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These Quatrain Political poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Political. These are the best examples of Quatrain Political poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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King Vlad Redux - Second Cold War

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s grimy fingerprints on current history
are for him nothing to gloat about—au contraire I say emphatically:
His actions bespeak one who’s not an architect for peace—not at all,
rather a quite deceitful dictator and a harbinger of a Second Cold War.

King Vlad’s old Soviet-style actions are clear for all who care to see,
and make no mistake about it—he’s without remorse and a soul to boot.
The real picture he portrays in world politics is of a “Master of Malarkey,”
and an “International Bamboozler Supreme,” with not one iota of conscience.

King Vlad has risked a Second Cold War with his violation of international
law concerning the blatant, illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula.
With his brand of new style Soviet adventurism on the march, the Old 
Soviet Bear has been resurrected anew—and it’s hot on the prowl again!

King Vlad’s new found spirit of nationalism for Russia is not at all progressive
as evidenced by his ongoing war on certain ethnic minorities—Jews, Tartars, 
Armenians, Gypsies—to include anyone who chooses to resist and protest
against his dark new age fanaticism rebranded anew in the twenty-first century.

King Vlad’s lineage to and proclivity for the old Soviet Union and its dubious
cast of some past gangster luminaries: Lenin, Stalin, Beria, Molotov, Brezhnev 
and Andropov—to name a few, is quite telling since it gives us a deeper view 
of the real nature of his psyche and the tragedy he brings now to the world stage.

And lest we forget—the ghosts and innocent souls of the murdered passengers from
flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine cry out, as do their families, for justice against this 
vile international thuggery and hooliganism perpetrated by King Vlad in support
of certain proxy groups that do his evil biddings soaked in lies, treachery, and deceit.

King Vlad takes distinct pleasure in fulfilling the fanciful role today of the old Soviet
Bolshoi Nachalnik (Big Boss), whose historical antecedents from former Soviet Big
Bosses of past fame, does not augur well for the future of democracy in New Russia,
and certainly does not mesh with the precepts of good governance and human rights.

King Vlad’s treachery and deception are open for all to see, if they choose to do so,
and as he executes his plan of disrupting the balance of the current century world
order, we all should be forewarned of the clouds of tyranny and aggression that
could be unleashed at his behest on the European continent and the world today.

King Vlad, despite all of the polite remonstrations and economic sanctions imposed 
by Western leaders and diplomats, understands really only one word rendered so 
demonstratively in the German language: die Macht (or Power), which lurks ever so 
behind his public mask as part of his psychological makeup as a former KGB officer.

King Vlad’s actions and deeds reflect his real virtues of lying, denying, accusing,
rejecting, criticizing—all poison arrows in his quiver as a master of prevarication.
His real mask is that of a monster who had the very best Soviet teachers and now
wishes to tilt the axis of his New Russia on a collision course with the Free World.

And so Generalissimo Stalin . . . how do you like your nasty little boy now???

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (November 30, 2014)
(Narrative Quatrain)

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He Was Once a Politician

That's not my elephant! my father said to me
Mine is pink with wings, funnily, he likes to eat spaghetti
I think I'll call him Ella, named after a girl I knew
We danced at the 2nd graders ball, her dress was so see through

My father was once a politician, until his marbles began to set
I visit him as often as I can, introducing as if we'd just met
But somewhere in his confusion, he can recite The Bill of Rights
And once he does he smiles, to me he can still delight

As I turn to leave, to wave goodbye, in his eyes I see a tear
Still reciting The Bill of Rights, smiling from ear to ear
With Ella from the 2nd graders, he smiles in self triumphant
As he points towards the window, it's not pink, that's not my elephant!

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The Vietnam War

The pro-Hanoi Vietcong many years ago
In the 1950's Diem's government they'd overthrow
All opposition was crushed killed or jailed
These elected ones to their people they failed

This Buddhist country so religious in belief
Now politically torn apart, impending future grief
In the early 1960's with the CIA in place
Discussing with Vietnam's generals, Diem, assassinated in disgrace

With the Vietcong army, growing from strength to strength
Another communist foothold, going to any lengths
In 1965, with 3500 U.S. Marines in place
By December of that year, 200,000 in many a base

These U.S. Marines, in their defensive mode
Over the coming months, peace would soon erode
With the Tet Offensive upon us, and the "Battle of Hue"
The Americans were now involved, this bloody war now brews

One decision to end this conflict, came in 1969
Nixon sent 18 B-52s, bordering Soviet airspace line
He wanted to show he was capable, to end this bloody war
But as the months and years progressed, the body count would soar

The anti-war movement was gathering strength, also in 1969
But the "Green Beret Affair" started to undermine
A U.S. Army platoon raped and pillaged, the village of My Lai
Where civilians were massacred, and many left to die

In 1970-71, Cambodia incurred wars wrath
Where they and the country Laos, were in the U.S. bombing path
Also in 71, there was the cutting of the Ho Chi Minh trail
But arms and supplies got through, this mission to no avail

Later in the same year, the Anzac's withdrew their soldiers
The U.S. also reduced, many of theirs from Vietnam's borders
In 1973, Nixon declared the suspension of offensive action
The Paris Peace Accords took place, peace with this warring faction

Between the years 73 - 74 under Trà, the Vietcong grew in strength
There was no mass offensive, to lure the Americans to their trench
Gradually they marched to their target, to see their enemies eyes
To their city of Saigon, now over a million humans have died

The average age of the American to die in this bloody war
Was just nineteen years old, never knowing what they were fighting for
So many came home from this horror, leaving themselves behind
Because so many came home different, home with a different mind

Even to this day, many Americans look back and ask
Why their elected Congress, feed them to these tasks
The sad thing about Vietnam, it continues to this present day
Where governments make decisions, asking guns to hear their say

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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Fleeting Freedoms

Elderly man’s fishing net hangs in his shed
The fish he caught in his backyard stream multiply
Net use was banned; he couldn’t afford a pole
Joy and sustenance gone, a tear falls from his eye

House Bill 875 would ban backyard farms
Forcing vegetable growers to invest cash
In overpriced produce on supermarket shelves
Uncle Sam flexes his muscle, makes his whip lash

The right to freely worship is endangered
As prayer is prohibited in public schools
Government intrusion invades all our lives
Public pleas are not heard by those who make rules

Freedom to choose our doctors is now threatened
Socialized medicine diminishes choice
Speech censorship? Just ask the Smothers Brothers
Who canceled their own show with a stifled voice

As crime escalates, look to the constitution
The NRA spends billions to protect Americans' rights
To bear arms against oppressors while thieves laugh
And sue owners of homes invaded in the night

Can this be what our forefathers had in mind
When they sought to escape a king’s tyranny?
Our rights are being limited more each day
In a nation spawned to promote liberty

Natural disasters prelude Judgment Day
Eerie escalation – tsunamis, earthquakes
But perhaps when the dust finally settles
Those who survive will learn from our past mistakes

Governments will form only to preserve peace
Not to strip away rights ancestors pursued
Don’t blink!  Precious freedoms are now endangered
By those who feel they’re elected to intrude

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Grandma's stealing bread
Just another day on the street
Children need to be fed
Obey the law and they won't eat

In the 'burbs it's just a show
Or something on late night news
For me it's life or death
And the odds are I'm gonna lose

Oh, I've been crying I can't breathe
Daily sirens drown out my shouts
This crisis didn't happen in a day
I'm in a hole with no way out

Do you sense that I'm not alone
There are millions just like me
Poverty's reach is still unknown 
A rising storm out on the sea

Prevention too long ignored
Expect the police to be a cure
Knock that sinner to the floor
Yeah he died but he was impure

Oh, I died crying I can't breathe
Daily sirens drowned out my shouts
This crisis didn't happen in a day
I was in a hole with no way out

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The City Sleeps

Corridors, power, call it what you like When shadows fall, on this hot June night These walls, this place, I'm absorbed I wonder why They, the inflicted, their embers, we now throw them to the sky Sleeping giants of Auschwitz, in mass production die Good boy psycho killers, into their new world they tread To look for new horizons and leave behind their dread Behind half moon meadow, now decaying in ancestral creep Amidst discarded gates and ditches, this, the city sleeps Their corridors of Epiphany, whilst Christianity weeps <> Written using the track titles to the Touchstones album <> The City Sleeps

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 With tyranny appreciated and coercion praised
The noble and gentle are bewildered and dazed

Today the world is simply disenchanted
     Tomorrow there will be many fingers raised

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The same deadly story unfolds
Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi
Bombs rip apart our souls
When will stop this atrocity

They come in the form of Demons
Kill in the name of God
Nature created species and humans
Why Humans created God?

Bloated egos fill some minds
Hatred makes the world go blind
We are all born to die
This is not the way, we cry

Swear in the name of dead
To slay in the name of God
Dangerous game triggered by man
The same God will destroy man

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Falling of the Edge of the World

I travelled into my thoughts
To somewhere I've never been
The horrors that awaited me
Took me to our human extreme

I cried when I looked through
The windows of our past
And marvelled at what she gave us
I was left in total aghast

In the year two thousand and six
Seven hundred and eighty four
That graced the lands we borrow
Were shown the extinction door

The Tasmanian Devil never nasty
To the Wolves that roamed Alba's land
The Dodo so strange a bird
Were in natures future plans

Twenty eleven now awaits us
Whilst us humans continually strive
Nine hundred and five is now the total
That will never be found alive

Us humans, before we go to sleep
Their falling of the edge of the world
But hey! we'll never change
We're ignorant, and incredibly absurd

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The Ladder

I climbed the highest ladder, 
To see what I could see; 
I saw my fellow countrymen, 
Living in poverty

I climbed up even higher, 
Embracing open skies; 
Murder, death and bloodshed, 
Appeared before my eyes

I saw a ruling power, 
The middle class shrank to poor; 
Powerful wars and conflicts, 
Were standing at our doors

I saw hungry children, 
Here, on our native soil; 
Only the rich grew richer, 
Thriving on the wealth of oil

Greed crept upon the land, 
Like thieves in the night; 
They took away our liberty, 
To strengthen their own might

Those who fought in wars, 
Their victories spelled defeat; 
Many returned as heroes, 
Only to wander the streets

I climbed above the highest clouds, 
Beyond where eagles soar; 
Our social security famished, 
No healthcare for the poor

Drugs polluted our communities, 
While terrorists stalked their prey; 
Children spat on their elders, 
Sunny skies were turned to gray

I saw an exchange in power, 
No yield in government rules; 
Technology dined on the obsolete, 
Our economy stolen by fools

With fewer days of promise, 
Though many years of pain; 
The poor are expendable fragments, 
Millions are dying in vain

I climbed as far as I could go, 
To the depths of the galaxy; 
I saw a new beginning, 
With Christ eternally

The poor and oppressed were equal,
While no man ruled in heaven;
I saw love beyond the ladder,
And peace among our brethren

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The Absurdity of Politics

My brother David met William Geris
A former head of state of Utopia
Having dinner in the city of Paris
They talked about big things

David had plans to run for the state Judiciary
So he discussed it with William Geris, He said
Go ahead David, for me that will be beneficiary
Play the music and let them dance to your tune

Get to the poor folks and promise them heaven on earth
Woo them with sweet words of a better tomorrow
Breaking the cycle of poverty and a prosperity rebirth
Promise them free education and free health care

You need to go to all the churches
Promise them every valley will be filled and every mountain made plain
You need to be charismatic to show you are ready for service
And don’t forget to say your long prayers

You need to hang out with the drug smuggling gangs
To really show you are one of them
Tell them to give you the chance to emancipate them from death pangs
And know well, they love to break laws and ransack state properties

You need to link up with Organization for Youth Ablaze (OYA)
“A Change you can see! A Change you can believe in!!”
Now that is what I call the ‘advertising phase’
Promise them of gargantuan jobs and scholarships

You also need to hung out with the financial gurus
A kind of ’Dating’ before Marriage
Sound it aloud, they are the ones with the clues
Cars-Yes! Gargantuan contracts-Yes! Meetings at some posh hotels-Yes!

Pull the wool over their eyes, indicting songs of hope and peace
But when you lose the election insists on a recount
A diversionary tactics of getting the opposition votes cease
“I’ll slap you so hard that your teeth will come off”

Mr. Geris is this what is on the ground, you call politics?
It looks like I will be a schoolboy fantasy and a sketch cartoon
David, my son most politicians have with them a bag of Poly-ticks
I call it the absurdity of the absurd Poly-tricks

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You've reached the pinnacle of fame 
where double-speak's the daily game, 
so many words, so little meaning, 
popinjay, so skilled at preening. 

Posing for a photo-op, 
your perfect hair a puissant crop, 
your perfect smile a sickly stare 
which fools the foolish everywhere. 

Demagoguery designed 
to derogate the keener mind, 
a smile will hide what lurks behind 
the gross deceptions of your kind.

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My Confidential Government

My confidential government.
The secrets you must have.
The rumors there about me.
My neighbors come to salve.

My confidential government.
That nothing must get out.
My confidential government.
A stifle for my shout.

A science for your beckon.
Some words as wise as read.
The knowledge you have taken
and shared with other head.

From little men below you,
you only serve to stun.
You've taken all their will-free
and now your times begun.

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Inconsequential Diatribe

Inconsequential diatribe From politicians left and right Is something we should not inscribe Across our children's line of sight. Polarity can paralyze When adulation of conceit Allows some not to realize Opposing views must all compete. Diversity has made us great Along with freedom to believe Or not believe in God and fate To justify what we conceive. Inherent in democracy Is freedom from oppressive weight That rules like some autocracy Imposed upon us by the state. Religion is a private right To be defended by us all; But mixed with politics, a blight, That causes governments to fall. So take a breath of freedom's air And celebrate diversity; Both gay or straight and dark or fair Rejoice in your nobility.

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Warning Signs

The bank sign blinks its message late at night,
two types of information for the indolent,
the traffic light is cycling, though there's not a car in sight,
alarm clocks disinter the drugged and somnolent.

Newspaper delivery is the only game in town,
'til early morning merchants raise their blinds,
dogs are let out, leashed, and led to do what they must do,
first shoppers disregard the warning signs.

Men in trenchcoats congregate on corners, 
they speak into their sleeves in muffled tones,
in grey fedoras, all dressed up for secrecy and stealth;
they question early birds about their loans,

political affiliations, clubs, and weapons owned, 
they formulate a blueprint of your life;
what you thought was private isn't private any more,
they follow you, ask questions of your wife.

Two weeks ago John Dixon disappeared without a trace,
the authorities had nothing to declare,
Jim Dean and Charlie Watson were imprisoned in disgrace, 
their families are shocked and in despair.

The net is growing wider and the fear is closing in,
what happened to the notion that we're free?
their numbers are increasing and the hour is getting late,
yesterday at ten they came for me.

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The Moving Target

I am the eponymous A. Floating-Voter!
I do know my mind, but I’ll follow the pack … 
My vote’s up for sale now, to the highest bidder.
Yes! What was that offer, sir? You at the back?

One fellow offered me ‘less unemployment’;
Another one’s promised a crackdown on Crack.
A third says my kids should get more education!
Now who’s gonna offer me tuppence off tax?

One bloke is standing who’ll never be sitting!
So if he’s elected, he won’t see it through.
He said I could choose ‘Not to be European’.
I thought I did that back in ’72 … 

‘A’ says I’ll have more disposable income;
‘B’ says he’ll build us more roads and such-like. 
If I vote for ‘B’, I’ll have more roads to drive on; 
If I don’t vote for ’A’, then I can’t run a bike! 

All of them claim to be fighting corruption; 
Opening closets; exposing the sin … 
Though naturally, MPs are above suspicion! 
Now, what was this ‘Members’ Expenses’ thing? 

I’m already beginning to feel some confusion.
Which of the parties is really the best?
They all claim the others are nothing but liars …
But none of them passes the ‘truthfulness’ test … 

I really do not have a clue who to vote for!
I’m starting to wonder if I should abstain … 
But ‘Say what you want!’ was my Mum’s favourite motto, 
‘And if you don’t get it, then you can complain!’ 

So, come voting day, I’ll be down at that station.
I’m going to vote, and I’m keeping close tabs …
So go for it, candidates! Try to attract me! 
‘Cause, ‘tween now and then, chaps,
My vote’s up for grabs!


This is how we tackle elections in Great Britain - not so slick, but lots of fun!

Entered in Dana'lynn Smith's "Politically Educated" contest by Frances King

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911 America Rising

Concrete, steel, glass, and dust,
we watched three thousand die.
Then there was no longer trust,
only fear when we would fly.
Our cozy world gone in a flash.
We'd never be the same.
Routine flight to horrific crash.
A jihad was proclaimed.
Souless zealots on native soil,
a scourge not seen before.
American blood began to boil
as we were shaken to the core.
While the cowards knelt in mock prayer,
we stood defiant and rebuilt.
Such lonely souls in disrepair
found the power not to wilt.
Though a decade's gone the pain's still fresh,
from an ache we know so well.
We paid the price in human flesh,
but they'll settle up in hell.

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E Pluribus Unum

...inspired by 'To The President-Elect' by Joseph Brodsky

You've reached the pinnacle of fame
where double-speak's a daily game,
so many words, so little meaning,
popinjay, so skilled at preening.

Posing for a photo-op
your perfect hair a puissant crop,
your perfect smile, a frozen glare
which fools the foolish everywhere.

Demagoguery designed
to derogate the keener mind,
a smile may hide what lies behind
but mark the downfall of your kind.

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'Blood' Brothers or 'Bloody' Brothers under the Banner - Parts 3 to 5


What shame if might measures not with muscle?
  What disgrace awaits those who fail?
Should wanting life be held lèse-majesté to a tussle?
  Should a nation thrive as in a sundered jail?

To the high nor low slams the door
  To him who seeks the Law and more.
Take, take the Golden Mean road!
  Truth your only key, never the sword!

Decades from now sawn men will in right ask:
  Had we then no will to attend to our wounds?
Should not the White Master be called back to task
  To bear the burden of our graveyard mounds?

What guidance should wise men need
  More than their own tested counsels?
Lay, lay aside the pride of higher breed
  Like two strong men upright in councils!


People are made to feel their lives rendered great
  By what their leaders do to invoke fate;
Destiny asks not who may stand in as its fated mate,
  When all around lives are lost through hate.

To the high nor low slams the door
  To him who seeks the Law and more.
Take, take the Golden Mean way!
  Truth the only key, no, never slay!

If the Lion strays from its prescribed domain,
  The Tiger will seek to sink its fangs in flanks.
Two kings bide their time in a land full of bane,
  While the common folk lie razed by tanks.


Seek not to replace life with conundrums.
  Seek only a life-giving solution.
Herald not the arrival of the enemy with drums.
  Let only your heart speak in absolution.

The mountain cannot reach up to the sky.
  The lake at the summit is full.
If monsoons come, calling cranes will cry.
  Kindred spirits will rally in full.

To the high nor low slams the door
  To him who seeks the Law and more.
Take, take the Golden Mean way!
  Truth the only key, no, never ever slay!

Can a people simply grow strong in broken places
  While strong men before the hour vacate places?
“Man can be destroyed but not defeated.
  Man can be defeated but not destroyed.”

© T.Wignesan 2005 - September 21, 2005- (from the Sequence: "Words for a Lost Sub-Continent", Paris, France. Pub. in Rama and Ravana at the Altar of Hanuman: on Tamils, Tamil Literature and Tamil Culture. Chennai: Institute of Asian Studies, 2006.)

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History Lesson

crimson mist in the Dallas sky
a frantic wife's mad dash.
the world watched as we cried
hope gone in a flash.

brilliant poet with timeless verse
and enduring message of peace.
a murderous fan fulfilled his curse
does lunacy ever cease?

perfect day in the city
until the towers fell.
religious zealots who had no pity
their resting place is hell.

so look at history if you can
and learn from such hindsight.
as long as evil has a plan
we must not quit the fight.

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THE ELECTIONS The elections are coming in 20-15 Politicians gearing up for the big race They're dusting off their soap boxes - How DO they speak from both sides of their face? © ELR 2013

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It's another morning and I'm so fortunate
To awaken and enter another day
I reflect for a few moments
And remember the ones who strayed

For many a reason this has happened
Mans inhumanity to man is one
Car jacking in many cultures
Or the bullet from many a gun

Rapists, paedophiles and murderers
No care for the victims they claim
Be it needle, chair or rope
Taken out should be our aim

And now I speak of the gangs
Their bravado speaks volumes to them
Peer power within their families
In my eyes they'll never be men

To the politicians I care not to look
Never tarring them all the same
It's the ones that lie through their teeth
Power and riches their illegal fame

The next morning I awake once again
And reflect on the decent out there
Much time I can reflect about them
To the good I can always fare

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News You Can Use

          News You Can Use

This is Johnny Lately with Channel Too News
Coming to you live from under my bed
Along with all the staff and crew here at Cannel Too News
Wishing you a happy news day

We make it all up as we go in our sleep and in dreams
From the comfort of egos and beds… or under them
The weather is better down here
We invent that as well… It is always clear

Here we are at home and I’m not alone.
Mom’s making me cup a soup
And that’s the scoop
From channel Too News

All the news you can use 24 hrs. a day
We say it as we see it and we see it as we say it
Right off the top of our heads
And from under our beds

Beds that will never be made
As our mothers are our maids and slaves
We hide from the world with our power
And there’s probably no news out there… and who cares

If we say that it’s snowing then that’s how it’s going
So you better invest in some plows
I’m Johnny Lately with Channel Too News
With all the news you will ever use… for now

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Voting Day

Wake up, wake up!
Voting Day's here,
Everyone out there
Should be of good cheer;
This is the time
For which we have prayed,
Voters get out there,
Make everything change!

Get up, get up!
Make your voice known
What are you doing 
In bed in your home?
Now it is time to
Change this country's fate;
Get to the polls, 
Don't you be late!

Be swift, be strong!
Give it your best,
Let the American
Founders have rest;
Choose the best women
And choose the best men,
Make use of today,
For it won't come again!

Make use of today;
It won't come again!

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The circus roof is strewn with stars. 
Its sides are striped with white and red. 
The acrobats swing on high bars, 
And hang there till they're dead. 

No children cheered the circus folks 
Parading through the dusty town. 
No laughter follows hollow jokes 
From such a grotesque clown. 

This masquerade we all mistrust, 
For right before our weeping eyes, 
We see the carnage in the dust, 
The crimes clowns can't disguise.

With painted smiles he entertains, 
Committed to his mad crusade. 
The orange-coated men in chains 
Know now they've been betrayed. 

Forgotten in their costumes bright 
Caged men are dying by the sea, 
In silent shadows, out of sight 
Beneath this grim marquee. 



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dented and painted

dismissively lined as "dented and painted"
protesting violence and raping of women 
those self-appointed, oh holy and sainted
can we turn another cheek and forgive them?

to relate to another with an iron-bar
to relate to another with utter disdain
to relate to another without human care
is this the civility we wish to attain?

you who are better, more worthy than other
you who are truer, in eyes of your god 
you with blood bluer than natural mother
might discern that it's you, who is flawed

sticks, or bars, or clenched fists attest
that you're no better than the rest with
casting of glances from eyes that detest
superimposed superiority is but a myth

want and ignorance are alive and strong
in all nations, so in all the world today
actually, it's been that way - all along
if we wish to civilize we must go all the way

and speak for every individual that spins
on this ball of rock that we call our home
to evolve higher form we must be, in the end
and remember, what is reaped, is what is sown

© Goode Guy 2012-12-29

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America's Lament

Slipping gently towards entropy,
Ownership with an apostrophe.
Braid the loose frays of sanity
Till something true finally answers me.

Troops are marching over many lands,
Tagged cornflower blue--a worldwide brand.
Don't speak out or you will be banned,
Towers implode just as they've planned.

Constantine merged Rome's faiths to one
Keeping time and step with Pagans.
Moloch laughs at our dull compassion
While Illuminati goals corrupt conception.

With a punitive eye beneath the skin
Mankind’s been declared the pathogen.
So an age of ignorance was ushered in
With aims to squelch the soul within.

Rotating parties deflect shared shame
Allowing complacency to be blamed.
Splintered populations can be tamed,
And bombs tend to leave bodies maimed.

Thieves steel gold and filch the free press,
Bobble heads working to keep up stress,
Businessmen sponsoring all this mess.
"We've got some pills if you feel depressed..."

We inherently trust their authority
As they outlaw nutrients due to toxicity.
In an effort to organize bioactivity
They count on our enduring apathy.

We protest lies, so they've built some pens.
Peace simply means they'll take our weapons.
"So go buy a widescreen for your den
To watch us start your wars again."

Even the name Bilderberg is a joke.
As they like it they’ve managed to fleece us broke,
Locking humanity into the yoke.
They sold the world lies before they ever spoke.

Crypto-eugenics is a fatal threat,
Academia functioning as a stooge pet.
Look into those eyes; they've got no regret
To kill us all off like they're clearing a debt.

Global control would only serve them well,
Micro chipped souls have no secrets to sell.
Salivate each time you hear their bell
Or they'll call themselves gods chasing you through hell.

Our oppressive puppet liars, they will not quit,
So don't waste breath saying, 'I'll submit.'
Words of our liberty are just and legit,
And truthful self-rule is a righteous fit.

When bureaucrats state dissent is treachery
In truth they've already sold their loyalty,
They still threaten our sovereignty.
Reclaim our human right to be free!

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We're losing our rights very slowly.
We've watched our democracy go.
While the laws are changing for worse.
and communism starting to show.

We'll vote for the people we want
'till the party has it's say.
Then they'll change their mind to act
in a crazy unusual way.

When it comes to political salaries
only they can vote for more.
While it's only we who can't
reject their cost and horror.

We once had the right to privacy.
A warrant would have to ensue.
Now the police take the records they want
and the judge has no weighing to do.

With the cameras recording our crimes.
and the policemen watching to find.
All the problems we have to face
are the victims more bitter than kind.

While the number of poor increase
as the ones with money go broke.
It's always too late to complain
when it's after the fact they spoke.

Now our knowledge is kept up high
while the little men work as drones
and the world will end in poor
while the big men trade in thrones.

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Read Earth

Harsh beauty spreading far and wide
Mother's creation by nature's own bride
Iron grain canvas under bright atmosphere
Where arid, baked land meets water cool and clear

Streaming cruel heat reigns over all
Beating down on a land held in subjugating thrall
Parched artistry spreads over miles of land
Rocks, hills and animals, and course shifting sands

Fevered earth burns on an unshod sole
Trees give sparse shade to those who stroll
Along a path, that's been walked by few,
Over millennia past; now awash with soul's residue

Land red with iron and actions abhorred
With laughter and bitterness, with hope deeply stored
A vast stunning world, a back drop so grand
A future and history that's held in the land

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We Are One and the Same

Once again although we are one and the same
One strikes another in confrontational shame
The thirty eighth parallel shows that man has not lost
To discuss through weapons, no matter the cost

Diplomacy with thought, before all leaders speak
Just listen to each other as it's peace that we all seek
It's not just your own lives that you play with today
Escalation of conflict brings others their say

History tells us that no one really gains
Only generations present, will feel wars pains
No care is ever given when decisions to fight are made
Whilst we await the screaming whistles of their hostile serenade

We live in the world of conscience, mans dark abyss
Whilst the majority enjoy the light, peace is their wish
Will there ever be a day, when man may finally learn
To abide by life and decency that decent people yearn

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The Malay Pantun: The Non-Party Communal Triumvirate

The Malay Pantun:  The Non-Party Communal Triumvirate

Ursidae carnivora hug and hibernate
   Hypolais polyglottes trill without triumph
Alliance Party* wins and vituperate
   Opposition parties coagulate without lymph

•	The ruling Malaysian communal triumvirate – 
since Independence in 1957.

© T. Wignesan, Paris - 2013

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the talking heads are also comics
these economic geniuses after years
are spouting praises of Misernomics
quick study concluded we're in arrears

and need to decapitalize life today
don't spend anything you ain't got
to forestall our tomorrow going away
good advice founding fathers caught

and don't pay for what you don't need
so therefore we'll cut back education
sound advice in sane person might heed
to better manage our bankrupt nation

and health and vitality merely frills
no need to waste our coins on want
when trying to cover economic ills
monetary mismanagement returns to haunt

what we want is to address our need
to count ourselves and sum our greed
those roads, bridges, electrical grids
mattered back when the things we did

were more important than take home pay
we'll keep it all and count it up
what you knew then, has now gone astray
soon Spend-it-omics could again erupt

our future, our kids, our progeny all
"This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want"
matters minor, in our countless pall
our poorest desire, the possible, too daunt

in the mean time we say "thanks a bunch"
We'll save our lives for better times
food for thought on societies free lunch
We'll save our monied economic crimes

as Silas Marner tabled reclusive coins
no weighty matters outweigh the economy
these fearful economic times purloined
might priorities reflect our tragicomedy?

© Goode Guy 2011-07-06

we're counting...on you

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Cull The Herd

Cull the herd
But be aware
More will follow
More who dare

Men aspire
Each position
Need we call them

Can we stop
The lies convening
Is there anyone

Route be damned
The ship off course
We've been fated
This remorse

Vote him down
But look once more
Those replace him
By the score

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blue bra girl

now captive of the Internet
a junta's brutality is beset
captured for the world to see
the batoned beating of democracy

North East Africa, it can't be claimed
to solely fill this role of shame
but now viral bits are flying 'round
protesting people's being beaten down

women the circumference of the world
are persecuted for their gender's creation
cell cameras will, a new day herald
responsive answers from caring nations

people can be beaten and put down
forced to some savage submission
but what goes 'round comes 'round
violence begets, of its own volition

Mohandas lead too, where many follow
the harder, bloodier road of peace
declarations of change only ring hollow
when silenced by some thought police

© Goode Guy 2011-12-22

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The Piper

One can't help but a feeling

With all our country men a leaving...

...and more migrants lining up
at customs door...

Latest figures polled this year
57,000 plus have left... pursuit of work as there is no more...
and the piper seems little to"no care"

One can't but help but a feeling...

...with our melting pot a changing...

...looming question as to who we are 
working for...

...Capitalism on the brink?

Our taxes for unpaid benefits?

...and more rising unemployment is in store...

as our working class is dwindling...

...Is this piper swindling?

One can't but ask the question...

Once known the land of milk and honey...
SOE flushed...

no longer funny...

Suggest to tax the paper boy...
surplus review without joy...

SOE to pay off deficit...
or the accruing unpaid benefits...

...and the migrants keep on filling
an empty space...

I'm not racist lets be clear...
but common sense has reared it's head.

One can't but ask the question...

Robbing Peter, to pay Paul...

Where else I ask you in the world...

can one arrive into a country...
claim refugee status and get paid...

...Lets divert all this attention...

Blame the solo mothers on a benefit...
not a mention about the fathers who help create...

One can't help but ask the question...

To the piper I will mention...

This recession has created great divide...

but the lesson to be learnt lets not skirt
round with words...

You are playing with peoples families
and their lives...

For the people that were born here...
...are more confused and disgruntled...

For the Piper has gone global world wide...

We want peace and harmony...
the right to drive our country's' economy...

...out of debt, and pay our tax
to those in need...

Not a hand out to the lazy...
who are wading in the gravy...

This is what our country stands 
for and much more...

One can't help but ask the question...

Have we forgotten what's important...
and who we're really working for...

For our country men are leaving...

Left us penniless and a grieving...

For this question begs an answer...
in the shallows of joy and laughter...

is our deficit knocking on our front door?

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Spare Souls

A story of a thousand souls,
Two thousand runs into three,
Who are just as dead, decaying, gone,
Despite self-serving heraldry.

A story of a thousand souls,
And thousands more to be killed,
Who never reached for bomb nor gun,
And died to keep our gas tanks filled.

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a pinch of civil seasoning

back at the Arab Spring
and now a Wall Street Fall
citizens of foundering faith
just wanna change it all

believing in a higher purpose
is passing the way of the horse
power to too few, or many, versus
the prospect of anarchy, of course

can an untouchable or a herder
share with a CEO or Senator
can a cashier and a shop helper
turn from a debtor to a creditor

can people be allowed a chance
to live small lives in big places
without losing the race in advance
beaten and broken, hopes displaced

i mean, we all need to eat to live
the emaciated and the obese, both
there's enough Mother Earth to give
every human some economic growth

but economic growth must be balanced
with growth of spirits' understanding
lest our hearts' remorse need be penanced
for greed blinded with misunderstanding 

if i want to break that monied broker,
one of the few to own the power
am i any better a worthy life-maker
than him within his baubled bower

civility begins with our forgiveness
of others, and harder, of ourselves
for the deep greed and covetiveness
that all carry within their cells

summer was hot and so too our passions
lest we suffer the winter of our discontent
let's follow our better desires with actions
to say what we mean, then live our intent

with some sage wisdom and a bit of thyme
we might be able to curry some favor
twixt one 'n' other's condiments sublime
'n' cook up a society we can equally savor

© Goode Guy 2011-10-03

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I can see the false hope and doom,
the hissing in the breath,
Sorrowful, baleful emotionless,
every word reeks of death.

The masses that follow blinded now,
forever will they weep,
Appointing a puppet of false hope,
The rage and anger we reap.

Anger fills the glasses full,
confusion fills the mind,
My heart now torn, as a tattered flag,
doom for all mankind.

To settle now for this false hope,
my desire to amend,
To watch our world fall apart,
the loss of a life long friend.

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free cee SUM YUNG GUY

        SUM YUNG GUY

I’d like to make something amply clear
And make some necessary corrections
I asked a Chinese American what was happening as November grew near
And he responded “they are hodeing presidential erections”
     © 2012….copyright...PHREEPOETREE....~free cee!~

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Forget Not-Lest History Repeats (For Abe's Contest)

Forget Not…Lest History Repeats

Victims of the Nazis Regime:
Jehovah's Witnesses and Jews.
Marched like chickens to their slaughter.
Once walked in twelve million, plus, shoes.

Social democrats and partisans, 
Gypsies and orphans did death reap.
Disabled by body or mind –
Add more feet to the deadly heap.

Communists, and trade unionists,
Soviet prisoners-of-war,
Polish Intelligentsia,
Vacant shoe-stack grows from the floor.

Adolf Hitler ordered them killed.
Annihilation camp, grim rouse,
Death at Auschwitz-Birkenau –
The stench of death reeks in mourned shoes.

WRITTEN FOR ABE LOPEZ "Leather Voices" Contest

© Dane Smith-Johnsen
May 14, 2010
Poetic Form: Quatrains

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ol' news

ol' news

and on the strife rages
across the heated lands
a blog papered main stage
bombs & beheaded are planned

victims and vicissitudes 
captured on handy-cam phone
talking heads with platitudes
of thugs, their cover blown

pride in mankind runs to core
to prefer right over happiness
so slaughters settle some score
ignoring acts magnanimous

always wars and rumors of 
to accuse and chide and blame
no cheek turned, if only for love
and long for change still remains

is Darwin's theory still alive?
can mankind evolve into kindness
or will only the weaponized survive
will civility fall from our blindness

pray if that's your provenance
act if your actions can better
our behavior has its consequence
let good life be our treasure

© GoodGuySoul 2014-11-20

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A leopard's a leopard, make no mistake,
He'll always have those black spots;
And if you think for a moment he'll change,
Clear thinking's not something you've got.

A leopard's a creature who seeks tilll he finds,
A good opportunity.
Don't think for a moment 'cause you've scratched his ears,
You've gained some immunity.

He is what he is and always will be,
He'll never be anything else.
Don't turn your back on a leopard, my friend,
His track record speaks for itself.

                                                        Judy Ball

If you catch someone in a lie time after time how can you continue to trust him to 
tell the truth?
If someone says he is FOR something to you and says he is AGAINST it to someone 
else, which do you believe?
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, makes a noise like a duck and hangs out 
with a bunch of ducks chances are it ain't no swan.

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'Blood' Brothers or 'Bloody' Brothers under the Banner - Parts 1 and 2

“A dying people tolerates the present, rejects the future, and finds its satisfactions in past greatness and half-remembered glory.”

“A strong man makes a weak people. A strong people don’t need a strong man.”
John Steinbeck (Nobel Prize 1962)

        for the DEAD in the Struggle for EELAM


Ages from now, let it not be said:
  Blood spills only as brother dies.
Ages from now, let not peace be bled
  By chances lost now in sighs.

To the high nor low slams the door
  To him who seeks the Law and more.
Take, take the Golden Mean way!
  Truth your only key, don’t ever slay!

Where the elephant roams un-tethered free,
  The familiar myna will echo carefree
Words of yore buried in sacred memory:
  One breed, one species carved in ivory.

No greater fear simmers in the lowlands
  Than the stealth of brother against brother;
No higher disdain festers in the highlands
  Than vengeance lying in wait for the other.


Think not of the promises made and broken,
  Think only of the time lost and forsaken.
Every hour, every day, a life blown or taken;
  Every month, every year, a people woe-driven.

To the high nor low slams the door
  To him who seeks the Law and more.
Take, take the Golden Mean path!
  Truth your only key, never the lathe!

Think of Prince Paranirupasingham who to succour
  King Jayavira’s queen, to Kandy, fled his throne:
Abandoned to court intrigue, schemes and wiles encore:
  A princely retreat, a physician’s penance alone.

First governor, then regent, the last Jaffna King Cankili
  Learnt best the conqueror's cruel art of slaughter;
Then, fired by the local converts' iniquitous treachery,
  Revolted too late, his head the butt of lofty laughter.

Think of C.P. Ramanathan the island’s cause to defend
  Sailed over choppy seas past wild submarines
To raise the nation’s flag in the court of the Empire’s den,
  His homeward chariot drawn by one peoples’ teens.

(...continued in Parts 3 to 5)

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So the government is going completely insane 
the way it usually does
there's nothing but       filibustering and disdain
and to get rid of what once was

there's eighteen months until the next presidential election
so the news is inundated with who, what and where
there seems to be no viable correction
while arguments and insults are all I hear

the president in power now is banned from doing anything good at all
every package he wraps up with a bow is knocked down
labor movements do nothing but stumble and stall
and every congressmen or senator is nothing but a pin-striped clown

god forbid both sides of the aisle should come to agree
but that won't happen because that would declare a winner
I hear talk radio with racial slurs that offend people like me
and guess who's not coming to dinner

so let's continue to flood the airwaves with scenes from the Twilight Zone
themes only the self indulgent can understand
while the newscasters refuse to reveal the unknown
with people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannady leading the band
 © 2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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beauty in the face

tossed upon the seas of love
the hateful soul unrepentant
sloganed roses read OsLove
to show humanity's decedents

what the stronger will stand for
bury the hate after the tears
no heating up of this cold war
speak to each in higher prayers

hate may have a home in Hades
but the people here won't bite
held high cool love to cascade
renounce hostility abolish fright

each individually, and as a race
stands at a fork in their road
turn toward love or a darker place
either way picked emotions flowed

these now stand voicing tolerance
flowers of acceptance held high
instead of falling into malevolence
individuals as a nation do reply

© Goode Guy 2011-07-26

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democracy may look to some, to seem
a hell of a way to run a government
can two parties be on the same team?
that it works at all is a wonderment 

what rancor could be made of this?
this would pass for a party plank
be it elephant's or a donkey's to kiss
it's squeaky wheels we have to thank

we engage in rhetoric harsh to prove
our point is the truth or so we say,
so take your firm stance, and move!
be it right or left, the other way

we're gonna block your filly buster!
horse tradin' is 'fer checkin' teeth
uncompromisin' deals pass 'fer muster
some party's purpose is to deceive

our founding fathers, gentlemen all
taught that with good speaking skills
our House divided can not fall?
it's Senate's turn to pass some bills

our leaders are honest ones, with ability
vision for the nations future direction
turn this ship with statesmen's civility
to please citizenry's best cross section

yet with serious tone of impending disaster
if esteemed colleagues should get their say
they speak to press with sound bites faster
to sway opinion polls, today's power play

the whole process makes the thoughtful wonder
about the ability of political men to work
for their point to prove, and pull asunder
national harmony, as we all go berserk

democracy may look to some, to seem
a hell of a way to run a government
two parties can be on the same team,
as compromise doesn't breed discontent

to know political relations are symbiotic
the nature of democracy is a bit chaotic

© Goode Guy 2011-06-24

dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

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Implausible Rescue

Economic servitude
has me in its chains,
Wall Street and the bankers
have all the money and the brains.

I owe, I owe to work I go
sang the seven dwarves,
off to slave away for them 
listed by Mr. Forbes.

All the years and hours 
put in on the job,
to put aside a nest egg
for them to legally rob.

Common thieves in Armani suits
Rolex Oysters on their wrists,
hiding behind bribed senators
as we watch and shake our fists.

Who will save us from these guys
from Washington and Wall Street?
Who will give us back our savings
we thought were ours to keep?

Will Superman or the President
swoop in heroically,
pack them off to prison 
and return my money to me?

We know that’s only in the movies
or Batman comic books,
because the government of America
has become a bunch of crooks.

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War of Contempt

Without the quest for redemption
The populace play idle games
Gigabits won’t grant exemption
When sovereignty goes up in flames 

Genocidal business mission
Funding both sides of each conflict
Stoking the flames of ambition
Bankrupt countries fail by edict

New orders rooted in the past
Proffer real wealth for dead paper
They sow ignorance vile and vast
Freedom dissolving like vapor

Warranted balance sheets dictate
Suitable loss as they see fit
Diseased airwaves warn us to hate
While poisons infect the mess kit

Failing sweet liberty’s daughter
Uranium shells pierce and spall
Embedding explosive slaughter
Self-righteousness annexing all

Peace proves a word of corruption
Imposing control serves their end
Troops and camps to quell eruption
When cheated free souls won’t pretend

Babel rebuilt before our eyes
Covert designs from ancient times
I recognize the Fourth Reich’s rise
Never ignoring their war crimes

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The Executed Donkey

This political forum is but an avenue for debate
Leaving man and woman, speaking then of hate
Trying so to stay within the realm of running calm
The press exploits the two by setting off their bombs

As words that started factual, have turned to bitter cold
Man and woman pass the buck, a story that’s quite old
When issues so imperative are swept under the rug
One tries to squash the other, like stepping on a bug

It seems intentions, at one time, may have been of good
Tables turned, as candidates, now do the things they could
They try to get away with it as they say so much as well
Smearing the name of the other, while they then just propel

Their party hustles, bustles, to get the dirt they need
Then turn it out for pleasure to the media who feeds
Truth be known, no good will come from letting dirt then loose
As the candidates seem to further, put their heads into a noose

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Lies Flying

Lies flying
Truth dying
People too

Give me back
My country lost
Play a hymn
To what it cost

Colors gone
And sides were taken
Will this end
In banner shaken

Gray was gray
And blue was blue
No tone between
Nor greater hue

Tell me now
Just who is right
That I might see
An end in sight

North be north
And south just that
Why then be
This greatest spat

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The big cat stalks the shadows,
Searching for his prey.
He's quick and strong this predator,
And patience his mainstay.

Now he lurks inside the fence,
He's got into the house,
And I can tell you this big cat,
Searches for no mouse.

Much bigger prey is needed here,
His appetite enormous,
And as he stalks his fettered prey,
He finds it all quite humorous.

What fools to leave a lazy lout,
To guard their precious chattel.
He'll bring them all down one by one,
Devouring all their cattle.

Foolish leopard that he is,
He hasn't got a clue,
That when the fatted calf is gone,
He will be gone too.

                                                   Judy Ball

'Nuff Said

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Destroying the Hypnobox

Torrents of opinion replacing fact
Barons control all that scrolls on that crawl
Silicon graphics--deceitful contract
Prometheus stealing fire from all

Tools of alarm promote profit-sharing
Octopus minds plot for us to keep less
Credulous masses need a good scaring
Agendas provoked by careful duress

Flirtatious hosts with no care for this world
Reading the script that our owners have planned
Digital mugging while flags are unfurled
Send kids to die in some far-away land

Empire building requires complicity
They seek to captivate delicate minds
Trust funds abound to buy publicity
To grease-up the wheel till the war mill grinds

Editors selling their duty for spin
Get their grim orders from round table groups
Twin tower fright proves a useful linchpin
Raising the false-flag to sign up more troops

Follow the money, their plan becomes clear
Domination fuels their crusade for more
Pipelines of oil cutting through the frontier
Hide wealth behind the hoax of holy war

Resist the program that boxes us in
See the real world with a clear set of eyes
Trust the brave soul that resides in your skin
And watch the bright flame of liberty rise