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Quatrain Nature Poems | Quatrain Poems About Nature

These Quatrain Nature poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Quatrain Nature poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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How Poetry Began

That thing that we call poetry - when asked where it began, I’d say it started beautifully before the dawn of man! It glistened on the oceans before man came to be. It blossomed on the grassy cliffs that met the first great sea. It glittered in the moon and stars and beamed on earth below in meadows where bright flowers danced and on the pristine snow. It sparkled on the lakes and streams, and when man came along, he took sweet words that flowed to him and turned them into song. This was how it always was before we knew of time. The poet who begot us all made it to be sublime. Poetry has now evolved, and as with many things, there are many kinds. . . but I still like it when it sings! Inspired by the contest of Justin Bordner and some of the beautiful poems I've been seeing in this contest Now for PD's Best Poem of 2014 - Poetry Contest

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Rolling Thunder And A Gentle Rain

The gentle music flows
from every drop of rain,
as it just lightly taps
against my window pane.

The wind begins to whistle
it's own melodious song,
while the wind-chimes
dance and play along.

The soothing sounds cast open
the windows and doors.
I close my eyes and breathe.
The energy surrounds me as my spirit soars.

I hold out my hand and feel the raindrops
as if they were at play.
My breath now quickened with emotion.
I taste the rain on my lips as I embrace the glorious day.

The curtains blow inward
the breeze itself is warm,
my mind is so peaceful
in the calm before the storm.

The sky's voice trembles
from above a darkening cloud,
as the rolling thunder
speaks it's thoughts aloud.

The thunder awakens
the flash of light.
The part of nature
that sends some to flight.

I chose to embrace the power of nature
in the earth and sky.
And bask in the wonder
that fills my eyes.

The rain seems to be letting up
as it puddles on the green grass,
and the once powerful winds
are now calming down at last.

The gray clouds are parting
and a bright rainbow forms,
proving that something beautiful
can come from such dangerous storms.

My eyes close and I breathe
in the scent of the cleansing rain.
The brilliant hues of the rainbow
dance in my mind where I feel no pain.

The sun peaks from behind the clouds
just to say hi.
I feel the warmth against my face
as I view the beauty with a sigh.

Written by: Kelly Deschler & Nature Boy

For Jared Pickett's contest - "Collaboration"

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The ranch on which I hang my hat, though short on most the frills,
Is thirteen sections, give or take, of rugged trails an’ hills.
We call it ‘home’, our little world, our very own frontier,
Amongst the cattle, sheep an' goats; the varmints, hogs an' deer.

Today I watched the breakin' dawn an' whiffed the mornin' air,
A time I often set aside for things like thought an' prayer.
A Mockin'bird an' Mornin' Dove, an' other birds at play,
Were there to sing an' set the mood to start another day.

This mornin' saw the strangest thing, like time itself had merged,
An' all the souls who once were here, appeared an' then converged.
In swirlin' clouds of mist an' fog, right off the bluffs they rolled,
Till all had gathered in the glen, the modern an' the old.

The Indians, conquistadors, an' other ancient men,
The soldiers from this country's wars, an' cowboys from back when…
They all had come from yesterday to help me understand
Our link with those who came before, to heritage an' land.

A crazy notion, so I thought, that they could just appear,
But as the morning went along the reason got real clear.
They rode along with me that day to show me things I’ve missed,
The things I’ve seen a thousand times an’ some I’d just dismissed.

Those wagon roads of long ago, still evident today,
Are carved in rock an' rutted earth, not apt to wash away.
They linked the missions, forts an' towns those many years gone by;
An' left their mark for all to see, as modern times grew nigh.

The artifacts an' weathered ruins attest to yesterdays,
When others came an' lived their lives in very different ways.
We've seen their skill in arrowheads they honed from fired stone,
An' craftsmanship in beads an' tools they fashioned out of bone.

At ever turn and trail we took was something to remind,
The Maker must have had a plan laid out for humankind.
The Earth He made’s been feedin' us a half-a-million years,
An' used it's wonder, force an' change to challenge pioneers.

I do not know if they'll return or if they’ll feel the need,
But I’m prepared to ride the trail, where ever it may lead.
We all are spirits ridin’ time with bodies of the Earth,
Whose time has come to take the reins an’ offer up our worth.

The land has been the legacy we cultivate an’ reap,
The life has been the heritage our father’s fought to keep,
An’ we are bound throughout our time with those who came before,
To put our hearts and souls to it, and make it something more.

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Let Me Go

You have caged me for too long
I want you to just let me go,
I have to spread these feathered wings
I need to feel the wind's blow.

You know that I love you truly
I said that I would never leave,
I want to see the rain's dance
Not just sit here and perceive.

The scene never changes, day after day
I want to go where white roses bloom,
I have never seen an ocean's wave
And neither have you, I assume.

I need to see the autumn tree's change
I want to see the snowflake's glisten,
I am wishing on the stars as they fall
This is my dream, so please just listen.

I want to fly in the sky's blue
I need to feel the sun's burn,
When I have experienced these wonders
I promise that I will return.

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In Your Dreams

Was it all a sweet dream or just reality?,
  I sit and ponder that very thought,
During the daylight and in the nighttime,
  Wondering, were we ever there or not?

A crescent moon smiled down on me,
  Shedding it's white light upon the ground,
I sat amongst the petals, waiting patiently,
  And it was there, that me, you found.

Lavender flower petals I did pluck,
  As I was seated atop the green hillside,
Does he love me, or does he not?,
  My love for you, I could not hide.

I only saw you as a dark silhouette,
  A shadow that walked upon the ground,
Among silver stars and a midnight sky,
  Your gentle voice was the only sound.

My darkened silhouette was no longer alone,
  While yellow fireflies around me dance,
When you came to join me atop that hill,
  In the meadow's softly illuminated romance.

I was embraced within your arms,
  As your most tender kiss met mine,
On that one warm summer's night,
  When our kindred spirits did entwine.

So sad was I when the time came to part,
  As the rising sun shined golden upon my hair,
Although, what a beautiful dream it was,
  When I awoke and found you there.

        Waking Dreams Contest

            April, 4th, 2014

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October Brings No Rest For These

Emerald etchings are given birth 
to bask their lives in summer's sun, 
until brushing brutal winters cheek, 
They cower yellow; brown undone. 
Swirling down onto concrete pyres, 
They somersault to a random grave. 
The earth lays claim to copper corpses 
But the winter wind is a cunning knave. 
It finds and flips the fallen fibers, 
then flings them crisply to the street. 
The failing sheaves of burnt magenta, 
tossed like chaff from harvest wheat. 
Now strewn about with playful malice, 
and denied the resting place they crave, 
for the golden sun is a glint of amber, 
but the winter wind is a chilling knave.

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Splendor of Autumn in its glorious bloom Bestowing us with nature's gifts precious Fragrant orchards with their ripened looms Tempting aroma of the fruits luscious. To the Autumn born, the season appeals As I inhale lungfuls of the festive air Drum beats reverberate, child's gleeful squeals We celebrate Autumn with unique flair! Auburn hues of the flora flourishing Trekking dry hilly trails with impish pride Vibrant beauty of fauna simply ravishing Toddler enjoying his piggy back ride! Armed with dry sticks tiny hands fiddle To catch the colorful flipping butterflies Beneath pattering feet crispy leaves crinkle The sail-boat clouds drifting through blue-glass skies. On a pond blossoming with lilies and lotuses They empty their left-over dewy wet delights Nature basks in sunlight's golden caresses The whole cosmos soaks in wonderful sounds and sights! 17/08/2012

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Summer Nights

The smell of the summer night air 
Takes me back to times we shared
You and I dancing beneath the moon
Crickets playing a lovers tune

Trees full with lush green leaves
Whispering poetry to you and me
A view from beneath a Missouri bluff
Talking of passion, love, and lust

Your hand in mine strolling the path
Sitting on the deck and looking back
Picnic tables and barbecue grills
Driving and parking, is this for real?

My memory’s filled with your sweet love
Do you remember that snow white dove?
A kiss goodnight under a star filled sky
Best friends forever, a promise, no lie

It excites me to think that every year
Whether life or memory I return here
We will create magic again I know
On a summer night in the moon’s soft glow

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

*inspired by John Heck’s “Summer Celebration” contest

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Whisper Of Your Soul

           Whisper Of Your Soul
       (Soul Listens On A Whisper)

Murmurs soft are sensed, mimic nature, diaphanous clouds spread wide
Settle softer than a translucent butterfly on spring light snow
It is the moon flirting in ebullience, fog rising on a thin film on winds side  
Lifting skirts or is it veils?  Unknown in this muted light of whispers glow
Mist rolls across the bog, pulls along reluctant virgin night
By golden glow, that holds the sky in humble hush, abeyance in a trance
Tracking down the birth of morning, bursting full of light 
Barely able to mutter the words, “the light of day”, the endless dance 

You feel the vibrant tones, fold over meadows as you go
A vestigial tiny vessel of a virgin’s secret opens here
Chasing dark away along the marsh with pounding heart to know
The open glen is near, fills up in brilliant colors clear

Soft luscious sounds fall silent on the morning air and then
Listen, it whispers on the minutia of the moment something true 
Holds on to quiet in the silent glen
Waiting on a whisper Imbued with truth, soft thoughts of you

Created on 12/16/14 for “Whisper Of Your Soul” Poetry Contest Sponsored by Gail Angel Doyle

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we our souls will spend our time repenting

we our souls will spend our time repenting 
but the body of truth always comes to light 
in drawing an end to come with true believers 
so they can see the many faces of the devil 

greed in this world money takes over always
as they worship first with the devil’s tools 
invading our space all for the sake of black 
liquid gold tainted hearts in its color so pure 

shame on this world absolutely for mankind
has not learned at all given profound problems
aplenty and stands the testimony of our times 
while war does not resolve anything—death’s end 

only when family lives are directly affected 
they have the fighting right to protect and live 
wherever they choose but we are all controlled 
and always told what to do openly or furtively 

in a system rolling unto the end of mankind
shut eyes in the face of truth and honesty 
the whole setup is a joke makes one laugh 
countries run amok and history repeats itself 

doing the devil’s work at command or by one’s will 
while throwing our money around with profligate zeal 
like they are usually royalty by some birthright and 
this says so much for the world we live in today 

looking at their greed it’s oh so clear for all to see that
with food dished out on silver cutlery and others starving
our priorities have run afoul of charity and common sense
running everything into the ground to support their lies

present catching the past and past is the future’s prologue 
Earth soon develops a chasmic breach at depths reaching a 
heart's song unheard powers unchanging with a most awful
and pronounced Quest of more which destroys the very Soul 

in a such a pitiful world so desolate and blind 
are pure souls who wish with love to shine bright 
one chance will come with a golden sun shining 
but will human kind seize the golden glory at hand 

two paths lie in tomorrow’s dawning shadow dark— 
the path to the end or to the new beginning for mankind 
we live ever together striving for a peaceful endeavor 
we live at war forever on the very fringes of Hell itself 

the way to Armageddon lies open and wants to greet us 
the way to the golden life of peaceful bliss is still possible 
but at tomorrow's dawn do we change our path or will we 
sing the song of stupidity and be dark from tomorrow on 

We must have peace . . . In Our Time or Perish Forever!

Gary Bateman, Liam McDaid, and Michael Clarke – 
A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved 
(December 4, 2014) (Quatrain unrhymed poetic form)

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What Am I

She wallops a daisy on her way to the sky 
Then slowly recedes like a blur in the eye
Spontaneously wild capricious she plays 
While fingers of wind, unravel the way 

She’s playful this fall, a tease of mesquite  
Sending silky bit wisps on rosy red cheeks
Sand dunes parlay as she talks to the runes 
And lily grass trembles by beat of her tune  

She’s wildly unkempt, Medusa’s slow chill   
With the sweep of her hand she ruins a bill 
Jubilation of feathers, are waiting to dance  
Hoping for rises, from breeze tilted stance  

Heaven’s washed clean as Styrofoam cups 
And clocking the winter, she hurries atop     
String been and thin, prissy curve-straight   
She shoots down heat, and opens the gate

Mystic Rose 
August 28, 2014

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No ripple of breeze could be half as gentle than those tiny feet, as they lightly tread through the open meadow of poppies blooming while morning sunlight lay gold on her head

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Empyreal Ecstasy

At the Rio Grande gorge
A high desert camping spot
Sleeping soundly on my back
On a canvas camper cot

Nature's bidding wakens me
Then I know that I must rise
In chilly desert darkness
So I split my sleepy eyes

Horizon to horizon
The resplendent Milky Way!
Transcendental radiance
And it steals my breath away

Mother Earth embraces me
I see Father Sky above
A trinity of unity
An eternity of love

Hesitant to break the spell
Minutes motionless I lie
In this enchanted moment
I could be content to die...

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Petals in the Wind

Petals in the wind I saw
with my girl one day.
On some boughs of trees they stirred
with a gentle sway.

As they moved, the wind picked up
till that mighty breeze
blew the petals all at once
off the pretty trees.

Then the petals danced around
swirling to the ground
like small ballerinas whose
slippers make no sound.

Crimson, pink and purple, they -
like bright butterflies -
fluttered and sashayed before
our enchanted eyes.

Suddenly the air went still.
Petals everywhere
fell to ground while some adorned
my sweet daughter’s hair.

Happily she shook them out,
turned to me and grinned.
No more would we see that day
petals in the wind.

For PD's third contest for poems about nature

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North Conway Foliage Train

The very first week of every October
Bright yellow, orange, amber, purple and red
Splash artistry on New Hampshire’s White Mountains
As the tourism season comes to a head

North Conway’s old railroad station is abuzz
Men in traditional conductor attire
Escort sightseers to seats with pane-free windows
To peer out at landscapes in colors of fire

The spectrum on dappled mountains evokes awe
Caught by camera lenses as cool winds blow
Offering a chilly reminder to all
That these peaks will soon be blanketed by snow

Clickety-clack, the train hugs its aged track
Freeze-frame photograph images will remain
Recalling the splendor of fall’s peak foliage
Until spring breathes life to the mountains again 

* Rides on the North Conway train are only offered
in autumn.  Written for the "Fall" contest.

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Above The Clouds

Above the clouds, I long to be
Among the other things I see
Where I can stand and shout out loud
Here I stand, above a cloud!

Where whispy trails of jets in flight
In blue skies, patchwork quilts of white
While here below I am, a grain of sand
As people travel from a far off land

Above the clouds on a pitch black night
The moon peeps out to share his light
The stars still seem to find a way
To dance around the cloud's display

I'm amazed at the ability of man
To send satellites soaring, like they can
Above the clouds and far beyond
Like they posses a magic wand

But, most majestic of them all
Is that snowy mountain top so tall
Where I can stand and shout out loud
Here I stand, above a cloud!

©Donna Jones

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Lovers Utopia

Magical crescent moon
Shining on the path below
Lighting the way for lovers
Together as they stroll

Exploring the enchantment
Of the animals and the trees
Finding their own Utopia
Beneath natures canopy

Together they may hear
A love birds sweet melody
As the crickets and a bullfrog
Seem to join in harmony

Sparkling stars and dewdrops
Fireflies dance about merrily
As winds song within the leaves
Plays a lovers symphony

The smell of jasmine in the air
Rose and chamomile so sweet
With just a soft hint of patchouli
A lovers perfume as they meet

The mystery and excitement
Passionate kisses, perfect date
These two lovers souls connect 
In this mesmerizing place 

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The Waltz of the Leaves

Elegant Goldie and handsome Leaf Red
Brushed one another, thus happened to meet
mid-air, where Goldie by Red then was led
In one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three beat.

Gliding and twirling, they waltzed all around,
Up the hill, down the hill, over a stream.
Sliding but never quite touching the ground,
Like Fred with his Ginger, they danced like a dream.

Goldie was glowing with sun’s going down.
Red seemed like crimson against twilight sky.
Rustling his suit while she whirled in her gown,
They glittered while wafting first low and then high.

Nature was humming the Falling Leaves song;
Chill autumn breezes kept urging them on.
Fluttering fluttering all the night long,
With hoot owls hoo-hooing, they danced until dawn.

Suddenly, all became still in day’s light.
The couple was parted, for wind ceased to blow.
There came drifting down something moist and white.
Farewell, pretty leaves.  Now is Dance of the Snow.

Andrea Dietrich

For Francine Roberts' Nature Story Contest

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Flower Petals in the Wind

Though it seems like petals fell by the wind But actually the flower pushed them out One by one they would fall from the flower But somehow the wind seemed to know no doubt Soon as the petals came loose the wind blew Carried them far in the air, so privileged But the flower held firm to those last few It wasn’t letting the wind gain leverage But as the petals came loose, and wind blows Petals would dance a special loving dance Sometimes two would intertwine twice as strong Flowing was second nature like a trance Powers of the flower outweigh the wind But the petals when free get a joy ride No matter the petal, wind will get you Free to flow down, nature you must abide
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Petals In The Wind" contest 1/19/2013

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My Heart is Amazed

My heart is amazed by His boundless compassion
My heart is in awe of the love of the Lord
The hand of His mercy endureth forever
What riches of kindness in heaven are stored!

My heart is amazed at the sight of creation
My heart is in awe of the works of the King
The fountains and river, the depth of the ocean,
The rock and the trees of His greatness shall sing!

My heart is amazed on the height of the mountain
My heart is in awe of the stars in the sky
Unmoving, unchanging, the Lord is eternal
Though years of the mortal so quickly fly by

My heart is amazed by the lamb and the lion
My heart is in awe of the birds in the air
Created for man by the hands of the Master
The heights and the depths of his dwelling to share

My heart is amazed by the King of the nations
My heart is in awe of His death on the tree
The Lamb that was Slain, by the word of the Father
Arose from the grave my Redeemer to be!

-- By Isaiah Zerbst-   Feb 9, 2013 - metre --

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The Color Green

Grasshoppers and katydids
Cactus, growing in the sand
Palm trees near the ocean
May-apples in the woodland

Parrots squawking in the jungle
Moss creeping over rotten logs
Luscious ferns filling forests
Huge dinosaurs, tiny tree frogs

Watercress and lettuce leaves
English ivy, honeysuckle vines
Grass snakes and lunar moths
Cedar, fir, spruce, and pines

Myriad grasses, filling meadows
And blanketing every lawn
Fields of corn and sugarcane
Fat caterpillars, tiny inchworms

The stem of every flower
the fat shell of every bean
Looking around, it would seem
Our Father favors the color green

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Epilogue of Love

To have lived not being loved at all -

hunchbacked like a question mark-

your soul continuously on parole

imagine beauty in the dark

Perhaps we passed each other in the speed

of different trains colliding with the time

in one - abandoned newborn girl in need

the other - useless vagabond and wine.

Was it your Soul who shook the Jacaranda tree

and made it burst and rain with purple fairies?

Or just a whispered cry within the depth of me -

too much horizon and no space for prairies...

Imagine beauty in the dark

When wings demolish walls of sorrow

I'll die again an injured lark

Reborn in Phoenix bird tomorrow.

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I've pondered this since I was a child What makes the grass so green I know there's a logical explanation Sure seems like some magical scheme To explain why oceans are a deep indigo Or the cerulean blue sky up above The rising sun is a bright yellow ball Why magenta is the colour of love Pink is associated with a baby's skin As we cuddle and snuggle and coo Mauve is usually the colour of sadness When life throws a curve at you The colour of nature is a wonder to behold Artists have tried to capture its magic What if the world was just shades of grey Sure would be sad and quite tragic So pray when you wake up each morning Nature's colours will still be the same It's what makes this world a joy to behold And its beauty continues to reign © Jack Ellison 2013

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Autumn Sensations

Colorful symphonies sound
As red and gold bells fall down,
Shook loose by crisp cool air,
Tinkling their way to the ground.

Displayed on the limbs of trees
Are rich orange marmalade leaves,
Visions of autumn’s dessert
Tasting sweetly upon the breeze.

Autumn brews warm concoctions 
With auras of perfection
And richly spiced aromas, 
Which soothe our frayed emotions.

Fall’s festive nature brings out
A spirited dancing shout
And lovely celebrations
With beauty bursting about.

©   08-16-2012
For: Autumn's Beauty Contest

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Love Garden

Dripping from red rose's lips
To black-eyed susan's amber petals,
The dew paused there -- a thorn to kiss,
And carefully slipped through stings of nettle.

Down to bloom of baby's breath
And on a string of bleeding hearts,
In tandem dripped in dance of death,
Though pink impatiens softly caught.

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The Kookaburra, this terrestrial Kingfisher like bird
With it's onomatopoeic call, laughter in it's world
They inhabit arid savanna's and humid forests so lush
Also suburban to residential, as all around them humans rush

These beautiful birds are sexually dimorphic in their look
Their plumage sometimes differs, but in some your not mistook
The Rufous-bellied, Spangled, Laughing and Blue Winged
Are the four Kookaburra's who chortle as they sing

These beauties from Australia, are carnivorous in their eat
From lizards, snakes, insects and mice, they sure do love their meat
Oh to hear a Kookaburra, in their wild and natural place
Their another of natures joys, that human eyes do grace

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Forsake me not, for I would pine 
and waste, like tendrils on the vine 
that shrivel when the rains abscond 
and nullify our special bond. 

For eglantine shall flourish not 
when kept in shade, stilled in the pod, 
nor will our love, without the spark 
of nature, and the love of God. 

Remain here, nestled in my care, 
and feel the measure of His power, 
with nourishment for heart and soul, 
as the elements sustain the flower. 

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Into Autumn we Walked

We waved goodbye to the summer skies
As we walked below the last canopies of green
Our memories in awe at mother natures blooms
Appreciative as we witnessed her scene

Fading colourful spectrum's shared many a bed
Butterflies and insects buzz out another year
Yesterdays scents captured in our minds
Her beauty simply amazes, even brings a few tears

The winds through the trees whistle mournful tunes
Whilst the weakened leaves start their spiralling fall
We walk as they drift on the Autumn breeze
To watch their demise leaves an eerie enthral

The evening descends absorbing the light of the day
Giant cathedrals of brown change to an ebony black
Invisible sounds resonate amongst shadows of dark
This seasonal change shows no lack

Hand in hand we have walked through this beautiful park
Stopping and staring at the most beautiful of views
We head back home contemplating tomorrows writes
My girl and I sharing natures inspirational muse

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Amidst a Flowery Meadow

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
We happen across an Oak tree, as old as old can be
Below it's green filled canopy, we lay in love so free

We chatted and chatted for ages amidst this greenery
Our minds knowing our eventual, to be naked and so free
We turn to face each other, leaning in we share a kiss
Our eyes know our looks, to be in desirable bliss

Lips now touch like whispers, in gentle delightful flow
Urging excites our wants, our desires in us grow
Slowly I undo her buttons revealing charms so sweet
Her body reflects my attention, in pertness rising greet

Cupped I kiss her gently, her hands run through my hair
Her torso openly naked, whilst the Oak can only stare
Sighs now resonate across this meadow of colour
She whispers words of crave, delight my wanting flower

I touch, I kiss and caress, this bloom in radiant pink
Two now become one, as we start to love in sync
Frantic kisses now shared in lusting craving require
Our orchestrated echoes confirm our wanting loving desire

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
Our passion and love flowed in this lovely flowery place
Below the oldest of Oak trees, lovingly we graced

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Amidst Golden Sands

Amidst golden sands on a blanket I sit
Surrounded by voices of beauty I admit
Summer breezes caress swaying reeds on the stem
Birds look for seeds as they are welcomed by them

Waves change to breakers as they change back to waves
Upon golden sands they caress day after day
The chattering of birds as they glide overhead
If we could understand them, hear their words that are said

To the waters edge I walk barefoot on the sands
Admiring such scenery no matter where I stand
The intermittent feeling as the waves brush my skin
Allows me to comprehend as I take it all in

The afternoon passes as the evening now descends
As I say farewell to the beach and the waves that never end
But I shall return to the place that never sleeps
To add to existing memories, that I'm fortunate to keep

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Storm over the Glen

Through my living room window
I see the most beautiful glen
With granites of grey
Towering up to a Ben

Greened spreads of heather
Purples and white
Amidst an ocean of green
A most wonderful sight

Forested slopes
Carpet the glens sides
Whilst a sparkling river
Centers the great divide

I look to the skies
As they turn battleship grey
An impending storm
Is heading my way

It looks like the glen
Is in for one hell of a night
The last storm we had
Was an explosive delight

Fork lightening, thunder
Obscured by clouds
One follows the other
Arcing out loud

I await the winds
And the vertical rains
Lashing with force
Against my cottage panes

Suddenly, theres a massive roar
More powerful than i have heard before
A sheet of lightening lit up the sky
Capturing the Ben of granite high

This man of old, caught in silhouette
Standing guard over his beautiful glen
This icon, this keeper of the Saltire Blue
Stands tall and proud like Highland men

Hours pass as i look on in awe
From my cottage window through the rain laiden panes
The power of nature in many scenes
Drums and a light show washed down with champagne

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Butterflies and Silver Seas

Jump into pistachio talc
and fly on mists a'sparkle
Dripping off me is butterfly dust
Stand up and you can follow
Dive off the chair you sit in
to streams filled thick with cider
Nap on webs of candied cotton
strung strong by the sugar spider
Open your eyes under water
Catch up with me high in flight
Tether your wings to the sea horse's daughter
as she swims in the moon beams at nights
Sullied clouds fall past the ocean
sleeping on silver tide's arm
Drowsy me now from this butterfly potion
sleeping in ribbons and lavender charm
Imagine the ocean alive
with flutters of wings on the tide
Strip all your preconceived notions
and watch with your eyes open wide
Glisten in green innuendos
Sparkle and shake out your wings
I'm a whisper of water, a glint of delight
taking flight on the brink of impossible things...

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Flames of Perdition

Flames of perdition
Painting passion’s fire
Moaning moonlight
Squeezing sensuous desire
Lovers’ lips 
Speaking sun glazed sin
Tasting temptation
Beaded on sultry skin
Sweaty sighs
Restless for relief
Smearing seduction
On eyes of disbelief

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I would like,ardently,to paint a meadow 
standing on its center,an old weeping willow 
engraving some letters, on its thick stem 
I write your name,as a heart-shaped gem 

I want to draw,the blue of your eyes 
those tempting seas of,tearful lullabies 
adrift in my thoughts,ready to admit 
to gamble for love, to win or to quit 

I picture...,the smiles in your lips 
lick your kisses' nectar as it drips 
stare at them,till they call my name 
lingering to end up,the glory, I claim 

I draw a heart,with compassion and love 
gift-wrap it then, with, red petals my love 
sending my devotion,for you alone to own 
unless you turn it into,my love's tombstone

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                                                   THE FIREFLY

Dancing in the moonlight,
Twinkling through the trees,
Sparkling in the meadow grass,
Like diamonds on the leaves.

Flitting 'bout the garden,
'Midst the Jasmine and the Rose,
No one knows from whence they come,
But everybody knows,

That Summer brings the fireflies,
With gaily twinkling lights,
To decorate the evening,
Like jewels in the night.

                             Judy Ball

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Drive across the country
Let imagination flow
Tumbleweed and flat lands
Reveal a western show

Mile markers pave the way
Across this land sublime
Wind blows through the car
On my arm sunshine

Generations of people
Spirits across the land
Occupy a history
Of faces in the sand

Deep inside our spirit
Adheres to our respect
This peaceful land of bounty
No one shall reject

Fresh cut grass lingers
The present rescinding more
Where old shacks and farms
Grasp our inner core 

Land abound with wisdom
Dust has settled down
Enjoy driving the distance
See another town

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The moon, pausing near her zenith,
On that balmy night in May,
Painted a warm, nocturnal landscape, 
In varying shades gray.

A mockingbird insomniac,
With golden harp did play,
And serenade his lady love
With songs as bright as day.

A shy, retiring whip-poor-will
In some hidden, forest swale,
Intoned his lonely-heart refrain, 
In a melancholy wail. 

The gentle breeze, that washed my face,
Tasted honeysuckle sweet,
While silver dewdrops glistened,
On the grass beneath my feet.

Though my magic, childhood years have gone
On frightened wings of flight,
I treasure, in my reverie,
That enchanted full moon night.

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Ode To Nature

Oh giver of life, you glorious Sun, 
You instinctively know what must be done.
I bask in your warmth to gain energy; 
Marvel how you raise up each plant and tree.

You, gracious Moon ever watchful at night
Even aware when your eye is closed tight.
You sway our emotions, also the sea; 
Cause turmoil at times or tranquility.

I love you Earth and all of your creatures.
There's joy in knowing you are our teachers.
I will, to treat you with respect and care
And pray that the world will become aware

When we poison you, we poison us too. 
Keeping you balanced will grow life anew.
We are blessed with Earth, sea, wind and fire; 
Ether, divine, our longing desire

Helps us to treasure our blessings on Earth
And love that's bestowed when given our birth.
So embrace loyal Sun and moody Moon
As sweet Nature sings her loveliest tune. 

© Connie Marcum Wong

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The Earth Abides

Beyond the Heart, beyond the Hand of God
Beyond the Soul, beyond the Tucanae
Far beyond the Footprint, something odd
A star spun in a spiral death ballet

Ten mega-years of satisfying balance, 
Agleam pale sapphire orb of hungry heart 
Within whose core, consumption vied with valence,
Then dearth of flame, in doom was rent apart

Energies of which galaxies must tremble
Up and down and strange, three quarks demand
Degenerate, that coherent beams assemble
To collapse and accretion disk expand

At once a coruscating pulse of might 
Forlorn of solace Gamma’s focused ray— 
A faint blue dot stood lonely in the night 
Ignobly vexed on tragic final day 

Photonic interactions deeply bite
In distance squared proportional inverse
Bathed silver in aurora bluish-white
Mere minutes to expunge Pandora's curse

Still fair the fields, and forests still stand tall
Still swimming beings deep in ocean's lair
Things still slither, scuttle, creep and crawl
But nothing walks or soars high in the air

Unfouled the nest, the storms abate their cause
In purest air, all climate change subsides
Where hubris reigned, disquietude withdraws
In peace at last again, the Earth abides

By Roy Jerden and Mark Peterson
January 29, 2014

The poem depicts a Gamma Ray Burst from a hypernova 
striking the Earth and extinguishing all mammal and bird
life, which are the types most sensitive to radiation. Note 
that gamma rays, like x-rays, leave no residual radiation.
Click on "About this poem" above the title to see an
image of a GRB event and images of most of the nebulae 
listed in the first stanza.

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You have led me     beside the azure seas
to see the crimson coral     of the fallen leaves
so like the rainbows      that exist within our kin
the colors that lay      upon our souls within
There drifts our souls       in  the shades and hue
where we slip the streams       of the colors blue
or light their soul      in softest shades of yellow
when in company as       delighted companions fellow
Or quietly lay in shells      still and tinged of pale grey
like the clouds that hang         within the low of day
or to climb the hills      the foliage with its glistening sheen
are painted trees and meadows      in the depths of green
Here in life the blooms         that every spectrum see
and offered us its view      the veneer of  eternity
and not so transparent          the crystals of our glass
and our lives the shadows           of pigments cast
The cosmetic gloss         that we can wear like makeup
that dyes the actions     which our souls we take up
some like varnish     are just cover for what is dull
like the iron and the steel     that contains our hull
But the tints     that wash and stain our soil
can be the colors    swirling within the gleams of oil
where they run together    as the eddy's in the water
there each soul its    colors is contained a single star   

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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The Tigers Eye

My Canon SLR, is set, night light on, but it’s only still dusk
Positioned waiting hoping for the promised elephant with tusk
Crouching low a rustling in the hot scrub grass close by
I turn slowly hoping, but look straight into a tigers golden eye…

An overpowering smell my nostrils do detect
A deathly smell of blood, on my life I do reflect
The eye of the tiger with its golden hue
He seems so neat, almost manicured too…

The white stripes round his wide open eyes
The crackle of dry grass, the buzz of the flies
The sweat does drip, down my nose
My heart beats fast, the shutter won’t close.

His small ears on such a large head do mesmerise me
The long, long whiskers twitch, so I believe it is a he.
Do I move? Do I breathe? What am I to do?
A tiger with black pupils, why didn't I bring a crew.

Looking through my lens, I see his nose twitch a little bit
I am on his menu it was then the shutter did click
I’m drenched in sweat; he lowers to pounce, this will be goodbye
My prayers are said, my life relived, I know it’s time to die…

Straight through the lens, but what I really did not see
He’s looking to my side, my prayers are answered it isn't me
A sigh escapes, I dare to breathe, I turn as slowly as I dare…
That’s when I spot a flock of gazelle; one of them will be his fare

© 26/11/2012 ~GG~

  Contest Entry for: Viewing Life Through A Lens

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Does Your Sex Drive Diminish

For you younger folks who ask the question Does your sex drive one day diminish My honest answer is a resounding “NO!” It continues right to the finish A sexy young girl is a sexy young girl No matter how many years have gone by Though we no longer see as well as we used to Young fillies will still catch our eye Please don't think of me as dirty old man Human nature is surely to blame Might as well dig a hole and jump right in If we can't play the ogling game What's more appealing and a treat to the senses Than a pretty young thing in shorts? It turns my crank, my temperature rises It's an exciting old man's sport I'm really just doing what comes naturally If you take that away from us guys Might as well overdose on our Metamucil And bid this cruel world goodbye! © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Moon

like rambunctious boys at play clouds drift across the moon masking its face in mystery light given and then gone to soon this fitful little summer storm playing ticks whilst lovers swoon we know it can not hide for long our secret charm, the summer moon

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The River Gomati-win

O grandma *Gomati, was born on thy bank
And born of a mother bearing your name
On all the yesterdays your water I drank
Am still the part of your pattern and frame.

My blood flows in thy stream meandering
It’s a kind of earthly immortality,
I stand by you and feel kinship endearing
Know not much about gods but your affinity

I learnt to strive, to sink and to seek depth ever
Simply Hydrogen and Oxygen doesn’t make water
Something third is needed to make you what you’re
Nobody knows except you Ma and your Creator.

Dr. Ram Mehta
June29, 2011

Twelwth Place win in

Contest: best dedication poem by P.D.


*Gomati is the name of the river in Gujarat State of India. My home town Dwarka 
where Lord Krishna ruled once, is on the bank of River Gomati. 

My mother too was born there and she was christened as Gomati after the name of the river.

Please click on the links below to see the pictures of River Gomati and the town Dwarka 
Copy and paste the links below to see pictures:( Please share it on my blog if this doesn't work)

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Black Widow--trochee

Black Widow

We made love in the arbour
And loft--out of sight,
Then three times at the harbour
As the day turned night.

Let's go into the parlour
In the candle light,
There's no more time for ardour.
I'm ready to--Bite!

Andrea's contest:"Trochee"
*Note: the black widow spider is known for killing and eating her male counterpart after she has exhausted him from all the 'love making'--mating.

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Volcanic Fury

Deep within the bowels of the earth
a pressure builds up in intensity
As lava and gases increase in growth
bubbling and seething with angry fury

The pressure continues to build up
directly under the earth's crust
Which finally weakens and blows its top
yielding to the pressure's upward thrust

The action produces a huge crater
through which ferocious flames exit
Painting the sky in a red orange colour
in an awesome fiery exhibit

It's a grand display of fireworks power
generated by Mother Nature
Which reaches out both near and far 
in testimony of its grandeur

Clouds of ash and smoke rise up to the sky
spreading for miles and miles around
Obscuring vision both far and nigh
before most of the ash falls to the ground

A thick outpouring of red hot lava
scorches everything that lies in its path
Streaming down the sides of the crater
as it moves on with relentless wrath

Volcanic action has an awesome tale to tell
of what goes on under earth's placid shell
It's where red hot lava and gases dwell
which when released create a fiery hell 

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Yellow Daisies

Petals of a yellow daisy,
windswept on a breeze,
does he love me, soon I’ll know
what the flower foresees.

Faith in a yellow daisy,
will our love affair unfold,
or will the yellow daisy speak
of false hopes bleak and cold.

Who’d think a yellow daisy,
harbored such amazing power,
foretelling my wishes, my desires
in one single little flower

So I’ll pick a field of daisies
 that’s what fields are for,
to find that special one that says
he’s mine forevermore.

APRIL 15/2012

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Weather Pleasure

I woke up this morning to the sound of you
Tapping my window pane,
 I looked outside and saw the dew
from the lullaby you played.
Throughout the night
You put me to rest with your rhythmic beat,
And much to my delight,
I enjoyed every bit of it.
You showered me with pleasure,
And ensured I fell asleep,
You made me love the weather
From beneath the comfort of my sheets. 
The coldness of your touch,
Sent shivers down my spine,
No one will know just how much
You're playing on my mind
So now that you've kissed me, 
And sang me that lullaby, 
You've made me so happy,
That I can't go back to being dry

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Memories On Branches

An old board and a rope had made me a swing,
Sitting there when I was around the age of nine,
I curiously looked up to see the first sign of spring,
Where a robin was building a nest of twigs entwined.

Summer's heat burned my shoulders, so I sought shade,
I climbed up into your strong arms at the age of fourteen,
Along with a book, I relaxed in a solitude no one could invade,
I found myself lost within the pages and the leaves of green.

On a lazy, autumn afternoon, at the age of twenty-three,
I raked the dead leaves that buried my feet into a pile,
Through the orange limbs my black cat peered down at me,
Then leapt from the tree to play among the leaves for awhile.

Now, as I am rapidly approaching the age of thirty-one,
Branches are encased in ice, as winter continues to unfold,
From my window, I see the cardinals and the disappearing sun,
Reminding me that life still survives in the bitter cold.

March, 7th, 2014

Gail Angel Doyle's contest - "Memories On Branches"

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In My Mind

" A woodland path in the dappled sun, hushed and quiet."
                                                                        by a Rambling Poet

In my mind I can wander down the path
Feel the lovely peace of evening tide
Escape the walls that hold me fast
And with nature for a time abide

I always loved to walk at sundown
Feeling the passing of the day
How I long to hear the bird songs
and watch the squirrels at play

My body has betrayed me now
And can no longer take me there
But the path is vivid in my mind
And for that moment I have no care

For the" Woodland Path" contest
Barbara Gorelick    6/8/11

written for a friend who is bedridden 

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The Nature of Man

It is the nature of man to pursue
And woman’s to be pursued
Man must do the wooing
And woman must be wooed

It is the nature of man to conquer
And woman to play it coy
He must be the strong one
She must act like his toy

It is the nature of man to explore
And woman’s to be sedate
He must push the limits
She must make him wait

Ah...woman, you are to hold back
And make him beg for more
You must keep yourself aloof
And just hint at what’s in store

You must give a only a portion
To keep him from discontent
Must be sparing with your love 
To make his jealousy hell bent

For it is the nature of man to chase
And woman to lend to the chase
But learn this from me, angel
These notions are vile and base

For if your man has such a nature 
And slights your consuming love
Don’t waste on him your passion
Escape on wings of a dove

For love knows no rules or decorum
It will do what it may please
So do what you fancy best
Be assertive when you tease

For know that when the day‘s done
And you are lying in bed alone
You must be true to yourself
Strip “Nature” down to the bone.

Obey the voice of your heart, love
Don’t fall prey to “nature’s” game
Be a woman of these times
And put these silly rules to shame!

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Nature’s victorious armies of spring and summer
Marching are now, in a stunning glorious retreat, 
Proudly displaying the harvest’s banners of plenty
As their destiny’s undertaking is for now complete! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   16 SEPTEMBER 2014

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Black night  like raven peaks its strides
On ashen wings hung low on breeze,
While moon turns her crepe face and hides
Dragging through seams of vagrant trees.

Just when the thick of fog devours
A hundred moths chain-links the sky;
To pirouette in blazes, shine the hours
Changing eve  with diamond eyes.

Meshed web of stars peeps through frail light
As if to send a dazzling sign,
That glossed winds can unwrap night"s plight
When jeweled bugs and stones align

Nature Theme Contest of Kim Morrison
by nette onclaud

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African Diaspora

The African Diaspora was when flowers were trapped & caged 

Each day I think and wanted to see them free

I see why... Your African beauty deserves to be picked

I realize that its just a figment of my imagination that their creation is truly magnificent. 

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Earth, Sky and Sea comprising Nature's Trinity
Interacting with each other continuously
Water from earth and sea becomes clouds in the sky
Returning as rain, sleet and snow as time goes by

A delicate balance exists between all three
Which must be maintained to preserve the harmony
Man-made pollution on earth reaches sea and sky
Threatening human existence both far and nigh

The Trinity is embedded in you and me
And we are all embedded in the Trinity
Its matter feeds and sustains the human body
Which returns to it at the end of life's journey

All the life forms are infused with the Trinity
Whether it's creatures that frequent earth, sky or sea
For each is just a brief instant in life's journey
In it's passage through space, time and eternity

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Tae ma wee quiet Pawky frien'

Hello yea bonny wee pawky thing, sittin' there tuggin' at ma hert strings. Aye yer wee ,an' oan yer oan yer hard tae see, niver mind wee thing jist let it be. Withoot you, we wid hae a scunnered land, aye wee thing yea think yer oanly a wan man band, Help tho' is niver sae far away, life's dramas are nae a'ways dark an' grey. Yer mair important than yea think, mair important than oanything that's gone extinct. Withoot you an' aw yer like kind. this wurld wid be in a massive bind. So wee thing get rid o' that pawky look, yer really a giant in oany history book. Since the beginning, you have been there to provide, so yer wee sel,' behind a bushel please dinny hide. Yer no' stonnin' there oan yer oan yea ken, yea hiv hunners an' hunners o' ither frien's. Oan iv'ry country an' continent yea hav' many kin. fur eons an eons that's a'ways bin. Dayin' yer very very important job, so ma wee courin' thing dinny sob. Be a happy pert o' this wurld sae great, yer up there in lights, aye wee thing, that's yer fate. Yer fate tae provide fur aw this world's life, withoot yer life givin' skills, we wid be in strife. Naw !!no' in strife, cos wee widnae be here, so ma bonny wee pawky thing, ston' up an' cheer. Ston' up ston' up, fur heaven's sake, Ston' up ston' up, a great bow, please take. Nae langer be a wee quiet gentle pawky thing, cos great nourishing life you duly bring. Oh ah ken it's no oan yer oan yea achieve sae much, miracles oan yer oan there is really nonesuch. But wae aw yer mullins an' mullians oh kin yea have, yea kin feed them aw, like the proverbial fatted calf. Yea see noo, yer nae langer a wee pawky thing, wae aw yer greenie pals tae the world , greatness yea bring. Taegither yea will clan, an' nae langer be a wan man band, wae aw yer kin an' their amazin' skills at hand. Aw yea amazin' wee verdant clever thing, yea ken noo join wae yer pals tae bring. Feed the masses aw aroon the world, let yer flag of knowledge be unfurled. Yea thocht yea wir jist a wee singular thing, but now yea ken yer pals arrr 'around, tae bring. Aye, aw yer pals, arr' a touch o' class, nae langer ma wee thing are yea jist wan wee blade o' grass. The Auld Yin.

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The Break Of A New Day

It's another North Carolina morning,
Just before I see the sun rise.
To lighter blue the sky is turning,
And nature wakes opening her eyes.

©2013 Honestly JT

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Lost Hope

On the plight of this garden till when to grieve
                          Will this nest its glory retrieve

The companion birds have all flown away
O cypress trees and roses! Permit me to leave

-Mohammad Yamin
(Theme borrowed from a Ruba'yee of Josh Malihabadi)

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Moonlight Madness

Sitting alone in the light of the moon
Twirling my glass of red wine
I retreated back into my cocoon
But still felt a chill up my spine

Something flew by in front of the moon
With a silhouette of a wide wing span
Its feathers flapped slow as it sang a tune
Its wings spread out in a fan

Then off he went out into the night
A raptor soaring in flight
The environment alive in the moonlight
Was an awesome yet fearful sight

The quiet stillness of the midnight air
Was a mystically charged atmosphere 
With all my senses alive and aware
I wondered what next would appear

The skeletal branches of a tree
Looked grim in the luminous glow
A leaf came loose and floated free
To the leaf carpeted lawn below

I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep
And dreamed of a forest of trees
And beyond the entrance further in deep
The temperature dropped thirty degrees

I snapped awake then in a flash
With a feeling of foreboding
And didn't really want to rehash
The message too obscure for decoding

I awoke to see in front of me
The same old leaf shedding tree
I thought I heard it speak to me
But honestly, how could that be?

I noticed the tree appeared forlorn
My thoughts were definitely wild
For it was only a honey locust thorn
What some people often reviled

I turned in for the evening after that
Then heard a light tapping on the pane
I saw it wasn't my Maine Coon cat
That’s when I went totally insane

A limb of that tree pointed towards me
Like a finger of a human hand
No more wine but Sleepy time tea
For me, I'm sure you understand

September 20, 2012


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Dear Inconsiderate

You’re always dragging on me--
got your sticky icky leavings all
pver the place, 
any place most inconvenient.

Always kind of spooky, nervous
but defiant too, back up
step out, get nose to nose
as if to say you’re here for good.

I know it’s you, at night, tasting
my eyes, making me wiggle
and a little itchy
squirmy but never squished, somehow…

One day there’s one of you,
lurking in a corner, the next, a window,
under floorboards, cupboards, skittering

all over my floor and ceilings
and in my clothes so when I undress
there you are, sitting like a star
right on my breast. Okay. I needed that.

To scream. Whack at something
so terribly invasive, biting,
so terribly unobtrusive, until
you leave your icky sticky leavings

as bumps all over me. When 
were you walking over me, in the dark
while I dreamed, taking over 
saying I’m a leaving little spider left.

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A Kiss Of Sunshine

The sunshine reaches down kissing the trees Bathing them in light, colors sure refines Leaves wave within the movement of the breeze Capturing motion, and the brilliant lines Trees glow with sunlight, a part of summer Beauty brings signals, a wondrous pure heart Trees surely kiss the sunshine of slumber Harmonious blessings put on each part Sunshine evolves placing rays of pure light Directly onto the free flowing trees Colors glow with extreme, wondrous delight Great sunlight performs pretty as you please Smoothly the sunlight wafts on into play Kissing all around this glorious place The surroundings lift the spirits that say Enlightenment is plain, want for a taste The trees all align with the source of light Follows the like of the illumine sense Bright and white, softly warms with all its might The sunshine that kissed is surely intense
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "A Kiss Of Sunshine" contest 3/6/2013

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Elemental Alignment

It's the essence of what we're made of.
It's right beneath us as we walk.
It's what the Creator used from up above---
to make "the walking colours that talk".

The essence of movement that kisses your face.
It can push the sea and move the trees.
Sweat on a hot day can be erased.
Breeze that's felt with grace and ease.

The burning flames put out heat.
The colours are brilliant and bright.
It's used outside when you need something to eat.
It also brings dark things to light.

It's the only thing that can quench your thirst.
It's the one thing that connects all life.
If you don't receive this you might just burst.
A lack of this clear liquid can even create strife.

We need all these elements to make the world go round.
They are the essence of creation and what makes the world sound.

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Trick not Treat

Snow dusted grass and trees and rooftops though
not a flake was forecast this Hallow's Eve,
an early taste of wintry weather now,
nature's trick but not treat this Halloween.

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Itty Bitty Stink Bug

Itty bitty stink bug
Laying upon the rug
Itty bitty stink bug
No one to give a hug

Itty bity stink bug
I hate to be a thug.
Itty bitty stink bug
Flushed without a shrug

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Life itself is bigger than any love affair
The magic of being in love may disappear
One partner may become tired of what both share
Leaving the other in a sad state of despair

If you are one with love that is still enduring
Please be thankful each day for what you are sharing
If the love you once shared has come to an ending
Though it may not be easy please stop your crying

The price you are now paying with your suffering
Is not worth someone who is no longer caring
So just wipe away all those tears and start smiling
Lift your head up and see the sun is still shining

Listen to the birds and you will hear them singing
Look at a sunset and enjoy what you're seeing
Feel the glorious warmth of the sunshine on your skin
Enjoy fully the wondrous beauty of living

Even though life may not be peaceful as a dove
Here is something you should always mindful of
Love of life is more precious than all other love
Grasp this sacred treasure with blessings from above

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Starry Night

The caliginous sky embraced the night,
its mix of black and blue.
Oh what a beautiful sight,
To see the stars twinkling above right on cue.

Tranquility I admired as I sat, eyes drenched,
allowing the ataraxis to seep through my mind.
Oh, solitary on a frore, hard bench,
Yet here I am, savouring the scenic find. 

With only the wind in my ears,
making the “whoosh whoosh” sound,
blowing away the tears,
I finally calmed down. 

Even the darkness felt at rest,
and smelled, oh, so comforting---
Like nature at its best,
making my heart go a-humming.

And with that, I forgot about
everything, my problems, and the roughshod world.
There was no doubt,
that I was preoccupied, just me, and my own little world.

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Here Comes The Sun

It's been dull and dreary for months on end.
The chill of winter is lingering long,
Invading my bones and disturbing my mind.
How I wish this season would hurry along.

Waking this morning I glanced out my window,
Expecting more snow, more clouds, more gray.
But to my surprise and immense delight,
Golden sunlight is in full display!

Here comes the sun in all of its glory,
To warm up the earth and begin its rebirth.
The ice will soon melt and nature awaken,
With colorful flora sprouting up from the earth.

Here comes the sun, see it rise in the east,
Feel its warmth on your face at midday.
Winter's sojourn is coming to an end.
Hallelujah! Spring is on the way.

Kim Merryman
For Heather Ober's Beatlemania contest

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Jungle Travel

I'm boating down the Amazon
I sure am having fun
I'll shoot a bunch of wildlife 
Before this trip is done

But maybe not the way you think
I shoot 'em with a lens
From flitting birds and giant crocs
To kitties in their dens

The other day I met a snake
But didn't say hello
Instead I ran the other way
As fast as I could go

Then after that I got a thrill
While snapping giant crocs
With all the fun, I failed to steer
And nearly hit some rocks

That very night I pitched my tent
And slept the night away
Until some monkeys ripped the flap
And tumbled in to play

My camera pal has been around
It's gone throughout the world
We just can't stop, around the bend 
Are wonders yet unfurled

~November 13th, 2012~

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As I was strolling through the woods,
I saw him hiding there.
So quiet, meek and mild was he,
So sweet, I found him fair.

That evening by the campfire,
I spied him once again,
Sitting just outside the glow,
He tried hard to blend in,

And not be seen by firelight,
He came to guitar strum,
He timidly crept closer,
As to the tune I hummed.

Crouching there beside my knee,
The cutest little mouse,
Came to listen to my song,
And grace me and my spouse,

With his quiet company,
For he was all alone,
And I felt blessed to have him come,
For people oft are prone,

To screech and rave about a mouse,
Or something they think vermin,
This tiny little thing of God's,
Did not so me determine.

                                      Judy Ball

We so often miss out on a blessing because we fear something or sonsider it beneath us.
Once on a camping trip as I sat strumming my guitar by the fire, a little field mouse came into the camp and cuddled by my knee as I knelt on the ground with my guitar.
I felt so honored that he came. He must have been terribly lonely or cold or hungry or something to trust us that way.
He came to the soothing music I guess.
When I moved he scurried away and I felt I'd somehow lost something special.

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Butterflies and Honey Bees

In the meadow, weeds flowering
By a cluster of old shade trees
Make a lovely scene attracting
Some butterflies and honey bees

Butterflies sipping each flower
Flit happily from bloom to bloom
Flaunting their wings of gossamer
Giving each other lots of room

Several colours of the rainbow
Painted on their gossamer wings
Put on a brilliant colour show
Such a happy feeling it brings

Bees also join in the feasting
Imbibing each flower's nectar
Doing so with joyful humming
In their role as honey maker

Weed flowers are in Nature's brood
Springing up where ever they please
They assist in providing food
For butterflies and honey bees

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The tigress' mark

She prowls the night
with clenched jaw and pride,
nothing able to smite
her remorseless stride.

The ominous reflection of moon 
shines forth from devouring eyes
of a nocturnal beauty spun on the loom
of the Creator's bid and sighs.

Grace moves her every limb
and she precedes an enraged scream
caused by ruins of a forest now grim
and held alive by all but one stream.

Her claws prophesy of vengeance 
though her heart yearns for reconciliation.
Yet now there would be no leniency 
for a soul's annihilation. 

Now on journeys through lush valleys and ashes
she will embark
until all that remains after furious thrashes
will be the tigress' mark.

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A Colorful World

~A Colorful World~

The golden leaves reflect on the river.
It’s idling along catching silver slivers
The brown bush casting seeds at the side
Waiting for the spring birds to carry far and wide.

The green new shoots pushing noses through
Testing the weather before they renew
The pink of the cheeks on the children that play
Wrapped in colorful warm play clothes today.

The grey of the mist as it starts to descend
Proving winters not ready just yet to end
The blue of the sky mocking above
Giving a glimpse of a hope like a beckoning love.

The colour of the world amazes me today
When I was a child everything seemed so grey
When did the colors start to emerge?
I think it was when two lovers did merge.

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Dancing Trees

Rocking and swaying in the breeze Tree branches are dancing with glee Such playful action of the trees So joyous, unfettered and free Leaves are all rustling and sighing With a sound like waves of the sea Like a crescendo that rising And then subsiding gradually Leaves that fell to the grass below Perform their dancing in the air The breeze tosses them to and fro Making the show a grand affair The sun is shining in the sky Bathing everything in its light I'm feeling such a glorious high Gazing at this beautiful sight

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Beauty In Imperfection

The rugged bark of an old tree
with imperfection due to its cracks
is a wondrous thing of beauty
and it's the imperfection that attracts

We know that a star-shaped flower 
does not make a perfect star
Yet it has a certain loveliness
that induces a sense of wonder

A hand-crafted ceramic bowl
because of its asymmetry
is a wonderful artefact
that is valued very highly

An old-time cobblestone street
has a unique charm and quaintness
due to its imprecise pattern
that gives it its loveliness

Perfection is not easy to attain
and even more difficult to sustain
Beauty lies in Imperfection
and they are a natural combination

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Wildflower Afternoon

With your nerves stretched paper thin,
you tend to lose control.
When you are down- -no chance to win,
and feel need to sell your soul.

Finding your back against the wall;
no dreams, no tricks of fate.
No harvest waits to gather in the fall.
A butterfly morning breaks.

I’ll not blame the poor days on fate,
nor give up on life too soon.
While butterflies flit I linger late
on a wildflower afternoon.

Charles Henderson

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Illusive Stripes

Wafting on winds many miles from home.
Hovering together splashes of black and white.
A Zebra Longwing colony home from the day’s roam,
Oh, how happy I was to see that old familiar sight.

Monarchs and Viceroys dash back and forth.
But Zebra Longwings roost after each days dance.
How did they get here so far north?
Eggs or chrysalises traveled by hurricane, perchance.

The pungent scent of lantana, there nourishment lies.
A delicious yellow and orange feast; oh sight.
The sweet nectar would fill the visiting butterflies.
Thickets and trees were explored, too, with delight. 

Gathering at night, hovering, unlike other types.
That nostalgic moment felt so good inside.
Remembering long ago chasing illusive stripes.
Years had passed but butterfly kisses still abide.

© April 11, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: A Butterfly's Trail Of Kisses 	
Sponsored by: Gail Doyle

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Simplicity in nature such as animals or blossoms
Stimulate a brain blossom translated into poetry
Rhyme, narrative and verse have my thoughts like bright mums
Energize for creation of whimsical concise subtly

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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The Orchid

The Orchid
As the orchid blooms its long beautiful flower
The perfume of which fills the air hour by hour
The strength in its leave when open from bud
No decay just a little wrinkle as in age it should
If Orchis the son of the nymph and satyr
Had not drunk of the vine and showed his desire
As he drank long and hard at the feast of Dionysus
His eyes fell on a priestess and caused all the fuss.

He wanted her, was his drunken decree
And he didn’t care if she didn’t want he
He coveted the priestess as he drank by the hour
Determined he was soon her going to deflower.

His advances she said she would not take
But he did not listen and her he would make
But for this insult to a revered priestess
The gods were determined he’d pay for her distress

He would not go unpunished this was THEIR decree
And ripped limb from limb they decreed he would be
The bacchanalians did tear him apart and justly so
He should have accepted the priestess she  said NO!

The father of Orchis prayed the Gods would restore
The son that he loved and would for evermore
After they listened to the prayers of a father distraught
The Gods returned Orchis not as a man but as a flower they thought.

Orchis became the flower with the strange sounding name
Whose beauty enchants and its perfume does the same
The orchid, the bulbs shape we will recognise today
The part under the body, where a man likes us to play.

© 9/02/2013/~GG~

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The Orchard In Fall

Once the pride of the family trust
The orchard is old and deserted now
In the fall I go to walk in its past
To its memory my heart does bow

Trees that once produced the fruit of life
Now in obscurity are dead or dying
Black branches brittle with old age
To produce beauty they are still trying

An apple, not grand as it once was
Struggles on a branch that still lives
I pick it and taste its sweetness
And treasure the succor it still gives

For Brian's FALL contest...

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Amidst a Forest of Green

Amidst a forest of green
Alone a stone cottage stands
In a setting so serene
Surrounded by natures grand

Majestic pillars grow skywards
Firs, elms and oaks 
Amidst this forest of green
The beauty of it soaks

The seasons control its carpets
Amidst this forest of green
In winter with coverings of snow
Springing buds claim the scene

The plants explode into life
Allowing summers colours to show
Amidst this forest of green
Petals in rainbow flow

The mourning of autumn follows
Golden browns show what was once serene
The cycle of natures seasons flow
Amidst this forest of green

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Shadows, shadows, big or small, I see them all around
Kissed by the morning sun, they come out all over the ground
We seek shade in some of these shadows from rain and sun
Clouds make them disappear; they come out with the sun

These clouds are reflections, dark, they stand still, walk or run
They grow longer and deeper, the sun moves down the sky
Aiming to reach the evening sun, these shadows merge in darkness
Blessed by the sun, they lived long or short, their day is over

Come another day, new shadows spring with joy in all directions
Taken for granted these shadows, I find in them our reflections
Blessed by the God like the rising sun, we live to see our day
At our evenings, God takes us with Him; some other sees a new day

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In Winter

Fine white powder dusts the landscape, fluffy
flakes flutter and fall, landing on our skin
now pinked by the freezing air, taking
delight in the beauty of the season.

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Shhhhhhh Listen

Shhhhhhh, listen very carefully D'ya hear that happy sound The corn is high five-ing each other The rain's finally pounding down After a record hot dry summer Getting buckets of that miracle stuff The grass is giggling just like the corn Sure hope it ends up as enough Nature is quite unpredictable eh One year to the next one following We never know if it's feast or famine In self pity we're always wallowing Should know by now nothing's for sure The weather will do it's own thing The only event we can rely on each year Is that winter is followed by spring Shhhhhhh, listen very carefully D'ya hear that happy sound Mother Nature's shining down again With her shimmering golden crown © Jack Ellison 2013

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Outside My Bay Window

My house has a bay window, quite special It overlooks my great flower garden Beauty shines where the moon carries along No piece of the flowers is a burden Nightfall enlightens the flowers out there From the bay window I can see the light Touching the flowers calmly and with peace I sigh with contentment to view this sight I finish my drink and turn to go back When I glanced right at some fireflies around I smile at this beautiful scene with joy The whole picture is a wondrous surround Russell Sivey

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She walked and talked in a world called theirs
Worries she had with her earthly cares
Found near Hadar, this specimen of old
A lady from our past, lying stone cold

She walked her lands amidst horses so small
In the Awash Valley where trees were so tall
Naked to bare, all her kin were the same
In a land so different, to she not strange

What would she be seeing if we could see through her eyes
Would there be hate and hurt and a typical despise
Maternal and loving we can only assume
In the valley where she lived, we have the same front room

And just as we, she was born to die
Evolutionary in exist, below the same blue skies
She walked and talked in a world called theirs
Worries she had with her different cares

This lady I talk of, Lucy we have named
From our past she existed, with a different fame
She was the oldest of us ever found
Lying stone cold on earths ancient ground

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The same deadly story unfolds
Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi
Bombs rip apart our souls
When will stop this atrocity

They come in the form of Demons
Kill in the name of God
Nature created species and humans
Why Humans created God?

Bloated egos fill some minds
Hatred makes the world go blind
We are all born to die
This is not the way, we cry

Swear in the name of dead
To slay in the name of God
Dangerous game triggered by man
The same God will destroy man

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Heart filled with happiness, eyes much merry; cheeks color strawberry,
just running through fields of ripe huckleberry,
keeping away from the buzzing, restless bees...
going to a from their sweet hives hanging from massive apple trees.

More than childhood memories, such are these...
a reflection of youth that removes them from nostalgia; husky peasants
shaking off the husks from the golden corn;
a tasty, hot corn meal for those winter's dinners drooling on my tongue.

And approaching a torrent, I threw pebbles found on its almost barren banks
back into the spattering water that I drank sporadically until I was full,
to indulge in its freshness...squashing tiny daisies
that seemed too afraid to squabble with a giant and fight for their survival.  

The southern landscape with its mild climate, was rich and fragrant,
inviting hands to pluck the delicious, tempting fruits
off their branches, scattering the thrushes engaged in musical tones;
and I tongue-tied hurried along cogitating an instant.  

Would it be too childish to ask for a come-back,
to relive the cheerfulness of the oldest days, ceased by time and age;
to observe a reflection of youth take shape...
and embed, in a secret, a conversation regardless  of present knowledge? 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Within a Storm

A small tree, quite old, sits near the harbor Where the water swooshes into the rocks A real dark blue, near black, color exists A murky flow hits hard there by the docks The wind picks up, a storm is on the way Tree bends but surely refuses to break The sound becomes deafening with the waves Even by the beach the water does rake Past the beach is a lovely green pasture Wild flowers blooming here and there, softly Brings the feeling of peace before the storm Lifting wind displays its power greatly In the horizon deep into the sea The lightning flashes and thunder crashes Brings the storm on its heels, moving briskly I run to take cover from its thrashes The storm comes, a mega-powerful force Wind blows greatly, moving water fiercely All the flowers in the field hold their ground Just as it came in fast, it leaves quickly I’m free from the grasp of nature’s fury Free to enjoy calmer waters once more Air has a crisp, cool feelings all about I revisit the small tree that’s now sore
Russell Sivey Contest: Surprise me Sponsor: Giorgio Veneto 7/25/2013

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Catch a Rainbow

I spot a rainbow and catch a view,
A spectrum of colors with every hue.
They seem to melt into each other,
Imaging what I might discover.

At the end lies a pot of gold,
At least this is the story told.
Make a wish of a special place,
Over the rainbow in outer space.

I remember back when I was young,
When I’d catch raindrops with my tongue.
Everything then seemed so grand,
I dreamt about of some far off land.

As I grew older and out of touch,
All of these things didn’t matter as much.
Things I had seen many times before,
They pale in contrast as I see them more.

The simplest things have beauty to behold,
Like in the morning as flowers unfold.
Birds wake up and sing their song,
I wonder where it all went wrong.

I used to climb the highest tree,
At the top for miles I would see.
It felt as if I could touch the sky,
Or spread my wings and start to fly.

As I grew older the newness is gone,
The days of innocence for which I long.
The rainbow reminds me of what’s beyond.
But the ripples are confined to the pond.

Suddenly I begin to break free,
Beauty surrounds in all that I see.
At the end lies that pot of gold,
A place where dreams never grow old.

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A Walk On The Beach

Rough winds blowing
Washing wild waves ashore
Scattering about seashells
It always makes me want more

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Mother Earth, The Powerful 2K11

      Powerful Mother Earth collects her due;  
Both beast's and mankind's earthly flesh alike.  
   Requiring respect! What man lied claims to;  
          Repossessed via her mighty strike.

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Autumn Daunting Goes

Who waves the flaming brand? I really think I know.
Arrayed with fiery arms, He puts on quite a show.
The artist of autumn, in a dazzling display
Of sweet gums, and red maples—takes our breath away.

Summer fades to fall, trees give up their green,
Transformed by master design, red, yellow, serene.
Peacocks fluff their feathers; mocking birds busily sing,
Formidable autumn is a daunting thing.

Chlorophyll gives way to radient carotene hues,
Bright with fall wardrobe, wearing color clues.
Clap your hands O beauty, sing into the wind.
Share boundless blessings, blushed in scarlet blend.
Heaven shouts approval; people show amaze,
At your brilliant garments, displaying coats ablaze.
Leaves parade golden in fall’s nippy breeze.
We are highly joyful—God does things like these!

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Two Predators

A world within a world
Beneath the deep blue sea,
Diverse ecosystems.
God organized a mystery.

An ocean of stored water,
Recycles through the air.
Worlds apart, together,
Thriving without a care.

Rain to drop upon the earth,
As man and fish survive.
Evaporates, falls fresh again.
All glad to be alive.

Amid the food chain life goes on.
Automatically –
The natural world where life did spawn,
Continues genetically.

Eons passed, extinctions came.
Mankind thrived, explored.
Face to face, though not the same.
Two predators watch…in accord.

© May 25, 2011

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Golden Rods Of Light

Long slender fingers golden rods of light Reach for flowering foliage thirsting in His sight Nature provides the nurture A constant supply of balance upon dawns newly designed future Her fingers playfully hop across crested aqua waves Toward apricot sands that reside along our shores unscathed Trumpet vines cling to a stony ledge Gracing the walls of a sandy path that leads to the water's edge Carole Cookie Arnold

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Silver slippered moonlight  glides over the glade
Kisses the birches as they shine
Tastes  the stream ripples rayed
And drinks deep  the shallow  sea’s brine.

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Song To Mother Earth

Mother Earth spinning on your centre
while revolving around Father Sun
making day and night on your surface
and the different seasons every one  

Your flesh provides the vital substance
on which trees, plants and grasses feed
and become food for birds and animals
who partake of them as they need

Some of those birds and animals 
feed others higher in the food chain
and become part of the eco cycle
which continues full circle again

All living things decay when they die
and return to you dearest mother 
to become substance that feeds plant life
and start off a new eco chapter 

Rain and snow from the sky bring water
that feeds the lakes, seas and rivers
which have a food chain of their own
among all their different creatures

Water from the sea becomes vapour
and rises as a cloud formation 
which precipitates as rain and snow
and water after condensation

Sun and Earth combine in harmony
doing so since before our birth
Thank you for feeding all living things
Our dearest blessed Mother Earth

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The Sky's Wink

Shades of yellow
Colors of pink 
Hues of purple
The sky's wink

Warmth on my skin
Sparkle in my eyes
My pigments singing
As the sky smiles wide

The sky gives a wink
And smiles miles wide
As time goes by it will sink
But first let the sun rise

March 2010

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Falling of the Edge of the World

I travelled into my thoughts
To somewhere I've never been
The horrors that awaited me
Took me to our human extreme

I cried when I looked through
The windows of our past
And marvelled at what she gave us
I was left in total aghast

In the year two thousand and six
Seven hundred and eighty four
That graced the lands we borrow
Were shown the extinction door

The Tasmanian Devil never nasty
To the Wolves that roamed Alba's land
The Dodo so strange a bird
Were in natures future plans

Twenty eleven now awaits us
Whilst us humans continually strive
Nine hundred and five is now the total
That will never be found alive

Us humans, before we go to sleep
Their falling of the edge of the world
But hey! we'll never change
We're ignorant, and incredibly absurd

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My Heart is in the Woods

There is a calmness that comes on its own,
When I rest underneath all these trees.
Perhaps it's because I feel quite at home
When pine needles speak in the breeze.

Or maybe the mother of nature
Loves those who were raised on her knees?
All that I know, is that there in the woods,
I feel quite at home. I feel free.

The quiet resonates within me;
It seems to be deep in my bones,
For I am aware of the stirrings of life,
Though to others, these things are unknown.

The sigh of rainfall, hitting green leaves,
The chatter of squirrels on the ground,
Nature speaks out in so many ways,
With vibrant colors and sounds.

Birds singing on misty mornings,
Owls hooting woefully at night,
The forest is where my spirit dreams
Whether it's dark or light.

How deeply I yearn for the forest,
To once again hear the wind's song!
Someday, I will go back there again,
For it's there that my heart belongs.

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Silver Strands

The rain fell in silver strands Upon the lake its music made Accompanied by leaves and wind A winter symphony is played.........
for the Silver Strands contest

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Winter White

Winter White
I love the white of winter
As the snow lies on the trees
So clean and neat the landscape
But so cold the breeze.

Nothing’s ever perfect
I appreciate what’s best
It’s pretty when the snow falls
Don’t think about the rest.

I quickly grab my camera
To capture all I see
When come the snows of winter
I cannot let it be.

The white snow of winter
Covering all the ground
As far as I can see
That snow is all around.

I see patterns in the tire tracks
And ice upon the lake
What a pretty picture
All these things will make.

Children making snowballs
Throw them near and far
Looks like fun they’re having
Not at all bizarre.

Heavy coats they’re wearing
Just to keep them warm
Temperature is really down
After that big storm.

Yes, I love the white of winter
But can do without the cold.

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Dulcet melody - Itty bitty

 The rhythm of the rising sun
is a sweet song in the morn
And when that rhythm sets the sun
Luna's dulcet melody is born

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Metamorphosis of a Butterfly

Laid as an egg on a leaf by your mother
you patiently awaited Nature's magic spell
In a few days you became a caterpillar
then calmly chewed your way out of the shell

You feasted on the leaves as you grew each day
shedding your skin when it became too tight
Then attached yourself to a safe spot to stay
in a self-made cocoon to keep out of sight

Safe in the shelter of your silken enclosure
you matured to a fully developed pupa
Within which the body of the caterpillar
was transformed into a glorious winged creature

You split the enclosure when the time was right
and then crawled into the outside world slowly
Your wings expanded and they became bright
while the air exposure strengthened your body

At last you stood with opened gossamer wings
glistening with glorious colours of the rainbow 
Whose beauty brightens up the surroundings
and lifts the human spirit wherever you go

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Walking Gingerly in the Woods

Back in those early precocious days
I walked gingerly in the woods
Down in the south where I found out
Life’s beautiful, bad and good.

Out in the cypress and sycamores
Treading in the tall tall grass
Where wild deer ran in those lovely lands
And I grew up too fast.

Whippoorwills sang in the summer
Around dusk when the sun fell down 
And when the fireflies flew it was then I knew
God was hanging around.

Waiting on me in the sky and trees
And the snakes and the weeds and the worms;
In the Spanish moss and the way the wind tossed
The wild flowers and Maindenhair ferns.

On occasion I’d find Him sleeping 
In the acorn of the great oak trees;
And under some rocks where I once thought 
He was looking right back at me.   

Long ago in another land
I walked gingerly in the woods
Down in the south where I found out
Life’s beautiful, bad and good.	


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Night Calls

Of all that is nature, I admire…
the song of night is best.
The frogs and birds and insect writhe,
the breeze in trees undressed.

Do you hear the whistling train,
the sounds of far off laughter?
Can you cull the lullaby sung...
the peace that we’re all after?

The hoot of owl, the bark of dog
the crackle of a fireplace
The whirl of wheels on roadway
as homeward fathers race.

The creak of steps, the tone of clock,
the call of wild cats mating,
each tone rings loud upon the ear
of man, as sun’s abating.

So, I long, for the deep dark night,
when sounds are few and cautious,
when dreams flit by on fluttering eye
about our loved ones, oh so, precious.

Poet:D. Guzzi

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Nature is such a lady, always full of mystery Revealing over time her secrets to embrace At once both loving , then a stern master she Ours to wonder at each change of hidden face We can find her at the birth of spring And in the clouds that drift across the sky She grows the tree and blooms the rose And spreads her wings with birds that fly When the world is just to much for me to bear I go to walk with her beside the pounding sea She sings a forever song carried on the breeze And I find that she has always been a part of me

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Orangy Pink Lava Flow

Undulations on the horizon
Leave a most beautiful sight
As their outline becomes clear
Whilst the sundowns at night

Above these darkened ancient
Are different colours of cloud
Their beauty quietly shows
For to me they shout out loud

As the suns about to sleep
I see an orangey pink lava flow
Cascading across the dark
Momentarily a beautiful show

Then suddenly in the blink of an eye
What's seen is now gone forever
For the memory will always live on
When I die, what I've seen, is treasured

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Nature's Lesson For Parents

I watched a hatching baby chick
struggling to break free from its shell
that was its home for many days
but now was time to say farewell

Mom had pecked into the shell
a tiny hole to start the process
She did her part dutifully
Now the chick must do the rest

I felt sorry for the struggling chick
and could almost feel the pain
I wanted to break off the shell
thinking it would ease the strain

Then I remembered someone said
The chick must struggle on its own 
to start its heart and lungs working
for it to become fully grown

I stood and watched as a miracle
unfolded right in front of me
All by itself the chick broke out
and stood there so cute and furry

There is a lesson here for parents
who are raising a family
Be protective of your children
but do not do it overly

*I actually witnessed this event.
I wrote this after reading Evrod Samuel's

john beharry, Any poem/Any form - for new poets of soup, 12/1/2013

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Where The Wind Blows

You shelter me from the Autumn sunlight You’re a mighty oak of tranquility Peacefulness expounds from your colored leaves The feel of Autumn is seen tenderly Through this awesome oak I hold my head high Where the wind blows your leaves move on along Supremacy runs through its hardened veins Where the wind blows nothing seems to be wrong Within the air are red and orange leaves Enhanced colors bring pleasurable days The sky is in a mauve great expression Lending right to the breeze a lovely haze The air moves across the oak tree swaying Seeming to just play with the sky above This breeze enlightens from where the wind blows The wind gives the tree an almighty shove In bewilderment I watch the leaves move Right along across the yard before me They tumble on top of one another It is where the wind blows that makes me free
Russell Sivey Contest: Where The Wind Blows Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 5/16/2013

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Everyday Magic

The sun breaking dawn in the morning,
That invisible stream called the breeze,
The blazing burnt sunset at nighttime,
What magical mysteries are these!

Even the pulse in the city:
With ornate neon signs all aglow,
Is a castle in the eyes of a child,
Filled with wonders only they could know.

Strange to think that there's everyday magic;
Quite unlike what we read in our books,
But the world is filled with such wonders
So long as we know where to look.

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In autumn, our love for this farm began, years ago.  
We pulled it out of the ground, and kept steady
And watched the kids and corn and apples grow -
Watched them ripen and become ready.

Such love overflowed our hearts with passion.
Now comfortable, mellow, fruitful, it yields
Cosy warmth as we watch the profusion
Of a job well done from satisfying fields.

Everywhere there is ripeness to the core:
Warm pies with swelled, plump apples from each bough  
Now loaded with golden, yellow blessings, turning more
And more into a falling sunset of leaves covering  the plough. 

Gathering birds listen in the fruit-filled orchards steeped 
In the whispers of the winnowing wind’s crisp air  - passed
Quietly over  the  corn stubble full-reaped  -
That the time to fly is approaching at last.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Kaleidoscope (Quatrain) Midsummer fragrant blooms, pink lavender with a color twist. Russian princess red ruby dreams, gray shadows in the morning mist. Greenhouse delicate flower balance, springtime bluebells graceful alive, black magic green elephant ears Autumn wondrous hues thrive. Attractive butterflies graceful in flight shades of orange and lemon yellow, early dawn sun bright golden light wild multi colored sparkling meadow. With lilacs glisten in the moonlight like the early snow covered mountains beneath the azure drifting clouds above the Roman garden limestone fountains. Handsome fern leaf bleeding hearts, pastel shaded fragment flowers rich foliage white and blue bonnet spring precious silver rain showers. Erich J.Goller Copyright 6.21.2007

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The tree stood stark and lonely,
All naked in the cold.
Her branches bare, her lovely leaves,
The breath of Winter stole.

In spite of all she stood yet proud,
Her branches raised to Heaven,
A silent prayer in her heart,
For Winter's sleep to lessen,

The pain she felt amid the cold,
The biting wind so cruel,
And please let not some human come,
And use her wood for fuel.

Then the winter queen looked down,
On Tree with sympathy,
And gave to her a lovely gown,
Of snow in symmetry.

Now the tree stands all adorned,
In glowing winter grandeur,
And all who see her stand in awe,
Of Tree in Winter's splendor.

Thanks to Phyllis Babcock for her poem "TREE" which inspired this one.

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Autumn's Magic

On a day filled with autumn sunshine With colours so vividly displayed Painting a rich picture in texture and colour Stately pines, towering cliffs, a palisade Mother Nature's proudest achievements Unmatched by any of man's canvas Colours so rich, with so varied a palette A picture of serenity so infectious Absolute beauty that lasts only a short while But returns same time every year This ravishing beauty, nature's crowning glory The sight can bring one to tears People have called it autumn's magic That time of the year when we gasp At the vistas of our glorious surroundings I will revel in it's splendour to the last © Jack Ellison 2013

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Iridescent gossamer Dragonfly
Sparkles vividly in a haze of sunlight
Reflecting lucent pools and streams
Dining on frog spider and termite

Colorful transformations glittering
Decisively emerging in lakes or marshes
Zealously protecting her territory
Equilibrium balancing harshness

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Autumn Days

Autumn days have now arrived
our summer slipped away
Red and yellow hues proclaim
the change is underway

Soon the leaves will start to fall
the trees will go to sleep
Temperatures will start to drop
and fire wood we’ll  keep

All of nature hurries now
There’s no time for delay
Soon the winter winds will blow
and snow will fall for days

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Renew on the Serengeti

The rains in fall on the Serengeti lands
It's impending approach is in natures plans
From barren to lush bringing droplets of pure
Seasonal they are, but will it remain her renewing cure

For we treat her lands so bad, so mean we don't console
Will we ever understand to our neglect that we extol
There will be a day, when these vast expanses turn to dust
And humans and their wants, will turn their iron into rust

We have to take a stand, before it's all to late
And sit around the mediating table before we reach hell's gate
Decisions for the good to be made for our futures kin
As the heads of State's shake hands, from this room within

Inspired by Wilma Neels poem "Renewal" ty.

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```` `` `````` Captivating my senses, a floral banquet robed in gold- orange pinafores with curls, their faces upturned to greet new sunset trays of daffodils rouse fields in fragile twirls Untold splendor blushes of dainty youth luring me to pluck scented ruffles in a dish, but oh, daffodils in a dance whisper the truth "we're born free"; I bow and make a wish!

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Forsake me not, for I would pine 
and waste, like tendrils on the vine 
that shrivel when the rains abscond 
and nullify our special bond. 

For Eglantine shall flourish not 
when kept in shade, stilled in the pod, 
nor will our love, without the spark 
of nature, and the love of God. 

Remain here, nestled in my care, 
and feel the measure of His power, 
with nourishment for heart and soul, 
as the elements sustain the flower. 

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Spring Showers

Falling rain, as gentle as a mother's touch On field and flower, the path and pond Drops glistening in first morning light Spilling over the far hills and beyond Showers erase the last of winter's rust Barren ground shows a hint of greening Meandering, delight in this renewing For the troubled heart, new meaning

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A Nature Walk

Stop for a moment, to only admire The wondrous, warm world, where I do reside; These gigantic trees do serve to inspire, Notice the beauty, with nothing to hide. The golden orb shines through neon-clear leaves, From the canopy falls a single drop Of dew that is unstirred by any breeze, landing on my palm with a tiny 'plop'. Next is the meadow, so spacious and fair, Filled with daffodils, and fat buzzing bees. This fantastic scene, tends Nature with care, Yet Home must I go, now back to the trees, For with this family, I must be sure, Found at Home to make a nice, hot breakfast, Since my love for them, is ever so pure, So I bid farewell, as I'm Home at last.

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A Sailor's Tale

I sail across the open sea,
Moonlight kissing my skin,
The rushing waves inviting me,
My voyage finally begins

The air is cool upon my face,
The night is dark as coal,
My sails are flowing at a fast pace,
Sounds of the ocean comfort my soul

Upon the water lays the moon's silhouette, 
A beautiful sight before my eyes,
This memory tonight, I shall never forget,
Sail the night until the sun shall arise

Crashing of waves to and fro,
Silence and solitude I embrace, 
The heart of the ocean I long to know,
Finding myself in this magical place

Wishing upon the nearest star,
Dreaming my dreams on this cool night,
The song of the ocean I hear from afar,
Sailing in darkness until day's coming light

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Winter Forests in Oklahoma (without snow)

The night turns to day, it is oh so cold;
The moon is bright and crisp, the sun honey gold;
The forests are brown and leafless, there seems to be no life;
The silent peace within it, no ruckus and no strife.

I love the winter forests, no longer wet and green;
Everything within it, hibernating;
Every once in a while, a small creature will stir;
Sending golden colors up, a flurry and a whir.

Note from Author: 
This is a tribute to my Oklahoma home which I sometimes miss very much!

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Scarred Dusk

A wolf cries for the goddess of the night
in the distant hallows of sound,
yet reality's claws rips fantasy with fright
and dreams between its teeth, ground.

Still the dark of death has not yet settled
for dusk still bleeds,
the scarlet tears into lakes and rivers and seas mingled
like wrists slit to sign creeds.

Pain is not to last long
for time heals the slights
and mourning should turn to song,
but the days will die and so will lights.

Night approaches the threshold of time
and heaven's wounds are healing
in a show so sublime,
one notices not the danger's gleaming.

Finally the light gives up life.
The final breath slips out from it's husk.
Ominous and eerie, night's knife 
plunges into the heart of scarred dusk.

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Below Skies of Azure Blue

The setting was lovely and blissful, the company so divine
In a flowery meadow we sat, this girl soon to be mine
We talked and laughed and cried a little, under blue azure skies
Reflections so true, of two in love, looking into each others eyes

So many things we discussed, about our today and tomorrows
Ahead in life are trials we'll face, being elation and heartfelt sorrows
The one thing that absorbs us two, is the wanting to extend our hearts
Children so very much wanted, will cement our future start

Our moment warrants distraction, hush! as we listen to the sounds around
Nature resonates in abundance, in her beautiful tranquil grounds
The symphony of insects and birds, our choir on this day
Colours that curtain our presence, in graceful rainbow display

We lie looking at the sky, and the freedom of the birds
Who glide and soar their thermals of life, their liberty never earned
Whilst we lie in this flowery meadow, two souls so free to roam
Freedom is granted to us, on this planet that we call home

For the rest of the day we embraced, in silence and loving bliss
Sharing kisses and moments of touch, with no other I would wish
When the time came to leave, over our shoulders we looked around
For this was the day that our future started, amidst natures beautiful ground

It's many years later now, and our children are as free as can be
We all should live this way, and raise them in liberty

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Butterflies Are Free

Is there any creature prettier
Than a butterfly fluttering by
A creature of the utmost beauty
Like a rainbow high in the sky

Varied paths on wings of colour
A conspicuous fluttering flight
Darting forth from flower to flower
A delightful peaceful sight

Dancing amongst the blossoms
Drawn by the sweet smelling nectar
Preserving nature's eternal scheme 
This fanciful pollen collector

Is there any creature prettier
Than a butterfly fluttering by
A vision of pure artistry
These delicate wings on high

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Cry Of The Whippoorwill

The mist seems to be covering the cool water this morning
Just like my grandmother's quilt lying across her feather bed
The sun is breaking dawn, on the horizon brightly shining
As I hear the last cry of a whippoorwill and wonder what it said

The nighttime creatures have found their place for sleeping
In their burrows and on highest branches, some now are perching
The daytime comes alive with the sounds of all of those
Who simply prefer life in sunshine I suppose

The faint light of the stars turns into sunrise golden hue
Then the sky above goes from darkness to pale blue
The mist disappears as though it had never been
Perhaps just being absorbed back to where last night it began

The trees gently wave as if to say hello to a new day
White clouds roll across the sky in an entertaining way
Making pictures as they go for all who take the time to see
What to make of each is up to you and me

Now the sun starts sinking as the breeze begins to still
I can see the moon peeking over the far distant hill
I once again hear the lonely cry of a single whippoorwill
The mist re-appears and with stars the night sky does fill

©Donna Jones

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Beneath the starry heavens, myself I found 
Looking up to the awe-inspiring sky
My contemplative mind, questions asked many           
That my reason, unable was to reply! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  11 OCTOBER 2014      

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In paradise

In Paradise

She sits within a paradise
Near fruits of orange hue
Upon a book, so gaze her eyes
Beneath the sky so blue

The birds in wonderful delight
Sing in this morning hour
Beneath the sun so softly bright
She feels life’s gentle power

Then her eyes they softly close
Her mind goes very still
This lady [ such a precious rose]
Such wonder she does feel

The birds, the flowers all around
Become a misty haze
Another paradise she’s found
Which her, it does amaze.

She feels a presence everywhere
Her heart begins to sing
As she bathes within a joy so rare
That only God can bring.

15 July 2014 @ 1020hrs.

    For Isaiah's contest 'A poem in Paradise'

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He steals across the courtyard, 
the ardent lover anxious to surprise, 
edging ever forward, 
with fiery consummation as his prize. 

His blushes blossom bright and hot, 
as he lays forth his course and his intent, 
ever nearer to the trellises, 
the shadows shrink, now no impediment. 

At his zenith he is seen by all, 
our blessed sphere in full display, 
inviting those who would to stand in awe, 
to pray, and then go safely on their way. 

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The countryside in winter,
Has a wondrous rustic charm.
Everything so picturesque,
The woods, the fields and farms.

The land is blanketed in snow,
The trees in garlands, white,
That sparkle just like diamonds,
Beneath the bright moonlight.

The brook that babbles gaily,
Through the wood beneath the trees,
Is icey now but babbles yet,
And shimmers 'gainst the freeze.

All is quiet save the brook,
Through Winter's icey chill,
Until the warmth of Spring returns,
To bring the song bird's trill.

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All Natural

<                                   earth ~ third planet from sun
                                     liquid and iron ~ cores
                                     continents  ~  islands  ~  pun
                                     arctic  icing  ~  drips pores

                                    wind  ~  natures own fury
                                    flow gasses ~ bulk movements
                                    storm ~ hurricane ~ jury
                                    place in pocketbook ~ dent

                                    fire ~ oxidation
                                    combustion ~ releasing 
                                    heat ~ light ~ good ~ tar nations
                                    pollution ~ choking ~  thing

                                    water ~ called H2O
                                    oxygen ~ hydrogen
                                    evaporation ~ goes
                                    will exceed supply ~ when ?

                                   earth ~ wind ~ fire ~ water
                                   Nature's elements   ~ sure 

Entry For
Barbara Gorelick's
The Four Elements Contest
G.L. All

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Where do you go

The night sky calls, invites me home.
The moon and stars shine all alone.
The moon is full and starts to glow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The stars seem like diamonds in the sky.
They have no wings yet they do fly.
Their brilliance just continues to grow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The sun returns and shines so bright,
Providing light to chase away the night.
The rhythms of life still persist and flow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The air gets hot as the day lingers,
I watch as life slips through my fingers.
There’s something more I wish to know,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The sun kisses the horizon as it sets,
What you want may not be what you get.
A cool evening breeze begins to blow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The cycle is complete as it gets dark,
I look for a place to make my mark.
The stars and moon begin to show,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

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One More Day

As the days grow shorter I feel discontent,
I look at summer and wonder where it went.
I remember in the recent past when days were long,
Only to realize the summer is  now gone.

I still enjoy autumn with its chill in the air,
The skies are still blue and the weather quite fair.
Soon so many colors will be displayed in the trees,
I’m not quite ready for the impending winters freeze.

As I get older I see time does fly,
 I watch as the trees start to die.
 They explode in color in one last stance,
Seeming to invite me for one last dance.

Another summer’s gone the air start to chill,
I view all the beauty from on top of this hill.
I watch and listen but it all seems strange,
Summer becomes autumn Is this new change.

I remember this summer with days that don’t end,
All that I’ve met become those I befriend.
I’m not really sad but wish for more time,
But I can’t help but see the clock just unwind.

The world keeps spinning as this season shall come.
Still time is left for me to stand in the sun.
I’m thankful to greet just one more day,
I still hoped that summer wouldn’t be on its way.

As the chill grows I will wrap my coat around you. 
Together we shall cherish all we’ve been through.
I remember hope and how it helps me survive,
I want this one day and feel so alive.

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Whilst the Palms Sway

The palm lined beach of greens and browns
Foliage so lush in carpeted gown
Golden sands gently brush with the tides
Elements of two in caressing collide

Virgin white breakers hush their way in
Over aqua's and jade's, translucent ocean skins
Whilst cotton wool clouds overhead slide
Birds of many on the thermals they glide

Periodically dark shapes enter the scene
Rays of all sorts swim in tranquil serene
Out in the distance through the surface they dive
Terns and gannets in feed frenzy they strive

Whilst the palms sway on this island, this gem
This paradise lives and grows around them
Oh how I wish to witness this place
Maybe one day in the future I'll grace

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This Land is my Land

On the sea breezed side of the mountains in my share of the Land of the Free, you will find me midst beautiful flowers beneath a grand evergreen tree. In winter- time it seldom freezes, and our summers are cooled by the sea. With soil that is richer than Midas, it’s the life of a farmer for me. The wonders of nature surrounding are abundant and varied and wild. We’re shaken now and then by an earthquake. So far they’ve been modest and mild. In the past our rivers have rampaged, bringing riches from out of the sea. We’ve tamed them with dikes and taught them more hospitable neighbors to be. The orcas swim up to the shoreline and then go right back to the deep. That I live in northwest Washington State, is no longer my secret to keep. By: Joyce Johnson

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Like a furious woman,
Brooding and fierce in passing,
Before her people scurry
For shelter from her lashing.

Whipping trees unmercifully,
Beating the green tops around,
Howling with anger and savagery,
Then suddenly all calms down.

Crashing the sea waves higher,
Sometimes not making a sound,
Giving new life to a fire,
Stirring the dust on the ground.

Soft as a baby's faint whisper,
She ruffles a young blade of grass;
Then fierce as the wildest twister
She knocks down walls and breaks glass.

She can be both crushing and helpful,
Fulfilling the needs of the land.
Providing power for the people,
Obeying Nature's commands.

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The seasons of life

It has sure been a long cold winter,
Like wood in the cold my thoughts splinter.
The cold wind blows so I turn around,
Snow appears like a blanket on the ground.

Everything is gray, no leaves in the trees,
It seems the cold has brought life to its knees.
Ice clings to branches instead of leaves,
Everyone is clad in coats and long sleeves.

Suddenly the sun shines, the ices melt.
The warmth of the sun can surely be felt.
Green sprouts freely from the ground,
I hear the birds sing a joyous sound.

Spring’s in my heart, life is reborn.
Cold winds replaced by a breeze that is warm.
Flowers start to grow as colors return,
Rivers rise up with a foam they do churn.

Summer arrive and everything grows,
Colors explode as the sun glows.
It gets hot so I sit in the shade,
Trees provide a canopy, leaves they made.

The days are so long, filled with light.
Fireflies dance in the warm summer night.
Fish jump up to catch bugs on the pond,
My imagination grows and moves beyond.

Soon the winds chill, Autumn’s in the air,
The sky is so blue the weather still fair.
Leaves change colors, like a picture in a book,
They start slowly and become everywhere you look.

The wind gets colder the leaves fall to the ground.
Caught in a breeze they make a rustling sound.
They seem to blow and get tossed around,
Look up in the trees, none can be found.

The cycle of life repeats once again,
New life arises from the ashes of the end.
Abundance in spring, fall shall deplete,
Living then dying the cycle’s complete.

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It's There We Fare To Die

The dead red barn and dark dead shed, 
Betwixed and between we fare to die-- 
The broken windmill fills the fallow hill. 

In the never-ending wend of wind 
The salt-spray frays once-baited nets  -
We thus discuss the rough of sea 

Against men's centered strength of will-- 
This spill of will predictive still 
When man must conquer monster tourqoise blue, 

Wed by tempests true--to the red dead barn, 
The dead dark shed and fallow hill; 
Betwixed and between--it's there we fare to die. 

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The Synathroesmic Cow

Kooky cow,short- horned with humped back from east,
Thick white furs spotted like the jungle beast,
Your long brownish-black tail drives off the flies,
Thanks! O` egret for picking off  its lice.

Slow chewing of cuds deep into the night,
Legs shaking, teeth grinding a normal  rite,
Grass cutting diastema with mucus nose,
dripping down slowly to add to this  dose.

All-day your body moves  rickety  way,
Sluggishly lying down  like potter`s clay,
Milk oozing from a brown nipple big breast,
Rancid and congealed on the skin like crest.

CONTEST:"The Synathroesmic Cat" sponsored by Suzanne Delaney

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A Verse for the Seasons


The alluring season called Spring
Will be upon us very soon
Buds anew will prosper
As we await their impending blooms


As we await their impending blooms
Amidst the canopied veins of greens
Summer is the month of rainbow colours
So radiant in their extreme


So radiant in their extreme
Are the colours of Autumns cry
It saddens one to see them fade
Drifting to their eventual lie


Drifting to their eventual lie
Winters patterns display with grace
Splendid scenes that nature shares
Makes this world a better place

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Admiring a Full Moon - Trochee

A full moon, she paraded amongst subdued stars A bright sun swooned then faded admiring afar How the sun's love grew brighter His moon boldly smiled Hanging full, she grew wider her shape had beguiled

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Handle With Care

Our Earth,
A truly magnificent place,
Just a small oasis,
In the vast emptiness of space.

Our Earth,
Home to many wonders,
Slowly being destroyed,
By man’s silly blunders.

We use, abuse and pollute,
But too many still fail to see,
That our home is being changed,
And is not what it used to be.

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Forecasting Rainbows

The weatherman is predicting rainbows As this early autumn storm passes by A few more weeks to enjoy the warmth Before southward the geese start to fly... I savor his words this fall evening As I watch the pink clouds in the sky The world could use a bit of soft color Knowing soon the last faded rose will die....

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Winter's Blanket

All night long the snow was falling
Day revealed a blanket white
Snow still floated from the heavens
Making such a pretty sight

Trees are weighed with heavy burdens
Fences topped with pointed hats
In the yard a complex pattern
Where the snow went through the slats

Quail are hopping by the window
Making little trails of tracks
Deer are stripping down the bushes
Shaking snowflakes off their backs

Though the day is white and cloudy
Still the snowflakes seem to speak
Saying, "Look at winter's blanket
It is perfect and unique."

I can't wait to make some snowballs
See the snowflakes flying by
And to feel the snowflakes stinging 
As I look into the sky

So I'll make myself a fire
And I'll heat myself some tea
Then I'll build a giant snowman
For the neighbor folks to see

When I get all wet and snowy
And my fingers get too cold
Then I'll make the biggest cookies
That my stove could ever hold

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Fishing at Dusk

I cast out my line, not caring if I catch anything or not The sun is setting and the river sings its sweet song Fish ducks fly low over the water, saluting the dusk This is my place, the place I know I belong... A steelhead jumps at the head of the riffle Teasing me as he rises to grab the fly I acknowledge his place in life's scheme To him life's worries surely do not apply... A tug on my line brings me back again I set the hook and my heart skips a beat He jumps one or twice and spits the fly No matter, this lovely day is complete..

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It was on a Sunday morning in the village where I stay
Out walking with my dog, I heard some pensioners say
Did you hear about the earthquake, it was somewhere in our State
No magnitude has ever been like it, it's impossible to relate

Quickly I headed home, to view this terrible news
Upon turning on the TV, I'm in horror at what my eyes now view
The awesome Golden Gate Bridge, against an azure bluey day
Lies broken, distorted and twisted, as if it's foundations had given way

The camera now focuses on the mainland, capturing plumes of choking black
Freeways lie twisted and contorted, trains running from their tracks
Gas lines spew throwers of flames, sirens resonate in blaring sound
What was level hours before, have dropped from it's original grounds

Many reporters are now on the scene, as they pan out across the blue
From the helicopter of CNN, Alcatraz disappears from their view
Slowly the island it sat on, as if by magic, now it has gone
Words are heard through the speakers, what the hells gone wrong

The daylight turns to black, a city lies in shreds
Memories of 1906, when three thousand plus were dead
All through the night, tremors came and went
Has history repeated itself, the San Andreas Serpent

I am awoken in the morning, having left the TV on
Panic stricken reporters screaming, most of San Francisco's gone
Where once stood a city, lie pillars of battered ruins
Deep gorges surround them, in bloodied scattered strewn

There's a break in the programme, it's from Yellowstone National Park
The land is starting to rise, incredible is the remark
Geysers that once flowed often, have receded in their shower
Are we about to witness, another of her powers

Back to the CNN studios, more footage of the morning
Towering inferno's in sickened tears, the clock, the warning
I fall to my knees in remembrance of the date
It's December the 21st, has earth met it's fate

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Why Red Roses Flow

Every year she returns to the scene
This place in question where life has been mean
On muddy banks down by the waterline
Alone in her tomorrow's, solitary resigned

Having already lost her husband in his freedom fight
No mother should enter this fateful night
Her baby, her son, that a mother sees to grow
Wandered from her safety to that fast water flow

All innocent and fearless little steps slowly walk
In playful surrounds just barely in talk
Noises up ahead attract this mind to peek see
So curious they are when they get a chance to break free

Down an unclimbable bank he faces his lure
Once a slow flowing stream soon to take natures pure
Yesterdays storms allowed the heavens to cry
Whilst his mother kneels down and still asks herself why

In her hand she clasps a bunch of Roses so red
Tears fill her eyes knowing her tomorrow's lie dread
Once again she looks back, facing a mothers fear
A last glimpse of the flow, feeling her lost sons tears

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Dawn inspires with her captivating blend
of watercolor hues,
the wisps of fog, the apple crisp air,
the electric charge of the new.

See how she bleeds through the trees
and crests the mountains high
laying her grace, all over the face of 
of earth* bound creatures eyes.

Dawn reforms the listless born
and clinks the glass of time,
raising a toast to night who boasts
of jeweled skies in summer time.

See how she weaves with each breeze
the threads of weary fate,
tending her loom from birth to tomb
a fate which none escape.

Dawn breaks each breath that we take
with beauty so sublime
no hour* can resist her kiss,
her never-ending climb.

See now, Aurora’s diadem slips
see her prismatic shine,
bow to her royal Highness 
welcome morning’s time.

TIP: Use as much fresh UNPROCESSED product as possible
       the packagingis filling the dumps & BACK TO cloth diapers!

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The Sun

A bright, blinding disc,
Impossible to miss. 
Only during the day, 
When kids are out to play. 

It radiates warmth and love, 
Shining with brilliance from above. 
Children squeal and dogs bark, 
All in the beauty of the park. 

Without the sun life would've been a dream, 
Instead we have cool, purified streams. 
Some of which came from water in the drain, 
Which evaporated and came down as rain!  

The sun is our companion and our friend, 
Who will be with us till the very end. 
Without it we have no life, no fun, 
So spend lots of time with our friend the sun! 

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Leaves That Are Green

A young bud sprouts from its parent plant
and blossoms to a lovely rose before long
With time, its beauty fades and it dries up
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

A young sapling takes root and flourishes
Soon a mighty oak stands firm on the ground
With time, it decays to a dried up old tree
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

A baby bird sitting helplessly in its nest
grows into a majestic eagle strong
With time, its glory fades as it ages
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

A defenceless lion cub hidden in its lair
matures into the mightiest beast around
With time, he becomes a decrepit old male
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

A beautiful angelic darling baby girl
becomes a world beauty and wins the crown
With time, wrinkles and old age take their toll
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

Hello to a new life of hope and promise
Goodbye to a life that's now going down
Time marches on irreversibly 
and the leaves that are green turn to brown

All life starts off fresh and beautiful, matures, decays and then passes away in an unavoidable cycle as Time marches on irreversibly.

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My Promise

As rain drops never fails to touch the land
As waves never fails to overcome the sand
As birds never fails to reach highland
I'll never fail to love you till the end

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In the Frozen Air

The cold air reaches the frigid bottom Freezing the hillside completely on through There’s nothing that you can do to stop it So frozen the trees start to snap in two Ice forms on many trees that are intact So cold the trees look so poor and distraught Landscape is so littered with snowy trees They look as if they’re frozen a whole lot There’s risk that they could fall at any time On a hillside that sure isn’t good news An avalanche could form from its falling Rolling down into town and right on through It’s so cold there’s a chance this could happen Trees have fallen with little more than this I would take heed and go around this hill And wait until this cold snap surely lifts
Russell Sivey

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Drifting With The Current

the green river tumbles between step canyon walls
rock faces  broken with time's relentless stride
softened with muted colors and small pockets of life
nature  finding purchase that will not be denied

today it is my heart's desire to drift forever on the river
to be at one with the canyon and the solitude I find
carried by the current and lulled to peaceful ease
A time of peace for a tired and restless mind.......

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Mississippi River

Her strong and mighty currents flow
From Ohio Valley
South to the Gulf of Mexico
Alligator Alley

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Crackling Bolt

The sky has darkened, something is coming Dread has entered my fearful listless heart Beyond the horizon darkness has filled Terror has become me, just every part Feelings of delight can’t enter my soul The effects of the darkness seeps in me Then it happens, lightning strikes all around Seeming like many dozens strike deadly The yellow/gold lightening are mixed with red Then thunder like you’ve never heard before Comes bursting through your body thoroughly The thunder seems to know, just what’s the score Suffering the blast, the deafening sound My eyes glare with red fire pasted within No matter how often I blink it’s there Image of crackling bolt of broken sin A falter within its crushing bright blows Also sounds that kills just as its own right Power of the lightning, could it be saved As prince of the fire, exposer of night Could its power be infused with darkness May the infinite grace of the lightning Create hope for people instead of fear Until then, this storm will be frightening
Russell Sivey

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For No One But Me

For no one but me.

Autumn leaves fall from a tree,
Ordinary people never inquired,
But, from my view I do see,
And instantly I'm inspired.

For no one but me.

Roses seem to bloom out,
Only when I am around,
There is absolutely no doubt,
Poetry is a talent I've found.

For no one but me.

Snowflakes twinkle as they fall,
They're gently blown over and under,
Most people don't care at all,
I watch them with awe and wonder.

For no one but me.

The moon shines at it's brightest,
Only when I draw near,
I don't mind in the slightest,
Because poetry calms my fear.

For no one but me.

I see this world in a different light,
When it shows it's beauty to me,
I sit with paper and pen to write,
Of the shimmering deep blue sea.

For no one but me.

Instead of using canvas and paint,
I describe color with black and white,
And I wait until daylight grows faint,
As stars draw me toward endless night.

For no one but me.

Because I am a poet,
What I am able to see,
Only another would know it,
This is what I'm meant to be.

For no one but me.

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Estephania was the Spanish horse,
with a chestnut coat and mane   
and a lighter long tail...and she ate
alfalfa for strong teeth and bones.

She was domesticated, losing her liberty
and neighing she showed keen ability:
to spot dangers on a perilous path...
Estefania even stopped for a stranded cat.

In summertime she fed mostly on grass,
but bees stung her many times to protest,
and struggling to get them off her tail...
she hit a shrilling raven in the head.

And feeling sorry for the dying bird wincing, 
Estefania licked his semi-open
him a little comfort as he folded his wings;
and whinnying she wept a river of tears.

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Pregnant and overdressed
Lazily dozing o’er the riverbank pond
Autumn trees, fat with  leaves caressed
By the frost , every frond

Ready to be borne out of sight
By the river’s  waves  aglow
Like Roman shields burnished bright
Facing their vanquished Sabine foe

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . 
Sabines were a people living near ancient Rome, and the Sabine women 
were kidnapped en masse by Roman soldiers, to increase the  population of Rome.

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Kiss the Rain

After I woke up this morning, I saw I walked whilst the rain poured down on my head I for sure loved running within each drop I kiss the rain, blessings I held instead The rain flowed down on my body, around Blending with my being all that I am I hold the rain in the palm of my hand There’s so much rain, I do love her, madam She leaves such an imprint onto my hand A feminine form bolstered onto me Signaling a born love of the warm rain Something that I have always loved completely I kiss the rain, as if I’ll never see… Like I’ll never see rain ever again Holding the lovely droplets near my heart It’s the best feeling that has ever been
Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Kiss The Rain" contest 2/22/2013

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Light in Darkness

I lost myself in dense darkness Leading into a quagmire-like place My mind do have shrewdness But this time it's not the case Only fools lead owns self astray In the place of no light Where it's senseless to take flight Place's price you need to pay There is a place of light But why go to the night It shows we are foolish We make our own life hellish Indeed, most of the time we are idiotic But need not to be frantic Because by God light was created So that in darkness we can be guided

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Earths Fullness

Earths Fullness (Quatrain) The earth with all the fullness With many things both great and small A creation with symphonic splendor In a world big enough for one and all. With birds and trees and the breath of spring The silent stars and the heavenly blue And with the blessed sunlight and rain Forever does all of earths life renew. The mystery of the romantic moonlight Wide open oceans from shore to shore The colorful beauty of the sun rise and set Tall snow covered mountains forever more. With precious forests all around the world And the natures different seasons delight Many fields to sow mankind’s daily bread Spring and autumn colors ever so bright. The beautiful cloud paintings in the sky The rainbows always very colorful sight And the guiding lights for day and night Earths fullness created with his blessed might. Erich J.Goller Copyright 11.10.2011

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Magic journey

"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination"
A Rambling Poet 

destiny takes me to a fine stallion,
a gift from my lad as he vowed,
she is the best steed in a million,
the most enchanting and proud.

We mount, hands entwined in rapture,
but after her first trot, most astonished,
as a movement of undulating nature,
and a slow ascent is accomplished.

Our hearts brimming with elation, 
muted souls soar through the sky,
miles away from our imagination,
the diminishing earth below does lie.

like restless birds of spring days,
reluctant to retire,
the silhouette of feminine grace,
in awe, we admire.

The crystal blue lakes
tie strips of satin ribbons
On emerald spread 

From up above,
perils of earth evanescing,
from up above,
meandering through pristine clouds, 
we wander the skies breathtaking,
buoyant spirits ever rising,
from up above.

Quatrain Haiku Rondelet

Name: Sharon Well

Contest name: Three Gems

Date poem written: 07/29/11

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Verdant hues in teeming splendor,
lush meadows, rolling hills' array
arrest my gaze till I am breathless
at the wonders of the day.

Glow of evenings, glare of mornings
blazing with celestial sheen
dress the earth in radiant luster,
every beauteous shade of green!

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Rodento is a pal o' mine
he sits atop a tree,
an extra to the foliage,
a natural topiary.

I named him 'cos he looks so real,
a critter with a snout,
a wiry tail part of his trunk,
some whiskers, and a pout.

He greets me every morning 
when I take my cup of tea,
as I stroll out on the balcony
I swear he's watching me.

When gentle breezes shake the tree
the varmint darts and dances,
but what if stronger winds persist
pray then, what be his chances?

What if a hurricane blows through?
he might well disappear,
surrendered to the elements,
then I would shed a tear.

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The Rain

The echoes of thunder
ensue lightning strikes
The rain has been falling
for most of the night

The trees and the flowers
they feast with delight
The deluge is welcomed
they are dancing tonight

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Planet Earth

You are just a rock in orbit
Hovering 'round a summer sun
You are changing like the solstice
Like you have done since time begun

Your species are assorted
Some are from ole and some are young
A few have gone without notice
A few are gone their days are done

You are just a rock in orbit
On your axis looking to dock
You are destined to be ported
Somewhere to be more than a rock

And soon you will be forted
Protected by the building blocks
With which 'round the sun escorted
And you will never ever stop

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A Note Left Behind (to a Son)

I was born underwater with lungs oversized,
With gills immature in a world full of smog,
I'm filling petition to be cauterized,
And end other chapter in life’s fragile log.

I was born black and white with extremities gray,
The plaintiff accuses what I might hide,
It's nothing but SOUL constantly at play,
With spoonfuls of turquoise rolling down off life's slide...

Implosion of rainbows will probably be
The cause of my passing unknown and alone.
When thrown overboard and deep into sea
I'll finally return to my home long time gone...

I've moved in a place with no windowless chamber,
Where time has no meaning and waiting is painless,
If I had any hopes, I swear - don't remember...
And don't recognize him, his sorrow is senseless.

I have died underwater, reborn in blue nights,
Don't need oxygen to play with the whales.
Remember when watching those great Northern Lights
That Mother is smiling behind Nature’s veils.

for Constances contest "Mother"

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Abandoned Nest

Premature gosling, broken from the egg,
gasp for breath in primordial refuse.
Blindly search for your absent mother’s leg;
shiver until death’s caress sets you lose.

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Attempting Freedom

Free to be an owl-

Nightmarish clues at dawn-

The sunrise 'death distorting

A kind and lonely soul.

Free to kill for hunger

In moonlight's smiling poison.

The lasting dream re-occurring

A hummingbird in prison.

Free to be mysterious-

Lethal games with mice.

Repulsing limbs accusing

The need to throw the dice.

The blinds are shut forever,

Maternal instincts cry.

Free to kill the echo...

The bird will ever fly?

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Through My Window

Through My Window

Through my window
     I see spring flowers bloom
          Summer’s blazing sun
               Autumn's vivid plume.

I see white snows of winter
     Watch all the seasons change
          Wonder how this script was written
               And who directs this wondrous stage.

There outside my window
     The seasons go and come
          Life and death are witnessed
               Each does in turn succumb.

Somehow this play of life was written
     Only outlines of a show
          Scenes filled by our words and actions
               Those to come will know.

What will the story be?
     What act are they to follow?
          The script not yet all written
               Nor the ending of our show.

As I’m looking through my window
     And the many years that passed
          I can so enjoy the memories
               That thankful I was cast. 

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Eyes Gaze

When the sun cast pastel colors
On the far eastern horizon
Like kisses exchanged between lovers
Drawing me as the scent of spring
Lures the honeybee to come taste
Notebook, pen, dictionary bring
To porch, ears tuned, eyes gaze__no haste  

Sponsor: Carol Sunshine Brown
Contest: Who, What, Where
Form: Saraband(one tercet plus one quatrain)
Rhyme Scheme:A,X,A...B,C,B,C
The form not listed so put under Quatrain

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Flowers That Grow

Morning glory wanders, twining through trees.
Wildflowers invite curious insects around.
Roses blossom and fragrance the breeze,
“Where?”  I ask. “Can greater beauty be found?”

Digging in the garden, I feel right at home.
Praying for plants, each seed, my next muse.
Breathing in nature’s life giving loam. 
Dreaming about flowers, anticipating views.

A child planting corn rows with grandfather near.
He’d make the hole; I would drop three seeds there.
No wonder my passion is a garden so dear.
It is there I met love, grandfather watching with care.

Now that he is gone to heaven above,
I thank God for creation and flowers that grow.
When I work in the garden, I feel grandfather’s love.
Rejoicing in our Father whose wisdom does flow.

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I've felt the warmest and newest sunlight at sunrise,
and welcomed it gleefully with a thankful sigh
at an early hour when nobody seems too alive...
a cardinal with yellow feathers brought me a surprise!

That gorgeous bird was surrounded by butterflies
with colors brighter than wild flowers,
swirled around them, to acccompany them
to my silent doorstep and start his usual, daily hymn.

"Thank him with a grateful, happy heart,
look up and His image will appear among clouds;
and although nobody has ever seen Him but Christ...
believe that He'll reveal Himself to us!"

And who will be the chosen ones from every present race...
when this event will occur? Those who have kept the faith!
So pray and with your gratefulness ever alive, give praise!
That promise can be visualized by the multitudes that wait!   

"Thank Him with a grateful, happy heart,
take along those good friends who have separated themselves
from a worldliness, which kept them apart...
they run to greet Him in the traquil evening to exalt His kindness!" 

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Shadows in the Fog

In the middle of the dark, cloudy day The fog follows out into the grey mist The rolling fog goes around the sharp bend Showing itself to all within the midst Seen are the shadows deep inside the fog Just some dark spaces that disturb the grey No colors are revealed within the dark Just overwhelming presence, where it lays The pitfalls of the dark splotches throughout Leaves one to break into lots of despair Daylight fails to reach into cloudy depths The shadows in the fog bring disrepair
Russell Sivey

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Burning Desire

I’ve shivered in the colds of life
But never felt the snow
And many fires fueled the raging
Flames that ever grows
I’ve felt the hunger pains before
Though unaffected famine
The bads were bad, but could be worse
I’m driven by this passion
I’ve lived a life that’s almost full
A few more on my list
I’ve not experienced death before
But time can’t be dismissed
I used to think that planning all
Ensures success in all we know
And still a tear escapes the frame
Of one who’s yet to feel the snow

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The Gulf Oil Spill Tragedy

Nature consists of balances ever so delicate
Eco systems and life hanging on the edge
Man oversteps boundaries in his desire to develop it
Leaving death and destruction in the wake of his dredge.

From deep underneath waters supporting sea life
Oil is pumped to rigs riding on top of the waves
When used, the pollution enough causes much strife
When ruptured, disaster results requiring a save.

We watch from afar as waters turn black
Terns and fish washing up on the shore
A mistake from which we cannot turn back
Oil of destruction continues to pour.

We can curse executives of the big companies
We can find fault with the slow political aim
We can cry, “Where exactly were the contingencies?”
But by allowing it firstly we all are to blame.

The greatest tragedy in life is to experience the pain
But have the lessons learned from it lost
So from this event let’s hope man can gain
The wisdom to be more careful, no matter the cost.

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Splish Splash to Pash

To the summer blue they enter
Creating a lovely splash
Two in falling clench
Feelings relate to pash

Frolic's lead to cuddles
Amidst this pure of blue
Wetted lips in caress
Hearts touching oh so true

Exiting the water
In awe he looks at she
Her clothing hugging her shapes
As she slowly walks to me

What I see allures me
Investigative is my mind
My hands she takes intentively
Impressed in loving kind

Below a greened canopy shade
Two in slow undress
Naked torso's stand in wait
Soon to be addressed

Hands in liberty wander
Roaming undulations
Kissing leads to loving join
In sharing loves sensations

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A blue bird sings,
a raven calls,
how sweet the sound,
how strange the fall.

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In Dormant Lie, She Angers

The kettle drums of nature lie dormant as they came
The chirping of winged wonders amidst the pouring rains
Soon the dawn will sigh, whilst a new day appears
The power of mother nature, us all we humans fear

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What Inheritance ?

Like a granny dressed in a shawl
With flannel gown washed thin as lace
Were the clouds on this July morn_curtain call
To the human race by expression on face

Sad they were from seeing the human race
As humans are raping the land, sea, and plundering
Space, leaving exhaust all over the place
For future generations who inherit the blundering

Garbage mountains, oily seas, dead birds, filthy beach
With just a little thought and care from people 
This sphere could be renewed and saved __a peach
A peach of a place to leave preserved green ample

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The power of the Morning glory

The power of the Morning Glory

The morning glory reaches up
She tries to touch the sun
Her deep mauve flowers hide away
Until the days begun

When the sun it does shine bright
Those morning glory flowers
They open up to life again
Beneath the suns sweet power

Most look down on this lovely shrub
Because she grows too fast
As she takes over everything
And grows so very vast

Yet how she touches me with love
As she shows her strength to me
Oh, she with all her loveliness
Over powers the vastest tree

She proves to me that nature is
The highest kind of power
And dazzles me with the loveliness
Of each of her mauve flowers.

Quatrain 4 July 2014 @ 1322hrs.

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Carelessly I threw my
Left foot ahead, and then the right—
With my head up in the sky
And so was I, walking my height.

Little can an insect suspect
Its short life was hung in suspense—
And even less did I expect,
To save its life, I’d fall on my ends.

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The Next Best Thing to Heaven

This is the kind of life I want to lead; calm and apart from civilization. The rat race of the city I don’t need. I’ll take this rustic part of our nation. Let me travel the land on horseback. We can ford a cool, flowing mountain stream. This is the land I love called “The Outback”; the next best thing to heaven it would seem.

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In Defense Of The Rain

Some folks like to complain
And are very fickle
They fume when rain is falling
And fret at a mere drizzle

Wild birds and animals
They all need the rain
Which gives them water
For their lives to sustain

The plants and the trees
And all the lovely flowers
For them to grow and flourish
They also need the showers

The food crops that are grown
To provide food for us all
Each of them would perish
If the rain did not fall

So please think of these things
Before you start complaining
And creating a lot of fuss
The next time rain is falling

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Said to be the wisest,
Of all the birds around,
Because he is nocturnal,
And sits without a sound;

Enormous eyes see everything,
That goes on 'round about him.
When he takes flight his giant wings,
Expand to swiftly glide him,

So when he swoops upon his prey,
They scarce have time to see,
Silent death come swooping down,
And Owl claims his fee,

For being nightly sentinel,
And give his eerie cry,
Whenever those who stranger seem,
Happen to pass by.

He makes his home in wooded glade,
Or barn or in the fields.
He's comfy where his prey is close,
And where Nature still yields,

The kind of food and shelter,
Needed for his kind.
As Mankind's need for land still grows,
That becomes hard to find.

Some think that he has powers;
A magic bird is he,
Familiar with the spirits,
And occult things that be;

But Owlis a simple bird,
He is no more, no less;
And if he knows much more than we,
Is anybody's guess.

                            Judy Ball

A beautiful bird of prey the Owl comes in many sizes and shapes from the Great Horned Owl to the cute little Barn Owl.
They're great for keeping vermin out of the grain for farmers and out of the house for city dwellers.
They're very intelligent and even make good pets but they are an endangered species like most wild animals because of our growing need to take more and more from the land.
Pretty soon the world won't be able to support us anymore.

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Meadows green, bedecked with diamonds-- 
It's a summer morning dream,
With gold sunbeams dancing brightly 
On the ripples of the stream.

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The Ancient

Things have changed worldwide today, but not the joy
Of spring. The sounds I heard when yet a child
Of cataracts tumbling with joy, the air rinsed of alloy
And magic in all things pastoral, all things wild

My son walks around the place a walkman to his ear
He will not hear the sparrow's song
Shall not know the canaries in gold are seen here
His dreams to the automaton belong.

Look at them, their feet all wrap, expensive in plastic
Shoes, they cannot feel between their toes
The water river running free, cornered in this tragic
Sense of progress, full of unbalmed woes.

Here where the sun laddles her warmth down the sky
On bowl of stoops made from concrete
They collect to laugh, as maggots lad by a fly
While green grass and park lay obsolete.

Before there was a phone, my mother called down
The mountainside and telegraphed her joy
A new grandchild swaddled in the rising sound
Was introduced by what tradition employed.

We ran to school eight miles away and never grew
Obese, that training unclogged us to learn
Something each day by nature brought to view
Wrapped in beauty, and made us yearn

For things we could not make, love, honor, freedom
A sense of greatness beyond our state
A simple ant could teach us prolific vaults of wisdom
A patterned sky could be a living slate.

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Life's a Beach

I seek a dip in the ocean
Its cold, aggressive waters are therapy
It seems all of my troubles can slip away
With the rift of the turbulent sea

Walking across the warm sand
Its texture both heals and wounds
Reshaping and softening the skin
Working its way into every groove

That initial lick of ocean froth
As innocent as a salty kiss
Betrays the nature of its icy embrace
And the magnitude of the abyss

The current is stronger than I am
I am tossed and thrown about
At times I am not sure I will wind up
At the surface or be pulled down!

But once beyond the sluicing waves
I am in a paradise of tranquility
Alone, awakened and restored
I swim until the shore can barely be seen

Once home, the ocean scent lingers
Perfuming my hair and dreams
And as I nap, I am carried back
To the lullabye of the sea

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Evergreen Tears

The Autumn shades now distant
Skeletal frames silhouette the skies
The last colours of this seasonal carpet
Decaying in drifted lie

As I walk through this land of nature
Amongst ferns, spruce and firs
Sometimes it makes me wonder
Do the remaining mournfully confer

Is it whispers I hear on the breeze
Or the life all around me in appear
For in this broken canopy I feel raindrops
Or are they, evergreens tears

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Amidst Fields of Dry

Through my eyes I see a home of old
If it could speak what would I be told
Would it be stories of joy or sadness and hurt
Will I ever be told before it's crumbled to dirt

Below a saddened sky amidst fields of dry
Could this be reason as I wonder why
Barren lands as the eye can see
Is this the answer that's in front of me

A dilapidated fence with wire of old
No more are the beasts that were in safety hold
Hedgerows so brittle in decaying cascade
Here nature has spoken with her typical tirade

Through my eyes I see a home of old
If it could speak what would I be told
Death is never lasting as I look to my right
For a greened tree prospers, it gives me light

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The Four Seasons

As I stare into the night,
I admire the star-packed sky.
The bright twinkling stars give out light,
Piercing the darkness for us to see by.

How different it is from the day,
When I enjoy the fresh morning air.
During the springtime in May,
Watching a happy, playful hare.

Flowers are starting to bloom,
The birds are singing in joy.
Springtime is a time of no gloom,
I am out to enjoy.

Soon spring turns into summer,
Away from the sun I turn.
In sweltering heat I murmur,
That I will suffer sunburns.

Summer turns into autumn,
The leaves are starting to fall.
The leaves turn colors: yellow and auburn,
Halloween ornaments deck the malls.
Autumn slides into winter,
Sparkling white snow for people to admire.
Everyone starts to collect timber,
To snooze by a cozy fire.

Into the cozy room I peep,
My little brother is sound asleep.

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October Fire

Dancing smoke
black as night
floats above flames
burning bright
twisting wind
spreads the fire
fueling life
to dark desire
the nights are dark
with moonless skies
shadows see all
with empty eyes
fallen leaves 
make trees bare
the flame still burns
but the heats not there
blazing touch
meets hearts of frost
the burn feels sweet 
but then it's lost
now hands of ash 
reach out once more 
for October Fire
as they did before

By Morgan Mise
Written April 25, 2012

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For many years my mornings were unnoticed in the rushing blur; with one eye on the speeding clock, the other searching for lost sock. Someone has left his books behind and there’s the sock so hard to find. Mornings when young family grew were busy times of getting through. And then, those years I was employed, morning did not find me overjoyed. I had no time to spare a minute to find a bit of pleasure in it. Retired and children grown, I’ve found When I have the chance to look around to see the glory of the morn, it makes me glad that I was born. No other time of day is new And sparkling with the morning dew. As the sun rises over distant hills it’s then my heart with gladness fills. The colors painted in the sky, unmatched by any mortal’s dye with skill unequaled by mere man, have made of me a morning’s fan. The rest of my day is filled with duty. Morning is the time to savor beauty. By: Joyce Johnson 9/28/11 for nette's contst "In 24 Hours"Won one of several 4ths

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Nature at its best Charm

Tip tap splitter splatter , 
Goes down the rain , 
Flying down with a clatter , 
Creating brooks along the lane …

From the dark , fluffy clouds , 
Descending with the breeze , 
Exciting the overjoyed crowds , 
Swaying along with the trees …..

Splashes in the cool puddles , 
Muddy footprints of toddlers and teens , 
Accompanied by the pleasant sounds of guggles , 
And happy faces with wide beams …

It is a blessing , a form of love , 
No frowns , no sorrow ,  no hatred , no harm , 
Just healing the pains , smoothening the rough , 
Because nature is at its best charm …. 

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THROUGH THE WINDOW I stare out through the window, Not absorbing what I see; I watch the raucous Blue Jays And leaves flutter from trees. I spy squirrels hoarding nuts And chipmunks scamper 'round; The deer are eating lazily The apples on the ground. Look, the grass is browner now, It's snow there soon will be; But I register none of what I see For my Love's not here with me. © ELR 2013

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Appears a ghostly vision, fog in from the sea.
As if sentient in movement,  shrouds all in it's mystique.
With a cyclop eye, lighthouse lends a mournful wail.
While specters breath dampens all, your marrow the chill impales.
Out of sight, crashing waves, sound loud as if they crawl,
following the living mist, as it breaches the seawall.
Seeping round panes and doors, into every crevice.
The very air liquefied, a grey oppressive presence.
Wood smoke blends it's flavor, to the tang of the air.
In hopes the flames beat it back, keep tendrils from drawing near.
Slowly fog tastes it's fill of wooden planks and blood.
It leaves a sodden salt strewn smell, seeming to just dissolve.
Folding back on itself, returning to the brine.
Fog waits yet another morn, to return to shore and dine.

"Your Best Poem" contest
Placement: 2nd place

Featured poem of the week ending 
Oct. 31, 2010

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Our Paradise Island

Our destination is an island out there
In an ocean of blue with sands so fair
It has everything you would want on a paradise isle
Scenery so beautiful you can't help but smile

We set of from the pier in the Florida Keys
Journeying down south going with the breeze
Down to Panama via it's amazing canal
Sailing into the moonlight me and my gal

From ocean to ocean, Atlantic to the Pacific
Through this engineering gem, just incredible, terrific
The expanse we desire is within our sights
Out past the horizon will be many our night

With the waves we sailed to our yonder blue
Amidst colouring skies of beautiful hue
Whilst shapes from the deep shadow our course
Through the waters they ease with effortless force

Ahead in the distance we hear a thunderous crash
Breakers of white in foamy strewn splash
Sea birds aplenty in torpedo dive
Their feeding frenzy for survival strive

We anchor offshore in a lagoon so calm
As we row to the shore viewing delightful palms
Swaying in the breeze like a chorus of arms
On this paradise island showing one of it's charms

We settle into the evening in our new island home
Sleeping into tomorrow around it's shores we will roam
Living life to the full in this blissful surround
Happiness in tranquillity around us abounds

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Whispers of mist lie deathly white,
shifting in the early morning light;
the nightjar pipes his haunting tune,
soon to rue the waning of the moon.

The sun shines brightly now, and rain
showers scatter o'er the rough terrain.
God's fair creatures start to sing 
as skylarks warble out their greeting.

But now a gift far sweeter for the telling,
a soft array of colors gently swelling;
seven hues with radiant splendor fair
o'erarching all do clearly shimmer there!

O limpid arc of light, fleeting and brief!
you bring joy as we behold you, every leaf
and bough and field and mountain glen
exults to taste your beauty once again!

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Clothed in robes of shining light,
That billow in the wind,
She flies across be-nighted skies,
From even to night's end.

Sometimes silver, blue or gold,
Sometimes rainbow hues,
Always glorious to see,
She leaves me so enthused.

Her hair a mane of silver,
Flowing wild about,
With streaks of gold and sparkles,
Surpasses without doubt,

All the beauties sung about,
Of goddesses of old.
She's Autumn's princess, Winter's queen,
Seen when the air grows cold.

Floating just below the clouds,
She sips from God's own chalice,
Crystal nectar, pure and sweet,
Aurora Borealis.

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The Sleep Position

The left side of the bed is mine So when I sit down on the bed My pillow is on my right side And that where I lay down my head It’s always the same old routine Start on my right side every night But that’s not my sleep position So I toss and turn till its right On my stomach I only doze And it’s hard to breathe on my back Lots of nights I fight the covers When I turn over in the sack My left side’s my sleep position Where I sleep for most of the night Seems I should switch sides of the bed I’ve tried, but it doesn’t feel right Getting onto my left side quick Doesn’t buy me anymore sleep I first must do the “toss and turn” And then I can quit counting sheep

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Winter's Blanket

Crystals refract light into small rainbows
cascading together, a silver gleam,
masquerading as a clear white for those 
not ensnared within winter’s frosty dream.

Blinding brightness wars with frigidity,
warming the courageous who stand between
Bel’s stubborn sun and Cailleach’s snow sea.
Clarity of detail defines the scene.

Brittany Reynolds

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Orb of Night

The dark of the night sky: clear, unlimited space
Lights and a bright white moon, of clouds no trace
The mood suddenly changes, the lights are faded
The vault of heaven is raided, the azure invaded

Realization in a flash, the barren moon stands abashed
Now fainthearted, lily-livered, her quiet joy is crashed
Hide not your face behind clouds the color of yellow dirt
I know your phases, feel your moods, I know you`re hurt

Battered, barren, lonely, evanescent orb of night
From your cursed dance peace you`ll never find
But I`ll be your fire eater, one who devours the sun
Artemis, Luna, Diana, your true name knows none

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Seems no one cares for "winter rains",
So white and wet and cold;
Drifting down so silently,
As we huddle 'neath the folds,

Of coats and scarfs and woolen hats,
And yearn for days of summer,
Complaining 'bout the wet and cold,
Of winter being a bummer.

The ice, the snow, the slippery roads,
Slow going for the traveler,
Are fodder for these transgressed souls,
And fuel their heated palaver;

But there are those who glory in,
The changes of the seasons.
The kaleidoscope of colors used,
Sets moods that give us reason,

To celibrate the time of year,
And it's exquisite beauty.
In nature things are balanced well,
And each thing has it's duty.

From mineral, plant and animal,
To the elements themselves,
We need them each and every one,
For life to go on well.

So don't complain about the snow.
It's moisture that we need.
It feeds the rivers, streams and lakes,
Amid the summer's heat.

It adds a pristine beauty,
As it covers trees and yards,
Feeding imaginations,
Of painters, scribes and bards.

                                   Judy Ball

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November Afternoon Walk

Along the banks of a retreating lake,
I crept quietly on that soft clay.
Hot and cold, like hurt-entreating lovers
The sun and the wind seem at odds today.

The blazing leaves have given
Their best and given up--
Their vibrant colors are
Wined into the air.

As I sit and listen,
To hear the Earth’s whispers,
I feel the trees’ spirits
Sink down to their slumbers.

The crackle of these, decaying leaves,
Will soon be the crunch of snow—
And when all is quiet, finally,
I know all new beginnings will grow.

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Winter's Arrival 2K12

Unto freshly morrow doth I arise.
Before I, the glazed forest floor in frore.
Forth multiplying flakes parachuting Steele skies.
Yea, thereupon rigid Winter finds home's door.

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The Shady Oak

From a seed that's put in the Earth
Sprouting its way out of the dirt
Growing enough throughout its youth
To mature into bearing fruit

Every Autumn leaves will fall
Then grow again by Nature's laws
When it becomes what it was not
There'll always be a shady spot

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RED Arizona Sunsets

Around the world there are sunsets of RED But in the desert they leave you in awe Arizona’s sunsets are breath taking Most memorable ones, I ever saw The sunset’s RED hue keep changing with time The lower the sun, the darker the hue Nature’s fantastic display isn’t long After only a few minutes, it’s through High clouds are the canvas for the sun’s brush Painting shades of RED as the curtain falls When these clouds are scattered across the sky The RED colors extend; the sunset stalls I check out the sky, when late in the day If a few high clouds is all I can see I’ll plan on watching the REDS fade away A beautiful gift, Nature gives to me
Submitted by: Charles Sides For "The Colors Have It" Contest

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Upside Down Town

The ups and downs
of an upside down town.
Evil smiles, silent frowns
every way you turn around.

Sickening suspicions,
psychic visions,
children having premonitions
on a mission.

Here to heal,
here to steal,
to show the world how to feel.
No more cutting deals.

Sent to the world
a baby girl,
but she will unfurl
to change the world...

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A caterpillar has no beauty
To boast of or display
It feeds on leaves continuously
In a pitiful and crawling way.

As if ashamed of its appearance
And its lack of creature strength
It thrives on sheer endurance
Till days of growth announce its length.

It sleeps in solitude's cocoon
Wrapped in content transition
Sure its rebirth is coming soon
Metamorphosed in creation.

Through its final feat of struggle
Completed joy a thousand sighs
From its triumphs over obstacles
Comes the magnificent butterfly!

All rights reserved~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~04.09.13

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Nature's Face

A quiet man carries forth a bucket
Filled; it is colored of desire, red.
His slow approach to the patchy field stirs
A family, a pack of goats he's bred.

He slips into the gate, slips out silent
As before, his bucket emptied to fill
The empty bowls of his hungry animals.
He moves on to the horses, empty still. 

All the goats are eating except for two,
The father makes the babies wait their turn.
To fight, not flee, when nature shows it's face:
A life lesson with little time to learn. 

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In Wonderment, They Stared

What a joy it would be to see you walk the Glens
On purple bloomed heather, on the lands of the Highlander men
To witness your aura, your smile, amidst the Ben's atop with snow
For no matter who stands beside you, being there they'll surely glow

Being there they'll surely glow, proud to be standing there
To your beauty they will look in awe, in wonderment, amazing stare
Whilst all around there grows, many ferns from a forgotten past
For no matter who stands beside you, your beauty will always last

Your beauty will always last for it's captured in many hearts
In wonderment amazing stare, from the Highlands you'll never depart
Now imbedded your heart runs free, to roam these Alba Glens
And this Scotsman chosen beside you, your choice of Highland men  

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I love the night from dusk 'til dawn, 
It's the only time to carry on 
with thoughts and dreams still unachieved, 
my whole life plan at night conceived. 

No light's distractions, no buzz of sound, 
my conscious clears while ideas abound. 
Sleep does not come for me with ease, 
Time hypnotic is knowledge less seized. 

What is it that makes me insightful those hours? 
Is a great truth revealed by some higher power? 
I think fate is set when the mind is most clear 
of petty thoughts which by night disappear. 

But as the hours count down to day's early light, 
some find it ironic to be enlightened at night. 
Yet I find strength to arise and start the dead day, 
knowing that night is not far away!

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Music of Leaves

The tired leaves flutter down
One by one they kiss the fall
At the mercy of the breeze
They bow to cold winter's call...

The apple trees seem barren
But they gather strength for spring
A spark of life is resting there
Waiting until new life begins...

Beneath our feet leaves murmur
One last gift to end the year
A symphony is minor tones
Listen, their soft song to hear...

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The Music of Water

Water makes its own music
Notes that often go unheard
Listen and you can here them
As lovely as the spoken word

Whispering a song of life
It flows in quiet streams
Bathing the earth with joy
The sounds you hear in dreams

Light as a new lover's voice
Or with  fevered  pitch it pounds
Rain falls with a varied score
Against the window pane it sounds

The ocean plays it own symphony
Movements boisterous and loud
With smooth and haunting moments
But always beautiful and proud

When you hear the sound of water
Makes no difference when or where
Open your heart to the music
It always has its song to share
9/27/11   Barbara Gorelick

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The Simpler Beauty 2K13

Show I not scrapers of skies, but majestic
Snow-capped mountains in alpine glow.
Show I not individuals of plastic;
But verdure and sylvan where songbirds show.

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Roly poly armour plated,
Clumsy gaited beast.
Looking for a juicy worm,
A creepy, crawly feast.

Sleeping mostly through the day,
And prowling at night,
Seeming quiet, docile, shy,
He can put up a fight.

Not a trouble maker.
It's just his lot in life.
He does his best not to be seen,
He's tryng to survive.

                               Judy Ball

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The Season Called Spring

Mother Nature picked her paintbrush up
and stenciled in some hues
soft yellows, purples, reds and pinks
and  pastel  powder blues.

She rose from a snowy slumber
it was now time to ignite
her color wheel to replace
a world still dressed in white.

Ushering in a  tranquil breeze
commanding the sun to smile
casting out remains of winter chill
so in a little while

wild flowers would dot green rolling hills,
songbirds would return to sing
the prelude to sister, Summer,
is the magical season of spring.


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This Tundra of Ice

Barren and innocent
This Tundra of ice
A marvel within us
Perfect, concise

Below sunsets of pure
We're blessed to grace
To witness such beauty
On this wonderful place

Barren and innocent
Is this Tundra of ice
It's our future legacy
Let's keep it precise

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The moonlight fugitive

Short gasps of air whirl through a burning throat,
still her legs defy the exhaustion in desperation.
Behind her trail phantoms of memories afloat
upon a sea of desertion.

Beneath a canopy of constellation
she finds herself lost in time.
The forest unfolds before her like a revelation.
An apocalyptic bell sounds one chime.

It won’t be long before a mistake is irreversible.
Every turn is just another minute to live.
The last road taken proves an ironic circle. 
Sinking between the waves that created her, rests the moonlight fugitive.

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A dance of elegance they leap
in grace of movements sweep
moonlights skipping on the waves
upon the circuits the currents paves

A Spanish Dancer twirls her skirt
whose painted like a rainbows shirt
Your works oh Jah blanket the Sea
where creatures frolic internally

Where Leafy Dragons in Reefs foray
the clown fish in anemone play
the razor fish like knives in sand
but foolish men think it's not planned

Where fierce and tender Orca steals
the infant pups of many Seals
where coral forests the oceans floor
the groves of Kelp hide many more

Odd companions the crab and shrimp
who share a hole like common tent
on flows the cisterns of the Deep
the lair where Leviathan do sleep

There flying fish cavort on wing
wild aquatic souls live and sing
here Dolphins cartwheel in escapade
in pods their dancing a parade 

Who understands the Songs of Whales
who carry calves and smack their tails
to starfish who cling the rock of Beaches
here low tides the mussels reaches 

These lives mankind has proved a danger
to poison Seas palace he is no stranger
Here predator man competes with Sharks
in every Sea his fatal marks

The Shark only does his hunt for meal
Mankind's a predator who kill and steal
Toxic pollution down rivers flow
the dead zones that kill the life below

Life perpetuates itself by designers plan
We question it's survival , it's death by Man
Those who love the earth these traits resist
There's too much beauty divinely kissed 

COPYRIGHT © 2014 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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One perfect forlorn last snowflake
To lemon drop tulip flies
Sleep dormant to blossom life
To waking kiss and ready sighs

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Moon Song

Oh, ancient orb of mystery
above the earth so high
hung in your velvet gallery
you grace the nighttime sky.

The stars in heaven bow to you
in chorus, quivering
their voices joining clear and true
to you, their praises sing.

My weary heart, it beats along
with their joyous tune
to sing its own sweet, praise filled song
to you, oh wondrous moon!

Oh, ancient orb of mystery
above the the earth so high
a blessing for the world to see
treasure in the nighttime sky.

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Widened Eyes White

Perspiration beads my beleaguered brow,
running in rivulets down cheeks aglow.
A hazy miasma the air does plough,
electric energy begins to flow. 

Distant rumblings, crowned palm trees start to shake,
gorgeously lush green fronds partner their dance.
Waves rippling the ground harbinger earthquake,
eerie silence, then lightning’s jagged lance.

An earth shrieking crescendo tears dark skies,
a tsunami of sound deafens each mind.
Birds of Paradise scream with fearful cries,
as two tectonic plates viciously grind.

Silence resumes, a young friend lifts his head,
widened eyes white within a dusky den.
I speak, “See brother we live we’re not dead,
dispela wantok bilong Jackson Ken.” 

I lived in Papua New Guinea for four years in the 1990’s.
The earthquake was 6.5 on the Richter scale, epicentre within 50 mile away.
Jackson Ken is a young Papua New Guinean man whom I befriended and who ended 
up working for the company that I was managing. 
The last line is Pidgin English, widely spoken in P.N.G., its root bases are German, 
Dutch and ‘modified’ English. It basically means that this fellow/man (dispela, which 
is me) is a cousin brother (wantok, usually associated with another member of your 
own village) belonging (bilong) to Jackson Ken.

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Living with Mother Nature's Bruise

We turned to each other when we heard on the news
Our daughters place of work, enduring mother nature's bruise
She worked on an island now swamped with wrath
To her we now travel to retrace her last path

To go there blind never knowing if she breathes
Thoughts think the worst as we subconsciously grieve
Our daughter, our life, as we make plans to depart
Facing hours of torment as our minds tear apart

To this island we head where she enjoys life to the full
Thinking back to her young years, learning in school
This paradise as she calls it, in the Indian Ocean
Our minds picture, her love to live notions

We step of the plane into a world far from home
Praying we find her, dead or alive, to never roam
To the north of the island, Aceh is it's name
Is this where we find her, with no one to blame

We reach the village, it's where our daughter calls home
Teaching the youngsters English along the beaches they combed
We wander dazed and confused, joining the crying and the grieving
Emotional rescuers surround us, they just keep on believing

Hand in hand we stare hoping, as our eyes glimpse the lost
Our daughters not there, as we join the emotional exhaust
Suddenly I feel a tugging on my sleeve
Lady lady, you my teachers mama, come with me please

Looking down, my eyes cascading with tears
A beautiful young girl, momentarily relieving my fears
Lady lady, please please, come with me please
To a makeshift hospital she takes us, our hearts so in unease

To a door we arrive, she cries, mama's teacher mama's teacher
As she is led away by the hospital preacher
We are greeted by a doctor, taken through corridors of death
The relieving earlier felt, now replaced by inner reft

The stench of death drifts, lost souls we feel crying
Resonating sounds echo, the last breaths of the dying
Cubicle after cubicle, every curtain our hearts run
In broken English, is she the one, is she the one

The second curtain from the last, the doctor once again opens
Despair and tears increase, parents lost in their hoping
Before us lies, a broken twisted bandaged soul
The tattoo on her ankle, I cry Nicole, it's our Nicole

Engulfed with emotions our cheeks streaming with tears
Viewing the earlier posters, parents losing their fears
Living this moment, realising their daughter has lived
As we look back to the pictures, knowing families are sieved

Words we will remember until the day we are gone
That moment we heard, is she the one, is she the one

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When Solar Flares

             When Solar Flares

Give The Sun Citations when it disrespects the laws of nature
For not following ways of man at all cost and cause and case
No matter what your rules might indicate
A certain fate awaits

Space between all atoms is enormous
The reason we don’t walk through walls
Or fall through floors is not magic
Atoms don’t hold themselves alone, suspended in empty space

It is magnetic fields that react to those two forces
That keeps the universe in place
When sun’s highways of solar flares, stream in channels 
Travel in their respective places, all is well and fine

When they follow normal traffic rules and stay in lanes
Suns don’t have our mind
They seem to stray in more than one direction
Magnetic streams collide, send corona blasts to Earth

When solar storms collapse for months or years our infrastructures
Say good bye to power grids and life as you once knew it
Prepare to rub two sticks together for heat and warmth
Get out bongo drums
Tap text messages to your friends


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The little sextant was diverse
to have position on the Earth.
While going in circles 'round the sun
and seeing all for what it's worth.

It shot through space
and saw the stars.
It passed through Heaven
paired with Mars.

It spun in groups
much like our own.
Through some not quite:
and lesser known.

In time it passed
our way again.
The universe
come home to men.

While those who watched
and wondered why,
would only say
that we're going by.

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This place called Talisker on the Isle of Skye
It just has to be visited to be seen by the naked eye
Situated on the West Coast, on one of Alba's isles
In any season one can only toast, taken in by smiles

For in the Spring it's surrounded by anew
Shoots reborn showing seasonal view
Lambs jumping, springing, on the various farms
With not a care in the world sharing their charms

Summer now abounds in blooms of various greens
Sparodic white houses stand out amongst the scenes
Birds in vocal song catching insects on the breeze
The sounds of children playing in fun filled please

Autumn slowly encroaches with the signs in the trees
Leaves in colour loss as the branches start to grieve
Carpets of many shades delight before their end
As we await the impending rains that natures due to send

There is now the chill of winter as all around starts to show
On the high ground her intentions, craggy peaks topped with snow
The day will soon be here, with her virginal carpet lay
Whether Spring, Summer or Autumn, even Winter has her say

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I am a 4


Rambling on my garden wall
Her strong sweet scent fills the air
The most romantic rose of all
Zephirine Drouhin I declare


Date of birth

10th December.   1+0+1+2 =4

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March Madness

I get up early to till the soil
Spread the cloth to stop the weeds
Carefully lay out and plant the seeds
Knowing the result will be worth the toil

I wait as patiently as I can
Watching for weeds like a hawk
Stay out of my garden I squawk
Everything's perfect according to plan

Days go past incredibly slow
Always looking for that flash of green
Only the weeds have been seen
I keep waiting for my garden to grow

Frustrated I purchase seedlings as a jump start
I plant them in even rows nice and neat
I water them carefully and talk to them sweet
They droop and they wilt, just breaking my heart

Though I treat them with the greatest care
My brown thumb shines no matter what I do
And nothing ever survives the season through
This is the way my plants always fair

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Cosmic mystery trails the midnight sky,
you flare bright, dissolve without a trace;
we who witness you gaze up and sigh,
you leave a look of awe on every face.

Ghostly portent from the mists of time,
aglow with starkly silent icy light;
wonder that dances 'round reason and rhyme,
the stuff of dreams and fancy's fickle flight.

Dawn settles gently on the window sill,
displacing thoughts of stellar eccentricity;
but in our hearts and minds we ponder still 
this sacred, quiet electricity.

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Seas Of Emerald

The wind blows over
The trees bow down
To the fields of green
Where brushing is the only sound.

This place I love
I unwillingly leave
It will become
Just a faint memory.

I must move on
As the tree branches ache
The seas of emerald
Are being covered by flakes.

My journey must continue
As a vagabond it never ends
I must find my way home
As the new season settles in.

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I missed the autumn leaves this year.
I rested while they fell.
Tomorrow is another day
we'll hear the church's bell.

The days seem slightly shorter.
The sunshine rather keen.
Closer is the horizon
and night a cooler scene.

The smell of leaves surrounds me.
A wiff after a woft.
The wind shaping the future.
My fate become aloft.

Plastic drapes the gardens.
It's cold air sealed in.
Condensation top-side
and dust where sun has been.

There's trimmings by the roadside
bagged and tied with twine.
Pruned to end the season.
Clippings from the vine.

A garden hose gone missing.
Stored inside the shed.
Drained of all it's water
and exhausted in it's bed.

The dew upon the grass blades
beckoning the sun.
Each morning leaving sooner
as Autumn comes undone.

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Going Green

Pain that builds in intensity
So many wounds to the heart
Our mother worn from assault
The earth doomed from the start?

The hour for healing is passing
Perhaps out best efforts to late
But we keep hope in the drumbeat
With sacrifice the rewards are great.

To try with each day of living
To cleanse and repair the earth
Each small effort is helping
Each green act has worth...

When feasable, please try to buy in bulk..saves packaging, (trees) and other resources.

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Sitting by a moss-covered tree illuminated by sunlight at three,
he plays the very song that his anscestors played yesterday;
remembering what the peaceful and wild land was and will be...
by accepting the fact that his tomorrow is decided by destiny.

He can spend an entire afternoon playing a hand-made flute color chestnut,
as every breeze-lulled maple tree seem to vanish in the increasing, grey fog;
and if his music with shrilling, melodic notes is a devise to find his stranded dog,
he will have the best friend to guide him safely home through beams of twilight. 

Play, handsome warrior the melody you forefathers played on those efflorescent days
underneath the same oak tree to celebrate their free manhood;
and resembling them with long hair and piercing, dreaming eyes,
you don't expect that intruders from other lands would compromise your happiness.

Foxes, grizzly bears, coyotes and buffaloes hear your music and come around to peek:
they know that you wouldn't hurt them and they wonder who's the Great Spirit;
little they suspect that they will be hunted down by the new-comers from the East;
be their friend, warrior...promise them protection when they'll encounter the Beast. 

All that you behold today, may be gone tomorrow making you weep,
grasslands and prairies will tun into towns and cities to make way for greed;
and blood will flow abundantly on meadows where only wildflowers grew...
devastation everywhere with mother's screams by red rivers not so blue.

You must have had dreams of what was coming with a spectacle so gruesome,
take heart...your tomorrow is decided by destiny, pray that you won't be harmed;
continue playing your flute by remembering everything that you deeply loved,
and if you'll die fighting heartless men, I'll remember that look so lonesome.

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Natural Scene

In the middle of the grove, I look up I see the traversing light from the moon And there are some straggling stars all about The planets will be coming around soon The trees of the clearing have a true feel Reflecting the light of the moon above I love the sight, polka dot starry night Diamonds enhanced the sky of night love Majestic peaks send chills through the cool air I see this only through the breaks of trees The brush of the landscape looks overrun But the scene brings joy and a lot of ease
Russell Sivey

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Charm Of Spring

Rhythm created on water tends to kill 
Images of trees and sky reflected in lake 
Still water but, not any more still 
At least not dry or frozen and opaque 

Creating a wonderful picnic spot 
Inviting place for geese to immigrate 
Time to make trips and enjoy a lot 
Deer will stay out long to graze 

For next few months of spring and summer 
Artists will come with canvas and brushes 
Boating or may be fishing can occur 
Trees will wear colourful dresses. 

Sky will finally get rid of grey cover 
The vision can roam clearly and further 
Fog will entirely vanish from atmosphere 
Season to enjoy the beautiful youth of nature 

Vibrant colours of spring will be hidden 
They will not be so in summer and fall 
Leaves will turn first green then golden 
And will not be in winter at all. 

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Rings Around the Moon

Nature plans to run rings around the moon Light that’s seen only by the mighty rock The master brightness fills the countryside Where there are fields of grey and black that mock There are flowers that exist which are dim In the day they are yellow and bright red At night they are various shades of grey Lit barely by light of the moon that bled There’s a sound of a stream that flows downward It’s black as the night, a source of wisdom The cool moon covers its bed on the field And stretches out its hand for its kingdom The sky and the clouds is where the moon lives Being beautiful was its heartfelt aim Blessing the ground with a white glow about Light shows what to marvel and what to blame
Russell Sivey

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Winters tears fall fallow on the sleeping
Soft emotion into dormant hearts creeping
Thoughts to awaken, needs forgotten too long
Reach for the unknown want, new and strong

Push forth from cold dark slumbered sleep
The dawn of wonder, a promise made to keep
Our lives forsaken in winters gathering sweep
In joy emerge, to the sun we kneel and weep

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Australia's Streams and Rivers

Monitoring twenty years confirms
Having good vegetation about
Helped to protect Australia’s rivers
From ravages of climate and drought 

The condition of streams and rivers
Based on agricultural impacts 
Caused modification of catchments
And altered hydrological cracks

Australia has set the example
Use wood for rehabilitation
Wood now plays a major role in streams
Improvement without limitations

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Spring Blessings

Such lovely things are part of spring, Each greening, borning, blooming thing. A pansy face, a new made nest, In spring God sends his very best. How can one see and yet not know, It's God who makes the springtime show; Yellow chicklings, downy ducklings, All new growings, all new sucklings? Kitten and puppy, foal and lamb, Each one is sent by the great I Am. In the worst of winter's fury, Spring is coming, not to worry. God shows his love to us in spring With all new things to make hearts sing. He fills our needs to keep us whole, Topped off with spring, to feed the soul. Won a 3rd in contest

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The Quakers, being religiously persecuted, set sail from expatriated England;
they were the first settlers to reach the shore of New England: a free land!
Later the Puritans came and settled in other eastern, bustling colonies
seeking the same religious freedom, but their urge was stronger than dreams.

Many moved westward on foot, on horseback and on overloaded wagons...
exploring the American wilderness plundered by indigenous Indians;
they searched for grassland everywhere, to let their cattle roam and graze;
first they built wooden shacks on vast, lush prairies full of Queen Ann's Lace. 

And out of this American westward expansion, came the fearless pioneers,
who sought gold mines...despite the wild cowboys causing troubles
with heavy drinking and desire for unscrupulous women, seeking money and pleasure, 
who served them more whisky and lured them to a room with a demeaning measure.

Beyond the Rocky Mountains' and the Appalachians Mountains' skies,
these diligent pioneers obtained wealth with sweat and sacrifices...
changing and shaping the wild landscapes of arable land,
avoiding the drudgery of getting stuck in mud and sand.

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Perhaps the thing that bothers me most
Haunting and hunting for me as a ghost
She had to have known I’d end up injured
Yet ignored what I had suffered and endured

I put up with promises I knew were secretive dreams
I put up with wondering if the lady is what she seems
My second nature obviously beat the s**t out of my first
And not only  that but second nature did its f*****g worst 

She must have known my body, spirit and mind would fall apart
I have too much compassion and soul within my heart
So I provided what she needed with no price, bill or fee
But she had to have known the last man to do this to was me

So now I yearn to do all the things she knew I shouldn’t do
Like drinking  and drugging myself half to death and that’s nothing new
She’s comfy and I wish I were being welcomed into hell by it’s host
And perhaps that’s what bothers me most
   © 2010.……free cee

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Son Comet

I made a home in a star
Meant to keep me warm
But the flames grew so hot
I lost all shape and form

And dripped from that sphere
So high in the sky
To a crater on a moon
Where I was left to dry

After I cooled in that crater
I explored that new place
Marked by such time
Was that moons lovely face

But the dark side brought the cold
And I knew I would freeze 
So I caught a ride
On the celestial breeze

I sailed those solar winds
To the blue ball below
Searching all the way
For the highest plateau

I landed on the tallest peak
And felt the difference in that place
From all those I’d been before
In the extremes of space

I was far from the cold
And far from the heat
Yet somehow, on that green ground
Those two seemed to meet

And dance around in harmony
Just like that bright red sun
And moon that chases after it
When the day is done

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Beautiful Arrayed

Beautiful Arrayed The wintry north extend their blast Leafless trees, freezing winter days Sweeping winds, the sky is overcast Each season has their charming ways There’s the harvest moon at night In nature’s spectacular show It is beauty of pure delight Everywhere you look and go With blending songs of earth and sky Wildflowers gracing the landscape Way up pillow clouds sailing by Mountain tops, shaded woodland glade Somewhere above a distant land The nights are dark and there’s no moon Where many different colors blend The stars do brighten up the gloom Every thing that’s bright and fair It is all beautiful arrayed The earth with the heavenly air These treasure the Master has made.

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Clouds are taken for granted 
Part of the weather scene
They come in white, or in black,
Or something inbetween

Chances are they’ll be around,
Although the sun is out
They’re always there, when it rains
Of this there is no doubt

Sometimes you see them hanging, 
So high up in the sky
Wispy little icy ones 
Higher than birds can fly

Clouds can carry destruction
That farmers cannot stop
Things like heavy wind and hail, 
Can wipe out all the crop

If you see a dark and boiling one,
Sitting low to the ground
Stay alert and be cautious,
A storm’s somewhere around

Run like hell if you see it
Take on a funnel shape
If you don’t find some cover
There may be no escape

The clouds are always moving,
Changing slow; sometimes fast 
You see different shapes in them, 
But they will never last

Spend some time looking at them, 
Enjoy what’s given free
Pictures by Mother Nature 
Are there for you to see 


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Kingdom of Sgobharaidh

Their lies on the West Coast of Scotland
A Kingdom that's rarely been seen
Where it's beauty radiates through ones eyes
Even closed you can only but dream

Natures gems thrive through seasonal change
Blessing colonies of sea faring birds
To witness the call of it's wilds
So many voices just have to be heard

Cordyline australis grace her lands
They are palm trees to you and me
A native from a land down under
Not Australia, New Zealand is where they be

This area where this Kingdom lies
With it's rugged and beautiful scenes
Freshwater lochs lure many anglers
To catch the fish of their dreams

Many visiting tourists, some in family trace
To discover where their ancestors be
Capturing snaps of their homelands, a past way of life
Filling the blanks of their family tree

Sporadic green forests of pine
With ferns and heathers, carpet the lands
Rugged juts off an earth from the past
Spewed through her juvenile glands

And this land through your eyes that you see
Is the Kingdom that's rarely seen
If you live here we call it Scourie
So beautiful in natures scheme

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Stereotype Enforced by a Storm

While I appreciate the vacation
it would have been better if it were paid.
Funds lessened by nature’s aggravation,
lends credence to the starved artist charade.

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I Marvel

I marvel at the stunning beauty
in raw nature all around,
and my little piece of paradise 
in our Northwest Puget Sound.

I reflect upon the memories
of this corner so neglected. 
God has worked with me to find in it
more beauty than expected.

I believe He has been helping me,
I need not beg His pardon
for using His raw materials to
establish my loved garden.

I stand in awe of how He is there
with everything that I need,
the rich soil, the sunshine and rainfall.
Seldom do I need to plead.

I think I’ve grown very much in faith,
since I picked up that small hoe. 
I dug a row for some flower seeds,
without believing they’d grow.

I understand I needed His help.
Each day has been a pleasure.
As I pick my beautiful roses,
I thank Him for each treasure.

Received 9th place in contest

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My Treasure Chest

I was doing yard work the other day,
planting some flowers all around.
While digging in dirt, close to the fence,
I heard a clackity sound.

As if the metal of the spade was hitting some wood
and some metal, too, I heard.
To my surprise, I remembered just then,
the chirping of the birds.

See, there was a time, for memories sake,
when my family and I stored our thoughts
within a chest of metal and wood,
from the antique store, we bought.

We placed the chest out in the yard
on a bright and sunny day
and while digging the hole to place it in
the birds were just chirping away.

My sons and my daughters, my wife and I
placed pictures and such within
So, one day in the future, when we need it most,
the memories will come back to us again.

So, just knowing they’re there, is memory enough
for me to be content for now.
One day when my children have all grown up,
my wife and I will dig deep down.

So, I covered my hole with plenty of dirt,
but, first threw flower seeds in
with hopes that the memories, like seeds that they are,
will grow and flourish, again.

So, my treasure chest, there, remains in the yard
waiting for that one special day
when my family and I need to return
to those years that have gotten away

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Living light at play against,
The clear northwestern sky.
Vivid hues of blue and green,
And gold and pink fly by.

It writhes and twists in crisp cold wind,
And billows gaily out,
In rainbow colored curtains,
As the wind blows them about.

How wonder-filled this gay display,
Of lovely living light.
How blessed am I to see them play,
This crisp northwestern night.

                                           Judy Ball

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the seven wonders of the world.+

Nov. 2010
For Francine Roberts "Write Me A Happy Poem" Contest

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Pitter patter, scurry scamper,
Running through the house.
squeek and screech , a frantic dash,
A tiny little mouse.

Searching for a morsel here,
A little nibble there,
Then hurry back into the nest,
To nestle there with care;

For seven little pinkies,
All lying in a bunch,
Waiting for their mama,
To come back with their lunch.

They must be very quiet,
The people mustn't know,
They share their home with even one,
For then they'd have to go.

Life is hard on little mice.
Home and hearth come hard.
They're prey to everything it seems.
They must stay on their guard.

She didn't see the owl today,
Just made it to door matt.
It's bad enough to have to dodge,
That big, mean, nasty cat;

And yesterday was almost caught,
Beneath the old wood pile.
A weasel hunting there for food,
Near chased her for a mile;

But Mama's here now little ones,
No need for now to fear.
Just be quiet,, snuggle close,
We're safe and warm in here.

                                           Judy Ball

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For the Sake of Birds

Why are only birds blessed with wings,
Those itchy, twitchy, mindless things,
While humans are stuck on the ground
And in machines to fly around?

Perhaps there is a reason for
Our legs (NOT wings) being so sore...
Perhaps there is a reason why
We can not freely roam the sky...

Maybe it's 'cause we drink so much!
Drunken drivers are bad enough.
We'd fly in constant fear and fright
Of drunkards hitting us mid-flight!

With this, I worry of the most
An inconvenience vile and gross.
Imagine if we lived if fright
Of vomit rain on weekend nights!

Maybe it is our flatulence.
So near the ozone, there's a chance
The fast food gases we secrete
Cause global warming to increase!

Maybe it's 'cause we fear great heights,
Or 'cause we'd tangle strings of kites!
Maybe wings would be cumbersome
And block the usage of our arms!


Maybe it's for the sake of birds...
Mankind with wings does seem absurd. 
For even birds need their own space,
And everything must have its place. 

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Strokes of sour power

Why would I wanna be lemon or lime?
When I could be lemon marang
It might feel good in my haven sublime
But there’s more left to do than just hang
The bumps and wrinkles of my skin
Reminds of some latter acne stage
But flavored juices from within
Show wisdomed hours on each turning page
Through leaves way up in the shady tree
The sun so often leaves me tanned
With hunger pains you came and picked me
Braving brush with wavering hand 
Nothing beats the view from up top
So high, it shows your dedication
Barked with lines that time can’t stop
For me a win-win situation
Convert me into something sweet
Or you could turn on your crusade 
To masquerade with sourpuss treats
And call yourself the lemon aide
No, leave me hanging high and dry
With shriveled smiles before I fall
I choose to remain here in the sky
Untouched till topsoil sprouts reform 
Who’s ever heard of a sour brigade?
That laughs and likes to play the fool
All gay and taunting the days away
The greatest trick I’ll ever pull

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Tae a Cherry

Wee, wee rid rid coated thing tae ma hert sic joy yea bring. Wae elegance an' tender charm, ma racin' hert yea sae disarm. Yea hang there among yer kind, Bright an' braw but sae refined. Ma wee rid rid coated friend, sae Bonny, I'll nae pretend. Each year fur us yea come along, espousing nature's sweetest song. A song not o' sound but o' exotic taste. a taste fur oor lucky paletes tae be graced. Here fur oanly a wee wee time, yea mak ma taste buds gently chime. Tastin' like nuthin' else oan this earthy place. wae yer wee rid rid bonny smilin' face. Frae yer parent tree yea duly burst , as a wee fluer yer gently nursed. Caressed by bees yer scent doth bring, eventually tae be a wee green pimply thing, Bathed wae the Sun's life giving rays, growing, maturing in such a wondrous way. Changin', yellow, pink, noo tae yer rid rid style, tae a Bonny Cherry tae please us fur a wee wee while. Av jist picked yea up frae among yer like, frae the box foo o' Cherries whay are jist alike. But you ma wee wan are jist fur me, hope yer taste is in the proper key. Oh my, sic a burst o' pleasure, ma wee wee rid rid bloomin' treasure. Say juicy say sparklin' ma mooth foo o' joy, wunnerful, exotic, aw ma senses yea do employ. hank yea, thank yea ma wee rid rid friend, yer the greatest, aye I'll nae pretend. Tull next year, tull wee meet again, whin I'll listen tae yer song o' sweet refrain. A song o' taste an' no o' sound, o' tasting magic from aw Cherries abound. Rest now yer gentle parent tree, an' please bloom anither day fur me tae see. The Auld Yin.

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Oh sing yon violin upon your strings
and play harps and lutes melodious things
come sooth my soul and for our losses
and shatter pain upon our bed of mosses
Dost thou dare to stay our hearts entwined
do cast your light and airy within our mind
so also to our agony do make us blind
where in time we shall life kinder find
Do misdirect my thoughts upon a fairer course
lead me now away from paths remorse
fail not to impart joy and from its source
and to the courts whats odious I do divorce
and there expire bitterness and mans afflictions
unto the burial sites with their benedictions
the ends of tribulations on the morrow
as I have some aspersion to this sorrow
Come twist your ropes do wrap in harmony
the golden strand in archetypes that be
fluid in the cups elixir we do drink
to shelter from woe and misery we sink
Clasp the inner man intone your song
return to us the living among our throng
embrace the consolation and hold whats dear
for upon us all this place draws ever near
COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Spark of an Owl

The night is still dreary, a grey sky Dismal and cold, a usual winter night There isn’t much hope within the wind Nothing exists save for a special light In fact there are two of them, in a tree They’re reflections from the eyes of an owl In the grey backdrop they glow so bright Like an animal that is on a prowl The owl is the spark of pure energy Shining within its soul, beyond the dark Taking the darkness to higher heights Putting life in the grey, just to embark The tree within the fog is barely seen But the owl’s eyes are bright, a mighty sight One can hear the hoots of the owl around But what he emits from his eyes is white I may not see in the depths of the night And the evening might be grey with dismay However his eyes bring forth hopeful sight A beam of life within the darkness’s cliché
Russell Sivey

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Watch out all you kiddies Or I'll bite off your face I'm a nasty baboon It's my favourite taste I'm usually quite cranky Not a happy old soul Chew on dead carcasses Eat cheetahs whole Why am I so ornery It's the baboon's way Reared on the savannas Fight for life each day You'd be cranky too With body odour like this How would you feel If you smelled like dead fish Watch out all you kiddies Or I'll bite you in two I'm a nasty old baboon Doing things baboons do © Jack Ellison 2012

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Early morning vapors emulate a lady's veil,
diaphanous, a softly shifting secrecy; 
inconstant as the tide and deathly pale, 
feathering the lake in fragile mystery.

Minstrels scarce can sing with proper import 
of the dawning of the day in violet haze;
e'er we hear the skylark, mother nature's joyous consort,
and sunshine bathes the fields with warming rays.

First light is fully-fledged, the veil is lifting, 
the surface shines, a vision sparkling bright; 
'til day fades to dark, then the morn comes drifting, 
and mist sprawls like a spectre from the night.

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Life's Story

The rain falls fiercly,
As I look up into the skies,
Only to see the sun,
And white clouds floating by.

I walk into the woods,
Feeling sharp thorns beneath my feet,
I stare down to the earth,
To see grasses, soft and sweet.

At last I see a rose,
Lying dried up on the ground,
I gently touch it's petals,
And my life is newly found.

All along ive been yelling,
At the wind for being cold,
And shouting at the rain,
When life's story has been told.

I ignored the graceful beauty,
As i blocked out meaningful sights,
For when it's gone I will regreat,
Shunning the flawless story of life.

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All that does encompass bespeaks wonder in everything
bubbling brooks and waterfalls does your glory ring
terrestrial and celestial ever fill our eyes with seeing
how can not it's splendor not fill our very being
raindrops in waters with their rippling wake
and mesmerize our souls does the rushing make
gentle breezes lifting dappled leaves in dance
and some say it all came about by chance
How does this effusion elude a single man
when everywhere one turns it's radiance does stand
Nebula and quasar adorns a cloaking sky
and some choose to call the truth a lie
How lofty and profound in it's depth designed
everywhere one turns does God's eminence remind
lavender and magenta do our roses wear
magnificent in color in tended gardens care
In florescent rainbows are a peacocks feathers
multi patterned flowers among the blooming heathers
many hues of blue stretch across the sky
changing shades of azure of the seas close by
In Africa's dense jungle ring tailed lemurs leap
Asia's tarsier in the day does sleep
the giant and red panda in bamboo forests eat
meerkats make their manor underground to keep
Springbok and Okapi migrate within the land
camels and dromedary travel in the sand
kingfishers underwater dives yet he cannot swim
the hoopoe within Europe summers on a limb
Golden plovers and sandpipers do the beaches run
in every nation some great cat naps beneath the sun
the ruby topaz hummingbird and bird of paradise
the chameleon changes turf and puts on his disguise
Through filtered teeth of whales krill don't stand a chance
and so many speculate it's all just circumstance
At the poles do penguins nest upon the ice
beneath the oceans surface unnamed fish do slice
Everywhere in universe within it's laws do move
meticulous and intricate does creation prove
change the axis of the earth and life would not exist
no missing links have been found and yet the lie persist
The precision of it's interface keeps universe intact
so cohesive is the pattern in every little fact
why is mans reason out of line with the universe
turned his mind away from God just before the curse
To his change the animals haven't been unblind
fear of man and his hand knowing he's not kind
mankind lost respect for law and for himself
focus is on surface and not aware of Satan's stealth
Melodious is the speech of birds outside of our homes
the cacophony of nature with it's many tones
explosive is the energy if the atoms split
the power to enclose it will so few admit
Mankind's exploration isn't nearly done
infinity a subject for learning yet to come
we've barely scratched the surface of mathematics sum
to it's fascination have so many become numb
To winds and tides of doctrines do so many move
who will ask the questions and arguments so prove
the laws that governs universe are so well defined
but the souls that live on earth are of double mind
God has stretched the heavens with a movement of his hand
futility against his knowledge cannot a man to stand
wisdom she does cry and her voice puts forth
to examine natural things and upon your course
Listen not to instruction upon whose path you err
take away it will the life you hope to share
Life itself is precious do not you throw away
if you follow fallen man away from life you'll stray
The cry of the cricket do you understand
there is speech in everything that lives within the land
do you think a crocodile you will ever tame
and things undiscovered we have yet to name
How little understanding exists within man's mind
to exult himself against God's knowledge is he blind
before Jah's understanding mankind's is so weak
why from another man should you your answers seek
Bow your will before him lift your voice in praise
take in his instruction if want you length of days
Consider what you are and what you may become
in beginning were created just like God's own Son
sources Psalms and Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
COPYRIGHT © 2009 Duboff Law Group LLC

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Floundering at Night

A flounder is a flat fish, found in tidal waters Laying on the bottom, partially covered with sand “Floundering”, is a nighttime sport on the Texas coast You slowly wade through tidal flats, with a gig in hand A helper carries a Coleman lantern, held on high You both keep scanning the bottom for a tail-tell sign If you spy the flounder’s head with those two eyes on top Gig him and get him on to shore quick and don’t waste time There’s another creature that covers-up in the sand You must always be alert and on the watch for him A sting ray has a serrated barb in its whip tail A bad encounter with this creature can turn out grim Don’t take steps when you wade, just slide your feet in the sand Should you bump a sting ray, hopefully he’ll swim away But if you’re taking steps and you step on top of one Then you’re in real trouble and there will be hell to pay The flounder is excellent fair; meat white and flakey They can be cooked many ways: baked, fried or on the grill Although you can catch them by fishing with hook and bait Wading at night and gigging one, is a bigger thrill

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Seasonal Sanity

Reflections of Autumn on the pond so still
Like a dying rainbow my eyes in fill
A tear drop in fall to this surface of glass
Drifts now forever, but it's always to last

Browns, reds and ochres in kaleidoscopic view
Whilst dark shaped veins start to show true
Trees will appear in skeletal shape
Naked to bare, now having lost their drape

Into Winters abyss of seasonal change
One has to wonder is nature so deranged
Then comes the Spring as we marvel once again
For when we view her Summers, we know she's so sane

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Pearls On The Caladiums

Pearls hang on the Caladiums
Swirls of fog and rain from the night
Twirls that flow to the very edge
Earls no more blessed than I with this right

Heat will soon evaporate the dew
Treat short lived but the memory
Sweet lingers relieves stress of day
Greet this day appreciatory

Contest: Lento Poetry
Sponsor:^Rick Parise
Thanks for the challenge

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The River we call the Ness

This river I talk of just has to be seen In it's meandering turns it's simply a dream No matter the season it's flow simply delights Daffodil lined banks of green in typical springtime sight Whether it be azure blue or grey, it's mirror of colours ooze Enticing your eyes to witness as eventually your mind will choose As you see the salmon leaping and the hungry seals in seek The scenery that surrounds this river, will draw your visit, meet Like many stretches of water, if it's in your heart you'll admire If you have witnessed as much as I, you will never ever tire To know where we call this river, in time your answer will be For to adventure to it's meanderings, you'll be standing beside me

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Snowmans Tears

The tears of a snowmans cry, as if saying goodbye to winters snow
For these tears will not be wasted, for into life these tears will flow 
Where once lay the snowman, greenery now shows it's grace
Anew now abounds in shoots and buds in this wonderful beautiful place

The tears of the snowmans cries, resonate on the periphery of I
Harmony and the emotions of life, as I look I understand why
We now await the seasonal cycle and the snows to fall again
For once again we will build our snowman, and marvel at natures reign

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Below the Palms

On golden sands hands on hips
Faces close, moist touching lips
Orchestral sounds of natures bliss
Two hearts desire their joining wish

Under palm tree shade, two in lie
Above even higher azure blue skies
Kisses lead to caress in softly touch
Hearts pounding in desire so much

Naked to bare amidst natures sounds
So splendid they arouse on sandy grounds
Whistling leaves in admiring wave
Bodies impressed in touched engrave

Echoes of passion fill this islands air
Waves gently lap, their way to declare
Resonating sighs, romance shared by two
Blissful love can be, and be so true

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Eternity Tree

Lost Eden’s Eternity Tree is  found
In the garden‘s all around,
In all parts of the world I‘d guess
Reflecting Eden’s loveliness.
It’s just that we’re too blind to see,
His vision of eternity.
The wind may blow the old growth down.
But little sprouts will soon be found.
Or that same wind may gently put
A seed where it can soon take root.
God’s plan is wonderful and true.
Not all revealed to me and you.

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does anyone agree with me that oxygen is an essential

                                             MOTHER NATURE
I used to sit right here complimenting Mother Nature on her handiwork
Please excuse me momentarily for I have some coffee to perk
Okay, now where was I, oh yes I was talking about nature now soiled
And damn it, my coffee over-boiled

So as I was saying I used to sit here complimenting every rose
Platitudes I knew they wanted to hear, like she’s the most beautiful bud that grows 
This very spot was a sanctuary for any bird who spotted a place for him to bathe and drink
They thought me, quite frankly, philanthropic, or at least that’s what I think

Squirrels used to seed the lawn with peanuts, cookies and bread
Buried for when the lion blows in lest they all be dead
Some were gregarious, some of them were shy
But I remember this one particular squirrel I named “Guy”

He’d come in my lap and dare me not to think him cute
He was adorable with well stuffed cheeks to boot
I look back on those days as dream colored fantasies
Where there is no sickness, illness nor disease

Those squirrels no longer dig up that which let’s them live
And besides, because of carcinogens in the air I have no peanuts to give 
But birds to bathe in polluted water filled with bugs
I’m telling you man, the important thing to save is the planet and forget a losing war on f*****g drugs
            © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee~! 

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A Bird's Love Song: "Following a Star"

Wind, take my soul away,
Up high into the sky,
Let me soar through clouds of dreams,
On golden wings I fly.

I'm carried by an eagle,
I float atop a hawk,
I swerve and dive the livelong day
Together with my flock.

And then I part into a tree
Above the highest peak,
I listen close for songs of spring
For it's a mate I seek.

I heard a slight, soft, "twitter-tweet"
When through the woods I flew.
I wished upon a shooting star,
Which led me straight to you.

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The Setting

The setting of the sun is captured by the surface of the bay
It makes one feel so proud to stand and witness this, this day
Whilst the suns downs, it's as if the ripples still give it life
My thoughts in total capture as these scenes erode my present strife

Tranquillity now flows through me as I sit amidst a darkening sky
Knowing answers are there to be found, to ask and wonder why
Tomorrows dawn shall greet me as I enter into another day
It's the knowing of being around, allowing the mind to have it's say

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The Lust Cloud

Lust is the dark  cloud in the sky.
At first is it up high-alone.
Soon it begins to multiply,
until the sky is overgrown.

As it grows the colors deepen.
Dark blues, greens, and blacks sieze control.
The swirl together and charged, beckon
as-in tension-the heavens roll.

For the the sky-at last-does break,
and rumbles of pleasure are heard.
For fire and sparks illuminate, 
and-in passion-the sky is burned.

But clear blue sky starts to return;
forever gone the whirling shades.
And with it dissipates the pleasure, 
only to return another day.

When Lust again darkens your door,
you will find it is not as in past. 
You shall question what Lust is for,
as Lust is not meant to be steadfast.

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Her Mirrored World

I'm standing where no one has stood
Well no one as far as I can tell
It's a vibe that enters my soul
I'm bought, my eyes are in sell

In front of me I view
It's an avenue in natures world
On the left are rocky scree slopes
On my right my hearts in swirl

For a carpet of green greets me
To the horizon that's so far away
In front are many snow capped peaks
Caressed in a snowy display

Running through the avenues centre
Is a mirror of translucent pure
I feel as I'm looking at two worlds
If I stand on my head I'm still unsure

Once and a while I see ripples
The mirror cracks for a moment or two
Then it returns to it's previous
Sky blue and beautifully true

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Chaiten Spew

From my window I see the most wondrous of sights
Mother natures wrath releasing her might
Blackened plumes of smoke in monstrous rise
Turning day into night as it covers her skies

Oranges and reds in sporadic bursts of colour
Oxygen sucked in as her atmospheres smothered
Electrical releases like skeletal veins
When you witness her power, is she going insane

Canopies of greens become consumed in her path
Pyroclastic flows in suffocate wrath
Where once you heard birds in chirping surround
Explosion's now aplenty in catastrophic abound

From my window I see the most wondrous of sights
Am I as insane as her as I marvel her delights
The settling down of the spewed innards of she
I look inside myself as her power thralls thee

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Appalachian-second bear episode

Meanwhile, our troop moved on down the trail.
One more bear episode needs be told.
We arrived at the next stop with out fail.
It was late evening and beginning to get cold.

Two of us went to the horse spring for a bath
And use the same one to clean our clothes.
As we left the spring we saw blocking our path.
A mother bear and two cubs, ...fear arose.

We hid behind a tree and watched them.
In our unlaced boots, carrying wet things.
As they walked up the path toward the rim.
We knew we couldn’t just appear threatening.

We slowly followed keeping the cubs in sight.
The mother had left the weanlings.
But reappeared on top of a bank on the right.
As she jumped we started yelling and arms flinging.

They ran, she ran, we gathered our stuff and we ran.
Yelling and flailing, we chased them past the adirondack
We...right behind, duck into it fast as we can
and tie the gate before they could come back.

Come back they did and playfully bite on the wire.
The boys were elated and good pictures taken,
To show their friends that none of us was a liar.
Bruce and I recovered after being so visibly shaken.

They finally left, and so came to a fitting end,
Our last bear episode and good laugh,
The other boys had at our expense and chagrin.
On the oldest boy and the “chief of staff”.

We hiked our last six miles with no major events.
Still time to glow for being a trail survivor.
Fontana resort showers, condiments
Then home...all slept soundly, except me... the driver.

© Mar 30 2010       Charles Henderson

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Campers Grandeur

Fearless flames licking the night
as the glow flickers fire in their eyes
ah the tales round campfires light
of Sasquatch shadows and cougars demise

When sleepily those embers to ash burn down
like marshmallows slipping to the ground
lanterns cast their final shadows
In exchange for adventures awaiting tomorrow

A final gaze at a zillion stars
shinning their sign of specked hope
for a soul to know peace is only so far
as blackened woods against constellations cloak

As I lay me down to sleep
not a care in the world can persuade me
to take for granted my humble retreat
safely bunked with my horses by the creek

Sunshine flashes her brilliant stare
like diamond wings playfully fluttering
over morning rivers greeted with prayer
while wee ones still in tents lay slumbering

Until the hunger fails to quit
resisting whiffs of luscious scent
hash-browns and bacon crisp...
with flapjacks bearing the final lament

Here they come sleepy and wistful
cocoa for the kido's hair in a muddle
and coffee for the men now donning stubble
the ones bearing tissue and the O'l faithful shovel 

The slightest breeze sweet smell of earth
shooting, hiking, splitting wood
traditions passed down again to preserve
laughter in a still frame subtly procured

Camping is the life, simple yet rich
meadows of wildflowers by the lake
kayak drifts near wild lavender I pick
with a wave saying thanks to the boaters wake :-(

Of all the trips money can buy
exotic lands, places to fly...
there's no place better to spend a summer
then camping where the wonder comes uncovered

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It's Snowing Again

Snowflakes like feathers float to the ground.
They pile up silently without making a sound.
Some fall down straight, others blow around.
One thing in common to earth they are bound.

I look upwards to the sky it appears so white.
It is kind of strange for the middle of night.
As the cold wind blows I feel its bite.
All I see is snow, it blocks my sight.

As I walk through, it starts to get deep.
I slip a little on this slope that is steep.
The dampness into my bones it does seep.
Angels must be cold, frozen tears they weep.

I go inside to seek shelter from the storm.
I feel the cold and need to get warm.
Covered in snow I look like someone else.
As I thaw out I soon return to myself.

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Farewell, Sweet Summer

Farewell, Sweet Summer!

Autumn near, flowers bent towards the sun
Almost prostrating themselves-so distressing 
Like beggars clutching at Jesus, craving the One
Sunbeams turn their backs without even a blessing

So the brightest star pulls away, off somewhere else
It’s got other appointments to keep
In the distance toll the old mission bells
Like a dirge, and the whole garden weeps

Alas, summer is dying, sucking its last muggy breaths
As crickets scrich their sharp taunting jeers
Not many seem saddened at all by this death
And for this passing mourners won’t raise a bier

Autumn is born, its gestation complete
We excitedly awaited your cool advent
No longer stuck in thick, cloying heat
Gone is the summer of our hot discontent

Yes! Fall is born! Let’s give it a name!
It will spend its time blowing chilled breezes
Soon it will set the landscape aflame
As it whirls all the kaleidoscope leaves

Freed from arthritic twigged branches
As fingers release shiny gold coins
Nature’s allegro pirouette dancers
Auditioning for the autumnal Bolshoi

Others float gently through brisk afternoon air
Like large brilliant harvest snowflakes
Landing softly on a grassy blanket there
To wait defenseless, for the merciless rake

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Shaken Breeze

Cornfields whisper sweet nothings,
The sun bashfully sings.
You are the cause of pardon,
To you the leaves are wings.
Young men smile at your wit,
As you steal my hair away.
The hushed rain summons your command
As you capture fearful gray.
Clouds sway at your wish
As my kite follows you.
I hate now what has become
Your powerful empty hue.
No substance begs your reason,
No soul knows your fears.
I have never loved another,
Who fell these shaken tears.

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Excuse for not writing

There is little excuse that I can give
For not having written as of late,
Except that my pen has been out of order,
Correlating with the date.

To understand, you must consider:
My pen is made of magic steel
That can predict seasonal change
By changing how its surface feels.

In the spring, the pen is sticky,
As if it were covered in honey sweet,
And in the summer the metal is scorching,
Buring whatever surface it meets.

In autumn season, the metal turns red,
Like the leaves that are destined to fall,
Then  in the winter, the pen will freeze to my skin,
And I can't put the thing down at all.

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Would that I had a bracelet,
Of starlight 'round my wrist.
A matching ring upon my hand,
My earlobes starlight kissed.

I wish I had a neck chain,
Of moonbeams 'round my neck,
To wear with robes of gossamer,
And be so fine bedecked;

But if I had such finery,
It wouldn't be so special.
I wouldn't value it so much,
If they were on my level;

But every night I'm bathed in them,
The jewels of the night.
I bask in silver radiance,
As I walk beneath their light.

                                     Judy Ball

The natural things of this world are so far above us that we should value them more than gold.

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Daffodil Romance

Daffodils by the garden gate Welcoming all who come that way Nodding in the morning breeze Like innocent children at play Their yearly reign will not be long With abandon they sweetly dance Their yellow flags fly cheerfully A spring and daffodil romance

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Summers long ago

Nestled in coconut groves and lush fields of paddy,
with the love of a large family, each day warm and tardy,
Ever poised and elegant, stood my trove of memories,
as boys and girls innocent, played under mango trees.

Soon as grandma came in sight, her hair grey with age,
we rushed to hold her tight, dropping our baggage.
It felt as soft as feather, touching her frail hands,
her eyes filling with tears, to see us back on her lands. 

Dewy mornings crawled by, as we grew lazy by the day, 
sultry afternoons passed by, watching cows feed on hay.
Breaking the serenity of dusk, came a fishmonger yelling,
catch of the day cooked with much spice, there was no telling.

Swollen with the monsoon, the dark night sky,
eager to pour it down soon, still as the earth did lie.
And soon, when will I see you next, grandma would sigh,
Feeling sad, as the moment came, for another good-bye. 

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Goodbye Fall with all the auburn leaves of the reddest sunset,
goodbye crackling path where I met the last songbirds,
whose melody accompained me to winter's doors;
and with deep sadness I kept on looking back.

Welcome gloomy winter with short afternoons and long evenings;
watching the advancing shadows and loudly hearing
the furious sound of the squall rampaging the stately trees,
and making them weep when the icy rain comes down with lightining. 

Sitting in a rattling, rocking chair, I peruse through pages of sunny places afar,
forgetting the dreariness of this frigid season and be consoled by a warm fire;  
and still nostalgia abounds...thinking of the pleasant strolls of a past season,
which thrilled me with its colors, and through delight I justified my reason. 

O winter, don't linger as you always have...shorten your stay, avoid foul play; 
and could I ever stand a pale sun, hardly giving off with its luminiscence,
in this house hidden among the maples and the pines of a squalid valley?
Old winter, don't mislead me with days without snow...that's utter pretense!

Goodbye explorer fedora hat keeping my dreamer's head cool, 
sparing my skin another ugly wrinkle, allowing late beauty to rule;   
goodbye iced coffee sipped from my Big Apple plastic cup,
which I bought along Fifth Avenue in a crowded, variety shop. 

Ummerciful winter, pity the desperate state I am in,
reduce the wrath of your devastation, step inside and to tell me your amazing tales...
hoping that I will write them down for everyone to read and enjoy for immortal ages;
relentless winter, reduce the dreariness of this frigid season.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Perpetual Devotion

For every drop of rain that falls
From the heavens far above
A little flower bursts forth with life
A testament to eternal love

It's a symbol of perpetual devotion
A tribute to that age old appeal
In the very truest sense of belonging
Each day the signs are revealed

Amazing, a word that's often used
To try to describe this evolution
The way of life since time first began
The supreme consummate solution

For every drop of rain that falls
The world is refreshed and renewed
A rainbow of glorious profusion
Giving earth its colourful hue

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Dew Decorate Me

I have the want but not the means
To cry, and so I let the trees
Well up for me, then shiver down
A thousand jewels for a tear soaked crown.

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Riding a bike can actually be a lot of fun
I used to ride mine with my friend named Michael
The following question may be considered a pun
But doesn’t a girl who has two periods a month have a bi-cycle?
                     © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE…~free cee!~

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Tiny little weasel,
Sneaking 'round the house,
Searching for a midnight snack,
A chick, a kit or mouse.

Crafty little rascal,
Scurries here and there,
Must find enough to feed the brood,
A bird, a pup or hare.

Nocturnal little scavenger,
Omnivorous opportunist,
Relentless once he spots his prey,
A formidable impugnist.

Cute little weasel,
Can be really sweet.
Cut the little guy some slack,
We all have got to eat.

                                Judy Ball

Just make sure your pets and live stock are well protected.

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Farewell, Dear Nightbird ( Cowritten with Carolyn Devonshire )

You were but three inches tall that day
When I heard you cry and ran outside
To stand between you, my beloved owl
And a swooping hawk, wings three-feet wide
          Little me, new born owl of the night
          Staying in my wooded habitat
          Being brave enough to venture out
          Golly, Ollie, thinking what was that
Each night you have serenaded me
But today I bring sad news, sweet friend
I must move away and leave you here
Our life together's about to end
          To part, but in different places
          The lovely times we shared together
          This so sad Barn Owl and his neighbour
          We two birds will always be tethered

And when the moon overcomes the sun
I'll listen for your cries o'er the waves
Your gentle croon brought peace and comfort
It's a memory my heart will save

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Getting Out

A walk in the park on a cool summer morning Refreshing as all “get out” Those last two words actually do say it all “Getting out” is what's life's all about If we're stuck in front of a keyboard all day We miss the glories of nature The smells, the sunshine, the cool summer breeze The first crisp snow of December Old Mother Nature in her multitude of pleasures Never fails to impress us each day No other feeling is quite so intense As the smell of some new mown hay What I'm saying is this plain and simple Be thankful for every day given Eventually the pleasures you once experienced Will vanish as onward we're driven A walk in the park on a cool summer morning Refreshing as all “get out” © Jack Ellison 2013

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Nightlight Blue

The parched, cracked earth receives the rain
into a billion hungry mouths;
she suckles at the sky’s wet breast
swaddled in cloud-gray gauzy blouse.

Sweet budding grasses nod and sway;
infant creatures babble and croon,
as Mother Nature tucks all in
‘neath nightlight-blue lullaby moon.

July 19, 2014

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Swan song

black briony,
sleep well,my flower..
'til Spring,will be

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Winter Solace

Snow outside has mounded high.
But I am here with you.
Cozy, cuddled, we two sigh.
The silver sky, now, blue.

Hot chocolate steams in each cup.
Your breath streams on my brow.
Two as one are lifted up.
Embraced by love’s endow.

Winter solace feels my heart.
Outside fawns loose their spots.
Spring shall bring a brand new start.
For now, happy teapots.

© November 6, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Write me a Happy Poem 	
Sponsored by: Francine Roberts

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Calming My Fears

A rail of secrets and hidden spells
With footsteps grind on lowland's farm,
Where staring owls cannot foretell,
How near I'll be from deep woods' harm.

And as I stop with eyes quite torn
Through black of night's uncertainty,
Scales the breath to wait for fresh dawn
Erasing fears 'neath the wise tree.

Trail of light descends on relay
Hovering on boughs, so serene,
Leaves plucking tunes of evening’s play
Night blessing my gray doubts , I dream.

Kissed by prayers bringing fresh hope,
The moon rises as flowers swell
While birds await starlight's approach
And hours rest where my new joy dwells.

Contest-- Not Just Any Old Quatrain
For Kelly Deschler

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I knew I loved you    the very day we met

our God and Father showed me            a heart I’ll not forget

it doesn’t matter   how far        you are            away

my words  will always       my thoughts of you betray


I have plunged into your thoughts    like a pail within a well

dived within their depths                  where your realities do dwell

if I had not these things     in you ever seen

no love from me               would I you ever bring


I’ll never support injustice            or those unmerciful and mean

the things that engage me     the qualities of our King

to hold the scepter                   one must fulfill imperial Law

not written in stone     but upon the hearts its draw


Ever am I aware                  of my need for you

a character so solid     whose strength can see me through

to remain with me                 you must learn the paths of Truth

ever seek Jahs guidence                      leave the errors of your youth


Did you not know     that I would be sent to you

or believe the answer             to your prayer was true

I confess I never thought             to find any who

would hold onto my heart        in the way you do


God will never let you near me         till you understand the cost

to resurrect a true love           from your former life be crossed

exclusive devotion in unity            and a bond of one

to glory in each other               like our Father and his Son


You are outstanding          no man I know compares to you

there is acuity in                   everything that you pursue

a self awareness              that the majority have lost

but that pursuit of itself                    has had its own cost


I want to tell you I love you                  and will never part

want you by my side          not just living in my heart

I shall never find                           another who is the like of you

the gems within your heart                they are what me drew


Awake Awake oh sleeper                  dreaming in the dust

you must die to hatred        rise in Love you must

there is a price for True Love             most here not willing to pay

so they settle for just  anything      that gets them through the day


How many tears           alone have you cried

the feelings you do           not share             but hide

kept the suffering          and afflictions       untouched inside

left to yourself         because your trust had died


I offered you this gift                 but you turned me away

but it is still remaining       like the light of day

it was made just for you           thats where it does belong

to deny something so precious             is not just but wrong


But this is how we grew up       the World in which we live

dedicated to the pursuit of self   from ones heart don’t give

like Christ we keep on waiting              for you to return our Love

there is no greater Gift in Life                  a present from above



source: Life and the Song of Solomon

and the Words of Christ Jesus



COPYRIGHT © 2011 C Michael Miller

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Officinale Taraxacum

Officinale taraxacum,
the plain and simple dandelion,
If I said that most adore her,
brother, I'd be lyin'!

In garden plots and flower beds,
twixt paving stones, they flourish,
a boon to some, a pest to some
who wish that they would perish!

In her defense I must applaud
with great exhilaration,
the determined way she grows,
her quick proliferation!
If you favour wine or jam
this yellow bloom's for you,
its leafy greens are great for salads,
and it helps your liver, too!

The dandelion is here to stay,
and stay, and stay, indeed;
some don't mind its yellow crop,
to others, it's A WEED!

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The entire island of Manhattan is being swiftly raptured
by a heavenly force, the Harbor is badly shaken...
it seems that Judgement Day has come as prophesied;
there Lady Liberty still holds her torch, before it's gone!

If this vision is true fiction, how awful the real event will be
with Lady Blind Justice and Lady Fairness with a set of scales;
they are standing on the terrestrial globe to warn the stubborn Human race,
which has contributed to this state of chaos...defiling morality and honesty! 

So terrified are the seagulls that called this haven their home, a real bliss;
the Big Apple's greatness has vanished from everything else;
Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the ocean, Manhattan's wealth 
is taken back by the Almighty to punish the evil ones, and reward the just!

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's contest, " Phoenix Rising "

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When we become happy,
we laugh
And if we are sad,
we cry

Everyone says that,
the moon is very high
but only can reach,
there a brave guy

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Stands of infinite beauty
Shimmering in the light
Slim, silvery lines of silk
Stretching wall to wall

As delicate as a child's breath
As strong as silver steel
A home held in open air
A beautiful killing ground

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It can be gloomy as winter's dreariness...
when nothing else glistens but cold snow;
and it can be as mysterious as summers' nights...
when the crickets are heard from a dark lawn.

Come out and see the many images of the pale moon,
which changes its shape on certain months, or days of the year:
full moon, half moon and three quarter of a moon
still captivate us more than any other planet distant and clear. 

Who hasn't heard legends about this mysterious planet not so cheery?
In Medieval Times, it seemed to have magical powers so solicitous;
and to whom it was so leery...if not to a saint exalting God only?
Poets of this age...wonder how it turns lovers passionate and amorous! 

I have contemplated with admiration the many images of the pale moon
for almost a lifetime: from my hilarious childhood to my hermetic manhood,  
and it hasn't broken its incantation, or changed a bit in color and even mood;
if I could reach it, I'd transform it into a garden of loveliness as anyone should.   

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Second creation of delicate flesh,
lured by the Serpent's astuteness,
why did you promptly reach for that apple
and invited me to taste it and eat it all?

Linda, didn't God warn you to keep away from that tree?
Woman, once so sinless, beautiful and full of liberty:
you brought ruin to our sun-illuminated Paradise;
now storms rage and meadows are stripped of all flowers.

Our Creator took a rib from my body with good intention,
to give you life and companionship, and make you my possession:
bearing from your womb many children...multiplying in due time,
but His plan couldn't be brought to completion with a cunning lie.

Because of you disobedience and my weakness to swiftly accept, 
we are eternally punished to roam our earth without finding soothing rest;
and the eternal curse will hinder us from being happy and being protected,  
and with hot sweat, plowing the hard soil, I must earn our bread.

Dedicated to Marilyn for her beautiful heart and gentle soul.

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Spent time enough      upon this road
to know the things       I think are gold
don't give a hoot         bout wealth or fame
if you're famous          and made a name

My life's simple           have my own dreams
my own pursuits         and my own leans
but these are those     that let me see
what lies in you           your own beauty

I understand               what you've been through
though life's unique     but similar too
you own your joy        as I do mine
its ups and downs       the unsublime

I've experienced life    and all it's dirt
our ecstasies              of all our hurt
foolish man said         I crossed the line
I wasn't worth            his thought or time

Forgive me now         should I not see
all the meaning          your life needs be
sometimes I'm bound in my own thought
to remember             what life has taught

That I glory               in what is you
individuality               it's what we do 
I've shed my tears      and held your hand
same under stars       the same earth stand

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

 Psalm 62
9 Surely the lowborn are but a breath,
the highborn are but a lie.
If weighed on a balance, they are nothing;
together they are only a breath.
10 Do not trust in extortion
or put vain hope in stolen goods;
though your riches increase,
do not set your heart on them.
11 One thing God has spoken,
two things I have heard:
“Power belongs to you, God,
12 and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”

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The Snow-Shower

The sky is scattered and fallen down,
The earth is no more brown,
Winter has bidden goodbye to the fall,
Snow flakes have woven the white gown.
Very soon they have started to crawl,
On the bare trees standing tall,
With Christmas trees, when they abide
Each looked like a cotton candy ball.

With stored food, having feasted inside,
In their nests, the squirrels like to hide.
Sun is too mild to spread the warmth,
Earth is dressed like a wedding bride

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The Sun

The sun shall shine after the rain.
Drying all tears, erasing the pain.
It shall heal all the wounds inside.
Show the way, the light it provides.

The sun allows all things to grow,
Providing light so beauty can show.
All you need do is look all around.
In every corner beauty is found.

It graces the horizon chasing away night.
Reducing the shadows while increasing sight.
It brings forth life to our entire world,
In its light the beauty is unfurled.

The sun brings warmth I feel in my soul.
When it shines down I feel quite whole.
It warms the ground, the sand under my feet.
It warms the waters making swimming a treat.

When it shines down, light it bestows
When it does set the colors explode.
I close my eyes and dream of the sun.
I draw from the strength, join in the fun.

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Full of bloom and color, sun full overhead
Face turned skyward embrace nature’s gift
Long days of bounty, endless joy of which we read
Heedless, careless, forgetful of the cold dark rift

No thought of seasons extending beyond the sun
Prepare not, time has no bearing, no dominion here
No one to tell us of things that must be done
Too late we realize, the shadow season so near


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Melody Rules

The eastern horizon striped red and blue
A crispness lingers from the night's cool
Early morn, shrubs and grass sprinkles with dew
A Mockingbird's clear notes' melody rules

A single loud cricket chirps a chorus
There is a peaceful feel to the porch's scene
No sirens, bombs, wars, causing a loud fuss
There is a time and quiet to softly dream

If only man's internal being's peace
Matched the scene of early morn's repose 
Life as a whole from wars would then cease
More symphonies from man would be composed 

Sponsor: Kelly Deschler
Contest: Not Just Any Old Quatrain
Written: July 09-10, 2014

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Into the fog

I awake today not knowing where to go
Destination unknown hope is all I know,
Fog so thick you can cut it with a knife
Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I drive it’s like flying through a cloud
With broken wings flight is still allowed.
I can’t see where I’m going or where I’ve been
I don’t know where to start I simply begin.

Cars in front of me vanish like ghosts
Vanishing tail lights the direction they post.
I cannot see ten feet in front of my face
It’s like traveling through time and space.

After a while the sun shines through
Revealing a sky that is clear and blue.
It reminds me of journeys made through the night
From out of this blindness comes the dawn of light.

I finally arrive at my new destination
I seem to arrive within my calculation.
Into the fog and then out the other side
A journey towards vision is simply implied.

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The Rolling River

The Rolling River
Dr. James E. Martin
©March, 2014

The river rolls on, with deafening sounds,
with each roaring move the noise abounds.
The children watch with fears of their own
With deafening sounds, the river rolls on.

Fishermen stay late with determination new
as  the mist on  their foreheads gently spew.
They seem to not care that it is getting late
With determination new fishermen stay late.

Back at the house a partner does wait, 
aware that it is now getting late.
Now not such a cheery spouse,
A partner does wait back at the house.

It’s been a long day, filled with fun,
enjoying the river in the summer sun.
Longing to there forever stay,
Filled with fun, it’s been a long day.

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He's of a bright yellow and auburn color,
and Autumn leaves match his feathers well;
what a gorgeous canary stands on my window-sill...
and I call him the friendliest, most talented warbler!

Next door, there are heartless and crazy boys who harm birds
by using slings and stones to bring them down,
and then watch them die by inflicting more pain;
that's so cruel, don't ever do it to another canary, rascals!

Kids, don't kill my bird...he's a useful animal
with the biggest heart in the Fauna's kingdom,
if he ever died, I would be confined to dreary boredom!
Let him live, so that I can continue living through the Fall!

He comes to visit me hardly flipping his wings so fragile,
and he surprises me sometimes, while I play at the piano so carried away
by the notes that himself sings for me in a triad chord so simple;
would you want to hear him sing that melody...are you listening to me?

Birds are put in cages, if they were wild animals like lions and tigers,
but they are the beautiful and gentle creatures of the Wild and they run from hunters,
not from bird-watchers...and you say,"They aren't intelligent or wise!"
Watch them in their habitat:  you'll learn to adore them, and love them for life!

Kids, don't kill my bird...he has caring parents like those in a loving family,
I rescued him from a forest's trap...his legs were caught and they bled;
I took him home and gave him first aid, and he miraculously survived!
Did God send this bird to test me how compassionate I would be?

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Spring has a color all her own,
She's no particular hue.
She comes in many happy shades,
In a variety of hues.

Waking slowly from Winter's sleep,
She twinkles in melting snow.
Stretching her fingers toward the sun,
She welcomes the warmth and glows.

She dances merrily in golden rays,
She sparkles on the water.
She glistens in the morning dew,
All Nature is her altar;

Where she offers happily,
A rainbow of glorious color,
Singing sweetly through the wood,
Joined by her sisters and brothers;

The new born creatures living there,
Come out to have first look,
At all the colors of the world,
The trees, the sky, the brook.

What color best describes this nymph?
What shade is she, what hue?
What shade indeed, I cannot say,
What color, say, is "New"?
                                                  Judy Ball

For contest Color My World  by Nette Onclaud

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The Sum

The sum is much greater than just its parts.
More than a thought it grows in your heart.
I look at all these pieces that make up me.
When they join together, beauty you see.

I look across a field and see many trees.
Upon a closer look, grass and a river I see.
They all present beauty when they are apart.
But put together, they are a painting in my heart.

I look up and see the grandness of the sky.
My imagination grows wings like birds fly.
There also is the sun along with the clouds
When put together the picture it allows.

It all seems to change as I head toward night.
The sun explodes in colors, the sun still shining bright.
Darkness soon approaches the stars and moon in sight.
It paints a picture of peace and everything is alright.

As we journey through night it shall start over again
The sun greets the horizon much like a good old friend.
The light shines downward, revealing each and every part.
 When they join together, they are a painting in my heart.

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Pure Tones Resonate

Tiny bar percussion instrument, I am in awed.
I rhythmically stroke my thumbs across your tines,
My soul floats upon your notes; my heart applauds.
Tensions and sorrow float away; your music unbinds.

It seems natural to hold you in my hands.
Your inharmonic overtones, to some, may seem odd.
Sweet dissonances lull me like no marching bands.
Simple reverberations discover my inner-self's facade.

I love to hear your pure tones resonate, floating.
Upon the breeze, contrasting sounds drift away.
Trickling timbre, like a bubbling brook…naturally calming.
Together, we become one with nature, joys stay.

Dreams drift to forever where fantasies thrive.
When you are in my hand, my soul soars.
I become ecstatically thrilled to be alive!
Awakened by the freedom your music implores.

INSTRUMENT:  Thumb Piano A.K.A. Kalimba

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
October 29, 2011

Poetry Soup Member Contest: >>> SOUND MADNESS <<< 
Sponsored by: Nette Onclaud

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From a mountain's peak,
to a very picturesque valley below,
these cold and sprightly waters flow...
watching the gyrfalcon cool off his beak.

River, don't stop your flow anytime,
let me admire how you glisten...
running down the snowy inclines;
hearing the croaking sound of a raven. 
Further down you plunge into ravines,
and less forcelful than a waterfall,
you splash on rocks and wildflowers...
raring in the manner of a rascal.

No vigilant eagles, or dozing marabous amid stalks,
are found as you approach vast grasslands,
but the ocean is very far and doubts arise;
o river, keep on flowing towards those serene skies!

From a mountain's peak with graceful glee,
you gurgle in flowless rhythm without mistake,
satisfying my dry palate in a dire state;
o river, flow like the blood that sustains me!
Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Diversity of the Elements

Standing upon it without thought passing each day,
Our terrain serves our continuity, preserving sway.
Preparing spectacular topography to which display.
Characteristics of different hue, glorious and gray,

Whispering air flows throughout the world in peace.
Silently it moves at times, often seeming to cease.
Constantly circulating in every aspect of its lease,
Violent it may become with a destructive release.

Spontaneous combustion, never proven to be,
Powers of the flame, necessity for you and me,
Discovery of fire was easy, produced heavenly.
Captivity, tricky of this beast, fire was born free.

So much abundantly occupying our spaces so near,
Producing different cultural life, to enjoy and fear.
Securing borders for explorers to travel our sphere.
Our closest boundary, but not, our final frontier,

One irrigates land, one separates flowingly diverse.
One feeds the source, only as fuel to burn, intersperse.

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Vistas Guest

Across the desolation it roams so free.
What lays beneath hidden from sight.
From swirls it surrounds nature’s track.
Sometimes lazily or swift might.

Life needs this entity to carry onward
Nature requires its nurturing style.
Its beauty overwhelms landscapes.
Such flowing wonders which does beguile.

Each tributary has its direction to go.
Whether its course is north, south, east, or west,
Streaming, curving, and with elegance it provides.
I muse upon countryside’s scenic guest.

written for
Sponsor Barbara Gorelick 
Contest Name A River Runs Through It 

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Ribbons of light rained down tonight,
From a moonless, inky sky.
So bright they were as they blew about,
So near and yet so high.

I watched transfixed in wonderment,
As they twisted and billowed out,
And wondered at their merriment,
As they glowed and danced about.

I'm stricken by mystical beauty,
As they writhe across the sky;
Twisting, turning, shooting, churning,
As through the night they fly.

They seem to be a living thing,
At play in the midnight blue;
In a cabalistic ocean,
Of deepest, darkest hue;

Bringing out their colors,
Like a rainbow come alive,
And I'm so blessed to see them,
As they bend and twist and dive.

The wonders of God's handiwork,
Nature at it's best,
Is shown to me when we're alone,
And I'm My Maker's guest.

                                      Judy Ball

"Then God said, 'Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years."
                                                                                                   Genesis 1:14

                                          And It Was So.

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Aromatic Scents Drift

Aromatic scents drift in the summer air
Sounds of nature resonate, with us she kindly shares
Naked to bare we are under cotton wool fluffy clouds
Tranquillity surrounds us so, deafened by it's loud

Scented Lavender Rose I pour onto my hands
This afternoon we lie, was always in our plans
Upon her bare I lay, fingers playing massaging soothe
Plying across her undulating curves, tanned delightful smooth

Astride bareback to shoulders, gently I lean into say
My darling under natures skies being with you on this day
Alternating currents sporadically enduce our souls
In time we will declare our intimate of goals

Slip sliding down her body, with adventure in my eyes
Her beauty captures my heart, as she echoes with my sighs
Naked to bare we are under cotton wool fluffy clouds
Tranquillity absorbs us, each other we gown as shrouds

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Much Maligned Dandelion

Those poor much maligned dandelions
Always trying their very best
To be loved and cherished like other blossoms
Happiness is all they request

But for some strange reason unknown to man
They're the scourge of every lawn
Like you and me they just want to be wanted
Like a graceful, elegant swan

To be carried on the arm of a blushing bride
As part of her lovely bouquet
A congregation overcome with their beauty
A part of that memorable day

Those poor much maligned dandelions
Forever being sprayed and dug up
Then thrown away like some discarded weed
Not coveted like the sweet buttercup

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The Flow of our Tides

The flow of our tides
Are a marvel to me
They lap the shores and the banks
From either our rivers or seas

Their crests beat down
In thunderous boom
Yet they can lap so gently
Like a quite Sunday afternoon

It is so hard to believe
That a distant satellite
Delivers a timely wave
That's always so right

This power of nature
Pounds and graces our coasts
But you have to hold your glass up
To nature and toast

Because the flow of the tides
Are a marvel to me
No matter where we have settled
They will always break free

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Ode to the Sea

Are there words to tell,
The beauty that you hold within?
The mystery upon every swell,.
Where God had life begin.

Feeding  multitudes with your bounty;
Man existence depends on you.
So giving  of your endless plenty;
Beneath your waves of blue.

The mysteries you  hold 
Are to man a constantly calling.
Will your story ever be told;
Or are our methods too appalling? 

You deserve our endless gratitude,
For all you have provided.
You play a beautiful etude,
Of which God’s elegant hand has guided.

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I like cheetah so much 
he is so fast
and how beautiful tail
he has in the last

Climbs quickly on a tree
his eyes bright in the night
when you see his eyes 
those seem like a light.

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Bold Entrance

I see the first few hints of fall
as corners of my yard compete
to be the first to win the gold,
in an Olympian type feat. 

My old fruit trees, still in the race
hold bounty for migrating birds.
I must survive on fallen fruit
and inspiration for my words.

As summer shouts her last hurrah
she lingers on to watch the show.
The scarlet Oak and Maple vie
to outdo each other’s vibrant glow.

Viburnums dance in autumn’s breeze
in  frenzy of delighted glee.
So proud to show their brand new dress,
they’re gaily shouting “Look at me.” 

Seducer with scarlets and golds,
a temptress with her brazen bling
with foliage answering to her call.
I wish that fall could last to spring.

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Trot Line Fishing

Back in East Texas where I grew up Folks did a whole lot of fishing I liked to fish using a trot line If catfish is what I’m wishing A trot line is a long line that’s strong Every few feet is a staging The stagings all have hooks on the end Where fish find the bait engaging The trot line is tied across a lake Hooks are baited while still daylight Chicken necks or liver are good bait Run the trot line after its night The line is run every three hours Cook hobo stew on the camp fire When you get tired, go take in a quick nap Tell stories, find the best liar We’re trying to catch big channel cats But lots of things will take the bait That’s a large part of the fun of it What comes up next, can’t hardly wait When you’re running a trot line at night Don’t paddle the boat to move it Pull the boat along, using the line Don’t get up from were you sit Check each staging as you go along Soon you will feel something jerking When a hook is empty you re-bait But still something’s down there lurking When you pull up the one that’s alive Might be a turtle, snake or ell Only pull up to see what it is Before, so you’ll know how to deal The best thing to do with some things you catch Cut the staging and let it go But when it’s a fish you want to eat You want to bring it in really slow A nice channel cat can weigh twelve pounds He has sharp fins that can damage When you bring one that size in the boat He can sometimes be hard to manage Next morning we’ll fry some for breakfast In a skillet until golden brown Serve it along with some hushpuppies A better way to fish can’t be found

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The Stare

A primate with disfigurement...

His stare, facing back at me...

A crystal he was holding...
his light ascended truthfully...

His wild cry escaped-with defiant will...

This dream no script pretend...

his judgement sorely with impale

his identity has been refused...

his freedom in deep detail...

Soon the same will fall to some...

due to cruelty and abuse...

His denial remains, 

his life locked somewhere in his truth...

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Making a Choice

As Rachel Carson warned us in her book on “Silent Spring”
We’re killing off inhabitants of Nature’s neighborhood.
The butterflies are vanishing and also birds that sing.
The poisons we have scattered are in their and our own food.

We must accept responsibility for damages we’ve done,
And change to Nature’s remedies for raising crops and flowers
If we want to see our children chasing butterflies for fun,
Without fearing for their safety during summer’s carefree hours.

I have seen my daddy long ago,  pull carrots from the ground
And after brushing off loose dirt, he’d eat it to the tail.
That was of course before we poisoned everything around
To keep fruits bite-free and shiny, when offering for sale.

I would rather have an apple from my own, old unsprayed tree
Knowing that it’s not been poisoned, just to keep it insect free.

For Brian's 1 to 14 line contest

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Sparrow Song

The winter sun stays longer now,
Now as the seasons start to turn,
Returning life beneath the snow,
The snow that held the earth’s sojourn.

A poet sits beneath a tree,
A willow tree bedecked with buds,
The buds of blooms waiting to be,
Beneath the tree, my heart now thuds.

The goddess works her magic round,
Around the earth she calls for life,
The living seeds burst in the ground
Upon the ground, the signs are rife.

The sparrow sings its mating call,
A call to love and dance again,
Once again, the earth lives for all,
And for all ends the winter’s reign.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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Leaves still clinging golden and true
after the first Autumn snowfall.
Boughs waving windy good byes to
the last of the yarrows white pall.

Fallow fields of rye long gone by
who also wave heartfelt adieu
as the wild geese cry flying by
so neatly arranged in their queues.

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The silence from thunder,
an act of God.
Where will he strike?
This way or odd.

Then there's a flash.
A still dark sky.
Quiet for moments.
My breath for a sigh.

Fresh pollen fog
falls cold on my brow.
Cool are my ear-lobes.
The ground for a sow.

Pensive and perched
I'm listening in time.
Will it come close?
Were it that I'm.

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Contest ~ "A River Runs Through It"


Speak to me O precious breeze
and ravage downward upon my side
for strength I gain along emerald trees                      
as love tumble onward in summer pride 

For a dream has dawned with coming day 
and purity is held within my hand
thine gift shine bright upon thee lay
caressing gift upon the land


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like wildfire

like gossip, love's epidemiology
causal, a vector rampant spreading
has another uncontrolled physiology
a loving caring directional heading

love can't grow in a Petri dish
unless you're an amoeba or other cell
if agape's agar to feed, would wish
then i'd suppose it could, as well

diseased with affection and devotion
the prognosis a fortunate telling
incurable in time, your love's emotion
opportunistic transmission compelling

we could seclude with quarantine
but why would we want to isolate
and keep inside of what i mean
an infective germ so obviously great

to catch a love disease, not so good
on some picnic blanket by river of love
as catching love to be, could, would
with your desire of desires, free of

animosity for all of sentient beings
to less thinking with other leanings
hard to be unaffected when all around
everyone, everything is happily bound

one to another and each bound to all
devotedly catching incurable contagion
laughing 'til crying and having a ball
loving each other, and all civilization

what a lovely way we could live life
if we could forgive and forget our ire
without avarice, worry, or greedy strife
just let the love spread like wildfire

© Goode Guy 2011-06-21 

hit me with your best shot... ;-)

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Appalachian Trail-first bear episode

The Appalachian Trail is quite a long path.
Not many can go the whole way.
For those not content to do the math
It’s five million strides, so they say.

Most hikers elect to go part of the way.
A distance which can be done rather fast.
They usually walk less than a day.
An unusual and do-able week end task.

Ball teams love it to get into shape.
Boy scouts earn badges that way.
Others just want to view the landscape,
In an “up close” and personal way.

I once took my scouts to hike the trail.
We seven averaged twelve miles each day.
Six days without TV, Radio, or Mail
Newfound Gap to Fontana ... a long way.

We walked along beautiful ridges and peaks.
The view was ten miles more or less.
We walked along bottoms and followed the creeks.
Lined with fern, willow, moss and water cress.

We walked along hog wallows... smelling rank.
And many clearings filled with wild flowers.
We trekked many a long rocky bank,
Which took minutes which seemed like hours.

The buildings provided, to shelter and protect,
Are crude beyond normal expectation.
Twelve bunks inside and fireplace...I suspect.
Less for cooking than warmth and ventilation. 

Three sides and a chain link fence with gate.
Ropes to tie shut and keep critters back.
All except the mice, chip monk and snake.
They were the real owners of the Adirondack.

At one such place we retired for the night.
Woken at midnight by shouts and lights aglow.
Men at the gate holding a young man upright.
He seemed bloody from head to toe.

The building full, yet no turning back.
They stumbled in along with ten more.		
Twenty-two piled into the small Adirondack
They covered the bunks and the floor.

Sixteen holes in the young man’s back.
I talked as I cleaned but he needed to vent.
He began to tell of the vicious attack,
While I painfully applied antiseptic ointment.

He was alone in his tent, eating a candy bar.
Suddenly, as the bear’s head loomed into sight,
He dove into his sleeping bag, not getting far.
The bear, ripping and biting, carried him into the night.

Some forty feet down a slope where he stopped,
He released the young man momentarily.
With all of his might, what was hanging down, he socked.
The bear, in total despair, ran but somewhat impairdly.

The young man ran back, meeting help on the way.
After that, it was as I already have said.
He was later airlifted, checked, and pronounced a-OK.
But the five hundred pound bear ended up dead

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I Found The End of Reason's Trail

I found the end of reason’s trail
Just beyond a graceful bend
The shear drop was as the limit
Of what I comprehend

Surely roaring waters lie
Beyond this cliff – an emerald sea
With the boundless depth, and soaring heights
Of high theology?

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I dream of spring

With winter upon me I start to dream of spring.
Though my senses feel numb I can’t feel anything.
I remember the sun its rays could warm the soul.
Though the cold of winter is still taking its toll.

I remember the scent of flowers clinging in the air.
Where once it was barren the grass shall grow there.
The trees begin to blossom as they come alive.
The beauty surrounds in every direction I drive.

I hear the bird singing they seem to rejoice.
The enjoyment of life seems to be the only choice.
 They gather up twigs to construct a new nest.
They work until dark and then they do rest.

The days grow much longer I see so much light.
 It seems like a beacon to guide me from night.
The sun grows strong and everything grows.
The warmth can be felt as a gentle breeze blows.

I feel my spirit grows I think I can fly.
I just spread my wings and take to the sky.
 I look down to see all the world down below
The seeds that were planted are starting to grow.

I see spring much like a return of the senses
Nature agrees, it becomes a general consensus.
The dream seem so real I can taste it in the air.
 Winter shall fade and spring senses shall fare.

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The Fox

Moonlight glistens on snow 
and he's stalking, 
slyly slinking, belly-cresting 
coverts to the coop.

Silence his canopy,
hugging the hedgerows
to safeguard his cover,
there's death in his eyes.

Silence is shattered,
the virgin white snow is blood-spattered;
no mercy is shown,
no quarter is given.

Silence settles again,
he retires, hunger sated,
he'll forage again as 
his craving dictates.

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Broken strands of opaline pearls,
dot emerald lawns as evening falls;
night lights aglow, fireflies bed down
lulled by whip-poor-wills' soothing calls.

Mother moon, her blue chair rocking,
unfolds blush blanket-clouds to wrap
wee stars in warm muffs of wonder
upon the Milky Way’s broad lap.

In nests of silky eiderdown
earth’s smallest creatures pause and sleep,
while the sun, robed in peach splendor,
pillows her head on angels’ feet.

The tranquil hush of purple evening
brushes a breeze, soothing and cool,
across the fevered brow of day,
weary of men who live as fools.

July 27, 2014

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The monster rose out of the sea,
Intent on devastation.
The wreckage it left in its wake--
Beyond imagination!

The world looks dark and dismal, now.
Heartbreak, on every hand.
A world of rubble and debris,
Where once was sun and sand.

But this night is not forever;
There will dawn a brighter day.
The Gulf Coast sun will shine again,
And drive the gloom away. 

We'll rally 'round and lend a hand,
For we're all kith and kin.
We'll work upon the fallen things,
Till they're rebuilt again. 

The human spirit will prevail.
When this tribulation's done,
This land will rise up from its ruin,
And gleam in a new day's sun. 

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A Special Place

shifting and swirling wind 
biting cold 
first light coming around the bend
illuminating each crevice and every fold 

the kind of silence that makes a sound
lone bird on a branch
snow drifts by the pound 
snow falling by happenstance 

misty mountains revealed 
herds slowly moving through the tree line 
lit by the yawning morning sun shield 
mountain mornings are one of a kind

trees coated in snow
all saplings and greenery lying doormat beneath the layers 
not till' summer will they show
held in the clutches of winter's strong grip, quiet prayers 

hips and spines hand crafted by the creator 
silent, long since frozen creeks 
views, there are none greater 
lone, stalwart peaks

silent cathedrals of glistening light
grand columns amongst the cloud caps 
granite faces of extraordinary might
white tipped tree caps 

taciturn sequoias standing tall
guarding the valleys 
and watching the glistening sprawl
among backwood alleys

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Water Drop On Lotus Leaf

Rain drops onto the lotus leaf
Build up a large rolling pearl
The breeze rocks and whirls
Non-eternity life bears grief   

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The Cloudy Sky

Rains made the nature so clean,
Shadow of clouds made it more green.
The layers of clouds darken the sky.
Sunrays are restrained to pass by.

The layers are dense and thick.
But, somewhere they are weak.
Like a poor man's torn blanket,
Cannot stop sun to peep through it.

Penetrated by a few sun-rays,
Bright lines are drawn in greys,
Like silver magical stick of a fairy
Showering boon of life and merry.

Roam your vision in the clouds.
Let your imagination come out.
Can you see a sheep or a deer?
Faces of crocodiles may appear.

It's only the cloudy sky, I must say,
You can stare with naked eyes in mid-day.
As soon as the season is not rainy,
You can't do so when sun is shiny.

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I once knew two sisters
aptly named Flora and Fauna
I coulda loved them both
for sure I was a goner

Flora was a flowery lass
pretty Fauna was easy to envy
both sisters planted kisses
on cheeks so warm and friendly

Fauna could change chromatically 
instantly from green to red
emotions turned emphatically
joy morphed to anger instead

Flora bright-colored and perfumed
smelled wondrous and made me hot
she'd float in and brighten any room
while Fauna could definitely not

animal instincts gave way you see
though both sisters lovely when bare
Fauna tasted a bit green to me 
Flora blossomed her flower to share

© Goode Guy 2011-09-08

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There is a twinkle in the Sun,
tells me I am not too far from done.
Still, I reach for the sky,
like a tree reaches for light.

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Sitting on the Beach

Sitting on the beach
I close my weary eyes
To hear the rushing waves
When they land its their goodbye

Sitting on the beach
Sounds of nature all around
Children playing in the sands
Their happiness abounds

Sitting on the beach
Soft breezes grace my face
The reeds reply with whistles
Whilst the gulls glide their space

Sitting on the beach
Enjoying the sun rays on my face
There is no better place to be
For sure this is the place

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Texas Horned Lizard

Where I grew up there’s a unique creature Has Horns everywhere, a unique feature Six inches in length and dinosaur like The horns on his head stick out like a spike They call him a “Horned Toad” where I was raised “Horney Toad” or “Horned Frog” he’s also phrased Actually he’s neither a frog nor toad A “Horned Lizard” is the proper name bestowed The horns on his body are actually scales But on his head they’re bone and hard as nails When he runs, he lifts high up off the ground A wibble-wobble run to where he’s bound We took some to a Boy Scout jamboree Traded them as pets or sold for a fee We also painted some large cockleburs Traded as porcupine eggs as it were There’re all kinds of legends about these guys Like eating hot coals, and spitting in your eyes There are fifteen species in the US The Texas Horned Lizard’s biggest and best

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No one can see the steadfast force
guiding me toward infinite peace,
an untroubled and limpid sea...
with glittering, foaming waves!

Some call it faith, I call it strength;
and somehow leads me to believe in destiny...
that the spirit cannot be broken easily
when the foundation is built on courage!

I strum my guitar and sing Alleluia, and as 
I carefully walk...I can't ever stumble
on a smooth road, where evil is not present...  
to give a sign of premonition to an ever-faithful!

I go past the pear' orchards in a remote farm,
and the pheasants sit in the golden branches;
the fruits look so succulent inviting me to taste them,
others have wished to savor such a sweetness!

A surge of sublime joy swells inside like that of songs,
and gracefully I sing them by allowing sustenance...
the steadfast force guiding me to enjoy the supreme moments
as if sighting a supernova, which will not lose its brilliance!

An oath of obedience I have made to God,
and being humble, I will honor Him repeatedly...
in all kinds of prayers and proclaim Him Lord
whose hand is the steadfast force guiding me!

Cpoyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Our wonderful planet, for millions of years,
was never this inspiring and beautiful...
until God with His skilful, perfect hands
beautified it for the first human couple.

I dispise the whipping wind, somewhat michevious and insolent,
brushing my short and dry hair as if it wanted to rapture me,
when I stand on the top of a majestic mount as the Tibet...
haven't monks lived there for centuries and endured it like me?

Volcanos can be dangerous, but also make the soil fertile when they spout flames;
making lava flow downhill towards the turpid sea, and I could retrace history...
to experience the horror that all Pompeians felt when hot ashes fell on their city,
and without a way of escape, they asphyxiated and died in unimaginable ways.       

How can we survive without water? Aren't waterfalls, springs and rivers 
the source of our existence? Imagine this Earth resembling the Moon, where no life exists...
a desolate landscape made of craters and vallies so barren and arid.  
We discovered it, but then we realized it was extremely unlivable, so we never returned.

I have amply explained the elements for our survival and co-esistence with Nature itself;
it's very important to be aware of them, although they can be as unpredictable as death.    

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Haiti: Dreams Betrayed Beneath the Sun

Haiti: Dreams Betrayed Beneath the Sun

Our “Mother Earth” has filled her graves; dread stays.
Entrapping thousands in her hungry jaws.
She quivered with her deepest rage, oh, day.
And from her belly under seas roars cause.

Spitting fire, destroying, homes; thus stealing breath.
Disaster bound its heart to tears affright.
Rescuers search the rubbles heaped with … Death.
She killed the young and old with just one bite. 

Gone; children ripped from parents while they played.
And Old folks lost in thought found not their stay.
In moments those that lived had passed away.
Now destitute, survivors to God pray.

The rich and poor together work, none tire.
Will hopes and prayers revive their stolen days?
The rescued, shocked, and dazed reap horrors’, ire.
Life lost beneath debris turns to a blaze.

The world looks on with wonder, all amazed.
Resilient, pained, some brave survivors’ fight.
For tragedy had thrust death’s dreadful phase.
But human strengths arose to face their plight.

As help from other lands aid dreams betrayed.
Reminding all who lived that we are one.
United humans, tasting dread; strength stayed.
Compassion, peace, and love beneath the sun.

© © Dane Smith-Johnsen
January 31, 2010

Poetic form: Quatrain

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The worlds beauty unfolds

I awake to commence this brand new day.
Contentment does stir like the calm in a bay
I have much on my mind with little to say
Soon I must go and be on my way.

The sun hits the horizon the red is so bold.
The air is crisp and beginning to grow cold.
I open my eyes to the beauty that unfolds,
Every player seems to have their own role.

The song birds join together in harmony,
They perform their concert just for me.
One bird flies over its colors I see.
Its beauty is a mystery as it lands in a tree.

The tree is so colorful the leaves changed overnight.
They provide a rainbow of color much to my delight.
Soon they shall fall and blow from sight.
For now everything is perfect, all is right.

All I see seems to have its own part
Contentment still grows inside my heart
Everything around me seems to join together,
Defying gravity like a floating feather.

I don’t know of the day, it doesn’t really matter.
As I take in the sights my thought start to scatter.
It seems that the puzzle is complete today.
As I see my world in a different way.

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you can write a billion lines
you can play a million songs
you can film ten-thousand hours
and never right a single wrong

you can feed a ravenous crowd
biscuits with salmon to replete
overflowing cornucopias endowed
and fill silos brimming with wheat

you can sole the bruised up feet
and clothe the bare-backed persons
warm their cupped hands and faces
never able to lighten their burden

you aim to rework humanities place
more caring now than indifferent 
so that all souls can truly embrace
but, that may not be nature's intent

hardship may in discrete analysis
be core, even to the cells of us
diversity of adversities in synopsis
her permanent grand plan nonetheless

so here's an observation for you to see
dream your dreams and make your plans
to initially carve into nature's tree
but soulfully will to restep your stance

what you think she's thinking is best
most likely ain't what's there to find
point is, that no one can truly guess
designed intents of nature's mastermind

© Goode Guy 2013-06-24

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A Most Beautiful Spring Day - Quatrain By Letters

~A Most Beautiful Spring Day~ (Quatrain By Letters) The most beautiful day has come again There's so much for us to be thankful for The butterflies & bees fly after the rain There's so many more wonderful things in store. The hummingbirds get fed from flowers The air is so very nice and mild today The spring season can bring lots of showers The children go out and some play all day. Tending the garden a nice thing to do Trees and plants all turn green and grow The sky is clear and so wonderfully blue There's much enchantment in spring and that's so! Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2012 January.25.2015
'Quatrain by Letters' is a style created by Erich J. Goller.

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                                             MOTHER NATURE
I used to sit right here complimenting Mother Nature on her handiwork
Please excuse me momentarily for I have some coffee to perk
Okay, now where was I, oh yes I was talking about nature now soiled
And damn it, my coffee over-boiled

So as I was saying I used to sit here complimenting every rose
PORTENDING Platitudes I knew they wanted to hear, like she’s the most beautiful bud that grows 
This very spot was a sanctuary for any bird who spotted a place for him to bathe and drink
They thought me, quite frankly, philanthropic, or at least that’s what I think

Squirrels used to seed the lawn with peanuts, cookies and bread
Buried for when the lion blows in lest they all be dead
Some were gregarious, some of them were shy
But I remember this one particular squirrel guy

He’d come in my lap and dare me not to think him cute
He was adorable with well stuffed cheeks to boot
I look back on those days as dream colored fantasies
Where there WAs no sickness, illness nor disease

Those squirrels no longer dig up that which let’s them live
And besides, because of carcinogens in the air I have no peanuts to give 
Birds NO LONGER TO to bathe in polluted water filled with bugs
I’m telling you man, the important thing to save is the planet and forget a losing war on f*****g drugs
            © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee~! 

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At night when all has settled down,
And things are peaceful, still,
We walk the coolness of the night,
And listen to the trill,

Of night birds as they glide o'erhead,
Or rustle in the leaves,
Hiding in the bushes,
By water's edge and trees.

Their music sweet amid the hush,
And quiet of the dark,
And I am blessed to hear it,
As it's sweetness leaves it's mark,

Upon my heart and in my soul,
As quietly I listen,
Beneath the moon and stars above,
As overhead they glisten.

As I watch them there I see,
Bright patterns in the sky,
Sparkling like diamonds,
In the darkness of the sky.

Such beauty God has wrought to ease,
The darkness with their light,
And I have come to know them,
As the jewels of the night.

                               Judy Ball

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Midnight Pearl

The moon had risen;
 The earth was aglow,
And I saw all of this from 
My bedroom window.
I thought to myself 
That a wing had unfurled,
Transforming the planet
Into a new world.

Such a marv'lous change 
Was wondrous to see,
'Twas if the dry land 
Had been changed to a sea,
And the moon looked down 
From the clouds a'swirl
Glittering silver 
Like a midnight pearl.

Tara Andre
Midnight Pearl
June 06 2012

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The passing seasons color the years,
In a kaleidoscope of colors;
Each known for color all their own,
Yet each enhances the others.

Spring comes in gentle pastel hues,
As slowly waking flowers,
Reach forth to feel the warming sun,
And drink the years first showers.

Then Summer comes upon the scene,
The garden is arrayed,
In blossoms of all size and shape,
And butterflys at play.

Then Nature changes yet again,
To the vibrant colors of Fall.
The firey yellows, reds, and orange,
Most colorful of all;

And last of all the Winter brings,
A crystal pristine scene,
As beneath cool hues of blue and white,
All Nature settles down to dream.

                                                                Judy Ball

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The warm spring rain still falls on the cherry trees,
pelting on the sodden and drooping *lavender lilies...
forming a small lake, where playful robins
bathe and fend off the thrusting, thirsty shrikes.

Soon children will come out and act dippy...
chased by wild puppies and mousy kitties
fighting over their stuffed, torn bears;
oh, there goes my peace and *tranquility!  

The *fragrant lilacs are in dire need of growth and color,
lately they haven't soaked up enough sun and raindrops:
tingeing them, allowing them to revel in their *splendor;
never denying lovers the *dulcet tones of their voices.

The tranquil skies conjure up a past *bliss,
can a poet's unrhymed words, emitted in a *whisper, go on *lilting?
He will delightfully inhale the strong perfume of the breeze *wafting!
And will he create verses with *eloquence?

Entered in Andrea Dietrich's contest,
Word Warrior Challenge: Beautiful Words

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FREE CEE please stay planted for me


Oh lady of the sun please don't leave before the spring
the time when Mother Nature shows off what she can bring
mother nature said “flowers shouldn't be for sale”
as brown and dead removed their veil

they shed their masks of coldness and snow
so that the tulips and hydrangeas may grow
flowers shouldn't be for sale but just for show
that lovers may sit in the palette of a garden so please, my dear, don't go

it's almost time for a picnic by that lake
and if it be your will my heart is yours to take
should my voice be stilled and my legs become too weak for me
if I cannot command words let Mother Nature's pride speak for me

stay until the bluebirds return to your yard of grinning green
when the garden demands it the most scintillating scene you've ever seen
please don't leave me now at the springtime's request
when the roses bloom and the soil become their cradle and their nest
   © 2012....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~


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Fishing Fun

Our fishing trips arn't fruitful,
but they're always lots of fun.
We always have a story
about losing "the big one".

Most of the time we're casting
while dad says "Watch your pole!
To be a real good fisherman
you have to play the role!"

"You can't keep reeling in your bait.
Patience is the key.
If you just stare right at the tip...
You'll get will see."

"Stop making noise!", "Stop fidgeting!"
"Who drank up all my pop???"
"Don't hit her!" and "Don't look at him!"
"This fighting's got to stop!!"

Just when we reach the fishing hole
of course you need to pee!!
Next week we'll try it all again!
It'll be fun... REALLY... You'll see!

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Lived in Tyler when I was ten And not too far from my home Was a creek in an open field I often played there alone The creek was very low one day There was a funny mud mound It made me wonder, what built it? It was a Crawdad I found Crawdads are miniature lobsters They are known by many names Crayfish, Crawfish, Crawdads, Mud Bugs These creatures are all the same I asked my Dad when I got home “How do you catch a Crawdad”? “Just tie some bacon on a string And drop it in the creek bed” In the morning, I couldn’t wait Go Crawdad fishing, what fun! Mom gave me a strip of bacon Got string and left at a run Found a deep spot, I threw it in Then I sat down on the bank Holding the string, I felt a tug I pulled it out with a yank That's not the way to fish for them When jerked they always let go If you want to land a crawdad You must pull them out real slow I got pinched by one now and then I caught a pail full that day Not knowing you can eat Crawdads I let them all crawl away

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The countless flights of noisy seagulls
seem like my days once idled away,
sitting by the ocean appeasing the relentless loneliness of my blues...
beyond that horizon, so traveled by ships, another sunset faded away.

Being brought here by destiny's hasteness,
I am unable to return to my adored land...
hinderd by unknown forces more devastating than summer's violent storms and hurricanes;
even the gentlest breeze can erase those memories still imprinted into the smooth sand. 

Springs have been short and winters last much longer, 
and only the red Lighthouse surrenders to darkness;
the gelid winds of the North batter the snow-decorated docks making the waves rise higher;
this calm harbor resembles a Norvegian fiord from where the Vikings left in small vessels.

Serenity is deeply felt, but not readily greeted as in other milder seasons,
and I can endure the harshness of any winter day with this heavy coat...
the cold and hungry beggar could use it and keep herself warm and sleep peacefully at night;
where's she? I've been sitting by the ocean, she hasn't come to melt away my frozen tears!

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The Waterfall Delights

In a highland glen through a forest of green
For years untouched it has to be seen
Giant ferns from the prehistoric age
In this place where i walk is natures stage

Clearings so lush, breath taking sights
A break of a twig as pheasants take flight
Up ahead i hear the most delightful of roars
Like a magnet so strong, draws me to explore

A spray mist, drifts through the air
As enchanted singing, lures me to there
A rocky outcrop i reach, beside waters of blue
The song being sung, notes so true

In the crisp clear waterfall, bathes a maiden so blond
I watch the waters caress her, in delightful fond
Curvaceous and slim as the cold affects
Her body ripples to the cascading effect

Through the clear her hands glide in motion
Like the gracing waves on a tranquil ocean
A symphony, of mother natures sounds
Accompany her song in this wonderful surround

Who is this maiden that i view here
In this wonderful glen, on this amazing sphere
Bathing in water that gives so much to my lands
As i wish the fluid of clear, were my hands

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The warm rays of the emerging sun
Escape from the clouds like newborn kittens,
Only to be gathered up quickly again
And by their mother clouds hidden;
And the day seems destined to  fade
Before it has had a chance to bring
Last sustenance to the longing  glade. 
She sees me and, with a smile like the morning,
Brushes aside the failing 
Of Indian summer’s last effort: 
And I know the hope of spring  - 
Like the bear and the meadow wort, 
Sleeping now and in  wait  -
Instinctively knowing that all is well, 
That by and by the clouds will abate, 
And that time will tell.

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Lightly loaded  on the branches
Filigree fingers of delicate white
God’s winter  sky-buds starry bright
Made  with frosted feather brushes

Fragile frigid  frost  creations
Graceful  lace of white - behold
Their  starry form  from mist and cold
Sugar icing decorations

All  flakes  alike  In virgin  land 
Frozen lonely  motionless 
Filled with silence and with  stillness
By pristine heaven’s cool  command 

Great  white leveller,  God’s  creation
Unique  and six-rayed cool mutation
Delightful clean white transformation  
Frozen  water’s   re-creation.

To :          Constance  -Rambling Poet -
From:       Sydney Peck
Contest:  "SNOWFLAKES"

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The front yard of my house in Tyler There stands twenty three, long needle pines A insect emerges from the ground And crawls up a tree in a straight line When growing up we called them locust But Cicada is the proper name Straight from the ground they are like big grubs These nymphs transform and don’t stay the same Climb up the tree from two to eight feet Their skin hardens, they push with all might Their back eventually splits open They emerge, dry their wings and take flight This can all happen while you’re asleep But you can see all their husks on the trees You know they’re there from the noise they make The males all seeking females to please Most of their life is spent in the ground When they take wing they live to just mate As nymphs they suck sap from the tree roots Mating done, eggs laid, death is their fate The eggs will hatch from the twigs and leaves Then before long they fall to the ground They’ll dig on down, attach to tree roots Their life cycle keeps going around

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Nature's Transform

October skies are painted pink.
Flowers form next year's seedpod.
Migrating geese stop for a drink.
Autumn leaves blanket earth's facade.

Cold nights grow long while cool days shrink.
Heaters turn on; lovers live warm.
There's time to rest, cuddle and think.
Celebrating nature's transform.

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Tepid breeze, lull me to sleep
on this grass softer than hay;
all the aches make my brittle bones weak,
they need rest, not asking my body to wander away... 

And if I fall asleep, I would like every star, spotting me.
to keep watch;  and should the owls, hiding amid the shadows
of the hickories, emit very scary and strange sounds
and fix their vicious eyes on me, angels will guard me...

No harm will come to me from those treacherous evil spirits,
and by just invoking His Holy Name, it will prevent any attack on me;
and my light can be seen from far, this light which strengthens me:
and while praying alone, I will hear the fluttering of cherubs' wings...

Tepid breeze, lull me to sleep,
and without the lovebirds' song, something must
replace that harmony when a sudden rush of fear:
slowly and uninvitingly seeps into my throbbing chest...

And would I let any noise spoil this peace,
to allow distrust lessen my courage and let hope cease?
I am endowed with  the faith of the martyrs that evil men are afraid of hearing;
come Satan, try to deceive me:  the Holy Spirit will abide with me 'till my awakening...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The seasons change

Not so long ago I stood in the sun.
Taking in the warmth and having some fun.
The days were long and the sky so blue,
The days were long yet I longed for you…

The days grow shorter the warmth is gone,
Leaves change colors winter won’t be long.
Frost glitters in the sun and melts away,
Things slowly fade that I wish could have stayed.

The wind gets colder the skies grow dark,
They rip through me sending a chill to my heart.
I look to the sky and see the birds fly away
Fall is gone and winter is on the way.

The sky opens up and the snow begins to fall.
It blankets the earth covering it all.
Still I remember what buried below,
I must wait until spring for it to show.

The sun grows stronger the winter ices melt.
As it touches my skin the warmth is felt.
Birds return singing as if to rejoice,
The rebirth of spring seems to be in their voice.

As years fly by so many seasons and change
As a new one comes, the last moves out of range.
The seasons become like stages in life
Some filled with beauty, others with strife.

Spring becomes like when you begin,
Summer is the times in the life that you win.
Autumn is like when you start to grow old.
Winter becomes tears frozen from cold.

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As We Walk

Today I pondered, what is my purpose in this ancient world
As I tread in hand with my exquisite golden haired lady
To where the cerulean sky touches the primeval sea
The lacey gown of the ancient goddess above us sprawling

I consider the ground beneath, once covered by immortal ice
Grinding the very top soil that nurtures our secret Eden
Its eventual melting, carving our concealed island home
While we walk the beach upon the bones of creatures departed

Down to the waves where the mighty eagles fish for their hatchlings
The gulls crack the inky colored muscles upon the hard stones
The clams spout fountains of water from their soft sandy abodes
Hermits scurry before us as we kneel by the water’s edge

We give thanks for all that’s been provided by the great mother
Watching the cold sea approach and retreat with constant rhythm
As we both inhale the briny salt air, watching the tall sails
Holding her soft hand, twas at that moment I knew my purpose

© Copyrights G. Jones 2008

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Worms are grisly,
quite abhorrent,
slimy, and a world apart from
style and character, I warrant.

All they do is wriggle,
wiggle to distraction,
captured by the early bird
they're skewered to inaction,

yet they aerate the soil,
help in nature's grand design,
I must print a full retraction,
they're not grisly, they're just fine.

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Spring at Avebury

Cold, grey stone in formation stand,
Old standing stones, they gathered round,
Around the magic close to hand,
Old hands that grasped the Pagan ground.

The joyous come to dance and sing,
They sing the tales the ancients told,
The stories told by bards of spring
That spring shall come end winter’s cold.

All seasons turn upon the wheel,
The wheel of life that never ends,
At winter’s end the warmth we feel,
All feeling the path springtime wends.

Form: Wreathed Quatrains

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It was there mysteriously hanging, as He 
shaped it in a perfect form as other planets...
the Romans called it Luna, and what a revered goddess was she!
Superstious souls still fear it, I stare at it with reverence!

Even before we were created,
that moon, which illuminated our dark Earth,
was believed to have mystical powers...
causing high tides and frightening all voyagers.

Luna, as magnificent as you are on a clear night,
by morning your glory will completely vanish,
and you will return with the shadows and by that bright
glow, we shouldn't be afraid but make a vivid wish.

Even before we were created,
those moonbeams softly caressed the lonely oceans...
when no human beings were sighted;
and she, the goddess Luna, ruled over eerie darkness. 

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The Blue Hole

I stood above the bottomless hole
A little way from the brim
And saw its waters, menacing, cold
Blue too when sun was dim

Away behind the Orange Grove church
Where rocks give way to swamp
A power silent at me did lurch
My sweating hands very cramp

I struggled to look away from it
The water's blue seduction
The presence of an awesome spirit
Pulling me for destruction

My father warned me I should not go
Let curiosity dry
But stories I heard tugged at me so
Father's wish I did defy

For I am Maroon too like them all
Like Reddicas who dived in
Left in spring and stayed until the fall
Grand uncle forgive my sin

For the lore told of you like sweet tropes
Each myth your legend more swell
Great seer, I bring my heart and its hopes
To learn the place where you dwell

But all I saw was picture of sky
And a blue malignant eye
A silence where no winds ever sigh
And sudden awe - I could die

They said I should hear the sea's deep call
Or the earth's belly yearning
Feel, but all there was my fear to fall
And blue hole without meaning

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Song For Spring

Snow shoaling o'er the frozen land,
biting, bitter cold; broken branches 
stretched like fingers pointing nowhere 
in particular articulate the miseries 
of winter's stranglehold. 

Spring seems a light year gone,
her gentle breath a dream, but green 
shall conquer white and overcome 
its crushing hold when the crocus 
once reveals her lovely sheen!

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A ball of orange
A pumpkin ball
Fat and round
stripes that drawl

Orange and bright
White with glow
Stem on top
Bent and frow

Skin that's speckled
Flat and cratered
Glossy, shiny
Like a gator

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Sing The Sorrow

Sing the Sorrow

Roots deeply set
firmly embracing this place
home where I belong
knowing no other

Light falls dappled 
bronze and gold, now often gray
leaves instinctively upturned receive 
the gift imbued without question

Forest opus, palette strokes of genius
changing wild, fragrant, free
from seed to mighty oak
count of endless seasons lost

Antiquity remaining as today
past present future as one
blink in the moment
few brothers remain

This place once fragrant
those who look upward
small from the forests feet
bring us to our knees

For what purpose? Vanity?
control, master of none
every blink the dream fades
with laden breath

Soft rain breathe to me
my friend, harm me now?
questions without answers
rest comes to all in time.

Stephen (Stoic)

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Summer's End

Leaves crash to earth
As summer's end
Finds us
To rebirth

Bare trees
And solitude
Of winter
Does reverse

The bright sun
But all
Lend verse

We stand
To nature's play
And freezing curse

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Listening to the Rain

Gentle rains falling with ease are welcome this day.
The wind stops then turns around the old weathervane.
Lightning flashes; thunder crashes, rolling away.
Gather in these sounds while listening to the rain.

"The Rainy Day" by Longfellow, stirs the spirit.
Reading poems by candlelight, the power nixed.
One needs to take a moment - and relax a bit.
Liquid tickles the rain gauge for an inch and six.

Do not become depressed if dark, dreary, and cold.
Sun still shines above the clouds completing this chain.
Hence it is time to shake off the drops of the old!
Pleasure in the sounds when listening to the rain.

Thick steaks grilling and sizzling over hot charcoal.
Glancing reverberations' from puddles splashing.
Both sound the same at times, a wondrous measured toll.
The bright lightning and loud thunder keep on crashing.

The power back on now, more storms are on the way.
To find comfort in dark clouds, questions if I'm sane.
I can't expect the same of you, just this to say.
Soak up those noises heard, listening to the rain.

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tongue ode

the tongue is just another muscle
gives strength to what we think
amidst life's daily hustle bustle
helps thoughts to words interlink

so the father with his mother tongue
speaks to progeny generations come
lessons learned to offspring young
good ways to live, his rule of thumb

still would wince at his tongue lashing
flinching, blinking, cowering and meek
if shouted anger from lips came flashing
'stead of old man's jokes, tongue-in-cheek

but before I become too tongue-tied 
some tongue twister squarely knotted
I'll place my tongue-in-cheek aside
to address these words I've jotted

and tell of my admiration for tongue
no forked tongue falsehood to relate
some silver tongued notes clearly sung
of glossa tongues and hooks and baits

that lovely lingual muscle hydrostat
can do things fit for moans and groans
I can hint, alluding to this and that
of things we tongue like flesh and bones

I think you'll agree with my observations
presented to you, from my mind sprung
and think of your own tasty applications
many things budding the tip of your tongue

© Goode Guy 2011-07-04

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Mrs Robin

I am looking out my window
The sky is overcast
Mrs. Robin scurries across my lawn
Oblivious to the weather forecast

They're calling for rain and thunder
But Mrs. Robin is not alarmed
Her only concern is finding worms
And protecting her babies from harm

She's happy with her simple life
Just carrying out nature's plan
We would all do well to pay attention
Good advice for our fellow man

Get back to a simpler way of life
Just be happy you're alive
Feeling the love of family and friends
It's the only way to survive

Sound like a Utopian existence?
I've been called a dreamer before
No doubt we've got to start somewhere
Before the world we know is no more

©Jack Ellison 2012

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Caught Catching Steelheads - Part 1 of 2

We spent Christmas in Camas, Washington With Aunt Lil and Uncle Carl on this run Carl owned the town’s only sporting goods store He knew local fishing; where to catch more Carl said, “Steelhead fishing is very hot” “I can rig you up; you might catch a lot” A Steelhead punch card cost so much to buy I said to Carl, “I think I’ll pass it by” Carl said, Steelhead are ocean going trout It’s Rainbow specie with lots of clout They’re born in the river; then go to sea Return back home grown; they spawn and then flee A long island lies in the Washougal Using a life raft to get there was frugal Its eighty rods before the rivers meet Paddling a boat there was no small feat With boat secure, Carl and son went fishing I only watched, from where I was sitting Saw action on shore; a guy had one on Which he played for a while, then it was gone I saw Carl when he hook one of good size The way he played the fish, was quite wise I felt the old fish bumps starting to rise When the fish broke water, I was surprised Those fish are big and their fight would be fun I knew right away, I’d have to catch one Carl landed his fish, it weighed seven pounds Got out his punch card and punched out one round I said, “I’ll fish if your offer’s still good” “We can rig you up; I knew that you would” “But you need a license before you fish” “I’ll open the store, if that’s what you wish” “Nope, I think I’ll just fish without any” Carl said, “Not wise, that could cost you plenty” “Carl, it expires by the end of the week” “Get a four day one; that works for you neat” Next day I was on the island early Fishing hard but my bait acted squirrelly Had to add some weight, so it would hit ground Then threw it up stream and let it drift down “Oh My Gosh!, I’m snagged!” I said with a frown I bet I hooked to a log on the ground I was wrong cause that log started moving Yelled, “Fish on!,” my attitude improving That fish was stripping the line from my reel He could turn sideways and rest standing still He used the current to his advantage When he made a run, I couldn’t manage Carl walked over to check on the action “Carl, he’s too big to get any traction” “And there isn’t much line left on the reel” “If he was up current it'd be ideal” (Part 1 of 2)

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A guiding light!

Prism's shining
Guiding the way 
The haunting of horns 
On lighthouse bay!

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Willow 2

Willows whisper gratitude, 
drooping branches sway, 
they augur summers of serenity 
and winters of decay.

Images of grace, gently shivering 
in rains of sweet intent, 
they burgeon like a testament 
fulfilled and immanent.

Softly ornamenting 
with their sprawls of elegance, 
they pose like seasoned lovers 
who have earned their permanence.

Sprightly dancing limbs of fancy, 
mighty yet demure, 
they signify endurance 
for those untested and unsure.

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Wild and Free

Wild and free
Amid waters of blue
Amongst lush green grasses
This equine shines through

Pale blue skies
Snows among the firs
Nature at her best
Makes you want to purr

Beautiful sights surround us
On our earthly lands
This horse so wild and free
Just as nature planned

Our generations of tomorrow
Have the right to see
What my eyes behold
That i see in front of me

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My Favorite Bugs

There was no TV, cell phones or I-Pods When I was a very young lad You found ways to entertain yourself No longer the case and it’s sad Aside from spiders, butterflies and bees Four others were favorite bugs They provided many hours of fun But I never did play with slugs The pill bugs could be fascinating When touched, they coil up in a ball They had amour plates over their backs And hundreds of legs used to crawl You will find them under rocks and wood They like it to be slightly damp When you will find there’s both big and small Living together in a camp A fire-fly is a big favorite He is known by different names Such as a glow bug or lightening bug Call it what you want, it’s the same We’d smear the glowing stuff from his tail Write out initials on our hand Half of the fun was in catching them Just seeing them glow’s really grand The ant lion is such an awesome thing Also known as an doodle bug They make little creators in the sand And never let their hole get plugged If an ant walks in the crater Chances are he’ll never get out The doodle bug flips sand up on him Then pulls him under he’s so stout A good way to catch a doodle bug Trickle sand down to the bottom When he start flipping sand from his hole He’s near, so grab and you got’um The last one of my favorite bugs, A jack worm is what I call him He lives at the bottom of a hole That’s 6 inches deep and quite slim I liked to drop a straw down his hole Before long he’ll push till it’s out His body is soft and one inch long With some hard pinchers for a snout One way I know to catch a jack worm Let him push the straw with his snout That’s when the straw is in his pinchers Now just jerk real fast and he’s out Kids now days don’t know what they’re missing Letting some device entertain They could be having fun on their own Go back to the days of Mark Twain

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Below Steely Cold Skies

Steel grey skies
Ice cold winds
Chilled waters
In freezing tinge

Mountains despondent
Below gloomy clouds
Bare naked trees
No greened shroud

Cutting waters flow
Cold crystal pure
Hampered by ice
Winters contour

White crocuses brave
Winters wild
Blooming early
With their growing smile

Even the heather
Bows to the cold
Internally in shiver
Where normally bold

This winters scene
Below steely cold skies
Isn't nature amazing
How her plants survive

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Joy springs sudden and without talk
From the simplest of childish roots.
Homebound from work to metro along city walk
I saw  today on one of my regular routes,

The overgrowth of dandelions from the sun,
Very tall and reaching through the iron  fence, black and low   
Wind catching them  waving  happily  in fun,
Like little girls  all standing tall on tip-toe  

Trying to catch my attention and saying “Look at me,
Isn’t my bright yellow dress the prettiest?”
And indeed each one was  beautiful  to see  -
It was too hard to choose the loveliest . 

I felt like  god  with  these tiny saffron  Seraphim  
Looking  for   my  admiration and recognition:
For tireless, glowing, heated energetic  vim,
Jostling and  basking in my approval  of their motion. 

Sometimes a dandelion  is simply  a dandy  to a child:
And today I suddenly   felt  the meaning of  this grow.  
They were in truth all dandies,  and  I smiled  -
I smiled silently all the way home in the metro.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


This is not intended as a parody of his poem,   but  many times I’ve read of  Wordsworth’s  elation and his  feelings about his  daffodils.  Today I discovered for myself what he  felt, and it was thought-provoking.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Written 6  April  2012 and entered in 	
Lisa Hiatt ~Dark Poetess's  Contest  Where have all the flowers gone

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The Only Birds That Never Sleep

...title courtesy of Victor Hugo

Silver'd whisps, 
diaphanous, floating 'neath 
the ether, flying high like 
prophecy or prayer. 

Black forbidding masses
rumbling out their message,
jagged bolts of lightning 
rend the air.

Innocuous or deadly, 
omens to discerning eyes, 
it would behoove us all 
to heed the skies.

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Catalpa Worms

In East Texas, the Catalpa tree thrives A parasite eats its leaves to survive A Catalpa worm is black striped on green In the summer, they often strip the tree clean It’s a caterpillar when eating leaves It pupates in the ground I do believe When it emerges from where it did sink It’s a moth know as a “Catalpa Sphinx” Growing up, I called it “Catawba” worm Put one on a hook and just watch it squirm It’s known to be a “super” fishing bait I’ve used them and found they do work great They infest the tree several times a year But just Catalpa trees, let’s make that clear So prized for bait that people plant the trees As bait in winter, they’re OK to freeze Many times we used them on a trot line And for catching big catfish they worked fine They stay on the hook as their skins are tough And for catching pan fish they’re the right stuff If you’re a fisherman should try them And if they’re not local, still get the gem Check out the Internet they are “For Sale” Order them “live” or “frozen” through the mail

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pack poem

the burden of love weighs us down
and throws our spine for a curve
can't breathe a breath, might even drown
or worse, maybe just loose our nerve

to run like a ram for a highland crag
with love's lush greenery far below
with only the wind to be whispered to 
and a beautiful view of life's limbo

but, steady we can find sure footing
on the slopes of our dangerous actions
and careless comments without putting 
ourselves on sides of opposing factions

silently like a reliable pack animal
we can tote and carry that heavy load
as steadfast burrow or dromedary camel
to bare love's weight down life's road

packed in the sack or borne in the bag
love's load presses the bones that carry
yet light as the breeze flies it's flag
a burden of love can be light and very

easy to withstand, warm as your hand
grasped gently on a cool winter's night
carried strong, a load longed for and
borne together knowing love's delight

© Goode Guy 2011-09-20

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Aquatic Lady

If you could be me
As you look through my eyes
What would you see
Below our natures skies

Arching in her waters
Curves of pure delight
Cascading dark hair hangs
Complexion fresh and bright

Followers of this beauty
Grace and fly her sky
Every time she surfaces
There is going to be goodbyes

When she swims, she swims
In undulation move
So natural like her beauty
Graceful and so smooth

So if you could be me
As you look through my eyes
My aquatic lady wows
This merman can only sigh

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Early Morning Treats

The frost on the ground is glistening,
     We wake with a new today.
Water for hot coffee is whistling,
     Slowly the night melts away.

It's a special time of each new day,
    The air is clean, cool and light.
The sun has yet to blink one bright ray,
    I long for this gorgeous sight.

Auburn with purple and pinkish hues,
    Beautiful colors all blend.
Scarlet-orange with a splash of blues,
    Daybreak starts to make amends.

Dawn, the finest and the best surprise,
    Finds me tranquil and quite calm.
Early morning treats come at sunrise,
    It's now that I have no qualm.

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Velasco Riverside Park

[To the city of Freeport Texas]

Near diamond shaped
and backyard small,
a park that’s barely wider
than the trees it holds are tall. 

Where a warm gulf breeze rattles
sleeping Palm-tree leaves
composing a feral music 
filling ears with restful peace.

A gazebo just off center
beckons without words to say,
caring for its sitters
shade from a hot sun's ray.

Where I sit in noisy silence 
from cars passing by
enjoying tunes from wood birds 
like a love struck, male Magpie.

A testament to city workers
the grass there neatly mowed, 
the hedges forever trimmed
their care and hard work shows.

So I offered up a prayer 
(Interrupted by a Lark)
God grant a grace of hours here
at Velasco Riverside Park.

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floral arrangements

when the Rose dries up
and wilts at her hips
and love tilts down
and she softly quips

that she's not happy
scents of love past
her flower has died,
that love couldn't last

it could all stem from
prickly feeling thorns
reckless whisper's eardrum
some heated words sworn

that too easily slip out
from a human's proud lips
to cause a lover's doubt
and begin the apocalypse

takes nourishment to grow
attend to floral arrangements
but, should it droop into woe
an irreconcilable estrangement

know that petals are everywhere
for pistols and pollen's blossom
just water it and give it care
nourished with tender wish often

Daisy will light your sunny side
Violet's royal purples will enthuse
Jasmine's scent will softly confide
too, you'll know Iris' blues

to tell what is usually meant
of life and draws of relations
flowers are always heaven sent
a sensory celebrated jubilation

© Goode Guy 2011-10-20

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Now And Forever

Running in
But running out
Things we hardly
Talk about

Do we make it
Through this mess
Are we breathing
At the best

What to call
The state we're in
Sometimes love
Sometimes sin

Will it be said
We did our best
Is the table
Ever blessed

Are there those
Who will attest
We ran the race
And passed the test

Now is God's
Time ever giving
Do we stop
And trust the living

Only time
Can say the end
Here and now
I must depend

Run the gambit
Ever hoping
Human race
and God eloping

This the end
Of earthly know
Left behind
No life bestow

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waxing poetica

the moon is made of lovers' wishes
Gorgonzola, and other dishes
heard knighted lines of ardent passion
of tears and wars of lusted action

fallen harvest moon shines emphatically
a golden cornucopia spilled chromatically
dancing fires with nights painted pagan
and gifted artistic jilted lovers beggin'

timelessly written in songs and tomes
those emotive thoughts we've come upon
matters not whether orb is woman or man
it touches us celestially like no other can

call her she, or the man-in-the-moon
beginnings wrap to endings all too soon
her light, like a lover's love waning
your pull on her, has gone, abstaining

yet new he comes 'round in the night
dark and mysterious a shadow of light
and more look up with wonder and lust
under earthly moon all cratered and dust

canines in deserts howl their approval
lone wolf on mesa or in packs communal
eclipsing all that the earth can give
it pulls oceans of emotions that we live

whether I'm mental or merely sentimental
some core of lunar moonin' is elemental
and moves me in arcs of sorrow and elation
soulfully to cry with ecstatic damnation

pulled nearer in mind to phased lunacy
by the gravity of the moon you see
whatever it means for all the fuss
this moon surely has a pull on us

© Goode Guy 2011-09-13

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Now And Forever

Running in
But running out
Things we hardly
Talk about

Do we make it
Through this mess
Are we breathing
At the best

What to call
The state we're in
Sometimes love
Sometimes sin

Will it be said
We did our best
Is the table
Ever blessed

Are there those
Who will attest
We ran the race
And passed the test

Now is God's
Time ever giving
Do we stop
And trust the living

Only time
Can say the end
Here and now
I must depend

Run the gambit
Ever hoping
Human race
and God eloping

This the end
Of earthly know
Left behind
No life bestow

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Clouds are like dreams

The clouds are like dreams just passing by.
Coming then going leaving behind blue sky.
They float through the air and then disappear
The dark ones are filled with angel’s tears.

Some are so big you can’t see the top.
Their home is the sky that never stops.
Friends with the sun they provide it with rest.
Like the tops of a wave as it starts to crest.

I try to imagine what it would be like
Floating a while then vanishing from sight.
Up so high that you can only see down,
Having no course to which you are bound.

No two the same, different shapes and size.
They provide shade and keep the sun from my eyes.
Sometimes you can look up and not see a single one.
Other times they are continuous blocking out the sun.

I wonder of what is and where the clouds go,
Will they drift away as the wind begins to blow?
I look up at the sky and see they are a part
Clouds are like the dreams I hold in my heart.

Clouds are like dreams some come true.
Once you realize nothing else will do.
They become colorful just before night.
Some days there are none not any in sight.

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Rain is more than a blessing,
watch it from a window pouring...
birds take a long bath as little springs form;
and kids run outside to get wet and dance in the storm.

Rain is good for every tree, pant and flower,
and on them we daily rely for food and adornment...
plenty of showers in warm spring, thunders in scorching summer;
the happy eyes of farmers love to see it fall on fields for a bountful harvest.

Without rain the earth would be a huge desert,
no plant life would survive in arid soil and the cattle
on prairies would aimlessly roam to find a river for their thirst, 
many will die and the cowboys without their wild horses wouldn't be so festal.

Rain is a source of wealth and more than a blessing, it promises
pretty roses in bloom, abundant fruits on trees and wheat with golden kernels
in the fileds, where those stuffed scarecrows protect them from very hungry ravens;
imagine life without rainfalls, it'll resemble the somber moon with dry valleys and canyons.

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Fire Ants

Worked on the “Apollo/Saturn” project Took me to New Orleans for nine plus years An ant invaded there, couldn’t be checked Learned that a Fire Ant is one to be feared In the thirty’s they entered the US From South America, their native home In the soil from a ship’s ballast, they guess Colonies thrive where ever they roam Small animals are killed by their attack Most ants bite and spray acid on the wound They bite and inject venom from a sack The pain doesn’t stop hurting very soon They just seemed to show up over night Found them when I heard my daughter scream She must have had twenty different bites For over an hour, pain was extreme Looks like they’re going to spread everywhere Haven’t found a way to eradicate If they’re in your area, be aware If you don’t want bad pain to be your fate

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My Roll Top Desk

My desk is made of solid oak
It’s forty-two inches wide
The top is made with many slats
Up and down, they can slide

For certain is a real antique
Of a hundred years or more
Old Trader Joe got it for me
Right off the “Odd Fellows” floor

My wife and I sanded it smooth
After we had stripped it clean
Applied and rubbed the finish in
You wouldn’t believe the sheen

My desk is such a beauty
No other could please me more
It has a lifetime of memories
I keep inside the drawers

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                                             MOTHER NATURE
I used to sit right here complimenting Mother Nature on her handiwork
Please excuse me momentarily for I have some coffee to perk
Okay, now where was I, oh yes I was talking about nature now soiled
And damn it, my coffee over-boiled

So as I was saying I used to sit here complimenting every rose
Platitudes I knew they wanted to hear, like she’s the most beautiful bud that grows 
This very spot was a sanctuary for any bird who spotted a place for him to bathe and drink
They thought me, quite frankly, philanthropic, or at least that’s what I think

Squirrels used to seed the lawn with peanuts, cookies and bread
Buried for when the lion blows in lest they all be dead
Some were gregarious, some of them were shy
But I remember this one particular squirrel I named “Guy”

He’d come in my lap and dare me not to think him cute
He was adorable with well stuffed cheeks to boot
I look back on those days as dream colored fantasies
Where there is no sickness, illness nor disease

Those squirrels no longer dig up that which let’s them live
And besides, because of carcinogens in the air I have no peanuts to give 
But birds to bathe in polluted water filled with bugs
I’m telling you man, the important thing to save is the planet and forget a losing war on f*****g drugs
            © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee~! 

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stonewashed song

dragging in denim notes 
through a tide-pool creek
laughing lyrics bubbling on
wearing wet my mystique

dragging those blue chords
rinsed in aqua and stone
awash, panting, melodic remember
eight bars rockin' overblown

smokin' blues, roachin' rhythm
trilling trumpet tonin' notes
words sung growling aphorism
textiled chords from our throats

riffs cascade rock and fall
pants and moans fit real tight
cottonin' tactile harmonies enthral
glissando down jus' feels alright

singing chorus warbled lines
don't matter to know the words
stonewashed song feelin' fine
bright sun-dried waterworks

© Goode Guy 2011-11-27

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Today was different
It was as nice as could be
I saw soft, white, little flakes
On a bare little tree
The wind was blowing
And the leaves...they were to
I was freezing, walking in that wind
Weren't you too
I felt that same wind
Rushing through my skin
Wondering why, today
Why must it begin
Twenty-one days 
After my b- day
I never knew it
Would end this way
Thinking about
The days in my past
I know that forever
They will last
Just like today
Remembering the snow
Just hoping to God
I wont let it go

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flowers are for living

see the roses, red and white
see the glads, serene and noble
the bouqueted mums, radiant and bright
see the orchids, beautifully boastful

smell the scents for all intents
pulling our memory back in time
remembering joys from past events
family and friends, the days sublime

petals soften life's hard terms
the leaves greening up the day
the pollen sits on stamen's tips
reminding, life carries on, what may

flowers are for the living
from the wellspring of existence
remembered, even in our grieving
blooming our hearts to reminiscence

© Goode Guy 2011-12-13

for a dear friend

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The Peril of Trees

Up in his branches?
Down in his toes?
Where's his brain hidin'?
Nobody knows.

You cut him, he bleeds
You chop him, he dies
You burn him, he crumbles
You tease him, he cries.

Whatever would cause you
to laugh at a tree?
Do you know he could mush you,
Insignificant flea?

Perhaps he can't run,
Perhaps he can't walk,
Perhaps he can't sing,
Perhaps he can't talk.

But he hears all you say,
And he sees all you do,
And it angers him greatly,
To be laughed at by you.

You may think he's funny,
You may think he's cute,
You may think he's ugly
And stupid to boot.

But that is no reason
To doubt its not true.
In more ways than one
He's exactly like you.

He knows about sadness,
He knows about pain,
He's cried in the sunshine,
And laughed in the rain.

But tease if you have to
And mock them as well,
Just remember they see you,
And paybacks are hell.

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organic industrial

rusted, busted, inorganically crop-dusted
hand-made on our very own assembly-line
low-flying tear-crying, cut-rate-buying
fair-trade-priced, but still...real fine

garment sweat-shop, Tex-Mex field crop, 
Civilization Inc. prophets chanting it up
workin' twelve hour days 'til you drop
drinking Cool-(Inc.)-aid from corporate cup

the ol' family farm is right in the box
ol' Bessie's mooing fer all she's worth
sounding par per share of preferred stocks
increasing quarterly statements net girth

consume we must, as our numbers grow larger
we're either counted victor or the victuals
we consume awhile or face early departure
incorporating civilization's declared rituals

how many human souls can one world hold?
how many other species get a place here too?
how can we temper our needs uncontrolled?
how can we help Mother Earth get through?

© Goode Guy 2012-02-11

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Summer's End

Silence falls around me
Night has settled in
Darkness takes the sunlight
Wraps its beam within

Daytime waits 'til morning
Clouds rest in the sky
Moon has risen over
Wind does hurry by

Summer is near ending
Autumn drawing fast
Memories created
Hope that they will last...

But the magic interlude
That keeps the heat enclosed
Seeps away in solitude
As if it ne'er had posed


This is a re-post
©Copyright Donna Golden    

July 20, 1999

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Today is like a rainbow
With it's many colors combine
The way it dances across a cloud
As if somehow, trying to rhyme
There is the color blue
That reminds me of the sky
Because God is looking down
With a sparkle in His eye
The color green to me
Is the color that is brand new
Like a babe that's just been born
Love, He brings to me and you
Yellow is the color
Of the sun all a glow
Like our faith should be forever
With our hearts to over flow
So, you see there is a reason
That God created light
To warm our every wish complete
We are perfect in God's sight

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It ends at the sky

The sky is a collage of purple and red
As the sun hits the horizon and goes to bed.
Mixed in the middle are dark blue and gray,
It is so impressive I have to say.

The words are illusive as the moon does rise.
When I need inspiration I look to the skies.
I see this universe so much larger than I.
The stars appear to mark the day gone by.

I look up to see this star shining so bright.
Bringing needed light to the dark night.
It seems like a beacon shining for me.
The twinkling of stars as far as the eye sees.

I sit for a while so I can take it all in.
It’s so quiet I could hear the drop of a pin.
Though I’ve seen this before it is never the same.
The moon rises up to join in the game.

The beauty of these moments set my mind free.
The possibilities before me are as vast as the sea.
It stretches from land to end at the sky
My imagination soars I think I shall fly.

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I played a lot in the field with the creek Where I knew there were fun things to seek Like the dead tree where the possum was found This day I went to just look around I strolled along, looking into the creek Saw something odd so I took a peak Little black things darting here and there So I sat down and gave them the stare A big bunch of tadpoles of some sort Was a new hatch as their tails weren’t short As tad poles grow, they absorb their tails That’s their food until their legs are unveiled One time at Uncle Mac’s lake, what a find Bullfrog tadpoles are one of a kind They aren’t totally black and they are big A grown frog, people hunt with a gig These tadpoles were in all stages of growth Some had only one leg; some had both The same was true for the front legs as well A great find, took them home in a pail My old aquarium was put to use Put in the water and turned them loose I built it so there was land at one end Into the water they could descend Watched them grow and develop into frogs Turned them all loose in the creek near a log If they survived, in their new location The small frogs would need a vacation

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Caught Catching Steelheads - Part 2 of 2

Carl brought the boat and then he took action Until all line was back but a fraction With the boat on shore and the fish upstream Carl said, “You’ve got him now, time to get mean!” I was in control and wore that fish out Got him into Carl’s net and then let out a shout “I got that Bugger, just look at his size!” Carl said, “Punch your card “now”, that would be wise” “I’ll do that in a while, but not just yet” “I need a break and smoke a cigarette” By now, people were there, where we landed And one of them spoke to me, so candid “Give your punch card to me, I need to see” “Is it all legit as it seems to be?” It’s the Game Warden, who wanted my card Got it out quickly and he punched it hard Gosh, I so was glad I took Carl’s advise Without that license things would not be nice The fish was a native, sixteen and a half pounds That made the sports news around Puget Sound To be able to fish, I’d called in sick Boss saw my picture; knew it was a trick Called me to his office; what could I say? I’m sorry Boss, but I just had to stay!

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The wind it blows throughout the trees
The birds they sing so heavenly
The lone wolf howls at night so clear
A life alone it does not fear

Sometimes it's nice to get away
From all the things that cause such strife
Or makes my life to go astray
It's then I sit and contemplate

I think of what my life would be
If I could have some peace of mind
It's then I have to get away
So I can sit and softly pray

It feels so great to read the Word
It's then my heart is truly stirred 
For when I am alone with Him
My mind and heart are renewed

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four plex permute

about 25k of DNA
that's all we got
for expressions to say
but more than a lot

adenine and cytosine, 
long to interlace,
guanine and thymine
to make a living base

all stewed in nucleotides
helixed turns so linked
is what makes life's ride
to all organisms distinct

finned salmon fishes
grizzlies and finches
appointed life's wishes
for nature, it's a cinch

too, flies and butterflies
anaconda's and darter snails
life's supplies in disguise
diversity of crittered tales

it's puzzling to piece
just how life can do it
with near-infinite increase
of its proteined tool kit

switched on proteins
morph winged extremities
to myriad of in-betweens
and other of life's remedies

go for it, life says
make a smash, make a mistake
live it to the hilt
all ways alive, for life's sake

© Goode Guy 2011-12-22

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The Varmint Hunt

The varmints I hunt either bark or squawk Mostly coyotes, badgers, owls and hawks I use Burnham Brother’s predator call Works better if set-up up on something tall The best varmint hunts are all done at night With a predator call and big flash light Done right the call makes a hideous screech The varmints will come if the sound's in reach Call for a bit, then shine the light around If they’re coming in their eye can be found This one night we were doing very well In came the coyotes, too many to tell I heard a sound, made me look up above An owl with claws out, was making a buzz We hit the deck, down as fast as we could A giant horned owl attacked where we stood The call mimics a wounded rabbit’s scream That sound brings the varmints to the scene Instead of the varmints being the prey The owl turned things around the other way

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In awed silence it’s the end of  today
Unflawed  blue void arching but holed
Where the last dregs of day are drained away
Through  countless  points  in the cold 

Pale blue faster and faster drains
Its life into dark blue,  then to black 
Until finally nothing but black remains
The remains of a day which cannot come back

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As cold dry wind blows all over,
Skins get cracked like hole with no cover,
Several white faces move sluggishly,
Harmattan is here.

Throats request for soothing water,
Babies need warmth which is better,
Flu and cough mingle constantly,
Harmattan is here.

Whistling wind that makes cherries blossom,
With falling leaves which is now a custom,
Sweaters and coats appear colorfully,
Harmattan is here.

Vaseline and menthol high in supply,
Poor visibility ,pilots have to comply,
Coffee ,tea and wine become friendly ,
Harmattan is here.

Jeez! ,my throat and nostrils are dry,
Night is cold ,dawn cozy ,I can,t cry,
For this weather comes once yearly,
Harmattan is surely here.

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Futility of Reserves

We have reserves for animals,
Sanctuaries for birds and trees,
And as much as some people complain,
there should be reserves for the bees.

But why just set apart things we like?
Why don't we simply exile
All of the things that are foul in life,
And all of the things we revile?

Could we put woodcutters behind fences
Instead of fencing off all the trees?
Could we banish all the parasites 
Like mosquitos, tics, and fleas?

In reality, the answer is no,
Because in the end, all creatures like these
Would leave the areas they've been placed
And live wherever they please.

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If I were to do
What I have dreamed of most
I'd pack up my gear
And head for the coast
To see an ocean
Is my only request
Where I could lay on the beach
And be peaceful and rest
Seeing the water
Just by looking straight down
Watching the fish move
Without making a sound
Music is heard
From miles away
But under the water
I would rather stay
I'd stay forever
If it were my choice
No one could hurt me
Not even with their voice
If my wishes were granted
My final request
Would be to dive in an ocean
On a sea worthy quest

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Christmas Bay

 Dark clear waters of Christmas Bay
So peaceful it bring naught to say.
A near perfect sky; sunny Texas day
Reflects in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Flying Fish leap and Sea-Gulls cry,
Where the Dolphins play and jump so high.
My little boat with my fishing poles sway,
And dance in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Here is where tides rise and fall,
Where all my stress and cares grow small
They seems to just simply melt away
In dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Wind blows Mosquitoes to keep from the bite
As the Pelican flies and the Osprey cry
As Black-Skimmers dives to skim a wave.
Over dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Here the Stingray and Flounder cool.
And here the Sheephead and Red Fish school,
And Blue Crabs have so little to say,
Here in dark waters of Christmas Bay.

Shadows of clouds turn the water gray,
Where Gulf brine meets black gumbo clay.
A stiff Gulf breeze gives salt grass a nod
I find Christmas Bay to be a gift from God.

I send Heaven a prayer; as I do each day,
For few be the place to obtain such grace
Which begs my heart for a reason to stay,
As the clear dark waters of Christmas Bay.

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Canopy Sky Walk

The rain forest mists
Drift in their time
Leaving moisture so pure
On nature sublime

In collective gather
On the canopies of green
As i walk through these mists
All around me scene

I stand there and listen
To natures sounds
Howlers and Toucans
In communication abound

My hands brush a leaf
And there's a scurry of legs
Like neighbourhood chaos
In books i have read

I close my eyes for a moment
A brief in my time
But when nightfall beckons
This is their prime

Through the rain forest mists
I am privileged to see
These wondrous creatures
No pressure, so free

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Hidden in a meadow with shimmering grass and waving daises,
I lay back and enjoy the Mediterranean's gentle breeze;
fair lover, with eyes bluer and wider than the soft Italian sky,
come and lay on my warm chest and delightfully sigh!

No place in all the Earth makes lovers whisper and dream...
while the peach and cypress trees, lower than the Tower of Pisa,
diffuse their aroma by fluttering their branches to delight my Lisa;
trust these lips, silent lover, and discover how passion becomes real!  

The rolling hills gracefully spread their scented, emerald blankets... 
as far as the distant horizon that greets every sunset and dawn,
inviting us to watch the making of another superb season;
and we accept their invitation by offering them an elegant dance!  

Frantic robins and canaries, warble at these sun-tanned feet,
April's sadness has no unkind reason to impose its somber mood;
your harmonious notes can create that perfect, danceable rhythm,
not to let that hopeful heart, awaiting its joy, feel the emptiness of gloom!   

Kissing scarlet lips that demand a lover's touch and affinity,
have the softness of the reddest roses in all Tuscany;
many would sell their souls to have such a moment of ecstasy...
as the Mediterranean's gentle breeze can make them taste eternity! 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The Heart Stays

The Heart Stays
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Morning Glory cuddled high in the oak. 
Your bright lavender enlivened my heart,
Fear and pain overwhelmed; a dreaded yoke.
Then, God, outside my window, love starts.

Verdant!  Vine winds upon the gray-brown bark.
High above the unexpected is found.
Cascading like a bride’s bouquet, please hark!
Beauty was God’s simple gift yet profound.

Knowing, when all seems hopeless, even love.
That Heavenly Father knows how to give.
The simple things in life, gifts from above,
Like today’s Morning Glories, that there live.  

Tomorrow borne of sorrow, life may be.
Today, the darkest hour fades away.
Beyond the fear of death that one may see.
God lends a hand uplifting; the heart stays.

September 25, 2009

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The Good Side of Nature

Good Spring rain - so refreshing!
Sent by God as a blessing
Watch the plants grow and grow
Springtime how I love you so!

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Autumn weaves its tapestry
Of colors bright and bold
A symphony of nature
A royal vision to behold

On mountains high and valleys low
Everywhere one looks
The master artist paints a scene
Unmatched in picture books

Then as the tapestry unravels
We reflect on seasons past
Wondering why the beauty
Of autumn can not last

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Love is Golden: all ideas have and always will be
all hallowed: the things we think of last for ever more.
And again: forgot or left to be.
Thus we come full circle: "As It Was Before"

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The air today

I feel the air on my face
Blowing softly like a hand
The fall air, like a lover
Tender and unplanned
Sweet the gentle smell
At just this time of year
You feel like life is rich 
although you cry a tear
Possibilities are endless
When I venture out the door
I always ask myself
What do you worry for?
Something about the air
That makes me remember
What it feels to hope again
Tho I forget by December
The fall is so incredible
I am like a little child
playing in the falling leaves
all the while, yes, I smile
Release the pent up pain
Not feeling quite so small
Yes, brisk air on my face
Reminds me that it's fall!

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           As autumn bids the land farewell
           And winter's visit starts
           An air of pure enchantment 
           Stirs something in our hearts

           The sleeping earth is covered in white
           As the snow falls gently down
           A sight to behold as the sun comes up
           The trees adorned in ermine gowns

           The roofs of houses wear snowy crowns
           On the hills children shriek with delight
           The odor of hickory hangs in the air
           Hinting of a fireplace warm and bright

           Yards are dotted with snowmen
           Each with a jolly bright face
           Jack Frost drapes the windowpanes
           With a shawl of silvery lace

           Footprints dot the landscape
           And in the wintry chill
           A majestic stag stands regally
           A king upon the hill

          Winter is a masterpiece
          Designed for all to see
          A living showcase arranged by God
         To be enjoyed by you and me

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Sun Wishes

Sunlight enters through the distant dirty window
As the afternoon calls eagerly from behind the glass
Work knows I am bound, but yet I am dreaming
Of the departure from this destitute cell, at last

I wake each morning unto the moon’s blanket
Never walking through the day with its glaring sun
Oh, to dream of leaving to see and feel the sunlight
But, yet it descends and the moon again has won

For winter days of work allow no time for the sunshine
Only mornings filled with darkness and nighttime the same
But, I dream of being out among the many in daylight
Lauding the sun on my face, while screaming acclaim

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Let Us Be Thankful

The winter comes now as I feel the departure
Of warmer weather and leaves of green.
Still, I look forward to the change in weather
As it will give way to a snowy white scene.

Upon the horizon, the sun announces day
And I welcome it, in awe, as beauty and art.
This signifies new life, a beginning for all,
Like Spring, it offers us a new start.

See, daily on this earth, one of God’s gifts to us,
Changes occur and always occur for the good.
Let us welcome them and embrace them, whole heartedly
And love them, as we know we really should.

Let us be thankful for the natural beauty,
The earth’s wonders and changes are its treasures.
Let us each look into the sky this evening
and realize, as people, we are allowed these pleasures.

Let us be thankful to the Lord, our God.
If your god be different, still give thanks and praise.
Let us be thankful for having each other
And for the world’s beauty of nights and days.

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Pouncing wind of the North, what's the unexplainable folly 
for enacting a surly deed?
Stripping my stately pines
of their verdant leaves,
give back their esteem!

Impetuous is your haste,
immutable and imperative,
impairing these sentinels
that guard the feeble ones,
but you immolate and leave!

Pouncing wind of the North, what's your miscreant animosity? 
Diminish your implacable rage and wrath;
this grove which abundantly grew,
shouldn't grieve and not feel more dew;
compassionate them and depart!

Disclose your bitterness
before Nature retaliates your fury,
deduce your foolishness and prevent damage;
submit to its wishes and change course,
tomorrow underneath their shade they'll ravish!

Copyright 2009 by Andrew crisci

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This should be the happiest day for lovers,
when they are drawn to each other and their voices
fall to whispers with soft music playing...
in a room filled with roses and scented candles burning.

My gaze falls on you, o darling of my intense desires,
please, put on the sexiest nightgown and explore my fantasy;
and what I confide in you is a true definition of what I see...
I am romantic by nature, unraveling all my surprises.   

This should be the happiest day for lovers,
for the ones who deserve to be remembered and loved;
and to suppress happiness and laughter and expect no flowers...
is an acceptable sign of unworthiness, of a regret foolishly sustained. 

Refuge in my sensational embrace, sheltering your grace,
and this warmth can inflame you with unimaginable passion;
while a surge of sensuality will arise with irrepressible elation....
my anxious arms will seek yours as you abandon yourself to my kiss.  

This should be the happiest days for lovers,
slowly dancing under dimmed lights, reading thoughts
before they are spoken...without falling to silence; 
responding to caress that lead to intimate moments. 

Be adventurous, experimental and irresistable; 
give into those feelings that rule the flow of emotions,
have a notion of how you could be the most beautiful...
as Venus who madly attracted those young, handsome gods.

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

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Upon a moonlit night of true surrender
Two lovers bask, within the glow of love, so new
Where nature offers well, a night of splendor
As untamed hearts are captured and subdued

Hands, eyes and mouths, they explore each other
Their offering to themselves is love, divine
As the fire, it burns on to never smother
While tempest hearts make two souls intertwine

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Black River

Sitting on the river bank
while black water pools and slips away
cleanses the spirit of all that was
with a spit polish brass on the dullest day
Invading the current with questioning
with feet skinned in white and bones
catching the answers in black water leaves
while they linger, then sink to their home
All of the motion, in rocking, in waves
All of the sounds brim with life
strip me to soul strings and play me like music
an orchestra dark and deprived
I'll never settle in silt and starvation
I'll never sink like a stone
Catch me a current out on the black river
Carry me back home, alone.

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After the Oceans are Gone - Act 1

I awoke from my slumber
After many weeks
Entranced by unknown
Slept in dormant sleep

But on the morning i awoke
Was not like the rest
There was no sound of the ocean
And its watery zest

The deafness of the breakers
And the waves lapping the shore
Were non existant
Not like the day before

Intrigued by the silence
The noise of it all
As i viewed from my balcony
The ocean in fall

A scape never seen
Befell my eyes
Depths incomprehensible
As deep as our skies

A wreck i once dived
Was visible to me
All life was gone
From its expanse so free

I fall to my knees
As i stare into the abyss
My mind in disarray
Wondering, did it ever exist

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Winter is slamming my lovely town with an ice storm,
giving it a resemblance of an alpine village
not nestled in pines, but with bigtooth aspens so tall; 
I should be at work today, not wallowing in rage.

The backyard trees are weighed down 
by the icy snow, and they are about to break;
using caution is to avoid a death-trap...
even a red-breasted blackbird uses intuition.

Winter is slamming my lovely town with an ice storm;
it once was so sunny with kids ridings on rolling skates,
before this dreadful wheather stepped in to punish them all,
taking charge and bringing, with its wrath, drastic changes.

Plenty of snow to shovel, until late night with a will so reluctant; 
my head hurts and my nose runs and sneezing is frequent...
I have a cold, and the remedy is tea with lemon and honey,
do you have any suggestions how to end my misery?

Winter is slamming my lovely town with an ice storm, repulsing spring's advances,
and February is a reputed villain conspiring, not making concessions;
impassive and imposing on a love-sick's kindness, worsening his stress.... 
to deny him empathy, embattling itself and not restoring calmness.

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Pungent fresh pine scented breezes
Slither between boughs of cedar
Leaving frigid kisses to ride
Fragrant laurel chilled by winter

Slivers of January light
Bounce off the rich damp forest floor
Brittle stems of wild azalea
Wait pregnant one trimester more

Armies of crisp brown leaves parade
Over crystallized chartreuse moss
Where tendrils of life hold on fast
So the highland suffers no loss

Icicle slopes of emery
Weeping frozen stalactite tears
Remember the summer soul mates
Still passionate despite their years

Somewhere lost in cold reverie
She waits for the lovers’ return
A mountain cloaked in loneliness
Decomposes when left to yearn

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Destiny of Flower

What's the luck of flower?
A poor little thing,
Drooping down in fall,
Getting picked in spring.

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Houston, Dawn.

Just like the blanket pulled up over morning
sliding down off of the sun
A stretch of the air through the wings of the night
remembers us when we were young
Stiff from still sleeping the world starts to spin
and we steady our feet to inspire
More than one nod to the sky with our prayers
directed and spiraling higher
We are the mirrors to morning's reflection
We still assure her she's ours
We never let her get down and discouraged
sleeping with moon dust and stars
She is the soothing to insomnia
She is the get up and go
She holds our hands on the cloudiest days
when winter odd winds start to grow
Just like the matchstick lit up in the dark
shadows in orange, softened and sweet
we are in shadows 'till the blanket is pulled
and the sunshine rolls over to waken from sleep
Every new hour of life and of love
starts with the crack of her smile
Dawn of horizons, new morning hope
to bathe in and relish a while...

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My Reason to Kneel

My eyes opened at sunset to witness the dawn
God opened the curtains to show me the day
The nature provided, highlighted by the sun
Told me to be grateful as I knelt down to pray

I went to bed praying that if I should rise
Let the sun on my brow, be the day’s start
For when I awakened, to my surprise
T’is not on my brow, but was there in my heart

God gave me a gift of scents and of scenes
He allowed me the joy of greeting the new day
So now I have learned what love really means
So each morning I rise, I will kneel down and pray

I will give thanks to the One who gave us the gifts
I will give thanks that He allowed me more time
I will give reverence to the power that forever lives
As the power is yielded when He makes the day mine

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So Grand a Day

Alive I feel upon this golden morning
As rays of hope beat down upon my brow
I look to the day, smiling, knowing reward
Relaxing in the comfort of the here and now

A permanence of happiness overcomes grief
As fears I contained seem to have flown
For casting to the day all my negativity
As they leave my presence, on the winds blown

Alive, I say again, I am this golden morning
New hopes present themselves in a most glorious way
I shan’t ever again have doubt of my tomorrows
It always seems to work out with each brand new day

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When angels sing
Love begets love
In fluttering hearts
Of soaring white doves
Praying over predation
Tarrying above indolent blues
Serenity rains calm
In the cumulus of heliocentric views
Harrowed by hate
Beseeched by a crimson dawn
Hope sways on an olive branch
Dangling over civilization’s lawn

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As She Revolved...

The storm of absolution
broke the headache in relief
with the lightning of redemption
drowning earth in blanket grief
The sky went dark at noon's abyss
and cleared the land, tsunami kiss
The flood of restitution
blew the mind of all involved
with just a touch of slowing the earth
in her orbit, as she revolved.

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One Leaf

Wind takes the first leaf
from a tree and it lets it fall.
Leaves that lie out on ground
and the tree cares not at all

for the loss of two or three
the branch sounds no alarm
plentiful are the leaves
their loss brings it no harm.

When the winter’s chill is gone
the stems will bud again?
Leafs will grow eternally 
trees never see their end.
I have wondered woods of green
through underbrush and leaves
and littered every where it seems
are trunks of old dead trees.

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The Homeward Call

The swallowtail butterfly defying all distance
Hold its course against the sun
And seek through space a migrant's chance
Of flying to the land of its birth

The hornbill turtle tunneling its watery way
Swim against the tidal flow
To find the distant shore of sand or bay
That popped it from egg to air

And I have seen between spring and winter
The birds from the north homing
Through the crimson evening ere the shutter
Of night falls upon their way

And I here, my eyes beyond the distant sea
Like all creatures before me know
There is a place of birth, a golden memory
And when he calls then I shall go.

Home is where the heart goes yearning
For forgotten treasures now bright
To home at evening my wings stealing
Carry me safely through the night. 

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These are the latest, unpleasant news...
that I bring you along with my winter's blues:
the gusts of a mad month to make you shiver more,
never thinking of opening another door!

And should I call on the heavy snow,
and make the furious wind whistle...
when you'll step outside with words not too humble?
What else can make you shrill like a soprano?

I'll be unkind and mercilessly rude,
regardless of how you plead;
I been called brutal and wild:  as a horse without a harness,
to pillage and destroy with an attitude which is vicious, indeed!

Nobody can win me over by persuasion or guile,
I am easily angered to invoke the intense storms;
and trying to appease me can intensify my vengeance inside...  
remember, gentleness s not one of my virtues, but wickedness is!                

Snuggle your teddy bear and stay warm,
just hear the gusts  of a mad month;
I can't enter where I am not welcome...
but sympathy I must extend to a frightened gal!         

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Embraced By Autumn's Change

The rain soaked grass reflects autumn’s power
Sitting with the leaves of changing trees nestled, dense
New fragrances arise from nature and nearby kitchens
As apple pies and cider inspire my feet and every sense

I feel within this ever changing world, the autumn air
How the season, also with it, brings a warm embrace
For the family and the season that is happily represented
Brings that feeling of comfort that can never be replaced

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Global Warming

When they cry
You let out a lonely sigh
When they sing
You let your ears ring

There tears filled with salt
Are not only your fault
But that of your generation
Who did without hesitation 

When the shores disappear
Beneath the waters a clear
And we're all crowded into one place
Just imagine the look on their face

And when the ice caps melt
Imagine the heat they will have felt
And when the ozone layer finally breaks
We'll be at the highest of stakes

When there is no more room
We will reach our doom
Our final fate
Death does not mistake

You will die at fault
With tears of salt
Because you killed without hesitation
You and your generation

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I tumbled down a desert road
The wind dusting my flaccid face
Asking the parched pavement
Where I could find another race 

My body was worn by life
Fading beneath an amber sky
Holding onto a jagged horizon
Whose god somehow led awry

I drank from the rusty ruins
Bleeding in humanity’s place
Searching for a fabled sign
That vanished without a trace

My eyes sank into the desert road
Wiping the film from promises past
Leaving the dust of this civilization
For one that would somehow last

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The flowers bloom in light of day
After being fed by nighttime skies
The beauty’s offered for mankind
Behold with senses, nose and eyes

The wafting fragrance on a breeze
Set from the source, upon this earth
Supports the feeling that all is good
Celebrating each new day’s rebirth

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A Reason

It is with awe, I look to the evening sky.
Stars are bright in the infinite heavens,
Illuminating, naturally, the valley below,
Leaving me in awe of nature, its presence.
Stars are bright in the infinite heavens
Hanging lovely above my head this eve
I look to the sky, feeling a presence
Of warmth…of comfort… all to believe.
Illuminating, naturally, the valley below
Seeing out in the distance, a town fast asleep
Shadows obscuring, soft lights set aglow
This moment of serenity, is mine to keep.
Leaving me in awe of nature, its presence
I thank the dear Lord for this wonderful gift.
Sharing the night, just gazing in wonder
Is a reason for being, a reason to live.

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Virginia Matriarch vs. The Ground

She's rickety at best at ninety
Tough blood nails her veins
to her rocking chair on the front porch
sniffing out impending rain
Her house coat hides her skeleton
but for her needle legs
which somehow hold her frame from gravity
like the trappings in a spider's web
She remembers nights of ink and silence
underneath her stars
but now her front porch sags and rests
at the stage of sound and cars
Her little home, her little porch
off Interstate 95
has kept it's old Virginia appeal
to the travelers who zoom by
She hasn't changed a thing, you know,
She lights her stove with wood
Her outhouse watches the steel construction
where the century pine once grandly stood
She spits tobacco on the road
and hollers at the wind
"Bring on the rain, you blasted thing
my life's about to end!"
She's left her home to Uncle Shuvrow
Her personals to May
She's sick of new construction
and is sure she'll pass away
But the ground beneath her has tough blood
and won't let go right quick
It doesn't want to lose it's soul
Her Virginia voice, it's tick
Her footsteps make the ground alive
Her younger dancing days still fresh
It doesn't see her tired eyes
or feel her sunken bag of flesh
The ground just knows this woman
like the back of it's aging hand
It knows she reigns with countenance
in a now developed land
The ground won't let the storm begin
It threatens the sky to obey
This old Virginia matriarch
will live to curse another day...

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Thank-You Garden

The garden is producing food
as we go about our day.
Without so much as a thank-you
this garden goes away.

While in full swing, we pick it's fruit
and never look back.
We haul it in as if it's loot
that fills our empty sack.

One day I'd like to thank-you
for the goodness you provide.
I hope I'll have the time to
but time passes like the tide.

No matter what you're thinking
I appreciate your care
Maybe you're just a garden,
but I'm sure glad you're there!!

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Soldier Right Outside

The wind blows hard
And the trees are shaken
In the fall they loose their leaves
To bare the winter naked

The trees shiver slightly
As the ice forms on their branches
The snow lays so lightly
And glistens in the sun

The trees have a strong foundation
When all other forces of nature attack
Like soldiers for our nation
They will not back down from a fight

Every spring they are green once more
They have withstood the winter
Their beauty is held in store
Until warm months are there

The trees thrive on the rain
It brings them life in summer days
It relieves them of their pain
They survive another season

The trees change there outfit
They look like pumpkin pie, and pilgrims
Though still they never sit
They are always standing tall, until...

The trees
Are cut by humans
They fall down to their knees
The one force they cannot withstand

The trees provide us shelter
But how do we repay them?
We stick them in a fire, and watch them swelter 
The trees are strong, but not strong enough

The trees can't stop us
They just don't know
So this is why I'm making a fuss
Save the trees... before they all go...

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Tourquoise Water

Swimming in the turquoise water
broad becomes my vision
Diving in the rippled metal
Clear is my decision
From afar I seem as just
a speck engulfed in liquid
but I know I'm not alone 
and that becomes my secret
Water gliding through my fingers,
dancing on my brow
Seaweed makes a stringy wreath,
a strange but regal crown
The surface skin has let me in
enveloped all my weight
Turquoise water in my veins
floating out in space...

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Kiss of the Virgin Surfer

Fallen into pools of blue
with salty water clipped and froth
You want to breathe as the fishes do
electric eels, eccentric shock
Sifting through sand in transit
feet turned to fins in black
Shoreline eclipsed by a crested wave
Nod to the sun, there's no turning back
Paddle like pipeline awaits you
Shoulders taut, sun bleached out hair
Twisted in torso and strong in belief
that the wave of all waves is out there
Break into barreling cobalt
Shake off the spray from your face
The sea spits you out in the ride of your life
You slide onto land with a smoldering grace
Sleep with the movement of currents
Dreams rich in bubbles and bliss
Engulfed in the shadow of wishes and waves
The sea silent now with the weight of your kiss...

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A sharpened blade
Slicing a sordid song
Dissecting angelic silence
A sanguine paragon
Mottled screams
Dripping down a steel shaft
Staining implacable fingers
Gripped by a demonic draft
A detached soul
Twisted by humanity’s bane
Heaven has but one perversion
And Hell is its domain

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Winter Goodbye

A soft warm breeze
The birds’ happy song
Playing in the park
Winter was too long

The budding leaves
Flowers in bloom
Seeing and believing
A crescent hung moon

The stars fill the sky
Until clouds roll in
A gentle April shower
New life begins

The sound of the crickets
Singing in the night
Spring time is here
There’s morning light

Another dawn
Crimson sky
A walk in the dew
Winter goodbye

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Vulnerable eyes
Immersed in crystal blue sky
A reflection of purity
That makes virgin snow sigh

Cherry lips 
Swollen by love’s endless kiss
An indelible red
Bled by heaven’s undying gift

Naked flesh
Freed at nature’s behest
A garden of fertility
Nurturing blooming breasts

An angel
Born of dawn’s early light
A soul of serenity
Piercing the seduction of sight

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Summer Needs

Sunflower petals adorn the front lawn 
As the sun watches from the bluest sky
I, with only thoughts of walking this day
Was blessed to see beauty with wide open eyes 
I wandered the streets of my little town
Hands in my pockets, whistling a tune
Feeling the heat of the sun on my face
Gave smiles a plenty, this warm day in June
Meandering thoughts of many days ahead
The summer’s just begun, many days to go
I whistled my tune as merrily I sauntered
With a smile I greeted everyone I know
Seems like everyone took this walk today
For so many people are out and about
Enjoying the calm and the warmth of the sun
Two of today’s gifts, I can’t live without

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Just My Nature

Upon the apex of the highest mountains
Upon the crests of the strongest seas
Upon the wings of the flying eagles
All my love, I send to thee

Upon the wind, through changing valleys
Upon the rivers, with quickened flow
Upon the sands, there underfoot
All my love, set there to grow

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Indian Summer

Indian Summer don't you need me?
yes I need you too.
  Have you something new to feed me?
I have food for you.
  Inspiration and dictation
symbiotic share
I let you leave with resignation 
winter's in the air
  I won't let you die unspoken
whisper what you will
leave your legacy 
a token
'ere we feel the chill
  trading for your inspiration
tales you wish to tell
in your breeze
t he sussuration
winter casts her spell
  write red words of true expression
orange for last regrets
brown for traces of regression
do not leave us yet
  how we waded in the river
how we made a fire
Indian Summer 
you fulfilled desire
  now poems written of your beauty
won't make us shed a tear
we know that with joy and duty
you'll be back 
next year.

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Just a Second, Mable Applebee

I'll meet you in the backyard
with chinaberries and tea
with cut-offs on and marigolds
and photographs to be
We'll dig a trench and tunnel
We'll run through sprinklers too
We'll tangerine the afternoon
until the sky is blue
The world will whirl around us
the summer bolting by
We'll lay on woolen blankets
and blow kisses at the sky
We'll plant another fig tree
and push around our thoughts
'till they all line up in obedience
and produce the goods they've brought
If you will speak a story
then I will hum a song
and maybe the birds on the back phone line
will fly on down and sing along
If we can muse the day light
to bite a chunk off the moon
then maybe the day will unravel away
on this perfect afternoon...

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Memories We Made

Laughter about us 
While the children play
The sunshine has faded
The sky turned grey

An innocent child 
Out in the rain
Sounds of a distant
Yet inbound train

These are the things
Of a neighborhood park
With playground and benches
Tables and basketball court

A dog walks his owner
Gentle rain subsides
Still behind the clouds
The sunshine hides

No one is leaving
Due to this spring shower
Drops of water 
Collect on the flowers

As day turns to night
The rain comes to a stop
A child tells his father
“Daddy, you rock”

Headed home from the park
After a long day
Loving the memories
That our family made

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Sky Dew

Stars skim the Milky Way
Perspire molten dew
Engulf the soundless wonderment
and blow it into view
Down below the aquifer
of clouds and palpitations
we watch burnt skies ignite and fly
beyond imaginations...

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Like a Tree

Like the strongest tree, I have my roots
From which all of me has grown
They stand firmly planted within the ground
From the seeds my parents have sewn.

From the ground, I grew with pride
Over all of my accomplishments
I reached real high to touch the sky
And ignored all discouragements.

Now, in the spring and in the summer, too,
I blossom and I thrive
In the fall and winter months, though dormant
I’m quiet, but alive.

So, like the tree, providing so many things
I say to those who stand so near
I’ll stand here proud and stay here strong
Because my roots are always here.

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Ongoing Summer

May summer’s days of sun and warmth
Be always by your side
Upon you then, is summer’s love
From which you cannot hide

Albeit then, such happy days
Will guide you as you go
For summer’s thrills and sunshine love
Will be all that you know

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Luxury of Living Things

Spring is in my steps.
It's tucked behind my ear in orange blossoms.
It shivers me in sun in morning breezes
and stops to coil seeds in soil spun.
It foils all the last attempts of winter
to ice and freeze the sapling green decree
while slipping songs to birds in rectifying
the quiet of the winter's revelry.
Spring is in my smile.
It's braided in my breath of peppermint
It has me waking irises from frozen ground in sleep
and crushing air perfume into their scent
It matches every moon to slip in silver
It breathes the sun and warms the sullen ground
It wakes to dance the prelude into summer
to the luxury of living things abound...

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Love's Beauty

I climbed upon a mountain top,
hoping I could see
the world and all its beauty,
held captive just for me

But, as I climbed to reach the top
the clouds, they blocked my view.
So, I just sat and waited there
and saw images of you.

And now the clouds, they blew away.
The sky had turned to blue.
The world and all its beauty
couldn’t hold a candle to you.

I descended from the mountain top
with that vision, I did steal.
I learned, despite all beauty
my love for you is real.

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Me and My Buddy

The mountainside etches a niche in the sky
As birds sing their praises while flying so high
The sun on the valley shows paths there to see
While hiking today, just my buddy and me

A rabbit, it scurries just a few feet ahead
While morning glories awaken in their sunshined on beds
The moon is still seen, but dimmed by the sun
As my buddy and me just hike and have fun

A wonderful start to be out here this sunny day
While nature itself seems to awaken and play
Buddy, he would bark, each time something ran by
And I, I would smile, one as broad as the sky

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The Keepers of the Quay

Majestically, they stand perched.
Arrivals and departures, they see.
Carefully guarding their home;
The keepers of the quay.

Their hover maneuvers astound
All that happen to see.
Maintaining their height and gracefulness;
The keepers of the quay.

On beaches they’re searching for food.
To people, annoying as can be.
Seagulls just trying to live,
The keepers of the quay

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Beneath Your Scented Feet

Dwindling summer, keeps hordes of twitchers away;
Acropolis, fortress with a very charming height;
Promise not to cry, I shall see you in the sky
For a glass of ouzo, in beautiful moonlit night!

Though, Sunday is fine for me to sneak around;
Approaching your beauty, really, is not that easy free;
For loyal gatekeepers are watching the town,
I must take refuge, under the romantic olive tree!

While savoring your fragrance, in solitude!
I hear a man, singing in a falsetto;
For my unwanted skin attracts multitude,
That I decided to stay incognito!

As I huddle beneath your famed and scented feet;
Waiting for a chance, so I can kiss you goodbye;
Birds warble, sending jealous gods to fall asleep
Inspired by your beauty, in your arms, let me die!

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The Perfect Place

Extended there to greet the horizon
A jetty formed with rocks, in sea
A place to retreat, to find true peace
It feels as if it was meant for me

Well, in fact, it is there for the many
Climb and walk, feel sun and mist
Stand upon the tip to witness
Sun descends, the sea gets kissed

The jetty, there, children fish from
Lines are cast, hopes are set
Smiles, broad, as reeled in catches
Give meaning to the effort’s sweat

The many that traverse the formation
Have stories then to tell and share
Memories of days when all was perfect
Memories of days without a care

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Appreciative Eyes

Earthen figs, blooming soil
with leaves stiff leather fanned and bright
Green desire, invisible sky
with white cloud shadows in the whites of my eyes
Papaya pulp, caviar seeds
like the swollen thoughts of summer trees
Warm the skin, juice the chin
like orange blood from sea urchin seas
Breath of lungs, sun begins
to saturate kidneys and mush the mind
Braided fern, dragonfly dance
to float the air with swirling shine
Hazel eyes, chameleon turn into
what strikes their fancy on whims of light
Trap this moment, bottle the earth
What a gift, what a feast for my appreciative eyes...

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Sky Bright

Quickly the rain had fallen from the blackened clouds
As the children all scattered for the need to stay dry
They all were safe and had gotten from harms way
To the cars they had run, with never a question why

On the baseball field here, lightning can strike quick
We knew, at this point, we had to call off the game
No one was sorry, as the first two innings were played
But I stood there hoping and wondering just the same

It then just stopped, as quickly as it had started
Where in the distance, for me, there was a surprise
Something I had never seen before, so strong and clear
But a rainbow so bright had appeared before my eyes

Others were saying there were two lapped in the sky
Being colorblind I could never see the ones subdued
But this night, as the sun was yet to descend
I witnessed a bright miracle, as it came into view

I couldn’t tell you the colors, there, that I saw
I could only say that it was a beautiful sight to see
This, my friends, is truth as it happened just last night
Now, I hope it will appear again one day just for me

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Alarmist in White

An alarmist in white
with those pale frosted eyes
She's the edge of burnt autumn
in the winter's disguise
With her peacock cloak velvet
and her wind-painted cheeks
She emerges with lavish 
as the summertime weeps
With a wink and a whisper
she turns down the night
She strips off the trees
and locks them up tight
A brush of her cloak
blows the sunshine away
while the seedlings gone latent
grow solemn to pray
She's a spectacle true
with an ice covered crown
With clear clinking ribs
and a perpetual frown
But the one foe she has 
is the turn of the earth
A gradual waking
a time of rebirth
This lady must melt
as the sun gains it's strength
'though she stretches her hands
to the infinite lengths
and attempts to hang on
with an frost bitten hand
She slips soft into liquid
and seeps into the land
This alarmist in white
in the shadows does keep
as the summer begins
She falls fast into sleep...

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Eternity sits on a lazy road
waiting for time to arrive
A basket of seasons spread out on the ground
to be sorted and thrown to the sky
Autumn is gasping at dry burning leaves
trapped under frost every morn
Eternity lowers the clouds down to touch
and the moment of winter is born
The sky lets the wind loose to rattle the eaves
Grey aspirations and snow
Sun is now stuffed in the comfortable pocket
of time and it's infinite flow
Eternity sits on a lazy road
just whittling down time with a knife
Carving out seasons whenever it pleases
Ah, Eternity does have the life...

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Heavenly Presence

I call upon the morning sunshine
Please shine on me throughout the day
I love to feel your warmth upon me
So stay with me, though come what may

Upon descent of brilliant sunshine
The moon then rises for the night
I pray you, too, stay upon me
Until the dawn of new sunlight

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We can learn so much from nature,
the animals here at play.
Live, love and have fun.
Enjoy each and every day.
But, never forget the others
when in their time of need.
Treat them as you would be treated,
on your food, let them feed.
Man, always like an animal,
tends to stay with his own.
So for those tired and sickly,
let them reap what you have sewn.
Help the poor and down trodden
to get upon their feet.
Give a smile to everyone,
the people that you meet.
Share a glass of wine or two.
Keep family by your side.
Your clan will grow like the lions there
into a flourishing pride.

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Each Day

Each day, a new beginning,
the sun will start the day.
The breeze that glides so surely by
helps me along the way.

To forever see you smiling
Is like sunshine for to see
The hint of laughter in your voice
Is morning happiness to me.

The thoughts of you these mornings,
Lift my spirits to great heights
They get me through my lonely days
And make me eager for the nights.

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When dawn arrives, as the day’s sun ascends
The blackened sky reveals new colors; bright
    The passing of the moon, surreal event
      A beautiful scene; the sun offers light 

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Nature, the Teacher

Willows bend with the mighty wind
Oaks crack, tumbling to the earth
Pay attention, nature is teaching us
Lessons to give, since its very birth

Strength is in the willow as it bends
Not snapping like the Oak, so tall
To be flexible is the message for us
Otherwise, one in the winds, would fall

Birds tend to fly south in the winter
Showing instinct to stay safe and warm
Learn from the feathered teachers
Grow with changes, to escape harm

Turtles have a shell to protect them
They hide in it with no words to say
Learn from them, how they are handled
For they live to walk another day

The lion, the mightiest of hunters
Sits still and silently awaits its prey
Take a lesson here from the attacker
Wait your turn, it will come, your day

So look upon nature, the face of the earth
As it serves to teach us all what we need
Watch closely, copy, maybe just use once
With balance, then practice, you’re sure to succeed

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Stirring to Storms

Eye twitch to thunder
Bed stretch to rain
Pod of our house
with tin roof as our skin
Drip of papayas
Moment of green
Every last leaf
with a slick and a sheen
Compass of darkness
Clouds kissing trees
Cumulous whisper
to us on our knees
Noses to windows
Peeping to see
the music which pulled us
from blankets of sleep.

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The Light Draws Me In

The moon sparkles on ripples of the sea
As I stand here watching, admiring luminescence
In the distance a dolphin puts a show on for me
Offering the true meaning of lunar essence

The crescent ornament hanging in the sky
Almost kisses the sea in the distance
Yet remains close to touch, offering beauty not denied
Giving this man new meaning of his own existence

With great wonder, with peace, this view calls to me
My feet are now wet by the high tide and surf
Thankful, now, that I was brought here to see
The most beautiful site on the face of the earth

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I make you now a gesture
With love for you, a token
I give to you a single rose
With whispered words now spoken

I love you, darling, please now know
As this rose then serves to say
I wish to give the entire world
As my love is on display

Please take this to your bosom, 
Place it gently, keep it still
For love I give is fragile darling
But yet, it’s iron willed

On days when you don’t see me
As thoughts then come to mind
The love I have for you my dear
Is the rose, set to remind

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The Beauty of Love

Luminescent 'scape of setting sun
as ocean waves traverse the sea
and upon the view, in flying grace,
the hand of God, it comes for me.
Upon the breeze, a soft caress,
I am lifted to a height unknown.
A smell of salt and sweet perfume
assures me I am not alone.
She gazes now with bewildered look,
"Is all this soon to disappear?"
I tremble on and in response
I say just as she wishes to hear.
"Be it not gone when we arise,
my love for you forever grows.
For this beauty of love is ours to own
and like the ocean; forever flows."
Now, the sun has set; the day complete.
She and I lay in warm embrace.
Our eyes now close with silent prayers
to dream, yet see the other's face.

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Showing of Stars

Silence and shooting stars
Icycle wind
Spins me in every way
Beckons me in
Night of the deepest blue
Moon on my face
Air of the mountains
mingled with space
Winter is on the wings
Let's sip the silence
I'm filled with shooting stars
nature's compliance
Pines on the evening watch
Protectors elite
You by my side
makes this moment complete...

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My Time

Sitting, patiently, waiting for the catch of a lifetime
My line sits still in the calmness of the lake
My mind, well, it’s someplace other than here
Perhaps on a beauty, of whom I’d partake.

In any case, the time goes slowly by, draining
Me of my energy and of all of my dreaming thoughts
If I don’t catch something real soon to bring home
Then a trip to the store is in need, for fish to be bought.

This time alone, well, it is so very rare, indeed,
But a necessity, I’d say, just to sit and to dream.
I’m thankful still, though nothing is biting today.
It allows me the time to just let off some steam.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, a tug on the line,
Maybe a big ole catfish, one to put up a fight.
I can now leave here knowing, I got what I needed
And I’ll be eating real good sometime later tonight.

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Breath of Spring

<<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>>

I look from my deck at the spring garden 
Violets wear the most beautiful gowns 
Fit for any girl en route to the first prom 
Daffodils below promise the gold storm... 

Crocuses said good bye two weeks ago 
I am ever thankful for their divine glow 
But often you have to say a good bye
Though a beauty of a lily you can't deny. 

Tulips - those are forever vain and merry 
In suits of emerald, amber and boysenberry
Their beauty always takes my breath away 
They will be with me through a perfect May... 

Trees dressing up, weary of winter's rage 
They are boastful of their newly found sage 
Trees have a soul, they exuberate freedom 
Nobody can attempt to rival their stardom. 

And so - the spring fills my soul with joy 
Divine spring - forever my Helen of Troy... 

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Its Force

Upon the waking hours of each tomorrow
The sun bequeaths its lovely rays to the earth
Highlighting us in spirit, warmth and inspiration
With new day’s dreams and new chances for rebirth
The grey and dampened clouds become defeated
As the sun’s rapier sharp rays force on through
To reach the very earth, providing heated splendor
And to brighten everything in life and all we do

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After dusk, with this gift
of a dusting bowl of fireflies
we're in tune, with bare feet
on the minty sugared grass
Flying wisps, dandelion
light on tails and giggles too
Humid breath in the air
toward the moon an ocean view
Sparkle wings, sleepy eyes
breath of sweetened apple trees
mark the night to be crisp
after dusk pulls in the breeze
With this gift, we elate
with a glow upon our cheeks
Fireflies, summer skies
closing eyes in quiescent peace.

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I look out on this desert brown
In a cool of an evening breeze
And thought no living creature found
Could there sustain a life of ease.

Parched and scorched, full of sand
Dry as powder, chalk or dust
Not fit for beast, fowl or man
Not one thing there for to lust.

Yet, immature blooms on gray sage
Glisten in insipid paling light.
It relished here for an age
With its pungent scent and sight.

Through sparking air an insect flew
On buzzing wing around a bloom,
A desert flower of beauty true
In this cathedral of unsealed room.

As departing sun began to sit
Color filled clean desert air
I wondered at God's own wit,
That He gave such beauty there.

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Sweet Morning's Kiss

As my face was caressed by the gentle morning breeze
The warmth of the sun kissed my very brow
The scent of flowers, fragrance brought me to my knees
As a smile upon my face greeted the here and now

That moment was greater than any other ever wished
It was splendor, a true gift of the morning’s world
It was as if I awakened as the morning gave me a kiss
Letting me know of the sunny day to unfurl

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Garden Glow

Laid sleeping in the garden
Unclothed, so bare I be
Slowly I recalled last night
As the sun awakened me

The morning grass wet my skin
As birds sang to the day
I turned to see you, lover, there
With beauty on display

For you, too, laid there naked
A beauty, in repose
Fitting well into the garden here
No need to find our clothes

I leaned to taste your softness
As the grass let off a mist
I smelled the perfume of your skin
As I leaned in for a kiss

Your eyes, they then had opened
A smile fell on your face
Your arms came forth to grab me
My heart increased its pace

With arms you pulled me closer
Our bodies again as one
We made love in the garden
In view of morning’s sun

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Pleasant Dreams

In pleasant dreams I lay in wonder
Silently visualizing the world’s display.
Appreciating beauty, granted, abounding
Leaves me with smiles, upon waking day.

Landscapes, the scenes, the flora and fauna
Incites the senses I have deep within.
Nature, like artwork, the world is the canvas 
Is an inviting temptation. I’m ready to sin.

Sin? Yes I will, the beauty invites me.
For if truly a sin, than a sinner I be.
Tempting; the colors, the softness, the wonder
Enter my nights. The dreams beckon me.

The dreams of the night are my dreams of the day,
Always enticing and are infinite, as well.
Share these dreams? I guess that I’ll have to,
But only with you if you promise not to tell.

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Springs, With Life

The bird, there painted with colors bright
Represents the beauty of each new day
Reminding of the many joyful colors of life
As Spring now brings life’s garden way

We work; we labor strong in the many fields
Our efforts needed to join in the season
As seeds are planted, nourishing life then yields
Our caring and watching remains forever pleasing

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Cause, Baby

Ooh, I can hear the wind blow on this cold winter morning
Rising with the sunrise really is not what I wish to do
Stay beneath the blanket while the wind howls outside the window,
Snuggling close together, staying warm. Is that for you?

I feel so safe and warm, under here, this very moment.
Sensing your arm around me, though I know you’re not awake.
Loving every minute of this quiet time, I have now.
Wishing not to rise, this feeling, not to take.

But quickly I remember that last night was Friday evening,
Therefore this morning’s rise is mine to decide.
I will stay right here, snuggled tightly to your bosom,
‘Cause, baby, I can’t leave then if it’s cold like this outside.

Snuggling up closer, yeah, right there, that’s where it’s at.
Feeling every worry and fear, in my body, start to go,
Provides a smile to my face and a fire to my furnace,
There’s heat under this blanket, while outside there is snow.

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Southern Girl

I minted purity in flowers
dancing daisies, wild wheat
blowing thus in brittle wind
which grandma said comes from out east
I blacked knees with soil skin
roots entangled, frying sun
'gainst the wilting of the winter
toward a breath that's just begun
I lit the candles on the back deck
air gone sheer with heat delight
smoking whispers of a sunburn
held on cheeks well through the night
I kissed the calling of desire
mirrored eyes, impetuous mouth
and beat my heart to the pulse of summer
bare feet finally at home in the south.

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We're a Part

Sun peeks through green filled trees
Blue birds chirping their happy tune
Morning glory scent, captured on a breeze
Days like this, show beauty, true

One with nature, breathing springtime air
Enjoying God’s creations, amazing view
Bowed in reverence, with a heartfelt prayer
To take it all in, while standing with you

I see the nature, the gifts from above
The beauty of the earth, offered each day
I feel the presence and can feel the love
We’re one with nature, forever to stay

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We're A Part

Sun peeks through green filled trees
Blue birds chirping their happy tune
Morning glory scent, captured on a breeze
Days like this, show beauty, true

One with nature, breathing springtime air
Enjoying God’s creations, amazing view
Bowed in reverence, with a heartfelt prayer
To take it all in, while standing with you

I see the nature, the gifts from above
The beauty of the earth, offered each day
I feel the presence and can feel the love
We’re one with nature, forever to stay

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Birth Right

The evening sky covers the field like a blanket
As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Opens to the eyes of those who wish view happily

As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
My eyes squint to retrieve the beauty falling before
I smile as my heart sighs with the image bestowed
At this time of the evening, the earth now adorned

The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Is a daily reminder of the many gifts on the earth
I remain thankful for my time and my witnessing
These many gifts granted as a right, from my birth

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Washed away with the tears;
the feelings of a man.
Oh, he tries, and not in vain.
He does the best he can.
For, he has lived a thousand years 
deep within our souls.
For, he will live a thousand more.
He is you. He is all.
Why can’t you see the way we are?
For, we are but one and the same.
And remains; a difference of no value, 
the difference of our name.
As you shall see, it should be clear,
there is no black, nor white.
You must first, know yourselves
to finally see the light.

I wrote this when I was 16, 28 years agao and it still applies today. Isn't that a 

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I am Reminded

The sun rises majestically this clear morning
Shadows bring life to the surface, the ground
The morning sounds echo hope, a new day
A sense of beauty and of love certainly abound.

Shadows bring life to the surface, the ground
The little squirrel scurries. The dog barks a tune.
The morning dew; wet and glistening droplets,
Has fallen upon the earth, from as far as the moon.

The morning sounds echo hope, a new day
You can almost hear the alarm clock of the sun
Greeting early risers and all who wish to partake
As the day is as much mine as for everyone.

A sense of beauty and of love certainly abound
On this fine day as I stare with complete awe.
I am reminded of hope, of grace and, yes, of beauty
I am reminded, the earth was created without flaw.