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Rhyme Cat Poems | Rhyme Poems About Cat

These Rhyme Cat poems are examples of Rhyme poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Rhyme Cat poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Disposable Wisdom

Each day Annie Lesley opened a can
Her eighty-six-year-old hands trembling
As she sat with her cat and ate pet food
What is wrong with this elder’s rendering?

Pride swallowed to remain independent
Large, sunken eyes peered from her weathered face
Her late spouse a decorated hero
Annie’s lifestyle a national disgrace

More enlightened cultures all over the world
Have revered their seniors throughout history
Asians and Native Americans
Are just two who honor their ancestry

Polynesians, other Pacific tribes
Respect the wisdom that comes with age
Seniors are welcome in family homes
But here in the states they’re placed in a cage

Bone-thin Annie Lesley chose to be free
Amazing neighbors with her endurance
When social services tried to intervene
She fought with remarkable resilience

Old photos on walls told many great tales
But only purring Tibby was listening
Each morning she rose to care for her cat
Until the day that Tibby went missing

In tears she claimed he must have been poisoned
Though in cat years he was older than she
Each day she sat by the window, staring
Awaiting the homecoming of Tibby

She’d been abandoned by society
Lost in the world’s most “progressive” nation
For sacrificing her spouse in World War II	
Annie received little compensation

This widowed war bride never had children
Her mate had met his fate in Normandy
Posthumous awards she dusted each day
Annie’s life was defined by loyalty

To a man and a cat who never came home
And the vigil she kept all alone
Ended quietly one warm summer night
When an angel came to take Annie home

With a can of cat food in hand when found
Annie had nothing else to eat in her house
This is the way a veteran’s wife died
And tear stains had blemished her faded blouse

Although seniors’ wisdom is heeded
In societies that grow from history
Too many like Annie lead lonely lives
Wisdom untapped, they die in poverty

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Kitten In The Barn

It’s always a good practice when living on a farm, To have a family of cats living in the barn They always keep the rats and mice at bay and furnish humor too – Wherever you find kittens there’s usually a laugh or two. Now, I remember one time, I was out there milking cows, When I noticed three young kittens, out and on the prowl. One, a fine young tomcat, was really acting brave And I wondered if he faced some fear just how he would behave. Skillfully I squeezed and threw some milk across his face – He winced a bit, then licked his lips – he knew he’d found the place. We played around awhile and soon the playing stalled When he stopped and took a minute to answer nature’s call. He didn’t know it but he backed himself up to a fresh cow pad He grunted; then had the best little poop a kitten ever had. He turned around to cover it; then began the fun. He knew what he saw lying there was more than he had done. He arched his back, let out a scream and broke into a run. I thought, at first, it might have been something I had done. But soon it was no mystery what scared that little cat. There was the giant pile of poop I couldn’t help laughing at. This kitten was the alpha kitten of the litter Who ultimately proved to me that he was no quitter. So, when the time came to find him a name… Well ….. I just called him……”Fraidy” Written By John Posey 05/29/13

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A Cat With A Knack

I have a cat 
A real fat cat
My cat is all black 
My black fat cat 
It is a cat with a knack
A true fact about my cat
My fat black cat 
She has a knack to catch a rat
My all black cat brought me the rat 
This is why my cat is a fat black cat
So rats watch your back 
From  my cat with the knack
Or you will become a snack for my fat black cat

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Mrs Briggs' cat

Mrs Briggs' cat. There's plenty to do in our neighborhood, with games and places to explore. But you really should run, 'cause the trouble's begun, when you hear that "meow" at your door. A cute little tabby cat sits on the step, all fluffy and gentle as can be. Just try not to be dim, as you pet it, on a whim, It'll eat you alive for its tea! "Tiddles" belongs to old Mrs Briggs, who lives up the end of my street. She thinks it's a breeze, but there're no guarantees, that this pussy will ever be sweet. Our local vicar thinks the damn thing's possessed, and I'd say that he's right on the nail. Surprised I would be, If I wasn't to see, Satan's head poking out of its tail! So if you see that tabby cat coming your way, I beg you, don't stand there and wait, Don't stroke it, don't pet it, look, sunshine, FORGET IT, Or that moggy will seal your fate!

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Dead Duck

A lady took her duck to the Vet
He examined the duck then he said
"I'm sorry Miss, to inform you
but I'm afraid, your pet duck is dead."

"I find it hard to believe you
is there no more tests you can do?"
He opened the door then he told her
"I'll be back in a minute or two."

He came back with a Black Lab Retriever
and a cat that was part Black and White.
They both sniffed the Duck from head to foot
then the Vet says they proved I was right.

He gave the lady his bill.
One hundred and fifty it read
she said "you're charging me that much
just to tell me my pet duck was dead?"

"If you believed me from the beginning
your bill would be just twenty bucks
But with the Lab report and the Cat Scan
I'm afraid you're just out of luck!"

Contest: Show Me The Funny II

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A Tribute to Golda

A Tribute to Golda

It was a clear and bright sun shining morning in May.
As I came out my front door into the breezeway,
I saw coming toward me an enormous gray dog with eyes of pure gold,
The most exquisitely beautiful canine one could ever behold,
With a calm gentle presence and peaceful demeanor;
The look in his brilliant gold eyes assured I had nothing to fear.

It was love at first sight and I hoped he would stay.
Never mind the impediments; I’d find a way.
My toddler son climbed on him like they’d grown up together,
As I seriously pondered the prospect of whether…
Absolutely not, said my husband, a cat man, 
And nixed the idea before it began.

Weeks later, a litter box and cat food mysteriously appeared
On the sidewalk, out of nowhere; we thought it quite weird.
With the next morning’s sunrise, we figured it out.
The same coat of gray and gold eyes left no doubt;
The same being who before as a dog had been spurned,
In a more acceptable form and presence had now returned.

Bounding out of the bushes with a commanding meow,
A little gray, gold-eyed kitten my husband had to allow.
In her life as a cat and formerly a dog,
She was my brave and wise Golda who would go on to log
More than one rescue of our subsequent pets.
In defending attack, this courageous gray, gold-eyed feline was as fierce as it gets.

Note: Golda saved the life of my Chow-Chow puppy when she was attacked by a big dog that
came at her from across the street. Golda came out of nowhere with claws out, sending the
dog scurrying with his tail between his legs. Another time she rescued our little Siamese
youngster, Meowli, from the neighbors' dogs by jumping on their head while Meowli ran for
cover. Golda stayed with me for 12 years, longer than the husband cited in the poem, and
then when her time and her work was done, she just disappeared pretty much as she had
appeared. She was a beautiful, long haired all gray Persian with brilliant gold eyes. When not
rescuing other animals, she had the same calm, gentle and peaceful demeanor as the dog who
showed up that morning and left when he knew he was not welcome to stay.

7th place winner in ~Somewhere A Pet Is Waiting Contest~ sponsored by ~A Rambling Poet~

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The Bombay Grocery-NC-w

The Bombay Grocery (Indian)- North Carolina

Shyam*, finds cat food at special rate near the door.
Goes to check out to manager of the grocery store
Doubting manager asks to bring cat if he has one
Shyam returns with his small cat to buy food anon.

Next day Shyam comes with a bag in his hand
And ask the manager to put his hand to the end
Manager puts his hand and shouts “Poo,Doodie pure”
Shyam says, “ yes, sir, I want the toilet paper sure” 


Fourth Place winner IN

Contest: Grocery Grammer by Linda-Marie, the sweetheart

* Shyam is an Indian name. Shyam also means Black-cloud colour. It is one of the name of 
Lord Krishna. It happens to be the name of one of my grandson living in Charlotte (NC)

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The Gladiator

Blood mixed with dirt was still moist on the ground.
Traces of battle were scattered around.
The man entered slowly, a snare on his face.
Trying to hide his contempt and disgrace.

Announced by the cheers of the people above.
Among all the fighters they showed him most love.
Never defeated, no matter the foe.
With him they all knew they would soon see a show.

The man was all muscle, and seven feet tall.
Compared to his size, all the guards appeared small.
His skin was tanned golden, his eyes piercing green.
His hair long and braided and dark with a sheen.

His helmet of metal was fitted just so.
His sword and his shield had a rich, shiny glow.
A belt made of leather protected his waist.
His greaves, thick and sturdy and perfectly laced.

Suddenly silent, the crowd had grown still.
Awaiting arrival, expecting a thrill.
And then there was thunder, the roar of the beast.
Declaring his entrance, predicting a feast.

The man and the lion began in their game.
Predator, prey, they both looked the same.
They circled and circled and then in a blink.
The cat had attacked, so anxious to drink.

They struggled together, locked in a war.
The crowd cheered them on, hoping for gore.
And then he was bitten, the wound on his leg.
But he would not fumble and he would not beg.

He reached for his weapon so close where it lay.
He would not accept this would be his last day.
And just as the creature had pounced in the air.
He killed the great cat with his sword and a prayer.

The fighter stood up with his blood dripping down.
The steel of his helmet concealing his frown.
The great gladiator continued to reign.
Another he killed, one more smile he must feign.

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Never Dream Within a Dream

-honestly...I have no clue why...- As I began to rest in my fickle dream Suddenly I was stirred from my sleep I was greeted by many a whisker And petulant snores from my sister The cat mewed ferociously and purred For there on the other side of the window—was a bird! It chirped like a wobbly siren—the ass! And I swear by my bosom it was pecking the glass Suddenly, I sprang up in alarm I swear my bosom was gone! The cat then motioned at the feathered brat For her bright breasts seemed extra fat Of course it wouldn’t have been that But I couldn’t just blame the cat! I opened the window only a crack And asked very kindly, “May I have my breasts back?” Such pride she attained from my bosom Yet why? –how would she use ‘em!? The mockingbird merely turned a goodbye But the stolen twins were too heavy to fly! She plopped to the ground and squawked I would have laughed, but I was shocked! The cat scratched at the window and with her eyes Said, “Prithee, take your breasts—she’s mine!” Before I could think I had fallen to the ground To a booming, most terrible sound! My eyes then opened to a cat on my head As the booming sound continued from my sister’s bed

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I s'pose some folks prefer a hound dog lyin' at their feet,
While others might enjoy a twitterin' parakeet.
But be it a mogul's mansion or a humble flat,
A house just ain't a home without an inscrutable cat!

Thankfully, my cat doesn't bark or scourge my pristine lawn,
Nor does he wake me for outside relief at the crack of dawn.
Furthermore, my dear old pal I seldom have to holler at.
A house just ain't a home without an inscrutable cat!

My cat is content to have me stroke and brush his hair,
And happier yet if he can occupy my favorite chair.
As master of his domain, why should he ever want to roam?
Without an inscrutable cat, a house just ain't a home!

While he reposes upon my lap and I stroke his silky fur,
Ain't nothin' more relaxin' than to hear his soothin' purr.
He won't condone a walk, I'll certainly grant you that,
Yet, a house just ain't a home without an inscrutable cat!

His independent airs and a few stray hairs I can tolerate;
Even my chair by the glowin' fire to him I will abnegate.
I reckon you can enjoy a snake, pot-bellied pig or hybrid rat,
But a house just ain't a home, without an inscrutable cat!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 1 in Poet Destroyer's "My Best Pet Or Animal Poem" Contest - Jun 2011

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Oft' I wonder what my cat Simba thinks behind that baleful stare.
Is he planning roguery or just building castles in the air?
Perhaps he's reviewing strategies for catching a bird to devour.
Here's what I sense goes on behind his condescending glower!

I 'puuur'ceive he's thinking, "Hey, remove yourself from my chair!
Who said you could sit there - that's my favorite lair!
Will you at least make room on your very ample lap,
So I can curl up and take my usual afternoon nap?"

Many times he glares at me and emits a plaintive 'meow'.
I'm sure he's thinking, "Hey, pal, ain't it time for chow?"
He stalks about the house as if it was his sole domain,
Thinking, "I guess I'll benevolently allow you to remain!"

With soulful eyes he invites me to scratch behind his ears.
If I try to comb his coat, "Oh no you don't!" and he disappears!
Sprawling upon the window sill he gazes across the street,
Eyeing the Persian cat, thinking, "Meeee-Wow! Her I'd like to meet!"

When he begins to purr and 'puuur'sistently rubs against my feet,
He's probably thinking, "Hey, old buddy, how about a treat?"
My cat thinks, "He's not a bad sort, him I can tolerate.
He provides my grub - furthermore, with him I can communicate!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 1 in Francine Roberts' "Pick A Pet" Contest - July 2011

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Buster, Miss Kitty and Tom

Miss Kitty Katt was famous in the small hometown of mine And Buster was the town dog -- never knew a boundary line. Miss Kitty knew no limits except those she had drawn Which included one she’d posted -- “All dogs stay off this lawn.” She made it known some time ago and everybody knew That no dog ever was allowed – they knew what would ensue. Buster and Tom were hangin’ out. There ain’t no doubt up to no good. Just out there strollin’ in the hood – Looked up and there Miss Kitty stood. Now Tom, he knew Miss Kitty -- and Buster was his friend. And he recognized the trouble they both would soon be in. Miss Kitty started hissing the way that mad cats do She had been here many times before and knew just what to do. She just made straight for Tom with fire in her eyes Anyone who saw her knew her hate was not disguised. Miss Kitty’s scream was piercing -- her intent, there was no doubt, They were walking in her yard and she meant to drive them out. Ol’ Tom he realized just what there was in store Since he had also been here many times before. It sure should draw some water that he was of her kind But all ol’ Tom could think about was savin’ his behind. Salvation soon trumped honor and Valor? --- Nowhere to be found. Tom quickly realized he had no choice – he knelt down to the ground Miss Kitty in her hissy fit soared right o’er ol’ Tom’s back. And Buster stood there helpless to handle the attack. What happened wasn’t pretty and Buster had no doubt This crazy maddened mama cat was there to take him out. Nothing could be said or done to change what was to be When Buster, with a side step knocked Miss Kitty to her knees. I suppose we’ll always wonder just what went on that day When Buster and the Tom Katt just went out to play The Morning News has brought up questions about this strange event Like how Buster got his broken leg and where Miss Kitty went.

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Of Rats and Mice

I am in my house,
With a panicked mouse.
Coming back from the fridge
Going through the sand-ridge
Into its hole in a jiffy
Then squeaking out - Yippee !

Then come two rats
With a hard pat on the back
Running along with its mate
Making things obfuscate
Around the bagful of nickels
Crossing the jar full of pickles

The rat and its mate came back trotting
With a block of cheese that was rotting
After some time in a line
Came a parade f rats and mice
With and hats and lice.

Everyone was mournful
But a mouse eating a mouthful
Who was happy and glad
Was making everyone sad.

He ate with nosh
Wearing a hat that was posh
After hogging and stuffing
He got up puffing,
Ready for his quest
Sqeaking good bye to the rest,
He leaped across a runnel
And ran into a thicket
Never to be spotted again.

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Remembering Callie - Queen of Her World

My Calico was chocolate-caramel swirled, and the inside of our house was all her world! Her whole concern was just in getting stroked or fed. She'd summon me each morning, jumping on my bed and reaching out with one white paw, she'd tap my head! (This is around the time several years ago that Callie had to be put to sleep due to cancer. She lived 18 wonderful years with us!) For Rick Parise's Five-Line Poem Poetry Contest

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"Guardian Spirit"

 John moses freeman~True Personal Story

To a cold dark room void of any heat, 
A cat came in the night to warm the feet,
Of a ten year old child__ wild, but heart so meek,
Enhanced child’s slumber to be warm and less bleak.

Cold freezing rain, a meow at a window pane.
A pillow stuffed in a broken window pane,
Removed to let feline in, out of the rain.
Seem to relieve them both of their world's pain.

The lonely child would stroke and the cat would purr,
Old stray had the softest, sweet smelling fur.
Down under the covers to the child's feet,
Would wrapped around to be a pulsating heat.

Now the adult who was the lonely child,
All grown up meekly and not the least bit wild,
Wonders about the cat in the winter squalls,
A cat never he saw, not even it's paws.

Bobbed tail Manx cat the old man now with pranks,
Mysterious connection old man thinks.
How beautiful are the feet so warm and complete.
Mystery__ his Manx cat also prefers his feet.

Spirit or otherwise old man doth realize,
Cat of his childhood was not a big guise.
Feet all warmed and complete, not in conceit,
To him not a mystery, God warmed his feet.

For: Cat Poems
            In Honor of:~Constance~ Rambling Poet

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My little gray cat under the hat

one day I met a new little friend from that 
day my life would begin again he made me 
laugh alot we was always out and about 

on rainy days we would run in the house 
and he would chase a mouse he was my best 
friend and I miss him 

one day I got bad news he got loose and ran 
away I looked all day but my cat was gone 
away never to return oh how I yearn for my 

my best friend I lost my best friend I 
lost a part of my life I will always 
wait for you my pet my little friend til
the end.

in dedication to my little cat Mooda


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Ava Juice

She greets me with morning eyes
and we laugh under white down
telling stories of all sorts:

Cats who wear backpacks
at night filled with treats
Lizards who step foot
into her messy room
and then turn on their tails
for a quick stepped retreat
Then we come up 
with the juice we could drink
such as "air juice"
which forces the hiccups to come
or the dreaded old colored
balloon juice (Have some
and your belly will blow up
to sky high retorts)
We laugh as we come up 
with juice of all sorts
"Zipper juice" closes your mouth
in a zip
which a friend must unzip
between every sip!
"Camel hair juice" 
why now THAT is just sticky
and goes down your throat
quite incredibly tickly!
"Elephant toe juice"
We think that is one
that we'll leave quite untouched
as it wouldn't be fun
to drink toe juice and such
So - that is the way that we spend
all our mornings
Stories and giggles
and smiles galoring
Perhaps this is something that you do as well
with a hat and a cape and a cat and a bell
for we all have a tale, to be told and to tell
when we're fresh from a leap off the edge of our dreams
and being awake isn't quite what it seems
for the cat is still wearing his backpack...

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Leonine, with whispy fur,
So soft it’d make a human purr.
Squinty eyes and button nose,
no stranger to a model’s pose.
Stalks the halls of Sarah’s lair,
a life of ease sublimely fair.
You may think he’s just a cat,
But we all know he’s more than that.

[Written in honor of a friend's Himalayan Persian--I think---a personable cat that I often use as a character in short stories and even a radio script.]

[For anyone interested in the radio show I wrote about Duffy, here is a link:]

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Is My Cat Insane

I don't know why it happened 
It totally boggles my brain 
I think my cat is loosing it i think shes going insane
I herd her meowing outside my back door
When i opened it she dropped a mouse on  the deck floor
Why would i be boggled well to my surprise 
This mouse wasn't dead it was very much alive 
She looked at me like to say i brought this for you 
Than she sauntered in to the house like she didn't know what to do
She laid out on the kitchen table like she was queen
Me still rubbing my head this is the strangest thing I've seen
I know she has shown sometimes she is not always smart 
But never brought me a mouse that hasn't been ripped apart 
I looked out my back door  and that little mouse was gone 
I looked at my cat and said now what the heck is wrong
Oh boy maybe killing that mouse would break my cats heart 
Maybe when i wasn't looking my cat made a fresh start
Or maybe in that moment she felt she cared 
Letting that little mouse go his life she spared 
But really i cant imagine that 
This is the same cat that brought me the rat 
So here i sit with a boggled brain 
wondering is my cat truly insane

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HUMPTY-DUMPTY(spoof on a nursery rhyme)

"Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall"
Why would he want to do that?
I'm sure he didn't Want to fall,
Perhaps he was just looking for his cat.

"Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall"
The cat started looking for his master,
Meanwhile, our Humpty was trying to call,
But this only made the cat look faster.

"All the kings horses and all the kings men"
The cat stepped carefully toward his master, 
Humpty thought he was saved again,
But all it meant was a real disaster!

"Couldn't put Humpty-Dumpty together again.
The cat started to lick as it started to rain,
Humpty felt himself getting thinner and thinner,
As the cat had more and more of his dinner.

This is the story of our Humpty-the egghead,
Who fell off the wall and made a great splat,
He didn't know the fall would make him spread,
And make a great meal for his fat ole cat.

Poor ole Humpty-Dumpty !
 ENJOY everyone

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Leap of Faith

Not long after The Beginning,
There were Animals and there was Man.
A great chasm lay between, that legend said
Only a Leap of Faith could span.
Animals seemed happy on their side;
For, after all, such a leap could not be done
“Make the best it,” they all said;
All, that is, but one.
There stood Dog, alone upon the brink,
The distant Man’s reflection shining in his eyes;
Something was robbing Dog of peace;
Something was urging him to try.
Compelled, he stood and stared,
Nothing could distract his gaze.
Now and then, Horse would come;
Each time, the same old words to say.
“I understand.  I really do.
I admit it.  I’ve thought about it too;
But it’s too far for me to jump,
It’s certainly too far for you”.
One day, as Horse spoke his words,
Cat rudely interrupted with a sneer.
“Go ahead and try.  You’ll break your silly neck.
You can’t go there.  Your place is here”.
More resolute now, his vigil became duty;
Still, he often wondered, “Why?”
But something deep inside kept saying,
“You must.  You must.  It’s do…or die”. 
Then, one day, he turned and walked away.
Oh, yes, he’d need a running start.
He knew now, he had the Will;
But only a Leap of Faith could prove his Heart.

Just before he made his Leap of Faith,
Dog saw the loneliness in Man’s eyes.
“He needs a friend, someone to help 
And always stand right by”.
With those unselfish thoughts,
Dog had reason, he felt whole.
And well he should, for at that very moment,
God granted Dog a Soul!
But Souls don’t come so easy,
And his leap was short that day.
If Dog was to make a Leap of Faith,
Man would have the final say.
Dog’s faith was truly tested, front paws upon the edge.
He hoped  Man’s eyes hadn’t lied. 
Then Man’s Heart swelled and touched his Soul.
He helped Dog up and placed him proudly at his side.
Oh, so jealous was Cat I’m told;
His eyes turned green that day.
“Oh, you are an heroic mutt; 
A friend of Man, you say?
I’ll make that leap by myself.
You can bet, I’ll find a way”.
So, Dog had made the Leap of Faith.
He and Man became Best Friends.
So it shall be, for all eternity;
That is to say, until the Very End.

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Creepy House

On my street I lie in wait
I see the house that’s yet to wake
It dark and gloomy full of sounds
Like wind and rain and howling hounds

Squeaky swaying in the breeze
Creaking, croaking of nearby trees
But a boy am I too curious
I must enter and see the house

I enter in the light is still
Just seeping from the window sill
Then in it comes and startles me
A sound that is just so ghostly

I run but see a shadow grey
Stunned but cannot look away
I close my eyes and shield my head
Certain that I will be dead

Then I feel a gentle paw
It’s soft and creaking on the floor
I open my eyes and there I see
A cat sits there in front of me

I laugh and think what of me
How silly could I really be?
I walk as gently as a mouse
And step out of that old, old house

I see the cat and wave goodbye
The cat just looks into my eye
If I had stayed little while
I would have seen that old cat smile

And turn into a ghost of night
That would have caused me quite a fright
And then dark as night it disappeared
A room once filled now is clear.

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Loving Arms

Inspired by:F.MacKenzie Roberts 
Photo of a Raccoon holding a cat 

A Raccoon in the showroom can you imagine that
now see if you can imagine one holding a cat
never in my life did I think I would see
A little striped cat being held such as he...

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The Perils Of Medicating A Cat

'Tis well known that when medicating cats they can become rather crabby,
So, this free advice is provided when feeding pills to the family tabby.
As if holding a baby, cradle the cat in the crook of your left arm.
(Wrapping both arms with towels wouldn't do any harm!)

Putting pressure to the cheeks, open his mouth, jamming the pill down his maw.
(Apply bandages to the gashes on your jaw left by Felix's lethal paw!)
Since he wouldn't swallow the pill, pick up the soggy mess from the floor,
And try to tackle the little rascal as he streaks for the open door!

Next, kneel on the floor with the cat firmly gripped between your thighs.
(Enlisting your spouse's aid to subdue the critter would be very wise!)
Place the pill on the end of a drinking straw and blow it down his pharynx.
(Taking care not to swallow the pill yourself or damage his delicate larynx!)

After using naughty and nasty language that is here best left unsaid,
And coaxing the rowdy patient from beneath the king-sized bed,
Try forcing his clamped jaws open with a handy tablespoon.
(Then, pick up the shattered vases that all about the room are strewn!)

After chasing the scoundrel around the neighborhood on an exciting spree,
The fire department should be called to rescue Felix from the neighbor's tree!
Then, call the local animal control people to pick up the cat from hell!
Later, call the pet store to see if they have gerbils, fish or parakeets to sell!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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When Fur Flies And Worlds Collide

Some years ago I fell on hard times.
So my friend took me in and my cat Kiwi too.
At times life speaks in rhythm and rhymes.
We had adventures and this story's true.

She had Simba who was a huge dog.
Sometimes the cat and dog would fight.
Simba usually slept like a log.
While Kiwi prowled all through the night.

One day I tried to protect my kitty.
So into the master bedroom I threw her.
Unknown to me this was such a pity.
For suddenly there was flying fur!

Seems Simba was in there taking a snooze.
Kiwi landed smack on his back.
Out they charged and began to cruise.
Galloping like a pony,nothing left intact.

Kitty dug in her claws;held on for dear life.
Doggy whimpered as he flew room to room.
Those claws were sharp as a razor knife.
This magic carpet ride bound for doom.

We laughed so hard we nearly spit.
To see kitty taking this rough ride.
We couldn't help but roll with it.
Suddenly Simba flipped on his backside.

Down flew Kiwi over his head.
Off she ran , somewhere to hide.
Simba glanced around with dread.
That was sure some crazy ride!

written March 13th, 2014

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Circle of Life - A Pet Story

It seems like just the other day
Our pup, Shadrack, did pass away;
And altho’ they never seemed like friends,
My old cat, Jorg, knew Shad had met
   his untimely end.

He mourned his loss every day
And looked for Shadrack everywhere.
He’d mew and moan as if to say,
“We were friends.  I do care.”

Then one night, an eerie howl
Awoke me from my sleep.
He’d found Shad’s toys and left no doubt
That his feelings did run deep.

So our tedious search began
To find another likely pup;
But while my poor wife still grieved,
Could another measure up?

We went to Second Chance and Free to Live.
She just could not make up her mind.
She loved them all; but, if she picked just one,
The rest would have to stay behind.

Then, quite by chance, there was a “pound pup”
Who’d been picked up from the streets.
He was a mutt, a “schnauza-pug”;
But he was awfully sweet.

He jumped up and kissed her frantically.
He seemed aware of his “iffy” situation.
He made the best of his opportunity.
Tears of joy told her elation.

“This is the one”, she smiled through tears,
As she held him oh, so tight.
“I’m sure that Jorg will like him too.
Everything will be alright”.

And so it was, until one day
When old Jorg did pass away…

There was no hesitation on this sad occasion;
Come Saturday morning, we went straight 
   to the pound,
Open minded and hoping to be “saviors”,
Surely a nice cat was to be found.

“Sadly”, the lady said,” three kitties have only today.
There’s Andre and Panda and another one too”.
My wife smiled and said, “Jorg was your boy.  You pick.
They’re both beautiful cats.  It’s up to you”.

As I pondered this commitment
Another cat, a young one, caught my eye.
Like Jorg, he was a common gray tabby.
Fond memories were stirred.  I almost cried.

On closer look, his name was Boris;
And, strangely, he was number three.
There was a small sign on his crate,
“I don’t like other cats and other cats don’t like me”.

But there was character in his eyes and he was cute.
He was rolling and purring and stretching.
He seemed to look deep into my heart
And did his best to be quite fetching.

But because he was just a common gray tabby,
And because of the little sign,
His chances were slim, his future quite dim
And one day is precious little time.

For a moment I was lost in his eyes
And I heard his desperate plea, 
“I’m a swell cat and litter box trained.
Take me.  Please, take me”.

“Well”, my wife urged, “is it Andre or Panda”?
“One of us will take the other kitty.”, two older ladies chimed.
“You can each have one ladies”, I said with a smile.
I want Boris and he wants to be mine”.

In just hours he was romping and rolling with Pepper,
Who had happily welcomed his new friend.
Boris was a perfect fit, an affirmation;
The Circle of Life never ends.

Much more Joy than Sadness in this Circle,
And there should never be regrets.
Honor their memories and all the love they share,
Never break the Circle, never be without a Pet.

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For The Love Of Kizzie

I miss dear Kizzie every day.
In dreams I see his beautiful face.
Pets go to heaven,this I pray.
Such a wonderful kitty I couldn't replace.

Always I called him my gentle giant.
A beautiful gray and silky Maine Coon.
Precious and sweet,not ever defiant.
Now he dwells up beyond the moon.

Heaven is lucky to have such a baby.
Now Kizzie's romping and playing again.
That he's well again there's no maybe.
He's free from all his earthly pain.

I adored this kitty like no other.
His personality was so dear.
So happy I was his human mother.
I'd give anything to have him still here.

written October24th 2013

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Jazz for Razz

Snazzy jazzy Razzmatazzy,
new black cat of mine
curled up cozy on my bed -
what makes you so fine?

Snazzy jazzy Razzmatazzy,
small and smooth and sleek.
Guests come calling; in you slink
just to take a peek!

Snazzy jazzy Razzmatazzy,
languidly you preen.
Gaze with eyes I can't define.
Are they gold or green?

Snazzy jazzy Razzmatazzy,
now a little fat.
All you do is lay around -
I'm ok with that!

Snazzy jazzy Razzmatazzy,
as I stroke your fur,
start your rhythm warm and dear.
Bring that jazzy purr!

Snazzy jazzy Razzmatazzy,
great is my relief
that I found a pet like you
sweet beyond belief!

(slight variation of 5/7 trochee poetry form)
For the jazz poetry contest of Giorgio Venetopoulos

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Patches The Cat

I came upon a lady with a charming basket
it was full of fur and tiny ribbon latches.
I reached in and pulled out a friend
and I named him patches.

Two greens eyes and a pirate smile
I knew he would not be meek nor mild.
I cuddled him close as I could and took 
him home with me and fed him good.

Now he is fat as can be and all he does
is smile and cunningly winks at me.
Often wondering what he has been up to
sleeping in my hat or playing in my shoes.

A true friend he has been to me and I
am so glad that the lady brought her basket
and opened it, for me to see.

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Something Aint Right

Awoke in the dark upon my bed
With the cat sleeping on my head,
Grabbed my socks and blew my nose
Tried to pull my hanky onto my toes.

I knew something wasn’t right
Shoulda turned on the light.
Staggered to the kitchen,
While the cat was kickin’...

Seems I put her food in the litter box,
And now she’s going into detox.
Where in the heck is the coffee pot?
Sure am trippin’ a lot.

I knew something wasn’t right.
Shoulda turned on the light.
Time for me to go to work,
Gotta get the coffee to perk.

Tastes awful weak without the grounds.
Time to go to work and make my rounds,
On no …. that’s right… I Lost my job!
Oh well, might just go for a jog.

I knew something wasn’t right. 
Shoulda turned on the light.

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The Sound of BLACK

The sound of Black is Thunderous
booming in a darkened sky
that is ominous

The sound of Black is Scary
Black cats and Black-garbed witches
creating a cacophony

The sound of Black is a Croak
from Black crows and ravens
on the branches of an oak

The sound of Black is Beautiful
Black people worldwide
dressed up very colourful

The sound of Black is Concordant
Ladies in their black dresses
looking smart and elegant

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Mr Pickles

Mr. Pickles escaped last night,
slinking through tall, tall grasses.
He was in a hunter's mode.
Those birds better watch their asses.

Mr. Pickles escaped last night,
hiding in leaves of green.
His family called and called his name
but he could not be seen.

Mr. Pickles could hear them call,
lying on his belly, flat.
He stayed hidden , ignoring them,
for he was a ninja cat.

Mr. Pickles has dug a hole
in the garden of neighbour Jack.
He'd best to be careful not to get caught
or he'll never be coming back.

Mr. Pickles is loved and adored
by everyone in his house.
They get so worried when he disappears
hunting for bird or mouse.

Mr. Pickles has tired of the game
and is meowing at his front door.
Now that he's ready to call it a night
his demands are hard to ignore.

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Pet-sit Panics

***Crazy Menagerie*** I definitely bit off more than I could chew, when I came a-running to my friend's rescue He said it was no big deal, a real snooze actually to just please, please look after his cutie menagerie He said everything was pretty much self-explanatory just feel at home, and relax...he sure was being sneaky! I thought the word "menagerie" was just an exaggeration, but goodness me, I almost fainted when I was greeted by a python! He just lay there by the foyer, quite snug as a bug on the rug So I carefully stepped over it, and planned to make tea for my mug I headed to the kitchen, when I heard something go squeak! squeak! What was that? I wondered, then I let out a bloodcurdling shriek! It flew right over my head, yikes, another one got me all panicky My eyes bugged out as I realized that he had a couple of paniki*!! I went rushing out the kitchen and ran straight into an aquarium No cool fishies here, just mousies out of equilibrium They were jumping up and down now, trying to escape when I heard a suspicious grunt, it sounded like an ape!! I was so scared to search for it, but curiosity won out So I opened doors and cabinets, when I ran smack into a snout! Ewwwww, I just realized that I just kissed an ugly pig! I then remembered he kept one to go on truffle digs! He said he had a cat though? Where were the common pets? Ah, there it is; here, kitty, kitty, when I saw it was a ferret! It was doing this weird dance, it hopped then bumped into me I wigged out, then stepped right on the tail of that poor kitty!! It lunged at me and I fell back onto aquarium glass of course it had to teeter totter and I was too late, alas!! It just hit the marble floor, then I heard that sickening crash Mousies all over me!!! Shook my head till I got whiplash The cat was now scratching me, I was screaming 'till my throat was sore, This was a total nightmare, that snake was blocking that damn door!! My eyes were like leaking faucets, I had thick tears, I didn't know? When I wiped off my cheeks, I found out it was icky guano!! Boohoo, sniffle, snuffle--am I never getting out of here?!? Dang Chris says he'll be back in a week, will just drown myself in beer. * paniki=bats ** for Sharon's Pet-sit Panics contest

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The escape

The Escape.

Two field mice took a walk one day
Then feeling tired, they'd walked a ways
They thought they'd stop and rest a while
For home was further on some miles.

Then they heard the pad of old Toms paws
Which spooked them quite a bit I'm sure
As the cat purred loudly to see the mice
And thought "a meal it would be nice!"

Their whiskers quivered nervously
As, our two mice made haste to flee
So off they scampered for their lives
As old Tom cat for them did strive

That old cat looked he, high and low
And where they were he didn't know
As the two they trembled neath a bush
They could almost touch that mean old puss.

Then Tom gave up and skulked away
And the two mice lived another day
And their lungs filled up with gratitude
They'd foiled that old tom cat, so rude.

Peace, Socrares Dec 2 2003

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Hello Kitty

Skat Kat has a contest that should be fun
Now it's Hello Kitty for everyone

What in the world is a poor guy to do?
Kitty mania is making me blue

Everywhere I look Kitty now appears
Kitty Kat Phobia is bringing me to tears

Short and adorable I can't resist
She begs my attention wants to be kissed

I never noticed that cute little face
I adorned kitty with satin and lace

My friends are worried I am obsessed 
A guilty pleasure I have to confess

It's not to late I'll say Kitty goodbye
If I'm seen with Kitty I would just die

Hello Kitty (world) contest

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One summers eve
I was watching tv
When a big fluffy cat strolled in
And meowed at me
I did not know
From where he had come
But I fed him, and stroked him
It was joyful and fun
Every day he would come back for more
Oh this big fluffy cat, I did so adore
It was one afternoon
When I spoke to a neighbor
 She told me that, I was his savior
She looked at me, and as she sighed
She told me that, his owner died
He adopted me to be his mum
My life with a cat had just begun
He gives me such joy, and always the giggles
Oh, and by the way I named him Kibbles
He fills my life with so much love and affection
When he puers on my lap, It's tranquil perfection
You never know whats coming your way
When Kibbles arrived, it was my lucky day!

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My Lilah Vampira

(This is about my cat's habit when I first got her.
She rarely does it anymore! Lilah can be seen at 
my blog pages in the photo of me holding her on
my back deck!)

(a swap quatrain)

She likes to nip; she likes to lick.
My foot might get a little prick.
I’ll see it’s her. That little pip!
She likes to lick. She likes to nip.

Attacking me with small cat teeth,
she comes at me from underneath.
She bites my toes so sneakily
with small cat teeth, attacking me!

In her small mind, it’s just a game,
but I don’t like it all the same!
To nip and run, my cat’s inclined.
It’s just a game in her small mind.

A paper scrap she’ll start to shred.
And when I wish that she, instead,
would come and sit upon my lap,
she’ll start to shred a paper scrap! 

In moments sweet, she licks my hand.
Those times are fleeting and unplanned,
but for her mistress, they’re a treat.
She licks my hand in moments sweet.

She gives a lick.  She gives a nip;
I’d rather feel her small tongue’s tip
upon my skin than one small snick.
She gives a nip; she gives a lick.

Andrea Dietrich

For PD's Contest: Best Pet or Animal Poem

For the Cat Poems Contest 
by Constance, A Rambling Poet

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Who's In Charge?

He ran up the telephone pole,
He did not tell us why.
He stayed there all the whole day long
Though, to talk him down, we tried.

He sat there and he meowed all day.
It was a pitiful sight.
We begged and pleaded and offered treats
And cajoled with all our might.

We had all but given up
When our little girl, who was so small
Stood under the telephone pole
And up to her cat she did call.

" Get down here right now !" she yelled
In her most indignant tone of voice
And damned if he didn't jump into her arms
Because, obviously, he had no choice.

She may have been the smallest one
Of the family that this cat had
But she was the one he held in esteem
And he didn't like her mad.

for Miranda and Max

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"Hi Honey! I'm Home!"

"Hi honey! I'm home!"  A greeting that will be heard in many homes tonight!
Hubby will be kissed by his lovely wife and he'll hug her, oh, so tight!
The kids clamber for a hug and kiss as he asks, "How was school today?"
Even Slug the pup barks and Simba the cat purrs, each to have his say!

His wife fixed his favorite meal of meat loaf, peas and mashed potatoes,
Raspberry tea, cherry pie ala mode and, oh, yes, there were fresh tomatoes!
Father said the grace thanking Him for their food and His Creation,
And asked for protection for military folks who defend this great nation!

After dinner they relaxed on the deck with a drink to watch the setting sun.
The kids chased lightning bugs on the lawn at dusk having loads of fun!
Later, the cat and dog cuddled on the hearth and the kids were tucked in bed.
Daddy read a few fairy tales - then the children's prayers were said.

Alas, across the world in foreign lands other Daddies won't be home tonight.
The only thing that they will hug is their M-16 and carry on the fight.
They'll wolf down a tasteless MRE and be greeted by the Sergeant's shout:
"Get ready for another midnight patrol - now everybody out!"

He's not concerned about promotions and medals for laurels won.
He just pines for his family's fond embrace when his tour is done.
Oh, glorious, heavenly day when he's back home never more to roam!
Oh, glorious day when he bounds thro' the door saying, "Hi honey! I'm home!"

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(© All Rights Reserved)

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Crazy cat

My cat is definitely crazy.
She chases invisible bugs
then runs through my kitchen
scattering the cotton rugs.

When I was working out
she jumped on my treadmill.
She leapt off just as quickly,
I guess she'd had her fill.

She runs through the house
chased by invisible ghosts,
then, back arched, she skids to a stop.
Yes, a stranger cat than most.

She sleeps under the trampoline.
She thinks that I can't see her.
But I know just where she is 
by her snoring, not her purr.

She is a funny animal
but we get along just fine.
 I wouldn't want another,
this crazy cat is mine.

see"about this poem" for photo

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The Witch and The Three Little Girls

In a house made of stone with vines and cobwebs trailing down
A lonely woman could be found
Peeking from her window 
To see the world outside
and in the bushes staring back
three little girls would run and hide
She's a witch 
She has to be
That was the logic of us three
Her long knotted hair
and cats everywhere
and the wart on her face
and the look of the place
Oh she's a witch for certain
as long thin fingers pulled back the curtain
One day we got the courage up to knock upon her door
She asked aren't you scared enough
or did you come back for more?
Poor old woman all alone
minding her business in her home
but to us it was a game
never thinking we caused her pain
We told her our cat went missing
She said look in the linen closet
That's where she just might be
How could she know?
thought us three
Sure enough the cat was there
She helped us out
but did we care
That proves she's a witch
That proved it right there
She was really just a wise old lady who knew cats quite well
but we were convinced that scary witch might cast an evil spell
Never once did we say thank you or stop by to say hello
If only we knew back then the things we've come to know

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The quickest way to see your life
Go on a downward spiral
Is doing something stupid and
Discerning it’s gone viral.

A young man lured a local cat
And when it came close by,
He grabbed that feline, flinging it
Way up into the sky.

He laughed and so did all his pals
But someone did record it
And as it traveled ‘round the globe,
Well, very few ignored it.

The perp will get his day in court
But doesn’t really get it.
He’d like to let the matter drop,
Yet nobody will let it.

Oh, by the way, the cat is fine;
He’s found a loving home.
The bully, though’s been vilified – 
On tape and in this poem.

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My Favorite Chair

Ah!  To lie back and relax in the cushions of my recliner!
At the end of a wearisome day, nothing could be finer!
Alas, even Simba the cat considers it his favorite lair.
That I can tell by the tufts of yellow hair clinging there!

Its arms have embraced me in many a snoreful snooze.
With the cat in my lap, then it's off with my shoes!
I read my Bible in the comfort of my old chair,
And chat with the Lord as I offer Him my prayer!

Pleasurable are the times I hold the grandkids on my lap,
Regaling them with tales as they drift off to nap.
From it I've hurled abuse at my favorite football team,
And vented my rage at politicians' every ploy and scheme!

Settled in the chair I like to muse and reminisce,
Recalling fond memories of places and people I miss.
'Tis my oasis for listening to music to help me unwind.
I can kick up my feet and retreat from the daily grind!

Flopped in the chair, I've read great books about this and that,
And with my spouse nearby, I've enjoyed many an intimate chat.
With embers aglow on the grate, there's no place I'd rather be,
As we savor a mug o' coffee or a steaming cup o' tea!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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The Shadows on Halloween Night

One black cat with green eyes,
His black fur, he can't disguise.
In darkness, he see's you through,
but a black cat, he's no fool!

On a dark Halloween night,
Beware of his scratches and may bite.
His negative magic, may cross your path too,
but don't be afraid, he won't follow you!

Happy Halloween, to a night of tricks or treats,
and a purr-fect night, a black cat who leaps!
With ghosts and goblins, who comes out too,
In the dark disgusting shadows, "BOO-hoo"!

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Crazy Daze

Crazy Daze I woke up this morning and put my socks on my face I put my pants on my elbow, hey what other place? My bagels, I gave to the cat with jelly on, The cat food was tasty, when I sat down to some. I needed a pee so I went to the road, Unfortunately there, I peed on a toad. The toad was disgusted and warty all over, He hopped into the road and was squashed by a Rover. I was fully relieved and need to go the shops, I couldn’t find my keys they were thrown out with the slops. I waved down a car and held him to ransom with a banana I told him don’t worry “I’m not gonna harm ya” Some lovely men in white coats so white they are gleaming The cars with pretty lights and sirens are screaming. They say they want to take me for a nice rest “I just don’t have time” I said “stop being a pest.” They wrapped me in this lovely white warm jacket It has straps and belts and looks as if it cost a packet. The room they have rented is all soft, quiet and warm They have left me here now saying I can do no more harm.

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Shoo, Scat you Darn Cat,

As I walked a ' black cat crossed my path 
I said shoo, I said scat
He stared, looking me in the eye
As if to ask me why.

It was as if to say "did the cat get your tongue'
I think he did, for his stare was quite long
I said shoo, I said scat
Get away from here you darn cat.

The more persistent his meowing became
Look cat I am not to blame
You live in the alley out back
I will say shoo, I will say scat.

I said shoo, I said scat
Go and find a rat
Quit meowing it's time for bed
Go and find your supper instead.

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Fish With A Wish

Splish! Splash!
Went the little goldfish.
As she flipped,
and she flopped,
right out of her dish.

across the room, 
came a threatening sound.
And she wished, 
oh, she wished,
she was back in her dish!

The house cat pranced
and swished his tail,
as he played with his squeaky toy,
and his playmate, little Dale.

Then the cat paused.
He sniffed the air.
He leaped for joy.
He smelled a live fish,
and not a rubber toy!

With a happy prance,
on cat feet that danced,
across the room,
he quickly advanced.

But the boy heard
the wish! The wish! 
of his little gold fish.
And he flipped, 
and he flopped
her back in her dish.

Lucky Fish!
Lucky Fish!
With a wish!

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She’s a listener.  Yes, she is.
Eye to eye and with sincerity;
With no patronizing interruptions
Until the issue has gained clarity.

A little tilt of her pretty head
Means she doesn’t really understand,
But offers her attentive ear; 
Her silence is a helping hand.

I talk it out.  She listens.
Sooner or later, I have a plan.
The results are mine to claim.
She only listened, took no stand.

Who else would have listened,
Tolerated my babbling for a time?
Good fortune it is indeed
That kitty is a friend of mine.

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My old cat

My old cat lies beside me on the sofa asleep
She is sleeping soundly but opens an eye to peep
She is resting her weary old bones tonight
She peacefully sleeps her coat shines in the light

She can’t move quick enough to catch her prey
She used to be really fast back in her day
Now she just watches and thinks about sleep
An appointment with the sofa to keep

Shan used to be a kitten a long time ago
It’s hard to remember because now she is slow
Her hearing is going her eyes are failing too
It may get much worse but what can you do?

She will be looked after well in her dotage years
I will feed and nurture her dispel any fears
My old cat Shan is lovely I don’t want her to go
Shan is eighteen years old now and I love her so

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Calico, the Cat

I’m Calico, the fourth, and though you haven’t asked,
I’m here to tell you what you’re thinking; so relax.
The Duel, you know that poem  by Eugene Field,
it was all a big hoax, ‘cause the facts were kept sealed.
     The Old Dutch clock and the Chinese plate?  well they lied.
    And that gingham dog?  he turned tail to save his hide.
My great grandcat, the calico, told me the facts.
      (There were no burglars;  they were men from the gub’ment
       invading the house for some secret expeer’ment.)  

They had a cat-of-nine-tails  which they tried to use
to prove cats have nine lives!  Grandcat simply refused.
There IS  more than one way to skin cats, they were sure.
Then cat got Gran’s tongue and she smiled like a Cheshire.
        When those scaredy-cat feds got fed up with her gag -
        cat and mouse game was done;  cat got outa the bag.
And like the cat that got the cream, she was excused.
         (The g-mens’ report claimed  they did an "cat"opsy
          declaring  the cause of death  - curiosity.)

Epic   (a parody)
Reason A. Poteet


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It sure feels funny hangin' in mid-air---
Don't know when or if you're going to land---
And don't know where.
It kinda feels like you're a mouse
Dangling on a string---
Mouth full of cotton,
Heart in a sling.
The kid who put me up here
Is nowhere to be found.
Hope he comes back soon
And cuts me down.
I don't like being suspended like this.
It's not my style
But I think, 
He wants to keep me here for a while.

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Poor old Mr Moggy.

Mum really likes her Moggy. 
The cats her pride and joy. 
I swear to God it"s pampered, 
much more than US her boys! 

The cat it understands this, 
and goes out of its way. 
To suck up to my Mother, 
at least ten times a day! 

It really makes me jealous, 
so much i gotta mention. 
That cat gets on my wick. 
Commanding Mums attention. 

So i devised a plan, 
to get a little pay back. 
The best form of defence 
is to go on the attack! 

A family "DO" was coming. 
It really made me think. 
A chance for some revenge. 
there"s gonna be some Drink! 

The big night it arrived. 
My plans were put in place. 
I acted all polite, 
angelic round the face. 

The Party in full swing. 
I borrowed Gordons Gin, 
and poured it in cats bowl. 
The one beside the bin. 

I added the full cream. 
The cat could not resist. 
He lapped and lapped relapsed! 
By now he was well pissed! 

He threw up in the kitchen. 
He threw up in the hall. 
My plan was on its way, 
he was heading for a fall! 

I lifted Moggy up, 
then opened up the door, 
and promptly put him down, 
upon the living room floor. 

He staggered round about. 
It really was a shame, 
poor old Mr Moggy, 
he was really out the game. 

My Mothers jaw just dropped. 
As Moggy took a pee, 
in front of all the guests 
atop the new settee. 

Yes revenge is best served cold. 
What else can i say. 
Poor old Mr Moggy, 
it just was not his day! 

I said the first thing in my head. 
I know it was a sin. 
But i couldn"t help but say, 
"Look what the cat drank in!" 

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My Feline Friends

Tiger Lily is my kitty, lives in my house not in the city.
Ferocious markings soft meow, cold wet nose, pounce with a “POW”!
Affectionate with kitty kisses, and when I’m out I’m what she misses.
Beautiful, domesticated, poised and sweet and highly rated.
Tiger Lily, excited tail, when I meow its then she’ll wail.
Baby Boo her kitty friend, loves and cares for, will defend.
Small and white just like a ghost; Baby Boo shares love the most.
Baby Boo shares kisses too, if not aware she’ll pounce on you.
She nuzzles chin, cold nose on you, scratchy kisses, its what she’ll do.
So soft and warm, affectionate, to not have her it’s what you’ll hate.
Piglet is the big meow, the alpha cat, so in the now.
He walks so cool and so in charge; He eats anything that’s why he’s large.
He pesters me behind closed doors, even when I’m eating smores.
Upon the tank, I’m sitting down, to the sink and with a frown.
He stares and nuzzles while I’m busy, walks around and makes me dizzy.
And yet he is so loving too, he tells me things I always knew.
I know he cares, and loves me so, and I love him that’s what I know.
My feline friends are oh so sweet, the cutest kitties you’d ever meet.

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The punishment doesn't fit the crime

You got really mad and gave my cat away.
I'll be bitter at you for the rest of my days.
I played hooky and you punished me for that mistake.
Does it give you pleasure to see your son's heart break?
In this case, the punishment doesn't fit the crime.
Even if I try, my wounds will not be healed by time.
My pain and tears should affect you but they do not.
My cat was my friend and what you did hurts a lot.
I'm sure that one day it will be something that you'll regret.
It was a cruel thing to do to give away a little boy's pet.

(This is a fictional poem.)

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The story of a fat black cat

The fat black cat was lazy.--but he was loved. 
He had a favourite place to sleep--up above. 
High up in the ganghut tree--  on a stump. 
He would struggle up it daily-- he was plump. 

He had several whiskers missing-- due to fights. 
He always preferred darkness--never light. 
His eyes they really sparkled-- they were green. 
Often he"d go missing--never seen. 

He always turned up early-- for his food. 
He purred around your legs -- he was good. 
His rough tounge lapping milk-- it was pink. 
He never went near water-- except to drink. 

He liked to lie on beds-- spread out flat. 
He was very hard to lift-- he was fat. 
He would stare out any window-- he was nosey. 
He loved electric fires-- they were cosy. 

His life was good and rich -- he was happy. 
until the household bought a PUPPY!--it was Yappy. 
It encroached upon his space--that he hated. 
But what to do about it --he just waited. 

He hatched a cunning plan-- he was clever. 
To get rid of that silly dog-- once and forever. 
He would tell him of a meeting-- get together. 
That the dog would have to go there--oh what ever! 

The silly dog went with him-- his tail wagging. 
He did not take much persuading--no, no nagging. 
Come and meet  your fellow friends-- other hounds. 
Fat cat promptly ditched him--in the dog pound. 

There was uproar in the house-- wheres the dog? 
But fat cat he just slept-- like a log. 

He grew bigger in retirement-- rather large. 
But he knew the house was his --i"m in charge! 

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Fluff and Stuff

Silly kittens made of fluff
Pouncing, sliding, snagging stuff
Butterflies that float on by
Out of reach but still they try

Rolling wrestling cotton balls
Soon so tired from their falls
Lying down with mommy purring
Not a kitten soon is stirring

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They are forever there every time you walk through the door
For without them life is so bare giving back so much more
They are not there to judge only seeking to please
Never holding a grudge as only your goodness he sees 

So faithful and loyal and always by your side
Often we tend to spoil as to me this certainly applied
Taking away our stress in their own loving way
So even when they make a mess well what can you say

A companion, a friend, who never let you down
Our self esteem they mend as around them we rarely frown
But if we do as may sometimes be the case
In there knowing of you they can easily read your face

Extending a paw and then laying by your side
Not knowing what you saw but knowing that you cried
And as he looks up at you, you almost have to think
He's saying I'm here with you completed with a wink

For Tiger

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The Ballad of Cat Ballou - Part 1

It's a hanging day in Wolf City, Wyoming, 1894.
They're gonna drop Cat Ballou through the gallows' floor.
Cat your time has come as you stand on the brink.
It's sure making you think
about your life of sin.
Why are they now going to hang you and how did you begin?
Catherine Ballou lived in Wolf City, Wyoming 
and folks here in Wyoming
live high off the hog.
That brand new firm Sears & Roebuck send them their catalog.
It's an upright town with kind, wonderful people,
reliable people,
friendly as can be.
When they say "Howdy" they mean it. Yep they are neighborly.
If only Cat had behaved,
these folks would befriend her.
If Cat had behaved,
their hearts they would lend her,
but Cat was depraved,
and to hell now they'll send her.
She could have lived like others do.
Cat Ballou,
you're wicked through and through.
They'll now be hanging Cat Ballou.
On a mournful day she became part of a legend.
The real start of a legend
known as Cat Ballou.
When captains of industry
killed her daddy
it filled her heart with a hate that grew.
There are teardrops in her heart 
but they can't make her cry.
She refused to fall apart.
They'll never make her cry.
She's lost all the family she's known
and her tears will turn to stone.
All the teardrops in her heart will never make her cry.
It's not very hard to grieve 
when you're a little girl.
She refused to give up and leave
after they shattered her world.
They made a little girl feel
like a woman hard as steel,
and no matter how they try,
they'll never make her cry.
When you've got no tears, then you've gotta have something.
Hate really is something.
Blood is what you need
and Cat Ballou made her mind up to make this country bleed.
It took a crafty female brain
to stage the holdup of a train.
She planned it to the last detail
until it couldn't fail.
This dash and daring desperado
led her outlaw gang with cool bravado.
They all would follow where she'd lead.
They made the country bleed.
Round and round and round they went
till man and gal and beast were spent.
Round and round and round they rode.
Oh what an episode.

The Ballad of Cat Ballou
Continued in Part 2

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Blockade Runner

 The brick wall that kept the dogs in
Also caused them to make a din
Whenever  the cat would run or  walk  across the wall
But the bricks were much too tall
for them to reach that  furry feline  ball

The nimble cat would pay them no mind
She knew  the dogs couldn't jump that high
They would bark and growl and even sigh
At this creature of the feline kind

The cat with coat of gray and white
always found great delight
Whenever she walked across those bricks
And watched  those mutts perform their jumping tricks
Once in a while she'd stop and   take a bow
And give the canines  a  great big  meow

For: Briton Riviere - contest
Title of Painting:  Blockade runner

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Mother Love

She just appeared one winter’s day,
A little cat from nowhere.
I tried my best to coax her in,
To give her food and care.

She stood her ground, just out of reach
As I filled up a dish
With feed from Tiger’s ample stash,
As much as she could wish.

Waiting until the door was closed
She ate all she could hold,
Then turned and went beneath my deck,
Her fortress from the cold.

It went that way all winter long,
At the same time every day,
She’d come until she had been fed,
Then turn and slink away.

Though Tiger and I worried lots,
The stray cat was doing fine.
Whenever I filled up her dish
She’d be right there to dine.

The winter waned, the warm spring came,
I knew her woes were over.
With sun to warm her frozen bones
She would live her life in clover.

One morning to my great surprise,
There were two kittens there.
One was all white and one was dark,
They were a handsome pair.

After breakfast she licked both of them
‘Til they were shining clean,
The most devoted mother cat
That I had ever seen.

How did she learn the lessons 
That she teaches them today,
When she is so disadvantaged,
Just a lonely little stray?

She coaxes them to lie down
In the sunshine on the deck, 
Then lays right down beside them,
Holding them close to her neck.

I run to take a picture
Of the scene so sweet, I cried.
The three of them together,
Mother love personified.

For Leonora's contest "Adorable Picture"

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Death Came A Knocking While I Was Out

Death came a knocking while I was out
He did not have time for me to be about
Up at five before the sun
Picking up what I left undone
Coffee black cup after cup
Trying to get my body woke up
Do a load of laundry and fry some eggs
Do a load of dishes wake up the kids
Feed them, cloth them solve every crisis extra soon
Off to the school bus jumping over the moon
Let the dog out, put the cat in
Finish to start, end to begin
Wash my face, comb my hair
Put on anything that is near
Rushing out, racing the car
Just an errand here, on time so far
Dry cleaning, day care, drug store
No time for just one more
Clock in at work meeting at nine
Forget lunch who has the time
In basket full, out basket bare
Check an e-mail if you dare
Finally work is done
You clock out on the run
Get bread and milk and sneak a candy bar
The kids are home and they need the car
Soccer, baseball, dancing and the flute
All these activities cost me loot
Hardly time to eat dinner at eight
Home work, baths than a minute to escape
The cat gets out the dog wants in
You're looking in the cupboard for that bottle of gin
Finally a moment of peace
Everybody exhausted and asleep
You forgot Junior's cupcakes off to Wal-Mart
Better gas up saving time to be smart
On the way home a ring on the cell phone
Quick trip to the airport I moan
Spouse trip cancel needs ride
It is okay you will survive
Finally in the drive way and who do you see
Shaking his head as he leaves
Death walking by, he finally gave up
He murmured about a schedule and life's a nut
So as I lay down to rest
My love's hand upon my chest
I hear the crying of a child
The boogie man awoken him in dreams wild
I sometimes wonder if it would bother me
If Death would come back and fetch me
But the note he left upon my door
My soul is mine till I'm ninety-four
He did not have time for me to be about
Death came a knocking while I was out

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On a bed softer than fur and whiter than daisies,
the tenderness of a lovely cat cuddling
her two kittens while they're sleeping...
is a vision we won't forget for hours, or even days!

Imagine a loving  mother being part of her kids' dreams 
as they lay asleep...doesn't that cat do what she does?
Isn't it an incredible surprise to see tears in strangers' eyes...
when they realize that felines and people share the same feelings?

And we looked at cats as domestic pets:
with pretty eyes and furs of every color with a meow
so gentle that was distinctively theirs,
but this misconception ought to change now;
we must appreciate them much more,
and welcome them through our door!

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Old Tom ct

Old Tom cat.

Old Tom cat, he was so fat
Eating was where he was at
If he saw food he’d eat it too
That’s all he’d ever want to do
The birds of him, they had no fear
And mice would come so very near
 Tom cat he’d look at them and smile
Cause hunting, it was not his style.

He’s keepers were not acting cruel
They had no malice, not at all
They just liked to feed Tom cat
And when they saw him getting fat
They just over looked this fact
All discipline, this pair, they lacked
On themselves and Pussy too
So more and more fat he’d accrue.

Then all too soon, old Tom he died
His poor old keepers cried and cried
And now they have another cat
And even now, he’s getting fat
The same old story once again
From eating folk cannot refrain
And so poor cats they overfeed
It’s very sad, it is indeed.

20 April 2014 @1300hrs.


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A House Full Of Naughty

A house full of naughty furry babies wondering around
Your gross little messy surprises many times found
Chasing and fighting, then peeing all over the floor
So many things to get into, so many piss places to explore

Knocking things over and scratching things up
Growling, snarling and hissing and causing disrupt
Running amuck and leaving a wake of destruction
Now you are all spay, finally no more reproduction!

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Just one more I say
No one will notice
No one will care
Then I see my life start to fade

A cut to my wrist
A cut to my thigh 
Making a fist
While I start to cry

No one cares
Nobody's here
It's just not fair
Why do I have to live in fear

All I'm asking for is a friend
Someone I can trust
Someone to send the love 
That I try to send to others

But no one will accept me
Except my blades
They're always with me
They help me forget

So I take out my blades for another time
Watch the blood run down my wrist
Just for a moment I forget
But now I have the memories on my wrist

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Twas' the night before Christmas

Twas' the night before Christmas and all through my house,
a cat named "Shadow", played and ran around with the mouse!
Not a squeek, nor a sound, he gave a spirit of holiday cheers,
and saw a red suit santa, which scared away his fears!

If he could be with santa always for holidays to celebrate,
and have a happy Christmas, with a "purr-fect", playmate!
Wishing a season filled with love, joy and hope throughout the year,
of a cat like "Shadow", he is special and so very dear!

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Tubby Tabby

I know a little tabby cat
her fluffy tummy slightly fat
She wobbles as she jogs along
I worry, is there something wrong

My worries are now put aside
that tabby cat now lies with pride
amongst her little kittens nine
all asleep in one long line

Contest : Cat Tails
10th place
Contest : my Best pet or animal poem 
10th place

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Thanks For The Memories, Simba

We lost a very dear friend this past week.
Simba had become so very frail and weak.
He gave us so much joy during his 19 years!
We held him as he passed, shedding copious tears.

He was an extraordinary red tabby cat with no pedigree.
There were no blue ribbon winners in his family tree.
But he was as majestic as any winner in a feline show!
Oh, how we will miss him!   How we hated to see him go.

His ashes will be scattered in the mountains above Colorado Springs,
By the compassionate veterinarian who takes care of such things.
When we view magnificent Pikes Peak towering in the pristine skies,
We'll be consoled knowing that 'neath its shining crown, Simba lies!

There's a place called Rainbow Bridge where he'll be restored to health,
Where he'll frolic with other animals, teasing them with his feline stealth!
One glorious day he'll spot us 'mongst the multitude for a grand reunion,
And rain happy kisses on our faces as we tickle his tummy in glad communion!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved (24 October 2013)

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Feline Buddies

Feline buddies sleep during the day. Running all night, they slumber the day away. Dream about your nocturnal activities. Opening each door needs a special set of keys. In each fantasy world, imagination thrives. Yes it’s true each one of you has nine lives. Imagine a land that really seems nice. There will be an unlimited supply of mice. Catnip and saucers of milk are all around. That’s where all of you will soon be found.

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Night Blindness

She sped to dinner like a flash,
soon she'd be tipsy and flabby.
When suddenly there was a crash,
OH!she tripped over a tabby.

She was shocked, the cat was shocked,
Yes!the cat was shocked and how!
But don't you worry, off they walked,
With an OW! and a cursing MEOW!

She just trotted off, for hunger beckoned,
but as she struggled with food, forks and knives,
I doubt if at all she had reckoned,
That she'd scared off eight of kitty's nine lives.

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Beast of Bodmin Moor

Out there are many ancient sites
And fear grows deep at the end of daylights 
One hears loud scary cries
Among the primeval moor and buckeyes 

To the beast identity this might be a clue
September was a month of beginning of world war two
It is also true
That September is a month associated with moor and this too is nothing new

Maybe it is a spirit of soldier who died
And to hunt those ancient sites would decide
But more likely it is as old or older than stones that on this site reside
And among those very stones it would hide

Imagine if you will 
At twilight you walk up at moor covered hill
But something is stalking you not for food but for a thrill 
Something that has instinct to kill and gives of a cry that bone can chill

The moor smells so sweet
But Imagine at distance of just few feet from where you sit
The eyes of giant cat like stars are lit
The eyes and teeth that monster befit 

You feel lump in the throat as if you just swallowed your own soul
Around you moor is primordial beautiful and tall
This moor seems to have its own soul
And you wonder if it witnessed as the beast devoured its victims whole

The beasts’ eyes are bloodshot 
Ready for onslaught
The beast is not just large cat it is spiritual juggernaut
And you are staring into fierce countenance of this juggernaut 

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Meow Meow

All I am able to say is “meow meow”. However, I communicate with humans somehow. They seem to know everything I say. Free handouts are what I receive everyday. I am somebody my keepers never forget. They give me love and call me their “pet”. I am so happy I’m not a homeless stray. With these nice people I want to stay.

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Childhood nursery rhymes stick like glue
Parents provide our initial point of view 
Before our vocabulary has fully matured
Enabled to recite nonsensical verse –allured

Dismayed that Little Bo-Peep had lost her sheep
Aghast at the notion of Hush—A—Baby on a tree top
Concerned that when wind blows the cradle will rock
Trying to comprehend Wee–Willie-Winkie running through the town
Up and down stairs in a nightgown?

Enjoying perceptions of diddle-diddle, a cat with a fiddle
That astonishing cow jumping over a moon
While a dish runs away with a spoon
Why would Georgie Porgy have pudding and pie
And then kissed girls to make them cry?
Besides Bo-Peep, “Mary” had a little lamb—its fleece the colour of snow
Hers she never lost—it followed her wherever she would go

I cat was asked where it had been
Astonishingly fortunate—‘to London to visit the Queen’
Nevertheless, all it did there
Was frighten mice under a chair
Those poor little kittens having sadly lost their mittens
Stern mother making them cry, informing them there would be ‘no pie!’

Looking back I often ponder, which rhymes I loved the best
Reflecting on the infatuating verses my mind still possessed--
The characters of children reflected in days of the week
Being born on a Friday I was pleased –at my peak
Monday was complimented for being fair of face
Even Tuesday was serene with their grace
Poor Wednesday and Thursday were full of woe with nowhere to go
Saturdays child – doomed to work hard for their living
While Fridays child delighted in being loving and giving

As adults now, mature in thinking and reasoning
Some of these rhymes were illogical—unforgiving
There rhyming nature successfully disguised
Hidden meanings, connotations implied to rationalize
In this world we live with greed, malicious and offensive sin
A loving and giving Friday’s child I’ll endeavour—to undertake-- to win


Kim van Breda—February 2013

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The Lord of my Garden

The Lord of my garden has just come in from outside to the house
He muffles a noise, a growling of sorts, as he is carrying in a mouse
He lays it on the floor, it is very stiff, no longer moving or breathing
I am sure he slays for enjoyment, because he still needs his feeding
After food, cat is sleeping, slightly twitching, I think he is dreaming
Imagining his next victim, captured by sharp claws, dying, screaming 
Outside in the undergrowth, sighs of relief from beleaguered mice
Gossiping together in the daylight, they agree that my cat is not nice
The birds whistle a song from the branches on high, all safe for now
Soon they will all scatter to dark corners on hearing his mighty meow

Patrick Brennan ©

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The Cat

Glowing eyes invade the darkness of the night.
A majestic hunter with prey in it's sights.
Slowly moving through the grass, as slient as an empty glass.
A creature with a sullen expression, embraking upon a hunting session.
It srikes from the shadows of the night; giving the prey little change of escape or fight.
A body full of warming fur and makes the sound of a meow or pur.
Pointy ears, thin legs and sharp claws; extending out from padded paws.
This cretaure wears a sumptuous looking coat always shiney and clean; walking with graceful posture like that of a ballroom scene.
It's younger form more playful and small, but soon will grow just as cunning and tall.
Masquerading as innocent family pets and balls of fur; hiding the true heart of a loin waiting to roar.
 Some choose to live with families in thier home; well others  like the nomadic people enjoy to roam.
Hedonistic in nature like Lord Henry from the story of Dorian grey, the cat hate's having it's pleasurable lifestyle taken away.
Roaming around night and day...... this creature of beauty is always on the hunt;  for it's next prey....

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Two Kittens'

Two kittens need their box cleaned, need food for their trays.
When awoke, this is how we start our day.
As kittens they are naturally curious.
So looking at the living room when first awakened, I get furious.

Only for a split second, because playing is their way.
"Curiousity killed the cat."  At night they are busy at play.
Torn up tissues, pill bottles, empty water bottles on the floor to be rolled.
Talking to them I'd say, " You two need to be scoled."

Loving them is the thing to do, you realize they so much depend on you.
So in a second after the falsh of being angry you realize you love these two.
Then they tire of me and look to the bedroom. 
They know mom will awake soon.

Playing constantly running around the house is what they normally do.
Except when I move to make coffee and get my day started at my feet I'd find these two.
Just like children they have to be taught the rules.
Stay of counters, tables, computers stay out of the TV wires, really not cool.

They run around this way, that way, watch them go.
No to this, no to that' all day long spent in teaching them NO'
It's a loving battle watching them wrestling with each other.
They'll be raised right, after all the Lord put them in our lives, a loving pair a sister and brother.

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Oscar,my cat


When Oscar sits on the windowsill

And sees someone within,

His mouth opens wide in soundless cry,

He gives us his cat grin.

Oscar rubs around my legs

He's such a friendly soul.

He then rolls round upon his back

And waves his long striped tail.

But after Oscar's greetings done,

He's off to do his rounds.

He sets off from the white door

To the long thin gardens end.

Every inch of soil and seed

Is subject to his nose.

The garden looks one way to us,

But he can see much more.

I wish that Oscar cat could talk

And tell us what he's found.

Ten thousand spider's weaving webs,

A slow worm on the ground.

A million ants climb up the rowan,

I sometimes watch them too.

I see the striped wasps and honey bees

In this small natural zoo.

The hedgehogs sweet have long been gone,

but we have diverse birds.

Oscar sits on my tall stool.

He watches them for hours.

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The Cat And The Yule Tree

We have a ginger cat that we love dearly,
But we face the same dilemma with him yearly.
This sleek, loveable and sassy feline,
For the Yule Tree always makes a beeline!

We adorn the tree with delicate gee-gaws with care,
As my friend fixes me with his inscrutable stare.
He watches so innocently as I decorate the tree, 
Quivering with excitement anxious to go on his spree!

After the tree is trimmed with things so pretty,
I admonish him, "Now stay away from there, kitty!"
He just twitches his whiskers with a scornful smirk,
Patiently waiting 'till I leave so he can go berserk!

Cozily settled by the fire I hear a resounding crash,
Leap from my chair and cross the room in a flash!
Of course no cat near the tree is there a trace.
I find him in another room innocently washing his face!

Long after the tree is stored for the next Yuletide,
Decorations found under chairs we take in stride.
As they say, Christmas comes but once a year,
So we'll tolerate the mischievous antics of this old dear!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

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Hello Kitty

We advert to this star,
The animated figure that has made it to the top
And has come a long way,this far..

With the cute face
And the pretty little bow,
When Kitty comes in
She steals the show.

With her own name and picture,
On books,toys,purses and lots of stuff,
Hello Kitty drives us crazy
And the collection we have is never enough.

Let it be kids or adults,
This stylish, famous doll,
Has made her mark all over the world
And is loved and adored by all.

I just love Hello Kitty, 
In one word she is 'wow'.
If you are her fan too-
Raise your hand and say "Meow!"

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Little Dog Blue

Dog felt down, he never smiled anymore.
“I bet its because you're a bore!”
said Freda the Frog.
“Maybe,” said Dog.
So Frog did a trick, to make Dog smile.
And it helped him, just for a while.
“Oh, Dog, why are you blue?”
“I don't know Frog, I wish I knew.”

The next day, Dog could not grin.
Without a bark, he let the Cat in.
“What's this ol boy, you won't say hello?
What's gotten into you, my dear fellow?” 
So Cat led dog on a merry chase
But he soon saw his efforts were a waste
“Oh, Dog, why are you blue?”
Dog sighed, “I don't know Cat, I wish I knew.”

All of the night, Dog laid there without scratching a louse.
He was beginning to worry, Mr. Whiskers, the house mouse.
“Good heavens,” said he to Kitty Cat, “He doesn't even groan.”
“But what's the use, without a good bone?”
So he found a turkey leg in the ice box.
And dangled it in front of Dog. “Have I the pox?”
“Oh, Dog, why are you blue?”
Dog shook his head, “I don't know Mouse, I wish I knew.”

“Listen,” said Polly the Parrot. “I know what's the matter.”
“He misses his master, Miss Hatter.”
The animals then grinned, not all was lost then,
For perhaps with this information, he would smile again.
So together they conspired, to find the missing mistress.
They searched the house, from floor to tress.
But all they found was Mr Hatter, but he missed her too,

“Where are you, where are you, Miss Betty Boo?”
Polly said to they, “Now you know it's true,
She's gone away, our master is blue.
When is she coming back?”
Dog said, “I wish I knew.”

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The Ballad of Cat Ballou - Part 2

The Ballad of Cat Ballou (Continued) 
With her outlaw gang they're now telling a story of how she rode the plains.
The wildest gal in the old west since Calamity Jane.
She killed a man in Wolf City, Wyoming. Killed a man it's true
and that is why they'll be hanging her highness Cat Ballou.
The day has finally come. She's being sent to her glory for the way she sinned.
They'll be sending her soul on a wayward wind.
She has the smile of an angel,
but fights like the devil.
The eyes of an angel,
but bites like the devil.
The face of an angel,
I say she's the devil.
She's mean and evil through and through. 
Cat Ballou,
what's come over you?
You're mean and evil through and through.
She escaped and rode away, 
on her hanging day.
Where is still a mystery, 
but Cat rode into history
and her legend grew.
She was the Queen of the Outlaws,
Her Highness Cat Ballou.

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What Was I Thinking

After working for most of forty years,
I’d surely paid my dues.
Retirement brought me time to play
and I need give no excuse.

I’d paid my taxes cheerfully
and tithed for the good Lord.
All my club dues were up to date.
No one could say a word

If I should indulge myself a bit
and live my life with ease.
With children grown and on their own
I had only self to please.

One day a small cat came to call.
I fell for his kittenish ways.
He seemed to be the perfect fit
when I had some lonely days.

What ever was I thinking?
My head must be filled with rocks.
I gave up my freedom, my just dues,
for a cat and his litter box.

For Paula’s contest  “ How Due You Dew”  I won # 2

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The white tiger

White with wonder, I stay locked
When it thunders, I lay shocked!

People all around me flocked,
But everyday I fell mocked!

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puss cat puss cat

There’s a cat on our street, she’s incredibly clean
She is long she is black and she’s terribly mean
She roars like a lion and purrs like a kitten
One look at her face and your bound to be smitten
With her bright golden eyes and a coat black as coal
She will lure you in, she will capture your soul
She’s a devil an angel all rolled into one
On the wide open road she is fast she is fun
In the city she knows how to slow down the pace
As she ambles down streets with such style and grace
Such a beautiful creature, a cat built to please
She’s my Jaguar car and I’m holding the keys

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Needy Needy Needy

Needy Needy Needy is simply what you are.
Needy Needy Needy is my Cleopatra superstar.
Needy Needy Needy, always at my feet.
Needy Needy Needy is my baby girl, aka kitty.
She truly doesn't need very much really,
just some food, water and shelter to sleep,
but it appears that what it is that she needs mostly
is my constant company apparently.

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Little Lip Worm

A little worm about three inches long 
Hairy, weak thing not very strong
Five meters would be an all day trip
For the worm moved by pulling itself along just by its top lip

I’m tired of this crawling about, it wears me out
I have no legs or feet and move with the lip of my mouth
I wish something would just eat me, I’d be so glad
Or I wish I could grow legs, my mouth is feeling bad
While worm complained about its pains to you and me
A robin stalked worm a juicy dinner you see
Robin swooped down, picked up worm with its beak
And swallowed and thought that was quick

But the hairs on worm got stuck in the robin’s throat
Sweat from worm caused the robin’s tummy to bloat
Robin fell to the ground with an eye popping stare
I think this worm's trying to kill me I swear
Robin hit itself on the back to free him from this pickle
For the hairs, they began to tickle 
This worm must come out; it is making me cry
If it doesn’t come out soon, I'll surely die

In all the commotion cat watched robin close by,
A juicy robin that was choking, and couldn't fly
Robin for dinner, could it be so easy?
Not to big not to small, I won’t feel queasy
Cat walked to robin and picked him up in its mouth 
Swallowed, and robin was going south
Robin was wriggling and kicking 
Robin stuck cat’s throat and was squeaking.

Robin cried Just my luck I’m choked by a worm and eaten by a cat
I thought my chances for survival would be better than that  
Cat felt rough as the robin scratched inside its neck
Cat was spat what the heck
I have eaten birds but this one is tough
My throat is scratchy and it feels all rough
This bird will be the death of me, if I live, this is last one
I prefer a mouse and birds I am done
When cat had finished everything went dark
Cat heard a yelp and a bark
For goodness sakes this couldn't get worse
Choked by a bird, eaten by a dog, what is all this?

Dog went coughing and choking
He nudged the boy and poked
The boy gave him a hard whack
Out popped cat, robin and worm from the whack on His back
Save us from this horrid choking thing
The boy, dog and cat ran, robin took to the wing

Worm said Alas I thought my wish came true
The hairs on me stopped me from been eaten, boohoo
The boy and the dog and the cat tried once
I thought the robin would have a better chance
Little worm noticed something was wrong
I got legs, I got legs and started singing a song
I am a creature feared by all
A creature so small

*had to take a lot out*

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On Their Own All Alone

When a love one passes away, along with the loved ones, pets are affected.
If a family member doesn’t adopt them they are put in shelters, alone and 
Dogs and cats “pets” grieve for their masters, and the love they had dies also.
They are impounded hoping to be adopted, may they have love for others, we 
don’t know.

A personal friend died six weeks ago, the pets he left behind were taken to the 
It was sad they lost their Dad “staring” looking at the door; their hurt was 
Watching, observing them made me sad as we, the Wife and I could not take 
them in.
We have three kittens of our own, so just thinking of what they were going 
through, adoption for them pretty slim.

The caretaker didn’t want the animals, without thought he had the oldest put 
His attitude, animals didn’t fit his style, he didn’t want them at all or around.
Sadly the death of our friend, in a way was a death sentence for them.
Wishing we could do something, we watch them go to the shelter hopefully 
they’ll be taken in.

It is sad some people don’t take the animals feelings into account.
They don’t act the same when the master doesn’t come home; their feelings 
to some don’t count.
We, the Wife and I, feel so bad but we have a family of three,
So we pray a family will adopt them, to love and care for them make a part of 
their family.

Our friend is gone and how he loved them all!
He cared, played, love them, watching as they had a ball.
Now you can see sadness in these felines they are so lost,
A family I’m sure will adopt them, and care for them no matter the cost.

Remember animals in a sense are family too.
They have feelings like me, like you.
So when you adopt, love is all they need.
God has blessed them; hopefully a family will save them in life as they proceed.

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mouser the distillery cat

. Mouser.

The distillery cat was flat on his back
He’d had too much to drink.
The silly moggy his mind was foggy
He could hardly think.

It was thee day he was on his way
His time was really up.
The rules require he must retire
So he had drunk from the goodbye cup!

Those little mice they didn’t think twice
they quickly ran amok
And in no time felt quite sublime
Could not believe their luck!

Tails in the air, Mouser so unaware 
Their party had began.
For life’s a must, much was discussed
Like an employee ownership plan.

“Imagine if, Mouser was a stiff
And we all ruled this place,
By and large we’d be in charge
Something we could all embrace.”

But just at that appeared a Rat,
You know what they all say.
You’re never more than through a door
Away from their decay.

“Well gee whiz, so what is this 
We have an open house.”
He said with grin, “I’ll just move in
And go and get my spouse.”

The mice felt down and wore a frown
And thought we can’t have this,
Awake that cat from off his mat
Get him out his drunken bliss.

So it was to great applause
He had ended up quite upset,
They’d  got the hose and gave a dose
Of water cold and wet!

Mouser howled then he scowled
Jumped up and cried aloud,
“I’ll get those mice they are my vice
They will end up in a shroud.”

The mice did flee with so much glee
The Rat it disappeared.
Mousers head felt like stale bread
His paws they went real weird. 

And so it was, like an arbitration clause
Came in the Big Bad Boss.
“What’s all this noise I don’t enjoys,
I prefer a hearing loss!”

So Mouser stayed, a big blockade
And the mice he tipped a wink,
The big brown Rat, he don’t like a cat 
That’s had too much to drink!

Now drink can make you think
It can feel  good alright.
Whiskey can make you frisky
But it can also make you fight!

For a Scottish cat enjoys combat
As much  as a Father loves his daughter,
Although there is a cure,
maybe it is obscure,

We could of course add water! 

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Frisky Kittens

At night when humans are tucked away,
This is the time kittens will play.
They get on the chair,
and fly through midair

Kittens don't need light 
to see well at night.

And so they will play
until the break of day.

When the sun is deep,
you'll find them asleep.

Dreaming of mice
and everything nice.

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Not Even For A Mouse

My cats have decided on this blustery cold morn,
To hide under the covers and stay oh so warm.

The wind keeps howling, making them shake,
While under the covers cozy it does make.

Moving may not be an option for me
For as I stretch the closer they be.

I tried to sneak out real quiet you see,
Buy they caught on quick and reprimanded me.

We all know who rules this house
And today we're not moving even for a mouse.

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Meow Is

Meow Is.

Meow to my cat
Understand me better..

Meow is for yes
Meow is for no.

Meow is for
I don’t know.

Meow is for food
Meow is for more.

Meow is for 
I must go.

Meow is for love
From the  floor.

Meow is for the
Cat next door.

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Feline Frantics

In the house on the corner lived a huge yellow cat.
This cat was clumsy and a wee bit fat.
He was constantly being pestered by a troublesome rat,
Who was playing with his mind by hiding under a hat.

The cat thought to himself, “I’ll fix this pest,
I’ll prepare for him a cozy nest.”
However when it was put to the extreme test,
The rat said to him, “Surely you jest!”

The nest was ignored all the way around,
The rat could be heard making an annoying sound.
Nowhere near this nest would he be found,
From his distance the annoyance would continually resound.

The moral of the story is quite simple, you see,
The rat was contented to antagonize with glee.
The cat, however, no happy camper was he,
He simply was as dumb as could be.

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A peaceful backyard in the ‘burbs,
With grass and birds and trees;
And watching from the window,
I saw leaves dance in the breeze.

Then suddenly a cat appeared
(I’ve seen it there before)
And it was playing cat and mouse,
Though I feared something more.

I stepped outside and realized
My suspicions were quite sound
For a chipmunk was the creature
Being batted all around.

When the cat looked up and saw me,
Then the game came to an end.
With the chipmunk in its mouth,
That feline vanished ‘round the bend.

Plainly peace can be deceiving
Yet it’s really rather chilling
To watch birds and bees and breezes
And to also see a killing.

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He was a mean spirited canine though he had a home
He was like a ticking land mine as around he would roam
And as the dog went down his street he saw this little boy
There he was on his bicycle seat riding his brand new toy

He snuck around a parked car and then he made his attack
His mom crying out in horror as she barely had time to react
As the dog took his vicious bite it was now becoming a nightmare
When zooming in from the right, Tara, the family cat came to bear

She jumped right into that dogs face for herself having no fear
Chasing him away in a race until she knew the coast was clear
Coming back to check on her friend and it was a really bad bite
But this wound will one day mend but what if Tara didn't take flight

Oh the love and the loyalty that God's creatures so often show
Even from some people this you won't see, such love they don't know
But Tara was God's way to protect every creature at His Hand
So sad to see such animal neglect(though) throughout this entire land 

Hero House Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack May 15 2014

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Ode To Samantha

Mummy’s cat Samantha is as old as can be
Mummy’s cat Samantha doesn’t really like me
She sleeps in dad’s chair, like she’s under a spell
Nothing ever disturbs her, till I give out a yell
You should see her run when I starts up my din
Once they went and found her in an old drum tin
She’s terribly senile, she’s lost all her spring
Mostly she sleeps getting hair on everything
Mummy thinks she marvellous, intelligent and bright
I think she’s a dummy and a real parasite
And when she goes a missing, it’s a real catastrophe
Where’s Sammy? Find Samantha our little Princess
Mummy knows she’s an alley cat but will never confess
And she runs around the house calling everywhere
And stupid old Samantha, doesn’t even care
All she wants is her bickies and juicy rump steak
For me yuckie vegies, of the best SHE partakes
Every day they cut her meat up all tiny and fine
But nobody seems to care about cutting up mine
Poor dear little Samantha, I’m just horrid they say
She not a proper *****, and never wants to play
She never rubs against your legs, or purrs friendly like
I wish I had a dog, like my best friend Mike
She’s so terribly old, and such a big bore
So I’m gonna tell her about China and Singapore
Where they eat cats for dinner, if they don’t act nice
And play with little boys and get rid of the mice
What does she think of as she sleeps in the grate
Probably of Samuel her friend and her mate
How when they were young together they’d stand guard
Hunting all the insects and birdies in our yard
Now those days have gone, so has Samuel her love
Now you cannot budge her, except with a shove
Dear little Samantha as she sits and day dreams
I sneaks up behind her and REAL LOUDLY SCREAMS!

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I open the old door and it squeaks,
then a cobwebbed, dusty ceiling appears...
what I find brings me to tears:
a moaning cat about to die, his weak heart still beats. 

If all cats have nine lives as my cat has, 
this one may know only one because of someone's shameless neglect and cruelty;
I check his yellowish eyes, and he dares to meow and lick my compassionate face...
as he clings to me for help and sympathy.

How did he survive under a cobwebbed, dusty ceiling
with no food and water...did he feed on spiders?
What about breathing in a sunless room frequented by mice?
Oh, he must have had a feast, while burping!

Ah, I shouldn't talk about rodents, it makes my hair standup!
All I want everyone to know is that the cat is doing well and loves a beefy treat,
not something he was forced to eat...oh, poor animal with a fiant heart!
No, sweet kitty cat: cobwebs and dust won't fall on it's safe to sleep! 

Entered in Francine Robert's contest,
" Cobwebs And Dust "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 3/ 19/2012

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Cats clogging up my bed,
clean sheets await - they sleep.
Quietly, over to the bed I creep,
lift each one while they snooze.
One by one they drop back to the floor
and return to exactly where they were before.

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If Cat Lovers Had Their Way

If Cat Lovers Had Their Way

By Elton Camp 

Some folks almost worship their cat
But I see nothing sensible about that

They’ll get their cat down out of a tree
It’d stay until it rots if it were up to me

Beg a foolish cat to eat--there’s no way
If it won’t feed, it can simply waste away

Why let a sorry cat stay inside the house
When it’s too lazy even to catch a mouse

If some cat any of my furniture claws,
It would soon be minus its front paws 

If a cat dares even once to scratch or bite
It would then be knocked out like a light

But cat lovers are nuts as I have said before
And would sculpt their cat on Mt. Rushmore

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It must be a wicked cat hater,
more capricious than a little bear, 
who hung you on that long, white hook...
how much pain is reflected in that sad look! 

It must be someone so heartless,
not having a bit of kindness...
ah, poor cat needing pet's care,
I am hoping you'll hang in there!

Do you want me to be your caring friend?
I'll wash your dirty fur with Baby Shampoo,
I'll even get a pink band for your cute hairdo,
and spoil you with clothes you never had!

Why is the door locked from inside,
I hear her laughing as if she were on a joy ride....  
forgetting your hunger pangs that to her don't mean a lot;    
oh, how you crave some canned food on the largest plate! 

I will knock on that door ten times and moan like a grizzly bear,
and demand that she come out and explain her heneous crime:
why she has hung you as a puppet that can't breathe and smile;
and if her heart is made of will melt as I say, " Hang in there! "

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                                 I said for sure a window can kill 
                              In the starry night a cat named Bill
                              Pounced on your dream with overkill
                               You popped a series of sleeping pill

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I lay upon a bed and look around and see
Books and books and books of nothing but poetry

I sit upon the floor and look around and see 
A bed and dresser and something else not quite hidden from me

I stand upon the grass and look around and see
Nothing left of the world but animals and trees

I'll look from the mountains 
I'll look from the sees
I'll look from the hilltops
I'll look from the trees

You lay upon a bed and look around and see
You may see a phone with a number history

You sit upon the ground and look around and see
You may see a kitten and your pet puppy

You may stand upon the grass and look around and see
You may see a squirrel running up a tree

You look from the mountains
You look from the seas
You look from the hilltops
You look from the trees

But if there's one thing that I know
You'll never see the same thing as me

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Vacation's Last Night

He sat, open shirt, milking the good from the last 
few drops of that hot beer.
Waiting on a three legged bar stool
for something to develop, but nothing was near.

A bead of sweat rolled down ever so slowly
past his navel, an outie, he hated that.
It traversed a most beautiful six pack to rest
before sliding under blue jeans hiding no fat.  

She licked her curvaceous lips unknowingly.
Just wanting to relax from the night before,
she stared blankly ahead at a drop of sweat.
As it stopped, and curved, and moved, she swore.

Something moved him, he knew not what.
Coming back down to earth, he slowly looked about.
She was no more than four feet away.
So surprised was he, his first thought was a way out.

Silently laughing to herself, the first round was hers.
She could afford to let him win one or two,
to let him think he was the man about town,
before she scored the coup.

They played cat and mouse for the rest of the night.
It was steamy.  Summer love developed in spite of all.
Continuing far past summer and even grad school.
Far reaching into the depths of everlasting soul.

He sat, open shirt, milking the good from the last 
few drops of that hot beer.
A drop of sweat rolled ever so slowly down and 
over that horrendous exposed sphere.

She licked her curvaceous lips unknowingly.
Still loving that fat, jelly belly who adored her.
Still playing cat and mouse with her hon.
Easier now, for him to recognize the purr.

© Jul 12 2010 for Linda’s "Steamy Love" contest

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It's like you know when I'm down
Always laying by my head
Whenever I feel alone
You cuddly with me in bed.
You never expect anything
Just a simple pet
Yet you can be stubborn
When your mind is set.
Since you were a baby
Always in my arms
With your big eyes staring
Suckering me with your charms.
You follow me everywhere
I'll always know where you're at
You're like a precious baby
Billie, you're a wonderful cat.

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A purrrfect little kitten became a purrrfect cat,
With milk all round her whiskers and cobwebs as her hat.
She rubs against your jumper, just to say hello,
And leaves behind a hairy mess on you and your best throw.

Excitedly she’ll spring up high, swiping at a fly,
Just missing your best teacup as Bonnie whizzes by;
Finally she comes to rest upon the kitchen door,
Safely out of reach of baby rug rat on the floor.

For hours she’ll sleep upon the door, her paws flopped either side,
Oblivious to all that’s past, ‘since the time she closed her eyes.
She didn’t hear the doorbell or greet your guests with glee,
She didn’t even notice when the rug rat ate his tea.

With babe asleep and food prepared you turn to make a cuppa,
Unaware that as you do, well, Bonnie’s pinched your supper.
Like a bolt of lightning she flashed across your plate,
Clearing it in one foul swoop then leaving in disgrace.

She looks so sweet, you can’t be cross even if you tried,
It’s funny just to watch her try to get her prize outside.
Unable to negotiate the cat flap in the door,
She drags her ill begotten gains beneath your chest of drawers.

It isn’t long before a dreadful smell wafts in the air,
Bonnie’s proudly spraying all your furniture with flare;
Angrily you lift the cat to take her straight outside -
But as you do you realise that Bonnie’s really Clyde.

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Game Day

Just like football I am trying to reach the goal
Zigzagging down the field of life to keep from getting bowled
It is first down in the morning as that whistle rocks my head
Just a little button hook to get me out of bed
I am tackled within three steps as my son bursts through the door
His sister went long with his mobile phone to even up the score
I coach them how to play together, not to scream and shout
Both are yanked from the game for a personal time out
At ten AM in the second quarter I think I am gaining ground
The dog intercepts a pass by the cat to turn the game around
Racing out the patio door that dog and cat did mesh
It cost the dog a bout in his cage for unnecessary roughness
Halftime brings the team together to analyze performance
After lunch we play again to make good a second chance
The clock winds down with end zone in sight, dinner takes a tumble
An audible I had to call because the cake I fumbled
And finally in quarter four, the game down to the wire
A revelation that no one else could manage this empire
Though touchdowns are sweet in life, one thing I came to know
Sometimes to win the game at hand you only need a field goal

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Cats Should Be Exterminated

Cats Should Be Exterminated

By Elton Camp

I am making a call for action long overdue
For there is an important task we need to do
They have crept into our lives with little note
Now it is the time to take them by the throat

Bleeding heart groups like PETA and the SPCA
Mustn’t be allowed an unfavorable word to say
House cats, of all pets, should have the distinction
Of being the first parasites to experience extinction

While a tiny, little kitten may be somewhat okay
As adults, they certainly don’t remain that way
There’s nothing of value or worth that cats do
Yet, they expect, at all times, to be catered to

Upholstery on our furniture they will fiercely tear
That is, after they have littered it all with hair
If the housecat we, even in a small way, displease
It will scratch or bite and maybe even cause disease

It’s an animal stupid enough to stay up in a tree
An expect a human to climb up and set it free
A cat demands to be fed only the very finest food
Perhaps it condescends to eat if it is in the mood

The time has passed to let them have their way
Every single cat we should round up and slay
That this tinges on the cruel some may protest
But for all concerned, it is unquestionably best

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This may come as a surprise to quite a few 
But if you're a pet lover it won't to you
This sweet soul watched over my mom In her final days 
She brought her comfort and warmth In so many way's 
She's not a doctor or nurse she's not any of that 
Her name is Destiny my little white cat 
Very sensitive and smart 
Small of body but big of heart 
This may seem hard to believe 
She knew when mom had pain to relieve 
Often she knew it long before us 
She would try to tell us by making a fuss 
When she knew that mom was going to have a bad day 
She would not leave her room by her side she would stay 
Some religions call them familiar's they're considered a treasure 
They see between worlds with a love beyond measure 
So when you get old and your days are coming to an end 
Rest assured you'll be loved By your little four legged friend

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My cat and my fish

My cat and fish don’t get along
I think it is more my fish
For my cat will sit by the fish bowl
While holding out his dish

He puts his paw in the water
And tries to give them five
Though I don’t know why he spreads his claws
He must not realize

He watches them with interest
And crouches down quite low
He must like to watch them swim
And greet them from below

He balances on the tank top
Like he is putting on a show
The fish must really love it
As they all watch from below

But one day I came home
And my fish were all gone
I’m not sure if they took a trip
Or went away from home

And there sat in the corner
My cat looked quite sick
I thought I better take him to the vet
And better make it quick

And there they took an x-ray
And to my surprise
My fish were swimming in his belly
And they were still alive

My cat looked at me
How could I be mad?
He really looked quite in pain
And how so awfully sad

My cat and fish don’t get along
I don’t think it’s wrong
For one that eats another
Is not a friend for long

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Snap Out of It

Okay let me get this straight from nothing everything came out of the sea
Uniqueness being a common trait I don't see how this could be
Crickets, to the chicken on your plate and what about the tree
No this was so much more great look around and you shall see

Did the cricket become the cow or was it the other way around
To God they do not like to bow but this theory is so unsound
Some of them became fowl and to the earth were not bound
Others learning how to growl buried themselves in the ground

Some even stayed in the ocean even a mammal named the whale
When they too could of been men very hard to lose such a big tale
Some even became insects then choosing a life that would be so frail
It's God's Glory that reflects as no one would choose to become kale

Why didn't all monkeys make the change and what were they before
Is a raccoon out of the range for an ape doesn't just walk in the door
This whole theory very strange, some still too dumb in  biting that lure
No!  All of this, only God could arrange and of that I'm completely sure!

Genesis 1:21	
 And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. 

The Second Law of thermodynamics/Entropy says as
much as proven by science over 150 years ago. 
You can not accept this Law of Science\Entropy,
which is a fact, and then believe in the theory of
Evolution which states the exact opposite. 
They are exact opposites.   

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Love Me, Love My Cats

Come in, come in, but
Step on no pets.
My cats are rulers of the roost,
And this is as good as it gets

A nut for a jar of tuna,
Is my big Tommy cat.
He refuses to eat salmon,
Can you imagine that?

So cat tacos....
Make my cats meow.
They gather in the kitchen
And beg for them right now.

One of my kitties isn't well.
Poor Dan is in a droop.
I know he will feel better when
I feed him chicken soup.

By: Joyce Johnson

(I took these pallindromes from a list on internet.  I am not sure if that is acceptable.)

Pallindromes are     Step on no pets.  first verse
                               A nut for a jar of tuna.  2nd verse
                               So cat tacos,  3rd verse
                               Poor Dan is in a droop. 4th verse

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A Dog & A Cat

A dog and a cat
had a little chat
as they romped playing in a backyard.
The dog said, " My guardian feeds me, gives me shelter and loads of affection.
I guess that means that my guardian is God."
The cat on the other hand
took a completely different stand
which the dog found to be rather odd.
The cat said, "My guardian feeds me, gives me shelter and loads of affection.
I guess that must mean that I'm God."

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The Flying Calico

She leaped off the top of the refrigerator
    Through the air
Only to reach over to the portable washer
    Where her food was positioned right there.

    The resonating sound just startled me
So I assumed that
    Something fell to the ground.

Big mistake!
    I never realized that she pounced
And abruptly stopped to grab a morsel to eat, 
    Only to be scolded 
For something so dangerous indeed....
    Could have hurt herself, especially her head.

Instead, a little wiggle of her hip
    Accentuated by the patch of grey fur
On her right hind
    Indicated that she was not hurt at all
And that Samii was just fine.

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Felis catus

Felis catus
You have caught a red owl
You have caught a red owl
How would you roast?

Felis catus
You have caught a red owl
You have caught a red owl
How would you boast?

Felis catus
You have caught a red owl
You have caught a red owl
How would you toast?

Let her go to moon
Let her go to moon
Felis catus
Or you would swoon.

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She bounced into my life like sunshine on four legs
Chasing paper balls and toying with clothes pegs,
Blooming with vitality and purrfect happiness
She keeps me entertained for hours with her playfulness.

My love for my sweet Rosie is as infinite as the stars, 
As great as the distance is from here to planet Mars, 
Her bright green eyes convey to me her little every wish
Which usually refers to something tasty in a dish.

On days when all my problems strive to weigh me down,
Rosie leaps upon my knee and banishes my frown, 
How could I not be jovial with such a friend as this?
She fills my time with pleasure and I reward her with a kiss.

I love each wiry whisker upon her little velvet face, 
Her lynx like ears, soft deep purrs and total flawless grace.
My life is so much brighter with this furry beaming light 
Who ends my day with harmony when Rosie sleeps with me at night.

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OWNED BY A CAT to all feline fans who know it’s true acknowledge, accept and concede our alluring furry friends sweet mew steal hearts with mischievous deed what could be more endearing than a tiny kitten to love and adore with playful and needy game plan who could possibly ask for more with shrewd precision and no shame stipulated needs are made known chairs and beds they name and claim precision meal time demands shown at shut doors and windows they stare believing they command the home crafty behaviour to keep us aware they own our daily routine dome yet apparent evidence of this truth that they own us in servitude cat lovers are blessed with proof they melt our hearts in magnitude © Kim van Breda—27 September 2014

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Never Rescue a Cat From a Tree

Never Rescue a Cat From a Tree

By Elton Camp

The cat has climbed a tree and can’t descend
Unless you help it, the cat has reached its end
That is what the neighbor woman fearfully bade
When she approached you, tearfully seeking aid

When such a request as this you come to hear,
Tell the old lady that she has nothing to fear
Soon out of the tree the cat will sure be gone
For when it gets hungry, it’ll come on its own

And if doubt or hesitation in her you detect,
Then her mistaken thinking you have to correct
“Just how many cat skeletons did you ever see
That, of a starved cat, are hanging up in a tree?”

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The imposter

The imposter

Seeking out the imposter
She looks a lot like me.
Shiny black and white fur.
Call if you know where she might be.

She's wanted for cat napping,
letting the mouse get away.
Also  for the shredding the gift wrapping
when the people left the other day.

Then she  pinned the blame on me
Now I'm  trapped like a prisoner
No longer able to  chase the birds and bees
and it's all because of her

wrote t his about a prompt   for  a cat sitting next to a missing sign

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A Christmas Story

A grin, a smile, so happy to see.
To be with your loved ones, your family. 
All the things,
You think Christmas could be.

But not in this house,
For I am alone,
Just my cat and a mouse,
Make up my little home.

There are those more fortunate,
Than I,
But don't shed a tear,
Don't start to cry.

For this is the life,
I have made for myself.
I have some salt pork,
And some beans on the shelf.

On the really cold nights,
I must look a sight,
I have my space heater,
To make it feel right.

I'll grab my blanket,
And get cozy and warm,
Have to watch my budget,
Save for a storm.

My entertainment,
Is the cat and the mouse,
Scurrying here and there,
All over the house.

A knock at my door,
Is never heard,
Except for the banker,
He is such a nerd.

He wants his money,
I tell him next week,
But that's not good enough,
My land he does seek.

I'll be out by Christmas,
A miracle I need,
But I have a weakness,
To help less fortunate than me.

I have good neighbors,
In this little country town,
For me, help is not an option,
For they never come around.

But this is ok,
For a loner I am,
They don't know what they're missing,
When I get out the spam.

Such a meal it will make,
A special dinner for me,
Maybe for Christmas,
We'll just have to see.

There lives a widow woman,
Not far from my place,
But she wont accept help,
She thinks it's a disgrace.

So when she has,
A few cents to spare,
I'll go down and help her,
Without a care.

But this is not enough,
To save my little house,
I wonder what will happen,
To the cat and the mouse.

I can't take them with me,
I have no place to go,
It is so cold now,
It is starting to snow.

But fear not for me,
Or the cat and the mouse,
For they are best buddies,
And don't need a house.

I'll be alright,
I have it all figured out,
I'll go visit the banker,
And sleep in his HOUSE.

If you made it this far I wish to thank you for reading. This is not my life ..... well some of it 
is .... I do have a cat ..... he's such a mean putty cat I wrote this because I was 
reminded of the less fortunate. Don't just think of them at Christmas time, but always. Ken

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Predators Lurking

I dare not move as I watch him,
Cautiously approaching his food.
I know if he catches sight of me,
He’ll be gone and it may be for good.

You’ll remember my writing about them,
The stray mother cat and her kits.
They seem to enjoy my offerings
Of the tastiest small kitten bits.

The mother cat had learned to trust me
And we’d taken a trip to the vet.
He gave her the shots that she needed.
And all of her needs had been met.

She didn’t hold it against me
And still liked to sit on my lap.
I so hoped that each of her kittens
Would soon use it too, for a nap.

One morning they didn’t come begging,
All day didn’t come for their food.
The next day and the next I worried,
Knowing something had happened, not good.

A whole week after their going,
One of the kittens returned.
He was lank and lean and quite terrified.
What has happened is yet to be learned.

I pray that sometime I can tame him,
And for all that I know he’s a she.
I’ll know gender for sure if in springtime
She brings her small kittens to me.

By: Joye Johnson 7/5/12

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Cheshire Cats

I wore black one day,
Into the middle of town,
The folks all saw my dress,
And smiles turned to frowns.

I smile at them all,
I make them shiver in their clothes,
They dare not avert their ears,
As my lips speak sacred prose.

No one understands,
What my lips mean to say,
My words up in their mind,
Breaking up the fray.

I no longer bother with words,
And my smile speaks for me,
And I disappear into the shadow,
And my smile is all they see.

Like a Cheshire Cat,
My smile speaks more,
than my ununderstandable words,
Ever did before.

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The face of broken shadows

No more lies, no more broken promises
Each false word directed at me, just strips me of yet more apathy 
Keep you your deceitful smiles and fictitious kisses 
And just stay away from me, you’re nothing but a predator you see

The rage, it builds up deep within 
Stalk the dark like a cat each night, dripping with a voracious appetite
But there is no way you're getting under my skin
Your egocentric wallowing in delight, is about to end abruptly tonight

The face of broken shadows stalks the ground
Now I don’t worry about life any more, now this quiet cat finds its roar
Tomorrow is the hunt for a life profound
You pathetic mewing I will choose to ignore, for now I am free forever more

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Zephyr's Touch

The morning zephyr's touch Gentle cool blessing sent Fireball on horizon Soon heat on earth will vent Bright yellow now the sun Roosters' crowing increased Glad to see the sun up And feel morn's warming heat Caligraphy cat comes To take my pen away She wants all my time now All attention no play Princess jealous small dog Doesn't want that cat at all She snarls and snaps leaves lap Cat just sits on me malls She thinks her claws feel good Digging into my flesh She purrs as if pleasure She hurts me by heck

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the hard truth, about hard matts

When your dog or cat get dirty,
don't get mad, or go brain swirley,
bring them to your favorite groomer,
not later, I'ts better sooner,
they'll know just what to do,
so you don't have to fret,
It's a hard and detailed process,
for the groomer, and the pet,
a cat would rather chase a rat,
or wear a hat,
then ever have a bath,
fluff and buff,
snip and clip,
till all just looks prestine,
when all is said and done,
they're looking fresh-n-clean,
when pick up time arrives,
and your dog or cat come out,
quite distinguishedly,
dematted com-ple-tley,
your groomer works so very hard,
please tip accordingly.

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My new cat

Two weeks ago I got a new cat.
She's very pretty and I like that.
A lady at the animal shelter had a big smile on her face.
She was happy because my cat would be living at a new place.

She's solid white and she's sweet.
My cat is very special and unique.
I'm grateful to my cat's mother who bore her.
I love my cat and I wouldn't take a million bucks for her.

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animal abusers

I had sensed the presence of someone near
I looked around and there was no one there
Then the feeling got stronger by the minute
As I frantically looked around- then looked to the ground.
There at my feet was the presence that I felt
Of a puppy with cuts and welts.
I could see the abuse as the tears rolled down my eyes
As I started to scream and cry.
“Who can abuse an animal this way?
The one who did this by the law must pay!
I gently picked him up and said: it’ll be alright!
As his tail wagged in delight.
I put him in my car and took him to the nearest vet
He also had a broken leg which the doctor did set.
With antibiotics and pills for pain, yet some of those 
Scars will still remain.
I bought from the vet what I would need
Food and medicines on which he would feed.
When I got home, he was fed- then I laid him in his bed.
So he could rest his weary head.
Then he looked up at me with his big brown eyes. And let out a quiet sigh.
With time he started to heal, and his leg he could feel.
The police said they used puppies to train pit bulls to fight
As they were told by the dog fighting ring they busted one night.
I named him survivor because of everything he went through
“Now tell me this: what would you do?”  

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The Cat

The cat jumped up upon the bench
And landed in the dish
Hot spaghetti on its paws and claws
I’m sure that it did not wish
Quickly off onto the floor
Hot foot, hot feet off he tore
Shaking paws and licking paws
And off he ran some more
Red mess, cat tracks all about
Please someone let that poor cat out

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The Life of a Mouse

Oh, there it is.
A perfect dinner 
for me and my kids.
This slice of holey cheese
no one will miss.

It lies on the rock
a long ten feet away
and though you may find this a shock,
for me life means danger.
You’re lucky; don’t talk.

I look carefully around
but once, twice, three times
nothing in sight but a mound
of hair; maybe leftovers from a hawk.
The coast is clear so I pound
my way over to my dinner.

Cheese, cheese, glorious cheese!
I’m closing in, about to claim it.
Oh! But a screech causes me to freeze
perfectly still from terror.
And out pounces a cat with claws as sharp as a bee’s

“Felicity,” it hisses.
“Juicy mouse, you’re perfect
for the dinner I almost missed.
Come here,” it says.
“I can’t resist 
such deliciousness.”

I silently say goodbye
to my kids
and with a little sigh
I think to myself I could never outrun
this nimble cat so I’m about to die.

I wait for death with my eyes squeezed shut
but nothing comes
and I open my eyes to see the butt
of Seth, the farmer’s kid.

He’s scooping up the moody cat
and while he’s turned
I scurry away, shivering with fear and relief from that
near death of mine.

What a shame.
That cheese was almost mine.
But surely I’ll be showered with fame
from my kids, at least,
for my luck that Seth came.

I hurry back to my house.
I’ll live to see another day.
Oh, the life of a mouse!

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Miss Prunella's Cat

Miss Prunella’s Cat

By Elton Camp

Miss Eliza Prunella is a kind old soul.
A bit naïve, but with a heart of gold.
As a wife, Miss Eliza could have been a prize,
But she was disappointed by boys and their lies

Eventually, to herself, Miss Prunella said,
“I see no need to feel that I have to be wed.”
So after she had become grown,
She moved out to be on her own.

A career as an elementary school teacher she did make.
Miss Eliza never felt that her choice had been a mistake.
After many years, she decided to retire.
For company, some pets she did acquire.

Her cat began to act a little strange.
For a vet’s visit, Eliza did arrange.
“I don’t know what’s with my cat.
She has never gotten fat like that.”

The vet looked her over quick
And learned the cat wasn’t sick.
“There’s nothing else it can be.
Cat is pregnant as I plainly see.”

“Doc, that’s most surely got to be a mistake.
Outside this apartment, Fluffy I never take.”
The vet heard a purring sound
And he quickly turned around.

“What about that tom cat over there?
These two cats surely must be a pair.”
Miss Eliza’s face got red
And this is what she said:

“Well! I never heard of such a thing
As this suggestion you dare to bring.
Doctor, surely it must be another.
Why old Tom there is her brother.”

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life is death so i just toke that bag 
of meth and now im all set . for a O.D 
blouldy death . im crying on the set .

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the hard truth, about hard matts

When your dog or cat get dirty,
don't get mad, or go brain swirley,
bring them to your favorite groomer,
not later, I'ts better sooner,
they'll know just what to do,
so you don't have to fret,
It's a hard and detailed process,
for the groomer, and the pet,
a cat would rather chase a rat,
or wear a hat,
then ever have a bath,
fluff and buff,
snip and clip,
till all just looks prestine,
when all is said and done,
they're looking fresh-n-clean,
when pick up time arrives,
and your dog or cat come out,
quite distinguishedly,
dematted com-ple-tley,
your groomer works so very hard,
please tip accordingly.

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My cats are soft, my cats are sweet,
my cats prefer cat food to eat.
We use meows to have our talks.
They do their business in their box.
I love my cats because they're great,
they're cats that purr and like to play
though sometimes their choice toys are feet
under the covers fast asleep
and yet they pounce and wake me up
which can be very obnoxious
though sometimes I wake up and see
they're snuggled by my head asleep
and that is great and very cute,
these cats are friends, their friendship's true.
They're brothers so they cuddle 'till
one notices the other's tail
and then attacks and then they play
and keep me awake until day
breaks and I get up and go feed
them bowls of cat food, which they need
to eat because they have to live
and take all the love I can give
because I really love my cats
and put them on my head like hats.

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Cat Fight at The Window

Mom was watching TV and relaxing in her chair
Dad was working on his crossword puzzles with care.
Snoop was on his table where he likes to lay
Looking out the window at the end of the day.
Suddenly there was a blood curdling sound 
Mom got up to take a look around.
She hobbled into the living room on her bad knee
To see where the noise came from and what it could be.
It was Snoop and another cat having a fight
Mom yelled to Dad turn on the outside light!
They were at the window trying to tear each other apart
Their hissing and screeching was enough to stop your heart.
Dad’s footrest on his recliner was sticking up in the air    
He had to be careful he didn’t break a leg getting out of there
He had to hurry so Snoop wouldn’t break the glass, 
There wasn’t time to waste, he couldn’t let another minute pass. 
He turned the light on and opened up the door, 
He yelled outside; he couldn’t stand it anymore.
He kept yelling until he scared the cat away
I bet he’d like to shoot that cat someday!

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Four legged friends are all I have...
three rescue cats that I just adore.
Tried to put them in cute costumes...
I’ll be out of the hospital today at 4:00...

Chico is my big boy, he runs the house.
When I stay up late into the deep night,
he begins to pace and fuss, scratching
every piece  of furniture in sight.

He howls and yowls until I give in...
Then I awake in the morning with him
sitting on my chest, his nose to mine,
telling me it is time for the day to begin.

He herds his sisters and keeps 
them in line with a nip or nudge,
and I am always cleaning my glasses,
where the rascal leaves a love smudge.

Chico is humongous, part Maine coon.
Twice as big as his sisters, weighs a ton.
But I adore big old kitty cat
who is my baby and my precious son.

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The Cat Could See

The cat could see but no one else,
So entranced was she, no thought of mouse,
She watched as they frolicked and played,
Amongst the lilies on warm summer days.
Bewitched by their beauty and magical ways,
Ephemeral beings no lords to sway.
Drinking the nectar of flowers so sweet,
Hovering above on wings that vibrate.
So captivated, day had turned to night,
And watching by the moon's pale light,
That she completely failed to see
her mistress searching for she,
But others heard and vanished from sight,
there you are puss, fancy staying out all night.
The cat had seen, but no one else,
the fairy gathering behind the house.

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Mat The Cat



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The cat's delight

Simple in its design,
Yet simplicity sublime!

Filled on the inside, filled with dark,
Were there windows in the ark? 

The light outside reflected back
Attempting to slip in through a little crack
But no crack is there to be found
In this square, so very, very unround

In this house made of pulp and scraps

The cat lies down, curls and wraps
His legs into positions impossible
As a box for him 
Is a house, a home so desirable!

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At the moment my mom and I are very sad.
Mom's cat passed away and that is very bad.
Mom named her Boy in 1992 because at first we thought she was a male.
Boy was a very loveable cat and we're not doing very well.
She did have a very long life and that's something we're grateful for.
She was solid white and we're sad because she's not around anymore.
Boy was a very sweet and pretty cat for all of her seventeen years.
Mom was very lucky to have her for that long and now she's shedding tears.
She loved to sleep in Mom's bed and lie on her clothes.
She loved to be petted and she loved Christmas bows.
She used to run to the door really fast when she heard me coming because she wanted me 
to pet her.
She wasn't my cat but I loved her and it's a shame that she couldn't get better.
This cat was very special and she brought lots of joy.
Now we say goodbye to the cat who was named Boy.


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Snoop The Cat

Snoop the cat is a brat but he doesn’t care,
he has lots of stripes and a bushy tail that sticks up in the air.
When he walks up to you looking so sweet,
just watch his paws ‘cause he has sharp claws
as he flops down at your feet.
And if you try to pet him make sure you do it just right,
‘cause you never know he could be in the mood to bite.
If he rubs against your leg and says meow,
then you’ll know he’s hungry and wants to eat right now.
If he’s thirsty and he wants a drink,
he doesn’t need a dish he’ll just jump up on the sink.
He likes to go outside and snoop around
and see what creatures are on the ground.
He’ll jump in the air after a grasshopper or butterfly, 
or chase another cat that’s passing by.
Snoop is such a beautiful cat but he doesn’t care,
he just wants to play and explore all day
and then take a long nap in his chair.

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The Cat

Cat sleeps for yarning in between
So different and keen

Gets up from,  feeling numb
Indeed the cat is always dumb

Then the cat attacked me with anger
When I just wanted to see the cubs of her

When I used to love her so much
She has shown in me no trust

She has hurt me 
even after knowing me

So stupid I was
Never so shocked I was

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Garfield Secret Agent

Remember that cat named Garfield?
You know, that big ole lazy cat?
He slept all day, eatin' nothing but lasagna
Til he woke up one day fat

Well, did you know he was a secret agent?
Yep, he worked for the C. I. A
See, no one would ever suspect a cat
And they just wouldn't try to get away

He was a real cool cat, as cool cats go
Nothing like that fake, "James Bond"
See, Garfield traveled all over the world
Even to England, you know across the pond?

He had some real cool gadgets too
That was hidden inside his paws
That cat even had a death ray
But only if he extended his claws

They didn't have to pay him money either
Lasagna, was his only price
See, there's a reason, that's all he'd ever eat 
Cause he was just to fat to catch mice

Garfield was also popular with the ladies
It was something about his tail
But, see, that wasn't the only reason
He'd share his lasagna as well

Well, that's my story, he's retired now
They say he just got too fat
But before I go, there's just one more thing
Do you like my drawing of a cat?

        ,,,=^..^=,,,    Meow

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The Cat's Game

The cat is staring at something behind my back,
his pupils so large, his eyes seem black,
I see his muscles twitch and tense,
his skinny tail becomes immense.

We've played this game, the cat and I,
(although all logic it defies)
for nights and days and years untold,
what demons do his eyes behold?

So, with a sigh, I play along,
and glance behind to see what's wrong.
Of course, there's nothing there at all,
smooth plaster of my bedroom wall.

I only looked away a sec,
I barely even turned my neck,
but, true to form, the end's the same
every time we play this game.

The cat, his eyes are little slits,
his tail is not puffed up a bit,
his body's now fully relaxed,
the end, once more, an anticlimax.

I used to think it a feline quirk,
that this was how all cats' brains worked,
but once I left my haunted birthplace,
the cat's game vanished without a trace.

©Danielle White

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Piper Gets A Home

Once upon a time
there was a pup named Piper.
She was being adopted
and hoped her family would like her.

The little girl squealed
when she saw the small pup
Piper’s eyes got big
when the girl scooped her up.

In her new house
Piper looked around
She saw a bowl, a bone
and a toy on the ground.

She sniffed the air
and what a sweet smell.
In the kitchen mom was cooking
it was stew, she could tell.

Mmm Mmm Mmm
how Piper loved to eat stew
and into the kitchen
so fast Piper flew.

With one giant leap
she was on top of the counter.
The cat next to her hissed
and sauntered around her.

She was almost in reach.
She was almost there.
One unfortunate step
and the stew flew in the air.

Down went the pot
with a clang on the floor.
The cat jumped to the window
and Piper to the door.

When the door swung open,
Piper came to a halt.
The girl looked down at the pup
with no blame or no fault.

She picked up her puppy
and walked to the cat.
“You’re a bad little kitty
to make a mess like that.”

The cat looked at the girl
with his eyes open wide. 
Then he looked at his enemy
she held by her side.

“I will get you.” he thought
as she walked from the room.
The pup just smiled 
and stuck out her tongue.

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Snappy Pappy and Super Twerp

It's with the grin of Cheshire
I roll out tongues of glee
and tell the tale of Super Twerp
the Maine Coon wannabe
He is the kind of cat who smiles
at every bag of treats
and growls like baby thunder
when another cat he meets
His owner is Snappy Pappy
who is similar in kind
He chews his Double Bubble gum
and keeps me on his mind
They both respond to sweetness
when it's spoken in my tone
and they both are king of nap times
as they've both so aptly shown
Both will snore and sniffle
Twerp is big and fat
Pappy Snap's a cuddler
and adores his Maine Coon cat
Both of them are called "my men"
It's been ten years gone by
Super Twerp and Snappy Paps -
a kitten and his guy.

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The Cat That Got The Cream

Find your ambition
Your life’s mission
To make a difference
To feel passionate
Not to hurt
To feel compassionate
Don’t give in to temptation
Follow your own path
Consult your willpower
Always have a laugh
Whets your inspiration
Cling to your dream
Find the motivation
The cat that got the cream
You can be there
It can be good
You can be achieving
Just like you should
Put yourself up there
Respect what your about
If people don’t appreciate it
Let them scream and shout
You have to take the bad
Don’t lose your aim
It comes by the bucketful
Keep playing the game
When you admit defeat
When you finally give in
You’ve lost all purpose 
You’ve got to search within
It’s easy to blame yourself
It’s easy to blame the world
It’s easy to keep shouting
Until you think that you’ve been heard
But think about what your saying
About what it really means
Things aren’t as bad as you think
It’s not as bad as it seems
Stick to your aim
Stick to your dream
Find some inspiration
The cat that got the cream

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Waking Up Granny

Here's another story about my granny
And, of course, it's always true
What kind of question is that?
Do you think I'd lie to you?

You see, my granny had this problem
That our family tried to keep hidden
She was a compulsive sleep walker
What do you mean?, no, I'm not kiddin'

Well, the first time it ever happened
I was sick with the chicken pox
I woke up early, when I found my granny
Standing at the neighbor's mailbox

They say, "Don't ever wake a sleep walker" 
But you know me, I tried it
I brought her in and sit her down
And when I woke her, she denied it

Now, she was as mad as a hornet
She said, "What was I doing outside?"
Well, there was only one thing to do
Yep, you guessed it, "I lied"

I made up some cockamamie story
About a cat that was stuck in a tree
And how that she was some kinda hero
For helping that cat get free

Well, I think my granny bought it 
The whole hook, line and sinker
What?... don't look at me like that
I had to be a really fast thinker

She said, "Okay get back to bed"
While I go and check on the cat
Don't judge me now, I lied again
I said, "I really don't know where I'm at"

Well, she thought I was delerious
After all, I was mighty sick
Okay, I know, enough already
I guess, it was a dirty trick

Anyway, that's my story
And there's plenty more stories to tell
Next time, I'll tell you the one
About my granny waking up in jail

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My name is Misty Kitten,
I like to chase my tail,
I've never caught it yet,
Each time I seem to fail.

I like to jump and pounce
And to box with my paw,
Then chase a ball of wool 
Across a slippery floor.

I like to chase butterflies,
To go in hollow logs,
I like to climb trees
Then hiss at puppy dogs.

But most of all I think I like
To lay down with my mum,
To drink lots of milk,
Then stretch out in the sun.

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A fat cat from Ararat
Ate too many mice and there she sat,
I have gorged myself I do confess,
My stomach is in great distress

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I look at your face, and I see:
A smile and a shy.
A girl and a grin.

I look at your hair, and I see:
A wave and a wish.
A cat and a crest.

I look in your eyes, and I see:
A twinkle and a tear.
A sparkle and a sad.

I look for your love, and I see:
Afraid and a friend.
A trade and a trend.

I look at your life, and I see:
A laugh and alone,
And a boy who's your own.

I look at my face, and I see:
A smile and a grin.
A girl and I'm shy.

I look at the sea, and I hear:
A wave and a crest.
A cat and a wish.

I look through my eyes, and I see:
A twinkle in the sand.
A sparkle in a tear.

I look for your love, and I seem
Afraid of a friend.
I trade for amends.

I live for your look, and I see:
A laugh on your own,
And a boy who's alone. 

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I’ll tell you a story about a funny, pretty girl.
Her name – Lonnie - was also strange. But listen!
Once she found on the rugged coast a little pearl
That lay close to a lost fluffy black kitten.

Lonnie was not any urchin and was not bad.
She didn’t think the matter over – she was sure
To take the pearl and not to make the kitten sad.
Because our Lonnie’s love to nature was pure.

Lonnie ran quickly across the stony, sandy beach
To show her mum the new precious treasure.
She knew from fairy tales that pearls make rich
And she’d keep the black cat for her own pleasure.

“You’re at last. What do you keep?” - Her mother cries,
Looking at the bundle and her daughter’s little palm -
“Sorry, this is a pearly pebble, but the cat is really nice,
Don’t worry, my child”, but Lonnie didn’t want to be calm.

“Oh, mother, I thought I found a precious thing,
I’d like to be rich like a princess from a fairy tale”
“My dear Lonnie” – said the woman – “I don’t intend to sting
But in life – you’ll find it out - not everything is for sale.”

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The 3 Kitten's Mittens

The 3 Little Kittens who lost their mittens
I hope you don't believe that stuff
They only told you part of the story
But they just didn't tell you enough

You see, those 3 kittens were on parole
For knocking over a catnip store
They already had plenty at home
But those greedy cats wanted more

Those mittens were to hide their paw prints
So they couldn't be identified
They told their mom they wanted to play
But the kittens just plain out lied

They'd heard about a shipment of catnip
That was coming in that same day
The mittens was to make for certain
They didn't leave behind DNA

The Mama cat knew something was up
When the kittens began to whisper
She thought, "If they won't tell me their secret
Then maybe they'll tell their sister"

She called out for her daughter
To try to find out the truth
The sister cat was an honest cat
I think we're gonna call her Ruth

Anyway, Ruth started prying for answers
Til she got them kittens to confess
She told her mama what the secret was
And the mama cat done the rest

She found those 3 kitten's mittens
And she tossed them in the fire
That's what happened to the 3 kitten's mittens
So please don't call me a liar

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The Would-be King

     The PRINCESS sits eloquently alongside of her royal HIGHNESS, 
        Training SCHOOL gave him royal status, he’s no FOOL. 
       Feeling BLESSED, his master chose him above the REST, 
            A GEM studded collar adorns the both of THEM. 
         The KING sits patiently waiting to inflict his STING; 
          The LENGTH he will strut to prove his STRENGTH, 
 His INTELLIGENCE was sorely lacking with his apparent NEGLIGENCE, 
         With DEFEAT they make haste for a royal RETREAT, 
         Their NIGHT will reveal itself in the morning LIGHT! 

for "Plucky Two by Nine" contest 
sponsor - Mystic rose

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Standing round the ritual fire, white smoke then black entwinning higher, she takes the
book up from the floor, the spell to open heavens door,

This chant kept secret for so long, in her evil hands did not belong, her intentions were
to create despair, her words to be carried upwards on cold night air.

Without a hint of hesitation, she began the ancient incantation...

"I have bathed in water near, that crystal clear my words you'll hear, to the eyes of this
enchanted seer, heavens entrance now appear"

She waited as her words ascended, to fuflill the wrath that she intended, with
anticipation as she watched, the door appeared, but it was locked.

"This can not be right" the seer spat, her temper unleashed upon her cat, "I saw no
mention in the book, but wait I'll take another look"

She read again the spell she'd cast, 'To obtain the key you need a cat'

How could I of missed that line, she wondered as she sipped her wine, her cat already had
run away, maybe there was another way?

"To gain the key to heavens door I cast this spell just once more, with  the crucial part
evading me, instead of a cat I use this bee"

With eyes a glow she watched and waited, the key soon to appear she anticipated, in a puff
of smoke that cleared to see, her spell had summoned up an old oak tree.

It's branches thick, it's leaves so green, much taller than she'd ever seen, on the
highest branch could it be?  a golden glistening hanging key.

She knew now what must be done, began climbing branches, one by one, "this tree will not
get the best of me, I am going to have that key"

Closer and closer, going higher and higher, evil spurned her on with it's desire.

At last a branch away the key, she was mesmerised by what she see's, she reached out her
hand without a sound, as the key suddenly fell to the ground.

"Damn and blast, what game is this",  she cursed and ranted, spat and hissed, with angry
words, her face a frown, she began her long descent down.

Finally she reached the base, out of breath and flushed of face, she looked around but
could not see, where was that damned elusive key.

For years that followed she looked and searched, from north to east upon the earth, from
south to west and back again, she never saw that key again.

What happened to the key you ask?I thought you may of wondered that, the answer is within
the spell, you must of worked it out by now,

'To obtain the key you need a cat' surely you remember that, he caught the key as it fell,
and  where is pussy? he's down the well!

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My dog has some grey but looks more black
But the cat is an all black cat
They fight with each other everyday
Some might say this is a form of play 
If you ask me i would have to say
I think the cats trying to get away
Like really being pounced by a seventy pound dog 
Its like a ten pound cat being crushed by a log
She sneaks by the dog who is finally sleeping
Trying not to make a sound she walks by creeping
Trying to figure out where would be a safe place 
The dog up off the floor now it becomes a race
Any where at all this dog is ready to fight 
A cat with no claws can only bite 
You would think that now she would back away 
Not for this dog at least not today
Now the cat was on are bed one summer night 
A black cat climbed in are window ready to fight
Around the bedroom out to the hall 
The dog now upstairs from hearing the cats call
I quickly scared the cat under my bed
Saving its life and believe me that's mildly said
Closing the door in hopes the cat would come to me
So i could spare his life and set him free
Knowing it was scared i decided to leave it alone
In hopes it would climb back out and head for home
Opening up the door i got a surprise 
There was cat and dog side by side 
It brought me to realize that what you see isn't always right 
That even a dog and cat can be friends and still fight