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Senryu Imagination Poems | Senryu Poems About Imagination

These Senryu Imagination poems are examples of Senryu poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Senryu Imagination poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Seek Life after life
Illusive task to obtain
Beyond doubts and fall

Start and end  dramas 
Decipher complexities
Found partial answers 

Paradigm issues
Confusion overate quest
Esteem falters wit

Stand mindful actions
Stuck within clearer pathways
A stretch still needed

Persistent conscience
Always craved  enlightenment
Recall life purpose.

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Tranquil Waters

Her dark eyes reflect
Tranquil waters beyond dusk
When she does not cry.

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Thought Tumbler

Shiny in confines
ricocheted thoughts tumble on
and emerge as gems.

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Public Enemy -Over the Top-

******((Army of love))******

beautiful mattress
hot and riled explosive gift
nature at her best

***((Gone with the wind))***

the music
listen to the moaning wind
biting to the pain

******((Over & Over))******

the rainbow
fingertips touch a few drops
kiss of dew

*****((Midnight Cowgirl))*****

Texas scat scat
puts it in, in the muddy hole
Cowgirls gets it on

*****((rattle my bones))*****

taste my sweet spot
touch it, feel it, make it move
the earthquake

****((American Graffiti))******

their limbs trace, 
breathing accelerates
pulse race, excessively	

*****((Spice or Slice))******

haikus cake for two
hope you enjoy more than one
leaving you arouse


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Standing still head's up
Retrospect greatest pitfalls 
Mass consciousness whim 

Wandering till dawn
Waiting brave for the result
Less breathe heartless beat

Until the mind soar
Now is  inexplicable
Sufferings indeed

People grim anew
For the best of all Juries
Render canny nod

Continued service
Captivated voter's wit
Last laugh never ends.

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Being One

Glitters spread all over
Seeking reflections amidst
becoming steadfast

Long lost better half
Reunite even afar
Sharing out fragments

Standing still staring 
Beyond space and time searching
A spark that mislead

Now after decades
Attracting as one fellow
When moments unfold.

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Ripe Mango

your presence is:
sweeter than a ripe mango
filling to the soul

© Joseph, 6/11/08
© All Rights Reserved

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Violinist Composition

I hear the straw hum
stretched chords groan and snag my heart
leaving me composed.

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In The Corners

     When the lights dim
I will drift into your dreams
      lightly touching you

                                       Small whispers breathing
                                       in the corners of your soul
                                              bringing images

                                                                                 A slideshow of us
                                                                            with a faded yesterday
                                                                                memories not lost


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I'm Cleaning Up My Act

<                                        amidst thy shell's core

                                          healing of ones soul begins

                                         with .........  wholesome cleansing 





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The Mirage YOU see is POETRY

My Inspiration,                         My Only Beloved,                     My Most Dearest WIFE  
Fellow POETS' Masterpiece         Laureates of Poetry                  LENORE ELLEN : Laureate
Each Stanza THEY WRITE          Poetic Knowledge                     With  POETIC LOVE

Bringing Memories                  Yesteryear POETS                      Living in Our HEARTS
From the Future, to the Past   They INSPIRE all of Our POEMS    Fellow POETS' words of Life
EMOTIONS of LOVE                FEELINGS ; I DON'T KNOW           Penned For History

UNCONDITIONAL                   ANSWERS : Created                  With Feathered QUILLED Pen
Education and Learning           FOR ALL the Future POETS        Write SALUTATIONS TO THEM
POETRY IS Life                       Rhyme : withstands all TIME     Write with HEART AND SOUL

Inspired By and Dedicated To Laura Mckenzie      Author Notes ; Read Top to Botom Left to
Right. Read each Horizonal line Left to Right  Example line one all three Senryu 
My Inspiration, My Only Beloved, My Most Dearest WIFE Also Read Capital Words in the 3 

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Cubic Romance

With a Van Gogh Sky,
Above a Monet garden;
Picasso lovers.

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Your Umbrella

If you let a smile
Be your only umbrella
Expect a wet butt

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Car Wash Line

Car wash running hot
Backed up around the next block
Car in front just clunked

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Natural Reflection

Just like a flower
Sunshine stimulates her face
Sparkling with love

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Raul's Latest Contest

A tree stands alone
     Poets see such different
          Views to write haiku

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Natural Creation

Stepping from the ash
Indigenous people speak
Rising with the sun

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The Mighty Hulk

He is turning green…
Someone just made him real mad—
Keep the man happy!

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Virginia—Set Mothman Free!

Mothman ate your clothes?
No way; too big for dressers
—mus’be his baby cuz!

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My Best Friend

A husband,
My lover,
My best friend

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The Secret of Life

Traced undated thoughts
Conversed deepest life's questions
Ageless wit surmount

Mind traversed within
Whilst vibrant colors  made hue
Gently asked questions

Embraced each other
Radiating every facet
Life's truest secret.

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Innovation Invigorates Inspiration: Tribute To Michael Jackson

My main man Michael Where you’re is where you’re, J Keep shining like stars ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ © Joseph Spence, Sr., 6/28/09 © All Rights Reserved ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran. ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~

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Acquit Big Foot!

Leave Bigfoot alone
He didn’t squash your tomatoes
—It was swine flu!

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Quit Running

mom say's
quit running !!!!

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The Foot

Wow; not a dream dude
nor a mirage flash—but one:/
hairy big foot thing! 

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Two Eyes Contact Two Eyes

Two eyes two male eyes
     Follow upon my entrance
Stare a burning hole

Eyes continue follow
     As take place by window
Those married male eyes

Face to face desire
     Older with young woman
Eyes meet years pass ...still

Contest: "Eyes First Meet"
Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico
Written by:Sara Kendrick

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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

<                              the great ....  deceiver
                                practices artful ....  falsehood  
                                bold .... assumptions

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Death of the Bride of a Frankenstein

His lovely monster

Stitched and gilded fell apart

From his staunch patterns

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     broken glass

        detour ahead

            lights flashing

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That Sucks

<                                     on your own death bed 
                                       you couldn't even admit ........
                                       that you were married

Entry For Paula Swenson's Contest 
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
G.L. All

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In The Clouds

grass tickling my neck watching pictures in the sky my own gallery

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'constant performer'

constant performer made life her permanent stage show has been cancelled

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Menacing Moms

<                                     just look at my son ...
                                 down to size of thirty two
                                 ....    fencing hackling

                                      meat and potatoes ...
                                   leftovers from my mother
                                 ...  well isn't that special

                                     eat sleep and ... running
                                     thats all I will ever see
                                   ...  glad father isn't here

Written by Katherine Stella
For Dr Rams IN-LAWS Contest
Gl All

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Recipe Of Me

                                                        I didn't spill the soup...
                                                     Nor jiggle the spoon too...
                                                        Just played a napkin...

                                                         But when all asleep...
                                                         I spice up the recipe... 
                                                       My flavor then speaks...


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Empty Shoes

I see empty shoes

stories waiting to be heard

lonely hearts and minds

(April 6, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Ship In A Bottle

my dream vacation
blue blanket, ocean water
ship in a bottle
July 18, 2014 Contest: One Solo Epic Senryu or Haiku - In a Bottle - Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A

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Alluring Title

                                           Alluring title
                             Click look at who commented_
                                     Me, senior moment

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Land Of The Giants

arise from abyss
fable of beastly nature
angels empowered

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Ice King

the color of cold blue reflecting silver light pain pierces the dream
Barbara Gorelick I tried this on a HOT day in California=melting ice bathes a sunburn

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Ice King

 Ice that will freeze the heart
shaking icy mountains
roaring like a lion does
thunder echoes around
with ice in hands body turns to stiff
heart faints weaker
Tears fall of cold imprinted on face
beneath his mask lips of lavender 
face as white as a ghost
Fatigue of a warrior 
ice blades that cut razor sharp
heart turned to blue
from harsh torture of his endless soul
among the most powerful 
the king of winters
with ice of bone he conquers all


Brian Otoole .......

Poem for  ((skat-oz ICE KING Contest))

(((I held an ice cube today in my palm for almost 15mins in my room with full ac power on held it tightly and after palm froze stiff I imagined the pain of dieing by ice)))
 so I took sub zero picture you posted and it inspired me way more to write this poem for your ice king contest and feel to pain of the ice and cold in palm and in my still very cold now even after this poem 

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Ice King

With a frozen quill he unleashes brittle words--- a sword of ice Sculptured from cold glass within a fragile kingdom cracks in the veneer In a kingdom of ice a crystal world could splinter by noble warnings
........... By Carrie Richards note: Even on a hot day, one cube allowed to melt, causes an ache in the palm then relief dabbed on the forehead by the remaining cold water A mixed blessing.....

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The A-Team

Here comes Santa Claus
The Easter Bunny’s with him
Great! Tooth Fairy too!

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Earth Angel

Earth’s Angel
Her salient wings glowed;
With love she cradled wild world,
All rested in peace.

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A bad girl she was;
Jail housed her sardonic tongue,
Many tongues bath her.

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I Don't Give A Hoot

<                             beneath swollen moon
                               silhouttes conjoinment dance
                               hooting escalates  

Entry For
Sensuous Senryus

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You Are My Sunshine

<                             covered chocolate
                       bursting ......  cherry implosions
                               over pallets tongue

                                a bit of sunshine
                         waiting for the right peeler ....
                             orange ya glad its you

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Angel Pennies

Pick up lost pennies
You may get an angel kiss
It is worth a try

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Nectar Niche

Pure inspiration:
honey combed wax bursting sweet
between mandibles.

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cruise ship

morning fog
a cruise ship appears
in the horizon

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His Majesty

<                                                symbolic ~ icon
                                     representing .... Red ~ White ~ Blue
                                         the ~ Great    ~       Bald .....  Eagle

Tribute To
The Bald Eagle

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Scintillating Prophecy

Scintillating eyes
Prophetic sparks of passion
Fulfillment awaits

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel
Waving arms and legs;
Smiling at moon and bright stars,
Angel trails behind.

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     A season of cold

   White snowflakes cover the ground

      Winter's lion roars

   Season: Winter

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her splendor unseen now eclipsed by corrosion statue in the rain

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Pathos, Gusto, and Crimson Taste.

Chameleon, this tongue.
Coloring words to convey
emotion's spectrum.

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Visionary Clouds

 visionary clouds
 float towards future dreaming
 momentary bliss

 (c) Copyright Christine A Kysely All Rights Reserved
 (October 24, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin USA)

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Death's Laugh

I see death
It just laughs
I laugh too.

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Disco Ball

Disco Ball
Frenetic feet tap;
Across the room
Shy boys gather,
First dance jitters crawl.

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Four Angels In A Field Of Green

"Four Angels In A field Of Green"
deep carmine pink lips
her flowing sun dress, fuschia 
a spring flower blooms...
lite pastel blue print
with a splash of daffodil 
innocence dances...
amber champagne flesh
her raspberry sun dress flows
bitter sweet her love...
dark scarlet draped grace
a midriff of native brown
I mingle in thought...

Senryu String

Poet~Rick Parise

Contest~ "The Sundress"

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The end of the world — 
I will see you all in hell.
May I rest in peace.

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What Time Is It

spring ahead fall back
tick...tock....tick...tock ...  just ticking ...
waiting for Winter 

Gotta Just Love That White Stuff   LOL

Winter Is My Chose For Season Senryu

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What is on the mind
How will I express it all
Looking for my voice

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Sylvan bronze waif hides;
She sprints through the dense thickets;
Doves coo at their Queen

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Senryu Jan29

sunset glow paper boats sail away worry gone

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Free Falling

by Michael J Falotico

                                                        Cries in the dark swim..
                                                      Asleep in a world not real..
                                                         Feet running in place..

                                                         Steps taken in haste..
                                                The edge not seen but still touched..
                                                       Free falling from dreams ..

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I am the ice king.
My heart and soul are chilled, fuzed
Into an ice spear.

The cold can't touch me.
I have forgotten the warmth
Of the human touch.

I am alone, lost.
Yet I search for my purpose
By waging a war.

Side Note: 
Fresh ice cubes can bite
When held tight in bare hands.
But the cold felt good.

--Tara Andre

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By The Light of the Moon

standing on the shore
night's silver light bades me come
The water is fine

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Hungry For Words

senryu provides
with wit or irony some
ilk of food for thought.

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Prelude To A Kiss

two hands fingers laced lie prone upon crisp linen prelude to soft kiss loving eyes pairing gaze long wrapped in candle light unchained melody ~*~
Note: Daydreaming, again!

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I am nothing more
Than a simple blade of grass -- 
Walked on and wilting.

Details | Senryu | |


black noise;
treacle noise;
black noise circles my head;
black-like noise.
I hate-

Details | Senryu | |

Ray Charles

Where does the font go?

           When I rapid type away?

                   Blank screen - what'd I say?

Details | Senryu | |

Sweet Kisses

                            McDonald's breakfast...
                                                            .... sirupy kisses.

Details | Senryu | |


great expectations
pinned upon a knock on wood ~
Grim pens a new tale

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Chanting Light

In a lowlight praise,
Celestial incantations:
Worship of candles.

Details | Senryu | |

Stephen King(a Senryu)

you scared me so bad
all the evil things you write
the end was not seen

Details | Senryu | |

A dream of a thousand dreams

The dream of a thousand dreams,

transcends his mind into a ethereal reel,

altering his morality into a godly personality.

Details | Senryu | |

Wax Monks

The worship of light,
Scented prayers resonate:
Mass of lit candles.

Details | Senryu | |

The Devil Reigns


                                                     Kingdoms and powers
                                              All in his hands...bright future
                                                     Then the devil reigns

Details | Senryu | |


I love to write
I love to play with words
I love to conjure

Haiku on writing

Details | Senryu | |

Can You Help Me I'm Lost

lost and weary soles
looking for their better half
at Auschwitz bone yard

Details | Senryu | |

The Obligation

Wedding band binding
Constricting Obligating
Love bands holds uplifts

Details | Senryu | |


scream through my head
want to run but sleep instead…
monsters in my bed

By Robb A. Kopp

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Golfing (senryu)

golfer has two shirts 
play it safe on "T " says he— 
if a hole in one!

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upon imagination's sea-
                           to solo sail,the world around,to see

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close cut green chenille

close cut green chenille
steep peaks standing side by side
on shifting terrain

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A Fairy Tale

grasping a bright bloom
enchanting words he whispers
the birds sing praises

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In The Dog House

The Dog House
Caught, he lied to her;
His ebullient smile said all,
On the couch he sleeps.

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Sound Sleep

eyes dream fire burning house
stubbed toes don't waken

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Theory of forms

In a world of forms
Nothing is seen as perfect 
Except for ourselves

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Temptuous (6 little words/haiku)

Masculine scents,
his torso sighs - 



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Life flashes before my eyes

My eternal sleep
Should consist of one last wish
Dreams and not nightmares

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Winter Tree

                  Winter tree mistletoe loaded.....
                                                               standing underneath...

Details | Senryu | |

Sty Animation

if you feed it, then
it will continue to grow --
litter on the ground.

Details | Senryu | |

Fallens Refuge

So, this is where the 
fallen lay. Stripped of angels
wings, plummet to earth.

Details | Senryu | |

Cushions Please

raw jalapeno
flame going in the body
hard to sit when out

Details | Senryu | |


Love, I held her smile
For a light's brief time, her eyes caught
In the silent heart.

Details | Senryu | |

What if

mind turning, winking
imagery better left behind
trembling lips

Details | Senryu | |

My Mind is Renewed

I see you in new light—so bright! My mind is renewed

Details | Senryu | |


impressions of doubt

where my experience lies-

I write and revise

Details | Senryu | |



innocence wanders
in dreams of eternal flight-
a young angel blooms....



Details | Senryu | |

Do The Rumba

down by the sea shore -
silhouette conjoinment dance -
under cloud's cluster

Details | Senryu | |


my dearest love
sweet perfume in the morning
light me with your glow 

© Joseph, 6/5/08
© All Rights Reserved

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watch your back, 
don't get hit by the shadows
Karma, It happens! 

Details | Senryu | |


From afar looked nude;
Her incarnate bikini,
The ocean’s beach rose.

Details | Senryu | |

Freedom on the Highway

Our modern motor
Internal combustion engine
The automobile

Details | Senryu | |

7th Sounding

The 7th trumpet sounds
Nature takes her crown
Angels drop tears
Ending of human race is near. 

for "Nature's Revenge" contest sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire

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Worn Polished Shoes


                                         New shoes only best
                                          Italian Loafers_His
                                       Make do__children first

Details | Senryu | |

the dream don't wake up

the dream don't wake up sleep dream run away to beach.... in real life run run

Details | Senryu | |


  seclusion of mind  
  once a thought wonders freely  
  immobilized state

Details | Senryu | |

The Cracked Glass Mirror

the cracked glass mirror 
gets more images of me,
than a whole new one

Details | Senryu | |

Hard-drive Data of Congress

all congressmen asked
the forensics team to view
their hard-drive data

Details | Senryu | |

Plastic Dreams

                                                        Poetic pages
                                           Scribbled plastic dreams unfold
                                               House of cards with depth

Details | Senryu | |

hello love

Her beauty is love
So pristine, yet mystical
Hello love, hello

Details | Senryu | |

Yank Away

Midnight is waving a keen goodbye
It's time to yank away the galling music box 
Let the dawn echo your lullaby

Details | Senryu | |

Teachers and Students

At the eyes' corners
Such motley pupils hangout
For others' glimpses.

Details | Senryu | |

What Are You Waiting For

this wait
has alway's
meant never

Tribute To Martin Luther King

Details | Senryu | |

swatting the tought

swatting reasoning
interesting thoughts i have 
back to the fading

Details | Senryu | |


patchouli incense
opens nostrils --
fragrant dreams

patchouli incense
smolders ethereal --
phantom dreams

patchouli incense
burns as fingers --
massaging dreams

Details | Senryu | |

Rainy Days

During rainy days,
We relax with Indie songs,
As rain drops make music

Details | Senryu | |


Belief stands alone,
Light feeds upon the darkness
Darkness upon light

Details | Senryu | |


she held it tight
and sucked it dry.......
it was my bottle of coke!

Details | Senryu | |


Sea monster emits
screams to frighten beach-goer...
as an angel weeps.

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's contest,
" Nature's Revenge "

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Prisoner Of War

                                                 prisoner of war
                                         captive combat soldier -
                                              longing for rescue

Tribute To
 P.O.W  /  M.I.A.
You Are Not Forgotten

Bring Em Home
Never Give Up Searching

Happy Memorial Day
Love Kathy And Jenny

Details | Senryu | |

The Painting On The Wall

A gothic painting…
Of unknown spirits, staring
I shiver in fears

Details | Senryu | |

Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar
Music and drinks poured;
Fresh sushi on her body,
He chose his viand.

Details | Senryu | |

I climb the bed

I climb the bed 
with my brown eyes
sleek legs sleep

Details | Senryu | |

Write Away

a poem a day
keeps the doctor at bay with
good  hand exercise.

Details | Senryu | |

Summer Mentality

Fall in snow causing
Warm breeze on a summer night.

Details | Senryu | |

Luster Gone



                                                       Once new, shiny black
                                               Desired wanted loved obtained
                                                        Soul worn luster gone

Details | Senryu | |

Apple Of My Eye

apple of my eye
fourteen and keeps on growing
mama loves you Jen

Tribute To My Jenny
Mama Loves You Peanut

Details | Senryu | |

Telepathic Thoughts



                                        Man small as pebble
                                   Alone on the beach ....Angel
                                       Telepathic thoughts

Details | Senryu | |

Wondering and Pondering

star gazing
examining the heavens and pondering
my meaning

Details | Senryu | |

Enjoy Your Journey

I am president
of the U. S. A. with a
real birth certificate

which I used to run
for state senator and
the U.S. senate

I'll use all of my
energy and time to solve
the nation's problems

Meanwhile, if you are
searching for the long form, please
enjoy your journey

Details | Senryu | |

How Solutions Can Be Born

credit bills piling
on the kitchen table. it
is time for a fast.

Details | Senryu | |

bay area

infection gills
Gulliver's island
yellow submarine

Details | Senryu | |

Dwindling Time After Time

Back & forth
The swing dwindles and fluctuates forever caught in a spiraling breeze 
Time & again 

Details | Senryu | |


Moss water and sand
Portal to an ancient world
Sword in madden’s hand

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

Details | Senryu | |

High Noon (Senryu)

with six guns hanging
walked in saloon at high noon
outlaws backed their coats

© Joseph, 1/6/07
© All Rights Reserved

Author’s Comments:   The traditional Japanese Senryu format has three lines as 
follows:  the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five 
syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is 
about an emotional expression and things in general.

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Dream Writer

  unhinged flight of mind
wings unfurled to catch the stars
  writing in your dreams

Details | Senryu | |

Your Charm (Senryu)

rhapsody of you
sensations moving the soul
eloquence of charm

© Joseph Spence, 7/21/07
© All Rights Reserved

The traditional/classic Japanese senryu form has three lines:  the first five 
syllables, second seven syllables and third five syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for 
a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about an emotion 

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You've Been Chopped

fine tuned precision
mandolin wheels slicers ect
you've been chopped - goodbye

Tribute To Fine Foods

Entry For 
Matt Caliri's 
The Job Contest

Details | Senryu | |

Tailgating Slam

Tailgate party time
Chicken, steak, baby back ribs
Quarterback show down

Details | Senryu | |

Distress That Gets Ridiculous

impromptu Lamaze
pants are what great pain puts you
through when in a pinch.

Details | Senryu | |

Pay Me!

Tax time is coming
IRS is collecting
Wow--rich gets richer!

Details | Senryu | |

Happy Trails (Senryu)

Tentacles branching Rising up and spreading out Modern day highway © Joseph 11/23/07 © All Rights Reserved Author’s Comments: The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows: the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables. The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is about an emotional expression, human nature, and things in the human realms which maybe satiric or humorous.

Details | Senryu | |


Architectural Giants, our desire to build Higher than before

Details | Senryu | |

Silly Senryu

puts pencil point in poet's
paisley pants pocket

Details | Senryu | |

Mythical Onset 2

Angel views from sky
Mythical sea approaches
Hides her eyes from doom

Details | Senryu | |

Trick or Treat Sweetness (Senryu)

Halloween is here
treat me with some sweet candy
just like your sweetness

© Joseph, 10/30/07
© All Rights Reserved

Comments:   The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows:  the first 
has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables.  The 
pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is about an 
emotional expression, human nature, and things in the human realms which 
maybe satiric or humorous.

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Turn me into a Werewolf

Come to me werewolf And bite me, turn me into One of your own kind
Russell Sivey

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Life in the Clouds

To "live in the clouds"
is to self sufficient dream
a happy blizzard...

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In Daddy's chair

Turbulance ahead
Flying in your pampas chair
To the land of dreams

By Robb A. Kopp

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A Starry Wish (Senryu)

golden streak of light
flashes across the night sky
wishing on a star

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The traditional or classic Japanese senryu format has three lines:  the first has 
five syllables, second has seven syllables and the third five syllables.  The 
pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about 
an emotional expression.

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Power Kiting

Rip stop nylon wings
Like Icarus on the ground
Harnessing the wind

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

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Trunks and Hunks

Bronzed hunk on the beach Trunks falling, the girls screaming Oh my, man oh man Written for Katherine Stella

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Number Three

To join you as a genie
Me to serve you and you me
My wish number three 

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Mythical Onset

Angels watch from sky
Seeing mysterious waves
Hiding eyes from doom

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hover between worlds

embryonic suspension



(January 20, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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did in my mind's dawn-
                              as sun light greets the dawn

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Time Out

time out, my love
fire is everywhere…
our safety first

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Living my life to
Realize, dreaming as I
Fantasize my life...

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Smoking will kill you!

Gone crazy waiting for death

Ill take the filter

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

if we put our two
cents together, we will have
twice the change of minds.

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Chiromancy Hand In Hand

next time you shake a
person's hand, it could be a
future investment.

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Have Mercy On Me ( Senryu }

                                                   towering sacred grounds
                                             mountain stands in her solence
                                                         merciful praying

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We’re trying to fish
Tight line fish splashes water
Skip rocks somewhere else

By Robb A. Kopp

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Slight of Hand

       Like cheese to the rat
     easy meal unscruplous
            morsel illusion

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Pervasiveness Of Litter

sandwich of lettuce,
ham and swiss on the sidewalk
now evolved to waste.

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The Long Walk (Senryu)

land under water 
Berring Straits they walk no more 
jets now fly over 

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                need for muse is myth,

a poet is a wordsmith

                deep in his soul's pith

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       ... of cornucopia,

           of health and panacea,

           of dreams, Utopia ...

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X men live with me
five years old and wild and free
mutants home for lunch

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Brain Dance

Spidered vellum bows
cracked and twisted by the feet
of dancing daydreams.

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The Blessed Virgin Mary

                                                         tears washed
                                                the blood-soaked feet
                                                    of her beloved Son

In Loving Memory
Of the blessed
Virgin Mary

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Remembrance Senryu

Here lies a picture
And everyone who I am
One day after long gone 

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In a pensive pose
Steel and wood combined as one
Oaken mannequin.

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My Ms Steamstress.....

             Dream weaver galore

       Lucky to have a steamstress

             Seamstress of visions

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His Words

Through His mighty words
Power manifestation
When you obey Him

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Meeting Peter Cottontail

Katherine Stella
Meeting Peter Cottontail, 
What is on her mind?

Inspired by Kathy’s poem Peter Cottontail

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Dry Cleaners To The Rescue

when you don't want a
date, tell the person you have
pressing engagements.

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Cotton Candy

Sweet, fluffy colors
Weightless, twisted 'round a stick
Puffed up in a bag

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The Tasting of Sky Wishes

Sparks and white wires
holding electric glow hands
flash the darkened gulf.

Rusty stars still shine
against the indigo night
sky wishes tattooed.

I taste each sky wish
White glitter in synapse strings
rusty, but brilliant.

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Eyes Playing Tricks (Senryu Trilogy)

A slender black spot
On my bedroom door at night
Became a crawler.

Around the carport,
Up and down the hall peeking,
The lightning man ran.

Hideous tree men...
Shadows like bad guys reaching...
Monsters imagined.

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Two Sisters, One man

Two sisters, one man-
Well-tricked for his trickery,
Jacob gained two wives.

Two sisters, one man-
One weak-eyed and unwanted;
One was beautiful.

Two sisters, one man-
In love he wept for Rachel,
For sons loved Leah.

Two sisters, one man-
Mandrakes, sex bartered in hopes
Both would feel equal.

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              haiku need not rhyme..

                    thought sparks, terse verse, timeless time..

              verbosity, crime!

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digging in the dirt
laying furrows deep only
for sowing wild oats

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Alive on the pure
Skin,   a world freed from all sins...
Free,   as life begins.

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Spontaneous Outcomes

a paroxysm of 
applause in a crowd creates
a popcorn popping
reaction, but burst into
laughter you might be a clown.

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Dream Destination

Last night's dreams dispersed
like dandelion seed air
floating to the sky...

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Crusing Home

                                                      heading home 
                                              wavery- cringing-  buckling
                                                     honor the dead

     In  Memory 
      Of  Victims
  Unsung Heros
     To 35W S 
 Bridge Collasping

Have Photos on Blog

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I Never Dreamt This...

I never dreamt this…
naked ladies ere my eyes
what shall I do now?

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... hard, soft, heart metal,
    cloyingly sentimental,


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Rhymes Or Reasons

                                                         door opens
                                                      shots ring out
                                                no rhymes or reasons

In Loving Memory
Northern Illinois Victims

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Moon Mediation

Braille sand on my skin
Blind tide written, to be read
by the moon's fingers.

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Chronic Fatigue

it's like the dream where
you're running in sludge and can't
seem to get away.

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Catch Me in Motion

Stars in mica dreams
caught and carried down the stream
pooled in my star bank.

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Strangely Familiar

strengthens, burdens me,

          this strange familiarity

                    of every new day.

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Gorgeous Smile

Through your busy day
At meetings, work, lunch or play
Don’t forget to smile

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                                      swift stream rampages

                        over the edge of boulders

                                      that can't shout orders!

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Who Knows

search out who you're not,

          you'll be surprised who you are,

                    might you be a star!

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Afternoon Tan

She bathes in sunlight
Awaiting his lotioned hands
Only to burn more

He comes to her side
Balm splattered on her soft skin
Providing massage

She, in turn, quivers
As the chilly wet moisture 
Gives way to goose bumps

Hands give skin delights
As smiles fall upon the two
And heat between burns

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Unaware of Particul-airs.....

            Currents of starlight,
       swirl like faerie pixiedust
               unseen particles

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Saying Little Can Take Much

pithy things to say
often need plenty of wit
and thought before said.

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Rhyme's Reason

. . . stiff rhyme don't impose,
               use, describing toad or rose,
                         crisp, uncluttered prose . . .

. . . with clipped cadences,
               a thought sparkles, and dances,
                         mind's dalliances . . .

. . . rhyme, as reason's gown,
               doesn't  dumb or drab thoughts down,
                         as gem in the crown . . .