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Rhyme Brother Poems | Rhyme Poems About Brother

These Rhyme Brother poems are examples of Rhyme poems about Brother. These are the best examples of Rhyme Brother poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Forgotten Heroes of the Somme

Over the top lads, for old Blighty! Hold the colours high!
Say a little prayer for me, for this summer day we die.
My brothers from the ripened field and blackened mill, shop floor, 
Your brother in a killing field to fight a rich man’s war.

In bloodied mud and shattered wood, fight legions of the brave,
Unwitting youth, you’ll do your duty until you’re in the grave.
A sergeant greets a fresh-faced boy, “welcome to the slaughter!”
Here you die from three diseases, bullet, gas or mortar.

In arms we fight together and in leaden hails we pass,
We die amongst the filth and stench that once was verdant grass.
“In the morning we will remember them” we hear the leaders call,
Those fickle words of history, will not remember us all.

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Strangely bent this journey extends
Surreal at times, yet so real at ends
Each end confronts with a hardship of choices
With an abrupt passing, or an eternity of voices...

You and I, once on similar trends
Like brothers, we traversed all evil impends
The wheels then turned, unleashed worst of fears
We parted asunder on an ocean of tears

Through fallen decades, aggrieved heart sustained
I found my calling, forgot I was pained
Just when the going got peaceful and boring
Gales of anguish, and war started pouring

Again, I was forced to extinguish my wills
Left home for those in need of my skills
Forced to welcome the worst of thrills
A reward for one with the highest kills?

As we splattered blood on uncertain causes
Strode down the road of victories and losses
A vessel, merely, I was as I killed
Of sons, of husbands, of fathers, I spilled

In the heat of the battle, as I charged through
When my craving eyes met the eyes of you
That instant, that second, that moment, I knew
Neither decades nor ages could help subdue

My faltering sword could no longer fight
For whom I now behold in my sight
And I question my vow, having vowed despite
Whether or not my cause was right

Yet again, I stand on the recurring hill
In the midst of havoc, at a standstill
A piece of land that I swore to defend
Is it worth the life of a brother, a friend?

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Simply time to go, a little brother's lamentation

Too hard for me to say goodbye
For all apparent reasons why
Even though we all know it must be
Each heart will someday stop the beat
When the rhythm of life, and silence, finally meet
Yet I always seem so surprised 
To find that death is part of life 
Knowing that regret, will now haunt my every rhyme 
The specter called "if only", will inhabit every line.
Wish I could arbitrate a deal to have gained a little time
Just one more talk with Sissy, to ease my guilty mind. 
And the sun now sets on my regrets
I gamble on time and lose each bet
Thinking I'll move on and yet, 
here I set . . .
Wishing for one more time 
One more pun
One more smile 
That will never come 
If I could just recall the things you said that mattered to you most.
Memories un memorized
That now I'll never know
Years of conversation when I didn't pay attention
Times I should have said I love you 
And somehow failed to mention
Then when you tried to tell me you felt your time was drawing near
Your selfish little brother pretended not to hear.
Even when you did your best,  and tried to let me know
You'd made your peace and you were ready, and that for you . . . 
It was simply time to go

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I am

I am mother (father) sister daughter
Favourite aunt, SELDOM rant
Pan Flute player, dragon slayer 
Own nothing pink, at least I think
Teach Sunday school, kids find that cool
I am not to lean, I’m sure you’ve seen
Curly hair, I seldom swear
But if I do, God help you
Sing in a choir, now I’m on fire
Love my dog, I want a blog
I am very kind, at least in my mind
Love good movies, never been much of a sleaze
I just gave you a look inside my book
So for now I take a bow.

I am female
Sorry I just found a fluffy beautiful pink bath robe.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Frank Herrera’s Contest:
I am

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My Fallen Brother

White marble stones Stand proud in the sun To remember my colleagues The heroic fallen ones Many a battle Many a campaign Some did return For some never the same On the green grass I stand Blue sky above The souls of my comrade's Like peaceful sitting doves The name on this stone Reminds me of the day My best friend and brother Was taken away An offensive was launched Brothers at war Bunker to take At the top of a tor Smoke screen exhausts the view to the hill As we wind our way through Zipping bullets, blood spill Noises of lead, as they rip through the flesh As we hit the barbed wire Now a scarlet stained mesh Objective in sight as we approach our aim As I hear the groan of the injured Many dead, maimed Grenade pin pulled Bunker window we lob Hands sweating How many lives will we rob Explosion flash, shouts of pain As the smoke lifts on this bloody terrain We enter the Bunker To witness our task The enemy lie distorted Faces grimace, death mask I turn to my brother to signal it's safe As a shot rings out in this theatre place He stands still for a moment Eyes glazing and cold The death of my sibling At 19 years old As I open my eyes and turn to my son I see what I have as he holds my grandson Family values, love and a bond As I remember my brother Of whom I was so fond I proudly walk past, salute as I go The white stones standing proud Peaceful doves in a row I find myself fortunate to stand here and tell To talk of my brother, and the fallen as well .

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Ryan, Where Are You

Ryan, Where are You?
Hey Ryan, where are you? It’s been a while since the tragic summer of August 1992. Not even a final adieu – Not a single word of good-bye, Just leaving us high and dry. How could you just up and disappear? Like a dark shadow in a grey mist not really there. Gone to heaven or God knows where? Ryan, did you think we wouldn’t care? One day here – The next day gone; You always said that tomorrow’s not promised to anyone. Now, you’ll never get to see another glorious sunset or dawn.
They told me you were run over by a Brooklyn-bound train. Neither the police nor the coroner could adequately explain - Was death instantaneous or did you suffer any pain? Who’s to blame? An untimely death - Was it your fate you met? At birth, did the Three Fates your destiny set? Or were you just in the wrong place at the wrong time, An innocent bystander who hadn’t committed any crime? So cruel Atropos used her shears to sever the thread of your life, And the incredible pain of losing you continues to cut deep like a butcher’s knife. But, my dear brother, your treasured memory we will carry with us always, Through your children and in our hearts ‘till the end of our days!
Entered in contest "Favorite Poem You've Ever Written" sponsored by Carol Eastman (6-14-2014)

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A Truly Inspiring Story

(this write is inspired by the real story of a homeless man who found a student's bag with two thousand nine hundred dollars cash in it. the student was bringing it to pay his tuition fees. without hesitation the homeless man used the information in the bag to return the student his belongings.) void loyd, he’s a bum smells of rum. covered in stink no kitchen sink he got nothing  he’s recovering come see it’s free. void loyd, he’s a bum smells of rum. scum!, right?, no light? hey buddy can you spare a dime? face it, wouldn’t give him the time. finds a sack gives it back twenty-nine hundred in cash didn’t keep it but isn’t he trash? void loyd, he’s a bum smells of rum. what did the student think his fingers covered in ink pockets his money calls his honey tells her loudly proclaims proudly ‘can’t judge a cover by its book, listen to me here’s the hook. school smart or street smart it comes down to the heart. that man lives in a ditch but sweetie he is rich. you have to take a second look never judge a cover by its book.’ void loyd, he’s a bum smells of rum.
8~29~2014 Sponsor: gautami phookan Contest Name: Sketch a Character

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Born I was, still alive today, down, but I'll be back to say Even at a small age, when our house burnt to the ground Disorientated, confused, in it's smoke filled surround With no other place to go, to a Caravan we called our home It was the events after this, that allowed my mind to roam Little me playing in a field, on a broken bottle I fell Crimson fountains erupted, I survived, as I'm here to tell That Monday night so special, Boys Brigade we headed to be I tried to run faster, but my brother was faster than me Out of the opening he went, boy running, was he skilled He was there, but gone the next, knocked down, my brother killed My mind now in roam and wander, fathers health started to slide Where does a seven year old turn to, to whom does he confide Pillar to post I headed, fostered out, and to children's homes Six years later many more tears, my father in deathly roam To my father I kept my promise, to the Royal Navy I would go Whilst training, caught under a raft, my life nearing slow Pulled from the water was I, nearly drained of what little I had A release of water, a gasp of air, hours later feeling so glad Eventually what I'd always wanted, to be happy and family be Married to the girl whom I'd know, would love to marry me But to a colleague I'd declared my worries, of a phone call I'd take For History would repeat itself, to awaken to a possible wake That call finally arrived, to the telephone, speaking to my eldest son Liam his younger brother, knocked down, my tears in run I'm blessed that he was saved, which cancelled out that call I only wish that technology was, that I'd have a firewall This is me up to date, apart this last weekend Again I thought I lost my youngest, once again relieved of strain Hours up at the Hospital, the first human skull I've seen A serious cut to his head, but what it could have been This my life's chapter, around the corner we never know But all I can say to the above, around me continues to glow .

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I Wish You'd Grow Faster

"Boy! We're gonna be the best of friends! Lying here, I watch you sleeping, I sure hope that this will not be a trend 'Cause when we play ball,the goal you'll be keeping Since Mommy told me you would be coming I've been waiting for a very long time Now each day I see how much you're growing Imagine the joy of knowing you're here and are mine! From the first moment you arrived home I've noticed when you sleep, time goes pretty slow And sometimes, you seem to sleep just like a stone! But that's ok! Mommy says sleeping makes you grow I smile as I imagine the two of us at play And picture in my mind the many things we'd learn We'll pet horses at the zoo and feed them hay Come Christmas we'll buy gifts with money we'll earn I love you, my 'lil brother, Lucas I wish you'd hurry up and grow Yes, we will be causing some rocus I'll teach you all you need to know!" ~*~
By Annalise 04/29/11 FOR: Miranda Lambert's "Brotherly Love" Contest (Inspired by photo of Logan as he watches his baby brother, Lucas sleeping)

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Subject:  Harry  
From:  Mandy Tams The Golden Girl  
To my new brother Harry 
I send these words to you 
We haven’t had long together 
But you know these words are true. 

We shared experiences as children 
Even though an ocean apart 
My love I send as a sister 
The love from a sister’s heart. 

Your heart you gave many years ago 
To your sweet and lovely Lenore 
I pray that she is waiting 
And you get your dreams and more. 

You touched a piece of me 
That I thought was well hid 
With the story of your life 
And to the mire you felt you slid 

But you have loving friends 
That are there to give you love 
And from my heart I thank them 
And I will pray to the heavens above. 

That you will receive what you seek 
All you felt you missed in life 
That you will finally be together 
You and Lenore, your beautiful wife. 
© 20/01/2013 Mandy 

Thank-YOU, so very much. HUGS and Kisses
YOUR Brother...Harry

This POEM was written to me by
Mandy Tams the Golden Girl
        MY SISTER


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blood transfusion

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Bells of Amazing Grace

Two months had passed since her brother died
Eight weeks she had waited for his sign
One he'd promised to send from above
Assurance of his eternal love

Not yet had she found a shooting star
Or eyed a radiant glow from afar
But this day on a New England beach
A special connection seemed within reach

A church steeple bell began to toll
Causing teardrops down her cheeks to roll
Wind chimes rang too, formed a symphony
"Amazing Grace" was the melody

The tune played at his funeral rites
Rang out in cool wind beneath dusky skies
His sister's eyes found a rainbow had grown
It spanned o'er the lake to their hillside home

'Twas a gift from her most loving brother
A 25-year AIDS sufferer
And the bells brought her peace, gave her a smile
Their spirits had reunited for a while

*True story.  I just visited a friend in New England.
While we were at the beach a nearby church bell played "Amazing Grace."
My dear friend cried, saying this was the sign she'd been waiting
to receive from her brother who passed away just two months ago.

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Me and My Sister

i mind when i was wee
playing games with my sister

we kept each other free
me and my sister

we loved with all our hearts
protecting each sister

even after having kids
joined each sister

Combining all these things
playing all the games
loving with our hearts
loving each others kids

We are glued, me and my sister!!

                By Kate Mcnaughton.

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Have You Been Hurt By Religion

Have You Been Hurt By “Religion”?

Are you tired of “religious people”
 knocking at your door?
You wish they’d leave...  “You can’t take it anymore!”

Have you been hurt by “church people” sometime in the past?
Somehow they hurt you...  And the pain continues to last…

Have you been “wounded” by something
 somebody has said?
Perhaps you wonder if “they wish you were dead…”

Perhaps there’s someone that you 
may have “befriended…”
They have done something that
 has hurt you and “offended.”

There’s probably many people that you wish would “go away.”
Because of something they’ve 
done to “darken your day.”

I’ve been there many times…  Believe me I know.
How someone’s actions or words can hurt your soul.

Even those who go to church are 
often not very kind.
And they don’t hesitate to 
give you “a piece of their mind.”

Religion is not the answer.  Look to Jesus 
and the life he gives!
He alone has the power to love
 and completely forgive!

It’s only in his shed blood that you can find atonement.
He can change your life now!  This very moment!

He can heal your broken heart and wounded spirit.
An everlasting joy and love...  He freely gives it!

He can do what no “church” or “religion” could ever do
He can restore your life today.  
And make you BRAND NEW!!!

By Jim Pemberton

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The howls of the wolfs strike the beast beneath the bed it roars 
For it’s the full moon to night Scary of course
The little kid crawls out the bed to go to the toilet that night
When he thinks of the witches  and the beasts that bit
He steps back into bed when he gets a horrible frit
A ghost comes out the cupboard a skeleton from beneath the bed 
A monster comes through  the door way that he thinks will eat his head
A witch hackles from in his draws and then he fins out
It’s his sister his brother his mother and his father all messing about
From beneath the bed his brother with a skeleton  mask
Well in his cupboard his father with out a doubt
From in his draws his sister the smell little brat
From under the door way his mother of course he did say note
What he did was put his hand in his desk grab a water gun and squirted them all and his mum
He felt kind of stupid much more then he did before 
When he found out it was is nan and granddad how organized it all

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Water Brothers

"Brightly, brightly, and with Beauty",
quoted Mr. Valentine.
In fullness Grok; to cherish, flock-
this Ghost of Yours and Mine.

I've decided to discorporate
at this friendly hour.
Water Brothers, don't hesitate-
I am yours to devour!

*Homage to "Stranger in a Strange Land". If you've never read the book, this poem will 
be quite difficult to understand, I'm afraid.

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My Parents Did Their Best To Raise Me

My Parents Did Their Best To Raise Me As a child, my parents did their best to raise me. Teaching me about God, because they loved me! They taught me God’s ways,. This was their intention. They read the Bible, with an undivided attention. Each day I awoke. I was glad mom and dad where there. Especially when we gathered around the table in prayer. The many times we spent together I haven’t forgot. I’m so thankful for the Christian values taught. The values helped shape me into what I am today. And have helped keep me on “the narrow way.” I believe many of these values are being discarded. Even before many families are being started. A respect for God’s word seems to be a thing of the past. It’s no wonder many relationships don’t last. God’s principles must be our daily ambition. His love must be our rock and a TRUE foundation! We must seek his purpose and divine way of living. It’s HIS example that must be our way of giving! Giving to others kindness and love that binds us as one. Through the witness we have in Christ… His son! May God bless our hearts and homes in one accord. As we give our attention to Jesus Christ our Lord! By Jim Pemberton 10/01/11

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It Hurts

It hurts to be me
It hurts to be lonely
The emotions inside me
Are aching endlessly

I miss my friends dearly
And I wish that they could hear me
I call for them desperately
They don’t know that without them I am empty

I try to explain to people what I feel
But you cannot understand how I feel
And I reminisce on the memories that seem so real
And every day I try to keep my tears concealed

A beautiful girl that is now so far away, the pain lingers
I rerun the memory of us cuddling and playing with each other’s fingers
And even now she doubts that my heart is hers
And the pain cannot be described by any words

And a girl that I love like a sister
I can’t tell her how much I miss her
And I cry when I remember New Year’s Day when I kissed her
Any thought about her and my spine shivers

A friend that comforts me through thick and thin
I would be dead if it weren't for him
And the memories of hanging in his room with the lights dim
And he can’t understand how much I miss him

And a mother that was never even mine
Accepted me at any time
Making a broken child feel fine
And made his heart shine

And the day we were all together for a late night drive
I swear I have never felts so alive
For a moment all the bad memories and lies
They were forgotten and left aside

And Andrew I will always care for
We know pain, misery and more
Even his presence I adore
And He will always be in my hearts core

My friends will always be with my heart
Without them my heart wouldn't even start
Without them I would fall apart
And I hope that I will always be in their heart

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" The Life Of Me " page 1 of 2

My name is James, born 1961
In Inverness, a small Scots town
To my father Andrew, and my mother Beryl
And Billy my brother, a pair of devils
In 67, we woke one night
Our house was ablaze, full of orange light
Our neighbour next door, for whatever reason
Started a fire, it must be crazy season
We had too move to a caravan park
By this time it,s three, to make a new start
My mother Beryl decide to leave
But the three of us left, never bothered to grieve
In the next few weeks, we ended in court
Two small children, in a marriage abort
We were asked to choose either Dad or Mum
But we ignored the parent, who went on the run
As we left the court, to start a new life
We felt sorry for Dad, as his illness was rife
He never told us that he was unwell
It would upset one of his boys, as the future will tell
Then came the night all parents dread;
Being told one of his boys is nearly dead
We were going to a boys club, on a Monday night
My brother was running so far out of sight
I turned the corner to see him ahead
No!! he's been hit by a van, Boom's  Boom's dead
I ran to my father, sreaming and crying
I'm finding my life,at 7 - far too trying
After the funeral, and with my father unwell
We left Inverness, our eyes a swell
To go as two, and not three as before
It's like Mother Nature closed a door
So we headed west, to a place called Fort William
Was it in the stars, cause Billy " is " William
We moved there, as the air was so pure
Hoping my father will find his cure
For whatever reason, we left the above
We found no Angel or peaceful dove
So we headed back to Inverness
Fathers health decreasing, life still a stress
Over the next few years, i was fostered and loaned
In couples houses and children's homes
It was really strange in all those places
Different people, different faces

Then on the 16th of Feb - 76,
James, i was told, your dads very sick.
The cancer had taken your father away
To be with Billy, where you'll join them one day

In 77, i joined the Navy, as i promised my dad you see. 
I did'nt enjoy it, i decided to leave 
Back up north, where my futures to be 
I wanted to have, what my parents had lost 
And that was my aim, no matter the cost

see page 2 of 2, ty..

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holokauston Page 1 of 2

Around that table, picture the scene
Self appointed leaders if you know what I mean
What were the topics on the Agenda that day
The Jewish race is about to pay

Who gave the right for this decision that's made
Who has the right to cleanse and degrade
To decide who lived, to decide who dies
Another chapter, I still wonder why

They came in the day they came in the night
Women and children pulled out of sight
Herded aboard like cattle and sheep
Many a family awoke from their sleep

Dazed and confused as they are taken away
Where will they be at the end of the day
From their warm houses and their warm beds
What must be going through their heads

As they travel through days and through the night
Up ahead, they see lots of lights
They depart the trucks and board the train
Their faces scared under the strain

Asking questions from family and others
Generations, sisters and brothers
Why are we here, where are we going
Windowless carriages with no way of knowing

We come to a stop, soldiers aplenty
Towers and wire, topped with sentries
What can this place be they have taken us to
As we head to large gates as they shuffle us through

Families separated, herded in file
Women and children, not one did smile
Taken to rooms where our heads were shaved
Is this the way humans behaved

Clothes discarded, as we enter the shower
No signs of water no signs of power
Doors slammed as we are all crammed in
History will recall this evil of sins

As we stand in the dark, chanting Jewish faith
Can hear the voices can't see the face
Noises above, do the showers start
The event has begun that tells us Humans apart

Questions and sighs, as walled vents show daylight
Some thing is falling then their slammed tight
A strange aroma starts to fill the air
As all around are screams of despair

Twenty minutes have passed and the quietness is rife
Two thousand people, two thousand lives
Pellets called HCN, or Hydrogen Cyanide
Contribute to this Genocide

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holokauston Page 2 of 2

After the quiet we all have to go
Dragged and carted by the Sonderkommando
To be dumped in pits covered by lime
A race to dispose by it's Human slime

Auschwitz, Buchenwald & Dachau slaughtered
Many a son, many a daughter
Experiments on children women and men
Some aged 90, many under 10

In 45, their end was near, how many alive would reappear
As Russians, British and US troops
Chased the Hun to their German roots
Each camp reached showed it's sordid past
Where millions of me, were massively gassed

In Auschwitz, to this present day
Birds don't fly, no animals play
The reminder is all for there to see
Those terrible days what happened to me

It's 1948, our Nation is born
From histories past, populations torn
To all who survived I wish you well
And our new born world, called Israel

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Heres Looking At You Kid

Dear brother you were only 22
when the good Lord came calling for you

Water had consumed your last breath
Coroners said was a flashback from heroin and meth

I had always looked up to you
but your verbal abuse made me and the others feel blue

black hair  hazel eyes man you look so like Elvis 
imitating shaking your hips and pelvis

blisters and sores on  your young pale face
oh boy how you had fallen from Gods grace

you had a little girl right after you died
Mom always stood by her and your girlfriend's side

first Grandpa then you Dad  Mom and brother Bob
for my life now feels like I've been robbed

missed over 30 yrs of wishing you  birthday greetings
now at the dinner table there is limited seating

but every year when your birthday comes and passes
I will be there to pick your grave site overgrown grasses

I wonder what you would look like today
or even if your hair would be full of grey

I have forgiven for all you had done to me
for I hold no regrets so your soul can be free

heres wishing you another birthday greeting
as I lay this card and rose at your grave site's seating

Please give Grandpa Dad Mom and brother Bob my love
for someday I will reunited with all of you above

For now I have my own little girl
for she is my own everyday  world

I promise to tell her all about you
and how God will turn you into someone pure and new

Rest in peace my loving dear brother
heres another birthday wish I send in passion smothers 

In Loving Memory Of
My Brother Gary

10/ 18/ 48
 6 / 5 / 71

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Through time that has past,
I watched my brother grow.
He grew up so fast,
To become the man we now know.
A sibling love is suigeneris,
There for; we become protective.
They are with whom we are the most generous,
And whose words are often the most affective.
It comes from deep inside,
When we wish them the best,
Then consumes us with pride,
As we watch them fulfill that quest.
I knew his search was finally through,
That he had found his true love to embrace.
The first time I saw him with you,
It was written all over his face.
How delightful it is to see him this way,
Clearly your lives were meant to be like this.
So in case I have not told you; just let me say,
I am so proud to have you for a sis!


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A little lost

A little lost, is the term i would say, Just another hour , just another day. It will get better tell the folk all around, I'm seeing, I'm listening, I'm not hearing a sound. A numbness encircles me , stupid , I know, It's been a while now, I should really let go. I miss him so much, A huge hole in my heart, I can't seem to move on without him being part. . All those years, all those fights, all those drinks at the bar, Through my kids, through my cries he was never too far. My heart knows he is here, he'll make sure I'm just fine. My Protector, My Friend, That Brother of mine.

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Two Brothers

1969, two boys on the run But on the run To have much fun Monday night, Boys Brigade Where on this evening A life will fade The older by two years Could ran very fast The youngest in the race Just couldn't last Corner turned I'll catch up you'll see Where you are I want to be To reach that corner I ran and ran As I lifted my head My brother hit by a van As I reach the road I hear screams above the brakes Screeching tyres As my world all breaks My brother of nine Dragged for fifty yards Under a van Body skinned and tarred I stand there trembling In fear and tears Slow motion engulfs me As I shuffle near Panic sets as I turn and run Past the corner Where it all began Running back to my father Shouting Boom Booms dead Images running through my head My beloved brother Who could run faster than thee His life taken in front of me To see what I seen Just a boy of seven Watching Angels take his brother to heaven .

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My Fallen Brother

White marble stones
Stand proud in the sun
To remember my colleagues
The heroic fallen ones
Many a battle
Many a campaign
Some did return
For some never the same
On the green grass i stand
Blue sky above
The souls of my comrade's
Like peaceful sitting doves
The name on this stone
Reminds me of the day
My best friend and brother
Was taken away
An offensive was launched
Brothers at war
Bunker to take
At the top of a tor
Smoke screen exhausts the view to the hill
As we wind our way through
Zipping bullets, blood spill
Noises of lead, as they rip through the flesh
As we hit the barbed wire
Now a scarlet stained mesh
Objective in sight as we approach our aim
As i hear the groan of the injured
Many dead and maimed
Grenade pin pulled 
Bunker window we lob
Hands sweating
How many lives will we rob
Explosion flash with shouts of pain
As the smoke lifts on this bloody terrain
We enter the Bunker
To witness our task
The enemy lie distorted
Faces grimace, death mask
I turn to my brother, to signal its safe
As a shot rings out, in this theatre place
He stands still for a moment
Eyes glazing and cold
The death of my sibling
At 19 years old
As i open my eyes, and turn to my son
I see what i had, as he holds my grandson
Family values, love and a bond
As i remember my brother
Of whom, i was so fond
I proudly walk past, salute as i go
The white stones standing proud
Peaceful doves in a row
I find my self fortunate to stand here and tell
To talk of my brother, and the fallen as well

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Nightmare of all nightmares

Last night I had a dream
that scared me half to death
I found myself running
but could hardly make a step
My feet were intertwined
and my legs gave out
I fell hard to the floor
and almost passed out

As I looked behind me
to see what I was running from
I see a picture of my past
and realized what was to come

this picture kept coming toward me 
staring me right in the eye,
as my feet moved faster
But I stood still
I felt I was going to die

But this picture behind me 
that I had seen
Was no cliché monster
From the old movie screen,
and what did my eyes 
Find behind me,
Me and my lost brother
drinking and driving

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Did The Lord Build Your House

Did The Lord Build Your House? This house of ours is “plain.” But is still standing. We’re “simple folks...” By many people’s understanding… We may not have much of what is “socially appealing”… But we have love in our hearts. And this is a good feeling! We may not be “wrapped up” in much of this world’s entertainment. But we seek God’s peace and a desire for contentment. We, as a family, have one purpose and “calling” in mind. To seek God’s ways of being merciful and kind… Each day we pray with much thankfulness in our hearts… For this is where happiness and gratitude starts! We’re thankful to the Lord for his unfailing grace… And for keeping us together in this special place… We’re blessed to have a God who is truly worth finding. His word in our lives is precious and worth memorizing! “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it!” God must rule and reign… So his love can completely fill it! By Jim Pemberton

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An Oracle '' a cautionary tale''

An Oracle, ‘’ a cautionary tale’’

The man was called upon to help he went, heart full of love, not his own 

but (put there) questions and laughter..are  (you surely sent) then test the

spirits was a teaching the ‘‘executive Minister’’ applied, an overriding

rule his intent! Journey down to a little old hall, seemed to rub them up

wrong yet trying  (to answer that call) started to early was often the slot

to preach, a new understanding of Christians this treatment did teach, as

the Deacon changed leaders amid small slights and large. Till late in 1991

the Holy spirit took charge..! Psalms 36 verses 1 to seven thru, (n k j)  

taking this note to the executive was what he must do, and feeling in a

a condition of de ja vue, just wrote outreach name  not feeling worthy

and not wanting to lay blame. 3 months later the Deacon saw red, took

a knife half cut off brother in laws finger a shame,  step down the testing 

preacher  then said, still attending church meetings and opening halls

rolls 10 years on, & the full fulfilment now calls. His son argues with blood

uncle.. Ex-Deacon arrives kills this brother with a shotgun over another

he drives, also shoots him a no more (progeny shot) then he goes to the

slammer to await his lot.!

Copyright Joe Maverick 2011  
For the Glory of God & ^Rick Parise’s Oracle contest, I see that this 
Contest was not the idea of a man. But Rick is being used to set the
Stage to show Gods prophetic power, the above is a true story I knew
All of the people involved, I believe that this contest fits the saying
That all hidden things will be brought into the light, I have no
Personal knowledge of Rick, yet you would be forgiven for thinking  we have  
dreamed this opportunity up..! (I submit this work as Gods entry)


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My Earliest Memory

I remember a warm summer morning
With the sun shining bright in the sky
Its glow making stars out of specks of dust,
Floating in shadows as I walked by

To the kitchen where mum, already at toil
Was busily making fresh fare
The aroma of cakes and newly baked bread,
Permeating through the air

Big brother was at play in the garden,
Baby sister asleep in her pram
As I sat at the large kitchen table 
To breakfast on warm toast and jam

When I had finished my delicious repast
I helped clear the dishes away,
Washing them clean in the Belfast sink
The like of which are sought after today

 Mum put on my shoes and brushed my hair,
Then I joined big brother for play
And although years have past since I was but three
I remember as though yesterday.

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The Bus Driver

Driving his bus on that fateful day along this long driven route
Down a busy street he made his way his horn barely a toot
People coming and people going all at such a hectic pace
But the ability he was showing in placing a name to every face

Yet as I had said before this day would be unique
For what was at this drivers core left many unable to speak
Many were just looking around trying to process what they saw
But it was that which they found that really made that chilly day thaw  

As along his way he saw a sight that touched his humble heart
Now stopped at the light he seen his chance to do his little part
Putting on the emergency brake and heading out the door
Suddenly people began to wake in the wondering of what for

And there across the street was a man walking with no shoes
He shook his hand to greet saying "hey I got some good news
I want you to have these for you need them more than I"
The homeless man agrees shaking his hand and waving good bye

Running quickly back to his bus his socks soaking up the rain
He didn't even make a fuss and got right back into lane
Nobody knew what to do or even what they should say
But everybody knew we saw something very special that day

Winnipeg bus driver Kris Doubledee

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Tender of Roses

Beloved, lovely roses: gift of God and lover’s flower,
Spread your colored petals and cradle tender showers.
While admiring the blossoms with their beauty to behold,
Ought we not to know the Tender of such lovely garden groves?

For He lovingly and thoughtfully wields His pruning shears
To cut away the stems of old for fuller future years.
He cultivates and feeds them. He attends them as a Father
Looking daily to their needs; so faithfully He waters.

From the dawn of morning dew until the setting sun arrays
Caring always for His own until that great appointed day…
When the Gardener comes to claim each one the earth held as its own.
He gently picks it at its peak and for His pleasure takes it home.

As God did one glorious morning, when the Perfect Rose had bloomed.
He rolled away the stone and met with Mary at the tomb.
There the sweetest Rose of Sharon rose that we die not alone.
But be gathered for a garden grove, surrounding heavens throne.

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Happiness in a Wrong way

Happiness in a Wrong way – Zamreen Zarook

In the notion of seeking happiness,
I thought of stepping in to nonsense,
I dream I could find success,
But I had only little access.

Every attempt that I lend,
It was an utter failure at the end,
My life was full of difficult bend,
But God is always there as a good friend.

My deeds travel in various ways,
Some times in subways,
Or in times it goes in highways,
But I had the belief, God is there always.

North and south families surrounded,
East and west friends are rounded,
Every time fear on death soughed,
I am trapped, and my merits are loaded.

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If I Beat You To The Barn

Farm boys, farm boys, go and do your chores
Better take your hat for it’s sunny out-of-doors
Farm boys, farm boys, gotta milk those cows
Milk-em twice a day and feed the hungry sows
Make your mother butter in the butter churn
Argue with your brother when you think it’s not your turn
Measure off the distance you both will have to run
Where it is you’ll need to go to get the milking done
Toe the mark to challenge your brother at the gate
Divvy up the pails to balance out the weight
Farm boys being farm boys down there on the farm
And you’ll milk the cows if I beat you to the barn

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I'll See You Soon

An early August morning
Without indication or prior warning
I got a phone calling, my heart broke so fast
My best friend had breathed his last

A lifetime of sickness, now suffering no more
God said, "Now it was time to go!"
My heart screaming, "This cannot be true!"
But in my heart, I think I knew...

My friend was home with the Savior
All that remains is his wheelchair
He is worshipping with the angels in heaven
And rejoicing he can walk again

Countless laughs and conversations we shared
Now precious memories to always be remembered
Leaving a legacy of faith, love and joy
Robbi, I miss you every single day!

"I love ya sis, bye for now!"
The last words he said, now he is in glory
Beholding all of the heavenly splendor
I can but imagine what he's experiencing now

I grieve for the loss of my "brother"
He was a gift to me from the Heavenly Father
I'll see you soon, Robbi!
Save a place, in heaven, for me!

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In Loving Memory Of My Grandma

 Hold your head up, Grandma would say
 and let me pull your hair from your face.
 Stand up tall and properly, for a lady
 it should look as though it comes naturally.

 Oh Grandma, I would say. I just want to go
 and with the boys play. I want to fish and 
 shoot marbles too and maybe some baseball,
 if Bobby doesn't come too.
 Who is Bobby, she said. Just a boy who doesn't 
 like girls who with their brothers hang. 
 Well maybe Bobby is right and a lovely girl
 such as you, shouldn't be talking such slang.

 I long to be where the boys are for they have
 so much fun, it beats cooking and knitting
 silly hats and gloves. Give it time and you
 will see, she said, that being a lady is what
 God has meant for you to be.

 I would lay awake each night as I grew and I
 dreamed of the places my brothers seen
 and Bobby too. I always knew when they were
 to return home for most often it was when the
 cherry blossoms scented the lawn.

 Then there came that Spring day when all of them
 came home late, but all I could see was
 Bobby standing at gate.
 My heart did flutter and my cheeks, I knew were
 flushed. I never knew I had also missed Bobby
 just as much.

 It has been 4 years now and I still wear Bobby's ring and
 two beautiful children that in cherry blossoms we play.
 I often think back to what Grandma said and I understand
 now every word that still echo's in my head . 
 I think Grandma's have an inside tip
 for she already knew the plan, before I did.

 I will always love you Grandma.

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God Gave Us Brothers And Sisters For A Reason

God Gives Us Brothers and Sisters For A Reason!

God gives us brothers and sisters for a reason!
As children, we have each other, throughout the seasons!

We laugh and play together and do all sorts of things…
Often not realizing what the future of life brings!

As kids, we often share whatever life may give us!
And stick together, no matter what trials may face us!

But, as we grow older, too often, we part separate ways.
And lose any contact with each other for countless days!

I’ve seen all kinds of things tear families all apart.
Often, there’s some kind of
 unforgiveness of the heart!

If you, and your siblings, have reached a separation…
May you seek Jesus for
a Godly reconciliation!

As family, whatever divides, must be lifted up in prayer!
Where two or three are gathered…  God is there!

Just think about what the family unit has become!
The love of Jesus must be what binds us all as one!

Getting along as a family, is more than just a “feeling!”
The blood of Christ needs to bring an “inner healing!”

The family that each of us have,
 may not be here tomorrow!
Are you one who’s holding on to bitterness and sorrow?

May the words of Christ help us all to get along!
That through HIM, our families
will be STRONG!

By Jim Pemberton   10/20/13

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A Single Leaf Out of A Tree

A single leaf, 
Falls out of a tree above me,
 As it twist and turn, 
The wind blows it in my direction, 
It symbolizes the ending point of my 
struggles and all my pain, 
It tells me that they twist and turn, 
But never remain, 
It takes a sudden fall next to me, 
But why? 
It symbolizes the thought of being 
It tells me that someone is always 
by my side, 
As I write, 
The leaf flies away, 
As if it had a huge success in 
Nature communicates with us in 
many ways, 
Not with words, 
But with a single leaf out of a tree.

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the art of making possible what is probable-w

A boy asked his dad, “What the elections are for, after all, Dad?”
The dad replied,” I have the money, I’m manager of you all, Lad?”

All money I have, give it to your mom so she is the Government
Maid, a working class, you the people, your brother commitment”

The boy woke up as baby brother soiled diapers that night
Went to his mom’s room and found her alone asleep tight. 

So he went to maid’s room, found his Dad in bed with her
The angry boy banged on the door but nobody did bother

The next day he said to his dad that he has been fully fed, 
You explain it to me son, in your own words, asked his Dad. 

“The management is screwing, the government asleep tight
 The people are ignored and the commitment not in sight”.


Second place winner in
Contest: Election Humor by Carolyn devonshire
Seventh place win in P.d.'s contest June'11

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A Sisters Love

He has always been there in my life when times get kind of rough.
He has always loved me no matter what though his exterior is tough.
It’s hard to get to know the true him, he doesn’t open up to just anyone.
But if he opens up to you, it can warm you like the sun.
He makes me laugh like no one else; he can always get me going.
When he is in a good mood he brightens my day without knowing.

He is my one and only brother,
I would not trade him for another.
He may not always want to share,
But in his heart he will always care.
I know he may not always know,
All the feelings I do not show.
The love I have for him is grand,
It overflows my cup and hand.
My heart breaks when I see him sad,
I wish for him a soul that’s glad.

He is so very important to me; I hope that he can see.
I love him so much, sometimes that it hurts,
I wish him a heart that’s free!

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My friend (Brandy) 
Got some candy, 
From her mother (ma) .

My friend (Brandy) 
Got more candy, 
from her brother (Bro) .

My friend (Brandy) 
Got lots of candy, 
From her grandpa (Pa) .

She got a tooth ake
Is it a mistake! ! ? ? 

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I Know Of Someone Holding Unforgiveness

I Know of Someone Holding Unforgiveness! I know of someone holding unforgiveness! This has led to a life of much bitterness! Toward his brother, he’s held on to a grudge. From his viewpoint, he won’t even “budge.” No matter what God’s word has clearly spoken… He’s walked with a heart that’s been broken! His son prayed that God would speak to him! That he would forgive, so God could heal him! Forgiveness is a powerful thing to do! If you want God’s mercy to flow through you! We’re not called to “hold back,” the love God’s given! Through Christ shed blood… We’re all forgiven! May the love of Christ come and touch us! It’s no secret how much God really loves us! Please come Lord Jesus! And touch our soul! May we express your love, wherever we go! May God’s gentle love, be what always binds us! HIS words; “love one another,” do remind us! By Jim Pemberton

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We Need To Honor Our Parents

May We Honor Our Parents…

I know of many parents who tried their best to raise their kids.
Many of their hearts cry because of how their children live.

There’s many who’ve tried to teach their children God’s holy ways.
What was taught, seems to be lost…  In a matter of days.

Many parent’s pray for their children’s lives.
Many of their children choosing to live a life of “lies.”

Scripture says to honor our parents, 
that our days may be long.
But any kind of honor to them…, 
Many feel doesn’t belong!

The advice and warnings from parents 
seem to be ignored.
Many of their children say they’re 
“too old fashioned and bored.”

There’s a message for the young people that needs to be clear!
You need to honor your parents! 
 One day they shall “disappear!”

God gave us the parents we have, 
whether we accept this or not.
We need to think about the things that our parents taught!

May we seek to live lives that will bring honor and grace.
In our hearts, may we keep our parents in a “special place!”

May we share from our hearts, the love our lord has given!
May we share his love while
 our parents are still livin’!

The love we can give our parents is a treasure untold!
The gift of having parents is more precious than gold!

By Jim Pemberton

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Wasting Water

Sniff, sniff; smell that?
The bridges are burning,
There goes the kinship, 
You’ll never be earning,

‘Cause blood is thicker,
Or so you claim,
You carved in the truth,
The name of your game,

You tattooed your duplicity,
And pretended not to know,
Insulting our intelligence,
With the seeds you sow.

To use us in your time of need,
When all your blood ran out,
But you’ve wasted all your water,
And now you’ll live with drought.

Conveniently, when your fire’s doused,
You’ve got your blood transfusion,
Your loyalties have been restored,
Our familial bonds? An illusion.

But we were already prepared,
‘Cause water is much quicker,
It was only a matter of time, 
And we were watching the ticker.

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A Brother's Bond

The sun was slowly setting mixed with an atmosphere of peace and calm.
He sat as his usual place, knowing he is in no harm.
All he heard was the rustling of the trees and the birds that flew by.
He placed the flowers next to him as he wiped a tear from his eye.

He began to speak, starting off about his day.
The only person he could talk to, when he had much to say. 
He knew he wouldn’t be interrupted as he carried on.
He wouldn’t be judged, even if he was wrong.

He soon became quiet, as he couldn’t stop the tears.
Saying “I really miss you bro and wish you were still here.”
He removed the old flowers and replaced them with the ones he bought
He sat there for hours with his six pack, deep into thought.

He reminisced about the days when they were young.
Laughed a little at the silly songs they once sung.
The mischief they got up to and the girls they use to date.
Two Casanovas you really couldn't hate. 

Riding their motorbikes, popping a wheelie down the road.
No one dared to mess with them in their own abode. 
How he wished he could relive those memorable days
And spend more time with his Bro, instead of at his grave.  

The sun had disappeared, leaving an orange glow behind
He stood up, said a prayer and quietly sighed.
He wiped away the tears and pretended to be strong again.
And left his brother’s grave site filled with the same amount of pain.

RIP Uncle Owen 
23 / 09 / 1966 – 05 / 09 / 1985

Written for my dear uncle who visits his brother’s grave on a daily basis. 
I never got to meet him but I know he was an awesome person.

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Teddy Bears

Me and my brother had teddy bears
Both were shorn and bald of hairs
The tale to you I will describe
It’s not one that fills me with pride

My dad had a pair of manual hair clippers
Which he kept hid from us nippers
But I’d found them once before
The goldfish found upon the floor

I had tried to give his fin a trim
After which on one side he did swim
The teddy bears were next in line
All their golden hair so soft and fine

I took the clippers to our room
I thought it time they had a groom
Sat down clippers at the ready
Picked up first my brothers teddy

Shaved them bald as they could be
My brother was not pleased with me
As I sat there like the barber of Seville
I was glad a look could not kill

I don’t  know what happened to the clippers
With the rubber handle grippers
Or the lovely teddy bears
Who ended up as teddy bares

Owen Yeates

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In Memoriam

Another rainy Memorial weekend,
there’s no promise of the sun.
I’m sorry for the folks who’d planned
a little camping fun.

But my task will go forward
with umbrella and raincoat.
I’ll get those graves all covered,
if I have to use a boat.

The first one was for my daddy,
back in nineteen fifty three.
I could not know how many more 
family graves I’d live to see.

The next one’s for my young husband.
It was dug in sixty two.
In seventy five my darling mother
died and her grave was brand-new.

Tears for a granddaughter in seventy nine
and for a nephew that year too.
In the year of nineteen eighty
my  brother followed those two.

Then we had a short hiatus.
It was not ‘til ninety-four
that another brother was laid there.
Then we counted one grave more. 

The next year we gathered once again,
when my second husband died.
He missed the sorrow of ninety-seven,
when it was for his son we cried.

Two more years in nineteen ninety nine
my own son was laid to rest..
“If God is trying me”, I thought,
“I fear I’ll fail this test.”

Then He had pity on us
and it was a full decade
before another grave and in it
my great grandson was laid.

Two brothers lie in other grave-yards,
and their stones I do not see.
I’ve been going to this cemetery
each Memorial week since fifty-three.

There are many friends and in-laws
that I must also remember.
I go the rounds with flowers  in May
and with wreaths in cold December. 

This poem covers five generations
of at least one family member
who has gone on ahead of us
and we bring flowers to remember.

By: Joyce   5/28/ 11

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I'm Not the Kind of Person God Wants Me to Be

I’m not the kind of person I need to be! There’s too many problems inside of me! I’m not the kind of person you’d want to know… I’ve too many worries and a troubled soul! I’m the kind of person who has a lot of stress! Lately, my life has been one big mess! I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have a friend. You listen to me now… But may never see me again! I’m the kind of person who’s gone through pain! I wake up some days, and don’t even know my name! I may not be the kind of person you’d want to be around. I may get discouraged, and “get you down.” I’m the kind of person who’s giving Jesus a chance… I know he loves me! Whatever the circumstance! I’m the kind of person who needs a lot of prayer! I know that God listens! And is always there! Please help me Jesus! That I may be set free! May it be your love that others will see! Thank you Jesus! For being my savior and friend! You’re someone that this person can always depend! I’m not the kind of person that Jesus wants me to be! That’s why I need more of HIM! And LESS of me! By Jim Pemberton

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Old romantic

I take you by the hand, and lead you down to the bed,
'I love you baby', and you repeat the words I said,
I whisper in your ear, just what I'm gonna do,
Before this night is over, I'll make your dreams come true.

You didn't have to say it..  'cause I already knew,
But I'll give you what you want, for the trouble you've been through,
Oh my coo, coo, cha choo, forget stress as I caress you,
As I confess, that you're the best!  And it's just us two.

Time can fly..  I don't care.  I can't wait,
I hate being without you, and just lately I feel great!
Now we're cuddled up together.. forever isn't long,
Our passions grow strong.. I love what we've got going on.

  'Cause all day long I picture your face,
  Your eyes and your body, I could never replace.
  With our souls combined, we can sit back and unwind,
  And take it one day at a time.

I'm..  dreading the day, when you finally leave,
I'm a realist, it's not about what I believe,
But I'll survive, I'll live..  I won't die,
And no one will ever see the quiet tears that I cry.

However, that's the future..  and this is the now,
Forget the past, if you want, I'll show you how.
So hold on tight Girl, and go with the flow,
You've got a 1st class ticket, VIP, enjoy the show!

I won't ever stop, I won't ever go,
You know it sometimes feels like my heart is gonna blow!
You're the one, the only, great love of my life,
It's just a shame it had to cut me.. like a double edged knife.

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I miss, want to kiss, feel, and reveal my soul to you-

I miss you, I want to kiss you, feel you, and reveal my soul to you… 

I miss you... 
It's all I can say to verbally display the many, many ways you make my day.
Just a thought of you brings a smile to my lips and an extra swing to my hips. 

To kiss you…
Oh, how I yearn for your sweet and tender kiss…
And your gentle touch which leaves me filled with bliss.

Feel you…
I always need you close to me…
For near you is where my heart is free.

Reveal my soul…
Your scent is my sixth sense created and meant just for me...  
Each day I miss you and wish you were near… 
When I lay my head down in my dreams you always appear. 

You, You, YOU…
You fill my mind with poetic anecdotes and my life with hopeful endnotes.


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Is It God We Trust Or Leave In the Dust

Is It God We Trust? Or Leave In the Dust? As our courts remove God from this great nation. We are left with a confused and lost generation! As God is taken away from our public schools. A huge tide of immorality is what “rules.” The Bible is often mocked and discarded. It was on it’s principles this country was started! Just about anything of God seems to get scorned. So many “rush” to worship many ungodly forms. As God’s name is often tossed and thrown out. We tend to forget what HE is all about! Too often, his plans for living are tossed and abused. No wonder, there’s many who are lost and confused! As people forget God and worship the fallen creature. They look to themselves and “glorify” their features. Many ignore God, and get involved in deep addictions. And with this, come disease, heartache and afflictions! As God looks and sees this nation “bleeding.” It’s his righteousness, that we need to be seeking! If we would humble ourselves, he would hear our prayer! He loves all of us! And he really does care! Won’t you come to HIM, And invite him in? Won’t you allow him to be your master and friend? He brings strength and nourishment to the soul! It’s only in him that we can be made whole! By Jim Pemberton

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Gone Away

Should that war have been fought?
I’m not the one to say
I only know:  The-Names-On-The-Wall
Are those who’ve gone away.

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Treasure for Maureen

A midnight ship with silver sails
And hoisted flags with scarlet tails
Is whisked by winds of golden gales
Descending from the skies above.

And though the decks are wet and soaken,
Still the hull is swift and oaken
So the course remains unbroken,
Trailing wakes of turtledoves.

With storm departed, then no sooner
Comes, unseen, a pirate schooner
Neath the nighttime, light and lunar,
Pouncing with a push and shove.

Though hope seems lost, a cyclone saves 
Dispersing foes and other knaves
With frothy foamy fisted waves 
Which strike like leaden leather gloves.

Secured, the ship has safely landed
- Left behind, the pirates stranded -
Passers-by are smiling candid,
Knowing not the value of.

For hidden in the wooden hold
Is treasure bursting unforetold
- Far more than diamonds, thyme and gold -
It brings unbound a brother’s Love.

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I'm so Thankful For My Father

Lord…  I’m Thankful For My Dad!

Lord, during this special day, I’m so glad…
For giving to me such a special dad!

He’s been very thoughtful and kind!
Fathers like him are very hard to find!

I remember growing up with my brothers…
He was special to us, like “no other!”

As a young boy, he taught me God’s ways.
And I’ve kept it throughout my days!

I’ve often sought his advice and counsel…
Especially when life 
was looking “awful!”

He was there to give support
 the best he could.
Trying to help the best way
 he understood.

I suppose now that I’m growing old…
I’m remembering more things that my dad told!

“My father is one in a million.”
 Is what I believe.!
Many blessing from him
 I have received!

May the blessings of God daily surround him!
I’m so thankful that my mother found him!

Thank you Lord for giving to me a dad like this!
May his days ahead be happy
 and blessed!

By Jim Pemberton

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Drenched all over and pupils soaked
Down, this season, a nostalgic walk
A storm, within, of emotions cloaked
Remnant of treason remains to stalk

Contemptuous breach of a covenant shared
You drifted away to regal sounds
Calamity befell less fortunate, spared
My suffering, apparently, knows no bounds

This ride, in ways, is new to find
Each step drawn deeper, I deign
Tears of heaven and mine, combined
Abridged, somewhat, sorrows reign

Sinking daylight, hopes relinquish
Fading mirage intent on proving
Tranquil drive allures to vanquish
Keeps the undead, however, moving

Each moment spent, not unremembered
Each rise, and fall, is but a smother
And soul, from body, is when dismembered
By the side of you, will rest another

Note: This can be read as a reply to "Deliverance"

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For Paul

For Paul

I heard the siren loud and shrill
And down my back there cruised a chill
A gas explosion, down the mine
Had blocked the shaft at number nine.

Twelve miners trapped beneath the ground
But one was dead when they were found
My brother Paul, of sixteen years
My mother’s face awash with tears.

Just like a babe she bathed her son
Her little boy whose life was gone
My chest so throat so dry
A pain so deep I could not cry

Years pass,but still there are times
 just before sleep
When I remember...and weep.

An original poem on the theme of --- Funeral/ Death
Margaret Foster
Part truth / part fiction. 22/5/10

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My dad was always this mystery
A shadow from the past I never knew
My mom rarely talked about him
And I never begged for another clue
I met him as I turned eighteen
We went to a Rolling Stones concert
And it seemed somewhat surreal
To be as dried as the vacant desert
He gave the keys to my Mustang
A brown, little hatchback from 1980
It was wheels for a little bit
Even if it could barely go above 80
I was in Nebraska for one week
With him as he worked as a handyman
We talked and were catching up
But I know not what makes him a man
I met my half-brother in Omaha
When I went to visit many years ago
He clung to me like the memory
Of being a brother I may never know

(Both my dad and brother are named Daniel.)

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Hail to my Brother, the Dragon Slayer By Day

No one can imagine the horrors you've seen
The terrible events that must appear in your dreams
You can rarely share the evil you've seen
It must encroach your soul, your entire being

Defending a tourtured evil soul
Takes courage, knowledge, devotion, a goal
Trying to fight for a murderer's life 
Because your love of the law, gives you your might

It's strengthened you, toughened you, wore down your heart
Putting others before you, you'll go down with a fight
Never judging the crime, the person, the soul
Fair treatment to all is your only goal.

Following statutes,motions and cases before
Devoting your all, deserving much more
It takes courage, thick skin, and love of mankind
To sit across many of the evilest minds

Doing the best job defending their crimes 
Takes a person that understands what's inside their mind
Putting yourself in a mind such as theirs
Must have its consequences over the years

Yet you plug on defending these people for years
No one allowed to see your real tears
Your compassion for victims, children's lost lives
Must be buried inside, fighting for the other's lives

Your rarely given praise by society it seems
Even though what you do must affect all your dreams
I'm proud to say that my brother will fight
Even for those that don't respect life. 

It takes a special person that chooses this life that you live
For the freedom of unjustly accused all your time you will give
Even if you save a few that weren't bad
The emotional toll on your life makes me quite sad. 

For in the end whether or not you have won
Your caseload continues it does not sound fun. 
It takes character,finesse intelligence too
To continue defending is what you must do.

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Know Justice, know piece

"Have you called Brigit yet?" A friend to bawl and 
Here she is, in times or tales of plight and fight, 
peace and flight.
One year for every finger on each hand,
one to hold and one to rend.

Will you send me to the brig? To serve is
My only, gaols please? At ease Deedee!
Have I given ten years, ten tours, twin yours?
To win, Towing a boat, about the great blue
Blew sea, Ya so? The windy, windy day.

He, she, it knows by nose, line by line.
Tortured me, then? Shall I, aye, aye capt'n!
Anything else? De rein! The rain, knows things.
Deaf, dumb, and blind, am I.

Have I bought the illusion of chi-says?
'Bolt is the fastest, I am the slowest and the lowest.
There is de rein to due, except for all my debts.
Before I knew it, I signed on the dotted line- lye on.
Mortar and lye built this house, my love is a mouse.

I am a polyglot, fully human and humane, and animal
at best, and person without rest. Call on me, pourquoi?
A lifetime of slavery have I, et de rein. Ecoute! 
Without the accent, I asked the Law'd to save my

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Brother and his newborn sister

For the very first time
He discovers a new face
As he stares into her eyes
She drifts off into space.

“This is my little sister?”
He questions the man above.
“Why she is very beautiful.”
“Pure as a heavens dove!”

For the very first time
He held her in his hands
He too, then drifted off
Now he understands.

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What I Look For In A Home

I’m sure that home to many has a different meaning. It depends what kind of life they’ve been receiving. There are those with memories of hurt and pain. Some may not want to mention their families name. Others have childhood memories they are fond of. They may have a family that they’re proud of! I think that in many cases, home is not what people see. It has a lot of importance. Both to you and me! What home means to me is to have our family together. And ask the Lord to bless it, with his love forever! God gave me a wife and children to take care of. May I not do things that I’d be ashamed of! I invite YOU Jesus, to be the head of our home! May we come together as a family, around your throne! May our family serve one another as we should. May the truths of God’s word be applied and understood! May the Lord help us to get along, with our imperfections. May God’s word be our “road map,” for needed direction! There’s no perfect home. Believe me! I know it! When it comes to family time… We all need to show it! Unless the lord builds the home… They labor in vain that build it! Let’s seek God’s blessing! So his love can completely fill it! Please come Jesus! And fill our home today! May our home be honored by what we do and say! By Jim Pemberton

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Mario VS Luigi

My name is Mario and I have an ingrate for a brother, his name is Luigi.
Even though our games are in my name, he's always had it better than me.
He needs to be taught a lesson and it will be left up to me to teach.
The sorry bastard takes everything, he even married Princess Peach.
He always got all of the attention from our father and mother.
Now he wants our games to be called the Super Luigi Brothers.
He went over my head and asked Nintendo to change the title.
I'm so pissed off at him that I'm starting to feel homicidal.
I sued Hollywood Pictures in 1993 because they did something that really made me mad.
When they filmed the Super Mario Bros. Movie, they made me old enough to be Luigi's Dad.
I deserve seniority because I've been in more Nintendo games than Luigi.
I was in Donkey Kong and years later I was in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out as the referee.
Luigi had better learn that I will not take his sass.
If he doesn't shape up, I'm going to kick his Italian ass!

(This poem was inspired by the Super Mario Bros. Games.)

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When Daddy Did The Cooking

My brother was first at the table
to pile six pancakes on his plate.
I don’t know how he stayed so skinny
given the amount that he ate.
My daddy had made the hot syrup
from white sugar or so he had thought.
After one bite my brother was choking,
hair rising as though he’s besot.
Then Dad yelled ,”Don’t pour the syrup. 
Instead of sugar, I grabbed Epsom Salt. "

Won No. 5

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Big Brother Is Watching

They say "Big Brother" is watching you,
And I know that it must be true.
Someone sees and hears us all,
Whether we do good or if we fall.

That Someone is God's Son, Jesus.
Our Big Brother, He always sees us.
Everything we do, every word we say,
Jesus sees and hears everyday.

Not just our deeds, He knows our thoughts,
He knows the hidden secrets of our hearts.
Nothing is hidden from His watchful eyes.
He sees and hears each breath, each sigh.

Yes, Big Brother is watching us,
The Son of God, Christ Jesus.
But more than watch, He intercedes,
Asking the Father to meet our needs.

6/30/12 For Black Eyed Susan's "Big Brother - who's watching you and why" contest

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Oh Brother

Hey! I am your long lost brother Remember the one who moved over sea? The one who always tormented you, Made you fall and graze your knee. The one who pulled the heads of your dollies, Set fire to your dolls house The one who accidentally while you were out Killed your little pet mouse. The one who called you silly names, And sniggered at your fashion trends The one who always went out of his way To embarrass you in front of your friends The one who told you fairies weren’t real Until you cried and would then still persist The one who broke your childhood dreams When they told you Santa also didn't exist Yes, I am your long lost brother You know, the one who caused you great pain? The one you really, really hoped You would never see again

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Remember me
Not as I am
But how I used to be

Don't be afraid 
To say my name
For you it's not forbade

Hate me not
I did not leave you
Please save me a spot

On the court 
Or on the field
I'll be with you in your heart

-Miranda Lambert-
**This is a dedication to my husband for the loss of his brother Michael 07/13/10, 
may you rest in peace and keep my dad company, we Love you!!**

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An Old Dirt Road

 Long country roads reminds me of home.
 Where Mother gardened in her yellow hat
 and Dad watching her would smile and at 
 her laugh, then she would laugh along.

 The smell of honeysuckle on the vines and
 Sister reciting her nursery rhymes.
 My brother playing alone would dream of
 singing country songs, as he would with his
 little hands, that ole guitar strum along.

 Peaceful feelings this ole dirt road brings 
 and how I would love to go back home again.
 So much has changed in the years that have
 passed but when I close my eyes, yesterday
 doesn't seem as long ago, as the sound of the
 word, the past.

 Running barefoot along the river banks, those
 memories will always be a part of me and for 
 these memories, to my parents, I give thanks.
 It has been the greatest gift of all, for now when
 life gets to troubling my mind, I find a dirt road
 and just drive and go to the river to relive the
 loving times we shared and with my children
 create our own special moment in time, in hopes
 that someday, this with their children they will

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Full House

Naughty little brother hitting people just for fun,
Soppy little sister snuggles up to harassed mum,
While other sister Lesley thinks she’s in a royal court,
And “Ten Ton Tim” throws the tennis balls he’s bought,
One hits little Lesley on the head with quite a force,
She storms off to her room, in a nark again of course,
She slams the door behind her once she’s made her way upstairs,
And then there’s the twins, I know that trouble comes in pairs,
Michael’s riding Richard with his undies on his head,
While Craig from down the road is wearing swimming trunks instead,
“Ten Ton Tim” then offers the other boys a fight,
One which probably won’t finish until very late at night
“You and Craig onto me!”; a tempting offer to the boys,
Who start to rush towards him brandishing their army-toys,
Lesley reappears from the dark behind the door,
Intending not carry on moaning any more,
Dad is quite sensible at stays at work ‘til dark,
I think it’s more crowded here than in Noah’s Ark.
Mother calls for quite but the noise just carries on,
‘Til Craig suggests they go to his and then the rabble’s gone!

(Written at the age of 9 or 10)

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Edward Bud Atfield Brother Uncle

Edward ( Bud ) Atfield
Brother / Uncle

There is little to inspire this,
a day of reflection, but loads of hope.

There is a brother / uncle I will miss,
who has reached the end of life’s rope.

At the end of the Grim Reapers noose
his spirit, his soul to be free – let loose.

Time passed – eighty three years- age and cancer
have now taken their toll, he now knows the answer.

The time has come, to leave for changes
as his life’s flow, ebbs and rearranges

it’s atoms, it’s energy, it’s essence, it’s meaning,
to find all, in the new, that he will be feeling.

I am, oh so sorry that I will not be there
to say goodbye, offer best wishes as you fly
off to places far beyond the sight of these blind eyes
as we stare off into the blackness of, we know not where ?

I see where you once stood, standing before us, in our
memories hoard, now and forever more, during this hour.

I fondly remember your mentorship, 
emulating, to be a mechanic, my apprenticeship.

I fondly remember the hours we drank, did talk.
In – but not all – your footsteps I tried to walk.

Love Bill .
B. J. “A ” 2
April 7th 2004

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Be Still and Know that I am God

Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know that I am God
A God that can deliver
And give you Joy like a river

Be still and know that I am God
With conviction, he will let you know
Right from wrong
And in your heart God will
Give you a new song 

Be still and know that I am God
With my voice, I will Praise God in advance
I know that he will give me a second chance

Be still and know that I am God
In Psalms 23, the Bible says, The Lord is my Shepard 
With God I have a track record

Be still and know that I am God
The Bible says to rebuke the devil and he will flee
Pray that God will give you
Discernment to see

Be still and know that I am God
The Lord gave you the Power
To cast the devil out
Lift up your hands, and Praise
The Lord with a shout

Be still and know that I am God 

@ Copyright 2012
Do not copy without permission
Written by Anointed Author and Poet,

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My Dearest Brother

My Dearest Brother You know I Love You like no other… When I woke up today In my mind these thoughts played… Since you’ve been taken away I’ve searched for the right words to say How much I miss you… everyday… Even though it’s been a while Each time I hear your voice my heart smiles… Thank you for the birthday wishes I send you this note with a thousand kisses… I’ve wanted to protect you Since you were knee high… and each day you grew The right way to do this; I never knew The choices you’d make; I could not undo… I remember the days when together we played When on my shoulder your head laid How I wish your pain would fade How I wish I could take it all away… While you’re locked away in that cell I Pray each night you’re not living in hell I Pray for God to keep you well I Pray for the day when to your face I can tell I love you brother I love you like no other… Lay

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The Thread That Binds

A little boy and an ant became great friends one day. 
But how to live drew them apart, and this is how they ran astray:

In the Ant’s heart was strict authority and constant work each day.
Why wasn’t the boy following someone, collecting for the food array?
The ant would always build everything in exactly the same proven way.
The anthill was underground and protected them perfectly every day.
Not adding to the hive was a crime, no one would ever think to display.
He knew every thing would be perfect, if everyone did their job and obeyed.

But the boy wanted to build bridges and trestles, just like his Dad, each day.
All of them out in the open, none of them under ground or hidden away.
And inventiveness came with the notice, of new and exciting things in daily play.
His life was really cool, not boring, as standing in a line would convey.
He’d invent, and ponder, and build in exciting, new ways, to fit each new byway.
Quick minded, and resilient he’d build, many fascinating and unique causeways.

The boy and the ant eventually went away, not happy with how the other lived.
They thought the other shortsighted and scorned, at what the other could give.
But they went away without realizing, how very similar were their lives.
For each would spend their time endeavoring to help others with their drive.
But understanding is a harder concept than building a bridge or storing food.
It takes a true gift to see the world as others do…

The moral to this story is really quite easy for all to see…
You can’t expect others to live their lives the way you want them to be.
Here, each was adding to their different world, only they could see.
While one was building for a smaller, singular hive…
The other was building for the hive of mankind.

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Jesus, I Pray For My Brothers

Jesus, I Pray for My Brothers! Years ago, I suggested to my brothers that we pray. They simply laughed at what I had to say! I thought it would be good to get together... That God's love would bind our hearts forever! Division took place and took the "upper hand." I don't think they'd listen or even understand! Over the many years that just went on by... They never once took the time to say; "hi!" Even though they never once seemed to care. I decided to take some time in deep prayer! It was like they would make fun of what I said. At times, maybe they wished I were "dead." At this time, there's a strong and powerful force That's blowing their lives are way off course! I pray that God's spirit will get a hold of them! And let them now how much he loves them! I pray that God's love will be the glue that binds them! May God's mercy and joy be what finds them! I pray that evil will not find it's way in their home! And they would allow Jesus to rule on their "throne." Even though they tried to cast me off, as a "fool." It's God's words, in their lives, that must rule! Jesus can turn around even the worst situation! By the power of his glory and resurrection! Please, dear lord, bind them forever as won! Bless their home! Their daughters and sons! By Jim Pemberton

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My Brother Needed Prayer

My brother came to me, desperate for prayer! Filled with hopelessness and despair! I reached out to him to begin to pray… But I couldn’t find any words to say! The Holy Spirit began tugging at my heart within… Convicting me of holding on to a “secret sin.” THIS SIN, God told me I must first let go, For this was eating at my soul! My prayer life had been such a mess! I repented! And to God… I confessed! I called out to Jesus’ precious name! Inviting him into my heart to reign! On bended knees before my Lord I began to bow, My prayer was going to be answered… Somehow! The prayer request for my brother Was going to be met! For God has never failed me YET! By Jim Pemberton

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Parents Need To Be In Church With Their Children

Parents Need To Be In Church With Their Children… Many parents bring their kids to church… Hoping they’ll be a “better person.” They want them to hear about God. And listen to the “Sunday lesson.” They often tell the children to listen and obey God’s ways. But you’ll never see the parents at church on Sundays! They’re “too busy” to spend time with God... Even at home. Then tell their children they love them. And often leave them alone. They parents don’t want to take the time to give them their attention. They want the Sunday school teacher to give them a “moral direction.” Parents need to be the man and woman God wants them to be! They need to have Christian principles that their children can see! Won’t you be there for your children and help them to understand… What it means to be a Christian. And to be a Godly woman or man! It’s Christ’ desire that you as parents be a Godly example! There’s just too many temptations for your kids to handle! Living for God. As a family. Is the best thing you can do! Christ stands at your heart’s door… The rest is up to YOU! By Jim Pemberton 11/16/11

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A Country Fair Tale

“Toss a ring and snag a duck
And you will win a rabbit!”
My grown-up brother soon was hooked – 
For challenge was his habit.

We were at a country fair;
The barker was enticing.
Proving he could win came first;
The rabbit was the icing.

My brother slapped his dollar down
And got five plastic rings.
The wooden ducks were floating,
But the barker pulled the strings.

For many dollars later,
Though my brother’s aim was true,
The man in charge reached down and said,
“This special duck’s for you.”

He placed it in the water
And one toss was all it took;
The “special duck” was snatched away,
Without a second look.

My brother won his rabbit
Which he couldn’t even keep.
We learned a lesson, though, that day,
Although it wasn’t cheap:

At country fairs or carnivals,
Beware the barker’s lure.
If you’re convinced you’ll beat their game,
You’ll lose your shirt for sure!

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I know I don't visit like I should
But, please don't think its cause I don't care,
My heart is still mourning and hurting
Knowing your all alone lying there.

Your free of pain with eternal life
I know in your memory I should rejoice,
But, its not the same without you here
I'd give anything to hear your voice.

One more time to see your smile
Even to feel your gentle touch,
Hearing you laugh from deep down
Oh, this and more I miss so much.

The scuffle as your walking by
I can hear you coughing at night,
Feel your presence through the house
Your assuring me everything is alright.

So, untill one day when I'm called home
The heavenly angels come down for me,
I'll continue to keep you within my heart
While I keep replaying your memory.

Memory of my brother, Matt. R.I.P. 2/5/69-3/19/09

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A Call Of Reckoning

Deep from within the belly of the beast Rumbling cries of starvation call for a feast. Hidden for centuries from the eyes of man Slipping through shadows he completes his plan. Creating wars of distraction blinding our leaders While he decayed our morals with hate in meters. Dipping into his well of disease, he tips the ladle Stealing a child’s Soul right from their cradle. The righteous has battled becoming weary from attacks He ravaged their bodies with illness forcing all to fall back. He covers the world in a darkened despair of disbelief Consuming their thoughts with doubts bared through grief. Heavens horn sounds for the righteous to armor for war The word your sword, faith your shield, love is the core. Wrap tightly around truth cover your hearts with honor Prepare your feet in peace this brings the beast dishonor. Arise warriors of God our war is not against one another His call is for all sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers. We must uncover our lights to destroy his dark domain Those lost to him need rescuing before time has drained. Grace will carry us, Mercy delivers and Love will heal Side by side our light will spread, God’s Hand he will feel. We are groomed for this time, from the ashes we rise again Thus foretold by those who felt power run through their pen. Copyright©2008 Carole Cookie Arnold.

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Not Such A Scrooge, After All

When I was a small girl, (just an annoyance to him) My big brother’s bedroom was filled to the brim He would purchase a comic book, with every trip to the store With every nickel and dime, that he made doing chores He would buy all the latest, (had a hundred or more!) My brother was a neat freak, even way back then They were sorted, and cherished, and kept neatly in bins His room was off limits, from my grubby little hands I was given many warnings, or my life would surely end! Of course I couldn’t stand it….I would sneak behind his back I searched for Mickey Mouse, but those he didn't stack So I chose that feathered skin-flint, (That mean old duck that quacked!) You’d think I’m talking Donald? The leader of the pack? Nope, I loved Old Uncle Scrooge! He kept his money in a sack! $$ Perhaps because my brother, was a bit like that old duck He hoarded, kept his comics….and would wage a war, in fact! If I even breathed upon them, or thought of touching one He ranted, raved and came unglued…(which made it all more fun!!) There came one early morning, …my birthday,….(I was nine) I woke to find my bedroom filled, with boxes!….They were mine!! My “Brother Scrooge”, bestowed his love and made my day divine!
$ $ $ $ $ $ True Story! Hooray for "Disney" By Carrie Richards

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That Monday Night

What I wouldn't want to relive Is a night many years ago When a brother could run so fast But soon his life would slow On the turning of that corner Out of sight he became What happened seconds later Two brothers future never the same As I ran to catch him up Horror befell my eyes There, gone, taken by a van To my knees I sank and cried Momentarily I heard his screams Then a silence echoed all around Who would want to relive The impact of deathly sound

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befuddled by mud puddle conversation
motivated to stay away from those in the throes of saving face
at a sprinter's pace 
saving grace
each time I grind with people who don't mind blindly trying to debase my name
I end up sulking in the walk of shame

families need to learn to move on 
be strong
but for crying out loud, 
without a doubt,
there shall be heartfelt apologies issued from both sides
this bumpy ride might take a little swallowing of pride, 
many bona fide hugs with love 
you may go through a box or two of fresh tissues 
to properly address the issues
we must stare defiantly into the eyes of resistance 
identify the roots of our miscues 
giving the boot to artificial rituals 
to ambitiously make transitions,
 stitch up wounds
switch up moods
shake up, move
to a place where faces are soothed by smiles and laughter
a fresh chapter  
an escape after disasters happen
an island where 
we realize those who actually matter 
yes, addressing the crash
without making the past our current address

i write this piece in peace, for those who may be dueling with duress
stressed by words or actions of those who you may regret not being able to completely 
love, respect, and/or caress 

----------------------good love
                        takes hard work

©2014 ~JSL PoetTreez Publishing

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My Brother Needs Prayer

I Have A Brother That Needs Prayer!

I have a brother that really needs prayer!
When it comes to God, he doesn’t care!

He’s living a life by his own set of rules.
And thinks Christians are a bunch of “fools.”

The only thing that seems important to him…
Are the things in life that are close to him.

Wandering down a path that he chooses…
The one he’s chosen… It’s him that looses!

Please, dear Jesus, keep him in your care!
Wherever he goes…  I know you are there!

You are the one that my brother needs to come to!
No matter the false “dreams” he may run into!

Please dear Lord…  Protect from all harm!
May he seek the strength of your loving arms!

May your voice beckon the master’s call!
He really does need YOU after all!

By Jim Pemberton   

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Nature's Single Dads - The Australian Emu

Nature’s Single Dad:
The Australian Emu :
The first 55 days

Emund is busy
preparing his
dance-floor for
partners who’ll put
him to the test. 
His pedigree line
has proven with time

that it is now his
turn, to be best.
He hears them emerge
from the bush as
they gather in
answer to nature’s
They dance, and then
go away, they know
they cannot stay; 
there is not enough
food for them all. 

They dip and they
weave as they mingle
together knowing
that each has a
With his reputation,
there is no
he is ready to join
in the dance.
‘Bonk! Bonk,’ comes
the sound of another
arrival, ‘It’s
Emulena!’ he says
with a grin. 
Others move to the
side as he leaves
them mid-stride 
to greet this dancer
as she flounces in.

With sensuous,
rhythmic movement of
hips she fluffs up
her boa, it bounces
in time. 
He matches her mood.
His movements are
as they twist and
twirl in their
dancing mime.
He does not fuss
about who takes the
lead, he follows and
their dance now is
With steps that are
light he glides to
the right, 	
he meets her, bows
deeply, head
Emulena says,
“Sorry, we cannot
stay longer, we all
must find paddocks
It matters not
whether we all stay
we trust you to know
what to do.”
As she speaks, they
deposit their gifts,
and he hears, as in
chorus they say,
“We know you’ll do
magically, what you
do naturally 
to deliver these in
your own way.”

After completing her
task, Emulena stands
tall and she fluffs
up her feathers once
They follow her lead
in twos, and in
and promenade across
the dance floor.
Left all alone, he
goes back to his
duties and looks
closely at each pale
green shell.
He checks all for
defects. He sees
they are perfect, 
so with care he
covers every one

He sticks to his
task for fifty-five
days in sunshine,
strong winds and
some showers.
He values each
treasure and tends
them with pleasure 
as he, turns each
egg every three
Through his long
lashes he sees
danger coming. He
drops his neck down
like a log.
Feathers flying on
high and red fur
prowls near-by; 
he needs to fool
both bird and dog.

The shells have now
turned a dark bluey
green, there’s an
infertile egg in the
This egg will be
food for his hungry
but he won’t eat or
drink, ‘til they
Each day he looks
up, and turns his
head to the sun as
it rises each
He’ll sit day and
night until the
time’s right.
He knows, that time
comes without

to be continued...

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a Angel dedicated to all my angelic friends

I thoughth I saw an angel
so lovley and  dressed in white
I thought I saw an angel just the other night
angels come to guard us and they help us along our way
Angels are around us every single day
I thought I saw an angel
I belive in angels and know  that they are true
I  did see an angel and they looked just like you.  Amen  xxx

For he orders his angles to protect you where eevr you go psalm 91  v11

see I am sending an angel before you to protect you on your journey
and lead you safley to the place i have prepared for you  exodus 23 v 20

keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters, dont forgert to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without relizing it Amen  hebrews 13 v 1&2 

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Does Family Really Matter Anymore

A family had a wedding...  The brother wasn’t invited.
The fact they didn’t want him,.. 
Was already decided!

When asked why his name had been “omitted.”
It was because of past wrongs he had committed.

The words spoken, one could hardly believe it!
Any kind of forgiveness? 
 They didn’t receive it!

How many times are loved ones not
 invited to “family occasions.”
Often times, families listen to “outside persuasions.”

Someone does something, 
that may not be liked.
Then they’re often told to “go take a hike!

No wonder why many families 
battle one another!
They have failed to truly love each other!

As we continue to see families drift apart.
This often leads to a wounded 
and broken heart!

Christ gave us his best!  
When we were at our lowest!
A life of mercy and forgiveness…  
He wants to show us!

If we can’t treat one another
 as Christ commands…
Then HIS way of family living….  
We’ll never understand!

By Jim Pemberton

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I Think of a Time When I Was Young

I can think of a time, when I was young.
I was growing up and having fun! 
I remember how excited I was to have a t.v.
There were my brothers, my parents and me!
I remember at about the age of ten.
My dad thought going to the theater was a “sin.”
There were many things 
that as young man…
 I later began to see, and understand!
My parents shared God’s love the best they could!
And I read the Bible and was trying to be “good.”
I had my troubles…  And problems bear...
But I had a family, and much prayer!
The truth of God’s word helped sustain me!
I knew how much he really loved me!
My parents, may seem like they were “old fashioned.”
They loved their kids!  With a Godly compassion!
I’m thankful to be blessed with a Godly love!
My family was a treasure from heaven above!
I think about today, and how things go wrong.
Many families don’t seem to “get along!”
I pray for the blessing of God, to bind them together!
May we all serve him!  Today, and forever!
His love must be the cord that binds!
His will must be the focus of our minds!
May the presence of God bind us as one!
Every mother, father, daughter and son!

By Jim Pemberton

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We were riding in the car near the Alabama line,
When I saw all over the trees a strange looking vine.

I wondered what it was, I didn’t have a clue.
I asked my mother what it was and she said, “That’s kudzu!”

We stopped at a rest area off I-59
It was surrounded by those kudzu vines.

Mom said to watch my brother Bill.
He was playing around rolling down a hill.

I was only halfway watching, we had just had a fight,
When suddenly my brother disappeared from sight.

I screamed for mom, I didn’t know what to do.
I’d just lost my little brother in the kudzu.

I didn’t go in, the vines were way too thick.
So I just called his name and poked with a stick.

I had almost given up when I heard a whine.
My brother came crawling out and he was just fine.

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I was Beautifully And Wonderfully Made

I was beautifully designed and wonderfully made… There’s nothing that God has given to me that I would ever trade! I was fashioned and created by God… With one thing in mind. To be an image of HIM… In a body by his design! He fashioned and formed me with the dust of the ground... He gave me his love. It ‘s all around! Though there are imperfections and “inflictions” within… God is patient and willing to forgive my every sin! Through life… I’ll endure trials, heartache and despair... God is with me... He’s always there! I know that his son, Jesus… Has given me his grace. He has provided for my life… “A resting place…” I’m going to serve this God… Whom I love so much! How I long for his presence… His “special touch…” Thank you God... For a “new” person you’re helping me to be! And may your light continue to shine through people like me! By Jim Pemberton When I'm going through a discouraging time... This poem reminds me of how special that I am to God!

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A Son Who Turned His Back On God

I know of a son who turned his back on the God he once knew!
Praying for him, was all that his family could hope to do!

The truths taught to him as a child, he now began to reject!
Spending an eternity without God…  He refused to accept!

He told his friends, about his “newfound theology.”
It sounded like he found some new kind of psychology.

Rather than accept the truth of God’s word, as he would find.
He would twist scripture to fit his own state of mind!

He would say; “the God of heaven and hell doesn’t exist.”
“It doesn’t matter how you live!”  Is what he’d insist!

He rejected God’s gift and wonderful plan of salvation…
And chose to believe “whatever fit his own situation.”

I began to see his life sputter from a hurtful heart.
It just seemed like everything around him “fell apart.”

God wanted to help, but he didn’t believe he needed him!
God was there!  But he made it clear that he didn’t believe him!

Many years went by, and this son started growing old.
He became a bitter and broken person, I’ve been told!

He did his best to remove God from his family and home.
Now, it was just him!  And he was all alone!

Then one night, he cried out and called on Jesus’ name!
And confessed of all of his sin, guilt and shame!

This son, who had drifted from God for so many years…
Was filled with a true love, and a joy that brought tears!

He had returned to God!  And God changed him!
God will always be faithful!  And will never leave him!

Won’t you too, accept the life that God wants to give you?
He can change your life!  Just because he LOVES YOU!

By Jim Pemberton   

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A Birthday Rose

Today I went out and bought a rose for your birthday.
Its been a long time since I've seen you, not sure what to say.
I don't know if your going to be angry or upset at me.
So I'll just get you this and come visit and we'll see. 

I am sorry its been so long, but I've been afraid.
I had reasons why I didn't, but it was excuses I made.
From now on I promise you, I will not make any others.
I miss seeing you and talking to you, we are brothers.

You probably already heard, but I graduated.
I just thought I'd try and keep you updated.
I need to ask you something, I just don't understand.
If you were in trouble, why did you not ask for my hand?

We are brothers, that's what were here for, that's what we do.
I mean there isn't anything I wouldn't have done to help you.
But I guess that is the person in this life you became.
I am asking because I am beginning to feel the same.

But I stopped by to say happy birthday and to give you this.
I am going to come by more often, so I can reminisce.
If it is at all possible, I want you to try and behave.
For now I'll say I love you, and leave this rose on your grave.  

**In loving memory for my brother Kevin.**
***For Carol Brown's Contest, “Write a poem for yourself.”***

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What Makes A True Friend

What Makes A True Friend?

What are the qualities that a friend should
have – that which would make a true friend so true?
A friend is one whom you like to be with
while a true friend insists on being with you.

A friend likes you when you have so much in
common. True friends like you who for who you are.
True friends make you feel as though they are at
all times near, although they are very far.

A true friend is one whom you can always
talk to, even at night when it is late -
when loved ones are asleep, a true friend is
always there to hear what you have to say.

Friends like to share, but a true friend always
gives you – not what you want, but what you need.
The feelings you hide, as well as your thoughts,
and your dreams, a true friend can always read.

A friend may forgive you or they may not
forgive, for something wrong you've done to them.
A true friend forgives even when you don't
ask. True friends forgive - again and again.

Friends are close when you are close to them. A
true friend wants your friendship to be closer.
A true friend does what is best for you, and
hates that you would end up with the losers.

A true friend teaches you lessons to help
you grow – lessons that are hard and easy.
A true friend is always there - having a
true friend can never make you feel lonely.

Friends may sometimes make mistakes, but a true
friend is always careful not to hurt you.
A true friend is a guide and a teacher.
A true friend knows everything you go through.

The true friend I mention is our God,
who kept you company before you were born.
The friendship of God, if you truly keep
and cherish, you will never feel forlorn.

The true friend we all need is God (Allah) –
the One who guides and can teach us lessons,
the One who hears our calls and understands,
the One always near – in every season –

Allah, as a Friend, never judges us
by the way we look and how we appear.
Allah, as a Guide, if we ask Him for
guidance, He guides us and makes our paths clear.

Allah is with us – each day and each night –
He is always there when all are asleep.
Allah always listens when others don't.
He gives you comfort when He sees you weep.

Fortunate are those who have Allah as
a Friend. Friendship with God is friendship true.
May Allah bless me with His Friendship and
May Allah's Friendship be shared with you too.

Ameen. Allah knows best.

Miriam / Mariam Mababaya

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So much to do
So take your time
Don’t waste your talents
Create your rhyme

Mistakes will be made
So learn and grow
Make sure you get it right
'Cause you reap what you sow

We’ve all felt the pains
Of what life dishes out
Believe in yourself
Without a doubt

I’m rooting for you too
I just hope you know
You’ve got my support
'Cause you’re my little bro

Keep love in your heart
Stay focused, be strong
We’ll be missing you much
‘Til you’re where you belong

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Last Journey

The little Church was crammed full
When my brother left this plane
A kilted piper piped him in
Then piped him out again

Abide with me it skirled out
Bringing lumps to lots of throats
And many cheeks were watered
From eyes that looked like moats

Lips with teeth were bitten
To keep the sobbing locked inside
But even with this action
Our pain we could not hide

The faces they were saddened
From the loss of one so dear
Eyes from empty hollows stared
Nothing now was very clear

Today my brother left us
For a better place to dwell
And it won’t be a long time
Till we all join him as well

To once more be a family
Like we were once before
Laughing joking telling stories
No need to worry anymore

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These Quests For "the Other Side"

Out across the country lanes
and down into the woods,
these places we would play 
for they had all “the Goods”.

It didn’t matter the time of year,
Spring, Summer , Winter or Fall-
we were ready as each one drew near
for we played hard through them all.

Adventures of the highest kind
as we’d run to the chasm again.
We’d swing across on monkey vines,
not walking around it instead.

Our sleds would speed the power lines,
shooting down the treacherous slopes.
Careful to miss the towering pines,
we’d hold tightly to the ropes.

How carefree were our younger days
as I look back across the years.
We spent our youth under sun’s gold rays
and conquered our childhood fears.

Many quests filled these gallant years,
these quests for “the other side”.
Memories like these become more dear
as I sail upon life’s tide.

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CYBER SISTER AND BROTHER Collaboration J Allison J Ellison

Started writing poetry then joined Poetry Soup 
When submitting a poem I’m really cock a hoop 
Have a cyber brother I did meet on line 
Think he's quite amazing his poetry's divine 

He said one day we were separated at birth 
His comment amused me and filled me with mirth 
Soon was confirmed we certainly were twins 
Both write silly poetry and both have hairy chins 

Cyber sister Jan started my big old heart a-ticking 
Since entering my life it's sure been a-clicking 
Wake up each morning can't wait for sister Jan 
Even check my inbox before going to the can 

She never disappoints though we're an ocean apart 
Start's my motor racing, got a hold of my heart 
Haven't figured out why I deserve such a friend 
Separated at birth we'll be friends to the end 

Noticed on some comments people call him ‘Kenny’ 
He’d love to sing with Dolly – guess he’s one of many 
Jack and Dolly’s greatest hits I see it in my mind 
But Cathie said no, guess she’s being real kind 

From Jack’s picture, think he’s more like a Santa 
We get on great as bro and sis with much silly banter 
I’m so very fortunate to find my cyber brother 
If I had to choose one couldn’t wish for another 

It's a well known fact, Brits lack a sense of humour 
Sister Jan sure puts a kibosh on that silly rumour 
She makes me cackle and wet my pantaloons 
Sometimes I snort like a silly old buffoon 

At my ripe old age of fifty-eight plus twenty 
Things don't work well, I have heartburn a plenty 
But the heartburn I have is caused by my love 
My dear sister Jan gives my heart a big shove 

~ Collaboration Poem by J Allison & J Ellison 
written for contest sponsored by Jared Pickett 

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"My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear."
                                                           A Rambling Poet

Dear God, may I please have an answer,
Am I ever permited to know
Why the one who was still so much needed,
Was the one who was chosen to go?

You know I'd have carried the burden.
You know I'd have given my all,
If I could have kept my beloved son
Until I too had answered Your call.

And now you are coming for him, Lord,
My brother, much younger than I.
He is more like a son than a brother.
Is it any wonder I cry?

These two men so worthy and needed,
Two men upon whom I depended,
Their going diminishes this Earth 
And leaves my existence upended.

I don't want to seem so ungrateful
For the wonderful years that we had.
But what will I do with this love, Lord,
That is making my days now so sad?

Is there such a need up in Heaven
That is so much greater than ours?
If so please give me a sign, Lord.
I've searched and I've searched in your stars.

Dear Lord, please stay through my sorrow.
May I feel You right there by my side?
Please guide him to the others in Heaven;
When my younger brother has died.

By: Joyce Johnson 8/13/11

For Constance's contest "Just Write"  Won no. 1 in contest.

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Two way street

Two way street 
a common road
so much esteemed on the way one go's
Those who build a world with hands
and the bodies beaten to build those plans
Others figure with minds of brilliance 
while charmers amass financial assistance

Our world, our human existence.

Dividends balanced in skewed proportion,
like the honor of men who have heart or the hunt
those who are trained to be manly men
or the smooth handed man "that world" would shun

Judge not cruel your fellow mate
for side of track their life encamped
what label worn or charity paid
to each a lovesome splendor attached

Behold the child with silver spoon 
who feels no affection by day
or the orphans hair tenderly brushed
for Samaritans pity long the way

There beyond thou mansion fair
a beauty is beaten, lonely and scared
but she who wanders without a home
can be cherished more than riches owned

Our world, our human existence 

Forfeiture or dispossession 
affluent or highbrowed
all the difference still remains
to be loved or disavowed

I've pondered the pages between their covers
'twas this simple fact I've found...
our world is a quilt stitched by cultures
a solitary thread woven within and without

The difference is no difference at all
except the heights from which one falls
seams tear apart and like fabric lives unravel
yet you'll never find a road left untraveled 

Nothing exists beyond a need
and nothing is ever as it seems

Our world, our human existence 

What then is that of highest value
that which sparkles or that which lives
The blessing found in every child
or how massive an estate can be built?

Traveled now in both directions
paralleling both sides of the journey
The greatest value one can attest 
is to walk either road with mercy

Dignity lies estranged from pride
for pride is a predator disguised
One set in mind "I have arrived"
and shames the value of another's life 

If on a one way street you'd rather 
tread your way without your brother
go ahead
judge a book by its cover

Life is laden with countless pages
none void of feeling or untouched
Keep in mind the two way street...

where direction giving life is TO LOVE

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Social Issues

Weapons and mass destruction
Traffic congestion

Infrastructure deterioration
Human experimentation

Child Abuse and Molestation
Church-State Separation

Toxic waste and unemployment
Exorbitant education

Police corruption and abuse
Alcoholism,Grey Goose

Can’t smoke indoors 
Can’t smoke outdoors

Big Brothers mouth roars

When it’s big businesses
That has the solution
To air pollution

It’s not the consumers
So stop spreading those rumors

Medicare and Medicaid Reform
Trying to set the norm

Compared to
Money Laundering

And the show that some

Media Bias
Would stop if we only had
More Zechariah's 

In the U.S

It’s not a good reflection of America
Doing its best

Women fighting
For their equal rights

And racism lingering 
Day and night

Change must be bold
And in Highlight                                                                                   

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We may never know the hour or the day

We may never know the hour or the day

Written By Dean Masciarelli

October 15, 2010 (6:32am)

We may never know the hour or the day 
when a loved one of ours will pass away 

And today has been  
such very sad day 

Because I just 
found out recently 

That my older brother Van 
passed away last Saturday
And it is never easy when we 
have to say one final goodbye

Because it leaves us 
feeling really empty

And no matter how hard 
may be for you or for me

We have to let our loved ones go so that they 
can be free
to spend the rest of eternity resting peacefully

(Last Saturday my dear beloved brother had a massive heart attack and  was taken away from all of his loved ones at the age of fifty seven ,  and he will be deeply missed, May his spirit always rest in peace.) 

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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who is most broken of them all:

Who looks on the day with blackened dread
While painting her wrist in scarlet red
Unable to managed the emotional strife
Tries to find relief through gray, kitchen knife.

Who's stuck in the hole of lackin sun
Too worried about the shame he's let on the run
Wants to the burn the memories and let them shred
Finally ends the burdened problem with a gun to his head

Who is the girl that had it all
Then disaster struck, now there's none to call
Who held the best of temporary friends
Until time came for a hand to lend

Who is the young boy unable to cope
While his parents last still on cemetery slope
Alone on the Earth without someone to care
Surely this is too much for a child to bare

Who lost their treasure without a choice
Screaming at him till losing their voice
Filled with nightmares of that miserable day
Praying in that his face will soon fade away

Who feels isolated when others have their own group
It's like putting a number in alphabetical soup
Watching them live life from a line on the side
Eyes darkened by late nights he stayed up and cried  

Mirror, mirror on the wall
How is it possible to help them all?

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"Pearl or Peril"

Oh such awesome excuses we make
When at first our minds begin to quake
We need to find a neighbor’s mistake
Doesn’t it really just take the cake
Excuses we make, are of our minds fake

Flesh loves to see, brother of low degree
For the carnal need a place to pea
Shall we never consciously see
That he is just as good as we
Of God’s love___ created equally

Love thy brother as thine own self
Love him with all substance you have left
God did not make us of any junk
Made we all from the same hunk
Shall we all flunk__ as junk’s, carnal self

Be good as gold, to your own neighbor
Unto your brother,  lend Love’s saber
Line your line upon, ‘Love’s precept’
Look not for a brother’s missed_ step
Cast not your peril__ swine, ‘Ye of carnal mind’!!!!

Love is never of any low degree
Something upon which a swine should pea
Why, these swine pea, upon you and me
Though Love say, “just let the tares be””
The world has chosen it’s own peril, you see!!!!

Love’s pearl, not of the world, be of great price
Perfectly proved self, in sacrifice
Left no room for a mind of vice
Life owns death, by Love’s sacrifice
The choice be clear, and the time is near!!!!!

Let Moses’ love be totally clear
My heart unto you, I have poured out
From an open window___ heaven’s spout
Believe or disbelieve, your’s to conceive
City light awaits__ I’ve opened the gates!!!!!!!

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Fire and Ice

“Awaken girls, house is on fire.”
We woke to situation dire.
Mother was shaking us in fear
With our small brother standing near.

“We must get out, there is no time,
Not even in other clothes to climb.
I tell you, there is no time to lose.
You must run without your coat or shoes.”

Bewildered and frightened by the fire,
The flames were growing ever nigher,
We dashed into the winter night.
In pj’s we must have been a sight.

We knocked upon our neighbor’s door
In early morning around four.
By then the flames had grown so strong
We knew the roof would fall ere long.

We’d left belongings and bungalow
To scamper through the ice and snow,
To the residence across the street.
Until then we hadn’t felt our feet.

Warmth of the room brought on the pain,
Such as I hope I never feel again.
“They’re blistering,” our neighbor said.
I’ll put you in our big spare bed.”

Our teeth were chattering, we couldn’t talk.
With blistered feet we couldn’t walk.
By then our big brother had come
To take us into his small home.

Two weeks before we walked again
Though medicine had eased the pain.
We learned when fire or ice we choose
That in either case we’re apt to lose.

By: Joyce Johnson 12/4/12

For Fire and Ice contest

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I Know of A Brother Who's Lost And Confused

I know of a brother, who’s lost and confused… Many of his relationships, he’s already “abused.” He’s not really sure, which direction he’s going… There’s a lot of wise advice, that he’s ignoring! He’s choosing to ignore the God who loves him. And refuses to acknowledge how much he needs him! He decided to leave his family behind him… Perhaps, one day, they’ll be able to “find him!” I pray for this dear brother! He needs prayer! I know that wherever he goes… God is always there! Please, dear Jesus, touch him with your kindness! Without YOU dear lord… He’s walking in blindness! No matter where he goes… Which path is taken! God will always love him! He’s never forsaken! The words of God, must somehow get his attention! To give him a clear path, and a godly direction! May the love of Christ, get a hold of his heart! Coming to Jesus, is a good place to start! Whatever this brother does, or where he goes… Only the righteousness of God, can make him whole! Dear Lord… Be with my brother! That he may know you! During the journey of life, may he learn to trust you! The path of God’s footsteps, gives one a true meaning! May this brother acknowledge God! And start believing! By Jim Pemberton

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Happy Birthday, Matthew

Today is a great man’s birthday
I wish he were here to know
That not a day goes ever by
That I don’t love him so
He means, not meant, the world to me
He’ll always be close by

So, brother, Matthew, in Heaven you are
Happy Birthday, I say, with teary eyes

born 3-5-61
deceased 5-30-93

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My Family and Me

It's amazing how quick things can change.
First your running with the kings, and then you're knocked out of range.
It's strange. I used to worry and stress over friends.
Now I've grown to be a man. Maybe know a few of them.
All that time I could of studied. Did better in school.
Got a job and made it big. Maybe now I'd be cool.
Who's the fool? Now who's the bull? I know that's not me on the top.
Life is always making turns weather you like it or not.
The past will always be the past. My glory days may seem gone.
But, now its time to start a new.The stories keep coming on.
I've got a new girl. She means the world to me.
She keeps me warm at night, my best friend, my new dream.
Since my car accident, still got a limp on one side.
Still working with my memory, still need a friend who can drive.
I love to Karaoke. I get noticed in bars.
My mom's always there to catch me. Tom's working with my mom's cars.
My sister's in the Army, my niece is a big part of my life,
Friend Zach keeps assholes off me, and God is my wife.
AJ's always there to help, Brian is my LOST bud,
Mary's out of school, Lil cousin, Hunter's a stud.
Grandpa still is my idol, JT is still the music man .
The Adam's still can party. Chris, living good on the sand.
I may only use one hand, but I plan to be the best.
At all I do in life, cause there's not that much time left.
The blood test that I took says Landon is mine.
I hope this all works out fine in time and help to make my son's life shine.
JC who's down in Georiga, my heart is screaming for you.
I hope that you recover well. It can't be worse then what I went through.
Uncle Jimmy where you at? Where's Matt, Corie, and Pete?
I know you all are doing good. Serviolo's are a hard team to beat.
How's the rest of the family? I love and miss you all!
I hope you all are standing tall and I pray we never fall.
These last words that I say, I say only to you.
We've got the best family in the world and you know I LOVE YOU!

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I Personally Know A Monster

*Please note: This poem was written for MY brother this Christmas. He is twelve w/braces.
He annoys me twenty-four seven!
And sometimes I can’t even sleep!
Especially when he snores and claims
in the morning that he didn’t make a peep!

He is filthy, disgusting, and appalling!
Picking food out of his mouth after  meals!
Often I think he is crazy!
I mean c’mon... he doesn’t even walk on his heels!

But no matter how strange he is,
Nasty and smelling like scat,
I've got to put up with his vexation
because he’s my brother and I kinda have to love him for that.

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I wasn’t born with a silver spoon,
Neither on the night of full moon,

I was showered with their grace,
They were divines in human face,

Nothing in my life I was denied,
They were the ones, who were my guide,

I was bestowed nonetheless affordability,
Thanks to their quintessence magical ability,

They were constantly present for me,
In times of worries and of course of glee,

They nurtured me to be a healthy sapling from a tiny seed,
They enlightened me perfectly, how, to lead and proceed,

I was fortunate to share their secrets basket,
They have always been my lucky mascot,

Nothing in my life was complicated,
As our bond was accurately conjugated,

The worst part was when they went away,
It was due to their work commitments, they had to convey,

We continued to share same emotions,
Though the distance among us was vast as oceans;

The chemistry we shared was interesting,
They would know my actions, even before I was debuting,

Time vanished at faster degrees,
The life was so much at ease

Today, we are not together geographically,
for we are associated spiritually,

I am blessed to have them in this lifetime,
As the part they play is very major and PRIME,

Whatever I could learn, instill and inculcate within me to move ahead and further,
Is directly proportional to the efforts and attempts made by my distinctive BROTHERS!!!

I owe them my success and happiness,
How would i return them, coz the list is endless

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Simple times

16 April 2011 9:40 PM
Those simple times
When big brother was blind
The tube was just for the news
The easy chair, dad was there we helped him with his shoes
For a hard days work a home cooked supper his reward
A post and plank worn smooth by shoes a childs slideing board
Relatives visit meant late night play
Chasing fire flys hide and seek and singing lessons from Kay
Church on wensday twice on sunday
A time of freinds a time to pray
Pray we did and worship for sure
Singing so loud it was heard by our Lord
Mountain hikes with my buddy Greg
Eating blackberries and picking thorns from my leg
Dreams of the future and the girls down the road
Learning the difference between frogs and toads
Those were times that went by fast
Those were times that could not last
A Time of sunshine a time of fun
A shots echo from the valley below and off we run
Now my clock ticks fast as theirs is wound
Before they know their feet will touch ground
And with their dreams of tomorrow off they will run
Occasionally looking back remembering the fun
Of those simple times oh those dear simple times
When big brother was blind

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I Met This Family What A JOYFUL Experience

I Met This family… What A Joyful Experience! I met this family. What a joyful experience! They displayed Christ’ love by their gracious appearance! At first I couldn’t hardly believe what I was seeing! The love and joy of Christ I was now receiving! They didn’t have much in the way of entertainment. They had God’s peace and a joyous contentment! They were happy about God and also excited. They talked about the good things in life. And were delighted! The simple things in their family did abound! A peace and warmth in their home, I certainly found! A love for God in this home I was able to see! What’s good for them... Is also good for me! A respect for the parents was clear and evident. I knew the Holy Spirit is the “chief resident!” I’m thankful to God for the blessing they’ve been. I’m glad that I know them and to call them friend! May we all be encouraged by our families too! May we not forget to say; “I LOVE YOU!” May the love of Christ keep us all together! May we seek his will today and forever! Thank you lord for your goodness and grace! We welcome you into our dwelling place! By Jim Pemberton

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What's Happening to Marriages Today

What’s Happening to Marriages Today?

I was listening to someone just the other day…
And I couldn’t believe what he had to say!

He had left his wife and children for another!
She was young enough to be his daughter!

Here they were, “in love” and holding hands!
Hoping to soon, get their “wedding bands!”

They were pretending that this was so “cool.”
Living now by their own “set of rules!”

How sick and disgusting this is getting to be!
Is this something that many can’t see?

God gave us Adam and Eve to become one.
To bear fruit through daughters and sons!

He gave us marriage as holy vows are made.
Not to march in an “adulterous parade!”

We are treading on very dangerous ground!
Faithfulness and commitment 
are scarcely found!

The very definition of marriage is changing!
As the family unit is always rearranging!

Our only hope is in Jesus!  And him alone!
Let’s promote his love! Into our hearts and home!

Let’s allow his love to be our heart’s glue!
And bring new meaning to the words; “I love you!”

May his love bind our hearts and lives together!
And remain faithful to each other forever!

By Jim Pemberton    

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I Am So Very Thankful

I’m So Very Thankful… I’m so thankful for everything the Lord has made... Everything he’s created… His beauty is displayed! I’m so thankful for the breath I have to breathe… Until that one day, from this earth, I shall leave. I’m so thankful for the way God has made so evident. The principles of his word… Are so relevant! I’m so thankful for the beauty and glory he’s shown… It has brought blessings and healing to my home! I’m so thankful for the many things he’s done for me… He’s given me his love which flows abundantly! I’m so thankful that each day,.. Is another to live for him… He’s taken away my pain and has forgiven every sin. I’m so thankful that I can write these words from my heart. I know that he’s with me. And he’ll never depart! I’m so thankful that you’re reading what I’ve been saying… May this cause you to once again start praying! I pray that this same Jesus I know… Who’s merciful and kind… Will speak words of hope to you and give you a peace of mind. I pray that before you go to bed and this day has ended. You’ll allow Christ to have your heart “amended.” Thank you Lord! For what you’ve done and are going to do… It’s another way that I can say “I LOVE YOU!” Thank you Lord! For all that I‘ve received and so much more… You’ve made my life complete… And are worth living for!

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A man coming in through the
Window stabs me in the back.
I feel the sensation, but no pain.

Surrounding grass hut, I did see
A group of lions similar to a pack.
I was not harmed, I just felt rain.

Had dream coworker took me to atopsy
To see Dad, was stitched front to back.
Had another of figure out of the main

Closet in bedroom, crossed around bed.
Tried to turn on light, wouldn't come on.
Came to Larry's side and I then woke up.

Always have dreams after people are dead.
They are sent from God to keep me strong.
After dreams I wake up, have coffee in cup.

Another time I flew with my brother
When I woke up I could feel his hand
Letting go of mine. Was losing my mind.

Then there's the one of my mother,
Rising to Heaven in white above sand.
She died so sweet, so loving, so kind.

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Madam Deceit

She was a plague epidemic in his heart,
Trampled him in the dirt, tore him apart.
Took the man, wore him clean away,
The more poison she spat, he wanted her to stay.

She left him like the dust settles on the ground,
Shredded his masculinity, while his heart was bound.
Took the very essence of what he could be,
Destroyed and broke his trust, almost greedily.

Now he runs his hands through his dull lank hair,
Unshaven, unkempt, he’s not even aware.
Sanity slackened, immune to the world,
Having listened to the rumours he’d heard.

Barely a thought for how he now must look,
The very foundation of his soul has been shook.
Whispering wrong doings, torturous bliss,
Succumbed to her greed, an addictive kiss.

Broken and humiliated, he rises from the floor,
Reality hit home with the slam of the door.
A mirror gives his image, he is sickened inside,
Realisation of his worth makes his eyes open wide.

Animosity a certainty for what she’s done to him,
Caught up in deceit, her greedy little whim.
Picking himself up, he will begin again,
Give his tender heart some precious time to mend.


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Teens walk the streets full of fear,
A ton of murders every year,
Hate and knives,
Murdered wives,
These are the things I see,
But they shall never create me,
It's crazy how most of our teen 
murders are gang related,
For some teens never had love,
After joining a gang,
They will fight for their lives,
To the point where guns are being 
More than a singing bird,
And murders are being committed 
more than child birth,
And some see Detroit as hell on 
But no one pays attention to the 
intelligence our teens are worth,
For Detroit is a city full of broken 
Hoping one day all gangs will work 
And unite as a team,
Then we will create a great future,
For Detroit's wound will rejoin with 
a suture,
And one day we will make a 
successful cope,
Detroit is a city full of hope.

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Piano Notes

Piano notes when players come to play.
So sweetly on the keys, it pleases me.
A few songs that I can teach some day.
Maybe to Wyland or Tyler who can today.

I need to learn more to open my free
Talent I had as a small child. Played
Duets with my best friend Nori for my
Dad, who listened with his open ears.

Heart and soul, his favorite to hear.
When the muse comes back around,
I'll start over again to learn for a while.
That piano smoked up with my brother.

Larry bought me another, but we gave
It to my grandson, Wyland - who played
One Christmas Eve. I listened intently.
He played ever so softly and gently.

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A Backslidden Brother

A Backslidden Brother… I have a brother, who once loved God and his word! It was God’s call on his life, that he once heard! He was raised in church and taught God’s ways! And promised to serve him all of his days! But, as he grew older, he began to really doubt. What God’s purpose of salvation was about! He began to deny the power of the cross. And refused to believe that ANY were lost! He twisted God’s word, into his own meaning! Very soon, m any lies, he was now believing! He wrote to friends about his new found belief. He had a new found storytelling with no relief! How did this brother turn from God so fast? Why does he believe these lies? Others asked! As time went by, this brother became confused… It was him, not God, who slowly began to lose! In a matter of time, his life began to “fall apart.” As deception slowly crept into his stubborn heart! God’s truth, that he rejected, can set him free! And turn his life around! For all eternity! We all need to love and serve God from within! And accept his total forgiveness of sin! God’s word is true! And will never be put to shame! May we NEVER forget the power in his name! By Jim Pemberton

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friends are family

way i see it if you don't understand
what family is, then take my hand
for i shall teach you as mentor, as friend
and ill always love you until the end

for once you are a friend, you're family
and i will always have you close to me
and come as a brother or sister for friend
and know that i love you and not as pretend

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The Shadow

          In honor of Actor Frank Reddick, Jr. 

The evening in nineteen forty five was unusually warm.
It was only a few days until Halloween pranksters
came, braving the thickets.
Serenading the lightning was a bastion of Hawkers,
the last of summer’s cicada, and crickets.
My brother and I settled down in front of the radio,
that magical RCA marvel that brought nightly excitement,
bathing us in anticipation’s glow.  
As we sat on the floor and looked up at it’s assent,
it seemed to rise disproportionately toward the ceiling.
Giving an air of mystery as moving curtains 
cast its iridescent shadow, dancing and reeling,
rendering reality into a mode uncertain.   

The clouds were moving in for a nightly storm.
Static popped and crackled as if part of the plot
as the announcer wove our minds out of the norm.
And just as dad left the room we heard a shot,
a scream and a blood curdling laugh and then......!
“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.....
The Shadow knows. hee hee hee heeeeeeee”

The Shadow, master of disguises, invisible to the eye.
He could control your thoughts and perception.
Just hearing him talk my little brother would cry.
There was always a good reason for deception.
And he had a good saying at the end of the shows.

“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.  Crime does 
not pay.... The Shadow knows.”
Oct. 19 2010  Charles Henderson
2 nd in Paula's "Halloweens Passed"

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I went straight from High school into the service,
I was feeling proud but extremely nervous.
My mother cried with tears of joy,
she said, “I will try to stop referring to you as my little boy.”

I arrived at Basic Training with a bus load of candidates,	
we were greeted quite loudly at the main entry gates. 
The Drill Sergeants called us everything they could think of,
we knew, at least from them, we would receive no love.

We were too young to drink and barely able to vote,
we were all different races, but we were in the same boat.
We had eight weeks to learn how to work as a team,
we started to believe that it was all a bad dream!

We went to bed late but were up before dawn,
we do more before nine is definitely right on!
Basic Training was tough but we all got through it,
things would get worst and we pretty much knew it.

We would be on the front lines as Infantry Soldiers,
there would be a lot of responsibility put on our shoulders.
The first orders we received took us to the Middle East,
our primary mission was to bring about peace.

For the first time in our lives we were in a foreign land,
the things we saw you could never understand.
The precision bombings caused so much destruction,
the whole place looks like it needs reconstruction.

We are under attack on a regular basis,
our so-called enemy is in more and more places.
Perhaps we are acquiring more and more enemies, 
the hate for us here is like an infectious disease.

We were instrumental in removing a terrible dictator,
but the level of danger here has gotten even greater.
Nobody wants to admit that we are in a civil war,
many of us are now on our second or third tour.

I have lost some of my comrades along the way,
we all know the risks and that is all I can say.
We will defend our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic,
we are a force to be reckoned with and we are not to be messed with!

We will win this so-called war on terror,
messing with the United States was their biggest error!
A successful completion of our mission would be a thing of beauty,
we are proud we answered “the call to duty.” 

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I Remember Reading God's Word Something Happened

I remember reading the Bible as a young man. The words of life. I wanted to know and understand. I remember keeping the Bible close by my bed. Every day I would read what it said. I remember wanting to know it’s meaning. And to search the truth God was revealing! I remember the words were what I needed! I wanted to know God’s words before I proceeded! As the years went by... And I started growing old. I didn’t read it And forgot much of what it told. As struggles and problems in my life began to appear The word of God I once knew… Seemed to “disappear.” I no longer knew the word of God like I once did. I was “doing my own thing.” And “Living how I wanted to live.” I didn’t have the excitement and joy I once had. I felt out worn out. Defeated. And very sad. I decided to once again find God’s holy book. And opened it up… For just one more look! As I read… I could hardly believe what I was seeing! God’s truth and love I now was receiving! The words I read were “tugging at my heart”. I wanted to give God another chance… A fresh start! The more I read about Jesus’ power and redemption… Has brought to my life his mercy and salvation! The words he’s spoken are everlasting and sweet! And by his word… My life is complete! By Jim Pemberton 10/04/11

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Two Closely Born Sons

Still just in diapers himself and already his brother’s keeper;
Logan watches lovingly as Lucas naps in sleepers.
Perhaps it’s in his DNA or the symptoms of a first born son,
But Logan has bonded with his little brother more than any one.

He was fascinated with Mommy’s belly, knowing a brother grew within;
His head he laid upon her bump and would carefully listen.
The first day they brought Lucas home he watched his brother cry
And promised in his little head that being a good brother he would try.

Future years will bring competitiveness and perhaps a fight or two,
But Logan always will be the older brother that Lucas can look up to.
It starts when they are very young, sharing toys and hand-me-down clothes;
The bond formed between two closely born sons nobody else can know.

by Joe Flach
For the "Brotherly Love" contest
Written and posted on 5/3/2011

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Bright Sun, Holy Moon

Oh Bright Sun, shed your light on me
The world feels so dark, I just want to see

The drugs that I take
Were meant to get me out
Of this hole that was dug
From my sadness and doubt

Oh Bright Sun, share your love with me
I am no loner, at least I don’t want to be

With love from my mother
Her check buys me another week
Of worry free fixes
But the future still looks bleak

Oh Holy Moon, why can’t I be more like you
You’ll always have the sun and its friends too

I've ran out of money
I’m starting to feel sick
Maybe God will save me now
Or maybe he'll kill me like a tick

Oh Holy Moon, please save me from my fate
Death waits in sleep and it’s getting late

I keep praying on my knees
For the withdrawals to go away
The pain only gets worse
I think i could die where I lay

Oh Brother Brother, you've been this way before
Guide me on my path, help me I implore

I’m starting to feel better
And now i realize how foolish I'd been
To think God would play savior once more
He's not the one who saved me then

Oh Brother Brother, I’m glad you answered my call
Your help seemed to stop that unending fall

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Eternal Life

My life feels so empty
Can't beleive you are gone,
I asked God his reason why
What have I done so wrong.

There were other people
To take to Heaven above,
It didn't have to be you
Your were still full of love.

I know your not in pain
You've gone to a better place,
But you were only forty years old
I want to see your smileing face.

Just one mor chance
To hold you near so tight,
See you laugh and joking
Assuring us your doing alright.

We have shared good times
Even had some rough ones to,
But, we learned to compromise
Seen our problem's through.

Why did you give up
Together we could have fought,
With a possitive outlook
A cure they might have sought.

Now, I'm left with memories
In my heart they will remain,
I know time will ease my mind
Heal the pain just the same.

Although I'm deeply saddened
My life nothing without you,
I know your looking down on us
Oh, my brother, goodbye I Love You.

R.I.P feb. 1969-mar. 2009

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The Strongest Bond

What kind of bond can never be broken
What kind of relationship is healthy and open
A love in your heart that can never end 
A loyalty between two people that will never bend
A person you can count on through thick and thin
Who gives you motivation to dig deep and never give in
Like a partner in crime you can always count on 
Someone who loves you for you and knows how to have fun
This bond that I speak of is none other
Than the bond shared between two brothers
We may argue or fight from time to time 
But there is no stronger bond than yours and mine
And with every beat of my heart I will always love you
Little brother listen to these words for they are honest and true

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Larry is the love of my life everlasting, it will be.
Twenty-four years he has faithfully been with me.
He is still my heart and soul, my dearly beloved.
He was born same year as brother, whom I loved
Dearly, as he loved me too. I love this man too.
He shares in happiness, cheers me when I'm blue.
He was cute when I met him then and so was I.
He was taken aback I had three kids, reason why
Took three years to get married. One for each kid
He says. But it all worked out. Spirits are kindred.
We both like our bingo and drinking spiked coffee.
I win more - but we hit and split, that's way to be.
We both enjoy our family and being grandparents.
Our love for each other is anything but transparent.

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Two Hoods

Two men came in the morning cold
Leaving the unmarked car downstairs;
Whitemen, callous and still bold
Knocking at the door. Sun dried our tears
Since. This wind plucked a fruit before.
Manuel was only a farm worker,
His wife nurse children across the shore.
His child here, will not die of hunger,
We swear. Such a shame though. They should
At least inform us where they took them.
History stalks again under the hood.
Maria has lit a candle for all of them,
The yellow flame - so impotent falls
A shadow on the limp, bleak walls.
\So in each darkness we huddle and wait
For the men with power over our fate.

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Chewing Ice

At the pancake house,
I’m chewing ice.
For once, quiet as a mouse.
Tylenol, now, that would be nice.

I’m sixteen, young and bad.
Big Brother looks suspiciously.
If he knows, I hope he doesn’t tell Dad.
“My tooth hurts”, I lie viciously.

Big brother looks real sad.
The guilt inside me creeps real fast.
“If I tell you a secret, promise not to get mad?”
Already regretting what I just asked.

Big brother laughs real loud.
“I’ve done something you told me not to do”
I stick out my tongue and prepare for his shout.
He whispers “I’m very disappointed in you”

“You didn’t listen and now you’re in pain.
Can’t you hear? What’s wrong with your brain?
That’s why you chew ice, which you've never done.
You disobeyed me and pierced your tongue”.

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Freedom of speach? ok... I hate Bush

A note book in one hand 
A pencil in the other 

I sit down and write
A poem about my brother.

He fights in a war that is so surreal
Why did Bush make an unjust deal?

Why is my brother in Iraq right now
Why did he make this crazy vow? 

He's not fighting to stop a war.
He's fighting for what Bush voted for.

Bush wanted to be the next president to start a war,
Bush got what he wanted what he voted for.

Now my brother is in Iraq 
Fighting a war 

Soon to meet his daughter that one day he will adore 

But for now we have to pray 
That my brother Chris will come back to stay. 

Love you and miss you Chris Matters  

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Forced me into the birdcage
nervous while plundering
The lash around my neck
result of blundering
Awakened my wrath 
vigorous equally thundering
Lost in panic, 
facade of a dervish wondering.

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On the degradation of family values (by the homosexual agend

My mom is a rosebush
lovely and red
but if you are careless
you’ll wind up quite dead.

My dad is a slide rule
useful and endearing
whose entire career
has been engineering.

My bro is a penguin
laid-back and cool
who hangs out with buddies
his size up at school.

I am a journal 
tucked out of sight
listening, watching
more chapters to write.

We are four
corners of a square
connected by thin lines
inside the same lair.

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This is Me

I am who I am and that’s all I can be.

I’m sick of trying to be, someone other than me.

if you want to know who I am,take a good look.

You can’t read the story without opening the book.

On the first page,a little girl you’ll see.

A little girl that looks,quite similar to me.

She’s got chubby cheeks, brown eyes,

and two ears to soak up all the lies.

She sits atop the stairs, night after night,

Looking down below,seeing her parents fight.

Her brother is there near her side,

He tries to wipe the tears his sister has cried.

Flip the pages,skip ahead a few years,

The girl is little no more, she hangs with her peers.

She puts on her smile, day after day,

And at night she lays her head down to pray.

She prays for a time,when she doesn’t have to cry.

She looks out her window, up to the black sky.

Trapped at home, with no hope for tomorrow

Her body is filled with years of sorrow.

Halfway through the book, she’s on her own.

Her brother is gone, she is now alone.

No one to run to when she got scared,

Facing them alone, she was unprepared.

Time to grow up, no time to hide

No more tears, they have all dried.

Time to step up, time to be brave,

No more being a kid, her childhood away she gave.

Now that little girl is grown, she is strong.

This new strength she has had all along.

She’s no longer afraid to speak her mind.

The words she says aren’t always kind.

She stands her ground,getting in between,

her fighting parents, at the age of sixteen.

He shoves her down, she gets back up,

He doesn’t realize she’s no longer a young pup.

The last chapter begins, that little girl now eighteen,

Just another night, same old routine.

She pushes back, with hatred in her eyes,

“I hate you” loud and clear she cries.

So much anger built up, so much pain

All of these emotions, she just can’t contain.

She slams her fists into the back of her door.

She loses her strength as she collapse to the floor.

I’m that little girl from this story book,

You wouldn’t have known, from one little look.

Just like everyone, I am who I am,

If you don’t like me, I don’t give a damn.

My life has been rough, but don’t pity me,

This is me, and me is who I will always be.

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He is like gravity

Sometimes we meet people who are like gravity, 
they just pull you in and hold you down like a tree.
They come into our lives and impact us like no other.
Thank God I have one in my life, he is my brother.

You might think I have a biased opinion, 
but he is like no one else, ruling his dominion.
There is not a single bad thing to say about him.
Everywhere he goes is bright, even when its dim.

When we go out with his friends, it still amazes me.
Everyone wants to be around him as far as I can see.
Most of the people like this are obnoxious and loud,
but he's quiet and calm, to say he is my brother, makes me proud.

He is the type of guy to give you the shirt he is wearing.
He showed me the respect you can gain just by caring.
I saw that all the girls wanted him and trust me they do, 
but he was with one girl for 15 years, and always stayed true.

So he is the person I look up to in this world the most.
He is bigger than this life, he is bigger than grandiose.
I don't think there is anyone else like him, no other.
So once again I say, I am so proud to call him my brother.  

***For Frank H.'s contest, “Iridescent”****

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Hope For A Psycho Path

I met my big brother only recently
but he had been keeping tabs on me.
We were separated as children from a brutal crime scene.
We witnessed our mother's slaughter most brutally.
Two days we spent in her pool of blood, traumatized as children would be.
My brother was committed to a mental institution. I was adopted by a loving family
who kept my brother's existence a secret from me.
My foster Dad knew that I would most probably
be a child of special needs
but I doubt that even he could have ever foreseen
the monster that was brewing inside of me.
My brother was a killer without reason or remorse.
He decided to make my foster sister our family reunion trophy corpse.
By killing my foster sister together, my brother believed
that it would unite he and I as a true family.
Like my brother, I too am a killer much like he
without reason or remorse or any feelings remotely,
but unlike my brother a code directs me.
I kill only killers to satisfy my need.
I kill because I need to take human life
to fulfill an uncontrolable hunger within me that's never satisfied.
"You can't help what you've become," Dad told me in my young adulthood,
"but perhaps you can channel this darkness where it will do the most good.
If you kill only killers," my foster Dad taught,
"you'll stand a far better chance of never getting caught.
Never Kill Anyone Who Doesn't Deserve To Die.
Never break this code and you'll most likely survive.
Remember this forever Son.
Your always loved and never alone,"
but that's no longer true now that Dad's dead and gone..
..and No, I didn't kill him
if that's what you were thinking.
My foster Dad died naturally
from hardening of the arteries.
My foster sister didn't deserve to die
and so I sent my brother to his demise.
Authorities ruled it a suicide.
I'm a professional monster when it comes to homicide.
I killed the one person who accepted me for who I truly am
to save the life of someone who would reject me if she knew the truth I hide within.
My brother was the only one other than Dad who I truly made a connection.
and so I continue to be alone and isolated forever destined.
I've never felt anything at all inside
but after I killed my brother, I began to cry.
Perhaps this may be the very beginning
of yours truly getting in touch with truly true feelings.

The above is a scene from the Dexter TV series
that I attempted to write poetically.
Just letting you all know that I'm not writing about me.
I couldn't harm a fly, honestly.

Best Wishes Always,
theKidster, SillyBilly

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Once They're Grown

Siblings scatter once they’re grown
And keep in touch by text or phone
So visits may be spread apart
Despite the nearness in one’s heart.

It’s strange to think that they once shared
Their childhood years, which then prepared
The paths they’d choose to venture on;
Then poof! That common life is gone.

For lucky ones, the bond remains
Though hugs require cars or planes
But miles and years can’t cut the ties
That only siblings recognize.

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Blood in my Veins

You're foolish my brother
What a pickle we're in
On a street full of people 
You had to pick him

The soberest fighter
Who knows how to win
Is landing hard punches 
From your eyes to your chin

His friends from the party
Are joining the fray 
I can see by the numbers 
It won't be your day

But since you are losing 
I must do the same 
I won't just stand by
With your blood in my veins

Kyle Ezra Kriticos

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Leave it to Me

Years ago at home sick with a cough,
My Mother made chicken soup for me.
After lunch she would turn the radio off,
And let me watch TV.

I recall one of my favorite shows,
About a small boy named: The Beaver.
I curious name I suppose,
Their parents Ward and June Cleaver.

He had an older brother named Wally,
Who always knew the truth.
The show presented 50’s life, ‘By Golly,’
Which seemed just like my own youth.

Beaver would always get in a mess,
Or some crazy predicament.
Wally would then make him confess,
To their father in embarrassment.

In many ways I could relate,
As I have an older brother too.
Because when I made a mistake,
My brother always knew what to do.

I sometimes would break a light,
Or damage one of my dad’s tools.
My brother would say it’s alright,
And seemed to know all the rules.

When “Leave it to Beaver” is done,
I always revisit my childhood.
Such a special age, had so much fun,
And the true value of brotherhood.

By: Greg Stanley
On the show, “Leave it to Beaver”
For Michael’s “Old TV Show” contest

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Mary fought until her last day
gazing at the stars of the bay,
" I will soon die, but deep pain 
I won't feel...Heaven is my gain! "

And muttering those courageous words,
her pale face pierced by hazel eyes held off
her tears not to make me profoundly sad,
but my caresses warmer than sunshine
consoled her by not making her afraid...
all she saw was a brother praying by her side!   

Mary sang many songs and smiled feeling only joy,
not seeing her bold head and missing breast
and despite her suffering, she kept abreast...
wanting to be another survivor and tell her story. 

That October evening Mary died without a breath of air,
and with semi open eyes turned to a pink sky...
seeing a sun redder than scarlet;
she stepped into the realm of death
to join mother and sister already there...
why wasn't a cure found? She didn't have to die!

Written by Andrew Crisci
The most powerful note:
" Wanting to be another survivor and tell her story. "

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Happy Holidays Or Merry Christmas

What if Christmas wasn't here? What if Christmas disappeared? Whenever December came... It just wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? The true meaning of Christmas would be in danger! If this happened... There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t have Christ' peace and tranquility! It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” For fear they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

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I Pray For My Children and Family Too

I Pray For My Children And Family Too! I was talking with my children just the other day… I was almost “at a loss,” for the words to say! I was praying that somehow they’d understand… Christ is our solid rock! All else is ”sinking sand!” I encouraged them to daily read the Bible and to prepare. To what’s happening now… So they’re not caught “unaware.” I shared with them what it means to seek God’s holy ways… No matter what others tell them… Or what they might say! When it comes to God… May his will be understood… As one they will grow unto adulthood May God’s word guard their heart and help it to be pure! In the arms of Jesus, may their life be strong and secure! May the love of Jesus bind their hearts as one… And be a blessing to my daughters and sons! As their parent. It is my desire to strongly express… For all of my family. I wish for God’s very best! HIS best can be found in his word and the son that he’s given… May this be the very foundation on which we’re livin.’! May Jesus Christ be the focus of everything we do! May our lives be en expression of “I LOVE YOU!” May God’s peace and words of wisdom fill our minds… And may his cords of love be what forever binds! By Jim Pemberton 01/14/12

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Do We Choose Whom We Love And IGNORE Those We Don't

Why Do We “Choose” Whom We Love…   And Ignore Others?

Why do we often “choose” those we love… 
And ignore those we don’t?
It’s a good thing that Christ doesn’t do this!  He won’t!

Far too often,… People attending church today…
Will many times “choose” whom they’ll love…  
And turn others away?

I’ve heard sermons preached 
on how we must love others too...
For many, It’s too “inconvenient,”  
 to love others like we should do!

What about the “undesirables?”  
Those who fall through the cracks?
It doesn’t matter if someone is from 
“the wrong side of the tracks!”

I pray that God will stir in all of us 
a deep compassion within!
Perhaps, by our example… 
Others will be born again!

May our life be one that is filled 
with sacrifice and giving!
May it be an expression of Christ!
And his power of forgiving!

May we strive to treat others and love them all the same!
If we don’t follow Christ’ example…  
We have ourselves to blame!

Christ’ word has laid the foundation
 for loving every soul!
The mission field is all around us! 
 Let’s get up and GO!

By Jim Pemberton    04/13/12

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Little girl, trying to sleep in your bed
don’t listen to the sound of the bombs nearby
just close your eyes and try not to cry
and let your brother sing you a lullaby.

And don’t listen to the noise of the guns
as the bullets flash by your door, don’t cry
just think of the peace found in sleep
while your brother sings you a lullaby.

Little girl, as you sleep in your bed 
when you dream, try not to dream of the day
when soldiers came with their guns
and took your father away.

And when you wake up to a new day
looking for the sun, through the dust and smoke
try to find some hope in that terrible place
as you and your brother strive to cope.

Little girl, war is the world of grown ups
and there is nothing you can do
even if you tell them of your fear and sorrow
no one will listen to you.

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Lord Please Help My Brother

Lord, please help my brother
 who’s very confused.
He feels that through life… 
He’s been hurt and abused!

He needs you much more than he’s 
willing to confess…
He’s living the kind of life that  
brings a lot of stress!

Many wicked and evil thoughts 
have entered his head…
Many lies from the devil is 
what he’s been fed!

I know you can do for him
 what you did for me!
By the power of your blood… 
 He can be FREE!

I pray that your spirit and word 
will convict him!
May he open up his heart and let
 you change him!

In YOU he can find a love this 
world could never give!
You bring true peace and joy 
and the power to forgive!

By Jim Pemberton

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A Christmas I Won't Forget

I will never forget our Christmas tradition
At my parents home when I was young.
First, we got out of bed before mom and dad
In our stocking we'd look, to see what we had.

We would start getting impatient
Wanted to get our parents out of bed
Finally, we gathered in the living room
Names on gifts were then read

So anxious to see, we opened them up
My brother Dave bought a huge candy bar
For the four of us kids, there we stood
Knew it was the best by far.

Dad then would read from the Bible
About Jesus in the manger that night
People gathered together with gifts
It was a beautiful sight

He then bowed his head to pray
Before Christmas carols were sung
I look over to see my brother or sister
Smile then stick out their tongue.

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Character Of A Boy

M.K. was character as boy more so as a man
His sister Mary Alice was away
Boy they would have fun this day great game plan
Stay hidden from mom no toting water today

Two weeks later momma from kitchen calls
M. K. fetch in water from the deep well
As he like Tazmanian Devil fireballs
Into the kitchen overcome by smell

Spies momma with a fine tooth comb_ combing
Mary Alice's long hair with kerosene
Immediately looks for brother; homing
In on him, white with fear tells of kitchen scene

His brother always cut all boys' dark hair
Begged his brother to skin his white head bald
Of course, when brother heard_lice_ chill up spine scare
Then they heard their mother from kitchen call

Monday school day after two hours of chores
M.K. into the classroom did sort of crawl
Hidden, teacher said hat off_ underscores
Off comes the hat, laughter a caterwaul

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My Brothers and Sisters at arms

They shed blood,
They cry tears,
They do the work,
They spend the years.

They see the horror,
They see the pain,
They serve in honor,
They just try to remain. 

They return home,
They recieve A heroes parade,
They protect our freedom,
They hear the serinade.

They protect us,
They serve us,
They love us,
They are our soldiers.

Have you sit and asked,
Just hoe many of US,
Know how much they sacrificed?

Dedicated to my brother-in-law and each and every soldier who serves,from me,an 11Brovo 
Soldier of Delta 3-1 to all my comrads,serving and fallen.May God bless you and your family.

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A Letter to Daddy

I had just awakened from a night before drunk.
I needed a tall, cold glass of refreshing water.
I tried to stand but I couldn't.
So I sat, and there it was.
A letter fom my daughter.
I reached across the table grasping for the letter.
I began to sway, my eyes were red and sore,
rubbing them lightly just to see better.
Here's what the letter had to say.
"Dear Daddy"
I am writing just to say goodbye.
So I'll say what I have to say before I begin to cry.
You ran away from us daddy,you didn't even say goodbye.
At the time when you left, I was to young,
to understand the reason why.
Mama used to sit and cry each time we'd speak your name.
She said you left because of us kids, we were the one's to blame.
She is gone you know, she died of a broken heart.
She just couldn't make it on her own,
since you two have been apart.
She'd work both day and night trying her very best,
to give us a decent home.She never really rested much,
she was much to busy working her fingers to the bone.
She used to pray evey night you would return to town.
You never did come back daddy, you went and let her down.
She told us not to hate you, no matter what we think.
She said your only problem was, you loved your precious drink.
Now we are alone daddy, my brother John and I.
Now I know how mommy felt, that is why I sit and cry.
But I don't cry for mommy or even my brother John.
I cry for you daddy, for you see, my love for you is gone.
And now after writing this letter, even my tears have run dry.
Now that you know just how I feel daddy, 
this letter is to say goodbye.
A P.S. is added. 
A toast in in order I think.
Now that you have ruined our live's,
enjoy your self along with your next drink.

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Many Families Are In Difficult Situations

I’ve seen many families in difficult situations!
Often ending up in lies and false accusations!

I’ve seen many families stray way off course…
And tragically, often, end up in a divorce!

I’ve seen the hardships that many families endure.
Their faith has often been shaken. 
 That’s for sure!

I’ve seen many families trying to give 100 percent.
And then wondering where all of their time went!

I’ve seen all these things happening
 and much more!
I have wondered; “what is all of this happening for?”

I’ve just one thing to say in this “chaotic confusion.”
Only the blood of Jesus gives
 any hope or solution!

It’s only in his word, we’ll find a godly direction!
His Holy Spirit can give true and loving correction!

May we seek his spirit to bind us all together!
And pray for his blood for our protection forever!

Please come Lord Jesus, and refresh our soul!
We need you right now, to make us whole!

Please touch our heart, and make us all one!
And heal every father, mother, daughter and son!

Please help us to watch what we’ll do and say!
You can turn our darkest night
 into the brightest day!

By Jim Pemberton

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TIME Reminiscing a life missing Dear Brother

Reminiscing - a life missing

Time is slowly crawling, walking on by,
leaving sunny memories, not but a shadow
glimpsed, running past the corner of ones eye
as it leaves the lands of past experiences fallow.

Travelling back in time, down many roads.
Some roads, roads less traveled, carrying heavy loads.
Others have lead one into worlds of much fun
under bright rays – days spent with a glorious sun.

Some of those sunny memories came to life,
this Christmas Season, with much joy, rife
throughout the few hours spent.
Ecstasy, for a moment, to me she lent.

B. J. “A” 2
December 24th 2014

Dear Brother

Your generosity,
this Christmas Season
arouses my curiosity.
What is your reason ?,
Dear Brother, especially
after summers generosity.

B. J. “A” 2
December 24th 2014

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Bosnian Proverb

"Infants drink milk"
From the hands and breasts of their mothers
When such small bottles are called our babies.
"Children drink blood"
From the wrists and necks of their fathers
As these vials struggle to be men and ladies.

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Enduring Life's Trials

Enduring Life’s Trials The hardships in life you must endure. If your faith in Christ is to be sure. It’s easy “to give up.” Anyone can do it! The challenge is to “trust Jesus to see you through it!” Living for Jesus “is more than just talk.” Adversity will challenge your faith and walk. Trusting Jesus will end all complainin’ and cursin’. And will make you more of a Christ-like person! You’ll have strength, courage and a desire to win. Knowing that Jesus will meet your need again and again! Your faith and love for God will grow to be strong, knowing that “in the arms of Jesus you surely belong!” By Jim Pemberton

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Why Did I Give In To Temptation

Giving In To Temptation...

I remember of a particular situation.
I was offered a very "inviting" temptation.

The situation I was in... I didn't belong!
And lost any sense of 
"right and wrong."

At first... I felt no guilt or shame.
And brought embarrassmen
 to my family's name.

I tried to explain this to
 my wife and kids.
I heard; "Dad... please... 
  no more fibs!"

The Godly principles were 
"tossed to the side,"
As the sin inside caused 
arrogance and pride.

Soon, all in my life that truly mattered.
Was all gone... and my life 
was empty and shattered!

I was sorry for all of the 
problems I had caused/
This time... I took a moment to pause/

I cried to God to rescue me from my sin.
And confessed.  Would God help me once again?

I read in the Bible of our
 saviour's grace and love/
This time the help I needed had 
to come from above/

I asked him for a fresh and brand new start.
He removed the stain from a broken heart.

He restored to me the joy I once had.
I'm so thankful... Jesus has made me glad!

YOU--Jesus--are the reason I'm here today!
I LOVE YOU! More than words can say!

By Jim Pemberton

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He's Waiting At The Gates

As I stand before heaven's gates in sight 
What's before me is a beautiful bright light 
Christ standing at the gates saying, come on in and see
Been waiting for you to come live with me
Come walk the streets of gold, too
Your log cabin I built just for you
On a hill far away you wanted to be
Let me take you there so you can see
Melanie, your loved one's been waiting for you to come 
Especially where you are from
There stood my brother with open arms towards me
Said, my sister I finally get to see
He hugged me tight 
Said, now everything is going to be alright 


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Days go by
And I wonder why
Why the sky's sunset wheeps tonight
A strong soldier overseas has lost his fight
The crushing sounds of screams
The soldier has his fellow brother dead at his feet
He picks up his brother to take him home
You see this soldier can not leave his brother all alone
The bullets fly through the air
But the soldier is fearless and he will never give up, he wouldn't dare
The sign of safety and freedom is just over the hill
He'd risk everything to carry his fellow brother home even the risk of being killed
This soldier is a hero in the eyes of all
What would of happened if he never took the call
The call to duty to fight without fear and to protect
The heroism and determination in this soldier deserves total respect
The sun will rise in the morning and this soldier will be alive
But this soldier and man of God will still be dead inside
He still has night terrors of losing his brother on the battlefield
There is no greater pain then witnessing someone close to you get killed
But no matter what happens, in my heart this soldier will always be a hero to me
He will always be family and I will truly always idol thee
You see, he was the one carrying my uncle home to me
At the funeral the guns shoot in the sky
And now i no longer need to wonder why
As the tears run down my eyes
I realize that I am the lucky one to have my uncle home after he has won his fight
He has a won his fight to heaven
I would of never got to see my uncle if it wasn't for his fellow Lieutenant

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Isn’t it amazing… The hurt and damage, someone can do? Especially by the same person who said; “I Love You!” Isn’t it amazing… How someone, which we’ve given our heart… Can betray our love, and “tear it all apart?” On that special day, when your vows were exchanged… It’s almost like “overnight,” some people change! Even amongst Christians. This seems too commonplace. As people seek their own desires… Instead of God’ grace. Isn’t it amazing… How anger, jealousy and bitterness begins? Even amongst our loved ones, that we have called “friends?” What’s more amazing… Is how God, in his mercy and care.. Still loves us. And he is always there! No matter what you’ve said… No matter what you’ll do…. God remains the same. And is always there for YOU! He is faithful. His commitment to you is strong and secure! His love is everlasting. And is 100% PURE! I stand amazed, as to how God still loves us. He asks for our heart. He wants to trust us! Won’t you come and experience his love today? He loves you so much more than words could ever say! By Jim Pemberton 10/05/11

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Anger in my soul

Some men killed my brother so I killed them.
I realize that one day I'll pay for my sins.
I hunted those men down and killed them one by one.
They didn't have a chance and killing them was fun.
My judgement may have been clouded because of the anger in my soul.
The hatred inside me took over and it took its toll.
I loved my brother and he was violently taken away.
I decided to make certain that those men would pay.
The grief and hatred that I felt made me become unhinged.
I will probably go to hell but at least my brother is avenged.

(This is based on a true story that took place during the early 20th century.)

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Feels like I've faded in to the back ground
And still even now confedence one lacks
Jaded, the fact inner peace is still unfound
But no paint brush will ever fill them cracks

Now looking at my reflection in the mirror
Is one that just seems so old and so grey
And on closer inspection, it's even dimmer
My story told from what was then yesterday                                                                                         

Now a blank canvas where was once colour
Not saying that I was some kind of portrait
But anxious, comparing myself to every other
As what I once saw I really liked but now hate

Those textures that were once rich in youth
Now withered with time that’s passed me by
Mixtures of every emotion now it's like struth
Looking back at me is that the same guy?

This was already on here but just felt neede tweeking a little bit 
trying to put in bettter form or context add a little humour 
less trival than before but still anever ending battle ith ones self
reflection originaly called dismorphia 
somthing delt with sinse my teens though through my twenties went out my way to ahnge myself a lot
gets harder as you get older though i think



inspierby by all the cool soup poets sinse last januray  PD LARUA REBBECA ECT  XXXXXX

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617 Squadron " The Flight Home "

Brave men brought together
To fly the bombers
To hamper the power
Enlistment their will 
To serve the free
All humble men 
As history will see
Hearts shaking
On this white knuckle ride
Hero's them all
Side by side
Outbound flights
Planes lost
Their families and friends
Count the cost
Target reached
Heavy flak
How many of them
Will make it back
They turn for home
Chased by the Hun
Machine guns ripping
Flesh so young
Wounded they slump
Bullet ridden
Bloodied bodies
The coast of England up ahead
Welcomes the live
And will remember the dead
Distant engines
The airfield hears
Crippled planes
Grow near and near
Families gather as they fly over
Did their loved ones
Pass the cliffs of Dover
Ambulance, tenders
Race to the scene
Pieces of man
Their life no longer a dream
Carried in care 
Blanketed shroud
Dads and sons
Did their country proud
The airmen who walked out
Turned and looked to the sky
This mission by men
As they wonder why
Pain and suffering 
For the right to be free
As the future has thanked
As we look back and see.
Dedicated to all who served, to allow us to write and read.
We can fire our words, but they will never make us bleed.

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Johnny and His Big Sister

Once upon a time
there was a little boy
who had a big sister
that lived out her name Joy

This little lad Johnny
looked up to Joy for hope
as he seemed always to be wrong
so Joy helped him to cope

One day he would be a man
and Joy would be proud of him
as Johnny also admired her
for she was so properly prim

They really loved each other
true brother and sister affection
always looked out for one another
making sure of each one's attention

So an example to follow
they have given to us all
showing love and affection
to be living on the ball


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It was sunday afternoon, 
we were in the living room. 
When in walked my big sister 
and my whole world just went Boom! 

She announced that she was pregnant! 
Yes in the family way! 
I was lost for words, 
not a thing to say. 

My Mother she went mad, 
so did Dad as well, 
the words that they both said, 
i cant repeat or tell. 

My brother he just laughed, 
( I think he needs to grow. ) 
But then he is the youngest 
and doesn"t really know! 

My Sister she just cried, 
yes cried and sobbed and wept, 
and then on my Mothers lap, 
eventually she slept! 

My Mother looked at Dad, 
Dad looked at the floor, 
i glanced up at my brother 
as he headed out the door. 

The silence in that room, 
was the worst i"d ever hear. 
I looked at Mum and Dad, 
felt the pressure and the fear! 

Up the stairs went thumping, 
and my brother reached his room. 
We could hear him on his mobile, 
relating doom and gloom. 

Then we heard him laughing, 
i thought " His head will roll!" 
You"d think he"d know by now, 
to take some Mirth Control! 

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My brother Ray

Today was his special day
Till just a year ago he was taken away
Only God knows the reason he called him home
Leaving all of us missing him so.

My brother Ray was a special young man
Who anyone who knew him could call him friend.
His harsh demeanor was bristling and gruff
You always knew how he felt, when he'd had enough.

He'd let you know with his big booming voice
To hear it once more  would be such a joy.
He loved his family, his coworkers his friends
They knew his loyalty was good to the end.

For no fair weather friend could he ever be called
If he loved you and cared he could not be swayed at all
For his love and his loyalty were always true
He wore his feelings on his sleeves and he'd share them with you.

He had a huge and jocular laugh, infectious too.
If you laughed with him, he'd laugh with you
For no one alive had a better sense of humour
Made us all honored to call him our favorite brother.

Now as the sun sets down gloriously this day.
We know it's because of a brother named Ray.
He lives up in Heaven as he did here with us.
Shining his smile upon us and all of his love.

Wrapping us all in his big arms to his chest
He is telling us all to keep doing our best.
To keep making him proud in our thoughts and deeds
And he will see us all when in Heaven we meet.

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My Dad Left Me My Heavenly Father Found Me

My Dad Left Me... My Father Found Me! I remember dad tucking me into bed each night. I somehow knew "everything was going to be allright." I remember the Bible stories he had read. Each night before I went to bed. I remember the smile dad had on his face. It was like "love all over the place." Then one night. he left. I didn't know why. The many nights I'd lay awake and cry. How could this happen? I was so sad... I became very upset, angry and mad. How could God let this happen to our family? I thought dad loved us and was happy. He never returned... Never did explain... I began to curse even the mention of his name. Then one day, I read the Bible and began to see... How much Jesus really does love me! I asked him to be the father of my life today. I'll never forget the words he had to say; "I'll be with you each step that is taken." I love you so much... You're never forsaken!" Jesus... my heavenly father, has given me love so precious. I have a relationship with him... that's so nutritious! My dad left me. My (heavenly) father found me. And now each day... His love surrounds me! By JIm Pemberton

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Where is the Love

With children starving anew right at our own feet
How can our lives continue to ever feel complete
So wide is the neglect and rampant is the abuse
But when you only reflect then you are but life’s muse

Everyday so many cry out in hunger and in pain
With so much of this doubt all hope begins to wane
So many are all alone with no one to call their name
And with no Light to be shown there grows only shame

Look at the children and look deep into their eyes
Now look at the next ten and there will be no surprise
The joy is still there yet it is slowly being sifted away
Show them that you care and have something to say

And when you do(love) your reward shall be great
A feeling so new in changing one’s fate
And how will you grow to see just such a need
Your heart will know as for them it will bleed

Colossians 3:14

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Ladders and Snakes

What devils inside me insisted
The weak shall be lead by the strong
A labour of love, torn and twisted
Oh! How can a life go so wrong
As I lie here, consumed by the silence
And the sound of your breath on the wind
While the rain pours, with sickening violence
Each teardrop as proof that I've sinned
A potion to end all the heartache
Lies cooking right there on a spoon
Drawn deep in the heart of a needle
Then flows like the blood of the moon
A love lies below, in the distance
The cruel light of dawn then awakes
Where emptiness holds no resistance 
In a world filled with ladders and snakes
Sweet Jesus! I'm down on my knees
With barely the clothes on my back
Blinded by loss and disease
Blaming you Lord, for all that I lack
The screams of the angels they smother
The torment felt deep in my soul
This body lies crippled and broken
Subdued by the weight of its toll
Oh God if you hear me at all
Please forgive and forget my mistakes
Each step I take clouded by lies
In a world filled with ladders and snakes
How long, on the edge, can I live
An end is in sight, if I hurry
No sins nor no time to forgive
No hardship, no strife, nor no worry
Oh! Why is a picture so perfect
Only ever for others to make
While I live in the shadow of darkness
In a world filled with ladders and snakes
An ode to addiction...

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Mozfart, like his brother was possessed of rare ability
Performing in Vienna for European Nobility
Farts of such, power, passion and brilliance
His pants we're reinforced for extra resilience

Amazing you'd think to have a musical bottom
But wouldn't recitals perhaps get a bit rotten
But although be blew through a rather large horn
The accompaniments were pleasant, I'm pleased to inform

For not only could Mozfart trump his brothers Sonatas
Without the use of additional apparatus 
With variable, fragrance, flatulence was he also empowered
And could make his blow-offs smell like a field full of flowers

Mozfart's trumper was a musical revelation
Where ever he went he was quite a sensation 
Farting Bach's Concerto in packed auditoriums 
Then making it smell of roses for standing ovations

This attention put his brother in such a foul mood
He put a tub of fart power in poor Mozfart food
To deliver his grand finale the maestro bent low
And as he exploded took out half the front row

Although he died tragically
He lived his life magically
So next time you think you're about to drop a potty
Think of poor Mozfart and his amazingly musical botty

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War machine

I blaze when i shine young soldier, Your job is hard you got my shoulder
Dont cry just grow up be older, your a war machine now your colder
but dont worry ill still stand to holdya, i got your back young soldier

Everyone even at a young age hase feelings
They shape us to who we are with meanings
peace for one world is anothers bond brothers dreaming
i watched us grow up we were hurt but now we are healing

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I'm Not A Gorilla-Man

My brother played a dirty trick on me that was nasty to do.
Before I put on a Gorilla mask, he filled it with Super Glue.
I've tried and tried to pull this mask off but it's stuck.
I've been wearing it for three years, I'm out of luck.

Now I have the body of a man and the head of an ape.
When people see me, they think I'm a Killer Gorilla freak and they're desperate to escape.
When President Obama saw me, the chicken got scared and ran.
I'm a Human Being, I'm getting tired of being called a Gorilla-Man!

Some Carnival people came to my house and they asked me to be one of their freaks.
I hit them so hard that their jaws had to be wired shut, now none of them can speak.
Now my brother is blind, I got even with the creep.
I Super Glued his eyes shut while he was asleep.

(This is a fictional poem)

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Brothers Day

There’s Father’s Day
There’s Mother’s Day
Why can’t there be Brother’s Day
Maybe in the month of May
Set it up without delay
A Brother’s Day
Mom and Dad would probably say
A brother always gets his way
On Brother’s Day
Where would all his sisters stay?
Why – far away
On Brother’s Day
Lunch would be a big subway
Eaten at a small café
On Brother’s Day
And Mom and Dad would be OK
With dinner on a TV tray
On Brother’s Day
Dinner maybe fish fillet
As his entree
On Brother’s Day
Or maybe something done flambé
Anything in big display
On Brother’s Day
And maybe an ice cream buffet
Or a big parfait
On Brother’s Day
And maybe he would get to play
With modeling clay
On Brother’s Day
Or a game of old croquet
Munching Frito-lay
On Brother’s Day
And you can bet there’s be horseplay
Full blown chaos – no halfway
On Brother’s Day
No cutesy pie in no beret
No Tutu from no ballet
On Brother’s Day
No girlie-girls with their hairspray
They can all just sashay
On Brother’s day
Every brother would hooray
If they could waylay
A Brother’s Day
It’s no cliché
Brothers everywhere will pray
For Brothers’ Day

My neice has 4 kids - 3 girls and a boy and the little guy was feeling left out and 
wanted to know when Brothers Day.

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Open up your mind
 then rewind 
to a time
 where you didnt have a dime
 were you hungry and blind? 
or were you the kind
that a way to eat you did find? 
 where you happier that way? 
or is the money really as great? 
as they told you it would
I think I'd rather starve than go on and never experience the hunger.
 I think sometimes it is way more fun to be scared and to blunder.
Because those who never had to look up can only look down.
But not me.
Lookin up my whole life is what keeps my stomach empty.
 No matter what I get now
  I will always remember.
and that is what will 
get me the crown, 
  get me out of this town, 
   make me world renowned. 
  If I want it. 
Yes this life tastes much better..

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What If Christmas Disappeared

What if Christmas never happened? What if Christmas never came? Things around here would be different! It wouldn’t be the same! What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger? Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger! If the baby Jesus wasn’t born. There would be no nativity. We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.” It’s almost like this now! It’s an “ever increasing business.” It seems like nearly everyone wants “Christ out of Christmas!” Why does it seem like Christmas is losing it’s true meaning? The very words; “Merry Christmas,” seem to be quickly disappearing! Many say; “Happy Holiday.” They worry they may “offend.” Having a “holiday” without Christ…. Once again! We need to put Jesus Christ back into our CHRISTmas season! He is what Christmas is about! HE is the very reason! May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth. May there be shouts of JOY! From the corners of the earth! Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration! We need him so much right now! All over this great nation! May we bring to him a heart of love for everything he’s done. As we bring honor to Christ. God’s precious son! May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise! Not only at Christmas time… But all of our days! By Jim Pemberton

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ICHABOD The Glory Has Departed

“The Glory Has Departed...” Before the next church service you attend gets started... Perhaps on the door should read; “God's glory has departed.” Many come on Sunday morning and don't even know. That's God's glory left such a long time ago. Many build their Sunday experience on “past traditions.” Built on man-made rules and “false expectations.” They don't want to hear the gospel— ”it may offend.” Their pastor no long preaches on what the Bible says is sin. Some have been going to church for many years. Still looking for teachers with “itching ears.” The true presence of God is no longer there. It's no longer found in their worship or prayer. God's judgement shall begin at this very place. It hasn't happened yet, because of his unfailing grace. If God's presence has been left from your life as well... Remember his love for you will never, never fail. Seek his awesome presence each day that you live. He gave his son for you— what more could he give? Hunger for his glory in your life this very hour! And be renewed by his word and life-changing power! By Jim Pemberton

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God's Definition of Marriage

God designed marriage as the real thing!
Anything less, is what a counterfeit brings!

His concept of one man and woman is very real.
He’s not interested in bowing to “man’s appeal.”

His court of justice rings very loud and clear!
The truth of his word shall NEVER disappear!

You can look in Genesis and it is found!
He created Adam from the dust of the ground!

He designed Eve from one of his ribs!
They were joined together as  both lived!

He didn’t need a constitution to know “their rights.”
He gave them HIS WORD as their guiding light!

Satan has been trying to pervert what God created!
This is a truth.  And need not be debated!

We have cheapened the value of the marriage institution!
And have added needless 
chaos and confusion!

Through the Bible, one husband and wife are taught!
Unless you want to live in Sodom, as did Lot!

Ungodly perversions take many forms and kinds.
And it soon piles up garbage into our minds!

“What God has put together.” 
 “Let no man put asunder.!”
Many ideas of “marriage,” is a total blunder!

One man and one woman is what God ordained in Eden.
It was Adam and Eve.  
Not Adam and Steven!

The choices in life are yours!  And yours alone!
Who is going to be the Lord, of your heart and home?

By Jim Pemberton  

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Dedicated to Chris Marsh

My Brother from another mother died before my eyes.
A one pack a day smoking habit is what caused him to die.
When it was all over, what did I do to get my nerves set?
I stepped out of the hospital and lit up a cigarette.
Tobacco is the world's most addictive poison.
It's more difficult to give up than crack cocaine or heroin.
To all who may be reading this, I say from the bottom of my heart.
If you haven't lit up a cigarette yet, please don't ever start.
His death was very slow and lingering.
I never saw anyone in such horrific pain.

I miss you Chris and I kept my promise to you.
I've stopped the nasty habit.

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No Point In Being Happy

Im crying and crying but Daddy wont get up for me, he lays there lazy humbled asleep. 
Wont anyone think of me? Mummy says, he might just be hungry, Hows A bottle going to 
fix me? All i need is love and sympathy. Mummy and Daddy always fight about money but 
to me it doesn't mean anything. They always fight, saying they cant afford thing's. Maybe 
things would have been cheaper if they didn't have me. Mummy screams "I should have 
had an abortion before I thought things were going to be easy. Whats  an abortion? I ask 
my little head while I lay in my little bed. I cry, Daddy gives me A bottle thinking thats 
what I need to fix my bruised heart thats being ripped apart? I just want Mummy and 
Daddy to be happy, and not to worry about one thing. If I had a voice, I would tell them I 
loved them when there hearts felt hurt and burnt. If I had the strength to walk I'd do the 
dishes, cleaning and washing so they wouldn't have to fight about doing any of these 
things, which they call miseries. Daddy gets annoyed carrying me when I'm crying, but 
I'm not strong enough to stand on my own two little feet. Mummy always talks on the 
phone, but always ignores me when I'm alone. Lying in these dirty clothes, it's like there's 
no one home.
All I do is sleep and eat why cant someone spend more time with me? When I cry in the 
middle of the night, it's not because I'm hungry or need a changing, It's because I'm in 
pain and agony but Mummy and Daddy just lay there sound asleep. I don't have a car or 
fancy things, Is love to much to ask of me? If life is as bad and mad as they make it to be, 
then why do grown ups want to live A life of being unhappy? I don't want to argue about 
money, or worry about caring about the babies, if that's going to be hard for me. If 
Mummy and Daddy always fight about money, when will they ever be truly happy? If 
pretty clothes A worth more then A pretty rose, And I'm going turn into A grown up and 
this is how my life is going to be. Then I don't want to live in insanity, there's No Point In 
Being Happy for it will only be A dream to me, never becoming reality. Mummy and Daddy 
don't care about me they just want all the luxuries. When I cry in pain all they do is 
complain about who's going to get up and feed me. I close my little eyes and sleep. They 
don't open again. For Mummy and Daddy will now be happy. I go to heaven were 
everyone will love me for I am just A Baby. 
- Wiko Te Maru

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What Kind Of Life Have You Been Spending

You know that another year is ending. What kind of lifestyle have you been spending? Does it just seem like "you're walking on a cloud." "Everything's going good." You're very proud! You have a family, three cars, and much wealth. Not counting all of your friends... Plus good health. Have you thought about who made all of this possible? Jesus! You may find this to be "improbable." The Bible says that every good gift is from God on high. His word is true Don't listen to a lie! It's surely not just because of you that you have all of this. To go along in life, rather "happy and bliss." The next time you're heading out your front door. Think about the meaning of life. And what you're here for! Lay your treasures up in heaven... and you shall find. A godly contentment. True joy. And a peace of mind. The blessings of God... In you... He wants to pour. Give what you have to him... And then you'll have MORE! By Jim Pemberton

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I Had Lost Him in the War

The sun was creeping through the windowpane
I lifted my head to see sparkling dewdrops from the rain
And in the fields, I saw someone slowly walking
He almost looked familiar, yet his face was shocking
As he came ever nearer, 
The realities of the war at hand were never clearer

My son’s right eye was simply no more
And his left eye was shyly cast down to the floor
He embraced me, sobbing, but relieved
To be so courteously and kindly received

The day my son returned was the day my husband died
It was the day when all my family sat there and cried
Sheets of tears from both eye sockets
Were seen on the soldier’s cheeks as he put his hands in his pockets

I told him gently that Dad was proud of him
His expression was grim…

The clouds ever looming over our home
He talks so little; he’ll contemplate and roam
The farm is tended to and the garden does flourish
The fruits and vegetables of our harvest will nourish
But as we are easily healthy and fed,
My son is stricken in panic and dread

He wakes up in the middle of the night
Clutching onto Dad’s photograph for dear life
The horrors he has witnessed I shall never know
And the gardens of his remaining youth shall never grow

Limping in the evening, he cleans his plate without complaint
I miss the days he used to pick on me—calling my main dishes plain
I miss his personality, his wit, his SOUL
I must learn now to rake his remnants across the coal

In the brink of sadness and stillness…

The bomb hits me to the innermost core

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You were an extraordinary talent
quick with hands and fast on your feet
in a foot race, you wouldn't allow yourself to get beat
sure could kick that pigskin a long ways on the gridiron
Oohs and Aahs by the home-crowd
after each field goal made
was a shoe-in for the Pros
no flaws that I saw
damn I miss you Bro, R.I.P Paul

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I married my sister

My marriage ended when I learned that my wife is my sister.
We were married for twenty years and I sure have missed her.
When I learned that we are brother and sister, my heart sank.
Soon after I was born, Dad sold his sperm to a sperm bank.
Until last year, I had no idea that Dad had another kid.
I will never forgive him for what he did.
For years I was so happy but now I just want to die.
My perfect life was shattered and all I can do is cry.
I tried to kill myself in my car with carbon monoxide.
But my cousin found me in time and sadly I survived.
When our marriage ended, my whole world fell apart.
Now I'm doomed to always have this broken heart.
The love that my wife and I shared was as pure as a dove.
But now my life is over because I had to give up the woman who I love.


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How can you be so cold?
Like were yesterday’s newspaper useless and old,
How can you be so heartless?
Like if we died yesterday you’d careless,
I know your in pain,
We’ve dealt with pretty much the same,
How could you be so cold?
How could you be so heartless?

Why do you do what you do?
Digging your cold claws into my heart and straight through?
Like your trying to give me the same emotional emptiness too,
I won’t let you,
I refuse,
I will never do what you do,

Your more of a stranger than strangers are,
Except I know where you came from,
I know who you are,

Though I can never wish you were just a empty face I see on a bus,
Because growing up there were three of us,
How can the number three cause such a fuss?

How can you be so cold and heartless?
How come my brother has so much emptiness?

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It is not measured by amount of gifts or games
Or how many ex girlfriends can be counted and named
It is something much more special inside
A love that is not shown but you cannot hide

A brother’s love to another is unlike any bond
It is a connection of trust of which both brothers are fond
One brother assures ‘I have your back no matter what.’
But states, ‘That it does not mean I will not kick your butt!’

The big problems, hard problems, small problems galore
The love of your brother is what brothers adore
Knowing if something is too bad for father
Or plotting together a trick on the daughter

In this case the military are the brothers at hand
We protected each other, just like the homeland
Always looked out and always had an eye
Never wanting to say our final goodbyes

These brothers of mine, still live in my heart
No doctor of the Navy will tear that apart
As some are still sailors and miss me the same way
With their help, I will get back in the Navy someday

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Pass It Please

"Please pass the chicken", Daddy said.
I watched the platter pass with dread
As each big brother took his choice
Would there be only wings for Joyce?

It was so hard to sit and wait.
Daddy took two legs on his plate.
I felt the dreaded tear drops start.
He knew that was my favorite part.

My brother Charley liked the feet,
The part that no one else would eat.
Mama's favorite was the breast
But I liked the big drumsticks best.

As the smallest I was always last
To hold the platter as it passed.
Now all my favorites were gone.
I turned away as it passed on.

As I let the necks and wings go by,
My daddy with twinkle in his eye
Said "Here's yours, Joybell, I took two,
But saved the biggest leg for you."

I know it now if I were able
To have those dears ones at my table,
I'd pass them all the legs and thighs.
And declare the wings were just my size.  

For Paula's  "Pass " contest  won 9th in contest

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My Brother

My brother is a spirit
His shadow haunts the walls
I've heard him in the midnight hour
Walking through the hall

I've seen him turning doorknobs
I've heard him rattle chains
I've heard him moaning ghostly songs
That sing of past remains

I've felt him in the dark of night
I've shivered from the cold
I've felt him reaching out to me
To find someone to hold

Through misty dreams I've heard his voice
Calling out to me
Beckoning to reach my hand
And set my spirit free

But I refrain and I remain
Adrift on solid ground
Wondering if this could be
My long lost brother found


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Prayer for a Soldier

I wish for you encompassing protection, a little extra of Gods attention to follow you 
wherever you roam until you return safely home.

I wish for you peace and love, a special tie from God above to keep you feeling safe 
and warm even in the middle of a storm.

I wish for you true understanding, a secret insight to what he's planning, in this war 
and in your life so you wont be broken by the strife. So you will know what is meant 
to be will be and that you will make it back home safely. 

No one will be able to bring you harm. 

You will return home to your family's arms.

This prayer I send out for you, a soldier who is strong and true, a man of great 
nobility, may you have the strength to BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

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Was It Meant For You

My words are not written for those of you who believe
But for all those who do not is the reason why I grieve
It is not the follower that I want to affect with what I say
But it is all of those who continuously neglect, that I Pray

I am not trying to give sight to those who can already see
But that sight is meant for all those souls who are not yet free
I am not seeking to revile anyone who has already chosen to repent
Just nudging those of you who have somehow missed His message sent

There is no anger in my being nor is there any hatred in my mind
I just wanted you to start seeing all the things that you're going to find
For I did not come here to scold or pump and beat on my own chest
I was just doing what I was told in knowing the Lord will do the rest

So as you go ahead reading what is written and the things that I said
Careful to where I tread and not being smitten just saying why Jesus bled
Seek only it's meaning that it casts upon you as we sit here eye to eye
Which way are you leaning  just give me a clue as Lent passes us by

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BIG SISTER'S SWAGGER--new baby brother

My mom and dad bought them a son
Someone who will like to run
Someone who won’t comb his hair
Someone who’ll forget his prayers
Someone who will fight and spit
Who will learn to kick and hit
Who will climb and who will fall
Hide in holes where bugs all crawl
He is a tiny but he’ll grow
Then I’ll teach him all I know

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Vanguard Ute

	Carol Brown
Contest Name	My First Car 
Vanguard ute I got meself a motor car, a little ute, a Vanguard, I was seventeen, yes sah, low flying and sliding here and there, Me an brother Mark were a going fishing, At 75 miles an hour, I hit a hi speed bend, Feet of water lurked in a dip, unwitting, It did us airborne send, Flying on a cushion of water, Guide posts were a flashing by, Fascinating sort of, sorta, Slow motion with a sigh? After 50 feet we finally touched down, Me brother wouldn’t bloody speak His forehead held a frown, 50 miles an hour, how neat, No he didn’t dob me in, Old car was still orright, So then I took him sideways, On a corner, not in spite. I was young and stupid, Much older now Kanga Roo Ted… Young n stupid flying low, big ol thrill 4 johnson though, having fun an sliding so, me mates would not come a driving:)

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This Brother Told Me GO AWAY

I knew of a brother, who told me; “Go away!” Throughout the years, he had nothing to say! Perhaps I should put a trophy up on his wall… It would read: “1st place for not giving his brother a call.” I’m not sure if it was something I did or said. It’s almost like he “wishes I were dead.” I wouldn’t want to be walking in his shoes! It’s him. Not me. That’s going to lose! Is “cutting someone off,” really our place? Especially those who’ve received God’s grace? Should a trophy in your home be displayed? Has God’s love in your life been portrayed? Rather than trying to give someone a “shove.” Why not take time, and show him God’s love? God’s love speaks louder than 10,000 words. Especially to the many who haven’t heard! Is there anyone whom you refuse to say; “I love you?” I pray that the love of Christ will reach you! Being an example of Christ needs to be our goal! His eternal peace and love needs to fill our soul! If you can’t forgive... You’ll neither be forgiven! Who is the Lord… Of the way you’re livin’??? By Jim Pemberton

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There was music mixed with melody
Unique the song we wrote
Our love composed the lyrics
Every line, each chosen note
Won't you stay like this forever
Just the thought of you divine
The way you stroke my ego
As I'm about to lose my mind
When I urgently need to tell you
A thought that crept into my head
You never fail to head me off
That smile saying 'hush just come to bed'
My senses explode to overdrive
As reason waves and leaves
Submitting to the call you send
Until you are all my eyes can see
Don't change a thing about you
That little frown, the way you think
Where thoughts crash around and clatter
Till you quit with a devilish wink 
What the hell are you saying?
Sometimes, I just do not have a clue
Whispers that go way above my head
Then I know, it's that cryptic you
I have held this hand my whole lifetime
know every fingerprint, line and scar
Never change my darling
You're perfect the way you are
I'd awaken every morning
Wondering who you'd be today?
Serious, motivated, anxious
Crazy, wild, passée
Won't you stay with me forever
I know, before a tear drop forms
I know the second you're about to cry
Just by how those eyebrows form
You're leaving me now are'nt you?
Your hands are oh so cold
Your face has lost it's colour
Your too fragile for me to hold
Stay as you are for always
I'll stay too and watch you as you fly
In my mind's eye you'll live eternal
It's just the vessel I watch die.

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Ae You Coming OUT Of The Closet

Are You “Coming Out Of” Or “Going Into” The Closet? Across this country, there’s more people “coming out of the closet.” Any sense of a Godly direction. They’ve seemed to have “lost it.” Often talking about their life. And are not ashamed… Often bringing dishonor to God's holy name. Perhaps “going back into the closet,” is where you need to be. And think for a minute….Where you’ll spend your eternity. God is still God. He is righteous but also holy and just. He asks all to give him our heart. Our obedience. And trust! Perhaps in the closet . A time of seeking God should be spent. A time to have fellowship... A time to repent. During this time, you can spend with God. And HIM alone. Asking him to bring peace, hope and love into your home. This closet can give you a “quiet time.” A time “to be still.” A time to seek God. And to do his will. May you allow your heart, toward HIM to be yielded and broken. And time to meditate on some of the words that he’s spoken. If it’s the closet that you truly want to come out. You can tell everyone: ”Jesus IS what life is about!” Allow HIM to cleanse and make you whole within… As his blood cleanses you and takes away every sin! Spending time with God… You’ll be glad you did. His abundance and overcoming life… He’ll freely give! God wants to be with you. By a “divine appointment.” Experience his life changing power, and a GODLY enjoyment! By Jim Pemberton 09/05/11

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Remember the day that I tied my shoe lace you said "Mum I done it" lied straight to her face remember the reservoir I nearly drown you jumped in, clothes on your face such a frown remember the rabbit we pulled out of it's hole you knew from that moment that was your goal remember the boy who pulled my blond hair You growled and you hissed wow you gave him a scare remember the disco the rocks and the punks and when the nights done we were fighting in chunks remember my marriage you disliked him so "What are you doing? that man has to go" remember Mum's shop we would laugh at the folk you'd read your paper I would just talk remember a pint each and every day we went to the oak always made you pay remember the last time I saw you alive was in Bilbo's cafe you called it a dive remember the fry up your eggs were cooked wrong that was on Wednesday by Sunday you'd gone remember, remember the life that we shared I'm now on my own, I'm a little bit scared

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My Stinky Bug

Oh stinky bug, stinky bug,
stay where you are.
The stench coming off you,
I smell from afar.

Please, little stinky bug,
don't crawl across the room.
What's coming from your behind,
is not our mother's perfume!

I'd call the fumigators,
right away,
If you weren't my brother,
little stinky bug Ray!

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A Little About Me

I can be nice 
I can be mean
I can give you advice
But I'm just fourteen

I love to play catch
I love to cook
I can open a latch
But I'm just easily mistook

I have brothers
I have sisters
There's just no others
To give me blisters

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War Relived

I seem, as I truly seem,
not stating, what is, in my mind.
Experiencing am I, of a, past moment.
A moment, I just, can not leave behind.

Remembering like it, was yesterday,
again, to me, the past, seems so real.
Becoming a part, of the moment, in the role,
with the same emotions, that I feel.

Away was I, from the familiar,
upon a quest, to fight, for the free.
The honor, of wearing, a soldier uniform,
to defend, and annihilate, the enemy.

Buddies beside me, in the commotion,
us facing, the same, wrong time, and place.
Tears coming down, my very eyes,
as I now, can vividly see, his frighten face.

Because for him, the end, was coming,
as he, fought hard, during the whole attack.
He then lie there, while us, his buddies,
voraciously tried, to revive him entirely back.

Back alive, he wasn't becoming,
coming home, to those, whom loved, him all.
My thoughts, and prayers, are with his family,
to others, I've been, nothing but a brick wall.

Me dealing, with the sadness, guilt, and anger, 
together in unison, and each, now and then.
Finally realizing, by living, I shows him, love,
of him, giving his life,  from way, back when.

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You Are More Precious! You are more precious than silver or gold, More precious to me than could ever be told. My love for you is deep and endless, nothing can compare with it... I’s so wondrous! The life you have, the twinkle in your eye... My love for you is higher than the sky! You’re so precious to ME... a great treasure, I love you so much... beyond measure! Whatever path of life you may take, My love will be there for you— like an open gate… By Jim Pemberton

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Never Again

My dearest friend, you always had my back
Even after the day you were sent to Iraq
Navy jokes to me while you were still here
The laughter it made and brought us to tears 

The doubts we had about the enemies at war
How Russia seemed like they wanted more
It is funny the way loss can change lives so quick
Bring minds to depression and make stomachs sick

I hope one day our souls will pass
On golden streets or in heavenly grass
The last thoughts of a soldier are seldom known
It is a dangerous world outside the Green Zone

There are tears in my eyes as the words are thought
What trouble in here, what optimism is sought?
I will try to go on, and finish the mission
You did your best in the terrorist inquisition

I have had sleepless nights and a cramping chest
He was supposed to come home, just like the rest
Two days before my leave he was to return to his friend
A sailor with his Army brother by his side, never again

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Forever Baby

She was there for his first
She held his hand with his last
The breath that was in between
Seemed to be taken away so fast!

Twenty-seven years later
Justice Seems at hand
Not God's judgment
But the courts of this land.

He took our little Ricky
Without a second thought
As horrible memories surface
We all know it hurts a lot.

Seeing him walk by
With a smile from ear to ear
Still haunts us all
And it's been almost a year.

Praying for this family
Every night it seems to me
Because I know they need God's help
No matter what the outcome be.

Beautiful little Ricky
I hope your death is finally "solved"
And I wish nothing but peace
For ALL the families involved.

You were here for a short while
Now we think of you daily
It's been twenty-seven years
But you are our..."forever baby"

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God Is Our Refuge And Strength

God Is Our Refuge And Strength... God is our refuge and strength, in a time of trouble. He's there to pick me up... when I fall and stumble. I will not fear, though the whole earth be shaken. And the mountains be thrown into the ocean's deep basin. Though the waters roar, and the trees shake with fear; I am never alone.... for God is always near.. There is a river, whose streams bring forth gladness. God is in it's midst and brings true happiness. Let the heathen rage... and the whole earth melt too. The Lord of hosts is with us, and shall protect YOU! Behold his works... and see what he has made. He has caused wars to cease... & destroyed weapons displayed. Be still... He is God and is exalted to glory up on high. He is our protector. He is El-Shadaii! The Lord of hosts is with us... all of heaven does proclam. The awesome power and glory there is... in HIS majestic name! By Jim Pemberton Psalm Ch. 46

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Brotherly Love

We’ve heard of brothers who didn’t love
but hated their siblings instead.
And there were some who went so far 
as to want a brother dead.

Cain slew Abel, Romulus killed Remus
Jacob tricked his brother Esau.
And brother killed brother in Civil War,
worst the country ever saw.

But this is not the way it should be
and my own dad and mother
raised five sons who didn’t quarrel.
Each one truly loved the other.

They were taught the Bible story
told by the man with many sons.
A bundle of sticks can’t be broken
but you easily snap just one.

My brothers all stayed friends for life
and no one came between them. 
I miss their jokes and jovial talk,
its so long now since I’ve seen them.

Brother love is a wonderful thing
and I saw it personified
in my big loving brothers
until the day the first one died.

Their circle became a bit smaller
as they left it one by one.
Now my younger brother, sister and I
have a circle of our own.

By Joyce Johnson  April 22, 2011
For Miranda's "Brotherly Love " Contest

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The Best Lifestyle You Could Ever Find

he Best Lifestyle You Could Ever Find! Someone I knew believed he was most "fortunate." By living the kind of life he called; "alternate." He tried to talk me into "choosing:" this kind of life too. I quoted him scripture... He asked; "why not bend the rule?" I could not sin before my God ever so blatant. When it comes to his word... I don't want to be "complacent." The lifestyle I chose is the best life I could ever live. It comes from God's grace. And his power to forgive! If you want the most ultimate life, one could ever find... It comes from following Jesus! And leaving everything behind! The life you'll find in Christ. Will bring you a Godly abundance. In his wondrous mercy, will your life find true substance! There's "no closet to come out of." When loving him. It's a matter of leaving your old life... And being BORN AGAIN! Allow Jesus to overfill you with his blessings beyond measure. Only in him... Will you find true meaning, and everlasting treasure! By Jim Pemberton

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psychiatric Boanergy

Attend to the new patient
Give me the vacine to help this 
Stop that crazy lunatic from 
Get the patients food to eat

My brother is the psychiatric 
With loyality, he uses all his 
At times his cry turns rhythimic 
Yet. He never stop being the 

Working at the quaratine
Is enough to make the brain fry
Into a ball that will occupy a tin
But my brother continued to the

"I will never quit
In as much a have the 
necessary kit
To make my occupation fit
Then I will always leave my sit
To attend to the outfit"

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Peter the Great

Peter is a knight,
Of a light that never shines,
His heart and soul,
Project a goal,
That has no match with rhymes

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This Brother Told Me To Go Away

This Brother Told Me To Go Away!

I knew of a brother, who told me; “Go away!”
Throughout the years, he had nothing to say!

Perhaps I should put a trophy up on his wall…
It would read: “1st place for not
 giving his brother a call.”

I’m not sure if it was something I did or said.
It’s almost like he “wishes I were dead.”

I wouldn’t want to be walking in his shoes!
It’s him.  Not me.  That’s going to lose!

Is “cutting someone off,” really our place?
Especially those who’ve received his grace?

Should a trophy in your home also be displayed?
Has God’s love in your life been portrayed?

Rather than trying to give someone a “shove.”
Why not take time, and show him God’s love?

God’s love speaks louder than 10,000 words.
Especially to the many who haven’t heard!

Is there anyone whom you refuse
to say; “I love you?”
I pray that the love of Christ will reach you!

Being an example of Christ needs to be our goal!
His eternal peace and love needs to fill our soul!

If you can’t forgive...  
You’ll neither be forgiven!
Who is the Lord…  
Of the way you’re livin’???

By Jim Pemberton

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This Past Year

I think about this past year... It “came and went…” I wonder that kind of life have I really spent? It almost seems like yesterday that I was a young man… “I had the world in the palm of my hand.” I had many goals, ambitions and dreams. I wanted to enjoy life and do so many things. Looking back on time and how quickly it’s gone by. I gaze up into the beauty of the stars in the sky. As I get older and think about another “resolution.” I find myself with another problem with no “solution.” I think about a God... Who made all of this a possibility! He’s offered to me love, hope and tranquility! I’m going to make a new commitment this January 1st. No matter if things get better… Or things get worse… I’m going to give my life and family to God above. And ask him to bless our home with his mercy and love. I’m going to try to live for him the best way I know. And seek his blessings wherever I may go! I’m going to give to God a love and strong commitment. It’s only in him where I’ll find true fulfillment! There’s an important fact, I shall always remember… God is with me from January thru December! He will be there to guide each step that is taken! With him in my life… I’m never alone or forsaken! By Jim Pemberton

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Friendships Are Easy To End Hard To Rebuild

Friendship’s Are Easy to End… Hard To Rebuild! When it comes to friendships, many are quick to “end it.” I seldom see very few that try to “rebuild it.” A harsh word said. An angry thought spoken. Can often cause many friendships to be broken! Scripture says; “be quick to listen.” “Slow to speak.” May we speak God’s grace each day of the week. A broken friendship can cause feelings of anger. And soon, our “ex-friend.” becomes a “stranger.” God will not give you a trophy for those you’ve “un-friended.” May you ask for his love to have your hearts “amended.” Broken friendship can have many repercussions. Often leading to gossip and back-biting discussions. May we seek God’s forgiveness to come back together. May his love be the glue that binds you forever! Life is too short to end a friendship. The person you left, could be going through a hardship! May the peace and love of Christ bind us as one! And bring a healing to every parent, daughter and son! By Jim Pemberton

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I Know of Someone Going Through A Discouraging Time

Going Through A Discouraging Time… I know of someone going through a discouraging time. Thoughts of “giving up” have entered his mind. As a young man, he tried to trust God with what he had. Now he’s upset with God. Very angry and mad. “How could God who’s so loving and faithful...” “Not help me now?” “He doesn’t seem very helpful!” Rather than trusting God with his problems and uncertainty. He missed out on God’s love, peace and tranquility! His life spiraled down, with really “no where to go.” He felt so empty, with no peace in his soul. He shifted the focus of the uncertainties in life… Blaming God for his many troubles and strife. Through the good and bad times, God is still the same... He remains faithful and true. He doesn’t change! He remains dedicated to being there… Just for YOU! His promises never change, no matter what others do! Allow him to prove his commitment to your well being! His words of life… You too can be receiving! His love for you is everlasting, and will never end. God is. And will always… Be your best friend. Please... Right now... Make the best choice! Listen to his words! And listen to his voice! He’s at your heart’s door. Waiting for an invitation... He can bring to your life completeness and restoration! By Jim Pemberton 12/04/11

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Daniel Boone

There was a man with integrity that nobody can impugn.
The man who I'm speaking of was Daniel Boone.
This man was truly a great pioneer.
He lived a long life, nearly 86 years.

People are amazed by the incredible feats that he did.
In 1756, he married Rebecca Bryan and had ten kids.
As a young man, he served with the British military during the French and Indian war.
In July of 1776, he rescued his daughter and two other girls from Indian captors.

Sadly, the Shawnees shot and killed his brother Ned.
They thought they shot Daniel and that he was dead.
Boone was elected to the Virginia Legislature in 1781.
During an Indian attack, he lost another brother and Israel, his son.

He founded the town of Boonesborough in Kentucky.
When it came to having this frontiersman, we were lucky.
Boone went on to live until 1820.
People owed this true hero plenty.

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Broken child

Brother of mine was born 
fine with a soul that was 
divine. No sign of a rough 
road he had to climb.

At two he began to struggle 
No one knew it was to be a
long Life battle. Daily he
faced trouble trapped inside
an ever ending tunnel 

The life of his was planned. 
Once he was able to run in
the hope one day he'll be a
man but that was put to an
end when he went to get a 
a medical test, his left leg 
and arm were placed  to rest.

He shed many tears and was
found an enemy was sent to do 
this as some sort of revenge. It
left my brother inside dead unable 
to do basic events. The hurt I felt 
but there was nothing I could do to
help but now I'm his vast and he can
live life through me to the best

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What If Christmas Nveer Happened

What If…   Christmas Never Happened???

What if Christmas never happened?  
What if Christmas never came?
Things around here would be different! 
It wouldn’t be the same!

What if the baby Jesus was never born in a manger?
Mankind would be in serious trouble. We’d all be in danger!

If the baby Jesus wasn’t born.  There would be no nativity.
We wouldn’t be able to display this during our “festivity.”

It’s almost like this now! 
 It’s an “ever increasing business.”
It seems like nearly everyone wants
  “Christ out of Christmas!”

Why does it seem like Christmas is 
 losing it’s true meaning?
The very words; “Merry Christmas,” 
seem to be quickly disappearing!

Many say; “Happy Holiday.”  
They worry they may “offend.”
Having a “holiday” without Christ….  
Once again!

We need to put Jesus Christ back into 
our CHRISTmas season!
He is what Christmas is about!  HE is the very reason!

May we all take some time to rejoice in our savior’s birth.
May there be shouts of JOY!  From the corners of the earth!

Let’s not take Christ out of our joyous celebration!
We need him so much right now! 
 All over this great nation!

May we bring to him a heart of love
 for everything he’s done.
As we bring honor to Christ.  God’s precious son!

May we continually offer to him a heart filled with praise!
Not only at Christmas time…  But all of our days!

By Jim Pemberton

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The stars were bright
And it was spring
They watched the moon
Enwrapped in rings
Of showers,
  Stars imploding

A rusty spring was dragged
To lie
They watched star-splendor of night sky
 brother, sister
Melted there
To join the universal prayer

Note: My brother Jack—a university student when I was 4 years old—spent many precious hours with me. I shall never forget these times and these magic moments

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I thought you were my friend,
one that I could tell anything to,
but I guess that had to end...
I don't know what to do.

I wish I could help you,
because you deserve more.
If only you knew,
you could soar.

You're a great person,
yet you've been through so much.
I feel like you've worsen,
but I hope it's none such.

You're my favorite person,
if only you could see,
you're like the sun,
brightest of all the stars in the sea.

I am staying strong,
if I have to, I want you to do the same.
Don't worry, it won't be long,
till I come back into the game.

I know things are hard for you,
seeing as you don't have anyone there,
but please. You know what I don't want you to do. 
You know I care.

I know things are different,
and I know you changed a bit,
but don't forget the letter I sent,
and with every hit

Think of me, think of Madison,
the people that make you happy.
Forget every other person
that helps make you feel crappy.

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I've Been to this Place With No Way Out

I’ve Been To This Place… I’ve been to the place where I thought my life would end. I felt alone... With no one I could call “my friend.” I’ve been to the place where I felt “trapped within.” The emptiness I felt... I really don’t know where to begin. I’ve been to what I would call; “life’s dead end road.” I felt like I was carrying “a very heavy load.” I’ve been to the place where I’ve been “down on my knees.” Wondering if there were anyone listening to my “desperate pleas.” I’ve been having many discouraging thoughts enter my mind. Any true peace or joy… I haven’t been able to find. I’ve been spending time and giving it some thought… What kind of life… Have I really got? The things I’ve desired and have obtained… They come and go as quickly as they came. As a young boy, I remember hearing of a savior’s love. A gift of an abundant life. His gift from above. I’ve read in the Bible where Jesus can give true contentment. A life filled with true joy, peace and fulfillment. Thank you Lord for giving what no one else could give. I know that you are with me… Each day that I live! By Jim Pemberton 09/29/11

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I know that there are some that still can't pray
and others that ask, 'Where was God that day?'
HE was there with each tear that's shed
as the news reported, There is thousands dead!'

HE was in the hyjacked planes so out of control
His angels collecting each passenger's soul!
HE was there at the buildings of the World Trade Center
with Heaven's gates wide open bidding all to enter!

HE was there in every tired body and grimy face
that refused to give in to another trying to take his place!
HE was there amongst every common place hero
who repeatedly dug through the rubble in New York's ground zero!

HE was there with the passenger's of Flight 74
whose sacrifice kept the enemy from the White House door!
HE was there with those that died at the Pentagon
when another plane flew into them like a bomb!

HE was there when thousands of passengers landed
unable to get home, so on Canadian soil they were stranded!
HE was there in the smiles of the Maritime youth
who came with blankets, fresh clothing and hot bowls of soup!

HE was there when the President cried out with pride
'This will only make us stronger, we have GOD on our side!'
HE was there when AMERICA was at Iraq's door
teaching the Taliban what happens when you provoke a war!

HE is there today as countless others reflect on the loss
just as HE watched HIS only Son die upon the cross!  HE WAS THERE!


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Do You Know Someone Bruised And Afflicted

Have You Met Someone Bruised And Afflicted? Have you met someone who’s been battered and abused? Their body all torn up, beaten and bruised? Have you met someone involved in a deep addiction? Causing harm to themselves and many afflictions? Have you met someone who seems to be “all right?” But chose the “dark path.” And not THE LIGHT! There’s many lives involved in many kinds of perversions. Many who’ve left their families for their “obsessions,,,” Only the blood of Christ can break the bondage of sin! Only Jesus can bring a complete healing deep within! Only Jesus can bring true love to a discouraged soul! He’s done this for me! This I surely know! I don’t know where I’d be if not for his mercy and grace! He picked me up and planted my life on a solid place! He traded the ashes of my life for his wonderful beauty. Serving him is an honor and my faithful duty! He truly gives a peace that passes all understanding. It’s available to you today! And can be yours for the asking! By Jim Pemberton

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Without God We're Empty Within

Without God… We’re Empty Within! Without God… Our life is filled with emptiness within. And is quickly absorbed into the quicksand of sin! Without God… We are like sheep that have gone astray. Being confused... And going the wrong way! Without God… We have no moral compass or guide. And soon become arrogant and filled with pride! Without God… We are like a ship that’s lost at sea. Not knowing who we are or where we’re going to be! Without God… We have no true hope or security. Everything becomes meaningless and utter vanity! Without God… We have a life built on a “shaky” foundation. It’s only through HIM… We can become a new creation! With God… All things are possible to those who believe! An abundant life with Christ… You can achieve! With God… Your life can be cleansed and made whole! Only he can bring true love to your soul! With God… Can you find eternal life so joyful and bliss! God’s purpose for your life. You don’t want to miss! With God… You can have peace and joy you never had! He’ll give you a reason to be happy and glad! With God… Things in your life will never be the same! That moment you reach out… And call on HIS name! By Jim Pemberton

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There is no lone wolf

There is no lone Wolf

She holds the world within her heart and her family within her soul,
She breaks the shackles of the heart and bends them to her rule.
They hunt for life when nature calls and tends  to those who fall.
Regret nothing but to those that sin and hope they learn the call.

Blood flows like a river within your tongue and bleeds upon your eye.
The cry grows stronger with every howl and echoes beyond the sky.
The pack is strong with hope and skill,
But are greedy when it comes to kill. 

He sacrifices life to feed and save you,
but fights and kills to rule you.
He will catch your scent and taste your prey,
But never will he stray.

This pack is a family and a family bound,
Without the Alpha there is no sound,
Without the Omega there is no ground.

I wish I were a wolf, to love the world around.

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Donald Crombie

Donald R. Crombie
May 6, 1944  July 6, 2014

It was on a Sunday you chose to leave
And I was very sad to see you go 
You had other family you needed to see
But I shall really miss you so

There was Mom and Dad and Brother Darryl
And of course sisters Donna, Shirley and Kay
Cousins Larry, Henry, Danny, and Kurt 
That you will also see along the way

All the people you have left behind
Understand why you had to leave
We will always love you 
This you really must believe

I know you are in a wonderful place
And my missing you shall never cease
There are others that share this feeling too 
So dear brother please, please, 
            Rest in peace

Connie Moore
July 8, 2014

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75 Words

75 Words
Close by relation and
Distant by miles
Distance, dissonance descending
Deeper delivering doubt that
Seeps like a teabag you steep
Is the mountain as you stumble
Dirt crumbles under your feet
Is the measurement of
How far you fall when
You won’t see the hand waiting
To catch you because
Hidden truth is the same color
As a lie in wait
For words spoken
In a voice you have yet to create
Time for
?????~ Susan Laine

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I Remember Back When


I  remember at the young age of 9 or 10.
Going to the theater was 
considered a sin.
There were many things 
that as a young boy.
That I wanted to explore and enjoy.

My parents may have been "old fashioned."
They were filled with a Godly
love and compassion.
I look back now and with some hesitation.

And think about this 
"new generation."
I wonder "where have all of the morals gone to?"
Some parents are doing things, as a kid, I'd never do.
Many of the "Godly" parents don't seemed concerned.
What's right or wrong—they can't discern.

What once was a dividing line 
between black and white.
Is now; "if it feels good—it must be allright."
The savior's call for holiness in your life must dwell.
Living by his word will save your family from hell.

Maybe living for Jesus is by some, 
"a narrow way of living."
May your life be one of sacrifice, 
holiness and thanksgiving.
May your commitment be true, your heart sincere.
For one day very soon, Jesus shall appear.
Now's the time to be an example
of Jesus' precious name.
When he comes —will you be ready—
or be ashamed?

By Jim Pemberton

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It is just one of those things that goes unnoticed
When credit is due for a job well done.
I'm talking of all the support one has to get
Especially, if the job is not fun.

But I look back in our history to see
Things that we did together in National cause.
Many of them were given to the credit of one side or the other
But in truth, they give me reason to pause.

The founding of our country was credited to wealthy men
Who signed that document in Philadelphia so long ago.
But would it have been worth the paper it is written on
If it hadn't been for the "Nobodys" that braved the Valley Forge snow?

The Civil War we had devastated our land
And pitted brother against brother from sea to sea.
Yet, Lincoln got the credit for keeping the nation together
When so many others died in a war, which began to set others free.

Our Parents and Grandparents get not enough credit 
For living through adversity as none of us has seen.
"The Great Depression", "World War ll", and the lasting peace to follow
Truly makes them "The Greatest Generation" that has ever been.

Then we had the "Space Race", Kennedy's "Peace Corps" initiative, a "War on Poverty"
Followed by other Presidents' projects o'er the years which the Nation did not eschew.
So, from a small voice to the ears of all who will listen and hear 

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Earth Brothers

My brothers are much older than me
They're always teaching me how to live,
Like brother deer, and bird, and tree
And the bees, who teach me to forgive.

We take brother bees food but that's fine
He just makes more, being able to share,
He never wastes a moment to whine
But constantly hums his silent prayer.

Brother deer comes and goes like a ghost
Constantly in tune with one another,
Never disturbing anyone, never a boast
Or a complaint, he's my humble brother.

Brother bird older still fills the skies
In his faith he depends on God daily,
For every food and shelter, then flies
To God's feet singing his praise gaily!

Brother tree the oldest doesn't bother
To worry, and in total faith stands steadfast,
Lifting his arms in praise of Father
Who supplies all, his faith is unsurpassed!

I am the youngest brother of Mother Earth
But if I had to choose another one to be,
I'd choose the one that showed the most worth
So, I think that I would choose to be a tree!

                                      Timothy I. Brumley

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Family is close.
They're the ones I love the most.
Nothing breaks our bond.
For each other we are very fond.

We stay in touch, no matter how far.
On a bus, a boat, or a car.
We'll always be together.
My aunt won't leave, we won't let her.

I have a large family, too many to count.
When we come together we all are about.
We all sit down to eat at family gatherings,
a very happy time, no emotions shattering.

We're scatted across the U.S.
We keep in touch, it's never a mess.
We spend as much time together as we can
Every one of us, woman, child, and man.

Family is the most vital love.
As beautiful as a dove.
In the end they'll all you have left
after you're in jail for theft.

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Speaking That Which Is Wholesome And Good

Speaking That Which Is Wholesome and Good… You must be careful to speak that which is good and wholesome. Speaking like this will minister to others.. In a way that will "bless them!" May the words that are chosen, be used for edification… May they be said in a manner of a Godly dedication! As you speak… May you minister grace to the listener. Brining healing in the words spoken to your brother and sister! The words of kindness and love… May we all freely give it. And not quench the work of the Holy Spirit! As we are sealed by God on the day of redemption. We’re called to be HIS example. There’s no exemption! May all bitterness, wrath and anger immediately diminish. So our spiritual lives can be daily replenished! Be kind toward one another, gracious and tenderhearted… So the goodness of God… Through you… Can be started! As you forgive other… As Christ has forgiven you… May we not forget HIS words: “I LOVE YOU!” The power and grace of God is what he’s anxiously revealing. As you apply HIS words with a purpose and meaning! By Jim Pemberton Read Ephesians 4:29-32

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Dearest brother, only brother.
How I've missed you so.
Your goofy smile, your stupidity,
might be annoying but enough for me:)

You're dumb I hate you, but in the same breath,
I'll always love you nevertheless.
Austin, brother, it hurts when you leave,
just always remember your good enough for me.

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Christian Relatives

"Christian” Relatives… Dear Lord, my relatives don’t know or even comprehend… The many trials and struggles I’ve had within! They all claim to be “Christians.” This is what they say. But none of them will “give me the time of day!” Rather than offering a hand of friendship like they could… Any desire ”to get together” is clearly misunderstood! They refused to talk when I tried to give them a call. Is being a part of this “family” really worth it all??? It’s like they’re ready to “pounce on me.” “waiting for the kill…” It’s obvious they’re not doing God’s will! Lord Jesus… I’m now beginning to see… Many who claim to follow you are not what they pretend to be! When someone in the family sins. Please watch out! Loving them is what God’s FAMILY really is about! A Christian family is more than just words alone! It’s being Christ’ example... Both in and out of the home! By Jim Pemberton

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The Eulogy

The Eulogy

Standing at this funeral
of friend and family too.
My partner in his service
to this uniform of blue.

Another senseless killing
they don't call it homicide.
His sisters heart is breaking
standing at their momma's side.

God grant us the courage 
to face the days ahead.
And where my partner sat 
an empty seat instead.

Have mercy on his family
have mercy on me too.
Have mercy on us Lord
that wear this color blue.

Lead us through the valley's
may it be peace we find.
God protect our bodies
and please protect our mind.

Bring justice to his killer
please Lord hear my plea.
Don't let another brother fall
victim to PTSD.

Another senseless killing
they don't call it homicide.
His sisters heart is breaking
standing at their momma's side.

Edwin C Hofert

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A Brother Who Let His Brother Fall

 UNSUPPORTED CODE A Brother Who Let His Brother Fall...

I knew of a Christian, who let his brother fall.
He didn't reach out to help him at all...

When his brother needed someone, he wasn't there.
He said, "why should I bother him, or even care?"

It was almost like he wished for the worst to take place.
I could see him even wear a smile on his face!

"Why should I lift a hand to help?" were the words said.
It was like he wished his brother was "better off" dead.

The anger I felt inside of me, was difficult to express!
How can he neglect his brother, and expect to be blessed?

Why does he call himself a "Christian?"
 He doesn't show it!
When it comes to love and forgiveness...
He doesn't  even know it!

What did Christ mean, when he said "love one another?"
Doesn't this include everyone?  Including our brother?

What do we expect from God? What would he say?
"You can't forgive your brother?"  "Go away!"

If we can't freely share the love God has given...
How in the world, do we expect to be forgiven?

The love of Christ must completely change us within!
So we can experience what it means to be BORN AGAIN!

Christ has given to us his love!
Nothing can compare it!
May we all receive this love, and freely share it!

By Jim Pemberton

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KisS Of Life

You know I never knew of anything so bliss nor rife
That first kiss brought in me, a new lease of life
What I felt was a shiver, was a feeling of rejoice
You could hear the quiver that was in my voice

Its like when every limb, your entire body goes weak
That feeling within, that’s unlike a peck on the cheek
At first it was freighting!, not knowing what to expect
But too it was exciting! when to sets of lips connect

A guy who meets this girl and gets lost in thy embrace
A sigh, a murmur, her mouth soft and sweet the taste
Mesmerizing, no one before has ever felt quit the same
Satisfying maybe she was familiar with the kissing game

Our heads moving right to left, stroking each others hair
A loss of breath, but I don't ever want to come up for air
And it's something I still miss, you know when she left me
Has to be better than the kiss of death, just like poison ivy


WRITTEN AUGUST 2012...................
p.s use'd your title at end as could not find words to finish 
but thought also it would be a nice homage to your self
x david scott  this is actually based on a true event 
back in february i1998 which Ive probably mentiond
about her in other poems ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

note just updated a bit not relly changed ........

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God Brought A Healing To My Troubled Mind

God Brought A Healing To My Troubled Mind… I used to allow many thoughts to enter my mind. There were good and bad ones... Just about every kind. My family thought I was being a “good Christian.” I never did anything that raised “a suspicion.” I went to church every week and did the “Sunday thing.” I had no idea the kind of life my thoughts would bring. I felt much “turmoil” of what was in my head. “How much longer can I take this?” Were the words I said. As there were many bad thoughts that seemed to “burn.” Those around me didn’t know or were concerned. I needed some help. And I needed it fast! I didn’t know how much longer I would last! With no friend to help.., I decided to pray. This was my time with God! This was my day! I cried out to God with a voice of confession; “Dear Jesus rule over my mind and take possession!” As I read God’s word... Philippians 4:8 was found. Virtue and wholeness in my life needed to abound! I asked and begged God to help me to obey it! I gave my commitment to him. And not just “say it.” A love for him as a friend was found and did bring. His peace and love “washed away” the evil things. Christ restored my life and my mind was renewed. He set me free! Now, I’m BRAND NEW! Won’t you allow God to bring his love to your soul? With him in your life... All darkness will GO! By Jim Pemberton

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Ikaros 2009

Wings of paper and of sticks
Pulling off those child hood tricks
Teach your brother so he can fly
Excitement make you both so high
You were seven and he was six
But broken things we can't always fix
Those wings of paper could not fly
Alas you watched your brother die

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Walked Away

When she first left I was suspended 
in fear
Confused and alone, I just couldn’t 
believe my ears
I could not trust that what they 
heard was real
That you could just leave and not 
understand what I feel

For sixteen years, you were a 
presence in my life
Then one fateful day you 
disappeared overnight
You left us for him and never looked 
Farewell my sister, you’ve taken a 
different track

A road that keeps you forever from 
I don’t think you realised how painful 
it would be
For yourself and myself, for our 
mother and our father
And above all the one that you hurt 
the most, you liar

We both know who it was so it need 
not be said 
You ruined a life and his spark is now 
Unbelievable as your absence, this is 
far worse
You turned on our brother and it was 
all just a farce

Not only do I still struggle to live with 
my past
Again and again my world shakes, 
uncontrollably fast
Only a few years after you left 
someone else followed
Into the darkness he walked, the 
darkness it swallowed

If that was not painful enough, I still 
had to live on
I had to forge ahead and I had to be 
I had people who depended on my 
courage and strength
I had to walk the line and I had to 
walk its length

First it was my sister and now it was 
my father
Maybe if I did something, maybe if I 
tried harder
Maybe they wouldn’t have left, 
walked away
Maybe they would have found 
enough love for me to stay

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When siblings reminisce, it's strange
Which memories they share.
Though certain details match,
Exact comparisons are rare.

Two of us can almost taste
That soggy toaster bacon;
Yet the third one's positive
That we must be mistaken.

Other memories bubble up;
We reach into our brains
To see which scenes have disappeared
And learn what truth remains.

Reality is tricky, though.
What meant a lot to me
Might not have mattered to my sibs
To quite the same degree.

The beauty of reunions is
The chance to reconnect.
In reaching back across the years,
We can't be circumspect.

And so we laugh, excluding all
Outside our sibling glue.
We slip into our younger selves,
As siblings often do.

But I am not surprised to see
That distance, time and age
Have not affected what to others
Might be hard to gauge:

That childhood's bond, still strong and tight,
Which fills me with affection,
Will always be, at least for me,
A permanent connection.

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Dear Mom

I love you mom.
I wish there was a word to describe my appreciation.
But there’s not a word to compare
To my feelings that are really there.
I also want to thank you
Not just from a son but a brother.
I praise you as the greatest mother.
Growing up in near poverty,
Never doing without.
You passed that test no doubt.
For this I’m blessed.
Plus thru it all you never turned your back,
Really what more could I ask?
I love you mom
I have to say thank you for going above and beyond!!!!

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Murder in the Skies

It was on this day
December the 21st, 1988
Pan Am Flight 103
Would learn of it's fate
Blown out of the sky
For all the world to see
Two hundred and fifty nine people
Rained down on me
My country Scotland
Lockerbie town
The falling of life
In deathly down
This 747
Model 121
Laid-en with fuel
The horror's begun
Argentinian, Belgium
Bolivia too
Canada, France
Sat beside you
Germany, Hungary
India as well
Hey, Herr 
The flights going well
Ireland, Israel
Italy flew
To go to the States
All feeling brand new
Jamaica, Japan
Philippines seated
Family toil
Families depleted
South Africa, Spain
Sweden in flight
Will not be tonight
Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago
The United Kingdom, United States
All of the above
On this December date
We also remember
Eleven on the ground
Who obliterated to nothing
Not hearing a sound
The town of Lockerbie
Will never be the same
Yet one of the gang goes free
Because the poor guys in pain
Where's the compassion
Of the 270 lost
Their memory now tarnished
To the Scottish Governments cost
We set him free
To his home he goes
Treated like a hero
All compassion has froze
My thoughts and my tears
Are for the truly lost ones
Who will never enjoy
The return to their hometown

In dedication to the 270 who lost their lives on December 21st 1988.


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     Roses are red violets are blue I have heard you smell and your brother does to.      
  Roses are red violets are blue I'm sure glad I dont smell like you.
     Roses are red violets are blue i hope to make it so you smell just like i do.
  Roses are red violets are blue i can help your brother smell like you and me to.
      Roses are red violets are blue i helped you so you dont not smell so now you can help others to.

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Doing That Which Uplifts And Encourages Others

Doing That Which Uplifts Others…

Seldom do I see others “building up.” But rather “tearing down.”
So much hurt and pain amongst families can be found.

It seems like many just try to “bring up to the past.”
Instead of building up a relationship that will last.

What happened last month or last year “sticks” as a “reminder.”
It’s no wonder why many families refuse to be “kinder.”

A harsh word said, or an “offensive” action taken.
Soon, this individual is “cast out” and forsaken.

What in the world are people trying to be?
We all need to walk in Christ’ love…  Can’t they see?

I’ve sinned and “offended” someone along the way.
I’m glad that Christ doesn’t “cast me away!”

What if Christ treated us the way we treat our brother???
We’d all be thrown out and “tossed into the gutter!”

Can’t we at least try to apply 1 Cor. Chapter 13!
My God’s love and grace is sufficient for ANYTHING!

God’s love can do for you what no other love can do!
It can bring a new meaning in the words; “I love YOU!”

Isn’t it about time we all bow our heads in prayer…
And try to be more of Christ’ example to show we care!

If we don’t try God’s healing process in 
“mending a broken heart.”
Then “where in the world” is it going to start?

Uplifting and encouraging others begins with you and me!
It’s the only way… That in Christ Jesus..  We can be FREE!

By Jim Pemberton

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Those Close to Us Can Cause So Much Hurt

Those Close To Us Can Cause So Much Pain Isn’t it amazing, the hurt and damage someone can do? Especially by the one who said; “I Love You!” Isn’t it amazing, how someone, which we’ve given our heart. Can betray our love, and “tear it all apart?” On that special day, when your vows were exchanged… It’s almost like “overnight,” some people change! Throughout this country, this seems too commonplace. As people seek their own desires… Instead of God’ grace. Isn’t it amazing, how anger, jealousy and bitterness begins? Even amongst our loved ones, that we have called “friends?” What’s more amazing… Is how God, in his mercy and care.. Still loves us. And he is always there! No matter what you’ve said, or what you do. God remains the same. And is always there for YOU! He is faithful! His commitment to you is strong and secure! His love is everlasting! And is 100% PURE! I stand amazed, as to how God still loves us. He asks for our heart. He wants to trust us! Won’t you come and experience his love today? He loves you much more than words can say! By Jim Pemberton

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Those Close to Us Can Cause Much Hurt And Pain

Those Close To Us Can Cause Much Hurt And Pain... Isn’t it amazing… The hurt and damage, someone can do? Especially by the same person who said; “I Love You!” Isn’t it amazing… How someone, which we’ve given our heart… Can betray our love, and “tear it all apart?” On that special day, when your vows were exchanged… It’s almost like “overnight,” some people change! Even amongst Christians. This seems too commonplace. As people seek their own desires… Instead of God’ grace. Isn’t it amazing… How anger, jealousy and bitterness begins? Even amongst our loved ones, that we have called “friends?” What’s more amazing… Is how God, in his mercy and care.. Still loves us. And he is always there! No matter what you’ve said… No matter what you’ll do…. God remains the same. And is always there for YOU! He is faithful. His commitment to you is strong and secure! His love is everlasting. And is 100% PURE! I stand amazed, as to how God still loves us. He asks for our heart. He wants to trust us! Won’t you come and experience his love today? He loves you so much more than words could ever say! By Jim Pemberton

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Anthony Vincent --- Dead or Alive

Yes, they called me the fool, The Jester ,the class clown
Younger brother of Anthony Vincent: Athlete renown
All star quarterback, number one forward , pitching ace
The town and high school news paper, front page: His Face
Mom and Dad send Ant to Yale and I go to the Vietnam War
Over there my mind inhales the atrocities of torture blood and gore 
.I envision when they took Jimmy Jones, ripped out his tongue
Cut his eyelids off,  crucified him on a small knoll ,facing the sun
Watching from my bamboo cage immersed up to my chin
Hearing poor Jimmy’s groans and moans over and over again
The leeches, water snakes, and marsh rats gnawing at my flesh
No longer felt like torture, unlike Jimmy : I could see  each new day fresh
Wide spread insanity among my troop and I was the most deranged 
While being insane I had devised a plan, my brother’s death was arranged
Through the G.I. bill  I bought a home on a small knoll: facing the sun
Doctor Anthony Vincent, Why not stay at my house: brother number one
Hello, MOM, is Anthony there? Hospital just called he didn’t show at work
Anthony Vincent Missing for 72 hours I laugh at my parents tears
Mom, Dad, I feel so bad, the number one son, You’ve Loved all these Years
Son ; you saw Anthony last , please tell me is he Dead or Alive??
In order to not tell a lie; looked  my Dad in the eye and Answered  -  YES

Inspired by Elaine George's Contest "Tell me a story"

Lady Elaine George -- Is this " POE " Enough?

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Big Brother

Sometimes, I just need a brother
And not a lover

Me to clutch
But not to touch 

To cuddle
Not fondle

To lend an ear 
Not pet my rear

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

To get it off my chest
Not take off my vest

To kiss my cheek
Not peck my beak

To give me a nod
And not his rod

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

To let me lie in his arm
And not fall for his charm

To guard me from hoodlums
Not leave me with huge sums

To lead me to my bridegroom
Not lead me to his bedroom

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

©Ibe Chidiogo Radiant~ November 2014

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What is Love

What is Love???
By: Clarence B. Bowser Jr. the III
Love is the life that I wish I could replace, my little brother is gone but still here by
Gods good grace.
Love is the good memories that I refuse to let go, the way he got killed that pain alone I
pray that you’ll never know!
Love is wishing you never see someone you love die, because that pain will always stay
hidden deep inside.
Love is the pain that I try so hard to forget, the night when my father died and three of
my brothers became part of deaths pick.
Love is praying that God never leaves you alone, for it is on the devils playground in
which we rome, as we wait patiently to be called home.
Love is the trying to change someone from there wicked ways, my little brother saved me
then was violently taken away!
Love is the time that’s gone that you’ll never get back, hopefully the ones that are gone
will be my guarding angels and are now watching my back.
Love is wishing that you never have to say goodbye, because the worse filling in this
world is watching your loves DIE…
What is Love???

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Big Brother

Big brother is real; he has put us to sleep,
The dream he’s suppressed has caused us to weep.
From taxes and war, other evils came,
So that times of old will never be the same.

We are willing to sleep, to sit on our ass,
Willing to let precious freedoms pass.
All that was needed, all that was true,
Is now a sweet perk for the chosen few.

Big brother and industry became great friends,
Instead of policing they changed the trends.
We’re caught in the web of incompetence,
Leaving us sadly with impotence.

We who’ve been lied to have lost the bet,
Are caught in the schemes, snared in the net.
We have paid our taxes and been pushed aside,
For those we have trusted are found to have lied.

The nightmare is here and it’s always giving,
To those who struggle to keep on living.
The ride we don’t need is a tidal wave,
And it behooves us all to stand and be brave.


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Animal House

The worst fraternity on campus is Delta Tau Chi Every night, all of the frat members get high. They can drink more than their weight in booze. In the classrooms with their grades is where they lose. The brothers have trouble imbibing their knowledge. The dean wants those punks kicked out of the college. For everyone else, they display blatant effrontery. The truth is, there are houses like that on every campus in the country. Based on the 1978 film “Animal House”

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9/11, 2001 " Page 2 of 2 "

Intelligence first, Retribution next
Clinical response the worlds text
Which free country is next in line
To be hit by this cowardly crime.
New York Cities patriots, suffer further pain
As Fire Officers and Police are slain
They indeed are part of this attack
So many of them never came back
Honourable dads, cousins and wife's
Mourn their lost ones, who lost their lives.
The World will remember
This September deathly sound
When iconic giants crashed to the ground
Hero's in the air, and on Manhattan Earth
Proved to us all, whats humans are worth.

In respect to the decent people who perished on that September day.

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Broken Relationships

So many times I hear of broken relationships.
Harsh words spoken…  
And broken friendships…

Even in many of the “Christian” homes…
There’s things being done
 in the “danger zones.”

Families and friends being ripped apart…
A broken relationship… A broken heart…

I think about what is said in 1 Cor. Chapter 13 …
Do people read this scripture? 
 Does it mean anything???

Perhaps if people would 
put their feelings aside…
And ask the Lord to remove
all bitterness and pride.

This could be the start of 
a brand new beginning.
With God on your side…  
You’re sure to be winning!

Everything in our lives, God has understood.
Let’s come together.. In prayer… As we should.

May we refrain from thinking whom to blame.
Walking in the love and forgiveness
 there is in Jesus’ name.

We’re all equal before God.  And our sins are many.
Those who are seeking God’s healing…  Are there any?

It is Christ’ desire…  Before this day is out…
To find what his way of living is all about!

Only his love can bind all 
of our hearts together…
And be the “glue” that will
bind our lives forever!

By Jim Pemberton 
For the contest; "relationship breakups"

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I should've learned CPR

While he was jogging, he suddenly dropped.
I knew immediately that his heart had stopped.
If I had known CPR, his life might have been saved.
But I didn't and sadly, it sent him to his grave.
I learned how to play the piano and how to drive a car.
But it would've been more beneficial if I'd learned CPR.
He perished because he went into cardiac arrest.
I was helpless to save him and my heart shriveled in my chest.
Now I'm hated and have been disowned by my own father and mother.
The reason why they hate me is because the dead man was my brother.

(Even though this poem is fictional, it's very important that people learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.)

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We Are Brothers

Even thou, there's no relation,
there's a inner bond, no one, can ever break.
The connection, between us, along the forefront,
fighting an enemy, for our,  freedom's sake.

Us looking, after each, other's back,
with us, returning ourselves, into the game.
Us knowing, each other's qualities,and faults, 
like the back of our hands, by our name.

Us going outside, the wire, for mission,
coming to terms, of what, to truly expect.
Us doing, what we, have to, be doing, with love, 
with us truly, showing each, other respect.

With us, joking around, becoming real close, 
for reasons, no one outside, can than see.
Despite the outcome, of us, being apart, 
we as brothers, will continue, to always be.

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With Christ YOU CAN Overcome

With Christ…   You Can Overcome!

One of the things I don’t understand, Is the wickedness throughout this land. I’ve often thought and have pondered. How can this evil continue much longer? It’s amazing what man will do to each other. How people treat their sisters and brothers! The Bible says that the heart is wicked above all things. We can testify to the destruction an evil heart brings! In all of this wickedness, sin and confusion… There is an answer! There is a solution! We’ll find eternal hope and a peace within… As we come to Christ and confess our sin! Why not allow Christ to make you complete? Lay your every burden and worry at his feet! He’ll restore your life and wipe away your tears. His perfect love will cast out your fears! He’ll restore to you, what the enemy has taken. With him by your side… You’ll not be forsaken! Your heart will be strengthened and renewed! His words of life are like “heavenly food.” By the blood of the lamb… You can overcome! Christ has the victory! The battle’s been won! By Jim Pemberton

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With Christ You Can Overcome ANY Addiction

With Christ… You Can Overcome ANY Addiction! Is there no shame? Are there no convictions? As so many people struggle with deep addictions. The “pit of hell’s wrath” comes in various kinds. As it “traps” and “ensnares” many confused minds. Many have lost any sense of a Godly morality… As their lives are consumed with emptiness and vanity. What profits a many if he gains all of the “pleasures” within… If he daily struggles with a “habitual sin.” God has made a way. He’s already made a clear choice! We need to obey his word. And listen to his voice! If your life is going downhill… And things are getting “dimmer…” With Christ on board.. You’re sure to be a winner! Christ has already defeated Satan, and the “grip” he has on you! He alone can bring a healing… And make your life BRAND NEW! Won’t you come to Jesus now? With no hesitation? He extends to you his love. And a heavenly invitation! An everlasting joy and love has been supplied! This was completed the day our lord was crucified! The blood and tears he shed… Was meant for you and for me! That we may know Christ! And receive the VICTORY! By Jim Pemberton 01/07/12

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9/11, 2001 " Page 1 of 2 "

9/11, 2001
Tuesday morning when it all began
Four Jet Airliners 
Hi-jacked at will
To fly their mission
To kill, blood spill
Target chosen
New York City
No questions asked
No pity
Internal flight
Laid-en with fuel
Turned off course
To the Hi-jackers rule
Islamist, al-Qaeda is the name they claim
What honest faith
Would want this fame
To take these lives on this September day
It's not what religion should portray
Nineteen jackers, whats on their minds
To do their deed on their own mankind
No scriptures, books of the olden day
Would let any brother, be slain this way
What battle would be, without seeing your killers eyes
This nineteen, the world despise
Our modern world on camera caught
Jet Airliners flying the next so fraught
North Tower hit by flight 11
Then the South by flight 175
All aboard the planes, would not survive
Many compatriots would also die.
To this day i wonder why?
CNN and TV crew's 
Capture, man's cruelty to man
It makes you spew
The cowards that commandeered these planes
Are not religious, plainly insane
To be on the ground and look above
Two Manhattan giants
New Yorkers grew to love
Taken down by evil beings
They can't believe what they are seeing

Two explosions in just under an hour
Office life is about to shower
Paper and life fall to the ground
Silenced grief makes no sound
To New York City, that never sleeps
In a state of mourning that will presently weep
We hear on the news, Washington's been hit
The Pentagon, yea that's it
One of the four, also has it's say
On this dark September day

In Pennsylvania
The fourth still in flight
Passengers on board
Try with all their might
Overcome the scum 
Who hi-jacked their plane
The next hour would never be the same
Somerset County is where she fell
These brave civilians,
As calls will tell
To try and claim the plane that's theirs
So suppress those infidel curs>

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What Has Happened To The Family

I remember growing up in a Christian family.
We were content, joyful and quite happy.

Things were "going along rather well."
We loved each other... more than words could tell.

I think of the special love 
between mom and dad.
As my parents... I was proud and glad!

Over the years that rolled  on by.
Something happened.  I don't know why. 

Our deep love became 
replaced with "excuses."
Our relationshps filed with
 "barsh words and bruises."

This family... I once held so close to my heart.
Began to "unravel and fall apart."

Our love for another became bitter and cold.
Even to the day we're "growing old."

Everywhere... it is evident and appearing.
The family as a unit is quickly disappearing.

We must come together and 
remove all bitterness.
And walk in God's love and his forgiveness!

We must appreciate one another--
in spite of our faults!
Standing together on Godly principles 
brings good results!

It we insist on "going our separate ways."
We'll be sorry "one of these days!"

The family is what God has put together.
It needs to be rooted in love--
both now and forever!

HIS love needs to be the glue 
that binds us as one.
Blessing every mom and dad... 
daughter and son!

By Jim Pemberton

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I loved it how he was always there, 
Even when it didn't help.
He was always willing to lend an ear,
And he wasn't always thinking of himself.

And admirable friend and confidant,
I know that I can make him proud.
He's the one who really taught me
That speaking up was allowed.

He's my dancing partner, sparring partner,
"Ride down the street in a basket" partner,
Falling partner, and video game partner.
I can't think of what fun we haven't had together.

Through hardships and memories in the making,
A sock to the shoulder always made me surrender.
Though we fight, bicker, and haggle,
There will never be  love like the one for my brother.

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Mount Zion

Once upon a time, my life was on track
Moving onward, achieving all my goals
Revered by my peers, their pats on my back
They praised my advice and said it was gold

Its was nice that they cared enough to call me
They would say "Mitch, I'm glad you changed that"
I'd reply "anything for the company"
Followed by dreaded small talk and chit chat

Then the day my mom called, my world just caved
My brother was sick, in the intensive care
San Diego was three thousand miles away
Hell or high water, I was going to get there

I quit my job just before a promotion
The CEO offered me a big raise
I declined and his eyes filled with emotion
He knew my brother was in his last days

When I arrived he could barely see
His doctor said AIDS in the last stage
Talked about girls and Yosemite
He wanted out of his room, his cage

I wheel chaired him on out to the parking lot
To see my new truck and so he could smoke
He quoted a scripture I never forgot
His blind eyes pure gray as he took a toke

It was about the Mount Zion in our home town
He had found God, which explained his calm
I said "that is great" as his smoke hit the ground
He started my journey, I found it in Psalms

By the rivers of Babylon
where we sat down
yea, we wept,
when we remembered Zion

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You Take God I'll Take Booze, Drugs And Women

You Take Your God…
I’ll Take My Booze, Drugs And Women!

Someone recently asked me: “Are you listenin’?”
“You take your God!”  “I’ll take my booze, drugs and women!

I’ve been there! When I lived for “the pleasure of the day.”
I didn’t want to listen to what God had to say!

Whatever felt “good.”  I wanted to “live it up!”
There were many things I tried, that I let “fill me up.”

But whatever I tried…  No matter how 
happy I wanted to be.
There was still something empty deep inside of me!

I’ve seen families break apart, over a bottle of booze.
In the end, it seemed like everyone was going to lose!

I’ve seen drugs lead people into heavy addictions.
And have seen them die from various afflictions!

I’ve seen grown man having “affairs” of various kinds.
Only to burn in lust with very “sex craved” minds!

Is this the real fun that people seem to crave?
But too often, end up in an early grave?

Will someone please tell me what going on?
Or, have many people just “have it all wrong?”

There’s a God!  And he wants to make this very clear!
Today may be your party!  But his judgment is near!

Everything that you try will one day fail you!
The life God offers, will never disappoint you!

He is the answer for the satisfaction you seek!
You need him in your life!  Each day of the week!

Won’t you allow his love and peace into your life today!
He’ll show you how to really live
 in a brand new way!

By Jim Pemberton

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to think he finally found his answer to 
would only leave pain and greif.
to end his own suffering and 
what would friends and family have to gain?
his life felt pointless thanks to past pain,abuse, and lifes trials and tribulations.
suicide was not tha answer,
if he only knew he shoulda been thankful.
what he went through was horrible 
but staying possitive was tha 
everything happens for a reason,
to find strength in god to breathe another season.
this was not destiny nor 
he had a whole life ahead of him now its to
now near a casket they sit at his wake.
maybe it coulda been prevented if he knew he wasnt alone
instead of taking a life in his own home..
Reach out your not alone
god has a purpose for all us.....

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the new columbine

i express my utmost apologies 
to whom it may concern
but the families it took its toll 
on felt a stinging burn

a world where children cross each other 
in combat men still fear
Connecticut is not my brother
but still this is a year

to express our loss 
we feel it too
so sad to have to hear
a season cold and i still feel

the scared childish fear

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Today is your day

Today is your birthday, March 31. 
I wish I didn't feel that this date was cursed. 
Its been almost eleven years since you've moved on. 
I've missed you so much, since you've been gone. 

I'm so sorry for everything, you know what I mean.
But I didn't know how to handle it, I was only sixteen. 
I wonder how different life would be if you were still here. 
I want to know what it would be like to go out with you and get a beer.

I am not good at letting out my emotions, I just carry on this repression. 
But its my actions, not yours, that are causing my depression. 
Today is a day we are supposed to celebrate. 
Today I will remember what it was that made you great. 

I just wanted to let you know, 
that I am still happy to call you my bro. 
Before this day comes to a close. 
I will give you a present, on your grave, I'll leave a rose.  

I Miss You.

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A brothers good-bye

We've known each other from the start. 
Now it is time to separate and part.
It has been the greatest thing, having you as a brother. 
If I had a choice, I would never choose another. 

We were divided once before, when you had a girlfriend. 
We were apart for years, time that together we did not spend. 
I understood how you felt about her, so I cut you some slack, 
but 13 years later I feel great because you're back. 

So for this little amount of time, it is us again, 
I will always accept you, no matter where you've been. 
Having you in my life is the greatest thing ever. 
All the moments we have together, can not be rivaled whatsoever.

We lost one brother, he is with us no longer, 
but out of our struggles, we grow stronger. 
We have dealt with the good and bad times, 
but together we face the mountains the other climbs.  

Now I have to face one of my biggest fears, 
letting you move away and not seeing you for years. 
When we talk, you won't be in the next room, 
so our everyday talks, become rare and full of gloom. 

I'll tell you one thing, that I have not any other, 
that I am proud to sit here and call you my brother. 
The best moments of my life are with us two, 
you are not even gone, but I already miss you.  

I know we'll see each other again, 
I just wish it was sooner than then. 
I know I shouldn't but I have to cry. 
I hate seeing you leave, saying good-bye. 


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Don't Push Me

from toys to boys
came such a life of joy

playing cowboys and indians
and robbing those trains

nearly drove our mother insane

from jumping mound hills
to wiping out and taking spills

that ice pack sure had some nice chills

from pulling hair
to tugging on each other's underwear

just me and my little brother in a world of dare

so when it comes to that old saying
of two peas in a pod

I tend to thank my god above
for my little brother who I used to love 

playing our games like push and shove

Tribute To
My Little Brother 

Also Entry For
Nathan Leccese's
Two Peas In A Pod Contest

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David And Jonathan

David and Jonathan…

I think of the love that David 
and Jonathan shared…
It was for the future King of 
Israel that Jonathan cared...

Even though his dad...  Saul… 
 Had sought David’s destruction.
Jonathan showed to him
 a brotherly affection.

Though years later, Jonathan had died.
David mourned the loss of his friend and cried.

He sought anyone from Jonathan’s
 household to extend his grace.
He looked high and low.  “All over the place.”

He found his grandson…  Crippled and lame…
He rejoiced and called out his name!

He blessed him with riches,
 honor and favor too…
For this is what God wanted him to do!

How many in church have
 extended a kind act or deed?
In reaching out to those
 who are in need?

Have you taken time to return the
 kindness that Christ has shown?
Through a kind act from your
 heart or your home?

May you take time to bless
 others in Jesus’ name…
Remembering that it was for us all that our savior came!

Like Jonathan…  Jesus is always
 our very best friend…
And HE will be there for us until the very end!

By Jim Pemberton 04/14/10

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That Monday Night

As brothers do
We argued at times
But on that Monday night
To the heavens you climbed

You ran ahead
But you could run very fast
I was left behind
Your life was cast

To grow together
Was taken from us
For much i would have said
In brotherly discuss

First i would say
I loved you so dear
I have just turned 49
And i wish you were here

A little brother
Needs a big one to follow
For many years after
My life was so hollow

The games we played
Football and others
Its the way it should have been
For us Fraser brothers

So Billy my brother
Boom, Boom to thee
I see you fly through the stars
As you look down over me

I only knew you
Seven little years
And every time i think of you
It brings me to tears

So next time you fly over
I have words to say
There in a loving poem
From my heart their displayed

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A Relationship That Matters The Most

A Relationship That Matters The Most! I often hear about people’s “online relationships.” They often talk about this and their friendship. So often they will post about their “encounters.” Things important to them... And what really “matters.” Relationships are often sort of a difficult thing. One doesn’t know the consequences they may bring. Too often people wind up in some sort of confusion… As they try to find the one who’ll bring “a solution.” There’s a relationship that you need to find out… What the true meaning of a commitment is all about! This relationship is the most important one for you! Whoever you are… This one will always LOVE YOU! You need to spend time with the lord above! Allowing him to fill you with his enduring love! Only Jesus can provide the kind of fulfillment you seek! He can meet your needs, each day of the week! Only he can give to you true purpose and meaning! His mercy and beauty he is always revealing! Why not spend intimate moments with him alone? And allow him to be the lord of your life and home? The kind of love you need… You’ll never obtain! Until that day when you call on HIS name! By Jim Pemberton

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Baby Blues

Baby Blue?
So much we have to share
And we really care.
The same father and mother
As you are my brother.
The same grandfather and grandmother,
And our sister, young  brother.
Born on the same day, 
But twins we are, no way.
As I was 2 years old,
And you I wanted to hold.

Born at the same hospital, in the same city,
On the same day, is no pity.
The day was eleven
When you went to heaven.
Because you were taken from us that day
 I must find a way
To celebrate our day.
And, to live my life without you
Which makes me feel blue.
We must wait
For an unknown date. 
For it is then, we will meet,
And be able to greet
Each other…. for the first time.

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The Last of the Brothers

During the Second World War
A decision was made
If brothers were to be lost
The last would be saved

The story below
Is the truth in a way
For the search of a soldier
Before he becomes, theatre pray

The US Government declared
A mission is in plan
Sending a squad of Rangers
To save this solitary man

Capt. John H Miller
With his handful of men
Their dedication to search
For the last of them

For his brothers were lost
In the theatre of war
At Omaha and Utah 
In the Pacific, so far

Into Europe they head
From cities through towns
Looking for Ryan
Before he's gunned down

He is eventually found
With Paratroopers, holding onto a key bridge
As a Panzer group advances
Will this be their last ridge

Bullets zipped, pinging 
The flesh of the living
In screaming sing

Their mission was, to
Save Private Ryan
But Capt. John H Miller
With others, died trying

                        My entry into Frank Herrera's contest
" Describe your favorite performance by Actor or Actress in a movie "

Tom Hanks is my favourite actor, and his role as Capt, John H Miller to me
was one of his best, his hunger to complete his mission showed in his acting.

The film was based on a true story, about Fritz Niland who lost two brothers
in Normandy, and a brother M.I.A. in Burma. He was later found alive.

But the military rule about sole surviving son's being allowed out of combat is true. 
It was enacted after the five Sullivan brothers were killed in 1942 when the U.S.S. 
Juneau was sunk in the Pacific. The rule of the surviving son is common to many 
armies, the American, the Canadian, the British and the Israeli.

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Are You Exhausted Worn Out Running On Empty Fumes

Are You Exhausted? Worn Out? Running On Empty Fumes? Is your life running on empty fumes? Are the adversities and stress of life being consumed? Any zeal and passion for God may be in the past… You wonder; “How long is life going to last???” Perhaps you feel like your anchor’s “been lost at sea…” And ask; “Lord… Why is this happening to me?” Things in life often catch us “unaware…” You may ask; “does anyone out there really care?” There is someone who can help you along! In Jesus’ arms of mercy is where you belong! He walked this earth and calmed the sea of Galilee… He’ll calm the storms of life for you and me! Won’t you give him a chance... To calm your fears? And allow his love to wipe away any tears? He’ll bring peace to a hopeless situation… All you need to do… Is to give him an invitation… The choice is yours… It’s your decision to make! Won’t you do it now? Before it’s too late??? By Jim Pemberton

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My brothers are nice
But sometimes we fight
We have fun on a flight
Viewing all the wonderful sights.
I love my brothers always.

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Twins 21

For twenty one years we have been twins 
Through struggling times, losses and wins
Our birthday is soon and were turning twenty one
It is time for us to relax and have fun
Take a little break and enjoy the day
Drinking and relaxing so hear what I have to say
Be free from the stress of work and college
Drive our new car around and bring up the mileage 
Hang with family and eat lots of food   
Lets see some friends if were in the mood
But remember this if we don't want to see them
Carpe Diem, Carpe Diem 

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When Life Get's TOUGH

I’m here to tell you that when “the going get’s rough…” A simple, “God bless you!” May not be enough! Just when you think things in life are getting you down… And perhaps there’s “not a friend anywhere to be found…” Perhaps… Right now… You find yourself right there! Let me encourage you to try some prayer! Jesus is as close as the mention of his name! With him in control… Things will never be the same! He’ll speak peace to the raging waters of life’s ocean… And will give to you… His 100% “love potion!” He’ll bring peace and healing to your heart and home. He’s always there with you. You’re NEVER alone! The chains of discouragement will simply disappear… His perfect love will cast out all fear! He’ll pick up the pieces of life that are broken... As you allow his words of love and hope to be spoken. He’ll do for you what no power or god can do… He’s here right now He’s waiting for YOU! By Jim Pemberton 04/26/11

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April Stevens

In Niagara Falls was born Carol LoTempio. Her new name “April Stevens” was the one we would know. She has a sweet and sultry voice that sounds keen. April first sang at the age of fifteen. With the recording “I’m In Love Again", her career had begun. This Cole Porter song was a hit in 1951. April’s next record “Teach Me Tiger” had a bit of a rough go. Many stations refused to play it on the radio. In 1963, she joined her brother Nino Tempo. “Deep Purple” became a hit everybody would know. That was a song that went all the way to number one. “Whispering” proved that their careers were not done. They hit the charts one more time with “All Strung Out”. That was another hit song without any doubt. This brother and sister act gained great popularity. Nino and April still perform today. They are a must see. I thank both online encyclopedia and Nino Tempo's official website for information I obtained to write this poem.

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He lost everythin' so he's got nothin' left.
But he has a life to live so he thought of theft.
The world must be a very nice place to live with plenty of dollars.
He learns how to recognize the folks from that far.
So he starts snatchin' dealers comin' out they car.
But one thing he forgot to consider is the cop.
Until one day he's approached and they screamed freeze!
He had in his head as though it's a breeze.
You know this savaged animal called fate,
landed in his plate.
He pictures in vain pumpin' a glassful of poison. 
So now he's bumpin' it in this federal prison.

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I Think Of A Time When Our Family Prayed

I Think About A Time… When Our Family Prayed! I think about a time… When our family prayed! No one seemed to care… How long we stayed! I think of a time… When God’s message of salvation was accepted. But the older we got. This message was neglected! I think of a time… When all we had, was a black and white t.v. But we had God’s love in our house. That was enough for me! I think of a time… When we struggled with many things. But we were content with the love that our God brings! I think of today… And the direction that many families are going. Many heartaches and brokenness appear to be showing! May I suggest that we all seek a Godly way of living? And accept the kind of life that our Lord is giving? I think about where we are now. And the journey ahead. Jesus is our living water and daily bread! I hope and desire that this message isn’t lost! We need to lay our every need at the foot of the cross! By Jim Pemberton 12/17/11

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The People Close to My Heart

Friends are people that some dont have
the ones that will cry with you and also make you laugh
im fortunate to say i have many  too many to count
so to the very special ones i will give a shout out:

TAWANA my dear my bestest friend
I hope that we will be friends to the end
STEPHENA you too are a friend I hold dear
losing you is one thing that I ultimately fear
Then comes RUSH, my partner in crime
having you as a friend is completely divine
Mo Mo(SYMONE) I havent known you for too long
but I hope that our bond remains strong
 then comes GABBY, who's my sister from another mister
what would life be like if i would have never met her?
JEN JEN my dear, you are the sweetest person i know
i hope that our friendship will continue to grow
NIKKI aka my sister in law, although i wish she would be a little louder
life wouldnt be the same here without her

So then comes the guys, although silly at times
I cant imagine living without them in my life

GERALD, the coolest skateboarder i know, wow what can i say
other than for you my love continues to grow
NOLAN the ebst big brother I have
I pray that our friendship will continue to last
DEVAN the guy with the who listenes to me the most
I never would have thought we would have gotten this close
RODNEY, my future brother in-law at best
you get on my nerves sometimes but i love you none the less
LOGAN, at time you're just to silly
but i cant imagine how life would be if you werent here with me
NEO my bro since the 9th grade
i know that my love for you never will fade
last but not least my fellow poet JON
I feel like our friendship has nearly begun
you have such a way of writing words, they've touched me right to the core
the words u express i simply adore

so that sums it up, although there are many more
these are the ones that I truly adore.

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One Nation

I am black
You are white
You are my brother.
I am dark
You are red or light
It makes it better.

When we hold
Fears are allayed
Warmth for cold
For one another we are made.

Our language may differ 
Not a barrier to love, to offer
I am here you there
Yet ,we can care
In prayer, in giving
One nation without envy 

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Muckyard Sibling

At some mutual point
during the lengthy course of their familial lives, 
Sonny and his older brother
must have gazed upon themselves as equals in each other’s eyes.

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He will take you higher...
further than the stars.

He knows what's in your heart...
from you He will never part.

He fights for what is right...
we are precious in his site.

He answers our good prayers...
listens to our thoughts and cares.

He is closer than a brother...
any friend, even a lover.

He saves us from all sin...
from way below and within.

He is our GOD and KING...
so praise to Him we sing.

                                              Praise and thanks to JESUS from Perri Voge

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Ode to BBC Sherlock

Sherlock is at home bored.				
Quick  John, hide the gun or he’ll shoot the wall		
’cause if you don’t….the wall’s got it coming.			

I am Sherlock-Bloody-Holmes
And I am sometimes bored.
I only take on exciting cases
In the fridge experiments are stored.
My big brother Mycroft
I sometimes call “the queen”
Is the British Government
And hardly ever seen

I had to fake my death
To save all I know
I present myself to Watson
The whole restaurant got a show
He ends up punching me three times
Which wasn’t fun
Uh-oh, Moriarty’s here
Bloody heck! I’ve got no gun

My parents are ordinary
It’s a cross I have to bear
When Watson drops his jaw
I give him a good glare
Sometimes I don’t talk for hours on end
People don’t like me 
that’s ok, I’ve one good friend
I also play the violin
and Dr. Watson's my best friend!

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The Roof

When they were burning the huts outside,
Bringing down the roofs and orphaning those inside...
Unaware and protected from their wrath,
I understood 'love'in your warmth...

When they made a hero out of me,
Irrespective of how ordinary my actions be...
Under your shield, I made the correct choice,
Building character and maintaining poise...

When in everything they saw only my ill,
And inside, i too was loosing my will...
Through that tunnel all darkening,
In your caresses, I kept walking...

My roof, for all your strife,
I owe you much more than my life...
Feel blessed to have you, my roof,
For once God's presence needs no worldly proof...

Dedicated to the people who have done everything in their capacity to help you be what you wanted to be....our Gods on earth!!!

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Brotherly Betrayal

I took my foot and kicked her out the door.
My wife decided not to be faithful anymore.
It really shocked and upset me when she took a lover.
I was enraged when I learned that it was my brother.
I treated her really good, just like a queen.
What those two did to me was obscene.
I wasn't just betrayed by one loved one, I was betrayed by two.
Packing her bags and kicking her out was something I had to do.
Now she and my brother are expecting a child.
When I think of it, I see red and nearly go wild.
My nephew will be a symbol of how I was betrayed.
I can't stand to live near them, I'm going to move away.
What those two did to me was a horrible sin.
When I leave, I never want to see them again.


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A Brother Who's Offended

An "Offended Brother..."

"A brother ofended is harder to 
reach than a fortified city."
It seems like many brothers
 dwell on their "self-pity..."

Just look at how easy it is for most 
brothers to get offended.
It could be you or I...  Or someone
they've befriended...

Many stop having anything to do
 with a particular person.
They read God's word.  But fail to learn
 HIS divine lesson.

Jesus said; "Blessed are you when you're 
cursed, persecuted and despised."
So why do so many "brothers" hold
 "vengence in thier eyes?"

Is  there someone you know... 
Thay you've completely shut out?
Is this what being God's child...  
Is really all about???

If Christ really gave to us.  
What we certainly deserve...
Than his blood's atonement.  
Would not be perserved..

In spite of our sin and faults...  
God's heart bleeds...
He's so willing for forgive 
and to meet all of our needs!

Don't allow an offense to turn into
 a "huge brick wall."
Christ came to forgive...
 And to be a sacrifice for all!

By Jim Pemberton

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The Sheriff and The Brother

Both of their eyes locked hard on one another.
The sheriff needed to talk with this grieving, vengeful brother.
"Have a seat and a drink with me," the sheriff said to him.
"I need to explain to you what actually happened,
but before I reveal anything to you
I need your word that this stays between me and you.
If word of this gets out your brother is as good as dead."
The brother paused for a moment and then he said,
"You killed my brother," he said fighting not to cry.
"No I didn't," responded the sheriff, "He's still alive.
I killed the wrong man and claimed it was him.
Your brother is on the run, but he's still living.
All the residents of Fort Sumner are in compliance with me.
They don't want to see your brother get caught or killed 
so they've sworn themselves to secrecy
and have all signed affidavits certifying that the body
buried at Fort Sumner is your brother. Your brother is deceased officially.
This is your brother's last opportunity
to go underground and live his life more meaningfully.
He has agreed to go
to Old Mexico
and leave his beloved country
where he was loved so
by all who would know 
the company of he.
Before he left though he gave to me
this letter for his brother Joe to read."
The sheriff handed him the letter, shook his hand and left.
Joe opened the letter and this is what it read.
"My Dear Brother Joe,
I am still alive.
Don't believe everything those newspapers write and contrive.
It's so very difficult to let you all go
but I'm starting my life anew in Old Mexico.
Please know that loving thoughts of you will always be with me.
Forever your brother,
William H Bonney"

The above is a fictional write that I did.
Sheriff Pat Garrett did kill Billy The Kid.
Joseph Antrim was Billy the Kid's brother
and both he and Sheriff Pat Garrett did encounter each other.
When Joseph was approached and asked what Garrett said to him,
Joseph would always simply respond, "He explained to me what happened."
This coming from a man who once lost in his grieving plight
swore that if he ever encountered Sheriff Pat Garrett he would unmercifully kill him on sight,
but who knows, a loud mouth coward may have been Joe,
but I prefer the above pure fictional scenario.
In any event, we'll never know.

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To the little boy lost

To the little boy lost

To the little boy lost
Who longed for a home
Where dreams are encouraged
And spirits can soar
Instead you were given
A house that was cold
With cruelty and anger
And constant reminders 
How worthless you are

To the little boy lost
With words you were broken
As you faded from life
Your eyes dark and empty
Once full of light
Now searching the shadows
For places to hide
From a childhood that haunted
The rest of your life

To the little boy lost
My friend and my brother
Though younger than you
To this day, guilt and pain makes me wonder
Why time brought me through
But left you behind
Where you carried inside
The little boy lost
Who had nothing to lose
And no hope inside
When you ended your life

To the little boy lost
Who's part of my soul
Wherever you are
I hope you have found
What you never could find
Here in this life
A place to call home

Kevin D. Fix

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The Letter J

The alphabet soup Is ready A spoon in the bowl Sort through the letters To pick one That touches your soul My pick was a “J” For Big “J” My brother now gone He’s with Mom and Dad Up on high That’s where they belong A family of four Three are gone Only I remain But my time is near Soon we’ll be A family again

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Dreaming your back

I just realised, I had my first dream, You were there by my side from the very first scene. I woke with the tears streaming all down my face, I squeezed my eyes shut to go back to that place. I recall we'd been given just one more day, We knew by nightfall you'd be taken away. sisters and brothers, all six of us there, All grabbing a second, we all want a share You thought we were odd because you didn't know, By the end of that day you would have to go. We were laughing and joking and trying to stay strong, We knew that this day wouldn't last very long. I'm praying tonight I'll be dreaming for sure, It's a place we can laugh and be with you once more. I could see your strong face as clear as can be, I know in my dream you were there with me.

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I see beyond every boundary

Nothing should ever impede your view,
never,repeat, never stop being you,
stay strong together, the many and the few,
and let go of forever, for each day is new!

All is out there, right and wrong,
why should you care, let it be, get along,
allow all everywhere, sing their song
free as the air, all night long!

Wake upto your senses, stop living in a dream,
whatever differences, you think you're seeing,
your warped preferences, are not shared by Me!
Idiotic prejudice, oh, how I pity thee!

If only all, were to share my opinion,
break that wall, banish meddling minions,
racism's fall and prejudice too, Earth is all Our dominion,
we are all equal, why we bleed same colour crimson!!

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i wish you didnt exist..
its okay cause im flippin tha script..
im tiered of being just a statisic,
to the percentage using and abuseing you.
what are you really doing?
ruining live?
who wants to pay that price?
dieing or going to jail.
you do no good.
its definately not mis understood.turning the strongest into the
the honest into the fraudest.
nothing but evil.
you beter beleive it .
dont get it twisted.
from now on you Never existed!

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When nothing true you world torment
And brother unlike brother contend
To debase your hunger, and no relent
To snatch at grace when all offend
You met him trembling in his wide fear
Submitting all he thought you wanted
And gave him hugs, kisses, and your tear
Who did the birth priesthood supplanted
So let me be constant when met again
With barren thy ridicule, no virtue is vain

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November 6th, 2005

November 6th, 2005
Pulled up to my house
Couldn't believe my eyes
Everyone sobbing
Couldn't control their tears
What's going on??
Time to face my fears
With no idea
I just ran and asked
To hear the news
My big brother had passed
Empty & broken
I ran to my room
Not talking to anyone
I was so damn confused
Retracing my weekend
Thinking to myself
What's the last thing I said to him,
The night that I left?
Beating myself up
Trying to dig in deep
Did I tell him I loved him?
Such a painful memory
Find myself writing 
With nowhere to go
My heart takes me to him
For what reason I don't know
Guess there is a lot supressed
Pent way up inside
Forcing its way out
Through the pain that I hide
It eats me up
Not knowing that night,
I was walking out the door
Saying my last Goodbye
Tear after tear
Ache after ache
That November night
That ultimate heartbreak
Finally releasing my heart
From the prison that its in
Letting go of the unknown
Now the hurt can end
November 6th, 2005
The day he left
And a piece of my heart died

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 Dear Lord, I Have a Prayer for You
And I'm Asking with All My Heart
There Is Nothing More Important to Me
So Please, Lord, Listen and I Shall Start

I Know You Can Do Miracles
They Are Varied and Quite a Few
The One I Came to Ask about
Would Be Easy and Simple to Do

They Say My Brother Has No Hope
That He Is Going to Die
So this Is What I'm Asking, Lord
Please..Don't Make Me Say Good bye

I Didn't Always like Him
I Was Two When He Came along
Now He's All of Six
And I Know I've Done Him Wrong

I Teased Him and Laughed in His Face
Especially When He Cried
There Were Even Times I Know
Just to Hurt Him I Outright Lied

But Way down Deep I Love Him
And I'll Be Good to Him as Gold
I Solemnly Promise with All My Heart
Please Lord, Let Him Live to Be Old

Connie Moore
Oct. 1, 1992

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The Kid's Brother

Billy the Kid had a brother whose name was Joe
and after the Kid's death he let everyone know
that he would kill Pat Garrett unmercifully on sight
for killing his brother on that mournful night.
Joe and a friend were drinking in a saloon
when Pat Garrett unexpectedly entered the room.
Garrett then approached Joe and said this to him,
"Have a drink with me and I'll explain what really happened."
Joe then excused himself from his friend
and joined Garrett at a table on the bar's other end.
Both spoke briefly, shook hands and parted ways.
Joe's friend then asked him, "What did he say?"
Joe looked at him and said to his friend,
"Like he said, he explained to me what really happened."
The above is all true according to documented history.
The following however is my own fantasy.
Both of their eyes locked hard on one another.
Garrett then spoke with this grieving, vengeful brother.
"Before I reveal anything to you
I need your word that this stays between me and you.
If word of this gets out your brother is as good as dead."
Joe paused for a moment and then he said,
"You killed my brother," he said fighting not to cry.
"No I didn't," responded Garrett, "He's still alive.
I killed the wrong man and claimed it was him.
Your brother is on the run, but he's still living.
All the residents of Fort Sumner are in compliance with me.
They have all sworn themselves to secrecy
and have signed affidavits certifying that the body
buried at Fort Sumner is your brother. He's deceased officially.
This is your brother's last opportunity
to go underground and live his life more meaningfully.
However, before he left he gave to me
this letter for his brother Joe to read."
Garrett handed Joe the letter, shook his hand and left.
Joe opened the letter and this is what it read.
"My Dear Brother Joe, I am still alive.
Don't believe everything those newspapers write and contrive.
It's so very difficult for me to let you all go
but I'm starting my life anew in Old Mexico.
Please know that loving thoughts of you 
will always be with me.
Forever your brother,
William H Bonney"

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On Leaving the Fold

Terrible atrocities,
I'd never wish a death upon a friend
or those who I hold dear.

Blind logic,
steel faith.
Crying statues
full of hate.
I tell you I would never wish a harm done
but I know that it's to late.

And the one you once called son
is now the man who stands alone.
The one that lost his way,
the brother come undone.

And I know I will be let go,
except in prayers,
in hopes.
The boy that walked your path is now
cut from all of the old growth.

Careful tensions have all broke.
The wires snapped and then,
once the tents have fallen
the crowds have gone and
the shadows are deep set in.

Terrible images arrive.
In your minds eye, in mine.
What will become of that boy
the one who languishes still in sin?

Blind logic,
steel faith.
Crying statues
full of hate.
I tell you I would never wish a harm done
but I know that it's to late.

And the one you once called son
is now the man who stands alone.
The one that lost his way,
the brother come undone.

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away on
15, 2006.  
The funeral
was on February
21, 2006.  My brother
had to move out of the
house.  He lived with my
dad.  He had to be out of 
the house by June 10, 2006.
We went to see him and my
mom eight days later.  My brother
decided NOT to give me his new phone
number or address.  My mom is in the hospital
for the rest of her life.  She is unable to stand on
her two feet.  We visited her and she was somewhat
distant.  I left California so DISAPPOINTED and sad!
I'm grieving the loss of my dad.  I feel like my brother
DISOWNS me and doesn't care about my husband and
our three children.  My heart is broken and I feel like I'm in

©  Kathy Mary Gillet
©  July 25, 2006  All Rights Reserved

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From the heart and soul of my battered mind and body,
I write these words that have forever been silenced. 
Silenced by the very ones whom I would have sacrificed it all for!!!

Now hurt, bitter and scorn
my heart bleeds
as it is ripped and torn...

With very little self esteem left
they continue to nibble away,
But soon I will tire and even give up
for arrangements they shall make some day...

Although I still hang on with a weak slippery grip
that I credit to only one,
For you my brother I can only pray that you shall not forget me
as my Father has done to his son...

Neglected and feeling so rejected
you are just like me,
Our day will come and soon they will regret
As our ashes blow into the Sea...

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My Father's Seven Days

My Father's Seven Days 

“Come”  I climbed up on my Father’s lap…
“Sleep” he said; but, I didn’t want a nap…

I looked up at him and He gave me a smile..
I decided then I wanted to stay awhile…

“Tell me about what was created” I asked then grinned…
As I sat up eagerly so proper and prim..…..

“Okay” He chucked, but his laugh was uncontrollable..
I wanted to know all so, I got very comfortable….

“The first day Father created was the day and the night…
Then I asked “that’s called morning and evening right?“

“Yes, and on the second day was earth and heavens…
I impatiently asked “what was number seven“?

“On the third day came plants, flowers and things good to eat”!
Then Father smiled tenderly and stated “even the trees!”

“Then on the forth came the sun, moon and stars ..”
I pointed on a special “ night sky and shouted “there is Mars!”

“On the fifth day was the fish and the birds”
I laughed and said “that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard”

“On the sixth day was people and  animals to fill the land!”
I was feeling happily tired so I grabbed for His hand….

“How about the seventh day”?  I asked then yawned with a smile…
“Later“, he said; you rest for now my precious little child”.

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And Waiting,
For that one day to arrive,
To be so in love, 
I won't know how to survive.
To see your happy smile,
And that spark in your eye,
Emotions interlocked.
You cry. 
I cry.
Forever and ever,
We will be together,
Through thick and through thin, 
And through any stormy weather.
Of course we will quaral,
Yes we will fight,
But we will always say our sorries, 
By the end of the night.
And waiting,
For when we will be with each other.
But for now and throughout then,
I love you my baby brother.

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What Christmas Means

During this Christmas, let’s celebrate Christ’ birth. It was for all of us that he came down to earth. As we think about Bethlehem and the baby boy… We shout glad tidings to all! And peace and joy! This young child was to one day touch all of mankind. His message of salvation… Today… You can find! As we celebrate and fill up with holiday cheer… This same Jesus is alive today… And is always here! Though 2000 years ago, he was born in a manger... You can know him NOW! He doesn’t have to be a “stranger.” Won’t you spend some time and reflect on Christmas’ true meaning? It’s in the merciful arms of Jesus that you need to be leaning! The good news of Christmas can certainly be found… Across this nation. Every city… And town! This same Christ can bring peace to your life today! He loves you much more than words can say! May HIS love bring peace and healing to your weary soul… It’s only in him, that you can be complete and whole!!! By Jim Pemberton

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My Little Siis

My Little Sis

Without her I know just what I would miss
For she is something so special is My Little Sis
She puts in the effort to make life such bliss
There can only ever be one of My Little Sis

She always sends me a funny Christmas card
This year a bookmark on which she worked hard
Because of that I think I would be remiss
If I did not work as hard on this present for My Little Sis

Birthday cards are funny always a joke
Even the ones I send her at my sis fun I poke
Ever so glad to have her though her taste is so bad
You know sis, Triple H and that Shawn Michaels lad

Mother I believe gave a sigh of relief 
For the sports on the telly she would get some relief
But alas and woe it was just wasn’t to be 
For My Little Sis is worse than father, brother and me

I don’t know where she’ll go next what route she will take
But with her great determination with sis nothing is fake
She’s so kind and thoughtful “laugh” if you insist
But don’t let me hear you laughing, at my little sis

So sis carry on with the strides you’ve made
Keep your head up and don’t get way laid
When things look the blackest just look at this verse
Remember your brother see things could get worse

I suppose your not little time passed and you grew
Into a woman with a husband and children to
A Hettie a Philby you look after and own
I suppose that’s a sign that you really have grown

Yet deep in my heart you’re still My Little Sis	
Hope you don’t find that funny or think it amiss
On this birthday so special my love to you I send
For my little sis to keep even when time has come to an end

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Big Brother

I was born first
so I expected to show you the way
At first it was fun
until my demons took me away

From time to time I turned around
to see my little brother grow
And knowing I wasn’t there for you
caused me years of regret and sorrow

On the times we’d meet 
I’d want the days to never end
For somewhere along the way
I realized I wanted you as a friend

I watched you live a life I yearned
and I admired your self-motivating ways
And I so appreciate the shoulder you lent
when I’d call during my self-pity days

Now when I look at my brother
I’m proud to say you have become my friend
And it appears a switch has occurred
for you’ve become the big brother in the end

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Do You Have Something Agiainst Your Brother

When talking to someone
 of God’s forgivenss… 
 He said;  “This doesn’t apply to me…”
“I have no unforgivenss toward my brother….
 Whom I never see…”

“I don’t speak to him.”  “I’ve no reason
 to darken his door..”
“I just don’t want to be  around him anymore…”

I asked; “What’s the difference in
 what you’re doing vs. unforgiveness?”
“Isn’t this a symptom of a deep  rooted bitterness?”

“Call it what you want.  But unforgiveness
 remains the same…”
“And you have no one…   But yourself to blame…”

An unforgiving heart comes in
 many shapes and sizes.
God is never fooled!  
There’s never any “surprises…”

He knows your intentions…  
 How you act and what you do…
Can you honestly say to the one
 you shut out…  “ I love you???”

Christ came to extend the power of love…
 For all mankind to see…
His message of deep compassion was meant
 for both you and me!

Walk in the peace and love of God,
 he’s given to us all.
A prideful and stubborn heart will
 only cause you to fall!

Walk in the healing from the words; “I forgive…”
Allowing 1 Corinthians chapter 13
 to shape how you live…

By Jim Pemberton

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If You're Not Sure Who You Want To Be

If Youj're Not Sure Who You Want To Be Quite often, there’s a lot of speculation… Regarding a person’s “orientation.” As each day goes by… It appears to me. Many are confused as to what they want to be. Which direction one goes… Is “anybody’s guess…” No wonder this world’s an “upside-down” mess! The Bible says; “straight is the way.” And “narrow is the gate.” One needs to make up his mind. Before it’s too late! If one is confused. Let me point into this direction. It’s the word of God that gives much needed correction A “spiritual orientation” is what needs to take place! There’s a God who loves us! And offers his grace! If one is still unhappy with the way they’re created… We’re wonderfully designed by God! This shouldn’t be debated! Allow God’s word to orientate your life today! And listen to what your creator really has to say! Where there is emptiness… God’s love does much more abound… Allow the Holy Spirit to turn your life around! Jesus alone can change your whole way of living! His life for yours… Is what HE is giving! By Jim Pemberton

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Being an only child, I always wanted a brother,
But my Mom could never have another,
So I dreamed great dreams about him,
Of climbing trees and going out on a limb.

Sometimes we would have a game of tag,
We would chase butterflies until one we would bag,
It is good that people can dream big dreams,
Sometimes it helps when we need a moonbeam.

I loved this brother of my dreams,
We would laugh and play or wade in streams,
I have many friends who are men,
Perhaps they substitute for yhat brother I could never win.

I will never, ever forget my dream brother,
Tall and blonde with eyes that shone like no other,
Always laughing, we would go on trips,
There we would laugh and purse our lips.

But it was not to be, this brother,
In a few years, the dream became a myth,
To laugh and talk about with old Joe Smith,
 But, I loved this brother of mine like no other.    

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You didn't go to fight World War II in Japan,
You didn't ever go to FAT CITY,
but smooched with a DOLLY
in my washed and waxed Chevy van!

Looking like a real DUCK-BUTT,
you have the looks of a clown, not a CAT...
staring at that long-legged PAPER-SHAKER!
Eat more cereal, ANKLE-BITER!

You didn't learn to drive and lead,
for a grown man that's a NOSE-BLEED!
You didn't go to those night BASHES...
never being attracted to fake eyelashes!

Put down the HORN you bought at the Country Fair;
don't answer back as you usually do...CUT-THE-GAS,
or AGITATE-THE GRAVEL with quick toes!

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When the Children Cry

When the children cry Hold their hand Their only young Help them understand When the children cry Console their thoughts Reassure Don't leave them distraught When the children cry Hold them close For in any circles We love them most When the children cry Disperse their fear Dry their eyes Their young felt tears When the children cry

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Saving Vernie's life

My brother saved his bride's life.
He came close to losing his wife.
Her oxygen meter would normally have registered at 100 but it registered at 10 instead.
If my brother hadn't rushed out to get a doctor, Vernie would be dead.

When an oxygen level drops that low, it's supposed to set off an alarm.
Because of that incompetent hospital, people will probably be harmed.
Rick hurried to get a doctor when Vernie started having convulsions.
When I think about that stupid hospital, I feel nothing but revulsion.

The alarm didn't work and that's pure negligence.
Taking people to that hospital makes no sense.
If Rick hadn't acted fast, Vernie would be dead and that's a fact.
Those incompetent hospital employees better clean up their act!


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Prisoner of the Past

I want to take you on a journey,
From the present back to the past.
To take a moment to reflect on,
A possibility of why things do not last.
I want you to take some time to reflect,
On some of the things that you’ve gone through.
Some of the things that created gigantic hurdles,
That you are still fighting without having any clue.
I want you to remember when,
Those harsh words were spoken to you.
Those words that still stick in your mind,
For years and years all the way through.
In your original plans back in the days,
You had high hopes along with your dreams.
But they were diminished by the advice of some others,
And caused you to go through many extremes
In a sense you had been deprived of your liberty,
To operate in this present of the end of the times.
To meet the maximum of the most of the potential you had,
You still unto this day remember the lines.
And some of those situations,
That you had to face, back then.
Are still staring you directly in the face,
Because they have never left you from within.
It’s a sense of your freedom being taken away,
Being mentally put into confinement involuntarily.
Not being able to reach successfully for the future,
Because your mental state of mind was damaged purposefully.
You have emotionally been locked up for so long,
That you don’t even realize that you are presently free.
Mentally restrained or captured if I may say,
You had lost your very own future’s custody.
If this controls you at this very moment,
Then bondage still has control of you.
And the goals that you have set up for yourself,
You will need to be delivered in order to see them through
Well we are now at present and I want to ask you this,
I want to know if I were to right now ask
“Are you now able to achieve your goals?” 
Or are you still suffering as a “Prisoner of the Past”

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I Once Knew A Man Who Did Things His Family Didn't Understand

I once Knew a man who thought
 "things would get better."
He had children and a wife.
  But soon left her.

He met someone who "captivated his eyes."
Having an appetite for her "beauty." and lies.

His wife loved God and the
 kids with all of her heart.
"How could this happen?"  
This question "ripped her apart."

As a family.  They went to church...
 and did their "Sunday best."
How could this "happy" family
 turn into such a mess?

Temptation can happen to anyone. 
 Rich or poor.
Be careful wha  you allow to
 enter your heart's door.

Regardless of whether you've been
 a "Christian" for "20 years..."
One shameful act can cause
 heartache and tears.

What God has given to you...
  Let no one take way.
No matter what others think...
 Or what they might say.

Stay true to God.  You'll be 
glad you did!
His love and joy will bless you
 each day that you live!

This saviour is HERE NOW!  
And will never leave you alone!
Allow HIM to bring peace and
 love to your troubled home!

By Jim Pemberton 

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No Color or Relgion, Ever Stopped a Bullet from a Gun

I heard on the news
Another two are lost
That makes 206
Is there, a whatever the cost
We are there to assist
A country so reft
Inner fighting
To help the rest of the left
Guerrilla warfare
Tactically strong
Thousands of miles
Where we don't belong
The people we vote in
Would they go in their place
To show their people
Dying is no disgrace
I will never allow
My children to fight
A war so improper
A conflict not right
To show our presence
As we parade their land
A remote explosion
Blown up on demand
How can we serve
A regime so unfair
They can starve their women
Because he can't have her there
To fight for their freedom
As they fight themselves
The decision should be made
To save ourselves
The Russians failed
So now we try
Coalition troops
In daily die
The modern wars
Will always be run
No color or religion
Ever stopped a bullet from a gun

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Sabbath Schooner

A perfect Sunday, as only god can make
The skies the barometer, tend to set the mood
This day clouds…oh, so wooly white
Like sheep grazing… among the blossom blue
Sunshine’s accents must be added too

Dad, magnificent in his Sabbath greys
Mom in dress pastels pink
I and brother with our ties
Sisters in their outfits, scarlet lemon rainbow’s paint

Upon this most special day excitement begins to break
Mass now ending, bells a chiming and I think I heard an angel hark
"It’s time to sail dad’s newly fashioned model boat
Us kids led by thrills ran ahead to a pond within a park

We cheer him on… cheering!
“Go dad, go”!!
Watching, our eyes filled anticipations
As he sets her onto placid waters hoping she will float

Harmonious sighs, of wonder, escape our lips
As the canvas streamers now pervaded… capture air
Cutting… through the glistening sun filled surface
Waves of spectators rippling to pond’s edge, begin to stop and stare

I silently break and turn…
And glance upon that man
Like the mast of his vessel, stands proud
I think to myself “that’s my dad”

Then, suddenly thoughts be broken
By clatters and whispers of new heard commotions
On his face a frown begins to grow, as I looked towards the lake
Taken was the wind right, out of his sails…and it lay in the midst of the pool… devoid of
any motion

Disenchantment surely to be had
Spreading through crowds that were growing thin
But, the unexpected, was what happened next
In his Sunday best, my dad… he walked right in!

My whole family now, especially mom
Utterly and completely aghast!
Little brother shouting! “Go, dad, go”!
The crowd returned, the water rising to his chest

Roars of encouragement and rounds of applause
As waterlines reached engulfing his neck
The childhood memory forever stained into my head
Was of dad splashing out… soaking wet!
The schooner under one arm, his contagious laughter to us spread
His Sabbath grey suit was now absolutely wrecked!

Like I said...
It was a perfect Sunday…
In the eyes of this little boy

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You wanted me
I wanted you
But apparently
You were confused

My feeling haven't changed
But yours no longer remain
How you feel, I don't know
Yet, I'm stuck in the friend zone

I guess I'm fine with it
I can wait
Til' you feel the same
Another day

You're my boo, my buddy, my best friend
I'll always love you; til' the end
You annoy me, and get on my nerves
But I can't live without you in my world

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Rwanda Wrongs

In 1957, there existed a plan
To rid Rwanda of the Tutsi clan
Power they had, too much for one side
The foundation for, future Genocide
1960, the monarchy was gone
Will both sides sing the same song
Sadly not as the persecutions start
Ripping this African country apart
1973, under a new regime
Juvénal Habyarimana promised restrain
Progress and reconciliation proposed to be
For this country to unite, finally
1994, Habyarimana gunned down
His assassination, country drowns
This killing of him, the carnage starts
Population half, ripped apart
The killings horrific, no one spared
Machete slain, heads caved
Hacking, be-headings as families fall
As CNN tune in, the world appalled
The continuance, of the slaughtered tribes
Men, women and children you can't describe
Women raped, and the unborn slain
This horrific act of human pain
Most of the fallen, in their own villages dead
By another clan, they thought were friends
Indescribable to the world as our televisions show
The massacre of innocents, as we watch blow by blow
Where does it all end, can we try the same songs
How many more of these Rwanda wrongs
It appears to be a human trait
To kill each other for the sake of it

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We live upon
Our naked souls
Cradle thoughts
Beneath the light
We hear the pain 
On sacred roles
Chaos brims over
Unwept night
We stand above 
The dying never
Seeking that which
Has no end
We kill the truth
Undying clever
Pieces of a 
Long lost friend.

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Rick and Vernie's Wedding

My brother and Vernie got married on the 25th of September.
Their wedding is an occurrence that I will always remember.
When they said their vows, my dad wiped tears from his eyes.
He was so touched to see his son get married that he cried.
Rick declared his love on the day when he married Vernie.
They'll be together for life and it will be a fantastic journey.
My brother has two stepsons and their names are Will and J.T.
Rick took his lovely bride on our parents 45th anniversary.
It's great to know that these two are together.
Their love for each other will truly last forever.


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Are Things In Your Life Out Of Place

Are Things In Life "Out Of Place?"

I visited a garage sale.  And had a 
surprised look on my face.
I noticed that some things
 were "out of place."

To my right... Was a shelf filled with books.. 
And Christian ones too.
To my left...  Was a sign that read; 
"I have adult movies for you."

I wondered and thought with 
some kind of amazement.
"Does this person read these books. 
 And watch this "entertainment?"

This is common in many Christian homes...
Often...  People cross God's 
"boundaries" and "safety zones."

Anyone can go to church. 
 Pray, sing and "shed a tear."
Not realizing that sin's temptation
 is drawing ever so near.

Do you seek God's holiness and the 
power of Jesus' name?
But each night...  Before bedtime... 
 Things aren't quite the same...

Have you opened up your heart 
and mind...  And live life unfulfilled?
Is this the way you ought to live? 
 Is this what God has willed?

He desires to live inside of you.
  And help you to discover.
With any stronghold in life.  
He'll help you to recover!

Are things in life "out of place?"  
And need to be put back together?
Allow God's word to guide you!  
His promises are forever!

Everything will be where it should be...  
With Jesus In control!
Only he can defeat the enemy that 
seeks to destroy your soul!

By Jim Pemberton 08/03/09

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My Older Brother

My older brother is someone, I want to punch in the mouth,
But I can't, because he'd knock me out,

My older brother is a scapegoat, when I've done wrong,
My older brother is motivation, helping me, keep keepin' on,

My older brother is a role model, if he likes it or not,
Showing me how to overcome adversity, against any odds,

I could go for days, giving kudos, and building him up,
But when it comes to giving him praise, there's never enough,

My older brother, can jump, clear over the moon,
He'd show you how, but he has other things to do,

My older brother has forgotten, more than I'll ever learn,
Dedicated to hard work, everything he owns, he earned,

He is my inspiration, he showed me that no mountain, is ever too tall,
He made it to where he is today, by refusing to fall,

I've never said this to him, I assumed he already knew,
For the little things you've unknowingly taught me, many thanks go to you,

No matter how tough, I think I am, he's that much tougher,
I'm 6'6 he's 6'2, yet, I'll always look up to my brother

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little stronger now

all my life i have tried to please everyone. 
I would do my chores with no fuss.
I knew what my consequences would be.

I  laid my brothers clothes out for him at night.
It made me feel good inside.
I know he is older then me, 
But we still needed a motherly figure you see.
I picked up the role, at about 6 years old.
 to this day my brother depends on me.

I would try to be the daughter my father always wanted, 
But some how it always got tangled in a web of misconception  
My father was a cold man, a Hippocratic, and loved his mind games.
I was a pawn on his chess board. 
I was there but not much was said to me.
If he felt like yelling it was always taking out on me.
He was raised where family meant everything,
if you could carry the last name.
I was not a boy, I could not full fill this wish of his. 
My brother on the other hand, was the perfect fit.

My mother was buried deep in a bottle all day.
She never knew if we were coming or going.
she loved to yell and throw things. 
A pathological lair she was.

So, when I am asked about my past.
I simply  smile and say, "I will not speak of that."
The pain of going back is far to great.

Life has changed over the past few months
I have become stronger then I once was. 
My parents have yet to win this battle they ignited.
I am speaking of the past like it was yesterday.
I am no longer ashamed to say that,
My parents walked away.

I am not sure who I would be today 
If my parents had stayed.

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Coming Out Of Or Going Into The Closet

Across this country, there’s more people “coming out of the closet.” Any sense of a Godly direction. They’ve seemed to have “lost it.” Often talking about their life. And are not ashamed… Often bringing dishonor to God’s holy name. Perhaps “going back into the closet,” is where you need to be. And think for a minute….Where you’ll spend eternity. God is still God. He is righteous but also holy and just. He asks all to give him our heart. Our obedience. And trust! Perhaps in the closet . A time of seeking God should be spent. A time to have fellowship... A time to repent. During this time you can spend with God…. And HIM alone. Asking him to bring peace, hope and love into your home. This closet can give you a “quiet time.” A time “to be still.” A time to seek God. And to do his will. May you allow your heart, toward HIM to be yielded and broken. And time to meditate on some of the words that he’s spoken. If it’s the closet that you truly want to come out. You can tell everyone: ”Jesus IS what life is about!” Allow HIM to cleanse and make you whole within… As his blood cleanses you and takes away every sin! Spending time with God… You’ll be glad you did. His abundance and overcoming life… He’ll freely give! God wants to be with you. By a “divine appointment.” Experience his life changing power, and a GODLY enjoyment! By Jim Pemberton

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The Simple Man

He walked a mile,
and came back empty-handed,
but in his heart was freedom, 
for he was never branded.

He lost battles,
and put the many to rest,
but in his heart was justice
for he fought amongst the best.

He bravely sailed,
amongst the waves was beaten,
but in his heart was meekness,
for he was never taken.

He reigned thus high,
and was always needing more,
but in his heart contentment,
for he walked aside the poor. 

He ran the race,
with a torch, he felt the burn,
but within his heart is love,
for he really lived his turn.

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Fading like a flower

To become a man at seven
As my brother lay dying
At such an early age
Life to be trying
Awaiting the news
I,m now crying through my tears
Without my brother 
Future fears
Believing there's hope 
Maybe angels will say
Take care of your brother
For with you he will stay
Down the corridor i wait
As i hear the doors
A Doctor appears
As my tears froze
To my father he says
With a handshake he sighs
We just couldn't save him
We did all that we tried
I felt my tears melt
The ice in my eyes
We never got the chance
To say our goodbyes
Dad turns to me as i look in his eyes
The look of a parent 
Knowing their son has just died
He held me close as we broke down and cried
Through broken tears, he says to thee
James my son, it's just you and me
We have lost Billy to a higher power
But he went in his sleep
Fading like a flower
" Dedicated to my brother Billy, knocked down in front of me at the age of 9 "

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Sissy -- Men Don't Cry

I do not know what I'm going to Write
I don't want to offend, I won't fight
Are YOU a Sissy when YOU Cry at a WAKE?
Do the Salted Tears say Your Masculinity's FAKE?

As you stand by the Graveside of YOUR Only True LOVE
Salt rivers rolling down YOUR cheek : Sissy, Men Don’t cry
Do the tears (as unto Samson ) take away Your strength? YOU Die?!
YOU are no longer a Rock, The pillar the Great Man YOUR Child speaks of

Even the Welling up of Tears in YOUR eyes  Sissy, Men DOn’t Cry
Oh! Look at the little Baby Cry: go on. Get out of here YOUR not a Man
Can these Tears change YOUR Mind, Thoughts, Ideas : Do they make YOUR Soul ;Lie
Are the Solemn TEARS of SALVATION the Pathway to Heaven the Promise Land

Let there not be Tears of Fear, Tears of Joy,  Tears of excruciating  PAIN
You are a Man Do not let down  Your manly defenses, Do not let YOUR Tears Rain
Sissy - Men DON’t Cry unsheathe thy sword show the World the Tear, YOU’VE Slain
I Cry for those who have never shed a Tear, Emotions buried inside with shackle and Chain

                                         Sissy --  MEN  DON’T  CRY
                                          I Respectfully Disagree
                                          Should a Man Shed a TEAR
                                           Silently  or publicly
                                            YOU ARE STILL A MAN

Dedicated With Honor and Respect To  John Rhinem  An  Michael Jordan 

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Blessed Is The One Who Fears The Lord

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord in all of his ways… He will be blessed in everything he does all of his days. He shall also eat of the labor of his hands… His family shall be blessed throughout the lands. His wife will be a fruitful vine close by his side… The blessings from heaven shall open up wide. His children will be like olive plants around the table. In all that he does. He knows God is more than able! Yes. Blessed is the man who fears the Lord! Goodness and mercy in his life shall be stored. The Lord God shall bless him out of Zion. Behold! The glory of God in him is shiinin! He shall see the children his children shall bear… And shall see the blessings of God everywhere! Peace shall be his in that he does endeavor… For the God of Israel shall be with him forever! By Jim Pemberton Read Psalm 128

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Do You Hold A Grudge

I knew of a "brother" who held a grudge.
From his position.  He wouldn't "budge."

When asked why he held this...
 against a certain person.
Having nothing to do with him. 
 He was certain!

The reason for this grudge...  
Is probably "silly" to many.
When asked for a good reason.  
There wasn't any.

He said; "I don't hold any 
kind of unforgiveness."
"What I do..."  "It's none of your business!"

"I don't hold a grudge and I
 want to be clear!"
"There are some people... 
 I wish weren't here!"

Are there people in your life 
who've been "shut out.?"
"Is this what being Christ' example is all about?

Living for Christ is not about who we "avoid."
If a life of Godliness is to be fully enjoyed.

We can make "excuses" to stay
 away from somebody.
This could be your brother.  
Neighbor.  Or anybody.

Christ gave his life and wants 
us to follow his rules...
He knows all about us....  And is never fooled!

May your life be filled with 
compassion for every soul.
In doing this...  You'll be made 
complete and whole!

Discover true freedom.  Leave any 
"grudges" in the past.
Enjoy true victory in Christ...  
And a peace that 'll last!

By Jim Pembeton

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Do You Hold A Grudge

I knew of a "brother" who held a grudge.
From his position.  He wouldn't "budge."

When asked why he held this...
 against a certain person.
Having nothing to do with him. 
 He was certain!

The reason for this grudge...  
Is probably "silly" to many.
When asked for a good reason.  
There wasn't any.

He said; "I don't hold any 
kind of unforgiveness."
"What I do..."  "It's none of your business!"

"I don't hold a grudge and I
 want to be clear!"
"There are some people... 
 I wish weren't here!"

Are there people in your life 
who've been "shut out.?"
"Is this what being Christ' example is all about?

Living for Christ is not about who we "avoid."
If a life of Godliness is to be fully enjoyed.

We can make "excuses" to stay
 away from somebody.
This could be your brother.  
Neighbor.  Or anybody.

Christ gave his life and wants 
us to follow his rules...
He knows all about us....  And is never fooled!

May your life be filled with 
compassion for every soul.
In doing this...  You'll be made 
complete and whole!

Discover true freedom.  Leave any 
"grudges" in the past.
Enjoy true victory in Christ...  
And a peace that 'll last!

By Jim Pembeton

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There is overwhelming evidence of lack of learning. It appears all of his paychecks he is burning. Those rusty gears in his head are slowly turning. To this day, he remains as ignorant as hell. Will he learn his lesson? Nobody can tell. All his casino visits leave room for doubt. Just see the way he acts with each seven out. Into his shallow pockets, he continues to dip. He continues to make each long Atlantic City trip. He loses, but keeps going back for more. He may soon be as extinct as a dinosaur. For a larger brain, there seems to be no room. His intelligence can be swept away with a broom. That is why since birth, he has been a “boomboom”.

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Hide and seek should be a simple game
With no-one hurt and no-one to blame

But you haven't seen it played by my brother and me
It truly is an event to see

I hid in a suitcase once when we played
My brother found me but in the suitcase I stayed

Down the stairs I was thrown
When the suitcase was opened I could only groan

I had two lumps on my forehead
"I walked into a door" is what I said

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God's Heavenly Gift

God's Heavenly gift arrived in June,
Song in our hearts, a joyful tune.
Little Kaleb, with all his splendor,
To each of us true love doth render.

Special moments- to watch him grow,
To see him smile- God's wish we know.
And happy in life, for all to enjoy,
His place on Earth, God's precious boy.

A loving family so thankful and proud,
Will sing our praises to Heaven aloud.
We have been given the gift of love;
Kaleb has come from the Lord above.

Now, Brother and Brother in hand will go,
Down the path of life, and they will know;
That so much love is sent their way,
To help along from day to day.

God's Heavenly gift arrived in June,
Song in our hearts, a joyful tune.
Little Kaleb, we sing with joy.
To the Lord above for our precious boy.

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A lot of homicides are taking place, 
The actual damage is being done.
By more than just the one item alone,
That we know of as a gun.
Plenty of rapes are being committed, 
By a one that doesn’t even have hands.
Neither do they have legs to run with, 
Yet they are used by mere mortal man.
You see this one item has wounded, 
A great many soldiers; it has.
Physically in wars; the Civil, and in Vietnam,
Still, mentally, a great many more it has.
They enter in, yes through the head, 
They poison our feeble little minds.
The damage that they do is tremendously worse, 
We are left in a mere mental bind.
Bullets are what they are, 
Though not the type we physically see.
They are invisible to the necked eye, 
But the damage is done mentally.
We are trying to grow in grace and,
Taught the “Word” in and out.
Instead of having your faith showing outward,
Someone has planted a bullet of doubt.
With goals ahead and unsure time, 
You’re striving to bring those closer and nearer.
But before you have really gotten in the grove, 
Here comes a bullet of fear.
Committed to a one who,
Is just as much committed to you.
But bullets of negativism come your way and, 
Now you cannot make it through.
Being looked down upon for going against the trend,
All you’re doing is just being nice.
Being on the top about to be shot not once,
But with bullets of jealousy, shot thrice.

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Every night I close my eyes when I fall asleep,
And if I don't open my eyes do I rest in peace.
As a young black male from homicide to genocide;
It's no way I can hide.
They say I'm enemy public number one.
Just because I'm black I'm targeted by a gun.
An endangered species.
Only Jesus can save us.
With constant police brutality.
By being black society denies me.
I just pray that some day things will change.
But for now things remain the same.
No one knows what the future may hold.
But how can I sleep when others are cold.
So many casualties from street fatalities.
This war against brother against brother has to stop please!
Or else many more will rest in peace.

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Hold on dear brother

Stand strong as the whispers of people blow
dear brother hold onto me
judgemental words of mindless humans flow
as the sand carried out to sea

From mouth to ear gossip voiced
spreading through this unforgiving town
hold onto me dear brother
if you feel you are falling down

These who judge you are not perfect
though they pretend to be
behind closed doors each night
the real One to judge sees

I know you do not believe 
in the God I hold so high
just hold onto me dear brother 
i will pray endlessly for justices sigh

I will rattle on until 
my sweet angels get tired of hearing
taking our truth as well as our tears
flying with them to heavens clearing...

I pray for judge, for jury
for all involved to see
truth through lies flowing
from her lips continuously

See the bitterness in her heart 
because my brother would not stay
using their son so viciously
in this game she wanted to play

Caught in a web you were dear brother
because you love your son
i watched helplessly as she pushed
prodded you for fun

So as we face this together
i will stand beside you with love
hold onto me dear brother
angels carry this message above.

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To a Special Sister

That time of year approaches, as birthday’s wishes sent
My sister, I know not what to say, except all that you’ve meant
You know the lives that we had on our many varied roads
But, through it all, into adulthood, I wish you now to know
No other person can be as good, nor love the way you do
As siblings go, I wish you to know, that I hold that love, too
So often that I think of you, a smile comes to my face
For memory’s sake, I’ll never stop, for fear it be erased
The many times your friendship was offered up for me
I was immature and childish and didn’t always see
But, your very presence, sister, was one of love so strong
So, in my heart you’ll always be and that’s where you belong

So not to make you teary eyed, though I am, as I pen
I wish to say Happy Birthday to my sister and my friend

May you have the happiest birthday you’ve ever had
And may more follow on the road of your life!

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"Big Bro"

You made me believe dreams come true
you made me see what I had to do
always thinking of what you said
enjoy the present cause I got a future ahead
but now it's so hard
because you're not here
passed away long ago
oh how much I fear
can't survive the life I have
can't go on feeling sad
I just want you here
right beside me
blow away my fears
and again make me believe
make me believe dreams come true
make me believe the right thing to do
make me believe on how it'll be
best of all make me believe in me
just can't let you go
don't know how I'm gonna grow
just can't let you go
not a clue on what to know
every dream feels so true
even when I'm thinking of you
it's sad that the sun hasn't shone its light
it's sad that you're gone and not here every night
just sad, so sad
filling tears in my eyes
breaking down and making me cry
I just want you to make me
make me believe...
...make me believe dreams come true
make me believe the right thing to do
make me believe on how it'll be
best of all make me believe in me
I can't go on, it feels so bad
almost everyday feeling so sad
it just hurts, hurts so much
that I can't feel you, feel your touch
I just hope wherever you are
you're close to me and not so far
and I hope somehow you know
I miss you a lot
a whole lot...Big Bro...

(In memory of Alberto Germain Mayorga)

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Forgiving Is A Christian Way Of Living

If you can’t forgive your brother.  
What good is your Christianity?
Without “love in action…” 
 All is meaningless and vanity!

Is for your brother…  You’re unwilling
 to “go the extra mile…”
What good is it to go to church and 
“pretend to wear a smile?”

Whether you’ve memorized scripture. 
 Or can sing 100 gospel songs…
It doesn’t mean anything…  If you keep a record
 of  your brother’s wrongs.

When you stand before God on that
 great judgement day.
What will your answer be? 
 What will you say?

Are you going to live by the
 gospel that Jesus taught?
Will you love and forgive
 others as you ought?

Christ died and gave his all for
 people like me and you…
With the sacrifice he’s given… 
 What are you going to do?

Loving and forgiving those who’ve
 wronged us is a difficult task.
Obeying God’s commands… 
 Is this too much to ask?

A life of true victory and freedom
 is your decision.
It starts with looking at others
 with God’s “20/20 vision…”

By Jim Pemberton

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The War

I have an older brother that was
sent to fight in the war
And they sent him home a stranger
my brother was no more.
We used to be the best of friends
we used to be so close,
but that part of him stayed overseas
the part I miss the most.
He said that nothing can be done for him
no matter what they do,
so all I can do is just pray for him
and hope God can pull him through..

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Christmas Eve

All was calm on Christmas Eve night,
the tree lights flickered off and on
while the angel on top shined so bright
reflecting on the snow capped lawn.

Two cookies with hot chocolate,
set aside for Santa to eat,
praying he would not be too late
to partake in his yearly treat.

The cat lay curled under the tree,
coals in the fireplace dying.
Nestled warmly is sleeping three;
with anxious little hearts sighing.

Big brother wanted new stuff,
little brother did not care.
Sister wanted just enough
ribbon for her hair.

Mother wanted food on the table,
a turkey with stuffing and greens.
Dad wanted his work to be stable,
sharing something other than beans.

This year they did not ask for much,
times were getting very hard.
Grateful to have a purse to clutch
and house with a big backyard.

Copyright © 2008 By Caryl S. Muzzey

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" The Life Of Me " page 2 of 2

So in 83 i met a girl, Nicola's her name, my heart was a whirl 
We courted and married, in the space of 3 years 
It changed my life, disquelled previous tears 
Over the years, we are blessed with 4 kids 
Nightmares of the past, are now well rid

It's now 2008 and i'm feeling so low, just as lonely as i was before
There's various reasons for this lines to be said, as i stare at our house front door.
Dare i go through, but do i dare
James, it's not just about you - but your childrens welfare

What will i find inside or out, if someone can help me, please give me a shout
Will i ever find, what i'm looking for  - in this world or the next
It will be through my last door

" Well i have found what i am looking for, it's being read on this wonderful site - my
poetry. But the bigger plus is the people who are reading it, Poetry Soup Family "
                                                       ( Bless you all )


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Crimes Unknown

Confused and often left alone,
usually for crimes unknown,
no dialtone on the telephone,
prayers prayed in monotone.

The Earth revolved under our feet,
while cracks widened in concrete,
we sensed our world was incomplete,
as they wallowed in deceit.

©Danielle White

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You can't have my son

From a boy of seven 
As i grew through the years
In the back of my mind
That constant fear
Memories of my brother
Been knocked down
Brought nightmares and horrors
In memory drown
Adult life reached
Kids born and growing
But when that Wednesday came
Past memory showing
The call that i dreaded
Had come that day
Your son's been knocked down
On his bike, as he played
In my office at work
I fell to my knees
Thinking back to those angels
Release him please
Hospital i reach
Tears in my eyes
Now I'm the father
History cries
Cubical entered
And the sight i see
Is my son Liam
Crying for me
I got knocked off my bike
I have a hole in my leg
As i thought of the angels
Who heard what i said
Crying like my father
At his sons hospital bed
" Dedicated to the angels who released my son that Wednesday "

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Those Who Have Wronged Us

Those Who Have Wronged Us… I had a loved one whom I thought loved me. I couldn’t understand how she would treat me! I thought she was a Christian. She said she was. She told me; “I don’t like you just because!” As the years went by, just the way she lived. I wanted nothing to do with her! Much less forgive! The things she did were hurtful and caused pain. I didn’t even want to mention her name! Years later, I felt the lord tugging at my heart! God wanted a healing… And a fresh start I wanted an apology… It never took place. I felt the Lord asking me for more of his grace. You see, after all these years, with no words spoken. I heard of some news, and my heart was broken. I found out this person was soon at death’s door. When I found out… I fell to the floor! I cried “Father in heaven will you please forgive me? I didn’t love her, in spite of how she would treat me!” The opportunity I had was a chance for forgiving. Now she hasn’t much longer that she’ll be living! May this be a warning and a “wake up” reminder! To those who wronged us, we need to be kinder! Christ’ love needs to break the “barriers” down. So forgiveness in our lives will certainly be found! By Jim Pemberton

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Big Brotherly Advice


Our PRINCESS has an air, aloof, complete with WINCES

Her SCHOOL won’t agree to what she calls COOL

The KING requires respect which she does not BRING

To RETREAT in her mind is a clear DEFEAT

Her INTELLIGENCE sullied, she appeals to older brother, PRINCE

He’s BLESSED to have a sibling make this REQUEST

Showing STRENGTH, he extends a ring at arm’s LENGTH

Some LIGHT, dear sister, here’s how to handle SPITE

Transparent GEM, wear it as warning, should Dad CONDEMN

written 15 Feb 2015
for “Cryptic” Rose’s contest – Plucky Two by Nine

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Me and Brad

The leaves are falling slowly to the ground as we run, play, and roll around, We throw the leaves up high in the air and we run around as they fall in our hair, Its time to come in and have our snacks, Drink our milk, And take a nap, As our friends wait for us to come on back, We take our lunch out and have a picnic in back, As we sit down and eat as we lay on our back, We make a trap with a string and box, Thinking it would be cool to catch a fox, Instead we caught a little white bunny and my brother thought that was really funny, We looked inside and saw he was sad,So we let him return home to the family he had, As I turn to look at my brother Brad, Our mother called us in and said it was time for bed, So we took our baths and laid in our beds and I said to my brother...look how much fun we had.

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My Brother And Me

What can I say about my brother
He is the other son of my mother
We don't whistle the same tune or sing the same song
And we don't always get along
But I could not be more happy for him today
As this is his 18th birthday
He is a man I greatly admire
And to be like him I do aspire

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like brothers that has unity,
a deep belonging to one another.
like being on a journey,
both bring strength by being together.
we support one another;
just like a good samaritan,
we bring out the good in each other.
more than neighbors,
we know that at times we need each other.
this we long and look for;
even though we falter,
we don't surrender.
even though there are hard times,
we hold on to each other.
follow through to what we mean to each other!
living the law of love;
leaving behind the doubts and questions,
cause we are more than mere companies.

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It's Time To Represent

I knew you before you were even thought of,
By your parents on mother earth.
Your attributes, your qualities, yes even your shortcomings,
I knew all before your miraculous birth.
I then set the plan in motion,
A chemistry between two recipients.
It was not long afterwards,
That your illustrious entrance was made evident.
You may not have had all the luxuries of the few,
I wanted your environment to be a little deviant.
I had a special group of people in mind,
That I wanted to be the recipients.
I already knew of the timid times,
When you wanted the acceptance of those that went.
At school, at work, and even at home,
But it would be I whom you would represent.
That same group of people, you took to your very heart,
You became a little more confident.
You became the spokesperson of a blessed few,
Not knowing that one day, you would represent.
Now you have finally realized your true calling,
For a people who are hesitant.
To be whom I have chosen them to be,
For it is also I whom they represent.
You are loved by a few and rejected by many,
Though your calling is still evident.
And now I see that you are ready and capable,
For it is now time that you “REPRESENT”

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Remember the Children

The little girl lays sleeping
In a pillow of shallow tears
Her night was filled with sorrow
And her deepest darkest fears

She awakens to an empty room 
For her brother can not be found
She quietly says another prayer
As she  lays her head back down

For her brother has leukemia
And he's fighting for his life
The pain she feels is staggering
And it cuts her like a knife

"There's not much hope" the doctor says
"And we're doing all we can"
But her little brother, dying young
Was something, she can't understand

It's 3 am and the phone starts to ring
"Oh no!" she says, "I hope everythings okay"
It was the doctor, bearing bad news
For her brother had passed away

So remember the little children
And their families, when you pray
That one day soon, we'll find a cure
And no one has to die this way

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Pallid rasp of care
encompassing not compare,
left but to idle, never share,
left but to wander, going where?

My soul in essence asks in prayer
am left to squander life's impair
neglecting waste, as if not there
recycling only watchful tear ~

Oh action yonder, take my stare
cause me to wonder, and repair,
the earth asunder, needs aware,
inhabitants with laissez faire!

To focus blunder, then revere
the force concern, not leftist pare
involving staff of righteous gain ~
each hand to merit, each to aim!

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Was Not Meant For Me To Know

Drowning in my thoughts ~ so sinister so deep Little locket box ~ for me to hold and keep Secret personalities I choose to lock deep within my soul Sometimes so insane ~ and sometimes so out of control! Ambushed in his grave ~ he is locked away and lost Chipped away and created his box an icy cold frost Almost one whole month now my brother took his life He finally could not take anymore pain and strife The narcotics he used are still unsolved of what poisoned his veins Or whether or not in the air a cold-blooded murderer reigns His fiancee due in weeks with his baby girl Angry, depressed, confused, & lost emotions the syringe did unfurl In an ally disgusting and dirty his last breath rests God have mercy on his soul ~ please make him blessed! Please send him on his judgment way! If anything in this world ~ for this is what I pray! Still I ask myself a month later today, Who or what could he have hated so much for him to not want to stay? This mystery still unsolved puzzles me so But I guess this mystery was simply for me not to know... Dedicated to: My Older Biological Brother Eugene Canalas January 12, 1985 ~ July 7, 2009 R.I.P

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From Brother to Brother - my Father too, sorry

Like brothers do
We fought and cried
But brothers we were
Family tied
One parent, our father
Brought us up
An ill man
Who deserved so much
But that fateful night
Only one son came back
Knocked down
Dragged over blackened tarmac
Running home
Thoughts in my head
I can't say sorry
Boom Boom's dead
Into the arms
Of my distraught dad
Five minutes earlier
Two sons he had
If we had not raced
On that Monday night
If he was not so fast
So out of sight
He would be here
Beside my dad
I'm so sorry
For being so bad
For all our fights
He would rather see
His two boys being boys
In front of thee
" My entry into the I'm Sorry contest run by
     Christie Moses and Sharon Weimer "

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Guardians or Demons
Loved or Hated
Us mums and dads
And how were rated.
Too strict, too soft
Do we win either way
Don't come home late
Can i go out to play?
The answers we give
And the replies we get
Either makes us smile
Or very upset.
Family discussion, Parental Chat
Don't do this, don't do that
This Parental task, us parents take on
Helps us make our families strong.

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Blood on Emeralds

The blood of Emeralds
In Northern Ireland's streets
Where sides detest
Victims they seek
Religious divide
Neighbours slain
For the life of me
What to gain
These troubled times
Historic sores
Deep rooted pasts
Now to the fore
Many guns came out to play
Both sides fell, as they murderously slay
During the week, even Sundays
The Belfast agreement of 1998
This Land of Emeralds, in peaceful state
Neighbours safe to talk again
Never allow the blood, on the Emeralds stain

" Dedicated to all Ireland - The Emerald Isle "

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Crazy Daisy

When I was little I had a cat
A sweet old thing named Daisy
My brother tied a bell on her tail
And drove my poor cat crazy
Daisy took off running
That bell just jingling away
I was so mad at my brother
I put sand in his modeling clay
Poor Daisy finally made it home
She'd lost the bell somewhere
And she was soon her old self
With my tender, loving, care

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That Special Day

As I dress my self for the special day.
I whisper a prayer to help me along the way.

Looking in the mirror at my mothers beautiful dress.
She lovingly sewed together, so I could look my best.

My beloved is a mystery just for that special hour.
I smile to myself as I gather my bouquet of flowers.

The music plays, as I walk down the aisle with my father.
He winks at me, after giving me away to another.

Family gathers tissues and a hush covers the place.
As we exchange vows, he gathers me up into a loving embrace.

I barely heard the words "you may kiss your bride".
My husband raised my veil, kissed me tenderly as I cried.

We are now as one, united in holy matrimony, thus begins our path.
Together we will take on each day, enjoying each other as if was our last.

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Timmy Banks

In a cemetary, late at night,
Two young men began to fight.
I saw the horrific sight!
Timmy Banks, laying on the ground: 
blood was flowing all around.
Timmy Banks' body, cold and blue,
there was nothing I could do.
Timmy Banks I love you.
All of a sudden, up he springs, 
praise the Lord is what he sings.
Timmy my son, with heavenly kings.
In the graveyard, the day after, 
I hear voices I hear laughter. 
My heart was broke then Timmy spoke: 
I'm a fix heart crafter.
Sharing memories all afternoon,
Time to go DAD, do not be sad: 
We can meet again in June.
Live your life in faith and truth:
Said Timmy Banks-Eternal Youth!

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As the blood drained from your body,
did it feel like going to sleep?
Why, then, try to staunch the flow,
you made the cuts so deep.

Did you have a change of heart,
realizing what you'd done?
It don't matter, brother,
when you left, you'd been long gone.

As you grew cold and drowsy,
eyes closing one last time,
did you manage to let go
and leave your demons behind?

Are you in a better place now,
since your hell was on this earth?
Brother, have you found some peace now,
have you paid your karmic curse?

When He said He loved you always,
did you at long last feel safe
with this God you long denied,
could you look Him in the face?

In my mind I see you lying
on a grassy Alpine slope,
at peace with God, your life, yourself,
this image helps me cope.

So, brother, save a spot for me
among the edelweiss,
rest and let your dreams flow free,
God knows you've paid the price.

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My Brother The Marine

Only nineteen so proud and brave
such choices he had made

Either spending each passing day in jail
Or enlisting and say goodbye and fairwell

The latter choice he did made
signed up and turned in his clothes of fade

Standing tall tried and true
Inside he had matured and grew

Metals pinned upon his chest
A Marine looking at his very best 

Battling a war on foreign soil
And to think it was over a barrel of oil

Nam Napples S Korea to say a few
Recon missions for civilians he did not knew

Getting shot at by rapid sniper fire
In a friendly zone where people retire

Writting letters and sending pictures from afar 
Of  tanks planes and bombs blowing up cars

Placed on an island alone for seven days
snakes bugs fish the land he had to alone graze 

They said he was a child no more
But a Marine to come and explore

Today he is fifty one and  a grandfather of two
And the Marines now wants him back because he was few

Mind altered and steady strong
Im glad to have my brother back where he belongs

But I will never forget that day he left
When his life was nothing but a big turmoil mess

Thanks to the Marine  who I had watched and grew
My Brother wearing his colors of Red White and Blue

Tribute To 
My Brother Ray
 {Hu Ra}  

Thanks For Serving

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My Brother,
Here's to the years we knew
though it seems they went all too fast.
It feels our times together, too few;
those things that we wanted to last.

From time to time I think upon you
and our boyhood adventures together.
Each day was the wonder of something new
and in time our differences we'd weather.

Times then, so distant from times now
and I've walked on in this life without you.
To live with regret, I just won't allow
But with cherished memories as you'd want me to.

My Brother,
Here's to the promising  years ahead
and into those days I carry your memory.
In my heart I know it is that you're not dead
but in that place where I know I shall be.

Douglas L. Ace

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I remember.

Tell me mummy
may I play with 
baby brother today?
Not yet  honey
he's too small 
he  might fall.
Wait another day.

Comes another day.
Mummy may I play 
with baby brother today?
Stll too young babe
 maybe another day.

 And the next day came
 but the answer remained the same.
The little girl felt sad
she had a question to ask
of  baby brother Rad.

Oh happy day when mummy says
you may play with him today.
Eyes shining, heart racing
 so happy that they could play
for one  burning question 
in her little heart lay.

 Tell me brother mine
she asks looking into his cot
what  does God look like?
 for I've sure forgot
I've been away awhile you know.

Coo...coo....gurgle ... gurgle.
  the baby  crooned.
The  little girl's smile lit up the room
as she heard  the familiar tune.

I remember now she cried
eyes dancing with glee.
I remember His smile.
Those are the words God spoke to me
 once upon a time
when I held His hand
and  skipped beside Him
through the bluest skies.

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Adopted Children

Like stray or beaten animals
Children come to my door
They are starving for attention
Parents love them no more

I have taken them in
One by one
Talked through the evenings
Into the morning sun

I'm honest in my past
Drugs and alcohol are no excuse
Be it from the children or the parents
It is still a form of abuse

Most just need attention
Someone to guide them through
My reputation spread fast
My house is a constant zoo.

Moving in, moving out, 
Phone calls at all hours
They simply need someone
When sun turns to showers

Be it a boy or girl
Ten or twenty-three
We are one huge success
In being a happy family

I've lost count
Over the many years
But the calls to say "I love you"
Always brings me tears

My door is always open
No child is turned away
Love fills this house
Each and every day

For my own child
If alive, would be fourteen
I give your love to all the others
It will carry to their offspring

Wait for me my child
I have more work to do
Remember always
I do this because of you

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In Him, I See You

It is now fifteen years to the day
since you have gone, my friend, my brother.
Time has healed to a certain degree,
but I still miss you like no other.
The circumstance may be one never told,
but the effect, well, it lingers on.
My heart still has an open place,
a void, that just continues on.
I think about you a lot these days, 
when I look at my oldest son.
I named him after you, you know.
It’s the best thing I could have ever done.
He’s a lot like you in so many ways,
his eyes, but mostly his heart.
If you were standing next to him
I wouldn’t be able to tell you apart.
He’s got your temper and your tongue,
but that is not really all that bad,
because he also has the best parts of you.
But, it’s not you and that makes me sad.
So, today I thought of you again
and every tomorrow I will, too.
One day, when I come to the heavens
I can again be close to you.

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Bloodhound Scent

The blanket of darkness hides innocent eyes, powerful allies.
Powerful allies stand guard and set vigilance, musky sweat.
What goes unnoticed , with a strong will forms a pattern.
The groove is carved deeper into the path to follow a dear heart
and bring them back to safety.
Going unnoticed, untracked footsteps are sinking deeper into the 
Go hounds , go! Rest not till you find and restore our plight.
The bloodhounds scurry forwards on the track of a scent crunching 
through the snow.
Entering through a tent opening our brother is found tied up
while the captors are momentarily away.
Brother , wake up! ....he's in an awful state, gives a smile of 
recognition and relief.
He looks half conscious and gives last wishes to his saviours
with his hand on his love's locket.
A few cuts and bruises he has but we are glad he is alive.
How on earth did he survive?
Suddenly, a sound is heard and everyone scurries!
Approaching horses hoofs in the distance..we must move quickly.
Moving quickly we gently but hurringly 
place our brother on a sled ,fasten him securely and
steal away into the night.
After several hours of travelling we stop for a rest where it is
safe to revive.

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Fly high my brother carry on
until you reach that Golden Thorne.
On bended knee do bow thy head
and seek the one of Broken Bread.
Dont look back now soul fly high
your life down here has passed on by.
Fly high my brother carry on,
for you have reach Forever home