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Sad Autumn Poems | Sad Poems About Autumn

These Sad Autumn poems are examples of Sad poems about Autumn. These are the best examples of Sad Autumn poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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when autumn comes

here, where I walk,
confused silence swirls around my feet,
and the anguished summer leaves
are lingering limp, waiting for autumn...,
waiting to crumble and mingle with earth
drunk with the morning dew

somewhere beneath them
under the thunder
earth wears the scab of a fresh wound
in a place that will not be forgotten...
corrupt with mourning
sprouting with questions
immersed with regret
hollowed with anger
and shadowed by trees of despair

birch-bark faces, heads bent low, shadowed eyes
stone-cold voices, carried in the wind, behind disguise
while mute birds watch without a song
the leaves will decay, green goes, and the eye forgets
forget?  never....
while pawing on the hard and bitter earth
of reason, is impossible...

autumn comes
and autumn goes
I will live in hope that baffled minds
will clearly see a winter sun
and give up blaming ... who?


Details | Heroic Couplets | |

Saint Blackheart

Saint Blackheart walks the Autumn streets and smiles with diamond eyes;
   She's well-aware of what you think, but listens to your lies.
Confess your deepest fantasies or never look her way --
   She's free with random kindness, though she won't have much to say.

Saint Blackheart seeks the shadows for the secrets they impart.
   Her life's a patchwork puzzle made with jagged shards of art --
Impressionistic paintings on a canvas dipped in red;
   She dances like a demon for the angels in her head.

Saint Blackheart loves the twilight and the elemental rain;
   She'll stand and watch you suffer, yet she senses all your pain.
A soft, Franciscan echo making up a primal scream
   Can hurtle from her crimson lips and dart from dream to dream.

Saint Blackheart lives in solitude among the ancient trees --
   You'll find her there within the mist, but never on her knees.
Her hands will offer nothing which is not her own to give;
   And though you wish to die in peace, she may just let you live.

Saint Blackheart will not weep with you or wipe away your tears,
   Yet she may catch their crystal hue and treasure it for years.
She'll lay a little flower on a long-forgotten grave --
   A tribute to the tortured soul she never tried to save.

Details | Free verse | |

in absolute darkness

Do you know what its like to be 
in absolute darkness?
I do. 
And I want to be back
on a foggy night
where winter doesn't fall too far
the only thing you can see 
is a distant street light
yellow and gold
glowing from the distance
the wet leaves that fell from the trees 
fill the night 
with a dewy smell
I turn the key
bright headlights
flood the road
one line, two lines, 
they all combine
into a white blur keeping me 
from crossing into the abyss
I could drive forever 
I want to be gone again
back to my home.

Details | I do not know? | |


We once walked along together, 
In the morning, by the sea.  
Two young hearts rejoicing sweetly, 
Hearts as happy as could be.  	

She began to hear strange voices 
Speaking words I could not hear.
Voices from her inner sanctum--
Words not meant for human ear.

Soon her mind began to hearken
To the voices from within,
And a heart that once sang sweetly,
Never sang so sweet again.

I remember, in September,
On a golden, autumn day, 
My true love was not beside me
When I strolled beside the bay.

I had searched, but could not find her
For our early morning stroll,
And my heart was beating slowly--
There was anguish in my soul.

Then they brought the tragic tidings;
That they'd pulled her from the sea.
Unheard voices had seduced her--
And took my very life from me.

Phantom voices in the midnight
Had aroused her from her sleep,
She'd surrendered to their calling,
When they beckoned from the deep.

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Another year has gone, it just slipped away,
Without notice or warning or eulogies to say.
On purpose, I barely register its passing…only crack
A bitter smile;
A half-raised, quizzical eyebrow, maybe, laced with a brief 
Sense of a long forgotten once close friend
Giving up the ghost.

From starved tree branches the leaves tumble down,
Sheets of rain guillotine on this dirty old town.
I watch the autumn gale axing…havoc from
The frozen North.
I'm digging graves for memories, perhaps, meticulously fast,
For they really need interment
As they are the living dead.

Funny, it's the first time ever, I realise I'm getting old,
The heart misses beats and the room feels always cold.
I see the lines etch on my face…gritted warp
Of aching bones.
And try as I might to shove longing and regret back into
Their woodworm coffins,
It does not keep the pain at bay
When the past craves resurrection.

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He Can't Tell Her Now

He is playing in school
Acting like a fool
Little girl makes his heart go Wow!!
He is kind of shy
She's the apple of his eye
But he can't tell her now.
It is a few years later
And he starts to date her
She fills his dreams somehow
He wants her to stay
To never go away
But he can't tell her now.
It is the secret of his life
He wants her for his wife 
He would take that final vow
Though the years go by so fast
He knows his love will last
But he can't tell her now.
Now in the Autumn of his years
He realizes his fears
That life has past them by somehow
He knows his love will stand
As he touches her cold and lifeless hand
But he can't tell her now.

    Of all the emotions we go through in life, the saddest is regret.

Details | I do not know? | |


              Dedicated to
          Robbie Philly and Boo
         (Robbie DOD 10/13/1986)

  In past autumn seasons there were we,
Parents Bob and Jan kids Kim and Robbie.
   As a family we'd roll up our sleeves
  Tackle job of raking and piling leaves.

  Together we would work while having fun.
 Admiring leaf piles when raking was done.
We'd call our dogs Philly and her pup Boo,
 Encouraging leaps into the high piles too.

  Dogs dived in and then the four of us too
 Leaping as one Bob Jan Rob Kim Philly and Boo.
 We'd disappear deep then we'd leap in the air
   Scattering those leaves to who knows where!

  Leaves are memories pressed deep in my mind
   As scrapbook pages of a much happier time.
  Autumn comes each year and when the leaves fall
   Think of Rob, Philly and Boo wish I could
             again hug them all!!!

Details | Diamante | |



                                            Red, yellow, orange
                                        Crackling gloss and color
                                 Leaves dancing beautifully in the air
                    Cold, clear air a quiet morning before the sun has risen
                          Small streams are converted to large waterfalls
                                   A melancholy goodbye to summer
                                                A silent prayer


A-L  Andresen :)

Details | I do not know? | |

The Loyalty Bond

How kind of you to think of me
On this beautiful autumn day
Were your thoughts regarding your loyalty?
Or were they thoughts rehearsed to display?

Such a powerful thing, this loyalty bond
Something we all inevitably yearn
A bond of trust and fidelity
A bond which we all must earn

Many will take it lightly
Most will not understand
Some will honor and embrace it
Yet the majority will heartily disband

I laugh at the thought of the loyalty bond
The yearning of a bond which does not exist
Its amazing how all of us will long for
An illusion so easily dismissed

Details | Acrostic | |

Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Details | Free verse | |

The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

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A Homeless Man's Christmas Wish

Christmas day is coming soon
I can hear the little drummer boys beat 
As I sleep under a stack of newspapers
At my home here on the street
I have no shade from the summer heat
No shelter from a spring storm
When autumn and winter roll around
I have no blanket to keep me warm
I have no one to talk to 
No doctor to keep me well
My life is like the seventh circle
Of an everlasting hell
I have no feast on Thanksgiving
On my birthday, I have no cake
Most nights as I sleep in my concrete bed
I pray and hope I won't wake
I think about the man I used to be
The one that died so long ago
Now all that's left is this scruffy, filthy creature
Who I don't even know
Now that Christmas is here again
I pray to the good Lord above
For a gift that most don't appreciate 
Filled with lots of happiness and love
I'm not talking about material things
I can get by without any of that
All I want is a house and a family
Complete with a dog and  a cat
I wish every single Christmas season
That my dear, sweet Lord would send me
A beautiful family with warm, smiling faces
Sipping hot chocolate around a Christmas tree
We would have a most amazing feast
A rack of lamb tied up with a bow
Then we would all get bundled up
And go caroling in the snow
Oh, how glorious that would be
To have a family and a few friends
To have people who love me
Even after this life ends
God please hear my prayers
And answer them if you can
Just grant one simple Christmas wish
To this old homeless man

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Autumn Is For Lovers

The summer's almost over
The days wane shorter week by week
The hills have shed their clover
And, the sun his warm mystique.

Each month becomes less weary
The pain fades each passing day
The future seems less dreary
But, this awful yearning stays.

Music fills the silent void
Where your voice hung like heather
But of course, I must avoid
The songs we danced together.

My walks help ease the mourning
Like, leaving bad thoughts behind
But only in the early morning
Before the couples walk entwined.

I walk through most of the year
Through summer, winter, and spring
But never in autumn, I fear
My heart just can't take somethings!

I must never think of autumn
Not since our last adieu'
For, if I ever thought of autumn
It would break my heart in two!

For autumn is for lovers
And is also when we met
A time to enjoy another
And, not for love's regret.

Spring is past encroaching
The summer has gone, and then...
Winter is fast approaching
That dead season, my life begins.

                            Timothy I. Brumley

Details | Classicism | |

Flight of Fall

As I lay one sullen autumn morn
on pearl dew turf with the day unborn
staring at the grey grimacing sky
with the mood and moment not quite high
sepulchral static wherever I looked
when my dreary dizzy gaze was hooked
at a lone leaf's death-descent down
to join its wilted kin on ground
then a sudden silent slithering breeze
deprived me of my warmth and ease
and the disturbed withered shroud of Fall
hustled revived in a rustling brawl
hurled and curled in the fading mist
till the whispering winds chose to desist
but Nature lies dead once again
until the wind resumes,retrieves restrain
and I know this flight of life is brief
for I'm none other than a fallen leaf.

Details | Ballad | |


I am the face of misery
My life, a dissonance of autumn and spring,
The years are written in the same
Lugubrious, nostalgic grey
How can it be the author to blame?
I cannot scream this all away…
Burn nor Bleed this all away…
To Death I am Ordained

Lacuna ever growing
With Velvet sheets of life flowing
Aeons apart of my "royalty"
Under the mask the cannot see...
Can you dispel this tragedy:
Antigone - Epiphany failing

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

No words of hope
No words of hate
Do I have Lenore to send to me:
The sordid child of Thebes
Caught In the longest nightmare
life - the slowest way to die

I know this is my life 
But I'm not under control
under the mask the will see
Just Another Human

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

If it must be…
Then just kill me,
(Antigone) sing me out of reality;
I wear this dissonant crown of shame
(Antigone) Of a kingdom's disdain
I hate to be this way... normalcy's bane
(Antigone) Here comes the edict, to blame
The sordid child of Thebes,
This is me,

Can you dispel my life; this tragedy?
Can you control the storm in my mind?
I'm asking you: can you rid me
Of The Curse of Antigone?

Details | Free verse | |

Autumn gold

Autumn gold 

on TV - the weather – guy 
predicted enthusiastically

a lot of sun and a blue sky
beautiful warm late summer days 
during the upcoming autumn break

he did not know
for sure
he did not lie

the ticking on the window
sings a different song
the clouds are sharing 
nothing but rain

I have to go out
before the rain stops
into that wet world
into the cold

would it help
if I remembered
would it be different 
if I could touch
the autumn leaves
made of sunny  gold 

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2011-12

"Just" complaining about the weather..... or??????????

Third prize winner @ Poetrysoup-conest Üp in the Air" November 2012.

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The Wound

When my mother died
My craving eyes rained
And tormented soul cried
Blood sucked and energy drained

The sky fell, the sun eclipsed
It was a horrifying dark day
The fragrant breeze turned into easterly wind
O God! Orphaned at the age of twelve, why say

The spear of loneliness pierced my heart
Causing deep bleeding wound
Pointed at me was misfortune’s dart
All my hopes and aspirations drowned

Seasons came and seasons went
In the desert of heart autumn never changed
Gardens were filled with bloom’s scent
The butterflies with colors artfully arranged

My heart remained a symbol of despair
No one ever shared my grief
My cancerous wound alone to bear
I searched and searched but no relief

(Winner in the Member Contest of Destroyer Poet judged on 6-20-2012)

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The Sacrifice of the Forest

haven't laughed much lately
the sound just doesn't hold the same meaning
not when the trees taunt me by dropping their leaves
making me think it's alright to sit quietly, bleeding

death comes so easily for them
and i sit watching each fall with such envy
my autumn has come and gone, and I'm still here
the leaves never have to stay long enough to feel this empty

i sit and imagine myself as one of them
tired and weak, falling, floating, letting go
not having to explain why i couldn't stand up to the wind
everyone understands that I'm just making room for others to grow

letting my life into the soil, finally serving a purpose
what a sense of accomplishment that would be
i can almost taste the anticipation i would feel while falling
knowing that more deserving ones will be able to live because of me

the human existence is far more complicated however
and i find myself staring at the forest in shame
knowing that their death is more noble and self sacrificing
than this self centered depression that i should just try and tame

I manage to peel my mind off the forest floor
amidst all the martyred leaves i wanted so desperately to become
i breathe in the life they have given up and decide
that i can't leave with so much yet to be done

Details | Blank verse | |


I have never 
Actually seen all this,
I just fantasize 
In theme parks and pubs,
During an Alumni picnic,
Or while exiting bookshops.

Dreamland concoctions,
Warehoused in letters 
After mundane names
Inherited from 
A not so erudite father,
I would have the blood pumped in,
What goes out
Must, after all be replaced.

Lines and phrases
Twisted through history
This way or that,
Like autumn leaves
In a tornado of dust,
On a sunny day.

Sounds tell me
That life has woken up,
Time for cotton wool
In kidney trays,
Time for squirrels 
To gather nuts.

They will open
This sarcophagus
After me, beyond me,
Let the wisp escape the willow,

They will gather dust.

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

Tragic Feather

Oh, tragic feather what is thy tragedy
No longer freedom gay or certian loft
How is this thy new translation
From a majesty, unto a wing thou hath mighty dropped

Were thou thus, shunned, cast away 
Or merely, cut out or off
As limb from downward spiral angel
Perhaps, a troubled finch or insanity in wayward hawk

Lie, if thou must, be it amidst a deafening silence, lonesome soft
But, I plead, please tell me fallen feather, what hath befallen thee
Thy tuft to ne’er evermore touch again
What life should be, warmth of the summer's breeze

Sleep, sleep now 'neath the alley's gutter greys 
Catching Weeping Willows damning drops
Adrift as the drowning lily dying
In seas of the myriad scattered rots

An accomplice I shall say, within a winter's willing white
And alas, buried ordinary in this doth the corpse delight
Far beneath the crowds held at bay and forever lost
Now thou hath become the naked grove of wicker and then...
                                   the more of naked souless crops

Details | Free verse | |


It makes no sense to 
Withdrawals what left with yesterday
Anonymous love...
We await the return of the dead,
Wondering what is it on the other side!!
Yet.. Nobody comes, and nobody speaks to us,
Silence overnight,
Without croaking frogs, without sparkling stars..
Only an abstract panel, 
Where the sky with the earth join in the line of sight
Hunger for beauty,
An explosive eager attached to the shoulders of gods,
While funeral prayers embrace yellow autumn leaves.. 
Then I asked you: do you remember when we infiltrated beneath the scrolls of time?
Ambigous destiny awaits my love
Oh, I got my soul in after life...

Details | Haiku | |

Barren Scene Seen

Barren branches show Invisible camouflage Leafless season seen .

Details | Free verse | |

The rebirth of beauty

A rose peals amidst a gloomy fog.
The fall of rosy red peddles guided down
streams of tears, dyed red with blood. 
Separated peddles wish to amalgamate again.
A naked stem full of thorns, beneath the moons loom.
A rose once crowned with a red flourishing 
bulb of pulchritude. Lugubrious peddles blown
in the fierce balmy winds. Staining the air with
vibrant red notes of sadness. Spread
 abroad this torn beauty, drifting in the balmy winds.
The arid autumn leaves becalm the rose
peddles and says, true beauty is the rebirth of beauty lost

Details | Imagism | |

Something good

The smell of coffee: hot and bitter in the cold winter night 
With the rhythm in the left hand and the rhyme in the right, 
He wrote a poem in his secret pocket,
A wistful star like a speedy rocket
Ready to leave this planet intense blue
In search of other traces of life anew.
He remembered after mother had died,
In the cold touch ,stalagmites and stalactites cried.
Father and son felt a strong taste for sweets.
As in the sunset, the blind boatman meets
With an awkward touch the water`s ring
But generally they needn`t to eat anything
For a while they rested an extraordinary team:
Father insistently (sometimes boring) told him
All his recollections:childhood,war and the rest…
All muscles and teeth pressed hot, like ice on the crest.
The son learnt them by heart, and later
He would retell them to father, even better…
One was on duty to wash the dishes;
The other tried to follow his wishes…

Their only joy was to read and read and read…
One had to cook at home ,and to bake the bread
In a bread factory:He was happy even when he was sad.
He could recognize each bread: All his loafs were bad.
He was like Chaplin in “New Times”.
He was speaking in figures and rhymes.  
He wore a monk beard and father was much more younger.
Looking through the window: grey hunger and anger …

At the weekend, he used to ask his father 
About the favourite meal, but rather
He would find a surprise the next day.
Each day was windy winter and grey…

Father had the same touching answer:”Something good”.
In the strange interference ,water and fire ,one was rude.
Solitude  was their common friend stealing in like a lizard,                                       
But, in the afternoon they played sweeping their courtyard.
They had leaves in autumn and snow in the winter.
The sky was grey without sun, the clouds were bitter.
Father was counting the leaves, in the old horizon
The son was painting the days ,in the cold horizon.

The war with the falling down leaves fighting hard 
With red faces like an inveterate drunkard .
And years after his father met his final hope,
The son would stop in front of  the sweets shop , 
Ready to buy recollections as Christmas tree sweets.

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Forget me nots

I stood in the midst of a meadow, 
as an autumn breeze swayed its flaxen hair. 
The last  flush of sun was giving way 
to a peach blossoming evening sky, 
readying the day to lay and replenish,
beneath the strokes of night.

As it unfolded around me, 
I watched with hungry eyes, 
as visions of you etched upon a lowering cloud, 
slipped by in outstretched shadows,
out of reach of my trembling hand; 
for dreams still held you captive within its grasp.

I held myself with tired arms,
repeating sighs, choked on sadness,
as my heart grew gossamer thin; 
another tear stained page stored in memory;
painful forget-me-nots.


Details | Kimo | |


Hot sun-kissed days--- fled and rolled far away. . . . 
Crisp coolness saturates air
Brink to life and decay?

Pumpkins so yellow; melons so mellow
Gnomes appear; fat harvest fills
Crown AUTUMN: queen of year!

Dancing wind ~ jazzy blows, leaves on branches. . . .
Rainbow shower foliage
Trumpet dazzle of death?

(c)Olive Eloisa 7:14pm June 17, 2014
CONTEST NAME: 1 in 4: Choose your Season, Choose Your Form SPONSOR: ANDREA DIETRICH placed 6th .. :D ** made little change to my third line after judging to correct the wrong syllable count.. :D!

Details | Free verse | |

passion and persuation

The Illuminating path's Serenade my Vision, The Blindening Rays of faithful horizon leap into me, Our Memories of togetherness clasp me to the loop of life, still I am lusting to cross-over and meet the Chaismatic-End!! After which,our souls will intertwine and remain in enlightened glory forever! Life had been an autumn full of blossoms, My love lay in my arms in unrequited glory, life was a maze of puzzled quotes, the dooming evil recruited you into its gloomy shadows, and i learn't my first chapter about death. DEATH is a slow poison gushing through time and seeping through seconds, Blistering a thousand souls, abandoning a many infants, sucking away the more needed ones, Thwarting pain and inflicting illicit wounds. BUT losing hope means losing "US" At a jerk,our infancy angel crosses over with warmth, And the hallucinating illuminating paths fade away!! And i realize my quest in this unfarthomable journey, TO LIVE,LOVE AND SUCCEED DEATH!!

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Freedom lost

Here in the autumn of year 2012
I mourn freedoms lost as do many other of my countrymen 
I mourn the loss of these freedoms; blindly legislated away
Freedoms that our fathers fought and died to win and knew so very well
I weep for our children that know not what has been taken from them
Freedoms taken from us or simply given away in the name of security
Freedoms forsaken in the name of security is also a chain that tightly binds
These many chains cast upon us will eventually lead us into bondage 
In bondage none will raise a voice for they want not for anything
Wanting for nothing but for the freedom that was given away

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Autumn Fog

Remember when it hovered there,
Skimming the brutal ground?
A translucent veil - Never blocking the sun, 
But softening its glow. 
It parted when we passed, 
Mist retreating to our little sides. 
We pretended we were spirits 
Lost in the places spirits go -
Wading through the heavens,
Worlds deep in tangled fantasy.
Until reality eroded our game, 
Melting the clouds away. 
But I was never sad - no, 
Never sad when it cleared,
For it revealed majestic Autumn -
Quietly perfect, much like you.
And every year I wade through fog,
Tears falling with the leaves,
And think of you.

Details | Rhyme | |


The wound is barely visible to the naked eye,
Yet the pain still lingers in my mind.
As the autumn days dawdle by
In the heart there is no peace to find.

The autumn hues of memories fall
In shapes of abstract art.
I search for the most perfect one of all
The memory that stands apart.

I scrabble through the heaps of gold
As winds of pain, make them dance.
Years of stories now untold
In my heart they swirl and prance.

On the barren branches of my heart
Rowdy birds of thought gather together,
Deciding who should stay, who depart.
Memories of you will linger forever.

Details | Lyric | |


I lie awake in my bed
Staring at the spring stars above my head
I can't take me to sleep
I've been feeling so nostalgic
I've been missing all your magic
and what they do to me

I let the autumn rain drench my body
It's no use admiring the raindrops on my feet
I've been missing your smile that is oh-so sweet

How many seasons must I have to wait
When will you come back to me, oh, I feel so sick
I feel like a small child waiting, dreaming, wishing
When will I see you again

Winter wind has me curling under your favorite quilt
You got me melting even with your scent
I've been listening to our kind of love song
This is the one we both used to sing along

Summer lights up the sky
It doesn't soothe me and i wonder why
I don't need a therapy
Just bring it back, the you and me

How many seasons must I have to wait
When will you come back to me, oh, I feel so sick
I feel like a small child waiting, dreaming, wishing
When will I see you again

How many seasons must I have to wait
Must I believe that what we have is fate
How many more monsoons have yet to pass
How many miles more before this would last

Come home to me, Come home to me
Don't think about it and just come home
Come home to me

Details | Narrative | |

Up Late

-Inspired by my temporary English instructor, Mr. Phinizy <3
Evening had diminished to night; how very quickly did She fly It is funny how quickly time passes, as if our brains tweak the clocks of life The night was of moderate warmth, and my house suffered terribly still And with the stifling heat inside, many hot questions filtered through my mind I asked myself, Where did the summer go? Why must our suns die? Why is it sweltering in September? Why has sudden anger blown her aside? I really need some sleep, thought I, looking at my face through the murky glass Tracing dark circles under my eyes, I was reminded of sagging Death longing to ensnare me Yes, Death followed me that night, dwelling upon me, boiling away the autumn breeze As I looked into my sleep-deprived eyes, I knew Death waited for my ultimate slumber, When all commemoration of time, that flew so rapidly before, suddenly just…stops. With many a sigh, I turned on the faucet, soaking my hands in the cool, flowing water I needed some relief from the heat…I needed a refreshing new idea, I needed cleansing Anything to clear my mind of the negativity daring to break me every day of my life For such depressing thoughts spewed forth like a wild river, the rapids racking my brain But these waters were not living; they were dead and hot like blue blazes of hell I turned off the faucet, for there was no Balm on this earth to sooth this soul There was no clock on this earth tweaked enough to return me to earth The warm breezes, the sickly pale cast of many thoughts had driven Her away And though the everlasting sleep of Death sounded soothing, the Balm does not assuage me… It only burns forever, in obstinate constancy; angered to the core, That night stuck in this fractured rhyme of time, I was up late…too late

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You and I

You and I.


Your heart blazed,
with a warmth of spirit,



soaked in truth.

Your smile burned,
branding me permanently,



enveloping my being.

Your love was complete,
from the depths of your soul,


yet fierce,

bathed in silent knowing.

Your dreams were poetic,
fluttering in the afternoon breeze,
infused with the distilled essence of rhyme.


I squandered your generosity of spirit.

I vainly discarded your priceless poems.

Now I stand,




wasting away,

rotting inside, day by day.

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Trees of a Dreary Autumn

Trees of a Dreary Autumn 
Arabic poem by: Saad Yassin Yousuf*
Translated into English by:
Inaam Al-Hashimi (Gold_N_Silk)

At a light
Said to be "dawn" We got to the shoulder of the Sea book;
Our wrecked boats were floating 
As wood stained by bloody waves,
Heads of children slaughtered
By the voracity of a false 
Prophet, Eyes yearning farther than the kingdom of light,
Wooden pencils robbed of their sun color,
Withered flowers,
Pictures of palm trees, standing
Drunk on the cliff, waving to other banks,
Butterflies that lost their color of light, 
Remains of time, 
Cut-off- ears and marks of defeat.
A beach shoulder crying over the nests of its seagulls 
Mumbled:" A cheap spring 
Is what the miracle doves 
Have paid their throats a price for its singing!!! “
I loosened the ties for my steps,
But I stood as if pinned to the ground;
I tossed away the moment, in which I bereaved my sea,
And went on flirting with
The fuzz of my dreariness.
The couriers of death, 
Still in haze black jackets, 
Raised a mast stained with clay mixed in
Oil of desires; 
It’s a spring chocked with the blood of flowers, 
Smoke of the lost horizon, 
Pirates and autumn
Branded with palms 
Stained by the blood of a grassy dream
Beneath a cloud of straw
And ashes......
The sap rising in it stopped to green and give colors 
To the branches of dreariness.
Oh! How reckoning troubled us
With all that comes with it;
The jars in its coffers
Are full of
Forgotten pains, 
Fear of the moment, 
Broken wings, 
Songs shattered in the voice 
Of reed pipes trying to play it, 
And days of spring
That turned into
Trees of a dreary autumn.
 Translation by: 
Em. Prof. Inaam Al-Hashimi (Gold_N_Silk)
 March 6, 2013
 * Saad Yassin Yousuf is a poet from Iraq
Link t0 the original poem In Arabic :

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Ultimately Sadness

The song she sang of morning, sweet with life,
And how she walked the mountain ridge to bathe
  Her flawless form in sparkling springs;
Blackberry hair fell sleek to statue shoulders,
Pale and marbled breasts brushed by the strands,
  Her parted lips sighed of wondrous things.
Eyes that glowed of chestnuts, glittered
Flecked with glints of rain and melting ice,
  Blazing sheen of autumn fire;
And the smile, spreading arc of sensuality,
Wrenched the hearts of men with sweetest pangs,
  Invested them with tenderness, desire.
All the world bowed down, her intellect and beauty,
Young and as close to perfection’s ideal
  As the earth could hope to hold;
But ultimately sadness, the black spot, mushroomed,
Nestled hidden in her brain - it took her out one day
  And laid her rest when life grew cold.

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The beauty I see in things 
makes me so sad....
For when I find something beautiful,
It may never be quite that way again.

A summer day
an autumn breeze
a color in a sunset....
your warm hand held in mine.

Why do i still hear your name....
in my head....
so tired.....
almost dead.

My soul still whispers to God for you 
without me even thinking....
So thoughtless,
sadly dreaming. 

That sweet old dream of being in your arms 
my frame stood secure in yours
You were thin and warm and sturdy.....
soft coat of yours so cozy.................
Your face emanating ‘happy’....

Too soon, you began to fade away......
In tears I closed my eyes 
and held on tight.....
Oh, I couldn’t bear to watch you disappear again
But I felt it, all right.....

Your memory....
I’ll stuff in the dark of my mind 
in an ebony box
And keep it so tightly shut....
Tied with a long, dripping ribbon of blood

And thus my healing has begun.....
But I’ll still be on the run.........

No love deserves to live so long...
then die alone, so painfully.
Never again will this soul feel so trapped---
so helpless----

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Innocence Lost

Can innocence lost
Be ever returned
Or a heart, tainted and broken
Be cleansed, made whole once more?

Can a tree, longing for summer's warmth
Summon its leaves from cold autumn grounds
To return to naked branches
That it may feel joyful and alive again?

Can a child, disillusioned
Relive broken dream
Changing fate
To find naivety return?

Can joy be had in innocence lost
Or beauty be discovered, resting in sadness?
When birth of spring and warmth of summer pass by
Till all that remains is the still and quiet of winter
Will warmth be rekindled?

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Suicidal Nightmare of the Depressed Husband

(just a poem, don't be worried about my well-being :p)

Beautiful architecture form the walls of home
Wide-open spaces for my loyal dogs to roam
Sapphire blues and ruby reds line the borders of my garden
Freshly polished Corvette in the driveway is truly a vision

My children sleep through the night until morning
Safe, tucked in, dreaming of bright futures to come
Faithful slumbering wife who won’t leave without warning
A man should be happy with all this, but I am numb

Depression trumps my emotions like a savage tyrant
As though happiness and joy have become absent
Not even the wonders of an autumn walk through the forest
Inspires me to try to live until next August

I’m a selfish man when it comes to life and death
It’s my life to live and my life to take
My finger gently lowers onto the trigger as I take a breath
Nausea and dizziness take over as I suddenly awake

My wife asks if I’m ok as the sweat drips down my face
Utterly speechless, she takes my hand in embrace
I explain the nightmare and how it’s not so much an illusion
We agree to seek help to avoid the once inevitable conclusion

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The Lonely Road to Adoption

 IRREFUTABLY, this 2001 wrongful adoption odyssey should rate as America’s “one to show for the ages;” or at least until the next millennium! 

“This placing happened in that year’s autumn of season - yet, it actually had begun 
around the century’s turn without rhyme or reason. It had cut a swath across 
America by way of telephone poles, lonely back roads and flew higher than from 
where a raven crows! It weathered Colorado’s January bitter cold, right on through 
the state of Michigan’s lake effect windblown snow, with no return address - and all 
before life’s given first breath!”
                                                                   An Unknown Father

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Distant African Nights

Those Distant African Nights...


The shadows swayed in your candlelit room,

a cool breeze teasing your bare back,

streaks of lightning forked in the Johannesburg night,

as my hands stroked your hair,

kissing your soft mouth,

holding you,

ever so tight.


You whispered that you loved me,

and I kept silent,

the rain fell, 
shadows danced,
thunder rolled,

the breeze teased your naked back,

you whispered that you loved me,
as my lips found yours,

the rain washed over our tender nights,

lightning and candlelight,

etching poems on your burnished skin,


a fear gnawed at me,

deep within.


We parted ways,
and you could never forgive me, you said,

now, after numberless thunderstorms,

the rain that falls,

echo the countless tears that I have shed.


You are long gone,

far away,

happy, I pray,

yet the memories persist,

those precious moments shall never, 

like the Jo'burg rains,
trickle away,

and I wish you well,
for loving me as you did,

for it was I who was not worthy,


and it is I who is not worthy,



You were always true,

it was I who always,


refused to,

to give myself,

completely to you.

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We boomers, as our generation’s called,
have lived through two seasons, considered great,
during which our values were overhauled --
The Summer of Love and Autumn of Hate.
Both brought us together and gave us hope.
In the face of injustice, both were staged --
the first, a celebration with free dope,
the other a tragedy that enraged.
We were innocent in ‘Sixty-Seven;
we saw world violence and were appalled.
Our attitudes changed by Nine-Eleven;
we sought revenge, though we were shocked and galled.
While Winter of War passes, may we find
The Spring of Renewal and peace of mind.

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Here comes Autumn's pallid pall-
It stealthily creeps; it silently crawls
Bringing the air of the Season's despair
(For Misery is Comfort, after all)

The changing of leaves, my Psyche aggrieved!
The Fall in all of its Depression
Alas! The lessening light, the worsening my plight-
My face- a somber expression...

* I suffer from "Seasonal Affective Disorder", hence the reason I wrote this

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Three truant scholars spending our sabbaticals
in crisp Colorado, we all re-read Walden,
dared to drink from streams so icy clear
the fish seemed suspended in mid-air.
Our flimsy nylon shelters shielded us
from what weather there was to worry on,
as summer slipped to autumn
and autumn waned winterward.

We walked well-wooded hillsides
of mixed conifers and broadleaf;
in deep drafts we breathed the earthy air,
interpreting the dent and trace of tracks.
Four full years past we trekked those trails
through stands of timber frequented by fox,
by birds, by deer -- and by growling grizzlies.

Now, when my son hugs his honey bear,
red-jacketed, black-button eyed,
I see the hellish maw, the blooded claw,
of the brownish-yellow raging beast
that tore off my arm and maimed two sages,
amid the yellow quaking aspen
where, yet, that gory grizzly ages.

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He was ten years old this year
Although he's not around,
He didn't get to play,
Or to hear a single sound.

He didn't know of laughter
And he never read a book,
He never saw a sunrise
Or played beside a brook.

He new nothing of baseball
Or exciting hockey games
He never had a chance,
And he never had a name.

He didn't know of Birthdays'
Or  Christmas white with snow,
He didn't know when Winter comes
That autumn has to go.

In a city hospital
As the morning light grew near,
One medical procedure
Made sure he wasn't here. 

Lynn Barany

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hello! hey! boungiorno! what is the date?/
this world of dimensions created duality/
no letters/ no words/ are enough to express/
someone like you/ in reality/

i filled all your emptines/ MY still quiet bay/
as Jhon opened world in his Yoko/
you searched perfect princes/ looked for "right him"/
now at only one overman looking/

i swear/ i will hold you/ as much as i can/
would become all the axes/ and outer space/
voice is speared by the screaming wind/
falling down/ flakes to your place/

going crazy just seeing your knees/
don't regret anything/ my Benito/
unbelievable/ perfect/ unbearable/
you whisper/ "la comedia e finita"//

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on missing the talented young John Keats

My friend, so young your countenance remains
When word’s cold death exacted Britain’s pain
In one brief moment quill caressed page,
papyrus breathed to life, precocious sage.
When first I gazed upon your stanzas long
mesmerizing trance from an angelic song.
A thing of beauty is the ink once spilled
in Eton’s courtyard ‘ere long days were filled.
Unending dream of dear Endymion’s sleep
imbued my soul in verses piercing deep.
Bright stars like flowers and far-off Ganymede,
ethereal seems real as what was real recedes
and tides of dusk creep slow upon night’s shore.
I, upmounted by your winged fancies flew,
a star-filled flight among the heavens new,
and silvery moon, which never burnt so bright
upon the shimmering waters of this night.
From Latmos’ Isle no stranger urges birthed
into mythic worlds of gods and fairies’ mirth.
When lore and love released their final breath
the heavens dimmed, as if to honor death
and stillness hung thick in English moors,
despair lurked yet close behind dread’s doors.
How long endured the object of your gaze
Fair Brawne, whose aura obsessed days,
did she, as we who grieve now centuries past
shed tear on tear, romance of Autumn last?
Having tasted, what remains on earth to weep?
For those who love, your beauty never sleeps.

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Within Me

Within Me

Flowing through the rivulets of my everyday thoughts,
memories of you surface, gasping for air, breathing in,
permeating, absorbed by the pores of my ageing skin.

Famished, greedily gulping mouthfuls of fractured life,
awash in distant yesteryear, when your feathery kisses,
banished the vacuum, dispelling my anguish and strife.

You are eternally carved, and embroidered into my soul,
I wash ashore, smashing against the boulders of the now,
seeking solace, begging for absolution with my empty bowl.

The book of fate is sealed shut, the tea-leaves have been read,
nothing remains within me, the burden of smiling has been shed.

Now I am stranded, between dreams and the empty years ahead,
searching for forgiveness, in the miles I have yet to wearily tread.

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How To Build An Atomic Bomb

First you march through fields--
Green, but choked with weeds.
Until one day chance drops the Bomb
And the world explodes before your eyes.

Never have radar eyes seen beauty
Like this, the fire lily in spring,
Pyrotechnics bursting forth from petals
And the sweet napalm nectar heart.

Tender small hands
Softer than pillows of snow--
Look with adoring eyes, but never touch.
Such miracles are easily shattered.

Next you must be silent, soldier
 on through sun and sleet.
Look on with a distance at her still.
Sip vineyard wines and lob grenade glances
As the summer’s smirking captain burns her,
And she is dying of a most miserable thirst.
But I have no water left in my canteen…

Lost, but such a thing gained
From naval expeditions into the murky brown twin pools
That shimmer like umber ghosts in the raining moonshine.
But leave before sunrise—the place is forbidden
For men of such stature, of such a character.
Step aside for the hulking boars,
Who will pluck each of her lovely petals
One by one, and stamp them dead in dirt.

Then be still, self-appointed guardian.
Polish off those beers and brood.
But be ever alert should she call.
If the invasion comes, the only gun
She may have to kill is you.
Accompany her on breezy walks
Attempt to humor, but disclose no more.

Simply hang in gardens of babble on and on
Where the only words you speak are Sanskrit to her.
And when the cavalries of autumn winds pillage through,
She will have nothing to shield her from the beatings.
 So close, I am still too far away, and would give away 
my position out in the open.

Remember the gentle beauty, her voice.
Every laugh, every lethal saltwater tear,
Every moment you would kneel beside her
And be more tender than Mother Nature herself.

But at last when winter comes you make the choice
For she needs a man to keep her warm
The night grows cold, the stars smile sinister
 the field is buried in the blackness of time,
that awful plague without a cure.
You may dream to storm the frosty beaches
 And pluck her from her very roots;
Take her off her feet, in hopes 
Of saving her, the only fire lily in the field.

But with a frown, she bows her head
Turns away, withers and dies.
The fire lily in spring, there smolders
In cigarette ashes.

So you stay under cover, and leave the field,
Afraid to turn and look again.
For time has worked hard for months
Building the atomic bomb
That verges on exploding in your heart.

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Visible Breath

Autumn comes I stand watching the leaves..thinking
The breath leaves my body unseen
But as the mercury drops and as I ponder my place.
I notice all I think all I feel.
Right there on the window before me.
To others it's just a mist caused by cooling or heating or both.
A chilhood whimsical game"oh boy look it's cold"
To me that mist is all, your name , your face, Our time.
I want to wipe it away this physical aberation of all unseen in my heart.
I see it all the pain the love the heartache everything in a small whitish cloud on a simple window.
My hand reaches pauses  oh so this is what you look like.
Oh if it was so easy to be done.
The mist fades rapidly with every lonely wasted breath. Making an apperance oh so briefly.
What ever course I take to wipe away or to gently touch the mist.
Would this breath on the window which taunts me so relay back to my damaged soul see its gone you'll be ok now or see how it welcomes your touch?
welcome to the world for all to see.
Hidden by the sun most of the time.
My fingers glide through the vanishing mist, I flash back to your cheek beneath my fingers.
Goodbye my love, goodbye my pain, goodbye to the only proof I have left of you.
But at peace I am.
I know now what I did not before.
Your not invisable your their in my breath.
Kissing the crisp Autumn air with me.
And all I have to do is breath.
And my visible breath will show me all I feel is real as real as the mist on the window

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Like a magic lantern lit against the curtain
of my quivering eyes, I return to the night
when autumn was sweet to us, and shut out
the rising tide of winter so that we could pretend
we had fallen into a second spring,
where trees did not bloom but turned to fire
and the rains were gentle kisses from the sky
and we could see our breaths, but we never felt
we needed more protection than a jacket meant
for summer nights, and the occasional embrace
from someone who wanted you beside them.

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Autumn Breeze

   A whisper of beauty sets to the night
In ancient time of Autumn breeze
A flightless feather to soar the sky
Records the silent echos of sorrow
Carries through on seasonal change
Keeping time with history's eye.
   A feather passes a tear filled eye
The sacrifice before the night
The day of blood held in the breeze
As a gentle wind through summer sky
Pierced by the blade of sorrow
The Holy man of change.
   New land wandered for man to change
A wishful time to England's eye 
The eagle spies the foot step night
The pilgrims beyond the breeze
As children cry to burn the sky
A massacred Indian sorrow.
   A black man echoes sorrow	
The pain of life to change
Freedom from the blood stained eye
His cry seeks out the night
Caressed by Autumn breeze
As another feather floats the sky.
   Blood stench streams in horrid sky
The bodies of broken sorrow	
The feather sights upon the change
As delusions form in hatred eye
Secrets under night
Their souls become the breeze.
   Reaching upon the new day breeze
A scrape of cloud and sky
A world united in mornings sorrow
The view of landscaped change
Laments cry the tearful eye
Through restless lonely night.
   Unto the land of darkened night
The feather of recorded sorrow
A moments break awaits, the next Autumn breeze.

     September 25, 2008

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Autumn's Chilling Blaze

Autumn's Chilling Blaze

The trees blaze as if on fire

the Autumn breeze plays the leaves

A song of times passing lightly falls

on ears & eyes & mind & soul.

Lazy days of Summer's past

the chilling fire of Autumn's blast

The air turned crisp & cool flows

over the land, spreading color to gently swaying branches.

A small boy shuffles through the color

the sound of laughter echoes down the lane

Times like these ease the pain &

the loneliness makes room for awe.

A landscape transformed as if touched

by a painter with a thousand brushes.

At night the moon shines

Bright, Big and Real

The wind rolls clouds

over his face

A chill is felt by body and soul

A season's past…

A small boy laughs…

A man cries…

A dream is done.

rlm '85

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It' s  all numb ,its all numb.
Feelings  are gone.
Crumbled to pieces.
Walked the autumn roads.
Thinking of someone to hold.
On the lonely roads. 

It's all numb ,it' s all numb.
It's all numb ,it' s all numb.
Turned back........
Gulmohar  leaves felt like own.
Every autumn they left grounded
Even  being trees  soul.........
They uttered  "you 're just a 
small human "......
We have to perish every autumn 
and left alone........
After being a soul to someone......
"You -re just a small human"........
It's all numb, it's all numb.

You came alone,you have to live alone. 
There is no one to hold.
Palms met those leaves.
And those leaves fled away.
To live alone.
Thought me to live alone

It's all numb ,it' s all numb
It's all gone, it's all gone. 
    now its all gone.

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Come Autumn

"Come Autumn, come Autumn,
Paint the world!
Trees, give me gold,
And riches unfurled!",

The poor man sang,
in a pile of leaves
under the Autumn trees,

The branches digest,
And the gold fell down
Upon the man's happiness,
And all around

And for once,
The man in rags
showered with gold,
was rich.

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I got that feeling you are not love me anymore
Your kisses are as hot and cold as before
Where the reflection of San Francisco’s pier
Brings nothing to you such illusion of lightsome
I fear soon it would be over upon the warm I keep.

Courtville’s home might split in half
The cars might follow the shame
And a court battle has just begun.
Oh, God, believe me! I’m going to fight to death
To give domestic life another paramount twist,
Scream if it’s necessary but my little boy isn’t going
With her.

You blame me for all and for what it is no there
Like the time I write and make you within my limits
Nothing I could do to change color and vain
But my little boy, the one you have given to me
From the last autumn isn’t going to live with that ugly bull of yours.

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Where do I go from here

The sun was hidden on the autumn seasons
And the wind whistled in their sadness song
The leaves start to fall scattered on the ground
They are like the memories that blew inside my mind
I bended my knees and pick them one by one
Hoping I could picture them in my palm

A long and wading road that I had to walk on
Following the footsteps that I could not be seen
It was vanished by the golden leaf of autumn
Here I am alone sat on a bench of memory lane
I kept wondering why, thinking I was lost and gone
Hoping for tomorrow, I will face the rising sun

Where do I go from here?
I don’t had the eyes to see the shades of green
Everything is like a shadow of gray
I was alone in this journey
I could not be able to see the beauty of spring
Looking for someone to hold my hands

Sometimes I forgot, how life is beautiful
To face the morning comes to inhale them,
I forgot to feel the magic of the sunrise
The wind that touches me every time I shiver
The rain that washes my pain and sorrow
and enjoys every drop that falls inside my being

Where do I go from here?
I see the lights shining from a distant
I heard voices whisper in my ear
Perhaps, they are the angels that lead me
in this journey within the distant
and search the world, where I belong.

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One of these days

This could have been just another day
To watch the world go by in silence
To stare at the lights 
And  it seems to come from nowhere
And mesmerizing those moments 
You held me in your arms
Perhaps, maybe
 One of these days
The leaves start to fall
And flew into the sky
Like those clouds that ran fast
That can never be hides 
Through the passing wind
As you had promised 
Beyond the highest tower
That has been drowned 
In the ocean of tears

This could have been just another hour
To sit beneath the bridge of stone
And stare the sunset 
And wait for another day
To cross the streets for you to reach out
And find the word goodbye
That I don’t know how
Somehow, one of these days
You’d rather say hello, and
Forget who I am
Like those empty skies
That longing for the stars
Waiting for a long day
To see them dazzling as neon lights
Like those words, you had sworn
For more than a hundred times
That make my heart dance in a glow

This could have been just another minute
To embrace the cold breeze 
That was passed my way 
And to hold the shadow of the sun
Vanishing along within my palm
As holding dreams 
That can never be mined
Maybe, one of these days
I will be as an autumn leaf
That was been forgotten by your heart
That dies in your soul
One of these days
I will be the tress, 
Dancing in the wind
I will be the lights, 
Reflected on water shade
That cannot be held, neither can you feel me

-----August 21, 2010-----

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Love Story

Shame is what I felt when I’ve known you,
‘Cause I thought I need to hate you
But with a glance I dreamt of you,
With just a smile I learned to love you.

Broad shoulders with a good looking face.
Eyes and lashes like those of a doll’s face.
But do I need to love how you look?
Lucky I am you’re not a crook.

Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Things that would describe you.
Rebel but sweet and oh so neat,
Hope that you could see me through.

Fancy I am it’s just a crush,
For I don’t want my heart to crash.
Hurting is not what I meant,
But to be hurt is need to be bent.

Need not to look for a crystal ball,
Or a lady with a Heart of gall.
Deck of cards is not on the list,
It’s just you that I need, and boom! There It Is.

My heart I hope that you’ll accept.
Feelings that are not easy to forget.
It’s just love that I need from you,
To embrace me in your arms as you say I love you.

So true as it is and wish it wouldn’t stop,
For I need someone like you to fill my heart up.
Warmth of your caress is what I need,
For I‘m a needy of your love indeed.

It’s just your hands that would comfort me,
Through rainy days of each morning.
Of autumn and winter, of summer and fall
There’s nothing that would stop me to love and to fall.

The caress I need would fade,
For I do not forget that you’re in a cage.
Committed to someone else is what I Knew
But do I have to wait for you?

The sand fills the glass as days went by.
Waiting for you makes it easy for me to die.
I’ll just lie again so that the pain will end.
Cry again caused by lies that never ends.

Lie to my lips is what I did.
My heart broke again as what I said.
Afraid to sleep again to dream of you.
Afraid to love again because of you.

Moving on now is my task
For there’s nothing much for you to ask.
You just committed a sin with your deed.
You hurt the both of us, of what you did.

Now that you’re in a cage, I won’t trouble.
Because maybe there is someone... like you were doubled.
Wish I could find him and lead me away,
But what’s this? He’s leading me to stay.

I’m not here to stay because I wanted to.
He led me here, because he knows that I love you.
To set me free is what he wants.
Now I have to start again and flip my wand.

To wait for you now is my only choice.
To love you secretly is not  a poise.
Don’t worry I’ll be quiet, for them not to hear,
My feelings for you, for I love you so dear.

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The winds of autumn blow 
Creating change

The crux of the matter
Do I bend or do I break?

Willow knows the truth
She may weep besides waters deep

But she drinks in courage to face the future
And bends when winds do blow

And in her serenity - she survives
'She accepts the things she cannot change'

© Brenda V Northeast 24th Jan. 2011

For Nette Onclaud’s- Serenity response

The Serenity prayer  by Reinhold Niebuhr

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference Amen 

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printed kisses

it's freezing/ the eyelids're drawing near pavement/
leaving the orange blurs on the street/
never thought that the ptinted kisses/
could be ever so tender and sweet/

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It was born in the spring with hundreds of others
with always the closeness of sisters and brothers
As days passed by it grew bigger and stronger
and grew to maturity, a youngster no longer

Days turned to weeks as it basked in the sun
Its colour was beautiful, second to none
Weeks turned to months it now was full grown
and then it produced offspring of its own

Its offspring grew larger and then left the nest
to further the species with all of the rest
Its job was now over its colour was fading
Old age and disease its body invading

And then came the autumn of its short life
A life so productive and full of much strife
Now it was weary its life nearly over
Soon will be time to lie in the clover

As winter approached its kin were all dying
They couldn't hang on despite all their trying
Fewer and fewer of its companions were left
and now it was feeling completely bereft

So now its alone, its companions all gone
Where there were hundreds now there's just one
Now it hangs on alone waiting to die
Its life nearly over 'twill be gone by-and-by

I saw it this morning still hanging around
awaiting its end under the ground
A life full of happiness, sadness and grief
On a tree in the garden hangs the last lonely leaf

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I want the world to burn,
I want to disappear.
I want to stop the pain I feel, 
I don’t want to be here.
I feel overwhelmed,
And wish to die.
Just to feel a simple emotion,
When I cannot cry.
I dream of ending my suffering,
Of slicing through every vein.
But each time I try to escape,
My efforts are in vain.
I dream of emptiness,
Because I cannot feel the joy.
I dream,
But feel no release.
I live a life I destroy.
And each time I cut,
I come closer to what I fear.
I wonder what would happen,
If I let go and lie here.
I’ve often thought of dying,
So much better than crying.
I dream of it,
Like a fantasy.
A dream I want,
But cannot see.
There are so many times I’ve had the chance,
The chance to end it all.
Yet I keep falling,
Falling and failing just to stall.
Maybe I’ll finally make it,
Kill myself and end the call.
Then I’ll find peace and end my endless fall.
But don’t cry for me,
I feel nothing at all.
I’m better off dead,
Than enduring the pain of my brawl.

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Heroes Who Never Die

There has been oh so many
And many are still around
They surround us old and young
For in our hearts they can be found

They can be members of our families
Who inspired us in many ways
It could be a writer on the Soup
Who displayed their way your ways

They could even be in the field of sports
Or even on a movie screen
But the ones who are heroes much more
Are in the places we will never have been

They are the ones who fight for our future
For when they are lost, we cry
They are the ones who lay down their lives
For they are " Heroes Who Never Die " 

Inspired by Bryan Josh of Mostly Autumn who wrote 
   " Heroes Never Die " in memory of his father

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Dear Friend

Dear friend,
Today, I turn the pages of our memories.
Those laughter and tears.
That we have shared for more many years
Those secrets that we hide
underneath the cherry tree.
These photographs I held, and
I used to smile every time I looked at them.
Dear friend,
I've been to the place where we first met
It’s the same old, and new, nothing has changed
like an old book with precious stories.
Every page has a wonderful thing to say
like a laughter that remains on air
They’re sounds like music in my ear
A symphony of our yesterday.
Dear friend,
I plow our memories that blanket by autumn leaves
on this mango tree 
And its branches look so droopy.
But there’s a last leaf-standing firm on a trunk
That forgotten, as the time goes by.
Like this friendship buried from the shadow of past
Thou, I know it will never last.
Dear friend,
Remember the summer skies. 
Those butterflies that landed in our hands,
The kites that we ever flew,
In these green fields of our childhood memory,
We were children once before
When the trees were tall, and we were small
And now we are tall and the trees fall.
Dear friend,
Autumn was come
and the leaves started to fall,
I can’t count the hours, how long I've stood here.
Waiting for your presence.
That you have promised you will come.
The wind whistles like your soft voice,
I feel the heavenly touch on my face.
Dear friend,
You never told me that you are leaving
Along with the clouds pass by
Together with the angels, flew in the sky.
Like the waters that flow freely back to the sea.
Like a wind that danced on its own.
But your soul still live inside of me,
You will always be my special memory.
Dear friend,
I wrote you a letter sealed with my tears
Saying take care, I miss our funny deeds.
Id rather be sad,
And my heart is in grief.
But somehow I’ll be happy then.
That once in my life I had you as my friend
Dear friend, you will always be my best friend.

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Almost Free

I grew up in a garden paradise
large white house in the country
sheltered by ancient oaks and naievity
passed idyllic days in childhood bliss
never ran it much through my mind before

until the day
I walked two hours with my life packed up on my back
set out on a sunny autumn morning
running on a four days empty belly, and some strong black coffee
met a tall, thin man along the way
asked me if I could play the bass slung over my back
I replied yes and he gave me his number

Three quarters of the way there the baby's stroller 
gave one last groan of protest
and buckled under the weight of the bags hung on the handle
spilling everything onto the street

"These things can be kind of tricky,"
said the young man who helped me scoop everything up,
explaining how it used to happen 
when he pushed around his younger siblings.
"See you around sometime,"
he offered up

Later we arrived,checked in at the front desk
no one else knew we were at the shelter
days here are passed aimlessly
in sedated daydreaming
nights are spent shivering with cold
and exhaustion

I can no longer count 
the number of times I've been broken before
(I try not to think about it)
and pieced back together, but never quite the same,
I could tell you how the closet floor smells like mildew
when soaked through repeatedly with tears,
or describe the way his black eyes bulge in anger,
describe how every little fleck and bubble gathers at the corners
when his mouth froths white with hate,
and the vilest obscenities, and how after a while
you start to ask yourself if they're true

Armed with all the pamphlets from the front office
I was gonna do all the right things
they say it takes about five tries before you're successful
but what do you tell to the child who says, "Daddy bad, daddy gone?"
I almost made it this time, and then
He dropped by, told me to pack up my stuff,
we took the bus home
past the place where the young man helped me gather up my life off the road
past the spot where the tall, thin man gave me hope
and his number
- The baby was excited about his first ride 

I'm back in the same old spot again, 
little has changed but time
and knowing that once, just once,
I almost made it I watch the birds out my kitchen window
close my eyes and ...
I'm almost free

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The Still Cadaver

Am still, am at peace

For what I had and What I have

Better than dead, lying like a corpse

Physical pain can’t be felt

Nor any hurdle can stop me more

Look in my eyes and you’ll feel

The Grey shimmer of Death.

Spring is coming for you

But my autumn has yet not past

The cult of joy, the spring has

Seems not to stir my body

From this grave.

Gray scale is leading my life

And soon the black’s gonna raid it forever.

Just a premonition,

so that you fore-go this cadaver.

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Autumns Passing Tears

While lying on my side in bed
I stare through windowpane and shade
And watch the autumn season fade
With every falling golden dead;
And with each leafs descent to ground
A sadness seeps into my soul.
I turn around then lose control
And shed my tears without a sound.
Why must this season loveliness
Take leave from me each passing year
And take with it all I hold dear
And leave me with this emptiness?

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The blind man waited, 
at the intersection, for someone
to help him cross the busy boulevard...
and he was accustomed to live in twilight,
fumbling for a hand on his right;
and he finally found mine!

Judge humanly...not pettily,
you could be in that situation 
and feel abandoned and helpless,
unless somebody extends compassion
and lends that hand in time of need;
only human love can render a good deed!

The orphan girl recognizes a greed so mundane,
her body has grown, so has her world's view;
that person who abandoned her at the orphanage
when icy rain pelted against the foggy windows,
was her own mother that refused to knock on the front door!
She still feels unwanted, unloved and rejected by who,
for some shameful reason, dropped her off and was gone
into the dreary autumn's night to forget her despair!

Judge the pain...not the circumstance
that impels a misguided heart to err;
beneath an appearance of denial,
there's a certain humanity we can't conceive,
and what prompts us to act in unreasonable and strange ways,
is still not quite understood by all;
all we can perceive is the guilt we can't bear,
and the resentful restlessness which shortens this very existence!

The elderly woman, sitting in an old wheel-chair,
waits at the traffic light as the whisking wind
brushes her frizzy and gray hair;
the sunken-cheeked lady is the regular beggar,
whose life has never been mellow,
but full of tragedy and sorrow!
Her frail voice is not insincere, but thankful and kind... 
when I hand her a dollar out of my car's window!

Judge fairly... that could be you standing there,
or someone you love;  fate can be changed if we dare...
we assert truths without clarity and condemn unjustly!
Let's take the mendicant's place, at the same corner, and beg all day;
wouldn't we be humiliated, be scorned or even be ignored
by the glances of passerby that regard us not as their friend?

The run-away teenager with lots of make-up,
looks like a madam out of a brothel,
who tries to hide her identical age by smiling at strangers...
and her trade is that of an inexperienced gal,
unprotected and exposed to many dangers;
and it might cost her life...that's already a living hell!     

Judge not too harshly...when facts aren't known,
and the only assumption rests with our pity;
along the side of the street there are many eyes that weep,
eager to return home, to a home that was so warm and cozy!
And the lucky ones will make until dawn,
others will not open their eyes, but eternally sleep!


The blind man with a steel cane  stooped and waited
for someone to help him across the busy boulevard;
he felt warm sunlight, and wished his sight back without living in darkness,    
then he saw a glimpse of that light when he was touched by my kindness.   
The orphan girl wants to escape, but she is afraid to venture in the outside world
still feeling unwanted, unloved and shivering unable to shield herself from the cold.   
On many rainy nights, she sits by her barred window recalling her frail mom fleeing 
into the Autumn dreary night, and inside she longs for caresses to begin the  healing.
Another teenager, hustles in the dangerous streets of night...she barely 
can walk on high heels, but she endures pain for gain;
her home was blessed with good parents, but she rebelled and ran away... 
she has no choice but sell her body...what will she attain?  
Lend a hand to anyone in time of need,
only human love renders a good deed;
How can we help abandoned babies and run-away
and get rid of all the plagues of our day that infest society?

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Big Sister

If her pain serves to please you
She is all out of words
If her joy won’t amuse you
Her trust will be reserved
She’s begun to realise
That she’s not all at fault
Deep beneath those hate-filled words
She sees your true revolt

Oh such verbal skill you have
Howls harsh reality
As deep beneath the silence
Screams your veracity
Buried ashes of someone
Who hasn’t even wilted
She’s still alive, so don’t give up
Connections are just jilted

Wade through the stupidity
of your churlish stubborn ways
That negative energy
To get you through the days
Rummage for responses
Slave labour you can keep
Contagious as those bitter words
Adrenaline pumps deep

Pull in those reigns that haunt you
Take off your amour now
Bite your nails down to the quick
This hurt you should allow
Be sorry, please recognise
All those wasted chances
Now they’re gone, and it’s too late
All-in wicked glances
Comments shoot straight to the bone
Leave scars the blades so sharp
Immune to those words she’s known
Leave pin pricks in her heart

To peel away in the heat
Leave her raw and exposed
Naked, pour out empty threats
Words are super imposed
Skin etches out the journey
Grows each autumn and spring
Overbearing bitterness 
Twisted comments brewing
You will not admit but some days you miss her
Your partner in crime, your big sister

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Love unreciprocated and sufferings untold,
From eons undated and ages old.
Now, fresh menacing storms lash against me,
The all-bearing leaf of the autumn tree.

And now, hope is drained and faith is low.
And at the pinnacle of pain, I finally let go.
And smiling one last time at my cruel world,
Into the winds, myself, I throw.

My body is blue and my soul is lost.
I merge, 
I merge and become one with the frost. 

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When ever I meet you 
I think that my life is only for you 
There is a home in my heart 
Little but enough to love you 

There is autumn in my city 
So I gathered pale leafs for you 
And freshen  them by my tears 
Might I can blossom them for you 

Leaves on road, and withered flowers 
But lo in my eyes, there is a heaven for you 
Life is colorful, it is the world of colors 
But all the colors are faint before  you 

yesterday I catch a butterfly 
And put into a bottle for you 
Today it has die, and told me from sky 
Beauty is, to see, to amuse ,but not for you 


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Dream Of A Caged Bird

I want to erase this present tense of disgrace
in my life and quietly sway like a night bloom, 
waiting for great Northern stars and the moon
to satiate my spark less eyes and to embrace

Me with their warmest winks. You see, I dream
of morn seagulls, scattered like Autumn leaves 
and wish to share them a breath that still lives
and my imaginative thoughts, sitting on cream 

Summer dawn with a bottle of pungent aroma
for a companion. Let me, please, be me! Erase, 
erase in my life the present tense of disgrace;
let my dream dreams, free from your enigma!

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Life Story

She's out in the rain, on the verge of despair.
The smoke is twirling in fresh autumn air,
Ten cigarettes stand for three-four minutes each.
She's waiting for him - he is out of reach.
At last he shows up: "Hey, I'm sorry I'm late",
She sighs with relief. What a wonderful date!
He looks like a tramp, and she looks like a whore.
A flawless match. They accept and adore
The real each other with no pretending.
But if they could simply imagine the ending!

Some casual sex, brandy, vodka and weed - 
The days of the youth. They are perfect with it.
The twenties will bring unforgettable nights,
Mash notes and roses. She'll be mesmerized
Unless one damned ring is the end of the end -
Routine will ruin their castles of sand.

Today she is only the pride of his pride,
A bit of fluff. Sex? Well, they two never mind.
But they are the victims you can't really blame -
Tomorrow this story will have a new name. 
They'll have their freedom eroded by oaths
Of love, so pristine. I'm sick of them both!
It's time to grow up if it's not way too late -
The concept of love stands for fear and fate.
Love is alcohol multiplied by their tears,
The number of both will increase in some years.

Some casual sex, brandy, vodka and weed - 
The days of the youth. They are perfect with it.
The twenties will bring unforgettable nights,
Mash notes and roses. She'll be mesmerized
Unless one damned ring is the end of the end
Routine will ruin their castles of sand.

Ten years have passed, she is still in despair.
She lies in their bed, breathing close heavy air.
Ten cigarettes stand for three-four minutes each.
She's waiting for him - he is out of reach.
He shows up drunk in his torn baggy clothes,
She leers at him. What a night for them both!
She looks like an ugly and worn-out whore.
They're no more able to love and adore
The real each other with no pretending.
But they had a way to escape from this ending.

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Voices In My Head

You've always been there for me
Never turning your back
Except that one particular time
Where now trust is what we lack

I have forgiven you for your infidelity 
But I’m sorry that I can never forget
The day my heart stopped dead in its tracks
Painful tears soaking my pillow wet

Yet you’ve hurt me worse than anything
I still love you passionately to this day
For you know me better than I know myself
I just wish my broken heart could heal the betray

So many tears and pain you have caused me
Still it doesn't halt my adoration for you my dear
I just needed some time alone to think clearly
But your voice inside my head is all I hear

© Autumn Mae Franklin

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Blue Poetry: Improvision no 1 by Ronald S Porter

blue poetry curls and rises like smoke from a cigarette ' til the air is hazy with fog-like emotion and.. the ambiance shifts perspective on...right and wrong on pleasure and pain loss and gain... nebulous concepts once clear in the mind, appear as seen through gauze. while i pause and reflect on what's been wrecked and what has survived cause Blues is just a feeling feelings change colors like autumn leaves on a tree. deep in Indigo emotion i sit and write Blue poetry and, wait for my change to come.

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Autumn In Life

Traveling sullenly 
Through the worst season
Of my life
I watch hope fall
Like autumn leaves
I stand against the rising chill
And beckon my soul to come
And lift itself out of hibernation
And back to a place and time
When everything had
And it was so bright that the entire world
Seemed familiar and not so 
Strange and forbidding

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Coldly chiming beyond the veil of rain, how hard
It is the shut out the refrain,
Of bells in echoed discord on the mossy wall, from the
Chapel in the graveyard in the fall.

How the village seems to welcome autumn chill, and home
Creeps the darkness from the hill,
As it rolls with fluid stealth into the trees, and whispers
Rattle branches in the breeze.

The resonance of ages sweeps the grass, with breath and kiss
Of times that come and pass,
Where spiders spin their webs that turn to frost, I fear
The transmigration of the lost.

How long will it continue in this vein, the appetites
Of love that must abstain?
And how much will the hungry heart endure, the tainted
Fade of echoes sad allure?

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Hark, The Misfortunate Heart

Time unfolds
Futures untold
The sweet November wind
Of many untamed passions
Will you not share this sweetness with me?
Swiftly, so gallantly 
Lullaby dreams

The walk down the memory
The nearness of your melody
This cryptic sullen meaning
Of vitality is painless

Will you not play another song for me?
Willingly, so desperately
Relentless pain, never leaves
Unchained melancholy
Speak your words so freely
Time, oh wishful star in my dim dark sky

Deep autumn shadows
Please share your strength with me
A heart full of tears 
Pierce my soul with yours alone
A wistful, sorrowful good night

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The Drugs

Last week of my summer break
Hanging with my friends like always
Thats when I stumbled acrossed you
And suddenly I felt my heart grew weak

Instantly I fell in love with you, thats no lie
My soul fell for you as soon as I looked into your eyes
For they looked as though the sun was shining 
directly into them

He looked at me with more compassion
Then I had ever felt
Talking all summer just me and him
About everything and about nothing

What changed that autumn??
Was it your new friends
Because I saw what you did to your old ones
What made you into this kind of monster???

Although I never told you how I felt
I would still stay up at night and cry about it
Then the final day came when I found out the truth
How drugs were destroying the man I loved

From autumn to winter and from winter to spring
I couldn't believe how different you looked
Your eyes no longer shined like the sun
Your muscles weaker than ever before

I knew you were dying, I told you to stop
But you told me you didn't care
I wanted to leave you 
But I knew you needed me now more than ever

Summer comes around, schools are getting out
And off you left, leaving me all alone on this earth
Not even old enough to graduate and yet your gone
I never stopped warning you, but I still feel I'm to blame

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Auf Weidersehen

Auf weidersehen

The autumn frosts strike suddenly
 and blight the last remaining few.
Sweet peas which have so cheerfully
 improved my outlook and my view.
I’m very sad to see them go.
It seems unfair that they must die 
although deep inside I know
 they must: I know the reason why.
They have put on their bravest show
 and stored their images inside
 their seeds. Which will next season grow 
and spread their offspring far and wide.
Although I’m sad I can still smile
 I’ll only miss them for a while.


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Too Soon

Questions rise, when every year
      An instinct tells them Autumn's near

A sign of season's sad farewell
     They form in arrows, numbers swell

In summer breezes, cool of night
      Against pink skies, with wings in flight

Familiar landmarks they recall
      A southern path, a time to go

They know the way, when autumn calls
      A calling voice that we don't know

The geese take wing, their journey starts
     How sad I am to see them part

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Now That I'm Gone

You've broken my heart before 
and foolishly I let you back in 
I know I'm not strong, I'm weak 
But this time I can't let you win 

You never loved me as much as I loved you 
So why when I look at your face I feel so bad 
I wish you could've appreciated me as I did you 
Your excuse now is you didn't realize what you had 

You know how the saying goes 
You don't know what you have until it's gone 
How come I knew what I had all along? 
Now I must find my place where I belong 

I waited for you to change your ways 
Hoping you would so I could forget 
Immensely you have changed for the worse 
Remembering when we first met 

You've been my good friend for five years 
and my distant boyfriend for two 
I'll always love and be there for you 
No matter what I decide to do.

© Autumn Mae Franklin

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Sick Of Crying

We always meet when it’s hot
My heart begins to pound
I wipe the sweat from my brow
It ‘s only if you were for me
I for you

I autumn winds blow whispers
The holidays grow closer
I become so lonely so year after year
It’s all that was meant to be
For you and for me

I am so sick of crying
Hearing the pain
The nearness and pain of yesterday
It was all supposed to be swept away
Then like a strike of a match
The flame burns dry

The emotions that fuel my laughter and desire
Are kicked all aside
Why did you do it
Why do play with my insides

Hey c’mon girl
You know that you know it
It’s either dollar signs or streets of what you can not pave
You bruised a heart
And it is all too real

I am so sick of crying
Tired to feel
I lick my wounds but they will never heal
You will never shed a tear in that heart at bronzed in black
I’m a charcoal reminder until the next one
You will never look back

I’m so tired…..

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I am who this poem is making

I am who this poem is making;
this shy monster beginning to understand
that in life one must release the roar. 
I must surrender to this nameless moment; this consequence of destiny waiting
for the impatient clouds of spring to turn the seasons.
No tomorrow no yesterday, just this naked awakening.
I have dressed myself with this veil of my obligation. I have
drawn it about me like the calmer clouds of June and it is everywhere inside of 
me. I am this silent joy, like summer clouds crumbling to the vague voice of 
autumn sun. I am
poet, poem, poetry, drifting freely like the lonely clouds of autumn not yet 
possessed by that harsher reality.
I am who this fading verse has made and all it has done is meaningless...

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Why would you leave me here alone?
I feel abandoned and unaware
You could have chosen a different path
Leaving your loved ones behind is so unfair

No one had a clue to your tears and mental despair
You always hid your feelings so well
Looking content and happy with your life
No one would think of bidding you a farewell

So many broken hearts were lingering
Remembering the day we had to let you go
You looked so innocent and peaceful 
And you have always had that special glow

I recognize that I’m not the only one
That you’ve caused this resentment and pain
There’s all your friends and family
You’re careless decision they could never explain

Kyle you’ll never be forgotten
In our hearts is where you’ll find your place
Even though there will forever be that void
Without you here will always be an empty space

© Autumn Mae Franklin

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Tomorrow's For Sale

A tipped bottle on the windowsill 
next to the wine cascade,
overlooked by the half --
(empty) – moon.
The cat that painted autumn 
upon the trees, forgot me, instead, 
green turned straight 
into naked bark.

Yet, pleading for prestige is
ironic like a speech made
by a cartoon character.
It must be humoured 
like a neon kiss 
from a stranger,
and then discarded 
with the sketchy magazine.

Hushed away,
with the spilt fruit juices, 
mopped up by my
dirty smile
(hidden up my sleeve.)
Usually, I leave
the muddle for the morn’.
But, tomorrow is for sale.

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Last Thought

The asphalt against my face
Sirens in the background
My fresh warm blood censuring my eyes
Over whelming feelings of regret and remorse rush through my mind
What am I to do in the last moments of my life?

To lay here and cry or to quietly die
Or to scream for help or to fade in the night
Wish for a new start or to pray for what I had.
What about my mom and my dad?

How are they going to take it without me by there side
I didn't get to say good bye or tell them how much I loved them both.
They should now that I will always be there with them.
I don’t want them to be sad, they should be mad, I made the selfish choice.

Having them by my side would make this better
To have my dad tell me “Its okay son we all make mistakes”
Or my mom to say “I can relate to how you are feeling, and that it will be okay”

But it won’t, because I’m feeling my hopes and my dreams all slipping away
Like a leaf falling off a tree on a windy autumn day.

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In the Dark

Whispers by a wandering brook
their speakers shrouded by mist
somewhere within the shadowed fog
they hide 
in time 
with the brook
luring me
so I’ll follow their call
and venture
far from the path
till I lose my way in the dark.

Songs sung by rustling golden leaves
screen their singers from view
behind autumn foliage 
they snicker
a sweet tinkling on the breeze
snaring me in their well made net
Till I see with growing 
that the woodland path is gone: 
I’ve lost my way in the dark.

Silence in the silver moonbeams
illuminates their figures with light
around us sits the mist
caressing the golden leaves
the world
from view.
A peal of bell like giggling
breaks into the dark.

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The Nihilist - Five: Dog-Tired Days

Parallel went the universe someplace along the line
When autumn French-kissed winter with tongues of leaf and ice;
The lamp-posts dripped drab amber with a dark and dreary shine,
A devil's brew of garnished sleet, elemental egg-fried rice.
Night caved long and colder as day fell short, sedate,
And I felt somewhat older, in my heart a dying spark;
Crying out for love rekindling to alleviate the fate
Of departing in pitch-blackness and returning in the dark.
Tedious treadmill grinding as the Christmas pines were sawn,
Down in the valley decorations sagged and popped and spat;
Sizzling bulbs of neon death, ramshackle and forlorn,
Greeting cards from no one close had piled up on the mat.
My eyes blurred red and jaundiced in a fiery bourbon haze,
Well-past midnight I still sit and hungrily imbibe;
Toasting all the ghosts I knew throughout my dog-tired days,
On glitzy wrapping clawed the wishes I wished to inscribe.
Never has the relevance of nothing meant so much,
The face of unrequited love recedes in mist and snow;
The angels on the Christmas tree bestow no healing touch,
Pull up the covers, settle down, there's nowhere left to go…

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Conversation comes in polite manners
And natural tones.
We talk;
You of your early mornings
While I of scattering
Thoughts that border on nonsense
Debating with myself on a mind divided.
I babble, distraught;
Should I or should I not
Complement such aspect reserved
For poets' words and artists' eyes?
What with autumn and its golden flares
Burning your crown like a halo then and there.
Thus in laughter-filled sentences
This dilemma is masked in unintelligible disguise;
Little by little instead the moment
Is impressed on my mind,
Wishing it would never end.
On and on,
To never end this talk
—I wish.


How the sweetest voice can be
A knife thrust in my chest
So beautiful
Yet it is murder, this subsequent longing.
What Dushenne has given a name to,
Yours has dissolved the defiance from all
My peers and I;
A smile that begins from the tones
Of earth in your eyes
As you speak of funny anecdotes,
Sharing shortcomings with wild abandon
As if there I was standing
Your confidant, your closest friend.
Albeit in hindsight lies the irony:
Whilst I talk with affection
Of comradeship you spoke.


Talking in circles, round and round;
Lost in the boredom of redundancy,
You depart.
Having dispensed of farewell's pleasantries,
On opposite direction you walk;
As free as the wind that takes you away,
Bound only by being blessed
To be amongst all of Heaven's creation
The fairest.
While I, on opposite direction, walk;
With tacit solicitude and its rubbish fantasies.
Turn on the radio, plug in the phones;
Searching the radio for liberation,
I find only more poison
Among the melancholic remedies it offers.
Fevered I am with the sickness
Of wishing 
For what can never be.


On opposite directions we walk;
You depart
Naught of burden of memory nor nostalgia,
While I, 
On your first parting step,


You have taken with you my heart.

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Autumn Air

I get a smell of the autumn air
It's too soon but it's welcome
I feel a fall breeze
It covers me with warmth
it surrounds me
My stomach is turned to knots
my mind and body uneasy
But this is comforting
The fall smells so good, so clean
it's one of my favorite smells in the world
The air tells tales of Halloween and Thanksgiving
Things to come
Pleasant and sweet
But the air brings with it
memories of times pased
Good times and bad
All I can feel is happiness for the future
and sorrow for the past
Things, people, places
all unfinished business and "what if's"
So many lifetimes
all in one
My heart aches for the ones I've lost
I will never forget them
They will always be with me
No matter what time or place
I will never forget the ones I've shared time with
in the autumn air

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I guess I thought they'd never end--
Our days of green and blue,
When every crystal dawning
Was something fresh and new.

We loved and laughed the time away,
Two kindred spirits, we.
I guess I never thought, back then,
That summer's end could be.

But no season lasts forever;
The autumn leaves must fall.
And kindred spirits say goodbye,
When evening shadows fall. 

And now, as I experience
These days of brown and gray,
My lonely spirit's longing for
The one who flew away. 

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Old Moments In Warmth

I bottle up my sacrifice,
As pain for now becomes my vice,
Pensive songs scream depth in vein,
My weakness now a wholesome strain,
Enduring sheets of iced betrayal,
Our world becomes a grave lain stale,
If worlds collide repair my past,
Let autumn rise and time outlast,
Count eighteen months back to grey hearts,
Unlick the stamps, unwrite these charts,
Of days until you come back home,
Moments when we felt alone,
Nights in tears and distance aching,
Dreams of you and always waking,
To find that you are really gone,
Just want to say "I miss you Shawn",
& though life's spinning something's wrong,
No longer breathing our sweet song,
Weekends always feel so bland, 
Crowded now by tough command,
Our springs run dry and clouds fall blue,
The taste of love now sits to brew,
But when you are returned to me,
Lifetime is my one decree,
One blessing I asked Him to grant,
Forever and always I'll continue to chant,
Kisses sweep my cheeks in shadow,
Seranading wishes will rightfully hallow...

Felicia S. Hughes

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Autumn Days (My Secret Sin)

My forehead’s warm
But in my mind I’ll be okay
And I don’t know what else to say
Just thankful for another autumn day
Rose this morning 
Sweating from head to toe
My bill’s been fed 
It’s time to get the door
The phone rings twice
Looks like I’m gonna be tardy once again
Eyes blood shot
Just got over an appetite for gin
Matter in my eyes
I’m a casualty of laughs and cries
If the morning dew doesn’t melt the frost
Then anti freeze won’t pay the cost
Day by day
In a petal of dreams 
I seem to lay
And even if the sun shined bright
I wouldn’t know what to say
Guess I’m thankful for another autumn day
It’s six past nine
And I don’t know 
If my mind’s gonna outlast this wine
Push the door
Squint my eyes
There’s nothing more I adore
My face is not washed 
And I can’t clear the picture in the fog
Early morning bug got squashed
I’m cold and shaky so I can’t make it off this log
My hairs not combed 
And I can’t seem to think 
Out of misery 
And into life I can’t help but sink
Now my foreheads warm, 
But in my mind I’ll be okay
Yet I don’t know what else to say
Just thankful for another autumn day

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Autumn Times

Autumn breeze frigidly touches ailing dreadful lives
Harshly darkness quietly surrounds the broken souls
Mellow serenades that once played between hearts
Pathetically have transformed into bitter sad songs

Somewhere beyond the flossy clouds
Cupid has lost his romancing arrows
Plays sad sonorous tunes on his bow
Dedicated to all weepy lonely hearts

Howling chilly wind blows through the mist
Sounds of sorrow spread allover the place
Fuzzy humid air submerges the inner     
Lives decay slowly as the autumn leaves fall...

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Autumn Time's

Autumn breeze frigidly touches ailing dreadful lives
Harshly darkness quietly surrounds the broken souls
Mellow serenades that once played between hearts
Pathetically have transformed into bitter sad songs

Somewhere beyond the flossy clouds
Cupid has lost his romancing arrows
Plays sad sonorous tunes on his bow
Dedicated to all weepy lonely hearts

Howling chilly wind blows through the mist
Sounds of sorrow spread allover the place
Fuzzy humid air submerges the inner lust
Lives decay slowly as the autumn leaves fall...

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Alabaster Wraith

The North Wind whistles as she lifts
her soft and sequenced hair,
her milky gown glows amethyst
as moon drops gather where
the Earth’s soft, gentle eyes fall closed
and tears arrest the night.
Her sleepy heart, to all exposed
abreast the piles of cold calcite.

I see her nearing silhouettes
her shadow long and bleached.
I’ve felt the chill of groaning bones
and heard Elysium beseech.
And so I wait through trials of
the Alabaster Wraith,
she dawns upon the still walls of 
a midnight void of faith.

White gypsum stars fall from her eyes
her hope all buried in the quiet.
Crescendos rise in moans and sighs
as Alabaster anguish riots.
She leaves a frozen chandelier
on every branch an blade of grass,
a billion shards of nature’s tears
like silver bells of glinting glass.

Oh, winter white symphonic, mute
her muffled voice like shuffling leaves;
winter’s sad lamenting flute
has petrified the autumn sheaves.
The alabaster wraith intrudes,
her silent chords of neutrals play
her sad requiems I can’t elude
as Earth is swaddled ‘neath her splay.

Her head held low, her eyes aloft
her face a shield of sleepiness;
her anger heavy, sadness soft
her weary smiles slowly undressed-
She leaves a silent sweet tranquility
upon the hush of nature’s breath
She rests in nature's mute soliloquy
beneath her shredded burdens depth.

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Wherefore Art Thou?

Wherefore art thou now?
When clouds descended from the brow
Of hills remembered, fields where plough
Churned the earth to take the seed.
Growing like the wheat,
That rose up high to face defeat,
Cut down and ground that mouths may eat
And on the flour feed.

Falling like the snow,
Sent swirling through the streets below,
As human traffic ceased to flow
And halted bowed and still.
Creeping through the throng,
The choir sang a silent song,
The funeral cars progressed along
To take you up the hill.

I remember times
Of childhood days and nonsense rhymes,
When we committed harmless crimes
Upon the sleeping town.
Fires lit to burn
Makeshift swings and no concern  
Life to live and love to learn
When sun shone brightly down.

Wherefore art thou now?
Laid rest beneath the bough
Of oak that will endow
The marble with its shade.
Is this all that remains
Of blood that flowed in living veins,
Of summer dreams through autumn rains
Of all that life had made?

"For Paul Vaughn Evans - In Memory, My Friend."

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Return To Me

autumn afternoons glow with colorful nuances
i delight in shades of crimson
but not as much as azure
no not as much as the color of your kind, confident eyes
if only i could swim in the crisp cool blue of your eyes
and watch the shades of azure 
deepen as i get closer to your heart
but eyes are only a window to the soul 
not the doorway

when daylights exhausted its wealth of amber hues
and eve brings upon us shadow 
i take comfort in the five pillows that surround me
yet i am not as comforted in cotton and down 
as i am in a handful of your honey tares
fine as strands of spun sugar
and by the time I'll recognize this moment
the moment will be gone

for true loves sweet endeavor 
to wait to find this will last forever
but as seasons change autumn to winter
so does passions sweet affairs
a brief exchange then a wave good bye
if i never stop could i find
you just might wave hello again
to belive my life is gonna see
the love i give return to me

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This Town

This town where I grew up,
a watering hole atop a ravaged hill
where drink flowed freely and personal demons
were never vanquished, just boozed and blurred
into temporary submission.
Industry and open-cast scars ate like
acid into this town’s dying face.
The school where pubescence erupted
suddenly and savagely into manhood
was planted on marshland,
sinking slowly by the year.
You should never harbor regrets
but I can’t help it;
the girls I knew but never kissed,
possessing neither the looks, dialogue or charm
enough to convince them I was alive.
Things I did, like painting damp seeping walls
and digging deep lonely graves;
things I never did and never will
I regret most of all.
When Autumn leaves burned gloriously
from gnarled branches, slate-grey skies
fortold harsh Winter on it’s way.
This town turned darker, more drab and grey,
it’s streets, shops and pubs
forlorn structures in architectural disarray.
Those many times I would roam it’s decrepit
avenues at night,
alcohol-charged and wayward and stupid.
Always I felt unnoticed, inconsequential,
a nobody, a nothing, in this town;
derealised, not solid, I felt I wasn’t really there at all.
Only in retrospect does it seem sad.
At the time I was happy, for I possessed
some meagre vision,
and an idiot with a flicker of sight in the
realm of the terminally blind
is closer to being king.
But no one in this town knew at the time,
least of all me,
and I don’t live in this town anymore.

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Fire and Ice

Sleeping in the flames and burning lies
Somewhere in the ashes I hear the cries
Was it me I saw in the fire?
Or was it you falling down but getting higher?

Sleeping in the ice and fading dreams
I’m slipping out and then back in
Is it true that I’m awake?
Or in my dream was there a small mistake?

Lifeless ashes served with ice
Dreaming in a dream that has enticed
Everything I lost is what I need
Things I have I’ll throw away into the sea

Lifeless hearts that cannot feel
Standing in a place where they can heal
Everything I took will never please
Things I gave turned into autumn leaves

I know I’ll give you your desire
I only have to take a look within the fire
The ashes left will let me know
They are the things I lost within the snow

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A summer sweetness fills the air,
And spring is in the park,
But winter chills their hearts of gold,
And clothes them in the dark

A song is on the lips of trees,
And blooming flowers hum,
But autumn turns them all to brown,
And rids them of the sun

A calming lull is on the pond,
And sleeping shore is still,
But storm arrives to take the clouds,
And rain against their will

A silver moon is in the sky,
And stars are out to play,
But shadow hides their sparkling eyes,
And turns their light to grey.

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Now drips the juices off a knife pierced heart
Emerged from a cocoon 
Filled with pain
Your love had brought me out to the noon
Warm sun no more rain
Without you there’s no four letter word
Without you my sky is free of birds
There is no sun in my universe
There’s no need for any poetic verse
Without your love my winds don’t blow
If you’re not here then my heart doesn’t glow
Leaves only a flow of red
The sounds smells and colours of autumn in my head
As these leaves fall dead

I’m left empty
My branches stripped bare
Dead inside
Emotional writing suicide 
Notes jumping into shark infested feelings
From, I walked the planks off pirate boats
Body reeling, falling but
Not for feelings 
My feet planted firmly on the ceilings
Of this broken house mirrors life
Chimeny pushing smoke
Down into the soil
Spilt blood sheens crudely oil
Dripping up off the bedroom floor

This same bedroom floor
Holds albumed memories 
Carefully chronicled deeds
Nights we spent planting 
Trees now grow crooked
Pages turn quickly to our book ends
No star written sequel
Only heaven prequel reminiscences

Of wounded birds
It’s been forever since I’ve heard
The songs your lips play
That little way you’d say 

I'm lonely...

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A Game with Death

Deep within the confines of my mind, I play a game with Death itself
The pieces set, black against white, the game played a thousand times before
I move the pawns to block the enemy line, and I feel a tinge of empathy
The pawn and I, so alike, both pieces in someone else’s game, expendable
The greater pieces, knights and rooks, bishops, and queens protect the king
The King, the representation of my mind, if defeated so shall I fall
The pawns charge and clear the way against the line of Death’s allies
Reaching to the sky for their chance at glory, but stricken down before
Death’s cold and brilliant moves seduce me, like a forbidden dance
Haunting and frightening, but tempting all the same, I allow the moves
The pieces fall like leaves from an autumn tree, a piece of me dies with them
For this is no mere game I realize, but the struggle against the embrace of oblivion
And I’m losing, the king backed into a corner, no way out with foes in pursuit
The king in hopeless retreat moves further into defeat, and I tremble
My hand reaches for something, could it be that I’ve succumbed to failure?
I take the king in hand and it falls to its side, the match is forfeit to Death
But as I offer my hand to him, embracing my fate, the phantom simply smiles
A chill smile not seen, but felt in the heart, a stinging pain that told me his intent
He would not take me to the afterlife, but abandon me to a life of pain and hardship
Just like so many times before, the game played over the course of a lifetime
And Death cheats every time, every loss becomes another chance for misery

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Sweet to my eyes under her spell I was hypnotized
Falling over words a fools dance trying to observe;
Her beauty set off on a journey reaching the shores of
My heart, bound to eternity

Walking into a deep felt emotional moment
Nothing has the ability to mimic it
Something pulling from deep down setting forth
A kingdom with two crowns, a peasant and a jester clown

There still is not a sound a king without a crown 
In addition, the queen is no more around
Bitterly shaken there's no mistake; 
In the way, her love left this king 
in his bed sinking beyond despair

Crying to feel; the memories reveal, in that no one could  steal
Tears trailing down hitting struggling tormented by the sound
Her voice travels with remnants expelling 
In everything that in his world exists
Longing for the sweetness, he knew in her lips
The autumn filled scopes her beauty never escaped
Love continues remembrance the only thing left for his love’s sake 

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Why You Forsake Me?

Why would you forsake me?

In the time of the autumn wind

Leaving the moon to fade..

Just as the flower wilt and dies

You forsaken me..

Left me cold...

Not even the dove wings to
Embrace me..

I stand alone in the autumn

Weary of time, weary and cold
Without one flower to warm me
As the sun..

Just melting tears..

Where will I be when the stars
Shred it lights..

Why would you forsake me?

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Errant Firefly

If I ate chocolate naked 
While lounging on red satin sheets
Beneath the light of a pale autumn moon
Amidst a Smokey glaze of heavily perfumed incense
With no else to admire the sight,
Would you then pay attention to me?
If I cursed you
Taking myself into a burning house
That had no windows and only one door
Out in the middle of the desert
Miles away from nowhere
With no else in the world to be frightened for me,
Would you then rescue me from myself?
What will it take to bring you back?
My husband, my lover, my torture,
How long will it take for you to realize
That I am dieing?
Dieing to be touched, to be loved,
Dieing for compassion, for some passion,
This girl you fell in love with
Is going to fade away
Unless you stop this petty selfishness,
And save Her!...
I am an errant firefly
That some child has caught,
And locked in a jar.
If this lid doesn't come off,
I will be dead by morning.

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Autumnal Eyes

Stargazing cigarette ash, growing cold and greyer, 
shaping to a scale model Everest 
in a cut crystal tray; 
a mountain to be climbed by some quantity surveyor, 
or a podium of passiveness 
in cloudbursts of dismay. 

So the goalposts shift and arbitrarily blur 
this disenchanted evening 
of poetry stricken with slow motion; 
although older, but no wiser, as the host of echoes stir 
past beliefs in grim stagnation, 
drained of glister and devotion. 

I can taste the realisation of dysfunctional reality, 
that between this life and death 
love is but a compromise; 
in every mirrored surface to confront the actuality, 
the ever present deadlight hue 
of Autumn in my eyes.

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The Last Autumn Poem

        apple cider season,
              cool autumn whiskey,
                    burning leaves.

No one needs another autumn poem.

      We grow gaudy phrases
                  like pumpkins,
hollow out foreheads,
throw away seeds.

Always paring, cutting
      with awkward thumbs,
seeing autumn
      as a pewter stallion
and winter
      wildly undone.