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Senryu Time Poems | Senryu Poems About Time

These Senryu Time poems are examples of Senryu poems about Time. These are the best examples of Senryu Time poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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carved on a willow

carved on a willow
our love growing out of reach

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Rose Petals on my Table

early morning dream a butterfly on my eyes tiny fingers' touch an innocent face eagerly waits with closed eyes daily breakfast kiss rush hour traffic jam flower girl at the window dew drops on fresh rose ringing telephone nobody to attend it quivering roses afternoon tea time rose petals on my table another sun set © kashinath karmakar(21st August 2011) ============================= Placement:5th;(Sept.2011) Contest:Morning,noon or night senryu Sponsor:Francine Roberts

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Time Alleviates

Time takes away hurt But moves slow when you’re in pain… Alarm is beeping
Russell Sivey Contest: Senryu Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan 10/5/2013

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a lost little girl

a lost little girl
on an sunken cypress stump
waits for centuries

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Car Wash Line

Car wash running hot
Backed up around the next block
Car in front just clunked

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The Light

Season of His love
Touching many hearts and souls
Everlasting light

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Over The Moon

            I realize the moon
Is not far, after I placed my arm
                  Around you

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Kids go down
The slide…they head toward the swings

Free time ends
Their parents want to go home
Frowns exchange 

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suspended in time, hourglass broken and forlorn - past, present, future

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Seconds into minutes
Hours into days into weeks
Running on empty

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splash of yellow hues winking across a black mat breaths dance with stardust light folds drenched eyelids skins under quilt of twilight ~ lullaby the moon soon, city lamps dim with prayers melting faces life’s traffic on hold
and so aprons sleep hanging on a weary chair ~ smelling of meatloaf
senryu © all rights reserved …………………… Brian Strand's Contest 1/14 Any Theme By nette onclaud

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one leaf dangled

one leaf dangled from
a single spider-web strand
in fresh morning air

as I greeted the sun,
sitting under a tree in
my dew-filled backyard

I was stilled by the
beauty of this lone leaf, in
its simplicity

But, then the leaf fell
I was startled, but the joy
in my heart  remained

**morning, noon, night senryu contest

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senryu 3

kookaburra clock

laughing as I exit park

confirms I'm on time

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' Golden Harvest ... ' 40th Senryu

    Golden, Full Moon Shone
On All The Harvest, That’s Grown
    Welcome In Our Home

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The Steak Out!

Track prints in the snow
Venison treats on their minds
Deer watching hunters

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Land Of The Giants

arise from abyss
fable of beastly nature
angels empowered

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Waiting for the bell

The dank and dark room
While muttering students sit
Waiting for the bell

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Only Stars and Thoughts

As dusk approaches
I grab my notebook and pen
Sit under a tree

I write about life
I feel the breeze on my face
I talk to the wind

This is what inspires
An orange sky calls my name
The light fades away

Moon light shines on me
Here is where my mind finds peace
Only stars and thoughts

Each poem I write
Tells a story of my life
My hopes, dreams, wishes

Time everlasting 
Return to this other world
Until the next night

***For Francine Roberts contest, “Morning, noon, or night senryus”***
** By Chris Matt 

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Spring Break -Part 2-

I had the best Spring Break yet!
Spending time with
Family makes me happy!

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Thanking Jesus Christ

thanking Jesus Christ
a turkey on thanksgiving
why not everyday?

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The Vital Holy Day

Getting ready for
Passover to shed us might
For joyous future

The significance 
Of God’s holiday is way
More vital than us 

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the Daily Planet

       Radical summer
watching the worst of the world,
    holding on to hope

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The Rush Job

emergency room such doctoral confusion medication goof © Joseph, 4/20/08 © All Rights Reserved

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Old Bones

sifting through the stones
wrist deep in icy currents
the creak of old bones

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Blank Canvas

                                                      a new year is born
                                                  the old is gone forever--
                                                     blank canvas awaits


entered in Brian Strand's "One from your last fifty posted on PS" contest

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What Time Is It

spring ahead fall back
tick...tock....tick...tock ...  just ticking ...
waiting for Winter 

Gotta Just Love That White Stuff   LOL

Winter Is My Chose For Season Senryu

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Day dreaming… My mind refuses to see The real world… Half asleep… My reality broke free From the strain… Eyelids close… The meaning of living here ASTOUNDS ME! Half awake… My dreams are so spellbinding PINCH ME, please?

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Planet of the Apes - Destiny

He’s finally free,
With his mate riding horseback.
Leaves prints in the sand.

Plans to change his world,
Now dominated by apes,
Do not kill for sport.

He then sees the past,
Fallen Lady Liberty,
Unveils man’s future.

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The Challenge

meeting the challenge
leading, guiding, uplifting…
tasks for all fathers

© Joseph, 6/15/08
© All Rights Reserved

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Too optimistic

Too optimistic 
The pipe dreamer that waits for 
Ships that don’t leave port.

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So many hopes and dreams,
promises, “I do’s”, kisses 
celebrating love.

Working hard to build
a home, a life, a future,
keeping love alive.

How could we go wrong?
The years, the tears, the regrets,
love wasn’t enough.

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etched on a tree stump

etched on a tree stump.
the carved memories of us
lasting through the years

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a man fires
and the world is changed for
ever; blood-stained,
at war.

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Car Alignment

Pothole on highway Knocked my front end out of line Should the city pay? © Sam, 4/14/08

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The Human

Under time ripped clouds,
The changing skin of Gaea,
Holds the selfish one.

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Around Here

my black kitty near
the tackle box and fishnet
quick curious paws

storm and computer
screen aglow with my poetry
saved from  power surge

clock on the wall ticks
my flytrap needs some watering
abandoned cobweb

picture of children
calendar needs to be changed
my womb is empty

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Basic Notes

Take a seat!
Let’s learn how to read basic notes 
Take your time . . . 

Quarter notes
Appear in our choir pieces
Math’s involved . . . 

Unique notes
Catches my full attention 
Everyone sings! ! ! 

Sight reading
Could be challenging at times
Try your best! 

Basic notes – 
It’s vital to your skills 

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patches of rain 
dampened cobwebs on yew bushes --
the gray in my hair

the creaking of the
screen door swaying in the wind --
my knees in motion

the sight of a 
one headlighted car passing by --
my dimming childhood

finishing an expert
crossword without a dictionary --

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Moments of Reflection

This autumn evening,
Memories of my whole life,
Birds fly in the sky

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Senryu 019

another year ends...
a complex measure of time
like the human heart.

© Harry J Horsman 2012  

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No Looking back but Past the Target

He ran so fast 
That he overtook his destination 

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so seldom it dawns
today paints the good old days…
sweet epiphany

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in the dark of night

in the dark of night
they found the  most wanted man
and his life's details

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Papalem Peregrinatione

In new pilgrimage
The east yawns Armeggedon
Coming out of doubt

The mobile aloft
The shouting wonder of eyes
The whore comes nearer

Waiting moon to rise
Or beast to saddle with praise
For gem of the earth

Look the waving white
False innocence through carnage
Sedates the tired heart

Exposed, the cradle
Marks time in pendulum swings,
Nearer comes the end

Orion opens
With trumpet boom and fresh light
Late for daffodils

It is time lame hills
Crippled seas, medal-less men
It is time, it's time

The mobile spells it
The ash white cleansing of soul
And the fire cleansed world.

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                                                   sixty five plus years
                                                         same old life
                                                         different me

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times up

weaved with space, it flys
through us, its human keepers
but where has it gone...

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Yank Away

Midnight is waving a keen goodbye
It's time to yank away the galling music box 
Let the dawn echo your lullaby

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' Thankful ...' 41st Senryu

Thankful, For Earth-Love …
  Life … Also Family Of …
   So … All The Above

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Aimless (Senryu)

Lurking in shadows
In darkness of my desire
Longing to be free

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The On Coming Storm

mad man with a box regeneration is life enemy's fear him

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Like a breeze they move;
Barely a whisper or sound
Until they have gone.

Wasted and misused;
We all take them for granted
Until we have none.

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I climb the bed

I climb the bed 
with my brown eyes
sleek legs sleep

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I am only two

Mom tells me shut up
Threatens to give a head smack
I am only two

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Hershey, PA

Dutch flowers painted
bright on barns to welcome us
to chocolate country.

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vivid memories in the spotlight on life's stage snapshots shown piecemeal

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Blackjack Senryu String Part II

Well, I’m back again!
Treat me better than before.
I need some winners.

I remember you.
The last time I was down here
You were not too nice!

You let me win now!
Lady luck’s been a bad girl.
I hope you’ll change that!

Here is my money.
Please let me have some good cards.
I’m not quite even.

I’m starting out small.
I’m doing this for good luck.
I sure could use some!

So here come the cards.
You give me a jack and nine
That is not too bad.

So I have nineteen.
And you have a ten showing.
I think I’ll stand pat.

So what’s underneath?
I have to see that hole card.
Sixteen and a bust!

It’s another ten!
Both of them give you twenty.
You beat me by one!

Well, no more of that!
This time I’ll double my bet.
Won’t you let me win?

And it’s two aces!
I’m going to split that pair.
Give me two tens please!

An eight and a nine.
I have nineteen and twenty.
Your up card’s a six!

A ten’s underneath.
Those cards give you a sixteen.
One more for a bust!

You gave yourself five.
It’s another twenty-one.
You beat both my hands!

This is the last time!
If I don’t win, I’m leaving!
Here’s another bet.

A seven and four.
So you gave me eleven!
I will double down.

Now you have it all.
That’s the last of my money.
I need a big card.

And you give me nine!
I hope a twenty’s enough.
Will you bust your hand?

What’s under your four?
Your hole card is a seven.
You have eleven.

Five gives you sixteen
Won’t you bust with your next card?
You’re going over.

What?  Another five?
Your twenty-one beats my hand.
That is it!  Good-bye!

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Disturbed harmony

contemplative thoughts

               hands of time moving slowly

tranquility gone

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Cheating Death

Stones fill the bottle
lifting the elixir up
One last drink of life.

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In Time

  Bright red blood turns brown
gray is now my wedding gown
  change is still the same

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Dwindling Time After Time

Back & forth
The swing dwindles and fluctuates forever caught in a spiraling breeze 
Time & again 

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Night Buzz

Night Buzz
Loquacious wife snores,
His mind’s reprieve, time to rest;
Silent time to think.

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My Cities Trilogy (Senryu Series)

glittering New York
time Square looking great—but oh!
grand Central Station!

the Windy City
diversity of cultures
Chicago—my home!

San Francisco Bay
place where people work and play
my dream—going west!

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Like a river of
Drastic thoughts cascading down
A suppressed ocean….

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Voice of Raindrops

Her voice of raindrops,
Mist that dances and lingers.
Falling on my soul.

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Pay Me!

Tax time is coming
IRS is collecting
Wow--rich gets richer!

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Happy Trails (Senryu)

Tentacles branching Rising up and spreading out Modern day highway © Joseph 11/23/07 © All Rights Reserved Author’s Comments: The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows: the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables. The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is about an emotional expression, human nature, and things in the human realms which maybe satiric or humorous.

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Olden Days

White-bearded man puffed...
And found the scent of  his yore,
In my purple youth

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Dad's Coming Home Late

dad’s coming home late
overtime at the office
perfect alibi

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                      I  stand in Darkness
                      In the middle of the day
                      Alzheimer ,Senile

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Tough Riders (Senryu)

off the dusty trail
they rode in town looking tough
marshall stood up—spit!

© Joseph, 1/5/08
© All Rights Reserved

Author’s Comments:   The traditional Japanese Senryu format has three lines as 
follows:  the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five 
syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is 
about an emotional expression and things in general.

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The past is this close.
A snowflake falls from the sky,
Melts upon my mind.

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I can't tell you now
for my voice was lost today
reposessed unpaid

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It Used To Not Be

transit by airplane
is not as quick when adding
the preboarding time.

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Winter Waking

Succumb, submissive
with silver wind lifting eyes
lulled into sleep frost.

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         castaway gone down
   struggled so but had to drown
        everything must end

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The Day of the Lord

the day of the Lord
silent thief ransacks the house
no one is aware

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Time Out

time out, my love
fire is everywhere…
our safety first

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Christians, Muslims, Jews

Christians, Muslims, Jews
The world’s a wonderful place
What have they done now?

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Let It Go

Let it go, now, Sam
It’s time to leave it behind
The time has come; Go!

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Freeze and Retrospect

On the coldest night
we snuggle under white down
giggling like children...

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6:29 am

Moments of time churn
Your face constantly stern
You watch as time burns

By Robb A. Kopp

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Cultures Of The World

cultures of the world
wars predictable, than peace
every now and then

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Quarter Past Midnight

quarter past midnight
dad’s wild footstep, as he goes
to change diaper

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Storing Regrets to Age

Sighs in a barrel
sealed in darkness and red wax
Branded, burnt oak skin...

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  silver sails are yours
mine are dark and tatter torn
 still we sail as one

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Everlasting sun
  Shining upon a life of
Ephemeral time…

 Transitory, yet eternal within belief…

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Oh My Food! (Senryu)

fly crushed onto glass 
lost, trapped, can’t find its way out 
buzzed for help but zapped! 

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Backyard Lantern Conversation

Cinder strings ignite
orange blossoms, summer nights
Crickets listen in...

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When God Created Me

my mom used to say…
there was an Angel, watching
when God created me

I did believe her… 
about the Angel, watching
me, since I was kid

and, I did love you… 
oh, my Angel, for watching
life was full of joy

now, I hate you…
suddenly you stopped, watching
me, after ten years

you left me alone…
on blissful day, not watching
the eagle of prey

the eagle of prey…
on my youth, you stopped watching
and, what have I done?

many years passed by…
alone, and no one’s watching
tears never run dry

over three decades…
on sinful life, who’s watching?
me, I’m cruel and sad

but, I learned something…
be brave, when no one’s watching
you live in this world

living, for today…
tomorrow, I’ll be watching  
my son sleeps, with peace

my mom did not say…
not only Angel, watching
when God created me

when God created me…
Angel and Devil, watching
and, I wonder….why?

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Juice of July

Soaked in rinds of limes
with sugared rum in summer
sunburned lips smile.

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After Many Years

after many years
of reading the holy book,
i’m still a sinner

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Winter's Novelty

Blue breath in the air
Frozen words suspended still
Winter's novelty.

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Coordination of Events

Hammer striking nail
Maintaining the same tempo
As the carpenter

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The Young One

Foreseeing my bright
Future, as I construct the
Prospect of my dreams…

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Eyes Of Olden Years

Her smile not lost, I 
Etched it in photographs---the
Eyes of olden years

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Light Headed

Rice paper fire flies,
floating gold against the night,
caught in my love's hair.

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Rise and Fall

  left alone in time
once again we build in sand
  waiting for the tide

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   Alive  right here right now
yesterday and tomorrow
   lost and not yet found

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burning bright,my soul on fire
waiting for the end

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                                             scumble the number

                                      dates you want to remember

                                             summer in umber

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Thru the i of Time

  Reminisce as one
our trains of thought  crisscrossing
  Arriving alone

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The Young Once

   tired, old bones creaking,
    broken body all aching,
     alas, the ‘young once’ !

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   climb the years with me
step by step in memories
  stairway to the sky

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I'm Too Old

Comfortable shoes
And forget the panty hose
I am just too old