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Sister Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Sister

These Sister Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Sister. These are the best examples of Sister Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Sister Is An Alien!

My sister is strange
There's no doubt about it
She's an Alien,  that's why
Just get up and shout it!

Her mind control crying
Gets her anything she wants
I say "That's not fair!"
But she just looks at me and taunts

My sister is strange
There's no doubt about it
She's an Alien,  that's why
Just get up and shout it!

It's just a disguise
I'm on to her
Is she scaly
Or covered in fur

My sister is strange
There's no doubt about it
She's an Alien,  that's why
Just get up and shout it!

She's spying on us
They 're ready to invade
So don't just be frightened
Be very afraid!

My sister is strange
There's no doubt about it
She's an Alien,  that's why
Just get up and shout it!

She knows I'm on to her
She's calling for friends
So run for your life
And hide till it ends

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An ode: To a sister about to wed

Now, before my sister 
feels cheated
I have to drop for her 
some lines belated!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

As into matrimony you 
Peace and subtlety you 
go with I know!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

The things that make 
him in you happy
I pray will not by HIS 
grace become flappy!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Your best behaviours 
and religion
Made him stay by you 
far like a legion!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Celestially destined you 
are for him
Terestrially forever 
you will be with him!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Space and time again 
will hamper I
So, I have to stop with 
a teary eye!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

Barakah and Sakinah to 
him you shall be
Aljanat, not hell to you, 
he shall be!
You are his honourable 
The reason he left the 
others on the queue!

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My Sister's Apparition

My parents often spoke of a twin
A sister who had died during birth
Strange hollowness always felt within
In teen years I doubted my self worth

Too shy to interact with my peers
On prom night I drove to Crystal Lake
Streaming down my face were lonely tears
This half of a whole whose legs did shake

From the edge of the bridge I looked down
A fifty-foot plunge, I’d surely die
But beside me in my reflection I found
A pleading form I could not defy

It was my twin, fully grown like me
For the first time I was free of pain
And though she disappeared suddenly
I have never felt lonely again

Written for the Ghost contest

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The Building of a Moment

The value of a precious novelty
it seems is intricate fragility.
Recall special trinkets kept in a hutch
for display only, not opened to touch.

Keepsakes in prison, upheld, unimpaired.
reminder of events  that once were shared.
One is now kept in a glass étagère
collectible curio set there with care.

Awaiting the finding of a misplaced key,
a new piece tempted curiosity.
Too precious to be ignored, my granddaughter
played with it carefully, warned by her mother.

Rejecting caution, which kids oft ignore
she forgot it, leaving it there on the floor.
The next day, her brother found it with his foot.
One piece now  three pieces, broken,  kaput.

Comes precious moment, happening on my watch.
Crying sister faults her brother for her botch
who then returns accusations with blame.
Common occurrence, accompanied by shame.
Moment develops as we find the glue.
Are there chips still missing?  We find a few.
Together,  three of us talk as we work.
Accountability comes with its perks.

The most precious of moments in history -
when that collectible met surgery.
Years later it stands tall, gathering dust
priceless symbol of joint effort and fuss.

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Hey Sister

Pull you legs together,
Live you life,
Cut down the impression of other,
Lest your life becomes a strife.

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Sister Wife And Uncle Brother

Sister wife and Uncle brother,
didn't really like each other,
so they left it up to me,
which one I liked the best you see.

Sister wife, now she could cook,
not too bad with line and hook,
but Uncle brother had good traits,
why he could name all 40 states!

Both of them were good in bed,
least that's what Cousin mommy said,
but Sister wife she had one ace,
and that there was her purty face.

Her eyes are green, and blue and brown,
one of them looks off toward town,
and she has no hair beneath,
her lovely, crooked yellow teeth.

Uncle brother, he's my friend,
I'll love him to the very end,
but he stops to scratch his britches,
'cause he says it always itches.

It is so embarrassing,
to watch him scratching at that thing,
but what am I supposed to do,
when Sister wife helps scratch it too?

Sister wife and Uncle brother,
suddenly they like each other!
I guess it's just a lucky me,
that has a great big family!

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My, How Buttons Have Changed

In the fifties, my sister and I would play store;
selling ice cream and candy just like our grandpaw.
Granny let us delve into her spare button box
where we found the coins for our special cash drawer.

We sorted them all out by size and by color
marking some as quarters, nickels, pennies or dimes.
Imagination was the best of our playmates;
we even had half-dollars, the rarest of finds.

Last year we two met to go shopping just for fun;
can you guess what awaited me and my sister?
Brand-new buttons made of honest-to-God live coins.
We found all the reg’lar ones, but no half-dollar.

We giggled as we shopped, pretending like old times. 
Strangest thing we discovered along with this find -
the penny buttons? no cheaper than the quarters. 
The cost of the buttons did not match with their kind!

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Thank God For Sisters

Sometimes all we need is the love and support of one,
To bring us peace and comfort bright as the burning sun,
Blessed by the Lord for my sister who believes in me,
Support of the truth in the person that she does see.

I took her great advice and love she spoke to me today
To let go of them who lie and not listen to what they say,
I am on my knees for this blessing from the Almighty Lord,
That my own sister will not be slayed by their lying sword.

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Cathie has helped me be the man
I was always meant to be
Changing my life for evermore
Setting my spirit free

Can't begin to explain to you
How much I love this girl
To my deepest depths and deeper
My friend, my wife, my pearl

We met when she was six years old
Her sister was the prize
But life can sure twist things around
We know not what secrets lie
Brother in law and sister in law
When Linda was my wife
Tragedy struck, Linda was gone
She helped me through the strife

We married two years later
And haven't looked back since
We'll be together till the very end
Of this I am convinced

Cathie is my dear, dear wife
Without her I'd be lost
Life has many twists and turns
Fate caused our paths to cross

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Cyber Sister And Brother

Started writing poetry then joined Poetry Soup When submitting a poem I’m really cock a hoop Have a cyber brother I did meet on line Think he's quite amazing his poetry's divine He said one day we were separated at birth His comment amused me and filled me with mirth Soon was confirmed we certainly were twins Both write silly poetry and both have hairy chins My cyber sister Jan started my big old heart a-ticking Since entering my life it's sure been a-clicking Wake up each morning can't wait for sister Jan Even check my inbox before going to the can She never disappoints though we're an ocean apart Start's my motor racing, got a hold of my heart Haven't figured out why I deserve such a friend Separated at birth we'll be friends to the end Noticed on some comments people call him ‘Kenny’ He’d love to sing with Dolly – I guess he’s one of many Jack and Dolly’s greatest hits I see it in my mind But Cathie said no, I guess she’s being real kind From Jack’s picture, think he’s more like a Santa We get on great as bro and sis with much silly banter I’m so very fortunate to find my cyber brother If I had to choose one I couldn’t wish for another It's a well known fact, Brits lack a sense of humour Sister Jan sure puts a kibosh on that silly rumour She makes me cackle and wet my pantaloons Sometimes I snort like a silly old buffoon At my ripe old age of fifty-eight plus twenty Things don't work well, I have heartburn a plenty But the heartburn I have is caused by my love For dear sister Jan's given my heart a big shove Collaboration between J Allison and J Ellison © Jack Ellison 2014