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Senryu Life Poems | Senryu Poems About Life

These Senryu Life poems are examples of Senryu poems about Life. These are the best examples of Senryu Life poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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                                       Turning point in life
                                       Eternal satisfaction
                                            Fuel euphoria

By: Eve Roper

Copyright © Eve Roper

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lady of the night
performs tricks in an alley....
father taught her well

Copyright © Chris D. Aechtner

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A Weakness among us

When the rain falls from
Heavens that God created,
we accept through Faith.

When a story's told 
of long ago we doubt, Oh  
Ye of little faith ..

Copyright © Judy Konos

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Tears in a Bottle

Tears in a Bottle
doors open, doors close wasted opportunities – tears in a bottle
Entered in contest “One Solo Epic Senryu or Haikyu – In a Bottle” sponsored by Poet Destroyer A (7-22-2014).

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez

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You May Not Agree

Oh the cock may crow
but hens deliver the goods...
more to life than sex.

© Harry J Horsman 2013  

Copyright © harry horsman

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Meaningless Meaning

We deceive ourselves,
To try to hide from our own

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday

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Love and Learn

One learns nothing
till one falls out of love....
rebuilding life

Copyright © harry horsman

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Reality Bites

I am a product:
made, packaged, and marketed...
past my use-by date?

May 2014

Copyright © Keith Trestrail

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Chamber of secrets
Locked in wisps of steel incense
Swabbed sulfur din

Copyright © Xavier Keough

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No Regrets

unfold age
fold in youth
find lost time

Copyright © James Marshall Goff

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' The Power of A Poet ... ' 32nd Senryu

‘The Power Of A Poet’      32nd  Senryu

        Look How Devoted
       The Power of A Poet
    See How Words Spoke It

This Poem is My Tribute to:

Carolyn Devonshire (The Dove)
and James (The Highlander) Fraser
for your Powerful collaboration on:

      Mother Nature's Revenge

        It Was Truly Awesome


Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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Tranquil Waters

Her dark eyes reflect
Tranquil waters beyond dusk
When she does not cry.

Copyright © Veronica Merka

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The Essence Remains

December 29, 2014

sweet pea scent
her dolls still sprawled across room
bed unmade

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal

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Say it now!!!

Give me my life back
Satan release your grip—now!
God’s love—can’t touch that!


Now believe it
Continue to live by it
Let it manifest!

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr

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Buoyant Power, Seas Of Weak

The small pebble  sinks,
The Huge steel ship floats and sails,
lost and  found in waves.


Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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Wait For Me

Do not leave me now
I am here by your side and...
Heaven will wait dear

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown

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Standing still head's up
Retrospect greatest pitfalls 
Mass consciousness whim 

Wandering till dawn
Waiting brave for the result
Less breathe heartless beat

Until the mind soar
Now is inexplicable
Sufferings indeed

People grim anew
For the best of all Juries
Render canny nod

Continued service
Captivated voter's wit
Last laugh never ends.

Copyright © marvin celestial

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Jokers Lament

eyes of deepest blue
lips sweet as maple syrup...
his dog loves him too

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown

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Senior Moment?

How is it that I

Can forget the objective

Before I get there?

Writer's Note:

No, I'm not a senior (not even close) so I don't have any excuse for this dilemma!  


Copyright © Donna Golden

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Being One

Glitters spread all over
Seeking reflections amidst
becoming steadfast

Long lost better half
Reunite even afar
Sharing out fragments

Standing still staring 
Beyond space and time searching
A spark that mislead

Now after decades
Attracting as one fellow
When moments unfold.

Copyright © marvin celestial

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Ripe Mango

your presence is:
sweeter than a ripe mango
filling to the soul

© Joseph, 6/11/08
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr

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Fornicated bliss
Devoured, unearthed, blinded
Tomorrow lacks sight

© Drake J. Eszes

Copyright © Drake Eszes

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'Grow fainter'

our doubts fade away when our focal point becomes positivity

Copyright © Wilma Neels

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never to speak much
actions have louder voices...
bottled up feelings

smiles never reach eyes
sunshine facade, cheerful masks~
cracks begin to show

heart only takes much
all but ready to explode--
tick tock, bomb goes off

blows to soul, battered
freedom beckons, chains broken--
true smiles: "I'm leaving."

**for Paula's Say now, what you couldn't say then contest 


Copyright © binibining P.iNk

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A caring One

A caring one is more 
Than sweet fragrance,
Even when sweet fragrance ends,
The caring one remains...

Copyright © Charles Melody Lightning Ink

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Like Pieces of a Puzzle

Like Pieces of a Puzzle
a jigsaw puzzle scattered on a table top… pieces of my life

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez

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Sleepless Nights

first sunbeams on my infant's face the chair still rocking

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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Violinist Composition

I hear the straw hum
stretched chords groan and snag my heart
leaving me composed.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney

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You Will Feel

be mindful
human rights are human ways
that lead down

be careful
the words above always remain
wear no crown

trap the sin
destroy the lie of conceit
look within

don't consume all that you see
you will feel
wrong like fire

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal

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death's breath is warm

death’s breath is warm a welcome reprieve in the winter of life

Copyright © Suzette Richards