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Name Quatrain Poems | Quatrain Poems About Name

These Name Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Name. These are the best examples of Name Quatrain poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Saved For Raven

Her daddy’s grave is the oldest,
His name is hard to read.
She knew his stone had corroded
And has brought supplies she’ll need.

Near to him is her young husband.
He had been the next to die.
She used to come here often
Just to sit by his grave and cry.

Next to her daddy is her mother
After twenty-one years alone 
Her name shows up clearer and newer
On her side of the stone.

As the years went by the lot filled up,
A beloved young nephew is there.
She reads his age of twenty-three
And thinks that it isn’t fair.

The lot started filling faster
With loved brothers and their wives.
She remembers kneeling with her loved son
And speaking with him of their lives.

And now there’s a grave much newer.
She hadn’t thought she would see this one.
His name is there so clear and bright,
The name of her only son.

She looks down to where she is standing
As she feels the cold wind stir. 
RAVEN is chiseled into the rock
At this spot reserved for her.

lBy: Joyce Johnson  shared first place with Linda Marie and Carrie.

For Constance "The Rambling Poet; contest "Among the Dead"

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A Souper New Year! (Co-written with James Fraser)

In early spring I found you on Poetry Soup
A haven where wordsmiths congregate to recoup
Some sense of sanity in a world filled with grief
Your friendship, dear Highlander, has brought much relief

     Being new to writing, I decided to try
     So I joined the Soup, and a name caught my eye
     Carolyn Devonshire, was the name in question
     Her guidance has taken me to a different dimension

Who'd know the Soup would bring a Scottish writing mate
It was our destiny; now I believe in fate
A braveheart's pen paints history and mystery
Erasing fear and lifting me from misery

     No sooner had I arrived beautiful comments were received
     My writing was enjoyed and I now started to believe
     An American lady has become a soul mate and teacher
     Her words of kindness enhanced my words to be featured

So much loss I'd incurred just before we met here
Never had I dreamed of finding a comrade so dear
He reached across the sea and took me by the hand
And together we've escaped to fantasy lands

     Before the Soup, I posted somewhere else
     If you were not one of them you were left on the shelf
     But the Soup's beach babe led me by the pen
     I was absorbed in her circle right there and then 
James and I propose a toast to many Soup friends
Whose talents are displayed here again and again
Too many great writers to mention each one's name
A new year comes as you enter our Hall of Fame

Happy New Year from James and me to all of the Poetry Soup Family!

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The River Gomati-win

O grandma *Gomati, was born on thy bank
And born of a mother bearing your name
On all the yesterdays your water I drank
Am still the part of your pattern and frame.

My blood flows in thy stream meandering
It’s a kind of earthly immortality,
I stand by you and feel kinship endearing
Know not much about gods but your affinity

I learnt to strive, to sink and to seek depth ever
Simply Hydrogen and Oxygen doesn’t make water
Something third is needed to make you what you’re
Nobody knows except you Ma and your Creator.

Dr. Ram Mehta
June29, 2011

Twelwth Place win in

Contest: best dedication poem by P.D.


*Gomati is the name of the river in Gujarat State of India. My home town Dwarka 
where Lord Krishna ruled once, is on the bank of River Gomati. 

My mother too was born there and she was christened as Gomati after the name of the river.

Please click on the links below to see the pictures of River Gomati and the town Dwarka 
Copy and paste the links below to see pictures:( Please share it on my blog if this doesn't work)

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His heart is so tender,
To care his ugly love,
Controlling his anger,
He behaves like a dove.

Like a roaring ocean,
He fights with everyone,
Who hurts her emotions,
He is her strong forefront.

He is of monarch clan,
No match his ugly 
But bows down like 
blind man,
Infront of his belove.

His unspoken love reigns,
Worthy of worshipful, 
Her hero has a name,
His name is beautiful.

Watisungla Ao
9th May 2013

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The same deadly story unfolds
Mumbai, Pune, Varanasi
Bombs rip apart our souls
When will stop this atrocity

They come in the form of Demons
Kill in the name of God
Nature created species and humans
Why Humans created God?

Bloated egos fill some minds
Hatred makes the world go blind
We are all born to die
This is not the way, we cry

Swear in the name of dead
To slay in the name of God
Dangerous game triggered by man
The same God will destroy man

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The Birth Of A Girl The Birth Of A Boy

In a forest a girl was born   
A girl born oh so poor
This girl then caused this world now torn
Her birth opens a sore

But we do not now this girl mourn
She was left some money
A thrifty woman not to scorn
Then a taste of honey

She met a man she was forlorn
Bore a son Alois
Unwed and aging, no ring worn
No ring, so still a Miss.

Her bastard son none could be warned
When his mother did wed
He gave a name the world did scorn
A name that all wished dead

If his mother knew what was born
Hitler the name we know
I wonder would she have  been torn?
To give him birth, or no.

© 09/01/2013 ~GG~

Contest Entry.

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A Rose by Any Other Name

All the names are just the same
If you are sweet like a rose
I confess, I’m not impressed
Oh, how little that bard knows

For the name of your loved one
Can make you completely melt
When it’s breathed in your heart
Its vibrations are deeply felt

The name of your loved one
Is a promise in one word…
That his love is eternal 
His unfaithfulness, unheard

The name of your loved one
Is with passion intertwined
Your lips caress each letter
Your heart echoes it in rhyme

The name of your loved one
Is salvation’s greatest treat
Though you pass through gates of hell
It’ll take you to heaven sweet

The name of your loved one
Is simply beyond compare
No other name can match it
No other would even dare

And so it is, beloved
When we’re making love sublime
Your name bursts out from my lips
Making your sweet name… divine

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Green land

The land is green
In flag and corns
Her coat is green
And her steeds' horns.

The land is green 
So footest her harvest
Her coat is green
And so win her chest.

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Christian Name

God or Father Christ calls each one by name
Everyone’s name is sacred
The Name is the icon of the person
It demands respect as a sign of dignity of one who bears it

Written 09122012 CCC 2158

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Squeeze Those Dangly Things

We all wake up every morning To a day like no other before This world is still an experiment With lots of mysteries to explore One that's uppermost on peoples' minds And a question unanswered so far Is how they get the caramel inside A Cadbury's Caramilk bar Or why kamikaze pilots wear helmets They're going to wind up in a crash And how much spit does a person produce Or how long is a hundred yard dash Why don't nose hairs have to be trimmed Is there a name for a male ballerina Can illiterate people eat alphabet soup How many octaves in an ocarina Who was the first person to look at a cow Started squeezing those dangly things Then drank the stuff that came pouring out They must have been real ding-a-lings Did you ever get up and brush your teeth And realized you're wiggling your bum Why toasters toast till it's beyond recognition Stating your name at AA, that's dumb Pretty sure corn oil is made from corn Wonder where baby oil is took Why is it that something you're looking for Is always in the last place you look Well that's it for this mangey old geezer My brain is beginning to ache If you know the answer to any of these Then speak up for goodness sakes © Jack Ellison 2013

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Some people use poetry to say ugly things;
Write filth and then call it art.
They expose all the sludge their mind can concoct,
And they think that this makes them look smart.

They think they're so cool, so with it, so smart,
Such worldly sophisticates,
When in truth they're telling all the world,
That they're base, depraved, mis-fits.

They expose the true nature of their way of life.
They think that this makes them so free.
They cannot see that they've sold their souls,
And they're slaves to debauchery.

For certain sex is a large part of life,
And holds an important spot;
But it's only one part and you haven't got much,
If in truth that's all that you've got.

Who really cares what you did last night;
Or who it was you did it with;
And for you to spread it abroad to all,
Cheapens and makes it no gift.

There is so much beauty and fun in this world,
And it's all there to taste and to savor.
How boring to live in a candy store,
And never taste more than one flavor.

People make fun of animals because they are so natural about their life and so unashamed,
but they are the only ones who have not sullied what God meant as a blessing.
They are the only ones who have remained just as God intended them to be.
We on the other hand destroy or dirty everything we touch and turn God's most intimate blessings into a dirty joke.It sure makes me tired.
Can anyone explain this to me?
Kind of gives the Scripture" The meek shall inherit the earth." new meaning doesn't it.

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The name “Jesus” 
When He was a Jew
The name “Christ”
When He was baptized to Christian

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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H-Less Jon

Found a new friend, his name is Jon
Asked him, 'where the heck is your H?'
He tried to recall and seemed to remember
There was a shortage in 1938

Parents failed to put their order in on time
So Jon was basically out of luck
His H has been missing ever since then
Poor guy it really must suck

Imagine all the times people have asked him
Likely driving him out of his beano
Certainly can't be blamed for a tirade or two
Heard he's heavily into the vino

Strange how a small thing like a missing H
Can affect one's psyche to the core
If you happen to have an extra H lying around
He'll pay a big bunch of moolah I'm sure

Found a new friend, his name is Jon...

© Jack Ellison 2012

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Jack's A Nickname

Jack's a nickname, my real name's Charles Guess I've got some 'splaining to do My sisters and Mom wanted “Jack Norman” Dad won, that's why you're confused My sisters and Mom said they wouldn't give in And would call me Jack anyway For my entire life been called by a nickname Confusing? You betcha to this day A bone of contention all through my life Whenever I'd sign legal documents Am looked at like I'm a bit on the shady side So I'd play up this silly pretence Acte suspicious, stutter and stammer Misspell my name C-a-r-l-e-s Get a kick out the sideways glances I get As they considered a possible arrest Finally fill them in on this problem I've had Since the very first day of my birth Chuckled as they realized I was who I was And apologized for what it was worth Jack's a nickname, my real name's Charles Now you know the rest of the story © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Name Of The Game Is Change

The more things seem to be changing The more they stay the same We must adapt and go with the flow Because change is the name of the game We struggle to keep our heads above water There are times it's a losing battle We get caught up in just making ends meet Sometimes we're like a herd of cattle However when we reach our senior years When pressures seem less intense It's nice to sit back and reflect on life And remember each happy event It's then we realize what life's all about Not about the number of possessions It's being happy and content in your skin And using time left with discretion © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Tree Stump

Some take checkers seriously, so do I.
I recorded my games without fail,
in the little park located close by.
Listen closely, you will like my tale.

Under the umbrella of an old live oak
sits a stump about chair seat high.
Not many things in this life evoke
such comforting tears to my eye.

A marble statue now, cast in memory
with so many names, a number beside.
The board inlaid, made of emory, ivory,
cast by an artisan in loving pride.

The real stump looked much the same.
I would challenge all comers of any age.
No one but me ever lost a game.
Beating me was a neighborhood rage.

The checker board sat on the stump.
I would log each name and the score.
Allowing points for each kind of jump.
Soon the board back held no more.

The oldest challenger I had was ten.
The thing was, if they won I got a hug.
They knew I wouldn’t feel so bad then.
Once hooked, from then I had the bug. 

Continuing as such in similar rendition,
‘Til came a letter from an art museum.
It spoke of a piece commissioned
by a local director of an atheneum.

Excited I walked to the old stump
looking for the name of the benefactor.
As I saw the name I felt my heart jump.
That small guy with the red toy tractor.

© Oct 26 2010   Charles Henderson   7 th in
Matt's "I fell in love with a tree stump" contest


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This is a song to be sung by a lady so if there's one out there who thinks this worthy, sings and writes music take this and run with it.  The only thing I want is the knowledge that someone used it...thanks if anyone can do this:

I remember when the boy next door first knocked upon my door
I’d seen him washing his ninety-six Chevy two days before
He was shirtless and sweating while wetting down his wheels
And that is when a lady’s desire and lack of better judgment congeals

I think it was blue with writing that read “Body By Design”
I’m talking about the shirt of a man I’d like to make mine
With ripples and his rough spots in all the perfect places
Yet soft enough to hold me and enfold me in his embraces

The boy next door had a two-door Chevy he named “Beth”
He saw me as I walked by in short-shorts and very short of breath
The boy next door was breathtaking with eyes of beautiful blue
Someone who could make this girl next door’s dreams come true

But who, I wondered, was this lady by the name of Beth
Could he have confused the “B” as in boy with an “S” as in Seth?
Yes, that’s the circumstance now I’m sure with certainty
His name is Seth, there is no Beth, and I know that certainly

I remember when the boy next door first knocked upon my door
I’d seen him washing his ninety-six Chevy two days before
He was shirtless and sweating while wetting down his wheels
And that is when a lady’s desire and lack of better judgment congeals

That boy next door went from door to door looking for a kiss
While I waited at my door for the boy next door to come and kiss this miss
Finally we kept kissing and his beauty made my feverish flesh cold
And still gives me chills and thrills while he carries me over the threshold

The boy next door had a two-door Chevy that he named “Beth”
He saw me as I walked by in short-shorts and very short of breath
The boy next door was breathtaking with eyes of beautiful blue
The boy next door who made this girl next door’s dreams come true
And now the boy next door is the boy next door no more
Since that boy next door and I now share the very same front door
The very same…………… front door!
                      © 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE..~free cee!~ 

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In Search of that Name

Up and down I quickly scroll
In search of the poet’s name
So desperate to feed my soul
And my anxious thoughts to tame

I scan with my longing eyes
This heart igniting to flame
I wonder where it could be?
The halo around that name

I breathe a sigh of relief
There it is, glorious sight
The name that is sure to bring
Dreams vibrant into my night

I click with growing ardor
Read and savor every line
Each thought entwined with magic
Transports me to the sublime

I sigh with deep contentment
Nourished by all he has shared
Dressed with the robe of his words
A gift of the soul he bared

Refreshed, I rise from my bed
A brilliant start to my day
In this little heart a wish
That his name is here to stay

Eileen Manassian Ghali

PS....Welcome to the world of technology, Soupers! ;) Our poetry must reflect our changing times. Computers, text messaging, posts...etc. Also....Read my Sonnet XX to know what I think about guess work! ;) Let the poet write in peace....enjoy the thoughts....and let mystery reign supreme! :) I'm sure you all look for names of poets whose work you relish, so you can relate.

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Inspired Byard

You all know me as Percival Jack But my real name is Charles Byard So you know, it's pronounced by-yard Living with this name has been hard You guys are probably wondering Where did that name originate Certainly never heard it ever before At least that's what most people state Well here's my tale, every bit is true Uncle Byard in World War One Died a big hero and was given a medal But he never ever carried a gun Before the war he was incarcerated For his nefarious safe cracking exploits The army thought they could use his talents At burglary he was very adroit So Byard was released and joined the army To make use of his safe cracking skills Sadly, one day while defusing a bomb My uncle, the hero was killed Was nicknamed Jack, but won't get into that It's what I've been called me ever since I'm thinking of changing it to 'Inspired Byard' But my wife will be hard to convince 'And now you know the rest of the story' As radio man Paul Harvey used to say I've hated that name since I was a pup But 'Inspired Byard' is okay! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Romani Gypsy

Gypsy soul born a wandering way
Bearer of passion age old and new
Who can tame your unbridled day
And live as Romani's do

Calloused hands speak not complaint
Who's bearings steer by twilights cue
A leisured life such charm forsake
To walk as Romani's do

To bitter end thine heart defend
For right to prove love true
Un-soulful touch could not pretend
To love as Romani's do

To give not weight to emotions sway
Is a labyrinth worth stumbling through
So lonesomeness owns not the day
To cry as Romani's do

A gypsies search to revel in spoils
In solitudes song or convivial crew
Between extremes it's harmony joins
To sing as Romani's do

Coursed by vein to entertain
An artists heart steeped and brewed
Banjara kuchi meets tambourine  
To dance as Romani's do

Mysterious eyes tint hardened lives
Breeding bonds so deep and few
To be a part of this honored tribe
And die as Romani's do

The gypsies way one does not choose
It's spirit inborn and it grew
From India's caves to the vagabond strays
A Romani remains forever on the move

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20 Lines Haiku Hijack

          20 Line Haiku Hijack

I stole a haiku from Japan
Stuffed it in a duffle bag, added 20 lines
Fed it chocolate day and night before the flight
Then placed it on the market when I landed

Shrimp and whale tails make sound haiku 
Deliciously simple like sushi.  Japan hated mine.
Called it distasteful, too heavy and rude 
Complaining it suffered from too many lines

I sold the stolen poem to a toothless man next
An Afghanistan Taliban in need of a wife
He realized the mistake and returned it at once  
Calling it bland, loveless and torturously trite

I injected a diaphragm on the haiku 2nd line     
To prevent undo pregnancies
When left alone to expand, haiku will multiply on command
It grew from 3 to 20 lines in what Japan calls a crime

Hijacking haiku and adding more lines is wrong  
It changes the meaning and makes it too long
Haiku will never be the same again
In the end I put it on a train to India…a quatrain to be exact. 

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i am not allowed to summon her name because her hubby must be very insecure


Today, whichever man is now with you
Whoever is doing that which we used to do
Whoever gets to feel what I once felt
I hope he appreciates the sexy, sylphlike and svelte

To whomever your heart has now been led
Whatever man now shares your bed
I’d give him the following information
You get my unrivaled recommendation

Does he worship you as a goddess at once born,
and treat you just like an angel foresworn?
Does he now know what I knew at one time,
and does he realize he sleeps aside the sublime?

Is every day an adventure like the ones we once shared,
back when I still mattered and when you still cared?
Do you play in the surf like we did in bare feet,
and as I did does he bless the day you both came to meet?

Are you as comfortable with him as you were with me?
Or will you burn him like you burnt me in effigy?
Did you swear your lasting allegiance with a sip of sacramental wine?
Or will you implode his world the way you exploded mine?
© 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE ..~free cee!~

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Less Complicated Is The Name Of The Game

It's colder than cold but the sun's shining brightly Which makes a whole lot of difference to me Must have been born on a bright sunny day To expect that's how each day should be Unfortunately, we must take the bad with the good Helps us to appreciate the good even more Gotta be happy with the skin that we're in Cuz I don't know of any trade-in store What if you were to loose the job that you've had For years then it suddenly becomes obsolete Sure a good reason to sound off just a bit Need security to make life complete But really no one else can promise you the moon You determine how your life will work out The choice that you make is totally yours And strive to persevere throughout So the bottom line as I see it is really quite simple Less complicated is the name of life's game Don't complicate life more than necessary Soon be back to from where you came © Jack Ellison 2014