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Senryu Philosophy Poems | Senryu Poems About Philosophy

These Senryu Philosophy poems are examples of Senryu poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Senryu Philosophy poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Seek Life after life
Illusive task to obtain
Beyond doubts and fall

Start and end  dramas 
Decipher complexities
Found partial answers 

Paradigm issues
Confusion overate quest
Esteem falters wit

Stand mindful actions
Stuck within clearer pathways
A stretch still needed

Persistent conscience
Always craved  enlightenment
Recall life purpose.

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I'm Cleaning Up My Act

<                                        amidst thy shell's core

                                          healing of ones soul begins

                                         with .........  wholesome cleansing 





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My Momma's Words

Figures do not lie
So true, though also is this
Liars can figure

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Unshackled Souls

Uplifting the soul
Pay tribute to saving lives
Not shackling those in need

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envy at our birth
The true poison of this earth
dooms the chance of mirth

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Your Umbrella

If you let a smile
Be your only umbrella
Expect a wet butt

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Easter Savior

Savoir at Easter
My heart beating easier
He is my keeper

© Sam

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Only a few words
Spoken strong with liberty
Ever misleading

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' Do The Math ... ' ( 35th Senryu )

‘Do The Math … ’      35th   Senryu

          Defeating Censure
   Thru All My Years of Tenure
       Tells You … ‘ Go Figure ! ‘

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Patriotic Bliss

patriotic bliss--
when all Americans know 
national anthem

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Quit Running

mom say's
quit running !!!!

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Man and Monkey thoughts

Unbeatable  and
Resourceful  'Anjaneya'
Is our 'monkey-God'

Ape is ape and man,
Man. The twain did never meet.
Nor will ever meet.

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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

<                              the great ....  deceiver
                                practices artful ....  falsehood  
                                bold .... assumptions

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blanket of white stretched
backlash of society

Written for

Sponsor Charles Henderson 
Contest Name haiku vs. senryu 

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Black water
Enters the system
Leaves decay

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The taste of money

take a real big bite
chew on a coin on your own
is that a real joy

@ Elly Wouterse

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Probable Options in Life

Within mundane days
Countless options haunted once
Until best opted

Nothing rise nor fall
Only learning lessons gained
Real experience 

Time and space don't bind
Anything comes in mind's eye
Heights and slopes achieved

Sparks of lights mingled
Consciousness adopts matter
Reality without

Broader perception
Discerned beyond paradox
Life is a pattern.

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Puppet on a string

linked by a silk rope 

i am played by the hand ..folklore 

puppet on a string 


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Colour Blindness

We see only skin
that protects the inner soul...
like reading one's mind

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friday the thirteenth 
they say it's scary bad luck
this rebel says NO!

Date: 6-13-14

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======================= ~*~ apes never agree men are from them - oh! never ~ evolutionized. APES better than US? apes never smoke, never kill unlike humans - DO! ~*~ ==================================

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Both are called dogs

A dog eat dog                                                                                                        worlds apart seperate names                                                                                         honor among fleas

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New Year, New Hope

Years gone in a snap
Older faves way for new ones
Better days unfold.

Glimpse olden memoirs 
Tidbits all grandest new hope
New year came on spot.

Past same as present
Joy comes with same minded pal
Tomorrow is now.

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Sexy Smile

A mind at ease puts A smile on ones face, but sex Can do it better

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His Love (Senryu)

the blessings declared
generous deliverance
His love continues

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' A Snake In The Grass ... ' 19th Senryu

‘ A Snake In The Grass … ’    19th Senryu

    A Snake In Tall Grass
Strikes, Bites and Cruelly Laughs …
     ‘ Did It Hurt’  It Asp

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Disco Ball

Disco Ball
Frenetic feet tap;
Across the room
Shy boys gather,
First dance jitters crawl.

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' Politics & Religion ... ' 68th Senryu

‘ Politics & Religion … ’  68th  Senryu

People Say Don’t Talk
  Politics or Religion
  Every Topic: Both …

Whether, It's Making Love,
or Making Money, Family, Crime,
Songs, Our Poems, Our Lives, How We Live It
All, Are Defined by and Every Topic Lists It &
Comes Back To:

What We Believe In and ---       Religion
What We Can Achieve and ----- Politics
Who Will Help Us Achieve It ...   Religion or Politics

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Dizzy Success

Dream dizzy success?
It’s always lonely at top
Look at lofty peaks.

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Empty Shoes

I see empty shoes

stories waiting to be heard

lonely hearts and minds

(April 6, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Experts know it all,
	Egos so big they disrupt
		Help they could give - me

Written September 23, 2012
For Black-Eyed Susan’s contest
“Senryu- no nature poems”

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Driving in the Fog

Driving in the fog--
Eyes wide, and creeping down a
road without edges.

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she was just so hot
her image looked so perfect
until i got closer

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                                                 no knowledge of it
                                                a positive innocence
                                                 about what is done

                                               what's knowingly done
                                                a negative innocence
                                                    injured willfully

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                         THE SIZES OF STUPID      

                                 Stupid comes
                                 In many sizes—
                                 Mine is back ordered

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

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No Righteousness In

Greed in men
Words they spin
That be wrong

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Float Amongst Wet Clouds

float amongst wet clouds

leave innocent vapor trails

destiny follows

June 3rd, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Too optimistic

Too optimistic 
The pipe dreamer that waits for 
Ships that don’t leave port.

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Random Thought 0501

the crystal smears the seeker's vision distorts clarity lost

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A matter of perspective

Think you’re put upon? The moon is but a servant… In thrall to the sun!

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God, a fallacy, 
Jesus, an apparition; 
nihilism rules. 

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Morally Me

Moral decisions
despite what religion says
are based within you

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Senryu on Loneliness

Cold, wet days.
Glittering, cheapened stone;
filtered rain

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sagging baggy pants

sagging baggy pants
below buttocks reveal an 
insecure person

so pull them up, hide
your offensive parts, find your
purpose for living

become more secure
by using your talents to
make a better world

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As a Lie Grows

as a lie grows, so
does the internal turmoil
of its inventor

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                                               Warm kiss of Sun light
                                         Dries out well pond small river
                                                Seas remains intact

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A dream of a thousand dreams

The dream of a thousand dreams,

transcends his mind into a ethereal reel,

altering his morality into a godly personality.

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A Lie or Not

if George Washington 
never told a lie, neither has
Anthony Weiner

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existence questioned

existence questioned:
when the glass door wont open,
I wave at myself

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Comparing all things
In apples, oranges now
Same with same is game

written for
Sponsor Carol Brown 
Contest Name APPLES ? ORANGES ? 

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Little Tiny Thoughts

little tiny thoughts
hidden beneath soft feathers
fly on big strong wings

(c) Copyright Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
 (October 24, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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The Seeker

trust the seeker the eye can not discern your truth only the heart can

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My Soul Feels...

My soul feels anguish,

     Pain, affliction, and trouble…

          When will it all stop?

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Do It

They with evil eyes Shall take thy golden hued prize Apropos, do it

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mistakes of our past
seem to always follow us
much like a shadow

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                                                      Head mind eyes
                                                    seeing and thinking 
                                                        choice ripples

                                                       results in action
                                                         truth is seen

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                                                    a pot of raw clay   
                                         melts as soon as water poured
                                                   ceramic preserves

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                                               north pole with south pole
                                               they connect to each other 
                                                       opposite relates

                                                          material law
                                            device depicts not fails there 
                                             but choice speaks not same

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State of hopelessness
Inability to sleep
And downheartedness

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' Generous Words ... ' 18th Senryu

‘ Generous Words … ’   18th Senryu

      Love … is A Give-Word
   God … is A Generous Word
       Forgive … Says It All

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Theory of forms

In a world of forms
Nothing is seen as perfect 
Except for ourselves

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                                     still there's dark somewhere
                                     let light fall over from head
                                         stars have no shadow

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dont be a nightmare
toiling on and sleepless
a workhorse in the dark

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dark life

living in darkness
is it really worth living
never knowing light

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She Knew What She Wanted

she knew what she had.
she knew what she wanted--stole
the money and ran

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                                               sound carries action
                                         ear feels well by hearing soft 
                                            words keep due meaning

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                                               through prism of wisdom                  
                                              with inner non glassy lens                  
                                                  clear is seen in dark

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in order to lead
you must learn how to follow
or you lead nothing

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The eye in the sky
Is clouded with cataracts
But I see just fine.

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                                               voice who hears                   
                                              own surely at end                  
                                                  who is not?

                                                  all forgets
                                           God loves everyone
                                                  who is not?

                                                  He pardons
                                          own one does the same
                                                  who is not?

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Give Yourself A Second Chance

if you did not  have
a good childhood, then stop and 
smell the roses ... twice!

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The War of Words

truth remains aloof
it flatters both friend and foe
each agree to lie

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No Lies

Of our persuasion of truth
Negates any lie

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The Present Form

a creation of
an appetite for the same
political taste.

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                                           inner consciousness
                                       seeks righteous abnegation 
                                            leads to salvation 

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' Orbit Gum ... ' 28th Senryu

‘ Orbit Gum … ’   28th   Senryu 

       A Devious Tongue
    Is Not A Dry-Witty One
   Just Dirt and Mouth-Scum

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                                                     think all are artists
                                               all pictures may be of same
                                                      drawn differently

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They take from their God Serenity, Peace, and Justice I give that back to mine Their masks disguise them Allegiance therefore binds them True love then blinds them Temples crumble harsh Angels trumpet loudly now Facades lifting off Demons bare in light Naked breathing fire lashing Truth shields the penitent

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One in the hand

seek and you shall find                                                                                                              the greatest treasure found us                                                                                            the truth a given

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The Whole World in His Hands

God has the whole world
in His hands--so stop acting
like it's in your hands

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Turn Away From It

avoid all evil
despite constant temptation
turn away from it

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Star of Light Trilogy (Senryu Series)

darkness turns to light, 
gracious star illuminates; 
beauty of your love!
supreme above all; 
your creative beauty shines, 
everlasting star! 
opens heaven’s gate, 
guiding star shines for my feet… 
walking the right path! 

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                                               plant in seed
                                             unseen before it
                                             big tree speaks

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Thoughts Cannot Be Caged

thoughts cannot be caged

even from behind closed walls

they can touch the wind



(February 9, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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                                                       a fulfilled desire
                                                 revives again and again
                                                       with fluctuations

                                                 Days come and nights go
                                              Up side down of same colors
                                                     depicts old picture

                                                      continues no rest  
                                                better to have contentment                                                
                                                   lets go days and night

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then creditors came

she worshipped money
clinched it 'til the day she died;
then creditors came

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People always tell
Forbidden fruit tastes sweetest
It’s an affliction.

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Tear Apart Your Soul

if you tear apart
what God has united, you
tear apart your soul

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                                                   a big distant thing
                                            for distance less size is seen
                                                    real size is intact

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A Bellman Harks Temper

Isn't it amazing
   to reap what you sow?
      Now harvest. Before, plow.

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                                                  seed's future picture
                                                child bears no credulity
                                                   plant being matured

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                                             though sight's good 
                                             differs sight to light
                                                 light's wisdom                                                   

                                                  light to sight
                                             falls from many sides
                                                  just to feel 

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                                                a flame in dark room
                                           may not be enough to light 
                                                  to send away dark

                                             dark becomes more dark
                                            as soon as it dies there in
                                                    in it no dark sure

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                                               sense's water like stream
                                             passes through brain channel 
                                                flows from mind and soul

                                                    heart's fleshy mirror 
                                             mind depicts borne qualities
                                                 Soul speaks own image

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Whispers in the dark
Calling a restless soul home
Unfamiliar warmth

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Before You Recognize Them

Sometimes the whole world
has to see your faults before
you recognize them

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' Can't Scratch The Surface ... ' 27th Senryu

‘ Can’t Scratch The Surface … ’   27th   Senryu 

         Those, Who Like To Pick
    Try to Stick, Like Lice and Ticks
        … Get Rid-X, Real Quick !

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Be Careful Out There

be careful out there
there are cameras near you
that showcase your life

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Too much of any, 
known thing can have toxic-
-city. Don't try it!

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A Valley of Pain

greed gives you pleasure
for a fleeting moment, then
a valley of pain.

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                                                Sheol is of land
                                           eternity's space behind
                                             soul's of own region

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What Are You Waiting For

this wait
has alway's
meant never

Tribute To Martin Luther King

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                                           body's chemistry
                                     consumption of milk differs 
                                        from vodka and wine

                                           a test tube in lab 
                                      shows results differently
                                            of compositions

                                           unseen chemistry 
                                poured in to all's eyes through sight 
                                         not same to all men

                                        feel without touching
                                          diversity in feeling 
                                       connect with own mind

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facing a new day

wake up knowing you
are only one in billions
facing a new day

go to sleep thankful
you survived another day--
numerous did not

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If You are Dirty

if you are dirty
why do you want to corrupt
others with your dirt

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Ants Perspective

Shadows of Giants
Consist of billions of ants
In worn out pants

By Robb A. Kopp

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'Tis a cow'rd indeed
Who does not have the courage.
To say, "I'm afraid."

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                                                   Heavy dark power
                                            light of candle sends away
                                                 in Sun no dark's there

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Another Trip

On my iron pony
Another trip to buy beer
Holding life steady.

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Buddha peace statue 
wavy impression shivers 
Hussainsagar  lake

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                                         same words we use all
                                        to mean to be understood
                                     speaker's strength speaks truth

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Always be faithful, always true, and good things will Always come to you

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Lost mind never found
Never found in a lost sea
Wet behind the ears

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Ying Yang

(Ying Yang)
Stagnant was his life;
Her capricious habits grew,
His ying was her yang

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' Mimicry ...' 23rd Senryu

‘ Mimicry ’   23rd  Senryu 

        Is That Mimicry ? …
Yeah ! … A Caged, Enraged Polly
          Parrot-Parody !

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He Became Insane

he was sane until
he was charged with a crime; then
he became insane

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                                                   boundary less thing
                                                      infinity with in it
                                                         circle is zero

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Faster than lightning
Lurking in the dark shadows
More Leathal than poison

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

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' Can She Pick 'Em ... ' 26th Senryu

‘ Can She Pick ‘Em … ’   26th   Senryu 

Boy, Can She Pick ‘Em !
From Machiavelli-Boyfriend

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' The Weed ... ' 13th Senryu

‘ The Weed ’   13th Senryu

    A Weed-Like, Sick Plant
Roots to Shoots and Rise to Rant …
      Infectious, Like That

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God Brought You to Life

God brought you to life;
why do you want to misuse
it, and ignore Him?

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                                                    fresh new dawn
                                                  offers love to new
                                                     new born cries

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The form is formless.
A degree of creation.
Our thoughts create god.

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Content in my life
I know there is more to live
More to learn, give, love

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                                                      dot's full stop
                                               full stop keeps dot stop
                                                      non stop goes........

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                                                    FATHER IS FATHER
                                            CHILDREN BEARS HIS IMAGES 
                                               MOTHER'S POWER SPEAKS

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                                          no one is nothing
                                     universe's of time being
                                         big bang at the end

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Enjoy Your Journey

I am president
of the U. S. A. with a
real birth certificate

which I used to run
for state senator and
the U.S. senate

I'll use all of my
energy and time to solve
the nation's problems

Meanwhile, if you are
searching for the long form, please
enjoy your journey

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Apple Of My Eye

apple of my eye
fourteen and keeps on growing
mama loves you Jen

Tribute To My Jenny
Mama Loves You Peanut

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Existence is still.
Life moves upon a thought,
Creation trembles.

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' Complicated ' 5th Senryu

‘ Complicated ’

Give Me Crème-Fill-Cake
Complicated Cookies Bake
Nuts, That I Can’t Take ! ...

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' Argumentative ... ' 25th Senryu

‘ Argumentative ’   25th   Senryu 

        Argumentative …
… Just Like Being Derisive
    Need, More Laxatives

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                                                   water color glass 
                                          red blue...poured separately
                                                     quantity in it

                                                if torch light flash on
                                           same color gives reflection
                                                      quality of it

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                                         heart's like pond or sea
                                        expectations desires live
                                             in own condition 

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Wondering and Pondering

star gazing
examining the heavens and pondering
my meaning

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                                         day's mind thinks for all
                                         night crystallizes to self 
                                         though mind's for many

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Travel the eight paths.
The five elements unfold.
Circle makes the square.

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Cyborg Cultivation

Foddered sheep
Formatted meme
Voila a Cultivated Cyborg!


P.s - Form which describes this scribble closest will be Dada Poetry, I think.
Let me know if you think otherwise.

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                                         Shadow is there sure		
                                 in front of light something stands		
                                      light's clash with no light		

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                                            washing of body
                                       if done with dirty water
                                        there's no refreshment

                                            Total ablution
                                   means cleaning all kinds of dirt
                                       from  body mind heart 

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Blind Faith

if we have blind faith
in congress, then we are not
astute citizens

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Juxtaposed the three knows

how much that you know                                                                                         never let your enemy know                                                                                           let him think he knows

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' Charm ... ' 6th Senryu

‘ Charm ’   6th Senryu

Charm … May – be a Game      (Prov. 31: 30)
And Prettiness – May – be Vain …
… Woman of God … Praise !

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Infinite Numbers

Infinite numbers

Molecules or decibels

It all starts with one.



(January 22, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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                                          until that's of truth
                                       literature remains bare
                                     language may speak false

                                           if adorns beauty
                                    lapping up with false feeling 
                                         nothing is known yet

                                           heart's literature
                                     ask not to know but to feel 
                                        what they truly speak 

                                            own fabrication 
                                       ultimately leads to dog
                                          speaking not truly

                                       for what that's business
                                         if carries to hated hell 
                                           Heaven will be left

                                          holding love remains 
                                it's pure where no business's there
                                         depicts true languages

                                            thought's literature
                                        with mind's all capacities  
                                          ask best's of the heart

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                                             with hammer hits to 
                                       construct and destruct by man
                                             it was made before

                                             designed for purpose
                                          it's purpose is meant in it
                                              knows by the user

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Don't Wear Out Your Welcome

dandelions have
a short stay.  they adorn the
ground then blow away.

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All of His Answers

all of his answers
were insulting--he thought all
questions were stupid

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' Drama-Mama... ' 24th Senryu

‘ Drama-Mama ’   24th   Senryu 

      A Drama-Mama
   And Terrorist Osama
… Both Stir-Up Trauma

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True Essence (Senryu)

souls full of blessings
shining with His precious love
such essence of Christ

© Joseph 1/11/08
© All Rights Reserved

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' Can Not Hide, Who You Are ... ' 29th Senryu

‘ Can Not Hide, Who You Are … ’   29th   Senryu 

                  Whether, Near or Far …
            You Can Not Hide, Who You Are
        … Mouth, Speak Words … From Heart …
                          Luke 6:  45

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No Pets

Your little pet peeve
Just pooped on my sleeve
I just wish you’d leave

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' A Thorn, Is A Thorn ' 15th Senryu

‘A Thorn, Is A Thorn’   15th Senryu

        A Rose, Compliments
The Blossom-Dew … Then Thanks It
       But The Thorn-Bush Bit

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Pray for the Fallen

pray for the fallen,
despite their disappointments--
it could have been you

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' Crows ... ' 20th Senryu

      ‘ Crows … ’    20th  Senryu

       The Penguins … Ask What ?
and The Wise, Old Owl … Ask Who ?
   … Those, Know-It-All Crows …

(A Reminder for Me … The MoonBee – 
'Cause Nobody Likes A Know-It-All -Smile)

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Open Love

You can hold them close
But keep your arms wide open
Kids need room to grow

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Dream sick lullabies

Wake to a world not hidden

Going to sleep again

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' Control ... ' 14th Senryu

‘ Control ’    14th  Senryu

     Control … ‘ Together ’
If  You Can Control … ‘ Never ’
   … Control,  ‘ Forever ’

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                                             Wisdom is perfect
                                        nice purified consciousness
                                         that’s more than knowing 

                                             feeling in advance
                                        give impartial judgements
                                             in all true senses

                                                It is impartial
                                          never causes confusion
                                               ego hinders self

                                            Love depicts wisdom
                                          character's a kind of wall
                                                me is the color

                                            wisdom where is not
                                     just needs to make with all plus
                                              in plus no minus

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Self-Love (senryu)

Divinity shines

           within purity divine 

                        a self-love sublime

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In God We Trust

It’s written on our
Money, but we worry about
The economy.

We must trust God. Read
Your money. It’s in God’s hands.
Well, do we trust God?

In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to 
me? Psalms 56:4

wrote 1-13-10

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                                                  self feeling 
                                            miss in words in sight
                                                  self misled 

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' What Is Your Problem ?' 16th Senryu

‘ What Is Your Problem ? ’   16th Senryu

         What is Your Problem ?
 To Solve Them… Now, Get A Clue ! …
     … Your Problem … Is You !

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                                             sentiment limits
                                      up to the all round choices
                                            character depicts

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Micro Macro

                                                         epic is macro

                                               compact discipline in art

                                                         haiku is micro

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Smell The Roses

You may miss your bus
If you stop to smell the roses
But it is worth It

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                                  sometimes from small things 
                                      we feel wisdom easily
                                        fail often with big

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                                         let the talents go
                                 gutter's the best place to keep 
                                       if that's not for good

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She only looks sideways

Tattooed evil, Blood red rose

Smoke comes from her eyes.


(January 22, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

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Something More

... must be something more

         than our occupying space

               or leaving a trace ...

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These eyes see no good

I need a new set of eyes

Ill take the evil

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                                     some one likes light's life
                                   someone feels comfort in dark
                                       own life of own choice

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                                           an ocean's color
                                   the taste of its whole water 
                                          lies in single drop

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' Tidal - Waves ... ' 17th Senryu

‘ Tidal-Waves … ’   17th Senryu

Flood Waters … She Gave
Just Strong Swimmers, Will Be Safe
Moon’s Full-Tidal-Waves !

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To The Punch

if pain is supposed
to hurt you, what do you call
it if it helps you?

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Like Us

Ignoring the smell 
Putting up with discomfort
Treat people like us

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New shoes

Cheater’s loaded dice 
Consistently tell big lies
Relish victims cries

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

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' Sea-Saw ... ' 7th Senryu

‘ Sea – Saw ’     7th Senryu

    Sea-Saw, The Children
Go Back and Forth and Hearing
   Roaring-Waves, Rearing ! 

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          rich folks who complain

                    of boring dinners, champagne

          hobo says, insane!

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Thoughts Of Schadenfreude

you can curb your poor
actions and always bite your
cheek before you laugh.

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The world forbidden 
Fleeting, forgotten, forlorn 
Foreseen to be sweet

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A cry in the dark
A shriek for help not coming
It’s your wake up call!

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The final chapter
This life coming to an end
One more beginning

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                                          many ways are there
                                   few are known and few are not
                                          rare life reaches all

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Heaven showers gifts
Fills the world around with love
Tired of receiving

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                                                  am flesh
                                         with blood and tissues 
                                                 dies as soul

                                                    am is 
                                                identified till
                                                lives on earth

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           deep in every soul,

           craving irrepressible,

           for what's good, what's noble.

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I can hear them play
Children running and laughing
Where are my ear plugs?

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... atheist I knew

    told God: "I don't believe you"

    till his face was blue

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Dysfunctional Resolution

if at first you don't
succeed, try to fry an egg --
it feeds your failure.

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Man undecided------
A bat hanging upside down 
between earth and sky.

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Tuning out the crowd
The hunger mixes within
Deep inside her heart

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                    don't bet on lucky,

                                     prepare for that deity,

                                                       Opportunity !

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Be More Positive

don't dwell on what's bad.
you might fulfill an omen.
think sunny-side up.

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' What Colors Are You ? ' 3rd Senryu

‘ What Colors Are You ? ’

Red Is For Passion
Purple, Is For Royalty
Green... Is For Envy

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Skin Tint

       shame on you who scorn

    with boorish condescension

              skin pigmentation

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Does this heart not beat?
Does it not pump blood through veins?
This heart does not beat…

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  no matter how close
hold each other oh so tight
 you are still alone

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The air that gives life

The air that takes life away

Id rather breathe smoke

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Rise and Fall

  left alone in time
once again we build in sand
  waiting for the tide

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                        worn-out wallet bent
            to the contours of his hip,
away want and wish slip. 

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Shining Light (Senryu)

lamp in a dark place
forward fight for forgiveness
salvation shining

© Joseph Spence, 7/21/07
© All Rights Reserved

Comments:  The traditional/classic Japanese senryu form has three lines:  the 
first five syllables, second seven syllables and third five syllables.  The pattern is 
5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about an emotion 

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                                               road to ambition

                                      paved with such inspiration

                                              much perspiration

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Who Knows

search out who you're not,

          you'll be surprised who you are,

                    might you be a star!

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My world, beautiful

Clean, unblemished, and pure white

Once again I dream