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Sonnet Angel Poems | Sonnet Poems About Angel

These Sonnet Angel poems are examples of Sonnet poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Sonnet Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Comfort's Angel

I had a dream that there appeared to me a little girl whose hands I touched were silk. Her tender eyes belied the purity of angels, and her skin was white as milk. She said, “In your despair, I heard your call for comfort, which I’ve come to bring to you. My hands do not look strong, for they are small, but used in prayer, there’s much that they can do.” Before me, in the darkness of that night, with palms upturned, she gently closed her eyes, and as she prayed, I saw a stream of light shine down with myriads of butterflies. I woke most splendidly refreshed in bed to see a monarch flutter near my head. Written 12/20/13 by Andrea Dietrich and Based on Visual #7 in nette onclaud's WITH THESE HANDS Contest

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Angels of Destiny

Angels of destiny, sunk in empty eyes so clear,
Angels of destiny, every day your fate so near.
Seldom has your little face been graced with a smile
Nothing strikes you funny as you search the garbage pile.

These angels are babies, little babes without a bed.
Every day their hands held out for just one piece of bread.
Dreams of hoping something, anything would be more fare
Praying maybe someone, anyone might care.

Poor poor angels I would love to give much more,
But I'm too busy keeping up with the guy next door.
I wish he hadn’t bought that new boat down at the bay,
Now I'll have to save to buy a bigger one some day

Angels of destiny sentenced to a life of fears,
Angels of destiny, I will just leave you my tears.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
Contest The Poet II
Gautami Phookan
Theme: Leave you my tears

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The First Flower I Chose

The First Flower I Chose

You were my rose, the first flower I chose
A beauty so fair, such shine in your hair
You I chose, the finest ever love rose
Asked on a dare, the prettiest girl there

Soon we wed, pretty flower graced my bed
Nights sent such bliss, heaven I did not miss
Flames in bed, want no other instead
Honey that kiss, love never was like this

Years together, in good and bad weather
Loving every night, touching sweet just right
Joy our weather, sweet kisses a feather
Sexy the sight, your naked body at night

My rose did cast, true love that did so last
I held so fast, to that ship's greatest mast


Contest- Form Sonnet
Regina Riddle 
Contest Name , Sonnet on a Intimate Relationship 

Syllables Per Line:  10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10 10 10 0 10 10  
Total # Syllables:  140  
Total # Lines:  17  (Including empty lines)  
Total # Words:  114

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My Lady Requests So Much

My Lady Requests So Much

Shall I splash love into your gay heart
gift a golden treasure beneath your feet
setting my sail into your longing chart
my heart quickly pulsating to your beat

Shall I chain my mind to your sexy dream
clouds of hope wrapped deep into your quests
Tasting the sweetest drops from your steam
slavishly hold each of your love requests

Shall I now set my hopes onto your all
embracing your charms every night's feast
Set my heart to your every beck and call
worship your beauty as a loyal priest

Nay, my love I shall gift to you with strings
Requesting songs of your love that rings!

Robert J. Lindley  08-28-2014

note: All requests are granted. 
I that trades love for love find a 
treasure beyond all measure!

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My Angel

Your love is like a fall’s crisp kiss
I can walk a thousand miles to get away from you
I can swim to the bottom of the ocean blue
I can fly a million feet up, way high in the air
I can pretend each day that I just don’t care
Yet I am sorry for the way I acted, the words I left unspoken
When I think of how we ended, my heart feels way too broken
Do you really feel this way, my presence do you not miss?
You made it clear your heart has no place for me anymore
I will move on and hope to find another to love like you
I will walk away, our memories in my heart I’ll store
Never allowing my mind to believe that it is true
For I loved, I lost. But as a friend I will never again tell
That you hold my heart forever, you are my Angel.

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In Gods Eyes

The girl in the corner 
With her headphones in
 To drown out the voices 
Screaming "your too ugly, your too thin". 
The girl that wipes away
 the tears in her eyes
Who hides her broken heart
Behind fake smiles and lies.
The girl who's always laughed at 
because she is "unique" 
One day you will realize
 that little girl is me. 
And one day I wont be laughed at 
For being different or unique 
Because one day ill be wearing 
A pair of angel wings.
In Gods eyes were all perfect
There's nothing wrong with that
And the day I go to heaven
Ill stop getting laughed at.

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A rose is always the first one to die

A rose is always the first one to die
As love arrives, flip-flapping his wings,
Taking her to a fresh grave to lie,
Hidden amid hallowed tree’s rings.
Earth unrests with a slight touch,
Feathers and petals, red and white,
Mingle when Love leans to vouch,
Whirling around the burial site:
“Wave slowly, I see, I like, I take,
Your lips are cherries, your heart
Like the soft and most sweet cake,
I will feast and if my lips demand,
I will take my bow and with my art,
Take food from your soft hand.“

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Out of the dark, you'll hear my whistling,
this night bird searching out the heart of you,
who knows the song is you, and meant to sing,
and I, who feel your words, forever do.

In love am I, with all you'll ever be,
though you don't even count me as a friend,
I come and go, throughout your life, 'tis me,
you'll only know as steady, to your end.

This night bird knows the deep inside your breast,
your secrets never shared with anyone,
each tiny pain, you've thought to be a test,
each answer from each question--Life goes on.

         Out of the dark, you'll feel me spread my wings,
           In love with loving you, and what it brings.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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Angel Dust

The creatures that could fly, flew out this night They brought forth their powers, with them their might The black dragon is largest on the list They are the strongest, waving their clawed fist Next would have to be the fairies so trim Wielding dark talents purely on a whim The dark gargoyles fly around with great ease Spreading the fear of death and dire disease As sure as you think the darkness would win An angel flies high, way up in heaven She saves the Earth from all evil around Drops down some angel dust right to the ground And quick as a flash evil leaves this place Angels left to sing the beauty of grace
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Doyle's "Angel Dust" contest 10/9/2012

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Forest Nymph

Deep in the forest, where the world is mine,
and lost to everyone I've ever known,
so dark in day where sunlight doesn't shine
except in silver streams all mine alone,

she came in gentle, warm and summer rain,
out of a misty light, with searching eyes,
and all to soon she found my joy and pain
before I had the time to realize.

I'd never be the same, from just the look,
into her eyes, so deep and far away,
and then she read my life, my opened book,
I'd sur'ly bared to her in summer play.

The fear of God is all I can compare
to how she looked, and how she found me there.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Another walking among seasons and holy beads
As our thoughts moves clouds in a grey sky,
And paint the leaves above our heads; 
With a priori color of serenity, your eyes try
To open the white gates of transparent joyous morning;
The air got the scent of hot apple pies, the smile -a meaning 
Of what the fingers are touching and what they are dreaming;
Are those our guardian-angels who silently walk by?

The rain of the morning tea falling from heights;
A new painted bench seemed to be almost dry;
White statues sit on the grass near the brave knights;
Two angels with glass wings have just learnt to fly.

But, leaves` procession under the kiss of the wind;
Buds of faith and hope live in philosophical mind.

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The celebration cometh as Christ
was nailed on the cross of cavalry
carrying our burden of sins.
Everyone was bitter sad and
He spoke out is last storming statement
That was stamped by heaven and
gave up the ghost.

On the third day;
He resurrected and appear to his
people, who is he”JESUS CHRIST”
he is alive, he never dies but slept!!!

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The Death Angel

Here of late the death angel passed this way
He didn't stop here to call one of us home
The death angel visited far away
'Twas this man from home who inspired this poem

Also a lady about a mile away(as the crow flies)
Died within hours of his life's ending
The man lived a long life had many birthdays
A lady who passed pulled family's heartstrings

She was younger with her death unexpected.
Lying down, never thought this would be last night.
Death angel came and she was appointed
Through the great darkness she saw the bright light

We were given a while longer to live
God called_ age not an anticipative 


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Sonnet of a Lover and Sinner

What a grave sin, what abomination—a lover
Loving a man of his choice, astray, following heart’s desire.
Pray tell, whom have I wronged and what prayer
Is there to purge this unholy burning fire?

The Most Merciful and Forgiving
Truly You are. But for all I know, no devil
Writes such sweet songs, so divine and of love, to sing
And no virtuous prophet, untouched by Gabriel,

Could fully decipher what Your will is.
So let me believe this love is pure
To the day when Israfel fulfils his
Heavenly duty. And all will see for sure:

Us, entering Your radiant celestial garden;
For even Azrael understands love is God-given.

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Whose Afraid of the Dark

Oh mother, dear mother, come make my bed,
for the sun grows tired and has lost its shine;
come bless the place where I will lay my head,
surround it with angels, all that’s divine.
Oh mother, dear mother, come bar the door,
count the slow clock's chime as shadows descend.
Eve's breeze is now listless, birds sings no more,
all the land lays in silence , till night ends.
Oh mother, dear mother, sing me to sleep,
drown the foul voice of fears infestation;
let us join strength, to one another keep,
safe here in your care, and consolation.

Dear father, please protect us through the night,
save us from all harm, till dawn brings us light

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Above The Clouds

I reverie to rise above the clouds,
where eagles soar great mountain high.
To peer upon the large cold city crowds,  
where the befallen angels calmly lie. 

Turmoil and darkness traps the crowds below,
vile deeds draw quick my sadness out to cry.
Not knowing who is friendly or a foe,
where the befallen angels calmly lie. 

When all is done and I shall turn to rest, 
vile deeds draw quick my sadness out to cry.
And heavenly blue skies will last attest,
where the befallen angels calmly lie. 

I reverie to rise above the clouds,
where the befallen angels calmly lie. 

Copyright © 2013  By Caryl S. Muzzey

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Bright And Morning Star

The grace of all He is be with you all
as certain as the end, the promised love
comes quickly as a thief, to bring the fall
of what the world's become, and singing of.

Behold how quickly comes, from Alphas flame;
as naught can end unless it has begun;
the light of one who's called a holy name
will light Jeruselum without the sun.

These words were said--to write--Omega's near.
And all who can will find the narrow way,
as prophesied for all the world to hear,
and then the bride says, come, this is the day.

Those hearing all will come, from near and far,
to Davids' own, a bright and morning star.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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The The Arms Of An Angel

Once I looked into the eyes of an angel
Something I heard only happens in fables
Like they said, I felt only peace and love
And the softness of wings just like a dove.
Could something so perfect really be true?
For the pain of love was all that I knew.
Always hurting me and making me sad,
Taking away everything that I had.
But this was different, not nearly the same.
He scooped me up and out of the hot flames.
That ruined me then, but not again
For i was happier than I had once been
Warm in the arms of my fair, sweet angel.
Tucked in the warmth of my fairy tale

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Eyes in a space

This plumly;yield of temperent night,sirs and ladies
Esoterick flooms,buded;tyrant pees_shy faces?
This plain;ungraph of seremic light,ties and lads
Egoscentric moons,burreld;silent tears_passionate likes?


                                            are light

These mailing men,obscure bloosom
blind date;dalnty da dady,mumzy laugh
The maiming todlers,abstract geese_goose
change of thought:My remnant sigh?

eye meets sight
eyes as they sigh

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Bending Time

Bending Time

Bending Time is an act that Spirits can do,
as easy as lifting your fork is for you.
See Time is their realm; it’s the world they live in,
each second to them comes and goes at their whim.

But Angels as Spirits know little of Space,
as they wing through the ages, unburdened by place.
Their now, and their then, and the future they see,
but touching an atom, for them, cannot be.

So too challenged is Man, from our limited view,
when we think about Time its through Space we look through.
Our world is all flesh, all matter, all things,
melding Air, Water, Earth, with a Fiery sting.

We are gifted it seems in this fabric of life,
as we carve and we cut with our own hand held knife.
 Man shapes his own space, constructing his nest,
just slaving away, pursuing progress.

Every nail, every screw, all the machines that we make,
all the air, all the food, all the forest we take,
means nothing to Time who just passes along,
bemused by the Angels and their perfect sung song.

All the things that you hold, are soon gone to the past,
what matters man makes, can never long last,
fore Time is eternal and Space it is not,
what breathes and does eat is destined to rot.

But since substance is space, it needs time to evolve,
to improve for the better, it’s man’s mission to solve.
All those visions you have as you toss and you turn,
are timeless taught teachings, God wants you to learn.

It’s with Spirit’s great mind you are guided through Time,
it’s not straight, it’s not curved, its not even a line.
It’s a dimension you see, a transfer of sorts,
where Time, Space, and Thought all open their ports.

Know your world’s always changing through the toil of your Soul,
“As You Think, So You Do,” it’s your God given role.
Quell your self-centered Ego.  Who can truly say “My”? 
Let Time talk to your essence, whispers Love to your “I”.

You must trust in the Angels that ride timeless wings,
enlightening your Soul, heed the truth that they sing.
All the thoughts of the ages, all the wisdoms so true,
are yours for the learning when Time echoes through you!

                                               Sam Shada 

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Come list my dear to Christmas, tis the sound
of childrens voices ringing soft and dear
it brings to mind that hope may still be found
within a world that lives in constant fear

oh what a change the world's been going through
since first we met one winters Christmas eve
and all I ever had, the gift of you
was all I ever needed to believe

that peace on earth would be all of our days
and now just hear these children sing along
perhaps we judge them harshly, in some ways
for don't they seem the picture of their song?

   And as their sounds warm to the heart of me  
   I pray this is the way their world will be.
© Ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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When I consider all the friends I've lost,
On things that matter little to me now.
Or friends who gently warned me of the cost,
Of every argument I would allow
When every friend of mine who tried to share,
The harsher truths of life I did forget.
And make believe I didn't have a care,
In living every day without regret.
But as the autumn of my years draw near,
I think of friends in silent solitude.
And hope that some of them would reappear,
So that all our friendships could be renewed.
For if in forgiving me, my dear friends,
Our friendships would be restored to the end.

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Dear little lady, we are those who've seen
The deepest you, when no one else would care.
Unswayed by media, we've always been,
Devoted to the girl we know is there.

Now it appears, as light must find its way
Into the dark, where stars are burning out,
More love's discovered, so the world must say,  
Your inner glow is what you're all about.

There's been such deep contained there in your eyes.
Yes, you are who you've been, and whom you'll be,
And rescued from the vile, please realize
You've always been our little girl to see.

Dear Lindsay, rise you up above your bad,
And show the little girl we've always had.
© 2013 Ron Wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown poet.

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A Homecoming

I have spent many hours reflecting on my dad's last earthly days. How he stared silently at the room's far corner, in another place. At times, many visitors filled his crowded hospital room. But my father's eyes were transfixed, his face peacefully consumed. Though he could not speak, I questioned his mesmerizing vision. As I held his hand I knew the answer, God had made His decision. Angels had come for my dad as he quietly faded in that bed. His time of peace had come, but it was the moment I had dread. I wanted Dad to stay with me just one more minute, hour, day. But summer, his favorite season, had come, the time for me to find a way to let him go, Jesus was calling; so I kissed him goodbye through tears. As he took his final breath, a peaceful calm washed over my fears. I stared off into the distance, imagining beautiful angel wings of love, embracing my dad, then flying him to the eternal summer of Heaven above. * This is all true. I held my dad's hand and sang to him as he took his last breath. It may have been angels or my dear grandma coming to take him home. I only know that I felt comforted by my dad's peace. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 19, 2012 First place in Touched by an Angel contest (Gail Doyle) Eighth place in Emotional Poem Contest (PD)

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An angel when faced with beauty

An angel was gazing on the window
The multitude’s erratic flow below  
And – oh, so suddenly – he did throw
A vase where a flower managed to grow!
The rose traveled so fast, too fast, 
He didn’t know how little the fall would last.
A being made of future, disposed of past,
the surprised angel pale, his mind aghast.
“I saw”, his cold lips uttered, “a face so beauteous,
I couldn’t imagine that God, O Glorious
God, would create me be so jealous!”
The angel hid among the stars in shame,
So afraid to have his sin raise in fame –
But, oh, so ironic – his aim missed the dame. 

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A Treasure Is He

                                         A  Treasure  is  He
Born  is  Our  King
To  save  the  world
A  jewel  of  Grace  
His  wisdom  a  Pearl
Dear  Lord  I  swirl,  to  hear  Your  word
The  best  news  in  all  the  world.

Jesus  Messiah,  Grace  behold
A  spirit  we  feel  
Precious  as  gold
He  came  and  He  gave 
 His  very  soul
As  the  prophets  of  old  foretold.

Your  Name  most  High
Your  Fame  reached  the  sky
We  look  up  to  You
And  so  we  try
To  give  You  our  all  before  we  die
We  come  to  meet  You  Oh  Lord  on  High.

From  Time  before  time
God   Had  us  in  mind
He  formed  and  designed
In  His  image  defined
He  gave  us  our  mind
He  reformed  and  refined
Oh,  our  God  is  so  divine.
We  thank  You  Lord
Yes  we  thank  You  Lord
For  coming  to  us
In  Your  Name  we  trust
We  are  grateful  to  You,  oh  Lord.

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This Love

Oh my  love    
ever  dear  to   all  my  existence  
I    can   never  look  away  ,
from   the  man   you’ve  always  been    from  the   start 
even   when   times    may   change  on  us   from  time  to   time    I  will  love
and   lose    those   who  have  always   been   a  part  of  my  life
in  so  many  ways ;
You  keep  me  a  stronger woman  
in every single   way    I’ve  seen   you  in   the 
days   long  since  past   ah   but   even   prayers   go   sometimes  
unanswered  even  in   the   dreams   which  have   been   worth   nothing    more  than pain .
even    your name   
means  to   me   death  ah   but   please    spare  
me   the   pain    which     has    lost  all  purpose  in   this   life ,
I   will     never   look   away    from    the   
night’s   mysterious   aura    which   is 
now   shrouded  in   darkness   more so   than  another  time  
gone  long   ago ;
I   will   go  on   wishing   to  someday  
make  that   difference   which   no one  else  ever  could   
in   all   those   times    melding  into  me   so   long  ago   in   his  
caring     arms    smoothed   over  in  love   so  
astonishingly    beautiful   in  every   way   it  truly  is  
to  me   now .

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Glimpse happy tidings as grace follows me;
Urge of still brilliance with good vibrations;
Align fine sensing with truth and beauty;
Rousing countenance in fine emotions.
Deliver each day with profound being;
Imprints of wonder as my path wanders;
Appoint my sure stay with clear becoming;
Now and here render my soul surrender.
Answer my question with thought profound;
Nearer and clearer than I can presume;
Gifted admission to Spirit's pure grounds;
Etch in soul matter, enlightened perfume.
Light my homebound way with lovely caress;
Sign rich rainbow rays with loving address.

Leon Enriquez
25 Apr 2014

(Note: This poem is an Acrostic Sonnet.)

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Your beauty is my breath--my greatest sin.
Has your own mother known you all this well,
to say from where you come, where I have been,
The things she cannot know, she cannot tell?

Tis life's great tragedy, you'd have me wear,
for all the days and nights, I've left to hold,
but spirit brings the dark, and takes me where
I reach the all alone, not growing old.

In life's great tragedy, you've come, now go!
your puzzles of the past, unanswered still,
in fragrance calls to mind, things I don't know,
from every word you give, I take my fill.

       Oh, gentle ghost, I fail deep in your eyes,
         into a death that never truly dies.
 ©  ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

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things fall 
of the 
beauty is 
have u 
meet the 
one you 
a good 
feel that 
smile to 
feel all 
thats a 
sign of the 
right one.

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Guardian Angel

She was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen,
Her halo radiantly glowing looking royal just like a Queen.
Her hair was long, pretty, and brown,
Her curls were perfect and shined all around.
Her dress was white as snow and trimmed with lace,
She had ocean blue eyes and flawless face.
Her wings stretched seven feet long and looked like feathers from a dove,
There's no doubt she was an angel from above.
Her voice was so soft and she spoke so clear,
She was even more beautiful as she came near.
She said "Hello I am your guardian angel and I'm here to watch over you,"
 I felt blessed and couldn't believe it was true. 
She said "My name is Angelina,"
What a coincidence that her name matched how beautiful she was.
My own guardian angel watching over me,
I know God really loves me.

       April 25, 2014
~The One and Only~

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My Darling Wife

My Darling Wife

Love me when I am weak, not strong
Love me when I am stubbornly wrong
Promise me this you will truly do
I promise undying love for you

Stand with me as I fight for more
Stand with me from shore to shore
Do this I ask with love in mind
I promise love returned in kind

Comfort me when misery prevails
Comfort me when all goes to hell
Do this small thing I sweetly ask
I promise love rewards for this task

Fly with me on a quest into life
Honor me as my love , my darling wife

Robert J. Lindley, 07-24-2014

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Love's Guides

Oh my God, to an angel beside thee
would I ever want, or need, feel the sun or plant a seed.
No, I would not long, as emotional man, or pine for thee
nor, claim a shape, or form, for I'd no earthly need.

Oh my God, to an angel beside thee
an atom, a harmonic, a frequency, so tuned
to be a sprite angelical upon a bold cosmic sea
a vibrant thread of near perfection fixed, festooned.

Oh my God, to an angel beside thee
an angel who for love takes form, and to earth is lost,
who seeks a soul, a form to taste, to hear and two eyes to see
to help our earthly brethren find peace at any cost.

With your aid God, I will help them to rise
their clay forms dispersed your love the guide.

Angels ..such as I..descending, bring from above, 
Echoes of ... God's own.. mercy, whispers of love.

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The Lady Suffers

The Lady Suffers 

What of the slow falling of morning dew 
rain that sets a cold shiver upon you
A sky that dances to yet mock anew
goodness and gentleness surely your due!

Can earth dare to ever this one reproach
promises of your sure sweetened approach
Pretty maiden of your innocent ways
sends joy into glorious summer days!

What of wind that so evilly blows
away all sacred words that you compose
Dares wickedly ruin your pretty hair
disrupt loving mood of my lady fair!

Nay, Nature careless , so very cruel 
made up of harsh acts that so rashly rule!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-24-2014

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My Gal, Blue Bonnet, Black Hair

My Gal, Blue Bonnet, Black Hair

My gal, jet black hair and a blue bonnet
writing her a golden little sonnet
Just a few nice words to sweetly say this
to the lady that gave truest ever kiss

Give kisses, many more, forever more
I long for and do happily keep score
Hold me so tightly in the deepest night
You glowing radiance , the sunshine's light

Morning brings the pleasure of you there
lights are bouncing upon your smile and hair
Day gifts your soft touch to lift me up
time spent filling our sweetest loving cup

My gal, blue bonnet and long jet black hair
you are my ALL, knowing you truly care!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-18-2014

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Know This My Lover

Know This My Lover

Darling, pray that our love does not fade
 the flower of desire blooms in a deep blush
Amongst passions planted and firmly laid
 in secret interludes and whispering hush

My sweetheart, sing again our heart's song
 with that angel voice so Heavenly made
Laced with sweet purity , flowers so strong
 rainbow colors with stems of the greenest jade

My lover, remember the secret places that we love
 the deep wooded cabin , the cliff hanging above
Rejoice in the climb to such heavenly heights
 the sweet moans that shattered the silent night

My woman, know your heart and love are returned
My princess, our passion forever will be burned

Robert J. Lindley , 07-20-2014

This just woke me up from sleep. Had to bang it down 
before I forget any of it!!
Has been a couple years since this happened and that 
write only my wife has read as it is too racy to opening 
This one is much tamer, which means I am either getting
 older, lazier or more complacent!
None of the three inspires me but something sure inspired 
this late night , wake the hell up write!!!!

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I Write These Lines

Come take my hand, and let us enter deep
Into a world where only lovers know
You’ll count each kiss instead of counting sheep
And fall asleep to heartbeat’s shining glow

I take your hands and bid them do my will
The scents beguile you, and I see you smile
The tresses of my hair on chest I spill
With naked form I warm you all the while 

I feel you wake, desiring now to taste 
Lush fruit of passion, glistening ripe for you
You eat your fill of love that’s cherry laced
And sink yourself much deeper into dew

You sleep again, an angel at my place
I write these lines while gazing at your face


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Of all the wonders in the world to share
the moment you awaken, with your sighs,
speaks to my heart that you have been somewhere
agathering the love there in your eyes.

I think you wake to spread this happiness
to those in need of you, and I am one,
see how it warms my heart, as if, I guess,
you feel our need your love depends upon.

I know what you've been saying's very clear
for have we all not said these very things?
each sound of baby talk, the heart can hear
and understand for all the love it sings.

Our wonder is in all your love can do
each time your eyes awake, revealing you.
....© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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The Perfect Picture

Saw an angel right in front of me
So perfect, forever in my memory
Every thought of her sets me free
The picture is there for me to see

Her brown hair flowing to the side
Bangs cascading, nothing to hide
Her neckline exposed so lovingly
My pretty angel is so heavenly

Skin so soft and smooth it seems
A wonder in all of my dreams
Eyes so bright, showing love within
Crimson lips so full, with a sly grin

An angel's been sent to lead the way
Casting aside all my visions of gray

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As Midnight Moon Shines Upon Her Eyes

As Midnight Moon Shines Upon Her Eyes

In a dream world where fantasies abound
shall be where my princess is found
Wrapped in her vision an angelic choir
cherubs singing her heart's desire

Her voice soothes every hearing soul
spreading happiness her daily goal
As midnight moon shines upon her eyes
a thought comes to me so very wise

Surely she could come to me down here
easing my hurt, wash away my fear
A soft gentle touch to my spirit renew
help me find a love any man is due

In a dream world such fantasies exist
your heart's desire, anything on your list

Robert Lindley
March 21, 2001

Note, 1/27/2015 - Modern sonnet, written when my soul was lost
and seeking the path back into happiness, back into a world devoid of misery, heartache and pain.
That night I bowed my head and asked for help. Best decision I ever made. 
For in faith I had then put my trust , over that of my foolish vanity and insufferable pride!
Now looking back, I see the answer came ever so swiftly..
This poem comes from my "private collection" (intended for my children) after my demise and 
is now presented for the first time for others to read..
That night I dreamed of a dark hair angel that came to me and helped me return to the world of the living.
Thats her in my picture given here. My wife now of ten beautiful and happy years!
Bountiful extra blessing of a beautiful son we now share !

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Angels Wings

Angel’s wings enfold keep you safe up high
I am sure that you can see me, as my tears I have to dry
To your picture I say good morning and goodnight
A hug and a kiss would make things feel so right 

Miss you so much your beautiful face and smile
Five years passed seems such a long while
An adult you would be, all grown up my angel boy
You would still be bringing your  personal brand of joy
Yet  memories of you brings me cheer
To help me through another lonely year
My little angel I must say
Love just keeps growing day by day

So sleep on soundly, till we can be
Back together grandson, and  your loving nanny 

On Thursday the Sixteenth of august 2007, we lost our grandson, the ideas for this rhyme came from nanny and were written by me, god rest him and keep him safe.

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A Love Filled Dwelling

A Love Filled Dwelling

I sent my love to your waiting heart
 with hopes we live and never part
You sang back such sweet replies
 banishing dark clouds from my skies

I sent my great worries and cares
 we cried , lets climb those stairs
Up we went into a love entwined cloud
 no dire problems or worries allowed

You sent hope and glory into my life
 promises of faithful love as my wife
You then made our romance a blessed joy
 gifting us our treasure, our little boy

Never darling, shall I ever dare to forget
shared paradise came because you, you are the best 

Robert. J. Lindley , 07-25-2014

Relationship contest
Sponsor, Regina Riddle

note: pure truth in the telling,
my wife made our lives/family into a flowing paradise ,
in a LOVE FILLED HEAVEN we are now dwelling...

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The scent of water

Hard may be the paths that are given to us Harder still they may be, when we choose not their way Yet, to abide to them we shall, always without any fuss For we are after all lost, blind and we need to find our way! This way that we do seek, is it not known as the end The end word known as death, the end of life and love If death be the end, then pray we do have faith on a ready stand Of course, life, at the scent of water does evolve! Holy water, sprouting from the root of mystery Pray do come and lead us all Take us there where all is holy Where always we hear songs of the choral! Life does not end with death, life gets renewed In this world, or another, by the Holy One, it is always brewed!

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Hunched over the computer, I am  mystical,
With mental white gloves and a karate belt - 
A daylight cursor, but on my bicycle,
A word and energy transformer, a flickering Celt.

Such metaphysics I can make into sensation,
Turned into binary formulae by the boss,
My passion is for punctuation- 
But the lingua franca doesn’t give a toss.

 I see the point.  I accommodate the pause.
I rinse the cups and make the coffee sweet,
I am saving myself for this man of laws,
Of Brehon provenance, who will entreat

Me to be his love, his partner and co-genitor,
Of a life graph, where he can trust the monitor.

(c) Rosemarie Rowley
From IN MEMORY OF HER (2008)

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Across the page in gothic script
Your clever hand has made a word
It gently sits upon my ripped
Peace like a singing bird

The word is proof you’re in the world - 
I touch the page, it whispers faintly
With your voice, when the questions hurled
Against what you said was stone quaintly

Dead, when life itself was resurrection - 
Or rather: You are at the edge of my dream
Waving to me like a mood – like the confection
Of deeds I uttered as if the lip of seem

Were nothing.  Why trouble you with this?
-	you have written on the page your kiss.

By Rosemarie Rowley

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Each moment we linger in bits of time and space,
each path left unchosen is filled with angels trace.
We move through life in shrouds of metal, on we race, 
with whirling wheels, distracted minds, we don't feel the grace.

Yet, we're part of all and in angel's arms embraced.
How many times were we saved by their love encased?
While driving on an iced road, I slid, I tried to brace,
between two cliffs I floated, met my angel face to face.

The car settled a mere foot from the cliff's rocky base.
A mere scratch of bush on door was left me ... as trace.
Facing traffic in this hairpin of road, I braced,
prayers on my lips I turned not a curl out of place.

Ezekiel lifted me and in his arms was I laced
and lived to meet the day and angel face to face.

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You'll breath her essence as her love's implied
upstairs from where she drank her watered wine,
and for an hundred dollars she has cried
to make you feel the man and feel just fine;

her Afro is all curling in your hair
and as the beat goes on it ups the price
to be two hundred and you put it there
on her nightstand so love can come on twice.

Her pith's exagerated twice as much
in hopes you have three hundred more to pay,
and you explode just from her second touch
to show you black is beautiful her way.

   And taking break, she calls for more champaigne
   while raising heat so you can come again.
South Philly is her home, but whom she lays
comes from the suberbs just the same as you,
the trash that lines the streets is trash that stays
no matter what do-gooders try and do;

all putrid is the smell out on her street
but you've forgotton what's reality
you're only here to let your bodies meet
and number three has not come on for free!

Concerning for your hubcaps is too brief
and though you've heard it, she makes you forget,
for time is getting on, and time's the thief
more than the thieves that daylight's never met;

     up on the roof there beats a summer rain
      at which you swear then enter her again.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

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Neptune's Gift, An Angel's Love

Neptune's Gift, An Angel's Love

Should greater and longer years be given me
I can only thank the love of my angel in white
Such gentleness from her calm and loving sea
destroyed all the monsters in my epic fight

Neptune did her his powerful Trident give
to easily cease the evil mind blowing wind
One great plunge in with such a mighty shiv
brought those dark winded furies to an end

Sent were peaceful sea creatures big and small
giding me ever towards that beckoning light
Always away from sea monsters great and tall
into a soothing morn following a peaceful night

Why was a happier and greater love so freely gifted
Why indeed, was this poor, miserable soul so uplifted!

Robert J. Lindley  07-12-2014