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Quatrain Love Poems | Quatrain Poems About Love

These Quatrain Love poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Love. These are the best examples of Quatrain Love poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Love Beyond the Pale

Sou lay upon the warm wet earth
ripped from limb to limb.
Your present shape denies the girth
of your form in its prime.

Cut short in life denied your worth
about you ivy climbs,
my love for you evokes the hearth
a fire which knows no end time.

Now fallen, slain, cast for rebirth,
the core of you sublime,
an earthly stump, at forest skirt
reminds me of grand times.

Soon, I too will go beyond the earth
recalling passion's prime
through the veil of life unearthed
my heart returned to thine.

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It Matters Not

It hovers here, a moon opaque, obscuring mountain trails I take. No other living things appear. A moon opaque. . . It hovers here. I follow on along a ledge; below a swirling river’s edge. In front of me, the canyon’s yawn. Along a ledge, I follow on. I see no hue when fog congeals. Oh, doom of one who no more feels! The moon has fled, as so have you. When fog congeals, I see no hue. Now all is dim; it matters not. My dear one’s heart I have not got. No use in living without him. It matters not. Now all is dim. At peace I’ll be if I should fall to murky water from this wall. Oh, yawning canyon, swallow me. If I should fall, at peace I’ll be. 'for the Gothic or Romantic (old/new) Contest of Giorgio Veneto and now for the contest of PD

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It is every boy's fantasy
It is every man's dream
To be with two women
To be double teamed 

I must be real lucky
I've gotten this chance
These two perfect ladies
Are wanting to dance

Winds blew them to me
Bringing happiness to all
Blinded they let me see
I hear the whispers they call

Our tomorrows bring hope
Hugs and kisses aren't enough
They are allowing me to cope
They've made a weak man tough

My two special ladies
Bring smiles to my face
I wish they were closer
So we all could embrace

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First Love

Returning home again after many years away
I find our secret path along the Fundy Bay
That happy place where long ago we played
Where all our dreams and promises were made

Once again I lie down where daises grow
In fields above the banks where salt winds blow
Golden memories rush through my hungry soul
Returning pieces of my heart lost long ago

I close my eyes recalling all the things we did
Just the way they were when we were kids
And I know without a doubt that you are here
As your love for me falls from my eyes in tears

We lie like angels looking up at clouds of cream
As we watch them take the shape of all our dreams
We laugh so hard at all the things we do and say
To us life is just a stage a place to laugh and play

We find the trail that takes us down to meet the ocean
Where we swim in waves of jubilant emotions
Then we walk along the shore together hand-in-hand
And we write our love forever in the sand


Author:  Elaine George
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The Love of a Gentle Man

There is a place where the land bows down to kiss the misty tide,
Where rolling waves bring memories of the place my heart resides.
There among the old fishing shacks that stretch along the shore,
I find the thing I’m longing for, in your sweet embrace once more.

We sit together on a weathered log I carve my initials on,
And as you mend the fishing net, I sing your favorite song,
“Oh Danny Boy”, falls on the wind and floats across the bay,
As you smile at me and melt my heart, with words you do not say.

Beneath a golden sun with the fish and the smell of wild flowers,
A little girl and her Grandpa, sit happily and while away the hours,
And when the sun dips in the bay, we put the mended nets away,
And hand-in-hand walk home again, to the end of a perfect day.


Author:  Elaine George

(In loving memory of Theodore Evans - My Grandfather)

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The Birds Begin

Despite the black, the birds begin
To call the light unto the day,
Persistent songs remind the Sun
To send the stars upon their way.

There's hope in this which I admire:
The birds trust what they're yet to see,
I know I trust you just the same,
And always will, unfailingly.

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Let Me Go

You have caged me for too long
I want you to just let me go,
I have to spread these feathered wings
I need to feel the wind's blow.

You know that I love you truly
I said that I would never leave,
I want to see the rain's dance
Not just sit here and perceive.

The scene never changes, day after day
I want to go where white roses bloom,
I have never seen an ocean's wave
And neither have you, I assume.

I need to see the autumn tree's change
I want to see the snowflake's glisten,
I am wishing on the stars as they fall
This is my dream, so please just listen.

I want to fly in the sky's blue
I need to feel the sun's burn,
When I have experienced these wonders
I promise that I will return.

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No Greater Love

For God so loved this sinful world, He gave us all His son; That we might live with Him one day, when life on Earth is done. No greater love was ever known, no greater gift bestowed, And for the love He sacrificed, no greater debt’s been owed. The time was short for Jesus Christ, but what He gave mankind To lift our hearts and save our souls has yet to be refined. The grace and style in which He moved through politics and fools, Has paved the way for paths we trod through worldly ways and rules. His teachings spread throughout the land, His miracles renowned, He only had to touch a life to show His love was sound. Two thousand years have come and gone since Christ communed with man; And with his dying saved us all, to serve God's ancient plan. He rose from death, as He had said, and proved His word was true, That life eternal waited those who choose to suffer through. Salvation came that fateful day, the Bible tells us so; And time has shown that through God’s love the weakest spirits grow. Now, modern times are hard on us and cause us all to doubt, For change is there at every turn, and Satan’s always out. It’s now we need the love of God, for always, as before; Just lift your heart and ask for it, and see what lays in store. It’s through God’s love we handle change and how it makes us strong In ways we deal with worldly things and sort the right from wrong. For change is just another way the Lord sees fit to use To make our days seem fresh and new with paths to take and choose. It’s by our faith we live our lives and seek a brighter day, And how we find the confidence when doubts get in the way. But most of all it’s happiness that faith’s been known to give When our misfortunes come to cloud these modern times we live. We need not fear what God has wrought. We need not know His plan. We only need to know He’s there, and love’s in store for man. Just think the words you’d ask in prayer, and ere a sound be heard, His perfect love will fill your heart before you’ve breathed a word. No greater love was ever known, no greater gift bestowed, And for the love He sacrificed, no greater debt’s been owed. But God forgave our debt to Him, we live in grace today; The greatest love you’ve ever known is just a breath away.

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Drawn to thy beauty, grace rains down;
     I choose this drowning than a drought – 
Where ten thousand are called mine own;
     Yet, deny thee and live without.

Skilled not enough to understand;
     Words unheard, find their voice through thee;
As I reach out then find thy hand;
     I see light take darkness from me.

Chaos knits together unity:
     Thoughts run free, once captive in chains;
Cleansed from fear in thy purity;
     Would I leave, canceling such gains?

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Whispers of Your Soul

I wanted to hear your whisper
Yet I could only hear you shout
Your soul filled with all it's turmoil
Filled my own heart with so much doubt

By holding tightly to our pain
Silence became extremely loud
The softer notes within reason
Couldn't be heard above our proud

Were we lovers of the darkness 
Cutting through silence with our knives
Shredding perceived insecurities
In hopes of saving our own lives

Some dances were not meant to be
I heard the anguish in your voice
You took a walk, didn't look back
Loving another was your choice

Then I heard a different whisper
Bubble up, from inside of me
Lessons learned, from a broken heart
Meant freedom from insanity

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My Tears

My love for you is magnified
By the curvature of my tears
I'm lost within the corridors
Of my loving you all these years

My tears are not filled with sadness
They are permeated with joy
You have helped me become a man
Who's connected to inner boy

Within the chambers of my heart
My true self has now been revealed
When you live beside an angel
There is nothing that can't be healed

I dance within our memories
Anticipate the ones to come
You're the source of my happy tears
I don't regret a single one

For Flo's "Sing to My Heart Contest"

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Midnight Pearl

Ow midnight pearl ,On moonless nights you shine so bright in cobalt skies through every twinkle I find those eyes which left behind last said goodbyes Ow midnight pearl ,on lonely nights I spread each wish beneath your beams On shores afar I tread my dreams as you fade slowly in cascade streams Ow midnight pearl,On rainy nights as snowflakes fall on a lone dove I lay on cold sheets which once knew love in yearn to see you waltzing above Ow midnight pearl,On summer nights you shine so bright in mystic skies through every twinkle i find those eyes as his lips whisper,'No more goodbyes'
Not for the contest,but inspired by Russell's contest 'Midnight Pearl' and by the many beautiful poems of each poet partcipating..Goodluck friends!

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I'm amazed at the sun Shining brightly on high I'm amazed at the flowers The bright butterflies I'm amazed at the mornings With the coo of the dove I'm amazed at the charm And the power of love It transcends all the beauty This world has to give It's what makes us all whole A reason to live To bask in the warmth Of that feeling divine A feeling unrivalled Of true love undying All the great poets From Shelley to Keats Have tried to describe it How it makes us complete What a terribly sad place This earth would be Without someone special To share what we see I'm amazed at the mountains Majestic and tall I'm amazed at the love That we share most of all © Jack Ellison 2012

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Forbidden Fruit: a collab: pc-cd

The dancing flames lit up her hair
In shades of dark and light
She looked at me with longing eyes
That sparkled in the night.
I know, she said, what you desire
The fruit that longing seeks
She looked me straight into the eyes
I watched her burning cheeks.
I will give all and be your slave
As long as you are mine
We shall make love ‘til dawn is here
And drink the sweetest wine.
She threw herself into my arms
And kissed my waiting lips
I held her tight; could not resist
Her undulating hips.
Our passion’s fire burnt all night long
Each movement – tenderness
I wished this bliss we could prolong
Profound togetherness. 
When morn’s first rays peered through the pane
Lace curtains etched our skin
A tapestry of silk domain
She was my Anne Boleyn.		
But fantasies evaporate
When light is shed on them
Forbidden love seemed to berate
How tarnished was our gem.
One night we shared, but ne’er again
Could we pursue our lust
Her husband, he was my best friend
We’d violated trust.
Co-write: Paul Callus & Carolyn Devonshire ~ Oct 2014

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A Time of Bliss

A Time of Bliss

Love’s a mystery to everyone falling under its magical spell,
And it would be natural to think we all know it so very well.
But with emotions ripe and afire in this special time of bliss,
It’s easy for those so smitten not to sense something amiss. 

Love’s a most potent alchemy enchanting at once one’s soul,
And when it’s returned in kind it makes one’s life quite whole.
The pure passion that love excites is beyond all earthly compare,
Which makes it an emotive force not subject to any trifled dare.

Love’s a time of bliss when a couple’s very love melds them as one,
And affairs of the heart shape their fate as two souls form as one.
This is the moment when lovers rejoice in such unbridled pleasure,
When each knows they’ve found a love so rare for eternity to treasure.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – February 1, 2015
(Rhymed Quatrain)

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Breath Of Love

I hold my breath, impatiently
anticipating spring
and dress the sky delicately 
in stars your bright eyes bring.
Spring days are flushed with love’s warm glow,
the nights untamed by sparks.
Our rhythmic dance for two bestows
full moon to light the dark. 
I’ll never stammer for excuse
to ask for your soft kiss,
or with my words unkind bemuse. 
Our love means more than this -
the shady oak, the rose’s bloom,    
a waterfall’s cascade.
The beauty of a starling’s plume 
when near you seems to fade.
Your words are all the air I breathe.  
In your embrace, I’m whole;
your love’s a thousand spring blooms wreathed
around my yielding soul.
In summer, winter and in fall,
I’ll seek your rambling heart,
but with a breath of love in spring,
we’ll never be apart. 

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In Your Dreams

Was it all a sweet dream or just reality?,
  I sit and ponder that very thought,
During the daylight and in the nighttime,
  Wondering, were we ever there or not?

A crescent moon smiled down on me,
  Shedding it's white light upon the ground,
I sat amongst the petals, waiting patiently,
  And it was there, that me, you found.

Lavender flower petals I did pluck,
  As I was seated atop the green hillside,
Does he love me, or does he not?,
  My love for you, I could not hide.

I only saw you as a dark silhouette,
  A shadow that walked upon the ground,
Among silver stars and a midnight sky,
  Your gentle voice was the only sound.

My darkened silhouette was no longer alone,
  While yellow fireflies around me dance,
When you came to join me atop that hill,
  In the meadow's softly illuminated romance.

I was embraced within your arms,
  As your most tender kiss met mine,
On that one warm summer's night,
  When our kindred spirits did entwine.

So sad was I when the time came to part,
  As the rising sun shined golden upon my hair,
Although, what a beautiful dream it was,
  When I awoke and found you there.

        Waking Dreams Contest

            April, 4th, 2014

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Kaleidoscope Dreams

Green…you always reflected in my peripheral
And kept watch as I tried to color my world
But there I lay in my blacks and my blues,
lifeless and faltering In monotone hues.

Through kaleidoscope eyes, I envisioned my skies
But the pot at the rainbow was storybook lies
so with nothing to gain and nothing to lose,
I just shuffled around In my blacks and my blues.

Never did I imagine you!, Green… to be my savior
But there you arose, out of my dark abyss
With your bottle green dress and scarlet kiss
Your emerald  green eyes and unbridled bliss.

Now my kaleidoscope dreams have all been unfurled
Since you Green, have colored my world
You rescued my heart, Green
You rescued my heart.

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Cry In The Dark

As you cry in the dark and your tears find the pillow
You think I don't know, those tears filled with such sorrow
Are for that long ago love, then comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

Dreams filled with the memory of her face
Wisps of her hair, visions of ribbon and lace
The look in her eyes, another time and place
I wish this from your mind, I could forever erase

But war time came and took you away
And never knowing your fate, day after day
Time took its toll, as time will do
She went on with life, her life without you

As I cry in the dark and my tears find the pillow
You'll never know, these tears filled with such sorrow
Are those longing for love, again comes tomorrow
I wish for today, your heart I could borrow

©Donna Jones

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We read each other so perfectly
two minds with a single thought,
when we combine, baby it's explosive
chemistry like ours cannot be taught.

The electricity gets me jumping
and attacks the heart's beat,
this experiment you concocted
has revived the frog's feet.

Like a volcanic lava lamp
an eruption of emotion flows,
the heat welds me to you
our bond that nobody knows.

We met inside this classroom
where my opposite attracted to yours,
like magnetized paperclips 
we were linked right from our cores.

We're closer than Dr. Jekyll was
to his hidden self, Mr. Hyde,
but, I can take you by the hand
as we go along for the ride.

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Stand By Me

Whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong,
You stand by me, so easy to find,
like the repeating words of a song,
always right here on my mind.

Daylight shines and again, I see your face,
night comes near and still you stand by,
forever, with arms awaiting an embrace,
even if stones were falling from the sky.

You're feet never tire, they never ache,
as you stand by me for endless years,
steady and strong, even if the ground should quake,
now I have a reason to never shed tears.

That ocean was deep, but you pulled me through,
and saved a life that was sinking fast,
you just stand by me and I'm no longer blue,
a feeling that I want to ever last.

Because, my friend, you are so ideal,
with promises that stay unbroken,
I often wonder, how can you be real?,
a question that will go unspoken.

Whether I'm right, whether I'm wrong,
you stand by me, so easy to find,
like the repeating words of a song,
always right here on my mind.

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The Whispered Song

The warrior lays her weary head, 
With heavy heart she cannot bear, 
Burning tears stream down her face, 
As whispered memories touch the ear.

Her armour tarnished by remorse, 
Her battle-cry a wimpered row, 
Her wounds, of which bleed solitude, 
Will never know forgiveness now.

The song began two score ago, 
When two came knocking at her door, 
In need of refuge from the world, 
Of that, and love, and little more.

Forced to fight for every smile, 
Her only solace found in song, 
She longed for love to rescue her, 
And plant her where she could belong.

Jealous tongues are seldom kind, 
Self-seeking hearts know nought of love, 
The caged canary only sings, 
When coaxed to praise from up above.

For the steely spine that now I own, 
Forever shall I grateful be, 
A gift from her, and from her own. 
Courage mounted inwardly.

I'll not forget how I have loved thee, 
And youthful memories I will prize, 
Til on the shore of His forgiveness, 
Whereto now, we both shall rise.

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The lonely Echo lives in caves, 
doomed to repeat her voice.
How sad it is she cannot speak,
but this was not by choice.

Once long ago in wooded hills,
gods cursed her chatty tongue
so she could only say again
words spoken or those sung.

She fell in love with Narcissus;
a love he would deny,
for she could only parallel  
his words as her reply.

He denounced the woodland beauty. 
She cursed his naked soul. 
Now he could only love himself
and never hearts he stole.

From that time on she hid herself 
in deep sequestered dells.
Her fading form has turned to rock.
Her voice is all that dwells.

If you hear the ghost of Echo,
the phantom of the air
and your last words repeat themselves,
you've found the maiden's lair!

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Oh, stay with me for always love
though I may pull away,
or strike your cheek with brazen hand,
then tease you with my play.

Pledge your heart my cherished one,
though deeds do not deserve.
My words cry out from silent tongue.
Why have I lost my nerve? 

Spare me tears from love’s lost nights
and lonely days, sun-spilled,
a flood of light could never quench
soul’s thirst, I live for still.

A need or want, I ne’er define
nor scores I dare not keep,
for love’s own breath whispered in ear
can cause my heart to leap.

I pray mistakes of past shan’t cost 
my love and morrow’s trust.
No roses bloom without the thorns;
no hearth warms without dust.      

So if you go, my love from thee
I’ll know ‘tis all my fault.
To borrow time, I’ll beg and plead
‘til pounding heart does halt.  

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Living In the Past

Play for me, Long May You Run,
to shed a tear and reminisce
of open roads when life begun,
to think of those now gone and missed.

Play for me a tender song
to share with some good friends like you.
Let's laugh and cry and sing along.
I know you feel the way I do.

Faced with the choice of moving on
or falling in the past's abyss,
I'd rather meet each day's new dawn
with those dear souls I love and miss.

Long may they run, sun-kissed somehow, 
though I have changed so much since then.
I wonder if they'd know me now
and warm me with their love again.

Inspired by Neil Young's Long May You Run, 11/12/2014

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To Love Another Day

Sweet tender thoughts go through my mind     
I now can fly away
She gave me strength to soar new heights      
to love another day

She ran her fingers through my hair
and kissed me on the cheek
I struggled hard to hold back tears
composure tried to keep

She brought out feelings I had lost
so many years ago
She'll always be a part of me
of this I surely know

I turned to see her one last time
before I walked the isle
She waived her hand to say goodbye
oh my...that lovely smile

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Cup of Love

It is a family tradition 
Passed from year to year
That we spend together 
And celebrate with cheer

As the first snowflakes fall
We hear mama’s voice call
"It’s time for hot cocoa;
Come one and come all"

She asks nothing in return
Just quality time to share
Making each cup special
To show how much she cares

Now anxiously we wait
When leaves begin to fall
That cup of love to come
With winters first snowfall

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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Dance Of The Butterflies

I had received lots of love in years past I have felt all joys and pitfalls of it No pain seems to enter my simple life Love entertains me, that wonderful hit I know my life floats above tender hearts That which brings love, but sometimes avoids me I move quickly this way and that in air I have “dance of the butterflies” simply My life moves in all respects here and there Highs and lows of dance are of gratitude Love escapes my lips to my gracious love My eyes have passion that brings attitude
Contest: Dance of the Butterflies Sponsor: Gail Angel Doyle 6/5/2013 I know it's a Quatrain...a Rhyming Poem (I hope it's acceptable)

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What Is Love

A tender smile, a fleeting glance,
Eyes that meet to touch the soul,
A beating heart, a breathless breath,
A deepened sense of something whole.

A need to please and give of self,
To share all things of mind and heart
With openness and sweet surrender,
And of the whole become a part.

A touch of closeness and of warmth,
The radiance of inner glow,
Bathe in light of endless aura--
A current charged with endless flow.

To feel another's joy and pain,
Two beating hearts, as one, to care.
And of the thoughts that words can't speak,
Two open souls, in silence, share.

To speak of love through word and song
Is at its best, mere child’s play,
In contrast to the silent prose
That heart and soul, through love, convey.

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

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What Where Who

What, Where, Who

If I where asked the what, where, who
That drives me to write poetry
I’d say that if I only knew
I’d leave right now this misery

But I’m afraid I’m not the sort
To answer in straight fashion
I have to offer my retort
With words of heartfelt passion

For just the other day I found
Encounter gave me food for thought
Soon the words they were outbound
Jumbled as they rushed and fought

Though ne’er the less inspired me
To battle on my way
Look toward the end and see
Which words I could display

Confess do I quite openly
That I am ignorant
Of  poetry’s technology
Coz grasp it I just can’t

I wouldn’t know a what’s it called
From a what’s its name
In my mind won’t stay installed
Confusion is its game

But I somehow, find I can
Muddle through at best
Organise a crafty plan 
And set my brain the test

For out there I see loneliness
Suffering and pain
A world in turmoil and distress
That cannot stake its claim

I look for every trait in man
Into the soul I stare
At his betrayal and flim-flam
Also the ladies fair

Dear love will always be there
And so will Demon war
And my thoughts on these I’ll share
Of that you can be sure

Laughter I would hope to bring
Sadness sometimes to the fore
Of natures forces I will sing
The list goes on galore

Yes I will write throughout the night
With hope to de-confuse
I’ll try to offer some insight
By giving up my muse

So now you know the what and where
But what about the who
Inspiring people are out there
Who knows - it could - be you 

And what about that misery
I spoke of up above
Well, I gave that up for music
Of the poetrysoupers love x


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Shield Love - Quatrain

Shield Love - Quatrain - A Collaboration

Embrace me In your soft tender arms.
Holding close within meek tenderness.
In close embrace I feel your soft charms,
I await the touch of your caress.

Shield me from life's hate,
On my knees Love's dying.
Do not hesitate,
From soft eyes tears crying.

Love's fights to survive,
As Love bleeds passion of forever.
Love must ever thrive
Let us now share our Love together.

Really all one desires now,
Knowing Loving you.
An essence of Love allow,
My heart ever true.

Queen of endless pleasure,
Holding you to the end.
My ultimate treasure,
Stay Lover and stay Friend.

In a flash of light,
As long as this world keeps on spinning.
You light up my night,
When sights of Love to my eyes dimming.

All I ask of you we stay strong,
Always sleeps one dream of endless beauty.
Ever In your light I belong,
To be within your heart Is my Love's duty.

Sings In your heart Love,
The song of Love's divinity.
We dwell high above,
In Love ever entwining.

A Collaboration by Liam Mcdaid & Michael Clarke.

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Ode to a rose on a sunset

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as the clouds dip into the sea.
A kiss from that rose as the waves fall,
over the beach to a rose kissed me.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
as we wrap in lovers embrace.
A kiss from a rose as homeward we go,
to a bed clothed in satin and lace.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
with passion and warmth do we grasp.
A kiss from that rose that blossoms and blooms,
my hand in her labour pain clasp.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
that wanton and curvy young bride.
A kiss from that rose that huddles our babe,
so loving, in motherly pride.

A kiss from a rose on a sunset night,
without whom I'd not share my life.
A kiss from that rose who selflessly filled,
the place of my darling rose wife!

(c) anaisanais - A M Docherty - Wales, United Kingdom. (7/8/2013)

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Christmas Love

Christmas Love Tinsel, glitter, angel hair, A fresh-cut evergreen tree, Colored balls and lights that glare Help to foster Christmas glee. Bright-wrapped presents, large and small, Jingling bells and Christmas songs, Cold, crisp air and Santa's call— This, to Christmas time belongs. But this is just the outer wrapping On a gift much more divine, That may become a real trapping If we do not read the sign, “Before Christmas, open dear, Hold it up for all to see, Spread it round throughout the year, Let it flow so pure and free”. Keep unwrapped this gift called Love, Buried under cards and bows, The gift that came down from above... Christmas Love—outshines, outglows! © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved

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Just Forget Me

Just forget me,
and walk away,
It wasn't meant to be,
So why try to stay.

Don't look at me,
When you walk by,
You don't want to see,
If I start to cry.

If you like her,
Then leave me alone,
Yet, here you were,
Talking on my phone.

What is it you miss,
Do you remember when,
I can't take this,
Never see me again.

When you do go,
Just take my heart,
Do I need it, no,
You tore it apart.

You go your way,
And I'll go mine,
Don't worry today,
Because I'll be fine.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

For Giorgio V.'s contest - Relate Your Poem To One Of These Quotes

The quote I chose was - 
6) "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go." 
- Oscar Wilde

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Summer Nights

The smell of the summer night air 
Takes me back to times we shared
You and I dancing beneath the moon
Crickets playing a lovers tune

Trees full with lush green leaves
Whispering poetry to you and me
A view from beneath a Missouri bluff
Talking of passion, love, and lust

Your hand in mine strolling the path
Sitting on the deck and looking back
Picnic tables and barbecue grills
Driving and parking, is this for real?

My memory’s filled with your sweet love
Do you remember that snow white dove?
A kiss goodnight under a star filled sky
Best friends forever, a promise, no lie

It excites me to think that every year
Whether life or memory I return here
We will create magic again I know
On a summer night in the moon’s soft glow

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

*inspired by John Heck’s “Summer Celebration” contest

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Soon To Join Two

Amidst this greenery and purple heather Azure blue skies grace our naked souls Beneath the Cullins on the Isle of Skye Two in love sharing adventurous goals On our tartan blanket facing each other Noses in touch sharing kisses aplenty Rapid they are in teasingly smother Tongues now fence, complimentary Wandering hands on porcelain skin Gracing, caressing, she sighs as I do Arching her back, her breasts in rise Pert to the air, this soon to join two Slowly in kissing crawl, to her lips I Caressing undulations, blushing she Our eyes meet, for they tell no lies In loving clasp she welcomes me Rhythmic we are in this rustic place Seismic groans of wonderment cry Skin to skin of loving abrasions Two fused astride my manly thighs Gyrating hips in sensuous grind Internal flows await their desire Passionate kisses now frenzied Fusion of two in wanting transpire

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A Bit O' Ireland

If you've ever lain and dreamt in fields of clover,
Then you'll understand what I'm about to say.
Oh, the first time that I saw my bonnie darlin',
'Twas thar upon that hill so far away.

In the springtime when the clover's mixed with flowers
And their fragrance fills the breeze that gently blows,
'Twas the time when I first held you in my arms dear,
With a feelin' only those in love can know.

So you see as I lie dreamin' in the clover
And the soft breeze blows in waves across the green,
Is the time when thoughts of you flow through my mind love,
With a feelin' only heaven's ever seen.

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I Want Someone

I want someone to pamper me
To bathe me with love and care
I want someone to cherish me
To say he’ll always be there

I want someone who hears the sigh
That no one else can hear
I want someone who bears me up
When my heart trembles with fear

I want someone to adore me
And tell me I’m his guiding light
I want someone to caress me
All through the lonely night

I want someone to play with me
And cuddle me like a child
I want someone to entice me
With passion to drive me wild

I want someone to make love to me
Like I’m some goddess divine
I want someone to touch my soul
To take me to heights sublime

I want someone to nurture me
To keep me under his wing
I want someone to humor me
And give my heart songs to sing

I want someone to ravish me
Make me forget time and place
I want someone to possess me
Make me vanish without a trace

I want someone to kiss me
Like he’s tasting nectar sweet
I want someone to taste me
Like he’s savoring a treat

I want someone to adore me
Like I’m the sacred grail
I want someone to follow me
Down each and every trail

I want someone to look at me
And see what lies within
I want someone to guard me
And keep me safe from sin

I want someone to hold me
And sing a sweet lullaby
I want someone to console me
With the truth and never a lie!

I want someone who is daring
Who'll fight enemies old and new
I want someone who's divine
And that someone, my dear, is YOU!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Midafternoon Retreat

Felt the rays of the sun today
Summer's finally within reach
longing for the days we can play
kicking up our heels on the beach

Breeze will be blowing in your hair
Waves will be crashing at our feet
Life's worries will soon disappear
on this midafternoon retreat

Inhibitions we both will bare
Romance will heat up the bay
Summer love will be in the air
Winter blues will be washed away

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Walking through the orchard 
Amongst so many trees
Fruit lay on the ground rotting
The trees had a strange disease

They were lost in their apathy
No longer fruitful anymore
Sheltered in a land of beauty
On the Okanagan shore

The birds sang soft and sadly
A strange poetic song
Flying together in arcs
All they wanted was to belong

In search of warmth and protection
They landed on branches reaching high
A transplanted tree from Jamaica
Majestically framed by the sky

Uprooted from the island
Oh so many years ago
With branches reaching outward
His leaves had a golden glow

I sat beneath his branches
So his story he could tell
Into my outstretched palm
A perfectly formed apple fell

As I bit into the fruit
I could hear his voice so clear
A different kind of listening
I heard him whisper in my ear

"Within my laughter there is magic
Yet I am serious at my core
Let me help you find your wisdom
A wooden key unlocks the door

I have traveled many places
Felt the sand beneath my feet
I have known the joy of victory
Yet I have learned more from defeat

The things I thought so important
Slipped from my clutching hands
As I chased after foolishness
In a world filled with demands

Not connected to my quiet
That silent outcry of my soul
My branches stripped of everything
As I played my worldly role

Once true to myself I found freedom
In a city perched by a lake
Lush branches fully outstretched
I now give instead of take

Not born to be a conquerer
Love is my soulful call
Rooted within my spirit
Available to one and all

I bring you peace from my island
See how less can be so much more
Come have a taste of freedom
Beneath my branches on this shore!

Inspired by and dedicated to Rawle James.
Rawle is the founder of the "Inspired Word Cafe".

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I Planted a Lily

I planted a lily
A long time ago,
And was given the chance
To watch the plant grow.

I'm sorry to say,
That chance I refused.
A delicate flower
Should not be abused.

It needs to be nurtured 
With plenty of sun.
Not shoved in the darkness
Where damage is done.

I planted a lily.
I hope you can see.
That without my presence
A flower's set free. 

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The Love Letter

On ink filled parchment,
I wrote my love to you.
I stained it with my heart,
And wrote nothing untrue.

I took my feather quill,
And dipped it in the inkwell.
I filled the page with ardor,
As my concern began to swell.

My passion filled the page,
Sweet scribbles of my fondness.
My desires written to be known,
To you my heart is confessed.

I kissed the folded letter,
And sealed it with my love.
I placed it in the post,
Waiting for a reply thereof.

It’s been a couple of weeks,
And still no word at all.
I hope the letter reached you,
And that you could read my scrawl.

I wrote you a love letter,
And let my passion flow.
For my heart’s request,
I wanted you to know.

I wrote it in a hurry,
I filled it with my heart’s most.
But I’m still checking daily,
For your reply in the post.

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Astronomy Of Love

The sun is over ninety million miles away While the moon shines nightly above But the stars reside in your gentle eyes Like tiny sparkling diamonds of love On a space ship we call “Enchantment” We set sail on a placid sea of bliss Wrapped in the arms of the goddess of love Enraptured by the warmth of her kiss Floating like a couple of heavenly bodies On a collision course of emotions Destined to be joined in celestial union Filled with real love and devotion There's no greater feeling than mutual love Poets strive to write about in rhyme The ultimate emotion known to man A feeling of pure joy so sublime The sun's over ninety million miles away While the moon shines nightly above But the stars reside in your gentle eyes My darling, my obsession, my love! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Jew #18

I would not call my love a flower
Lest she languish in the sun and fade
I could not kiss my love a brief hour
My desire is deep as Jove's high glade

I would not compare my love to day
With all the traffic of commercial vice
And nights are poor in their bright display
And drip not sweet as her in love's spice

I would not call my love a river
Lest the rains deny her, she abates
Not as supplier and a giver
Of my constant joy her heart dictates

There is no word or thought for love, poor
Images everything, hence I wait
Each hour for eternity to pour
Itself in us, finding better state

Where two are one in fact, truth and deed
And love can never more be apart
And all our sweetest shall we exceed
When are cradled heart to beating heart.

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nailed down

i took the nails, and the cat too.
the hammer, the sink and the bed.
i burned them all.  except the cat.
cos she loved me much more than the one i wed.

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The Paradox of Love

We love those who don’t love us
And we don’t love those who do
We long for the unfaithful
And neglect those who are true

We give to those who have no need
And withhold from those who do
We run after those who run away
And run away from ones who pursue

We flirt with those who are aloof
And are aloof with those who flirt
We treat like gold the worthless
And the worthy we treat like dirt

We die for those who’re indifferent
And are indifferent to those who die
Tis the state of our foolish hearts
Will someone please to tell me why?

He says I am his heart and soul
You’re indifferent to my needs
He vows he’d die without my love
Yet it’s for you my heart bleeds

He claims I’m his oxygen
Carbon dioxide I am to you
His eyes want to eat me up
YOU’RE my honey through and through

My foolish heart has lost its wits
The world has gone crazy too
I love him who loves me not
Tell me, is this true for you?

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Falsifying Truth

The concerned politician was running for re-election
   But a very cool, steamy sex scandal he struggled to hide
He used his thick, bald head to provide some harmful protection
   By taking a scholarly, dim-witted babe to be his bride

By hiding appearances this loser won the seat he sought
   But the love/hate relationship with his former mate went on
Under cover, above reproach the governorship he bought
   The wickedly good scheme went awry, the lover suddenly gone

In the shadows of limelight his true love would no longer stay
   The powerless governor didn’t want his private life public
And his charming, boring wife soon suspected there’d been foul play
   Lying alone in her separate room made her healthy heart sick

A sleazy, reputable reporter showed her photographs
   Of her husband and his lover in a platonic embrace
When confronted, the governor made a fortuitous gaff
   Laughing contritely, he told his wife their love he’d not debase

But well-intentioned cons have a way of gleaming through darkness
   For the long-lost mate found his way to the governor’s mansion
Startled resignation on his wife’s face so expressionless
   To explain he was gay led to consolidated expansion

The news was revealed, the governor was forced into hiding
   For he was no longer viewed as a truthful politician
He’d not been upfront, but back down in a closet confining
   And he’d risen to downfall with a concealed revelation 

*For Kristin’s “Oxymoronic” contest

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‘The Airplane Crossing Clear-Blue Sky'

My white-washed bars surrounded me -
they held me as I slept;
they soothed me when the days were long,
and mother’s blue-eyes wept.

A baby girl, six months or less,
awakened from my sleep -
stood up legs as sure as hope;
as strong as flat is steep.

My hands, my saviors, gripped the rail
so I could peek outside –
the bluest sky I’d ever seen,
As tall as it was wide;

came into view - between the blue,
an airplane gliding by,
its smoky streamer like a flag,
across my memory’s sky...

The memory is a simple one -
a window, sky, and plane -
but in my heart, it's heaven's door
and there it shall remain.

I’ve hung it on my memory’s wall
Between that life and this –
It covers every hole I’ve dug
In sorrow’s vast abyss.

This picture brings the special peace
I knew when I was small –
Where mother’s just beyond the door,
and waiting for my call…

*Inspired by Danielle's Earliest Memory contest. I have blocked out almost every memory 
from my childhood, and only a very few gems remain - this is the first. and I will treasure it 

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Lonely Dreams

I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will fall, let them be;
I believe this is God's plan, follow your dreams.

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While These Strings Sweetly Sing

Alone in the dim there's a candle there gleaming
While these strings sweetly sing.
I see your face in a vision that's fleeting
As soft chords gently cry.

You couldn't know how much I love you,
You don't even know my name.
I've watched you stride laughing and lovely,
Confident in your fame.

I wish I could share this song that I wrote you
While these strings sweetly sing.
Then touch your hand as I bid you adieu
As soft chords gently cry.

You couldn't know how much I love you,
You don't even know my name.
I've watched you stride laughing and lovely,
Confident in your fame.

So here I shall play, with my love's inspiration
While these strings sweetly sing.
And be content with my dream's consolation
As soft chords gently cry.

Written by Craig Cornish
One of my favorite melodies ever written by anyone.
These are lyrics written to George Harrison's melody
While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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I Love The Way You Lie

I know that you are seeing someone else,
I'm not there when you close your eyes,
I believe that you are kissing me,
Knowing I love the way you lie.

I hear those three words from your lips,
If love is even possible, it's impossible to cry,
Though I know your heart is not truly mine,
I will always love the way you lie.

Your arms hold me as if you care,
My wise heart still wonders why,
Pretending that everything is alright,
Because I love the way you lie.

When I kiss you I think about nothing,
Wishing it wasn't you when I open my eyes,
I wonder, if I told you the truth,
Would you love the way I lie?

Written for Just That Archaic Poet's contest - "Sing To Me"

Inspired by the song "Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2" by Rihanna ft. Eminem

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The poets' song

The silent dark encroaches
with another hollow night.
Old poets whisper sonnets
of love and sacrifice.

Her lips move to each arduous verse;
the emptiness advances.
Crescendos find their soaring crests.
A taunting shadow dances.

The moment lingers at a peak
then brings a slow descent.
And as the final stanza bows
her yearning heart relents.

Her memory finds his gentle face.
His voice resounds a vow.
And a quiet faith moves through her
expelling any doubt.

Soon her love will cross the sea;
his promises to keep.
Until that time, the poets sing
and soothe her soul to sleep.

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Pearl Diving

Breathe laden islands rise and fall beneath the lap
of crystalline water, a steam graced surface breached, 
rosettes crest, their gently risings peaks to cap
mouthfuls of desire whose lower gate's lie unbreached.

Submerged beneath chest's hollow lies a navel fine
the round perfection of its form longs, for pointed tongue.
A sweeter base can't be found 'bove the water line
yet, men would gladly drown to go below hips clung.

Below, down deep, nectar bathes the pristine pearl,
and petals, rose-red gently part in delight.
The heat, the steam the bath, and the lovely girl
perhaps, perhaps, he thinks, we'll make of this a night.

Date: 3/6/13

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"Playing With Fire"

The heat of the fireplace
enhances the spark,
we know our love
will not fade in the dark.

We kissed amongst
burning candlelight,
your presence alone
brightened my midnight.

Nothing can extinguish
your warming touch,
a lasting impression
that meant so much.

Bound to be burned
As we played with fire,
we could not resist
and gave in to desire.

This kind of scorch
I was lucky to find,
and neither of us
ever seemed to mind.

We were both engulfed
by passion's flame,
and we only have
each other to blame.

November, 20th, 2013

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Heaven's Grocery Store

Marching down life’s highway, my feet became very sore
I then came upon a sign that read “Heaven’s Grocery Store”
When I got closer the doors swung open wide
Next thing I knew I was standing there inside
I saw a flock of angels positioned everywhere
They handed me a basket and said, “Child shop with care.”
Everything a human required was in that grocery store
With many commodities to carry, you could always come back for more
First I acquired some Patience; Love was in that same row
Further down was Understanding, you require that everywhere you go
I grabbed a box of Wisdom and Faith, a bag or two
And obtained Charity of course but more than just a few
And then reached for Courage to help me run this wicked race
My basket was almost full but remembered some loving Grace
I then chose Salvation for it was advertised as free
I tried to collect enough of that for both you and me
Then I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill
For I thought I had everything to do the Master’s will
As I went up the aisle, I saw Prayer and proceeded put that in
For I knew when I stepped outside I was bound to encounter sin
Peace and Joy were plentiful, the last thing on that shelf
Song and Praise were hanging near so I just helped myself
Then I asked an angel, “Now how much do I owe?”
She smiled and said, “Just take them wherever you may go.”
Again I asked, “No really, how much do I owe?”
“My child,” she said, “God paid your bill a long time ago.”

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My Heart will Beat for You

If I could be the blanket, 
That kept your body warm.
I’d be right beside you,
Weathering every storm.

I’d shade you from the sun,
And hold you in the rain.
My chest would be the pillow,
As I eased away your pain.

You’d never have to worry,
And feel unloved again.
You’d never feel the cold,
Within the bed I’m in.

You’d always have a smile,
I’d never, do you wrong.
And right beside my heart, 
You rightfully belong.

All I do is whisper,
And hope you hear it too.
No matter where I choose to go,
My heart will beat for you.

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My Birthday Treat

Tonight is my birthday and I'm in for a surprise
My darling desires to thrill my eyes
The living room is set and the lights are turned low
Scented candles are lit as I await what she shows

Soft ballads play from rock bands we adore
To my left she enters such beauty amour
In sexy black lace with traces of deep red
Her curvaceous shapes play with my head

Teasing and taunting in her gypsy style dance
Erotic she is, my eyes captured in trance
Pouting she writhes alluring my clutch
Staying out of reach, denying me of touch

Scintillating movements as she edges real close
Her perfume entices my desire to pursue
My hearts now pumping in manly crave
As I catch her kisses in loving threw

Closer she dances as she takes my hand
As I arise and join her as we take to the floor
Embraced we are on this special night
Passion awaits with my girl I adore

Touchingly we kiss as our hands declare
Revealing to each other our bodily joys
Blissful caressing declares our time
Our bodies unite in loving employ

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The Perfect One

(a swap quatrain poem)

I contemplate the essence that is you -
the joy that in your lovely eyes shines through,
the atmosphere of peace your words create.
The essence that is you - I contemplate.

I marvel at your understanding ways;
to those who need it most, you give sweet praise.
So patient, caring, loving. . . all of that!
Your understanding ways - I marvel at.

I feel such tenderness when you are near.
and when you're gone away, I long to hear
your voice and hold you with a long caress.
When you are near, I feel such tenderness.

I wonder - is there nothing you can't do?
How perfect you appear. Could it be true
you've never made one perfectly big blunder?
Is there nothing you can't do? I wonder!

I stand in awe of everything you are.
To all whose lives you touch, you are a star,
and from your radiant light, your love we draw.
Of everything you are, I stand in awe.

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Let me dance your tune, soak our wine
Afloat on irises divine, 
In gloam of midnight I believe
In charms you bring, and charms you leave,

Making me gentle everyday
Through fire and rain, time lifts the way, 
While carats of eyes glow about
A diamond’s remnants, no doubt. 
For never have I felt this flight
When dawn wakes my gaze with delight, 
Then, clutch my hands on mystic trips 
Down rivers shifting moon’s eclipse;

That open light with breaths aglow 
And glitter tide’s sails made to row;
Deeper the years; warmer your face
To relish tunes of last embrace.

Contetst:Gail Doyle's A Diamond's Remnants
by nette onclaud

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To A Secret Love

In my heart I've always loved you
Always thought you good and kind
Though I know you do not know me
Know you're always on my mind

Nights of darkness pass unbroken
By your smile and gentle ways
How I wish that you were present
Here beside me all my days

Light or darkness, rain or shadow
Thoughts of you are light to me
Now I pray that as you read this
Thoughts of me would kindly be

I would be your slave forever
Just to bring a smile or two
Have you walking life beside me
All your blest commands to do

How I hope that you will greet me
Pray you'll see my desp'rate case
Should you not, my heart would founder
Longing for your smiling face

About this poem: It is trochaic, meaning that it starts with a stressed syllable and alternates between a stressed and unstressed the whole way through. The syllable count is Although I wrote this from the viewpoint of a man, it could be read either way.

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The Seasons of Love

Oh, love in spring, you’re peridot, and new’s the grass; with dew - aglow! On clovered knoll ourselves we fling. You’re peridot, oh love in spring! In summer’s sun, love blazes red, and to the dune at dusk we’re led neath cobalt sky that’s crimson spun. Love blazes red in summer’s sun. When fall arrives, our hues change oft. Like leaves through winds of life we waft. Then comes the chill, but love still thrives. Our hues change oft when fall arrives. When snow descends, we’re changed to white, the color of reflected light. And though we die, pure love transcends. We’re changed to white when snow descends. March 25, 2014/ For the Dabbling in Poetry Forms Contest of gautami phookan

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By All of This - Ah, Wanton Bliss

That passion’s night, to make me sigh, my love seized several beams from sky and shaped a ring of moonstone bright. To make me sigh that passion’s night. My darling beau, to make me smile, then star-shine stole so he could style a necklace rare with diamond’s glow. To see me smile, my darling beau. Dear Valentine, to dazzle me, took whitest pearls from twilight’s sea, with starry strand to intertwine. To dazzle me, dear Valentine. My true love wooed with more than these, not only sight, but ear to please! Two birds he brought that softly cooed. With more than these, my true love wooed. With rose bouquet, with kisses sweet, he made my heart then faster beat. Artisan of romantic play - with kisses sweet, with rose bouquet. By all of this, in motion set was what I’d never known as yet. It burst, then flowed. . . Ah, wanton bliss, in motion set by all of this! (BTW, this is pure imagination, people!!! So don't be jealous!! hahaha This is a form called Swap Quatrain, PD. Happy Valentine's Day to you!!) For the Get your Valentine's Day poem in... any Valentine's poem will do.. (new or old) Poetry Contest of Poet Destroyer A

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This, I do so, willingly. Without reservations of the heart. I offer my shoulder to thy wheel, my strength, to thus impart. My voice, I lend to your cause. Champion, to which you undertake. My arms, I spread to encompass, kith and kin, you now care take. A heart, that beats strong and true. That has known joy and felt deep weeping. One, so full of love for you, I give, unto your keeping. If there were the need so great, as to sacrifice completely. My life, I 'd give, for yours to spare. This I do, so willingly.
Placement: 1st

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Message to the Lover of the Poet

To be in love with a poet
Is not an easy thing
Try as you might, you’ll never
Live up to his dream

For the poet isn’t content
With love’s status quo
You please and you tease him
But it’s not enough you know

For living there in his mind
Is a picture of the divine
You know that he longs for her
For it's shown in every line

The woman of perfection
Who is not of this world
With raven tresses of hair
And slender arms unfurled

The poet “sees” this woman
And his senses just take leave
For her passion is intense
Her body rivals that of Eve

She is tender and she’s giving
Never asking in return
She waits for him night and day
And it’s for his love she burns

She nurtures his desire
Fulfills his every whim
For she is his possession
Remains faithful just to him

She sees in him embodied
Every single manly trait
Each and every need of his
She’s sure to satiate

Ah…mere mortal woman
Who must compete with this muse
You find that you fall short
And your love’s prone to abuse

For who can dare compare
With a poet’s romantic dream
The siren who sings to him
Who floats on clouds of cream

Poor lover of the poet
Sitting here alone at night
Waiting for him to see you
To turn on you passion’s light

Love him, my sweet, love him
For in the end he’s just a man
That silly muse of his dreams
Can’t caress him, but you can

So win him at this love game
Make the fires really burn
Try to captivate his mind
So that it's for YOU he yearns

Warn that charming seductress
That muse who tries hard to woo
That you have a jealous heart
And you've made him drink your brew

Your body, your soul, your desires
Bathe him in all of these
Not with words but your hands
Make him to do just what you please

For a poet is just a man
Just a simple man is he
Give him all he desires
Then watch his love set you free!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The First Time Ever I Saw Your face

The first time ever I saw your face
It was at the wrong time and in the wrong place
There was no coffee bar but a castle for two
That’s the first time, that I ever saw you.

The look of surprise and of love shone my way
No discomfort no shyness made a wonderful day
The first time ever I saw your face
I never thought it would really take place.

The touch of your hand on my waiting fingers
The spark of love still sits there and it still lingers
The first time ever I saw your face
My eyes closed, I can feel where my fingers did trace.

To learn the lines and the smile that I love so much
To feel the warmth of your heart in every tender touch
The first time ever I saw your face
That now haunts me and fills every single space.

A face that looks my way, although from afar
A face I see next to mine, that shines as a star.
The first time ever I saw your face
Is embedded in my heart and will never be backspaced.

© 1/12/2012~GG~

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Ever-Bright Eyes

There you speak an unspoken word
within the laughs and the cries,
and I hear what goes unheard
deep in your ever-bright eyes.

When I notice you winking
there are no hidden lies,
I know what you are thinking
deep in those ever-bright eyes.

When you look right into mine,
so warmly, like the sun's rise,
I can feel them brighter shine
deep in my ever-bright eyes.

Our hearts are forever contained
in a part of us that never dies,
the soul has always remained,
deep in our ever-bright eyes.


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Peaches and Cream

She was looking my way, I had nothing to say,
Though I'd dreamed that this day would transpire;
With her beaux all around, why would she look at me
With such interest and playful desire?

She was heading my way, what on earth would I say
To the prettiest girl in the town?
And how could I bear all her sunshiny hair
Or her eyes, speckled golden and brown?

I thought, "This is the one! Mercy, here comes the sun!
If I stare, I shall surely be blind:
Though I be somewhat plain, if she choose to remain
I'd be last in the county to mind."

Then my eyes turned away as she sweetly did say
Pretty phrases I cannot recall;
And I mumbled replies, though they might have been lies,
Since I cannot remember at all.

Of that bright day in May but one thing I can say,
She was dressed in a soft yellow gown;
'Twas a lemony hue that was buttery too,
And with eight shiny pearls buttoned down.

Then I asked if she'd dance at the Cunningham's manse,
At the ball on the fourteenth of June;
She replied, "Oh, how good! Yes, I certainly would;
And I hope I shall talk to you soon."

What a wonderful day! Still with nothing to say
I just whistled an old happy tune;
Having primrosy dreams of sweet peaches and cream
As I counted the hours of June.

(Written February 12, 2014)

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Lovers Utopia

Magical crescent moon
Shining on the path below
Lighting the way for lovers
Together as they stroll

Exploring the enchantment
Of the animals and the trees
Finding their own Utopia
Beneath natures canopy

Together they may hear
A love birds sweet melody
As the crickets and a bullfrog
Seem to join in harmony

Sparkling stars and dewdrops
Fireflies dance about merrily
As winds song within the leaves
Plays a lovers symphony

The smell of jasmine in the air
Rose and chamomile so sweet
With just a soft hint of patchouli
A lovers perfume as they meet

The mystery and excitement
Passionate kisses, perfect date
These two lovers souls connect 
In this mesmerizing place 

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You wrapped me in your wings
As together we lay
Seven days in heaven
Before you flew away

I regret that moment
When first I saw your smile
I longed for forever
You only stayed a while

I'm left with no answers
You left me before dawn
Me the ugly duckling
Dreaming you were my swan

Yet some dreams are fleeting
No answers will be found
A heart can be broken
Without making a sound

September 3rd, 2013
Fragment contest

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A Mind Made Up

A Mind Made Up

What are you looking  for
Knocking on my door
Your heart to be returned
Now that I am spurned

With pleasure it is yours
Slammed shut are the doors
Take it in your hand
And try to understand

It’s no good coming back
When it’s love for me you lack
All my trust in you is gone
Since you found another one

No matter what you say
There will never be a way
You can talk until your blue
My love has gone for you

So take your heart and go away
And forever from me stay
No more knocking on my door
I’m not what you’re looking for.

R.D.Seal.     25 Jan 2013

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Turning Pages to Paradise

Cast upon a book
Her angel eyes
Within her mind
This beauty flies

She's not restrained
By earthly woes
Within her mind
Imagery flows

In this garden
Beneath morning star
Wings to paradise
She travels so far

Look of serenity
Yet inside there's heat
On passionate pages
Her heart skips a beat

A sweet knowing smile
Spreads across her face
Imagining strong hands
Removing her lace

He wrote her this book
For their wedding day
Joined in the garden
Paradise starts today

Isaiaha Zerbst's "Poem in Paradise Contest"

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Above the Blue Twilight

Chance the night, oh fragrant wind
Beckon to its drowsy calling
For 'tis there she rises high
And in the morn’s seen falling

Two different worlds on blanket lay
Before creations dawning
T’was there, her glory first espied
Began her lover’s fawning

The gentle glow upon her face
Her light of azure gloaming
A reflection of the love he feels
His warmth of heart e’er showing

Chase the wind, disrupt the tides
My lover, oh my soul
And to your darkened bed abide
In part or by the whole

Though my eyes rare find your face
Upon the darkened night
Forever shall we meet and dance
Above the blue twilight

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O Love, My Love

O love, my love…where in this lonesome hour
Can my heart with sweet abandon find you there? 
If chance upon the wind, you do float as lotus flower
Would on my earthen bed you gladly fare? 

I am your silent lover…though cloaked in gentile guise
With lips, mine own affection would I treat you
And in the twilight’s gloaming your embrace there would I prize
If fate would look away while there I greet you.

O suitors, I commend thy will to win her proffered hand
While exile finds me close enough to see
Yet mark this, would be lovers, her hand there you may find
But her gentle heart was offered first to me.

                                           ~Christopher Thor Britt

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Oh to be that Butterfly

It's now the heart of the summer
Perched on parched, I on this leaf
Rains are forever cried for
To moisten and rid earths grief

Suddenly I hear a rustling
Corn stalks bend and sway
A creature just so beautiful
Allures these words I say

As I talk I feel their excitement
Describing this beauty so fair
Porcelain skin she is
With shoulder length blonde hair

Curvaceous now shows as she bares
As the sky mimics her eyes
Azure blues capture my thoughts
Whilst the clouds begin to cry

A light shower falls
Cobb's become pert at attention
Words described through my eyes
My thoughts in quiet mention

To a filling creek she walks
Slowly immersed in natures champagne
As the heavens caress her body
Translucent pure virginal rains

Her hands caress her body
Blonde hair, now a wetted mane
Droplets run down her curves
I, a Butterfly, in distant frame

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Both Sides for Me

The look of pity on the saleswoman's face said it all
my paint spattered clothing, however the jeans fit
just didn't have that panache, chic pizazz, tongue hanging
inspiration for desire a young woman out to have.

The car dealer took one look at me, led me to the far
corner of the lot, showed me the used hot rods
the beater four doors, the budget cutters like I'd rode
but I wanted glossy black, silver hood ornament, brand new.

Paint is supposed to sit on top of your nails, but underneath
is advantageous when compared to oil, to muck, to dirty guts
so I was a step on the ladder of the working man, 
I could even afford to buy hose, which I still don't wear.

There's something to be said for the over glasses, safety 
glasses look, white paper coat, something comical 
one supposes, but the purple overalls worn for skiing
which suddenly I could afford, made me my nephews joke.

At times I waited for a date who preferred the bar
called and said maybe later, because passion rumbled
between us when we kissed but I didn't want a flit,
disease, broken promise, I wanted to be embraced

Cozy now, body motion are promises and content
passion is beyond me, the bar on the patio in back
the hand I always hold a missing app that answers
more lonely than any mistaken wish that he'd be the one.

Stars, too, I climbed to them in my dream, climbed
the Space Needle and found my self with no safety net
I always avoided those climbs the dreams more nightmare
even though I do what I am told, to reach, to soar.

Sometimes now I wear black on gold dresses which fit
to the nth inch, so I can barely sit, hold champagne
to watch golden bubbles float against the elegant
white linen against starry night event, that's rich, success.

Dump it gladly for a romp on the beach, the missing
something like threads through a woven maze,
like an angel's hope. When I dump it all and seek
there's grace lying on the shores between the rocks

a pooled place where deer come to lick minerals,
boulders come unglued and sail down river
and think, maybe I could do that. Maybe I could
unglue all the expectations and rearrange the world.

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In the Absence of Moonlight

In the Absence of Moonlight

A serenade he had prepared
A love song of desire
Her to the moon he had compared
They’d meet within the hour

But oh, dear moon ,where have you gone?
My song will sound so sour
I pray your presence won’t be long 
We meet within the hour

A little re-write here and there
She’s now a gorgeous flower
No time had he, for despair
They meet within the hour

Her ears are filled with serenade
Her heart, it feels the power
Pleased was he, with changes made
And more so for that hour.

For Andrea’s One in Three Contest

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Unrequited Affection

When often thinking of times past
In accordance to her own place
She recalled a heart broken young woman
With longing her pain to erase

Guys grow fond of her demeanor
Going so far as to follow her around
Yet without a doubt she controls her heart
And departs them safe and sound

She never strays from her values and ways
From actions she continues to refrain
And when boys spend time in her company
For her, it is merely to entertain

Childish ways once embedded naturally
Inside her innocent mind
Have soon dissipated into the land of dreams
And reality she’s come to find

So many times she’s feared the day
When one young soul she shall meet
He’ll speak foreign truth she’s never heard
And sweep her off her feet

Hesitant to become transparent
She often hid her anticipation
And did so well for the initial encounters
Although with great frustration

No one seemed to understand her like this one
For in such a short amount of time
She questioned what her motives were
As her affection seemed to climb

Attempts to stray from him failed miserably
And in fact seemed to attract her more so
Each departure she vowed was the last
Yet her endearment continued to grow

Left in a quandary  
She allows him to speak his peace
She soon understands his wishes for them
Are from each other to release

Now, rational a thinker she may be
She desires his wishes as well
But something leads her to believe
They both know this attempt will fail

She’s scared to read too much into this
In fear that feelings are unrequited
For only God can deem what’s to be true
And who shall be united

So, idly she and her soul await
For sign of returned desire
Yet, until that day she will attempt no more
And to her chambers simply retire

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I Dreamt of You Last Night

We stood on the bow
of an old wooden ship.
Splashing waves; music sounds;
salty mists with each dip.
I, in a white pheasant dress;
you only in jeans.
No one else on the deck;
just us in bare feet.
Your chest, warm to my back;
wrapped in your loving arms.
Mystic waters of black;
Ocean sky casts moon and stars.
Ancient lands strangely appear
as completely in full view.
You softly whisper in my ear,
"This world's for me and you."
A realm only for us;
in dreams we meet there.
Awakened, I touch
dried salt in my hair.

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I Love You As I Love The Sun

I love you as I love the sun, 
her blinding rays a blessed truth 
that blaze o'er hill and meadowland 
and sing a song of winsome youth. 

Your warmth puts roaring fires to shame, 
ignites the flame that inward glows, 
it resonates, and sanctifies 
my happy heart, the blushing rose. 

Your tenderness, so blithe and sweet 
entreats, and gently mystifies, 
your countenance personifies 
the glisten in your soft brown eyes. 

May Helios, that wondrous orb, 
forever shine, and play her part, 
and may compassion ever mark 
the fervent beating of your heart.

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One picture at a time

A toddlers Crayola masterpiece marks the box
Where the story of our days now tarry
Passages tilting the axis of a bittersweet equinox
As photographs eclipse yesterday and today unvaried 

The plans we made for a life
After years of work and worry
Useless installments when your partner dies
The crumbling of everything you once held firmly

Riveted, uprooted with every slide
Scenes of "our time" bring you back to life
I step from earth, you from the sun, for yet another goodbye
And the dam finally collapses behind brave hazel eyes

But not the brokenness your death left behind
Still, though no more than ashes it resides
Like faded photographs etched in the mind
Fanning the embers... one picture at a time

Rage rises, for you left me alone
Without refuge for all life's trials
And our sons fatherless before they were grown 
Every step feeling more like a mile

I've grieved so long 
And tried to move on
Like river water never looking back
But it's motion sings the the words to our song

Leaving me afraid I'll never belong
Or live out the plan we devised
For all my days my efforts give way
Blundering, burdened and blind

How does one truly recover
When the mate of their soul is no more
Or pass from one realm to yet another
When the walls of your heart no longer have a door? 

Frustration builds like Lego towers
toppling to the floor under the weight of the world
Is it grief or something disguised by cowards
When a heart gets stuck from the pain that it's learned? 

This ode to a man 
Who in covenant took my hand
The marriage equator engraved a permanent mark...
For his death left a total eclipse of my heart

Crazy as a loon
But my God... how I loved you
My eyes fixed upon our favored moon
And I wonder... Do you miss me too?

Anniversaries used to be a joyous accomplishment
Marking years of selfless love made
Now it serves only an acknowledgement 
Of a life interrupted by a cruel twist of fate

Of ill trusted hopes 
And a future unmade
For us left behind to cope
With memories and photographs fading away

On this the 2nd anniversary...
            Of your passing away

In memory of my husband of 25 years
Charley Romani 
(My Beloved)

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A Path For Lovers

Beneath the glowing satellite, 
a path for lovers grew. 
So I set off and followed it 
in hopes to find love too. 

I wandered down meandrous roads 
that twisted and crisscrossed, 
but could not find love anywhere, 
that wayward feeling, lost. 

The light that once in music rose 
faded and suddenly 
bedimmed the tracks and hid the way, 
at least it did for me. 

What of the orb that's sung about 
mysterious and praised, 
if it can hardly shed or keep 
that light for lovers raised? 

Perhaps the moon drifts here and there 
as broken hearts will do, 
finding it hard to stay afloat 
because it's lonely too. 

I wonder if that mystic sphere 
will light the path and when 
or if in fact there really is 
a way to love again.

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Epilogue of Love

To have lived not being loved at all -

hunchbacked like a question mark-

your soul continuously on parole

imagine beauty in the dark

Perhaps we passed each other in the speed

of different trains colliding with the time

in one - abandoned newborn girl in need

the other - useless vagabond and wine.

Was it your Soul who shook the Jacaranda tree

and made it burst and rain with purple fairies?

Or just a whispered cry within the depth of me -

too much horizon and no space for prairies...

Imagine beauty in the dark

When wings demolish walls of sorrow

I'll die again an injured lark

Reborn in Phoenix bird tomorrow.

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The Owl and the PusyCat Sail

Together the Owl and the PusyCat were married
Then again sailed out over the deep blue seas
Searching forever for the great Land of Nod,
To the place where they could find true peace.
True peace, true peace… Where they could find true peace.

The love that twined forever within their hearts
They sought throughout all the wonderous lands
Going to the place where they would live in peace,
A place where true peace, rules and lives in the hearts of the land.
The land, the land… Where true peace lives in the heart of the land.

Alas, the love of the heart, though truly not easy to find…
Is easier to find than the love of peace, found throughout the land.
So it’s said they will continue to sail, until that day comes true,
And when they land for the final time, will be up to me and you.
Me and you, me and you… That day will be up to me and you.

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The Lady In Red

The lady In Red

She missed out on the green silk dress; it was sold before she did buy
But when the red dress came to the store she did not let this one pass her by
The Lady in Red as she became known set out to dazzle and beguile
She would turn many a head with such a dazzling sexy smile.

This femme fatal set off, not realising the power she did now hold
The swaying of the hips, she was indeed a picture of beauty to behold 
Its low cut neck did display a white décolleté of rare fine beauty
Many came and offered his hand, on one knee as was his duty

The Lady In Red was not easily won, her heart she kept hidden away
Those that tried to win her, found there was a hefty price to pay
The lady in the fire red dress, sashaying down the street
Had them stepping out of doors, and stopping cars just to meet.

One day the Lady In Red fell in love, and then the problems did start
She found there was a price to pay, when she wanted to give her heart
From praying to the devil one day, a dazzling beauty she asked to be
He answered her request with a warning; “Your soul will belong to me.”

She was willing to pay any price to wear the red dress so beguiling
She didn’t look behind her or she would have seen the Devil smiling
The fine print on her request to the Devil, she did not bother to read
‘Your heart and soul will belong to me that’s the payment for your greed.’

The Lady In Red could not give love, just sashay far and wide
Sweeping young bloods off their feet, then casting them out with evening tide
Her heart would have broken, if it was still hers to keep
The young man she fell in love with, was the one that made her weep

He promised love and devotion if only her heart she could give
When she said that didn’t belong to her, he didn’t want to live
She tried to shed some tears but the devil dried them with his fiery finger
“Next time you want something so bad, you better not let your eye linger.”

You asked for dazzling beauty, you promised you were willing to pay
Don’t come weeping to me because you have given true love away
Beauty was more important to you than a genuine heart full of love
You can take this young blood with you, and join as the hand in a glove

But this love you found, this love you desire, the price must still be paid
You can take this handsome youth, but under the ground he must be laid
His life I ask in full recompense and then your love to him you can give
But it will have to be in this lifetime, because you will not be allowed to live.
© ~GG~3/12/2012

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O Holy Night

O holy night when Christ was born,
And in a manger laid;
What love decreed that God should be
The child of a maid?
O holy night the inn was full,
A stable near at hand;
O night of prophecies fulfilled
When Caesar taxed the land.

O holy night the shepherds watched
Their flocks upon the field,
And, lo, the angel of the Lord
With glory was revealed.
"Fear not, behold, I bring to you
Good tidings full of joy;
For unto you is born this day
A Saviour as a boy."

Then suddenly the sky was lit
By angels filled with mirth,
Proclaiming glory unto God
And peace to all the earth.
The shepherds said among themselves,
"To Bethlehem we'll go;
For something great is come to pass
And this we wish to know."

They came and found the newborn babe
With Joseph and his bride;
When they had seen, this news they spread
Throughout the countryside,
And all that heard did wonder great
At things the shepherds told;
But Mary pondered all these things 
Within her heart of gold.

O holy night when God was praised,
O night when hope returned;
O night when angels spake aloud
And skies with glory burned:
O holy night when Christ was born,
And in a manger laid;
What love decreed that God should be
The child of a maid? 

~ Based on Luke 2:7-20 ~ 
~Written for "Here We Go A Caroling".~

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Chocolate Bunnies, Champagne and Roses

Easter is upon us
My darling said to me
She keeps quizzing me for chocolate
I said just wait and see

    I wonder what he got me
    Maybe chocolate and some flowers
    I'll be putty in his hands
    Surrendering, as he devours

I need to do some shopping
For chocolates, champagne and roses
The latter will grace my darling
On our bed in delightful poses

     I shall get myself prepared
     For an Easter evening of romance
     A shower and some fragrance
     With a kissing cuddling dance

I hear the water running
As i step through the door
Rose petals on our bed
Also carpeting our floor

     I feel my loves hands on me
     As he joins me in the shower
     Caressing as we wash
     His manliness empowers

We dry each other down
To our bedroom we kiss and touch
Our bed a carpet of roses
We lie down in tender clutch

     His hands in loving wander
     My zones excite and please
     Rose petals float down upon me
     With chocolate, he's on his knees

I lean down and kiss my love
Her body chocolate blessed
Knowing of my sweetness
And my inner hungered zest

     I guide my love to kiss me
     And tell him to close his eyes
     I take him on a chocolate journey
     Where he finds, he'll be surprised

Our chocolate adventures over
To the shower we go again
When we head back to our bedroom
We start again with chilled champagne

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On Golden Sands - For Adults Only

On golden sands in naked lay
Adventurous hands in touching display
His Maidens skin like fine porcelain
Lips in touch, loves to gain

So caressed she becomes so moist
Groans of excite in wanting voice
Her perfect pink lips lure me to kiss
Sweet she is in hungry bliss

In spiral licks to her lips I head
As she welcomes me home on natures bed
Slowly I enter whilst warmed by she
In kissing touch sharing her honey we be

To her nape I kiss whispering words of love
On natures bed, blue ceiling above
Our movements of joy like the oceans waves
Excite her firm breasts, her pertness I crave

My head in her hands as she entices my bite
Kissing, licking her pert nipples in hardened height
Our bodies now joined in writhing glow
Sharing words of love as our loving shows

My pillar of man between her Vee
In rhythmic motion thee and she
Spontaneous we are in pleasurable voice
Arched she becomes as our bodies rejoice

The release of man cascades her inner walls
Warmed and pink my eyes now befall
A gentle kiss to her heaven I plant
In loving groan, my Maiden now pants

Up her torso I kiss to her lips I share
Sweet tasting honey to her eyes I stare
In gentle touch our moment now lived
Memories we share, for our love we give

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Never a Day Goes By

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Grief stricken she has become now his spirits having flown
Seafaring was in his blood, ancestral like his past
For the seas take no prisoners, life very seldom lasts

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Her heart forever tormented for his seed shall never be sown
She weeps constantly for the love that grew with her soul
To grow old in their marriage, having children their only goal

Never a day goes by when she walks the shore alone
Loyalty in her remains as the past decades have always shown
The stone that now lays in remembrance, stands battered and worn
For the seas display their wrath, leaving the future of some unborn

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Many voices from the past,
Always echoing in my head,
How long can it last,
I thought you were dead.

You always tell me what to do,
So I don't make a mistake,
Somehow you always knew,
How many I could make.

Because once I hurt you,
And you'll never let me forget,
But what can I do,
You're not quite dead yet.

Why won't you leave me alone,
Will you never forgive me,
I wish I could atone,
Please, just let me be.

The hollow echo of your voice,
Will linger on forever,
You've given me no choice,
It'll never stop, ever.

The sound of you used to make me smile,
But now it tortures me,
I will always be in denial,
So an end I'll never see.

Written by: Kelly Deschler

Giorgio V.'s contest - "Impress Me 2" -  themes-gothic/spiritual

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Betty Boop From Beirut

Have a good friend Here on the Soup Affectionately known as Betty Boop from Beirut A talented lady Emotionally charged This sweetest of sweethearts By a margin quite large Each day to the fullest She expresses her love Her passion for life And the Man up above My life's been enriched Since meeting Miss Boop So happy to have met her Here on the Soup It's not every day We find such connection With another soul With such great affection Have a good friend Here on the Soup Affectionately known as Betty Boop from Beirut © Jack Ellison 2013

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Love And Hate

Love and hate are closely connected Emotions both strong and intense A fine line divides these extremes Oft times we straddle the fence It takes what seems like an innocent event To shove us one way or the other We're up on top of the world one moment Next moment afraid we'll smother Controlling emotions is difficult at best Bombarded by outside influence Always requiring strength and dedication To maintain love's continuance Lost without love's sweet guiding light Through sad time and times of joy Love must conquer the uncertain heart And never allow hate to destroy Love and hate are closely connected Emotions both strong and intense A fine line divides these two extremes Oft times we straddle the fence © Jack Ellison 2013

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Love Garden

Dripping from red rose's lips
To black-eyed susan's amber petals,
The dew paused there -- a thorn to kiss,
And carefully slipped through stings of nettle.

Down to bloom of baby's breath
And on a string of bleeding hearts,
In tandem dripped in dance of death,
Though pink impatiens softly caught.

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A Road Still Driven

Searching here and there, hither and thither not knowing when to stop
The road is long the path is narrow the hill so steep, is there a top?
Each twist and turn, a new obstacle, something else to overcome
But there is a way, a map for your world, no trail of biscuit crumb

Love finds you when you are lost, when the mist swallows you up
It clears away the storms; it keeps filled the cup from which you sup
The road becomes a pathway, the pathway becomes a road
The hill becomes level; love even carries that heavy load

The road well driven may not be the best, just because it’s used oft
Sometimes a change of direction helps find us when we are lost
Our road still driven need not make us worry, and should never us daunt
The road we are on needs a bump or two, it needs a little tease and taunt

A road so straight and often used, becomes a boring drive
We need a few little obstacles to remind us we are alive
So take your love hold it close, use it to guide your way each day
Then the road still driven will not be arduous, you will always find your way.

Entry For Contest  'A Road Still Driven'

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Average Age 19

Once again, the powers that must
In rise again in what we trust
An overseas conflict, another war
Just what in the hell are we fighting for

Families are asking, Korea has just passed
Generations again reft, how long will it last
A country in need, to rebuild again
Flags at half mast, in wind and rain strain

Once again into war, sent by the Washington Post
To send back reports to hit home the most
Military observers were the first to be sent in
Another chapter of man entering existing sin

I'm witnessing our ariel power, Lam Son 719
US planners determine their incursion, saying all will be fine
Along the Mekong River, we'll carpet bomb their supply trail
Tons of munitions and napalm, this spread surely cannot fail

Many sorties are being flown, for the wounded and the dead
Whilst Nixon and his cronies, aren't thinking with their heads
The news of losses has reached me, nineteen have been killed
Eleven missing, fifty nine wounded, more American blood spilled

Seven fixed wing aircraft, more sons in action loss
Whilst back at home more protests, fading the dyeing's gloss
To to this job that I do, I was never prepared for this
To witness such bloody scenes, and ignore that life is bliss

How can I write about a soldier, whose name I'll never know
Killed at nineteen years old, his family he'll never see grow
Or even explain to his parents, when carried from the AH-1
His body bullet riddled and limp, when lifted it bloodily run

I never went back to the theatre, called the Vietnam War
Having witnessed the wanton killing, what were we fighting for
This colonial conflict that started, us on the side of France
So many came back as strangers, many to live in trance

James Fraser's entry into the contest " WORLD OF WAR: VIETNAM "

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My Little Box

Sometimes, when I am alone
I go inside myself
and I get a little box
I keep upon a shelf.

My box is filled with memories,
sweet days that I once knew.
One of my greatest treasures
is the memory of you.

Time has begun to fade it
and has bent the corners in
yet when I gaze upon it,
it comes alive again.

I let it take me over
I ride it like a wave
feeling every inch of love
you once, so sweetly gave.

It fills my soul with pleasure
and helps me get away
from all the tribulations
that I must face each day.

Yet it was not always beautiful,
this memory I hold.
It use to only give me pain
and leave me feeling cold.

But so much time has passed away
and the pain has took its' leave
so now I may finally
enjoy instead of grieve.

Once it has embraced me
and filled me with its' wealth
I put it gently in my box
and place it on the shelf.

I'll always keep this precious jewel
with tender, loving care
so that when I need it,
it will be waiting there.

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Crystal Cup of Flair

Crystal Cup of Flair The world judges another by what they own Fancy jewels, clothing, cars and spacious homes. They choose leaders born of arrogance and strife Following them into wars and destructive lives Many categorize a person's life through opinions Created through jealousy they follow them like minions Judge not or you will be judged by your own decree Using another as a stepping stone renders your life in debris Richness of a person is revealed by the quality of their heart The flow of loving kindness and honesty in the mercy they depart Humility and a gentle spirit that nurtures another's soul One who gives willingly unconditional love that freely flows This person is rich beyond all earthly realms Bearing such a pure love against evil, it overwhelms I would rather be seen as Tupper ware Then tagged a crystal cup of flair Carole Cookie Arnold 2010

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To The Moon

If I could take you anywhere 
I’d take you to the moon 
Far above the trees and clouds 
And we would go there soon. 

The first thing I would do for you 
As we went along the way 
Is pluck a few stars from the sky 
And make you a bouquet. 

We’d walk along the moon dust 
With only our bare feet 
And feel it come between our toes 
Then our eyes would meet 

We’d sit on the edge 
With our legs dangling free 
And every trouble would leave my heart 
When you smiled at me 

And then you would take my hand 
And I’d give you the grand tour 
Because this moon is a place 
That I have been before 

You see, I’ve been to the moon often 
In my dreams throughout the years 
The moon is my special place 
That I’ve treasured and held dear. 

Never has a person 
Been to the moon with me 
And I told myself the one who would, 
To my heart would hold a key. 

And so my moonlight loved one 
It is you who holds the key 
And I’ve brought you to this place 
That is cherished unto me 

I want to say I love you 
It is you whom I adore 
Will you use the key you have 
To open my heart’s door? 

And in one sweep you’d take me 
Into your warm embrace 
I would see the look of forever 
Etched upon your face 

In that single moment 
My life would change for good 
I’d find my true love on the moon 
As I always knew I would… 

February 16, 2006 
Holly Miller

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Give Peace a Chance

You keep saying you want peace
So why not give it a chance
You move your own direction
You really don't want to dance

The blood of all our children
It drips from your evil lips
Our future in the balance
You're the one who makes it tip

You paint us pretty pictures
So that we believe you're wise
A path towards destruction
That is paved in ruthless lies

For once try to imagine
A world where we get along
Trying hard to find the good
Instead of looking for the wrong

For peace there can be no hope
When hate is held in our hearts
If we justify our actions
Sadly we're doomed from the start

One day a peaceful Kingdom
Will spread from God's mighty hand
The end of the destroyer
He will no longer rule the land

A new city from Heaven
We will see the promised day
A stream of living water
All that's old passes away

A place where all are brothers
We take time to understand
Love is the inspiration
Hate is blown away like sand

Give Peace a Chance contest

Written June 06/ 2013

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A Love Affair

One cannot wait one counts the hours 
Your lips they need as a bee needs flowers
Your eyes that sparkle when they see you 
Please come my love, you know I want you.

Your fingertips one loves to feel
Your arms about me, the blues do heal
Your kisses sparks a flame in me
A passion burning constantly…

Your strength I need like air to breathe
Time spent apart ones soul does grieve
Just to see and touch your handsome face
Makes ones life a joy, and full of grace.

Come to me my love I thee pray 
I cannot wait another day 
My heart beats out a pounding beat
Whenever we are about to meet.

My love for you is beyond the stars
You send me over the moon to Mars
My sleep in not rest when you are not there
One thanks the heavens for a love affair. 

© 12/012/2012 ~GG~

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Forsake me not, for I would pine 
and waste, like tendrils on the vine 
that shrivel when the rains abscond 
and nullify our special bond. 

For eglantine shall flourish not 
when kept in shade, stilled in the pod, 
nor will our love, without the spark 
of nature, and the love of God. 

Remain here, nestled in my care, 
and feel the measure of His power, 
with nourishment for heart and soul, 
as the elements sustain the flower. 

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A Ray Of Hope

So many times I've thought of you
and whispered out your name
Then drift on into memories
the heartache still remains

I've had a lot of time to think
on how it all went wrong
I beat myself up pretty bad
you know I'm not that strong

I'm clinging to a ray of hope
our paths will cross once more
A second chance to be with you
just like it was before

Tonight I'll pull the pillow close
pretend you're here with me
I'll go to sleep and dream of you
and hold you endlessly

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Love is Strong

Kindness moves quickly between two lovers Love is strong, the incense does waft through them Mastered the heart of the rose they blossom Never did they think they’d love like a gem Great is the love seen by the romantics
Russell Sivey Form Quatrain(ish) Contest: An ABC Poem about LOVE Sponsor: Alfred Vassallo 5/22/2013

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Love With A Capital L

Love is like a warm wooly hat On a cold and blustery day A raincoat shielding from a driving rain A cup of cafe au lait The morning sun spreading its joy The warmth of a child's touch A sleepy hello from the love of your life Tender words that mean so much Can you think of anything sweeter Than the call of a whippoorwill A protective lioness feeding her cubs A meadow at midnight so still Mere words at times fail to express What's hidden deep in our hearts Only with time honoured expressions Are we able to describe it in part There are so many words and phrases But none so meaningful as this A gentle touch, a warm tender smile A long and passionate kiss Love is like a warm wooly hat On a cold and blustery day A raincoat shielding us from a driving rain A cup of cafe au lait © Jack Ellison 2012

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The Door

Noah’s ark was real not a fiction
It had a door to escape God’s affliction
Noah delivered a warning message
But the folks mock their own presage

Men grew in sin and matured in transgression
And ignored Noah’s loving confession
The Door stood open a long time
Until time begin to climb

The Lord finally shut the Door
And the rain begin to pour
120 years of grace finally came to a halt
God administered judgment by default

The Door was a glorious type of Christ
He was the Lamb of God who was price
Jesus said “I am the Door of the sheep”
He is the only Door of that Great ship

Jesus is our Door of salvation
Wherein we enter and float as new creation
Behold He stands at your door this day and knock
Let Him in, you’ll find pasture as a partaker of His Holy flock

Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep- John 10:7

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Your Hand

I come looking to take your hand
We can no longer stay apart
This day I have forever planned
You have captured all of my heart

My darling I've longed for this day
Two of us together as one
In my heart I hope you will stay
Our hopes and dreams have just begun

Come take my hand darling please
For you are the light of my life
I say this while down on my knees
I would like you to be my wife

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What Magic Doth New Love Possess

What magic doth new love possess
That tempts the moon at night,
To warmly glow, and fully so,
With beams of velvet light?

That gives the heart the will to smile,
And the sparrow, feathered wings--
What magic doth new love possess,
To achieve such lovely things?

M :)

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If I say I love you,
What does it mean?
Is it just something physical,
A sexual thing?

Is it just what I feel,
When I feel my blood surge,
When you reach out and touch me,
A physical urge?

That can't be love,
It's just chemistry.
It cannot be based,
On biology.

For sure we all know,
That's the way it begins,
But if that's all there is,
Then soon it will end.

When the newness wears off,
And things become old,
Then boredom sets in,
And the lamb leaves the fold,

In search of new pastures,
And new, sweeter grass,
So listen and learn,
Be ye lad or a lass.

Love is a deep,
And emotional thing,
That grows over time,
Not just a short fling.

It's something so precious,
Something so rare,
Most find it but once,
So shop with great care.

You'll kiss many frogs,
'Fore you find a prince,
It's an old saying, yes,
But it makes lots of sense.

Don't jump at the first one,
That may come along.
They'll woo you and lose you,
With an old but sweet song.

Set your sights higher,
For it's a sure bet,
One values the most,
What is hardest to get.

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Eileen And I

Eileen and I are cut from the same cloth Hopeless romantics we two Oblivious to life's trials and tribulations It's love that sees us through Since the world began, it's the driving force The reason we exist you and I Thoughts of no longer being able to express My love brings a tear to my eye Ask Eileen, she knows what I mean Her words exude passion and desire Symbols of what real love is made of That can set our hearts on fire What a wonderful place this world would be If love replaced hate in men's souls For the first time ever since the beginning of time We'd be actors in a strange new role Eileen and I are cut from the same cloth Hopeless romantics we two © Jack Ellison 2013 Dedicated to everybody's sweetheart, Eileen Ghali

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Memories and Regrets

The windows of regret are open now
I long to drift out into the quiet night
But now to my memories I must bow
Holding on to heartaches oh so tight

The window is covered in golden thread
Which moves in rhythm with the breeze
The silken colors mourn my dead
And sorrow brings me to my knees

Why did you leave this world so soon?
Again I taste the salt of silver tears
I should have held you 'neath the moon
Forever through these countless years

To night belong shadows of our past
When innocence crowned our heads
The day that fate had ruled our last
And placed my heart among the dead.......

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Beyond Midnight

   Originally for Andrea’s One in Three contest but checked the rules before posting and found I’d written over 16 lines DOH!!! I’ll keep the title and thank you Andrea for the inspiration.            

            Beyond Midnight

Long before midnight, she was due in
Mama said, not to be late
There she was with her arms around him
Down by our old front gate

The frost was hard, as was the news
He whispered in her ear
She heard and yet, had to refuse
The cold words she did fear

The moon was high with halo haze
The stars all watching eyes
Looking down on their liaise
Mournful of her cries

Still her arms held tight around
Unwilling to release
Firmly there she held him bound
Despite his freedom pleas

Descending low with icy claws
The frost began to bite
Mama’s words she now ignores
Be in before midnight

The witching hour will soon be here
Her chance to captivate
Renew his love and keep him near
It may not be to late

Once more her tiny voice a plead
Be mine forever more
But nothing reached beyond his need
His pardon did implore

In earthly silence there they stood
The time it would not stay
The hearts that once had beat their blood
Were fading fast to clay

As the morn arose through mists
There covered by the hoar
Embracing in their final kiss
For love, that would not thaw.

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It's Love, Pure Love

Some feelings are beyond explanation There's billions of people on earth So why is one soul so attracted to another Like they feel they're gonna burst Most have surely known this feeling At least once during their life A feeling of an overwhelming attraction That takes you to the highest heights For those who haven't experienced it yet Believe me, it's beyond description There aren't any words in the english language To describe it since it's very inception So instead, let's call this amazing feeling A four letter word known to all It's love, pure love, that describes it best But why say, in love we fall To me it raises us to the highest heights Like riding a moonbeam each night Nothing surpasses this divine sensation Most delightful of all delights © Jack Ellison 2014

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How Many

How Many?

That night within the garden lost,
How many tears were spent
In search of love at any cost?
How many hearts were rent?

Sin for a sin the coins were tossed!
How many lusts were vent
To quench the unrelented--mossed?
How many paid a cent?

In destination's final dross,
How many souls repent--
Escaping payment with The Cross?
How many knew Him sent?

~deborah burch©10/21/2006©
re-post 4/21/2012

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The Greatest Love Story

The greatest love story ever told
Is right here in my heart
It isn't fancy with fancy words
It's sweet like the song of a lark

No need for any material things
To prove the depth my love
Just holding your body close to mine
A love that fits like a glove

Many words have since been written
About how true love endures
Words expressing one's inner feelings 
Feelings so intense and pure

Life on earth is a fleeting thing
We're here next moment we're gone
Love until your very last breath
Too soon you'll be passing the baton

My heart sings with the joys of love
Tender words flow out like a river
The greatest love story ever told
Makes my soul and body quiver 

© Jack Ellison 2012

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I Came For Only You

I have traveled far to comfort you
From a far and distant star--
And you need not tell your thoughts to me
For I know just what they are.

And should I ever disappear,
For a day, or even two--
Remember I am always near,
And have come for only you.


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Images I recall

Nature in all her glorious splendor 
Serves as reminder in loves fall
For only you bequeath this tremor
In depictions of images I recall 

Effortlessly you breath life in me
In seasons young and guileless
A fragrant rush of healing breeze
A pastel sunset in reverent silence

Your masculine beauty staggers in part
Like the rapid beat of hummingbirds wings
Causing incalculable pulses in my heart
A timeless consciousness of a dream

Your a sanctuary of waters
In forms numerous in theme
Like raindrops bathe the pauper
Or my feet dangling in a stream

You walk with me in rainbows shadow 
Forming hope through foaming falls
You entertain me with puddles shallow
And secure me in the surfers transparent walls

Your kisses like water cascading 
Over my lonely emerald lands 
Your strength like waves fiercely bracing
Stillness on morning lake the moment you hold my hand

Your an offering like a summer rain
My covering like winters snow
My sustaining element of life
The ceasing of the tears you know
Your my future journey my waterway
The current that carries me home
Your the deep pool where our children play
Our bond powerful like water smoothing river stones

A thousand deaths of life I'd suffer
If of you my world were to be deprived 
Like the earth of water left uncovered
For your waters are the celebration of my life

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The lighthouse stands atop the hill,
A warning for the sailors,
That here be shallow waters,
Reefs and widow makers.

She stands there in all weather,
To shine her beacon bright.
Through wind and rain and dark of night,
She's there to shine her light.

Some say the lighthouse came to be,
Because of an old story,
About a sailor coming home,
Braving some storm's fury.

His ship went down somewhere 'round here.
The sailor lost his life,
And now whenever there's a storm,
You'll see the sailor's wife,

Standing high atop the hill,
A lantern in her hand,
And if you look along the shore,
Sometimes you'll see a man.

He comes out of the water,
To climb the wind swept hill,
Where she stands with lantern light,
Waiting for him still.

                                  Judy Ball

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Somebody to Love

When you open your eyes, will you see me?
Can we understand, this was meant to be?
I know that we both could use some love,
My heart flutters, likes wings on a dove.

When you close your eyes will you remember,
Sitting by the fire on that cold December.
Realize the flame that burns in my heart,
Take my hand, I’ll show you the part.

When you are frustrated and feel alone,
Take my hand, I’ll walk you home.
We can star gaze and make a wish,
As time flies by, we hear this swish.

When you’re alone and going to sleep,
Do you pray to God, for your soul to keep?
Will you receive that gift from above?
All you may need is somebody to love…

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A Letter to My Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart that time,
The Great Healer, cannot repair.
Your going has left a hole in my existence
That forever and beyond will not heal,
A hole ever expanding from its own nothingness,
A hole through which all the goodness,
All the kindness of you is slipping through.
You were my sounding board.
Trite ideas offered, came back
Enhanced, brilliant and sparkling.
Borrowing intelligence from you, I grew wiser.
Doors opened before me as I strove to be worthy
Of you, my beloved son.
I go on now as you would have me do,
Searching in Nature for the joy 
You found in its wonders.
Hearing bird songs with your ears,
Relating to others with your empathetic instincts.
Striving, ever striving to be the person
And mother that you believed me to be
And never letting your memory grow dim
For those you loved and for whom you sacrificed.

You came into this world with a wisdom
That did not come from me.
I thank God each day for His lending you to me
For the time that I had you near
And I cling to His promise
That I will see you again.

I could not tell from whence you came,
Born with a wisdom that did not come from me,
And I do not know where you have gone,
Part of myself, the better part--into Eternity.

Originally entered as verse


A Letter to my Son

Your going has left a hole in my heart
That Time, that great healer cannot repair.
Your going  left  space in my existence
That forever and more will still be there.

Ever expanding from it nothingness
A hole from which your goodness has slipped through.
The kindnesses you wore as a halo
Have disappeared as well since I lost you.

I used you as a sounding boad to measure
The wisdom and the beauty of the world.
Your ideas were so clear and brilliant,
Through you my own best aptitudes unfurled.

I'm trying to live up to your standards.
I want to be more worthy of you, Son.
You told me once I was the perfect mother,
And with you life was such a lot of fun.

I thank God every day for loan of you.
The time we had was more than worth the pain.
And now I'm clinging tight to his promise
That some day I will see you once again. 

I do not know from whence you came,
Blessed with wisdom  that did not come from me.
Each day I pray I know where you have gone;
Taking my heart into Eternity.

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The Peony

She bent  softly over the smooth water
Her fingers gently caressing the blue
A peony clasped to her bosom
Its petals soft and pink and true...

The artist captured this brief moment
Brush strokes telling us their story
The maiden ripe for the time of love 
The peony clothed in peaceful glory...

Ancient blossom so full bodied
Yet delicate in scent and grace
A flower captured in Asian legends
With bowing head and subtle face.  

For the flower contest..

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The Meaning Of Love

The Meaning of Love

Sitting on the water the moon dipping in his toes
Water rippling down, towards the sea it goes.
Making love under the moonlit sky so bright
As one together, on one never-to-be forgotten night.

Ripples of water matched by ripples of fear
Trembling together but not even near
Eons apart but matched in one thought
It cannot be stopped, it cannot be fought.

The moon need not be there, the river may dry up
The stars never seen, the wine they did not sup
Together they can be as one without even a touch
In thought and word only, the passion too much.

To fetch the passion to it’s desired end
Words of love and time one needs to spend
To come and reach the final conclusion
Together as one, it is no illusion.

Happiness can be reached though eons apart
Though time and circumstance tug at the heart
To never be alone in word thought or deed
Always to be there, when the other is in need.

© 22/12/2012 ~GG~

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There’s torture of the body
And the torture of the mind
But the torture of the heart
Is the most horrendous kind.

To know you must not express
The wealth of emotions felt
To have to suppress the dream
Is to burn until you melt.

You are careful of each word
And you laugh despite the pain...
It’s torture to be in doubt
If his love can keep you sane

To know it can never be
For you’re lost inside love’s maze,
To accept it’s a lost cause
Is to set the heart ablaze

Torture is a painful thorn
That your little heart impales
It won’t stop till you’ve bled dry
You don’t dare to voice its tales

He is near enough to touch
But his heart is worlds away
Can torture be worse than this?
No, the rest is just child’s play

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Does He

You left me for someone else,
You have no feelings for me.
But now all I want to ask,
Does he love you more than me? 

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My Valentine

Another Sweetheart’s Day my love
And once again I am alone.
No loving message in the mail
No whispered words by way of phone.

At forty-one, God took you home
You have been gone for fifty years.
The grass grows lushly on your grave.
I place my flowers and shed my tears.

I ask this question every day
And wonder why God planned it so
Why I should live and you should die.
In God’s own time, he’ll let us know. 

You said you’d be my love until 
My chestnut locks had turned to white.
I hug the promise that you gave.
It keeps me warm the whole cold night.

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Her Eyes

Pearly and piercing, innocent and intact
And I wondered in fact:
How does one have eyes like that?
Till I told myself, "She robbed the cat"

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Our Dear Charmaine

Everyone knows our dear Charmaine From the Mediterranean Isle of Malta A beautiful lady so loving and gentle My admiration for her never falters Charming and sweet are a couple of words Describing this dear loving soul I hold my breath till her name appears Since this ageing heart she stole Others on the site are sweethearts too Can't possibly mention them all But this is all about Charmaine Chircop That dear sweet Maltese doll Since the day Charmaine came into my life The sun has never stopped shining She fills each day with such joy and kindness Forever on her love, I'm dining © Jack Ellison 2014

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Amidst a Flowery Meadow

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
We happen across an Oak tree, as old as old can be
Below it's green filled canopy, we lay in love so free

We chatted and chatted for ages amidst this greenery
Our minds knowing our eventual, to be naked and so free
We turn to face each other, leaning in we share a kiss
Our eyes know our looks, to be in desirable bliss

Lips now touch like whispers, in gentle delightful flow
Urging excites our wants, our desires in us grow
Slowly I undo her buttons revealing charms so sweet
Her body reflects my attention, in pertness rising greet

Cupped I kiss her gently, her hands run through my hair
Her torso openly naked, whilst the Oak can only stare
Sighs now resonate across this meadow of colour
She whispers words of crave, delight my wanting flower

I touch, I kiss and caress, this bloom in radiant pink
Two now become one, as we start to love in sync
Frantic kisses now shared in lusting craving require
Our orchestrated echoes confirm our wanting loving desire

Amidst a flowery meadow we walked this sunny day
Two in love a wandering to find a place to lay
Our passion and love flowed in this lovely flowery place
Below the oldest of Oak trees, lovingly we graced

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1 Corithians 13

Love is always patient
in deed and word is kind
can not abide the green eyed monster
so envy will not find.

It never tries to gloat or brag
it can not be malicious
does not demand to have it's way
is never once suspicious.

Is always calm when under pressure
can't laugh when others stumble
doesn't try to tally wrongs
wont quit, complain or mumble

It always to the future looks
is positive, fair and just
ever eager to find the best
in others wants to trust.

It never fails when hardships hit
keeps fast to what is true
when all else seems to fall apart
true love sees us through.

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Distant Heart

Your sun may be clouded
My sun may be bright
But I know that we see
The same moon tonight

I climb on the roof
And I gaze at the stars
Hoping you can also see
Planet Mars

No matter the distance
Near or apart
Just know that you will
Always be in my heart

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Love Defined

Love Defined

You say you want to be with me
Then these truths you must know
Because, my love, you have to see
It’s more than the feeling we show

True Love does not want to control
It, instead, will yield and submit
From deep within the very soul
Where the flame of love stays lit

To me, it should always be you first
And you should put me first today
Though sometimes we hunger and thirst
I will show you the most excellent way

Love will wait as long as it takes
And return only kindness despite all
Contented in itself, and what it makes
It lives without the prideful fall

Love cannot disrespect you or me
And will never insist on having its way
Neither will it react wrathfully
It will forget the wrong of yesterday

Love does not exist in wicked deeds
But will flourish in what’s pure
It guards our hearts as delicate seeds
Ever faithful, it is always sure

Love is hope when we don’t see it
It stays the course when we fall
And will carry us out of the pit
Giving awesome joy to us all

Many have said it really hurts so
Though in truth that love is not real
For if it’’s true love, you’ll always know
It will be so much more than you feel

It is our imperfections, so hard to admit
That will cause love to take the blame
For love, perfect and pure, will never quit
It is us that want to make love a game

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Scrolls of Love- Swap Quatrain

I will not read another one
These words that have my heart undone
Each message makes my heart to bleed
Another one, I will not read

The love you swore would prove untrue
Yet heart and soul I gave to you
An untold pain, my heart, it bore
Would prove untrue, the love you swore

You wrote to her, the self-same lines
I did discern unfaithful signs
Your promises, all lies they were
The self-same lines, you wrote to her

You placed a seal on every scroll
And just like mine, her heart you stole
So now she reads your love’s appeal
On every scroll, you placed a seal

My scrolls of love, I will forget
They fill my soul with sore regret
I look not down, but gaze above
I will forget, my scrolls of “love”

July 30, 2014
For Isaiah Zerbst's Contest
Fill Up A Scroll

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Desire of the pains of love

looking deep into her face
for minutes at a time
one finger in her hair
more pleasent than the chime

I've long dreamed of her touch
dreams to caress her mind
holding her close to heart
and we'll together bind

so close she is to me
I reach and touch her lip
gently with my finger
though lusting for her hips

and either I should kiss
as either would be bliss
as my hands draw on her
and we end so breathless

I see her hand in mine
I'd know it without sight
warming and soft to feel
I'd hold it all my nights

I wished to delve her mind
I wished to know that girl
let her sorrow be gone
unto me I shall feel

never distort the air 
nor show signs of concern
if I hold her to me
little to be discerned

but that's not who I am
to see through rosey shades
be draped in silken cloth
that's not how I was made

I see what could calm me
her sinuous body
lovely before all eyes
teasing me wantonly

see the unloved lover
so wretched to behold
I'll keep my eyes above
yet my heart remains cold

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Sweet Infinity

Infinity beckons taunting  
Beyond the mortal ridge
For time enough to really live
Those longings yet to bridge

I wear your symbol 
Pierced in diamonds sharp
On my ears that I may always
Remember to hear you with my heart

Your curve that knows no ending dangles
On sterling chain around my throat 
A reminder to fulfill 
Solemn promises I have spoke 

You rest upon my naval 
A charm of infinities tease
As outer beauty gives way to age
Sweet time my youth appeased

Your sign never ending 
Like fools upon the earth
Inked in red upon my wrist
Hiding scars when thoughts of life seemed undeserved

What is my obsession O'infinity 
Our days so quickly turn to past
Within parameters of death and birth
Experiences just beyond our grasp

If I could overstep your boundaries
Place my toes just over your edge
Calculate your infinite zeros 
Owning resources for dreams alleged 

My learning curve a continuum 
Time to get it right
A touch of love a sacrifice
Those things first missed in darkest night

The caress of your face not given
A smile unreturned 
"I love you" remains in silence
In ashes lie bridges burned

Infinity... A dimension utterly unknown
I need you not to fly the sky or mountain's high to climb
This endlessness that immortals own
But to see again those souls Ive lost in time

I hold no comfort of heaven's gate or Hell
Though promises of infinity are all too common there
I just want days and nights unnumbered 
For in youth we're completely unprepared

For Infinite choices without wisdom 
When of passing days we have no fear
But as the end draws ever nearer
Hearts aching for that which we should have revered

Time becomes a commodity 
Too sacred now to waste 
Remind me always the quickness of a day
Sweet Infinity, it's why your symbol I embrace 

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A Poet Was He

Love is having, love is lost

Love believing that it is the key

This is what love is to me

Way back in ninety  five

When I met a poet

A poet was he

He took me by the hand

Taught me about love

We were friends

We were lovers

To the bitter end

He would read poems in my ears

Would write my name like I was a goddess

Like no other

With a magic swirl

Held me like I was his dear

He kissed the light in my soul

Held me with an inspiration

We danced barefoot in the dark

Kissed in the grass in the park

Explored the avenues of our minds

Took me by surprise in never-never land

He listened to my songs

Helped me share my heart

Kissed my very soul

There were no tears

Then he was gone

The beauty of him

Took me by surprise

Our breath was ours

For the taken

And oh the lovemaking

My life have been filled

Lots of events

With lots of tragedy and laughter

But few regrets

Looking back over the past

So glad of memories

To make it last

As I experienced the pain

Of loss of my poet lover friend

In the end

I survived and live

With what is left

I will never forget

The friend I had

What I have seen

What was felt!

I do stand, laugh and love

I still

Shed a tear

As well as fear

At the end of time

Before I die

I’ll never forget my poet

And a Poet was he!

Brooke Dyan 2014

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Jesus Christ, a Maverick

“Hate the sin and love the sinner”,
This maverick King of Jews declared.
He was like no king before him,
And none could be to him compared.

“Let he who has not sinned,” he said,
“Cast the first stone, should he so dare.”
And all the guilty parties stayed
Their deadly missiles in midair.

This King had no powerful weapons.
He ruled by purest love alone.
He feared not to touch a leper,
Nor die for our sins to atone.

At betrayal in the garden
He kindly healed the soldier’s ear.
And before it even happened
He had forgiven Peter’s fear.

On the cross, he asks forgiveness
For all of those who caused his death.
Forgiving of wicked sinners,
Was this maverick with last breath.

He forgave his wicked …accuser……..
Who laughed and called him a loser.
They didn’t understand him.
Although his future grim
He bore heavy cross
Deemed it no loss.
Our king died
We cried,

I tweaked my quatrain by adding a nonet form as last verse.

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I have learned the hard way that people aren't always what they seem,
They look you in the eye, shake your hand, then take you to the cleaners.
It's been many a year that I have thought on this theme,
Ever since I was one of those who got caught by these schemers.

It would not be so bad if we could just open our eyes to see,
That they have no ones interest in anything but their own.
Perhaps that is the way it was and always will be,
At least until we have had that experience in our lives sown.

It is difficult to learn to trust anyone who comes to you,
Since you now look at everyone with a skepticism and mistrust.
But, there is one hope in all of this to take away that jaded view,
A hope that has always lain before us in the dust.

It was preached to us in many a form and style,
The Bible, Koran, other great works of religious zeal.
We have had the words written down for quite a while,
Yet, I wonder if those of us who read them really feel.

The great commandment to love God with your whole being,
Has been a message that comes through the ages.
And to love one's neighbor as you do yourself has more meaning,
Only if we try...for this is the yardstick by which the Lord gauges.

As for those who take advantage of others who cannot see,
I feel sorrow for them...for they have lost touch with life.
They may have great wealth, or possessions, or think they're happy,
But the Lord will meet out His justice to them for causing others strife.

As for me, it seems I have been on a long journey and I'm tired,
Tired of watching these villains prey and profit on the ones with naivete and weakness.
Preying on the young, the old, the sick, and those who aspired...
I was once a victim, but have now can only offer forgiveness.

It has taken a long time for me to reach this end,
As I once was so consumed by the sting of the hurt and anger.
On reflection, the only one who was hurt by my not wanting to mend,
Was loved family...places where I no longer linger.

I write this now because it seems a necessity for me,
To express my feeling and thoughts on a life that was truly dead.
And to you who read this I have but one plea,
Say a silent prayer for my forgiveness from the Lord, when you bow your head.

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Remembering Willow Pond

Born of winter's snow and gentle spring rain
Remembering Willow Pond, where our dreams begin
Where wild geese swim, then fly away again
Beneath shaded coves, where other lovers have been

The fragrant smell of earth, green moss and peat
Where tangled grass and weeping willows lean
A crumbling bank, where cattails wash their feet
Our blanket spread upon the meadow green

Our campfire glows, playing flirting games
Ashes drift like feathers, smoke curls into the air
Burning embers, teasing flickering flames
And love smolders warm, a kiss in the evening fair

Trees sway and swoon along the bank
Leaves flutter in gentle evening wind
With each breath of warm summer breeze
It brushes my cheek, as daylight ends

Willow pond, the place where love came alive
We loved....under the stars of the twilight skies

Water/Earth/Fire/Wind            For Barbara's contest

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Whether Twenty Or Seventy

If anyone is wondering what it's like To be seventy-eight years young Gotta tell ya, it's not what I expected Thought by now I'd have come undone It's not at all how I thought it would be This dude's still on top of his game Still watching all the pretty ladies go by My lust for these fillies is the same Whether one is twenty or seventy Still drool at the sight of short shorts Dreaming of when the world was new Chasing girls was a real fun sport This might be a surprise to a lot of souls Who think we become old and frail Gonna destroy that myth right here and now Though our drive is lower on the scale Minds don't change, we're the same upstairs Our body betrays us, heaven knows We still have all the equipment, so visuals Send shockwaves down to our toes So if you're wondering, I'll tell you straight Worry not, you'll still feel the urge Only difference is, takes a while to respond It's still heaven when you feel that surge © Jack Ellison 2013

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My Scarlet Woman

Amongst the oaks and the maples and shrubbery so green
Runs a translucent flow, a stream so pristine
It's meandering contours hugging the land
Takes me back to the day, we met unplanned

The sky was pale blue on this hot summers day
Cotton wool clouds in mesmerising display
It's as if you could reach out and brush with your hand
This candy floss coating ceiling our land

Many meadows I walked through capturing the sounds
Listening to her marvels in cinema surround
Technicolour rainbows so radiant to the eye
Such beauty in nature, understandably why

I reach the turn-style that leads to the forest walk
Listening to the breeze through the trees as if they talk
These pillars of stature, as old as grandfathers years
Many stories they could tell, that would bring you to many tears

As I stroll through the leafy lanes, mapped out over many years
Trampled underfoot by it's inhabitants, badgers and beautiful red deer
I now reach the stream as I follow it's meandering flow
To a pool at it's end where past maidens bathed in glow

My ears now pick up sounds of singing and a splashing
Resonating from the pool, a glimpse of pink now flashing
A lady stands before me, bathing in the stream
Scarlet clothing in sporadic lay, am I in some kind of dream

I call out to this beauty as she turns and looks at me
Towards the bank she walks, and invites me in with she
Knee deep in crystal waters our bodies close in touch
My clothing now drifts away, the two of us in clutch

Into our eyes we both now look as blood flows through my veins
Her touch is soft and gentle, my hands now stroke her mane
Deeper we edge out as she floats and hugs my waist
The two of us in join in this beautiful serene quiet place

Our emotion creates commotion as our undulations reach the shore
Ripples of joy they are as underwater hands explore
The coldness incites a reaction, in pert and firm caress
In delightful blend we release, two souls in loving press

Kissing we reach the bank, on her summer dress we lie
Sighing in breathless spoon, we stare at the green canopy sky
Many, many hours have passed, lying naked below the peeking sun
This is the day I met my scarlet woman, the day our lives began

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Farewell at the Falls

Your emerald eyes smiled at me
as the mist caressed your face, 
they captured me and held me
in a magical embrace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The thundering silver waters
torrentially unkind,
echoing at daybreak
of love we’re forced to leave behind.

The splendor of Niagara
her beauty and her grace
is incomparable to the loveliness
that decorates your face.

Our love is like caged bird,
no hope, no chance to fly,
you’ll  live eternal in my heart
till these mighty Falls run dry.

Our souls  will meet again someday ,
you’re the greatest part of me,
timeless as Niagara’s waters flow,
you are my destiny.

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When True Love is Found

As the clock strikes midnight
And there's a full moon in the sky
Into our room she walks
Something catches my eye

It's the black lacy piece she's wearing
Hemmed low to draw me in
Revealing curves of delight
Tanned undulations of skin

Her sexy swagger delights
As I turn from the window to view
The man in me hungers
Excitement now flows through

We stand in hold together
Our hands in wandering mode
I pray this night never ends
As our future hours erode

Our cries like anthem sounds
Echo from our hearts
Two souls from broken pasts
Cementing their new start

We awake in the morning
Spooned from captured joy
This first of many a night
True love, this girl and boy

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Te Amo

I love the way you look at me
I see right into you eyes
You don’t see me like some others do
With their rumors and their lies

I find it hard to believe
That anyone could ever love me
The way you care proves me wrong
Your kiss makes it easy to see

Without you
Where would I be?
What would life be like
If you weren’t there to hold me?

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Source of Light

Worlds apart, yet so very close
As two hearts can beat as one
The sun shines upon us both
Then evening moon does come
We share a place we call our own
When the moon then sheds its light
We meet there, in shadow cast
As day turns into night

You wait for me in lover’s robe
As I come into view
The smile that you give to me
I then give back to you
With your hand, you take my own
You lead me to your tree
Beneath the arms, its mighty limbs
We share love, you and me

Betwixt by nighttime’s hidden glow
Our hearts then shine, form light
Caressing skin, with lips so soft
We bathe in our delight
As the moon, so then descends
To the other side of the earth
We whisper into each other’s ears
A thanks for our rebirth

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Danny's Song Upon the Death of His Grandfather

When crashed to earth that mightful Oak
O'er that long. a'frighted night,
His tears did so high homage speak
As to slumber passed his Light...

Shoulders small, no more host to hands
Whose tender firmness helmed
Their little lad, and life, and joy
In eternal love enrealmed.

Trudged he stoic, that deserts waste
With heart beset and stormed,
His soul a stone-turned edifice
Then from parched dreams was formed

A kind but spectral silohette
Up from the nighted sands,
As boyish eyes enlivened gazed
Once more upon old hands...

They held a heart which yet did beat,
"For you, my bonnie Dan!
I'll love you from Forever, boy,
And in Love, live as a man..."

Ah, but dream, for now he wakes-
But so curious a thing!
For in his grasp there rests some sand
Which waking did not bring!

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Wicked Lady

On our bed she sits Laced, bare to her skin Pouting lips excite me Teasing begins Her tongue tastes the air In a lusting roll Through the lace I see ripe My heart extols Each moment she moves I capture a pertness so firm My eyes in delight As my body affirms She bows her head Turns and looks As soon as I view Entranced, I'm hooked Towards her I walk Slow steps at a time Nearing her beauty Admiring sublime I stand before she Man that I am To my knees I fall As I become her lamb Hands meet skin Touching with kissing Eyes momentarily meet Knowing their wishing The lace I gently pull Revealing tanned soft skin Desiring now affects me To love her from within Our bodies gently meet Side by side we face and kiss Loving moments captured It's time to grace our bliss Silk sheets endorse our rhythm As we release undulating waves In unison we share Our sensuous inner craves

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Although you thought it loud to me
How unwanted I would always be
After you swept me off my feet
To only toss me to the streets

Although you cursed my truthful care
And rare faith that’s unfound here
And upon bruised my love so true
Real love that chose to care for you

You took away my smiling face
With it you took my best grimace
And was seized my laughter too
Along with it my feelings true

My heart is stressed from cursing thee
It pounds; it beats as it grows weak
My whole being hates your memories
Irony; craves your company

An outcast lost in your own heart
I weep, I wail in woman’s land
And thus has none to console me
In all this pain, that’s all but sweet

Although your eyes still comfort me
Lost in your gaze, I find relief –
Although your smile still consoles me
Rejection wakes my unbelief

When in your face I find kindness
Warmth and embrace of loveliness
Just then withdrawn, your heart and care
You seek not I, you seek one else

An empty box, a hungry hole
Has swallowed all to remain so
I despise you so much my dear
But would give all to have you near

Aggrandized hurt, and agony
Can one feel so, and keep “to breathe”?
Each time the thought, “not having thee”
Nearby enough, so I’d be free

Thief of always, beautiful curse
You make me soar, then make me fall
Eternal dream I wield awake
All yours to give, more so to take.

Dominic Amezimi

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I never saw little Cupid,
he was silent and he was hid,
but I can tell you all about him,
and all the things he did. 

And how a golden arrow 
with loves hot glowing flame,
struck my heart like lightning, 
and delivered to me her name. 

And how it hit my heart so hard, 
and spun me all around,
and before I even knew it, 
I was Sheri bound.

I put aside my boyish ways, 
and took on a manly charm.
I worked it long, and worked it hard 
to get into her arms. 

I'd go and see her often, 
but often wasn't enough.
I found I never tired 
from this magical thing called love.

I still have that age old scar 
deep within my heart,
where a golden arrow landed once, 
and gave my love its start.

Though its been so long ago 
I can say I love her still.
And because of little Cupid 
I know I always will.

His aim was true and steady 
when he released that bolt to fly,
and caused this love inside me 
that will last until I die.

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Storms over Blue Waters

One meets at first
And love can bloom
Or its love at first site
Potential bride and groom

Two paths join
Unite as one
The future of two 
Has just begun

A few years pass
And cracks appear
Where two are to blame
Or one less sincere

Many reasons
Can lead to this
Or with a strangers kiss

Or even being shunned
Distraught victims
Their hearts in stun

Marital vows
Can be as strong as steel
But amidst the turmoil
Do they still feel so real

Passing thoughts
From day to day
Will either reignite
Or its seperate ways

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My Mom

She's the sparkle on the ocean 
in the sunny summer's light
She's the diamonds on the snow 
on a moonlit winter's night

She's the calm of the morning 
before the world has come alight
She's as gentle as a breeze 
on the quiet beach at night

She's the backbone of our family 
for as far back as I recall
She's always patient, always cares 
and always loves, most of all

She's so strong in her beliefs 
as she's taught her girls to be
She's tough when there's a need 
but it's gentleness I see

She always wears a smile 
as though nothing makes her mad
She has a special giggle 
how can anyone stay sad?

She's the closest thing to perfect 
that I will ever see
If I live to be a hundred 
I will never be like "SHE"


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Reading is Torture

Well im thinkin that ive always been a romantic
Ive just always been concerned with all girls
To live in a world without them would be tragic
They love to run their fingers through my curls

And just when i think im in love with all
I find myself fallen for one in particular
As we hold hands walking down the hall
I try to catch a glimpse of her sexy figure

I just hope we dont end up like our parents
Well maybe yours wouldnt be so bad
Just know that i live only for your prescence
And without you id be beyond sad

But i dont even want to think of that
I dont even know where my mind will take me
Only with you do i like to chat
I would be a wandering fish if your were the sea

Now as i come to this close
I wonder about the future
I chose not to write this in prose
Because for you to read is torture (hahaha)

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Blue roses and chocolates have been lying there,
untouched and unopen over three days now, 
sadly turning rejection into endless despair;
even light struggles to filter through the closed window...

My gifts aren't appreciated, or even remembered,
and I am torn apart by disbelief and tremor:
with the empitiest feeling ever contemplated;
my disappointed sweetheart expected more...

Perhaps a bracelet or necklace with dazzling diamonds,
would have made her definetely happy like any circus' clown;
if love lusts after material and insignificant things,  
it has no sentimental value in itself, only a monetary one...

Uncaring and silent, with a blank and wandering look that
disfigures the divine face I admired and worshiped always,
my embittered darling is overwhelmed with vanity, touching her neck;
sensing visions of glamour and imagining the feel of sapphires... 

Everything I gave her was given out of kindness,
and my blue roses and chocolates should be a gift 
of the kindest of souls offering the simplest things;
and isn't her greed more implacable than a sullen sky full of rage?      

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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One Life to Live

My heart yearns to be reciprocated
Every good heart deserves to be loved

The passion is still strong yet dimly lit
Keeping the faith as the fate is growing
I’m feeling faint and falling to my knees
Loss of breath, depth, and height

I'm losing my firm grip slowly letting go
My palms are sweaty, my spirit is frail
Disconnected from the rest of my being
I’m weak, limber...fluctuating high and low

I am invisible, silent like dead flies
Falling from the night's sky like a tear drop
In mine eye, a red river is flowing
You can see lonesome shadows of despair

Hearing cries of help during the midnight breeze
Pain and agony, hurt and betrayal
Blank slate is naive too soon to prevail
Escaped from reality and plumeth...

Buried six feet under with soil and dirt
Ashes to dust like crumbling particles
My soul evaporates into thin air...
Was my identity lost or stolen?

You have one life to live so live it
To the fullest as if it were your last

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Place your hand, my dear, upon the very hand that holds you Place your lips, so soft, to taste and wet with mine Place your eyes to see, reflections of our one heart As we two embrace, together at this time It’s been too long, my love, since we opened up our souls Stirred up our passions, come together, as we do now I’ve been waiting so long, to press my lips to yours, love Releasing inhibitions that hold us back, somehow

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Abe Lopez

Not only is he my friend; He’s the Mayor of my hometown. His eyes oversee the place, That I so love to be around. Whether it’s canvas or a page, He graces it with artistic hands. Bringing out his desired emotions, That his patient heart commands. With a love for teaching art, His creative mind explores. And amps up all who know him, To want to accomplish more. We have the same passion, In the landscapes that we shoot. And have our haiku sessions, And post them on Poetry Soup. He has a vast love for helping, And likes to dab in carpentry. He gives his best to the canvas, And to his stanzas of poetry. His giving heart keeps giving, And he loves it is what he says. He’s a master of the short form, And his name is Abe Lopez. ________________________ For Abe Lopez, a fellow souper and friend for his support on and off Poetry Soup, God bless you.

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I would like,ardently,to paint a meadow 
standing on its center,an old weeping willow 
engraving some letters, on its thick stem 
I write your name,as a heart-shaped gem 

I want to draw,the blue of your eyes 
those tempting seas of,tearful lullabies 
adrift in my thoughts,ready to admit 
to gamble for love, to win or to quit 

I picture...,the smiles in your lips 
lick your kisses' nectar as it drips 
stare at them,till they call my name 
lingering to end up,the glory, I claim 

I draw a heart,with compassion and love 
gift-wrap it then, with, red petals my love 
sending my devotion,for you alone to own 
unless you turn it into,my love's tombstone

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God called for you untimely,
  Six and a half years have passed.
But I can still remember,
  The lovely time I saw you last.

You was a welcomed surprise,
  On May 15th, 2002.
But then for some reason,
  The good Lord summoned you.

A feeling I can’t explain,
  The letting go of a son.
He will always be our child,
  We love and miss you Aaron.

For Robin and the Gass family
With love and respect from 
one poet to another.
Robin, this is from your perspective...Raul

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The Romantic Past

A true-love gone to tears, As lost-love came to be. Sandy writes her heart out, Through her love of poetry. Her ex and her children, Moved to a different state. When left all alone it caused, Her aching heart to break. With a flood of memories, Of the past and all its’ hurts. She embedded all her pain, In the stanzas of her work. Her heart channeled through, The writings of her pen. Describing the life of love, That she was living in. She had found true-love, But the love did not last. Sandy Schermerhorn loves, Writing the romantic past. ____________________________ Dedicated to Sandy Shermerhorn, for her constant support and her love of romantic poetry.

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Give me this Water

There's a place under the sun-which provide shade for
everyone. Where is this place! not in a place of refuge, but
stored within yourself-providing an overflowing river of ever-
lasting prudentcy too anyone?... If you feel it - Shout! "Give me
this Water".
       This dampsel in this story come's at the point were absolute
direction was needed and finds herself speaking to the Messiah-who
would provide her with direction and deep quinching thirst for proph-
etic neccessities to get one's life in order. "Give me this water", are 
you at that point now? right now, whereas the decision you've made
has brought you upon that crossroad of your life.  A life whereas we're
sleeping with anyone, most times the wrong one, all looking for love
and emptiness has mis-lead us to become complacent and a nation
of unprotective boom-mer's has emerged and our live's has no order.
    Jesus say's - I will give you water, water that will provide fulfillment
of Place & Grace. Running to the next town she tells everyone come-
meet this man who has told me everything of my past and of myself.
This-this man-for he must be the Messiah, he speaks to me about a
special water, that shall be an atonement unto his Kingdom.  These
folk's come from all the places north of the border. Together we all

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Your Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice
You set me on fire
Then turn into ice
Afraid of affection
Afraid of the depth
You play with the fire
Yet stay safe instead
I smolder in heat
Your touch is like ice
Don’t know if it’s love
Or lust in your eyes
Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice
I’m burning in hell
While you try to decide
So, here is the plan
Here’s what I’ll do
I’ll freeze up my heart
Freeze it up for you
When you are certain
That I’m your desire
Then, baby, you’ll know
How to set me on fire!
Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice
Will my heart survive?
Your fire and ice

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Late Apple Themes

 come kiss the frost 
from off  late apple themes 
the carnival is coming into town
where everything is nothing that it seems
hitch up the pony,
take the surrey down.

 Let's take the long way 'cross the summer bridge,
the one where first you dared to touch my hand,
I still love seeing sunsets from the ridge
and down below the colors are so grand.

the county fair is finer from up here
all candy apple reds and spinning  beams 
the zephyr through the pines is all we hear ,
a place to sit and contemplate our dreams

the fantasy is kinder than the truth
recall the ferris wheel at sweet sixteen,
let's share that secret summer of our youth
and go back home to cherish where we've been.

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After the Rains

The sensuous two as the rain cascades
Droplets of pleasure like sweet lemonade
Lips in lock exciting their desire
To silken sheets they loving retire

Whilst the winds carry droplets of rain
Internally they connect creating loving champagne
In sync, in rhythm, they joyously caress
Their hips grinding in bodily bless

The rains appease as their loving slows
Two souls united in sensuous glow
Face to face they lie in contented touch
Eyes closed they sleep in tender clutch

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Where are you so soon, my love

Where are you so soon, my love
Like a summer night blown away
Where are you today, my love
Your face on my sleep sings all day

Your lips were unbroken honeycomb
My desire the humming bumble bee
For you, my distant pollen, ever I roam
Seeking you in sweet shadows of memory.

Shall we meet again ever, ere the sun
Sets forever on the howling bar
Shall you know I love you as I loved none,
My seeming lost and pole-less star.

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The Letter

Dearest Love,
               Please take these words and fill your heart, share my
               pain of being apart. For at this moment time seems
               so cruel, leaving me in this wilderness without your
               arms to share. Darling my dawns are empty and the
               sunsets lack the glow, it is only with the memories
               that love begins to flow. I pick them from those
               treasured times when beating hearts did rhyme, a 
               time that beckoned me to taste those lips divine.
               When arms were forever open, the days and nights
               were long, and upon those cotton sheets our bodies
               sang their song. Those endless nights of holding eyes,
               plucking dreams from the stars. Time bore no heed,
               its significance lost in the deepness of our affection,
               affection that melted heart, body and soul.
               Land and sea divide us my love, but the boundaries
               of love are infinite and my love shall ever be. Sleep
               my dreams my lover, walk the stars with me, and I
               shall keep my promise, and love thee eternally.

                                       Till we meet again


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I Drove You Away

I loved you so much, That I drove you away. And it hurts deep inside, That I won’t hear you say, Anything in your tone again; I’ll never hear your voice. My mistakes caught up, And I made a poor choice. I miss you and I love you, And I know I always will. It hard going on without you, My broken heart won’t heal. You’re always in my mind, I think about you everyday. And I loved you so much, That I drove you away. _______________ Note: just a poem

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The Way Love Goes

Fresh like the kiss of Dr. Pepper, On my lips, I give to you. For you sanctify my everyday, And help me make it through. The smell of your hair, After taking a warm bubble bath. The sound of your tone, When you giggle and laugh. Are the littlest things in life, That draw me to your realm. Our ship of love is better steered, When you miss captain’s at its’ helm. We sail the waters of love, Destined for the shores of eternity. To walk hand-in-hand in the sand, Together you and me. I love the way you look at me, And the way our love flows. We make each other feel special, For that’s the way love goes.

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She Knows Me

Everything I ever want
Everything I do
She knows before I ever say
Because she loves me, too

All the wishes that I have
The many dreams I dare
She knows them all and smiles with me
Because she really cares

My imperfections are lost on her
As she sees within my soul
She knows me well, this friend of mine
She’s there and makes me whole

Sometimes I can feel incomplete
So converse with her, I will
She makes me feel the good feelings
Until I have my fill

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We wanted to work our troubles out,
with the things that we would say.
But every time we tried to talk,
the words got in the way.

The more we tried to right the wrongs,
the more the problems stayed.
And even though we tried so hard,
the words got in the way.

We never solved our differences,
so together we didn't stay.
Our love couldn't over come,
when words got in the way.

Today we live so far apart,
our feelings we couldn't convey.
We just couldn't communicate,
cause the words got in the way.

Now I wait to hear from her,
on those rare but relished days.
And we laugh about days gone by,
when the words got in the way.

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Robin Gass

Born and raised in New Jersey,
  A true hearted Jersey girl.
With a natural gift of wordplay,
  Poems emerge as her pen swirls.

With a love for children, music,
  Animals, words, and people.
She lives by the golden rule,
  By making others feel equal.

Bearing a kind and caring heart,
  She makes friends forevermore.
And spreads her love at home,
  With her family and 3 Labradors.

She loves to joke around,
  And making others laugh.
Here’s a tribute to our friend,
  New Jersey’s own Robin Gass.

Dedicated to Robin Gass 
for her neverending support.

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In the Sand

He walked down to the sea, lonely and bored
then dips his hand in the warm ocean brine.
Forty years she was the one he adored,
so he kneels to pray for her, one more time.

He spells out her name in the smooth beach sand
then he watches a wave wash it away.
Whispers "Goodbye" just as he starts to stand
he wishes there was more that he could say.

A gentle rumble as breaks a small wave
he can smell her perfume as on the breeze.
He has not the strength to visit her grave
self-pity and pain is all that he sees.

Watches seagulls as they swarm a shrimp boat
as it makes a turn back toward the bay.
Hollow and empty he feels without hope
and wishes a wave would wash it away.

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I Love You As I Love The Sun

for Juvie, with all my love...

I love you as I love the sun,
her blinding rays a blessed truth
that blaze o'er hill and meadowland
and sing a song of winsome youth.

Your warmth puts roaring fires to shame,
ignites the flame that inward glows,
it resonates, and sanctifies
my happy heart, the blushing rose.

Your tenderness, so blithe and sweet
entreats, and gently mystifies,
your countenance personifies
the glisten in your soft brown eyes.

May Helios, that wondrous orb,
forever shine, and play her part,
and may compassion ever mark
the fervent beating of your heart.

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No One Else

No other heart doth beat as yours
Nor, another breath’s as sweet
No other smile can melt a heart
Nor make one feel complete

No other touch can make me fly
Nor keep me grounded so
No other voice can tempt this man
Nor make these feelings flow

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If you see me stumbling
and you're watching me to see
if I'll fall or make it...
reach out your hand to me.

If you hear me crying
and you sense my misery,
offer me a helping hand
but please...don't cry for me.

If you know my weakness
and you fear my strength is low...
Stay with me untill I'm strong.
If you love me, let me know.

If you ever need me
just look and I'll be there.
You'll never have to wonder
just how much I care.

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If you never hear these tears,
How will you know I'm crying?
Inside out they fill me
And my love for life is dying

I never saw it coming
The torrential pour of lies
Down the stairs, they're winding
There's a silence in my cries

I never understood you
God knows I tried my best
But your heart is in some turmoil
And your soul is not at rest

A two way street to me
Thats what love should be
These prison walls that hold me
Will never set me free

You destroy all the sensitive
The side that makes my heart
The kindness that's inside me
You tear that all apart

The innocence I had in me
Was thrashed from your own hand
And the naive inner child
Drifted off like sand.

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This Heart of Mine

You know I hate to love you baby

You're only playin with my heart.

So many dreams you've shattered

So many lives you've torn apart.

If only I could walk away

If my heart could just forget

If the tangled web of love you've spun

Didn't pose such a threat.

Then I could love to love you baby

My heart it could take wings.

I could fall into this love affair

One that had no strings.

But in your hands, my heart a weapon

To be tortured and teased.

My dreams, the ones you've shattered

To be tossed out as you please.

You know I hate to love you baby

Because this heart of mine

Is fragile and it's tender and it's

Living on borrowed time.

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Heartache (repost)

Maples shed their trembling leaves, 
the scorch of daylight dies and evening drips 
in pools of reddish hue as I bemoan the absence 
of my heart's desire with saddened, love-lorn lips.

Happiness, a blessing never to be felt again,
slipping from my memory, as distant as the moon;
'neath cloudless skies I roam for miles to look for rain 
in search of solace, for my spirit's sorely hewn.

Her gleaming beauty doth illuminate the night, 
sets flares to shame, outshines the blushing rose. 
I'd trade my soul and halt the rivers in their flight 
if only she'd forgive me, put an end to all my woes.

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Magic Words

No truer words of love are ever spoken
No better way to confess a love so true
No greater way to express a love eternal
Than to say those words, so bonding two…

I Do

For written in the stars, a love so destined
For heaven holds the hearts as one, combined
Born separate, but now joined in love eternal
As the power of two words, so come to mind…

I do

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Tangled up

I'm breaking inside like shattered glass
The shards cut sharp and deep
Noone sees within these walls
Or know the secrets that I keep

I become so lost and helpless
Like a little child crying
My hands are weak and fragile
And my will to fight is dying

I donot understand myself
Or this monster that I see
Reflecting from this mirror
Broken eyes look back at me

Once so proud of who I was
Now ashamed to know at all
I'm fighting off the agony
And I've never felt this small

Help me, someone, can you hear?
I'm bleeding where I cannot find
Tell me that it's all a dream
That I'm not losing half my mind

The fire of pain that burns me
Leaves scars inside my heart
It rips in two, my belly
And pulls my soul apart

I'm stripped of all my dignity
As I lay there in my tears
A pool of hurt becomes a river
And I realize my fears

You changed, and life has changed
Will I ever feel I'm free?
I looked into your eyes that loved
And I no longer could see me

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The Inner Workings

Can it truly be said that a man is mere logic
when I see your emotion as if it hung in the air?
Can it truly be said that a woman's mere feelings
when my brain is like clockwork in logic to bare?
Leaning tos, that is another discussion
for I will admit that I lean toward the tears
and maybe you too would admit just for reference
that you have the mechanics of a man of your years
But don't you think too, that a blending occurs
right at the moment two soul mates connect
and each leans in toward the other's attraction
they otherwise fell, in their days, to neglect?
Perhaps that is why your eyes well up quite rightly
when you see that my heart has been scorched by design
And maybe that's why I hold common sense tightly
and wrap it in gauze to be precious in kind
We are just truly conjoined puzzle pieces
with traits to be honored as sweet compliments
Whether it's logic or sheer, raw emotion
we balance each other in complete confidence.

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Castaway Dreams

Warm summer breeze touching the palms
Two bodies entangled on a hidden beach
The moon enhanced by the Southern Cross
The depths of our souls within our reach

The scent of ocean, the taste of coke and rum
The sand between my toes as we walk through the night
The sight of a sailboat dancing on the water
Caribbean blue touching the sand so white

Untouched by progress, kissed by the Gods
Deserted yet so full of life it seems
I call your name and reach out for you
Tears fill my eyes for my castaway dreams.

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My Love Renewed

I searched for adventure
A time or two
In my mind I forgot
I needed you

Now I see
That I was wrong
I truly loved you
All along
With all we went through
And all we have done
I couldn't see 
That you were the one

My soul was stored
Locked up until last night
You released it
When you held me tight

Now I remember
Our passion so true
My heart yours forever
My love is renewed

For Dave

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For You...My Friend

I get the silent phone calls.
I know she's on the line.
Why don't you be a man for once
and choose her home or mine?

You say I must be crazy
because I do accuse...
You must have forgotten
how much I have to lose.

I've given you the better part
of my unhappy life.
Why can't you just be satisfied
with me being your wife?

Have I made you be unfaithful?
Do I not fulfill your needs?
Or is it just your selfishness
that makes you do such dirty deeds?

I'll get the strength to leave you,
and believe me...when I do,
You'll Pay for all the pain you've caused
when she does the same to you!

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The Songs of Memory

Our love now plays on songs of memory
like perfume of flowers, not meant to last.
Love was smooth as stones polished with emery
yet, scattered as light through a prism's glass.

Like child's sparklers so hot, without flame
too fast it burns to last throughout the night
but I will give my homage just the same
to powers which let our love burn so bright.

Un-worded ending lasted but one hour.
Dividing lives accomplished in one day.
Yet, loves taste never turns from sweet to sour
and precious are the thoughts along the way.

The pathways of life are strewn with such things.
Still essence of our love will never fall
for music of the songs forever rings
and in the tune our love we can recall.

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Frozen Farewell

Frost bit lovers 
standing in the snow
Trying not to trust
what the other seems to know
Parting in the cold 
seems a fitting thing to me,
Opened up their aching hearts
and let their love fly free.

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Tear in the Hourglass

A tear in an hourglass
so slowly it falls
a sorrow for every dream
that lay shattered against the wall.

So fragile is such a thing
that withers in part
what sadness she brings
in broken heart

Doth do we cringe
bent on broken knee
wounded in love
wounded by thee

Dulled is the sword
that had swung with such force
splintered is the shield
but the heart injured worse

All heroes are slain
killed in passionate war
every heart breaks
to love nevermore

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Spring Cleaning of the Cluttered Soul

Scrap the smoldering, winsome words
the lovely odd truce made of letters
found carved with the edge of an old pocket knife
on a strap made of metal and leather
Burn off the tarnish on platinum rings
engraved with the infernal: "LOVE"
found pulling limp loyalty up to it's feet
and then giving it a death dealing shove
Trip over shoes which should still be for dancing
and spin them right into the trash
found in the corner of the cluttered dark room
like a pack rat's incurable stash
Blow open windows long stuck closed with paint
Push all the junk to the sill
Unburden your soul of it's hideous secrets
and snatch back your sacred free will...

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I could have held you and kept you from falling
I could have been by your side
We had it all, but it wasn't enough
I could have swallowed my pride

There was so much I could have done
There were so many signs
I never took the time to know you 
I never read tween the lines

Now that it's over and we've gone our ways
Now that the knot is untied
I still get up in the middle of my dreams
Don't know how often I've cried

There was a time I put you before
All of my plans and my schemes
Then I gave it up selling my soul
Along with all of my dreams

Now I am here, living alone
I never dreamed we would part
You gave me some of my most cherished memories
I gave you a piece of my heart.

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Telling her...

How do I tell her?
There is no way for sure
She deserves to know
Here I go

"I need to tell you something..."
I let those words ring
This has to be the day
"I don't know how to say-"

'Say that you love me?
Say that we were meant to be?
That when you hear my name your heart flutters
That when you try to talk to me all that comes out is stutters?'

'Say that when you see me I glow?
That to me you just can't say no?
Say that I make your head spin round and round
Say that I make you feel like your floating above the ground?

'Say that you dream about me all the time
You were waiting for me to give you some sort of sign
Say that we should be together
That you want me forever and ever?'

I sat there and stared how did she know?
This is not how I wanted it to go
I bet she'll never love me back
"How did you know all of that?"

'Because I love you
And all that I said was true for me too
And now that I know we were made for each other
I shall never love another...'

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A letter on leaving

  on the frail pale wings of Morning
I have sailed away to Spain
winging well above the breakers
of your ocean fraught with pain

 As I cupped your face in parting
as I kissed you for the last,
as my journey I was starting,
I could see the die was cast

 Yes you loved me on the Wednesday
that you didn't go to town,
and on Friday you forgave me
for the way I let you down

 Late last May you nearly told me
that you hoped that we could try
to begin to start pretending
we were lovers,you and I

 All the waiting and the wishing
and the watching while you sleep
all the hours spent in fishing
for the complements you keep

underneath your silent pillow
fluffed with smothered words of love
buried 'neath the weeping willow
with an epitaph above

saying only that you're sorry
that I never understood
all the things you never told me
and you know I never would.

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Take This

Oh, take with you, to your dreams
A little piece of me
For much of my happiness
Is when I am with thee

The dreams that we always share
The ones, where we’re in flight
Serve well to make me smile
When I’m alone and cold at night

The image of you in my arms
It warms me to the bone
When you hold me, I feel so loved
And feel like I’m at home

So, take with you, to your dreams
A little piece of me
It is my heart I have to give
And to you it’s always free

There is, just one thing, that I ask
To smile for me, oh please
For when you smile, show happiness
My mind is put at ease

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Magical Things

I think I’ll live forever
I think I’ll refuse to die
Plant my body in the ground
My spirit’s going to fly

Please come fly away with me
Once this journey is complete
Universe can be our home
Our own magical retreat

Two celestial bodies
Darling lets take to the sky 
Forget the why, when or how
This dream is for you and I

Gliding upon golden wings
We can dance from star to star
I would travel anyplace 
So I could be where you are

Angel’s dance like fireflies
Through trails of glittering dust
In heaven magical things
Exist for people like us

It seems we have come so far
Seems the limit is the sky
When I think of who you are
Tears of joy I need to cry

Everything is what you are
You are everything to me
Long as eternity last
My soul shall be one with thee

So let’s live on forever
We will each refuse to die
Plant our bodies in the ground
As our spirits take to the sky

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Willful Passion

It’s so hot in climate outside And inside the heat is exuded Passion falls upon our feet We are still alive not alluded Our lives have been made from joy This love we have for each other Produces more heat than normal Our hearts are pure for one another I hold her close to me all the time With a phase of willful passion I romance her deep inside me There’s dancing in some creation There’s no losing within our lives We don’t exist within the briar Nothing could separate us now A real love is what we truly are
Russell Sivey

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Morning Sun Over the Ben

A new day awakens in a bonnie Scottish Glen
As I await the morning sunshine peeking over the Ben
Standing at the door of my centuries old croft
The wild fern's arise as the rays makes them loft

A calming soothing trickle delights my morning ears
Meandering through purple heathers as it's done for many years
Hooded crows show their presence, then silence in quietness fall
In timid look they perch, as they hear a Golden Eagles call

The baaing of the sheep resonate from down the Glen
Freedom to roam they are in the land of crofting men
Above the sun now shines amidst a sky of Saltire blue
This land of clans and tartans, through my eyes you'll see my view

Upon the grass I sit, as I marvel at my surrounds
And my desire for a maiden, to share my Highland grounds
A mid morning stroll I take to absorb just where I am
I start thinking to myself, "aye I'm one of Alba's sons"

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The Mighty Kern (The end of many dreams)

You’re not real deep as rivers go
You’re really not that wide
When it comes to my feelings of you
They’re feelings I just can’t hide

Through giant boulders you descend 
Winding through canyon walls
Inside you many have met their end
As rapidly as your water falls

Merle Haggard wrote a song of you
You took someone he loved
His song is very beautiful and true
A gift from God above

At four I stood upon your banks
Watched my mother die
Like those before and after her
So many left to cry

Your pools are pools of death
Calm and still they seem
Whirlpools lurking underneath
The end of many dreams

For Brian's contest

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The One

The One by Rick Rucker When you have found “The One,” That person that outshines the Sun, Then you will understand the fuss, Your heart convinced with the first buss! Your lack of focus is normal, don't worry, Love will guide your heart, don't hurry, True Love is the force that cures, Your heart of all the past sutures! True Love has the power to change, Your mind, to rearrange Your whole life, To take a husband, or a wife. If all your life, you've lived alone, Talking to suitors on the phone, It's so nice to sit together, Without the phone cord acting as a tether. Something as simple as holding hands, Takes on new meaning with wedding bands. A wedding changes everything, Makes you feel a Queen, or King! That this person wants to spend Their life with you, 'til the end. What might have started out with lust, Has ended with a promise: 'til dust! Marriage won't be only Wedded Bliss, But if each day starts and ends with a kiss, Doing this, and other things, Will mean you don't have to pawn your rings! If you don't marry, out of fear Angel's bells you'll never hear. That gentle tinkling far away, The one that makes you want to stay. Imagine your surprise, When you look into your lover's eyes, Your Love, your spouse, The one that shares with you a house. Being in Love, after decades still, Each one feeling marriage is a thrill How long can True Love last? I'll tell you when a century's passed!

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The Hunting Trip

Daddy went hunting.
Mamma went too.
Daddy got a deer,
but Mamma got two.

Mamma told her story
while Daddy stood by
looking like at any time
he was gonna cry.

We all thought "He's jealous
he only got one."
But, Daddy had a reason
he didn't shoot his gun.

The buck was at his blind.
He seen him at close range.
The path was clear and all at once
Daddy felt something strange.

He knew that she was waiting
over in her stand.
He had bagged so many deer.
Her fate was in his hands.

He tossed a stick to scare the deer.
He sat and watched it run.
He prayed she wouldn't miss her shot

He sat patiently waiting 
for the gunshot near her stand.
When he heard her yell "I GOT ONE!"
he finally unclenched his hands.

The deer was his gift to her
although she never knew,
why Daddy only got one deer
and she got two.

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Diamonds in Your Eyes

You titillate my senses Every time you stare at me, I feel losing my balances All gems in your eyes I see. You possess tantalizing eyes, Like diamonds in the sky; Don’t attempt to look at me thrice, You’re in love…you can’t deny. I’m completely captivated You know my only weakness In your wooing you succeeded, You’re getting my final “yes”. As we hold each other’s hand, Happily gliding on snow; Kissing me all around, Diamond remnants-all aglow.
Dec. 31, 2013 5.15pm by Leonora G. Fourth Place Contest: A Diamond Remnants Judged: 1/14/14 Sponsor: Poet Gail Angel Doyle I will be closing the year 2013 with a romantic poem;))). Happy New Year 2014 to all! Wishing you all the best of HEALTH, LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS!

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If I Could Change One Thing

If I could change on thing 
I know what it would be
I would bring him back 
For all the world to see

I would ask for nothing
Not a moment of his time
But I would love him always
And forever in my mind

I'll always remember
The moments that we shared
I hope he truly knows
Just how much I cared

I will believe in him
His soul's a part of me
I know my heart is with him
Wherever he may be

If I could change one thing
I know what it would be
I would bring him back
For all the world to see

I would ask for nothing
Not a moment of his time
But I will love him always 
And forever in my mind

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

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The Listener

I'm the original Super Hero
Called the "Listener", I hear every word
I'll let you talk for many hours
What you say will always be heard

There are many who offer solutions
With the "Listener" it's not about talk
When you desire to become unburdened
I'm more than just a friend, I am your rock

I will help you escape from the shadows
By listening I usher you to the light
When others choose to make judgements
I'm not concerned about being right

With me hours they feel like minutes
You'll marvel as we travel through time
Passing through the doorway of hope
On a feast of happy you will dine

Listening is often underrated 
Today I pass these powers to you
When the masses are all about talking
Every one of them will be needing you

So now go to the world with your powers
Offer compassionate ears and be kind
Carry on the torch of the "Listener"
You are the best kind of friend they will find

For Carol Eastman's Super Hero Contest.

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On Grandma's Farm

There's an antique red barn
Sits atop the hill
And a small little pond
Chock full of blue-gill 

There's old rusty cars
Which haven't ran in years
And a hundred year old house
Once manufactured by Sears
It's loaded full of memories
It's filled with lots of charm
It's a place I know and Love
It's all there...On Grandma's Farm

Used to go there every Sunday
From as far back as I can remember
Sledding down the hill
In the snow come December

I Loved it out at Grandmas
Playing with toy tractors in the sand
Going to help split wood
Just to lend a helping hand

I Loved it winter, spring and summer
But my favorite time of all
Was when the leaves all turned
The wonderful colors of fall

I was carefree and happy
The world was free from harm
Way back when I was a kid
Out On My Grandma's Farm

© 2011 Kevin Stock

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I thought about you today
If I saw you what I'd say
How'd things be right now
If I had never walked away

Would you take me back
If I came walking in the door
If I asked can we be friends
Would you long for so much more

If I confessed I was wrong
Would you let me off the hook
If I said I only sing our song
Would you give me another look

See, I was the fool, not you
No good as one, I needed two
Without a Lyric, the music's blue
Happy times have been so few

Has time now stolen my rhyme
I beat.. but where's the drum
I was ice cold chilled out cool
Had the cake now I'd take a crumb

I thought about you today
If I saw you what I'd say
How'd things be right now
If I had never walked away

Contest: Isaiah's "Pick A Title"
Date: 10-8-14

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A Daydream

My fingertips lightly travel
down these worn piano keys,
the memories now unravel
as I hear your favorite melodies.

I reminisce within my writing
about a time that used to be,
when your arms were so inviting
and they would hold only me.

The quiet whispers on the breeze
the first kisses that were soft,
we sat underneath the willow trees,
as my heart then sailed aloft.

I can still smell the roses, red
their petals pressed upon the page,
where your old promises lie dead
they have not withered with age.

I am daydreaming of the past
when our love seemed to be true,
a relationship that will not last
but, back then we never knew.

Isaiah Zerbst's contest - "A Daydream"

Based on the painting. "A Daydream" by Sir Edward John Poynter

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A granddaughter is a joy
a real genuine treasure,
to make the heart sing
with unequaled pleasure.

Her smile can brighten
the gloomiest afternoon.
In her sweet presence
my heart becomes immune

to trouble or sorrow,
defeat or decline.
In her, so clearly,
we see God's design.    

A grandson fills the gap
and completes God's plan.
In his face, I catch 
a  glimpse of the man.

His smile brings sunshine,
love defines his embrace.
My load becomes lighter,
worry's gone without a trace.

He will always hold
a large chunk of my heart.
No force can alter our
bond, it's off the chart.

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In French Canada  no legend is more tragic than that of Celine, 
A beautiful Quebec maiden who, long  ago, fell in love with Alain. 
He  came galloping by on his white horse,  a handsome young marine -
They wanted marriage and  happily prepared their wedding plan.

They would go to the church  in a horse-drawn  carriage 
They would buy the  tidal watermill near their house by the river 
Next to  Montmorency Falls : a small whitewashed cottage
With garden and daisy flowers;  and he would become the  miller.

But one day Francois was  called to military action in a war terrible-
Every evening, pallid and wan,  she searched by the river  for her lover in vain.
Her beloved lost his life in battle, and Celine's bridal grief was inconsolable. 
“Alain,”  she called, convinced in her heart that they would meet again. 

After a year Celine could stand her  painful  loss no  more - the searching, the calls. 
One ashen moonlit night,  in her immaculate  pearl-blossom wedding  gown
She ran to the river, climbed onto the white horses of the misty Montmorency Falls. 
And disappeared  into mystery, as the swirling  ivory-silver waves swept down.

Calling his name, she slipped into the foamflowers.  Her snowy bride’s dress 
Was transformed into the falls’ watery cascade, and her long wedding-veil floated away
And became  a smaller waterfall nearby,   as she  swooned in the mist’s caress,
Listening  to  the soft loving words  she heard  Alain say.           

On moonlit evenings  the  maiden  in white  is still seen through the misty cloud
Of shimmering water cascading like daisy petals off the falls in their course:     
They say that his name can be heard in the surf and spume  of the torrent loud  
“Alain,  my life-love,  wait for me on your white horse. . . . .”

This is a well-known legend about the tragic love  story of the White Lady of Montmorency
Falls. The waterfalls ( Les Chutes de Montmorency) are located between Quebec City and Ile
d'Orleans, on the St. Lawrence River. These spectacular foamy falls are well worth a
visit.  Their height is 50% greater than Niagara; and the nearby ancient city of Quebec is
unique in North America.

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Unintentional Heartbreaker

I will not dye my hair,
blonde like Marilyn Monroe,
or cover myself in makeup,
to go and put on a show.

I am not one of those girls,
who will purposely flirt,
winking at every man,
just to eventually cause hurt.

I know how it feels,
to have my heart broken,
he was selfish and cruel,
uncaring words were spoken.

I never wanted to hurt your feelings,
because we were not meant to be,
I feel so very flattered,
that you had a crush on me.

The right girl is out there,
she is waiting for you,
just like my guy is searching,
for a heart that beats true.

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In the Meadow

Cows bellow, low, heads between rails
such large deep sad eyes, such full bags.
For whom do they await, no one home
to let them out, share out their milk.

Not long ago I saw you wandering off with him
his hand caressing your neck, gripping your arm
holding you stiff, obedient to his will
and you were bound to follow, no sound

escaped your lips, and me, why am I watching
for the scene to play out? Don’t we all know
don’t we all grieve, for the coming of that day
when cowl slips down, the bellow, low aches.

You won’t come home, will you my dear.
I guess I paid the right price for a job well done
Your cheating heart won’t bestir us to wait
Never more.  This farm is sold outright.

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Dizzy With Love

I chanced upon a memory
that seems like yesterday
but it was really long ago
and oh, so far away.

It was a chilled November night
and in my thirteenth year
the stars were gathered in my eyes
for the one I loved was there.

We sat there talking quietly
I, full of nervous doubt
just trying to sound normal
thinking that I might pass out.

He was quite a few years older
a friend that had been true
I knew that he had won my heart
and I hoped he felt it, too.

My heart was beating way too loud
through my words I stumbled
and when he looked deep in my eyes
oh, how my stomach tumbled!

I thought that I would die right there
he made my dreams come true
he said the words I longed to hear
he had felt the same way, too!

He swept me quickly in his arms
and claimed that first sweet kiss
I never even had the chance
to worry I would miss!

There isn't much that I can say
it flipped my head around
and all the world was so devine
as I floated off the ground.

The time had come to say good night
and he kissed me once more
I said good night and turned around
and crashed into a door!

Inspired by John Hecks Egads, My First Kiss contest

*I was trying to act all cool and collected, mature.  I was so embarressed I wanted the 
ground to swallow me up! RG

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Beneath that frame you wear so well,
a sinner or a saint?
A simmering of lust I smell
within your self-restraint.

It won’t be too much longer now;
The hunger’s in your eyes.
I feel it on your fevered brow;
I hear it in your sighs.

You can’t survive my full assault.
You’re losing your facade.
It’s coming down.  It’s not my fault.
You’ll see you’ve been a fraud.

For underneath that skin, you burn,
and soon you will be mine.
Before this night is through, you’ll learn
that burning is divine.

For PD's Love Poem Contest

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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
to each and all.
For the one who picks you up
when you fall.

To the one who's unafraid
to say "Go back and try again!",
for she knows you can do better
and will support you to the end.

To the one who adds her own shade
when life makes you feel blue.
She'll be there to encourage
with statements like, "Just be true to you!"

To the one who brought you into the world
by means of intense pain.
There will always be those who make you feel like less
but she will be your gain.

I thank you Mom for all you do,
and though it is Mother's Day I need no special occasion.
No date upon the calendar will dictate
when I can or cannot show my deepest appreciation.

I hope these words brought a smile
upon your beautiful face.
Here's to you and mothers everywhere -
The woman in your life who cannot be replaced.

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Love Love Naughty Love

Love, love, oh naughty love How thrilling naughty love can be Creates excitement like nothing else Like a kiss behind a big tree The feeling you get of naughtiness Adds excitement to the scene Like stealing a cookie or apple pie Or hands full of jelly beans We never lose that wee person's touch Even when we've growed up big Raiding the fridge at one in the morning But maybe we should wear a wig It's human nature to sneak around Like I said it's like stealing a kiss Come to think of it forget the snacks Rather roll in the hay with a miss Love, love, oh naughty love How thrilling naughty love can be The ultimate feeling ever felt by mankind Since us guys came down from the tree © Jack Ellison 2013

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To Be Or Not To Be

To be or not to be?,
That is my question to you,
When the truth is told to me,
Then I shall decide what to do.

Are you not to be my dream come true?,
Are you to be my nightmare?,
Shall you leave me feeling blue?,
Or will you always be there?

Are you not to be my rose?,
Are you to be my thorn?,
Will you on bended knee propose?,
Or shall you leave me all forlorn?

Are you not to be my life?,
Are you to be my end?,
Me, I shall be your loving wife,
Will you be more than just a friend?

Are you not to be my heaven?,
Are you to be my hell?,
Always home by the hour of eleven,
Or shall I alone at midnight, dwell?

Are you not to be my light?,
Are you to be my dark?,
Shall I hide in the shadowed night?,
Or soar in day as a skylark?

Are you not to be my truth?,
Are you to be my lie?,
Will you stay after my youth?,
Or leave me to wonder why?

Are you not to be my love?,
Are you to be my hate?,
Were you sent from above?,
Or am I just tempting fate?

To be or not to be?,
A question I need an answer to,
When the truth is told to me,
Then I shall decide what to do.

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On My Every Wall

My spirit resides in a small family’s home. I serve to divide up the rooms of that place. I haven’t got legs; therefore, I can’t roam. I guess what they see of me there is my face. . . a surface, which smooth, is painted beige-white. No ears do I have, and yet I hear all. No eyes, yet I see everything day and night. No lungs, yet I breathe; I am every wall. When holidays come, I inhale such delight: the sweet scent of cinnamon and fresh baked bread. I love it when sun through the drapes casts its light, and also I’m warmed hearing everything said . . . and sounds of the children laughing with glee, the soft sounds of love making from their folks’ room and their music, when played, which permeates me, dispelling those lonely times I feel such gloom. . . . for there was a time the kids colored on me. Their mother got angry, but all I recall is how small hands scribbled on me eagerly. Now I long for their touch on my every wall!

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Yellow Daisies

Petals of a yellow daisy,
windswept on a breeze,
does he love me, soon I’ll know
what the flower foresees.

Faith in a yellow daisy,
will our love affair unfold,
or will the yellow daisy speak
of false hopes bleak and cold.

Who’d think a yellow daisy,
harbored such amazing power,
foretelling my wishes, my desires
in one single little flower

So I’ll pick a field of daisies
 that’s what fields are for,
to find that special one that says
he’s mine forevermore.

APRIL 15/2012

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my saddest christmas ever

my saddest christmas ever
has'nt came to be
but in a very few days
it will happen to me

the presents i thought of
will never be bought
the gifts and decorations
have all come to naught

the love i wished to happen
won't happen this christmas day
because the one i loved the most
has sadly passed away

so i have yet to greive
on that wonderful occasion
no one will love me
with such dedication

my heart has need to give
that special kind of love
but with no one to give it to
my heart it seems stopped up

i can only imagin
the fun we would have shared
exchanging our silly presents
showing how much we cared

going out shopping
will be a lonely task
there won't be anyone there
for me to share romance

but still i'll spend this christmas
with her on my mind
i wish she were here
we would have had a good time

so this will surely be
my saddest christmas ever
will my saddness ever leave
my heart keeps saying never

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Their reflection in my eyes

For all the stars that shined their light
And found their reflection in my eyes
Not one could illuminate this cavernous sky
For their vision was constrained by sight

You peer into the depths of my galaxies
Without a word my heart falls to knee
So loving, piercing, so all consuming
Are your eyes when beholding me

Your touch like brilliant colors tracing the sky
You wrap me in your light while my old skin takes flight
Peculiar the way without you for hours or a day
My body feels naked my world in dismay 

A word with more power than loves been explained 
Is thee expression I seek yet fail to attain
It resides in the sound I hear in your voice
Or how it feels on my lips to say your name

No lyric or poem nor work of art
No celestial body that lingers on high
No beauty that lies where ocean waters hide
Describe how you search me with your eyes

You exhume a surrender I once buried so deep
From that first time my heart skinned its knee
Which taught me give only your soul to this point
Relinquish not your own needs... Quickly wish them Godspeed 

Yet you say without words in those sapphire pools
That you'll honor the treasure of my trust
My surrender is your prize the apple of your eye
Your bride and the love of your life 

Our dreams and our needs no longer be carried alone
For infinities love ever winds
My joy is your smile your crown is my throne
Your happiness is mine intertwined

Yes so many stars have shined their light
And found their reflection in my eyes
But only yours has shined so bright
it begs a loving surrender... known as a wife

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Love is blindness

Love is blindness I want to see,
All these feelings inside of me.
I look yet cannot understand,
I try to hold on the best I can.

I want to hear the words said,
But they rattle inside my head.
I want to break free find my way,
Yet I wind up at yesterday.

Love is blindness the world dark,
I see this hope inside my heart.
All the things that I put in,
I find the start yet can’t begin.

I want myself to just break free.
I see what is not what may be.
I feel trapped inside these walls,
The sun fades the curtain falls.

Love is blindness bright as the sun,
Now it has vanished I come undone.
I want to feel the warmth once more,
I cannot see that this is in store.

I find myself so I move on,
I can’t worry about what is gone.
Still I think once more of you
Love is blindness love is true.

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Tears In Heaven

Lovebirds sing a duet up in the clouds
tulips pucker up to kiss the butterflies,
I am surrounded here by serene beauty
with the tears of heaven in my eyes.

Where bright rainbows never fade away
and stars twinkle in the moonbeams,
yet, what is all of this beauty worth
if there is no one to share my dreams.

Still, you shall find me there someday
and maybe want to stay for awhile,
making sure that my tears in heaven
accompany only laughter and a smile.

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Loveless Life

   Comfort, luxury and accumulated wealth is nothing
Promise of beauty to the garden is spring in the offing

Separated from soul a body is of no avail
                            Without love life is not worth living

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Longing for the ride

Majestic he stands 
Head held high and proud
Until I draw near tack in hand
His mussel to my chest he bows

Our eyes fixed
With deepest affection
Respect from me
From him acceptance 

His nostrils flair 
He inhales my scent
A bond beyond fences
A mutual consent

About horse and rider 
How can I explain
This communion of splendor 
Perpetually sustained

With reverent candor
Can any man compare
Who would be considered grander
Horse or rider if you dare

Nobility without pride
Beauty without vanity
Majesty without disciple
Power without violence 

Do you still wonder why I'm longing for the ride
When he challenges the wind for speed
Brushed by heaven with every stride
Intimacy mounted here on "Spirit's Pride"

My steed and I in harmony
Exhilaration captivates my senses
Pounding hooves, his earthen scent 
Taut muscles ripple in sweat profusely drenched

He heeds the slightest touch of rein
His saddle is my alter of prayer
When he on oceans sands a trot
My soul is healed all disrepair

In bed I lay awake tonight my mind a heavy load
His blaze is blazoned in my memory burned
Of black night mane and chestnut coat
A quatrain tribute to his name he's earned

Still you may not understand
This yearning so many take in stride
Of horse and rider pure joy provider
And oh such longing for the ride

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He called a name in the middle of night
Replaying the words, the tempting desire
The voice of instinct I cannot rewrite,
I looked in the mirror; my soul fumed a fire.

He woke up evading a clear deceit
My trust splintered like a broken toy, used
Recalling how they brushed cheeks with light heat
And thought ballroom girl was simply amused.

I took a shower, peeling stain’s disgust
Watching the suds fall down on muddy tiles
Then the new moon whispered, “ are you just?”
A bubble lifted the fog pacing a deep smile.

He  brushed my cheek the way I saw them first
And walked out in the light of inner power,
Reclaiming the glow of self- worth, affirmed
Yes I’m woman, but also a warrior.

Adultery Contest of Delilah Ventura
by nette onclaud

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Journey of Love

         Time is resolutely in motion
       In no captivity or subjugation

Let not the caravan of life halt
Love is a journey not a destination

Winner in Contest "Four, For, Fore" Light & Love
of Debbie Guzzi judged on 11/22/2012


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Compassion Abounds

Compassion does abound in this modern world we live
Where animal and man return ones love to give
An element we all do fear could have taken all their lives
But this was not the day, that fate could contrive

To enter a burning building where their lives take second best
Training and their bravery, a heroes form of zest
Within these darkened realms, aflame and spewing of smoke
Any life that's spared, we deprive the smoking choke

For outside this smouldering building lies a bundle of stirring rags
Blackened canine features, their lives in deadening flag
Whilst alone on the sidewalk a hero sits in thought
Despair hits his heart in helpless strained distraught

His head in his hands now lifted, stirred by whining sounds
Towards him walks the mother, he turns in total astound
Leaning down to pet her, compassion fills his eyes
She licks his face to thank him, all saved and so alive

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A Mother's Son......For Dustin Cunningham

A smile that warms her heart.
 With bright, shining Angel eyes.
Soon his whole world would fall apart.
 When he sadly watched as his Mother dies.

No one to listen or believe what he saw.
 For years the truth lie in wait.
Each passing day, the pain made him raw.
 And for his step-dad rose a new level of hate.

A troubled youth is what he'd come to be.
 Violence, drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain.
When the truth came out it didn't set him free.
 Watching for Santa as his Mother was slain.

After years, Justice was served for his Mother's death.
 But her kids would have no justice at all.
They would never hold her again so they remained bereft.
 She'll never be there for them to hug, kiss or call.

She loved her kids, especially her eldest son.
 She was taken too soon by a drunk, selfish bully.
He didn't care who he hurt or what he did to anyone.
 Its not something her children could understand fully.

Her son now sits in his own personal Hell.
 Taken away from society to pay for his unrelated crimes.
So now he stays in that six by six prison cell.
 Hoping that he'll heal in a matter of time.

I'm here for him and I remain his friend.
 I wait for that shine to return to his now haunted eyes.
For that smile to brighten from his sad, dull grin.
 I'm someone who can love him and quiet his cries.

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Her tresses blow
wildly peach on her
A Gaelic rose like
sea mist being born,
Upon her lips glow
brocade, whispers
Of newborn wish, of

The moments of grace
behold threadlike
Enough to spread the
fabric of each
In rippling curtains
of the night that
Where frozen embers
burn just like
From peaceful scene
of heaven's ruffling
Moonlight drapes
eyes, shading old
As though she hangs
on rails of memoirs’
To brave iced tears
without need for

Gail Doyle's Where
Frozen Embers Still

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Santa's Promise

Santa’s Promise

My Granny was riding a reindeer,
out back on the lawn by our shed.
It looked like a bull riding contest
but the horns were a rack instead.

My Papa was sitting and watching
while he cheered for the bucking steer.
Oh Dad, I don’t know what you’re drinking
but that bull is a North Pole deer.

While Granny was hooting and clicking,
‘ole Santa appeared on our shed.
“Now, Granny I kept up my promise
and Dancer is leading the sled.”

“Tonight is the eve of the Christ birth.
It’s a night of world love and peace.
The magical sleigh of believing
starts midnight with love gifts apiece.”

He waited while Granny dismounted,
then Dancer proceeded to bow,
about that time, Dad had miscounted…
He passed out while toasting the cow.

Janet L Vick
Quatrain form

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Soften Your Heart to Me

Soften your heart to me
For I long for your embrace
Turn that lock with lover’s key
Once more, let me see your face

Soften your heart to me
Hear me whisper in your ear
Reminders of "used to be"
When your heart to mine was near

Soften your heart to me
Break down these walls of pride
With your heart, my sorrow see
Let me lie down by your side

Soften your heart to me
Let these eyes forget to weep
Banish doubt; let all else flee
Give life to what's buried deep

Soften your heart to me
For I ache to taste your kiss
Let your lips with mine agree
And carry my soul to bliss

Soften your heart to me
For my days will not be long
The end of life I foresee
Let your heart to mine belong

Soften your heart to me
Please, love me like days gone by
Listen to my heart’s decree
Make love to me; make me sigh

Soften your heart to me
For soft is my heart and true
Take heed to my ardent plea
I'll soften the world for you

Eileen Manassian 
December 24, 2014

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Cats or Dogs?

Dogs love to chase cats
And cats love to tease.
They race up a tree 
Then do as they please.

Dogs love to play 
To bark and sleep 
But most of the all
They love to eat.

Cats love to relax
On a warm sunny sill. 
At night they chase mice
When it's quiet and still. 

It’s hard to choose
The best one for me,
Because I find both
Are great company. 

I can take a dog for a walk
But a cat's right there, 
Waiting to be loved 
Curled up on a chair. 

A dog gives you kisses,
A cat purrs when it's glad,
Both make you feel better
Whenever you're sad. 

With a dog and a cat
There are tricks you can teach,
But which one should I choose? 
I must have one of each!

For "One For the Kiddies contest" by Joe Flach

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THE CANDLE STILL BURNS I fell in love when I was nine And he was nineteen My girlfriend's big brother I wasn't even a teen. I followed him here And I trailed him o'er there Must have driven him nuts I followed him everywhere. He was tall, dark and handsome With blue eyes to boot He had his pick of the girls I was jealous as hoot. When I turned seventeen We went on a date Thought I was in Heaven But 'twas not to be fate. He was too old, he said For him I shouldn't wait I went home and cried Why couldn't he wait?! I thought of him often Tho' he'd wed and gone away Later I got married And went on my way. Our marriages went bust But then as fate turns He now lives in Heaven But the candle still burns. © ELR 2013

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Two Shadows

Two shadows on the wall
The slightest hint of swaying
If I knew any better
My sanity's decaying

The pendulum moves silently
And casts a double shade
If my thoughts weren't haunted
It would be a sight of grace

Though instead it reminds me
Of my consuming dread
That perhaps he won't return
Perhaps my love is dead

July 2010

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Singing Wood

He watched her beating out the clothes
upon the river rock.
He wanted to approach her 
but was unskilled in small talk.

Laughing Waters was the prettiest maiden
any young brave could know.
His heart was so filled with her
but he could not tell her so.

He dreamed of bringing to her
the most glorious of hides
that she might make into a dress
to become his promised bride.

He wasn’t the most skilled hunter,
nor the bravest of the brave,
but his great love was the purest
that a little maid could crave.

He had the fine hands of an artist
and the spirit of a poet.
Unless he found his tongue to speak,
there was no way she could know it.

What was it he could offer that
no other man could give?
If she yielded to another’s guile
he would not want to live.

He looked at his long fingers 
and knew then what he must do
to impress his fair young lady love
and prove his love so true.

He found a limb and hollowed it
‘til it was smooth as glass.
He lifted it to his moist lips
just as she chanced to pass.

A note so pure came from his flute,
the maiden stopped to hear.
The loveliest sound she’d ever heard
fell on her listening ear.

She knew the flute was telling her
the words he could not say.
Singing Wood had found his voice at last.
She is his bride today.

Buy Joyce Johnson

Constance's contest (Tell His Story)
won no. 4 place

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Love, Love, Oh Naughty Love

Love, love, oh naughty love How thrilling naughty love can be Creates excitement like nothing else Like a kiss behind the old oak tree The feeling you get of naughtiness Adds excitement to the scene Like stealing a cookie from the cookie jar Or hands full of jelly beans We never lose that wee person's touch Even when we've growed up big Raiding the fridge at one in the morning Maybe we should wear a wig It's human nature to sneak around Like I said it's like stealing a kiss Come to think of it forget the snacks Rather roll in the hay with a miss Love, love, oh naughty love How thrilling naughty love can be The ultimate feeling ever felt by man Since coming down from the trees © Jack Ellison 2014

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The man to whom I have been wed,
For low these many years,
Has never shared his love with me,
Now wants to share his fears.

I Don't Want To.

My feelings never mattered much,
He told me, don't complain,
And now we're old he thinks that I,
Should gladly share his pain.

Why Should I?

When I am sick he doesn't care,
I must care for myself,
But if it's him then I must do,
All that I can to help.

For What Reason?

I used to try to talk to him,
Tried to build a bond.
He didn't want to hash it out,
And all I did he shunned.

I'm Done Now.

He says that I'm uninterested,
Don't care, not a good wife.
He should have learned so long ago,
Good husbands make good wives.

                                       Judy Ball

"So husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies.
He who loves his wife loves himself for no one ever hated his own flesh
but nourishes it and cherishes it just as Christ also loved the church."
                                                                                  Ephesians 5:28-29

"Nevertheless let each idividual among you also love his own wife even as himself,
and let the wife see to it that she respect her husband."
                                                                                    Ephesians 5:33

Inspired by Russell Sivey's relationship contest

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

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A Diamond Shining Bright

The rain is gently falling now
the world is sound asleep
I’m laying here and wide awake
emotions running deep

 I close my eyes and think of you
so lonely in this place
The racing thoughts within my mind
replay our last embrace

My world is such a mess right now
an aching deep within
I wish that I could turn back time                   
and bring you back again

So brilliant were you in my life
a diamond shining bright
I never thought it’d end this way     
I’m missing you tonight    

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From the Courtship Collections--The Call

Poor wisp of life, upon the billows whisper
A love assailed by storms of uncertainty and defeat.
Across what cruel seas of hope we flee,
My heart and yours alone to steer the course!

My pen is dull, my sword of little force
Our dreams lie open to the winds beat
As out from Love's harbor we pursue
Fleeting with our love, our charm, our hearts true.

Let the night be ours
Let heaven be our seat.
Till the break of day
When we must be gone, away.

How vain the joys our past has sent,
How wrong the love our heart has pent.
But here friendship lies as love springs forth
Bountiful, happy days-left for us-once more!

Seek nor part, 
brave the tempest's ire,
Our fated course, this day, 
My love, your love, our heart's desire.

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In Union

 I kissed you soft in the sunlight
You held me tight in the night
Together we blazed the fires
Of our darksome souls so bright.

You wrapped your heart in mines
And I felt your love so strong
A new rare joy has just begun
Beating our hearts as one.   

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Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

In this cold place I know so well
Waves of warmth have finally come.
So I’ll wait with my tale to tell;
Over my world, here comes the sun!

Always after the rain it comes.
Why would I ever need to run?
When I can stand and bid welcome;
Into my arms, here comes the sun!

In the black of night before dawn,
When my dreaming has come undone,
Wanderlust, banished with a yawn;
Into my heart, here comes the sun!

In yesterdays shadows and shade,
Many things wrong I thought were fun.
Lying here in the love we made;
Open my eyes, here comes the sun!

Where did you come from my sweet elf?
How did you know I was the one?
You bring laughter into my life;
When you give love, here comes the sun!

For Heather Ober - Beatlemania

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Touch Me

Touch me like you mean it
My soul hungers for your caress
These blue eyes wish to feast on you
Please take your time as you undress

We can listen to soft music
Playing from my old radio
Don't be concearned about the time
Love can be better when it's slow

Touch me like you mean it
Consume me fully with desire
This body of mine aches for you
Only your love can quench this fire

Come feel each and every inch
Let your hands and mouth explore
Lift me on waves of pleasure
Until I beg you for more

Touch me like you mean it
Until these two bodies lay spent
Your aroma a sweet perfume
I long to be lost in that scent

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Forgotten Memories

Tonight the shore is pounded by the fretful, roiling surf, 
dark clouds tempestuously race across a yellow moon; 
the ocean's breast heaves a heaviness of bitter tears   
flinging gray shadowed sobs against silent, white-faced dunes    

Far across deep seated waters, another golden strand--
do you pace there the churning surf line as here I do;   
are these waves that beat against my blistered, sand burnt feet    
a desperate, longing message dispatched tonight from you?   

Somewhere harbor lights safely chart the well worn channel   
for anxious, weary sailors longing for the arms of home;    
but you and I, marooned, remain in lonely shadows    
forgotten memories between us, darkened pools of foam.

October 22, 2014

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A Fathers Perspective

I was scared oh so scared
Seeing my baby that way
Her tiny little body
Was all purple and grey

My heart feared the worst
I thought she was gone
Down a dark corridor 
My mind had been drawn

My heart became joyful
When the doctor touched her feet
A crying pink angel
This proud papa would meet

I waited to hold her
A truly special day
The cutest thing ever
What else can I say

Moments become years
Special memories are made
Ones that are important
In my heart I've replayed

Like watching musicals
Nick naming her, Gal Sal
My Christina would giggle
Her daddy's little pal

Her happy disposition
Would always make me smile
I treasured each moment
Saved them in a mental file

Like learning to ride a bike
Needing to do it alone
I loved the look of triumph
When she did it on her own

My little daughter growing
Still daddy's little girl
Her my special angel
A treasure and a pearl

My spirits had been low
She went with me on a walk
I felt so much better
Christina let me talk

She had become a woman
Sensitive, wise and kind
Within her heart a treasure
My answer I would find

Cruising down a river
In China mile by mile
Wishing for forever
Yet it passed in just a while

Still I can remember
I really saw her that day
Travelling on her own path
She had found her special way

Now today on her Wedding
I could not be more proud
There's special in her quiet
She is strong although not loud

I entrust her to Michael
My most precious gift
On the strong wings of prayer
Together may God lift

I wrote this poem using My wife Mary's, brother inlaw's memories.
Today July 26th, 2014 is his daughter's wedding day. May God bless 
Christina and Mike's union. 

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My Sunrise

You are my sunrise everyday
And my Milky Way at Night
Heart thumping in our lovers way 
As doves take off in flight

Hand in hand we stroll the path
Created foot by foot
The ways we love just count the math
Our soul's a lover's flute

Like minds we are a song to sing
The melody so clear
Projecting light around a ring
To see what can come near

The life we choose will surely last
As long as God Commands
My dying days your hand stays fast
Love lasts like grains of sand

©2013 Rick Zablocki

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We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

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Summers morn

Summers Morn.

This summer morn the birds sing out with magic
Their mystic echo fills my heart with love.
Whilst far away those shells so loud and tragic
They shower down their murder from above.

The trees they dance in splendour all around me
As the morning sun it fills my heart with joy
And everything just feels so free and easy
Whilst mankind has the mind to life destroy.

It’s hard to understand the minds of Humans
They cannot rid themselves of fear and hate.
They cannot see the light, their eyes are blinded
Can they not see the Karma they create??

The lazy river sparkles in the Sunlight
It conquers all yet stays in serene bliss
Whilst man he has to kill, why can’t he see it?
The truth of all this foolishness of his.

Awaken man, awaken from your sleeping
Just take a look and see what you’ve become
Your madness it be sunken right into you
It seems to me your heart be really numb.

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Oh, for the day that love found me.

Oh, for the day that love found me
Cupid fired and raised a wave
It dressed me in insanity
Took away, more than it gave

Reason went, he could not stand
The wild thoughts of my mind
No longer was he in command
No reason could he find

Soon after, Sight, he marched afar
His eyes could see no more
Beyond the beauty that you are
The love that I adore

Then Hearing too no longer fought
The shop, he shut, he closed
Of telling me what others thought
And, what they supposed

Emotion was more lenient
For he had changed his tack
With urges disobedient
He placed me back on track

And teacher Time did fair me well
To spend my life with you
He kept me under cupid’s spell
And showed me what is true

So, for the day that love found me
All that I can say
Along with this insanity
Gave more than took away.

R.D.Seal       3 May 2013

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Our Love

Our love is our mystery;
It leads us to its discovery;
Let us follow it, like a good story;
Let us celebrate it, like an anniversary.

Our love is far from perfect;
It strives for what is correct;
Let us nourish it, never leave it neglected;
Let us cherish it, keep it protected.

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Beautiful Italy

I stood on top the leaning tower of Pisa
And watched as the tourists walked by.
I felt just a little bit closer to heaven
When surrounded by her bells in the sky.

I visited Rome in the springtime,
With its colorful flowers galore.
Seeing Saint Peters sparkle in sunlight,
You couldn't ask for much more.

I have ventured down and around
A narrow cobblestone street,
And marveled at ruins near the edge of the city
Where the old and new come to meet.

While viewing the beautiful fountain of Trevi
And watching as young lovers kissed,
I could feel the cool breezes blowing
As the fountain caressed my face with its mist.

I remember the wonder of Michelangelo's David
And the pigeons that flocked to his arms.
How proudly he stands in the city of Florence
With her glorious art that defines her charms.

Beautiful Italy, where rolling hills of 
Vineyards produce the finest wine,
And its grapes so plump and juicy
Can withstand the test of time.

In Venice, the city of romance,
Where lights in the evening dance on the sea;
Where all of one's cares seem to vanish,
And all of your worries will flee.

Oh beautiful Italy,
Where lover’s dreams come true.
A land of love and romance
Where I fell in love with you.

Italy - for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Contest" by Debbie Guzzi

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Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Thanksgiving Day Prayer Today, dear Lord, we gather here In fellowship and love, Mindful of the wondrous gifts That come from thee above. For this feast we thank thee Lord… For health that here abounds… For love that fills and warms our hearts… For children’s happy sounds. For shelter of our cozy homes For freedom of this land For right to live the life we choose For nature’s bounty, grand. These blessings you bestow on us Outshine all want and strife. We thank thee Lord for this day, We thank thee Lord, for life. © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved

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Off Colour Stuff

It's been quite a while Since writing a poem An hour has quickly gone by Must challenge my dome Come up with a verse To tickle your fancy Wherever that is Perhaps in your panties Now that's pretty crude An excuse for humour Please do forgive me Should've caught it sooner Not up with the latest Off colour stuff It sure ain't my style Enough is enough There's no longer themes That are now off limits I long for old stand-up Not much smut in it Use cute little words though Like pee and poop Innocent wee words Adding laughs to the Soup My reason for donning The cap that I wear I wear it quite proudly It's a symbol I share With all you good people Bringing joy to my life It's the least I can do Sure hope it'll suffice <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Home Is Where My Heart Is

<3  ~  <3  ~  <3  ~  <3  ~  <3  ~  

Our houses may be far apart,

But, our love will never be.

We are always close in heart,

My home ~ my mother and me.

<3  ~  <3  ~  <3  ~  <3  ~  <3  ~
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
I love you!

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Who Knows Where The Time Goes

The stars may wink their last goodbyes, 
the sun may disappear, 
the moon may shrink and come to naught 
and I will shed a tear. 

The universe may turn to dust 
all flora, fauna waste away, 
we may spend our time in darkness 
hoping for a brand new day. 

Will you still be here to comfort me 
to fill my eyes with pride, 
and swell my heart with tenderness, 
my love, my blushing bride? 

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Extravagant Love

Why do they come to call
Those men who lack in passion
Why do they bother at all
If their blazing fire be rationed

So piercing so radiant
The fumbling for words
An intimate clumsy rhythm
Lyrics sweet melody unheard 

Captivate my heart with exaggerated life
Like a summer wind playing in my hair
Sunlight dancing in your eyes ever bright
Monotony oh mediocrity please forebear

Love me with extravagance
Not dreary sunless hues
Fill your praise with eloquence
My famished femininity perused 

Must I plead for security
If I fall to worship at your sight
Do not evoke my immunity
The mystery of me begs to ignite

Embrace my pain 
Soothe my soul
Your longings I'll claim
No thing shall I withhold

Bid me not my heart surrender
If by time my countenance shall fall
For a lie is still a lie though delivered tender
While dreams denied the living a nightmare to all 

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O moon, to you I turn tonight To you I smile with hidden delight For in you I found my own charm For you did ring up my love alarm A love letter sent to my door Signed in red ink, Moon O my darling lunar Thor I accept to be your SailorMoon O moon, in your rays I bath Your beauty I shall not scath You are my only reason You are my only passion How to reply to your letter Fatuously do I wonder Maybe if I close my eyes My glee shall turn to your skies O moon, love me more Make me the wife of Thor I shall rule each of your molecule As the Queen of all Majuscule!
Date : 8th April 2013

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Dead Poet Society

Is it painful to convey your art,
or is it artful to convey your pain?

Does the torment carry the weight of a thousand suns,
when the love of words slowly but surely drains?

As the heart is healed the poetry departs.
Poets' pens left straining in their hands.

But it's ok, in Love we are all One.
Let's melt into the heavens and flee this barren land.

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OUR UNI-SONG If only you are near, dear, how I'd like to stay here You are so special, my core nuclei among all celestial Can I hold you close as if each day our last to rose? With your sturdy heat gaze slowly consume me with each phase Together we'll make ends meet, I know united as one we can't be beat Dancing pressed in the moonlight; like an gulp of raw champagne delight Next to each other a sunset treasure, we can ponder. Facing tomorrows one at a time, love knots in pirouette notes of rhyme. Building a family drive by sheer affection Us - our uni-song, we sing without hesitation. My very soul rejoice if it's all you I befall. And if this life ends suddenly-- Don't you ever forget I am forever with thee... © O.E.Guillermo 9:23 pm, November 15, 2014

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A time to love*
A time to care
A time to give
A time to share

To think of the needy
To think of the poor
To think of the homeless
To think of the cure   

To hug the lonely  
To attend the sick
To cheer the hopeless
To cuddle the meek

The Christ is coming
The Christ is born
Our hearts we open
Our souls we adorn! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  17 DECEMBER 2014

*ATTENTION: This poem was posted on the 17th of December and
was very well received ( 14 comments, 140 visits) unfortunately my
computer deleted it therefore I repost it to keep it with the rest of my
poems. I am sorry. Thank you! 

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A Forever Smile

No matter what you're going through
It only lasts a while
Only one thing lasts forever
That's your beautiful smile

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My heart beckons to yours
Each moment we're apart
Blessed with second chance
To make a brand new start

My soul whispers to yours
That you are my true mate
Never felt this with anyone
Undoubtedly, you can relate

My mind appeals to yours
To challenge and inspire
To be the best we both can be
The fuel to each others fire

My body yearns for yours
The tenderness of your touch
Each look, kiss and caress
Expresses just how much

My senses calls to yours
Alive like never before
May the love we share
Last forevermore......


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The Irony Within A Song (Englyn Form)

I can still hear the song of the spring breeze...
About a love went wrong
When two hearts hid for so long...
Now I hear the requiem's gong

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I breathe You In

I took a breath of fresh air, 
I discovered it was you
While others remain the same
with you life always feels new

You're not one for convention
You are both quiet and wise
Average isn't good enough
There's compassion in your eyes

I gladly walk beside you
Of you I can't get enough
Somehow life seems easier
I forget about my stuff

So I'll continue breathing
With each breath I feel more whole
You are my lovely angel
Filled with sweetness for my soul

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

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Cupid Wanted

I thought to give his description
and tell why I want him alive.
He often causes adventure,
my life took a certain nosedive.

Standing, he’s five to six inches,
a bent toothpick he calls his bow.
He shoots tiny pins like arrows
and he chants garbled words for show.

His claims make love everlasting,
‘specially on Valentine’s day,
‘twas last year I called on his name
so right now... it’s better he pay.

No man came my way as promised.
His pin shot some pig in the ass.
Chanting with alcohol bubbles
started fireworks across the grass.

So please, help me find this Cupid.
The smoked ham and bacon is gone.
Insurance covered fire losses.
I’m ready for love to come on…

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First Love

You were the first of all my loves
the first to wake my heart
the one to make it beat so wild
pierced now with cupids dart

You looked my way and stole my breath
you turned a school girls head
I was love struck there and then
hung on every word you said

Perhaps I was a little young
but my heart at your feet I lay
and gladly offered you my soul
to do with as you may.

How I longed for you to want me
I was just the sister of a friend
still I would sit and dream of us
…..but dreams are just pretend

Years ago I fell for you
but for me you were never right
and though my heart may flutter still
it no longer leaps on sight

You were the first of all my loves 
and so you'll always stay
but in my heart the space you hold
is now a corner out the way.

Saturday 9th April 2011

Written by Emma Mantle
2nd place

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I stood and watched them
One by one by one
Working ever so lovingly
Until all the work was done
There were parents and adults
Kids of all ages too
All this was for
In memory of you-know-who
They were washing headstones
Using shaving cream, to clean
There were so many of them
And even more in between
Others were raking leaves
Some were cutting brush
There were people everywhere
But, no one was in a rush
Some were planting flowers
Together in several rows
There were wheelbarrows
Tractors and even track hoes
They were laying bricks
And also walking about
But, the hardest thing was
Brennan, we were without
He wasn't there in person
He listened to God's call
His Eagle Scout project completed
In spirit, he saw it all

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Love You Forever

Can’t forget that day
We took 7 steps together
Seems like yesterday
Its 7 years, we are together

Can hear the sound of heartbeats
I felt for you that day
Can you hear the sound of my beats?
It remains the same this day

You are my sweetheart
You are like my mother
I love you out of choice
With you, I have no bother

You hold a special place in my life
Words cannot say my love O’ Dear
Seven more births by grace of God
Our love shall last forever

                                                            5-11-2010 is my 7th Wedding Day
                                                            This poem is to my love, my sweetheart

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Her Violin

Her Violin Deep love of music fills her soul... God-given talent makes her whole, Her friend, her lover, held to heart… One feels the bond will never part. Her violin, sweet violin, She plays her tune above the din Of earthly sounds, of mundane things Her melody of heaven sings. Deep passions rise in tones sublime, With magic bow, the soul will climb To fly enraptured by the joy Her violin and she employ. © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved ~4th Place~ Contest: Let The Music Play On Sponsor: Mystic Rose Judged: 01/01/2015

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Why Her Mother Cries

She weeps softly for a long lost love
who she tries her best not to think of;
Her summer of joy proved to be so costly - 
For a long lost love, she weeps softly.

He simply disappeared without a goodbye;
She hadn’t yet told him of what grew inside.
By a single parent their daughter was reared;
Without a goodbye, he simply disappeared.

She wakes to a reminder of their unbridled lust,
in the face of their daughter who is in her trust.
Buried deep in regret you can often find her;
Of their unbridled lust, she wakes to a reminder.

The daughter now knows why her mother cries;
Why emptiness was always in her eyes.
For a ghost who hovers where a past wind blows - 
Why her mother cries, the daughter now knows.

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

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Goodbye Heartache

What have I done? 
Have I thrown it all away? 
Can I ever get it back? 
Has my life gone astray?

Questions with no answers
Confusion my only friend
I keep hoping to find me
It’s like spitting in the wind

I look all around me 
I see you standing there
But nothing that you do
Shows me that you care

One minute I think I see it
A love so pure and true
Then as I blink I realize
There’s nothing here but YOU

You want me for what I give 
And use me for all I do 
Nothing I’ve ever wanted
Seems to be important to you

It was a simple promise
A vow from within my soul
Now I’m trying to find myself
But feeling very alone

As you sleep I hear the sighs
Born within the man I know
Wanting me to be different
Accepting me; OH NO

I have given everything 
To make this marriage work
But now I feel I must move on
No matter how it hurts

Goodbye to the heartache
So long to the pain
It’s time to find the little
Of my heart that still remains.

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Never Erased

Eternal faith;
Love in His name.
Saved by grace;
Never erased.

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Life itself is bigger than any love affair
The magic of being in love may disappear
One partner may become tired of what both share
Leaving the other in a sad state of despair

If you are one with love that is still enduring
Please be thankful each day for what you are sharing
If the love you once shared has come to an ending
Though it may not be easy please stop your crying

The price you are now paying with your suffering
Is not worth someone who is no longer caring
So just wipe away all those tears and start smiling
Lift your head up and see the sun is still shining

Listen to the birds and you will hear them singing
Look at a sunset and enjoy what you're seeing
Feel the glorious warmth of the sunshine on your skin
Enjoy fully the wondrous beauty of living

Even though life may not be peaceful as a dove
Here is something you should always mindful of
Love of life is more precious than all other love
Grasp this sacred treasure with blessings from above

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Coral Pink

It's still alive, the rose he gave 
Coral pink like the blush of our cheeks
It's life makes my own so worthless
Thriving upon nothing, for weeks
They say that colors make the mood
I don't live by what others say
I only pick the ones I want to hear
And then I go on my way
If he is happy I know not
I only know this old rose is still pink
If the sky is crying, let me cry too
Washing away each tear as I blink
Fading as each day passes by
But faithfully retaining it's hue
Lying nostalgically beside my bed
Stunningly against the wall's blue

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

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Last Night

Last night your faded memory came to me,
As in the wilderness spring comes quietly,
?As, slowly, in the desert moves thew breeze,
?As to a sick man, without cause, comes peace…

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~Honeymoon Capers~ The big day arrived and we couldn’t wait We were old fashioned and there was no horse after the gate The wedding went off with nary a hitch A few gate crashers but we didn’t b i t c h . * The honeymoon night, boy what a thrill The emotions it caused are with us both still While showering in a hotel bathroom suite My new husband dare ask if he could now peek. Into the shower he joined me all of a quiver The sparks were shooting hither and thither I was covered in shampoo from washing my hair I tried to squeeze past him the water to share. No thought was there yet of making love in the shower We were getting to know more of each other hour by hour My new husband’s passion was obviously aroused As I stuck me head under the shower to be doused. It was then that I did slip and fall backwards with a yell Taking the shower the curtains and my husbands passion as well All I remember as my head hit the loo Was an agonised yell from my husband brand new. As my legs lifted high not for love it would seem But I kicked him in the place where he kept his lovers dreams. I woke up on the floor my head splitting in two My husband at the side of me groaning by the loo Water was pouring from the shower wall Neither could move nor dare make a call He said he knew that in marriage there could be some hard knocks But it was taking the cake to get kicked in the rocks. The toilet was cracked just like my head The bathroom was flooded we had to stay in bed Our honeymoon night our first night together Is one we will remember for ever and ever.
* Censor won't let me use it so I split it ©~GG~ 30/08/2012

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Bedeviled by those pleading eyes
deep as the secrets they chasm
captive as the questions one must surmise 
and I, for your deliverance the ransom 

"never leave me, my love, my friend"
spoken feebly as a prayer of little faith
In angst your heart once more bereaved 
for true love remains impossible to erase

Traveling the road of never-knowns
your world abhorring to let go
granting time - that your soul not die
reflecting back an impatience you see in mine

There bewitched I stand in awe
nay, bend my knees at the epiphany of thy need
Persuaded to ignore once more the flaws
like every detailed dimension of a dream

Dare I surrender my disbelief, and wholly succumb your divination
hold tightly to your second sight
your prophetic inclinations?
for already by your augury - given you my life

Why hold back unwavering faith
as if now it's loss could be greater?
Perhaps my fate is better weighed
if our odds remain in your favor

My luck in love a chain-mail buffoonery 
made of broken links and sparse longevity 
Like a devil mocks hypocrisies charity  
he so crushed my heart with stealth dexterity

So let it be said... you need me more
and that your love surpasses
For the art of love wears a mask of war
camouflaged in the art of stanzas 

Whatever the spell enchantment cast
It began with one look in your eyes
has withstood the storms of assurances dashed
and neared forever with another guy

You were my present, then past, full circle and back
voodoo allure, a loves black magic
Bedeviled I say, held by your craft
your sorcerer's smile is a cold damp draft.

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What You Create Near Me

You know what it’s like when the sun still shines And the stars all poke their heads out to see Does the wind still linger here to caress Would there be such an expression simply The breeze might not be shown so perfectly The light isn’t the masterful light shown These stars aren’t the best ever seen at night Even so, you make evening the best known I can sense the brightness of your aura Your instant gracious smile does inspire me And enlightens my soul with all delight Nature bends its rules ever so slightly Have you seen when the sun is still shining And the stars have come out for all to view The wind wraps itself around you again This is how I feel when I’m here with you Russell Sivey

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I Love You And Goodnight

I love you and goodnight she etches to him from her heart,
A few words to let them know that souls that love do not part,
Sweet sounds before someone is carried off to go to bed,
We never know if that is the last words that might be said.

Make sure you always try your best to end the day in the light,
Make sure you whisper those words "I love you and goodnight".
For one day we all go to bed and fall into the deepest of sleep,
Then we are in the Lords arms for him to forever  love and keep.

~Life is to short to spend it fighting send a message of love as the final word
Always make sure you let them know you love them is most certainly heard~

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I know you left me,
But you're still around,
How can it be,
When you're in the ground.

I loved you more than anyone,
And you I really miss,
The time we had is done,
It ended without a kiss.

Once I thought I felt you touch,
Your cold hand on my face,
The warmth is what I miss so much,
I wish you weren't in that place.

I couldn't feel you anymore,
Since that first night,
You were standing in the door,
But something wasn't right.

I already knew I lost you,
Though you were right in front of me,
There was nothing I could do,
What happened was meant to be.

You will always be in my heart,
Your memory will always remain,
They can never tear that apart,
One day we will be together again.

September, 4th, 2013

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Playing With Fire

When I met her I knew she was fire
She was way too hot for me to hold
There I hovered within her orbit
If I stayed close I wouldn't be cold

She captured my imagination
A long legged beauty beyond compare
All her curves in the right places 
A pretty face with long flowing hair

Pappa said I shouldn't play with fire
Otherwise I would surely be burned
The day I finally found my courage
I received this scar that I have earned

The thing about a beautiful woman
She gets hit on almost every day
The heat that I felt was turned to ice
She turned around and walked away

At seventeen, I was way too young
I was like a moth caught in her flame
When it came to playing with fire
I didn't know the rules to the game

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A Tantalizing Dream

Again she finds me late at night
a tantalizing dream
Recurring visit while I sleep
a strange but lovely theme

So beautiful and marvelous
this lady dressed in lace
With diamonds hanging from her ears
a smile upon her face

Each time I have to say goodbye
she boards a waiting train
I want to follow after her
but find myself restrained

Who is this woman in my dreams
a traveler placed in time?
She seems to know me very well
this visitor of mine

A premonition speaks to me
that soon I’ll board the train
The next stop then eternity
it’s all been preordained

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Untamed Hearts

In youth, love blows away like the wind, then comes home again on warm breeze. Wafting, waiting heartache rescinds. Wild blooms, untamed, bend free. With ev’ry beat, hearts more sentient grow and rosebuds blossom when tended. As sunlight thaws winter’s harsh snow, fickle hearts may be transcended. Will feral hearts forever be wanting, bleeding with each thorny prick? Fallen petals fade away, daunting. Blooms of love worth the pain they inflict. **Quote: "The heart is forever inexperienced" For Juli- Michelle's Write with your Heart: 12 lines Contest, 10/11/13

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Delicate Flame of Desire

My heart of stone, your love has broken
For many years it has been spent and set
It beats again with a voice now spoken
For it desires the day, to you I jet

My time stands still, never again
This chance anew to relive my life
No longer cast in discarded reft
In saddened state, shredded strife

After the rain, my life's like the sun
Ray after day like the beats in my heart
My love, my love, I'm one breath away
Soon to be with you, my future's to start

Never to look back at her strange behaviour
I'm out of reach we are no longer in rhyme
Your Spanish eyes have captured my heart
Years of despair now's the right time 

I view my love, through my eyes I do see
My delicate flame of desire, awaiting I
Her radiant smile at the airport, we greet
Behind me ashen greys, above now blue sky

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GRINS OF LOVE What are these things That spread across my face? They're unbidden, these silly things That light up this weary old face. What causes these things, you ask? Ahh, I say with a little guile, 'Tis love, this thing in which I bask, For which I would walk a-mile upon mile. What are they that light up my eyes, These sudden, unbidden things? 'Tis love and friendship and sighs That bring forth these silly girlish grins! c ELR 2013

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A Happy Old Bird

Hello you sweeties and you guys too Hope you all have a fantastic day It's the fervent wish I wish every day Us Soupers must stay close I say Support each other when we feel down We're all susceptible to this quirk Always look on the bright side of life Don't worry if it's only a smirk Gotta start somewhere, maybe a smirk Soon you'll be giggling away Greeting everyone with a cheery hello Wishing them a sunshiny day Attitude's the key, gotta think positive To get through our daily routine You guys help put a smile on my face When your names pop up on my screen Want you to know how much you mean I'd be lost without your kind words So a hug and a kiss to all you sweet peeps You make me a happy old bird © Jack Ellison 2014

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I poured out my heart
I wanted to share
You were not prepared
You just stood and stared

I felt so naked
A little bit lost
Being vulnerable
Would I pay the cost

You took a moment
Then I saw why
You were all choked up
You started to cry

You came and hugged me
Looked into my eyes
The love I wanted
Was then realized

By taking a chance
I let you see me
No more pretending
We both could be free

Many years passing
Drinking from loves well
True lover's magic
Is not just a spell

Vulnerable made strong
When hearts beat as one
Worth taking a chance
To bask in your Sun

Dedicated to my Sweetie who is my Sun, Moon and Stars.

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For Goodness Sake

It comes and goes in bits of flow,

yet where it goes I do not know.

The in between is hard to take.

I pause and think, for goodness sake.

Someone so nice beside my bed,

a hand, a touch to my white head.

She smiles for me each time I wake.

I pause and think for goodness sake.

Then through the veil my love returns.

It pains me so you voice concerns.

Your eyes so sad my voice soon breaks.

I pause and think for goodness sake.

Then off she goes her tears well hid.

Soon back again if I should bid.

I love you mom, her voice will shake.

I pause and think for goodness sake.

In honor of my wife for the attention she 
gave her mom those last few months.

© May 2011 - - Iambic tetrameter- -cgh

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A bouquet of flowers for you, my love,

I am begging you, my Valentine to be

Not only for today and tomorrow, but

For every day of my life, into eternity!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   06 FEBRUARY 2015

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Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Love is a many splendored thing A hit song once used that title Love is a major part of all our lives The emotion that's particularly vital Vital in the health and total well being Of all creatures great and small Contentment that lasts for all eternity It's the greatest treasure of all It seems the older this old guy gets The more passionate he becomes D'ya think I might need to visit a shrink Will my addiction be overcome Riding off into the sunset with milady Yelling ride 'em cowboy, yeehaw Real true love's a many splendored thing Should make true love the law © Jack Ellison 2014

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End of the Tunnel

Hearts writhing in pain and wounds that smell 
Souls smoldering in agony and affliction’s hell

O savior! O Love! You are hard to seek in this age of apathy
            Let there be light at the end of the tunnel

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War for Love

You know I love you
I love my country more
Enemies around like sharks
Can't hide in a bunker anymore

I kissed you deep
We were in love
The tides rocked our love boat
I have to calm the seas

Can't wait I have
to save my motherland
Pay any price but win
to be in your arms for ever

Am always with you my dear
in your heart and mind
Wipe away your tear
Shall be back soon my dear

I know it sounds hollow
War can't buy peace
Bombs shatter hearts
Guns can't teach love

Don't my enemies ever love
My guns keep booming
My eyes are wet
I call war for love

                                            On 26 Nov 2008, terrorists from Pakistan gunned down
                                            innocent children, women and men in Mumbai
                                            This is my tribute to the Policemen who risked their lives
                                            to save the civilians.

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Love Laughs

       Love Laughs

Love laughs at each and all
As with the heart it plays
Entreating you to fall
In subtle succinct ways

The whisper in the ear
That little nothingness
Sly messages unclear
Invade the subconscious

It uses every ruse
In its little book
Leaves you  vital clues
Entices you to look

You like what you are seeing
The way it makes you feel
It brings you into being
Even if unreal

You see the sideways glance
You catch the sultry stare
As purposeful as chance
Love laughs and begs you dare

A word seems out of place
Instinctively you trust
You know you should not chase
But then you know you must        

You think you’ve seen it all
You think you’re to mature
Yet still it does enthral
You can’t resist the lure

Once you’re on the hook
You bow to each demand
Love laughs at its good luck
Has you, at its command

And there is no escape
Even for the strong
For it, encapsulates
All… for which you long.

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Upon A Bed Of Petals

Beneath the cherry tree, a blossom quilt laid out
Inviting, calling, each petal a beckoning finger
Sun sprinkles through the leaves springs here, hear the shout
Hand in hand two lovers stand and linger.

Face to face fingers entwined, lips just start kissing
Breaths held, hearts beating, now in unison
Arms around, holding close not a heart beat missing
As down to their knees they fall as one.

The quilt of petals becomes their fantasy
Entwined as one in perfumed heaven
Wrapped in love their passions free
Hopes rising like warming leaven 

Sharing breaths one body and one mind
Fluttering petals float on the spring breeze
A love story like this you will not find
Passions unlocked as with golden keys.

One heart, one body, one mind
Together on a blanket of petals
True lovers find themselves entwined
As the perfumed petals on pale skins settle

© 11/04/2013

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Thine Love And Mine

Art thou my one true love?
Then let our hearts entwine;
allow our souls to dance at will
and I shall call thee mine.

I claim thee as my only one,
thou knowest this is sure,
my heart hath finally found a home,
my love for thee is pure.

Tell me dost thy heart exist
to beat with mine forever,
and through the years that yet to cometh
will our souls still dance together?

Will our lips still grace a kiss
when age hath left its mark,
and will thy love still hold a flame
like a candle in the dark?

When time dost sap our vital force
thy love I'll still behold,
for I shall seeth in thine eyes
a love still young and bold.

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I'll Even Give The Moon

No greater treasure have I found
you mean the world to me   
My life has changed forever more  
your love has set me free

There now is meaning to my life                         
a reason to believe                                        
Each day begins and ends with you   
my heart is on my sleeve

Oh Darling ask me what you will
a wedding gown in June?   
I’ll give you anything you want
I'll even give the moon

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The Kissing Wall

One more chance to glance at you,
one more time to dine with you,
one more chance to share with you,
one more time to walk with you.

Dear to love you, dear to trust you,
dear to run a mile with you,
one more time to stir my emotions,
one more chance to get that promotion.

You have teased me with your mysterious frown,
and dragged me through the busy town,
making me wait for seven days,
and piercing me with your melodic phrase.

Climbing mountains and steep rocks,
glancing at your winding clock,
from the Forbidden City in the Far East,
I came to you on bended knees.

One more chance to listen to you,
One more time to embrace you,
One more chance to hope for you,
One more time to dance with you.

Standing against the kissing wall,
You make me feel very tall,
Oh how I yearn for enjoyment,
my bleeding soul long for contentment.

Long days and sleepless nights,
I wait for you until broad day light,
One more chance to sing with you,
One more time to say I love you.

©2013 Christine Phillips

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LOVE IS STRANGE Is it the thumping of my heart that takes my breath away? Perhaps it's the tremble of my hands that gives the game away. To be sure, 'tis strange what love can do to a normal human being When a twinkle in the eyes can shout "I love you!" with such enormous feeling. c ELR 2013

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

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Forever Mine

I was so blessed to be the mother of three,
in less than four years from oldest to last.
The love I felt for them was fierce and protective,
my only regret that they grew up too fast.

When they were little, I thought that forever
they would be mine to love and to hold.
I viewed them as treasures and wouldn’t have traded
for diamonds or rubies or mountains of gold.

As they grew older, I knew I must loosen
the ties that had bound them to my very soul.
They needed to grow and to find their own persons.
Each one had the right to set his or her goal.

If there were troubles, I do not remember.
In memory those years brought me nothing but joy.
If I could go back now to when they were children,
I’d go in a flash to my two girls and my boy.

But I couldn’t be prouder of the children I raised
and the parents in kind they have turned out to be.
They have given me grandchildren to love and to hold
just as I did once with my own precious three.

My son died too early and I was heart- broken
but the love that we had for each other sustains.
The love and the pride that I had while I had him
is worth all the sorrow and relieves the pain.

Somehow my daughters have turned things around.
They act more the parents and I am their child.
They worry and fuss and spoil me completely. 
I know I’m a mother on whom fate has smiled. 

Won no. 4

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Haunted by your memory,
You're in my thoughts and dreams,
They say you never forget your first,
There's truth to that it seems

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The kings of the night

The seemingly tranquil sky
blooming with stars soon
pierced by a distant cry
that seems to swoon.

Beneath dense trees standing tall
to touch dark canvas painted
after dusk, prowls the epiphany of all
mother nature’s tainted.

The wise are often alone
and the dangerous hated, 
but they express in moan
their solitude, once more grated.

Gradually their voices unite
in a song across the valley, 
seeming to smite
all of innocence’s nest.

The moon in her splendour moves
to comfort the carnivores that commence, 
and yet her beam soothes
not the beasts’ sense.

Torn between wrong and right
the moon spreads her swanlike wings amidst
the howls of her lovers, the kings of the night…
among the wolves in the mist. 

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Edward Blair Leighton: The Windmiller's Guest

How blessed are the green hills below
Upon which doleful eyes are cast
And the quiescent river flowing  by
Contented each day going pass 

She is barred from being in his company 
As she belongs to another
Yet, love is alive in her elaborate dreams
Where they are free of her brothers

In dreams they are riveted in discourse
Of love in hearts and all it brings 
The run down old windmill is their cozy home
Where white doves courting nest and sing

Soon, time draws nigh when she must wake
The thick, distant fog rolling fast
It hangs like gauze over the face of the sun
She is saddened her dream can't last

Her eyes flutter open, they fill with tears
In vivid recall there they stand        
Deeply conversing on the threadbare deck
His eyes reflecting love so grand 

Note:  For Isaiah's Edward Blair Leighton's Painting Contest-"The Wind miller's Guest"

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The pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness and where this journey leads,
You may not get what you want but you shall fill your needs.
Every little junction provides a different route to go.
If you choose wisely happiness becomes what you know.

The destination before us is not always very clear.
The road becomes dark as it is tainted by fear.
There seems so many decisions not sure of which are right.
When you choose the right path happiness is then in sight.

All the choices we make determine the path we take.
The love that you give will equal the love you make.
All the good and bad becomes part of who we are 
Bridging the distance to places that were too far.

One day your eyes just open, you see how far you’ve come.
The future looks quite bright as we stand out in the sun.
The pursuit of happiness lives inside of every heart.
It is much like a circle the end becomes the start.

Just when you thought the journey might be through.
You will find there’s so much more that you have to do.
The world keeps on spinning and always there is change.
Just around the next corner, happiness is now in range.

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The Tiger Rock and Leopard Black

From the wood where coyotes play
Blackie cat came on a summer’s day.
Called seemingly, to fill the place 
where Rocky the cat lay dreaming.

A proud old tom who’d seen his end
Rocky had held it long at bay.
A Guardian was he of Mom you see, 
but when he passed she’d stay.

And he’d not leave till he knew
she would not be alone…
He’d found ole Blackie for her
to give them both a happy home.

Blackie and he had many a day
of lolling in the grass and sun.
But Rocky’s porch he would not share
that was for Mom and he the only one.

She feed them both, each to his own
and cared for both in kind.
Rocky’s plan, he was the man…
was to not leave her alone inside.

So, Rocky's sweet self sacrifice
of staying much too long
was blessed with painless passing
He died in Mommy’s arms.

Now everyday, ole Blackie comes
as Rocky told him too.
To keep his Mommy company
another Guardian true.

Still too frightened to come inside, 
Mom’s sure he will one day. 
And on that day they’d both be sure
that Blackie’d come to stay.

*Debbie Guzzi

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Wish I Knew

It was just words that we would whisper 
To get us through the nights
Or dreams that came to visit us
When life just wasn't right

A comfort from being lonely
Thoughts to occupy the mind
Never really possible
It was never the right time

And after I was quiet
When the lines began to blur
You found where I was hiding
Knew right where my thoughts were

And you swooped in and won me
Took me right off of my feet
Showed me what is really out there
When two unselfish hearts meet

Showed me how to share in a moment
To be kissed without a rush
To be held onto with a passion
And be graced with your soft touch

Now you've set up camp inside of me
But you've gone so far away
So the part of you that's mixed in me
Misses the real you every day

And you took some of me with you
I'm not sure you even know
If you feel me thinking of you
Wishing you didn't have to go

Always waiting for a word from you
Hoping you're happy 
Wishing you the best there is
Even if it isn't me

But somehow looking for the happy end
Hoping you miss me too
Wondering where our story leads
I really wish I knew.

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Once In A Lifetime

They're once in a lifetime These moments of joy The first time you rattle That colourful new toy Your first day at school With the rest of the kids Your hair all slicked down Bad smells Mom got rid The ultimate joy Of your first tender kiss The shock when she tells you Her period she missed A puff from a cigarette Makes you dizzy and ill The beer in the closet I remember it still The joy of first child The smell of their skin The softness of touch Their sweet tiny grin Your first big promotion The raise that you get The first time you notice A grey hair NO NOT YET! Middle age then follows With a sickening thud It's all over now Your life is pure crud The sixties are next And retirement awaits Where did it go You're in a hell of a state Then someone says wryly You've had a good life 'Whatcha crabbing about?' But it still cuts like a knife These tender sweet moments You experience through time You'll remember them fondly And treasure the climb So hold on to them tightly They won't come again They're once in a lifetime They're to treasure my friend © Jack Ellison 2012

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Charming Hug

She has great freckles and a live wire voice And red hair with beauty that can’t compare Green eyes and lovely tonal lips displayed Can hear her love by her motion she shares I always hold her deep inside of me Her glory lies outside of her beauty Her real charm is beyond her simple looks Her whole loving heart is just how I see Her longing gaze is what I surely see Deep within my soul I long to view her So when I am near her I want to be One with her heart, a Hug I must confer Charming and inspiring are her great looks There’s not a man on Earth that would not see Her gorgeousness that’s fueled by her power Not a second goes by that she’s not free She always desires a lovely warm Hug From any good looking man that surrounds Hugs are her thing, no matter her beauty All men win, from her heart of love astounds
Russell Sivey Contest: HUGS Sponsor: S. K. A. T. 5/28/2013

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A Colorful World

~A Colorful World~

The golden leaves reflect on the river.
It’s idling along catching silver slivers
The brown bush casting seeds at the side
Waiting for the spring birds to carry far and wide.

The green new shoots pushing noses through
Testing the weather before they renew
The pink of the cheeks on the children that play
Wrapped in colorful warm play clothes today.

The grey of the mist as it starts to descend
Proving winters not ready just yet to end
The blue of the sky mocking above
Giving a glimpse of a hope like a beckoning love.

The colour of the world amazes me today
When I was a child everything seemed so grey
When did the colors start to emerge?
I think it was when two lovers did merge.

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Romancing You

Your like a rock, hard and steady, I'm soft like a flower against your skin, you hold my heart, I know I hold yours, I feel the beat of it from within. I touch your lips, trace their lines, you hold my eyes, as you trace mine, we've lost all track of time, as love unfolds between us, so divine. What gentle love we have shared, husband and wife, we both have cared, nothing more than heavenly bliss on earth, between us a deeper love is birthed. Who could stop the flow of time, who could stop this surge of mine, of love that came so softly seeded, when I first discovered it was you I needed.

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A Moment Of Passion

I love you my darling with all my heart Wonder how many times that's been said At the moment of passion when love bursts forth Two hearts intertwine, passions fed That moment of bliss, the follow up kiss Is there anything else that compares With this overpowering lust and desire Extreme pleasure of that moment shared Feeling great passion rising within me As the words start to form on my screen Passionate love words describing my feelings As you emit tiny pleasurable screams If a Heaven exists, then this must be it Nothing has ever equaled this pleasure To bottle this feeling and sell it to all Would guaranty success beyond measure I love you my darling with all my heart Wonder how many times that's been said At that moment of passion when love bursts forth Two hearts intertwine, passions fed © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Dream Maker

Eyelids dance in a world obscured
Fabricating illusions we will seek
Like the melody of an unforgettable song
It's conception buried in the deep

Visions of his eyes
The tone of her skin
Is the one they see a dream
Or something clearly impinged

His laugh and the curve of his lips
Sun-touched highlights in her hair
Are they fabled reveries or
Unconscious aspects by which we compare

She longed for his tender ways
He wanted for her seducing dance
A distant memory that was never lived
A dream within a dream perchance 

We're looking for things we've never known
In someone we've never met
For this we cry and bow our knees
A joining of halves that must connect

And if by some miracle of fate
These two dreamers paths do cross
By no visible nor unseen force
Could ever unjoint loves intercourse

The Dream Maker
In some majestic space resides
The famed and masterful slumber illuminator 
Arranging the destiny of lives

For Rick, the love of my life! 

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Valentine, I Wish You Well

Flew past me on the gustiest of gales.
I saw, but a glimpse as you still did sail.
My one great chance, neither head, nor of tail.
I stumbled on a rose, sharp as a nail!

My hair was askew, my attire a mess.
Me, a grain of sand, she a fine red dress.
All for naught, I loved our meet more than less.
This sacred moment, to curse and to bless!

And at ponder-some times when I can't sleep,
Gazing upon that distant starry sea,
I dream that cruel and impossible dream,
That you caught, but the faintest glimpse of me.

The rare and magnificent star that fell.
The briefest of moments, but she was swell.
And in this tale I weave only time will tell.
But oh valentine, how I wish you well!

For the Unbearable Beauty Contest.

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Our Valentine of Love

Our Valentine of Love Your tender smile, my fleeting glance, Warm eyes that meet to touch the soul, Your beating heart, my breathless breath, Our deepened sense of something whole. Our need to please and give of self, To share all things of mind and heart With openness and sweet surrender, Each of the whole becomes a part. Your touch of closeness and of warmth, My radiance of inner glow, Bathe in light of endless aura... Our current charged with endless flow. To feel each other's joy and pain, Two beating hearts, as one, to care. And of the thoughts that words can't speak, Two open souls, in silence, share. To show our love through word and song Is at its best, mere child’s play, In contrast to the silent prose Our hearts and souls, through love, convey. © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved ~2nd Place~ Contest: Magic Kisses and Valentine Wishes Sponsor: Mystic Rose Judged 01/30/2015

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True love, my dear, is marvelous and rare.
Its flame burns strong, passions never veering.
Hopes drift upon life’s dreams while lovers dare.
Fantasies everlastingly raving --

Embracing destiny without roving.
Joy rises as reality draws near.
Melting in ecstasy each evening.
Inviting our future together dear.

Anticipating wedding bells’ sweet ring
Forever shall we snuggle in life’s den.
Each tomorrow shall be shared endeavoring.
Knowing that the love we hold has no end.

June 4, 2012 
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Word Games Contest 
Sponsor	Catie Lindsey

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I saw you in my dream.
So I wanna scream.
'Cause you stuck like a scar.
And now you're so far.

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Love's Magic

I don’t think it’s foolish,
Simple-minded, silly, whimsical,
Naïve, and/or childish
To believe that love is magical.

So-called experts offer
No scientific explanations
That any would prefer.
Love wordlessly defies summation.

You know that I love you,
But that is so hard to quantify;
And I am loved by you--
I don’t need to know a reason why.

Some believe in magic.
Most believe in something up above.
Wouldn’t life be tragic,
If we all stopped believing in love?!

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Jesus gave His life for me,
So why shouldn't I do the same?
He took our hurt and misery;
Thank You Jesus for burdening my pain.

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Teeny Tiny Heart

She had a teeny tiny heart
It's like she had no heart at all
Impossible to be broken
The heart she had was way too small

He thought if he could water it
Perhaps like a seed it would grow
He watered it with his kindness
A difference started to show

Putting his ear next to her chest
He could actually hear it beat
It became like sweetest music
From head to the soles of her feet

It continued getting bigger
When he looked close he could see light
So he continued to love her
From early morning until night

She has a really mighty heart
The biggest he has ever seen
Yes it's true it can be broken
He is careful not to be mean

The heart is a wonderous thing
You never know who it will love
Her heart now a thing of beauty
Like an Angel's from up above

Another man is drawn to her
Attraction's a mutual thing
It turns into a full blown love
In the end it's sealed with a ring

The hero of this our story
Is the one who gives her away
He's so proud to be her father
This is such a glorious day

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Gravitation isn’t quite pulling down We seem to be floating in the thin air Wafting within the real unlisted heights Holding in most of the hopes and dreams there Opening my heart to time, comes the truth As high as we could go we fly beyond Listening to no-one but our own selves We hold only love, each and every sound The higher we go the more we can care Nothing seems to block our way up the sky Our hearts combine the strongest love on Earth Forming a love that no-one could deny
Russell Sivey

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The Art of Making Love

Tonight we play our favorite duet
 to an audience of celestial stars.
Variations over years; a song we never forget,
 stroking familiar notes within each bar.

Andante: pianissimo: slow caresses as whispers,
 giving attention to those sensitive keys.
Each to the other, a part we deliver;
 Entwined we perform with such ease.

Allegro: increasing our synchronized tempo
 as our chorus delightfully sings through.
Vibrating heartstrings deeply now flow;
 enjoying our art as if new.

Vivo! As the beat of two hearts now race.
Crescendo! Intensively, climax is reached.
Pausing in arc at this euphoric place;
 echos in afterglow; encores in dreams.

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My Gift Is Love

That word Love, that surpasses all
the eternal flame, you hold in your hand..
My darling my gift to you, thousand veils of light
passions of our minds, in heaven so true
where God's counsel will stand, is love, more love
and laid on a path laid bare, is my hand to yours
from the eyes of the heart, and there will be no comparing
or timeless forms of eternal unquestionable loving souls
as inborn from the passion from heaven..
Dear darling,
My gift to you is ever endearing forbearing lovely loving....LOVE...

Brooke Dylan 2014

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Seasons in Love - Winter

Seasons in Love – Winter
Canned and conserved memories are the only sustenance
Left to feed on with a blank stare and a stern countenance
Branches intertwined in life shall remain so in death
Suppleness, vitality gone, life`s reduced to taking breath

The oxygen now feeds the flames of merciful destruction
Dry branches impatiently long for the final deconstruction
But stubborn roots grow as deep as the tree is high
Detachment, like growth, will happen gradually, by and by

Living skeletons testify to loss and the inevitable end
They stand sinister but graceful and a final message they send:
Life and love are endowed with meaning by virtue of death 
Hold dear and treasure these gifts considering the final breath 

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I Have To Get Myself Free

As the Miami Beach sun was hot, you said that I was lying in your spot. You got my attention from that very first look. Just one short glance was all it took. You have many good things my wife hasn’t got. I have determined Layla really doesn’t have a lot. What a hasty and impetuous move I would make. I realize now that marriage was a mistake. In your trap you have ensnared me. What a complete young woman I see! Somehow, someway, I should get myself free. I must break these bonds of matrimony. How did I ever get stuck in a situation like this? With you, I can have a lifetime of marital bliss. I intend to follow you out to Minneapolis. I will take this opportunity and seal it with a kiss. Based on the 1972 film “The Heartbreak Kid”

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Never Compromising

Never Compromising

My heart has moved on and tears have been shed.
Patience spread thin, relationship is dead.
When I talk you don't respond, withdrawn!
Tears have been shed and my heart has moved on.

Love was not enough, so much for destiny!
Tough, walking on eggshells is misery!
This life together has gotten rough
So much for destiny, love was not enough!

Never compromising, always a fight
the times I get the urge to write!
Constantly struck over-analyzing!
Always a fight, never compromising

Mind is wandering, strangers to conquer,
to much time has already been squandered!
Suffering has passed, now prospering!
Strangers to conquer, mind is wandering!!

For Andrea Deitrich's "Swap Quatrain" contest!
Name withheld until contest is over!

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The Fool

A person in love can become a fool
To all the emotions that are new
How can we tell a fool they must beware?
Of the things they might say and do.

Accept what is offered a love that is true
Accept it and hold it to your heart
A fool and his emotions a dangerous thing
Don’t let them make two lovers now part.

A Greek god has looks and the presence too
But the emotions he shows would not be like you
Handsome and beauty are just surface things
To the regret of many that bought golden rings

To love and be loved is a precious gift
Don’t look for things that aren’t there
Just love and be loved and honour and trust
To the love of your life just be fair.

©~GG~ 22/02/2103

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Stand By Me

Stand by Me No matter what life sends to us Be it tomorrow or today, I can accept whatever comes If you just stand by me, I pray. Togetherness brings courage, hope, You feel my strength and I feel yours… When days are dark, no light to see I know you will find open doors. Please stand by me no matter what, And let me know you surely would Do as I would in your support If bad times overtake the good. And I will never be afraid In knowing that you’ll always be The one I lean on through my days... Please, darling, always stand by me. © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved ~2nd Place~ Contest: Stand By Me Sponsor: Kelly Deschler Judged: 01/24/2015

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                                               is when your laying 
                                              under a blanket,with 
                                              her and she rolls over,
                                                            unintentionally taking all------------------------>
                                             of the covers. Then you 
                                                 wake up shivering,
                                              looking at how snuggled  
                                            and warm she is. Then you 
                                               smile, shake your head
                                               and fall asleep, warm
                                                again. As if you were 
                                              under that blanket again,
                                                       that's love.

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The Robbery

Rob me of my purity,
But once again it's all my fault;
Fell into the trap of false promises
Because I pressed play instead of pause.

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A Friend

A friend will love you to the end
your heart is joined to theirs...
They'll stand beside you in the storm
when no one else will care...

A friend will feel your broken heart
it hurts inside theirs too...
They'll run to hold you in their arms
and help to see you through...

A friend will laugh and shout for joy
when good things come your way...
They'll celebrate your victories
rejoicing in the day...

A friend will share your hopes and dreams
and pray they all come true...
They'll help you reach the mountain top
and share with you the view...

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Time does simply fly passing clouds on it's way Dark or fluffy white below them life has say Even the likes of I, who I met, where I went Sporadic, or for a reason, I to there was sent It's where I went that matters, and who I went to meet For me it was a she of beauty, I'm swept from my feet She, this dark haired wonderment, I soon to greet Four days beside my side, gracing ones cities streets These days of happening past, two years on passing clouds If I were to show my heart, inside this Scotsman proud For in it time can't change, or ever to tear it apart If I had to go back to our together again, I'd joyously restart <*>

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You Had a Living Angel

You had a living angel
Within your arms easy grasp
Ministering to your needs
While hoping your love would last

She tried to fill your whole life
With the joy of heaven’s light
It brought sweet gentle solace
To every tormented night

You had a guarding angel
Who’d gladly die in your place
She fluttered all around you
Planted kisses on your face

You had a faithful angel
Who’d enfold you in her wings
She soothed away all your pain
With the little songs she’d sing

But you longed for the devil
With those sparkling eyes of lust
With tight figure hugging clothes
And you broke your angel’s trust

For naughty is much nicer
Than loving serenity
You lied to her angel face
Tasted infidelity

You broke your little angel
Sorrow glistened in her eyes
She burned in fires of hell
Set off by all of your lies

Heartbroken, she flew away
And the temptress took her place
But when you make love to her
You will see the angel face

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The Heart Of The Ocean

You pick me up and fly me away;
Oh my baby, what a beautiful day!
Like a rock, you are strong to withstand the motion,
And your love runs deep, the heart of the ocean.

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Alone And Blue

The wind whispers through the night
Cool against the mist on my skin
A neon sign that reads "Motel" lights my way
Hundreds more have lit where I've been

This night isn't unlike countless before
Walking endlessly with nowhere to go
I pass a drunk in a doorway
And think "now there's something I know"

All I own is here on my back
And the memories I have of you
Lost everything when you left
Now I walk Alone and Blue

Alone and Blue
Living with memories of you
Alone and Blue
What the hell am I going to do

Alone and Blue
No matter how hard I try
Alone and Blue
You never even told me why

Sometimes I wish it would all end
All the pain and suffering gone
Putting my weary mind at ease
My soul could then carry on

But until then I walk through the mist
That rides upon the whispering winds
And go on hearing your voice
My sanity... I try to defend

Alone and Blue
Living with memories of you
Alone and Blue
Are you lonely too??

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Such A Mysterious Thing

Love is such a mysterious thing In vain we try to make sense A mixture of overpowering emotions Of passion, feelings so intense Poets forever have tried to describe it This joy, this absolute bliss Expressions of an everlasting devotion Accompanying each tender kiss Without a doubt a passion unequaled In the annals of all human kind As deep as the deepest blue ocean Love so intense it can blind Few escape its overwhelming power Down to the mightiest of men They all succumb to its magical force An overpowering force without end Love is such a mysterious thing In vain we try to make sense It's a mixture of many deep emotions Feelings so passionate, so intense Love is such a mysterious thing... © Jack Ellison 2013

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Time's Flight

Another year turns over, people look to see
just what the coming year will mean for you and me.
Tomorrow's worries aren't here, and yesterday's are passed.
Daylight's your new blessing, but it's really burning fast.

The seasons change so quickly, now that we're growing old.
"Seize the day my son", seems I was always told.
You cannot live life over, and you cannot take it back,
so make a first impression, be a leader of the pack.

We hurry every day, never noticing the minutes
flying by so quickly, time has no sense of limits.
Just talking all the while, we have such tales to tell.
If only every now and then we grab a rose to smell.

Take time for those you love, and those who love you, too.
For tomorrow some of them might not be here for you.
Teach your children honesty and show them some good deeds.
Because love will never flourish if we never plant the seeds.

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In the quiet he sleeps

Darkness abides save flickering candle light
Illuminating his silhouette of masculinity 
exhaustion renders an end tonight
Supplanting all previous antiquity  

In the quiet he sleeps 
Leaning close to steal his breath 
As the wanting piques 
With the rise and fall of his chest

My lips fall slightly upon his own
Sleepily he begins to stir
For his pause my darling he soon atones
As his hands they caress my curves

You set my passion ablaze again
Our appetite whet for more
Soon transported to a lovers realm
The key which unlocks my door

Though intimacy sweet
It's ecstasy adored
Permanency is what I seek
Our days and nights in one accord

In times passage you'll leave and then
My eyes will covet your face
Abandoned and lonely  I'll pick up my pen
Repeatedly this scenario retraced

How I long for the time
Your wife I'll be named 
Together our lives redesigned 
A longing no more to be feigned

When all our tomorrow's 
The missing knows no place
In your arms I know no sorrow
My home in your soul interlaced

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And Nothing Else Matters

When I fail at what I want to be,
when my entire world shatters,
you stand by me, and hold me,
....and nothing else matters.

When I cannot overcome my fears,
when my entire world shatters,
you comfort me, and dry my tears,
....and nothing else matters.

When life becomes so unfair,
when my entire world shatters,
you smile at me, and show you care,
....and nothing else matters.

When love is blind and cannot see,
when my entire world shatters,
you kiss me, and say you love me,
....and nothing else matters.

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Once Upon a Dream

In the toss and turn of sleep,
Where willows bloom, and roses weep--
I saw a vision bathed in white,
Dispelling darkness with her light.

And in my misty reverie,
Where what is not, can always be--
She took my hand, as well my heart,
And I did love her from the start.

For I beheld through slumber's grace
The beauty of her smiling face--
A work of art from gods here lent,
A stunning figure, heaven sent.

With eyes that caused my soul to burn,
And in a fever left to yearn--
Her hair spun on an angel's loom,
Exquisite as a lyre's plume.

And as I reached to touch her face,
I found that there was only space--
Just love forbidden by my sleep,
A taste of rapture, not to keep.

But still I try to set it right,
To tell the story of that night--
Of how a vision let me see,
The beauty of eternity.

Yet my words are frail, and weak,
And fail her, of whom I speak--
For how can one describe the sun,
Or portray a dream, when it is done.

Yet in my mind she'll always be,
The marvel who appeared to me.
Now blessed torment I must wear--
Not all to have, but just a share.

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Speak- One of my Favorite Unloved Poems

Oh, clothe those loving thoughts in words
Give voice to all that lives inside
For when they simply dormant lie
I must likewise my passion hide.
Oh, give utterance to love’s tides
Which now flow unchecked from your eyes
Speak them into existence, Love
Or this poor soul might think them lies.
Why must I question every look?
And second guess the smallest move
When all you need to do is say
What I need your love to prove.
Ah...speak, for tis true once it’s said
There will be no way to retrace
Your steps to that platonic state
Where love was banished from your face.
Then speak...speak..for I’m faint to hear
The words of love you hold so dear
You must utter them in a pledge
And breathe them sweetly in my ear!
Oh, for the love of heaven, SPEAK!

Eileen Manassian Ghali
Posted 10/20/2012
No posts
Sad ME! :(

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Be Tender to Your Wife

Be tender to your wife
Show her your love and care
Remember the vows you made
How she made you stop and stare

Be tender to your wife
Show her the same delight
That you did on that first night
You loved her till morning light

Be tender to your wife
Show her she’s still the queen
Entice her with your words
Tell her she is your dream

Be tender to your wife
Show her your inner soul
Share with her your worry
Beg her to make you whole

Be tender to your wife
Show her you are in need
Ask her to heal your pain
As on her love you feed 

Be tender to your wife
She is longing to be seen
As the one who shook your world
Tell me, how long has that been?

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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What are you looking for

What are you looking for ?
Oops that's sound like someone knocking on your door :-)
Open and see who is coming.
Can I see what's going ?

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Write for me a love poem.
Use words I long to hear.
Tell me of your love for me,
And that you hold me dear.

Tell me that you love the way,
Light plays upon my hair;
That star light twinkles in my eyes,
And that you find me fair.

Tell me of the first time,
When you became aware,
That it was I who stirred you,
When first you knew you cared.

Tell me how your heart beat,
Increases when I'm near.
Tell me that to lose me,
Is your only fear.

Speak to me of moon light,
Soft breezes, gentle things;
Lovely words that touch the heart,
And cause the soul to sing.

If you cannot find the words,
To make my heart beat faster,
Then read some poems of long ago,
The sonnets of the masters.

They knew how to turn a phrase,
Could touch your very soul.
The words they wrote reach out through time.
Such words just don't grow old.

Speak to me of beauteous things,
Words soft as a silken glove.
Speak the words I long to hear.
Speak to me of love.

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In Tenderness of Night- A Repost

In tenderness of night
Restore my faith in ME
Caress in gentle ways
That make my heartaches flee

In tenderness of night
Clothe my name in your need
Touch me in every place
That fantasy will feed

In tenderness of night
Mend all my broken dreams
With promise drenched kisses
That carry sunshine beams

In tenderness of night
Let traveling hands stake claim
Dancing minstrels of love
That banish all my shame

In tenderness of night
Breathe over me your love
As I lay helpless, bare
Passion’s eagle turned to dove

In tenderness of night
Love out of me despair
With words of noble knight
Confess my beauty fair

In tenderness of night
On body free your soul
Mating of mysteries
Fragmented lives made whole

In tenderness of night
Let time be ever still
Neath eyes of silver moon
Your essence in me fill

Naught else but you and I
In tenderness of night
Yet what transpires now
Brings forth dawn’s glorious light

Eileen Manassian

Due to some comments on my latest poem, I deleted it and reposted one of my older writes. I hope you enjoyed this piece.

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Would you mind to listen ?
Have I told you before ? no, I 
I'm fall in love too easily.
Now I love you,honestly.

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A Most Intelligent Devil

Some think I have much wisdom Actually wisdom comes from experience It doesn't require any special talents Observation is key ingredient One only needs an inquiring mind Just suck up the knowledge you require Store it away to impress the younger souls Don't tell them they too will acquire Make them think you're a special dude Filled to the brim with the smarts Began with a great big sponge for a mind Sucking up stuff from the start So keep this wee secret betwixt you and me So others will think I'm real special Admire my smarts, call me Your Highness Recognize I'm an intelligent devil <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2014

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The Dream

You walk into the room
dimly lit I see
take me by the hand
holding firmly to me
tracing my mouth
with each finger so lovingly 
with the tip of your tongue
guide me longingly....
I try to catch my breath
wanting it never to end
reading pretty words
in my ear to blend
with the kisses planted
on my neck so sweetly
telling me no fear
you will be there ever more....
You see this Dream
I am having of you and me
is trying to wake me
I am fighting so reluctantly
I want those hands
to hold me tight
and never to leave me
and stay for the night
Pulling me closer
to your hot form
keeps me wanting
more and more
so I pray this dream
never ends
Oh sweet one
sing to me one more time....

Brooke Dylan 2014

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A Rose by Any Other Name

All the names are just the same
If you are sweet like a rose
I confess, I’m not impressed
Oh, how little that bard knows

For the name of your loved one
Can make you completely melt
When it’s breathed in your heart
Its vibrations are deeply felt

The name of your loved one
Is a promise in one word…
That his love is eternal 
His unfaithfulness, unheard

The name of your loved one
Is with passion intertwined
Your lips caress each letter
Your heart echoes it in rhyme

The name of your loved one
Is salvation’s greatest treat
Though you pass through gates of hell
It’ll take you to heaven sweet

The name of your loved one
Is simply beyond compare
No other name can match it
No other would even dare

And so it is, beloved
When we’re making love sublime
Your name bursts out from my lips
Making your sweet name… divine

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Love Is

Love is a splendor
But what makes it better is that you remember
The good along with the bad is to be rendered
Like a shard in our hearts from a splinter
Love is a beauty
To keep it up and looking good is a duty
And always seem to come apart when treated loosely
Take control of my soul please use me
Love is a lily
Much too important to compare to something bitty
No, love is a prosperous city
Love is life and life is for the living
Just what you are
Love is a river
And it flows and of life it is a giver
And it grows into something much bigger
When it slows it no longer flows hither
Love is a natural
There is no where to run love is after you
Just to get you to the floor love will tackle you
Bleed you until there's nothing left love will baffle you
Love is a beauty
From inside through your eyes shines truly
Beautiful light from your eyes shines through me
From time I've come to find what love is to me
Just what you are

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There are many things that get to me.
I don't just have one channel;
Like the feel of silk against my skin,
Or soft, warm cotton flannel.

I love to go out riding,
Through the woods and fields, past streams.
I love the smell of mountain air,
And the sound of an eagle's scream,

As he soars above the peaks,
Amid the craggy splendor,
Of the cliffs where eaglets nest,
Safe from things that hinder.

I love the feel of sunshine,
'Pon my face, shoulders and back,
As it's warmth seeps deep inside my bones,
As I lie in the sun and nap.

I love the sound of birdsong,
And the rain upon my roof,
The sound the the wind makes 'round the eaves,
And the lonely call of the wolf.

So many things can speak to me,
If I am wont to hear it;
Things that calm and soothe me,
It's like music to my spirit.

For WHAT TURNS YOU ON Contest by Frank H.

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A Crime of Passion

You wonder how our love has died
It’s MY hand
A Crime of Passion’s what it is
I hope you understand

I spilt the blood of dying love
Put sword in to the hilt
And now I wear my mourning gown
But heart is free of guilt

Audacious is that question, “dear”
Forgot my tears last night?
Embrace refused, you  turned your back
And said, “Turn out the light!”

And did you ever question, “dear”
How this poor heart did tear
Those nights of passion you’d deny
Though heart and soul I’d bare

Some lukewarm love is not enough
this woman’s heart to fill
You think that only you have needs
Well, that prompted the kill!!!

It was a crime of Passion, “dear”
She really forced my hand
To live without her ecstasy 
Was more than I could stand!

I wanted more than you could give
My body’d throb and ache
To show that I was satisfied
Love making I would fake

And here you come and beg of me
To resurrect our love
We’ll it’s done gone and buried, “dear”
The spirit’s flown above

I walk right past the tomb and laugh
At all past misery
For now, you see, there is someone
Who gives Passion to me…

Eileen Manassian

;) Thought I'd try my hand at farce...

Here is a song that goes with this topic...Yes, an oldie...but a goldie....A woman needs love just like you do by Ray Parker Junior


A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Don't kid yourself into thinkin' that she don't
She can fool around just like you do, hoo
Unless you give her all the lovin' she wants

Don't the mistake of thinkin' old fashioned [Ooh, ooh]
Times have changed from yesterday
But no longer will those old double standards [Ooh, ooh]
Be accepted by the women of today

So when you think you're foolin' her
She just might be foolin' you
Remember if you can do it
She can too

Because a woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinking that she don't
She can fool around just like you do, hoo
Unless you give her all the lovin' she wants

When her eyes are beggin' for affection [Ooh, ooh]
Don't put her off, don't make her wait
Don't try to give her that worn out excuse [Ooh, ooh]
About being tired and workin' late

I tell you one day you'll come home
Early from work [Home from work]
Open up the door
And get your feelings hurt

Because she needs it, yeah [Just like you do, hoo]
A woman's got to have it, whoa, yeah, just like you
And if you're smart, mmm, [Just like you do, hoo] you better stop foolin'
around, hey, hey
'Cause she will too, oh

Just like you do, hoo
Thinking that she don't, hoo, ooh
Just like you, hoo
Now an example to you

Is by the time poor Jack
Returned up the hill
Somebody else
Had been lovin' Jill

A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinkin' that she don't
She can fool around [Yeah, just like you do, hoo], she will fool around so
You better take out some insurance and be sure she won't

Give her the love, mmm [Just like you do, hoo], yeah
That sweet, sweet love, she wants it just like you
'Cause she can fool around [Just like you do, hoo] just like she will fool
With you or without you, just like you do

A woman needs love just like you do, hoo
Hey, don't kid yourself into thinking that she don't, hoo, ooh
She can fool around just like you, hoo
A woman needs it just like you

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long and winding road for Beatlemania contest

In my dreams I sing this song
That I am walking to your door
That I would be where I belong
Would be in your arms evermore

Reality is when I awake
Dried tears upon my face
Distraught making my body shake
Of you there is no trace

You died suddenly so very young
No time to live, no hopes no fun
We were just starting to play loves song
Your gone just like the setting sun

My life is different now, but still I try
To find you, you still have that hold
When alone I sit reminisce and cry
Walking that long winding road

03 March 2013

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My Treasure

My treasure chest is filled with you
You are the stars in the night sky
The one who takes my breath away
Seeing you I let out a sigh

I searched the world to find you
All along you were hidden in my heart
Deeply buried in the centre of me
The one destined to set me free

Each kiss a diamond set in gold
You add daily to my treasures
You are my everything
My source of wealth and pleasures

I am the richest of all men
Blessed beyond any king
My treasure chest filled with you
With your love my soul has wings

I sit here thankful for the gift of you
At times i'm lost for words to say
My pot of gold at rainbows end
You still take my breath away

Treasure Chest Contest

Written july15th 2013

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His Love is a Red Sea

His smile is like sunlight
He moves like poetry
His voice is an Arabian night
His love is a Red Sea

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Go ahead, ask me Am I'm proud of my dear son Scott You can bet your sweet little bippy I am Proud as one of them peacocks Turned out to be a guru In the fast paced world of computers There ain't no problem my Scottie can't solve Nuttin' can stump my Scooter Destined to make big bucks In the fast paced world of promotions Not too long fore he's living on easy street People will say what's this commotion The commotion will be my Scottie Setting the pharmaceutical world on fire With ingenious solutions to all their problems Reaching goals to which I aspired Was once a guru like Scooter Was a whole lot different in those days No computers, just a big bunch of magic markers Creating ads the old fashioned way Go ahead, ask me Am I'm proud of my dear Scooter boy You better believe it, I'm over the top thrilled He's my absolute pride and joy! © Jack Ellison 2013 Do you think I'm a proud Papa?

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a death

a death i died today
for a love that went away
a cold and windy day
i could not ask her stay

the love we had was warm
and twas so beautifully formed
but roses have thorns
and memories, they warn

a tear is in my eye
and i almost start to cry, remembering
my tears were ment for someone else
don't take love and move it somewhere else

trapped by what love is
i'll just stay where i am
i'll go on the best i can
and sometime long to touch a hand

the river is flowing into an ocean
and the tide has torn us assunder
where will we drift i now wonder
i pray, don't let the tide take you under

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I Wish

I wish that I could be the one
who catches all your tears
the one who's there to chase away
your shadows with your fears.

The one that's always there for you
whatever time of day
always there to hold you hand
and tell you it's ok.

I wish that I could be the one
to put a smile on your face
but it seems that life has other plans
for I can not fill that space.

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Amidst Golden Gowns

Alone I sit in a dreamy state
Remembering last night whilst I contemplate
We sat down to dinner looking out across the bay
Playing footsie under the table in loving display

Scented candles wafted their presence aired
Street orbs left us shadowed at the table we shared
The evening breeze on this Autumn day past
Whimpers as it settles, stillness at last

We arise, we walk along historic harbour walls
Amidst golden gowns, only leaves are now in fall
Waves lap the shores whilst birds voice overhead
Blending into the darkness as we wonder what's being said

Every so often we would stop to share a kiss
Knowing we have our tomorrow's fills me with bliss
Remembering last night whilst I contemplate
Alone I sit in a dreamy state

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Keys to Bliss

Mind filled with dust
I could not see further
The sea breeze and the mist
Could charm me no more

My heart longs for my love
How could I hurt her?
Felt bitter, I lost hope
Will she leave me for ever?

Legs take me to the waves
I cannot believe my ears
I hear her voice, was so sweet
She was right back, so near

Tears filled our eyes
Wipe away the dust in my mind
Kiss her lips, tap her cheek
She hit me back, I do not mind

The door was locked
Seemed a while before
My keys to bliss back with me
I hold her in my arms forever.

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A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

When I look into a crystal ball
These are some things that I see	
Hearing loss will be my down fall
And my wife won’t listen to me

Look up dear, its mistletoe
Please to give this gal a kiss?
What’d you say, you miss my toe
And you’d like to reminisce?

Oh my goodness, see their tree
And the lovely treats to eat?
Now why on earth did you ask me
If I want to greet your feet?

I just heard the whistle blow
So I’ll think I’ll have some tea
Why didn’t you say there’s mistletoe
I’ve been saving a kiss for thee.


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I Love, I Cry, I Feel

Today is one of those uncertain days It depends on an unknown factor It could the happiest day of my life Or it could turn out a disaster It's not a comfortable feeling to be in And until this factor is known I'll hold my breath in great anticipation To know if this day I'll bemoan I realize tomorrow will still arrive No matter how this day turns out Still have the love of friends on the Soup So it'll all be okay no doubt Silly me and my sensitive heart Us men are made of steel Well this guy doesn't fit the stereotype I love, I cry, I feel © Jack Ellison 2013

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Driven By Desire

It's always best to keep some feelings Hidden from even your mate Not to share every innermost thoughts When relationships are at stake Each of us can be emotionally affected By charm, personality and image Doesn't mean we don't love our mates Feelings at times hold us hostage Human nature is what they've call it Might as well cash in your chips If you can't look at beauty passing by It's there to brighten life's trip So please don't call it illicit or immoral When males are driven by desire The female form is a vision of beauty That ignites every man's fire © Jack Ellison 2013

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A heartfelt ride

My heart is on the ride, bouncing
Upon a masterpiece of art
Painted by His hand, taunting
Stroking brush across the canvas.

In the pursuit of a vision
He attempts to bring it to life
With His expert hand in motion
At time forceful, other times light.

He takes my heart upon a flight
Above a magnificent land
The measure of His love to light
The walls of its chambers, His plan.

Yet to ride the land He designs
Takes it through valleys and steep hills
Upon a thorny path hard to climb
But along with the song of two whippoorwills.

If not for the grace of seeing
The beauty of His will while it flew
It would have given up its beating
With the pain found in coming true.

By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 05.14.11

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A Picture In Words

A picture in words for my dear sweet Cathie The lady who has captured my soul Searched a whole lifetime for this dream of mine Now our love story can finally be told I've known sweet Cathie almost forever But events control the path that we travel Till the time was right, our love lay in waiting This affair that sizzles and bedazzles When I look in her eyes, I see shooting stars An awesome display of sheer wonder The love that shines through is beyond all words It's the reason for this spell that I'm under Words don't come easy to describe her beauty I stumble and search for the phrase That describes this enchantress, this vision before me In the glow of the moon's purple haze A picture in words for my dearest sweet Cathie This sweetie has made my life whole True love comes along only once in a lifetime Cathie's stolen my heart and my soul © Jack Ellison 2012

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Your Body Language Speaks

You’re not adept at using words
But your body language can speak
Fluently of all that you feel
And expresses all that you seek

I know just from a simple look
It’s time to be at your command
Or if you want me to take control
To make you obey my demand

I feel in every single touch
Just what your heart’s trying to say
How you want to make love to me
With passion till night turns to day

And then there are those blessed times
When your arms are my protection
Or when you feel I’ve wandered off
They keep me in tight detention

When jealousy is burning hot
And you want me to heed the sign
Your arm tightens on my shoulder
And tells him, “Beware, She is MINE!”

And when you gently stroke my hair
Just before I drift off to sleep
Your fingers speak these very words:
“Your dreams in my heart I will keep.”

When I awake and see you smile
The mischief written on your face
I know that I can bring you joy
For I take you to that sweet place

When your full lips close over mine
I can sense that you are in need
So I guide you much like a child
To where you can hungrily feed

When you force your hands over mine
I know I need to surrender
I can see it there in your eyes
You want to claim not be tender

At those times when you turn your back
And you close up your face to me
I know I need to do penance
If your favor I wish to see

And though you don’t give me the words
That express your feelings so deep
Your body language speaks to me
In eloquence that makes me weep!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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I Can Only Touch The empty Air

I cannot look in your eyes from here,
To touch your soul with my gaze.
Your too far away to reach, My Dear,
To be taken in by my embrace.

My whispered thoughts cannot extend to there--
Where you are's too far away.
I can only touch the empty air
Instead of holding you near always.

So many men between you and I.
I envy each one his place.
Oh, to be at the head of that line,
Looking at you again face to face.

Wonder of wonders, fate of all fates...
I chose to be where I am:
Sitting alone laughing at regrets,
Cursing the notion "what might have been".

I wish I could steal your heart to here
And keep it captive near mine.
But hearts are only given, it's clear...
All I can do is offer you mine.

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Lost Pieces

My heart shattered into pieces
The sad day you said goodby.
You had sworn you'd love me ever,
Now I know that was a lie.

When your new love has betrayed you
And you find yourself alone,
Please don't think I will be waiting.
I'm not answering my phone.

Once a loving heart is broken,
It will take a while to heal.
Since you've shown your sly duplicity,
You have lost your great appeal.

When I picked up the pieces  of
My heart from off the ground,
The part that held my love for you
Was not there to be found.

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God Makes Me Dance

God makes me dance;
Stand up and raise my hands!
Jump around His perfect lands;
God makes me dance!

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You are the breath I take in order
To live
And the light that enables me
To see
You are the melody that rhythm 
To my life give 
And the reason that I wish forever
To be!

© Demetrios  Trifiatis
    10 APRIL 2013

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Girl Of My Dreams

Been searching high, been searching low For a gal I could spend my life with Found one but she's got a pimply bum And real bad breath, take a whiff! She's no dreamboat, sunken ship perhaps She walks with a limp and she stutters I've just got no luck, in a quandary I'm stuck Soon be old and decrepit, and I mutter Maybe it's me that might be the problem No Adonis though at one time I thought so Just coz I dribble and spit in the street Down inside I'm really quite sweet though! Surely there's a chance that I'll find her soon They say there's a mate for all lovers I'm sure she's out there, a gal I'd be proud of Not one that has wings and can hover! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Dancing Beneath The Moon

The scent of lilac on the breeze
Dancing here beneath the moon
From the open window music drifts
A song of love you softly croon...

Swept into the arms of love
I do not trust myself to speak
Would this moment last forever
With you, dancing cheek to cheek.....


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An Affair Of The Heart

My love for you knows no bounds An exquisite affair of the heart Passionately addicted to the nth degree Knew it right from the start The signs were there for everyone to see Google-eyed and mumbling away Forgetting important meetings and such Or the silly stuff I wound say Us humans don't have it down pat, yet We still have a way yet to go To call us perfect is a bit premature But the progress we're making shows At times people actually make some sense Of some of the things I say But bidding someone a fond farewell Is not how to start each day It seems I've been bitten and bitten real good By this bug that's known as love Haven't slept soundly for many a night Dreaming of my sweet turtledove © Jack Ellison 2014

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i love you too

i tried to love you 
and i knew it was a mistake
you do so many things
that i knew i couldn't take

try to change someone
what gave me that ideal
it was when you said you loved me
but that was the way you lived

i never was foolish
and i saw through all the lies
i even saw emotions
that would complicate our lives

real love real love
that is what i had for you
but when payday rolled around
that when you began your abuse

but i wasn't the fool
you thought i was
i had my limit
i knew where to stop love

i knew how to say 
this game is over
i'm not going to play
or cross over the boarder

this thing that you are
that you can not stop
it takes away love
all that you've got

it took it from you
it took it from me
it took it from your brother 
and sisters i've never seen

and here i am
i tried to help you out
but when you needed me the most
i turned into a louse

sorry, mean ole terrible me
you said "i love you"
and now i've said i love you back
love is a terrible thing when it's just an act

(by john and stephanie) but this is not a collaboration

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Portrait of a Man

The man examines his portrait painted by life
The life he lead, desires dulled, so much strife
A wanton spirit crying out, needing to be caressed
A disillusioned life, little remains to feel blessed.

His dream to carve memorials in stones
Poetry his hearts desire, deep within his bones
Waiting, but for what, that he never knew
Until his heart was pierced and his melancholy slew.

A meaning now he found to put his chisel in hand
To carve a stone of life, now inspired and not bland 
A battle before he was unwilling to get up and fight for
Poetry flowing through his veins, he needed to pen forever more.

Pen words of love, words of desire of flowers not yet smelt
Words of wisdom, words of hope, feelings not yet felt
The toxic waste, the dregs of life abandoned and now gone
With words of love, ruby red lips, kissed away everyone.

Hope rages and surges through once clogged arteries  
The disillusioned man now gets up from bended knees
No need to beg for the entrails of love never shown
The piercing freeing his heart when the arrow struck home.

Love abounds freely given just there waiting for his grasp
A love true, a deep love, and a love that er will last.
He got up and with love and understanding he started to build
His soul now cleansed with a love so strong and his heart filled.

© ~GG~08 03 2013

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You have taken all that's left of me
And placed me on  dark shelf
I gave you every ounce so free
You bled me dry and then I wept.

Why must you wrap my soul in knots
and unwind me when you get the notion?
The pain inside it simply rots
I realize there was no real devotion

I toss and turn upon my bed at night
my pillow has a covering of tears
You watched me twist in the wind with sheer delight
My heart has stopped from self inflicted fear

I must ask you now just why and how
you knew I gave my most emblazoned passion
Does the mirror show you truth of my breakdown?
Like a raging river my lonely tears are crashing.

Memories they race into my mind
haunting echos of  time that was
I laid upon our bed close by your side
how can you disgrace the two of us?

I feel my heart has been the punch line
and jokes are played with me as the expense
You told the world our deepest loving times
on top of that you said it with pretense

so now my love I fear this is the end
It's sad to see our love crushed like a rose
I guess those things you said were all pretend
and like they say I guess that's how it goes

My petals they have fallen to the ground
Your princess lost her crown along the way,
Like a thief you stole without a sound
I would have loved you 'til your dying day.

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Ogre Above All

This man, my man, ogre above all
But in me, he does, internally thrall
Tattooed in naked, cloaked in lust
Heaving I, as his eyes caress my trust

Diamond I become, pert to touch
His hands, clawing, seeking such
Delving, he's reached, the depth of me
Enticing, I rejoice, releasing so free

Biting, scratching, nails in deep
Blood in rise, apologies we seep
Firm, hungry, lusting to crave
Loving each other in bordering deprave

Who am I to argue, this character man
Ogre above all, my bodies well scanned
I'm read, he's said, we've spoken
Consenting we are, sharing ones token

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The Castle

As the castle walls loomed up to the side
They met for the first time eyes open wide
Lost on the journey, not knowing what they’d find
But unlike a fairy story, their love was not blind.

They risked all they had for an hour or two
Not knowing what would happen, neither one knew
They shared a drink, and words so easy on the tongue
Not realised those words would be love before long.

Their castle they love and will never forget
The love that they found, they will never regret
The knight on his steed the girl by his side
When he offered her love he didn't take her for a ride.

She took his love; she kept it close to her heart
He suffered with her when they had to part
But they both knew it was a temporary thing
When the time is right she may wear his ring.

He must approach her parents and ask
To climb the walls of the castle what a task
But the castle where they met its doorway he knew
It was via her heart and he just had to walk through.

© ~GG~ 1/02/2013

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It's like a weight lifted off of my heart;
I am no longer torn apart.
Thank God you are safe;
Everything is okay.

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My Pen Drips Of Sorrow And On This Paper,
I Write Each Tear.

He never told her of the love,
He held within his heart.
Though he knew she longed to hear it,
He just could not impart,

The feelings that he had for her,
Although she was his bride.
It seemed to her that if he cared,
His love he would not hide;

And so it went through all their years,
They drifted slow apart,
Lonely, sad and unfulfilled,
They each had broken hearts.

                                          Judy Ball

Aug.13,2011  For Just Write Contest by Constance LaFrance

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A Warm Cozy Sweater

The sun is shining, not a cloud up above
How could life be any better
Good health and the love of a very sweet lady
Life is like a warm cozy sweater

Rainy days can't even bring down my spirits
I'm meant to live life on a high
I see nothing but positive signs every day
Of love and bright sunny skies

This can't be true, I've heard people say
One can't be upbeat every day
Once in a while, there gotta be sad things
You encounter along the way

Of course they're right, but the difference is
I don't let them get me down
They are all a part of this thing we call living
It's my choice to smile not frown

The sun is shining, not a cloud up above
How could life be any better
Good health and the love of a very sweet lady
Life is like a warm cozy sweater

@Jack Ellison 2012

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I Love You More

There she lies with a smile on her tired face
eyes closed taut to extinguish the sunlight.
Occasionally she would peep just to touch base
to say a few words then continue her fight.

Summer was ending as momma’s time was too
each day was a struggle to take one more breath.
Angels were calling as family tensions grew
it was so tormenting waiting for her death.

A day was spent talking to deceased loved ones
venting all of her anger on ones who hurt her.
Shocking revelation eventually stuns
as shallow exhausted mind starts to transfer.

Daily said I love you, it could be her last
but she would always reply, I love you more.
I persistently announced she was a blast
and that I never thought her to be a bore.

On the eve of her death I could feel it near
her breaths became short, sketchy, and weak.
Living without her, I felt tremendous fear
as I lowered to kiss her frail-soft-creased cheek.

I ran my fingers through wavy gray hair
and held her face in my trembling small hand.
Releasing her was more than I could bear
the lump in my throat started to expand.

Tears exploded all over my burning cheek
never had I cried this much before.
I was so overwhelmed I could not speak
except for the words, I love you more….

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Seventh Place Winner ~ "Last words to a loved one” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Gareth James
Jan. 31, 2011

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Thank God I Still Have You

My Summer months have slipped away
they came and went so fast
Fall weather soon will settle in
and then it too won’t last

Another year is almost gone
I can’t believe it’s true
The kids all grown and on their own
Thank God I still have you

I didn’t think that life would give
so many pleasant days
But warning signs have now arrived
some say they come with age

I won’t give in without a fight
there’s still so much to do
Tomorrow brings a brand new day
for me to spend with you

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Echoes of the Heart

Her eyes are a sparkling dew inspired shade So blue they mist with a passionate side They stare with a loving glace on my face Gorgeous, tender eyes, ones that come and slide She looks at my body, a lustful sight Brings my heart to a boil all sinful like The love we have is our stare together Our passion is smart, two as one alike There’s an alarming feeling of grandeur Kindness is a part of our lives so free Romanticism brings delight to mind Our sweet hearts are bringing intimacy We hold hands together, symbol of love Our kiss is fire, a mission of passion Intrigue finds its way back into our hearts Returning a love which is for certain
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "Echoes Of The Heart" contest 3/25/2013

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New hope at dawn

The soft light of the morning sun
Has ended the moonless nightspan
There is no worries to be had
yesterday's wars no more at hand.

I stand in the new dawn's birthlife 
With the clarity of your grace
Within the fibers of my life
The future's taken a new face.

It is no longer sad and gray
Gone are the clouds of rain and grail
It is no longer the shade of black
For the night's hopelessness has failed.

My heart has turned up a beat
As you have come across my way
Let this new delight our soul seal
That we walk hand in hand always.

By CarolineCecile
copyright © 08.07.11

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Cupid Shot My Girlfriend

Cupid shot my girlfriend.
He hit her in the head.
It must have been for love
she laid down and she bled.

It's almost been a year
since Cupid found my love
and being with her near
She smells from up above.

I never want to touch her.
I'm frightened of her look.
But still I remain faithful.
My love upon the hook.

I'd hoped we would have children
though now it's much too late.
I've talked to her about them
but she just lies in state.

I miss her perfect kisses.
Moistened, warm and wet.
Though wouldn't give one now
for fear of what I'd get.

I couldn't even hug her
if I was in the mood.
she's covered all in worms
all using her as food.

I say I love her often
and hopeful she will hear.
Though if she were to answer
would be my greatest fear.

She is my darling soul mate
cupid can't be wrong.
Through sickness and in health
and days becoming long.

So thanks I say to Cupid
for finding my true love
but if he'd spare an arrow
I'd love one with a shove.

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As the windows break
upon our lips
heaven gives us forever
these hills undress our minds
stars worn upon our hearts
are memories
of ours....

such happiness rules
within our space
of love ...

as our memories
take over the hurts and pain
only you can mend
this lovely day

you bring light
upon this night
as you give love so freely
you open me like a flower

What memories you give
to place in my heart
for years that you have opened
for thousands of times to


Brooke Dylan 2014

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With the Dawning Light

I lean against the railing
Drinking in the setting sun
The breeze dances in my hair
The day will soon be done

I feel your arms around me
Your body pressed against mine
I lean back on your shoulder
Drink in your scent like wine

Your lips linger on my neck
I let out a gentle sigh
“Come inside, my sweet darling
Let the moon rise in your eyes.

I know I’m often busy
Love making seems so rushed
Tonight I’ll take things slow
In a room tranquil and hushed.”

You turn me round to face you
You claim me with a kiss
“Oh, come with me, my darling
Let me fill this night with bliss

You give me all that I want
You never withhold my due
Tonight, lie back, my darling
Let ME make love to you.”

You carry me to our bed
And gently lay me down
I close my eyes and sigh
As your hands undress me now

“Just let me love and hold you
Let me ravish till morning light
In liquid warmth of sweetness
Is where I will pass this night.”

I feel your hands caress me
I feel your lips of fire
I faintly hear your murmurs
As I’m taken by desire

Tenderly, gently, slowly
You tease my receptive mind
Knowing full well, it is there
My fantasies you will find

I listen and I follow
I surrender as I'm lead
Tonight you want to give
Tonight I will be fed

Passion has shut my eyes
Every touch...magnified
Your lips kiss away my tears
When in release I have cried

I finally resurface
Your hand toys with my damp hair
Your lips give a longing kiss
Of your need I’m now aware

I croon softly in your ear
“Let desire now take flight
Come in to me, my darling
Come now with the dawning light.”

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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After the Summer Ball

The last dance is over, the summer ball fades away
It's early morning as we walk along the esplanade
The love of my life in the most beautiful white gown
Hand in hand we whisper, kissing in love fuelled drown

We pause as we absorb the gentle rushing of the waves
Inner feelings of desire feed the thoughts we longingly crave
The moon above delights against a cobalt ebony sky
Whilst diamonds sparkle brightly captured in her eyes

Our home we finally reach knowing the dawn will soon be nigh
On entering our bedroom a most beautiful sight espies
Behind her back she holds the most delightful of red rose
Her back now bare to open showing porcelain skin exposed

She turns to me and looks, theirs an alluring in her eyes
Slowly I walk towards her on her shoulders my hands apply
To her nape I kiss, whispering sweet nothings in her ear
Another dance has started as our longing draws ever near

With gentle steps we take, to a spread of silken sheets
Her summer ball in fall, peachy skin my eyes now meet
Lacy lingerie of white attracts the man in me
Alone my love and I, two naked torso's touching free

Adventurous we become, caressing undulations each
Sighs interrupting kisses for the sweet spots that we seek
In my hand I take the Rose brushing the petals against her pert
Touching, we start to ignite, two in love now so alert

In sync our bodies bind amidst sheets on silken lie
Mirroring waves on the ocean our gyrations in loving reply
Inner warmth excites, our joyous release so beautifully free
We melt into each other, two souls asleep, appeased

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Yes It Is

Cryin' seems such a useless thing to do
yet, all I do is sit and cry for you now.
I see you in each sunrise and it's so true
your black heart has cut me to the marrow.

I begged you not to leave me and that's wrong
a rakish smile was all you left me with then.
But, here I sit and write out this damn love song
tryin' to melt your hardened heart with a pen.

I cry for you each night as the sun sets
no car headlights come to fill my darkened room
all i have is memories and deep regrets
I'll surely take them with me to the tomb.

Black and blue you've left me and it's true
you never cared as much as I did, hear me.
losing you was best for me, long over do
the crying's done, it's over I so decree.

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What is Love

Bending with the wind,
     Burning under the sun
Sitting in the breezes
    The rain drops on everyone.
We are like the grass,
    That rustles in the breeze
Then when love hits us
     Who is it we please?

When those little arrows
     Find a pathway to your heart
What do we do about them?
     Where is it that we start?

The raindrops fall, but when in love
     They are like kisses falling down
When the sun is beating on us 
     We can just wear love like a crown

When the lighting strikes 
    And fear comes knocking at the door
Love is there to shield us 
     Then fear can get to us no more

Love is all encompassing
     Love is what we need
When that love arrows strikes home 
     It also plants a little seed.

The seed of love that’s nurtured
     It grows no matter what we do
There is no protection
    To stop love from hitting you

Open your hand and open your heart
    Don’t duck and dive in fear
If love comes flying on cupids dart
    Grab hold and keep it near

Love is what will pull us through
    Love of all and each other
But to the special one that loves us so
    Remember not to smother

There are so many types of love
    From agape to romantic
Just make sure of the love you have
     Try not to force it or become frantic.

Love will find its way
    Through history this we know
So to all you lovers out there
    It’s time to send kisses to your beau. xx
© 4//02/2013 ~GG~

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If Music Be The Food of Love, Play On

The notes, oh the notes that soared above The music to grab and hold the heart A rhythm carried by the winds of life Two things that cannot be keep apart So feed the soul with music then The sounds that bind us to each other Spoken with unbroken line and phrases Filling needs for self , for one another In time the music will have a softer tone But they belong together, hand and glove The melodies will linger in each memory Speaking softly..."If music be the food of love, play on.."
"If music be the food of love, play on....." Shakespeare, from- The Tempest-

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Amazing love  begs perception,
wide the fields' uncertainty,
deep the valleys of depression,
Why me, Lord, why tragedy?

When difficulties we embrace,
is accident on purpose?
Seeds produced by misfortune's grace
lie just below the surface.

Roots of hope with blooms that rally
smother buds of pain and doubt.
These are lilies of the valley
turning breakdowns wrong side out.

Trust becomes our rose of Sharon
that is stayed by sacred sheath.
Watch the maze of weeds turn barren
as raring love springs thru the heath.

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One Can Get Lonesome

Oh he's feeling mighty lonesome
can’t seem to sleep a wink,
walking the floor try to fathom
and in between does drink.

Is this kind of love a toxic brew
or a nectar so sweet
when loving words towards you drew
yet left in lonely street?

He just keep talking to shadows
since the blues came to life,
a love so passionate foregoes
normality for strife,

Now a man is born for loving
and some have past regret
an instinct of turtle doving
yet in you an asset.

So this feeling low to the ground
is driving one crazy,
when an Angel he knew he’d found
time spent apart mazy.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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The Youthful Valentine

I spotted something on the ground
A crumpled valentine
And when I picked it up I found
This valentine was mine

"Why won't she be my valentine?
She turned her face away
Come back and be my valentine
Oh please come back and stay."

But still she walked the path ahead
A glance she did not waste
I tossed away the heart of red
And ran to her in haste.

"Why won't you be my valentine?
Don't turn your face away
Come back and be my valentine
Oh please come back and stay."

"I cannot be your valentine
Because my heart could break
If all my heart were bound in thine 
Perhaps my heart you'd take."

"Oh won't you be my valentine?
Your heart I'd never break
Were all your heart bound up in mine
I ne'er your heart would take."
"So sweet you are to seek me out
So kind to understand
I did not mean to run or pout
So please accept my hand,

"Because I'll be your valentine
I'll turn no more away
Oh please do place your hand in mine
For I am here to stay."

First place entry in "Be My Valentine" contest.

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What I Would Do For You

Some men would cross
A country for a woman.
I'm a little different.
For you, I'd cross every ocean.

I would cross the world,
With no care about the miles,
Just to spend one day with you
And all your pretty smiles;

As long as you would let
Me be the one to bring
Those smiles out, just like the sun
Brings out the birds to sing.

Though your friends might not like me much,
(And that's something even I can tell)
I would climb on top of Mount St. Helens
And combine its force with mine to yell

For all the world to witness,
And so everyone can hear,
About my feelings for you,
The one who I hold  most dear.

I'd travel in time to Ancient Greece.
And, to be worthy to be your Hero,
I'd conquer the Arena, 'cause fighting for Love
Would mean I'm not a Zero.

If we were in a play,
I'd be Romeo, and you my Juliet.
I would fight my way to you
Through every last Capulet.

If we were in Midieval times,
I'd storm the castle with sword and shield,
And rescue you, my Princess,
With Love as the armour I wield.

So, if I'm ever across the world,
All you would have to do
Is call my name and I
Will come and be there for you.

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First Love

Ahh my first love, I remember her well Her name appropriately was Janice Valentine Think it was Grade Two though not really sure Tried so hard to be beside her in line My head was spinning for the very first time Wondering what this feeling was about Had never felt anything quite like this before So excited I wanted to shout Competition was a guy called Glen Maidmont But Janice had nothing to do with us She lived far away, about three streets over She didn't quite understand all the fuss We always remember of very first crush A few others have surely enticed But the first is ingrained deep in my soul Wonder if she's had a good life © Jack Ellison 2013

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To Gabriel

I gloss over my moods
With a sparkly L’oreal
And lock eyes briefly
With no one in particular

Strangers seem plenty
I’m wary of the city 
Its perversities I distrust
Even its curiosities I spurn--

But even the homeless have homes; well they must
Maybe a pedestal in someone’s heart; Thus 
Give them claims to life and trust; But
They leave me energy for one thing, just!

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Something Like You

Something like a love song
Crossed my mind,
Sang to my soul,
Made my heart fly.

Something like a daydream
Drove me wild
Had me on cloud nine
Free like a child.

Something like a miracle
Hit me hard
Had me jumping and skipping.
I was touching the stars.

Something like a love story
Took my by surprise
Feeling like I won the lotto
Gave me butterflies.

Something like a love song
Played softly to my heart beat
Its all your fault
And I'm swept off my feet.

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Love Is

Love is... The sweet scent of roses in bloom The smell of new mown hay The freshness of a morning in June A bright and sun filled day Love is... The delicate trill of a mockingbird The softness of a gentle touch Rivulets of rain running down your cheek A loved one who means so much Love is... A whisper, a glance, a gentle caress Loving and tender sighs Thoughtful words of sweet adoration A look of passion in your eyes Love is... An accumulation of all of the above And perhaps a few I've missed The feeling of love is easily recognized Sealed with a warm gentle kiss! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Rinky Dinky Doo

Rinky Dinky Doo I love you Loved you from the very start You're the sunshine In my life You banish all my strife You've stolen every part Of my heart Rinky Dinky Doo I love you It certainly is a special kind of love With lots of happy times A passion so sublime With cooing like A couple of turtle doves Rinky Dinky Doo I love you This passion has left me all aglow Ain't no greater feeling Really so appealing Wanna hug you tight And never let you go! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

He does not love you else why would he stray
Do you still love him? Your body says No
Oh come to my arms for I love you so
Come to my arms and let us away.

Kiss me. Please touch me. Oh touch me just there.
Oh God! We must not. We cannot go there
God help me! To another I am bound
I have to be true, my conscience does hound

Do you still love him? Your body says No
Our spouses don’t love us, and I am now free
Come to my arms and let us away.
Come to my arms now and I’ll marry thee

Oh God! We must not. We cannot go there
I cannot for better for worse I said
I have to be true, my conscience does hound
Oh Love. Sometimes I have wished I were dead

Our spouses don’t love us, and I am now free
Come leave him, just leave him. Make yourself free
Come to my arms now and I’ll marry thee
Come to my arms and let us away

He cannot love you else why would he stray
Think! Not once not twice, God knows how many
Oh come to my arms for I love you so
Come to my arms and let us away.

Kiss me. Please touch me. Oh touch me just there.
I can and I must and we shall go there
Oh you are right so why was I stupid
I’ll come to your arms.  A cloud has been lifted

Do I still love him? My body says No
I’ll come to your arms for I love you so
He cannot love me else why would he stray
Think! Not once not twice God knows how many

41 lines

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Black Diamond Night

                      Black Diamond Night

The rapier of light cut through the black velvet night
Two lovers looked up at the first star tonight
Look see, that star light above
But she could not see, the star was her love…

Bodies lying spent under the warm black sky
The rapier of light like a javelin poised high
His body glistening in the extending glare
Her eyes blocked by her lovers breath to share.

He stands and looks up to the gods above
You thought you could take me from this woman I love.
Thor looking down at his son now a mortal
Power he would give to his grandsons  through his portal.

His son once a demi,-god, now a mortal man
He vowed he would help, in any way he can
The light strikes his son from the black velvet sky
His back arched in pain his thoughts wondered why!

His lover lay replete on the damp flattened ground
Unaware of the pain and the light all around
Her lover stands his beauty abounds
In his hand a weight his fingers surround.

His heart is heavy, his father has cast him
As he opens his hand, his breath he does gasp in.
There in the palm of his hand he held tight
The most beautiful diamond from the black velvet night.

His heart is softened, he know it does mean
His father’s not forsaken him, his love he has seen
He takes his lover in arms, holds her tight
As they make sweet love under the black diamond night. 
© ~GG~ 18/08/2012

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When I Think Of You

When I think of you I see a shy man full of grace
A seemingly indifferent exterior-and a handsome rugged face
Knowing you know what to say, when I am feeling blue
A pair of shoulders to carry whatever I throw at you…

Your charm and uplifting words have kept me steady when I feel low
When I think of you- I feel a warm and friendly glow
You correct any mistakes, just like a true friend should
Your encouragement and comments uplift-and leave me feeling good…

When I think of you, I know you have your own black days
But hopefully we both know- this friendship works both ways
You give me the time to moan and my load you tend to carry
And for this much I would like to thank you, my very good friend Harry.

When I think of some of your harsh writes, I know that's not the real you
I love the way your work unfolds, your love of music too
I never feel the day is good unless you have left me a comment
I thank you so much for being there, so please do not yourself absent…

Mandy Tams for her friend Harry Horsman
©~GG~ 11/09/2012

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The Line between Love and Hate

I hate you for not caring
I hate you for not being there
I hate you for not responding
I hate you for your pompous air

I hate you for mutilating
This sensitive heart of mine
I hate you for not seeing me
As possessing beauty fine

I hate you for your incessant
Playing with my deep emotion
And I hate you for the ridicule
Of my ardent strong devotion

I hate you for not giving me
The dire attention that I need
And I do hate you for making
This little heart of mine to bleed

I hate you for being indifferent
And I hate you for being rude
I hate you for being handsome
And I hate you for being crude

I hate you because you make me
Forget to be vicious like you
And I hate that you make me want
To give my love to you anew

I hate the truth that proclaims
A thin line twix love and hate
I hate it that you’ve made me
Want to cross that line of late.

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Whisper In My Ear

I know the end is coming soon
their faces I can see
For them I stood to say goodbye
they gather now for me

For months I’ve felt a disconnect
a longing in my soul
To see the one they took from me
so very long ago

From time to time the spirit world
It opens up a door
But as I try to pass within
the opening… no more

Oh darling whisper in my ear
                 I know you’re here with me                   
Please say those words I long to hear
then set my spirit free

To feel your breath within my ear
and hold you closely too
Is all that I can think of now
please tell me...I love you

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Web of Chaos

Tangled in a web of chaos; 
confusion there at every turn, 
but somewhere in the mesh of mayhem 
were lessons that I had to learn. 

Many times my will has wavered. 
Many days and nights were strewn 
with ups and downs of smiles and sorrows, 
while in my heart the passion burned. 

Compassion for the cries of many; 
those who wail and those who mourn 
for those now lost and gone to heaven 
drifting on the breeze of death. 

In my heart the love is burning; 
its glowing embers feed my soul. 
At my core the tide is turning; 
the fractured mirror now a whole. 

Say what you feel to those around you. 
Speak in words of trust and love 
for one day they'll be gone forever 
lost to ethereal realms above. 

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A Box

Dad came home with a packaged parcel
when I was just a boy.
A special gift he'd bought for me.
I had hoped it was a toy.

He placed it on the floor below
and nodded that I open.
I reached for it and fully smiled;
bulky and utopian.

And knowing that my parents bought
a gift from both their hearts,
I schlept next to the box contents
and pryed it up in parts.

At first sight, there emerged a truck-
One shiny, big and red.
I gawked excited, my eyes glued fast
and paused to breath then shed.

That night I played around the room.
The floor my second home.
That soon I tired and fell asleep
inside the box and dome.

By morning I had made a home,
a window and a door.
I parked my truck outside the box
leaned back to sleep and snore.

I napped and played throughout the day:
the box more fun than toy.
I saw my parents laugh at me,
and I just smiled coy.

The box was more than I expected.
A toy more than all toys.
A box a noble thing to have,
to play inside with noise.

A box to do most any thing.
To raise me and to guide.
Now that I'm older and think back
my parents loved the ride.

I'm older now and have two kids.
I think I'll buy them gifts.
and knowing what I know of parents,
I'll get a box that lifts.

A cardboard box that's square and simple.
A love of boys and girls.
A home with doors and windows,
that bounces, plops and whirls.

A cardboard box straight from the heart.
No greater love of parents.
One kid's can laugh and play inside.
A love that is transparent.

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In autumn, our love for this farm began, years ago.  
We pulled it out of the ground, and kept steady
And watched the kids and corn and apples grow -
Watched them ripen and become ready.

Such love overflowed our hearts with passion.
Now comfortable, mellow, fruitful, it yields
Cosy warmth as we watch the profusion
Of a job well done from satisfying fields.

Everywhere there is ripeness to the core:
Warm pies with swelled, plump apples from each bough  
Now loaded with golden, yellow blessings, turning more
And more into a falling sunset of leaves covering  the plough. 

Gathering birds listen in the fruit-filled orchards steeped 
In the whispers of the winnowing wind’s crisp air  - passed
Quietly over  the  corn stubble full-reaped  -
That the time to fly is approaching at last.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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I awoke just as the sun rose;
You were still asleep beside.
Your back was to me as you softly breathed;
When I saw you there, I cried.

Dreams that thread through fingers,
Long lost friends that steal away.
You stretched and sleepily turned to me;
I asked you if you’d stay.

You kissed me on the forehead,
And so convincingly smiled.
I took you in my arms and held you;
You giggled like a child.

I awoke just as the sun rose;
You were still asleep beside.
And when you left, I couldn’t sleep,
For remembering how you lied.

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The Windmiller's Guest

The woman he has waited long to see has come to visit him at last! She rests against the rail as he stands nervously and keeps his gaze from going to her breasts. Her modest dress cannot hide from the gent the maid’s allure! He wishes he could still his pounding heart. Oh, she is heaven sent! To see her in his own world is a thrill. For here she now stands, where he often stood and looked out to the valley where she dwelt. He breathes spring air, and everything is good. Such joy before this time he’d never felt! The young man and fair maiden chat a while, but hardly does he hear her words because he only sees her mesmerizing smile, her eyes, her skin. . . He’s blind to any flaws! Night’s shadows soon will fall. He reads her eyes and knows that she, like he, can feel the heat between them, and before they part, she’ll sigh - the moment when he'lll taste two lips so sweet. *See the picture that inspired this poem on Isaiah Zerbst Contest page

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The whole word is set before you,
moving hands wait to applaud you.
Why do you stand aside?
Don't bury yourself inside!
You were made as a whole,
Put on this world to play your role.
Why is it you hide your face?
Keep putting yourself down as if in disgrace?
Lift up your eyes, look straight ahead,
Do this now before your soul is dead!
Strengthen your heart, strengthen yourself,
Why wrap yourself up and stand on a shelf?
A person's wealth should not be measured, with figures as a sign,
But from the honesty of heart and their actions in time.
Do not think yourself worse than the rest,
As it is caring for others, which is life's test.

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A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

A single beauty stood under a Mistletoe Hung Outside the temple of the goddess of love Waiting for the blessing of goddess Frigg And expecting to bond with the man she loved. A young man rushed under the Mistletoe tree Looked with a question mark, an exclamation Followed by a kiss on the forehead, then cheeks On lips then comma after kiss with passion. Both felt something melting that hurt in a way The dreams, longings, sleeping deep got awakened With a long kiss, he plucked berries till the last They got out of the tree enchanted,> +++++ Date 30-11-13 First Place Win Rhonda's Contest

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Carbon Dioxide Blues

He said I was oxygen 
That he couldn’t live without
He said I was the ideal
That he wanted for a wife

He flattered and he praised me
Made me feel like a princess
No one else came even close
His desires he’d thus confess 

He’d waited for me for years
Desperate to be my man
He did ask me more than once
To please love him if I can 

And then I tumbled headlong
Into this prince charming’s arms
I pledged him eternal love
I succumbed to his sweet charms

Many years have passed and now
We are both set to get old
But at times my heart just mourns
For a love that’s getting cold

For though we still make music
To a rhythm all our own
That hungry look has just gone
The passion that I have known

“My love, you’re my oxygen,
You’re the life that I inhale!”
Tell me, though, my beloved
Has that oxygen gone stale?

Am I the carbon dioxide
That you are quick to expel?
Need a fresh O2 supply
That enlivens every cell?

My love, if I’m no longer
The breath that gives you your life  
Remember I’m still that girl
You desired for a wife!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

PS...Soupers, I often tease my husband about this oxygen thing. I guess it is inevitable that somewhere along the line...the mad frenzy of love mellows to a comfortable rhythm. Of course, love needs nurture! I read once that someone told a marriage counselor, "My husband and I are like a comfortable pair of old sneakers," to which she replied, "That's alright, as long as you remember, old sneakers need to dance every now and then!" :) Get the music going!

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January dreams and mists of years past
bring me to this hammock where violins  waft ;
his fingers plucking games, those impish screams   
mist of years past and January dreams.

To listen to stars, I count God’s blessed gifts 
with fables stored from his frail heart’s warm drifts,
his hands swerving mine through fairy tale Mars
I count God’s blessed gifts to listen to stars.

This ashen raven with poisoned arrow
casts a woeful pierce upon his dear chest
drowning his speech and mocking joy’s haven
with poisoned arrow, this ashen raven.

Now I gaze at my Grandpa’s luminous sky
tracing his face as he watches over me
with a hum that our hammocks flame with grace;
my Grandpa’s luminous sky, here I gaze.

In my charmed  heart, violins’ strains I keep
dreams of wondrous rides prance in my sleep
so we shall never in this life be apart,
violin strains I keep in my charmed life.


© swap quatrain

Gail Doyle’s Remembering a Lost Love
7 June 2012

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Your Lover

You cannot forget him
No matter how you try
His image always there
Adored in your mind’s eye

You try hard to forget
How he made your heart ache
You swore that loving him
Was such a bad mistake

Yet, you can’t stop wanting
His hands upon your skin
You write loving letters
Hoping his heart to win

You question tomorrow
Will it bring sweet reprieve?
But it dawns full of pain
As for his love you grieve

You try on your best dress 
Spray on the sweetest scent
Hope that you'll entice him
His absence you resent

You give the best you have
Knowing it will not do
His heart’s with another
He’s not in love with you

So you keep on dreaming
One day he’ll see the light
Be your ardent lover
Through each and every night.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The Rose Of Avalon

Across the ocean far away
Angeles looks to sea
For weeks she’s been expecting him 
her prayers an anxious plea

The winter season has arrived
an angry ocean roars
The other ships have come back home
and all securely moored

The only ship uncounted for 
the Rose Of Avalon
Angeles worries desperately
her faith she falls back on

Each day her hopes are dashed aside
the image disappears
There are no ships beyond the sun
her hopes give way to fears

An then an image reappears
A mast with all its sails
It is the Rose of Avalon
her guns begin to hail

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Love Can Be A Pain

Love can be such a goll darn pain A delicious delectable pain With a large helping of hugs and kisses It can just about drive you insane More than once I heard someone ask Is it really worth all the trouble You better believe it, at half the price Nothing can burst my bubble You sweat and mumble incoherently To concentrate, it's really no use Useless as dangly things hanging from a bull Totally and so udderly obtuse So what can you do if you get infected Well there's really no known cure Just dive right on in, swim around for a while You'll wanna stay I'm pretty sure Let me know how that all works out Many have tried it's well known Never were cured, spend a lifetime in love Now resting comfortably in a home © Jack Ellison 2013

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Friendship's Queue

I wear the gifts of friendship wreathed about my face
all the gifts of friendship, I try to wear with grace
I'm not adorned with gold, no idols fill my space,
just the blessed gifts of friends are all that I embrace.

Their love is held in trinkets small, old cards still displayed,
held within my memory or on the printed page.
Bits of their love dangle on chains about my shades,
all these cherished winsome tokens show me love conveyed.

I am blessed and without want for my world is full
of friends from here, friends from there, even Timbuktu 
On each continent I'm bound lured by friendships pull
if you wish to live without want make a friend or two!

*Dedicated to all my friends on Poetry Soup
  new and old!

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Naked to Bare on the Sea Breeze

Her curves, her undualtions
Cry out for loving hands
Amidst the golden beaches
Peachy skin now manned

Naked to bare in the sea breeze
As the breakers caress the shore
Jojoba oils now delight
She sighs, her desire for more

Now oiled, massaged and appeased
She turns and lies on her back
His eyes now carpet her shapes
Her body shows no lack

Their afternoon progresses
Under beautiful azure blue skies
Sharing a kiss, a whisper of love
Their lips in touching apply

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Crest of Love

When you think of the ocean,
Does it remind you of me?
How those waves of emotion,
Surged with human ecstasy.

Our love was a tidal wave,
Crashing the whole night through.
When I think of the ocean,
It reminds me of you.

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Man's Bestest Friend

Golden Retrievers are the bestest friends They'll love you no matter what Even if you've just had the worst day ever These charmers your heart will touch Their wagging tails are a good indication You're their favourite supplier of love They're also aware you're a supplier of food There's no higher friendship above They're the bestest friend a man can have They trust you to the nth degree Treat them kindly, they're almost like people Except when they need to pee Then they cross their eyes and cross their legs And dance back and forth, to and fro But they never complain, just motor along Unless of course you react to slow Golden Retrievers are the bestest friends They'll love you no matter what They'll love you even if the sky's falling down The bestest damn friend you've got © Jack Ellison 2014

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Fairytale's Knight

Fairytale's take root from times of innocence
Knights in armor save the day
Castles captive beauties hope
Her faith for rescue will not betray

(My Knight...)
Piercing rivers of sky weaved in blue velvet
Melt my soul into warmth
Frail and weak at the sight of him
No story could ever forewarn

His downy touch his strident glance
His soothing gentle whisper
Defied outright by distance or time
He alone possess my love; my Cinderella slipper

Protective echoes of his voice 
Sing a melody of serenity
His affections penetrate the air I breathe
Like the universe shifting it's propensity 

Though time with you comes ever slowly
As our tale now takes it's course
Nothing else can sway what only
Was meant to be solely yours

Habitually he resides in my thoughts
Leaving footprints without presence
Caged in loves sweet embrace
Hungering after him with a vengeance 

Memories of tangled locks
Wrapped round fingertips
Tales of yesterday's Autumn dreams
An ending too soon dismissed

Visions focus on bands of white gold
Enchanted promises soul to soul
His is the hand forever I'll hold
Fairytale wishes a sight to behold

Sadness escapes as happiness prevails
My knight he sweeps me away
With only his sovereign kiss
Says the princess in his day


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You are the air that I breathe
The sunshine on my cheek
But a shadow of a dream
Mi belle magnifique

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Waste not the love of a lady

Waste not her love in all it's tender exhibits
Nor take for granted the look in her eyes
Lest her softness be calloused fictitious 
Or her trust in your heart be despised 

The strength of a man lies not in his stature
Nor the kingdoms he's built in his name
It's not in the dreams defeated or captured
Or heroically owning some blame 

The love of a lady discerns what is true
The child's heart that dwells in her man
His need to be nurtured vulnerabilities debut
Entrance to an unguarded land

There's a bravery more gallant 
Than the absence of fear
When in loves sweet embrace transparent
Gratitudes strength displayed by way of unbridled tears

Ah so few things in life so precious
As the slow dance between woman and man
Fewer still are the moments that leave you breathless
When love finds it's way past adversities plan 

I say... Waste not the love of a lady
Your rugged stance will have its due
Lavish her with pure surrender
Her last breath will whisper... "My love is true"

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A Kiss Under The Mistletoe

Lonely and afraid this cold day
A kiss needed from my cute beau
If only he was here to hold
Right there under the mistletoe

Even though his hair is snow white
No longer dark as indigo
Those sweet kisses are now missed
Let's kiss under the mistletoe

Light an ember, just a small spark
Kisses sweet standing 'pon my tiptoes
Hold me close ever so genteel
Snuggling under the mistletoe  

Until alone in quiet chambers
Playing the lovely piccolo
Embers ignite into full flame
Strings 'pon strings of green mistletoe

Sponsor: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Contest:A Kiss Under The Mistletoe
Written:December 17, 2013

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:sigh of relief:

Words spoken in silence,

[When language does not suffice]

Like a look or a tear, although concise

Can echo a lifetime in your ear,

Much louder than those you can hear.

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Now that you are gone
this life is so empty 
remembering what could have been
struggling with goodbye, as life goes on
does it make me strong ...

We were on the cliff
your love was so pure
heartache was falling, with our breath too shallow
Came from ringlets of devotion
Joining the old with the new....Dripping words my love,
Pains of silence, drop around us
Closed out, definitely alone
The past you cannot see
Crying pain....what else is there to be...

Now my love, now that you are gone
Now forever heartaches, torn apart


Brooke Dylan 2014

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My Soul Awakened

Surrendering my heart to her I cry Tears of joy does fill every part of me I have found life once again in my soul Her eyes send shivers of love completely My soul is awakened, she’s brought me life Every moment I spend will be with her No holes will be left within my old soul Our hearts together, our souls will confer Unified we rightfully blend ourselves Caringly we placed our souls to align We have awakened our love from inside Tenderly we harbor within this sign Her eyes enter my heart, sighting it all Viewing my real love for her which is true It grows greater with each heartbeat each day My soul awakened by her heart anew
Entered into Gail Angel Doyle's "A Soul Awakened" contest 4/13/2013

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Too Much Love

Can we ever possess too much love Can it ever possibly be true That as the years fly relentlessly by And the remaining years are few We try to squeeze out every last ounce Of love till that ultimate day Till we actually burst at the very seams And our emotions are out on display When I was a very much younger man And life felt like a forever thing Never questioned it, gonna live forever Life was one big happy fling Then the realization that as we grow older Love is more important to us The one thing that drives us human beings Love is much more than lust Too much love? It's never ever enough Spread your feelings far and wide Until you take that penultimate breath Don't keep love wrapped up inside © Jack Ellison 2014

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Dictionary Fun

As I struggle through what life throws 
I admonish myself not to give in to the lows
I attempt to get on and give as good as I get
In relationships family and friends and yet

My inner soul sometimes cries out in pain
Needing to cherish a love and passions hot flame
Taste the sweetness of yet another kiss
Watch love bloom and surrender to bliss.

Yearning for two arms to hold me so tight
Tender but burning kisses to delight
Bamboozle the imps of fate that try
To part two lovers to make them cry.

I cherish the love that is given freely
An abomination to those who live only nearly
They live their lives but forget to live
Remembering the take, forgetting the give

They scorn those they cannot match
The green eyed jealous monster they hatch
Affection and friendship can be intertwined
Why cant’ this be the way of all mankind.

© ~GG~ 12/11/2012

Contest Entry Dictionary Fun 

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Long Live Love

A toss of the head
A flick of her hair
The wave of her hand
As her beauty did flare
Her bountiful step
The spring in her stride
Her laugh as we waked 
Hand in hand through the tide
Her mouth with its smile
As we wrote in the sand
Her cries of frustration
As sea coated the land
Those little I love yous
Meant so much back then
That on annual vacations
We repeat them again
For least we forget 
In the daily ado
Our marrital vows
Mean forever I do

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Life's Highway

Speeding along life's highway With the scenery flashing by Must stop and smell the roses There's more than meets the eye We miss the tiny intricacies Subtleties that mean so much Life's delightful wee treasures The warmth of a babies touch A gentle breeze at daybreak Welcoming a brand new day Puffy white billowy clouds Trees as they swing and sway Life's a highway, enjoy the ride The end comes far too soon As you look for it's hidden meaning You reach life's final swoon Reflecting back over the years Of the good times and the bad You realize it's been a blast my friends Thankful for the life you've had With heartaches and some sorrows To get through it all unscathed Is nothing short of a miracle In your memories you're left to bathe © Jack Ellison 2012

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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Been said many many times
But I'm about as fond as I could be
Methinks I've proved it just fine

So don't need none of that absence stuff
Do you catch my drift as they say
I'll permit it for maybe an hour or so
But that's it and certainly not for a day

There's a very severe penalty you must pay
Should you exceed the allotted limit
A basic one hundred kisses and hugs
Plus another twenty-five more per minute

That might seem like a real hefty fine
But it's there to shown you how serious
It is to deprive this depraved old soul
He can wind up disoriented and delirious

Bottom line is, please handle with care
My kind doesn't come along often
Treat me well and I'll be yours for life
I'll make your heart melt and soften

© Jack Ellison 2013

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A Loved Presumed

Summer romance,
Danger from day one,
Desire stronger than need,
Her heart already won.

Both hearts welcomed,
But never perfectly fit,
Passed secrets with lies,
To her hands from his.

His touch powerful and intense,
Made her feel strong,
But could not help her understand,
How it all could feel so wrong.

Hands held her below the water,
He thought she was

Flew through darkness,
Hands clenched to his waist,
He saw what he wanted.
The truth hidden by blind faith.

Fear versus love,
Danger written on his face,
But in her eyes,
Love took it’s place.

She wondered if they could say it,
‘I love you,’
‘I love you, too,’
But words do not always,
Speak the truth.

Truth versus love,
Fear spread thin,
Lets go of his hand,
She does not need him.
Written by my sister for a school project(We only changed two words) But really, I didn't
know she could write poetry! I'm proud. :)
Based off of the novel "Honey, Baby, Sweetheart" by Deb Calleti

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Rose Garden

There`s a rose garden I planted - unpractical fancy,
I spend my days there lost, bemused and enchanted
Such beauty nurtured and grown is meant to be given
Lest the garden becomes a holding cell, a prison

I was told love tears down barriers and breaks through walls
But the roses keep growing, and no one answers my calls
The garden walls are high and strong; I`ve had enough,
My gardening tools onto the ground silently drop

The red on the roses suddenly seems like dried blood
The earth that gave life to such wonder is just mud
Roses, torture me no more with your splendor
I`m no more your defender, to my bitterness I surrender

The garden`s neglected, flowers and weeds grow wild
The fruit of this love is only thorns and this bastard child
Such beauty nurtured and grown was meant to be given
But the garden became a holding cell, a prison

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My Dear Sweet Mom

My Mom was a simple lady That's not meant to be demeaning A sweetie with a heart of gold Still see her gentle face gleaming Passed away over forty years ago But I still remember her smile A smile that told me all was good In her own sweet tender style You'd think that after over forty years Her memory would surely fade Not so, her memory is alive and well Just proves the impact she made She was simple in the way she lived Just a plain old fashioned Mom The kind they write about in novels Always graceful as a swan Still miss my dear sweet Mom Lived a good life until she was eighty Always admired the best in people A true description of a lady © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Poem You Can Never Read

Sometimes fear can catch our tongues
Keeping truths enclosed
Barring words to pass the lips
Words leaving us exposed

And maybe that's what's safer
Than what I'm about to do
But we only get one life to live
And in my life, I want you

You've been inside my heart now
For a long time, but I've been
Afraid that it was just me
Just a dream that I was in

But then you came and touched me
And the feelings came alive
But I've still kept them quiet
Waiting for the perfect time

But time keeps ticking past us
And perfect, time is not
And life goes on without you here
And this isn't what I want

You won't believe how great you are
Well when you're viewed by me
You're really unbelievable
I just wish that you would see

I've seen you become a man
In the years you've been around
I've seen you go through many things
Seen you be up, and then down

I've seen you fight for who you love
I've seen you win and loose
I've seen you go through hard things
I've seen you have to choose

I've seen how you remember
Little silly things each day
That means so much more to me
Than I could even say

I know we come from different worlds, 
But thats alright by me
I know that there are obstacles
Probably more than I could see

I think I'd go a thousand miles
If I could end up in your arms
You see, you broke through my hearts barriers
Leaving me disarmed

As many things as you are
One thing that you're without
Is eyes to see how much I care
I guess I'll have to spell it out

My heart wants to be with you
For us to have our chance at love
And maybe it would work out
To be all we've both dreamed of

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                                                 REMEMBER ME

Remember me in the morning,
Remember me at night,
Remember me throughout your day,
And all will be alright.

As long as you are with me,
As long as I'm with you,
As long as I can hold you close,
And know your love is true,

Though I forget a hundred things,
As time and ties betide,
I won't forget a single thing,
That we've done side by side;

And when our time is over,
And our song is sung,
I will have not one regret,
when all is said and done.

                                      Judy Ball


For Lost And Found Contest by Catie Lindsey  - ( Repost)

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After The Love Affair


She knew there was no more time
Soft Sweet kisses
In the mirrored of pirouette
Arms so strong
Oh how wonderful to be held
And the opening of their eyes
To see....

Die a thousand
Of the last of the looks to be
With Each drop of HER
Is given to the memory
Of HIM....

To try to put out the
Fires of their shimmering lives;
Received by grace
Of a sweet melody
With the passion of the moment
Was it never meant to be?
The flesh shall be given
And to behold this blessed day
With breathe as sweet as daises
And the touch of their hearts
Where his hand will lead
Her soul will follow...

Where all their paths are praise worthy
And the treasures are buried in the precious pearls of
The pleasure most pleasing to her
In his strong face and loving

The sunrise upon their nights
Are missed with her life
Please hold me she begs
From afar
So this love affair is no more
So near.....

To give their love as in heavens
But to be reborn
Where the sky lowers
To see the secrets revealed.
To be, she says.....



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Forgotten Valentine

Two-Fourteen is just another date,
It doesn't mean a thing.
It's been so long since valentines
Could make my young heart sing.

There'll be no greeting in my mail,
No sweet note with my name.
I brush away a silent tear
Remembering love's game.

I open up my treasure box
And once again go through
These memories of the long ago
When love was fresh and new.

There on the very top I find
The card I'm looking for,
From the sweet boy with laughing eyes,
With message to adore.

I put it back into the box
With another wistful tear.
There it will stay for twelve long months,
Forgotten for a year.

Written: 2/1/13

For Forgotten Valentine contest

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Thank You


It is clear that love is not just  a human emotion
And gratitude may be shown in many ways
A spoken word or a sweet kiss on the cheek
Or a lick on the face on the worst of days....

I can't speak in your language its true
But a very great gift you've given to me
Greatful to you  for saving my babies
I hope in my eyes the love you can see....

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Underneath the branches of weeping willow
We shared our flaming passion last night
But when this morning, the sun had risen               
Found the woeful tree, glowing with delight! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  16 SEPTEMBER 2014

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A Poem About Hate

This whole poem is all about hate Like I hate to say goodbye Or I hate the fact I'm not with you Every moment, you and I I hate it when other men look at you Hate to have to share you at all I'd like to lock you up in a dungeon In a castle with twenty foot walls Think I'm greedy well maybe I am Hate to admit it but it's true Want you all to myself all the time On my mind every day through Hate it when other guys look at you You're all mine and mine alone Go ogle some other guy's woman My hatred is very well known The hate that I feel is caused by love Don't ever want to say goodbye This burning love is so overwhelming My hatred just intensifies © Jack Ellison 2014 HA! Fooled you!!!

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My heart has changed color

The rain beats down my window pane Inside, I feel safe, devoid of any pain The night is dark The right time for an artwork My heart is no more colored red These days, it has changed its color These days, it allows itself to be led Being now multicolored, it allows life to take it farther Farther and farther, I go in the discovery of its avenues How delicious are those recipes that life brews Sometimes intoxicating drinks and champagne Other times it gives a dish as tasteful as a lasagne Surely, life wills me to explore farther Else why would it change my heart's color? Why would it hold all of the world's color If not to try to make of my days, something brighter!
14 April 2014

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Love VS Cherish

There is so much talk about “love”
But none at all about “cherish”
One you can fall in and out of
But the other doesn’t perish

The latter is a decision
You make each and every day
To stay beside your “loved” one
Whatever comes your way

“Love” is like a gale force wind
That knocks you clear off your feet
“Cherish” is a quiet promise
That you daily resolve to keep

“Love” is sometimes very ruthless
It leaves you giddy or half dead
“Cherish” is so much the milder
It’s the reasoning in your head

You treasure when you do “cherish”
Everything in your loved one
You know after angry showers
There will still be the brilliant sun

You see all of the good and bad
And all the degrees in between
Yet you  must hold close to your heart
The good places that you have been

“Love” is best friends with “passion”
And it demands full surrender…
“Cherish” is friends with “compassion”
And their vow is to be tender

“Love” and “Cherish” must come together
In every “marriage of true minds”
In the child that they conceive
Is the true love you hope to find.

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Why I Love You

People just don’t understand
Why I love you as I do
They think I am too intense
And perhaps, dear, it is true

But you see, Love, they don’t know
That you are the best of me
They simply cannot fathom
What your presence means to me

For you’re the living product 
Of a love truly sublime
The precious witness of truth
Of two bodies that combine

You are the reason we hope
For the better things in life
The reason that we dream on
Of when daughter becomes wife

But not just for the future
You are why I face each day
Sometimes I want to check out
I know you want me to stay

I sometimes think that this life
Is much more than I can take
But I know I must go on
I survive for your sweet sake

As long as you need Mommy
As long as you need me here
I’ll invest myself in you
I pledge always to be near

You’ve seen the good and bad
You know the demons I fight
Yet you say that you love me
And my world is filled with light

So, dear, why do I love you?
Why do I keep going on?
In a world filled with sorrow
YOU are my heavenly song!

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If I am who I say I am,
And what I claim to be,
It won't be hard to figure out,
My actions tell the story.

I cannot sit 'midst muck and mire,
And claim it isn't so.
I can't ignore the things I'm taught,
And say I'm trying to grow.

I cannot sway this way and that,
And still expect to see,
The same old trust,respect and love,
That once was given freely.

If I'm to keep that love in tact,
It must be guarded fiercely;
Else I may find that love will die,
From being nourished poorly;

For I am what I wish to be,
It's no one's fault but mine.
I cannot blame what I have done,
On some mistake in time;

So if I wish my friends to see,
The dignity I claim,
I cannot hide it deep inside,
While I play foolish games.

                                                                           Living Bible  James 1:26

Living Bible  James 1:27

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Just A Simple Minded SOB

Without the love of another human being The world is a lifeless place The path to happiness is lined with pitfalls Making it difficult to keep pace But the undying love of a special someone Helps us to make it through The pitfalls all seem much less daunting A much clearer path ensues Why is it so difficult to get through our heads Seems very simple to me I'm not a brilliant philosopher or thinker Just a simple minded S.O.B. Us humans were always meant to find love Or keep searching until we do It's all a part of the great master blueprint Love will always see us through Without the love of another human being The world is a lifeless place Resembling a landscape of a distant planet Best leave it without a trace © Jack Ellison 2014

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Below Skies of Azure Blue

The setting was lovely and blissful, the company so divine
In a flowery meadow we sat, this girl soon to be mine
We talked and laughed and cried a little, under blue azure skies
Reflections so true, of two in love, looking into each others eyes

So many things we discussed, about our today and tomorrows
Ahead in life are trials we'll face, being elation and heartfelt sorrows
The one thing that absorbs us two, is the wanting to extend our hearts
Children so very much wanted, will cement our future start

Our moment warrants distraction, hush! as we listen to the sounds around
Nature resonates in abundance, in her beautiful tranquil grounds
The symphony of insects and birds, our choir on this day
Colours that curtain our presence, in graceful rainbow display

We lie looking at the sky, and the freedom of the birds
Who glide and soar their thermals of life, their liberty never earned
Whilst we lie in this flowery meadow, two souls so free to roam
Freedom is granted to us, on this planet that we call home

For the rest of the day we embraced, in silence and loving bliss
Sharing kisses and moments of touch, with no other I would wish
When the time came to leave, over our shoulders we looked around
For this was the day that our future started, amidst natures beautiful ground

It's many years later now, and our children are as free as can be
We all should live this way, and raise them in liberty

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A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

As our lips touch, slight and gentle
Passing under the Mistletoe
On purpose or accidental
Staring upon the Mistletoe

All of a sudden we stare
Looking up at Mistletoe
Our lips caress with care.
Urged on by Mistletoe

Kiss which will amaze
Under hanging Mistletoe
In sixty second gaze
Mysterious Mistletoe

Forty year bond
Invited by Mistletoe
Another kiss spawned
Serendipity in Mistletoe

Sweet sixteen now
Caught under Mistletoe
Oh my word, wow
First kiss below Mistletoe

Date written 


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Celebrate The Day

Gather round people Hear what I say It's another great moment Another fine day! The sun's shining brightly The sky's blue above What more could one ask I'm loaded with love! With love for life And all things pure Wouldn't change it for gold More precious for sure! You can't put a value On joy or on love Let's us just say There's nothing above! It's the ultimate feeling We humans can own What makes it so special You can't love alone! It can't get any better Today is the greatest I'm on top of the sod And that's the latest! Just hug everyone You meet with today You just never know So celebrate the day! © Jack Ellison 2012

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I was promised a bike
Then I made my dad mad
He said it was my fault
All because I was bad

Promises promises
Yes so easy to make
little pieces of dreams
That other people take

My first lover told me
She'd love me for all time
What we had was special
She would always be mine

Promises promises 
Yes so easy to make
Little pieces of dreams
That other people take

Still I kept believing 
These wishes would come true
Promises promises
Would stop making me blue

So I made a promise
One I hoped would be true
It turned out my promise
Wasn't easy to do

Promises promises
Yes so easy to make
Little pieces of dreams
That even I can take

I look to the heavens
I can now see so clear
He's the promise keeper
Who has always been here

His wonderful promises
Have all been made and kept
With this realization
I just silently wept

He gave me some loved ones
To show dreams can come true
There really are people
Whose promises are true

A shout out to some of the promise keepers 
Who have made a difference in my life. Mom, Teresa, Mary and Matthew.
I love you all so much.

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Essence of Your Love


That night I saw you dance across the room,
the essence of beauty you set aglow.
Enchanting splendour like a lily bloom,
guiding quivers deep inside my marrow.	
My craving eyes gazed for indication.
Seductively I motioned for a dance.	
The most gorgeous smile my invitation,
razing my fear, lurching me in a trance

Your porcelain radiant face kindled my mood,	
flashing sensual images to my mind,			
reviving ardently an innate feud,
releasing aspirations long enshrined.

While magical music helped us unwind,
my spirit trembled in expectations,
my legs wobbled as our bodies entwined,
satiating my pride with exultations.

As we danced to the carnal cadences,
infinite passion flared disobedience.
My head was spinning with inferences,
lending an out of body experience

The crowd vanished and the room ceased throbbing, 
As I floated mystically on cloud nine.
To your sweet voice I sensed myself yielding,
my heart bewitched in this moment divine.

The essence of love disarmed my control,
consuming every fibre of my life,
embodying all fragments of my soul.
A unique love once flared remains alive.

Written by: Ronald Zammit
Dated :01.02.2014
Contest:  Essence of your love  - rated 3rd
Sponsored by:  Gail Angel Doyle

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Day One

Day One of my wait Should I call out to Fate My Knight's new mission Would surely last till after the intermission Day Two I cried some more My eyes were red and sore Now life would mean crying encore For the time when pain would be out in my store Day Three showed a new dawn No more will I be a pawn I began to relish the smell of the lawn For freedom asked me not to mourn Day Four saw an emancipated spirit No more pitiful and misfit Now heavy boulders do I lift Such is surely a God's gift Day Five saw the return of my knight He had with him a new sight A maiden who gave me such a fright Her agony, her bondage called for a new insight!

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As Cherubs go he is the king.
A little angel being.
One sent by God to speed up things
between the ones we're seeing.

With bow in hand and arrow drawn.
His quiver laden full.
He takes good aim and hits the spot
with just a little pull.

There's hope for Johnny and for Jane
with live's a little dull.
That if they're special and polite
their passions will not lull.

So have your fun and craziness
and play the lover's game.
But know that one looks out for you
with cupid as his name.

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A Love Poem

In this day and age, it's a rare occurrence
To have feelings so deep that it hurts
People are absorbed in their own little world
A show of love, they try to avert

There's no greater feeling in this old world
Than the feeling of happiness love brings
Be they man or woman it makes no difference
It's a feeling that makes our hearts sing

You can actually go through an entire lifetime
And not know this feeling divine
The triumph of joy and true happiness
It can only be described as sublime

It can lift your spirits on the darkest of days
And help you through all of life's storms
A beacon of light in a dark sky of grey
Nothing else creates a feeling so warm

© Jack Ellison 2012

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A love song

Along the road of life
I carried with me,a loving wife,
more precious than gold,
from a unique mould

Since youth 'til old age
ever her page;
since love did engage,
happiness is my wage


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Be My Valentine

I adorest thee my darling,
So much more than I can say.
If I but had Will Shakespeare’s pen
All my love I couldst relay.

Thou art the beating of my heart,
The sunshine of my day.
And if it couldst but win thy hand,
Fierce dragons I wouldst slay.

Thou hast taken all my senses,
Love hast made me indiscreet.
If thou wouldst be my Valentine,
My pure joy would be replete.


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The Fool That I Am

I am such a fool
For trusting you
I had strong faith
You stole it away

I am such a fool
For believing in you
My kindness and respect
Meant nothing to you

I am such a fool
For loving you
I cared for you
Nothing was returned

I am such a fool
For defending you
Stood behind you
Every step of the way

I am such a fool
For allowing you
To take advantage of me
You escaped so easily

Im am such a fool
Took your abuse
Endless betrayal
No sigh of relief

I am such a fool
I own to my fault
Should have known better
Than to follow my heart

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I'm Still In Love With You

So many years have come and gone
I can’t believe it’s true
I find myself still looking back
on days I spent with you

I've followed you throughout the years
albeit from afar
From time to time I’d hear your name
my heart is still ajar

Sometimes a face book photograph
would brighten up my day
A snapshot from another time
with words that you would say

I gathered courage yesterday
and emailed late last night
My dear, I’m still in love with you
was all that I could write

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Diamonds In Your Eyes

Diamonds In Your Eyes

Your eyes like diamonds
Sparkle now at me
Can I take that as a sign
That we two are to be?

Your eyes like diamonds
Their glare blinds my every thought
My strength is draining
This my love has wrought.

Your eyes like diamonds
Is it that you feel the same
A sparkle in your heart
Struck now by Cupid’s aim?

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A Journey into Darkness

I feel her chilling touch here in my sleep,
My girl of dreams is dressed in shades of night,
Her hunger for fresh blood upon her lips,
My senses know the darkness of her delight.

Her hour has come and now she takes control,
Such beauty burns in love’s eternal fires,
My weakness succumbs to her vampire want,
For she, the woman of my dark desires.

With one bite she purged and raped my soul,
As blood-filled veins became her wanton feast,
Yet beauty let me live another night
As she left before the dawn kissed the east.

Enchanted soul, I longed to feel her touch
To come alive in pain that is my need,
I wanted so much more than her sweet bite,
My own desires had come to take their feed.

Form: Sicilian Quatrains

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10 Minutes to Decide

With his back turned he looks away from her He depends on his trusty watch and waits Her response will be today, he knows it He hears them talk behind him, which abates What did she say, what was her sure answer His friend said that you may now turn around He begins to turn then she says no wait And back to their discussion they went down Minutes went by then it came upon ten He said he’ll turn around now and visit The women stopped their chatter together And he turned, what’s her answer, what is it?
Russell Sivey Contest: George Dunlop Leslie Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst 5/19/2013

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When Things Go Wrong

~WHEN THINGS GO WRONG~ The marriage is over, boredom stepped in, So out with the old and a new one steps in. Fun all the way, money to spend But suddenly you find there will be no good end… Your heart you were to keep safe from being broken The love of this man you will find is nothing but token He is lavish with money he gives your wants and your needs But it comes with a price when your habit he feeds. He started you on a downward spiral If you don’t get off quick you will lose it all… Your kids you have sworn to keep by your side Will not want to stay if you end up inside… Through possessiveness and violence he is in your life Don’t make the mistake of becoming his wife Get rid while you can before it’s too late Bring your kids up in love and never in hate. You have the support you know where to look You won’t get any help from reading a book Turn to your family and listen while you can Think very hard and get rid of this man.
© 9/06/2012 ~GG~

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Thirty eight years has gone by
Songs as old as baby's lullaby
Still the two  leather boxes has survive
When she open with her key... to my surprise!

There... greeting cards, flowers and letters
White papers before... now brown colored
Flowers earlier fresh red... now wilted but preserved
Spotless written words ahead... now little blotted

She said they are priceless and timeless
Though, some laughed and said corny and useless
Yet, from any gold or silver to her its invaluable 
For by these her distant love became possible

As this the testimony of her love
...Embroidered and made perfect by God
Her one and only true love
...No other than - my great dad.

(c) Olive Eloisa
2:00 AM
APRIL 11, 2014
Contest Name:	Antiques 
Sponsor:	Black Eyed Susan
5th Place.. Praise God! :)
________________________my most endearing mom.. :) thank GOD.. :)

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Sign Language for Love

I got a sweet text yesterday
That brought a tear to my eye
It was from my 18 year old
And it almost made me cry

She somehow had remembered
Everytime she’d perform up front
The violin or some school play
For our faces her eyes would hunt

And when she would spot us out there
I’d make sure I would catch her eye
Then I’d quickly sign, “I love you”
Giving her courage to really try

As I stared down at my phone
I thanked God for this daughter of mine
How after all of these years  
She remembered that little sign

As a parent I’ve made mistakes
Done some things I wish I'd forget
Now that she is so far from home
My heart just fills up with regret

But in her message short and sweet
There was love written in each line
I thank God that He’s gifted me
With a precious daughter so fine.

Parents, the small things that you do
May not seem like such a big deal
But when each sign bears your love
Your child’s heart you’re sure to steal

When the years have all sped away
And you remember that sweet smile
I hope a text will assure you
That each effort has been worthwhile

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Fatality Of Fear

How fatal when we let fear win
We destroy what we could have been
God's plan no more for we're in sin
But Jesus is here and Love's gonna win!

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Habit Forming

Lead or follow, who can fathom?
some of both I do suppose,
the measure of our true devotion
lies within our very souls. 

Sporadic arguments and spats,
contorted faces, angry eyes,
or reconciliations struck
lest we distrust, and then despise.

The path to joy is fraught with trials,
trying, testing constantly,
living, loving through the bad times,
seeking equanimity.

Happy days are habit forming,
colouring our lives with fun,
they'll overcome our fears and sorrows
as we reach the setting sun,

and at the end we're lovers blending, 
two hearts with a common goal,
we'll defy the hurts and heartaches,
nurturing will make us whole.

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Golden Retrievers

For those who've never owned a dog Your life has been missing a treat The greatest feeling ever known to man The epitome of love at your feet Most loyal companion we've ever known Our Golden Retriever is that The most happy joyful disposition ever We learn a lot from this fact In spite of all of our many problems These guys are always there They cheer us up and help us realize Life's simple secret is to share Share the love that's in everyone's heart Nothing's more important in life Doggies know, pay attention my friends Their loyalty gets rid of our strife © Jack Ellison 2014

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To myself

Is it a must to be in a couple?
I find life pleasurable as a single
It gives me time to write
Time to search for my height

If it is such a must to be in a couple
Why is is that around me, I see only pain
Everything becomes always disagreeable
Love, after some time, does become a disdain!

Why, I have had my share of love
Once, when I was yet a joyful dove
Chirping madly away, laughing the day away
But love showed me its evil side on that day

Since then, I chose to live only as a single
But it seems that being single means being weird
So, should I succumb and be no more abominable?
Should I follow the route as does most of the herd?

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Amour Kind Sir

Spying on your words
for the wondering wanderer you are
giving distance from afar
with waves of deep emotion
where it meets earth way to far...

Amour kind sir ...."pour l'~ de Dieu!"
loving care, she was his love affair...
It was during the winter cherry
flights untold, for all to be merry
spirit of prophecy golden haired....

Battlefields of love
die from an army of Eros's archers
that raises the mere hearts of old
in the yonder fields of Vandenberg
where the mighty sword has struck so bold...

Her sweet letters flew across the distant lands
to his blue eyes so new, weary from the struggles
he would read the hands of Angels
Oh, Amour Dear Kind Sir, I am in love with you...

Brooke Dylan 2014

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Heathcliff Kind of Love

Give me Heathcliff kind of love
That haunted Wuthering Heights
Obsessive, demented love
That spoke to her ghost at nights

The love that tore at her grave
To hold her close one more time
The love that lit up his face
Made noble his every crime

Give me Rochester love
Plotting to possess Jane Eyre
That though she was no beauty
He considered dazzling fair

Give to me his scheming love
That gladly would break each rule
That drew from her jealous tear
To prove love though it be cruel

Give Colonel Brandon love
Who fought to win her heart
Though broken by another
Kindness glued back every part

When sick at the brink of death
He was there to nurse her back
Devotion and loyalty 
Nothing in him was alack

Give to me this kind of love
That pursues to edge of grave
Maddened and demanding love
That will give it’s all to save

This kind of endearing love
Is what I long for from you
Be it offered now to me
My love you’ll have ever true

Eileen Manassian Ghali

The characters referred to in this poem are taken from three of my favorite classics...Jane Eyre...Wuthering Heights and Sense and Sensibility. I should have mentioned the truthfulness and constancy of Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice....Next time....

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Portrait of My Lady

A delicate face, soft and white it glows Eyes of passion exist, planted on her She lives with supple pink lips, made to kiss No way would I ever come and suffer She doesn’t have an obvious nose, it’s small Her small hands do run smoothly down her face An influence to my heart is expressed She moves on with a good amount of grace I always desire to kiss those sweet lips My finger runs down these lips of glory Down to the perfectly formed lovely chin Where there are tales of a romance story There are moments when her eyes flash with pride And her hair blends in with her rare beauty The whole package is wonderful and true I will forever love her, my lady
Entered into FRANK H.'s "WORD PORTRAIT" contest 4/16/2013

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Down from the Pedestal

You fell from the pedestal
With a strong resounding crash
I rushed to pick the pieces
To throw them out with the trash

I worked to clean the rubble
That your falling left behind
Surprised that I had no tears
For I knew I had been blind

I had simply adored you
I had worshipped at your feet
I had seen you as perfect
To be near you was my treat

I made you a demi god
Invested you with great charm
Couldn’t see the tell-tale cracks
You used devotion to harm

For I thought you were splendid
My life revolved around you
Little did my trusting heart
Believe what they said was true

But then my eyes were opened
Caught a glimpse of what is real
My heart started to crumble
Each piece unable to feel

You fell from the pedestal
I see you with different eyes
That lie was the fatal crack
That brought about your demise

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Regrets are daggers in my soul
the bleeding never ends
The disappointment always near
to cope I still pretend

If I could see you once again
so much I’d want to say
I've spent a life time missing you
I love you still today

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Annie And Zoe

Usually prefer pussycats to dogs Though we have a Golden named Annie Guess it might be a real tossup though Annie's pretty special and uncanny This gal can smell barbecued chicken From at least a couple of rooms away Comes bounding into the kitchen Ready for whatever comes her way How can I resist this gorgeous animal Got me tied around her paw Zoe the cat is a real sweetheart too I'm torn between these two pets-in-law Guess I'll just spread my love between both Annie can show fits of jealousy Chasing Zoe and threatening her life But really they get along quite famously © Jack Ellison 2014

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A Summer Storm

Love's an emotion that is known to all Since the very first day we are born The degree of love and intense infatuation Can be just like a summer storm From a gentle shower to a thunderous roar It exhibits the power of the rain The depth of love can be similar in intensity Can be powerful or a simple refrain A feeling that lives down deep in our soul Like nothing that we've ever felt It can often leave us weak and trembling Slurring our words as we melt Nothing else in our multitude of emotions Can even come close to this joy Like the day our child takes their first step Or young love between girl and boy As time marches on, many things diminish In intensity, in depth, in passion But one thing that will always remain Love will never go out of fashion Love's an emotion that is known to all Basic since the day we are born The degree of love and intense infatuation Can be just like a summer storm © Jack Ellison 2013

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Love Never Dies

You heard it right, old people make love Doesn't end at a predetermined age We love until that Man upstairs calls us With your parents it's still the rage When I was a very much younger lad Thought it died when people became parents Bickering about this thing and that each day No time for those intimate moments What I failed to see behind closed doors The spark that remains through the years No matter the age, love still reigns supreme So you young people, have no fears Trust me, have I ever lied to you before Well maybe a little white lie now and then But about love and the older generation Well no way, wouldn't even pretend So breathe easier my very young people I'm a prime example of endurance Been making love almost sixty-five years Still do when I get the chance! © Jack Ellison 2013

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I see you in the starlight,
I hear you in the breeze,
your face is with me everywhere,
I fall down on my knees.

I pray with all my heart and soul
that you'll be by my side, 
forever 'til the end of time,
as constant as the tide.

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Opposites attract I've heard it said A saying from way back yonder What draws us together no one knows It sure makes all of us ponder Sweeter than chocolate candy you are I'm a mean and cranky old codger We even cheer for two different teams The Yankees and the LA Dodgers Don't know how we ever hooked up Compatibility is not our thing Somehow when all the chips are down Our two hearts in unison sing Our musical tastes are sure not the same Mine's more cultured by choice I listen to Bach and Ludwig Beethoven You listen to Vanilla Ice But through it all, the pros and cons We've kept our flame aglow Way down deep under the surface Seeds of our true love still grow © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Dime Store Romance

How could this be, it just doesn't happen Feels like a dime store romance Something contrived with a short snappy title Too perfect to happen by chance But real love it is, make no mistake As real as the gleam in your eyes When we see a stranger who turns your head Can't stop staring though we try It's best not to question it, this magical time It stays the whole of your life If you recognize the signs jump at the chance They don't usually happen twice A special moment, when the world stands still It can last thirty years or more Nothing can change it, heaven nor hell A feeling that can't be ignored © Jack Ellison 2013

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Acting My Age

“You’re not a giddy teenager
So why can’t you act you’re age?”
I looked at him heartbroken
Then my body shook in a rage

“Being passionate about life
Means I am acting like a child?
You demand that I be demure
Does that mean being meek and mild?

No, no, my dear, I want to shout
I want to be crazy and mad
To stick my head out the window
Belt out love songs that make me glad

I want to let my body move
To a belly dance drumming sound
I want to feel young and alive
Make love without hushing the sound

On days when I water the yard
I want to get wet to the core
As I point the hose to the sky
The wetness makes me crave for more

I want to see my sun catcher
Make the rainbows dance on my wall
And have multicolored sweet dreams
I want to wander through them all

When you take me for a long ride
I’ll let the wind dance with my hair
I want the music to be loud
What if people just stop and stare?

I want to laugh till my sides hurt
And the tears are just streaming down
I want people to be happy
So I play the part of the clown

They say life begins at forty
Now I know that it does for me
Don’t you dare try to bring me down
You know this 'girl' needs to feel free

Peter Pan’s not the only one
Who will stay forever this young
He’s got me for good company
You know, we have songs yet unsung

So…please, if I am eccentric
And acting a little insane
Remember that I’m passionate
So please, I beg you, don’t complain

And when I want to be ravished
Or to play a naughty love game
Don’t say that was for way back then
Don’t you dare try to make me tame

I desire to ingest life
At a mad and frenetic pace
I am desperate to feel the rain
Splashing down on my upturned face

You know that I must be sun kissed
And to spray on coconut spray
To do handstands in seawater
And to bask in this sun drenched day

I want to cry when things move me
I want to feel, to taste, to touch
I want to giggle like a girl
When something does please me so much

I’m sorry I disappoint you
Sorry I don’t act forty five
But before this life is over
I want to feel vibrant…alive!

Yet, I will try not to shame you
Try to tone it down just a bit
But my dear, this fact you must know
In your box, I surely don’t fit

Yes, you may think I’m 'immature'
And I may act much like a teen
But I’d rather be wild and free
Than captive to rules like a queen."

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Sweet virgin, with the tenderest eyes,
We will burn together at the stake.
For all the dreams we tried to douse,
That have kept us both awake.

For I fell into your temptress arms,
Like a child falls into a well.
Like angels fall from the sky,
Like the innocent fall into hell.
Sweet virgin, with the tenderest lips,
And a smile that careens my soul.
We stand together before the crowd,
In a flame that swallows us whole.

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There are wonderful spaces between words They show the difference of the words shown Without the spaces the phrase would run on And there would be little that could be known The space bar is large to make things easy I hit this with ease when space is needed I must show dividing space between words A hot button, a most used spot heeded Even this poem, spaces are about Signals the end of words and start of more Space is necessary to continue To bring a poem a much needed floor An ending space that I do spread onwards If I choose, make a statement at the end I will show off some spaces here towards The emphasis of a word, now a blend
Entrant into Black Eyed Susan's "Space" contest 2/20/2013

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Snow is falling softly, 
there's a log upon the fire, 
love is all around us, 
and we're trembling with desire. 

The room is spinning slowly, 
there are candles on the shelves, 
they flicker o'er our bodies 
and we can't control ourselves. 

Hunger overcomes us 
as we hover, soul to soul, 
we coalesce together 
and two hearts become a whole. 

Spent, exhausted, then we lie 
locked in each others arms, 
I gaze into your soft brown eyes, 
enchanted by your charms. 

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The Windmills Guest

She stood there looking down to ground 
Her once home land she knew
Her eyes saw the drop when she found
The Miller was not true

His choice was money or true love 
His heart he split in two
She found out she was the money.
Then down the windmill flew.

The Miller was distraught it seems
He never meant her death
A lesson he was taught in dreams
Yet still he feels her breath

She called his name as she did jump
It landed on the breeze
Her body landed with a thump
He fell down to his knees

The error of his ways he learnt
But still married for love
But the image was forever burnt
He knew it was his shove.

His true love it then did turn sour 
It was false and no jest
The love he wanted for money
Was now the Miller's guest

The guest walks the mill and land
Sees the wife now untrue
She watches for the hour glass sands
For her revenge to spew.
© 16/03/2013

Competition Entry

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Seasons in Love - Summer

Solar flare of souls, their rebellious radiance glows
Luscious light outflows, all boundaries it outgrows
Seeds break their hulls, toward the light they crawl
Gripping the dark earth tight, craving heavenly light 

The surface is penetrated, broken, a quiet joy unspoken
Blue Angels, Visions, all break out of their dark prisons
Swollen buds, restless stallions seeking out companions
Thunderous discharge of energy puts innocence in jeopardy

Night Blooming Jasmine bent on producing a sweet scent
Toxic fruit is what`s left once the ashen flowers are spent
Tenacious days are losing time, deforming a face once sublime
The sky`s a radiant gold, heavy with summer`s stories untold  

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A Raging Inferno

Love doesn't need to knock you down Sometimes it's ever so subtle Before you know it you're under it's spell Helplessly trapped in love's bubble No use trying to escape the entrapment It's futile you're under it's spell After long and heightened anticipation Your pulse is racing like hell The absolute extreme best kind of love One that's totally uncontrived The kind that happens when least expected That takes you by complete surprise Excitement as much as you can bear You think you're going insane Can't sleep, can't do normal everyday things Your world has been set aflame Love often starts so innocently at first And grows into a love tornado Passionate love that builds and builds Until it's a raging inferno! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Below Azure Blue Skies

On golden sands below azure blue skies
I sensed, I turned and behold my eyes
Naked as birth from the sea she revealed
For moments before her charms were concealed

Curved shapes of woman now allure my thoughts
To touch her skin my desire to be sought
I stand before her, into those eyes I see
She, the woman of my life in front of me

To a rocky outcrop well away from the crowds
Our theatre of dreams allows sighs so allowed
On a blanket of tartan two souls in lie
Naked as birth below azure blue skies

Kisses aplenty tasting the breeze of the sea
Sensuous and delightful as she thralls thee
Her undulations so pure my fingers they walk
Emotions to actions loves language of talk

Two as one we become as we writhe in sync
Entering our world of passion, pretty in pink
Entwined, uncoiled as we respond flushed
Sighs on the breeze as our cove remains lush

Our loving rises in sequence to crashing waves
Two souls releasing their love that they crave
Excitement in us peaks, reverberating
The joys of he and she, in wonderful creating

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Love Notes

The thought of you lingers
Like a song in a dream
It floats like a cloud
O're a delicate stream.  

It delights in your sweetness
And repeats it's refrain
Of a love everlasting
That will always remain.

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Son to Father

When I was just a kid, 
I’d watch you dress in blue. 
Knowing that someday, 
I’d be just like you.
When you’d leave my eyes brimmed, 
And quickly started to stream. 
I idolized you in everyway, 
And wanted to live your dream.
Now that I am older, 
I realize I’m like you. 
Polishing my badge, 
And walking in your shoes. 

I think about your words, 
While filling in my blotter. 
I’m pleased to be like you; 
The pride of son to father. 

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Remembering When

I remember when
I was a frilly butterfly
With a need to be loved
While flying happily up the sky

I remember when
I met him my sweetheart
He was made of pure innocence
And gave my life a new start

I remember when
He broke me up badly
I was still a frail butterfly
But I could now only see love as my enemy

I remember when
I took the vow of turning into Narcissus
True, treading the path alone get lonely
But it is yet better than to be Sisyphus

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So Long

We said goodbye two years ago today -
I'll never forget the way I felt that day.
I couldn't breathe when the door closed between us
And your taillights dimmed as you drove away.

I never thought i'd breathe the same again,
As pain took away all my wind -
And i stood there deflated and broken
Refusing to accept the bitter end.

It happened on my best friend's wedding day.
I'll never understand why you did it that way -
I had visions of our wedding as I was standing there
But you ruined that for me and left my heart betrayed.

I never thought i'd get over it, not in a million years.
I cried what seemed a river's worh of tears.
I mourned for you like someone mourns the dead -
It was the realization of all my fears.

But once the salt left my wounds, I realized I was free,
Free from all the emotional torture you gave me.
Free from wondering where you were -
Free from the fragile little girl you made me be.

And I never looked back once you were gone.
I learned how hurt can make you strong,
I learned what a real man should be.
And with that, my old dear lover, so long.

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You're My Angel

I heard a song,
I studied the picture.
I read the title,
And I remembered you.

The song? It was about a guy,
Who loved a girl
His angel.
His only Sunshine, Whose arms he was happy in.

The picture? An angel,
Born new to the world,
Shattering her shell,
The bonds that he helped to break.

-The title? A game we used to play,
-A game I teased you with.
-A game that made us laugh.
-The title? You're my Angel.

"You're my Angel,
You're the only sunshine in my life,
Feels like heaven when you take me in your arms."
A moment in the song that tears me up every time.

I remember the game, do you?
I always teased you..
Called her my Angel...
You would always give me the craziest look and "gibbs" me

A slap in the back of the head.
And I'd go "fine. my angel of darkness"
And you'd smile and giggle...
And Id feel like im floating in the clouds.

those moments were when I were my happiest.
When I felt closest to you.
When I swear I could feel your heartbeat,
And hear your thoughts.

I guess what I'm trying to say,
Is that in my eyes, you'll always be my Angel,
And no, not an Angel of the Darkness,
But a true, pure Angel that saved me.

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The greatest treasure on this earth, 
A joy that knows no end,
Is the timeless, never failing love 
Of a true and faithful friend.

And thus you are to me, my friend,
And thus you'll always be.
Your sincere love and friendship
Means the world, and more, to me.

In times of need you were right there
To lend a helping hand.
When my soul is heavy-laden,
You seem to always understand.

With abundant wealth of friendship,
I know I'm heaven-blest, 
But of all the friends I've ever known
To me, you've been the very best.

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The Reality of A Dream

The Reality of A Dream.

The poison crown that bound my head,
did bring a sober theme,
'all the less, is of loving said,
a dream is left a dream'.

So in my strength, I broke the ring,
with all the fair alarms,
as crownless was a lovers king,
a king to loving arms.

I feared now not, the roaring hall,
equivalent to decay,
but all the wealth to me was pall,
the poison and delay.

Days on which we as winters wept,
Do rest those silver trees,
the suns that had us burning kept,
now dance the summers breeze.

I ran across to foreign lands,
to then my love pursue;
how homes are there in wishing sands
I wish! --I always knew.

There is no more a different state,
--two lives with joy ascend;
does hurt us not, a vermin's hate,
when love its self defends.

See yet the moon --in golden heels,
when I am calm and wise,
now cheerish I how dreaming feels;
a dream --with open eyes.

R.N.Khan, © 2011

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My Love

My love just thinking about you
It always blows my mind
My love I sprinkle about you
Tastes like the finest wine

My love that I will give to you
Will stand the tests of time
My love I will be here for you
As long as you are mine

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BE STILL, MY BEATING HEART Be still, my beating heart, I say As he strides into the room; He looks around with confidence While women around him swoon. He saunters over to the bar And orders up two drinks; He looks so dashing in a tux Perhaps a drink for me, methinks. He sets the glasses on the bar, Turns and looks me up and down; Then my husband waltzes to the floor With his arm around my bridal gown. © ELR 2013

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Soul Mate

One of us is already dead,
One of us is still living,
I can't get out of my head,
All the love you keep giving.

For one of us, our blood is cold,
For one of us, our blood is hot,
My life continues to unfold,
While you have begun to rot.

One of our hearts is still beating,
One of our hearts is now silent,
We have to wait, I keep repeating,
But, somehow you remain defiant.

Your soul will continue to roam,
Your soul mate will always be here,
Here, you shall always have a home,
So, please, please, just stay near.

I know that you are my soul mate,
I know that I am yours forever,
I promise we'll meet on a future date,
We are entwined, and that you cannot sever.

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Once More

I see your name here and there
Suddenly, I can’t get you off my mind
I catch your fragrance on the air
Remembering when your lips touched mine

I feel your presence all around
In the night and the sunshine, warm
I would give all, and all again
To hold you once more in my arms

                       ~Christopher Thor Britt

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Love And Laughter

The funnies are stealing back into my soul They've never really strayed very far Both love and laughter make a great pair It's the place I latch on to my star Laughing they say is good for your ticker Got a pretty strong heart this old man From first light of day till the very last glimmer Love and laughter go hand in hand Makes the world spin, well certainly mine Sometimes have a tendency to get down With uncontrollable things that happen in life Smile brightly and banish the frowns Just tell yourself a silly old groaner But try hard to keep a straight face People around you will slowly back away And quietly give you some space The funnies are back but not all the way But stay tuned and trust me I say Has this old guy ever lied to you before Let's not go there... just have a nice day! © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Dear Dear Friend

Was really disappointed today Was supposed to meet a dear dear friend Things got in the way and sadly Had to postpone our meeting again I'm adopting her as my daughter An honour that I accept with pride Sadly her relationship with her real dad Was very much on the rocky side So I'm the fortunate benefactor Of a soul that's longing this connection I'm truly only too happy to oblige As I shower her with affection A sweetie this dear dear friend of mine My undying love runs deep Adore this girl more than words can say With tears of joy, I weep She's happily married with kids of her own But there's been a void in her life So honoured to be her replacement dad Sure didn't have to think twice <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Linger Over Me

Linger over me, my love
Give me a moment’s more care
Stay a while longer, dear one
Wrap my soul in softness fair

Wait until I’ve had my fill
Till ripples finally recede
Wait till tranquil dreams are past
Hold me to your heart, I plead

Linger over me, my love
Whisper sweet nothings to me
Run your fingers through my hair
Cloistered in love let me be

Linger over me, my love
Close luscious lips over mine
Give me benediction's kiss
Wet with a full bodied wine

Stay with me longer, my heart
Don’t rush this sweet afterglow
For in these dulcet moments
My mysteries you will know

Linger over me, my love
Prolong this time, I entreat
Let my heart glow in this truth
That to you my love is sweet

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The best investment I ever made

My son upon this Christmas Eve 
I reminisce of midnight hours
Your fingers dancing over tenuous keys
And the emotions your talent empowers

I couldn't comprehend how you taught yourself to play 
Or just how this symphony of one became 
The songs you have inside of you like heaven on display
I revel in your poignant craft uniquely unprofaned

It's true that your propensity 
Can lean toward darkened depth
A common vein for artists 
To be moody and depressed

For your pain releases beauty 
by your gift it's voice relates
You know your in the masters company 
of Mozart, Bach, and Hemingway

So when your struggles weigh 
As the sea laden oceans sand
Take your seat and breathe
Stretch out your feral hands

Creating an instrumental euphoria 
For the lonely and the damned
Open the gate to moods your feigning
Though others will misunderstand 

Christmas Eve and it's memories
This flashback came my way
Of your very first piano 
The best investment I ever made

But one day when I'm aged and old
It will be you who cares for me
Play for me then on that Christmas Eve 
With your love in every stroke 

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Goodnight, My Love

My head’s upon my pillow Still light enough to see How lucky I truly am By the face in front of me She doesn’t even know it As shadows bless her face I will follow her anywhere At any time, to anyplace She’s my feather in the wind The floating guide before my eyes I’ll follow her forever Wherever she so flies My inspiration and my muse She’s a feather from a dove My one and only forever She’s my one and only love Her silence, there, is beauty Her scent, of angel’s breath I’m enslaved to all she is My strength, there’s nothing left I am weakened sure and like it If it means to share her life As my eyes close on my pillow Good night my love, my wife She’s my feather in the wind The floating guide before my eyes I’ll follow her forever Wherever she so flies My inspiration and my muse She’s a feather from a dove My one and only forever She’s my one and only love

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A Place In The Sun

     A Place In The Sun

In church at night by blue candles sway
Standing over them in prayer 
Each one represents a soul from yesterday
Held together there

Spiritual energy surrounds the tabernacle alter
God’s home away from home on Earth
He smiles, blessed by holy water
Gives us gentle peace and solid worth  

I stand together with Jesus over candle lights
Then step outside with Him to view the morning sun 
The warmth of nature that feels just right 
Knowing life has just begun

Created on 1/14/15 for- Gail Angel Doyle Poetry Contest “ A Place In The Sun”

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          WHY NOT TO LIE

If you want to know why I love you
And why I do the things you make me do
I could tell you that I know precisely why
But that would be a mother f*****g lie

Day after day I’ve had  one simple request
And after those days I require quietude and rest
Because day after day I want to talk of our future alone
Alas the past is your master so the reason I still love you remains unknown

I know for certain I love you but I don’t know why that should be
Because you are the selfish one when you blame things on me
I should, by all rights, leave you far behind
But you and I both  know I’m not that unkind

What I am sure of is most men I know would have bid you goodbye
And wouldn’t care how long and loudly you cry
So if you want to know why I still love you 
I haven’t got a god-damned clue
           © 2010.…..Poefree

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Why Red Roses Flow

Every year she returns to the scene
This place in question where life has been mean
On muddy banks down by the waterline
Alone in her tomorrow's, solitary resigned

Having already lost her husband in his freedom fight
No mother should enter this fateful night
Her baby, her son, that a mother sees to grow
Wandered from her safety to that fast water flow

All innocent and fearless little steps slowly walk
In playful surrounds just barely in talk
Noises up ahead attract this mind to peek see
So curious they are when they get a chance to break free

Down an unclimbable bank he faces his lure
Once a slow flowing stream soon to take natures pure
Yesterdays storms allowed the heavens to cry
Whilst his mother kneels down and still asks herself why

In her hand she clasps a bunch of Roses so red
Tears fill her eyes knowing her tomorrow's lie dread
Once again she looks back, facing a mothers fear
A last glimpse of the flow, feeling her lost sons tears

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I woke to you exploring my coastline
finger tracing every hidden, jutted stone
weathered wood
and whipping titanium grass

Your muffled voice in the dark
filling up the creaking tide pools
in india ink
careless and velvet

I find I can only proceed
when it is accidentally breathed in
By muttering into your mouth
words that feel full like marbles, such as:

'I don’t want to say I love you any more'
And so, You flitted in the dark, like a feathery moth
For one singular moment
until I was fairly sure that you were dead

You once told me that you used to fear
I would explode like a firecracker in your hand
Leave you stranded
in gas station bathrooms with leaky mirrors.

Forget to pack your lunch before bed
Slip you words into your pocket
That linger sourly all the day
I'll even forget to write the Christmas cards on time

Faithfully, I remind you 
of the fast filling swimming lessons in turquoise green
The abrasive pad of your finger sending me drifting-
though I am tethered hundreds of thousand years beneath  

You wake me instead from starry night dreams
the sound of coffee pots brewing 
pushing open the airways in my lungs, taking hold
to root themselves in clay instead of dream. 

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To all those reading this, to all those that are awake
Take with you my love, it is there to take
Keep your spirits up; be they topped with a mixer
Raise a glass to all, for love is life’s elixir

May the New Year bring you blessings, blessings all around.
Even if it costs you, pay out for another round
I wish to all the best for you, I pray it will come true
And not only that, I have some plans especially for you.

You know who you are; at least I’d like to think
So raise a glass to us, go and have another drink
It will keep you calm until we meet and knowing I love you
Until we meet again, and watch the flame of love burn true.

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Its late March and spring has wafted in,
and we await a rebirth of that distant love...
we wished had, somehow, blossomed in us to allow
a fiery passion overwhelm us as darkness kicked in.

From that memorable day, our young faces shone:
we foresaw a happy future, if only destiny had been kinder
and granted us that desire before it was gone...
why did we vainly wait for moments so impossible and divine? 

Within this diary's small pages, I seal with deep regret
these immortal words that have become us instead...
we who weren't afraid of confessing to whomever read
them and understood the obstacles we had encountered.

It's late evening and raindrops erase the vision that enchanted me,
and easily stirred by a sad emotion I recall our wounded vanity...
we shouldn't have let distance destroy our dream, the dream of being together;
now, all that's left are these immortal words that other lovers should remember.  

Written by Andrew Crisci for Constance's contest, " The Diary "

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I Smile

The tables have turned
A new chapter in my book
I was giving up hope
But risked a second look

Strolling into my life
With speckled shoulders and toothy smile
Saves me from it all
Tells me holding on could be worthwhile

A raging, fast current
Leaves me head over heels
Changing souls into fire
Rather than rusting steel

In a look there was love
That had never been spoken
Mending and healing
The things that should never be broken

Life and love just keeps growing
And I’ve stopped biting my tongue
I’m collapsed in a heap of smiles
And I feel fresh air replete my lungs

My heart thumping felicity
Through my once hollow veins
Accepting all of life
And cleaning out the stains

Dancing on my toes
Eager for your lips
That have shown me what’s real
Replaced old life’s script

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Roses for P D

The rose, memorialized by William Shakespeare, Has been on this Earth for some millions of years. Did she dazzle in her pre-historic existence? Did her beauty bring the dinosaurs to tears? Despite her age, the rose is still a winner. She's the queen of all of flowerdom today. New varieties entrance and scents enchant me As I linger on my rose lined walkaway. No other flower has so long a season. None other comes in such beguiling dress. A lover chooses her to woo his lady, Who accepts his gift and holds it to her breast. She comes in all the latest styles and colors. Her scent is mesmerizing to the nose. With nothing in this whole wide world so lovely, My valentine for P. D. is the rose. By: Joyce Johnson dedicated to P. D. The Rose of our pages. Won a 2nd

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Perennial Youth

Oh the days of summer will soon be upon us To warm us and fill us with joy Those bright sunny days and cool starlit nights So sweetly our spirits they buoy Gone through a bunch of these halcyon days At my age I should be blasé No matter the number each one's still a joy Like my very first summer's day What wonders this dear old world still creates Each year after year without fail The predictors of doom keep warning us guys But still a new summer we hail So now that I've reached my senior years I've come to realize a truth With many triumphs and some sad events Life shares a perennial youth © Jack Ellison 2013

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Her Reluctant Farewell

I take one last look at your disappointed face
As one glistening tear slides down your cheek
But I no longer wish to stay in this place
A life of adventure I wish to seek

The romance we kindled must come to a close
Our relationship ends now that I’m to depart
I do wish that this breakup were not so morose
Only I have committed that my life shall restart

As you look at me from the balcony above
And I at you from the street below
I bless you with my everlasting love
Adieu, my dear for now I must go.

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Love Umbrella- A lento

Love’s Umbrella- A lento Care not for the umbrella unopened Share the drops dripping down unrestrained Fire inside, glowing in smiles shared Slumbered by, in the misty rain. Let love be umbrella to protect you from the rain That falls from the clouds of joy or sadness Protected you are always from life’s storm Upset not till shines the sun of warmth and happiness. Walking then with hand in hand in the misty rain Feeling the warmth, drenched in each other Living on moments, surrounded by haze Nothing, not even a fraction of the day matters.
+++++++ March 31, 2014 Form: Quatrain Dr. Ram Mehta Third Place Win Contest: Umbrella theme by Leonora Galinta

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I Did Not Believe in Angels, Till

I did not believe in angels
Til I saw your satin face;
My God, your eyes consumed me so--
Gave my heart the will to race.

Oh lovely, I am at your feet,
I have known you in my dreams;
You own my heart, now soothe my soul
With moonlight's powder beams.

Take me to where angels go,
If there's anyway you can;
Or lay your wings and halo down
And know me as a man.

As I would trade my very life
For this, and only this;
To experience the ecstasy
Of your sweet, angelic kiss.


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An Ode to Grapefruits

Grapefruits are my favorite fruit
The taste is sweet and quite acute
Worthy of praise, grapefruits are
The most delectable by far

No other fruit can quite compare
Not apple, coconut, or pear
I love my grapefruit, every night
We make sweet love, uncontrite

All the haters can go to hell
Grapefruit and I get along swell
If you're a bigot, **** yourself
I'm grapefruit-sexual, and proud of myself

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The Charm Of A Poem About Love

The charm of a well written love poem Can actually bring you to tears Well chosen words conveying your feelings Of love but also the fears Fears that a loving romance will fade And become so very routine To keep love alive must remember each day Show her how much her love means Show her by all the little things that count That show her she's a special lady The one you've chosen to be with forever No ifs, no ands, and no maybes Amazing how they keep the fire burning Small things that mean so much Things that may seem unimportant to you As simple as a gentle touch Don't get me wrong, I'm surely no expert When it comes to the secret of fidelity But after many years of studying about love These things are written indelibly The charm of a well written love poem Can actually bring you to tears Chosen words that promise love forever Through all of the coming years © Jack Ellison 2013

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The Aborigine Boy

The aborigine boy, his poor young heart was yearning
For the young raven haired girl, a passion was quickly burning
He was to carve his first boomerang to prove he was a man
If it returned back to him, he would carry out his plan.

He took the mulga branch and checked it was just so
The angle was correct, he couldn’t wait for his first throw
He split the branch and picked the piece that he knew would work
He had learnt from his ancestors, his walkabouts he never did shirk.

The branch he split, he took a stone and carved his mulga with care
He wanted it to fly and return, then win his maiden with raven hair
He inscribed it with his love and painted it with ochre of red
He took it to the outback and threw his first throw with a dread.

The boomerang did spin, it twisted and then dropped
The young aborigine felt his love and life, had suddenly stopped
He tried again he flicked his wrist it spun up heavenward
It spun it’s last spin and once again it was then floored.

His love was slipping away, a man he was not to be
His raven haired love, his bursting heart would never see
He tried and tried and then with a long last flick of his wrist
He had learnt the way he saw; he pounded the air with his fist.

His boomerang started to turn; it started on its first return
He danced as he watched it, and he felt his loins begin to burn
He jumped up and down waiting; he saw a glint of red
He knew he had done it, when it smacked him in the head

He had learnt to make his weapon 
But his plan did not quite hatch
In learning to make the boomerang,
He forgot to learn how it to catch…

© 21/01/2013~GG~
Contest entry:
Inspiration came from Seren Roberts Poem 'Always To Return'

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We are not the same

"We are not the same"

A man is born to a gentle tune
The world looks on in shame
One day his spirit will fairly bloom
The world is not the same

A woman is born with calloused hands
The world looks upon her in disgust
By her own measure she will stand
Upon her strength the world will trust

While parents share confused looks
And holy men say their prayers
So it is written in the books
These children can not be theirs

And as these two will grow
They are only boy and girl in name
For these two lovers know
Their world is not the same

The boy will look upon another
As the girl will find her own
This boy will never create a mother
This girl, a boy has never known

The young man stands proud
Another such as he, at his side
With them the girl shouts loud
Their true nature, they will not hide

This man and woman shall shine
Their wild hearts, never tame
For gay love, has come the time
That old world, is no longer the same

To this world is born a different sort
And with it a new love came
And now prejudice must be cut short
For we accept, we are not the same

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Seasons in Love - Fall

The old blaze won`t keep us warm any longer
The light is fading, the cold grows stronger
Flames of a dying fire glow in lovers` eyes
In a gray sky a lonely blackbird westward flies

Broody brushes dripping with boundless yellow
Paint images of memories melancholy, mellow
With fruits lavishly loaded, with ripeness replete 
All turn inward, a final task to carefully complete

What was sown and grown now must be reaped
The harvest is ready to be collected and heaped
One last eclectic parade of a once were fascination
Falling leaves, dying dreams, approaching cessation

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Sweet seduction- Swap Quatrain

 Like summer breeze with sweet caress
 Her beauty does  indeed impress
  And   her dulcet perfume does tease
With sweet caress like summer breeze

In the moonlight my heart flutters
"I love you" is what I utter
Her perfume fills me with delight
My heart flutters in the moonlight

Upon her lips I plant a kiss
'Neath starry skies I am in bliss
As  I caress her lovely hips
I plant a kiss upon her lips

Forevermore she'll be my pearl
A dance of love as hearts do swirl
She's  the one I'll always adore
She'll be my pearl forevermore

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Hold Me

Tonight, hold me in your arms
Assure me MY love is best
Tell me I'm beautiful, fair
You've forgotten all the rest

Hold me…my love…hold me
Look deeply into my eyes
Tell me what I long to hear
Even if they are sweet lies

Hold man…Hold me
I'm dying for your strong arms
I want to be cradled there
Feeling safe from earthly harms

I want to feel I’m secure
My sanity is restored
I want to hold on to you
Nestled in heaven, adored

Hold life…hold me
I am growing faint and weak
I am in need of comfort
Words of love to my heart speak

Hold sweet….hold me
This heart is about to break
I need you to rescue me
Hold me close, for heaven's sake

In this your gentle holding
If tenderness turns to need
Then consume me at your will
On my love for you now feed

Satisfied, let ME hold you
Till you drift off into sleep
Knowing you are sheltered
In this woman’s love, so deep

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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The Pause Button

I’m pressing the pause button
So certain it will be fine
I’m not going to rewind
No, not doing that this time

Not going to hit fast forward
I really don’t want to age
And though at times I’m tempted
The stop button I’ll not engage

No….will hit the pause button
I’m going to stretch out this time
Going to savor each moment
In this love hour divine

I’m going to live each second
I’m going to make time stand still
For now I’m omnipotent
I can do it and….. I will

I’m going to press the pause button
Be oblivious to time
I’ll make you forget all else
Except that right now….you’re mine.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Granny's Paradise

Each summer after school let out
I’d travel far away
To spend two weeks at Granny’s house
oh how we both would play

My Granny had a secret place
She often shared with me
A garden that turned fantasy                        
Into reality

So magical and wonderful
my Grannie’s paradise
A garden that would come alive   
and catch me by surprise  

Each day it seemed the garden changed
new blossom’s would appear
My Granny would delight in this
sometimes I’d see a deer!

We’d walk along the garden trail
her stories came to life
Sometimes I saw the characters
they smiled as we walked by 

Her heart was filled with melody
I loved to hold her hand
A gentle soul so full of love
I was her little man

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Complicated Simplicity

She’s fighting me all the way.
She won’t hear it.
It’s a definite detriment, 
to the spirit.

Perhaps it’s the way 
I’m presenting it,
She wastes our time,
just resenting it.

The Lord somehow
Has me in training,
and uses these heartaches,
for explaining.

“There, there now,
  My little fool,
  It’s so simple,
  My Golden Rule.”

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The wetness of your warm sweet lips Tells me the time is right To begin a subtle exploration of love A time to nibble and bite To caress the tender areas of love A soft caressing of skin A tantalizing roaming of gentle fingers Probing, searching within Slender young bodies rise and fall With the rhythm of the dance An unrelenting force that drives us on A tender knowing glance Nothing ever comes close to the thrill As passions rise ever skyward The most extreme of human emotions The ultimate of love inspired Wetness of your warm sweet womanhood That moment of sharing, of lust An indescribable moment of pure ecstasy Of desire till that final thrust © Jack Ellison 2014

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That willow tree

We stood there so close together
holding onto elusive dreams.
We knew the choice wasn't whether
we loved; rather, to what extremes.
I thought you thought we were meant to be.
You thought I thought love came easily,
but I was there to see you smile
under that willow tree.

I knew we were tempted to stay;
who would have thought we'd been this bold?
The truth was more than we should say;
as some things are best left untold.
I hoped you hoped a kiss might move me.
You hoped I hoped love came patiently,
but I was there to see you cry
under that willow tree.

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Hope I Don't Wake Up Dead

The time is fast approaching We'll be on the move once more Our life has had a number of chapters Wondering what's next in store I'm filled with great expectations Can't imagine what lies ahead Really hope things don't turn nasty And one day I wake up dead! Sure would miss all the good things Like watching the kiddies at play Or a picnic in our favourite park Trying to keep the bugs away Must admit there's a couple of things Wouldn't have to worry bout no more Like credit cards maxed to the hilt Or fighting on distant shores No more cares about rush hour traffic Or the noisy neighbours next door Couldn't care less about the World Series Won't care if I don't hear the score Tornados, hurricanes, fires and floods Would be someone else's worry I'll be sitting in a big easy chair up yonder Absolutely no more reason to hurry The time is fast approaching Knew it would come sooner or later Been ready now for a bunch of years To ride the “UP” elevator © Jack Ellison 2013

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Amidst a Heathery Hue

Amidst a heathery hue below a towering Ben
A beautiful maiden graces this proud of Highland men
From overseas she sailed her visions now finally clear
She lies before me in witness my heart pounds she is so near

Face to face we are chattering like birds on the wing
My hand she takes to her bosom her heart now starts to sing
Of melodies about love and the wanting of loving arms
No more hurt and sorrow just days full of romantic charms

Future days in blissful awakenings, just as it should be
My arms like canopies of green all wrapped around this loving she
Many kisses and cuddles that anoint this blissful pair
Speechless amidst a heathery hue, for all I can do is stare

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A simple prayer

To God above, I have to find a way,
I drop to my knees and graciously pray.
I know what I mean is not always what I say,
But I pray for your presence to see me through today.

God raise me up I have been down so long,
I can’t be sure but felt like you were gone.
I need some help can you grant me this?
To feel peace again and swim in your bliss.

I’m not much for prayer, yet I do believe.
I need to feel your presence and not for you to leave.
I think about love and want to feel it still,
Just say the words, you know of my will.

I’m not looking for an answer I seek the truth.
I slip to a simpler time , days of my youth.
I want to feel your presence inside of my heart,
The world outside keeps ripping all of this apart.

People tell me to believe and you are always there.
Open up my heart and help me with all I care.
I’ve been waiting for a while, it seems no one is home.
It is hard to feel faith when you stand alone.

I hope that you can hear me I really want to know,
I want to make my peace and have love just grow.
I look up to the heavens and want to see a sign,
Put these demons to rest and learn to feel fine.

God I want to walk with you and ask please,
I want to feel whole so I drop to me knees.
I’m hoping you can be there to rise me up.
To drink once again from eternity’s cup.

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Why Fate Why

Came upon my doorstep
Once upon a winter's night
A man with a heavy footstep
In need of a new day's sight!

Pity overcame me and I gave him my heart
And he made of me his own sweetheart
Yet I knew not when I was all torn
And held of life as an object of mourn

Long ago that was,
Today, breathing are my scars
Even I let go of all those wars
I cannot dream again of those stars

Blurred was my whole life
Once a lover, now seeing only strife
I can only ask Fate,
You who watch my gait,

You who gave me such a sorry state
Why, Why?  Could you not wait?
Could you not let me be
Happy in this reality?

All I ever wanted was to help
All I ever did was to whelp
Like a wounded animal
Like a disillusioned girl in need of her pal!

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Caught in the crossfire

Turmoil looms over private skies
Thick with fog firmly affixed to a bedroom ceiling
Though squinting escapes clarity's eyes 
Of love and hate in the brotherly cloud of feelings

Of flesh and blood consumed with rage
Over jealous tirades turned warriors gun
As woeful stains turn the scrapbook page
On a mothers memories of her sons

Must steps so steep decline to this
For boys to prove they're men
To stand a savior when comes a crisis
Yet left but a splinter his heart he'll rend

One brute one tongue thrice will leave
A mothers love the referee
Her tug-rope heart torn from anxiety
Caught in the crossfire of sibling rivalry

A crystal tear center stage
On the battleground that began with play
So it falls till you reach that age
When you learn the wisdom of walking away

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True Knight

I used to dream when I was new
Of midnight curls, eyes sapphire blue:
Long years ago, it now does seem
When I was new, I used to dream.

I must confess, as dreams are free
I didn't see you wait for me.
My eyes were shut, my heart no less
As dreams are free, I must confess.

Then years flew by; I woke at last
My childhood dreams became my past.
With just three words, a dance, a sigh
I woke at last – then years flew by.

The love I found, it went away;
I lost your hand one sunny day.
It slipped from mine, fell to the ground:
It went away, the love I found.

My strength, my world, I watched it fade,
Those years of light fell into shade.
My body done, my soul unfurled, 
I watched it fade, my strength, my world.

The past is haze but I’m not done;
I linger on: alone, I’m one.
I fear my grief will drown my days,
But I’m not done – the past is haze.

The love we share, it’s all I need,
For though I’m lost, I know you’ll lead.
I’ll follow you and break despair – 
It’s all I need, the love we share.

(a swap quatrain poem for Andrea Dietrich’s 'Swap Quatrains' Contest)

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Love Betrayed

I gave her my heart and life,
but it was such a deep illusion,
which cut my soul and being with a knife,
I stood by her during trails and diffusion.

Due to leadership tussle at my work place,
which led to my set-up with a big error,
I thought she was there to save my face,...
My sentence to six months was a big terror.

I believe she`ll stood by to put more pressure,
This was not suppose to be my portion,
With her love,I`ll serve with all pleasure,
At the end,our love will have a wonderful caption.

It was like being hit by a hurricane,
When I learned that she left with my lass,
My Baby,that I cherished more than sugarcane,
I wept!,wept like a teenager with a pain in the ass.

she left me empty with no money,
Faraway to an unknown land by air,
Even though I love her more than honey,
This treatment is killing and strictly unfair.

I doubt whether I can still love again,
For my heart is damaged and irreparable,
Even if passion and love fall like rain,
my love is dead,gone and irrefutable.

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A Knock on the door and 
my eyes awoken
I stared at the ceiling for 
a minute or two
My bones refused to get 
up to open
Louder and louder I think 
it knew this too

Battle in my head I could 
barely think
I walked to the door like I 
was broken
Reached for the 
knob and lungs filled 
matter,heavy and thick
Three shots of tequila 
was all I had taken

I opened the door as if 
on a mission
Nice polished shoes,black 
pants and shirt nicely 
ironed too
Tray in hand,his words of 
concern for my isolation
Danced out of my ear 
with obvious jubilation

One look was all I needed 
to be taken
By those luscious lips and 
charming infectious eyes 
Matter forgotten as I was 
lost in those eyes that 
seemed like heaven
One look and I was 
sold,one look and I was 

For the 'Taken' contest

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Elm trees shed their trembling leaves, 
the scorch of daylight dies, and evening drips 
in pools of reddish hue as I bereave                                                                               
the absence of my heart's desire.

Happiness, a blessing I may never feel again
is slipping from my memory, as distant as the moon;
'neath sunlit skies I roam for miles to look for rain
in search of solace, for my spirit's sorely hewn.

Her gleaming beauty doth illuminate the night, 
sets flares to shame, outshines the blushing rose!
I'd trade my wealth, halt the oceans in their flight 
if only she'd forgive me, put an end to all my woes.   

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Lost And Found

Moon is to the night,
As sun is to the day,
Aligning only in sight,
But, eclipses do not stay.

Lightning exists in a cloud,
The ground is miles away,
Their connection can be loud,
Electrifying when it may.

The sun sets on the sea,
But, never touches it,
You shine light on me,
Igniting my fire a bit.

I am way down here,
Wishing on a falling star,
See that falling tear,
You are near, yet so far.

I walk a lonely road,
You walk down another,
Writing lost love odes,
And never finding each other.

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My Promise

As rain drops never fails to touch the land
As waves never fails to overcome the sand
As birds never fails to reach highland
I'll never fail to love you till the end

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The Love Bug

What just happened yesterday Must have been dreaming I guess Met an beautiful stunning young lady Left me in a helluva mess Always thought I was in total control But she knocked me back on his ass Can't believe her feminine guile A totally gorgeous lass Always prided myself in keeping cool But exceptions still do happen If you'd asked me a couple of days ago This scenario I couldn't imagine Just goes to show you, my dear, dear friends No one's immune to the love bug You could be as old as a hundred and six And it still affects you like a drug Don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining This is what love's all about It belts you hard on the side of the head And all you wanna do is shout! <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

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Looking Up

How long before the cobwebs grow
on hopes deferred once bright
to toil long in patience grow
only to concede - "hey, it's life"

Tops of mountains beckon come
majestic sights and purest air
yet to perplexities we seem to succumb
when the present finds us ill-prepared

And so we linger looking up
the beloved trek unmade 
for incumbent priorities to lose would crush
as we look with longing and walk away
In the vicinity of a perfect dream
gleaning from smiles that slowly grow 
No sail to hoist but the ore rejoiced
for the love with which it rowed

Who can say the choices we make
will in the end prove wise
or show beyond the shadows doubt
to be promises of truth or lies

And so we take a leap of faith
for dreams we live and those we wish
fear and love they coexist
when the choice is choosing a mate

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I Owe It To Cathie

Had a few heartaches Many great joys But above all the clatter Maintained my poise Tried to live life With dignity and grace Wake up each morning A smile on my face Whatever I'm handed Whatever's in store No matter, I'm ready No need for more As I sit and ponder Life through the years Becomes quite obvious Just happy I'm here Blessed with a joyous Outlook on life I owe it to Cathie My darling sweet wife! © Jack Ellison 2012

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Waiting for Her to Come Home

Everything around me is still
The soft lights ward off the cold
My worried heart is unsettled
Every minute is making me old

Time seems to drag on and on
Not sure I can take much more
I’m waiting for my angel
To walk in through the door

There is nothing to do but wait
So I wonder about her day
But what’s taking her so long?
Did she somehow lose her way?

I think about my visit
My first time to see her place
In my glimpse into her life,
A touch of tiredness I trace

She flew away to this isle
To try out her angel wings
And in following her dreams
She untied our heart’s strings

“Our children are not our own”
Oh, great Gibran, can’t you see?
My precious 18 year old 
Will always belong to me

Oh yes…she will live elsewhere
Have a family of  her own
But she’s my little baby
In my heart she hasn't grown

I wait and I wait and I wait
Please God, let her be alright
I look out of the window
At the blackness of the night

I think of all those mothers
Who wait for their children dear
Whose arms are tired and aching
To hold their loved ones near 

My heart shares their sorrow
My soul weeps for their plight
For though my daughter is late
I know she’s coming home tonight!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Estephania was the Spanish horse,
with a chestnut coat and mane   
and a lighter long tail...and she ate
alfalfa for strong teeth and bones.

She was domesticated, losing her liberty
and neighing she showed keen ability:
to spot dangers on a perilous path...
Estefania even stopped for a stranded cat.

In summertime she fed mostly on grass,
but bees stung her many times to protest,
and struggling to get them off her tail...
she hit a shrilling raven in the head.

And feeling sorry for the dying bird wincing, 
Estefania licked his semi-open
him a little comfort as he folded his wings;
and whinnying she wept a river of tears.

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No Greater Feeling

In this day and age, it's a rare occurrence To have feelings so deep that it hurts People are absorbed in their own little world Showing love, they often avert There's no greater feeling in this old world Than the love of another human being Be they man or woman makes no difference They're feelings that makes our heart sing You can actually go through an entire lifetime And never know this feeling divine The triumph of joy of true happiness It can only be described as sublime It can lift your spirits on the darkest of days It helps you get through life's storms A beacon of light through overcast skies Nothing else creates such a warmth So show your loved ones every single day They make it all worthwhile This life with all of its ups and downs We're all only here for a while © Jack Ellison 2013

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Land Of No Goodbyes

Promise we two will live forever In the land of no goodbyes Where tomorrow never quite reaches us Evermore to gaze in your eyes Through love's impassioned blindness We'll travel life's road together Helping each other through thick and thin Through all of life's stormy weather Where tomorrow never quite reaches us Forever in the land of today Loving and cherishing each moment Whatever may come our way © Jack Ellison 2013

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Winning Eludes the Black Widow

I joyfully married the love of my life Sweet John died when I was only twenty-four But I guess God wanted to add some more strife When my fiancé drowned; I could take no more Like a black widow I spin a deadly web And those who approach me had better watch out Even friends have died: Chris, Jeanette and Caleb Stay far away; I fear what will come about Loneliness is a sad game I cannot win I live with memories of what might have been And heavy depression is building within Trapped in the past, I ask God, “What was my sin?”
*Entry for Joe Flach’s “I Just Can’t Win” contest

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To All Her Exes

The word ‘exes’, per se
Is somewhat misleading,
But this ‘exes’ buffet
Bears extra repeating.

To my excellent wife
And to all that she does.
She exuberates life
As an expert of love.

Our love’s worth explaining
Except the secret bits.
If that compels waning
Proceed to the exits.

We’re extremely in love
And exist as best friends.
She’s a beautiful dove
Who excites me no end.

We exchange sly glances
As if we lately met.
Expanding our chances
To extend our duet.

She excuses my faults
With sheer dedication,
And each day I exalt
In great exultation.

I’ll forever express
To the one I married.
That she’ll never be less
Than extraordinary.

So, to all the ‘exes’
That extol my dearest.
This fairest of sex, is
Exclusively nearest.

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Old Mama Gass

Old Mama Gass
she lives in a zoo
she has three furry children
who fill her heart through.
There's one Auggie, one Kelly
and one Kandi Kane
who is often referred to
as her Kandi Pain.

There is always a pile
of fur on the floor
she vacuums it up
but she quickly gets more.
She once had an Ashley
but she went away
it has been five years
since that very sad day.

This past December
she was joined by Boo
her sweet little kitty
in heaven now too.
They both joined another
a black cat named Dink
who she use to find curled up
asleep in the sink.

Then there was Ratley
so cuddly and fat
she loved him quite dearly
yes, he was a rat.
She had so many others
through life as she grew
There was Patches and Daisy
and their puppies , too.

She loves them all dearly
in heaven and here
they have filled up her heart
with love and good cheer.
She knows there is nothing
like the love of a pet
you will love them forever
and never forget.

Inspired by Danielle Whites Animal Companions contest

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Come Away

You swept in my life, like a whirlwind that you are
singlehandedly held me against your love
being ripped right into
my sweet love, now I am blue....

You are my serenity, the star in my sky
with hope you landed and swept me away
kisses so sweet and held me tight
a canvas of dark drew you away..

The passion and the drive attracted me to you
your love of me and love of life
with each note I sang
come away with me...

My Darlin, come away
in the break of day;
if you must leave
do it swiftly, hurry back I cry....

Just know my love, I will always love thee
my heart is heavy with your scent
your always be on my mind
just know, I love you so....

Brooke Dylan. 2014

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I like scents that speak to me,
Of home and hearth and love.
Scents that spell security,
To me are most beloved;

Like the smell of coffee in the morn,
Or fresh baked bread and scones;
Smells that pull at heart strings,
Whene'er your far from home.

I love the smell of crisp, clean air,
After a cleansing rain.
I love the smell of mountain air,
And the forests and the planes.

The flowers in my garden,
Where I spend such happy hours,
And the smell of a nice clean man,
Fresh from his morning shower.

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THE LAST DANCE I stare at him across the room, Flute of Champagne in my hand. He's tall, mature, distinguished, He's strumming with the band. He turns to me and smiles, And nods with a sly wink. I look away too quickly, And stare down at my drink. I want to move toward him, Should I take the chance? But now he's right beside me: "May I have this dance?" He's swaying to the music, His arm around my waist. He moves my head into his shoulder, And whispers, "I was hoping you would wait." © ELR 2013

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Sultry Hips

You stole the bright that lights my soul, 
So now I'm drowning in the dark. 
I'm left in limbo less than whole, 
Without the stone to start a spark. 

This fool you found at  fever's height
Then bled the best right out of me.  
Demented dangerous delight
Without an ounce of honesty.

Your beauty bold was bent and blurred
And found profoundly bound in pride; 
A gifted goddess who endured
Her own depraved deceit inside.

My loving heart, reborn to hate, 
A legacy that lingers still. 
My crumbling core was crushed by fate 
Upon my weak and weary will. 

Your programmed lies, upon lush lips, 
Made me believe what I received. 
Seductive lust for sultry hips - 
Corruption of a mind deceived. 

I knew the day you drove away 
You'd find another fool to use; 
Sadistic in your choice of prey 
To love at first and then abuse. 

The fault, I found, is mine alone, 
For you, my dear, were but the tool 
Who threw this dumb old dog a bone 
To gladly dance and play your fool. 

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Winter Storm

At last a chance to settle down
it's been a real long day ...
A cup of coffee by the fire
we're in the house to stay...

A cold north wind is blowing strong
it's nice and warm inside...
They say the snow will fall for days
we'll take it all in stride...

I've gathered all the wood we'll need
to keep us nice and warm...
We'll cuddle by the fire place
enjoy this winter storm...

All Rights Reserved Jon Arno 2013

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Nature Excuse Me

Excuse me to dissapear and appear
When I long for her
Permit me to take her
Higher to the sky into the star

Excuse me to occupy health
Empowered with strength
To run over mountain heights
And fend roses of the earth

Excuse me to possess wings
To fly accross the globe rings
And acquire valuables
To tell her she is adorable

Excuse me nature to the rines
Help me to sink into the mines
To bring her gold
That she will forever hold

Excuse me longitivity
Endow me with precinus immortality
Then I will see her face forever
To sit beside her till the world is over

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Sweet Goodnight

Those delicate features whisper goodnight
As feathered pillows welcome her to sleep
To close her eyes and enter vibrant dreams
Where love gives the heart no reason to weep.

On her soft pillows the thoughts drift away,
Restoring rest yet so much more than this,
For dreams come alive with each rhythmic breath
To waken the soul with the tenderest kiss.

In her dreams fingers trace her curvy lip,
And as they quiver with her passion’s need,
They slowly open to exploits of love
An act of possession for lust must feed.

Oh sweet my love as I watch you sleeping,
I see those lips curve in wilful delight,
I wonder on the visions you may see,
And hold you near me long into the night.

Form: Sicilian Quatrains

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A New World Order

Love and friendship here on the Soup The most awesome feeling ever To talk with people all over the world To me it's a miracle to savour Poets are dreamers a well know fact Imagining a world at peace The first time in history to ever occur We could dine together in feast To live together, all nations united No longer divided by borders Speaking only of love and friendship Enraptured in a new world order When I finally pass on I've one request Be reincarnated, with a grin Come back as a popular night club singer Or a doggie like Rin Tin Tin I try my hardest to be serious... I really do! © Jack Ellison 2013

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A Posting to Remember

We met during the war on this now famous sunny isle
Like a moth to a flame, was her infectious smile
I was in the Navy, stationed aboard an MTB
Keeping shipping lanes open, for the Mediterranean Fleet

Whilst the war years progressed you could sense the islands bravery
Heavily bombed and damaged, under threat of Axis slavery
Although we lived amidst, we could only marvel at their spirit and guile
They fought hard for their liberty on that famous sunny isle

I'll never forget the times, endured during this terrible war
Camaraderie became their strength, for what they had fought-en for
Simple life went on, amidst the cafes and the bars
My new found love from this famous sunny isle, became my married dove

We still recall the radio broadcast, declaring that war is over
As we headed back to my homeland, to Scotland and live in clover
The day that we embarked, many a tear fell from our eyes
Looking back at this famous sunny isle, under peaceful azure blue skies

Many a word we spoke, whilst we sailed to Southampton Port
Now demobbed, to a civilian, hopefully the war mongers are brought to court
Although the war years showed their horrors, respect was never far away
This famous sunny isle, wears the George Cross in deserved display

Heading home to Scotland, past fields in harvest bloom
This proud Royal Navy sailor, with his bride and he a groom
We cried as we passed the war torn, not only was it the famous sunny isle
For the war had been so expansive, in it's putrid inhuman vile

We settled on the West Coast, amidst the heather and the glens
Bringing up our boys, praying they'll never be fighting men
Many nights we stayed up, answering questions of our past
From that famous sunny isle, our true love would always last

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Four Little Letters

Love is indeed a very short word Four little letters spell it out But those letters can mean a lifetime Of joy, there's absolutely no doubt Sure you've heard this many times It makes the world go round The reason we create this aura about us In spite of the ups and downs The male is supposedly the dominant one But that's when we hunted for food Now the ladies seem to be running things Using sex to control our moods Works each time though we surely know Her tactics are to encourage fidelity We fall each time for that moment sublime When we lose all sense of reality © Jack Ellison 2013

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Kiss the Rain

After I woke up this morning, I saw I walked whilst the rain poured down on my head I for sure loved running within each drop I kiss the rain, blessings I held instead The rain flowed down on my body, around Blending with my being all that I am I hold the rain in the palm of my hand There’s so much rain, I do love her, madam She leaves such an imprint onto my hand A feminine form bolstered onto me Signaling a born love of the warm rain Something that I have always loved completely I kiss the rain, as if I’ll never see… Like I’ll never see rain ever again Holding the lovely droplets near my heart It’s the best feeling that has ever been
Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Kiss The Rain" contest 2/22/2013

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The Garden of Love 2K12

Thro' enchantment's copses, a transportation; Countless vacation an ancient garden. Love's eden; A rapturous teleportation Wherethrough blooms roses adored therein such garden.

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Lack of perspective 
on a burdensome life
leaves us in pieces
near a sharpened, slick knife.

Smashing heads yet again,
to the wall I beat mine,
trying to break through
to our friendship in time.

My appearance lacks 
motivation and heart,
locked away in my mind,
I am falling apart.

I don't treat such a treasure
like one should be loved,
stopped giving time of day to 
my friend from above.

Care too much 
and stow it all away,
making it look like I don't care
whether you leave me or stay.

A painful gut feeling may 
nibble at my gray heart,
but I just fear the truth
and I don't know where to start.

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Chesapeake Bay

Crystal clear blue waves kiss
the sands of Chesapeake Bay. 
We walk in gentle silence 
lost in the magic of yesterday.			
I must leave you soon, my love,
circumstance won’t let me stay,
the lonesome lullaby of the loon
echoes our dismay.
One lingering kiss, one final glance,
no words can ever say
for you have yours, I have mine, 
no promises  past  today.
Where the waters greets the sky,
my heart yearns to run away,
in my dreams I'll be here with you,
sharing our love on Chesapeake Bay.

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silky smooth hair
covers my face
hands on your head
we pick up the pace

tongue rides the groove
that runs down the spine
you moan ever softly
I'm crossing the line

tugging your hair
I kiss the back of your neck
all defenses now gone
what did I expect?

now under the sheets
things start to unwind
as I stroke you so slowly
your hips start to grind

sweat pooled beside us
let's rest for a few
I'll stay here forever
just staring at you...

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A Deeper Understanding

When I was young the way ahead was clear,
The simple choices lay in front of me,
But easy street is such an empty one,
And I forgot the thrill of living free.

My heart must rue the blindness that held me,
The chances missed as I embraced my fear,
Those nightly dreams I thought could ne’er be mine
When walls of doubt denied all I held dear.

My eyes opened within a leap of faith,
And I stepped out of normality’s line,
I took a chance to live and be myself,
And there I saw my life could now be mine.

My heart may break into helpless despair
So it may know the wonder of a kiss,
To know love is to know bitterest pain
But love, wondrous love, makes life what it is. 

Form: Heroic Stanzas

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I Wish

I wish I hadn’t told you
Or…covered the truth with lies
But you’d know the way I feel
Cause it’s written in my eyes

Or maybe you can hear it
When you’re standing close to me
The pounding of my poor heart
As it struggles to be free

I know you cannot fathom
How I could love you this way
You just smile and look amused
Thinking this is all child’s play

Perhaps I AM quite childish
Impulsive in all I do
But beware, I’m ALL woman…
A woman obsessed by you!

You believe it’s just a phase
This craze is not meant to last
If only you could know, dear
That I’m going downhill fast

I have no way to fight it
For my heart my will denies
My soul is so tormented
There are cracks in my disguise

Resolved, I keep my distance
For I know you are not brave
But your heart must surely know
Your presence is what I crave

To touch you is forbidden
To worship you is pure sin
Heaven help this poor woman
There is no way that I can win!

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Soldier's Forgotten Valentine

In the hot desert night he sat all alone
holding a letter in his trembling fist.
A lone tear rolled down his cheek as he read;
her reasons so neatly declared on a list.

She claimed that the love light had drifted away
just as he had to that far distant war.
She'd met someone else while running on empty
and she just didn't love her soldier any more.

Now he rummages through his few belongings
searching for an old valentine card.
He feels like a sentimental fool
and he sure hadn't thought he'd take it so hard.

As night wears on in the midst of this warfare
he battles a hardening heart from within.
He finds that old card and he rips it to shreds
then plasters his face with a sad ,crooked grin.

written Friday February 8th,2013
for contest "Forgotten Valentine"

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Beyond Explanation

Some feelings are beyond explanation There's billions of people on earth Why is one soul so attracted to another Like they feel they're gonna burst Many I'm sure have known this feeling At least once throughout their life A feeling of an overwhelming attraction One that takes you to new heights For those who haven't experienced it yet Believe me, it's beyond description Aren't any words in the english language Not since it's very inception So instead, let's call this amazing feeling A four letter word known to all It's love, pure love, that describes it best Why do we say, in love we fall To me it raises us to the highest heights Like riding a moonbeam each night Nothing surpasses this divine sensation Most delightful of all delights © Jack Ellison 2013

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The ocean waves are calm tonight
they gently brush the shore
The breeze now constant in my face
I’m here sweet Elenor 

My troubled mind it finds a friend
in rhythmic ocean sounds
The moon is watching over me
as darkness now surrounds

The walk along the beach at night
is healing for my soul
It helps me set priorities
some things I can’t control

Each night I come to share with you
the details of my life
I wish that I could hold you love
I miss you my sweet wife

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Chances took

When days were young and carefree,
he was young, took chances, too...
anything at all girls wanted,
that’s the thing that he would do.

Mattered not what consequence
resulted from the act,
there was not a chance in hell
that he could take it back.

Many came, the chances took,
sadder, his heart would break,
“Oh, that’s the way of life!” they'd say.
“Don’t pout, for goodness sake!”

Despite his cost, their needs fulfilled,
what all he gave they’d all embrace.
Footloose was life and fancy free,
but love he never could replace.

Someone, once, had said to him,
“Venture naught, and naught you'll gain!”
But, every chance he took for love
wrought him naught but deeper pain.

Each chance he took, colder his heart
until the day would come,
that he’d look back in recompense
to rue his chance-took sum.

You see, his craving heart had starved
from childhood to a man,
that life had so deprived of love
before his life began...

can now recall each time it was
that he’d gave all he could,
that taught him in the end of it,
some chances are no good.

So, choose well your chances
and value who you are,
for who you hold and holds you back
says much of you, by far.

Please, judge him not, he’ll not judge you...
well he knows, your chances took;
for, love’s now took a chance on him,
and he's since ~ been off the hook.

    Rascal Jones
    ©1 Oct 2011

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Forever Be With You

So many years of memories
they gather here for me
Each time I come to visit you
your spirit sets them free

The silence here is so profound
my thoughts so clear and true
Perspectives are in harmony     
there all in tune with you

I wish that I could turn back time
and hold you once again
To run my fingers through your hair
and see your lovely grin

I long for days so long ago
when we were young at heart
We couldn’t know a day would come
when we would be apart

One day My Love I’ll come to stay
forever be with you
We’ll walk  in places yet unknown
the sadness we’ll undo

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Seasons in Love - Spring

A soil well rested after winter`s sleep of death
Waiting anxiously to receive life`s new breath
Seeds of potentiality sown, laboriously planted 
Not knowing whether fruits to them will be granted

Blind, creative forces of nature flood the earth
Soon, many a wondrous creature will be given birth
Plants and animals themselves faithfully reproduce
But a greater miracle the heavens will also induce

Phoenixes use the souls of men as a nesting ground
Their fiery selves resurrect from their burial mound
A new beginning, birth of warmth and hope in the heart
They slowly boil the blood with their alchemical art 

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MY LOVE IS LIKE --- Did you expect me to say, "A Red, Red Rose", my friend? Nay, that would plagiarism be And my time in here would quickly end. My love for you is much, much more Than could be penned by any famous bard. No words that pass on through my head Can describe this song that beats within my heart. © ELR 2013

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When I Kiss You

I deeply stare into your eyes
Your love is such a gift
I've never felt this kind of high
Just when I kiss your lips

I've only used my tongue to speak
But this is something new
I've never tasted none as sweet
As when I'm kissing you

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Love's Conception

At night when we lay content 
at the conclusion of our day,
wearied from labor 
but glad in our endeavors,

I will inevitably say,
   something of inconsequence,
   while our barrier’s down
   to feel your laughter,

slide inside my soul
   and curl in my womb.
Our re-enactment of
   Loves conception.

   The sound of your laughter
echoes in my mind
long days after 
our moment of joy repast,

like the trill of a bell
   beneath a fairy mound,
   who rings in the wonder
   an infant’s first cry rebounds.

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Get Out Of Love FREE

Once you begin the game of love It can go on for years and years It can last a whole lifetime in fact Or can end in a torrent of tears It's just like the game of Monopoly You can acquire material wealth But without a solid foundation of love Your affair's not in very good health There's never been a card in real life To let you "Get Out Of Love, FREE" Infidelity comes at a very high price No winners, no feelings of glee The best advice I can pass along Is make sure you make it past “GO” When the good times start a-rolling in Just sit back and let the love flow Once you begin the game of love It can go on for years and years Pray your foundation is strong enough And you don't wind up in tears © Jack Ellison 2013

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Like Candles 2K12

Much as candles, flames too ignite therein
These loving hearts of each woman and man.
Like candles, hearts too melt like wax therein
Those loving hearts of each man and woman.

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Friendship with God

 quatrain with anapestic trimeter 

Jesus Christ, holy God, pardons sin;
I give praise and respect to the Christ.
His good grace as I ask - is a win
since for His love, no price would suffice.

In no way does no price mean no cost.
For God’s mercy's a gift He presents.
Left unopened, this present is lost
for eternity – wasted expense.

The real cost for our Lord was His blood;
lives redeemed, sinners suffer no loss.
And our God sends His Spirit to flood
the new life with the pow'r of the cross.

Sin's a breach between man and his God.
He deserves no mere shallow embrace.
No believer with simply a nod
understands the full cost of His grace.

When we forfeit expedience, how
does a friendship with God e'er begin?
Jesus Christ wants obedience now
unto God, the Forgiver of sin.

Hear this proverb and wonder thereof,
A friend's worth, your intent and its end.
Hear it well, "There is NO greater love
than to lay down your life for your friend.”

John 15:13

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It's All About Love

It's all about love, whatever we do It's the reason we get up each day Everything else is to allow our love To flourish, to give reason to say I'll love you till the end of the earth Until this world no longer exists Till moon and stars no longer shine You'll still shine through all the mist You've always been my heart's desire My main reason for being each day Without your love I'd be totally lost Like a child who has lost it's way Guess I can't make it plainer than this You're reason for my contentment Without you my world would fall apart In my heart you're the only tenant I'll say it again, if this world disappears We'll float through the heavens, we two On a journey to bring our special love To a distant star way up in the blue © Jack Ellison 2013

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First Step

I am here on that brink again 
I realize that I never left 
Thought I had moved, but then
I realize I am once again bereft.

Why am I yet again on the brink
Feeling once more that I must always choose?
Why do I always seem to think
That I will be the one to inevitably lose?

Light is shining ahead of me
Darkness is to the back
Shadows in Light I see
Yet,Dark does attack.

I am tired of being lost
I want to finally, FINALLY find
Myself no matter the cost
And to leave Darkness behind.

Can I really do this?
Can I take that step?
I desperately want the bliss
So frantically I do so prep.

I lift my foot to go
Forward and Dark
Fights me, although
My journey does embark.

Can love be there? 
May love I receive?
No longer unaware
I do now believe.

This is no mere affair
That he does so care
So Darkness BEWARE
I do now have my Bear.

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Yes, only love can break your heart,
 Take your world and tear it apart.
Best to be sure right from the start,
The sun shines as clouds do part.

I try to remember but then I forget,
So many dreams turn into regret.
I reach for something but I’m not there yet,
So much in life seems to ride on a bet.

The sun awakes and shines in my eyes,
With nowhere to hide I lose my disguise.
Love is not something that money can buy,
I watch to see another day pass by.

As time passes I just drift away,
I seem to get lost in things that you say.
I wish for change, perhaps it may,
I was hoping this time some could stay.
It starts to get hot as thoughts melt together,
I get lost in a dream filled with white heather.
They say there might be a change in the weather,
Still I drift away and float much like a feather.

I can’t forget how it was in the start,
Nothing could ever tear us apart.
Sometimes it was like some kind of fine art.
Only to realize that love can break your heart.

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Upon a Bed of Petals

Upon a bed of petals

We became like Gods in murals

There, we burnt all our passion

By letting go of all our negation

Upon a bed of petals

I heard the Angels' recitals

When love bells are rung

When love songs are sung

Upon a bed of petals

I saw opening all those portals

Leading to the solace of your arms

Melting faced with the wrath of your charms

Upon a bed of petals

We bid life to show us the boreals

Given to us by a grace of the Lord

When He was merciful enough to give us his word

Upon a bed of petals

I became lost in depths, abysmals

There, in your eyes,

Was the expanse of the skies

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Not Forgotten Valentine

Not Forgotten Valentine

They say 'absence conquers love'
       Oh believe it not
              By the moon and stars above
                     You are not forgot!


(For Debra's Forgotten Valentine contest)

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Disillusioned by the words of hate, 
Disatisfied with present fate, 
Hope crouches in the corner there, 
Muttering rebellion at despair.

Before the heart is torn to shreds, 
Between the words alive and dead, 
It must be bruised and brought to shame, 
And eagerly accept the blame.

Life it seems is forcing me, 
To choose between breath and liberty, 
My transient soul would have me trade, 
True love for oaths that I have made.

It beacons me to enter in, 
And forms a soul for mine akin, 
And bleeds and sheds it's tears as bait, 
Treasonous wretch, it lies in wait.

The door has closed, distrust returns, 
The heart that kills, is that which spurns- 
the tender beats of a trusting heart, 
And builds of words a wall to part.

I make an adder's nest my home, 
And dream that I am not alone. 
I pray that time would not stand still, 
But into future pain would spill.

Grant me leave from this life's scars, 
The treachery that wounds and mars, 
God if indeed Your love is true, 
Call me swiftly home to You.


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When I was yours I loved you so
Seemed you did not love me
You never ever held me close
Put too much above me

I am a man we make mistakes
And you've made mistakes too
I'm glad that someone took my place
'Cause some things I can't do

I've made you laugh I've made you cry
Know you from head to feet
I left without your kiss goodbye
I tried to cut you deep

In the end when it's said and done
You will remember me
As the man you let get away
No longer hinders me

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Old But I Sure Ain't Dead

I'm old but I sure ain't dead Still got a eye for the ladies Guess some of us older dudes Will never give in to aging It definitely is the reason Passing a sweet young filly I gush and stutter and stammer Grinning and acting so silly It's what us guys were meant to do Hope it's not too overbearing Why do girlies dress as they do Such skimpy stuff they're wearing Must be meant to attract us guys To add some zest to our libidos I'll let you in on a little secret I tremble right down to my toes So keep on keeping on, sweet ladies Our panting will give you a clue Your message is surely affecting us Our minds are totally askew © Jack Ellison 2013

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I Dare Not Tell You How Much I Love You

I Dare Not Tell You How Much I Love You By Rick Rucker Were I to tell you how much I love you, That you hold my Heart in your hand, That you have a power over me, That I did not know existed, in this, or any, land, That, when we meet, my pulse quickens, My body, all over, I feel a flush, That, if you wanted, you could, Like snuffing out a cigarette, my Life, crush, Do you know you have The Power, To make me a pauper, or a King? Very simply, you could, Make me do ‘most anything, I did not know that such an addiction, Could make me cry, or sing, That a cure does not exist, Not even if you wore my ring! Can needing something so much Be good for me, for life? Yes, it can, that is why, I want you for my Wife! From your side, I have some qualities, I will not stray, and I am never late, I am willing to try hard, And will be a loving, faithful Mate! I hope you never read this, That you never get to see, That, if you left me, How devastated I would be!

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Last Call

...inspired by 'Reveille' by Joseph Brodsky

Songs unsung will disappear,
as breathless as a stone, the fear
of Armageddon fills the air
and gathers strength against the prayer

that withers, fizzles into nought,
despite the lessons we were taught
to love our neighbours as ourselves,
not disrespect our worthy lives,

or take His name in vain, the strain
of bleeding from another's pain,
the art of empathy forsaken,
carefree paths so quickly taken

Thoughts are squandered, so are souls
who sanctify disparate goals
and chase false dreams on sand consigned,
the facts misjudged and misaligned.

Cause and effect, a law of nature,
who to kill and who to nurture,
what to crucify or kiss?
the measure of our helplessness.

There is no try, there's only do,
and I'll expect the same from you,
to strip away dishonesty,
the hallmark of our misery.

To live in love and purity
we'll neutralize our enmity
and join together, hand in hand,
no hurtful lies, no contraband.

The answer lies amongst the stars
unnumbered in the universe,
a child's first breath, the blushing rose,
where hatred cannot interpose.

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She was my dream before I could dream,
She is my sun, my moon, my stars.
She’s the air in every breath I breathe,
She is the true Queen of my heart.

She is my warrior princess,
She is each moment of my time,
She’s the crimson coursing through my veins,
She is my art, my prose, my rhyme.

She is my strength to face the world,
She is my sword and shield.
She is my vulnerability,
At her whim, hurt or healed.

She is my missing jigsaw piece,
My half-soul’s one true mate.
She is my morn and starry night,
She’s my destiny, my fate.

She is my very Eden,
Where I’m Adam, she’s my rib,
God’s gift to me right from the first,
My Eve, my cause to live.

It’s her I’ve loved since time’s first dawn,
Yet veiled for years before
That first glance, yes, I knew her face,
And it’s her I’ll love forever more.

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Pacific Valentine

No one asked her to dance at their Prom that night It beggars belief in me, what's wrong with these guys Her beauty is all I see, personified within my sight To not even to approach, I'm in total amazed surprise Moving now to the present, although pasts have lived Paths of life have drawn us to be amidst of each other Recent discussions daily, our template to never sieve It beggars belief to me that others they would rather Now you have to be me to see to what my eyes declare Breathe with me to see, within politeness my eyes grace It beggars belief in me what's wrong with these guys stare To never to ask her to dance, their Prom, invited place <*> The night has finally arrived for my ask to come to light To see her standing there for my eyes to behold Draped against her tanned a dress that so delights My heart in pumping joy as our evening starts to unfold At the edge of our bed she stands, her beauty immaculate I offer my girl my hand as she smiles we begin to dance Hands to shoulder to waist, two in movement calculate Engrossed, absorbed, I'm caught, her scented fragrance Slowly our hands in roam, listening to 'The Flame' by 'Dare Eyes in glancing look, anticipating minds in thinking wish Lobe to necks now met, disheveled clothes reveal bare Our song now nears it's end, our hands in touching bliss <*> Buttons open straps in slide, shoulders where fingers walk Gravity about to be tested, soft cotton just can't resist Tongues like fencing epee's, when earlier they just talked Unison hand in hand, engrossed in naked to bare assist Covers turned lie silken sheets, rose petals sporadic adorn Two souls in facing look, kisses aplenty caressing touches Entwined in loving join, hips grinding torsos bourne Rhythmic writhing palms in palms, lovingly in clutches <*>

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Once a raging fire, 
that burned so long ago,
was reduced to a tiny ember,
that had all but lost its glow.

That mighty fire I thought had died,
that left ashes in my heart,
was brought to life again once more,
from the tiniest of sparks.

All it took was a simple word,
and the fire flared and grew.
Burning as it did before,
with memories of you.

Again that great inferno was born,
from an old familiar voice.
Burning wildly out of control,
without reason, thought, or choice.

Who knew a fire was waiting, 
patiently there to grow,
from a tiny little ember,
that had all but lost its glow.

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Found A Thrill 2K11

'Twas Dreamland - therein Wonderland were I, What a buzz! Wake didn't become that buzz kill, No disturbances of dormant mind nor eye, No intervener's - as I've found a thrill.

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The mushroom cloud stunk up the smog,
And milled the metal into the ground.
We were left with all our hairs blown off,
Soot black, standing without a sound.

All of the earth was madly aflame,
Like the wick of a thick, drooping candle.
People were pulling their skin off of the pavement,
As you grinned with the pride of a vandal.

We stood alone, like Adam and Eve,
Like Noah after the Flood.
When they all died out, you kissed my forehead, 
And parted the sea of blood.

Then you took my mangled hand in yours,
And we walked beyond the gloom.
You had held the gaze of my vulnerable eyes,
And all you said was, “Boom.”

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Sailor's Wife

O, temptress thief,
With your fragile hands upon me.
I let you take me like a tide,
Takes a body out to sea.

I waited three long years,
Like the wife of a sailor waits ashore.
Unyielding like a moth aflame,
Like a child that shrieks for more.

And now I reel back from Limbo;
And now I leave the bay.
It took me three long years to finally find,
That I simply ran you away.

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I ripped the photos and just left, 
as far away as I could get
These lonely nights I feel bereft, 
the love we had I can’t forget

Around the world in eighty winks,
over high mountains my search springs,
in deep valleys my pursuit sinks,
as of this heart you pull the strings.

I scramble across the vast lands
and toss with the mighty oceans.
Feelings so hard to understand, 
as I gulp my own made potions.

Swept by rivers of emotions, 
along the obscure countryside.
The sweet thoughts of your skin lotions.
make me miss you I must confide.

I make my way to your house blind, 
down the chimney for you I zoom,
around the spirals of your mind,
in the far corners of your room,

in between the sheets and blankets, 
offering the least resistance,
my dreams forming endless secrets,
as my esprit bridge the distance.

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Real Cold Coffee

Heard that love makes the world go round With the ladies that may be true But us macho dudes play a different tune The wee guy downstairs is our cue To beg and plead for a romp in the hay We act kinda silly and mushy Pretending a love song is in our hearts But our tail light is making us gushy Let's call the proverbial spade a spade That wee guy controls us each day So perky each morning and raring to go Can't promise a lot of foreplay We beg and plead, promise the moon Diamonds and treasures untold For just a few moments of heavenly bliss Must hurry the coffee's gettin' cold She's heard this ploy for many long years Take it slow she tells me each time Have developed a liking for real cold coffee Guess I really can't say that I mind! © Jack Ellison 2013

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Memories Of You

My thinking about you haunts me
We went from deep in love
To this place where you don't want me
Now we're deceasing love

I forgot to say I'm sorry
For all the times you hurt
There isn't a need to worry
Already quenched my thirst

For the taste of the sweet nectar
That only lovers spew
Your giving up us will fester
Then rot inside of you

Until the day we meet again
Your memory will live
Within my mind and heart until
I can no longer feel

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A Thanksgiving Wish

I wish I could sit ‘round the corner,
And take in all of the clamor;
I’d hear laughter and conversations,
I would hear what really matters!

I would hear dear familiar voices,
Distinctive laughs I would know right away.
Dinnerware clanging with silverware,
And the smells of Thanksgiving Day!!!

I would thank my God for family,
Both at home and those miles away.
If I could just sit ‘round the corner,
That would be a spectacular day.

What you have, when gathered together,
Is a gift every heart longs to share.
The gift of just loving each other,
And the prize of each person that’s there.

Though I’m not sitting there ‘round the corner,
My heart is most certainly there.
My love, adoration and thankfulness,
Is in spirit, at everyone’s chair.

I love you dear family, and send my best wishes:
For holiday health, wealth and mirth.
Tis Thanksgiving Day! Thank God for right now!
It’s the best seat to have on the earth. 

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First, let me say I'm sorry
This isn't your fault, it's mine
I don't feel for you what you feel for me
And I know that seems so unkind

But, the passion we used to have
I don't feel it anymore
The flame that burned inside of us
Has dwindled to nothing, and nothing more

I'm sorry for you, who came out of the blue
I fell in love with a girl, but my love is no longer true.

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Our Love

I'm madly in love with my beautiful wife And I'm not afraid to admit it You'd think after twelve years of marriage It would cool off just a wee bit But our love affair is as strong as ever In fact it's stronger, I would say We confess our deepest thoughts of love To each other every new day Sometimes, two people are just destined to be Together with each other forever No one has been able to explain the reason It's a mutual admiration endeavour If I knew of some kind of special formula I wouldn't keep it a deep, dark secret I'd surely share it with the rest of the world But I don't have the answer, so be it I'm madly in love with my beautiful wife And I'm not ashamed to admit it! © Jack Ellison 2014

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Tears Of Joy

You're never out of my thoughts, sweet lady Never very far away On my mind the last thing each night Each morn to start my day What is it called when this thing happens Is there some very special name Or is it just called plain old love Basically the name stays the same Been happening for thousands years or more The need for the love of another To assure us guys are not all alone We count on our sisters and brothers What a sad world this place would be Without love to see us through Totally adrift on an ocean of nothingness So fortunate to still have you So I'll close with this my dear sweet lady Not a moment ever goes by When you're image is not alive in my thoughts Tears of joy well up in my eyes © Jack Ellison 2014

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Lovers on an April Afternoon

In the doorway, you stand deliciously; 
I draw you over to the bed.
And kiss your mouth as I pull your dress,
Slowly over your head.

I nip your neck and eye you coyly;
You sink into my kiss.
And as we touch, I see you buckle,
Into a sharp, awaited bliss.

Sweet lover, with skin as pure as pearls,
Like a coin that’s clean and new.
I open up my mouth to speak,
And all I say: “I do.”

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Family Love 2K12

Dear family, we cannot promise the world,
Nor turn palms upright to foretell futures.
Without our love lies an emotional third-world;
Cherish priceless moments of hearts pictures.

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Mushy Or Silly

Bunches of sillies are attacking my brain Trying to push the mushy stuff out Gonna be a knock down drag 'em out affair From the rooftops I wanna shout! Have no idea which one I'm rooting for Mushy stuff has been doing great But you guys are clamouring for the sillies So woe is me, I'm in a hell of a state So free and easy, gonna let it all flow Whichever takes over is fine This poetry stuff sure can turn my crank Puts zest in my big behind Now there it goes, the sillies are winning But the mushies aren't very far Really love life, it's just clicking along Like out for a drive in my car The wind, the smell of the morning air A hint of jasmine we capture The absolute freedom of the open road Nothing compares to this rapture Seem to be rambling on quite a bit Losing control of my thoughts Sometimes even I don't understand me Damn sillies are tying me in knots But have no fear, I WILL persevere! Things will sort themselves out Clicking along as if everything's fine Till the winner wins out by a snout © Jack Ellison 2013

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Written in Immortality

I open my mouth and no words come out There seems to be amazement written here She has stunned me yet again with her looks I know in her heart she surely does care She speaks to me with such love towards me I could not say even a single word I’m in awe with her beauty, with her soul I approach her, give her a hug forward She knows me, sees what I wanted to say And whispers into my ear, such sweetness I move in for the kill, and grab her warmth She sighs heavy, now she wants my weakness As one we fly to the bed, getting nude And fireworks expressed themselves tonight She sure became the most beautiful girl Exhausted we lay holding very tight I now find my words and I write them down Poetry flows like magic in the air Passion is formulated in each line I show love to her by my write I share And now we are unified through these words Unbroken bond of immortality Soothing are the lines within my poem Forever our love written, endlessly
Russell Sivey Entered into Poet Destroyer A's "Make me smile ----old/new poems" contest 3/7/2013

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Love Is What Makes The World Go Round

To hold you again is all I can think of To feel your body touching mine To press your lips, to hear those words Love words so tender in rhyme Am I in heaven, have left this earth Touch me to prove you are real My mind's all askew since your return Is it really you that I feel Read about love in all those books Never appeared real until now Cravings are almost too difficult to bear To survive I'm wondering how Then sweet love falls softly into my lap The world is singing once more Love is what makes the world go round Known the whole world o'er To hold you again is all I can think of To feel your body touching mine Dedicated to all those rediscovering a long lost love © Jack Ellison 2013

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Mostly Good People

The world's made up of mostly good people Except for the lunatic fringe Too bad we can't just get rid of these jokers These yahoos have come unhinged! Send 'em away to some distance galaxy Far, far away from us guys Let 'em infect some other civilization We've had it right up to our eyes! It's a dream I know, they'll still be around When we finally close up shop But the last to go will be us poets for sure We'll utter the very last thought! The world's made up of mostly good people Except for the lunatic fringe My question is why the hell must it be this way Why are these guys so unhinged? © Jack Ellison 2013

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I want to turn myself inside out
To end any doubt
I want to rip my body apart
So you can see my heart

I want you to view what beats only for you
Sustaining me as the silkiness of a silky love grew
Enchantment eloquently electrified us two
As one could see the sparks of red and blue
It was a night to be stored in the good Lord’s file
For when a child or the elderly require a smile
Then God consults you on what kind of a grin
“the kind of joy as we watch the merry-go-round spin”

Just snapshots like that, photographs on a wall
You, who gave me your most treasured and all
You taught me with embraces of lace and lavender and what love is all about
But to prove the worthiness of my heart I will turn myself inside out
         © 2011.….Phreepoetree ~free cee!~

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Contemplating Saturn's Rings

Many years ago Galileo scanned the sky
And was astounded with a wondrous sight 
Colorful rings around  this planet
Saturn's glory in the starry night

Those  rings are made of  coldest ice
Just like the rings around your heart
You will not break those telling bands
Nor let my love pull them apart

The rings and moons of Saturn
Far beacons in the distant sky
Give rise to our  contemplation
And the age old question.".why?"

For the Ring contest..

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I'll Follow On

So much of life a struggle now
the years have gone so fast
I'm grateful for the memories
and pleasures from my past

The road ahead is fraught with fear
my friends are numbered few
The courage is so hard to find
and strength to see me through

I think of Mother and my Dad
so wish that they were here
Although they left so long ago
their presence I feel near

I'll follow on the best I can
and try to make you proud
Will move on to a better place
then meet you in the clouds

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All my life I longed for you.
You filled my thoughts and dreams.
You'd stand majestic, head held high,
My mind's eye saw the gleam,

Of vibrant health, unbounded strength,
That shone from a glistening coat,
The look of eagles in your eye,
As you moved you seemed to float,

Like the billowing clouds that float across,
The azure sky above.
When I'm with you I too can fly,
I soar on wings of love.

We glide across the meadow,
Beneath the sun lit sky,
We are the best of fellows,
My dog, my horse and I.

I believe God had many reasons for giving us the animals and if we try we can figure out what those reasons are.
For one thing, I believe the first and foremost reason was to TEACH US.
Have you ever noticed they have remained just as He created them?
They never deviated from the original plan.
We, However, have done our level best to IMPROVE on PERFECTION; and we have poisoned the environment and nearly destroyed the entire planet in the attempt.
What is more loyal than a dog?
Animals have shown more self sacrificing  loyalty and courage in the face of danger than we ever dreamed of. They love completely and will willingly sacrifice themselves for our good. How many of us will do that for them? In fact we laugh at those who will.
We KEEP them as long as it is convenient and then cast them aside without a thought for their love or well being or how much heart break they suffer for our uncaring treatment of them. We don't try to understand them at all; but we expect them to understand us. If we are so much smarter than them, how come we have never learned any of this from them? Could it be that we are so selfish and concerned for our own comfort that nothing else matters much to us?
The love we receive from our animals is completely unconditional.
The love they receive from us HAS IT'S LIMITS.
We should give that some serious thought.

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Red Red Heart

The heart like a bottle of fine red wine
Grows only sweeter and more precious over time
Through the heart flows the blood of yours and mine
As does the life giving sap in the fruit of the vine

The grapes take time to ripen, wine longer to make
And the stronger love is, the longer the heart may take
If picked too soon, grapes are bitter every one
A heart broken too often, can't be undone

Both take many things to really become
What the one thing by themselves could not be done
The contents