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Senryu Prayer Poems | Senryu Poems About Prayer

These Senryu Prayer poems are examples of Senryu poems about Prayer. These are the best examples of Senryu Prayer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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1  Miatianna                                           2  Miatianna                            
    Stands alone in the rubble                       Outside, standing in the mud                     
     Looking for MaMa                                   Crying for Daddy              
                                  3  Maitianna
                                      Sorrounded by disaster
                                      Where is brother, Juan

4  An orphan, at six                                  5  How will she survive?
    Her tummy growls from hunger                Let us Pray to the Most High
    Her Throat parched from thirst                 A Prayer is answered
                                     6  Miatianna
                                         Moving to America
                                         Knowing Love again

                               Inspired by the Haitian Earthquake
                               Dedicated to all the Haitian Nation

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Passing Regret

Dead winds blow through the 
Old oak parlor door at night
Silently she screams 

No one to hear her 
Stifled, but desperate cry 
She waits, hopes, and dreams

A sin, she's told to 
Want for anything more than
Rough stone, wood and brass 

Resolved, she watches 
The sun die, to rise again
Through the old stained glass

Trapped in unselfish 
And eternal devotion 
Both, the cage and key 

Lingering in what 
Well might or might not have been 
Dreams are hard to see

Vows uttered to God
With well meaning intention
The velvet-lined snare 

She, with rosary 
Held tight in her trembling hands
Buries all in prayer

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"Peace will come when Arabs and Muslims love their children
   more than they hate us."
                                                     Golda Meir

we take sides to fight politics and religion pray or become prey hate poisons the mind arrogance is ignorance divided we fall American heads roll in the name of Allah Islam bleeds and burns Al-Quida is dead Bin Laden swims with fishes Isis you’re next ka-BOOM religion of hate call to prayer is call of war jihad must be stopped with love in your heart without a gun in your hand Heaven smiles on Earth
When a country is rebellious it has many rulers but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order PROVERBS 28:2 A scoundrel and villain who plots evil with deceit in his heart he always stirs up dissension, therefore, disaster will over take him in an instant PROVERBS 6:12,14-15 Death and destruction are never satisfied and neither are the eyes of man PROVERBS 27:20 They will eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit of their schemes PROVERBS 1:31 The righteous one takes note at the house of the wicked and brings the wicked to ruin PROVERBS 21:12 Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrong PROVERBS 10:12 "pray or become prey" Homophone "arrogance is ignorance" Simile "Islam bleeds and burns" Alliteration "Bin Laden swims with fishes" Metaphor "Isis your next ka-Boom" Imagery "call to prayer is call of war" Juxtaposition "Heaven Smiles on Earth" Personification

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Prayer Is Everywhere

prayer is everywhere
alive in word and action
There for all to share.

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Senryu 015

at the end of days
my prayer to be with you...
also the sunrise.

© Harry J Horsman 2012  

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we take sides to fight 'x2'

we take sides to fight politics and religion pray or become prey hate poisons the mind arrogance is ignorance divided we fall

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Measures of Faith

Freedom in infinite latitude of grace
Answering questions life cannot face
Inspiring a victor's heart in salvation's race
Templed in the love of Christ, the joy to taste
Heaven as bread, and earn it as place.
Measure to me all
The landscape of broken will
Indwell finite space

To endure the night
In raptures claiming presence
Of eternal day

Passing through darkness
With soul untainted, flawed light
Imaging glory

I hold with hands firm
Beyond the brim of eyes span
The great coming, here!

I behold in grime
Figures of hate, bruised and bare
Loving enemies

Earth is illusion
The kingdom is veiled by love
Absent from the heart

O Master, bless me
When night has no moon or stars
To walk in this light

To soar above fear
Treat a pauper like a prince
And sing to the cross

What I see transforms
Daylight is a prayer new
Night a song of praise

It is a gift rare
For opened hearts, and bowed wills
And love of the king.

In pain there is joy
If love's purpose tells sweet gain
So still I remain.

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Unto Jehovah

  bright garland of hope 
said in silver wrapped in gold
   a child's prayer for peace