consume them, live them, I do
Within the words I become enthralled
To live vicariously, making all true

Sometimes I read them more than one time
For the words are so lovely, I simply must
I fall in love with the stories and rhyme
I swim in the ink, of this you can trust

I enjoy all the words to get lost in the read
Let the poet’s ink write, the poet’s heart bleed

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        February 13, 1945
Pathfinders lit the night to show the way
for bombardiers too hungry for the word;
as Dresden's dark was made as light as day,
all hearts were stopped before the blasts were heard;

and as the din was heard by all their ears
the sound it made was not reality
but far removed from all the hopes and fears
and what they thought would never come to be.

They loved the Fuhrer--sin enough for all
to die the fiery death of sweet revenge
brought on by those who had enough of gall
to drop their loads in wartimes heated binge!

       And when the fire consumed all that it could
        the winter of their lives was understood.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

When sunset ushers a sky violet blue
At the first star’s light, my thoughts are of you.
And when I gaze into the moonlit sea;
Lights dancing on water, you are with me. 

When a lovely flower bends to the breeze
I picture your face, so eager to please.
As I fly away to a distant land
You dwell in my heart; I’m at your command.

I love your deep voice and things that you say,
And ways you miss me when I am away.
I don’t want to extinguish this fire,
Though it consumes my mind with desire.

I long for the moment we’ll reunite
And I'll share your kisses throughout the night. 

Song: Leaving on a Jet Plane
This poem relates to the song perfectly because I was always leaving on a jet plane 
as a stewardess for 34 years. I met my husband on one of my flights in December 
of 1979. We were married In December 1981 and the most difficult part of our
marriage was me being away 4 days at a time while flying down under to Sydney,
or Auckland,  or 3 day trips to Japan. My thoughts were always with my husband and 

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Time Non-Renewable Resource

Time a non-renewable resorce unframed
Time that slowly wears away one's bones
Takes away friends_ companions leaves alone 
Soon world will forget even poems I named

So glad that into my feeble life You came
Since knowing You I have spiritually grown
Now am claimed as one of Your very own
No more in inner being bear sin's shame

Lovingly and patiently know that you are true
Even there is an accounting of number of my hairs
When in discomfort of ill-fitting shoe
You provide for me a comfortable chair

I know You unconditionally love too
And in TIME all my sorrows You will bear

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Fair Memory

   I see you fair in memory’s sweet abode 
   ‘tis truly there with you I long to be 
   To touch again ‘fore daydream walls erode 
   Thy lips of red, o passion, mine to thee 
   In passion do I feel the tempest rise 
   Rise to meet the moonlight’s sweet caress 
   To see myself in love there in your eyes 
   And in thy garden dare to find me rest 
   O damn the world that holds this body bound 
   N’er content, my spirit yearns to search the wind 
   ‘tis there in sweet repose my love is found 
   And there I long to be with you again 
   For in fair memory’s eye no care there be 
   And to thy heart, mine own, I’d give to thee

Christopher Thor Britt
(Motif: Romantic)

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To Live in Heaven

The two kinds of sins are Original and Actual Sins
Original Sin is what we inherit our first parents, Mama Eve, Papa Adam
We are brought into the world with guilt on our soul
Original Sin was transmitted by natural generation to all his descendants
We are cleansed only through Baptism
The other kind is Actual sin
Actual sin is any willful thought, desire, word action or omission forbidden by the law of Eternal God
Chief sources of actual sin are Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Avarice, Sloth or Laziness
Actual sin or Daily Sin
We are cleansed only by the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession or Penance
We must first have the 3 initial sacraments
The 3 sacraments are Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist
Before the other 4 sacraments
To live in heaven with our Lord


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A Daughter at her Mother's Shrine

 "come fluttering words, come drifting words to me  . . . "

Dear Mother, for a while now you’ve been gone.
Has time for you seemed long beyond the veil?
For those you left, time painfully goes on.
Oh, Mother, can you hear me where you dwell?

I wish to hear your voice again. How sweet
The sound of it each day when we awoke.
Its dulcet tone each afternoon would greet
us after school. How kind the words you spoke!

Your words would flutter like wings of a dove
When each of us received your goodnight kiss,
And gazing at our dad, your one true love,
Your words, unsaid, shone in those eyes I miss.

Your flowers’ scent I breathe in tenderly
while praying that your words drift down to me.

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Though some things are never as they should be, I’ve always been there to comfort thee. And, for years I’ve done all that I can, With you as my woman, and me as your man. We’ve always conquered bad times whenever they came near, And they were never quite, as bad as they appeared. The credit for the good times, I always gave to you. And when bad times came along, we knew just what to do. There have been some sad times, that we have been through, But glad times always followed, all because of you. So, whenever you feel threatened, should I be far away I’ll always keep this promise, until my dying day. Call me and I will come to you, and do just what I need to do – To keep you safe and free from harm, and safely sheltered in my arms.
Written By John Posey 05/26/13

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Little pup at my paternal uncle's house,
Moved from his mother's lap and chose mine,
Pure black, on forehead a white stripe,
Tears of love in his eyes, that I did wipe ,

Reached my home and added onto family,
Dear he soon became, grew up hastily,
Faithful, wagging his tail in affection,
Clever and alert, wit in perfection,

A burglar's alarm, awake at nights,
Sweet morning walks and evening fights,
Winters, summers, autumn, rains and fog,
With every season bloomed, Bruzo my dear dog !

Language of love unsaid, yet perfectly understood,
Pets are the best friends beyond any brotherhood !

Rewritten on 11/27/14 for Shadow Hamilton's 'Pets' contest
Revised version of my original poem 'Bruzo my dog'

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Unrequited Soliloquies Of The Heart Estranged

Unrequited Soliloquies Of The Heart Estranged By M. Taha Effendi (Sonnet) As I walk along the twilit avenue, A forlorn heart bids the day adieu, The rubicund sun withdraws its weary gaze, Surrenders its quest of endless days, Vagrant clouds drift to uncharted lands, Twilight steals a last glance through evening's hands, The gloaming emblazoned with pink and gray hue, As I walk along the twilit avenue, The west wind wails in melancholy, A lonely river seeks the embrace of the sea, Unchained melodies of the solitaire's refrain, That has emptied love's hemlock to the drains, Unrequited soliloquies of the heart estranged, Nature's course, onerous, unchanged,

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My Friesland

I've come at last, my Friesland;
I'll never leave again,
But watch the budding trees stand
Above the grassy plain.

From the smallest little flow'rs that grow,
To the tallest steeple's rise,
You're the fairest country that I know
Beneath the bluest skies.

Everywhere I walk, I see,
My memories are true;
The people smiling back at me,
Their eyes are sparkling too.

From Bolsward down toward Heerenveen,
The dearest land I've seen;
What shame I nearly left for good,
When I was but fifteen.

I've come at last, my Friesland;
My wand'ring I resign:
Oh, sprawling, comely sealand,
What joy to call you mine!

{Form begins as a sonnet and continues as quatrain.}

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Out of the dark, you'll hear my whistling,
this night bird searching out the heart of you,
who knows the song is you, and meant to sing,
and I, who feel your words, forever do.

In love am I, with all you'll ever be,
though you don't even count me as a friend,
I come and go, throughout your life, 'tis me,
you'll only know as steady, to your end.

This night bird knows the deep inside your breast,
your secrets never shared with anyone,
each tiny pain, you've thought to be a test,
each answer from each question--Life goes on.

         Out of the dark, you'll feel me spread my wings,
           In love with loving you, and what it brings.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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My love, what shall you leave me with tonight? What words are there to mend my broken heart? Will our love be repaired with morning light, Oh, or will nightfall be our last depart? My darling, sha'nt I leave you without this, My eternal promise of love to you How could you pull apart this final kiss? Don't let such love fade, whilst such lovely hue So, before you give your final goodbye, And your anger and hate bury your love Remember what wishes, and dreams, will die And the future that we had spoken of So, I'll remind you with my final breath, My eternal love is as strong as death

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Moments upon the loom of time woven
Eternally imprinted 'pon the print
Memories cling, never spent, now frozen
Operate the loom, change design's intent

Reverse the hands of time memories change
Invert the negative read love's design
Everlasting His perfect will's plan 
Slipped, falling into sin man was resigned

Offer life up as a living sacrifice
Follow Him away from sins' tangling lure 
Let love reign over heart, flee avarice
Oarsman of my craft let me in thee moor

Values of this life now become peace, love
Eternally woven threads draw close my Dove


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The Unseen

It is crystal clear and right in front of you.

Mixed and matted in a haze so very clear.

Little spots and little dots are floating near.

They get closer and closer to pass through.


Once inside, new thoughts begin to spew.
Some are of joys and some you will fear.

Be rest assured most will make you cheer.

When it leaves there will be many a clue.


The day will set,

And night will fall,

This sign you get.

It’s a name you call.


So wake up and be clean and keen,

See the unforgettable as the unseen.

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The Seasons Of Our Love

We met in Summer, though it felt like Spring.
It was a time for newly-born passions;
Never fearing what the future could bring,
But probably not ready for love’s seasons.
From passion we created a new life
To bind us then more closer together.
When we finally became man and wife, 
Maybe Summer would then last forever.
In our Autumn years, our sons have both grown.
It seems like the seasons all leave to fast.
I’m grateful for the years of love I’ve known,
And feel for you like I felt in Springs past.
There’s nothing to fear about growing old,
Except living alone in Winter’s cold.

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Set Me Free

Set me free Lord set me free,
Take this evil I lay with away.
Take this torture turn it astray.
Walk with me just let me be.

Look inside my heart to see,
Erase my mind as I do pray.
Renew my spirit all in a day.
Sign me up for a high decree.

Leave all this as dust in the wind,
Scatter past present and future,
I will not falter nor will I bend,
Send it all away with no suture.

Set me free Lord, take this madness and put it in its place.
I must warn you it wears a mask to cover up its ugly face.

(R) Registered:  2013  Ann Rich

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My Hopeful Heart from My Deathbed

I lay in this bed, puttering close to death
Wonder when I shall draw my last breath
A long and great life it certainly has been
I have no hair, move in wheelchair, yet I grin

Grinning at memories and days full of glee
Soaring past on my mount- whizzing by as a banshee
That horse, always my truest love, concerned thereof
before all else she was my miraculous dove.

Many a year together our pleasure- just us alone
Till my daughter born- then the seeds were sown
She loves my mare as I once did, legacy passes
Grown in hours of life, breathed in by spring grasses.

My beast, my child upon my hopeful heart now it shall be
They shall run with my memory- may they both be free.

poem date 6/1/2012
Form Sonnet
Theme Hopeful Heart

For the 3 forms, 3 themes contest
by Francine Roberts

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                                The Sweetest Hopes

                  The tiny infant sprawls midst tubes and wires
                  In shock I kiss a breath on fairy toes 
                  His life becomes my fervent most desire
                  And with each moment love within me grows
                  Oh tiny soul, my darling only son
                  I will exchange with joy my life for yours
                  A gift of life I’ll give to know you run
                  Become a wanderer to distant shores
                  Perhaps a watcher of the unknown skies
                  Or young philosopher at Plato’s knee
                  Or struggling artist without fame or prize
                  Little one-- 'tis all the same to me
                      I make no sound when dreaded silence falls
                      A tragic ending needs no curtain calls

Dec 10, 2012

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Almighty - Shower your love and bless us

 This poem is dedicated to those who are suffering from natural disaster 
 wrote by Mrs.Madhavi Suyog Pagare

 Almighty - Shower Your Love !!!!! 

 Ohh my Almighty, Ohh my Nature..
 Everything was alright, everything was fine..
 But what made you do this????
 That you astringently affected the Life of Divine..
 Why you had lend with with no mercy..
 You showered your gift in terms of cursy..
 Drenching tears of the exciting people..
 Pangs of separation happened between lovely couple..
 How much it is aching to there pity family..
 Everyone got acceleratingly disheartened gradually..
 Just now left with the new dawn and the iota of Hope..
 Hey nature please try to rudenessly cope..
 Mankind struggling for their last breathe..
 Please bless them for our sake under your sheathe..

 Please endow them for their wellbeing and glorious life ahead!!!!

By Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

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Volatile dreams

Morning beach caressing white sands and waves
Murmuring the forgotten song ready to roam,
Towards the lonely rock , paradise of the young waifs
With volatile desires and dreams, all gone.
Vulnerable verdure near living volcano, a hot place
Cast by a fleet of green clouds on yellow skies
Where misleading light showed the fate`s lace.
The red flame goes kingly down, until sunrise.

Kindliness, on an empty beach smiling to man; 
Knitting covering the sides of the rock calls life in.
The hot rock will knit the smoking brows again;
It makes signs towards the graceful sea with green skin.

Like an inward song for a deaf beach somewhere,
There the volcano seems asleep in a hush of salt air.

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Burning On

My ache licks like a furnace, Silent Spark
For you have further prolonged my patience;
Building on the weak to perturb the dark, 
To surrender selfish sense of silence;
Your silence, an incision to the heart, 
Angers that which disappears out of sight,
That mocks life, to its desolate ill part;
Cowers me out, so far-sight may ignite.
Bright am I now, lost into void and woe,
A panic fire orb which hath poured;
My speech and my prudence still lacketh flow,
Blackened from all heat sorely abhorred
Oh, I do light thee well as I may try
For you I burn on, till the day I die

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Ode to Luna

The moon shines bright when human beings sleep
And fairies sprinkle moon dust on the earth
They try to cease the mournful ones who weep
They charm, enchant, entice those ones to mirth

Before the evening star gives up her throne
And blue moons disappear from the night sky
We only watch and have to wait alone
Until the grandiose sun shall arise

But I prefer the nighttime dim and dark
For Luna works her magic charms on me
I sit and watch the pigeons in the park
Before the sunlight strikes a mark on me

I pray for those lost souls who are afraid
Please, Luna, give them what they need and aid.

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I Wait Now

Thee are my lover, I return to see.
I await thy words, which will make it so.
Thine eyes are as green, not full of envy.
They glisten with such a glorious glow.

I beg with mercy, shall not make me wait.
Receiving your gaze from your heart, divine,
Just one spoken word shall open the gate.
Two words that you may speak, so very fine.

Captivated by luscious shining lips,
Readiness of just one kiss sets my bliss.
Give me a message before next eclipse.
Or my life will fall into ill remiss.

Is it my lover that I hear speaking?
I wait now, for my love I am seeking.

written for
Sponsor Sara Kendrick 
Contest Name Sonnet Me 

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My Shakespearean Sonnet

What Shakespeare didn’t write he left to me
In this, a brand new world and century
The English language lives and breathes, alive
A poet’s job is helping it survive

The Muses use us, soul and body, mind
To write of things that can not be defined
The subject matter always stays the same
It’s love and hate, it’s greed and fear and fame

New words evolve to name the things we see
But subject matter stays through history
Our hands the only instruments of worth
To help the Muses speak and then give birth

Their words are bridges crossing deep divides
That bring to man the peace that truth provides

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A soul so complete was born of division, yet chin defied wind, she was no paper doll, the girl was honed through minefield precision, and the woman’s growth could not be forestalled. The wisdom in those hands, a tender strength that lifts away thick masks which inter hearts, love is an action and goes to great lengths, it meets violence then mercy imparts. Oh, how she quests and how she questions herself most of all in a sonnet called life, her verse refuses shallow reflection, No! Those lines disturb depths as words jackknife. As giving as stars on a moonless night, My sister ever heeds her yoke of light.
;-) Still pouting? Love from Dee PS--when I grow up I want to be just like you.

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A Camera's Eye

How deftly my camera seduces this chance
If  circumstance allotted, or thus, I knew somehow
Could earn the winsome smile, or to steal his favored glance
To apprehend and keep the promised vow
Captivate his warrant,  or a furrow of his brow
So safely captured within the frame
If once, I knew, he'd look my way just now,
And fondly gaze at me , with eyes the camera claims           


A cloud appears, the shutter snaps
And though his smile was long
A raindrop falls, the thunder claps…
Too soon the moment gone, 
The rain pours down, he runs for cover
My fleeting chance is over

Inspired by Dr. Ram's contest
Spenserian Sonnet

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Wedding Portrait

A bouquet of white blossoms in your hand
So wistful is the springtime rose that waits
With a mauve dress of silk and beaded strands
Lost moment of time, lingers at the gate

I bear witness to thy heart's devotion
Bringing tears you would never know to shed
My view conceived, with such emotion
A time revealed, before tomorrow's dread

Tho' years have gone, I'm witness to the pages
A day that lingers,  captured in two faces
A love that lasted, long beyond the ages
Forever held, locked in love's embraces

Intrigued I weep, when closed mine eyes to sleep
Find comfort last, that by his side you keep

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Do style a sweet treat with happy delight;
Entice with ideas of savoury stuff;
Line sugary bits of pasty insights;
Impress sweet tongue here with cakes and puffs;
Choose to inspire taste with custard pie crust;
Indulge that sure art with desserts profound;
Obsess and make haste when appetites thrust;
Urge a fragrant start as baking now grounds;
See that your mixtures are creamy and whole.
Create fine portions that look good to eat;
Apt decor fixtures can caress the soul;
Keep cheery notions in your pastry feat;
End with pure delights that taste like heaven;
Sensorial insights as tea time happens.

Leon Enriquez
26 January 2015

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To A Child Who Has A Disorder

Children with an illness,
Go through life,
They are looked down apon,
Because they are different,
When really they are not,
They are no different from  you and me,
They have the same blood,
Running through their bodies,
Just as their hearts as well,
So, don't just look apon,
Their outer appearance,
And judge them,
For who they really are,
For a lot of them,
Are smarter and brighter,
Than you and I,
Could possibly be,
On our brightest day,
For they have the gifts,
From God up above,
So, always take the time,
To get to know their inner beauty,
For who they really are,
Cause they too need love,
Just as everyone else does,
If not even more.

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To one gone

Black is the night when tender living dreams,
	Circle the skies with wax wing hints of mist,
Too fragile to fall, though falling it screams,
	"Beware, beware the moonlit garden wrist!",

Its hand you knew upon your brow and tears,
	Whose love ignored the trust it could not find,
The roots that never belong or so it appears,
	To find only the boots heavy on your mind.

Touching the skin that covers your soul,
	Of spices whose bite the snake must refrain,
From asking whose deed that blood did control,
	What infinite being did it contain?

Never (did I say never?) did the world sleep so much,
	As the night my lips to your tomb did touch.

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Our qualms doth not live aloft our dreams to confer 
Upon heavenly horizons where every soul shall dwell

Twas meant to turneth thy sight away from a lovers stare
Should sunshine always show, should seas forever break swell

Thou and thou maketh one long vow bound before holy eyes
As fate end lives to lure in new casts God maketh so endears

Why hath ye been sojourned in secrecy of where thine truest treasure lies
When in that divine next place, you will sigh at thine sight of no fears

Mustn't time only tell tales lived on by unvanquished surrenderers
Sailing cordially lost with us, addled no more but paddled on pent in pain 

Or herein reap rewards wrought upon death’s frozen oar bearers
Shores to shores, we promised ourselves cradles to returneth once again

Thus as adventure unfolds amongst ocean graves hushed we see
Where perpetual peace reigneth forever we are at last in love at sea

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The sun shines again for he smiles dreaming.
The indeterminable day no longer flees or hides
for its end is sought, as is its beginning
as I lay beside him in love seeming.

Though at peace, confusion’s thoughts abide
waiting there as laggard servants shying
scolded by the Mistress Aphrodite
his form akin to Lord Ares lying.

Now, Want must find a different dwelling
and Need must now within my heart reside
for oh love, sweet love, has come a calling
on the wings of Eros it did arrive.

For he smiles and joy of sweetest joy, I cry.
to stay forever in his arms, I’ll try.
Poet: D. Guzzi

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And God answered Job from a howling hurricane
"Who is he who dares to doubt and complain?
Who is he who dares to stray from his path?
Who questions and doubts me? Who kindles my wrath?
Stand now before me, I demand it of thee
Do you see in my future? Do you know what will be?
Your mind is too tiny to comprehend why!"
Job said, "My mouth will be shut, I cannot reply."

"I have spoken of things I do not understand
Things far too wonderful for one mortal man
Now mine eyes see the wonder of thy glorious light
Helpless before thee; I give up the fight
And fall on my knees as I know that I must
Face down, I repent in ashes and dust."

Job 42:6

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I Will Love You

I will love you, my bird,
Until you become tired,
Until you say in grief,
'Let me love you and sleep.'

You will fall asleep then
On my heart half-broken.
In your dream you will find
My love before, behind.

When you open your eye,
You will see earth and sky
Full of my love, pure, fine,
Soft as dew and divine.

I will love you, my bird
Until you say, 'Tired! Tired! '

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Fly Away With Me

I’ll pick you up and make you fly.
I’ll sit you down and you’ll think.
At least until you can fly in sync.
We’ll go up in the clouds and spy.
You will know me because I try.
I bring you to the crest of a brink.
I catch you before you truly sink.
I am the one always asking why.
I’ll show you a sea castle,
Bring you to the dungeon.
I am the one you all hassle.
I keep you from bludgeon.
So pick up and fly away with me.
We have a great big world to see.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Keep on like you do

I love our conversations day to day
I laugh at the awkwardness in the hall
I love how you are mine, my sweet blue jay
If this were a movie the snow would fall

The perfect scene that everyone desires
The paramount picture movie nights out
I love that this love does not require
Sadness and despair, the miserable pout

I want to see you as you always are
I want to laugh and share my memories
So you call to me, and I won’t be far
I want to cheer and hear your melodies

For it is a rose in any other name
I am foolish, but who am I to blame?

New found friendship in the darkest areas
But it’s not like we are from dark places
You are the light that disrupts hysteria
There’s no need to hide under fake faces

Thank you, my search for that place is finished
That place where loneliness finally dies
That place where joy is, as it should, cherished
That place where despair meets its true demise

I no longer have to travel today
To travel to that place where sadness ends
Because I have found that place, my blue jay
So from now on, what we do shall depend

Shall we travel together tomorrow
To keep fighting everlasting sorrow

What I say and do I mean completely
What I say to you I mean with honesty
But Please do not take my words so feebly
Don’t shrink in front of the face of modesty

You are marvellous, true in every way
You are graceful, so keep dancing like you
You are beautiful, so smile my blue jay
Smile and I shall be marvellous with you

Please take my words to heart, never forget
They are nothing but spectators tonight
You are the main attraction, don’t leave yet
You will rock, no need to be polite right?

You are awesome in each and every way
You are pretty no matter what they say

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Desirable Lady

Thine will, my desire, lady so fine,
These days without your touch, are cruel.
These nights without you, I devour wine.
Your quest my desire, within thine rule,

My heart and soul, torn apart and ripped,
In private vigor, I await kiss.
My spirit defiled and ill equipped.
These times are vacant; your touch I miss.

Our sensual flamboyant desire,
Your eagerness, showering pleasure,
As I hold you close, I feel such fire.
Our moments together hold measure.

My ardor is real, yours surely true.
I humbly await one glimpse of you.

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Valentine a golden way

A Valentine day, we sat on the rocks and played with ducks,
Rolled over the grass and embraced the bench holes,
Pulled the knitting balls and stretched the rubber calls,
Waved the legs and rubbed the tussles for stall hooks.
Messy hair wrapped in muddy spots to roll over the red looks.
Sunshine touched my spine and glowed behind the shades,
Bird flunked above the smoke in a hard talk to touch my fades,
A fragmented doll in a love fall why minds the rounding crooks.
My strength is bright has a big fight to elastic the bubbly talks,
A golden way we lived in our day that noted in memory books.
Valentine opens the living door to enjoy love more that's mine,
Happiness touched my bones in healthy tones we roasted fine,
Love encouraged me comes from soul free warmth me in cold,
In a rainy day, offers me a play fiery sparks that we can hold.

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Time is no Barrier

Time is no Barrier

On high, across the land and out to sea
The mist of time will stay, and cast a veil
Your love and thoughts alone, will drift to me
No walls or words will stop, or help prevail
To keep our love apart, so they shall see
The up's and down's of life and death, we sail

A chance meeting as eyes did gaze, passion!
From morn till night, surpassed by lies so vile
Poisonous  words spoken quite violently
Others whisper advice, to wait awhile
To those we say, although, reluctantly
Alone in hand we’ll walk along the aisle.

In time, we hope we will instil, no doubt
To those who care, is that, our love’s devout.

Iambic Pentameter

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Enthralling Persona

A man of free will
A visionary soul
Gulps down the misery of discrimination
Climbs a great hill with compassion
Breathes over hurdles

Uses time wisely
Don’t wish but go get
Don’t only dream but pursue
Money won’t create success
Freedom will

It doesn't matter where one is from
A heart matters
Unite to create establishments
Because there is a Nelson Mandela in every true spirit

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Fallen Angels

Angels, descending from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love
Angels, weavers of dreams,
Harbingers of nightmares, they bring screams
When fallen they become, lost is this world
For the heavens become hells, fiery and all curled!

Angels, fallen they may be,
Yet, they shall not remain so for eternity
The ONE above is full of pity
For his children lost in absurdity,
Feeling like crazy beings in a reality
Where Time is Fool's stupidity!

Angels, descending from above, shall try with all their might
To bring harmony to the land of the dove, where lost is the light!

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Try To live happily

You applied divorce what was a  matter?
I'm little liberal and a good chatter.
when we go for shopping why do i talk others?
we live in a society as a sister and brothers,
what do they think about me you worry Mr. fatter?
you start heavy drinking and chain smoking,
and terrifying your soul, she 'll flee away, not better.
you 're my husband taken an oath in front of God,
In the public, not secretly you speak in voice loud. 
don't curse yourself I've nothing in mind for scatter.
Doubt for what speak with me  if I'm wrong,
Life's short, try to live happily family life isn't long.
Look at those birds they love eachother and sings a song.
try to understand our relation no need to exhibit in court tong.

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For you

For all those sunny years we’ve spent together 
For all the clouds that drifted in between  
For all the paradise we might have seen  
For ships of hope that wrecked in stormy weather

For all the love we made on scented heather 
For all the words and fights that haven’t been
For all the daily deadening routine 
For heavy times we lifted like a feather 

You’re nice and wise and good and cute and clever 
The very best that happened in my life 
No way I’m going to leave you lonely, never
Your way to fortune is my only drive 
So here’s this poem for you, to last forever
Now let me think of something for my wife

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Excitement is in Georgia standing on a ledge.
His expression is that he loves her.
But she loves someone else.
Yet everything about her says she thinking of me.
Tell me please, why is she not part of my destiny.
If faith is the witness, I will conquer her love.
She will not think of him anymore.
I called to her to come to me early on.
She answered by coming straight from home.
I was waiting on the balcony when I heard her knock.
I ran to the door and pull on the knob.
The door open hastily and we hugged.
We stood in the foyer for a moment or two.
Walking not saying a word, we enter the bedroom.
If faith is the witness, I will conquer her love.
She will not think of him anymore.

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Shadows Creep, I Lost Sleep

Shadows Creep, I Lost Sleep

Shadows crept into my room late at night
those dark nasty ones with razor like teeth
Defiant I soon dared to taunt and fight
slimy ones prancing down and underneath

Climbing ones scratched slowly up moving walls
fat, dark and nasty ones scattered about
Shrieking ones gave out wicked little calls
some cursed my soul with demonic shout 

Last came ever patient and slashing kind
creeping in so close to my shaking bed
Searching very slow for bare toes to find 
clawing bed sheets now wrapped over my head

A light blasts on from lamp on my nightstand
Strange, they vanished, I never lifted my hand!

Robert J. Lindley, 08 -22 -2014

Dark memories haunt my past.
I know such are dead and blessings are here 
now to last...

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Ever as many I try to write for thee

Ever as many I try to write for thee,
 All the words like a soft sand slip away,
 My soul, my heart, my dreams... All flee
 And all the words, therefore cannot say.

 I seek an answer from thyself...
 How much with thee I fall in love?
 He says as a brave knight compelled a triumph,
 Carried it along the earth, and to the sky above,

 As a rose and magic always dwelt together,
 Circle beneath a circle, flow like waves
 As a velvet passion that burns forever,
 Tenderly wrap our bodies with praise

 I love thee dearly, since before life has begun
 I love thee deeply, as night whispers are done

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The Leaving

(6th May 2002)

Oh!  Upon this day with the saddest eyes
I with regret farewell Auckland City,
To depart with the fondest of goodbyes
Of its people and sea shores pretty.

Although not a child of thy civil womb
You took in a desperate family,
My adoption the fruit of your spring bloom
In return labour given readily.

I leave within your care my youngest son
A Kiwi lad if any he’s become,
Our different accents becoming spun
Like the seed of one’s culture ne’er succumb.

So farewell Aotearoa farewell
Now is the hour a tale of you to tell.

© Harry J Horsman 2012   

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Helix Glint

Evening reaches out with an open hand
Like a forgotten presence appearing.
Every last hair bolts up by your command
Charging my living tissue with searing
Thrombosis to push those gusts to endure,
Rallying in your splendor with wonder
Opposed as delicious harmony pure,
Goading such playful rumbles of thunder,
Echoed throbbing, our obsessions collide
Nebulous in consumptive carousing
Electrified to blaze purpose inside
Slickened hope both divine and arousing:
Isometric ripples welling with glee
Sustaining the spark that breathes into me.

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My Solemn Vow

I think I shall take this very day and make you my solemn vow.
And when I do I shall pass it onto you to follow the just of me.
I vow to open your blinded eyes to show you all that I can see.
I vow to open your deafened ears to hear why I am me and how.
I think I shall take this night and raise up your brow.
And when I do I shall pass it to you with an only key.
I vow to open your locked doors down on a bent knee
I vow to close the wounds from those I did not allow.
I vow to gather my group up into my fruitful field.
I vow to cover you and dress you to simply adorn.
I vow to create a world in which we as one build.
I vow to remove every single painful prickly thorn.
I vow to you that I am your God given Grace.
I vow to you that I am able to create or erase!
© Copyright: Ann Rich 2008

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Weighing the Unmeasurable

When love is weighed against a precious stone,
The diamond surely earns its flawless boast.
As cruel time eats flesh and powders bone,
The rock retains one form, outlasting most.

While love alone won’t even tip the scale,
The crowning jewels could own the world; 
While faith and loyalty can often fail,
The purity of gems can’t be unfurled.

Keeping love alive is an endeavor,
While a diamond’s luster never teeters.
Everyone knows diamonds are forever
Yet fragility makes love much sweeter.

White diamonds are reduced to common sand
While slipping in between my sweetheart's hands.

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Fr. Christ said “I am the living bread that came down from heaven...

If anyone eats this bread

He will live forever

Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, abides in Me and I in him"

Essential signs of Eucharistic Sacrament are wheat bread and grape wine

Communion with the Body and Blood of Fr. Christ increases the communicant’s union 
with the Lord God.

Receiving this sacrament strengthens the bonds of charity between the communicant and Fr. Christ

It also reinforces the unity of the Church as the mystical Body of Fr. Christ

The Church recommends the faithful to receive the Holy Communion at least once a year.

Fr. Christ Himself is present in the sacrament of the altar

He is to be honored with the worship adoration

To visit the Blessed Sacrament is a proof of gratitude

Expression of love

Duty of adoration toward Fr. Christ, Jesus our Lord

Written 09182012

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MOTHER When all alone, quiet, and lost in thought, I see again the times when I was young. I smile for attention I often sought, Knowing if I was sad then you would come. You would dry the teardrops that then would flow, Be my bedside nurse on a restless night. A soothing word and I'd forget my woe, Consoled that you were not far from my sight. Your wrath confused me when I misbehaved, Never believing I was ever wrong. But now I see love through your stormy rage. With your wise words I have grown, oh so strong. So when I think of you, Mother and friend, All regrets are over, all sorrows end.

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O clap your hands all ye peoples
Shout to God with a voice of triumph
For the lord most high is terrible
He is a great king over all the earth
He shall subdue all the tribe under us
And nation under our feet, he gives us our right
The Excellency of Jacob and his prince Israel
He goes up with shout of joy and songs
The lord goes up with trumpet blast
Sing praises to him who is on high
Sing with understanding for he rule all the earth
Over the heavens he reigns sited upon his throne
Where the princes of the people are gathered together
Holy is the lord is their song of righteousness

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Sonnet XI

What sounds, what pictures can express your grace?
I search my soul to lay fast claim on words
That will depict the worship you have stirred
With in my breast. Alas, they fly apace, 
And I am mute. My love, I would abase
Myself and to your merit mine defer;
O, could I conjure up the golden word
That would my imagery of you embrace!
I long to lift my voice in praise of thee;
Yet, evermore in speechless wonder stand
That one who walks in nobl'st purity
Would enter in and grace my barren land.
Do see my debt, my abject poverty,
How they must speak what words cannot command.

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A sonnet to a faded little rose,
Could never hope to tell you how I feel.
The things you gave up just for me do show,
That parental love is your only seal.
Since birth you've been near just to protect me,
And help me up each time that I would fall,
And guide me with a hand on which I'd lean,
Depending as I start down lifes vast hall.
When I have gone from your home to my own,
To rear my family as you did rear me. 
I only hope that God will help me know,
The joy and sorrows, that I once caused thee.

My love for you is as endless as time itself,
And deeper than the oceans deepest cove.

                           Cile Beer

written l955

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The Moon, The Stars and Heaven, too

Over the moon I threw a rope
to drag it down to give to thee.
This I did with a hope
that you would come to love me.

I pulled two stars from the skies
to give to you to show my love.
They paled compared to your eyes
and so I sent them back above.

For your love I would do
anything you asked of me.
If, my love, you only knew.
If, my love, you could see.

The stars, the moon and heaven, too.
There's nothing I would not give to you.

~~~~ form : English Sonnet ~~~~

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Orphic consecration, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel's Dedicade d'Orphee by T Wignesan

Orphic consecration, Translation of Pierre Emmanuel’s Dédicade d’Orphée by T. Wignesan

Here am I back from the other dubious bank
where Orpheus’s abandonned lyre laments
the wind down there fills my veins dizzy drunk
and my redoubled hangover numbs my senses.

After having used up my human resemblance
mauve moons of Hell have gotten me in a spin
My eyes ? two diamonds of winter or two fountains
which stare at an immutable sun and remain frozen.

Similar tree springing deep roots, blind to murmurs
shakes in its sleep nocturnal verdures
where defunct suns ripen forgotten :

Very same tree that by day the light violates
bereft of foliage, bereft of birds, clawing at clouds
curses summer with its huge arms anathème.

           (from the collection Sodome, O.C. t. I, p. 253)
Note : Sonnet’s original rhyme scheme : 
                                  abab, abab ccb, ccb

© T. Wignesan – Paris, October 6, 2014

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Great Spirit here come I in humble prayer
child of your Bedonkohe blood and line.
I raise my hands to recognize you there
and plea you recognize this heart of mine.

I know you welcome all into your light
And let my way, as through this death I go, 
Be swift and sure, if bad or good or right
As certain as blood of Geronimo.

Look! Is my line not tied to what's his past?
And does this not bring us our only choice
To bide amongst the tribe from out our past?
To gather in your light, and raise one voice

Of this, our song, our voices unified
And handed down through time, where we have cried.
...............© Ron Wilson
Another very special Sonnet that just wrote itself through me...where do they come from? And how?

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''That the brilliance of your majestic ways--''

That the brilliance of His majestic ways
and fire that burns from His white-hot eyes
may give their light to space of infinite size 
and shine on all Earth's creatures' love and praise;
that the mercy He gives to him that stays
from wicked ways to keep his lips from lies,
for faith and grace to remain pure and wise
may give His Word renewed glory and raise;
that the millennial Kingdom's earthly time
arrives after end times' brief, labor pangs
and saves God's children from sin's filthy grime,
so they that were tempted of Satan's gangs
will live on in glory and in their prime
once Christ defangs the Serpent's deadly fangs!

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Hands of Time

Cupped within the grasp of mine
the chi does swirl a treasure
twirling atoms held sublime
eternity unmeasured.

Reflections lift from hand to eye
each limpid surface framed
The sky above doest bring a sigh
as glorified is His name.

A world within two cupped hands
A world within each mind
Universes do unfold
within the scope of time.

So taste the waters offered thee
and see beyond the farthest sea.

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He Died To Save The Lost

He came to earth to die for men
He did not count the cost
He came only to seek the lost
He entered a world full of sin
It was a battle only he could win
When men’s hearts were as cold as frost
He died to save the lost
Then He rose from the dead
Proving that he was God
The church His bride to wed
High above the sod
There forever we will be
With the one who die to set us free.

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A Treasure Is He

                                         A  Treasure  is  He
Born  is  Our  King
To  save  the  world
A  jewel  of  Grace  
His  wisdom  a  Pearl
Dear  Lord  I  swirl,  to  hear  Your  word
The  best  news  in  all  the  world.

Jesus  Messiah,  Grace  behold
A  spirit  we  feel  
Precious  as  gold
He  came  and  He  gave 
 His  very  soul
As  the  prophets  of  old  foretold.

Your  Name  most  High
Your  Fame  reached  the  sky
We  look  up  to  You
And  so  we  try
To  give  You  our  all  before  we  die
We  come  to  meet  You  Oh  Lord  on  High.

From  Time  before  time
God   Had  us  in  mind
He  formed  and  designed
In  His  image  defined
He  gave  us  our  mind
He  reformed  and  refined
Oh,  our  God  is  so  divine.
We  thank  You  Lord
Yes  we  thank  You  Lord
For  coming  to  us
In  Your  Name  we  trust
We  are  grateful  to  You,  oh  Lord.

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Were You to Die

Were you to die, pray tell me what I’d do
But long and hope for my life to be through
Without the sun, I’d face an endless night
For gone would be my love and heart’s delight

No need to wake and greet a brand new day
No need to breathe, nor yet to kneel and pray
No need to live, for life with you has gone
Your resting place, my heart and soul has drawn

What need there be to wake from slumber deep?
Let days pass by, as cloistered now I weep
The world has naught that would beguile my heart
Without your love, of it I want no part

Yet while you live, I pledge myself to thee
God grant that death might first take hold of me

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend

My heart is so full of love 
I can hardly restrain myself
My heart bleeds upon the shelf
My dreams fly like the dove
White and pure from above
inside this dream I delve
And find no way to help myself
I will sacrifice my dreams
Our love was never meant to be
Your heart was never free
Our music cannot trenscend
She ever sings her song
Go to her my Dearest Friend
For this is where love belongs

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In other concentric yellow yearning yesterday

Embracing both honey and yellow bitterness,
Golden bees` benedictions in amber soul,
In condensation on the breasts tenderness,
With indomitable embers new blue sky call;
In yellow yesterday, it was your young sun: 
He took its yacht behind the wrought iron rocks;
Glowing in the subtle worn concentric pun,
From its garret, the moon, a girl with blond locks
Sat near the yearning wreath of the apple trees;
She’s ready to travel and balance the grove at its best:
With secret fruit caressed by a mellow breeze,
Ready to spin a yarn about the yeast of  the West;

In other concentric yellow yearning yesterday;
The stars` mutiny began running away the gray.

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The Lady Suffers

The Lady Suffers 

What of the slow falling of morning dew 
rain that sets a cold shiver upon you
A sky that dances to yet mock anew
goodness and gentleness surely your due!

Can earth dare to ever this one reproach
promises of your sure sweetened approach
Pretty maiden of your innocent ways
sends joy into glorious summer days!

What of wind that so evilly blows
away all sacred words that you compose
Dares wickedly ruin your pretty hair
disrupt loving mood of my lady fair!

Nay, Nature careless , so very cruel 
made up of harsh acts that so rashly rule!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-24-2014

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He harks the orologio ticks that count
the cosmic seconds that relentless fade
the iron peal of bells and rhythmic sound
expands the utterance his verses prayed.

A silken antimins - her blooming scent
where consecrated scriptures lay
perceived the liturgy and soul's descent
the antiphon of Corpus' Christi sway.

Denomination of the astral halls
his fervid coursing and her mystic stance
dismissal nightly voice to skyward calls
ascension of his soul's her stare askance.

Devoid 's the night that takes his life and past 
she harks his voice the sovereign woods contrast.

© 06-08-2013 G. Venetopoulos

Canon = Rule
antimins ( )
orologio = clock
antiphon = ( )

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Bewitched by a Sailor's Moon

Disperse the sun’s most wicked rays.
Exhale the vapor of the light.
Fill the soft fringe with halo fine.
Dampen the blackness of the night

Stain pink as if the weakest blood
has washed upon cobalt the skies,
cry out in fear for at the dawn
a cresting wave will sailor’s ride.

Belay, belay, the storm’s intent.
The rage incased with morbid fright.
Assuage the rampant fretting sun
“Ah, give me fair soft candle light.”

For in the morn there comes a gale
and pon a widow’s walk I’ll wail.

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Why do i disturb others

Never mind; we all have brain but not intelligent.
Misunderstanding and disappointment is living base;
Harassment and mischievousness why do we face?
Is someone responsible somewhere for this dent?
Is hell or heaven a living standard an approachable hint?
We waste our present to plan tomorrow or to analyse yesterday,
We never estimated our progress but celebrating a birthday,
The entire life education fails to teach us mankind,
But modern human is living in a ghost tent.
Eats smell and spreads stink but not avoiding mint.
living in waste; searching better taste for standard living,
never learns a lesson, crime is his fashion for care giving,
Why do i disturb others and like sound sleep for more relax?
Always looking short cuts and direct rout for a clean shaving.

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My Darling Wife

My Darling Wife

Love me when I am weak, not strong
Love me when I am stubbornly wrong
Promise me this you will truly do
I promise undying love for you

Stand with me as I fight for more
Stand with me from shore to shore
Do this I ask with love in mind
I promise love returned in kind

Comfort me when misery prevails
Comfort me when all goes to hell
Do this small thing I sweetly ask
I promise love rewards for this task

Fly with me on a quest into life
Honor me as my love , my darling wife

Robert J. Lindley, 07-24-2014

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Wants and needs seed,
Hope and faith steer;
Yes love funds feed.
Quest in sure cheer:
Use moments brief,
Allow fond stay;
Niche beyond grief,
Tell truth to slay;
Urge flavours well,
Meet with sure grace.
Love casts the spell,
Embrace life's space;
Appeal to heart,
Play poignant part.

Leon Enriquez
22 January 2015

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Cold Nights In Paris

COLD NIGHTS IN PARIS ( Monsieur L'vampyre)
There's never been another dark on earth
quite like the dark of Paris under snow,
where love, it comes and goes, for what it's worth,
and no demands are made, when time to go.

Where lovers slip into the hiding night,
oblivious to cold or freezing rain,
anticipating love, that surely might
warm up their lives for just a night, again.

And love's a little warmer, from the cold;
it makes two hearts to join and keep a beat;
and warms the lives of both the young and old,
who find their love with-in their body heat.

Though easy comes the love--they hold it dear,
without it cold is something they would fear.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Fool's Gold

I see you, I believe in you!
I die in you, I will behold.
Yes I will be a fool’s gold.
In the morning, I am two.

Come deep into me you fool.
Like one I’m your two fold.
Correct me now and be bold.
Your day is mine I do rule.

I scream I shout and I am loud.
Oh My God! Where art thou now?
Fly higher up in my white cloud,
I will show Him absolutely how!

Do me once shame it all on me! 
I am the only one you can see.

® Registered Ann Rich 2011

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Vast Love

The love that kisses with a tasteless tear
A pain that can’t be painted on the soul
A longing for a place without a fear
Longing for a feeling that makes me whole
Beloved, words can’t heal my tattered heart.
As thorns pass me by the pain cant compare
That of the pain of being torn apart
Even the wind howls about it I swear
Tell me was falling in love my mistake
I chose my own fate and decided to stay
I will not let this love become forsaken
Love can’t just get up and spirit away
Love is worth overcoming a mountain
My love for you flows like a vast fountain

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Love's Dark Curse

Beneath the holy sun and heaven's light,
Angelic standing here before my eyes;
Of hope and beauty free before my sight;
A sign of life and joy descends from skies.
With anxious heart I pray for you tonight,
That still from in these gems such glimmers shine;
This crystal glow alive and shining bright,
Though such it is that this might not be mine.
Above my head is always falling rain;
Suppress the starlight gleaming from within,
And when it ends I cannot start again
Those pearly orbs to wash away my sins.
If you knew of this curse then you would see,
Within the thrall of love I am not free.

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Life, A Vanishing Mist

Life, A Vanishing Mist

It is so very late in my life
 a future pain awaiting my wife
A tragedy for my very young son
 years are short, life as yet so undone

Memories are signs that say very soon
 well past a shining three quarters moon
Pondering my demise and its effect
 hoping no duties do I ever neglect

What is a decade when it flies by
 or fears of no more future skies
A man can only pray to do his best
 ask God in Heaven to do the rest

Twilight now awaits its next hardened stone
 mortal man , sacrifice of flesh and bone!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-16-2014

note:  Pondering the future for my family when
 I am no more. I write my thoughts, glimpse my fear
and draw my sword in anticipation for a great battle.
A day, a month , a decade..? 
Ten years or so , to a soul desiring another 60 is a
bitter pill. Yet swallow I must...
 Not abitchin' at all, just a ponderin'.. lol

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Highlands Fore'er

Oh, write tae me of the highlands, 
the crisp air and the damp. 
Write tae me of the heather'd fields 
'ere Bonnie Charlie danced. 

Oh, place yo'r quill upon the page 
and dream a fey song wit me, 
of rock tor's an' crags an' fiords 
which join the raging sea.

Of fair Iona, the Isle of Sky
the Inner Hebrides.
Hike yo'r kilt, strap on the uilleann 
and keen a sweet song for me.

Oh, dinnae tarry beyond the pale,
with the wail of the brash banshee.
*Written in dialect in the style of Robert Burns
**Dedicated to our Jamie our own Highlander

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My Love For You

I see you through night and day,
With words of such grace
You have turned from my life and walked away.
While holding the rose in my hand, with it I do trace.

Frowing now that I never did,
O' but star-struck I will always be.
Forever wishing that I ever so bid.
Little did I know that your from me.

I'll beg on my knees,
I'll plead with all eternaty,
If you only let me say please.
To me, thers is no one else, not any.

I let you slip from my fingers,
My sweet and dear friend, my love for you still lingers.

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Sonnet IX

What are you? You are joy and peace and grace,
But beyond, to the utmost, you are love.
Only love could have lifted me above
The endless toiling of my wretched pace
And cradled me within a resting place,
Where I am held as hand in glove,
A covering of peace but more of love.
My soul arrives with one glance at your face.
We have no need of barter or exchange;
T is true your heart is mine and mine is thine.
There is no broader scope, no field or range 
Wherein there lies more freedom than is mine
In being wholly yours. Think it not strange,
For love's true freedom does securely bind.

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Silver Lining

Silk scarved words; silver lined apocalypse-
   A distant stars regret will not ever
Surmount rash amounts of emotion, this
   Disgusting leak of Heart, preyed on. Never
To match sunstroked day breaking; wint'ry
   Fragments protrude strangely from corpse smiles
Which speak speak drifting incantations with me,
   A deaf mute, caged by the shine of your eyes.
Traversing a circle of little Death,
   A cycle of red and blues: cardiac
Arrest of the sweetest sortings; now to mesh
   Touch with sultry glances that counteract 
Vocal chords on the offensive. Nothing
Beyond other's whispers, not worth hearing. 

"Silver Lining"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

(Disclaimer: I could not find a correct, per-se, form to put this under. The rhyme scheme and syllable counting match Shakespearean Sonnets, but I would consider this more of a  'Free Verse' Sonnet. As there was no proper category for me to submit this under, and I do not want readers to believe I am submitting wrong or falsely promoting my work.)

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At first when I met him, I was captivated for him
That red string that had entwined us never did end
I exposed every single fragment of me, all my limbs
I strived strenuously to get that red string to rend

You whispered to me that your aim was the impeccable one
Instead I had to pull the plug
I was captivated with my hoarse voice the burnt setting sun
The encased ice I wished were snug

Do you recall those days when we were friends
Then came the those other variables of confusion
Remember all those roads with bends
With you, it seemed as if everything were an illusion

Now I have to let go for it makes me ache
I. too late, finally solved that you were a fake

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Hello Milady

Hello milady how was your day?
May I compliment you more?
For it is today
That I see you like never before.

Your smile overpowers me
And so much in common we share
I will profess to you gladly
But do I really dare?

For you are too glorious
For me to lose
I was never notorious
For letting my feelings loose

But today I shall, and it shall be done
Because you are the one and only one

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At Last

At last I’m finding hope this silent hour
Once stalked with blindness of my deep devotion
How wistful was the waiting love to flower
To bear witness of thy heart's emotion

Your view has changed, that image once conceived
Denied a glance. Oh! What a fool was I
Yet now my world of darkness takes its leave 
Now all those yesterdays fly off to die

The sun of love has shined, the past is dead
Your love now sees me with new eyes that thrill
Those darkened nights of tears, upon my pillowed bed
Have turned to tears of joy, flow sweet as whipperwills

For all those sad tears shed, the moonlit past will keep
My longing heart beneath the sun, no longer more will weep

For Francine's Contest "Sonnets, Sonnets, Everywhere"
Carrie Richards 6/15/11

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Mending A Broken Heart

Nothing as cold as a winter of black.
the world still moves, as if nothing has changed.
"a snow angel" i thought as she fell back.
she looked to the stars "they all seem arranged".
her eyes a sunrise on the Coral Sea.
Years pass people, continue in rejoice.
my despair endless, as challenger deep.
i long for her warmth, and ache for her voice.
her love for me eternally in stone.
love crashing down in a thunderous wave.
stars came and went but i stood there alone.
waiting for deaths sweet grip, by true loves grave.
when joy comes with curved blade and dark cloak.
time will mend the heart, it long ago broke.

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Newly adopted toddlers mourN
Indemnity as locus  standI
Gold-crests laG
Event invites the employeE 
Rodeo on the wealthy riveR  
Irrevocable superminI
And the black gold run et ceterA 
Nobles with black gold gains remaiN

Spectacles of other specieS
Opener ramains incognitO
Ne'er-do-well holds the horN
No one remembers the mooN
Expatriate  the extra farE
Teach the gospel momenT

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Jealousy and It's Lovers

Maybe it wasn't supposed to be
But it is.
They tried to make it hard but its so easy
They shot and miss'd

They were told it couldn't work
But it does.
They gathered-in the dark where they lurk
To stop Love.

But they were blind
And We saw
What they do to their kind
So we cut them raw

They lived and saw what love can do
So they told the tale of me and you.

By Nicholas A. Bello

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If I could gather for you, flowers fair,
the first of summer, slip them in your hair,
to light your face, the tremble of your smile,
how much in love I'd be at what is there.

If I could welcome May in all her bliss,
the window into summer's melting kiss,
I'd know the greatest joy, though for a while,
and die among the gods, for only this.

If I could open summer, and her pain,
each ray of sunlight fair, each drop of rain,
each courting dove, each flit of butterflies
each welcoming of death, that ends all pain.

If I could capture Beltaine at sunrise,
'twould shine much like the light there in your eyes...
© Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa
Si podría recolectar para usted, florece favorablemente, el primer
del verano, los deslizan en su pelo, para encenderse la cara, el
temblor de su sonrisa, cuánto en amor sería en cuál hay.

Si podría dar la bienvenida a mayo en toda su dicha, la ventana en el
beso que derrite del verano, sabría la alegría más grande, aunque
por un rato, y el dado entre los dioses, para solamente esto.

Si podría abrir verano, y su dolor, cada rayo de la feria de la luz
del sol, cada gota de la lluvia, cada paloma que corteja, cada
revoloteo de mariposas el cada dar la bienvenida de la muerte, que
termina todo el dolor.

Si podría capturar Beltaine en la salida del sol, ' brillo del twould
como la luz allí en sus ojos. 

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My Gal, Blue Bonnet, Black Hair

My Gal, Blue Bonnet, Black Hair

My gal, jet black hair and a blue bonnet
writing her a golden little sonnet
Just a few nice words to sweetly say this
to the lady that gave truest ever kiss

Give kisses, many more, forever more
I long for and do happily keep score
Hold me so tightly in the deepest night
You glowing radiance , the sunshine's light

Morning brings the pleasure of you there
lights are bouncing upon your smile and hair
Day gifts your soft touch to lift me up
time spent filling our sweetest loving cup

My gal, blue bonnet and long jet black hair
you are my ALL, knowing you truly care!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-18-2014

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If you could accept his rose instead of gold

If you could accept this rose instead of gold,
It will be the first of a many-colored garden.
While the coins would be just grey and old,
loved only by an ailing and aged warden.
The richest woman on this side of heaven
will lean over the fence to pluck a daisy,
and after they plucked more than seven,
They will throw coins in delighted praise,
But gold, only gold, has no safety in here,
The ravens will fly and take to their nest
And every pine will have their fair share.
Now bring the rose closer to your chest:
The soil is fertile and with motherly care,
Paradise will be a garden blooming on west. 

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Taste of Grit

You think that you can see the lines encasing
Our past exploits from when you called my name?
Well, here we still remain; forever chasing
When I consent to play your charming game.
Perhaps it is a test of my devotion?
I'd journey far beyond those urban streets
If only I could set those gears in motion
With you; although the sunlight now depletes.
I do not fear the air that fills my lungs;
The cold that carries your sweet fallacy.
I long for creamy nights and writhing tongues
For last time, summer never set me free.
But let me see the glisten of your spit.
Leave me to contemplate the taste of grit.

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Matted Layers

I came from behind and my God at what I saw.
I was astonished and in disbelief seen by you.
I counted exact minutes with the seconds too.
But I stood there intact with no lines to draw.
There are many versions of Grace Verse’s law.
So I read through them one by one until blue.
So I picked up the torch it was all I could do.
I was a flame burning stoked in complete awe.
I gave glory to the Sun and Moon,
I exalted a few Stars along my way.
I even rode in on a cloud at noon,
It was a bright beautiful blessed day.
But there were matted layers of deception,
I guess you can only imagine my reception.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Four Winds of Heaven

My wind to the East you are my least.
My wind to the West you are the test.
Each and every day you are your best.
Each and every day you battle a beast.
My wind to the South you are a feast.
My wind to the North you are a crest.
Each and every day you never do rest.
Each and every day a new life leased.
The Sun makes your air.
The Moon is your guide.
Stars are always up there.
All of you are my pride.
Each of you I will easily leaven.
You are my four winds of heaven.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Sonnet XII

My highest wish for you I hold secure
Within my breast, locked fast within my heart,
Of which your own is now so great a part
That yours from mine I cannot e're demur;
Yet, if your soul's defense be not assured,
And I in love grasp wrongly for your heart,
I pray God grants to me the strength to start
The slaying of a love I would endure.
The dream I hold for you is higher yet
Than any dream in legend I have found;
And I avow my pledge know not regret,
But that your soul in purity abound,
For if you make an idol of me yet,
Beware: my own two hands will drag it down.

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Golden Apples

 “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”  
 — Proverbs 25:11 KJV 

Break forth in song my dearest love—you have
been chosen for the grace of God to prove
—of what is right and what is wrong—a stave
well wondrous given to your heart—will move
the mountains in your way like garments rent, 
to breathe in hope—your eyes will see the truth
in faithful words of love—through heaven sent,
so rare—The Word of God will see us through;
flood waters and the flames may turn to dust.
Our sorrows deep will wander far away;
the songs of desert goats unheard—so must
we toil and worry through the lightened day?
He’ll never leave us nor forsake us—sends
a promise through The Cross which never ends.

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Into a garden, Jessie wandered, wanting to get away.
Finding the glorious site, leaving all her dismay,
Warmed by the broad spectrum of light behind,
Captured within nature’s beauty, she did find.

Crisp clear pool, where reflections, are beheld true.
At first, not believing her eyes, though it was a clue,
Angelic wings, adorned her shoulders, in silent glory.
Upon that glance, Jessie remembered, an old story.

Of a maiden, that was forlorn, walking without will,
Stumbling upon a true paradise, with waters so still,
This gave her a glance, of her future, as it is foretold.
That upon what she saw, would be gained, without gold.

Amidst the flowers and greenery, that surrounded the space.
Angel guide of her deliverance, together, they would travel in grace.

Written by
Cecil Hickman

Sponsor ~ Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ ~ 
Contest Name Reflection 

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The Foil

A weakness wound its wicked way inside
where thoughts of “us”, not love, do dwell and swell,
and formed a nest of twigs to stay the tide
yet cresting waves of righteousness rebelled.

“Stray not,” he said " for look on how I writhe."
Of fire formed made thane to only He.
Yet, man, of mud and clay did breach my pride
for Love of Thee, caste out the likes of me.

Now, Lucifer’s red flame so bright, burns night,
a warning scent to frailer souls, “Don’t fall.”
For even stars misstep, disgrace, pride’s plight,                                           
let his torment be your clarion call.

In light, act right, rise high in good spirit
and say “God, the devil made me do it.”

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Written Love

Warmth of your touch wrapped around my bod,
Pressure smooth and sweet felt upon my waist.
You slip into thought and down I do nod,
When excited, I’m sent into great haste.

In slight slowing gyrations do you guide my tip,
And turn me off and on by simple thumb.
Sometimes, you’ll touch me bitter to your lip,
When your mind falters, for once becoming dumb.

And you whisper lines to me in frantic,
Cover me cool sultry with your fever,
Sweat runs greasy through my breast clip, panic
That I will slip from your grasp, word weaver.

Made out of metal I am what I am,
Just a small blue pen in the palm of  your hand.

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Abyss at 6am

I met a homeless man in Mc Donald’s,
Dark bereft, legs of stone instead of flesh,
Asleep inside the door, who in his dreams,
Immersed me in Gamma Rays and declared:

‘Let me be known as Black Hole, King of Stars, 
Look on my works ye mighty and despair. 
Nothing beside remains, boundless and bare, 
The lone abyss stretches to you this day’.

Round the decay of this colossal wreck,
This sleeping heart mocked by living streets,
The one of many with nowhere else to go,
I thought of massive things, cosmic events.

The lonely suck our souls, infinitely,
Ripping us asunder, like spaghetti.

©dbyrne dec 2013

I should add that Percy Shelley’s wonderful sonnet Ozymandias was 
my corner stone inspiration in writing this version of mine. 
His poem is one of my all time favourites :)

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The morning light, that's blinding to the sight,
breaks through the clouds into the forest deep,
and wakens life from out of darkened night,
into the dawn of one more date to keep.

While life, the puzzle, opens to the dawn,
and makes a challenge of their daily bread,
my wonder is if they're depending on
the grace of God, or on mere chance, instead.

This raises thanks from my observing heart,
that we've the fare to set our table right,
and make a feast of what is just a part
of bounty that's come from our nations might.

       And from belief that Jesus is the way,
          the light and truth that leads the U.S.A.

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My sunlight lover shines, warming my heart.
Her caresses divine, her kiss so sweet.
Darkness shall not cover or tear apart.
Our love secure, when our arms held the heat.

Our passion acquired, molded so discreet.
Embracing each other in love we held.
From the first instant, that our eyes did meet,
Angels sang this blessing not to be quelled.

Sunlight shall always capture our fervor.
Sunlight shall brighten our gazes combined.
Conveying faith to any observer,
That true love is never lessened or blind.

Light of my life you’re my love forever.
You are the sunshine I crave whenever.

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Loss of Love

Too long have I been locked inside my mind;
Into my ponderations, ever bleak.
This great divide; I always seem to find
A week a year and every day a week.
I see you in my mind each day and night
But ever as a shadow; slowly turns
To smoke and then from smoke into the light;
And light into the shadow slowly burns.
It saddens me when I cannot recall
That blissful sparkle; glimmers from your eyes.
I lose myself; I stumble and I fall
Beyond despair. But who shall hear my cries?
No more; I must break free from in this cell
And live a life so free with you as well.

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Beautiful creature

This beautiful creature be of pure heaven
Coaxing, alluring and enticing yet so purposeful
With heirs of grace and style that renders heathens gentleman
Making every commander of every plague merciful.
This Image of utter perfection could not be real
And I know this for no mere mortal could ever be perfect
Yet I'd profess that perfection personfies this amazing queen
If it not for the belief in my own eyes deceit
And the lonely nature of my hearts desires
By which my honour and pride does reside
And this is another flaw in my lifes satire
As my heart lays its own wishes aside.
Yet I waft through all this pain and torture
All for the Love of a beatiful creature

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Sonnet 15

As technology has progressed , bound leaps ,
within the nanny state , Man simply sleeps .
Replaced Automatic ; Manual Labour.
Solved by Machine mind's , Binary No more .
For synthetic constructs for your whim , creeps
pumping cheese-its into bulging wheeze heaps.

So keep That lard thru blood , spotless , can ignore
such irritations as ; Clearing the floor .

While Digital duty serves ; watch those beeps 
streaming 24/7 fiction keeps
sake in sight , forms pixel ; away those flaws 
by Avatar's dream , away life's true claws.

While around , leashed , the world quietly leaps ,
Attended by metal hands ; Left
	Man Sleeps....

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A Poem On Quotes

A Poem On Quotes

A quote can inspire others to fame
 words to so fiercely spirit tame
Compassion stabbed out with a pen
 heart cracked open , sacrifice then

Never fear to gift hope to others
 think of love, as in our mothers
Take bits of wisdom to freely share
 ladder be damned , take the stairs

Record good thoughts to inspire joy
 leave those to help but not annoy
Angels see our souls often laid bare
 they rejoice when we unselfishly share

Think of others with poetic shared words
Yes, fly we can, it is not just for the birds

Robert J. Lindley 07-25-2014

My Seven Poetry Quotes
1.To show heart, wisdom and compassion write poetry and 
write it often! 
 by Robert J. Lindley

2. Ink the pen, share with all that will read then.
by Robert J.Lindley

3. If a drug you must have, choose poetry and generosity.
by Robert J. Lindley 

4.To slay the beast deny its feast by writing 
food for thought and savor spiritual inspiration.
by Robert J. Lindley

5. Write to save your soul, always a worthy goal.
by Robert J.Lindley

6. Poetry saves lives as does frequent hand washing.
by Robert J. Lindley

7. Hope appeared, poetry was born!
 by Robert J. Lindley

Over the decades on paper I very often did sign these 
quotes at the end of my writes.
One I left off this list now was during my "bad " years
 it was, 
"Poetry is Death and Torture with a SOFT FEATHER
and no sleep."

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             SUPER HUMAN
What the challenge that I cannot achieve is not yet known
The life I am living is but a seed sown
Watch ye but do not regret else, away you are blown
I have seen, I have faced, and to believe is what is I have conquered
Tell where there is right and I am not there
The perfect me is what you but did see
Yet not feel, cos it hurts to feel
Yes! O yes! My ego drives me 
 My dream keeps me alive
Do not blame me I’m just SUPER HUMAN 

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Robert Michum 7-1-97 Jimmy Stewart 7-2-97 Charles Kuralt 7-4-97

         ROBERT MITCHUM-----7/1/97
          JIMMY STEWART-----7/2/97
           CHARLES KURALT------7/4/97
On lifes long road, who knows where are the ends
and when the ones we love leave us alone
what words express the loss of dearest friends
held oh! so dear, whom all the world has known?

Was this their highway junction to all time?
Our grief would be too great for only one,
and three together taken, shouldn't rhyme
but brings reality now that they're gone.

Out on the road, with Charlie, Bob and Jim,
we see ourselves in all they've ever done,
as memories, some bright and others grim,
from reel to reel, and love them every one.

They told our stories, every one was real,
as if they knew exactly how we feel.
               God Speed, My Friends
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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See sights and sounds, see charm and soul;
Indulge bold plans, indulge clear space;
Note poise that grounds, note voice set whole;
Glimpse precious trends, glimpse gracious trace;
Align true heart, align bold mind;
Prime happy fare, prime cheery face;
Opt just to start, opt just to find;
Reach for brave dare, reach for fine grace;
Explore the world, explore the truth.
Trust in good sense, trust in your way;
Observe the swirl, observe the proof;
Do live clear tense, do earn fond play;
Ask that you know, ask that you see;
Yield style that shows, yield means to be.

Leon Enriquez
08 January 2015

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A Will

The birds fly free up in the sky.
Why oh why can it not be me?
Why can’t I just soar and be.
Why can’t I fly above so high?
My spirit guides me as I sigh.
My soul wills me to be free.
Where is this highest decree?
This is why I hear doves cry.
I open a seal,
Carry a smile.
All is so real.
I last a mile.
Inside of me there is a will.
This is why I can’t sit still.
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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…. debt-ridden emotions and emotion-ridden debts –
Oscar Wilde on the Irish

Mothers and matriarchs, you toy the gutted room
Where sensibility is decaffeinated lace
Tireless in your role of martyr and your zoom
Lens to condemnation before an act takes place,

Your constant servitude serving only gloom
Creating recognition of what we all must face,
Death itself, never exhausted, a loom
On which your tapestry is woven, mace

Broken with your unbroken shadow.  Love’s vroom
Never gets off the ground or into the race
And is absent save for endless debt, a womb
Of ever-diminishing returns, and the plain case

That you can’t own others, is yours alone to ponder,
In your violated abyss with its pain and rage and wonder.

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RETURN TO HELL - Monsieur L'Vampyre

Tonight love flies from where love never seems
to occupy, it comes from time somewhere,
and long ago, from emptiness of dreams
you've long forgot, but they are steaming there

deep in the night, from where I've spread my wings
and fly into your life in need of me
but be aware, sometimes my love it stings
upon your neck but sets your spirit free;

and then we fly through all of time and space
into the mist that's lifting cool and blue
back to the forests long burned by the race
straight to the heart of love that bothers you;

and you will love me like you've loved before
when you were someone else demanding more.

Take wing my love! There's naught your heart should fear
It's just like deja vu or times gone by
look deep into your death--love will appear
your love will never let your spirit die

and all are just as undead as I've been,
the only difference is you you come and go,
while dying as you have I've never seen
nor had the peace of mind the dead all know.

but love is constant in my life and heart
demanding blood be pumping through my vein
and when you feel my bite you'll be a part
of everything I've ever been, again.

Yes you have lived before and loved too well
and that's the price you pay to live in Hell.

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Passionate Heat

eyes like stars, voice like velvet 
my dream sings a lullaby in my ear, 
its his voice i long every night to hear,
sweet rhythms and warm melodies, 
he sings our song like a curing remedy.
tender hands interlace with my own 
scent of lilac hovers around me as i
breath in with soft breaths
a curtain of black surrounds my face
i feel his heat through my nighty of lace
ne'er have i everfelt passion this sweet 
i've met this man in my dreams, 
it's reality i hope, soon, we'll meet.

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From the Beginning

Since we met, 
Our hearts have been,
Through a lot,
And I have always hoped,
That you would be the one,
To capture my heart,
But times have changed,
And caused us not to be,
   The people we once were.

People chance through time,
And their true person shows,
And no matter how things turn out,
We can always be friends,
Because love never dies,
It just breaks off, 
But true foundations will last,
Throughout the years,
     And makes love last throughout the friendship.

However, I never give up on love,
Because I know it is out there,
And there is someone for me,
I just wonder who it is,
And where they are,
However, if it is meant to be,
We will be together again,
In the future,
For if you love someone and let them go,
     And they come back it's meant to be.

So, always take your time,
And never rush into things,
Because rushing into things is a disaster,
And both parties will get hurt,
Then there is hard feelings among you,
Which will cause the end all together.

Always search your heart and mind,
And know what you want before you leap,
Because if you don't,
Everyone will get hurt in the situation,
Because it is more than,
Just you and me.

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Deep in my life, when all the world was mine,
and lost to everyone I'd ever known,
so dark in day where sunlight doesn't shine
except in silver streams all mine alone,

she came in gentle, warm and summer rain,
out of a misty light, with searching eyes,
and all to soon she found all joy and pain
before I had the time to realize.

I'd never be the same, from just that look,
into her eyes, so deep and far away,
and then she read my life, that opened book,
my heart had bared to her that summer day.
The fear of God is  all I can compare
her blue of eyes; and how Anne, found me there. 
    ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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I Love You, Death

           I LOVE YOU, DEATH
I love you death, and welcome all you're not;
no love, no hate, no failing and no gain,
no fighting for the things we haven't got
nor wondering about our latest pain.

Your mercy is a thing I surely bless
anticipating you, my only friend,
who brings conclusion to all wretchedness
the only one who knows us in the end.

So come you now as I help you along
you know you've tried to get me in the past
but now I know your timing is not wrong
and so I live and breath for you at last.

Your nothingness is what I hunger for
and in your end, I pray there's nothing more.
© ron wilson

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Through time and space, you've come and found me here,
at first I guessed that you were only dreams,
that come and go, so far away, yet near,
and in a time where nothings as it seems.

Too much of you fell on me from the start,
from out of night, where winds of love are blown,
deep in another time, as if a part,
of all I've ever been and ever known.

Deep in a candle flame, that burning sight,
I feel you near, across the universe,
and touch your love, bounced from a satellite,
and make of you my blessing and my curse.

No matter--you've become my love again,
from out of cyberspace, where you have been.
..............© ron wilson

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Sonnet XIV

Another year has come; the old one past,
Its store of mem'ries gathered in like grain
Into the heart's treasury. Let no bane
There enter to destroy. Again thou hast
Protected me against the fearful blast
Of winter's barren cold and bitter rain,
A coat thou gave to me of love unfeigned;
A shield against the stormy surges, vast;
A cloak to wrap around tyour turtle dove,
Like Hannah brought to Samuel each year
In celebration of the birth of love,
The promise of Jehovah held most dear
To her whose prayer moved all of Heav'n above:
Thus covered, I embrace another year.

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I Can Say It Now To Myself

I apologize for all mistrust.
Forgiveness your nature, it is so.
Hear thine words of tragedy and must.
Awaiting answer, before I go,

Those equations that I speak silent,
Prepare thou for our sweet departure.
Those quiet and distinct moments lent.
We both indignant, so immature,

Now we can share our differences.
Masks never hidden to each other,
Our inner heart shared references.
We could not deceive ourselves brother.

We are; I accept apology.
Now no more, combined, you are now me.

Written for
Sponsor Paula Swanson 
Contest Name You Can Say It Now 

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Great is the Day

Great is the day when a song you hear.
It makes your spirit soar through wind.
Great is the day when your time begins.
It makes you wake up and hoot a cheer.
Great is the day when it is a new year.
It makes you back to where you been.
Great is the day to manage a few grins.
It will put you into another hemisphere.
Great is the day just to be,
A part of a world that sings!
Great is the day just to see,
A wondrous mix of things!
Great is the day,
Is all I can say!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Look at you! You are going places 
You got that impulse of control in your eyes
You have a hunger that requires constant feeding 
From a passion burning deep within your radical stimulus
You devour all the barriers that stand in your way  
Rise above all the neutralizing slander of surrounding people
To be so chargeless and undisturbed by them
Your soul demands difference!
To sour with the eagles is your point of covergence
To dauntlessly grasp ahold of your dreams and take them into your possession
I stand envious of you Self, of your fire, of your heart 
I admire your light from afar that illuminates my sky 
Your growth is beautiful, like the blossom of a flower,
Brought forth from the rain and brilliance of the sun
To feel such compassion, such power, such indulgence 
Would be next to heaven for one like myself
So carry on Self, carry on

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Mates Indivisible

Along with living and lifeless alike
Are born the shadows endless,
And at feet do they slowly dissolve
When sun sets and moon wanes.
Birth and death are but strings 
Bound between myths
Of delusions and realities
That  have outlived time-tides. 
Clouds and Souls have fate similar;
Incarnate in nature intentionally
And struggles on to bring about 
‘Origin is the End, End is the Origin’.
Ageless is time, so are souls;
The indivisible mates of the Bang Big!

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Empowerment of a Blessed Soul

Empowerment of a Blessed Soul

Dark were days that reeked of sadness and blues
 walking on burning embers without any shoes
Suddenly true love found me lonely and waiting
 rescued from the misery of pain and hating

A soul saved to happily spread love and joy
blessing of a new wife and a little baby boy
A gift given that renewed spirit to fly high
soaring along no limit in this sweetest sky

Empowered by the strength of love's power
spreading cheer by the second, minute and hour
That light glowing in our sweet son's eyes
wife was the first gift, son was the great prize

A gift of true love that brightens and binds
blessings exist in joy and unlimited kinds


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Cherry Blossoms- Yoshino Sakura

Your beauty and delicate nature, indeed we cannot deny
Yet having such a short life span, you somehow eventually die
Like the transient nature of mist and clouds, you superbly reappear
Then breathtakingly take your time to freshen up the air

A majestic symbol of power, knowledge and spiritual pulchritude
Celebrated blossoms attained in Spring you've magnificently exude
You evoke an artistic comparison through your bright ruddy hue
And in the night when we're asleep your petals the skies bedew

Your flowers are nearly pure white, and tinged with the palest pink, 
Without hesitation you shrivel and fall before I could even blink 
Your spiritual and cultural significance is never an incomplete
Accompanied by your long weeping branches are flowers so very petite

So stunning and stupendously, you lay about the trees
And even when you've carpeted the ground, your beauty never cease


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A Queen's Address to the King

Lie down, leery fiend, vile hands are unclean.
Your tongue is milked by the dew of the past.
The shadows beckon to your heinous schemes
Which stir forth by the ardent rods you cast.
The mountains roar back at you and the Son
Seeks you every day. Remember, I sold
My soul to drink from your eternal sun.
Wine is greater than your concubine’s gold.
Test the waterfalls in our dry places.
The corrupt winds won’t stand against the tides.
Proud king of chastity, rain myrrh and grace.
Lighting is the true power of your bride.
Oasis burns from the spark of your soul.
Stars live in my heart, a real beloved role.

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The Unavoidable Need For Sunlight

?The Unavoidable Need For Sunlight
You walk through life, your head held high,
smile for the world to see.
But you glance behind, since you rely
UpOn your shadow; upon me.
I yearn for an obstruction 
To overcome the rays.
perhaps, then you'll face deduction
Amidst winter's haunting grays.
The remaining leaves are frosted;
They clink mournfully in dark.
Like them I am exhausted,
Wishing I could disembark.
What you need to realize is, it's you whom you deceive;
If you'd let me be your sunlight, I would never leave.

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You're More

You're more to me than the stars in the sky.
I'd give up the sight of them in order to keep you forever.
You're more than the lyrics that make my favorite song.
I'd give back the words in order to hear your voice.
You're more to me than all the music in the world.
I'll never dance to the beat of any drum but yours.
You're more than any sunset I've ever seen.
I'd give up all the days if I couldn't hold you through the night.
You're more than all the hugs I've ever recieved.
I'd give them all back just to hold your hand.
You're more to me than any life upon this Earth.
I'd gibve my own to keep you safe from any harm.
You're more to me than anything else I've ever known, my entire life.
This is why you have my heart to hold, and keep until the end of time.

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Above Desire

Though days are long and nights longer by far,
and seconds pass while hours slip slowly by;
I glimpse the long gone past through door ajar
to those golden moments my spirit flies.

Hand in hand loosely locked we two glide
o'er pebbled paths and rutted rambling roads;
no draconic vision belays our stride
for in our hearts there sings a ribald ode.

Of Artur and his lovely Guinevere,
ensconced in castle, turret's flags unfurled;
who boldly bask inside the glow and glare,
all round this cameo the conscience curls.

Oh, let all mankind gallantly aspire,
to these lofty heights above man's desire.

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Sonnet VI

I walk away because I love you so;
I go because I long too much to stay
Beside you, O, my love, from day to day,
To watch with you from dawn to sunset's glow.
I would my love did round about you flow--
That all your kindnesses I might repay--
As freely as a river toward the bay,
That I might lose myself in you and show
How truly I do love you. Within thee
I find much deeper, richer grows my soul;
I am not lost in losing all. Empty 
Would I be, lost in you beyond control;
For there I find my peace, my surety,
Kept safe within the ocean of your soul.

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Daniel's Inspiration

Through your eyes I c your emotions
Thank God 4 your creation
When I wake up beside u
And breathe in your midnight scent
I feel pure
I feel awkward

Oh Daniel, y not pucker
Let me kiss you u sweetly
On the lips
Not now
Not later
But for eternity
Dear Daniel

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So still thy ghosts. . .

To thee I pledge my love, so still thy ghosts;
The past, a haunting blows, but reapers chill,
And bade we lay within the darkness close,
Me breathless blue, but you so bluer still;

Against my breast shall love be held agone,
As shadowed lovers frost your pouting lips;
To mourner’s winter doth your love belong,
And ne'er summer sun escape eclipse;

Another season blooms, yet bloom thee not;
Alone, a rose, I wither frostbit cold;
My love, a raging fire, is barely hot,
Within a heart, thy promise over sold;

Alas, I lay a corpse within thy crypt;
With regret, thus, I kiss thee purple-lipped.

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I stand before you, judged, a sinner be
relinquishing all rights, I might have had,
but pray thee quick, to judge the soul of me
then lay to rest--the sins that drive me mad.

I seek forgiveness, that's all of my plea,
for all I've been in life, as having fun,
and all the hurt--that's been--because of me
I pray put in the past, as if there's none.

I ask your guidance, on my bended knee
protect my days ahead, if there are some
and never let mine eyes again to see
the lust of life from where all sin has come.

   And Jesus, give me wisdom, now to be
   your servant who's been saved--forever free!
© ron wilson

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i feed on it

When I knew what triggers writing
Quite relieved, I fed on it, like twitching
To keep this tormenting treasure alive,
It‘d healed but still in it, I dive,
Ran over it again n again,
My blood sheds like the rain
But stared on it like a blind,
This catastrophe doesn’t need to remind,
An old melody is enough for me to be blown,
But now, yes these dried eyes don’t moan
This treasure of gone needs not to be awaken,
When mocked on lost charm, like bitten,
I just wear that smile, yes memory of compliments still fumbles,
Though dead, but not forgotten, it in my heart rumbles!

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There is a piece of you,
And there’s a piece of me,
One over there you see,
And one over here to,
As the sky is blue,
As a bumbling bee,
It is a He and She.
I do, I do, I do.
In them,
In those,
It’s Him,
He knows.
The embodiment of love,
Embodied from up above!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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There should be a doorway to love -
Some scabbard-hungry sabre to declare
What is not mine, is yours
Bawling infant of the bawdy air,
Trinketing loneliness into the poor’s
Ardent threshold set with jewels rare -
Beryl and ruby; a diamond lures
Only the owner and not the loved pair.

Be one with the child of my cures
You are, you are the authentic heir.
Be with me, child of the midnight hours,
Be thou my confession in the mode of care.
Love me to death, my own creative power,
Be my own child, beyond compare.

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The Lilly (of Salvation)

                      Thousands of freshly cut lilies in bloom
                           Signify life and a promise of peace
               Three days gone by then they opened the tomb
                    Christ Jesu arise, from sin you release 
             From flower so precious, falls lone raindrop
            Reminds all who love ye to praise thy name 
            Prince full of glory and love that shan't stop 
            Precious Lord Jesus ye healèd the lame 
              Lilies so white without blemish or mark 
               Son of the Father ye loosèd the chain 
              Heart led by peace, ye destroyed Prince of Dark 
                Death upon Calv’ry, left children unstained 
                Lilly that shines like the Halo of Lamb 
                 Lord Jesus, descendant of Abraham  

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My Last Tour

My last tour of duty is finally near
To never see again this barren frontier
My heart beats wildly to be with my wife
To live tomorrow and beyond and get on with our lives

I dream of the airport as my plane touches down
To run into her arms in kissing drown 
Rushing of home to continue our bliss
Thoughts of our love drives me to wish after wish

Our romantic want starts since many a night
Rose petals, candles and champagne delight
Silk sheets and oils to well into the morn
The delight of our union, in nine months our first born

To love and to cherish my wife forever
Our hearts as one, and never to sever

My entry into Laura's " A Romantic Longing " contest

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The grace of all He is be with us all,
as surely as the end, the promised love,
comes quickly as a thief, to bring the fall
of what the world's become, and dying of.

Behold how quickly comes, from Alpha's flame;
as naught can end unless it has begun;
the light of one who's called a holy name,
'twill light Jerusalem without the sun.

These words were said--to write--Omega's near.
And all who can will find the narrow way,
as prophesied for all the world to hear,
and then the bride says, come, this is your day.

Those hearing then, will come, from near and far,
to David's own, the bright and morning star.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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A Warriors Sonnet

My hero, my heart, in your arms I sigh,
To listen to you breathe, your pure passions heat,
In creamy dreams of sweetness long gone by,
And taste your precious kisses; wild wonder sweet.

To open mine eyes in moons’ silver light
And see your face next to mine in our bed;
I would shower you with love in deep night.
Beautiful warrior; who chose me to wed.

But alas, I lie alone and in tears,
Dreaming of you in my arms through night dark.
For a warrior goes to fight without fear,
Leaving his love pining for his sweet spark.

I will wait forever, in this, my fate.
For you, my hero, my lover, my mate.

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Lunar Love

         LUNAR LOVE
You steal the light when there is none to see
when there is nothing left, you take it all,
and what is left is just the shell of me
all mesmerized and backed against the wall;

you are the moon behind the branches bare
I watch you move so slow and lovingly
until you leave the trees behind and there
I see the shadow of your smile for me.

Where man has walked on dust of lovers dreams
you bathe in sunilght of another day
in other times when nothing's as it seems,
and speak to me in words you never say.

The world is yours, you give it all to me
to wonder at, but not to ever be.

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Lost Love

The words of a heart felt letter "I love you I didn’t do it", fading into ashes.
The flames of the hostile words "I know you did it, admit it slut" devouring and edging the pain.
I stand, broken in shattered bits, my heart washed away by the rain.
Words of love actions of hate, "Drew don’t you see that it clashes?"
It is done it is over, turn by turn a wave of relief then despair over me crashes.
Mine, yours, ours, words of love, amore’ it is now my bane.
This heart of mine traveling a one way street in reverse, in the wrong lane.
Togetherness taken for granted in its death throes our relationship thrashes.
The wrath within loosed on a dying soul.
Eternity of blackness snuffs out loves last flicker.
This barrage is not you speaking but the words of your mistress Meth.
Venom of anger and distrust conjured by your other love has taken its toll.
Seething eyes burn me, his stinging tongue whips me with one last snicker.
My affection crumpled my heart empty, descending, and falling, fading, death.
                                                                                                           Summer Gratias

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Queen of the Hedgerow

The absolute surprise of your face
brings joy to the Spring in snow’s place.
The royal, velveteen, purple hues
glorify the chill morning dew.

England, bonnie England, Buckinghamshire
birthed the little flower of my hearts desire.
Whether Johnny-jump-up or Pied Heart’s Ease
these colorful dickens cause nary a sneeze!

Tiny faces peek from hedgerows and bushes
making our flower beds look oh, so luscious.
A grand variety of Russian yellow or white
each and every wee monkey a rare delight.

So, to you dear Pansy I say, “Hip Hip Hurray!”
May there ne’r come a Spring you’re not on display!

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In meeting all demands fate throws my way,
I sometimes wonder just what's coming next.
So many complications come each day,
that make my life a little more complexed.

I know God gives me strength to carry on,
whenever I but ask, He's always there.
Just when I think all hope is surely gone,
somehow I always find more hope somewhere

that sees me through the very darkest night,
and opens up my eyes so I might see,
and all I need to make my wrong go right,
is just accepting what He's given me.

        He always gives my life a little more
           of all the things I'm never praying for.
                      © ron wilson

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At Least We're Not Letting Our Pheromones Go To Waste

Twist around the rim, a drunken ballerina
   Of unsorts, elbow deep in catastrophic
Breakings-perfected works of fiction shatter a
   Curtain call. Lasting shards of what I can't stop; it
Burrows into my flesh, becoming hybred with
   Misery. I would choose such over infamy
Though difficult to resist omnipotent kiss
   It's comfortable the way it is: Destroying me.
A badly broken code of strangled DNA
   Foxtrots with weighty pheromones boxed in a high
And void of selfless speakings, whispers yet to say-
   The music stopped some time ago to hear deep sighs
Or heartfelt hymns by the nonbelievers;
Symphonies strangled into the night, far deeper

"At Least We're Not Letting Our Pheromones Go To Waste"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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Moon light magic in June eclipse;
Idyllic breeze pregnant with rain;
Dance of mystics in fond soul trips;
Nurture can tease with cold refrain;
I sense auric vibrant motions;
Glimpse most surreal of formless feel;
Hidden magic in devotion;
Touch once concealed in windy chill.
Voice now silent in blind appeal;
I see blue moon ascending high;
Sigh words vibrant in mental fill;
Invoke sure boon in sacred ply;
Opt to see sights beyond this plain;
Note the highlights far from the main.

Leon Enriquez
12 June 2014

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Death, His Friend He Must Embrace

Back bent,
Spine protruding from withered figure,
His face a creeping shadow,
Scattering, revealing pale ghost beneath,
Breathing eerier croaks from dark fathoms within,
Lips parched,
A bumpy mess of scales,
His eyes dug deep within the shrivels of his face,
Reflecting with joy his distant youth,
Quivering lost paper in wind,
As those lips part one final time,
No one listens to his great last words,
Expecting him to quietly slip away with grace,
Death his friend he must embrace. 

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When all the sand's run out for yesterday
and here you stand reflecting on it all,
no matter what you do, or what you say
you'll never change the way time has to fall;

the sand's been piled onto the waiting floor,
announcing time's run out, as you can see,
all hopes and dreams now fade, to be no more,
as if the way it's piled is meant to be;

all Heaven knows you've done the best you could
to shape tomorrow as you'd want today,
but somehow things don't go just as they should
and sands of time don't always fall your way.

The best we'll ever do is turn the stand
and hope again our time goes as we've planned.
.................© ron wilson

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Minnesota Nice

The great upper mid west
Minnesota put to the test
Ten thousand lakes and streams
Reality for many who like to dream

From Itasca state park
To the Louisiaina's wooden bark
The mighty Mississippi flows
Gently down the outcrop she goes

Crime rates are always's on the rise
But really does it come as such a surprise
Everyone seems to like to hug
Except when its a mosquito bug

So many call us Minnesota Nice
But some still say were Cold as Ice

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Oh, thou world is a ring
And you oh fate, a boxer
I only a contender
With my milky teeth 

Thou smirked at my ignorance
But now with bread grown
Thou two have given me thou hard’st blows
My fans now fed up

They draw postcards of my waterloo
However, I have fallen
From a blow like Tyson’s
Melting like gold refined

I shall not fail to rise
At least rise to fail

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Tracey's Sonnet

Your eyes have made me see within the dark, 
See past the fear and sorrow in my life,
Your eyes a fire within my soul does spark,
This is the reason you should be my wife.
Your soul it seems has fused within my own,
Two lonely souls are now becoming one,
My purpose here on earth, your love has shown, 
Our hearts are now to join in unison.
I love to feel the calm in our embrace,
To feel the passion with every kiss, 
The world melts away when I see your face,
And life with you has been absolute bliss, 
Your beauty, strength and courage radiate,
And in my heart I know that this is fate!

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Leaves On the Winds

To tremble in the glory of your eyes,
A slavish toy within your sweet embrace,
Entwined in bindings woven by your sighs,
Awakened by your breath upon my face.
You lead me onward with such loving grace,
As senses whirl in a different place,
A place where kisses taste of honeysweet,
And I become the dust beneath your feet.
If I should yield unto desire’s retreat
Open my heart to this, my lover’s call, 
Will your soul join mine and make me complete,
Both freely tumbling in love’s wondrous shawl,
As leaves on the winds of a sensual fall,
Unity as you shroud me with your all.

Form: Choi's Sonnet

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I was blinded to the autonomy
   Of the actions committed in the time
Moonfall hesitated, and did not see
   Malice in the eyes that were naught to be mine.
The crescent curves of a smile's sliver;
   Indecision of skin, rancid and smooth;
Plush sentences congeal as I quiver;
   Thoughts so careless, teeth dripping wir'y sooth.
My sight could not pierce nightfall-scathingly
   Battened down were my mind and eyes, depraved
by sour medicine dreams filling me,
   Unwillingly, with satire not staved.
The birr which I painted your portrait with
Disenchanted my world, a cause for death.

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I am looking right at you and you don’t even know it.
I will deter your intent and throw you off a steep cliff.
But in the air will be my snuff and gruff you can sniff.
Eventually I will have some sort of mercy of just a bit.

Surely we are above empowering manners of tat for tit. 
Maybe I’ll light a scented candle and blow you my whiff.
Or maybe I will strand you grounding your bones to stiff.
Opposed or decomposed and still composed I won’t quit.

Upside down,
Inside or out,
I’ll throw down.
I am the clout.

Don’t mistake my identity,
Either or, it’s your eternity.

® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Sonnet VII

I feel as though my soul came from your soul,
Giv'n birth by some great miracle of God.
Though long have been the paths that we have trod,
We are at last together and made whole.
I only know I yearned for some high goal,
To find the heart I came from and the broad
Soul with which my own soul could itself shod
And wear against the world. O, sweet soul,
I was from birth of you, heart of your heart,
And long I searched to find my way to thee,
To freedom from the world and all its smart,
To sure release from all captivity.
Ah, now I own it all, the whole, not part,
In you, my love, my life, my liberty.

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Breath Away

Visual cacophonies: I witness
     Them, blithe and impaired-smouldering like a 
 Cigarette. Phoenix, to rise from ashes
     Is irrelevance; flame is far from a
Necessity to warmth, though I am no
     Prometheus with bruises of the mind.
It has wavered too long, taken too slow
     To only find it has been wasted time
(And the time peices are all unfriendly here).
     They, unreliable and tepid, take
The breath away from me-it idles there,
     Steaming from exposure, cursed and fake.
There lacks a subtle hinting waif to speak
Of all unglories of a Heart that's weak.

"Breath Away"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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I Know You Love Me "Just Because"

This heart that beats within my chest
That skips a beat I can attest
Does flips each time that you arrive
Express love, devotion it needs to thrive

I know you love me “Just Because”
And my beating heart has no recourse
But to share sweet sentiments from your heart
Revealing love found from the start

I wait to hear your voice through the wire
You wave your wand and we are higher
Wrapped warm in each others’ arms
Exploring all our loving charms

This Valentine’s Day, our very first
My love I give you, my heart now rests

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Awake Up To Thee

Up to thee in what your spirit will see.
Between you and me, it’s all that it can be.
Your heart and mind must be bound true.
For your soul to be given and saved too,

Each day that passes depends on what you say.
Depends on the faithful way that you display,
To be forgiven is design, forgiving divine.
Preparing for a sign, trying not to define,

Break not any sacred vow, though live for the now.
Take heed of what you plow, though watch your bow.
Humankind is so very frail, seek you own Holy Grail.
Remember that you may fail, but take up a new trail.

Golden bliss is what no one on earth wants to miss.
Awake and do not dismiss, or your destiny you shall remiss.

written for
Sponsor Brian Strand 
Contest Name UP TO THEE max 14 lines 

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Much simpler was the world in black and white,
so easy on the mind, as on the eye.
Most ev'rything was wrong, or it was right,
and no one cared so much about the why.

It was a time when one room country schools
turned out the very brightest of the stars,
but somewhere we got lost among the rules,
and left our world for fast and fancy cars.

We made our lives out of new Kolorchromes,
and raised the pace to near the speed of sound,
we burned our bridges when we left our homes,
so now there's not a home left to be found.

I'd love to see your smile in black and white,
not wondering if love is wrong or right.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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My Pot of Gold

To my love I shall pen a treat
Sharing how I truly feel
For your heart is my retreat
Till death, love you, I will

Instantly I fell in love with you
And everything fell into place
A first glance love forever true
One I shall always hold in grace

As the years come and go
And age replaces our youth
I shall adore your very soul
Our love shall be my truth

The truth with-in this Sonnet told
Sweetheart you’re my pot of gold

P.S. Currently my wife and I are in
a struggle to keep our home. I'm
compelled to devote my time to
our current problems. I will return
to the site asap. God Bless

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The gloom of death gone bad so near that night,
as circumstance played out a mournful tune,
and echoed through my brain, as if it might, 
give credence to the shadows of full moon;

and buried I my virgin, thin and bare,
she bathed in lilac, head down to her toes,
I laid her sixteen feet, to keep her there,
and marked her with a headstone no one knows,

and lest the devil wolves, who love her dear,
should get a sense of lilac in the night,
and smell their way from there to over here,
then raise her from her tomb, as sure they might!

I could not bear to end her chastity,
and so she died a virgin just for me!

She was an early purchase, just a child,
just seven years, from gypsies passing by,
and in her eyes the look, both free and wild,
yet of her bondage never questioned why.

All ladies saw her beauty, as she grew,
and changed from childhood to maturity,
to be more woman than they ever knew,
and virgin that she was, was due to me.

But at her end, her body was afire,
and yearning for the love I would not give,
lest I should lay to waste, in my desire,
the greatest beauty of this life I live!

So sleeps my virgin, as she'll always be,
unless my passion gets the best of me!
© ron wilson akaVee Bdosa

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A waken dream

Sweet colors of skys will die
Little girl close your eyes and you will fly
Candy drops of tears will fall
Holding onto promises that no longer excist
Dreams of a dream that happiness is real
Mamma see's your sad eyes, wondering what took the glitter away
Wishing out the fire on the last candle
Wishing to see a new night
Pink,blue,yellow,green balloons I hold
Watching them slip through my fingers forever
Feeling the pain break you apart inside
Believing that the pain is the only memory
Dont let the burning of sunder mark you
A drip of strawberry poison will weaken the pain
Hush Hush the lip's of memory's
And dance till the sun bleed's the last drop

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Sonnet 6

Now ... tell me the truth at 80 spaces .
Oh yes monthly at no extracted cost ,
trumpet swans announcing "All-New" "Chases"
... Gameshow w-/ only purpose " Just stay lost".
scratch that ... start at the count ... three Faces.
flicker on screen , once more , spider webbed frost.
Pulse of cheekbone ; paper Artic traces ...
Hailing to the Fanatic's RoseArm crossed.

	... Why just imagine , All times // All places ...
Daydream reality clearly embossed 
by Our pristine chords reading "All's Debased" ...
Job to do ... hands join ... Avert as off tossed 
I may stain ... lip gloss ... gulp of life wasted.

All Presents, Our Situation Hostage .

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My Heart, 'tis a Caged Bird

Love, what shalt I speak for what thou dost see

Through most offensive blackened iron bars

Where sky is sick and hides away the stars

Because my heart pounds ardently for thee.

My Lord's old mind was poisoned with debris

By vile council to banish thee afar

For if we came and called an infant ours

Their worth would thus be scorned, ruled by part flea.

Thou mustn’t think mine soul belongs to gold

Lest be that gold which flows from out thy head,

Then ye'd be right, and know I could not bear

A breath away from ev'ry rounded fold.

As thou dost read, I draw nigh to thy bed

To set thee free and stir the midnight air.

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Living A Life With Insomnia

These long endless nights when I can't seem to fall asleep
Brings me  to visions of you within an inch to which I shall keep
There seems to me I think of you singing lullabies
Then unto the deepest of night seemingly as I shut my eyes.

Then in consternation I feel I'm wrapped in your love and think of you
Of all these endearments of rhapsodies of everything when you think is true
Do you ever think of us during your long endless working day?
Or is it just an impish grin that I've felt that has come your way.

Tis all these long endless nights I feel like all my whole being dreams of your thoughts
To which our journey's in life's sweetest precious feelings dearly I sought
That I'm tenderly lying my head invited to your loving lap
As my eyes are slowly closing while you sing to me while I nap.

I'll forever be here dreaming of our love is oh so true
Until you come home to me' my tender loving man so real for you.

Written: 1/15/15

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Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still

As I tenderly walk in the field; I feel the warm caress
Of the sweetness of springs wind on my mauve dress
When in this time, time seems to stand so still
Sometimes I feel our long-distance love affair will.

As we both do work in different trades of work
These times when I'm home and so all alone I thus smirk
And then unto my eyes as I see a silhouette of a shadow dance
We'll keep each other's lingering fragrance in a sheer romance.

Alas, in the future we'll be romancing in pleasure of a beauty of cause
Off in the field, we'll be fully rendered in lieu of your delicate pause
As we succumb to these sweet- scented fields to our desires
We'll be captivated to experience whimsical delectable passionate fires

I'll be passionately waiting here at home for you so we can share
Our endearing time, for I feel like time stands so still for you beyond compare.

Written: 1/10/14

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Poetic Nuptials

My love you have found me in my proudest hour.
My dear I found you in my prayers so clear.
Soon we shall be bound in harmony of power.
Soon we shall be together in a bond so sincere.

Take my hand and promise to love me forever.
I take your hand and swear to cherish your heart.
Holding hands honoring each other in this endeavor,
Now we share words that can never be torn apart.

Looking into each other’s eyes, glistening in love,
Seeing each other’s hearts shine in heartfelt gold,
Standing so very close, watched by angels above,
We fold together for our binding kiss does unfold.

Bound in matrimony today, we placed our rings.
Upon each other’s fingers, now our passion sings.

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Poise wears fine style,
Reach a sure point;
Etch act worthwhile,
Charm works the joint;
Opt for wise say,
Calm words string truth;
Ink a fond play,
Observe love's proof;
Use a firm hand,
Spread a sound norm.
Will a free blend,
Align true form;
Yes you can sum:
Sense what now comes.

Leon Enriquez
07 August 2014

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Aunt Bett

She stands in front
A class wide eyed
She tells a cloth story
Her smile face wide

She stands in water
The beach behind
Her face to heaven
Her eyes so kind

She kneels on soil
Her mind disclosure
The solemn wish
“Lord takeover”

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Lord hangs onto me some serious mercy now, 
I am aimed and directed aligned and straight. 
Be it so or be it may I am that God given trait. 
You will never once have to reveal for me how. 
I tell the truth all I have to say about it is Wow! 
If this isn’t just downright genius then it’s great. 
I can only imagine what all this will soon create. 
I must say for all this I shall indeed bend to bow. 
A-men to every single one of you! 
And praise your one supreme Lord! 
You know, I knew I always knew! 
My God, I am your flaming sword! 
You know Lord; you can do whatever you want with that locust, 
But I’m going to polish up on this sword keeping myself focused! 
® Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Mild developing thoughts awaken me to passion.
Postponed my romantic feelings upon the hour,
For your words raptures me to be old fashion.
Releasing me to shrink into your arms power,

Romantic touches pulsate and lift my sense.
Repetitive sweet words my feelings breathe in.
Kisses that make me shudder in suspense.
Your rhythmic breath boils my adrenaline.

Tonight shall be gentle and graceful affair.
Sliding together in paradise in our love pose,
Steadily uninterrupted with no care,
Quivering along with a shudder, everyone knows.

This evening shall be shadowed only by the moon.
My promise to you my love, we shall both swoon.

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earn dont take

He is a mechanic
Repairing failed brakes
to help or to worsen
I know not

for many have fallen victims
in his act of mechanikism
the failed brake he repairs
but to second mission it

He wants it second missioned
but the result he reasons not
for life he thinks laughed
The car now bloody

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To Muse Or Not

To Muse Or Not

I write a new poem to stay spiritually free
no denying this wonderful urge in me
Sent from an invisible gifted and guiding muse
my body and willing mind she so cleverly use

I write to stay healthy and joyfully alert
a joy when ignored that so greatly hurts
O' love of life keep well my devoted muse
obedience to the whims of she that I choose

Standing in my realm to obey her sweet hand
marching to the rhythm of her glorious band
Often the urge leads me to sing and dance
I await for her consent to give me my chance

Perhaps it all comes from within my very own heart
I wonder even if my sweet muse plays any part?

Robert J. Lindley 07-04-2014

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the nook

he walks aimously about the galleys
calling to a sullen expressional nook
unexplained by raw humor
of the chastisement. of man's bitter hues 

crawling beneath a mother's warm hem
he bestows her beauty as
wonder and wrath his rapture chafe 
and yet crudely he sighs motionless

to his surrounding's a poshed 
good evening awakened
the soundless voice captured
in just one glance

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In my mind

In my mind it is so full.
It is never crazy or dull.
In my mind images start to pile.
It is just like stacks of tile.
In my mind each fits the same.
It has spaces that do not make it lame.
In my mind explanation is not a crime.
It is knowledge that full of time.
In my mind reaching out is not bad.
It is my reason to be glad.

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Romeo's Lost Love

Romeo, I beg thee to take me away,
My life is empty without you;
I shall perish before I see another day,
Because my life without you is through;
Take me away from this horror and hate,
You are all I need in life;
Romeo, you are my fate,
Take me away and make me your wife;
Together we’ll spend eternity,
Happiness our only plight;
Our whole life spent just you and me,
I’ll flee with thee tonight!

She never met him, she drew her last breath,
Their once infinite love, consumed by death.

~For Dr. Ram Mehta's Sonnet contest~

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Reach beyond form, reach beyond things;
Apply sure poise, apply clear style;
Design fond norms, design fresh flings;
Incline calm voice, incline sure smile;
Ask to be strong, ask to be sure;
Now is the time, now is the place;
Cheer floods wise song, cheer makes thought pure;
Expound each rhyme, expound clear space
Will starts the flow, will feeds the show;
Intuit the pace, intuit the speed;
Trust heart that knows, trust soul that glows;
Heed fond embrace, heed faith discrete;
Invoke life's fest, invoke love's best;
Nurture bold quest, nurture fine guest.

Leon Enriquez
10 August 2014

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Beneath a Fragile Moon

We nimbly glide beneath celestial lights;
see how the painted crystal roof does shine.
Look up - look up at sparkling ceiling bright;
those stars are yours as much as they are mine!

Your will to waltz refines your sterling dress.
You move as if your soul will never tire.
Oh if it be your will to never rest,
then let us dance immersed in diamond fire!

Whisk me away my love on feet of dusk;
come let us tame this glist'ning ballroom floor!
There's not another maiden I dare trust,
for it is you whose grace I most adore.

Oh chandelier, burn bright and fervently;
remain the fragile moon you claim to be!

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anthology of life

we gently pray upon our desire
or maybe our desire preys upon us
recoil in disgust at the muck and mire
only to answer, "what's all the fuss?"

life's joys and private hells undreamt of
scale's fulcrum tipping the balance of power
recoiling from the pain of our own love
and the similarity of "devout" and "devour"

Pavlovian, we turn to the bell ringing
for a scrap of nourishment or tender care
too often to find indifference stinging
is all that others have offered there

how can we anthologize a life
without including a rhyming of strife?

© Goode Guy 2012-02-03

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Praise God in songs, praise God in rhymes;
Reach for the light, reach for the truth;
Express words strong, express work chimes;
Trust bestows sight, trust fashions proof;
Touch a sure feel, touch a pure heart;
Yield self complete, yield joy that seeds;
Opt fond appeal, opt  clear impart;
Use mind discrete, use timely feed;
Taste and see good, taste and feel joy;
Come with a smile, come with a gift;
Open sure moods, open sweet ploys;
Make feelings style, make loving lift;
Enjoy the ride, enjoy the sights;
Swallow vain pride, succumb to light.

Leon Enriquez
12 August 2014

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Our Promise

Dear Judy Konos,
          OUR PROMISE    
Don't think We're down--You're country, tis of thee
For which our Flags been woven and unfurled,
this very thread, it binds us constantly,
becoming still the envy of the world.

In fifty states we grew to all we are,
and though some think God's guidance is not there,
this truth comes shining through in every Star;
Our Liberty of life shows ever'rywhere.

To tell the world, Come you, and learn our way,
there is no secret to how we have grown,
and in God's light, God's light is where we stay,
to guide you to what we have only known.

between each line, God's word is meant to share,
and "We the People..." is what keeps it there.
    by veebdosa 04/16/2011 (Dedicated to my friend Judy Konos in New Orleans)

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Intuit a choice,
Now and here see;
Do sound sure voice,
Urge what must be;
Live with full heart,
Go where you must;
Enter bold start,
Niche a grand trust;
Come dare be brave,
Expand and feel.
Hope ever saves,
Explore fond will;
Rise to the top,
Exploit each drop.

Leon Enriquez
29 August 2014

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What mystery of life runs through  the mind,
exchanged, such glances, never meant to share,
to raise our heartbeats, if one's there to find,
and if we have the will to take the dare.

To rock the Casbah, is this sin a crime?
Or just beginnings for the world in need
Of change to Westernize all life and time,
to bury burqas where there is no seed?

To see and fall in love through satin thin,
how many have there been to die alone,
and how much beauty seen becomes a sin,
to men who have a heart of solid stone?

Tunisian girl, the world is now ... for you,
So Rock the Casbah, like it's coming true!
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa

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useless waterways

Useless Waterways 
 It is a long river goes on till water meets the sky 
and as I have no oars have to follow the waterway 
till the place when all things are the same
Nirvana, some people say other calls its nothingness.
But there rivers that run into the sand
never given the chance to flow and dream of becoming
a Nile or an Amazon.... Stillborn they are.

The lucky river runs deep underground and has fish 
with no eyes and frogs white as new fallen snow.
The river ends up in a lake where fishtailed women live.
If you stop and listen you can hear the lake sigh and 
the river throbs, it never misses a beat.
 Mermaids have no uterus cannot bear children and
lament that sex is more important than babies. 

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Supreme being

Thou are the only being
The only being that is the creator
the creator of its being
and the creator of other beings

Thou are supreme
because thou are final
thou are final  because
thou are infallible

though thou are infallible
because thou are final
I pray thee
Bless us with moses and jushua

May though in your infinte mercy
protect us from ourselves

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Neptune's Gift, An Angel's Love

Neptune's Gift, An Angel's Love

Should greater and longer years be given me
I can only thank the love of my angel in white
Such gentleness from her calm and loving sea
destroyed all the monsters in my epic fight

Neptune did her his powerful Trident give
to easily cease the evil mind blowing wind
One great plunge in with such a mighty shiv
brought those dark winded furies to an end

Sent were peaceful sea creatures big and small
giding me ever towards that beckoning light
Always away from sea monsters great and tall
into a soothing morn following a peaceful night

Why was a happier and greater love so freely gifted
Why indeed, was this poor, miserable soul so uplifted!

Robert J. Lindley  07-12-2014

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Abba the father my heart cries out to you.
I am corner stoned with all I will ever be.
I reach high and climb the skies just to see.
I am in a world so confused it is hard to do.
Abba the father my soul just passes through.
I come to you and I am down on bended knee.
I have a soul begging for justice to be set free.
I am in a world where corruptions make new.
I am searching the distance,
Documenting my presence,
Absorbing life’s existence,
Developing omnipresence!
As this world shatters and shakes,
The Earth begins to violently quake.

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As you are stationed in a faraway land beyond our shore, our freedom is something you help to insure. To defend our way of life, you are the latest generation. You and your comrades represent our great nation. We would rather see you back in our own land. However, with your unit, you are taking a stand. It is true that nobody likes to fight. You must know how, and do it for all that’s right. Wherever you are stationed, and whatever your rank, you are among the service people we have to thank. Terrorism has no place in anybody’s life. You have sacrificed against all evil and strife. May you and your company stand firmly and strong. With honor and recognition is where you all belong.

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Gentle Streams of Tears

Today I sat down to right a poem.
It filled my heart with thoughts of home.
I put my hand on my cheek.
I never felt so sad and bleak.
I saw the pain of the world today.
Hoping to see things okay.
But the wind gently made me sway.
It made me think far away.
Knowing there is trouble time.
And now things are worth slime.
My eyes filled with water.
My heart goes out to the world slaughter.
I felt the stream of sadness.
With things that has badness.
Gently I wipe that sadness dry.
Tears that show hope with no deny.
I now see with no fear.
Futures gentle streams of tears.

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Sonnet IV

Fleeting moments suspended in freezing air,
     One-sided passion burning like a cigarette,
A taste of feigned innocence and feigned lack of care
     Moving to the music of dreams we will soon forget.
So tell me now; kiss the bottle and spin the girl.
     Our lips show off the unsecrets they know about
And greedily caress inspired skin, unfurl
     A thousand fleshy rose petals and what's left out:
Our sins in ashes of our bodies, smoldering
     Coals in retrospect. Dance in the flames that consume
Our thoughts and actions-a distant sense of folding,
     A closer sense of cloud cover: impending doom.
Our bodies touch, they bloom, and quickly they will wilt
Upon the gravestones of the emotions we killed.

"Sonnet IV"
Jenna-Nichole Conrad

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          THE LOOK OF LOVE
The very moment that we met I knew
something was here much more than I could see
your eyes reached out as still they always do
and flow throughout the very deepest me.

I wonder at the light that comes from you
that sudden glow--is it because of me?
and do you feel the warming that I do
that pounding of the heart--do others see?

There's not a thing in life that I've been through
I might compare with what it does to me
the moment you appear, what can I do
but melt into what you can plainly see?

Whatever can I do--how can it be
each time our eyes first meet it conquers me?

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Embrace the way of middle walk;
Note path that comes to mind and heart;
Love lives sure say in faith that talks;
Induce a psalm in song that starts;
Give love your all despite the pains;
Health prompts fond play in due season;
Trust can start small as effort strains;
Explore kind days beyond reason;
Now shapes sure time for ample good.
See that you act with intention;
Expound in rhymes the sacred mood;
Niche clever tact with firm action;
Supply your will with heart's desire;
Enrich your fill as soul inspires.

Leon Enriquez
16 June 2014

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            VAMPYRE WEDDING                               
I make you mine tonight, to have and hold,         
   to lie forever in this love I feel,                         
I bring an end to ever growing old,                         
   and close your eyes, to all that is not real.               
I give you love, that others never know!        
   The joy of life found only in its end!                     
And dressed in love, we go, as we must go,                  
   into the dark! The night! The only friend!                  
I give you death! Then take you ev'rywhere!                
   To know all things; and answer to no-one!               
To have it all! To do as you would dare!
    within the dark, where life has surely gone!                
        I make you mine! I sink my teeth into          
        your waiting flesh, and drink the love of you!

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You looked too deep where no one's seen before
into the very deepest part of me
where hides my very breathing soul and more
I'd not allowed the world to even see.

You made your way right through my heart and mind
and opened doors I thought were locked up tight
through mazes quite complex that twist and wind
into what makes me tick, but out of sight.

The walls came tumbling down--you stripped me bare
between two heartbeats you came all the way
to see my greatest fear that trembled there
and then you let me know you wouldn't stay.

I sit and look out windows to no where
and think of all the nothing that is there.
© ron wilson (aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet)

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I may remember, but I won't give in
to every pain of you, your hurt, your lies;
I've loved you once, but never shall again,
if I can just remember to forget your eyes.

I've put it all behind, I won't be bound,
by empty promises, that's just your style.
I'll walk away, and never look around,
if I can just remember to forget your smile.

I'll never wonder how your world is now,
if you have learned love's more than just a game,
I'll put it all behind; I know not how;
if I can just remember to forget your name.

       I'll never let you know I can't forget,
        if I convince myself, one day, we never met.
©ron wilson aka VeeBdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Desert Moon

Created, desolated, resurrected and even in reverse, 

You are a transformation under a Sun drenched day. 

Beckoned or heralded you climb above a beaming ray, 

Bristles of your hair shall glow and many are perverse. 


Shuffled, hurdled, corner-stoned and even immerse, 

You are a salvation upon a Mountain leading a way. 

Stripped or naked you run below an endless cache, 

Light inside of you shall outpour so all will disperse. 


The collectors shall find, 

Lost on a course in time, 

Many stranded or behind, 

Many with no unjust crime! 


Jacked up, a ripped off, a maniac or just downright a true blue loon, 

Still remaining is a red flaming shield up under a sacred desert Moon. 


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Lady of Annwfn

In sacred temples at the dawn of love,
shalt thou tak'st my hand, oh queen of the night,
from thine chalice let me sup thereof
reveal my soul to thine own divine light.

In peaceful gardens where thine orchid blooms,
thou tak'st my open heart in thine embrace,
release my dreams in swirls of laced perfumes,
and lift my face to gaze upon thine grace.

While fragrant candles flick their amber flame,
upon thine altar lies my destiny,
as senses burn in fire for thee to claim, 
thine kiss, my queen, shall bring my harmony.

My whole forever thine own to command,
as, goddess, thou came down and took'st my hand.

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Inlove With Her And Novacaine

Never knew love the way I know it now
Never will I know even when I ask how
She left and that was all
I'm trying desperately to climb outside this wall
I grip the roses stem and blood drips down my wrist
I drop to the floor, put my hands on my forehead while in a fist
We shared an oath from our lips to Gods ears
I placed myself in front of her knife to the heart to quench her fears
It killed me to love and lose
I'm losing sleep so I smash my clock back to snooze
I can't believe I thought she was the one to save me
It turns out she was the one to enslave me
My trust ran deep like blood coursing through her vein
I need to numb the bitter taste so I use novacaine
The thought of her is making my heart race
My walls are gone and now I have too much space
I think my loss is starting to hit me
I can't breathe at the thought that she will forget me
I fall from my knees with my face sideways on the floor
I grip the rose tighter & tell myself I don't want to love evermore
I'm fighting the truth and reality at this time
I'm in too deep, I'm too weak to climb
I feel a cold running through my veins followed by a last chill
My eyes are awake yet my body lie still
The lights are dimming and my life is flashing in spurts
I guess this is what it means when they say love hurts...

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On your coming scholars run helter-skelter
How powerful thy stings permeate
Some got sick before the date
Naughty good scholars escape thy stings.

On your coming candles melt, die and part.
Like mosquitoes they become to stand
Browsing and researching into papers not blood.
Your bark far worse than, I think your bite.

On your coming tears run out of the intelligence
Why didn’t I meditate before you start
When mouth crows or whistles start
Pen writes and rulers measure

On your coming, scholars play with caution
On your coming, scholars embrace tension.

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Welcome to Your Wife

If I were you for a day and you were me?
Could you love me more than I love you?
Would I love you more each day and be new?
Will the Sun shine bright in our eyes to see?
When will the Moon glow and lead our way to be?
When will the Stars shine bright by just us two?
Why does the dust give up its spurs on the dew?
Why are the doors locked with only one master key?
Welcome to my life,
Welcome to my home,
Welcome to your wife.
Welcome to this dome.
Welcome to the Sunrise this day in the light,
And welcome to the Sunset on this lovely night!
© Copyright: Ann Rich    2006

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How sweet the night, my love you came to me
   from out of dreams I'd dreamt within my past.
They weaved the spell and made my life to be
   in need of you, before I breathed my last;

and all my days of feeling less than whole
   were counted in my life of passing years,
though discontent, I guessed a restless soul
   was but the price I pay, with all the tears,

for being borned and being let to stay,
   and little did I guess, or even feel
that all I've been's existing day to day,
   and incomplete, but never really real.

        And how complete you've made my life to be,
        as if you've found the heart and breath of me.

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Explore the feel of words that come;
eXcite pure zest with tears of joy;
Pleasure can heal the pulse that sums;
Apply your quest with steady ploys;
Note feisty dash in charming style;
Design your reach with subtle sounds.
Yes dare to clash with feeble wiles;
Offer to each foray bold grounds;
Use flavours mood with challenge fair;
Ride on the wind that charms a breeze.
Wear gentle good that fills the air;
Opt the unseen voice that knows bliss;
Rise up like cream that shows the best;
Dream within dream to reward quest.

Leon Enriquez
06 July 2014

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i was alone watching, a thousand trains leave a thousand platforms behind
caught in a storm, whistling a furious tune in curious concert with my mind
leaves fell far from fall, grass lost its spring
a parched, picket fence bawled beside a rose-less bushes' sting

amidst all this a rusted swing swayed without cause
beside the murderous perch of crows and their 'caws' 
atop a gazebo
that someone stopped painting long ago

waiting for the return of a sun
that was somewhere beyond
too many grey skies to care
and I remember just standing there

beside an empty railroad track
hoping that final sigh that escaped me might bring you back

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Deep in the death, the vastness of your eyes
that reaches into times eternity,
I go, a vagrant, soon to realize
you are beginning and the end of me.

The fear of born again brings me to tears,
of living one more time, as I have done,
and unsuspecting, all my greatest fears
are realized again, and life goes on.

You look at me and bare all you may find,
I am a delicate, and easily to break,
and you can see me hiding in my mind,
from your first look, and I can only shake.

     The book of me is now one empty page
      and all of life has just become a cage.
© Ron Wilson (aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet)

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Grace lingers here by love's decree;
Live your best form with charming stay;
Insist on cheer that comes to free
Mindset and norm from rules that slay;
Prime your sweet spot with ample zest;
See that you sow the seeds that grow;
Explore fine thoughts with succinct fest;
Sense that you know the pulse of flow.
Allow your sighs to rise and fall;
Treat your soul well in mystic feel;
Thrill each new high with purge of gall;
Enter and dwell on pleasant deals;
Nudge and believe that joy lives here;
Deeds do achieve the poise of cheer.

Leon Enriquez
03 July 2014

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Above All You Loved, Heaven is Above--Seventh Shadow Sonnet Challenge

~~Above All You Loved, Heaven is Above~~

Man made in the image of God, pray man
Woman, a rib of man your love woman
Can your love plan every thought, if you can?
Humans can pray for the lives of humans

Prime vigor, your heart felt life in your prime
Compassion understands, sweet compassion
Time ends days, life is wanting every time
Passions warm affection, loving passions

Life is living right, do you live like life?
Pride's deadly sins; love was not ever pride
Strife disputes harmony; bitter is strife
Brides don't cry, you're a rare most lovely brides

Love your man it's his life; you are his love 
Above all you loved, heaven is above. 

© 2015 DiLinda A. Adams, All Rights Reserved.

Seventh Shadow Sonnet Challenge! – Please join me. Poems should rhyme, and have an 10 syllable count and 14 lines to meet the challenge. However, if you just want to be creative please do so.





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I felt your glance into mine anxious eyes
over your shoulder, quick and then away,
but you told all, so's I could realize
without our having any words to say.

And here is love, if love there ever was,
for that moment your eyes locked to my own,
to do the things that love, it always does,
in reaching out to make a love be known.

As every spark of it reached to my mind,
love's tremble moved a wave through all of me,
and though I tried, there was no way to find
control of it, and set my feelings free.

Much deeper into love and loving you,
is what your glance has brought my heart into.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

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My Fame

Is it possible to say?
I love you!
Really I do!
Each and every day!
Would you stray?
In lieu!
Or out of the blue!
Each and every day for you I’d pray!
Inside you I came,
You went,
I stayed the same,
For you I was sent!
Each and every day I was meant,
Each and every day I gain My Fame!

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Forest of love

I WHISPER to the trees of the forest of my love for thee.
Their TRANQUILITY is my sign that our love is true.
Creatures of the forest LILT BLISSFULLY for you and me.
WAFTED FRAGRANT LAVENDOR flows around us gently too

My heart doused in SPLENDOR from your caressing touch.
Your essence is DULCET and securing my presence this day.
ELOQUENCE of your voice entices my arms to tenderly clutch.
Desiring to hold you forever each day and night, everyway,

WHISPER into my ears the words that I know you hold.
BLISSFULLY kiss my lips in return, of your love so bold.
My soul shall WAFT across all the waters that unfold.
Flowers of FRAGRANT aroma, I shall give as our gold.

These words of my heart I WHISPER in the forest of love.
From the forest of love, we receive each; a pure white dove. 

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Legendary Passion

One kiss sends chills up and down our spine
Our lips blended to taste like sweet cherry wine.
Her love is deeper than any passion expressed.
His love is richer than any touch of zest.
Deeper than canyons are wide are the feelings.
Beyond highest mountain are our loving pleadings.
Our words that caress our lips in truth each day,
Beyond the tongue, I love you is what we say.
My heart desires her hand upon mine as we walk.
My soul secured in dimensions as we both talk.
Her passion beyond any dream that I could acquire,
Her spirit enriches reality more than our lives require.
Our bond is kept within each other’s heart with a fire.
Fervor is our legend, and then acts of passion shall transpire.

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Shed Thy Snakeskin

Move into the future with a true presence.
There is more to see and way more to do.
It is a life with everything you ever knew.
Shed thy snakeskin with your own essence.
Way up high sits the purest quintessence.
Up above each Star lights a way for you,
Even these skies are a creamier baby blue.
Nonsense is ordained by its only innocence.
There is always a better way.
It is always for you and me.
It is always by night and day.
Where we should already be!
Imagine you did shed every bit of that snakeskin you carry around.
You will lose or you will win, either or I’m aptly located as found!

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What becomes of the broken hearted?

My heart has had only one love to taste,
yet I have suffered the loss of it twice.
My Romeo, impatient, left with haste
after calling me the 'love of his life'.
Cloud of naivety led me astray:
stubborn in stance, which I’ll always regret,
‘twas timidity that pushed him away.
I’ve changed too late - my one true love lays dead.
Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast,
circumstance would’ve changed, if I’d spoke true.
The culprit, my weak mettle, I confess -
Oh! Romeo know, I’ll always love you.
     From now; till death brings us back together,
     I’ll not love again: my heart’s been severed.

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The Dreamer

With easy grace the petals fall-
He loves me so! No, not at all.
I know that I never cross his mind
So why should I search for signs?
There’s too much space between us now,
As we’re different…And oh, the same-
I can’t help hoping that somehow
Things will change. Ain’t that a shame?
A dreamer never stands a chance-
They’re easily crushed by romance;
Even affairs they never knew
Become so vivid they’re almost true.
So I, the dreamer, will hold out my heart-
The petals have wilted and I’ve fallen apart.

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I Leap

My sins carry a weight of such sorrow within my soul
My father in heaven, I pray to you for forgiveness true.
Your promised rapture left me here, under heavy toll.
My soul has always been yours with such payment due.

My life was not always dedicated completely to you, Lord.
You provided me with spiritual faith, within my heart.
You gave me so much, blessed me in peaceful accord.
Giving me strength in many things, right from the start,

I am below your exaltedness; I shall carry on until the end
Deeply in my heart and soul, I gather my faith strong.
To place your willingness of my fate, for you to tend,
For I have failed you for sure, my Lord is never wrong.

I know I have been a sinner, from when I was a beginner.
My will is weak but deep, my Lord, for your love I leap.

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Global Trot

I’m out of my mind but I am just perfect and just fine.
I went around the world and what a blast it was for me.
I’m sent with a message from a golden gate master key.
I shook I rattled and I rolled brand new maps I did align.

I founded you and I demolished you but swam like a fish in line.
I ran to and fro as I was left behind thrown forward but I did see.
It is a global trot I tell you to survive naked or dressed just to be.
And then it came to be true and real that this was mine all mine.

So I sit in the seat with no defeat.
The world goes stupid and so mad,
But I stay clean and of course neat,
It’s just a silly little one time life fad.

Pain and suffering has just about killed me and you,
Together or apart it is a world we will always renew!

®Registered: Ann Rich   2009

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Hot Summer Night

Steamy summer love made our set.
Hot summer night, when we first met.
I kissed her neck; she looked in my eyes.
Drunk in mind and heart, to our surprise,
She took my hand; we kissed our first kiss.
I knew then, that night, it would be no miss.
Upon the sandy beach, we gazed at the stars.
Our night impressed by the red planet, Mars
Hours turned to morning daze, what a craze.
Dawn grew our blaze, a new day to praise.
Summer love was what we were adorning.
Our blend would rise above any adjourning.
Sweeter love then candy, glistening so sandy,
Summer love dandy, I love my darling Brandy.

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The Divine Artisan (Sonnet)

Who has created deep azure sky,
In which, the clouds do love to float and sail? 
And who has embellished the butterfly 
With colorful beauty in detail? 
Who does shower the snow in the winter? 
In foggy days who spreads  mist curtains ? 
Who has crafted the curves of the rives?  
Who has embossed the range of high mountains ? 
Who streched the bands of seven colors, 
Who has constructed  the arch of rainbow? 
Who has gifted the birds cozy feathers, 
And made them able to fly to and fro? 
I do adore the Divine Artisan, 
Who has made the world in such perfection. 

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Children of the Sky

A day with no Sun, no Stars and no wind,
A lifetime of lifetimes is in the womb you grow.
You are the children of the sky with the seeds I sow.
You are enriched and fertile in the lands I tend.

A night with no Moon no day and no end,
A world of worlds of knowledge you all know.
You are the children of the sky and to the winds you shall blow.
In the seeds your sown is your mother and your best friend.

You are of the sky,
You are perfect today,
Boundless and high,
And you know the way.

Reach up and look to see,
The wind blowing inside of me!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2004

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After Jesus' resurrection in Jerusalem,
in the same windowless room,
where The Last Supper was held:
with a sudden rush of the gusting wind,
the Holy Spirit descended upon them,
to bestow the gift of different languages...

That was a reminder that the Master, who had been crucified,
hadn't forgotten them and His fervent wish rested on
their relentless faith and strength to courageously spread 
the true Gospel with firm utterance;  and they knew, it 
was a great mission both dangerous and spiritual:
to go out in the Roman Empire, a place of many vague idols,
and in the Colosseum be executed or mauled by lions,
but their fear was replaced by the glowing fire of Holy spirit...   

Entered in the Pentecost Brian Strand's contest

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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A Poem

Its emotion itself moulded in pens hue,
The feelings in it are from vast ocean to tiny dew;
whence it hath filled minds shallowest lakes,
It flows down from heart as through snow flakes.

Proud and great are those creation--
Whose thought consist of truth along with imagination;
Those creation without truth are fake--
Passes to past,these new pieces,floating upon time's lake.

It has the majesty higher than Everest,
It covers within itself from lions den to tiny nests, 
It has the beauty brighter than pearl,
Deep message doth around it curl.

Lssons of academics--do they continue in life in general?
Message in poetry --they do run with life till funeral.

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Pledged Love

Our love, like the touch of a bee upon a flower,
One kiss is like a snowflake touching my lip.
Our passion like a breeze after a warm shower,
Your touch is as the taste of one sweet wine sip.

Your breath is as warm as a summer’s first breeze.
Your caresses are soft and tender as a downy feather.
Desires of your touch raises my temperature in degrees,
Unity ignites our bodies’ heat like tropical weather.

When apart I ache like a fierce winter storm.
Just hearing your voice, seals memories of zeal,
Holding your hand brings life to my living form.
Each passing minute, I pledge your heart to steal.

Our passion secured by every moment in time.
My loving words I have pledged to you in rhyme.

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The Note

I was corner-stoned by many of you.
The note was dotted with a dash.
But this note was an ultimate smash.
I found a peephole and peeped through.
I found a bird gave him the note and away he flew,
Across the deserts and the valleys he was there in a flash,
Across the rivers and Oceans he made a great big splash.
He made it to the shore, but the note he began to chew.
He passed a timely test,
And his belly was full,
He did not stop to rest,
The note he had to pull.
The bird landed on the Oceans shore,
Singing praises of his rugged chore.

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The Gap

So many empty spaces with cracked dimensions as stardust flew by.
So I counted to ten and held my breath knowing this would just never end.
At every angle there was a gap so I tagged them all with messages to send.
I stepped through portals leading me to places orbiting way too high.

I passed through broken dreams and landed where the Sun never shined.
No Moon, no Stars, and no galaxies were straight, much less aligned.
The Earth had gone completely berserk and the seasons were sudden to change.
It was the gap warping time and even the people looked far beyond strange.

I listened to faint vibrations and watched galaxies as they all weakened.
Time was lost and gone forever, for they had all been forewarned and told.
I found a spot and planted the last starlight and watched closely as it strengthened.
It grew and grew even withering through the hot and cold.

Shooting through portals I spread my light and left it a sparkling trail.
Ray by ray a beam filled the gap and lit it up by my new starlight’s flaming tail.

®Registered: Ann Rich  2005

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Young Love

June 17, 2006
How sweet, how serene,
Delicate inside a core,
A flower I have bore.
Such a magnificent scene!
Blossoms in bloom are what you bring.
I couldn’t ask of you for much more,
I even find you shining on the Seashore.
You make my heart dance and sing!
The Sun shines down on me,
And the Moon leads my way.
The Stars shine and I can see,
A beautiful Sun shiny day!
You come from somewhere up above,
Tender in my heart is a Young Love!
® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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Darling Deities

Anointed angels are alluring ambassadors
They are the saintly, soaring spirits, we all adore
Sent from heaven… the hills so high and holy
God seldom send them to tell us a surprising story

They are blessed beings with wide, wholesome wings
Angels are choice choristers, with solemn songs to sing
They never sleep nor slumber… always on duty every day
They are ever with us to hear our cry and croons as we pray

My Guardian Angel watches over me, every day and night
And the Archangels take over… engaging my foes in a fight
My comforting angels save me from sins, stains and sorrows
And in times of rejoicing they rally around me like rainbows

Angels are among men, performing pleasant and divine duties
They may be seen or unseen yet; they are our soul’s darling deities

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A trail of smoke fades to an autumn dawn
as sounds of morning break unearthly still
arising to the day, some life goes on
while others have the fear it never will.

Some ashes drift about the morning air
appearing as do snowflakes in a stall,
to restless breezes they drift everywhere
and they are spread about before they fall.

Each life that was is slow in pure descent
and longing for the earth that pounds below
the mother of all life, where time is spent,
until time's all run out--it's time to go.

Down in the valley echoes from a train
awhistling here come the dead again.
 ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown PoeT
This Friday, 20 April, is observed as Holocaust Rememberence Day.

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Call to the Golden Norm

With life and deeds, I fed the multitudes.
My gentleness goes forward yet remote.
My God, revered languishes without quote.
With life and deeds, I call for quietude.

Humanity lifts up my sheath, my form,
kneels down before objects of destruction,
kills to advance the cause of conversion.
With life and deeds, please follow golden norm.

Belief be not blind, subsist not malformed.
With life and deeds, I wish rememberance.
Replace the cross and worship not my death.
Raise high your face, humanity reborn.

Let the circle's shape form and be the test.
Let worship of my life be not my death.

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The Handy Man

The handy man is always available by my night or day.
I’m being stringent to say my very least to his very best.
All potential clergymen are put through his trickery test
Oh my God at these odds and ends his mind dare weigh.
He is intricately susceptible in light seeking a pardoned way,
He overcomes the homeliest just by his daily authentic quest.
In about a day or two will come his much timely needed rest!
Estranged in a time of several times where his mind did stray.
Caught up in clouds he drifts yet further away slicing thin.
Pondering many thoughts per milliseconds flood his gates.
Consuming ideas overwhelm his deep words drawn within.
He forms heaps of potential until he himself smears slates.
Single handedly he comes with his charts already mapped with my plan!
After all, he is quite elaborate when I exclusively need my Handy Man!

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Sonnet: Special moments

There are days when I want just to sit ‘round
and during this time relax just doing nothing.
And from my porch enjoy views without frown.
It's nice to dream and let go of many things.

This day is nice and is not cold or warm.
Is a great day and the sky is nice blue.
No cloudy day no rain and not a storm.
There's nothing now to ruin this precious day.

I wish I do that in a day like this
But I know I can't stay too long that way.
I want to remember good times ~ people I miss.
I see butterflies I'm having a great day!

I want to grab sheets and pen and write too
and friends this is the way I'm feeling today!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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I’ll add you to my safe keeps.
And put you with my collections.
I’ll sit back with my own reflections.
After, I’ve taken hundreds of peeps.
I’ll put you under my pillow where I sleep.
And then there will be no exceptions.
It’s where delusion versus deceptions.
You and I will never weep.
Until your heart is free to run,
I’ll be collecting ashes and dust.
I’ll never be done!
And I’ll never rust.
My collections of restorations appeal.
Piece by piece many of you will heal.
®Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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An Attempted Sonnet

She is Christmas past
In a way, to most goes unseen
Radiant with purity too true to last
Yet with her my love tends to lean

And from love’s light a face revealed
Beauty of Skin and bone this portrait mild
For such divinity must lie concealed 
From this light my affection riled 

Absurd though this passion be
For this task a Godly hurdle 
Passion drives the very heart of me
So I chase this heavenly hare, me, a mortal turtle
 For she, this girl Christmas, I shall make haste
Toward this love of mine, an unending race

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Common Ground

Starry night, Star bright shine your light!
It’s a lost world traveling at a rapid speed.
Oh guide me and teach me to properly lead.
For I am down here where nothing is right!
Send me a wind to take my flight,
And let them all take heed!
I am the deepest seed.
For I stand in all my might.
Let the Sun shine down on me.
Let the rains walk away.
Set my eyes where they can see.
For I am day by day!
As the world spins around and around,
I shall be found standing on top of Common Ground!

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No more was she full grown than he a man
but love was something he was looking for
while she would be content, when it began
in knowing he was pleased, and wanted more.

There in the dark, Messina hides the sin,
that makes a boy into what men should be
transformed by love to their believing in
what makes a man a sailor of the sea.

If he could wish, and have just anything,
he'd have her for his mother's tender care,
part of their world, and all a love can bring,
and innocent of love that's really there.

he'll never mention her in sailor's tale;
if he should say her name, his love would fail.
     © ron wilson (aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet)

After all of these years I'm surprised I even wrote a poem about her.

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Kindred Spirit

Is your spirit ready to cross the great big Ocean?
And is your heart open to the wind and free to run? 
It’s where our nights and days are never done,
It’s where we sail and soar with a higher notion.

We are the magic’s most powerful potion.
Lying under the heat of the scorching Sun,
It’s where you and I lay together as one.
It’s where our spirit is in mighty motion.

Carried across the Mountains peak,
One by one it is our blissful state.
Many and more will rise to seek.
The Moon’s glow conquering their fate!

Shielded by my glorious kindred spirit,
You will all know my voice when you hear it.

® Registered: Ann Rich 2006

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To stay forever beautiful and young
and ride across the windows of the sky
on wings of Pegasus, of which is sung
the merry nine of Zeus, who never die;

their words are flowing still, from every heart
who writes a rhyme or reason with the pen,
perchance to shape the world, or be a part
of what tomorrow testifies was then.

In all of time, the poets take the lead,
of where the world must go, it's in our hands,
and Zeus still loves his daughters in their need
as sure as every poet understands.

Once mounted, Pegasus must take to wing
and every Muse must ride along and sing!

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The Keeper

I was washed ashore with Mountains looking over me and I could hear roaring Seas.
The sand covered me and my toes curled with sand dollars by the dozens.
I saw dolphins gaming and fish were everywhere, I even met their distant cousins.
The Sun was shining down on me and the Moon was jealous but the clouds gave way.

And I looked up to see the Stars shining and they told me it’s a most perfect day.
Salted lips and these palms fanned, I knew right then I was meant to be.
I stood alone at the shore and blue skies fled taking notice of little old me.
I was touched and moved balancing these visions I began to breathe.

I thought I was by myself, but I wasn’t, not this time.
Looking up I say leave me alone, be gone I’m on my own.
Looking down I am amazed at how truly this is so sublime.
You are the keeper of my secrets and I am of all the unknown.

Shining down upon me you are always standing right there,
Here I shall share myself with you and then I will begin to care. 

® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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 The last of feigning death, love now abides,
 tuberculin, infectious, inside her breast.
 She breaths emotion where your hope now hides,
 and clings to what Melpomene knows best.
 Dear tragedy of love, deep in her eyes,
 to love we die, or never love one bit.
Your soul--once doomed to Hell--see now it flies
 renouncing every hope of ending it.
 Consuming as is love, the hate must flow,
 each seething, creeping, loathing will to fly,
 amongst what hope is left, one thought will show;
 to know the deep of someone, one must die.
 All of your will, which dieth, less for cause,
 has ended short of knowing who she was.
 ©  ron wilson

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Pulled to Sea

Whisper sent form hallowed shore 
Ancient breath of love and lore
In the tongue a silent hope
Gathers near an ancient rope

Hung from stars to sea-bound men
Plucked from foxhole, cave, and glen
Break from clay, a foolish turn
To quench the thirsting heart of yearn

Beyond the grasp of mortal man
Knows no end, yet here it stand
Endless beacon by a name
Reputation: human bane

Cursed crucible remain
Tattered tie in blood is stained

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A World Too Small

I cannot find enough minutes in the day,
Even measured in the beats of my heart.
From no poet can I prise the words to say,
When all except feeling, appears then departs.
I cannot breathe out those avenues of light,
Capture your beauty in some lost chord,
Nor deliver clarity in the black on the white
In some vain hope of a dignity restored.
Each corridor of retreat inches narrow,
Distressed I find my air it pinches thin.
This control of love plays me as shallow,
Yet is its pursuit the inducement of sin?
Here then I find there are no exits to this place,
And the world is too small to forget your face.

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Oh! Death, a mystery thy still remains
A fearless murderer that forgets justice
A thief not of night but of time
A stealer of worthless items

Oh! Death, how happy you-make the bereaved 	
Thou are too real to be true
A professional in a career carnage
Too sophisticated to loss a battle started

Oh! Death, you tame the proud and the tough
A body made of air and a movement in gesture
So helpless thy victims always are
Like Israel in front of goliath

A friend to the deceased, but an enemy to the living
(Sighs) Oh!  Death, Spare me not.

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Sonnet #1: Why Do I Love Her?

Why do I love her? I can’t count on toes
And fingers like how Browning could not bear.
Nothing but Trouble- she seems not to care
About my Fatigue, my friends, or my foes.
Anxiety lurks- I shake when she goes.
Nervousness lingers- blankly not I stare.
She’s not here, she’s not nice; Life is not Fair!
Why do I love her from feet above nose?
Why? The answer scurries across the mind!
Pen I the insight: You’re beautiful; I
Love you is unsuitable. And those eyes!
Time, Space has seen none worthier than thy!
-Subfusc. Memories always can I find.
Cerebrum sees no snow; Heart holds all ties.

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Sonnet 2

Your Sentiment no longer a thought
As I walk in the shadow so distraught 
For my heart speaks in sweet sorrow
For this woman I love to-morrow

Will leave me lost and so alone to weep
 I knowingly shall rest my head to sleep 
With my heart on my sleeve if you please
I heard a slight laughter through the trees

For she walks in the shadow of his charm
With a willful promise on his arm  
Now I can’t whisper her unruly name 
Come it nay to me now and shame
Never more you ruthless queen 
Should I wake it from this rotten dream? 

(This is Laura's Shakespearean  sonnet )

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Pay your own way, plot your own style;
Order and word a precious feel;
Ignite fine say, spread a warm smile;
Glimpse dear songbird sweet strains that heal;
Note after note in sensuous ease;
All feels good here only with truth;
Now scheme wise rote nurtured with peace;
Touch strings prompt cheer graced with sure proof.
Value deep insight open to psalm;
Inspire and seek airs that excel;
Sense a new light lovely and calm;
Indulge the meek art form that dwells;
Offer to love all in joy profound;
Nudge sweet recall, mix sights and sounds.

Leon Enriquez
12 July 2014

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What is Normality?

Is demonstration a progressive method for normality?
Skills for a good quality are necessary for product,
Nobody wants to pay for wrongs, who can stock useless dirt,
Quality is a demand of us we return the goods if are faulty.
If a worker isn’t responsible who can pay for job royalty?
Responsibility is faith for living and security for a job,
If attitudes are hooliganism who can control a mob,
Principles are for betterment we need to draw formality.

Education and training is for realization so we can faith,
Faith is an actual life, understanding for living standard,
What is hard to follow the rules if we like human growth?
Satisfaction is a root of honesty if labour is n’t bounded,
Care is only a path that can provide benefits to both.
If rules are n’t applicable what is gain of one and hundred?

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Struggle for Rights

O’ Father, O’ dear Father, What do you know about God?
Please explain to me why do you have or I need my faith?
Where he lives in a hell or heaven why human has a myth?
Is he a Merciful, forgiveness or a kind-hearted Lord?
You have blessings and prayer, you know worshiping method,
Please explain me, why we need worshipping in what image?
A portrait, statue, wind, light, fire or a planet what range?
Is he a human, bird, animal or insect what colour of blood?

Why do I born human, why I having a struggle for rights?
Why am I against dictatorship if God is only superb?
Why human has different nature and fight for high heights.
Why is only human controlling why n’t animal deserve?
Hell is better or heaven, why is earth suffering for fights?
When I fall sick, what is a meaning of a best herb?

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Just For Us All

If our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, were alive today;
He would then diligently be teaching us how to pray;
He would have penned beautiful haiku & senryu & rhyme;
Not the elegy of life, or the A.B.C. of crime.

But haiku, about the birds, the fish, and wonder nature;
The senryu, about mankind, being stubborn and un-pure;
And the hearty rhyme of His peace and love, be the armor
Of faith, for those who long for eternal grace, evermore!

His poetry would be the New Heaven and the New Earth,
And in His holy Church would be the promise of re-birth;
If our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, were alive today;
He would then diligently be teaching us how to pray.

Yet, on this perverted Earth, He had opted not to stay;
Indeed, just for us all, from God, we would not be at bay!

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Strawberry Blonde In Summer Sun

Strawberry blonde in long set summer sun,
Her smile lit with such regal,Prussian pride;
Our love ended before truly begun,
I would rend Time to make her my heart's bride.
By casting my thoughts to the pressing past,
I would navigate by her star to sail,
With her fine breathe's breeze,I would set my mast,
If only to find her upon His shore.
We would converse of Almighty presence;
I'd give voice to my doubts,ever looming,
While she'd speak serene of a grand essence;
Now,as then,my soul's not for such rooming.
   Time And God,I would quickly pitch aside,
   For a glimpse of her fair hair and breast,sighed.

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A valentine Day

O’ Mastermind, O’ Mastermind, Could you change my future?
Loneliness is teasing me, Sadness is breathing me,
Fear is freezing me, darkness is ceasing me,
Could you send someone who can listen to my tearing tone?
What is love, explain me, my love is only a ruin?
I am a child, I was a child and nobody cared for my feelings,
I suffer always suffer when they have different dealings,
O’ Mastermind, O’ Mastermind, Could you change my future?

When comes a valentine day I am trying to match my heart,
I like someone to encourage me I need a path of life,
I feel shame that shied to me; I can’t go away from hurt,
I am n’t beggar but begging to you, revive me I am dead half,
A day comes and passes away, I never seen awakening light.
I had lost my mum because she was someone’s wife.

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What more can I say

I love you
What more can I say
I love your smile
I love it when you touch me
I love your stance
I love your honesty
I love the way you cry
I love your voice
I love the way you say my name
I love it when kiss that certain way
I love your fingernails
I love the way the you dress
I love the way the you undress
I love the you always end and reply
I love the way you sleep
I love the way you sing
I love the way you laugh
I love your hands
I love your name
I love the way you love me
I love your feet
I love your spirit
I love the your dance
I love your love
I love you
What more can I say

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To Lay Last

To live be last of two to cross that bar. 
To have to stay to weep to taste concern. 
To separate by time and distance far. 
To feel such pain such deep such sour discern. 

To fill sad eyes with tears both night and day. 
To feel anger at love yet not possess. 
To sorrow to anguish in every way. 
To fire a heart, this burning tenderness. 

To wake to find no love find death a thief. 
To be a choice to mourn to go insane. 
To greedily, selfishly keep this grief. 
To bear this burden yes to tend this pain. 

To be alone as flowers bloom come May. 
To spare you this -pray I be last to lay.