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Religious Haiku Poems | Religious Poems About Haiku

These Religious Haiku poems are examples of Religious poems about Haiku. These are the best examples of Religious Haiku poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Autumn Haiku

My Autumn Haiku
Leave's seeds soon are sewn;
Finally when fully grown,
Live lives of their own.
Do thank God each day;
How He made leaves and each way;
Here with me to stay.
Leaves were colorful;
Always will be wonderful;
And moon which was full.
Somewhere in the end
Leaves always will want to blend
On God do depend.

Leaves Aren't Unified;
Different sizes dried and died;
With God now abide.
James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

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Sunrise to sunset
Owner of my soul, blessing
Me without merit.

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Holy God Haiku

        Holy God Haiku

Walks on lakes, thinks peace
Heals men, undercurrents lift
He soars the winds, drinks

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Haiku poem 1

Battle scars, bleeding

Knocked up wombs from inbreeding

Join hands "God's children"

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God's Son Haiku

What if you had been
Never committing one sin
Savior of all men.

You never did fail
Walked on water in a hale
And saved each female.

Jesus is your name
Who we would place all our blame
He had helped the lame.

God made Him so that
He suffered mortal combat
With God, He now sat.

Is no longer here
Someday soon will reappear
One we love so dear.

James Thomas 
Retired Veteran

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A Current Event Haiku

A Current Event Haiku

A current event;
On it, my money I spent,
Until it is gone.

Judged by jury
On all the things that I did,
And I flipped my lid.

They had sealed my doom;
Inn did not have any room;
Took me to my tomb.

Then it was three days
And whole world, I would amaze;
By God, I was raised.

To me, it all sounds perfectly
clear and can relate to.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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A Heavenly Haiku

A Heavenly Haiku

It all started out
Until it has been finished,
And the I thanked God.

It was then that I
Told all of my friends goodbye;
Not see them again.

Why did it happen?
Gave up and what is the use;
Then I cried and cried.

To heaven I went,
Not worrying anymore;
God again adore.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

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God - Haiku

     God – Haiku

omnipresent light
fills in darkness, laughs and smiles
children follow Him

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Saint - Haiku

     Saint – Haiku

blessed perfection
clean dishes and laundry too
pray for a halo

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A Christian Haiku

A Christian Haiku

What I do wonder
Is why God sin has allowed
Again and again.

Was it to prove point?
It is either us of God
Without Him is sin.

What God meant to me
Is for us to obey Him
Which we all should do.

Who is my savior?
It is Jesus Christ of course
And there is no doubt.

Lives are worth living
Which is why God is giving
Us chance to do it.

Should have a haiku
As great guide to save our soul
And this is the one.

Am glad you did read
This haiku I have written
On my very own.

Was very simple
What God Himself did intend
And again Son send.

Heaven will return
Leaving world with sin behind
This was meant to be.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran and Poet
Have never seen a religious poem 
as a poem of the day before.

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A Thank God Haiku

A Thank God Haiku

Glad God helped me do
Complete another haiku
And many more too.

God must be the one
Also along with His Son
Who can save us all.

So thank You dear God
For being in each effort
Leading to success.

What a great feeling
Knowing that God is in me
Now and forever.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran and Poet