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Quatrain Rain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Rain

These Quatrain Rain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Quatrain Rain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Kiss the Rain

I'm leaving now, but here is a reminder
'Twill bring to you the days we walked through rain
So when you wish to feel my hand in yours
Or stroke your dripping hair-- Then kiss the rain

Though leaving now, I wish I could be with you
So when you feel o'erwhelmed with grief or pain
And long for my caress upon your face,
The rain will touch instead-- So kiss the rain

Whenever you have tho'ts of this sad parting
And salty tears your lovely cheeks do stain
To feel the tears for you I'll surely have
Do this, and I will too-- Go kiss the rain

Whenever you are longing for my presence
And times that we went strolling down the lane
I'll whisper soft endearments on the breeze
So heed the sighing wind-- And kiss the rain

If ever you should pine to hear me speaking
The thunder might burst forth with glorious main*
While drops that fall are sure to be my tears,
To feel them wet your skin-- Just kiss the rain

* Power or Force

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Rolling Thunder And A Gentle Rain

The gentle music flows
from every drop of rain,
as it just lightly taps
against my window pane.

The wind begins to whistle
it's own melodious song,
while the wind-chimes
dance and play along.

The soothing sounds cast open
the windows and doors.
I close my eyes and breathe.
The energy surrounds me as my spirit soars.

I hold out my hand and feel the raindrops
as if they were at play.
My breath now quickened with emotion.
I taste the rain on my lips as I embrace the glorious day.

The curtains blow inward
the breeze itself is warm,
my mind is so peaceful
in the calm before the storm.

The sky's voice trembles
from above a darkening cloud,
as the rolling thunder
speaks it's thoughts aloud.

The thunder awakens
the flash of light.
The part of nature
that sends some to flight.

I chose to embrace the power of nature
in the earth and sky.
And bask in the wonder
that fills my eyes.

The rain seems to be letting up
as it puddles on the green grass,
and the once powerful winds
are now calming down at last.

The gray clouds are parting
and a bright rainbow forms,
proving that something beautiful
can come from such dangerous storms.

My eyes close and I breathe
in the scent of the cleansing rain.
The brilliant hues of the rainbow
dance in my mind where I feel no pain.

The sun peaks from behind the clouds
just to say hi.
I feel the warmth against my face
as I view the beauty with a sigh.

Written by: Kelly Deschler & Nature Boy

For Jared Pickett's contest - "Collaboration"

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The Rain Effect

The rain outside my door
Its talk, a calming effect
Upon my restless spirit, implores 
the need to reflect.

The rain, drenching the moors
Its pounding upon rocky crests
Like the clapping of hands, soars
Upon the senses, dissolving stress.

The rain inviting me outdoors
Its plead to leave the comfort of concepts
Exchanging the warmth of safe indoors
For the dramatic cold of clarity, intercepts.

The rain, cleansing a downpour 
Its relentlessness stripping the walls erected
Around the damaged heart, explores
Upon new possibilities, wider directed.

The rain, beckoning a force
Its puddles upon my feet impress
With childlike laughter, a dance extorts
Revving the spirit, the genuine soul expressed. 

By CarolineCécile
copyright © 02.06.10

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The Legend of Rain: A Love Story

(this is a type of quatrain called Swap Quatrain,
wherein the fourth line of each stanza
is actually the first line, just swapped around)

Another Time, long long ago,
there was no Rain; there was no Snow.
No reason was there, and no rhyme
long long ago, another Time.

A desert only, lifeless land -
boulders, pebbles, grains of sand;
hot and windswept, barren, lonely
lifeless land; a desert only.

From Sky was tossed one day, a seed
onto this land so much in need,
whose dreariness would soon be lost.
One day a seed from Sky was tossed.

In Sun’s bright heat, the small seed grew
until an egg it changed into.
It needed only moisture sweet.
The small seed grew in Sun’s bright heat. 

Sky clapped loud sound; a bird appeared.
The egg was pulsing as she neared.
White feathers fluttered to the ground.
A bird appeared; Sky clapped loud sound.

As Rain came down. . . A sudden change!
The bird turned into something strange -
A lovely girl with feathered gown!
A sudden change as Rain came down.

With Rain’s soft fall, the egg had burst.
Emerging from the egg came first
One horse, then two.  Fantastical!
The egg had burst with Rain’s soft fall.

The horses grew beneath big Sun.
They thrived; with Rain they were as one.
Along with her, like Wind, they’d run.
Beneath  big Sun, the horses grew.

Twin beasts and Rain, that dry land’s three
became a new world’s trinity.
And with them, green and springtime came.
That dry land’s three: twin beasts and Rain.

With so much spring, with Rain’s pure grace
came poetry into that place.
Bright flowers bloomed when she would sing
with Rain’s pure grace, with so much spring.

Variety, the needful thing,
Rain prayed out loud for Sky to bring.
And so was born for her to see:
the needful thing, Variety!

Then came down Snow from up above.
This counterpart was Rain’s true love.
When white Snow ebbed, sweet Rain would flow.
From up above, then came down Snow.

Sweet Rain, white Snow, atop each horse,
still ride the land and set the course
of when their seasons come and go.
Atop each horse, sweet Rain, white Snow.

By Andrea Dietrich

Inspired by A Rambling Poet's Contest:
"Rain: the Story"

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the storm

today it stormed inside the house
while outside it was sunny and warm
it thundered and rained so very hard
it was no ordinary storm

the winds they raged in every direction
and made the rain fly and not fall
some rain few upward through the wind
in the cyclones many claws

then the calm of the storm finally came
i could see the sun so calm and new
it was just like a day in spring had come 
except for the damages that storms do

but suddenly again the tempest it raged
the wind seemed to blow out the other end
i'll hold on tight with all my strength and might 
knowing my storm is you

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Pitter Patter

Pitter patter, drip, drop, it’s not an April shower
Drip, drop, drip, drop raining hour after long hour
Suddenly the sun streaks through, javelins of sunlight
Then back to pitter, patter, and rain throughout the night.

In and out of doorways, trying to stay dry
Thunder crashing the Queens dead, the country seems to sigh
Edward the happy monarch will rule with fun from now on
Rain, rain, it never stops crying for the Old Queen is gone.

The sun breaks through the London grey, it sparkles on a tree leaf
Drops still dripping slowly, displaying all their grief.
Happy times are coming, skipping down the London streets
Children playing hopscotch, while the bobbies are on the beat.

A blossom opens a leaf unfurls, breathes the rain drops in
The first sup of clean water in these london streets so grim.
Pitter, patter, feel the rain - dodging in and out of doorways
Trying to keep dry in the summer rain as one does always.

The ringing of the bells, Big Ben strikes the hour
A begging hand from a pile of rags huddled in the shower.
The old queen is dead and gone, but wanders through her city
Looking left and right, she shakes her head in certain pity

Through London town she wanders where dirt and grime abound
She’s searching for she does not know - until it she has found
The thunder crashes the rain pours then drips slowly to an end
The queen is dead long live the King she prays his ways he’ll mend.

©~GG~ 2012 
Entry for Tracie's Anything goes competition This is a Poem I have just done for a Magazine about when Queen Victoria died. 

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Because of the weather, the game was rained out. Baseball is something many of us can’t do without. It’s the only sport we get to see throughout the summer. When the game is postponed, it usually is a bummer. For a few lucky cities, they can close the roof up top. When playing indoors, rain will not make the game stop. However, in most cities, they have to play outside. When the rain comes down, there is no place to hide. It doesn’t matter if your seats are in the lower or upper deck. If the game is called, they will only give you a rain check. You have to go home if the teams do not play. Just come back when the game is rescheduled another day.

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Why sit and worry over things,
That seem to happen daily;
Little things that come and go,
That just annoy us, really?

Why get angry over certain things,
That those around us do;
'Cause people make mistakes sometimes,
And life's too short to stew,

O'er things that sometimes come  about,
Without a soul to blame,
'Cept Happen-stance and Circumstance,
For want of other names.

To fume and worry constantly,
Makes mind and body sicken.
It doesn't solve a single thing.
It takes the joy from livin';

For God has deemed that rain will fall,
On fair and foul alike,
And what can grow without the rain,
As well as warm sunlight;

So take the rain and praise the Lord,
For sunlight and for showers,
And thank Him every day that dawns,
For blessings He's made ours.

                               Matthew 5:44-45

In other words be grateful what you have and don't sweat the small stuff.
Everybody has problems, you ain't unique.

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In a Puddle

Circular round, quite over and over Raindrops fall rightly into the puddle Grey as the darkest color except night Making the mind to become quite muddled The purest of reflections disturbed here Through the puddle it is shown now aligned Grandest creation put at a small scale It remains still when perfectly designed Great puddle reflects the world above it Only interrupted by a few drops They are a blessing to view, heaven sent Made for enjoyment, boys in them to hop Silver surface suggests sure royalty Abundance of delight, marvelous light Reflected off the surface of water Brilliant and beautiful even in night No matter how grey the sky is above Puddles collect raindrops quite lovingly Making ripples to flow from end to end Rain creates an aura and is friendly Opens the heart to the beat of a drum Leaving the feeling of awe before me No part of nature put forth projection Life that is important and surely free Russell Sivey

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Out of the blue
And into the grey
As the clouds roll by
The sun goes away

As the rain settles down
And washes the air
Tomorrow will be
Light, crisp and fair

Puddles on the road
Mud in  the driveways
And grass that is wet
Such are summer days

The sound of the drips
Of rain drop splashes
The rumbles above
And lightning flashes

The chill that it brings
A cool from the heat
Making life fresh
And the air smelling sweet

Then the rain goes away
And the sun peeks out
The kids run outside
And jump, and scream, and shout

Out of the grey
And into the blue
The clouds are all gone
The day's bright and new

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Summer Contest

Summer Storms

Summer brings floods of feelings to surface An impressive time period done shown Having light shine down completely around Very warm with everything fully grown There’s one piece of the season that shows dark Summer rains, warmly falling on the ground However warm, storms are greatly enforced Nothing seems as dark, the sky is sure found Lightning, bright and fearfully striking down Hurling its mighty electric life force Bringing its painful terror to true light The rain from the clouds, come from its high source I know the storm comes in as a lion June seems to be stormy and rainy time A horrible scary time seems secure Fits into some time of day, like noontime Storm comes in very harshly, all about Direly people scurry to find shelter Summer rain is not the best event here Rain is surely a large storm, a basher I look at times passing, enlightenment Knowing the summer might just be the best Even with summer rain, it’s wonderful Rain might be huge, but the summer has zest
Russell Sivey Entrant into Judy Konos's "Searching For Summer" contest 3/3/2013

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The Rain

Rain is gently falling now
it’s been a real long day…
Didn't get a whole lot done
sometimes it’s just that way…

Hours pass into the night 
and thunder starts to roar... 
Lightening paints the sky above
the rain begins to pour...

Think I’ll read a book tonight
sit near the fireplace…
Pull the quilt up over me
a pillow just in case…

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Kiss the Rain

After I woke up this morning, I saw I walked whilst the rain poured down on my head I for sure loved running within each drop I kiss the rain, blessings I held instead The rain flowed down on my body, around Blending with my being all that I am I hold the rain in the palm of my hand There’s so much rain, I do love her, madam She leaves such an imprint onto my hand A feminine form bolstered onto me Signaling a born love of the warm rain Something that I have always loved completely I kiss the rain, as if I’ll never see… Like I’ll never see rain ever again Holding the lovely droplets near my heart It’s the best feeling that has ever been
Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Kiss The Rain" contest 2/22/2013

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Romance of Rain

This rainful haze but coldly dance atop that meekly warmth of eve a fancy frozen of a hum of feast and drink, we drown and live and half about our highly walls the windows keep the tease of dew – our roads run up some busied halls of damning damp, of dulling old and nightly drumming men of rain a crowd we are of wont by sleep our prance in wet a holy sight your calm, a godly icing breathe but we both know the sins of gray that dance we hear is opt to fade I am no moon, nor sun, nor day for ours is but, romance of rain.
August 18, 2012

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Philosophical what does that mean?
Calm in the face of difficulties unseen
Maybe I should philosophise
Discuss in a philosophical manner, what a surprise…

Philosophy, the study of the meaning of life and knowledge on life’s outlook
Nah, not into that I’d rather read a good book
Haven’t got time to philosophise or speak philosophy
Just got time to throw some words out for you to read with me.

Feeling a little glum the weather is depressing
But does the rain really wet you, if no ones out there dressing?
Did the tree make a noise when it fell in down in the wood
Who cares I wasn’t there so it doesn’t do me any good.

Worrying about this or that if you are not around to hear it
Life’s to short my good friend lets live it a little bit
Tress may fall and rain may tumble, but life still goes on
So no more philosophy for the day, it's time I did get on 
© 29/08/2012 ~GG~

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Rain Day

grey sky day no chance of light
teardrop rain beats down 
thoughts now finally taking flight
smile that hides the frown.
melancholy dreary day
surrenders soon to dark
desperation here to stay  
leaves such a painful mark.

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Listen to the sound the rain makes,
As it drums out it's own special tune;
Tapping a mystic melody,
On windows and roof tops and dunes;

Lulling the weary traveler,
And soothing the cares of the day,
Calming the troubled spirit,
And chasing my blues away;

Pattering 'gainst my window,
It chases away my frown,
As with warm cup of tea and a blanket,
I hurry to get settled down.

Outside the rain patters merrily,
Inviting me,"Come out and play.",
Inside I'm cozy and comfy,
I'll go out some other day;

For now I'll enjoy the music,
On roof top and window panes,
All comfy and warm I'll sit here and watch,
As rain drops play little games;

Scurrying 'cross my window,
And making small rivers and streams,
As children in bright colored rain coats,
Chase paper boats through my dreams.

                                                    Judy Ball

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Light Moves Reflectively

There’s a pitter patter sound like a pout From swiftly moving water all about There’s an image, a surely intense sight Where light moves reflectively all the night Wrapping a shawl on you for protection Seeing moisture down the intersection The soothing rhythm abounds all around This movement barely makes even a sound The awesome motions which is created By the great skies love, passion elated Joy is fulfilled thru the streets of the town This timepiece brings ecstasy not a frown
Russell Sivey Contest: Rain, Rain, Rain Sponsor: Francine Roberts 5/26/2013

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In Defense Of The Rain

Some folks like to complain
And are very fickle
They fume when rain is falling
And fret at a mere drizzle

Wild birds and animals
They all need the rain
Which gives them water
For their lives to sustain

The plants and the trees
And all the lovely flowers
For them to grow and flourish
They also need the showers

The food crops that are grown
To provide food for us all
Each of them would perish
If the rain did not fall

So please think of these things
Before you start complaining
And creating a lot of fuss
The next time rain is falling

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Typical Rainy Day

The firelight glows orange
the sky is a dark grey
just another typical
relaxing rainy day
droplets pitter patter
on the windows glass
the only sound to be heard
as I watch the hours pass
wrapped in cozy blankets 
is how those days are spent
with my poetry before me
you'll find I am content
caught up in my writing
with steaming soup on hand
and wrapped up warm and cozy
those rainy days are grand
the firelight glows orange
the sky is a dark grey
just another typical
relaxing rainy day

Written January 10, 2013
By Morgan Mise

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Nature at its best Charm

Tip tap splitter splatter , 
Goes down the rain , 
Flying down with a clatter , 
Creating brooks along the lane …

From the dark , fluffy clouds , 
Descending with the breeze , 
Exciting the overjoyed crowds , 
Swaying along with the trees …..

Splashes in the cool puddles , 
Muddy footprints of toddlers and teens , 
Accompanied by the pleasant sounds of guggles , 
And happy faces with wide beams …

It is a blessing , a form of love , 
No frowns , no sorrow ,  no hatred , no harm , 
Just healing the pains , smoothening the rough , 
Because nature is at its best charm …. 

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tracing drops that scatter shoot
down the bedroom pane.
humming head I can't refute
that bed she calls my name.
fighting slumber gallantly,
I need to write some verse.
my eyelids dying valiantly
yet insomnia is my curse.

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Silver Nighttime Rain in Autumn

In the nighttime hours there’s sweet melody Droning of rain falling down on the ground In the middle of fall, great time of year Contains silence of silver all around The moon beams his pride down on us tonight The autumn night, cool and crisp, surely glows Beautiful looks shine in on the light rain The night brings us peace like only it knows
Russell Sivey

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For Every Drop

For every drop of rain that falls From the heavens up above A beautiful flower bursts forth with life A testament to eternal love It's a symbol of perpetual devotion A tribute to that age old appeal In the very truest sense of belonging Each day the signs are revealed “Amazing” a word that's often used To try to describe this evolution It's the way it's been since time began The supreme consummate solution For every drop of rain that falls The world is refreshed and renewed Followed by a rainbow of glorious colour Giving earth its gorgeous hue © Jack Ellison 2013

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summer time thrill

Rain is so refreshing.
on a real hot summer day.
I like to dance and sing.
all my cares away.

I splash and I splish.
and I jump and I run.
I pretend I'm a fish.
It 's great summer fun.

mud is dripping from my feet.
my clothes are saturated.
playing in the rain is such a treat.
That I am glad that God made it.

When the rain has ended
and the air is cooler and still.
I thank God cause he sended
me a great summer time thrill.

Written by Treasa Jarvis 7/16/2011
contest: Best rain poem

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Rain Vision

Peering through the lattice chains 
Of transformed lucent windowpanes; 
The pelting water blurs my view
Of lights down on the avenue.

Racing droplets filled with light,
From flashing neon signs at night;
All sparkle, bubbling up like soap,
As jewels in a kaleidoscope. 

Pounding torrents fast then slow,
That splatter, splashing to and fro; 
Cause panes of glass to smear and streak,
While moisture levels reach their peak.

Then passing on, the shower goes,
With all its dazzling diamond shows;
And, as the raindrops disappear,
The view again grows plainly clear.

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free cee FIRST


When love first was new
When I first heard love’s bell
When the whipping wind first blew
That’s when the rain first fell

When love poems were first penned
When she first neared
Alas the rain didn’t end
And the clouds never cleared

When laughter was shrill
When smiles never faded
When love first became nil
Since silence invaded

When afternoons first met the moon
When our song seemed so splendidly right
When secrets soured a temptress’ tune
When a silken bow bedecked day bowed to an empty night

When love first felt free
When doves first took to fly
When dreams first couldn’t be
When her first hello became her final goodbye
    © 2012copyright PHREEPOETREE  …~free cee!~

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The raindrops gently falling now
a pause to this long day
Hypnotic sounds are luring me
to places far away

A healing balm for this old soul
I soon begin to yawn
Its power now possesses me
to slumber I am drawn

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Love Forlorn

The sea and mist
Have lightly kissed
The shore again
And all points when

I take my bow
To heed the stern
The sea again
By ocean yearn

And rain my face
In transient place
To sea again
An algae lace

I turn to see
The rain is gone
Forever now
My love forlorn

She tells me not
Like storm before
When we began
Or when it tore

Surprise to me
Upon its end
Do I refresh
Or never mend

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Missed Poem

Celestial weeping - angel tears,
pouring from Arcadian spheres,
liquid sunshine from Gods own eye,
I kiss the rain as clouds drip dry.

Rich pearly drops - heavenly bliss,
quench the fire of my souls abyss,
crystalline rills that gush from high,
I kiss the rain as clouds drip dry.

Gentle runnels - watery grace,
baptise my body and my face,
raising my head up to the sky,
I kiss the rain as clouds drip dry.

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Nightlight Blue

The parched, cracked earth receives the rain
into a billion hungry mouths;
she suckles at the sky’s wet breast
swaddled in cloud-gray gauzy blouse.

Sweet budding grasses nod and sway;
infant creatures babble and croon,
as Mother Nature tucks all in
‘neath nightlight-blue lullaby moon.

July 19, 2014

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Perpetual Devotion

For every drop of rain that falls
From the heavens far above
A little flower bursts forth with life
A testament to eternal love

It's a symbol of perpetual devotion
A tribute to that age old appeal
In the very truest sense of belonging
Each day the signs are revealed

Amazing, a word that's often used
To try to describe this evolution
The way of life since time first began
The supreme consummate solution

For every drop of rain that falls
The world is refreshed and renewed
A rainbow of glorious profusion
Giving earth its colourful hue

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Rainy Day in Baseballland

Rainy Day in Baseballland
Inspired by: Casey at the Bat

It was a rainy day in Baseballland
The players were home in bed
One rookie rolled over his eyelids a flutter
With dreams of a stand-up triple running through his head

The cleats and spikes were all on hooks
Along with mitts, bats, and caps
And even Cal Ripken Jr. had settled down
For a long summer’s nap

Outside the rain was pouring down
While puddles drenched the field
But little Eric Hopkins came to play
And his imagination refused to yield

His mitt lay soggy in a puddle
And his sleeves were drenched with rain
As his hands clenched a cold bat with a hope
“That springs eternal in the human brain.”

Little Eric threw the ball up swung and missed,
And the umpire bawked, “Strike one!”
He tapped his cleats, picked up the ball, and reminded the ghost crowd,
“This rain won’t ruin our fun.”

For little Eric loved the game
And he loved the feel of stitched leather in his hands
As he waved to his mom, who sat with his fabricated wife
And his invented kids up there in the fantasy stands

And now the imaginary pitcher holds the ball
And now he lets it go
But little Eric swung and missed again
Which made two strikes in a row

He metaphorically dusted himself off
And picked up the ball once more
For often he wished that instead of three strikes
The batter could get four

But today he realized, it was his day
His wishes were his commands
So as he squeezed the water from his jersey
He raised his finger toward the left-field stands

He was Babe Ruth, Mark McGwire, Ken Griffey Jr,
and Barry Bonds all together
And anything you said about lightning or thunder
Wouldn’t be getting him out of this weather

For in his head the sun was shinning
And the grass was green and dry
And he sent that low and away 0-2 pitch
Like a rocket into the sky

And he arrogantly trotted around the bases
Stepped on third and headed toward home plate
While his mother yelled from down the street,
“Dinner’s cold and you are late!”

Excerpt from:
The Spit of Siann
By: Joseph DeMarco

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A fresh start

A peace seems to grow as I progress through this day
It seems to become part of me infused in what I say
Things I’ve seen many times look brand new today
I find some comfort as I leave the safety of the bay.

Little drops of happiness are falling from the sky
The rain just keeps on falling as the clouds float by
Still, I wonder where I fit and I wonder why
Everything becomes a part of something larger than I.

The rain used to make me sad but something has changed
Not completely different maybe just rearranged
I seem to see beauty in everything I see
I see what is and hope for what may be.

I’m feeling rather happy everything is going my way
The past is slowly fading the demons have gone away
I see this peace growing inside of my heart
From the ashes of the end comes this new fresh start.

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Water Drop On Lotus Leaf

Rain drops onto the lotus leaf
Build up a large rolling pearl
The breeze rocks and whirls
Non-eternity life bears grief   

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Sometimes I sit alone and cry
when no one else can see…
Emotions bottled up inside
I have to set them free…

Sometimes I have to disappear
so I can find myself…
Address the issues of my heart
that wait upon the shelf...

Sometimes I walk into the rain
to liberate my soul...
To laugh at the insanity 
that tries to take control ... 

All Rights Reserved Jon Arno 

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Permutations Of The Day

          Permutations Of The Day

Ordered, arranged, delegated, are the exhortations of the day
Orange, red, and the yellows wonder out of orbit
Round out the sun to give it colors
Bursting parameters of circles 
Gray, charcoal, born blue, become the rain
This day rolls in thin with a hint of mist
Determined to hold back the tears in clouds 
In light of pure perplexity it retains a heavy burden

The sky will open when in the mood
Cry when clouds become too much to handle
Fade in silence that remains in natural selection queues
In the permutations of the day


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                          A DAY OF DETRIMENTAL MENTALITY

That was a day I’d rather forget
A day worse than any can get
It wasn’t a day of torrential rain
It was, however, a day of undeniable pain

It started with the sun shining bright
And nothing to hint at a horrible night
But then the world may as well have imploded
When secrets were suddenly decoded

Then the sun faded and the rain began
It came to soak a sodden man
But it didn’t matter because the day couldn’t get worse
For a sodden soldier born with a curse

In retrospect the rain really didn’t matter
Although it did make quite a clatter
The matter was a man’s broken heart
On a day I wish had never come to a start

So then the sunshine ended but not so the rain
And certainly everlasting was the pain
I lost a woman who made my life complete
On a day of sorrow with which I could not compete
      © 2012…..PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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You don’t have to see it raining in Ireland  to know that it is so
The Bay at Kenmare is always mist-covered and smelling  of moisture  -
As the clouds come sweeping in from the Atlantic  you see the mist go
For a moment while the rain drops gather speed down into the water

The Irish use a strange word for rainy weather  : it is  is “soft”.
But an Irish day when the weather is  ”hard” is hardly ever going to appear,
So for my money  the word should be  “wet” or  “drab”  -  and used  oft :
Then  everyone would be clear as to why the sky is not clear.

Those photos you see in postcards where  Ireland’s lush green fields fold
Into  the arms of mellow sunbeams   and are warmed gently by the smiles
Of an Irish sun  must have been taken by cameramen who waited untold
Months so they could catch the rare beam through the misty miles.

When you visit the Emerald Isle take a variety of clothing to wear.
For summer, a light rain coat, small umbrella, and perhaps a plastic hood.
For winter,  a heavy raincoat  - or two,  and rubber boots  - a pair.
In autumn and spring these same items will ensure your holiday is good.

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Canopy Sky Walk

The rain forest mists
Drift in their time
Leaving moisture so pure
On nature sublime

In collective gather
On the canopies of green
As i walk through these mists
All around me scene

I stand there and listen
To natures sounds
Howlers and Toucans
In communication abound

My hands brush a leaf
And there's a scurry of legs
Like neighbourhood chaos
In books i have read

I close my eyes for a moment
A brief in my time
But when nightfall beckons
This is their prime

Through the rain forest mists
I am privileged to see
These wondrous creatures
No pressure, so free

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Darling don’t you find it odd
No matter if rain falls softly or hard
Somehow your house stands on dry sod
And your home requires no lightening rod
Because it never rains in your back yard

The rain could pour on the east to the west
While robins wait for rainbows and the sun to dry their nest
By the god of rain your abode must be both betrothed and blessed
For your land stands dry while we survey the rest
Perhaps it never rains in your yard because you’re Mother Nature’s greatest guest

I am always there to see the rain begin
You with your roof of armor and tin
The rain on other people’s rooftops make quite a din
And I wonder if rain is repelled by one who suffers no sin 
As you grace me with your dimpled grin

No one  at all knows how you do what you do
So the amount of believers are really quite few
I would like a logical answer I believe I am due
Why is there constantly a pink and blue sky above you?
And she said “it’s due to the immaculate way in which I love you”
   © 2011.…Phreepoetree  'free cee!~

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Ava and Me in our Rainy Retreat

Amaretto morning
just like the earth to be grey today
Time for the old dog-eared book
all the while begging the rain to stay
I couldn't buy a moment like this
even in Lion's Head Antique store
I couldn't wish for a better excuse
to sink into myself, or to love you more
You grab the pillows and blanket
I'll fill the room with Red Star music
We will tell stories 'till we're laughing out loud
Ions of rain and the pressure diffuses
We are no longer dealing with death
We are no longer frazzled and wild
Just give us the rain on a Tuesday morning
and we become silly, as mother and child...

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Memories We Made

Laughter about us 
While the children play
The sunshine has faded
The sky turned grey

An innocent child 
Out in the rain
Sounds of a distant
Yet inbound train

These are the things
Of a neighborhood park
With playground and benches
Tables and basketball court

A dog walks his owner
Gentle rain subsides
Still behind the clouds
The sunshine hides

No one is leaving
Due to this spring shower
Drops of water 
Collect on the flowers

As day turns to night
The rain comes to a stop
A child tells his father
“Daddy, you rock”

Headed home from the park
After a long day
Loving the memories
That our family made