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Quatrain Passion Poems | Quatrain Poems About Passion

These Quatrain Passion poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Passion. These are the best examples of Quatrain Passion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Time of Bliss

A Time of Bliss

Love’s a mystery to everyone falling under its magical spell,
And it would be natural to think we all know it so very well.
But with emotions ripe and afire in this special time of bliss,
It’s easy for those so smitten not to sense something amiss. 

Love’s a most potent alchemy enchanting at once one’s soul,
And when it’s returned in kind it makes one’s life quite whole.
The pure passion that love excites is beyond all earthly compare,
Which makes it an emotive force not subject to any trifled dare.

Love’s a time of bliss when a couple’s very love melds them as one,
And affairs of the heart shape their fate as two souls form as one.
This is the moment when lovers rejoice in such unbridled pleasure,
When each knows they’ve found a love so rare for eternity to treasure.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – February 1, 2015
(Rhymed Quatrain)

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Who Do You Want me to Be

Who do you want me to be tonight
Who do you want me to be?
A teacher, a school girl, a fairy bright
I am tired of being me

Who do you want me to be, my love
Tell me, I’m longing to know
A secretary, boss, or cleaning girl
A nymph with a shimmering glow?

Who do you want me to be, my man
I want  to play your game
A slave in your desert haram
A woman without a name

Who do you want me to be tonight
Unleash that sweet fantasy
I’ll be whoever you’re dreaming of
And guide you to ecstasy

Who do you want me to be, my love
I’ll be just who you desire
All that I know, my man, my life
Is that I long to stoke your fire!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Ode to a rose on a sunset

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as the clouds dip into the sea.
A kiss from that rose as the waves fall,
over the beach to a rose kissed me.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as we wrap in lovers embrace.
A kiss from a rose as homeward we go,
to a bed clothed in satin and lace.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
with passion and warmth do we grasp.
A kiss from that rose that blossoms and blooms,
my hand in her labour pain clasp.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
that wanton and curvy young bride.
A kiss from that rose that huddles our babe,
so loving, in motherly pride.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
without whom I'd not share my life.
A kiss from that rose who selflessly filled,
the place of my darling rose wife!

(c) anaisanais - A M Docherty - Wales, United Kingdom. (7/8/2013)

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I Want Someone

I want someone to pamper me
To bathe me with love and care
I want someone to cherish me
To say he’ll always be there

I want someone who hears the sigh
That no one else can hear
I want someone who bears me up
When my heart trembles with fear

I want someone to adore me
And tell me I’m his guiding light
I want someone to caress me
All through the lonely night

I want someone to play with me
And cuddle me like a child
I want someone to entice me
With passion to drive me wild

I want someone to make love to me
Like I’m some goddess divine
I want someone to touch my soul
To take me to heights sublime

I want someone to nurture me
To keep me under his wing
I want someone to humor me
And give my heart songs to sing

I want someone to ravish me
Make me forget time and place
I want someone to possess me
Make me vanish without a trace

I want someone to kiss me
Like he’s tasting nectar sweet
I want someone to taste me
Like he’s savoring a treat

I want someone to adore me
Like I’m the sacred grail
I want someone to follow me
Down each and every trail

I want someone to look at me
And see what lies within
I want someone to guard me
And keep me safe from sin

I want someone to hold me
And sing a sweet lullaby
I want someone to console me
With the truth and never a lie!

I want someone who is daring
Who'll fight enemies old and new
I want someone who's divine
And that someone, my dear, is YOU!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Self-gratification is the fruit of one's love,
making the artist's delighted face glow...
when every vision has been achieved,
and each intention joyfully revealed.

He will envision the shape and colors,
then transfer those images to canvas;
and with the gentles strokes of his brush...
real faces will appear and suddenly blush.

Thinker and dreamer, let passion and imagination flow,
don't be distracted by worries or external sounds below;
work diligently with your brush, transcending your own credibility...
but later, it would be too hilarious to scream out your insanity.

Self-gratification is the fruit of one's love...
that enduring, timeless legacy hard to ignore;
when others show admiration, you'll be so pleased
and motivated to add more laurels to your prestige.     

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Love Letter

On ink filled parchment,
I wrote my love to you.
I stained it with my heart,
And wrote nothing untrue.

I took my feather quill,
And dipped it in the inkwell.
I filled the page with ardor,
As my concern began to swell.

My passion filled the page,
Sweet scribbles of my fondness.
My desires written to be known,
To you my heart is confessed.

I kissed the folded letter,
And sealed it with my love.
I placed it in the post,
Waiting for a reply thereof.

It’s been a couple of weeks,
And still no word at all.
I hope the letter reached you,
And that you could read my scrawl.

I wrote you a love letter,
And let my passion flow.
For my heart’s request,
I wanted you to know.

I wrote it in a hurry,
I filled it with my heart’s most.
But I’m still checking daily,
For your reply in the post.

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My Torment

A fleeting still small voice tries to warn me
A sudden overwhelming desire to run
The tell tale taste of metallic flakes
Means my nightmare has begun

Everything around takes on a ghostly pallor
A landscape of anguish and corrosion
A moment of silence before the violence
The flash of light, the brilliant explosion

The sound of the Sun fills my ears
Fear, my throat, though none escapes me
And paralyzed I clench my eyes
As my tormentor prepares to rape me

And it's endeavor is absolute
Consumption is its ultimate goal
It exists to chase me so it can erase me
Whilst feasting on my soul

And then that familiar salty smell 
The sudden rush of warmth so stings
Engaging me relentlessly
In vile unspeakable things

Over and over and over again
My limbs stretched and wrought
As it's teeth tear my bones bare
It's mind defiles my thoughts

And still wounds beget wounds beget wounds
As in the mouth of madness I suffer
And with every injury he just seems to be
Rougher and rougher and rougher

Then just as suddenly as it began it ceases
And for a moment I am clearer
And then the true horror of it all
Is revealed in a darkly lit mirror

There in front of me stands my destroyer
Face flush with it's fill of my pain
And I find that it's eyes and mine
My God, they’re one in the same

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"Playing With Fire"

The heat of the fireplace
enhances the spark,
we know our love
will not fade in the dark.

We kissed amongst
burning candlelight,
your presence alone
brightened my midnight.

Nothing can extinguish
your warming touch,
a lasting impression
that meant so much.

Bound to be burned
As we played with fire,
we could not resist
and gave in to desire.

This kind of scorch
I was lucky to find,
and neither of us
ever seemed to mind.

We were both engulfed
by passion's flame,
and we only have
each other to blame.

November, 20th, 2013

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To A Secret Love

In my heart I've always loved you
Always thought you good and kind
Though I know you do not know me
Know you're always on my mind

Nights of darkness pass unbroken
By your smile and gentle ways
How I wish that you were present
Here beside me all my days

Light or darkness, rain or shadow
Thoughts of you are light to me
Now I pray that as you read this
Thoughts of me would kindly be

I would be your slave forever
Just to bring a smile or two
Have you walking life beside me
All your blest commands to do

How I hope that you will greet me
Pray you'll see my desp'rate case
Should you not, my heart would founder
Longing for your smiling face

About this poem: It is trochaic, meaning that it starts with a stressed syllable and alternates between a stressed and unstressed the whole way through. The syllable count is Although I wrote this from the viewpoint of a man, it could be read either way.

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Burning Embers

Always we’d break up. We’d get back together, passion-thirsting in hot summer’s weather. We’d quench our desires from love’s brimming cup. We’d get back together; always we’d break up. Not long would it last, and around the fall, you would disappear. Then would come the pall smothering my joy, summer gone so fast. And around the fall, not long would it last! No matter where you went, I still harbored hope that you would return. That was how I’d cope. Through fall’s chill and bitter disappointment I still harbored hope no matter where you went. A fire still lingered there, deep inside my soul, and over it, my heart had no control. One thought of you, I’d feel it start to flare deep inside my soul! A fire still lingered there. A new year would come in gloomy autumn’s wake. A vow to never take you back I’d make! But after winter came the spring, you, and sun! In autumn’s gloomy wake, a new year would come. Oh, those burning embers - when you would return, for my resolve would melt; by June, I’d burn! How quickly I’d forget my sad Novembers when you would return. Oh, those burning embers! By Andrea Dietrich, another swap quatrain written 2/15/13 for the Burning Embers Contest of Gail Angel Doyle

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The Unicorn Dedicated to Pd For her Birthday

~The Unicorn~ There is a woman who has a passion Not for a man and not for a fashion Her passion is for a horse, a horse with a horn. Commonly known as a mystical unicorn. This mythical beast from days of yore Did it walk on this hallowed land before? The Bible mentions this unicorn But the science says it’s a beast with one horn. It’s placed where the horn is on a rhinoceros So what is that trying to tell the lot of us? Those unicorns did not roam about I know that’s hard love, please don’t shout The mythical beast of charm and of love Is just a rhinoceros to you and me, my dove? The Bible talks of it with other beasts Not mythical ones, that now have all ceased. What it means is a beast with just one horn But not the mythical mystical unicorn But for you PD I will start to seek For a horse with a horn that would be labelled a freak. I will scour the lands up hill and down dale I will lift every stone and turn every hay bale If this horse with a horn is what you desire I will spend my time searching-until I expire. For you with a passion for a horse with a horn I’ll search for ever to find your mystical unicorn But if I expire before my quest is done I’ll get an apprentice, and he can find one.
© 10/09/2012 ~GG~

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Jingle Bells

Christmas shopping I will go
Red kettles at department stores
Sidewalks covered in snow
Bell-ringers spreading Christmas joy

Volunteers bring Christmas cheers
Give a dollar or two or more
For the needy the bells ring clear
Red kettles need to be filled

Goodwill is in the air
Giving donations is what it's about
For those in despair
It's the Christmas sharing and giving part

"Jingle Bells" for Kim's contest

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Love is Strong

Kindness moves quickly between two lovers Love is strong, the incense does waft through them Mastered the heart of the rose they blossom Never did they think they’d love like a gem Great is the love seen by the romantics
Russell Sivey Form Quatrain(ish) Contest: An ABC Poem about LOVE Sponsor: Alfred Vassallo 5/22/2013

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Color of the Wind

Your love is like the color of the wind Where you surely have lovely green flared eyes The air burns with a hot flare from above Rage fires from deep within like one despised Harmony displays not one keen aspect She opens not my mind but my pure heart May my hair envelope, my souls escape To fill my cup with the divine impart Her eyes, a beauty that I can’t dispel She takes me down into the fiery depths Passion is king and love’s an afterthought No matter my happy heart, I have wept It goes deeper than any caves around Love goes beyond the boundaries we set The wind plays it part within the grand scheme I hope to always see and not forget The sunlight brings cheer to our tender lives Where the air burns like fire bringing passion Love harbors cloudless skies that’s softly here Where it all has brought love in pure action
Russell Sivey

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I Remember the Day

I remember the day when comments were the main
They're all very instrumental to the Soup's mainframe
Some comments are influential that created other writes
And many were like tuition that kept us crisp and bright

But there now appears a drought growing larger every day
We need to increase our comments as they help us write our says
Maybe it's time for change, for the Soup to alter it's route
Many foundations have recently left, will others follow suit

The columns showing us the views, tells us nothing at all
How many have clicked on a poem thinking that's a bit of a trawl
So another poem was open and not a word was read
So basically the views are worthless, because comments are our thread

We can learn from our comments but we will never learn from the views
It's our democratic choice for all, of what we do and choose
Nothing stays the same for ever as it appears to be
It's still the worlds best poetry site, that's down to you and me

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The Meaning Of Love

The Meaning of Love

Sitting on the water the moon dipping in his toes
Water rippling down, towards the sea it goes.
Making love under the moonlit sky so bright
As one together, on one never-to-be forgotten night.

Ripples of water matched by ripples of fear
Trembling together but not even near
Eons apart but matched in one thought
It cannot be stopped, it cannot be fought.

The moon need not be there, the river may dry up
The stars never seen, the wine they did not sup
Together they can be as one without even a touch
In thought and word only, the passion too much.

To fetch the passion to it’s desired end
Words of love and time one needs to spend
To come and reach the final conclusion
Together as one, it is no illusion.

Happiness can be reached though eons apart
Though time and circumstance tug at the heart
To never be alone in word thought or deed
Always to be there, when the other is in need.

© 22/12/2012 ~GG~

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My heart would please one soothing word from anywhere,
All whom I know no one could one pleasing word spare.
My skin could use one pleasing touch and any care,
But all that cares is the loneliness that she left.

My heart had been amused like a happy village,
And smiles had in two divided my moonstruck face,
But now day breaks and it has sent my moon away,
And I’m no doc to think to treat this cardiac case.

She left that just my loneliness should care for me,
Yet she’d not want another damsel on my knees.
To leave so that my swinging mind freely should swing,
And swing and swing until to rest it’d come to be.

Leaving me thus is not a noble renegade
In spite this truth; there was no time that you reneged.
Your actions oft, lately so harsh and soft, I make
To be your blurry close on all my heart might say.

Of one who would despite my woes remain I want
My eyes can’t search: love’s arrow’s made my vision blunt.
For all I’d see is what would for one night feel strong,
Cos by the breaking of the dawn it will be gone.

Iambic Hexameter

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Lost in a moment

Lost in a moment
A breath of time
A single point
On the worlds spine
A single minute
Frozen in space
Held by a kiss
Held in its place
It tingles 
And shimmers
And shakes 
And trimmers
It rolls 
And rocks 
In vicious
But it holds
And lasts 
The past
Caught in time
A web of desire
Caught in a touch
A feeling of fire
A click of a shutter
A flick of a brush
A moment captured
By passion and lust
Feeling you tremble
Seeing you shake
Feeling the heat
The two of us make
And yearning
And burning
And gasping 
The moment 
Is lasping
Im holding
As I watch
You folding
Into my arms
Into my lap
Between my legs
Safely they wrap
Around your back
Pulling you close
Making you feel 
What you need most
Look in your face
Look in your eyes
Kissing you soft
As the firelight dies
Feeling your mouth
Wet on my lips
Drinking you in
Your taste I sip
Running my tongue
Down your skin
Tasting your salt
Where my mouth has been
Your aching 
And pressing 
As your slowly 
Im touching 
And feeling 
Your body 
So willing
So hot 
You get
you wet
making you
making you 
Lost in this moment
This breath of time
This single point
Frozen in time
Holding you tight
As you fall asleep
This moment this memory
Forever ill keep

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Amidst a Flowery Meadow

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
We happen across an Oak tree, as old as old can be
Below it's green filled canopy, we lay in love so free

We chatted and chatted for ages amidst this greenery
Our minds knowing our eventual, to be naked and so free
We turn to face each other, leaning in we share a kiss
Our eyes know our looks, to be in desirable bliss

Lips now touch like whispers, in gentle delightful flow
Urging excites our wants, our desires in us grow
Slowly I undo her buttons revealing charms so sweet
Her body reflects my attention, in pertness rising greet

Cupped I kiss her gently, her hands run through my hair
Her torso openly naked, whilst the Oak can only stare
Sighs now resonate across this meadow of colour
She whispers words of crave, delight my wanting flower

I touch, I kiss and caress, this bloom in radiant pink
Two now become one, as we start to love in sync
Frantic kisses now shared in lusting craving require
Our orchestrated echoes confirm our wanting loving desire

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
Our passion and love flowed in this lovely flowery place
Below the oldest of Oak trees, lovingly we graced

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Desire of the pains of love

looking deep into her face
for minutes at a time
one finger in her hair
more pleasent than the chime

I've long dreamed of her touch
dreams to caress her mind
holding her close to heart
and we'll together bind

so close she is to me
I reach and touch her lip
gently with my finger
though lusting for her hips

and either I should kiss
as either would be bliss
as my hands draw on her
and we end so breathless

I see her hand in mine
I'd know it without sight
warming and soft to feel
I'd hold it all my nights

I wished to delve her mind
I wished to know that girl
let her sorrow be gone
unto me I shall feel

never distort the air 
nor show signs of concern
if I hold her to me
little to be discerned

but that's not who I am
to see through rosey shades
be draped in silken cloth
that's not how I was made

I see what could calm me
her sinuous body
lovely before all eyes
teasing me wantonly

see the unloved lover
so wretched to behold
I'll keep my eyes above
yet my heart remains cold

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When True Love is Found

As the clock strikes midnight
And there's a full moon in the sky
Into our room she walks
Something catches my eye

It's the black lacy piece she's wearing
Hemmed low to draw me in
Revealing curves of delight
Tanned undulations of skin

Her sexy swagger delights
As I turn from the window to view
The man in me hungers
Excitement now flows through

We stand in hold together
Our hands in wandering mode
I pray this night never ends
As our future hours erode

Our cries like anthem sounds
Echo from our hearts
Two souls from broken pasts
Cementing their new start

We awake in the morning
Spooned from captured joy
This first of many a night
True love, this girl and boy

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I never saw little Cupid,
he was silent and he was hid,
but I can tell you all about him,
and all the things he did. 

And how a golden arrow 
with loves hot glowing flame,
struck my heart like lightning, 
and delivered to me her name. 

And how it hit my heart so hard, 
and spun me all around,
and before I even knew it, 
I was Sheri bound.

I put aside my boyish ways, 
and took on a manly charm.
I worked it long, and worked it hard 
to get into her arms. 

I'd go and see her often, 
but often wasn't enough.
I found I never tired 
from this magical thing called love.

I still have that age old scar 
deep within my heart,
where a golden arrow landed once, 
and gave my love its start.

Though its been so long ago 
I can say I love her still.
And because of little Cupid 
I know I always will.

His aim was true and steady 
when he released that bolt to fly,
and caused this love inside me 
that will last until I die.

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Flames of Perdition

Flames of perdition
Painting passion’s fire
Moaning moonlight
Squeezing sensuous desire
Lovers’ lips 
Speaking sun glazed sin
Tasting temptation
Beaded on sultry skin
Sweaty sighs
Restless for relief
Smearing seduction
On eyes of disbelief

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I have entered many poetry contests
to display my amazing number of sixty or more,
only one of my poems has won first place;
poets are like enduring athletes who fight to the very core! 

One big hurray goes to myself for the first win,
congratulations to the other participants
who are on the top of that list, or have been
awarded Honorable Mentions for their efforts!  

When my poem doesn't make it to the finalists's list,
I don't feel discouraged, I brazen out the doubt and try again;
even Lance Armstrong, with his skills, can't always win his race,
and the trophy must be given to someone else!

I rejoice when some of the chosen poets appear 
on the winners' list; I am happy for their accomplishment,
and into a word-restricted message's box I gladly comment
on their poetry...with the insight of an achiever!

And for those whose names never made it as previously thought,
I honestly tell you, from experience, not to be a bit discouraged...
your time will come when your enthusiasm will require a big shout;
never put the word, " Winner " to rest, write for fun and persist instead! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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He was the bard from Stratford, and as a teenager
he helped his father in his trade; he married and had children
and became the most popular and admired play writer
in all England...acting was also his other pleasurable passion.    

Curious Queen Elisabeth was one of the thousand spectators,
who came to see him in the Globe theater...she shed tears, 
and was stunned by the performance of his timeless plays,
and yet, some of his fellow-poets criticized him for his writings!

I wish I had lived in that Victorian era so intellectual and refined,
and had met him in person and had showed him my ample admiration;
I would have asked him the secret, which made him so legendary and loved...
and he would have whispered it to me, to make me revel in that revelation!     

I have read his inspiring works, and tragedies rampantly occur
from " Romeo and Juliet"...the Verona's immortal lovers, through" Hamlet "
whose insanity was undoubtedly caused by the specter of his father; 
and why didn't Shakespeare choose less dramatic plays not ending in death?

He wanted to teach us indelible lessons to show us how the human spirit
can be passionate, adamant, loveless, envious, cruel, unfair and treacherous...
to outline all kinds of guilt: from murder to envy so well-expressed with eloquence;
it's no mystery to anyone how he conjured up such plots with grief, madness and wit!    

Shakespeare was no ordinary kid, and he played with his siblings on Henley Street,
neighbors saw him trot to his grammar school, later he would make everyone weep; 
early in adolescence, did his prodigious mind envision one from a vague thought?
It's no wonder that he is widely read even today...hear his speak, he'll impart worth!  

Entered in Amy Green's contest, " Wow Me With Inspiration "

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Passions driven from deep within.
Crowded room dank with unanticipatory thought.
Understood; but not.
A question asked, but not soon answered.
One day I will find our true meaning.

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We wanted to work our troubles out,
with the things that we would say.
But every time we tried to talk,
the words got in the way.

The more we tried to right the wrongs,
the more the problems stayed.
And even though we tried so hard,
the words got in the way.

We never solved our differences,
so together we didn't stay.
Our love couldn't over come,
when words got in the way.

Today we live so far apart,
our feelings we couldn't convey.
We just couldn't communicate,
cause the words got in the way.

Now I wait to hear from her,
on those rare but relished days.
And we laugh about days gone by,
when the words got in the way.

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This Heart of Mine

You know I hate to love you baby

You're only playin with my heart.

So many dreams you've shattered

So many lives you've torn apart.

If only I could walk away

If my heart could just forget

If the tangled web of love you've spun

Didn't pose such a threat.

Then I could love to love you baby

My heart it could take wings.

I could fall into this love affair

One that had no strings.

But in your hands, my heart a weapon

To be tortured and teased.

My dreams, the ones you've shattered

To be tossed out as you please.

You know I hate to love you baby

Because this heart of mine

Is fragile and it's tender and it's

Living on borrowed time.

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Still Life Imperfect

Bitten fruit in still life oils
shined by light internal
shows there is no sweet perfection
immortalized eternal
Portraits crunched, pureed and such
by hands dissolved, ungifted
wipe the paint from canvas skin
until the stains are lifted
Soak the sky with thoughts of art
Speak like a simpleton speaks
Scour the ground for a speck of emotion
to hoard in your hollows for weeks
Reconcile to read a book
Bury your heart in it's sleeve
At the moment you feel like a still life imperfect
you humbly ask and receive...

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My Love Renewed

I searched for adventure
A time or two
In my mind I forgot
I needed you

Now I see
That I was wrong
I truly loved you
All along
With all we went through
And all we have done
I couldn't see 
That you were the one

My soul was stored
Locked up until last night
You released it
When you held me tight

Now I remember
Our passion so true
My heart yours forever
My love is renewed

For Dave

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USA Vs Canada

I watched the USA beat the USA today,
Losing a winnable hockey game.
We had a great defense, but then 
Chose to give the gold to Canada again.

©2014 Honestly JT

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Willful Passion

It’s so hot in climate outside And inside the heat is exuded Passion falls upon our feet We are still alive not alluded Our lives have been made from joy This love we have for each other Produces more heat than normal Our hearts are pure for one another I hold her close to me all the time With a phase of willful passion I romance her deep inside me There’s dancing in some creation There’s no losing within our lives We don’t exist within the briar Nothing could separate us now A real love is what we truly are
Russell Sivey

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On Grandma's Farm

There's an antique red barn
Sits atop the hill
And a small little pond
Chock full of blue-gill 

There's old rusty cars
Which haven't ran in years
And a hundred year old house
Once manufactured by Sears
It's loaded full of memories
It's filled with lots of charm
It's a place I know and Love
It's all there...On Grandma's Farm

Used to go there every Sunday
From as far back as I can remember
Sledding down the hill
In the snow come December

I Loved it out at Grandmas
Playing with toy tractors in the sand
Going to help split wood
Just to lend a helping hand

I Loved it winter, spring and summer
But my favorite time of all
Was when the leaves all turned
The wonderful colors of fall

I was carefree and happy
The world was free from harm
Way back when I was a kid
Out On My Grandma's Farm

© 2011 Kevin Stock

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Beneath that frame you wear so well,
a sinner or a saint?
A simmering of lust I smell
within your self-restraint.

It won’t be too much longer now;
The hunger’s in your eyes.
I feel it on your fevered brow;
I hear it in your sighs.

You can’t survive my full assault.
You’re losing your facade.
It’s coming down.  It’s not my fault.
You’ll see you’ve been a fraud.

For underneath that skin, you burn,
and soon you will be mine.
Before this night is through, you’ll learn
that burning is divine.

For PD's Love Poem Contest

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The Cry of Heart

              Neither thy face, nor features, lips and eyes
Nor it is my yearning for mirth which my heart fries

My feet are advancing towards the hangman’s platform
     O sword of tyranny! It is for thee my heart cries

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The Break Of A New Day

It's another North Carolina morning,
Just before I see the sun rise.
To lighter blue the sky is turning,
And nature wakes opening her eyes.

©2013 Honestly JT

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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Hammock of moon drifting like swan
to cradle night in brushed cyan
While tinsels spark on glazed lagoon
Drifting like swan... hammock of moon.

Luna twirls from rush of wind’s scent
As jasmines rise with flamed intent, 
Enthralling my eyes as blooms unfurl
In rush of wind’s scent Luna twirls.

Starlight joins with glitters of dust,
On ripples daring to combust...
The passion in my bones, dethroned
From glitters of dust, starlight joins!

Swap Quatrains. Let's See
What You've Got! 
Contest of Andrea Dietrich
*Listed as Quatrain Form

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A Poet's View on Words

Words are the quintessential mystical fabric and common medium of all poetry.
Words often portray what the poet sees, senses, feels, imagines, and even dreams.
The very magic of poetry comes to life from a deliberate woven process
Of words enveloped into thoughts, metaphors, beliefs, situations, and emotions.

There is a saying in the original Latin: “Verba sunt indices animi,”
Which when rendered in English is: “Words are the indices of the mind.”
Words, in the poetic sense, form the ethereal undergirding for these indices
And beckon all poets to think deeply and precisely—and to challenge their thoughts.

As poets develop and expand the precious word treasures of their minds,
They begin to see and sense over time a deeper understanding of the human psyche,
And a greater appreciation for the complex circumstances and interactions of people
Which drive the human endeavor—good, bad, happy, sad, glad or indifferent.

Words then form the very symbolic arrows in the poet’s quiver to be employed
With thoughtful care and meaning, enraptured intent, and an enchanted vision.
We as poets should strive for nothing less as we reflect on our poetic visions, 
For these can be always visualized in: “Words are the indices of the ‘poetic’ mind."

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, Schoeningen, Germany (September 23, 2014)

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Touch Me

Touch me like you mean it
My soul hungers for your caress
These blue eyes wish to feast on you
Please take your time as you undress

We can listen to soft music
Playing from my old radio
Don't be concearned about the time
Love can be better when it's slow

Touch me like you mean it
Consume me fully with desire
This body of mine aches for you
Only your love can quench this fire

Come feel each and every inch
Let your hands and mouth explore
Lift me on waves of pleasure
Until I beg you for more

Touch me like you mean it
Until these two bodies lay spent
Your aroma a sweet perfume
I long to be lost in that scent

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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Love You Forever

Can’t forget that day
We took 7 steps together
Seems like yesterday
Its 7 years, we are together

Can hear the sound of heartbeats
I felt for you that day
Can you hear the sound of my beats?
It remains the same this day

You are my sweetheart
You are like my mother
I love you out of choice
With you, I have no bother

You hold a special place in my life
Words cannot say my love O’ Dear
Seven more births by grace of God
Our love shall last forever

                                                            5-11-2010 is my 7th Wedding Day
                                                            This poem is to my love, my sweetheart

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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~Honeymoon Capers~ The big day arrived and we couldn’t wait We were old fashioned and there was no horse after the gate The wedding went off with nary a hitch A few gate crashers but we didn’t b i t c h . * The honeymoon night, boy what a thrill The emotions it caused are with us both still While showering in a hotel bathroom suite My new husband dare ask if he could now peek. Into the shower he joined me all of a quiver The sparks were shooting hither and thither I was covered in shampoo from washing my hair I tried to squeeze past him the water to share. No thought was there yet of making love in the shower We were getting to know more of each other hour by hour My new husband’s passion was obviously aroused As I stuck me head under the shower to be doused. It was then that I did slip and fall backwards with a yell Taking the shower the curtains and my husbands passion as well All I remember as my head hit the loo Was an agonised yell from my husband brand new. As my legs lifted high not for love it would seem But I kicked him in the place where he kept his lovers dreams. I woke up on the floor my head splitting in two My husband at the side of me groaning by the loo Water was pouring from the shower wall Neither could move nor dare make a call He said he knew that in marriage there could be some hard knocks But it was taking the cake to get kicked in the rocks. The toilet was cracked just like my head The bathroom was flooded we had to stay in bed Our honeymoon night our first night together Is one we will remember for ever and ever.
* Censor won't let me use it so I split it ©~GG~ 30/08/2012

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Touch Me Like You Mean It

"Touch me like you mean it"
Put your soul into your touch
Let your hands this message give:
"I have longed for you so much!"

"Touch me like you mean it"
Let your body melt in mine
With your lips, kiss my lids shut
Then your tongue with mine entwine

"Touch me like you mean it"
Yes, touch me right where I need
Let your fingers waken now 
A sweet faith in passion's creed

"Touch me like you mean it"
with your body cradle me
let me feel you everywhere
as your meanings set me free

"Touch me like you mean it"
Let your words go round my soul
Draw me to the edge, then wait
Till in you I lose control

"Touch me like you mean it"
Then lie back and simply feel
These hands that give you pleasure
As fantasies becomes real


I was looking through Richard Lamoureux's older writes, and I came upon one of his poems entitled, Touch Me. It is such a passionate and beautiful poem, and it starts with this line..."Touch Me Like You Mean It." This is what it inspired in me and that is why that line is in quotation marks. His poem is much better. You should check it out.

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Playing With Fire

When I met her I knew she was fire
She was way too hot for me to hold
There I hovered within her orbit
If I stayed close I wouldn't be cold

She captured my imagination
A long legged beauty beyond compare
All her curves in the right places 
A pretty face with long flowing hair

Pappa said I shouldn't play with fire
Otherwise I would surely be burned
The day I finally found my courage
I received this scar that I have earned

The thing about a beautiful woman
She gets hit on almost every day
The heat that I felt was turned to ice
She turned around and walked away

At seventeen, I was way too young
I was like a moth caught in her flame
When it came to playing with fire
I didn't know the rules to the game

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Hats Off To You {Vignette}

heart flutters bearing the news
appointed poet laureate
bows comrades honoring name
gift gabble raising thy brows
expectations of nil
inspirations for others

Tribute To Poetry

And To All The Wonderful Poets
Here In The Soup Bowl
I Bow To Each

Also Entry For
Brian Strand's 
Poet Laureate Contest
GL All

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War for Love

You know I love you
I love my country more
Enemies around like sharks
Can't hide in a bunker anymore

I kissed you deep
We were in love
The tides rocked our love boat
I have to calm the seas

Can't wait I have
to save my motherland
Pay any price but win
to be in your arms for ever

Am always with you my dear
in your heart and mind
Wipe away your tear
Shall be back soon my dear

I know it sounds hollow
War can't buy peace
Bombs shatter hearts
Guns can't teach love

Don't my enemies ever love
My guns keep booming
My eyes are wet
I call war for love

                                            On 26 Nov 2008, terrorists from Pakistan gunned down
                                            innocent children, women and men in Mumbai
                                            This is my tribute to the Policemen who risked their lives
                                            to save the civilians.

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Romancing You

Your like a rock, hard and steady, I'm soft like a flower against your skin, you hold my heart, I know I hold yours, I feel the beat of it from within. I touch your lips, trace their lines, you hold my eyes, as you trace mine, we've lost all track of time, as love unfolds between us, so divine. What gentle love we have shared, husband and wife, we both have cared, nothing more than heavenly bliss on earth, between us a deeper love is birthed. Who could stop the flow of time, who could stop this surge of mine, of love that came so softly seeded, when I first discovered it was you I needed.

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A Moment Of Passion

I love you my darling with all my heart Wonder how many times that's been said At the moment of passion when love bursts forth Two hearts intertwine, passions fed That moment of bliss, the follow up kiss Is there anything else that compares With this overpowering lust and desire Extreme pleasure of that moment shared Feeling great passion rising within me As the words start to form on my screen Passionate love words describing my feelings As you emit tiny pleasurable screams If a Heaven exists, then this must be it Nothing has ever equaled this pleasure To bottle this feeling and sell it to all Would guaranty success beyond measure I love you my darling with all my heart Wonder how many times that's been said At that moment of passion when love bursts forth Two hearts intertwine, passions fed © Jack Ellison 2014

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True love, my dear, is marvelous and rare.
Its flame burns strong, passions never veering.
Hopes drift upon life’s dreams while lovers dare.
Fantasies everlastingly raving --

Embracing destiny without roving.
Joy rises as reality draws near.
Melting in ecstasy each evening.
Inviting our future together dear.

Anticipating wedding bells’ sweet ring
Forever shall we snuggle in life’s den.
Each tomorrow shall be shared endeavoring.
Knowing that the love we hold has no end.

June 4, 2012 
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Word Games Contest 
Sponsor	Catie Lindsey

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Passion Unfurled

I must try to be coy
I must be demure	
Traits of a “good girl”
Oh, but what is the cure?

He’s driving me wild
I’m starting to melt
Oh heavens, oh me
How good his kiss felt

I’m going to die
I’m feeling so faint
My deep craving pounds
Does he think I’m a saint?

I wish he would hurry
I simply can’t wait
My burning hunger
He MUST satiate

HE started this madness
HE set me on fire
And now HE lingers
While I burn with desire

The permission he seeks
Is there in my eyes
My patience wears thin
Passion melts my disguise

I see his eyes linger
On my cherry lips
They take in the curve
Of voluptuous hips

I move in closer
Shaken by the thrill
But if it takes too long
I’ll go in for the kill

My need relentless
I must take a dare
Undoing each clasp
My breasts now lie bare

This is my moment
His passion unfurls
I’ll end on this note
I’m one happy girl!  

September 6, 2013
Dr Ram's Contest
Passion over Patience

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Toaster Strudel Trochee

<                                       Toaster Strudel - Trochee

                                        I just crave toaster strudel
                                        Piping hot pastry
                                        Cool icing so can doodle
                                        Kellogg's bakery

                                        So get to popping me one 
                                        Time to used noodle
                                        Pop tarts boring just no fun
                                        Choose toaster strudel

Meter: 7/5/7/5 
Rhyme Scheme: a/b/c/b or a/b/a/b

The meter is trochee, which means alternating stressed and unstressed beats in each line, with each line beginning and ending in a stressed syllable. This is a simple lyrical type little poem, so rhymes will be basic, nothing fancy. The poem itself should give a description of something of interest to the poet and often the meter lends itself to humor, much as a limerick does. There is not a set number of these quatrain type stanzas, but a typical 7/5 Trochee would consist of two quatrains, with the second stanza serving to tie up the idea presented in the first stanza.

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Laughing Towards Ecstasy

I want to make you laugh
Till you're rolling on the floor
I won't be satisfied
Until you beg me for more

Passion mixed with laughter
Can truly be divine
No one else's fingers
Are anything like mine

They will fill you with pleasure
your heart can't help but race
You try to stop laughing
Tears stream down your face

Laughter becomes rapture
I know what you like best
I place my hands gently
A feather like caress

The rhythm becomes faster
My touch is more firm
No longer wanting laughter
With sweet passion you burn

Years we've been together
I still make you laugh every day
But in the end
This is my favorite way

Linda/ PD's make me laugh contest

Laughter with a twist.

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And you all thought
that after reaching home,
I would jump in the shower so fast
and off to bed...I'd snooze to end my boredom?

On my lunch hour I take a light nap,
it's beneficial to your health the doctor confidently says;
and should I ever see a scary, black cat
running across my windshield...a nightmare surely begins.

Working hard in a warehouse
with people and forklifts in full swing,
I must be more alert than a mouse
being chased by a bunch of hungry cats drooling.

To sit at my desk and write a poem for a new contest:
is a challenging and rewarding experience for an obscure poet;
and while others sleep and their spirits float in mysterious dreams,
I reflect over the rhetoric language of what life seems. 

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A Crime of Passion

You wonder how our love has died
It’s MY hand
A Crime of Passion’s what it is
I hope you understand

I spilt the blood of dying love
Put sword in to the hilt
And now I wear my mourning gown
But heart is free of guilt

Audacious is that question, “dear”
Forgot my tears last night?
Embrace refused, you  turned your back
And said, “Turn out the light!”

And did you ever question, “dear”
How this poor heart did tear
Those nights of passion you’d deny
Though heart and soul I’d bare

Some lukewarm love is not enough
this woman’s heart to fill
You think that only you have needs
Well, that prompted the kill!!!

It was a crime of Passion, “dear”
She really forced my hand
To live without her ecstasy 
Was more than I could stand!

I wanted more than you could give
My body’d throb and ache
To show that I was satisfied
Love making I would fake

And here you come and beg of me
To resurrect our love
We’ll it’s done gone and buried, “dear”
The spirit’s flown above

I walk right past the tomb and laugh
At all past misery
For now, you see, there is someone
Who gives Passion to me…

Eileen Manassian

;) Thought I'd try my hand at farce...

Here is a song that goes with this topic...Yes, an oldie...but a goldie....A woman needs love just like you do by Ray Parker Junior


A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Don't kid yourself into thinkin' that she don't
She can fool around just like you do, hoo
Unless you give her all the lovin' she wants

Don't the mistake of thinkin' old fashioned [Ooh, ooh]
Times have changed from yesterday
But no longer will those old double standards [Ooh, ooh]
Be accepted by the women of today

So when you think you're foolin' her
She just might be foolin' you
Remember if you can do it
She can too

Because a woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinking that she don't
She can fool around just like you do, hoo
Unless you give her all the lovin' she wants

When her eyes are beggin' for affection [Ooh, ooh]
Don't put her off, don't make her wait
Don't try to give her that worn out excuse [Ooh, ooh]
About being tired and workin' late

I tell you one day you'll come home
Early from work [Home from work]
Open up the door
And get your feelings hurt

Because she needs it, yeah [Just like you do, hoo]
A woman's got to have it, whoa, yeah, just like you
And if you're smart, mmm, [Just like you do, hoo] you better stop foolin'
around, hey, hey
'Cause she will too, oh

Just like you do, hoo
Thinking that she don't, hoo, ooh
Just like you, hoo
Now an example to you

Is by the time poor Jack
Returned up the hill
Somebody else
Had been lovin' Jill

A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinkin' that she don't
She can fool around [Yeah, just like you do, hoo], she will fool around so
You better take out some insurance and be sure she won't

Give her the love, mmm [Just like you do, hoo], yeah
That sweet, sweet love, she wants it just like you
'Cause she can fool around [Just like you do, hoo] just like she will fool
With you or without you, just like you do

A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinking that she don't, hoo, ooh
She can fool around just like you, hoo
A woman needs it just like you

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When Sky walks down to earth

When sky walks down to earth

You be a wild shower of monsoon,
and tranquillise my soft soul burning,
Seasons in tears flowed into lagoon,
and the heart sank into aches of yearning,

If you could see my blazing passion,
and feel the inside flame rising high,
See the sky walk down in obsession,
and come to my rescue, heave a sigh,

If you could feel fragrance of my love,
diffuse so quick in deep emotions,
Care to subtly caress your white dove,
and ponder over doubtful notions,

You be a dust storm of dry desert,
and blow away my inner grief, 
Gratify my thirst of deficient,
my ash rest in absolute relief !

Written October 31st, 2014
By Dr. Upma A. Sharma
For contest ' Top gun poetry - Structured form- Iambic verse III' by Giorgio A.V.
Iambic tetra meter with 9 syllables per line

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Keys to Bliss

Mind filled with dust
I could not see further
The sea breeze and the mist
Could charm me no more

My heart longs for my love
How could I hurt her?
Felt bitter, I lost hope
Will she leave me for ever?

Legs take me to the waves
I cannot believe my ears
I hear her voice, was so sweet
She was right back, so near

Tears filled our eyes
Wipe away the dust in my mind
Kiss her lips, tap her cheek
She hit me back, I do not mind

The door was locked
Seemed a while before
My keys to bliss back with me
I hold her in my arms forever.

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Your Body Language Speaks

You’re not adept at using words
But your body language can speak
Fluently of all that you feel
And expresses all that you seek

I know just from a simple look
It’s time to be at your command
Or if you want me to take control
To make you obey my demand

I feel in every single touch
Just what your heart’s trying to say
How you want to make love to me
With passion till night turns to day

And then there are those blessed times
When your arms are my protection
Or when you feel I’ve wandered off
They keep me in tight detention

When jealousy is burning hot
And you want me to heed the sign
Your arm tightens on my shoulder
And tells him, “Beware, She is MINE!”

And when you gently stroke my hair
Just before I drift off to sleep
Your fingers speak these very words:
“Your dreams in my heart I will keep.”

When I awake and see you smile
The mischief written on your face
I know that I can bring you joy
For I take you to that sweet place

When your full lips close over mine
I can sense that you are in need
So I guide you much like a child
To where you can hungrily feed

When you force your hands over mine
I know I need to surrender
I can see it there in your eyes
You want to claim not be tender

At those times when you turn your back
And you close up your face to me
I know I need to do penance
If your favor I wish to see

And though you don’t give me the words
That express your feelings so deep
Your body language speaks to me
In eloquence that makes me weep!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Ogre Above All

This man, my man, ogre above all
But in me, he does, internally thrall
Tattooed in naked, cloaked in lust
Heaving I, as his eyes caress my trust

Diamond I become, pert to touch
His hands, clawing, seeking such
Delving, he's reached, the depth of me
Enticing, I rejoice, releasing so free

Biting, scratching, nails in deep
Blood in rise, apologies we seep
Firm, hungry, lusting to crave
Loving each other in bordering deprave

Who am I to argue, this character man
Ogre above all, my bodies well scanned
I'm read, he's said, we've spoken
Consenting we are, sharing ones token

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Echoes of the Heart

Her eyes are a sparkling dew inspired shade So blue they mist with a passionate side They stare with a loving glace on my face Gorgeous, tender eyes, ones that come and slide She looks at my body, a lustful sight Brings my heart to a boil all sinful like The love we have is our stare together Our passion is smart, two as one alike There’s an alarming feeling of grandeur Kindness is a part of our lives so free Romanticism brings delight to mind Our sweet hearts are bringing intimacy We hold hands together, symbol of love Our kiss is fire, a mission of passion Intrigue finds its way back into our hearts Returning a love which is for certain
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "Echoes Of The Heart" contest 3/25/2013

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For Your Eyes Only

They said we'd never make it
They said we would not last
And though we've had it rough, dear 
For us, the dye's long been cast

They don't seem to understand it
They don't have a single clue
That though we have our problems
There is a magic glue

A glue so rare and precious
A glue so exquisitely fine
Forged out of our young love
Making you forever mine

We have a precious daughter
She is the forever bond
The union of our souls is she
Of whom you are so fond

Today as I watched you sleep
I longed to kiss you awake
With passion dipped words to say:
“Wake up, sweet love let’s make!”

And so I teased and I pleased you
Laid your head on my bare breast
I smiled at myself for I knew
That would bring on all the rest

I was not disappointed
You made me scream and sign
With techniques tried and true
You took me to the heavens high

And now you're getting older
You're climbing the ladder of time
Remember when you're old and grey
I'll still think you are sublime! 

Eileen Manassian Ghali

A Little Background:

I wrote this some time ago for my husband, but I added to it to post it today. I met him when we were twelve, he asked me out at 14, I accepted him at 17 when I came back from the States, I married him at 26.  We were neighbors, but our families were rivals of sorts. Regular Montegues and Capulets. His parents threatened to disown him if he married me. He was willing to go through the risk. This explains the beginning of the poem. It's been twenty years now. We are still together. The Title of the poem, a song by Sheena Easton, was "Our SONG."

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Something Like You

Something like a love song
Crossed my mind,
Sang to my soul,
Made my heart fly.

Something like a daydream
Drove me wild
Had me on cloud nine
Free like a child.

Something like a miracle
Hit me hard
Had me jumping and skipping.
I was touching the stars.

Something like a love story
Took my by surprise
Feeling like I won the lotto
Gave me butterflies.

Something like a love song
Played softly to my heart beat
Its all your fault
And I'm swept off my feet.

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Rinky Dinky Doo

Rinky Dinky Doo I love you Loved you from the very start You're the sunshine In my life You banish all my strife You've stolen every part Of my heart Rinky Dinky Doo I love you It certainly is a special kind of love With lots of happy times A passion so sublime With cooing like A couple of turtle doves Rinky Dinky Doo I love you This passion has left me all aglow Ain't no greater feeling Really so appealing Wanna hug you tight And never let you go! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Loving Miss Grey

He spent the whole night 
With little Miss Grey
The blander the better
She preferred it that way

He brought her flowers
She wished they were white
He wore a paisley tie
She said it was too bright

No lively conversation
She much preferred mundane
If he talked about sunshine
She would talk about the rain

The meal had little flavor
She neglected to add salt
A delicate constitution
It really was not her fault

She asked "please give me passion"
As she looked into his eyes
He placed her on the table
She opened up her thighs

Color flowed to her cheeks
Her skin began to glow
She matched his every motion
Moving fast and moving slow

Passion took him by surprise
Pleasure hit him like a wave
Releasing vibrant colors
This rainbow he wished to save

They retreated to her parlor
Beautifully bathed in her light
Transformation of Miss Grey
She became his Mrs Right

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Your Gluteus Maximus

“May I fondle your gluteus maximus milady?” “Why you certainly may, my good sir” “A bucket like yours with such voluptuous curves Starts me tingling and me motor to purr” “Let us meander behind that tree over there We can let our sweet passion flow Bid a farewell to our inhibitions so to speak And share in the light of love's glow” “Now my kind sir, may I ask you a favour I wish you would progress a bit further The way you fondle I find quite exhilarating Can't help myself yelling bloody murder!” At that very moment a small crowd did appear They were clapping and cheering us on So we sheepishly pulled up our pantaloons As our moment of passion was gone The moral of the story is really quite simple When fondling a lady's glutimus max Make sure you're alone and don't gather a crowd It can certainly detract from your act © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Lover's Testimony- Swap Quatrain Contest

I saw the light there in your eyes
Love clearly seen without disguise
And banished was my soul’s dark night
There in your eyes, I saw the light

I felt the flame there in your kiss
A burning taste that filled with bliss
On searing heart, you staked your claim
There in your kiss, I felt the flame

I came undone with each caress
Subdued as hands sought to undress
My heart and soul you’d surely won
With each caress, I came undone

I felt complete in your embrace
For hands each curve with love did trace
Essence of love, a tasty treat
In your embrace, I felt complete

I now lie still, safe in your arms
I am enthralled by your sweet charms
With all this warmth, my heart I fill
Safe in your arms, I now lie still

For Andrea’s Swap Quatrain Contest
February 19, 2014

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A Nature Walk

Stop for a moment, to only admire The wondrous, warm world, where I do reside; These gigantic trees do serve to inspire, Notice the beauty, with nothing to hide. The golden orb shines through neon-clear leaves, From the canopy falls a single drop Of dew that is unstirred by any breeze, landing on my palm with a tiny 'plop'. Next is the meadow, so spacious and fair, Filled with daffodils, and fat buzzing bees. This fantastic scene, tends Nature with care, Yet Home must I go, now back to the trees, For with this family, I must be sure, Found at Home to make a nice, hot breakfast, Since my love for them, is ever so pure, So I bid farewell, as I'm Home at last.

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The Poem You Can Never Read

Sometimes fear can catch our tongues
Keeping truths enclosed
Barring words to pass the lips
Words leaving us exposed

And maybe that's what's safer
Than what I'm about to do
But we only get one life to live
And in my life, I want you

You've been inside my heart now
For a long time, but I've been
Afraid that it was just me
Just a dream that I was in

But then you came and touched me
And the feelings came alive
But I've still kept them quiet
Waiting for the perfect time

But time keeps ticking past us
And perfect, time is not
And life goes on without you here
And this isn't what I want

You won't believe how great you are
Well when you're viewed by me
You're really unbelievable
I just wish that you would see

I've seen you become a man
In the years you've been around
I've seen you go through many things
Seen you be up, and then down

I've seen you fight for who you love
I've seen you win and loose
I've seen you go through hard things
I've seen you have to choose

I've seen how you remember
Little silly things each day
That means so much more to me
Than I could even say

I know we come from different worlds, 
But thats alright by me
I know that there are obstacles
Probably more than I could see

I think I'd go a thousand miles
If I could end up in your arms
You see, you broke through my hearts barriers
Leaving me disarmed

As many things as you are
One thing that you're without
Is eyes to see how much I care
I guess I'll have to spell it out

My heart wants to be with you
For us to have our chance at love
And maybe it would work out
To be all we've both dreamed of

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Underneath the branches of weeping willow
We shared our flaming passion last night
But when this morning, the sun had risen               
Found the woeful tree, glowing with delight! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  16 SEPTEMBER 2014

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A Soft, Cool Blue

Into two pools of a soft, cool blue
My soul dares to take a dive
The mistress whose orbs my heart subdues
Is a shipwreck I can’t survive

My knees grow weak, my palms do sweat
In my stomach flutter butterflies
Her eyes entranced when first we met
My cause is lost you realize

Into two pools of a soft, cool blue
My freedoms are sure to drown
But a heart unbroken is a heart turned cruel
To dive and perish, is better, I’ve found

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I hope my mistakes don't return to haunt me;
God, I pray, send your angels to guard me.
When the days I stray away from the plan,
Please, reach from the heavens with a helping hand.

©2014 Honestly JT

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Diamonds In Your Eyes

Diamonds In Your Eyes

Your eyes like diamonds
Sparkle now at me
Can I take that as a sign
That we two are to be?

Your eyes like diamonds
Their glare blinds my every thought
My strength is draining
This my love has wrought.

Your eyes like diamonds
Is it that you feel the same
A sparkle in your heart
Struck now by Cupid’s aim?

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Spanish Rose

                                          My heart stays inside my chest;
                                            You are only wishful thinking.
                                        Though it's you I'd like to impress,
                                    This sleeve won't feel my heart beating.


                                                  ©2014 Honestly JT

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Dear Dana

So... how have you been?
When can I read your latest again?
Oh, yeah, in case you didn't know,
I've read on Drake's radio show. 

©2014 Honestly JT

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Old Coffee

I'll only charge you fifty cents.
Here, take back the change.
It's old and you won't like it much.
It tastes a little strange.

Thankyou much, but I don't care.
I'll even drink it old.
Please take back your quarters
despite my being told.

No; you take for fifty cents.
I'd rather you do that.
Please take back your quarters
and pay two quarters flat.

Thankyou Sally, that's okay.
You're generous to a tee.
Just fifty cents sounds much too good,
but I will pay your fee.

Go now please; you waste my time.
Please; just take my deal.
The library must have kicked you out
upon your back and heel.

The library's open still to say
I'm only out of time.
The computer simply timed me out
and no one's sorry as I'm.

Come back later if you want
and  you can pay full price.
The coffee will be fresher then
and cost for you suffice.

It's okay Sally
Thanks again.
We'll talk more with you later.
and I will see you -then.

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Below Azure Blue Skies

On golden sands below azure blue skies
I sensed, I turned and behold my eyes
Naked as birth from the sea she revealed
For moments before her charms were concealed

Curved shapes of woman now allure my thoughts
To touch her skin my desire to be sought
I stand before her, into those eyes I see
She, the woman of my life in front of me

To a rocky outcrop well away from the crowds
Our theatre of dreams allows sighs so allowed
On a blanket of tartan two souls in lie
Naked as birth below azure blue skies

Kisses aplenty tasting the breeze of the sea
Sensuous and delightful as she thralls thee
Her undulations so pure my fingers they walk
Emotions to actions loves language of talk

Two as one we become as we writhe in sync
Entering our world of passion, pretty in pink
Entwined, uncoiled as we respond flushed
Sighs on the breeze as our cove remains lush

Our loving rises in sequence to crashing waves
Two souls releasing their love that they crave
Excitement in us peaks, reverberating
The joys of he and she, in wonderful creating

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My Big Passion

I have savored many passions
In my prolonged and happy life,
In different sets of characters
In my youth or as mother or wife.

It wasn't until we built our home
And landscaped our very own yard, 
That gardening led to passion,
And I pursued it very hard. 

My husband mowed our green, green lawn
While I tended to the flowers.
You could find me in my garden
In all my pleasant, leisure hours.

Dozens of roses of all types
All ablaze with glorious bloom
As I strived to rearrange them
In my big outdoor living room.

Both neighbors and strangers noticed
My pretty yard as they drove by.
Many stopped to take some pictures.
I was proud, I dare not deny.

When my garden club held yard tours,
Mine was always first on  list
I’d hurry to the garden store 
For new plants I couldn't resist.

All of this started forty years.
Trees planted then are fully grown.
My garden's brought more happiness
Than other passions I have known.

When spring comes and my garden grows,
I still feel the exciting thrill,
That I did  forty years ago,
And I expect I always will.

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Where should I begin,
And where would this road lead?
So, how will the story end,
When these roadblocks are set between?

©2014 Honestly JT

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Its late March and spring has wafted in,
and we await a rebirth of that distant love...
we wished had, somehow, blossomed in us to allow
a fiery passion overwhelm us as darkness kicked in.

From that memorable day, our young faces shone:
we foresaw a happy future, if only destiny had been kinder
and granted us that desire before it was gone...
why did we vainly wait for moments so impossible and divine? 

Within this diary's small pages, I seal with deep regret
these immortal words that have become us instead...
we who weren't afraid of confessing to whomever read
them and understood the obstacles we had encountered.

It's late evening and raindrops erase the vision that enchanted me,
and easily stirred by a sad emotion I recall our wounded vanity...
we shouldn't have let distance destroy our dream, the dream of being together;
now, all that's left are these immortal words that other lovers should remember.  

Written by Andrew Crisci for Constance's contest, " The Diary "

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I Smile

The tables have turned
A new chapter in my book
I was giving up hope
But risked a second look

Strolling into my life
With speckled shoulders and toothy smile
Saves me from it all
Tells me holding on could be worthwhile

A raging, fast current
Leaves me head over heels
Changing souls into fire
Rather than rusting steel

In a look there was love
That had never been spoken
Mending and healing
The things that should never be broken

Life and love just keeps growing
And I’ve stopped biting my tongue
I’m collapsed in a heap of smiles
And I feel fresh air replete my lungs

My heart thumping felicity
Through my once hollow veins
Accepting all of life
And cleaning out the stains

Dancing on my toes
Eager for your lips
That have shown me what’s real
Replaced old life’s script

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The wetness of your warm sweet lips Tells me the time is right To begin a subtle exploration of love A time to nibble and bite To caress the tender areas of love A soft caressing of skin A tantalizing roaming of gentle fingers Probing, searching within Slender young bodies rise and fall With the rhythm of the dance An unrelenting force that drives us on A tender knowing glance Nothing ever comes close to the thrill As passions rise ever skyward The most extreme of human emotions The ultimate of love inspired Wetness of your warm sweet womanhood That moment of sharing, of lust An indescribable moment of pure ecstasy Of desire till that final thrust © Jack Ellison 2014

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The work I do is not the most prestigious one,
from four to twelve thirty I drive...until my shift is done;
a forklift driver rarely takes a coffee-break, 
and being courteous and helpful to customers means a lot.

My long-life dream was to be a songwriter like Andrew Lloyd Webber, but my songs
didn't click...they never made the Top Ten on the Billboard Charts;
and although they didn't sell well to make it my profession, I still hold my thumb up...
that if a famous recording artist performed them, I'd have a huge hit!

My free time is devoted to creating lyrics that I will set to music in late hours;
and I would never be a Mozart, Verdi, or Beethoven if didn't knock on doors
and expose my works to those who would be willing to listen without reluctance...
could one be old and succeed as the young ones with fresher, brighter ideas?

For now, I remain the same blue collar guy coloring more illusive dreams;
many approach me and say," Don't give have plenty of chances!".
I do want to believe that and wear the deserved crown and be lauded as others...  
'till my lucky day comes, I must make a living and have the faith of the achievers.

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Speak anger to my soul;
Let your emotion go.
Come, take control,
So blood with ink will flow.

©2014 Honestly JT

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Hallowed Ground Bleeds

The prideful passion practiced and prolonged in fertile life, 
Rejects all calls to wasted whimsy in this willful world. 
Aware redundancies occur with suffering and strife 
Some still display with honor our great nation's flag unfurled. 

There's glory in the glory of a greater guarantee, 
Described in dedications made by immigrants of old 
Who's longing for a little more of bright-light liberty 
Was shared in perfect passion by the patriotic bold. 

And we begin each year with brand new challenges to face 
With seismic salutation to grand stories yet untold 
When even greater gifts of glory bind the human race 
Where beauty of such brotherhood shines bright upon the fold. 

To timelessness of spirit add the courage to engage 
As part of all our sisters and our brothers standing strong 
Against those evil tyrants who run empires filled with rage 
We fight with every ounce of might ingrained within our song. 

We sing the songs and serenades to lift our fighting soul, 
Symbolic of our heroes and the hallowed ground that bleeds 
With blood of men and women who have died but are made whole 
When heaven's golden warriors cast down perfect planting seeds. 

Oh glory to this nation and the citizens who dwell 
Within her borders beautiful together unified. 
As tyranny has tyrants tethered deep inside their hell 
So freedom spawning liberty has mankind glorified. 

Let's take the steps we need to make all eulogies in war 
As rare as any politician's honesty is rare. 
Then hopefully the populus will soon learn to adore 
An evolution revolution men of peace can wear. 

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Chances took

When days were young and carefree,
he was young, took chances, too...
anything at all girls wanted,
that’s the thing that he would do.

Mattered not what consequence
resulted from the act,
there was not a chance in hell
that he could take it back.

Many came, the chances took,
sadder, his heart would break,
“Oh, that’s the way of life!” they'd say.
“Don’t pout, for goodness sake!”

Despite his cost, their needs fulfilled,
what all he gave they’d all embrace.
Footloose was life and fancy free,
but love he never could replace.

Someone, once, had said to him,
“Venture naught, and naught you'll gain!”
But, every chance he took for love
wrought him naught but deeper pain.

Each chance he took, colder his heart
until the day would come,
that he’d look back in recompense
to rue his chance-took sum.

You see, his craving heart had starved
from childhood to a man,
that life had so deprived of love
before his life began...

can now recall each time it was
that he’d gave all he could,
that taught him in the end of it,
some chances are no good.

So, choose well your chances
and value who you are,
for who you hold and holds you back
says much of you, by far.

Please, judge him not, he’ll not judge you...
well he knows, your chances took;
for, love’s now took a chance on him,
and he's since ~ been off the hook.

    Rascal Jones
    ©1 Oct 2011

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Pacific Valentine

No one asked her to dance at their Prom that night It beggars belief in me, what's wrong with these guys Her beauty is all I see, personified within my sight To not even to approach, I'm in total amazed surprise Moving now to the present, although pasts have lived Paths of life have drawn us to be amidst of each other Recent discussions daily, our template to never sieve It beggars belief to me that others they would rather Now you have to be me to see to what my eyes declare Breathe with me to see, within politeness my eyes grace It beggars belief in me what's wrong with these guys stare To never to ask her to dance, their Prom, invited place <*> The night has finally arrived for my ask to come to light To see her standing there for my eyes to behold Draped against her tanned a dress that so delights My heart in pumping joy as our evening starts to unfold At the edge of our bed she stands, her beauty immaculate I offer my girl my hand as she smiles we begin to dance Hands to shoulder to waist, two in movement calculate Engrossed, absorbed, I'm caught, her scented fragrance Slowly our hands in roam, listening to 'The Flame' by 'Dare Eyes in glancing look, anticipating minds in thinking wish Lobe to necks now met, disheveled clothes reveal bare Our song now nears it's end, our hands in touching bliss <*> Buttons open straps in slide, shoulders where fingers walk Gravity about to be tested, soft cotton just can't resist Tongues like fencing epee's, when earlier they just talked Unison hand in hand, engrossed in naked to bare assist Covers turned lie silken sheets, rose petals sporadic adorn Two souls in facing look, kisses aplenty caressing touches Entwined in loving join, hips grinding torsos bourne Rhythmic writhing palms in palms, lovingly in clutches <*>

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Written in Immortality

I open my mouth and no words come out There seems to be amazement written here She has stunned me yet again with her looks I know in her heart she surely does care She speaks to me with such love towards me I could not say even a single word I’m in awe with her beauty, with her soul I approach her, give her a hug forward She knows me, sees what I wanted to say And whispers into my ear, such sweetness I move in for the kill, and grab her warmth She sighs heavy, now she wants my weakness As one we fly to the bed, getting nude And fireworks expressed themselves tonight She sure became the most beautiful girl Exhausted we lay holding very tight I now find my words and I write them down Poetry flows like magic in the air Passion is formulated in each line I show love to her by my write I share And now we are unified through these words Unbroken bond of immortality Soothing are the lines within my poem Forever our love written, endlessly
Russell Sivey Entered into Poet Destroyer A's "Make me smile ----old/new poems" contest 3/7/2013

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Once a raging fire, 
that burned so long ago,
was reduced to a tiny ember,
that had all but lost its glow.

That mighty fire I thought had died,
that left ashes in my heart,
was brought to life again once more,
from the tiniest of sparks.

All it took was a simple word,
and the fire flared and grew.
Burning as it did before,
with memories of you.

Again that great inferno was born,
from an old familiar voice.
Burning wildly out of control,
without reason, thought, or choice.

Who knew a fire was waiting, 
patiently there to grow,
from a tiny little ember,
that had all but lost its glow.

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Good Old Smashers

Is there anything finer than mashed potatoes That fluffy white mountain of joy Scrumptious with gobs of bad-for-you butter And sprinkles of parsley, oh boy! Always dream bout this mouth watering delight Sending me to the moon with glee A slice of ham with a carrot and pea medley And a blob of ketchup if you please Don't give me none of that Beef Wellington stuff That fine old English tradition With boiled potatoes oh how uninspiring Gonna pass it with your permission Good old smashers as they're sometimes called Can't think of another dish finer Just a simple old guy with a simple old taste A down to earth kind of a diner So serve me them taters from dawn to sundown Guarantees my friendship for life Scrumptious with gobs of bad-for-you butter Where's my napkin, my fork and my knife! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Indiscretions and more lies
a captive of my will
I try in vain to fend you off
addicted to the thrill

My days go by in silent thought
I’ve left you far behind
And then a phone call beacons me
and soon it all unwinds

Your ways are toxic to my soul
my flesh it comes alive
How long can we keep doing this?                     
It’s all so damn contrived

It seems we both are prisoners
unable to be free
We both can't seem to end this thing
that strangles you and me

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By the Light of the Moon

By the light of the moon I do describe I begin by the cool blue glow within Though at times there is a warm yellow tint Each are pertinent to the moons great grin I can see by the light of the moon’s grace The power is infused with my soft soul Tenderly the moon brings a heart of love Showering love to all those in control The sun reflects romantic vibes about I harbor them deep inside of me here I point to my heart and hold it within I can’t help but to look up and to stare I hold onto my moon, my sweet lover The moon envelopes everything in me I’m melded into the soul of the moon Feeling the love between us, it’s lovely I will always treasure the moon at night It’s a gorgeous part of life I enjoy The moon and all its glorious splendor Will always hold me in awe, its employ
Russell Sivey

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Make Love to Me- Edited Version

Make love to me with your eyes
Let me see the fire there
Devour me in a look
Undress me till I am bare

Make love to me with your voice
Wrapped in desire… say my name
The need I hear in your tone
Will ignite me into flame

Make love to me with your words
Make them drip with passion sweet
Choose every one with care
Make impossible my retreat

Make love to me with your hands
Give them freedom to explore
Let them travel where they wish
For they make me beg for more

Make love to me with your lips
Let them pull and tug at mine
A slow and rhythmic dance
As on this, our love, we dine

Make love to me with your tongue
Let it glide, tease and savor
Taste to your heart’s content
Love’s latest sweet new flavor

Make love to me with your body
Entwine your strong one 'round mine
The poetry of our motion
Has a perfect rhythm and rhyme

Make love to me with your soul
Let our thoughts have intercourse
As each fantasy bursts to life 
We climax at ecstasy’s source

Make love to me, my darling
Take from me this guarantee
What you do to me in love
My actions will far exceed.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Shutting the Door of my Heart

I’m shutting the door of my heart
To give myself time to heal
I’m entering into silence
I'm numbing myself not to feel

I’m going to stoke the fire
And throw painful memories in
I’m going sit and watch them burn
For what you’ve done to me is sin

I’m going to purge my heart of you
Use the strongest lock on the door
I’m going to survive and move on
Won’t accept the hurt any more 

I’m going to wrap myself in beauty
Will burn incense to the Divine
I’ll pray for the needed wisdom
To bring grace to this heart of mine

I’m going to have a good cry
Unleash the torrent of pain
I’ll wait for cleansing to start
Be purified by salty rain

I’m going to learn the hard lesson
To never mean words that I say
I’ll be my heart and soul’s sentinel
Guarding the entrance night and day

Yes, I am closing my heart’s door
You've demolished and torn the place
I’m going to trash reminders
That make me envision your face

I’m going to make this a fortress
A haven from the storm without
I’m going to make the walls sound proof
So I can rant  and rave and shout

I’m going to endure withdrawal
Live through this madness and pain
I’m going to reclaim my life
I’m going to be well and sane

I'm shutting the door of my heart
But the window's open, you see
How I hope that you will climb in
And make passionate love to me

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Love is believing in some one,
even if the person is not sincere,
Let peace reign in your heart and have fun,
Let your words be true and conscience clear.

Love is understanding your partner,
Depression comes and goes,true love stays,
Encouragement in times of need is finer,
which can uplift the depressed soul for days.

Love is alluring and gracious,
Your good works and kindness are known,
which make you amiable and precious,
Your beauty and nature cannot be grown.

Love is romantic and passionate,
Exposing the true nature of the heart,
hidden treasure that is affectionate,
deep feelings with genuine and costly art.

CONTEST:"Love Is" sponsored by FRANK.H

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The Painting

She walked into my dreams last night
so beautiful and fair
Her eyes like diamonds shining bright
amazing auburn hair

I reached out for my painting brush
when slumber set me free
My thoughts to bring her back again
so she could be with me

As hours pass she starts to form
the canvass comes alive
The stranger from my vivid dream
at last she has arrived

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Few Days Of Love

Few Days Of Love.
If two days are what a soul receives,
are those days for loving adequate,
when a blissful spring, the garden leaves--
is the right response to blame the fate.
When two days are all a soul does need
such a trek cant deem a lover then,
might all us consume our bodies greed
and give this world more lonely men.
For two days are what a soul had found,
should the love regret this painful grant,
to a lucid dream the trueness bound
while in craving that which have you cant.
Why two days are what my soul did bring!
and did bring with them, the perfect love,
I have embraced it like a gifted wind
and embraced would die, in fleeting of.
But, two days are what my soul did get,
so I love my dame to the full extent,
for no realm can such a clock beget,
at a quit which wont our love lament.
So two days are what my soul did gain
and did the error of loving commit,
you can lock me up, and write me pain,
but never two loving souls can split.
R.N.Khan, © 2012

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By Candlelight

In quiet glimpse I look at the shadows on the walls
By candlelight they move, as two make loving thrall
Undulations, gyrations as shapes dance in rhyme
Amidst the wanting moans, torso's quietly grind

The flicker of the flame shows off your porcelain skin
Churning butterflies disperse as you welcome me within
Your body I lovingly caress, my heart skipping beats
Closer to me you hold, our love shall not retreat

Sighs and joyous moans amidst lusting kisses
By candlelight we love, sharing sensual wishes
The flicker of the flame bows as we ignite
Now in darkened glimpse, spooned for the night

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He lived when Elvis, the Beatles, Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones
had strings of hits and he passionately hummed those up-beat songs...
dreaming of becoming as successful and famous as they were;
and following his dream, he turned into a big country singer!

Everywhere he went, he carried a heavy transistor radio
and listened to them and learned those country and rock lyrics...
and the longer he sung them, the more he fed his ego,
so he wrote words without music, hoping to create melodies!.

Sitting at the piano as Beethoven did, he frantically played those keys,
blending them with easiest chords; and if they sounded awkward to him,
he would certainly use another chord that was simpler and more harmonic...
so the boy's passion for music grew as he planned to hit many unknown roads!

Up North, people called country stars:  hillbillies with nasal, funny voices
and such names like rednecks caught on; one would be surprised by their remarks,
or at how they unfairly they were discriminated...and they were all proud Americans!
But the boy's passion for music took him to unimaginable heights and riches!

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Splish Splash to Pash

To the summer blue they enter
Creating a lovely splash
Two in falling clench
Feelings relate to pash

Frolic's lead to cuddles
Amidst this pure of blue
Wetted lips in caress
Hearts touching oh so true

Exiting the water
In awe he looks at she
Her clothing hugging her shapes
As she slowly walks to me

What I see allures me
Investigative is my mind
My hands she takes intentively
Impressed in loving kind

Below a greened canopy shade
Two in slow undress
Naked torso's stand in wait
Soon to be addressed

Hands in liberty wander
Roaming undulations
Kissing leads to loving join
In sharing loves sensations

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Filter through barrage...

Drawer bridge select...

Silent comment...

Complainers (common denominator) 

Quantrum retreat...

Climb into the mind unaccompanied...

Delve the walls fortress...

Quiet Solice Serene...

For the time inside my citadel...

Quiet Solice Serene...

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Feelings tingle like icy-hot
No returning this clearance life we've bought
The gun may be loaded but you've only got one shot
Always placing first, even before your second thought

Showing off like I'm in real estate
Don't fence me in, you can't match my gait
Try to upscale you ain't carrying your weight
I'm in the charts, check my growth rate

Call me Mrs. Lee cause I be making dough
Son, I'm the coldest, 30 below
You get the picture, Vincent Van Gogh
Steady climbin to the top, no plateau

I'll help you open doors, got that master key
Original work, you're just the carbon copy, cc
Go ahead and follow, no sign-up fee
I'm goin places, 3 out of 4 pros agree.

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The Moment Passion Triumphed

I know you want to appear tough
You want to pull off cool
Being a strong macho man
That’s part of the unspoken rule

I know you act so indifferent
When you see me passing by
But when I happen to turn around
I see raw hunger in your eye

And when I stand close beside you
I hear you inhale my perfume
I can tell it’s so hard for you
Your work to try to resume

And then there is the silence
As you search for words so bland
You try for nonchalance
As you steady your shaking hand

I glow inside as I read
All those little tattle tale signs
You are so intent to hide 
That your heart’s already mine

When we all piled up in his car
I had to lean back on your chest
The erratic beat of your heart
Made me know I’d won the test

I recall you opened the door 
To let me in to the evening of glee
I wish you could have seen your face
Your eyes were devouring me

You tried to talk to other girls
But your eyes never left my face
You were staking out your claim
Your reactions I could trace

Oh, that sweet surge of power
To know that I could dominate
That I could turn strength to weakness
Because your desires I captivate

I made my way to where you stand
A slow and swaying stride
You looked at me perplexed
When I asked you to go outside

I wondered if they could feel
The burning heat in your stare
If they could see the passion
That in your eyes was laid bare

We stood outside in silence
As we drank in the city lights
The moon and the stars were alive
Lending magic to this night

I had become impatient
To claim sweet victory
When I turned my face to you
I saw you looking down at me

Your craving was unguarded
Your sheer presence made me melt
You took a step much closer
Fate a different hand had dealt

“Is there something the matter?”
Your voice caressed me with concern
I couldn’t find words to answer
I felt my cheeks quickly burn

I knew your pride was wounded
For I once already said, “NO.”
But now you were my obsession
How could I let you know?

With feigned calmness you stood waiting
Self-preservation mode in the way
I frantically clutched at the moment
Not knowing what I could say

It was now or lose you forever
My breath came out in a gasp
“I really want you to…..kiss me
To claim me as yours at last.”

The words were barely out
When your lips closed over mine
You crushed my body gainst yours
Made me lost to the world and time

I tasted pure delirium
My senses all aflame
There was no way to even try
Your flames of passion to tame

But you pulled away one moment
Fighting to regain lost control
I could see pride harden your face
“Do you think I have no soul?

You tortured and you crushed me
Teased me with each toss of your hair
Do you know how long I have waited?
Am I just a toy or some dare?”

My life now hung in the balance
For could I try to make you see
That my heart was now so ready
For your love to set me free

I stood inches from your face
“My love, this you cannot miss”
I kissed you with passion of legions
“Your answer is here in my kiss.”

Sweet reader, I’ll pull the curtain
On all the wonder of that night
One of passion’s greatest triumphs
To rival legends saw the light.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Passion Raging

I taste your lips Sense your presence Dream while awake Suffer in silence Thinking of you Craving your touch Raging with fever Desire's too much Close my eyes In need of a rest Think of you more Mind's in distress Imagine your lips Warm with charm My aching body Longs for your arms Hunger your kiss Need you near Twenty-four seven I pray you hear I taste your lips Sense your presence Dream while awake Suffer in silence © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Ice Cream Man

Before I started school; and after
During the Texas hot summer time
When I heard that jingle playing
I only had ice cream on my mind

Run home in hopes of a dime or two
I hear him coming; don’t dare be slow
I’ll be there at the curb when he stops
A “dream cycle” please, before you go 

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Why don't you come a little bit closer
While you have the chance
For soon this moment will be over 
And you'll wish you hadn't let it pass

Nobody else has to know
It's only you and I here
Time seems to be moving so slow
And I don't feel a drop of fear

We both know that things can change
In the time it takes to blink
I'm so tired of playing it safe
It's time we bring each other to the brink

If fate didn't bring us together for this
Then fate is cruel indeed
I was meant to taste your kiss
I bet it tastes so sweet

I can feel the warmth you emanate
It makes my skin flush red
In this moment, I am yours to take
And nothing more needs to be said

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Fire Fighter

A FIRE FIGHTER… We get the call in the middle of the night, Out the door ready to fight. The call comes in, with much depth, Behind the wheel someone slept. Across the lane and head on Arrive on scene the drivers gone. In the other car there is A mother, and her 2 kids. It’s too late we hear the ambos say The mothers gone the fathers away The kids are hurt but not too bad, But news we bring is too sad Return to our lives the next day, For those kids we all will pray. Talking to a friend that night, How do you do it, without fight? It’s the job we say but is that true Is just about the job for me and you? We are fire fighters yes Trying all the time to do our best We love our job, the friends we’ve made But we also love the lives we save.

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Sleep Will Come By Soon

Far away seems closer
When we're under the same moon.
When I think of it that way,
The distance doesn't loom.

Miles seem more like inches
When we're under the same stars.
When we're sharing the same dreams,
I feel you right inside my heart.

It doesn't seem so lonely
When I close my eyes just right -
And I can feel your arms around me,
Holding me so tight.

I don't miss you quite as much
When you visit in my sleep.
Even when the bad dreams come,
When you're there I don't make a peep.

When I can feel you closest,
Besides when you are here,
Is when I know you miss me too -
And you're wishing I was near.

So close your eyes my darling,
And picture me with you.
Wrap your arms around me
And sleep will come by soon.

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It's okay to pray;
Do so everyday.
Believe in what you say,
And your life will be changed.

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My Lover

It’s cold outside...the fires bright
curled up reading a book
My lover walks into our room               
and gives me that sweet look  

He picks me up and carries me
we lay upon our bed
His kisses now they cover me
my face is blushing red

I am a slave of his right now
desire so fulfilled
Oh please don’t stop I beg of you
my voice it starts to shrill

He paints my body with his tongue
my lover satisfies
I've never cum so many times
he rules between my thighs

At last my lover roars out loud
he holds me oh so tight       
We fall into each other’s arms
oh what a lovely night

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Obsessively Yours

If you don’t like intensity
Then you better listen to me
Go back to your playhouse, boy
And kindly just let me be.

I’m past the little sweet talk
And I’m past the flirting stage
If you’re unused to passion
Then don’t get caught in my cage

I love with insanity
That borders on obsession
Stop giving mixed signals
Or I’ll make this bold confession

I dream about you all the day
And you’re my fantasy at night
If you knew how I adore you
It’s sure to give you quite a fright

I’m no weakling in the love game
I can fight, destroy, and seize
Anyone who dares look at you
I will torture just as I please

You are what keeps my soul alive
Your smile sets my heart ablaze
When you give that knowing look
I can’t fight back desire’s craze

I’ll be at your beck and call
Fulfill each desire and whim
You’ll have food that’s made in heaven
I’ll fill your love cup to the brim

I want to lie down beside you
See you drift to dream land sweet
I’ll plant kisses on your lips
Till the morning sun you greet

I’m consumed by thoughts of you
And when you’re near I’m set on fire
My days are spent in wistful thought
You’re my only true desire.

I wish that you would want me
In the self-same frenzied way
That gives no chance for sleep at night
Nor restful peace during the day

So if this is all, just way too much
And you feel you might suffocate
Then let me give you freedom, child
I need a man to reciprocate!

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To bathe in her beauty
And taste splendor’s rain
To languish on swollen lips
Like the heat of summer’s pain
To devour her desire
And breathe passion’s flame
To feel her heart beat
When she whispers your name
To embrace her essence
Before her divinity ascends
To drink from her eyes
When she wants you again

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Taken by YOU

I’m taken by your beauty
And I’m taken by your smile
I’m taken by your lashes
When they flutter over mine

I’m taken by your full lips
And I’m taken by your eyes
I’m taken by your body
When so close to mine it lies

I’m taken by your fingers
When they’re running through my hair
I’m taken by your embrace
When our bodies are both bare

I’m taken by your whispers
Of words laced with passion sweet
I’m taken by your kisses
Better far than any treat

I was taken by you then
And I’m taken by your now
I’ll be taken to heaven
And I think you know just how!  ;)

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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I love the night from dusk 'til dawn, 
It's the only time to carry on 
with thoughts and dreams still unachieved, 
my whole life plan at night conceived. 

No light's distractions, no buzz of sound, 
my conscious clears while ideas abound. 
Sleep does not come for me with ease, 
Time hypnotic is knowledge less seized. 

What is it that makes me insightful those hours? 
Is a great truth revealed by some higher power? 
I think fate is set when the mind is most clear 
of petty thoughts which by night disappear. 

But as the hours count down to day's early light, 
some find it ironic to be enlightened at night. 
Yet I find strength to arise and start the dead day, 
knowing that night is not far away!

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You Writhe Beneath Me

You writhe beneath me in the heat of passion Our bodies moving in rhythm The whole world seems to be exploding around us To love's sweet kingdom we're driven This passion I'm experiencing is most exquisite Like making love the very first time Your sexual talents surpass all I've yet known True abandon, a feeling so sublime We're transported to a world of ecstatic pleasures Alone, we float above our presence Oblivious to reality, to everything that surrounds us My darling, my magnificent obsession Then that moment arrives, we're frozen in time Praying the rapture would last With a brilliant flash and a feeling exquisite In unison we expel a last gasp A soft gentle moan, then collapse in exhaustion Wrapped in each others embrace As we gently murmur sweet passionate love words While I tenderly kiss your sweet face © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Key

I know I'm not the
I've tried to go the
right direction.
When the path is not
its brightest
It's hard to see

What lesson should
be learned,
When I see this much
If this is
opposition, not
What's the answer to
the question?

©2014 Honestly JT

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   I guess you could call me a silly guy
   For humor is how I get through the day.
   I love telling stories, writing poetry, and romance
   Each in its own separate way.

   I could be called a "Hopeless Romantic"
   As I have always been sentimental inside.
   I learned that feeling growing up
   Watching my parents, and their worlds collide.

   I knew my Dad better than anyone...I think
   He and I worked together for some time you see.
   And when he died at an early age
   Everyone seemed to be in tears but me.

   Of the six kids in our family growing up
   I had a brother named Ron that I was closest to.
   He had a sense of humor and devotion to his family
   And he would always find strange things for us to do.

   We loved driving around in his old MG
   When it worked it could do no wrong.
   He took me for rides I'll never forget
   To teach me his favorite Irish drinking songs.

   His death really put me on the writer's path
   As I eulogized him with "Remembering Ron".
   But afterward I could not stop the words from coming out
   As if a spigot had deliberately been turned on.

   So I have written poetry, stories, and a few songs too
   I'd like to publish something some day.
   Getting to read and write here on the Soup
   Pehrhaps, I will finally find the way.

   I believe in the goodness of man's inner soul
   And that God intended for us to be happy here.
   The love of Wife, Child, and Family
   Just make me want to stand and cheer!

   I'd like to see us not have wars
   Or even have cross words with others we meet.
   Sometimes I plead my case in the words that I write
   And sometimes, the proverbial "Dead Horse" do I beat.

   I look at history as a great learning tool
   For I've studied Antropology in college you see.
   And all the past comes into the present time
   At least, it does for me.

   So I will write works about historical things
   As much as I write about family, love, emotions, and silliness too.
   Just so others can get some insight into me
   And perhaps their own lives as they should do.

      I don't know who will read my work
   Or if they benefit at all from the things I say.
   I only know that this passion to write
   Is one that is here to stay.

   Some people think I'm kind of grumpy
   I guess that is also true.
   But the words I write fill that void inside me
   This is but one more poem...for you.

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On Gossamer Wings

On gossamer wings I send my love Straight to your fragile heart Like delicate ribbons of fine spun gold This devotion I do impart To bind us closer with ties so strong So honest so special so pure A love the world has yet to imagine A passion with no known cure Feelings rich with such deep intensity Enveloping your very soul A heavenly passion ne'er felt before Completes and makes it whole On gossamer wings I send my love With deep and heart felt emotion Embracing every facets of your being With total and utter devotion © Jack Ellison 2013

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Romani Gypsy

Gypsy soul born a wandering way
Bearer of passion age old and new
Who can tame your unbridled day
And live as Romani's do

Calloused hands speak not complaint
Who's bearings steer by twilights cue
A leisured life such charm forsake
To walk as Romani's do

To bitter end thine heart defend
For right to prove love true
Un-soulful touch could not pretend
To love as Romani's do

To give not weight to emotions sway
Is a labyrinth worth stumbling through
So lonesomeness owns not the day
To cry as Romani's do

A gypsies search to revel in spoils
In solitudes song or convivial crew
Between extremes it's harmony joins
To sing as Romani's do

Coursed by vein to entertain
An artists heart steeped and brewed
Banjara kuchi meets tambourine  
To dance as Romani's do

Mysterious eyes tint hardened lives
Breeding bonds so deep and few
To be a part of this honored tribe
And die as Romani's do

The gypsies way one does not choose
It's spirit inborn and it grew
From India's caves to the vagabond strays
A Romani remains forever on the move

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Remember when we met 
That Lover's Day, 
Our hearts connect 
In your heart I vowed to stay 

And then we parted 
My heart was guarded 

Remember when I first told you 
Those sweet words? 
When I heard them 
And tears came down my face? 

Dear lover, 
Lest you know, 
Promises made or not, 
This is not a lie, 
My love for you, 
Will never die. 

As I sit on my bed 
And think about you 
A smile creeps from the corner 
Of my mouth going farther 
Because your thought 
Makes everything better. 

Dear lover 
You should know, 
I give my all 
And I live for you. 

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Steamy Windows

Amidst the steam on the panes of glass
Are breasts of pure of my Maiden lass
Firm being loved as our hands are clasped
Pressed to impress as our bodies clash

Naked we are sharing as two become one
Again through steamy windows our loving's begun
As the water cascades down this naked of two
Impressed into thee as I stand behind you

Lustful we are sharing moments of bliss
As we turn our heads in tongue lashing kiss
The noise of the water drowns joyous groans 
Our excitement reaches peak, to one another we're sown

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Big Bouquets--Trochee

Gardens are my big passion.
I love how mine grows.
With sunflowers the fashion
There are highs, no lows.

Dominating every way,
Their idol, the sun.
Big bouquets for Mother's Day,
Would be so much fun.

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Desire (saphic erotic)

Sweet lips of thine, I await to caress mine.
Tenderness sensually arouses my love.
Leaving our warm lips engaged, entices more.
As they part, desire.

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To Bunkers And Bad Lies Charlie Hebert, (RIP), my father-in-law,
    with respect and affection

Wind-swept and sunburnt alone on the fairway 
he fusses and frets with his lie; 
he's been here for ever commanding the course, 
ever since you and I were knee high. 

Golf is his passion, he lives and he breathes 
for the chance to play just one more round, 
replacing his divots, observing the rules 
and keeping his feet on the ground.

Always nattily dressed he is ready 
to tee up and go for the green; 
the young guns are anxious to unseat old Chuck, 
but he's crafty and wily and mean!

It's the day of the championship and he's all ready 
to teach these young men how to play; 
at the turn he's ahead with a three under par, 
he'll show them, he'll have the last say!

On the final hole two men are tied for the lead, 
they are edgy as each eyes the pin; 
Jim misses his putt, it goes wide to the left, 
and Charlie makes par for the win!


In the clubhouse they congratulate the old boy on his score, 
he thanks them from the bottom of his heart;
here's to Charlie then, to bunkers, to bad lies and to rain, 
to another shot at glory when he climbs aboard the cart!

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It is so difficult to write about one's beliefs, 
On the Freedoms and Liberty we have.
Throughout our history events are replete,
Of the ones who have died, our Freedoms to save.

I go back in time when I look at our past,
And wonder if our children will see.
The pain and strife born in Freedom's birth,
And the lives that have been sacrificed for Liberty.

The Revolution started all the fuss,
When King George wanted his taxes.
It got us the Freedom we used for all,
And lives to this day when we talk of the "Evil of Axis".

We've had to fight as a people united,
By cause, or strife, or enemy attack.
From 1812 to Afghanistan,
For Freedom and Liberty to stay on track.

There have been too many wars,
And battles in name have never been few.
Like Chateau Thierry, Iwo Jima, and even Tet,
Where our countrymen have paid their dues.

We have had the plights of other concerns, 
That many around the world don't construe,
As a helping hand to all of them,
Except when they need us to.

Some say "Why send an Aircraft Carrier to a blighted zone,
Where people need all kinds of medical support"?
They forget that one of those ship is a floating city in itself,
With aircraft, hospitals, doctors, and our country's flag it will sport.

Then there is the overwhelming clamor,
Of those who want to come here to live and stay.
They know so little of our history,
Only that Freedom and Liberty is our way.

They want that Freedom for themselves as well,
And a Liberty which will let them choose.
They see us as a beacon then,
When their own freedoms they all but lose.

Life, Liberty, The Pursuit of Happiness,
The words our Founding Fathers swore...
Are Actions we take for granted each day,
With the Freedoms which we adore.

What does Freedom and Liberty mean?
It's just as plain as plain can be.
Because I want the Liberty to live my life,
And have the Freedom to wear it on my sleeve.

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Hurt Me

Hold me down
And hurt me
Then smother me 
With your love

Cover my eyes
And drown me
Then revive me
With your lips

Corrupt my life
And kill me
Then hold me 
With your pain

Demolish my dreams
And ruin me
Then rock me 
Back to sleep

Come like silent fire
And leave like warm spring wind
Bring me something to die for
Then impart with one more breath 

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The Amorous Look

She is so amazing
speaks with her eyes
If you know the language
no need for disguise

Her lips are alluring
her breasts captivate
None can resist her
their passion she’ll take

Her lovers are chosen
to grant her one wish
To give her sweet pleasure
to taste of her kiss

Her bed is her playground
she knows how to please
They’ll cry out for mercy
she gives them release

The song of her body
excites and empowers
Her hand on the passion
her tongue it devours

She cries for her maker
her lover delights
The fountain is gushing
relief for the night

He now thinks its over
he’s now off the hook
She turns to her lover
the amorous look 

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A Kiss-s-s-s

Why is a kiss such a passionate thing That smolders from deep down inside The tenderness of two moist warm lips Trigger emotions too intense to hide For centuries, it's been a symbol of love Throughout just about all of mankind The fiery intensity, the closeness of souls Invite lovers to explore, to find Blood pressure rises, we quiver and shake Words to describe it don't exist A euphoric overwhelming passion happens Raising senses to a feverish pitch Culminating in the ancient act of love Another indescribable sensation The explosion of two bodies uniting as one In a twisting, spiralling gyration © Jack Ellison 2012

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What is as gentle as a Butterfly? What is it that helps you reach the sky? What is it that makes life a joy to live? What is it that gives, gives, gives? So see and love that gentle one, to be with for all time to come. A blessing to wish for at a time in life, that time, when longing for a loving wife. We worry that when we choose, we make the right choice and do not lose. A single man's freedom of course, is at stake, could it be the largest single mistake? I married a gentle Lass, married to that give, give, giving Lass. This lass lets me reach the sky, forever and forever she will until I die. A Lass that thinks of all around, this Lass's loving will astound. Her heart is cast of solid gold, her beauty is a joy to behold. She is my Golden Bonny Lass, my wife, my lover, now and of all times past. A face of gentle smiles, so soft and quiet, her touch as light as a Butterfly's diet. I remember well that quiet, 'I do' my heart racing, my brain in a steaming stew. 'You may now kiss the bride'. Wow! Helter skelter what a ride :) Now twenty odd years have since gone past, Gillian Lynette is still that gorgeous Bonny Lass. She is that wonder in the sky, that gentle, beautiful, generous Butterfly. The Auld Yin.

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Swallowing sickness
Perfecting the pain
Reaping my happiness
The killer not slain

Don’t leave me begging
I won’t be left on my knees
Stay here evermore 
Time forever will freeze

I feel you in my mind
This sick, gray place
I reach out to touch you
All I find is dark space

The music of your language
Changing my cynical heart
Your glorious mind
Discerns the eminence of art

But such a distance
Leaves great detriment in my soul
Knowing time keeps us apart
Leaves my existence a saturnine hole

Just promise you’ll think of me
I will wait outside
Tally days on the wall
Till the sentence subsides

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Is there such a flower as a despised blue rose...
the one I desperately chose
to sign end under a sad story,
which had neither passion or glory?

With tears so rageful, she thought it was the final goodbye;
why I didn't choose a more charming rose with a different color,
perhaps not as red as her unfaithful heart? It wouldn't have been a lie! 
Ever since, I have shunned and hated blue roses despite their splendor.

They tell me that the reason for my unbearable loneliness
is the urge for touching a face slipped from my grip and will;
if I am to blame...why did I love her with intense sweetness,
and nothing was returned besides a promise so brittle?

Let me see only red and yellow roses...but no tempting, blue roses;
I couldn't relive moments rejected by a woman so deceitful and ravishing,
and she smiled as they did, but that trust was distant from the beginning...
marring the lovely appearance of that blue rose standing out from others.

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Your Beauties Glow

To you alone 
My heart is sold
As the days go
Your beauty grows

As time flies by
i have to sigh 
When you walk by
And catch my eye

I cannot think 
Or even blink
As it may seem 
Only a dream

To you alone 
I have to sigh 
And just walk by 
Your beauties glow

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Restless Soul

Today you walked back in my life
you showed up at my door
Oh Baby can I please come in
can’t take this anymore 

We held each other for so long
not sure what next to say
We looked each other in the eyes
she said I want to stay

Dear Kate you can’t keep doing this
you’re tearing me apart
One day you say you love me
and then you break my heart

There are no more tomorrows
the price a heavy toll
I have to be the only one
to soothe your restless soul

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In a Lover's Arms

A shiver within.
The body shakes.
Like aftershocks 
From small earthquakes

The dam is bursting.
Enter the flood.
With waves of emotion
Left misunderstood.

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Fight for what you love,
For what's right,
For what you believe in.
Just fight.

Believe in what you want.
Believe in who you are.
Believe in prayer,
And in wishes on stars.

Pray about mistakes.
Pray for what you need.
Pray for those you love.
Pray in faith, not in greed.

Love those in your life.
Love the little things.
Love your tribulations,
Because they help you get your dreams.

Dream with faith behind them.
Dream without inhibitions.
Accomplished dreams are celebrations.
Dream as high as the stars you wish on.

Celebrate each moment.
Celebrate each year,
With joy and with laughter,
Some emotion and some tears.

Laugh without limitations.
Laugh at those trying to hold you back.
Laugh and learn to move on.
Laugh like you don't know how to act.

Learn to move on from your mistakes.
Learn to persevere and be strong.
Learn to listen and inspire.
Learn to pick yourself up and keep on.

Inspire yourself.
Inspire those around you.
Be inspired by the life you see.
Put inspiration in everything you do.

Live without any regrets.
Live with a smile on your face.
Live with pride in what you're doing,
And not with other people's disgrace.

Do what you believe in.
Do what you feel is best.
Do what you have to to become who you want to be.
Do you and don't worry about the rest.

Be someone you can respect.
Be happy when you see your reflection.
Be strong when no one else is.
Be unafraid when the time comes for action.

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How I Journeyed in Poetry

Words did flow like any simple person I had no experience to write on Then real life happened, and a storm appeared Just like that, BAM, the storm raged and then gone Pain ensued on and on day after day I suffered and the words started to grow They were forming inside my soul to shine To one day be let out from down below Now to relieve any pain that does come I reach into my soul filled with passion As though there are many storms in my life Words take me out of them with compassion So as each storm that comes I have my words I use them to write my poetry scene To relieve the storm’s heartache within me And then I share it, which becomes a dream
Contest: Your Journey... Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico 8/7/2013

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Soul Fire

Limbs entwined as passion wanes 
But does not fade away 
It may reignite at any hour of the night 
Or minute of the day. 

The sun's own heat does not compare 
To the fire of our souls 
Whene’er we hold each other close 
And the two halves make a whole. 

Not caring which is fuel or spark 
In our endless lovers' game, 
When flesh meets flesh the world is lost 
In that all consuming flame 

And our spirits dance through the firestorm 
To the music of our desire, 
Never fearing that we will be burned 
For ‘tis love that feeds the fire.

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The Tome

There are books that come from many genre Some that create sorrow and painful scars Yet others where the author spells out love Where love is surely written in the stars There is a tome of emotions prepared Written by some great poets of the heart Each poem shows a certain eloquence A piece of feelings that’s sure to impart Some passages are of sadness and pain Others carries some lines of compassion All of these put inside a single book From the greatest of love to full passion This is an example of what exists A beautiful book that’s enjoyable Poets that write directly from the heart All of which is pure and sure loveable
Russell Sivey

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Tall Tales

With muse in hand I must come up with great stories
That it keeps it's seeker longing for more of it's caption
free verse sonnet haiku or just stopping on by
I'm sure that there's something you may find very interesting

Tribute To Writers Here At

Also Entry For 
Brian Strand's
Poulter's Measure
GL All

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More often than not is it assumed
I do not have a heart
I shun those who attempt to know me
Before anything can start

But these past few months I've come to learn
That having a heart's not so bad
I've let myself trust, and open up vulnerability
And for that I am glad.

I never meant to hold back
I did so, but didn't realize
That you needed more than simply words
Frustration brimmed in your eyes

I wanted us to work
To have what happy couples do
But slowly I was pushing you away
And I never even knew

You're an amazing person
With so much life and honest bliss
Our intimate moments, our laughs and goals
Are what I'll truly miss

Now we travel our own directions
Approaching the fork where our paths must part
Just know I'll always care so much for you
You'll hold a place forever dear in my heart.

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The Release Of The Hidden Truth

I have always liked you
I just never wanted to admit it
But now things have changed  
And I’m not ashamed of what we made.

I love the way you constantly stare at me,
Even though I always question the look.
I love the way you kiss me as your lips 
And mine hook!

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I, Oracle tool of eternal, placid in mental state. 
High-intellect mortal, dropping parables to educate. 
Special emotional properties, concepts of four elements. 
Fire; earth; wind; water, mind on matter transcendents. 

Fire akin to blood, therein lies real passion. 
Air present in yellow bile, links of wrathful emotion. 
Water manifest in phlegm, too much produce laziness. 
Earth found in black bile, associates of sadness. 

Telepathic capabilities, enhancement of perception. 
Supernatural abilities, sheer mind submission. 
Mixed cause and effect, experimental backward mask. 
Image shown to subject, tenth of a second the task. 

First picture displayed, ultrasensory perception. 
Second subliminal image, recalling jiffy forgotten. 
Utilize the enhanced, nothing but natural. 
Subconscious skill possessed, to absorb more subtle signal. 

Desire overriding reason, inner darkness of humanity. 
Nature and nurture function, sexually obsessed mentality. 
Attempts to explain marvels, visible through naked eyes. 
Ubiquitous superpower, shattering inquiring minds. 

Head and facial movements, most info' effective. 
Eminent emotions expressed, all but instinctive. 
Familial body language, few employ it consciously. 
Nonverbal communication, many exercise it subconsciously.

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Red Parka

Looking great sitting there with her hood on It’s a red parka, like the start of dawn She holds her jacket as she looks around Softly she bows her head, looks to the ground Her skin is like ivory, soft and smooth Her tender smile comforts and it does soothe I want to hold her near, I meet her eyes Beauty holds fast as I start to realize Her life is for me, she holds me deeply Our stare allows our hearts to form singly I touch her hood and I move it on down Off of her head, and from her royal crown I feel her awesome life force within me I grab her softly and pull her closely We bring our lips together and we kiss I don’t sense the shy girl, I keep our bliss The red hooded woman now holds me tight She beams with a smile when she’s in the light I can’t help but to return the gesture Who knows what will happen in the future
Russell Sivey

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                     In the moonlit salty water I saw your face placidly suave   
                  Can I kiss the beautiful face drawing the water in my hands?
                   Breeze caressed the transparency blurring into small waves
                    Oh! It dissolved to colourless drops vaporizing to elements

                            Sometimes, in the dusk, you dance with clouds  
                      Yonder amongst the rainbow and evening stars glitter
                  Just begins to cast my eyes, enticing, the clouds enshrouds 
                           Had I wings to soar high and around you flutter!

                  And amongst the woods before winter fall with smile sheen 
                  Yellow leaves hide ‘cause sunbeams burn butter skin to pall 
                  Embarrassing me to seek and embrace you with heart keen
               Oh! Leaving only mounts of snow, yellow leaves rhythmically fall 

                      Tender hands fondle; I feel the lavender petals fall
                              In your chat with me your passions gush    
                            And just be in union with a kiss I feel a haul
                       Feeble hard I struggle to hug and away you rush!? 

                             In lonely night I hear your melodious song
                            Have a glance on the singer! Eagerly I roam 
              Only foggy hills and murmuring of leaves I see all night long 
                   Still yonder the other sides of the river the melody hum  

                                 You are a non-existing existence
                          Sun and moon are meaningless sans you
                           Sans you my existence is non-existence
                                    No dawn and dusk sans you

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Vertical Entwine

Torso to torso, pressed to impress
Internally we share our loving zest
Loving and proud in our moment of bliss
To your nape I whisper a loving kiss

Your imprint of pert against my palms
Whilst I savour and sense your womanly balm
Slip sliding thighs in vertical entwine
Torso to torso we lovingly grind

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FREE CEE put on something soft and low


        Put on the music
put that candle's wick aflame
              turn down the lights
and let's share a romance only you and I can claim

put on a slow song
and take my hand as we stroll to the beat
i'll lead you to he way they dance in Heaven
and the two of us will both feel the heat

lay softly against the rug in front of the fire
    now think of a place of peace where we could go
embrace me and face me so you can see my lips
and we kiss by the fire's glow

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Life's Story

The rain falls fiercly,
As I look up into the skies,
Only to see the sun,
And white clouds floating by.

I walk into the woods,
Feeling sharp thorns beneath my feet,
I stare down to the earth,
To see grasses, soft and sweet.

At last I see a rose,
Lying dried up on the ground,
I gently touch it's petals,
And my life is newly found.

All along ive been yelling,
At the wind for being cold,
And shouting at the rain,
When life's story has been told.

I ignored the graceful beauty,
As i blocked out meaningful sights,
For when it's gone I will regreat,
Shunning the flawless story of life.

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Breath of Love

The life that breathes in me would be no more
If the breath of love would not have been shown to me
Life did push me to my knees, living did become sore
But that spark of love did revive my soul willingly

I did not ask for it
I expected not to be given such a treat
I did choose the worst
Hoping it would quench my soul's thirst

But when love shone, I melted away
Caring not whether the skies remained blue or grey
For love of such kind is given to few
Love of such kind is the only kind of love that is true

Armed with it, I now can smile once again
For its breath did blow away my pain
Life is now made of sweetness
That Love did wash away its bitterness!

Love, love, love, being the cause of everything
Love, being so true, so fulfilling
To my beloved I shall say thus, thank you for your breath
If not for it, I would have indeed already met with my death!

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Below the Palms

On golden sands hands on hips
Faces close, moist touching lips
Orchestral sounds of natures bliss
Two hearts desire their joining wish

Under palm tree shade, two in lie
Above even higher azure blue skies
Kisses lead to caress in softly touch
Hearts pounding in desire so much

Naked to bare amidst natures sounds
So splendid they arouse on sandy grounds
Whistling leaves in admiring wave
Bodies impressed in touched engrave

Echoes of passion fill this islands air
Waves gently lap, their way to declare
Resonating sighs, romance shared by two
Blissful love can be, and be so true

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Oh Those Bubbles

For beneath these bubbles, lies a porcelain skin
Shapes of she submerged within
Undulations in rest amidst this misty place
All that appears is a maidens face

In slow rise she stands so wet
Images this poet will never forget
Bubbles in places where hands should delight
Curvaceous she, a most beautiful sight

For now with this towel I'll dry you down
Hands in adventure like a loving gown
Places of delight allows you to sigh
As I stand before you, you with those eyes

We walk on rose petals I had laid down before
Leading to heaven through our bedroom door
Naked to bare as you lie on our bed
Lips now in touch, love shall be said 

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Impressions of Madness ( a bipolar life)

I turn away the light of truth, 
though bright it shines eternally; 
as I now search the dark of youth 
for life devoid of history. 

Born filled with primal fear inbred 
(a wingless mountain butterfly) 
who waited trapped by wretched dread, 
within mad vision graves, to die. 

A body bent by rhythmic birth 
sucked marrow out of bone and brine 
as wounds leaked blood back into earth 
for earth gives refuge to Divine. 

The fragile cuts were foul and spent 
but no stitch thrown seemed obvious; 
its fabric labored, torn and rent 
by images grown spurious. 

And this we carry to our graves 
in extant bliss of ignorance. 
No worry worth the time it saves 
before the black of permanence. 

A life once sewn with threads of smoke, 
(translucent trend in lunacy) 
is but illusion's buried yoke 
of veiled and failed transparency

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All the Things

All the things that make me tingle
All the things that make me burn
All the things that make me quiver
All the things that make me yearn

All the things that make me giddy
All the things that make me sigh
All the things that make me shiver
All the things that make me fly

All the things that make me insane
All the things that make me scream
All the things that make me grovel
All the things that make me dream

All the things that so ignite me
All the things that quench me, too
Are all the things that are found, love
In the very core of you.

Just one look, and I am trembling
Just one touch, and I’m on fire
Just one word with passion laden
And I’m consumed by desire

All the things that bond me to you
All the things that tie my heart
Each and every single impulse
In you, my love, has its start.

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What's more passionate
that closing dreamy eyes
to lips that surrender...
isn't it a lover's passion?

Summer should be blamed,
for the  strong scent of its flowers 
that is inhaled while kisses are given, 
but that's the secret of every lover!

In Fall days no longer seem eternal,
as a lover's passion increases with the chill;
perhaps their fire is more intense in this season...
when warmth is denied by the parting sun!

Leaves begin to fall and paths
are adorned with loveliness, that's where all lovers
stroll to rekindle the passions of by-gone seasons;
and yet spring is their favorite.

What's more intimate than caresses
given by warm hands followed by a kiss?
Isn't a lover's passion expressed gently as lips draw closer,
to replenish what was lost in remote time as those yesterdays?

Our desire is more than a mutual feeling,
it lays its hope on faithfulness to revive
that promise recited in revered silence as soft whispers;
life will end, but this lover's passion never will!.  

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Heavenly Sweet

Her curvaceous cheeks my hands address
To her heavenly vee my hands caress
Moist sweet honey adorns my skin
Her eyes now tell me, my darling within

In rhythmic rhythm, in sighing kiss
Hands now wander in delightful bliss
Lusting desires now resonate around
Echoing voices of loving sound

Panting greets moans amidst stormy gales
My love cries out like a banshee wails
She pulls me in, my torso held
Impressed to impress us two in weld

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Divine Passion

Two pleasantly caressing forms envelope Blood rushing in, filling every pore Her heart meshes, blends in, develop A flash, a pulse, each breath does explore An enticing glow embellishes Her heartstrings tug and pull divinely about I feel overwhelmed, she grants some wishes Our lines are open, our feelings are surely stout We roll, we inhale, we delight in the air Passion controls the hearts of the two of us Hold me close, let us explain how much we care Our eyes hold firm, a caress, an expression thus She’s overflowing with a willpower Significance in her appearance We hold our love that our lives will empower Romance at its highest, a form of endearance
Russell Sivey

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Activiity #34

One last time
One last kiss
Will the next time
Feel just like this?

If I stop
If I open my eyes
Will it be gone?
Does it all die?

What's protecting
My fragile heart?
What's keeping love
From tearing it apart?

Should I just stop?
Just give up the fight?
Should I just walk
Straight into the light?

I won't give up hope
It will all work out
It's not like it's something
I can't live without

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Floating in a halo up in the clouds She was climbing direct from her stasis Over the ground of this covered approach Reaching a higher plane of emphasis Her heart resides between the rising eyes Not to be turned away, exact part cast A light within her soul a lofty singe Bringing life to those feelers of long past Abreast of her living for the future Just a royal shower of happy schemes Allowing for love to blend on inside Having hope to keep with triumph of dreams Her eyes all aglow, full of passion there Living deep within her heart, times escape She reveals her softer side through her care A place for her to go, a place to drape Up high in the sky, a halo exists Implicating a right of time betwixt A world in the act of heartfelt desires Help between her eyes of passion affixed
Russell Sivey

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Just Like Her

You can't help what you're born with.
You can't help who they were.
You can't help that the way you look...
is just like her.

The way you sit at dinner.
The way you seem unsure.
The way you wear your ponytail.....
just like her.

You have to fight genetics.
You have to clear the blur.
You will not lose your dignity...
just like her.

Sometimes you feel her presence.
You sense the way things were.
You shake it off and remind yourself...
You'll never be like her.

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Minds Eye

A formidable tale...

Ravaged with pure insight,

unforeseen embellish warning,

Divine gift inherited...

Driven by antiquity...

forces unraveled...

the aforesaid...the yet unmentioned...

Dejavue...suspended...deluge familiar...

outpouring without denial...

silent surprise on the outer...

immersed in a sphere of wait...

controversial alignment...

Spectator foretells undulate.

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Wanting Bodies Glow

In a world only they know from their first meet
She craves his manly touch and desires their souls to greet
Flesh from two in love in grace upon cotton white
Unification to be their want this coming winter nights

Caressed to undress whilst their kisses whisper so
Naked to bare in touch their wanting bodies glow
Excitement abounds in bloom, lips in tender grace
Eyes meet then close, their hands in loving pace

Like the rhythm of the ocean as the waves gracefully caress
Her laced light covered clothing, now to be undressed
Slowly her spine I traverse in kissing motioned flow
Upon her peachy flesh, she's sensed for in I grow

To her nape her lobes I touch, my hands adorn her mane
Whispers unto she I share, in delight I kiss her frame
Bite marks, clenched nails of thrill, adorn her peached skin
In blissful elegance, she now welcomes her Highlander in

In craving lustful desire, twined these two in mix
Their pulse begins to kick as they fuse transfixed
Fresh these two in love in grace upon cotton white
Unification to be their want this coming winter nights

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Then Pow Whammo

Hello Sweetie, where have you been It's way too long since we cuddled How's bout making up for lost time tonight Make my brain all befuddled I'll make the first move, my love of loves Then you'll show me your feminine guile Remember how it always made me cross my eyes Then I'd become mute for a while Can't wait to experience that feeling again Bet you're still damn good with your digits Howling in unison as we writhe away Screams of exultation were emitted Then POW, WHAMMO, that ultimate feeling Only you, sweet thing, can unleash As we drift off into a night of sheer splendour And dine on a sexual feast © Jack Ellison 2014

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A Woman Nothing More

A Woman Nothing More

The strongest feelings in life 
erupted when she appeared,
showing me all I wanted 
and hinting at what’s to be feared.

Her mysterious charm and power 
changed my goals for good,
target of all my attention; 
I would have her if I could.

My youth came into focus 
its energy directed at her,
fantasy unattainable then, 
but reality as it were.

Enslaved by longings and urges
 impossible to requite,
dreams of her beauty and softness
 lengthened the lonely nights.

First taste of love was heady 
and addictive forevermore,
chase and conquest accomplished 
opening the forbidden door.

This leaven and seasoning of life 
enriched the years of love,
the closeness of a woman
 is given by God above.

But ecstasy’s old counterpoint 
is a crushed and broken heart,
savaging the soul of lovers 
when we are forced to part.

Life’s troubles pale in comparison 
to romances’ grievous end,
seemingly endless agony 
no matter how long we spend.

The heart will harden eventually
 after love’s revolving door,
learning through pain and experience;
she is a woman, nothing more.


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Draped Long

Locks of black draped long
Stockings torn scattered thong
Excited to pert pouting lips
Boots licked, slicked

Peachy skin tasted neat
Kissed to caress sweet treat
Glazed eyes in lusting cry
Tattooed temptress, undressed

Sweated runs cascading love
Shapes of thee in welcome glove
In writhing motion natures ocean
Lusting waves, crave

Passionate moans echoes groan
Loving two in wanting roam
Fetish filled fuelled now spent
Strangers lust, never repents

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The Materials of Criticism - by Bob Atkinson

The Materials of

- by  Bob Atkinson

to look upon a word
fixed art
for value of the
whole or parts
begins a journey
to frustrate each of
the five senses

do we? could we? can
here in the "here
and now"
produce our cultural
by lining words in a

can we? do we? could
put value on our art
or would it suffice
to percolate
ingredients in a pot

that which makes up
the whole
contains some parts
plus simple hope
many seeds of doubt,
some blind faith
loose fundamentals
warmed to percolate

boil this stew in an
open pot
wander over meanings
string appetite of
mind along a line
of selfish devotion
to an adept mind

thus craving
credentials and
with independence of
well written pages
try as nature
creates a need
molding most to firm
fixed greed

avarice dependent,
an encircled fire
aspiration drawn
toward life's desire
direction fielded,
ego supplemented
when open rawness
becomes regimented

broadcast to those
who care about
this person's rage
who loudly shouts
simple signals of
directional flow
mixed with endless
personal selfdom

all nuance
transmitted within
the hope
of mending what's
perceived as broken
broken carries
diverse meanings
when seen with eyes
of different

broken, to some,
fits life so tight
the critic's words
lie dormant,
when not in tune
with rational heart
words have no
meaning, a useless

art fulfills some
need of nature
to analyze for form
and flavor
tenderly we read
their stuff
then regurgitate our

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In My Blood

Writing poetry is in my blood
It's a fairly recent thing
Only been writing for about three years
It's sure made my idle heart sing

Before I began I stumbled around
Lost my direction in life
Discovered my poetry wasn't too bad
Tried it out on my wife

She encouraged me to pursue it further
Soon realized this was for me
Passion's been lying dormant for years
It's set my idle heart free

There's been a number of turning points
Since I was just a young boy
My life's been enriched in so many ways
Now poetry has filled it with joy

Writing poetry is in my blood!

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Whilst the Moon Shone

Undressed we are upon hallowed ground
Where hands find gems in loving surround
Your pertness in arise at my fingertips
Tongues fencing within lustful lips

My hands now wander in caressing find
Sighs and groans release from our minds
Down your porcelain torso I kiss my way
Reaching heavens gates in pink display

I touch, I kiss as you arch your back
Your breasts in lift I see no lack
Excited we are as you welcome me home
Whilst the moon shone, our bodies in roam

In sensual writhe we reach moments of bliss
Sharing our moments with a passionate kiss
Like slow waves caressing the sands
Kissing we explode holding our hands

Echoes of pleasure in lustful call
Resonate as they bounce of the walls
Implode we do as our loving ends
As we await the signals, that love resends

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Winter Solace

Snow outside has mounded high.
But I am here with you.
Cozy, cuddled, we two sigh.
The silver sky, now, blue.

Hot chocolate steams in each cup.
Your breath streams on my brow.
Two as one are lifted up.
Embraced by love’s endow.

Winter solace feels my heart.
Outside fawns loose their spots.
Spring shall bring a brand new start.
For now, happy teapots.

© November 6, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Write me a Happy Poem 	
Sponsored by: Francine Roberts

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I reckon I'd let
a seed speak for itself. 
Too often though,
it doesn't flower.

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               PHUNNY ABOUT THIS?

I know this lady whose accomplishments are nil
she's been with every bobby, bruce  and bill
she's very insecure and she feels like a failure
and that's why I like to kiss Jenna Taylor
         © 2012...copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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It can be gloomy as winter's dreariness...
when nothing else glistens but cold snow;
and it can be as mysterious as summers' nights...
when the crickets are heard from a dark lawn.

Come out and see the many images of the pale moon,
which changes its shape on certain months, or days of the year:
full moon, half moon and three quarter of a moon
still captivate us more than any other planet distant and clear. 

Who hasn't heard legends about this mysterious planet not so cheery?
In Medieval Times, it seemed to have magical powers so solicitous;
and to whom it was so leery...if not to a saint exalting God only?
Poets of this age...wonder how it turns lovers passionate and amorous! 

I have contemplated with admiration the many images of the pale moon
for almost a lifetime: from my hilarious childhood to my hermetic manhood,  
and it hasn't broken its incantation, or changed a bit in color and even mood;
if I could reach it, I'd transform it into a garden of loveliness as anyone should.   

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The Sordid Affair

There's money___then there's love
Looking back at him __desiring 
Brief encounters above
Husband's comments deriding

So handsome fire__home ice
Guilt, shame, remorse____desire
One last glimpse maybe twice
Marriage but children__can't transpire

Inner turmoil__wishing
Should I walk away now
Turn turn around running
We'll say the wedding's vow

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Mist and Death

Demons of old to toil and tither,
Moil of mine to wine and hemal,
Of thee comes brood and beast,
Whence a nite of tongues and chattering teeth.

Forth slips shimmers of golden rims and grims which greet,
Sips from glorious goblets enchant fabolous feast,
Jests, knaves, et alii figures beguile and bid,
'Twas de hour for not more frivolous guile and fickleness.

Out of oubliette a glim of light so lithe,
Moon of mist now found by life and gift,
For inside one's hide was sight of rimous rig,
Minions of humour bridle toward obverse Omid,

Womb of prime reveal that which is vile and uncouth,
Smile upon me thy glorious chime of pride and proof,
Mind of mine shine on what is trial and new,
Liberty of every, carry me to your shrine of truth.

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Me and My Cove Curled Phantom

We race through the night
Our minds intertwined
Brazen abandon
Our only design

We swoop through the air
Her fine feelers quiver
A shooting star flares
We gracefully whirl

My hands on her back
I feel her deep purr
Tingling my skin
And stirring her fur

I feel her thoughts
As she feels mine too
Full of mischief and warmth
As excitement breaks through

Encouraging each other
Temptation is bliss
Daring to continue
We dive through the mist

Skim over the lake
Fresh liquid so cold
Reflecting our grace
Wild and uncontrolled

The stars light our path
Like a million fireflies
Melting into eternity
As we glide through the skies

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Lingerie Lies

Dressed in sex
Dripping night
Arched shadows
Licking light
Smeared silence
Succulent sighs
Framed flesh
Lingerie lies

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a stolen kiss

A stolen ravishing kiss,ignited a brisk fire
Gloating savage temptations,fueled burning desire
Despite trying so hard ,to forget our covert past
You relentlessly recalled,those endless times to last

The sneaky peaceful moments,which,so secretly we shared
The love,lust,rage and passion,for each other we spared
The moanful sensuous pledges, made in each other's arms
Have been refreshed now, by a kiss robbed in all charms

How can I ever forget, your love ,now, I 've  realized
The raving vows and pleasures,we achieved or fantasized
Thinking if gone faraway,might get this flame cool
savoring taste of your lips,testified I was a fool


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I sent you words that Shakespeare wrote,
his poems and sonnets too.
I chose his words to express myself, 
and the way I felt for you.

I sent you words that Shakespeare wrote,
because his were the very best.
His words are known throughout the world,
and stand out among the rest.

I sent you words that Shakespeare wrote,
so you alone would know,
just how my soul longs for you,
and the way I love you so.

But the strings of your heart blew in the wind,
and became tangled with another.
And now your heart is mesmerized,
and bound to this new Lover.

And its plain to see, that my memory
has disappeared like mist and smoke.
And the last thing that you care about,
are the words that Shakespeare wrote.

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Constance holds the key to freedom,
she'll never sit down and die of boredom;
all the free things we don't think of or see,
are there for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Employers buy our time to give them service;
if nothing is for free what's happened to your awareness?
The air we breath, the sunlight we feel, and the fragrant flowers we smell...
weren't these also given by God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Look around there many more for us to discover...
the incessant waterfalls and rivers still supply their water,
and without them the earth would be an arid desert;
and in this wasteland, only spiders can try to cheat death.

Constance holds the key to freedom, inspiring us timelessly, 
and the beauty of her revelation is that we can pursue it adequately;
she doesn't boast as the rich do, humbleness is her inborn virtue...
welcome her suggestions and begin living your day as busy folks do.

Inspired by Constance's Blog MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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blue bra girl

now captive of the Internet
a junta's brutality is beset
captured for the world to see
the batoned beating of democracy

North East Africa, it can't be claimed
to solely fill this role of shame
but now viral bits are flying 'round
protesting people's being beaten down

women the circumference of the world
are persecuted for their gender's creation
cell cameras will, a new day herald
responsive answers from caring nations

people can be beaten and put down
forced to some savage submission
but what goes 'round comes 'round
violence begets, of its own volition

Mohandas lead too, where many follow
the harder, bloodier road of peace
declarations of change only ring hollow
when silenced by some thought police

© Goode Guy 2011-12-22

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The Neapolitan tarantella
is a folk dance very graceful and lively,
it was inspired by someone having been 
bitten by a poisonous Taruntula.

It's fast up-beat tempo
induces a frenzied dance in a solo,
or a couple...and as they dance they sweat out
the poison of the spider's bite.

Grandma used to sing this folklorist song,
and I danced with her while loud mandolins 
and tambourines accompanied her cheerful singing...
there wasn't an awkward note in her voice. 

The Neapolitan tarantella, with its frantic rhythms
and shrill harmonies infused passion in great composers,
and Mendelssohn wrote his symphony...
a song dance was composed by Rossini.

The Neapolitan tarantella grandiosely plays   
and everyone stops and listens to its low and high-pitched melody,
and with little hesitation they start to dance...
beneath my veranda, these folks put on a look of festivity.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Sleep well, Emily
on a soft pillow
resembling a willow
courting the starry sea...

And should a storm arrive,
I'll shut the windows,
and keep serenity alive
for the sake of precious dreams...

Sleep well, Emily
dreaming of August' breezes
when the gleaming waves
reflect a dark blue so pretty...

Covered by a transparent satin sheet color sapphire
softer than your own glowing skin,
your feminine curves induce an incredible desire
in the palpiting heart of this tempted man....

Sleep well, Emily
putting all thoughts to sleep,
unless passion arises an intense heat
to allow me to touch you softly... 

And exploring our sexuality
without being ashamed of nudity,
we are those lovers seeking total darkness
into a place where there's deep tenderness....

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Passion's Power

It scorches; it sears
It burns in the veins
It maddens; it deranges
It gives exquisite pains
It entices; it provokes
It lures to its lair
It boils; it combusts
It lays the heart bare
It consumes; it exhumes
The forbidden dreams
It demands; it commands
That you follow its schemes
It explodes; it erupts
In a firework display
It throbs; and pulsates
You can’t get away
It moans; it screams
It gives you no choice
It pants; it groans
It gives love a voice
It’s passion; it’s desire
It’s pure ecstasy!
It’s wonder; it’s magic
Come live it with me.

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Urgency in my voice breathing 
faster as our arousal is peaked.. 
run away or give in, the choice... 
let's surrender to our private fantasy 

Fire felt through the sounds we release 
our forbidden parts respond 
skin moistened as our motions increase 
let's surrender to our private fantasy 

I'm breathless, fire's spreading from head to toe 
extinquish me, our fire will douse these flames 
whisper the desires you long fo' 
surrender to me, my private fantasy 

passionate positioning, at your request 
where do you want me to be 
above or below, a sexual quest 
surrender to me, my private fantasy 

a rider i am, so the thought turns me on quick 
as your hands grab my chest 
hurry up...finish, which position to pick 
surrender to me before our fantasy becomes reality

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Silence is the wall that stands before me,
and memory the light that allows sight beyond.
Past the disappointments of the here and now,
to a time when I was wild and young.

Created from desire and fueled by passion,
is how the flames of love came to be.
After having my fill of pleasures forbidden,
there was no retreating for me.

I was bathed in the eternal flames of love,
and became addicted to its lasting burn.
Closing my eyes to the consequences,
and to all of those concerned.

But as the earth shines and is heated
by the great Sun placed above.
So to my heart is warmed and illuminated
by the eternal flames of love.

Pondering on lost love is weakening,
heartbreaking and can be so tragically sad.
But in truth, love can never be lost,
once love has truly been had.

Memories are the wonderful leftovers,
once everything is all said and done.
And those are ours to keep forever,
and can be taken from us by no one.

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There will always be a ring,
where my ring use to be.
there upon your figure,
that only you can see.

No matter what becomes of you,
or in whose company you may be.
You'll always see a ring,
where my ring use to be.

In the blackest darkest nights,
and whether dirty or whether clean.
Cover it, smudge it, or hide it,
and still it will be seen.

It's just a little reminder,
so you can never forget.
The time we spent together,
and what our love once meant.

You can try in vain to ignore it,
but it's as plain as it can be.
There will always be a ring,
where my ring use to be.

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like wildfire

like gossip, love's epidemiology
causal, a vector rampant spreading
has another uncontrolled physiology
a loving caring directional heading

love can't grow in a Petri dish
unless you're an amoeba or other cell
if agape's agar to feed, would wish
then i'd suppose it could, as well

diseased with affection and devotion
the prognosis a fortunate telling
incurable in time, your love's emotion
opportunistic transmission compelling

we could seclude with quarantine
but why would we want to isolate
and keep inside of what i mean
an infective germ so obviously great

to catch a love disease, not so good
on some picnic blanket by river of love
as catching love to be, could, would
with your desire of desires, free of

animosity for all of sentient beings
to less thinking with other leanings
hard to be unaffected when all around
everyone, everything is happily bound

one to another and each bound to all
devotedly catching incurable contagion
laughing 'til crying and having a ball
loving each other, and all civilization

what a lovely way we could live life
if we could forgive and forget our ire
without avarice, worry, or greedy strife
just let the love spread like wildfire

© Goode Guy 2011-06-21 

hit me with your best shot... ;-)

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Misguided Passion

(Mr. Snake falls in love with a garden hose)

I came out of hiding to explore
territory I'd never seen before.
I slithered up and over the hill;
everything was quiet and still.

I spotted you lying there,
coiled so perfect, skin so fair.
"Head over heels" at first sight.
Hold on baby, I'll be back tonight.

Just as I would have turned to go
your body moved, began to grow
and before my unbelieving eyes,
sputtering and spitting, began to rise.

A human appeared, held you fast;
moved you around, watering the grass.
I scurried away in rapid flight, 
certain our love couldn’t be right.

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I see two
lips screaming for me.
I do.

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Rebuilding what was torn down
might take endless effort,
and it can be definitely done
without recalling the hurt.

To visualize it again,
it's putting together the ideas 
that started it in adolescence...
will it be the same dream as then?

Some achievers build it
as a bricklayer does: brick by brick...
until it is clearly conceived,
to amaze themselves who strongly believed. 

Rebuilding what was torn down
by malevolent forces takes firm belief,
and with my defiant courage it will have life again:
breathing as I breath with much sought relief.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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Green peas and all kinds of beans
are split open to release their seeds,
like those peas in a green pod,
that mother cooked in a huge pot!

One of my dad's friends who wore a veteran's brooch, 
would shamelessly cheat to get a delicious split-pea soup;
mom didn't know he was a cheater, and surely would have hit him
with the wooden dough roller when he peaked with a grim!   

And mom slowly stirred the vegetable soup,
she used to say, " The longer it cooks, the better it tastes! '
And my mouth was drooling to taste those soft peas...
that I took out of the seeds' casings without miscue! 

Mother rushed in the kitchen with a roar of an enraged lion,
" That idiot is playing no fair game! He is a menace to all!
And he passes glasses of brandy to get everybody drunk! " 
" He wants to win no matter what the cost...oh, clever maven! "

The split-pea soup steams like a hot volcano erupting,
the cover of the pot blows off, " What a mess on my stove! " mom  screams...
" It's all his fault that I am in this state! " she continues yelling...
" I still hear his big mouth mocking...wait 'till I have finished cooking these peas! "

Entered in Nathan's Laccese contest, " Two peas in a pod " 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Tilted Thoughts

Love from Adam at Eden's shore
The dark nobles tailing my feet-
Our deeds rhyme, but thoughts- doubts do greet
'Til we dock at the fateless shore
Echoes would cease, as tears permit
When rays grace my greys from Red core
Now you're gone, your loss, I ignore
One cross, three burdens, paths do split

From holy clouds, I smiled in tears
In harmony, we tackled fate
Still ants preys our proud humble mate
No peace in realms, bereft of fears
Now you're gone, hades reflect my hate
Yet stoic abode, grace secret rears
A cold hut, muse of kindred pairs
New glimpse; shadows of former Date

Again! -this dark noble, again?
My cross and his, a curse to tend
salient smile, nemesis do bend
Now we're here, on treasured terrain
Grounds and walls, my presence do blend
In days and nights, sun and rain
Your cause -a curse, doubles my pain
Sealed thoughts tilts with guilt of dumb end

Tripple souls breathing with an heart
To dine together, yet apart

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Standing Up

So I was walking down the street
When I saw someone cheat
An old lady with no teeth
Out of her seat

So I though,' that ain't right,
Old ladies can't fight
I think this grown man might
Be stupid and spite'

So I go up to the man
I ask to shake his hand
He said he wouldn't stand
For the little old woman

So I rampaged and cussed about
With a scream and a shout
And there was no doubt
The man would move out

So I'm happy to say
The man got out the way
The old lady praised
Me for saving the day

So the moral of the story is
You live the way you live
And you'll be remembered if
You're kind and cool shiz


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Your Best Shot

You called me names I don't recall,
I slapped your face for the barefaced cheek.
You pinned and pressed me to the wall,
For violence, damsel's knees go weak.

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Music is love
calming like unseen rain
pull me back and forth again
force from above

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A Bit Of A Ham

The time has come to bare my soul It's certainly long overdue The greatest passion in my life has been To get laughs and more than a few A standup comedian I'd sure like to be If I had to do it over again Performing on stage in front of a throng Earning great fortune and fame Something inside's been trying to get out This unfulfilled passion of mine A bit of a ham, feel obliged to admit Applause is totally sublime To be realistic I've missed the boat Circumstances forbade me my dream A family came along for which to provide But I never lost my passion it seems Imagine a seventy-eight year old comedian Doing standup on a New York stage Not likely but I know I'd still be able to wow 'em The thing that's against me is age © Jack Ellison 2013

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Since childhood my vivid and alluring aspirations
painted my rainbows with different colors,
not the ones I was after and truly adored...
who has ever heard of a teenager being bored?

Anytime I saw a train leave the station with its smooth rhythm,
I wanted to be that conductor who could never fall asleep,
and at every stop he would look carefully before closing the doors...
then, laid-back, watch the changing landscape and whistle his tunes!

If imagination had not been there to tackle my reflective tendencies
that were, indeed, rooted in all aspects of the present wilderness,
I wouldn't have cultivated this passion and turn it into a realistic dream...
which allowed inspiration to enter the subconsciousness of this thinker's realm!    

The fast-paced postman delivering mail to mailboxes seldom locked, thrilled me;
he looked so sharp and handsome greeting folks, and it would have been an honor
to chat with them, listening to their suggestions and helping them thoroughly...
I visualized myself as such, and even practiced it daily in front of large mirror!

If tons of ideas hadn't fed the urge to jot down details with ebullient imagery,
unless I wasn't aware of their poignant meaning and powerful message,
I wouldn't have let fantasy create an extraordinary dreamer out of someone so ordinary...
to adorn dullness with my cheerfulness and change winter to spring!

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Putting thoughts on paper, connoting their portent;
contesting guilt by being lyrically concordant
with symphonic tones of poetical elegance,
expressing a mere necessity rather than extravagance.

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I've heard there is a one eyed Goddess.
More elusive than the Ignas Fatuus.
A violet cloud of Will o'the Wisp,
with one great eye and two red lips.

Looking for the perfect time
To grasp her heart and make it thine.
But beware her boots and her heart.
Both, severe pain, can impart.

Look for that one, special thing.
That'll Make her laugh, make her sing.
You find it but she will not see.
That one great eye wasn't looking at thee.

Perhaps there is special fate.
Two thousand years, not long to wait.
A lavender sylph, to embrace.
Find love here, or deep in space.

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Hand in hand two lovers walk,
doing what lovers do.
And it gave me such a feeling,
the feeling of Deja vu.
A hypnotic type of feeling,
that stirs all thoughts of you.
A feeling of the mystic sort,
this feeling of Deja vu.
A distant memory hazed by time,
of a candle and a dinner for two.
When suddenly it became so clear,
with the feeling of Deja vu.
A sleeping past fills my heart,
with things we use to do.
And so often it's all awaken,
by the feeling of Deja vu.
I'd gladly surrender your memory,
and be done at last with you.
If only I could rid this feeling,
the feeling of Deja vu.

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tongue ode

the tongue is just another muscle
gives strength to what we think
amidst life's daily hustle bustle
helps thoughts to words interlink

so the father with his mother tongue
speaks to progeny generations come
lessons learned to offspring young
good ways to live, his rule of thumb

still would wince at his tongue lashing
flinching, blinking, cowering and meek
if shouted anger from lips came flashing
'stead of old man's jokes, tongue-in-cheek

but before I become too tongue-tied 
some tongue twister squarely knotted
I'll place my tongue-in-cheek aside
to address these words I've jotted

and tell of my admiration for tongue
no forked tongue falsehood to relate
some silver tongued notes clearly sung
of glossa tongues and hooks and baits

that lovely lingual muscle hydrostat
can do things fit for moans and groans
I can hint, alluding to this and that
of things we tongue like flesh and bones

I think you'll agree with my observations
presented to you, from my mind sprung
and think of your own tasty applications
many things budding the tip of your tongue

© Goode Guy 2011-07-04

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casing affections

whether in deep of dark
whether brightest of noonday
there's always eyes askance
casing out the come-what-may

checking angles broadly obtuse
to meaning of some stances
and other sideways glances
seeing what they can deduce

dressed in black sleek style
with shiny silent-soled shoes
steeling their desires awhile
looking affections to peruse

undecided won't be chided
on what may happen possibly
taking what comes in stride
capers can happen plausibly

who's the thief and who's
the hapless victim can be
in love's game hard to choose
pilfered affection too pat to see

yet if i am your prize you
might then surmise that i too
a second-story man pull a coup
to steal your heart, in full view

just be aware that life ain't fair
and goods are taken every day
some want more than a share
of hearts affections to take away

© Goode Guy 2011-08-02

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Abiding Beauty

Abiding Beauty
     By Dane Smith-Jonsen

Above the fern at the forest's edge, a butterfly gracefully glides.
Beautiful yellow flittering near tastes the sugary buttercup.
Flashing sulphur wings, happily spreading, upon a placid breeze rides.
The wild flower bed will not subside as the beauty drifts up and up.

Long slender wings black with light stripes, zebra longwings come hovering.  Sight!
Seemingly weak, suspended in air, they waft between passion vine blooms.
Family ties.  Who would realize?  Communally sleeping at night.
Seven, eight, no, eleven there were hovering beneath the new moon.

Dipping, floating, skipping in the breeze, viceroys mimicking regal lines. 
Willow branches and cherry trees, disguised, chrysalis covered with leaves.
Colorful viceroys mimic.  Hiding in willows they will sleep and dine.
Majestic, monarchs on milkweed feast; then, migrate to Mexico’s trees

Beautiful red-spotted purple or is it a pipevine swallowtail?
To grace blackjack cherries and willows that grows at the woodlands door. 
Flipping.  Flying!  Bright orange.  Fritillary finds food from flowers, frail.
Delightfully sips on passion vines, warming in the sun as before.

Spring’s sweet trip into summer slips; too soon the butterflies will be gone.
Chrysalises metamorphose on: twigs, beneath leaves, cleave to host trees.
Birds fly south ‘til caterpillars emerge. Then, return to sing hunger’s song. 
Cycles of life!  Interlocking beauty.  Upon distant pasts proceeds.

Human hearts, over whelmed, skip beats.  And God’s beauty bestows souls’ relief.
When in love’s peace and solitude, man rests in nature’s lovely abode.
There is no loss of life or pain, nor hurt, that can lessen one’s belief.
Abiding beauty becomes a crown when on the straight and narrow road.

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Copy this Poem

Please copy this poem.
Post it on your office wall,
next to your bed,
or the toilet paper roll.

Memorize each word.
Recite it to your teacher.
Spin it into a song
and preach it like a preacher.

Use sign language.
Transcribe it into Braille,
Aramaic, Chinese and
Spanish. Let the world

know that this poem
and any other poem
that you or I write
is worth the daylight.

So, please copy this poem.
Post it on your office wall,
next to your bed,
or the toilet paper roll. 

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Lost Love

Lynn Mibell and I slept
on a flattened futon and dreamt
of better days. Days when her 
dear brother was not dying of AIDS.

Days when our love life flourished.
When we walked hand in hand
along the bold face of 
Stone Mountain. We were giants.

We danced all night in New Orleans.
After partying all day on the horse-
racing track of the Heritage
Jazz Festival. We danced on clouds.

As if our legs, our feet were
divinely influenced, kissed, kissed
kissed, by the gods, superhuman.
Now, Lynn Mibell lays 

on that old bed and dreams of
nothing short of  monumental
change. Nothing short of
ending good and evil universally.

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This flaming torch I carry
bestowed from angels height

Believer of all miracles,
my destiny insight...

Dormant memories reveal,
unspoken in silent gesture...

The walk of fame awaits...
in serenity, and peace...

My words, as script creates...

Eileen R. Kelly

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Building your own spaceship
is a very complex project in order to explore our universe;
a degree in engineering is needed...
other than patience and willingness and lots of flight tests.

Many skilled engineers must assist you to help you succeed,
a payload for study with space travellers and astronauts;
and it needs the proper speed to go beyond the athmosphere...
to manuever it in outerspace without any mechanical problems. 

Building your own spaceship takes months or even years,
it depends on shape and size to travel with the speed of light:
a prototype is required to figure out the traveling distance...  
there can be no flaws in its performance, it must be perfect.

Once all tests are completed, it can be launched into space;
hoping it will return to Earth timely for a safe landing,
and how happy you'll be having designed a successful spaceship...
go back in time and observe Leonardo Da Vinci inventing!

Entered in Matt Caliri's contest  How to build a spaceship

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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My Sagittarius Man

I am a Cancer lady
You, my Sagittarius Man
You make me oh, so crazy
Cause you never have a plan

The only thing that comforts
Is from our rising signs
You are an Aquarius
A mighty Leo is mine

A complicated lady
With a complicated man
We bicker and we argue
Simply because we can

Fire from your fingers
A wicked, solid grin
Your blue eyes like the devil
Your back end hot as sin

My moon sign is an Aries
Yours is a piscean
Like I said, it's crazy
But I love my Sagittarius Man!!

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Old magazines, pictures that pose;
Junk cluttering, ready-to-throw;
Stray offerings for scrapbook close;
I'm selecting new collage flow.

Flip each page here, tear picture pacts;
A nice neat stack, stray page with poise;
Beauty that steers, pieces of tact;
Sift pile and slack, find image choice.

With easy pace, seek treasures lost;
Start to address new storyboard;
Assign new space, at zero cost;
Begin to press, cut-and-paste hoard.

Cut, trim and gum, pieces of art;
Ideas run wild in collage grain;
Here and there lump, unusual parts;
Just like a child: magic laid plain!

And pictures grow, images lift;
Collage art sings new melodies;
New chance to glow, warm purpose sifts;
Junk page now spring, clear textures see.

Thus one by one, I shape new stuff;
Discarded print, pictures galore;
Artwork frees fun, prime zest enough;
Colours and tints, avant garde core.

I feel my soul, at ease with this;
Paper cuttings, sharp cutter blade;
Trim to make whole, relax with gist;
Patchwork trimmings, pictures re-made!

This strange crusade to re-use print;
I come to know heals more and more;
Art left unsaid, re-lives new mint;
Collage that shows new life galore!

Art goes to show that discards can
Be of good use if I can see
A brand new flow in whimsy's plan:
Heart sparks a fuse to free beauty.

Leon Enriquez
24 February 2014

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like you

like two car hubcaps shinin' 'n' moonin'
like helixed necks of neckin' swans swoonin'
like a quiet tide-pool tranquilly poolin'
like Gouramis kissin' each other schoolin'

like two teenagers in a car backseat
young gendered duet, together complete
saunter hand-in-hand down some Paris street
or cornered in a cafe, quietly discreet

like as in liking, love as in smitten
like lips pressed together, gently are bitten
like wantin' what's wanton, 'n' get in to gettin' 
like love sonnet rhymes, charmingly written

like you and me and the world at our feet
if we were two too, together, a love seat
gazing dreamily into each other's mystique
impatiently craving that enticing physique

like you like me, like I like you too
as lovely, as ardent, our passionate roux
like words softly clicking, tongued in anew
to say with eyes gazing, knowing, I love you

© Goode Guy 2011-12-27

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Wine, Women, and Song

Wine, women and song-
delirious impressions
both over- and understated.
Nonsense to the uninitiated.

This is how my daydream began:
gyrating  on stage with long hair
like and adolescent shaman-
visions of a young Jim Morrison.

Wine, women and song-
punk, funk, southern boogie drunk
battle ax guitars, pounding drums
blacken and brutal beer soaked bars.

This is the dream come true:
an insidious reality
that suddenly struck rude.
Nonsense to the uninitiated. 

Now, it is still the wine
women and song that I long for. 
Indelible impressions
both over-and understated. 

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Video Games

When one begins
and picks up the controller
he hopes he wins
but most become bipolar.

they think they are the best
they hope and pray,
that they are better then the rest
but most are in disarray.

they continue for hours
doing nothing but staring
but what it does is devours
while they sit there swearing.

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Love is not the joining of the hearts.
Nor the meeting of the eyes.
It has no breath or width,
or height or depth or size.
Love is not measured by gold,
or in the number of things we do.
Nor is it measured by who we know,
or friends whether many or few.
Its unknown how love comes to be.
It can't be bought, traded, or sold.
Its a strange thing that can't be seen,
always new and never old.
Love's not born out of passion,
by people late at night.
Its not created through desires,
nor delivered by Moons golden light.
Its not found in breathtaking bodies,
or the beauty of the skin.
Love is real yet can't be seen,
something felt just like the Wind.

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it's not quite enough

you don't hold me tight enough
your roses aren't red enough
your painted sky not blue enough
for me and my true love

protection wasn't fast enough
stimulation not barely enough
projection of love rarely enough
reflection of love not nearly enough

you don't hold me tight enough
didn't say i love you enough
didn't tickle me enough
or open too many doors

your passion isn't bold enough
kisses aren't long enough
dedication not felt enough
and that secret love was lorn

but i will give you time enough
to make up where there's not enough
this message should give you courage enough
before my love is scorn 

for you to hold me tight enough
for passion to excite me enough
kisses lasting long enough
for my love to be reborn

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Locked Away

My husbands actions locked with my soul and remained at our frount door,
He reenlisted again and had left for the Afganistan war.
My eyes became swollen the tears begain to pour.
Then all of a sudden, for some reason, one day I wasn't mad at him anymore.
I inwardly waited to hear his keys rattle and his duffle hit the floor. 

Quatrain - a hopeful heart

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Planning the Plan

There are so many things about God
that I don't really understand.....
like  why He chose me
to be a part of His band.

I have done nothing at all
to deserve such favor.
But I sincerely thank this God-man
who's love for me does not waiver.

He lavishes on us a love 
that is unconditional and so pure
that no matter what in the world we do,
He won't love us less nor love us more.

Oh sure, there are times that we
may not be found in His favor,
like when we willfully disobey   
or too much of the "world" do we savor.

 In loving fashion God created this world - -
a plush paradise - - co-existing woman and man.
But God knew that man and serpent would ruin the Garden,
so from His infinite wisdom sprouted the perfect plan.

The "Eden Act" and all the scenes that would follow
caused a separation that was deep, but not a divorce.
For God obsessed with our reconciliation
which takes us back to Him and His plan, of course.

This plan sent His only Son, whose name is Jesus,
down to this decrepit,defiled place called Earth.
His entrance onto the scene was unlike that of Superman.....
no crater, no quake,just a manger and a humble birth.

He lived here and loved here for a short time,
revealing what life is really all about....
about sharing and caring....compassion and passion,
not at all about who has the most clout.

He told us time and time again that He
had no agenda that was His own.
It was to strictly do the will of the Father,
nothing more,nothing less, just that alone.

But it was this very will that ultimately
led the "Annointed One" to much despair.
For it was demanded of Him 
the sin of the world to bear.

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waxing poetica

the moon is made of lovers' wishes
Gorgonzola, and other dishes
heard knighted lines of ardent passion
of tears and wars of lusted action

fallen harvest moon shines emphatically
a golden cornucopia spilled chromatically
dancing fires with nights painted pagan
and gifted artistic jilted lovers beggin'

timelessly written in songs and tomes
those emotive thoughts we've come upon
matters not whether orb is woman or man
it touches us celestially like no other can

call her she, or the man-in-the-moon
beginnings wrap to endings all too soon
her light, like a lover's love waning
your pull on her, has gone, abstaining

yet new he comes 'round in the night
dark and mysterious a shadow of light
and more look up with wonder and lust
under earthly moon all cratered and dust

canines in deserts howl their approval
lone wolf on mesa or in packs communal
eclipsing all that the earth can give
it pulls oceans of emotions that we live

whether I'm mental or merely sentimental
some core of lunar moonin' is elemental
and moves me in arcs of sorrow and elation
soulfully to cry with ecstatic damnation

pulled nearer in mind to phased lunacy
by the gravity of the moon you see
whatever it means for all the fuss
this moon surely has a pull on us

© Goode Guy 2011-09-13

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floral arrangements

when the Rose dries up
and wilts at her hips
and love tilts down
and she softly quips

that she's not happy
scents of love past
her flower has died,
that love couldn't last

it could all stem from
prickly feeling thorns
reckless whisper's eardrum
some heated words sworn

that too easily slip out
from a human's proud lips
to cause a lover's doubt
and begin the apocalypse

takes nourishment to grow
attend to floral arrangements
but, should it droop into woe
an irreconcilable estrangement

know that petals are everywhere
for pistols and pollen's blossom
just water it and give it care
nourished with tender wish often

Daisy will light your sunny side
Violet's royal purples will enthuse
Jasmine's scent will softly confide
too, you'll know Iris' blues

to tell what is usually meant
of life and draws of relations
flowers are always heaven sent
a sensory celebrated jubilation

© Goode Guy 2011-10-20

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free cee WheNeVEr IS wHErEveR


Whenever living begins to chase me
or whenever it attempts to erase me
whenever life seems like a tumultuous insurrection
I always run in the same direction

Whenever denial defies my ample  need
Whenever a festering sore begins to bleed
Whenever I feel like an outcast from a righteous breed
I fly for the same heading with ferocious speed

Whenever the sun is conquered by the rain
Whenever pride conquers disdain
Whenever by hopefulness helplessness is slain
I run to the same source to heal my pain

Whenever I feel as though I cannot tread another misery laden mile
Whenever beauty begins to vie with the vile
Whenever boredom keep the shadow stuck in one point on a sun dial
I chart a course wherein I am rewarded by a smile

Whenever stagnation prevents me from doing what I know how to do
Whenever frightening are the tarot cards that I drew
Whenever I awake to the promise of a sky that won’t ever  turn blue
I run to my only source of confirmed comfort which is you
   © 2012.......copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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The one, I have watched in my dreams.
Is my desire, reflecting heart, uncontainable?
Is she the one, relaxing my hopes for?
Is she the one, truly irresistible?

Affectionate love, taking me beyond all,
Tell me that my soul will always score.
Is she the one, truly irresistible?
Is she the one, relaxing my hopes for?

Eyes delving into a spirit of love supreme,
Bridging destiny into something acceptable,
Is she the one, relaxing my hopes for?
Is she the one, truly irresistible?

Lips, which delivers such placidity,
Until met with mine, forever more
Is she the one, truly irresistible?
Is she the one, relaxing my hopes for?

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mama! she fed me and weaned,
bathed me, untill i was cleaned,
oh! he loves me i cannot say why.

Mama! i felt sick sweet mama cried,
indeed i admit for me she tried
but jesus saved my soul came and he died.
oh! he love me i cannot say why.

he feed all by watering the earth,
he made the air to sustain my breath,
wolves surrounds i fear no thrat,
yes,he loves me,but why ....oh why.

then i beat my breast and said to me,
i"d carry my cross for all to see,
oh lord you"ve love,i"d worship thee,
yes,i"m determined wouldn't ask why.

For your love, lord i"m strong in the fight,
for your love, dear lord would be my might,
for your love, sweet,God,spreads the light.
I"d reach eternity where I'd know why.

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Executing the Plan

Why? Why Him? How could this be? To have life
slowly, excruciatingly, drained from Him by a tree.
The irony, it was a tree....the tree of knowledge
that brought angst full circle to Calvary.

This was a burden above all burdens,
anxiety, agony...... almost beyond what He could bear.
So much so, droplets of sweat formed in His hair 
as he cried out to His Father in prayer.

"If there is any way for this cup 
to pass from me, let it be so."
Even though He knew He had to suffer 
through it, He couldn't just let it go.

It's not that He didn't have the power
to get out from under this albatross.
But if He did succumb to His earthly
desire,mankind would forever be lost.

For God depended on this "Spotless Lamb"
to bridge the gap between us and Him.
So..... we became white as snow because
the "Perfect Sacrifice" willingly bore our sin.

Fortunately for us, it is not here
 that this story comes to a close.   
For just as He foretold,
on the third day He arose.

So because of the ways of man and God's awesome plan,
death no longer has the final say.
It's all about a relationship..... a deep friendship
established with one simply called "The Way."

The Serpent defeated, the gap miraculously closed
and those that sincerely believe can claim the victory.
Through the historic death of Christ,
we may have fellowship with God for all eternity.

How amazing it is that God would be so concerned
about me... about us.... about the souls of man,
 that, yes, from the very beginning of time,
he would devise the absolutely perfect plan.

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For the Love of Applause

What is it, you may ask, that turns me on Not including anything sexual Didn’t take very long for it did dawn My love for applause is perpetual There are two different types of Bluegrass jams And as the Jam Host, I had to pick one A “Performance Jam’s” for me, and the hams Audience Applause just makes it more fun Now I’m leader of my own Bluegrass Band Play the music I love and seek the thrill Received when the audience giving a hand I love it so much, I can’t get my fill When I get on stage, I’m a different guy My stage personality comes out Since I’m a Gemini, maybe that’s why Suddenly I’m a showman, there’s no doubt I glow in my role as the band’s MC Joke with the audience, to get a laugh Doing “ad libs” seem to come easy for me Building charisma on the band’s behalf What really turned me on, when I’m on stage Is the audience appreciation They can make you feel like you’re all the rage For me, applause is such a sensation

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Star Horizon

a star on the horizon:
a guide for the poor
to richness of life
that shows heaven's door.

a star on the horizon:
in her own little way,
shall find her life's dream
by loving every minute of the day.

my star on the horizon
forever will be,
closer yet further...
from being with me...

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New Dance

My love for you is unceasing, 
But this anxiety is increasing. 
This tension wants releasing, 
I need me a little you. 

Too long has been our seperation. 
And, all this sensual deprivation- 
Has brought forth fruit of frustration. 
You could use a litte too. 

Absence makes the heart fonder. 
But this long? I start to ponder- 
How much will tear a pair asunder. 
When lonliness starts to ensue. 

Come on baby, just take that ride. 
The one that'll bring you to my side. 
This lack and lusting, I can't abide. 
I got a new dance, I'll show it to you.

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Connecting the Dots Part 1

When you were a young child,
did you ever play "connect the dots"?
And all the while you were doing it,
you'd wonder what it was and what it was not.

Back then it was to satisfy boredom when,
on a rainy day, you needed somethin' to do.
Or maybe you couldn't go out and play with
your friends because the flu had you.

Many believe,including myself, that 
"connect the dots" takes on a new meaning today.
It has a great deal to do with this "snake"
who is bent on leading us astray.

It seems as if he is running out of time,
so he is really focused on the task at hand.
The one thing he wants more than anything else 
is to capture and forever bind the souls of man.

But for those very  souls, God had another plan.
Yes, His only Son gave His very life for us.
And oh the peace and joy that can forever 
be ours if, in Him, we place our trust.

We know for sure that the God of the Bible
is real, just witnessing creation alone.
But not stopping there, the hundreds of prophecies fulfilled
further prove Him out, He so much wants to be known.

Oh yes, one may say "But I can't reach
out and touch Him...... if I dare."
And I say "True,but neither can you
touch the wind, but you know it's there."

And it is this living Creator God that
tells us in His Word that He has a time table.
When the world, as we know it, will cease
to exist and He is the only one able

To determine exactly when that will be.
But He gave us glimpses into the future for all to see.
For He wants none to be banished to hell.....
instead to be ready as He climaxes history.

One thing that He mentions in His love letter is
that His beloved Israel would again become a nation.
And that in our final years here,the Jews,
to this original home,would complete a vast migration.

So as we "connect the dots," we find that 
indeed Israel did become a nation in 1948.
And ever since that time, God's chosen ones did
return there and they endear themselves to that date.

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Set the tone 

noisy version -

(some) explained boring conversation -

exhausted all rivals -

overcome all objectives -

unique style...

Closed and respected...

Your speak...I know what you can afford...

Closed and respected...

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Lost in her oasis
The contours of her skin
Desire swelters
Bathing sun glazed sin

A portrait of beauty
Temptation frames her back
An hourglass of divinity
Her sweet innocence intact

Autumn is in her hair
And springtime on her hips
Yet winter cannot taste
The jasmine on her lips

Eyes savor the splendor
Dripping from summer’s vine
Hands harvest my passion
Washing lust from this love of mine

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There is a book that i call sticks
I read it often
I read it best
I know what it says
It says a whole lot more
It saves, as it's done many times before.

I place it in special places
I keep it by my bed
I keep it by my slider chair
It keeps me company
It's a connection to me Heavenly Father
I know it makes us all a sister or brother.

I know this to be the truth
Many would not believe me
Many would scoff at me
It is my rock and my salvation
My knowledge of Him grows and grows
It's the stickupmyknows.

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If I were to do
What I have dreamed of most
I'd pack up my gear
And head for the coast
To see an ocean
Is my only request
Where I could lay on the beach
And be peaceful and rest
Seeing the water
Just by looking straight down
Watching the fish move
Without making a sound
Music is heard
From miles away
But under the water
I would rather stay
I'd stay forever
If it were my choice
No one could hurt me
Not even with their voice
If my wishes were granted
My final request
Would be to dive in an ocean
On a sea worthy quest

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Satans Angel

She was as wild and as wicked

As a woman could be.

Yet Satans Angel

Has a hold on me.

With her breath of fire

She torched my soul.

Like a raging inferno

Burning out of control.

With but a fleeting touch

A hypnotic glance.

She held me captive

In this evil romance.

She took me to heaven

On gossamer wings.

Thunder did roar

The angels did sing.

Unbridled passion

Set to flight.

On a restless journey

On an endless night.

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Surrounded by silence and draped with a linen sheet,
to keep dust from your natural sheen,
and protect you from direct sunlight;
not from the loneliness and gloominess of your night...

How thrilling and gratifying was to hear
the gleeful or moody notes,
when these careful fingers 
played an octave:  either lower or higher!  

Never abandoned for a long period,
always tuned-up, free of dust and ready for play;
a companion that loved being spoiled,
by letting me improvise the melody of the day... 

Let me see myself in virtual reality, stately and taut, 
sitting in my stylish pose, and hit the keyboard,
transcribing a musical comedy by sharp memory
as the chords make up my distinct harmony...    

Be dormant no more, come alive and rejuvenate your tones: 
as the spirit that inspires the mood of your melodies;  bring back
all the tenors and sopranos to this forgotten stage so dark, 
and let them sing the arias they choose within the range of their keys....  

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Pounding heart and scarlet face
spitting out hurtful words at quick pace,
screaming voice and broken pride
welcome to your other side.

A hungry lion ready to prounce
inside you, inside you, about to bounce,
deep breaths go out and in,
then calmer, calmer you begin.

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Your Love

Your love is like a melody
softly singing to my heart.
Your laugh is like the air I brethe
something I cannot, will not part.

Your heart is like a red balloon
that grows bigger with each breath.
Your life is like eternal time,
neverending, not even by death.

As long as I breathe air and live,
you will always be alive and kind.
Your memory will live with me,
in my heart and in my mind.

You have left, footprints on my soul.
Our memories have scarred me true,
and the absolute truth is,
I cannot, will not, live without you.

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The Burning Dance

As passion burns, as fires rage
Your touch singes the skin
The breath of you, the heat you share
It burns so deep within

I shall not dare to douse the flame
To ever quell the fire
As you meet me where we do
We share each one’s desire

So, touch me as you always have
With softness, love so pure
I’ll caress your body, as you wish
I’ll offer you much more

We’ll stare into the setting sun
We’ll gaze upon the moon
We’ll stay entwined in loves embrace
As we dance to lover’s tune

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If I could have more money,
so you'd have more to spend.
If I gave you what you wanted,
would you love me then?
If I could be respected,
and honored among men.
If people really trusted me,
would you love me then?
And if I knew just what to say,
and proved to be your friend.
If I were there when you needed me,
would you love me then?
If I showed I really loved you,
with flowers I would send.
And if you could depend on me,
would you love me then?
If I told you I was sorry,
for the way I was back when.
And if you could forgive me,
would you love me then?

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This should be the happiest day for lovers,
when they are drawn to each other and their voices
fall to whispers with soft music playing...
in a room filled with roses and scented candles burning.

My gaze falls on you, o darling of my intense desires,
please, put on the sexiest nightgown and explore my fantasy;
and what I confide in you is a true definition of what I see...
I am romantic by nature, unraveling all my surprises.   

This should be the happiest day for lovers,
for the ones who deserve to be remembered and loved;
and to suppress happiness and laughter and expect no flowers...
is an acceptable sign of unworthiness, of a regret foolishly sustained. 

Refuge in my sensational embrace, sheltering your grace,
and this warmth can inflame you with unimaginable passion;
while a surge of sensuality will arise with irrepressible elation....
my anxious arms will seek yours as you abandon yourself to my kiss.  

This should be the happiest days for lovers,
slowly dancing under dimmed lights, reading thoughts
before they are spoken...without falling to silence; 
responding to caress that lead to intimate moments. 

Be adventurous, experimental and irresistable; 
give into those feelings that rule the flow of emotions,
have a notion of how you could be the most beautiful...
as Venus who madly attracted those young, handsome gods.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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The Orpheum in Winter

Eating the paint on the Orpheum walls
are the voices of every performer
Some dressed in black with pearls in their hair
Some straight from England (Paul Weller)
Truthfully, I've been left freezing myself
eating the cup of the deep yellow moon
lifting the music out past the old walls
of this beat up Victorian room
Frescos are heavenward scrolling and spun
faded out velvet on chairs
A spit of a girl now behind the tall mike
not a one of the men in her life still is there
She is a replica of each of these seats
and what they contain there with in
The crying and torture of bruised and bled souls
left over from yesterday's sin
She is the voice of collective remorse
They're sorry for spilling the moment
The room heaving breath from her following's sigh
releasing their beaten up torment
All of the paint absorbs the dark air
and peels on like acid to rain
Orpheum walls, once a grand concert hall
Now home to, and bursting with pain.

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Bring Me

Empty spaces need filling or protecting,
Scorched earth or pressing void, depending.
Patterned approach to reactive needs impending,
A vicious strike to chaotic deeds extending.

All things in balance, as and when.
All things in turn, now and then.
All things in time, here and now.
All things in mind, why and how.

Seen through the mind of a child, the truth often known.
Play on the field of a mind, the seed always sown.
Hear through the tears of a storm, the bell often tolls.
Ride on a Wave of the Dawn, the sound always rolls.

I am all, an Element in flow.
I am tall, a target to know.
I am toil, a task to deal.
I am that, the truth to reveal. 

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Something should be done

About�the way you tantalize men.

You bring out their beast

Then you start to condemn.

You use the gifts God gave you

You're a temptress and a tease.

You've got a body built for sin

It brings men to their knees.

You can make us do your bidding

Your charms, I can't deny

You'll blow our minds and send us

Soaring across the sky.

When you decide the journey's over

And we come crashing to the ground.

Headlong into depression

We're left thrashing all around.

Our egos crushed, our hearts are broke

We can love no more.

You've taken all that we can give

We're now ships that have run ashore.

Your a temptress and a tease

Whose heart is made of stone.

Someday you'll know, the games you've played

Have left you all alone.

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The Open Road

The highway is my heaven

I crave the open road.

I fire up my Harley

And away I go.

Following the sunset

Toward the western sky.

The throttle is wide open

If I had wings, I could fly.

It's a form of self expression

It's the freedom of the road.

I fire up my Harley

And away I go.

The wind, I feel upon my face

My woman sits behind

It's a feeling like no other

It simply blows my mind.

Speed is my religion

My Chapel is the road.

I fire up my Harley

And away I go.

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Romance Garden

In Romance Garden, love is like

A beautiful rose in bloom.

In Romance Garden, you'll be surprised

At what a shower of love can do.

The summer sun, can warm a heart

That's grown cold with time.

When the fruit of love has fallen

It can be put back on the vine.

The evening stars up in the sky

Put a sparkle in your eyes

The morning dew is soft and sweet

like memories of another time.

So, come to Romance Garden

Where old can be like new.

For here in Romance Garden

there's nothing love can't do.

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It is not just a game
you don't play it for fun
it consumes all even your name
but don't be fooled this is no pun.

you sit there shooting
they try and shoot back
you continue your alluding
they die and then hit the sack.

you sit there in contempt
talking trash to all that was matched
thinking your that time was well spent
then all you see is yourself  unattached.

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Before you I never believed
that love was real
I didn't believe in fairytales
or about this way I feel

I didnt believe in magic
or wishes coming true
I failed to believe a lot 
till i met you

In my imagination
were castles in the sky
but they become real
when your love made me fly

I saw Angels and heaven
I felt warm sunny days
And then one day
you took that away

It seemed like a nightmare
the pain was too harsh
it hurt very intensely
that we had to part

If ever i did something
I didn't want to do
It was taking my love 
and departing from you

You seemed unhappy
and you wanted another
What was the point?
What was the bother?

My wings would not carry me
I could not fly
No longer could i see 
the castles in the sky

I cried a river
With all my tears
I cried a thousand 
for each and every year

You were so special to me
and yet you still are
that will never change
You are my noble star

That place in my heart
You yet still hold
It's just now 
My heart turned cold

I still love you
I still can't hate you
I still can't reach you
I still can't hold you

You are still my Angel
but you took my wings
I'm sitting here restless
Like a fallen queen

Maybe the magic
will repair all thats done
Maybe one day
You will know i'm the one

I know that you loved me
I just don't think you knew
and i think that it scared you
the more that it grew

I cry no more 
but i think of you every day
and there is a smile 
on my face, by the way

But i am a woman
who needs to fly once again
just letting you know 
where i am and where ive been


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During my poetical career I had never received a trophy,
I exploded with joy when I received it by first class...
"Enjoy your reward!" read a note signed by Laura Mckenzie;
and this first prize is my achievement for future success!

Entering poetry contests is fun and rewarding to a greater extent,
and any price is a rare opportunity to bask in your talent;
poets never get rich in this non-lucrative trend,
but satisfaction and accomplishment go hand in hand!

Thanks, Laura for the beautiful and glittering trophy, which I have placed on
my highest library shelf for all to see and admire; it actually seems small...
compared to those given to movie or music stars,
but it is the grandest and preciousest by all means!

Like a gladiator in Ancient Rome winning that fierce fight,
standing in front of a wooing and delirious crowd before dusk...
and being honored by the Emperor with the gift of freedom,
I am also set free by the excitement of my enthusiasm!

Yes, my trophy has gladdened me, and one unexpected day,
I may win the Nobel price, too...who says that's an impossibility?
More passion and desire I will put in my work, and I will not fray!
My confidence will feed that fire and with undefeatism I begin today!  

My poem is dedicated to Laura Mckenzie, who was the source
of my inspiration. 

Copyright (C) 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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Magic of your eyes

Magic of your eyes
Has made me blind!
I don’t understand
(Babe) What’s in your mind!

I don’t understand
Whether it’s fair
To love you so much
(And) For me to stare!

I don’t understand
What’s going on!
Allah is so kind,
(But) I am alone!

I don’t understand
It’s right or wrong –
But I will give you
(This) beautiful song!

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Calmness wasn't expected today by my overwhelmed spirit marveling,
I spot linden's branches with their yellow flowers brightly floating
as ships lost at sea; from which river did they come from?
Did someone break them off or was it a summer' storm?

Curiousity makes me look further down...discovering shiny limpets,
in conical form, stuck to tidal rocks and visited by water lilies;
a lizard watches my facial movements...I hear a male voice, 
"Sub loco citato!" shouting to his gal so voluptuous...

Latin spoken these days? I stumble upon a familiar phrase
that some of my classmates used to whisper to girls wearing sunbonnets,
making believe they were practicing the liturgical language of priests;
and if they learned quickly, they would surely get a blind date... 

The lotus' fragrance induces a sudden rejuvination of the imaginative, uncontrollable senses;
a laison for those unsavoring women and femmes fatales... 
laying down on sandy beaches with gazes upon moonlight, with mellow faces
being stroken by manly hands, and hearts being fascinated by capricious words... 

The flaunting moon infuses the dreamer's innermost thoughts;
passionate verses adhering to the walls of the poetic heart as the shiny
limpets stick to the tidal rocks, making their ivocation to the invidious sea,
which glistens with its green and blue gemstones that reflect my sweetheart's eyes...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

P.S. Translation: Sub loco citato/ In the mentioned place
Femmes Fatales/charming or seductive women

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Destroyer of worlds
Means to an end
Mother of life
Come to my bed

Essence a pearl
A timeless chest
A bosom to treasure
A lust without rest

Guarded by religion
Practiced by men
Seduced by women
Foe or friend

Breeder of armies
Disease to spread
What’s your passion
Pleasure or death

I see your reflection
The heartbreak of intent
Forgive my advances
I need you again

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Happy Father's Day Todd

It feels like I have known you
for my entire life.
I truly started living
when I became your wife.

You've taught me what true love is
by opening your heart.
My love for you is immeasurable.
It's been growing from the start.

I watch you with our children.
The love shown on your face.
You show them all such tenderness
as you guide them into place.

If I could choose the perfect man,
you'd be the only one.
You're dependable, and reliable,
but you're also tons of fun!!

You help to teach our kids what's right
and guide them through this life.
I have to tell you once again...
I love being your wife!

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We shroud ourselves in shades of gray
Because we can't decide what's right
Is it good to simply love
Or is it better if it's a fight?
We lock love in our hearts
So it cannot speak its name
We cover it with guilt and self loathing
We try to forget each others name
I haven't called love in over three years
I'm not sure you ever have
I've been twisted and torn apart
Trying to heal these wounds with salve
You've constructed skyscraper walls
Around your heart and soul
You've let me creep across the drawbridge
Now raise surrender on your flag pole
Sure we might get burned
And I'm bound to spend all my time kneeling
We might beat the odds and last forever
There are a lot of consequences to actually feeling

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My Rock

You are my rock, my savior.
Without you I would die.
I can't imagine life alone.
I couldn't even try.

You make each day worth living
with your jokes and goofy ways.
No matter how messed up life gets,
you're the one who always stays.

I never worry you'll leave me.
I know your not that kind.
I'm sure that I could search the world
but a better man I'd never find.

I thank God for sending you to me.
I hope I am deserving.
I'm letting you read my thoughts of you
and yes, it IS self serving!

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Cruel Joke

Was it just a cruel joke 
or did you feel the same? 
How could you kill a grown man's soul? 
Why did you play this game? 

He says he'd still forgive you. 
I pray he NEVER will. 
No matter how much pain you've felt, 

I hope you carry the torture 
with you for all your days. 
I hope your life is MISERABLE 
just like you wanted Ray's. 

They say that God will punish 
and make you feel the shame. 
For what you've done was heartless 
and there's ONLY YOU TO BLAME!

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Finding Itzhak Perlman

Top hat
Shoe shine
Tywhitt tie
Silk design
Snap heels
Harvest moon
Lowest lights
Fig perfume
Star leash
Driving hence
Toward the view
of recompense
Lights blur
Neon stiff
Leaving us
a sugar kiss
Brow bent
Toward the night
Linking arms
Russian, white.
Ice flesh
Music blood
Well me up
and loose the flood
Night breath
Gracing such
Lit electric
by your touch.
One voice
Stringing eyes
This is where
perfection lies...

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My heart, it quakes with pure desire
When in the air, resonates her voice
To be with her, just at that moment
Is my true wish, with my own choice
Her voice, a sound of earthly angels
That tickles the very core of my soul
Enters my mind, staying in my heart
She is the half that makes me whole
In her whispers, her sultry speeches
Speaking to me, she makes me hers
I melt at each, every word spoken
To her ears, I respond with a purr

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Brain Power

I live to train my left and right brain,
release the poor from their pain

And tell the selfish world of men,
the life they live is insane

The system that we live in,
so divided and so vain

I wish that I could change it all
with little work and strain

Today's the day I fight for,
what no one else attained

So everyone can follow me,
live free from selfish gain

I hope that they will see me
as a servant and a leader

Ans say I was a poet,
a writer, and a reader.

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Your Light

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
The earth wants to keep you for her own
The light of the moon shines only over you
While the seas crest in your very direction

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
It feels pallid in your very presence
It cannot compete with the shine you emit
It is lacking and wanting your very essence

The light of the moon shines only over you
Casting a luminary spotlight on your being
It, too, wanes in comparison to your glow
It is from your light that everyone is seeing

While the seas crest in your very direction
The universe seems to revolve around you
Making you the center of everything good
Celebrating you, your light, the truth

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Lover's Call

Come to me with soft green eyes
With sultry lips that make me yearn
Sing to me your songs of love
Kindle fires, yet to burn
Amber hues are in your eyes
As fires heat within your gaze
Lovers here, we two, right now
Will meet in passion yet to play
Let me love you, ever more
Make this night the first of all
Join me now in loves embrace
Beckon to your lover’s call.

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I'm Whipped

She makes me smile with her words
that she lovingly places there to see.
Does she know, just what she does
and how she truly affects me?
Her smile, infectious and so lovely,
casts light upon the common man.
There’s heat emitted from that gleam
that causes me to require a fan.
I cannot help but be a captive
held within her ropelike arms,
bound and gagged, beneath a smile.
For I’ve succumbed to all her charms.

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Kiss of the Virgin Surfer

Fallen into pools of blue
with salty water clipped and froth
You want to breathe as the fishes do
electric eels, eccentric shock
Sifting through sand in transit
feet turned to fins in black
Shoreline eclipsed by a crested wave
Nod to the sun, there's no turning back
Paddle like pipeline awaits you
Shoulders taut, sun bleached out hair
Twisted in torso and strong in belief
that the wave of all waves is out there
Break into barreling cobalt
Shake off the spray from your face
The sea spits you out in the ride of your life
You slide onto land with a smoldering grace
Sleep with the movement of currents
Dreams rich in bubbles and bliss
Engulfed in the shadow of wishes and waves
The sea silent now with the weight of your kiss...

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Invite the Sun

Dance with me in the pale moonlight
As I whisper lovingly, your name
Stay with me this cool, clear night
With you, no boundaries, no shame.

It is here, I wish to spend my nights
And with you, too, my sweet, my days
Come share in all nocturnal delights
The new sun rises; we’ll sing love’s praise.

Only then, my sweet, together, two
But brought together, then as one
No other love, just me and you,
Can show passion and invite the sun.

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The Chocolate Jar

Glazed ceramic, spun with hands
with tender finger prints imbed
somewhere from the hills of Spain
given to us when we wed
Signed in marker on the bottom
brushed in dust and gold
holds our trinkets of disaster
crystal cracked and cold
There's that time we strung each other
ice glass beads on threaded wind
and that time we threw one another
bouncing back and forth again
What about when our eyes were blinded
wandering around in the dark for days
or all the grease we drenched on wheels
to clog up the cogs in a thousand ways
More to be said, just not worth saying
Held in the chocolate jar and sealed
Somewhere in Spain there's a lady still spinning
these jars in ceramic, dynamic, congealed
Ours we will smash in the fire one day
freeing the bruises in smoke to the sky
We will laugh silly and send our disasters
spiraling upward,  toward the heavens they'll fly...

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Vulnerable eyes
Immersed in crystal blue sky
A reflection of purity
That makes virgin snow sigh

Cherry lips 
Swollen by love’s endless kiss
An indelible red
Bled by heaven’s undying gift

Naked flesh
Freed at nature’s behest
A garden of fertility
Nurturing blooming breasts

An angel
Born of dawn’s early light
A soul of serenity
Piercing the seduction of sight

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Caress me with your hands
And hold me with your lips
Promise me with your eyes
And remember me with your fingertips

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The Poet's Dance

You have me at an advantage
You know all the features of my aging face
You calm me with your conversation
while you wrap me in rhythm and spin me with grace
We always stay deep in the shadows
dancing the dance of two souls in the night
You string me with pathos and cling to my hand
while you delicately hide your eyes from my sight
You cover my gossamer glow
with petals dipped velvet in words
You pardon my errors in a poet's empath
and crying a river ensues
So I give you the song, the advantage
I bow to the shadows which cradle your skin
I wish to be always beside you
Your fragile spun muse, hidden solace, within...

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The Plaintive Fish (or

In the heaviest hour I'm transparent
in skies that you've painted green
Carnivorous, blatant desire
replaced with a boyish need
May night creep beside me slowly
and nudge me along your path
The loveliest, calmest sea
flows gentle beneath my past
Oh hours and winters and all
the fish which do dive just for you
can't carry my sleepy ambition
or safely follow me through
You pray that our door can be found
but back to the edge of the road
we're pacing once more going 'round
envelope me kindly but slow
A fire when ebbing is shiny and blue
I really don't mind gazing long
despite the upcoming tragedy moon
I carry it 'round with your song
So sweet is the taste which you left on my brow
So warm the study with in
I'd crawl through if only you'd teach me how
to trade me some legs for these fins.

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Birth of a Novel

In a troublesome mood, half engulfed firelight
with a silk sheen perspire, emerging a thought
In round wire glasses, too light to be noticed
and a brass nib in ink, the moment was caught

It was twirled 'round a finger, half calloused with ink
with a wedding band clasp, from a lifetime ago
to be mulled an enigma, in bled scroll designs
on pages which only his fingers would know

By the crack of the fire, he stretched to the brink
every nuance he carried, like whispering skin
The embers died down, 'till he caught up a chill
but he couldn't conclude, what he didn't begin

The words were in charge, in general ink
and he wrote in a fervor, and shook until still
with bones turned to ash, in the blue of the room
a novel was born, but the author was killed.

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Young and Hungry

Rejuvenation, when heard your voice
You make me feel so young
Your lovely voice and gentle tone
Are like songs, just always sung
I hear within, your sexy way
And that loving is a must
But yet my dear, I cannot help
My overpowering lust
For I must have you, when the chance
To take you then, my sweet
Oh, yes, I hunger just for you
As you shall be my treat

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Love Like Ours.

Like the first love note, red flowers and ink
initials and boxes unchecked, left to think
3rd grade delivery, while heart blown adult
shaking in shoes long untied, difficult
Like the first kiss, in the sand on the beach
long brooded tenderness, passion increase
Hands held like fingerprints with no repeat
feeling for once like a puzzle complete
Like the soft steps of bare feet as we wed
while the sky sugar colored the sun into bed
No nervousness here at the tip of the world
Not a regret while I felt yet a girl
Like the last moment you kissed me goodbye
Off to work, off to your home in the sky
Trailing behind you the string to my heart
Like these first moments, again, when we part.

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Her hand brushes softly the hair from her face
Her lips now pouting, shows me her sweet side
Her eyes like weapons pierce through my heart
To the place where the loving is meant to reside

Her lips now pouting, shows me her sweet side
For they are sultry, yet make her seem demure
I cannot resist her, the very look she now gives
I must take her now; have her, of this I am sure

Her eyes like weapons pierce through my heart
As she permeates my very being, I am captive
My knees buckle as my heart quickens its pace
She is my downfall, as my heart’s now reactive

To the place where the loving is meant to reside
We will go, we’ll become a part of, this very night
She has me firmly within the palm of her hands
As I too will hold her into the new morning light

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Distract me with your loving hands
Steel from me that desiring glance
Please share with me erotic dance
I want you even more

I need to have you here this night
Please satisfy my lover’s plight
You are my only one true delight
I know that, yes for sure

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Lost in Love

Embracing you, now, at this very moment,
I can think of no other place I would rather be.
The world outside can wait and get along without me,
I’m lost in your love, my ever tranquility.

The scent of your being always gives me smile
The softness of your curves, well they give a rush.
My sweetness, this is all this man needs and wants.
I’m lost in your love; I need you ever so much.

Into your eyes I see now and tomorrow
I welcome the presence of each brand new day
In this lover’s embrace we’ll conquer each moment.
I’m lost in your love, with tears, I now say.

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The Beauty of Love

Luminescent 'scape of setting sun
as ocean waves traverse the sea
and upon the view, in flying grace,
the hand of God, it comes for me.
Upon the breeze, a soft caress,
I am lifted to a height unknown.
A smell of salt and sweet perfume
assures me I am not alone.
She gazes now with bewildered look,
"Is all this soon to disappear?"
I tremble on and in response
I say just as she wishes to hear.
"Be it not gone when we arise,
my love for you forever grows.
For this beauty of love is ours to own
and like the ocean; forever flows."
Now, the sun has set; the day complete.
She and I lay in warm embrace.
Our eyes now close with silent prayers
to dream, yet see the other's face.

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Dream Light

Be still my sweet when darkness comes
Lie there still, slip into dream
Permit me entrance to that place
Where last we planned with lover’s scheme

I’ll meet you there as done each night
Just take me, with your dreams, by hand
For as the moon deletes the darkness
The light of love covers our land

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Love's Prelude

Sand the hour down to moments
Leave the dust beside the door
Call the taxi rush to honor
Shed emotions to the floor
Skin the listen with decision
Pull the wild trance to sing
Cancel all your past appointments
Leave behind the tears you bring
Kiss the air as if your last
Taste the rain and cut your hair
Show the world your passion laughing
Fleece the silver from your stare
Blow the solid moon a blanket
Find the locket that you lost
Melt your calling, moon is falling
Sell your pain at market cost
Strip the skin to bone endeavors
Lamp light all the stars above
For tonight you're breaking moments
For tonight you'll fall in love.

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The waves crash against the sandy shore
The sun shines down upon the torrid sea
The pounding, constant rush of flowing water
Lasts, from here to eternity.

Here we are, as water washes our bodies
Entwined in a hold, refusing to release
The water enlivens the senses, desires
As even tighter, together we squeeze.

This love on the sand, ebb tide of desire
It brings out the animal in both you and me
Let’s not forget this, the sea, at this moment
Hold onto it darling, for eternity.

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Soul stir my attitude
Blow me a kiss
from off of the tip
of the top of your list
written in muse
in pockets crunched up
Just unlock your soul
and start off at the top
Amber in anklets
and peppermint pine
A song humming breath
from the day you were mine
Green gold in rings
from a shop lit in winter
and shards of blown glass
which you still have a splinter
Promise of virtue
and floating of vice
Circles of star storms
we saw once or twice
Pooling of thunder
over our heads
Watching the rain
without leaving our bed
Summer blonde hair
while we swam in the sea
all this and more
in your kiss blown to me...

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Incandescent angel

  Crystal breaks

across her floor

the shards are burning 


in shafts that fall,

and through it all,

I see her dimming light.

Oh, incandescent angel

dark circumstance abides,

to snuff you out

of heaven

the horse you choose to ride

heads off to the 


with passion at the reins

the name you have 

upon your lips

is driving you insane.

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Love or Lust

I’d  like to teach a lesson to you
You may laugh and question me
My eighteen years have seen enough
To hopefully make you see

Lust, my friend, is pure heat
Some say unbridled passion
Sure is pleasing, to say the least
But should this be the fashion?
It may not hold the bonds we need
To eternally stay as one
It may be there to just deceive
It may be there for fun.
A thief of thoughts, controls our head
and all of our body parts
For if lust exists, as our only tie
Then there’s nothing in our hearts.

Love, my friend, is the foundation
On which we can build our lives
In good and bad, we’ll tackle it all
And do more than just survive
For with love, we share a lust
That desire to be as a one
For, like the lust, the fire blazes
And love, too, brings us fun.
It is what matters, it helps us see
The beauty within us all.
Though, it too hurts, painfully
We’ll always answer it’s call.
Even if we go and separate
Well, love, it will always stay
A staying power, it surely has
And it will outlast the day.
Unlike lust, just through the night,
Or whatever the preference be
Love prevails and will forever win
And lust, well, that’s history.

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Garden Glow

Laid sleeping in the garden
Unclothed, so bare I be
Slowly I recalled last night
As the sun awakened me

The morning grass wet my skin
As birds sang to the day
I turned to see you, lover, there
With beauty on display

For you, too, laid there naked
A beauty, in repose
Fitting well into the garden here
No need to find our clothes

I leaned to taste your softness
As the grass let off a mist
I smelled the perfume of your skin
As I leaned in for a kiss

Your eyes, they then had opened
A smile fell on your face
Your arms came forth to grab me
My heart increased its pace

With arms you pulled me closer
Our bodies again as one
We made love in the garden
In view of morning’s sun

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My Last Poem

To write no more, shall be hard to do.
to push never again my crocked pen
across the page which once was new
now so stained from pain within.

No more I write to an ascending voice
to hear their laughter from the back.
Knowing full well this be my choice
to write no more for skill I lack.

There shall be no loss to none but me
to find my thoughts uncarpeted then
to let my poets heart blow free
my scatter verse unto the wind.

I write no more I've had enough
to feel their sneer at my printed word
their descending mock for that I love
I drop bitter tears upon my verse.

From my heart so torn and I forlorn
so this shall stand as my final poem. 

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With , She

With a flutter of the eye lashes
With a look, so soft, demure
With soft whispers in the ear
She keeps me wanting more

With her words clearly spoken
With her hands, soft caress
With her lips, pouting moistly
She welcomes with finesse

With desires ever flowing
With her heart ever so pure
With a hint of sensuality
She makes me want her more

With her fire deep within her
With the need to douse the flame
With the want to be fulfilled
She calls to me by name

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Who's Acting?

Play the part created for you
As if then all an act
My love, it is not acting
For the love we share is fact

The role for you is of a queen
I shall be the king
Stage is set, here’s the scene
For love, we both then bring

Let them gaze, to stare in awe
Our love’s but on display
Let them see our love so raw
For it’s real and not a play

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In the Open

I placed it there within her grasp
My hand to love her, she held tight
We walked along the hidden path
As dark was defeated by moonlight
Jasmine scent, it lingered strong
Through evening hours, what a treat
My girl and I, alive with song 
Were walking on to our hearts beat

With a loving look, she then spied
A field of lilies, our bed for night
Where there to lay and love reside
We’ll slumber there until daylight
Awaken then to a new day’s sun
To yawn, stretch and greet the day
We unite again, make bodies one
As there’s no shame for love’s display

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Strawberry Effects

You spoke words that served as magic
When they were spoken from your lips
The things they said, things they did
Brought subtle life back to my hips

Movement then was stirring
I was writhing, wishing for more
Speak those words again my love
Then we’ll see what lips are for

When I fed you those sweet strawberries
Who knew where that would lead?
Those words you said, the way you ate
I was brought down to my knees

If that is what you wanted
Then, darling, this is true
The things you want from me
Are the things I want from you

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RED crushed berries on your lips
RED the dawn must rise
RED questions on your fingertips
  corrupted by my lies

BLUE I cannot love you both the same
BLUE like consolation's shame
BLUE conscience is my name
  and so I realize

BLACK can't go and tell the truth
BLACK can't let love fade
BLACK old love calls from my youth
  and new love haunts the shade

Obsession rears  its burning brow
I choose you both for then and now
release me for I don't know how,
the choice cannot be made.

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Be Together

Let me see your smile
Oh, let me hear your voice
Let me take the breath of you
I am left without a choice
I have to know the person
The one who gives me light
Oh, satisfy this passion
Take me now tonight

Let me feel your presence
With hand upon your skin
I wish to hear your laughter
From your heart and soul within
Let me lay upon you
My mind, body and my soul
Let me have you now my love
And let me lose control

It is hard to bear the burden
As one will get annoyed
When separated during days
I wish to fill the void
Let me dream then of you
Fill my mind with thee
I will keep you by my side
Forever it will be

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You have engraved my heart
with the nib of your pen dipped in ink
I never would be one to don a tattoo
but you colored me up before I stopped to think
Irregular beating and vascular crunch
slipped over beautiful walls
Adrenaline master, a natural disaster
responding to each of your calls
Whisper my name in your most fitful sleep
eyes twitching, light of the moon
My heart will respond yet in kind to your voice
with a beating of words to resume.

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Wild Love

Whilst through tantric moves of passion
We two, enjoying then our tryst
We learn of all the loving movements
The pleasure turns and twists

The many ways showing you
The feelings so possessed
Through tantric forms of lovemaking
I consider our love blessed

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Pleasing Her

Sweet scented neck
Such a perfumed delight
I bite and I savor
Each day and each night

Her skin is so soft
As my lips taunt and tease
Her smile assures me
I am able to please

I hear from her throat
A moan and a sigh
I’m able to sense now
That she’s feeling high

So high do I send her
To the skies up above
To share in the beauty
That we both then call love

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Dreams Passion

At night as dreams just come alive
My heart there beats so fast
My hands, they reach to hold you close
As love’s in reach at last
The minute that I feel you near
I pull you close to me
No other love can be as strong
As the love I have for thee

Oh, feel the breath upon your neck
As senses become excited
My darling, I am here for you
With fires now ignited
For passion lives within the night
As darkness comes around
The light of love then shows the way
To clouds aloft we’re bound

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She Comes

She comes to me, silhouetted by radiant light
Making my every thought to be only of her
Allowing me breaths, but short and then fast
It is with her, here, my emotions now stir

Making every thought to be only of her
She reaches her hand to take that of mine
Leading me on, admiring her beauty
She lays out her plan, her lovely design

Allowing me breaths, but short and then fast
I lean in to kiss her, gently at first
I want this to last, forever and ever
But her beauty seduces, for her, I now thirst

It is with her, here, my emotions now stir
As hands gently wander her softness and curves
I’ll love her forever, but will settle this evening
Giving her everything she surely deserves.

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Tomorrow and Forever

Time passes by, into tomorrow.
Cycles of the moon repeat each night.
The world spins on, into the future.
Awaken from darkness, into the light!

Cycles of the moon repeat each night
as I lay dreaming of days ahead.
Dreams of you and all our tomorrows,
swirling around, while sleeping in bed.

The world spins on, into the future
allowing the growth of the love we have found.
So, when we enter into our tomorrows,
we’ll know forever that love has no bounds.

Awaken from darkness, into the light!
Ready for new days and brighter suns?
Well then, walk with me my dearest,
we’ll be together ‘til Kingdom Comes.

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Upon Dreams Awake

On feathered beds and silken sheets 
My mind, it always lingers
There, by you, my soul desire
The one with magic fingers

My heart revealed and dreams alive
We share in one desire
I can not help but wish us there
To play and to perspire

When in time that our play does end
And dreams, in sleep, we share
We wake to find in our embrace
That we are in fact, still there

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I had thought strength was an ally
But truth be told, I’ve fallen weak
Words that flow from another’s lips
Make me powerless, when she speaks

The words she says, the tone, the way
She makes me feel like the only one
A feeling strong, but makes me weak
For when she speaks, I come undone

It’s everything about the words she says
She writes them as if just written for me
Though weakened by her power, so strong
I would choose no other way to be

Overpower me!

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My eyes remain fixated with your beauty
My hands they move to reach your skin
To caress the softness of you, lover
To make you cry out to me, again

Now, our quiet aftermath of lovemaking,
Allows our souls in love to still unite
Embracing the woman there before me
Held, in love and admiration, ever tight

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Say my name tonight and always
Call me when your heart does need
Let me know your great desires
Provide your love, for then I’ll feed

Waste not, any single minute
Time’s of the essence, let’s live now
Hearts entwine right at this moment
We’ll gift each other, as hearts allow

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Foggy Windows

As the rain poured outside my window
As darkness had taken its control
My head was still on my pillow
My dreams had taken hold

There you were, quiet, body at rest
My hands upon your soft skin
I watched you motionless
Thoughts had given in

Your head had lifted to place a kiss
I then returned gently by my lips
One hand then on your bosom
The other then on your hips

The rain, it played on for many hours
As I, within my conscious dreams
Used all my charms and powers
On you to cause some steam

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Into Dusk

The sun and sea gazes upon them
As they bask in the light of their undying love
Serenaded by the sounds of the ever pounding surf
The angels look down and even smile from above

Theirs is a love with a fiery glow
For theirs is all the heat they ever need
Together, the two, perspire relentlessly
With their passion raging, not to recede

As the watery surf reaches their offering
The water itself then turns into steam
The two then complete, hold on to each other
They each close their eyes and fall into dream

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Let Me Eat

Invite me to the table
Place is set there, for to eat
Tempt me with all your goodies
Serve me now with all your treats

Salivated at the thought
Invite me to the table
I’m ravenous as a wolf
You’ve heard of in those fables

I hungered many days now
I am drooling for the taste
Invite me to the table
As there is no time to waste

I’ll bring a bottle, chilled now
We’ll drink it as we’re able
I’ll partake in your tasties
Invite me to the table

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What's Meant

Speak to me, not of weather
Speak to me, not of events
Speak only of us, my dear one
For which our tongues were meant

Look at me not ill favored
Look at me not with disgust
Look at me only, my dear one
As our gazes were meant just for us

Touch me not, out of worry
Touch me not, just to shove
Touch me only, my dear one
To express our heart felt true love

So when alone, my lovely
As dreams come pounding through
Dream of me, my dear one
As I shall be dreaming of you

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Two to One

As light now fades to darkness
The youngsters tucked in bed
The evening play approaches
As images fill my head
My ever vivid imagination
Conjures images of love so sweet
We travel to romantic places
To make love, to feel complete

As fires then burn higher
And we two lose control
The heat of our lovemaking
Permeates the soul
As one and one make one
The two of us entwine
For two hearts become one
When, in fire, they combine

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She's Perfect

My lover, she’s a precious gem
She sparkles for my pleasure
I would not ever turn her in
For she is my own treasure

My lover, she’s a shining star
That sparkles in the sky
Yet, never is she very far
For together we both fly

My lover, she’s the radiant sun
That wakes with me each day
She is the reason for my fun
For she often loves to play

My lover’s also quite sincere
She can be serious too
That is why I hold her near
And why I’m never blue

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They're There

Golden hues of shared desires
As dreaming lovers come to be
They meet upon the clouds above
With eyes now closed, but yet they see

With hands, they reach, to touch the other
To hold within their grasp, their love
You’ll find them there if you look hard
Just close your eyes and look above

For like the angels, they’ve ascended
Eternal, blissful, forever in flight
The lovers meet there on the clouds
You’ll find them there most every night

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Our Music

You felt so good the other day
So sorry that it’s been so long
Upon your body I did play
That is where my hands belong

The sounds you made, they were so sweet
No other time, have I heard such sound
When it was over, I felt so complete
I promise now to keep you around

Ill want to play with you again this night
But, only if you let me have my way
Oh, Fender Strat, you’re sheer delight
You are the guitar that I choose to play

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you in the 
garden, when
moonlight casts
a shade.
you there
so lovingly
with love that
just won’t fade.
ride the
vessels of
our minds as
dreams allow us
upon our souls
and met this evening
face of
destiny has
let us know so
nature of
our beings
as I give, now,
to you.

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Do For You

Not pain I wish to cause,
Nor ever hurt my flower.
You have all of me now,
You have me in your power.
Control me if you must,
I’ll enjoy that better still.
The idea of that control
Gives unending thrill.
I said I’m here for you.
Here is where I’ll stay.
Treat me like you will,
don’t make me go away.
I’ll always be your muffin,
so butter, if you will.
I do all this for you
so you will get a thrill.

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Love, Unto the Night

With an open hand, I welcome thee to the night.
Take hold and let us fly up to the setting sun
to welcome the night with our unquenchable desire,
to throw into the night, the love that makes us one.

Take hold and let us fly up to the setting sun
and not be blinded by its brilliant rays
but close our eyes, while in embrace of love
to then open and welcome the dawn of new days.

To welcome the night with our unquenchable desire
open your heart and soul unto me and our love
and satiate the thirst that we both, together, share
by giving ourselves to the night and the sky above.

To throw into the night, the love that makes us one,
is to show the stars and heaven our eternal flame,
making them bear witness to the beauty of our love
revealing our love has no boundaries or shame.

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The Eyes Do It All

Mirrors to your very soul
The eyes, so crystal clear
Make me lose all control
I have to hold you near

As I look so deep within
I see what proves so true
Beauty lies beneath the skin
That beauty there is you

While holding on so very tight
Your eyes, they hold on, too
Locked in a gaze, on this night
Leaves everything to do

As we stare into the very souls
That we….so much adore
Our bodies lose all their controls
And knocks us to the floor

Still maintained the warm embrace
Now heated by our hold
I stare into your loving face
Let love there now unfold

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How They Satisy

                    She comes to me each moonlit night
                Quietly entering the darkness of my mind
         Awakening dreams and desires, not knowing I had
    Relaxing my body with love and feelings only she can find

            Through seduction, she controls my every move
         She is the captor of my dreams, controller of my lust
     I am enslaved, but smiling, as we share our secret wants
  I cannot bear to stay awake any longer, for dreaming is a must

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More Than Words

You say the words I long to hear
But, do you even know 
The words you say, they bring me fear
Because you cannot show.
It is more than words of which I need
I need actions, spontaneity, desire.
Let not your love be only words,
But, let it be your fire.

Let it consume you, day by day
Let it steal your very breath
Let it control your every thought
Let it be with you ‘til death.
Let it be your thought when you rise.
Let it guide you through your day.
Let it be your final thought at night.
Let it show you the true way.

So, when you feel like saying words
And not supporting with an action
Remember that I’ve already heard them
And now just want some satisfaction.

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The Candle

Placed carefully there, the candle burns bright
Guiding two lovers, exploring that night.
Shadows upon shadows, as two dance a beat
Sharing a flame, as desire turns to heat.

The candle burns down, the night moves ahead
Two lovers exposed by the candle at the bed.
The scene is of passion, unbridled desire,
As the candle burns on, they take from its fire.

As dusk now approaches and wax dripped away
The two lovers sleep, to soon welcome day.
With little flame left, but as much as is able
The candle looks upon them, there from its table.