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Senryu Introspection Poems | Senryu Poems About Introspection

These Senryu Introspection poems are examples of Senryu poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Senryu Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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' The Power of A Poet ... ' 32nd Senryu

‘The Power Of A Poet’      32nd  Senryu

        Look How Devoted
       The Power of A Poet
    See How Words Spoke It

This Poem is My Tribute to:

Carolyn Devonshire (The Dove)
and James (The Highlander) Fraser
for your Powerful collaboration on:

      Mother Nature's Revenge

        It Was Truly Awesome


Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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Thought Tumbler

Shiny in confines
ricocheted thoughts tumble on
and emerge as gems.

Copyright © Tatyana Carney

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Standing still head's up
Retrospect greatest pitfalls 
Mass consciousness whim 

Wandering till dawn
Waiting brave for the result
Less breathe heartless beat

Until the mind soar
Now is inexplicable
Sufferings indeed

People grim anew
For the best of all Juries
Render canny nod

Continued service
Captivated voter's wit
Last laugh never ends.

Copyright © marvin celestial

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Being One

Glitters spread all over
Seeking reflections amidst
becoming steadfast

Long lost better half
Reunite even afar
Sharing out fragments

Standing still staring 
Beyond space and time searching
A spark that mislead

Now after decades
Attracting as one fellow
When moments unfold.

Copyright © marvin celestial

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In full splendor now
        Dried up, dying tomorrow
                   Laughter and sorrow.

25 February 2015

Copyright © Kim Patrice Nunez

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Battle Armor

There is no weapon
More destructive than your fear
No shield like your faith.

Copyright © Timothy Brumley

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Gathering Dust

emerald still pond yellow musty pages hoarded cobwebs of the mind © (03 Mar '15)

Copyright © poesy relish

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They sound quite brilliant,

                            The rantings of a madman...
                                                         To those with like minds!

                                                          Timothy I. Brumley

Copyright © Timothy Brumley

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Beyond Perceptions

I live on a plane
higher than your perceptions
you can't define me

my heart is my home
those who are sincere enter
not all are welcome

I hurt and I bleed
yet I'm indomitable
you can't destroy me

veiled in mystery
secure from all prying eyes
I disrobe for love

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian

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                                               Lost in memories
                                         Surrender you by my side
                                             Missing love of life

                                             Anne Rutherford
                                              Copyright 2013
                                          Poems From The Heart

Copyright © Anne Rutherford

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' Language Lesson Learned ... ' 59th Senryu

‘ Language Lesson Learned … ’   59th  Senryu

    I Don’t ‘ Speak ’ Evil
I Don’t ‘ Understand ’ Wicked
    Translation … Ended

Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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reflective pool calm, still, dark, enchanting... Eve's youth eddied

Copyright © Sara Kendrick

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' Raul Moreno, Poet - Sensei ... ' 56th Senryu

‘ Raul Moreno, Poet- Sen•sei … ’   56th  Senryu

   Like Marco Polo
Haiku Master, Moreno
Explores Nature’s Show

From Magnanimous Me (he! he!)  (LOL)
             Love Your Poetry, 
        Your Poet-Pal, MoonBee

Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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I'm Cleaning Up My Act

<                                        amidst thy shell's core

                                          healing of ones soul begins

                                         with .........  wholesome cleansing 





Copyright © Katherine Stella

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Sip Carefully

Never spill a word

     That cannot be wiped away

           Love that keeps stain free

Copyright © Carrie Richards

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Distill emotion
to one cliché “I love you”
call it poetry

Wrap all your feelings
in colorful box, ribbons,
call it greatest gift

Inflated ego
sworn superiority
call it all I need

I hear no trace of
regret in the voice speaking
of indiscretions

I see no sign of
truth in the dark eyes that claim
to love me only

I feel not the touch
of kindness from hands that give
only when they need

Hit-and-run kisses
when all I need is for you
to linger a while

Beware the high ground
only time until the fall

Singular captures
only the essence of one
and that one is you

I lost myself there
sometimes I think you love me
for bending to you

So say it’s untrue
though every verb indicates
quite the contrary

I can not believe
manipulated words when
you’re hiding your eyes

Redeem, for this heart
that fell blissful into you
is reaching out still

Copyright © Tracy Decker

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' Devonshire and Fraser ... ' 44th Senryu

‘ Devonshire and Fraser … ’      44th   Senryu

Some Poems, Highland Fling
Kilt-Clad-Portrait, Scotland’s Theme
The Laird of Sweet-Dreams

Devonshire, The Dove
A Vision Of Light and Love
Highland, Speaks Well Of …

Together They Write
All Combinations Delight
Deep Thinkings, With Might

For:          The Dynamic-Duo of Poetry Soup
      James Fraser and Carolyn Devonshire – ( 2 Scoops)
                  You’re In My Must Read Group …

                              Your Poet-Friend,
                                             The  MoonBee

Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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One last failed attempt
Reaching for the moon and stars
For once I succeed 

Copyright © Joseph Silva

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Last month now seems the
distance of long ago, when
hope stood in doorways

Your walls familiar,
yet strangely distant for the
backdrop of a year,

a year I think I’d
rather let fade into the
folds of memory…

Never needed you,
but only what I thought you
could have provided – 

excitement, promise,
without a thought to the fact
that I was empty

and you could never
fill those places that simply
longed for her within…

I sought you, I found
miles of nothing underneath
laughter’s skeleton

and I cried for us,
not because we were ever
anything, but for

all that we once thought
we could have gained, and all that
in this, we have lost.

Copyright © Tracy Decker

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  Who are you today?
providence or choice decreed
  oh ,divided heart.

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren

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genius or madness

genius or madness

sometimes just one distinction --

     measure of success

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire

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About the girl in my math class whose name I'm not brave enough to ask - Love

I see no numbers
hers is the only figure
she's my addition

Copyright © Dylan Catalano

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' Electricity ... ' 51st Senryu

‘ Electricity … ’      51st  Senryu

        His Life Spark In All
   Electric-Stuff, Always Stall
… Unplugged … From The Wall

Copyright © MoonBee Canady

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Pay It Forward

troubles ruled the day but a smile and a kind word made a difference perhaps one day soon you will have an occasion to pay it forward
For the Small Gifts contest...

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick

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Who Deceives Who?

Again lie to me.... 
I hear you
see you in my mirror

Copyright © William Kershaw

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To be young again.

                             Bit of a stretch, like my skin

                                                                          at sixty seven!

*For Sunset Silouettes contest

Copyright © John Trusty

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Ozzy Who?

                           Crumbled into dust
                           Even Kings must die

Copyright © William Kershaw

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Yellow Chakra

animal kingdom
a solar plexus child
joy-- yellow chakra

Copyright © Susan Mills

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A Fish and a Dreamt

Evolution leaps
A fish and a dreamt took place
Mind rejected all

Day and night unfold
A fish and a dreamt persist
Brought opaque meanings 

As I go along
A fish and a dreamt haunt me
Now getting clearer

Every moment
A fish and a dreamt shed light
Abundant omens

Quest for knowledge ends
A fish and a dreamt revealed
Exultant promise.

Copyright © marvin celestial

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I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry


The manic depressives greatest tool 

Are you kidding me?

Copyright © Wayne Riley