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Senryu Political Poems | Senryu Poems About Political

These Senryu Political poems are examples of Senryu poems about Political. These are the best examples of Senryu Political poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Corrupt politicians sleep
In each other's beds
While I hide my gold from them

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Conspiracy nut

when some one else is                                                                                                   caught it's a conspiracy                                                                                                   when I say something

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What's Up With Santa

What's up with Santa?
Has to work one day a year?!
Certain Democrat!

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with patriotic glee

with patriotic 
glee, for love of their country,
all Americans

emptied their accounts,
piggy banks and all, to help
pay their nation's debt

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Muppet eulogy

Bye Cookie Monster!
Pointlessly martyred by the
Political left.

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Puppet on a string

linked by a silk rope 

i am played by the hand ..folklore 

puppet on a string 


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Three Serious Scandals

                                                                              Political Senryu 5-7-5   

     "Three Serious Scandals"

It’s second watergate
three scandals rock the white house
Shaking Obama.

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repeat the matter
the government an offense
when caught it doubles

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Money burns

Money makes you turn
When will economists learn?
One does not simply...

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Living in Lightning

Warp drive politics
Hyper links past and future
Shooting stars judge both


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shall not be infringed
what part do you not understand
as with my last breathe

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yet another

passage of another
tears run down everyones face...
new tax bill did pass

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Peaceful protester
Envisioning better days
Changed America

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Armageddon Forthcoming

New Islamic state,
Obama betrays allies;
Israel's alone!

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No Righteousness In

Greed in men
Words they spin
That be wrong

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So Predictable

so predictable:
political maneuvers
by the left and right

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O Burning Alexandria's Effigy

groupthink likes word games                                                                                         the unwritten history                                                                                           rectification

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Interests of the people the motto and passage way to public significance

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home sweet turmoil

troops are returning
to a country in turmoil
with its debt ceiling

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Bama's bar none

who is the captive                                                                                                  
violence to violent                                                                                                           
who the Son sets free

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My Empty Shoes

Shoes going nowhere...
Ashes used to fertilize
Blood thirsty hunger

T 'was time for shower
Water turned to gas and smoke
Shoes going nowhere...

for Abe's contest:" Leather Voices"  (AUSHWITZ)

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Can You Help Me I'm Lost

lost and weary soles
looking for their better half
at Auschwitz bone yard

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A Lie or Not

if George Washington 
never told a lie, neither has
Anthony Weiner

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The button now pressed ¬~ In modern melted mould, we ~¬~ now die, a spent race ¬~

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Ron Paul, a maverick

Ron Paul is the man.

He stands for liberty true.

He's proven it too.

'Nuff Said.

For the mavericks contest.   It's a Senryu, but I added another 2 syllable line.

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The President

The number one civil servant shouldering a whole nation and in charge of its borders

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It is transparent

what transparency                                                                                                      when looking to the government                                                                                      you know I found none

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Budget Victory Run

victorious run
Lincoln Memorial steps--
budget agreement

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Furthest Right

by Michaelw1two

 white, gnarled gray haired
 sin filled beasts in disarray
 minority's fools

May 2013

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Cosmetic Critique-1


                                 Caked Beauty

                                 Drilled Customs.