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Senryu Mystery Poems | Senryu Poems About Mystery

These Senryu Mystery poems are examples of Senryu poems about Mystery. These are the best examples of Senryu Mystery poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Chamber of secrets
Locked in wisps of steel incense
Swabbed sulfur din

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Concealing Heart


                                 keeper of secrets
                            intimate memoirs grinning
                                visceral hope chest


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Who Are You?

jekyll and hyde

real personality hidden --


*for Chris Aechtner’s contest

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Virginia—Set Mothman Free!

Mothman ate your clothes?
No way; too big for dressers
—mus’be his baby cuz!

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Acquit Big Foot!

Leave Bigfoot alone
He didn’t squash your tomatoes
—It was swine flu!

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The Foot

Wow; not a dream dude
nor a mirage flash—but one:/
hairy big foot thing! 

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Probable Options in Life

Within mundane days
Countless options haunted once
Until best opted

Nothing rise nor fall
Only learning lessons gained
Real experience 

Time and space don't bind
Anything comes in mind's eye
Heights and slopes achieved

Sparks of lights mingled
Consciousness adopts matter
Reality without

Broader perception
Discerned beyond paradox
Life is a pattern.

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The old house whispers
Return me to yesteryear
Reveal my Secrets

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I'M A 3

always believing there's more -
using wit and charm

Contest: Andrea's "Tell Me Your Number"
Date: 9-26-14
Path Number: 3 (Destiny number also happens to be 3)
March 9

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Weep shadows of gloam, drip deep your leeching darkness Bring us now the night Settles in the hush Silent anticipation of the velvet cloak Revel in freedom as the stars guide our inward imagination Dreams and ancient fears rise like glowing unseen eyes which draw on our souls For we are creatures attuned to the moon's sweet call and so we answer With each breath we take we feed our fantasy's need with twilight's own musk
Paula Swanson For the contest Morning Noon or Night Senryus Sponsored by Francine Roberts Placement: 9th

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2 Haiku and a Senryu

Oh Great Mystery
Let me not forget myself
within my own prayers


Warm sun hits my face
hyacinth fragrant breezes
peonies dancing


Dancing Peonies
pink and purple faces sway
winking gracefully

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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

<                              the great ....  deceiver
                                practices artful ....  falsehood  
                                bold .... assumptions

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What is on the mind
How will I express it all
Looking for my voice

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Platypus Syndrome

                The debate rages,

           why is God our Platypus?

             one whole,many parts...


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Skeletal Halloween

Scary Halloween:
Skeletons burst out closets
with ugly secrets

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The Poetess


                                        Writing her great pearls
                                        Worn with pride everyday
                                        But shown clasp broken

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Starry Night

heaven's ancient light
sent billions of years ago
sparkles in your eyes

***Light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second
When you look at the stars, you are seeing light sent many eons ago

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sphinx on planet mars
a juicy proposition....
man's goal-- to travel  

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Land Of The Giants

arise from abyss
fable of beastly nature
angels empowered

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some questions
better left unasked
living illusions

**august 10, 2010

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"just make one up"

Sleep rejuvenates
Daily life extend to dreams
Night-mares passing through...

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Premium Member
All because of one of you..
Moved with gratitude!


*I just noticed a star by my name and membership access.  This is either an error that will be quickly corrected or someone annonomously blessed me!

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Unsolved Mystery

Jon Benet Ramsay 
similar Caylee Anthony 
murder mystery both

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Arizona Calling

Arizona Calling
Coyotes roaming;
Ululating at the moon,
Lonesome desert call.

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Sleepless Nights

troubled edge of dreams
a voice clearly cries my name
the voice of a child…

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Walking upon ground
Reoccurring vague-less thoughts
Orgin un-known

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Deceiver Senryu

slight of hand
deception –
the magician’s tools

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Life’s sparkle buzzed, danced;
Her life absconded by gun,
Soul departed earth.

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Earth Angel

Earth’s Angel
Her salient wings glowed;
With love she cradled wild world,
All rested in peace.

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I do not underestimate you.
My naive nature has shielded my fear...
Turn around.