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Rhyme Food Poems | Rhyme Poems About Food

These Rhyme Food poems are examples of Rhyme poems about Food. These are the best examples of Rhyme Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Just Desserts

I was at my favourite restaurant and had a lovely meal
If I finished all my food then a pudding was the deal
I’d relished every morsel and was pleased as a Cheshire cat
The dessert menu was on its way, Oh I couldn’t wait for that

The waitress bought the menus and I rubbed my hands with glee
Oh sticky toffee pudding, now that’s the one for me
She came to take the order – we had waited as you do
She finally turned to me and said ‘oh Madam what can I get you’

Oh stiffy cockie pudding please was my swift reply
I didn’t realise what I’d said till I saw the tears form in her eye
I went as red as a beetroot and the others began to laugh
At my spoonerism which turned into a complete gaffe

The pudding it came quickly but I couldn’t wait to leave
I choked on every mouthful and my stomach it did heave
So please take notice of my error on this horrendous day
If you order sticky toffee pudding be careful what you say!

N/A in 'random mix' contest
 - now submitted to N/A contest by Jerry T Curtis - 

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Share Not

When I go out to dinner,
I do not want to share.
I don’t care what is on your plate;
I don’t want to compare.

I scan the menu up and down
And then make my selection.
When it arrives, it’s meant for me
And not for your inspection.

“You want to taste my fish?” I’m asked.
Some people never learn;
For then the expectation is
To taste mine in return.

And so the answer’s always No!
Yet comments never cease.
“Your fries look really good!” They are,
So let me eat in peace!

Each morsel on my dish is mine
And I intend to finish.
Perhaps my attitude will make
Your thoughts of me diminish.

I’m sorry if that is the case – 
Dessert I’ll split just fine;
But when the meal’s delivered – 
You eat yours and I’ll eat mine!

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My Dilemma of Soup, or No Love For The Crackers

Oh, nicker.  Oh, nacker.
I broke my poor cracker
While putting it in my soup.
I just wanted a nibble,
But the soup had to quibble,
And thus all my plans turned to poop.

So now I'm here sittin'
A poor man quite smitten
With no other crackers to spare,
On soup that's unlawful,
So twisted and awful,
That it kills with no thought and no care. 

Why can't it relate,
And learn not to hate,
My crunchy, crisp wafers of bread,
It would have much more fun
Not to mention for one,
My crackers won't all end up dead.

I suppose it’s too much
To ask soup for such
A commitment to love other food.
But till its attitude mends,
And it learns to make friends,
I believe that my crackers are screwed.

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Spoonfang The Pudding Vampire

In the middle of the night,
When the moon shines bright, 
A creature stirs with a terrible bite, 
And his name is Spoonfang.

This vampire with a spoony face,
Has developed quite the taste,
For creatures of the pudding race,
Has the greedy Spoonfang.

So when the stars through dark clouds peek,
Into the kitchen he will creep,
And a tasty snack he’ll sneak,
Will the crafty Spoonfang.

Mousse and trifle, cake of cheese,
Ice-cream left in the deep freeze,
He’s had a bite of each of these,
Has the naughty Spoonfang.

But tonight he’s set his eyes,
Not on mother’s tasty pies,
But on Gran’s birthday surprise,
A gateau all for Spoonfang.

And so he creeps along the floor,
Tip-toes to the kitchen door,
But someone else is there before,
The bold and daring Spoonfang.

Count Spatula! The greatest Pudding Vampire of them all!

Both the vampires get a fright,
Their screams echo through the night,
And someone switches on the light,
On Spatula and Spoonfang.

Mother tuts and shakes her head,
Sends son and father back to bed,
Neither vampire has been fed,
Not Spatula nor Spoonfang.

Maybe there’s a little Pudding vampire in all of us!

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How To Avoid Overeating This Thanksgiving

The perfect way to avoid overeating this Thanksgiving is to put super glue on your lips.
If you're not able to eat your Thanksgiving dinner, it can't go straight to your hips.
That's the perfect way to avoid overeating this Thanksgiving.
But if you can't get your lips unstuck, one week later you'll no longer be living.

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Fat Free

What's for dinner?
Poor people
With no fat on their bones
you can eat them 
and eat them.
They're practically fat free

I heard they can make you sick.
Not if you feed them cheese.
One block of cheese,
and they make a fine commodity.

You sure,
my uncle says ya hafta 
dip em first in powdered milk.

Na, as long as ya feed em cheese
yer good.
Okay, gimmee three.

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Potato Counting

1 potato
2 potato
3 potato

5 potato
6 potato
7 potato

8 potato
9 potato
10 potato

Put them all together and count em' again.

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Death by Chocolate

Sandy was a chocoholic,
The worst I've ever seen!
If she didn't eat some daily,
She'd become crazy mean!

It didn't matter what kind it was,
Ice cream, cake, pie or candy,
As long as it was chocolate,
Sandy was  fine and dandy!

Then one day the unthinkable happened,
To the chocolate loving miss,
While eating her favorite candy,
She choked on a chocolate kiss!

"Death by chocolate," the coroner concluded,
As to the cause of Sandy's death.
At least she died doing what she loved,
Eating chocolate til her last breath.

11/21/11  for Natalie the Rogue Rhymer's 
"Die a fun Death" contest

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Count Dracula

It was a time ov thirst, crepuscle zearchin, 
the Count in dark, becharmed her every secret zeal; 
vatever aappened to his favoroured virzzin? 
Vatever aappened to his crimson meal? 

My bite I'll hold to thine exquisite neck, 
(In Transylvania I'm vaiting, auspicious maid) , 
vas told that virzzins vaporized from earth, 
and so evil vampires will stay thirsty, I'm afraid.

My Castle, I assert, vill vait for thee, 
It is embarrassing for Counts to dine on food, 
meanvile red should be drunk like rare chablis, 
vilt thou, fair maid, succumb to my persisting mood? 

Hast thou ever heard of my night delights? 
Thou vilt dine on rare meat vile listening to tunes from the abyss, 
I'll beguile your thoughts under candle lights, 
and then (enraptured nymph), thou shalt receive my kiss.

Thou shalt be my companion to dark doom, 
Teetotal I became due to the lack of virzzins, 
it is more evident ven your perfume, 
enthralls my Dracula stimulated senses.

I'll bend on your rest, vile you'll be asleep, 
vere bats from caves have fled around the room before, 
like from a fresh rose your red I shall reap, 
and in crepuscular twilight ve, shall soar.

© 01-26-2013, G. V., All Rights Reserved

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Blowing A Kiss To You

I just blew a kiss on a cool summer breeze Comming from Wisconsin, it's going to taste like cheese It's for a dear friend who lives quite far away So I'm hoping she will recieve it, within the next day I also hope she doesn't mind the flavor of this kiss But if she loves cheese like me, the taste will be bliss Floating through the air past all the factories of cheese The dreamy taste of this kiss, will be sure to please Though I must warn her not to eat with that blissful kiss on her lips For all food will taste delightful, which may add a little weight to her hips
8-8-12 To:Vie

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Archie Bunker Opines Upon The Demise Of Twinkies

"Edith!  Edith!   I didn't find a Twinkie in my lunch bucket today!
What happened, Dingbat?   Why do you torture me this way?"
"But Archie, ain't you seen on TV they ain't makin' 'em anymore?
The company is foldin' up and they ain't stockin' 'em at the store!"

"I blame you fer this disaster, Meathead, you and yer pinko friends!
The greedy union reached too far killin' jobs on which people depends!
Yer democrat gov'mint stimulated my tax dollars fer ever' thing in sight!
Instead of blowin' money on green inergy, I'd like some to solve my plight!"

"But, Daddy" - poking his gut - "fast food like Twinkies isn't good for you!"
"Let me tell you somethin', little girl!  That may be yer lib'ral point of view!
My life ain't never gonna be the same agin without Twinkies fer a snack!
Them things is as American as yer mother's punkin' pie and I want 'em back!"

"I fought for the flag, baseball, Coca Cola and Twinkies in Dubya Dubya Two!
I slogged through the mud in Italy and was shot in a very fragile area too!
Now, I feel that it was all in vain to pertect all them things I hold dear!
No Twinkies for my lunch?  Stifle yerselfs!  I'm goin' to Kelsey's fer a beer!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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The Bombay Grocery-NC-w

The Bombay Grocery (Indian)- North Carolina

Shyam*, finds cat food at special rate near the door.
Goes to check out to manager of the grocery store
Doubting manager asks to bring cat if he has one
Shyam returns with his small cat to buy food anon.

Next day Shyam comes with a bag in his hand
And ask the manager to put his hand to the end
Manager puts his hand and shouts “Poo,Doodie pure”
Shyam says, “ yes, sir, I want the toilet paper sure” 


Fourth Place winner IN

Contest: Grocery Grammer by Linda-Marie, the sweetheart

* Shyam is an Indian name. Shyam also means Black-cloud colour. It is one of the name of 
Lord Krishna. It happens to be the name of one of my grandson living in Charlotte (NC)

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Enough For All

by Wordancer

All the species of this world, whether mammal, fish or bird
Are provided with their food, whatever their taste
Each created for the other,
When the offspring leaves the mother
There is all the food that’s needed without waste.

The ants will feed the lizard, and in turn, it feeds the Hawk 
The flies they feed the spiders, then the frogs.
The amphibian feeds the snake 
Which the Kookaburras take 
And in time, they all feed ants inside the logs.

The logs fall from mighty trees that house and feed the tiny bees
that fertilize the plants we use as foods.
With rain and sun the crops will flourish
And when harvested, they can nourish
All the peoples in the world, if we so choose

Foods for all the nations are here in God’s Creations,
Glorious is the spirit that’s big enough to care.
Food goes where it’s needed
If our sight is not impeded 
Or we keep it for ourselves when there’s enough for all to share.

In this world of ours we’re brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers,
We’re all related by living on this earth.
Whatever we do tomorrow
Can bring happiness or sorrow
Today is when we work out what it’s worth.

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"'Fresh' Market" Utah

“You two melons are crowding me in a bad way.”

“Are you kidding, Bermuda? You must be gay,
‘cause all the potato heads think we look fly!
Yeah, see them? They’re giving us melons the eye!”

“Well, you’re squeezing me in; I’m a delicate guy!”

“Good grief, Mr. Onion, you’re making us cry.
Oh, here comes a cucumber right in our space.
Bet you won’t be complaining with HIM in your face!”

For LInda's Contest: "Grocery Grammar"

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Poetry Soup

If poetry was a soup
Of words stirred in a kettle
We could pour them on a page
And read the poems that settle

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FOOD STAMPS.  BOXING champ of the hood.
Thought you should know ain't got the RENT.  WELFARE check
BOTTLES AND CANS. IN closets, in tubs, on fire escapes under
Beds.  THAT'S how WE be fed.

Lottery numbers out today.  Big Mama wanna play.  Big Mama
Need money for her children's sake.  FOOD STAMPS.  NO MORE
Night time hunger  cramps.
TONIGHT.  THAT'S right.  We eat steak tonight. we be rich. Yeah!

Holding up WELFARE checks  we suspect.  BUDGET CUTS. 
Has set.  What the heck. 
TOMORROW WE CHASE the dream again  trying not to give in.
BREATHING  HARD.  I swear to GOD next time we gone CATCH IT. WE
Gone  set the PACE.  WE. Gone  win.  The CHASE.  that changes the  RACE.

And let my BROTHERS in.  Make All Mothers Grin.

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To a place with no money
I'm takin' a hike
Where you work for your food 
And you build what you like 

No permit is needed 
For the castle we'd build 
No laws must be heeded
For the deer that we'd kill 

A town marketplace 
Where citizens share 
And the stock market crashes 
Cause nobody cares 

And the smell of fresh food 
Is rich in the air 
Cause the barber must eat 
For cutting our hair 

And the hunters are tired 
From catching the game 
And the culligan man 
Is catching the rain 

And the doctors and lawyers 
They never complain 
They sold their Mercedes 
But they're happy they came 

The police are not crooked 
Just fat as can be 
Cause there's nothing to do 
When everything's free  

Not a single hard worker 
Is wanting to leave 
There's just one blasted problem
It's only a dream 


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Those Crazy Pole Beans

This is a mostly true story!

A few years ago in central Arkansas
I planted a garden among rich fertile soil
Followed seed packet directions as though written by law
Believing better results came from sweat and toil

Tomatoes and peppers and something called pole beans
Potatoes and onions, colors of corn, I've never seen
Always ended up with mud on the knees of my jeans
Slowly through the dark earth peeked petals of green

Weeks later everything looked just as though I thought it should
And I hoped everything would taste just as good
But those pole beans kept growing like you've never seen
And started making lovely huge beans of green

I had to build a fence to hold them up
Every day they grew another foot taller before sunup
The only way I could pick them was from the top of my ladder
I tell ya', no red head from Ireland has ever been madder!

*note...I am part Irish with red tints in my insults intended....

©Donna Jones

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Good Luck Meal

A good luck meal on New Years Day, consists of many things,
They say it makes a difference on what the New Year brings.
I got to thinking ,wow, what luck, for the pig that gave that chop,
that i stuffed with the dressing and put sour kraut on top.
He wasn't very lucky as anyone could see, and when I served the black eyed peas,
they were staring back at me.
As if to say, "your lucky meal was bought with a great cost.
It wasn't very lucky for the pig whose life was lost."
To myself I wondered , How can I eat this meal?
I was thinking about that piggy, I could even hear him squeel.
I bowed my head and said dear God, I know this food is blessed,
Help us to be so thankful for that pig who is at rest.
So as I passed the food along I said in words so clear,
Thank you pig for being food for my lucky year.

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The Twenty-Five Thousand Dollar Dessert

Is a dessert costing twenty-five grand what you want? You can find it in a Manhattan Upper East Side restaurant. Made with twenty-one types of chocolate and sprinkled gold leaf, this decadent frozen mousse is something beyond belief. It comes in a twenty-three carat diamond-encrusted gold dish. If you found Aladdin’s lamp, would eating this be your wish? This would be something to brag about and quite nice. However, the restaurant has been closed due to cockroaches and mice. From a news story found on This was written a few years ago. The restaurant has reopened since.

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Paula Deen the Butter Queen

Paula Deen the Butter Queen

By Elton Camp and María Camp

She is the butter makers’ delight
To nutritionists, she is a fright
Krispy Kreme with eggs and bacon
Great health risks are thus taken

Her bacon cheeseburger meatloaf
Is perfect if you are a gigantic oaf
For a nation that is already too fat
She sees nothing wrong with that

People who her cookbooks buy
Eat such and may too soon die
She had diabetes for three years
With no caution to change gears. 

Her cookbooks flying 
Right off the shelf
Likely contributing
To early death

It tastes good, she decreed!
Many folks with her agreed
So many calories, but it is so good
Eat whatever you like is what you should

After her disease she finally shared
To represent a diabetes drug she dared
Cigarettes warn, but not Paula Deen
Of butter, sugar and fat – she is queen

To “that word” she admitted use
There are allegations of other abuse
One is suing and wanting some dough
Is this former employee in the know?

An awkward apology, she did make
How many attempts does it take?
One wonders if she is sincere
Or if it is just fear for career

Whatever happens in the days ahead
Is her heyday officially dead?
Don’t be quick to rule her out
She still has pull and clout

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Zombie's breakfast

He hurled his plate of meat-free food;
The waitress thought him rather rude.

“Full English breakfast here all day
“Or vegetarian, you say.”
The zombie pointed to the sign
And shouted loudly, “I want mine.”

“So bring him here – no, bring me two.
“Oh, what the heck, I’ll start with you.”

“But, sir, you can’t eat me,” she said,
As he was gnawing at her head.
“I’m not a veggie – I eat meat.
“Now please remain there in your seat.

“I’ll get your breakfast; say your grace.
“For twenty dollars, stuff your face.”

She dragged a vegan from the street
And said, “You’re good enough to eat.”
The vegan – soon a zombie too –
Demanded human…in tofu.”

Jack Horne For Linda-Marie's Creatures of the Night

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Mamma Anna made the best Babba' al Rhum,
you should have seen me how it made me slightly drunk;
and jumping and screaming I danced to the beats of a drum...
then grandma joined in and she sang a classical song!

And the sweet cream was on my lips and cheeks, 
the Babba' al Rhum was delicious and I topped it with chocolate;
everybody began shouting, "It came from Paris,
but we Neapolitans reinvented it by improving its shape and taste!"

Mamma Anna made the best Babba' al Rhum, soaking it in that liqueur much longer;
and Papa' always told me to eat more of it...saying with a suppressing laughter,
"It's a man's dessert, after you eat it, you'll be strong!"
Oh, did he really tell me the truth? No, he was wrong!

It's so very sad that they aren't here,
and I am eating pretzels and drink a beer,
the harmony that stirred their passion can't possibly return...
as they danced on the terrace to celebrate the day I was born!

Mamma Anna knew how to make the best Babba' al Rhum,
and I licked the dripping rum with my finger...not my tongue!
She spoke calmly...when she should have gotten mad and picked up a broom;
no, she was never mean and rude, or ever said to me, " Go to your room!"

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Wine Country

Never been to Tuscany
But when it comes to wine,
Napa and Sonoma
As a substitute are fine.

Even on a rainy day,
The rows of endless vines,
Combined with endless hills
Create magnificent designs.

At every winery, you sip
And sample, sniff and taste.
What you don't like, you simply toss - 
A necessary waste.

I wonder what they do with all
Those rejects in that bucket.
Of course, they say - end of the day
They take that wine and chuck it.

But maybe when the tourists leave,
They bottle what was tossed
And sell it as a "special blend"
At some expensive cost.

So think of that when next you sip
And when those thoughts appear,
Just follow my example - say,
"I think I'll have a beer!"

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Roasting a Chicken

I’m roasting a chicken
(I’m far from a cook).
I opened the oven
To take a quick look.

It’s sitting there, browning,
With veggies around it;
The recipe’s Ina’s*
(I Googled and found it).

It’s a holiday meal
So I hope it tastes good.
I followed directions
As well as I could.

We’ll eat it tonight
And with plenty of wine,
I’m sure that my efforts
Will prove to be fine.

*Ina Garten

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Noodle Pudding

Everybody’s noodle pudding’s
Baked a different way.
If you lined them up, you’d find
A real diverse display.

Mine, which is delicious,
Has two different kinds of fruit – 
Orange slices from the can
And pineapple, to boot;

Sour cream, vanilla, butter,
Eggs and cottage cheese.
It disappears so fast, there’s not
A piece left I can freeze.

My friend makes hers with cream cheese,
Also pineapple and milk!
She bakes it half as long as mine
And says it’s smooth as silk.

Some recipes have raisins
And use cinnamon for spicing.
That combination, to my palate,
Isn’t that enticing.

In spite of the ingredients
That they’re concocted of,
All kugels* taste delectable
If they are made with love.

Yet every cook who makes one
Would be proud to take a test
Just to prove what she knows in her heart – 
Her noodle pudding’s best!

*Yiddish for noodle puddings or other baked dishes

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Homemade Bagels

A lot of work and effort it does not take. In fact, these treats are very simple to make. They don’t require a lot of time to bake. You need flour, water, and yeast to make the dough. Adding a little honey is also a fine way to go. Mix everything together and let the stuff rise. In just a couple of hours, you will have a pleasant surprise. Divide the dough evenly and shape the pieces into rings. Letting them rise another two hours is what is required for these things. Floating them in boiling water for a couple of minutes is what you need. Watching them brown in the oven is a pleasant sight indeed. Hot, soft, and crispy, they come out ready to eat. Serve them with jelly, butter, and cream cheese, and they’re a great breakfast treat.

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Who Stole My Piece Of Chicken

I fried up a platter of chicken,
And served it fer supper last night.
The family ate all but one piece,
Which I saved for my snack tonight.

When I got to the fridge, it was empty,
What in the hell is going on???
There’s an empty carton of milk!
But my piece of chicken is gone!

Now, who stole my piece of chicken???
Someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do!
Don’t move till I get some answers!
I think there’s a thief among you!

I wanna see everyone’s teeth!
Mama take yours outta the jar!
And Owen, for you I mean tooth.
This time, someone’s gone too far!

Last time I checked, this was my house!!
Owen, sit your chunky butt down!!!
That was MY dang piece of chicken!!
Now somebody’s runnin’ to town!

I been craving chicken all day!
Don't make me kick you out that door!!
Just get on down to the Coronal
And get me a bucket of four!

And Owen, don’t forget the biscuits!
Or your butt, I will be kickin’!
I hope you’ve learned your lesson boy!
Don’t mess with a man’s piece of chicken!!!

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My Garden

What got into me I do not know
kneeling in the dirt seeds to sow

I'll plant a garden and watch it grow
I'd forgotten the pain from having to hoe

Those darn weeds so quickly sprout
I bend and strain to pull them out

The heat of sun causing near drought
I water and water so my plants grow stout

What got into my head to take on this task
What were you thinking my sore body asks

Bushes and vines growing hearty as they mature
I'll have plenty to share of that I'm sure

Smiling to myself with some pride in what I see
This plot of earth bringing forth such beautiful bounty

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Living The Dream

Down in Haiti
Far from the dream
Way on back 
From the vacation scene

Lives the people
Trapped in a life
Poverty, sadness
Toil and strife

Children weeping
From worm infested,
Swollen, malnourished
Starving little bellies

What would Golden 
Flower think of today
The country she loved
Destroyed in such a way

(Missionary from Haiti came to visit our church yesterday.  With his visit and 
talk, I see solutions to problems in an instant.  Something to treat the water 
before the people use it, reforestation, wells in places that need them, and 
proper out door facilities for areas that don't have them.  Money, work, and 
time is needed to carry these projects out .)

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Foods we all love to eat
Pastas,starches,and meat
And don't forget about something sweet
Pineapple,chocolate,and cocoa nut cakes
Some of our favorites that Mom bakes
Apple pie, peach cobbler, and sweet potatoe pies a few other she makes
Especially on a holiday
But we wish she'll do this everyday
Home made macaroni and cheese
That's made to please
Corn bread, buttermilk biscuits made with ease
Chicken and dumpling with gravy
This just drives me crazy
Chicken can be fried,barbequed,baked or stewed
Drinks like kool-aid,tea,sodas, and coffee freshly brewed
Lasagna,potatoes,noodles,and rice
We just have to take a dip or slice
Porkchops,steaks,ribs,hotdogs,hamburgers,or fish
Are great with just any dish
Peanut butter,cookies,and chips
Vegetables,soups,beans,and dips
Rabbits,squirrels,raccoons,and deer meat too
When prepared right they'll do

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Going to Waist

Soda, ice cream, chips and pizza
I love the way they taste
But every time I bring some home
They end up going to waist
My wife screams are you eating again
You’d better heed my warning
I said, no, I’ve only eaten once
But I started early this morning
There’s something wrong with you
The way you eat your meals with such haste
I guess I’m in a hurry to get rid of the food
Because I know it’s going to waist
Don’t sit there eating everything in sight
And smiling trying to act so coy
You’re the only person I know gets a greeting card
From the Pillsbury dough boy
Sorry if my eating habits seem to make you cry
I’ll slow down and only over eat on days that end in Y.
Not funny, not funny she said
Her face as red as a beet
When I asked her to check if my socks matched
Because I couldn’t see my feet
Another day in Paradise
To the dinner table I raced
I guess that all that food she made
Will soon be going to waist.

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Poetry Soup

This is a dish not made in a pot;
It may be cooked with whatever you've got.
The tools that you need are emotion and mind,
This dish can be cooked with whatever you find.

Begin with some words that blend fairly well,
Add in the senses, like taste, sight, and smell,
And if you're concerned about your nutrition,
Add in some words that have rich definition.

Stir in some morals for a flavorful treat
(poems without them are seldom sweet)
And consider having some humor, too;
Laughter is oftentimes good for you.

Add just a pinch of rare inspiration
And you will find, to your elation
That you've made a soup of poetry;
Serving size: infinity.

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Neighbors run and hide as I walk down the road
They see that I'm coming with a big basket load
With enthusiasm once more I'm coming to share
This abundance, this offering....why isn't it fair
That they should accept most graciously...this squash that I growed??           

Zucchini is coming right out of my ears!
I've been handing it out for the last twenty years
I've told them to saute', and fry little cakes
To bake bread and muffins....whatever it takes

They are sick of my veggies....well ...what should I do?
If my Soup friends were neighbors.........I WOULD GIVE SOME TO YOU !!!!

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Rivers of life--that's what they are,
They cross our land from near and far,
Helping boats with food go up and down,
Bringing commerce and products to all the land.

Rivers flow-some slow, some fast-
They have brought many inventions from our past,
Fulton's steamboat, the first to be seen--
Started on a river flowing out to the sea.

Now, nuclear energy drives the great ships,
Out on the seas-everyone thinks this is so hip!
But boaters and fishermen still need the rivers,
So as we can see, rivers are still great givers.

Rivers of life-that's what they are-
Carrying trout, bass and other fish near and far,
I love to watch those currents so strong,
Sweeping its loads all night long.

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HUMPTY-DUMPTY(spoof on a nursery rhyme)

"Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall"
Why would he want to do that?
I'm sure he didn't Want to fall,
Perhaps he was just looking for his cat.

"Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall"
The cat started looking for his master,
Meanwhile, our Humpty was trying to call,
But this only made the cat look faster.

"All the kings horses and all the kings men"
The cat stepped carefully toward his master, 
Humpty thought he was saved again,
But all it meant was a real disaster!

"Couldn't put Humpty-Dumpty together again.
The cat started to lick as it started to rain,
Humpty felt himself getting thinner and thinner,
As the cat had more and more of his dinner.

This is the story of our Humpty-the egghead,
Who fell off the wall and made a great splat,
He didn't know the fall would make him spread,
And make a great meal for his fat ole cat.

Poor ole Humpty-Dumpty !
 ENJOY everyone

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The trawlerman

As you sit down for your tea, take a moment to think of me
I am the one who leaves the quay, to bring home harvest from the sea
Lobster pot and fishing creel, Dover sole and jellied eel
Biting wind and roaring gale, I risk it all when I set sail

The quota’s nearly done for me, too many a catch thrown back to sea
The jobs-worth from the ministry, care’s nothing for my misery
Lobster pot and fishing creel, Dover sole and jellied eel
Biting wind and roaring gale, I risk it all when I set sail

The sea cares nothing for my fate, the ebbing tide will never wait 
There’s not enough to fill a crate, as I battle Neptune to fill your plate
Lobster pot and fishing creel, Dover sole and jellied eel
Biting wind and roaring gale, I risk it all when I set sail

When deep-sea fish no longer spawn, when my rusty old trawler has been withdrawn 
When fishermen are no longer born and the old Sowester’s no longer worn  
Lobster pot and fishing creel, Dover sole and jellied eel
I trawl the waves from dusk ‘til dawn; there’ll be no fish cakes when I am gone!

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The Pizza Buffet Has Gone Away

What happened to the nearby pizza buffet? They have pulled up their stakes and moved away. For a meal, what they offered was not bad. On the menu was pizza, soup, dessert, and salad. Apparently, their operations were not showing a profit. Because of this, they have decided to quit. There are other places still operating within the chain. However, getting to the nearest would be a pain. There is one that is over forty miles away. I may get over there and try them someday.

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The Spiritual Side of Pizza'

"Pizza and soda there on the table;
Dig in and eat as much as you're able."
yet I beheld with a spiritual eye,
As I gazed upon that pizza pie'

If you got a moment I'd like to share,
The spiritual analogies I saw there'
When the box was first opened and ready to eat,
The first thing I saw was plenty of MEAT'

On top of this was plenty of cheese,
(That's solidified MILK, if you please'"),
then the tomato sauce-which was red,
reminded of the BLOOD Jesus shed'

As I looked even further, my eyes were led,
To the golden crust- a form of BREAD'
It is cooked in OIL, which makes it taste so well,
And was RESSURECTECTED from the oven (a.k.a. sheol or HELL.)

The circular shape was ETERNAL- no beginning or end.
And it had been cut (WOUNDED) time and again'
It's best when it's hot- and so should we be'
You might even find SALT if it has anchovies.
People come to eat and be refreshed.
Does Spiritual food do any less?

Pizza can be delivered to your front door;
Shouldn't we likewise "deliver" the Gospel? For sure'
Eat your pizza and enjoy your meal;
Don't neglect spiritual food which is even more real'

                                                                          Arthur Ball (H.S.L.P.)
                                                                          May 5, 2002

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Jamaica Market Scene

The noise broils over in the heat
And spread out like wares along the street
The haze of crowd, the jungled feet
Fresh scent of soil and the aroma sweet
I see the bright cloths, and the fashion shows
The haggling voices and their temptations
The big Trelawny yams that twin footed grows
The paltry cents of private hesitations
The market is abloom and abundance tease
The native hunger from its native ease.

There is guinep, the same we cracked
At school, a single seed to feed a twenty pack
The hog plums and the apples red, stacked
Like a lean-to shack, melons dripping and the sack
Of cherry tomatoes besides carrots on the mat
Two orange in bags and the eggs in their flat
Cabbages plump and green callaloo fresh and fat
Mangoes early, and seasonings for the pot
The magic of eyes the sleright of nose, the taste
That tells us how much to know goodness we haste

And among all this passion of colors, this fragrance
Of fruits, I see a richer, sweeter elegance
Our people bright giving this place its romance
Women subtle of eyes, whose bodies dance
Like fireflies around a shaded lamp, and men bold
Though bent beneath their unforgiving loads, hold
Work sovereign and do not crringe from sun and sweat
The building is dingy with crumbling walls and parapet
But like the lustered fruits that in cadence to the call
Rise above the struggle turning back the ancient fall

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Dark Temptress

Near the lobby in the great room
We first make our rendezvous
A breathy trip up to my stateroom
And I am at last alone with you

I breathe your fragrant muskiness
As I tease off your tenuous cover
And reveal the lustrous duskiness 
Of your dark body to your lover

As your wrap falls to the floor
And in all your glory you disrobe
The hungry demon waits no more
And I encup your tempting globe

I cannot think what may transpire
Shall I regret today's caprice?
But I cannot vanquish my desire
And sweet passion will not cease

Deferred until tomorrow all guilt trips
And now, sweet chocolate truffle... to my lips!

Inspired by Jon Cavanaugh's "Ode to Chocolate".

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I Watch My Figure, Getting Bigger

Every morning is the same,
Standing staring at my frame,
Looks no different from last night,
Flab is still winning the fight,

Scales hate me, sure they lie,
I only ate a small stir-fry,
Willpower waning every day,
Diet falls into disarray,

The healthier I make my meals,
The emptier my tummy feels,
Salad and a few small snacks,
Hot chocolate to help me relax,

For every hour I ride my bike
My body goes on hunger strike,
But when I'm home and my legs ache,
I comfort eat with chocolate cake,

One week on, the scales astound,
I've finally lost another pound!
Although I'm watching what I eat,
I'm sure that that deserves a treat.

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Spitting Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon slices.
That smell so ripe and sweet.
Take me back in time again.
When mother sliced the treat.

Sitting in the kitchen.
With the window opened wide.
Spitting watermelon seeds.
Out to the other side.

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How I love a Twizzler!
It’s a perfect little snack.
You take a bite and yank it
And it yanks a little back.

The strawberry’s my favorite
For it’s chewy and it’s sweet.
It satisfies my sugar fix
And makes a meal complete.

I’m sometimes craving chocolate
But more often what I want
Is a treat that you will never find
In any restaurant:

It’s a twisted, twirly Twizzler!
And as long as it’s not stale,
It will generate a smile
Every time and without fail!

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Pancakes for Breakfast

Pancakes for breakfast,
What a yummy treat!
Here come the children,
The pitter patter of little feet.

They gather at the table,
Their tummies are a rumblin',
Chattering and laughing,
Not a one is grumblin'.

Pass the butter, if you please,
Here comes the syrup now.
Mapley goodness trickles down,
From hungry little mouths.

"Thank you, Mommy"' they exclaim, 
As they finish their last bites.
Then rush to give maple syrup  kisses
To their mother, smiling bright.


Entered in SKAT's "Sweet Poems" (old) contest

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Hot Chocolate

Black Butterscotch, Caramel 
Coconut In A Cup 
Cookies-N-Cream , Brown Sugar
With A Vanilla Scent Of Lust

Let Me Spin My Straw In You
And Watch The Waves Swirl Through
With A Thick Blast Of Honey Almond
It’s A Hot Chocolate Whirlpool

So Hot The Heat Could Melt Marshmallows
And Make Our Bodies Feel Warm
I Could Feel The Temperature Level Rising
In Your Soft Steamy Form

When I Get You On The Table
Or On The Counter Top
You Are A Simply Delicious Delight
From Your Bottom To Your Top
Down To The Last Drop
I Just Don’t Want To Stop

Hot Chocolate..... Hot Chocolate.....
So Many Flavors To Savor
Every Time I Finish
You Keep Me Coming Back Later

Addicted To Sweet Sips
By The Touch Of The Tongue
I Believe That I Need You
Hot Chocolate Got Me Sprung!!!!

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Food Police

How I hate the Food Police 
Watching watching me
Counting out the calories
Watching what I eat

Go away so I can sneak
Tip-toe tip-toe EEK!
Where’s my hidden stash of sweets?
Confiscated treats!


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Giovanni the Pizza Guy

Giovanni the Pizza Guy 
(Pronounce "a" as "uh")

you make a 
de savory tomato 
and de thick 
white creamy alfredo 
you are a de pizza guy, amor'e 
I make a de homemade paste 
she's a richer for you taste 
and that's a part of my story. 
I make a de pizza pie 
I make a it to please 
you wanna de pepperoni 
or you wanna de plain cheese ? 
I am a you waiter 
I take a you order 
when you food-she a comes 
she make a you mouth water 
I make a de perfect pizza 
in me you should a trust 
you wanna de thick 
or de thin crispy crust? 
I can make a spagetti 
or make a zucchini 
butta for you , I make a linguine 
I can make a de sauce red 
I can make a it white 
after you taste-you wanna more bite 
I make a de spagetti -she's a made with love 
I cook a real slow 
you order ahead ; or you take a to go.
I putta de stuff on de top
I give a you wine or a some pop
Uno momento, will you please
I must a cut a de cheese
I am a you pizza guy 
to make a you pizza pie 
Why must a you stay a at home
when a you can a dine a in a Rome ?
I save a you a table
I tell a you a fable
I fill a you pants
I make a you dance
I make a de sauce thick 
I make a de sauce thin 
I make a you laugh
I make a you grin !
Please a come a back ; see a Giovanni again! 

Copyright McCuen 2009

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Rhubarb Pie

Oh for a taste of rhubarb pie!
Home picked, home baked--
Mouth watering, I don’t lie.

A tart and sweet delicious delight;
Tingles, mingles with the tongue.
Mom always cooked it just right!

Some might let theirs go to waste,
But I’ll eat their piece without delay,
I just love that capricious taste!

Note* I haven’t had a piece of Rhubarb pie
since my dear mom died in ‘94

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Diet Demon

One day, on a sudden whim,
I started a sponsored slim
In an effort to get me trim
And raise funds, for our ‘Hospice’ of much renown
Things were going good,
I was doing what I should
By eating healthy food
But there was one thing, which always let me down
This was the evil demon drink
And wine was my armours chink
Straight down the kitchen sink
It should have went, if truth be known
Not satisfied with just one glass,
I’d drink each drop, until the last
Then hunger struck and I’d break my fast
Guilt, the next day, would make me frown
When I stepped on the scales,
And saw to no avail
My slimming quest had failed
I felt I’d betrayed my cause and let people down
This led me to proclaim
This day, from wine I will abstain
So pounds I’ll lose, not to regain
And raise the funds for our ‘Hospice’ of much renown.

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Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

A cup of coffee,
And a moonpie,
A muffin fluffy
I just has to buy,

A cheezy burger,
And homemade fries,
A fizzle squirter,
Got in my eyes,

Mashed potatos,
Steak on rye, 
With tomatoe,
And ice cream pie.

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Wake N' Bake

waking up and 
baking up 
we hit the sun
in a hurry 
don't you worry
just come along
and have some fun

stop all that lookin'
at what we're cookin'
like we're crooked dudes
with guns

themz' brownies 
not Maui WoW-Wee
chill out
our THC days iz' done.

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Friend to pancakes and scrambled eggs
Slices of heaven from succulent pigs
No sleepy head can stay asleep
Bacon's aroma makes taste buds weep

No cheeseburger can survive
When Bacon is piled up high
The sandwich of the gods
Bacon from the meat of hogs

Flavor savor smells so good
Eat it Eat it you know I would
Save the grease for extra flavor
Bacon is the taste I favor

Bacon bits make a salad palatable
Bacon strips make liver eatable
Bacon is the real deal
Bacon Bacon for every meal

Bacon cooked with cabbage
Without it life is savage
Bacon is a dog's favorite treat
Forget Fido let me eat

Smoked with hickory or applewood
Cured with sugars is understood
Crisp or chewy Yum Yummy Yum
Maple or peppered give me some

Baked, microwaved or fry
Without it kiss life goodbye
Bacon Bacon fills my freeza
Best part of any pizza

Bacon can never be eaten raw
Buy precooked if no time to thaw
Bacon makes a wonderful jerky
Bacon is pork never turkey.

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Holiday Muffin Man

Honey glazed muffins,
Fresh from the oven,
Turkey with stuffins,
Baked w/tender lovin'.

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Supper Time

Fruit or chocolate,my favorite choice,
Chocolate with icing,fruit cake with raisin,with spice, 
Not too dry,saturated with wine,
Dinner is finished,can't wait till supper time,
For the kids,ice-cream and chocolate cake,
But a cup of coffee with fruit I will take,
Thumbs up Mamma P,this slice is great,
Keep getting better,every time you bake,
Teeth sink in,hmmmmm,savor the taste,
Hold it over a saucer,not a drop will waste,
Ants looking angry,hungry look on their face,
Sorry lads,just licked the last crumb from my plate,
Brush my teeth after some poems I read,
Yawn,good night Poetry Soup,I'm off to bed....

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Swedish Fish

Soft and chewy, cute and red;
They won’t wedge in your teeth.
You can chew them and not fear
They’ll get stuck underneath.

Jelly beans and licorice
And taffy tend to stick.
Jujyfruits wreak havoc
So they’re not the sweets to pick.

But Swedish fish and gummy bears
Are perfect for a chew.
If you need a sugar rush,
Well, either one will do.

Chocolate has its special place
But sometimes you just need
A candy where the chewy factor’s
Surely guaranteed.

Hopefully in Sweden
People eat and get their wish:
A perfect ending to a meal – 
A plate of Swedish fish!

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For days at a time there is nothing to eat,
There is no where to sleep.
Hunger is a social condition. 
It is a horrible physical way of living.
It leads to malnutrition, famine, and starvation.
It is a plaque and epidemic in poor nations.
First off there is so many children and adults with improper diets or nutrition.
Hunger affects about a sixth of the world's total population.
Why can't we get together, and try to feed the poor,
If we all came together as a whole we can do more.
Let's pray poverty away
We have to make this dark cloud of hunger into a brighter day.
Due to hunger more than 1 die each second.
So to eat a plate of food now days is a blessing.
About 750,000 suffer from hunger due to financial restrictions.
So now I ask you how are we Americans living?
But if we were all well-fed,
Let us not forget about the homeless, because half of us go hungry to our beds.

Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be 

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two squirrels'

Two squirrels gathering nuts and foraging in the woods.
Scurrying about sniffing and prodding things weren't looking to good.
A storm was a coming so frantically they searched.
All the while an owl looked on watching on his branch perch.

He being the wisest of all the creatures spoke and said to the squirrels.
"Quit going so fast the things you need are over by the farmers barrels."
The little ones listened and went to the barnyard.
Seeing this opened barrell they saw kernels of corn scattered around in discard.

Excited they accomplished there task of gathering, rushing to an fro they had a stockpile.
Almost an hour later they were set for the winter it would last a long time.
Thanking the owl bellies full strored food for the winter they were ready to hibernate.
All was well the food for the family secured the chilling winter they would escape.

Stockpile a idea we should learn from the insects, critters, they store to survive.
They see a brighter future for their species they are truly alive.
How about you? Carnal man do you think ahead? Do you save?
Do you store blessings from your Creator following His laws and strive to behave?

Our faith, hope, and dreams allow "us" to have a choice and scurry to find God's edicts?
Stockpiling "Blessings" in the book of life you can give your life a spiritual gift.
Even the squirrels know when it is time to stockpile even though they run only on instinct.
Carnal man can reason animals can't, who is smarter the animals or man, it is very distinct.  

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Tropical Fish Tank

What a lovely sight it is to see all the fish in there
Wonderful creatures swimming about everywhere
Large ones and small ones graceful as they move
They are swimming around with nothing to prove

The Hypostomus plecostomus adheres to the glass
Cleaning the tank not letting any algae pass
Colourful clashes of many tropical creatures
Blending in nicely with all the tanks features

Red tailed sharks, Angel fish and Guppies too
Relaxing to watch them and the things they do
Aquarium plants sway gently going with the flow
Bubbles full of air up to the top they go

A community of fish are living and survive
There are no real predators so they stay alive
Feeding and swimming in their own special way
Creating their own young so they will always stay

Ornamental coloured pebbles lay on the bottom
Plecky is still cleaning up so nothing goes rotten
How wonderful it is to see all the fish share
Every last bit of food and bubbles of air

Brilliant lighting and coloured bubbles rise
They feed from the food a sprinkled surprise
Characters abundant each fish has its own
From a tiny fish fry oh how they have grown

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A Chickens Story

Sunshine and stormy weather,
From egg,to feather,

Grains until I am matured,
Off to the boilers for sure,
Cluck,cluck,cluck no more,
Chopped or bi-sect in four,

Leg,wing and thigh,
Jerk,bar-b-que or fry,

Brown stew or curry,
Get me ready in a hurry,

Natural seasoning or powder spice,
Finger licking,I am so nice,

Rice and peas or mashed potato,
Done at home or nicely catered.......

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If God would take the moon

And make it into a great pie,

The sweet aroma of spice

And green apple would fill the sky.

He’d begin with the careful peeling,

Making the globe shining apple-white.

Then He’d find fixins’ to get it just right.

He would count the servings needed

For the whole world to be satisfied,

And choose just the right flavoring

To set all differences of taste aside,

But with all due respect to the bakers’ pride.

To provide for all the world’s problems,

God gives his secret spiritual answers.

So to the seasoning of the apples,

He adds His nine flavor enhancers.

With perfection, God takes no chances.

There is a pinch of peace, joy, and love,

For that aroma that rises above.

Then there is the patience, gentleness and grace,

So that humankind need not eat in haste.

He wants all to sense the goodness in the taste.

Next faith, modesty and moderation He adds,

And then more love he sprinkles in scads.

Here below our appetites we whet,

Our stomach’s pits to be satisfied.

Thankful for every morsel we get,

Until convinced our Lord is glorified.

Soon one could hardly see a crumb.

But we have no need at all to fear,

For at the end of daylight’s trusty gleam,

The moon again is a shining sphere.

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Stay Away From The Chuck

I will no longer be trying to cook a hearty Chuck roast For it usually ends up dry,and about as dry as burnt toast I tried so many ways to cook this hunk of meat Though in the end the results,are definitely no treat That cut of meat to me doesn't seem to be the best For it never turns out,quite as good as the rest I know how to cook them,steady,slow,and low And to use a slowcooker is the best way to go If your going to make a roast,use a rump,a round,or a sirloin tip Stay away from those Chuck roasts,and it will surely be a hit I guess their is no one to blame for these mishaps you see For I was the only one cooking them,Chef Danny,that's me
Dannyboy:9-7-12 :oP

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Sweet Potato

Aroma baking
Pleasure making

Peanutbutter cake
Don't want no fake

Souffle' today
Tomorrow no weigh

Cheesecake crumb
Pour me some rum

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Perfect Pasta Pleasure

Come gather one and all
As I tell you of a feast 
That in this land
Could not be any finer
What is this meal called?
Give us a hint at least
What is so grand
And Heaven on earth, fair diner?
I shall tell you of this wondrous meal
That I devour with gustatory zeal

When it comes to pasta
I'll never say "Basta"
That means: Can't get enough
Of that semolina stuff
Covered with marinara 
Topped with parmigiana
That is my tasty treasure
And my perfect pasta pleasure

Ravioli, Mostaccioli
With sauce: Putanesca or Bostaccioli
A pan of Baked Ziti
With a bottle of Riuniti 
Rigatoni, by Ronzoni
Oh, just call it Macaroni

Ditalini, Cappellini
Twirl my fork in the Fettucini
Here comes mama with the lasagna
Everybody Mangia, Mangia!

I could easily consume it 
For breakfast, lunch and dinner
It doesn't matter to me
That I'll never be any thinner
It's delightful beyond measure
This is my perfect pasta pleasure 

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Home Cookin'

What she's lacking in looks,
she ain't lacking in love,
When that girl cooks,
she's a blessing from above,

She's that special kind of girl,
make a heart skip a beat,
Put your head in a whirl,
knock you off your feet,

Put you head over heels,
keep you thinking of,
those home cooked meals,
and her precious lady love.

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dough nuts

To those who daily sit and eat
A sweet and sugary doughnut treat
Beware, the calories they pack
Contributing to a heart attack
As waistlines grow - and belts resized
"dough nuts" will soon be hospitalized

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Naked Coffee Shock

          Naked Coffee Shock

So.   It’s early Sunday morning in DC
Visiting my locale Mickey D’s
I’m not too bright about anything
Simply wanting a cup of Joe
Before I go to church
The help as usual is friendly and polite
(Some say they’re not but that’s alright)
2 ugly men walked in behind me
Clearly they were there to sin
Both had no clothes on so things went south
They were erect
(and I don’t mean posture or the building of a house)
I averted my eyes at the appropriate moment
These are hard times and getting harder
Not wanting to be party to this depravity and crime 
I tried to leave but…. Never mind…
 “Reach for the sky!”  The nude men shouted                      
Then struck up a conversation
(I thought this was salacious and unkind)
So.   I geared up my stronger serious mind
Became sophisticated and refined
I told them they are in the wrong place and time
Informed them the church is close to here 
If they were so inclined I’d take them there  
Repentance is a goodly and Godly thing
“Ridiculous!”  They cried 
They wanted more than a house of God
It was the apple pies they so desired
I told them they looked silly and kinda dumb
Reminded them they had no guns (obviously, they were naked)
There was no way to fake it
The only thing they threatened were some smiles 
So.  The manager told them there are no pies
And sizing up the situation, continued
“Can’t either of you read?”
The sign is clearly posted
“Shoes are required”  
You are not properly attired 
So kindly leave

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Small Space

Small Space Space is tight in the small garden Planted on the small terrace Along the side careless Climbing beans Easily grow Space is limited in sections small Plants in pots along the rail Alternating seating well Carrots seeded Earthen stow Space is reduced for entertaining Partial am I to fresh produce Alterations seem obtuse Cuisine freshness Efforts show
Written for Members Contest : Space on 2/27/13

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The Grape Pain

Today I am a grape Hanging on a vine Perhaps to be plucked one day Ending up in someones wine Maybe I'll be bitter One of the worst ones you could eat Or possibly be the most tastey ones The sweetist of the sweet I hang with a bunch of others That I see all through the day Longing to be anywhere But there seems to be no way Seeing alot of other beauties Farther down the line Hoping they will notice me When I'm plump and in my prime though now the nights are getting colder Others have begun to all fall down Bunches of dying grapes Laying everywhere on the ground Unable to handle this madness I'm letting go of this vine tonite So I won't have to wake to this sadness That I must see through each days light
Dan Kearley:9-21-11

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My New Diet

I started a new diet that promised it would be.
The diet of all diets and it would set me free.
They said I’d lose a lot of weight in just a month or two.
And I would get so thin and svelte as if I was brand new.

They said I’d have to give up foods that I eat every day.
They said it was unfortunate, there was no other way.
And so they started to remove most of my favorite foods.
The ones that always put me in those very happy moods.

The first thing that would have to go was everything deep fried.
Not wanting to show weakness, they never knew I cried.
And then they said I’d have to give up butter on my bread.
That was the moment I broke down, a sea of tears were shed.

They said no cakes or muffins, good-bye to chocolate chips.
They said it was the only way to keep them off my hips.
Of course they said no ice-cream, now that was no surprise.
And no more cherry, pumpkin or luscious chocolate pies.

No gravy and no stuffing, not even one small bite.
They said I could have turkey as long as it was white.
No bacon in the morning, no pizza for my lunch.
No pancakes and no waffles with syrup for my brunch.

I had to give up donuts with toppings of all types. 
Linzer tarts and cookies with those lovely lemon stripes.
Gone were the potato chips and all the lovely dips.
No more was I allowed to taste sweet candies on my lips.

Now I drink black coffee for breakfast every day.
Shredded wheat for breakfast, the one that tastes like hay.
At lunchtime a small salad and different types of fruits. 
For dinner time a chicken breast with rice and bamboo shoots.

Then nightly I drink herbal tea to soothe my hungry nerves.
But when I go to sleep at night I dream about hors d’oeuvres.

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Cheeseburger please

i ate the nuts
to keep small butts

and drank the tea
which made me p--

devoured the grains
to keep small veins

avoided the tarts
"be still my heart"

now thin and trim
down on my knees

could i please get
a cheeseburger please...

Poems by Shar

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He Fled

He fled the faces of his brood --
They cut his soul with edges sharp
From lack of food.
And, although their mouths
Voiced no complaint,
The steady, unaccusing stare
Was so much more than he could bear --
This hero of two foreign wars.
He cowers now in alleyways
(And drinks his courage from a jar)
Beneath a far, unjudging star.

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Roast Dinner Sin

The smell is good
Just look at the pud
Gammon, Turkey and Beef
Life’s turned over a new leaf
A few balls of stuffing
They aint made of nuffing
Many calories they carry
It’s the sausages I want to marry
Grease torpedoes and crispy potatoes
We know where all that goes
Straight to the hips
For some taste bud kicks
Oh well
Diet go to hell.

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Soup When You're Sick

Nothing really does the trick
Like soup when you are feeling sick.
Honeyed tea may soothe the throat
But soup will always get my vote.

Steaming hot within its bowl,
Warmth and comfort it can dole.
Noodles, alphabets or rice
Help to make it extra nice.

Cut-up carrots add some pop
Softly floating to the top,
Swimming with some tasty greens
And, perhaps, a bunch of beans.

If the sniffles get you down,
Form a smile from your frown.
Spirits never seem to droop
When they’ve been fed a bowl of soup!

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My pasta shape of choice

Dining with devotion
generates joy and satisfaction;
with best food served on the table,
truly, an act of celebration.
I dawdle in getting to the food
to let others take their choice;
my favorites showcase their flavor
filled with a finely made concoction.

Tomatoes seem quite ubiquitous
in many cuisines like Italian flavor;
macaroni and cheese with white truffles
creamy and tasteful, so edible!
Farfalle is my pasta shape of choice,
with gorgonzola, parmigian, or mature Stilton
all good combinations for an Italian version.

Wine, not alt-beer with an enticing taste;
like brands of Goose Island or Uerige Sticke Alt
the choice of many that’s fresh and lively.
A gorgeous fillet of salmon, so delicious!
with adorable broccoli and string beans
a path to healthy meals, an invitation 
with distinctive tastes that hail good combinations.

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Beef Stew

I sit at my computer musing and trying to compose meaningful verse.
Try as I might with Shakespearian panache my lines to intersperse,
With profound nuggets of enlightenment to attain universal fame,
My concentration is lost in a fog, like an ever-changing movie frame!

I suppose I could blame this dilemma on my dear, long-suffering spouse.
She's cooking beef stew for supper - the aroma is wafting about the house!
Now, how am I to concentrate on versifying when my palate is just itchin',
To delve into that delectable ambrosia she's slaving over in the kitchen!

Ah! I can hardly wait to taste that mouth-watering olio awaiting me!
She makes the best in town, tossing all kinds of stuff in that potpourri!
Of course there is the best of beef that she has tenderized and diced,
And the scrumptious gravy with exotic herbs she has liberally spiced!

She adds sweet peas, a tolerable amount of corn and russet pertaters,
And just enough onions for my taste, green peppers and fresh termaters!
Green beans, carrots and a tad of celery top off this fantastic brew!
Le Cordon Bleu Chef at the Ritz dare not concoct a more elegant stew!

Alas, I've wasted all afternoon trying to hatch up some credible rhyme,
But my thoughts have been consumed with that ragout laced with thyme!
Ah! My wife announces supper is ready so I'm gonna load my plate!
That poetic masterpiece I had in mind today will just have to wait!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Santa's Breakfast

All the reindeer were dreaming of carrots and hay,
While old Santa was riding along in his sleigh,
As he dropped off the presents and headed for home, 
He decided to breakfast on pizza in Rome.

For Deb’s Santa Claus contest (written in the Night Before Christmas meter, as requested).

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Thanksgiving celebrated every 4th Thursday of November. 

A great day for family and friends to remember.

Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions always play a game.

A third NFL game has been added to give fame.

Very important to give to other and to be thankful.

Eating turkey, stuffing, lots of food will make our stomach full.

After food have some pumpkin pie or your favorite pie for dessert.

Be nice and cautious of family members who like to exert.

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Thankyou Sally

Thank You Sally

For almost 30 years I’ve been trying to loose this weight,
So obviously, I have been putting all the wrong food on to my plate.
I have tried almost every diet that has ever been invented,
Slimming book after slimming book I have read,
Atkins, Low carbohydrates, High Proteins to name but a few,
Even the F Plan that keeps you on the loo,
The High protein almost drove me to drink,
The Atkins is supposed to make your breath stink,
The Body Clock was extremely hard to do,
Having to eat more than half of your food before two,
Then I reached the point where I didn’t really care,
Food was turning into a complete nightmare,
I was just getting bigger and bigger,
There was nothing left of my figure,
I looked more like Mr Blobby,
Eating my lettuce leaves that had all gone soggy,
Then I joined Weight Watchers for the first time in my life,
To see if they could sort out all this strife,
There I met a lady who filled me with inspiration Sally was her name,
Helping us all to loose weight was her aim,
Sally was there through the good and the bad, 
Although some weeks I felt extremely sad,
When I had gained a pound or two,
Stuffing my face with chocolate because of a blew,
On December the 17th 2010  when we broke up for Christmas,
I made my resolution, to come back after the break weighing less,
I bet my husband £3.00 that I would,
I was going to do this, if I could,
So I came back, after Christmas and new Year,
Two and a half lbs lighter, Santa brought me some new gear,
Now only a few more lbs to go,
Then my whole new shape will be on show,
So thank you Sally for all the help you gave me,
Tonight I reached Goal, now I am the weight I want to be.


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Hidden Recipes

I live my life with a woman who likes to collect recipes That all sound very delicious as she reads them to me Some are to be once seen,but then never to be made So I feel they should remain on the pages they once stayed Some are collected then placed neatly in a book Others are thrown into a drawer maybe for a future look But that future day never comes when they will be made Though in that big drawer and cabniet is where they all stay She has collected many magazines and printed out many from on line It would sure be nice to taste some of them she has collected over time As they were placed in that cabinet and drawer only never to be made Most of them hidden from my taste buds where those recipes have stayed

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Oodles of Joy

"Oodles of Joy"
In the morning of everyday i 
I make a food that's really 
Crunch'em, rip'em, and pour'em out 
As saliva pools form in my 
Put it in the mic for just about 
Impatiently  watching those 
beautiful noodles waiting for 
When the time Is up
I Pop it open and take them out 
And start shoving "Oodle's of 
Noodles" into my mouth. 
Khalil Wali

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I can smell it

I’m supposed to write something really creative.
Class is tonight and my mind is vegetative. 
Oh Lord will I be the only one,
who can’t think of anything crazy and fun?
Thinking, thinking, why won’t my mind go there?
Maybe I’ll write about the smells at the fair.
I got it! I know!  How about the pretzels at the mall?
So many ideas but I can’t write about them all.
So instead I sit and stress,
Oh my mind is such a mess!
Popping popcorn at the movie theater, yes that’s it!
Now my stomach is hungry, thinking as I sit.
Oh why, oh why do I smell that cake baking?
I am really not good at decision making.
I know, I’ll just write about something other than food.
But maybe my heart is really not in the mood.
Nope, food, food, food is where it is.
Oh gosh this is harder than a surprise pop quiz.
O.k just let it go , that’s what I’ll do.
But why can’t I stop thinking about that cheese fondue?

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Apple Pie, Apple Pie

Apple Pie, Apple Pie
Such a wondrous thing, 
in the winter or in the spring.
So, doggone sweet
and a yummy treat.

Apple Pie, Apple Pie
Pluck the sweetest from the tree, 
one, two, three, laughing with glee.
A flaky crust and sweet center, 
eaten with ice cream who cares if winter.

Apple Pie, Apple Pie
Sugar and cinnamon, sticky sweet, 
pop it in the oven, almost complete.
I cannot wait to have a slice, maybe two, 
as one would scarcely do.

Apple Pie, Apple Pie
I cannot believe I did not share.
It was tasty on my tongue, 
and now there is no more there, 
not even a crumb.

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desiring the Vampire

                 It was the Southern French window blowing open 
                    he came in the night no word spoken 
                The eyes so sensual and piercing me as if nothing matters
                     he is all I think of now as each day I grow weaker

               I will soon die unsure of my fate 
                  my life I will give to him a offering I ask him to take
               This man so desirable with dark eyes and hair
                  even if he is not a man but a beast 
                I no longer care I submit to the last drop of blood

                 As I lay with a cotton white gown in a locked room 
                   I throw my rope of Garlic far to be seen 
                 Nothing can stop this now longing and lustful 
                      feeling like I'm in a forever dream  

                    I wait for him too enter 
                       I wait for him
                                  willing to die 
                               I wait losing my Religion
                                   The Vampires offering am I              

                 " For That Archaic Poets contest " Shanity Rain 

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Goodbye Twinkies

They say all good things do not last. “Twinkies” will become a thing of the past. Those sponge cakes filled with vanilla crème will for now on only exist in a dream. The company baking Hostess cakes and Wonder bread, has the only choice of becoming financially dead. It has been said that labor problems and declining sales are the major reasons why a business fails. So say goodbye to the beloved Twinkie. That will be one less treat for you and me. From a news story found on

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Chocolate flavored

Chocolate Flavored

Chocolate vodka, chocolate gum
Chocolate toothpaste to name some
Chocolate soda, jellybeans
Even chocolate shaving creams
Chocolate toothpicks, chocolate beer
Chocolate oxygen my dear
Chocolate popcorn, coffee too
Chocolate candles through and through
Chocolate syrup, envelopes
Chocolate for discerning folks
But there is one that leaves me numb
A chocolate flavored new condom

Uncle Mike

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Fat is easy
Thin is hard
When sugar is in your favorite candy bar
Soda it fizzles so sweet
Cakes pies and cookies are such treats
Candy is dandy on your tongue
Deep fried and Southern crispy give me some
Doughnuts and coffee with sugar and cream
Whole milk and toppings on your ice cream
White bread and mayo
French fried potatoes
Heavy syrup in your fruit cup
Extra butter popcorn eat it right up
Lots of rich gravy
Room for seconds and thirds maybe
Maybe? Pour pour that gravy
Chips and creamy dips
Shudder if no butter
Barbecue meats and glazed honey ham
Toast loaded with extra jam
Bacon by the pound
By pound pound pound
You are what you eat and that's a fact
Fast food hamburgers pizza are snacks
If it aint greasy 
Make it extra cheesy
Add it all up and you eat fat
Add it all up and you are fat
Drink a diet soda

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Grilled Cheese

Cheese melting into the bread
Hot and sticky, soon to be fed
Like I am melting into you
You stick to me like Elmer's glue
You satsify my needs like rape
Then rip yourself off me like tape - 
You burn the bread; it's harder
But I'm not hungry any longer

Susan Burch

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I'm A Meat And Taters Guy

I can tolerate most any grub that is placed upon my plate,
Though I must be somewhat selective so as to control my weight!
I love a juicy New Yawk steak and taters with a slab of cherry pie,
'Cause I'm strictly a meat and taters sort of guy!

There ain't nothin' as tasty as a meatloaf with smashed pertaters,
With lots of gravy, new spring peas and fresh beefsteak termaters!
But spare me pickled pigs' feet or a feesh starin' me in the eye,
'Cause I'm strictly a meat and taters sort of guy!

I savor various kinds of soups and a good homemade stew,
And Beringer's White Zin wine with a delectable cordon bleu!
Sushi causes me to barf and pungent kimchi tears my eye!
I reckon by now you've guessed I'm a meat and taters sort of guy!

I relish the products hogs produce like sausage, bacon and ham,
And I don't care what others say, I'm an aficionado of good ol' Spam!
But Lord have mercy! Spare the anchovies, 'specially on a pizza pie,
'Cause I'm strictly a meat and taters sort of guy!

In these politically correct times, some folks might rashly conclude,
That since I detest certain grubs that I'm a prejudiced dude.
Well, that's their problem if we don't exactly see eye to eye.
It just so happens that I was born a meat and taters sort of guy!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

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Ode to a Green Hat

The green cuisine will make you lean.
Like Jeanne, Christine, or age eighteen.
Sardines, soybeans, along with greens
Will help you fit in smaller jeans.
The diet scene, you've seen umpteen!
You've worked out on the green machine.
Being lean they say is supreme.
Like if you are a strong marine.
Or when he rubs on your sunscreen.
But if you're fat and seem obscene,
Be sure to wear a hat that's green.
The color green is so serene.
And sparkles in the sunlight's sheen.
Eat: kale, spinach and collard greens
Or buy a great big hat thats green!

© March 1, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  The Colors Have It 
Sponsor	Russell Sivey

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The Object of My Desire

The more time spent with her,
The more that I thirst.
Her fragrance spells my doom,
Once pretense has been burst.

She's the salt of my earth
Her taste makes my heart run
Her kiss forbidden fruit,
I can't have just one.

She moves with crepetation
Yet her sound is still sweet
She's a visual beauty
She looks good enough to eat.

I savor each curve and ripple
With a touch of my lips.
She's not just all that,
She's an actual bag of chips!

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I can't remember things I should
My thoughts are blurred and that's not good
Recovering thoughts locked in my brain
Is a strenuous task and all in vain

Words dangle just beyond my grasp
A friend has coined this "Synapse Lapse"
Is it a sign that I'm not sane?
Or, toxic sugars on my brain?

Some living brain cells still hold on
Hang by a thread and almost gone
These cells I should not over tax
The few I've got I must relax

My mind's now in a neutral zone
The one cell left is all alone
Are there yet memories in my head?
Nope! Toxic sugars killed them dead!

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Chopstick masters are proficient 
But my skills are quite deficient
The masters eat and then depart
Before I even get to start
So, to save myself a lot of strife
I've resigned myself to fork and knife

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Are You Getting Enough

I‘ve just read what the ‘experts’ say
Its now 7 portions of fruit and veg a day

That will make me sit on the loo all day
My ‘Toilet Tax’ I will now have to pay

If I have two slices of carrot or courgette cake
Then this will increase my veg intake

Orange and cranberry and banana cake too
Such a good job I love baking – oh yes I do

If I eat a fruit and nut chocolate bar
Its fruit intake will make me a star

Oh such easy ways to get those extra two
Follow my examples, I hope it works out for you

Written by 'Po'et Jan Allison
2nd April 2014

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Empty Cafe

I’ve heard my cooking’s pretty bad
And here’s the damning proof:
A wedding party started lunch
And vanished pronto - poof!

The waiter cleared away the plates
And didn’t pick up tips;
The food was barely touched; he said,
‘It didn’t pass their lips.’

He says the group had rushed away
And vowed, ‘We won’t return.’
The brides’ mom left a recipe
And scribbled, ‘Read and learn.’

My café’s empty, all is still;
They didn’t even pay the bill...

Jack Horne, 25th January, for Nette’s Café Musings contest

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Yearning for a Taste

As a child I hovered near the oven as turkey aroma spread through our home. Mom knew by a craving I was driven, and from this spot her youngest would not roam. Mom giggled heartily; she knew the drill. Liver was nearly done, brother still in bed. A battle brewed with hunger pangs to kill, so Mom ensured the liver I was fed.
*Entry for Sara’s “A Pleasant Childhood Memory” contest

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Save-A-Lot Tennessee

One percent milk chided the butter about its worth,
And the eggs got all cracked up at the stock boys’ jokes.
Nutty candy bars laughed joyfully at all the mirth,
But all shunned the outcast; a pack of generic smokes.

Ground Chuck had just been through the grinder
Yet he was glad when he encountered fresh, hot buns.
Over in health and beauty, condoms became a reminder,
Trash magazines spreads all; Hot and cross rolls share puns!

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God's Provision

If it wasn't for the Lord
Who gave us sun and rain
We wouldn't have a harvest
Only land that's dry and plain.

So thank you Lord for blessing us
With everything we need
The sun and rain that nourishes
The planting of the seed.

For Brian's contest, Harvest

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Mom's Old Iron Skillet

The skillet hung near the old wood-burning kitchen stove.
Aside from her family, Mom considered it a special trove.
With that blackened old pan she prepared delicious repasts,
That in my judicious opinion will ne'er be surpassed!

Ah, just to recall the tasty grub stewed up in that old skillet!
How it tingled my taste buds just sliding down my gullet!
The chicken, steaks and chops in that old pan she did fry,
Evoked oohs and aahs and many a contented sigh!

She liberally dolloped lard in the pan 'til she had it just right,
Then concocted stews, soups and fried taters for our delight!
Mom was never concerned about such things as saturated fat,
Or life-threatening cholesterol and such things as that!

I suppose medicos today would have a conniption fit,
If they knew of the dietary sins my Mom did commit.
She must've done something right - her spouse lived past ninety-four.
Her kids outlived the odds, each reaching four score years or more!

Self-anointed wizards deem cast iron skillets detrimental to our health,
But I think they're just peddling new fads to add to their wealth!
My dear spouse uses her old iron skillet most every day.
I feel fit as a banjo regardless of what so-called experts may say!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Cooked rice in plate,
Still the steam does emit.
On chair I did cling,
Waited my wife curry to bring.

Beyond the plate, I eye
The farm of anxiety,
Where the farmers sow
The seeds for morrow.

Hot rice brings to the mind
The paddy field pined,
And the debt cankered peasants
Creep among the plants.

Holding the rusty scythes
And bending like the scythes,
The darkened women sing throat opened,
And the folk song vibrate my mind.

Cooked rice still steamy
And white purely
As the mind of farmer,
The climate and price fall boiled ever.

Born to toil in the soil,
Farmers return to the soil
To feed the worm princes,
Hanging on a rope hopeless.

When my dear curry brought,
I painfully thought:
No life without farm ;
Without farmers no farm.


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Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a delightful treat when anyone is sombre! Take a bite, in spite of spite, And you'll be quite the charmer!!! (explodes into gay rainbow random confetti) *inspired by obscenely old, gay bearded wizards*

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Awaken Taste Buds

Awaken taste buds  

 Lovely Linda 
 Makes food tasty
 Um um good 

 Peach Chipotle BBQ Sauce 
Your taste buds won’t 
Be the same 
Chipotle is the one to blame.

Peach & Apple Salsa
Time to have a siesta 
Red Wine Antipasto 
All you need is a glass of wine 

Olive Tapenade
Takes you over to a promenade 
Fire & Ice Wine 
When cooking it’s smelly 
That now turns into a Jelly 

Cranberry & Jalapeño Vinaigrette
One try 
 Your taste buds won’t forget 
Lemon & Dill 
Smells all the way down the hill

I have to tell you 
Go on the web
Where you will find foods galore 
 The Best of the sunny Okanagan
You will ask for more.

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Food Lion, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Her list includes croutons and jelly and jam,
as I read down, I see knockwurst and ham.
Bananas and tuna, pick up Borax and Bold,
if there's no Zest, then get Palmolive Gold.
Orange juice and lemons, Pepsi and Sprite,
ice cream and cookies for our guests tonight.
I arrive on line nine with it all and croutons.
It rings up, I reach in..I forgot the coupons.

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Sshh! Chef's Busy in the Kitchen Making His Seafood Bisque.

Chef 's Winter dishes are simply delicious, not too much oil or cream.

Rich or plain,  taste tested to perfection, tiny portions sometimes steamed

He starts  the day with freshly squeezed orange juice,coffee and toast.

And embarks on a fitness journey along the seaside in Adelaide.

Today he is going to create a seafood bisque inspired by his walk.

This morning whilst  walking along the beach he noticed the outgoing

Tide and outlet  left a long groove with  definite honeycombe indentations

snaking parallel to the shore for a distance near a giant swirly starfish.

From an aerial perspective it looked  like a Christo dragon , hardened ripples

representing the scales and the sometimes swirling patterns here and there

where the giant Sea-dragon moved, slithered or shifted about in the sand .

The Sea-Dragon must have laid there for some time before he disappeared 

as his scales were deeply impressed and clearly embossed in the firm sand. 

A clear body of water flowed  in the center of this outlet echoing the scales

shimmering and gleaming with sunlight smoothly on the groove's surface.
Upon seeing this ,Chef etched it  in his memory and began to mentally gather 

ingredients for his creation.How could he give his bisque the dragon flavour?

Grilling the whiting, prawns and scallops  with butter  laced with honey , chilli,
cardamon + crushed nuts , garlic, a dash of brandy....... 
then adding chicken stock , lime , thyme ,cracked pepper , rock sea salt and 
finally pureeing the lot with a splash of coconut milk.

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Grandma's Cookies

Every year at Chanukah,
Like from divine command,
My grandma made the cookies
All her grandkids would demand.

These humble sugar dainties,
Cut in shapes and rolled out thin,
Served as harbinger that Chanukah
Could finally begin.

But each one, crisp and delicate,
Came with the possibility
That part of it would snap away,
Because of its fragility.

So lions rarely kept their tails
And candles lost their flames.
The sturdy dreidels, still intact,
Were prized for lack of maims.

A colored sugar dusting
Coated each and every shape.
From sugar sparkles on your clothes
You never could escape.

My grandma passed her cutters down
To me, and so I strive,
With floured hands, to help to keep 
Her recipe alive.

Today I gamely baked a batch;
My kids made the request.
I picture grandma’s smiling face
And think she’d be impressed.

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Bean and Leaf

A sip of coffee

A nip of tea

Bliss I find inside 

Of me

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Mum's Christmas Dinner

She stays awake for hours, cutting Xs in the sprouts,
Then peels all the tatties, a ton or thereabouts,
Slicing and dicing parsnips is next up in the plan,
Chops up carrots and a swede, and put them in a pan,
Mixes up her sage and onion and stuffs it in the bird,
Along with some pork sausage meat that’s been pre-prepared,
She takes apart the oven, to fit the turkey in,
Hangs it up with bits of string, there’s no room in the tin,
Wraps sausages in bacon, in case they catch a chill,
But makes sure they‘re all cooked thoroughly, so the family won’t get ill,
Cooks the bird for hours, while the table’s being laid,
With all the finest crockery (and some of lower grade),
Makes space around the table, brings in extra chairs,
Adorns the place with candles and other Christmas wares,
Lays out a Christmas cracker in everybody’s place,
Complete with rather tacky joke, no doubt of a straight face,
And brings out all the condiments, the pickles and the sauce,
The salt and pepper, the mustard and radish known as “horse”,
Next she makes the starter, the simplest course by far,
A cocktail made up of prawns and a sauce out of a jar.
The family then all piles in, and argues over seats,
The children are already full of chocolates and treats,
Grandmother is mumbling, “Kids should be seen not heard”,
Meanwhile back in the kitchen Mum’s wrestling with the bird,
She tries to carve up slices, but ends up with turkey chunks,
While Dad and Gramps have become a pair of Christmas drunks,
They start an argument about which wine goes with the meat,
And restless children run around, not staying in their seat,
Mother tries to keep her calm and bravely soldiers on,
But the roasties are all blackened and the sprouts are over done,
Mum enters the dining room looking very puffed,
She throws the turkey down and shouts ,“There you go! Get stuffed!”

18th November 2012

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I've Fallen In Love

Mix the packet contents with fresh cream and milk
Boil and stir the mixture until it’s a smooth as silk
Pour into ramekin dishes and leave it to set
Don’t reach for the spoon – it’s not quite ready yet

Sprinkle on sugar and put under the grill
When the topping is bubbling just leave it to chill
Reach for the spoon and break through the crispy topping
Crème Brulee I love you – my spoon wont be stopping

Jan Allison
9th April 2014 

Written after I made a packet mix crème brulee dessert on Saturday.
 I need to get my sister to buy me supplies as I purchased it in the UK.
We don’t have this particular shop on the Island  -  I should really have a go making it from scratch 

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Lovely to Meat You

They say what doesn’t kill you,
Only makes you stronger.
Well if that really is the case,
I’ll let you cook for longer.
You said your name was Patrick,
But you look more like a stew to me.
Although so would a Frank or Virginia
When cooked to the nth degree.

More at and 

Thankyou :)

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Black Coffee and Apple Pie

Everything a body could need
How happy could it make you be
When nothing can make you is fulfilled
As black coffee and apple pie ending your meal

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Taco Taco

Taco Taco

I like tacos ,
nice and crunchy
sometimes for supper
and even lunchy.

Filled with beef,
tomato, cheese and lettuce
mexican food
my tummies fetish.

8/16/14- Jessica Thompson

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A Cure for Chocoholics

What I learned from the web today

It’s a fact, not merely fiction
That there’s a true addiction
To chocolate that we can’t deny
But the folks at Conjurer’s Kitchen
Have come up with something *****in’
That all you chocoholics can now try
Your sanity’s worth saving 
So to cure this chocolate craving 
They say you must eat something that you dread
And to stop this awful yearning
Their kitchen’s now is turning
Out white chocolate life-like babies’ heads

If white chocolate’s not your flavor
Perhaps you might then favor
An ethnic baby in some darker hue
Either way they feel for sure
These baby heads will cure
Any chocolate cravings left in you

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The Hunger Game

Come little children- come and eat-There’s plenty all scattered about
Stale flat bread and biscuit crumbles -You must dig them out
Banana peelings and lettuce leafs -You may clean the dirt off neat
Perhaps the peelings of a Fu Fu dish- just to make a sweet
Come little one- come and eat- The little child’s belly cries
The flies will lead you to bush meat- the maggots where it lies 
Coconut and cassava cakes- perhaps a little rice
Just below the burning heap where the neighbor’s dead dog lies
The smorgasbord lies beyond the hill-the town’s other side
Forgive the stench- just pass the boneyard -where your nine year old brother died

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Quite The Conceited Cook

In the larger view I'm the better cook.
Some folks can hardly boil water.
They'll take a recipe by the hand
and lead it straight to slaughter!

Yet I don't need a recipe.
My hands and mind are strong.
If you let me taste your dish you'll see
I'll capture it like a song.

A dash of this and a pinch of that
are really all that I need.
When I put on my pretend chef's hat
for my know-how you will plead!

So don't even try to imitate me.
I'm better than Betty Crocker.
I put to shame Chef Boyardee
or maybe I'm off my rocker!

for contest "I Spit Fire"
November 26,2013

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Rich chocolate 'pon my thin lips.
On taste buds twang sits
Minute; lifetime on big hips.
Now clothes don't fit

To a diet must commit
Carrots celery dip
Peanut chocolate dip permit
My pants can now zip

Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Contest: The 7/5 Trochee Poetry Contest

using choc lit as pronunciation
Celery pronounced cel ry

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Poetic Hash

I would like to tell you of when I was a boy
A meal granny made that I did enjoy
A recipe that is not too brash 
That favourite of meals the corn beef hash

The recipe I would like to relay
So you may try it on cold chilly day
A winter warmer for your tea
With a twist of my own there has to be

You will need tins of soup 3 of veg 3 oxtail
Empty into a pan as big as pail
Then add three onions medium in size
Then you’re on your way to a culinary prize

A teaspoon of both chilli and garlic paste
Then salt and black pepper to add to the taste
Lots of potatoes cut in large pieces
Stir as you’re happiness truly increases

About three pints of water then bring to the boil
Cover with a lid no need for tinfoil
Once at the boil turn down to a simmer
When you eat this you will not get slimmer

When the tatties are cooked it time for the corn beef
They removed that key oh what a relief
A ring pull you use to open the can
Lay the meat down and carve if you can

Large chunks are nice but small ones will do
Then throw them into the glorious brew
Lastly you’ll need some nice crusty bread
To dip in the hash so you will be well fed

Serve the hash in a bowl and grab a soup spoon
Sit down and enjoy morning nigh time or noon
By a warm fire with family around
I tell you it’s the best meal I’ve ever found

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My Darling Won't Have Her Fish Fingers

My darling won’t have her fish fingers,
She sullenly shuns her Big Mac,
She says that she’d rather eat legumes
(It’s some vegetarian crap).

She says she don’t want to eat nuggets,
Though I tell her it’s chicken, not gold
And her mayonnaise sandwich I left on the shelf
Is still sitting there gathering mould.

And I wonder who gave her this notion,
This strange and uncommon idea
That food should be tasteless
And men should be waistless
And down pints of water, not beer.

She says I’ve turned into a relic,
That my thinking is all in the past,
My era loved wasting and contaminasting,
While her’s wants the planet to last.

And so now I’ve decided to change things.
I’ve finally decided to please.
Her birthday is coming this weekend;
I’ll buy her some frozen peas.

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Thankyou Sally

Thank You Sally

For almost 30 years I’ve been trying to loose this weight,
So obviously, I have been putting all the wrong food on to my plate.
I have tried almost every diet that has ever been invented,
Slimming book after slimming book I have read,
Atkins, Low carbohydrates, High Proteins to name but a few,
Even the F Plan that keeps you on the loo,
The High protein almost drove me to drink,
The Atkins is supposed to make your breath stink,
The Body Clock was extremely hard to do,
Having to eat more than half of your food before two,
Then I reached the point where I didn’t really care,
Food was turning into a complete nightmare,
I was just getting bigger and bigger,
There was nothing left of my figure,
I looked more like Mr Blobby,
Eating my lettuce leaves that had all gone soggy,
Then I joined Weight Watchers for the first time in my life,
To see if they could sort out all this strife,
There I met a lady who filled me with inspiration Sally was her name,
Helping us all to loose weight was her aim,
Sally was there through the good and the bad, 
Although some weeks I felt extremely sad,
When I had gained a pound or two,
Stuffing my face with chocolate because of a blew,
On December the 17th 2010  when we broke up for Christmas,
I made my resolution, to come back after the break weighing less,
I bet my husband £3.00 that I would,
I was going to do this, if I could,
So I came back, after Christmas and new Year,
Two and a half lbs lighter, Santa brought me some new gear,
Now only a few more lbs to go,
Then my whole new shape will be on show,
So thank you Sally for all the help you gave me,
Tonight I reached Goal, now I am the weight I want to be.


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Un Petit Peu

We are friendly sort of people, greeting and asking how you are, One great nation, two languages, the distance between coasts far, Travel to Quebec or to some areas in provinces east and west, You may be asked in French “Comment ca va” with typical zest, “Comment allez-vous” is the same traditional question in France, Written, the French-Canadian version requires only a quick glance, “Je vais bien merci et vous” is commonly what you would like to hear, But there are so many responses, and certainly some will not endear. Don’t want to make a “faux-pas” but this language we all use, Watch a “film noir” with a “femme fatale”, you just can’t snooze. We experience “deja vu”, live in “cul de sacs” , could it be merrier, Even my big fat bum has a nicer name, its my delicate “derriere”. Such a sexy language, the words always seem to sound so good, Saying goodbye, I would prefer “Au revoir” it seems to fit the mood. Isn’t food offered “a la carte” seem nicer than just listed on the menu, I would much prefer “au jus” but sometimes gravy will just have to do. Bread, a“baguette et croissant avec fromage est tres magnifique” Foods in french; “creme brulee, crepes” anything “au gratin” - I seek. Breakfast without “omelettes” or dinners without an “entree” I’d miss, Expressing our most passionate behaviour, includes the French kiss. You must admit that French seems to be part of our everything, Just hearing some of those words, just makes my heart sing. To be called “Cherie Amour” is just so romantic, as you must see, Unfortunately I’m only fluent in English, just too bad, “C’est la vie”.
**French words/phrases- *Un Petit Peu- a small amount *Comment ca va- how are you and *Comment allez-vous- how are you *Je vais bien merci and vous- I am fine thanks and you *faux-pas- false step *film noir- dark themed films *femme fatale- female who is deadly *deja vu- already experienced, been here before *cul de sac- dead end street, often a circle *au revoir- goodbye, see you later *baguette et croissant avec fromage est tres magnifique- long narrow loaf of bread, and a crescent-shaped flaky roll with cheese is very magnificent. *C’est la vie- that’s life.

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A Great Wedding

The bride looked so lovely
All dressed up in lace,
The groom by her side
In His rightful place.

Food in abundance,
 A mountain at least,
Guests by the hundreds
 Flock to the feast.

French bread and garlic
Prawns in clay pots,
Sweetmeats and jellies
And ice cream for tots.

Chopsticks provided 
For eating the rice,
For those who can’t work ‘em
Fingers suffice.

Old Uncle Albert
Says “waste is a sin”
So proceeds with a smile
More food to force in.

Due to his greed
He’s not feeling so bright
But continues to eat 
Just out of spite.

Children are running 
All over the shop
Some are so tired 
They’re ready to drop

People are dancing 
The music is loud
Everyone’s happy
What a great crowd

The sun is still shining
It has from the start
The bride and the groom
Prepare to depart

Into the limo
All cute coy and chaste
The groom bids the driver
“Drive on and make haste”

I’ve been to some weddings
This wasn’t the worst
I have to go now
Old Albert has burst.

September 2011

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Fried Chicken

Durin' my nearly four-score years I've had many a grand repast,
But there's one delicacy that will never, ever be surpassed!
There ain't nothin' like a huge helpin' of luscious fried chicken!
Ah, just thinkin' about it makes my pulse begin to quicken!

Mom was an expert at preparin' a bird for the old iron fryin' pan.
The hapless fowl was beheaded and plucked in the shortest span,
Cut up, seasoned and fried before you could count to ten,
Leavin' the old rooster crowin' in bewilderment sans one hen!

The preacher made his periodic visits for dinner at our house.
Mom's admonition to us kids beforehand always made me grouse.
Sayin', "Let the preacher help himself to the choicest parts!"
So we kids usually ended up with the necks, gizzards and hearts!

If I was asked to plan a dinner menu, here's what it would be:
Heaps of fried chicken, mashed pertaters, gravy and iced tea,
Sourdough biscuits, garden fresh carrots and sweet spring peas,
And for dessert a huge slab of cherry pie ala mode, if you please!

Nowadays the Colonel touts chicken from San Diego to Nantucket,
With all the fixin's in a box, bag or a handy two-gallon bucket,
Spicy or original and fried in lots of grease to a crispy, golden brown,
But I prefer my spouse's southern fried 'cause it's the best in town!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Onions 'n' Liver

I'm the only one at our house who relishes onions and liver.
Ah, the thought of that delicacy sends up my spine a shiver!
Never mind that my spouse almost gags and must pinch her nose,
Keeping the frying pan at bay as that malodorous aroma flows!

When a pan of onions and liver is sizzling in the kitchen,
To attack that delectable repast, my delicate palate is itchin'!
I take no heed concerning liver and all of its cholesterol.
Alas, it is seldom on the menu at our table after all!

A supper of onions and liver is just not at all complete,
Without a slab of cherry pie and ice cream for a treat.
The entree' must include peas, gravy and smashed pertaters,
And on the side a salad liberally laced with fresh termaters!

I grew up chomping on onions and liver as a Hoosier lad,
'Specially at butchering as hogs' fates were sealed by Dad!
We'd never heard of lobster thermidor or cordon bleu.
Shucks, at our humble abode we were pleased with a zesty stew!

I've heard that too much cholesterol can bring about an early doom.
Should that occur, this epitaph would be most appropriate for my tomb:
"Docs warned him about onions, liver and bad cholesterol;
Alas, he took no heed - his demise they could not forestall!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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SOUP Spoonin'

Online tonite
looks like 
a whole lotta' spoonin'
goin' on in the "Soup"

nosin' around the comment coral
I see love 
amongst the group

hot Soup!
not shaken
marriage scent in the air
no fakin'

where it leads...
we shall see
I know some 
are dippin' crackers in the "Soup"
but Lawd' knows 

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Leftover Pizza

Want some pizza? Get a pie
And freeze it when you finish.
Wrapped in foil and baggied,
All that taste will not diminish.

Then when hunger strikes, you're set;
Just snatch a slice and heat it.
In ten minutes, grab a beer
And sit right down to eat it.

In New York, the pizza's great
So do yourself a favor - 
Freeze it when it's fresh. You'll always
Have a meal to savor.

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Hellllpppppppp I've Lost My Banana

Went to get my banana as I headed for the door
It had been on the table that much I know for sure
Last night I put it ready to take with me to work
Now it has gone AWOL and I feel such a berk

I’d gone into the kitchen I was busy multitasking
Picked up my banana, but where is it now I’m asking
Had been to brush my teeth its something I always do
But it isn’t in the bathroom what am I going to do

I’ve checked the kitchen cupboard and underneath my chair
The microwave and fridge – oh damn it isn’t there
Got into my car and listened to ‘The Pearl Fishers’
Maybe my poor banana is somewhere lurking in a fissure

Now I’m back at home and of bananas I do dream
The little yellow fiend it still cannot be seen
I’m starting to worry now that I am turning mad
And I’m also pretty hungry that really is so sad

I will continue in my quest to find the missing fruit
Cos this pain in my tummy is turning quite acute
If I can’t locate it today I may get quite depressed
I need to find that banana and put my mind at rest

Jan Allison
14th May 2014

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The Art Of Eating Lobster

When in swanky restaurants, 'tis easy to daintily dine on cordon bleu,
But dining on lobster requires deft finesse without humiliating you!
For what its worth, I offer the following that I've learned o'er the years,
To show snobbish waiters you're really not all that wet behind the ears!

First of all, a wizened waiter will provide a bib if he's really on the job.
(Somehow, they perceive right away that you are a rather artless slob!)
When cracking open each morsel, some violent squirting may occur!
Should juice spritz the guy at the next table simply say, "Sorry sir"!

The hapless lobster is dissected in certain order to make the meal complete.
First, remove the claws, crack the shell with a claw cracker and remove the meat.
For this a fork is provided, then discard the shells in a bowl being discreet!
Next, twist the tail from the body and break off the flippers - those you musn't eat!

And now for the piece de resistance, that long anticipated holy grail,
(That you paid fifty-five bucks for!) - that scrumptious lobster's tail!
Insert a lobster fork into the flesh and gently ease it out of the shell.
(Sucking meat from the legs is optional - on that matter I will not dwell!)

A female lobster might contain a bit of roe considered a delicacy by some.
(If that is your fancy, quietly asking about the lobster's sex is the rule of thumb!)
Plunge lobster pieces in butter taking care not to let it run down your arm!
(Leaving a sizeable tip for the disaster you've created wouldn't do any harm!)

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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The Hamburger

For thirty years I’ve been a truckie who has driven far and wide,
Carting goods through day and night all across the countryside…
But hours spent upon the road, do not permit a set routine,
When it comes to dining regular, on healthy style cuisine.	

If there’s time I’ll organize an esky, with ice and cans of coke,
Plus a dozen rounds of sandwiches…‘cause this won’t send me broke,	
Not like the tucker of roadhouses who all serve a similar trait,
With a big bill like a pelican’s and grease to decorate your plate.

But a truckies life is not habitual; the phone’s his driving sign,
If someone’s sick, or broken down, and the company’s on deadline,
There is no time of thoughts ahead; he must consider first the load,
And it’s on these hauls a truckie must buy meals along the road.	

I’d been driving fairly flat out now, for I’d say six weeks or more,
Carting produce down to Adelaide for a distribution store,
Some mornings I would leave at two, and backup a couple of trips,
And live upon that greasy take-away including fish and chips.

But then driving home one evening, I could feel that hunger pain,
Though didn’t feel that I could really cope with roadhouse food again,
For I needed something different, and then this jogged my memory,
There’s a fast food café up ahead that really does cook differently.

I stopped close to the café near the South Australian border,
And walked up to the counter where it says to place your order.
The cook who had his back to me, was making salad rolls to sell,
While dropping chips into the cooker, as he battered fish as well.

And the young girl, who is serving, asked me what I’d like to buy,
But before I gave my answer, one more feature caught my eye,
The cook had gone out to his cool room, and rushed back with a sack,
Then started slicing spuds and onions, while his chips are burning black.

So now by knowing that the backyard chef was well within ear shot,
I nodded, “All right love, well what about, a hamburger with the lot,”
As she was writing down my order, I had some further more to say…
I asked if I could have my burger cooked, in my own special way.

I requested that the bun I get, be very hard and three days old,
The bacon mostly crispy fat, fried onions fatty, burnt and cold,
I want the lettuce limp and bitter, and cucumber piled five high,
A slice of cheese like cardboard. Shredded carrot, brown and dry.

I want my slices of tomato, to be slushy more like juice,
With the egg yolk set like concrete, plus salt and pepper overuse,
I want the meat as black as charcoal, and cooked to a rigid phase,
Then asked her if it’s possible, to drown the lot in mayonnaise.

The cook who had been listening, looked away from boiling fat,
And rudely said, “Fair go mate… I can’t cook, a hamburger like that!”
I raised my eyebrows just a mite and then with tongue in cheek,
I said to him “Why can’t you pal? …You bloody could last week.”

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PROGRESS- Christmas Toys and Joys


The toys in the shops today are different from the past,
with electronics replacing bat and ball.
Even parents get in the mix, and children need be fast,
if they want to play with their new toys at all.
Back-yard cricket is forgotten when the Wii comes on the scene.
Virtual sports replace the games we know.
Invisible balls are slashed at when hit towards the screen
and a cartoon rival hits it back to you.

These rivals in the TV Box will play with you alone,
or you can play with a friend by your side.
Sometimes a couch potato gets up to play and groan,
but keen to join the game with a swing that’s wide.

The DS, Xbox and the PSP keep everyone amused
with puzzles for the brains of young and old.
There’s Pokemon and Mario forever been renewed,
played with concentration; fingers quick and bold.

But the games are put aside when we are called to table;
no fast food today it’s Christmas fare for all.
There’s turkey, pudding, pies and cakes to eat if we are able,
then we often fall asleep on the lounge, or in the hall.

But lives, when shared with others are better for the sharing,
with memories created and sent across the miles.
These keep us going when we feel alone, with no one caring,
then we see their photos; remember friendships and we smile.


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An Ordinary Pot

In my kitchen I have an ordinary pot but it's very special to me,
because this pot belonged to my Grandmother you see.
Big and black with handles on the side,
not much to look at with the naked eye.
She could orchestrate the food with a wave of her hand,
just like holding a baton to lead the band.
Now I am the composer of the recipes,
with an ordinary pot that's very special to me.

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The Taste of Bread

I can hear them with their laughter
dinig on their wine and steak
hunger has to wait 'til after
doors are closed to fill my ache.

I hide inside the dumpster green
like the garbage, unaware
until the grubby hands are seen
throwing in my daily fare.

The echoed footsteps fade away
silently I open bags
what have they brought for me this day-
this crumpled soul in dirty rags?

Bones with gristle, rice pilaf
some beans and cold potatoes
there's meat that they did not chew off
and slimy wet tomatoes.

The foul smells that I notice not
as I keep hunger at bay
would make another lose their lot
but I'll live another day.

Survival is my only goal
but I would give instead
my heart and yes, my crumpled soul
for the tatse of fresh baked bread.

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I've slurped chili from border-to-border and betwixt the roilin' seas,
In fancy five-star establishments and greasy spoon eateries.
I've sampled some that has caused anxious gastrointestinal uproar,
But I'm a glutton for the stuff and always go back for more!

I'll eat chili with or without beans, it really matters not,
Jes' so there's plenty in the pot and it's rather spicy hot!
I'll even deign to open a can of concentrate in an emergency,
But I much prefer a great chef's favourite and secret recipe!

Many are the chili cook-offs I've sauntered my way through,
Tastin' gawd-awful concoctions, my face turnin' a reddish hue!
Those guys toss things in the pot about which I wouldn't care to know.
Their recipes are closely-held secrets and there ain't no quid pro quo!

Now, usually I can tolerate chili from any hot and spicy batch,
But, boys, I'm here to tell you that today I finally met my match.
Satan himself must have brewed that beastly olio!
I gasped, shed copious tears and my ears assumed a ruddy glow!

I'm told its a social blunder to crumble crackers in your soups,
But what care I?  I ain't concerned about jumpin' through no social hoops!
Some of the glares I get from folks are embarrassin'ly chilly!
So what! Me worry? I relish crumbled crackers in my chili!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved)

Placed No. 1 in PD's "Soup-Soup-Soup" Contest - March 2012
Placed No. 1 in David Williams' "My Favorite Dish" Contest - Jan 2012

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The New Earl of Sandwich - or what I learned on the web today

A New Earl of Sandwich

In a former men’s bathroom on the old Boston Common
You can now get a burger or noodles by Ramen
It was built in the 20s as a “men’s comfort station”
Used for 50 years and then deactivation
For the next 40 years it was all locked up tight
Filled with urinals and toilets and other delights
But the Earl of Sandwich that of Florida base
Said we’ll buy and refurbish as a great sandwich place
So they took out the urinals, the toilets, the sinks
And cleaned up the place so it no longer stinks
The interior’s now just a kitchen and prep
And the former old restroom has lost its bad rep
The building now looks as if back in its day
This once former restroom has come a long way
Now the good folks of Boston can all rest assured
That this dingy old bathroom’s no longer a turd


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Picking a Pasta

Eeny meeny capellini,
Ziti, elbows, bucatini.
Vermicelli, farfalloni,
Gnocchi, orzo, rigatoni.

Alfabeto and linguine,
Cavatelli, fettuccine.
Penne, pappardelle and gigli,
Stelle, risi, tripolini.

Picking pasta gives you choices;
Any way, your mouth rejoices.
Think I'll go and boil me some - 
If it's cooked al dente - yum!

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This is the best beer I've ever had. 
Yes, The best beer I've ever had. 
No beer is really bad, but 
This is the best beer I’ve ever had. 
Beer’s invention was accidental I’m told. 
Something about stored grain and mold. 
Before the Sphinx, beer was made and sold; 
And at times, more valuable than gold. 
Drank my first beer while serving Uncle Sam.
Got drunk on ‘33' in Saigon, Vietnam. 
By 19, I was a soldier becoming a man; 
So, I drank ‘til I didn’t give a damn. 
Since then, I’ve travelled the world all around; 
And tasted each brew that I’ve found. 
Most are named for people, animals or towns; 
And are glorious shades of gold, red or brown. 

There are pilsners, lagers and ales
Swilled from bottles, cans, mugs…even pails.
If you want to get drunk, you can’t fail.
Drink too much, you may end up in jail.
Drank Stegmaier in old Scranton town. 
Folks bragged it was the "best around“. 
I tried their Golden, their Porter, their Brown; 
And I must say, their judgement is sound. 

In Ireland, the Guinness is Stout. 
‘Tis a brew those Micks can’t live without. 
In the pubs, they all sing and shout; 
Until, eventually, they're all drunken louts.

In old Germany, there are too many to choose. 
Every Berg and Stein make their own brews. 
I tried each one on the Rhine river cruise. 
So many to taste.  How could I lose? 

I enjoyed Sapporo in Tokyo, Japan;
Served by a Geisha at the wave of my hand.
The Singh Hai in Bangkok was grand,
As was the Ninkasi in ancient Tehran.

Tried a lager called Foster’s down under. 
Drank too many.  My head pounded like thunder. 
They say Foster's once laid Dundee asunder; 
But they love it… though you may wonder. 
Enjoyed Red Stripe on Jamaican shores 
And each one tasted like more. 
A local beauty I was hoping to score; 
But next morning, my head was so sore. 
Henry Hudson’s serves Budweiser Light.
It’s weak, so you can drink it all night.
Yes, it takes quite a bit to get “tight”;
But it’s cheap and that makes it alright.   

Yes, beer is a beverage so grand, 
One of God's greatest gifts to man. 
When life gets too tough to stand,  
Just open a chilled bottle or can. 

This is the best beer I’ve ever had. 
When I arrived I was down and quite sad; 
After just two or three, life isn't so bad. 
This is the best beer I’ve ever had. 
Yes, the best beer I've ever had. 

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Newspapers and Magazines are different from the past
With the pictures words and format rearranged.
The striving and the needs of the people seem to last, 
It is only sights and sounds that since have changed.
The buildings are now taller, and the walls are glass not stone.
The vehicles make more noise than horse-drawn carts. 
There are super-market chains, instead of shops, that stood alone, 
And sold everything from nails to apple tarts.

Mr Lawson penned his verses of the people in the city,
And saw the gutter children fighting in the dust.
He looked out on their faces with sorrow and with pity
But did not let them know whom they could trust.

Our people of all ages, still squat in doorways of the shops,
Or in great big cardboard boxes they call home.
The run-a-ways and homeless, as street-wise as the cops 
Are left, with no alternative but to roam. 

Silently crying, heavily sighing, struggling along on tired, dusty feet
We who have all that we need to without trying,
Can help if we don’t turn away when we meet…
Those tired and weary faces we see in our streets.

Sorrow and pity cannot shield our folk from harm, 
When the need is for stability, by putting wrong to right, 
Pity and sorrow does not hold any worth or charm, 
Or keep people warm on cold wet winter’s nights 

With taxes and excise filling States’ and Federal coffers,
All our governments today have enough to share 
With all folk in need; fathers, children, mothers 
Without a home, without food, wanting; needing care.

The goodness of our countries and our peoples are renowned,
For helping all in need and giving what they can, 
We must continue fighting poverty, wherever it is found.
Giving, when need is present, whether woman, child or man.

© 2011 Wordancer

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Vegetable Troubles

I don’t like to eat my veggies
No carrots, beans, or peas.
And I don’t like to eat any salad
It’s full of gross green leaves.
I just don’t like the dirt
And all the bugs they’re carryin’.
All this wouldn’t matter….
But I’m a vegetarian!

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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea at three, oh what a delight
The table was set  - it was an incredible sight
Laden with sandwiches, cakes and tea
What a fantastic treat this was going to be

We tucked in with relish, each mouthful a treat
Deciding which delicious food we should eat
Sandwiches with beef, prawns and tuna too
So much choice my appetite grew and grew

I demolished four sandwiches and then licked my lips
Should I tackle the cakes or consider my hips
The scones with cream and strawberries caught my eye
Oh sod all the calories and wave the diet goodbye

Next came the cake could I resist the temptation
Coffee and walnut cake I had to sample this creation
Each mouthful was heaven oh the dieting can wait
Niarbyl café afternoon tea – sheer heaven on a plate!

Jan Allison
7th April 2014

We were treated to Afternoon Tea at the Niarbyl Cafe yesterday - I wrote this little poem as a thank you to our lovely friend

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And he feeds her

Crisp cool chardonnay drenches their lips,
it's flavour running rivulets over their tongues
eyes widen over the candlelit table,
and he thinks about giving her sons

Rich sticky risotto slowly prised from bowls
mouthfuls devoured in anticipation
he wipes his mouth with emphasised lust
and she thinks about sensual elation

Chargrilled sardines stare eyes from their plates
she plucks them away, eats them whole one by one
his leg quivers tremulously under the table
her sweetness burning like african suns

Creamy crem brulee drips from their spoons
slips down their throats, placating their hunger
he presses his appetite firmly to hers
her thighs draw him in to taste erotic thunder

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A Bacon Roll oh my I cant resist

Sizzling bacon on grill
Aroma is mouth watering
Forget about that iron will
Think of it without drooling

Smell the wonderful fresh roll
spread with butter what a treat
Waistline may take its toll
But the  pleasure you cant beat

Fresh buttered roll, filled with bacon 
Brown sauce as well oh yummy
Some people like an egg within
Anticipation is a rumbling tummy

Eat and Enjoy

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The Pear Dare

Blind as I could be
I reached for the fruit in front of me
Knowing this taste would be my last
From this day forward I must fast

Shaped like a woman's hips
I pressed the fruit against my lips
When I bite it the juices slips
Into the darkness of my abyss

Each bite is ecstasy
Fulfilling a need inside of me
As I share the pending doom
Of this fruit I now consume

Licking the remnants from my fingers
The aroma from my last meal lingers
Determined to see this to the end
My hunger strike can now begin

Joe Flach.  PD's dare to me:  Eat a piece of fruit, with your eyes closed..... Imagine that it's the last fruit you'll ever eat.. I dare you to write about the fruit, and POET every feeling you're having that moment...

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Valentine Vegetables

Vegetables are so versatile I use them every day
Such lovely shapes and colours, they are so bright and gay
I always use them in my cooking
Or eat then raw when no one is looking

What is there not to love about the humble carrot?
I peel it tenderly, chop it up and feed it to my parrot
Broccoli it always gets my pulse racing
When it’s steaming in the pan, round my kitchen I am pacing

Potatoes are so wonderful in every shape and style
Boiled, baked, mashed and roast, so totally versatile
I’ve just discovered butternut squash and make a tasty soup
I bake it first and boil it, its taste makes me cheer and whoop

Mushrooms are my favourites I would eat them all the time
Sauted, raw or stuffed with cheese they really are divine
Tomatoes are so colourful and full of lycopene
Its hidden away inside them and it is never seen

Brussel sprouts you either love or hate
But no Christmas dinner is complete without them on your plate
Parsips and turnips are not my favourite food
I will eat them occasionally, when I am in the mood

My love of veg will never fade
I buy organic that have never been sprayed
Vegetables really are so good for us
My family eat them without any fuss

The humble pea is the love of our life
If they are not on the plate I’d not be a good wife
Swede and carrots mashed together
I eat it with ground black pepper
My ode to veg I think is fine
I want them to be my Valentine
They help to keep us strong and healthy
With veg in our lives we are truly wealthy

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That would be a nice place for a picnic

I can't have a picnic today.
The food, I can't afford to pay.
The price of gas and everything.
Even my heart can't afford to sing.

The blues are sung by yellow wrens.
And the camara's cover is still on the lens.
The joy in life is slowly fading.
As picnic ants are hungryly waiting.

I know this is not what you want to hear.
But empty bellies are living near.
The price for pleasure and blissfulness.
Is much too high for all the rest.

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Chicken Karma

Written in 04 when there was a chicken flue scare...Peter

Chicken Karma.

Chickens fighting back with Karma
Coming down with chicken flue.
People watching all those years now
{people being me and you}
Watching all those cruel fellows
I'm the same I watched it too.

Creatures kept in little cages
Beaks cut off to make them meek.
Never seeing sunny weather
No room to move, of this I speak!!
And now us folk be getting worried
That chicken flue our deaths will seek.

Well I be saying "ain't my fault"
But me, I've ate that chicken too.
And I knew what folk were doing
I'd seen the cruel things they do
And now that karma's getting closer
Will the world go down with chicken flu?.

Dec 30 2004.

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Berry Vine

Berry Vine

 O'de to my berry vine,
 with tart berries so divine
 you are sweet like summer rain
 you drive my palet so insane.

 Your berries are so ripe and plump
 I wish to eat you by the clump
 tasty with your juices pleasing
 all my taste buds, you are teasing.

 Thank you berries for your gifts,
 that snuggly fits between my lips
 as I envelop your bits of grace
 I close my eyes between each taste.

 Black berries, you can do no wrong,
 you are my tummies favourite song
 and next spring I'll feel the same
 to taste and love you once again.

 5/24/14-Jessica Thompson


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Weighty worries

Those endless talks of 
giving the fat a trim
Beauty is now the 
monopoly of the slim! 

Sinuous and slender
The hourglass figure
The thinner, the better.

Dieting and slimming 
down tricks
ofcourse selling like hot 

Tis a pity, I can't eat to 
my heart's content and 
for rounded figures they 
no longer admire.

But as long as 
scrumptious samosas
keep frying in pans
and delicious pizzas
keep baking in 'em' ovens
it'd be hard to keep the 
damned calorie count
or to live in fear of the 
expanding waistline 

Ah those mouth-
watering deep-fried 
are entirely to blame for 
my yo-yo dieting! 

Gosh to cut down on 
cheese and butter slab
is one tough way to get 
rid of body flab.

This war against weight
is weighing upon my 
instead of being simply 
plump and straight
I gotta maintain teen 
contours and curves I 

You do know this is a 
war you've got to be 
It's those extra pounds 
and not the war you 
have to be losing.
Or the other skinny 
lasses will be staring 

Ah but all young ladies 
must as well beware
dragoness Anorexia's 
engulfing lair
or how her crony Bulimia 
too can ensnare! 

So pals better be about ill-
health precautious
rather than being overly 
so weight-conscious. :)

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Finger Licking Delicious

pumpkin pie Tasty finger licking Delicious almost dissolving right on top of my tongue and inside My mouth I sat there and waited Cause pie was so hot Burnt is what got I cry
contest:Plentitude of pies Sponsored by: Sheri Fresonke Harper 10.08.2014

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Just Down the Road

If I keep myself alerted
as I'm leaving my abode,
I'll see life and death and drama
happening just down the road.

I saw an eagle, hawk and heron
as I drove to town today.
Each sat in calm aloofness
with a watchful eye for prey.

I'm glad I'm not a bunny,
a small bird or a mouse,
for with such predators about
I'd dare not leave my house.

If I were a frog or fish I would
sit still with eyes closed tight,
knowing that big hungry heron
could devour me with one bite.

My Lord gave me dominion
over land and beast and fowl
and made me big enough I can't
be picked off by an owl.

I find living to be tolerable,
quite peaceful and serene,
but many smaller beings know
that nature can be mean.

So next time I feel like crying
and grumbling at my fate,
I'll remember smaller creatures
that would think my life is great.

"Survival of the fittest"is
the rule by which they live.
Dying is the price of living.
They accept it and forgive.

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Impending Doom

Cup does runneth 
over, rhyme inside'a 
me at last, was 
barren and so 
empty til inside 
there drops a 

of rich poetic 
potions mixed with 
collard greens and 
hash, let's picture 
hours after the 
economy has 

The whole world 
saw it coming on 
our back; 
impending doom, 
so don't believe the 
newsroom talk of 
how it's ending 

it's not just pipin hot 
it's burnin 3 degrees 
from noon, but won't 
be real until you 
hear this nation 
sing the blues.

We'd lose the 
assistance, it would 
be no joke, the 
welfare food stamps 
gone, there'd be no 

come slice this 
mental Wonder 
bread then sit and 
eat a loaf, there 
wouldn't be much 
growth around at all 
to feed the folks.

The homeless 
though do lay their 
heads by where I 
catch the train, the 
richest country in 
the world can't help 
them, that's a 

but multiply the 
handful by the 
millions that'll hang, 
their heads in 
shame with no 
economy, yo that's 
the game.

The President's 
approval ratings 
dwell where cellars 
be, the days 
of 'meat for dinner' 
gone, no sales on 

and that's for those 
of us who're 
blessed with God's 
defining truth, or go 
out like the 30s 
where we'd stand in 
line for soup.

A real life 'Book Of 
Eli', ain't no gas to 
run the cars, your 
feet would beat 
retreats in cold and 
heat to run you far,

in fact if the 
economy did end 
up true deceased, I 
guarantee you'd find 
those selling kids 
for food to eat.

The loss of all 
morality heats up 
like yellow sand, to 
witness inhumanity 
defeat your fellow 

brutality and 
savag'ry would grip 
this very land, to 
have the cleanest 
water or a bit of 

It then would turn to 
war amidst the 
races and the 
creeds, Apollo died 
while boxing, folks 
like that are safe 
and free,

majority's priority,    
minorities would fall, they'd 
light us up Paul Mall 
in other words they'd bomb 
us all.

Scenarios are 
worse case but I'm 
not that wrong at 
all, so fellas stuffing 
dollars in the 
thongest of the 

and ladies who just 
live to go and ball 
out at the mall, 
enjoy it, stand up 
tall and pray to God 
it all don't fall.

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In Praise of Cheeses

At breakfast time, don’t give me eggs
Or pancakes or French toast;
Some coffee and a cheese-topped bagel
Is what I like most.

Gouda, Muenster, Edam, Swiss,
American or Brie;
Jarlsberg, Asiago, Jack –
They all work fine for me.

I’m not a fan of smelly ones,
And blue cheese I despise;
I guess I’m more pedestrian
And not so worldly-wise.

But still, I’d like to offer praise
To every type that pleases;
The world would be a sadder place
If it did not have cheeses.

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Gefilte Fish

The company was wonderful;
The meal was quite delish,
All lovingly prepared except
The jarred gefilte fish.

But certain things you have to have – 
Tradition reigns supreme – 
And years ago, gefilte fish
Was added to the scheme.

Of course, back then my grandmothers
Prepared it all from scratch.
They started with the pike and whitefish,
Fresh from someone’s catch.

I’ve heard of homes where pike or carp
Would swim around the tub;
Nobody took a bath ‘til grandma
Clunked it with a club.

Now that gefilte fish was great, 
‘Cause it was made with love;
The fish in jars is tasteless, yucky, bland – 
All the above.

To make it fresh you need much more
Than I have got to give,
And so I serve the bogus stuff – 
My guests will all forgive.

The other food was killer
So I really must profess
That, minus homemade fish, our Seder
Was a great success!

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Farm Animal Speech Lessons

          Farm Animal Speech Lessons

Early morning at the crack of dawn
Farm animals were gathered in the barn
The linguist began his lesson
I know old McDonald taught you “E” “I” “E” “I” “O”
Now let’s move on to consonants 
Cows, let’s start with you and your moo…. “Moo!” ... That’s great
Tomorrow we’ll have you say “ve” at the end of that
And after we’re complete
It will be illegal to repeat moo in here or on the street
Moo is obsolete to speak
“Move” is more appropriate and sweet
If you don’t comply
There is this thing called meat
We will find something else for you if you say moo
Did you ever hear of hamburger?
I've heard it’s good to chew and quite tasty too

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The Lemon Wedge on the Rim of Your Glass

The Lemon Wedge on the Rim of Your Glass

By Elton Camp

Exposure to germs isn’t always a blight
They make the immune system work right

In normal living, we get all that we need
But lemon wedges all good sense exceed

It’s quite likely that you are going to find
The lemon picker scratched his behind

Washing lemons, restaurants say they do
In most cases, the claim simply isn’t true

Lemons are dirty when they enter the door
In the café, they’ll get contaminated more

Slicing is done with hands germy as can be
And the knives used aren’t of bacteria free

The slices are handled with glove or tong
Think that and you’re usually very wrong

Servers pick them up with hands unwashed
And against the glass rim they are squashed

With pathogenic bacteria your drink is spiked
The risk of getting sick has just been hiked

A recent study found bacteria such as these
Pathogens from skin, saliva and even feces

Even when it’s “No lemon” that you say
It may appear on or in your drink anyway

Drinks lemon-free really ought to remain
If from drinking germs you would abstain

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It was getting late
But Dracula couldn't find his cape
His pants were too tight
His shirt wasn't right
So that dark, cold night..
He sucked blood in his boxers!

Sponsor: Darren Watson
Contest: Be Bram Stoker For A Day


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Dr Seuss

I could not, would not, eat my beans
Will not, will not, eat those spleens.
I will not eat them soaked in sauce.
I will not eat them just because.
Not braised with jam! Not with my tea!
Not sluiced with wine! You let me be!
I do not like things from the bowels.
I do not like it if it growls.
I will not eat it in a bun.
I do not like it rare or done.
I do not like spleen, ditto tongue.
The same, I say goes for lung.

From Green Eggs and Ham
                                    - Dr. Seuss

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M'Lady's shallot

Tis August, organics abound,
tomatoes juicy and round,
potatoes new dug from the ground,
among the delights to be found.
But best is the lowly shallot.
Queen of the oniony rabble
over it M'Lady did babble,
this oft neglected vegtable,
which Tennyson never forgot.

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Green Bean Casseroles

Shame on those who malign the green bean casserole!
It gustatory delightfulness I shall e'er extol!
With 'fork in cheek' I'll take nonbelievers to task,
And their foibles and biases will strive to unmask!

Folks who disdain this dish ain't tellin' the truth.
Their culinary tastes are so pitifully uncouth!
I'd like to meet the feller who began this unsavory fable,
To ask why he destined it for such an untimely label!

At the church potluck dinner on fellership night,
There's always a green bean casserole to my delight!
A holiday repast with bountiful board just ain't complete,
Unless there's the inevitable green bean casserole to eat!

'Tis such a scrumptious dish, yet so easy to prepare.
Even I could whip up a batch, I really do declare!
Mix some beans, some onion thingys and mushroom soup,
And there you have it folks, all in one fell swoop!

Ere I flee this realm I aim to found as one of my goals,
"The Society For The Propagation Of Green Bean Casseroles!"
Upon my stone you may etch when I end this life's pursuit:
"Many were the green bean casseroles consumed by this galoot!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Just Desserts

The chocolate frosting was whipped for the cake
But it flicked on your neck by a simple mistake
Don’t move my love I’ll clean you up
With lips and tongue I’ll gently suck.

Mmmm, that’s good, lets have some more
There are other body parts we can explore
Remove your apron and what’s underneath
Cover up the box, so Betty Crocker can’t peek.

With spatula I’ll cover your passion
Chocolate cupcakes are all the fashion
On the kitchen table I’ll have my dessert
Careful dear, you’re ripping my shirt.

The company came later that night
And looked surprised to see the sight
Of a naked cake with no frosting there
Yet the hint of chocolate smell in the air.

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Mom, I Want Dessert for Breakfast This Morning

Mom, I Want Dessert for Breakfast 

By Elton Camp 

What would you do if your child should say, 
“For breakfast, I want to eat a Twinkie today” 
“Nope, I can’t give you such a breakfast as that. 
It’s got too much sugar and will make you fat.” 

But here’s a fact that parents may shock and abhor 
Just one cup of Honey Smacks has got even more 
In writing more rhymes, now time I won’t waste 
Here are some facts parents might copy and paste: 

The 10 cereals with the highest sugar content (by percentage weight) are: 

· Kellogg's Honey Smacks (55.6%) 
· Post Golden Crisp (51.9%) 
· Kellogg's Froot Loops Marshmallow (48.3%) 
· Quaker Oats Cap'n Crunch's OOPS! All Berries (46.9%) 
· Quaker Oats Cap'n Crunch Original (44.4%) 
· Quaker Oats Oh!s (44.4%) 
· Kellogg's Smorz (43.3%) 
· Kellogg's Apple Jacks (42.9%) 
· Quaker Oats Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries (42.3%) 
· Kellogg's Froot Loops Original (41.4%) 

The following cereals meet federal nutritional guidelines and are readily available: 

Kellogg's Mini-Wheats: Unfrosted Bite-Size, Rosted Big Bite, Frosted 
Bite-Size, Frosted Little Bite 
·· General Mills Cheerios Original and Kix Original 
· Post Shredded Wheat (all varieties), Grape-Nuts Flakes, Bran Flakes, and 
Honey Bunches of Oats with Vanilla Bunches 
· Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares Cinnamon 

(This is far different from what I usually post, but I feel it's important enough to share from the news. This is limited to the single issue of sugar content in breakfast cereals and speaks only of readily available boxed cereals. There are many other good choices for breakfast, such a fruit and oatmeal. Sodium is also a problem with many boxed cereals. We are having Morning Star Farms non-meat sausage, egg whites, grits, whole wheat toast, cranberry juice (no sugar added) and coffee for our breakfast this morning.) 


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Dining Out

Tonight my wife proclaimed, "My dear, we are dining out!"
I said, "Fine!  How about steak and taters or rainbow trout?"
"No" she insisted, "I want an exotic Italian dish!"
Alas, I lost another tete-a-tete spousal skirmish!

We arrived at Luigi's or some such place,
And were seated cozily by the glowing fireplace!
We proceeded to order our favorite wine,
And to that point everything was going fine!

The server presented the menu to me.
I needed an interpreter I could readily see.
The longer the bill of fare that I perused,
The more I became addled and confused!

Fettuccine Alfredo, Portobello Gratine, Tortelloni;
Spezzato Cacciatore, Rigatoni Alla Carpinelli;
Linguine Bagutta, Cattaloni Penne Alla Taratina;
Tortelloni All Primavera, Scaloppini and Picata!

My head was spinning but hardly from the wine.
As I tried to figure out upon what I'd like to dine!
I summoned the waiter and said, "If you please,
I'll have a buffaloburger with onions, pickles and cheese!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Sophisticated Chef

Though I ain't a cordon bleu chef as the title might imply,
I can still whip up gourmet fare in the blink of an eye!
And to an oven or a fryin' pan I need not be a slave,
As long I can open cans and boxes and use my microwave!

No need for me to spend hours cookin' on languid afternoons,
Makin' a mess with spatulas, blenders and tablespoons.
I can simply open a box and fix Kraft's macaroni and cheese,
Or thaw Marie Callender's lasagna from a carton in a breeze!

Ah, the variety of Campbell's soups I can extract from a tin,
All prepared to perfection, not too thick and not too thin.
Doesn't take me long to create a scrumptious mulligan stew - 
Just open a can of Dinty Moore and heat it up is all I do!

I never bother makin' vanilla waffles anymore from scratch,
When I can thaw Eggo things from a box and enjoy a tasty batch!
Thanks to my handy microwave I can fix Sara Lee frozen pies -
I didn't bake 'em but my gullible guests think otherwise!

My side kick Chef Boy-r-Dee and I make a fine spaghetti,
And also unrivaled ravioli, tortelline and capelleti!
I'm always happy to share with others the secret of my success,
And the proper presentation of fine cuisine with panache and finesse!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Why I Volunteer at Meals on Wheels

Why I Volunteer at Meals on Wheels

Why I volunteer at Meals on Wheels,
  I do it to help people receive meals.
I had to get a photo id
This is for the people’s safety
At first I thought of it as just something to do
  After that first day I realized that wasn’t true
I deliver a meal to the elderly and I do it with care
  Some of the elderly may be in a wheelchair
The hot food is carried in a hot insulated bag
  The cold food is carried in a cold insulated bag
It’s a good feeling to volunteer  
  The people appreciate that we care
I knock at the door and yell hello
  I also check on them before I go
A stranger had said to me, thank you
  She was thanking me for what I do
It’s a good feeling to volunteer
This is something we Americans do to show we care


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Autumnal Transition of the Bounty

The pumpkins
    The pumpkins
         The pumpkins all are gone.
Where did all the lovely pumpkins go?
I saw them just a month ago 
outside the grocery store-
so round and sitting pretty in a row.

           Potato sales are on
the sweet, the brown, and every type we know.
Now trickling down from Idaho
to us are spuds galore.
When pumpkins disappear, potatoes flow!

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Dentist delight
Halloween night

Patient's fright
Toothache plight

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Binge and Purge

Musta lost five pounds today
hunger hurts
but I suffer anyway
stomach shrinks 
along with guilt
hope this improves 
the way I'm built

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When Your Alone At Home

Eat an apple a day
Drink drink water
Hydrate to lose weight
Eat an apple a day

Don't drink soda
Veggies and fruit
Will help you poop
Don't drink soda

No candy or sugary treats
Rice cakes
Make your taste buds ache
No candy or sugary treats

Walk walk walk
Trim those thighs
Walk walk walk

Sleep eight hours a night
A body that rest
Burns fat best
Sleep eight hours a night

Be positive be light
Pounds will shed
If you stay under fed
Be positive be light

Then when your home alone
Lock the doors pull the shades
Raid the pantry of all you crave
When your home alone

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No Anchovies

No pizza of mine
will have those fishes packed in brine.
I must agree they do not taste fine.
I like mushrooms, peppers, and extra cheese.
However, I ask one favor please.
I do not want pizza with anchovies.
For some other folks who like meat,
sausage and pepperoni can be neat.
Those little fishes are salty and never sweet.
Very few ever consider them a treat.
Therefore, before the pizza gets cold,
I want you to place those anchovies on hold.

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Elegy for a Twinkie

No more Twinkies, no more Yodels;
Say farewell to Sno Balls, too.
Ring Dings soon will be extinct
And Devil Dogs, as well, are through.

Plus you’ll have to wonder where
Your fluffy white bread went because
If Wonder was the brand you bought,
This news I bring will give you pause:

For Hostess brands (and Drakes as well)
Have closed their doors, declared defeat;
But oh, those squiggle cupcakes! They,
In childhood days, were such a treat!

Hostess cakes are front and center
When I’m sweetly reminiscing.
I feel bad for kids today
And all those Twinkies they’ll be missing!

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Vacuum Cleaner

Red furry vacuum silently goes across the floor
Consuming dropped homemade southern biscuit
Then looks up with sad eyes beggin'  for more

Just for fun!!

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Nature's Single Dads - The Australian Emu

Nature’s Single Dad:
The Australian Emu :
The first 55 days

Emund is busy
preparing his
dance-floor for
partners who’ll put
him to the test. 
His pedigree line
has proven with time

that it is now his
turn, to be best.
He hears them emerge
from the bush as
they gather in
answer to nature’s
They dance, and then
go away, they know
they cannot stay; 
there is not enough
food for them all. 

They dip and they
weave as they mingle
together knowing
that each has a
With his reputation,
there is no
he is ready to join
in the dance.
‘Bonk! Bonk,’ comes
the sound of another
arrival, ‘It’s
Emulena!’ he says
with a grin. 
Others move to the
side as he leaves
them mid-stride 
to greet this dancer
as she flounces in.

With sensuous,
rhythmic movement of
hips she fluffs up
her boa, it bounces
in time. 
He matches her mood.
His movements are
as they twist and
twirl in their
dancing mime.
He does not fuss
about who takes the
lead, he follows and
their dance now is
With steps that are
light he glides to
the right, 	
he meets her, bows
deeply, head
Emulena says,
“Sorry, we cannot
stay longer, we all
must find paddocks
It matters not
whether we all stay
we trust you to know
what to do.”
As she speaks, they
deposit their gifts,
and he hears, as in
chorus they say,
“We know you’ll do
magically, what you
do naturally 
to deliver these in
your own way.”

After completing her
task, Emulena stands
tall and she fluffs
up her feathers once
They follow her lead
in twos, and in
and promenade across
the dance floor.
Left all alone, he
goes back to his
duties and looks
closely at each pale
green shell.
He checks all for
defects. He sees
they are perfect, 
so with care he
covers every one

He sticks to his
task for fifty-five
days in sunshine,
strong winds and
some showers.
He values each
treasure and tends
them with pleasure 
as he, turns each
egg every three
Through his long
lashes he sees
danger coming. He
drops his neck down
like a log.
Feathers flying on
high and red fur
prowls near-by; 
he needs to fool
both bird and dog.

The shells have now
turned a dark bluey
green, there’s an
infertile egg in the
This egg will be
food for his hungry
but he won’t eat or
drink, ‘til they
Each day he looks
up, and turns his
head to the sun as
it rises each
He’ll sit day and
night until the
time’s right.
He knows, that time
comes without

to be continued...

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Black Hat

“My Deepest Passion”,  is just three cuisines away
For over forty years, cooking in a restaurant, my forte
I can do an “Ice Carving” of a swan landing in a lake
I can start from scratch and build a five tier Wedding Cake

I’ve used exotic spices, from a hundred different lands
Pick fresh produce from a garden, I’ve never opened cans
I have Saffron flown in from India at $180 a gram
Escargots from Niece, France; where I also order lamb

With whisk in hand; a frying pan, a little wine and roux
I don’t believe there’s a creamy sauce; I don’t know how to do
I love to teach my students the beauty of Culinary Artistry
At Graduation they start their careers and take a part of me

Three cuisines, to master, to become a “Black Hat Chef”
But ill health is telling me I don’t have a lot of time left
From a short order cook to a teacher of the Culinary Art
I Live my dream, a dream that is deep within my  HEART

As Executive Chef of a five star resort for the past eleven years
“My Deepest Passion” has kept me going as my retirement nears
Three more cuisines and I become “Black Hat Chef” number eight
The third in the U.S.A. a life long dream come true; if that should be my Fate

Inspired by Amy Green’s Contest “ My Deepest Passion “
Dedicated to my number One Student  Kenny Potter my Protege

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I always asked mommy,
to give me a chocoy,
as it is so yummy,
I would fill my tummy.

Chocolate is so delicious,
for me its food precious,
no counting of calories,
only dumping out of worries.

When breakup with boyfriend,
you are the only friend,
to lighten the sadden,
soul to fully brighten.

Many shapes and colors,
many varieties and flavors,
am always in your favour,
and ever ready to savour.

Whatever maybe the occasion,
you are always there for celebration,
you are the quick medication,
whenever there is a tension.

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The Capital Shaker

There are many in our capital
Who share the same genome
They prefer to follow
Liars in that hollow
But there’s a fix to that
So see if you can swallow
Punching holes in the dome.

I’d then pick up that capital
And flip it upside-down
And wouldn’t it be nice
To shake it once or twice
So all the brain-less grains
Of sugar, salt, and spice
Pour onto the cold ground.

But that would leave just lobbyists
Toting devil’s favors
As their stock and trade
Let’s rain on their parade
And send them all back home
Since only homemade
Can improve D.C.’s flavor.

I wonder if our founders
Who built on those acres
A building square and plumb
Conceived it filled with bums
They’d pull out their wigs
If the best that it’d become
Was the capital shaker.

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Lady bug Lady Bug

Lady bug 

Lady bug lady bug it is fun to play and look at you, 
you seem to increase in size whenever we live in some place new, 
you hide in my toy, you hide in my closet
what am I am going to do with you? 
Lady bug lady bug look at you, when I turn on the lights
you run with your friends and fly away too. 
Lady bug Lady Bug 
I am getting tired of you, you run and 
alluding me in to my shoes, even when I am over you,
eating my food, you look and seem
 you want me to bless you to. 
Lady bug lady bug I am not having fun with you, 
I am getting my mom and dad to get the 
exterminator to get with you and your crew. 
This poem is about a five years old kid who never saw North and 
South American cockroach in his young life.

 Poetry 11/26/10 by Keith K. Relf

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A Christmas Verse

Chipmunks roasting on an open fire, 
It takes 10 to make a meal. 
Grab one by the tail, 
Drop him into the pan... 
You can hear the little fella squeal. 

A little teriyaki kills that gamey taste. 
On a bed of brown rice, they're so good. 
Cranberries on the side, 
Open your mouth wide, 
You'll want to eat more chipmunks...and you should. 

Chipmunks are endangered, 
but who really cares? 
When they're gone, they're gone, I guess. 
Even tho' there's not much meat, 
They're so tasty and easy to eat 
And they really don't make much of a mess. 

So, just before Christmas, go trap a few, 
Enough for you and all your friends. 
Think how good your friends will feel 
Eating such a good meal; 
They'll be sad when Christmas dinner ends. 

Merry Christmas, Alvin. 

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Caution - This Poem May Contain Some Humour

When my husband was in hospital, he was given an afternoon tea
Scones and cake and sandwiches, simply delicious as you can see
The final treat was to eat the scone served with jam and butter
On opening the butter packet these words made hum splutter

He saw  ‘Caution Contains Milk’ was written on the label
Found this so amusing he kept the label on the table  
I know people have allergies but this is taking it too far
Soon they’ll be telling me I need petrol to drive my car

Some people think the Brits are dull, I intend to dispel this rumour
Think I may post on my poems ‘ this may contain some humour’

Jan Allison
28th May 2014

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Get Rich Quick

Blackeyes and turnip greens on New Year's day.
   That's what we should eat, or so they say.
With pork chops or ham hocks glazed with honey.
   Eating all this is supposed to bring you money.
This is tradition in the South where I live,
   to eat such a meal, but this secret I give.
If you're eating this meal to gain riches untold.
   Then my friend I'll confess, while waiting you'll grow old!

For Russell Sivey's Good Luck Meal contest

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Peeling An Onion

There is a truth in you my friend
both heady and unique
that makes my sense of smell
take flight, 
and drives my curiosity.

I carve away voraciously,
cut deep and cut again
til glossy bulb is
ringed layers
of dazzling luminosity.

Sweet orbed bands, 
I plate them out, 
in artful presentation 
gleaming rings I praise, admire 
the aim of my pomposity

I peel, and peel,and peel again
core’s perfect pearl revealed
And I in awe,
Relish, delight 
devour you aromally

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There's a variety of cookies to be had at the local grocery mart.
Famous Amos, Keeblers, Chips Ahoy and others to fill your cart.
All daintily wrapped and scrumptious I will readily concede,
But there ain't nothin' like homemades for my belly's need!

Ah! The delightful aromas waftin' from the kitchen,
Make my tummy growl and gets my taste buds itchin'!
I'm unceremoniously invited from the kitchen while they cool.
I'm restrained from snatchin' some - I can only drool!

I'm aware that makin' homemades will create a heap o' clutter,
But what care I - just so my spouse is liberal with the peanut butter!
You can't go wrong usin' grandma's recipes to make a batch,
Of macaroons, brownies or snickerdoodles from scratch!

There's all kinds of munchies such as popcorn and tater chips,
Macadamia and pistachio nuts and Fritos with fancy dips,
But I prefer cookies for a snack and eat 'em by the fistful.
If I don't get my daily cookie fix I become somewhat wistful!

I reckon I inherited my cookie fetish from my dear old Pa.
His moniker was "Cookie Bill"!  He always had a cookie in his paw!
Please etch upon my stone when this earthly plane I flee:
"Keep that cookie jar full of cookies was his fervent plea!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Gerkey's Jerky

There's a teacher named Gerkey. He sells lots of jerky. If you won't pay, he'll send you away, and you won't get jerky form Gerkey.

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gods little forest creatures


All that she knew was that it was a snowy day
And she was in a horse pulled sleigh
The blanket was covering her
From her knees to her feet.
The thermo of hot chocolate was such a treat.

The frozen lake, the snow covered trees
Was truly a sight to be seen.
the birds high up in the trees
Whistling so cheerfully

Singing songs of  summers past
And how the winter came so fast.
The ground hog not wanting to come out
He knew well what winter was about.
The ground was covered in a blanket of white
All roads and paths were out of sight.
That did not stop this horse pulled sleigh
He had gone thru this many a day.  
He had a covered barn that awaited him
That was the reason he had a grin.
The animals were frantically searching for food 
The possums, the raccoons, the rabbits 
And The squirrels too.
With one purpose in mind
And that was to stay alive.
As she got to where they were gathered
She pulled out from under her blanket
A five pound bag of peanuts and seed
for her to feed - these poor
Little creatures who always came around
When there was no food to be found.
She was the snow white of this land
Always there to give a hand.
So when you see a squirrel stop and stand 
on its hind legs, it’s to see if it is their snow white
Who helped them on this cold winter night.

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Flasks and drums
Vases and urns
Barrels for holding pickles

Bowls and cups
Pots and pans
Piggy banks for nickles

Beakers, pitchers
Bottles for milk
Mere vessels for the rookies!

For no container
In the world
Can beat my jar of cookies!

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On Top of My Pizza

On top of my pizza
filled with bacon and cheese
sits a juicy pineapple ring
filled up with garden peas

This gives much wanted colour
to my anticipated big bite
the base is so thick
raising one's mouth a new height

The juice from my pineapple ring
runs all over my pizza
adding zest to its taste
giving it a new added feature

Now the ring slips slowly down
to fall off the plate
on to the floor below the table
I'm sitting at with my date

Then it moves over to the other side
where sits my date a real beaut
who thinks I'll have that
but finds it stuck to her foot

So I cut it from her foot
making her footloose and fancy free
with my knife and fork
made her eyes see only me

Love came via a pineapple ring
to cherish and keep we joyfully sing

AUTHOR NOTES: written with the  childrens song in mind 'on top of spaghetti'
with a slight change of focus!

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They bake cakes and pies for the individual. For years, eating their products has been a ritual. They bake butterscotch krimpets, and chocolate cup cakes. Their pies include apple, lemon, and blueberry. What about peach, strawberry rhubarb, or cherry? We can’t forget chocolate and peanut butter kandy kakes. Whatever they sell, their goods have what it takes. The fresh varieties amount to a plethora. How lucky you are if you live near Philadelphia.

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Finbar's Food Adventure

A little old man called Finbar McGann
Survived on a diet of spinach and spam.
Occasionally cabbage he dined on as well,
but hated the way it made his house smell.

One day when he woke, it’s hard to tell why.
He thought there are foods I really should try.
He picked up his coat and headed for town
Deciding to try every restaurant around.

He first had a pizza he gobbled quick smart
Then ordered some pasta and blueberry tart
He sampled Chinese food, then a kebab.
A rather hot curry he scoffed after that.

Although he was full he wanted to glean
Which was tastiest kind of cuisine.
There were so many foods he’d need to digest
In order to reach the end of his quest.

He gorged on fried chicken, burgers and chips
Then looked at the menu licking his lips.
The beef bourguignon he gobbled with glee
Then asked the waiter to bring him the cheese.

Although his insides were starting to hurt
Finbar decided to try some dessert.
Ice cream, meringue, chocolate gateaux.
Which was the nicest? He just had to know.

Although he enjoyed every morsel he ate
He had to admit, he was not feeling great.
He swallowed a pill to ease indigestion
Ignoring discomfort to answer his question.

Still wanting more, just one final dish
Finbar Mc Gann ordered the fish.
Cooked to perfection the cod was delightful
But Mr Mc Gann was now feeling frightful.

His stomach swelled up with an ominous gurgle
He started to sweat, his features turned purple
His tongue, now quite numb, his taste buds eroded
Finbar mc Gann gave a groan, and exploded.

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Time And Chance

Time And Chance “11 I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. 12 Moreover, no one knows when their hour will come: As fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare, so people are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them.” Phil 3:18-21 NIV The race is not won by the swift, Nor is the battle won by the strong. Wealth is not given to the brilliant, Nor food to the wise belong. Favor is not given to the learned And death not claimed only by the old. Men are trapped by evil ‘Til their bodies grow still and cold. Time And Chance affect all mankind— No man knows when his hour will come. Wisdom belongs to God; All wisdom above and under the sun. Time And Chance are in His hands; Many simply must comply. God builds up or breaks down; Kings and nations to occupy. Fools are placed in high positions, And the rich are often laid low. Is everything understood by man? How does God work on earth below? If clouds are full of water, They pour rain upon the earth. But man is a mystery; Time And Chance not in his death or birth. We do not understand the hand That makes the seed spring forth; How the human body is formed, Or how the womb gives birth. Time And Chance are the equation That only God does know. Man is truly ignorant of how Time And Chance works here below. © Copyright 2012 Maureen LeFanue

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I will take a jog, but will not go near the grocery store
I will pass by the grocery store, but will not open the door
I will go in there, but will not go down the aisle where the ice cream is on sale
Oh! I promise!... I just can’t feel my feet any longer!

I will look at the ice cream, but will not pick it
I will pick it up, but will not buy it
I will buy it, but will not open it
Oh! Promise! Just let me have it! It’s on sale!

Open it, but not smell it
Smell it, but not taste it
Taste it, but not eat it
Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!

Ohhh! Freaking deceiving joy of calories is this!
Three months to lose, but took me a minute to gain
Promise! Promise! This is the last one, I swear!
I will just go to bed when I feel like jogging again.

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A Mouse's Telescope

If you leave a mouse a telescope,
I'm sure he'll look through it.
If you leave that scope upon a hill,
I'm sure that's where he'll sit.

If you leave it there in dark of night,
I'm sure he'll try to find a light
that's round and bright and made of Brie,
then gaze upon it happily
while wond'ring how to shake it down
and share it with his friends in town

because, well that's what mice would do.
If I were one, I'd do that too.

But I'm sure if he cannot displace
that roundish piece of cheese from space,
he'll set his little eyes upon
the specks of sparkling Parmesan

that permeate the purple night:
though small, they're just as good a light.

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A Womans Role

What is it about women
That makes them think their role
Is to deprive their starving husbands
Of the food that feeds their soul

So I’m a few pounds overweight
Really, that’s no big deal
I want to eat the food I like
It’s how it makes me feel

She says that fruit is good for me
Takes pains to tell me why
Well breakfast’s an important meal
So I have apple pie

She’s always pushing food at me
Like vegetables and nuts
So I oblige reluctantly
With two or three doughnuts

What is the problem I protest
I’m doing what you ask
Just change how you prepare them
That’s not too hard a task

It matters not, I always say
If I don't do what I'm told
I won't live much longer anyway
I'm already pretty old

They keep on persisting
Like they could not care less
About us poor men's wishes  
And disregard our happiness

It’s degrading when I have to sneak
Into the Cookie jar 
She’s guarding o’er the candy dish
I have to steal a chocolate bar

It’s bad for me she tells me
It’ll cause all kinds of ills
I say that's impossible
’Cause I’m taking all these pills

I’ve finally caved, I’ve given in
So my health I do not botch
So I’ll just sit here brooding
And finish my bottle of scotch 

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Mom's Apple Pie

The sparkling goodness imprisons an autumn sun
And takes me back to the tender days when I was very young
When I'd help my Mama pluck them off the ground
Tart fallen pippin apples which the warm brisk winds had found
We'd stack them in her apron hammock bed
And when we'd gathered enough, into the house we'd head
Right to the kitchen sink to sort, and wash
And I would stand upon a chair to watch
Then gently laid on a towel, they'd shine till they were gleaming
We'd sit, and chat,  she'd peel and we'd talk about every little thing
She would open the Crisco can, and the flour canister
And soon, before my very eyes, the pie dough would appear
She would roll the dough, and let me have a try
She would break off a piece for my miniature pie...
Side by side, she would show me how
Her patience was I struggled to follow
The petals of peeled slices, layered out into rows
Sprinkled with her spices, added sugar and butter bows
Popped carefully into a piping oven, not quite an hour or so...
We'd watch them turn a golden brown...filling up my nose
With a cinnamon sweet fragrance, that would make my child's mouth drool
She would finally remove them, hot and gold,  slightly letting them cool
Would top their goodness with heaping mounds of vanilla ice cream too!
Ahhh....sweet are the memories of those awesome pie ala modes...
Are you watching me Mom?...on those autumn days when I have shown
My grandchild how to peel, and slice, and roll, and bake her own??....

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Birthday Cake

Maybe you like chocolate,
With the icing smooth as silk
Or shortcake filled with strawberries
To serve with ice-cold milk.

You might select a carrot cake
With yummy cream cheese frosting
Or mocha or red velvet – 
All the choices are exhausting!

It’s possible that you would choose
An ice cream filled confection;
A pie or tart would be, to some,
Their number one selection.

Whatever one is served to you,
With candles all aglow,
Will be just perfect on your day
To make a wish and blow.

So happy birthday! Hope your cake
Fulfills your appetite.
A birthday comes but once a year,
So take a giant bite!

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And Goliath Said

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

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Cinco De Mayo

 Packed a picnic for the middle of the night,
sandwiches,chocolet stawberrys , liqueur taste just right,
 Smoke a lil sumthin to make us feel so light,
My baby sister here, we can never feel so tight,
 One candle burning flickering just right,
Here with our loves, the moon shines so bight,

 We walk through the trails, to stretch our legs and feel the air,
we get so spooked we run back feeling fear,
 We laugh out loud to clear the air,
 Enjoy this time from here to there,
Cinco de mayo is outa sight,

We love each other all so right.

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The Local Market

 The stalls are set up
 along the main street
 a change from the normal
 the local shop price they beat

 Many come to have a look
 looking for a bargain or two
 hoping for something special
 anything good would be brand new

 Real good quality items
 can be found if you look
 you feel good with a bargain
 success in anyone's book

 All sorts are found there
 shoes clothes even food
 many a splendid thing
 things to suit every mood

 So support your market
 make sure it will stay
 for generations to come
 it will pay its way


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Serve Fish

The number of fish species comprises a very long list. However, one does not need to be an ichthyologist. Just go to any seafood department at a supermarket. There are many tasty varieties of fish we can get. Fish is high in protein which can make us stronger. It's lower in fat which can help us live longer. Serve up some fish, and you will have a good meal. Search the stores where you can get a great deal. inspired by another member's poem

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Apple Pie

Your yummy scrumptious and sugared
Your crust is crunchy lovely golden brown
Your apples are spiced with cinnamon toast
Your delicious fragments smell like toast
Everybody loves you so fine
I will eat a piece and dine

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A Squirrel's Treat

Now there’s a sound I’ve heard before,
The quietest knock on plastic door,
The squirrel on the other side,
Boldly stands, no need to hide,
He knows that there’s nothing to fear,
From the people within here,
But if he can just look so sweet,
He might just earn himself a treat,
And so he stands with widening eyes,
Hoping for a small surprise,
He waits patiently for bread,
With his tail so bushy and red,
Give him it dry and he might just utter,
“Thank you Miss, but where’s the butter?”

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Fight The Demons Diet

It was that time again to empty once more,
I was on my Knees on the bathroom floor.
Putting tissue down the Loo making sure nothing stayed afloat,
Then I slid my fingers down deep inside my sore throat.

Trying not to make a sound, Making sure no sick hit the ground,
And even though the taste was so vile I needed to empty till there was no more bile.
I had to be quick but the release felt great,
No-one understood me but I believed this was my fate.

Staring at my reflection, tears would roll down my cheek,
I'd hear the torments in my mind saying how I was such a freak.
The Demons they would say "Look at the state of you, 
You are disgusting ,You are a mess, No-one could ever love you".

When looking in a mirror at my body I would cringe,
Then turning desperately to the fridge I'd begin again to Binge.
I would eat so much till I was about to pop,
One more trip to the Loo then I promised myself I would stop.

I'd wish people would leave me be, They just didn't get that....
I had eaten too many calories and I was sick of being Fat!
So I had taken control of my diet, Obsessed with weight and measure,
Punishing myself after every treat, Desserts were no longer a Pleasure.

Over time people started talking about how I had become so thin,
So I pulled the curtains closed and I locked myself in.
Hiding myself away from neighbouring abuse,
I stopped all contact, I became a recluse.

Then a visit from my mother my Angel, who Id avoided for awhile,
Came knocking at my door, Arms open,
Oh I had missed her warming smile.  

I looked into my mothers eyes as she turned to me and sighed
"Oh sweetheart what has happened to you,
Your hair is falling out and your bones are showing through".
She placed her arms around me feeling my frail torso".
Then whispered to me gently " Please let your Demons go",
"Everything you are doing is damaging your health",
"You're deteriorating into of me, You're slowly killing yourself".

Turning away she began to cry,
Wiping away the tears falling from her eyes.
She told me how she lost her best friend to the very deadly disease.
I wrapped my arms around her, Comforting her as she grieves.

Seeing the hurt upon my mothers face,
The heartache I was causing her, The shame and the disgrace.
"Mum" I said "I will fight my Demons and make myself strong",
"I realise now what Ive been doing Is dangerous and wrong".
"Getting back to full health will take a long long time,
But with you and my family and friends I know Im gonna be just fine".

So Here I am Today at this Time and on this Date.
I am Making my Illness History and re-creating my fate.
Big Thankyou to my family and friends for all of your support.
I know now time is too precious to waste and our life on Earth is short.x

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Chicken in the Pot

The sun is setting and soon I’ll be getting in the mood,
For some chicken in the pot, my favorite kind of food.
Some chicken thighs, potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes.
Add onions, mushrooms, and carrots, whatever you say goes.

Then choose some kind of marinade, it really doesn’t matter.
Salad dressing, barbecue, or maybe something hotter.
Bake for an hour at 350 degrees and soon it will be done.
Let it coast for ten minutes after it’s out of the oven.

If you’re lazy like I am and don’t want to spend hours
In the kitchen making something that you will devour.
Then follow my simple recipe that I’ve described above.
And you will have a dinner, that you will surely love.

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Apple Pie

My jeans are tight I don't know why
It must of been that apple pie
I couldn't resist it piping hot
With lots of custard draped on top.

That soft lush pastry just makes me go yum
As my mouth competes with my tum
I feel so bloated and fit to drop
When I tuck in, I must remember to stop.

I know I ate a little too much
But an apple pie wasn't meant just to touch
So get stuck in and start to eat
You know you deserve a little treat.

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We Will Never Eat in That Restaurant Again

We Will Never Eat in That Restaurant Again

By Elton Camp

It had a menu that was quite extensive
And it wasn’t actually overly expensive
To give good service the waitress truly tries
She didn’t smack gum or call us “You guys”

The meals we ordered where cooked just right
But the establishment had one really major blight
One so serious that the place we came to abhor
We resolved that we’d never eat there anymore

The family who occupied the very next booth
Had children who were loud and most uncouth
Bits of food across the room the brats flung
One of them, over the booth barrier hung

And we found it not in the least to be a treat
When they slammed back against our seat
They threw so much food onto the café floor
That we would never want to come there more

All during the meal, the no-necks scream & shout
You can easily imagine our annoyance, no doubt
For a while we did fervently hope and believe
That the manager would demand they leave

Maybe he was afraid the group to offend
But the result is we’ll never go there again
Next time, we found a café on down the street
That had a sign that was both sensible and neat

“Unruly children we will absolutely not tolerate.
Of that obnoxious type we have had our bate.”

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Sweet and Salty

Sweet and salty      Or       Should I say        Salty and sweet        Never needed tenderizer  To soften this meat       Devouring Carmen       Down by the sea        Always a place       I wanted to be       That's  it                   Richard Ferry                                                       PS ..   Sorry I did not follow the rules

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Being good with no soul

I captured it in white foam
For its safe journey to my home
And to my abode
I rode
When I opened it only to spy
it look back at me with it's one glazed eye
With a sweet odor it gave no sign of  fear
For it had no ear to hear
Of it's pending destruction.
It had no soul to carry on, in it's construction
After all, whether powder or glazed to promote it
It's only a doughnut

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this magical toy was handed down to me,
by no other but my family.
yet to be recognized and told,
never to be sold.
in first sight it was mystical,
it never likes a brat.
so to it's meaning;
you shouldn't always be mean,
show that you are not easily upset,
and is always is a fair kid.
it could protect you,
will always be by your side.
calm you in the storm,
brave you through a fight.
will be there for you through thick and thin,
no matter how your destiny ends.

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That bewildering cake

That bewildering cake, flung to her 
thoughts as she raced to the microwave!
Ready to eat all those scraps, put in her 
face... She was Ready. Ready to face this
bewildering cake.

This bewildering cake made no mistake
on her as she watched it sit in the 
microwave that one night... Silently preying
on something so small, but something more
delicious than all.

She grabbed a fork, and a plate. 
About to make a really bad mistake.
Until one minute later, her Mom had
awoke... and no further lies were told..

"Sally, oh Sally, what have you done? You 
ruined my chocolate cake that was made 
for my Mom!" She looked at her, sadly, her
face filled with tears as she made way to her
Mom saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! But it was 
so much fun!!" 

Her Mom then smiled and held her head within 
her chest, gripping the plate and what she said
next, made all the difference. "That's okay 
sweetie it's only the second to last one!!"

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Halloween Witch

Halloween is finally here,
she has had to wait a whole year.

She brushes the dust from her broom
and flies out the window into the gloom.

Looking for belladonna that is blue,
for making up her witches brew.

So, if you see her fly overhead,
you had better hurry and jump into bed.

She is looking for little boys and girls too,
going to stick them in her yummy beef stew.

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Just A Matter Of Taste

I savor a hearty repast of meat and smashed pertaters,
And a salad liberally laced with fresh termaters,
But spare me anything slathered with anchovy paste!
('Tis just a matter of my discriminating taste!)

'Tis a gastronomic delight dining on Chinese cuisine,
But my appetite is dulled by things best left unseen,
Such as bird's nest soup and octopus when it is faced!
('Tis just a matter of my discriminating taste!)

How delectable are hams, bacon and sausages to eat,
But my stomach roils upon seeing a pigs pickled feet,
Or souse containing stuff that should be consigned to waste!
('Tis just a matter of my discriminating taste!)

Moroccan folks are wizards at brewing their tea,
But cous-cous with glazed sheep's eyes staring at me,
Is more than I care for when before me it is placed!
('Tis just a matter of my discriminating taste!)

I'm a glutton for cookies, puddings, pies and cakes,
But I'm repelled by the flesh of 'gators and rattlesnakes!
As can be seen, ordinary vittles I have embraced!
('Tis just a matter of my discriminating taste!)

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Please Take Only One

At a U.F.T.* event,
The sign was printed large,
Obviously placed there by
The person left in charge.

What it said was no surprise
For schnorrers** often show,
But “Please take only one!” I thought
Was not the way to go.

It referred to bagels, which
Were piled upon a plate,
Looking like the most pathetic
Ones you ever ate.

Though quite unappealing,
Even with a cream cheese schmear,
There are those who might take two – 
The sign made that quite clear.

An admonition will not stop
A schnorrer in his tracks,
But add some sorry bagels and
The food staff can relax!

*United Federation of Teachers
**greedy people who take more than their share

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The Little Green Fairy

Resting in this lead crystal glass I see
is a mystical little green fairy.
Outside in the light of a summer full moon,
a sugar cube is nestled in a silver slotted spoon.
There is a sweet anise scent the fairy does not hide,
as ice takes the sugar and runs down the side.
The steps are slow, but worth the wait,
as few living men can take you in straight.
Little green fairy, as I hold you in my hand,
open the gate and let me enter your land.

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My Bed

My Bed
I have a place in mind
A place of a familiar kind
Not the place we’d go and leave behind
The place I feel confined

Not the paradise island you had in your head
Not the dream of running away… the dream of sleeping in bed

If I was to die, I’d die in bed
Here they would find me, sleeping not dead
If I was to eat, I’d eat in bed
I wouldn't get out, I’d be spoon fed

The young don’t like bed
To them it’s just a command mum and dad said
The troubled don’t like their beds
Instead they’re given meds

Some people don’t have beds
Some people sleep on the floor
Some people have two beds
Some people still want more 

If it was the end of the world
If the Queen had lost her head
I wouldn't get out
I’d stay tucked up in bed

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Best Luck Meal

A weekly meal at home
Pork chops boiled in sour kraut
But there’s another good luck meal
I’d like to tell you about

My big brother served our country
During the Vietnam War
He said the Navy fed him well
But there was a dish he longed for

Each letter he sent had lines blacked out
Censors concealed his whereabouts 
The only sentences left intact
Were about the lamb he couldn’t live without

One Sunday Mom made leg of lamb
Thinking Artie was still in the Pacific
When unannounced, he walked through the door
Our “best luck” meal was terrific

*Entry for Russell's "Good Luck Meal" Contest

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The Humble Pie

                           falling from the skies; 
            big ones, small ones, meat ones and fruit,                                                    
           dropping from the sky, like big bags of loot;
                            mouths open wide, 
                           pies dropping inside, 
                        my dream has come true 
                     so many pies for me and you;
                  back to reality I can suddenly see 
                eyes open wide no pies there for me; 
          but strangely I feel chock full I cannot tell a lie
Well you just would not be an Aussie, without the humble pie!

Written by 
Vicki Darcy

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The Fat Man at the Buffet

The Fat Man at the Buffet

By Elton Camp

Saturday eve, we thought it might be nice
To go to “All-You-Can-Eat-for-One Price.”
But as we were standing in the line to pay
We spotted quite a man on down the way

The fellow must weigh five hundred pounds
Managers came and left with worried frowns
We wonder that, since that one had come around,
They’d take the “All You Can Eat” sign down

When he gets in there and his food does choose
Much of the night’s profits they are sure to lose
Rather than a plate, the big man grabbed a tray
So he could pile much more by doing that way

As soon as he spied the delicious sirloin steak,
It wasn’t just one or two, but five he did take
Then he came to the huge container of fried fish,
He snatched fast.  All but two of them he did wish

Fried chicken he surely must like the very best
He loaded his tray: legs, thighs, wings and breast
Then came potatoes, gravy, tomatoes, corn, rice
Finally, many types of bread did the man entice

When the biggest table el gordo managed to find
Then it required two chairs to hold his huge behind
The waitress came over to ask him about his drink
“I’ll take lemonade, Coke, Pepsi, and Sprite, I think.”

We couldn’t get our food until more was brought 
The glutton had taken so much more than he ought
We made our selections, but it wasn’t long before
The enormous man came back to get some more

And then when our meal was very near complete,
We saw him getting the dessert he wanted to eat
Chocolate cake, ice cream, cookies, and apple pie
He saw no reason why he shouldn’t all of them try

Manager gave a sigh of relief when he left the place
“A man who eats like that is nothing but a disgrace.”
To the cashier he said, “If you see another of those,
Then very firmly tell him that this place is closed.”

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The Eating Habits Of Vanilla Gussett

I am me!

I am beautiful greediest me!

I'm quite simply gigantic, enormous, colossal- bigantic!

I'm huge I'm not small I could fill Albert hall -

What a beautiful thing to be me.


I can eat a cake shop in one sitting

Forty boxes of chocs without quitting,

If I had half a mind to-

I could well be inclined to

-Start over again, food permitting.


They say I've no stomach to diet.

'Lazy lummock!' they scream. 'You must try it!'

I just laugh from my belly

Till it wobbles like jelly,

'Come on then,' I say, 'come and fry it!'


It is said I'm too lazy to chew.

It's an art, It's not easy to do.

I just open my gob

And with a flick and a lob-

Down the hatch, tallyho, toodaloo!

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My Favourite Dish

When mom would make her apple pies, and I was very small I would stand upon a kitchen chair, so that I could see it all She would open up the Crisco can, and a flour canister And soon, before my very eyes, some pie dough would appear She would roll the dough, line her dish, then let me have a try She would save a piece of pastry for a doll sized dish I prized... Side by side, she would show me how, but mine would be a mess!! Her patience was amazing.…. as she sought to grant my wish The petals of her apple slices, layered neatly into rows Most of mine in disarray, some landing on my toes! A sparkling touch of sugar sweet, and some golden butter bows Such praise I got, ....the oven hot, .....then off to bake it goes... We’d watch them turn a golden brown…as love filled up my nose

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The New Kingdom

Can anyone on this planet see that many unexplained occurrences are happening?
Can a group of scientist, agriculturist, solve the worlds food problem?
Can anyone control the weather?
Can anyone truly say they can make the world better?

Can we sustain food supply to the millions starving?
Can we in good conscience think this through without it being alarming?
Can a world facing over population, pandemics, and wars survive?
Can do. This is what our Savior Jesus said if we are to remain alive.

You see man has the power if he adheres to God’s laws and allow our Spiritual Father in.
Love, consideration love for your fellow humans, we alone allows the Holy Spirit in.
God’s edicts will stand the test of time. This belongs to God. He sees, hears, knows all, happenings are explained.
Today now you can know the Father, just ask, be fearful of God, His road map, His heavenly signs, His truths remain.

Can say this, the Bible says, “Prove all things?”
Can do a motto, a search, a loving gift to all human beings?
Don’t be fooled confusion is the devil’s way.
Soon’ Peace, love, a new kingdom. Don’t worry it’s more about the devil’s pay day.

Our Father will see to it that every fear, every sorrow will disappear.
The conditions are simple; Love your God with all your heart and soul, live as if to hear.
Keep your vigilance, pray for His will be done.
As we lovingly spiritually see His Kingdom comes.

The evil one cast to His predicted end into the pit.
His legions, His followers, will be cast to the depths, and we will be better off because of this.
Our new Kingdom on earth will be with the Father and Jesus.
A loving caring peaceful earth, a gift from the Father we can go and talk to the Almighty, A Spiritual gift for us.

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Fast Food To Go

Fast Food To Go

By Elton Camp

To get take-out at the fast food place
It’s a gauntlet that you have to face

The drive-through line extends so far
Yours could be about the tenth car

Then starts the ordeal that I so hate
Pull up and wait, pull up and wait

The driver of the car just ahead
At least seven time the menu read

It’s your turn the speaker to address
Don’t imagine it is going to be express

A recorded voice gives the offer for the day
“May a take your order?” a human will say

After ordering, expect to hear words as these
“Would you now repeat your order, please”

Attention deficit is required
If, for that job, anyone is hired

“Drive to the next window to pay”
The distorted voice will then say

Then when you manage to get that far,
The cashier drops change beside your car

Next comes the window for which you came
The one where your food order you claim

But one more stop should be expected
Inside counter where the order is corrected

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Where Do All the Unwanted Teachers Go?

Where do all the unwanted teachers go?
When our economy suffers so?

Budgets continue to be cut
Putting public education in a major rut

“Become a teacher and make an impact!”
But instead unemployed teachers are in line for food stamps

They earned their credentials:  teaching certificate and degree
They’ve applied for teaching jobs from here to Tripoli

“Get some experience by subbing for a year”
The year came and went and they’re still here

Year two proved to be even more trying
Which has only left them crying

“How can we survive on such an inconsistent paycheck?”
We have our own children to support and protect

Thousands in our state alone
Why can we not find a school for these teachers to call home?

Their passion for teaching is evident
A more rewarding career could not be dreamt

So, where do the unwanted teachers go?
For many we simply do not know

Their certificates are left collecting dust on the wall
While they earn minimum wage in the food court at the mall

Some returned to their corporate jobs that left them stressed
Still others weren’t even that blessed

“Unemployed” is the title they hold
Anxiously awaiting the day they will be told

“You’re hired!”

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White Pumpkins

I got invited  to Carol's pumpkin patch
There was only one little catch
All the white pumpkins were free
Not one orange one --did I see

Why oh why were they all white
It really created quite a sight

Carol no wonder they were for free
Who would want a white pumpkin--not me

But I will take it and make a pie
It will taste so good--your taste buds will die

I am in confusion as to how the pie will turn out
Never made a white pumpkin pie so am in doubt.

So together we will try something new
Pumpkin pie for just us two.

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How to Make Your Own Chocolate

All chocolate comes from the cacao trees They grow best in tropical vicinities. The tree first grew in Central America although most of them now grow in Africa. A portion of them also comes from Asia. Equatorial climate proves most ideal, so the tree has plenty of pods to reveal. The pods on the trees contain many small beans. These beans have to dry by the usual means. They have to spend many hours in the sun before any further processing is done. Once dry, they are processed with fermentation. They get chocolate liquor through extraction. The beans have to be shipped to facilities where they are scoured for all impurities. The brown dried beans are then roasted for some time; long enough to bring out flavor that’s sublime. Further along in this commonplace process, butter is extracted by hydraulic press. They add alkali and emulsifier, along with sugar and vanilla flavor, to a thick consistency that would favor pressing into molds that are briskly shaken. Air bubbles escape; solid bars are taken to another room for wrapping and packing. Finished products are ready for marketing.

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The Burger

Burger, burger frying right
in the cafe' of the night,
what night cook or grill top mess
serves up such late night tenderness?

Oh, the sizzling pattie size
now being made before my eyes.
And, the deep fryer gurgles still,
so I might eat and get my fill.

Load with mustard, douse with sauce,
condiments bring my applause!
Pour the ketchup on my fries
vanishing before your eyes.

With each mighty, luscious bite
I can sate this appetite.
Barely, can I gasp for air,
eating up a lion's share.

Now, this greasy feast is done.
Belts are loosened up by one.
Check in hand I cannot rise,
bring me one more side of fries!

Burger, burger frying right,
in the cafe', past midnight,
what waitress at my behest
serves more beefy tenderness?

                                  The Burger
                                  "A Parody on
                                   William Blake's Classic
                                   The Tyger"

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Live Or Diet

Well,here it is, and here I am,
for dinner a lettuce leaf, and a slice of ham.
If this tiny morsel,on this great big plate,
is supposed to ensure that I lose weight,
then rest assured, it will ensue,
that pounds will drop off, and not just a few,
no, if I stick to this,then let it be known,
that I'm gonna wind up skin and bone.
my body parts will shrivel and waste,
and to top it all,I can't even taste,
such a teeny weeny piece of food,
if I served this to guest , I would be rude.
So I am going to make an increase to,
my slices of ham,yes,that's what I'll do,
a tasty four slices I'll have of ham,
and frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn,
that this may slow my weight loss down,
as it will help to rid me of this frown,
and also I'll add another three,
lettuce leaves 'cos they're good for me,
and then perhaps a tomato or two,
to enhance the flavour,yes this I'll do,
then to top it all,and add mucho taste,
in a sweet chilli dressing, the lot I'll baste,
and then I'll pile it all between two hunks of bread,
because I intend to live before I'm dead!
And if I stick to this, I'll never be known,
as skinny Tom, the human xylophone!

Tom Higgins 10/05/2012

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Buttons and Calories

A button on my shirt will not stay if I keep on eating away. Everybody agrees that it doesn’t look right if a shirt I wear appears too tight. I have to give my eating habits a rest if I want to stop the burgeoning of my chest. What an embarrassing predicament when I can’t find any clothes that will fit. If I don’t want anymore buttons to pop, my eating habits are what I have to stop.

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Arizona Iced Tea

I like arizona iced tea. Drinking it gives me glee. When I read the bottle I see The message it’s conveying to me. I like arizona iced tea.

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Scary Situation

My pulse is racing, I feel faint, 
My heartbeat thunders in my ears,
The sweat is trickling down my back,
My mind is filled with dread and fears.

I think my heart will surely stop,
Too scared to move, my legs give out, 
I tremble, sense the coming doom,
My mouth is dry, too hoarse to shout.

Resigned, I start to pray and quake,
For Mother bakes another cake…

*my mum doesn’t really bake cakes, good or bad!!

For Roy’s Poems to keep you awake at night contest, 1st June

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 There's a chill in the air
 And holidays are near,
 Thanksgiving's just 'round the bend;
 There's a feeling amongst country folks 
 That's absolute prime,
 Everyone senses it's hog killing time.
 Oh what a spectacle!
 Oh what a show!
 You'll find nothing like it,
 If you look high and low.
 From sunup to sundown,
 It lasts the whole day;
 And once it gets started,
 Horses couldn't pull you away.
 Everyone has his own part to do,
 With all the commotion,
 It feels like a zoo.
 The poor victim for this occasion
 Has long been picked out,
 And soon will become food,
 From his tail to his snout.
 There's a shot and a squeal
 And he's out for the count;
 A cut of the throat, 
 And blood spews like a fount.
 In a barrel of hot water,
 He's cleaned and de-haired;
 Amongst all the men,
 This giant task is shared. 
 A skillful knife separates all parts of meat,
 Including pig ears, pig tail, land pig feet.
 The women's task is always chittlin's to make.
 There's a boatload of goo and muck
 They must rake.
 When night time falls,
 All surround the black pot;
 Where the oil is bubbling,
 And boy is it hot!
 Pieces of skin are stirred with a surge,
 And after some time,
 Crisp cracklings emerge.
 Sweet potatoes are roasted, 
 Right in the fire;
 And of these simple treats,
 No one ever does tire.
 When it's all finally over ,
 And the day is all done;
 The grown-ups are weary,
 But the kids just had fun.

 Copyright 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey
 from Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia
#southern #southernlife #southernfood #southernculture #southernfoodpoems #countrylife

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Your particular situation is not that bad

Your particular situation is not that bad

Written By Dean Masciarelli

October 11, 2010 (2:59pm)

Your particular situation is not that bad

At least you have food in your belly; and 
a bed 
to sleep in; that has a roof over your head;

Instead of sleeping on a cold concrete slab

That’s why you must always be grateful
and thankful for all the things that you 
do have; instead of worrying 
about the things that you may not have

Because there are people out there in the 
world; who are less fortunate then you are;
and there stories can be extremely sad

Your particular situation is not that bad

At least you have food in your belly; and 
a bed 
to sleep in; that has a roof over your head

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I Remember

" I Remember "

I Remember way back when I would walk to school
good honest hard working people kept a golden rule
no computers, CD's, ipods nor even much TV
this great big simple world was all of ours to see.

A milkman in his truck left bread and milk each day
this past fad of our yesteryear was not meant to stay
remembering when the food we ate was all cooked with gas
now its in the microwave and the food all cooks so fast.

I Remember waiting at the corner for the packed school bus
no minivans nor SUV's were driven by moms for us
the mailman who walked his route sometimes twice a day
all these fads of yesteryear were not meant to stay.

Remembering recorded 78's and then came fortyfives
a time when president Kennedy was great and still alive
I Remember all the hula hoops with the doo wop bands
all the black and white TV's and most mothers canned.

Some things are much better while some things still are worse
I Remember the sweet young ladies who would never curse
I wonder what you will remember when you are my age
just what kind of future things will become the current rage...

Penned By MPK

Quote: Life Is Poetry In Motion, Great Poets Reflect Emotion...

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Chocolate Cake

My mummy's cake is so nice
That when we have a slice
I always seem to find
Chocolate cake on my nose
And mummy doesn't seem to mind
Chocolate cake on my toes
Who would worry 'bout the mess I make
I am one and eating chocolate cake

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Strength Through Struggle

Your path may be rocky and tough right now. But one day soon, He’ll show you how, to seek His comfort and His love. It’s time to pray to God Above. You’ve been given “Wings” to help you fly. Now’s not the time to question why. Accept with gratitude the gifts you’re shown, and simply know, you’re not alone! His Angels are working, both day and night, to comfort you and relieve your fright. You’ve gone through some suffering and some pain. Now it’s your time to come in from the rain. With open arms they welcome you, Alone or with children, but there’s work to do. Awaken each day and see these gifts. Then share yours with others and your spirits will lift. For through His Grace you have a new day, But remember to thank Him as you pray. One day you will fully see your place, And know that through struggle, you’ll soon see His Grace!
Michelle D. ©December 2006 A Poem Dedicated to the Women and Children Of the WINGS Program (Women in Need Growing Stronger) A program dedicated to helping battered women and children, one family at a time

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Eat Your Peas

Children are never too young to learn healthy eating habits. Why not try teaching 
your children the value of healthy eating through song? "Eat Your Peas" is a song, 
sung to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

Eat, eat, eat your peas!
They're so good for you.
They're filled with fiber and Vitamin C-
and they're tasty, too!

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Eating is a pleasure,
Food is a treasure,
To many its less than that
Especially those who are fat

Food is so amazing,
All this fuss and all this said,
What mama makes everyday,
What keeps you full when you go to bed.

So eat food for well meant things,
And think not of it like a curse
It is what keeps you going,
And saves you from others stealing your purse.

It makes you smile,
It makes your mouth sweet,
But when its extremely spicy,
It sends you rushing down the street.

It is a blessing from your Lord,
So keep it at that and do not retreat,
Being fat is not so bad,
Better than begging on the streets.

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ode to marshmellow peeps

Marsh mellow peeps
a wonderful treat.
Yellow pink or  blue 
 all of them stick like glue 
on easter , christmas or even halloween  
I like peeps and  pass on  jelly beans .
Some have said they can cure the common cold  
others say it reminds them of yellow slime mold  
what can I say ?
it doesnt matter to me either way 
but personally  my favorite type is
the ones you put in the microwave oven  
and watch as they  bubble, pop and  fizz   

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There are fairies at the bottom of my garden I told the woman next door. They are cute, they are small They come when I call. I leave food out for them at night. There are fairies at the bottom of my garden I told the men in white. They are pink, they are green They like strawberries and cream. I watch them dance around fires at night There are fairies at the bottom of my garden I told the walls in my cell. They are gentle, they are meek, They play hide and seek. Their voices stay with me at night. There were fairies at the bottom of my garden I told my other self. They were soft they were sweet, They visited me as a treat. And I ate them for supper last night!

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Thanksgiving meal has come,
A big feast for the tum,
But not so good for the waist. 

Each eager guest hovers,
Hungry, turkey lovers
Cannot wait for that first taste.

Each child and each duffer,
Tomorrow will suffer
That to the table they raced.

Some folks lose their reason
In holiday season.
They pig out until disgraced.

For Dr. Mehta's contest

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Holiday Dinner

Being on time
Almost on time
All my life
Always strife
Making ex cu u ses
Why I am late
Thinking it's stu u pid
When they all wait
Eat the food while it's hot
Please eat the food while it's hot.

(Silent Night)

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Children are precious

A volley of thrashes, the starved boy recalls,
his shrieks of terror, that didn’t pass the walls,
with no means for meals, tireless on his heels.
He should be freed, from the clutches of greed.

Each painful reminder, like a crawling spider,
with intentions malign, his touch too familiar,
but she couldn’t decline, with nothing to feed.
She should be freed, from men of that breed.

In the wake of their cries, pleading for a hand, 
as promises broken, they seem to understand,
let us sound this call, before worse does befall.
They should be freed, today let’s sow this  seed.

One bouquet of roses, each clinging to its stem,
to watch their smiling faces, each a precious gem,  
their faces sweet as honey, worth more than money,
They should be freed, to this truth may this lead.

Under strong powers of protection,
may they enjoy the resurrection,
to give them hope and determination,
lead them in the right direction.

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Dogs in the Room

I’m Charlotte – I’m two
And I don’t know about you
But I locked the dogs in my room
I’m eating my lunch
And I’ve got a hunch
They’re probably starting to fume
But they sit at my chair
And they stare and they stare
Making it so hard to dine
So I tricked them in there
And I don’t really care
This lunch for a change is all mine

Had to post this about my granddaughter.  She has learned how to lock doors and trick dogs into going where she wants them.

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Free Coffee

To celebrate a fiftieth anniversary, a convenience store is dispensing coffee. The best thing about it is that it’s free. It’s hot, fresh, and with a flavor variety. Twelve ounce small cups are available all day. I got mine this morning right away. It was just what I needed to get going today. You have to live in a Mid-Atlantic state to take advantage of this offer that is great. Of all the different convenience stores in America, the one with this terrific offer is called “Wawa”.

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Food for thought Over what has been lost

Food for thought !
Over what has been lost.

Days of long ago - filled with much flavour,
Foods exotic – for the discerning palate to savour.

There was Beef Wellington to enjoy.
Delicious, Lobster Thermador – Oh Boy !

There was exotic Japanese cuisine.
Much Chinese food to be seen.

There was Italian, Greek, Mexican,
Korean, Canadian and American.

All, to an adventurer, what a treat !
With French, Indian, English to meet.

In those days of long-ago – oh the pleasures
it stored in memories hoard - what treasures.

Time erases all that once was, it no longer is.
For today’s survival – the main biz,

as one comes down, downsizing to simplicity –
is to become creative, live off the majesty

of one’s own  creations - a grilled cheese with sweet
mixed pickles, tomatoes, egg and a delicious meat.

Taste buds - still alive – have not forgot
to savour food and enjoy food for thought

that fills ones stomach and his soul – not
to regret or forget all that he once got -

with some of what yet may not be lost
if one could only get up, could afford the cost

that could change the state of the  economy
he now lives, as he lives in a state of autonomy

on egg salad sandwiches permeated with salt,
pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, garlic salt,

cayenne pepper, fresh garlic butter on buttermilk bread.
this, to fill my stomach, taste buds to savour, fill my head.

It is down to this for a fifties, sixties, seventies man
who now creates a soup with his own, aged, hand.

It’s base, begins with Campbell’s tomato and tomato basil
soups with red peppers, cayenne pepper, so much so, nasal

drips, begins to run as weeping eyes start to flow
over the pork and beans you will now know

have been added too, along with beaches and cream
corn, rice, fresh garlic, ginger root, pasta, what a dream

for this one’s palate to sample before it goes down,
through the gullet, into the stomach, to one’s  crown

Another dish – by these hands – to fill the days, the week
is a salad that consists of all the vegetable I did seek.

Cauliflower, broccoli, celery, red, green, yellow peppers,
cucumbers, onions, radishes, mushrooms, garlic, cheese,

honey ham, ginger root, avocados, brussel sprouts, tomatoes
drowned in Kraft’s golden Italian dressing - is how it goes

The final cuisine created to sustain this old soul,
throughout weeks, months as they rapidly go

by, into the ether of life’s swiftly, decaying hours,
- hours lost to what we once were – no longer ours.

It is a sauce for my spaghetti dinner
that will run the eyes, the nose and inner

recesses of the soul as you come to know
the power, the combination of these ingredient will show.

My laziness dictates, a base to be created with
Classico and Prago spaghetti sauce – there is no myth

here, as Campbell’s tomato, tomato basil soups are added.
Then red, green, yellow, jalapeño peppers sautéed, will tell

- as mushrooms, beef tenderloin , bacon are sautéed as well –
as fresh and canned tomatoes, garlic, ginger root add smell

and taste, as do the onions and sages that are added.
The  pièce de résistance,  red, cayenne peppers set fires of hell  

all the way down and into the pit
as one will, to supper, bravely sit.

A fire extinguisher is what you will need
as upon my spaghetti sauce you decide to feed.

B. J. “A ” 2
November 7th 2004

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Christmas Miracles In My Town

Oft' I have mused about what I would do should I win a ton of clams.
(Of course I'd take my wife's sage advice and avoid the usual scams!)
After taking care of my family, I'd take pleasure in giving the rest away,
To those of lesser means, bringing miracles to their lives on Christmas day!

I'd seek out the homeless vets to provide them with food, clothes and shoes,
And send those well-deserving heroes on a vacation to anywhere they choose.
I'd send World War Two heroes to visit their Memorial in DC before they die,
To reminisce with their buddies, recalling the good, the bad and just to cry.

I would see that Santa Claus provided a coat and shoes to all the little ones,
And dollies for the little girls and for little boys, toy pickup trucks and guns.
And for their Moms and Dads who due to economic times are facing stress,
Arrange heat and food for their home and for Mom a Macy's coat and dress!

I'd throw the biggest party yet for families of heroes who defend our nation,
And provide a college scholarship for each of their kids to further their education.
I'd seek out old folks homes and those in hospice to give them a hug and hope,
And make life as comfortable for them as possible to be better able to cope.

I would ensure that the soup kitchens had more than ample food to feed,
All of God's precious lambs on Christmas Day who are hurting and in need.
I would donate a sizeable check to my church and go there to kneel and pray,
To thank Him for the means to provide such miracles on this Christmas day!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Tied for 2d place in Carolyn Devonshire's "Your Christmas Miracle" Contest - Dec 2011

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Soft Pretzels

There is a bakery on Federal Street. What they produce there is certainly a treat. You can smell those pretzels baking inside. The pleasant aroma permeates far and wide. They are a deep brown color with specks of salt. The taste would make anyone hungry want to halt. So if you happen to be around South Philadelphia way, be sure to pick up some of their soft pretzels today.

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A day for us all to be together as a family and have a feast.
Everything that will fill the stomach's of a beauty or a beast.
Cooked all day and filled our table with all that has a great taste. 
All that great food and a desert no one will waste.
The day we gather we are filled with happiness and love.
Being thankful to our good Lord above.
Giving thanks for us all and the food we eat.
Spending the day together is a great treat.
                 Teresa Skyles/Theoklapoet

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The Catch

With a wide-eyed grin he slowly dangles his catch 		
a silvery tilapia- first of the first batch				
gingerly gripping the slimy water dweller			
to unhook the hook on that unlucky feller.			
Reaching out graciously, tactile and slim in form			
tiny fingers picking a squirmy  little worm			
a beautifully presented  live dinner bait				
for some sweet and sour fish on his glass dinner plate. 		

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The Gift of Food Sack

A gift of survival bag with goods and food
Thanks to the God you offered to my hand 
In the competitive queue I came forward
I was registered, when the name is called

Nobody knows but somebody knows 
That all are poor and world in refugees
Mixed colors and different tongues are noised
While all are paying attention to each of names

Men women indifferent and some with kids
Hope of interests is something hidden smiles 
Trying to overtake before the time comes
But the frame of church flexible rule shows

With my bag and my friend I came out
He reminded me that I did not find out
Variety of food we carefully sorted out
Expiry dates elapsed and  I was going out

In a day or two, if I will not finish
Nothing will happen I know its truth
I ate for the day as much as fresh
Thank to the God that it is the truth

While ships of foods are being destroyed into the sea
Uncountable lives suffer and die no meal for a day
No one knows one side of the world of sea
Sinking soul of humanity dwindles every day

What the God can do, the God does as much as
Changes the time and diverts the way he wishes
Until the products are passed away in markets
It’s out of the rule and ethics no power for Gods

I felt a self pity when my belly was full out
Thank to the god of justice shows out
Nausea for one is a hunger for the other
Balance of bridge is the survival of mother  

Udaya R. Tennakoon

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Dr Mark's Six Week Plan

The first week of the diet
I must cut out these four things.
Three of them are fine by me
but its the fourth that stings.

Cut out cigarettes, it says.
Fine by me , I don't smoke
and absolutely no caffeine.
That better be a joke.

No more alcohol,
I can live with that
and say goodbye to sugar
'cause that's what made you fat.

Learn to read the labels,
decifer what they say.
If you can't pronounce it,
on the shelf it must stay.

If the ingredients listed
number more than five
it's a good bet it's bad for you
if you're planning to survive.

Fruits and veggies are my friends,
at least they better be
because for the next six long weeks
they're probably all I'll see.

This time I'm determined
to see it through to the end
but I just know occasionally
these rules ,I'm going to bend.

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Another Bowl of Spaghetti

Our taste buds have gone sad
It is the fault of Dad
Since Mom's been gone
He's feeding us all wrong

Now it's not that we are upset
It's just that we object
For three meals a day
Another bowl of spaghetti

At first we were pleased
We had plenty of cheese
But Mom were about to flip
Come back from your business trip

Dad's heart is right
He thinks his spaghetti a delight
But even chef Boyardee
Had some variety

No use to complain
Every meal is the same
Three times a day
Another bowl of spaghetti

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The Onion War

So it all started out innocently enough

I was just preparing to make shrimp with stuff

In determination, I held tight to my sharp knife

Silently sent a sorry to what would undergo strife.


But if I thought I was in ultimate control

Then my perception crashed soon to the floor...


Though I held the knife,

Which danger is its life

What that round thing was about to do,

Must've undoubtedly done the same to you...


There you are, sunshine thoughts in your head

Yet the onion plans revenge while it's being shred

Despite the smile inside you, one eye begins to burn

And as soon as you blink quicker, it's the other eye's turn!


You grab another onion firmly and chop faster now

Yet this onion thinks of the same revenge plot - how?

You're quite shocked when a tear slides your face

But you refuse to quit because you can't lose this race!


So you chop chop chop in a frantic frenzy

Perhaps you looked depressed and a little crazy

You take a pause when the tears literally pour

Relax for a few seconds, then brace yourself for more.


But surprisingly enough, no more tears did come

Perhaps after the battle, they were all done

I suspiciously glared at the onions, both chopped and whole

And numbly realized they were giving up and letting me take control.


Long story short:

Onions do look quite innocent enough...

Even if that innocence can be merely a bluff.

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A Theater Without Popcorn

During an afternoon matinee, or an evening show, back to the refreshment stand is where we have to go. There are plenty of cold drinks and candy. While watching the flicks, those things are dandy. However, there's one more thing that's always handy. We should always have popcorn with plenty of butter. A theater without popcorn is like a ship without a rudder. With no rudder, how does the ship steer? We always have plenty of popcorn here. inspired by another member's poem

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Dental Floss

Eat a poppy bagel
And you’d sure be at a loss
If you did not have access to
A string of dental floss.

Toothpicks aren’t strong enough
To dig out all the seeds.
Dental floss, in mint or plain,
Is what a person needs.

You can tell the flossers
From the dental-flosser-nots;
The latter group, when smiling,
Will flash teeth with polka dots!

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Syrupy Lips

Syrupy goodness touched morn's lips Sweetness lifted nights veil Memories flood heart and mind's eye 'Pon these this day will dwell
Sponsor: Carol Brown Contest: Lips July 19, 2012 Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Chicken Shack

She stared at the chicken curtain
that is all we know for certain
How she came to get there was still a mystery
Was this an angel sent for me
I looked in her eyes,  beauty it would hold
they sparkled so brightly in the dark and in the cold
I wanted to kiss her with all my might
wrap my arms around her and hold her tight
If this image before me is real
I will asked her to join me for a chicken meal
If she is an angel sent from above
I will smile and offer her all of my love

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Checking the lights on the dashboard when they flash and stay red:
it's the oil that needs to be changed or the engine that requires
maintenance, and in frigid temperatures who would venture outside and get frostbites?
A car is a necessity, a commodity and besides daily pleasure, it may cost a lot indeed.

Running to the grocery store through the backdoor when milk is low,
and guests wait for a fresh coffee pot and you put on a face not so mellow,
and much worse when you forget the roast in the oven...the bird you admire, 
and smoke fills your just dial 911 and scream, " My house in on fire! "

But the worst one that can send you into havoc...
when the mean kid down the block throws a rock
and your window shatters and the cat flees with the swiftest animal beat,
but the dog gets vicious and runs after him by exposing his sharp teeth. 

Ever forgot to send your mom a Christmas or Easter card?
She'll call you the same day knowing that the Post office won't deliver,
and what her voice will sound like? Soft or harsh, or angry as a bard? 
I can imagine the words she will say, " Have you forgotten something, dear? "

These are just few of them that can drive you crazy like wild kids who love to fight
and make you head spin and ache until you sit down and take a break by a lamplight,  
" Ouch!" You got burned from the splashing water while draining your steamy pasta...
you complain,"It's overcooked and not al dente!" And like mother you exclaim,"Basta!"

* The word "Basta" in Italian means " It's enough "

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No Soup For You

People loved my soup but they hated me.
Everybody referred to me as the Soup Nazi.
I was strict with people and they feared me because I'm scary.
I scream my head off, that's why I've never been able to marry.
Everybody knew something that was certainly true.
When people pissed me off, I yelled "No soup for you!"
I refused to sell soup to a woman for kissing her boyfriend while standing in line.
My rules were going to be obeyed, I don't care that enforcing them was unkind.
I refused to sell soup to a bald man because he wanted free bread.
When a woman found my recipes in my armoire, I wanted to be dead.
Just because I treated her like dirt, she published them and put me out of business.
I had to close my restaurant and return to Argentina, my life truly is a mess.
I demanded discipline, breaking my rules was what I didn't allow.
I will one day return to America and slaughter Elaine like a cow!

(This poem was inspired by a Seinfeld episode.)

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First Cuppa Jo or Wired and Inspired

What a deal I got!
A new brand of coffee
at the Good Deal Hut.
I’d say it cost about thirty percent less;
That’s as good as it gets, I guess….

Just poured myself a big ole morning cup,
A nice big steaming mug,
Both hands.. hold and sip as I tip it up..

Ppptttui!.. Of all the stinking luck!
They shoulda  named it Mr Yuk!
But.. but… what a deal I got !

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Death Row Dinner Plates

Death Row Dinner Plates

Did you ever wonder what Ted Bundy ate
As his last meal – you no longer need wait
An artist is painting death row dinner plates
I found them today on the web

One inmate requested white meat KFC
Black walnut ice cream, pecan pie (sugar free)
Indian fry bread and milk it would be
I saw that today on the web

Another inmate, a meat lover’s delight
Ordered pound upon pound and a beer (make it light
And then he refused to take even a bite
I saw his plate there on the web

Some went for simple, an apple, some spam
A salad, some French fries, or just toast and jam
A lot of fast food, no one ordered lamb
Their plate’s pictured there on the web

John Wayne Gacy had shrimp, a dozen deep fried
A KFC bucket and French fries he cried
A whole pound of strawberries before he died
You can find it out there on the web

And as for Ted Bundy, he didn’t much care
So they gave him a steak cooked medium rare
Eggs over easy, hash-browns, toast and a pear
I found that today on the web

One point that I’m trying to make with this poem
Even on death row, you’re not eating alone
They note what you order and soon it is shown
On a plate that is sold on the web

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Cooking With Wine

I have tried cooking with wine, but never again.
After five glasses I forgot why I was in the kitchen.

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Snapping Green Beans

The bucket of beans stares me down
Duty calls accomplish this task
No! Poetry comes first for me__frown
"What about other jobs", he asks.

When will I finish this load__care
Today will slip away from here
Out soon into land of dreams
Make believe and fancy wild schemes

Like the Lilies__ neither toil;  spin
None  more magnificently clothed
I will be just as lovely as them
My clothing will be love's spirit

Praise God for those clothes__Glory Him
Wonderful worship this day brings
Thank you God for a few moments
To glorify your Holy name...Amen

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Illusive Unicorns

I’ve never seen a unicorn,
I do not know their source.
I know PD has seen them
Because she says she loves them.
I think she fears someone would come
To take her pets by force,
So she protects her unicorns
By telling no one of them.

When Noah built his sturdy ark
On that momentous day,
Somehow he missed the unicorns
Not knowing he’d messed up.
But God with his all-seeing eye
Watched as he sailed away
And put two on a mountain top
With drink and food for sup.

They stayed there for a thousand years
In perfect sweet content
Without caring they’d been left behind
They kicked their heels and played
Without thought of loss or danger
When all the others went.
But food grew scarce and they must move
To a land of heavy shade.

If you should see a unicorn
Be careful where you blab it.
Remember he is in God’s care
And there are folks who’s hope would be
To get a cage and grab it.
Convinced some money could be made
From the unicorn you see.

Only friends of unicorns allowed.
Keep their secret, make PD proud.

By: Joyce Johnson

For Pd on her October 7th birthday.  Happy Birthday dear friend.  Love, Joyce

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Morning Massacre

A rainstorm in the morning helps to wash away the night,
a rainbow seems to promise that this day will turn out right.
Our feathered friends all gathering in search of morning treat,
could anything go wrong today?  Just look below your feet.

Wonderful for all who greet this frenzy with delight,
to watch the pretty birds catch worms, oh what a lovely sight!
For as the waters seeps below we worms rise one by one
and try to seek a ‘safer’ place dried by the morning sun.

Heavy rain is death to us, it creates a muddy sea
of sodden soil, a watery grave for those who can’t get free.
But terror hangs above our home as birds all flock around,
they know that we have got no choice, we’ll be their killing ground.

Before our heads have seen the light their beaks begin to tear,
they rip my family into shreds before they get ‘their’ air.
This feast is at our fatal cost, our numbers dwindle down,
if only we weren’t forced to rise from safety underground.

Today I was the lucky one, the one they never caught,
I’ll live to squirm another day alone with life and thought.
To live my days in solitude, to have no friends around,
and still to face the terrors of that ‘pitter patter’ sound.

So if you’re happy with your friends but feel that you are down,
unless you’re ‘forced’ to rise above the place that you have found,
it’s safer to accept your lot for sometimes you can’t see,
the place you struggle to achieve could leave you alone… like me.

Ivor G Davies.

(A Family Crisis?)

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Greek Yogurt

To eat a cup of yogurt, my lady friend will walk a mile. Peach and blueberry are the flavors that make her smile. Magic is performed by the cultures of the genus Acidophilus. Other microbes belong to the genus Lactobacillus. She loves the taste despite it being on the sour side. Her passion for this dairy product is something she cannot hide. Well, a new kind of yogurt has been sweeping across America. Fans of this thicker and richer product amount to a plethora. She says Greek yogurt is something that will personally not please. Consuming this product is just like eating cream cheese. Greek yogurt is something my lady friend will not find. She has rejected this type of yogurt for the more traditional kind.

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Poetry About Poetry

Shades of color bounce within
Singing their hues dancing in place
Vivid lines colored outside
Rules broken with empty space
A midnights dream heard and seen
Gleaming from the twinkle of a eye
Wings touched flown and plucked
Gliding like a bird up in the sky
Wishes from pennies thrown into tears
The reservoir over flowing with pigments of pain
Drowning from the shadows 
The flood paints the day
Words speak volumes of silence hidden
Their sounds blind to what they see
Mirrors of nouns and verbs 
Their meaning and secrets lost at sea
Emotions ruled by laws of language
Spelled in boxes of glass
Melted from sands inside
That voices strangle to grasp

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510 degrees

pizza and beer, hot summer breezes
marinara flavor, and melted cheeses
sourdough knows how to navigate my soul
pizza pie is my food goddess idol
soft with a hint of warmth, freshness absorbed
one bite and oh lord, a believer is born
out the oven, 510 degrees, cut on the stone
save a piece, foodie lovin, just me at home
i will eat this till none, newcastle havin fun
watch a setting sun, shadows start to run
things i live for, pleasures that keep me awake
refreshing brews, and a homemade pizza to bake

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The Royal Wedding Cake

When William spied his lovely bride,
he did a double take,
but his mind was caught in delicious thoughts 
of the six foot wedding cake.

Kate looked good like a duchess should
but he felt his stomach rumble,
with dreams of mounds of buttercream,
under English toffee crumble.

William is wise and it was no surprise 
he vowed not to forsake
but he rushed his lines so he wouldn’t miss 
his tea and biscuit break.

Kate so fit, would have none of it
nor allow him  to partake,
she couldn’t bare seeing her royal  heir
up to his ass in cake.

Kate looked alright on their wedding night
she was glad to be his wife,
William couldn't ignore what he’d waited for
He grabbed himself a knife.

It didn’t cut through then William knew
he’d made a big mistake,
he might have known
it was Styrofoam
the royal cake was fake!


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Italian Water Ice

During a sultry summer’s afternoon, when anyone can melt away and swoon, nothing can cool us off quite as nice as a generous helping of Italian water ice. Slaves of Roman emperors from ages ago, would trek into the mountains to gather snow. They brought it down to mix with fruit and honey. Thus, we have ambrosia that came to be. For most folks, it is a seasonal treat. Anytime in the summer, it is cool and sweet. With lots of different flavors galore, once you try some, you will be back for more. We are familiar with traditional lemon and cherry. However, have you tried mango and black raspberry? How about exotic Italian anisette? Wagering you will like them all is a safe bet.

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I used to eat yogurt
When trying to diet.
Instead of a muffin,
I thought I would try it.

Some flavors were tasty
But none’d really thrill me.
Compared to my muffin,
It never did fill me.

Demand for it faded
And I, too, surrendered;
For, low-fat or no-fat,
My body’d not slendered.

But now, decades later,
Seems yogurt is cool
And anyone knocking it’s
Branded a fool.

It still wouldn’t fill me
If served as a meal
And as for a snack,
It holds little appeal.

So I’ll stand outside
As the yogurtites eat
And stick to my ice cream
If I need a treat.

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I am not certain how much I can take
Concerning the arguement over cheescake.
One might wonder what there is to debate,
Because it's so good; in fact, it is great!

The arguement lies in the righness of name;
As "cheesecake", the dessert has risen in fame.
And if it has been frozen instead of baked,
Is it a custard, or is it a cake?

Such a difference might seem petty to some,
But it's akin to the difference between beer and rum!
How would you like to be called by some other name?
Is it possible that cheesecake might feel the same?

For what if it was not a cake at all?
Who was the person who had the gall
To coin the name "cheesecake", or rather why
Did he call it a cake instead of a pie?

Of course, what it's called, matters not in the end;
Both cakes and pies will be eaten.
Then why does this arguement matter so?
To tell you the truth, I don't really know.

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I am the unfortunate chef, please taste my mistakes
Seasoned with the freshest regret; served with a bowl of hate
No hate for you, hate for the past me
My mistakes are made from the past's meat
So please accept my offerings; think of it as a treat
I know this gift is late
But that was another mistake.
There's a to-go box at the door because I know you're full
You're up to here with my bull
I know I broke almost every single rule
Not because I thought it was cool
I'm just an unfortunate chef with my nasty mistakes
If you don't like the dinner, try the cake
It's colored green for jealousy with red frosting for rage
Goes great with the side dish, sprinkled with sage
Come on, I know you're done with me, but please have a taste
Maybe now you'll see my actions were just mistakes


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a recipe for kinky romance

hell fire desires running wild
like a passion driven hot rod with burning tires

scorching licks of frenzied lust
whip raw touches that spontaneously self combust
pressurized slowness yielding euphoric smoke with every thrust

finger flicking flickery teasing and pleasing pink pleasures
peeping erotic natures in search of lost wet treasures

hardy hints of intense mixed sexual scents
resurrects the untamed within to go instinctively hell bent
standing tall like a hairy savage walking erect

smooth cruise control piston pumping action
X-rated planet transmitting listen to deep space orgasmic satisfaction

naughty nude bodies being slapped by massive tide waves of ecstasy
forever love fantasies pulverized into countless particles
and scattered across the endless galaxies 

extreme tenderness under a ripe mythological moon
indulge on each others spirits using a soul stealing spoon

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Let us whisper you and I 
In a dark little corner and no candle light.

W'll wait until  dawn and watch the sunrise. 
Then catch a gentle breeze or watch a fading star.

We pick some flowers and catch a butterfly

We cross a small stream, sparkling water 
catches the corner of your eyes.

We make a sailing boat from paper then
write a little song.

Soon will be breakfast, then at dinner w'll say a prayer,
And at night time w'll light a fire, and then we retire.

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Lately, the weather has dropped drastically,
and Fall holds up serenely and beautifully;
green trees so stately gently fluctuate 
against a sky of transparent blue as hummingbirds make plans to migrate,
but the downy woodpeckers interrupt their chat
with their unbearable drumming that disturbs their peace with intent. 

Summer in New York State has been humid and stormy,
temperatures rose above a hundred degrees as pavements smoked,
sprinklers in streets made children happy as they were being soaked...
so very thankful to live in a rich country offering such a commodity;
adversely, a water shortage caused drought in the South allowing tragedy
as gasoline and food prices soared and spouses couldn't pay alimony.

Hot summers predict cold winters, and we await a harsh winter...
stock up on shovels and salt, keep your driveway and sidewalk snow-and-ice-free;
will you get help from your kids when snow falls...having you think of electric bills?
No, let them play and have fun...their blood is hot and they feel no chills!
And should you think of joining them, drop your shovel as if stung by a bee! 
Which other way is there to endure the wintry weather living as an Alaska bear? 

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The Spread of Crime

Students at Columbia
Are smart and also deft,
Yet someone’s figured out their scheme,
Which is a form of theft.

They aren’t robbing banks or stores
Or stealing from the dorms,
But something’s disappearing,
Likely carted off in swarms.

I’m talking ‘bout Nutella!
It’s a chocolate, nutty spread – 
The perfect yummy nourishment
To slather on some bread.

It’s also quite delicious
From the jar onto a spoon.
With loads of it in the café,
Temptation’s opportune.

But now the secret’s out and so
The stuff may disappear.
The Ivy Leaguers may need other
Substances to smear.

The weirdest thing to me is that
This story made the news.
Nutella theft must be among
The campus’s taboos.

A parent would be reassured
While on a college tour
To hear the biggest crime was
A Nutella saboteur.

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freedoms voice

                                    ( 9/6/12)

They had gathered in the square
And a feeling of unrest was in the air
A message of freedom resounded out loud
you could  hear the talk amongst the crowd.

Their voices started off very softly
And rose to a high pitched frequency
And in their faces the anger you did see.

The world is changing and so must we
We must fight poverty and bigotry.
Families are starving all around this world
Just look at the faces of the boys and girls.

There are children who are skin and bones
And are left without a home.
Mothers have no more milk in their breast
And not a morsel of food for them to eat
As they lay dying at their feet.

When they do have food to cook
They need clean water and a plate
And a spoon , fork , and a knife
So their fingers they would not bite.

A netting for where they sleep
To them is a treat.
Insects flying all around
And the children s crying is the only sound.

People being condoned because of their
Religious beliefs ,color, and sexual gender
And it’s not getting any better.

I live in a world of political corruption and hate
But I always try to keep my faith and
Hopefully one day they will open up their eyes
And take away that disguise.

This is the reason you hear  FREEDOMS VOICE
Through out the lands - because people just can’t
Understand why our politicians turn their backs
And refuse to pick up the slack.

They say that these are third world nations
Who have all these devastations
But don’t they have rights just like we
So lets try to help them stamp out poverty and bigotry.

I know it’s nearly impossible to do what we say
But one by one we can find the way.



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Have a Dip In My Tastiest Treats

I crushed some flakes, I crushed it hard
Pieces of crumbs made hunger atop
I melt those marshmallow with the shimmer butter
Melt them good to the tastiest flavor

I stir those flakes to the tasty treat
They unify their mass in the flavor of rich
I melt some chocolate for some dips
I have the tastiest treats of this week

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Bad Order

Bad Order

I was feeling really hungry,
so we ordered from next door
where the food is always good
but this wasn't like before.

There was something missing,
I knew it from the start
and I grew so upset
and my lips begun to part.

I threw some words in anger,
I sounded like a baby
but when I order chicken
don't forget my gravy.

5/24/14-Jessica Thompson

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soul dinner party (2)

Then to finish,    sorbet
 and a cafe au lay
  for I'll finish you
   with select taste...
You'll be licking your plate
  Impatient to wait
with no leftovers on table to waste...
so this invite I give you
  my chef - shala Blue
     for I'd trust you
          with fork and with knife,
You can grill me forever
 As tough as shoe leather
and still I would give you my life
to eat of my body
  at yr soul dinner party
  just ask and I will comply,
     ring once and I'll be there
polishing the silverware
would you like breast, wing, or thigh??
and since there's no ending
to this meal that I'm sending
  to you, with sincer - ity
Kinshala, please savor
each bite, and each flavor
  for It's within You
                   I long to be...

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Hot and Spicy

Hot and Spicy

By Elton Camp

Some folks think food is especially nice
If it is filled with lots of pepper and spice

I suppose it’s everyone to his own taste,
But serve me that and it will go to waste

It makes the top of my head start to sweat
And of taking a bite I surely do regret

Such food would be banned if I had my way
Since it makes me still fell bad the next day

By far the worst restaurants I’ve ever seen
Are those that advertise their Indian cuisine 

I won’t eat there no matter what the trick
Why would I want to pay to be made sick

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Freds Market

Freds Market has the best food in town,
 In fact it's the best that I've found.
 All the food just taste so good,
 I just wanted to tell everyone that I could.

 This is the next day and I'm still thinking about that meal,
 And with the senior discount, it was really a great deal.
 You'll just have to try it is all I can say,
 I plan to go back again some other day.

 By Charles E. Fitzgerald 12/31/2004
 Lakeland, Florida

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Contemptible Cuisine

Oh, Mother! Why are you such a rotten cook?
I tremble at the sight of this horrific gruel!
I dare say you are being jolly cruel!
Oh! God! Please get me off the hook!

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The Death In Me

I felt the pounding of the yam
Deep,deep down in my bones.
I know the pistil is doing me harm
When my body creaks in hushed tones.

I've seen the fire start
Watched the embers glowing
I taste the burn in my heart
As my pain continues growing

I hear the pepper grinding
And it turns my mind to mush
I see the red so blinding
Staining my soul in a rush

I cry when the onions are sliced
And when the rice husks are blown
I shouldn't have been enticed
But I was-and now I'm alone

I brought the fire,I gave the wood
I took their life and now, nothing stood
I made the knife that stabs me so
I caused the pain and it promises not to go

It was me the Earth
I am my own death

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Water And Rain


I love my water everyday 
It is healthy to drink 
Lots of it to consume 
Do it and don't think. 

I'm determined to have it 
All day and night long 
When awake all the time 
Water just makes me strong. 

Most people don't appreciate water 
We need to conserve it 
And not waste it anymore 
By squander it not a bit. 

In other countries some people 
Don't have enough of it 
We're so blessed we do 
Aid those with a bit. 

Water is great to drink 
It's good for you, me! 
Cleanses your body you know 
We all need it too. 

When it rains it's amazing 
It helps grow the trees 
And all animals and plants 
Maintain your body healthy too. 

Every living organism needs it 
Water is such a blessing 
Without it we'd be troubled 
Save it and keep sharing! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

September 3,2009 

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Fast Food Guilt Free

Fast Food Guilt Free

By Elton Camp 

Fast food is my favorite thing to eat
The great flavor just can’t be beat

If I decide that I’ll dine on the inside
Nobody my clothes choice will deride

In there, if I should look all around
I’ll see my friends from the town

And if I should order my food “to go”
I enjoy it just about as much, though

There’s a risk in fast food that I hate
Due to calories, you can gain weight

But ok is a triple burger with bacon
As long as a diet Pepsi is also taken 

The sugar in it that I don’t drink
Makes up for other, I sure think

And if I eat the burger while watching TV
Then fats are absorbed to a lesser degree

So if fast food is just handled with care
Extra weight won’t come to be there

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" The oven is set on three hundred and fifty degrees;
the box of the Pillsbury Yellow cake is still unopened, for George's sake,
the kids are in the living room munching on cheese,
who's going to make the perfect batter for Ricky's birthday cake? "

" If no one volunteers, turn off your iPods and put them away
and come to the kitchen to give a hand...isn't it somebody's birthday? 
It would be nice to see one use the mixer, the other greasing the pan...
how many of your friends have you invited? I hope not more than ten! "

And giggling they exchange words, thinking I don't hear their whispering; 
I was a teen once and know how they think, but today they won't be laughing!
Hurry, bake the yellow cake...we have only two hours left, they'll be coming soon!
" Mary set the table, everything must look fantastic! No, don't lick the spoon!  

The door suddenly opens...twenty five teens come into view and say, " Surprise! "
Hundred of small balloons are released from their hands...their thrill rises.
" Good Heavens! Who are these kids with faces painted like circus clowns? "
Have you asked them to attend this party? Where are the real guests? "

Silence filled the aroma-filled kitchen as they looked downward with embarrassment,
" Are they here to crush your birthday party, Ricky...if they are they will get
a taste of my dough roller right now! " No, mom...they want to throw my birthday cake into my face! " " Have they told you so? Wait here, Ricky...I'll think of a trick."

" Hi, cuties...are you ready to have a cake fight? " Yeah, " was their answer.
" Let's do you want to hear a big mommy's laughter when your eyes will burn? " 
The smallest one in the group yelled, " The birthday cake had better taste good
or your red face will turn yellow! " " Little rascal, you'll churn like butter! "

In a second the whole house became a battleground... they hurled cupcakes,
cookies and candies, but they had forgotten about the cake in the oven.
Smoke came out of their ears and noses... mom laughed when they ran
outside as if they had seen a real ghost, " Run for your lives before my dog attacks! "  

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when god is trumped by a Lemon

don't need god today,
just a pitcher of water
a couple rays of lemon
chilled in the fridge
to heavenize 
the lips
such a simple thing
a glass of chilled bliss
no, i dont need god today,
but tomorrow may be different 

is it blasphemous,
for telling a simple truth
for this little treasure chest 
of simple pleasures that i own
does it make god pissed
will he slingshot  
a burning ball of vengeance...
blind me
because he was trumped by a lemon
they say he has a sense of humor
the good book says he even winks,
no i don't need god today
just a couple yellow rays,
but tomorrow will be different.

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Too Much Sugar

The world seems to thrive on
sugar's debilitating taste.
This sweet drug corrupts the body,
turning good health into diabetic waste.

The sudden burst of pure energy
ebbs within minutes of the tongue's caress.
Sluggish movements crawl through the limbs,
causing physical and emotional duress.

Sugar's addicting kiss spikes the blood,
playing twister with the chemicals inside.
This nectar of man made confection
swallows health within pleasure's temporary tide.

Sugar calls out with lips of sweet passion,
increasing the body's craving for more.
But too many sweets cause a meltdown
within the human body's insulin core.

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Crabbing in New Jersey

Shellfish at high prices are what the fish store sells.
People pay a lot for those scrawny hard shells.
Catchers flock to the waters of the Jersey Shore.
They go to catch those blue claws they adore.
You see people with their wire mesh traps and string.
Crabbers are at bridges looking to get something.
They throw the traps into the water over the side.
Along the bottoms of the inlets is where the crustaceans hide.
Crabs turn red only while they cook.
A greenish-brown color is how they naturally look.
New Jersey folks think the crabs taste quite good.
There is no need to go to Maryland.  Crabs are right in the neighborhood.

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A Pretzel Treat That's Good To Eat

Made with dough twisted in knots
Pretzels have always been a part
Of carnivals, shows, and fairs
You can find them anywhere
Hot and steamy they taste great
And will never go to waste
Coming in all kinds of flavors
It is so easy to savor
Each and every yummy bite
Morning, noon or even night
You can find them tasting good
Combined with all different foods
Pretzel bread is something new
Invented for me and you
For a new sensation treat
On sandwiches that we eat
Sugared, cinnamon or plain
Can drive anyone insane
Big, sticks, and even bite size
A variety to try
Glazed, buttered, or different dips
So yummy upon your lips
If you can not get them hot
There is a convenient spot
That has bags, boxes, and jars
Of this treat and it's not far
To find a snack section and see
Different brands to instantly
Take home and enjoy as you
Relax with a bowl or two

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The broth is warm
Dig right in
Nourish your spirit
There's goodness within

So many flavours
To experience and find
Soup that's created
By creative minds

Don't be afraid
To add your own taste
Add as much as you want
It won't go to waste

Join other chefs
Have a meal as well
Come to this safe place
With a story to tell

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The skillet

I received a cast iron skillet as a young wife,
not knowing then it would teach the lessons of life.
And this old blackened skillet, 
Thank God there’s always been something to fill it.
It sure has been a good one.
And I am so pleased to say it’s not done.
Because for years it has fed their bellies and filled their souls.
With healing and soup for their bowls.
And laughter piled high upon their plate.
Receiving and taking in more than the food they ate.
Because it is not just about making food to eat.
For us it is  a time and place for the family to meet.
A time to turn off the television and the phone.
A time for us to be with our own.
And it all starts with the tool that made these hands able.
So that they would all gather up and around the table.
Here their spirits and bodies will be fed.
As this family sits down to break bread.
Yes, there have been times of plenty, and those of less.
May we always be thankful for the food we have to bless.
Because it is more than a meal.
And if we need to make one more seat, we always will.
So that no one leaves until the are filled.
So come, fill your plate until the hunger and heart are healed.

Sarah Comstock

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Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

I love beef jerky,
and it lovely jerky taste
I gobble it up very fast
it's something I don't waste.

It's a little piece of heaven,
that I'm addicted to
we just go together
it's weird, but very true.

I could eat it everyday,
I'm a simple kinda girl
I don't need the fancy things
in my simple little world.

6/17/14-Jessica Thompson

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soul dinner party

I'm mainly confused
  from words that you used
to tell me of yr problems present,
  I'm torn to this way
  then back to that way,
like the end of a pendulum's crescent,
I feel yr torment
  which leaves my heart bent
and gives me one wish to sustain,
  for I feel it is constant
  to be what is meant
without blockage or early refrain,
  all that eye know
  is my heart's saying "Go"
  but my feet, hands, and lips
       saying "slow down",
and I should trust my own head
over things that I've read
  And just to be happy for love found...
but my doubts creep in again
(the most unwelcome of friends)
  whom I've come to know all to well,
I just want best for you
  my Kinshala Blue
Even if it means visiting Hell,
but (you know) I'll come back
on an aggressive attack
  'Cause I am so strong
  and so true
So ignore what I've just said,
and rest yr sweet head
my Angel, my Kinshala Blue
And now for a diff 'rent - ish style
which I can only compile
  cause you cause my soul to ferment,
I just want you to see
that I'm here               (if you want me)
  so it is 
     no matter how said,
whether in Russian, or French
whether Latin, or Spanglish
from Kinshala 
        I want to be fed....
(with) spoon silver or wooden
  or a spork  (if a good one)
   you can use  ( I don't care which)
be it hot or ceviche
  Be Cyranno or Nietzche
Kinshala   You've carved yr own niche
  in my heartland of love - trust
You can bake me in yr pastry crust
  with Yr simple palette insatiable,
     you can stir fry my soul
     and serve me up in a bowl
(while)  Inhaling my essence
     comme felatio...
then for the fourth course
You could derive from my source
  all the sweetness required
        (and then some)
You could roll me
         and toss me
Pour over,
         and sauce me
While never dropping a crumb

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A New Monster on the Loose

A New Monster on the Loose

By Elton Camp

I suppose that honesty is never a defect
One product’s name is so scarily correct

For it is certainly a monster, yes indeed
For a day, no more sodium or fat will need

It’s Hardee’s fast food we thank for this treat
The Monster Biscuit for breakfast is complete

It contains bacon, sausage, ham, egg and cheese
With a made-from-scratch biscuit holding these

It has more cholesterol than you need all day
For only a bit more add hash rounds, they say

Included in this (at no extra charge): 
2300 mg sodium (1 tsp. salt) [Daily Value = 2400 mg] 
275 mg cholesterol [Daily Value = 300 mg] 
18 g saturated fat [Daily Value = 20 g] 
57 g fat [Daily Value = 65 g] 
30 g protein 
38 g carbohydrates 
790 calories 
(This nutritional analysis from Hardee's website) 

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Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is sweet and fluffy
It’s a sugary sheer delight!
I like to eat a lot of it
Morning, noon, and night!

They have so many wonderful kinds
Of this delicious cloud like treat
Like piña colada, lemon lime
And even sour grape!

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I Don't Thank God

I don't thank God for the nourishment on my plate.
I don't thank God for the food I just ate.
I thank instead the plants and animals who had to die
in order for me to live and survive.
I look forward to my demise actually
because no more lives then will ever end because of me.

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Holy Cow!

Holy Cow!

How?  Now?  Holy cow!
Tell me.  How sacred art thou?
Do the gods dwell in you?
Or have they all said adieu?
Angel wings might bring prestige.
But money does upon greed besiege.
In India cows walk the streets.
While slaughterhouses harvest meats.
Have vegetarians lost their way?
Do they eat beef every day?
 “Eat-Steak” restaurants here and there –
People chow down with great flare.
Tell me.  Has your halo slipped?
What is in your cream thats whipped?
In big tanks your white is shipped.
Injected hormones, tainted milk.
Cold, refreshing extract sipped.
Dairy productions the billions bilk.
Worship God and not the cow!
Come and eat your great steak now.
That, which was holy long ago,
Has now brought about the chickens motto.
“Come an get your hunger relief. 
Do not eat chicken, eat yummy beef!”

© September 26, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen



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An eagle with dark plumage and a white crest,
tends to her hungry chicks after a long flight,
and as tired as she is, she refuses to rest...
she will return before the last gleam of light.

No other bird is mighter than the impetuous eagle 
that still rules into the wilderness, observe her keenness!
Watch the one that I saw yesterday feeding her little ones
that soon will be alike her by embodying her will.

Tree times a day, this beautiful eagle with a trepidant heart,
will go back to her nest built with hay on an unreachable peak,
and she's very careful not to drop any food from her curved beak...
knowing that they are waiting endangered by the glances of a lark. 

What other bird can boost the strength she will proudly display
in her long flights without losing endurance and alertness?
And to provide for them, she searches everywhere for a prey...
proving with her might that the eagle still rules into the wildeness.

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How Much Filth Did You Eat Today

How Much Filth Did You Eat Today?

By Elton Camp

What can a title like this one possibly mean?
Isn’t food inspected by the FDA perfectly clean?
No, Food Defect Action Levels the FDA has set
They only limit how high insect fragments can get

There may be up to ten fly eggs in a tomato can
Or else up to two maggots is the alternate plan
Consumers who might eggs to maggots prefer
Cannot know which of these happened to occur

A hundred grams of peanut butter is able to contain
Thirty insect parts or else one rodent hair may remain
Popcorn may have twenty gnawed grains per pound
Or else the standard is that two rodent hairs are found

There’s scant comfort that mushrooms can pass exams
If a tin contains up to twenty maggots per 100 grams
Actually the taste of the food they won’t hurt at all,
But the squeamish factor may make some folks squall

Thirty fruit fly eggs in 100 grams of ketchup are okay
Two maggots per hundred blueberries FDA does say
None of these contamination levels should cause alarm
To our health they are believed not to cause any harm

Exactly what it is that we are eating it’s best to ignore
If perfectly clean, the food we couldn’t afford anymore
So just forget about this and enjoy as you gulp it down
And hope that, in it, not a single mouse pellet was found

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I rarely follow any traditional rules
when it comes to culinary delights;
everyone should try my tasty lasagna,
which I surely learned from Mamma.
I cook the noodles for five minutes, 'till they are al dente, which means crunchy, 
then I spread Barilla sauce in the baking pan generously, 
lay the first set of noodles topped with blended ground beef and ricotta cheese;
then another layer of noodles and sauce and so on...
until I reach the last one, which I abundantly top
with fresh slices of mozzarella,
and let it bake for an hour on 300 degrees...
now who wants to taste my lasagna?

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Sniffed the wine ,goats cheese, bread in oil

The shore breeze rose familiar tang of the sea
Blue touring car , top down , rolling past palms
Brilliant white suit and panama  hat . Car toots!
Enjoying company sharing fine wine and pasta
Radiating high energy and a warm  personality
She felt the warmth of his breath he whispered
It  doesnt  matter .    I love you.   Youre beautiful.
She smiled  her  forehead covered with kisses
She finally let herself relax  loosened her scarf
Harps, lutes , ivory horns, kettle drums , guitars
Hung high from the  ceiling and oak panel walls

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Mama's Noodle Soup

Nothing will ever taste as good
as Mama’s homemade noodle soup.
It was the cure for everything
from chicken pox to the nasty croup.
It was worth the while of getting sick
to be brought a nice big bowl.
To make a soup that tastes like hers
has been my life-long goal.

Papa would dress a big fat hen
which Mama boiled ‘til it fell apart.
She’d separated meat from bones
but that was just the start.
To make her noodles she’d break eggs,
enough to fill a cup
and one single tablespoon of water
would completely fill it up.
Flour enough for stiff dough
rolled and hung to dry,
then cut into the noodle soup,
it was simply for to die.

Noodle soup was one of many
that Mama fed her brood..
No gourmet cook has ever made 
a soup to taste so good.

By: Joyce Johnson.  Won no. 1

I dedicated this poem to PD and guarantee it will cure any ailment she has.

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Weight Watchers

Sweet potatoes baked

or plantains fried, 

take your pick.

Caribbean treats

delectable and sweet, 

one puts more weight 

on the thighs!

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Man, I gotta learn to Read the Rules

They say it's French
but it feels more Machismo to me.

You know, that firm lushness
creamy smooth smushiness
moist but not too much
to whet appetite

for more

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Carol Brown Contest Name Bunny Rabbits Bunnys down here are a winning, lissa virus, keeps a killing , man made by the blest, to kill off this pest, free food in the great depression, old soldiers lived on bunny, but the rich ground them down, Myxometosis killed millions, first ever germ warfare cotillion, the master looked and he frowned, bunny is back, an is willing, though the rich might put him down, the wasters want his killing, but the Swaggies food is still around . rabbit trap and billy and me pocket knife silly, and i'll be westward bound ... thank you Robert Hinslaw, cobber mate... Don Thank you for my place Carol. cooler summer is this way, looking for autumn, shortly hey, thank you for my prize, incidently, sorry 4 the sadness bunn-ne ... but it is a crime...downunder all the time... greed for grass the rich have see... So called Rabbit plague, when the ordinary workers were getting a quid by selling Rabbits, which incidently make the Aussie slouch hat for the Army. A free feed was not on, it's un Australian? So the hungry drought cursed Squatter ordered a genocide for Bunny...Without Bunny the Aussies got a taste for the masters sheep instead as in Waltzing Matilda....

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Memorial Day Treat

I had no cookout to attend
With loads of barbecue;
My spirits needed perking up,
So what’s a gal to do?

I hurried to a Shake Shack
With the energy I’d mustered,
To check the daily flavors
Of their oh-so-creamy custard.

I hit the jackpot and my heartstrings
Answered with a twang,
For Monday’s special was my fave:
Ta-da! Lemon meringue.

That velvety consistency
Was soft and smooth as cream.
I had to pinch myself to prove
This wasn’t just a dream.

I know a hot dog and a beer
Would be more apropos,
But custard in a cone was still
A perfect way to go!

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So Sweet

 So sweet
  The lonesomeness of the city light street
 has me hearing the sound of my heart beat,
 I quickly fall to sleep, I wake up and stand
 looking outside from my widow balcony.
 I see two homeless men standing in line
 whom I randomly see in this street,
 scuffling in their packets from a handouts,
 for good bite to eat as they gladly retrieve their treat
 which is a pleasant cite for flooded eyes to see
 moreover on the opposite side of the street,
 I see people set down enjoying
 a late morning sunny breeze in front of a restaurant
 chattering, bonding, eating and drinking as 
 I share with them lessoning to the smooth sound
 of the music, children laughing and playing
 on the playground and on hard concrete street however
 not wanting to hear the havoc of the noise, 
 and the rush of a saturated street.
 That is a part of life... which can be sound and can be so sweet.


So Sweet Poetry 10/28/10 by Keith K. Relf

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Linzer Tart

A bakery box was waiting
When my key unlocked the door.
Today’s the day of Valentines – 
I knew what it was for.

I slit it open, took a look
And broke into a grin,
For something that I truly love
Was nestled there within.

It was a heart-shaped cookie,
Filled with berry jam inside.
For you who know me oh so well
Knew just what to provide.

I will indulge tonight and eat
This lovely Linzer tart,
A perfect symbol of the reason
That you stole my heart.

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He was a shabby, mean, mouthy and nasty boy
chasing after cats dragging along his buddy Mccoy;
and they both were slim and handsome but laughed a lot
when they ate corned beef and cabbage from a large pot.

" Keith, don't forget to feed the cats,
I've bought another bag from the supermarket,
and please don't eat their food...they aren't biscuits! "
" Okay, mom I'll feed them and won't forget. "

Everyone in the neighborhood considered them evil,
Irene, the red-headed gal, called them hoodlums;
the elderly locked their doors saying, " Go to hell! "
The town had become an armory of brooms. 

Their aunt Agata used to say, " They were such nice boys in their teens,
now they hunt cats uphill and cage them as tigers and feed them frogs and weeds;   
" Enough, enough scoundrels...I'll hit you with my long broom from left to right
even when you tie the knot in that church with a beautiful, naive bride! "

" Uh, uh!" The cat hunters replied with a defiant, boorish frown,
" Try to chase us,'ll never catch us, we dare you to race! "
" Stop, pretty are going to get Frankenstein's ugly face! "
They replied, " Go ahead! Go ahead! He was too big to run! "

All the kids that disliked them placed bananas peels all over the road leading to Kill,
and as they tried to flee from aunt Agata, they fell on them and went downhill....
hitting their faces on pine needles that poked deep and made them bleed;
" I got you, rascals," she happily screamed..." Now, say your sorry creed! "    

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My Carrot

I love the orange coloured skin 
My carrot has to tempt my eyes 
I love the crunchieness within 
Which with my teeth I realise 

I munch, I chew, I taste the juice 
The sweetness of the central core 
Willingly I let seduce 
This vegetable, this paramour. 

There is no finer time than this 
A summer's sunset in a field 
A carrot slowly chewed is bliss 
My soul is calm, my stomach filled.

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Should the good be judged
for not having given enough?
Some will face humiliation or reprimand,
not by Christ Himself, but by folks who bluff!

There are many mways of giving,
it depends on willingness and feeling;
the most generous ones will give abundantly,
and those who aren't...will give little eventually.

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Wars cause only destruction and death
leaving behind scenes gloomier than itself:
bloody bodies strewn on dry leaves,
while the jubilant king falls to his knees...
thanking God who has brought him victory,
but then looking at his hands he ponders with asperity.

" I have built a kingdom by demanding loyalty,
accumulated a huge army allowing stealing and killing;
but none of this is mine, not even my castle and sovereignty,
I am a horrible king as others have been before me...
I must issue a lasting treaty to save many from dying! "

And standing on the barren hill overlooking the citadel,
he cried out as the wind brushed his long hair so curly,
" Forgive me all, from now on there will be a lasting treaty...
food for all and the best wine in a land that once was evil! "

Copyright 2012 by Andrew Crisci

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Mushroom Stew

The Minecraft world is vast and hard
My lone puppy acts like a retard
Finally I earn
For what I yearn;
Mushroom Stew

A creeper blows up
Just my luck
What I need
What makes my eyes bead;
Mushroom Stew

Caving I go
In my inventory I stow
A full jar
Of what will make me go far;
Mushroom Stew

Everyday day I brew
To keep my life starting anew 
I will keep eating it,
My precious Mushroom Stew

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Eat out in a restaurant
And when your meal is through,
There might be some left on your plate – 
So, what are you to do?

Ask them for a doggie bag
Or say it’s for your cat;
Admitting it’s for lunch tomorrow
Likely will fall flat.

My husband’s mother told him that
The waiters eat what’s left,
So if he finished everything,
The staff would be bereft.

Of course, that isn’t really true
But then again, who knows?
A lobster or a sirloin
May be purloined, I suppose.

I always take what I don’t eat;
Why should it go to waste?
And since I’m paying, I’m the one
Deserving of its taste.

But people either take their food
Or tactfully refrain
And if you try to change them,
Your attempts will be in vain.

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A Surprise in the Grapes

A Surprise in the Grapes

By Elton Camp

In a pack of grapes from the store
Meg found a thing never seen before

Eight legs and shiny black
Horrors! It was looking back

She couldn’t just let it pass
For it had a red hourglass

Thus, it is quite plain to see
A black widow it has to be

Meg let out a horrified scream
As if in the midst of a bad dream

One glance for her was ample
Those grapes she’d never sample

To a spider with toxin so severe
Meg won’t risk coming near

If you think this is just a joke
Google it and you might choke

In several states they’ve been found
Before eating grapes, look around!

Fresh grapes can be a delight
But they might be your last bite!

(This is NOT a work of fiction)

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On holidays I want a meal
That’s home-made through and through,
Composed from all the recipes
My mom and grandmas knew;

The preparations lovingly
Created in the kitchen 
(Although, to be quite honest,
There might be a little *****in’).

The shopping, chopping, mixing, blending
All become a part
Of memories of days gone by
That live within the heart.

It sure would be a lot less work,
Luxurious, indeed,
To have a caterer drop by
With all the food you need.

Yet what I’d miss the most would be,
Though not in terms of taste,
Ingredients intangible,
Not easily replaced.

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Love's Dessert

Warm memory road
Granma’s friendship bread bestowed
Bananas explode

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Dinner Out! Hmmmm....

My hubby said "Honey, pick!...Let's go out to eat!"
I jumped up and said .....,"Let's do Italian!  Oh, what a treat!"
The waiter came promptly, handed a menu to me
There are too many pastas.... Oh, what will it be??
These names on the many to try
I'm confused ....what to order...just pour me some wine!!

Penne is money, and Linguine....a far away place??
Ditalini......sounds like a medicine.....when an ailing heart races!!
Fagiolini.....or Rigatroni......aren't those Operas  to sing??
Canneloni is a weapon!....And (un) Ravioli....which is happening to my brain!!!

My poor hubby is starving....grabs his fork, and starts to doodle
So I finally make a decision......."Waiter,......just bring me some noodles!!"

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What makes me get up
is the strongest coffee cup,
and the enthusiasm to live a full day:
either indoor to write, or outside to play.

Watching movies is fun, but laziness stores fat in my belly,
sitting on the coach, eating potato chips and drinking cola;
junk food won't harm my body if used moderately...
is there a sunnier, warmer place than California?

What wakes me up is the noise of a robin
tapping on my foggy window with his tiny beak;
if he's hungry, he'll flap...if he stands still, it means it'll rain,
hoping I'll invite him in and warble another tune he learned down the creek.

Vacations are far away, late July on my calendar of active man...
choose North or South, snow or sunshine?
Go skiing, or play gulf all day then dine
at the nearest restaurant, but my choice would be zesty Italian.

Isn't my lifestyle exciting and busy, not envying the rich,
or resent the luxuries they can afford along with caviar and champagne?
My pleasures are simple and inexpensive, like the sandiest beach...
you can come along and experience the thrill of an enjoyable day in slow lane.

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Baked Potatoes

The comedian Mitch Hedberg
Made a brilliant observation:
To cook a baked potato,
You should just go on vacation.

Heat the oven, toss the spud in;
Head out for the tropic sun.
You’ll come back, all nice and tanned
And then that sucker will be done.

For a truly baked potato,
Crispy skin and mushy “meat,”
Seems to need a lot of hours
‘Til it’s soft enough to eat.

Then with sour cream or butter 
And a healthy dose of salt,
You can dig in and enjoy
But if it’s hard, you’re not at fault.

For it’s true that most potatoes
Take quite long to cook inside,
Which is why we are indebted
To the French, who made them fried!

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Ice Cream

I am Janet Muthoni
I run  Muthoni‘s ICE CREAM STORE,
there are flavors in my freezer
you have never seen before,
five divine creations
too delicious to resist,
why not do yourself a favor,
try the flavors on my list:

Peanut pumpkin bubble gum

Garlic gumbo gravy guava

Lentil lemon liver lava

Watermelon waffle wheat

Chicken cherry honey dew

I am Janet Muthoni,
I run Muthoni's ICE CREAM STORE,
taste a flavor from my freezer,
you will surely ask for more.

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Cacao Tree

Blossoms like orchids, waxy white
Waiting for pollen's lore
Producing those bean pods purple
Chocolate treats galore

Green, yellow, red, purple grooved pods
Ebony dark the seeds
Bitter the natural flavor
Desire has acquired a need

Planted 'neath fine cacao tree
In death feast 'pon dark seeds
Bitter the pulp very toxic
Theobromine just feed

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Monsanto Monsanto

Monsanto Monsanto
How are thou so evil
Turning lab chemicals into food
Your process will poison the weasel

Parents please look out
For your kids and when there's doubt
Don't buy chemically enhanced food
Pay the money for good grub
And stop that pout

You'll enjoy benefits like 
Less medical visits
Allowing time for fun days and trips. 
Eating good organic carrots 
With some tasty ranch dip

Don't take my word for it
Read about Monsanto
The more you know the better
You might make it past tomorrow

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Sunshine whine

Hello sun, do ya' mind?
Your stare is making me go blind.
And as my pupils start to shrink,
I wonder why you never blink.

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Adding Colorful Food to Your Diet

Adding Colorful Food to Your Diet

By Elton Camp

Antioxidants are needed experts say
Eating colored food is the best way

Their wise advice I decided to apply
To eat more brightly colored I’d try

I did it because I thought I should 
Even if they don’t taste very good

To my surprise, that wasn’t the case
I found a colorful food of good taste

It has red, orange, yellow and green
On each bite, two letters “m” are seen

From the pack, it is all ready to eat
There’s no need to give it any heat

Also, I’ll have you to understand,
There’s no mess made in your hand

I wish I had learned of this long ago
Because I really do enjoy them so

And the nutritionists have no doubt
Bright colors is what health is about

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Gushing Destruction

As the oil gushes freely from the hole
The ocean currents disperse it abroad
Fish, birds all sea creatures await tole
This time the tole awaits for thee and all

No just sealife, waterfoul, oysters, clams
This could mean less food on our grocer's shelf
Of course, there will be biscuits, even jam
But what about fish, oysters fried by a chef

As that oily sustance keeps spreading
All around the Gulf who's to say where will stop
It could bounce all around the globe
Might take a year or two but who even knows

That oil might slip into that slow boat to China
On the submarine in the deepest ocean
Maybe get on your bassboat moored under oak tree
As the cooing Dove calls to me how long 'twill be

When the end will come no one knows
This could be the start of those woes
Spoken of in Revelations when one-third
Of the sea creatures meet their destruction

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There are only guys  
to my surprise.  I, 
the token woman, up early 
A.M. to the company of men,
breakfasting in the fast track
restaurant of choice-- me
and a million hamburgers
served, it's said.  Two men
read scripture in tandem: 
neither one the boss, occasionally 
marking a passage with a pen
after a sip of coffee and a bite
of sausage, hot pancakes, 
maybe.  Wonder if they knew
520 calories on the menu,
300 on mine, coffee negligible, 
so am I eligible for extra  
blessing? The java's good, and 
not to be rude, I memorize  
nothing but an Egg 

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If you’re bored or nervous
Do what most of us embrace.
Head out to the kitchen
And proceed to stuff your face.

Popcorn, pretzels, nachos - 
Even chocolate has its place –
Fill a bowl or grab the bag,
Sit down and stuff your face.

Though you may feel guilty,
You’re not lone in your disgrace.
It’s a universal vice – 
The stuffing of one’s face.

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I'll Be

I'll be a monkey's knuckle,
Then maybe he'll be my uncle.

His aunt ate lice, ain't that nice!

I'll be the tallest tree I can find.
I'll be shade for those, be kind.

I'll be a lemon bush, crush
My tomatoes, don't you rush!

Slowly simmer me into sauce.
I'll be supper, you be the boss.

Then bossy I will be, in my tree -
Playing with my knuckled monkey.

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Cookies of Love

Amusing summer scents up in the air Birds chanting loudly like a prayer Summer flower blooms at the garden Their delicate fragrance makes my heart stir Like cookies baked by my beloved mother Those smell that I always remember In her lovely kitchen that she care Cookies of love a special recipe Sweetened by her magic touch With a sweet milk in a cup A Pleasant Childhood Memory Contest - Sara Kendrick

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A rainy day – I stay at home
But notice something odd – 
A constant need to nosh
Has me on kitchen promenade.

A bowl of chips, a Twizzler
And some sugar-coated nuts – 
My salivary glands act up
The minute my mouth shuts.

Some sweet and sour cucumber
My husband’s sliced real thin – 
I scarf a few and walk away
But soon I’m reeled back in.

A piece of cookie, just a bite,
For hunger’s not the lure – 
When antsiness attacks,
A little snack must be the cure.

It’s dangerous to be inside
For most of a long day,
‘Cause doing so affects your mind
And also what you weigh!

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Apple Season

Pick a bag of apples
Or a bushel or a peck.
Drink some apple cider -
Have a gallon, what the heck!

Bake an apple pie and serve it,
Warm and a la mode.
Bite a jelly apple -
Feel its crunchy shell implode.

Make an apple cobbler
Or pan dowdy or a cake;
Sweets prepared with apples
Never taste like a mistake.

Sip some apple brandy
Or imbibe some apple jack;
They possess the flavor
Other liquors seem to lack.

Celebrate the season
Of this crispy, tangy fruit.
It's clear why Eve in Eden
Would accept no substitute!

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                                             THE WORD



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A Kiss of Sunshine

Some white seedless grapes have been left on the vine. They have a nice sweet taste that is really fine. Each one of them has been given the kiss of sunshine. I like to have handy little boxes of them each day. See them dancing to the music of the late Marvin Gaye? To many folks, those little cuties taste fine and dandy. No wonder they are often called “nature’s candy”!

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breakfast poem

love of butter,
in pancake fashion,
cooking with passion,
better cooked,
then eaten raw,
impatiance is,
my only flaw,
the aroma,
calls my name,
growling stomaches,
are to blame,
for the mess,
i've created,
my hunger though,
has been sated.

spelling mistakes and love.

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It's Not A Chilly Dog

I'm so dumb that when I ordered a chili dog, I expected it to be chilly.
But when it was hot, I demanded a refund, I made myself look silly.
The Hot dog vendor said that thinking is not one of my strong points.
Back in the 1960s I guess that it was a bad idea to smoke those joints.
If chili dogs are hot, does that mean that hot dogs are cold?
Maybe I'm suffering from senility because I'm pretty damn old.

(This is a fictional poem)

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Coconut Cream Shake

Coconut Cream Shake

Coconut Cream shake,
you taste so good
you quench my taste
all the ways  that you should.

All your creamy goodness,
it brings me much delight
thank you for the pleasure
you're giving me tonight.

5/24/14-Jessica Thompson

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80 Brands

(This poem was inspired by the 
cereal isle of a grocery store.)

I have my choice of 80 brands.
Good fortune lends us many hands
In generating all this waste -
A splendid show of varied taste
Delighting children and confusing
Harried shoppers, groping, choosing
Purple monkeys.  Look!  They swing
Across your box so they can bring
You chocolate circles for your bowl
To light your world and fill your soul!
A cardboard jungle proud - its sons
And daughters trucked in by the tons.
The Mighty Force in life unfurled
Struts on in the commercial world.

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Pigeons Du Jour

Pigeons Du Jour

Coming soon to your city
Birds that poop soap
Not yet in production
But researchers hope
To modify pigeons
With a new bio-brick
In synthetic bacteria
That somehow will stick
To fats in their system
And then lower PH
Turning poop into soap
I know you can’t wait
With statues eroding
From years of decay
These soap pooping pigeons
Just might save the day
And if you get bombed
By a pigeon in flight
Your clothes will get cleaner
Or I think that they might

For this story about pigeons
And the soap they might poop
You can thank Uncle Mike
For another news scoop

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Last year all pumpkins were brightly orange,
every time I glanced at them on that range....
I thought of another Thanksgiving Day
when I would kneel down and pray.

I went to the October annual pumpkin patch
where many folks had the irresistible itch
to find those pumpkins they liked to take home,
sadly, I was left there alone and aimlessly roamed.  

What I saw was not the orange pumpkins
I was searching for...they hadn't the usual color:
staring at me there were white pumpkins
nobody wanted to pick up, I looked no further. 

Did I think what my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie would have looked like:
a lemon pie instead? Kids and adults would have laughed at me!
It seemed I had no choice but to take the one so plump and ripe...
and I shouldn't have been late to taste that bitter dose of reality! 

Not too glad to have found the one with the unusual color,
I put my fantasy to work...thinking of a way to make it orange;
I bought a bottle of orange flavor extract to give it a real color
and blended with the ingredients hoping for an award in vintage.  

Closer to an hour I constantly watched it bake and I peaked here and there...
oh, the vapors smelled superb as I happily laid back in my rocking chair!   
And had they known of my cheat , I would have been expelled from the Pumpkin Fair!
Luckily, I won the competition for taste and artistry...admitting to myself it wasn't fair.

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In the Garden of Eden

In the Garden of Eden, if I were Eve,
There’s one thing that you must believe – 
Although temptation still would call,
An apple wouldn’t cause my fall.

Yet no one is immune to fate
And so I wouldn’t hesitate
To violate forbidden code
For apple pie – if a la mode!

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Ishchuduata To The Test

All you have to do
      Is try
Ishch-cad-at is so easy
      Won't you try
Yes, try it, you may
   Makes one
It take's two to too
Ischadenta-b is you
        And me
That make's three
And another cha-denta
          Make's four
Ish-cu-du-denta a little
Then tally the score



Aspired to by the Baby Pinskter.....
Pinkster and Wild Thang Monkey are friend on Baby Monkey FaceBook

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Free Breakfast

I saw the Purple Martins in flight
They swooped and dived to my delight
There was not enough Martins to eat all the mosquitoes
Those squitoes left ate breakfast for free on me

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The Scoop

Ice cream purists like theirs plain
With nary a scintilla
Of nuts or chips or sprinkles
To deface their pure vanilla.

I see their point but disagree;
Additions have their place
And hunks of fruit or chocolate
I can easily embrace.

A vein of peanut butter swirl
Is something I can savor;
When it’s embedded in a scoop,
It multiplies the flavor.

Some chocolate covered almonds
Or some coconutty shreds
Embellish like a garment sewn
With sparkly silver threads.

A burst of buried cherries,
Like a pirate’s secret treasure,
When uncovered unexpectedly
Can fill one up with pleasure.

Of course, to purists, such advice
Is worthy of ignoring.
To me, a plain vanilla cone
Is needlessly quite boring!

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At a dinner so late,
Felt like weights on my eyes,
I scarfed down a sandwich
And crispy hot fries.

Along with fresh coffee,
It helped me revive,
For fries are a mainstay
That keep me alive.

But next to my sandwich
And cole slaw, my plate
Held a treat, which was clearly
The best thing I ate:

A fat slice of pickle,
Just bursting with crunch,
The perfect companion
To dinner or lunch.

It added allure
And the greatest part yet
Is this pickle was SOUR – 
The most you can get.

They’re almost extinct
So I sure was surprised
To bite into a taste
That New Yorkers once prized.

I pondered the source
Of its barrel of brine,
But wherever it came from,
I’m thrilled it was mine!

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An English pub’s a perfect place
To sip an IPA.
Its cozy vibes can warm you
On a windy wintry day.

I do not live in England
But Manhattan’s where you’ll find
Whatever type of restaurant
Or bar you have in mind.

And that is why I found myself
Indulging in a draft
Inside a quite convincing pub,
With English servers staffed.

My spouse and I both ordered pints
With sausages and fries.
(In London, they’d be “bangers”
Served with “chips,” I would surmise).

But still, it came just close enough
That, with each frothy sip,
We could pretend we’d crossed the pond
To Britain, on a trip.

Yet when we paid the bill, of course,
There were no pounds or pence.
A fantasy just goes so far
And then it makes no sense.

Reality has upsides, though,
And here’s where this one led – 
A few blocks walk on New York streets
And straight to my own bed!

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We have different meanings for this little word…

It can mean to incite or urge, even encourage one to commit to something…

A roundish reproductive body, produced by a female, of certain animals as birds, turtles and some snakes, too.

You can eat most eggs, if you like…

Can eat them fried, poached, boiled, scrambled or deviled…

You can make many other, things using eggs as well…

Enjoy your eggs anyway, you like them…

By Sandra Lea Hoban

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Turkey Gabble

Again 'tis that time of year when I must evade that cruel axe!

With  the thought of my neck on the choppin' block I jes' cain't relax!

How about a goose or duck to complement yer pies, beans and peas,

Or yer grandma's meatloaf to go with them sweet pertaters if you please!

I certainly ain't got nothin' to celebrate and be thankful fer,

And with that my cousins, brothers and uncles fully concur!

I pray you'll find other victuals in which to stab yer knife and fork.

May I respectully suggest that you eat more beef, feesh and pork!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Crow's Residual

Spring's christening morn, they sow each, leased field
You squawk at their noisy machines, fabricated skill
In due time, green shoots sprout; twined destinies distilled
Awaiting Harvest moon's celestial seal
You ready your nettled till; contraband to fill
Before hoary frost can shower its blighting chill
Mechanized hands garnish nature's wage; stitched pockets to gild
Golden nuggets ferried to recycling mill
But to their deep reservoirs will not all of nature's bounty rill
Your scouring eyes will every, eroded funnel swill
From earth's spent crust, disbursed kernels drill
Sharpened beak pecking out residual, wasteful spill

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We all scream for ice cream

Drag the bag,
Across the floor,
To the freezer,
Open the door,

It’s dripping blood,
And is just dead weight,
The bag will fit,
In that empty crate,

The frozen temp,
Will give me time,
When I hear,
The front door chime,

An order for,
Strawberry ice cream,
A treat so good,
It’ll make you scream. 

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Morning Soup

Start with some water, making matters flow
Add a little sugar and away we will go
Stirring in some flavors and a little spice
Our little melting pot tastes so nice

A little simmer here and there
Our breaking hearts we do bare
Add a laugh, a joke and a riddle too
Getting rid of our daily blue

Pour a little in each cup
Drink it down to wake up
Morning has just begun
Our little soup is instant fun

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Sweet Fruits

Now Ms Dietrich, 
I have to give a response,
To your poem on behalf of fruit lovers, thus;
Of fruits we will disagree
I love then for breakfast, even for tea.
I love my apples, peaches and pear
Watermelons, coconuts, and guavas
No fear!
I eat a cherry, then a plum
And suck on star apples until the milk is done.
Even when they are stuck in my throat 
Moving north, but heading south.
Love them.
Tangerines, Mandarins and artiniques,
From the same genus,but all unique
Oh and the grapes which are fed
While lying on my feathered bed
Can I tell you about the cucumber
Chew it. bend it, then devour
Now my favourite is the avocado
Refreshes vigour, and strengthens  ardour 
Now there are some exotic ones you see
News headlines to you but old story to me
My voyages have been long time made
Within each log, I write a page
On the last line an anecdote
To the humble gage, and artichoke
But if ever I have a regret
It's of the fruits not tasted yet.

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Where is the Love

With children starving anew right at our own feet
How can our lives continue to ever feel complete
So wide is the neglect and rampant is the abuse
But when you only reflect then you are but life’s muse

Everyday so many cry out in hunger and in pain
With so much of this doubt all hope begins to wane
So many are all alone with no one to call their name
And with no Light to be shown there grows only shame

Look at the children and look deep into their eyes
Now look at the next ten and there will be no surprise
The joy is still there yet it is slowly being sifted away
Show them that you care and have something to say

And when you do(love) your reward shall be great
A feeling so new in changing one’s fate
And how will you grow to see just such a need
Your heart will know as for them it will bleed

Colossians 3:14

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Sharing and Caring

I was on me way to Adelaide, to watch the Blues take on the Crows,
it’ll be a super effort winning there, as every Vic here knows,
I could have flown and watched the game and done it in one day,
but decided on a tourist drive to catch the sights along the way.

I took the narrow winding path along the Ocean Road;
took in mountain views of sandy beaches, these special vistas showed;
spent one night in the Grampians with Zumsteins Kangaroos
and another in the Little Desert; a garden filled with many hues.

Then I drove down to Mount Gambier to visit rellies there,
I toured around the blue lakes and the limestone caverns where
stalactites and stalagmites grew from the roof and floor,
and then I found my el dorado… a McDonalds store.

Since the morning I left Melbourne, it’s been all fruit and weet bix,
so its great to find the ‘Golden Arches’ where I get my ‘Macca’ fix;
a nice thick super burger, with a coke and double fries,
and it’s waiting on the counter and so attractive to my eyes.

I found a table that was empty, put down the tray and ate a chip,
placed a serviette upon me lap, grabbed the coke and took a sip,
unwrapped the burger, ate more chips; had another drink of coke,
then watched a couple sit beside me, but neither of them spoke.

It’s obvious that they are married and that both are elderly,
but it seemed strange they ordered, the very same as me,
then I watched the fella cut the burger, in half carefully,
divide the chips and into glasses, pour the coke out equally.

I must admit I felt embarrassed as I watched this small charade,
and thought that being pensioners, times must be pretty hard,
so with a caring gesture, I offered them my burger, chips and coke,
but they refused me generous offer, and the lady quietly spoke.

“I know you mightn’t understand”, and then continued with her riddle,
“But through our married fifty years, we’ve split things down the middle,
what we buy is always shared, including everything we eat.”
Then she sat and watched her husband, scoff his Macca’s treat.

Here I am still quite confused, as I scrutinize what’s going on,
she’s watching as her food goes cold, so I asked her what was wrong,
“Oh nothings wrong” she said, then took a drink to quench her thirst,
“It just so happens that its Harold’s day, to use the false teeth first.”

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Side streets, avenues and boulevards
seem fortifications of past civil wars
with piles of ice glistening, and the grime
and dirt from passing cars splash them with slime..

The meteorologist from Eyewitness News grins as he tracks down the January storm
predicting no pleasant, sunny weather or break in clouds tomorrow night;
more snow from West Carolina will arrive to New York Harbor after midnight,
then it will change to ice, rain and sleet....I'll drink plenty of coffee to keep me warm! 

So worried, I called my  pretty niece who's traveling up North,
I told her to drive safely and stop at a gas station to check her tires,
but Claudio will soothe her blues as he hums many happy rhymes,
and lots of stories he will tell me having seen the kids of the South.

Wednesday I will go back to work, having plenty of time to sleep...
to do as I will, but staring at a blackened snow at every curb,
I can't bear the thought that spring is months away and my Ford
is parked between cars that haven't been moved since last week.   

I'm waiting without thrill more snow from West Carolina,
praying for everyone's safety as they cross another borderline...
If I were a kid, I'd build the funniest snowman on my block,
and happily go around it twenty times as a quacking duck!

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Fatty Bum Bum

How did I end up in this state? 
I'm always fighting with my weight, 
I'd like to put it down to fate, 
but that ain't honest! 

I know for sure what I do wrong, 
I've known the truth all along, 
but I always sing a different song, 
and that ain't honest! 

I've tried to blame my family, 
for passing the fat gene down to me, 
and making me a big fat'B', 
but that ain't honest.

So now I'm gonna face the fact, 
I have to make me a slimming pact, 
and with exercise I must react.
Now, that is honest!

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To me thanksgiving signifies this
Togetherness of family and those you miss
Stuffing, ham, pies and everything
Sit down and gnaw on a turkey’s wing
The one day a year it’s ok to be a glutton
Make some more room by popping a button
A day to celebrate a feast of food
Dine with the in-laws, try not to be rude
A day to eat and have a little fun
Then lay on the lawn and soak up some sun
Pecan, apple and minced meat pie
Better than fireworks on the fourth of July
Ham, turkey, lamb and some other meats
Grab a fork and knife and get in your seats
But on this part the most important part
Remember the needy, keep them in your heart

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My New Years Day to-do List

It was New Years Eve and I went to bed,
With thumping and bumping in my head.
The next morning my wife gave me a list,
I asked softly, “Honey, what is this?”
She told me it was ingredients she needed,
“In God’s name for what?” I pleaded.
She said the Pork was for progress,
“That sounds tasty to me,” I confess.
For good luck and health, the Turnip greens.
“I’ll have to force those down,” it seems.
The Black Eyed Peas are for prosperity,
I snapped back, “How can that be?”
She did not know and only could say,
“It brings good luck on New Year’s Day.”

By: Greg Stanley
Entry into the  “Good Luck Meal” Contest 
Sponsored by Russell Sivey

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T'was The Night Of Thanksgiving


T'was the night of Thanksgiving,and I couldn't just fall asleep 
I tried everything I knew,even trying to count  some dumb sheep, 
But nothing happened and I was getting more angry and mad at myself, 
The leftovers were still on my mind and my stomach went just bleat! 

I jumped over my bed and I raced to the door with all my power and might, 
And right in the kitchen I landed,where some food was still on sight, 
My heart beat it so fast like a train gone bad,when I saw all the turkey leftover galore, 
White and dark meat were waiting there just for me, to my profounded delight! 

There was cranberry sauce,apple pie and the most wonderfully sweet, pumpkin pie! 
My heart aglowed and my mouth watered all over in front of all this sight, 
For there I saw some chocolate pudding just sitting upon  a tray, 
So I gobbled and gobbled, till I thought I couldn't see another new day! 

I felt myself swelling up all the sudden, right to the size of the house! 
Then I heard this  terrible noise,and I've just burst and rip off my blouse! 
As I went off straight to the ceiling like a Speeding Gonzalez balloon! 
I felt again so sick and so big as I went flying right past the face of the moon 

But I still managed to YEEELLL to everyone in the whole town, 
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!and pass me all your chocolate PUDDING! Please! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka laydp2000 
Aka ladylove

November, 27,2014


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The first time that I tasted one
Was in the Promised Land.
One bite and my horizons
Very quickly did expand.

I ate them smeared on crusty bread
With just a little salt
And when I’d gained a dozen pounds,
I knew what was at fault.

And yet I kept on eating them,
With chips, as guacamole,
Well on my way to turning into
Someone roly-poly.

As years went by, I lost that weight
And now don’t stuff my face,
But avocados still retain
A flavor I embrace.

If you have never tried one,
You’ll be filled with sweet surprise,
But be careful or when shopping,
You’ll go up at least one size!

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Cherry cheesecake
whipped up from scratch, graham cracker crust.
Cherry cheesecake.

Mom's jubilantly scrumptious bake,
to duplicate its joy you must
whisk in love and a pinch of trust.
Cherry cheesecake.

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Summer's Knight

Tongue trick
Long tantalizing lick
Swirling around the sweetest of cream

Rolling off your pretty chin in a wet stream
Licked from a rigid sugary cone crisp dream
Chocolate or vanilla delight

A treat to eat all night
Summer’s Knight

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Table Manners

The birds in our back garden
Seem completely unaware
That when eating from a table
One should sit upon a chair.

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Top Ten Thank God

Some have food but they cannot eat
Some can eat but they have no food
You have food and you are fat and fit
Thank the glorious God for He is good

Some have beds but they cannot sleep
Some can sleep but they have no bed
You have bed and always have deep sleep
Thank God you have a place to lay your head

Some can read but they have no books
Some have books but they cannot read
You have big… books and you can read
Thank God that you are not called a crook

Some have legs but they have no shoes
Some have shoes but they have no leg
You have legs and lots of shoes to choose…
Thank God for giving you this privilege

Some have life but they have no hope
Some lost hope and lost their lovely life
Since you have life, please be full of hope
And thank God despite the storms and strife

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The random pumpkin

The flyer through the letterbox claimed 'pumpkins now half price'
I'll make a pie for Ma-in-law, for once do something nice
I was told to bring a wheelbarrow, maybe a pair of wellies
But all this preparation, still did not prepare me
For when I reached the pumpkin patch, behold, there dazzling bright
Were twenty seven pumpkins, none orange, but white!
I rubbed my eyes and scratched my head, but still they didnt change
And thought inside my muddled mind 'the grower must be strange'
But still I paid  the buying fee for my rare and freaky fruit
Rolled it in my barrow and squelched home in my boots
Then when I got it home I sat and stared an hour or two
I wanted orange pumpkin pie but white will have to do
I dont know yet how I'll explain this to my Ma-in law
She'll take one look at anaemic pie and laugh me out the door!
But beggars can't be choosers, I'm just gonna have to blag it
And next time I want pumpkin pie, go to the supermarket

27th October 2011

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The Story Of Job

The Story of Job I'm sure you remember the story of Job. God's blessings in his life were greatly bestowed. The Devil came to speak to God one day. "I'm sure Job will curse you if I take everything away." Everything in Job's life seemed to be getting worse. Through all of this, to God, he never cursed. All that he had-was soon to ge gone. His "friends" told him it "was his fault-he was wrong." He blessed God in spit of all they had said. He would praise God until the day he was dead. In all the loss and the turmoils. His body would soon be covered with boils. He loved God even though he lost his possessions. Spending eternity in heaven was his obsession. If everything in your lie was taken from you. Would you bless or curse God -what would you do? Is he more important than your house or s.u.v.? Would you give him up for a "big screen t.v.?" Is he your prized possession whom you love so much? Or are you using Christianity as simply a crutch? For one day soon-all you have will certainly perish. Is it God--or this world-- you love and cherish? By Jim Pemberton

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The McDonald's Ads

Since people have been placing “favorite dish” poems here on display,
I have seen McDonald’s ads for oatmeal many times each day.
They pop up to the right of my screen quite frequently.
They have been practically the only advertisements I can see.
The company has been pushing oatmeal with maple and fruit.
This is a breakfast choice with only two hundred and ninety calories to boot.
I don’t get out to McDonald’s to eat too many times.
I think I will stop here because I am just about out of rhymes.

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Cheers to a Good Evening

Tonight I plan to go out and enjoy my time
With some folks of mine that love red wine
There is no reason to say where we go
It could be a bar, or maybe my own home.

I just want to steal away somewhere no one cares
And enjoy a glass of wine that all wish to share
 I need a small vacation that lets me relax my mind
Just being alone doesn’t let me unwind.

I beg all of you to come and convey this with me
Hello my associates, why are you strangers to be
Come over there is so much to pass around
I want to take your time that was not found.

Maybe a Merlot, a Cabernet, or Burgundy for you 
You see I have them all, and they are all very true.
If my home is not good enough, we could go to the bar,
And order a beer or a glass of Champaign which lasts far.

Anyway the night is young and my pallet is still dry
I would walk far to have a group of my kin nearby
No, loneliness is not good enough, today and evermore
My wine awaits me this moment more and more.

At last I heard a drum beating far away
A beautiful melody played a song this way
My friends heard my cry and were marching forth
How I smiled with joy and sang along of course.

The song continued to chant well into the night 
With many toasts of happiness crossing the sight
My kin called me a lover of red wine filled with desire
It was a heavenly group that I shared with and admired.  

When the moment came to an end
We parted giggling loudly around the bend
My wishes of a night with red wine came true
And all who came and left were not just a few.

Good night I will remember my companions well
You gave me a holiday that I can awake and retell
Farewell and goodbye until we toast another time
My lips are wet now and experienced great wine.

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Barbecued Swan

Bored with burgers, ribs and chicken?
Want a treat to feast upon?
I can recommend you sample
Breast of Windsor Castle swan.

There are two hundred to choose from -
Better make that one-nine-nine -
For it seems somebody caught one
And decided he would dine.

There's a law against such killing -
It was once considered treason -
'Cause these swans are all protected;
They're the Queen's, of course, the reason.

Even if they weren't royal,
They don't seem to fit the bill
Of a creature you would marinate
And toss upon the grill.

There's been no official comment
On this swan, whose life was wasted,
But Elizabeth, like all of us,
Must wonder how it tasted.

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Black Magic Powder

I slither out from the rock I rest
Not feeling so bright, not the best
My face feels fake, like a painted clown
Nothing phases me, my expression, a frown
One thing I'm sure get me into the shower
So I scoop one-half cup of the black magic powder
Into the pot the black magic goes
The aroma, tantalizing, into my nose
A mystical potion, poured into the cup
About enough, to wake a bull up
I took a drink, from the abyss
Like a shot from an arrow, awoke my senses
The more I drank, the better I felt
Like getting whipped with a fine, leather belt
Revived I was, alive as could be
But for how much longer? We shall see
All was well, until the seventh hour
Twas time for some more, black magic powder
I made it through the day, it was a blast
The best part of it, was the part where I crashed

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I loved my fat Thai noodles.
They were such a perfect lunch;
But after four big dumplings,
I was filled up quite a bunch.

I ate as much as I could eat.
The portion was absurd;
‘Cause when I lay my chopsticks down,
I’d only scarfed a third.

The waiter took my leftovers
And packed them in a tin,
With plastic cover and 
A paper bag to put them in.

He left it on my table
And I took it when I paid,
Real pleased that dinner for tonight
Was sitting there, all made.

But walking home, quite suddenly
My meal came crashing through.
The soggy-bottomed bag had ripped,
So what was I to do?

For on the sidewalk was displayed
Pad See Ew in its glory.
I scooped it up as best I could,
And that’s the end of story.

There is a moral to this tale – 
When you go out to eat,
A noodle in the belly beats
A noodle on the street!

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Green Fairy in the Glass

Green fairy enters my glass. Just like an emerald I see with style and class. In the light of the moon with sugar in the spoon, droplets run down the side. They have nothing to hide. Anticipation holds me. You are worth the wait. Pouring freely, when sweet, you taste great.

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I like it steamy, Hot and sweet, I like it twice a day, I like to try many different things In many a different way. I like the feeling on my lips, I like to hold it in my hands, I like it in so many ways That no-one understands. I like the way it makes me feel, Purely just for me. I know some people think it strange The way I talk about my Tea!!

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Humble Pie

I apologise
If my humble pies
©Michael Birchmore 2013

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Of course I didn’t quit,
Although my appetite was snuffed.
I had to sample everything
Until my gut was stuffed.

The hostess said she’d made a lot – 
We knew she wasn’t bluffing – 
For there was such variety
Beyond the bird and stuffing.

Since every dish was yummy,
Just one bite was not enough;
And so into our eager mouths
That food we had to stuff.

Today there is a price to pay – 
My stomach’s looking puffed; 
But on Thanksgiving Day, I can’t
Prevent becoming stuffed!

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Every evening I come home on time,
I hug you and say, " How was your day? "
No smile, no affection, no greeting from you: you seem the image of clay, 
but a resentful feeling, fed by suspicion, is ready to explode inside!

Staring at me with doubt, you'll soon turn into a freak;
I go to the kitchen to get a beer to wash the poison down... 
when I get back, my cell phone is gone!
There you are! Curved up into the love seat
checking out all my messages and a particular picture....
angrily you say, " Who's that silly blonde? Your new lover? "

I fight back by saying, " Darling, have you touched another drink? 
What is the meaning of these fits of jealousy? "
And vicious than a tiger showing her sharp teeth,
you get up to start a demoniac fight revving up your stupidity.

Anything that lies on the coffee table you throw at me:
a pack of cigarettes, even an ashtray that misses me by an inch,
by luck, I duck feeling like a grindstone turned by a winch...
I yell, " Damn you and your jealousy! " I shut the door and flee. 

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I must have been around seventeen years old
when I went to the Coney Island Fair,
not for the tasty hot dogs and burgers cooked on coal
but for the thrilling ride on the Cyclone Roller Coaster!

I put on a brave face, but wind and speed made me feel horrible,
I wanted to scream and yell, " Stop...this is hell! "
And embarrassed, I kept on riding it turning pale
and unable to breath...I was surprised how others looked bold!

It should have been lots of fun, but it didn't make me laugh;
I vowed to myself to never ride it again...
some kids told me that they were afraid too and choose to surf
as the tides rolled in and promised much fun!

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And as the sun began to rise
Cries of hunger were so reflected in their eyes
And as that sun later began to set
None of these children had even eaten yet

But tomorrow is yet another day
For just one small bowl of food is for all that they pray
And that tomorrow isn't here yet
As this cry of hunger you need not let

We have so much more than so many others
And yet the Lord said that we are all brothers
It takes so little, not really much at all
Logging onto the Internet or making that call

And when all is said and done and the check has cleared
Upon your heart a mark of charity will be seared
Opening your heart and extending your hand
This tiny little act is really so much more grand

Colossians 3:14
And above all these things put on charity, 
which is the bond of perfectness.

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Easter Egg

Easter Eggs are so yummy
Too many will make you sick
The chocolate is so gorgeous
I think I'll eat mine quick.

Inside some there are chocolate buttons
Colored smarties too
Then you've got those creamy eggs
Just eating one won't do.

Yes, Easter Eggs are so yummy
Especially with a cup of tea
All that melted chocolate
My face you cannot see.

So thank you Lord for chocolate
And my Easter Egg
Would anyone out there like some
I'm only pulling your leg.

ps course you can have some of my egg

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The French simply call them: " Dents De Lion. "
They have tiny, fragile yellow rays,
and can be used in multiple ways;
my grandama tossed them in salads and more.

Mothers, do you want your gorgeous kids
to be healthy, happy and tall?
Then feed them these delicious, green herbs;
I am sure they'll eat them all.

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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Tiramisu in a pot 
I’m a greedy mare I’ve just scoffed the lot
Don’t worry about me putting on weight
Because I’m quite petite  - a UK size eight

Jan Allison
6th August 2014

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"You shouldn't cook that!"

I heard them all say.

"Why, that's only served

on Christmas Day!"

"You shouldn't bake that,

Something else you must cook.

Our husbands will know

and how will that look?"

"It's fourth of July

No time for that dish.

These rules can't be broken

please honor our wish!"

But I pay no heed

to wives' rambling tricks.

My taste buds cry out

for sage and bread mix.

No husband have I

to eat what I make.

So why should I care

whatever I bake?

There is no set rule

No government law!

I just crave dressing

with turkey. That's all.

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At the Mussel Restaurant

At the mussel restaurant
You order up a pot.
Ceremoniously, they’re served,
Piled high and piping hot.

Scoop some shells and use your tiny
Fork to pull the meat.
Sop the sauce with crusty bread,
Each bite a tasty treat.

Sip a draft beer and relax
For everything’s all right.
A mussel feast’s the perfect way
To welcome Friday night.

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I should've learned french

I should've learned french before going to a restaurant.
What I ordered there was food that I sure didn't want.
I made the mistake of ordering cerveau and escargot.
When I learned that it was brains and snails, I said that it had to go.
When I refused to eat it, the chef threw me out a window and I got a shard of it in my ass.
I went to a proctologist and he asked me five hundred bucks to remove that piece of glass.
I refused to pay it and I got thrown through a window again.
Now I have two shards of glass in my butt, I can never win.
I can no longer sit down, I have to be suspended by a winch.
If you decide to eat at that restaurant, you'd better learn french.

(This is a fictional poem.)

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Tragedy is a spinning wheel
which stops at its own will,
and when it does an earthquake, flood or tsunami strikes
poisoning the pristine environment, wiping out endless lives....
such was the fate of unlucky Japan,
the island off the Asian mainland.

When destruction was everywhere and fear was deep,
people miserably wept searching for survivors through the debris and mud...
feeble voices were occasionally heard from underneath;
how helpless, and frustrated and sad they felt not to be able to pull them out!
Fakushima resembled a graveyard with sprawled corpses,
unfolding the horror of a massive catastrophe before their saddened eyes.  

Let's show our heartfelt sympathy
with a kindness which surpasses all credibility,  
remembering that tragedy is a spinning wheel
never telling where it will stop to make a kill...
and as Japan asks for our help, we should gladly offer it
with open hearts and arms and they will thank us for it.

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Keep Them in the Stable, Not on the Table

People of Europe, be careful of what you eat. What has been branded as beef is actually horsemeat. How could any legitimate business do something like that? Horse flesh is not fit to feed to a dog or cat. To sell butchered horses, would somebody be willing and able? Those four-hoof beasts of burden don’t belong on the table. We should keep our fine riding friends in the stable. From a news story found on

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devour her crust I must
greedily feasting the 
roundish skin and ochred
pumpkin muscle within

since barely I could toddle, 
away from baby's bottle
I've relished her delicious
full fall-moon feast
at least calming my distraction

flaking away stress and dismay
to pointed surfeit I'd bet
that entirety would be 
my inevitable terminus

replete upon languished
fundament so heaven-bent
to drowse and dream yet
more pumpkin pie it'd seem

© Goode Guy 2013-11-29

(after just polishing off the leftovers)

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A modicum of success

I think I've found a brand of food
that both my dogs enjoy.
I've served it up for several days,
I've served it up in several ways,
It's really going down a treat,
it seems to be a winner,
No longer do I need to shout
"Eat your flaming dinner!"

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Three Course Meal

You've heard the story of Goldilocks
And the bears that chased her away
But now it's time to tell the truth
'Cause it didn't really happen that way

Goldilocks weighed four hundred pounds
She'd eat anything in sight
And It didn't matter what it was
She still had to have one bite

Now the whole town knew of her appetite
So they locked their food in storage
And that just left those poor little bears
Who was just trying to cool their porridge

Now she could smell food a mile away
For she had an amazing snout
But still she waited to make certain
Those bears had ventured out

She didn't just break one of those chairs
She actually broke all three
Remember, she weighed four hundred pounds,
And was as fat as she could be?

She wandered into the bedroom
And broke each one of their beds
So she curled up on the floor to sleep
With three pillows under her head

While she slept, those bears came home
And they were as hungry as could be
Did I mention she broke the remote control
To the bear's big screen tv?

Anyway, the bears had finally had it
That's all that they could take
In their rage they didn't notice
That goldilocks was now awake

So they trapped her in the corner
And were poised for the attack
But goldilocks was still hungry
And was looking for a snack

Needless to say she ate those bears
I know this story seems crude
But I'm just trying to warn you 
To make sure you hide your food

Based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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Whats for Dinner

We could have hot dogs or hamburgers
tonight if you rather and save the
pork chop's for Sunday dinner…

Hamburgers or hot dogs with 
chili and onions…

Save the best for Sunday dinner…

By Sandra Lea Hoban

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If you want a gin with quality that is real,
choose the little green bottle with the red wax seal.
You can make a mean martini when you have it in hand.
This ninety-four proof spirit is in worldwide demand.
It very well may be the planet’s best-selling brand.
The stuff mixes well with just about any juice.
Mixing it with tonic water is another popular use.
It is exported from England to almost anywhere in the world.
People enjoy it no matter which flag is unfurled.
If you go out for a drink on any night or day,
remember to ask for the gin known as Tanqueray.

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My Favourite Dish

It tastes like heaven, with dripping cheese,
Pizza tempts me like sorghum does bees.
Mouth is overwhelmed by the deliciousness,
I am completely allured by the lusciousness.
Delectable, scrumptious, mouth-watering;
With the Mozzarella cheese topping.
Pizzas are not meant to be eaten in haste,
They’re meant for satisfying the craving for taste.
Pizzas have a firm round doughy brown bread base,
 Their aroma tempts me from every pizzeria pizza showcase.

A little salty with a gooey satisfaction,
Even novice eaters show a wonderful reaction.
The way one wants, one can toss;
And top it with vegetables and red sauce.
Some prefer cheesy, some prefer meaty,
Some prefer chewy, some prefer crunchy.
Be it a great connoisseur or a novice pizza eater,
Pizza has a standing on everyone’s food meter.

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If someone said, “You can’t eat bread,” 
I don’t think I’d survive;
For what I dread’s not being dead
But sad when I’m alive.

My morning meal would not appeal
Without a seeded bagel
Or I could deal, to keep it real,
With toast I could finagle.

Yet I’d be blue if some taboo
Encouraged the assumption
That food I view as yum to chew
Would fade from my consumption.

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I like a nice cooked breakfast
Bacon egg and beans
Sausages and mushrooms
The answer to my dreams

With it I like lots of bread
And a nice hot cup of tea
I really like my breakfast
A full English one for me

Some days I might have cereals
And maybe jam on toast
But that full English breakfast
I really love the most

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Gerber Baby



Frank Daniel Gerber, with his son Daniel Frank
Worked to create an image that would fill in the blank
Labels on the their tins of stewed baby food 
To give the 1928 ad campaign attitude

So they put out the feelers for artwork galore
Paintings, portraits, drawings and more
Bombarded them from every direction
Til an unfinished charcoal drawing caught their attention

An unfinished charcoal sketch Dorothy Smith submitted 
“This is the winner!!” the Gerber men admitted
The vision that would become internationally known
Had been discovered….the seeds were sown

With blonde wavy hair, soft to the touch
Big round eyes that express so much
Pink rosy cheeks that beg for a squeeze
Cherubim lips that can bring a grown person to their knees

Gerber Baby is still as popular today
It keeps getting stronger with each and every yesterday
This Angelic face graces many a label
Serving American toddlers at the dinner table.
©copyright Juanita Torr

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Strawberry ice cream

Drag your chair,
Across the floor,
To the freezer,
Open the door,

A cardboard bowl,
Colored pink,
Grab the biggest spoon,
From the sink,

Bite after bite,
And a sticky smile,
Your favorite treat,
For a while,

Always cold,
A frozen dream,
Your taste buds call,
Strawberry ice cream!

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A la Mode

Although my list is lengthy
Of desserts that I adore,
There’s one that I cannot resist
And leaves me wanting more:

A crumb-topped pie with berries – 
Pretty simple, it would seem – 
Just slightly warmed and crowned with
Some vanilla bean ice cream.

The filling should be thick and sweet,
The berries slightly oozing;
A mix works well, but blue ones
Are the berries I’d be choosing.

The crust should be delicious, too.
The ice cream scooped on high;
And as for calories to count,
Those rules do not apply.

My mom passed down her love of sweets
And one that she bestowed
Was berry pie (store-bought, but still)
Served warm and a la mode.

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Let's bow our heads and pray
Today's Thanksgiving day.

Poor old turkey got the axe
Bet he wished he'd never been hatched.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, yams
Consume mass quantities but never ham.

Eat too much and pop your zipper
"Hey Honey, where's the Alka Seltzer"?

Josette Davis Key   2013

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What do you eat
When you eat what you like
Here are some clues
From your pal Uncle Mike

According to the FDA
Maggots and mites are really OK
While maggots won’t hurt you
They’re not appetizing
And flavor of mites is really surprising
So pick them yourself
Make sure they’re OK
And don’t leave this task
To the old FDA

	Chewing Gum
Gum contains lanolin
And that comes from wool
It’s an oily secretion
And that is no bull
So each time you chew
You’re chewing sheep sweat
And that is as gross
As your chewing can get

	Vanilla Ice Cream
If you read the label
You may see castoreum
And that’s a secretion
From a beavers old bum
The FDA says
It is generally safe
But its use in my ice cream
Just makes me chafe
“Natural flavoring” is how it is listed
The FDA’s humor
I would say is quite twisted

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Country Fare

I've traveled from the farm in Indiana, the place of my humble birth,
To places I never dreamed of seeing all around this earth!
On ships, trains and airplanes visiting fascinating ports of call,
And dining in hoity-toity eateries, more than I can ever recall!

I've dined on such exotic dishes as Beef Eterhazy and Athenian Moussaka,
Nasi Goreng, Halibut Cheeks, Paht Thai and Linguine Bugatta;
Linguine Primavera, Mahi Mahi, Lobster Thermidor and Cordon Blue,
Canard a L'Orange, Chateaubriand and savory Fillet of Wahoo!

I enjoyed those epicurean delights, but they'll never compare,
To the simple, wholesome dining on good old country fare!
I salivate thinking about a heaping plate of cornbread and beans,
With a salad on the side of fresh garden picked lettuce greens!

I drool just thinking about a hearty meal of meat and taters,
With stuff fresh from the garden like sweet peas and 'maters,
Home-made oven baked biscuits and heaps of fried chicken.
Ah, the very thought makes my old ticker begin to quicken!

Just to contemplate a repast of Bermuda onions and fried liver,
Gets my mouth watering and sets my old bones aquiver!
May you enjoy your Pate de Fois Gras at the country club;
I'll settle anytime for good old nourishing country grub!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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coffee house

I was browsing through the menu and laid my eyes upon interesting cocktails and mock tails.
I snapped up the names with the blackberry camera and wove them together to couplets.
Dedicate this one to my friends who love and cherish the cocktails and mock tails.

With love from zeauoxian, black lady, Tom Collins, Three peaks merlot, white lady, John Collins. Between the sheets, pink pusy, screaming orgasm, Pink lady, lost bikini, orgasm. Misty nite, hairy navel, ding a ling, Sunset, buttock clencher, Singapore sling. Lady killer, fuzzy navel, coconut diaquiry, Bloody Mary, fenny wenny woo woo, orange diaquiry. Pure calypso, climax, kick in the balls, Caribbean fever, planter’s punch, rocks for the dolls. Peach pleasure, tequila sunrise, margarita, Pina coloda, sunset, caipirnha. Coco colada, slippery dick, the hammer, Gimlet, sweet nips, tequila slammer. Passona orange, passona lime, sex on the beach, Orange blossom, lime blossom. Passionate peach. Gin fiz, Cuba libre, Roby Roy, Black lagoon, black Russian, beach buoy. Fight fiesta, stinger rum cocktail, side car, Negroni, pink elephant, brandy lime shot from the bar. Mohjito, long island iced tea, whiskey sour, Renaissance merlot, vina tarapoca chardonnay. All these heady concoction, Many of them and lots of action. The science of achohol blending, of the art of mixology, All these to the tipper is fun and to do with a smooth tripology!!!!!!!!

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egged on

Don't  put all your eggs into one basket
     they may drop and burst, ending up in a casket
         Having egg on your face                                               
  can be a big disgrace

If someone eggs you on
    then trouble might be to blame
a "duck's egg" in a game
    is the loser's shame

 when your nickname is egghead
     it's something you may dread
  an omelet is so tasty to eat
      making it an 'eggcellent' treat 
for Susan's 'Eggs' contest                                                 




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Edits Okay

Diet is really edit misspelled. 
I'd rather think of it that way. 
It seems easier to modify, 
Than it does to take away. 
Diet is also a harsh word. 
Starvation leaps to mind. 
A jailer who throws the key away, 
Because eating is a crime. 
Edit is a nicer word. 
Rearranged it spells the tide. 
A picture of ebbing serenity, 
Erosion over time. 
Diet is more of a challenge. 
A gauntlet slapped in your face! 
While edit simply reminds us, 
A pencil may also erase.

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Raisin Bread

I had a beacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on raisin bread toast with mayo,
and it was surprisingly good if you must know.
I also gave raisin bread french toast a try.
Another culinary delight recommended by I,
and nothing more enhances a classic sandwich like P B & J 
than to have it prepared on raisin bread is what I always say.
I seem to have been on a raisin bread kick for these past couple of days,
preparing raisin bread in many alternative various ways.
Who knows how long I'll continue my raisin bread craze.
All I know is that lately raisin bread is all that I crave.

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Red, Sticky, and Thick,
Could make you look like your dead.
Not eaten by a flea or tick,
And it’s always said.

I go wonderful with potatoes,
It’s a good match up.
I’m made out of tomatoes,
I love being ketchup!  

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Waste Not

The leftovers were sitting there;
With just a little heating,
They’d make a perfect dinner,
One that I had planned on eating.

But there was just a tad too much
And yet out of the question
Was saving it, for by tomorrow
There’d be indigestion.

And so I nuked it all and ate;
My plate had several fills,
Which is the reason why I feel
Stuffed right up to the gills.

I could’ve thrown the extra out
But what I eat is based
Upon that old mentality
That food you shouldn’t waste.

So now I’m bursting at the seams
From everything I’ve tasted;
At least I’ll sleep content to know
No single crumb was wasted!

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My cooking skills changed my sad mood,
I learned them by watching patient mom in relentless motion
as she put much passion in her tasty food...
who could resist not giving it a try and carry on that devotion? 

In the steamy kitchen, she spent a lifetime inventing great, exquisite recipes;
a self-made chief in her own right with neat apron and white cap;
one must have thought she was on the way to the Emmy's nomination festivities 
to pick up her golden trophy...oh, I still laugh remembering that! 

"Don't stick your finger in my batter, son...raw eggs might make
 you sick!" mother ordered. " Wait until it's baked,
then you can eat as much as you like!" I froze, thinking of no trick...
oh, that spoon dripping with sweet batter I licked!

Mom no longer could prepare large meals for our hungry family,
she succumbed to grave illness, hoping I would take up that unbroken tradition...
and it made her so glad, sensing the bond of her precious legacy;
a massive list of recpes was the everlasting gift to me with profound affection.

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Tres Leches

A meal is not a meal to me
Unless it has dessert.
When looking at a menu,
I kick in to high alert.

I have my favorites but at times
I’ll sample something new
And that is how a special treat
Came up for my review.

When dinner ended (Mexican),
We gave our guest the choice.
“Tres Leches cake” is what he chose;
I didn’t quite rejoice.

For it was unfamiliar
And like flan’s what I envisioned;
Since we were sharing, though, I’d bow
To what I’d not decisioned.

To my surprise, Tres Leches cake
Was heavenly delight!
With berries and meringue on top,
I savored every bite.

Had I objected, ‘twould have been
A terrible mistake
And the proof is in, not pudding,
But within Tres Leches cake!

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I open the old door and it squeaks,
then a cobwebbed, dusty ceiling appears...
what I find brings me to tears:
a moaning cat about to die, his weak heart still beats. 

If all cats have nine lives as my cat has, 
this one may know only one because of someone's shameless neglect and cruelty;
I check his yellowish eyes, and he dares to meow and lick my compassionate face...
as he clings to me for help and sympathy.

How did he survive under a cobwebbed, dusty ceiling
with no food and water...did he feed on spiders?
What about breathing in a sunless room frequented by mice?
Oh, he must have had a feast, while burping!

Ah, I shouldn't talk about rodents, it makes my hair standup!
All I want everyone to know is that the cat is doing well and loves a beefy treat,
not something he was forced to eat...oh, poor animal with a fiant heart!
No, sweet kitty cat: cobwebs and dust won't fall on it's safe to sleep! 

Entered in Francine Robert's contest,
" Cobwebs And Dust "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 3/ 19/2012

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 When you visit your favorite soul food spot,
 Along with your faithful friends,
 What you'll eat any given day,
 On your tastes it all depends.
 The selections are quite varied
 And the menu might read like this:
 For breakfast Country Ham and Eggs,
 With biscuits and cheese grits,
 For Lunch : Neckbones, Catfish, 
 Smothered Chicken,
 Pork Chops and Pigs Feet.
 Everything looks so delicious,
 And these are just the meats.
 The vegetables you might enjoy,
 include greens, squash, and black-eyed peas;
 Or you might want fried corn and pinto beans,
 Along with macaroni and cheese.
 What ever it is that you decide,
 It's sure to hit the spot,
 It'll come to your booth,
 Fresh and piping hot.
 Be prepared to sit a spell,
 Cause you won't want to move;
 For you will have dined most sumptuously,
 As your clean plate will prove.
 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey 
 from Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia- A Life in Poems

#southern #southernlife #southernfood #southernfoodpoem #soulfoodpoem

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Lizard Salad

A lizard from somewhere landed on a plate. Having his head in a kale salad was a terrible fate. The remains were back in the kitchen all the while. How did the preparer miss spotting the reptile? This is not what the average dining customer would want. It happened at lunch at a Manhattan restaurant. The woman got a refund for the salad after the event. The owner of the establishment simply stated: “No comment”. From a news story found on

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FOOD TALK kid poem

Olives are so sweet to eat
Avocados are a treat
I love fruit right off the trees
Sneaking honey from the bees
Bread so soft it floats on air
Curly noodles shaped like hair
But I hate broccoli and peas
And tofu burgers make me sneeze
If you force me to sit and eat
food you think should be a treat
If you want me sitting there
You can leave me, I don’t care
Night will come and bedtime too 
Owls will fly and hoot at you 
Me and food will still be there
Sleeping when you come down stairs

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Leggy Bird and a Vintage Wine

What i love
About Christmas time
Is a leggy bird
And a vintage wine

With succulent breasts
And a figure so tanned
When i wash my hands
She'll soon be manned

She's the type of bird
Who leaves me well fed
With a glass of wine
I'm ready for bed

But this little bird
Can sure last longer
For she double serves
And my hungry heart grows fonder

At my table she sits
In anticipation
As my hands delight
She has my admiration

This delicious bird on Christmas Day
Is natures Turkey, a delight I'll say
And just before we sit down to eat
We are incredibly thank full, for such a treat

My entry for Donna Golden's contest " Turkey Tribute "

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They're known by many names - taters, potatos, pertaters and spuds.
As a Hoosier lad I toiled hoein' taters and flickin' bugs off their buds!
So I was very well qualified when I entered the service, by and large,
When 'volunteered' for kitchen police to peel taters by a mean old sarge!

There's even a National Potato Day observed with tumultuous celebration,
With a Potato Queen, parades and other such nonsense across the nation!
Politicos pontificate about the virtues of taters 'specially in Idaho and Maine,
Where they transport them to our kitchen tables by truck, plane and train.

There was a national debate on how to spell potato with or sans an 'e'!
Dan Quayle didn't know how but I would've spelled it 'tater' if it were up to me!
Some taters have a patriotic bent since some are called reds, whites and blues!
Other varieties are yellows, fingers and russets from which you may choose.

To fill a feller's paunch the lowly tater can be mashed, diced or sliced.
You can make a tater salad or tater soup though you'll want them lightly spiced!
Taters roasted on the grille or scalloped tater casseroles will go with anything.
Barbeque tater chips or French fried taters with hamburgers are just the thing!

Mom would've been horrified to find lumps in her taters when company came!
In cafes today lumps are cela va sans dire s'il vous plait and is their claim to fame!
No matter how you slice 'em, taters are savored by commoner and king as well!
And you can argue 'bout the spellin' of 'potato' but 'tater' you can easily spell!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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What a cook!
Flipping pans
Controlling the heat
Sweating it out
I’m anxious to eat.
Colors and flavors
Rainbow sensations
Feeding my soul.
“Try special stuffed shrimp”
The flavor extreme
More extraordinary,
The feast was a dream.

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Homemade Dressing

When eating leftover dressing
That was a good main course for lunch
Only compliment  receiving
You could patent this honeybunch

He forgot potato salad
Left it out of his extra praise
What Rocky did say nots valid
For he was in a state of craze

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“Mummy, what’s that”
“What’s what”
“In the jar”
“That, my dear boy, is the best caviar
We had friends for dinner
Last evening, my sweet
So I got something special 
To give them a treat
It’s fish eggs my dear,
They are eggs from a fish
It’s ever so nice 
You can try if you wish, 
My word, it’s all gone
You’ve eaten the lot
You’ve polished it off
You’ve emptied the pot
What’s that, you feel ill
Well I’m not so surprised
I’m afraid my young man
You’ve been belugarised

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Bonding Over Beer

Setting: outdoor pub in Prague.
On the table: brews!
Reason: hungry, tired and
So many beers to choose.

At the table next to us,
Americans on tour,
Drinking beer in every town,
As much as pubs could pour.

We had forty years on them.
Still, we started yakking,
Trading stories, facts and jokes;
Subjects weren't lacking.

That's what's great about a pub -
Different people blend
And before you know it,
Every stranger seems a friend.

Several lagers later,
We got up and said goodbye.
Once we would have kept their pace;
Now we'd dare not try.

Yet we spent a lovely night
Bonding over beers.
Amazing how some yeast and hops
Can override the years!

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Should the good be judged
for not having given enough?
Some will face humiliation or reprimand,
not by Christ Himself, but by folks who bluff!

There are many ways of giving,
it depends on willingness and feeling;
the most generous ones will give abundantly,
and those who aren't will give little obviously.

Then who should be judged harshly?
The ones who give out of the kindness
of their hearts, or the ones who are forced by society?
True givers are never asked...they give with eagerness.

In the eyes of the Creator, generosity is another virtue of human mercies...
when feeding the hungry with food and their soul with God's comforting words.
Well-to-do-folks and millionaries give away lots of money to charities,
but only a fraction of that amount is given to the needy who still knock on doors.

Nowdays even the good, who give of themselves, will be judged
for not doing enough to help the poor in constant distraught,
but isn't compassion more significant than any monetary amount?
Didn't Jesus praise the meager woman who gave all she had?

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Coffee House 900th poem

The beans come from tropical South America. The biggest producers are Brazil and Colombia. When you drink that first cup early in the day, just remember your beverage traveled a long way. With all the coffee houses in town everywhere, do you thing their patrons give a damn or care?

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Hoppin' John

If you eat Hoppin’ John on New Year’s Day, it’s a sure thing good luck will come your way. At least down south, that’s what they say. In a bowl or on a plate, Hoppin’ John looks nice. Those field peas, bacon, and onions go well with rice. Serve it with green leafy vegetables that are supposed to resemble money. Putting a coin under each bowl looks like something funny. Doing so is a harbinger of prosperity. Yellow corn bread is symbolic of gold. That is also to bring wealth, so I am told. The next day, Hoppin’ John becomes Skippin’ Jenny. That is what to eat if you are pinching the penny. Further wealth results from frugality. I thank online encyclopedia for information I obtained to write this poem

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This colorless liquor originated in Russia The numbers of drinks it can make are a plethora. It is distilled from potato mash, or from wheat or rye. Its popularity is something no one can deny. The name comes from “little water” in the Russian language This charcoal-filtered spirit is paid global homage. This has been consumed by many in each century. It is produced worldwide at any distillery. This liquor is one that has great versatility. It’s served neat, or mixed with a variety of juices. This distilled beverage has a host of great uses. Vodka is found in common drinks like a Bloody Mary, or found in some wild concoctions that seem quite contrary. It comes in proof strength of eighty or one hundred. For many connoisseurs, it’s a spirit that’s beloved.

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Eat, Drink And Be Wary

Ain't no wonder we're baffled about eatin' - ever'thing is taboo.
We're deluged by self-appointed gurus toutin' their points uv view.
Can't they desist and find somethin' more productive to do?
They can eat their tofu and water cress-  I prefer a hearty stew!

The experts can't determine which is best, reg'lar coffee er decaf,
So I slurp my mornin' joe, settlin' fer a mug uv half n' half.
Fast foods ain't recommended but I'd fight fer Burger King Whoppers!
Ain't nobody tellin' me what I can er can't chomp on with my choppers!

Some folks say aigs is good fer you - some say they're not.
I eat 'em boiled, fried and scrambled - it don't mean diddley squat!
Another profound debate persists and causes me to muse,
Is whether it's wholesome er not to partake uv a snort of booze!

Seems these fellers jes' confound our lives and like to obfuscate,
Leavin' the rest uv us bewildered as they continue their debate.
My cholesteral, glucose and platelets wuz perfect in my last exam.
I've survived nigh four-score years eatin' pizza, cake and spam!

I guess its politically correct to engage in the latest dietary fad,
But in brief, here's the case uv my dear old Mom and Dad.
They et what they wanted and survived four-score years and more,
Never mindin' the cholesterol, fats and carbs that docs now abhor!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Free Sample

The sign grabbed my attention;
It was bold as it could get.
The question that it asked was,
“Have you had your breakfast yet?”

Some volunteers were handing out
Free yogurts on the street.
I’m sure, to some, this would appear
To be a tempting treat.

But many people shook their heads,
Despite it being free;
Among those who refused the offer,
One of them was me.

I hadn’t had my breakfast yet
But there was no debating,
For I was headed home and knew
My bagel was there waiting.

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Have you heard the latest about calamari
If you haven’t yet eaten, stop now or be sorry
Rumors abound – maybe cheek in tongue
Of a gross switcheroo of squid and pig bung
A friend’s cousin’s friend’s sister once dated
A guy from a meat packing plant, so it’s stated
Because of the cost of the great tasting squid
That is exactly what his packing plant did
It’s kind of disgusting but plausible still
When you’re short on a product but have orders to fill
Battered and fried to a cute little ring
Pork guts or squid – it looks like either thing
But order it out and look closely to see it
They both look the same so it just might be it
Or set up a fryer and conduct your own test
Is fried calamari or deep-fried bung best
And if the FDA wants to end the disputes
They can simply approve the deep-fried pork poop chutes

Another news story I thought you might like
Courtesy of your new pal, Uncle Mike

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My husband said, “Pick up some bread
When you are at the store.
Of course you must be sure the crust
Is what I’m looking for.”

The loaf I found was nicely browned
And fresh out of the oven.
You never met a French baguette
About to get such lovin’.

For soon we’ll feast on what some yeast
Created with some flour;
When butter-spread, that loaf of bread
We’ll hungrily devour.

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Diminished Willpower

This has to be one of the most common queries: Why does food that tastes good have too many calories? Just about anything that has a pleasant taste adds additional centimeters to my waist. No matter what the time of the hour, I become a victim of diminished willpower. Before I know it, I am opening my refrigerator. I look for any kind of hunger eliminator. Have you ever seen them throw trash into an incinerator? I consume many more calories than I can burn. This appears to be a lesson I am too incorrigible to learn. Inspired by another members poem.

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An Assortment

I am very indecisive
And so choices cause me strife,
Though when I reveal my problem
I’ll be told to “get a life!”

For presented on a platter,
At a friend’s house, after lunch,
There was not just one dessert
But many pastries, quite a bunch.

Thus, confronted with cannolis,
Carrot cake and pecan pie
And a towering red velvet – 
Who could choose? Well, how could I?

A Napoleon was nestled
Next to some dark chocolate square
And of course, since we are healthy,
There was lots of fruit to spare.

So I narrowed down my options;
In addition to some fruit,
I had part of a cannoli
And some carrot cake, to boot.

Oh, if all of life’s dilemmas
Could be solved with such a taste,
Then the problems that exist on earth
Could simply be erased!

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Matzoh Ball Soup

Eating in a New York diner?
Here’s a little scoop:
You don’t have to be Jewish
To have matzoh balls in soup.

For in this local area
(New Jersey is included),
When soup is on the menu,
Matzoh ball won’t be excluded.

The chicken broth which forms the base
Should have sufficient salt,
Although complaints most often place
The matzoh balls at fault.

In restaurants, they’re often huge.
Most times, just one’s afloat;
But it should have a fluffiness
To fill you, not to bloat.

Though matzoh balls are served in soup
Each day throughout the year,
The only time I eat them’s when
The holiday* is here.

But like that Levy’s rye ad said,
You needn’t be a Jew
To eat some soup with matzoh balls – 
Go on, it’s good for you!

So if you’ve never had a taste,
It’s time to wet your whistle.
I guarantee you’ll love it,
Likely more than just a bissel**!

*Passover   **Yiddish for a little bit

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Blueberry Champagne

There is a small town called Egg Harbor City
situated in central Atlantic County.
It is in the east coast state of New Jersey. 
Within is the renowned Renault Winery.
Makers of wine for more than a century,
Their products possess the utmost quality.

They produce champagne flavored with blueberries.
This unique product possesses qualities
that allow the wine to compete with the best.
Its flavor makes it stand out among the rest.
The state’s best blueberries gives it a nice hue
It’s naturally sweet with its color of blue.
Wine has been bottled since 1864.
When you’re there the first time, you’ll be back for more.

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Finger Licking.

Wishes are for fishes
fishes are for dishes
often finger licking
in spite of fish bones pricking.

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No matter what an expert says
About what folks should savor,
I really hate the taste of Pez –
That goes for every flavor.

The small contraption where it goes
Is cute, unique and fun;
But everybody surely knows
You’re glad when each row’s done.

They taste like baby aspirin did
When melted in a spoon.
I had that as a fevered child
And won’t repeat it soon.

There are some people who collect
Those Pez dispenser toys.
Nostalgia is what I expect
Contributes to their joys.

For recently I had a taste
Of modern Pez, in cherry.
I chewed and swallowed in such haste
It was extraordinary.

The flavor hadn’t changed a whit;
The texture was like chalk.
If offered some, I’d stall a bit
Then beat it, like a hawk.

Some candy treats are meant to be
A childhood paragon.
Today, I’d take Godiva,
‘Cause that Pez-press urge is gone.

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poets who are we - why do we write

Is it our sub conscious seeking recognition?
Is it our search for fortune and fame?
Or is it that we enjoy the word game?

For every question there is an answer
And for every answer there is a question.
Who are we that we love to write?

So many reasons and excuses that we use.
Are we going thru this. Or feeling that,
or heard or read something that inspired us.

I have come to my own conclusion
As to what a poet is.
A poet is the dictionary, the encyclopedia of life.
Our poems give words - LIFE, DEFINITION

Words to us is like food to the stomach
It is taken in , absorbed and then let out 
For new food to enter.

For what ever reason that we write
We can or can not touch peoples 
Hearts and minds, and we feel a peace sublime.

We become the voices of the voiceless
Who are afraid or too shy to speak.
We become the mothers, father, sisters, and brothers
The lovers, the homeless, and the abused.
But we do not mind being used.

New poets join us every day
From every country in the world
I’m proud to say.

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The Ballad of Jeremiah Macabenta

The King hosted a feast, 
   as it was his custom, 
to once a year, feed the least
   blessed in his kingdom.
So the ragged came in flocks
   and in the courtyard gathered, 
hushed in anticipation
   of, finally, a warm supper.
All the King's men guided
   them, so it will be orderly
along dozen long tables
   arranged conformingly.
The guests then sat, food was served, 
   each with equal servings; 
a plate of veggies, a cut of meat, 
   rice and corn soup steaming.

Among those who supped was
   Jeremiah Macabenta, 
perhaps the most haughty glutton
   of the millennia.
His infamy was that, amongst
   vagrants, he could
eat in one meal what 
   normally three men took.
Though he was looked upon
   as comically fat, 
his life as a rat 
   was tragically sad.
—having no means of living
   at that—
so to the King's dinner, an
   invitation, he got.

Back to the feast, after servings
   were done, 
Jeremiah called for one of
   the servers to come; 
He said, 'Look at my plate, 
   of meat, it has none.
Only veggies, rice and soup! '
   So the server gave him one.
Just then a cat with fur
   shiny and black
—which, according to myth, is
   the cause of bad luck—
suddenly jumped onto an
   eating lady's lap, 
who then shoo'ed it away; 
   to the table it leapt back.

Landing in chaos upon
   Jeremiah's place, 
exposing two pieces of meat
   he hid under his plate; 
caught red-handed, he'd only
   sheepishly grin, 
while the King's witnessed this, 
   much to his chagrin.
The King then ordered Jeremiah
   banished from the tables, 
of controlling his anger, 
   he was barely able; 
shocked that this tramp would
   abuse his charity, 
when he most wanted to
   treat his guests equally.

Now this is where it's not
   clearly distinguished
what truly transpired from
   only just gossip; 
for it was manifested that
   Jeremiah was punished, 
but the story that spread
   was incredibly horrid
It was said that Jeremiah
   was chained onto a rock   
and into his mouth, food was
   endlessly stuffed, 
till he choked and gasped
   and breathed his last air, 
while bits and morsels trickled
   down his nose and ear.

(And to confound the story 
   of Jeremiah's end, 
after the feast, he was never
   heard from again.)       

Perhaps the moral is this: 
   we should never take advantage
should the kindness that is
   shared to us we acknowledge, 
lest we fall into the pit
   of Jeremiah's plight
—in gluttony he lived, 
   in gluttony he died.

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who was he -childrens christmas story

  once upon a christmas day
when the children had came out to play
there in the snow on the ground
a baby was there that they found
the baby was as white as the snow
and his cheeks had such a glow.
he was wrapped in a blanket of red
and the snow was his bed.
most children would have cried
from the cold.
but he was laughing
or so i was told.
his laughter was quite different.
it wasn't a ha-ha-ha.
but a ho-ho-ho.
the children picked him up to take him inside
to show their parents
their brand new find.
the parents shocked and dismayed
none knew- just what to say.
who would have the heart to put
this child abandoned in the snow.
his body temperature from what i see
is as perfect as can be.
now you know that the police
are forty miles away.
what can we do, what can we say.
we have no phone and very little gas 
should we keep him, or should we pass? 
there's not enough food to go around
and now another mouth that you found.
the baby lying in the bed
pointed up above his head
waved his finger all around
and food came tumbling to the ground.
he waved his finger one more time
and at their feet, christmas boxes galore
like you'd find in a department store.
all with labels with their names
clothing, shoes, and electronic games.
looking at the baby in total surprise
there came a gleam in his eyes.
the baby laughed his ho-ho-ho- again.
'this is for you my wonderful friends.'
you helped others when you couldn't help yourselves
and shared the little bread with others
and called them your sisters and brothers.
now it's time for you to receive
for all the kindness that you've achieved.

and quick as a lightning he was gone.
but he left the red blanket to carry them on.

now my children i must ask
who was the one that created this task? 

faith and love will rule this world
teach it to your boy and girl.  

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The quite teenager went to school on foot,
never was late or tried to cheat on any test;
he ate fruits and veggies and stayed lean...
realizing that discipline was a good medicine.

Years went by and he became a physician; 
many diseases he cured, even eye vision, 
but his schoolmates frequented hotel rooms that smelled of booze...
they had unprotected sex and snorted cocaine: weren't they the losers?

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I love a meal with chopsticks – 
It’s elegant and fun.
I’m slowly eating, bit by bit,
When forkers are all done.

Each morsel’s daintily procured
And lifted to one’s lips;
Some concentration’s needed
So the food stays in its grips.

But once you get the hang of it,
You’ll dine with new delight,
A feeling of accomplishment
In every single bite.

Some people find it challenging,
But everybody should
Discover just how pleasant
It could be to eat with wood!

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A Bowl of Soup

A bowl of soup can warm your soul,
Fill you up, make you whole.
A bowl of soup can help console – 
Just blow and slurp or sip.

No matter if it’s consommé,
Broth or bisque, its bouquet
Will make your troubles float away,
So here’s a little tip:

If chilled or down is how you feel,
Sit right down, make a meal
Of steaming soup, for it’s ideal
To cause that mood to flip.

Just dip your spoon and in a while,
Warmth will soon make you smile;
For soup is never out of style,
As long as you don’t drip!

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Midnight Pizza

Twenty one, young, sexy and witty
Midnight craving, pizza in the city 

North Beach late at night, warm breeze
Artichoke salad - cilantro and feta cheese

Chianti red wine in an over sized glass 
In line wearing Ralph Lauren with class

My boyfriend leans in, handing me a rose
The smell of fresh basil wafting past my nose

Dishes clambering, sounds of laughter in the crowd
Palate salivating, conversations intense and loud

Rich Italian spices and the smell of Parmesan
Open windows, warm nights make this memory strong


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It's Thanksgiving

"It's Thanksgiving" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "Oh, My Darling Clementine".

It's Thanksgiving, it's Thanksgiving,
It's Thanksgiving-time to eat;
Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes,
Pumpkin pie...yum, what a treat!

Bonus activity: Ask children if they were preparing Thanksgiving dinner, which foods they would prepare. Would they prepare traditional dishes, such as turkey, mashed potatoes and pie? Or nontraditional dishes like tofu turkey and carob chocolate pie? Or, would they simply order a pizza? Why did the child choose that particular menu fare-love of tradition, special dietary needs, ease of preparation?

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Salt Water Taffy

Salt-water taffy is Atlantic City’s treat. Known to many, it is both chewy and sweet. This is an ever-popular type of candy that has been around for over a century. Pieces are wrapped in waxed paper individually, and contained in boxes with varied weight and quantity. Being something any visitor savors, it comes in a great variety of flavors. Most of the stores selling salt-water taffy can be found along the boardwalk easily. If you are yet to sample this regional treat, your visit to Atlantic City is not complete.

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Earth Brothers

My brothers are much older than me
They're always teaching me how to live,
Like brother deer, and bird, and tree
And the bees, who teach me to forgive.

We take brother bees food but that's fine
He just makes more, being able to share,
He never wastes a moment to whine
But constantly hums his silent prayer.

Brother deer comes and goes like a ghost
Constantly in tune with one another,
Never disturbing anyone, never a boast
Or a complaint, he's my humble brother.

Brother bird older still fills the skies
In his faith he depends on God daily,
For every food and shelter, then flies
To God's feet singing his praise gaily!

Brother tree the oldest doesn't bother
To worry, and in total faith stands steadfast,
Lifting his arms in praise of Father
Who supplies all, his faith is unsurpassed!

I am the youngest brother of Mother Earth
But if I had to choose another one to be,
I'd choose the one that showed the most worth
So, I think that I would choose to be a tree!

                                      Timothy I. Brumley

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Horsemeat Scandal in Europe

Horsemeat Scandal in Europe

By Elton Camp

“Beef” is a word that’s loosely applied
Although to most, cow meat is implied

It’s off to the slaughterhouse with old Mag
It seems it’s been the same with the old nag

Let’s hope you have a stomach that’s strong
It’s been shown they’ve done this right along

But, the facts I’m forced to admit, of course
There’s no special hazard in eating a horse

A person’s food choice is a cultural thing
Chinese eat dogs, to the mind does spring

In other places, people will eat a rat
To me, plenty is wrong with that

If I’ve ever eaten horse, I didn’t know it
Otherwise, I likely would up throw it

Nor would I choose a taste of a cat,
But I’d greatly prefer it to eating rat

“So hungry I could eat a horse,” we say
But, in Europe, many have done that way

Should we check beef sold in the USA?
I hope it says “Moo” and not “Neigh”

It’s true that veganism has its benefit
At least eating beef, I think I’ll quit

Then there’s no problem if they say
“We tested and found horse DNA”

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Gothic ropes of pearls

White  house  picket  fence  garden
Black hair kohl eyes  blue rose lips 
Chef folding egg whites into souffle
Defrosting preparing cooking lunch
Sculpture of a laurel-crowned  bust
Oriental  rugs  bare  wooden  floors
Inhale   a   sweet  antique  floral  air
Chink  iced-tea glasses Dominoes

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A Dash of Dill

A dash of dill is never dull;
It gives the soup some flavor.
With salt and several seasonings,
It helps the sipper savor.

The dried variety is fine
But if you’ve ever tasted
The fresh one, you will not go back
Though often, much is wasted.

For all you need’s a stalk or two
And it gets sold in bunches.
I have no call to sprinkle it
On breakfasts or in lunches.

My split pea soup is most delish;
It chases winter’s chill,
But in my fridge next week, you’ll find
A mess of wilty dill.

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A team in Spain is striving 
To create a healthy meal
Using baby poop bacteria
Now I swear this story’s real
 A team of science testers 
With a team of mid-wife wipers
Scrapped and squeezed the samples 
From a pile of dirty diapers
The theory is like yogurts 
With their probiotic bits
A sausage would be healthy 
Using parts of baby ****s
I am sure the tester’s parents 
Are proud of their offspring
Getting paid to sift through baby poop
The praises they must sing
Oh dear, I fear I have digressed
So let me bring back up these tests
The probiotic benefits
Are stress relief and healthy ****s
The burning off of belly fat
Lower inflammation - things like that
The yogurt market they can’t breech
But sausages are in their reach
The probiotics bring a flavor
Tangy like the Spanish favor
No actual baby poop was used
Bacteria was just infused
Into some links of Spanish “fuet”
That tasted fine with no dispute
It’s just the thought of baby poop
Simply makes my taste buds droop

Baby poop bacteria can help to make you healthy
But if you were to peddle it, I fear you won’t get wealthy

Uncle Mike

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Coffee House

I cannot quite begin the day
Without my morning cup;
Until I take that first quick sip,
I’m not completely up.

Ironically, in my routine,
My coffee isn’t first.
I read and exercise before
I slake that caffeine thirst.

I brew my java in a pot,
Old-fashioned, on the stove.
It percolates and soon aromas
Waft that it has wove.

I like my coffee steaming hot;
I also drink it black.
And when I’m out, if it is not,
I’ll always send it back.

If ever I’m deprived of
A.M. coffee, heed my warning:
You’ll like me so much better
If I’ve coffee’d in the morning.

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Culinary Skills

Anyone in a restaurant can sit back and relax. Quality in food and service is at the max. However, for the food you eat, you pay sales tax. Also the server is always expecting a tip. A night out at an eatery can be an expensive trip. For a good meal, I personally don’t like to roam. As far as meals go, I prefer to stay home. I have a big kitchen, and a well-stocked pantry. Let me hone my skills that are classified as culinary. inspired by another member's poem

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Things In Common

What does food and women
share in common?
At some point eventually
both will inevitably come to leave me.

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Okra when you pick it, is sticky
Okra is slimey when it is boiled
Okra is crunchy when it is battered and fried
Tomato makes the okra tasty

Old okra makes a boomerang
Okra seeds are good for a sling shot
Old okra is coarse and a tough knot
When I am hungry I slurp it up and sing!

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Don't Eat Welsh Rarebit

I know what you want to order for dinner, Welsh Rarebit.
But if you order it again, I swear that I'll have a fit.
You sleep in the buff and the Welsh Rarebit makes you walk in your sleep.
As you walk through the neighborhood butt naked, the men always peep.
When you last ate Welsh Rarebit, you got your gun in your sleep and blew off two of my toes.
I cried like a baby as I called 911 because the Emergency Room was where I had to go.
I have a short fuse and if I blow my top in public, you won't like it.
But that's exactly what is going to happen if you order Welsh Rarebit!

(This is a fictional poem)

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Journey to the Gallows

Nine months naked in the darkness eating drugs of malnutrition
How ironic in a cage today he shares the same condition
All the eyes that he has closed are nightmares of heaven's eviction
Damp with blood not of his own was proof that led to his conviction
Nine months naked in the harlots womb who had a drug addiction
Twelve plus twelve years later he is asked forgiveness for redemption
Years before the food was scarce his stomach starved into submission
Now rejecting food before his fate account of superstition
Time to him is upside down with fear a fact of no tomorrow
Mandrake plants become a path for him to journey to the gallows

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Pile that charcoal – make a hill;
Douse with lighter fluid.
Just imagine, if you will, 
You’re an ancient Druid.

You don’t have to sacrifice
Humans on your fire.
Ribs and burgers will suffice
On your charcoal pyre.

Hot dogs, chicken, veggies, too
Might complete your grillin.’
We all love a barbecue
While the beer is chillin.’

Cooking on an open flame
Helps define the season. 
Like the ancients, grillers claim
The outcome will be pleasin.’

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Blame the Bud

Every pig likes eating slop;
Every cow chews cud.
Humans differ in their tastes,
But blame it on the bud.

Our tongues are packed with sensors
Which determine what we savor.
Though you’d choose chocolate ice cream,
I’d select a different flavor.

I love a cake or pie that’s made
With lemon or with berry;
My taste buds make that choice for me – 
It isn’t arbitrary.

I can’t control a preference
Determined by my tongue.
Environment has no affect
On whence my tastes have sprung.

We’re programmed for uniqueness
In our looks, our smiles, our smarts;
And taste buds add another fruit
To all the applecarts.

In restaurants or picnics
We may eye each other’s food,
But we’ll enjoy the flavors that
Our tongues have not pooh – poohed.

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Excuse Me, Your Majesty

Excuse Me, Your Majesty

By Elton Camp 

Queen Elizabeth is always extremely clean and neat
Her hairdo, jewelry, and clothing just can’t be beat

She was at a party for her cousin, King Constantine
When a thing happened that is hardly ever to be seen

One of the guests while eating when walking around
Spilled a plate of food onto the queen’s blue gown

The food stained and made the most horrible mess
The queen hadn’t expected she’d need another dress

Then the ladies-in-waiting looked like they’d choke
When the strap on the queen’s handbag suddenly broke

But the queen her royal composure very easily maintained
Continued to enjoy the gathering with her dress all stained

Imagine the embarrassment of the one who spilled the food
The offender must have spent the rest of the party subdued

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth may well be
But she can have bad days just like you and me

To see a picture of the queen in her stained gown, go to this location: 

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John Styth Pemberton, do you know what you have done?
You invented something that is popular with everyone.
You occupation was as an Atlanta apothecary.
Whatever you cooked up in your kettle seemed contrary.
Fans of one of your recipes became a plethora.
However, none of them knows the exact formula.
What was intended as a medicine for the head,
became popular as a soft drink beverage instead.
What you were looking for was a cure for headaches.
What a strange path destiny sometimes takes.

In all the lands where different flags are unfurled,
your product can be found anywhere in the world.
It is a brown syrup with coca and cola nut extract.
Other imitators would soon get into the act.
People do not drink cola all of the time.
That is why there are beverages of lemon and lime.
Soft drinks of many other flavors exist.
The numbers of them make a very long list.
Among many fans, your product is number one.
The spot at the top will never be undone.

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A lot of folks love these appetizers that are deep fried. I attempted to make my own. I certainly tried. For a viable recipe, a long time I hunted. However, they didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I took key ingredients and rolled them up in thin dough. Shrimp, pork, and vegetables was the way I would go. Just what did I get for all my toil? The skins broke apart, and all was scattered through the oil. Before I ever attempt a second undertaking, I would like to know how to keep those things from breaking.

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From Philly to the World

I am going to present a bit of history: It happened a while ago in South Philly. A hot dog vendor ran out of wieners one day. He wasn't able to get a new supply right away. On that day, he invented something neat. Down to the butcher shop he went to get some chipped meat. He grilled it up nicely, and put it on rolls. Decades later, it's something the public extols. Melted cheese and fried onions makes it especially great. I'm in the mood for a cheesesteak, and I can hardly wait. inspired by another member's poem

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Are Fast Food Joints to Blame for Obese Kids

Fast Food Joints to Blame for Obese Kids?

By Elton Camp

McDonald’s is sometime singled out for blame
Of other similar places we can claim the same

Their food is filled with calories, fat and salt
And to eat such worthless tripe, nobody ought

But to say this is the main reason kids are fat
It would be very hard to go along with that

Ronald McDonald doesn’t drag them in the door
And say, “Eat our fattening food and nothing more.”

It is the parents alone who have the right to decide
That to the fast-food place, kids they’ll take a ride

It is only reasonable and sensible that we expect
Little ones will eat the type food that parents direct

And there are now far better offering to decide
Not just hamburgers and some salty, greasy side

So the blame for obesity let’s put in the right place
If a little kid’s too fat, it is to the parents’ disgrace

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Strawberries and shortcake,
With some whipped cream on its crown,
Is the greatest ever birthday cake
Deserving of renown.

Though it's fallen out of favor,
I remain a loyal fan,
So to celebrate a birthday,
I will buy one if I can.

Seems the past can still provide us
With a blueprint for a treat
And a slice of whipped cream shortcake
Is still heavenly to eat.

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Whats That Precious

What can you boil, mash and stick in a stew,
Share yours with me, I'll share mine with you.
What comes in lovely golden chips,
You can bake them or they can even be whipped.
They come in beautiful skins,
Eat one and you'll never be the same again.
Their wrappings come in brown and red,
And they're just as filling as bread.
They are white on the inside,
Eat em' and they will put a grin on your face 10 miles wide.
What is this beautiful creation,
That is now a sensation?
Of course it is Taters,
Eat 'em alone or share 'em with the gators!
Eat 'em fast or eat 'em slow,
Eat 'em to and eat 'em fro.
So I'll leave you with a closing word about Taters,
They are 10x better than maters!
Love 'em alot or love 'em a little,
If you don't love 'em at all I couldn't give a whittle!

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Mixed up stuff Biryani

Mixed up stuff in a dumpster truck
Placed in front, lost out lady luck

Cut up chunks of a coral snake
Left in an oven too cold to bake

The dyed rice in a toxic brew
That if eaten leaves eyes askew

Yellow red and burnt out browns
Craftily topped with lemony crowns

Seriously! Carrots too! In the milieu
Gulp and keep in a murderous stew

No mutton or chicken or even beef
Dead and barren like a burnt out reef

Charred remains of onion flakes
Now have to eat whatever it takes

Pooch wagged and lowered his snout
Hair raised cat, lost, screeched about

Flies too nose dived into the morass
Like so many soldiers dying of gas

Girl who cooked it will kick me out
Send me spiting in a coughing bout

saadat tahir
22nd  Mar, 2013

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Jewel Food Stores - Illinois

 Looking at that roast in the cart
 I savor its taste even now.
 Yet never thinking that for my part
 When I will cook it...or even how.

 But I take it to the checkout lane
 With all the other items that day.
 Finally having to leave looks of disdain
 I didn't bring enough cash with me...all to my dismay.

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What's In My Chinese Buffet?

What's In My Chinese Buffet?

   I'll go to a Chinese Buffet
      I'll try this or that
   hope it's beef or chicken
     and not dog or cat!

McCuen Copyright October 2008

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Blissful Grins--Trois Par Huit

fingers touch paper foil, nothing much ‘til it strokes on rich, dark, silk pleasures lovingly hugging caramel almond treasures such a sweet antidote, such desperate measures anything, to capture endorphins chocolate indulgence blissful grins
**May 25, 2010 written for Jared's Trois Par Huit contest :)

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In Favor of the Draft

I’m in favor of the draft
But I don’t mean recruits.
What I mean is beer on tap,
Deserving of salutes.

Bottled beer can be just fine,
Especially from small batches;
But a crisp new brew on draft – 
Well, nothing really matches.

It’s frothy, foamy, flavorful;
It’s fragrant, fervent, fresh.
It’s filled with flash and fancy,
Leaving goosebumps on the flesh.

How well it marries with a meal,
But it stands fine alone.
An ice-cold draft beer is among
The best tastes I have known.

I protested against the draft
When it referred to war;
But I’m in favor of
The kind of draft that you can pour!

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I Was Lost HIS Love Found Me

I Once was lost, but Jesus found me! And now each day... His love surrounds me! I really didn't know which way to go. Until he came and redeemed my soul. Jesus gave me a special grace. And planted my life on a solid place! Each day that I live... his spirit gives correction. As I read his word for the right direction. Hallelujah! His joy had made my life complete. His love has filled me from head to feet! Thank you Jesus for turning my life around! A peace and satisfaction in you, I have found! Your light in my life is bright and shining. Jesus in me is a love worth finding! By Jim Pemberton

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Addictive Temptations

I find myself focused with sight, I found my prey the moment is right.
 I look around, no one can hear, i'm all alone, no emotion or fear.
 I take a step, quiet with sneak, i pray for no noise not even a squeak.
 I smell that sweet fragrance floating in air, drawing me close guiding my stare.
 Deep red lather entangles my sight, lips wet with passion encourages fight.
 Reaching for weapon, tight grip in hand, striking the blow as quick as i can.
 Juices flowing, color of red, stabbing and cutting, desires in head.
 Weapon used, again and again, giving haste to remove deep within.
 I take a piece, close in hand, smelling the essence, destruction demands.
 I poke and prod and regain my stature,taking a bite from addictions disaster.
 I chew and chew eyes closed with measure,juices surround my mouth with pleasure.
 I swallow each bite, with heavenly pause, the taste of sugar surrounds my jaws.
 I take my weapon tight grip in hand, more and more bites is what i demand.
 Ok so i fooled you, with fork in hand, this is the weapon of choice for a man.
 The evidence is here, you will soon see, the bowl will be empty, im guilty you'll see.
 I will always be weak and fall to temptation, don't trust me alone, i have this fixation.
 I have a weakness don't make this mistake, you can not trust man with cheesecake.

                                                   Terry B.

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                   AIN'T THAT YOUR CHILD, JULIA?

you guys want to hear something cosmically wild?
I said cosmically, not comically, 
because ain’t *****funny about this shit
okay, maybe just a little bit
So here’s the thing
And seriously, this is god damned wild
If I were walking down the street with Julia Child
When she was alive, of course
People could come up to me and say “Oh, I see that you are with child”
Now ain't that both cosmically and comically wild?
               © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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Dinner for Two

The best part of the day
is when we get to play
in the kitchen.

Rarin’ to go
hunger is so
deep we’re itchin’

to turn up the heat
whip up the sweet
tangy sauces

While it comes to a boil
pour on the oil
Salad tosses.

Strip outer layers
from tubers and taters
then steam ‘em

Pound the filets
sizzle and braise
to perfection

Juice freshly squeezed
down on our knees
in thanksgiving

Abundantly fed
we head off to bed…
for dessert…….

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All Kinds of Jars

There are so many
mostly glass or plastic
used for whatever
not advised to kick

If they break
on your skin
colour changes to red
need next of kin

Can be made
into a different colour
to show beauty
indeed it can yes sir

This little write
it's subject is a jar
your house has many
useful truly they are


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Twinkie Lovers Rejoice

Twinkie Lovers Rejoice

By Elton Camp

When Twinkies were made no more
From the public came an outraged roar

“But Twinkies are my favorite treat.
I absolutely must have them to eat.”

The union had Hostess by the throat
Production costs thereby did bloat

Twinkie-making then shut down
That made its lovers scowl and frown

Imposters soon began to be sold
“They’re not as good,” the public told

“We must have our junk-food fix.
Don’t keep trying a scheming trick.”

They are said to taste like they did before 
But cocoa, not milk chocolate anymore

So Twinkies are making a sweet comeback
Again, sugar and fat they sure won’t lack

To eat Twinkies that have been deep-fried
You haven’t lived until you’ve tried!

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This liquor comes from bonny Scotland. It has a great taste and a popular demand. We start with a base of good scotch whiskey. It has an esoteric blend of herbs and heather honey. We can drink it straight up or in a rusty nail. To please anyone’s palate, it will never fail.

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Making the Grade

Restaurants have ratings now;
They’re mostly A’s or B’s.
Eating in a C or worse,
You might catch a disease.

When eating out, I never think
About the kitchen’s state;
‘Cause if I did, I might regret
The food that I just ate.

If restaurants have a sign that says
“Grade Pending,” then you know
They want a better grade but they
Still have a ways to go.

The only place I ever saw
That did display a C
Was a Chinese take-out and that grade
Encouraged me to flee.

I’d had their noodles many times
When Chinese food I’d sought,
But noticing that C on view
Provided food for thought.

Since restaurants are well aware
Inspectors will patrol,
They’d better clean their kitchens up
And make the honor roll.

A C will scare the customers
The minute that they spot it.
From that point on, they’re wondering
Just why the restaurant got it.

And thoughts like those I will reserve
For quite another poem;
‘Cause if you’d think about it,
You would choose to eat at home!

Ilene Bauer (

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  Have you heard about the two tribesmen who were cannibals?
  They're names were "Zee" and "Zoo" and often met in the forest to discuss their meals.
  One day, Zee says to Zoo, "Have you caught any missionaries lately like you should?"
  Zoo replied, "Yes, but they haven't tasted too good."
  Zee said, "My friend, let me give you a clue,
  It's all in the preparation, that's what you have to do."

  "What do you mean?", asked Zoo quizically,
   "I have always prepared and cooked them as my father taught me."
    Zee responded, "When you get one, prepare him as before...
    but before you cook him, put him in some boiling water for thirty minutes or more.
    You will find that it makes them tender and sweet,
    From the top of their heads, to the soles of their feet."

    They parted as was their custom, each his own separate way to go,
    Zoo promising himself that he would try as his friend suggested he do.
    A few weeks had passed before they met again,
    Zee said to Zoo, "Any missionaries caught since then?"
    "Yes", said Zoo, "And I tried what you say...
    Boiling them in the water before cooking them all the way."

    Zee could see his friend was upset,
    "Wasn't it the tenderest missionary you ever et?"
    "No", replied Zoo..."He was very tough,
     I thought I would break a tooth...that's how rough!"
     Zee thought for a moment then slapped himself in the head,
     "What did he look like?"  was all he said.

     Zoo described him..."Plump, with a heavy brown robe to wear,
     and on his head only a circle of hair."
     Zee looked at him then cast his eyes down,
     "I'm sorry, my friend", he said as he looked at the ground.
      "That is a special kind of missionary you see,
      I forgot to tell you about them...shame on me!"

      Zoo wondered what was so special about this missionary,
      He asked,  "I don't understand, what your telling me."
      Zee said to Zoo, "I told you to boil them but because of my whim,
      I forgot that that's a FRIAR...You don't parboil him!"

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The Worst Super Bowl Party

Many Super Bowls ago,
We went to someone’s house;
I know it isn’t very nice
For guests to go and grouse.

But having been invited by
My husband’s friend from work,
I went expecting lots of fun,
With tasty food a perk.

For Super Sunday, people serve
Huge sandwiches or wings;
But at this party, food was scarce,
With neither of those things.

A table held a bowl of chips,
Some liverwurst and bread.
I think I would prefer to eat
Most anything instead.

If liverwurst was not your thing,
Well, you were out of luck;
And for the hours of Super Bowl,
With hunger you were stuck.

We made it through the night, of course,
But memory’s preserved
That liverwurst, which had to be
The worst food ever served.

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Trip Hazzards

Trip Hazzards
Do only poets expose them
Trip Hazzards that trip us
Its the small things that trip us up
Like friends that are false, I know I dont have to tell you
You have to keep your work area clean
Because if your like me then your a work in progress
A masterpiece isn't discovered
It is stumbled upon and a long shot 
A long shot 
Yea that's my next poem don't trip I sow a lot
Don't forget come close to the light
I love it when they lie cause they can't look me in the eye
They forsake me and betray me
But games they don't want to play with me
Tricks alright, I'll just hit the switch and turn out the lights
Thank God I am more than just a candle
I do more than just light minds and burn slow
The whole Empire is full of darkness
Cosmic soup, swallow some
You can lead a man to water
Was it Discovers or Trip Hazzards that we just stumbled over
Remember its the little things that trip us up

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A Delicious Inanimate Hare

Come Easter day, the little ones are impatient to shove down their throats
their candy-coated forest-folk, and to this all their time they devote.
And who am I, you kindly ask?--I'm the idol of woodlander sweets!--
more scrumptious than a caramel egg, more momentous than marshmallow Peeps!
Much like a Christmas ornament that enriches the face of a tree,
no basket is complete without an appropriate helping of me!

My brittle body's born to be in a wrapper of decorative hue;
though such a fact I do disdain, as I do my adherence to you!
How cute I must appear to be with my chocolate antennas and tail,
but such a face receives no grace--for alas!--you will put me on sale.
Oh how I wish to someday flee, for my fate is profoundly unfair:

I'm a chocolate dessert
though I wish to assert
my dislike of this strife
and my edible life
it's a terrible shame
that I'll always remain

a delicious inanimate hare!

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Watered Down

What clears the thoughts of grief? 
Will it ever release me out if this confounded chamber of no relief?

With a sour taste of pride,
Your castle has been watered down
Will I ever find myself a thrilling bride?
My smile has been watered down to a frown

Release the tainted spirit
Gliding hoarsely in my bones 
I rudely throw a fit 
What could get rid of chanting gnomes?

Unfold these watered down regrets
Fiddling with my migraines 
Hang on to the fishing pole...let go of the nets 
Plant me in a jungle full of dreams and and treasure me like gold, once hidden in the dark some cave
Bring all your worries with you and put it in the grave
Don't you guys have any brains? 
Am I the only one going insane in the rain?

Negativity swarms in muddied roads 
You watered down my sprouting growth
Your eruption croaking as frightening toads
Let your guilt be your oath

Let your suffering be sevenfold 

Roaming from grassland to awful city,
I find you rather rude...
Your aggressiveness leaving me pinned
On this wondrous amount of gratitude 

Let my suffering take its penalty 

What clears the thoughts of grief? 
I ponder upon this question as I sit alone in this confounded chamber, sending no relief

Check out the fields of crops
Once in a while, take a chance to water it down
Unroll your generosity
Thrive to gather your duty together

Take a sip of the wine,
A lingering taste of ripened grapes and aged   
Eloquent and bitter in its effects and removes your senseless grief
Don't return to your old ways, 
Rolling down on the ground as a drunken swine

There is hope that this garden will be fulfilled, edible and nutritious 
Your responsibility is to keep the field tended and watered down 
Craving for its bogus effects, keeping yourself ambitious 
Feeling high above the vineyard, reaching itself as a tree, 
Wailing for its dandy sun to shine down on its hungry figure 

I worry this obsession is ominous
Could you find another way to feel satisfied by bountiful glory?
The chill-boned feeling could be wondrous
Than it attacks as an ill-tempered viper, 
rage-stricken and snappy

Once in a while, take a chance to water it down the crops
Unroll your generosity towards their needs

It only takes a few drops
Of wine to isolate yourself from doubt

Thrive to gather your duty together
So that you'll chase your destiny on its feet, multiplying the beads 
tied with stable string 

Soon enough, your hope for future cash will be dragging its weight 
down to your chimney top

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Mr Abstemious

Went with some folks to
Gene and Georgetti's,
they marveled that
I only wanted a plate of

Went to Shaw's Crab House
and it was the same,
a meal of broiled Salmon; 
they said
- 'that's so lame!'

No cocktails before dinner,
no bottle of Bordeaux,
no Beaujolais or Chianti,
just eat dinner, 
then go

No cheesecake or cobbler,
not even creme brule,
that stuff doesn't tempt me
I don't care what
you say

You can take me to
Morton's, HyeHolde, Trader Vic's,
I'm sure it would've been
the same at  Monsieur Ric's

Give me protein and veggies,
some carbs and  'good' fat
some seasoning, some water
and leave it at that

Sorry, can't help it
it's all only fuel,
even back in Dicken's time
when they ate all that gruel

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Today I had some custard
But it didn't cut the mustard
Though I really thought that it would be the best.
Guess you can't make an assumption
Based on ice-cream loving gumption
That what looks impressive must leave you impressed.

So the next time I'll be cautious;
Though this didn't make me nauseous,
It was mediocre and not up to snuff.
A prediction's surely wasted
'Cause until your tongue has tasted
All that other information's not enough.

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Him or Eggs

You picked this day to die
My hair's a mess
I'm really tired
Stopped at the super market
Needed some eggs to make a pie
You didn't say what time
I guess I really didn't know
Should I wait around awhile
Or were You ever gonna show
These eggs, they have expired
Guess that's just the way it goes
Things do require
Things do expire
If someone noticed I suppose

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Why this addiction

What is that voice That I hear calling to me What is that sound That echoes in my ear What is that refrain That lures and taunts me That siren like sound That dwells in my ear What is that attraction That I constantly feel That has no real substance Yet seems solidly real What is that emptiness That seems deep inside me What is this weight that bears down on my hips What is that dire voice That beckons to me That causes this quiver of my drooling lips What causes this dark need Is become plain to me Methinks the thing lurks in my cabinet to see That has my mind in it’s ravenous grips Methinks it’s the unopened bag of kettle fried… Hawaiian style garlic and onion chips

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A city with the tallest skyscrapers,
many languages spoken by friendly faces,
bridges that are wonders connecting the five boroughs,
and amidst art and folklore, there's always a clown with hysterical laughs.

The mighty towers were suddenly brought down by
a hatred too gruesome to remind all of lost lives; 
they were the Motherland's pride: the two jewels of master minds,
the new ones, much prettier, are quickly rising up against the same sky.

Do I feel safe? I definitely do with the beautiful Lady Liberty
holding up the bright torch and needless to say how brave she is,
more than a sentinel who loves her immigrants who assimilate her ways
that they desperately seek in the name of freedom and equality.   

A city founded by courageous men escaping religious persecutions by waterways,
even God blessed her for keeping her faith and made her great up to our days;
it's proper to say that this is the world capital for technology, art and trade...
so it's easy to guess where I am living now...the city where fortunes are made. 

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Giving thanks

Today is special because it's Thanksgiving.
Everybody should be thankful for living.
Our soldiers fought and died for our freedom in wars.
They and the freedom they gave are things to be thankful for.

Give thanks for the food that you have on this glorious day.
Thousands are suffering from starvation and passing away.
We should certainly give thanks for the loved ones who we adore.
Help people who are less fortunate and you'll be somebody who they're thankful for.

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Chef Boyardee

There was a great chef who was born in Piacenza, Italy.
This man eventually became known as Chef Boyardee.
Boyardee made great food while he was alive.
But sadly this great man passed away in 1985.

He used to give people food to take home in his restaurant.
His food is still being sold today and it's what people want.
He supervised the catering for the reception of President Wilson's second wedding.
When he died twenty-six years ago, it was what millions of people were dreading.

I ate his food when I was a boy.
His food brings people a lot of joy.
I used to buy his lasagna kit on my mom's birthdays.
The world lost a great italian chef when he passed away.


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In Coney Island

The Fourth’s the day for fireworks
And barbecues and beer,
But there’s another custom
That takes place but once a year:

The hot dog eating contest!
And the champs are all prepared,
While only those insane enough
To challenge will have dared.

The five-time winner, Joey Chestnut,
Weighing just 210,
Devoured sixty-eight last year
And wants to win again.

The female best contestant,
Soaking wet one hundred pounds,
Ate forty-one, complete with buns,
A number that astounds.

To watch them stuff their faces
Is a most amazing sight.
It’s silly, crazy and, to me, 
Pure grossness at its height.

Yet people love to watch and cheer
To see who’ll wear the crown,
Though mostly they are hoping
Not all hot dogs will stay down.

The hot dog number I’ll consume
Today will add to zero,
But Coney Island soon will crown
The proud new hot dog hero!

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The dog with a hearty appetite
didn't see his lunch in the bowl
and chased after a tiny, brown cat...
how mean he had gotten that noon
I couldn't explain it with my frown.

And he barket all afternoon,
wanting to break free of the bondage,
but it only stirred my rage...
I sat by him and talked like a loon.

He came closer and tried to aplogize,
with clwas scratching the cement pavement,
I felt sorry for him and patted him in surprise;
and how loud he howled for contentment. 

Ever since I've stopped punishing him,
because he has finally learned how to behave 
and love other pets and respect them;
today he has taught the scary, little cat to imitate
the dog with a hearty appetite.

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Mayan Gold

Cocoa pods ripe…

Bitter made sweet.

Packaged as treasures

For you, and for me.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey roasted golden brown,
With dressing oh so sav'ry.
Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes,
Cranberry sauce and gravy.

Brussel sprouts, corn on the cob,
Green bean casserole,
Deviled eggs and relish trays,
And luscious dinner rolls.

And for dessert you have a choice,
Of mouth-watering traditions,
Like pecan, apple or pumpkin pie,
With whipped cream as an addition.

When you've eaten all you can,
(And perhaps a little more),
Just loosen up your belts and nap:
And please try not to snore!

11/23/11 for PD's contest "gobble, gobble, gobble"

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Peel the layers of the skin
Find the flavor deep within
Aroma strong a tear is faced
Mouth watering anticipating taste
Raw is strength cooked is mild
Resides in your breath awhile
Humble peasant food ever so strong
At least in one meal a day they belong.

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Sharp knife in hand, 
Preparing vegetables from the fertile organic land…   
Following the plan,
From the high command…   
Using my purposeful skill, 
Creating knowledge soup containing nature’s wise will…   
Ingest your first bite, 
Sensing a force, Herculaneum might…   
A vibration sets in,
Ringing the healing bells begin... 
As the cells fuse with divine Delight…   
To my master, love gratefully...
The knowledge bestowed to me of culinary philosophy wizardry…   

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We wait all night to recite words, that are both sweet and sometimes tart.
Though we compete, there is no jealousy in our hearts.
We build on each other's success, because this is how it starts.
We move forward together, because the support is off of the charts.
We greet each other at the point, where the written and the spoken words meet,
And we will meet the crowd, where the true fans come to take their seats,
And we will seat them all, where the poets and the partakers eat,
And we will cook the food for thought, where the words come with so much heat.
From the stage to the page, our words excite the crowd.
We always set the mood, and keep them screaming loud.
The crowd is always hooked, because we always leave them "wowed."
We are consistent with this task, since this is what we vowed.
From the paper, we form a phenomenal speech.
From the paper, we sometimes come prepared to teach.
From the paper, we sometimes come prepared to preach.
Therefore, from the paper, we stretch our words out and reach.
From the paper, we perform the greatest shows.
From the paper, we show you exactly how to flow.
From the paper, we show you exactly how to grow,
Since, from the paper, we tell you what we want you to know.
Our words will always be unlike any other kind.
Our words will always be the creative tie that binds.
Our words will always be able to lead the blind.
Our words will always be recorded in their minds.
Here we are free to be both a saint and a sinner,
And this food for thought serves as our eternal dinner.
Though the opportunities are getting thinner and thinner,
In the long run, poetry is always the winner.

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Ballerinas Danced

The ballerinas danced _swirls twirling
Brown sugar semi-sweet
A taste of heaven upon the tongue
Chocolate chips tasty treat

Dance, dance 'pon the kitchen floor
Avoid splatters on the wall
Watch those beaters swirl that thick dough
Don't let those eggs shells fall  

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Yellow and white eggs as colorful as meadow flowers:
broiled, scrambled or over-easy...
they are my morning healthy choice;
they frizzle when they cook in this non-stick frying pan...
shouldn't I thank that generous hen?
How many times oil splashes in my left eye?

Whoever says they have more 
cholesterol than saturated fat,
doesn't know the health benefits they provide, or how good they taste!
Anyone is welcome at my door:
yellow and white eggs are the best
when served with fresh orange juice, tea, hot chocolate or French roast! 

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On Serving Size

On Serving Size

By Elton Camp

In the decades since I was a child,
I’ve seen serving sizes go so wild
From them being just barely enough
To enormous servings of their stuff

Somehow, it doesn’t seem right to me
A restaurant plate with enough for three
I like to feel that I got my money’s worth
But still not needlessly add to my girth

Of course, someone foolish this will call
“Hey, nobody is making you eat it all.”
But to waste food I was reared to hate
So it’s very hard to leave it on my plate

“Of starving kids in Africa you don’t care.
Otherwise, you’d eat—not leave it there.”
Our upbringing it is very hard to put aside
And by our parents’ counsel not to abide

Half the food at more than half the price
As a café offering I think would be nice
The restaurant’s profits would increase
And wasting food might actually cease

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Music Is Food To My Soul

Music is more than a passion I enjoy,
It is food to my very soul!
From the time I was a little boy,
It helped me maintain self-control.

Music kickstarts several passions inside me.
I love to sing and dance to a groovy melody.
R & B makes me wanna indulge in a steamy romance.
Hip-hop makes me wanna grab my girl and dance!

I can feel the beat, the bass booming from the speakers.
Like an athelete, I can show you some moves in these sneakers!
I can salsa, two-step or even break dance!
Music makes me smile and puts me in a trance.

My music must be played loud at all times.
The sounds put me in the mood to write some rhymes!
Some lyrical content inspires my writing hand.
Music was heaven sent almost like a direct command!

I wonder without music where I'd be.
I enjoy ballads and even rock and roll.
But as long as I got a melody,
Then it's food to my soul....

Wrote for Linda-Marie's contest "Passion Pit"

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Garlic in a frying pan,
Sautéed in olive oil,
Smells so good that really,
Only vampires would recoil.
How I love that special scent,
A magical bouquet,
Meant to keep your nose nearby,
Not that I'd ever stray.
I have read of festivals
Where garlic is the star,
Though a garlic ice cream cone
May go a step too far.
Still, I'd love to be at one
To breathe in that aroma.
It's enough to rouse a person
Who's been in a coma.
Garlic in a frying pan - 
It's heaven in the kitchen.
No matter what the dish, my taste buds
Totally are twitchin'!

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The Beggar

His eyes are glued upon your plate
Hoping a morsel might escape
Anything that reaches the ground
He'll gladly wolf it down
Anticipation is his fate
Wanting a taste of master's steak
The aroma fills the air
Hungry eyes stare
Every precise cut they see
Every bite they plead
Every chew they woo
Every swallow they boo
Never blinking only fear
That the steak won't be shared
Will the master eat the fat
If he does I'll bite the cat
Oooh yes he looks at me
Tail wagging can't he see
Mouth watering big smile
Don't forget your favorite pal
Meal is done scraps to dog
He swallows them like a starving hog
Happy happy happy day
Steak bone to chew and play
Little doggie loves his treat
That night he sleeps at my feet
Dreams of eating juicy steak
Until he burst from bellyache

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My Favourite Dish

This dish has been around for many a century.
Most people believe it originated in Italy.
It is basically made with noodles, tomatoes, and cheese.
There are many other versions out there that will please.
You don’t have to be a member of a witches coven
to make this delight that comes out of the oven.
You will have diners under an indefatigable spell
when you serve this specialty that they know so well.
Everybody from old world Italy to new world America,
likes to eat this dish we call “lasagna“.

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Too Much Progress

When daddy brought the sweet corn in for dinner
Mama already had water boiling in the pot.
I could hardly wait to taste those buttered kernels
From the Golden Bantam ears that Daddy brought.

Much later in my life, my farmer husband
Planted Jubilee sweet corn as a cash crop.
There was always some to spare for our own table
And I felt that I could eat that corn, non-stop.

Then around fifteen years ago or so,
Science started fooling with our corn.
They messed around with what had been perfection
Of the sweet corn I had loved since I was born.

They wanted to give it longer shelf life,
So they started splicing genes so it would last
Now every ear of corn tastes artificial
And all my joy of eating it has passed.

I hope somewhere, someone has saved some seed
From that delicious corn I used to eat.
Autumn has lost all of it special flavor
Without corn on the cob, my sweet fall treat.


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Perfect ceviche
Almost alive
Flounder, Corvina
Pacific coast fish flavored,
One you must try.
Into 1 inch marbled cubes,
This is not a recipe
But a cooking muse.
Garlic and pepper
Then shower one of a kind Lime,
Mix with Aji Limo,
Get ready to dine.
Thinly sliced 
Purple onion,
In the next 2 ½ minutes
Treat yourself,
To the perfect Ceviche 
Made in Peru 
You will eat nowhere else.

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Waffles for Supper

Once a year the waffle iron,
Dragged up from the basement,
Made a meal so special
There could not be a replacement.

Ice cream slathered on the top,
Taking time to melt;
Both my brothers by my side – 
That’s how childhood felt.

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Toot Suite


Alas, as hunters treed their prey
envisioning the feast
gravied meal at end of day
sopped up in breaded yeast.

An ill wind blew
and no one knew
from where it emanated

As sugar in the innards boils
and then - a little toot uncoils

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Bulldog ants are biting

    Bulldog ants are biting KOKODA 1942

Oh yes its very popular to walk the Kokoda Track
And people by the dozen have done just bloomin that
I you were there in forty two it wasn’t as much fun
With a hundred weight upon your back and a ten pound threeo gun

You climbed the golden stairs knee deep in the mud
The mountains just got higher and the mossies wanted blood
A little pimple on your leg became an oozing ulcer
Iodine rag screwed in the wound by some flaming vulture

The Jap would lay in ambush so you watched the bloody bush
And you couldn’t stop a watching and no bloody food you wuss?
Then its raining food and ammo bully beef splat up a tree
Dog biscuits shattered breadcrumbs fill your pocket up for free

Till they got mouldy?

You’d be alone in the jungle and you would meet a scouting Jap
He’d fire all his bullets from his Arisaka …. Crack
Then he’d come for you with a bayonet on a rifle at hi port
And you’d try the bayonet fighting or plonk his brisket sport

The bloody Diaorea made you weak , no strength in your knees
The woodpecker is buzzing taking bark of all the trees
So your eyes are full of bark chips Joe's throwing sticks at me 
And the Bulldog ants are biting what an awful place to be

Choices bitten, shot or clubbed by friendly sticks 

Stop jumping around you’re drawing the crabs
Woodpecker hammers my tree
And the bloody ants are biting
And I can’t quite bloody see

how it was my dad said on Kokoda......

Don Johnson

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Chinese Soup

If you go to a really good Chinese restaurant, they would have just about any kind of soup you want. There are many different soups available for take out. The Chinese people like soup without a doubt. Whether anyone takes out or dines in, soup is usually the first course for a meal to begin. You can get soup with noodles or with rice. Egg Drop and Hot and Sour also are quite nice. What to try something that’s apart from the rest? If it is available, order some Bird’s Nest.

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Anybody is well fed if they like vegetables that are red. There are onions, tomatoes, beets, and kidney beans. Don’t forget vegetables that are green. They include peas, lettuce, green beans, artichokes, zucchini, cabbage, and lima beans. They are healthy things to eat at any scene. We have to include vegetables that are yellow. Let peppers, squash, and carrots grow. With all of this bounty available, we have plenty to eat at our table.

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They Are Recalling WHAT

They Are Recalling WHAT!

By Elton Camp

Most car recalls are not a big deal
We’re still safe behind the wheel

Even food recalls are usually okay
If the food was cooked the right way

But it really comes as quite a whack
If they want your pacemaker back

Likewise, if it’s your artificial joint
That to a defect they should point

Now the latest recall that I do hear
Errors in birth control pills they fear

So if you took the pills like they say,
May learn you’re pregnant one day

They admit the pills made the wrong way
Were distributed throughout the U.S.A.

I wonder if Pfizer will take the baby too
Or exactly what it is they propose to do

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Shark Fin

A certain breed of shark that swims in the sea provides an expensive Chinese delicacy. Many connoisseurs find this ingredient tasty. It is used to make soup most commonly. Not very much of these shark fins are sold. They are rare, and almost worth their weight in gold. That poor shark is on the brink of extinction because its fins provide a food of distinction.

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It wiggles and jiggles
and feels fun to the touch,
a cinch to make;
something everyone loves.

There are a million flavours,
many are fat free,
jello has been around
for many centuries.

The colours are as vibrant
as a peacock's quills
just pick your favourite;
add water, and let chill.

For something so simple
to bring such pleasure,
it is one of life's mysteries,
that everyone treasures.

So lets pause for a moment
and give thanks to jello;
for who doesn't smile,
at the options of jello.

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He was a very handsome man,
not filthy, unshaven or ashamed...
once he held a cardboard that said,
" Help me with whatever you can! "

Yesterday around the corner, he held out an empty cup of coffee
without saying a word, but his sunken eyes of beggar
had no strength to remind others of his unfair destiny... 
eyes that told a sad story to friends frequenting the local bar. 

He told everyone sipping a drink that he was forced to beg for bread
when his bad health became the curse of Hell,
then he lost his beautiful wife and children...the ones he happily held
to his hilarious heart when everything went well. 

" I will rise from the ashes! " he solemnly promised himself,
" But in the meantime, that cup will get me the money to survive...
some folks will give me dirty looks, walk away and laugh:
who wouldn't give me a quarter or a dollar to keep me alive?

At night he slept in a shelter down the busy block,
and he always carried a pain-killer to relief his headache...
he wore a wooden shining cross around his droopy neck
and kissed it twice when money dropped in his cup.

Today he looked totally different: well-groomed, wearing suit and tie;
he greeted me as I tried to hand him ten dollars for a chicken pot pie, 
" Thanks, buddy for your kindness, I no longer need your money...
the Lord has finally healed me: I am bound for prosperity! "

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Heather Honey

Do you remember a song from not too long ago by a popular singer of the name Tommy Roe? This man had many hit songs credited to his name. Some were certified gold records that brought him much fame. From all music by this man of popularity, one song became stuck with unfamiliarity Not going too high on the charts, unfortunately; this was a selection from his album called “Dizzy”. Apparently not making him very much money, the one I am referring to named “Heather Honey”. At a fast food restaurant where I would often go, there was a girl working there that I wanted to know. Not too pretty, but I was interested in her. She worked almost everyday at a cash register. Never noticing me when I gave her my order. this young lady considered me just a customer. One day, another co-worker was sweeping the floor. While I was seated at a table near the front door, she said, “I know you’ve been watching that girl over there. I will bet you like her by the way I am seeing you stare. You are here almost every day in all kinds of weather. If you’d like to know her name, I’ll tell you, it’s Heather.” I was frustrated thinking to know her would be nice. If maybe, there is a subtle way I could break the ice. Then I remembered the song by Mr. Tommy Roe. So to the nearby record store is where I would go. Getting this bright idea while thinking to myself, going to the forty-five RPMs on the shelf, there was one copy of Tommy Roe’s song remaining. I bought the record with three bucks I was retaining. I returned to the fast food restaurant the next day: “I have something to give Heather” is what I would say. While I sat at a table, a manager then said: “She’s busy now, so could I give it to her instead?” So I gave the record and said: “say it’s from me”. From the back, I heard conversation very faintly: “That guy gave Heather a record called “Heather Honey”. In the time I was there, she never came to see me.

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Virgin Boy Eggs

Virgin Boy Eggs (or What I learned on the Web today)

Over in Dongyang China
A delight awaits your tongue
Eggs boiled to perfection
In the urine of male young
If you find yourself in Dongyang
And you’re hungry for a treat
And you want to dine like locals
On something quite discrete
Look for “Virgin Boy Eggs”
On the menu where you dine
For breakfast or for dinner
With fresh milk or with wine
They’re said to have a salty taste
They’re said to be good for you
Improving circulation
And simply just restore you
But I’m a picky eater
And when it comes to eggs
I like mine salt and peppered
Nothing from between boy’s legs
But I wouldn’t dare begrudge you
This Chinese delicacy
You just might find these boiled eggs
Fit you to a “P”

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My Theory of Moles

I have a theory about mole from the Mexican cuisine.
Some will make you happy, others may make you mean.

They are prepared in many different arrangements you see.
Many of certain special ingredients in a labeled degree,

Some are black, red, and green and may be others as well.
Rich in flavors, and textured ingredients, they do tell.

I have only tasted one in my life; I did not like it at all.
However, I have not discounted them, out of my culinary call.

I also feel they are like the gravies we have here in the states.
My grandmothers and now wife, made different plates.

They all taste uniquely unlike, but I enjoyed them well.
Though right now I must say, my wife’s is tastiest to tell.

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Cola, orange soda Root beer, ginger ale Spaghetti, lasagna Fruits, oatmeal Turkey and rice Sour cream and onion dip Kiwi and apple slice Corn or potato chips I become unsightly When I am hungry
July 31, 2012

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Once there was a potato chip
Curled gracefully in a "U"
Glistening with salt particles
Just waiting for a chew

Can you take and eat just one?
I don't believe you can
You'd have to eat the biggest chip
That fits in the slender can

Noooo, keep them neat, and when complete
Lick each side of your thumb
The can is empty 'cause you see
You've eaten every crumb

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The Biscuit Maker

Going back to my childhood home today
Oaks still there even though been long away
Your memories I take with me heavy
They are on my back; leaving them___ready
To be free of oppressing memories
Remembering him in his dungarees
Yet hard seems the memory of him now
Fierce, stony was his attitude somehow
Fear and tension he did bring to the child
Leave that one; go to another for awhile
Inhale the aroma of Sweet Shrub__spring
She would take child there__ the pleasant place bring
Her kitchen pleasant aroma__biscuits
Warmth, love, food, and comfort her best portraits

(After reading Edna St. Vincent Millay,  I was impressed to write this one..)

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E coli on the Rampage Again

E. coli On the Rampage Again

By Elton Camp

Once again, bad cases of sickness from E. coli are seen
As before, it’s because our food supply just isn’t clean
It’s in animal feces we find these bacteria’s natural location
Thus, for them to be found on food should be rare aberration

Both all the health authorities and the public should have a fit
Because, to be utterly stark and crude, our food has what's unfit
This time it appears that vegetables from Europe are to blame,
But other foods from various countries have also been the same

The solution to this serious problem I am not able to supply
But eating changes and preparation techniques we might try
Unless vegetables we ourselves carefully grew & protected
To eat them without washing and cooking shouldn’t be elected

Meats can also be dangerous, especially if they’ve been ground
So we can cook them thoroughly, not just until they are browned
That the foods we must buy and eat are unsafe we shouldn’t fear
Hey there, governments, how about giving us a little help here?

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You Are What You Eat

"You are what you eat," has been told to all of us
and it certainly is true, because I'm certifiably nuts.

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Next in Line

We all know that hunger exist we needn't even go out the door
For it is right there in our very midst as that never ending war
So we place it on the back edges the farthest part of our mind
Those emotions that it dredges are far more than I care to find 

But this story was so different and I couldn't help but turn and look
And the message that it had sent as my whole entire body shook
For the line was long that day as many would not even get to eat
The little seven year old inching his way as upon that sun would beat

But now he was finally first he was at the head of that long line
Not thinking of his own thirst he pulled a three year old from behind
Telling the missionaries to take her ahead as they took her little hand
He allowed her to eat instead something many of us don't even understand

And when they came back to that spot calling again to this little angel
His own needs he again forgot, "take this child too for he does not feel well"
Such a sacrifice that this child had made in such a drought barren land
Oh how his example has weighed standing alone barefoot in the hot sand


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I only eat dog food

My wife feeds me dog food and she serves her dogs steaks.
I don't know how much more of this bullshit that I can take.
You probably know that eating dog food sucks.
Everytime I eat that disgusting crap, I say yuck!
Whenever I demand better food, I begin to shout.
I'd give anything if I had enough money to eat out.
Everytime I complain about it, it does no good.
She never serves good food like she should.
When she serves me the dog food, she won't even take it out of the can.
I'm not a canine dammit, I'm a man!
After she feeds her four dogs, good food is something that I can never afford.
The dog catcher just took her dogs, it's too bad that I couldn't give him a reward.
My wife is furious and she's going to leave.
A miracle from Heaven is what I've received.


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A Toast To Mom

oh the weather outside is frightful
and having snowball fights were so delightful

getting hit in the butt and head
then laughing cause you start seeing red

hooking on car bumpers for a little ride
wearing tennis shoes we did slip and slide

mama yelling to get off or you'll be dead
we never listened to what she had said

socks for gloves to keep little hands warm
even amidst a blizzards storm

soaked from head to foot
looking like santa's outfit full of soot

but what I remember about fun the most
was waiting for mama's hot coco and apple butter toast

on that speical Christmas morning day
before the Lord had came and taken her away

   {R.I.P. Mama}

Happy Holidays All
Love Kathy And Jenny

Also Entry For 
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Songs In Poem Form
Gl All

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 It's summertime in the country, 
 And the kids buzz around like bees; 
 But, when that silver tub is placed on the porch, 
 It's time for shelling peas. 
 From the smallest to the oldest, 
 It's something we'd all do; 
 At first, of course, the little ones, 
 Didn't have a clue. 
 They'd watch to see just how it went, 
 And soon , they'd give a try; 
 Then look amazed as fingers stained, 
 As though dipped in purple dye. 
 When we'd first get started, 
 It seemed an insurmountable chore; 
 There looked like half a million peas, 
 Or maybe even more. 
 But, after we all got the flow, 
 We'd turn it into fun; 
 We'd have a race to see just who 
 Would be the first one done. 
 We'd each one have our own bowl, 
 and a paper sack; 
 We's slip our fingers through the hull, 
 Then throw it empty back. 
 At last, when all the shells lay empty, 
 And a tub of peas was done; 
 We'd let the grownups take the haul, 
 Then look for some new fun. 
 Copyright 2008 Patricia Neely-Dors
 from Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia -A Life in Poems
#southern #southernlife #southernpoems #southernfoodpoems #countrylife #shellingpeas

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Order Up


Its time for breakfast, time to move my legs.
So I look in the frig, and pull out some eggs.
Scrambled or poached, whats for the taken.
Have it with toast, with a side of bacon.

Snack time is rolling in, lets take a looksie.
Maybe have a brownie, or a chocolate chip cookie.
My tummy is a growling, its saying toot toot.
Lets invade the kitchen table, and eat lots of fruit.

Its lunch time again, and my hunger is a kickin.
Time to hit KFC up, and eat a bucket of chicken.
Maybe even Mcdonalds, Wendy`s or the king.
Pizza Hut sounds good, to end my hunger sting.

Supper is in making, slap the face and shake.
Lets go out to the grill, and throw on a steak.
With a baked potato, to add to my balad.
Then finish it off with a ice tea, and a side of salad.

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Humanity Via Pleasure

about the time
i had some wine.
you had some gin.
we burped chagrin,
and we toasted metered
glee of intoxication
by intrusive manners.

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Haggis " ever caught one? "

Welcome world as you read this poem

Its about the Haggis

Scottish Highlands they roam


The lowland Haggis with legs the same

Evolution from the Highlands they came


But the truer beasts, rarely in sight

Run through the hills left and right


With one set of legs longer than the other

On the steep Scottish slopes

They don't fall over


With the world in recession 

We have a tourist boom

Highland Safari's

Have lifted the gloom


So book now to catch your own

Take a photo, email it home

So come the summer, they hibernate

Get on that plane, before its too late

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A Fluffernutter

Perhaps some of you have heard of this stuff.
It comes in a jar, and it’s called “Marshmallow Fluff”.
I’m one of the many that has purchased it before.
You can find it in just about any grocery store.
Take two slices of bread, and spread some peanut butter.
Add Marshmallow Fluff to it, and you have a “fluffernutter”.
It’s a sandwich that tastes both nutty and sweet.
Take a bite out of one, and you’ll agree that it’s neat.

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I piled my plate with ribs,
Potato salad and pulled pork,
Then grabbed a beer, a napkin
And my plastic knife and fork.

The picnic table beckoned
So we sat to have our meal,
Not knowing that our dinner
Would turn into an ordeal.

For out of nowhere there appeared
A yellowjacket pair,
Alighting on my plate, my food,
My beer, my hand, my hair.

Perhaps it was the honey
In the saucy-coated ribs
That attracted these invaders
Out to claim their rightful dibs.

I swatted and deflected them
But I could clearly see
That a peaceful, laid-back barbecue
This wasn't meant to bee!

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Think Before You Drink

We went for a drink my mate Mark and me
The idea was to get as drunk as could be
A mate and a half was my drinking pal
He won’t like this story but I think I shall

We went round the pubs of Shrewsbury town
And after we’d sunk nine or ten pints down
An Indian curry was the order of the day
We would eat it in not take it away

In the mardol the curry house beckoned us in
The room it was empty a terrible sin
In the dimly lit restaurant we ordered our grub
Both slurring our words having just left the pub

A vindaloo curry with pilau rice
Mark looked at the waiter and said, “make that twice”
I told him “its hot and spicy old mate”
He told me he’d eat it as well as the plate

We waited for ages it seemed for the meal
But when it arrived something happened unreal
A big jug of water and glasses were set
Of which one of us noticed the water was wet

The meal on the table I started to eat
My eyes and nose running from the spicy heat
Mark took one mouthful and gave out an ugh
Then went for the water sat there in the jug

No time for a glass he drank straight from the jug
Then once again came that terrible ugh
Bring me some chips he shouted at length
I ate both the curries it took all my strength

When leaving the curry house on that night
His mouth was still burning, but laughing alright
Next time I said think before you drink
If all curries are that hot he said I’ll bring my own sink

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Skinner's Farm

          Weeds deeds tractors and, 
          seeds dirt on hands, mud on jeans.
          Mother nature giving way to this
          farmland my family has made.

         Cattle, pigs grain and, rye 
         wheat, barley I question why?
         Corporate takeovers, governments  
         greed, is ruining our farmlands and,
         the farmers creed to feed the hungry

         So, what's to come from years of sweat?
         of working ones body almost to death.
         Building a farm from beginning to end
         dawn to dusk never seems to end.

         Family traditions generations gone by
         to be a farmer now one can't survive so,
         throw in the deeds tractors and, seeds
         dirt on hands, mud on jeans, give up trying
         let it be, when it died it took a part of me.

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Born an American 
But i was raised multicultural
Ive ventured to many places
But this was the most historical.

An island all by itself by the name of Japan
With a make-up similar to an architectural plan
Where from a birds-eye resembled no ones land
Afraid of whether or not I'd land. 

Once on my feet I begin to reminisce
On a life that I'd truly miss
In desperate search of a trustee
That whom was the same as me.

Mesmerized by the paintings that lay upon the walls
Aligned sightings of dragons holding crystal balls
Lady's dressed in golden Kimono robes
Tables set up with many different origami shows. 

As I watched them eat it seemed like fancy tricks 
For some odd reason they ate with sticks
With music that seemed like the Japanese Blues
It was then I noticed the mats that stated: "Please remove your shoes" 

To me this seemed as something new
Something in North America I would not do
From that moment on I knew--
This was going to take some getting used to.

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Eating Spaghetti With Chopsticks

The most amazing of culinary tricks would be to eat spaghetti with chopsticks. A pair of chopsticks you will never see if you go to any table in Italy. Marco Polo was not perspicacious enough to see his contribution to western culture’s popularity. When using chopsticks, you won’t get much sauce. Unfortunately, there would be much of a loss. A fork and spoon would appear a strange thing at the dinner table in Shanghai or Beijing.

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The Spartans

Spartans trained their children for war,
They practiced all day until they were worn,
Their typical meal was black broth and pork,
It gave them energy for the dangerous war.
Spartan girls were trained for sports,
The ephors, made laws that were enforced,
Spartan women were freer than others,
And were trained to be loyal mothers.
Spartans controlled the Helots for 250 years,
Of course the Spartans had nothing to fear,
Throughout the war many people died,
This is how the Spartans lived their lives.

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There isn't a title called, I'm really bored

Zibbity Zabbity. 
Zoomity Zoo. 
I'm Bill Cosby. 
How about you? 

I took my meds. 
Without any food. 
And now I'm kooky. 
I'm not a dude. 

This poem is stupid. 
It's not even a poem. 
I'm eating a sandwich.
on a bagel. 

The end.

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Virgil the Vegan Eats Out

Virgil the Vegan Eats Out

By Elton Camp

When to a café Virgil did go
Any type meat was a no-no

Even milk he would eschew
Cheese and butter were too

“My meals I require to be
Totally made cruelty-free.”

Although Virgil never knew
That veggies have feelings too

Beans scream when he comes near
Tomatoes and squash also fear

One chef got orders mixed up
In an outage, Virgil did gulp

He yelled, in a voice firm and clear
“Get that flesh away from here!”

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A Midnight Romance

A midnight full of stars 
Needs to be shared 'tis true
Made not just for one but two
Full moon and Milky Way Bars

(I know that I do this a lot.  I am going to write a True Romance one day.)

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Mr. Crunch N Munch

Do,Doo-Doo, Do
I got Something for you
Are you hungry or thirsty
What will it be
I got more than meets the Eyes
Tater chips that taste like french fries
Candy, Soda and Gum
Now, who wants some
And, it's All you can eat
Do, Doo-Doo, Do
Crunch N Munch
A whole bag bunch
Do, Doo-Doo, Do
All day through
Just for you
What's on your mind
Coca-Cola, Gingerale, Rock Creek Lime
With a Big Mama or two
Do, Doo-Doo, Do
I got 'Em all for you

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For those of you who are not Italian, it’s pronounced “gitta-GEEN”
It is consumed by Genovese, Sicilians, and Florentine.
You can find it in just about any Italian deli.
This spicy lunch meat was invented in Italy.
In Philadelphia, many use it to make a hoagie.
It can be found in Italian subs in LA.
It is used in Italian heroes in New York any day.
From what part of the pig is it made, do you suppose?
To be honest with you, it comes from the pig’s nose.

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bobbing for apples

Oh, bobbing for apples,
Is such a treat!
I have a big, red apple,
Picked out just for me.
I can’t wait until,
It’s my turn.
I pull back my hair,
Take a big breath,
and go plunging into the water.
My big, red apple,
I pull out with my teeth.
Bobbing for apples,
Is such a treat

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Cookout in the Summer

Let's go outside with all the food we've got. Don't stay in the kitchen, it's way too hot. Get out the grill and light up some charcoal. To have a summer cookout feast is our goal.

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Those Initial Moments of Awake

I awaken to an infernal buzz
Sore mouth, dry lips and teeth filled with fuzz
It’s not the noise that causes harm
But more the sudden awakening caused by the alarm

Gingerly I walk outside
My friends caffeine and nicotine by my side
I take one of my friends and give him a spark
A bright flame appears amidst the dark

As I consume my friends thoughts come to hand
Body soon will be able to comfortably stand
A vibrant energy comes over me 
With an intense feeling of needing to pee

I am now ready to shower and get dressed
Shirt needs to be ironed and strides pressed
But first I’ll have one more hit of nicotine
And another cup of caffeine

To the shower I head
Am attempted to lie down when I walk past my bed
The water is rather cold
The tiles dewy with a little mould

By the time the water is warm I am finished
The energy once had is now diminished
I dry myself off and get dressed
Didn’t iron the shirt and my pants will do not pressed

To the kitchen I go
For a piece of toast and glass of Milo
I scoff these down like there’s no tomorrow
As the hiccups and indigestion follow

I head outside for one last puff
Even though I know I have consumed more than enough
A throbbing pain and numbness appears in my head
Stuff this I’m going back to bed

Thankfully it’s the weekend and nothing I will miss will cause harm
Actually, why in the hell did I set my alarm
With the thought of lost sleep
I begin to ever so slightly weep

I just hope I can continue that dream I had
If I can’t I will settle for sleep and not be mad
So I guess it is good night again or sleep tight
When I awake it will hopefully be night

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Sandwich Surprise

Here's an experience that never gets old.
Don't you love it when you bite into a sandwich
and then discover it has mold?

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With Winter, now the poacher's chain releases
while the hunters vane, their aptitude increases,
as still the mind sets edging, fate's receipt
the wait on wait, to kill mundane, bears thesis!

No thought of vestige pride, the eye beseeches
the game is theirs, the Bible's cry 
the Earth is Man's therein the tie, 
ties down the conscience, gives it tithe!

Tied down by glory, hunt or die
the boisterous story, ego's rely
Tied down,  the creature spared to buy
another hunter's license ~ my!

The State does benefit from the pie,
the same as taxing whiskey, rye
tied down, the Indian's wrestling wit
keeps watching, man to man ~ remit!

Once open prairie, now in script
tied down by rules, bit by bit!
this fetish bond, tied down to death
the hunter's choice, the home's rejoice!

Claim not the ground, you surly voice
tie down your weapon, your exploit
and let it wander o'er your soul
in season's squander of remorse!

No guilt, no envoy, no gun's force
NO HUNTING ~ Read my sign . . . ENDORSE!

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cookin' up enough

the world's a pot
and we're all the spoons
wanting a taste to eat
smellin' life's scents
stirring things up
stewin' with our meat

there's just as much
to eat here today as
there was back before,
and there's just the
same peoples here too,
well, maybe a few more

so what's in the pot
besides some stones
to stock the soup
do you have enough
a few carrots perhaps
to share with the group

the soldiers clever
back from chaotic war
devised some psychology
to open the larders
of all the citizens
cooking up a feastology

reheated stone soup
is what can taste best
a restock to restart
and share with each other,
simmering care won't boil
it just fills the hungry hearts

© Goode Guy 2011-08-15

it's all in how it's spread out...

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Gentle tinkle dressing bell

Rusticated granite  Great staircase
Mistress of a vast wintry country estate
Drew in a breath brilliant jewelry  poodles
Soft wooly sun warmth wash over her body
Mahogany gold mouldings red flocked walls
One sausage two small potatoes green peas
Borche pears in brandy dollop of kahlua cream
Tall  windows  green upon green of countryside
Double storeyed space balustraded gallery level
Full length portrait carved peir glasses fireplace
Eat  the flesh and throw  the stem into the fire
Smell  his aroma  eminating from her body
Radiating like a slow tide on a flat beach
Pronounced flush rush of heat building
Hand on her knee Waggling a finger
Smartly pared  the fruit humming





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The Hot Dog Serenade

Icky nasty hot dogs,
Roley Poley meat logs,
Made of scraps from hens and hogs,
Delightful treat for rats and dogs.

Eat them up in pork and beans,
Eat so much you split your seams,
Eat too much they'll fill your dreams,
Wake you up with sweats and screams.

Trample people to the ground,
When those hot dogs are around,
Fight and punch and kick and pound,
Just to munch those hot dogs down.

Quiet now, just one more bite,
Then put the hot dogs out of sight,
The bingeing's done now for the night,
The heartburn later on to fight.

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As I Seek God He'll Come to ME

You will find God when you seek
 him with all of your heart.
Getting on your knees in prayer 
is a good place to start!

Remember... A double-minded man is 
unstable in his ways.
He has no true direction in 
life when he prays.

Draw near to God and he'll 
draw near to you.
His word will be your guide 
in all that you do.

Hunger for his righteousness... 
and be filled!
Drawing close to Jesus is
 what God has willed!

He desires an intimate love... 
more than words can say!
Come to him now... with no more delay!

Trust him with all of your heart... 
not your own understanding.
In everything...acknowledge him... 
and heed his commanding!

Obey his command to serve with 
body, sould and mind.
Everlasting peace and love you will surely find!

His desire for you to know and
 love him is never ending.
Come to him now... please... 
no more "pretending."

Reach out today... and call on his 
wonderful name!
His love for you is forever 
and will never change!

Allow him to bring joy to your 
heart and pure delight!
Please come to him now.. why not tonight?

By JIm Pemberton

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My Favourite Dish

Cherry turnovers hold a certain charm for one such as I.
Their delectable taste really and truly does satisfy.
All in all, they are my very very favourite dish
So much so that I would ask for an endless supply as my genie wish.
A sweet dessert that ends a delicious meal,
This lovely dish, for me, calls with great appeal.
I love the red so alike to the color of a rose after a bath of rain.
Such color and rich sweetness in something far from plain!
Eat them when cherry juice oozes and golden is the crust.
Trust me in that cherry turnovers are an absolute must!
Fulfilling to a growling tummy and the taste buds of the tongue,
Cherry turnovers have been my favourite ever since I was young!

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There’s good tequila imported from Mexico. To make this drink, that’s the way to go. We need Triple Sec and juice of a lime. Put these ingredients in a shaker with ice. Give it a good shake, and all will look nice. Salt around the glass’s rim is good all the time. You will have one of the most popular drinks in America. Coming up from south of the border, it’s called a “Margarita”.

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Smiling summer faces

With the onset of warm temperature
across cultures there’s a celebration;
elsewhere in the village or urban setting,
there’s fun and lovely interaction.

In the neighborhood, there’s a good vision
With green trees and beautiful flowers,
militonia orchids, lilacs and tulips,
all these are reasons to smell them.

As many shade trees like oak, maple,
pecan, pine and birch are everywhere,
skunks, raccoons and gophers are seen
in the bush that come down to search
for food and other things to discover.

Just the time to jump-start summer,
family barbecues cause to unite them;
with all the hype and exciting moment
these are ways to experience summer.

Mementos of time may have gone by
but family get-together in the backyard
recaptures the spirit of having fun,
the meaning of common good to everyone.

What a lovely day! A feast to the eyes!
when everything is green – called existence;
when pollen grains drift in the wind,
can cause even allergies that lead to affliction.

Despite these things when birds descend
when bees and wasps form a hive,
truly, an attraction to behold with wonder
a gift to all, with joy for a smiling summer.

Largely a place where one finds wisdom
awaked with a cavalcade of summer signs
a passel of people focused upon interactions
human relationships, a voyage through summer.

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I Will Not Participate

How many hot dogs should one ingest in order to be considered the best? The champion must eat many a tube steak. What a gastronomic risk he or she must take! With each frank must also be a bun. They keep eating until the contest is won. Inspired by another member's poem

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The World's Best Food Served Here

The World’s Best Food Served Here

By Elton Camp

Judd’s Hamburger Shack does tell
That the world’s best is what we sell
And about a mile on down the street,
“Our fine fried chicken can’t be beat.”

Another says, “Try our famous catfish.
For none better can you possibly wish.”
There’s “Vegetables cooked homestyle
Our food is just extremely worthwhile.”

Then, “Our delicious desserts are yummy.
Come put some of them into your tummy.”
And “Our spicy Mexican food is a treat.
We guarantee that it can’t possibly be beat.”

Then I see “Come and eat Japanese style.
So, do yourself a favor and give it a trial.”
On and on the restaurants proudly boast
And claim that their food is just the most

But near the edge of town is a place I see
Its truth in advertising is amazing to me
It looks like a clean little Chinese place
And no extravagant words does it waste

“OK Chinese Food,” the sign does say
Means the food’s not great, but it is okay?
Poor command of English might it be?
Or perhaps it is an example of honesty

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Sly Ole Fox

Sly red fox sneaking around
The master's great estate
Watching and waiting for one
To open the gate  to  the crate

That housed a hen that was a ten
She was fat and sleek with plenty to eat
Rested, refreshed with leisure complete
That sly ole fox found a spot

Hidden from view so he thought
He watched as the master
Opened the crate door letting
The fat hen  come  out and explore

So that's how to get at that hen
I'll dress up and just pretend
That I am the master of the estate
Then I'll just open the gate

I'll get that hen that is a ten
And for lunch I'll invite her in
But in the pot of stew she will go
She'll make dumplings for me to show

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Our Time

When I was a kid, my dad and I always went out to eat.
We went to the chili parlor right down the street. 
Every Saturday morning he would try. 
Sometimes I said no, and I don't know why.

I would do nothing but stay home. 
He would go out and eat alone. 
I said no about fifty percent. 
He said that's fine and went. 
All he wanted to do is spend time with me. 
Take me out, make me laugh, make me happy. 
My father was just so great,
But the minute I found out it was too late, 

you know what I wanted to do?
I wanted to go to the chili parlor with you.
I just want one more chance to have what I had. 
I just want one more chance to tell you, you are the greatest dad.

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They Are Recalling What

They Are Recalling What?

By Elton Camp

It made a good breakfast, I think
There’s nothing like a sausage link

Combined with eggs and grits
With my day, it exactly fits

Now they’d like to get it back
Of rubber gloves, they lost track

Into the sausage they got ground
That’s why they’re not around

I’d return them, but don’t know how
As they are too far out of reach now

Do my guts now contain a rubber ball?
If so, I certainly can’t feel it at all

Of one thing I don’t have any doubt 
Given some time, it will bounce right out

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Apples, expanded

Pretty blossoms in the spring “Bob” for them at Halloween BBQ cooked with the wood Sauce, butter, juice – also good Red, yellow, green - take your pick Dipped in caramel on a stick Sweet, sour, tart- taste to savor Raw, bake, fry – lots of flavor Cake, muffins, fritters - to try The best of all is a pie Yummy!

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It's a rite when I get up,
stumbling to my coffee pot...
ready to make it brew,
then the door bell rings...
as the cuckoo clock sings: 
it's my lovely neighbor Sue!

As she walks with a dozen of eggs,
she smells the aroma of espresso saying,
" I want some of that! " swinging her legs;
" Tomorrow I am going to Broadway,
I got two tickets...would you come, darling? "
And I reply, " Yes, Sue...what's the play? "

She looks at me and says,
" The beauty and the Beast! "
" How romantic! " I reply...
" You'll be amazed how many folks
adore it when he makes her sigh! "
" Ah, look out...your eggs have cracked,
and they are all over your dress! "

" Quick, help me to take off my dress...
It's past eleven, five hours before the musical starts!"
" Hold on, let me check the strawberry tarts
in the toaster...they can burn and go to waste! "
And rushing to the kitchen, I fell on my butt flat as a rat...
I blamed Sue for messing up my delicious breakfast!

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The dinner odour circulates
and in my mind this creates
visions of slop on plastic plates.

It's the meat I hate the most
as it makes me feel disgust.
I find it hard to digest.

There's often stewed pigs liver
containing tubes in brown leather.
An image to last forever. 

Old mutton's served as tender lamb.
Fatty pork they call lean ham.
Sometimes it is that dreadful Spam.

Beef always has lumps of gristle.
The chicken's from an old cockerel
and the pork has rind with bristle.

Another odour is stewed veg
that started off as fresh cabbage.
It's our daily source of roughage.

But then there comes the pudding smell.
It's my favourite, raspberry fool.
Best ever dish in this school.

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I bought some pumpkin in a can
To make a pumpkin bread.
In days of old, I would have used
A pumpkin, whole, instead.

I wouldn’t have been happy
Scooping out that pumpkin gunk.
Just dealing with that mess
Would sure have put me in a funk.

Machines have done the job for me
And so I’ve caught a break,
A little shortcut but I still
Can brag that I did bake.

I’m grateful for this modern age – 
It helps, without a doubt;
But I could take it one step further
And just order out!

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Little Tia

She licks and licks away,
Missed me a lot today,

I let her out, 
She barks and barks,
She sniffs around, 
In the lawn she doesn't care for wet parts,

Runs to her bowl,
Has her favorite kibble in tow,
This picky diva wants food from my plate,
She's not fond of my decision not to cooperate,
So hard to deny her food when she's looking so cute,
I'm strong willed so this becomes a reoccurring dispute,

Now she wants to play,
I kick the soccer ball, 
Pouncing like a dear would catch prey
Laughing hard I shed a tear,
This I could do all day

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My husband bought some ice cream – 
Rather costly, but on sale.
“Organic” said the label
So assumptions did prevail…

Perhaps it would be healthy
(Though we usually don’t care)
Or made of some ingredients
Imbuing it with flair.

Instead, it tasted lousy.
Though the package called it “mint,”
Of that specific flavor
There was not the slightest hint.

The “chocolate” chips were carob,
Lacking any chocolate flavor.
I filled my bowl but sadly,
It was not a treat to savor.

The lesson to be learned is that
No matter the expense,
“Organic” equals not much taste.
(To purists – no offense.)

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On Lorimer street
any coffee shop
is elegant and hip,
and people are very sweet.

There's no view
of the Brooklyn Bridge,
or buildings with a fancy facade,
drink your favorite coffee and say hello to Lou.

Folks converse in Italian and Russian: two notes in discord;
one language sounds like poetry,
the other has a soft-hard sound as the waves of the sea...
two languages sharing diversity.

On Lorimer Street 
every crowded sidewalk burns with summer's heat
as the American flag flaps over cafes in old buildings; 
Brooklyn doesn't have the typical Manhattan beat...
folks don't hurry to enjoy the lively, urban things.
On Lorimer Street 
evenings are spent alone, or in the company of friends.

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Pink Joy

Just get some cream, grenadine, egg white, and dry gin.
A cocktail shaker with cracked ice is where they go in.
Strain that concoction into a stemmed glass.
There you have a drink with a lot of class.

The name may come from a Broadway musical.
That musical was written by Ivan Caryll.
Other stories of its origin continue to exist.
It’s another cocktail that comprises a long list.
The drink is an old one that maintains popularity.
This cocktail is known as a “Pink Lady”.

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At the Grounds for Sculpture

An afternoon excursion
Filled with friends and food and art
Takes an ordinary Thursday
And just blows it off the chart.

Just a stroll throughout the gardens,
So impeccably maintained,
Proves that Nature has the power
To keep callers entertained.

Add some monumental sculptures
And a classy, tasty meal,
Then you’ve hit on the equation
For a day that’s quite ideal.

Circumstances rarely happen
(If they do we have to splurge)
When good health and lovely weather
And friends’ schedules converge.

So today, I’m feeling grateful
For a few delightful hours
With some loved ones, food and sunshine,
Gorgeous trees and art and flowers.

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Poetry Soup with Carrots

The soup of me
is poetry,
I'll serve it to
my friend Andrew
and as he eats
delicious treats
I'll say to you,
"Why's Andrew blue?"
and you'll respond,
"Well, listen, Juan,
now please don't scoff,
but it's bland broth,"
and now I see
the poetry
should be more true
like carrot stew,
and so I'll add
(just like my dad)
some carrots, two,
for friend Andrew,
but he's still blue,
so what to do?
I'll take the stew:
no more for you,
Andrew! "It's true,
you see," you say
to me, "You'll pay
(not free) today,
you'll see, if you
can continue
to poo-poo Drew
for trying stew
that was so bland,
just understand,
his tastes are true
as me or you,"
and so I'll try
to satisfy
that picky Drew
because he's true
in what he says
and I'd be dead
if I was so
unfair as to
not understand
that he's a man
and he deserves
more pleasing herbs,
and so I'll try
to add some thyme
and if it works
then I'll alert
you to this thing
and I'll be king
and we'll be free.

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Thirty-one All The Time

They have at least thirty-one flavors all the time. Available are pistachio, rum raisin, and key lime. Have you ever tried their strawberry or blueberry cheesecake? In any single trip, how many flavors can you take? Other than ice cream, they also have sangria or daiquiri ice. Everything they have is cool, tasty, and nice. This place offers variety in a plethora. I can't believe that all you want is vanilla! inspired by another member's poem

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Insatiable Appetite

I’ll fill up your dreams and stuff you with themes
of coconut creams and chocolate streams.

With lemon schaum torte, I’ll build you a fort;
top up your tummy, make you feel yummy.

My sweet chestnut jam and juicy roast lamb;
a pistachio square to be served with flair.

So you must say please for some feta cheese;
a salad I’ll toss so you’ll know who’s boss.

On my bended knee, I shall serve you tea;
if you make me blue, no dessert for you!

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How many brands of scotch whiskey do you know? It seems its popularity continues to grow. Scotch has garnered worldwide support. It has become a big British export. Distilled from fermented barley malt, this is something connoisseurs exalt. Scotch has a unique smoky flavor. This quality makes it a beverage to savor. Scotch is not a drink produced in haste. Aging for many years gives it a smooth taste. It can be mixed or enjoyed straight. Any way you consume it, it is considered great.

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You Or Me

A woman digs inside the trash to find some food to 
eat, it's obvious her day to day is lived amongst the 

her clothes are nothing more than tattered rags; I 
truly see, that people point and stare at her, she 
could be you or me.

Imagine if you lost your job and bills aint gettin paid, 
dynamics of this life do change when scrill aint gettin 

the hole can be so deep for some to not care much 
at all, they'd kneel in urine puddles in the stairway up 
the hall.

To feed the need for capital they'd play with bat and 
balls, a person's pride sinks lower from the higher 
that they fall,

and on the way to impact they may bounce and 
smack a wall, this country has a safety net but still 
can't catch em all.

It could be you or me asleep and snoring by the 
train, with body dripping water from that pouring kind 
of rain,

the race and gender differs, the results are all the 
same, that's living; life's a gamble, win or lose it's all 
a game.

Degrees that separate us aren't high like summer 
heat, they're more like dead of winter snow, the 
sidewalk underneath,

time differs though in essence it depends on who 
you meet, some folk take years to lose it all, for 
others, just 2 weeks.

We all should count our blessings though it's hard to 
do with strife, it always could be worse, no food to 
eat or shining light,

your bedroom suddenly becomes an alleyway at 
night, your table's now a garbage can of sustanant 

and God forbid there're children out here living off the 
land, you know the mental strain is tough when living 
hand to hand,

or hand to mouth, it's all about how quick things turn 
around, the damage 3rd degree if life decides to 
burn you down.

A woman digs in trash and finds an imitation stole, 
she cares not what it's made of during winter days of 

her faith in God so solid that she'll bravely see it 
through, before you laugh at her just think, that could 
be me or you.

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The Chair

You let us sit so we can rest.
You let us stay while we digest.
To cushion us so we may sit,
To hold us like a giant mitt.
Many used you for too much time.
I don't need to 'cause I'm just fine.
You've been used by some as a nest,
but I feel they are just a pest.

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It's Time to Fix Breakfast

It’s Time to Fix Breakfast

By Elton Camp

I’ve got to get away from here
Time to fix breakfast, I fear

That’s the meal that I do best
My wife prepares all the rest

Sausage, eggs, grits and toast
Today appeals to me the most

The “sausage” contains no meat
Yolk from the eggs had to delete

Won’t mess with the grits at all
Naturally contain no cholesterol

(I'd acually rather have ham, eggs, potatoes, pancakes and butter but the doc says "No.")

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Winter Cherries

Today I was surprised to see
Fresh cherries on display.
I never thought in February
They would come my way.

I know that fruits, once seasonal,
Are up for sale all year.
The cantaloupe I eat each morning
Makes that very clear.

But cherries are another beast
And therefore, my surprise;
These had the deep rich purple-red
Whose taste I could surmise.

The fruit man put one in my hand
And so I took a bite.
It was so firm and juicy
I could not hide my delight.

Though winter’s on the calendar
And hasn’t called it quits,
I scarfed a bowl of cherries
And the proof is in the pits!

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Yummy, yummy need 
something good for my

Make something good for 
my tummy for I am so very 

Yummy, yummy, yummy 
thank you from my tummy…

By Sandra Lea Hoban

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Christmas in Dixie - A Southern Christmas Poem

Christmas south of the Mason/Dixon,
Still maintains all the usual fixins.
And a sleigh that can fly like the down of a thistle,
Is one that could certainly turn laps at Bristol.

And yes, we do have Christmas lights, just like on northern homes,
But our lights are mobile, not like yours, and are always free to roam.
Now snowmen are rare in Dixie, but Jack Frost does come to call,
And he nips at our noses, same as y’all.

While partridge, doves, and French hens, are three of the twelve famous days,
Here in Dixie, I know for sure, they would be fried in succulent ways.
And our Christmas dinners are just like yours, with plenty that is savory,
But here it is customary to cover it all, in a thick, white, sawmill gravy.

Now prior to The War Between The States, Christmas was much more divided,
But became the Christmas that we know now, when the fighting finally subsided.
And I believe Christmas is an individual thing, in the hearts of both the young and old,
And, truth be told, I rather Christmas in Dixie, than be shoveling snow in the cold.

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Its basic ingredients are noodles and cheese. This dish has been around for centuries. The origin of lasagna is a mystery. Most culinary experts credit Italy. In just about any region where you go, each place has their own version to show. It comes hot out of the oven covered with mozzarella. Within the layers are meat and ricotta. There are vegetarian versions as well. For lunch or dinner, isn’t lasagna swell?

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MAKING CRACKLINGS (Pork Rinds) (Skins)
 First, you have to kill a hog,
 Then, carefully take off the skin;
 Cut it up in little squares,
 And then the fun begins.
 Take a big, black iron pot,
 Then put in some lard;
 As you'll see, it's quite simple,
 Nothing very hard.
 You wait until the oil is bubbling
 And it's boiling hot;
 Then get the pieces that you've cut 
 And toss them in the pot.
 Now, just stand around and tell some tales
 And maybe a few jokes;
 It's best when you've got a crowd,
 Of good ole' country folks.
 After some stirring and simmering,
 The skins are crisp and puffed;
 Then, you have a delicious treat,
 Of which you'll never get enough
 Copyright 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey 
 from Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia
#southernlife #southernfood #southernculture

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Wishing Star/Candy Bar

If you want to lose some weight
Here's some advice you may want to take

If you wish upon a star
While you eat a candy bar
Very soon you will see
You can't wish away those calories

A healthy diet and exercise plan
Can help you more than  wishing can
So, while you wish upon that star
Throw away the candy bar

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I think my health is compromised
by eating food that's industrialised
and made of stuff that's synthesised.

Protein is often hydrolysed 
and fats are usually stabilised
to stop them being oxidised.

Milk is always pasteurised,
with some being homogenised
and long life milk is sterilised. 

Chicken is sodium phosphatised.
Beef is bright red colourised
and some is enzyme tenderised.

Horse meat is there well disguised,
seldom is this recognised
in burgers wrongly advertised.

I'm prepared to be surprised
at what is not yet publicised
but simply E-numberised.

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The Ducks Are Free

   Within my sight of ocean breeze
I see the curve of earth and sea
The little ducks as they walk about
A show of wings for a simple handout.
   White clouds pass, subtle and calm
Giving rest to the sun upon the kiddie pond
The sunlight twinkles as the children play
Together they're dancing within the waves.
   Here comes a duck with questioning eyes
A piece of bread or even some pie?
Bikinis and trunks play in the sand
Not one of them lovers, not one holding hands.
   This all seems distracted as in playful dispute
The beach is so quiet, maybe they're mute
The glare of the sun brings me back to my write
I see the seagulls attacking a kite.
   Although the beach I thought serene
This one corrects me of all I have seen
Only the ducks seem peaceful to know
Their questioning eyes and hunger side show.
   The people are sad or poor I bet
To come to this beach, in silence get wet
If this is the price of the beach for me
I'll come for the ducks, the ducks are free.

     September 14, 2008

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Life As We Know It

We live in a world that's hostile.
Where things seem impossible.
What we believe to see appears to be visible.
The truth lies with our lives like unburied fossils.
Only we can make our dreams possible.
The truth is always revealed before our sight.
Who don't want to be treated right?
Hate and evil will never have victory.
There is a plaque of depression and misery.
We the human race must continue to rebuke the enemy.
Just in case you didn't notice we're in a spiritual war.
Things we don't need or want we just crave for more.
Time has expired.
We treat Jesus like He is for hire.
What happen to our country's legacy?
Now days can we still define democracy.
The stories we now tell will never end.
But will they ever begin.

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Cold Pizza

Another morning has arrived somehow. Who has time for breakfast right now? Inside the refrigerator I am looking. I guess I’m too lazy to do any cooking. I can have some cereal in a bowl, but my roommate drank up all the milk. That CENSORED! Stopping in the nearby fast food place might be fine. However, I don’t like waiting in a long line. Here is something to eat both fast and light. I’ll just eat some cold pizza slices from last night.

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I'm on my Second Cake

I'm on my second cake
so make no mistake.
Don't take
my cake.

You thought I wanted one.
You were so wrong, hon.
Just one's
no fun.

I really wanted two,
surprising but true.
I knew
that you

would not be too happy
and not allow me
to be
so free

as to eat what I want.
But I won't just grunt.
I want.

I realize your niceness,
used to entice,
this price,
this slice:

the slice outweighs the cost.
It looks like you've lost.
You've bossed.
I've sauced*

this delicious dessert
no matter the hurt.
I'm curt.

I've never felt so free!
You don't control me!
Here, see?
Piece three.


*with icing

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The Dreaded Day

Today is the Dreaded Day
That many will be put out on the street
And others won’t have any power
And others won’t have any food to eat.

And other’s children won’t have a Christmas
They won’t have any presents by a tree
They won’t even have a tree at all
They’ll feel lucky if they get to eat.

This is American reality today
People are living on the streets
People who could never have imagined
That this is where that they would be.

They look at themselves in the mirror
And wonder where did they go wrong
They live in this great country
How long can this go on?

These are highly educated people
With their Masters and Phds
Why is there no work for them?
There is no  place for them to work
How is it that this can be?

And then there are the other ones
Who just want to work for an honest wage
And there is no work for them as well
No chance of employment at any place.

The weeks and months have been turned into years by now
They’ve long since lost track of how many days.

There has to be a solution
For our country to get back to where it’s been
Something is going to have to give
For all Americans to live as men.

We didn’t ask to live like a bunch of animals
To be begging for food on the streets
We deserve to have some dignity
We should be able to work for what we need.

So damn all those who have caused this financial mess
Those who have injured all those of us with pride
Let them live with the devil until eternity ends
It’ll be a fitting punishment for what they’ve done to others in this life.

God bless all of those who are fighting every day just to survive
Who now don’t even have enough to eat
God bless their defenseless children
Who continue to struggle and live in need.

One has to continue to believe in goodness
That those who do the right thing will somehow win
And that American Prosperity and Industry
Will return to our country once again.

Today is the Dreaded Day
That many will be put on the street
And others won’t have any power
And others won’t have any food to eat.

(December 22,  2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

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Donuts are my favorite food, 
They come in many kinds,
I think they are the greatest creation,
Ever made by mankind.
They're made in many flavors,
And some have sprinkles too,
But when choosing your favorite donut,
The decision is up to you.
Donuts are delectable and they're also really tempting,
After having a problem of any sort,
They can really be quite exempting.
As you can see donuts are a real help in life,
They're also the perfect present,
One to give your wife.

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A PETA Thanksgiving

Free range kitchen; cherished pets all around
In adjoining rooms animistic shrines abound
No clucking, cackling pens we'll hound
But residual carcases we'll gladly impound 
A docile harvest plucked from the ground
No pork butts, rump roasts, filets to astound
Only our bleating hearts with consciences tightly wound

Thankfully a Speckled goose cannot be bound
With spindly greens our pristine figures we'll round
With a large caldron of bloody beets our carniverous friends confound
Replace the Carolina turkey with a tofu gam
No Picnic ham only Vegetarian Spam
Cancel the Giblet gravy; with spicy curry our imitations drown 
A hearty Lentil soup; bouillon not a gram

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Dental work, dental work, it never seems to end,
Railroad tracks, bridge and gap, till polygrip your friend,
Flossing here, brushing there, tooth decay averted,
Rinse the mouth, fresh and clean, our taste buds alerted,
Though we brush, sometimes floss, some germs will still remain,
Business lunch, late night snack, the germs now play their game,
What the heck, who's to say, just how to live your life,
Do your thing, have a fling, who needs the extra strife,
Drills and picks, dental aids, we see them twice a year,
So have some fun, pizza run, and chase it with a beer.

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what makes me happy

i'm always happy when i think of food
it sets me in the mood

warm toast with honey makes me so happy
i guess that sounds a little sappy

or is it perking coffee gounds
to go along with ice cream mounds

who knows
i'm just peachy down to my  toes

there i go with peaches
i'm glad there not leaches

no wonder my belly's so full
and that's no bull

karen croft
nov.1, 2011

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With This Chicken

With this chicken I make
this promise…
That I won’t eat you fried…
With this chicken I make
this promise, that I will,
only eat you baked, broiled, 
or grilled…
By Sandra L. Hoban

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In the Freezer

In my freezer, you will find
Bread of almost every kind:
Cut baguettes and sourdough;
Bagels, lined up in a row. 
Breakfast muffins, garlic knots,
Pizza so good you could plotz.

Also, ice cream – Ben & Jerry’s;
Maybe, too, some frozen berries.
There may be leftover meat
And always cake or something sweet.
Coffee’s there, from Trader Joe’s
And noodle pudding I once froze.

Ice cubes do complete the scene;
There’s not much space left in between.
A health food nut would feel quite lost
When seeking something to defrost.
He’d criticize each single crumb,
Yet in my eyes, it all spells YUM!

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The Chocolate Tree

A complex Composition may take a long time to compose....

Several female figures communicating their relaxed relationship

within a safe , stylish comfortable environment  or harvesting

of the fruits, like a Van Gogh metamorphisis.   Several figures 

in the field working within an orchard environment.

Selecting ,reaching, placing , gathering and  singing rythmically.
Oranges , apples or grapes and carrying  a woven cane basket. 

Working in the field, on the land , organically without machinery.

Chocolate grows only  3 degrees north or south of the equator.*

The oblong knobbly pod  is not particularly attractive , it looks a bit

like a custard apple and grows directly out from the  trees' trunk . 

The sound of drums reverberating through the lush, humid forest.

The Chocolate tree was originally discovered in the deep , dense,

dark canopy covered rainforests of South Americas and was 

used as a mood enhancer , possibly also an entrancer in  rituals. 

Explorers carefully carried and contained the revered cacoa seed,

thinking nothing much of its bitter taste.

Introduced and redeveloped  in Europe from the fifteenth century.

When the pod is cut open it looks a bit like a custard apple again.

Dark, waxy seeds embedded within a pulpy flesh here and there. 
It is  Cocoa seeds that are used to make our favorite chocolate!

*(A  few feet either way North or South of the Equator , water swirls
   downwards  clockwise 4 North and anticlockwise 4 South.}

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Hunger zone

For years I have fought
And battled with weight
Now disabled and in pain
I fear it's too late 

I can't eat this
I can't eat that
Diets are fads
They make me fat

I've tried the patches
They've taken my money
No magical cure for
My big fat tummy

I wasn't always as big
You should know
It was having a baby
That made me grow so

I can't stick to the books
For so much I don't like
If I have to eat muck
They can go take a hike

I've tried the tablets
But for me they don't suit
Not eating sufficient
The problems the root

Try three meals a day
Instead of just one
A plate that's for sandwiches
For lunch to put on

I'm trying to lose
Of second week I am now
I'm not using scales
Or measuring how

I'm combining it all
From the net I can find
A menu that suits
That does not blow the mind

It's working quite well
At the moment I know
For in smaller trousers
My belly will go

I can fasten my blouse
And the buttons don't gape
My cleavage is shrinking
There's ample to take

If I continue to lose 
At this sensible rate
My clothes will not fit
And I'll drop all the weight

But as third week approaches
I begin to have doubts
The weight tends to stable
And I tend to drop out

I need to stand firm
In resolve and give time
For my body to shape
And bring back its waist-line

A little encouragement
Goes a long way
And the poetry keeps
The snacking at bay

So if I seem busy 
With armfuls of writes
Forgive me for starving off
Hungers of life

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As I sit here stretching to touch my toes
I’m amazed to see how my body grows
As years pass by my height reduces
No longer producing needed juices!

My body has clumped and can no longer bend
I used to possess a great, firm, rear-end
I kneed and console and sweat the pounds
Be gone from me!  Let slimness be found!

I’ll walk and jog - I’ll run a while
But can I make it an extra half-mile?
I need to change life-long habits
But, must I eat like the local rabbit?

Grease makes food taste good, sugar is great
Frying is tasteful as up goes my weight
My pounds go up as my fanny drags down
Will I ever trip?  Can I rebound?

I watch years marching on, time does pass
As I worry about my stomach’s gas
I know I can make it – I’ll firm my bust
My desire for food I’ll dismiss as lust

I’ll continue to stretch, pull and wonder
If I’ll ever look like firm, Jane Fonda
If I get discouraged and say, “I’m too pooped,”
I’ll remember the body of Dr. Ruth

I long for courage waiting for a meal
I hear Burger Big-One has a great deal
A double-whammy on an extra large bun
I’ll diet tomorrow – Today I’ll have fun!

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Good Friends Till The End

You are my friends
Way until the end.
I love you very much
For your tender loving touch.
You make me feel new
And always give me kisses too!
Don''t feel to shy
Cause this no lie.
You can touch, taste, and feel
Which just makes me squeal.
You give me great pleasure
That I have found the treasure.
The treasure is you
And it shines bright too!
You make me feel sad
But I know I will be glad.
I think you are cute
You whistle like a flute.
Sometimes I feel I''m a nobody
So I decided to learn Karate.

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Fruit Cup

Oh pretty pretty fruit cup
with all your pretty colors,
your fructose-rich flavors
ensnare all my druthers
Yellow is for peaches
and chunky pineapples
Opaque is for pears
And red is for the cherries
that nobody wants to share
Oh, I love to eat you with a spoon
You give me energy in late afternoon
You make my palate happy
I think I’ll eat another one of you
after I take a nappy

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Time to Dine (Adult)

Take me to your table
The place at which you dine
I’ll satisfy your hunger
I’ll be your offered wine
Oh taste of me the fruits
So offered there for you
Partake there of my offering
That’s what I wish to do

Courses? There are plenty
At least seven, maybe more
If no room on the table
Then move me to the floor
But taste me now, I beg of thee
Your lips upon my skin
Drink in the salty spirits
Devour what’s within

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KnickerBocker Glory

KnickerBocker Glory is my delight.
Morning, noon and night.
Jelly, custard, fruit and cream
Go down like a dream.
Strawberries and cherries .
On the top.
Floating on a cream blop.
Ice cream. Strawberry, vanilla, choc.
I love the flavour, makes me rock. 
Served in a glass cup.
long spoon, sup it up.
Birthdays, anniversaries.
Times to rejoice.
With a KnickerBocker Glory juice.

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Eating and Sneezing

This is something that’s far from pleasing. I know a girl that can’t stop sneezing. Whenever she has something to eat, the sneezes come out loud as they repeat. Is it possible to have allergies when she consumes too many calories? If she sneezes while eating chicken with the Colonel, will that be something to put in a medical journal?

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From the pack on his back,
He pulled a brown paper sack,
And sat down in the shade of a tree.
Then Jack, from the sack,
Took his midmorning snack, 
And quickly devoured it, one-two-three.        

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Tofu was invented centuries ago by the Chinese. However, the name we use comes from the Japanese. It is what many consider a form of soymilk cheese. In the Far East, it has garnered much fame. Each nation and culture there gives it a name. In their respective languages, it sounds almost the same. It does not have much of a taste, but is high in protein. With nearly no fat, it is a nutritious source that is lean. Soymilk is mixed with salts like calcium sulfate. Whey is extracted from the curds that coagulate. Because it can be a suitable substitute for meat, tofu can make any vegetarian’s diet complete.

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How to tame your appetite there's a feat....

Step one: no biting, remove your teeth.

Step two: only chew if it resembles a leaf

Step three: only drink water now repeat .............

hmmm...I think I'll start tomorrow right now I'll eat.........DeFeAt

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Bad, Bad Email

I received an email the other day.
At first the message, was evil to say.
It was about bacon grease, do not use.
Warnings, warnings, never to excuse,
Reading onward about the danger to see,
Then an awful picture, did I start to see.
I thought of veins clogged, medicine to take.
Also of a heart attack, while my body did shake.
Then came along a real picture, attached,
A large figure, one that could never be matched,
You see, my first thought how cruel and mean.
When along came the caption that could be seen.
It read be careful bacon fat, most dangerous of all
Careful my friends, it will make your feet too small.

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Home Made Tacos And Other Things

Made some homemade tacos
Which were a little hot
There were some left overs
Believe it or not

So I thought I'd give the cats a little treat
And feed them mighty fine
With something different to eat
On tacos they could dine

In just a little while
I spied from my window view
Whity in the bird bath drinking the morning dew
Fifteen minutes later she wasn't even through

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Store Bought

Cases of bottled water
are bought from the grocery store,
while breads are stuffed into sacks,
to be baked at home no more.
Plastic jugs of preserved milk
lay upon shelves for days;
cartons of chicken eggs
await a human's cooking ways.
The choices of various cheeses
confuse a mortal's busy mind;
cans of delicious treasures
are a stomach's priceless find.
A variety of society's foods
tempt the taste buds of the mouth.
When store bought foods rush in,
home cooking seems to go south.

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His love so divine
I’m glad he is mine
Always so loving and caring
When he is in your life it has meaning
He gives me faith to never be blind
When I call his name he is always on time
His love is so merciful
And his blessings are plentiful
To the world Jesus is the light
To praise and glorify Him my pen takes flight
Thousands of stories are told of Him
His blood rids us of sin
I think of my Lord night and day
With folded hands and bent knees to Jesus I pray
He teaches, he loves, he inspire, he brings wealth, he saves, and heals
My Jesus is so real
The King of Kings is so incredible
He is just irresistible!

Deuteronomy 6:5 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with
all your strength. 

Psalm 89:1-2 I will sing of the LORD’S great love forever; with my mouth I will make your
faithfulness known through all generations. I declare that your love stands firm forever,
that you established your faithfulness in heaven itself. 

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Five Guys

For the greatest hamburgers, hot dogs, and fresh-cut fries,
we must only know one location, and that’s “Five Guys”.
The stores are found in thirteen states along the east coast.
Food is fresh and never frozen, quality’s the most!
Their burgers cooked to order from the best cuts of beef,
and freshly cut potatoes taste great beyond belief!
Fifteen delicious toppings are available there.
Any other fast food restaurant fails to compare.
Freshly roasted peanuts are served complimentary.
Free refills with drinks and they are priced reasonably.
So go to your nearest Five Guys if you want a treat.
You will learn their food quality can never be beat.

Copyright 2006  seven out enterprises.

Posted here especially for Andrea Dietrich

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Do YOU Know Who I Am?

I'm dark brown in color, and sometimes white,
I'm terribly desireable, and very well liked,
By those who love me, they crave me too,
If only you knew me, you'd feel that way too.
I'm enjoyed by both men, and women alike,
But in me is where women, find their true delight.
Have you guessed who I am?
Do you at least have a clue?
Shall I talk a bit further?
Yes, let me do that for you.
Now I'm not all that good, I'm sometimes bad,
To the very one's who love me, I deliberately make sad.
To over indulge  may bring strife,
I can bring true havick, into your life.
I stand alone, and take all the blame,
Do you know me now?
Have you guessed my name?
If you don't know me by now, and still can't guess,
It's time to put your mind to rest.

I Am      C H O C O L A T E !

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Why Not To Have That Hamburger

Why Not to Have That Hamburger

By Elton Camp

Of course I like the taste of hamburger just fine
But in here, to explain why to avoid it, I’m tryin’
One burger can contain dioxin 300 times more 
Than the “safe” level that doctors already deplore 

Hamburgers are usually eaten along with other things
And from them, fries, and soft drinks, obesity springs
Beef’s high price causes the rainforests destruction
To make more room for profitable cattle production

When a rainforest is cut the soil cover disappears
It becomes worthless after grazing only two years
The constant pounding of cattle hoofs on the ground
Destroys plant roots that make the soil stay around

Because of winds and storms, the soil then won’t stay
And a desert will appear once it has been blown away
Because raising cattle uses up such vast amounts of grain
Not enough to feed millions of humans does then remain

And E. coli 0157:H7 gets into the burger from cow feces
And the deadly bug is the cause, in humans, of disease
The fast-food joint has now become a modern sweatshop
And has brought back conditions in the 20s we did stop

Advertising encourages kids to eat too much animal fat
And will bring serious health consequences due to that
About any beef product it is difficult to say much good
But especially hamburger, please avoid all who would

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The lemon tree is very pretty with a sweet flower. However, it has an inedible fruit that is very sour. The juice needs a lot of sugar to make it sweet. The unadulterated pulp is something we cannot eat.

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Sunday Dinner

I love my Sunday dinner
Roast pork and stuffing too
Yorkshire pudding and garden peas
Potatoes not old but new
I'll just look in the oven to see how the pork is doing
Wow what a lovely smell
Do you think you will be coming?
There's apple and mint sauce to add unto the taste
So come and get yourself round here
There is no time to waste
I think I'll have my afters now
Sticky toffee pudding
I might as well finish this off
I don't think anyone's coming

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A Square Meal

I had a meal that wasn’t square
Though all the things I’d need were there:
Some crusty bread, some cheese and fruit
And lots of salad spreads, to boot.

A plate of veggies, nicely sliced
And lox and cream cheese, which enticed.
A pot of coffee, freshly perked
And pastries (where the cal’ries lurked).

I lunched with utter pure delight;
The hostess got it all just right.
I wonder how would one prepare
A better meal to make it square.

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United Messengers At The Gate

Learning that it is never to late
We all start to feel its demand
These messengers begin to equate
Holy Spirit is at our command

All across the world we shall stand
As human beings we can all relate
All human consciousness shall expand
Allowing the Almighty’s will to dictate

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Wild Boar

A wild boar came into town
because he felt so alone
he rampaged some doors and entered a home
to find some food in the kitchen

I came across the story in a newspaper and it really happened in Bavaria. 
Police came and thought it was a thief, but then they found tracks of the boar. 
Nobody saw him and that fellow disappered into the forest after he found food in a
restauran's kitchen and in a private home

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Japanese Sushi Bars

The best ingredients found coming from near and far, can be found at any great Japanese sushi bar. Along with the seaweed and sake vinegar rice are many raw seafood items that show to be nice. There is shrimp, lobster, octopus, squid, and cuttlefish; salmon, tuna, mackerel, caviar from lumpfish. Artisans can prepare it in any way you wish. It goes well by itself, or with crisp fried tempura. One need not go to Tokyo or Yokohama. There are many fine places to be found in the States. On any night, take the car and zoom down with your mates to any number of great Japanese restaurants. They have what it takes to satisfy all of your wants. There are so many fine items anyone can choose This can be a great night out! You have nothing to lose!

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I love any bread with seeds -
Bagels, rolls or rye,
Pumpernickel, crusty loaves -
They all will satisfy.

Caraway and sesame
My appetite will spur;
But poppy seeds, above all others,
Are what I prefer.

Some cakes and muffins, even scones,
Are dotted with those seeds.
When I am in a bakery,
My mouth knows what it needs.

I marvel at those people,
Who will willingly abstain
From the joy of crunching seeded food
To eat a bagel plain.

They miss the subtle flavors
That all tiny seeds bequeath;
Though their one advantage is they won't
Have seeds stuck in their teeth!

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                    The ol master was fast asleep
                 In his bedroom,a little mouse creeped
                 He stood on the floor by the masters bed
                        And made his request
                        Please ol master
                 Leave out a chunk of cheese
                 And i won't gnaw on your sleeve
                 One day i'll grow into a big rat
                          Please ol master
                          Lock up your cat

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You Or Me

A woman digs 
inside the trash to 
find some food to 
eat, it's obvious her 
day to day is lived 
amongst the streets,

her clothes are 
nothing more than 
tattered rags; I truly 
see, that people 
point and stare at 
her, she could be 
you or me.

Imagine if you lost 
your job and bills 
aint gettin paid, 
dynamics of this life 
do change when 
scrill aint gettin 

the hole can be so 
deep for some to 
not care much at 
all, they'd kneel in 
urine puddles in the 
stairway up the hall.

To feed the need for 
capital they'd play 
with bat and balls, a 
person's pride sinks 
lower from the 
higher that they fall,

and on the way to 
impact they may 
bounce and smack 
a wall, this country 
has a safety net but 
still can't catch em 

It could be you or 
me asleep and 
snoring by the train, 
with body dripping 
water from that 
pouring kind of rain,

the race and gender 
differs, the results 
are all the same, 
that's living; life's a 
gamble, win or lose 
it's all a game.

Degrees that 
separate us aren't 
high like summer 
heat, they're more 
like dead of winter 
snow, the sidewalk 

time differs though 
in essence it 
depends on who 
you meet, some 
folk take years to 
lose it all, for 
others, just 2 

We all should count 
our blessings 
though it's hard to 
do with strife, it 
always could be 
worse, no food to 
eat or shining light,

your bedroom 
suddenly becomes 
an alleyway at 
night, your table's 
now a garbage can 
of sustanant delight,

and God forbid 
there're children out 
here living off the 
land, you know the 
mental strain is 
tough when living 
hand to hand,

or hand to mouth, 
it's all about how 
quick things turn 
around, the damage 
3rd degree if life 
decides to burn you 

A woman digs in 
trash and finds an 
imitation stole, she 
cares not what it's 
made of during 
winter days of cold,

her faith in God so 
solid that she'll 
bravely see it 
through, before you 
laugh at her just 
think, that could be 
me or you.

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Baltimore Colts Gino Marchetti started the show. He opened a chain of restaurants everybody would know. I remember your slogan from a few decades ago. It said that your eateries were “the place to go”. Buildings with a pointed red roof we would all recognize. Your specialties were fried chicken, burgers, and fries. In your commercials, there were many celebrities; we saw Soupy Sales, Muhammad Ali, and Dom DeLuise. Well, those fast food places are now history. When the company sold out, they vanished from the vicinity. Well, times have changed, and the restaurants are back. The express train is once again running on the track. In Pennsylvania and Maryland, a few places would appear. Some more will be springing up next year. These new spots are better than the ones back then. It’s good to see your restaurants operating again.

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Disregarding Cholesterol

In the morning, this is how I answer the call. I disregard the warning about cholesterol. Along with my steaming cup of coffee, I desire something that will appeal to me. This is what I want served on my breakfast plate: A good helping of steak and eggs would be great. Inspired by another member's poem.

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A muffin’s very portable;
I toss one in my bag
And pop a piece into my mouth
If spirits start to sag.

I slice it up and baggie it;
It takes up little space
And I can nibble secretly
At any time or place.

If hunger pangs crop up
Or if my stomach starts to growl,
I needn’t search provisions out
Or gnash my teeth and howl.

I reach into my pocketbook
And rip a little piece;
As quick as that, the noises
In my belly start to cease.

So when you leave your house,
Into your bag you should be stuffin’
A perfect pick-me-up
That’s also portable – a muffin!

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Food for the Soul

Give me some mustard and collard greens. 
Bring along some rice and beans. 
I'll have some chicken good enough for finger licking. 
Those barbecued ribs are rib sticking. 
If you want to see me open my eyes, 
serve me any assortment of pies. 
This is the food I extol. 
This kind of food is good for the soul.

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An Icelandic Delicacy

Is that really what Icelandic people eat? What you have there is aged shark meat. It does not look or smell very good to me. People in this country consider it a delicacy? Just give me two slices of bread with peanut butter and jelly.

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a cool summertime
refreshing fruity treat
through these days
of oppressing heat,

strawberry, mango, 
pineapple so sweet 
watermelon, tangerine
tasty and complete,

a mouth watering
chilly colorful treat 
of delicious flavors 
everyone loves to eat

© Eugene Harvey

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Memorial Day

Gorgeous day!  Wrapped with warm weather,
quietude in surroundings early this morning;
roads are clear; driving isn’t a problem at all,
there’s no rush and one freely takes his time.

Invitations from friends and other relations
a cookout in the yard or dining in a restaurant;
a common tradition to American people,
a wonderful experience, a day to remember.

Our major print, news and TV networks,
show varied events, places, and peoples;
with distinctive features of the celebration
that trace back history and meaning to recall.

As singularly punctuated with solemnity
those veterans in the army and other dignitaries,
along with the president of this beautiful country,
America: the land of free, unity and diversity.

Names engraved in the annals of history
are those heroes who served in this country,
they offered their lives for love and loyalty,
indisputably, heroic giants of the century.

Across the years, memories of the past
continue to serve as a treasure trove,
a wellspring of thought and inspiration;
indeed, a living legacy worthy of imitation.

Kudos and more power to these people
though they’re all gone into the silent land
their spirit, mem’ry and legacy to everyone
unites the whole nation for love and remembrance.

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Judge and the Grace

Adam ate the apple
he wanted to judge for himself
and we are all his children

Judgements of the judges
the wise judge all things
it would be wise not to judge at all
those who judge will be judged
to judge our very nature
some will judge angels
and how can we judge angels
when we cannot even recognize the devils within
if we profess to recognize devils then sin
how is it that we can judge ourselves worthy 
to inherit the kingdom of heaven

into the fires again, Oh man
if we inherit the Kingdom Of Heaven
what will we do when we get there
and how is it that you do not know
we are home

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Thanks On Thanksgiving

I sit  here writing remembering when
many holidays soon had to end
each year I wait to dress turkey and more
hoping many  people knock at the door
 pies are made with pumpkin and spice 
and soon it'll be time to put out the ice
for drinks of cheer with lots of talk
later it'll be time to take a walk
now  the turkey needs to be dressed
stuffing for many  with cranberries best
food will fill many  a large appetite
mashing potatoes so fluffy and light
the day's  starting out to be very bright
family arriving  with friends mighty nice
Thanksgiving's Day a  special thrill
for family, friends, and so many spills
but we pray for everyone who share this day
 to give  thanks in there own way.

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Old City Park I went last night,
Admission price, it's outta sight,
Night it was the weather was cold,
Many were there young and the old,
Hotel, office, homes to go through,
Better walk fast else you turn blue,
With Walt, Diane, Baby, and me,
The hotel first on things to see,
It wasn't big, two stories not three,
Still some missing where could it be,
Built in aught four the first guide said,
Nineteen-eleven the next one read,
Salesmen stayed at Inns back then,
Tales they would tell of places they'd been,
Beating pans anouncing their stay,
Drumming up business, old cliche,
Doctor's office, gables for trim,
If you weren't well, you went to him,
Bullets removed, dental chair,
Set your bones, your teeth pulled there,
Powders, potions, and herbs galore,
Today found in a health food store,
It was getting close, time to eat,
One more place then gotta beat feet,
In this house, a family well off,
With rooms down and others aloft,
No closets built back long ago,
They taxed all rooms, wouldn't you know,
Those with less, one story not two,
There life simple, their collars blue,
Kitchen and living, one big room,
Two bedrooms, porch, and one straw broom,
Thin walls and kids, they slept each night,
For mom and dad, not too much delight,
Old City Park the palce to eat,
No reservation, got no seat,
Turkey and ham, tonight's entree,
Down home cooking, yummy I'd say,
Our salad first, dressing on top,
Four bites I'm finished, guess I'll stop,
Ice tea, coffee, the breaker blew,
So our waitress said no more brew,
Excited, when our food came out,
Though it was a stingy amount,
Dressing, potatoes, gravy, beans,
Those in jail eat better it seems,
One cup drank with our meal tonight,
Warmed my cup, put out the light,
Coffee again to our suprise,
The cups were cold, the steam didn't rise,
Five or six bucks, it wouldn't be bad,
Fourteen ninety-five, we've been had,
Pie included with what we had,
Apple or pumpkin, pumpkin sad,
Desert finished, waitress returned,
There isn't a check we all learned,
Business card with amount on back,
I looked at it, heart attack,
Seventy-six point forty-two,
I think someone tightened the screw,
Tip included we soon found out,
Expressed my dislike I didn't shout,
We paid the tab no extra tip,
I'm feeling the screw in my hip,
Take my advice and don't eat there,
As you'll find out the price isn't fair.

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No More Olives

I am sorry to say, there are no more olives today. For gin, I have Beefeater and Tanqueray. I also have Gordon’s, Seagram’s, and Bombay. There are a few others you can see. I have the best dry vermouth with Martini and Rossi. I can put some together in a pitcher with ice. Then I can stir it up until it is frosty and nice. What was that you said, Mr. Gibson? You want your drink served with a pearl onion? I will go and see if they are around. I am sure a jar of them can be found.

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