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Spring Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Spring

These Spring Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Spring. These are the best examples of Spring Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Each Spring Takes Wing

The crocus first peers from beneath cold earth
Finding warm air and sunshine o’er the snow
Magnificent colors paint hearts with mirth
As in full swing lovers’ great passions grow

Most women associate love with spring
Though young men’s thoughts turn to baseball diamonds
While children fly kites that take gentle wing
As snowbirds return from tropic islands

How blessed we are to breathe that fresh air
One more spring in the calendar of life
When lilacs fill gardens with lavender flare
Vows uttered as man makes woman his wife

Their first child’s birth arrives the next April
Just months after grandma’s been laid to rest
Seasons like ages approach ever graceful
As robins watch offspring fly from the nest

For PD's "Spring" contest

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Memories On Branches

An old board and a rope had made me a swing,
Sitting there when I was around the age of nine,
I curiously looked up to see the first sign of spring,
Where a robin was building a nest of twigs entwined.

Summer's heat burned my shoulders, so I sought shade,
I climbed up into your strong arms at the age of fourteen,
Along with a book, I relaxed in a solitude no one could invade,
I found myself lost within the pages and the leaves of green.

On a lazy, autumn afternoon, at the age of twenty-three,
I raked the dead leaves that buried my feet into a pile,
Through the orange limbs my black cat peered down at me,
Then leapt from the tree to play among the leaves for awhile.

Now, as I am rapidly approaching the age of thirty-one,
Branches are encased in ice, as winter continues to unfold,
From my window, I see the cardinals and the disappearing sun,
Reminding me that life still survives in the bitter cold.

March, 7th, 2014

Gail Angel Doyle's contest - "Memories On Branches"

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The Green of Spring

Dressed in various shades of green Mother nature happily gives us spring With delight she paints the meadows And shares the joy that it doth bring.. The moss upon the barren rock And green 'round the daffodil Trees, their bud and tender leaf The pond behind the old grist mill In its glory green speaks of mystery And life that renews this time each year Nature smiles at winter's nodding head With emerald eyes spring again appears

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Peaking from behind the drifting clouds
Sunbeams glisten on the morning dew
The garden gate swings in the breeze
As smiling spring begins its life anew....

The golden sunlight warms the sleepy earth
Green now the color of my lady's gown
Jeweled hummingbirds flit from stem to stem
For waiting hearts the joys of spring abound

Soft showers bathe my blushing cheek....
Prisms for the sunbeams that promise life
A rainbow arches cross the mountain top
Time now to put aside the winter strife.....

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Here Comes The Sun

It's been dull and dreary for months on end.
The chill of winter is lingering long,
Invading my bones and disturbing my mind.
How I wish this season would hurry along.

Waking this morning I glanced out my window,
Expecting more snow, more clouds, more gray.
But to my surprise and immense delight,
Golden sunlight is in full display!

Here comes the sun in all of its glory,
To warm up the earth and begin its rebirth.
The ice will soon melt and nature awaken,
With colorful flora sprouting up from the earth.

Here comes the sun, see it rise in the east,
Feel its warmth on your face at midday.
Winter's sojourn is coming to an end.
Hallelujah! Spring is on the way.

Kim Merryman
For Heather Ober's Beatlemania contest

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The First Scent Of Spring

Believe I can smell the sweetest smell That first scent of spring in the air To see you standing in the morning sun The wind blowing through your hair Surely it's here after all this waiting And finally upon us once more My favourite season, the season of love With that smell us guys can't ignore Makes me feel like asking each girlie May I kiss and caress you for a while I promise not to touch your naughty bits Answer yes and I'll sport a big smile As strange as it seems, not all will agree To allow me to invade their space Those that do are in for a great big treat The pleasure will show on their face Believe I can smell the sweetest smell That first scent of spring in the air Winter's been cold and disgustingly long Bout time, I think somebody erred © Jack Ellison 2014

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Trusting Spring

I don't have time to watch it more 
- the crooked clock of ironed past - 
I don't believe I can feel spring 
Unless I grab your hand and jump 

Together in the blossom maze 
Perhaps we bring ourselves alive 
In poison-free redwoods up north 
And secret Jacaranda wonders. 

If eyes don't open - I understand 
You don't need them to see our Heaven 
But bear with me for falling seconds 
And hope cocoons will burst and open 

I sprout again through solid pavement 
Against the reconstruction site 
And I do know I can bring spring 
Together with your warmth from Heaven.

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Spring Has Done Sprung

Nothing is more exhilarating Than the first warm day of spring As we shoo away old man winter Listening to the birdies sing Crocuses, daffodils, and tulips Popping up to greet the day Laughter reigns in nature's abode Through the merry month of May It feels like a whole brand new start The world is young once more Filled with joy and great expectations As we knock on summer's door Gayly sailing into the season ahead Let's first enjoy the moment A moment each year of true renewal The joyful season of content © Jack Ellison 2013 A bit premature perhaps?

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Once Again Spring

Promised myself, today would be a goodie On a scale of good to bad Some days are diamonds, some days are stone Yesterday wasn't as good as I've had So many things can turn it around That really seem unimportant Like cheery hellos from neighbours and friends Small things are just reinforcement For life to turn out the way you envisioned Is up to each one of us it seems To choose the right path and stay on the track The result will be sugar and cream That's not to say there won't be some times The choice won't be yours to make Those days are common and unavoidable Just remember a deep breath to take They're usually only momentary glitches In our everyday manner of things Just try to remember to keep a positive outlook Won't be long till it's once again spring © Jack Ellison 2014

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On Day Closer To Spring Tra-La

One day closer to spring tra-la One day closer to spring Wish the days would just fly on by Instead of lingering Who needs winter, nobody I say Time when everything dies Three seasons surely would do us fine We'd be a bunch of happier guys Who do we talk to about our plight A man in charge of complaints Don't usually like to make any waves But for sure I ain't no saint One day closer to spring tra-la Smelling sweet daffodils Hey I can dream, it ain't against the law Dreams are like magic pills © Jack Ellison 2014