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Senryu Angst Poems | Senryu Poems About Angst

These Senryu Angst poems are examples of Senryu poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Senryu Angst poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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That Stalker

He strolled.
He paced each day.

That Stalker!

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Meaningless Meaning

We deceive ourselves,
To try to hide from our own

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he died in the war
no Daddy and no present
the child.. never born

*I grieve for the children, their joy and smiles, who will never be..
Because their future Daddy died in the war!

Date: 6-15-14

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Slave and Can't Help It

Hidden for so long,
Because of Society.
Someone, no one knows!

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New World

a world forsaken
warring factions ne'er at peace...
a new horizon.

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Irrlichter/Will-o'-the-wisps/Mala luz

Irrlichter im Nebel 
Träume in unruhiger Nacht 
Sind schnell vergessen


Will-o'-the-wisps in fog 
The dreams in some restless nights
Are quickly forgotten


Mala luz en la niebla
Sueños en noches inquietas 
Son rápidamente olvidados

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Distill emotion
to one cliché “I love you”
call it poetry

Wrap all your feelings
in colorful box, ribbons,
call it greatest gift

Inflated ego
sworn superiority
call it all I need

I hear no trace of
regret in the voice speaking
of indiscretions

I see no sign of
truth in the dark eyes that claim
to love me only

I feel not the touch
of kindness from hands that give
only when they need

Hit-and-run kisses
when all I need is for you
to linger a while

Beware the high ground
only time until the fall

Singular captures
only the essence of one
and that one is you

I lost myself there
sometimes I think you love me
for bending to you

So say it’s untrue
though every verb indicates
quite the contrary

I can not believe
manipulated words when
you’re hiding your eyes

Redeem, for this heart
that fell blissful into you
is reaching out still

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I'd Like to Know

The freeways are packed,
Long faces, fatigue, stress
Where are you going?

Like rats in a maze,
Guzzling gas, polluting air
What is so important?

Cell phones and laptops,
Purity of quiet lost
Mankind advances?

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Black Friday traffic
So I'll shop online today:
Coffee and my robe


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My Cheating Husband (written for Rauls contest)

My cheating husband
Our love betrayed and broke
I must travel on

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The Stranger In The Mirror

From where did you come
wrinkled with hair turning gray?
Please, just go away !

~~~~~~~~~  inspired by Daver Austin's poem
                               "Golden Years"

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If The Good Lord Tarries -

in five thousand years
our entire planet may be
a cemetery…

***Cremation anyone? Burial at sea?

For Susan’s contest

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Judge signed the last page
Bloody headprints paint my rage
The stage to my cage

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Lovelier Than A Rose

Oh lovely rose song
Pressed in that book for so long
Music can't be wrong

Memories that stay
always recurring array
Learning how to pray

Thoughts engraved so deep
Everlasting pure, keep
Reminding of love

Oh that lovely rose
Pressed in that book that was closed
She lovingly chose

Memories that say
True love won't take her away
Momma I miss you

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The Casino Changed My Life

Tried it once
Left craving for more
Addiction took hold

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Oh, hello black hole
How long until I reach hell
Free falling rabbit


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senryu 7 - decay

~~ life is but nothing when health has gone to decay - a passion for death ____________________________________ September 1, 2013 Senryu Written for the contest, Passion Pays, Not Patience, Dr. Mehta

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A Mother's Thoughts on Post War Landmines

Sorrow sparks sunrise
Where can my children roam free?
My tears fill oceans


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Eight Months of Heat

Two months past solstice
Subtropical climate sears
Just open the door

Step into oven
Midday sun chars skin and lawns
Sweat flows so freely

Water use rises
AC gives welcome relief
Scalding sand on beach

Take frequent showers
Florida lifestyle envied
Northerners don’t know

Blazing heat last months
Visits to the Sunshine State
Best planned in winter

*Entry for Francine’s contest, written August 22, 2011 by Carolyn Devonshire

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Look out my window
Street below lures it's victims
Neon lights blinking


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haiku or senryu

haiku or senryu 
doesn't matter I'm still

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Just another one

It is hard to miss
A person you never knew
Which is all she was.

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Tombstone - Like The Four Horsemen

they walked along
weathered, carrying their guns;
like the four horsemen…

down to the O.K.
guns blazing, bullets flying;
smoke clears, the strong stand…

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exquisitely played

exquisitely played
by the master. . . . 
my heart-strings snapped 

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Don't Spread the Hate

retelling the words
of the past pain that she caused---
forgive her sooner

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One More Night

one more night
buried again
daylight saves me

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My Soul Cried Out

Open the door LORD.
I have only cheated once.
LORD, please let me in.

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When Crickets Moan

Disembodied howls
Tunneling through the black night
My soul begs to rest

August 2014
© All Rights Reserved

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Skeletal Halloween

Scary Halloween:
Skeletons burst out closets
with ugly secrets

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Irish emigrate again

children emigrate

as Ireland’s cubs journey down

old ancestral paths