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Science Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Science

These Science Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Science. These are the best examples of Science Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Stunning Revelations from Ancient Maps

Professor Hapgood’s studies on ancient maps were fixed
Einstein said his theories should be added to history’s mix
Perhaps it proved too big a leap for other minds to take
But his ancient culture findings, Hapgood would not forsake

6000 BC, before Egypt’s pyramids were built
Millennia before Pompeii’s lava had been spilled
Or small fishing boats hugged the Mediterranean Coast
And Columbus’s “daring” voyage was not even close

Ancient seafarers drew with astounding accuracy
Maps of the world they once knew, the fishermen’s legacy
Antarctica sans ice and closer to the equator
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge once an above-sea sky scraper

Siberia touching Alaska with no Bering Strait
(Palin could have seen Russia without snow from her back gate)
 Cuba, England, Sweden, too, on these maps appear clearly
But Sweden’s fully glacial; England’s blanket an ice sheet

If we believe Hapgood, a civilization once thrived
Thousands of years before language; maps keep memories alive
Technology to chart the seas was lost in ancient times
With latitude and longitude measurements quite refined

Sea kings’ cities may have succumbed during the last Ice Age
Surviving nations lost their skill when history turned a page
Geography to be found again when the Earth had healed
“Discoverers” reinvented the forgotten ship’s wheel

Magellan, perhaps not the first to sail around the globe
Admiral Byrd not the first man to visit the South Pole
Spirits from a colony of seafarers can be found
From deep beneath Antarctic ice, they try to spread the word

But laugh they must as scientists forecast global warming
And man attempts to alter life and heed their dire warning
Shifting poles?  Natural cycles!  Men would be well advised
To study the maps Hapgood found and open their closed minds 

To learn more about Professor Charles Hapgood’s map studies and the comments made by 
Albert Einstein, you can visit

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Embryonic Time Travelers

Time travel has always fascinated man
Could UFOs be steered by human hands
Consider this premise before you say no
So called “grays” resemble human embryos

Evolution proceeds, gene pool depleted
Mind power expanded but bodies weakened
Future man looks back in a quest to erase
Effects of the technology we embrace

With smog blocking sun’s rays, skin has turned gray
Bodies thin as meat exits the food parade
Reproduction is challenged by low-grade genes
Sad Earthlings search the past and like what they see

Tan, healthy bodies adorned by hairy manes
Fertile women who suckle innocent babes
Men of great strength who clear forests with axes
Strong immune systems when a virus attacks

In sore need of genetic material
Large-brained grays devise a means for time travel
Abductees are beamed to aircraft by bright rays
Frightened while forced to donate their sperm and eggs

Time travelers say nothing, perhaps ashamed
To be stealing from ancestors in this way
Capacity for learning greatly enhanced
But the grays know nothing of sex or romance

When farmers find signs of mutilated cattle
Such evidence should not provoke a call to battle
If future man’s life is genetically revived
Meat may be required to keep humans alive

Don’t hide in terror when you see colored lights
Spinning in circles on chilly autumn nights
Close encounters, but abductees’ lives are spared
Returned to their homes by captors who care

Consider the fate of new generations
If you’re called upon to make a “donation”
Experiments grays perform may seem absurd
But they may be trying to save our own world

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The Earth Abides

Beyond the Heart, beyond the Hand of God
Beyond the Soul, beyond the Tucanae
Far beyond the Footprint, something odd
A star spun in a spiral death ballet

Ten mega-years of satisfying balance, 
Agleam pale sapphire orb of hungry heart 
Within whose core, consumption vied with valence,
Then dearth of flame, in doom was rent apart

Energies of which galaxies must tremble
Up and down and strange, three quarks demand
Degenerate, that coherent beams assemble
To collapse and accretion disk expand

At once a coruscating pulse of might 
Forlorn of solace Gamma’s focused ray— 
A faint blue dot stood lonely in the night 
Ignobly vexed on tragic final day 

Photonic interactions deeply bite
In distance squared proportional inverse
Bathed silver in aurora bluish-white
Mere minutes to expunge Pandora's curse

Still fair the fields, and forests still stand tall
Still swimming beings deep in ocean's lair
Things still slither, scuttle, creep and crawl
But nothing walks or soars high in the air

Unfouled the nest, the storms abate their cause
In purest air, all climate change subsides
Where hubris reigned, disquietude withdraws
In peace at last again, the Earth abides

By Roy Jerden and Mark Peterson
January 29, 2014

The poem depicts a Gamma Ray Burst from a hypernova 
striking the Earth and extinguishing all mammal and bird
life, which are the types most sensitive to radiation. Note 
that gamma rays, like x-rays, leave no residual radiation.
Click on "About this poem" above the title to see an
image of a GRB event and images of most of the nebulae 
listed in the first stanza.

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We read each other so perfectly
two minds with a single thought,
when we combine, baby it's explosive
chemistry like ours cannot be taught.

The electricity gets me jumping
and attacks the heart's beat,
this experiment you concocted
has revived the frog's feet.

Like a volcanic lava lamp
an eruption of emotion flows,
the heat welds me to you
our bond that nobody knows.

We met inside this classroom
where my opposite attracted to yours,
like magnetized paperclips 
we were linked right from our cores.

We're closer than Dr. Jekyll was
to his hidden self, Mr. Hyde,
but, I can take you by the hand
as we go along for the ride.

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Curative Leaves

Under divinities shadow,
Rests the tree of life.
With aromatic branches,
Dissected by a pocket knife.

Medicinal veins lushly flow,
Carrying remedial cures.
A verdant daze ensues,
As romantic buds allure.

Poetic smoke…recites,
The stanzas of cannabis trees.
As healthy lungs exclaim,
The power of curative leaves.

Inspired by a Lucky Lopez!!!

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Close Encounter (Co-written with James Fraser)

Galactic gases with oxygen mix
Inject my pod for my mission to earth
To search the galaxies and look for life
Universe quadrants, many left in dearth
          What is that I see shining o'er the trees?
          A bright orb, green lights, hovering above
          I'll don my robe and step outside to see
          Could be a project of the U.S. Gov
My craft lands on this planet earth
In a wooded hillside above a small town
My computers tell me it's near Helena
Will I have been seen touching down?
          From this small craft a tall man emerges
          Slim with a broad chest and large, gentle eyes
          His face looks so kind, my heartbeat surges
          From where comes this man and the ship he flies?

My ancestors were right it's a beautiful place
Forests of green, that nearly touch their skies
Incredible sounds resonate from their surrounds
Are the people the same, or do they still despise?

         "Are you hurt?" I ask, hoping he'll say no
         I cannot help stare; his eyes mesmerize
         Extending my hand, he reaches, takes hold
         Sharp currents run through me; I'm hypnotized

I sense no fear as I introduce myself
My name is Semaj from a planet beyond
The warmth I feel as I touched her hand
A touch of humanity, two millennium in respond

          "You are an alien?" asked I so meekly
          "You look like one of us; how can that be?"
          But the energy coursing through my veins
          Said he had been sent by God lovingly

We look the same but we have many differences
Our bodies have evolved in certain ways
Your faith and love endear me to you
I know what you're thinking and what your heart displays
          You read my thoughts well; somehow I sense yours
          It seems all my life I have waited for you
          A "starman" has finally found his way
          And I vow that our friendship will prove true

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Planet Earth

You are just a rock in orbit
Hovering 'round a summer sun
You are changing like the solstice
Like you have done since time begun

Your species are assorted
Some are from ole and some are young
A few have gone without notice
A few are gone their days are done

You are just a rock in orbit
On your axis looking to dock
You are destined to be ported
Somewhere to be more than a rock

And soon you will be forted
Protected by the building blocks
With which 'round the sun escorted
And you will never ever stop

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Am I nothing more
Than an ominous date
A wisp of genetic wonder
A curse of conscious fate
Behold the burden
Nestled in newborn hair
Innocent eyes etched
Into life's coarse lair
Is there nothing more
Than this tactile plight
Torn tears of birth’s bliss
My fingers weep sight
Is she nothing more 
Than death’s deciduous seed
Baptized by superstition  
Comfort’s posthumous need
Who will hold her
When my embers grow cold
The walls of winter creep closer
And the silence grows bold
What have I done
This curse that I share
Too buried to breathe
Too naked to bare
How can I tell her
Forever stalks our door
That there is no tomorrow
For life is nothing more

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2012: Invasion of Fear (co-written with James Fraser)

She tosses and turns, wrinkles the sheets
It's December 21st, but there's so much heat
She notices a light streaming bright from the sky
Runs to the window, a sight meets her eyes

     I have written, as the future will have read
     That the year 2012 will leave your world dead
     An invasion will happen, look to your skies
     For you will be visited, to them you're despised
An ominous orb hovers o'er her home
She opens the door, through the woods she roams
One by one, she watches the trees ignite
Surrounded by flames she cowers in fright

     The day has been set, earth's fate has been chosen
     Humanity, evolution will be eternally frozen
     Lights will appear through thickening clouds
     When millions of eyes to the heavens will crowd
She realizes now prophecies were true
Though not as expected, death rays come through
She looks up again and beyond the ship
Heavens are opening, skies are parting quick

     The alignment of planets will dawn a new age
     The might of another will bring humanity rage
     Earth as you know it will become with bereave
     A dying planet she becomes as her oxygen leaves

As the aircraft departs, she gasps her last breath
Eternal life she earns, just physical death
Stairway to heaven appears before her
The Lord beckons; in soul she did not err

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Stone Forest

The rushing rivers falling fast 
With fury born on high, 
Cut deeply into ages past 
Where fossil forests lie, 

Their life and death transformed to stone 
Yet titan trees are proud 
To lie together yet alone 
A stone-honed silent shroud. 

The arthropods like trilobites 
Once flourished until fate 
Sent them to depths devoid of light 
As sea salt beds turned slate. 

Today they stay with limb and root, 
Their pose a righteous crown; 
Pre-cambrian volcanic soot 
Would mark stones soon to drown. 

Illusion of great time will flee 
When first one's gaze is cast 
Upon eternal eulogy 
To whispered grandeur past. 

As trees of stone succumbed to sea 
No human soul was there 
To witness somber majesty 
Become majestic prayer. 

A primal wisdom speaks from youth 
To minds who realign 
False comfort for the blended truth 
Hard bound inside this shrine.