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Senryu God Poems | Senryu Poems About God

These Senryu God poems are examples of Senryu poems about God. These are the best examples of Senryu God poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Praise to Jesus The Son of God

Sing Allelujahs
All stars in the midnight sky.
Giving God all praise!

Jesus our Saviour
Wonderful King of All Kings
Son of God Most High.

Son of the morning.
A lily of the valley
Bright and morning star

Fairest of the fair
Mighty warrior, Valient Prince
Glory be to God!

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Womb her temple

Quiz Contest question    
define God in a word
"Mom" won first prize

If Mom equals God 
why nowhere temples for Mom?
"Womb" is her temple 


By Hitendra Mehta
April 2011

For Soup Contest 

Earlier : 7th Place in Members Contest - Senryu for Mom by Francine Robert


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God knows where we are

though I live with you
somewhere on the edge of love
God knows where we are

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God's and the Devil's -
The Devil stole to get his,
But God bought them back!


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Merchandised God


                                                        Cult image in jar
                                                        wax and wick to light the hope
                                                        Profit's flames from Faith 


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What an irony

His grace, each moment 
some choose to laugh, others cry; 
what an irony 

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god laughs

bellows across the clouds
god laughs

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God Fearing

Crucifixion framed

Wars fought in the above named
Convert or be maimed

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Sensitivity in good care always orderly and neat all these are next to godliness

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My God is Love

Love, ever-lasting Father of creation Keeper of my soul

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A Praiseful Prayer To God

1 : Thank-YOU for YOUR LOVE                     2 : I, YOUR Faithful Liege
     Great Blessings, I have received                  Folded hands, on bended knee
      I, YOUR Faithful Liege                                 Worship from my Soul

3 : Worship from my Soul                             4 : His Son, Who’s Risen
      The Gift, Everlasting Life                              His Precious SON : Salvation
      His SON who’s Risen                                    Lamb Among Lions

5 : Lamb among Lions                                   6 : His Throne : FOREVER
     Ascending to the Father                                 Glory of ETERNITY
     His Throne : FOREVER                                   Thank-YOU for YOUR LOVE

Inspired By (My) Sweetheart of  Poetry Soup’s Contest “ SOUL SPEAKS SENRYU “
      Dedicated To “ The FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT “ 

Author’s Note : I Believe YOU can read this Horizontally Also                   

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I do things my way
I ask God for forgiveness
I do things God's way.

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The Vital Holy Day

Getting ready for
Passover to shed us might
For joyous future

The significance 
Of God’s holiday is way
More vital than us 

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God is love

there is at all times                                                                                                    one closer than a brother                                                                                             who will never leave you

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The Purpose of My Existence

made by God's design sustained by His love and grace I exist for Him
6/22/15 For Marvin Celestial's Senryu Your Own Existence contest.

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From sinning lovers
screaming out his holy name,
clever deceiver         

Contest: Brevity – The Short Of It
Sponsor: Casarah Nance

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Thank-You for YOUR LOVE
Great Blessings, I have received
I, YOUR Faithful Liege

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The Undeserving

The undeserving
Going under in despair
God saves certain men

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Born with handicap
Help them to feel safe and sound
God's special angels.

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A fool seeks counsel
From devilish advisors
Wise men look to God

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He is singular
the father of universe;
we only destined

like the phoenix
the soul flies out of bodies;
resurrects again

who gets it again
he, the believer in Him;
who surrenders self

new life is given
mind and heart in consonance;
only with His grace

a life when bursts forth
like a fountain of pure joy;
His sweet love pours out 

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                                                       bucket of mango
                                                   in decaying condition
                                                    good one is helpless

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Soften my heart

God can still soften 
Even the toughest of hearts
Making me pliant

Written July 24, 2014
©2014 by Regina Riddle

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God Brought You to Life

God brought you to life;
why do you want to misuse
it, and ignore Him?

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Purified and so in Peace,
I define myself as Blessed....
the Warmth Renews ME!....


this blanket feels right
i forgot about uptight
God's Path Is My Plight....


craving is tempting
raving for Him is Better....
the Current I Swim....

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Let go and let God

God fights our battles
if we tell Him about them
Let go and let God

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Breath of God

I cherish my soul
A gift only God can give
It's the Breath of God

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WHO ELSE BUT 1 senryu

killing fields do bleed
fulfilling shields do i need

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In God We Trust

It’s written on our
Money, but we worry about
The economy.

We must trust God. Read
Your money. It’s in God’s hands.
Well, do we trust God?

In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to 
me? Psalms 56:4

wrote 1-13-10

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God Bless America

                                                         Mountain majesty
                                                      Amber waves of fruited grains
                                                        God bless America