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Sad Places Poems | Sad Poems About Places

These Sad Places poems are examples of Sad poems about Places. These are the best examples of Sad Places poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Blank verse | |


My hands and feet are numb
for I am cold and I have no
home to give me warmth.
A home and warmth are two
things I search for that is why
people call me a bum.
I have not eaten but I have
prayed and my prayers have
not yet been answer for I have
not eaten in days.
So I'll just lay in my place of 
sleep and pray once more as I
search for warmth,  for I have
found my home, The streets.

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Sweet Suburbia

Driving down the street,
sweet suburbia exhales,
scents of butter pecans
and apple blossoms penetrate the wind,
but secrets hide behind this serene atmosphere.

Momma's passed out on the couch,
Jack's become her best friend.
She has numbed out the pain around her,
rejects the truth.

Bobby loves his gun,
he knows how to make it all come to an end.
One day he'll have the courage,
and take everyone else with him.

Suzy hides in her closet,
she doesn't want daddy to find her,
have his ways like he does.
She just wants to fade away and die.

Papa's working late,
thinking of his sweet desert,
no one knows the world he creates,
while he pushes reality away.

Mittens sits in the windowsill,
watches the strangers pass by,
his tail twitching back and forth,
the only thing that knows the truth behind the doors.

While the house silently cries,
the world will still drive by.
Smell the sweetness in the wind,
be hypnotized,
by a sweet suburban lie.

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A Brief Childhood

In the back of my head, in the garden shed,
I see him as clearly as fresh white paint:
A little boy sat on the creosote floor, 
Dragged grazed knees hugged up to his chin, 
So familiar, so resonant and never faint. 
He shivers and weeps on the wooden ground, 
Alone, almost silent, with hardly a sound, 
In retreat from a world he cannot understand 
That Is ruled and defined by a callused hand.

It's his seventh birthday and a slowing flood 
Of mucus and blood flows from swollen lips, 
A tooth bares a nerve and a jagged chip, 
But the pain means no more than dandelion clocks 
Or cuckoo spit; the act alone the gestalt of it.

Some days he would walk for miles, 
To see beyond the next hill, around the bend, 
Kicking slowly along, his shadow twice his size, 
Dwarfing him, tracking him, a passive friend. 
Perhaps to find some haven, someone to 
Take him in, rescue his heart, and want him;
But strangers, though kindly, approached 
With the dusk and it always ended the same way:
"Where do you live?" they would say
And thoroughly drilled, he would quietly reply,
In emotion drained monotone,
His address and number of the telephone,
And they always took him back home.

Some days he would walk for miles,
To sit on the edge of the viaduct, 
Perched perilously with nothing to lose, 
Dangling feet in small scuffed shoes, 
Dropping pebbles and stones to the 
Rocks and undergrowth far, far below, 
Imagining if he may fall in their stead, 
What then would be left to know?

The fall down the stairs snapped his ankle
Like a spindly twig, fractured some ribs,
Dislocated his jaw.
The children's ward, antiseptic and bright,
Young nurses in uniform, starched and white
Were so kind to him, he almost cried, bringing concern
And orange squash and a paper straw.

Sometimes it’s like this when things go wrong, 
A scapegoat is needed to blame things on. 
People thought him shy, with head bowed low, 
Lost in comics and books, lost in himself, 
Denying the threat of another blow. 
He was not shy, just hiding and biding, 
Keeping his head down and trying not to show.

Life is a scoundrel, and time a cohort thief, 
Stealing a childhood with no reprieve, 
Leaving only the slow burning sense of relief, 
That an unpleasant childhood seemed mercifully brief.

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Plockton - Wester Ross

The greatest holiday gift I ever received  
Goes back so many, many years
Before my life became turmoiled
And before my tears for fears

I was a child like many out there
Torn, strewn and split of kin
Mother and father in differences
Confused at seven, wearing their same skin

For I was one of the lucky ones
To a Highland Estate I would go
It's on the west coast of Scotland
Where my holidays desired me so

Secretly I internally smiled
For a whisper of where I was heading
To live with a movie star hero
No longer my life was in dreading

We were picked up by a man so fine
His manners were an absolute joy
Regimental he was in his approach
To me, just a seven year old boy

We travelled through the village of Plockton
Crystal clear waters edged to it's shore
I knew from this very moment
Being here ebbed previous family sores

On entering his house I was in awe
Movie pictures came to my view
They were images of James Bond
At seven I was totally through

A voice called to me
Hey James! sit down and I'll tell you me
Still in circles in walking awe
This is what he told thee

My name is Patrick Dalzel Job
In the Second World War I served
But this recognition I bestow
Humbles me to it's deserve

This honour that's been given
Was blessed by a colleague in war
What desired Ian Fleming to be so striven
Possibly, what we were fighting for

We served on the same destroyer
Fighting to make the future free
His tribute, in his novels I became
James Bond, it's incredibly me

Not many seven year olds have stayed with James Bond.
This seven year old Scot's boy has, maybe I learnt?

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The dying red giant

It stands alone
in a field of loneliness and neglect
the bright red paint has faded into a murky brown
a strict reminder from mother natures pounding fury through the years
once housing a families treasures
now only stores their forgotten tears

The door hangs lazily from its missing bolts
its hinges silent and perfectly rusted
as children we played inside its sturdy walls
now, it cant be trusted

It stands alone
the barn...
surrounded by a field of weeds and decay
tired and broken
it waits for its eventual collapse
a once bright red smile has faded
its loneliness has no purpose
not anymore

Details | Free verse | |

Train, Alone

I wail lonely
in your distances
as endless trestles travel I


I was here I was
on your horizons,
present in your town

Come, ride with me
Come, keep me 
from obsolescence, keep me

Without you
Within me
I am meaningless,

For how can I see, and, yes,
Who can I show,

If  not you... if not you... if not you 

Details | Quatrain | |

The Vietnam War

The pro-Hanoi Vietcong many years ago
In the 1950's Diem's government they'd overthrow
All opposition was crushed killed or jailed
These elected ones to their people they failed

This Buddhist country so religious in belief
Now politically torn apart, impending future grief
In the early 1960's with the CIA in place
Discussing with Vietnam's generals, Diem, assassinated in disgrace

With the Vietcong army, growing from strength to strength
Another communist foothold, going to any lengths
In 1965, with 3500 U.S. Marines in place
By December of that year, 200,000 in many a base

These U.S. Marines, in their defensive mode
Over the coming months, peace would soon erode
With the Tet Offensive upon us, and the "Battle of Hue"
The Americans were now involved, this bloody war now brews

One decision to end this conflict, came in 1969
Nixon sent 18 B-52s, bordering Soviet airspace line
He wanted to show he was capable, to end this bloody war
But as the months and years progressed, the body count would soar

The anti-war movement was gathering strength, also in 1969
But the "Green Beret Affair" started to undermine
A U.S. Army platoon raped and pillaged, the village of My Lai
Where civilians were massacred, and many left to die

In 1970-71, Cambodia incurred wars wrath
Where they and the country Laos, were in the U.S. bombing path
Also in 71, there was the cutting of the Ho Chi Minh trail
But arms and supplies got through, this mission to no avail

Later in the same year, the Anzac's withdrew their soldiers
The U.S. also reduced, many of theirs from Vietnam's borders
In 1973, Nixon declared the suspension of offensive action
The Paris Peace Accords took place, peace with this warring faction

Between the years 73 - 74 under Trà, the Vietcong grew in strength
There was no mass offensive, to lure the Americans to their trench
Gradually they marched to their target, to see their enemies eyes
To their city of Saigon, now over a million humans have died

The average age of the American to die in this bloody war
Was just nineteen years old, never knowing what they were fighting for
So many came home from this horror, leaving themselves behind
Because so many came home different, home with a different mind

Even to this day, many Americans look back and ask
Why their elected Congress, feed them to these tasks
The sad thing about Vietnam, it continues to this present day
Where governments make decisions, asking guns to hear their say

Details | Free verse | |


Once a place that sold cultivated pigment, the shop has become a catacomb,
Windows entombed by cardboard boxes, deprived of the merest hint of life and
I wonder if the gallery owner had intended a display of irony or focused rage. 

Gone, the watercolour weeping chartreuse, its soft backdrop of midnight blue,
And the oil on wood with knife strokes applied so thickly, it almost moved, 
Charcoal sketches of thunderstorms hitting the shores of Port Elgin, greys loud. 

Dark now the halls that had sheltered dreamscapes, art of all disciplines and sizes,
Squeezing themselves into corners and elbowing each other for my attention.
I ache for that one perfect dove that called to me from an azure sky, the one who 

knew my name, but I did not have the funds to take him home to my little cage.
He deserved a rectory or a view that would at least provide a kind of sanctuary.
Oh, how his wings had beat against pulse points and one of his feathers tickled

out a memory of a robin that had flown towards a cloudless sky, but instead had 
collided with a picture window; the contact point marred by a red, sickle shaped 
smear, and my grandmother had carefully wrapped the corpse in yesterday’s news.

I had trudged out to the garbage can, unseen, found the poor thing in its shroud, 
Snuck out to the garden and buried it amongst tall phlox and florid snap dragons,
I’d succumbed to tears, wrenched by a world where beauty is fragile and disposable.

Today people walk along the street, wearing blinders, holding devices that fail to
signal that something living and real slowly starved to death, atrophied, and I watch
a happy child point to a puddle, but her mother fails to see the large coin it holds.

I recall a portrait that had enraptured like a sun shower, reminiscent of light and rain, 
A girl traipsing waves, almost overtaken, her footsteps disappearing under foam…
And I silently apologize to those artists unmet, the ones who continue to meet panes. 

*Please click on the About my Poem link to see a picture of what inspired this poem... It has been closed for a while, but today, I walked past it and remembered the lovely art that I had once appreciated, yet was never able to afford. 

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So much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to shout.
It was like being trapped behind bars without a way
to get out.
My mind going wild with all these questions of why.
The only way to escape was to fall asleep or to cry.
What did I do so bad that made me have to pay?
My friends, my dreams, and my life was swepped away.
I know I can do it! I try and I try.
Nothing seems to get better. I sometimes wish
I would Die.
Starved for attention. I wanna talk to the world.
I just miss being loved. Miss the warmth of a girl.
Snickers and stairs is what my life has become.
I'm treated like I'm a kid, like I'm sick, or I'm dumb.
One day to the next. Life becomes work just to be alive.
I thank god for my blessings. I thank god I survived.
I finally see some improvement. More hope tickles
my brain.
It was worth all the time, all the tears, all the pain.
I awake with a smile and new hope to move on.
I did it! I did it! All those hard times are gone!

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Kilted Warrior

He stands proud and strong, this kilted warrior
head held high against the unending pain
of a heart born out of sadness
for the loss of those who came before him
and thoughts of those who would
continue on when he himself was no more.
Proud men one and all
vows made, till surrendered in death
to defend that which
was their birthright, the very land
upon which he now stood.
The call to battle though long since silenced
came from within his very heart and soul
blood of the ancient ones raged in his veins
his sword by his side...shield upon his back
he stood ready to charge into battle
to do what was expected of him since birth
to fight as those before him fought
without fear, but with a strength
only a battle hardened warrior
knew and understood.

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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Marble in Columns on Green

On a slope graced with green
White marble stands in proud salute

For beneath these engraved pillars of memory
Lie the resting places of heroes

A solitary green fir looks down
As if sheltering the lost and the taken

So many names, from all walks of life
A father, brother a girlfriend or wife

On a sunny day, they glow radiant like their lives
On a dull day, they stand out against the greys

For the living, life goes on 
Tomorrow is another day

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I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes
And back home I am
Looking out those
Century old windows
My inner tears
Would burst a dam

I remember every crack 
In those walls,
Every floor board
Prone to creak
But the happiness
I had there,
Is something I can
now but seek...

Home of fifty years
Saw my tears and my joy
From infancy to adulthood
And the blessed life I'd had there
Since I was but a boy

A place where several
Family members had died
In the old fashioned way
And all those tears I cried...

Not in some remote hospital,
But where they wanted to be
And I'd suely love to die there,
If it was up to me..

But, it was my destiny
To come here, 
In this desolate place
Certainly I'm not that happy
But it's something I must face

I made a mistake,
I should have died there
Where I had lived so happily
And now, I barely care,
What becomes of me
My life is over
Save but a bit of love,
Still directed at me
And each day I wonder,
What do these people see in me?

Details | Tanka | |

This lonely little hovel

The grainy half dusk, 
when the sun gives her last wink.
Hours spent in thought 
to leave the safe sanctity.
This lonely little hovel

Details | Ballade | |



                           Helen Lorraine Allison, 2, Titanic Victim

                                                    Oh, they swung the lifeboats out
                                                    O'er the deep and ragin' sea,
                                                    When the band struck up with
                                                    "Nearer My God to Thee."
                                                     Little children wept and cried,
                                                     As the waves swept o'er the side.
                                                     It was sad when the great ship went down.

                                                ~ The Titanic (Husbands and Wives), Folk Song ~


At first, the waters were so very cold,
And the night was filled with horrid weeping,
Some men were shouting like when Mamma scolds,
But others lay still like they were sleeping,
Then warmth I felt, oh, what a sweet creeping,
The sea called to me with almost a sigh,
Down, down I went, a treasure worth keeping,
Now waves mother me and sing lullabies.

A ship is my playground, rotting and old,
Krill float through my home, so shyly peeping,
Starfish do what they want, are somewhat bold,
Anemones sway, forever sweeping,
Over still things, my spirit is leaping,
Though I’m in darkness, here I can fly,
The hull thins with its rusticles heaping,
Now waves mother me and sing lullabies.

The ocean is quiet but stories I’m told,
Lost memories, tales of sadness seeping,
But I’ve no company, no hand to hold,
My doll is broken, my toys are steeping,
I’m so sleepy and my lids are drooping,
I remember how once I used to cry,
And then came the deep’s heartless kidnapping,
Now waves mother me and sing lullabies.

Careless were they, I was for safekeeping,
Children shouldn’t be heard, please tell me why,
Hushed and rushed with death’s untimely reaping,
Now waves mother me and sing lullabies.

Details | Free verse | |

City of Shadows

A lonesome boat in the harbor rocks insanity.
Big waves of the black sea roll across the white sands
that fade into darkness for eternity.
Far from the life giving drops of rain are predators
in the city of shadows.
Feelings from the last solem breezes blow.
As the evening sun fades slowly into the night,
the pavement glistens like cracked glass
from the earlier evening rain.
A lack of silence remains.
In the city of shadows,
screaming voices creep in the corner of your mind.
Visions of the garden where the flowers died.
The dark alley reveals the emptiness of peace within your soul,
and death reveals the cold, cold truth way beneath the black crumbled earth.
Slapped with a strike of lightning,
disrupting the fall of silence where secrets crawl to hide,
in the foxholes of one's mind.
In the city of shadows, bewildered minds tick with the time of the clock.
Breath by breath falls perfectly out of place,
and darkness opens a new gate.
Tunes of the violin slowly fade away.
A new awakening to blindness,
in the city of shadows.

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in absolute darkness

Do you know what its like to be 
in absolute darkness?
I do. 
And I want to be back
on a foggy night
where winter doesn't fall too far
the only thing you can see 
is a distant street light
yellow and gold
glowing from the distance
the wet leaves that fell from the trees 
fill the night 
with a dewy smell
I turn the key
bright headlights
flood the road
one line, two lines, 
they all combine
into a white blur keeping me 
from crossing into the abyss
I could drive forever 
I want to be gone again
back to my home.

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That Slow Green Burn

Fire at the edge of the world.
Eyes deep within the shoreless forest sea,
Witnesses of the most ancient ways
Watch smoke rising from the approaching front
Of treeless, naked land
Stripped bare by blind ambition,
Quietly await the end.

Five thousand acres a day
The last great garden drifts into the skies
To join the circling storms that once nourished it.

The fires lick and crawl their way
Into its green heart.

Fire is eating the soul of the world
Reducing the face of its childhood to ash;
- Behold here the sorrow of Eden's last relic
Becoming the charnel-house of Creation.

Details | I do not know? | |

Today Is Terrible----

The cracked spine of
the book I dropped
at the call.
A chip in my
windshield left by a
pompous *?#@! in a
red sports car as I
drive to the
Rain expectorating
from an ashen sky as
the dirt is turned.
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
crack in grandma’s
spine from her fall
down the stairs.
The chip in her
amazingly smart mind
after eighteen years
as a teacher.
Tears running,
dripping from my
Mothers ashen face
as she cries “My
mama’s dead.”
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
cracked family
emotions left raw
and empty.
The chip in Grandpas
numb mind at the
gathering… “Where is
Irene she should be
Faces gone ashen
with dread, do we
leave him numb or
remind him that his
wife is dead?
Today is terrible.
Though this is less
terrible than the
empty silences,
missing the jokes
Grandma used to
Grandma’s laugh and
her endless smile
which always exposed
that tooth with the
chip in it.
Without her the
world has become
empty, bleak, and
Today is terrible.


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holokauston Page 1 of 2

Around that table, picture the scene
Self appointed leaders if you know what I mean
What were the topics on the Agenda that day
The Jewish race is about to pay

Who gave the right for this decision that's made
Who has the right to cleanse and degrade
To decide who lived, to decide who dies
Another chapter, I still wonder why

They came in the day they came in the night
Women and children pulled out of sight
Herded aboard like cattle and sheep
Many a family awoke from their sleep

Dazed and confused as they are taken away
Where will they be at the end of the day
From their warm houses and their warm beds
What must be going through their heads

As they travel through days and through the night
Up ahead, they see lots of lights
They depart the trucks and board the train
Their faces scared under the strain

Asking questions from family and others
Generations, sisters and brothers
Why are we here, where are we going
Windowless carriages with no way of knowing

We come to a stop, soldiers aplenty
Towers and wire, topped with sentries
What can this place be they have taken us to
As we head to large gates as they shuffle us through

Families separated, herded in file
Women and children, not one did smile
Taken to rooms where our heads were shaved
Is this the way humans behaved

Clothes discarded, as we enter the shower
No signs of water no signs of power
Doors slammed as we are all crammed in
History will recall this evil of sins

As we stand in the dark, chanting Jewish faith
Can hear the voices can't see the face
Noises above, do the showers start
The event has begun that tells us Humans apart

Questions and sighs, as walled vents show daylight
Some thing is falling then their slammed tight
A strange aroma starts to fill the air
As all around are screams of despair

Twenty minutes have passed and the quietness is rife
Two thousand people, two thousand lives
Pellets called HCN, or Hydrogen Cyanide
Contribute to this Genocide

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The Mayan Declared

The year is 2025 I have come back to my past To witness the Mayans Who said Earth would not last 2012 Was the year they declared That the planet we knew Could never be spared An Asteroid shower We could never comprehend Sends this heaven to hell In catastrophic spend The first to hit Was the daddy of them all Our axis twisted The human race in fall Just of Madagascar In the Indian Ocean It's where it all started That set our demise in motion Tsunami waves Like giant tower blocks Swamped Indonesia As Polynesia rocked The force of impact Reverberated west On the Canary Islands A dormant volcano so reft It's massive mountain side Into the Atlantic slipped To the eastern seaboard Of the United States it shipped A second Tsunami Half the world long Would submerge the east Taking the weak and the strong The second to hit Hit a place struck before Tunguska in Russia Receives another sore Daylight turns to night As earth meets our skies Fallout from the reactors In shattered demise Radiated clouds Eventually filter down Leaving bleeding lacerations As we humans death drown Smaller asteroids Some just a few hundred feet Around the world they were marvelled Until they meet their greet The place where I stand now Was Yosemite National Park Now dark ridges of black So bare and stark It's been many many years Since the sun shone through the screen When I close my eyes I remember When the earth was lush and green How many of us survived Will we ever know Was this in our destiny I think all around me, now shows

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holokauston Page 2 of 2

After the quiet we all have to go
Dragged and carted by the Sonderkommando
To be dumped in pits covered by lime
A race to dispose by it's Human slime

Auschwitz, Buchenwald & Dachau slaughtered
Many a son, many a daughter
Experiments on children women and men
Some aged 90, many under 10

In 45, their end was near, how many alive would reappear
As Russians, British and US troops
Chased the Hun to their German roots
Each camp reached showed it's sordid past
Where millions of me, were massively gassed

In Auschwitz, to this present day
Birds don't fly, no animals play
The reminder is all for there to see
Those terrible days what happened to me

It's 1948, our Nation is born
From histories past, populations torn
To all who survived I wish you well
And our new born world, called Israel

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With Him goes a Rose

It was only a few days
On their barren soil
Through a doorway he went
So many lives now spoiled

An explosive device
Plastic in design
Could never be detected
Now a life resigns
The regimental medic
Rushes to his aid
To stem his internal bleeding
Through his eyes he fades

His lifeless soul lies lonely
As he is gently stretchered away
Where he will be flown back home
To where the angels play

In honoured ceremony
As he is carried to his carriage
On the tarmac awaits
His fiance, without marriage

In the chapel of rest
She stands in a tear laden pose
Her tribute to her lost one
With him goes a Rose

For tomorrow she will awake
A new day in her life
As she remembers her love
Who would have made her his wife

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Dust dry winds that leech and parch,
Skeletal soldiers that endlessly march
O'er barren sand and rocky crest,
Examples of nature's cruel jest.

Plants that bristle with vicious quills;
A land that teems with ancient ills.
Cursed and blighted by gods unknown;
Loved by bandits and rogues alone.

Loneliness that echoes the land's bleak need;
A cancer that grows like an unholy seed.
Twisted remnants from an age long past;
Memories linger, but nothing lasts.

Broken spires and crumbling sand;
Fading ruins on every hand
Of once proud cities gathering dust;
Abandoned dreams now choked with rust.

Shadowed lands now harsh and bleak;
Drained of life, of decay they reek.
Blistering heat to sear and scorch;
A land benighted, the sun its torch.

Mountains loom high on every hand;
Timeless sentinels o'er the broken land.
Yet in this desolate, deserted place,
Life yet lingers, if only a trace.

Lizards, snakes, and scorpions abound;
Cactus blooms and birds give sound.
Reminders to all that life will live,
And survive on whatever nature will give.

A wasteland it is, and yet it is more;
For it harbors secrets of forgotten lore.
Lessons of serenity, hope, and trust;
Covered in blankets of alkaline dust.

Details | Ballad | |


I came here with flowers
held gently to my sobbing chest,
to bring them to my dearest;
I have departed from the living,
to come face to face with my ending...

I lay my flowers at this cold tombstone...
engraved with a name too sweet,
and yet so painful to call it out;
the heat in my throbbing veins
could warm it up with a loving wish before dawn;
but who can resurrect someone from death?

This morning is dazzled by an intense sun,
carnations, flags and tombstones
perfectly blend as the swaying pines 
offer their breeze and soothing shade towards noon;
why are the noisy larks hiding,
and melancholically sing?

I rushed here to release these tears
and let them roll from these eyes,
like raindrops falling on this very quiet place:
where tranquility is as eternal as Paradise...

I lay my flowers at this cold tombstone,
feeling a presence so known;
others before me have knelt and cried, 
not to forget whom they lost and dearly loved...

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You can drive your fancy cars
Living it up like movie stars
While small children have nothing to eat
No place to live no light no heat
Hopeless drunks living like dogs
Passing out sleeping like logs
While you sip your fancy wine
Pretending everything is fine
But I know that you feel the guilt
And as you watch your garden wilt
Remember the little starving child
Lost in a world neither meek nor mild
Or the drunk stinking and ill
For the bottle he will kill
You wonder if the child ate
If his parents show love or hate
Is the drunk a friend or foe?
He's not himself he's sunk so low
You're not better than us all
You're still human you'll still fall
Don't forget us while you're great
We don't need anymore hate

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Day after Day

There’s places and faces where I’ve never been
some of them laughing and living in sin
Some of them hurting from being alone
And the places seem part of my own
The rhythm is flinging these words in my head
Against walls that refuse to be bled
Riding on nightmares through darkness and blight
Then lazily cruising in dreams
In this odessic searching
For reason for being
Nothing’s as bad as it seems
But on turning away
In my off handed way
I’m so tempted to say
Another could view it as fey

Another attempt at explaining my motives for living and writing about it

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Run and Live

Tender torrent, week long moment
while the skies fill dark and crimson
Back lit lightning, lovely, frightening
while my heart trips over itself
Call the whisper, brother, sister
sweep the sky with your liquid eyes
Tin the rooftops, as the heart stops
waiting for thunder to stomp the air
Birds stop singing, ears are ringing
as the clomping rain pools up
Trees kiss soil, burnt turmoil
while the wind lets loose her breath
Run for cover, father, mother
beg the sky to lift you high
If you listen, brother, sister
you will hear the sound of death.

Details | Romanticism | |

Bittersweet Memories

Walks around the lake are bittersweet memories
that leave tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes
I remember the way your hand felt in mine
how the world seemed fine
the world was mine
I remember staring into your eyes
knowing that you would always be there
My mind is full of these bittersweet memories
leaving tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes
I remember when I could make you smile
when I could make it all worthwhile 
I remember when I was all you needed
when no one else would do
We used to waste nights away
talking about anything and everything
sometimes even nothing at all
I’m choking up with every thought of you
as these bittersweet memories are leaving tears in my eyes
tears in my eyes

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Home Is Where the Heart Is Stilled

Abandoned places,where
perhaps memories linger,
with wisps of wafting moments,
aware, somehow, even of  the now,
Though long forgotten by all others,
One wonders why, and surely how,
Such strong vibrations of the past,
Seem to time, to have taken a bow...

Gutted building, windows broken,
Creaking, leaking floor,
Last stepped on by the living,
So many, many years before...

Where lives were lived, and
deaths have come in their way,
To others, in a time gone by,
Who here saw their last sad day,
Tears were cried,hearts
were smashed,
Love withered, its flame 
reduced to ash...

Is this a mysterious black hole of time??
A singularity, of now and here...
Where time is not so limpid...
And death is always near,
And fear can swim in the unknown,
The fear of time's mysterious cloud...
As ticks, as tocks, somehow go forever by, 
so mysteriously, and seemingly, oh so loud...

What was the last calendar's  year hung?
The last phone call received,
And who had been the one rung??

Ghost House,
Ghost House,
Scary, time
abandoned place,
Secure in forgotten
And with time, 
you've lost the race.

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What Is This Church All About

What Is This Church All About?

Is this church meant for people like me?
Is this where God really wants me to be?

They claim to be filled with God’s spirit.
When it comes to HIS truth...  Can they give it?

I’m sure there’s many who come and attend
It’s more than “church on Sunday,” that we must spend!

We must reach out to the lost and the oppressed!
After all, Christ gave us his very best!

May we all preach the gospel and God’s holiness!
And strive to seek his awesome righteousness!

Living for Jesus must be a daily walk and experience!
Not simply based on our “ambitious self appearance.”

God isn’t interested in a denomination or a title…
He wants to know…  Do we really believe the Bible?

He’s not interested in the money put in the offering plate.
He wants to know; “Are you ready
 to enter heaven’s gate?”

May we strive to serve Jesus with a zeal and passion!
And be filled with his holiness and compassion!

May we serve Jesus from a heart of humbled confession!
And making our commitment to him,
 our #1 possession!

“Unless the Lord builds the house.”  
They labor in vain that build it!
Let’s seek the power of God! 
May his presence completely fill it!!

By Jim Pemberton    

Details | Elegy | |

Where are you

You flourished and blurred
like a spark on wind

Gracefully and quickly like a frightened hind
in pursuit of light

You harvested through bushy meadows
taken by blight

In struggle with plight
had you lost your might

And gave out
although never you gave up.

Where are you?
For you must be still there.

For I still can feel you
somewhere in the air.

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Running Away

Packing bags and leaving home 

Running into the darkness of 
night like a criminal

No destination

Just an escape into freedom 
from the nightmare

Just feeling the sunlight’s breath 
on my cheek freely

A winds whisper touching my 

Running away from dreams and 

Setting an adventure of a 

Running away from the past 
where horror lies

Running away from lullabies and 

Forgetting everything for awhile 

And sit down and breathe in and 
out for awhile

Smelling the freshness of life 
that will no longer exist

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Solitude: To Yoda, An Ode

Green bark a prism creates,
Feel the pull of earth, you must.

Rotates, a slime of endless hates,
Can hold me not, this world’s crust.

Friendship’s ties, isolation Deflates,
Succumbs, my spaceship, to bitter rust.

Mist, my soul forever permeates,
Lift-off, booms the rocket’s thrust.

My spirit when light returns, elates,
Swamps swell, swallowed hope’s swirling dust.

Trapped, I am, until student from fate
Arrives to learn; Cloud City or bust.

Details | Cinquain | |


welcomes the sun
earthly beauty revealed
celebration in paradise
apple difficult to resist
one bite never enough
mourn the dying

This poem is not a true cinquain, but loosely follows the cinquain format.  The fifth line is used as a transition or mirror for the two parts of the poem.

Details | Free verse | |


Rising sun out of the east,
Falls on the early morning on Riverside,
A shantytown just yonder of Laiser Hill,
A posh estate under Ngong Hills, 
And there on shanty Riverside,
They wake up like they always do,
It is another day that may brim with trouble,
Still it is another day nonetheless,
And so they hurry along like they always do,
They might earn a dollar or less today,
And just barely feed the little mouths tonight,
But at high noon high the little mouths will wait,
Maybe the noon high will go down easy today,
Let their hungry tongues patiently wait,
Till Mummy, maybe Daddy comes home,
With that dollar or less for tonight, 
If not it will be just like like last night, 
Little tummies grumbling in the night,
Little limbs trembling in the cold,
That is life in shantytown.

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

Details | Ballade | |

Oh, what a hectic month

Oh,what a hectic month

Oh what a month it’s been
Two lots of relies came
Over from the old country
It’s been a frantic game
I’m not used to all this stuff
But I’m glad it all took place
Although it was real hectic
No frown did crease my face.

One trip to Margaret River
Wow! This, it was a blast
We toured those rich surroundings
Till we went home at last
Then the darned flue knocked me down
And I spent some time in bed
And then I put my back out
As I banged my bloody head.

It seemed that I was on the mend
But my computer shat itself
I lost both poems, and photos
They’re the sum of all my wealth
Thank God I got the poems back
Alas, but not the photos
I guess I lost them, all of them
But this is how it goes

It’s been some heavy karma
That’s all that I can say
But now that it’s all over
I feel real fine today
So it’s back to meditation
And working on my soul
It’s time to get some relaxation
And once more feeling whole

23 October 2013 @1450hrs.

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Passchendale: 3rd Battle of Ypres, 1916

Even the dead reject this blasted earth.

The ground, such as it is,
Is freshly Antidiluvean,
And the corpses swim within its tumbled, heaving masses
Blood and mud the mortar
Holding the chaos together.

The sun is weak,
Ashamed to break the haze
And bring to light the obscenities transpiring here.

The whistles blow
And the troglodytes emerge
From their respective holes,
Staggering towards one another
Through watery craters
Over the mincemeat of comrades
To add themselves to the swimming sacrifice
Constantly on offer 
To the insatiable, sole diety of this place,
The Mud-God, Futility.

     They are men no more,
     Those who struggle 'neath
     The leaden skies
     The wan sun
     Of the sodden moonscape
     That is Passchendale.

     They are only raging beasts
     Trading pain for pain,
     All trace of cause or reason
     Lost in the maelstrom of their collective misery -

And the only escape
Is to slay and to be slain;
To join the bitter shades
Ascending with the fog and smoke
Through the wall of cloud above,
To vanish into the icy deeps
Among the far, impassive stars.

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We are Tausug Nation
Defending independence
Free from the enemies
Stood not to get oppressed

Our Nation ruled
Of the country’s independence
Never conquered from then
We shall develop our land

Our country, nation is known
Home of courageous person
Bound only in one faith
Never care of the death

Tumantangis, Dahu peaks of our land
To Bagsak, Sinumaan
And to all the mountains here
Only one God is aimed

Zamboanga, Basilan, North Borneo, Palawan
Centre is in Sulu land
Ruled by the Sultan
From the early point of time

Our nation is united
In the name of faith is complete
Only God is firm
Determined not to get conquered

Land of the pearl garden
Sulu Sea in the world is famous
From the South and North
And East and West

Blood of Martyrs flowed in the vein of the Sug Nation
Fought to defend
Flag rose like Vinta strip
Eternal pledge appeared

Details | Tyburn | |

I'm Going Nuts

<                                          insane

                        asylum housing      -    insane   constrain
                        longing for rescue  -    domain   remain

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My Quiet Place - In Your Heart

My room, which is in our school's condominium is miles away from  home. All alone, I stay in this beautiful room which has one glass window and  two sliding glass doors . On weekends, especially Sundays, it is so quiet here and  peaceful.  Neighbors are few, their doors are closed and many of them go back home. At first, melancholy was killing me. Finally, I've found some good diversions; which had extricated this feeling. In tandem with my household chores is sitting here in a  balcony where a very fantastic view I see! Overlooking here are swimming pool,  manmade lake, the flying  birds and  squirrels running and swaying on the branches of those tall green trees. So, I really find this balcony a perfect place to stay while silence engulfs me. In here, I play piano and paint; then,  conglomerations of feelings I have as I write my poetry.

In Your Heart

The tall green trees are beckoning,
They can sense what I feel;
Those squirrels which make sounds and grin,
They've secrets to reveal .

Silence will never make you sad,
It refreshes your mind;
You can enhance your skills and pray,
In your heart, you can find.

Written: Sept. 1,2012

First Place Winner
Contest: My Quiet Place
Contest Judged: 9/17/2012  
Sponsor Poet: Sara Kendrick

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Is It God We Trust Or Leave In the Dust

Is It God We Trust? Or Leave In the Dust? As our courts remove God from this great nation. We are left with a confused and lost generation! As God is taken away from our public schools. A huge tide of immorality is what “rules.” The Bible is often mocked and discarded. It was on it’s principles this country was started! Just about anything of God seems to get scorned. So many “rush” to worship many ungodly forms. As God’s name is often tossed and thrown out. We tend to forget what HE is all about! Too often, his plans for living are tossed and abused. No wonder, there’s many who are lost and confused! As people forget God and worship the fallen creature. They look to themselves and “glorify” their features. Many ignore God, and get involved in deep addictions. And with this, come disease, heartache and afflictions! As God looks and sees this nation “bleeding.” It’s his righteousness, that we need to be seeking! If we would humble ourselves, he would hear our prayer! He loves all of us! And he really does care! Won’t you come to HIM, And invite him in? Won’t you allow him to be your master and friend? He brings strength and nourishment to the soul! It’s only in him that we can be made whole! By Jim Pemberton

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There's A Web of Temptation And Sin

There’s a Web of Temptation and Sin!

There’s a web of temptation and a lot of sin…
That brings slavery and a strong bondage within!

Throughout this land, there’s an evil surge!
While many lives, seem to be getting “submerged!”

Being submerged, into a life, that many believe in.
They become perverted, but want all to receive them!

The “love and acceptance,”
 that many desire.
Puts them on a tightrope!  A very thin wire!

As the web of temptation and sin begin to grow.
It brings a bondage that damages the soul!

They may want to have “love and acceptance.”
But in their hearts, needs to be a godly repentance!

May the holiness of a righteous God be stirred!
That all will come back, to the truth of his word!

His son Jesus, came to the cross! He bled and died!
That through him, our lives can be totally sanctified!

Only the power of God, can bring a needed restoration!
He gives to one and all… 
 A heavenly invitation!

Whosoever will… Come now!  And accept him!
Won’t you take the time, to really know him?

Don’t allow the web of life to destroy 
and overcome you!
Come to Jesus now!  He really does

By Jim Pemberton

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Bao - Yu

<                                         Bao - Yu
                                        precious jade
                                    your angelic font 
                                  cast mirrored images
                                      off stilled pond

                                  orchids in woven hair
                                  garments of satin and lace
                                  you lying in fetal position
                                  upon granite's stone
                                  tell me heavenly Goddess

                                  Why Do You Look So Sad  ?

Written By Katherine Stella

For Rambling Poet's
Reflection Contest 


Name Of This Poem 
Is Entitled
Bao -Yu

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Spirituals and Drums

My ancestors walking in the night
using oil lights and moonlight for guides
while being instructed to Wade in the Water
to camouflage their scents like disguise

The Sweet Chariot awaited 
so they could ride away
Harriet was a soldier
and it wasn't an option to be caught during the day
That's the same mentality Nat Turner had when he sang
Steal Away

They would follow the drinking gourd
so all were in accord to go north
The Gospel Train was coming
and at the end of the journey
was a fine reward
Freedom was coming
and it was a long time coming and
they walked until they heard freedom bells ringing
and I still hear their tired footsteps running

Thinking of My Darling Nelly Gray
Stolen from my arms a random September day
and eliminated our chances to run away together
No family ties, no love, no strength says the oppressor

Then I hear the drums beat in the darkness
giving me the hope of finally being free
Maybe I'll follow them this time on faith
on bended knee
There must be a place for me among the light
of this darkness
Among oppression, thieves, evil-doers
no thought on their conscience

Thank goodness for the safe houses that
supported our traveled distances
and for the conductors who bore witnesses
and may God have mercy on the souls who
were against this
and on those who chose to forget this sh@!

I still hear crying in quilts of safety 
because I know that the burden was heavy
to be at the mercy of nature and patrol men
catching run-away slaves for money
Some did it bare feet with freedom ahead of this
loved induced journey and they made it
So all that bull about how your life is hard
just stuff it in an envelope and save it

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A Costly Mistake

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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Indigenous I Am, from the Stolen Generations

This is a journey, a trip call it what you will It follows the footsteps of my ancestors, and allows my thoughts too spill Firstly let me take you back, to tell you so little of my past Indigenous I am, from the "Stolen Generations" I did not last This is why I must make this journey, to allow me to find the real me To retrace the few steps I made, to rediscover what my young eyes seen How ironic that the person I'll ride with, is the son of the then official Whose deliberation to round up us children, the scene, locale It's now the morn of our travel, where I look I find hard to see The peripheral of the distant horizon, is all that really captures me The town where I grew up so young, barely to the age of five Perth, now bustles like a termites nest, zig zagging in busily strive Into the bush we go, to a place where us youngsters so enjoyed Moore River Native Settlement, which soon became children void As I walk my arid lands, patterned in the heat of this day I recall with every step, where us Indigenous children played We could survive on the smallest of fruit, water we could easily find Even the son of the then official, said that we are a superior kind He marvelled when I spotted tracks, traces of where animals crossed Remembering back to when I was five years old, our lands always talked We opened up as we led our horses, introduced all those centuries ago They opened up my lands, rivers we walked, now the white man flows This is a journey I had to make, it's called, it's in my will No more "Stolen Generations" no more will my culture spill

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The Sleeping Giant

<                 the sleeping giant once again has been awoke
                   to the sounds of great thunder and billows of smoke
                   what has happened his imperial's majesty's sleep
                   out from the depts of hell a great wavetrain has creeped

                   tainting soil where once land had been so enriched
                   brandishing homes businesses left them in a ditch
                   twisted metals dancing in swirls of stenching air
                   recovered bodies of beloved this is so unfair

                   across it's great mountain range somber is now heard
                   unity becomes one and not forgotten word
                   rebuild rebuild the sleeping giant request
                   let our people of japan return to their nest

                  for there will always's be another tomorrow
                  where earthquakes and tsunami's will bring such sorrow
                  for an sleeping giant all nestled in his bed
                  and his people dressed in five elements of thread

Tribute To Japan

Details | Narrative | |

Dedication to Everyone

I feel that I have found a home in this cyberspace
with full of hearts and ideas in a special place
I wonder of all the people in the world to make me smile
with antics that help me grow in every mile
I do want to say to all of the people with respect
because of all of you my mind is not in a wreck
I would lie if I did not get ideas from all of you
without you my poems would not come true
I bless everyone with care 
with kindness and without dis-pare
I hold my hands high and put them together
with this I bless you with good weather
I do read some of the poems that people put out
sometimes I feel with out a doubt
I feel the pain in the poems that some has revealed
with hopes that they can read with their mind not sealed
I smile a bunch with every word
it is like a music in my head making a cord
I do want you all to know that you have made my day
to be a better day in every different array
I cherish my time with all the people in my heart
the words flow in my mind is just but a start
I'm happy with everyone in 
with hardship that came this cyberspace makes me calm
I cannot choose five cause if I do I don't think it's right
just to tell you that is just my own insight
I thank all for helping me grow with all the poems that are shown
with faith and humor, with views of kindness this site has grown

If I had to say or dedicate my poems to who 
would be the first five who reads my poems with a point of view

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Oh! Humanity,

Oh! Humanity,
How you’ve completely lost your sanity.
Did you forget how to grow?
Every one of you was planted row by row.
Did your heavenly Father not nurture you with love?
Did He not make the rains fall from up above?
Oh where is your heart?
Who gave you your first start?
Oh! Humanity,
What vanity!
Oh! Humanity,
What profanity!
Daylight hours just wash ashore,
With simple lives from once before!
Have you forgotten your heavenly Mother?
And what about your heavenly Brother?
Where is your Godforsaken mind?
What happened to being loving and kind?
Oh! Humanity,
How you’ve provoked such a calamity!
® Registered: Ann Rich   2006

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A missive from the damned to whoever have a little time to spend with this nonsense - Page 1

And so, I have made up my mind, once more.
I have decided to depart, to bid this husk farewell.
In order to do that, I must save coins if I desire to save myself.
For with it, I will be able to buy my ticket out here to a more blessed realm or the eternal void. Either way, I will be winning.
I mustn't, any longer, feel the starvation of affection and no more I shall be fed by the crumbs of fleeting joy they toss at me.

Thoughts of finishing are always in my mind, flooding it, making hard to go day by day, making hard to sleep, to have hope.
I fail to see where the hope is, I like to think that it can be find inside of one's heart.
But even so, I think I am mistaken, and when I glance at myself in the mirror, I quickly lose any spark of what could-be hope.

With the aid of the metallic sling, I shall leave this husf behind, heavy with its sins and sorrows, to no more nourish hatred.
For it does only to hinder my advance towards elevation.
With my metallic sling, I shall pierce, first, my heart, where lies the sorrow, then, my mind, where resides the sins.
Whilst the life in me start to wane, regrets I will not have, when my consciousness fade, my spirit will be no longer be trapped inside this imperfect cage of flesh.
Being free, my spirit shall roam far and beyond to, before, unseen places by men, to  untouched places by men.

Another day,someone inquired me "Are you happy now?" and for that I just said "Yes". How else could I have responded if not with a lie?
How could I tell them that I yearn for a premature closure in order to stop thinking and feeling but I also yearn for love.
"I am not absolutely happy, as per say, but I do suffer less when I am asleep" I could never say that to anyone...

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When We Can't

Who are you that allows you to predict What gives you this credence to continually persist When will scientists learn now we're the only ones here Where there was likely to be life, nothing is now near Why would anyone come, when we can't undo our undone

Details | Sapphic stanza | |

Just Walking

When I am depressed and full of woe
I like to walk miles and miles
Through woods and fields
By streams and brooks with stepping stone crooks
Friendly walk-ways and un-ventured pathways….Just talking

The whole world comes alive…
Water babbles and trickles
Flowers twinkle in the sun
Leaves rush through…
Friendly places for the blue

Watching birds in nests with young chicks at breast
Birds that whistle and woo, sing and cuckoo
Squirrels dancing all around, up the trees and on the ground
Leaves twisting and turning - stirring
Friendly blanket-leaves for youths’ spring spirit beneath

Inviting, friendly places
Nature’s aces, hands, full
Never leaving, cycling, completing
Wholesome land of Mother Earth
Friendly absorbing places of mirth 

Details | Tanka | |


by the old levee
summer's caressing breezes
off the mudriver
whisper so lachrymosely
southern painful centuries

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Concrete Jungle

So many millions of staring eyes
Vacant of souls to light the skies
All the noise! So much noise!
One can't hear thy inner voice
People shoving in a hurry
Upon their faces a look of worry
Rushing here and rushing there
Stopping not long enough to care
Such a mess all strewn with trash
Scurry. Scurry to get that cash
Out the window throw their cans
With no future thought for fellow man
Lungs aching from all the pollution
Yearning thoughts with no solution,
Came and saw. I stand alone
As to my place I call my home

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson
Written 1/29/2010

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Color of a Man's Character

The Color of a Man’s Character
We all bleed
And cleave to 
Those we leave

We all smile when we are greeted
And cry when we are mistreated

Why do we choose to abuse others 
For the color of their skin?

Why do we think that only 
Our own color should win?

We’re all the same underneath 
We all deserve peace 
When we lay down to sleep

Love one another while you can
Show your son how to be gracious
The color of a man’s character 
Is how he treats his fellow Man.

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March's enduring dreariness looms when no pigeon coos;
at April's doorstep, it still blows away an umbrella or hat...
letting the impatient spring know that he refuses to go!
There were certain days so mild and cheerful almost wild,
but none of them lasted as inescapable moments contested!
Close to midnight, tears falling on this soft pillow reflect moonlight;
and sighs turn into sobs...remembering delicate daffodils' buds
that were as feeble as those dreams I had dreamed as little!
And still March's enduring dreariness is far from pleasantness;
it won't grant my wish...while outside many voices rant,
but shut out from everything, I can't feel or hear anything!
Go to another place, dreary March...vanish in the haze!

Details | I do not know? | |

New York Rodeo

No 8 second ride for these cowboys tonight
As they start in the morning, losing daylight
Their hats are now ties, tethering true
Not breathing in clean air as faces turn blue

Their motive, the green, but not of a pasture
Not men of free will, but now slaves to a master
When the bell rings, it’s chaos, not for a meal
It’s a dog eat dog city, with true faces concealed

They’re just…

Cardboard cowboys in a concrete canyon
Riding steel horses, reigning in their abandon
Letting loose bridles, for no horses they ride
Spending their days, cooped up, deep inside

It’s a sad way
And a sad day
For New York cowboys

Their fishing hole yonder’s now polluted with clutter
As their southern boy drawl’s replaced with a stutter
No chaps and no stirrups, no boots and no jeans
Their lives are now over, at the end of their means

The bull that they ride are the very stories they tell
From wall to wall bouncing, not sitting a spell
They are always in a hurry, no time for the rose
Not much of a cowboy or anything, I s’pose

They’re just…

Cardboard cowboys in a concrete canyon
Riding steel horses, reigning in their abandon
Letting loose bridles, for no horses they ride
Spending their days, cooped up, deep inside

It’s a sad way
And a sad day
For New York cowboys

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Black Jungle Cat

Several women were in the breezeway
Going from the sanctuary to the Fellowship Hall.
On either side of the French doors,
They gazed out the large windows in fear.
As I walked up to them, one of them asked
In hopeless desperation, "Who will go outside
And get the supplies for us."  They looked at each other.
She said this because the enemy was on our shores,
Patrolling every city, great and small.  I saw the armies.
People were afraid to venture outside their houses.
There were no soldiers in the street at this time.
It was a clear day.  I said to them, "I will go."
I opened and closed one French door and felt it...
FEAR was thick.  It crouched like a black jungle cat,
Panther or jaquar, lurking in the brush for prey.
My eyes were wide open as I walked the distance
Of the Staff's parking area.  There was a chamber 
Underground set aside for certain supplies.  
The enemy's presence was strong as I looked around.
I think I had to unlock its door before I opened it.
I took what was needed and walked through Fear.
I never saw him, but the enemy's threat to pounce
Was felt with each step until I quickly reached the porch
And entered back inside the church in front of the office.

(This is a dream I had the year after 9/11.)

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I have had many frightening visions
of demons pulling me down into the infernal abyss:
to burn and torment my bound and shivering body...
as Dante envisioned it in his Divine Comedy.

Ah, Popes, Presidents, Kings, enemies and friends made no apologies...
they were glad to see me join them in their cell!
I accursed them even in that place called," Hell ."
And that gave me an opportunity to write many appropriate analogies.

" My flesh will burn, not my spirit! " I desperately hollered.
" This is not a place where I should pay for my earthly sins!"
" Eternal fire and condemnation are wrong!" I protested.
" God loves everyone, and He only demands repentance!"

Finally, that dreadful vision ended at the coming of the sunrise,
I found myself on Earth witnessing the wonders of Paradise!

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Dirty Dan

<                             Driving along in my automobile
                               Seen homeless man holding sign will work for his meals

                               Should I stop or should I just Go !
                               Should I give Or Should I just say hell No !

                              But what if that was me
                              Crying out with such pitty

                              Not knowing where to get next meal
                              Three kids crying at worn out heels

                             Cardboard boxes to call our home
                             Dumpster diving for pieces of foam

                             Think I'll give him a piece of my pot
                             Opened wallet and gave him alot

                             A nice twenty came on out
                             Wiped out was his sadden pout

                             Drove by an hour later
                             Homeless camp wiped off roadmarks slatter

                             Wonder where dirty Dan had now roamed
                              Just hope he finds a better suitable home

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My Kashmir Burns (Part 1)

I picture Kashmir through lightened KL. News of another massacre darkens my eyes
Winds are thirsty there. They continue to taste the young blood.
I groom myself with exquisite things,
Sipping ice tea in ac room, I comfort myself
And Kashmir burns. Kashmir set ablaze

I can smell the warm blood of beaten corpse
Where from winds bought this smell. Somewhere Karbala reborn.
Mosques are being slammed
There windows stoned. And the black boots leave their footprints on Mimber
Even God judges on evidence
There is one Imaam left now; he hides her daughters in his shadow
A blunt knife in his hands; soon he will sacrifice them to keep their innocence
Kashmir is burning. Kashmir is bleeding
And I write.

Army jeep chases the tracks. To find the associated bodies
They are alive now. Soon they will be dead
From Patan to Sopor, And in narrow passages of nostalgic downtown
Ghosts of curfew
Haunt the houses for young souls.

From the Kupwara cantonments, search lights chase emptiness
Nothing is left now. Search lights can’t see inside the graves
A boy there went missing for two days. His father starts digging his grave.
I put my earphones on and I close my eyes. I sleep
While my Kashmir is ablaze
“It’s me poor farmer’s son. Kupwara’s charm, I feel no pain”.
I see him so alive in my dreams.
He chants songs of Mahjoor from his burnt lips. My hands shiver. He has no finger nails.
I see his smoke tanned skin. Same as that of Khayam’s barbeques
He stands at a distance from me. I can still smell kerosene
“Tell my mother to let her heart become cold. Her heart will not bear my state.
Tell my mother to let her eyes become blind. Her eyes will not withstand my sight.”
I follow him towards his tortured body. He tells me to follow the spilled blood.
His blood has made its own Jhelum. I row on it. Until it gets lost in black boots
The story will turn into legend. I find his body no more.

On the streets silence prevails. Nobody has permission to wail.
Sisters are beatifying coffins while brothers look for stones.
For bullets there will be stones
Kashmir is ablaze. She is wailing in grotesque tones.
In Lal Ded hospital a new born cries: Father register me at cantonment then take me out
Death is recruiting in dozens at a time.
Tomorrow is curfew. Death has no curfew pass.
How they want to identity you. Becomes your identity
People burn up all you identity cards.

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A Cry For Help

During the devestation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. Haunting memories 
of a nightmare that will never be forgotten.

All through this great nation,
screaming voices of isolation,
echoing cries of the weak,
along the crossroads of smothering August heat.
No dignity as death unfolds,
wing whipped city, a sinking bowl.
Just for the record and made to be known,
slow to respond to my drowning soul,
with hope for life in a sinking bowl.
The last breath taken with misery,
and just for the record, history.

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Emigration comes full circle

I left Ireland in the 80's with my husband and two babies for Holland. In 2003, we 
returned so that our children could have an Irish University education. Dublin was 
buzzing with life at the time, it was very expensive but we were home. Now in 2011, 
my daughter is emigrating, back down the old ancestral path, she is going to Madrid 
to teach English there. Our country has collapsed so badly, there is no employment 
here so we are exporting our young, educated children by the day. A sad day for me 
as my daughter leaves tomorrow. I wrote her this poem.

To Sarah
On the wave of emigration
I want you to know
That I see you, a fellow female
An equal on every level
Not just my daughter
My little pink princess
I see you as a woman
A power within this world
With oceans to offer
A lifetime still to learn
Go to your new life
A teacher in Madrid
Be free and fearless
Spread your wings and fly
Take the opportunities
Shape them to your dreams
You have all the tools
You can use them now.

Your analytic mind
Will help you make good decision
Fair and just rewards will ensue.
Your radiating heart
Will gift you new friendships
Maybe even a new love
All in good time
You will never be alone
Because you have a deep sense of self
This will be fortified
With this new tide
Your feet firmly planted
Will always serve you well
Balancing the ups and downs of Libra
Always true to yourself
Life will be true to you too.

We live in a new age today
This global world is small
As we email and skype
Fly back and forth to visit
We will continue to love
As mother and daughter
Our journeys through life
Forever together
My love
I will hold you safe
In my heart.

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Remains Of A Driveway

Through you I seek to know:
What happened once below?

You ferns of resistance, I see you
Mixing it upward with 
A firm stance. 
(Such steely green weeds
Do smirk indeed
Above the empty path of horizon’s eye,
Blackened to nowhere).

What, though, do I see in you?

(A path lies vacant and wanting,
A land once named upon a dream;
A barren place now daunting,
Neglected and unseen).

Where is your truth?

(Does it rest within your clumsy bud’s dance
With a tertiary sky,
Or a raucous from your stem’s windward need 
To lead)?

Oh No.

I do believe:
It is your roots of defiance!

To know Home in no shame;
To forge through scarred soil with no blame!

Such courage you have:
To reap the shifting tar of fickle men, 
And safely hasten away 
From the notion of never again!

(Thirty some years have stood and fell
Your quiet presence lives to tell
This hell,
Once known,
As Love’s canal).  

Oh eager green,
 I wish you well.

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Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

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Senorita Sorrow ( Spanish Rain )

Any teardrops that I can borrow?
In those Spanish eyes of yours
In those big brown Spanish eyes
of yours
Senorita Sorrow
Can you run away with me tomorrow?
We can chase our dreams around
And make love
And start wars
In those Spanish eyes of yours
In those big brown Spanish eyes
of yours
You have never lived
It's very hard to explain
I got lost in Senorita Sorrow
somewhere in San Sebastian, Spain
somewhere in her Spanish eyes
somewhere in the Spanish rain
We had the time of our lives
But she cried there on the train
She couldn't hold back the pain
She knew there was no tomorrow
My Sweet Senorita Sorrow
As she stepped out into the 
Mid-September Spanish Rain

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The House of a Sloth

Around the room I look today,
I see that things are all array.
Messes here and messes there,
Everything is everywhere.
Disorder on the tile floor,
Dirty fingers on the door.
Balls of dust under the bed,
Junk is strewn in the shed.
Cobwebs hang in the corner of the room,
Never knocked down by the kitchen broom.
Heaps of clothes piled up high,
Everything looks like a filthy pigsty.
Dishes left where they do not go,
Food left out for mold to grow.
The beautiful house looks all forlorn,
Even the curtains are badly torn.
A sloth lives in this house you know,
For no one else would leave it so.

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Last Night This Canalbank Was Home

Last night, this canal bank was home
I see the tossed newspapers blow
And a solitary brown blanket lie
Where not all that long ago
Someone slept... but they were not camping
This was home last night
And, as I approach the bridge
I see him sitting there... on my right...

Hes old and weezened, lights a cigarette
Or at least his best to do so he does try...
And I ever the Christian full of compassion
Keep my distance and hurry by.

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The Fourth Of July: A Lie 'or The Star Spangled Banner

We clad ourselves in colors as we march,
saluting independence through a foggy dream;
gazing at the night alight with flashes,
and firefly screams.

Rockets made in China, cascade/
to the backdrop of the Star Spangled Banner;
a flutter to the wind blown flags made in Brazil
and "I Love America Pins" upon our lapel;
(made in Mexico).

We stand on oceanfront (it’s owned by France)
gazing ‘pon the open sea,
the port is owned by Saudis/
but at least we stand here free.

Our hands steadfast upon our chest,
saluting whichever freedoms still remain,
those freedoms, their going fast;
and they’ll disappear one day.

We gaze into the abyss of night,
the twinkling tears that kiss our cheek,
immersing ourselves in awe of moment,
before it fades our dreams to sleep.

We stand enamored with this land,
the love that lurks within our hearts,
we celebrate this love/ part;

fore tomorrow, standing is banned.

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The Path Un-chosen

When squinting at departed days, Reviewing life’s crucial choices An insatiable curiosity stirs inside, O’er the destination of different paths, And where, I’d perhaps, have been guided. Is this questioning life’s portion? Where would I reside today; or would I? And to whom would I be married? Would progeny exist? Would radical change have been my lot? And days cut short? Or, in time’s throes, be frozen? All queries void of answers, Without my taking this alternate path, Left by myself un-chosen;

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To Where Unknown

Another one disappears to where unknown Taken at will from near their family home What possesses a person to become The lowest of low, whom descends into scum It was a rainy night in down-town New York As she headed home taking a different fork Her desire to get there across darkened greens Not knowing what was lurking, hidden, unseen Footsteps in echo grow even closer and fade In the quiet dark her nerves become frayed Worried she runs as her mind starts to fret Internal distraught, now interpret Upon reaching her home she is pinned to the ground From the dark abyss he appeared, stealth, no sound Her long brown locks so delicately brushed Being pulled in brute, in hungered rush To a car she is taken, distraught fills her so As she's pinned to the floor, her fear is in flow Down by the docks she's stripped naked to bare Neanderthal is he in lusting stark stare Used and abused, her charms now taken at will What possesses a person to take life to nil Discarded now spent, now just left in a heap No care for her family, no sleep till they weep Days now pass, unknown as to where she's gone Taken minutes from home, where she truly belongs ^<*>V<*>^

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No Parachutes,safety nets,souls,or hope

Love is whispered and not forgotten
If this be so
I deaf to soft lipped invitations seek no thought of hope
I of no past collection hold thought
To forget is gruesome and beautiful

My eyes, swift allies in my war of world tell no lies

Silent in the 4 walled chalkboard blue
Shakespearean mad men twist their tongues with words of bland hue

I believe the concept of Ugliness is more profound than that of beauty
Dreams of my bladed face fill up behind my eyes...scratching my mind

Nothing goes SURPRISE! anymore
To love and lose is not the exciting protagonist to never having lost love

the optimists run in circles
pretenders of despair hunt themselves

Every street is Desolation row and my window is covered with blood

Nothing comforts anything
No advice

....just surprises

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Little Girl of Mary King's Close

A little girl so coy and sweet Used to wander in the street Her little dress and shawl she’d wear She’d skip and run without a care Her hair about her face would fly As wind blew clouds across the sky The sun would shine above the city Warm upon her face so pretty There with friends she’d sing a song A ring-of-roses all day long Her doll she’d carry everywhere Made by her mam who'd brought her there Where had she gone, where was she now; To give her comfort, to cool her brow? Lying there upon her stretcher Desperate for mam to come and fetch her With pustules oozing, a putrid stink In inky blackness her eyes would blink She waited for the sound of feet Perhaps dry, stale bread for her to eat Shoved below the heavy door On a plate, upon the floor But she’d become too weak to stand To get the food she’d need a hand Fear of illness, fear of death Fear of such a young ones breath Prevented them from coming in Barred her from seeing friend or kin Stuffy and close the room was small No one seemed to care at all Her doll they’d wrenched out of her arms And burned it to avail their qualms No traces of disease would spread Remaining sealed away instead She longed again the world to see, She lay there waiting patiently She thought for her they’d surely come Her father a merry tune would hum Drifting in and out of sleep No more tears of loneliness to weep Nothing but a feeble moan For she was left there all alone Below the new you’ll find a room Timeworn and hidden in the gloom It’s there you’ll feel her presence nigh It’s there she lay abandoned to die When you have to leave and go Quiet footsteps behind you tiptoe She follows you a little way She waits for you to turn and say, “Take my hand and come with me. Into the light… walk, be free.” But solitary and confined she’s made to stay As aeons pass and flit away Forsaken child of the distant past, I pray God frees your soul at last.

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Renew on the Serengeti

The rains in fall on the Serengeti lands
It's impending approach is in natures plans
From barren to lush bringing droplets of pure
Seasonal they are, but will it remain her renewing cure

For we treat her lands so bad, so mean we don't console
Will we ever understand to our neglect that we extol
There will be a day, when these vast expanses turn to dust
And humans and their wants, will turn their iron into rust

We have to take a stand, before it's all to late
And sit around the mediating table before we reach hell's gate
Decisions for the good to be made for our futures kin
As the heads of State's shake hands, from this room within

Inspired by Wilma Neels poem "Renewal" ty.

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The kid

Busy city’s heart – A kid is lost in the crowd!

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Revolt in a see of blood oh mourner and cast your voice away, the regime will shoot at you
today and corpses will roll.  Protest in constant pain oh mourner and toss your body to
the wolves, the regime will fire missiles and the masses will explode.  The fires will
spread like cancer and the regime will turn it's heels, fore the masses fight for freedom
and their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters will be killed.  Revolt against the
murderers and let true justice be your shield.

- How dare there exist a being who would drop bombs on innocent protesters and send armed
forces to shoot down mourners at a funeral.  

 Where is the human spirit hiding in these darkened times? The true spirit of what it
means to be alive.

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Fate And Fortune

This northern city with headlights-eyes
Has buried me in its cold and gloom;
You'll see this place in a dreadful guise
And once sweet home will seem a tomb
Once you're aware there's no way out,
Once dreams of youth say goodbye and grin.
It goes farther and makes me doubt
In all the things I have ever seen.
Its blood has turned into ice and snow -
It's endless winter in every heart.
The winds of grief never cease to blow,
The art of grief is the greatest art.

And once in this cradle of dirt and despair
A wandering stranger demanded my mind.
He asked me about this damned northern air
I'd better not breathe - I would leave it behind. 
He said: "I'm in love with this misery, miss.
Destruction is right what we need to create.
True art is in grief, I've been dreaming of this.
My yesterday's fortune's tomorrow's fate.
I know all secrets my destiny knows,
So this boring dwelling won't be a surprise".
I thought: "He's my twin, and it clearly shows".
That evening he opened my widely shut eyes.

A perfect stranger has built a wall
To be a shield from this gloom and lies,
From endless rains of this city's gall	
That falls on me from the shattered skies. 
The wave of feelings can warm the days
Of dull existence in Bitterland
And melt the ice in this rotten place,
In every heart that it's due to mend.
This northern city with headlights-eyes
Has turned us down in its nasty voice
And... brought together. We've paid the price
Of fate to fortune. We've made the choice. 

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Cave dweller

Cave Dweller.

Once there lived a little man
A dwarf yet smaller still
Who lived within a little cave
All cold and darkness filled
He'd lived there such a long, long time
And knew he nothing more
That there was nothing better he was sure.

Then this maiden fair and beautiful
She ventured in his cave.
Her eyes were blue like crystal gems
For her most men would crave.
When the little man discovered her
With the candle in her hand
He saw a nymph so beautiful and grand

The maiden told that lonely man
About the beauty of the world
She spoke about the wings of a butterfly
All Gossamer unfurled
And she spoke of lush green meadows
And the flowers by and by
That lady spoke, her tone so very wise.

But that dwarf when she had finished
Sadly sighed and shook his head
For the thought of leaving his snug cage
Did feel his heart with dread
And he told that lady wistfully
That her fine land was not for he
For he was born to live this misery.

Socrares Dec 8 2003.

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6 a.m

It is time to wake- 
After being bludgeoned by sleep.
A quick brush 
And a quick wash
Off to the bus-stop in a quick rush.

It’s another day 
To work for a pay
Loose soap lather-
Sticking senselessly by the tip of the ear
And white Vaseline still to sink in the hair.

This life is a rush
Get late and get fired
No one cares if you are tired
Or couldn’t spare the time for a notch.

Brown suit,
Black trouser
Loosened zipper
Man! You are a walking sleeper.

We all filed-up
Looking like men heading for the concentration camp,
Yawning helplessly from an unfinished sleep.
This city life,
Is just a life of strife.

We hop on the bus,
So eager to seek solace in its confines.
Heads hanging loosely,
Snoring trumpets at its crescendo.

11 p.m

Free from the day’s toil
But held captive by Lagos traffic.
Sweating and panting from heat,
Squeezed like a crumpled note at the back seat.

Dinner on third-mainland Bridge,
A stick of gala and Asala*
With a bottle of water to quench the hunger.
It’s business time for the street urchins
From Iyana-oworo to the bridge that links Alapere,
They disguise as beggars-
Or hide in the shade of dark like scavengers
Watching out for victims to prey on.

The day weans itself away;
Broken down vehicles,
Long tankers stealing the lanes,
Pedestrians ignoring the bridge,
Hawkers shouting their wares,
Tanker horns blaring like hooting train.
Six to Eleven of our lives
Stolen by the struggle to survive.
Office pressure and less leisure,
Street madness and no cure.
Traffic Thieves,
Problematic Passengers,
Howling Hawkers,
And Lazy-ing LASMA**
All add to this insanity.

* A Yoruba dialect for Walnut 
** LASMA reference to Traffic Officials of Lagos State

© Ayinla Muyideen Adeleke

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Crying Magnolias

When my heart is caving in and I feel all alone,
I wake up in the morning so far away from home.
When my soul is crying out and I feel like I'm lost,
I'll hold my head up proud so I will pay the cost.
So life won't pass me by, I'll live while I can.
Make the best of days gone by, wish I could hold in my hands,
my magnolias crying in the rain.
Wish I could catch the drops that fall.
Instead I remain so far away from home.

When I'm crying out for life,
I'll hold my dreams I have in store.
Even though it seems I can't get my foot in the door.
And though I'll pay the price, 
because I've sacrificed.
Soon I'll return again one day,
under Louisiana blue sky,
just so I could hold my,
magnolias crying in the rain.
Wish I could catch the drops that fall,
but instead I remain far away from home.

You gave me your hand to hold.
You kept me warm when I was cold.
So when my dreams unfold,
I'll be back to hold,
my magnolias crying in the rain,
so I can catch the drops that fall,
and no longer remain,
so far away from home.

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Ashen Decay

We arose from the bunker
To a scene never seen
What was once green and vibrant
Ashen, no gleam

Below the church we stand
In staring appall
No sense we make of it
This deathly thrall

They did it, they went and did it
The buttons, they pressed
Mindless, crazy idiots
In their war mongering zest

Choking, spluttering we are
In confused look around
Shadows of where they were
Graffiti surround

Black shadows fly
Amidst the ashen decay
Carrion cravers they be
In flesh stripping array

Emaciated to thin
In skeletal walk, we
To where, we're not sure
In this land, we be

Radiated and stressed
As we peer to our sun
Decades in the dark, we'll be
Man's new era has begun

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Yonder Setting Sun

I have taken my final arrow,
My race has now been run
I’ll depart from here and go in peace
Into yonder setting sun

I will climb aboard the ship of death 
And cross the chilling tide
I will go to yonder setting sun
As on this ship I will ride

I will not fear what lies ahead,
Or what I cannot tell
I’ll stand upon the bough and wave
To this life farewell

I will now close my eyes in death,
Weary from the race I’ve run
As upon the bough of death’s ship I will ride
To yonder setting sun

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The forest of grief

The forest of grief:

At night I can hear the pain filled screams coming from the forest of grief. Longing, despair, and terror seeps in from the thick tree line into my bedroom window.

Their inhuman wails send chills down the nap of my neck rendering me unable to move. 

“What horrible events accrued inside this desolate place?”

No vegetation, growth, or life exist.
Only the suffering from distant pasts.
Time itself seems to be halted by the walls of the dense forest that shelter its ghostly inhabitants.

“Do they know death?
Do they know of the life they once led or can they even hear their own horror filled cries?

I do, I feel every heart breaking emotion as I lay in wait for dawn to break.”

There is no rest for them or me, the lonely women who tends the forest of grief.

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Darts

Drops of sweat slip from my furrowed brow
Eyes squint, select a number and let fly now

Miss again, a millimetre is a mile once more
Aimed for triple twenty, only got double four

The walk of shame, my oh so familiar friend
Silence broken, on alcohol I forever depend

The steel point of eyes bore into my neck
My opponent leaves me a juddering wreck

I lose the match; the wife won’t give me a kiss 
I wish I could have been anything else than this... 

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Years ago, this saloon was too boring
and all you saw was cowboys drinking;
no music to take away their blues,
no wonder they all seemed to lose!

I got this low-paying job in Nashville,Tennessee,
a close friend read an ad and referred it to me;
even though Country music is popular and loved:
earning bread and butter in any club was very hard.

With all the bustle on any  busy Nashville's street,
it can never have the fast-paced New York beat,
and making a living as a piano player got me almost nowhere...
folks listened and noticed that the Southern spirit wasn't there!

Today I'll be packing, hop on the bus and head up North feeling kind of sad; 
it was so nice to have met good folks who smiled, listened and applauded
and living just  a few years there, I've learned the friendly hospitality of Rotgut,
but for the sake of my sanity, I must leave this place and not become a nut.                

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7-7 London terror

7/7 London terror attack 2005

7/7 London terror 

On the local bus and heading west, 
Going into London town. 
There's something happened ahead, 
Coz' the police are all around. 

There are sirens in the distance, 
There is panic in the air. 
I am early for my interview, 
So I do not need to care. 

Then a phone call from my brother, 
And I asked, "what's all the fuss?" 
His words to me were frightening, 
"Get off that bloody bus". 

He spoke then of the carnage, 
Of the scenes of disbelief. 
The blood, the smoke, the murder, 
The unrequited grief. 

I could not travel further, 
As the news it quickly spread. 
Reports of bombs and suicides, 
And of countless people dead. 

I walked into a betting shop, 
Saw the broadcasts of the news. 
Then I saw those scenes of carnage, 
And those sad uncensored views. 

I saw the blood, the tears, 
The shock, the sobbing cries. 
I asked God, "what is happening?", 
As the tears filled up my eyes. 

To the bastards who have killed today, 
It is you we do not fear. 
For every person you have killed, 
There are ten more coming here. 

You can bomb us in the tube trains, 
On the buses, in the street. 
You can hi-jack cars and aeroplanes, 
For its us you won't defeat. 

You can bomb us in our villages, 
You can bomb Old London town. 
You can bomb us in the countryside, 
For you'll never bring us down................ 

In memory of the victims of the London bombing of 2005

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My Kashmir Burns (Part 2)

Another son is dead, until five he lived.
For his long life at Shah-Hamdan he had threads tied
“Shehij ninder yee nai. Gahas Kormakh Khudayas Hawale”, his mother cries.
No news can penetrate across the mountains. Satellites work here no more
My Kashmir burns. And no one knows.
An old woman with torn scarf sits besides fire. While feeding her neighbor’s child
She sighs. Is my son dead or alive? She silently cries.
In Madrasa I hear children reciting Quran. A girl’s come out dragging her feet.
I remember her from somewhere. I remember her seeing naked. 
Oh! God she is the one who was raped.

Nights have turned pitch black. My eyes are losing the habit of sight
Midnight soldier’s set another house ablaze. At least there is some sort of light.
Many letters have been written to God. Postcards posted of those raped girl’s 
But its curfew again. No post office deliver’s the message again.
Death comes from everywhere. Close your windows mother
For bullet respects no womb. It turned Gulistans into tombs.
From the plains the visitors come to visit their God’s
They are our only witnesses but hypocrites at heart.
They say paradise is kaasmir. While my Kashmir is ablaze
They testify against us. Is anybody witnessing this? No one at all
Be witness to at least this. Open up your eyes my Lord!

When paradise is painted with colors of hell, certainly divinity loses its grace
In the news the reporter is beaten. Bamboo sticks are hungry for human blood.
Let Kashmir go to hell. A new promise in their portfolio.
Threads have given up at Dastegeer’s place. Even they are horrified at our fate.
In Maisuma boys are dragged by police. They close their dreams, end their screams
In a police gypsy.
Men shape into monsters when they are given right to anarchy.
The gypsy drives them into the dark cantonments. They will remember this day
Interrogation officer comes. After celebrating his son’s birthday.
The winds from the cantonments bring their news
Burned tires around their necks. Burning stoves near their heads.
The knife tearing up their flesh.
And the boys cry, “We haven’t batted yet. Cricket. We know nothing”.

Death wants children to be headlines
Hunger has affected the heavens as well.
Graves are full. No more space left.
We need land of the plains. For our graves.
In the ac car the bureaucrat goes. The mother’s with search full eyes
Ask about their sons they lost. They drink their tears
And he sips champagne.

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We Are Marshall

Southern Airways Flight 932
November 14, the night they flew
McDonnell Douglas DC-9
Like all flights, they should be fine
On the return home
They clipped some tree's
The final run
From Greenville,NC
37 players
In all, 75
From this tragedy
None survived
This Thundering Herd
Taken in their prime
Coaches and others
Before their time
But We Are Marshall
Would rise again
To take away
This terrible pain
From a point of closure
They reunite
To carry the lost
In their football right
Jack Lengyel
Appointed coach
With Red Dawson
Through Dedmans approach
Young Thundering Herd
First game lost 
29 - 6
Experience cost
First post win
Against Xavier
15 - 13
Calms despair
In 1974
Jack Lengyel leaves
But, We Are Marshall
We quietly grieve

" Dedicated to the Thundering Herd Football Team from Marshall University-West Virginia
                               and Mr Arthur D. Schwarz, a fervent football fan "

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Shelter yourself from unhappy thoughts and an unwanted sneeze:
think of sunshine when dreary days make you shiver...
winter is well-known for the deep sadness of its bare trees
and the absence of flowers and birds that were everywhere. 

Shelter yourself from unhappy thoughts,
don't a be victim of undesired frustration and loneliness,
take a long walk in the falling snow: see the fluffy snowflakes dance...
gladly accept godly gifts without bows. 

Shelter yourself from unhappy thoughts
by remembering the days spent on sunny shores:
those pristine beaches where the midday sun was strong and burned...
go back there by using your fantasy when you'll be bored.

Haven't I given you many useful hints how to avoid those so-hated winter blues? 
It takes little effort to shelter yourself from unhappy thoughts and never lose!

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Peter Pan Envy

Peter Pan Envy 

I envy Peter Pan
He never get’s old as a man

He can fly back and forth to never-never land
To his lost boys a merry band

If I had Tinkerbelle’s fairy dust and could fly
I would go up and up into the sky

I would fly up to my wife who’s in heaven
And take her back to nineteen fifty-seven 

The fifties were a great time in life
It was when I met my future wife  

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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Times That Can never Return

Those were other times,
times so long ago,
times very different back then.

Memories of places
I know longer know
writing these lines with my pen.

Gloomy is this sad day 
and a hard, cold wind blows
as my thoughts return there again.

Glimpses of festive times,
shadows of younger days,
O, I remember back when.

Like Dickens’ Christmas Carol
were those times that once had been,
times that can never return.

Happy, carefree times and yet.........

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There's this girl that I know who misses her home
The place filled with laughter, her joy, and her hope.
This girl, she is sad, and I've seen her heart break.
She just doesn't belong here, and she doesn't want to stay.

When she's at the beach she just sits and she stares
Across the water to who knows where.
The ocean is the one place she has found on this Earth
That fills her with any kind of peace and hope.
Though still she is sad, she's not where she belongs,
But at least at the ocean the fierce homesickness calms.

She'll walk down the beach and look out at the water,
Totally uncaring of those who might watch her.
She knows she's not normal, that she isn't like them.
But she knows that they cold never understand.

This girl that I speak of, how I know her well. Yet at the same time I hardly know her at all.
It seems to me as I walk down that beach that
I'm never gonna know of who I truly speak.
Because as long as I'm here, so far from my home, my heart, my pain there, my hope,
I am only half here. 
I am only half home.
And all that I want....I just want to go home.

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Woe Is Me

Words have no more Meaning I find myself Deadlocked In an Ethiopian Night I Could go recklessly on But with what Hope? Will I Glide on? The Only thing I can find is woe only woe, only me, woe is me Voided since the start I'm contradictory in Armenia desert Mountains are more like rusty daggers pierced in my stomach; what else is there but pain? only pain, only me, pain is me

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O mysterious light
as the eyes of my faithful sweet-heart,
inspire the distant soul
of this poet in distraught...
whose poem is still unfinished;
give him the rhythm and flow
to embellish his heart-felt verse
with sentiment and thoughtfulness!

Beyond the rolling waves,
ships carry secret lovers
who deride and defy their fate 
and set their souls on fire...
without feeling a need in dire,
or admitting an awful mistake!

O mysterious sea...
take their ship away
to a shore where nobody will see,
and let their fornication be 
as crude as the awakening
of everyone who's not afraid of indulging;   
I will take no part or joy
in their pleasure so openly and willingly! 

Could I forget that she ever existed, or
ever loved me with trust and sweetness?
Wouldn't it be unforgivable and wrong...
to waste what was blessed by holiness?
In this era of unfaithfulness,
many choose to do harm to someone else...
thinking only of self-gratification,
breaking the vows of dedication!

O mysterious sea as deep as the love
of my changeless woman,
who contemplates every sunset and dawn
with the purity of a dove:
let no beautiful eyes deceive me,
and sadly erase the innocence of her memory!

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away— I met the person whom I shall love. It was summer season—in the month of May, when I found my dearest dove— my life; my beloved; my prized; my cherished with no name. In that land far, far away, surrounded by the seas, by the name of Puerto Prinsesa, we tasted the sweet scent of its breeze— I and my cherished with no name— as little seraphs of heaven sang in bliss. Stealing glances, that’s all we had in that land far, far away; and also in stealing glances, our tale has ended, as we witnessed ourselves falling away. The sun never rises without bringing me trances of my cherished with no name; the wind always whistles but I never had the chance to hear the voice of my cherished with no name; and so, my heart desires of revisiting our land far, far away— to bring me back to the scenes, to bring me back to my once upon a time that my yearning heart once has seen.
Author's Note: Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee

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Poetry About Poetry

Shades of color bounce within
Singing their hues dancing in place
Vivid lines colored outside
Rules broken with empty space
A midnights dream heard and seen
Gleaming from the twinkle of a eye
Wings touched flown and plucked
Gliding like a bird up in the sky
Wishes from pennies thrown into tears
The reservoir over flowing with pigments of pain
Drowning from the shadows 
The flood paints the day
Words speak volumes of silence hidden
Their sounds blind to what they see
Mirrors of nouns and verbs 
Their meaning and secrets lost at sea
Emotions ruled by laws of language
Spelled in boxes of glass
Melted from sands inside
That voices strangle to grasp

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My Grievance

I did nothing to you
I did my job
I worked hard
You didn’t help me
You had me 
At work until 7pm
Nightly for the first
As time rolled on
I started getting better
And you kept pouring
Showers of stormy weather
Giving me letters 
Stating false information
Doing everything
You can to wreck 
Tried to fail me
In observations
Boy did you
Dish a lot on my plate
I could never
Believe that one
Could relay
So much hate
Maybe I made
A mistake 
In wanting to succeed
The whole time
I stayed on my knees
You will be charged
For malfeasance
This is only
A fraction
Of my grievance.

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=============================================== ~*~ crystallized rime of frozen ire - craving to thaw as morning dew dense compact icicle of wrath's revenge emanating - now in subdue when plummeted - no escape death's end grave in BLUE scene of God's hands masterpiece where love and miracle in glue men sculpted and molded the new milieu mourning tears line of truth - skew now, Philippines - tropical country now in woo woe, fear - nestling hearts of unknown innocence ensue? this is just the start of a great "FELL", what must we do? hailstone of hailstorm occupying, subjugating us in crew red ruby blood stained "FLOODED " the nation's land in "debut" new state of grave - thousands died begging for prayers ...IN OURS, PUT YOUR SHOE ~*~ ============================================================== *-* jun-jun villanueva *-* "TELL ME A SECRET" Contest entry

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If We Lose Everything There's Jesus

If We Lose Everything… There’s Jesus! We have seen the destruction of various storms! They come swiftly and in many forms! So many people have lost everything they had. I see their look on t.v. And it’s very sad! I wish I had the money to buy them a home. So many look lonely and feel all alone! I wish I could “wave a wand” and make it go away. I wish to encourage them, with what I have to say In spite of all of our nation’s goals and ambitions. It can’t make up for life’s adversities and afflictions. Calamity and heartache can quickly appear! And much of what we have. can soon disappear! If I can encourage the many who’ve lost so much… I pray you’ll be strengthened by God’s loving touch! Won’t you let him help pick up the “broken pieces?” He can bring hope and total completeness! He’ can build and restore that which has been loss! He does it willingly! And already paid the cost! It may seem like you have just lost everything… You have no idea, what kind of comfort, Christ can bring! Won’t you allow him to restore your life today??? He’s more than able to do it, in a gentle and loving way! By Jim Pemberton

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The beauty I see in things 
makes me so sad....
For when I find something beautiful,
It may never be quite that way again.

A summer day
an autumn breeze
a color in a sunset....
your warm hand held in mine.

Why do i still hear your name....
in my head....
so tired.....
almost dead.

My soul still whispers to God for you 
without me even thinking....
So thoughtless,
sadly dreaming. 

That sweet old dream of being in your arms 
my frame stood secure in yours
You were thin and warm and sturdy.....
soft coat of yours so cozy.................
Your face emanating ‘happy’....

Too soon, you began to fade away......
In tears I closed my eyes 
and held on tight.....
Oh, I couldn’t bear to watch you disappear again
But I felt it, all right.....

Your memory....
I’ll stuff in the dark of my mind 
in an ebony box
And keep it so tightly shut....
Tied with a long, dripping ribbon of blood

And thus my healing has begun.....
But I’ll still be on the run.........

No love deserves to live so long...
then die alone, so painfully.
Never again will this soul feel so trapped---
so helpless----

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Our lives are like stories 
Like the ones found in books
We all play our part in the plot
But you were a bit more than just a character
Babe, you were a chapter

Chapters begin and end so quickly
So fleeting, like the way we would flirt
A heart-pounding beginning with a dry, cold close

I'm saying good bye 
This is for every time I could have cried
This is for every night that you forgot I exist
But I haven't shed a tear on you and, boy, I'm not gonna try
This is for every single mean thing you say
This is me deciding not to pretend I'm looking the other way
This is something I'm doing for me
So good bye, cause no longer will I be the girl who is blind

The chapter has sealed itself shut
So sit in your room and play some mean songs about me
I don't care, I know somebody with nicer hair

As a kid you must have been the bully on the playground
I'm done being the girl you give affection to and push down 
And I'm tired of standing on the sidelines while you try to run the show
I'm gonna move on with my life 
Prove there are things you will never know
There are things that books can't tell you 
Things only the heart can understand
You don't have one of those
So, pardon me, if I don't consider you a man

The chapter has ended but I won't shed a tear
The future's too bright for me to look back to darkness

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Amazing Grace Wash Over Me

A prayer for those who are in dispair along the Gulf Coast due to the BP Deepwater Horizon 
oil rig explosion. A prayer for those who waited and their loved ones did not return, Amazing 
Grace Wash Over Thee.

Amazing grace wash over me.
My tears are a river to the sea.
Lord above, we know you know,
the oil that is washing upon our coast.
Amazing grace wash over me,
and lift my soul up to Thee.
Lord above, hear my prayer,
for those who are in dispair.
Amazing grace wash over me.
I lift my hands to God you see.
My prayer for those who were hurt,
and those who will never return to earth.
Amazing grace wash over thee,
families were left in disbelief.
Empty hands, their loved ones gone,
Lord Jesus, guide them safely Home.
Amazing grace wash over me, 
the oil is filling up the sea, 
from Louisiana to Mississippi.
Animals are dying,
and people are crying.
Amazing grace wash over me.

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Edit and Waste

Crop, copy and paste.
These are the days of edit and waste.

Digital pictures matching our taste.
Everyone fuzzy in dot-matrix.

Saved as a file in some special place.
Not just a folder, a name with no face.

Shared with our friends all over the net.
Nobody wiser to that they've not met.

Clicked on again to remember the time.
Scrolled by a mouse; through thumbs in a line.

Dragged in and dropped to folders where bound.
Making them searches of files to be found.

Beautiful pictures fill up my screen.
Some of them larger than what I have seen.

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The Shanghai Sonnet

Congealed upon the banks of this
tamed dragon sprawl stacks of crude buildings.
Concrete covers all but two glassy kings,
thick smoggy gusts give them a grimy kiss.
Insipid pillars choke sunlight, endless
roads incise the very earth, wings
of apartments cram into ev’rything,
ev’rywhere stacks upon stacks of units.
Herein lies the future, our dystopia
has arrived through the hazy looking glass.
Perhaps a reminder, utopia
is not coming, or maybe the hourglass
has but some time left. Then the route is clear.
We must turn everything around. And fast.

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Dangerously playing on railroad tracks,
not hearing the whistle of the approaching train;
why would she be as reckless as rascals?
Dangerously playing on railroad tracks,
lining up on their thin edge small rocks...
not fearing death that can kill without pain.   
Dangerously playing on railroad tracks,
not hearing the whistle of the approaching train.

In the prime of her youth, there are no perilous thoughts...
considering her childish mind, she's taking a huge, useless risk;
has she intoxicated her young body with drugs or alcoholic drinks?
In her prime of youth, there are no perilous thoughts;
is she on a suicidal mission...shortening her unhappy days?
Why has she chosen not to live as others, who pursue a task?
In the prime of her youth, there are no perilous thoughts...
considering her childish mind, she taking a huge, useless risk.

Dangerously playing on railroad tracks,
not hearing the whistle of the approaching train;
what drives her to commit this deed of madness?
Dangerously playing on railroad tracks,
losing the perception of reality, which allows no short cuts; 
and by not appreciating life, she prefers loss over gain.
Dangerously playing on railroad tracks,
not heaing the whistle of the approaching train.

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Into the Darkness, But I Emerged

I wish I was asked this question when I was five years old
For it's a question I would have answered as my words unfold

This never happened yesterday, it was way back, 1966
What made our neighbour decide, to ignite his floorboards sticks

Our whole house woke in panic, smoke billowed everywhere
Into the darkness we stared, at five years old and scared

Thoughts running through my head, confused in a darkening world
Then suddenly I could see, my vision became un-blurred

What I took I couldn't grab, for it was already a part of me
For I, I took myself, and thanked my eyes to see

But going back to the original question, just what would I grab
It would have been an image of my brother, he was seven, and he was fab

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Winds of Change

The wind howls. as the grey wolf licks his wounds
pareparing himself for the next battle
he survery the area as the ground shivers
beneath a winter's chill

Instinct didn't prepare him for the attack
as the leader snarled and snapped
the others stood with clenched teeth
and tearing jaws

Spawned by the pack he recently joined
he wanders alone in the threatening wood
though two greys approach on the ridge, growling their disapproval
he follows in the distance

Soon his cuts will heal 
the earth will revel in its thaw
and once again, he'll join the pack
as an equal

But for now, his out-cast
and kindred spirit
is broken
by the Winds of Change

As he follows in the distant night
his solemn cry is lost...
in the approaching storm

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Lilies of April,
seen by a silent parrot,
droop over red vase.

All windows are shut,
no presence of anyone...
who will water them?

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Professional Divorcé

Lost in emotions
Two souls approaching new path
Bitterness adorned

Forgetting love, possibly they shared.
Reasoning on the fights, they had bared.
Manly disfiguring blow.
So possible you know.
Now departing, both no longer  paired.

Marriages four, divorced three times now in this life of mine.

If another comes my way, next lover shall be a glass of wine..

Sponsor (Destroyer ((Poet 
Contest Name ~DIVORCE CLUB~ 

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My Birthday Wish

I sit on the floor and wait from dusk to dawn, for a new day will soon be reborn. I count all 
the blooming flowers, and count down the long hours, while mum takes her shower. 
Today's the day, for it's my birthday. I hope I get A car, or A guitar or maybe even become 
A movie star, but that's asking A bit too much of me. I walk around singing out A loud, 
acting proud feeling as if my heads in A cloud. To my surprise I start stumbling over my 
words and begin mumbling. Maybe mum just forgot about me, or are they just hiding the 
presents from me? I walk through the hall, with my head dragging looking at the floor, 
and go to bed with my heart feeling torn. It's getting late and I can no longer wait. I turn 
off my light, and close my eyes and cry having so much things go through my mind. I 
drift to sleep but then I see, mum walking in my room in the middle of the night with A 
light. It's so bright. She raises my heart like A kite, taking of it flight and she says, good 
night, and turns of the lights. She raised my hopes high and then shot them out of the 
sky. I break down and cry, it feels as if I've just died. No one remembered why today was 
A special day for it was my birthday. I look at the sky and wonder why? I light my candle 
and close my eyes, tears dripping down onto my thighs, and I start to whisper in my 
mind. "I don't want A car, or even A guitar. I don't even want to become A movie star. I 
just want to be free of this disease called poverty, I just want people to stop running away 
from me. Free me of aids so I can stop feeling afraid. Stop me from being poor, so I can 
afford to stop sleeping on the floor. Make me smile for there is no reason to smile, but 
please make my life worth while. Take me away from Africa, for all I see is people being 
raped and all the kids hearts filled with hate, I'm loosing my faith for I am living each day 
even though there is nothing to live for". A Tear drops on my candle, And puts out the 
flame I whisper in pain,This is "My Birthday Wish"
We wish for luxuries that only money can afford. They wish for water for they are poor. 
People need to learn to smile, for kids living in poverty have A legitimate reason not too. 
Be happy for what we have, and never complain for what we don't have.
- Wiko Te Maru

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Protect Me As I Sleep

Knows my real name
Is what I go by
I am freezing cold
I don’t have money
Just, the clothes on my back
I am a walking wardrobe
I am lonely
I smell like crap
I am starving hungry
I can’t find any shelter
My clothes are drenched
I look like a drowned rat!
Upon women
Is classed normal
Around here!
I wonder...
I will survive
Another day?
To wake up
Do this
All over, again!
“Protect me tonight
As,I lay my head to rest”
“I love you, dear God”


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Yesterday and Today

fir limbs droop
heavy with yesterdays rain
frosted with today's snow

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 I am at the airport
And I’m going away
The tears come unbidden
As I think of this day
I’ve kissed them goodbye
My dogs that I love
I’ve given out hugs
To those near to my heart
I’ve phoned all my friends
And texted some goodbyes
I’m only gone for two weeks
So why do I cry
I’m just feeling sad
And a bit lonesome too
I’m already missing those
I love and then you.

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Sitting in the dark,
Waiting for a spark.
Alone lost on an island,
No one, no familiar hand.
Sorrow sinking in,
Watching the storm begin.
Alone far away
For far longer than a day.

Sitting on the sand,
Observing sea and land.
Alone near the ocean,
Rain the only potion.
Gazing at the moon,
Hoping night may pass soon.
Alone in a place so far,
Home feeling as distant as a star.

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A Veteran's Cry

I found my things, I found my past
It took my breath, I was in its grasp
The memories start, the present stops
The things that were, I thoughts I forgot

The Navy days, I miss them all
In my prime and the start of my fall
It is the only thing, to bring tears to my eyes
But no one hears my prayers, my cries

To bring back that joy of honor and pride
To bring back that view of the Great Lakes' side
The friends I had, the comrades that were
The main reason the job was not such a spur

I do not know why it bothers me so
I cannot let these memories go
Trying so hard to find better things
But nothing compares to happiness it brings

Please Lord, please tell me why
I was discharged for a benign injury in my thigh?
I told them the truth, I let them know how
A non-Navy doctor stated, “Son, you are out of the Navy now.”

I felt so alone and so very afraid
And was sent home with nothing, no hugs, no parade
A dark airport with not even a uniform worn
My dreams with the Navy, were completely torn

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Often I've been accused of being too righteous and wise;
a zealot putting all his efforts in an unquestionable faith,
and my trust is never weakened by a delayed promise.

Others have gone from this earthly place, to rest in unattended graves;
I've been derided by their indignant, loud laughter,
and you think I would have been intimitated by their offensive words?

Never did I react unkindly, just ignored them and walked away,
not knowing that they would have been cursed and faced punishment;
and with premonition, I had foreseen every event of their destiny. 

Today, confiding in someone who will take time to listen... 
will give me a reliance not smeared with absurd ridicule;
I can give good advice: unforgettable words that will remain. 

Confide in selfless, trustworthy friends who show concern and self-assurance,
by their deeds you will know the trueness of their evident honesty;
so why wait and not run to one as I... and not start living without reluctance? 

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Living with Mother Nature's Bruise

We turned to each other when we heard on the news
Our daughters place of work, enduring mother nature's bruise
She worked on an island now swamped with wrath
To her we now travel to retrace her last path

To go there blind never knowing if she breathes
Thoughts think the worst as we subconsciously grieve
Our daughter, our life, as we make plans to depart
Facing hours of torment as our minds tear apart

To this island we head where she enjoys life to the full
Thinking back to her young years, learning in school
This paradise as she calls it, in the Indian Ocean
Our minds picture, her love to live notions

We step of the plane into a world far from home
Praying we find her, dead or alive, to never roam
To the north of the island, Aceh is it's name
Is this where we find her, with no one to blame

We reach the village, it's where our daughter calls home
Teaching the youngsters English along the beaches they combed
We wander dazed and confused, joining the crying and the grieving
Emotional rescuers surround us, they just keep on believing

Hand in hand we stare hoping, as our eyes glimpse the lost
Our daughters not there, as we join the emotional exhaust
Suddenly I feel a tugging on my sleeve
Lady lady, you my teachers mama, come with me please

Looking down, my eyes cascading with tears
A beautiful young girl, momentarily relieving my fears
Lady lady, please please, come with me please
To a makeshift hospital she takes us, our hearts so in unease

To a door we arrive, she cries, mama's teacher mama's teacher
As she is led away by the hospital preacher
We are greeted by a doctor, taken through corridors of death
The relieving earlier felt, now replaced by inner reft

The stench of death drifts, lost souls we feel crying
Resonating sounds echo, the last breaths of the dying
Cubicle after cubicle, every curtain our hearts run
In broken English, is she the one, is she the one

The second curtain from the last, the doctor once again opens
Despair and tears increase, parents lost in their hoping
Before us lies, a broken twisted bandaged soul
The tattoo on her ankle, I cry Nicole, it's our Nicole

Engulfed with emotions our cheeks streaming with tears
Viewing the earlier posters, parents losing their fears
Living this moment, realising their daughter has lived
As we look back to the pictures, knowing families are sieved

Words we will remember until the day we are gone
That moment we heard, is she the one, is she the one

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You think you might be in love.

You think he/her might be in love with you.

You think about a lot of things. Do you really know those things?

You think a lot, you worry a lot. 

But do you really HAVE to think or worry about those things?
  Or do you WAN'T to think or worry about those things?

Now that there is something to think about.


              *please leave a comment if you like it or fav poem if you might*

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King Of The Hill

<                                               Vietnam War
                                              Capture of Saigon

                                               What The Hell For

                                                   Guerrilla war

                                                 Conventional war

                                                 What The Hell For

                                                    U.S.  Soldiers 


                                                 What The Hell For

My Thoughts On 
The Vietnam War

May All R.I.P.



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Dark skin,
like leather stretched
A skeletal body
Cradled in her arms

Tiny claw like fingers
Clutching at her breast.
Fount of nothing
Fount of hunger

Little body dying
For nutrition
Tiny eyes,
Black, desperate

Mother crying,
Skeleton hands 
wrapped around
 the child.

A last little breath
Weak, begging
A last little moan
A last attempt at a suckle

The bruises still fresh
The pain in her heart
The rape of her body
The murder of her soul
A starved stomach
A dead child 
Ringing questions

Why do I suffer
When you sit in your mansion
Why did he die
For you,

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Ghost of Bayou Cannot

Some folks believe it. Others do not. The legend told in the Bayou Cannot. The only witness who can swear that it's true, are the creatures who live in the bayou. The owl told the gator, the gator told the frog, about the horror filled night that changed their home in the bog. Far off on the mainland, miles from the marsh, in a large city, where living is harsh. A man's world invention sprang into life. A breath of fresh air to man's world of strife. A new deisel engine, queen of the line, would make it run for the very first time. The sunset limited it was aptly named. Gleamed in the station waiting its moment of fame. Boarded by folks going south, some headed out west, none mindful of anything, but each's own quest. New York to L.A. via the southern run. So it was, the trip had begun. Back in the bog, things were happening too. A barge made its way north with its captain and crew. The day had been hot. The night had turned cool. The fog roiled in, with its blanket of dew. The captain steered his tug, painfully slow, caution was key to safely deliver the tow. All of a sudden there was a scrape and a jolt the barge floated free, not held by a bolt. Panic seized the crew! "We've lost the tow!" "MAYDAY!" screamed the captain over the radio. Amid the chaos and moans of disdain, another great jar, "We've got it again!". Back on land not far down the track the Limited sped with a clickety-clack. Approaching the tressel no one noticed the shake. Who could blame the poor folks; the hour was late. Midway over the bayou came the tressels demise. A great shiver another great quake, tons of speeding steel, folks met their sad fate. Days went by weary and sad. Rescuers agreed none worked a wreck this bad. Twisted and bent the engine was pulled from the muck and the slime. "102" came the final count, the coroner spoke and noted the time. A weary voice shouted "Wait!" "Sir, I disagree!" Tired eyes turned, what did they see? A weary man held in his arms a child about three. Today believers say "an angel wanders." "A tiny spirit" Others agree. On foggy nights when no moon can be. A tiny light flickers so you will see. "It's a firefly!" Say the skeptics of haunt. The creatures disagree and murmur their taunt. They know the spirit of the child now lives in their swamp.

Written by my grandmother Sandra Burch

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home sweet turmoil

troops are returning
to a country in turmoil
with its debt ceiling

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Olympic Village

A numbing wind is gusting
Newspapers dance with wrappers
Grey skies mute reflections
In a thousand facets
Of an Olympic jewel
Dull and lifeless
Dark and silent
Sitting empty
Misery walks in the streets
Blue knuckled homeless
Pull closed their ragged coats
Against the chilling daggers
Of poverty's icy breath
Shuffling past an empty promise
Their desperate eyes
Stare with longing
And cry in need

Written for Contest: "Empty Apartment"
Sponsored by Matt Caliri

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Acid Dawn

Let us rest our heads upon the pillow of denial, turn twilight in the last clear reflection of the silent moon. Where vile droppings fell the freshness of the morning sea, turn to graveyards, lest we be; 
...swimming in an acid dawn.

The corpse of shellings, scales a strewn, where once transparent was so blue,
this morning features scarlet hue, as skin is shredded in the burning morn. 
Where vile droppings fell the freshness of the morning sea, turn to graveyards, 
lest we be;
...swimming in an acid dawn.

...And come mid sun up, we shall bathe; 
within sulfuric, petrol waves and drink our lemon juice until we choke. 
Till our teeth rot and our tears evoke, the pandora’s box which we awoke. 

An orange bright, our arid plight, and we the specks of dust behind;
lurching a dehydrated, evaporated existence. Famine on our minds.
Walking footsteps which no longer walk, dreaming of the past to escape the future as the present seeps our blood and marrow, the desert sun, a piercing arrow, stabbing at our hearts.

We hobble, oh we hobble and we hobble through the wasted years, through bones and makeshift graves, we’ll hobble into the final age;
where vile droppings fell the freshness of the morning sea, turn to graveyards,
lest we be;
...swimming in an acid dawn.


It is estimated that within the next decade or two that the ocean will become so acidic as to dissolve the shells of mollusks and shellfish.  This in addition to the already dwindling supply of precious fresh water which we must share with our animal friends.  A supply by the way that we contaminate regularly, a supply that simply cannot be renewed. 

Desalination was looked upon as the next great solution to water shortage despite it's expense. However considering how the oceans are becoming increasingly polluted due to oil spill after oil spill and Fukushima's constant radioactive leaks, in addition to the acidification of the ocean itself, it appears that we will have no viable water to look forward to in the future. 

This is life.  Forget profit, it doesn't exist.  Nature has no concept of wealth, only of survival. If we all die, everything that we've accomplished will be forgotten, nature has no use for it. Currency will return to being simply paper and stone, and nothing else.

We need to stop thinking about ourselves and think of our children and all the other species that live upon the earth.

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An Immersion Of Perversion

It seems like there’s almost been a total immersion… Of so many people engaging in perversion! Many are “sin’s slave.” And don’t know what to do! Be careful! It could happen to me and you! Just turn on the television! And you will find… People with very warped and confused minds! All you have to do is read Romans chapter one. And you’ll see the “moral fabric” is being undone! In this passage it makes it so very clear… The wrath of God against evil is very near! The wrath of God is revealed against unrighteousness! He’s a God of truth! And demands holiness! No matter how many laws may say it’s “o.k.” We need to really read what God’s word has to say! God is here and he really wants to teach us… No matter our sin… He can always reach us! The wages of sin is death… But God gives life everlasting! A victorious life in Christ… Is yours for the asking! Why not serve the God who created the heavens above? And be filled with his peace, mercy and love??? By Jim Pemberton

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I Know The Itch That Can't Be Scratched

I know the itch that can't be scratched
The world is growing way too fast.
We all are at battle with peace of mind
Alas, it's the itch that can't be scratched.

I know the itch that can't be scratched
These wars are growing hard, and fast.
Soon the world will be one dead blob of mass-
Alas! It's the itch that can't be scratched.

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What brought me to this sullen shore...
is not sheer curiousity at all,
but an equivocal question too hard to be answered
even by those whose minds are so cultured! 

Pelicans swarm the February's frigid sky over the bay...
like clumsy butterflies greeting a spring's day;
it's past sunrise, and all clouds catch on fire,
fleeting to the western sky to avoid the infernal dire!

I take a brisk walk adventuring in the gelid wind's blows...
as the agitated waves  indicate an imminent storm;
unafraid , I lean over the fortress's  stones with hands so cold,
to feel the vengefulness of a sea frightening all humans!

It's Saturday mid-morning, I hear a shrill filled with emotion, 
and a shivering pelican comes close to where I stand;
he doesn't want the crumbs in my generous hand,
but understanding and much more compassion!

If he could talk and tell of his plight so unspeakable...
I'd listen and make a promise for his survival...
where  once limpid waters rolled so brightly,
painted in gold by the solar glow, now they look too murky!      

Does he feel great animosity toward us...
we, who build and destroy, kill and terrorize?
And what made him turn to me  so fearlessly;
and will we, rulers of this earth, show hiim some mercy?      

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Can You Help Me I'm Lost

lost and weary soles
looking for their better half
at Auschwitz bone yard

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A Soldier's Memorial

It is built on pain and on sorrow
To always beware of what comes tomorrow
Although to some it burns from the past
Like the flames of hell rising fast

But yet be happy, there is some hope
Some happy things to help those cope
With problems that come, but memories gone
Into the ashes where only death belongs

A voice could say, “Beware what you seek.”
This voice wants all to be dreary and bleak
It calls for a unity of past damnation
It wants the world to have a remorseful sensation

Though, it cannot be stopped but can be fought
The memories from those that can be forgot
So live life well, allow no worry to fly
The days of sorrows and lies have gone by

Think of the days where it will be perfection
From the day of birth or the grave-sites reflection
It can never break what was built in a heart
Never worry, only love, for love is thou art

Details | Terza Rima | |


They ride on breezy praires
and as striking as they are,
they love their freedom as in those wild west days.

They snort as they approach danger,
it can be a coyote, hunter or wildcat;
see them flee to the canyons and completely disappear.

The Native Indians rode them with pride
and trusted them for their agility,
bravery and endurance to adjust to hot and cold clide.

The white man stole them from many a tribe...
mingling them with other breeds,
and in doing so:  the beautiful, wild horses couldn't survive.

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I noticed her, she looked well bred 
Enthusiastic eyes, sand wiped skin, dark
Trying hard to look casual

Then I saw her, looking thin
Worried eyes, forced smile, walking
Trying to look casual

One day she stopped me, asked me for a light
Flirtatious eyes, looking bright
She passed a casual remark

A year later I saw her, well bred with a black eye
Sitting on a door slab with a cigarette
I passed by, looking casual

I passed her by for days and nights
Until one night, two nights, she was gone

©david byrne sept ‘12

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I have not eaten today,
But my heart is filled
Not hungry of affection.
I had a fill of you last night
A fill of you for a life time

All around us are walking corpses
Corpses of political disregard
Humans of no nations
Even when they are bona-fide citizens
Your blood and mine flows in them

The government abhors the poor
Feeds them with empty promises
Shoves them through the door
They pay the bills
For social amenities they can’t find
Pay taxes for their castles 
Government built in the air
But we know their ancestors
Filthy dogs eating from the king’s crumbs
No; Lets not unknot the knot
Soon a messiah might heed us

In heaven’s book of life,
I heard the poor names are there
In here’s book of life
It is deleted.
Thus, in your head,
Lays your kingdom and glory 
Get rich or die trying
Or; be their poor and keep sulking.

Well, like them I saw… 
I have not eaten
Flesh gone weak to skeleton
The solitude of love within
Keeps me living; I am breathing
But I am moving,
Towards your direction
I see your beam

I feel new
When I see you
From my heart 
Seeps through the rays of the sun
Its fun; this love on death line
We survived the genocide
We survived the war
We survived love
We survived us
I love you too.

This poem is dedicated to the abused tribes of Rwanda and Nigeria during their respective civil wars resulting in near human annihilation. Though time has passed, we still feel your pains chilling our bones. The survivors.

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House Of Cards

I forget that I’m in trapped in a house of cards
until the wind comes blasting through
And I’m left again with nothing
Nothing but grief and this pile of all that I knew

I had to forget how much I cared for you
Something no one should ever have to do
Can you remember? Do you remember?
Those darkly happy days when you felt that way too?

Love so many bitter times unrequited
Two hearts broken----too broken to break anymore
You’ve become my dark horse in this race against time 
And I hope to God we’re not about to lose 

And all around absurd 
Is what this nightmare without you has been

We shouldn’t have to work so hard
To fall flat down on our faces
again and again

I wish you’d come out of your shell
and back to life in the warmth of my arms once again

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Leaving Malta

Trying to find somewhere to hide
Deep within myself, but no longer can I.
At the airport waiting for departure,
More and more heartache, it is such torture.

Feeling like a rope being tugged either way 
Tighter and tighter becomes the pull and
Harder and harder I try to invoke fun.
But it simply is not there, only growing despair.

Barely able to see through tears of sadness
As if a permanent goodbye, my world crumbling around me,
Preparing for the worst, but without need.
For none of it is real, only within me.

Unable to feel happiness, weighed down with grief
Trying to lose myself, avoiding feelings of loss
Rejection and abandonment,
Repeated patterns so well known.
Like old friends
Finally being cast off as a snake sheds its skin.

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In Order to Remind Myself of Orange City.

I took photographs...months after tears had dried...

so you wouldn't forget me....

There is the severity of me, the extent of scars that fall from you....

didn't you know...

and I finished it off, I regarded the night with violence because


showed me how...

and the taste of screaming still sits upon my lips, I've licked them for eight-hundred days...


mirrors, torn jeans and shirts that never quite made it past six months, but I refused to
trash the clothes I wore on the day the sun forgot to fall...

and you...


found your way home...


and bleeding..

I arrived to nowhere...
and took a photograph...

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Images; pitiful black images
suckling frantically from dry, empty breasts.
Black eyes; wide open, fearful, but
mercifully blind to destiny's most unforgiving hand.

Victims:tormented by the incessant heat of the sun's bejewelled rays,
mercy is fleeting; uncompromising
shades of hopelessness cocoon innocent souls;
But Fate will cast its untimely shadow
Black is the colour of despair.

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Ram Shackled to Ruin

To my left it stands weathered by seasons of time Memories so many, absorbed in it's walls Even a fire could not deny us of it's history Ones thinks of the efforts to save this once fine structure Now ram shackled to ruin, it brings tears to ones eyes Built just before the Civil War, it hid many a lost soul Many a storm caressed her wooden frame Whilst sheltering beasts remained safe from nature's anger Summertime's were so joyous with barn dances Even weddings were celebrated within these walls Sadly economics became it's downfall My great grandfathers red barn, a shadow of it's former As you travel through the mid west There are many eyes like mine, viewing and sharing similar memories

Details | Blank verse | |


heavy with time and breath short
   light thankfully dims
to hide landscape scarred
    toys broken.

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On the shores of Dammam

I followed the bubbles toward the light
To what I thought would be
an everlasting, undying love
I broke the salty water barrier
like a killer breaching restraint
Reaching skyward toward the stars
…and freedom
The drops that graced my cheeks
was a symbol of things yet to come
Of exactly what, I did not know
Sometimes, going through life
with your eyes open can hurt
Salt burns open wounds
Reassurance can be a prudent 
reminder of just that
I had no idea that the heart
I imprinted into the sand,
Engraved into the earthen beaches
of the foreign, would set up camp there 
I planned on making it my ritual
When I ventured and returned to you
My spirit would be left behind,
Left to protect your name
Like on the beaches of Dammam
Even though we’re no longer together
That’s where I will stay
Stranded, deserted, confused
But never lost
And never alone

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For in a Doorway Lies

On an Iraqi street
Its all quiet and calm
The way it should be
Without the tyrants palm

Kids are playing
American marines patrol
They don't want to be there
But peace is their goal

A sudden silence
Greets the street
Then all hell breaks loose
Every one falls to their feet

An explosion so powerful
In neighbourhood shake
An all mighty blast
Delivered by mans earthquake

Shrapnel zips
And pings through the air
Voices in scream
Faces in blood run stare

The dust and debris
Drifts all around
As the marines rise
One hears, a crying sound

He follows the cries
For in a doorway lies
A boy of two
In bloodied apply

His small frame
Sodden of red
Lacerations aplenty
On the road to dead

The blanket he clutched
In crimson soak
This soldier, marine
In tear filled choke

He gently lifts
This fragile child
Another innocent casualty
As another war smiles

Sadly, there will be others
Through the months and years
When war will still smile
And ignore all the tears

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Stroll through the Illest Empire
So much heat feeling like we’re living in the fire
But we’re living under fire
Tell me how many shots must it take before my loved ones are crying at my own wake
Its time for a break from sad eyes I’ve seen grown men cry
It hurts to tell a loved one good-bye
It’s the same reason why they died
Hearts just too full of pride
Mothers praying their young’n wont be a victim of a homicide
Too many drive-bys blood shed for a block you really can’t call mine
Wishing we could turn back time
High off of nickels’ and dimes
Making moves to boost your grind looking for hope
But the hustle got us in a head choke
Don’t blame me for acting crazy cause this how the streets made me and you
To watch our back and throw bows and cuss
Cause you got to be tough when times are rough
I know your asking when will enough be enough
And truth is I don’t know but this is how it goes down
But if I make it out will you smile for me now

So many families struggling with poverty
I don’t judge cause that use to be me
Watching mom come home late
Barley any food on our plate
So young and life we already hate
Praying God bring us something great
My clothes were cheap imitates and kids called you on them for being fake
Knowing mom bust her ass to provide
But all your knock offs you begin to hide
Ashamed of what you own
I know how you feel I been there too
I see mothers walking there kids to school
And the walk is far when you cant afford a car
Mom hoping one day you’ll be a star
I know about being next to poor
Your local neighborhood liquor market is your grocery store
Wishing you didn’t have to go through that living off of food stamps
Cube the neighborhood is a trap but we’ll all be free
So smile for you and me

Even 2pac said smile for me
This isn’t how its always going to be unless you let it be
In our different way we’re all a G
Cause we’re trying to make it straight legit
Whatever your hustle never quit but don’t lose yourself in it
Cause you still got a long ways to go
Still got a long time to grow
Use what you know to get by or you wont survive
Remember to always keep your dreams alive
Whatever it is just do it and never try
The limit is the sky so keep your heads held high
And when you come to a hard road just always know nothing can keep you down
You’ll be able to come back around
So give yourself a chance
And I’ll smile for you now

JUNE ‘06

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Somewhere Between Wedded Bliss Street and Family Man Drive

Don't fear me.
My problems are 
not contagious.
Years ago I was 
like you.
My home was beautiful.
My family was everything.
Somewhere between 
Wedded Bliss Street
and Family Man Drive
I took a wrong turn.

It's not as easy as you think
to turn back around.
'Just get a job! '
is as simple as 
answering the 'Meaning of life'.
An address is needed for a job...
yet a job is needed for an address.
Without one or the other
where is the hope? 

You think I look 
Maybe if you actually saw me
you would see that
I look

I don't want a handout
but I'm in no position
to refuse it.
I need your help, 
your compassion, 
your faith, 
and your friendship.

I can get myself going
in the right direction again.
All I need is a little help
while I round the corner.
Then watch me fly.

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Why is “someday” such a sad word?
When one like “never” is so much worse?
Why....why “someday”?

Why is “someday” such a sad, sad word?
Perhaps the saddest one I’ve ever heard...
Why “someday”?

has somebody
Except me, it seems
but that's not why I want to leave

So out of it
feel “out of it”
Never was in
can't find the way 

"Life’s one big bluff
Keep a straight face
Don’t let ‘em see your cards."

Yeah, life’s one big God-forsaken bluff
and I’m about to jump off

Someday, I thought you’d find me
Someday, I thought you’d love me
But someday ....
someday NEVER CAME

“Someday,” they say, “You’ll find somebody.”
“Someday, you will be happy.”
“Someday, life will mean something.”
But someday I'll be SICK of waiting

Someday, you’ll see why it can’t be
Someday we’ll ALL be sorry
One day
sweet day
I’ll find my way 
out of this body.

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Another Kind of Man

To be intrusive to another's mind to taste what the hells going on
To be different from other men as they sing a different song
For this, this blind man seeks to be the seeker to see and scan
To go inside the mind of another, another kind of man

History has shown and reminded of the monsters that have been
This trait of human man, as each generations scene
What makes us be so different, to hurt whom we care and love
Is it some form of weakness we allure, against family loving doves

As I enter their minds even deeper, the appalling rise to view
Standing proud in their deathly mask, their hurting of others true
Rapists, serial killers and dictators, or even the family man
What possesses their power to indulge, that this blind man can't even scan

My thoughts go out to you all, who have suffered at the hands of man
Evolution is not the answer, to really be who they can
This blind man he said to me, if I look into you what will I find
My reply to him was simple, I'm just a different kind 

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I miss home

Frozen in disbelief
Such beauty
Only in paved distance.

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  S-  sanction
  A-  apprehension
  N-  negitivism
  I-  insainity
  T-  tentitive
  A-  accenssion
  R-  redirective
  I-  immobilization
  U-  under seat
  M-  man handle

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That September Day in 2001

Two thousand seven Hundred and fifty victims Murdered, Rest in Peace My entry into Nathan's 9-11 contest

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I've read too many books
I've heard too many songs
I've seen too many things
to know where I belong.
To know where I fit in
along which walk of life.
I yearn not for the truth
But for a guiding light
I want to find a prince
A struggle, and a quest
I want to fight with skill
a sword upon my waist
I want to scream and yell
with all the angry crowds
I want to conquer all,
and rest in golden halls
I want my words to weave
a canopy of life
I want my stories told
To children when I die
I want to live a life
of beauty, love, and war
I want my eyes to shine,
I want my wings to soar
Alas it cannot be
The time for that is past
My dreams will never be
The world I long for never was
It's driven me insane
For when I hear the calls,
the symphony of where I ought to be
it's Powersurging thrall
The tears begin to flow
For what I'll never see
The minds that wrought my world
are cruel minds indeed.

Details | I do not know? | |

Iv Always Wanted

Iv always wanted my life to be like those Love stories..
The ones with mysteries and secrets and forbidden love.

I read those books to be in a different place than i am in..
Kind of like leaving reality.

I put myself in the persons place.. like 'i am' that person.

I want to have that life.. with secrets you have to find out.

Just an exciting life.....

I escape my life when i read those books.. i want to live through that...

( please comment if you have any say or if you understand... cuz i feel like im the only one who thinks this.... thank you for reading :) )

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Setting up House

I met a woman, fell in love
She was a gift from above
Soon she became my spouse
We gathered things and set up house.

Some things were new without a flaw
Some were hand me downs from Ma and Paw
For some we saved nickels in a can
Some were bought on the installment plan.

Children came – a total of four
Two boys – two girls- no need for more
We managed to provide room and board
Did the best we could afford.

We moved around from house to house
On an adventure – me and my spouse
Gathering things to which we would cling
But we rarely got rid of anything.

Tables, chairs, couches, and beds
Cabinets and shelves taller than our heads
Mugs, pictures, and bells we did collect
Mementoes and heirlooms on which to reflect.

A man gathers a lot in over fifty years
And remembers many of them with tears
Many a thing still fills my house
But it’s not a home without my spouse.

She has a room in a retirement home
Care is provided and she cannot roam
I dreamed one day we would be old timers
But I never figured on Alzheimer’s.

Now I have a house full of stuff
Too many things - more than enough
The time has come to downsize
To an apartment in the high rise.

My children came one by one
Went through my stuff until they were done
One takes this and another takes that
And managed to do so without a spat.

Giving things away is a lonely task
My irritability I cannot mask
Gathering things with my spouse
Was more fun than cleaning out house.

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The Old House and the New Home

The Old House and the New Home
©2011 C. Brent Cloyd

I’ve lived in houses in the country side
There with my family I did abide
By the dust and gravel of a country road
Much pride was taken in our humble abode

I’ve lived in houses perched on a hill
Many of which are not standing still
They provided shelter in their time
Provoked memories that make life rhyme 

I’ve lived in a house on a city street
Where the neighbors came out at night to meet
I’ve lived in houses made of wood and stone
On avenues where children could safely roam

I’ve lived in houses of mortar and brick
Where driveways were paved and the grass was thick
I’ve enjoyed houses far better than most
Where friends would come and I could serve as host

But my current house seems like a foreign land
Where everyone wants to lend me a hand
Living in this place is not my desire
Of this arrangement I easily tire

The time has come for me to leave
To this old house I will not cleave
I no longer want a cottage here below
To a fine home in heaven soon I will go.

I long not for a mansion or streets of gold
But just a place where I will never grow old
A place where pain and sadness are never more
Where happiness is found on every shore

I am eager, yes ready, to move out
To possess my new home with a shout!
The promised home Jesus went to prepare
Death please come quickly, I want to be there.

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 To make a new experience,
once I thought to walk down my home,
from Esplanade to Tollygaunge….. 
I crossed the Chowrungee
& walked down the foot of the Grand,
I saw an oldman to his daily daydreams',
eyes to the heaven - and hands to the earth,
leaning there to the marble pillar beside the Bata-showroom.
I crossed him and hundreds passed by,
thousands looked at him
and rest, running to the new market's new brand.
Little further I went…
infront of the Indian Museum,
there I saw a woman, with her child in the warmth of her arms,
sitting there crying for her life and praying for her child,
but, none looked down to the present,
rather, eager to know the legends,
and hundreds came out by the history;
rest were still in the museum,
in the future through the time machine.
I went on, walking down by the foot,
crossed the road and  further a two minutes of walk,
as I headed to the Victoria Memorial Hall-
the beautiful marble palace and its calm surrounding,
there the couples making their day, and ,
one making a sketch of that beautiful marble architecture,
but, none could make a sketch of that little baby's heart…
who's clothings were only his naked body,
crying for little shelter and thirst for mother's breast milk. 
He was born to make a new life,
and he's lying there for someone could sketch his lost life.
I realized then ,
what I thought of an experience to walk down to my home,
from Esplanade to Tollygaunge,
is an experience to make a sketch….
of the real life,
 in Kolkata.

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World Song-A Blessing to the Outcries

I’ve been blessed enough
To be protected
Positive surroundings
Never been rejected
Never redirected
No misdirection
In my life to date
No bad decisions
That could’ve sealed my fate
But my fortunate status
Won’t allow me to stall,
Failing to see the world as it is
Outside my four walls
I can and will, 
Allow myself to feel 
The very factors, 
That force
The faces of fear 
From those 
That often shed 
Agonizing tears
From angst 
And ravaging years
By the hands of time
Forced down,
Forced out,
Forced to the end of the line
By an oppressed mind-set
From a hope not yet, 
Hope deferred
Depressing things
To the point of,
“I dare not dream”
It seems
The band of healing
Should start with me
It’s inherent 
That I help
Him, her,
To be the blessing
Towards a life anew
For those who choose
To live it
So my life of privilege
Should I not only accept,
For self
But for the world, 
To be well
My benefits
Should outpour
To the outcries
To the extent
That opportunity extends
A non-stop trend 

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On the Harbour She Stands

In her silk evening dress
On the harbour she stands
Looking out to the waters
That claimed her man

The sea was his life
Ever since he was a boy
To be a sailor
Was to be his pride and joy

He made the grade
Through naval school
He was brought up to understand
That the sea can be cruel

Then one night
In the Pentland Firth
The sea was about to show
Its almighty worth

A force nine storm
From the North Sea heads
As his ship was cast
Onto Dunnett Head

No prisoners were taken
This November night
Smashed to smithereens
As she disappeared from sight

The very next morning
The sea was calm and quiet
A difference of hours
From the previous nights riot

Along the rocky shoreline
Bodies were washed up
Bruised and battered
In deathly abrupt

In twisted grace
Her man was found
Amongst the ship he adored
In wreckage surround

On the anniversary of her loss
On the harbour she stands
Looking out to the waters
That claimed her man

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Oblivious Summer

Dedicated to my forever lost summer of ((2006))

Splashing all your cares away
And drowning in a fruit cocktail
Your sunglasses are costly but very sexy
And life's about just letting loose
Tonight my inhibitions will freed
Summertime's never been this fresh
And FEEL the wind
I HEAR the music 
I'm floating now
Hold my hand
Caress it slowly
It’s you and me
You're my one and only
Let me run wild
Let me dance
Let me sing
Till the sun
Returns and fades
Let the stars 
Watch and burn
Let me splash
My cares away
Be released 
And soar away
Light colors
Careless whispers
A dream I can't describe
Coral dreams
Down under, it seems
Sapphire sensations
Sunny hallucinations
Drown into a strawberry milkshake
Tropical fruits and sunny islands
Sit in the shades and drown in life
Stars are blind
Away from strife
Celebrate and smile
Breathe in the light
Music, sounds, songs of heaven
Palm trees, clouds—a summery dream
Now we're beautiful
We feel so beautiful
Life is beautiful
It started out so scorching, so intense
Beautiful summer
Made so much sense
The shadows, the shades
The snowflakes and rain
Apprehension and pain
Restlessly insane
A world of change
A wealth of sin
Were waiting for me
Behind the sunny winds

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Sitting in a room
Filled with darkness and gloom
Only I wish
To leave here soon

Yet locked are the doors
The sound touches the ear
A sound of devilish laughter, and terrifying roars
Is all i can hear
Where am I?
Where have I gone?

Is this place where
I truly belong?

Not sure of the path
My soul has chosen
Hazy and unclear
My thoughts seem frozen

Everything seems
Like one large test
Despratly i need
A good nights rest

Yet the sound of evil
Is knocking on the door
Can they do anything
Possibly more?

I'm at a crossroad
with two seperate paths 
Yet which shall bring
a reason to live once at last
Judged by everyone
Criticized by all

Still i am standing

Still walking tall

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Seeing others doing harmful things,
excessively drinking and using hard drugs,
I say this road is the wisest one
a very prudent individual could ever take, 
hoping that nobody will lay flowers 
on that spot, where a horrible crash may occur.
Perhaps I've been too cautious...
when it comes to save what I hold most precious,
not afflicting useless pain on my body;
only praying to God to safeguard me. 

This afternoon, I visited my niece Crystal in Elmurst Hospital,
as she and her four friends were involved in a bad accident;
the driver, who had a legal alchool level in her blood, crashed 
into a light pole last Sunday morning; were they all drinking?
That's a mere speculation, but this kind of behavior is common
among teenagers; Asia, the driver of the car, is into a coma slowing improving. 
Crystal has a broken leg and fractured pelvis, begging nurses for help; 
and she is in acute pain and can hardly breath. Elisabeth is on a respirator...
due to a blood clot traveling to her lungs; the other two girls have minor injuries.

What does it take for irresponsible drivers not to be under the influence....
avoiding the mourning of a dear one, or even losing their own life?
Not many folks will heed this message...until they face death,
and nothing can be done to prevent them from diying.
Trongs of visitors crowd the hall, to inquire about their condition;
they hear their agony and are unable to help...ah, if they ever could!
So will you take that path which is the wisest one to avoid a possible tragedy,
or continue defying fate until its awfully late to enjoy a full life?
Their parents are as helpeless as I, but our faith makes hope grow...
that these kids will finally understand that a second chance is not given to all.

This horrible accident happened in Woodhaven, Queens, NY on August 15, 2010.

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Read Earth

Harsh beauty spreading far and wide
Mother's creation by nature's own bride
Iron grain canvas under bright atmosphere
Where arid, baked land meets water cool and clear

Streaming cruel heat reigns over all
Beating down on a land held in subjugating thrall
Parched artistry spreads over miles of land
Rocks, hills and animals, and course shifting sands

Fevered earth burns on an unshod sole
Trees give sparse shade to those who stroll
Along a path, that's been walked by few,
Over millennia past; now awash with soul's residue

Land red with iron and actions abhorred
With laughter and bitterness, with hope deeply stored
A vast stunning world, a back drop so grand
A future and history that's held in the land

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Burlap & Barb Wire

That's why you have boot straps, she's heard the old vaqueros say
But she'd throw away all her tomorrows for one single yesterday 
She wishes deep down for a better day somewhere down the road
But for now the grief, loneliness & tears make a heavy load
She's much too young to carry the burden she's been thrown
But there is no other choice, she will push through on her own
She'll ride to hell & back again trying to outrun the pain
But no matter how far she rides, he'll not come home again
Her very own Cowboy Charming, a fairytale come true
Until a cruel twist of fate painted her world faded denim blue
How long will she replay that single moment in time?
A day & forever, she'll still find no reason or rhyme
She has tasted love's passion & felt its cruel sting
Felt both the elation & misery that only true love can bring
She once carried her heart like a balloon, bright & airy
Now she locks it away deep inside & is wary
She's sworn never again to give in to desire
Now, its covered with burlap 
& wrapped in barb wire 

(c) October 2003

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Have you had or seen teenagers,
who abused drugs like marijuana
and became truant and unruly?
That same teens could be 
exposed to temptation again,
if they worked in a hospital,
where the supply of medical
marijuana is kept in glass cabinets.
And we think that modern vampires
are fiction as Drucula's legend seems;
there are indeed doctors and nurses
who will steal blood to satisfy their urge,
and if I have revealed this...
do you think that I am crazy?
If the FDA approved it,
what would the consquences be?
It will certainly diminish the acute pain in patients,
or make everyone around them get high?
Our streets are swarmed with pot heads,
who are hit daily by cars, because of unclear thinking;
and those who drive cause many fatal accidents...
others die of an overdose in filthy corners,
their lifeless bodies are spotted in small towns and big cities.
Is it a good idea to make it legal,
or will it endanger everyone in public places?

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There Shall Come A Great Tribulation

There Shall Come A Great Tribulation!

You’ll find In the Bible... 
In the book of Revelation.
One day... There shall come
 a great tribulation.

There shall be famine and war 
this world has never seen.
"Satan's fury" being poured 
out upon everything.

The Antichrist will appear 
as "the world leader."
"The man with all of the answers."  
"A great world healer."

People won't be able to buy or sell
 without a mark on their hand.
While corruption and wickedness 
prevails throughout the land.

Our only hope and answer during 
much chaos and anxiety.
Is Jesus.  In HIM we can 
have life abundantly!

This world shall one day 
perish and pass away.
 God's truth and his word are here to stay!

Come to Jesus now... 
He invites you to come.
Accept the gift of eternal life 
from God's precious son!

He's our only hope in this
 world which we live.
He is so patient and kind... 
willing to forgive.

Will your name be in God's 
book of life someday?
Are you ready to meet him on judgment day.

This world... or Jesus... the choice
 by you must be made.
The price for your soul... 
on Calvary... has been paid!

By Jim Pemberton

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Why did they fight that war? Why did those young lives experience mortal terror?
Many left their homeland to serve as they sung their National Anthem...
others stayed behind, not caring about their destiny in a unfamiliar land so far?
I saw them waving goodbye to everyone...I wished I had gone with them!

The invisible enemy was hiding on the other side of the wild river,
as the platoon's commander ordered the vigilant soldiers
to target anything or anybody that moved on ground and in the air...
a Cobra helicopter hovered above to spot and hit the targets.

Clouds gathered above to add gloom as the crawling soldiers have their steady grip
on the colt commands ready to fire as the Vietnamese should advance...
a patton tank followed them on rugged terrain ready for valiant defense;
who wouldn't wear a brave look on the battlefield : until his blood would drip?   

Through marshes infested by snakes and rats, they carried the wounded to safety;
and any soldier had to bear pain without emetting a heartrending!
Behind them, the sanguine batterfied echoed with blasts and unthinkable atrocity...
there were no winners in this war: both sides finally realized the useless fighting!  

Wriiten by Andrew Crisci for Miranda Lambert's contest, " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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Little Refuge

Little girl goes down to the water.
Little girl climbs up the hill.
Little girl wanders in the woods.
Little girl collects little things.

Creatures and curiosities.

Puts them in her pockets.

Skipping and running and playing at hunting.

Now and then she stops, and rests.

Her every heartbeat,
her every breath,
conspires with the fragrant moist air,
the rocks and the trees,
to forget her home.

There she waits before the sunset.

She waits as long as she can.

Oh, how precious is this place.

Her refuge.

To the sea and the hills. . .
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

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jump rope

there’s a curve 
at the end of every sidewalk 
did you know every block’s 
measured by the lazy way a rope
skips and ponytails itself down its own street?
my, how my rope bends
alongside that straight line
six inches above what you call a ‘curb’ under my knees
falling and rising under my feet

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The Choice

Disappointed and angry on myself I am
Couldn’t just let this feeling go away
That annoying test I have to take again,
But I won’t let go so easy of this dream.

The moon is watching with stiffness,
Just a couple of stars appear on the sky,
My lips are getting heavy and dry,
And I can’t do anything, I am worthless.

I need to drink to wash it all away.
I must evade and destroy my way,
‘Cause nothing can make me better,
And my heart is getting colder.

Walking on my bicycle with speed,
I’m thinking of you and nothing more,
Just this road to cross it I need
And getting to that place for sure!

I can’t see myself apart from you,
Or you not laying next to me.
I think I need you now and badly,
This is perfect, you love me too!

Then your scream I heard
I am wordless but I do not fear,
To you I cannot get, it’s hard,
It’s almost darker than everywhere.

I entered the nearest little bar,
Looked on left, looked on right,
Something’s holding me up tight,
I am letting go of this thread.

So there I was, on the road again,
On my bicycle, and it started to rain,
On my way back home, alone,
No one’s going to stop me then.

I hopped that once I’ll get home,
You’ll be there to easy my pain,
And then holding each other again,
My heart will be no more alone.

But some friends I met tonight,
And they asked me to party,
I could not refuse a friend on Friday,
So I stood with them all night.

How could I forget about it?
You needed help, and so do I,
I’m sorry that I had to hit,
Your soul and leave you to die.

It was the hardest part... the cost...
To have a choice and not to choose
I had one love and now is lost,
Like my soul, and my mind I lose.

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About Kameron by Taylor

I stood in the room staring at that hard wooden floor.

Thought of him and then closed the door.
I looked back up and everything was black.
Suddenly I knew the pain was back.

But he loved me.
I knew that much.

Black and gray rags were scattered everywhere,
And all I could do was stare.

But he loved me .
I knew that much.

I sat on his bed and noticed that the tears started to shed.
Then I saw a very dark closet.
I heard our song and wanted to pause it.
I felt my heart slowing with the rhythm.

But he loved me.
I knew that much.

Light began to shine through the enormous window.
I looked over,
And there...was a shadow.
The giant black drapes turned blue.
I thought to myself:"This can't be true."

Because I knew he loved me.

The roses came back to life.
And the bed turned white.
The rags turned into his clothing.

The music slowed and I didn't know what I was being shown.
But I loved him.
A light came from the closet.

A light that was brighter than any of the stars in the sky.
I saw a figure,and again,I started to cry.
I saw his face,saw his smile,
And knew that this was our special place.
And he said I love you.

Those three words meant the world to me and him .
And I said,
...I love you a whole lot more.

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Goodbye Fall with all the auburn leaves of the reddest sunset,
goodbye crackling path where I met the last songbirds,
whose melody accompained me to winter's doors;
and with deep sadness I kept on looking back.

Welcome gloomy winter with short afternoons and long evenings;
watching the advancing shadows and loudly hearing
the furious sound of the squall rampaging the stately trees,
and making them weep when the icy rain comes down with lightining. 

Sitting in a rattling, rocking chair, I peruse through pages of sunny places afar,
forgetting the dreariness of this frigid season and be consoled by a warm fire;  
and still nostalgia abounds...thinking of the pleasant strolls of a past season,
which thrilled me with its colors, and through delight I justified my reason. 

O winter, don't linger as you always have...shorten your stay, avoid foul play; 
and could I ever stand a pale sun, hardly giving off with its luminiscence,
in this house hidden among the maples and the pines of a squalid valley?
Old winter, don't mislead me with days without snow...that's utter pretense!

Goodbye explorer fedora hat keeping my dreamer's head cool, 
sparing my skin another ugly wrinkle, allowing late beauty to rule;   
goodbye iced coffee sipped from my Big Apple plastic cup,
which I bought along Fifth Avenue in a crowded, variety shop. 

Ummerciful winter, pity the desperate state I am in,
reduce the wrath of your devastation, step inside and to tell me your amazing tales...
hoping that I will write them down for everyone to read and enjoy for immortal ages;
relentless winter, reduce the dreariness of this frigid season.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Odin's Birds/Walking the Wall

Pulled one perfect day from the heart of summer,
Went with my wife, the kids, a friend
Down to cruise the monuments
To study those menhirs we set for marking passage
Into collective memory.

We ascended the virile spire
Erected in honor of our ponytailed First Elect,
The children pleased to gaze out on a toy city below us.

We descended and walked down the long flat mirror of water
To where Lincoln, strong and sad in bronze
Sits forever troubled by his sundered nation
In his cool, dark, echoing vault.

Then lunch, and a visit to the commemoration of our most recent sorrow;
We cross over and walk the Wall.

     Row on row,
     Stark white upon shining black
     The rollcall of the dead processes by.

     It's crowded today, but no one speaks
     The silence here is a crashing thing that falls all around us
     As we walk and search
     Some for names, some for answers,
     Some for both, or neither
     Ourselves for I know not what.

And in the black
Flowing past the names, and names, and names
This perfect day hangs captured in its light:
Cotton clouds on blinding blue
Grass greener than new money
The faces of children, dogs
And a parade of young couples -
It all hangs there, flowing over the terrible list,
Reminding all how they should be here too,
Those not-so-long-ago lost.

But then, in a sense, they are here
And that's why the silence crashes so.

     58,000 empty chairs are here.
     58,000 phantoms,
     The Bad Conscience of a good nation.

     58,000 Not-To-Bes are here:
     Not-To-Be husbands, fathers, family, friends
     Not-To-Be Victories and Not-To-Be Dreams
     58,000 horrors of Loss.

In the midst of these shuddering reveries
My blissfully distracted 7 year-old son
Plucks a small, perfect feather off  the lawn,
As black and glossy as the wall itself,
And carries it idly along.

Once out, we stop to talk with one of the Fallen's many advocates,
A great Viking of a man who notices the feather
Who says right away,
"Ah, a raven's feather. Odin's birds, who bring him Wisdom and Rememberance."

I saved the feather, knowing what I do of ravens:
Those sombre, croaking birds,
First on the field after battle

I stroked its silky black and wished
Odin's birds would visit the common folk more often
And croak to us of Remembrance, and Wisdom.

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Flowers on the Volunteers' Desk

Flowers are blooming on the volunteers’ desk:
Roses, carnations, a spring bouquet,
Dish gardens and gold mums (a more masculine look,
The florist said).
Blooming like a garden
Of well-wishes and sentiment,
Blooming here in the hospital lobby
(Well, after all, it is spring).
Each vase or container bears a card.
What is its destination?
The new mother in Maternity?
“Oh, how pretty,” as she nurses her baby.
Or the woman down the hall?
Whose baby died after a brief flicker of life.
That’s all she’ll take home (this time): flowers.
Maybe to the tough kid on the third floor?
It was just an appendicitis, “no big deal.”
Next week, (or the next), he’ll be back 
With his friends on Saturday night.
“Hey, look at his scar,” “Cool!”
Maybe that one goes to the old man,
You know, the one who’s dying of…something,
They don’t know exactly….old age?
He’d rather be at home in his garden.
A hospital full of people,
But only enough flowers
To cover the top of the volunteers’ desk.
How many patients, (impatient, really)
Will get nothing today?
Here come the couriers with just a few more.
“Let’s go…..hospitals are depressing.”
Even with (especially with) so many pretty flowers
Waiting on the volunteers’ desk.

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Farewell, Dear Nightbird ( Cowritten with Carolyn Devonshire )

You were but three inches tall that day
When I heard you cry and ran outside
To stand between you, my beloved owl
And a swooping hawk, wings three-feet wide
          Little me, new born owl of the night
          Staying in my wooded habitat
          Being brave enough to venture out
          Golly, Ollie, thinking what was that
Each night you have serenaded me
But today I bring sad news, sweet friend
I must move away and leave you here
Our life together's about to end
          To part, but in different places
          The lovely times we shared together
          This so sad Barn Owl and his neighbour
          We two birds will always be tethered

And when the moon overcomes the sun
I'll listen for your cries o'er the waves
Your gentle croon brought peace and comfort
It's a memory my heart will save

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The birth of a star

This wall stands stronger
Stronger than any man
Yet so difficult
It was to defend

Completely out matched
Thunder came in the dark
But those on the wall
Put up one hell of a fight

The wall never ended
Nor was it straight
Yet inside those men
Had doom as fate
Those who are left
With nothing to lose
Immortally fight

As if death they choose
After days and nights
Sleep came to none
Fate had came
At the rise of the sun

Heroes are made
In this very spot
This place where our ancestors
So valiantly fought
And fight they did
Taking far more than given

Unstoppable sit the man
Who is cause driven
Surrender they could
Lives may have been spared
Where would we be today?
If our men had been scared
Heroes and legends
Were made at this spot

This spot where our ancestors
Oh, so valiantly fought

A tribute to those at the Alamo 

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Liberian Sky

Harsh is the wind of Sahara,
Serrated by grains of dusty sands,
Stripping flesh from the bones of the dead,
Kalishnikovs gripped in their skeleton hands.
Child-soldiers trained as assassins,
Magazines slotted in like building blocks,
Smooth as silk, this gun never jams,
It musically clicks as the catch unlocks.
Itchy were the trigger fingers,
Calloused from teasing the guarded steel,
The psychopathy of poverty teaches
Kill what you can, kid, that’s the deal.
Dead lie the innocent children,
Dead as the sprawl of the desert terrains,
Conflict diamonds as payment
Fired Washington bullets into their brains.
Harsh is the land of corruption,
And black the nocturnal Liberian sky,
The blood in the moonlight drying
Seems equally black in the white of the eye.

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Rivers come and rivers go
Bringing faces to and fro
Rivers here and rivers there
Rivers never stop to care

Lakes and paths and rocks and beds
Rivers raging in our heads

Rivers come and rivers go
Oh, how I wish 
To slow the flow

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The entire island of Manhattan is being swiftly raptured
by a heavenly force, the Harbor is badly shaken...
it seems that Judgement Day has come as prophesied;
there Lady Liberty still holds her torch, before it's gone!

If this vision is true fiction, how awful the real event will be
with Lady Blind Justice and Lady Fairness with a set of scales;
they are standing on the terrestrial globe to warn the stubborn Human race,
which has contributed to this state of chaos...defiling morality and honesty! 

So terrified are the seagulls that called this haven their home, a real bliss;
the Big Apple's greatness has vanished from everything else;
Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the ocean, Manhattan's wealth 
is taken back by the Almighty to punish the evil ones, and reward the just!

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's contest, " Phoenix Rising "

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Knife and Lust

Walking these streets of manhattan so aimlessly 
All alone in the dark only lights by the city shops 
I'm scared alone feeling out of love now lost the knife was rough 
You stabbed me in the back all I can do is Cry on my knees veins hot as fire 
With mixed emotions running through 
It's Like this dagger killing me more inside all this love and all this hate burns me away 
Deep inside passion urning for another lusting after another 
As if I were a lion in a jungle taking that prey and burning up with tense desire 
It's like a knife with loves wounds after the lust 
This is very hard for me in a world you left me bleeding alone 
Never picked me up left my heart to die out 
With my tears hitting the city pavement times like this just burns me away 
Love can go off like a loaded gun a love  vanishes just like a knife with lust 
-- by Brian OToole jr. 

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Callous eyes


Every tiny things matter in a young world, 
and then with callous eyes, he is used to pick
days and nights as they pass him, as they pass beyond.

Sometimes he panics, fears that she’ll go away 
and he won’t feel any ache, just be watching her
moving away, erasing; looking at the place
where she has been seen last; with covert anger.

A tiny butterfly flies, in and out, in and… 
the patch of rain raises smells, smells of musty dusk.
The callous eyes follow the hands clutching heart 
where past is blending in pains and agonies.  
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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It's Saturday and 2:00 A.M.

The helplessness I feel
increases as we approach the door
I can’t take this missing you so badly anymore
I grab your waist to pull you in real tight
then I hug you with all my might
And sadly I must kiss you goodbye
and resist the urge to let tears in my eyes
because it will only make missing you that much worse
This distance between us is such a curse
Slowly I walk towards my car
turning to face you with every stride
as I sadly wave goodbye
Reluctantly I open the door
and blow you kisses to say goodbye once more
Sadly I must drive away
and watch your figure disappear
And with each mile
as you grow less near
I start to miss you more and more my dear

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Let's embrace and comfort each other,
because today is the day of sad memories:
awakening both the agony and the pain;
and should tears fall, don't wipe them...
let them gently flow into the fountain of grief.

Did that tragedy change us entirely,
bonding us together as a stronger Nation?
And shouldn't we pray and sing together
with the survivors of that horrible morning...
remembering that today is the day of sad memories?

No rain will be falling as it did last year, and how could we mourn
as yesterday and not understand that our beloved ones
do not wish us to grieve anymore? Perhaps sending smiles 
to Heaven will help us realize that our prayers will make them smile...
wishing that today wouldn't be the day of sad memories.

On Ground Zero, where the mighty towers fell,
thousands will gather around the beautiful Memorial
with flowers and candles in their hands, being assured
that angels will guard this most sacred place...
to remind everyone that today is the day of sad memories. 

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of September 11

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Night Traveler

Goodnight to the glazing moon,
don't look back,
I'll be home soon...

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The fog thickens over the waters,
making every island vanish
into the misty sea rolling by;
but the lonely and trembling gull
stands on a skaky lamp-post, 
and his loud,distant cry
is revealed by a deep anguish
adding to an unpleasant day...

Mindless and shameless lovers,
take advantage of the pelting rain
to satisfy their urge with passionate eyes; 
these lovers came to this marine 
with the intent to cheat without concern,
not honoring their promise
to those who are eternally faithful:
isn't instant gratification a foolish game?  

The steady raindrops turn into a tempest,
causing the eere wind to whistle wildly
and as they pelt on my windshied and dance,
the music of my melody,so lively,
changes to a tune played with melancholy;
winter effects my mood so dramatically...

I look out of the driver's window twice
and the same bird sits still where he was,
I'm wondering if he waits for his mate,
to take a plunge into the water and bathe;
it's not only humans who experience loneliness:
it is seen in the wilderness as well...

Amid the fury of the relentless storm,
I'm caught between land and air, 
and does anybody feel the awesome force 
that makes us look so insignificant and small!
Our works are temporary and frail,
like the empires that were great and invincible,
they may seem perfect and beautiful,
but they will lose luster and suddenly fall
and crumble into a dust of oblivion:
only this Universe was made to last forever...

My wish for serenity is swept away
by the wind's fierce currents above,
and the frenzy waves carry it along
to follow that ship that left a while ago;
and still there's no visible sky
over the prestine, white beach
where I would lie down and sleep,
hidden away from anything and anybody...

In this treacherous month of March,
I can't lay back or be faint of heart;
somehow, with willingness and brit,
I must start being realistic
and take in consideration an unpleasant day
and make the best of it anyway... 

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Murder of the innocent

Murder of the innocent............. 

One door opens, as another door shuts, 
Drugs, knives, coppers, over dressed sluts. 
Colours worn, weapons in hand, 
Children dying in a blood tainted land. 

No more hatred, no weapons to yield, 
No more coffins in a mud sodden field. 
Hatred now gone, no more youngsters to die, 
No need for anger at the places they lie. 

When the door opens, the door opens wide, 
No more denying, no places to hide. 
No time for distance, no walking away, 
No children dying, no murders today......... 

In memory of the victims of the British culture of knife crime.

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Alone in a Big, Bright World

Alone, alone and watching the midnight full moon
Alone, alone and carrying a curse that should feel like a boon
Alone, alone in a lonely house and peering into the wintry, foggy gloom
Alone, alone in a big, bright world and it seems the only one alone is a loon.
Alone, alone and staring into the fire
Alone, alone and sinking, into the bog, into the mire
Alone, alone in the heart of the woods and watching a burning pyre
Alone, alone in a big, bright world and it seems the only one alone is a liar.
Alone, alone and looking into my soul
Alone, alone and knowing, never can I fill this hole
Alone, alone in a dark void and surviving without a goal
Alone, alone in a big, bright world and it seems the only one alone is not whole.
Alone, alone and standing, facing the sea
Alone, alone and not knowing what might be
Alone, alone in the darkness and feeling it creeping over me
Alone, alone in a big, bright world and it seems the only one alone is me.

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Abortion at seventeen

Abortion at seventeen 
The shades of black within you surface
before you lose consciousness on the 
sanitized bed of the hospital.
No friendly face is waiting outside.
Your age is seventeen… almost.
This is the age of the quick use and throw.
The shades of black make you take an oath, 
just before sleep, medicated sleep,  
that you won’t attach yourself to
anyone for long. You are cured
from romances, immune from love.

These are the words that belong to past, 
I urge to tell more to see if tears 
are going to make you less of a goddess 
which I think you actually are.
=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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unheard song

a wrath unfit prism
                              A dark unseen gizim
loud sparking rythum

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I've Fallen And Can't Get Up

brother's marked tombstone, honoring thy name

Tribute To Armed Forces
And Those Fallen From Wars

Note I Did Not Lose A Brother To War
But Brother And Myself Did Serve
Him A Marine And Me For Army
But Sadly Enough Others Did Fall
In The Line Of Duty

Also This Is My Entry For 
Raul Moreno's Six Word Masterpieces Epigram Contest

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So-Called Good Christians

You have made a choice. 
You have chosen hatred. 
In our Heavenly Father, 
you have chosen not to rejoice. 
He is who spares the most awful dread. 
You have chosen to hate me. 
First it was the “N” word, 
the Afro comment, 
and my curly hair. 
Now you hate me 
for the religion 
that I have chosen to be. 
My faith gives me what is right and fair. 
I pity you for all your hate. 
But you made it clear my fate. 
A Mormon to this date, 
a Mormon forever. 
Your rage and hate 
prove my faith and 
choice of religion right. 
Your bigoted hatred
I have chosen to fight 
by giving it light. 
I want it 
in everyone's sight. 
Your rage and hatred is your only boast. 
But with it you are engrossed. 
Like you, your rage and hatred 
are nothing but compost. 
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit 
gives me what I need the most. 
And for you, that is just 
too bad so sad. 

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Tales Of America

The Dank Abode
1. Dank is the echo reflected in our lives, and at any moment flood waters may rush to 
greet us.  A sweet hello.  Our beds, our clothes and what little we own, the burglar is 
mother nature's own and we can only venture out and start all over.

This be a claustrophobic home and it's a roof of old we lurk in.  Sharing our domicile with 
rats and roaches, various diseases, and the realities of our past turned ghost within our 
eyes as we blink in disbelieve and dread it.  How far we've fallen as we plunged off the 
edge of the end of the world.  

Now we sell you tickets, just to make enough to starve.

Geological Deficiency
2. With hunger in our bellies we greet the world waiting.  A bus without an address 
waits to greet us as the traffic builds and anger stems behind it.  We wish we still had 
an address to stand and start our day.  The driver signals, the cars blaze and yells 
curse, but we're on our way to the first real meal we'll have all day.

2.5: My mother eats rocks, I saw her! ...And she grinds her teeth upon the body of the 
Earth.  My mother eats rocks, because I need my dinner. 

Camping Forever

3. Beneath the sky there is no shelter, there is cold and hard cement.  There are 
uniforms who track me where I went. The law doesn't like me for I have no place else to 
The limbo shelters hate me, for they're already full, they won't let me in so I stay out in 
the cold. 

That's why I am camping, and I think I'll camp forever.  I'm not alone, there's plenty of 
us here, pitching our tents and chewing our beans but where else do I go? When the 
world doesn't want me around, I guess I'll camp forever.


I apologize if any of this feels short inadequate but I was in a rush.  I'll do some repairs 
to these when I have the time.

Here is the news piece that inspired these poems.

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Lonely House

No one home in this house the cupboards are bare
No carpets to walk upon
No curtains to pull
No laughter no tears, Just memories of happier years.

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September 11, 2001

To those who have survived the New York tragedy
To all who have lost family and friends
To all of America united in grief
May it bring you some comfort in the days to come
To know that the souls of those lost to this tragedy
Soar with the Angels in the Heaven's above
As their spirits rise to unite in God's Holy Kingdom
May you find peace in knowing that your loved ones are resting
In the arms of our Heavenly Father
A life taken suddenly leaves no less to be remembered
For all life is to be valued as the most precious gift one could ever receive
Therefore, each day a life was given and lived
So to shall it be honored and remembered

Dedicated to the families and friends of those we lost on September 11, 2001

Copyright © 2001   Shari E Davis

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Do you remember hazy days in Paris?
Mornings painted with rain
delicious sunshine dancing on wet streets
like warm tears
washed away now with your reflection
in the quiet certainty
of a June morning

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City Life for The Masses

The loo enters during summers,
The chill penetrates in the winters
The ceiling leaks during monsoons,
The mosquitoes sting like harpoons
Came to the city with many dreams
From the lands of plains, valleys & streams
Came to the city, to earn a living, with wishes
The mirage of untold, unforeseen riches
(The City) Pulled them into its greedy claws,
Hiding it’s own weaknesses, it’s flaws
What have they become here, now?
Forced to make their heads bow,
As a driver, sweeper or domestic help
Confined to their lowly class, like a slave’s whelp
Ridiculed, raped, beaten, manipulated
Was it in their fate, to be cheated?
Were they not happy, in their valleys, their farms?
What drove them to the city, in great swarms?
Will they ever go back, escape?
Or will the city life forever hold them agape?

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My Door

I have been stuck in this room for what seems like an eternity. I could of sworn the door I took to get here was right there but it's gone now. It was just like any other door I have taken in my life. But the door has vanished leaving me in this room which also has never happened before. This room is completely devoid of all color and sound even time seems to have no affect here. There is however a door in front of me. This door was like all the others except for two lines of bold writing that read "Christopher Michael Waters" and under that "June 22 1986" For some reason the door made me nervous but no matter how long or hard I looked I could not find another way out and I could not just sit here forever. So I walked up to the door and when I got within reach my stomach turned but I tried to ignore it and reached out to open to open it. When I had the knob in my hand the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and gave me goosebumps up and down my arm something was not right about this door and every instinct I had told me to run. But I had no other choice this was the only way out I had already tried everything else I could think of. Slowly I started to open the door and inside my head I heard screamed "No Run Run From this place. Do not open that door!" I instantly lost my nerve but it was to late the door swung open. Within there was neither light or darkness just nothingness. I just had a second to see this and no time to ponder what it meant because once the door was open I was gone and nothingness was left behind.

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Everybody Falls

On those lonely days,
When the sky is pouring rain,
You look out through haze,
And see memories that bring you pain

The only woman you hold dear,
Walked away and out the door,
You can’t help but shed a tear,
As you watch it all once more,

Oh, everybody falls sometimes,
From the high places in our lives,
We land down among our crimes,
The lies cutting just like knives,
We try to read between the lines,
Yet we all seem to shrink from our dives,
Yea, everybody falls sometimes,
From the high places in our lives,

The wind that chills you to the bone,
Will push you onward when you roam,
And when you’re weary and alone,
The fire still burns back at home,

When life gets you down so low,
Where you can’t even find your way,
Well I’ve been there and I know,
That tomorrow’s a whole new day

Oh, everybody falls sometimes,
From the high places in our lives,
We land down among our crimes,
The lies cutting just like knives,
We try to read between the lines,
Yet we all seem to shrink from our dives,
Yea, everybody falls sometimes,
But we all get on with our lives,

Oh, everybody falls sometimes,
But we get on with our lives,
Yeah we get on with our lives

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Ghetto Girl

Get me, from the ghetto, I say.
Here I wish, like in Alice’s day.
Emergent, is my complete plea.
Take me away, please set me free.
Tears have been wiped; so dry.
Only my mind; will not say goodbye.

Growing up here, I must shun.
I have no dreams, left but one.
Reel me into that bubble to float.
Let me share outside, what I tote.

painting,,,---Ghetto Girl,,,---by Sophia Gasparian

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Stone stone heart
Here I go a wandering again
Never sit still
Never keep still
This way that way
Which way do I follow?
Round and round in circles
On a dented track
Patterns repeating
Years fleeting
Where do the years go?
When there has been nothing given and there is nothing to show
Goodbye goodbye
The constant beginning and ends
The never ending transient cycle
Through learning learning constant yearning
You leaving and never returning
Has left a strong dent sir
Denial runs deep in your blood
Choosing a path and sticking brave
Not my constant craving changing rearranging
Eternal enslaving of my soul
In a sickness of deceit and lies
Never trusting the others that surround us
The guardians
They turn and sigh
They watch me cry
Moving faster laughter no happy ever after
In this book I can never write an ending to
Arrogance dwells in my soul
And fear, a fear of being left behind
So good at hiding my psychosis
Can only see it glimmer in my eyes after midnight
My rattling soul empty and wide
A valley seeking you dear

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Throughout the world's history,
we read compelling stories
of the defending soldiers of the tenderest age;
and we can be moved to tears
by the purity of their courage:
they died on the battlefield,
never breaking their promise
or fall short of integrity... 

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age as handsome
as the daffodils of the undulating fields,
nothing scares you when it comes
to protecting your motherland with that freedom: 
as intrepid as the eagles in the open skies...
Defending soldiers as true as warriors,
you push forward with the victorious thought
of becoming nothing more 
than the boldest soldiers:
seeing the smokey sky blast;
rescuing the wounded and closing the eyes
of the fallen ones bleeding on the burned grass...

If I were younger, and I had the same resistance,
I would fight with the indomitable spirit you own;
but my contribution is merely sympathetic words on paper,
which one of you will read on your return
to the homeland when all wait on you united in fond prayer:
with ribbons on trees and flags in their hands....   

Defending soldiers of the tenderest age,
all past heroes had one special trait:
the persistance and will to prevail,
and the final victory on their breath;
when everything else seemed to fail,
an indisputable faith prevented another threat...

Copyright 2008 by Andrew Crisci

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NEWSFLASH: Charmer in Jail

charmed four wives--same time;
loved each 'til  her cash dried up--
charmer in jail now

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I received a letter from Toronto,Canada...
stating that I had won the De-Lotto North
American Sweepstakes in the amount
of $ 150,000.00 US dollars! Oh, I went bananas!

So I called the office line with much surprise:
1-416-939-8265 and a gentlman,
with an accent, answered the phone;
I asked him if the winning was real,
and he replied," Of course it is! "
I thought to myself, " It sounds like a scam! '
This morning, my bank returned
 the forfeit check to me,
with a return fee of ten dollars;
and I was furious and mad
to have fallen for that scam!
But the good news is:
they didn't get any of the money,
the tax amount of $2,850!
Cringe your teeth,
you miserable thieves:
you are being exposed
by someone who's fearless and outraged!

Today, I have sent an e-mail
to the in Albany,
telling them about the scam letter...
alerting the other would-be-victims anywhere,
so they don't go singing to their bank;
I hate to see them cheated out of their money! 

These unscrupulous people, stealing your identity, 
should be persecuted to the full exent of the Law,
and when they're caught, I like to be in the judy's row:
I'll stare at their deceitful faces and read the verdict loudly!

Mr. Greg Peters And Brian McDonald,
whether your names are real...
and wherever you are right now:
remember, you can defraud others...not me!

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Even Death Cries Sometimes

I don’t want to go
It can’t be my time yet
Please give me the choice of two paths
Darkness is closing in on me
I close my eyes
But they are not really closed
I hold my ears
But I still hear the screams
I’m walking away
But my feet are not moving
How did I get here?
Where is this place
His hand is reaching out for me
But I don’t want it
I look into his lifeless eyes
As he reluctantly pulls back his hand slowly

It’s too close to home
Scenes that are heartbreaking to watch
But we are cocooned in our own little world sometimes
To really care
To really feel
To really do
But today it could have been me
I watch the TV
I listen to the radio
A story unfolding of
Heartless, faceless people
My heart sinks for a moment
I look into his lifeless eyes
Maybe even Death cries sometimes.

Written by Robert Meader 

This was written about the London Bombings, I had all the words down but did 
not have a title. Then I watched the film Meet Joe Black. In the film Brad Pitt plays 
Death and at the end he cannot have the one love he wants and he cries, I 
thought to myself, ‘Even Death cries Sometimes’ and the title came.

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The Following of the Pipes

On this cold winter night
A horror unfurls
As they leave their trenches
Under the Bagpipes skirl

It's Christmas Eve
In World War One
Over the top they leave
The killing has begun

Knee deep in mud
Barbed wire and bodies
The piper laments
Their bravery embodied

To march into battle
With their weapon of pipes
Whilst bullets and bombs
Leave the theatre in strife

Onward they march
Turning men into hero's
The battle of the Somme
Last centuries ground zero
What makes such a man
To enter a war
His weapon of music
That they follow him for

Amongst the men that fall
Others pick up their guns
When the piper falls
Their is no one

On this cold Christmas Day
The horrors have been unfurled
As one looks over the trenches
To a different world

But the very next day
In the distance you will hear
The sound of the Scottish Bagpipes
Leaving their enemy in fear

        In memory to all who fell at Christmas time, and especially to the pipers
who used music as their weapon, we will remember them, as all will be remembered

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Pecador Island

There's an island to the west
Where our dreams lie and rest
The people are nice
The people are fine
They'll feed your vice
What's your's is mine
This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Snort the snow the villagers offer you
It's free, it's fine, you don't owe a due
It'll make you feel no pain, no cold
It's taste is bittersweet, you won't grow old

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Run your race here until your done
Party all night, all day, have some fun

The huka here is powerful and sweet
They often call it the Verde Treat
Just try it
Can't you see
One beautiful hit
Will make you see
Take it all in, don't cough it out
You'll be flyin' high, I got no doubts
The Verde Treat doesn't interest you?
Then join the slakers, the solemn few
They'll offer whiskey, gin, rum and coke
They'll fill you up till you're a joke

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
If you can't recognize your face, you've won
Party all night, all day, have some fun
Pecador Island is a place to retreat
When your life has won, when you're beat
Forget the bad, remember the good
Do what you want, don't do what you should

The women here are frisky and fun
Beautiful as the setting sun
Take them to bed
Go for a whirl
Don't let them in your head
Don't dream of these girls
They'll love you as long as your rollin' it in
They'll love you more if you offer them gin
So get your glasses, fill their minds
Bring 'em up, throw 'em down, just unwind
You won't have to worry about 'em in the morning
But protect yourself, boy, just a warning

This is Pecador Island, the land of fun
Party all night, live fast, be done
Live your life like a loaded gun
Party all night, all day, have some fun
Pecador Island is a place to retreat
When your life has won, when you're beat
Forget the bad, remember the good
Do what you want, don't do what you should

The land of sinners, the land of love
A place to fly away, to fly above
To get away from the world around
The only way to leave is in the ground
This is Pecador Island

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Imagine What You Can't See

The guns, the shooting, the fighting, the war. A young soldier hugs his family as he waits by the door. He knows he's ready, he knows he's right. He stayed up packing and praying all through the night. He's been training, but he's never been there, he can only imagine and prepare. His plane takes off, his heart beats fast, he's leaving for war at last. In his hand he holds a picture of his mom, dad, brother and his sister. He holds it tight and quietly wishes them farewell, he closes his eyes as tears start to swell. The plane lands in the hot heat, quickly he gets ready to jump from his seat. He runs screaming into the dark and stops, what he sees makes his heart drop. Famine, fear, diseases spread. People lying in the streets dead. Laying in the dark, staring at the moon's glare. He can only picture a gruesome nightmare.

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The Hidden Me

Walking through life all alone, 
I live my life in monotone.
Watching the days go by, 
I sit and wonder, why?
What purpose do I serve? 
What is it to just exist? 
Wandering blind in a veil of mist.
If the sun were to shine on me, 
Could I open my mind and see?
Would I use my heart and soul? 
Would I find what hatred once stole?
Young in life, my innocence lost, taken, 
My mind frozen with fear, trust violently shaken.
Unable to shed a tear, my paranoia blatantly real.
Emotions unexpressed congeal. 
My eyes leave nothing unguarded,
The real me checked and carded. 
Awaiting a person who possesses the key, 
To open the door and kill the pain inside me.
                                                 Summer Gratias

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What Are You Waiting For

this wait
has alway's
meant never

Tribute To Martin Luther King

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River Blues

Lyrics by Shannon Farlouis Music and Vocals by David Reinstein/Associated

I work my fingers to the bone,
all day long, all day long.
Then I'll find my way back home.
Something is going to come my way,
Yeah! I will find a way today.
A way for you and me, bring us out of poverty.
These old river blues will neer die.
So, mama don't you cry for me.
Don't cry for me.
I'm leavin' on the Delta Queen.
Gonna roll this river, see what I can see.
Gonna make a way for you and me.
Don't ask why and don't you cry,
these old river blues will never die.
Gonna take my guitar and roll this river long and far.
Gonna bring my harmonica too.
So, when I'm lonely I'll sing the blues.
Got to leave from here today.
Have to make a way.
Roll this river on that Delta Queen.
See as far as I can see.
Bring us out of poverty.
Sing them blues, don't ask why.
These old river blues will never die.
Don't you cry for me mama, don't you cry.

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I Remember

Labor Day
honoring those served
with remembrence

Tribute To
Fallen Soldiers

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Motif Crosses—Iconic Blast

Milieu iconography with flashing lights
Smokey gambling rooms—gang wars
Flashy suits and fedora hats in the fights
Neon signs flashing—this world is yours

Hey, get a name with the next phone call
Surely, he can’t really be all that rough
While hanging out in a flower shop stall
Like bowling pins fall he wasn’t tough

Whistling “Chi Me Frena?” surreal assassin 
As Shamrock night club they all shot up
Coin flipping henchman hell risky brazen
Bang—he won’t sip St. Peter’s golden cup

Crosses on bodies from iconic gun blast
Even barking dog can’t stop the tragedy
Tony’s sister like a baby’s toy dances at last
Just seems like a wild circle of comedy

Wearing a scar as one from the war
Nation’s shame 1932 gangsters shown
Killing people to take over, what for?
Whistling assassin your life is blown

© Joseph, 5/29/08
© All Rights Reserved

Honorable Mention
Super Slueth Contest
Fun Free verse on Movies
Sponsor: John Heck

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As my tripping footsteps
enter deeper into the path of intense darkness,
I start feeling the trance of trepidation
and much despised misery 
seaps through me with a sense of admonition;
the night owls cold eyes immovably glare
to confine me into their scary stare...
until I dash off rapidly!

Sunrise,come quickly
to subdue my forethoughts of dreadfulness
into this night without stars!
I look up to a dark and unwinkling Universe...
exposing me to an enormous unrest:
will it be a deluge or a tempest
to end all traquillity?

Whatever threatens me invisibly,
or compels me to fret...
won't cause my courage to lessen:
contrarily, it will increase it even more...
'till I find another path;
its a risk worth-taking to befuddle any enemy! 

Sunrise,come quickly
to bring radiance and harmonious sounds
over this tempestous sea,
which keeps away all the discontented gulls;
sunrise, come quickly...
my entrapped spirit longs for liberty!

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Voices Rose Beyond the Sea

A song she carries in black locks,
Her treasure brings their ship to dock.
Transparent to the deafened mute,
To eloquent a note to loot.
Set to mesmerize the men,
Fixed upon this maiden gem.
So caught up in her melody,
Forgot a cast beyond the sea.

A drink to her!
Another round!
To satisfy,
A lustful hound.
So beautiful,
A girl so fair;
Like mermaids,
In a water’s lair.

Tonight they’ll empty Davy’s fears,
And bask in heaven’s light and tears.
To smell the lavender and blooms,
A rare treasure sure to lift the gloom.
To drink and sing their past regrets,
tomorrow’s day brings toil and sweat.
For death awaits in lines and sails,
Their true mistress - the sea-bound trails.

Another drink!
And fare thee well…
A tale of wonder,
Sure to tell.
About this night,
Her song will swell -
Above the open sky,
And dwell.

They sailed from Nova Scotia‘s Pier.
The jealous ocean soon brought fear,
As waves as tall as mighty oaks;
Did crash into their fishing boats.
The mast did crack and slam her deck,
The men all struggled soaking wet.
Then voices rose “Farewell to thee,
Our maiden…” then sunk into the sea.

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Locked And Blocked(In A War Torn Part Of Africa)

A forceful pungent smell
Hits me from this piece of land
Smeared with the precious blood
Of countless innocent people

Many vultures here hover
Over carcasses
Of several dead

I hear syllables
Of the long familiar refrain
Tightly knit together
Sounding clearer and clearer
At each virtual instance:

Don't leave me in the dark
Don't leave me in complete darkness
Sweet sister

For long have I waited
The light of day
Passionately have I endured
The troubles of the gloomy hours

The sky is unusually starry
And overcast
Morning seems a thousand
Years distant.

Proclivity gave birth
To rapid procreation
Insincerity paved the chance
For lust and greed

Alas, this country is in prison
And constant fears
In morbid grief
And mortal tears.

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I remember seeing you walking downtown,
flashing such a revealing smile in early fall;
and I,attracted by your charm,
could not resist you at all..
because pretty is too incredible
to describe you and not to pray for a miracle!

I've walked in this noisy piano bar...
unawarely of you being there,
and he's touching you with his jealous hands,
giving me such unpleasant glances;
oh, he's making you the center
of his attention...noticing how I stare!

Pretty is too incredible to describe you otherwise,
'cause you deserve a guy who has a sweet voice,
and runs his fingers on your quivering skin so fair:
to make you feel sensations you never felt before...
turning you into a more passionate woman,
who desires the touch of a real man!

I wish you were really free,
so you'd be part of my wonderful destiny;
and with these emotions exploding inside,
there's no hope for me go wild...
having you on those nights, filled with bliss,
until you are in a flood of warm kisses!

Pretty is too incredible to describe you,
and that thought can't keep me apart
from your sad eyes that speak of hurt;
dream of me and I'll dream of you...
let's make believe we are this close,
and that an impossible love we never choose!

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Old Brass City
with massive gothic chuches,
abandoned rail-roads
and run-down factories...
we still glimpse into that bygone glory
which made your name so famous!

O Waterbury, no Christmas 
can be compared to yours,
when Main Street glitters under the fluffy snow
and everyone hummers a carol!
O Waterbury, those starry nights
are too surreal and make lovers fantasize!

Old Brass City,in ninenteen-forty-two
lads and gals were sent to war to fight the Cruel,
and mothers cried as their sons and daughters
left this once-happy-town of friendly and kind folks!
And despite all the sorrow and pain yet to be,
they proudly marched off to defeat the enemy!

O Waterbury, your monuments inspire hope,
and remind all of your past glory and leadership;
and the brave soldiers who sacrificed all...
became those heroes we've engraved into the soul!
Some returned, many died to seal their fate,
and their courage and valour put an end to all hate!

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Hide and seek with life

Two realities.
“You can never give someone something 
without losing it, feeling its loss.”
He tells me, his dreamy eyes fixed on 
the currencies quivering in
the evening breeze coming down.
Time is purring from the bushes, shrubs.
The monies disappear soon, like 
those clever parrots, always alert.
He is now my appointed guide; 
together we enter the verdant
density of the immense unknown.
From behind, my hotel’s verandah 
tries to keep looking at us through green
trees and leaves; at last utterly fails.
We come to the ancient cedar 
with two owls, presently sleeping.
A rodent comes out to try to salvage 
the foods, it has left hearing steps.
Soon the owls will rise. Then it will be 
same ‘hide and seek’ before the rodent 
is eaten. We are there. Waiting 
for a predator as entertainment.  

=© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar 

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The Ride

  Liquid filled dreams crept through the cool night breeze as a still distant thunder cracked the horizon.

  I thought to my self that an earth quake must be taking ground for it’s sake. 

  Safe over the hill and still quit far up aways my moms home baked cookies broke the day.
  I had my own “Loc Ness”, quite the demon, and as not to sneak snacks was an easyprice to pay.

  My world began empty and cold as it seemed from one life bring wisdom.
Rough enough storm to destroy, every thing that we knew, the tusnami -a wave of a storm.

  I confess to hearing her laugh what a story this was going to make. 

  Later they tried to pan the bottom of the oceans floor hoping to avoid more. 

  And I will leave you here on your own but then after it’s done you’ll be home.
  No matter what you’ll stay, but if another one comes Austrailia is that way,my moms arm waved.

   And I see her begining to stare, her mind was set on wide open to get it all those people saved.

  I do still answer myself again and again about why if it hurts so bad, 

The answers all began to be crystal clear and the answer is; 

She worked hard to make it a decent place to live and storms bad enough they called in the Hubble.

   A tusnami destroys everything. 

  Everything she loves about her life is in rubble.

 Based on the idea of how people live,

   And why she cares when they die, 

Fighting with intimacy, 

  While they drag the sea to collect people who died, 

  And my mind begins to wonder why the storms taking so long to decide, 

We are waiting here waiting for another heck of a ride.

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La Isla Sets me Free

Amor, you allude like a cloud
To something great
Your name, a promise of Jerusalem
Your exclusive mouth, like water
on my dry lips and deeply vacant chest…
I’ve never touched a cloud
Nor known the inevitable fog
Of falling into you
But now that I know…
You’re not even Tel Aviv to me
Nor San Juan, nor Bayamon
You’re a makeshift castle
A colonizer
Pressing your smooth arms
Tight around my shrugging native heart
At the chance
I offered my hair, my amber perfume
I made my eyes a place to bathe
Your obviously filthy feet
Offhandedly, you spoke of the sea
But all I see- is violence in your city
You spoke of passion as though
It’s synonymous with love
But I see fatherless children
You’re not that man who saves
But the tide which takes me away…
A convincing title
A bait and switch
A hook for virgin lips
And now I’m a bud among weeds
That are due to be cut down
You are among me
Take your shot now
Since I know you shoot me down
Leave me alone, cabron-
You always leave me wanting
And I’m not fighting anymore
I’m dancing on the shore, Puerto Rico
This is my story, here
And la isla sets me free

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I Don't Belong Here

I was born and raised here, 
In the hellhole, 
Called Monroe.
I don’t belong here.
That is horribly why,
I have to go.
I was warped here,
In the Hadean eon.
For what I could reckon,
No apparent reason.
I feel like I’m going, 
In circles steadily,
Traveling alone.

I hate this town. 
It did nothing ,
For me,
But had me believe,
For a very long time,
That I was in a place,
Where you must be
A certain way to be
That I was a nobody,
Going nowhere,
Getting nothing,
With nothing to share.

I don’t belong here.
I’m so disgusted,
 With this place.
I feel like an animal,
Not from the human race.
I am caged, locked up,
They won’t let me out,
Like I’m some type, 
Of wild beast,
With dark fur,
And eyes,
Gazing in doubt.

I really,
Don’t belong here.
It’s so sad to say.
I feel like I’m,
In the prehistoric days
I don’t belong, 
In this place.
I don’t belong, 
In this place.
I don’t belong, 
In the place,
Where I was born,
And raised.

Wrote in August 2004, God brought it back to my mind, as I kept pondering today 7-31-09 
on how bad I want to return to end the madness that is going on in BR, God is calling me to 
be a witness to people in BR, but I feel that the people who can really feel me the most are 
the children who are trapped in  back wood Monroe.

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He keeps a very low profile,
afraid of the the horrible secret he hides;
hooked on a daily dosage of cocaine...
seeking an instant relief from his acute pain!
His cramped den is the stench
of smoked substance bought on drug-infested streets,
and filth is the undeniable evidence:
one can surely tell that he lives in Hell...
red devilish eyes and sunken cheeks; 
a wasted mind and body meeting their end!   

Restless young man without a name,
wary of the destructible consequences
that stunt your unremorseful conscience;
and what price will you pay and whom will you blame?
Restless young man without a name,
you only existed to fulfill a destiny of shame! 

Day-time is so detestable to him,
more than the viciousest enemy;
night-time changes his personality...  
and he searches for dope down-town,
where the houses are so run-down...
occupied by the crack-heads of East Main!
A limping kid, from nowhere, hands him
a small bag and he exchanges it for some green;
and what started the urge within...
is a deep wound, which can never heal! 

Restless young man without a name, 
intoxicated by the poison that destroys your life and health;
you can't be aware of what distorts your weak senses...
until you are helpless and run out of breath! 
Restless young man without a name,
guiltless and allow death to happily dance!

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To Eternity

Take me away,
you and I.
Go somwhere,
where our love can survive.

No one to say no,
where our hearts be set free.
Take me away,
to eternity.

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Tragedy Strikes In New York

Something tragic happened in New York today
Many lives were lost
This unexpected act of terrorism
Came with a very high cost
Many hearts are now filled
With anger, pain and sorrow
So many of us wondering
Will this happen again tomorrow?
Fear and uncertainty consuming us all
We do not understand why the towers had to fall
As we all watched in horror
The Trade Centers crumbled to the ground
We looked to our faith and kept clinging to hope
That many survivors would somehow be found
The hour of this tragic day will be
Forever remembered through history
The question of "Why" will always linger
The reason will remain a mystery
Who would want to commit such a cruel and intentional act?
In our search for those responsible
America shall stand united, that's a fact
Though we are temporarily weakened
By the devastation with sorrow and grief
Someday justice will prevail and bring us a sense of relief
To our many dear friends and loved ones
We will miss your gentle heart and smiling face
But we shall find comfort in knowing
You've gone to a better place
Our minds still question why
So many precious lives were taken from us
Please know that in our hearts, cherished memories
Will keep you forever near

In memory of all those who lost their lives to the tragic, terrorist act on September 11, 2001

Copyright © 2001   Shari E Davis

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To have a repenting heart
which is changed by flowing kindness,
you earnestly need to pray,
and I pray,while others rebel...
ejecting bitterness from their harsh words;
and as sinful as they are:  they still
like to be praised for their formidable might: 
to mock,to insult,and deride in an harmful way!

I pray, while others rebel...
demanding an act of veneration; 
nothing that exposes conviction,
or  liberation from libel!

They continue to look right and holy,
but underneath they cringe...
plotting against the will of God,
bending their ways to fit their habits;
an iron bar will bend 'till it melts
from the intense heat...and so will they!

I pray...while they rebel,
and set their mind on revenge...
their unconvincing glow seems strange;
do I have to resemble them in heart and mind,
speak in the same voice unti I reach Hell?
Haven't they noticed that I'm listening to another sound?

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Evolutions Final Mistake

What was not to be revealed
Was hidden to late
What was never to be created
Unknowing sealed this planet’s fate

Governed by the powerful
Helpless to their law
Blinded by incompetence
Feebleminded are all

The only thing certain
In our pathetic lives of shame
Is death, and the servitude
To our rulers’ absolute reign

Through centuries of manipulation
We have surrendered our birth-given minds
Dominated by those in command
Yet seem to remain politically blind

Our lives were conquered
By those who lived long before
Now we live enslaved
Following orders more and more

For people supposedly free
We have scores of laws to abide
For people of equal rights
Discrimination is so very common in our enforcers’ eye

So unforgiving we have become
As history continues to unfold
Due to our species defects
All must relinquish their souls

No longer are we able 
To select our own direction
We shall witness the destruction
Of the world, due to our idiocy, and dictation

Our appointed leaders are not to blame,
For their actions we condone
In all actuality the fault
Is that of our own

The evil known as power
May be easily undone
If humanity throughout the world
Banded together as one

If that ever happens
Then free to live our own lives we shall be
Not worrying about incarceration
Able to do anything, making us truly free

Yet that is not possible
For our species is defective
Even though we try
To be so corrective

With our creation
Came one certain fact
We will destroy this world
While each other we attack

We were built for mass destruction
That’s the only reason we are here
Nuclear war shall undo creation
The end is so very near

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The slums children

By the Gulshan lake
The slum's children play cricket
On a tiny land! 

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First and foremost

*** (First and foremost)
First and foremost
Let me enjoy
A cup of coffee
Each day at five

Let me forget
That there’s a Wall –
A Wall with two Sides,
A wound in the sky

Let me forget
All those
Who are waiting
To get back the freedom
That they were denied

Let me forget
Divine interventions
Thanks to which I
Am here
On this Side…  

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
My childhood home
Is cherished 

Memories filled with
Silver and gold
And sometimes pure cold.

No one told me
It would go with me
Where ever I go 

When I roam from
Town to town
I carry it with me

I open the door
Each night when
I go to sleep
And dream.

I can’t shake
What I learned
And what I didn’t 
Learn inside 
My honeycomb

I can’t stop
About that

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Drive Home

Late at night
a forced drive home
In the dark 
they’re both alone

She lays in her bed
with thoughts of him
in her head

He stays between 
yellow lines
Counting the time
until he sees her
On the radio
one of their songs
How he longs
to be driving
the other direction

She squeezes a bear
and holds real tight
A gift given 
for these nights
She worries as time
quickly passes by

The towns drag by
but he’s home and alive

She receives his call
and breathes a sigh

They say goodnight
and their I love yous
wishing they were
by the other’s side

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OLD CROAKER spun me his LONG AGO tale

A friend of mine
Different time
Showed this youngster
The Spirit of being kind
Gentle Breath
His turn-of-the-century walking cane
Told me of his adventures
as a sprite lad through many pain:

"When the folks could afford
we would travel in my father's Ford
Dusting the roads between here and Maine
Perhaps an overnight stay over the borders of Canada's Plain
Life in the car
Home on the porch
Picnics and A&W root beer
Sun would descend over a quiet family near
But,daily routine was not always swell
Battling Turmoil of our own inner Hell
Brothers would fight and swear
Grandma,shaking and shivering over there
Ma and Pa would mediate yonder far
At early dusk,these would be put back in the Jar"

I listened to his story that he told
Surviving the years,
The Hardship,
and the World's Cold
His voice began to change
A tone of sadness that chokes
Still to entertain children who will sit
Listening to an old man's tale that evokes

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Let Love Live

An American Marine On tour in Bahrain Falls in love with a Princess Love is his blame The lengths that he went to To protect his Meriam Bring her to his America To live and be with him For although she was a princess She wanted more from life A prisoner in her royalty She left and became his wife Because she was an illegal Asylum she has sought Lost in the system She became a forget me not In May 2001 A Green Card came her way The 9/11 bombings Their marriage in disarray Then came that final hour Divorce was on the cards Las Vegas night life grasped her Their marriage, now in discard This became the end of their journey They went their separate ways What could have been of a lifetime Distance has had its say

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I can remember that far back
When we were young and had to pack
For a far away place we had never been
A place in the sun we had never seen

We had to learn to change our lives fast
For these times were going to last
For many years some good some not
But for many years this was to be our lot

The years went past slow for me
Not quite as happy as I hoped they would be
Maybe if you had been near
I may have been able to clear

My head of all those lonely times
Spent wishing for much colder climes
Wher thing had all been safe
Back home in that great old place

Where we had all grown up together
Often in all kinds of weather
A mum and Dad we had it all
Until one day when it was all to fall

Apart i will never forget
Our lives would change from that day next
Never again to be the same
I dream and wish that all the pain

Would leave me now 
But I am not sure how
you can just put the past away
And get on with another day

But i must not dwell upon the past
For some things were not meant to last

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died while i was living

can't be 
with the suspect 

can't be love 
with my heart 
still prowling 

oh 911 
did you get the 
my heart was broken 
i can't walk or run

i can't talk i'm stung
haven't even touch look at 
the drool from my tounge

i'm seeing my future 
but my present is 
threat ful 
if i don't change i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
hold up i'm talented 
my fears died while i was living

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retetory rape

a muk feels u
                        the varal motions parn
a quite intention

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Bombay Missiles

From the eyes of Shangri-la and words indited in bulletin
spoken by  bellwethers and imagery on broadcasts
Felt the passing of breaths and federation menace.

The scourge abided by cause of hooliganism
By a group of libertine, 
Held, ye plot to an affright baker’s dozen bams.
He who fended collared gravely, and he who
Fathered, headed for the hills. 
Passing of breaths and the devour city
Bellowing mother’s cry and bemused father
The helpless baby yet addled with a smile.
The speechless contrarian and the stock market blues
Mongers fall back and the bollywood whodunit. 
Queried world and hastening federations 
The eventual address to make for red alert. 

Staked City and yet another lionize attack
To their day of remembrance on the cause of vandalism
Dawdled to a tetrad later 
Abided by the juvenility of their community
Held, ye plot to an heptad bams.
Office hour rushed shush dead to the world
Aghast citizenry and deplorable family
Her plighting husband to return and son’s oft exacts
Left apart for an unknown time.

Ruled by terrorism, shame upon faith
Around-the-clock yet another hark back
Abided by the army of pure
Held, ye plot to tenner explosions.
Challenges taken were overwhelm 
An arrest bore witness
From the eyes of Shangri-la and words indited in bulletin
spoken by  bellwethers and imagery on broadcasts
Felt the passing of breaths and federation menace.

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Loveliness and grace
were the improper virtues
of a deceitful woman,
who would constantly use
them to seduce a married man...
that was my dad's mistress.

The holiest of women,
bearing through silence
much undeserved pain;
and love her children 
she did without visible signs...
unable to toss the destiny's dice.

Dad's heart was defiled by lust,
and still expected mother's trust,
once he slapped me hard
for my rebellious attitude...
he knew his child suspected cheating,
when, most nights, he saw him fleeing. 

Cuddled in a blanket on the marble floor
shivering not with cold, but with fear,
I waited for dad when everybody was asleep;
inside that big house I didn't feel secure,
it was a prince's castle hunted by ghosts...
and they attempted to grab me by their arms.

And because I resembled daddy a lot:
confident, virile, strong with the looks of a charmer;
I feared I would have become him and cared less,
without self-affection, sharing a wife and a lover...
and to stop the cycle, I would have kept my sexiness intact,
even thinking of joining the priesthood to avenge my dad's mistress. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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It Takes Two {Caricare}

It Takes Two




Tribute To Those Lost
In The Twin Towers
You Are Not Forgotten

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One lonely Little Lady eating her ice cream

Everywhere people there
I stopped to look at an old lady fair
She was only alone
Licking her ice cream from a crunchy sweet cone
Sitting and enjoying her treat
While many a men around sweep their young ladies off their feet
Nobody came to claim her
Just enjoying what she was having
Not bothering to get up from her chair
My eyes wept for her because she had not a gentle man beside her
We all come and go while the rest of her generation starts to slow
Alas,my friend,they are soon forgotten and are cast out to the wild winds
Everytime that I would come to this shopping mall
My eyes would peer at an old mistress small
Not even a small collie or pup for a companion
Just a little lady enjoying her treasured ice cream

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Their Eyes Were Jaded

Their Eyes were Jaded

It hurts to wonder where you’ve gone to.
When I got away and you never did, and all I can do is remember.
Your tears, your blood, and those last words in September.
Run, please, run while you can get away.

Everyone’s eyes were jaded,
Tainted in their own fixation of fulfillment,
Buried in bottles and dying in Riddlin and,
I remember the death in your eyes.

Where’d you wonder,
I feel I have to know.
Before this pain grows,
Don’t die, don’t die.

I want you to leave that place,
Don’t stay on that fast track,
With the needles and the crack,
Everyone’s eyes were jaded.

Everyone’s eyes were jaded,
Everyone’s lives had faded,
Right into the pain they waded,
And I remember,
Everyone’s eyes were jaded.
So jaded.

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Haiti: Dreams Betrayed Beneath the Sun

Haiti: Dreams Betrayed Beneath the Sun

Our “Mother Earth” has filled her graves; dread stays.
Entrapping thousands in her hungry jaws.
She quivered with her deepest rage, oh, day.
And from her belly under seas roars cause.

Spitting fire, destroying, homes; thus stealing breath.
Disaster bound its heart to tears affright.
Rescuers search the rubbles heaped with … Death.
She killed the young and old with just one bite. 

Gone; children ripped from parents while they played.
And Old folks lost in thought found not their stay.
In moments those that lived had passed away.
Now destitute, survivors to God pray.

The rich and poor together work, none tire.
Will hopes and prayers revive their stolen days?
The rescued, shocked, and dazed reap horrors’, ire.
Life lost beneath debris turns to a blaze.

The world looks on with wonder, all amazed.
Resilient, pained, some brave survivors’ fight.
For tragedy had thrust death’s dreadful phase.
But human strengths arose to face their plight.

As help from other lands aid dreams betrayed.
Reminding all who lived that we are one.
United humans, tasting dread; strength stayed.
Compassion, peace, and love beneath the sun.

© © Dane Smith-Johnsen
January 31, 2010

Poetic form: Quatrain

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An open window, by the shore
His love doesn’t live here anymore
A sadness crept up long ago
He made his choice to get up and go
Shattered her heart, crack!, until nothing was left
The memory of that night she always kept
A book of memories, open on the floor
She hopes and prays he will walk back through the door
It swings and shifts against the wall
Maybe, maybe someday he will call
Years have passed and she’s still there
Rocking back and forth, in that old rocking chair
Grey and worn, small as can be
She’s like a stick that no one can see
A forgotten soul along the coast
Singing her sad song like a ghost
Her life and dreams sing along too
She wishes that his love, was true
Now, inside that house upon the shore
Her cold lifeless body, lays upon the floor

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Winter Sounds

Find myself digging through snow, 
a tunnel with no light at the end;
blistered hands crimson and sweat stain'd.
It looks to me like a cast iron heart
will bend with a little touch of warmth,
even in the middle of a vast snowstorm.

I only asked for the truth,
but as long as your heart still has a beat,
I'll sing of you.
And you know, it really hurts,
to be cast into the blue;
it's a feeling not worthy of words.
Like a perfect seed that never grew.

Every step forward is like two steps back,
spiraling deeper down into the ground;
deviated, less motivated...
Sing me your song, and I'll play the keys,
throw back a few and melt away this freeze.
And kiss the fabric's sweet reprise.

I only asked for truth,
still as long as your heart has a beat,
I'll sing of you.
And you know, it really hurts,
to be cast into the blue;
a feeling not worthy of words,
like a perfect seed that never grew.

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'Twas on a sunny day in May
Along the banks of Fundy Bay
When I met… my dearest Anthony

From a distance…I could see
His rugged frame…and symmetry
And the glint of Irish eyes…of bluish green

With manly strides… he lingered there
Along a path of grasses… where
The sun reflected on… his golden hair

And with a glance… he stole my breath
I could not still… my heaving breast
With every step he took… I nearly died
Overcome with… such profound emotions… that I could not hide
'Twas in that magic moment… that we fell in love
Blessed by heaven… and the angels up above
And with their keeping…we were married… in the month of June 
Underneath a pale misty silken silver moon
We built a house… upon a hill…that overlooked the harbour
With a winding path… to the door… that walked… between the arbour
And there… among the sea salt roses… and the ocean breeze
We lived and loved and raised our family

The years went quickly sailing by
Sometimes we laughed…sometimes we cried
But through it all…we never left…each others side
For…we had that kind of special love… that never dies

A love…that asks the reason why
I stand upon our path and cry
As I look out to the ocean...where you lie
So overcome… with such profound emotion… wishing I could die

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Noble troubadour making untrue verse,
while traveling from town to town on the dustiest roads,
reciting the lamenting lyrics to yourself,
and the echo is louder than words of folly growing within;
hold your anger inside, let it explode
in the castle's Great Hall, where all will listen, indeed! 

Monarchy is an undefeatable fortress,
and below you seem not to fret;
enter it when the trumpets announce
the king's arrival in a golden coach
pulled by stallions who snort at your sight,
but you fearlessly follow them before the wooden gate closes on the bridge.

Noble troubadour decrying a denied liberty, making
your living writing undesirable, undeserved odes,
you're forced to lie and please your demanding king
who manipulates your behavior by tight strings;
should you offer no praises or allegiance to the crown...
you'll be charged with disloyalty and treason! See yourself in the torture room!

There's a limit to your patience bearing the guilt,
and be able to lift it off your will crush you under its weight,
until your reason turns into discernible madness,
and rising up from your sore knees, you'll relinquish your duty...
to regain your freedom from a kingdom built on obedience and vanity;
and what will be the the outcome of your refusal to bow down?...The peace of a free spirit!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Stranger at Halloween

On this Halloween night
A stranger came to my home
My parents invited him in
From his cold nightly roam
I hear them talking
As he comes every year
My father distraught
My mother in tears
He stays for a while
As they chat away
Sometimes they laugh
But, mostly it's grey
Its hours later
As i hear the front door
This stranger has gone
Just like the years before
I'm older now
And as curious as can be
As i follow the stranger
Down a dark local alley
In the distance i see him
To the cemetery he heads
This night of all nights
To the place of the dead
Brave as i am
To follow him there
Its as far as i go
From a distance I'll stare
He disappears
Into the mist
As i head off home
My question is wished
Mum and dad
Who was that man
He comes every year
For a chat and a dram
Son, the man who left
Died so long ago
During World War II
At Scapa Flow
He can never rest
For his soul is forsaken
The loss of his colleagues
In the war were taken
On October 14
The crew of his ship
In torpedo assign
A German U-Boat 
The U47
Delivered it's load
And sent them to heaven
He's a lost lonely soul
Who stayed in this house
For he always returns
To his loving young spouse
That's the story
On this Halloween eve
Of this tragic young man
And his roaming grieve

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Black and White Never Looked So Beautiful

I tickle the pages
As I turn trough the ages
And i find things i didn't want there

I find regrets and heartache
What more could it take
For me to understand that life isn't fair

I find old faded photos
of the places i've been
and the places i long to forget

But life isn't meant
To be like this
A photo album full of despair
but still all i can do is stare

I'd tear out the pages
And crumple them up
If i thought that it'd do any good

I've tried it before
But they always return
Torn and tattered but they are still there

I tire of old fade photos
Of the people i've met
And of the ones i just can't forget

But life isn't meant
To be like this
A photo album full of despair
It's meant to be closer
To bright colored photos
That leave a feeling of hope in the air
Instead of the dust thats now there...

And i know it's my fault
I'm the one who decided to look
And i know it's my fault
I'm the one who created this book
And i know it's my fault
i know it's all my fault...

but life isn't meant
to be like this
a photo album full of despair.

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help me I scream.
Unanswered I run.
The sky ablaze.
My life torn.
Ash all around.
To my knees I fall.
My cries unheard. 
The world ablaze.
Around me I see.
Not fire but hate.
Not ash but greed.
Let it burn.
I scream. 

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Seeing through the looking glass
the passage of age
He has come at last
To wipe away that youth-filled view
Out with the Old and in with the New
The Vesiges past is gone for ever
When I will walk or slowly Tread
Going back to that AGE?
My eyes say NEVER
The Cold eyes of the younger Generation
Peer back with a smile at our advance frustration
Time has gone by,my friend of the Looking Glass
I will turn away from your Reflection
and say Farewell to my youth

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The Day we met Arthur

There was a cool breeze in the air
At this location I sat and silently stared
My spouse was here by my side
Here we were visiting the place-
where I was once dressed as the bride

The flowers laid by the pond so cheery 
While we would think of a timeless theory 
The memory brought us back to an ageless treasure 
While we walked here at our leisure 

The tips of the trees brushed back with a degree 
A storm was brewing it was easy to see 
Then out of the corner of our eyes- 
came a man all dressed up with pride
He was wearing his fishing gear 
And with his personality so carefree as he appeared 
We spoke to him of what if any fish he had caught
And smiled and shared his stories that he had sought 

He then asked my husband if he wanted to learn how to fly fish 
We turned toward him and said we’d return if you wish 
We came back to him and helped him with his rod 
His eyes looked so happy his soul seem to nod 

He talked up storm and I stood and listened with patience 
Although with his slow moves was wearing quietly on my impatience
Then the skies turned to angry steel 
I knew in a moment a thunderstorm would wheel 
A crack of thunder rattled overhead 
And sent me a message get in the car or dread 
The rain came down at sideways angle 
Soon the fisherman’s lines would tangle 

My husband came up running to the car 
The storm took over it was so bizarre 
My husband told me he was a dieing man
There I was with my new book in my hand 

He told me Arthur had a stroke 
He had Alzheimer disease and was dieing of cancer 
Then my heart just spoke 

I gave him my new book and signed my name
I told him to read it to his wife if that’s all the same 
He turned and smiled, 
He had the spirit of a young child 

(This story was written for Arthur 
Who is dieing of cancer and suffers the early stages of Alzheimer disease 
May his living years ring out with sprit!)


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The Flame

Fire raging high
Mountain habitat unsafe
Rescue on the way

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Metal Bodies and Shiny Knives

What did they think
When they stood on their shores
This ship of anew
Never seen before

Made of wood
Just like their own
But who are these people 
To come to our homes

On our beach they land
Metal clad
Carrying shining knives
With a look of mad

On our shores we meet
Face to face
Unknown to us then
What our future would grace

They are not here long
As their madness shows
Drinking, incoherent
Striking blows

Weeks pass 
As they increase their pain
Our women beaten and raped
For their pleasurable gain

The following morning
We are manacled and chained
Our village burned
Blows down on us rain

To their boat we are taken
Thrown into the dark
Infested with rats
Sodden, stark

The sound of our breakers
Grow quiet and distant
As I fear for my people
We are now nonexistent

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Who could forget what happened on that unsuspecting and sunny day,
when no visible clouds drifted over the Twin Towers?
Little after midnight, the cool rain adds to the melancholy 
of the descending angels; and I join them in prayer to remember the tragedy! 
This should be a day of remembrance, not of hatred for the ignoble acts 
the wicked committed, but would God accept unkindness instead of merciful deeds?

They called it another day of infamy,
and like Pearl Harbor we were taken by surprise;
that was an attack aimed at the military,
but on September 11 the terrorists attacked the civilians!
It seemed like lightning striking down sturdy trees,
and then fire broke out with smoke trails of a thousands feet;
" O my God! ", every employee screamed...quickly running down 
the stairs engulfed by fire...causing an indescribable chaos everywhere! 
" Take my hand, I will lead you to safety! " the firefighter said to the coughing woman. 
" Hold onto my arm! " the policeman yelled out to the frail man,
who had dropped his eyeglasses and couldn't see! 
Every firefighter and policeman acted like them, rescuing many without fearing death;
and hundreds of them, that awful morning, never returned home alive...
what a tragedy for their families that watched in horror and couldn't help!

Who wouldn't remember the courage of their noble and willing hearts?
And furthermore, who wouldn't engrave their valorous names on plaques and monuments?
Up above, by the gates of Paradise...Christ and His Father awaited them to accept their souls;
while archangels surrounding God's throne, sung hymns that humans couldn't sing...
those hymns that all the earthly heroes will sing with them when Heaven mourns again! 

Their portraits, pictures and memorabilia hang above the fireplaces,
and on the decorated walls of the victims' homes, precincts and firehouses;
how could anybody take them down as they were worthless items?
Prize them more than gold or diamonds, o friends grieving that tremendous loss even today;
don't hate those who caused you sorrow and unbearable pain, be forgiving and show mercy...
as God does toward us; o friends remember your heroes for their valor and sacrifice!  

My poem is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the September 11 attacks on America.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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A Storm

A big dark cloud forms.
A sprinkle of rain trinkles down.
A cladder of thunder roars loud.
A streak of lighting scatters above.

That's the start of the storm.
The rain pours like it's from a bucket.
The thunder roars like a beat of a drum.
The lighting scatters like it's scared.
The wind soars like it's a bird.

It turned so many directions,
that a funnel soon occurred.
Twirling around and around.
Down the farm lands.
Hail a blazing left and right.
Tearing up jack as it goes.

An alarm sounds upsetting the town.
People panic all around.
The funnel is spotted due north.
Twirling its way toward town.

All of a sudden
the funnel disappears in mid air.
Everyone assumes that
it's going to drop down on the town.

Nothing happened.
 It's all quiet.
A guardian angel must have 
spreaded her wings
to safe the town. 
That's the end of the storm.

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My Dear Friend You Are Not Forgotten

dear friend
today I
received letter
from your mom and dad
stated that killed while serving
seems like only yesterday
were cruising on our 4 wheelers
I shall honor thy name displaying
flag and medal of valor on mantel

Tribute To Dear Friends
And To Our Troops

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Land Of Milk And Honey

In the Land of milk and honey
where everything wears lights.
The people are perfect and shine like stars.
That is, of course why they are called such.
In the glamour you are entwined,
encircled and  enam
You smile, and Times Square fades into darkness.
You cry and Lady Liberty wipes your tears.
I could never compete
I am not a flawless beauty, nor am I an aristocrat,
so I would never be your hearts desire.
But I will sit in the audience of average people
looking on at you shining on stage
teasing me with your utopian song,
knowing that I will never be the one your longing for.
I know I'm destined to spend my life watching,
wishing and wanting you.
Beautiful, immaculate you.
Loved by imperfect, inadequate, inferior me.

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No Color or Relgion, Ever Stopped a Bullet from a Gun

I heard on the news
Another two are lost
That makes 206
Is there, a whatever the cost
We are there to assist
A country so reft
Inner fighting
To help the rest of the left
Guerrilla warfare
Tactically strong
Thousands of miles
Where we don't belong
The people we vote in
Would they go in their place
To show their people
Dying is no disgrace
I will never allow
My children to fight
A war so improper
A conflict not right
To show our presence
As we parade their land
A remote explosion
Blown up on demand
How can we serve
A regime so unfair
They can starve their women
Because he can't have her there
To fight for their freedom
As they fight themselves
The decision should be made
To save ourselves
The Russians failed
So now we try
Coalition troops
In daily die
The modern wars
Will always be run
No color or religion
Ever stopped a bullet from a gun

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To The Men That Stand Against The Dragon

The dragon is nor man or beast 
But destroys all to say the least
If your not careful its fire you will see
Every gust of wind is the dragons feed
The dragons travels across the lands
Destroying everything that it can
The dragon can settle anywhere
And get stronger with every breath of air
It sleeps in are forests hides in are fields
Waiting to be fed so are lands it can steal
And for all the fire fighters that stand to fight it alone
I salute to you for protecting my land and home
Over time many men you have lost 
Still you stand against the dragon at any cost
Protecting a wife's dreams a child's hope a mans pride
Always knowing the dragon never meets death it only hides

In memory of my father Paul Thomas who was a firefighter in Ancaster Ont
And to all firefighters that we have lost  in  the world 
And for the fire fighters that protect are lives everyday 
                                    Thank you and god bless

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passage 37

it is the passage 37
when my age will show
and it is time to pray to heaven

Reveal the truth
admit mortal flaws
confess my thousand wrong
kneel down on my two paws

Mother,by my side
revelations that I will not hide
I have committed many lies that has been said
It hurts the soul to cry and ask:

40 is around the pike
recollecting the deeds that I never did like
sweethearts of the old and the young
but HERE I AM,alone..with such verses yet to be sung

The Pied Piper led many MOUSEcreants homeward
Still playing that flute that still can be heard
As for me,I sit here typing..
a lonely pauper,an advancing nerd


I end this poem


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Raven's Place Of Nowhere

*I entered this Poem in ~Constance~A Rambling Poet's Contest "Among The Dead"

I write from this place of nowhere
This darkened haunt of deep despair
Even a Raven's darkened shade is brighter
Than the mood that has set upon this lair...
There are no words to cheer me.

I look to find a glimmer...
An enlightened shadow of what once was me
But alas that ghost eludes and finds me not
Preferring a labyrinth of happiness, its maze
To the life's webs that now encase me.

I cannot scale these vertical walls
This darkened fortress that surrounds me
And so I dive to ever deeper depths
In this ocean of sadness that seeks to drown me.

No tears can fall from drought-filled eyes
Desert rain has not come bidden
Blood cannot spill from pain-filled thoughts
No apparent wounds to need not be hidden.

A creek of fear and anguish
Feeds into my river of lonely despair
These tides serve to further drown me
In heavier waters with no apparent air.

These words are all I have left within me
To feed what's left of this withered shell
I have been exiled to this lonely oasis
My last hope for water in this, my empty well.


(January 23, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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The story of Louise de Lorraine

The gardens of Chenonceau look so beautiful and bright
But I prefer to keep them out of sight
As I mourn in this room of black and white
I sit tight and wait for my love
He gave me his word and that is enough
However, my heart knows the truth and it is breaking

But I still spend every waking hour
Hoping he’ll come by
I don’t know how many days, years or months have past
But the air in here is starting to turn sour
Hopefully soon I will die
For I have cried a million tears
I speak not a word to anyone
And if people should speak to me, I do not hear
For their words fall upon death ears

I cover my walls with symbols of death
For it seems like that’s the only thing in my life that’s left
I pray every day
That God will see it my way
And end my stay on this earth
Because a life without my husband is not worth living for
Please God, when the time comes open that door
For I wouldn’t want anything more
But until that day, I will stay
And I will wait

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Generations of Valor

          They stand together
          Soldiers young and old
          As we sit down beside them
          Their stories unfold

Tell me son
What happened to you
Please take your time
I wish to hear you through

    I was out on patrol
    Looking for improvised devices
    Their made of plastic now
    For modern sacrifices

    But this one was different
    It was set on remote
    Triggered at distance
    As the enemy gloat

    Catapulted, bleeding
    As i land on the sand
    My face lacerated
    As are my hands

    My left hand has gone
    As are my eyes
    My emotions are drained
    I can no longer cry

    I am flown home
    To Edwards Air Base
    Not the way i left
    A new tomorrow i face

My brave young son
I shall cry for you
Yes tomorrow is new
But we will see it through

    As he wipes his tears
    His son says to his father
    Tell me your story again
    So my thoughts again gather

Well it was so long ago
And although i am old
The horrors of wars
Should always be told

It was the 6th of June
The day the war had turned
And what we fought for

I was one of thousands
As we hit the beaches
Under heavy fire
Bodies bleeding, bodies bleached

After being pinned down for hours
We finally made a breakthrough
Their lines broken
Our determination pursued

Our objective, Bayeux
To cut off the road to Caen
Re-assemble and group
As we mean to go on

We were on the outskirts
As a 109E attacked
My platoon was strafed
As its bullets impact

I was hit three times
In my legs and chest
Shipped back home
Asking why i was blessed

After the war
In the Army i stayed
As an injury councillor
For other wars have been played

          Father and son stood together
          Hugged for tomorrow
          Yes, there will be more wars
          And what they bring is sorrow

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Rwanda Wrongs

In 1957, there existed a plan
To rid Rwanda of the Tutsi clan
Power they had, too much for one side
The foundation for, future Genocide
1960, the monarchy was gone
Will both sides sing the same song
Sadly not as the persecutions start
Ripping this African country apart
1973, under a new regime
Juvénal Habyarimana promised restrain
Progress and reconciliation proposed to be
For this country to unite, finally
1994, Habyarimana gunned down
His assassination, country drowns
This killing of him, the carnage starts
Population half, ripped apart
The killings horrific, no one spared
Machete slain, heads caved
Hacking, be-headings as families fall
As CNN tune in, the world appalled
The continuance, of the slaughtered tribes
Men, women and children you can't describe
Women raped, and the unborn slain
This horrific act of human pain
Most of the fallen, in their own villages dead
By another clan, they thought were friends
Indescribable to the world as our televisions show
The massacre of innocents, as we watch blow by blow
Where does it all end, can we try the same songs
How many more of these Rwanda wrongs
It appears to be a human trait
To kill each other for the sake of it

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O Quebec! Do Remember Me When I'm Gone

       A man who is yet to find for himself a maiden
       Absolute success yet, is he to find.
       If a sailor on his compass, found
       A permanent route without a storm enclosed,
       Thither eternally, his route may be.
       A maiden, a sweet thing is
       And you, my found maiden of course is
       Gibraltar of America, many call thee by
       My maiden laid ashore the golden Sea,
       Yore of days, I’ve adored thee.
       Tho’ a pauper boy me
       ---------still, a string of topaz for thy neck
       In the stormy and rainy African nights
       I labored hard to inherit.
       O fair maiden of mine, I respect thee.
       A man who respects a lady not
       Shouldn’t be blessed with a lump of gold
       For he’ll never know its worth,
       When a lady,
       The unique eximious and exclusively expensive
       Heavenly precious stone
       --------he had failed to treasure most.

       O Quebec! My maiden laid ashore the golden Sea
       I’ve always dreamt of hugging thee
       Hoping when to Africa, with me you had come
       In my mud molded room,
       Behind my old raffia patched door
       --------on my new wunwuned mat, we’ll both lay;
       But now, old age is what I rapidly approach
       My head, gray hair will soon arrest
       I fear that,
       Kissing thy red lips, I may never get to do
       And lo! Marrying thee, that as well, I may never do
       But even in my heart, when in my 6feet home
       I finally lay interred,
       The memory and love of thee, still I’ll bear.

        My maiden laid ashore the golden Sea
        --------incase thy lips before I die
        I never get to kiss,
        O Quebec! Do Remember Me When I’m Gone.

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Smoke a cigarette on my porch
And watch the world go by
Realize that this is no place to live
But really a place to die
Our souls cannot be saved
Because this is definitely hell
Once you're here there's no escape
You're under a demonic spell
This community is condemned 
From the core to the sky
Rapists and worse run free
And no one bats an eye
Everyone is so full of hate
Yet sickeningly polite to your face
There's no sincerity or honesty 
In this miserable place
But if you have money or drugs
Everyone's your best friend
And once they've sucked you dry
That's where the friendships end
I'll keep smoking my cigarette
Watching the world go by
The depravity of this place will haunt me
Until the day I die

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The Babies Don't Cry

Then none
Flint River
Thrown from bridge two small
Babies sister brother drowned
Every time go by I hear the children cry call me
Mother experienced temporary insanity threw them from bridge to swift water

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RB Ghetto

Yes, I am a Native.
See my brown skin, my dark hair.
Come walk through my reserve,
Learn the truth, if you dare.
See this house,
This nice, big one right here?
Here an abused child sits alone,
Afraid to even  shed a tear.
Shall we continue our walk?
See that house, with the bright light?
Here a young boy watches his mother drink,
Waiting for her to start a fight.
Stop...Hear that noise in the woods?
Oh, it's just some kids smoking a joint.
Have you had enough truth yet?
Have you even begun to get the point?
Remember that lonely, abused child,
The little one so full of fear?
Well now he beats his kids and wife,
Then he celebrates with a beer.
And the young boy with his drunk mother
Now sits alone, wishing he would die.
As he punches hole into his wall
He wonders, would his mother even cry?
What about those little pothead kids?
Most of their lives are wrecks:
Jabbing needles into their arms, 
Spending all of their welfare cheques. 
We've come to the end of our tour.
You see, life on the rez isn't that great.
The people here no longer feel love,
Our home has become a land of hate. 

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Its all in a Night

Her barstool has six legs,
two are hers,
it plants her to the bar
and she is blooming like spring flowers.
Drinking in the spirits
from the bottles I serve her.
The smile she wears is false,
its from the bravado she drinks.
She lives with me,
calls herself mine,
but its the bottle that is really her home.
I only visit her 
and hold her dear,
because those moments seem to disappear.
I'm laughing at her as she shakes her butt 
                     to Johnny Paycheck,
while my hands move with speed and grace,
I'm serving the rednecks, cowboys
and other dubious charactors.
The girls are trying to look like movie stars
as mine waves at me,
she is teasing her way to a free drink,
but she always comes home with me.
Its past midnight
and everyone is tight,
laughing and being fools.
I'm the bartender,
leader of fools,
mixing their delights,
I light their smokes,
laugh at the bad jokes,
listen to their problems,
fix marriages
and broken hearts.
I'm the law 
and sometimes a nurse.
The night is over,
everyone is gone.
They're satisfied,
some found love for the night,
while others will be sleeping lonely,
but medicated.
I count the money,
peel my wife out of her barstool
and go home thinking,
its all in a night here at Cleve's,
I'm really just an actor
and the bar is my stage,
because all this isn't really me.
I'm just faking it,
lingering in the shadows
waiting for something else !

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The Presence of Your own Mistake

The hair begins to rise
the air becomes colder
Second by second

His presence is near
his presence is here

Your bones begin to ach
Your teeth begin to chatter
Your body becomes so heavy
You fall to your knees
for his presence, is to powerful

The depree from your surroundings form together
and there is no breath
there is no heartbeat
there is, no chance

An image you saw in those dreams
and it is that face you feared
for this is the day he longed for

You reach for the door
but you stay to the floor
as he takes over
And his presence is now your own

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Big or small
They tell a story
On someone short or tall
It's something about glory
Or how they had to crawl

Some people look away
Some people look in disbelief 
Some forget that day
Others live in grief

Wounds to heal
Days to forget
Times to kneel
No time to sweat

They may never share
Of that tragic day
Or they may not even care
About what you have to say

We give them space
We look to the stars
We don't look at their face
We just leave them with their scars

*Written on March 23, 2012

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so basically i got killed today
when my father choked and my cat ran away
the doctors ran out of lives to save
and the shows on t.v. were incredibly lame
the smell of my house was strong like butane
i wanted to go to the park today
but people were there and the kids were insane
i saw a really cute boy downtown yesterday
but he smiled and his teeth weren't perfectly straight
i thought about brushing my teeth today
but it didn't seem worth it to deal with the taste
so i chewed on some floss and drank all day
my coffee this morning was dark roast with equate
so it was bitter and gross and incredibly great
my mom's gonna move to the country today
where the cows all get eaten and the horses are tamed
the tap of a shoe and the drag of a cane 
as an old man rocks on his chair all day
i don't understand how the middle of may
can feel as gloomy as a cold winters day
and people will sink to their knees and pray
that god will make their lives better some day.

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A Parisian Dream

Supposing she agrees to come
To Paris with me in July,
It sounds like all I've ever waited for...
So why am I feeling so shy?

Two nights in the City of Lovers;
It could be magical or a disaster,
Even the thought of spending time with her
Is causing my helpless heart to beat faster,

We could wander around the town centre,
And feel smug that we understand signs,
Making fun of the people who pass us,
As she pendantically sips at French wines,

If we happened to discover a nightclub,
And she insisted she wanted to stay,
Then all evening I'd dance with my darling,
And I'd get her back safe the next day,

She's not one to savour sightseeing,
And heights can sometimes make her cower,
But holding her hand, I'd still take her
To see the view from the Eiffel Tower,

She can act as mature as she wants to,
But I know that she loves Disneyland,
And since nobody cares to come with us,
We could play even longer than planned,

Yet beneath all this thrill I'm still worried,
And if she agrees to come, petrified,
For I know we don't share what we used to,
But perhaps I could bridge our divide?

But how can I fill the space between us
When I fear the gap is getting wider?
And how can I sleep for a moment
When all night I'll be lying beside her?

Well, I'll push those thoughts to one side now,
And concentrate on planning our trip,
I think she'd enjoy visiting the Louvre,
Though I shouldn't let this thoughtfulness slip,

And never under the Arc de Triomphe
Could I my soaring love concede,
But I'll have spent three days alone with her,
And that's enough triomphe for me.

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cindiling cobra

A watch from the berrtes eye
secret silinet  he cryies
through the work of a jugten deed
a world he sit where no one takes heed
the new wind blows ash in dust
a look from wishiling window
showing no aprayven norical forshiven
As the shadow towers over me
I sing a hearts praise to all lost children
awaken and dawriness intent begavaning my eventdence
i shower the the  places of my past
in this overchure of suprise I cradle my last emphise
I work hard to make thing new
I began with this next of kin
A tiped nouse blinking it's fastin
The dull axes couteraction
I wangraond uptichure of my atimasity
Apraganding these two heartbroken lovers
Sore under oath to persert them both
I walk alone to actord my salvage
The presure of this unburn thratise bragging in my face
I object in theses halls of forgatton backlashing
This four hored watch this ucrane
As the mamed game backran her i am avenged
THw wac swocks the tuk bock lock
While i cindle my brushin brides backstab

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Across I Go

Across I go, Across broken plains
Across many aches, across hidden pains
Through mountains of misery
Through contorted faces of false bravery
Rushing towards Faraway Lands
Rushing forwards, with outstretched hands
As a blind man, seeking an illusory light
As a scared man, trying to escape the fright
Across I go, across frigid wastes
Across desolation, across Hell’s gates
Through valleys of smouldering snow
Through dead woods, which were once known to grow
Rushing towards Roaring Falls
Rushing over weeping walls, through wailing halls
As a dumb man, crying out in a drunken swoon
As a deaf man, harkening to an impending doom
Across I go, Across a bridge over a moaning chasm
Across a broken heart, across an involuntary spasm
Through shadowy, turbid, torpid fen
Through all this I go, my internal devastation, I ken

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Walking in Chicago (Thinking of You)

So many steps you have taken
So many lanes you have run

I have followed you here too late
only to wrestle with memories absent

Brick walls echo my song
trying to brighten the morning gloom

The clatter of trucks and trains
drown out my pitiful wail

Through gardens of lavender and sage
past silent fountains and groves

Morning light finds active patrols
residents on their early watch

Treading paths behind them all
thinking that their footfalls follow yours

Gulls wander in aimless patterns 
searching for what others leave behind

Whispering in remembrance
of your generosity and flair

Purchasing each breath with a sigh
Seeing each stone through your eyes

Wanting to see your expression
at each new discovery...hoping

I keep the pace steady to meet the present
The past cannot supplant my obligations

Distances are real but the heart travels further
Still searching for that captive moment

Seeing you pass in a shop window
Industrious and steady of gait

Sparing a smile for the aged, 
a grimace for those bent on dysfunction

Could your have passed this way?
Could I have felt it somehow?

Time looms against me
Reality calls me back from where I long to be

Walking silently in your footsteps
Seeing you just step ahead.

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Dickson Street

And I was there

My Dickson Street ,now
is so urban, sad, bare
I miss my Nasty Dickson Street
where I roamed without a care

We hoped, knew not to hurt another
we were all hurt, in a way
Spencer, he drank coffee, drew my feet
He gave me love and a different way

I miss those times
almost jealous 
when I see 
My own child
with the same thoughts
of being me

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Waves of despair
Wash over me
My life
A series of mistakes
And I wish
I could correct 
these things,
No matter 
how long it takes

I should have died
In my old home
The place I long to be
But it's not there,
As anyone can see

I'm stuck in a world
With little reason
Why I should want
to survive,
And sadly, I await
The day I'm no longer

My home lives on
In my mind,
And all the wonder
It did provide
And when I'm gone
It will echo no more
And all the tears I cried

I walk those halls
That exist no more
I cry in rooms long gone
And await the patter
Of the rain
That fell above my bed
But they're gone
Long gone,
Like last week's wave
I'm left to carry on

But why?
Who cares?
It's sentimental crap,
And it means nothing to you
But maybe someday
You'll taste despair
And you'll have a clue

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Hard Knocks

hard knocks on prison rocks
with chains that rattle and bang
and guards that don't guard
those hard knocks are rough

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The Ocean.

A big black ocean 
Filled with sorrow, pain and thoughts of death 
Swallows me whole 
The waves smother me 
So i cant breath 
I try to swim to the top 
To breath 
To live 
To be me again 
But its to overwhelming 
To painful to care 
I want to stay at the bottom 
Of this hurtful ocean 
To be numb 
And not feel 
The hurt inside 
The pain I have 
The pain I have caused 
The pain Ill always carry with me 

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God's Little Critters

vast wilderderness she lays her head 
moss strewn rock beds and nil vegetation 
in the distant the lone wolf begins to howl 
no sun to call her own   
just gotten entangled in a predators sneer 
shes begins gnawing frantically
blood soaked coating
and one less hoof to stand with
this tiny deer finally had gotten freed
just as I was picking up the phone to
call animal control to help out
one of God's own little critters  

Tribute To
God's Critters

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
Beyond Nightfall Contest

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The Ducks Are Free

   Within my sight of ocean breeze
I see the curve of earth and sea
The little ducks as they walk about
A show of wings for a simple handout.
   White clouds pass, subtle and calm
Giving rest to the sun upon the kiddie pond
The sunlight twinkles as the children play
Together they're dancing within the waves.
   Here comes a duck with questioning eyes
A piece of bread or even some pie?
Bikinis and trunks play in the sand
Not one of them lovers, not one holding hands.
   This all seems distracted as in playful dispute
The beach is so quiet, maybe they're mute
The glare of the sun brings me back to my write
I see the seagulls attacking a kite.
   Although the beach I thought serene
This one corrects me of all I have seen
Only the ducks seem peaceful to know
Their questioning eyes and hunger side show.
   The people are sad or poor I bet
To come to this beach, in silence get wet
If this is the price of the beach for me
I'll come for the ducks, the ducks are free.

     September 14, 2008

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Hate You Now

I saw the news today

I'd like to know what the hell you're trying

I want to find away

to silence you, and stop all the dying

You think you're above the law

You'll send to die just as many as you want to

Damnedest thing I ever saw

the mess you've made doesn't even seem to daunt you

You spit in our eyes and say
I'm gonna hate you now

because you are more evil than I am

and I'm gonna hate you now

cause I hate your point of view

I'm gonna hate you now

cause daddy's so proud

and mamma's still crying

and I'm gonna hate you now

cause my God told me to
When will it ever end

You'd think you would have learned by now

and what about you my friend

could you please tell me how

How will we find our way

when the God you pray to is a fat cash cow

who'll stand up and say

This has got to end.

but you slap mommas face and say
I'm gonna kill you now

because you are more wicked than I am

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause I hate your point of view

I'm gonna kill you now

My daddy's so proud and momma keeps crying

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause my God told me to.

Manipulation games

and broken promises from long ago

You put out the Lady's' flame

You'll reap what you sew

The children have to pay

Old men, and old women too 

they just get in the way

of the bombs I drop on you

I'm gonna hate you now

because you've always hated me

I'm gonna hate you now

For all the oil that I've bought

I'm gonna hate you now

Cause hate is all I've got

How will you return 

all the lives that you have wasted

watch the babies burn

Say this will keep us free

I wish you'd drink the blood

I wish that I could make you taste it

You've never understood
and you refuse to see
You turn your back on God and say
I'm gonna kill you now

because you are more wicked than I am

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause I don't agree with you

I'm gonna kill you now

cause Daddy's so proud and Mama's still crying

and I'm gonna kill you now

cause killings what I do

When will it ever end

You'd think you would have learned by now

what about you my friend

could you please tell me why

why can't he see the sin

of worshiping that fat cash cow 

just look at the mess we're in

You're killing for a lie

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Chamber Door

I have created this prison in my mind.
I have shut the chamber door to my heart.
I have chained myself down to my own world.
I have darkened my world by anger and hatred.
In this prison there are no windows and the only 
friend you have is you shadow.
This prison has only chamber doors and now someone is
knocking at my chamber door,
and I cannot answer it because I am chained down.
Someone is knocking at my chamber door to my heart but
I cannot answer it.
I have created this prison in my mind.

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Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately

Have you felt like giving up… 
As the problems in life have
been building up greatly…

Is there something in life that’s 
“dragging you down?”
Any peace and joy in life
can’t be found?

Perhaps you feel like: “There’s no
 use for me trying.”
Everything I’ve tried isn’t working
 nor is satisfying.”

I have GOOD NEWS!  Please listen to
 what I have to say!
There’s someone I know who
 can change you today!

Jesus is here now!  
And is waiting for you!
The choice is yours…  
What will you do?

He can pick up the “broken pieces”
 and be your friend
He’ll bring true joy and 
forgiveness within.

He alone can bring fulfillment
 and content.
No matter how many “wasted years” 
 you may have spent……

A message of salvation and
 a new life you can obtain!
Simply reach out to him…  
And call on HIS name!

By Jim Pemberton

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Swallows migrate South...
dark birds in a starless sky
mourning motherland.

Entered in Raul Moreno's contest, " Tattered Wings "

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Yet Another Anniversary

Anniversary of fatal attacks,
  thought of it stops me in my tracks.
People dying,
  families crying.
Shocked the entire country,
  scared nearly everybody.
He's to blame,
  what a shame!
Weapons of mass destruction?
  Yeah, more like government corruption.
Have I forgotten?
  No, Darryl, I never will, who could?
However, fighting and war is not the answer;
  killing brings no one back, even worse, there are even more who don't come back.
The Twin Towers toppled and crumbled;
  now our country is all jumbled.

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A melancholy fills my soul,
When Lady Northwind wails.
She lifts the waves and churns the foam,
As she fills the schooner's sails 

While the clouds of winter gather
Across the lowering sky,
I feel a storm of loneliness,
As I watch the snow geese fly,

Their spring flight, now a memory
On this cold, October day,
On tireless, snowy wings they're bound
To my southland, far away.

I journeyed to this frozen land,
In my search for a richer life.
I left behind, my childhood home,
My friends, children, and my wife.

I wish I were on that schooner,
Sailing south across the sea,
But I'm stuck here on this island--
Prison bars won't set me free.

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left my jod
which is not odd
 so i hop from the lot
where i park
mabe astart not to far
to abar
took a few i tell you
i was just a griming
and my

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In the middle of nowhere
Can't see anything for miles and miles 
darkness starting to roll over 
Your nowhere to be found 
I'm not sure were to look for you at 
then i understand 
your hiding 
your covering ur tracks 
trying to forget
all the bad things that are happening 
You must understand i am going though it with you 
I'm right here when u need me 
so talk cause i'm listening 
Let me try to understand

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The Graveyard

The wind seemed colder that December day,
as I walked among the graves marked with
marble so gray.
Some had a story carved for all to see,
while others were just marked, Rest In 
Pictures of the deceased, were on a few,
as I looked a little closer,
to see how many I knew.
Then in the distance, 
I saw a crowd,
another loved one to be buried,
then my head I bowed.
Old graves stood out,
their markers so tall,
darker than most,
like shadows at nightfall.
Sad to think, some had to die so young,
but way back then, not much could be done.
Strange it may seem,
to visit the dead,
but facinating to me,
on the life they led.

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Urban Cowboy

Seeing people and places
Remindi me of the many joys
That I have left behind
Sunlight and starlight
Have quickly passed by
Memories of times 
That have made me cry
Yes I have looked into the eyes of heaven
Looking down upon me from way on high
Searching for a promise
Which has never draw nigh
For I am a cowboy
In a city of false gold
Crying amongst bodys
That have truely have grown cold
Riding on a horse named lonliness
Dreaming of an oasis
Able to quech my thirst
Where I see there is none

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Inner Me

In a small dark cell in the inner prison
A young woman’s curled up in the corner
She’s done nothing wrong to be there
But people just look on and scorn her

Her light’s given way to darkness you see
She doesn’t know how to warm from the chill
She longs to walk out, she wants to be free
And some fresh food her stomach to fill

With no visitors, it’s a lonely place
Such a lonely place to be
I know how it is to be in prison
Because that young woman is me

I’ve done nothing wrong to deserve where I am
In the deepest, coldest prison cell
People still scorn me for how I feel
But my pain, only I can tell

Since no one understands, it’s a lonely place
It’s such a lonely place to be
The prison is my body
And the prisoner’s the inner me 

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The World we Live in

The World we Live in
As from the window i look out
Killings and maiming
Can they all be devout

What religion, has the right to say
Who lives or dies's on any given day
Whether Islamic or Hindu, Catholic or Christian
If there are these Gods, they sure ain't listening

This World we Live in
Has seen horror's aplenty
From alleged leaders, not quite so saintly.
As they led their killers, to rape and pillage
In many countries, and many a village

Leaders like Hitler, Pol Pot & Stalin
Order their Generals, don't pity the fallen
Murderous rages, in cities and towns
Women and children, the elderly mown down

What do we see in our public life
Similar scenes, but not so rife
From Columbine, Dunblane & Hungerford past
Will there be enough of us left, for us humans to last

As i look out my window, what us humans should see
Is The World we Live in, and live violence free
Who has the right, to slay a neighbour or friend
Simple sanity, or plain round the bend

I really don't know how to resolve the above
Man's inhumanity, and turn it to love
The journey of change, has taken a turn
Due to the appointment of Obama, where we will all learn

The explosion of vote, for the new President above
Is what the world needed, to give it a shove
Out of all the people i would most like to meet
This guy heads the list, shake his hand as we greet

And what i mean, from these words above
He has the Aura to turn, loose the white doves
With the help of the leaders, who think the same way
Will make this World safer, for Generations one day

So in the future as i read this again
There will be much compassion, and a lot less pain
The World we all Live in, will work rest and play
Generations living, as they should - every day

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Cotton Commercials

Cotton Commercials
always reminded me of
my grandmother's house
irony cotton paralleling
Ridgfield Park, New Jersey bitterness.
Boiling in decrepit neighborhoods, 
once swarming with Irish and Italian Catholics.
Now a haven of cracked sidewalks
ten miles outside of Manhattan.

Maybe it was the song that did it?
Reminiscent of that old wood grained plastic box radio
in the kitchen playing fifties music.
The vibrations resonated under the
flourescent lighting, and 
bounced off  her split level metal
coffee pot, percolator on the stove.

It wasn't the softness that reminded me.
The only softness in her home 
was the pea green shag carpet in the living room
that she refused to replace or remove.
Removing it would expose the beauty, and
deep hardwood floors don't absorb
drinking, destruction and despair, 
but would send secrets bouncing
off stained glass that she can't 
step and press into the heavy shag.
She sits alone watching soaps
in dim dusty lighting
drapes drawn tight.

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I can remember the year nineteen forty nine.
Mom would takes us kids to main street,
to shop at the five and time called
Mom said you can always get your money worth ,shopping at WOOLWORTH.

 At the end of MAIN STREET,was a drive in picture show.
For a few dollars the entire family could go.
We watch movies from dush till dawn.
Now all that is gone,and only time marches on.

At the very start of MAIN STREET,where we did our grocery shopping.
There was a  grocery store that was called A and P.
For ten dollars a week,you could feed your entire family.

I can still remember the deli clerk.
HIS eyes were as big as hamburg patties.
HE was built like a pot belly stove.
and HIS fingers were like cucumbers.
HE had a smile as long as a country mile.

I am getting older,and some things I have forgot.
But I can still remember the A and P,before it  became a parking lot..

WOOLWORTH,DRIVE IN ,A and P are stores of my past.
These stores were not meant to last.
Now they are all gone,and only time marches on.

There is stores that as come and gone,that you may recall
 Not on your local MAIN STREET,but at a giant shopping mall.

New stores will come and old stores will soon begone.
Just like our LIFE.
The only thing is for certain is that time marches on.

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We Will Remember Them

Dying for Freedom
American and British soldiers
Will be remembered


" Dedicated to the losses our countries are taking to fight for our freedom "
                                 Haiku or Senryu matters not

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The harlot
only comes out at night,
to solicit with her curves
and high heels...
money for her abused sexiness.
Lots of cheap perfumes
on her provocative 
and tight clothes;
deep red lipstick
on her dry, cracked lips.
the glowing moon to walk with her
until morning, 
and running fingers in her long hair,
she embodies Venus to lure men.
And the harlot with a blonde-colored strand,
never tires of pacing 
these streets giving off their stench,
roaming dark alleys, where owls hoop...
warning her of another danger coming. 
The harlot,
spreads a disease that kills,
and those seeking pleasure
are fully aware of the consequences...
so why frequent this loathsome spot?    
She wouldn't care less,
as long as her purse is full,
and shots of cocaine thrill her demonic soul;
tomorrow night, this harlot will wear a different dress,
and deliriously laughing...she'll hope to cheat death.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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So Strong, It's Intoxicating

Ever felt a feeling or heard a certain word to dread, Love, joy, happiness. 
It all seems too real to be true. 
You only hear about it in storybooks. 
Pain, suffering, death. 
Such things cause a hurt so strong it's intoxicating. 
When you hear such things or it happens to you in such a way of experience, you 
don't realize what you are putting your mind through. 
All of that has happened to me once in a lifetime. 
To know that it will happen again at any moment kills the soul of it's pondering 
Eyes are a window to dreadful times. 
I choose to cry behind closed doors. 
My feelings always when shared hurts someone else. 
Once you've reached such a time in life, to be happy, on the rare occasion is 
For one day in your life, you shall experience something so strong.. it's 

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Lady of the Night

On the street corner she stands
So scantly clad
A lady of the night
Her background so sad
From a broken family
Abandoned and lost
She grew up on the streets
No matter her cost
The only man in her life
Is her mentor and pimp
Her collector of fee's 
Where he makes his mint
There is no care
For her or others
If they ever complain
It's oxygen smother
To a bedsit she retires
As her business unfolds
Another stat on the bedpost
In another unloving hold
Soiled and used
Once again
If we could see in her heart
Could we ease her pain
The door closes
As she heads back to the streets
The patch where she walks
Where her clients, she meets
Another night over
As she turns in for the night
While he counts his money
From this lady of the night

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Can't Catch My Breath

The sky has tuned an ominous gray,
the tops of trees begin to sway,
imitation white caps form
and mock the ocean ere the storm.

I watch the thistle feeder swing,
the finches golden cannot cling,
and now I hear the stormy wind,
feel goose bumps rise upon my skin.

The lake rushes like a river,
the birds en masse begin to quiver,
squirrels drape their tails upon their backs
await the rain and thunder's crack.

The world outside seems bled of hues,
stripped of all its reds and blues,
greens and browns seemed washed in gray,
and summer seems so far away.

The sky broadcasts a visual threat,
I watch and light a cigarette.
Soon great drops of rain pour down,
deafening, muffling every sound.

I burrow deeper in my bed
and try to shake the sense of dread.
Nature has the upper hand
on this piece of lake front land.

How'd I wind up in this place?
I miss the southern charm and grace,
I long for Spanish moss draped trees.
and hunger for the ocean's breeze.

Ah, well, I'm here, and here I'll stay,
and live to work another day,
The lake, once loved, resounds of death,
in sorrow, I can't catch my breath.

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I can't forget so I toss and turn but I can't escape what's forever playing in my 

I can't let go so I do things and say things because I can't accept being told no.

I can't think straight because my thoughts are twisted up in knots and since it's 
all your fault I don't sleep and stay up late.

I can't move because every time I do, I keep going to the same old places and 
that's bad news since all those places I discovered with you, so what am I to do?

I can't die because that's too easy for me and I need to live beyond my memory 
and walk - no run to reality - without you.

I can't stop breathing, though each breathe hurts beyond the moment, but since I 
must breathe to live and live I must - I relive the best part of all this because I 
need to do this for me.

I can't hold helplessly on so I must reclaim my dignity - not so you can say you 
helped me - but to prove once and for all that I am strong.

No, I can't and I've said it before but believe this time it's fore sure. I know that's 
true - for a long time we've been through-  but I refuse to go crazy so I must move 
on and be over you, but I can't.

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I've Been Saved { Seven By Seven }

staring out the windows bay
                                           in this wheelchair I now stay
                                            never listened to  Mom  Dad
                                            about dangers of a cave's fad
                                            lit a match thought I was brave
                                           hidden gasses now friend's in grave
                                            I give Thanks for I've been saved

True Story Dear Friend
Is Confined To Wheelchair

Learn About Caves
 Before Ya Go Exploring
For They Hold Deadly Gasses

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Pass It On

a piece of bread
is what god had said

take it for it is I through the body of Christ
now to me that is quite a sight

as it lays amidst 
my hands tonight

for I often think of my brothers and sister in africa
and often think of them not being tucked in their beds

I often think of their innocent children 
who are lying dead

and I often keep thinking
of what God had said

so tonight I come to 
share my wine and bread instead 

with those others who may
have not been watered or fead

as my tears start to now shed
and start flowing beads of red

for it's the blood of christ
lost during his plight

so as I stare at this cup also tonight
I sip and pass it with being so polite

to my brothers and sisters in christ
for it leaves me feeling sheer delight

Tribute To Our Lord

Also Entry To Sami Al Khahli's
A Piece Of Bread Contest

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Serpent Road

The more popular path is a wider,
more windy one. A bend here,a 
nook there, surreal images to entice 
everyone.And it's all about havin' so much fun.

You weave through a forest of barren trees,
having already dropped all of their leaves.
More muted colors now, these listless leaves,
as they lay scattered all over the ground.
During one stretch, a beautiful babbling
brook calls softly to all who will listen, 
a temptuous melodic chant seems to resound.
"Come play in me..... no, better yet, stay in me.
I am yours and you are mine. At the very least, 
abide for a time." it's echoing rhyme.

Around one huge curve on this path, one can't
help but notice an extremely tall waterfall.It's 
splendor captures the undivided attention of
nearly all. Chrystal clear liquid cascades,
tumbling and rumbling downward over smooth,
cavernous rocks till its final resting place in a
glassy pool,this entire realm it does mock.

One very unique trait of this seemingly joyous
journey is the absence of light. Nothing reflects
much sun,it's almost like wandering along on a 
half - moon lit night. Oh,if the star of fire would
ever reveal itself,come out of hiding, this beautiful
bounty could be so brilliant and bright. Yet here
in this place, it wouldn't seem right. It would cause
alarm, reason for many to get stagefright. Some
might even want to exit but would not be able....
try as they might.

I could ramble on and on about the abundant 
sights and smells and sounds that tickle our
senses along Path Pleasing. Is this place
for real or is everyone just dreaming? But one
thing I must tell you that is important for you to
know.This expedition isn't all it's cracked up to be,
for it is in dizzying circles you do go.You just experience
the same things over and over again, guess that's part
of the plan.No real purpose or rhyme, just biding time.

Oh,.... what's this? Maybe I am wrong. Seems that
there is a final destination for those hangin' here.I've 
not witnessed this before.I'll have to tell the others
what's in store.But wait....... there must be some mistake.
For the sign over the gaping, belching, black hole
simply states "Lair of the Snake."

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under siege

I goggled my powered screen
And saw venom founded smiling faces
I watched tongues dance in deceit
And there chameleon lips
Bounced and marched to this ignominy.

They propagate their obvious robbery
With unconvincing window-dress
And celebrates their heinousness
By camoflagging this mist-free fraud
Jaw agape,on my tongue a sweet liquid descend.

What is this they've given life?
That enveloped the day in darkness
Mere anarchy, cut loose eventually
By these sheep skinned wolves
We afore-elected in ignorance.
To hold on; they turn their bloody self.

Alas! our screams reach not a drum
But their whispers fill all ears.
The decision we strenuously made
With the lines adorning our thumbs
Has been quashed by these gangsters,
And to their mercy our future lies.

Lisabi, Oronna, where lies your eyes
Obanta et al, why remain so muted
And watch them deface 
Your hard founded land.

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Something That You Said

Something that you said still follows,
coffee cup or empty glass.
I could almost feel the sadness in your eyes
as I was leaving.
Remembering June duets
with you on one knee,
when for an instant
we believed
in Broadway and Bourbon.
But every musical has its Big Finish.
It's just that
something that you said still follows.

Details | Ballad | |


The silent battlefield has drawn its armorial...
no smoke rising from weapons so unsurpassable;
bodies lying on the bloody grass;
some writhing, many lifeless!

One nation has risen against  another nation...
with the plausible thought that one
will subdue the other and conquer;
but the losses on both sides seem an equal share!

Victory is a vain word,
if it hasn't considered or honored
its noble purpose through peace;
many lives could have been spared...
turning their worth over an unjudicial conscience,
and rid itself of a costly vengeance!

Those daughters and sons will not return to their mothers,
and an acute pain will perforate their helpless hearts;
and they could have become great minds and leaders:
and with their death, their thoughts have perished with their dreams!

Victory is a vain word,
smeared on dead faces that look upright...
for that mercy and compassion the enemy did't give;
they may be dead in body, but not in the spirit!
Look !  I see them walking with God,
who will give them another life for their firm belief! 

Belligerence is the outcome of rampant hatred,
and Man will become a beast in order to accomplish it...
without regard and pity,not compromising, 
but scheming with an uncontrollable wrath!

Now their voices aren't shouting,and their hands
are still stained with unwashable blood;
nightmares are the visitations of demons
who complement their minds with a cruel reward:
victory has lost meaning and ardor ,
nothing can bring them to a calm shore!

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The Nihilist - Five: Dog-Tired Days

Parallel went the universe someplace along the line
When autumn French-kissed winter with tongues of leaf and ice;
The lamp-posts dripped drab amber with a dark and dreary shine,
A devil's brew of garnished sleet, elemental egg-fried rice.
Night caved long and colder as day fell short, sedate,
And I felt somewhat older, in my heart a dying spark;
Crying out for love rekindling to alleviate the fate
Of departing in pitch-blackness and returning in the dark.
Tedious treadmill grinding as the Christmas pines were sawn,
Down in the valley decorations sagged and popped and spat;
Sizzling bulbs of neon death, ramshackle and forlorn,
Greeting cards from no one close had piled up on the mat.
My eyes blurred red and jaundiced in a fiery bourbon haze,
Well-past midnight I still sit and hungrily imbibe;
Toasting all the ghosts I knew throughout my dog-tired days,
On glitzy wrapping clawed the wishes I wished to inscribe.
Never has the relevance of nothing meant so much,
The face of unrequited love recedes in mist and snow;
The angels on the Christmas tree bestow no healing touch,
Pull up the covers, settle down, there's nowhere left to go…

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Have they ever asked themselves
what's the purpose of this life;
and why we are born of a mother
who leads us to a quiter shore?
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
questioning the diffidence of the eartly man!

Have they ever seen showers feed
the blossoms of a peach tree?...
Warm raindrops that Nature offers
to magnify the grandness of flowers!
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
seeing beauty when all ignore surprise!

Have they ever seen the majestic pine trees sway,
almost piercing the wandering clouds of color rose...
drifting towards the lustrous sunset of May;
can a strayed soul obtain redemption with deep-felt remorse?
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
 contemplating creation with the purest feeling! 

Have the ever stopped along the roads
swarmed with mimosa and jasmine and inhale
the fragrance of their tiny flowers,
being totally inhabriated by their smell?
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
thrilled by the natural state of the wild!
Have they ever seen those cities made of concrete,
where the errants struggle to breath,
and sunlight is as rare as an uninvited sunset;
there the church bells toll in extreme heat!
These are the thoughts of an innocent mind...
seeking,but not finding spirituality of any kind!

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Today is the saddest day of September...
to commemorate the horrible attack on America, 
the serenity in the untroubled sky 
reflects the calmness of that memory not yet
laid to rest by us, who are still writing a memoir;
flowers and prayers are the sublimest ways of comfort
that give us a sense of sought consolation...while
bagpipes play the beautiful hymns of America! 

These devastated hearts silently shed tears...
like a torrential rain, waiting for a rainbow
to appear and release the intensity of our pain
to the bright and wonderful colors of hope,
the promising colors after a sudden transformation,
which gave a new meaning to determination:
to turn a tragedy into triumph and losses of lives
into a monument outlasting time itself...
to gleem over our sadness when they pierce like swords!

Today is the saddest day of September,
remembering the infamy of the vicious enemies,
who themselves perished amid concrete and steel
for having believed in a mortal, deceitful creed;
revenge,not compassion ran into their vile blood...
what kind of reward will they received from their god,
if  they never had love for Mankind or themselves? 
The fury they inflicted upon us,sparked in us
extraordinary acts of kindness towards 
our kindred...unable to ascape from that fiery hell!      

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The Flying Casket

amidst my indelible impressions
comes an era of remembrence
that shall go down in history

I recall the flight of an airship
traveling abroad from Europe
to the United States 

with ninety seven aboard
passangers crews and news media
were all awaiting for its safe arrival

as newsreel coverage was filming
the attempt docking of this flight it
turned into a blazing yellow and red fireball

within one minute
thirthy five lives had

In Memory Of 
Those Lost On The

{Deutsche Luftschiff Zeppelin #129}

Also Entry For
Brian Strands 
Indelible Impressions Contest

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Wars and a lot of fighting
bombs going off people dying
terrorists attacking the United States
people running for their lives
people risking their lives for others
fighting for freedom
for everyone and every color
children without parents
children without enough food to go around
I guess thats what life is all about.

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An Afternoon with Katherine

She said that this man, my grandfather,
held her head under the black pool water,
while up above, a German man leaned
out of his window, against the moss and brick
to scream violently: "Don't hurt that woman!
She is the most beautiful woman in the world!"
The tone of the man's voice, authoritative, cold
broke my grandfather's concentration and he
let her bob up to the surface, coughing, sputtering
in an almost drowned manner, while still maintaining a beauty uncommon to humans, as she stole a quick glance
to the heavens of heavens to acknowledge the saving
power of a stranger.
This is her story today, as she sits on three moth-eaten,
velvet pillows to make her tall enough to reach the kitchen table.
She has shrunk in her old age and is no longer "the most beautiful woman
in the world".  
She sips her black coffee out of Russian demitasse cups with diamond emblems
until she reaches the grinds which have slept in warmth on the bottom, 
to fool her, she thinks.  
She nibbles her white toast with butter and honey and shivers in the air conditioning as royalty should.
When she has filled the remaining ten percent of her stomach (the other ninety percent was removed from the worry 
of ulcers when technology was in it's infant stage), she continues her story.
It lasts all afternoon and twists and winds around the basic sub-plot that, somehow, her beauty and dignity was 
acknowledged in the worst circumstances, and, with her infinite wisdom, the world was made a better place.
Her voice soaks into the wooden cabinets, and will remind me forever of strong, fresh-brewed coffee, and I think, 
right at that moment as I look at my hands (which I know will resemble hers one day), that I miss my grandfather.
The most gentle man in the world, whose thoughts never amounted to more than wanting to garden well, or shape 
the perfect pizza in his pizza shop.  
This man, who set chairs on tables to clear the floor before he danced in pure Zorba the Greek manner, with a glint in 
his innocent eyes.
This man, who looked at this woman, this fabricating, self-absorbed, once beautiful woman, with an adoration never 
I clean up the dishes, while still listening, and kiss her good bye on her forehead. 
Jittery from stories caffeinated and old, I chose to walk the long way home, lightening my mood and shedding her 
words along the way.

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Novi Sad, Saddened

Another chapter
In our human race
4,211 murdered
In this Novi Sad place

Serb, Jewish
And Roma ethnicity
Gunned down
In massacre simplicity

In the Danube River
It's icy depths
Over four thousand souls
Dumped and left

The initiators arrested
To face their crimes
Escaped to Germany
For their freedom time

After the war
Located and arrested
Executed, dead
Whilst the massacred rested

It's just another chapter
In our human race
How many more
Until we start to loose face

In memory of the " Massacred at Novi Sad and other locations from

                        January 21st to the 23rd - 1942

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The Swinger

gotta get out of this place
to many now know my face
dressed from head to toe in my leather and lace
trying hard to run at a fast and steady pace
I just know I just gotta get out of this place

the booze the men all getting on my case
music's blare all such a disgrace
want the world to just go away at a faster pace
leave me here to die with such a sad looking grin on face
knowing I  have to just gotta get out of this place

money in the jar for just in case
daughter's picture surrounded by flower vase
I don't care if I been maced
another day I walk in disgrace
just knowing I just gotta get out of this place

around the bend she hit second base
a safe haven without a trace
of this gal and her leather and lace
dancing and hitting the clubs of distaste
for she finally made it out of this place

Tribute To Those
Getting Out Of The
Dancing In Clubs

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The Bonfire Blues

Hard times memories
I can't let go
Her actions broke 
Into my soul

We go to parties
And thats for sho"
I almost choke
At the door

At the bonfire luckily
I feel good
I cuddle with her
As I should

That night her X is 
Acting like a fool
She calms him down
Tries to soothe

An hour long talking
She's got to go
So she leaves
With this fool

My heart is broken
My feelings flow
Her friends nicely 
Try to cure

I say got to leave
Go to the store
By needle and thread
To mend my soul

I go home crying
I slam the door
I fell asleep
On the floor

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Ever since man walked the earth,
his foul character has caused misery,
destruction, sorrow , wars and animosity:
a warrior so fierce and mean...
that God was forced to destroy his vile,
so that kind and faithful men would obey,
and never be without hope and joy;
and He called them:  His choosen people!

And those men lived by the commandments,
and the tremendous task of Jashua
was to lead the Israelites
to their Promised Land...after Moses died!
And though God found
one of them with iniquity...He forgave him;
and king Solomon grew in wisdom,
but David, on the other hand,
laid his innocence before Jehovah...
making him so God-fearing and brave!

Now, there are no more prophets like Moses
and Jeremiah ,and Job a blameless 
and righteous sufferer...being tested by Satan 
for his unyielding integrity to God!
If Aaron displeased God, are we to do the same...
let ourselves go unrestrained,
and worship an image to replace holiness?
There too many gods we appease...
 with a servitude which can't ever be released!     

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April decorates Nature
with snowy festivity...
to resemble a season so wintry;
will the unwelcome snow head for the shore?

The very disappointed skies gleam unpleasantly,
and the saturated earth weeps in agony;
who commanded the wrath of the tempest...
when winter supposed to be laid to rest?

The snow's showers cover the budding hills
quicker than the gelid rain of winter;
far and away...hope is illusory and brief,
and the questioning mind deflects its early coming!
Does this season have a late beginning,
or is it caused by an unknown factor?

April has smothered winter and hasn't protected
the trees, flowers and plants from frost;
almost everything has perished in its ferocious course,
and the desperate farmer deplores an harvest so scarce!

Inside is so cozy and warm, the gusty wind
is heard through the fireplace that retains the heat
of the crackling logs underneath;
some folks cherish moments like these!

April decorates Nature
quite beautifully and impressively;
brutally or unfairly...
it becomes an inevitable rapture!

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Sky Blue Smoke

Sky blue smoke
Drifting on unseen breezes
Swirling and twirling
Dancing its own magical dance
Above glowing embers
Last remains of a raging fire
An ancient forest
Born before man created time
Seeing the dinosaurs
Wandering through already ancient trees
The birth of the Christ Child
And the deaths of two world wars
It lived undisturbed
Unmolested by modern man
For centuries, millennia
It lived
It grew
It was the home for millions of animals
It was its own world
Then came a single man
A lit match touching a tobacco filled tube
An addiction fulfilled
The forest burnt in a moment of carelessness
Nothing left except glowing red embers
No trees
No animals
Just a cloud of sky blue smoke.

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God's Little Angel

My little Caylee
you were only three
how could someone have taken you from me

on a summers day
you went out to play
now someones buried you in mud and clay

but do not fret my little angel
for they will be caught one day
whether man or woman God will have his last say

as balloons and clowns will return that smile
gods taken your hand to hold for awhile

you will forever remain etched in our hearts
for God has given you a brand new start

though you are a millions miles away
I can still hear your laughter while you play

My little angel who I never knew
it makes me sick for those who had no clue on
how you could of been a doctor lawyer or a nurse to help the few

like I said have no fret cause God sent his crew 
to return his little angel and start anew
for their is other parents that will love and hold you 

In Loving Memory Of Caylee Anthony
RIP Sweetheart

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Lucinda River

Sweet Lucinda River laid her body on the bed,
And gave herself quite freely to the soldiers queued outside,
Such philanthropic womanhood, both cash and charity, 
That they might have a taste of life before they went and died.

Her photograph in sepia shades is bound in leather now,
Or crinkled skin of crocodile upon the mustard field,
Discolouring with drying blood in falls of rain and snow,
Imaginary sweetheart, her persona unrevealed.

Sweet Lucinda River cried for all the callow dead,
Their faces swam before her eyes as tears turned them raw,
She made them into men more than the army ever did,
A taste of life before they died, what man could ask for more?

Might bleeding hearts condemn her as a moral reprobate,
Unknowing of the grief she hid or life she had to live,
Don't eulogies and graveyard speech seem hollow by compare,
When sweet Lucinda River gave them all she had to give?

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The distant places I dream of...
are as alive as the loveliest memory,
never erasing that strong legacy;
unfortunately...time slips into tomorrow,
leaving beyond a faint vision of
everything passionately loved
or anything fiercely unloved,
receding itself into a thin shadow!

And as I grow older and weak,
I sadly recall the formidable days
of my very short youth;
very early in spring...hords of sparrows
and red-breast robbins
flew over the blooming hills...
to venture themselves
into another adventure of delight!

The distant places I dream of ...
are eternally carved into this nostalgic soul:
to visualize them as they unfolded yesterday,
making me deliriously cry in sorrow...
and wishing they'd appear to comfort me
in my uncertain hour of death!

I merrily walked under the lustrous cypresses
glancing at the lovers touching and dreaming;
their happiness was mine to imagine,
but fate had a different task to be given
to that chosen one willing to sacrifice himself!
Days have gone,storms have passed... 
the curse has been removed at last,
a trecherous curse to test my resistance!

The distant places I dream of...
lie under the respendant skies,
which adorn the lush hills with radiance;
I'd like to abandon myself to an idle state
and placidly sleep on the same meadow:
imagining to travel to far-away lands...
very different from the ones I had known,
but a twist of fate might turm my dice
and urge me to make the choice...and go back
to the distant places I dream of!

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Why the gap so widen?
why as the pole fallen in between us 
in the same world 
Greens shoo the greens 
you! oil that debase the Sunday clothes 
hand in hand makes us clean 
not to the hard-hearted of the jungle 
our strait lost it's bolt 
lemon squeezer bestow on me 
on their lips I have no bond 
on their horse I couldn't ride 
on my toes my thought went ride 
in my mind my guess came right 
if dogs could grease their palm 
Mr. couldn't be far 
if cats could play the tune 
if , 
mew, mew wouldn’t be heard 
soft hearted on line 
is it a cough to be poor 
is it a sin to be moored
Tell me is it.

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Dark room, pitch black,
Can’t see a damn thing as a matter of fact,
No walls to feel, where am I?
It’s frigid, chilling to the bone,
Nothing is visible at all,
My voice muted, my thoughts echo,
A scream, where did it come from,
It sounded like me…
Cement floor boxing in the forever night,
A moonlit path is all I ask for,
Clothes to cover my bare skin maybe,
Lend me anything to stop this horror film,
Earmuffs to block the sorrow filled voice,
So deafening it has melded me to this place,
Immobile, inactive, incapable of playing this game,
I never heard silent screaming that sounded so loud.

Details | Ballad | |


A cool rain has come down,
and stopped the rising of the sun:
a day of mourning for all in the silent city,
and it feels as sad as it felt yesterday;
eyes cry and mix themselves
 with the falling raindrops...

Console them with song,
with words that don't speak of indignation;
all they want is a possible consolation,
because a loss of someone so loved...
looks for ways of healing through faith,
and if they can't be found...they'll rely on strength! 

I've never seen so many flowers
laid at the site of the memorial,
and thousands of names being read
at the exact time the attacks occurred;
more tears and sobs, but also prayers
will be heard for the brave and exceptional!

Console them with song,
give them your comforting hugs,
and a flag of endless gratitude...
that flag they died for and they truly loved;
and we who are alive must remember their sacrifice
by walking together and being strong!  

Now, those sad faces see a ray of hope, at nine,
shining on them from the parting clouds;
no rain, no sorrow and tears to add to their pain...
only a certain feeling of ease from words
that are exchanged amid the voices of children:
the generation to rebuild what was torn down!

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Katrina's Wrath

Cries crack through;
Like an intense river
New Orleans waits alone
Thunder cracking;
As blunt as a gun.

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Blood on Emeralds

The blood of Emeralds
In Northern Ireland's streets
Where sides detest
Victims they seek
Religious divide
Neighbours slain
For the life of me
What to gain
These troubled times
Historic sores
Deep rooted pasts
Now to the fore
Many guns came out to play
Both sides fell, as they murderously slay
During the week, even Sundays
The Belfast agreement of 1998
This Land of Emeralds, in peaceful state
Neighbours safe to talk again
Never allow the blood, on the Emeralds stain

" Dedicated to all Ireland - The Emerald Isle "

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He was with God before the world came to be,
and He created with Him our breath-taking Universe;
His name was Jesus,the Redeemer of the Human Race:
and to change and save us was His destiny...

He preached in the Temple, and all Jerusalem listened carefully,
but some didn't like to hear how He spoke against evil so openly;
and they weren't the Romans,the conquerors,
but those hypocrites in high places...

Jesus drew huge crowds by lakes and mountains,
by the country roads and in small towns;
they all came to hear the Gospel with gladness,
and Joseph was one of the priests who heeded those words...

On the lake of Genesaret, Jesus performed another miracle,
telling Peter to lower the net for a catch, but he was skeptical: 
until he saw the boat was about to sink with the heavy load,
and he came to realize the bounty of God... 

As Jesus became popular and all heard Him preach,
the priests and scribes became jealous of Him,
and planned to capture Him and found Him guilty of blasphemy:
by the very hands of Pontius Pilate who feared to condemn Him...  

But the crowd cried out, " Release Barabbas! ",
and those who called out the name, "Jesus,Jesus! "
were beaten and silenced by a mob who had no mercy;
Pontius Pilate had no choice but to deny His liberty...   

The Roman soldiers grabbed Jesus
and took Him to governor's place,
and they stripped and whipped Him 'till he bled;
and worst of all : a crown of thorns they put on His head... 

Along the Via Dolorosa Jesus carried the cross to His death 
as the women wept and men mocked Him with laughs,
never a commotion,so great, was felt in all Jerusalem;
a follower gave Him water, but he was restrained by swords...

The merciless soldiers placed the cross upon Jesus's shoulders,
and Simon from Cyrene finished bearing it behind Jesus;
he really felt the same pain and agony;
and from Jesus's smile, he knew He was relieved...

From the cross at Golgotha, Jesus asked His father
to forgive them as John stood by his mother;
to one of the evildoers He promised Paradise at no cost:
and to all who would believe and follow:  redemption by the cross....

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The White House

broken down
withered chimney
hidden stories within
lost loves in this tragic place
a tragic fire took many lives
the white house
may not be alive today
but neither are the owners
for this a place in history
in my lonesome life
the white house in my memory will indeed be sacrificed

Details | Terza Rima | |

Child Of Amsterdam

the droplets ran in blurring rivulets,
her form behind the glass a fluid shape,
a naked wraith in smoke from cigarettes;

about her shoulders ghostly tendrils drape 
when posing through the pane into the street
through plumes of steam adorning as a cape;

sat unclothed upon the window seat,
dulled by all the damage needles do,
reposed another teenage piece of meat;

sex for sale to feed the human zoo,
sightlessly she pouts into the damp,
at all the punters staring coldly through;

sat beneath the ruddy neon lamp,
her habit gnaws, serrated like a clam,
and chews upon her loins with grit and cramp;

pale and skinny like a slaughtered lamb,
remaining statue still with ersatz smile,
another sorry child of Amsterdam…

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                                                              September 11, 2001

                                                   Come flooding
                                               Every time I hear 911

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this town

this town cries 
thru nights
in sirens, in
flashing lights- 
it is the fear
that shakes the
air, not the cold-
sight swivelling
fast, hasty & 
unclear. the day
sighs, exhales 
hard, blinds the

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Lost In Sorrow

Lost In Sorrow
Drowing in black blood
searching for something 
but can not find

Lost In Sorrow
Drowing in black blood 
touching burning acid
burning thru skin and born

Lost In Sorrow

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Trap of the Maze

I don't know which way to turn or which way to go
The more I move the more I'm lost and I don't know
which door leads me out of this hellish maze
I try many doors and many turns and many different ways
but I end up deeper and deeper into it's trap
I'm so lost it wouldn't even help me if I had a map
I open a door and see her sittin' next to him,flirtin'
That's when my life really felt like someone closed the curtain
"Why do I feel this way?"I ask myself again and again
because I'm a lonely soul that needs the touch of her hand
to somehow rescue me from this state of mind
confused,hopeless,disappointed and halfway blind
I can not see clearly It is all a misty haze
but I am caught in the trap of this maze

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Through These Streets

Walking through these streets
Full of empty names
I pass another city block
But things aren't quite the same

I used to have a purpose
I used to have a place
But today things seem empty
In this busy space

Everything moves
At a faster rate
Gotta stake your claim
Before it's too late

Life will pass you by
If you don't even try
Gotta achieve my goals
Before it's too late and I die

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I Remember It All Too Well

On a clear and bright September morning
 Suddenly it happened without any warning
A jet crashed into Tower One
And the beginning of the terrible nightmare had begun
Then as we watched it happened again
 We looked on in shock and wondered when would it end
Thick black smoke filled the air
 And among the cries and screams all we could do was to look on in fear
 With tears in our eyes we prayed
That all those inside would be saved
The a rumble came from Tower One
 It shook the earth and then it was gone
 A cloud of smoke and dust filled all downtown
Cutting down everything in it's path clear across town
A short time later Tower Two fell
It seemed someone had opened the gates of Hell
The search went on night and day
And when a body was found the workers stopped and prayed
And now a year has passed by
And we still remember and still cry
For all the innocent lives lost that day
For so many words we'll never get to say
 I remember it all so well 
And the pain and sorrow these mere words can never tell

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she is always in the place
have a nice face
back and fore she pace
everybody knows
how her mouth goes
the call her

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My journey begins this shrinks office.
She says I need help to deal with my life.
If I needed someones help I would ask...
but I didn't ask dang it.
Just leave me alone.
I can handle it by myself.
This is MY journey, not yours.
I'm walking my own path...
why don't you walk yours?
I sit there staring at the floor, wishing 
I could tell her to screw off,
but I can't that would be rude.
I don't want or need your advice so leave
me the heck alone won't you?
I walked this road fine with the help of 
my loving friends, though there were many
bumps, curves, and dead ends, I made 
it through somehow...
without your help i might add.
I'm perfectly fine...normal...I swear.
Just go find someone to help other than me...
someone who's in need.
Please, I began this horrid journey, 
so let me end it by myself.

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The Loneliest Night Of The Year

As the lights die down in this old town
I sit and sip my beer;
Self-consciously I wear a frown
On the loneliest night of the year.

The revelry spills over distant hills
As the midnight hour looms;
Resignedly I raise my glass
To toast the lovelorn tombs.

For the buried days of all her ways
Seem to animate in my head;
Despondently I plead them live
And come back from the dead.

The sweetest face I cannot replace
With an ocean of spirits and wine;
Convulsed with tears, I taste her mouth
And grieve for she was mine.

Acting tough is never enough
And neither is alcohol;
Unfulfilled I fall to bits
For she who meant it all.

I sit and stare at an empty chair
And find that I believe
In self-destructive self-pity
On this coldest New Year’s Eve.

The fire goes out and I fully doubt
That the passing of a year
Might signify some bright new hope
For love and life and cheer.

I will drink some more then hug the floor
With nothing else to do;
For nothing is all I have become,
Nothing without you…

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Seashore Thoughts

She walks along the shoreline at dusk
Alone, save for the sea and the seagulls
Wrapped in thought, serious thought
How could things have gone so wrong,
So quickly?

Where's the man of her dreams,?
He should be walking next to her,
Holding hands....
Silent communications of Love

It appears the mighty ocean
Swallows the blazing reddish sun
Giving way to the hordes of stars
And the mystical moon

They had vacationed here before
Their favorite spot
Those golden days
Weighing heavy on her heart

Oh, to just have an hour with him
She needs him to comfort her
Fear replaced security when he left
Alone after all those years
Oh my God, how many tears?
Unsure of each step
Only sure of her fears

Wide ocean, deep, mighty
Even that will someday succumb
To evaporation...

God's ways unfathomable
She takes another step
Leaving a footprint
Pointing at her unknown future.

Details | Romanticism | |

A Little Dream

It’s trembling sadly in the misty air,
It fears to near you and touch your arm.
I squint at it, and I see it get scared.
I remain calm and silent not to harm 

The little dream between you and me.
It doesn’t know yet it’s unwanted,
It still thinks it’s beautiful and free,
The little dream I’ve just created

About going for a walk downstream,
About dancing on a forest clearing.
What a poor, little, and unreal dream,
Such nice, such bright, such trusting...

It hides its face in the back of beyond, 
It freezes as if it went into a trance.
The little dream seemed true and fond
Yet, yet... it had nothing to do with us... 

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New York

Bull Rider of Day and Night
Sperm of Population, Home of Insomnia
Place of Yellow Cabs and Nation's NASDAQ's Business
Highlife, Loud, Crime
City of making it Big:
When I am there I am told that you are strong, for I have seen NYPD Blue sirens 
everywhere, catching what might harm you or me.
I see the night approach as to cover me with blindness: Yeah in my mind crime 
might come for me.
Yet you are a Big Apple, and that apples are good for me: yet you are the Big 
Apple that has so much poison.
Is there away for me to escape the worm that may make me sick, and bite into a 
better Big Apple:
I feel confined like I am in a box with no way out I need my South for comfort,
High Sky Scrapers with flashy lights like among Las Veges show lights, you look 
Bold,and are in an A class line:
Tough as steel like Philadelphia's Arch, Sneaky as a King Cobra,
Open Arms,
Wonderful Shops,
Havoc Traffic,
Block Parties,
Big Bridges, Little Bridges, Over Rises,
Mostly clear starynites, like bling bling earrings, shine like high beams on a car.
Moments of terrible Migraines of the city with too many lights.
Land of many possibilities of many jobs and Famous Celebrities.
Wonderful Place of Famous Baseball Teams, Snowy Winters, Homeless people 
Begging, Home of Greed to the Bull Rider, of Day and Night, Sperm of 
Population, Home of Insomnia and Place of Yellow Cabs, and Nations.

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A Message From Katrina

Here in a whirl this nation stands,
in shock at what they see.
Do they know the reason?,
and do they understand?.

A power so great,
took what they held dear.
Taking some lives  
and rending many hearts.

This message is being displayed,
to all and not only they.
What you had is no more
but was it worth all this war?

Mass destruction abroad,
and thier is no doubt.
Some lives now disrupted
a nations fate is being sealed.

Someone has the answers,
to whom the waters obey.
From a rightous judge this nation has turned
and wonders why the waters churn?

Life seems unfair,
alone you feel you are.
But thier is ONE in control...
Turn from your sin and seek Jesus Christ.

Luke 13:3 " I tell you, nay, except ye repent, ye shall all 
likewise perish. "

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Of Mice And Mengele

Stood aside the gruelling line,
His swastika eyes absorbed
Miniscule details of victims
As they filed past, heads bowed,
Hearts crushed.

Imperceptible nods potted fates,
The guards watched his every move,
Dragged apart the chosen ones,
The ones his nods imbued with gravitas,
Unnatural selections.

His nostrils drew their scent,
Aloft his precise black lip hair,
And sensors tasted in his throat
Their stench, the flavours of dirt and flesh,
Their fear.

Each body a genetic canvas in waiting,
Drawn and doodled on with blades,
Exposed with shears,
Injected, gassed, sliced and dissected,
Frankenstein’s clay.

All the time his swastika eyes bored
Like black bullets into snow,
And not for one single second
Did his maggot brain tell him
This is wrong.

For by accidents of birth
And by the sick doctrines of evil
They were doomed his human lab mice,
In a time when the devil held sway,
His apprentice, Mengele.

What was lost to this world
On marble slabs and in butcher rooms?
What was lost to this world
In theatres and ovens, in acid vats?
What was lost to this world of
art, poetry, science, history, life?
What was lost, what was lost to this world,
What he stole for a while,
Was humanity.

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The Chatroom Departure

When once a heart did shine so bright
When once a soul was lifted
When once a smile meant so much
When once a life was gifted

When once a hand reached out
When once a hand was taken
When once I made a friend
When once that trust forsaken

When once you made me laugh
When twice you made cry
I knew that very moment
Was the time to say good-bye

Good-byes are never easy
There are no words to say
Only remnants of emotions
That I must put away

A treasure chest of memories 
Once good  have turned to bad
Pages filled with the names of friends
That once I thought I had

So many times I was told
What you read is not real
But ever more hurtful
Are the words that they conceal

I came with good intentions
I will leave the very same way
With this farewell, comes advice
Please hear me when I say

Choose your words carefully
For fragile hearts do exist
When you feel the need to gossip
Temptation you must resist

And choose your friends cautiously
Need you ask me why
Instead of me, it could be you
Typing this good-bye

For those of you that lied to me
Your words I will not miss
So from my heart I say to you
My rosey bum you can kiss

And to those that are sincere
You know who you are
Call me when you need me
I shant go very far.....

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window-a prisoners saviour

One day Ill find a window,
Where the light shines through.
No more darkness, no more pain.
A pathway to my freedom;
A rope to save the fallen;
A direction on a barren lane;
The name of an unknown soldier.
A step into the future
And away from the past.
They say that light leads way to the Angels.
Twas the light of the Northern star
Which led the Magi to Bethlehem
To witness the birth of Christ.
	Its lets me know that existence still exists
Outside my black universe;
That off my black canvas
Lays a pallet full of colours,
And a world I cannot see.
	It stopped the loneliness
And lent me the gift of time.
If only I could reach
To feel the outside world,
To smell the flowers so sweet,
Wave the seasons goodbye
As they come and go.

But here, these chains encapture me,
Alone in this room-
Only a window for company.

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An attack of this magnitude
was completely unforeseeable;
and who thought that an unguarded city
had to feel that sense of solitude...
through an urealistic exodus so undiscernible,
and later reclaim its struck territory!

What we not the superb Twin Towers: 
the pride of the wealthiest nation on earth,
towers that can be rebuilt in years;
it's those lives that enmity cut short!
And they tried to disorientate us,
and disrupt our ingenuous and lively living
by spreading unrest and choas
with absurd and infernal thinking!

This infamy is so ineffaceable
from the mind of the unfoolish,
fair and reasoning man with greater intellect...
that it becomes so inexplicable;
a shameful act not condoned by civilization,
confirmed by unsympathetic sentiments!

What we lost truly irreplaceable
by every imaginable remedy:
its the worth, the comfort  and the unbroken joy, 
which dazzled in the NewYorkers' eyes...
making their days so livable! 
What we eternally
carved out into those shining stones:
bearing glorious names to withstand time itself1


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Why am I being too impatient,
wishing to have again what
can make me feel that something? 
Why do I have to put away
all that I cherished,so dearly,
about  you and your way of giving?

You should have been:
my only idol,the only face
to appear in these night dreams;
someone who made
all these dull moments bright
and allowed me to fly without wings;
because no other heart 
loved me more than yours,
because no other eyes
smiled at me more than yours!

With somebody as kind as you
to give everything to, I refuse
to believe in someone else;
and I will gladly wait 
than throw everything to the wind!
With somebody as kind as you,
there's a better reason
to live life in delightful days!

You should have been my only light  
to chase away this cold darkness;
I have waited...shivering in thick shadows,
hoping to feel your warm fire...
to rekindle my lost desire!
I have searched and found the dim moonlight:
giving me no warmth,no hope...
offering me no words to speak
with somebody as kind as you;
only the sad smile of the unfriendly moon....

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Life's Up's And Downs

life sure has it's 
up's and downs

but this is no reason 
to wear such a sad 
looking frown

for the sun still rises 
escapading her crown

as the wind silently whistles 
to a flutal sound

birds and butterflies flutter 
amidst grassy carpet mounds

children's laughter how profound
little toes buried in sands ground

aqua velvet splashguarding abound
rockbeds and lighthouses I found

so family and friends 
let's gather around 

and go out and even 
hit some new found towns

for life may seem to have 
it's up's and downs but

refuse to wear a 
such sad looking frown

for if not for our savoir
blessing this earth's ground

there would be nothing left but peeps
and wispered uttered sounds

Go Out And Enjoy Life
And Nature Too

Listen To The Whispers Of The Wind

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Cellblock 19 Bunk 3

Up again at three,
Before the bellowing guards and shuffling feet, 
The fluorescent dawn still hours away…

Hands too soft for hard labor
Dig crusty scales of brief escape
From the corners of watery eyes.
Hope dims as focus returns.
From my perch I survey
A sea of black iron bunks.
Shallow snores, dry coughs, wet farts.
Their dreams like their tattoos:
Crude and incomplete, childlike and menacing,
As threadbare and tattered as our bedsheets,
As pale and shadowy as the naked bulbs
Ever-burning at each end of our
Pink visqueen sky.

Now I recognize this place.
There is no justice here,
No reform, no rehabilitation, no reward,
Not even retribution.
Just the labored slumber
Of dry hopes and dreams of punctured flesh.

I close my eyes again, awaiting escape.

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Chained Seagulls

Morning breeze on planet’s face
So blue once, 
So warm now, 
So sad for us.
With ink from depths ,
Covered all over,
The sea’s inhabitants 
Cold rocks populated with their corpses.
Guilt?…mostly none.
Anyone? Something? Now!

Through clouds of dust
In chains of smog
Fly the once that were free…once.

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The scenes we left behind remain

Embedded in tormented mind , 
blood clogged fields,
dangling limbs - contorted.
Whistling ammunition,
gun fire resounds.

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Spree Killers

If we are lucky to wake every day
But spare a thought for what i am about to say
For many years and for what ever reason
There appears to be, crazy shooting season

Its not just recent, it goes back many years
Always grief and many tears
Below i highlight just a few
Who perished as their bullets spew

Uireyeong, S Korea in 1982
Virginia Tech he killed 32
In Dunblane, kids as young as 5
Access to guns, did not leave many alive

These killing sprees and the reasons they do
To take the life off me and you
What turns these people into Spree Killers
What flicks the switch, into stomach chillers

Whether female, whether male
What makes their respect for humans fail
The hurt and pain as they shoot away
Lasts not for tomorrow, but many a day

What beggars belief, and i cant comprehend
To face their music, so their crime doesn't end
Instead they shoot themselves in the head
Families hurt, never put to bed

The only word my head displays
Are these cowards, who end their days
And leave behind such hurt and pain
And thank the lord, they can't hurt again

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This Town

This town where I grew up,
a watering hole atop a ravaged hill
where drink flowed freely and personal demons
were never vanquished, just boozed and blurred
into temporary submission.
Industry and open-cast scars ate like
acid into this town’s dying face.
The school where pubescence erupted
suddenly and savagely into manhood
was planted on marshland,
sinking slowly by the year.
You should never harbor regrets
but I can’t help it;
the girls I knew but never kissed,
possessing neither the looks, dialogue or charm
enough to convince them I was alive.
Things I did, like painting damp seeping walls
and digging deep lonely graves;
things I never did and never will
I regret most of all.
When Autumn leaves burned gloriously
from gnarled branches, slate-grey skies
fortold harsh Winter on it’s way.
This town turned darker, more drab and grey,
it’s streets, shops and pubs
forlorn structures in architectural disarray.
Those many times I would roam it’s decrepit
avenues at night,
alcohol-charged and wayward and stupid.
Always I felt unnoticed, inconsequential,
a nobody, a nothing, in this town;
derealised, not solid, I felt I wasn’t really there at all.
Only in retrospect does it seem sad.
At the time I was happy, for I possessed
some meagre vision,
and an idiot with a flicker of sight in the
realm of the terminally blind
is closer to being king.
But no one in this town knew at the time,
least of all me,
and I don’t live in this town anymore.

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Among other things...
don't forget to call me...
when you arrive in Rome, Italy;
hold my picture very closely!

Beautiful Italian boys
will steal your innocence on the spot;
they know the secret to attraction:
sweet words and tender looks,
and they woudn't care whom they hurt...
it's all in their inborn passion!

Among other things...
hang my lucky charm around your neck,
don't leave it somewhere else when you wake;
it's more than a promise when someone is faithful,
and resist all the temptations with a call:
love's reached without wings!   

Be only touched with trueness,
ignore that instant sensation, 
because they all promise gratification
by recognizing the signs of loneliness;
keep fighting it off with your fist,
and tell yourself, " It won't last! " 

Among other things...
hold true to your feeling as fond as care,
don't lose something,so precious and rare, 
for an intimate hour that'll go to waste;
it's better to taste nothing
than a false sweetness!

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In my domain I am the child again
lost in labyrinth of stairways
unable to find my home.

A swarm of bees descends
gives anaphylactic shock
I am dead in my arms.

You carry a dead gorilla
on the makeshift scaffold,
somewhere a female was beating her chest.

Blood on the face of moon
my sobs will not stop
flowing in muddy streaks in pits of tattoos.

Eggs of blue bird were waiting
for the mother to come,
kids were on doormats.

It was always the salt lake.
No body was going to drown
wolves, sharks and men!


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People believe in doing evil things 
As long as they don't get caught 
What a piece of mentality just to think 
They can get away with more than they can chew 

Everyday and everywhere people do crimes 
They don't care to do later time 
Killing, raping,stealing,and who knows what more 
They do it all with evil intent, and cause so much pain 

Some of us are just so tired 
Of observing and hearing only bad news 
Wars,poverty and the homeless,people hurting one another 
Good news would be nice for a change, they're long overdue! 

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


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My Bad Dream is Reality

I close my eyes as I try to push it back in my mind
It’s just wasted time 
The memories are embedded
The feelings cemented in here
There is no escape
No freedom to be found
They are a part of me
Who I am
Who I will remain
Happiness short-lived,
Usurped by a constant pain
A brokenhearted melancholy
I cannot sleep
I cannot eat 
I cannot live
I cannot be me anymore
When I close my eyes,
You’re still staring at me
On your porch that pretty summer night
The words I hear,
Enter my ears,
And infect my heart
As you begin to stumble in telling me,
That we are falling apart
I open my eyes,
And to my demise
My bad dream is reality
A look in the mirror,
Red, sleep-deprived eyes staring into me
It’s no surprise you couldn’t handle me
I’ve been trying to for years
I wish there was a way
That I could go back to that day
When you told me your reaction to when I confessed my true feelings
It could have ended then,
That April day
Life would have been easier I do believe
There wouldn’t be so much attachment,
Resulting in less to be grieved
It would have been so much easier,
If I were the one setting you free

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The Rugged Hills

The rugged hills I look upon seem so deserted.
Yet the whispering wind blows
through those hills of singing
a song of yesterday's wrongs.

The rugged hills I will always remember.
Their beautiful shapes and the
eerie sounds of the wind.

That bends through those hills
with the songs of everything 
that went wrong.

I will climb up those winding trails
to the top.

I will see my entire destiny
down below and I will perch on top
of those hills, to listen to the
wind songs of yesterday's blues.

That took the wrong bend that sends
those winds to the sounds of the
eerie cries of why people will die!

Because of their lies and deceit
that makes them feel incomplete to
meet those rugged hills of
yesterday's blues!

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The Attic Room

Dust motes swirled a pirouette, ponderous stardust 
in the light shaft capture, straight as a die; 
fired to my chest from the crack in the tiles' armour, 
right on target, unnerved my eye. 
Laser sighted from the sun, a dot of vibrant gold, 
I froze and fixed on it's accurate dart, 
it's aim was painstaking and true as death 
struck the naked breast, drilled my heart. 
There was no real pain, just imagined, 
no fatal wound nor spurt of black gore 
to decorate the dust drab attic wall 
and spill my life across the floor. 
Stood here forlorn, forgetting my reason, 
the crawlspace and pyramidal ceilings 
mirrored then the yawning of my mind, 
that chamber of decompressed feelings. 
And you, your ghost, or a scent of what we meant, 
breezed in, grave trespass upon my cold reverie; 
and the inner child wept of grief and longing 
for things to be the way they used to be.

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divided we stand

divided we stand
a crippled fruit salad
claiming to be diverse,
to be tolerant.
posing as peace keepers,
referees on the worlds soccer field.
but each statement is another nail in a nations coffin

beat, starve, sexually abuse into submission
purify with gasoline
shave the scalps beauty down.

plucking the pathetic from desperation.
friends helping friends?
did america do any different?
plunging entire races into nightmares,
smeared with death and dynamite.

peace keepers?
its difficult to be patriotic,
after learning a country's history.
staring at a linoleum floor,
listening to a world unravel.

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A Lonely Place

Whatever lives or grows or dies 
within the seething copse; 
whatever eats or sleeps or cries 
in such a lonely place; 
whatever harvest there will be 
when life is old and grey, 
someone will gather it, keep it, 
reap it's black and cold disgrace. 

Whatever children pass this way 
towards the adult world; 
whatever dawns on any day 
may bring a frightened tear; 
whatever Hell may hold it's sway 
beneath the tread of man, 
someone will gather it, keep it, 
reap it's icy breath of fear. 

Whatever haven beckons now 
beyond the stuff of dreams; 
whatever instinct teaches how 
to tame the horrified; 
whatever knowledge leads us 
to stand up against the night, 
someone will gather it, keep it, 
reap it, bury it deep inside... 

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Pithead Days

It is the solemn evening song that drifts,
into the valley cup, from the saucer of the moon,
and spreads in wings of darkness, nightshade breath;
arising as molecules of black oil, up from the pithead mouth,
following to the shower stalls, disrobing of the filth,
to hunch below the steaming spray, absolved of dirt and death.

On then, to the concrete block beside the rugby pitch,
where yellow light bleeds damply from the condensation panes,
and into atmosphere, plagued tobacco smoke and gusting beer;
sorrows drowned in pints of ale, pulled foaming from the taps,
the glasses raised and toasted to the ending of the day,
in the fog and mist of hops and fumes the hurt will disappear.

The old boys hold their tongues and smile their toothless smiles,
the cancer in their lungs as grim and fibrous as malignant roots,
unfolds a steady, lazy spread, the wings of metastasis;
until the end of Pithead days, when slaughter of the proudest land,
and plunder of the earth desists, slain by some politic,
who and in what sanity pretext dreamed such a life as this?

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In the bleeding shadows threading queer and deft
Along and above corridors painted white and green,
Fluorescents flickered in their moth-brushed bowls,
And the madness and sweet anguish seethed unseen.
It was felt in the bones of the new and the old,
The creeping electric bristle of marrow and moss,
Sucking like leeches on the calcium and the blood,
Until the ligaments and plasma were nocturnal candyfloss.
Stole by the winds, the whisperings of the grave,
Uttered earthen verses, muttered fever of neurosis,
And the crowbars in the eyeballs of those who slept unsound
Soon let them dream again in a crystal meth psychosis.
Asylum gargoyles spewed their eternal gushing rain
From out of mouths wide open and torrentially agape,
Until the drains were flooding with the sewage of despair
And the land beyond the walls held only death as an escape.
In the clinic by the lamp a needle glinted in the light,
Hypodermic glowing amber, loaded with paraldehyde,
And the king of all insanity, now driven mad by ghosts,
Shot it up until the death, until by his own hand he died.

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Visions of the Past

Autumn’s first cold wind has come,
It passes over names in stone,
And leaves of gold and red swirl 'round,
As I stand here all alone,

I think back to years long since past,
Memories almost forgotten,
I watch them scatter with the wind,
Did I ever have all that I wanted?

And as I think about such things,
I begin to feel a chill,
Is someone there behind me,
Fear makes the whole world still,

And then I hear a whisper,
As soft as when you sigh,
It whispers softly into my ear,
Why is it that you cry,

I spin about to see the one,
Who whispered this to me,
And in the waning light of Autumn’s day,
A ghostly impression is all I see,

It spoke so soft I could barely hear,
About the times of old,
And sadness soon replaced my fear,
As the wind blew still so cold,

It spoke of farmlands, hills and tree’s,
That stretched so far away,
And sunsets rays of pinks and reds,
Over the golden fields would lay,

Of Autumn’s colors and falling leaves,
And frost that turned to snow,
Of horse and carriage and Christmas bells,
And candles all aglow,

Of drinking cool water from clearest stream,
And standing in the rain,
Sleeping under evenings stars,
Hearing the whistle of a train,

My eyes now misted with saddened tears,
Felt for a time so long ago,
I wished I myself could have seen,
What this ghostly one did know

The moon now rising over bare trees,
And the chill wind blowing through,
Sent all the last remaining leaves,
Blowing past us two,

And with a whisper nothing more,
This ghost began to fade,
It whispered softly with the breeze,
I must go back to where I have been laid,

What has the world become these days,
Who knows life’s simple joy’s,
How can people see earth and sky,
While playing with their toys,

I wish somehow I could go back,
And see the land that was,
Maybe someday it will return,
But my friends that’s up to us…

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One Last Touch

You say good by to a yesterday love,
as memories surface on the wings of a dove.
Quiet is this room, where his body lies,
we are never ready when a part of us dies.
So many faces now look upon,
a wonderful person, forever gone.
Loved ones linger, they can't  let go,
but death is the beginning, for our
Salvation we know.
One last touch, one last kiss,
forever in our hearts,
he will be missed.

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A recurring theme is being taught to me one made of mud another made of clay 
another thinks himself anatomy while the other thinks of love one made of iron 
one made of brass one full of pride one humble and forlorn one fashioned out of 
straw the other is full born think of rhymes with brass his middle name is crass 
he ruins all the hopes of a brother made in love a testimony to the lower form a 
atom spinning contrarily to the nucleus of the spinning herculeus form a vagarity 
of love 
Confusion reigns in a devils mind the noble man is satisfied with love. 

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Memory Lane

Come with me, let's remember the days
 when life was easy and free,
  let's turn back the pages of time
   and be young once again.

Can you hear the song playing,
 do you hear its haunting strain?
  do you recall the traces of the music
   coming down memory lane?

My life is so empty, I need to escape,
 those happy days are dead and gone,
  they will never come back again,
   so here I just pretend.

Can you hear the song playing,
 do you hear its haunting strain?
  do you recall the traces of the music
   coming down memory lane?

Yes, it floats down memory lane.

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Oblivion Street

Hang a left into Desolation Alley
where the meat-rack girls spin dead on their feet;
take a right onto Cruelty Crescent,
walk a crooked mile on Oblivion Street.
Feast those eyes and gloat your soul
on the life and death tapestry laid in despair;
drink of the torture and fear apparent
on the faces of those who are resident there.
Junk-heads, dope-fiends in cardboard box condos,
skeleton people with wild crimson eyes;
whores and their pimps froze in gangster-like postures
haunting neon lit streets under bruised purple skies.
Keening screams of the housewives whose monkey-brained husbands
leech pleasure from violence and drunken assault;
shout the odds, lay the blame, give the cow what she asked for,
distant sirens kick in like trapped ghosts in a vault.
Bloody kids wiring Volvos then driving like crazy,
glue-filled Golden Wonder bags stuck to their faces;
flip the jack on two wheels then ram-raid a shop front,
it’s Death Race 2000, a day at the races.
Graffiti-sprayed brick where the spelling is suspect,
the one slash of light in a black and grey view;
shouldn’t cut so much school, or at least go to English,
dyslexia strikes paint spray terrorists too.
Nothing adds up or makes sense in this maelstrom,
the crushed bones of youth in the flesh of dead meat;
no serum of reason can cure the awful
relentless great plague on Oblivion Street.

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Driving Where We Used to Ride

6 earthmovers terracing a hill, 
no more horses in a swale of green.				
4 lanes westbound, 4 lanes east. 
Caterpillars are eating the fields> 
We take the long easy curves

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We were happy as could be
We were so great, we were as one
then something happened and changed all for me
that moment was frightful and gone was the sun.

He came to me a dark night at work
To tell me some news of sadness
knowing that I would cry and jerk.
He kept reassuring me we’d get past this.

Months turned to weeks 
and weeks turned to days
The reality was cold and bleak.
We started parting in our own sort of ways.

The kids and I took him to the airport.
Hugs, kisses, tears of sadness, and crying.
I hollered at him to let us know what fort.
He said, “OK” and waved as he went flying.

A year went on with e-mails and phone calls.
Our daughter went up a grade in school.
Our son had a birthday with bats and baseballs.
Was I one or were we many a fool?

I did not follow through as I had promised.
There we guys in the house and I went to a club.
I came clean and met anger, spit, and ready fist!
I didn’t save any money, and for that, I feel like a flub.

Now we argue all the time.
Constantly crying over our happy past.
When someone ask, I say, “Ah, I’m fine.”
We were so happy... it was a blast!

The kids see him yelling.
They see me crying.
“It’s OK mommy, I’m not telling.”
Come the words from my daughter~sighing

He now can’t stand the sight of my face.
He goes to sleep angry, and wakes up mad.
He walks the house with a slow steady pace.
not knowing our future makes me real sad.

So what am I to do now?
Am I to go on and suffer?
Why should I and how?!
With my insanity, they’ll say, “Grab her and cuff her.”

Now I must make my own decision.
I don’t believe l will  go to hell.
I hope heaven’s real and not a vision.		
I’ll find out, here I go, now...
	 all will be WELL!

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It's September the eleventh:
a most sorrowful day
in the lives of those folks who wept
bitterly and unconsolably to dispel dismay, 
as black clouds rose high
to hide Manhattan's dreary sky...

Sadness returns today,
as I hold a weeping rose:
my tribute to those
who were forever taken into yesterday,
who still live in the happiest memories:
to reminisce precious moments...

We all say that life is for the living
and we should stop grieving,
but does this make us neglect
or delay the healing we request,
with dignity and warmth,
and put restlessness to rest?.  

Sadness returns today
to remind us of a fatal event,
which took the lives of the innocent
and prompted the indisputable spirit
of the heroes to lead many to safety:
never bereth of courage and bravery...
Grieve and know that your wounds will heal,
another life will spring out of despair:
giving us strength to endure our own death...
when we'll confront that dark hour;
no sacrifice is ever done...fearing defeat,
and is havoc wreaked without breath?  

Sadness returns today
with an unlamentable serenity
that wasn' t there when indignation
erupted from an unforgivable pain:
justified only through quick vindication,
as angry words could barely say...   


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The Hanging

His unshaven jowls quiver, and his lip trembles,
In his eyes, his rheumy eyes, simmers horror,
Revulsion at the memory, this old man, what he
Knows he has done and can never forget.

“Do it now!” the death’s head swine commanded,
“Kick it away.” And the young man said: “No.”
“Do it now, Juda, or someone else will. And you will be shot.”
And the young man repeated: “No!”

With the crude hemp chaffing red his malnourished throat,
The noose rigid and tight, his friend met his gaze,
Cool as a fjord in the moonlight, his eyes said it all,
The nod merely a punctuation mark, a full stop of assent.

The old man bleeds tears in the here and now,
Crying today, praying for absolution every hour of his life,
Haunted forever by the burn of a Luger barrel on his neck,
When he kicked the rusting bucket away…

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They intentionally wounded
the heart of this spectacular city:
unique,rich and pretty;
a rare jewel to never be possessed
by envious eyes wishing to destroy
its beauty by ways of atrocity...

A city rising from the ashes of pain
is more powerful than the one
they have tried to devastate ;
our people have acted and spoken,
and their courageous hearts have been
lifted by a godly faith...

Let no one stand in the victor's way,
because this horrendous tragedy
has taught us to be closer than ever:
to watch the enemy in dismay;
this great nation will survive
to tell all generations to come:
the day the towers came down,
killing thousands in such a little time...

A city rising from the ashes
will be even more beautiful
in the people's eyes;
even though the losses are many
and tears turn into painful memories:
it will never be erased
from hearts and minds!
Envision what tomorrow
can do for the strides of today!

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Black Earth

In techno-malaise, Mother Russia, how you truly coughed hard,
Four and twenty million to be baked in your back yard,
Spewed forth black wrath that wrought black earth,
Glowing wombs impregnated to give unwanted birth,
Radiation rape as intense as a thousand Hiroshima’s,
Flesh and bone infected with such pretty nuclear glimmers.

The graveyards in their endless dreaming swelled, are swelling still,
From twice the normal defects of birth and future sons to kill,
To accommodate more excess dead than Stalin’s purges in these lands,
Infected with radioactive iodine - a hundred thousand thyroid glands;
The death toll more than the last world war could ever seek to boast,
Eight hundred thousand children with leukaemia suffer most.

Humankind smashed, crushed, bathed in ashes, debased, destroyed again,
From the gaping mouth of Belarus down the throat of the Ukraine,
Chernobyl dies in shame at the cursing of her name…
Should not the powers that be in power sincerely feel the same?

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Empty Streets

Craving a poboy,
a women in Michigan
hangs her head and cries,
longing for a home
that no longer exists.

Dreaming of seafood,
Mardi Gras, snowballs
and jazz bands-
A man in Oklahoma
awakes in tears.

As one lonely jazz horn
floats a requiem
over empty streets,
and a pot of gumbo simmers
in a government issued trailer.

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Armenian Genocide

Maybe the suffering will end soon

Hope's only a death away

If we're lucky we'll all be dead tomorrow

If we're lucky we'll all die and leave behind this sorrow

Tired of seeing our people weep

Their deceased bodies in the streets

Starvation is life, malnutrition's set in

Our homes have been taken along with all our men

If we're lucky we'll all be dead tomorrow

If we're lucky we'll all die and leave behind this sorrow

The children are crying

We're all slowly dying

The end for our people is near

If we're lucky we'll all be dead tomorrow

If we're lucky we'll all die and leave behind this sorrow

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A Letter

 I found someone.
It feels as if he fills that hole.
But is he really like you?
Can he really complete me, make me whole?

 I'm his pretty little poet,
And he is my Romeo too.
I only wonder if he can fill
Those precious memories like you do.

 Can he possibly take your place?
So much of me is you, and this is what I mean.
He may be here with me,
But I miss you more than it may seem.

 I was put in a spot
That I never wanted to see.
I love my Romeo, but I miss my prince.
My heart doesn't know where it wants to be.

 So, in ending this letter,
I beg you not to cry.
I won't regret saying that he is here for now,
Though, I never wanted to have to say goodbye.

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September 11, 2001

     flames in 
a massive attack
   and thousands 
meet their end
   we live on a small
blue orb
      suspended in space
Yet, we still fight 
   we still kill
  over different beliefs 
over different coloration 
 Yes, the shadow fell
on New York that 
bitter tears 
    for the dead
bitter tears for many
of those who survived
   mangled and distorted 
     an unreal scene
  like so many 
others in history
   September, 11 2001
     look up at
 the sun and moon
   where are the 
    Like the mighty 
ocean as it swallows 
   up ships
Our world was
must rise again
   and perhaps, then
young eyes 
   will see a bright dawn,instead
of a blood red one

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All of a sudden, the town sort of changed,
As though the years had heaped all their dust in one go,
Reshaping the atmosphere and structure,
Erecting a darker, more feral architecture.

I sat on a bench in the square with a Diet Coke,
A Café Crème silently smouldered in my fingers,
And the ambience bristled, dangerous sensations
Tingling playfully along my gooseflesh arms.

When I was a kid, I remembered, it had felt safe,
Sure it looked crab-apple old, but solid;
Now slightly surreal – a Kebab Shop, a Cost Cutter,
Peddled addictions in the stead of grocers and cafes.

And the windows, once lit, once bright and wide,
Inviting day and night casual window shoppers;
Wares now squirreled away, shut behind steel and mesh,
Blinded produce, unless you have X-Ray eyes.

A car blazed past, peeling paint, hubcaps spraying rain,
The driver wore a reversed baseball cap,
His boombox roared culture of nine-thousand miles distant:
“Yo, mutha, today you die – rat-at-at-tat – today you die…!”

I smoked and drank coke and felt my childhood expire,
It had been years since I sat beside the Great War Cenotaph,
Yet the life that had died so very long ago for me,
Felt as though it had suddenly passed just then.

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They are destroying your creations,
the geen fields are burning
and blazes rise high;
the blackened town
has turned into ashes...
a devastated gost town
where once life
thrived with foot-steps 
and engines running!

They are destroying your creations,
barren vallies, mountains and lands 
where birds found their home so thrilling,
but forced to flee within minutes;
the scary arsonists also fled,
not to get cought or get burned
while scurring and panting! 
Weeping hearts and saddened faces
are overwhelmed by devastation...
who can understand their frustration?

They are destroying your creations
with torches and evil minds;
beauty is something they detest,
the smell of burnt makes them powerful;
how can they destroy the wilderness
that gives them life without chargiing a dime?
How can they stand back 
and watch this happening
while others are suffering?
If they are the devils' accomplices 
in this horrendous spectacle,
they will surely pay fully for their harm!

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The Final Moment

The man wandered through the lonely and desolate earth.  Suffering a tribulation 
of exile from human relationships.  He was the last one, the only one, the only 
man left on Gaia.  Walking, he went forward, onto the hill where he shall be 
saved.  The darkness and purity emanating at the same time from the sacred 
hill.  What was his new fate to be?  As he pondered he climbed to the top of the 
hill and observed… 

The animals, creatures of Gaia
Happy in the solace they found
Butterflies dancing between each other
A dance of courtship
A promise to share lives coherently
As beautiful as the butterflies were, they vanished

The man’s eyes averted quickly and saw…

Power, Dominance, Death, and Beauty
Beauty, oh… the irony
Distressed nature trying to rebirth areas of discontent
Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes
Problems, but not
Beautiful, the tornado
Nature’s renewal
Absorbing impurities and leaving nothing but a fresh start
Volcanoes blew high stacks of lava
To the sky it rose, no boundaries

While being absorbed in the light of the crimson sky, the man saw something 

Comets flying through the celestial heavens
The universe, one space with minor hindrances
Stars, eclipse, Luna, Life
New wonders in the black

Scared and awed at the same time the man looked away…

Trees dancing through the wind
Soothing white cherry blossoms mourning
Mourning the cycle of life into death
As they, the trees
Released the tears of nature’s spores
Sad to the fate of future comings, death
The end of the cycle

Now confused, the man looked abroad and set his eyes upon the whole picture…

All pieces of nature flow together
Life into death
Creation to birth
Controlled by the passages of time
Nature a whole unity
Every area of Mother Gaia is one 
The balance perfect without the fingers of man tainting the purity

Then, the man’s memories came back.  The human’s tainted ness was like a 
cancer to the dear beloved Gaia.  Killing her they were.  Now the last one was left 
to ponder the natural order and progression.  Knowing his inevitable fate he 
fulfilled his destiny.  The man with his final breathes waited on the top of the hill 
and passed slowly to the grip of the heavens.   


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Massive castles laying in ruins
on barren,steep hills
where fierce battles were fought,
and the dwellers were fraught
as the armies began to advance; 
those are the places
that still tell a story when stillness 
is able to take us back... 

Meadows swarmed by fragrant daisies,
extending themselves to infinity
were the intimate and secretive spots
of the prince and his lovely princess;
a tranquil place where the young poet's hand
wrote those passionate lyrics incessantly
on parchment to perserve his thoughts
in places that still tell a story...

Narrow streets paved with stones
overlooked by flowery verandas
where lovers whispered their secrets
to the stimulant and silent moon;
words never stifled by unpleasant noises,
the perfect  place to emanete 
their dream,in penumbra,to be gone soon...
without the perceptual illumination so complete:
to remind us of plain people indulging in sensuality
in places that still tell a story....

Celestine sea bringing home weary ships
that discharge the agile bodies of sailors
welcomed by an anxious crowd
at the illuminated and breezy dock;
sailors who rode the tempestous waves 
sometimes fearing for their lives in turbulent time,
fusing together to confront the outcome courageously
in places that still tell a story...

Verdant hills and mountains
hiding remanents of ancient temples,
decaying columns without a roof
emitting an indignant mood: 
a nostalgia for their glorious past...
still in the delusion of thier grandeur;
who can still hear the hymns sung gleefully
in places that still tell a story?

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Rhinestones That Sparkle

Night time is their day,
as they hurry and find,
someone to comfort,
then leave them behind.

Motels, and hotels,
and sometimes a car,
trying to survive this day,
some wish on a star.

Rhinestones that sparkle,
they stand on the street,
some are just children,
wanting to be free.

Can they go home,
why did they leave
too old for their years,
but not for their tears..

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Bittersweet City of Pain

The darkened city
fades in the background
just like you wished your feelings would
It’s been a long year
longer than you’d like to live
It’s hard to forget
how things were
just a few months ago
And it’s hard to remember
how things were before
It’s funny how
how quickly people change
It’s funny how
how quickly she could change
And it’s funny how
how things never stay the same
And it’s funny how
She promised Heaven
but gave as much Hell as she could
Finally woke up
to see the stinging truth
To see the lies
in her empty smiles
Finally woke up
to hear the burning truth
To hear the emptiness
in her “I love you”s
Finally woke up 
to feel the death she dealt
To feel the coldness in her heart
The new year is coming
but will this one finally become the past?
A would-be anniversary
spent in nostalgia and depression
Amnesia is a blessing
you would gladly accept
to escape this fate
You’d trade a fortune
to erase the misfortune
she gave to you
You’d trade a fortune
to erase the time
she spent with you
You’d trade a fortune
to have her fall in love with you
like you thought she did before
But she’s long gone
and fading behind you
She’s in the city
but she’s still on your mind
If you could just leave your thoughts
in her apartment
you surely would
For now it’s so long bittersweet city of pain
Maybe you’ll be back 
when all your thoughts of her
have been washed away with the rain

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Uninvited Death

Tragedy bristles upon the lips
and rivers in gestures of finger tips
It pools under suits incomparably black
sizes too small from disuse
Clinically built in a room sweating sorrow
which vacuum packs pain in a box 'till tomorrow
where loved ones bend whispers around all their stories
and sleep walk to hug the next guest
Ribbons from flowers blow stiff air conditioned
once perfectly placed and then quick repositioned
creaming the moments with dulling perfume
sprayed on in the fake factory
All of the smiles are pinned on to ears
in a desperate attempt to dissuade silver tears
which want to unsterilize every moment
and spin up a cyclone of grief
Footsteps are muffled by carpet too thick
in a dance of emotion brought brittle and sick
The room is a breath set to flame catalyst
with only one guest uninvited...

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North Carolina Morning

Troubled with the weary world
and all the things that plague a girl
She stole a star-embedded sky
to turn her halfway right

The peaceful morning brings its light
to hungry squirrels and cardinals bright
Seeds to scatter, dreams to shatter
and absent, abstract thoughts that matter

Solid in determination
to fight her soul's elimination
Crying under glassy water
Tortured songs and hopes to carry
Fallen deep inside.

Creation visits but never lingers
It stirs you 'till you're fully centered
Alive with each new golden thought
Collected in the time you bought.

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I have never felt true hunger , though is hungering with your eyes credible?
Looking everywhere in a cynical blur in contempt of other people.
Knowledge known but never revealed in my ancient mind until reminded...
is a beautiful thing, if known how to control.... Why? I control because like a 
madman i will begin to question even my own sanity as i pick and weave through 
humans destination to the end. If not what will happen to me, i will spiral to the 
bottom like theres no more to drop to, and at the bottom i will ponder..should i 
keep going, because at every end isn't there a beginning? Like when a VCR 
comes to the end, doesn't it automatically rewind? Is the essence of time alike?
Let me wander my mind freely, and bother me not, as i enjoy myself, because 
guess what? For once in my life i am.....teaching and learning at the same i think of what artist drew me on this world...I smile for the umpteenth 
time of my life, though remember always. I'm not there, but your here....with me.

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We'll Go

We’ll go for a walk to the park,
I’ll ask you to pick a daisy for me.
Then we’ll look for a nest of a lark.
We’ll be laughing, happy and free.

We’ll sit on the unguarded beach,
I’ll pour your hand with grains of sand,
You’ll give me a cuddle and teach
How to read the lines on my hand.

We’ll go right ahead to meet the sun,
You’ll slip a little shell in my palm.
I’ll feel at last you are whole mine.
No sorrows, no tears – I’ll be so calm... 

We’ll go for a walk to the park...
I’ll learn the stroll by heart - for ever.
We’ll look for a nest of the lark...
We’ll go right ahead... When? Never...

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Besides the oceon's kingdom 
lies a splendid land where the heart 
is made happy to its core,
and the soul finds its own freedom
to venture itself...despite of fright:
like a volture that has a need to soar!

There I spent the indelible days 
of that unhappy youth and tasted,
with much bitterness and delusion,
the first bites of  reality 
that started up a controversy...
youth is meant to be lived up
to one's fancy and be entirely free
of obstacles,worries and sadness;
mine was just the contrary...
a boy obeying the father's strict rules:
harsh rules demanding obedience,
never bending to show affection!

Sad to say that my mother's brave heart,
sheltering me from his insensibility,
split up it up between the two:
deciding,with thoughtfulness,
 which one should own it completely;
and as torn apart as she was...
she devoted her entire life to imbue
my child's thoughts and recall them
whenever I was susceptible to boredom!   
Now, as years wrinkle my skin and show my age,
I'm reminiscing the unsurpassable strenght
and love she demonstrated in her courage!

Besides this continent's bounderies...
where fearless men challenge its tides, 
friendly faces loom like shadows
seeking that friend who never spoke of inner feelings
and hid the an astounishing secret from them;
and if they think, I have forgotten their kindness...
when I was scared and needed comforting words:
 no,I have never stopped thinking of them!

Throughout  my journey,the only face
I recognized was that of somebody
folowing my footsteps...not to make me trample,
to spare me the agony of mistakes;
its shadow could not be seen...
was there a misleading perception so imaginable?
Through joy,hardship and dire...
I moved forward with one thought in mind:
not to sway my attention and lose my grip
on the captain of a lost ship!

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I wanted to let you know 
That I made it here, that night
I know you don’t understand
Because the time just wasn’t right

There were so many things,
Things I wanted to do
But for the time I spent here on earth
I’m so thankful I had a family like you

You all taught me well
You showed me so much love
If ever you need me
I’m watching you from above

Just before my time had come
My thought were filled with you
But I wasn’t all alone, mom
The Lord was right there, too

So although it ended to soon
And things won’t seem the same
Look for me when it’s cloudy
I’m helping God pour out the rain

Love Carlie

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Like the dreams in your daily horoscope
that come alive within the pages of an astrology' book...
written by someone who reads into the distant stars:
the roar of a departing airplane, disappearing into clouds,
is your crude awakening to reality...
finding everything else, but me!

I booked my flight in a hurry last night,
everything we  secretly shared lost its sense of delight;
I shouldn't remember when the times
when I came to you and brought you roses!

Like all the words that sound too sweet,
I let them go inside me so true and deep;
another destination, another lonely city...
where I'll settle down and face a clueless destiny!
There I'll find more women easy to love,
making no demands, pretenting to give;
in their arms,with skin smelling of perfume,
I'll  dream of you...when those roses bloom!

Nothing can keep me here,
even pity can't move me;
we started a passion full of flames,
forgetting about our tender ways!
Everything seemed everlasting...
never thinking of a sad ending! 

The loud road of a departing airplane
shouts off the sound of this voice;
I ask for forgiveness with my tears,
but you can't be found anywhere!


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Coming home

I hear the women complain about the life in here
But little do they realize out there is what I fear
What if I can’t adjust my life to the way it used to be?
What if once I get out of here my man decides to leave
Can it be real and oh so close? I am really going home
I’ll be the girl I used to be, no longer will I roam
My family loves me, in spite of it all
So for my sake and theirs, I’ll stand tall
I’ll make it this time around, I’ll be strong like a stone 
Baby I love you and I am ready to come home

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my urn

I’m searching for a way our,
Hoping to find an open door
Looking for a familiar face
One I’ve seen before

The tears well up in my eyes 
And distort the only thing I see
The shadows feel like home
Yet prevent me to breathe

Every fracture in the seem 
Gives out a ray of light
A realization that this is factual 
Is penetrating my broken heart

Dust to dust and ash to ash
Is what I’m becoming in this urn of mine
Straining desperately to break free
Before it consumes my life

The shadows beckon me to reside
In this illusion of freedom
Telling me who I am
Or rather, who they want me to be

Disavowing this as truth
I languish over the possibility
That I’m killing myself slowly
As I’m declining the solace I find in you

So I ask you this question,
Do you, as do I 
Cry for the chance to breathe again
But yet in bitter anguish
Cry for the chance to die?

But does any of it matter?
Do you care?
The answer is answered
In your eyes as you stare

I’m trapped in this place
This urn where I am kept
Under your control
Where you laughed as I wept

I’m your prized possession
You won me fair and square
I am taken out to make you happy
Then thrown back in when your contentment is there

The questions linger
As I lay quiet
My piece of mind is lost
Trampled in the riot

Will I ever be free
I suppose it’s up to me
Or will I die
In this urn of mine

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Forever in School

Take me home,
Where I don't have to be alone,
I don't want to go to school,
I wanna stay home and act like a fool,
I hate that place,
I hate it when people look at my face,
Please don't make me go,
My day goes by so slow,
I'm not shy,
But all those people do is lie,
But something that makes me frown,
Is the teachers bringing me down,
I don't want to eat,
Cause it tastes like nasty feet,
Everyone loves to try,
And make me hurt inside,
Put little food and little rest together,
And find out I may be depressed forever!

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Lost Souls

Ghosts are everywhere we deign to gaze
On newspaper pages where halcyon days
Are smudged and disfigured by printing presses,
The names and the faces, the last known addresses.

From milk carton surfaces hauntingly stare
The fresh-faced and innocent, now who knows where?
On lampposts and sidings, buses and trains,
Images pasted, their only remains.

Pleading from parents on media shows,
Their anguish and worry, fear that grows,
Are they living or dead, untouched or defiled?
Comes the desperate demand: “Have you seen this child?”

Mythical lure of the streets paved with gold,
Clichés of terrible tales to be told;
Recycling paper plant rocks and rolls,
The last resting place for so many lost souls.

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Buttercups And Dust

Nothing much has grown since the drought moved in;
  a garden wasteland parched by relentless sun;
dismayed and discouraged I blink through beads of sweat,
  perspiration merged with stinging tears when day is almost done.
Wisps of orange smoke and a haze that dries the soul,
  dehydrated feelings lead to one too many drinks;
each breath a melancholic sigh; the fiery sun descending
  over hills and out at sea it seems to sizzle as it sinks.
What will become of me now that I am made an island
  and desperation frays the nerves so callous and unjust?
The barren lawn which stretches from the stoop into the future
  throws nothing up for miles and miles save buttercups and dust.

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God's Waiting Room

Herein the empty vessels
cavort, frenzied motion capture,
compass cracked, fly blown
dervishes robbed of direction.

Mumbling lips aflutter
with poetry deranged;
dry dock for the ancients,
amnesiac retrograde.

Inconsolable and incurable,
imaginary tasks, furniture removal,
trailing human waste
they are the cause of.

Beneath a frozen clock face,
metal frames and walking sticks
lean in derelict repose,
surreal, Daliesque in structure.

The intimate stink of
bowel and bladder hangs
a cloud of doomsday,
peeling humanity’s very integrity.

All the while waiting,
injury and bonus time
arthritic in progress, waiting
to be touched by the hand of God.

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Poverty and rage is all he sees
in a furtive,doleful glance,
and the brightly-colored lights
cannot console the wretched soul
of his malnourished,shivering body:
bundled up in rags and visible to all
the hurriendly and careless passerbys,
who seem blind in their own pretense...

He rejects the mournful sounds
interfering with his needed sleep;
and yet,he lifts his drooping head
to peak around the wratful trees
to assure himself that 
the wooden and metal shack
is well-secured and safe;
his numberless doubts delve deep...

In the middle of a furious February,
winter has failed to invite the generous sun 
to warm up his frosty home so run-down;
an impoverished home in which he repulsed luck
that could have turned his life around;
his regret is an unremissible remedy:
consumed by a wishful valor
that ended in bitter squalor....

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Abandoned Place

Empty for centuries
Forgotten palaces of those
Long forgotten themselves

But the city remains...
Abandoned, yes..
But by the wisps of past doings
Etched into the forever
Vibrations that falter not,
But resonate with deeds...
and history,

Home to no one...
save the ghosts
of those...
Still attached...
in spirit...

How many cities,
How many worlds,
Are home to but
Memories unremembered?

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Negativity's Spool

This spool of negativity
unraveled, sparked and metal lime
pierces eardrums in their skin
and wraps conundrums 'round the brain
It usurps all the confidence
which should be stored in violet bowls
to sip when low ignition strikes
and twines the weary, dragging souls
It threads the skin of counterparts
to skin cells loving anger
and twists it's turns through open mouths
to happiness endanger
This spool of negativity
spat and rolled by rotten tongues
will stretch and tear at the slightest tug
like paper silk gone soaked in rum
It dusts disintegration
and sleeps in rusty coils
and snakes through poison mushrooms
in the darkest forest soils
It winds a whisper metal lick
into the hearts of mighty men
constricting blood of pumping life
until they reach to sorrow's end
with thoughts too steep and oiled black
to negatively condescend...

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Freedom Fighters


our soldiers 
are courageous
strong and very
brave and they go
anywhere they
are sent and fight
and die to keep us all free

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


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Homeless Alone

Picking off carrion birds on the
telegraph line with a calculating eye;
sat on a cold marble tombstone armchair
chiseled with the name of a friend of mine...
what was he called now?
Strange days these indeed, they never seem to end;
isolated in my freezer compartment mind,
nothing much is stirring in there,
no circuit breakers cut through the stasis.
I poke the dead leaves with a psychic shotgun barrel;
they rustle and crackle - moths in a Chinese lantern.
Incoming snowflakes lock onto my cheekbones,
heat dredged slowly through my scalp;
I savour the chill as it creeps into my flesh,
shivers at least are delicious and Winter likes
to embrace my soul and fondle my
heart valves with permafrost fingers.
Tears won’t solve anything,
and wanting something doesn’t get anything;
the only cure for cold is warmth and shelter,
the only cure for loneliness is company.
Alas, I have no friends
and all my enemies are dead.

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I Took a Walk

My mind empty as my bank account.
Thoughts and worries squeezed out.
I shuffle along a neighborhood street.
No memories do I secrete.
I stare at my shoes, and the concrete.
No destination my goal.
Mere movement for movement's sake.
There's some rich new embarrassment
Preparing to burst forth
As a puss filled infestation of confusion.

Each day walking gets harder
Each day caring get harder
All my thoughts off key
My whole life out of tune.

Retreat to my bunker.
Viscous guard dogs patrol.
Electric fence of disdain
Surround the outer barbed wire fence

The tall wall next, guarded by fanatical defenders.
In the courtyard, seemingly placed as almost as a joke,
A small olive tree does evoke
The insanity of it all

Down 15 flights of bomb-proof
Armoured stairs, beneath a mountain
of reinforced concrete.
Through sense detectors,
sliding barriers, bullet proof
Barring escaping defectors

Finally to my worn linen throne
Meaningless posters and flags
Draped on a solid wall destined
To be crumbled in defeat...
My regime destined to the
eternal damnation for which
I'd worked so hard.

The shakes come from within,
As well as the bomb blasts above.
I have taken my last walk.
I left my mark upon this world.
One that decades will be required
to erase..

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The Demons Created By Distance

"requested by and for Jilli"

When downfalls the snows of indecision,
  The ground fades and the paths dim,
My eyes strain and blur with flecks of frost,
  Loosed tears fall as soundless hymns.
So long I walk these quiet streets,
  Alone with thoughts that haunt and rage,
Criminal ghosts, they thieve, get arrested,
  Slipping their cuffs to rattle their cage.
The chains in my head clank and scrape,
  Passing days as chalked multiples of five,
Scrawled on walls in a cell in a catacomb,
  Adorn the black mortar, white and alive.
The dogs of decisions I cannot make
  Chase me like wolves in winter fields,
Mottle-furred and fanged evangelists
  Preaching and snapping my dragging heels.
And the demons created by distance
  Growl at the light cast far and away,
And croon of exotic closer things,
  In tones of soft heather, smoky and grey.
Every alleyway is now blind,
  All highways are road-blocked and jammed,
And it feels whichever way I turn,
  One way or another, be damned.


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I can't recall
how long I have been desolated,
and rejected by all,
living within these cement walls,
emanating wishes unheard by anyone;
staying indolent and thoughtless
with this soul gnashing:
so futile and drawn...

Too long
protected by loneliness,
too soon
to think of an incursion
and reprimand myself
of my impudence
for having been so inadvertent;
a reputed dreamer
demanding impossible things 
to bring them to a conclusion...

Too long retreated 
and secluded to have distorted thoughts;
and not to recite this pious prayer,
instead of an useless outcry...
Too deviant and improbable
to follow a straight course,
fight for something desired
to finally hang
my flag of victory
on the tallest pinnacle...

Too long
protected by loneliness,
too unfeasible 
to undertake fear and be responsible;
my hopes are fraught with feebleness,
and my phantom 
always wanders past a wan dream:
never to feel the emotional warmth of a hand... 

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Buried Rage - Part 2

All that is left of her now 
Is a suspicious, damaged woman
Whose bitter cynicism engulfs her
For all she can see in any man now
Is the abuse he will inflict on her
The lies he will tell her
The mind games he will play with her
The way he will one day betray her
The way he will stop loving her
The way he will let her down
The way he will use his power and dominance
Over her to take advantage of her
Because that is all that she has known
She has not been enlightened to 
Any other ending to her story
She would not know Prince Charming if she laid eyes on him
Because she never knew such a man could exist

While you are well aware 
Of the demons that haunt her
There is no cessation of the actions 
That provoke her wrath
Ignoring the warnings
Treating her ghosts and battle scars
As a trivial dilemma
This is not a mere flaw in her personality
It is who she is
Her emotions consume her
And motivate her every deed
Saintly or malicious
If you show no care in this pristine meadow
You will unleash the child in her
That is screaming for the justice that has forsaken her
Then the enraged, distrustful woman will emerge
Together creating a monstrous tornado
That will spin violently out of control
Giving her justice finally through acts full of
Love, caring, trust, kindness, sensitivity and honesty
Will bring out the sweet, loving compassionate woman
That was been locked inside her soul
Waiting to be released so she can begin a new life
That has the fairytale ending

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My Home

I walk down a hall of memories
Climb stairs to the past
To rooms no longer existing
But in my remembrance
Long torn down, turned to dust
Like my dreams of yesterday
Meals cooked and shared
With the ghosts of the past
Loved ones disintegrated
under sacred grounds
Dissolved to my history
By means to me a mystery

Yet, in my dreams
They live again
and someday I will
be reunited;of this I'm sure

Till then, we meet only
on the soft pillow of sleep.

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He said eye have shingles. The other one said eye have hives. Some men 
complained to me of broken bones ribs to be precise. Some men smell so 
awefull because they have leather made of shoes. Some men have food in the 
pocket of their blues. Nerves is the most prevalent of all complaints the 
hypochondriac will make most doctors tell a man to do it more than just three 
times and let me tell ewe thrice is just too much. Dressing can be hard with 
blood upon my arm my shirt must match on either side the sleeves the colors of 
my love. Lint cannot soon be removed without a brush. My arm is shorter than my 

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Fourth of July

Celebration date,
before war, a wonderous sight.
A sky full of light.
Acrid smell of sulfur.
A reawakening of the child within.

A couple years later,
homecoming long past,
the sounds of freedom ring loud.
Confusion abounds,
darkness surrounds,
lights flashing,
bombs bursting,
previous sounds of joy,
now release fear and dread.
Instant return to war.

Hot and dusty world,
keeping my head down,
I duck and hide.

They say it's normal.
That it's okay.
How can I tell them,
I don't want to live this way.
I guess some day
enough time will pass.
to once again...
Enjoy Freedom's Day.

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Why am I so deligent and assertive,
and was I born for a devine purpose...
making me different and comprehensive,
forgiving when I'm punctured by a thorn of a rose?

Something miraculous and lucent emerges...
when I'm challenged by harsh adversities
that are unable to outgrow my inner strenght;
and dissaminating the seeds of wisdom fearlessly: 
will not make me lose this liberty,
but gain more confidence in myself!

I pity them when they walk restrained by shackles,
when they were free, they had no regard
for the safety of others or valued anyone's life
by shedding innocent and precious blood; 
for them there's no escape or hope eternal!
Their weary hands clasp the cells' bars...
imagining of melting them with a fiery mind;
without knowing that their fate is infernal!

Why does an unjust man envy
a righteous one who lives by the Laws
and is guided by humility?
Why does contempt and rage make some
violent, irrational and vicious...
towards a humble person who's sagacious? 

There are two easy questions
that yield the simplest answers:
life has little worth, because they have never appreciated it;  
and love is replaced by hate,because they have glorified it!   

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A lonely boy,barely seventeen,
writing sad and lovely words
from a small room with open shades
overlooking Everett's skyline: 
a lovely and quite town
in the suburbs of Boston...

Mother,distance is counted in miles,
but to miss what inspires me
is quite unmmeasurable
and verbally indescribable
mother,days become nights...
and momorable moments
cheer me up when I should cry,
and be comforted by your tenderness!  

Daddy,left from this very place of truce,
with a glance cold and undignified,
his plane flew over Long Island
where you courageously thrive on;
he betrayed both son and spouse!

Airplanes roar over the discolored roof
of this huge and abandoned house;
the yellow-chested parrot repeats
his funny and banal jokes,
unable to make me smile and laugh,
because inside a sorrowful heart
there's no place for joy and growth!

Mother, the heavy snow is covering the roof-tops,
and the firs and pines welcome it with zest;
but I feel the coldness and can't rest...
until I see the gladness back in those eyes!

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This Place I've Found

With my thoughts.
Detatching my soul from reality.
Worries of the day,
flood through my inner thoughts,
though mingled with happiness.
My mind wavers between two worlds,
this one I've made,
and the harsh reality that is standing idly by.
I'm happy
no judging, 
just me.
I can say anything,
think anything.
This place is not concrete,
only I can find it,
in my mind.