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Rhyme Hate Poems | Rhyme Poems About Hate

These Rhyme Hate poems are examples of Rhyme poems about Hate. These are the best examples of Rhyme Hate poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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All That Refuse To See

All That Refuse To See

Your ears shut wide eyes up tight
a menagerie sits in absent light
Time and reason are out of sight
stonecold now is courage's might!

Your eyes embrace a newfound cave
even logic can not your mind save
in blindness you are now a slave
treading a path to shallow grave!

Your screams raise no great alarm
dead plants harvest on your farm
No more shall love be your charm 
chained legs match each dead arm!

Your last days filled with cries
fruits set onto your many lies
Dark clouds moan in your skies
Heart rots as soul slowly dies!

Your death was an incoming tide
bled from arrogant false pride
Fait accompli no man can hide
none succeed, many have tried!

Robert  Lindley
01, 23, 1979

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Angelus wasn't anyone special. Some might say that he was a loser.

He did more than his share of chasing women 

and townsfolk say that he was very much the boozer,

but beneath all of his irresponsibility stood a champion the purest of heart.

The Good was always within him. It just never seemed to get a good start.

Angelus was abused by his father. Conflicts arose between the two quite often.

His father saw his son as a family disgrace 

and wouldn't hesitate to get the whip and beat him.

"Why does my father hate me so? Families should love you no matter what.

How can I give my family what they desire 

when it's simply something that I just haven't got?"

Thoughts like this would haunt Angelus daily, leaving him in a very confused place to be.

"I love them! I hate them!" Angelus would cry. "I hate them for not loving me."

One evening he was drowning his sorrows. Suddenly this vision of loveliness appeared.

The vixen Darla then said as she ran her fingers through his hair,

"Such beautiful eyes should not be so filled with tears.

I too never knew the love of a family. I roamed this world living my life as a whore,

searching for the love of family in the arms of strangers 

who cared less after they had used me once more.

I can only imagine the pain that you suffer. 

I never knew my family and perhaps it's just as well,

because seeing you here now with your family and a family that doesn't love you

is so obviously a more painful and tormenting hell.

You've two choices before you Angelus my sweet.

End your life now and free yourself from this torment

or spend forever with me and together we'll seek life's bittersweet but eternal enjoyment.

If death isn't your choice then the answer is clear.

Say the words and I'll deliver you from all of this.

Close your eyes, say the words, you have nothing to fear.

Let me give you my eternal kiss."

He gazed upon her and thought to himself, "This one truly must be my salvation."

"I choose you," he then said as he closed his eyes

and so began Angelus's damnation.

She sunk her fangs deep in his throat and fed on his blood.

All of his Good, all of his Soul all disappear.

Angelus was reborn the most evil of evil.

He was the vampire all vampires would fear.

Angelus's Revenge >

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Retail Christmas 2

It's one week till Christmas
And we've had enough
Of grumpy old shoppers
Complaining about stuff.

They hate the line-ups,
They hate the cashiers.
They won't be happy 
Till they have us in tears.

The things they are after
Are long gone from the store.
They find it incredulous
We won't be getting more.

Last minute shoppers 
Are a pain in the rump.
Each night by closing
This place looks like a dump.

One more week to go,
I sure hope we make it
But in the meantime
We'll just smile and fake it.

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When Love Becomes Easy

When loves becomes e-z the world will B a better place
holdin you will B more often N kissin U will have a better taste
spendin time will not be spent but it will B remembered
When loves becomes e-z the doubts U have U wont remember
N When loves becomes e-z we will walk hand and hand with our enemies
when greed becomes powerless we will sail back from overseas
When loves becomes e-z it will B e-z 2 love,
sympathy will have a name N it's name will B love
When loves becomes e-z we will finally let our graud down
when i find love U'll B safe when i'm around
i could love 4ever and hate just once,
and that hate will back fire on me like a broken gun
hate is so e-z and love is so hard,
we love to hate the devil and fear to love God....

if we could love jus 2 love, my love will be everlasting
it will be bullet proof instead of plastic
When loves becomes e-z i will love like the 1st
mayB my mind will unfold, mayB this bubble will brust
it's better not to love at all then to love and lost
because trying to gain that love back is a debtly cost
and when loves becomes e-z a smile will become a gift
5 fingerz will become a hand N that hand will become a lift
When loves becomes e-z the most meaningful word will B firend
and When loves becomes e-z i will love you again


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A Belfast Story

Come hold my hand and tell me lies
Infuse the hate and woe betide
Tooth for a tooth, pluck out their eyes
A soldiers duties exercised
Let's kill the child, from the inside
The spirits of the netherworld
Scream loudly to be freed
Within this world of politics
This cage of hate and greed
I'm right you're wrong
You're wrong I'm right
Whose turn is it to die tonight
A bloody ****ing massacres
The only end in sight
Not for the strong, to sit upon the fence
Let's take the hate and killing to their door
Self righteousness screams out in our defence
Christ knows it's hard to take this anymore
The spirits of the netherworld
Scream loudly to be freed
Within this world of politics
This cage of hate and greed
I'm right you're wrong
You're wrong I'm right
Whose turn is it to die tonight
A bloody ****ing massacres
The only end in sight

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Never Forgive Me

                     I am alone
                     I am bored
                     I had enough
                     I want more

Why can't I live without you
Why can't I forget loving you
I run through the night streets
I pick fights just to get beat
You think I won't forgive you
If it was only that simple to do
For what you can't seem to see
Is I can't... never forgive me

I have no friends
I have no family
I party without pity
Being in a glazed faze
Hell is all I raise

                     I am alone
                     I am bored
                     I had enough
                     I want more

Promises spoken only to deceive
Promises broken I foolishly believed
Nothing last forever nothing stays the same
True love ends when only one remains
People change People leave
People hate People bleed
People hurt People pain
Never never change

                      I am alone
                      I am bored
                      I had enough
                      I want more

I miss you terribly
I miss you miserably
I miss you more and more

                       Turn off the light
                       Turn on the night
                       Let me dwell in
                       My self pity skin

You think I won't forgive you
If it was only that simple to do
For what you can't seem to see
Is I can't...never forgive me

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13 things about you, I hate

 13 things about you I hate
I hate how you stare
I hate that you care,
I hate how you smile…
Looking at me all the while.
I hate that you’re bad 
I hate how you’re sweet
I hate how you look at me…
Every time we meet,
Ooh! I hate the way you stand!
And the way you demand!
I hate when you’re sorry
Even more when you worry,
I hate the way you get me when no one else can
I hate how I hate and how I can’t understand.
I hate that you think I hate stuff about you
But don’t actually hate you…
I hate even more…
How that’s completely true.

I hate how the things you do make me feel
I hate how they’re not in my head
I hate that they’re real.

I hate so much how I feel about everything you do
I hate that I…
Might actually…
Love you. 

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It never takes much for me to fall in love,
but i love, love for all the reasons I hate love,
I love, love because love is what holds me through the night,
but that same love may hit me in a fight,
I love, love because love is my protection,
but that same love may hurt me from rejection,
I love, love cause no two loves are the same,
but falling in love is like continuing a game, and i just don't wanna play anymore,
I want a love that will love me and except me,
Don't try and change me,
but that is just the type of love that will never find me,
so instead of hating love, I fear love,
I fear love more then I love, love,
I have never feared expressing my love,
but I fear falling in love too deeply cause I know that is just the type of love that will 
hurt me, 
I have falling in love so many times,
it always seems like a race against  time,
love never stays with me,  it always leaves me,
it always finds a way to hurt me,
whether it's taking a boy from me, or taking away someone in my family,
loves my tragedies,
but without love leads me to sanity,
I hate the feeling of being alone because I spent my whole life alone,
 I'v done everything in my life on my own,
I don't think I deserve to be alone but I fear what love may one day do to me,
because love I know will one day hit me,
just like daddy hit mommy,
just like love hit my sister,
love wouln't let them excape and I'v seen the pain the blood and the tears,
so love has become the source of all my fears,
I never stay in love cause i feel the need to fun from love,  but this I will never tell,
I may say I love but it's not the same type of love inwhich you know of
because when I love I love deeply,
but my love for love is running swifly,
I am getting older by the year and one day I will have to live with a man,
but I will not love that man I will fear that man,  because if I love him he will grow 
mad, and he will one day hit me,
thats why I fear any guy loving me,
because loves my tragedies.

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Where Hate Can't come Ashore

  Perhaps our Cafe should be,
on an island in the sea.
Somewhere neutral ,fine and free
Where Hate can't come ashore.

Maybe we could close our eyes 
turn down the lights and realize
our friendship is the greater prize,
Come in and close the door.

Are your eyes a darker shade 
your hair in curls or long of braid
Variety is what God has made,
Sameness is a bore.

suppose your world has skies of  green
a purple river in between
Magenta mountains ,
How obscene!
not if I just explore....

The way you see it through your mind,
settle in and take the time
to write a place we all can find,
Where Hate can't come ashore.

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Spit Take

I’ll slice the breath you take
Bones, muscles, and sinew taste
I’ll spoon the red gravy you make
And don’t you dare insinuate
I’ll bite the plastic fork to break
Off the boneless meal I ate
I’ll spear the smile you fake
We’ll split half the sin you hate

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At Night Alone

  So here I sit, at night, alone
  Bored and just too many cigarettes to burn
  So I smoke and I wait, seemingly for a call
  And really just ache, cause it's not coming at all
  You're too many miles away from home
  I feel the distance at night, alone
  I hate you for the restless nights
  And I hate me because I know it's not right
  To sit in front of the computer screen
  Searching for the words I just want to scream
  Not even knowing the pain that I feel
  How to describe what feels so unreal
  I miss, just miss, everything that is you
  Laughing for hours at things that you do
  And how could it be that this is the end
  What was to be a lifetime of new things to begin
  But here I sit, at night alone
  And the numbness inside is all that I know

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Our World

Dear God please help me understand why people are so cruel.
Why everyone inside this world can't  follow just one rule?
To treat each other with respect and tender love and care,
and hope that one day they receive the love in which we share.

Dear God please help me understand why color plays a part,
why teach our children hate and fear and tear their lives apart.
Dear God please help me understand the tounge and land of some
what give them right to think their lands the only blessed one.

Dear God why must our babies die please help me understand
this gift of love and joy you give we kill with our on hands.
Deasr God please help me understand why brother turns on brother,
and why the love that they once shared is now a hate for others.

Deasr God please help me understand this world in which we live.
Why some would put a price on life and worship dollar bills.

Dear God now in this world we built we must now teach our sons
to have a love for all mankind so they will teach their own.
Our daughters now we need to teach, stand strong and beleive
she is equal to mankind and with your love she will survive.

Dear God please bless this world we built and one day leave our young;
That they our strong and will survive our world that's gone so wrong.


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Social Media - Life of a Teen

Every day I go on Facebook to check on my wall, I just stare and wonder if I even know you people at all. 
I go on Twitter to tweet a tweet, then on Instagram to share a random picture of my feet.
I post just about the most ridiculous things, including what I wear and what I eat.
I can't stand my page being blank and white, so I come up with a funny story, whenever I can't think of anything else to write.
If I'm really bored I might check out someone else's page instead, to post a rude comment about something they said.
I don't hang out with a lot of friends, but according to the internet, I have over a hundred and ten!
This is everyone's routine day by day, as we check posts, and secretly call each other names as we pass in the hallway. 
We no longer have genuine compassion; instead we get straight to the point, something I like to call bashing.
We think it's normal to yell "Amy's having a baby and Mark is going crazy!"
Texting is another great hobby, I just got a message calling Amy a slut, and Mark's girlfriend a complete nut.
We call this our way to connect, but society is turning into a wreck.
Social media helps us to keep in touch, but I think it's the reason we haven't slept much.

Sometimes I stay on my phone till 4 in the morning, but who needs sleep anyways? 
That’s boring!
The internet is such a time consumer.
Its fast pace has even caught up to the late bloomers.
I think I’m going crazy; I can hardly go a day.
I wonder if other people are this way.
It’s such a distraction while I’m supposed to be doing homework.
But keeping up with all these statuses is already enough work.
You can find EVERYONE on Facebook!
From aunts to uncles and about a million girls named Brook.
Some people write about the most interesting things,
Including their relationships which have no strings.
Reminds me of Anita,
So easy to please, seems charming and wise, but easy for all the guys.
Meanwhile, Sammy is bullied until she sits there and cries.
Our eyes are glued to the screens that only causes affliction,
Welcome to social media, the world's latest greatest addiction.

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This poem is my own recovery from Valium O Little White Tablet


O little white tablet, how I hate you,
I was only 21 years old, when introduced to you.
You looked so innocent, so white, so pure.
I was told you were the answer to everything,
(The cure)
No-one told me, when they introduced me to 
the rest of your family, the yellow and the blue.
The blue being five times stronger than you.
No-one told me of the dangers you held within.
Of all the pain I would have to go through, all the suffering.
No-one told me. YOU would rob me, of eighteen 
years of my life.
That I would be unable to function properly,
as a Mother and Wife.
No-one told me, I would get addicted to you.
Of all the pain and suffering, I would
have to go through.
To get you out of my system, alone took two years. 
Two more years of heartbreak, many, many tears.
Then to find out, I had Agoraphobia.
Several more years, destroyed by fear.
Which a lot of people, say is caused by you.
Not being able to go out, far or near.
Hurting all the ones, I loved so dear.
O little white tablet, how I hate you.
But in the end I was the winner Not you.

This poem refers to prescribed drugs

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Put a bullet in my brain

Put a bullet in my brain
as the rain sweeps her out of my arms
and places her into another's.
Put a bullet in my brain
for I don't want to see love slip away
please end my suffering,
for I don't want to dare see her in the arms of another man.

I fear the tear that slips away from my soul
and touches the ground with a splash
as she is washed away by the lashed memories of the rain,
please, someone put a bullet in my brain.

I can't bear to see her with another man
laying in his arms
as he charishes her beauty
just like I did to her.
As she smiles and laughs at his jokes
my heart would not bare the sorrow and pain
that would tare my heart apart into pieces of tainted love.
Please tell the rain to stop,
as the pain grows when rain comes down,
please someone end my suffering,
put a bullet in my brain
and stop the rain
that washes away every memory of her.

Stop saying you miss me
and just kiss me
for I can't take the pain
of the rain that takes you away.
Kiss me and stop saying you miss me
for those are useless words to me.
Love is where it's at, so show me.
Don't go with him, he'll treat you wrong.
Love and laugh with me till the break of dawn
as we yawn the long night away.

Kiss me and don't say you miss me.
For if you go away from me,
I couldn't bare to take a tear and waste it away.
Tears, sweet tears crying for you,
doesn't that mean anything to you?
I ask you, stop the rain,
stop the pain and put that bullet in my brain.

Let the red blood flow from my temples.
Let the plow dig my grave,
for I can't bare to see you with another
in his arms, him kissing you, where I kissed you.
I can't take it, I have to make it,
make that pain go away.
Prayer didn't help, God turned a blind eye
when I came up and said why!
Put that bullet in my dome
and when I lay in the coffin, looking at the roof of the church
you come and kiss me, and then you can really say
that you'll miss me.

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The Devil Can Cite Scripture For His Purpose

To the Dove World Outreach Center and Westboro Baptist Church

At the Sunday gospel meeting
Coded words of hate repeating
Welcome in if you're Caucasian
Enter not if black or Asian

Sheeple purple Kool-Aid drinking 
For the ones who do their thinking
Giving up their right to question
For a soothing mind possession

You'll take no vino with the host
It might offend the Holy Ghost
So you'll save your Ray-Bans for
The covered drive-thru liquor store

Come sit upon the front row pews
Be born again to hate the Jews
All brother this and sister that
Unless you wear a bishop's hat

You handle snakes and speak in tongues
But you can't even spell in one
You know a single Spanish phrase
And that's "Habla usted ingles?"

You can abuse that Venezuelan
While you worship Sarah Palin
Who can stoke your fiery yearning
For a little Koran burning

You're the lily of the valley
At the LGBT rally
In the spirit charismatic
And the gun on automatic

Time to do some holy rolling
Just outside your place of polling
In each verse and chapter quoting
Clear instructions for your voting

* Title is from The Merchant of Venice - Act 1, Scene 3

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Happy Question

Today I am going to hop my way to my brother.
To tell him how I feel about not being together.
I thought I could be so kind.
I saw him by the road side and I was blind.
I could just end it all by now.
Today I tried a cow.
It really was hard to do.
Then I hired a semi crew.
I watched carefully, darn he is fast!
My name is Happy ?, I'm Easter's brother who is sad.
He painted eggs that made me jealous and bad.
I hopped one day and he threw an egg at me.
My heart became really cold that memory was key.
I finally thought of it an accident really is going to happen.
Happy Easter is going to be laugh-en.
Good to see you, I said to a mystery man.
I was told not to associate with any human.
It was my last resort.
The man had a sports car a beautiful sort.
I was desperate, now, I'm in a bunny court.

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May the Love of Jesus Touch You

May the Love of Jesus Touch You!

May the love of Jesus bless and touch you!
May his presence be with
 and uplift you!

May the joys of the love make
 you complete!
And touch you, from your
 head to your feet!

May the glory of the lord
 be with and keep you!
His majestic power can really touch you!

May the words that he’s spoken,
touch your spirit!
His mercy and salvation… 
 He freely give it!

May the sweetness of Jesus,
 into your life bring!
His righteousness and beauty!  
Your everything!

May you take some time
 with Jesus in prayer?
How much he loves you! 
 How much he cares!

By Jim Pemberton    07.28.13

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We All Bleed Red

Thoughts swirling in my head
Remembering we all bleed red
Life is a tapestry
True happiness a dream
Such a confusing world
Paradise yet to be seen
A country with a dark past 
Some hauntings still last
Unwilling to change, planted in lead
Feel it with your heart and head
No crystal ball
No room to fall
Deeper into our subconscious
Life is far too precious
A bitter pill
Such a large hill
Let freedom ring
Let children sing
Saying hell no
Not in our name
This is a political game
Most looking for fame
Dig a grave
Hell, it's a road you paved 
Here to make waves
 Those who are adverse
Stuck with the curse
Burden on the young
Who is truly free
It will never be you or me
We mourn over the dead
A nation so divided
We are tainted
From birth we are painted
Who are the real heros
We all have blood on our hands
Invisible to most
Only the true can see
Even on our homeland
We have a roll to play
History is witten in stone
Learn from it instead of beating it to the bone
Our futute is only written in clay
Still malleable
All life is valuable
Old school. . New school
It is what's in our hearts
Time to stop tearing one another apart
Just take a stand
Even if you walk alone
Hold your head up high
What is life if you are to afraid to fly?
We all bleed red
Time for a transformation
Get ready to shed 
Change doesn't come easy
Fear those with nothing to lose
We all deserve to live as we choose
Get ready because we all have a voice
Step up and make a choice
We condemn those we don't know
Some of us even for show
Confusion runs through me
Unsure of how things should be
My constant idealistic views
Desperately grasping not to become jaded
Dreaming of a utopia
Generations before us
Marching through the gas
Fighting for peace and love
Is the joke on me?
Is there something I can't see? 
Scared for our youth
Where are the leaders?
Put personal pride aside
Stand tall
Take risks
Look in the mirror
It's time to live without fear

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Speech of Tears

Speech of Tears – Zamreen Zarook

Drops of tears from our purl conveys a lot,
Each an every shedding has a ballot,
By identifying the core, our hands should allot,
Because, some might be extremely as shallot.

Chipper and blissfulness gives you cool tears,
Whereas in console and divesting flow hot tears,
Fear and pains give drains of tears,
Nothing that can be patch with dollars.

Some deliveries are automatic,
While some productions are acoustic,
Another drain says I am really bombastic,
Tears are at last solely cubistic.

They convey the emotions,
People go in search for solutions,
They become happy when they are with the precautions,
Reactions again as the tears, it’s the real abbreviation.

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God created all skin types and since dawn we were all from
the same kind. Black , White, Yellow or Brown we’re all
human so why must we stare at each other with a frown. 
We may have different skin colors, different names and 
different birth places but we have many things in common 
like we all have heart that beats and lungs that breathe so
why do we throw other races in the mud and oppress them
when in fact we’re all the same inside.

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Voodoo Doll

There's a person you'd like to curse,
so a voodoo doll, then make first;
Upon that doll now cast a spell, 
summoned from the wicked in hell;
Now you need some pins and needles,
bring the pain of pitch forked devils;
The length of pins make sure are long,
the devils pain will be more strong;
The more a needle's thick and round,
will make the pain be more profound;
Must take your victims' lock of hair,
attach it to the doll to wear;
The doll, up high, hold in the air,
Into the doll's eyes, you must stare;
Call the doll by your victims name,
while at the doll, the needle aim;
Curse the name as you stab it in,
twisting and turn it as you grin;
With needles stuck about the head,  
each needle deeply did embed;
With legs, all over, stuck with pins, 
you now must wish the curse begins.

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She writes her songs and her poems,
not one person know 'em.
She listens to the sound of her music,
she's stuck to it like a tick.

If someone took the time to listen,
her true colors would glisten.
She's put on a mask,
and hid everything when someone asked.

She was the type of girl who would always laugh,
making you wish it would last.
She was the type of girl who would smile the day away,
too bad it is no longer that way.

She is now the girl who is depressed,
I bet you're impressed.
Since no one could tell
that she was going through hell.

Everyone thought she was happy, 
when really, she felt crappy.
Everyone thought she was having the time of her life,
who would have guess her best friend was a knife?

She spent her days alone,
she seemed to do everything on her own.
Never once wanted help.
Thought she could do everything herself.

Then the day came,
when she lost the game.
She fell apart,
and everyone saw her broken heart.

They saw the way she overreacted.
Oh, if only you saw the way she acted.
She bruised herself, scratched herself, and made herself bleed,
no one knew what it was that she needed.

They saw her tears,
and that was what she feared.
They found out she wasn't okay,
oh, she hated that day.

Everyone found out about her secret,
and she wish they'd just forget,
but she knew they couldn't,
and that they wouldn't.

She left that town and started over,
no one knew she went undercover.
She said she got better,
when really... something else occurred. 

She secretly hurt herself,
and walked away from help.
Everyone thought she recovered,
when really, she was undercover.

She secretly wanted to get worse,
no one knew of course.
No one cared to ask,
if she was wearing her mask.

Now it's too late,
she locked the gate.
Killed herself,
everyone had forgotten she needed help.

Goodbye cold world,
this was a story of a girl
who once loved everyone
then feared who it was who won.

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I Hate Aunt Floe

NOTE: This poem is a humoruos stab at PMS from a mans point of view

I can see your blood boiling
through  the blades I once called eyes,
they were once beautiful  like jewels
now they hurt my deep insides.
cutting at my guts
and like a noose on my  lungs;
your words seek like bullets 
your mouth like sniper guns.
I’m hit with each inaccuracy…
Being killed by words untrue;
and you even got the nerve
to tell me what you think I do.
But let me get mad
and try to plead my case;
then suddenly the world
is a f--ked up place.
You got tears running down…
What the Hell did I do?
We were just sitting and laughing
I could swear that we were cool.
Oh God…
Oh no…;
I should have seen it… 
It’s Aunt Floe…,
This battle can’t be won or reasoned
I think its best I go.
Cause I hate Aunt Floe 
and she hate me too;
she sit and talk sh-t
about the gum I chew. 
The color of my shirt…,
She say my look is a stair;
She say my best has no worth
And she doesn’t stop there.
I didn’t change
I’ve been the same 
these 28 days,
 but now I’m f_ckin A__hole 
Aunt Floe gave me that name.  
She said get out my face 
This aint your home no more,
But I’m more puzzled by 
What was said before.
I love you 
With her glossy eyes 
I knew it was true, 
But horribly sly
You see these words
make me the fool.
The one that’s cruel
That a__hole dude,
That sparked the fuel
To this f__kin feud.
But I swear to God
I didn’t start this sh_t,
Why would I give up my love 
To live my life like in a pit.
 This is horrible sh_t 
Wasted days spent,
On nothing but the worst
I could be bathed in your sent. 
You could be laughing 
While I’m smiling
But Aunt Floe Won’t let this be,
And the only way to make this right
Is hold my tongue  a week.
And that ain’t gone happen 
I’m a person too,
Not soft
But I got feelins
and don’t know what  to do.
Now its been six days
Unbelievable  rage,
She locked herself 
In the room
I call it her cage.
I smell a sent in the air
It wasn’t there before,
Now lookin down the hall
I see an open door.
Is this a trap 
I’ll guess I’ll see,
If I fall for another
 You know that’s dumb ass me.
Curled in the bed 
I think I know that girl,
But where’s the hells Aunt Floe
The one that f__ked my world.
She packed up and gone
Didn’t even say good bye,
Just came wit gang of bullsh_t
And vanished in the sky.
Is that you my dear
Can you please come here,
Listen close and crystal clear…
I hate Aunt Floe
 Next time she here
Make sure I’m stocked
with weed and beer.
I love you punk.  ?

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I Hate Being Sick

I hate being sick,
I don't do it well.
My private pity party
Is going just swell.

I cough and I sneeze,
My nose is running away.
I've taken my cold meds
Trying to keep it at bay.

I hate having a cold
And feeling so weak.
At least this fever
Has reached it's peak.

I must end this poem now,
You know how it goes.
It's time to get up again 
And go blow my nose.

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Straight White Christian

Constitution says All men are created equal
We live in the home of the brave
But we annihilated the Red man
And made the black man a slave
We imprisoned the Yellow man
And judged the poor and the gay
Only a rich straight white Christian
Can be a free man today
We thirsted for power, now isn't it odd
We raped, pillaged and plundered in the Name of God
We committed crimes time will never erase
Then thumped a Bible in your face
We sin compulsively assuming God will forgive it
Then preach Christianity but we never live it
We formed a bigoted society where hate is the rule
If we accept others as Equals we call our own a fool
We sit in judgement of others, I guess we forgot
This isn't the way that Jesus taught
I'm a straight white Christian so maybe I'll fall
But I'll die believing God created us all
So when I read the Bible and God's Children I see
I'll never assume it's only children like me.
I no longer listen to your bigoted view.
Equality for all, not just people like you.

Equality means Equality and Bigotry is Bigotry
Jesus said "Love Thy Neighbor" NO DESCRIPTIVE ADJECTIVE.

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Jennifer Part 3

She has so much pain inside of her,
she doesn't know how to address it.
So she turns the pain into anger,
after she explodes, she becomes quiet.

She goes up to her room, upset.
Why does the world hate her so?
She thinks to herself, “That’s it!”
But in reality, it isn't though.

She lies on her bed,
Pulls out her book and reads.
As she turns the pages, she loses her head,
In her mind, she thinks “This is what I need.”

A place to escape the world,
Somewhere she can run.
For it seems everyone hates this girl,
And nothing she does is fun.

She plays her cello 
And loses herself in the music
She does this when she feels low
Then she plays the song of her pick

She listens to the beat she makes,
Trying to make it sound perfect,
But oh, she keeps making mistakes,
She thinks that she will never get it.

She leaves the cello alone
And watches her shows
She then grabs her phone
And tells her best friend the show as it goes.

She leaves the TV on, 
Then she enters her laptop.
She stays on till dawn,
She just can’t seem to stop.

She loves the idea of leaving the real world
And entering an imaginary one.
That’s the story of the girl,
Who is never done.

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Big cat roars

     Big Cat Roars. 

A big cat roared in the wilderness,
As the birds fled to the skies,
As the echo’s of the thunderbirds
Be drowning out their cries.
As mad, mad man goes off to war,
And young men die 
Oh Lord what for?????

The dark green bird with the big propeller 
Be dropping off some fine young fellows,
To fight a mad, mad, war in tears
As anguished mothers face their fears.
And boys, some dying for leaders pride,
Be forced to thrust their souls aside.

The Romans march they off to war,
They're still with us and that's for sure.
The Gulf, Iraq and Vietnam
Does anybody give a damn???
About boys dying in the night,
And who be wrong and who be right.?

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As I Awake

As I awake I am still here I still feel the same pain
I still have the same nightmare I still feel the same rage
I can not change the way it feels I can not tell you why
Each and everyday I just want to sit alone and cry
For no one knows how I truly feel no ones inside
Everyday of every life this is something I truly hide
The emotions that you see from me there not the true ones at all
For if I showed you the true ones from me your life it would fall
Into pieces it would go from all the hurt the pain
No more sunshine no more rainbows just clouds and rain
See my life used to be all fun and games
Till I lost what meant the most 
Now its not the same
They say it gets better with time that time heals all wounds
If that was true I would not be hear rhyming you these blues
Every morning of everyday this is how I feel
The world today is still so full of hate it is still so unreal
That's where all this pain is from its easy enough to see
If everyone would just get along the pain would subside from me
Is it to much to ask, for people to respect and treat each other the same
Because sooner than later it will be more than just me that will experience this great pain.

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Hey Dad , Where are You?
You Have Absolutely no clue!!

With Everything i needed,
all i ever got was mistreated ,

 I looked all around ,
You were No where To be found,

You didnt dare,
To Show me you care,

Where were you? 
When i Needed You True,

I Now Look Back,
& Officially Give you The Sack,

Your No Father ,
Have None I'd Rather,

You Hated Me,
Why Couldnt i See ,

Sorry I Don't Mean to Whine
But Your No Father Of Mine

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I don't know who you are

I Don't Know Who You are.

I don't know who you are God
As I see you everywhere
If your blessed name be Allah
Or Jehova , I don't care.
But I love to see your face God
In the flowers and in the trees
And I love to see your splendour
As I look with mind so free.

But now I hear they're fighting
As they're praying all the time
With their poor minds bent on killing
And it really is a crime
The way they've got me worried
As I think of our poor earth
As blood flows like a river
Over things that have no worth..

Afraid of not existing
They make their stern Gods up
As they overlook the beauty
As it overflows the cup
As it lives in every rose flower
In every bird and every tree
Oh God why can't they see you
With all your mystery.

14 November 2014

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Jihadist Ahmed

There is an asshole jihadist by the name of Ahmed
who has absolutely no active brain cells in his head.
Ahmed is rising swiftly up the jihadist command chain
because he is the only known jihadist to have a brain.
Each of the other jihadists has a camel shit filled head.
All jihadists sorry worthless souls burn in Hell once they are dead.
That is a very proper end for maniac murderers and rapist scum.
When the word jihadist is translated into English it means shithead bum.

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The Melting Pot is a city
where everyone seems
to live in harmony...
although racism and hate 
sometime make ugly headlines!

On Saturday Ballotelli
brought glory to Italy,
we was praised for his decisive goal;
how can we, as a civilized nation, allow haters 
to spread prejudism among us and build a thick wall?  
It's ignorance that causes
unkindness to others
of different colors and faiths!

My adapted city should be an example of hope
for everyone who wants to make it their home;
I have lived here and seen changes in people
who came together when tragedy stroke:
the wrathful hurricane Sandy was one of them!
If peace is to triumph, there must be love in all!

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Melt away Racism

Melt away Racism – Zamreen Zarook

Various ways the populace onset,
Launching always begin with an inset,
Day by day every mind starts to feel upset,
But it is sky rocketing on every sunset.

What is the gaining out of this discrimination?
What is the meaning of this aggravation? 
They find this as an anticipation,
But it is considered as the state of aberration

Tongue is given under an oath,
He gave hands and legs not to see you as sloth,
Let your positive mind handle them both,
Definitely it will wrap you with a golden cloth.

Show respect and be perfect,
Happiness and Elysium will be your deflect,
It’s the exact time to give the inject,
Then, there won’t be a single of deflect.

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Suicide Bomber

You are a monster, a devil, a curse
Where you go crowds disperse
Death and disability, you gift to society
Cities littered with corpses in variety

You blow your own body to shreds
Along with it you annihilate hundreds
You kill women, children, young and old
As a reward your family wins some gold

Heaven is promised as your share
You for hereafter your life spare
Your turning of streets and roads into blood’s pool
Is a heinous crime you lecherous fool

You nothing but God’s wrath earn
Your body and soul will in Hell burn
Persecuted, tormented, lashed and cursed
Your bleeding wounds left un- nursed

The blazing Hell that never chills
Its belly with likes of you fills
Angels accounting for the blood spilled
And the number of innocents you killed

Who but you is to blame?
Those on whose bidding you played the game
Will not be there to rescue you
From lashing of angels black and blue

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I'm a Muslim I'm not a Terrorist

I am a Muslim, I’m not a “terrorist”.
How can I be a terrorist
when I’m against all kinds of injustice.

I’m against every act of sin and evil.
I hate all kinds of crime and even loathe
what Adolf did to the innocent Jewish people.

I hate what God hates; He (Allah) hates oppression.
I’m against stealing, against taking away
people’s loved ones and belongings for no reason.

I’m against suicide bombings,
against racism, against ignorance,
against self-harm and even derision.

What God hates I hate and God (Allah) hates
oppression. I hate it too when people fight
for foolish nationalistic reasons.

I’m a Muslim; I follow the true religion
of mercy from Allah the Most Merciful
Who simply wants us to answer His Call
to believe in Just One -Just One God of all.

So don’t call me a “terrorist” when I clearly
don’t have a ‘mass destruction’ weapon
and my goal in life is to
be with our God (Allah) in Heaven.

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Nothing More Or Less

Millions of lives and souls untold
And to account it all
Words, lines, films
Imagination trims
A sliver of soft, scarlet ribbon
Hollywood rounds
Quills deliver
Writers flare with passion so strong
Filling minds with fantasies, reveries, histories
We consume it all like freshly baked bread
We feed until we are engorged and fed
A viral, universal mess
Ideas and unmade memories
Nothing more or less

My eyes remain glued to the screen
Living it all out
Tears dare to flow—to doubt
I should have thought of that
Can I truly let myself believe,
Someone else lived that!
Pound away your directors, script-writers, fighters
For miles and miles of stories remain unread
While the unknown remain in the grounds of humble malnourishment
Careers for the mind with a twist of the fable
Left us savage for the meal and the crumbs under the table
I can never let the raw truth rest
Naked, bare and empty—soothed
Nothing more or less

I cringed for originality 
Observed the world through the unedited scripts
The very act, the poetry pact
The wild animal drooling in the back
I was slapped in the face by my boss who had cracked
As the reviews bloated less and less
They wanted something awful, something flaw-ful—something new
And this empty brain in agony—HISSED 
I have lived in no epic battle of account
Of the collateral sufferings of my brothers
The stories the red carpet smothers
And still I ache to create
Before the other ones discover
I returned with ‘‘oh me’s’ and ‘oh my’s’’
With a work of pure genius—a storybook of lies
Nothing more or less

Little have I lacked to dream
Of contortioned pulls and dramatic fire
Stories that rarely brittle or tire
I fiddled with precious glass on edge
Foully eager for self-damage
As if it would trigger some legitimate spark 
Searching for creatures and features in the dark
No one unlocked the passage that night
For the starving idea-parched malice of right
But all welcomed with open arms
A pale mannequin filled with jewels and charms
Consuming, fuming dooming
All ghosts hoping, screaming, looming
Hoping that one day they would find themselves on the big screen
Their legacy real as it can possibly get
Nothing more or less

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Living Without

I tried to write about love but I haven’t felt it. 
I tried to write about the sea but I’ve never seen it. 
Then I tried to write about the air, but I have never breathed it. 
I tried to write about magic but I never believed it.
I couldn’t write about god, all I have ever done is sinned.
And when I tried to write about life I found, 
I have never really lived.

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Shut your mouth
get out of my head
I'll fight to the death
I dream of you dead

No, it's not too strong
want you out forever
I'll fight smart and dirty
peace with you.. Never

I hate your existence
You make me so sick
Lies fuel you like fire
you're a pathetic prick

Bent on my destruction
bring pain and doubt
Destroying joy in life
I see what you're about

Burn in hell you jerk
only place you belong 
Hands around your neck
suffocating you.. Not wrong

I despise you
I despise you
I despise you FEAR!
I despise you FEAR!

*I want to be clear that this slam is directed at unhealthy fear and Not a person.  This poem is five stanzas and one chorus. Therefore I limited each stanza to four lines.  I did this to give the initial appearance that the slam was directed at a person, with the idea this made the slam more electric!

Sponsor: Verlena S. Walker
Contest Name: Slamming Battle: Round 1 
Date: 5-4-14

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Death by Beauty

A smile moves across her lips
She gazes at her crime
A scar across her flesh and soul
To haunt her for all time
She’ll waste away for all she cares
Never stops to use her brain
Doesn’t care about the ones who are close
All she cares about is pain

She wants to be what the others expect of her
Doesn’t care about the self-respect for her
A rose can’t be a forget-me-not
Can’t she see what all she has got

Never to go back again
She feels the world is at an end
She will never show her grief
Although she’ll cry in empty streetS

She’d sooner live like a desolate mole
Living in fear in an empty hole
Screaming silent wails alone
Content to live in her mental home

A final tear falls from her eye
It hits the ground, it’s followed by
A beautiful body, mutated by hate
A kind word could have stopped it, but it is too late
One two many bricks in the wall in her mind
Molding her demise because her heart was blind
This self conscious being could never have won
For she was destroyed by the beautiful ones

She wouldn’t fight back, wouldn’t respect herself
In the end, she managed only to wreck herself
A rose can’t be a forget-me-not
Little did she know, she had all she had sought

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Unarmed I stood against the beast
Defending what was mine
The theft of my guileless innocence
His most cruel, remorseless crime

Fighting slings and arrows
Words that cut me to the quick
Lifting thin arms in resistance
To his heavy, brutish fists

Sorrow comes in darkness
Arrives without an invite
The moon stares dully at me
No magic will save me tonight

Measured unforgiving blows
He chose where each would land
Dark purple bruises gave away
Where my body had been slammed

With my knack for weak excuses
“I tripped and fell down again”
He sneered that they’re “just love taps”
While I played a game called ‘pretend’

Naked in my bed
Protecting a child yet unborn
Came another beating
From this cur who’d earned my scorn

What cannot be seen in shadows
Can suffocate one’s will
When I reclaimed my spirit
I crawled out of the mouth of hell

Ages have come to pass since then
The fiend at last routed from my life
I’m no longer frightened
Of just being someone’s wife

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Things That Bug Me About You

My goodness, how rude can one get?
I haven’t even finished speaking yet.
Your uncaring interruption,
has ruined my thought construction.
Now I have to put my thoughts on the shelf.
Couldn’t you see I was talking to myself ?!

And when I ask you to look for my keys,
Don’t make me beg on my knees.
I hate it when you laugh to beat the band,
Just because you see them in my hand!

And last week when I asked you to find my phone,
Your unkind remark cut me to the bone.
You said “you are losing your mind I fear.,
What’s that thing on your ear?”

It just isn’t nice, no matter how true it rings,
Accusing me of always losing things!
I just hate that quirk about you!!
Hey,.. you seen my other shoe?

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Shield Me

Shield me from this stain I bear,
remove this filth and smut I wear.
Cover my eyes from the evil truth,
discard these lies and hide the proof.

Guard my heart, these beats of pain,
from this spattered torn, loveless stain.
Protect this tired, worn out soul,
the one who beats out of control.

Defend my honor, grace and trust,
uncoil these spoils, away we must.
Preserve the mutiny, oust the pure,
coral the innocent with your evil lure.

Safeguard the takers, fakers and rest,
loosen the chains around this chest.
Release my dignity, vanity and control,
please shield my heart and cover me whole.

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I Want

I want to sing you
I want to write you
I want to watch you
And describe you

I would like to compose you
You, my ninth symphony
To put you on a stave
To play your melody

I want to sculpt you
Without engraving too much
Hardly anything to change
Some details to fix

I want to photograph you
Under different lights
To whip with the flash
All those artifices that are hiding you

I want to break your records
Go through your body's limits
Jump higher, run further
When man an athlete is one

I could go on with other arts
But none of them seem good enough to define you
So I'll go on in which my words are the finest
For you, I'll never stop writing

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fear and hate

fear and hate go hand and the imbred knights of killer cults and clans
God's got a better plan that the devil tries so hard to sabatage
he makes a fevered fantasy seem so a living mad mirage

fear and hate rise like heat in the burning desert sand
he captures the weak and crushes them all in the grip of his iron hand

as God looks down from heaven He watches and He waits
He shakes the wicked to their death with hurricanes,twisters,and devistating earthquakes

evil ones fall into bottomless pits while faithful ones live in Gods loving grip
because love and faith have power that fear and hate don't have
the power to rise from the darkness of death
the power to live as free men

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Love You

You said don't look at me that way,
never knowing I loved you night and day,
no matter how you laid me out, or said i hate you
you abortion from hell,
The love I felt for you was more then any one could ever tell
and from the welts of my daddy's belt
was all the love you could have dealt
picking up the ash tray throwng it at
me like I'm the enemy, making my life ebony
filled with dark deception
I don't think those were your intentions,
my love for you deeper then the core of the earth,
why do you hate me? you gave me birth
all I wanted was your warm embrace
all you gave me was a bruise on my face
choking the life out of me, why do you hit me this way
I need the tears to not wet the innocence off my face
then your coffee cup stained my lace
mom please I love you don't make me leave I want to stay
I get on my knees and pray
but the demons inside her scared my saints away
those demons drag me away, the fear you gave
made me no longer a child at mind, this is what you made for being unkind
I no longer can cry, and let me tell you I try
don't need to dry my eyes, you put neither God or the devil
at my side, I made my own kingdom I pray when I hide
I want these demons to let go of my thighs, don't you realize all these 
beatings makes them know you don't care, so they come and visit me at night
this hatred grows when they try to put it inside, I've become numb
and you could care less, I can see it in your eyes you want me dead
All I want is your love, but that image only lives in my head
love you mom wish you were'nt dead.

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Scars Left Behind

Fear, Terror, Agony then darkness
This night I will never forget 
You ruined my life, you hurt me so bad
You left my life in ruins; you bruised me black and blue
Now I hate you with a vengeance, because you 
Chose to sexually assault me on this very night
Your strength to great, your body so large,
I could not move an inch, I was pinned down hard.

Ripped blouse, skirt torn, no buttons left on at all
Begging you to stop you just went on telling me to shut up
Your evil sperm had entered into my body so pure
Without listening to my pleas, you ignored my cries of pain
You had one thing on your mind, to get inside of me.
I prayed to God give me strength to get me through that night.
After you had done your worst, and glared as if you’d won
You drove me home after that, nothing was said again.

I’d hoped that some way, someday that you would be hurt back
Or maybe even worse, because of what you did to me 
Would forever be a reminder of the agony I felt that night.
Feeling sick after a few weeks, the Doctor told me the worst
I was eight weeks along, he expected me to be pleased, 
As he consoled me, I sobbed out my sad tale about that night
He'd told me to  report you, I said,” I can’t do that he’s my boss.
He’d say that it was consensual and deny it, if I said a thing.”
Now you know why I hate this man so much
He stole my innocence before I was ready to let it go
I hope someday that he will pay for this hateful evil thing
I pray by now that he has paid for all my pain and grief.
If someone had the misfortune of having this same fate
My heart goes out to all of you, for all the men you must hate
Hopefully by now your wounds are healed or healing has begun
In addition, you’re filling your life like me now, with lots of love and fun.

By Beauty28

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Seeking accompany

Seeking accompany- Zamreen Zarook
I kick to wonder what made me to cry,
Am really writing as a fry,
Myself launch to be dry,
This ink will be a victim for my cry.
What really went wrong with me all these day,
What made e to forget my last day,
I realized I jumped out of my track yesterday,
So I regret for that, what is called as present today.
Happiness have started to wave hands for this sinner,
Sadness have started to move inner,
The faults that I considered as miner,
So far changed as a miner of a winner.
My face was a comparison to sunlight,
Where as my routine changed it to moon light,
I wish to get that twilight,
As a sinner I started to search for that enlight.
I started to enjoy what is right,
I remade my faults as a kite,
I wished it would fly apart from my  sight,
My system said, you are free from your rubbish weight.
It proved that I always should depend on god,
In whatever the variation of my mood,
He is there to clear my victorious road,
So, I started to live according to His code.

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Patience is a Virtue For Just a Little While

Did you ever sit and wait
To hear from someone you just hate
You have no choice
Where's their letter
Their fat check can make you better
If someone just controls your fate
Don't get angry if they're late
Just breathe in slowly
Let it out
A smile to all
Don't ever pout
And when the cash comes to your door
Just be nice
Forget you're sore
Just say thanks
Like once before
So what's the moral of this tale
You waited daily for the mail
No more stomping on the floor
Just take the bucks
You don't need more
Don't have to sit and frown
Just laugh inside
You won the crown
Soon it's time to pack and go
No being nice
No eating crow
Just drop them all
And close the show
You might even win a Tony
For being such a real phony

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The Maid of Honour's Speech

I know the Maid of Honour’s duties do not include a speech,
But looking at the perfect Bride, a vision in gold... and peach,
I couldn’t let the moment pass, without the chance to say,
How perfect for each other you are, on this your wedding day.

We’ve been friends forever, in school you were a brat,
But now you’re older, more mature and getting rather fat!
I know you really hate me; the proof is in the dress,
This thing you chose to put me in, it really is a mess!

Bows and ruffles everywhere, however could you think,
That a mature twenty eight year old could pull off vivid pink?
I know your gown is hideous, but even with that said,
There’s still no reason why the other bridesmaids are in red.

It’s clear to all that your wish for me was just to look a show,
And as it is your special day, I thought I’d let it go.
You’d always seemed to find it hard to find the perfect man,
You sat and watched all of your friends find theirs and formed a plan.

You tried it on with who they’d found until you had a date.
And so you lost a fair few friends? You’d found yourself a mate!
And in the groom you’ve found a man who over flows with love,
And through the trials that lie ahead, he’ll help you rise above.

With hugs and kisses he’ll shower you and have a few to spare,
In fact I saw him earlier, canoodling with Claire!
Honey, don’t react like that, he’s a jerk, I know it’s true,
But remember that you first hooked up, at our engagement do.

A leopard cannot change its spots, or so the proverb says,
And you told me you only married him for money anyway!
But then again you always were a shallow two-faced cow,
And why on earth should you decide to change your ways right now?

So ladies and gentlemen please join me, raise a glass,
To the spiteful two-faced Bride, and her two-timing Ass!

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Parallel Emotions-Love and Hate

Parallel Emotions - Love and Hate"

between love and hate
a fine line separates 
two emotions
para-interlocking devotions
easier to love someone
hate usurps more energy
power inflicts hurt 
into this tapestry
cross lines to emote feelings
jagged edges like daggers
smoothed and soothed 
by love
sweet love 
conquers life 

Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S.


Love and Hate - The Hate bit 

If you had not bequeath your love
One so pure as a virgin's touch,
Heavenly Angel from above
This life I desired so much.
I would not know now
How to hate alone in desolation,
Unlucky in love is my fate
Condemned to immolation,
Memories, alas, do not fade
The hostility festers strong
This septic wound from cutting blade
Belie's a love that proved so wrong.

Harry Horsman


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A Best Friend

One you call a best friend,
whom you truly depend,
Never intend on something bad but defend.
But at last, you come to a conclusion that it was all a pretend.
Years of friendship comes to an end.

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Look in the rear view, now I've gotta clear view
Most beautiful landscape I've ever seen
and I've seen 'em around the world baby girl, better believe
No feeling like having you next to me.
I mean it respectfully; I hate the distance
When i'm on the road and you're not there-
I won't admit it; too often caught up in my pride-
but without you it just ain't the same ride.

There's something to be said when a man misses a woman
pushing the pain aside in stride like it's nothing
But something happens when that song comes on
and I hold you in my arms but I know that you're gone
Drawn to memories when we were one
soul; two-halves bound into a whole
being, united in a similar state of dreaming
You are me, I am you, baby feel what I'm feeling

I miss you, won't ever forget you
Every time is like the first time I met you
Truth be told, this never gets old
You are the one girl that i'll ever wanna hold
and mold into a goddess, now you're holy enough to control me
Only you can show me the light from a shadow so lonely
You know me. and I'm proud to say
This is one thing that I will never betray
Look in the rear view, now I've gotta clear view
Most beautiful landscape I've ever seen.
and I've seen 'em around the world baby girl, better believe
No feeling like having you next to me.
I mean it respectfully; I hate the distance
When i'm on the road and you're not there-
I won't admit it; too often caught up in my pride-
but without you it just ain't the same ride.
There's something to be said when a man misses a woman
Pushing the pain aside in stride like it's nothing
But something happens when that song comes on
and I hold you in my arms but I know that you're gone
I ride along until the night meets the dawn
and you're the streetlight that leads me beyond
In wonder, I'm still under your spell
Keep driving, but I'll never say farewell

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Paper Thin

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
For kicks is why I do it now.
You tell me to love but I never knew how.
Our feet hitting pavement,
We spent the day in sunny California with sun kissed skin.
I’m learning to forget and how to fade scars,
And you let me let myself down so hard.

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
And now I just do it for smiles,
We’ll never see flower girls stumbling down aisles.
I’d lose my head just before that chance,
But if you want we can still have a first dance.
Cause I think I say things that I don’t mean,
Once upon a time you meant the world to me.

Your paper-thin porcelain skin,
I know how to get right under it.
But I’m trying to refrain,
To make this not all end up in vain.
Maybe I can learn to love like some people do,
And you can learn to love yourself a little too.
Or it is in all fairness to let this go?
I guess we can try but then we’ll never know. 

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You Can Hate Me Now

You can hate me all you want 
I will
Love you
Put no other above you
Let no devil touch you
Only angels
You're a star that's spangled
Like America's banner
Seeing you was always in my planner
But now you hate me
Mentally and emotionally you can't escape me
What did I do wrong
I thought nothing can seperate us
Our love rope is too long
You said a lot of bogus things on the phone
You are another person, you have a clone
You say you hate me forever
But only I can warm you in this below 20 weather
But I guess I wasn't good enough
You made the relationship tough
against me you have culpulsive accusations
But guilt is your rightful topic of demonstration
So now we part as you scibble on our fine love work of art
Its ok you can hate me now
But mentally and emotionally you can't escape is what I vow
So stop asking my cousin about me
You are a bad apple that fell from the tree
But you take all your anger out on me
I'm one in a billion can't you see
I guess you are forever scared by that r.a.p.e.
But now you will feel the wrath of my R.A.G.E.
Richard Always Get Even
Perhaps I already did even
I don't need you
I will cut you off
And cleave you
You loved me?
I never believed you
Drunk with ex boyfriends lol 
Huh they deceived you
I'm not the party type
But you are the party hype
So you will cheat before me right
But you push cheating on me with forcible might
Silly girl
That's what i get for bonding with a girl younger
But the breakup only made me stronger
So go ahead call me "goofy" "liar" "cheater"
Those are just words
I'm a verbal assault eater
When it comes to being real I am the best
You are "Heartless" like the song by Kanye West
"You run and tell your peeps that you leaving me"
"They say that they don't see what you see in me"
"You wait a couple months and you will see"
"You'll never find nobody better than me"
It's not a promise, threat, or vow
It's prophecy
I got that speck of dirt off of me
You can hate me 
But mentally and emotionally you can't escape me

Ok now I just wanna talk. It's amazing how people walk in and out of your life and leave 
footprints on your heart. But you know what baby girl, yours are fading in the sand. You are 
so narrow-minded it's ridiculous. You see your problem is, you are so accustomed to being 
betrayed, those are the only signs you seem to locate. You say I'm cheating but can't prove 
it. So why accuse me of it?

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I Hate Lightning

I wish it could rain without lightning
I do not like it at all
When the night is lit up like the day
I always feel it was a close call
I am convinced the lightning wants to get me
I am convinced it lies in wait
For the one moment of my inattention
So it can make me pay
Why must there be lightning
What purpose does it serve
The way it just comes and does what it wants
Lightning has got a lot of nerve!

There was a lightning storm last night so I wrote a fun little ditty about how much I hated it.

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I hate my whisky

I hate the sky on a sunny day
I hate to watch the children play
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer
i hate the music in my ear

I hate songbirds all around
I hate every gentle sound
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer
and I hate to give and I hate to share

I hate the cites and I hate the towns
I hate the ups and I hate the downs
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer
but I drink it all - to hide my fear

I hate my books and poems too
I hate the things I wrote for you
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer
and I spend my hatred everywhere

I hate the hours in my hourglass
it only shows the time that pass
   I hate my whisky I hate my beer

But I love it all - when you are here

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I Hate That I Can Touch The Ceiling In My Bathroom Walls

I hate that I can touch the ceiling in my bathroom walls.
I hate that eerie lonesome feeling that I'm getting tall.
I hate how e'erything now is small and how I've grown so high.
I hate how petty tiffs are teeming and I'm asking "Why"

I love that I can now explore the world without a care.
I love that I can sleep and snore until the midday's air.
I love that I have learnt to share and my how I can swim!
I love my aura and galore, expressed with but a grin.

I hate how all my fascination with the world declined.
I hate how sky clouds' animation perished from my mind.
I hate how no one's ever kind to me and I'm alone.
I hate how alcohol's temptation over me has grown.

I love how I can feel emotion t'wards another soul.
I love that I can sail the ocean, always in control.
I love how in my life, a hole is no cause for alarm.
With simple grit and great devotion I shan't come to harm.

I hate that I can touch the ceiling in my bathroom walls.
I hate that eerie lonesome feeling that I'm getting tall.
I hate how e'erything now is small and how I've grown so high.
But never will I cease my dreaming—
—That I'll someday touch the sky.

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He crouched among the ‘noble’ men Of so much worth they were much to him As seas carry creatures, he carries hope within How much longer must he wait for them, then- To let him in? A beam of a smile appeared on his face They spoke of beautiful women, in dance and grace Their laughter fed his soul like water quenching fire His confidence low, yet high his most wanted Desire The chatter was of an upcoming banquet With well-dressed lovelies, their speech eloquent Hearts swollen with wine and merriment He longed to live among them With resentment Eyes never glanced his way, he hoped to find A gleam coming to meet him eye to eye And as they spoke with anxious humor, There came over the youth a sudden Tremor He was ready to make himself known In beggar’s clothes he would have shown That he can speak as eloquent as any And that the smallest bodies of waters Are plenty The ‘noble’ men continued their vibrant chat Without a thought of the boy, not e’en a glance When suddenly the youth sprung up, ignited “My friends, I too—I too Am excited!” There was a pause in the chilly air Some men laughed but the host merely stared The beggar man smiled and bowed so nobly They would have never suspected a man of his tongue As lowly The smile disappeared as they continued to jeer And the boy was overtaken with inferior fear At last the host said, “Good man, I am glad you are excited, But do tell me—er...were you ever Invited?” His head went down the kindhearted floor He could not take the unfeeling eyes on him anymore Pained to the marrow of his bones, he shook his head He was never invited, he was never Well fed He ran away with tears in his youthful eyes It is sad how quickly one’s hope can die And all that night no hope remained but hunger, Leaving him driven to survive, not above But under

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Every seven minutes another child dies
Every seven minutes a mother cries
Rubble comes crashing down from the skies
They will never be able to say their goodbyes 
Running into the street
Glass cutting into her little four year old feet
Blood begins to  cover the innocent girl's face
A new orphan who still can't differentiate between race
She looks around
Her home and town now blown to the ground
She tries to scream for help
She only manages one weak yelp
Another missile is fired
More events have transpired
She tries to run
Bleeding and tired
She hears a sound of a gun
Seven minutes have gone by
Seven minutes for another innocent child to die
In seven minutes another mother will inevitably be forced to cry...

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For myself
Every day.
Lost again.
The way.
In my head.
Go away.
Wont stay
And alone.
Is my own
Broken again.
In my sin.

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Music is my escape
I sing along every second I can
It is the only place
Where people seem to understand

I sing at the top of my lungs,
Sing every word from my heart,
I eventually start to feel numb,
And soon I will fall apart.

I start crying and choke on my words,
I can no longer sing, too busy crying my eyes out.
My vision starts to blur,
That is true, without a doubt.

I’m crying because the music I listen to,
Seems to know my life story,
And it seems to know my feelings too,
These songs just scream out my whole back story.

I relive the moments the songs are talking about,
How they are all gone, or how they had hurt me. 
I just want to get out,
I wish that you could only see!

That I’m not that happy person anymore,
I’ve changed, but for the worst.
In my eyes, I only see closed doors,
And believe me, this isn’t the first.

If you saw me now, you’d hear my music,
See me shed my tears, and wipe my eyes, 
You’ll see the life drained out of me, as if there was a tick.
Oh, you’ll also get to hear me confess to all of my lies.

I try to forget everything and lose myself in the music,
Sing along to get any emotions out, 
That’s pretty much the basics,
What I’m all about. 

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My room is as clustered as the thoughts in my mind,
I cannot fathom this selfish mankind
People are cold, as cold as the weather
Can we not all be happy together?

Is it so easy to hate,
to deceive our friends, to treat opposites as bait?
to put down those we feel jealous of,
where is our kindness, compassion and love?

What happened to great friendships
what happened to blood,
Do we really like to watch people fall to the mud,
Can we not be happy for those
who try their best,
can we not accept others
without putting them to the test?

There is no trust left in our hearts,
between betrayal and hurt we've been torn apart.
I would like to see kindness once again
A world that can smile without any pain,
To have that spirit humanity once displayed,
let us regain the happiness that was taken away.

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The Complex Brain


To love or not to love that is the question 
Do I tell him how I feel;
Do I tell him how he makes everything seem surreal? 
Or do I stand back? 
Close my mouth like I've been caught up in a trap
Or should I squeal?
You make life seem so unreal 
This is the way you make me feel
You make life so surreal until;
Reality hits me, that you are no longer mine 
And we had to say our goodbyes 
It was no longer our time to shine
But forever in my heart you remain
I try to keep my feelings domain,
But I cannot resist the urge 
Of how you make me feel.
You make life so unreal 
So surreal 
Just by how you make me feel 
Is this love 
Or is this tragedy
When will my fairly god mother come sprout
And talk to me what all my dreams are about?
Will she give me that glass slipper or will I have to ask her?
I am always scared that my life will end in disaster 
Holding on, not letting 
My hope begins to show.
You saw the vunuablitly  in my eyes,
You saw how easily I begin to cry 
So you took it further, and pretend as if it we're over 
Maybe some things are better for us than we think 
True love can make our hearts sink
And our souls grow bitter 
And our skin turns old
We were once
So brave and bold;
And now we don't even have a place to call home 

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The Babaji Wheelbarrow

It was a dry, dusty day when I saw the wheelbarrow, with long handles made of dark wood. 
The wheel is struggling as it carries its burden, but it manages the job that it should. The man pushing appears to be crying, his eyes all puffy and red. It’s time to move on, but I wait,  I wait for him to reach me instead. The wheelbarrow has a dark green cover, such a sickly, metallic sweet smell underneath,  such a heavy lump in my throat,  “don’t lift the cover!” but regardless, I pull back it back to see.
The first thing to strike me, such a tiny hand, tiny fingers all bent into a fist, and an inch below there in my big gloved hand, the smallest most delicate wrist. Her face is held together by bright orange thread, her eyes are searching the stars. Her crown should still be there, on that beautiful head, where she lays, crumpled up inside her Dads cart. I put back the cover, swallow hard and just stand there, my head, Jesus Christ I can’t think,  my pounding heart tearing itself apart inside my trained body, at this beautiful little angel in pink. 
Her father, his eyes screaming toward me sobs gently, silent rage and yet deafening shock. Why can’t I bring myself to look into this man’s eyes, oh Lord, grant me some breath that I may talk. To say sorry, to ask why, to just speak in his tongue, to show him that I really care. I realise that I could never find words, I’ve no such tragedy to compare.
I walked away from the blue wheelbarrow, thinking that I could leave it behind. But every night as my daughter hugged me, that wheelbarrow crashed into my mind. Whenever she cried my stomach went tight, when she laughed those dark clouds disappeared, whenever she told me she loved me, I knew that I had nothing to fear, but yet so much. The wheelbarrow changed me forever, drank me to illness, and brought my whole life to the edge. I couldn’t switch off from that sweet smell, and I couldn’t explain that to friends. 
 I will never forget, such a small wrist in my hand, such beautiful soft lips kissing the sky. Such a pretty pink little dress, though stained red with blood, those clear and lifeless brown eyes. I wish that I had asked for her name, what to call that three year old victim of war, so small and so beautiful with those innocent eyes, my body aches that I can’t wish so any more.
If I could explain to people, about my demons, in one image to make them understand. I’d draw that blue wheelbarrow with the green cover on top, and that sweet delicate wrist in my hand. Two days after the wheelbarrow I became a Father and to my comfort, for the rest of my life I will know. No matter how often the wheelbarrow returns, I have my daughter, here for me to hold.

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Never Take Hate Outside

When you're hurt inside,
And there's no where to hide,
And there's no one on your side,
And it's killing your pride,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is chocking,
The heavy words never spoken,
The things that hurt you inside,
When love has died,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is gone,
From being alone,
And it beats a solemn tone,

When you're cold inside,
It's only a short ride,
Never take hate outside

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Just One Thing

Parce que des fois il suffit de voir une phrase une photo un mot
Et même quelques fois le passé peut nous rattrapé
Alors qu’un sourire aux lèvres, les yeux sont en sanglots
Le bonheur occupe votre cœur mai la tristesse envahi les pensées

Derrière le soleil un orage se prépare pour venir foutre le bordel
Plusieurs fois aussi bien qu’il peut gardien soleil résistera
Mais l’orage reviendra toujours plus fort, vraiment rebelle
Pour enfin mettre le trouble dans tes idées, personne ne le verra

Quinze secondes c’est le temps qu’aura mis cette phrase cette photo ou ce mot
Pour installer un doute certain dans tes pensées les plus profondes
C‘est toute une remise en cause pour toi, qualités ou défauts ?!
Tu en meurs mai c’est invisible aux yeux de tout le monde

Reste humble, tais-toi, règle ça seul
Entre toi cet orage et cette putain de pensée
Que les autres fassent ce qu’ils veulent
Ce qu’on ressent jamais une rime ne pourra l’exprimer

Je continuerai à slamer
Tant que mon cœur saignera
Et j’arrêterai de crier
Le jour où la vie me l’enlèvera

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History --- And I Cry

O to be young, young gifted and black,
But, what of those that were not good in the sack? 
Their usefulness was constantly under attack.
Some went to the fields, into the fields never came back.

Gut wrenching sounds from the mothers as they cry.
Mingled with the wails of babies sucking on breast dry.
Beautiful ebony skin, tarnished, the naked sun fry.
This was not God’s intent, so brother, why, why, why!

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Greek philosophy after Heraclitus - Continued in Verse - with the Pluralists

THE PLURALISTS : Empedocles & Anaxagoras

That single primary substance the ‘arche’ of
the Ionian philosophers ,
Was challenged by Emphedocles (b.495BC)
and Anaxagoras(b.500BC) !
Emphedocles spoke of four qualitative elements
of Nature ;
As Earth , Air , Fire and Water !
And also of two mythical beings - love and hate ;
Which caused all elements to unite , or to
separate and break !
Therefore they were called ‘Pluralists’, -
Since for them only a single primary substance , -
did not exist !

This above position was refuted by Anaxagoras ,
Who claimed these elements were not merely
four , 
But they were countless in number and many 
more !
It was neither love or hate but ‘nous’ , -
a spontaneous active mind ;
Was the source of all movements and life 
of Mankind !

Little is known about the Father of the
School of Atomist called Leucippus ,
He was made famous by his pupil Democritus !
For him Parminedes’ non-being void did never 
exist ;
And Democritus spoke of atoms as indivisible
spatial entities ;
Moving in a void or empty space , as the building
stones of reality , -
Which led to the formation of different objects
and its multiplicity !
Just like the comedies and tragedies of those
days , -
Were composed of the same letters of the alphabets , -
Democritus had said .
He was a rationalist and maintained , all genuine
way of knowledge began , -
When sense perception ends !
For sense perception was obscure knowledge ;
And thoughts which transcends sense perception
and appearance ,
Reaching the very atoms in our being ,
Becomes the only genuine knowledge of human
beings !
But these philosophical thoughts only marked
a beginning !

THE SOPHISTS (481- 411BC) :
They were wise and skilful men of Greek history,
Lectured on art, rhetoric and oratory .
Also trained young men for political life ,
Were like intellectual mercenaries of their time ;
For all their teaching came at a price !
Beyond the reach of ordinary men ,
Which made Socrates later criticize them !

There chief exponent was Protagoras ,
Who had emphasized amongst all other things , -
‘Man as the measure of all things !’
But those Sophist had failed to see, the forest 
for the trees !
They failed to recognize ‘man’ from ‘men’ ,
While exaggerating the differences in human 
judgments ;
Ignoring the common areas of agreements !
(To be continued)

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Blatant Irony

She exists for a man only

He achieved what a man can

That of trying a trick abstractly

She easily got henned in hand!

Decisions are tough, exclaimed she aloud

Life in love is not easy 

He, a rose in hand, proud

Rose up to a plane above

She, a tender one with exalt

Thought of love as sincere admiration

Found out the abrupt truth, abomination!

Her only precious asset his inspiration

Her own body, as sexy asphalt!

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Romance the Chance

This coldness still, untrue; unreal 
Consumed by doubt, more cracks in the wall -
For certain I loath all that I feel 
(Lost in the Beauty of my fateful fall) 
Dry of words, and void of strength, 
I try and save my dying chance 
(I never thought I'd trek this length)
But, Lo! I dance a dead Romance...

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A Spider Friend

I thought we were friends, true to each other.
I thought he was more than my own brother.
He was very kind to me, and I was even kinder.
He helped me a little and I was a better helper.
But when he didn’t benefit from me any longer.
He turned his back on me just like any stranger.
I felt betrayed, forsaken, and pain was greater.
I wondered how fast he turned into a hater!
I wondered how he lived as a fabricator!
His life was false and he was so big a faker!
He could’ve been a friend, a man, not a traitor!
I wondered why he chose to be a killer spider.
Those falling in the net took him for a liberator.
Those surviving it knew he was a terminator.


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How do I feel inside, really?
Avenging your needs, silly?
I don’t gotta kill to be at ease,
But a little pain delivered may appease.
Sometimes I’m mating with confusion
Right or wrong, is it all a delusion?
Potential I have but can they see, 
And feel this heat blazing in me,
No, the answer is no, a to letter
Unappreciation is my medicine, better?

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The young French maid pours tea
for the heartless Queen Marie-Antoinette
whose image Dunlop objected to paint...
because he must have hated royalty!

The young French maid dreams of liberty,
although she eats bread and her family
eats brioche': her oppressed heart must be free...
while walking in the eerie shadow of hostility!

Pour tea, pretty maid with servant humility,
never let thoughts daunt you and scream into obscurity...
your mean Queen will meet her fate at their hungry hands,
and her decapitated head will roll onto the streets of France! 

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Never Be Friends

...Only children still believe in friends, and only stupid children at that...

We come off the same tree like berries 
Who would've thought we would grow to become adversaries
Out friendship didn't last
Maybe because we grew too fast
I guess the past is the past
Not in your eyes though
You still hate me after 3 1/2 half years
I could careless
I've yet to shed tears
See the problem with you is you never feel you are wrong
That's why my respect for you is gone
Starting lifting weights, traded glasses for contacts
One by one you stab your friends in the backs
Except for me, you went for my neck
Ready for war over a girl, what the heck
You took my soon-to-be girl
I took yours
You tried to put on the locks so I kicked down the doors
Worst part is you look at me with a straight face and swear we still cool
Smiling faces tell lies and I'm no fool
Everybody say you're jealous and you just want to be me
You turn your head when I come around like you don't see me
Seems to me your hate for me is a snowstorm that will never end
It's cool with me, we can never be friends
I guess envy is a trait you wear like the hottest trend
Friendship is too valuable, your supposed to give, not lend
Label me a punk all the time, but call me to assist you in battle
You ride phoniness like a horse, here have a saddle
You drink jealousy juice, I'll pour you some with a ladle
That was real slick, to have my girl kissing you
If I was to let anger control me, your family would be "missing" you
But she's with me so if you want her come take her back
You're a sucker for love
Ask Cupid that
You 20 years old dating an eight grader
Disgrace to all alpha males
You testosterone degrader
No morals or principality
Courage annihilator 
You are who you associate with
You make me sick
I need to be more careful of friends I pick
Even when we die your cold feelings toward me won't end
It's cool with me because we will never be friends...

	It's a shame these days that a friendship can't keep its life. I just thought since we grew up together we 
can make a childhood last to adulthood. I guess you hated living in my shadow, I don't really know or care to 
be honest. You have fun dating eight graders,and getting your home raided on local news and I'll just go back 
to making an honest living...Sucka

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Discrimination Needs To Die

Everybody should be treated
With the courtesy that's needed
To survive---not live in fear
Their identity will disappear
Because others wont accept
Who they are with pure respect
The traits their born with instantly
Should be loved so equally
From people with bad ideas
That bully others everywhere
Who don't fit the "normal" crowd
So they are shunned and shut out
Leaving them so scarred and hurt
They're forever on alert
Wishing they could fit inside
A world where they don't have to hide
And be welcomed with hello's 
Friendly faces where they go
No more worries pain or hate
Dreaming of this feels great
Wishing this dream will be real
For every outcast who can feel
The wrath of each and every bully
It is pure insanity
That we all can't get along
Discrimination is just wrong

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Between Love and Hate

Is there a name for that place we go
Between love and hate but are afraid to show
The place where smiles turn into tears
And one more day turns into years

Do you know that place where someone's touch
Unexplainably turns from pleasure to pain
Of this place do you know of such
Where blue skies fall like rain

Where the playful wink becomes a stare
And the light you see in their eye becomes a glare
The heartfelt kisses of long ago
Now a peck on the cheek just for show

Trusting each other becomes suspicions untold
Never each other again to hold
The I love you becomes I don't care
The same dreams you no longer share

Is that place fear or maybe despair
When you realize they no longer care
Is there a name for that place we go
Between love and hate but are afraid to show

©Donna Jones

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No Hero To My Heart

He opened the door
I did th sin
Against all wills
I let him in 
                            Chaining a heart
                            Choking the pulse
                            Robbing a life
                            3 crimes unfalse
                                                       Me,right here
                                                       Just the one to blame
                                                       "Dont hate the player
                                                        Hate the game"
                                                                                      He said he's changed
                                                                                      Said:"Never again"
                                                                                      Said i was important
                                                                                      Love for who i am
But my crimes Was nothing but letting my only pump in rape I just parked my life At the 
sidewalk today.

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I Pick My Nose

Now I don't have a decent job
Or expensive, flashy car
Somedays I don't brush my teeth
Or brush my beehive hair
Get my bra's from bargain bins
My coat's a hand-me-down
I try to act all grown up but
Let's face it, I'm a clown
I've got a filthy accent and
Sometimes I pick my nose
Somedays I don't change my socks
There's jam between my toes
I'm not a morning person
Til I dunk my head in coffee
I'm often unaffectionate
And then a little needy
I hate it that my ribs poke out
And my front teeth aint straight
I hate it I depend so much
On destiny and fate
I'm not the kinda girl you could
Take home to meet your mum
I live in jeans and hoodies
She'd think I was a bum
I don't need you to tell me
There's more perfect girls than me
I'm showing you the truths
Even though they're plain to see
Despite my imperfections
I'm sure there'll never be
Someone who is saner and
Could love you more than me 

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I Hate Hoodrats

I hate hoodrats,
To me they are no match.
I hate them with the passion.
I always prayed in the hood,
As a child, that when I got
Grown I would go buck wild
Beating anyone their backend mass,
Because they are low class,
They make sure that the strong,
Black family existence is a thing 
Of the past. I hate their food stamp
Selling, never excelling, treacherous
Trashy tails. They are sell-outs,
Because they let the government
Bail them out and enslave them,
Our men, and beautiful children
They are hindering progress of the future.
I wish that there were sharp-shooters,
That would zap all of them in the back of,
Their red, orange, purple, and blue hair.
They walk around without a care,
In the world. They are lost souls.
Sold out to Satan wrecking the Black nation.
They cause other strong Black women from
The hood that have a little success, a whole
Life of professional distress. I hope one day one
Hoodrat would understand, that they are part
Of Satan’s plan to rob, kill, and destroy, all
Of the little black girls and boys, and most 
Of all killing the men, while causing who to win?
Satan. One day I will get enough Godly strength
To pray for them instead of physically slapping the
Hell out of them. I through prayer will slam Satan’s 
Silliness out of them, but for right now as I work the
Plow and get enough knowhow. Just shame, shame , 
Shame, shame, on all of the hoodrats’ hellified names.

Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and 
needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked." Though this seems to be directed at other 
gods, it is good advice for humans as well. Psalm 82:3-4

Wealth obtained by fraud dwindles, but the one who gathers by labor increases it. Proverbs 

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This Battle in My Head

Why do I feel so alone?
Why must I have this feeling,
when His love is shown?
Why am I crying?

I hate how I deal
with everything thrown at me.
Why must I feel
like there's nothing I can achieve?

I know He's here,
and I know He cares,
but I always fear
that no one's there.

I feel as if 
everyone will leave me.
Almost as if
no one loved me.

When I know
everyone cares...
It's just hard to show,
I just wish they were fair.

I cry almost every night,
thinking of how to die,
of how this came into my sight,
how to say goodbye.

I'm sorry.
I know this isn't right.
I've just been lonely, 
all I want to do is to stop this fight.

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She'll use their hunger, innocence performed
And pour hemlock in heart's chalice, who care
Kiss with poisoned lips from a witch transformed
Weaving honeyed gifts freely used, she'll snare

With scents and silks, hiding her hate's desire
Revenge for pain, by words sweetly spoken
Sinister plot spun, for men who aspire
Vessels of love , to be disposed when broken

A devils heart with sweet fruit as her ploy
Talons strike deep with their sharpened shaft
Appears an Angel, a cold trap so coy
Boiling men up, completes her witchcraft

Contest ABAB Poetry contest

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As she held her pretty little friend
She promised it was not the end
Nine little wounds decorate her wrist
Nine little wounds that want to be kissed
One self hating girl took her last shove
One self hating girl that wants to feel love
The pretty little razor held in her hand
Can decide when this pain will end
The pretty little razor touches her ivory skin
Making her nine little wounds now ten
She cries out in pain with each touch
Only because she hates herself too much
One by one ten turns to twenty
She looks down and thinks she has plenty
She looks in the mirror and still hates what she sees
She looks in the mirror and she sees me
She cries when she sees the fat on her bones
She hates how much she's grown
How much bigger she keeps getting
How nothing seems to be fitting
She just wants to be perfect
She just wants the respect
That every thin girl gets
For having visible hips
She wipes away the tears
She hides all of her fears
She puts on that smile 
That will last her awhile
She tucks away the pretty little razor
She promises it's not the last it will see her
She tucks it away
Just like its another day
The smile she must maintain
To hide her everyday pain

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Hate is an epidemic disease that makes us forget
to keep our head straight. It's a curse that only 
generates rage and cause people to separate and 
leave space to discriminate

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I Hate You So Much

Don't get upset with all this mess that I'm about to reveal
I can't control the need to convey exactly how I feel
I hate you
It's true, I really do
I hate your hair, I hate your face, I hate that fake smile that shows
I hate your lips, I hate you cheeks and even the eyes that look down your nose
I hate your ego, I hate your humor and exactly where you stand
I hate your charm, I hate your look, I hate the way you don't understand
I hate the pain that my heart must hide
I hate that I hate on the inside
I hate that you're the only person whose made me feel this way before
I'm sure you hate me too, but I'm sure I hate you more

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What You Really Don't Like Me

What?  You Really Don’t Like Me?

Is there something about me,
 that you don’t like?
If you seen me today…
Would you want me to “take a hike?”

Perhaps it’s my personality,
 or a habit of mine.
You can’t stop talking about me,
much of the time.

Pointing out my faults to some
 of the people you know…
The words you say are actually
 eating at your soul!

Instead of loving me, the way
 God wants you to…
You bring up things about m,
 you’re not supposed to do!

Have you ever just once,
took the time to pray for me?
Am I someone you want to be with
for eternity?

STOP! And think about the damage
 you’ve already done!
Begin to pour out your heart
 to Jesus, God’s son!

May he help you to really LOVE me
 the way he does!
The cross he bore was for you and I…
Whom he loves!

May your thoughts about me,
make your heavenly father proud!
I hope to see you as we meet Jesus one day…
In the clouds!

By Jim Pemberton

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A new day

Each new day begins with a sunrise.
As the night gives way to the light, the sun slowly rises.
As you watch a new day begin, you see a greyish glow.
Then daylight overcomes the darkness the new day begins slow.

It starts with the chirping of the birds.
They can be heard signifying a beginning their small voices heard.
By the clouds or the clean air you can virtually tell the weather,
Either a picturesque new day, or cloudy with rain. This day could be the last day of forever.

The Lord tells "Us." that tomorrow is not promised.
So in faith, this could be the new day our Lord comes for His kids.
Being watchful, being vigil, we pray for His blessings for this earthly world.
Knowing not His return we pray today is the day, maybe this glorious day is God's way, as His plan is about to unfurl.

Across the earth sadness, hate, envy, greed is predominate.
Why? because the evil one, the devil, is hate incarnate.
His hate for all that is good His hate for the "Word."
His time is short so as many as  he can corupt the better, He knows it's the eve of our Lord.

One hundred years ago circa 1913, we didn't have the means to destroy all.
Today, drones, diseases, nuclear bombs, famines, droughts, are predominant and hate is his rallying call.
As the birds sing of the new day we as carnal man must look to God for salvation.
Or else we shall all perish, the evil one wins, and he'll destroy all nations.

Proof? Well look to your Holy Bible it's all there.
Circa 1913, we couldn't field 200 million men for war.
Today, armaments, destructive devices, mans obsession with killing, we are doomed.
Without God's "Word." with His intervention, we are doomed to destroy all living things, we have a destoyed faithless way to gloom.

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Troubled Bride

I hate seeing that lovely smile on your face
I hate the feeling I get in your warm embrace
I particularly don't like it when you kiss my hand
Just one of the many things about you i cant stand
I don't like when you do things for me 
I really hate it when you make my favorite cup of tea
I really don't like the sound of this loud dance band
But i must admit i really do love my wedding band.

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No Soup For You

People loved my soup but they hated me.
Everybody referred to me as the Soup Nazi.
I was strict with people and they feared me because I'm scary.
I scream my head off, that's why I've never been able to marry.
Everybody knew something that was certainly true.
When people pissed me off, I yelled "No soup for you!"
I refused to sell soup to a woman for kissing her boyfriend while standing in line.
My rules were going to be obeyed, I don't care that enforcing them was unkind.
I refused to sell soup to a bald man because he wanted free bread.
When a woman found my recipes in my armoire, I wanted to be dead.
Just because I treated her like dirt, she published them and put me out of business.
I had to close my restaurant and return to Argentina, my life truly is a mess.
I demanded discipline, breaking my rules was what I didn't allow.
I will one day return to America and slaughter Elaine like a cow!

(This poem was inspired by a Seinfeld episode.)

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Shattered dream

An empty screen is like a shattered dream, 
Inside my heart I feel the scream!
There is nothing more to say,
Nothing will brighten up this day!

I feel only the emptiness,
I have had it with your aggressiveness!
All your words so dirty, verbal abuse galore;
I just cannot take this anymore!
You think you are so tough?
Well, I have had enough!

I am hurting like never before;
My tears are running, no they pour!
I kept on clinging, hoping things will get better;
But I’m crying, my eyes are just getting wetter!

I have realized that our lives will never be the same;
And all you can do is give me the blame!
You are killing me with words, slowly but surely!
Calling me names, making me feel filthy!

I lived in fear of you, but deep down inside I knew;
That you are a person that tears at other people’s hearts;
Your hate for me must be going off the charts! 
Destroy me, is that all you can think about?
You are making it your mission in life, without a doubt!
You make me sick to my stomach, blaming it all on me;
The blame is on the both of us, yes, we!

You will never admit that you are wrong;
No wonder, it’s your drink that makes you strong!
My heart cries out, why must I always be in pain? 
Must my life always be the same?

What a shame, a strong man... 
but an unwell women you can blame.  
I hope you hang your head in shame
Because I am, forever, erasing your name! 

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Missing you

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, 
But babe I don't think I can take it much longer. 
I miss your touch your laugh the way you smile, 
Cheer up baby I'll be home in a little while. 
I hate being away miles apart, 
U coming here in a hurry would be smart 
When I away from you I feel get opposite of strong, 
When I left I didn't know it'd be this long. 
I want to fall to my knees pout and cry,
I'm not a little baby I just hate saying Bye. 
Those three small letters are very terrible things, 
Hey is much better it makes my heart sing! 
Being apart from you is like losing apart of myself, 
I'd pick you over having any sort of wealth. 
I love you so much I am ready to see you, 
Ready for you to hold me and say 'I love you too'

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Be Her

You see her?
Why don't go be like her?
No one likes you,
so this is what you must do.

You must stop being yourself,
get off of you shelf.
You must please everyone,
to do that, you must be number one.

She's the perfect girl,
you're the no one in the world.
So go ahead, and give yourself away,
since you're going the wrong way.

You are no longer you,
see what you can do.
You are now her,
that's better than what you ever were.

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The Breakdown

Kill me now,
no one needs to know how.
They don't care anyways,
let me waste away.

I'm so alone,
I'm always on my own.
I was happy one minute,
now I want to cut.

I'm trying to stay strong,
but it's been too long.
I'm giving up,
since no one is helping me up.

I'm falling down,
and there's no one around 
to keep me sane,
so all I want is pain.

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Bullied By Bullies

They tell you what to do,
They decide who you are,
They tell you how to think,
They take it way too far.

They pick all of your friends,
If you're allowed any at all,
They push you down,
You can't break the fall.

They keep digging at you,
Kicking you when you're down,
No one helps you recover,
That's why you always wear a frown.

They won't leave you alone,
Their agression fails to subside,
Physically or not,
The forms of bullying are all allied.

You don't know what to do,
You can't decide who you are,
You are told how to think,
It's going way too far.

You've got limited friends,
If you have any at all,
You've been pushed down,
There's no way to break the fall.

You've had enough of them digging at you,
They keep kicking you when you're down,
You need help to recover,
To stop that horrid frown.

You want to be left alone,
You want their agression to subside,
Whether they hit you or not,
The bullies are all allied.

You no longer care anymore,
The pain is just too much,
You separate yourself,
From the bullies and their clutch.

Alone in your room,
You believe, is the safest place to be,
Forget school and going out,
It will soon work out, you'll see.

You need to talk about it,
Tell someone who's in power,
Bullying must be stopped,
In this week, this day, this hour.

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Are We Trying to Remove God From Everything

 UNSUPPORTED CODE We often hear this topic across our nation.
Another person crying; “discrimination.”

In our many attempts to not discriminate.
It seems like it’s God that we seek to eliminate.

It seems like we’ve come up with our own “rules.”
And somehow have turned into a bunch of “fools.”

We accept many perversions of various kinds…
But God himself?  We seem to close our minds!

In many of our lives,  we’ve “kicked “ him out.
And refuse what he really is about!

The words, “In God we trust...”  Our money bears it!
Anything of God?  We’re afraid to share it!

It seems like the courts almost say he doesn’t exist!
And have brought much confusion into our midst!

As many say it’s “offensive” to display a cross…
Many godly values have already been lost!

It’s time to wake up America!  And begin to see!
The kind of country we’re beginning to be!

A country that’s foundation is getting off course.
Being driven by a wicked and ungodly force!

Out only hope is in God!  And him alone!
We must invite him back into our homes!

To God and his word we must hold secure and fast!
He is our only hope that our country will last!

By Jim Pemberton

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When Love Turns To Hate

She fell in love so unexpectedly, there were no warning signs.
Her head kept saying no, but in her heart she knew she would be fine.
She remembers saying she’s never gonna fall in love, but here she is again.
Head over heels sitting on the 9th cloud and forgetting the pasts’ pain.

Days and weeks went by, getting to know each other well.
Months turned into a year, deeper and deeper she fell.
She gained trust and confidence; he gained all her love and heart.
The moment they’re together nothing can tear them apart.

She loved him with all she had, gave it her 100 percent.
Every time he smiled, she knew he was heaven sent.
Materials things didn’t matter, she was a simple girl.
He promised to always love her, she became his whole world.

But promises ended up broken, he played her for a fool.
He got bored of loving her and suddenly he turned cruel.
Two years together and she never stopped loving him.
Never looked at another guy, she knew it was a sin.

But in a matter of seconds, everything came crashing down
She felt the walls close in on her, her smile turned into a frown.
She learnt he was lying to her. Caught him in another’s embrace.
All those late night work trips, instead he was going to her place.

Depression started kicking in, she tried to erase all the memories.
Threw out all his stuff, she cried as she fell to her knees.
He tried to apologize, saying he didn’t know how to tell her.
He wanted to break it off but he didn’t wanna cause a stir.

She made it easy for him, ended the relationship instead.
She lost her trust and love for him, she kept wishing she was dead.
Friends and family comforted her, deep inside she wanted to call.
She really missed him a lot, but she got through it all.

Tears would flow now and then as she would remember special times.
She tried to block it out; it only escapes for a while.
She grew stronger each day, knowing it wasn’t her loss
Constantly reminded what an amazing person she is, an inspiration at no cost.

A year later and he realizes he made a huge mistake
He should have never let her go; the other girl was such a fake.
He tried to reconcile but sadly it’s already too late.
Slowly and eventually her love for him has now turned to hate.

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Hatred is terrible,
Hatred is cruel,
Hatred is something that we just shouldn't do.
Like a horrid uncontrollable fiery blaze,
It starts from a nasty word, action or phrase.
Then grows bigger and bigger in might, 
Then ones hatred turns to despite.
Till someone steps in with goodness and light,
To end this horrible hatred filled fight.
So please stop hatred and let forgiveness in your heart,
At least then you will know that you have made a start.

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Sky-Falling Gold

Some complain of snow

Some complain of the cold

But what falls from the sky

Is much more golden than gold

Blessings from the sky

Yet we turn a blind eye

We instead express our disgust

When we could turn our sins into dust

We could pray to alleviate someone’s pain

But instead we scowl and frown on that rain

We could thank God instead of making a fuss

(It’s not like He’s throwing rocks down at us!)

A time to be grateful,

Yet we just complain

We could be making precious du’aa

For major beneficial gain

But it’s easier to grumble

Roll your eyes and shake your head

You may regret not taking advantage of this

When you’re long gone and dead

Don’t delay being

Grateful to your Lord

Let your heart live out

The ‘alhamdulileh’ word.

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Mr Officer

Mr. Officer?
Mr. Officer your job is hard I know,
Policing men and women as they travel to and fro,
You have a thankless duty sure it’s true,
For just as you hate crime many criminals hate you,
But this I need to grasp good sir this I need to see,
In the way that I fear you do you fear me?
When you are called out to a crime scene and you sense that danger is near,
Do you double over in anguish? Do you feel this throbbing fear?
When you see a gun pulled out against you, do you feel as though you might?
Explode from trepidation and sink despairing into fright,
Because I must be honest from the time that I was young,
I have felt as though you hunt me and when I see you I think to run,
As fast as feet can carry for I seek not to be the one,
Whose dark shadows you cast your lights upon like hunters to a deer,
Mr. Officer, I must implore you, do you feel this fear?
That I feel every time I see you and every time I think of law,
When I think of the rights of my brothers that you trampled as no one saw,
Or if they saw they chose to ignore you as you beat me like a dog,
Of if they saw they chose to ignore you as you hunt me in this fog,
Of rancid hatred and dark musings I seldom share,
Of pain throughout my soul as you fix on me your stare,
Mr. Officer, I must ask you, when you step into your car,
Do you feel like a hunted animal or an insect in a jar?
Do you feel the heat of Tasers as they shock your skin and back,
Do you feel like a beast that has been cornered teeth glaring and poised for attack,
Mr. Officer, there was a time when I sought your protection but now I know your mind,
I feel like you have very little desire to protect me and those of my kind,
So I simply try to stay far away from your supposedly protective glare,
Because I can feel your eyes upon me as they strip my spirit bare,
Of the esteem that a man might come to expect in a world that was just and fair,
And perhaps one day when our eyes meet and we are locked in a poignant stare,
You will feel for just a moment what it feels like in your gut,
To be hunted like a creature and stepped on like a mutt,
Mr. Officer?, Mr. Officer? Can you feel the hatred in my tone?
Do you hate me as I have come to hate you as you turn my heart to stone?
Mr. Officer, You have a thankless duty sure it’s true,
For just as you hate crime many criminals hate you too,
But this I need to grasp good sir this I need to see,
In the way that I fear you do you fear me?

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A world Of Hate

Hate is in every one of us 
We hate our lives and friends 
It’s a disease that never ends
We have hate against God but
can’t see love is completely lost.

We hate one another just as the fire 
hates the rain and the body hates the 
pain. We have the need to hate each
other like the poor hate their lives and
the skin hates the knife. The world only
requires a drop of Love the remedy to
overcome hate the malady.

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An Angry World

I hate phony shows of misspent faith
From people rich and above the poor
Focused hate for the ones who make
Yet always seeming to want more

Helpless despair as I hear the news
Of another group saving some whales
While every day little children die
‘cause there’s no one to unload the bales

A critical eye cast to our leader
Who welcomes the criminal and cast-out
While huddled alone in a cardboard box
A young man views Christmas with doubt

Violent shakings of the unstable ground
From the bombings that rumble on
Viscous bolts of tax-payer missiles
Striking ground before the dawn

Whistling winds from the bullets above
Such violence inflicted upon the ground
These are but simple, symbolic signs to me
Of the rage I feel from all around

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Runaway Bride

Runaway bride

Scare at her face, beauty in a wedding dress,
At first sight her sparkle could impress,
Knocked late night as I opened the door,
Harried into the house and sat on the floor,

Tears rolling down her eyes, she was in pain,
Parents marrying her off for selfish gain,
Asking for a shelter, she bitterly wept,
That whole night closer to me she slept,

Should I call her parents and explain?
Or let her lover wipe away her pain ?
Morning sun had so much in store,
Her life, I could only offer help to restore,

For a court marriage both of them did opt,
I helped them, engaged a lawyer prompt,
A cheer on their face I still remember,
Zest to live life together, in hearts burnt an ember,

A fortnight hardly and headlines to my shock,
Their bodies were found dead on the dock,
Their only crime was to hurt the family pride,
Honour killing for the groom and runaway bride!

Had I informed the parents, would they be still alive ?
Ponder now, But that time I felt I was doing so right !

August 28th, 2014
Poet- Dr. Upma A. Sharma
For contest ' When doing wrong feels so right' by Jared Pickett

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against my skull

Lovers hate with forceful Vengance
once it starts, no way to end it.
Lovers taste of someone different,
poisoned it, forever changed it.
Hating love thats left you lonely,
Burning fear comforts you coldly.
Hating hate that holds you captive,
feeding it, fueling it, keeping it active.
Lovely hateful memories, 
fill your mind, create disease.
one day  holding ceremonies
sunrise burning dead, deceased.
Hateful, lovely, lonely one,
hates himself for whats hes done.
Now theres no more sinful fun
no loving , no hating, just moving on.

Sets the barrell against his skull,
pulls the trigger, lets it go.
Hate, in red, now wall to wall,
upon the ceiling, down the hall.
Picking up pieces of their families lives,
left, the children to wonder why.
The earth now cracks, the ground runs dry.
So from above the couple cries.
Raining , pouring, floods of tears.
So many, unused wasted years.

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Church Porn

forever seemed to long for me
so i chose to make it start today
i went to church, (which is rare for me)
and sadly for you, i ran away.

i sat through the horrible singing
even though it was by a professional choir
it was great going to a concert for free
but God, they have made you a liar

when i tell people i hate Christians
they wonder why if I'm 'one of them'
just keep reading my story
you'll understand by the end

you see, it wasn't that the music was bad
it was all on key and harmonic
but the thing that bothered me
everyone's actions were also melodic

they all swayed in a zombified way
and i tried but i couldn't feel God
i was trapped in the middle of a cult meeting
disguised as a church building squad

all that mattered were the numbers they brought
whether it be people or money
they higher the digits became
the more i found it funny

funny that 'this' is what church has become
funny that 'these' are the holy
funny that 'this' is what they make god
all because they changed him so slowly

the world doesn't hate us because we don't sin
by us i mean those who are saved
they hate us cause you act like you don't
and make them feel like we're enslaved

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Like, Love, Hate

I can like you 
Flirt like a bee
Keep it easy
Just being me
Tossing good vibes
Me to you
Nothing more
Tonight we're through

You can like me
Lay me a line
A compliment 
Would work just fine
Hoping that you will get more
Lost your chance
Walked out the door

I can love you
With all my heart
Expose myself
Not very smart
Open up and let you in
Let you taste 
The sweetest sin

You can love me 
Make me your dreams
Easy enough
Or so it seems
Give me your whole, everything
Make me need
What you can bring

I can hate you
Wish you to bleed
Holding a grudge
Let evil breed
Darkness fills what eyes can see
Send you harm
Make you just flee

You can hate me
Say words so mean 
Spew your  venom 
Heart drips unclean
No more light left in the room 
Stomped it down 
Let in the gloom

I like you
I love you
I hate you too
I cant live without you 
Now what do I do?

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My Dear Friends

My dear friends,
you may be afraid of an end,
afraid of the truth of life,
afraid to even use a knife.

For you know it can be used for more than food,
it is more bad than good,
but you know not to do things like that...
know to never turn your back.

For you love Him,
you don't want to lose Him,
but my dear friends...
I had went to the end.

I had done things I haven't told you.
I don't know if you want me to be true,
for I haven't been real...
haven't told you how I really feel.

I have been going through a battle all on my own,
always thought I was alone.
Even when I knew I had God,
I never really was with your God.

I don't want you to make the same mistakes,
for I believe that I am fake.
Don't believe a word I say...
if you did, you'd just walk away.

My dear friends
do not fear, this is not the end.
I will get better,
and become another.

My dear friends,
I will not come to an end.
I will come back,
and I promise that.

My dear friends,
please make your amends,
and live your life.
Put away that knife.

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You Make Me Mad

You make me mad
I just want to scream
Why did you do that to me?
Did it give you a rise? 
to see the affects, of all the heck 
of a mess and the stress 
You put me through
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!



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Unfaithful do love n hate seperate, by the thin ness of a rhyme, love is hate upon your plate, same passion, hurting time... (thanks Russell Sivey) women say they want a guy, who is ever faithful, true, magnetizing flame burns is why, the moths are drawn to you, mans ego aint sublime, moths come, attractive too, a stronger man, may dodge this time, but weakness confounds you, and so begins the crime… too true:( Don Johnson

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Surreal beauty fit to fly.
Pearly teeth, oozing lies.

Dark mane casts ethereal frame.
Deep blue views of sinister flames.

Transient bodice, eager flight.
Others upon, she bestows the sight.

Lying beauty unadorned.
Dark addiction, newly horned.

Gentle hand, cloying chest.
Upon hole, within loss rest.

Flaying flesh from bone.
A dying wish of an inherent crone.

Hole, which inner heart was bore.
Afore gaucherie did so gore.
Lying inert and naked on the floor.

-Any comments are appreciated.

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I Hate My Crazy PC!

I hate my PC,
I hate it a lot!
It drives me crazy,
So give it a shot!
I always turn it on,
To refresh its software,
I can say that I don’t care!!!
The speakers are off
No one can turn them on,
The mouse is so tough
I hardly can have my job done!
My keyboard is no good,
The monitor is bad,
When I try to type,
I can’t see what I wrote, so I get mad!
My PC is simply trashed
I hope I can see it getting smashed!

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The Shout

They stood there like ghosts
these apparitions.

 Survival was attrition-
 Eyes, like big black holes.

Slowly ,barefoot , moved 
these emaciated Poles.

The one in front ,raised his hand
and pointed to that heap of sand.

Skin hung on his frame;
who was to carry this evil shame?

He let out a guttural shriek! 
This shrouded and tormented freak.

Had bid farewell to his next of kin-
through the stacks this dreadful sin.

With feeble walk he made the gate;
aware that  they had not sealed his fate.

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Moammer Specie

I hate to a racist , but I hate to be a liar .
Moammer species won't stop the fire.
Killing people , looking for others to hire.
Moammer species want the whole world entire.
In the way they go you follow , or the fire .

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The Fox And The Snake

The fox came around the bend, and that was a mistake.
I set a new trend, by being the poetry soup snake!
To be a premium member, is a helluva award.
I'm the glow of a burning ember, my pen metamorphases into a blazing sword!
I laugh because I wrote this to make sure my slam was read.
I know you've stared at my photograph and wished me dead!
You said I couldn't find love on the soup, because I was a snake.
But you're mad because I slammed your whole group and exposed you as a fake!
So sly fox what's new? Let the soup see what's behind the mask.
I promise I won't laugh at you; just don't look at me is all I ask!
The fox knew the snakes bite was filled with venom.
I labled your man a poetic parasite, because poetry wasn't in him!
I entered your contest, knowing I would not win.
The organ beneath your chest, has been corrupted by sin!
The sly fox is as sneaky as the slithering snake.
Thrown in a box to detox and eternally bake!
You hate me fox like I hate you.
My slams unorthodox, but my words ring true!
You think I'm gonna shed a tear because you don't comment on my poetry?
Take my pen as a souvenir, and never forget me!

Wrote for P.D.'s contest "PD's Inner Animal"

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Good Old Folks

So now you sit and sometimes cry
Time just flew and passed you by
The plans you once formed in your mind
Are gone for good
Just left behind
Dreams just faded with each day
You let the time just drift away
Yet others never met this fate
They took a chance
It's them you hate
These simple folks were just concerned
Of standing still and getting burned
You figured you could waste the day
Gave you just more time to play
You watched your cash go out the door
Then one day
There was no more
So here you are
Now worse by far
Only know some worn out jokes
Your world now full
Of burned out folks 

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Pink lion

One step, two traps
Three strikes, four stabs...

You’ve become the toilets of our lives
The annoyance at the end of our knives
A convenient offload like a couch in the middle of the road
The white lion evicted out of the African pride
Existing only in numeracy in captivity
Enclosed for curiosity...never to roam free

Five slaps, six kicks
Seven screams, eight fists...
Nine corrective rapes ...
Ten hate crimes...

Another extreme form of humanity
An expression of the dynamic of life’s versatility 
If he’s the cross reference
Then let's be the difference
The salt in the Dead sea 
The end to the death we see

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Despicable words shouted with vengeance
are unacceptable and unforgiving as sin; 
they breed in darkness poisoning minds,
while warmongers mash unsound reasons with lies... 
wouldn't kindness lead them to peace
and understand each other with honor and grace?
Then should evil eyes look to the stars for guidance,
if their thoughts reflect the times they're living in?

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The Things I want, The Things I Get

Once upon a time I loved a girl but she didn’t love me back.
Once upon a night I wished on a star but my dreams never came to pass. 
Twice I think I hoped for the sun and not the rain pouring in.
But my cover flew away and the drops soaked through my skin. 

I think I could wish for hard times and the dark,
And just to spite my soul the world would set ablaze from a single spark.
My money would pile high, 
girls would wave as they walked by.
And the one thing can I say for this life,
Is no one ever got a damn thing from goodbye. 

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written 13th Aug 2001

The world is still turning
 but my heart continues yearning..

The sun is shining
 but, I am forever crying

The world, it still keep's giving
 but, I have stopped living

The pain is still there
 but I no longer care

The tears have stopped flowing
 the hurt, and pain, will continue growing

How much more can a mother take
 before all she's forced to do is hate

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A fist full of lies and a face full of anger
Steel blue eyes warning me, danger, danger 
The world started shaking, my breath grew cold.
Echoes of promises past to have and to hold
Splattered shattered vows and glass flower vases,
Red droplets on the photographs of long forgotten faces.
Happiness dripped like the tobacco stained tears,
Reminders of neglect from a ceiling haunted by fears.
A mouth covered in knuckled kisses swelling,
When will this end, shivering, shaking, there is no telling.

Once there was love, a perfect family Christmas card,
Mortgage, loss, language, how did this become so hard.
Tear washed cheeks and stress rashed skin.
This isn't a game, ....and we didn't win.

Pulsing with pain, venomous hate fuels my control.
I want out before the beast collects his toll.
This crescent moon trigger under my finger tempts me,
pulling it back, I know it still won't set me free.
Inflicted with wounds and scars that will never heal.
Eyes crossing from light to dark, what reality is real.

Two shots together and we both will escape.
The neighborhood will gossip about the yellow crime scene tape.

January 29, 2015
*this is not my story, but an event like this did strike our community last week. You never know what goes on behind closed doors.

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bloody red roses part 2

     She lies in a pile of bloody red roses

She left a note to her folks  saying

" I cant go on im sorry"

      It didnt say why

But still we cry

      We are all very sad

some of us are mad

       none of us are glad

She'll b greatly missed

        To me she was like a sis

But when will the rumors stop

        Noone knows the truth not even the cops

My pain is great 

       I wish we hadnt been late

But when we got there 

        there she lay 

on her already made bed of

Bloody red roses

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Your Poison

Your love is the poison that has riddled my soul
Taking me hostage, it has taken its toll
I've gone without food I've gone without sleep
It has blinded my eyes its shackled my feet
Your poison fills my being so I can't get away
I try to run but it makes me stay
I wrestle, I fight, I can not breathe
The more I'm with you, the more I desire to leave
Why won't you release me and quit playing games
Instead you envenomate ,you poison my veins
It courses through my body decaying my heart, decaying my mind
If I can't escape there will be nothing left to find
You will eat my flesh and devour my bones
Living with your poison, I feel all alone
The clock is winding down, the time is coming near
Your love is a poison that has turned into fear

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Love and Hate

There is one instant between the love and hate,
There are two ways which are as sharp as blade.
From both of ways you can’t avoid the pain,
The love is sweet, the hate is bitter pain.
Love is a miracle and hate is evil power,
Love is a blossom but hate is faded flower.
Without love of course we cannot live,
Without hate we’ll never feel the grief.
And only love can save the World, we know,
But only hate the other side can show.
When you feel love, it means that you are given,
When you feel hate, you’ll never be forgiven.
So it’s just time to make a choice, you need,
To make a choice that no one can forbid.


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A Friend Should Not Dislike Your True Love

There is way too much confusion
With all your nagging intrusion
Into my love life you dislike
I wish you would just take a hike
Let me enjoy my happiness
I'm sorry it's causing you sadness
Leaving you in such turmoil
Doesn't mean you have to spoil
The one time I can finally say
Love has truly found a way
Into my life and it's so fine
It's so sweet, caring and kind
With no sorrow or despair
But it seems like you don't care
If you can't be glad for me
Our friendship will be history
I don't need judgemental talks
Calm down and go take a walk
And return with a new view
There's only a precious few
Who have the rare luck to know
How true real love can grow
And live in such great harmony
We are fitting perfectly
Even if it's not the way
You think of couples everyday
I'm ignoring all your antics
I've found a loving pure romantic
Who I'll be with till the end
So if your really a friend
You'll accept the only girl
I'll romance in this whole wide world

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Loving to hate

I hate the way life treats people,
Unfair in the strangest ways,
Allowing good people to suffer,
And the bad, to be happy for days,

I hate the way life acts,
Adding damage to where it has been done,
It tears up hearts and rips out souls,
And destroys all sense of fun,

I hate the way life goes,
Killing people that don’t have to die,
Letting innocent people suffer,
Forcing loved ones to hurt and to cry,

But I love the way life happens,
They way two people just meet,
Their love can bring them happiness,
True love, without deceit,

I love the way life flows,
With memories deep and true,
To remind you just who you are,
And to always, just be you,

I love the challenge life gives,
Makes you brave, courageous and strong,
To bring out the best in you,
Cause you’ve had inside all along.

I love life for making me sad,
Make me suffer and cry and scream,
For giving me hope and beliefs,
So I can always dream...

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My prison jump suit

Used to be an individual
now I'm just a complex number
stripped away from my own individuality
made me uncomfortably wake from my

Used to be a boy wonder.
I was living the life.
Didn't think I'd get sucked under,
didn't think I'd end up wanting to kill myself
with a hunting knife.

My wrongful deeds have made me feel as if I'm living in a 
dreadful still life picture,
wishing someone would look at me
and reconsider and view me as a normal fixture. 

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I wish I never loved you

I miss being loved,
I miss talking all night,
i miss holding your hand,
I miss things being right.

I want to be happy,
I want to move on,
I want to let go,
I want your memories gone!

I hate that I miss you, 
I hate that I care, 
I hate that i'm here, 
and i hate that your there!

I wish we could have worked, 
I wish your words were true, 
I wish you still loved me,
but I wish I never loved you.

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Unsaid Words

Cognitive simplicities reveled in each line Nothing is impeccably right, nothing is fine I reach the path where a lie is justified by words By the time it is finished they flee like birds Into a path where their tattered wings can heal Where darkness cringes and the hidden scrolls seal I need to find the light where the rhymes deem right I need to see how much I can bear it this night I am cradled by unsaid words every solitary day If only the words I write that linger could take the pain away I want to see you again, but as I unfold within These undaunted subtleties tear away the skin You are left in bear bone while I am still alone A crowd surrounds me as my mind begins to roam Scratching out a line to make room for the lie, The truth stammers and withers as the birds fly by

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i'll see you in hell daniel (return of the muse)

lost in a haze of smoke and guns
scratching blood from subtle gums
minds been drawing blanks in recent weeks
quiet muses downright refuse to speak

twisted and turned outside in
the seeds of envy never know where to begin
whats your name oh yeah and whats your number
i mumble outrageously in restless slumber

hands outheld in expectation
raging chaos doles out my own condemnations
we hate any weakness
we hate any weakness
you'll never survive with such pathetic meekness.

get back to the hole you just crept out from
get back get back get back
tear through the fabric with eyes of black

theres nothing at all to see.

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Sun Rise

You, us, I
It's all a lie
I just want to take your soul
and have you mentally die

There will come a day 
when you think I'm all yours
that's when your life will have
constant down pours.

For I'm a girl who wears a mask
deep down inside I'm filled with Malice
I promise to bring you down under
make you choke on your own smoke
as I smile looking into your eyes.

Make you feel as if you're a blunder
make you wish you'd never
want to see another sun rise.

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hate dad

i hate mom,
i hate dad more,
dad met mom
and thought he'd score
mom was desprete,
dad was a whore,
they got married, 
and my heart, it tore.

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I've let this hate crawl in my heart for far to long,
It's time to stand and face the throng
of family, friends, and from the fog
comes a mirror; and I see,
a lone person standing there; me.
Even I am here to see myself,
and my figure is sitting upon a shelf.
it consumes and tells me that every thing's fine,
that im perfect the way I am, and that the sun's shine
shines because of me, and that's what made me happy.
But in that mirror, i see the shelf, and it's name-tag reads "Hate Itself"
and i see the sadness across myself, sitting, alone, on that shelf.
But past the mirror, then i see, everyone, and realize they're here for me.
To see me change to my once radiant self, would then, i realized, take me from the 
So with the hands of all i knew, they pulled me down from the shelf,
and i felt a sensation inside myself.
A loving, caring, warmer side that, when i felt, i gave a smile.
I know feel love, and my heart will mend,
i forced hate into my life; it told me it was my only friend.
But now i see the difference inside of me, and in my face, its plain to see that I've 
changed for the good in me, now that christ has set me free.

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A June Night in Rotgut Saloon

A June Night in Rotgut Saloon

In walked Lefty Red behind him lay many dead
into this old dusty town his tired horse had tread
Well known his draw was quick as lightning 
his stare deadly cold and so very frightening

Stranger where is the nearest watering hole
getting drunk and riled up is my goal
Ahead 120 paces is our old Rotgut saloon
enter there and you'll get your wish soon

Lefty Red , cold, bitter and as hard as granite
entered and saw a scene like he had planned it
Crowd was loud, rowdy as hell and so very drunk
beer and whiskey flowing , an odor foully stunk

Give me a beer and two shots of your best redeye
send over that sweet blonde philly that I spy
Barkeep did exactly as he was very sternly told
That philly's man was none other than Billy Cold

Billy Cold that had 7 carved notches on his gun
even once cut a man slowly to death just for fun
The stare sent a hard and well understood reply
want this har' woman , get her , jest you try

Lefty Red knocked down whiskey shots and his beer
spun around to show a fastdraw rig , he had no fear
Billy wasted not a second to make his best play
drawed his 45 to make that insulting Lefty Red pay

As his hammer was so very quickly cocked back
his ears heard a loud booming pistol crack
A huge hole suddenly tore open in his chest
a mistake, for Lefty Red was always the very best

Body was calmly , swiftly and carefully taken away
nothing new, this was like just about any other day
Lefty told the piano man to shut up and play a tune
time for the pretty saloon girl and getting drunk soon

Townfolks remember so very well that hot June day
Lefty Red had tested Billy Cold and made him pay
Forty-five slug and justice had caught up with that man
as Lefty Red had for seven, long searching years planned


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I'm Cleaning Out "MY" Closet

I went to the mailbox.
Much to my dismay; 
I would've rather had smallpox,
Than what I found today.

I may sound dramatic,
And I guess that is true,
But what I found so traumatic;
You sounded so blue.

Did it cross your mind
As I curled in your womb,
That the parents I'd find
Couldn't deal with your bloom?
Did you find some compassion
When you ran like the wind?
Did you dress in high fashion
Or the flower child trend?

I hate that my screaming
Got under your skin.
One nurse was redeeming,
So the doctor dropped in.

I think I will tell you
The source of our pain
Was a clavicle fracture
With a nerve induced strain.

This poem's about Childhood,
And all it intels.
I won't create falsehood,
For truth always sales.

Don't put your guilt and pity on me,
Or whatever you felt in the latter. 
You'll never know that the flower you'd see,
Came from mental abuse, hate and batter.

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Mirror, mirror

Growing up with smiling faces
Tripping over untied laces
Laughing with a light in our 
When exactly did the innocence 
Staring at my reflection, I 
Judgment morphs my features, 
in shock
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Will you be happy when the 
numbers fall
Make up face, tiny waist
Not enough and dreams are 
Insults whip from your 
venomous tongue
Leaving lashes on my skin, 12 
years young
You said you were my friend, a 
knife in my back 
I try to compensate for the 
things I lack
Mirror, mirror on the wall
For your redemption I will crawl
Through the hate society brings
PERFECTION the media sirens 
Deathly thin and too much 
Everyone tries, but nothing can 
heal her
Darkened eyes and foggy 
Look at what your "standards" 
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I bow to your subjective call
From the land of make believe
I surface with the reality that 
made me leave 
Not good enough! The voices 
Be thinner, be prettier! All this 
Killing the teenager before the 
Nothing you can do will make 
this right
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Why is it now, I feel so small 
She's dead! She's dead! 
Society's surprised
He's broken! He's bleeding! 
Your plan devised 
Break us down because we're 
not conforming 
"The world is your stage!" Well 
I'm done performing
Toss aside my feelings no 
You must hate that I'm getting 
Mirror, mirror on the wall
No more influence, I'm 
standing tall
Picking up the pieces and 
sorting them through 
Shatter the deceiving image 
that once hurt
Control it no longer the truth 
we must blurt 
Breaking us down will happen 
no more 
Now all your shards fall to the 
Mirror, mirror on the wall
We are the fairest of them all
Believe in us and you will see
Everything I know we can be

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Poem of Adoration

I hate you even more-er now
No I hate you mostest
You slimy evil fat arsed cow
That’s why I keep you closest

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My own downfall,
being with no malice of intent.
the gravity of being born with no force,
my soul even wanders beyond my spirit.
shame of uncleanliness;
guilt of unworthiness,
troubles of accepting,
missing pieces that can't be held together.
troubles with sanity,
sometimes roughing it out to tip of the edge of reasoning.
no rest for the weary,
thanks!, things couldn't get any tougher than this.
mentality co-existing with no hope of success,
unwanted failures and regrets slowing me down until it all ends.

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Mothers Cat

Mothers Cat

Silky, sleek, proud and strong,
Capable of nothing wrong.
Under foot, won’t be ignored
A miracle to be adored.

No broken dish or glass upset
Would give her reason to regret
All of the time and sacrifice
It took to raise the lord of mice.

*inspired by a few lines from the D. H. Lawrence short story "The Rocking Horse Winner" -
"She had bonny children, yet she felt they had been thrust upon her, and could not love them."

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Married Liar

You are leading a double life I found out that you have a wife The pain cuts deeply like a knife Thank you for the emotional strife You didn’t have to lie to me Living your life unfaithfully You have hurt me immensely I never wanted to hate you really You never truly deserved me I never wanted to hate you really You have hurt me immensely Living your life unfaithfully You didn’t have to lie to me Thank you for the emotional strife The pain cuts deeply like a knife I found out that you have a wife You are leading a double life

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Im just fine.

I have no feelings , no thoughts and no remorse,
Deathly evil lurks around my mind,
I know no humor, i am the maggot on a corpse.
maybe its time for me to unwind.

I hate mostly everyone, except one,
But your most likely included,
Mind on the burner, death from a gun.
My hate turns to sorrow, diluted.

Ill seduce you and take your soul,
And feed from your blood so easily,
ill love you and make you whole.
Or kill you just as feasibly.

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The Rapture

Escaping from the patterns of my life
From crime and hate and inner strife
I visit a place that is pure and serene
Where i'm alone as a morning bird sings

I followed a path forged in stone
immersed in beauty, that nature owns
It is nature that owns the morning haze
That envelops the glory of this mystic maze

A labyrinth of answers to my dreams
this paradise is false,or so it seems
As the sun beamed its radiant light
i choose a place and did recite

I gasped at the trees and fertile soil
that inherit the flowers as my quill toiled
The flowers have blossomed this early spring
Akin to a babe, immaculate and pristine.

The scent of the air is not of smog and dirt
that blackens the white and decays the dirks
Yet that of a fragrant scent from the flowers 
that abides in memory to this very hour.

i heard patter from a creek a distance away
Gentle and calm it enraptured my stay
And to my eyes not a ripple shows
As i induced a wish then tossed a rose

Akin to a morrow, i saw my reflection
Hued in beauty of Mother Nature's protection
For all this beauty that envelops me
unfolds clearly for the world to see

And to the world like a perpetual fire
it flares and glows never to tire
prevailing past the wars hate and crime
the creek remains until the end of time
The morning bird wings again before me
Adieu Mother Nature I'll never defy thee
Yes! the bird of faith will lead the way
To some other secluded haven to  stay.

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I hate that I have to watch you die,
And there's nothing I can do.
I hate that there is no perfect cure,
There is no saving you.

I hate that I can't fix it,
Every day, you have to fight.
Struggling to keep your memories,
This whole thing isn't right.

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God Forgives Us Of Our Wrongs

God Forgives Us Of Our Wrongs!

God forgives us of our wrongs!
And he wants us all, to try and get along!

He gave us his word and instructions…
But, too often, we don’t seem to “function!”

Something done, or something said…
And it’s like some people, wish you were “dead.”

Even in Christ’ body, there’s dysfunction from the start.
Ending up in another wounded and bleeding heart!

What if Christ treated us, like how we treat each other?
What if he turned his back, like we do our brother?

No matter the good...  A list of wrongs is often kept.
What’s been done…  Someone can’t seem to forget???

Do you find yourself, a person
 who’s easily offended?
By someone you don’t like,
 or one you’ve befriended?

May I suggest a “heavy dose” of 1 Cor. Thirteen?
The love of God can take care of ANYTHING!

If it didn’t, then Christ’ death is meaningless and lost.
He bore all of our sins that day on the cross!

If we can’t forgive your brother over something he’s done…
We need to ask forgiveness of Christ…  God’s son!

There’s no excuses, in God’s 
kingdom that’s eternal!
Will your name be written
 in heaven’s journal???

By Jim Pemberton

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Sunday Evening

There is a void in the pasture of my heart-
or perhaps just a hollow steel.
And where it ends and the bitterness starts,
I have no intentionally feel.

But just as the women cook and clean,
and the children did outplay,
I would look so scornful to the world
who looked back through dismay.

The hate will grow in symbolic pattern,
whether be the coolest eye
watching Spring and Summer flatters
and the moon that passes by.

And grief was just a the pouring rain
out stretching the inner self
through the wretching days of pain
and one's useless pity wealth.

Though, be a void in the pasture of my heart-
Stone colden rock of a hollow steel,
Breathes a gentle warmth upon that newest start,
of what a love so fair could feel.

I saw him in the markets following the dust in the rays,
touching the firmness of each fruit
as he plucked them in his basket to carry 'em away.
He walks away with whistles of a flute.

He had an eye- so pure and blue with lilac speck
And glazed upon the eastern streams.
And all the hate I've learn to built was all now a single wreck,
as I look upon this man of my lusting dreams.

So nevermore- Has the emptiness be filled,
with such a hate so deeply drilled,
for I found a date who I've met in the market
on just a Sunday evening.

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Red, White and Blue

I fought in the Revolutionary war
To win freedom from tyranny 
I fought for the right to choose my religion 
For the right to live free!

No taxation without representation
Was our battle cry!
Fought to uphold the system of slavery.
We would live free or die!

I joined the rebel army
To fight the Yankee way
We sang about ole’ Dixie
And walking with Jesus on judgment day 

I must of killed me a hundred or more
Of those Union fools
While Sherman burned down our country
Homes, hospitals and schools.

I fought in the war against Mexico
Fought in Korea, and World War One 
We raped, pillaged and plundered
And would not stop until we were done!

I was flying over Japan
As we dropped Enola Gay
Three days later, we let Little Boy fly,
Wishing the innocents to have a nice day.

I walked the Ho Chi Minh trail
Set flame to many straw huts
Killed, raped, a whole lot of gooks
And those traitors back home, said I was nuts!

911 shook us to our core
So we attacked Afghanistan
But getting rid of Saadam and bombing Iraq
Was part of our long-standing genocidal plan.

 Shock and Awe, a day that will live in infamy,
Is the name that we gave,
To the barbarous saturation bombing  
That laid countless Iraqis in their grave 

The fighting continues, war goes on
It’s big business, lots of money
More young men and women, to feed the machine
Have the last laugh, because it isn’t really funny.

Now I am wedded to this chair, 
Having lost both legs, sad but true!
I sit straight and erect, as I salute
The red, white and blue!

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I dont know what is going on
Life is so uncool
What the heck is wrong
Something is a miss
Something is truly gone......

The reason of my living seems to fade
There in an uncontrollable rage
I fear for the war in ma heart and mind
I was always known to be sweet and kind.....

The days have changed, I feel estranged
The tears are waiting to run down my cheek
The torture and pain makes my future looks bleak
There is a stillness that gives me fright
Lord only knows what has gone wrong or right....

I hope to see a spark of life
Panache,vitality, glimmer and desire
Far away from doubts and strife
Looking at a new day with bright sunshine
Hoping that we all will one day redefine
The reason of our living and our screwed up time.....

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the N word

they say i don't fit their ideal
i'm not the kind that they're used to

they say i'm outside of their mold
and don't behave as I've been told

they say there's no place here for me
to jus' go back, to being out of the blue

they say my sexuality sets me apart
never like them, to be able and smart

they say i should go to where i began
'cause here, i'm maybe three fifths of a man

they say a gender such as me
can only be subservient to their command

they say their faith has led them thus
to proclaim my existence sub-humanity

I say to them, "Will there ever be
a time when you will treat me equally?"

"No" is the reply

© Goode Guy 2013-03-06

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The Pain of Young People

I hate to see the pain
the young so often feel.
I wish that I could help.
My love for them is real.

They need some understanding.
They just want to be heard.
Where are their parents when they cry? 
Don't they read their words? 

They say they hate their lives.
They want to end it all.
I wish that I could help them
and save them from the fall.

It hurts to hear their suffering.
To know I can't be there.
At least I want them all to know
how very much I care.

When you need understanding
or even just a friend, 
Send a note and say hello.
I'll be here till the end. 

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Bloods over flowing.
Mothers tears pouring.
Deaths in the hood sky high and still soaring.
Brothers and sisters dying in their prime.
Ghettos and hoods full of unsolved crimes.
We attend more funerals then graduations.
We have false idols influencing the next generation.
Killing each other over false pride.
Wondering if the hate will ever subside.
Step back and look at what your doing. 
Instead of love the hate keeps spewing. 
Young kids murdered for a pair of sneakers. 
Unity destroyed families left weaker. 
Ears shut down not listening to truth. 
Murder on the mind like you have something to prove. 
Fighting for turfs that don't belong to you. 
Doing exactly what they want you to do. 
It takes a village to raise a child.  
The concept has been lost as our children run wild. 
Stop and think is it worth taking a life? 
Over sneakers, a dirty look self infused pride.

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Another Day, Another War

Another day, another war, is that all that this life is for?
Bury the dead, embrace the dread, and even up the score?
The list of famous battles makes it seem like war is life.
That the dead, who’ve lost their heads, haven’t met with strife.

The generals tell their pawns to take the ground up high.
Doesn’t matter, the dead in tatters, achieved what will belie
Those in command, don’t take a stand, they have others that will die
Marching to their deaths, on their comrades they rely.

If we killed all the leaders that think that war is surely grand.
It wouldn’t take a few hours for others to take their command.
And their point of view will be no different than before.
Kill all those that us oppose, and let them live no more.

There have been a few, whose voices have been silenced.
Who spoke such cowards’ words, opposed to our honest violence?
If it were not for government’s power and justifiable way of killing.
You, my friend, in the end, would not continue living.

Accept your fate, try to relate, there is no end to war.
Peace on earth, won’t come first, it’s killing that we’re for.
Murder all that oppose us, silence their every dream.
They’re not part of what we believe, our vicious angry scheme.

Are you still breathing, still believing, in a life that’s just?
Have you found an honest leader in whose your life you trust?
If you’re alive today, come what may, consider yourself a lucky one.
For there are many here amongst us whose life has come and gone.

America, The Beautiful, paid its dues in centuries gone past.
The Civil War, what was it for? Slavery? Freedom? All aghast.
Maybe war won’t happen here, maybe we’ll be saved.
And won’t have to bury many, put them in their grave.

I, for one, a lonely sole, cannot grasp God’s plan.
That every day is for killing and no one gives a damn.
That I should wake every day wondering how many more are dead.
What was the reason, twas the season, their voices now unsaid.

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Westboro Baptist Church to Picket at Sandy Hook

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket at Sandy Hook

By Elton Camp

“Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment,” Shirley Phelps-Roper tweeted on Dec. 15.

Westboro Baptist Church is at it again
Praising their god for punishing sin

“God is love” the Bible does say
But they refuse to have it that way

The god they worship is strange to me
The one from the Bible he cannot be

Bible:  Each one for his own sins will die
To execute the innocent God won’t try

Twenty children a lunatic did kill
Did that crime give God a thrill?

A secular nation gays does tolerate
Does that bring on all God’s hate?

A theocracy the US has never been
It need not try to ban religious sin

I agree gay conduct to God is wrong
To the state its banning doesn’t belong

Yet here they come to picket a school
All will indignantly say, “What a fool”

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I hate that I love you

I write sometimes, but for who do I write
I stay up sometimes, but why am I up tonight
Maybe your my thoughts, or maybe just one bad memory 
I look at the stars, but all I see is dark emery
My eyes bleed, my thoughts drown
My hearts knows, but my mind frowns
Clever enough, your love still cuts the deepest                                                                                                                  Uphill from here, my life is at its steepest
Fragile, vulnerable, and weak minded too
Your still on my mind, and I hate that I love you
I cry for you, Tears of the past
Somedays I lie in bed, wondering why we didnt last
Other days I remember, why its over
Your hearts so cold, As cold as the end of November
My sweetest regret, my greatest mistake
But I wouldnt trade it in, real or fake

Forever you told me, Silly did I beleive   
Belitte as we speak, look at this heart as it greives                                                                                                                                  

Broken, weak, and lost without a clue                                                                                                                                        
Your still my greatest mistake, And I hate that I still love you
Time goes on, further apart we have grown
The past isnt the future, who would have known
Your so gone, but your memories they reign
Although you have hurt me, In love I remain
I will always wonder, why did this happen to me
But your faults have let me be
Regardless of the past, Im going to let go
Wasting time on you, is wasting time on something I dont know
Goodbye My Love, My memory, My Sweetest Mistake, The Girl I once Knew
One more thing to say--I hate that I still love you

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Both Our Fault

Why do you blame me?
And why do you hit?
I've got a big bruise,
from where you last bit.

Whatever's our fault,
Soon ends up mine.
I'm giving it up now,
And acting all fine.

"Most of the time,
It's both our fault".
Bullshit from you,
As acting adult.

"Yet at those times,
You cannot see".
Saying it's both our fault,
Has all came from ME!

I don't want to argue,
I don't want to fight.
But please do not hit me,
And please do not bite.

I love you dear baby,
But I need you to see.
It's both our fault,
Don't just pin this on me.

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Someone, Someday

It’s so hard to start
It’s so hard to finish
It feels as if all that you've accomplished will someday be diminished 
And it won’t matter if you become somebody some day
Because someone will easily take your place 
Steal your ideas 
And make a living off you, THEIR way

It’s sad but true
Every mutha f**ka 
Will take a piece of your mind
and will somehow ultimately f**k you

not physically but mentally
making you think 
you’re not one of a kind
their getting all the fame 
while everyone leaves you behind

leaving you to feel like a failure 
people telling you to talk to God, 
he’ll have the answer

I pray, looking up at the ceiling
Hoping he’ll will give me a reason….
To keep going on with my life and my ideas
But all I’m left with are clones of my feelings
Washed up on canvases with some else’s fake veneers 

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Derail This Train Of Pain

Set the world free from all this bull
It is getting way too full
Of things that don't need to be
Part of our society
Where did all this greed come from
It needs to be all undone
As people start to really care
Not be greedy and will share
With those who don't have a lot
This would be a perfect start
To fix what is going wrong
And make this earth really strong
The next step is really fine
Start to act friendly and kind
And not disrespect or judge
Lets all gently start to nudge
All this criticism off our lands
Making it sunny and grand
The last thing is real
Never make somebody feel
So ashamed of who they are
It is going way to far
With this prejudice and hate
Please say it is not too late
To repair all of the damage
That's been done through all the rampage
Of the hearts who do not see
All this insensitivity
Is making it really tough
Let's all shout "It is enough"
And stop this right in its tracks
And move forward never back

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Hate To Love

I hate to love you but love you I do,
I wish I didn’t as you don’t love me too.
To win your heart is an impossible task,
Trying to see you whilst, keeping on a mask.
To hide how I feel and my own desires,
Again it’s impossible to keep up the lies.

You see it in my eyes and actions too,
The tension builds up and makes us feel like pooh,
I hate to see you upset or unease,
To think that I caused it, makes me feel a right sleaze.
I wish I could hate you but I just simply cannot,
Instead I love you more and end up hurting you a lot.

I want to stay away, but the pain is just too great,
But when I am with you, it is me that I do hate.
I need to be there for you, I feel I really do,
At least I really want to be, but I fear that I may loose you.
Your kids are one in a million and three in one household,
I love them as much as I love you and, I’d like to watch them grow old.

I am sorry for all this stupid biz,,
You’ve been through enough as it is,
I never wanted to upset you so,
I really don’t want to see you go.
I’m sorry for making you feel so low,
I really hate to love you, you know.

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the hate machine

bricks and bars and dirty white walls
nobody cares whenever you fall
nobody answers when you make collect calls
nobody thinks of you at all...

dropped like a dime in a bottomless well...can't wrap my mind around this man made hell
gladiators yell and guards cast lots...bettin life or death where warriors get popped
fists into flesh to amuse and amaze
the game never ends and it's not a bad dream...
doing time in the hate machine

never think of consequences...come to your senses
fried to a crisp on electrified fences
too late for end to the sentence
division like insane incisions where racist pigs rule
reigning in blood,badges,and big black boots
peace signs like war crimes get tried...on the stand committing purgery
lying dirty devils soon put in soul surgery
no rest for the wicked,addicted,obnoxious and obscene...
doing time in the hate machine

cops,crooks,fall guys and mobsters gettin cooked,baked and boiled like lobsters
stick up kids leaving tire tracks and mile long skids
burning white lips from crackhead strips
gangster ghouls subtracting love and adding misery
black blanket parties inside perverts dreams...
doing time in the hate machine

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Close Minded Ignorance

Looking around I seem to notice
Ignorance and closed mindness
Form a lot people who
Don't even understand the clues
Life is showing them each day
That's here and will not go away
Like couples of all shapes and sizes
Ages, colors and surprises
That hold hands staying so strong
When these people treat them wrong
Or a handicap that's a deterrent
Not making life very pleasant
As they smile and are proud
With the gifts they are allowed
Homelessness is growing fast
But they will try and look past
At the hardships faced each day
Positive they'll be O.K.
Someone sick and very ill
Will not surrender cause they will
Not worry about tomorrow
Thankful for each minute borrowed
So if you are one of those
People with hearts and minds closed
Just remember you will lose
Perseverance will just prove
The underdog will win this fight
Holding on to faith so tight
Helping them defeat a war
Against those with a closed heart door

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Pictures posed in finest clothes
smiling eyes that tantalize
Words so warm, so sure to charm
yet acrid thoughts are all she's got
Never paired,  her hatred's shared
through missives penned to many men
Stay in your hole, please, bitter troll
or heal your heart, before you start

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I Hate Monroe

I hate this place.
Man, I have to go.
I hate the racism.
I hate the haterism.
I hate not being heard.
I hate Monroe.
Man, I hate the word.

I hate this place.
And that’s a fact.
Once I leave here
I will never look back.

written Summer 2004

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Why shouldn't i be pissed

Right was everything I did from the beginning
Conflicts of interests is all I’m winning?
Omg, what kind of game is this
My power and trophy, how did I miss
People, their choices put me here
An apology? Lol, Sorry my dear
Vice-versa, my aftermath, fear!
In conclusion, I’m pissed because
Planning for this , I never was
So whatever I do, life does. 

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Mark My Words

Free from me, this gnawing Aggression;
To soften my Heart, concretely hard
Trampled under the Wheels of Progression-
Which have left me disfigured- scarred!

Via vox, I vow a pox,
Pour my hatred in unwav'ring Will
Mark my words, I shan't be stopped!
(But oft' my Hopes fall unfulfilled...)

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Scrooge, You have taken over the world
Seems people want to pick apart everything good
I've been there, I'm done with that part
Get rid of what should have been
Except what is and take a fresh start

How many will you blame for the job you hate?
How many will you blame for the crappy food you ate?
How many will you blame for the lack of exercise to date?
How many will you blame for the crappy goods you charged?
How many will you blame for....
How many will you blame for?
How many will you blame fill in the blank(s). 
Get off your high horse. You know your ways
It's up to you to change
Always complaining things are tougher now than they used to be
All because you chose to be lame, 
It's something you pretend not to see

Get over the past and what's been done to you
You may never be able to forget, 
Certainly don't want to live in regret 
Over those that reaped the suffering 
Cause you couldn't let something go
No one person can fix the world
All it takes is an abundance of little girls and
Little boys, who are provided parents 
That will teach them right from wrong
Not put them in the middle
Always preach love and self respect
That's where the trouble ends
The next time someone tries to freeze my glow
I'll take the few extra seconds to kill them with kindness
Put their grumpy ora on death row

When someone decides to put on a suit of politics
When someone speaks bullets and swords
Better to pretend they're puppets,
In this lifetime positivity will win over sin

Make a decision to not be defeated
No ones place to remove rights or freedom
Take care of your world and be good to those you love
Those that matter will have your back
They'll be there when push comes to shove

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A happy man's tale

If you've heard
The things I've heard
If you've seen
The things I've seen
If you've been 
To the places I've been
You would know what I mean

I flow like the water
No cage can hold me
I live to find laughter
I live to be happy

I hate to cry 
I hate to be sad
I love to try 
I love to be mad

No boundaries define me
I know where I stand
No thoughts scare me
I wish you'd understand

I am penniless
with no money on me
I am rich with happiness
All the good things in the world are free

I don't let life bury me
I dig myself out
I don't let anyone brand me
I let myself stand out

I have no worries 
That's not a lie
I have so many memories
To keep them with me forever I try

I don't shy away from a challenge
I always think I can
I don't believe in revenge
That's why I'm a happy man

I have no enemies
I have not one grudge
I have many families
The path of friendship I trudge

If you've heard 
The things I've heard
If you've seen
The things I've seen
If you've been
To the places I've been
You would know
What I mean.

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struggles after tribulations,
trials after testimonies.
friction every after action,
desires that are not so clear.
a world against you;
bottled up emotions always against you,
feeling wounded,
lying in the lies of bed,
being tested again and again,
goals with no true value.
values with no gain,
time only borrowed.
insae complicated life,
imperfect with the strife.
hard unknown changes with insanity,
that doesn't go along with my sanity.
lifestyle so stain and jaded:
kept in a solitary motion,
winding path with no easy solution,
rebel in a future of no easy tomorrow,
only thing left to do is to walk the thin line proud and tall.....!!!

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An intolerable drain
Will my life be ruined by him
A right miserable pain?

I persist in seeking his
Bucketful of disdain
I would I am sure
Have more pleasure from the
Rain in Spain

I am glad he didst bid me farewell
Pity he did it before
I made that get lost 
Voodoo spell

Is it too late I wonder
To ask my ex dear
Why the sacksful of hate?

No doubt it is
He has moved on
Spreading more hate

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The world gone wrong

Muddled thoughts rotate in my mind
Tangled, fixed upon a hateful mankind
I cannot fathom, nor can I neglect
This notion, the lack of respect
Of such societies, where is the propriety?
Indecent colonies, blind to love
Too blind to care, too blind to realise
What they do is unfair.
Judgement only the eyes can see
The ears can hear the silent remarks
The impertinent opinions 
Of self-loathing individuals
These criminals, with no principals
I ache. I ache for each and every person with hate
Too proud to see fault in themselves, they berate
Poor victims of their judging eyes
Blind eyes, Too obnoxious, too superior
To realise, we breathe the same air
This world has gone wrong. It is a tragic despair.

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Lord bless me with an archangel

I cannot see at all a cloud of depression is making it dark
You call my name out loud but I don’t ever hear your hark
You have been here but I can’t still find a trace
Evil always surrounds me and it makes this a dismal place

There’s a devil deep inside of me that I just can’t see
Pressing on my last nerve to keep you away from me
He’s trying to make me sin and hate that’s his one true goal
I’m in a battle for my life Heaven save my soul
I’ll fight as hard as I can but I need some help from above
Lord bless me with an archangel to slay him so I can release my true love

To turn us against one another that is just his start
But he doesn’t realize the strength of our eternal beating heart
To break us up forever would give him such a thrill
But he cannot ever break us down because of our powerful will

There’s a devil deep inside of me that I just can’t see
Pressing on my last nerve to keep you away from me
He’s trying to make me sin and hate that’s his one true goal
I’m in a battle for my life Heaven save my soul
I’ll fight as hard as I can but I need some help from above
Lord bless me with an archangel to slay him so I can release my true love

Lucifer is jealous and greedy and he wants to makes us pay
But he will never succeed in throwing temptation down our way
No matter what he does we will never fail or fall
He cannot break the bond we have because he doesn’t understand love at all

There’s a devil deep inside of me that I just can’t see
Pressing on my last nerve to keep you away from me
He’s trying to make me sin and hate that’s his one true goal
I’m in a battle for my life Heaven save my soul
I’ll fight as hard as I can but I need some help from above
Lord bless me with an archangel to slay him so I can release my true love

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you will miss me

you are gone 
its plain to see
that i am not alone
come the evening or the dawn
i wont wait by the phone

sure you wanted someone else
and so it came to be
but i still know between the sheets
you will be thinking of me

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My Words Only Destroy

No one is here
No one is there
They all left and deserted me
Their taunts and torments I cannot flee
And I become so full of anger and hate
Now whenever anyone good tries to help
My words only destroy
Consuming all life, burning all joy
My angry heart burns
Pent up emotions yearn
For freedom, for light, for a friend
But all are gone…gone in the end
Tears burn my eyes
No one caring-no goodbyes
They’re just gone
And any good that may have been around
Is now buried in the ground

Then she comes one by
Slowly, almost unnoticeable like a fly
She slips in, laid back and full of hope
Want to help, give a way to cope
She’s so quiet and coy
But my words only destroy
My anger controlling me
I just want to be free
And I feel terribly sorry for my venomous bite
You only try to help-not fight
I want to believe in you
I really do
But in reality I am too afraid
I fear that I am too far lost in hate for your aid
But still you try
Even after I make you cry
Everything lacking joy
And my words only destroy

How do I know…you will stick around in the end
Be the one who is a true friend
I do know
I know
Because you have told me so
And I will believe in you
And do all I need to do
To change this shattering, decomposing angry heart
Change my view, get a fresh start
And maybe one day I will no longer hurt you
And I’ll be able to show you
Just how much you mean to me
If I can make it, get away from this hate and be free
But doubt clouds my thoughts
Hoping is it worth the pain
Waiting for this healing rain
My words continue to destroy
It will never change…I will never change…only destroy
Only destroy

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A Sub-Species of Fire

In the brief gestation of a moment 
some dark force curled in you infected me; 
I didn't notice and could not prevent 
the surge of misdirected energy.

Nomadic offspring populated nerves; 
I felt their static move beneath my skin 
disrupting confidence in my reserve 
to be resistant in the face of sin.

Perverted riddles scribbled through my veins 
condensing muscle into knotted flesh 
confusing lines between my wrath and shame; 
electrifying me with raw distress.

I hate the victim I’ve become so much,
the way I break all circuits to and from
the woman-child that shrinks away from touch
not to be pressed beneath another’s thumb.

But now this restlessness; it germinates 
into a blooming sub-species of fire 
with tongue-like tendrils indeterminate; 
its petals arced like wombs around my ire.

My scorn is deeper than your shadow's fall
my tears more shallow than the hate I nurse 
I'll never march with vengeance, but I'll crawl
up in your shadow, be your telltale curse.

I'll be the fuse that flares from time to time
to fill you full with helplessness and fear
and I'll confess your sins, your sordid crimes
to damn your life with many empty years.

Live on! I'll be there in your wickedness,
a battery of rage you cannot see,
a coiled current poised to cause distress...

the way your deathlessness has been to me.

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Misery Inside of Me

Distraught from this heartbreak.
See apart of me wish you was dead,
apart of me still got a heart.
My devious thoughts want to trip you down the stairs,
while my other half wants to comfort you.
You see, you played me,
Now you’re my worst enemy.
My evil thoughts scares me,
because I am capable of doing anything to you.
Look into my eyes,Can you see the misery inside?
Can you see the inside of my soul? So cold!
Can you feel it?
The ice box in my heart,
Can you melt it?
Cause its all your fault.
I couldn’t help it but to think devious thoughts.
Your dirty ways got me in this state of mind,
now I got to fight the devil inside.
Internal conflict,could it be?
I turned out to be the monster you invoked in me.
Its cause of you I became so mean.
Its cause of you I am dying internally.
The lies,cheating and hate got me in this state of mind.
Misery is what you made me out to be.
I can't recognize my reflect in the mirror.
I hate the woman looking back at me.
I became my worst enemy.

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Everyone's terrified of it
They don't know that I have to live in it everyday
But I do and it's sad to say that I'm use to it

I'm use to my burning flesh
The tears that run down my face
The pain that I feel
And the fact that I'm stuck in this place

I need happiness
But I never find it
I just want to know what it feels like
To not feel like shit

No one will give me a chance
To see who I really am
Instead of who I appear to be
They never seem to give a damn

No one cares that I'm here
I'm invisible
That is my biggest fear
To be forgotten in this hell

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All out of words

Just a man
Is all I am
Do what I can
Its not a sham
I am no more
You are no less
An even score
A tie I guess
I have loved very easy
And I have hated hard
I did till I’m dizzy
Though never been barred
A love hate relationship
Is love to hate each-other
The apple of my eye
I picked from a tree
With one more try
Could wind up with three
The oyster of my world
Came out of a shell
A stone can be hurled
To ring from a bell
The gold that I seek
Did come from an ore
The boat that did leak
I steered with an oar
Repaired all the holes
So I can go far
Paid all the tolls
While driving my car
Dumb as I am
I still try to write
Hit with a bam
Part of the fight
Cows are in herds
I cannot believe
All out of words
Going to leave

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2 - Messenger from the Dead

There is no power in death,
great enough to stop youth.
From what must be done,
souls taken one by one.

If God should stand in the way,
clear the path you will go away.
Should I contend with this power,
no choice it is the devils hour.

When the wicked rule in time,
deception reigning of crime.
There will be a stand instead,
where I gather the vengeful dead.

Amongst in Hell that we cower,
our vengeance will grow louder.
Strong enough in legions,
numbers increasing regions.

Then the wicked will fear,
what is about to come near.
No where near closer to home,
inside Hell's nightmarish tomb.

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Left in my own thoughts Tarnished forever through nightmares Pierce me with your passions…tangle me in your knots You left me…I have no choice, but to cry… I’m breaking by the seams I drink in the sorrow… I spew up regret… I cannot drink any further I drink and drown myself – unable to hope for tomorrow I’m left in my own thoughts…I cannot walk any longer I recall my past decisions…I’m swallowed up by the echoes of fear I’m not your valuable merchandise! Don’t seek me – you wanted your dreams to come true and peace to draw near Don’t count on me – I’m not wise! I’m swallowed up by the churning sea… Leading me to my own demise I drink in the sorrow… I puke up resentment…I’m upset and cannot go on with life I douse myself in my misfortune – no one listens to me… No one catches me before I wallow… Pick me up from the murky waters Lift me up from the gutters Make me spotless and leave me the leftovers Dress me up and hand me some covers I’m trying to piece together my fragmented thoughts I can’t see a happy ending in this scene – Preserve my notions in Your thoughts and save them like leftovers… Oh, but my thoughts are thrown in the trash like rotten leftovers – left unseen Tarnished forever through nightmares My foul ideas don’t have a structure – they’re just… Tangled up knots

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I Hate You, Life

I really should've known
I should've known you would do this
Took the only thing I ever loved
And ruined it
Now I'm losing it 
I feel sick
Told me why, but I'm clueless
Are you testing me
Or are you just this sadistic? 

You knew I loved her
Why can't you let me be happy? 
You think it'll blow over? 
I'll never forget about her actually
I treated her like a queen
Even she would agree
She even said she loved me
And you took it away instantly

For once I did everything right
She said she was scared
But I was terrified
I lost this fight
I did do anything to you, now did I? 
It's your fault I'm dying
And it's your fault I'm alive
I can't sit near or stand you
I hate you
I hate you, life

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Life's Truths

The brightest light
Comes in the night
When true love takes flight

The darkest hour
Comes in the day
When you realize
You have lost your way

A home is not where you live
But where you love
A comfort given to you
From God above

You can not hate someone
Without loving them
Though the liking might be done
Love and hate are one

Death is a mystery
Giving the living pain and misery
Though answers we are seeking
Death is only a new beginning

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Daddy it hurts

Sometimes, when it hurts too much,
When my cheeks are moist to the touch,
When all that hurt buried deep inside
Leaps at me like the tide

I press it down with glue, extra strong
Wrap bundles of tape around it, miles long
This I do, as I do best;
But sorrow isn’t solid but a cloud of gas.

It drowns out all the laughter, the happy parts,
All that filters through are the sobs from my heart.
It blinds me to all but a dreary grey,
All the vibrant colors slipped away.

So I prescribe myself to go through the day, laugh my laugh,
Until it sounds like the one from my happier half
And push the hurt to the back of my mind
Until the inevitable next time, an encounter most unkind.

Daddy I hate forgetting, I hate doing this to you
But Daddy it’s the only thing I can think of to do.

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I Do

I try to hide it, pretend I don’t care,
Admitting I miss you, I wouldn’t dare.
I hate the way, everything I do,
Somehow reminds me about you.

Everywhere I go, I don’t have a choice.
It never fails, I always hear your voice.
I know it’s in my head, I know you aren’t near.
But I would do anything, just to have you here.

For one more night, for one more day,
I wouldn’t let you go I’d ask you to stay.
I hate the way we ended things
Your cold shoulder is what still stings.

You left me with no words, no explanation.
It was over so quick you had no hesitation.
I feel so stupid when you enter my mind.
I don’t know how I could’ve been so blind.

Did all we go through really mean nothing?
I know in my heart we were more than a fling.
I think you were scared and that made you run
I think you were scared to admit I was the one.

The pain in my chest when I hear your name,
A fear overcomes me that I’ll never have the same
Feelings for another guy as I did for you,
The one guy to whom I would have said "I Do"…

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You Can Hate Me -End of Story

You can hate me. You didn’t make me. You can try to break me but it won’t work. 
God created me for His glory not for you to destroy me. You can hate me. I have to 
face thee. You didn’t make me. You can shake me like a centrifuge with actions that 
are rude. That’s okay dude. God gave us free will and choices to make regarding 
ourselves. He placed everything that He  has for us on a shelf to give to us when 
we choose to lose ourselves to gain Him.   I’m here to stay until the master says go 
somewhere else. I love the Lord he heard my cry and pitied every groan. He said in 
His word that He will never leave nor forsake me because He loves me and all of His 
creations indeed. You can hate me. You didn’t make me. You can try to break me but 
it won’t work. God created me for His glory not for you to destroy me. End of story!


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I have a confession to make to all who know and care about me.
I find hate mail and such comments humorous to me.
So bring them all on in massive quantity.
I always end up laughing myself in stitches hysterically.
I guess I'm just prone to find humor with others stupidity.

Dedicated to all who send hate mail and comments to me.
I truly appreciate it most sincerely.

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We’re all hurled
Into the midst,
A perfect world
Does not exist.

Taught to hate,
Doomed to die.
Our death rate
Has soared sky-high.  

We can escape,
Begin the climb.
Build to reshape
Free from crime.

Help to offset
Push and shove.
Do not forget
How to love.

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Sweetest Touch

As she so carelessly walks by 
her elegance fills the air 
The beauty of her eyes 
The flowing carelessnes of her hair 

And it seems she doesnt mind 
She sent me to despair 
She can look into my eyes 
as though she doesnt care 

I still hate her with all of my being 
I cant hate her enough 
But that still doesnt mean 
She doesnt have the sweetest touch 

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All The Reasons I Hate You

I hate the way you talk,
the way you say my name,
the way you wear your hair.
To me it's all the same.

I hate it when you make me laugh,
even more when you make me cry.
I hate it when you're just standing there,
Also when you lie.

I hate you for hurting me,
I hate you for being untrue,
I hate you for making me hate you, 
And for making me love you.

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Clock is Ticking

Where are you
Who am I
Never a word from you
No hello, no goodbye
Someone else took me in
Taught me everything they knew
Someone has always been there
But that someone was never you
It is hard to fight anger
For a man will buy revenge with his soul
Eighteen years of stored up hatred
For your decision some twenty-two years ago
A life altering event
Didn't even leave me with a choice
No mother-child bond
Not even the sound of your voice
You gave me away
Never called, never sent a letter
An open adoption
A child left to wonder
And as the years flew by
A hole grew deep inside
With a hate that never died
All because you never tried
And everywhere I looked
Was nothing but lies
And maybe one day you'll wonder what became of me
Just maybe you will try to find me
Or maybe you will just leave it all to fate
Either way the clock is ticking
Hurry up and choose before its too late

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F--k You

F--k the world
f--k you too
f--k the *****I thought I knew
f--k all that has been, or all that will be
f--k you f--king all
f--k the lie "all for one, and one for all"
f--k it "coming out in the wash"
f--k that good always prevails
f--k being nice to f--king jerks
f--king burn in f--king hell
f--k all the hate and misery
f--k you f--ks who gave it to me
f--k the dreams you f--ks destroyed
f--k my cold, hard heart
f--k all you f--king f--ks who ripped my life apart
f--k who I am supposed to be
f--k everyone and every f--king thing 
for all of eternity

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Love All

Why Hurt me?
Only to add to my pain?
Is your own pain all you see?
I dont want hatred to remain
Why can't you just love me?

Must we repeat discord forever
And never learn just to love one another?
All not just a few,
All the pain inflicted...
If we only knew.

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Ugly Days Again

Hate the sunshine
happiest when it turns grey
feeling repulsed for ray of light 
wish it just fade away into the night 
spit misery upon my life

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I thought You Should Know

I hate being sick
Hate it a lot
I hate this cold
This cold I have caught.

When I cough
My lungs feel they'll burst
I hate being sick
This is the worst.

It's my day off
And I want to play
Not sit here coughing
And shivering all day

This cold is annoying
I wish it would go
I hate being sick
I thought you should know.

* I have bronchitus and am feeling sorry for myself

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Pstchotic Maniac

Beware of the house of pain, 
Madness rains on you like rain, 
Don't call out my name in vain, 
Lest they think you are insane, 
Psychotic maniac, 

And don't call me a maniac, 
I love girls; am a nymphomaniac, 
It's this voices inside my head; kleptomaniac, 
Turn them off, they keep me awake, am insomniac, 
Psychotic maniac, 

Please, am not crazy, 
If I sit still ill be lazy, 
I have to make them stop, keep them busy, 
Tell them to take it easy, 
Psychotic maniac, 

Am not psychotic, 
It must be the coffee, its narcotic, 
Don't take me to the mad house, its demonic, 
Take me to church or rehab, like am an alcoholic, 
Psychotic maniac,

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Smack Talking Violence Leads To Your Smack Down

It's a big pile of crap
When your talking all your smack
About the way others live
Here's some advice I will give
I would rather be a prude
Than loud, obnoxious and rude
Making others always think
They are no good and just stink
Is it really fun for you
Making others sad and blue
Just so you can entertain
Yourself causing others pain
For no reason other than
You will never understand
The hurt you are bringing others
This harsh cruelty always smothers
Happiness and joy inside
Everyone that you have tried
To break with your words of stone
Never leaving them alone
There's new victims every day
That you always find and slay
Trails of spirits you've broken
Are lined up like shattered tokens
That you step on once again
Your reign of terror never ends
Until everyone you burn
Will just snap and meanly turn
On you with hostile emotions
That cause quite a huge commotion
Knocking that chip off your shoulder
As this crowd is getting bolder
With each curse that's being said
That is filling up your head
And punches are being thrown
While the pains making you groan
Realizing you were wrong
Bullying for far too long
The crowd finally finishes
Your brutality diminishes
Slowly more and more you reach
Deep inside until you teach
Yourself how to be polite
Now you are such a delight
Too bad it took more violence
To complete an end to this
That needed to stop before
The hatred down in your core
Took control and escalated
You never anticipated
All these years of acting out
Would make you turn all around
When you got a big taste of
Hate and anger with no love

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The black circle that surrounds my eye
Is the reason why at night I cry
My partner hits me ever so hard
While calling me a “stupid” and a “frigging retard”

What on Earth have I done to deserve this?
Every punch, he doesn’t ever miss
I thought it was love when we first met
But now I realise he’s a potential life threat

The smile I’ve pasted upon my face
Trying to bury my feelings deep down some place
But I’m getting so tired of pretending
I just want a Happy Ending

His fists are the size of my head
And his dark eyes fill me with dread
His veins that bulge on his neck
He has made me a nervous wreck

I’ve never felt so much hate before
It’s eating me inside, right to my core
I wish him dead, I honestly do
For all the torment he’s put me through

He reeks of alcohol and stale cigarettes
A crutch he uses so he forgets
His latest outburst of violence
That left me on the floor praying in silence

Can anyone out there hear me?
Help me, this is my final plea
God where are you why don’t you listen?
I scream this as the tears that roll down my face glisten.

©copyright Juanita Torr

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Torn Pride

 I sit here, once again with tears in my eyes
A sad individual, a waste of a life
How can i feel like this, I'm suppose to be proud
A sunny day, unreachable by clouds
But I've fought, I've fought so hard
These emotions won't stay away
Each time my heart falls short of it's goal
And tears want to run down my face

I feel as if I'm all alone, no one shares my pain
This sadness, this weakness, I'm so ashamed
I tell myself to toughen up, stand strong
But my pride has been beaten for too long

I sit here, broken and torn
Listening to songs as i morn
I have no wish to try again, for i have yet to heal
But i know i can't stop what my heart feels

I cry saddened by my unaccepted love
I cry, angered because that's not what a man does
I tell myself its ok to cry
But i hate this feeling, i hate this life

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I hate you is a strong word that should not be said, but now more than ever I hate you until death! My life is shattered, toren, weak at times, and even brusied. No matter how many years I've struggled to fight it, I always seem to lose. I break down and cry just like it happened yesterday, The day when the whole world stopped and you made me this way. It's been almost 3 years for one and the other just a little over two. The ones I held so dear to my heart, who lost their fight to you! They were young and still had alot to see, my mom only forty-two and Toshia only twenty. You drained them dry, and left them there to die. They fought and fought with all their might, but in the end let out one last sigh. But you see, even though you brought them death, they are very much alive and well. Because they are in heaven with Jesus and no longer living in your hell. Yes I do hate you with all my heart, because the truth is Cancer... You tore my world apart!

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Hold On

How do you hold on to the one you love when that’s not all you’ve been dreaming of?

Is it wrong to wish for something new or is this just something I have to do?

The number of times I tried to go and then you fed me stories and put on a show.

I hear the words you’re trying to say but I’m really not sure I want you to stay.

I’ve been trying to get you to comprehend that this is life, it’s not pretend.

It’s not a game of love and hate it’s about my dreams, my hopes, my life and fate.

I want to live and explore my life and I’m really sorry I can’t be your wife.

I wanted a baby but from no other, I wanted to be your child’s mother.

I wanted a life we both could live, I wanted much more than you could give.

I hoped for a miracle but you couldn’t see, the hurt I was feeling so lonely, just me.

I hate to say this without a doubt but I’ve lost all hope that this will work out.

I’m so afraid to be alone for this broken heart wasn’t made of stone.

You say you love me so if it’s true, then please just do what you said you’d do.

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Freedom Should Be Set Free

This world is a melting pot
People live in every spot
Of this earth where they can be
Living happily and free
But sometimes freedom isn't free
Others can be so nasty
With their ideas and issues
Causing pain for others who
Just want to live in peace without
All the anger that comes out
Of those who are so racist
Being rude and prejudice
Not liking when there's a couple
Who's sex is the same and double
It doesn't matter if there is
Two women who like to kiss
Or two men who's holding hands
Come on people, understand
Love is love and doesn't matter
What two sexes are together
Or the color of our skin
Shouldn't let someone begin
To judge because it's not right
What is the difference-black or white
We all share the same emotions
So what;s with all the commotion
Outside color shouldn't matter
We need to find a way to shatter
This type of strong feeling
That is always stealing
The freedom from other races
And give them the loving graces
That is deserved and so needed
Then this world will be completed
There is too much hate and violence
Taking small steps we can silence
And stomp out little by little
How others treat and belittle
Those who are unique in style
Because we are all worthwhile

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Your lust an infection

My heart right now so low.
Which makes it so easy for these words to flow.
A pain so deep that it cuts into my soul.
My soul so blackened like coal.
Im losing myself and all control.
But right now my fingers and mind work as a whole.
This thing that i feel makes my heart play the smallest role.
Becuase now its all hate in my blackened soul.
All i do is give you affection.
But it goes unnoticed, not the smallest detection.
Which makes this hate spread like an infection.
I dont know what to fow i havent a selection.
I feel we have such a disconnection.
My feelings and your thoughts make this a hard intersection.
My memories of old days make this a bad resurrection.
Resurrection of all of my imperfections.
I just want some love to be my protection.
But you just cant feel the same connection.
So i guess that leaves me with nothing but introspection.
And lets me see my heart is in the wrong direction.

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Beware of 88

Beware of 88

By Elton Camp

My poem, vile bigotry was mocking
A comment came, against it talking
Any trace of civility it did lack
I’ll admit that I was taken aback

“I know what’s wrong with you.
You’re a lover of the filthy Jew.”
His rant continued for a full page
One filled with hate and rage

His pen name he then did state
A strange one, it was Wolf88
Another, supporting words did spew
His screen name contained 88 too

Could this mere coincidence be?
I pulled up Google so I could see
I learned about Neo-Nazi code
That from hate groups flowed

The evil meaning I then did get
The eighth letter of the alphabet
HH the insane Hitler did heil
Thus the comments full of bile

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             THE SOLDIER'S WIFE

                     Lies bleeding
                    On the snow
                  Message from a guy
                       You know
                   You played with
                    His heart and head
                      It's all your fault
                    the life you've led
                        i loved him too
                      but he chose you
                        i hate you for
                  what he went through
               Wounded soldier back from war
                        As he entered
                           his own door
            Heard sex crooning ---grunts of man
              Turned his back—away he ran
                   Put a bullet in his head
                Now you cry that he is dead
              stop your tears -- can't be undone
               hope your peace -- forever gone
                     what made you treat
                        A good man so
                             Love lies 
                                on the

Victoria Anderson-Throop   12/01/2012

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A Sickness With So Much Thickness

There's a sickness we all share
That's happening everywhere
Finding it in every place
And it is such a disgrace
Every city and small town
Has this sickness all around
There's no medicine or pills
That will cure this useless ill
Which is plaguing everyone
Something big needs to be done
Before and outbreak starts to spread
Which can lead to so much dread
We need to learn to control
This feeling deep down in our soul
That is burning with emotion
Leading to so much commotion
As our children see that we
Keep repeating history
Teaching them that it is fine
To keep this going down the line
Instead of finally breaking chains
That's causing torture and pain
We need to stop this awful illness
That's hateful and prejudice

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We were so young, when together we came
Since losing your love, I've not been the same.
Even now, thinking of it makes my guts churn
I know I made too many wrong turns.

I loved you so deeply, but never understood
That you were my life and all that was good.
Then when things started to come unglued
You took the step, and a divorce from me sued.

I tried to talk you out of it then
Not knowing how I would live, or where, or when
But I crossed that line somewhere with you
As the lawyers lined up to get their due.

You made me learn to hate you at times
Forgetting the walks and talks we had in the pines.
You asked me not to fight you in court
"Just sign the papers." was your exhort.

You didn't want me to hear how I made you loathe me
So much now, you just wanted to be free.
I still loved you enough not to want to hurt you more
So, I gave in, signed the papers, you got what you asked for.

But in doing so you turned my love into hate
As ever since then, I would think of our fate.
When we first met at that dance in May
When all seemed so new, so airy, and gay.

You taught me how to really love you
You taught me how to hate you, too.
Now, so many years later I still see
Your smile at times, looking back at me.

But your dark side is there which you can't hide
Your fear of being left alone still lurks inside.
Because the love, the hate, the loathing too
All form a fine line, I guess that is true.

You may not know how I feel about you now
I know if we met, there would be no row.
But there is one who's respect is still hard to place
I see him each day, when shaving my face.

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Eyes narrow,
Eyes cold,
Smile cruel,
Dignity sold.

Shall not look away,
Dignity lost,
Eyes angry,
Smile of frost.

Head held high,
Looking ahead,
No one  exists,
World is dead.

Done no wrong,
Had not lied,
Told not truth,
Dignity tried,
All is lost,
Within their pride.

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A Sorrowed Past To Always Last

A lot of heartache I
have known
Since I was born,
till now when grown
Born into a loving
Not the scenario for
Something felt wrong
in my heart
That I could feel
from the start
Out of place and
never wanted
All my days were
being count3d
till I was old
enough to leave
For now it would be
filled with grief
Pushed around
ignored and hated
I was hopeful and
had waited
For some kind of
love return
That I gave, but I
got burned
The affection
brought on me
Was out of hurt and
By a brother who
would fake
Real love and
somehow take
My innocence away
for good
A situation no kid
Be put through but
it would last
And be part of a
sorrowed past
That followed me
into my teens
And nightmares when
I would dream
No teen romance
would be mine
It would take a lot
of time
To trust anyone
One touch I would
close down, but then
I finally felt my
hand be held
By someone who I
could tell
My story and not
freak out
Learning what true
loves about
But now and then the
past creeps back
And I have a new
Of memories that
linger on
Never going to be
From my life and
stay forever
Like someones
pulling the lever
Opening my hearts
To the way it was
And I get scared
once again
Putting walls up on
a friend
That don't deserve
this kind of
But holds on till I
can beat it

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The Demon

A silent scream no one can hear;
One heart gripped by grief and fear!
The pieces are scattered all over the floor.....
Willing the bad force to walk out the door.
Ripping, biting, scratching, shouting!
The demon has escaped his coop!
This is going to be a forever fighting,
Maybe brew a spell binding witches soup?
Spinning the top round and round.....
So much raw sadness can be felt and has been found
Where is this raw sadness’ soul?
Did it survive? Is it still whole?
It’s pitch black, nothing wants to be seen....
Is it still living? Is this a dream?
The Cruelty! Battered and broken,
It has never before of been spoken.
Everybody just passes it by,
Lying in the corner, waiting to die.
Demonic laughter and flashing eyes;
It keeps it hidden to those who are saying their good byes
He’ll never die! His cruelty he wants to spread,
Even to me, dreaming and sleeping in my own bed!

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I don’t get it
The nicest people with the biggest hearts get treated like poo
Its as if everyone is acting like everything is okay like it’s a skit
The negativity gets old and dies off, yet the hatred seems to transmit
Is it that hard to put away any animosity you have towards someone and commit?
In reality in the end we all can benefit
Just think……
Where is the love in this world anymore?
Teens still being bullied and girls still getting called whores
People hating themselves for being different, they spend their times at the liquor store
Late nights, asking themselves why, drinking so much they hit the floor
Having an end result of having bruises and being sore
It seems we are all still fighting our own personal wars
Yet there is nothing wrong beating your own drum and wanting to explore
There shouldn’t be any hate or judgment anymore
Let’s once again help one another come together and help restore
So in the end we can all rest ashore 
I hate the world we live in today 
The violence, the judgments, the assumptions, the hatred, and the betrays
Seeing other people who are different having to repay from all the disarray 
Blacks, whites, shorts, obese, Americans, Natives, Hispanics, Gays
We are all different like papier-mâché, and that’s okay
Yet we are all the same on the inside, all one way
So put all the drama behind us, and let’s be a good model on the display

Any thoughts or comments?

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Its a strong word,
but some of these feelings are absurd.
im confused...
was it not what i beleived?
was it a phony plan concieved ?
to just use me?
if so i hate you ...
so much  have to thank you.
for without your fake love it wouldnt of been so clear,
to see tha man above.
and when i say i hate you....
i really hate me tha way i was.
Fake hopes,Fake dreams,Fake love is all that it seems.

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Bury all I held dear in this tomb
Walk away with innocence, infected in this room
Your smiling face is nothing but a cage
Something to keep me inside while I'm left to stew with rage again

So if you hate me, let me die
Don't keep me begging for my life
Our situations were so grim
I saw your patience wearing thin

I remember life without this pain
When I could smile at the rain
You make my life a dark hell
These hopes I wish I could let go
You always clung too tight to let me go

I still think about the love we shared
Remembered a time long ago, back when you still cared
It's hard to face a life without your light
But all of that was torn apart when you refused to fight

So breathe your lies into my heart
And leave my body torn apart
It's not like anyone's there
You've left me hanging in thin air

I know that I was such a fool
But there's no reason to be cruel
You brought me up to tear me down
I wish I could just burn with this whole town

So pour this dirt into my grave
It would be all you ever gave
You never wanted any help
You sold me out to save yourself

I only wish I could hate you
Then maybe this world wouldn't be so blue
But the time for that has come and gone
My blackest night is now your brightest dawn

My blackest night is now your brightest dawn

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It has been a while
My face still have that smile
It is obvious, I am proud
And I want it to shout out loud

Done with the sleepless night
With my lampshade's yellow light
Done with the thinking of what to write
Coz my masterpiece for him is on my sight

I let him read my piece
Hoping it would give him bliss
Wishing he would appreciate it
As he start to lay his eyes on it

Can't stop my eyes in showing a tear
I never got the appreciation I want to hear
My mind started to question and wonder
And I hate it! I hate being bothered!

But I should never expect a thing
Nor get bothered on my thinking
I should never get sentimental
I should stop being emotional

A piece of junk-maybe that's what he see
I don't care anymore, I'll just let it be
I should already have the thought of not doing this before
To save my heart to having sore

I never had the interest of opening the issue
I don't want to hear what he'll say too
All I want is purely peace of mind
Go out with friends and unwind.

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emotionally charged

Here I go, I'm gonna have another shot
How many I've had, not sure I've forgot
I'm gonna drink till it numbs the pain
I'm gonna drink till I don't remember my name
I'm gonna inject till it takes me out of this place
I'm going to inject till I'm off my face
I'm gonna sleep around to block out my fears
I'm gonna sleep around till I cry no more tears
I'm gonna fight and take my pain out on you
I'm gonna fight till I'm battered black and blue
I'm gonna scream till my voice runs dry
I'm gonna scream as I'm afraid too cry
I'm gonna shout and don't care what I say
I'm gonna shout till everything becomes ok
I'm gonna cry as that's all I can really do
I'm gonna cry because I know I hurt you
I'm gonna try and get off the battlefield
I'm gonna try until my emotions are tightly sealed

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I do, I don't

I do still love
the father of my child
when he was gentle
his moods were so mild

we had some laughs
we had some fun
I remember the night
we made our son

I do still love
the man I met
who he became
I'd rather forget

we were once happy
he was my sweet Chris
his cuddly strong arms
I do sometimes miss

I don't still love
the disgusting fat dickhead
forcing himself on me
and left me crying in bed

I don't still love
the way he made me feel
for my heart and soul
in which he did steal

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They're out there
on the land
so sure
their way is
Taking the gun
to an innocent heart,
tearing their
worlds apart.


How the sun
in the Sudan
and in the Congo.
I tell
to you
that is somewhere
I  will never go.

Out in the world
these flags
still whirl.
In Germany.
In France.
"Let them
have the gas."

I am

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Weary Souls

What to say what to think 
These circumstances are pushing me to the brink 
of all that I know, of all that I will be 
what is it that defines me? 
I push and i shove 
to earn my place up above 

i can show u a place where the vultures nest 
wear all the weary souls come to rest 
where hope is a dream of despair 
nothing can compare 
all that we should fear is fear 
the memories will drag you right down hear 
where all the light is lost 
and we all pay a very big cost 

I fight for a better day 
and search for another way 
but how can i stay in this place
 when it all seems like a big rat race 

every day i fall and fade away 
and every day i cannot find my way 
and every single day my demons beg me to stay 
for another round of pain 
and to see who can gain 
the right to feel happiness again

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Wicked Thorn

How unkind, you wicked thorn! 
I despise you to the core.
Oh, how you have plagued me since birth.
Oh, how you have robbed me of such joy.
Oh, how I hate you--you wicked thorn!

How many times have I begged the Lord 
to take you from me,
Three million times thirty-three,
How I wish I were writing your eulogy,
Die a wicked and painful death,
You wicked thorn,
I continue to beg of the Lord.

For what else can I do,
I can't bear to live with this wicked thing,
So although no hope can be found,
I chant and pray day after day,
Oh Lord, take this wicked thorn from me!

It may be when I am old and gray,
But there will come a day,
When the Lord answers my prayer,
You, wicked thorn, will be abolished in the sea,
I will overcome, 
and you will wish you never met me!

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Walking through a path set in advanced,

Just going through the steps I'm suppose to dance.

Turning left and right hoping for a miracle,

Feeling like I'm being drained by every particle.

Seeing and feeling stares from unknown people,

They wander what's next for me, what's the sequel?

Minding not their business but invadeing in mine,

Hoping my light dims and theirs doesn't out-shine.

I see smiles left and righ but I know better,

I know they smile now but they'll hate later.

We'll shake hands and say we're friends,

But at the first problem our fridnship ends.

I look around and see mirrors facing in all directions,

They only show what I want to see, not their true intentions.

Where their is hate and dislike I see smiles,

The road of mirrors runs for miles and miles.

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If You Didnt Follow

If you didnt follow me
I wonder where I would be
I couldve been free
I might even be happy

If you didnt follow me
If you didnt act so stubbornly
If you just listened to me
Where would we both be?

If you didnt follow us
things couldve looked up
We couldve stayed in touch
Now I dont give a f***

If you didnt follow me
I would support you happily
I helped ypu through things
and this is how you repay me?

If you didnt follow me
You'd still bear a mean
You would mean something
Now you dont mean anything.

If you didnt follow me
You know youre identitiy
I pray you hate me
I hate you more than anything

If you didnt follow me
at the expense of my being
I hope you burn for eternity
sitting right next to me

Take this writing as it seems
As hatred and hostility
Damn you and your family
Was it worth following me?

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Little rant

And i sit here and think of the words that ive wrote.
And think about all the things that ive spoke.
People come and go.
that i know.
But some of them let there true selves show.
A thousand ways people can go.
Trust nobody and cold you will grow.
Become totally numb.
All my enemies?
Comb and get some.
Im cold harded and here i come.
I hold hard feelings for the things ive done.
But thats life.
Yiou cant turn and run.
Becuase thats no fun.
About to burst.
Like a loaded gun.
So ill take my turn.
Spark it up and watch it burn.
Emotion nowhere within.
And on his face a cold hard grin.
You could tell he was denched in sin.
But arent we all.
Everyday its a humanist brawl. 
The rich feast haveing a ball. 
While the poor scrape up what they can as they crawl.
Thats how the world is and yeah its not great.
We will consume ourselves. 
Whether destiny or fate. 
Or just the ignorance of govenment and state.
The rich dont understand. 
Becuase they cant relate. 
They get rich and the poor they degrate. 
We should rise up and show them some hate. 
We should.
Before its to late. 

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Where is the Love

It's not the same - not like it used to be
I had your back - you were looking out for me.
Where is the love, honor, and respect?
never passed you by - promised I'd never forget
How you fed me - there was little food to eat
Clothes on my back you bought shoes on my feet.
We had a lot of love tho' we didn't have money
hugs all around said everything's okay honey.
When I called you were there at the drop of a dime
family has changed because you don't make the time

Where is the love?

Mothers loved daughters fathers loved their son
Take it back to Genesis that's where it all begun.
Sons' hate their fathers,daughters hate their mothers
All the home life time for one another.
We used to nourish our kids hug, watch them grow
Where they living today, you don't even know.
Back in the day we could pick up the phone
Console one another when something went wrong?
I had your back you were looking out for me
It's not the same like it used to be..

Where is the love?

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Invisibly Invisible

Invisibly Invisible

Jealousy is a weak emotion
while you're sinkin'
I'm still floatin' and if I'm sinkin'
I'm still coastin' cause my God keeps my life goin'
to the extreme, you gotta feel this and know what I mean
and if you can't comprehend, you can get the 411 through him.

How can you judge me, when you don't even know me?
You think that you know me 
cause' one time, you so-called spoke to me...
My inner beauty so in depth with God's spirit
my outer beauty speaks to you 
Close your eyes...
Can you hear it?

Your cars on rims can't compare to his;
Gossip in the beauty shop...
about that girl that speaks of God all the time
seems like she can't stop 
You look me up and down
I smile at you and you frown...

Could it be the God in me that keeps you around?
The way you hate me, I could never hate you
The saddest part about it, you don't want to hear the truth
but it is just this...
He loves you as much as he loves me
pure crystal, nothing fake that can break
like shining stones, all so mythical 
so could it be that's why you look at me and I'm invisibly invisible.

By: Aleasha A. Martin

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horses of hate

heavy metal horses on bloody battle hooves
stampeding serenity underneath their raw and ruthless rules
with red eyes burning bright, fire shooting through their nostrils
they burn like asteroids and the heat is coming hostile
with sadists in their saddles the horses they get madder
expanding is their evil as the world is getting sadder
sharp spurs stuck in their around all seems redder
crush the weak under their hooves bringing millions to their deaths
black and blue they run together seeking all they can destroy
dropping corpses and cadavers like a twisted childs toy
whipped like slaves in cold dark caves hate horses go into a frenzy
and the victims of their violence are like stars and sand in iron hands...
countless and too many
their coming sounds like thunder
their hate like hurricanes
their thoughts are just like twisters that keep them full of rage
cages now corroded
iron bars they bend and break
and prison walls that kept them in they fall under the weight
they gallop now through gardens where serpents play their games
they gallop now through ghetto streets leaving carnage filled crime scenes
they gallop through rich neighborhoods devistaing all they can
they rob,they steal,they cut,they kill,the heart and soul of man
but believers call the father when they fill that dark horizon
they stand and face those horses of hate even when the beast is rising
with vulgarness and violence the horses curse the truth
but when God puts His holy hands on them...
horses of hate turn into rivers of glue

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Another Day, Another Suicide

I hate my family

I hate my life

I hate my friends

I hate this knife

As it kisses my wrist

I refuse to shed any tears

I scream and scream

But no one hears

The wound begins to open

I press my lips to the cut

Blood begins to fill my mouth

A taste that brings so much pain to my gut

I ended my life alone

Such a sad and miserable tale

But I'm afraid I must admit

It's a tale we all know too well

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Love Will Win

Full of doubt, full of pain,
Full of heartache yet again,
Time running out so fast it seems,
Actions and hope, what does it mean?
Kind words and deeds will win the day,
Over hate and destruction peace holds sway.
Love will win the final war,
But death will take us and we are no more,
Heed my words as you draw near,
Love not hate and know no fear.

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Blade of Hate

Blade of Hate

Rip out my bruised and battered heart
fire that shot, you must start
The cuts have soaked the floor so red
hell no, not yet am I the fool dead

Slide back into this bloody little room
spread so more pain and slashing gloom
You laugh so gleefully at my great pain
as if your heart isn't a stinking stain

Spit out that blackened heart you chew
this world weeps at the evil you do
Shove in more slicing razor blades
stab into more late midnight raids

Now you can walk on the blood that has dried
spin your lies and pretend this soul has died
Stand in false pride at the gory little scene
eat my heart , liver and my busted spleen

Rape me with a blade of hate burned so deep
Finish me as weak and dying I go to sleep

10-21-1973. robertjlindley

This is from long, long ago. Back when anger and passion 
flowed like a river from me! My first wife tore my soul out
 and stomped on it. Even in pure anger I loved her still. 
I sent a copy of this to her her . She sent back a note ,
saying F.U.
This is from my journal that I have to date never shared 
a single poem from.
Why not I asked myself. Life holds no truly great memories 
if they are about such great pain...Pain that destroyed
a true love and glorified her use of drugs and torture..

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What to Say

the hurt you feel inside
makes you want to scream

and break things
can’t control how

you feel
other’s say 

they know your pain
they can’t
they couldn’t

you let it all out
on everyone around you

but they did nothing
they don’t know that

even when you tell them
they think they did something

because you wouldn't be mad
if they hadn’t done something

but they want to know what they did
so they don’t do it again

but they did nothing
so what do you say?

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What is Love

What is love: Love is having mixed emotions, having an; pain so deep that you can fill
every end of too the deepest of ocean! Love is: being fooled by your envy, turning your
best friend into your worst of enemy! Love is: Always running about, and I thought she
would never leave me without a doubt! Love is: Misleading your mind, too trick your heart
that it doesn’t have much time! Love is: Taking ten steps forward, but not going anywhere,
because you’re still stuck in the past that no one truly cares! Love is: The pain you
receive when someone you care about is gone, and you start to hate every loving song! Love
is: A filling that makes you cry, because everyone has hurt you; you just want to die!
Love is: Someone you care about getting a second chance at life, but your still ungrateful
so you push everyone away with all your might! Love is: Lust and lust is Love! I love to
lust and lust for love! Love is: mixed emotions like I told you before, but love is always
so close it could be the thing knocking at your door! Love is: like fishing, once you
catch the right one you get hook, but love is so hard to find because its in a place where
nobody ever looks! Love is: The thing that never gets old, it’s one thing that can’t be
bought or sold! Love is: Impossible and so hard too do, why is it that someone peoples
love just will never be true! Love is: Nothing but a game, why is it that all the people
I’ve met their definition is all the same! Love is: your pride on a thin line, no matter
what you can never have this love of mine! Love is: sorrow, sadness, hurt, and pain too!
But it that’s love then I wouldn’t want too see what Hate would put me through!

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I hate you

I hate you
I hate looking at you
I hate thinking about you
I hate the times we had
I hate the good and bad
I hate the emotional things
For you my heart still bleeds
I hate the tears that fall
I hate you most of all
It takes a lot away
To still see you smile today
I hate you for everything you've done
I hate you for the pain you brung
I hate that you cant change
for whats done is done
and hate will always remain.

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Without You

I Hate being patient,
But I've got more of it than anyone else I know,
I Hate having to put my myself aside for something else,
But I care enough to do it,
I find myself filled with a lot of that lately...
It sounds so weird to say it out loud...
It doesn't have a nice feeling,
I Hate-
It's just not me,
It's not how I want to be,
It doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth,
It doesn't sound right swirling through my head,
Why is it that I find myself constantly forcing that word out of my head,
I hate that...
There it is again,
Lately it creeps up on me,
I know what causes it...I'm tired,
I'm tired of being patient and putting myself second,
For you,
I hate you,
I don't hate you,
I hate the power you seem to hold over me,
I hate that I can't hate you,
I feel helpless,
The words echo through my head...they echo through the room,
The room,
This room,
I hate this room,
The room you so kindly took the time to build for me,
The room in my head,
Once my sanctuary now my enemy,
I hate this room,
I'm forced to sit in this damp windowless room,
There is no way out...not yet anyways,
I have to wait,
Wait-and be patient,
For you,

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Best Friend

The situation intensifies, I can’t get calm
The only solution is to again self-harm
Oh the joy as I imagine the first cut
Thankful for a solution to get me out of my rut
I prepare myself and the equipment I need
Like an junkie its addiction I feed
I close my door and bare my flesh
Not caring that afterwards I’ll be a bloody mess
My heart beating fast, the tears begin to pour
I’m sorry but I could not just endure any more
The glistening silver blade, not big in size
Is like a trophy, and that I won first prize
The tissues ready, so now I can begin
The first cut is superficial and thin
But the release it gives, my tears fall stronger
Knowing I won’t have to endure my pain for much longer
As I think of the hurt and as I think of my pain
Sends me slashing my legs again and again
‘You’re a stupid cow, you’re just an annoyance’
The self-harm is my only reward and comeuppance
My leg now red, I can’t even see the cuts I’ve made
The power of self-harm over my mind it did invade
I pick up my tissue and start to clean up my work of art
Knowing the whole process soon will again re-start
My arms tell the stories of the scars that I now bear
My tears tell of my pain when you think there’s none there
But then after a while the razor becomes a useless metal
Surely I’d get more relief from my iron or boiling water from my kettle
I start to smile when I think of my flesh beginning to singe
And that no longer will you have to hear me whinge
For I will have found a new friend who will always be around
In the midnight hour the shiny sharp metal can be found
And in the twinkling of an eye, my flesh will become bare
And with each cut to the skin, I say goodbye to every care
If you have troubles and the problem you feel you cannot mend
Then please let me introduce you to my grey shiny silver best friend 

2 September 2014

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The Loser That Is Me

"Curious as to why I hate bullies?"

"Yes, please be so kind as to freely tell me."

"Because I was once the worst of of all bullies.
I was the worst bully that could possibly be.
I was one who was tormented by bullies continually
in high school right through my grades of elementary,
and then one day for some reason, the bullies accepted me,
And What In The Bloody Friggin Hell Do I Do?
I proved to myself what a low hypocrite I was. I proved to myself that I too was a bully too.
I followed them blindly and tormented alongside them the victims that came after me.
Regrets from my childhood will forever haunt me. 
I'll never find it in my heart to ever forgive me.
I owe a few people from my childhood a very much over due apology.
If that were possible, I still wouldn't blame them should they choose not to forgive me.
I don't even remember their names I'm sad to say.
I constantly feel so ashamed to this very day.
I wouldn't know how to even search for all of them so I could say to all of them truthfully,
"I'm so very sorry for the horrible things that I did to you back in school.
I've no excuses, no reasons justify what I did to all of you.
I just need you to know that I am most sincerely sorry
and I wouldn't blame any of you should all of you still not wish to forgive me,
I'd be willing to stand before you blindfolded with my hands tied securely behind my back.
I'd allow you to give me your best shots. Give me all you've got. Give me my true payback
and still I wouldn't blame any of you if all of you choose to never ever forgive me.
I guess in my childhood ignorance, I just didn't possess any common sense,
and that after being bullied for so long when many times I would openly cry,
I wanted to just simply experience how it felt for once being on the other side.
It was a brief period in my life. I learned the errors of my ways very quickly.
I Once Stood So Very Small Briefly In The World Of The Bully.
I'll never go there again. The world of the bully is most definetly not pretty.
I am now no longer nor will I ever once again regress back to what I once used to be.
and then maybe one day I can stop seeing myself as "The Loser That Is Me".
Did I answer your question enough clearly?
The above is why to this very day I am this way.
This why I so despise and truly hate all bullies.
They're a constant reminder that I still hate me. for what I once use to be.
A Big Hypocritical, Blindly Following, Truest Lowest Of All Bullies.

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The thing inside,
that never wants to hide.
Deep within you,
Scratching its way to the surface.

When it reaches the top,
it Can't be stopped.

When its done,
All the damage it leaves,
Will bring you to your knees.

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What Would You Do?

I hate the world but mostly I hate myself
Sometimes I wish that I were someone else.
The hurt I’ve caused, pain inflicted
Something that I never expected.
I try to hide the pain that’s shown
The questions asked when on the phone.
Sometimes I sit and look at my life
All the pain, the hurt, the strife.
I push away the ones I love
And only think about what’s waiting above.
If I took my life today
I wonder what people would think or say.
I feel like I can’t hang on anymore
I’ve felt like this, it’s happened before.
I hope I get over it, but maybe one day you’ll see
That sometimes it’s just too hard to be me.
I hope you wont’ get mad or frustrated
But think how I’m feeling, pretty much hated.
You don’t care about me or how I feel
I just pray that somehow my heart will heal.
The time has come to say goodbye
I’m leaving now and flying high.

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Orphan part III

I am going back to the person I was before
That abusive thing I finally fought off
That reflection I clawed
Out of the mirror and choked to the floor

I am digging into my skin again
I am 
Digging down my throat
And every second I am alone
There is the thought
That I cannot
The hate
That I once fought

I came off the meds and cried for the first 
Since I died
I felt the entire year melt off my bones
Like the spring that finally came for the snow
I felt love and then I hated

From a depth that you could never know

And now I go
I crack
Off the piece of me
From the mirror
And see

The person that won’t let me be
I see grief 
In an unwinding motif  
I see it in the way
I bleed

The person I tried to make from scratch
Scratched out of the womb
And attached to the wound

And left me wide open;
I left death unturned

And waited for her to return.

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Female prerogative or why woman are odd


She does not want me any more
I am old and past my prime
I can sense its time to go
I can see it in her eyes
She is not happy any more
She shouts and screams or cries
There are no kind words any more
Just insults all the time
She cares not for me any more
She told me so, she said
The worst of words a man can hear
I wish that you was dead


I love you very much she says
You are young and looking good
Never ever leave me please
You are part of my blood
Happiness is what you bring
Happiness and Joy
You make me want to sing and dance
You fill my world with Joy
She always brings nice things to me
She says it gives her pleasure
The very thing a man would want
Some shoes of Spanish leather

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Silence is Golden

I've been made to sit by myself,
to believe the words "I'll be right back".
I've been made to speak to myself
because you can't talk to the girl left in the cracks.

I just listen to the words about me,
told that to love is to abuse and abuse.
I just listen to the word of me,
I am here though I got nothing to lose.

And I have something to say!
You all seem to walk away,
and I don't wanna stay here.
I don't wanna be isolated into fear .
And I have something to say!
You all hate me in every way.
These are the feelings I've been holding in.
You all see that my silence is golden.

I've decided to leave this cruel world.
I have a friend I've created to play with me.
I decided to leave from this cruel world
I have a friend in my mind that actually likes me.

I've I decided to leave into my mind.
Its the place I know I belong.
I always felt better living inside.
My friend can easily come along.

And I have something to say!
You all seemed to walk away,
and I don't wanna stay here.
I don't wanna be isolated into fear.
I and I have something to say!
You all hate me in every way.
These are the feelings I've been holding in.
You all see that my silence is golden.

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Look into my eyes you son of a *****,
I want you to see what you've done.

Listen to my cries you leader of men,
I want you to know what you've won.

Steel your soul you prideful clown,
what's before you my make you sick.

Steady your hand you innocent child,
it's time for your last trick.

Enjoy your supper you ravenous animal,
it's the last one that you'll have in this life.

Watch the sunset you hardworking cog,
there will be no escape from my knife.

Epitaph, my ebook:

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Daddy, Oh My Daddy

Daddy beats me
Curses me out
"Worthless trash"
With a loud shout

Daddy is cheap with me
Doesn't like my sickness
Well, not the payments aspect of it
"It's nothing" he says in quickness

Daddy uses me to brag
About my intelligence, my looks
But doesn't let me breathe
I'm stuck in these hooks

Daddy keeps me in a box
Says it to keep restrain
Traps me here for "protection"
But he doesn't do the same

Daddy I tried not to hate you
But it's gotten to far
It was the last straw
I'm taking out the car

Bye daddy

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Lost innocense

PLEASE!..... Dont touch me, dont touch me.
Just go away.

I hate you, i hate you.
Now i'll never be the same.

I trusted you, i trusted you.
How could you do this?

The pain, the pain.
Of being put through this.

Why me?, why me?
Is it something i cant see?.....

No one knows, no one knows.......
What happened to me.

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The Fire Within

The Fire Within

Taste the fire feel it burn
Know my name I shall return
Rain starts falling from the skies
The flame it flickers and it dies
I am the hate you feel within
I am the reason that you sin
I am the hate the lust the greed
I am all you'll ever need
Fate is laughing hear his call
Forever taunting each and all
Start the fire watch it burn
Take my hand take your turn
See the life that you have had
Looking back it wasn't bad
So here's the future try again
In my shadow you can win
Take the spinning sphere by storm
Let the fire keep you warm
Show them how to play the game
Don't let them forget your name

By: Jeremy Siedlecki

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Silence Breeds Hatred

She watches the knife hit the chopping block.
The blood runs deep, a river's lake.
Nails that scratch a door with lock.
Hinted humor drips in failure's wake.
Romanticized thoughts, so hard to break.
Yet love is so hard to fake.
She keeps from screaming
As his voice is quieting,
Her mind is rioting; yet his is fried and sizzling.
A blank stare as they eat.
hatred is silence's greatest feat,
Who next will she entreat
Who then will he meet?
What burns red, is the color of silence...
Solid iron fence,
Covered in the silence, bled and bred,
Hatred rears its ferocious head.

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writting my life to paper
I am struggling now, but how about my later
You say I owe you the world, Well how about my maker?
My face is pale, yours is crowed with make-up
Every day a new goliath, I fail to wake up
I miss yesterday, your disires make me pay
I hate to say, Lord take me away!
depts are calling, and death is following
tired of borrowing, tired of doing the laundry
Friends can't hold me
disgusted but not once have they told me
torn jeans, 
walking like a meance feeling like I am in the wrong skin
Smeeling like last nights raw beans and sardines
Broke I regret the hour I woke
"Lies" is the name given to all the promises I ever spoke
I prevoke the fortunate, 
choke in the faces of those living opulant
If I am to die all I will ever be useful for is manure
why was'nt I born pour,
Raised poor, Lady fate I hate her
hungry, broken and neglected I write my life

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I will not kill those two

I will not kill the two men who raped you.
What you're asking is something I can't do.
I know that you've been through a terrifying ordeal.
But I won't murder those men for you, I will not kill.
You want me to kill them now that they're out on bail.
The District Attorney has a good case, they will go to jail.
I can understand why you want revenge but murder is going too far.
I won't commit murder because that would make me become even worse than they are.
The Police found enough DNA evidence to put them away, for them there is no escape.
Those two animals will rot in prison for the next twenty-five years for committing rape.

(This is a fictional poem)

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My Little Secret















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I smoke this blunt
And clear my mind
Put up this front
To get out of the world's blind

To taste the purple haze across my lips
The intoxicating smoke fills the room
Smoking this eternal bliss
Makes new ideas brew and bloom

To broaden the life I'm supposed to lead
To reach the horizon where the sun set that sunset for me
Where no stupid people abuse the greed in the souls they breed
For the pieces of damaged souls that will never again be

The tired worker stumbles through the door
Working his ass off for the accidental family he made
Looking up to the stars and planets and through the Nevermore
Feeling defeated and stupid because you know you were played

To broaden my thoughts --- to broaden my dreams
Listening to intuition --- trying to listen to me
In a world where nothing is what it seems
In a world that they lie to you about being free

They see everything you do and breathe
They learn everything about your body and brain
And how to make you instantaneously bleed
Hitting you with corruption --- like a derailed train

Hopelessly you stumble --- on the balance of life
And aimlessly living --- no matter what the cost
The corruption that stings you and cuts you with a meat knife
America: "Taking people's lives for power and greed" --- at whoever's loss

So where do you find the balance in all the chaos and hate?
Where is your "safe haven" --- where is your place for you and your's?
Nobody but yourself will ever be in the position to challenge your own fate
When finally there's a chip in you --- no need for jobs, currency, or stores

And when the time comes will you let them brand you mad?
And finally stand up for a probable cause --- finding the guns we stashed
Or are you going to let them take our families --- with constant tears of sad?
Fighting against the world --- completely trashed

Knowing the survivors (if any) probably won't be long
Until all the military swarms and barricades us in
Thinking about the Apocalypse --- I rip the bong
I'm here to go against the world to save my own sins

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So Much

So much pain
So much hatred
So very distraught
But still sacred
So much anger
So much anticipation
So much anxiety
To fill this dissipation
So much f***ing attitude
So much f***ing heart
So many f***ing personalities
So hard to disregard
Too much force
Too much to maintain 
Too much pressure 
You're to blame

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Flesh of my Heart

Struck in the heart by the angel of fate, made up from flesh so I love to hate. I hate to love my enemy and love to hate my friend, they are both one of the same but only will last to the very end. My heart bleeds from the pain of hurt, but joy comes in the morning for what it is worth. With an angel on my left and a demon on my right stuck in the middle between wrong and right. Doing my best to use my inner light, but the devil in me puts up a hell of a fight. As my wings keep me up and I begin to fly, my heart becomes harden and I don't know why. So I'll ask for forgiveness as I reach for the sky because the devil of this earth wants me to die, but before I go I think I will I God love one last try.

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Humans Turning Into Beasts

I have come up with a notion
Hate is a useless emotion
That just makes the world a place
Of anger and bad disgrace
When we should reach deep inside
And pull out our hidden pride
Using words of care and kindness
That's forgotten with our blindness
Talking gently to someone
And not bullets from your tongue
Of harshness and cruelty
Opening up honesty
That's been buried way to long
Making words sound mean and strong
It might be a long tough road
To unburden all the load
That's been building more and more
Let's just open up the door
And communicate with hope
So we don't fall down a slope
That will tear the world apart
Please just look inside your heart
Realizing we can change
If we all just re-arrange
The way our sentences are formed
It can teach us what went wrong
Bringing us tranquility
And a world that's hatred free

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Hot hate filled tundra.

se and scream to lobby your sanity,
I need not pain to know I'm real,
Imburse the notes locked in your vanity.
I need not light to see your spiel.

I cannot change you, you already know the truth,
Each leaf on trees signify lies told in stride,
People forgiving for themselves, and the release inside.
Forgive me for i have no proof.

Collaborated hate on can only feed,
Unaware of the mutilation occurring,
Unstable mental structures sending the mind stirring.
Overload of capacities makes orifices bleed.

Return your soul, stop feeding venom,
Only the devil can portray himself as an angel with hateful words and colorless denim.

Don't be self absorbed or blind,
Miscalculation stops the heart and depletes the mind.

Dust dried reserves depleted from warfare,
Empty eyes only seeing the horrible,
Dry iced tundra filled with hot hate created coursed hair.
Its the land of the dead where people still live but feel deplorable.
The feeling cripples, kills and leaves the victims gaze glazed with a cold stare.

Absent awareness makes embedded hate portable.

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Those Dreadful Tears

 I Have a Beautiful Child
 but She Is Full of Hate and Anger,
 Now I Find above All Else
 I must Keep Her out of Danger.
 She Has Not Learned to Love
 and Knows Not How to Give..
 But I Shall Take Her with Me
 down the Path Called..."Live"
 Along this Path We Twine
 Finding Laughter, Trust and Fun
 We Shall Lessen the Load of Misery,
 Travelling to the Light of the Sun.
 So Stay Awhile with Me, Child
 I Will Soothe Those Aches and Fears.
 Together this Path We Travel 
 Shall Stop Those Dreadful Tears.
 Connie Moore
 Feb. 21, 2000

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hiding behind a mask of failure,
alluring to the eyes being shown.
fear of denial,
too much like a life's trial.
running on being like a loose coward,
always faking the courage of being brave.
simply not believing on yourself;
too many masks over the faking of shame,
unknown disappointments falling for me.
running out of tears to dry,
no right words for this to go away.
unworthy truth of a lie....
like a light with no direct ray,
moving forward is too impossible and out of sight.

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The Sharp Teeth Of Terror

You are like a vicious shark
Leaving people in the dark
Wounded by your quick attacks
Being stabbed right in the back
By a mouth full of sharp fangs
Telling lies that bruise and bang
Because you will never care
Who you hurt with sad despair
A path of brokenness you leave
Never giving a reprieve
To those who always awake
To a strong and steady quake
That you cause without thinking
Life's are drowning as your sinking
Your angry, deceitful teeth
Through their soul and underneath
Their skin as you soon devour 
Every little bit of power
Left in them as they soon part
And lifeless bodies will now start
To pile up as their clock
Of life stops ticking cause a shark
Ripped them apart and has taken
Every bit of life worth makin'

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I hate Halloween,
It make me want to scream,
It make me want to go to sleep on Halloween.
It make me want to think, 
It make me want to dream,
It make me want to dream of next Halloween.
It make me want to shout,
It make me want to yell,
It make me want to go to the House of Scare.
I hate Halloween,
I hate Halloween,
I just can’t wait till next Halloween!

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misplaced worth,
unknown hurt.
trying so hard,
failing every time.
shame so bad;
like a crime,
my means doesn't fit the end.
trying to bend the goodness,
until you can not get out of a bad experience.
seen always as being less:
atonement of hurt,
self-denial of the truth,
that I did on my own accord.
my will left tainted,
trauma on my will, spirit, and soul left unpainted.

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This Is Goodbye

Tell my family I'm sorry
Fore everything I've done.
Tell them that I love them
I wish we'd had more fun.

Ask my mother why
She put me through some hell.
It really made me hate her.
Could she even tell?

Tell my love I love him
Incase he doesn't know.
Tell him that I'll miss him.
I'm sorry I have to go.

Tell my foes thanks
For all the pain they've caused.
Tell them that I hate them
For the friends that I have lost.

Ask my father why
We never got along.
It really made me angry.
The reasons all seemed wrong.

Tell my peers I'm sorry
For the things I didn't say.
Tell them that I'll miss them.
There is no other way.

So tell the one's I love and hate.
That it was all their fault.
None of them could even wait.
To hurt me even more.

And tell the ones
I love and hate.
That I will die
'Cause this is fate.

I'll cut my wrists 
Until they bleed.
I will die
The cuts so deep....

©2009 ~FR34K0N4L345H33

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Darkness Vs Light

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” I often wish to dwell in the light But there are always those useless excuses That allows me to lose insight But I always end up with these endless bruises “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” I try to disregard the hate burning inside But there are always those people who I don’t appreciate Sometimes I just want to cower and hide Away from the love that has transformed into impure hate But someone will come out to stand up for what is truly ours And, eventually love will prevail!

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Learn to Hate

 Now You Say You Love Me,
 but I Fear it Is Too Late.
 All the Pain You Put Me Through
 Has Taught Me How to Hate.
 I Hate the Way I Felt, 
 the Day You Said Good Bye
 and I Hate the Way the Tears
 Kept Getting in My Eyes.
 I Hate the Days I Lost,
 Crying over You
 and I Learned to Hate Myself
 Because I Loved  You Too.
 Yes, I Have to Blame Myself
 but I Understand Somehow,
 If You Didn't Love Me Then,
 How Is it You Love Me Now?
 Connie Moore

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teardrops left for the weary and broken,
chances on a dream unfulfilled.
inappropriate comments on your unique habits,
unwanted claims on the promise of negativity.
untold unwanted pressures,
times wanting you to brood over regrets and lessons.
old aged feeling that you are getting left behind,
mental insanity on and off my mind.
troubles with people that you are close to;
pains that behold you,
problems with no easier solutions.
emotionless backsliding,
with no limit on the unknown regrets.
leaves you clueless to your's and everyone else's hurts.

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Beast mode activate Eyes wide opened mind in a subconscious state Rage sparks the fire all I feel is hate Sweat runs down my brow from the smoke flowing Through my veins Each breath I take feeds energy to the surging Flames I exist no more. All what's pure has evaporated All good within me sapped I find myself trapped In my own flesh incarcerated Not yet here nor there But soon to be cast into the abyss Once the mission is complete and both fates evenly square.... Trembling with fear... yet driven by rage I move swiftly into the night. I'm on my way Of which seems to be preparing itself almost as if it Knows Utter darkness hovers with the exception of the moon's ghastly glow... tbc

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'Hatred' is the Thing with Claws

(Based off an Emily Dickenson poem)

"Hatred" is the thing with claws-
that slices through us all-
And leaves a wound without it healed-
And captured for- its thrall-

And torn- by its embrace- with pride 
And infects what it leaves behind-
That love could be its mend
that keeps our hearts enshrined-

I've seen it rip and tear lives-
And play with them like prey-
Yet, never, in experience 
it suppresses love with- its pain.

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Temporary Death

I’ve set my right hand on the fault line
But who is there to hold the rest
Million tremors coming for you
And I can’t help you stand the test

Give power now unto my left hand
It upon the trigger rests
One bullet left to stop the quaking
One bullet saves you from certain death

I aim and fire towards love forgotten
I kill you now to prevent your pain
You’ll die tonight in hate and darkness
Yet wake tomorrow in calming rain

So hate me now until forever
Just know I cared until the end
Hate me, breathe me out like fire
But just know these scars will mend 

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I Don't Like

I don’t like this.
I don’t deserve it either.
Everyone else has someone good.
I have a disease from the hood.
I don’t want it anymore.
I hate to see it walking through my door,
Pain, strife, not treating me right.
Wanting badly to be someone’s wife.
It seems that I hate being me, 
Because I always get mistreated.
I don’t like this,
But I won’t declare to be defeated.

wrote 9-13-09

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I love love love you
Well I'm lie lie lying
Merely try try trying
To save my own skin.

I hate hate hate you
But I won't won't say so
That was hell hell hello
This is good goodbye.

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Your Eyes and Mine

I hate that sappy, mushy stuff
When the girl pours her heart out to the guy
But what do I do when not seeing you
Makes me want to cry?
I've been warned and told about this thing
That I've pulled myself into
It feels so right, I shuddder so...
Because I'm lonely without you
But are you real, do you really care
Have you had others just like me?
Am I a number, am I a play
That gives you pleasure to see?
I don't understand why you like me
It's hardly happened before
You say I'm foony, you say I'm cute
Yet I wonder if there is more
More than you're telling- more than you
More than meets my eye
For this innocent glaze of glistening blue
Is so succeptible to a well-played lie
It only makes sense- you're playing a game
By kissing my hand and hair
When you put your arm on my shoulder
I am displaced from everywhere
Except from the person next to me
The guy I've tried hard to ignore
I don't understand why you like me
It's never happened this way before
Almost all I do is think about you
The things we've said and done
And smile at the moments back in time
When this entire relationship had begun
Still I hate this sappy crap
When the girls tell it all to the guys
Yet it's all I do, just think of you-
And your playful, glistening eyes

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Don't read my poetry 9.16.09

I don't want anyone to see,
My deep, dark hate for humanity.
My hate for myself and how I truly feel;
My invisibility. Especially if you cease to care.
Why read something that you'll only laugh at,
And taunt and haunt me forever because of it?
Why would you read this diary of mine?
Why care now to know the invisible girls story?
I don't need your pity party.
I don't want to cause you pain.
I don't care if you care at all.
Because now you know I'll only fall.
Just I beg, I plead, I pray,
Don't you read this poetry.

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If anyone told me that one day I would grow to hate you id say that it was a lie,
If anyone told me that one day id see you and feel sick to my stomach
and right then and there just want to collapse and die,
I would say it was a lie.

I hate you,
You remind me of everything that I don’t have 
The most precious thing to me,
You remind me 
every time I see you 
that I don’t have a family.

I used to love you,
I used to love you when you reminded me, 
That I was young and free
And that I could be like that for as long as I wanted to be.

But now,
You remind me
Of infertility,
You remind me of my bareness
Of yet another unsuccessful pregnancy.

Instead of morning sickness I get PMT
I’m 32 years old
This is not how my life is meant to be,
So for this fact I hate you with a passion that burns from deep down inside of me,
I hate you because every time you turn up unexpectedly 
My husband is one step closer to leaving me.

If anyone told me that one day I would grow to hate you id say that it was a lie,
If anyone told me that one day id see you and feel sick to my stomach 
and right then and there just want to collapse and die
I would say it was a lie.

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I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

I’ve heard the news and I can’t believe how
It could have occurred and that it weighs on my brow
It’s got me troubled in a frozen state
But it’s out of my hands and I have to leave it up to fate

Something bad has happened and I don’t know what to do
I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

What can I do to help the problems and the pain
I know if I don’t do something I’ll never be the same
Trust in me until things fully mend
I’ll be right here for I am you friend

Something bad has happened and I don’t know what to do
I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

You didn’t ask for this but its now at your door
It’s right in your face and you can’t even ignore
Your down not out so use the strength you’ve stored
Have faith in your self and the lord

Something bad has happened and I don’t know what to do
I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

I’ll be here waiting with me you can confide
I’ll come when you call to be by you’re side
I hope things get better and your life starts new
I’ve been there in the past and I’ll be there even more now just for you

Something bad happened and I don’t know what to do
I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

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Heartache in ZaniLa Rhyme

Heartache is what follows me about
looking for the love we’d found
I loved you once, but now I hate you
silence left, no ethereal sound

Heartache is the pain you left me I
need to run from this dark place
But now I hate you, I loved you once
let me be free to feel life’s caress

Heartache is the lines on my etched face
shows the world internal pain
I loved you once, but now I hate you
until I am in your arms again

Heartache eases have found a new friend
someone to share in life’s game
But now I hate you I loved you once
my true love you will always remain

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Hating All Things False

There's nothing so very disappointing
as falsehood when least expect it
it's so opposite to what's true
as scripture shows it's a no fit

God opposes all that's false
for His standard is always truth
He can't stand lies nor deceit
even when it looks so smooth

As God's light opposes darkness
so does truth from what's false
He expects His believers to follow suit
obeying whenever divinity calls

Our conscience tells us to hate
everything false rejecting out of hand
for it never can be for you right
as truth only will eternally stand

AUTHOR NOTES: based on "hate everything false"...Psalm 119:104

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When night time crept through my door
and monstrous shadows painted the floor,
I shut my eyes and squeezed out a tear,
trembled in shame and shook in fear...
For the Boogie Man was right outside.

He had a shape and I knew his name,
his oily touches drove my mind insane.
His name was Daddy- he came to my bed
filling me with loathing, killing me with dread.
And no one ever stopped him.

He comes only in darkest shadows now,
never losing his awful power somehow.
Just an image upon my grown-woman wall,
where he leaves his hateful, hurtful pall.
He died and I was glad.

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I hate you

I hate the way it's all my fault, I didn't speak a word
I hate the way I'm faithful, it's the least you deserve
I hate it that you lack respect for everything I do
The only thing I love right now is bitterly hating you

I hate the way you prod and poke your nose in everything
I hate the way this turned out to be more than just a fling
I hate the way I have no strength to tell that we are through
The only thing I love right now is ruthlessly hating you

I hate you, eveything about you, don't think it'll change
You have to ask yourself right now, what made me feel this way
You shouldnt of dismissed me, disrespected, disbelieved
I hate the way you're such a fool for thinking I'm naive

I wish I could turn back the clock and break your black heart first
Savagely rip you to shreds, ground your respect to dust
I'd slip my hands around your throat instead of round your waist
I pray one day I can swallow my pride without this bitter taste

10th October 2011

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The drug that I use
Makes me abuse
Tempers fuse
But don't get confused
The drug is anger
It causes danger
And cliff hangers
Flesh & bone banger
My heart is thumping
Adrenaline pumping
Veins are jumping
Fist to wall bumping
I can't control
My head is swole
There is a hole
That sucks in my soul
Blood is racing
Got me pacing
The edge I'm facing
There is no tracing
Temple is flaring
Nothing is baring
I'm not caring
My skin is taring
I'm angry

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Simple replies

Current mood: 
You've broken my
I’d rewind but the
outcome is final
Pay my decaying fine
you've scratched me
like spinning vinyl.
And I simply reply
“I forgive you“

You've pushed me to
my past
So now I
Because your
selfishness is
And I simply don't
reply I take it.
You faked it I made
You’ve demolished
What the hell is
Why not interrogate
You’re integrated in
my head
So I simply replied
and said
“I won't give up”

Believe in you?
Believing in what?
Or Challenge? I
don't know about
I thought I had you
hook with love
But no love talents
were shared
I’d start seeing me
seeing through you
to stuff
I chose and choose
not to believe
And I simply
reply... “I love

So now he is not
only hurting me, I’m
hurting myself
I know these things
but I let them
I knew these things
and I let him
And I simply reply
I’m used to it.

I love you dammit, L
I thought I never
would I never wanted
Because of this fix
this!! Fix me
This love is hell
I fell
And so I replied.
“I’m done.”

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I Love You

I’m so sick of being lonely
Being the only one who is alone
The one who is missing you
The one who’s too weak to be strong
I’m sick of being without
Without love, without a life, without you
I’m sick of being sick of being lonely
I’m sick of being lost in love with you
I hate you because I love you
I hate myself for the way it hurts
I hate my heart for the way it betrays my mind
I hate love because I finally know what it means to “make it work.”
I love you because you showed me how to love
I love they way you let me mean I love you too.
I love the way my soul found its counterpart
Most of all I Love You.

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Loves Strife

Emotions of love is what we yearn

Striving and clinging to the most absurd

Looking about in haze held fast

Believing in love will save us from doubt


The touch of a hand

The gaze of an eye

Will make us feel more alive


Until the dark creeps past that mark

Then we see and hear what may not really be there

The pain wells up, envelopes us whole

Emotions of hate take full control


Feelings of loss, pain of the heart

Only regret is whats left

Behind in a void, where love once thrived

Now only chaos and doubt reside


Leaving that yearning for love feeling strong

Wishing and hoping to find it before long

But as time passes, with no love in life

The bitterness and hate grow more into sight

Fading love to memory

Giving hate full might

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Cry out

Mother let me tell you
what no one ever knew
the secrets on this page
I dout God has a clue
for if you see through my eyes
what daddy did was nothing
you were all I had left
why did you think i was bluffing

It wasn't a joke mommy
I tried, I cried and I cut myself
I even begged for you to get me help
and you had no idea?
How could that be
mommy I told you everything
How dare you lie to me!

I lived with my self hate
and daddy got off
what didn't you get?
I always looked lost
I locked my door 
and I screamed I hate him
but all you did was say
You can't escape him!
Well mommy I could always say
you'll never know me better that way
you'll never see the innocent me
it was taken, shaken and re-made
in a whole new way
this poem is about you mommy
things I don't have the guts to say

Honestly mommy I don't know 
what hurts more
looking in your eyes 
as you called me a WHORE
for I didn't do it
I didn't dress wrong?
I just wanted a daddy
thats why it hurt all along
Mommy but you hurt me
most of all
you never trusted me
Even after telling you
mommy should daddy 
haved'lusted' me?
but you didn't listen 
and I had to cope with the shame
cutting myself everytime I got away
and creating a whole new name
a facade and a wall 
I put around myself

I told you for years
"Mommy, I need help,
I hate myself, I can't live this way,
mommy what daddy does,
I don't think I could say.
It hurts to look at the man 
I am supposed to trust
My daddy how dare he Lust?"
But all you did was say
do as he says
I begegd and pleaded
But you'd just shake your head.

And now mommy it's to late
I'd glady rather be DEAD
I lost the little girl 
That i use to be
everything inside
has died and I am just not me
so I gess the stranger 
that I now see
is a broken child
that could neve just BE.

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to the ku klux klan Part 2

We are all essentially African. That's where humanity first took birth.
Some then left Africa to populate every land mass on planet earth.
Those of us who remained in equatorial Africa kept our very dark protective skin.
It served as a natural sun block, 
preventing harmful ultra violet rays from contaminating our bodies from within.
As we migrated closer to the poles we began to slowly depigmentize. 
It was an evolutionary trade off, one might call evolutionarily wise.
The rays of the sun when closer to the poles 
are not as harsh as in sub tropical Africa and the pole's climate is cold.
Where as in Africa we walked naked with our protective dark skin,
The poles were colder. We wore clothing over our slowly depigmentizing skin.
Depigmentizing all the quicker because of very little exposure to the sun at all.
Because we differ in skin color doesn't mean anything good or bad at all.
We were and still are all the same human specie, unlike our cousins, the extinct Neanderthal.
We are all homo sapiens. We are all the one and only Human Race. 
In a nutshell, that says it all.
To All Hate Groups Out There and hate individuals too.
Be forewarned. Be aware. Your over due extinction is about to come true.
I speak for all with knowledge who have truly evolved too,
"We All Welcome The Extinction Of All The Ignorance Created By All Of You."
You should all welcome it too, so that all of you can truly, for the common good, 
intellectually evolve too.

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Bad Must Happen

If there is any good that exists,
bad must be alongside it.

If there is ever an option for good,
bad will always be decided.

Why is it, that bad is the only choice,
and good is always doubted?

Is it that bad is considered strength, 
and good weakness?

It is that good is misunderstood,
and therefore used less.

If bad is the victor,
does good give up vying?

If good cannot conquer,
is there a point in trying?

Do not lose faith,
good can sometimes win.

Tis just the way of life,
that bad must happen.

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The other side of the Limpopo

The shape and currents that defines my direction and our segregation
Serene meanders that sets my limitations and our alienation
The hippos and crocodiles that swim in your wild waters in ambivalence
To protect me from illusions of grandeur and safeguard my prejudice

This aqueous wall separating our dreams and carrying them beyond reach
My children dejected, their future abandoned, dying to get rich
From enemies within, I once found refuge and a confidant northward 
The distorted mirror I view now, I export the same friend without

From afar, tranquil and hiding millions in your ever widening banks
Seemingly wealthy, but poor in administration and overinflated flanks
In truth, you are polluted, corrupted and nauseating to be quiet frank
To drink is to vomit, and to navigate your waters, is to walk the plank 

Limpopo, I can’t escape the feeling that you are flowing in a dug trench
Something man made, keeping us estranged on either side of the fence
Ironically, permanently imprisoned by self-doubt in this unchained country
Blind hatred, ignorance and fear keeping us from the gains of unity

Limpopo, I fear you will nourish the other side more for prosperity
For there are two dried-up mounts to your flow of consistency
Watching from this side the wasted opportunities you carry to the shores
Never having learnt how to, I can never swim across to walk in your shoes

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The Perfect Guy

I hate myself, you love everything about me,
you say im beautiful
and keep loving me,
i hate my skin and my face, but you admire it like your special place,
i dont think guys like me, never giving me a chance,
but you came into my life making my heart dance,
i know forever that this love is true
so i just wanted to say these two little words "Thank You"

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The Son-in-Law

Never have I ever
Told my mother-in-law she's fat
Okay, I probably have
I lied, so I'm sorry about that

I've never locked the refrigerator
When she comes to spend the night
Okay, you know I did
I even unscrewed the light

I've never said she's ugly
With that mole between her eyes
Okay, she is though
She needs to wear a desguise

I've never called her sasquatch
With hair all over the place
I got her a razor for Christmas
You should have seen her face

I've never put her in the paper
For something to cut the grass
I just said she's an old ugly goat
Who's always passing gas

I've never said I hate her
But you can read what I wrote above
I didn't mentioned hate one time
But you notice I didn't mention love

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i hate these thoughts that float in my head
because they are the ones that wont let me go to bed
and they are all about you
night and day even when I pray
i cant get you out
no matter how loud or much I shout
i try to fight and hide
what im thinkin inside
but it always finds a way out other than in my shouts
and I hate it because it always reminds me
of what used to be
its the strongest feeling I've had
and im glad it was for you
because you valued it and knew it was true
i still cry at times when i realize
that it wont be the same anymore
because you have left me and walked out that door

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I hate

I hate to write of misery
But I love it so much
It make me feel so real
Like love from a mother
From child to parent
I hate to write of pain
Though I endure it everyday
And the only way I can ignore it
If I write it down on paper
The only thing that feels my pain
I hate to write of tears
But they come at random times
There either red or clear
But mostly there black
I hate to write of anger
I barely ever feel it
It never seems to let me be
But when it comes
It never leaves
I hate to read these poems
Because every time I read them
I relive the time
I relive the experience
Of what happened on that same exact day.

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Never Again

Loved you once
and always will.
But I know what they
mean by "If looks could kill."

So much hate that
fills your eyes
Never again will you tell
me your lies.

I can't beileve what you did
I want to be with you
but you think that I'm just
like some little kid.

So much hate that 
fills your eyes
Never again will you tell
me your lies!

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Love and Hate

I tend to ponder Love and Hate
And how to each I do relate
For acts of hate have vision clear
And acts of love often fear
But with anger comes debate
As with controversy lust does equate 
While pain is spread by such indifference 
And from passion in abundant instance 
Not hard to see that tolerance lacks
While a necessity in forgiving acts

And so it has come to decide my mate
With no weakness found in hate
But with love strength unseen
For within ones heart it tends to glean
So in my mind these words collide
Urging me to choose a side
So with judgment my thoughts do race
Pulled towards love, its redeeming grace
But with darkness hate does team
And with light love does gleam
Form a circle these two great beings
And give more depth to all feelings

So to choose would be unfair
Depriving life of half its flare 
For in us all, both do reside
Shifting thoughts and shaping pride

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Can't let go

I dont know what to do,
all i know is that I love you,
and at many times I want to forget you.
The lies you tell are unforgivable,
but the joy you bring me is unbelievable.
I wish you would give me your heart,the way 
I gave you mine, and you did at one point in time.
I wish things could be the way they used to be,
when I loved you and you loved me.
We used to get along so well,but where we stand now,
I cant tell.
I hate that you make me feel this way,when I see you
I forget all that I planned to say.
I want to erase you out of my mind and keep you
in my heart,but im afraid if i do we will
eventualy part.
i'm scared to keep you around and even more scared 
to loose you.
I hope and pray that you will change because for you
my life I would gladly rearange.
All I want to know is how you truly feel,
when you tell me my heart will either
break or heal.So can you just seal the deal
and tell me how you truly feel,just keep it real.
I just want you around and 'till then i'll be
lost hoping to be found.
I'm so lost and so confused and I hate not knowing
what to do.You make me so happy and so blue.
Do I try to forget you or embrace you for you?

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Lone survivor

The song says of walking through sunny day of fall
With sun and smile in your soul
Among trees standing tall
Among birds on the breeze whistling their call

But as uplifting is the song
The spirit is covered in darkness before long
The key in this dark abyss is to remain strong
For not even God knows to what side the soul will belong

But before the day is done
Before the moon rises above the valley where children run
I can see clearly as the summer sun
That at the end there can be only one

It is hard to see
What will be each destiny?
Will the spirit ever fly free?
I don’t know if sleeping knights will ever awaken but the one may as well be me

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I hate this job completely,
I hate it totally.

It makes no sense any time, 
and I'm treated unjustly.

The insurance and the benefits
they say out weigh the stress.

But so far I cannot see it
and I am a total mess.

I hate this job completely,
I hate it totally.

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Gates of wisdom

One of my favorite song’s states
Can you pass through wisdom’s seven gates?
But fate of fates
On no man waits

And I think to myself what who has audacity 
To ask such a question of me
Someone who looks at stars majesty
Looks but does not see

Many of people I think of around my head
Of cancer and other’s unkindness fell dead
Makes me sad 
And there is no wisdom in that

My honor and soul are not for sale
Even if my seal was on the document which that transaction would in tale
The very concept of fate not linked to body or God I will derail
From the darkest pit the falcon will raise to outshine the very horizon buzzard like in the old tale

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Leave Me To Die

She left me there to die
My chest hurts, I'm empty
She ran off with my heart
Not the first time, I got plenty
I crawl back into your arms
For the first time in over a year
How did you love again?
There is so much that I fear
Its now 6am
I'm waiting for the world to wake
I've got to warn them all
And tell them what's at stake
I'm reaching for the moon
I'll be there someday soon

This love is ripping me, ripping me apart
Now hate is gripping me, gripping me, I start
To make my way to the fork in the road
And I dont know where to go

Find refuge at the bar
I'm drowning in sorrow
So long to sober days
There is no tomorrow
A stranger in my house
Who are you? What do you want from me?
Reflection in the mirror
Used to be me, my past haunts me
Just leave me alone
To the darkness of my room
My body turns to dust
Sweep me up with the broom
Just wasting in the bed
I wonder if I'm dead

This love is ripping me, ripping me apart
Now hate is gripping me, gripping me, I start
To make my way to the fork in the road
And I dont know where to go
I thought I was stronger, but lately I just cant take it
Oh noo, just leave me to die
If God says he needs me just tell Him that I cant make it
Don't save me, just leave me to die

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I'm Done

I'm done trying to love you
and done trying to care.
And i'm done trying to pretend
that you'll always be there.

I'm done acting like you need me
when really you don't.
And trying to get attention
from a love that won't.

I'm done with your hate
and done with your lies.
Cause all you ever do now
is make me cry.

And I'm done with this pain
I feel deep in me.
I'd thought you'd be the one
who'd set me free.

And yes i still love you
and I hate that I care.
But I can't wait around
for you to be there.

So it's time to move one now
and find someone new.
Who loves me for me
I'm sorry it's not you.

So please don't hate me
for the things that I say.
I hope you'll forgive me
if not now..but one day.

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I think this is 
the longest winter I've ever had.
With you beside me 
it wouldn't be so bad.
i have to sit alone
and keep myself warm
this thing they call love
is like one bad storm.
i'm sitting in the rain
babe, this thunder scares me.
the lightning keeps flashing
my heart keeps breaking
every part of my body keeps shaking.
i wish i had you here 
to tell me it'll be okay
i wish i had you here
to make this storm go away.
i still love you
is all i want to hear you say.
"Thomas i hate myself 
for falling this much.
i hate myself 
for missing your touch."
There is only one rain cloud
in this dark and lonely sky,
and its raining on me
somehow i'm not surprised.

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Bipolar Disorder

I hate sounding like a recorder
Knowing I am at the edge of my border
Always being served by a court order
Yeah, I have a mental disorder
Heck yeah, I suffer, I am bipolar

I stay up every night full of energy
Suffering from short term memory
My moods can last for days or weeks
I get so mad sometimes I can't speak
I don't even know what's "normal" anymore
Unexplained pain and my muscles are sore
I don't have the ability to concentrate
So I always yell when I communicate
I have unexplained sadness and crying spells
Feeling sick all the time and can't get well
Having a lot of guilt and feeling worthless
Everything around me makes me stress
Wanting to give up on my hopes and dreams
Just for the thrill, I go to the extreme

I hate sounding like a recorder
Knowing I am at the edge of my border
Always being served by a court order
Yeah, I have a mental disorder
Heck yeah, I suffer, I am bipolar...

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I hate this word
I'll tell you why
This word I hate 
Is the word goodbye

The truth is 
I must admit
I never get the 
Chance to say it

Especially people who 
Are important to me
They tend to leave
They seem to die you see

Three years ago my dad
Had to die
I never said thank you
Or the chance to say goodbye

Then last year mum visited
For two weeks she came to stay
One day in November
She too suddenly passed away

In February this year my wife
Said she can’t stand me I must leave
I was shocked, no sign of this coming
I was left numbed in disbelief

If I tell you the rest it will make you cry
However, from this now you know the reason why
I hate this word, the word goodbye

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Eve Who?

I hate to tell all you Eves out there
But Eden was made for man
Eve was just a second thought
To lend him a helping hand

Adam gave that woman everything
He even gave her that girl her name
She could have been called his help mate
But it wouldn't have been the same

This was long before those chick flicks
And that thing with the toliet seats
Adam even gave that apple to Eve
So she'd stop eating so many sweets

Adam was the garden's Tarzan
And Eve, well, she was only Jane
Even the serpent had to leave eden
He was tired of hearing her complain

Now the truth be known that fig leaf
Was an XXXXL
Remember she ate sweets all day?
So that woman had a pretty big tail

Now before I get that hate mail
You gotta know this was all in fun
But Adam was really one cool dude
Okay now I'm done

No Eves were harmed in the writing of this poem

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i can't help but love you

I hate the way you always make me smile
and how you can always make me stay awhile
I hate the way you can make me cry
and the way you make me want to die
I hate the way your always happy
even when it comes to changing a nappy
I hate the way you make me nervous 
and the way you make simple things seem disasterous
but most of all i hate the way hating you just seems to make me want to love you 
even more

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I Hate Love

I hate love.
I don't like him.
I hate to feel.
I hate to see him,
Coming around.

I hate love,
Leave from,
My heart's town hall.
You came around for me,
And for you I didn't call.

I wish you would fall from heaven,
Like Lucifer did.
You got me running in circles,
Like a little kid.

Love, I hate you.
Leave me alone.
Get off my heart's phone.
Take the freaking dial tone.

wrote 1-20-10

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This world is alot more than its cracked up to be
Death, violence, and hate are the only things to see
Why cant we all just get along
Forget the past, admit we were wrong
Things one day will go more smooth
We will life happy like we have nothing to loose
I want a change that can be better known
This is your world this is your home
Take some pride in the works of god
admire his beauty with smiles and nods
Worry about the little things
help this world make a change
For our Nation was once blind
Filled with hate of the mind
We shall set free from the hate
Give credit to god and Appreciate
This world will change for the better
Its only takes one voice, only take one letter.
A single ounce of blood can change it all
We need to do something before our Nation will Fall

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Ode to Humanity

It seems like my life is always lacking. Too many blurry faces passing. It's like living in a time when the world is gone, No one can agree because everyone is wrong. If we all could take time to appreciate our lives, And stop believing and telling these foolish lies, Maybe then we could live in harmony, In a world full of love like it was meant to be. I wish I could tell them all the way I feel, But no one will believe because it's so unreal. This idea that we all could be at peace, And we all could be each other's release. Maybe one day we could find some common ground Lying somewhere in the Lost & Found. But you know this is just the way it goes, When all this hatred just overflows. In a time when no one can just understand What it's like to walk with each other hand in hand. It all comes down to a change of mind, And to leave the stigmas and hate behind. Does it really make them feel good deep within, To hate another person based on the color of their skin? It's not what's on the outside that makes them who they are, It's what's inside them; It's what's in their heart. It doesn't matter what we look like externally, The only thing that matters is who we chose to be. We are strong, and have the power to agree, To love and cherish each other's company. And I know that we can all hold each other up and live free. This is my ode to humanity.

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Purge II --Doubts

Worst part is, they're the ones you need, 

The ones you love,

The ones you go for, 

for your hugs.The ones you thought you 

couldn't be without,Are the only ones that

ever give you doubts.

And once I'm out. 

I'm out.

Never to turn around.

I'm 18 and cut,

that's a wrap,

How many times have you said that?

I hate you all,

I hate my life,

My life's a lie,

Just lie and die,

Die or cry.

Crying why?

Pack my bags and just say bye!

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I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

I’ve heard the news and I can’t believe how
It could have occurred and that it weighs on my brow
It’s got me troubled in a frozen state
But it’s out of my hands and I have to leave it up to fate

Something bad has happened and I don’t know what to do
I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

What can I do to help the problems and the pain
I know if I don’t do something I’ll never be the same
Trust in me until things fully mend
I’ll be right here for I am you friend

Something bad has happened and I don’t know what to do
I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

You didn’t ask for this but its now at your door
It’s right in your face and you can’t even ignore
Your down not out so use the strength you’ve stored
Have faith in your self and the lord

Something bad has happened and I don’t know what to do
I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

I’ll be here waiting with me you can confide
I’ll come when you call to be by you’re side
I hope things get better and your life starts new
I’ve been there in the past and I’ll be there even more now just for you

Something bad happened and I don’t know what to do
I hate it when this world just knocks the wind right out of you

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Candy Medicine

I abuse the power of these pills
the ones the doctor gave,
the numbness it brings
making me their robotic slave,
I feel it overtake my system
cold snow, blank static fuzz, numb
that's it yes, here I am?
I'm the someone who is no one.
Tell me, tell me, pray tell me,
don't you hate to feel
I hate the way it is,
no it doesn't seem real.
So I take the pills the doctor gave
because I can't stand the pain
I don't like the sunshine
when I'm cold as rain
so tonight I'll take them
1,2,10, just right
then I'll be frozen forever
I don't want to feel tonight.

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6 Little Words

Hindsight, my friend, what do you see
As you gaze upon me? 
	Do we see the same?
Lies, deceit, betrayal, theft, promises ripped
Self-inflicted hate deeply bred
	Raised to hate my name
Life leaped in, stirred the pot
Taught lessons I never yearned
	See where I turned bitter?
Love found a way to add the salt to the wounds
They walk around with my heart
	Shunned – runt of the litter.
Aware to my senses, finding fault in all
Ridicule and scorn my card
	Banish them all if I could
Little eyes see all, yet still sees good all around
I awoke to these six words
	Daddy, can’t you find any good?

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Keep on giving up
It only keeps on giving
The more you've had enough
The more I keep on living

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I hate mornings, yes I do!
I hate mornings, don't you too?
Tripping across the ice cold floor;
Stumbling 'till I reach the door.
Then step into a nice warm shower;
Gee wish I could spend an hour.
Dry my hair and comb it too.
Boy wish I could find that shoe.
Grab a bite, then it's out the door.
BRRRRR, this is words than that icy floor.
It's off to work in a great big hurry;
Trying to ignore the immense snow flurry.
I hate mornings, don't you too?
There is too much hustle and bustle to do.
I hate mornings, and this is true!
I hate mornings, Yes I do!

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I hate the way you talk to me
I hate the way that you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
I hate it when you make me cry

I hate to be anywhere near to you 
And I hate it when you’re gone
I hate the way you make me blue
And I hate that I’m your pawn

I hate the way you read my mind
I hate your brand new hair
I hate that you make me blind
I hate that I even care

I hate that you never said goodbye
I hate to hear your voice
I hate it that you will still deny
I hate that I had no choice

I hate the memories in my head
I hate you through and through
I hate myself even more 
Because I can never hate you

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Something Missing

We started talking on the phone for hours,
It was so amazing that after all this time we even talked at all,
You or me would always just call.

Lately it seems like the interest isn't there anymore,
It kind of  feels like your trying to kick me out the door,
Some of the recent things you have said,
Have finally caught up in my head.

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be,
I think you will also agree,
To a certain degree.

That's the way life is,
And I'm going to just have to deal with your decision,
Maybe one day you will have a different vision.

But I can't stick around and wait for the "future",
And lay in bed just thinking about you all the time,
That would be like charging myself with a crime.

When we used to talk it was amazing how we clicked,
But lately it has seemed like we always get into a conflict,
And I'm not blaming you for the way things have been going,
I guess heartache is just a part of growing.

I hope one day we can talk again,
But right now this is just hurting my heart and my brain,
I wish there was a easier way to explain,
But there is nothing easy about all the pain that I've been having to sustain.

Please don't hate me after all this,
Hopefully you will understand that you will be missed,
Nobody that ever met you could ever forget you,
Because your one of a kind from my point of view.

Now you probably hate me,
And I don't blame you,
I just hope you understand,
And you wont put our friendship in remand.

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Bad Day On The Horizon

I was walking one day and tripped over a log
I guess my head was stuck in a fog 
I felt an ouch and saw i skinned my knee
At that moment i really hated trees 
Getting my balance i pulled myself up on that old branch
Than i noticed i ruined my good pants 
Well now i was upset mad as can be
Yelling it now i hate stupid trees
Now that was a waste of breath i notice no ones around
Just me all messed up and a stupid old log on the ground
So i set out hobbling down the road 
Just my luck it was a day that was cold
My butt hanging out blood on my knee
Yes i can say i hate stupid trees 
Now i get home and to my surprise 
When i was making a mess of myself my friends stopped by
Look what we brought you to sit on the corner of your lot
A piece of driftwood you say i think not 

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I Hate You

As you watch me, I slowly die.
Now you see, why I always lie.
So much pain, your death's bringer.
I'm driven  insane, why does sorrow linger?
Blood runs hot, misery is what I live.
Pain's what I got, for your abusive.
I hate, everything about you.
I asphyxiate, as I turn blue.
Just leave, do not return.
For I cannot believe, you let me burn.
Clenching my fists, I run from you.
Cutting my wrists, now I'm through.
Just die, leave me alone.
Say goodbye, for your true self has been shown.
I HATE YOU, I love you.
What's new, what should I do?
Fists fly, I cry...
You die, say goodbye.
Don't wake me, I don't wish to see your face.
What I wish to see, is not this hellish place.
Look into my eyes, tell your lies.
Our love dies, yet here comes the cries.
I'm so afraid, to live this life.
Your acts to be repaid, I pick up the knife.
What have I done, why do I laugh?
Why do I run, is it because my heart broke in half?
Will darkness turn to light, do you care?
Now it's your fright, for the love you did not share.
What's happening to me, I'm dying on the inside.
I die slowly, why should I hide?
I HATE YOU, just die.
Now we're through, goodbye.
Put the gun, to my head.
I'm now done, for I am dead.
Go away, or watch my suicide.
Because sorrow will stay, I have died.
Do you hear in my voice, the frustration?
Yet it's my choice, for self-mutilation.
I HATE YOU, do you shrug it away?
I HATE YOU, just die today.
Do you hear me, do you hear the pain?
Now you see, why I'm insane.
Never before, never again.
Walk through the door, and my war won't win.
No more sorrow, No tomorrow.

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My life

What's my life like 
it's good but it's bad
sometimes I am happy but lots of times 
am sad
I do alot of good things when I want but 
sometimes I get mad so I don't
I like my friends but sometimes I feel 
they need to get away 
because I dont always have time
time to play
I like my life
I like the things that 
make me happy and glad 
but I hate my life I hate the things
that make me mad sad and want to cry
so that's why to my life
I sometimes say goodbye.

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almost 1,000 words.

ill surrender to fate...
because i cant fight for the both of us;
and i wont fight if you dont have enough love to be here.
im guessing all those times that 'i love you' 
reached the tip of our tounges
but never made its way out 
was gods way of saying "no, this wasnt meant to be."
but, i did not doubt my love for you...
i just was not able to receive the same love in return...
and that hurt like hell, no touch of heaven in sight. 
your last words to me were that...
you have always wanted to be in two places at once.
you walked away not knowing
your place on the face of this heart
and my heart.
now, i hate myself for having cared too much
and i want to hate you for not caring enough.
if somebody could please open these eyes to the truth...
because they have been blinded by your deceptions.
even if it seems to me that nobody in this world 
could successfully change my new perceptions.

love is love, but without a definition to me anymore.
i am who i be, but without you. 
whats this heart for ?

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Have a think

When are you going to stop and think,

Instead of turning away to blink

To much hate and violence around

Should be more love,

Wheres is it to be found?

Our planet is not a happy place,

We are just parasites in this space.

The planet needs to rid us all,

To many people the place is to small,

People fighting everyday.

Kids growing up and turning the wrong way,

Most want to teach kids right from wrong.

Trying their best as they go along.

No more hate just more love,

Can anybody help from above?

I dont no im not sure,

Whats wrong with the world ?

Whats the score.

No one has time for anybody else,

To busy with their lives,

Just thinking of themselves.

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Two Years Hence

The world isn't fair, the world isn't right,
and I can't control how I'm feeling tonight;
but I can control how I react to the pain,
how I live my life while dealing with the strain.

More than two years down the line from that verse,
the first half yet reads right - like an all too true curse.
The second, however, with each day steadily loses its hold;
as do I, on everything that I once controlled.

Sadness scars, but fades with enough time,
and oft with the healing hands of rhythm and rhyme.
Loss lives, but eventually rears its head less,
like Patches, Brandy, Grandpa, Grandma, Brandon or Jess.

These I can ultimately learn to abide,
taking them with an ever steadier stride.
Remembrance turns from taking you to your knees,
one day into fond memories, honoring such as these.

Yet anger is entirely another story,
one turning never to gain or glory.
At another time, I handled it with care,
and did better at never laying it bare.

Now, it surrounds me at every turn,
and ever more for peace I yearn.
I wake to its heavy breathing at my side,
bed down having chiefly failed to turn its tide.

Even the luxury of a hair trigger just isn't there,
for I must simply breathe, to its cruel vestments wear.
It doesn't feel like power, simply rages and drains,
leaving me, weary, to deal with the pains.

Two more years of this inability I must survive;
seems so abysmal, when for simply every day I must strive.
I'll finally know again, with twenty-two summers behind me,
what joy simply being seen as an adult can truly be.

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Really hate me

In my mind.
I really hate me. 

Because in my mind.
I'm really crazy.

Everyday is just.
Another maybe.

Of whether or not.
I can really make me.

Carry on in a world.
So very shady.

If I died tomorrow.
I hope it's not vaguely. 

My demons really. 
They can dictate me.

My deepest thoughts.
Really are what makes me.

Just another reason.

That I really hate me. 

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Four Letter Words

Love is something we're born with
Hate is something we're taught
Love is something we look for
While hate can never be sought

Love doesn't takes any effort at all
But hate takes a lot of work
Love makes you feel good inside
While hate makes you feel like a jerk

Love is something that always brings peace
While hate only causes war
Love will always be welcomed
But hate we will always ignore

Love grows freely inside of us
Hate someone plants a seed
Love is part of who we are
Hate is a whole different breed

The only thing they have in common
They're both just a four letter word
Love will always come natural
Hate must be seen and heard

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Thin Line

How can you hate the one you see
And love someone you can not see at all?
How can you love the one who's forgiven you,
Then hate someone because of their faults?

We all have fallen short of perfection.
Still, we are short with others when they fall,
Except when we trip over our own feet.
We want a hand and understanding thoughts.

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I Hate Not Hating

Why am I so nice
I cannot hate twice

Now I'm mad
People carry anger I had

Threats, anger, stupid stuff
Other humans would say,"That's enough!"

I sit in peace
Hatred I cannot release

I try...I really try
To hate the haters as they walk by

I hate this...I hate that...Is way people do
I hate not hating...lucky for you