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Religious Food Poems | Religious Poems About Food

These Religious Food poems are examples of Religious poems about Food. These are the best examples of Religious Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I will take a jog, but will not go near the grocery store
I will pass by the grocery store, but will not open the door
I will go in there, but will not go down the aisle where the ice cream is on sale
Oh! I promise!... I just can’t feel my feet any longer!

I will look at the ice cream, but will not pick it
I will pick it up, but will not buy it
I will buy it, but will not open it
Oh! Promise! Just let me have it! It’s on sale!

Open it, but not smell it
Smell it, but not taste it
Taste it, but not eat it
Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!

Ohhh! Freaking deceiving joy of calories is this!
Three months to lose, but took me a minute to gain
Promise! Promise! This is the last one, I swear!
I will just go to bed when I feel like jogging again.

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The Gift of Food Sack

A gift of survival bag with goods and food
Thanks to the God you offered to my hand 
In the competitive queue I came forward
I was registered, when the name is called

Nobody knows but somebody knows 
That all are poor and world in refugees
Mixed colors and different tongues are noised
While all are paying attention to each of names

Men women indifferent and some with kids
Hope of interests is something hidden smiles 
Trying to overtake before the time comes
But the frame of church flexible rule shows

With my bag and my friend I came out
He reminded me that I did not find out
Variety of food we carefully sorted out
Expiry dates elapsed and  I was going out

In a day or two, if I will not finish
Nothing will happen I know its truth
I ate for the day as much as fresh
Thank to the God that it is the truth

While ships of foods are being destroyed into the sea
Uncountable lives suffer and die no meal for a day
No one knows one side of the world of sea
Sinking soul of humanity dwindles every day

What the God can do, the God does as much as
Changes the time and diverts the way he wishes
Until the products are passed away in markets
It’s out of the rule and ethics no power for Gods

I felt a self pity when my belly was full out
Thank to the god of justice shows out
Nausea for one is a hunger for the other
Balance of bridge is the survival of mother  

Udaya R. Tennakoon

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The Beautitudes of Students

Blessed are those that study English for they shall bite their tongues in order to pronounce 
Blessed are the Mathematicians for they shall calculate how stars came into existence. 
Blessed are the I.R.K.(Islamic Religious Knowledge) students for they shall know the amount 
of nots and lines in the Qu’ran. 
Blessed are the C.R.K.(Christian Religious Knowledge) students for they shall memorize and 
summarize the Bible. 
Blessed are the Agriculturists for they shall plough and make ringes on the moon.
Blessed are the Historians for they shall have the opportunity to tell lies on what they do not 
Blessed are the Biologists for they shall find the amount of the heart beat of a living thing 
from birth on earth. 
Blessed are the Fine Artists for they shall draw the Kann Scape of heaven. 
Blessed are the Economists for they shall save every kobo over a century. 
Blessed are the Commerce students for they shall one day buy and sell in the Ozone Layer. 
Blessed are the Home Management and Clothing and Textile students for they serve clothes 
to the sun, moon and stars.
Blessed are the Food and Nutritionists for they serve food to the planets in the sky.
Blessed are the Chemistry students for they shall one day resolve human beings. 
Blessed are those studying Literature for they shall one day write on how God was made.
Blessed are the Geographers for they shall burn in the atmosphere in an attempt to travel to 
the sun.
Blessed are the Technicians for they shall construct houses, roads and bridges on the sun. 
Blessed are the Physicists for they shall one day make the earth bounce and dance.