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Quatrain Moon Poems | Quatrain Poems About Moon

These Quatrain Moon poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Quatrain Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Night Owl

Sitting by her open window,
Was a girl deep in thought,
Lost within a book of Poe,
A perfect poem she sought.

With a curious eye,
He watches her pen,
For she gives it a try,
Every now and then.

He will visit her forevermore,
In silent hours of midnight,
Casting his shadow on her floor,
Within the full moonlight.

Mysterious, nocturnal bird,
Calling out to darkened land,
Speaking such wise word,
Which I cannot understand.

I am lonely, I must confess,
It's just you, me and the moon,
You are much like me, I guess,
So, please sing me another tune.

A messenger of death,
Wailing songs of a banshee,
Has my grim reaper cometh,
Was this warning meant for me?

My soul was projected,
In the shadow of a fowl,
A raven I had expected,
Not the silhouette of an owl!

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Blame The Moon

I blame you, moon, for bringing thoughts of love in night to charm my eyes in slumber deep. Dreams drift bewildered in my head above til’ morning seizes passion’s grip from sleep. The moon shines careless on this lonely soul and beckons prey to seek the hunter’s fang. As dark expands in shadows to console, they slice the skin releasing bitter pain. In dreams, I feel a heart beating with mine, a stranger once becomes now all I know. Familiar taste upon my lips like wine flows perfectly from starry tide aglow. How do I live in sunlight’s looming grave, deadened by numbing rays of ruthless sun? How do I live without the arms I crave, amongst the crowds until the day is done? I blame you, moon, for rousing dreams within to taunt me with a lover’s longing smile. Beneath closed lids, I’m lost in timeless spin. Winds whisper, moon, please let her sleep awhile. for Gautami Phookan's Waking Dreams Contest, 12/1/14

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The sun plunged in the space of silence

The sun plunged
In the space of silence,
The summer has been extended
In a slow wandering ...

The orb has been drunk,
Gradually, by fringes.
> We did not hear anything,
From the fall of the angel ...

The horizon has folded its wings around
Confusing the distants ...
Evening invades what remains of the day
In a jiffy.

Water reflections exchanges
The colors overrated,
With the sky full of oranges,
The trees are just  silhouettes ...

The night the already marks yesterday
This is a timely opportunity,
Where piercing      welcoming clouds
unfolds, shamelessly         ,the moon ...

It will take an earth tour,
And plenty of patience,
For the solar triumph reappears 
In its rebirth  ,

As clarity rises
And progresses slowly
Until the most intense moment,  at its solstice,
To the top of the firmament.

And the celestial body  draws,  now
All things ,        in gold drops  ,
..... -     And this is another day.
It drinks in his turn and evaporates it....

Le soleil a plongé
Dans l'espace du silence,
L'été s'est prolongé  
Dans        une  lente errance...

L'astre a été  bu,
Petit à petit,    par franges.  
>      Nous n'avons  rien  entendu,
De la chute  de l'ange...

L'horizon a  replié ses ailes, autour
Confondant les lointains... 
Le soir  envahit ce qu'il reste de jour,
En un tournemain.

Les reflets des eaux échangent
Des couleurs surfaites ,
Avec le ciel tout en oranges,
Les arbres         ne sont que silhouettes...

La nuit,            marque  déjà  l'hier,
C'est l'occasion opportune,
Où, perçant des nuées  hospitalières,
se dévoile, sans pudeur,        la lune...
 Il faudra un tour de terre,
Et beaucoup de patience,
Pour que réapparaisse le triomphe solaire,
Dans  sa renaissance ,

Que la clarté  se hisse
Et progresse lentement,
Jusqu'au plus intense,      à son solstice,
Au sommet  du firmament.

Et l'astre dessine maintenant ,
Toutes choses en gouttes  d'or,
.....    - Et c'est un autre jour.
Il le boit à son tour,                    puis l' évapore....



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In the Heavens

The elements of the heavens above Where the birds go swaying and dipping down And the clouds mist their way along the sky There the dark sky shrouds the moon with a gown In awe I spread my arms just to accept The nature of the clouds and the cool air Beams of white light coming out from the moon Adds to the serenity that’s out there I hold out my hand to receive a drop A drop of dew from the heavens above Tenderly I kiss it and fill my soul Makes me want to fly with the birds I love The highest point of the sky before space Is where I end up, looking at the stars No other beauty compares to this trip I slowly fall back amongst the briars I live meagerly here on this vast Earth Then I fly again amongst the great clouds I often go see with the birds up high Joyously live my days with all that’s proud Russell Sivey

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Above the Blue Twilight

Chance the night, oh fragrant wind
Beckon to its drowsy calling
For 'tis there she rises high
And in the morn’s seen falling

Two different worlds on blanket lay
Before creations dawning
T’was there, her glory first espied
Began her lover’s fawning

The gentle glow upon her face
Her light of azure gloaming
A reflection of the love he feels
His warmth of heart e’er showing

Chase the wind, disrupt the tides
My lover, oh my soul
And to your darkened bed abide
In part or by the whole

Though my eyes rare find your face
Upon the darkened night
Forever shall we meet and dance
Above the blue twilight

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SO Many Questions

                So Many Questions
Were you watching the same moon as I?
The bright smiling moon, low down in the sky
Were you watching it when I at last said goodnight?
Did you catch that kiss sent on the glow of moonlight?

Did you close you eyes in sleep, as the moon passed on by?
Did you catch my dreams to keep them safe, not let them die?
Were you hugging your pillow so tight to your chest?
Leaving kisses on the pillow where my head should be pressed.

Did you wake to see the same moon, then go to sleep?
Were my dreams in your arms, there for you to keep?
To keep for a short while till you give them back to me?
Where we can share them together that is my decree.

© 29/11/2012 ~GG~

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To The Moon

If I could take you anywhere 
I’d take you to the moon 
Far above the trees and clouds 
And we would go there soon. 

The first thing I would do for you 
As we went along the way 
Is pluck a few stars from the sky 
And make you a bouquet. 

We’d walk along the moon dust 
With only our bare feet 
And feel it come between our toes 
Then our eyes would meet 

We’d sit on the edge 
With our legs dangling free 
And every trouble would leave my heart 
When you smiled at me 

And then you would take my hand 
And I’d give you the grand tour 
Because this moon is a place 
That I have been before 

You see, I’ve been to the moon often 
In my dreams throughout the years 
The moon is my special place 
That I’ve treasured and held dear. 

Never has a person 
Been to the moon with me 
And I told myself the one who would, 
To my heart would hold a key. 

And so my moonlight loved one 
It is you who holds the key 
And I’ve brought you to this place 
That is cherished unto me 

I want to say I love you 
It is you whom I adore 
Will you use the key you have 
To open my heart’s door? 

And in one sweep you’d take me 
Into your warm embrace 
I would see the look of forever 
Etched upon your face 

In that single moment 
My life would change for good 
I’d find my true love on the moon 
As I always knew I would… 

February 16, 2006 
Holly Miller

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The Meaning Of Love

The Meaning of Love

Sitting on the water the moon dipping in his toes
Water rippling down, towards the sea it goes.
Making love under the moonlit sky so bright
As one together, on one never-to-be forgotten night.

Ripples of water matched by ripples of fear
Trembling together but not even near
Eons apart but matched in one thought
It cannot be stopped, it cannot be fought.

The moon need not be there, the river may dry up
The stars never seen, the wine they did not sup
Together they can be as one without even a touch
In thought and word only, the passion too much.

To fetch the passion to it’s desired end
Words of love and time one needs to spend
To come and reach the final conclusion
Together as one, it is no illusion.

Happiness can be reached though eons apart
Though time and circumstance tug at the heart
To never be alone in word thought or deed
Always to be there, when the other is in need.

© 22/12/2012 ~GG~

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To the Moon She Looks

In the dead of night
Some years ago
A metamorphose transpired
Under full moon glow

A lady in black
In graveyard mist
Danced with the crows
In evolutionary twist

Her presence was surrounded
By luminous flows
Larva's were being shed
In dark butterfly grow

Her black dress becomes discarded
Shape-shifting in the dead of night
Red Admirals flutter
In demonic delight

They become butterfly winged elves
Patiently awaiting
To our moon our orb
Anticipating in taking

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The Lovers Moon

How do we meet under a lover’s moon?
What does this moon look like?
Will it give me a lover?
Or will it send me on my bike?

Why be under a lover’s moon
Does it imbibe powers of prowess? 
Of does it hide their shyness 
If in a state of near undress.

A harvest moon a blue moon
A waning and a waxing one
A new moon an old moon
And yet only one precious sun.

People cast their seed
On the first full moon in spring
They say it gives the best crops
And that’s saying something.

There are dances in the moonlight 
For those with nefarious thoughts
Bet they‘d get a fright
When lycanthropics, rampage and cavort 

On the night the moon is full what a shock for all the lovers 
A werewolf jumps on them, just as their delights each uncovers
So blue moon new moon, harvest moon of just full
Which is the lover’s moon so my dreams I can fulfil?

© ~GG~ 21/12/2012

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Source of Light

Worlds apart, yet so very close
As two hearts can beat as one
The sun shines upon us both
Then evening moon does come
We share a place we call our own
When the moon then sheds its light
We meet there, in shadow cast
As day turns into night

You wait for me in lover’s robe
As I come into view
The smile that you give to me
I then give back to you
With your hand, you take my own
You lead me to your tree
Beneath the arms, its mighty limbs
We share love, you and me

Betwixt by nighttime’s hidden glow
Our hearts then shine, form light
Caressing skin, with lips so soft
We bathe in our delight
As the moon, so then descends
To the other side of the earth
We whisper into each other’s ears
A thanks for our rebirth

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Ode To Nature

Oh giver of life, you glorious Sun, 
You instinctively know what must be done.
I bask in your warmth to gain energy; 
Marvel how you raise up each plant and tree.

You, gracious Moon ever watchful at night
Even aware when your eye is closed tight.
You sway our emotions, also the sea; 
Cause turmoil at times or tranquility.

I love you Earth and all of your creatures.
There's joy in knowing you are our teachers.
I will, to treat you with respect and care
And pray that the world will become aware

When we poison you, we poison us too. 
Keeping you balanced will grow life anew.
We are blessed with Earth, sea, wind and fire; 
Ether, divine, our longing desire

Helps us to treasure our blessings on Earth
And love that's bestowed when given our birth.
So embrace loyal Sun and moody Moon
As sweet Nature sings her loveliest tune. 

© Connie Marcum Wong

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SELENE - Goddess Of The Moon

The Goddess Of The Moon looked down,
Upon the quiet garden.
She watched night creatures at play,
The Owl, Raccoon and Marten,

Seeking as they do each night,
Their simple, humble fare,
And smiled as she watched them,
The breeze catching her hair.

The silver strands float all about,
Her visage so exciting,
So ethereal, so mystical,
Her crystal gaze enticing.

I come each night to watch her dance,
While everyone is sleeping,
And all is quiet, peaceful, still,
The lovely maid comes sweeping,

Silver streaks of moonlight,
Through town and wood and glen,
Then morning comes and she is gone,
Till moon rise comes again.

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Under A Red Moon

I shall compose you a poem,
below your round, shining face,
for this is where I feel at home,
a pen within my warm embrace.

Underneath this moon of red,
my soul begins to dance and sing,
I awaken my spirits, once dead,
at this midnight hour of spring.

Red moon born from an eclipse,
no better time to work my spell,
your hue mimics my crimson lips,
Just watch me break out of my shell.

Dave Wood's contest - "Red Moon"

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Gibbous Moon in Rhyme and Free Verse

Two-word Lines       Free
with Rhyme            Verse

gibbous moon         The near-full moon—
ashen veil               its ashen light—
phantasm strewn     ghostly, swathing all
redolent pale           with pale glow.

shamed hues           In moonlight, colors surrender—
morbid face             faces are morbid, semblance
heedless muse         of those about to pass,
death’s embrace       abandoned by life's essence.

gibbous moon           Gibbous moon wanes, as 
night reviled             night warily gauges its retreat.
morning soon            And with advancing dawn,
newborn child.          new life replaces the departed.

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Hammock of moon drifting like swan
to cradle night in brushed cyan
While tinsels spark on glazed lagoon
Drifting like swan... hammock of moon.

Luna twirls from rush of wind’s scent
As jasmines rise with flamed intent, 
Enthralling my eyes as blooms unfurl
In rush of wind’s scent Luna twirls.

Starlight joins with glitters of dust,
On ripples daring to combust...
The passion in my bones, dethroned
From glitters of dust, starlight joins!

Swap Quatrains. Let's See
What You've Got! 
Contest of Andrea Dietrich
*Listed as Quatrain Form

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Moonlight Madness

Sitting alone in the light of the moon
Twirling my glass of red wine
I retreated back into my cocoon
But still felt a chill up my spine

Something flew by in front of the moon
With a silhouette of a wide wing span
Its feathers flapped slow as it sang a tune
Its wings spread out in a fan

Then off he went out into the night
A raptor soaring in flight
The environment alive in the moonlight
Was an awesome yet fearful sight

The quiet stillness of the midnight air
Was a mystically charged atmosphere 
With all my senses alive and aware
I wondered what next would appear

The skeletal branches of a tree
Looked grim in the luminous glow
A leaf came loose and floated free
To the leaf carpeted lawn below

I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep
And dreamed of a forest of trees
And beyond the entrance further in deep
The temperature dropped thirty degrees

I snapped awake then in a flash
With a feeling of foreboding
And didn't really want to rehash
The message too obscure for decoding

I awoke to see in front of me
The same old leaf shedding tree
I thought I heard it speak to me
But honestly, how could that be?

I noticed the tree appeared forlorn
My thoughts were definitely wild
For it was only a honey locust thorn
What some people often reviled

I turned in for the evening after that
Then heard a light tapping on the pane
I saw it wasn't my Maine Coon cat
That’s when I went totally insane

A limb of that tree pointed towards me
Like a finger of a human hand
No more wine but Sleepy time tea
For me, I'm sure you understand

September 20, 2012


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Red Moon

We have a lunar eclipse
To watchers such a boon
It crosses the earth’s shadow
A fully blushing moon.

It rides in total splendour
Its beauty meant to draw
Attention of onlookers;
The heavens stare in awe.

Red moon this is the moment
That I have waited for
My love is here beside me
I cannot ask for more!

Contest: Red Moon
Sponsor: Dave Wood
Placing:  4th

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Outside My Bay Window

My house has a bay window, quite special It overlooks my great flower garden Beauty shines where the moon carries along No piece of the flowers is a burden Nightfall enlightens the flowers out there From the bay window I can see the light Touching the flowers calmly and with peace I sigh with contentment to view this sight I finish my drink and turn to go back When I glanced right at some fireflies around I smile at this beautiful scene with joy The whole picture is a wondrous surround Russell Sivey

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Enveloped Dreamscape

In the quiet, the night to focus on Dreams escape my head bringing dusty eyes I follow its lonely steps to darkness The moon begins to shine, starts to revise Fog envelopes me holding me so tight I can’t breathe, suffocating, I don't lie… End of life forms before me, true as night I finally suck in breath of the sky Calmness enters my troubled head for once Fog starts to recede, I see a home there Is it mine, what is the purpose of this My dreams, so lost, am I truly aware Where am I to be in this dream, fancy I delve into the space under this moon Bewilderment occupies my shaved head Smooth as silk, I follow nothing so soon The fog starts to cast its way in again I’m blinded only by the moon’s blue light Now I must sit, I am tired, can’t go on I hear the ocean, is it a new sight I wake to the sound of my noise maker To see thick fog covering everything Every thought is clear, I can concentrate I blame it on my dream, ventured seeing Russell Sivey

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The kings of the night

The seemingly tranquil sky
blooming with stars soon
pierced by a distant cry
that seems to swoon.

Beneath dense trees standing tall
to touch dark canvas painted
after dusk, prowls the epiphany of all
mother nature’s tainted.

The wise are often alone
and the dangerous hated, 
but they express in moan
their solitude, once more grated.

Gradually their voices unite
in a song across the valley, 
seeming to smite
all of innocence’s nest.

The moon in her splendour moves
to comfort the carnivores that commence, 
and yet her beam soothes
not the beasts’ sense.

Torn between wrong and right
the moon spreads her swanlike wings amidst
the howls of her lovers, the kings of the night…
among the wolves in the mist. 

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I have a Secret

I have a secret, the changing of time Affects me sublime, and opens me to The changing of blue to this lovely sign Of which I divine, the moon shines all through The fog entered into, each step I’m blind I reach every kind, the walkway is straight With fall leaves debate, I surely don’t mind I walk on them to grind, moon won’t abate The darkness all around depresses me I can sure see by the sound of the moon Not a flower to bloom, must be empty While it won’t be grumpy, surely too soon I don’t find a regret, where the power Resides in a tower, while it ensues I can’t breathe in the blue, it does shower Moon’s a ray of dower, just what we choose The land isn’t sound proof, is carries here The crickets do sheer, and cross barriers The gut can’t feel emptier, there’s no fear I grasp the fog’s tear, it cuts like daggers
Russell Sivey Contest: poems of secrets!!! shh!!! Sponsor: SKAT - O.D
Form Modified Quatrain Line 1: ab Line 2: bc Line 3: cb Line 4: bc

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Moon's Reflection

Light of the moon reflects in the water Its bare ecstasy rules the wet surface Holding the sight in my eyes now I glow Glowing with radiance of the night face I feel the powers of the risqué moon The blue nature of the moon bleeds on out Showing peace and the cool disposition And the pool of water shows all about Showers of the bright light surely calms me Brings me to high planes of relaxation No connotation’s better than passion There’s only one moon with its reflection
Russell Sivey Entrant into Poet Destroyer A's "any poem about the moon or ocean- old/new poems" contest 3/3/2013

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Seeing with new eyes

The sun comes up and it’s time to go
The more I learn the less I know
The sky is so blue and in the middle is the moon
 It seems as if the sun has made some room.

I find it strange to see the moon in the light
When I think of the moon it’s shining bright at night
Maybe the day and the night have become one
 I open my eyes wide to view what is to come.

The day seems special yet like any other
Things I saw before I seem to rediscover
They are different yet quite the same
 Just another day, Wednesday by name.

I get in my car for I have to go to the city
The visual outside my window is so pretty
The colors are so vivid they cry out we’re alive
I seem to find peace on this very long drive…

I pick up my friend and we start our trip back
 I see all that I have and not what I lack
We talk of life and how the world is changing
 Though it seems quite the same just a little rearranging.

I arrive at home it’s been a long day
 All of the pieces just fit today
Everything around me joined together
I floated through much like a feather.

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Pumpkin Head Scarecrow

Dark clouds trying to cover the full moon Creates an eerie feeling all throughout An old farmhouse sits upon the great height And haystacks sit down the hill and about This is where the great fearsome scarecrow sits Awaiting strangers that may come to view Ravens fly about his glowing pumpkin head Evil face exudes what it wants to do When you come face to face with this scarecrow Your days will sure come to an abrupt end A scythe he carries he surely will use And the ravens will take your soul to send Owner of the farmhouse won’t mess with him For the fear of death that’s within his bones He works around him during daylight hours Avoids him in the night within his zones Scarecrow has more power in the full moon And his alluring calls just isn’t right The great pumpkin head scarecrow glows fiercely He rules the dark fields, prowling in the night
Russell Sivey

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Where do you go

The night sky calls, invites me home.
The moon and stars shine all alone.
The moon is full and starts to glow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The stars seem like diamonds in the sky.
They have no wings yet they do fly.
Their brilliance just continues to grow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The sun returns and shines so bright,
Providing light to chase away the night.
The rhythms of life still persist and flow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The air gets hot as the day lingers,
I watch as life slips through my fingers.
There’s something more I wish to know,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The sun kisses the horizon as it sets,
What you want may not be what you get.
A cool evening breeze begins to blow,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

The cycle is complete as it gets dark,
I look for a place to make my mark.
The stars and moon begin to show,
When you’re alone, where do you go?

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Solstice Moon

Once upon a solstice night
thou moon in perfect glory
hung an effervescent light
to tell a lonely story

A silhouette of pure white cotton
danced on the rain laden ground
her rhythm remembered of passion forgotten  
as beauty seductively moved without sound 

Fullest moon ah cricket symphonies 
floating droves of firefly light 
they found their muse by her solitary mystery 
'twas a grandest moment in life

What good reason would an olive skinned maiden
In bare feet dance under solstice moon?
her feelings were larger than her life's narration
such grand imagination needs room

The only eyes that saw her that night
were the nocturnal creatures that prey
like men riding high upon entitlements right
fierce as time... as it's 

She danced a wingless flutter
her hair like petals in the wind
like dreams laced with summer
her eyes were full of fire for the flint

To know the riddle of her soul
one must know the poets tune
examine her language without diminution
to know the ghost in the dance which she holds

Yes, once upon a solstice night
mesmerized by the lure of the moon
she left her tears upon her bed
and choose instead though alone... her dance with fate to resume

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Adam's Side Kick

I’ve been a pain in your side “Why let me see…”
“You’re made from God but you say I’m made from thee?”
You talk to the animals and to the sky?
As the moon lights the night you talk to my…thigh?

You want to run bare arse all through the woods
We’ll if you keep doing that you won’t have ANY “goods?”
So, you don’t like the fig leaf. It’s a bad choice?
“Well, use your words! Speak up! You got a voice.”

“You work? So you say. Just what do you do?”
All we eat are the fruits and some vegetable stew.
I cry at the sunrise. I’m not used to these eyes.
And I still can remember being inside God’s sigh.

I cry cause the wind blows dust at moon rise
I’m frightened and wonder what’s the next …SURPRISE!
Neighbors? What neighbors? Toss the leave use a peel
what care I for the wonder of what you’ll reveal.

Eden was wonderful, and ignorance bliss
yet so is the delight of a your so human kiss.
I love you, I’ll stay no mater the plight
and raise up our children and handle the fright.

*dedicated to Larry Belt's Adam / A Pain in my Side

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One More Try

I haven’t always done the best I can do.
I see where I am and what I’ve been through.
The sun sinks low like it bows to the sky,
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

Darkness surrounds, still I try to see.
Illuminating stars spark all I can be.
When I want to dream, I look to the sky.
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

Memories haunt like ghosts in my head.
I just can’t forget the things that were said.
I watch the moon rise, I dream I can fly.
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

I lay my down in bed in need of some sleep.
I just close my eyes and count some sheep.
My mind wonders as my heart asks why?
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

I awaken and light fills my eyes.
As the sun chases the moon from the sky.
It’s a new day, I hear angels sigh,
Maybe I’ll get it right with one more try?

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Full Moon at Halloween

There’s a full moon at Halloween this year With characters being dressed up as death Everyone loves to bring a lot of good cheer While evil tries to go and take your breath There are flying creatures that fly by night Owls, ravens, and bats are to name a few They love the full moon with lots of fright Going all about scaring everybody and you The haunted house which is upon a large hill Is the most frightening place you’ve ever seen A place of great fear, a place to give a thrill All these things are on this night, Halloween
Russell Sivey

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By the Light of the Moon

By the light of the moon I do describe I begin by the cool blue glow within Though at times there is a warm yellow tint Each are pertinent to the moons great grin I can see by the light of the moon’s grace The power is infused with my soft soul Tenderly the moon brings a heart of love Showering love to all those in control The sun reflects romantic vibes about I harbor them deep inside of me here I point to my heart and hold it within I can’t help but to look up and to stare I hold onto my moon, my sweet lover The moon envelopes everything in me I’m melded into the soul of the moon Feeling the love between us, it’s lovely I will always treasure the moon at night It’s a gorgeous part of life I enjoy The moon and all its glorious splendor Will always hold me in awe, its employ
Russell Sivey

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The moon and sun

Said the moon to the sun one day,
"Oh why you majestic thing must you avoid me?
And forever escape my rays?
Forever lying with the darkness, yes He!"

Said the moon to the sun the very next night,
"You ask me why I escape from you?
And hide from your blinding light?
I hide for I do not love you, and despite me saying so, honeyed words you still coo!"

"Fine! If you will not listen to my plea,
Then I will take you by storm and fire!"
The Sun cried out in fury
An as he did so, the tempurature grew higher..

The moon cried out for him to stop.
Everyone, even the stars cried out for the sun to stop
For her, who was shielding herself from the heat's great wallop
Crying out to the Darkness for one last boon.

The Darkness with great care
Took her home
Protecting and healing her with great nobility and dare!
Then helping her into the dark sky that nothing but a great dome

Waxing and waning for eternity
The moon almost dying, only to be saved by the Darknesses loving touch
All this because of the sun, yes He!
The moon enduring all this pain just to escape the sun's clutch

Said the moon to the Sun every night,
"You asked why I escaped,
And hid from your blinding light?
I hid for I did not love you, and because I said so, you try to kill me, Yes you do..."

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The Stars Reflection

He sat there on the edge
of the rocks above the shore
lost there in his thoughts
like many times before
he noticed how the water
seemed to glow with life
and for a couple moments he
forgot about his strife
the light came from the moon
high up in the sky
and he longed to be among the stars
but had no wings to fly
so he climbed down from the rocks
and waded past the shore
he drifted away on the stars reflection
with a heavy heart no more

By Morgan Mise
Written January 6, 2013

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Treasures Of Your Soul

In the depths of midnight the sky shows off That which plays within the glows of the moon Harvest yellow casting down on the grass Deep in my heart this hallowed soul has swoon So shocked of this sight, the moon at midnight Complete with its piece of the raven small Proudly displayed this clearing beams tonight And light of the moon fills this space for all This tender light that shines on such a bird Brings me in awe and bewilderment fast I thank the Lord for all his blessings shown This well-manicured spot found at long last The last piece of this romance inspired thought Is her presence, what’s written on a scroll No harvest moon and no midnight raven Can take place of the treasure of my soul
Russell Sivey Contest: Treasures Of Your Soul Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 7/29/2013

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The yellow moon

The yellow moon.

The moon she rides the morning skies
So big and round and yellow
There’s kind of mystic, magic feel
On this morning, soft and mellow

I walk along these lonely streets
On this sweet, precious morn
It’s just three hours away from now
And a new day will be born.

There’s so much blessed mystery
When the full moon rides the sky
It gives life such a magic glow
The morn it deifies.

I feel like howling like a wolf
As wild, he haunts the prairie
It’s a feeling that’s is kind of strange
It comes to me so rarely.

Such magic in this brand new morn
It sinks into my soul
As yellow moon, she rides the sky
And the whole world feels so whole.

9 July 2014 @ 1155hrs.

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Ocean's Rites

The Earth rotates around …spins The moon carries its own power The ocean, it focuses on Seeking the meek, lighthouse tower The waves are created …splash We play within the froth and foam Lowering myself to its side I know its love within the zone Into the sea the sky …reflects Makes the waves a romantic blue Entranced I follow the shoreline There is no greater love than you The heavens and with them …power And the ocean lives with its own I carry along with me strength To survive when the Earth does groan Spins, the world moves for life loved Splash, the oceans crash for desire Reflects, thinks of ancient days past Power, holds enough to quench fire
Russell Sivey

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Silver Nighttime Rain in Autumn

In the nighttime hours there’s sweet melody Droning of rain falling down on the ground In the middle of fall, great time of year Contains silence of silver all around The moon beams his pride down on us tonight The autumn night, cool and crisp, surely glows Beautiful looks shine in on the light rain The night brings us peace like only it knows
Russell Sivey

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Midnight Pearl

Floating, dreaming, waves lapping, slapping playfully on the rocks
Turning over swimming gently, diving under water, sighting a delicate box
Holding breath, diving deep, pushing with all my might
desperate to reach the box, not could not reach it, chest too tight

The sea is tidal; I work it out, that when the tide is low
I’ll swim back out at lowest tide and give it another go.
It’s late, the moon is shining, just enough to see
I take the plunge holding my breath, and dive into the dark cool sea.

I reach the box my chest is tight, I grasp and kick with all my might
I reach the surface gasping; the moon now smiling down its silvery light
To reach shore, shivering slightly, with apprehension and the chill
To open this box so delicate, the thought gives me such a thrill.

It opens so easily, I am surprised, now my thoughts are in a whirl
I lift the lid, it reveals to the me what I now call the 'Midnight Pearl'.
The moon glances off its pearly skin too beautiful too behold
As the hand come through the water it grasps the pearl so bold.

A voice whispers eerily into the night time air
'Leave the pearl now go - don’t come back you will not dare.'
The moon is now mocking, the pearl gone from my grasp
I see it back in its box as the hand closes down the clasp.

'You are very lucky a life is normally required to see the pearl.'
Fear then engulfed me as the short story did unfurl
'The only exception to the rule is a glance under the midnight moon' 
On the night of the lowest tide, so I grant your life - as a boon.

Mandy Tams ~GG~24/04/2012 

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The moonlight fugitive

Short gasps of air whirl through a burning throat,
still her legs defy the exhaustion in desperation.
Behind her trail phantoms of memories afloat
upon a sea of desertion.

Beneath a canopy of constellation
she finds herself lost in time.
The forest unfolds before her like a revelation.
An apocalyptic bell sounds one chime.

It won’t be long before a mistake is irreversible.
Every turn is just another minute to live.
The last road taken proves an ironic circle. 
Sinking between the waves that created her, rests the moonlight fugitive.

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Faith in Myth

Apollo! Lead us into the fiery center of the sun
As the full moon offers a beacon in the night
We march into the blaze and burn as one
Or surrounded by darkness, the moon removes plight

Apollo! Do not forsake us, we of faith, let light shine
Save us from the darkness that plagues the soul
Ever devouring the darkness takes us; your inferno burns sublime
O' come great light, lest we are left black as coal

Do we plead in vain, do you see our suffering?
Are we alone, bleeding husks, answering for original sin?
Please immerse us in flame, stop black eternal smothering
Please illuminate the path, light the way to pursue within

The pantheon echoes our greatest fears
The Gods reflect our endless doubt
Belief of the above foils the darkness that lurks near
Or so we believe, we believe we're better with than without

The sky above, the dreams within, complete our mortal frame
The fears we face, the hope we share, we're all to blame

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Rings Around the Moon

Nature plans to run rings around the moon Light that’s seen only by the mighty rock The master brightness fills the countryside Where there are fields of grey and black that mock There are flowers that exist which are dim In the day they are yellow and bright red At night they are various shades of grey Lit barely by light of the moon that bled There’s a sound of a stream that flows downward It’s black as the night, a source of wisdom The cool moon covers its bed on the field And stretches out its hand for its kingdom The sky and the clouds is where the moon lives Being beautiful was its heartfelt aim Blessing the ground with a white glow about Light shows what to marvel and what to blame
Russell Sivey

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Moon Shines Brilliantly

The wrought iron fence with metal pickets Separates the real world from this horror The moon shines brilliantly down onto you Catches the graveyard tombstones of splendor The mighty tree in the yard looks horrid With shadows that are long and frightening At base of the tree lies a lit pumpkin There to scare all those who’s enlightening There is a gate with skulls set on the fence You enter at your own risk, ghosts live here They’re in the haunted house in the graveyard The ones that will freeze you when they appear Stars shine very brightly on Halloween Shooting stars as to give a great warning That this night’s purely evil in all ways Nothing here tonight is truly charming You can hear the voices calling your name Holding a real attraction to your ears The silver moon shines even brighter now Taking away inhibitions and fears
Russell Sivey

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How many lovers stand tonight,
Within the bright moonshine
And sigh and whisper loving words,
As hands and hearts entwine?

The harvest moon is full tonight,
And just as brightly beams,
As when we last sat under it
And shared our cherished dreams.

My head was on your shoulder,
Your arm around my waist.
Our blissful future stretched ahead,
This but a sweet foretaste.

We claimed the moonlight as our own.
We could not be denied.
We had a few short years and then,
Fate took you from my side.

I gaze upon the moon tonight
Alone and feeling sad,
But I would not exchange them,
Those happy years we had.

Our love for one another,
Like an old familiar tune
Comes back to haunt my memory
Bewitched there by the moon.

A love that's true is worth the while,
Though ending much too soon.
I close my eyes and you're still here,
Beside me 'neath the moon.

By Joyce Johnson
For Deborah Guzzi  "Harvest Moon;P " phrase contest.  My phrase "Moonshine"

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The Spaceship Enchantment

The sun's over ninety million miles away
While the moon shines nightly above 
But the stars reside in your gentle eyes
Like tiny sparkling diamonds of love

On a spaceship we call “Enchantment”
We set sail on placid seas of bliss
Wrapped in the arms of the goddess of love
Enraptured by the warmth of each kiss

Floating like a couple of heavenly bodies
On a collision course of emotions
Destined to be joined in celestial union
Filled with great love and devotion

There's no greater feeling than mutual love
Poets strive to capture it in rhyme
The ultimate emotion known to man
A feeling of pure joy so sublime

The sun's over ninety million miles away
While the moon shines nightly above 
But the stars reside in your gentle eyes
My darling, my obsession, my love

©Jack Ellison 2012

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Don't go out Tonight

Don't go out tonight
If there's a full moon in the sky
You may never come back alive
When the ravens nightly fly

Never look to the moon
When they silhouette their shape
You'll be left with lunar blind
Your eyes in a darkened drape

Don't go out tonight
If there's a full moon in the sky
Unless you have no reason to return
Then if that's the case, you'll die

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Basking in Moonshine, Translation of Paul Verlaine's Clare de lune

Basking in Moonshine, Translation of Paul Verlaine’s Claire de lune

(Translation of Paul Verlaine’s  « Claire de lune » by T. Wignesan. Again I try to keep to the original syntactic patterns and visible layout, but I must admit I could produce other renderings which could equally do justice to the probable « intention » of the poet.)

None may ask for better landscape than where souls lie
Wherein might rove charmingly masked bergamaskers 
Strumming their luths while dancing but who well nigh
Look stricken under their outlandish disguises.

Verily singing in a murmurous tone
Love that triumphs and life’s seizable worthiness
Yet hardly seem to believe in their own good fortune
And their song dissipates into moonlight’s pallidness,

Into that sad yet pleasing stillness the moon engenders
Which must surely induce birds in trees to dream
And to gush ecstatic through sturdy water spurts,
Tall chiselled water columns against marble gleam.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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Lilies for my Lilly

To my Lilly, sweet and lovely
Take these lilies if thy love me
Kiss me Lilly long and justly
Until light is night and lusty

We eclipse the moon while fishing
Kisses by each others wishing
As we walk the moon is missing
Found by shadows of us kissing

Until light is night and lusty
Kiss me Lilly long and justly
Take these lilies if thy love me
To my Lilly, sweet and lovely

Johnny Sumler
Two thru Twelve

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FREE CEE the midnight moon midst memories of misery

in the small moments of a sleepless night
not even midnight seems contrite
the clock's contrition for me is denied
when a new day is  birthed yet sleep is defied

the clock speaks too loudly for sleep to come
as i consult a jigger of rum for a source to become numb
drink after drink leads me not unto sleep
and alas the reason is a secret for the moon to keep

the silence of nighttime is shattered by my heart
quitude that makes my dreams duly depart
rum number seven helps me not at all
and for me sleep never comes to call

the moon's secrets are never revealed
while a hole in my heart is never healed
as i lay awake in a cocoon of quilt
and much like the moon i have a secret called guilt

tiny numbers on the clock appear bedside
while sleeplessness is my midnight guide
the cock crows in my ears too early at dawn
as sunshine soaks the greenery of my front lawn

and so i arise to fight and face another damnable day
when the moon, by daylight, has been stolen away
although the sun screams brightly my world seems ever grey
whilst all i have to blame is yesterday
         (c) 2012 PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~

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God, The Romantic

The earth says goodnight as the sun lowers for a kiss,
While the moon edges upward, overlooking in the sky
The mountain tops reach with snowy crescent, white
As the valleys welcome shade, a blanket to the eye.
The earth is enshrouded in darkness, but also with light
As the luminescent radiance of the moon sets the scene
I, walking the valley, with my lover’s hand in mine
Smile in her presence, with a love, never fleeing.
With a look…a shadow…the moon casts upon her face
She never looked lovelier…than she does at this time
As if God, himself, lit the candles, upon our tables
Leaving us to dance…to enjoy our love…sublime.
He even plays the music, by which our hearts beat along
The musician that He is, selecting beautiful nature, to play.
My lover and I enjoying the evening set for just us two
While God sets this scene, before night turns to day.

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Midnight Pearl

The moon had risen;
 The earth was aglow,
And I saw all of this from 
My bedroom window.
I thought to myself 
That a wing had unfurled,
Transforming the planet
Into a new world.

Such a marv'lous change 
Was wondrous to see,
'Twas if the dry land 
Had been changed to a sea,
And the moon looked down 
From the clouds a'swirl
Glittering silver 
Like a midnight pearl.

Tara Andre
Midnight Pearl
June 06 2012

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summer nights delight

Summer nights delight.

The sable cloak of night is sown
With a beauty which is shown
By a myriad points of light.
Which show against the dark of night

A background certain to enhance
Selena mistress of romance
As she observes young lovers dreams
She blesses them with soft moon beams.

Although the moon is permanent
Young love is often transient
But for tonight the moon will do.
Her best to make your dreams come true.

The sable cloak of night conceals
What the morning sun reveals
Feelings engendered by the moon
Can fade away alas too soon.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

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Astronomy Of Love

The sun's over ninety million miles away
While the moon shines nightly above 
But the stars reside in your gentle eyes
Like tiny sparkling diamonds of love

On a space ship we call “Enchantment”
We set sail on a placid sea of bliss
Wrapped in the arms of the goddess of love
Enraptured by the warmth of her kiss

Floating like a couple of heavenly bodies
On a collision course of emotions
Destined to be joined in celestial union
Filled with great love and devotion

There's no greater feeling than mutual love
Poets strive to write about in rhyme
The ultimate emotion known to man
A feeling of pure joy so sublime

The sun's over ninety million miles away
While the moon shines nightly above 
But the stars reside in your gentle eyes
My darling, my obsession, my love!

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waxing poetica

the moon is made of lovers' wishes
Gorgonzola, and other dishes
heard knighted lines of ardent passion
of tears and wars of lusted action

fallen harvest moon shines emphatically
a golden cornucopia spilled chromatically
dancing fires with nights painted pagan
and gifted artistic jilted lovers beggin'

timelessly written in songs and tomes
those emotive thoughts we've come upon
matters not whether orb is woman or man
it touches us celestially like no other can

call her she, or the man-in-the-moon
beginnings wrap to endings all too soon
her light, like a lover's love waning
your pull on her, has gone, abstaining

yet new he comes 'round in the night
dark and mysterious a shadow of light
and more look up with wonder and lust
under earthly moon all cratered and dust

canines in deserts howl their approval
lone wolf on mesa or in packs communal
eclipsing all that the earth can give
it pulls oceans of emotions that we live

whether I'm mental or merely sentimental
some core of lunar moonin' is elemental
and moves me in arcs of sorrow and elation
soulfully to cry with ecstatic damnation

pulled nearer in mind to phased lunacy
by the gravity of the moon you see
whatever it means for all the fuss
this moon surely has a pull on us

© Goode Guy 2011-09-13

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I saw the moon at mid-day,
Pale, behind the drifting clouds.
It seemed the day was muted,
As if  whispers would be too loud.

I walked out into the desert,
Watching the shadows cast.
Perhaps the moon at mid-day
knows the secrets of the past.

The leaves of change are falling.
Tomorrow’s path is charted. 
We see the moon at mid-day,
when the stage's veil is parted.

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Blood Moon II

Far off, foreboding, doleful, true,
October's blood moon soars in view,
and speaks from raven, star-strewn skies,
prophetic warnings to our eyes.

This night, more than most that have flown,
yields insights from your spatial throne.
Your ruddy presence speaks in mime
sibylline missives for our time.

And when your cryptic, visage red,
stared back, the eastern stars did dread.
We feared celestial spheres would quake
to see night's burnished rune awake.

Ecliptic passing in our sight
on this apocalyptic night.
Twice in one year we've seen you swoon;
you haunt us, lonely, sanguine moon.

                                Blood Moon II
                  *written after second lunar eclipse
                    of 2014  10-8-14

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It ends at the sky

The sky is a collage of purple and red
As the sun hits the horizon and goes to bed.
Mixed in the middle are dark blue and gray,
It is so impressive I have to say.

The words are illusive as the moon does rise.
When I need inspiration I look to the skies.
I see this universe so much larger than I.
The stars appear to mark the day gone by.

I look up to see this star shining so bright.
Bringing needed light to the dark night.
It seems like a beacon shining for me.
The twinkling of stars as far as the eye sees.

I sit for a while so I can take it all in.
It’s so quiet I could hear the drop of a pin.
Though I’ve seen this before it is never the same.
The moon rises up to join in the game.

The beauty of these moments set my mind free.
The possibilities before me are as vast as the sea.
It stretches from land to end at the sky
My imagination soars I think I shall fly.

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Every Time

Every time the white grave cloths of winter disappears
And seeds in their ressurection rise
To wipe the faith of spring clean from winter's tears
Hope shines a new sun in my eyes.

Every the time the moon grows old, fragmented, and pale
I keep my eyes upon the eastern hills
Where the new moon turns full face on the sorrowing dale
And farm girls laughter from love overspills.

Every time the land grows dry and dust dims the blinded sight
I see the little cracks in the soil
Like vessels set to catch the coming showers with delight
And seed again the farmers' toil.

Every time nature brings changes to strand the tide of faith
I wait patiently the promise
That this mortal shall immortal be, for lessons on the slate
Of hills, sky and seas speak the certainty of this.

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Darkness Steals

My soul quite deep within me quakes
when darkness steals the sky.
The night rolls out its raven cape
and stars from shadow, fly.

Gray threads of clouds adorn the deep
and look down as to spy.
The silence of each long, dark hour
is nightfall's strong ally.

Below, on earth, from our purview
we sleep, we work and play.
Too often as our life unwinds
we miss night's grand display.

We move among the twilight spheres
with blinders, let and right,
yet high among the moon and stars
we find a guiding light.

The reverence we sense and feel
amid each nightlong fray
enrich and help sustain us as
we wait for break of day.

Dark night is not some cryptic foe,
though silent, is a friend.
We live in guarded umbral realms
until the dawn ascends

                     Darkness Steals
                     common verse

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Midnight Stroll

M’lady please come, the time is right
The moon hangs bright in the sky
Take my hand, please hold it tight
As you become the light, in my eyes

M’lady please stroll, the moon hangs low
I have much to show you tonight
As the romantic orb casts its glow
Our love, it does grow, with its light

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Your Light

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
The earth wants to keep you for her own
The light of the moon shines only over you
While the seas crest in your very direction

Your beauty makes the sun jealous of you
It feels pallid in your very presence
It cannot compete with the shine you emit
It is lacking and wanting your very essence

The light of the moon shines only over you
Casting a luminary spotlight on your being
It, too, wanes in comparison to your glow
It is from your light that everyone is seeing

While the seas crest in your very direction
The universe seems to revolve around you
Making you the center of everything good
Celebrating you, your light, the truth

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Birch Eyes on Fireflies

Dusting, cascading on wings confiscating
the dreams spilled in pools of desire
We watch and we wait in a thick contemplate
on these paper soft wings to expire

Birch eyes on fireflies, chalky moth feathers fly
slicing the moon from it's strings
Crashing back down to splash drops of desire
incredible, though for the moment it stings

Whispers on wings to the fallen moon sings
touching the tongue of those minted and mute
Lost in these nights, an incredible sight
one which no ether of sense can refute

Silver eyes letting tears, metaled and molded years
Dreams all at once see their chance at escape
and latch on to wings hooked to birch eyes on fireflies
sweeping the sky leaving dust in their place.

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Love's Prelude

Sand the hour down to moments
Leave the dust beside the door
Call the taxi rush to honor
Shed emotions to the floor
Skin the listen with decision
Pull the wild trance to sing
Cancel all your past appointments
Leave behind the tears you bring
Kiss the air as if your last
Taste the rain and cut your hair
Show the world your passion laughing
Fleece the silver from your stare
Blow the solid moon a blanket
Find the locket that you lost
Melt your calling, moon is falling
Sell your pain at market cost
Strip the skin to bone endeavors
Lamp light all the stars above
For tonight you're breaking moments
For tonight you'll fall in love.

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Dear Sis in Law

Dear sis-in-law, you are never older
You are now getting wiser by the year
I hope the knowledge that you acquire
Let’s you meet things head on, without fear

The sun will always rise for every morrow
As will it set, when day turns into night.
Into your future, with the sunrise, may you walk
Towards the sun, so that your face is always in the light.

When evening comes, the moon will then smile
Rising to allow you light, romantic and serene
Let the moon assist you this year and ever after
And let it grant everything you’ve ever dreamed.

So, Kathy, I have to say now, Happy Birthday!
I’m sorry that this poem’s a little late
Forgive me please, time is of the essence
You’re 41 now, with not much time waste. 

Ha Ha Ha!!!

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Tomorrow and Forever

Time passes by, into tomorrow.
Cycles of the moon repeat each night.
The world spins on, into the future.
Awaken from darkness, into the light!

Cycles of the moon repeat each night
as I lay dreaming of days ahead.
Dreams of you and all our tomorrows,
swirling around, while sleeping in bed.

The world spins on, into the future
allowing the growth of the love we have found.
So, when we enter into our tomorrows,
we’ll know forever that love has no bounds.

Awaken from darkness, into the light!
Ready for new days and brighter suns?
Well then, walk with me my dearest,
we’ll be together ‘til Kingdom Comes.

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Birth Right

The evening sky covers the field like a blanket
As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Opens to the eyes of those who wish view happily

As the moon appears as a nightlight for all to see
My eyes squint to retrieve the beauty falling before
I smile as my heart sighs with the image bestowed
At this time of the evening, the earth now adorned

The beauty of the land’s new reflective splendor
Is a daily reminder of the many gifts on the earth
I remain thankful for my time and my witnessing
These many gifts granted as a right, from my birth

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Quiet Hero

The beast in darkened lair does thirst
For human blood, the village curse
Upon full moon it greets the night
Consumes its prey until daylight

As full moon calls upon the beast
To come, arise, take part in feast
One lonely man, takes up a bow
Readies his arrows, to do in the foe

It was there among the many trees
The moonlight brightened well, he sees
The hungered beast, he slowly nears
With utmost quiet, suppresses fears

His hand upon the feathered glide
With hopes it reaches deep inside
His mighty arm it pulled back tight
As the arrow then took aim and flight

But no, the creature had turned in time
To see the arrow come. What crime!
He reached real fast, an arrow took
His hands were strong although they shook

Placed, with point aimed at the head
He released with hopes to make him dead
Smiled now, as he gained some ground
For the beast let out its dying sound

He walked backed to his village square
It was quiet and still, no one there
Retreating then to his humble abode
He fell off to slumber with story not told