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Senryu Passion Poems | Senryu Poems About Passion

These Senryu Passion poems are examples of Senryu poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Senryu Passion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Lasting Impression

she gathers her coat
and leaves in a fury

he pours a scotch

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' The Power of A Poet ... ' 32nd Senryu

‘The Power Of A Poet’      32nd  Senryu

        Look How Devoted
       The Power of A Poet
    See How Words Spoke It

This Poem is My Tribute to:

Carolyn Devonshire (The Dove)
and James (The Highlander) Fraser
for your Powerful collaboration on:

      Mother Nature's Revenge

        It Was Truly Awesome


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Public Enemy -Over the Top-

******((Army of love))******

beautiful mattress
hot and riled explosive gift
nature at her best

***((Gone with the wind))***

the music
listen to the moaning wind
biting to the pain

******((Over & Over))******

the rainbow
fingertips touch a few drops
kiss of dew

*****((Midnight Cowgirl))*****

Texas scat scat
puts it in, in the muddy hole
Cowgirls gets it on

*****((rattle my bones))*****

taste my sweet spot
touch it, feel it, make it move
the earthquake

****((American Graffiti))******

their limbs trace, 
breathing accelerates
pulse race, excessively	

*****((Spice or Slice))******

haikus cake for two
hope you enjoy more than one
leaving you arouse


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A Jasmine's Breath

Flesh on jasmine bed
Taste her pleasured ascension
Carnal roots, piqued

©Drake J. Eszes

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A caring One

A caring one is more 
Than sweet fragrance,
Even when sweet fragrance ends,
The caring one remains...

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Violinist Composition

I hear the straw hum
stretched chords groan and snag my heart
leaving me composed.

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a touch of silk

we pool like silk spools unravelling our satins - sateen-sheened passion

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Butterflies can kill

my heart missed a beat
as your butterfly eyes blinked....
sending a signal

your inviting smile
made me know the taste of peach....
butterflies can kill

no missed heartbeats now
my lips played with your softness....
we breathed the same breath

© kashinath karmakar

Placement:7th ;(April 2011)

By:kashinath karmakar (28th March 2011)

Contest:Eyes First Meet

Sponsor:Michael J.Falotico

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fruit crush

tongue ripening me peeling me in peach-sweet heat stroking starfruit skin your berry-burn lips circle strawberry nipples hardening to pips juices sating me pulped fruits of passionate need your love's quenching seed

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their love is timeless flows easy like quiet streams adjust to each season two beautiful hearts engraved from one pattern existing betwixt hearts swapped forever sealed undeniable ying yang inseperable ~*~ This is for folks like me who dream : ) For: Linda's "Special Sentimental Senryu" Contest

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sweet love song

love is fresh and new
   but grows strong like an oak tree
      sweet shade in the sun

foundation of trust
   hearts and souls given freely
       thoughts that live as one

kisses like nectar
   skin to skin and arm in arm
      song sung endlessly

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An Appetite Touched

Kisses like candy
One leads to anoher one
A sweet sugar rush
Tasting with my hands
Breathing in all swallowed
An appetite I touched

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Flame Turns to Embers

soft skin like honey

    a gentle caress like wind

        ...and so it begins

soft lips meet soft lips

    kisses enflame the passion

        ... passion engulfs us

two hearts beat as one

    with arms and legs entangled

       ... flame turns to embers

*(this is not for the contest)

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Her Pleasures

Succumb my darling Resign your pleasures to me I shadow your thoughts

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Indian Tales

When night settled down
Pow-wows rose to a climax
Giving the world joy

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beyond the billowing curtain - - -

~~ dappled is the room the only sound soft whispers . . . . . . satin sheet on floor ________________________- February 24, 2015 Senryu For the contest, Hotsy Totsy, sponsor Rachel Firmin

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One last failed attempt
Reaching for the moon and stars
For once I succeed 

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I Call The Shot

Where I want to be
 there I shall always stay –
  I call the shot, baby.

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Kids go down
The slide…they head toward the swings

Free time ends
Their parents want to go home
Frowns exchange 

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About the girl in my math class whose name I'm not brave enough to ask - Love

I see no numbers
hers is the only figure
she's my addition

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Beautiful Words

beautiful words- 
poet prowls
for the pen

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On a bed of Roses


                               Sensual eye contact

                          Incarnating deep emotions

                               Kiss on Scarlet lips.


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a summer fruit on a winter night

on a winter night I tasted a summer fruit under the blanket pulpy and juicy soft like a peeled red lychee her luscious wet lips lost in her softness I explored new horizons beyond this blue sky **click on "About this poem" =================== Placement:10th;(Nov.2011) Contest:A kiss like fruit Sponsor:Michael.J.Falotico By:kashinath karmakar

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Tango and Love

let your hearts dance free
in tune to love's harmony...
tango forever

** August 21, 2010 for Linda's Awesome advice contest :)

excited for you already dear Linda!! :)


As I read back on this, I can't help but feel how this can still be
applicable to Linda-Marie, dance with the angels, luv-- I'm so 
sorry I can't write something decent for you now, but please
know what's in my heart. From all the poems that I wrote that was
inspired from your contests, this is actually one of my favorites,
 I only saw it fitting to submit this for Andrea's tribute.


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A Tasty Blend


                                             Our lips meet moistened
                                              Each others ingredient
                                                 Blends to perfection


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palm court

he palms the mountains
burnishing the pointed peaks
she groans with desire

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Two Worlds Colliding

two worlds colliding
with chemical reactions -- 
bright-eyed lovers meet

youthful hearts explode
under summer's fiery spell --
raging hormones blaze 

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, July 29, 2012
for Two Worlds Colliding Contest (Russell Sivey) 

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erratic kisses spreads tenderness to my core unruly response

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our sweat-sparkling skin heat sparking, bodies fusing - sex is electric

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softly breathes the wind
    collecting sprigs of twilight

            …moon deepens gold mist

within quiet space

    flesh of petal lips collides

        …turning love skyward 


Contest of Russell Sivey: Two Worlds Colliding 
by nette onclaud

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Hop Aboard

Plunge in these blankets, Cannonball into this bed And splash in my sheets

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elixer of passion

essence of your love

if I could but capture this...

bottled for all time

written July 25th 2014

for pd's contest "In A Bottle"

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Another first kiss

Waiting again
to be kissed by you once more....
every kiss a first kiss

© kashinath karmakar

Placement:12th; (April 2011)

Contest:Your first kiss,first love or first broken heart

Sponsor:Frank Herrera

By:kashinath karmakar (8th April 2011)

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No Isolated Cell Please

Jerry Sandusky
will serve well as a boy-toy
for a prison gang

An eye for an eye...
He'll receive rather than give
the next thirty years

Ninety-eight years old
when his wrinkled ass gets out
Bet it will be sore...

***Any parent or would be parent who does not know who this man is would do well to look him up on the internet or just watch the news...

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Ghost - Unchained Passion

pottery wheel spun
clay covered her face and hands –
     his passion aroused

Righteous Brothers hit 
Unchained Melody playing –
     spell of passion cast

true love never chained
romance fills the silver screen --
      setting hearts afire

*Entry for Andrea and Nikko’s “Movie Scene” senryu

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the Feeling

The light that lingers
on the way to paradise,
Is the light of love.

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Never Say Die

No matter the odds,
Never underestimate
The heart of a champ..

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Romance Senryu contest

From hospital bed
To dinner date and a rose
Your eyes held my heart 

On valentine day
Our rose bush blooms crimson buds 
Blushing memory

The stars shine tonight
I look up and you wink back
Your bright eyes hold me

© Brenda V Northeast  26th Jan. 2012
For Francine Roberts - Romantic Senryu Contest

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Earth Angel

Earth’s Angel
Her salient wings glowed;
With love she cradled wild world,
All rested in peace.

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Special Sentimental Senryu

Tiny gesture kiss
One smooch returned by other
Shows loving notion

One soft word spoken
Returned words of endearment
Comforting our hearts

Giving silent love
Cards that say, I love you so
For our private bond

Written for

Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

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One Must Touch The Earth

one could ride a horse
what use then would be your feet
one must touch the earth
(c) Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
 (November 10th, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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Heat Things Up

We will rise like steam We will linger like smoke and We’ll burn like fire

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Nectar Niche

Pure inspiration:
honey combed wax bursting sweet
between mandibles.

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His Majesty

<                                                symbolic ~ icon
                                     representing .... Red ~ White ~ Blue
                                         the ~ Great    ~       Bald .....  Eagle

Tribute To
The Bald Eagle

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Hands Meet

The softest of skins Your hand reaches towards mine The junction of lust

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel
Waving arms and legs;
Smiling at moon and bright stars,
Angel trails behind.

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tangy lips extend

underage, hiding
Tom Collins with lemon twist –
suddenly mature

tangy lips extend
bitter taste turns to sweet bliss –
future husband found

*By Carolyn Devonshire for Michael’s “A Kiss Like a Fruit” contest.
October 10, 2011
On our first date, John took me to a bar where he knew the bartender well.  John did not know I was underage – he’d never asked.  LOL  

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Sexy Smile

A mind at ease puts A smile on ones face, but sex Can do it better

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Pathos, Gusto, and Crimson Taste.

Chameleon, this tongue.
Coloring words to convey
emotion's spectrum.

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Raw Curves

Raw Curves
Rice paper sketches;
Black ink smudges cover hands,
Round curves drawn with love.

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The softness of your lips
like the sweet taste of strawberries

The first kiss you gave me years ago
still makes me shake and quiver

Whenever I eat strawberries
your kiss is what I remember

Rosalyn M. Lampkin, 10/28/2011
Contest by Michael J. Falotico

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' More Will Rise ...' 71st Senryu

‘ More Will Rise … ’  71st  Senryu

  They Shoot Messengers
They Cannot Kill The Message
   More Rise, To Tell It ! …

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The Vital Holy Day

Getting ready for
Passover to shed us might
For joyous future

The significance 
Of God’s holiday is way
More vital than us 

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Sugar Sweetness

 example for my " A Kiss Like Fruit" Contest                                            

                                                      Warm juices drip slow..
                                                Lips now savor the sweetness..
                                                    Tongues wiggle in heat..

                                                       A ripe peach like kiss..
                                                       Sugar level rises fast..
                                                           A tasty kiss born..

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Wasted Youth

Child of the Sixties,
I wish I'd seen the Beatles.
How could I have known?!

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A Flame Once Burned

Flames of love drift In the oceans of passion Waves of fulfillment
Rollo West 12/3/2012

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Slumbering Thoughts

While you are sleeping
I think of all the reasons
my love for you grows

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Cupid's Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow
Walking through the bar;
Her nacreous smile grew wide,
He fell to his knees.

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Passionate Purpose

You are the reason
why each morning I awake
full of hope and love

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No need for drink

Her quivering breath
Is like five shots of whiskey -- 

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My Heart To You

                                             Loving hands reach out..
                                              Cupping a lovley smile..
                                              From my heart to you..

                                          Arms wrapped and entwined..
                                        The softest of silk skin touched..
                                                 Pure bliss achieved..

                                                  Eyes mirror beauty..
                                               Images of works of art..
                                               On my heart they glow..

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Day dreaming… My mind refuses to see The real world… Half asleep… My reality broke free From the strain… Eyelids close… The meaning of living here ASTOUNDS ME! Half awake… My dreams are so spellbinding PINCH ME, please?

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Eternally lost
within your strong arms is where
I should always be

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Woman so lovely 
Making my heart beat  so loud 
Takes my breath away


Cold feeling I get
When away from her sweet arms
Needing love's blanket


Touched with hands of fire
Burning passion deep within
Sensation she brings

Can you give me a diagnosis?

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A Bare Back

A bare back Soft and ready for strokes… Passionate eyes
Russell Sivey

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To the female sex I send my whole heart burning A feeling so true
Russell Sivey To: All the women on the Soup, From: Russell : Be My Valentine Entrant into PD's "'WOULD YOU BE MINE' or 'BE MY VALENTINE' party~" contest 2/12/2012

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Warm, safe, loved, adored
respected and enchanted
What I feel with you

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Slow Motion

Warm breath on my neck Arms pulling me close to you Now, everything slows

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Wild Times

Drink from my chalice Prepare yourself for heart rush I am a wild soul

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Shower steam clearing Your exquisite body forms Craving your nearness

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Light Of Glory

song echoes the realm 

Majesty so pure and true

Lord God Almighty.....

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This Moment Lost to Lust

warm breath against flesh
lingering touch and soft skin
it isn't enough

For Contest: Sensuous Senryus

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Interstate 5 South

CHiPs are on alert.
My pedal's to the metal.
Just too fast for them!

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A Juicy Kiss

Georgia peaches,
sweet and juicy,
tongue licking.

Pleasure’s nectar,
inside my mouth,
teasing taste buds.

Like your tongue
inside my lips
when we kiss.

© October 29, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Gazing at your Eyes

gazing at your eyes,
a thousand of pains dispel,
sweet dream engulfs me

25th Sept, '12

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her eyes emotional bliss
takes me beyond all

one kiss motivates
warming soul beyond compare
capturing my heart

simple words control
sending waves of pleasant stirs
returned in passion

written for
Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name Romantic Senryu Contest  

date written

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' Write: Because You Love To Write ... ' 58th Senryu

‘ Write:  Because You Love To Write … ’   58th  Senryu

    Read:  For More Insight
Write:  Because You Love To Write
     Speak:  Invite … Unite

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Moon Struck

Here the howlin’ moon
reflects in my baby’s eyes...
this wolf on the prowl.

© Harry J Horsman 2012   

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Blood Stains

Blood stains stain my small notebook
Flippin’ sick!
Blood stains
Drain on my piece of paper
Dried-up blood
Spew out from my open wounds
Bloody mess!

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Your canopies' call

Your canopies' call
to wake them up from their sleep...
mere touch will not do

© kashinath karmakar (25th June 2011)

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Senryu - Flames of Passion

Lost in flames of love                          
Witches or not, we all burn
Our sins unrenounced.

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Secret Rendezvous

starlit sky, two melt into one, enchanted secret rendezvous...

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Song Bird

my soft, poignant cries trapped like the caged bird’s refrain wrought with sorrow’s kiss oh, song of passion you lift me to fervent heights the caged bird is free music of my soul ecstasy of bird in flight blends heartache and bliss
By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, January 25, 2012 Second Place in Romantic Senryu Contest

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My Fair Lady

There could never be A room in which you are not The most beautiful

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Please me, desire me Steal my essence, charm my soul T'is you I adore

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Basic Notes

Take a seat!
Let’s learn how to read basic notes 
Take your time . . . 

Quarter notes
Appear in our choir pieces
Math’s involved . . . 

Unique notes
Catches my full attention 
Everyone sings! ! ! 

Sight reading
Could be challenging at times
Try your best! 

Basic notes – 
It’s vital to your skills 

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In The Dog House

The Dog House
Caught, he lied to her;
His ebullient smile said all,
On the couch he sleeps.

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Temptuous (6 little words/haiku)

Masculine scents,
his torso sighs - 



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In The Mood

in the bliss of two
passion is the truth we sing...
no moment unheard

for contest "In The Mood"
sponsored by Catie Lindsey

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Our First Glance

my pulsing heart race
as our eyes gazed deep within
each, aglow with hope....

your eyes, blue wonder....
your dress aglow with red warmth,
fire and ice collide-  

our souls open wide
with a glance of longing eyes,
destiny had come....

A Falotico Contest

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summer peach

Tender light,
Sticky sweet,
Our lips meet.

Ready ripe,
Juicy, soft,
Lite nibble,

Taste of bliss,
Summer peach.

By: Sabina Nicole
contest: Kiss like a fruit

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threshold adornment… 
           customized love
                    awaits caressing touch

Written for

Sponsor Andrea Dietrich 

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Porcelain Passion, Again

Two smooth toned bodies Each like China in their hands Porcelain passion <->v<*>

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Pounding Hearts Press On

Middle East unrest:
longing for democracy--
pounding hearts press on

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My First Love at First Sight

Her eyes captured
Angels flew by
Persuading my soul

Almond shaped
Delicately demure
My heart gasped

Seductively lost
Breaching my spirit
She fulfilled my passion.

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Michael J. Falotico 
Contest Name "Eyes First Meet" contest ******** 3 Senryu's only 

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She Knew What She Wanted

she knew what she had.
she knew what she wanted--stole
the money and ran

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Four Seasons of Love

summer love so real
feeling alive in your arms
very hot we got
autumn hearts afire
nature treks took together
loving crisp weather
winter romance fun
snuggling under covers
blissfully in love
springtime love will bloom
our bodies keeping rhythm
seasonal pulses

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Love, frenzied passion Desires, craving attention Lustful fulfillment

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then creditors came

she worshipped money
clinched it 'til the day she died;
then creditors came

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Purest Thoughts

Her subtle breasts Impacts my purest thoughts Leaving me in awe
Russell Sivey

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                                               both are life partners
                                          one sing folk songs other pop
                                                  reverse unison

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Lip Balm

She leans up closer
Lips to connect is our goal
We find each other

Our passionate kiss
With the taste of strawberry
Lip balm shared as one

We enjoy the taste
Of each other’s warm sweet lips
Another kiss waits

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Michael Falotico's "A Kiss Like Fruit" contest

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Hidden Images

hidden images 
chatting through the internet,
meeting of the minds

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Cherry Kiss

Fiery red,
Beautifully bitter-
Lips entwined.

Fading reverie-
A sweet sigh

Softest surface,
Heard Heart tossed away-
Season of Bliss

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Piano Passion - part 2 of Piano Practice

I slide my fingers On the black and white keys – I Press on many keys!
I play easy tunes On my ancient piano I kiss ecstasy! ~
I struggle a bit, Trying to play some pieces Someday, (if I practice hard) I’ll succeed!

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my dearest love
sweet perfume in the morning
light me with your glow 

© Joseph, 6/5/08
© All Rights Reserved

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Artist’s perception
Envisions and jettisons
Liquid scenes from life.

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                                                           airy fan
                                                 makes the body cool
                                                          hot again

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Burnt Bun

He just wants a son
Tummy rising like a bun…
It can’t be undone

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Sensual Pleasures...

           Words inflame passion

                 Hot exotic erotic

               Baritone groaning 

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Star of Light Trilogy (Senryu Series)

darkness turns to light, 
gracious star illuminates; 
beauty of your love!
supreme above all; 
your creative beauty shines, 
everlasting star! 
opens heaven’s gate, 
guiding star shines for my feet… 
walking the right path! 

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Live only to die
Die only that you may live
Feeling is living

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Woman's Body

The woman’s body Flowing in and out of lust Beauty being nude
Russell Sivey

Details | Senryu | |


Inches away
             our lips reach
                             now they are one..

Details | Senryu | |

Lips and Tongue

Luscious juicy pink.
They lead to heaven above.
Can also be vile!

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My lovely Night

My Lovely Night

Hanging out with guys
To have a couple of beers
Satisfies the soul.

I had enough fun
Love singing while driving home
My Jane awaits me.

Warm welcome at home
Kiss and hug soothes with comfort
...Walk into the room.

Kiss my baby~bye
I went to bed supper- less
...drift slowly away.

Olusegun Arowolo:8/22/11;contest:morning,noon,or night senryus*

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New car tissue born
Invisible stitches made
Emotions dying

Details | Senryu | |


When pain is your life 
Pain is all you ever know
Welcome to my world

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hello love

Her beauty is love
So pristine, yet mystical
Hello love, hello

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Teachers and Students

At the eyes' corners
Such motley pupils hangout
For others' glimpses.

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Aimless (Senryu)

Lurking in shadows
In darkness of my desire
Longing to be free

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Do The Best for America Now

They want the best for
the American people
and their children and

their grandchildren too--
both parties have made these claims 
over and over

in speeches galore
so why can't the Democrats
and Republicans

not only want the
best, but do the best for our
America NOW?!

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Spark Ignites

beams of hope tendered
mirror images refract 
combustive spark

burning ember flames 
radiant glare recycles
residual steam

intense stare refuels
bursts of energy stokes flame 
sweet puffs of smoke stream

'Eyes First Meet' contest

Stephen Parker

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don’t feel that  your odd
Takes less effort than a nod
Give praise to your God

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Not knowing my pain
of this unreturned longing.
The despair goes on.

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Rise, bitter anger,
Heart racing with rage, hands sweat,
Lose reality

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Cherished Devotion

Heart adoration Feelings that possess your soul. Sweet intimacy

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Valentine kisses...
breakfast, lunch, dinner in bed....
I hunger for you!

For "Romantic Senryu" contest sponsored by Francine Roberts.

Written: 01/25/2012

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A kiss like Litchi

It blew me right up Made me feel so electric You taste like litchi To feel your hot tongue Was like a bite of litchi So sweet and juicy I was insatiate Wanted more and more again Sexy scent still lingers
Anoucheka Gangabissoon Contest : A Kiss like Fruit

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romping horsemen leer ~
spellbound illusions splattered
squalling maidens bathe

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I remember rain,
Holding her closely to me,
Feeling her warm heart.

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                                                       bucket of mango
                                                   in decaying condition
                                                    good one is helpless

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To the edge of life
I’ll travel, if, it’s your love,
I will be meeting

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Liberated Dance

Dance brings me alive,
My expressing lifts my soul
Liberated, like free birds

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Power of Love

Roses lay crumbled
Uttered insincerities
Silenced by my love 

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The warmth in sunshine
Felt on a warm summer breeze
Reminiscent minds

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One in three

Offspring of the rib
Soft enticement of the flesh ---
Woman beauty draped

Mother rebelling
Children to sag on the breast
Eve pining at God

Mother submitting
Heaven's pleasure in the skin
Mary, bringing the Christ

Magdalene, my thirst
For caress of oil and love
Open core of milk

Summon Anat too
With Aphrodite, Venus kiss
And the open pea

All one in love's three
The triumvirate of praise
The edge of prayer

Goddesses are whores
And whores as goddess reigns still
Love sells men cheap to dreams

Samson, not I,
Menelaus too, heart blind
Left me stupefied

And yet I am sure
Any woman's love is better
Than no love at all

Mother's are virgins
In son's eyes, wives are his shrines
And whores are his peace

Where sin mars desire
And the moon sets blood on fire
For breast and children.

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True Love

My life’s spirit yours
Forever I will cherish
You with my love true

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Ying Yang

(Ying Yang)
Stagnant was his life;
Her capricious habits grew,
His ying was her yang

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Midnight Pearl

She brings me smiles Open with heartfelt smoothness She’s my midnight pearl
Russell Sivey An example poem for my next contest!

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Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar
Music and drinks poured;
Fresh sushi on her body,
He chose his viand.

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the killer's touch

unholy romance
lavish kisses on my corpse
death wrought by your love

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I love you because
you let me be who I am
despite who I am

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My Wife

My Wife
She combs her brown hair;
Sun coruscates through the blinds,
She warms my chilled soul.

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Measuring Rod

Their profession clawed
News week with opinions prod
Painting teachers flawed

By Robb A. Kopp

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Brushing Your Sweet Lips

Brushing your sweet lips I shift my placement to you Kissing your soft cheek
Russell Sivey

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Finger Foods

Eating with our hands
To comfort body and soul
At home, on the go

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This is Heaven

Two Entwine as ONE
An Eternity of LOVE
Always, Forever

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Unpleasant Thirst

Lover defined sweet
Taking me beyond
My bitter end

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Serenade Of Love

Serenade of Love
His laconic lips;
His body sang to her needs,
She welcomed his touch.

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Hot counter offer

Hot counter offer To bed she offers we go Change of plans tonight
Russell Sivey

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Floral Bliss

She is his flower
Unfolding moist, pink petals
He laps her nectar

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A kiss like strawberry

A kiss like strawberry

Her passionate kiss
sent sensations down my spine
It`s like a true dream.

Long lasting fragrance
sweet tastes like my strawberry
I was lost in trance.

Olusegun Arowolo;Contest:"A kiss like fruit"

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Overcome and Undone

The piano's belly
resonates, unraveling air
caught in passion's twist.

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Hot pursuit

You didn’t resist…
We clutched in the foggy mist
Our probing tongues kissed

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Beath of the Wind

Her breath of the wind.
Blowing through all of my thoughts.
The mind is left blank.

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A Burning Feeling

My love is a gem Red as fire, hot as desire A burning feeling
Russell Sivey

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                                               All reeds are not tuned

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Two Degrees of Separation

Two pressed together Like small wood chips drowned in glue No separation
Russell Sivey

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' Poet Definition ... ' 30th Senryu

‘ Poet  Definition … ’   30th   Senryu 

           Define A Poet:
 So Much Reading and Writing
          And Arithmetics

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Her Desire

Soft brown eyes undress. She licks her delicious lips, Crawls into our bed.

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A Quest

Quest of one acquired,
Persevering explosion
Her desire tempered

written for
Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name sensuous senryus 

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One Summer Day

One day long ago An engagement had been gained Love wins out again
Russell Sivey Entrant into frank herrera's "'A SUMMER MEMORY'" contest 4/15/2012

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Voice of Raindrops

Her voice of raindrops,
Mist that dances and lingers.
Falling on my soul.

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The Rehabilitation of Killers ( Two Senryu Trilogies)

Out of water
Moses killed a task master
And hid the body.

In the wilderness
Forty years and reconciled
Called by Burning Bush

Out of the desert
Moses, the deliverer,
Set God's people free.


A true Pharisee
Of Pharisees, Paul stood by
Consenting killings.

Killing more Christians
Blinded, thrown off his high horse
Sent to a Christian

The scales fell away.
Paul became a man of God...
Trusted apostle.

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Gazing at the stars
Praying to the Gods, hoping
That she feels the same..

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Beautiful spirit,
shrouded in the golden light.
I crouch at your feet.

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Falling Leaves

Her joy holds the leaves
with love to the branches.
I fall to the ground.

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Adoring Clasp

Superfluous words
are not needed from my love
his embrace is all

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The Lie

ageless deception
drips sweetly from ruby lips
moonlight passion dies

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Love's Bite

love's bite can draw blood
feeding off pain and pleasure ~
capturing the heart

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Entwined Love

The point where we touch
is diminished only by
the point where we join.

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These desires return
Breathing in the calming smell
Smiles awaken pain

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A silent  rhythm
Only the lover hears the
 throbbing of his heart

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I Write Poetry

i write poetry
in a plain, simple English
am I a poet?

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Show and Tell

I’m energized now You’ve spiked my solid interest Lingerie revealed
Russell Sivey

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Love Torn

love torn thistles prick heartache's sting entices me tangled in soft blooms

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Fathomless Love

How do I express
the very depth of my love
when there are no words?

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the P is common

the P is common
pen, paper, poet, poem
always together

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Have I Hated?

Empty porridge bowl
Birthright sold, no blessing left
Tears and flying snots

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Stare of Fire

Her stare of sunshine,
Warmth that gives life to death.
Averted from me.

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Many Strong Have Fallen

Delilah's pleasures
Her head lain in Samson's lap
Blind, he grinds around

Concubines' treasures
Solomon's Playboy Mansion
Kingdom of idols

Bathsheba's gestures
Rivers and blood David stole
Hid to no prophet

Stronger have fallen
Your resistance is futile
If you compromise

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Vespers Midnight.....

                  Twilight sonata
     on swirling wisps of moonlight,
            enwrapped silver string

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The President

The number one civil servant shouldering a whole nation and in charge of its borders

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   Leaning on your spine
crippled by a dark desire
   unrequitted love.

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Voice singing praises
Blessings coming from above
Souls open with grace

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Doubling Down

A two and a nine. I would like to double down. Give me something big.

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Feel It

If only my tears
Could be the rain on your head
At least you'd feel it

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Sticky sheets

Caramel bodies
Get stuck between sticky sheets
My bed aches for more

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Deep blue sea

Dive into my sea
And ride the waves of pleasure
I hope you can swim

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One Quick Moment

two hearts beat as one,
heaven's door widely open,
I left hung on bliss.

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Mythological Amour Refreshment

when Eros marries
Eos you get a nuance
of love at daybreak.

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Caught in a wooden 
web, for playing hide and seek
a risky habit...

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Hollow Words

My thoughts as a whole
You patronize and cajole
And throw down a hole

By Robb A. Kopp

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gown great on Barbara

black-white stripes of the zebra

on deep green okra

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Oh My Food! (Senryu)

fly crushed onto glass 
lost, trapped, can’t find its way out 
buzzed for help but zapped! 

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My Ms Steamstress.....

             Dream weaver galore

       Lucky to have a steamstress

             Seamstress of visions

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She hangs her head, sighs
Looks like she’s forgotten me
I wish she’d look up

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digging in the dirt
laying furrows deep only
for sowing wild oats

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Incandescent light
Staring blankly at the screen
It’s a lot like love

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The blue lights soft glow
The darkness swallows it whole
The blue lights soft glow

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    Crackling  atmosphere

A bright and positive charge

   true love at first sight

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Threaded in silence
strings of golden looks and sparks
braid my eyes to yours.

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Lost again from sight
Bring the pain into the light
Surrender tonight

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They swallow camels,
Strain at gnats and make ten times
Worse their followers.

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Losing the Poker Face

These rice paper eyes
veneers to filter all thoughts
ignite with your touch...

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the Oscar

the Oscar goes wild
as the famed red carpet rolls,
M. Scorsese wins

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Comfort Foods

The spoon positioned
Upside down on my palate...
Tasting and grinding

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First Defense

This porcupine heart
surrounds the blown glass psyche
protecting sweet love.

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Love Under Stars

Silver strings and stars
floating, watching as we kissed
moon blown, out of breath.

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  moonlight dancers spin
on their balcony of love
  high above the truth

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In from the Cold

  Ice floe in my heart
River Styx once frozen fast
thawed by your great love

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... a self-portraitist

    he's the model, the artist

    it's him last, him first ...

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Rhyme's Reason

. . . stiff rhyme don't impose,
               use, describing toad or rose,
                         crisp, uncluttered prose . . .

. . . with clipped cadences,
               a thought sparkles, and dances,
                         mind's dalliances . . .

. . . rhyme, as reason's gown,
               doesn't  dumb or drab thoughts down,
                         as gem in the crown . . .

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looking beyond eyes,
seeing a beautiful heart,
captured by his touch.

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   deep, heavy breathing,
    ah, just a hormonal thing,
      love overrated!